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. 3 1 4 Ja- li- e ii 5 .Y . r , L , F , J 1 if , -a 7. f- , "numvfvigpnnm-gmqwfqngqp-p-gnn,ug,g,nu.w,qwmunwq.qnpau5yumg4grg4s-swamp-QL-g,gg,.uu-f 'anugnaQg.1-141:-gkvgnnvzezqganaqea--Q-A - M " "' egeuxm ---H ---- , . A x Q , z ' - 54 , , , V v 5 i E 4 QE 33 W ' R wr I F I E alw- . , 5 2 aj- 1 r F s E '7 J E f 7' s 3 a . ' We-3 7 " nm J 4110 '93 Fi "RFQ 35-'LK ' 33,11 Qi. " " ,fvklj 'Shu A7 .Q sg +5SW5:fJ5-"" -f.'1."f'l.5'7""'S'f.:Y' 'lub i WT -fl " 1 'f-El-'7-32'3'T"3' ".,' 1 .' 'Lf-7 'Af gf, 1 iivzfhf. "M -ff ' 'Di'-'V' , :f"'3"'3'," ' . Y 'Y" m"' wif'-f"1f"':'f""?Q3.'Aff ' 'LT i?f"7f7:7"'F 41g'1i,2' Q ' . fl. VZ, 1.29"-im fw -' 5, AE! 7, "" . f "" 'fri- l,11'fg .' -.,x1 ' ,L-fi ' , 1 . f'- .L Q'i. 1" w-53' .. -ff. 'W ,U ' "-J-CZBT ' i f " 5 -ff-5 '54 2535+ 1339. X .L 11' ff-' 9,451 , sv mb? " L ' f' f" "H-WW' XW5-F-f' v Q L 1' VHMWEW 'ich .ff f'i1 J170W9wW'3,1i'4 S61b,l:vU1'NZE'i.TI5:k14'YWifT'2 i'.' ' . ' xx' 1- , - ' ' Hrs.. 1' 'I,1n!,D ' 1 C , X " H' 'I 'L ui .' i..n ,ffvifH1Jv.F.L' ?5JtWK',1":.i'-7fWltx'?'i51mE7'iiCLtJY!5aHK57" E s E E The I9 Tiger eeeo , K presented by the Senior Class Twin Valley High School Twin Valley, Minnesota 1 xx To you, Mrs. Cecil, for struggling with us through three years of high school English and Speech and, as our Sophomore advisor, helped and aided us in many ways And Dedication To you, Mr. Morben, for coaching our Twin Valley Tigers football team to the Lake Agassiz Conference Champion ship two years in succession. The Class of '57 is honored to dedicate this edition of the Tiger to Mrs. Cecil and Mr. Morben in appreciation of all they have done for our class and our school. Admini tration D. W. Boles Superintendent Mrs. A. Bentley Elementary Principal A. S. Carlson High School Principal Faculty f, Mr. Mlcknalc? SciiSSiiQ?xl Mrs. M. Baumgartner Sr Social Sclence Miss G. Foster Home Economics K. D. Skauge Agriculture E. J. Cecll Jr. Social Studies Mrs. L. Cecil Sr. English Speech Miss B. Evingson Vocal Music Geometry E. B. Fredrick Instrumental Music Math raculty Miss I. Olson English, Library Mr. Haberer Commercial S S W. G. Cozine Industrial Arts Drivers Training Miss R. Haynes Jr, English Miss A. Olson Physical Education K. E. Krause Basketball, Phy. Ed., Math ,,,,,,.....-.ww-A 5 s Q Q Qi NQx R. N. Morben Football Phy. Ed., Math .., We, the Class of '57, Study, be consistent, do your part, Have a few words to say, And always have your fun, To you who come after us, For all too soon these days are past, In the building here to stay. Your happy days are done. 6 Cl GSS LLOYD SLETTE F.T.A. Ag F.F.A. 3,h3 Mixed Chorus 2,3,Ag Boy's Chorus 2,3,hg Paper Staff 3,L3 nual Staff A: Class Officer ug Junior Class Play 3. WYessir, That's My Babyw Jllc 62,46 fifjff W c .XfY"5 .nl"' LARRY BERG Student Council bg Annual Staff A- Debate 33 Letter- men's ciub 2,3,L,g class Officer A3 Junior Class Play 33 Basketball l,2,3,l,2 Football l,2,3,ug Baseball WI Love Meg I'm Crazy 'Bout of yfnfouv .1 'f:i5?, MARCELLA LUCHAU F.T.A. 2,3,Ag F.H.A. 13 Mixed Chorus 3,h3 Girls Chorus 3,Lg Band 2,3,Lg Paper Staff 3,Lg Annual Staff Lg Pep Club 1,25 Declam 3,45 Class Officer ug Junior Class Play 3g Carnival Queen Candidate h. 'When My Dreamboat Comes Home' .W . ,Jfij M RION SHOL Cfficers t ent Council bg Girls Chorus L Band l,2,3,4g Paper Staff 3,Lg of nnual Staff Lg Class Officer A. 'Love Me Tendern wZQ.2XL2fivl?ewQ X Vg 11,4 'A 1 Lf ,yfiqlvf flgN52g,LeiiZtLafZ1e ff ROGER ALLRICH F.F.A. 3,b5 nThe Mystery of the Fragrancy of the Pumpkin Juice Perfumen BONITA JOHNSON Student Council l,3,L3 Nat- National Honor Society Ag F.T.A. 2,3,h3 F.H.A. lg Library Club 2: Paoer Staff 3,45 Annual Staff Ag Pep Club l,2,3g Class Officer l,3g Junior Class Play 3. WSee You Later, Alliganorn l 1 I 3' BEVERLY VICESAA , N D Transferred from Mahnomen 2 4 , A Girls Chorus lg Homecoming f C 5 Queen lg Annual Staff Lg ' nRed Petticoatsn li V!i A , , X! H ,kj DENNIS JOHNSON ,Q E. J '4 student Council 2 H in V class Of'ficer2 - A H ,V Junior Class Play 3g in ,Lf 3 'X 1 7 1' " ' "Johnson Rag" jf QU VL? J Ax' ml,:'r'J!,i'6Li X if Q3 Qi" yi VQYQK w A 0 b iV NJ yji,!Xf!! RVYO oi, tjfylr'f! ffigfff Mjffrff! 74xif??1 ' 'Z m e krjd! yd 4 , jff ff. C l 'ly O , ' fi. M , Q L Q 3, G ls 0 3, NF Val! et 2 L, b , X V27 :Isl 1 P er ,sy vs ff ,Lp Ayial f 1,5 ff? C f2' ebilj ass 0267? , g Ju o ass Q1 V 3 Carnival Qu en Jil C ' ate 3. jx NJ Wwith This Ring, I Thee Wedn WW ' "VL fi V1 GL, fl D tu t Council 3 L, Class ff icer lg Junior Class W ay 33 Lettermen's Club l, ,bg Basketball 1,2 , g Football l,2,3 h Jf! T ck L3 Baseball l 2 WI Got Q5 and It's V Saturday Nightn X NICu BROLAS Paper Staff 3,l+S Carnival Queen Canidate 2. "Sweet and Gentle" Yi lf MILDRED H GZLNLS Student Council 3 National Honor Society 3 L Mixed Chorus 2,3,bg Girls Chorus 2,3,hg Sextette L, Library Club 2,3,h3 Annual Staff A Declam 3,ug Class Officer 1,2,3g Junior Class Flay 3 nLife Gets Teed' is Don't It9 PHILLIP SArRlSNO WAll I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teethn s 'a F - ARVID SWLNSON , . "CpeWcut and Baby Blue Eyes" nv I 4 r , . 'L' Q' 4 SHIRLEY LIEN Transferred From Borup 25 Mixed Chorus lg Girls Chorus lg Band lg Paper Staff 1. WShake, Rattle, and Rolln 9 JJ, if , JLj,f' I' DELORIS JOHNSON :DJJ XV W "I Don't Care" If NJ la' ,Q ' gk JL' 'I My fr XM ROY ALLRICH Hwasted Wordsn RONALD BLOMSETH F.F.A. 3,h5 Play 3. Junior Class nFourty-nine Shades of Green' ROSALIE JOHNSON Paper Staff 3,Lg Junior Class Play 3. L,iLwW, . WA House With Love In Ibn Q5X,ni13 j!5?' gif . fgf? eiiii I1pwf??f fA,, f - 5 nrouf I I 1 I v I 1 a 4 , ' 1 . iq FRANCES SKAUGE Paper Staff 3,ug Annual Staff L. 'Gonna Get Along 41 1 F ls AARON SWENSON Basketball 3,b5 nTall Mann IO Without You Now' I ALGIE HANSON F.F.A. 3,43 Paper Staff 33 Basketball l,2,33 Baseball "Let's Rip It Up' ARLENE SLETTE Mixed Chorus 2,3,43 Girls Chorus 2,3,43 Paper Staff 3,43 Annual Staff 43 Declam 33 'Five-Foot Two, Eyes Of Eluen Class of l957 Class Motto SIVERT DOMBU National Honor Society 3,43 F.T.A. 43 Mixed Chorus 3,43 Boyls Chorus 3,43 Paper Staff 3,43 Annual Staff 4: Letter- Men's Club 3,43 Class Officer 23 Junior Class Play 33 Bas- ketball l,2,3,43 Track 2,3,4. 'I Yust Go Nuts At Christmas' Through Trials To Triumph Class Colors Pink and Black Class Flower Pink Rose 11 Class Will We, the Senior Class of 1957, being of sound mind and memory, do declare this our last will and testament: I, Roger Allrich, will everything I have to ME, myself. I, Roy Allrich, will my quiet ways to Lars Pederson. I, Larry Berg, will my ability to keep in training to Butch Nilson. I, Ronald Blomseth, will my love life to Donald Jones. Janice Broers, will my ability to get along with others to y Bakken. is I, Sivert Dombu, will my height to Peanuts Johnson. I, Algie Hanson, will my girl friends to Herman Brakob. I, Mildred Hegrenes, will all the stuff I don't want to Barbara. Beverly Jacobson, will my engagement ring to the first I Junior girl to get engaged. I, Bonita Johnson, will my good times in chemistry class to next years chemistry girls. I, Delores Johnson, will my good times in Waubun to anyone who can take them. I, Dennis Johnson, will my curly eyelashes to Phillip Ellingworth. I, Shirley Lien, will my tight skirts to Rosell Wichern. I, Marcella Luchau, will my hair styling ability to Sharon Johnson. I, Phillip Sakrismo, will my love for geometry to Donald Johnson. I, Marion Shol, will my slim figure to Clarice Tunks. I, Frances Skauge, will my candy suckers to next years study- halls. I, Arlene Slette, will my sweet personality to Mr. Haberer. I, Lloyd Slette, will my crew cut to Ronnie Kappes. I, Aaron Swenson, will my cute jokes to Morris Bjerkness. I, Arvid Swenson, will my ability to box to Dennis Jenson. I, Beverly Vigesaa, will my clothes to my sister Patsy. I, Donald Wermager, will my ability to play basketball to Larry Krueger. I, Robert Yost, will my boots to Allen Erickson. We, the Seniors, will our love for school to the Freshmen, our orderly study halls to the Sophomores, our old books, scratched desks, and the broken-down, weary faculty to the Juniors, and the schoolhouse to all who use it after we leave. 12 Class Prophecy In order to find out what the Class of 1957 will be doing ten years from now, I decided to call on Madam Knows-All-Sees-All-Tells-All, the local cry- stal ball gazer, and see if she could help me. This is what she told me: Roger Allrich is trapping skunks for a living. Roy Allrich has just broken the world's record for keeping silent. He went for two years, six days, and three minutes without saying a word. Larry Berg is a great medical butcher, playing pro football on the side. Ronald Blomseth is teaching agriculture at Fossum and is hard at work on his Master's Degree. Janice Broers is a stand-in for Grace Kelley and is looking for her own prince charming. Sivert Dombu is an atomic researcher for his own protection. Algie Hanson is a millionaire turkey rancher in the U. S. Mildred Hegrenes is a laboratory technician at Stonegate Kennels in Fargo. Beverly Jacobson is married and raising little WDahls'. Bonita Johnson is a famous newspaper columnist in Hollywood. Deloris Johnson is running a charm-school in Tampa, Florida, for alligators Dennis Johnson is busy being a second Gordon Hellerud. Shirley Lien is collecting WLittle Teddy Bearsu. Marcella Luchau has her own beauty shop in Hollywoodg David is her best CLlS1.'.Om6I'. Phillip Sakrismo is a New York Longshoreman, currently on strike for higher wages. Marion Shol is sacking flour at the Faith Mill for Elvis Presley. Frances Skauge is cashier at the Twin Valley State Bank, raking in the money. Arlene Slette is working with Miss Frances of the Ding Dong School and has her own nursery for pre-school children. Lloyd Slette has earned his Master's Degree in industrial arts and is a professional carpenter, building his own home on the side. Aaron Swenson is the second Jack Benny and is married to a beautiful blue- eyed blond female Viking. Arvid Swenson is teaching physics and chemistry at Faith High School and is married to Aaron's wife's twin sister. Beverly Vigesaa is assistant manager of the Dairy Bar in Ada. Donald Wermager is married and an assistant to Butcher Larry Berg. He is playing pro basketball on the side. Robert Yost has opened his own barber shop and is hoping to become a second Perry Como. 13 9' J. Samshal ff .... s. .s -Va.. 1 - , . M. Q35 senns. pib L. Olson J. Peterlck 1. Eg- H 1- S ,f Q R. Swenson ,gQ?w Q L. Dorseth ' - f - ' 4, 'yn V7 S, 5:-. . E 1 'fwawl I 'J ii 'WT gs :A .gi spm wx President Vice President Fa' L. Erl CKSOV1 C - N1lS0r1 . ss mn.f ,awwrf 5 ..-. P4 lgwiQEQQfWHQQ1,f K e'?.i,.g,,-uf. '- -mf., ws .sr in Awww ER S' A. Jordahl J. Benson 1. D. Jenson F . W 9931? X . if X 1:53355 1.5 . Y' 2 41 .Sf Q Z. Wichern S. Stene R. Warnho 3shEwfE sf g, Q R. Wasfaret L. Ystebo Juniors Secretary Treasurer O. Peterson N- Sletten E. Torgerson R. Olson S. Torkelson ' 4 . N U1 Y 5 Y 1 qgw. E W . w . .,, V, 5 f ., ri . fr rs . s f f G' Y 'mn Wgfggxfg jx .25 B. Cary 9, Q ' L 9' xp' ,, X as .vary 2 S. 2 W Q 3. M Lf? Q 4 f 1832? 5 way 55. 2 'fix , Q. , gl Jpenwwwmi. J -f g A.3..j5'vgf52f?e, - :5,p1,f,5fe :ww :wmms - D. Jones D. Braget B. Chamberlix Not pictured: D. Bentley, H. Brakob, S. Hanson, G. Hedin, G. Hoganson, D. Johnson, G. Johnson, S. Johnson, M. Knutson, A. Kulland, P. Lien, N. Ramsey, D. Sethney, J. Waller, and P. Wermager , w' I 1 42 iq M Eg if L 4 Q , .1 fe ff ' 7131" ' , f ' f is -ff V QR fix 15QfmgggAM ---: .2--gi www' 1, sa, . f fa I 'iz 5. 52' vi, ' -- , 4, ! , SW P: 57 it-Lia! Q -1 ' , V Ami- -ny- J V- ., -Q. A 5 is ,. W, A ,V X W ti , fez - L, Hoganson M. Broers R. Knutson C. Saker vi algo, Q13 V. President 'f A M i7Kys 3 5 L Gunnufson Mgmw sfeoyx. f ecre ary - ' M lil .531 V n, TW si , 1 74 3 . ggi QP A' ,if L. Syverson v S. Braget A N. Gunderson Treasurer C. Cary . xx X - . 9 , SCN mg ix W Qi X ' S SQ K Xw,- 5, X 3 ,g, seg .Eiga 438 -.L J A. Erickso vwW? L tsx .,,. X President M. Lund Sophomores wr X , hernia VVALV j. V qiEa4sgS1? ,... O. Bentley b::A M 1 .ee R. Larson G. Forsell .L A 4. 'ix gi in ,i, fig.- QPR' Wwe L sse P -V , P n L '79 ' ff:--' v ','e L M iii' sr. E W fuss . kif Nw L. Teterud B. Buchholz L. Dunbar Not Pictured: L. Brakob: M. Dombug L. Kullandg E. Teterudg R. Tar t d' ' ves a , R. Kappes, M. Holman. L. Allrich X 5 QQQQSFQHQ roooes W. Holtma 1 z.. K 2-1.1 . ,,s,,ik-I ,Q ,V i f-2 91915 ' .iz 1.1: EFS f . ., ng- ,.x. .M ,, , ,X 5 SN N f K .x fy? W Zig 5,5 . ,, ,Sew Q we Q58 s 'ggi Q, X, Pa '55 .xx egg, - 5 .qu QQ G 5- W K I - ,zg, 1.,gg . 2, ea 'lr H GJ B. Benson , YQ K Q Q X P fx S WQ 5. , P. + M U X f Q . R 2 S y K. Bakken S. 4 X X e Q K Q 5 3 L Q ae Q Y ne 5, X.: L.-- ,K-,k U X rf 7 X N Hx QM 5 s 'A X 1 1 S+ H. Johnson A. Lampton C, Tunks uf, t it , g' 4 Efasgsgiw, iiizifl T ifff H3565 '22 1 H -,-:. lfm V m,,, M,w N in 'Y gym A wwmf , -f' 5' 14 W ..., oo,L1.:h , W,M,, -I1--flfzgi: ff Mk. 1591175 K W mgwkkfgwgew ' , Jar, ha s 'Rei 'K K W., v l ofgwiwdw' H , ,wa ""' Eau Luc- M. ::::,i.,,:: 8 J Q 4 12753211 X 1 1114 vi . ::..f,h..- 55. ,-:V 3 tv .- 1 1 Mil., ig 3 A Q 'ig K S su bam mv, -. ,W vim-1. fisiliibx -wifi-f5if?2f?1 we 'Es-'i5f'iiiSi'i?l- ,wg 1:-K-gw,g.5f-,WSE - 1, .s2,sqMg,5f, .:, 3,X12t,sa, A, Sf -- fy-Vis' .":E sf -:1,E'11stA1i2S.Q s:Q4:':z,.5,j11- . - -- 3.' 4v:4e,g2fgs5g, '-- fain . :wi s 1: Q . ,. :flip A Mmifw ii- fd f if,-.1 H.. 5 -Wwweawe , 2 .ggi 2 " .W '.:fl' or ,.,. . A,-fx,-5 H+ A ' fe.. sane: ,agp-.: -1 , f. sa w' -- , 5' :ik XFN' ' ,. , 921.552-xv' W 5 emaufud km ,.M,,. if fa -ggyf, H 2 :f:f,1.ease,,:e 3, tLfv:'?i5l42'i,:: Ii f?5Z5fQ5i5i5'f5i55 wa, ' fisifsgsav-51' M -4 'WLM "'::w'.Z:sfe12 Q - . MW, z?5iLi?i19?' 1,115 - ff.-fy, My-A qwfy ' A..,,A., S,- 123: ' 2,.f,,:sf,ffff , 2:23, 1-:,e,..:,':K: , . 1:-.:, vfw,:.ff1 ji: , " :T ,I .,EFzfef5L52 ,l" l "im . . . ,V X 4 W i i ff? if - 'f2.,'ffi,-s-wig , ,M o 'ffpwf Q1 3 U is f S 29 J 1 K P .4 W i Q A 4 'A f--' : '25 'X 2 5, 2 A 5 -L 'G 1, -. S 4 Kr, 51.-Wabi ' - ,, , S' 1 ,V 3, V . 5 ., gen- aw I fi- if V n e W. To xx OYSO ualv fix X xi' I N55 " ' - "F "' 'f ' ' S -- , ' f 12232 ffww-V.-. .age ,W ,Q m 3 s f Pa. M' S J 0 521225555 , 'L U-wgfefffff . , K A . .-as :if Lllchau W L. Wasfaret Qse e Hi? Aug, fine i , X A e , ..1x in f ::, 'HX xy, i W -m wa S f N' Q Po : 1. 3, hi '-.41 ' 'VJ gg ' -4 N se 'E .4 . Q 4 , i iz, L ik .N M we R A 'R e Q Q, V Q54 if X S5 F A my a D. Peterson o, Lain ,wHm,E?f eewannmi 521-,ey-,',i f:Fv2,5ff wfn 'A A X TE?WWfEQ3Sifi M 11- 2 :QQ fe, eQ1,,'fcz , 5 it '11-:sf'f'3'4 0 a M. Ovaldso Ce 16 I2 S. Sethney J. Radke iiixlrf , 11111 I ,ffl - H -. ful., 3' W A V gevf 1,5 f' . 1,52 ,. .,,.., ,, . ',yHwwmwWw5 353215 1 M- k k 2f: . : .5' : :,.- --ztwewewf 'fa k A ' i A ,fx .. L W. Waller 9,-M QQ W, .W 4 ur gg 2 Qfiv H. Broers Fresh men my 'A X ,, ,j if ,1 1, ., 2 J f 2, I 'fr xi wa x 1 1 L. Erickson 'ff r K, f f 3, ' 4 il?-4 LQ M. Anker nw- 5 3. A"' h Angry I P . .. D. Johnson Q s t ,V 'M we ,. L. V fi J L 1 ra ,Q 4' K is LL I . ,i . 4. X.. Y ' ,.. 'PH' .- 'L' ex. we ' 'fu ' L L L L, W -..L .5 L. Vigesaa D. Sethney J. Hovdenes 3- HaY1S0l'l n Z1, do Q L X Q 4' . .., .- K 4 A' ,X 2- 1.41 J ,. , X, Q3f' n Yi Mpfw f f' A' 5 w2U?Lm.fW4WfPQg '.'-. X Wir' ' ln. '-D i,3 - 1 S. Gunderson C. Braaten 5561. '5.J.. AKVQY iii L L .si Presldent C. Wermaper X vw 925 'J ' B. Hegrenes fggss ai ,, L, A N f n fmdwmwj . j i . Vice President R. Johnson K.. . H., mf L. Moe ' .L , ' , L WmniN5zi" is 15 f.ffMv5,, do ..,. . . .ggi .enen gf ., I ,Q N H. Gunnarson M, Thompson V T' , , N 2 W""fY L 5, Klemetson P. Ellingworth .gvyxix ' X i f,g X L A 5' A 5 A .4 - ks f K wa Q W ' Secreuary M. Hoien Treasurer M. Bjerkness rk.. 'L ' 1 - . -Q. 4. s:5'W5 ev 'N A, X ik. 3, I. Ystebo A. Allrich n , I 59, . . esesee .2 l , ee.e-e if A. Horn J. LaPort .L .ai 3 L .L H' LXNMUNWNW Sie? J. Vistf .,..? e. Meqme W - Xissk 1 QTWWN' .gs . - g w L. Moe Q Ai 5 K Q e mi 4 si 5 .-lg gs.. ff Wm ss Is.: Syversc .,,.. x N xg Q 5 . i . ,Q ss' . N x X x 5 is X X Y S L. Bens Not Pictured: T. Ask, L. Ford, Y am. L. Low D. Huseby, S. Le.-ue., J. 'rjon M. Vista wpnf M-F L. Kruger ff " . 'Y' 33 + is ,sn A ...M ...J Ws'.,. va. H if K 'TW' L e W' L. ,, n .,,,ee ,W. Q' KM LE QQ? L ,L . .. 41' 'V' W X"""'-vw N 'E Eighth Grade RUM I-left to riwht: M. Sagen, C. Ask, H. Jacobson, V. Tunks, L. Horn, L. Anker, N. Aamoth, F. Skauge, L. Hedin, and E. Samshal. ROV II-D. Thornton, D. Rude, D. Rude, L. VanderLinden, S. Grefsrud, S. Sletten, M. Gunnufson, F. Eroers, S. Moe, C. Eraaten, and Mr. Morben, Advisor. RCW III-B. Rinpling- er, L. Benson, C. Johnson, A. Brakob, J. Swenson, S. Habedank, K. Viste, C. Blomseth, B. Luchau, and D. Johnson. ROW IV-Miss Haynes, Advisor, J. Knut- son, L. Kroshus, R. Erickson, M. Kulland, A. Kvidt, G. Johnson, G. Horn, M. Halvwrson, C. Mickelson, and D. Johnson. 4 J I-left to right: C. Kroshus, R. Johnson, E. Gunnufson, N. Thompson, J. Cary, J. Prestegord, J. Thompson, L. Klemetson, E. Bueng, O. Kraakmo, P. Ram- sey, A. Sullivan, A. Sethney, and D. Hoekestra. ROW II-K. Horn, R. Chamber- lin, L. Olson, D. Low, D. Tjon, B. Kappes, G. Gunderson, L. Kroshus, C. Lien, F. Horn, J. Stene, J. Peterson, and D. Christensen. RCW III-Mr. Cozine, Ad- visor, J. Swensen, L. Saker, D. Bergeson, W. Blomseth, L. Allrich, D. Olson, R. Prestegord, I. Norland, S. Johnson, N. Halverson, L. Lien, and Mr. Cecil, Advisor. RCW IV-P. Peterick, R. Thompson, D. Dunbar, C. Sorkness, J. Gunnuf- son, P. Vigesaa, M. Larson, C. VanderLinden, E. Torkelson, L. Ovaldson, and D. Gray. Seventh Grade S 1 1 lxth Grade R... ROW I-left to right: C. Knutson, M. Kirkeby, C. Knutson, U. Moen, C. Rippling er, N. Helle, C. VanderLinden, B. Boerger, S. Erickson, D. Iverson, D. John- son, and C. Hegrenes. ROW II-G. Dunbar, L. Otterson, J. Jacobson, M. Anker, D. Moen, C. Skaurud, P. Bjerkness, J. Kvidt, D. Erickson, D. Johnson, J. Sork- ness, and Mrs. E- Johnson. ROW III-L. Sobolik, G. Halvorson, D. Bergeson, M. Peterick, J. Jensen, G. Braaten, J. Luchau, F. Stundahl, H. Allrich, D. Chil- ton. ROW IV-Mrs. I. Schneider, B. Gunderson, K. Stundahl, C. Holtman, D.Ben- tley, C. Hanson, M. LaPort, G. Torgerson, R. Tjon, F. Skaurud, T. Thompson, and L. Jensen. ROW I-left to right: O. Skaurud, J. Ripplinger, D. Ramsey, B. Johnson, R.Gun nufson, M. Strommen, B. Waller, J. Larson, and S. Sargent. ROW II-Miss Bot- tolfson, L. Jensen, W. Benson, G. Ovaldson, A. Boreen, G. Thune, J, Halverson J. Kraakmo, C. Svobodny, and Mrs. Fossen. ROW III-T. Thompson, N. Norland, D. Thorpe, S. Olson, F. Thornton, B. Christensen, F. Hedin, K. Olson, and C. Chamberlin. ROW IV-A. LaPorte, J. Hanson, D. Bredman, V. Forsell, C. Erick- son, C. Bueng, and L. Teterud. N- F Fifth G rad 3 000, Fourth Grade Row I-left to right: C. Korsgarden, M. Stummen, D. Johnson, D. Brakob, J. Hammer, K. Christensen, R. Cary, D. Halverson, B. Johnson, D. Christensen, M. Helly, B. Thune. Row II: Mrs. Hammer, P. Gunderson, L. Haroldson, R. Chamberlin, L. Horn, S. Albertson, D. Johnson, A. Anker, D. Buckle, J. Rogers, P. Kulland, R. Prestegaard, R. Broers, Mrs. Olson. Row III: L. Thoreson, S. Harkins, D. Thompson, L. Johnson, R. Halverson, R. Grefsrud, L. Lerud, R. Johnson, M. Aaby, L. Svobodny, D. Christensen. Row IV: J. Boreen, M. Larson, K. Gronbeck, E. Jigesaa, S. Waller, M. Kuehn, D. Iverson, M. Syverson, L. Radke, C. Lien, D. Anderson. ROW I-left to right: K. Kappes, D. Klemetson, E. Lien, S. Tunks, K. Korsgor- den, M. Gunderson, P. Prestegord, B. Kjono, C. Neset, L. Syverson, J. Krueger, L. Lene and A. Brakob. ROW II-Mrs. Horn, D. Jensen, A. Harkins, S. Doran, V. Erickson, K. Horn, M. Moe, D. Iverson, K. Olson, B. Boreen, R. Halvorson, L. Stene, A. Prestegord, D. Rogers, and Mrs. Sylvester. ROW III-C. Bentley, C. VanderLinden, S. Natwick, K. Fredrick, M. Swenson, C. Odden, B. Ovaldson, L. Sakrismo, I. Broers, R. Roering, L. Thompson, and G. Jensen, ROW IV-D. Luchau, L. Olson, B. Peterson, R. Cross, S. Waller, V. Stueness, L. Bueng, L. Steen- dahl, M. Hedahl, C. Brevik, D. Gunderson, J. Urdahl, and S. Warnsholz. , J Third Grade 0 X1 Y Nw Second Grade Row l-Left to right: M. Doran, J. Lene, L. Cary, L. Bakke, A. Hanson, L. Luchau, G. Syverson, G. Thorson, K. Chilton, M. Strommen, and T. Korsgarden. Row 2-Miss Amundson, D. Sullivan, V. Ruud, G. Brevik, R. Kuehn, F. Ovaldson, T. Peterson, L. Wasfaret, J. Olson, C. Allrich, M. Buckel, and Miss Johnston. Row 3-S. Kirkeby, B. Syverson, H. Horn, J. Bergeson, B Hanson, S. Kjono, L. LaPort, M. Waller, C. Christensen, and S. Pederson. Row L-G. Stuness, W. Jensen, L. Olson, C. Johnson, M. Bronson, R. Stende, J. Houglum, S. Albrecht, J. Christensen, and J. Halverson. how l-Left to rivht: J. Halvorson, L. Bakke, M. Anderson, L. Chamberlin, N. Syverson, D. Allrich, L. Roering, C. Brakob, P. Chilton, P. Habedank and A. Cary. Row 2: Mlss Johnson, J. Natwick, S. Albertson D. Harkins ,. -F . K a , . 1 L. Saelano, B. Kaopes, G. Broers, J. Rogers, K. Ramsey, R. Chr1st1anson, m. Brev" ' ' ' ' - L 15, H. Johnson, and M133 Perry. Row 3. D. Ask, J. Johnson, J. tonnson, M. Grefsrud, J. Tjon, N. Olson, R. Waller, R. Syverson, D. Dit- tmer, M. fnornton, and B. Christensen. Row 4: L. Bentley, K. Halvorson D. Llen, M. rrestegarde, D. Kirkeby, M. Skaurud, B. Rude, D. Urdahl, M. LaPorL, and L. Nysetvold. F ax 2, if i Y 1 x A Q Us Q Iii Activities ROW I-left to right: O. Peterson, B. Orwald, G. Forsell, D. Johnson, G. Gunder- son, S. Gunderson, D. Sethney, and L. Olson. ROW II-M. Dombu, J. Waller, L. Erickson, C. Cary, S. Sethney, G. Hoganson, M. Shol, J. Skaurud, W. Waller, P. Ramsey, H. Gunnarson, B. Ripplinger, J. Cary, J. Hovdeness, S. Johnson, N. Ram- sey, S. Hanson, and M. Bjerkness. ROW III-S. Klemetson, M. Anker, S. Grefsrud, L. Anker, J. Radke, B. Benson, D. Peterson, C. Braaten, R. Thompson, E. Teterud, L. Teterud, S. Sletten, G. Johnson, P. Peterick, M. Luchau, C. Nilson, R. Erick- son, N. Aamoth, N. Sletten, J. Swenson, D. Benson, D. Bentley, P. Wermager, M. Hoien, and J. Knutson. ROW IV-L. Gunnufson, C. Wermager, B. Cary, K. Bakken, J. Gunnufson, J. Peterick, M. Luchau, D. Jones, W. Torgerson, Mr. Fredrick-In- structor, M. Lund, P. Dalby, N. Gunderson, L. Dorseth, E. Torgerson, and L. Ot- tfrson. Not pictured: L. Hoganson and D. Bergeson. Senior Band Junior Band ROW I-left to right: L. Anker, S. Grefsrud, D. Johnson, D. Rude, G. Gunderson, C. Skaurud, M. Anker, L. Otterson, D. Ramsey, and M. Kirkeby. ROW II-C. Braa- ten, R. Thompson, K. Olson, V. Forsell, J. Boreen, C. Holtman, C. Knutson, C. Knutson, S. Sletten, P. Peterick, G. Johnson, P. Ramsey, R. Boerger, D. Iverson, D. Iverson, C. Hanson, D. Johnson, B. Ripplinger, and J. Cary. ROW III-T, Thomp son, J. Kraakmo, E. Brakob, B. Gunderson, P. Kulland, L. Lerud, J. Halforson, J. Kvidt, E. Thune, L. Olson, D. Christeanson, M. Strommen, D. Buckle, G. Torger- son, N. Helley, E. Waller, M. Strommen, T. Thompson, D. Hoekstra, N. Aamoth, K. Stundahl, A. Anker, L. Jensen, D. Erickson, D. Benson. ROW IV-J. Gunnufson, L. Teterud, J. Ripplinger, J. Jensen, A. Boreen, J. Luchau, F. Skaurud, R. Erick- son, L. Sobolik, R. Gunnufson, Mr. Fredrick-Instructor, J. Peterson, D. Ander- son. D. Boreen, and M. Syverson. Not pictured: D. Bergeson, D. Bergeson. Brass Sextet Seated: Derral Johnson, James Skaurud, and Marion Shol. Stand- ing: Jeanette Knutson, John Peterick, and Curtis Nilson. Clarinet Quintet Left to right: Janice Waller, Ona Peterson, Marianne Dombu, Beverly Orwald, and Linda Olson. Majorettes Linda Dorseth, Elsie Torgerson, Naomi Gunderson and Linda Otterson. g . L. .435 nn - A A M 'Ml' J Girls' ROW I-left to right: J. Samshal, L. Olson, M. Syverson, S. Klemetson, S. Stene, M. Thompson, B. Hegrenes, L. Benson, C. Tunks, and Miss Evingson-Instructor. ROW II-P. Wermager, M. Hegrenes, B. Orwald, R. Larson, A. Slette, B. Jacobson, L. Dorseth, O. Peterson, D. Sethney, and E. Torgerson. ROW III-D. Johnson, K. Bakken, P. Dalby N. Gunderson, M. Luchau, S. Johnson, L. Gunnufson, M. Luchau, S. Hanson. ROW lV-A. Jordahl, A. Horn, S. Gunderson, L. Allrich, M. Shol, G. Johnson, E. Hanson, C. Wermager, M. Lund, and J. Waller. Glee Clubs ROW I-left to right' M Bjerkness C Car H G - - , . y, . unnarson, B. Bucholz, T. Ask, M. Hoien, and L. Brakob. ROW II-M. Luchau, J. Skaurud, N. Sletten, L. Hoganson, D. Johnson, B. Cary, and Miss Evingson-Instructor. ROW III-L. Erickson, L. Slette, S. Dombu, 0. Bentley, C. Nilsen, and W. Torgerson. Boys' FH A- sl L ' O J. .1 gh. P Ps F Mixed Chorus ROW I-left to right: J. Samshal, C. Tunks, O. Peterson, B. Hegrenes, R. Larson, M. Hegrenes, N. Gunderson, B. Orwald, L. Dorseth, and E. Torgerson. ROW II-B. Jacobson A. Slette, M. Luchau, J. Waller, M. Lund, M. Luchau, A. Jordahl, S. Hanson, B. Dalby, and M. Bjerkness. ROW III-L. Brakob, C. Cary, H. Gunnarson, B. Bucholz, D. Johnson, J. Skaurud, B. Cary, T. Ask, M. Hoien, and Miss Evingson- Instructor. ROW IV-L. Hoganson, C. Nilson, O. Bentley, L. Slette, S. Dombu, L. Erickson, N. Sletten, M. Luchau, and W. Torgerson. Octette Seated: Lyle Brakob and Clark Cary. Standing: Walter Torgerson, Noel, Sletten, Sivert Dombu, Curtis Nil- son, and Loren Erickson. Not pic- tured: Allan Erickson. Sextette Left to right: Elsie Torgerson, Ona Peterson, Beverly Jacobson, Pearl Dalby, Beverly Orwald, and Mildred Hegrenes. Accompanist--Mary Lund. Student Council Seated left to right: D. Werma- ger, O. Peterson, B. Johnson, J. Peterick, and M. Shol. Standing left to right: J. Samshal, N. Gunderson, L. Berg, L. Erickson, Mr. Carlson, Advisory M. Lund, J. Knutson, M. Hoien, and D. Ber- geson. National Honor Society Standing: Advisor, Mr. Carl- son, Shirley Hanson, and Bruce Cary. Seated: Bonita Johnson, Sivert Dombu, and Mildred Hegrenes. F. T. . Seated left to right: G. Johnson O. Peterson, A. Kulland, S. John son, and S. Hanson. Row II: S. lorkelson, J. Samshal, Mr. Carl son, Advisor, L. Slette, G. Cham berlin, S. Dombu, S. Braget, M. Dombu, B. Chamberlin, M. Luchau, M. Hegrenes, and B. Jacobson. Row III: L. Dorseth, E. Torger- son, L. Gunnufson, M. Luchau, G. Forsell, M. Lund, B. Johnson, and A. Erickson. F. H. A. Seated left to right: K. Bakken, L. Olson, E. Hanson, Miss Foster, Advisor, L. Wasfaret, and F. Bro- ers. Standing: M. Broers, L. Syverson, S. Gunderson, S. Seth- ney, G. Forsell, D. Sethney, and M. Gunnufson. Library Club Seated left to right: B. Jacobson, M. Hegrenes, J. Waller, and E. Han son. Standing: M. Thompson, D. Sethney, S. Gunderson, and R. wich ern. F. F. A. ROW I-left to right: L. Kru- ger, C. Braaten, A. Allrich, L. Moe, H. Gunnarson, and L. Brako ROW II-T. Ask, R. Warnsholz, P. Lien, L. Low, J. LaPort, and B. Buchloz. ROW III-J. Skaurud, N. Ramsey, D. Huseby, J. Viste, M. Luchau, L. Ford and Mr. Skauge- Advisor. Row I6-R. Allrich, R. Blomseth, L. Slette, R. Olson, A. Hanson, R. Swenson, and G. Lien. Www ,Eiga 5 MQ. www Annual Staff Seated left to right: Marcella Luchau, Mildred Hegrenes, Mr. Cecil, Advisory Beverly Jacobson, Larry Berg, and Lloyd Slette. Standing: Frances Skauge, Arlene Slette, Marion Shol, Sivert Dombu, Bonita Johnson, and Beverly Vigesaa Newspaper Staff Seated left to right: Sivert Dombu, Marion Shol, Mildred Hegrenes, Beverly Jacobson, and Lloyd Slette. Standing: Janice Broers, Marcella Luchau, Mr. Haberer, Advisor, Bonita Johnson, Arlene Slette, Frances Skauge, and Rosalie Johnson. Debate Seated left to right. A. Kulland, B. Cary, L. Olson, J. Peterick, C. Nilson, and L. Erickson. ROW II- S. Hanson, R. Knutson, N. Ramsey, Mrs. Cecil-Advisor, G. Forsel, P. Dalby, and M. Lund. ROW III-J. Waller, K. Bakken, N. Gunderson, and C. Cary. Speech ROW I-left to right: J. Samshal, L. Olson, K. Bakken, M. Hegrenes, B. Orwald, S. Sethney, and D. Seth- ney. ROW II-J. Waller, O. Pet- erson, B. Jacobson, S. Hanson, P. Wermager, N. Gunderson, and S. Gun- derson. ROW III-S. Johnson, P. Dal- by M. Luchau, A. Kulland, G. For- seil, M. Luchau, and L. Gunnufson. ROW IV- Mrs. Cecil, C. Cary, W. Tor- gerson, C. Nilson, L. Erickson, H. Brakob, and Mrs. Baumgartner. Pep Club ROW I-left to right: R. Johnson, L. Kroshus, J. Peterson, J. Gun- nufson, E. Gunnufson, N. Thomp- son and G. Gunderson. ROW II- J. Samshal, O. Peterson, P. Dal- by, G. Forsell, N. Gunderson, B. Orwald M. Knutson, and C. Werma- ger. how III-Miss Olson-Advisor, P. Wermager S. Torkelson, B. Cham- berlin, s. araget, G. Chamberlin, M. Luchau, and L. Gunnufson. ROW IV-E. Torgerson, L. Dorseth, G. Johnson, M. Lund S. Johnson, A. Kulland, and S. Ranson. ,-fx .flags AQ' Y' j,, as 2 ...,.2.. . 5 v ss Queen Shirley ben1or Cand1date, Marcella Luchau Escortg Arvid Swenson Jun10P Cand1dateg Shirley Hanson Escortg Arthur Benson Sophomore Candidateg Marjorie Broers Escortg Boyd Bucholz Freshmen Candidate' oarolyn Wermager Escortg Jerry Tjon 5 , s 5 ,!"'s. , ,QA ,., Q v f A 5, I +1 L, -4 .. L- up , xii - f -vt W ss A J . Q W V .- E 3 A , . ' A - f Q , Q 5 1956 CARNIVAL ROYALTY SENIORS JUNIORS SOPHOMORES FRESH EN Arvid Swenson Arthur Benson Boyd Bucholz Jerry Tgon Marcella Luchau Queen Shirley Margie Broers Carolyn Wermager Class Plays Senior WWHO KILLED AUNT CAROLINEW Front-seated: Arlene Slette, Larry Berg, Bonita Johnson, Beverly Ja- cobson, Mildred Hegrenes, and Jan- ice Broers. Back: Marion Shol, Lloyd Slette, Shirley Lien, Dennis Johnson, and Deloris Johnson, Pro- mpter. Not Pictured: Algie Hanson and MarCella Luchau. Director: Mrs. Lorraine Cecil Junior 'THREE DAYS OF GRACE' Seated: Lloyd Slette, Sivert Dombu, Dennis Johnson, Marcella Luchau, Donald Wermager, Larry Berg, and Ronald Blomseth. Standing: Beverly Jacobson and Mildred Hegrenes. Not Pictured Bonita Johnson, LeAnn Sargent, and Rosalie Johnson. Director: Mr. Duane Ellertson i . f 3 5 'lv fi oth! Features "A" Team heerleaders Leila Gunnufson Janice Samshal Linda Dorseth Naomi Gunderson Elsie Torgerson "B" Team Cheerleaders Eileen Cunnufson Gary Johnson Carolyn Wermager Lettermen BOW I-M. Hoien, B. Cary, M. Ped- erson, L. Teterud, and D. Peter- son, ROW II-Coach Morben, D. Seth- ney, D. Wermager, J. Peuerick, L. Berg, and D. Johnson. ROW III- D. Jenson, N. Sletten, L. Erick- son, R. Wasfaret, and C. Nilson. ROW IV-D. Jones, B. Knutson, A. Swenson, S. Dombu, and Coach Krause Right End-Curtis Nilson, Right Guard-Dennis Jenson, Center-Ronnie Wasfaret, Left Guard-Donald Jones, Left End-John Peterick, Right Half-back-Larry Berg, Quarter back-Don Wermager, and Left Half-back-Loren Erickson. I 956 Lake Agassiz SENIOR STARS DON CONFERENCE STANDINGS Twin Valley Gary Hendrum Halstad Climax Waubun Borup E2 P-P-oxc 2 v c ocn H wa Ora ru cd IOL!! Ol-' 1 1 2 O 3 O 3 1 5 O 6 O 36 LARRY SEASONS RECORD vFerti1e 18 T.V. 6 Climax 13 W 30 Gary 12 W 19 Waubun 19 W AO Halstad O W hl Eendrum 6 W 25 4Ada 25 W 19 Borup 6 N hh vDenotes non-conference games SEATED: Dennis Peterson, Clark Cary, Michael Hoien, Arthur Benson, Marvin Ped erson, and Boyd Bucholz. ROW II-Rolland Johnson, Manager, Curtis Nilson, Don- ald Jones, John Peterick, Dennis Jenson, Donald Johnson, and Larry Berg. ROW III-Coach Morben, LeRoy Teterud, Noel Sletten, Robert Knutson, Ronald Wasfaret Jerry Tjon, Loren Erickson, Donald Wermager, and Ass't Coach Krause. Conference Football Champs ,W Q QQ mx t',a, r.,e: sid NNN C Team ROW I-Lyle Klemetson, Allan Sul- livan, Alan Sethney, and Ervin Sagen, and Mr. Krause, Coach. Pow III-Lyle Saker, Robert Erick son, and Phillip Peterick. 37 Samshal ROW II David T'on Cur- 5 - - J tis Ask, Derral Johnson, Merle s :ai -ffl , f , . 2 '1' wa, f 1 . ,. . ,Q is, f f- .. -A H f -A f .g, 5553 z - 3 -, fig 1-:,:fw:,ff f-,1,1,gg,.,1,.: .- .., MSL, , ' 1 ' si12sfw aEvii5iiX2 ' : f,.s,Qs2- 'i W ' '- , ' li' 2PfiY?ff51-Vfiiieiiiiffi lf Wi! 1' ' ' A as-emi A7-Nflffswrwzmfsls1A 11, f ' ' - KNEELING Coach Krause STANDING Left to rlght Bruce Cary, Manager, Marvin Pederson, Larry Berg, Curtls N1lson, Loren Erlckson, Robert Knutson, Aaron Swenson, Slvert Dombu, Donald Jones, Dennls Jenson, John Peterick, Donald Wer- QQ 7? KNEELING Waldo Waller, El Roy Teterud, Walter Torgerson, Le Roy Teterud, Den- n1s Peterson, and Myron Anker STANDING Coach Morben, Rolland Johnson, Clark Cary, Howard uunnarson, Tommy Ask, Mlchael Holen, and Larry Kruger. AARON 'A' TEAM V0klee 37 T.V Gary 35 W Ada 36 W WLake Park A6 W Fertile 60 W Hendrum 52 W VDilworth L5 W vUlen h9 ' Borup 38 W vClimax 53 W Gary L9 N Halstad 57 N Hendrum 51 W Ada Z2 : Mahnomen LARRY Fertile 65 " WBarnsvi1le 6b N Halstad 83 W Waubun 63 N WBag1ey 81 N T.P Donald Nermager A32 Loren Erickson 201 Larry Berg 137 Sivert Dombu 137 Robert Knutson 17h Aaron Swenson conference. Baseball SEATED-M. Hoien, R. Johnson, E. Teterud, and C. Cary. KNEELING- L. Erickson, A. Hanson, R. Knut son D. Jones D. Jenson J. Pet- eriik, and L.,Berg. STANDING- D. Peterson, M. Pederson, C. Nil- son, D. Wermager, D. Sethney, and Coach Krause. Wnon-conference games INDIVIDUAL SCORING For 20 games Don Wermager also had the hon- or of being the top scorer in Lake Agassiz Conference play this year. He made a total of 267 points in 13 games, giving him an average of 20.5 points per game, the highest in the Congratulations, Don!!!! Basketball Record 56-57 'BW TEAM Oklee 37 T.V. 29 Gary 19 ' 11 Ada h2 W 22 Lake Park 38 9 25 Fertile 35 W 3b Hendrum 22 W 29 Dilworth LL W 28 Ulen 35 H 32 Borup 51 N 30 Climax M7 W 16 Gary bl N 30 Halstad 33 W 2h Hendrum 36 W 39 Ada A7 W 26 Mahnomen L6 W 33 Fertile 41 U 25 Barnsville 37 W 27 Halstad A8 W 23 Waubun L2 U 28 Bagley h3 W A2 SUB-DISTRICT TOURNEY Waubun 62 T.V. 66 Mahnomen 71 W 62 Halstad 80 W 66 CONFERENCE STANDINGS WON LOST PTS. ll 1 7 5 Mahnomen . Halstad lO 3 6.5 Fertile 9 3 6 Twin Valley 8 5 5 Waubun 8 3 5 Gary 2 lO 2.5 Ada 2 lO 2 Hendrum 2 12 l Borup 1 10 .5 DON SIVERT Custodians Bennet Jacobson, Dell Erickson, and Elmer Erickson. Bus Drivers Left to right: Joe Peterick, Armand Kvamme, Oscar Samshal, Clifford Lindbeck, Kermit Cary, Vernon Dorseth, Dick, Boelter, and Sanford Albert- son. Office Girl Mrs. 0. Anderson Cafeteria Left to right: Mrs. Teterud, Mrs. Torkelson, and Mrs. Dyr- dahl. f' , .W ,.,k. 5 ,K .W my we ie' fi NI, fe ft Ni 6 S Q 'X Q ii ,333 '1- r Q L W K NSS 'W Y' :W ' f Q . .195 Vw? N5 .af 1 M 45 ze ,,,.--fu. 1' I np, M fi- .225 A '- 1 e v Q ,h.. .3 pe , M Q15 A , QQ' 5 fs, - '. -fi -f + Q A 3 I , 1 ' 77' 1,9 ' 1 Q ws " , I ' fi A ir. ,, -7 u V Q L My YZ Q 5 A 6-2: :wang F: Q- Y' .. ' Q: . s M -.mfr U ulllllul!l xilk Sh" ,, :xg D is ss K 8 SL- xx T Q35 ,.f?f?f 5 1 .. Mx, J . , AW as sul vis. gg' 2 I t I 2' 'R A ,I 1 - mga 1 fri .,:,. ,RA ,www-f-Wm ,S ,Alf A r 98323, fi A , 5 5, 3 - ,. if -5 'us Q 5 ff ,A ,Q - .:. tae .ky 4 5 ,YV 3 Advertisers THANK YOU CLUB CAFE JOHN O. HELLERUD Twin Valley, Minn. KNUTSON'S STORE TORKEL A. KNUTSON Twin Valley, Minn. TWIN VALLEY MEDICAL CENTE DR. GEORGE DAY Twin Valley, Minn. PHONE l 2 8 PHONE 7 6 DURLING IMPLEMENT CO. DONALD CARY FAITH MILL M. R. DURLING AUCTIONEER OLAF SHOL Twin Valley, Minnesota Twin Valley, Minn. Twin Valley, Minn. PHONE 207 PHONE L 6 PHONE 20-F63 TWIN VALLEY-ULEN TELEPHONE COMPANY Business office at Twin Valley, Minnesota c. c. ARVIG, MGR. EAST LAKE AGASSIZ SOIL CONSERVATION OFFICE Twin Valley, Minnesota PHONE 137 ODIN'S MARKET RUTH 8 ODIN HOVDENES Twin Valley, Minnesota PHONE 222 ARNT NYSTEVOLD ELECTRICIAN Twin Valley, Minnesota Phone 239 BERG'S FAIRWAY STORE GEORGE BERG Twin Valley, Minnesota PHONE lll TWIN VALLEY CO-OPERATIVE CREAMERY K. H. BAKKEN, MGR. Twin Valley, Minnesota PHONE 68 CLARENCE NATWICK HI-WAY SERVICE Twin Valley, Minnesota Phone 131-K GREAT PLAINS SUPPLY CO. JOHN SMIT, MGR. Twin Valley, Minnesota Phone 50 THE LITTLE RED GROCERY Albert Christensen Twin Valley, Minn. Phone 6b TWIN VALLEY TIMES RAY LEE, EDITOR Twin Valley, Minnesota Phone 1K3 M YER'S PHARMACY non PEDERSON, MGR. Twin Valley, Minnesota Phone 118 HALVORSON'S CLOTHING TENNIS HALVORSON Phone 18h RED OWL GROCERIES MAURICE NELSON Twin Valley, Minnesota Phone 225 TWIN VALLEY STATE BANK J. E. DRAEGER, CASHIER Twin Valley, Minnesota Phone 212 Twin Valley, Minnesota TWIN VALLEY 00-OP OIL 00 MAYNARD OKESON, MGR. Twin Valley, Minnesota Phone 218 43 R TWIN VALLEY CLEANERS DUANE FOURNIER Twin Valley, Minnesota HERFF-JONES COMPANY BEST-IN-CLASS Rings and Announcements WAGSTROM FUNERAL HOME HERB AND LILA WAGSTROM Twin Valley, Minnesota phone 229 Indianapolis 7, Indiana phone 1h7-L CLIFFORD LINDBAOR PHONE 10 -L PERHAM JOBBING co. A 3 OLSON'S M ug WEAR Joe Peterick WHGLESALE PHONE 93 CLYDE OLSON, OWNER PERHAM, MINNESOTA BUS DRIVERS Ada. Minnesota Twin Valley, Minnesota HAROLD SKANSGARD SKAURUD TRANSFER J0E'S GARAGE BUS DRIVER ORPHA E FERDIE SKAURUD JSE M RIHY Flom, Minneggta . ' M Twin valley, Minnesota Twin Valley, innesota PHONE PHONE 208 PHQNE 139 TWIN VALLEY 2b7l AALGAARD'S DQQHNSON BOWYER'S SJORDAHL STUDIO JEWELER FOOD MARKET HARDWARE ADA ADA ' ADA ADA MINNESEJTA MINNESOTA MINNESOTA L MINNESOTA HANSON'S VALLEY HOTEL THUNE's PRODUCE A M. E. HAWKINS HARDWARE STORE C. JOHNSON GLEN THUNE JEWELER TWIN VALLEY TWIN VALLEY TWIN VALLEY ADA, MINNESOTA MINNESOTA MINNESOTA MINNESOTA I 'U L. B. HARTZ C. R. ANDREWS OROOERIES MERCANTILE Boosters ADA ADA MINNESOTA MINNESOTA ADA FASHION SHOPPE, ADA, MINNESOTA SKAURUD'S GIFT SHOP, ADA, MINNESOTA SKOGMO'S, ADA, MINNESOTA ADA DOOTERY, ADA, MINNESOTA SULLY'S CAFE, TWIN VALLEY, MINNESOTA LERUD SEED CO. TWIN VALLEY, MINNESOTA MARGE'S CAFE, TWIN VALLEY, MINNESOTA LOUIE'S RECREATION, TWIN VALLEY, MINNESOTA LARS KOPSTAD, TWIN VALLEY, MINNESOTA 44 We, the senior class wish to thank all those erously contribut our '57 TIGER a success. Our special appreciation goes to DALE WESTLUND,our of SCHERLING'S STUDIOS, who gave so willingly talent, and materials to en- hance the quality who so gen- ed to making photographer of his time, of our annual J!-H''4 f , i1:QM.b.2.l'.1if L- wif, 5. , ,-W' 'f.'Z'LR2?k3,.lS"Ii" EFF aw wwf an 1 -M .g- r , , ',"k'ff,'1:Q-fs fx V, A I . lmdzlvxnlrl :L A fi R' -x J. Lvvry JK'InZfW"iiTW7EEH3PNiU ' I n 1 5 1 1 , s .f f 5 E 5 J 3 ,X l r 5 i 3 T .1 . F 5 T 'r 4 N 1 , s 4 ' P ' w L , f i , f , 1 z' A. . l E V 1 , i, I' n l I v 1 , i I I 4 r ml ', ' 2 A Q , 1 .2 I 1 v-15.1, . , . V- . ' n , , , Z . , W 1. A .X W1 f w , 1. LJ . 1 lr " ' Q .. 'N x' 1 ' f M. .. w . H A L 1 , K. -, x U . 1 . Q: 4 'V .' - ,A wg 1 x .-ag! ' 1... Y 1 A A1 5, A A 5 N W f 3' . ., , 4. ,L V. V, M R, L, ., , , x , 5 . ' ' 4 A . , 1 'V - , X . i A! K ' E V ,,, ?. 5l lEfiEB1'Hv.:1fL.....1.g 1 4 -v .,RE1.M',f?'.x 'I-.1f'i"Y..'TEWi32: .X .. 5 . , 1 fy - ' N .Q 2 ' . W 5 . r 'x L, 4, Q . w 1 'o . 1 u 1.4 f 3 . 1 I i 1 'Y . .? X 1' D. H YN A r x . , N A 5 f M . 1 1 1 w G 1 W. Z f Y 1 ' ,V ,A Ib ..,. 1 4 f 'Q' 1' 'A f Y ww X . 'N X 5 ' W. x 2' ' 1 if A ,I fx, . . ,. .L , ,V . iz ' ,.Mf'2' .1 , Y , , . F M . ,,, , , , . .r ,:. A H , f. ." vi. Wi 1 , ' 1 Q M.:.wR , M -L -, , nf , , . aa , 14-f ...K - . , .41.,,. 3 .. ",C, ' - 1 ""' 1 zzz ,, , + ., :Q-,Q-gif' If , ' ., 11 .' ' V , H. , ,,. JL . , 1 MXL!--1 , 1,1 1 'X , 2 . ., I W if A X -, , , V , 4- , ,, , V I 4. 1, , .mf ' 'mf f 4 . H 1 L 1 w . x 1 V 1m-.,1."vsaf.- 4 ff. FY "MLZ'ii'5S'1,. 1 .-.f,1.' .QlI"H1Hi.X ' "" E V1 9 4 I lHM9k3lMHWFiYE6BBMYfLNf'WW1MF22.WW2hE3HE:17WP4:3i2xES5 ,?Jqaic':Z46i5 2 ,'QLWSZtE?"1"M111::rn'0ni4 'QB-QT XI' JSF "EV A415 'W .f Lwwi 'LL'.MESvVN.ZPE: 'L . L.1Xlw'5LEnMI ff'ieA,1ffi-'rm' E ":HQ19iMW0:WN4HW H . x. N fs." H -. -1, - - A 1 1s.' in Q ,V K .n q , A ,Q . h"n'h's"'3 'fix ' K X'7:., f'a' 'fa?"Q5-3VJ'ifiq4y'1-'7'p':gr --,Q .. . , , ' .- V . ,V A AL. . .5f.4 rw.-f -, ., ,. 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Suggestions in the Twin Valley High School - Tiger Yearbook (Twin Valley, MN) collection:

Twin Valley High School - Tiger Yearbook (Twin Valley, MN) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Twin Valley High School - Tiger Yearbook (Twin Valley, MN) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 58

1957, pg 58

Twin Valley High School - Tiger Yearbook (Twin Valley, MN) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 20

1957, pg 20

Twin Valley High School - Tiger Yearbook (Twin Valley, MN) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 34

1957, pg 34

Twin Valley High School - Tiger Yearbook (Twin Valley, MN) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 18

1957, pg 18

Twin Valley High School - Tiger Yearbook (Twin Valley, MN) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 18

1957, pg 18

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