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.L 4 . ff n , .,,. six 'ff gl f l ,Q-...Q -. --,.g...-, ,,-, -,- A - - - . ,A .. ..A,--., .-- , .H , if -,,,, A... -- .4.L.g.l- -- f A-1-umm.. hx. uw .. 5. - X xt, R' JA, Z . .Y .- X U., . f- IL x .,.. x A . 1 'X u x . 1-5 A .. me 3 , u f r 1 1 6 3' - I' 1 ,. 1+ . ua, ,Q 1 jx... x ... .-1 -- 's 'S V54 5,5 f- n Q -, W' D ' As . ov- . s."A . . Q ' -me ,ai-. 4. . x. J 'x 1 wg, 1. A ' - X ,i ' . in F x 1, ' 1. 1' g ii ' , - .5 . . 1 ,Q-is 2 Q Fx Q 'z. -V x v e -xi x 1 4 1 1 5 .3 Q .a ul 1 .1 ,. .lg ,A 3 s - we J Us , T553 QW. xv 1 WF? 13 Eg K Y! 1"x ni -4 H ,,,3 4 u 1 -4 li 'Q - I Q? :X -4 E 5 co-EDITORS IN CHIEF Debbie Swank 1 Debbie Harris BUSINESS MANAGER ' Linda I0hI1S0l'l 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , Q 1 1 1 S 1 1 1 1 S4 A .L' E -1 H' 1 1 1 1 'sy 1' TWIN LAKES a West Palm The Aquarian Vol. I HIGH SCHOOL Beach, Florida x .vu A r a . 45+ i Igfktfgiw QQ, I Maggy? 4 wie., 5 , pw- yfb MA c 'Eg-:mi Q S Sa F f h f' f ' 0 N 4 7 , , x I ik 51 JJ 5 - I a f L 1 A 9- I - x. X' 1: . x -A f ax -4 A mv 'A J, U ' rf- ix - y u 'G' lx 7, - 'MX X fx ' S Vai- 'Sc-L 5- ' R . Q1 !-fs. 1 1 F 57 " bcxx ,. h A1 ' My . ,H . , A , , , 'Ak n' I ' 1, fx . V A Q. L-, ' XJ. :fx Q gg? K A , ' I X Q ty: . I XX 'fc L XX Lib v , 1 wax X, 0 J' N EJ ' I S 0 Q A f 4 .L WHL- 'K ,rgvqlf ,' ,"'4 fr. V ' H N X ' Q: .. bf y . h ff ,A S 4 7 '1 Q x Q U- ' :C P I' Q b X t . ' , ,' ' ..1:,,k ' 1 fl Q .W .. X A K, . -. Wx-2 1' . if M 'Q't ba- L--14 f--1' -A - ..,, , --,H --- .. .,-., 4, M- ,,,A - .4 , A,A, ,A fs ,,, ka-, Forecast With the dawning of an age so dawns a new school, Twin Lakes High. In the beginning, as in anything new and different, change has taken place and with it chaotic conditions have arisen. The first graduating class of Twin Lakes High has had to bear many pressures during these alterations. After the changes have been accepted, a smoothing over period begins. Thus paving the way for future endeavors. Students have gradually begun to form new traditions and mold the school for future yearslf Mostlof our new traditions center around extra curricular activities. A prime example of these traditions is the changing of the mascot. Today we find ourselves led to victory after victory bythe Twin Lakes Ram. We also find ourselves forming new traditions in our daily routine with the election of co-officers in the classes. .4 It has been left up to the first yearin the life of this new school to learn how to deal with the many conflicts brought on by the combining of two groups with a past of such old and dear traditions. Now we find that friendships have been crystalized, a new spirit has awakened and the cornerstone for the future has been laid forever and ever. 4 Astrological Guide FACULTY AND ADMINISTRATION ORGANIZATIONS . . . I sronrs . CLASSES . . . ADVERTISEMENTS . . . vw.-39 e Dedicate With the dawning of an age we tend to look back and honor those of a previous age. In keeping with this tradition, we are looking back and honoring Mrs. Frances Hennessey and Mrs. Esther Black. Mrs. Hennessey, with true, dedication, taught thirty years at old Palm Beach High School. During twenty- five of those thirty years Mrs. Hennessey was the sponsor of the Editorial Staff of the ROYAL PALM. In her years as sponsor she laid the foundation for our new yearbook, the Aquarian and for this we wish to offer our sincere thanks. The Aquarian Co-sponsoring the former ROYAL PALM for twelve years, Mrs. Black proved to be a model of understand- ing and stability. She has given of herself in teaching to her students during a span of thirty-three years - twelve years at Follsberry, W. Va. and twenty-one years here in Palm Beach County. With her shining personality she is one of the most beloved teachers at Twin Lakes High School. With deep esteem we do here by dedicate our year- book to two ladies who have made the teaching pro- fession an honored one. 95 L X Q SQ ' X x Q W! W5 M N X XX X x- al X - X X -X X X X X XX X X X is XXX. X 5X XXX- X XX X L X X X X X XX X X- X X X .X X. X X. XX-XXXXXXXX.XX.XX.. XXX- XKXXXXXXXXXXQ XXXXXX S-SX X . .K A X X X .X .... XXQ X X X X .X XXX QXXXQ Ss X X-X. .XXXXXXX X X -- . QXXQXXXX X XQX i X XX Q-XXXXQQXQSQ ss, X .X X .X X. X -XXX- XXX- X X XXX NX XNXXXXXXX NXXQXXXLX .- X X . , . X X X Q X- i Xi- XXXXXXXX X X . XX SSX -XLQTX XX-QXTXX XXXN -X XXXXQX XXX -X -X :XXX 'i X X X - X XXXXXXXXX-XXXXX7 X XXL X X X X XX X X .. X. -- - -XX XX XX . XXXXXXXXXXXfXgNXXXikNXXg XX XNSQXQ XX XXX 2 1 f X X X X Q X XX X X X X X -L . XX X XX XX X. XXX X.: X XXXNXXQXNXXXXXSSXXXQX shi: XX X XX XX-XX XX X XX XX XXX. X XX XXXXXX XX XXXX XXXXXX ---XXX -.XXX XX X X X Q X X X XX XXX' 1 X X X XXXX X . - X X XX X- SQ - . X X X - XXXXX. . 1-X -X NN XXX X X -XXXSXXX .XXX -X -ZXXXXXXXX XXX K X X X . . MXXXXXX. XXX X! . .X X X X3 XXX X... X AN X X . X X .X X X- X- . X X X X -X -. XXX Xu X I.X - X XXXXX-5.XXXXX X X X XX 5? -X -if X X X X X X WX A 'K K X X1 X XX W KNXXSXXXX .XX-' .XX X-X A fw. XXXXX5 QXXXSXX XXXX XXXXX. X X XXXX X L' X X X. X XX X X X X X - . . . X , . X X X. '- X X .... . X X .X . X. . XX .X X ., .XXX .KX WXXXX. X XXX X XX XXX K . X .XX 1 AXE. iv X -K-X k X - .XX X X .X X.. X NXXX.-XX -XXX 5 X ii Nw R mx Q. ww WIN L AKE M i 8 i C i RQX , R, w X X XXQX. A .... A - x x ' fi wwwx ..,. 'x - , 1, " xx Y' - Nwgg Y xx. ,. . X Qmwwwww ..... x ., . M- A V . k -v Qi -- . "RAW Q WX SM M-ki gel? x x W xxx.x . A. wiv,- Q Q K x WN SM M W ' Q X. A . l i ' X WW : x. f ' 5 LY X- K 1 was W' ... . - Nix X Y Y I R S awk X - Q - i Q- A-W-1 . X . - :LN -5 " ' v. XZ-, 1 X.x,...v Xiiig . K . , Aw - ' . , -s Xxx 5 1 QQ NSS 5 g m 1 , Q XX ..QL.f W , X E W xfm x.xX , X ::, , - 5: - :sw .. 5 Q, xX.,x A X A X51 - gl.. Q, i E I w ? i E l L , ,,,,,,,, l i Q Y 9 1 I I I : i I I I 4 I I 4 I a n I I 1 I 0 i D o I 1 Q i . 'v .I ki 5 ,.. 5 155i i Ei ,A if , , Q f ,, X ,Umm w "7Lf H-M , ,M , .... ..,. , .M ...,.i.W.....1m1 mu .. , .... ,,,1WM- A f .....N -H N:-:rj ' X ,,.. M ii ,f,f A 'M M ""' .... 1- ----- ,, , , " ,,,, ,,,,,, , E Q X . , 2 .gif . S 5 . Yi! K if E" : if . , 5 E z ' 1 2 F i Q 5 5 ii 5 5 ' s E it if i , I . ' if if 5 .s Iii a 5 x 5 , if 1 3 I is Q- i f Q if ' 2 vi - 5 fig 1-:, 1: is , 2 2 i. SQ ESX SHNW Q ln the beginning new traditions are born . . . TWIN LAKES HIGH g 146'-ax Wilt 193431 wich I 1,1 5521 nf v A 1 5 i ' Q Ag f NX X XG Q g A x X ' ' . , w' i N ,- ' NNE . X u fax i x..xi-QNX I 1 4 Y ig . Q - Z -11,5 ,x1!!xxxxxxxsxx sxssxisfxxws ' ' , I I Q MI! V' NS X fi 1 w A . Y R S S 5:9 p W Q e Y Q A H 1 12 Styles are set... 1 f , ' x ' f Q.EN5.f1.:. k -ws f 5 X -my x -X x X '-:Q Lx x: - Q1 M X . QQ,- S X N N-N xx ,- Q X X - wx 'Q Friendships are crystalized , i ,an X xx Q,x:2.,:. .,.Lw..s1:g5,ax,4xx,,1.:f.x,W N. .AMW . S QQ 2 s xx., 1 1 x W- V- A , QQ Q ,bm X i m. Q.. NX -w Q g . --M ,.,. . :i1:::" MMI xx , -x - .... - in ,mm.1:--,- I fe, X., X X N , Mar-11 NS .wt N, X i + xo X wr w 'hiss' Thoughts, awaken . . . in a insights, and understanding fww 5 SN ss -:QU . x YQ ess? S xx X N X wx Mx I n M W X was QQ X Y W A ww ww - W - -X -Ngwmx MWNMN Q Q W aux WN Q Q N NN-OU Q NW ' W m5xNMXQ,g X .Q N 5 5 fi .NNY Sw . S M. ,V K3 Q 'X ff f"""'x r""'x Q S Q 6R .M R XSS 5 hw X sr ,ktwy 3 fi S .f i.- x L 5 x t " 3 ff' A cornerstone r for the future is laid forever, and EVET. . . Supervising Principal - Herbert H. Bridwell To the students of Twin Lakes High The 1970-71 school year has been one of adjustment for students and faculty of Twin Lakes High School. Two fine schools with proud traditions have combined into one. Our activities have given each of us a number of fine experiences to remember with warmth and fondness, and I am sure that our program next year will function just a little better because we all have had rich opportunities to grow in responsibil- ity and cooperation. I extend special appreciation to the students and sponsor who prepared our Yearbook. My best wishes go with you as you accept the challenge of another year's work as you continue your education or at work. Sinc ei yours ,fafwiim Herbert H. Bridwell Supervising Principal 22 Principles HERBERT H. BRIDWELL, SUPERVISING PRINCIPAL B.S. Tennessee A. 81 I. State Univ., M.A. Columbia Univ. ROBERT C. PICKENS, BUILDING PRINCIPAL B.S. Georgia Southern College, M.A. George Peabody College t The Top Of The Heap This is where the buck stops. As principle of a school, a man must be willing to accept full responsibility for all actions of his faculty and students. In the final analysis this makes him a person who in many ways never pleases anyone. He must try to placate the faculty, students, parents, and the county office. 23 Robert C. Pickens, Building Principal Assistant Principals Q, .... 3 l ' s s ' iill . - i E 1AMEs E. Joi-I NSON ...2 B.S. flag'A. 8. M. Univ. l 2- , ' Q K 1 MD. Fla. A. 81 M. Univ. l iX l. THOMAS 1. MILLS B.S. Fla. St. Univ. M.A. Appalachian St. Second In Command The Assistant Principles may be second in com- mand but they have a busy enough schedule to be first. These jobs are many and their demands are great - supervising the schools curriculm, data processing, and taking over the reins of power when the principal is out, as well as working with the teachers individual problems. These two men have done outstanding work to help this new school function and for this we say thank you. You surely can think up a better excuse than that. . X is Q s . X k . ' : w S Y Y-az- S l i'- sf - 3 - 5:5 l ' . ...S X -.EY Mrs. Meyer - Dean of Girls S. campus Let's see who is skipping today. M.A. New York Univ. ELIZABETH RENFROE MEYER B.S. Univ. of Georgia M. Ed. Fla. Atlantic 'l l Deans p 9 l MARY TILLMAN HOLLIDAY L B.S. Fla. A 3. M Univ. l e -. Five Days L l l As Roosevelt and Palm Beach High became one, 1 the need for more than two deans became evi- 3 dent. As a result, the South campus is kept in check by Mrs. Meyer and Mr. Williams, while the North campus is the domain of Mrs. Holiday and Mr. johnson. Besides discipline, the deans also try to help students with personal problems which might interfer with their studies. l l 1 4 4 i l l x i 1 l 5 l E 1 I l .ni CHESTER V. WILLIAMS B.S. Fla. A 81 M Univ. M.S. Indiana Univ i 'H E J Guidance 81 Activities MILLIE BROWN B.A. Fla. A.8fM. Univ. and N. Y. Univ. A.B. 81 M.Ed, Univ. of North Carolina The guidance department has had a problem filled year with 'the merging of Palm Beach and Roosevelt High. At the beginning of the school CHESTER L. CAMPBELL 1. C. is O.K., but I prefer Harvard. c Onl Three Flights To Go year, the department had to handle almost a thou- sand schedule changes in the first month. Since then things have quieted down so that they have been able to council the college bound students and those who are in danger of failing. B.S. Fla. AGM Univ. M.S. Indiana Univ. BRADLEY B. MITCHELL llMMlE IAMES ELLIS CUTRIGHT M.A. Univ. of West Va. B.S. Hampton Institute M.A. Michigan St. Univ. ft MARIORIE FGRTENBERRY X gg X f ,va - ss- WANDA HENINGER X BETTYE SMART Now what college did you want that sent to? Secretaries The Twin Lakes High secretaries are always ready to extend a helping hand to students and teachers alike. Though not in the spotlight of campus life, they requisition needed items, send school records for college, and keep club fi- nances in shape. sp .- s T -. ,. . s K: . . r Sl. fx 21, K ' POLLY KELLY -iixsffl X . W NETTIE SMITH at .. . X . . . l X Q :ss-Qs: cfs, .aifssstsf -.11 . .Es E-Ev'-7 . -.-f ss: we -ggi - . - i ---- X -- grsxe .ings fee l ROBERTA WALDEM T: 5' ' Sa: :X ez: 5 egzaffl-15: 3 N -5 Sis tim K Library The libraries at Twin'iLakes High School are the centers of knowledge for the student body. Valu- able reference material is given to the students by the encyclopedias, dictionaries, and other sources of information. The faculty of Twin Lakes also use the library as their source for information for students through audio-visual aids. VIRGINIA BRATTON Library Technician ANNA KELLER A.B. Duke ELEANOR MCN EIL f A.B. Emory e ' ROBERT TORMALA gay 5 A.B.,A.M.L.5. -Vg, h F' - b . Univ. ofMichigan with , .I sis f tiff-1135 5 Centers Knowledge Ask... and learn. The loneliness of a scholar. 5 L S t N I 1 W I N H . I uve GIRALDO MESA B.A. Florida Atlantic PATRICIA PICHE 8.5. Univ. of Akron, Ohio M.F.A. Western Reserve IOHN SINGLETARY 8.5. Florida A and M put the paint on the paper. L! A Learn nd Create Students in the Art classes, taught by Mr. Mesa, Mr. Singletary, and Mrs. Piche experiment with ideas, form and color. By taking a course in art, a student gains an appreciation of his environ- ment and a realization that art is a part of our very existence. Creativity seems to flow from these rooms, as products such as paintings, sketches, and collages find their way into display cases around the school. A budding Leonardo. A meaningful explanation. The Business Department takes pride in turning out students prepared to enter the business world as sec- retaries, bookkeepers, and office workers. Students may concentrate on one area of study or be more di- versified by taking a sampling in each subject area. Though the Business Department has not irecently added new courses, it is constantly updating its mat- erials and techniques. MAXINE BARSHELL B.S.E. Univ. of Fla. IRENE FAIR B.S. Indiana State MARY MANNlNG B.S. Florida A and M HARLEY MCGHEE B.A. College of Wooster M.E. Ohio Univ. X X X Y ii N Q Q Ea -Q sta N M5 X Xa .... s News s Driver Education Curb Clippers Of T.L.H. . igiix S emi Wi NEP- ea scuw Dhiiufitiitt-wmv EDUCNUOL ' Ride?? EDWARD BOELL B.S., M.A. New York STUART CUSHMAN s.A., MA. California Western The Drivers Education course is a valid and essential lesson in living. ln july of 1970, a Florida law was passed stating that teenagers would be unable to at- tain their license at the age of sixteen without a course in driver education. Because of this the classes are crowded but the students do learn to be safe on the road. 31 '4 5 . lj" ' Q ESS gif. - . . 1 'kk. R - gg s ,, 2 ,X xiii ' f A . .ec s Q X... A i x T Y . r it X ct gyda .. get tt . ' gr . :ez twivwfl KNEE?-:fee X -nt F X s .. S Q:-SU' ii? sings? HELEN ABBOTT B.S., M.S. Auburn PHILLIP ANDERSON B.A., M.Ed. Univ. of Fla. ROSEMARY CHILUNGWORTH A.B. Univ. of Cal. IEWELL CU LLUM LL. B. DePaul M.Ed. Flacmlamic Our past, present, and future are dependent upon the existence of English. It develops communication skills for each individual student and lays down DIANA CONKLIN proper foundations for adult needs. B.A. Fla. Atlantic M.A. San lose State GERTRUDE EUTSAY B.A. Fla. A. and M ILIELEN HAMiLToN B.S. Fort Valley RUTH KYTE E' B.A. Balkwin-Wallace M.A. Columbia Univ. M.A.S.S. Western Res. Life begins at 3:00 P.M. For the first time Seniors were able to increase their expressive abilities through two new courses known as Creative Writing and World Literature. juniors and Sophomores continued to be exposed to the concept known as team teaching, which seeks to present the students a wider range of knowledge. 32 Epitome f Knowledge That Daniel Webster sure was a rogue! .lgxqk .Leia WHAT?!? BARBARA MCCALL M.A. Cornell B.A. Stetson Wilt 19iC?F"9'i BERTHA PARRISH A.B. Fla. A and M M.A. New York JERRY PARLETTE A.B. Anderson DORTHY PECK A.B. Morris Brown M.5. W. Atlantic BARRY QUIGLEY B.A. Fla. Atlantic KATHERINE SCHUESSLER A.B. Brenau M.S. Auburn HELEN SHEFFIELD s.s., MA. sas: GLENDATHOMPSON B B.S. Appalachian - si 1 33 Foreign Languages . . . Uno, dos, tres. cuatro . .. Now you know you were pretty cheeky. ESTHER BLACK A.B. Bethany College M.L. Univ. of Pittsburgh ss.. . wi MARILYN OLSON B.A. Concordia College ROBERT PARKER B.A. Univ. of Florida M.Ed. Florida Atlantic Hola Goiib Gott Bonjour The greatest barrier separating man is not the oceans, nor the land, but the multitude of tongues spoken. The study of different people and lan- guages help us to reveal countless personalities and cultures around the world. At Twin Lakes High the languages of French, German, and Span- ish are being offered. A fifth year Spanish and third year German have been added. D Foreign Languages E n W "' : ""'---N W t..,.. , M4 ,--- M 25,53 -.. ---v--..N..,,,,,,, .1 K K Q K. kkk N ws X xmmm. X X e B ii .XX. .tw ,V . NN ,-.. just wait until the six weeks is over You've got to be kidding! 35 PAULINE PERUSSE i B.A. Univ. of Wales B.5. Fla. Atlantic A initti t if W HERBERT UGALDE , fe Y qw Mmm X' 'ai - .r X .N-IFEX. .....?r2:f:.. wg! MARIE VASSALLO 1:3 B.S. 81 Ph.D. Univ. of'Havana P i 2 'S x Q N vw QR tn twat iff if-1 - Vs Q it : Home Economics Sweet Sm ll Of Success Home Economics is designed to give experiences and understanding in the art of homemaking. Under the di-S rection of Mrs. Brister and Mrs. jenkins, girls learn to create gastronomic delites and designer fashions to en- hance their abilities as homemakers. You want it longerllll Brew up a manwitch! She burnt the waterlll? - rx if gy . S 36 CATHERINE BRISTER 8.5. Univ. of Southern Mississippi BEATRICE JENKINS B.S. Florida A. and M. M.S. Hampton Institute "Q-... Tx A future mechanic at work. Build Man' bilit The Industrial Arts Department realizes man's potential and enables him to develop his talents to the fullest extent. Students taking the courses offered work with their hands to build and create. if .am -qgxs 5 X N Industrial Arts FRA N K HAAS Indiana State B.S. IOSEPH KEMP B.S. Fla. A. and M. HUGH TYNDALL B.S.E. Fla. Atlantic KENNETH WITT B.A. California State Women's lib. strikes again!! SRS-A Mathematics S W Math on North Campus. Replacing Mr. Cor, Mrs. Nichols reveals the mysteries of math. 3 Of Th Future X.- Mathematics The Mathematics Department of T.L.H.S. is a very important part of the school as it fulfills the needs of many students with different goals. The courses offered range from basic math to calculus depending upon the potential of the student in- volved. Through this Mathematics Department the youth of today are prepared for a compe- titive future. 1 and 1 is 2, not 3. l to ALEEN HARRIS B.S. Florida A. and M. Univ. re x - WILLIEMAYS i g X B.A. Morehouse T fi' I . K.. M.A. Fla. Atlantic ...EE XX 3 'IISEET . IOHN REFF B.S. Ball State CARL SANDIFER B.S. Georgia Tech. FOREST SHIVELY x A.B. Ball State 8.D. Bethany Seminary Music OOOOOOH, say can you see .... VIRGINIA CARPENTER A.B. Union College EUNICE LOCKE B.A. Miles " l ll-It i Mr. Mucci and Miss Carpenter head the Music Department at Twin Lakes High. Under their leadership, students learn to sing and read music, along with learning the correct way in playing band instruments. So far this year the band has given performances at pep rallies and football games, while the chorus has entertained at the Thanksgiving and Christmas assemblies. ,tv - , K -, , RICHARD MUCCI B.M. Univ. of Miami "You don't blow through that endlll Blood, Sweat, nd Tears Physical Education H Trying to provide students with a feeling of physical well being and attributes of good sports- manship, the physical education department of- fers a variety of courses from baseball to gym- nastics. Though students don't particularly enjoy that wet,,sticky feeling, a spirit of fun and com- petition pervade the classes. Five years of dancing lessons for this? - as-1 CHARLES HENINGER B.S. Prudue . X - 4 T He flies through the air with the greatest of ease. 1 3 3 1 r l 3 MARSHA KING if B.S. Lincoln l 'E 2 ROGER COFFEY JOSEPH MITCHELL 5 B.S. Bethune B.S. Ha. AGM Cookman M.S. Indiana - Univ., Michigan St., Fla. Atlantic Univ. SALLY SPILLMAN 3 M.A.' Peabody . 1 of 1 3 1 Science Our Science Department is striving to pre- pare our students to meet the challenges of this complex and problem filled world. To meet the need for new and more advanced courses, Twin Lakes has added a course in Marine Biology to its curriculum. Thus the student has been provided with the oppor- tunity to study a variety of scientific sub- jects. What's a matter with my clothes??? ow To Conquer IOSEPH ALOI B.S., M.A. Fairfield IOSEPH CERAVOLO 8.5. Davis and Elkins M. Ed. Univ. of Pittsburgh SAMUEL COOKE B.S., M.S. Univ. of Pittsburgh CLINE CRAIN B.A. Univ. of Missouri LIN DA EM ERY 8.5. Univ. of Fla. GEORGE GULLION A.B. Georgetown N , l Science Th Earth Nut.PIeturedQ is X . . DICK MELEAR S B.S. Fla. Atlantic Wwe' K I l V. EDGAR LIND 1 A.M. Boston B.S. Univ. of 4 '1 l Rhode Island 5 1 J i 1 3 is rl MARY POUNCEY B.A. Emmanuel S. s M :e... Xxxl .. . . q ..... es L' 9 ""' ' 'N f " ... ez 1 ' X :M ' Sit down, the bell didn't ring!! Exploring the fascinating world of microscopic animals GARY SPARKS M iiie . B.S. Eastern N W Michigan h MOSES STUBBS, IR. B.S. Bethune- Cookman t K we X Q X S X X 4 X 4 l . -I 1 M.S. Tuskegee .. ......"rW" - ,V MARGARET ANDRE S Q B.A. Manhattanviile DOROTHY FELTON 8.5. Florida A. and M. EDWARD GARRITY A.B. Ohio Northern M.A. Boston In Th Present That WZ! pen. lnterning for Mrs. Underwood, 5 The Past. . . SEWALL GENTRY B.A. Southwestern ERNEST! NE HARRIS B.A. Taledega IAMES HOWE 8.5. Northwestern M.E. Bowling Green Mr. Mosley proved to be a far out teacher I Social Studies Slffbaft 2 . So as l said before. . . EDWARD IARMAKOWICZ B.S. Univ. of Chattanooga M.Ed. Middle Tennessee State LEE LIVELY ' A.B. Marshall College M.Ed. Fla. Atlantic CHARLES MCMANUS A.A. Palm Beach lr. B.S. Fla. Atlantic iThe Social Studies Department at Tvvin Lakes High of- fers the students a great variety of subject areas. The entering sophomores may take up World History, while the juniors must study American History. Seniors must take Contemporary History but also have the option of picking up credit in Psychology. Students may also, for the first time, study the history of minorities in this country and the cultures of many foreign lands. K EDNA MINNEY Egg A.B. Hunter . CLAUDE NELSON B.S. Univ. ofAlabama ies H . DEANE UNDERWOOD 'ss 45 A.A. Palm Beach lr. B.A. Fla. Atlantic Speech and Drama .I I B PHILLIP ANDERSON 0 B.A. Univ ofS Fla Or... II Testing. one. two. three. I BARBARA MCCALL M.A. Cornell B.A. Stetson M.Ed. Univ. of Fla. Snakes alive!!! Many people think that Speech and Drama is just for those who plan to make a career of the theaterp but, more aptly, it is for those who wish to be able to communicate with their fellow man without fear and on an intelligent level. Portraying different characters with a depth of feel- ing and emotion is one of their prime goals. This year we find a broadening of experience and view points with the addition of Mr. Anderson to the Department. Cooperative Education Education With A Purpose An employer would never let a letter like that go out. Cooperative Education offers many opportunities for students. One of these opportunities is on-the-job training. Many students go to school a half-day and work the other half of the day. Not only do the stu- dents benefit from this type of education but employ- ers will find themselves at graduation time with an employee with the aptitudes of experienced personnel. .5-fi iiggm ii DAVID LOCKWOOD B.A. Univ. of S. Florida THOMAS MAUK 8.5. Bowling Green MILDRED WlLl.lAMS 8.5. Fla. Atlantic M. Ed. Fla. Atlantic z ...Q .f .. me Q ...mi 9 K R .. Anchor "Anchored We Hold" The Anchor Club has always been one of the leading clubs on the campus. Sponsored by Pilot International, the club has achieved many goals. Anchor provides services for underprivileged children and its members have the opportunity to gain the leadership and initiative needed in the school and community. Among their projects for this year they have held car washes, bake sales, and sponsored a track meet. 1st row: 1. Freeman - Admiral, R. Turk - Shipmate. 2nd row: S. Grove, B. Caccetta, D. Philpot, I. Bogaert, A. Fregosi, V. Westbrook, P. Thoma 1. George, D. Christian, P. Muelling, G. Gullion, B. Eddington, S. Porter, M. Goodan, D. Williams, D. Simmons, C. Munnings, G. Fouts, B Thompson. ' 50 H Steve Schwab - Photographer Mrs. D.O. Underwood - Sponsor, D. Harris - Co-Editor, D. Swank - Co-Editor, C. Crumity, P. Denzer, S. Brandon, S. Giles, C. Elliot, Bl Silnutzer, N. Barnhart, I. Leavitt, L. johnson, D. King, B. Kilbas, C. Reddick, T. Deese. Not pictured - A. Andre, 1. Haynes, E. Bland. - an-c -f - al,-.r , Fu . uuuq . . Aquarian The purpose of The Aquarian is to produce a collec- tion of memories and to provide a view of the year 1971 in the life of the students of Twin Lakes High School. This year's staff wanted to come up with an exciting and contemporary yearbook that would differ from the traditionalmemory book of Roosevelt and yearbook of Palm Beach High. - I To accomplish this task required many hours of upon the ingenuity of the staff in deciding on theme, layout, and color combinations. Hopefully students l and faculty will find it to be an enjoyable change. Steve losephson - Photographer N l work after school and on weekends. lt also called 1 af rt Club The Art Club of Twin Lakes Hi h is dedicated to the advancement 0? art and art forms. Under the able spon- sorship of Mrs. Pat Piche and Mr. john Singletary, the Art Club has participat- ed in many projects including the Homecoming spirit mobile competi- tion in which the Art Club's spirit mobile won the title of "The Most Spirited." The Art Club also sponsored the tricycle race and the arrival of Santa Claus to the school. . 5 . , - N... Art Club gets in the spirit of things. 1st row: M. Smith, D. Philpot, R. Vincent, A. Northrup, L. Appleby, M. Carrico, C. Anderson, B. Kilbas, C. Carter. 2nd row: P. Vincent, S. losephson - V. Pres., T. lohnson - Pres., 1. Crain - Sgt. at Arms, L. Nebergall - Sec., L. Greaux. Not pictured: A. Fregosi - Treas., 1. Kersey, C. Potter, L. Gutherie, T. Browder, D. Bowersock, B. Ander- son, E. Shafer, O. Mefford, D. Hunter, S. DODGE, S. Morris, 1. Haynes. 52 - ini. i 4 Band The Twin Lakes High School Band is one of the most active and colorful student organizations on the campus. During the regular academic year the band participates in a wide range of musical activities. Those who are in the band treasure their membership very highly and consider their association with other band members as one of the most pleasant and valuable high school experiences. It is true that the band probably requires more year-round time than most other campus activities. It is likewise true that few, if any, student activities are more richly rewarding in terms of fellowship, healthful recreation, and the personal gratification which comes from the performanceof good music and the frequent opportunities to serve the school and community. The band, holds deep pride in striving to reach the highest musical goals possible, that in turn they may represent Twin Lakes High School and its student body and faculty in the most honorable fashion. ,,,,tt tttt . Xggri ttttt i ,Qs t-. W R ,fl Ja... ...,,, . I ' S it Q . gr.. . .- 8. - S . X.. , is -S ' xv-yew' g- f.. t.t... Nm LAKES Elica stnootl scrum tt.. . .t... .. . .. Ist row: I. Kemp, K. Boynton, K. Baker, I. Gaynor, A. Riegsecker, B. Riegsecker, C. Brown, L. Pride,-R. Vincent, C. Edwards. 2nd row: S. Towns, M. Brett, D. Bennet, L. Smith, M. Price, Y. Llort, W. Smith, C. Franks, T. Runyon, B. Taylor, H. Smith, B. Coney, R. Hammond, G. Mallock, C. Ed- wards, S. Weiner, G. Taylor. 3rd row: A. Bryant, M. Hansel, I. Kanold, D. Witthington, L. Royster, U. Montesino, B. Arnett, M. Bates, R. Brockway, A. Lamb, T. Fizer, B. Dix, I. Lamb, F. Phillips, B. Egan, B. Parks, R. Powell, I. Bound, L.Grear1lx, M. Pait, B. Mayes. 4th row: S. Harper, K. Blount, R Star, S. Brown, B. Musslewhite, J. Wolf, T. Colson, B. Burkett, B. Davis, R. Burns, P. Rosser. Not pictured: G. Crawford, H. McGuire, R. Chewning I. Keels. I 53 Band 1st Row: L. Pride, A. Reigsecker, l'Kemp' C. Brown. 2nd Row: 1. Gaynor, B. Reigsecker, C. Brown, R. Vincent. 1st Row: B. Egan. 2nd Row: B. Parks, I. Bound, L. Greaux, M. Pait, R. Powell, L. Valley. Not Pictured: F. Hardy. S. Towns, A. Bryant, B..Mayes, R. Rosser, S. Brown, C. Harper, G. Taylor, L. Gifford R. Starr, B. Musselwhite, T. Colson, I. Wolfe, W. Burckett, W. Davis, R. Burns. I 54 las ,,,.,, ,,,,,f L e. el we 1st Row: A. Lamb, B Arnette, M. Bates, R Brockway, U. Montes- sino. 2nd Row: L. Roy- ster, T. Fizer, B. Dix F. Phillips, D. Withing- ton, 1. Lamb. .iw SHN .wi 1st Row: K. Blunt, C. Franks, T. Runion. 2nd Row: K. Boynton, I. Kanold, M. Hansel. 1st Row: L. Smith, M. Price, M. Brett. 2nd Row Y. Llort, W. Smith, W. Bennett. 1st Row: C. Edwards, B. Taylor, H. Smith. 2nd Row: G. Malott, S. Weiner, R. Ham- mond, B. Coney. CBE From top to bottom: C. Hodges, S. McRae, D. Christian, Ci. Patterson, L. Litchfield, R. Pagent, L. Osborne, D. Davis, P. Bray, L. Beach - Pres., M. Dixon - V. Pres., P. A cooperative education program especially for students desirous of business and office careers-secretarial, stenographic, clerical work. Students attend school in the morning and work thevjob in the afternoons. Training is available in legal, medical, data processing, and many other office occupations. N At least one year of typing is required to enter the program, plus recommendations from teachers and guidance personnel. The Twin Lakes CBE Club is affiliated with The Future Business Leaders of America and the Cooperative Education Clubs of Florida. CECF holds a district conference in the fall and a State Leadership Conference in the spring. FBLA sponsors district workshops during the year and a state conference in the early summer. The objective of CBE is to bridge the gap between business train- ing and office employment, and to encourage those interested in business careers. vX X Hiatt, D. Strickland, S. Caudill - Sec., Mrs. M. Williams - sponsor. Not pictured: D.Spurr. s 56 I i L 4g NN-9 Choir The Ensemble is a specialized music group consisting of eight boys and ten girls. These members are chosen from the choir for stage expression and voice quality. The group performs for local clubs and business organizations, and for various school activities. lt specializes in popular music with added choreography. This year's accompanist is Bunny Byrd. The leader is lim Freeman and choreographer is lean Bogaert. A . i W K K X N xxx N X XXX Eb Qgw N W NSY X SXXWXQ Q XX W X, XX Q, x . ti t t t X en. se t s. X S X X x X X X Q E Xt X X X to X X E. X N K X X Q sk X X s X X XX XS 'XX 1-...-...- xiii 1st row: C. Munnings, I. Semet,K. Herpy, 1. Bogeart, D. Bivins, S. Huggins, D. LeBlanc, L. Grillo, 1. George, B. Byrd. ' 2nd row: E. Chappell, H. Sutton, E. Panekowski, R. Turk, 1. Freeman, O. Dean, C. Wagner, G. Tuggle. 57 Mixed Choir Under the direction of Miss Virginia Carpenter, the Twin Lakes High School choirs play an integral part in our school life. The choirs perform at various school assemblies, churches, civic organizations and end the year with a large production ortour. The choirs use various types of music for their performances. These include patriotic, spiritual, sacred and popular numbers. Like other organizations, the choirs held money raising projects such as bake sales, a Christmas paper sale, dinners and bazaars throughout the year. The main purpose of the choirs is to achieve brotherhood through the mutual experience of singing. Y :XOTNL , QSQXSMF1- s ' PW? . Wi .W ..... . WMN4. s. . -ever 1 . . L M . N i.itgfg.F-Ii " . X ccct . ll ll f F ll ll ll ll is . sssss .M 2Xss.m!'i Officers: 1st row: D. Harris - Co-Sec., K. Herpy - Assist. Lib., D. Williams - Co- Treas., 1. Bogaert - Co-Treas., G. Barkley - Co-Pres. 2nd row: C. Wagner - Lib., R. Turk - Co-Vice-Pres., 1. Freeman -- Co-Pres., D. Merchant - Bus.-Mang., L. Bluntson - Co-Sec., B. Byrd - Accompanist. Not pictured - B. Mayes - Co- Vice-Pres. l i 1st row: R. Ledbetter, I. Bogaert, S. Mithell, S. Maguire, D. LeBlanc, D. Williams, C. Howard, K.. Parrish, L. Harper, K. Herpy, S. Sye,,V. Byrd, R. lones, B. Byrd. 2nd row: M. Hicks, C. Wagner, R. Lowe, P. jackson, S. jackson, P. Smith, I. Furlow, G. Blackshear, O. Dean, G. Tuggle, R. Dixon, C. johnson, G. Barkley, E. Panikowski, T. Sye, L. Bluntson, M. Riley, D. McKinney. 3rd row: S. Kent, K. LaCroix, T. Young, W. Iackson, D. Merchant, E. Wallace, M. Marshall, E. Porter, 1. Pitch, G. Saxton, H. Sutton, R. Turk, F. Bullard, D. Harris, C. Stewart, I. Freeman, 1. Adams, E. Horne, P. Rosser. 58 Girl' Choir u 1st Row: S. Dean, D. Bivins, N. Hendrickson, A. Albritton, D. Rickles, I. George. 2nd Row: S. Huggins, S. Lane, I. Semet,-V. Westbrook, L. Grillo, C. Wheeler, P. Chappell, B. Coleman. 3rd Row: I. Bryant, A. Gardner, G. Gullion, R. Hillard, P. Muelling, G. McGehe. 4th Row: S. Porter, E. Finlay, C. Wells, R. Harvey, C. Munnings, L. Van Skyhawk, R. Marrow, B. Cacetta. 1st Row: C. Munnings - Co-Vice Pres., D. Rickles - Co-Treas., 1. Director: Miss V. Carpenter George - Co-Sec., 1. Semet - Librarian, L. Grillo - Librarian, 2nd Row: R. Marrow - Co-Treas., P. Chappell - Co-Pres., B. Coleman - Co-Sec., S. Porter - Co-Vice-Pres., G. Gullion - Co-Pres., Not Ah Pictured - 1. Evans. 155' .. .L we 59 5 Choir The Rhythm Choir is a religious group which uses symbolic movement and facial expres- sions. The facial expression is the main purpose of the Rhythm Choir. Their eyes express meaning and their gestures are used to portray the feeling. Much time is needed in order to correlate the gestures with the words of the song or poem which is being presented simultaneously with the performance of the Rhythm Choir. This group has been in existance for three years during which time much improvement has taken place. With the assistance of Mrs. Carpenter and Tommy Young, the coreographer, the Rhythm Choir performs for various churches, clubs, and organizations throughout the year. 1st row: B. Byrd, B. Mayes, N. Hendrickson, D. Williams. 2nd row: K. LaCroix, B. Caccheta, T. Young, G. Guillion P. Muelling. X XS X X s xx its Qs X S ss . f X in X t Ng ji 60 l Civinettes The motto of Civinettes, like that of its parent club, is "Builders of Good Citizenship". ln keeping with this motto Civinettes have collected money for UNICEF, sent Christmas cards to the soldiers in Vietnam, sold fruitcake to help retarded children, held a school Easter egg hunt and worked at the refreshment center during the basketball season. ln these and other projects Civinettes have tried to be good citizens in not only their club but also in their school and community. Civinettes take in new members 1st row: C. Potter, E. Bland, L. johnson, B. Burns, Y. Llort, T. Parks, B. Riegsecker, R. McCIeland. 2nd row: Mrs. Underwood - sponsor, D. Stat- tely - Hist., K. Mauher - C. Sec., L. Coates - Pres., L. Johnson - Treas., B. Byrd - Chap., K. Sheedy - R. Sec. Not pictured: R. Bacon - Sgt. at Arms, A. Gaynor - V. Pres., S. Kennan, G. McCartney, l- Turner. ' 61 -1 l 1 l I ' 1 4 X Civitans The purpose of the Civitan Club is to build good citizens and to promote the ideal of patriotism. Activities accom- plished this year by the Civi- tans are the Civitan theatre, car washes, and selling fruitcake during the Christmas holidays. The sponsor is Mr. Ugalde. Blast 1st Row: B. Lincoln - Sec., B. Smith, S. Giles, Sweetheart, K. Adair - Vice Pres., P. Burn B. Owen, D. Wilkins, R. Ryan, Mr. Ugalde - sponsor. No! pictured - J. LaCroix - Treas. them, Rams!!! ey, G. Copeland - Pres. 2nd Row: A. Pendolino, F. Ellis IN LAKES Hl W, , , ,f, 3. NG RAMS DECA These trophies were won by students in the D.E.C.A. Club. D.E.C.A. is the leadership training section ofthe Distributive Education Course offered at Twin Lakes High School. Distributive Education or D.E. is another name for marketing and sales to promote our American System. Our students entered six competitions along with twelve other schools in a District Run-Off. T.L.H.S. D.E. Club returned home with the lions share. Through Mr. Mauk's leadership and guidance, D.E. has treaded its way through 1970-1971 successfully. 1st row: Mr. Mauk - sponsor, M. Courson, C.Calloway -- Treas., D. Spurr, T. Dellinger - Pres., I. Mayes, 1. Durand, D. Anderson, M. Mathus 2nd row: L. Douglas, C. Munnings, G. Mallot, S. Shannon, T. Rippe, C. Smith -- Sec., N. Smitham, D. Toni, B. Crisco, P. Thoma. 3rd row: S. Grove W. Cornelius, T. Murphy, D. Meeker. Not pictured: L. McGregor - V. Pres. 63 DCT THIS YEAR WITH DCT Beach Party Cookout Kick-off Queen - Connie Lambert Chartered Bus Poly-Fluf School Store Bake Sale District CECF Conference Homecoming Spirit Mobile Q- Candy Sale Sweetheart Ball Florida CECF Conference Employer - Employee Banguet Active DCT members attend convention and work in school store. 1st row: E. little, C. Lambert, P. O'Bryan. 2nd row: L. Kleinhaut, P. Hunter, Elvira Frances. 3rd row: T. jones, Ginny Sprague, B. Wright. 4th row: D. Tallent, S. Muse, P. Picard, L. McLester, M. Spann, D. Mills, 1. Wilson, T. Conner, I. Limeburner. 5th row: C. Hicks, S. Morris, Y. Carey, B. Robinson, L. Elsey. 6th row: E. Burrow, R. Pope. Not pictured: D. Butler, C. Hardy, P. Vick. ' S 2 A., ill' X Der Giftzwergklub A .XX . gem-..: S5 ZZL Der Giftzwergklub, our German .Q fi., Club, has ignited a spark of German f N knowledge in our students. Through the hard work of Mrs. Perusse, the rsss fw sponsor, the members have enlight- if sss . ened themselves in German cultures. The activities defeated by the Ger- man Club for this year include a field trip to Busch Gardens in- Tampa, a Christmas party, celebrations of old German Christmas customs, and a German oriented service project. ' Making plans for the year. 1st row - M. Marvin - Rec. Sec., D. Davis, B. Riegsecker, S. Kruse, R. Bacon - Corr. Sec., 1. McGaffigan, 2nd row -F T. O'Conner, MYS- Perusse - Sponsor, E. Rosk, A. Lamb, S. Schumate, P. Parkey, M. Gooden, B. Eagan, 3rd row - M. Riley, D. Breeden, M. Murphy, M. Price, I. Withall - Treas.p 4th row -- T. Foster - V. Pres., B. Kachmann, H. Postrozny - Sgt.-at-Arms, G. Copeland, M. Manguson, I. Lamb - Pres. Pres. 65 FHA Future Homemakers of America is the National Organization of girls and boys studying homemaking in high schools of the United States, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands. The over-all goal of the organization is to help individuals improve personal, family, and community living - now and in the future. Other goals are: To promote a growing appreciation of the joys and satisfactions of homemakingg To emphasize the importance of worthy home membershipp To encourage democracy in home, and communityg To work for good home and family life for all, To promote international goodwill, and To foster the development of creative leadership in home and community life. Officers: T. Conner - V. Pres., R. Sparks - Treas., R. Durant - Pres., V. Chilton - Sec., Mrs. Brister - sponsor, A. Albritton - Sec. ' A. Albritton, R. Sparks V. Chilton, L. Stevens A 2nd row: D. Durant - R. Durant, T. Conner Q A .4 ss .... A . gins, G. McGehe. 66 is ss E Q X 1st row: 1. Sheldon, I Mrs. Brister, K. Hig- .. f . lll V Wan-. 1 FT Under the sponsorship of Mrs. Peck, Mr. Ugalde, and Mrs. Olson the sole purpose of Future Teachers of America is to encourage people to join the teaching profession. Throughout the year they have sponsored many activities. At Christmas time they had a tea for the faculty, During Teacher Appreciation Week they took a field trip to Miami to visit area colleges such as the University of Miami and Florida Normal College. 1 l r xp is st C.. s ix r 1' Qi' .K Q9 S, fi 1st row: A. Bryant, D. Durant, M. Dennard, S. Towns. 2nd row: R. Durant - Vice-Pres. A. Williams, V. Weston, B. Booth - Sec.-Treas., Mr. Ugalde -- Sponsor. 3rd row: O. C. Mack, S. Peck - Pres., 1. Peck. 67 W i Interact Interact, a junior extention of the Rotary Club, has been quite busy this year in carrying out its's purpose of serving the school, community and promoting service to others over themselves. Fighting pollution by picking up debris and sponsoring car washes have been the main projects of Interact for this year. Their "Birth of Twin Lakes" float, built in cooperation with the "Z" Club took second place at the Homecoming game. In the Homecoming Parade their Z-Interact Hearse took First place. Finishing touches!! 1st row - Mr. Nelson - sponsor, T. Deese, R. Powell, I. Withall - Pres., S. Gilgenback - Sgt. of arms, C. DeSandolo Sweetheart T Dil linger, A. Northrup, S. Peck, J. Lamb, A. Hunter, M. Ball- Sec. 2nd row - I. Royster, M. Pait, 1. Harmon - Vice Pres L Goins 1 Bound F Terrell, T. johnson, B. Smith. 3rd row -- H. Postrozny -- Treas., M. Dull, D. Withington, T. Murphy. lr. Four Arts The junior Four Arts CIub's purpose is to take educational and recreational excursions and field trips to various places of interest. To raise money for these trips, the club sold hot dogs at football games. Mr. McManus and Mrs. Andre, the sponsors, have done well in encouraging the members to learn from visiting interesting places. This year they have gone to see Laiser Art and have made trips to places such as The Norton Art Gallery, Science Museum, and Planetarium. ..- 'MQ MXNX ,L 1 A" I . .V 'f gs K' 5- as My 'K ,M K . . . - -"1-T sg A - -. K k K ...pgzrz .Y t,f-sg., E . . J ..x .ilyi:Ei5E,gQt -K .1 K N.. .ggi X . .h 1 :,t,gXi?Vh3..iif-T7 .3 S .S xx A . as gr- ' 'L - YT. an- .9 x We 1st Row: S. Schwab -lPres., S. Dodge - Sec., M. Gaylord - V.,Pres. 2nd Royv:R. Kroog, M. Fernandez - Sgt. at Arms. D. Harris - Program Chair., I. LaCroix - Parl., S. Giles - Sgt. at Arms, B. Mack - Treas.,-1. Leavitt, N. Barnhart, Mr. McManus - Sponsor. 3rd Row: W. Stephens, R. Vincent, B. Thompson, M. Rattinger, R. Robertson, I. Malone, C. DeSandolo, B. Kilbas, M. Lambert. 4th Row: Mrs. Andre - Sponsor, A. Fregosi, D. Philpot, P. Thoma, T. Murphy, I. Cole, I. Troupe, I. Pitch, T. lohnson, G. Covington, S. Kennan. 5th Row: H. Postrozny, B. Pierce, P. Robertson, S. Brandon. 69 gl . is S The KALEIDOSCOPE, under the direction of Mrs. Abbott, publishes the school newspaper. The KALEIDOSCOPE is a mem- ber of the Columbia Scholastic Press Association and the Inter- national Quill and Scroll. They participate annually in state and national conventions and submit copies of the KALEI- DOSCOPE for competition in state contests. The Editors of the newspaper are as follows: Ed.-in-Chief: C. Stiles, S. Schwab, News Ed. - 1. Arpe, Sports Ed. - R. Heningerp and Feature Ed. -- B. Lindsay. . l Kaleidoscope 1st row: R. Heninger, D. Kennedy, F. Terrell, C. Stiles, S. One of the newspapers mostoutstanding editions. Schwab, S. Mackinson, 2nd row: B. Bean, B. Lindsay, B. Bennett, I. Arpe, S. Bosworth, Mrs. Abbott - sponsor, R. Powell, P. Rosser, S. losephson, 1. Minor, l. Perdomo. 33 lr. R cl Cross The purpose of the junior Red Cross is to serve the com- munity, state and nation in a time of need. During the current year 1970-71, the junior Red Cross of Twin Lakes High School has had their annual Christmas Stocking Fund for the needy children, numerous bake sales, and have visited many hospitals and nursing homes. In this way our members have experienced the joys of giving of themselves. 1st Row: T. Connors, V. Chilton, B. Bean, N. Barnhart, H. Hodgkins, S. Ruffins, L. LeBlanc, G. Stewart, 2nd Row: P. Denzer, B. McKnight, F. Tate, C. Pittman, G. Fouts, T. Parks, 3rd Row: G. Copeland, P. Bagley, S. Schwab. 70 Key Club Like the other service clubs at Twin Lakes High, Key Club has contributed much to the school and -community. The Key Club has sponsored the Thanksgiving Assembly, raised money through car washes, and appeased the hunger of the students by selling donuts in the Science building before school hours. The main money making project of the club was their annual calendar. The painting of the parking lot was greatly appreciated by the faculty and the Key Club's Pollution projects have helped the community also. "WE BUlLD" Q . tg- C... ... 3 Snoozing up for Homecoming! 1st Row: B. Woodson, M. Rattinger - Treas., E. Williams,-M. Manguson - Sen. Director, M. Gaylord - Pres., Susan Brandon Sweet heart, D. Wark - Sec., A. Becker - Chap., Steve Wilk -- V. Pres., M. Bernikow, S. Schwab. 2nd Row: Mr. Haas - Sponsor, F. Cathey J Minor, I. Allen, R. Heninger, K. Boynton, D. Whalin, R. Neal - lr. Director, M. Schenk. Keyettes Sponsored by the Kiwanis Club of West Palm Beach the Keyette Club has thrived vigorously throughout the many years that it has served our school and community. This year through the keen leadership of Tuny Crowley, first semester President, and Nancy Barn- hart, second semester President, the club has reaches many goals. For the year 70-71, the Keyettes won first place for their float "Let it Wave in Peace" in the Homecoming festivities. Keyettes came in as first runner up in Kick-off also. At the end of the year, Keyettes presents a scholarship to some deserving person. This is made possible by bake sales, car washes, and other money making projects. "WE BUlLD" lust a few of the Keyette cuties. 1st row: L. Lichtblau, P. Denzer - Corr. Sec., B. Lorenzo, C. Lavers - Chap., M. Manguson - Keyette Man, H. Stratton, D: Harris - Hist., S. Giles, J. Leviton - Treas., S. Brandon - Rec. Sec. 2nd row: J. Helms, L. French, 1. Widdows, S. Bouchillon, T. Crowley - Pres., P. Frye, N. Barnhart - Pres., B. Phillips, D. Spreen - Sgt. at Arms, K. Lees, C. Reed. 3rd row: 1. Arpe, H. Gomez, B.Lindsey, I. Madsen, M. Chiodo - V. Pres., R. Calbetzer, I. Vann, C. Elliot- Corr. Sec., A. Andre, P. Walden - Hist., L. Bluntson, I. Renault- Parl., M. Hanshaw, C. Carter - Rec. Sec., L. Block. 73 4 ff l l l l I 'Alliance Francaise 1970-71 is the first year for this French Club at Twin Lakes High. It has been very successful. Not only does the club have one of the largest memberships in the school but its sponsors, Mrs. Black and Mrs. Olson, have initiated many good projects. Some of these include: giving Christmas gifts to the aged at the County Home, selling candy, and giving French lan- guage schnolarships. lts activities for the year were: French bingo games, field trips, and an annual banquet. L'alliance Francaise is truly a forward looking club. Y 1strow:I.Geor e,l Renault D.King,S Dodge F.Terrell,l Arenson g ' I I ' I ' I R. Heninger, B. Lorenzo, G. Valier, L. lohnson. 2nd row: L. johnson G. Huestis, M. Hanshaw, M. Mathis, L. LeBlanc, B. Anderson, E Schaefer,D. Christian, S. Ashe, M. Quiorz. 3rd row: 1. Fulton, Y Llort, L. Warn, S. Porter, S. Weiner, D. Lowe, E. Broom, C. Dingman l. Helms, D. Swank. 4th row: Mrs. Olson, B. Waites, J. Malone, A Bryant, V. Wayman, R. Durant, C. Clark, L. Grillo, P. Noegle, L. Bland 5th row: C. Carter, D. Dunbar, K. MacFarland, S. Peck, R. Parson S. Dodge, M. Gaylord, K. Lees, N. Farwell, Mrs. Black. 6th row: Ti Heninger, 1. Watson, R. Neal, B. Woodson, B. Branch, R. Woodson, S. Brandon. A f W . Q .XXX i s X X Y xg s we X X XX si Officers: PreS. - F. Terrell, V. Pres. - R. Heninger, Treas. - B Lorenzo, Sgt. at Arms - G. Valier, Program Chairman - S. Dodge Sec. - 1. Arenson. gg: 'AEP F s ,GSE . S 1 MQ .y . JH. ,rs-it-.,.i,aJu Ramettes Under the sponsorship and supervision of Miss King, the Ramettes have entertained the basketball spectators at half- time. The girls make up jazz routines and perform them to music. As this is a new addition to the sports activities of Twin Lakes High, it has been necessary for the girls to have fund raising activities to pay for their uniforms. Horizontal Row: Faye Blackshear, Rosa Butler, Delbra Walker, Cheryl Harper, Bonnie Ur, Debra Smith. Vertical Row: Merriel Gamble, Josephine lffil, Rose Anderson, Clara Clinton. Kneeling - Miss King - Sponsor. Not Pictured: Trinette Rolle, Susan Alexander, 75' F nw'-1 I I Lo Picaro 1st row: B. Colemap, R. Booth - Treas., J. Baecker, C. Stiles, B. Kimmel, D. Borsten, Mr. Ugalde - Sponsor, B. Thompson, P. Whitney, E. Fuentis l. Averhoff - Vice-Pres., M. Fernandez -- Sec. 2nd row: M. Dull, S. Peck - Pres., T. Sprague, I. Troupe, C. Corbos. s While the Astronauts'have been learning more about the moon, Los Picaros, our Spanish Cl-rib, under the sponsorship of Mr. Ugalde, has been learning more about our Spanish com- munities. On the local scene they lunched at the Granada Restaurant. , Cne of their field trips took them to the beautiful Viscaya Museum and restaurant in Miami following a tour of the Cuban section of the city. Another field trip brought the Spanish Club to Tampa. Through Los Picaros the members have expanded their knowledge of the Spanish culture. 76 Fl National Forensic League has participated in many tournaments. The Varsity Debate Squad is traveling to Tampa and Orlando for state tourna- ments. The winners at State will travel to San Fran- cisco, California this summer. Members of the club participate in Debate, Original Oratory, Extempor- aneous Speaking, Dramatic Interpretation and Poetry Reading. The chapter has more members than any other Palm Beach County High School. 1st Row: D. Rickles -Sec.-Treas., I. Arenson, G. Burdick - Pres., 1. Kaywell, L. Greaux - V. Pres., A. Deitel. 2nd row: Mr. Anderson - sponsor, M. Hansel, L. Hodges, I. Turner, 1. Veshosky, L. Carroway, I. Perdomo, M. Obelinas, D. Brogden, Mrs. McCall - sponsor. 3rd Row: F. Terrell, D. Lowe, C. Potter, 1. McGaffigan, K. Maher, L..Pride, S. Kennan, M. Lambert, B. Kachmann, S. josephsen. 4th row: I. Reed, J. Quellette, R. Hill, I Hale, M. Price, L. LeBlanc, I. Gernhauser, A. Fenderson, D. Gincherow, E. Rost, I. Permuy, C. Stewart. Sth row: G. Copeland, D. Bivens, D. Parky 6th row: S. Thompson, P. Bagley, B. Bean, W. Brooks, R. Constantine, P. Orr, R. Aubrey. 77 S The Twin Lakes High School chapter of the National Honor Society's object is to create enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote worthy leadership, and to encourage the development of character in students of the school. Sponsors, Mr. Quigley and Mrs. Thompson conduct the induction of new members for the N.H.S. in the spring of each year. The N.H.S. is active in the school elections by operating the voting machines. Special projects of the N.H.S. include free tutoring for students and a trip to Dreher Park Zoo for the underprivileged children. tiyjitq. N--J 1st Row: D. Dunbar - Parl., M. Rattinger - V. Pres., S. Davis - Sec., 2nd Row: D. Borsten, S. Wilk, C. Stiles, L. johnson, 3rd Row: I. Lamb, C. Reed B.Kimmel, I. Withall, I. Massey, H. Postrozny, A. Caulett, R. Durant, D. Nath, C. Stewart, R. Fuhrman, Not Pictured: S. Brandon, A. Webster - Pres. S. Dodge - Treas. 78 QS Y , X..x .. The purpose of the National Quill and A .s -- ..l, .N Q Q 1 is ' ' -viii xx Scroll is to instill in students the ideal of scholarship, to advance the standards of the profession of journalism by developing better journalists and by inculcating a higher code of ethics, to promote exact and dispassionate think- ing, clear and forceful writing. sf fl A iitiiii Officers look for quality in the work of publications. 1st Row: B. Bean, P. Rosser, S. Brandon, C. Elliott, B. Kilbas, J. Leavitt, R. Heninger, I. Arpe. 2nd row:Y. Carey, Mrs Underwood - sponsor, C. Reddick, L. johnson, C. Stiles, D. King, M. Dixon, D. Kennedy, S. Schwab - Treas. 3rd row: B. Lindsey, D. Swank, S.1osephsen,J. Minor, P. Denzer, D. Harris - Pres. Not pictured: R. Wilson - V. Pres., S. Giles - Sec., G. Burdick, Mrs. Abbott - sponsor. ' -A.,,-, -..Ada ., , A ...l, ....1L,1...,....... ....,.,....a.....c-1-71 ,-1 NS The National Thespian Society is an honorary organization which is devoted to the development of the dramatic arts. To gain membership, a student must earn points by working with any phase ofthe dramatic arts. The members do drama- tic readings, poetry interpretation, and plays. Participation in the plays include performing, working on lights, make- up, costume, property, and working with the stage crew. 1st row: R. Hill, K. Maher. 2nd row: R. Hearn, C. Stewart, R. Constantino, B. Woods, L. Greaux, B. Parks, I. Reed, I. Gernhauser, F. Terrell, C. Wells M. Price, D. Parkey, L. Pride, 1. Turner, M. Obelenis, 1. Arenson, R. Calbetzor, I. Veshasky, G. Tuggle, R. McClelland, D. Rickles, D. Brogdon. 80 Param dlcal The members of the Paramedical Club are students interest- ed in the various fields of medicine and related sciences. The main purpose of the club is to make students aware of the many varied careers in the medicines and sciences. The members plan and go on numerous field trips in order to broaden their awareness of the medical world today and to induce enthusiasm. sf -.1 . sitksb ,. . , sms. . -...... , 1st row: B. Kilbas, T. Harris, j. Leavitt, S. Brandon, S. Giles. 2nd row: Mrs. Pouncy - Sponsor, G. Purcell, D. Witthington, K. Lees, A. Northrup, R Kroog, N. Barnhart, C. Reddick, T. Deese, M. Rattinger, C. DeSanoIo, Mrs. Nichols - Sponsor. 3rd row: T. johnson, G. Copeland, E. Henderson, P Robertson, T. Murphy, j. Abbott. 4th row: F. Terrell, B. johnson, K. Adair, B. Smith, K. james, B. Smith, l. Cole, P. Adair. 81 P p Club Pep Club is a girl's club organized to promote spirit and the betterment of our school. The girls provided the football players with sandwiches and refreshments after the football games. They also have constructed posters for the games and the ring which the football and basketball players run through at the beginning of the games. The club members raise money by selling shakers and booster ribbons. 1st row: K. Lees -- Sec., L. Newman - Chap., D. McCoy - V. Pres., E. Broom - Treas. 2nd row: S. Stant, M. Dixon, P. Walden, S. Lawson C Clark D. Christian, D. Davis, L. Appleby, D. Walker, P. Cote, M. Brown, S. Lane. 3rd row: I. Hammett, C. Wilder, B. Williams, B. Ur, Miss King Sponsor j. Renault, H. Hodkins, S. Maguire, L. French, S. Mead, D. Bostic. all 82 .eq-arrive Press Club The Press Club, under the supervision of Mrs. Helen Abbott, is a continuation of the Kaleidoscope. It enables the journalism classes to remove the production of the school newspaper from an all school atmosphere. This give the Kaleidoscope staff an opportunity to devote more time and effort to the publishing of a newspaper that will interest the students. It furthers the aim of the Kaleidoscope to serve the student body, and to provide these student journalists with a forum for an exchange of ideas and discussion of new journalistic tech- niques. ta wwe R . . . 1st row S Schwab S Josephson, G. Copeland, G. Burdick. 2nd row - R. Wilson, I. Perdomo, F. Terrell - V. Pres., C. Stiles - Pres., J. Arpe Sec P Rosser R Powell S Mackison,R. Heninger, D. Kennedy,l. Minor. 83 e ii Student Governm nt Many people ask, "What is the purpose of the student council?" Maybe to bridge the gap between faculty and students, face stu- dent problems, or to curb ten- sion. Under the leadership of Co-Presidents Steve Wilk and Elvin Richardson this year's coun- P cils have achieved many goals. We are very proud to hold the title of Secretary of Treasury of the state of Fla., and also of hosting the State convention this year. f , 1 L 'di .texas ' - 5' 'N-. - st . is X. . as s -s as P , S A ff s fivafpfztg BN ' . ' t sara vff ' -- ' f ' 'N-1 Co-Presidents: Elvin Richardson, Steve Wilk, Sponsor: Mr. Crain. 1st Row - S. Kemman, S. Porter, L. McCallister, I. Baecker, G. Valier, I. Malone, B. Kilbas, M. Lambert, B. Waits, P. Rosser. 2nd Row- L. Lichblau, QC. Lavers, A. Fenderson, I. Widdows,1. Samara, P. Walden, M. Taylor, K. LaCroix, A. Bryant, I. Bogeart, I. Bollinger, L. Schiff. 3rd Row - M. Man- guson, M. Griffin, S. Owens, B. Smith, P. Bagley, D. Gempel, R. Lowe, L. Hixon, D. Varner, G. Bellamy, W. Spence, R. Wlliams, E. Lowery, S. Peck. 'EES 1st row: L. Block, G. Copeland, C Carter. 2nd row: 1. Lamb, B. Cole- man, I. Leviton, G. Mullendore S. Sheffield, M. Newman, B. Ur. 3rd row: M. Bernikow, B. Mack W. Stevens, L. Davis, P. Noegal S. Davis. 4th row: G. Wilburn G. Burdick, J. Peck. Top lo bottom: S. Wilk, E. Richardson, R. Neal, D. Dunbar, S. Dodge, H Stratton, E. Bluntson. Youth For Chri t In todays troubled world of riots and hippies, who usually make the front page headlines, there are a few kids who strive for a peaceful world, a christian world, but always go un- noticed. The Youth For Christ Club is organized to serve people, as Christ himself did. r Wy, Y!!! Y Y Y Y Q K A rs it It .. ffr, Q. 1 ,,, KN RAN Q 1 A if 1st Row: C. Brown, T Parks, B. Reigsecker B. Byrd - Sec. 8: Treas 2nd Row: B. Woods - Pres., F. Tate - Chap- lain, A. Reigsecker - V. Pres. Z Club The "Z" Club of Twin Lakes High School strives to serve its school and community by having car washes, bake sales, entering floats in homecoming and winning Kick-Off for the 4th year in the row by raising over 51200 with Sidney Dodge as their candidate. They operate the concession during football, offer a S150 scholarship for a deserving student of our school, take Santa and presents to small children and take the Easter Bunny to the hospitals of our com- munity at Easter. Their sponsor, Mrs. M. Andre, is admired and respected for her leadership and understanding. This years officers are Cathy Reddick - President, Debbie Swank - Vice President, Chris DeSandolo - Treasurer, Barbara Kimmel - Rec. Secretary, and Debbie Nath - Corr. Secretary. Ready for the big day! "Growth through Service" 1st row: B. Kimmel - Rec. Sec., D. Borsten - His., S. Dodge - Sr. Board, D. Nath - Corr. Sec., C. Reddick -- Pres., L. Snyder - Chaplain, I Cole -- Sgt. at Arms, G. Whittler - Sr. Board, H. Hodgkins - Ir. Board, L. Schiff, T. Dellinger and T. Deese - Sweethearts, I. Malone, R. Robert- son, 1. Pitts, C. Stiles, G. Elliott, R. jones, C. Ealey, S. Stant. 2nd row: B. Mack - Parl., C. DeSandolo - Treas., D. Swank - V. Pres., S. Morris, I Samra, B. Silnutzer, S. Davis, D. Dunbar. 3rd row: Mrs. Andre - Sponsor, M. Marvin, T. Harris, R. Vincent, S. Mead, B. Waits, R. Atwood, R. Kroog 1. Fulton. H 41-vfrlg. xt A I Cyntheria Minor Lee Davis , Connie Munnmgs Fred Terrell X QQQX X X QX N X ex Debbie Borsten QM. X 5 Tommy Deese Linda LeBlanc Reginald Williams , eeae I We Connie Lambert Donald Butler l Sharon Giles Bill Smith First runner up - Nancy Barnhart Representing Keyette- Key Club. ESCORT: Steve Wilk Ki k-Off Second runner up - Lauralee Coates Representing Civinettes. ESCORT: Roger Turk ev Wig - I X if 7 f Z ff , fag? f X ff, Q 2 , M, , ,,,,,,, hr....... lvxi I QUEEN: Sidney Dodge Representing Z Club Queen and her court. 5, 11: 1970 Fightin Rams To astrologers 1970 was the age of Aquarius. To TV sportcasters it was the year of the Quarterback. But to Palm Beach county athletic fans and participants it was the year of confusion. , Giants on the states prep scene were swept away and heard of no more. Such decades old schools and team nicknames as Roosevelt High Devils and Palm Beach High Wildcats were wiped out with a stroke of the pen. In this merger, to eliminate the dual school sys- tem in Florida, emerged a brand new school, TWIN LAKES. No more Wildcats or Devils, now they were the RAMS. Like any marriage of convenience the first few weeks were full of toil and trouble. Everyone got in the act, the School Board, the parents, well-meaning lbut often misguided! fans even the coaches and students, ath- letes and non-athletes alike. Old loyalties, customs and habits of thinking die hard. But after a more than suitable time for mourning, cooler heads prevailed and soon the Rams were tear- ing up the gridiron just as their parents, the Wildcats and the Devils had done in days of yore. Twin Lakes was lucky in that Coach Coffey was as- signed tothe head coaching job. He had produced out- standing teams, including two State championship teams at former Carver High in Delray. His hard work- ing and dedicated coaching staff of: Dick Melear, Chuck Heninger, lim Howe, Ed larmakowicz rallied around Coach Coffey's leadership and the Rams ended up with a mixed season of 5 wins and 4 losses. Front Row: D. Cartwright, W. Spence, B. Byrant, B. Overfelt, R. Berry, R. Robinson, W. Bythwood, F. Miller, A. Wallace, B. Edwards, 1. Walker. Second Row: G. Saxton, T. Heninger, B. Woodson, D. Breedon, D. Taylor, R. Robinson, M. Lerkins, D. Brooks, W. lackson, B. Smith. Third Row: L. Chapman, E. Mitchell, l. Adams, 1. Giles, A. Pendelino, B. Owens, R. Heninger, K. james. Fourth Row: K. Adair, D. Stewart, 1. Farington, K. Ellis, P. Zubriski, W. Toombs, C. Christan, R. Wright, A. Fields. Fifth Row: P. Burny, C. Smith, M. Bernikow, W. Bellamy, W. jackson, F. Hyatt, A. Hunter, L. Lincoln. Sixth Row: J. Dolson, K. Bivins, J. Ross, C. Abono, Coach Melear, Coach larmakowicz, Coach Coffey, Coach Heninger, Coach Howe. is is it 'iii .. . . , . .. . L- . ., .. SQ kkkk K K M L K W mmtrlkvk Q M- .i.,.........,... hx, ..... 75 .... ia., .... W .. ....,.,.... YSL - . sy ju ,A K K 3 E rf i ii" "2v1 iv .ALF 4 K ,.x, NNE... . ...- K ...... -N X -- -tes,-..-1 gels... K - . -L if . A, elm.. WJ . F T nm X . . - .. ee-.,m..a..a +Qlwi-munnmwvs fi' KS LmL- as l l C l Front Row: D. Breedon, W. Spence, K. james, R. Robinson, F. Miller, A. Wallace, W. Backwood, A. Fields, B. Lincoln, F. Hyatt, B. Edwagls,-T. Hen- inger, M. Bernikow. 2nd Row: B. Woodson, A. Hunter, F. Ellis, 1. jackson, K. Adair, T. Bryant, B. Overfelt, M. Ruberia, G. Wilburn, E. Mitchell, Coach Coffey. Do we still have the baIl??? 5 a . ,E l , gills sf iw lili l? we ,5 . :PEL 2 5 011: 35 5- lj lil is , il l 9 5- is f 55.-i .El i 'lil ., I N' ' . 5 i "" f was Q - l W l .. , f :l, xg? Y gg. :gs ig 'ff -,-f 'l si, Q 1 2 Q l ...,. 'if al . w s s fl Q Q l ,,,. 2 , E lg.. 3 -118 ll... .iii S . . ' - ..,. Q Q gil 93 N Kirin. no Y Y in Y, 'KS' .XV '-+. , 1,,,.YNw VX' xxxx Y 5 . X X iii? xSg3bNfq 2 QQg me , X Q N X Mm W., X W A Q 2 QNX xg NX Ns SQk+ x X E x X 1 C ,J N. I ,Q-f'??-"' ,.. Q..-v Q55 l :if j 3?+"i SEER , ,E i.g3e .4 Linda Steveng Sam Owens lr. Annie Williams Kelvin Blunt Debbie Swank Mike Manguson Aj Wi f B , W e' 5 ,K , eel, Barbara Kimmel Camilla Clark Buddy Lincoln David Smith Homecoming QUEEN: Marie Chiodo ESCORT: lohn Allen '98 'K' QUEEN: Mary Alice Hicks ESCORT: Terrence Watson 1971 1 T. L. 21 P.B.G. Tuny Crowley Gay Valier Malcom McFarland N, Greg Burdick Ophelia Sutton Fred Terrell' Beatrice Coleman Anthony Dolphus Cheleta Valdez Calvin Redden J X W- .. L. Q. C 5- Basketball l967 i968 l 9 Front row: H. Williams, M. Bernikow, R. Porter, M. Johnson, R. Robinson, W. Burns. 2nd row: Coach Ceravola, W. Durham, C. Swain, L Nicholson, S. Ross, R. Wade, E. Corley, T. Tillman. Not Pictured: R. Williams, I. Brown, M. Marshall. Two points closer to State. Catch! 5 3 1 'EL 5: Fi .......- . --.,.., V- -- - v--.-f-1'w 1970 - 1971 U RECIPE FOR A CHAMPIONSHIP I -- Class AA School with an up an down basketball victory history .II - Class A School with a winning basketball tradition, including back to back State championships . Ill - A basketball coach who is known throughout the country for his contributions to prep-basketball ' IV- Heaping measures of hard work, dedication, team work and determination S Sift carefully, but vigorously, all available talent of the first two ingredients. The result is a hard core of experienced, fast breaking, sharp shooting basket- ball stars and one of the best teams in Florida. This core is kneaded and messaged carefully by the Florida coach of the year. Finally, add the number IV ingredients throughout the season. The resulting mixture is placed in competition against some of the best Double A schools in the country and the result is THE TWIN LAKES SUNCOAST CHAMPIONSHIP BASKETBALL TEAM OF 1970-71, with a 25-2 overall record and 14-0 in their eastern division. ' Ranked as high as number two in the State polls the Rams were 5th in State rankings by the end of the season. Bygadding-ga sprinkle of district championship A for spice, the Rams ended their gourmet dish with a frosting of State Charnpion- ship. Coach Singletary I. to R: B. Williams, E. Edwards, C. Bannister, I. Spradley, M. Fretwell, W. Callon, M. Harkner, E. Chapelle, C. Vessell, Mgr. M. Banister, Coach Singletary. - ' 101 NAM, Q A' g Y A-A ' 4 ,A W., NAA..-g,,,,-,, ..,u .,-,LkA.4.m..1.M,..g....-.x,,..,.C4..... C .-.un . . :J ALL4. . I 4 4 l I :A -, '1 -4 - gg.-3 ,X Q iw Q K . ,N , ...... K .Q -.NM 3 - 'i 8 W an O2 uf, Q I 4 I N l.-.LJ Baseball Like most other sports at Twin Lakes our Baseball team has started the season off with a big win over Lake Worth 4-0. This years team promises to be a winning one, under the careful eye of coach john Carpenter. This fighting Ram team is made up of mostly juniors and seniors, it is bound to be not only the first baseball team in Twin Lakes history, but the finest. Pitcher: R. Zaleski "That's putting the ball in motion." 'st fav wr ' S s N svkwyxx t Q Q - S' s " B y X P me wx x i was Us in X N me ws - f '- we -f-...Q-at wma . . , 1 ft. ,. im. K - K 4.if fw??a..f 1' 1 . s k " Q 5 if in .Ms- Q SEQ Q xx W 3 fs , C ,C .s t Vs k lil a 5 ' ' K .sw l l t -3 M QLISQ . t.t,ttt C . t :- B M 'B X g N K- t,tt.sawN,et-tttiiggstewax L- . its- XR1lf'fQ A ' ' 5 fet is Li ,Q 'is'fX .gt 's 5 1 o 1ti'tt- 0 X 4 - Q a .-Si as X 5 W5-as ' i C s ,S - f 5 1 , K ' -' s ' fs. f she.. as ass i s CE g-Rex T 1.3,-, X 2 C s S 5 Af..-s gget sfzrtifs. f , - Q s aww 'B ss' -B+ B I5 T ..gQtgx ,3'a.c.,1. t.x ips ' i B L . ' 4, ix x 'X . Q Khin - .. .f , 'ivwx-1 C :Qui .' B- f"i3, tx li ' E? 'f i . 'WX .' if I N -wi, K ig- I 'ss llc, i 1 S 1 . 3 s .g..,,ir ??igf lg? s 1 4-X as N S -aaebwairtt-Haiti 'fi-WS.. ' UR ii"4sa'i"- is f -Q - . s- B -. glaaya-fs ,,,' '.,.swxr'+ ' f . .. xg yssivfiifv. . 1' xx- ffgv ff li-f'g'i'SV'Qfi'3u, B" ifahs -if SWL A-'fix i"f'4i QS 'Stir' ,524 W ' A - - f 5 55 "1 M .. swat., XQAQ5 xxx.. ,g sv- . 1-T' xv Ni? 3 . g, M' ' " 4 X ' . s 3 L H! C K.-341-t-K5 U Q .H ag .1 K.. . ii Q . I N. "You guys are going to get it now!" Coach Carpenter Captains: R. Zaleski, B. Woodson "with nothing to do again." it My 'Ui 1 1 Q S ? Init: BEl BEIf1 x RUB! 1st row L to R: I. Hammet - Scorekeeper, B. Anderson, C. Morales, E. Riddle, B. Woodson, M. Bates, R. Reynolds, M. Riley, 2nd row L to R: Coach Carpenter, D. Whalin, D. Breedon, P. Zubriski, M. Rowe, T. Foster, P. Breedon, R. Neal, R. Zaleski. "Put it right here!" Catcher: M. Riley I Coach Carpenter if""W':'ivi?" R gk 2 4 5 if ,ss M92 XXX sq, Q 'X' M "wsv,sy3.g K in Hips xy N' Q xi S .J H34 -' h QXSJRQ slnntkun , A K M Q f Q5.. if . ' Qf 1" NNY E 'N-N' x Rv. Q ba? an R 1 E E?ff"f iE5 LW' f-mga: .,.x:x ,K W. uf Nb ' 5- 1. r.-. A 1 O6 Mi... ,nl G ' I Qfwwrxgswry we fax' ' Q' 1 5 i K l, ...ww .J-fifswff, ' . ,As1f"'K'f"W-- '- V+ f+a,..m .X NIJ -fl, . . , Mg.,-W4 Z., Rin M. Lx. - . . L A X QM! Q Q35-ff' ' , ..,., v im X Yx If They're n Th Run. . AW:-QV -" , f " , fi Q: i 'N' X Y xml Xxxw. .. . . Eh I . J.. .. .V . s x ' 3 . ii I' TT! . -4 pu -.I .li ,.,......,. s i 5 ..- .,.,.....w's , . . 5 . f iiilfiiikg R X lf. lil --..........mmm'dyuwwl0 as f " 'Wi 1st row L to R: 1. Allen, B. Divine, 1. Hall, I. Adams, B. Overfelt, R. Robinson, C. Wagner, 1. johnson, S. Wilk, B. Smith, W. Spence. 2nd row L to R: R. Heninger, M. Gaylord, 1. Morris, W. Baughman, S. Creech, T. O'Connor, M. Bryson, T. Vinson, B. Wood, B. Langdon. 3rd row L to R: Coach Melear, W. Taylor, I. Mortorell, P. Taylor, W. Burns, C. Smith, I. Giles, T. Lucas, 1. Freeman. C7 'C , . W F ,H FFP ' -' li -Ir- p-sf Tir ' .. Y ' .wa il' TF'lf 1. Allen, 1. Hall, B. Wood, B. Langdon c V4 H if ! 5 K Tl -.- -wo.-nu sun- gg Q , ma. In-nun X ,.,xQX Y i wi x vw-wwf ii wx X f 5.m...s N 109 w 1 v A 1 1 w 5 , "R .'. ,L ,W A ,,,,..u 1' 'F '1 A... P ' vgjfi 7 v Bti? s um:-EE Weight men Front Row K Ellis B Overfelt I Adams Back Row: NNNQPXQ NWNWQAXW N X cause Q The track team opened its season with a fine victory over Forest Hill and a second place honor in the Lake Worth Invitational. Under the leadership of Coach Dick Melear, we anticipate from their early showing, that the track team will continue on to victory after victory. Track - t "On you mark . . . Get set. . .GO." S s Swimmin The 1970-71 swimming team under the direction of coach George Gullion will indeed be one to remember. Although swimming has not been our largest spectator sport, its importance to our Athletic Department is indeed a great asset. This years Capts. are Ellis Mitchell and Marie Chiodo, under their leader- ship along with coach Gullion this will be a great year for the swimmer. Wmmwf Front row: C. Clark, C. Carter, L. Kotthaus, H. Straton, L. Lichtblau, M. Hanshaw, M. Chiodo, Back row: D. Borsten, S. Dodge, L. Block, S. Dodge, K. LaCroix, I. Cole, S. Buckholtz, Coach Gullion. - Captains: M. Chiodo, I. Cole, E. Mitchell, not pic. M. Balle g 3 5 . F. Keels, C. Davis, K. Griffin, E. Mitchell, D. Smith, N. Madison, F. Miller. 1- 1 t Q 1 . t ii i 3 :X ..:: . 'K f l 3 .W .as - - Q 2 . gil Qi is i 111 -Ji a xinkk K8 :ti Q :W N Q -3 X y WN .. XX wx X N x x W Q Q A-, . --Ni S Q Y i X X Q qs - www 'T R . Q x. .,.,,,,N Xa X ' i K X Lf- ? ,:. Xl - . EEE' - 1 .N . yr-wg, ' is , 'f .. , k-,Qgm 1- x - ' . I f, --1 .F .. , ' v X . W4 N up V -' Res 'bs X W . " ff - new 1 -xy , X -.. S Q x N . . K wk. X j S ' .xwwwwi " wi- fzfam ' iii? ' L 2 .A . Q 'X K . 'wfswffx fi M ' Q. '- ' xx fs, - X xv., A , - 2 , ' " TM 5 S J X .X R 1- S , ,yn Z? Q Q 'Q qw gi Q 2 Q QE 112 wwuuum 1 X Rl S mm N N N 4 N l 1 W I W 1 if ,eff Y X NX L. to R.: Sharon Stant, Sandra Davis, Debbie Dunbar, Camilla Clark, Barbara Kimmel, Tuny Crowley, Ethyl Finnley, Chris Hunt, jackie Taylor Marie Chiodo, Debbie LeBlanc, not pictured Barbara Lorenzo. Th Energetic Dozen This year's Twin Lakes High School cheerleaders un- der the direction of Mrs. Helen Abbott and Mr. Barry Quigley combined with a "Fighting Ram Mascot" to boost morale and raise spirits at all the football and basketball games. The cheerleaders, always keeping in mind the theme "Spirit", have been the center of pep and fight for many years. This years' captain is Debbie Dunbar, her co-captains are Marie Chiodo and jackie Taylor. Combined with the admiration of the rest of the girls, this was certainly a year to remember. ff ,,, A ,e , 1, Off to the races!!! CAPTAI N: Debbie Dunbar ' Co-Captain: Marie Chiodo L. to R. Heather Hodgkins, Saundra Lawson, lane Samra, Holly Straton, Captain - Linda Lichblau, Sara Wright, Delbra Walker, Holly Steelman, Conni Clark. 115 K l Co-Captain: jackie Taylor R m On Th Ball Under the supervision of lim Howe, the tennis team has worked very hard this year. The team has partici- pated in matches against Forest Hill, John l. Leonard, Pahokee, Ft. Pierce-Central, Suncoast and Lake Worth. They help hold money making projects, one being the sports Bar-b-que. Everyday at Howard they have an exhausting 3 hour practice, which makes them one of the leading teams in the county. We are very proud of the tennis teams accomplishments and hope there will be many more. Coach lim Howe C. Reed, S. Rodewald, T. Crowley, Coach jim Howe, M. Maass, 1. Leviton, C. Weinstock, B. Ur. M. Shepard Q x. SAA? X 3. E M MW K x xv ,N N' Jr as R: Q.: W wxw X X X X X Q A . I, 1 n Q X X X Q , xW.W........M 2 ,rf Ms 3. Nr xw X xsxwm Qxwiwwg X Q 1 LLLL- Xi X Q J X ,,.. S Qi S' S A gwg -N 5 J ' 5 gAL K ff-sf? A 325355 Q X 5 S .X we 117 Q 4 4 1 5 1 .i 4 i l l I 1 A 1 1 1 1 W w w 1 l Q I w I - i 1 4 lf 'M L They Never A L tGo Wrestling is a relatively new sport in this area, but one which will pick up spectators as time goes on. This year's team is under the dedicated leadership of coach Frank Haas. In this year of new comings and goings, wrestling had its new ad- dition with cheerleaders. This year's captains are Cathy Elliot and Lisa Ann Schiff. Along with the cheerleaders and student body's support this can be truly called the "year of the wrestler". - Coach: Frank Haas Top Row: Coach Haas, A. Apicella. Second Row: K. Bivins, T. Ekinberg, D. Kid, 1. Morre, M. Ruberia, 1. Bivins. Third Row: B. Benford, T. Heniger, S Benford, I. Weber, B. Woods, R. Starr, W. Morre. Fourth Row: L. loyner, L. Franklin, R. Robinson, R. Miller, L. Butler, I. Abbott, A. Swain, M. Wal- lace, S. Mackison, D. Berry. 118 So you think its funny huh!! XS A. W N- x i. CAPTAINS: Ted Heninger, James Bivins, Kirk Bivins, Roland Starr. Front Row: Melanie Marvin, Chris DeSandolo, Vickie Westbrook, Debbie King, Ophelia Sutton, Sandy Schefield. l. to R.: Lisa Schiff, Nancv Peters. Cathv Elliott. Lou Burn Crockette, leni Renault. Lvnda Harms, Debbie Grissom. They're Out To Tee The title of this years golf section "They're Out To-Tee", does not by any means refer to the team's lack of interest or ability. Along with the dedicated leadership of Coach Charles Heninger and the many long hours that are put in to this golf team will not be unaccounted for. T Lees R Borsten M Maass N Frank Cathey .-..nuIu.., ., .Jun-un, X. Alan Deitel .. -,su Larry Goins F 05' Rocky Robertson 339 rf Lili XX rf vw' X an DQ' UQ 20 a ...M ,X X-WA. .WX Chris DeSandaIo !,,... XX. .4- '23 x-vs, , . -- ,rss 5 A X. . x N ' mix J. N 5--'--5. 2i1'f f. ..3.x3.... ' X , L 'XX X Q. Xv -- X Xvkkk A ...uw ' John Kraynick U3-"5 X i - .u ati' fair 3-9 uc X 'TT R-K3 W 2 :fQ.Q.' A My X 3 -f ar 'Ax . K .WWX :X 'Mi Q . fXX.X.k .. 4 , xkkf in K in J s- 'A f r rrrr , K X. x . X X 1 X -uw,sX.Q- ...Q w . .-. - .N .f,gX-XX. X. 'f A - f . -X .. .X X.r. f ff-Q XXXX. X . .F . E ,X .XX X . 1 XX XS- XX X .--.-w,,..X Xi, .QX+.v,.. XV exif-. XXI. A - .. X.-XXX. vm K ww N'af . S X . X-.X .. ,XXX - fx X-,X X i'8'GN-Affwxff' -f.. 1 1 .1 ..Ni:.,?I XX K. if i .,...Qx..,.., iw X. 1 -X-X-g..'fQ4Q. f.v1.i,e,N' SX- . an XL. ,- Linda Lichtblau 121 X . XX X. Mike Manguson .lk .f"y. Q, v X. .NF '-'X X N134 S? Kai. br' iq xv ,N R X Y ef-gg. ,- . X 1? 4 i 1 -Q i A 1 1 1 1 4 1 w 1 1 Q ? 5 A i Y 'E Y i 4 w -r . l....4 1 X X.. Sponsors: Mr. lively, Mrs. Minney, Mrs. Eutsay, and Mr. Parker. entx , i, Q .P President: Greg Burdick 4 X X F3 President: Anthony Fields Leaders O Distinction Secretary: Debbie Swank Treasurer: Iames Lamb i vii W. X51 V. President: Ted Heninger 125 Steve Wilk started in his Sophomore year at former Palm Beach High as 2nd Vice-President of the Student Council and each year has taken a step until he has become the Student Body Co-President. Through his involvement in Key Club, basketball, and track, he has earned the respect and admiration of the stu- dents of Twin Lakes High. One of our most outstanding students, Sandra Davis, has shown her ability to lead not only in cheers as a cheerleader but also in the Student Council and National Honor Society. Sandra was voted, by the Senior Class to be Miss Senior and represents her class honorably. Whether as l.V,. cheerleader, kickoff queen, Student Council Sec., or class brain, Sydney Dodge always puts forth the best she has to offer. Z Club and the Senior Class too would feel at a loss without this smiling and friendly person in its ranks. - 126 has great concern and compassion james Lamb is a unique person. He such things as Interact, Student S nior otables for friends ttoo many to be count- edi. His role at football games is that of song and spirit leader. He may be very intelligent and active in Council, Senior Class, and German Club, but his contribution of spirit to Twin Lakes has been his greatest contribution. , 87, the number Bill Overfelt made famous on the football field will long be remembered. His ability to lead the team on and also the Senior Class has never been hampered. Bill's great personality and all 'round good nature helps bring unity to our class. Bringing with her the school spirit from Roosevelt, our smiling, ever cheerful jackie Taylor has led us in many rousing cheers for our fighting Ram team. With jackie, our cheering squad is complete and so is the school year. 127 i xfxwt While being the Mad Punter for the fighting Ram team, No. 41 has led our class in other ways. As Vice-President of Class of '71, Ted Heninger adds to the unity and contributes much to the lighter moments at Twin Lakes High. Fred Terrell, one of our Boy's State Representa- tives, has led the school in his ability to win people over. His special charisma has enticed people to elect him French Club President, Exchange Club Boy of the Month, and Senior Notable. Through his work on the Kaliedoscope he has extended to all a sense of brotherhood and fun. Chris Hunt added much to her junior year at Roosevelt by being elected to her Student Council. She has astounded the students at Twin Lakes High with her bright smile and sparkling personality and has led us in victory cheers by being the bubbly cheerleader that she is. O ,Skill E h Efr'.Q4ffi s W. sf 128 S r s ,,ws, ss sa -A . K ix . if Q , . OK .A - Q t 5 - S 5 vivo, R sit 1.5 :visit sg J C . t Nr S actiil'-I ',..,,'kQ5,glE!.r..,.Et?tE,1l X x 'X .5 it age x 5 x Ne 1 C . 5 x 'Xi X Sis .x.: is .xv iff X l The class of 71 is proud to have Debbie Swank represent them as Class Secretary and Senior Notable. Debbie has involved herself in activities such as Z Club, Yearbook, and Homecoming so deeply that they could not have succeeded with- out her. .t - Anthony Fields has proven himself to be a capable leader as Co-President of the Class of '71. His rallying spirit among the students and members of the football team has made him the school booster. Anthony has truly worked for unity in the class. 129 "Neat as a Pin", Marc Gaylord has raced about making the Class of 71 and Key Club the best ever without losing his cool. His resounding NO has been heard by many fellow students as he has tried to make such projects as the Key Club-Keyette Homecoming Float succeed. , X Xa ..... .,, . ..-L .a...,,g........A......., 'l6Vz for Bur Divine as Ethel Finley measures for Caps 84 Gowns. ewx S we XNXN is QR 2 W... 5 . ..,..., X ,.,, - Y .il wx., - e . - . gig- X . -Ji . ss-, 'N K : , '-we .-' P l Q Q, N 130 KEVIN ADAIR Football, Civitans Vice-Pres., lunior Four Arts, Base- ball, Red Cross. ANN ALBRITTON DEBBIE ANDERSON ANNETTE ANDRE Keyettes, Pep Cats, Para Med., Aquarian Staff, lr. Prom Committee, March of Dimes !Rep.J, Sopho- more !Rep.J, Red Cross, Service Aid. ARTHUR APICELLA A Wrestling Manager. . MICHAEL APRILLE JOAN ARPE Keyettes, Pep Cats, Sub Council, junior Four Arts, Kaleidoscope, Tennis Team. .ROBIN AUBREY Glee Club, French Club, Red Cross. GERALD AUSTIN Basketball, Library Club, F.F.A., Art Club, Math Club. IDA AVERHOFF Spanish Club - Sec., F. T.A. - Sec. ROXANA BACON Civinettes - Sgt. at Arms, German Club - Corr. Sec., Roundtable. MITCHELL BALLE Interact. GLORIA BARFIELD Y-Teens, Tri-Hi-Y, F. T.A. GILL BARKLEY Choir - Co-Pres., Speech and Drama, Student Council. NANCY BARNHART Keyettes, Student Council, Pep Cats, Kick-off Candi- date, Speech and Drama, Art Club, Aquarian, jr, Four Arts, jr. Prom Committee, Red Cross, March of Dimes -- Rep. REGINA BARRY BEVERLY BEAN ANDREW BECKER Key Club - Chaplain. if i 3 5 5 1 T 1 l 1 3 9 L4.-.IJ fwwfv - - -lfxft GREG BELLAMY STEVE BENFORD NANCY BENNETT F.H.A. - Sec. MIKE BERNIKOW Track, Basketball, Football, Key Club, Letter- men's Club, Student Council, lr. Four Arts. GREGORY BLACKSHEAR Football, Choir. ELIZABETH BLAND Art Club, Spanish Club, Pep Club, Civinettes Aquarian, French Club. WAYNE BLYTHE JEAN BOGAERT Pep Club, Red Cross, Ch chor - Treas. IOYCE BOLLINGER SAUNDRA BOOKER lr. Four Arts. WINIFRED BOONE Speech 81 Drama Club. REBECCA BOOTH oir, Ensemble, An I DEBORAH BORSTEN Z Club - Hist., NHS, Swimming, Kickoff Court, Four Arts, Pep Club, Paramed. SHARON BOUCHILLON Keyettes, Pep Club, Sub-Council. IOH N BOU ND Interact, Band. KEVIN BOYNTON ' Choir, Student Council, Band, Spanish Club, Key Club. H IUANITA BOZEMAN Red Cross, Soph. Class -- Sec., Student Coun- cil, Choir, CAA. KATHERINE BOZEMAN LAURA BRACH CBE - Pres. IANICE BRADSHAW jr. Four Arts, Paramed. WILLIAM BRANCH French Club. SUSAN BRANDON Keyettes - Sec., NHS, NQS, Pep Club, lr. Four Arts, Paramed, Aquarian, Sub-Council, French Club. PAU LA BRAY Paramed,1r. Four Arts, CBE. DOUG BREEDEN A Band, German Club, Football, Baseball, Let- termen's Club. ' CARMEN BROCARD GAII. BROGDEN VICA. JACKSON BROWN rqgt -ts.. -. s - IACQUELYN BROWN IIMMIE BROWN Basketball, Baseball, Football. SHIRLEY BROWN Red Cross, Band, Student Council, Tennis, Swim- ming, Choir, Golf, Speech Club. li., ef WEE' MLW' Y P T ...,.. s ss so -is - --X. A . ,essex New X-as if 'TELQCW S gf L 4 L L RPXS Us - C wee- ,.as- ,S NC. . - i .ae en X- ,. . .wma was 5'-X This is extra credit? RODNEY BROWNE Golf , LARRY BRYANT Track, JV Football CHRIS BUCHANON 'K Yr is 4 CRAIGBURCH Chess Club GREGORY BURDICK Speech 8f Drama, NFL, Senior Class - Pres Student Council IACQUELYN BU RGESS R PHILLIP BURNEY BARBARA BURNS Pep Club, Art Club, Civinettes, Chess Club. WILBUR BYNES BONITA BYRD Red Cross, Civinettes - Sgt. at Arms - Chap., Youth lor Christ - Sec.-Treas., Choir, Ensemble, Rhythm Choir, Pep Club. VERONICA BYRD CAA, Choir -- Queen, Band, Pep Club. RHONDA CALBETZOR Keyettes, Speech 8- Drama, NTS. .sg ll CELIA CALLOWAY Soph. Class - Treas., Homecoming Court, Student Council, Art Club, Key Club Calendar. SCOTT CAMPBELL YVETTE CAREY MARY CARRICO CHARLES CARTER SHARON CAUDILL Choir. A A a 1 FREDDIE CORBETT Student Council, Football, Basketball. PAMELA CORBETT WAYNE CORNELIUS IV Football, Track, CDE, Roundtable. ALAN CHIODO Red Cross, German Club, NHS. RICKIE CAYTON Football, Choir. PATRICIA CHAPPELL Student Council, Pep Club, French Club Choir- Pres. MARIE CHIODO Cheerleader, Keyette - Vice Pres., Swim ming, Pep Club, Outstanding jr. 8. Soph., Sub Council, Homecoming Queen. DENISE CHRISTIAN Pep Club, CBE. LAURALEE COATES Spanish Club, FTA, Pep Club, Pres., Kickoff Court. IRENE COLE Z Club, Swimming, jr. Four Arts. BARBARA CONEY THERESA CONNER FHA, choir, DCT, Red cross. GARY COODY IOHN COOPER GEORGE COPELAND Civitan - Pres. . Civinettes MARGIE COURSON DE CHARLES COWAN IOHNNIE CRAPPS WILLIE CRAPPS BEVERLY CRISCO DECA CLARA CROCKETT ALONZO CROMER Spanish Club, IV Football, Red Cross, Prama Club. ELIZABETH CROWLEY Cheerleader, Student Council- Sgt. at Arms, Pep Club, Tennis, Outstanding Soph. 8 lr., Swimming, Red Cross, Keyettes - Pres., Homecoming Court. DARLENE DAVIS CBE, Civinettes. LEE DAVIS, IR. Art Club - Pres., Library Club - Pres., Foot- ball. LENORA DAVIS SANDRA DAVIS Cheerleader, Sr. Queen, Z Club. A . L N tk . tt.. KX. BEVERLY DAWES- FHA HOMER DAWSON Student Council, Red Cross, Spanish Club. OSCAR DEAN Right on, Rams! THOMAS DEESE Interact - Chap., jr. Four Arts, Paramed ALAN DEITEL Golf, NFL, Chess Club, Debate THOMAS DELLINGER Interact STEVEN DEPASS Interact CHRIS DESANDOLO Z Club -- Treas., Paramed, Golf, lr. Four Arts, Speech 8. Drama, Pep Club, Cheerleader WILBUR DIVINE Basketball . , 5, Y , MARGARET DIXON SIDNEY DODGE Kickoff Queen, Student Council - Sec., Outstand- ing Soph. 81 jr., Cheerleader, Z Club, Swimming, NHS - Treas., jr. Four Arts, French Club, Sr. Queen. SUZANNE DOOLEY GENEVA DORTCH DC71 ANGELA DOUGLAS LINDA DOUGLAS , S MICHAEL DU LL FTA, Spanish Club, Chess Club, Interact, Class Rep DEBORAH DU NBAR Cheerleader, Z Club, Red Cross, jr. Four Arts, NHS - Parl., French Club, Student Council - Parl., Sub- Council, Pep Club, Exchange Girl of the Month. IEANNINE DURAND ROBIN DURANT FHA, NHS, FTA, French Club. DWAYNE EARNHARDT TERRY EIKENBERG Wrestling. 1' -L FREDERICK ELLIS Football, Civitans, Lettermen Club. LOUISE ELSEY Student Council, Red Cross, Speech 8t Drama, DC71 ARNOLD ERICKSON H Q DELORES EUTSAY Q P Red Cross, GAA, Soph. Court. s I I 2 ROBERT FAIRBANKS MARIA FERNANDEZ Sub-Council, Red Cross, Pep Club, Drama Club, Spanish Club - Vice Pres., FTA - Treas., jr. Four Arts - His. SHARON FERRY Spanish Club, Speech 81 Drama Club, GAA, Art Club, Red Cross, Pep Club. IAMES FREEMAN Choir - Pres., Ensemble, Track. QUEEN FREEMAN Red Cross, Spanish. ANDREA FREGOSI Band, Art Club, Anchor Club, jr. Four Arts, Pep Club. ANTHONY FIELDS Football, Pres. - Sr. Class. ADA FLEMING Pep Club, GAA. TERRY FOSTER Civitan, Interact, Baseball, German Club. - KAREN FRALEY Pep Club. VERONICA FRANKLIN I 140 PEGGY FRYE K eyettes, Pep Club. EDILIA FUENTES Spanish Club. ROSE FU HRMAN NHS, Red Cross, GAA. IERRY FULTON Band, Choir, French Club, Z Club, Student Council. I RMA FU RLOW Choir. LAWRENCE GAI NES Basketball. ANNA GARDNER Pep Club, Rhythm Choir, Red Cross, Choir. SANDRA GASKINS FHA, Choir, FTA, GAA - Pres. MARC GAYLORD Soph. Class - Pres., lr. Class - Pres., Out- standing Soph. 81 lr. Boy, lr. Four Arts - Vice Pres., Key Club - Pres., French Club, Track, Lettermen's Club. AN N GAYNOR lr. Four Arts, Civinettes - Vice Pres. DAVID G EM PEL Football, Student Council. BONNIE GIBSON 1 I l I s BILLY GILBERT MARY GILBERT SHARON GILES Keyettes, jr. Four Arts - Sgt. at Arms, Pep Club, Sub- Council, Paramed, Kickoff Court, NQS, Frond, Aquarian. A., . LE ,,,,. -.L.,.......-,.....s...,g....,,.-...,.,, ,J , A, -J-LAW I 3 . Neem, I i s Y, X V it s z Even seniors have to goto class occasionally! ELAINE GLICKSMAN ROBERT GOLDSTEIN HILDA GOMEZ Council LOUIS GREAUX Vice Pres., NTS, Chess Club -- Sgt. at Arms THEODORE GREEN Wrestling, Football, Track, Lettermen's Club Chess Club, German Club MARK GRIFFIN 142 in A ,H Keyettes, IV Cheerleader, Pep Club, Sub- Band, Speech 81 Drama Club, Art Club, NFL - 1 DON N GRICE Baseball, Art Club. SUSAN GROVE Choir - Librarian, DECA. PETER GRYMKOSKI GEORGIA GULLION FHA, Anchor, Choir - Vice Pres., Student Council. DEBBIE HALE JOHN HALL Track, Wrestling. WANDA HALL MARK HALLEY CECEIL HANSEN CHARLES HARDY Leo FRA N K HARDY Band, Choir. KARALINE HARGRAIN RICHARD HILL Speech 81 Drama, Band. LYLE HILYARD CARY HODGES CBE - Sgt. at Arms, Pep Club. JOHN HARMAN lr. Four Arts, Interact. DEBBIE HARRIS lr. Four Arts - Hist., NQS, Keyettes - Hist., Chorus -- Sec., Student Council, Pep Club, Aquarian - Co-Ed., Speech 81 Drama, Para- med. TANNA HARRIS Z Club, Red Cross - Sec., Spanish Club. IANICE HELMS Keyettes, Art Club, NQS, Aquarian, Pep Club. ERIC HENDERSON German Club, Interact. NANCY HENDRICKSON Civinettes, Chorus, GAA, German Club, Red Cross. THEODORE HENINGER Outstanding Soph. lr. Sr., Football, Track, Wrestling, Vice-Pres. - jr. Sr. PATTY HENNESSY Spanish Club. NORMA HENTY Pep Club. PEGGY HIATT CBE, CAA, Pep club. CYNTHIA HICKS DCT, Chorus. MARY ALICE HICKS Chorus, Homecoming Queen 144 LINDA HODGES ERNESTINE HORNE Chorus, Pep Club, GAA. DARLENE HOWARD Chorus, FHA, FBLA, Speech 8. Drama. CHRIS HUNT V. Cheerleader, Spanish Club, Student Coun- N, cll h Q t . Si FREDDIE HYATI' I. V. Football, V. Football, I. V. Basketball. IEFF INGRAM IAMES JACKSON PAMELA IACKSON Band, Student Council, Red Cross. SHIRLEY JACKSON KEVIN IAMES Football, Track, Spanish Club, FTA, Exchange Club Boy of the Month. FELECIA IOHNSON LINDA IOHNSON Civinettes -- Treas., NHS, NQS, Aquarian Staff, Pep Club, French Club, Red Cross. ... ,W ,W ....LL,,,...-, ,,,-..-,l......4....x....r....,,,.... , ,...,.....-,.,,..-- ... S .. . 145 SUSAN IOHNSON THOMASIOHNSON jr. Four Arts, Leo Club - Sec., Student Council, Interact. DEBORAH IONES , Chorus, Pep Club. X Q ,-., Art Club - Pres lf you're lucky you'Il get one of these! 146 RENEE IONES Z Club, Choir STEVEN IOSEPHSON Yearbook Photographer, Art Club, Frond Photographer, NQS, Speech 8. Drama Club, NT5, NFL, Track, Wrestling, Band LEROY IOWERS JEROME KAYWELL NFL - Pres., NTS, Speech 81 Drama Club,.Key Club lOYCE KELLEY JULIANA KEMP LESLIE KENNEDY NQS, Kaliedoscope, NTS. SHARON KENT GAA, Choir. lOHN KERSEY DAVID KIDD Wrestling. RHEA KILGORE BARBARA KIMMEL NHS, Pep Club, Z Club - Sec., Swimming, Cheer- leader, Paramed, Homecoming Court, Outstanding jr., Student Council, Lettermen's Club. 147 DEBBIE KING SUSAN KINSBURG ROSEMARY KROOG ZClub. FAYE KYRZAKOS IOHN LACROIX Swimming, Basketball, lr. Four Arts - Parl., Civitan, Paramed. JAMES LAMB Outstanding Soph. 8: Ir., German Club - Pres., NHS, Student Council, lr. 8. Sr. Class Treas., Interact. MA,-,,,,.,..,.,. W, AQUA., ,.,,,g.A- , .. W ,-.4..- - Y Y-:W----, - N . .. to IUDITH LIMEBURNER DCT, CELF LAURA LITCHFIELD ANN LOCKHART DCT 0 CONNIE LAMBERT DCT- Treas., Kickoff Court MELANIE LAMBERT NFL, lr. Four Arts CATHY LAVERS Keyettes - Chap., Pep Club, Art Club, Stu- dent Council MARION LAWHORN FHA, Deca - Chap. DAN LEAR Wrestling, Chess Club - Pres. IEAN LEAVITT lr. Four Arts, Paramed, Red Cross, Choir, Aquarian LINDA LEBLANC Red Cross, FHA - Pres., Kick-Off Court, NFL, Speech 81 Drama Club, French Club, lr. Four Arts KIM LEES Keyettes, Pep Club, Tennis, Paramed, French Club LAURA LESTER DOROTHY LEWIS FHA BARBARA LINDSAY Keyettes, Pep Club, lr. Four Arts, GAA CHARLES LINCOLN Football, Wrestling, Track, Chess Club - Vice Pres., Civitan - Sec., Homecoming Escort BRENDA LOVEIT DIANA LOWE FHA, Pep Club, French Club, NFL ROBERT LOWE WANDA MCCARTY Glee Club, GAA IANICE MCCOY Choir, Paramed, GAA SHIRLEY MCDONALD LYN MACGREGOR RITA MCILVOY FHA, FBIA, FNA, Pep Club SANDRA MCRAE BETTYE IO MACK lr. Four Arts - Treas., Paramed, Pep Club, Z Club -- Parliamentarian, Swimming LESLIE MACKIE lr. Four Arts, Art Club EDWARD MACKISON Red Cross, Paramed - Pres., lr. Four Arts, Track, Wrestling, Interact .guna PET l 1 Fifi: U is ' 149 DELOIS MADDRY DANIEL MADISON I UDY MADSEN GAA, PHI EPSILON MU, Keyettes 0 1 l I .LJ Seen for the last time - official Palm Beach Hugh and Roosevelt rmgs KATHLEEN MAHER Civinetles - Sec., NTL - Treas., NFL, Speech 84 Drama, lr. Four Arts, Pep Club IAMES MALL IENNY MALONE ZClub CREGG MALOTT Band, Art Club, DECA MICHAEL MANGUSON Key Club, German Clu IV Basketball, Golf JOHN MANNING Student Council, sv MARY MARSHALL DALE MARTIN LINDA MARTIN Youth for Christ FAYE MASON Civinettes, Chorus, Paramed IAMES MASSEY Band, NHS, Chess Club - Pres., Student Council MARTINE MATH US DECA, Speech 81 Drama - Pres., Red Cross, NT f ax 5 if E BRENDA MAYES IANE MAYES LINDA MAYES Homecoming Cour med PHYLLIS MAYS FHA, DCT, Art Club DANIEL MEEKER DECA OLWEN MEFFORD Outstanding Soph., leader t, Soph. Class Court, Para- Soph.-Treas., I. V. Cheer- ,LL ...J.L,.,4-- ,, -, CA W, 'T J 1 l 1 l l ,..J . QL N, X S Ti S SANDRA MROCZKOWSKI Choir PENNY MU ELLING GAA, Choir, Anchor, jr. Four Arts CONSTANCE MUNNINC-S GAA, Choir, Ensemble, Anchor - Sec., Kick- off Court, DECA, Miss Girl's Choir -,, ....4.. , ROBERT MEHAFFIE DIANE MEDDLETON FLOYD MILLER DEBRA MILLS DECT, Red Cross CYNTHERIA MINOR VIRCINA MINTER MARY MITCHELL SANDRA MITCHELL LARRY MOCK DOUGLAS MORAN Band PATRICK MORRIS STEPHEN MORRIS DCT 152 EUGENE MURPHY CDE - Pres., Interact, lr. Four Arts IACKIE MURPHY FBLA DIANE MURRAY FHA, Clee Club SANDRA MUSE Red Cross, Drama Club, DCT- Sec. DENISE NADEAU DEBORAH NATH ' Student Council, NHS, FTA - Sec., Z Club - Corres. Sec., Outstanding lunior, jr. Four Arts LAURA NEBERGALL IOHN NESSLER ALLEN NORTHRUP Student Council, Football, Interact, lr. Four Arts, Art Club PATRICIA O'BRYAN DCT, CECF IOHN O'CONNELL Basketball, Track, Art Club, Baseball ADRINE ODOM Library Club, Tri-Y Hi-Y Club, Clee Club t x . Q uw J "K NX za Q 5 . Qt . XF , , ' fimmsf SN Xa we ss, f Sufi Q 153 EDITH OLIVER FNA, DCT MIKE OLSEN MARY ORSO .. ,. - A ,,,..,,. ...L......,...A........ , ,....s-......a..A.... , ,. ,,,. Y , , MA... 1 I I 1 1 I l - 1 i 1 l ri J I i A 3 NSS K 4 Who will be first out of the parking lot today? LINDA OSBURN DCT, CBE BILL OVERFELT Football, Baseball, Track, CAROLYN OWENS CAA - Parl. DIANE OWENS Chorus, Paramed SAMUEL OWENS WINIFRED OWENS FHA, Paramed Letterman's Club BARBARA PANOS Pep Club JERRY PARKER DERRI PARKEY German Club, French Club RUFUS PARSON Student Council, NFL French Club GAIL PATTERSON CBE, Gymnastics LINDA PATTERSON FHA Speech 81 Drama, STEPHEN PECK RICHARD PEEPLES SUE PENDER ISABEL PERDOMO Spanish Club - Sec., Student Council, NQS, NFL, Kaleidoscope, Speech 81 Drama, Pep Club, Red Cross 1 IOSEPH PERMUY NFL, Speech 8 Drama, Chess Club DOLLIE PETTRY ' Pep Club Q SSE Neil XQ XR ix K xXx 2?- DEBRA PHILPOT Band German Club Anchor lr Four Arts ROBIN PIAGET Anchor Pep Club FHA CBE PHILLIP PICARD WILLIE PICKENS Library Club ROBERT PIERCE Leo Club Board Member Chess Club lr FourArts EUGENE PORTER Chorus Football SHIRELYN PORTER Red Cross, Choir, Student Council, Pep Club, Anchor Club, French Club, Cirls Choir - Vice Pres. HENRY POSTROZNY Interact, lr. Four Arts, German Club, NHS, Red Cross, Speech and Drama, Round Table CELESTA POTTER NFL, Civinettes, Drama Club, NTS RANDY POWELL Interact, Band ANN PYLE MARK RATTINGER Key Club -- Treas., Spanish Club, jr. Four Arts, NFL, Student Council, Chess Club, Tennis - Capt., Sub-Council, Honor Society - Vice Pres. 4, W -I1 QI. - CATHY REDDICK Z'Club - Pres., NQS, Paramed, Pep Club, jr. Four Arts, Red Cross, Sub-Council, Band, Aquarian CAREY REED ' Outstanding Soph., lr., Student Council, Ten- nis, Keyettes, Pep Club, lr. Class - Sec., lr. Four Arts LAMAR REYNOLDS ELVENN RICHARDSON Student Council - Co. Pres., Band, Choir, Paramed, Eldorados ROBERT RICHARDSON Paramed, lr. Four Arts, Track, Red Cross PAUL RIDDLE Football, Baseball 1 i 1 1 i 1 1 1 1 i 1 1 1 , MICHAEL SCHENK Key Club ELYSE ANN SCHIFF ZClub STEVEN SCHWAB jr. Four Arts, Key Club, French Club, Basket- ball - Statistician, Frond - Editor, Aquarian - Photographer, NQS TRACEY RIPPE Red Cross, Pep Club, DEC DREANA RIZZO Drama Club PATRICK ROBERTSON Key Club, Basketball, lr. Four Arts ROXANN ROBERTSON Z Club, jr. Four Arts WILLIAM ROBINSON Football, Debate, Chess RONALD ROBINSON Football, Track, Wrestling, Letterman's Club JOHNNY RODRIQUEZ IAMES ROYSTER Band -- Prop. Sgt., Interact MANUEL RUBIERA Football, Swimming, Art 'Club, Wrestling, Baseball, French Club DONNA RYNEARSON Z Club, Student Council, Gymnastics, Hr. Rep. RHONDA SAYLE GAA - Sgt. at Arms WAYNE SAVAGE IOHN SEKULICH IEAN SEMET Choir. Ensemble, Chess Club - Sec., FHA SANDRA SHANNON LISA SHEPPARD MILTON SHEPARD Football, Basketball, Track, Tennis, Intelect Club BRYNA SILNUTZER Z Club, Aquarian NANCY SMILEY BILL SMITH Outstanding Soph., Kickoff Escort, Civitan - Sgt. at Arms, Track, Football, Lettermen's Club, Paramed, jr. Four Arts NANCY SMITHEM BLAINE SMITH CONNIE SMITH Pep Club, Anchor - Pres.-Vice Pres., DECA MARIE SMITH S PATRICIA SMITH Clee Club - Treas,, Pep Club WILBERT SMITH . Band, Red Cross, Student Council, Tennis Team DONNA SNYDER I Z Club - Chap., Pep Club 159 l e Hurry, she's coming! 160 DAVID SOSENSKY MARY SPANN DCT VIRGINIA SPRAGUE Red Cross, Student Council, DCT- Chairman DANA SPREEN Keyettes, Swimming DEBBIE SPURR Pep Club, CDE DIANNE SPURR CBE, Key Club Calendar FRANKIE STUDEMIRE BARRY STEIN ROSALYN STEVENS Chorus, Tri-Hi-Y Club CAROL STEWART Chorus, Exchangettes, Student Council, Speech 81 Drama, NHS, NFL, Tennis Team, Math Club CASSANDRA STILES Kaleidoscope - Ed., NQS, NHS, Los Picaros, FTA, lr. Four Arts, Z Club CHARLES SWAIN FRANK SURRENCY OPHELIA suTroN S Chorus, Red Cross, Cheerleader, FTA, Speech 81 Drama DEBORAH SWANK Aquarian - Co. Ed., Z Club - Vice Pres., Senior Class - Sec., Homecoming Court, French Club, NQS, Pep Club, Red Cross, Stu- dent Council, Exchange Girl of the Month DEBORAH TALLENT FRANCES TATE Student Council SHARON TATE 2 X5 Those serve also whhnly sit and wait. IACQUELYN TAYLOR Cheerleader, Student Council, Spanish Club LUE TAYLOR Student Council, Pep Club, Miss junior - 1969 CHRISTOPHER TEMPLE FREDERICKTERRELL Band, Track, Speech 8 Drama Club, Boy's State, Exchange Boy of the Month, NFL, NTS, NQS, Interact, Kickoff Escort, EDA Award, Kaliedscope, lr. Four Arts IOSEPH TETREAULT PATRICIA THOMA jr. Four Arts, Anchor - Sgt. At Arms F' wk 'Il , ,Wh , g .. ogy 'TJ JEFFREY TROUP GAY VALIER Outstanding Sophomore, Student Council Pep Club, French Club - Sgt. at Arms, Key Club Calendar, Homecoming Court JULIE VANN Keyettes, Sub-Council, Pep Club DARYL VARNER Band, Basketball, Student Council, Eldorados, lr. Class Pres., TAC, CTA, Wind Ensemble, Drama WAYNE VIEIRA PAMELA VICK ' Choir - Pres., Anchor - Hist.-Board Mem- ber, Pep Club, jr. Four Arts, FHA, Art Club, Youth For Christ fauna'-H' Tell it like it is! A 164 ROSEMARIE VINCENT Z Club, Band REGINALD WADE Student Council, Basketball, Choir, French Club CHRISTOPHER WAGNER Band REBECCA WAITS Z Club, Red Cross - Corr. Sec., Pep Club, Cheerleader, French Club, Outstanding jr., Key Club Calendar, Student Council ANTHONY WALLACE TERRANCE WALLACE Y if A N 'NXNQXQ BETTY WALTON DAVID WARK Key Club, Coll IOHN WATSON Track ALICE WEBSTER Pep Club, NHS - Pres., lr. Four Arts PATRICIA WHITNEY VIRGINIA WHITTLER Pep Club, Z Club -- Board, Art Club f W,.JF'l W.. GARY WILBURN Key Club, Football STEVEN WILK Student Council - 2nd Vice Pres.-Vice Pres.- Pres., Key Club - Vice Pres., NHS, Boy's State, Basketball, Track - Co-Capt., Spanish Club DALLAS WILKINS BRENDA WILLIAMS Red Cross, Student Council, FHA, Choir, Pep Club DELANEY'Wl LLIAMS LUTHER WILLIAMS Football, Band t I 1 I A 1 l I ,.....J j g we , " - . 1 II: A Vffisigfve X K . 51 . Aw, can't we please play ln the sprinklers? SANDY WILLIAMS CHARLOTTE WILLIS ' IEAN WILSON PRISCILLA WILSON I Choir, Student Council, Red Cross, FHA IAN WITHALL Interact - Pres., German Club - Tre-as., NHS DOREEN WITT XI 'FAINA WOODMAN WILLIAM WOODSON Outstanding Soph. 8 lr., Football, Lettermen's Club, French Club, Baseball, Basketball, Key Club REBECCA WRIGHT Anchor, Pep Club, DCT YVETTE YOUNG l I RAYMOND ZABALLA ROBERT ZALESKI Basketball, Baseball THOMAS YOUNG 167 I -a Y -J-1.-W -1- -v-'Frye-ev Leaders t The Half Mark Only one more year before we reach the top of the heap. They may have made it rough for us our first year, but next year we'll get our chance -- So all you under- classmen . . . Watch out! . Secretaries: ludy George, jennifer Renault 1623 Presidents: Bruce Williams, Rodney Heninger S S K S x Q ,Q i K 'QV X XX Xxx x R x Q X K . Q x X E .r, is Y Y . N X X S? , 5 3 Si if Q "' 5 Q Qi Qi K " -W-Lf . g N N 11: W Y, X xx W 9 X Q l ' Q Decorations for that big day. . Q Our first Twin Lakes homecoming Patrick Adair james Adams john Allen Becky Anderson Nancy Anderson Ronald Angus joy Arenson Rita Atwood lo Ann Baecker Ellen Baker Mary Ballard David Banks Robin Bare Eloise Barfield Michael Bates . -eg, is h Xa. ai K. .. N X XRS X X it N QA X 1 NN X X c X X NM cs x S X Y X O fx S ig: .- . si.c cc.r. , . ' -... , .. .......---- ..., sa, A -W4 rag: Shirley Bell Diane Bethel Eugene Bettex Lyna Birden Dedyra Bivins 1 Renee Bland Laurie Block Elizabeth Bluntson Henry Boich Kathryn Bowman Elizabeth Broome Debra Brown Diane Brown William Bryan Alois Bryant '15 h , .5 5. T N - use 'f -' 'N , .. lr., E at i , . f X , B Y C, . ii , Y X -- X B A . X x , Q ' K . ' Q i Q , 2 N tr ik - - . j 3 : . ijjlqyg. SX 3 I if l la gxkao fs .. 1. ' w T 6 e' g HN 509 E . n, , .di . .,,,....1.... 171 it , e g . Nh i' ma. s X. i X. , . set 1 X it S at ttt C -as Q. . .--, .. 3 2 ., 'H-S3 it 5. X x if K A EX Q f MQ? 5 s , Pitt C , Bernadete Caccetta Donald Carden Lucille Carroway Cindy Carter Deborah Carter Denise Carter Frank Cathey Ramona Chappelle Vicki Chilton Deborah Chriitian Camilla Clark Connie Clark Beatrice Coleman Stephen Compton Kathy Condon Randy Costantino Patricia Cote Ginger Covington james Crain Michael Cronin Elizabeth Crosswhite Clarissa Crumity Debra Davis Barry Dean Sarah Dean Bennie Deloache Mary Dennard Patricia Denzer Donjinique Difilippo Robert Dix at H .. X X Yi .E mi' Qi N A -R i 'ii l EEN N ,. - Nix X . .sa visit 3 X gg X X se A ,Q X XXX . is rl 'SA Eg X S - Titfli- SSS. fx aasg S? sNhn - X N Q eff C 'i Riff 5 Q- E if ' x tx. E T? l.: ' o,'v . R. i XF .. e 5 3 f -' E i.,, K' M, .tc 'K Q it X ki X. xg' 5 N X X Q XNX X X s Q E t,,, 5 fiXfQSQt sf s ss se as X W X N xxx! 5 t . the--'msg ,gt:,:, Y 172 g w . s x K Robin Dixon Shelley Dodge Anthony Dolphus Michael Duff Elizabeth Eddington William Edwards Cathy Elliot Gwendlyn Elliott Cheryl Enos ' Sherri Flack Gloria Fouts Laurie French Linda Fullwood ludy George Melissa Gifford s E S X3 Merrilee Hansen Melanie Hanshaw Linda Harper Gwendolyn Hatcher Russell Hearn ' Rodney Heninger Lisa Hesterlee Sherri Higbee Katie Higgins Heather Hodgkins Olive Horne Carlene Howard Gail Huestis Kent Huffman Sylvia Huggins :ft X X NX X2 'N N X51 'R -X X. ,t RFQKN , gt s t S- N 3 X X it ER ' EF x lx t l iss S sa X SQ: 5 H it -s R 1 K - :za R aim , if as . Q W E l 'I Hyun. Y G, 3324! git . a e' :fav Y s Q A 'Kia 5. 9 5-4 f. 'xv P' I sg 5 Muses , .- Q' I' i hx , Q . .... S a it E5 Q 6 N 'gm' ,gat-Ri , . ss 111' H 12' . M 173 X sis. -V is-s -tgp - H, :ag F I Us Q Q is X in X X S' Q X - is iw .stt X s so gg Theresa Gilbert Mary Gooden Penny Gore Gerald Goss Walter Gowens Keith Griffin Linda Grillo Debbie Grissom Mary Lynn Gronendahl George Hagin Evetta Hall Linda Hall Robert Hammond Phillistine Hankins leanne Hanratty .'at-.' if ,ii f T L X ' Qt at S 5. iw sg: X L x X X X Q L, X Xa . L K. sg egg 1 sk tl Felton Knight Glen Knorr Laura Kotthaus john Kraynick Sharon Kruse Karen LaCroix Debra Landin Susie Leaks Margaret Leavitt Debra LeBlanc Victoria Leonard Ioan Leviton Linda Lichtblau Ysela Llort Barbara Lorenzo Q 2 at if JP. gs- .X x S S X wk B 1-P Q t X ,tg 5 r" 'lx S in Fix 'R me KX ., XX l XX E ' ill 3 was if S 'Q-I ,gl it at 541 X- is f f 2 L at ii ,A -5- L 5. N si f T 174 Patricia Hunter David Hunton Margaret Irvine Patricia jackson Arthur jefferson Faye Jefferson joel johnson Lorraine johnson Edna jones Iacqueline Kalos Belinda Kaskey Sherri Katz Carolyn Keels Dillon Key Elizabeth Kilbas ni 1: xg f i a S R xxx' x .A N lliiafaai-W 5 x N, 1. l 5 as ,ge-1' N 3 ef li x K X L -L l 1 af: E X le . if . A first . . . luniors receive first Twin Lakes High class ring. 'li i Q WXQA, Q l' A1 Q1 175 Linda Lowe Sheila Maguire Louise Mahler Shirley Marcus Joyce Martin Melanie Marvin Shirley Mashburn Gayle McCartney Debra McCoy lane McGaffigan Donna McKinney Linda McLendon Susan Mead Gayle McGehe Dennis Merchant l...-....g,,,,. -LY ,,,,,, ,AY ,,.L k,,,..,,L. W- L.........,L,.,, -. , ,.... ,W .. ., ,-, .1.. Delia Minifiee john Minor Karla Mitchell Phyllis Mitchell Hattie Moore Cheryl Morris Sherry Morris jennifer Mullendore Connie Mullins Michael Murphy Terry Murray William Musselwhite Denise Nabors Richard Neal Linda Nelson J "1 -if Tis:-X fm, ' X g NX It I 3 Lorena Newman Ramona Nichols Patricia Noegel Tina Northup Bruce Nun Mary Obelienis Robert Oetinger Victoria Olson Debbie Oskowitz William Owen Terry Parks Edward Panikowski Nancy Peters Barbara Phillips john Pitch S .-ewes' s sv ta at tty. tisif N . .Mwst x x x RX .ax S S sf' A tv as llvi Q B51- Ro x 0 . Qt in me . A Karen Roberts Pamela Rosser Valerie Ruberg Synita Ruffin Thomas Runyon lane Samra Diane Sattley jeania Sawyer Debra Schaarup Elaine Schaefer Margaret Sch roer janet Scott Kathy Searfoss Katharine Sheedy jean Sheldon ikxx at X X S' R ss sc . t . Q K, X M E 2 X .. v X L ttXt.,ta f X :was N X Rl Q as .- N xx? N as X t if t 6 .,.. q . 'X R :sa N X 2 'rv s Q ii X F S xt 1, va va ,M X w n...,l s -x 94-, A v - as s 5 My 5 " . 5 ,fa Qin. 3 K' Carolyn Pittman lerry Pittman Judith Pitts Moses Porter Meriam Quarterman Marina Quiroz Yvonne Ranson loe Reed jennifer Renault Annie Reynolds Emily Richardson Deborah Rickles Barbara Riegsecker Denise Roache Margaret Roban is r J t fi R X .5 x it 32 S X ,K , the Q31 - f 1.-2 4.-6 fl' Y"6Ss.:'1 Qt. ., rs ' lim ,ffl 'R Q R s xt? R -1 K' x x s if l 177 4 N X -as Q v -'. 'r' Q ', un, ,. t s.--,..vs. . , ..'.,n.h-ns. L. s'.','1,:-Q f ,Haque .a.,t usa.. s'. " - - t t X Y . X S X X as . 5 t X fx N2 fi , R Y ? ' " Rx ,. ,Vgfi-R .fsawww 1- Diana Simmons David Smith Emma Smith Lawrence Smith Sheila Smith Rhonda Sparks Sharon Stant George Studemire Gladys Stewart Sidney Stewart Edwin Stone Holly Stratton Hardee Sutton Thomas Sye LarryTalcott GX l Qs S. S l - ,s 211' Q4 if -s ws s s Saves SSA W- 9 tg xy 505i 5 X S Q sxil is , st? S at X SS S S S R is X K if Y S S t - , S... -. S x . 't Q Fe es?-S-SH X Y -. S t. X S .ww S . X R 5 -S k tk -S Ss. S - A X Y X S Q 59 R x 9 sw ' N -Q- 178 sf 'Q 3 S t c 1 l . , 5 Frank Tate Mary Tatum Gaynell Taylor Margaret Taylor Laura Thomas Scott Thompson Shirley Towns Roger Turk Chillita Valdez Evone VanWagner Joanne Veshosky james Vickers Pamela Walden Linda Warn William Webb -S ,,,S ,,,S,.,z.., . xxx. X- . I t g. s. Q- M s :- A , XY 1 . 1 9 was iv wfiif X zifbie iii kkk Eugene Williams Robert Willis Nancy Willson Nancy Wolter Buddy Woods Pamela Wooten Daniel Woronowitch Mary Wozniak Rufus Wright David Young Shirley Webster Susan Weiner Cheryl Wells Carol West Nancy West Vicki Westbrook Valerin Weston Ioanna Widdows Alice Wilkins Thomasena Wilkins P 'h'fwn.-- Deborah Will Annie Williams Ss L-f XF R on E n rn 2 ET 2 i, L X ' i QNX ing '1bN R 1 it X UGO, E tsatwg NK 179 A 'x Startin over We were the big kids last year. Now all ofthe sudden we're at the bottom again. But that's O.K. We've done it once, we can do it again. It may take a few years but we can do it! Co-President: Arnold Aubrey Co-President: Rick Borsten X WQQ sierra N- 1: .- .Q . e. S , i l,Q ,vi .iv . l i K S 18 0 The team at work , 2. -ax .. -5' A X XX S N X X1 Qgq, 4. N, T Q, X' - few Q W X N N X X X x X' x W MX' .X W V Sophomores at Play! Q . I S. .. s as . AX A x Q X as X XR . A Q ,.. , N ix 1 3 ' P at xl A 2 Patricia Barry Harris Bell Donald Bennett Luis Bianchi Mary Lou Birch Anne Bland Rick Borsten Howard Breeden Debra Brogdon Carole Brown Mellonease Brown Brenda Burgess , "'f 'if x A 'l i f w C eeaa a t as ' - "'f Q t .--', X A., N .- tx ikr, I I if l 1 -e'. ',-'r L i 'Qi' joseph Abbott Inez Adams Philip Adams' Carlos Amadao janet Amato Cathy Anderson Phillip Anderson Robert Anderson Cheryl Asche Richard Aveyard Kim Baker Marie Banks 5 eff ix A y y ,sf. be A A P " B . tB B 1 ,,:' U 1 if ,ff C f. A ii Q . . 11 A . L.lL ,4 . 551 a as ax 5, 182 Robert Burkett 1 Donna Carawan X s Diana Caullett Michael Conn Michael Cooney F W- s.5N,XX. qsqrrg x X 3 X. Karen Copeland Kathryn Cox Janet Crawford Roland Culberson X Jamie Davis -AXXQ s Lenora Davis Denise Dearing Ruth Deese Cindy Dinsman .Qu Rosa Duncombe Lester Edwards Naomi Farwell Mary Fenderson Sandra Fields Judith Ford Janice Foster Eliz Freeman Merriel Gamble Joyce Garnett s Qsssztywsg ' ---- 1 --X:-Xzs. .sw X -f g X. S5 X .. me XX X XXXM. . X539 X X .X Ri-X ': -s. -1 Qu, New iii? . Q 1 E gift aglfm Y . KX Janee Gernheuser X Albert Gonzales Cheryl Gronendahl F X .1 X ss gk 35. l 5,1 c X 35,35 X ' s SS Rs . N - X X QX X 1- Q' AX. . , ,PX 1 Q X is is ' ,W F Fl X . ' X - A .ly :V XXSL ' YES s .rr- sss--- ' wi fi er, ' if s , ' I ' lm F "' . N " ,Sis '. 4 . X . - as . l x I lg l . s -5 183 'I X X X i - -X X.- X X XX X .. N ss S E 'me X X X Www G X s ws X X X 0 ADX . . Xi.e.s. 5 -5. as X E X X XX - sw. Q X "T " X F QF x Q Q as X ,- ............,,, M., . . ii? in Q X e s.. 1. -5 X 4 A X f as 'Q X X Xkiax N, X .ess X AX , X x 'K ,Q X FS sw-zf..' . 'VX L. X F. X- Xf. f1 ' -f as X- x Nw . .. va W i it J B J PN -. X X r 'Q X X 5 5. keyel Q X ii. F 'I was Jeannette Hammet Marie Hansel Lorna Heglund Denise Helgeson Dianne Hendrix Mary Hetrick Pamela Hicker William Hiddle Jim Hodges Karen Hubbard Elton Hugee Linda Hustad 'it X A. P3 ifw 2' X? ! at! , ,. - -X QA. - L? ii . T ' . X NF . 2 - se' X XX. M X M I F Q K L X Rt . wk s X 5 Q i HS x X 3 E E! z X X? K - E 5 4 5 S J A s. it Q Anne Lamb ' . Iames Lamb if Q joseph Lamb W 2 Kevin Lamb i Donna Landm aro yn arsen o f . Richard Lawhorri i Michael Maass nQ e Q Allen Mackinson Deborah Major . F Judith Martin Deborah McGowan 3. , 5 X X at xt 3 lane Irvine Donna jackson Robert jackson Angela johnson Debbie Jones Helen jorge Ricky Ioyner Frank Keels Steve Kennam Frances Kennedy No t . 1 fLt .ic X S Q Charles Kerns q Dorothy Kotis .QS Q' Y "ii -N535 so K F ,, y . r 1 eeer ' , R Q- , is 2 N . t ,S X '- 1 ' t ,sv 5 ,wi iv S F Nj or -T. is " ig E N ' Q Q ' Y , 0305 Rf' sw - L sri .N ,ar Q X i 39 R- ,E N is k 'jr . S M .hr 1 . if v b xy tix' ll .. 1 l . X . , 1 . . , tg Q .s ' t ep '-ik ' , Q 3 . - , o lt, gr it as . RX t 5 x .ggi . - L: 1. 5. 3' si " , se ,- ' Sit: i f- .:. - " ' ' 184 Donna Mitchell Ubaldo Montesino Sandra Mortimore Fred Monroe Karen Mott Perry Munnings Rudolph Nath Shiela Newton Danny Norris Kathy Nye Linda Odum Ana Olivera Gloria Orechio Hilbert Padron Dennis Peadon Linda Peeples Rebecca Pitch Mathew Price .sf an 34: -X ' I ' .x-3 bfi: The . 1f-:-"sk 1? wr' h- sw' N. .Q g Xl? x S .i t ig X t A gi t Dianna Ramsey Sandra Roberson Trinette Rolle Michael Rowe Sandra Rowe Anita Riegsecker Catherine Sessa Sanra Sheffield jeffrey Shields Cheryll Simmons Regina Smiley Debra Smith gsx. S t. 9 4 we if si X. . X-SX . mr . -X . ' 1 X.. sgg. vt. . N - . Q x .. K... s ws . sf ,gf ' - 2' lk- X sf? x . X s i iiii i F Xi Q .is ggi X , e If ' 1 ' '-'- 'X 1 , ., wi X " .5 f. 3 . 'Q :ilk X N 3 Diane Tucker Beverly Ur Ignacio Valpuesta Connie Vandall Cedrie Vessell Linda Vonk Karen Voll Delbra Walker Marian Wade Vinita Wayman Rhonda Wedel Charles Weinstock Charles Whipple Sheryl Wilder Holly Williams Sara Wright Carla Young Steven Zwirz .4 fs. K in X x Q ' Aff. ,, "" -dm .':'J' 1' 'Eny a Six .1 99 nwag X' G 0 Q x Q a Ns S 'f W. S l SXX wee ' 'N X ' s N xX QX Ja X s Sw Xxx X ., i 1 Q., R if 'easy swf .. 1- it Q. .gl .. iff, ' C S1 . X EXE Q S x Ei? R? 3 x X X X xx N X slgxk Q s , gt S,-is is . R. 'LS .X 1. . X Q S Q :ssl XX xx N X v K Q s Q X ri ff 1 F . EX .. Q . X W Xi ,Q ,539 sus xXX xX , X Q X O m i X - -,.L5.Q v 'f gri sr . 185 ,.,.s K . 5----Q . .gg- lkfr as 4 5. . E.. sf.:-QS . sy-S xi-1 .Q XX -33 Xt. Wx Q45 j ig.: l Q. .4 X KE Q. G A t . .5 si ii lv, fr' x X sw Luther Smith Suzanne Stant Sherry Starkweather Susan Sye Coral Taylor Debbie Taylor Deborah Taylor Donna Taylor loy Tetreault Pamella Tibbitts Thomas Tillman Wayne Toombs si 'Bl' S 5 X Q. ' :., 3 - ' 2 3, VX- A ff. 5 S - c se . S ' 'f X I 'sei . ffm " .fs ZXQF as s z. - .- gg Xg. 2 11' z V . . hisfuii : mr. -i if'-V A' sX. 95. .... XI! SSE.: 5 X E l Looks like he lost his head over school work. Q Hmm?-I-hinkaboutm lustcaIlmeGertrude! SN 5 ,V . Q N . iii.:-.X k is- . e ve e :Wyl- .W 1:'v. x sh 'L va' - ,..x .Aww awww O K AN b . X F- ! R 1 xc-,Q 5. S 'S t, tA it x W , . , so . Xgxis X K Y s Q . A Q ' ,s - 15 ' iiiii fl ii k- N E X X . gs Y gm N . 1 3 K N - -' ' . i . 5 X .r .aa J, it J ur hardworking Student Government! Mrs. Abbott ought to soften up on her exams! What's a Nirvana? Steve, stop taking those pictures! X 1 COIVIPLINIENTS OF ngur-ian' furniture showcase 3003 Okeechobee Blvd. West Palm Beach, Florida CLARK OLDSMOBILE. INC. WRIGHT 81 SEATON INCORPORATED P.O. Box 2550 717 So. Olive St. West Palm Beach, Florida 33402 Telephone 832-2854 Insurance Agency P.O. Box 30 Phone Temple 2-2013 PHONE 832-3330 v LEEVIILUAIIS. ll. Pl. 6293 704 BELVEDERE RD. 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'nl-L .N BURGER KING HOME OF THE WHOPPER 4175 Okeechobee Road West Palm Beach, Florida WEE WASH AND LAUNDRY Q OIICRKNILAINIIS Will L k 84 B R g S West Palm B h FI 833 7084 CONGRATULATIONS to the A SENIOR CLASS from the AOUARIAN 03 ld Rd Q s The Sun Guides The Zodiac . . . . . . so have we been guided by many people throughout the year. We, Debbie Harris and Debbie Swank, as editors-in-chief of the Aquarian, wish to thank all the people who made this book possible. The number of hours of work that goes into the making of a yearbook is large and so is the number of people who helped us. First we wish to acknowledge our publisher, Delmar and their representative Mr. Tom Bernard, who let us in on all the latest scoops in yearbooks. Through Mr. Bernard's help and suggestions we were able to use effective methods, in publishing our book, we would not have otherwise known. Special thanks goes to our photographers from Vincent Price Studios of Fort Lauderdale. Excluding their pictures, hard work and patience we would not have a yearbook. Also our thanks go to our staff photographers, Steve Schwab and Steve losephsen for keeping up with our strenuous schedules. In publishinga yearbook, money is often a menacing factor and our book was no exception. So we would like to extend our appreciation to all our advertisers, without their support our book would have been financially un- sound. Many times during the year problems arose that only the principal could handle and Mr. Bridwell willingly worked with us to solve them. Sincere gratitude is expressed to Mr. Bridwell for all his help. We could not conclude without gratefully thanking our hard working devoted staff who literally worked day and night to make our yearbook the best possible. The ideas the staff came up with, were imaginative and new and added a much needed measure to our yearbook. They indeed deserve the utmost recognition. Our final thanks, appreciation, gratitude, admiration and especially love go to our sponsor Mrs. Deanne Under- wood. Without Mrs. Underwood our yearbook would not have been presentable. Most of our ideas for the book originated with her. Mrs. Underwood came to us as a sponsor with bright contemporary ideas that only enhanced Qur w0rk,Through her new ideas she inspired us to earnestly work for the best possible yearbook. Our year as editors has certainlyvbeen an interesting one. We have experienced and benefited from working under Mrs. Under- wood so much that we shall cherish it most in our memories of high school. ' 204 1 l n 1 - J V 4 F Q4 f , N Y 1 Y Y 1 , O V L his V n ,HQVQQVJVQVL ,V, ,, Q .- . . 1 V V . ,. V il, my 5 . 'L f . ' .-if.e1i'i',.'V- -V , ,Q .,:...V ,-A ..:..g,L, -V Vx .K U , 1 -a fff V2fw'I,fsVfV"' -'f'-11 QW ,g':..qVw' ,.- fee -- VV 1 "1 ,V M is- "mai "'QK'X W Q,:.e. 1fu:. 1.1 -: 11veV,V.' -, :V . .- F " Rs -' . -J T , 5.'f:-4 .224411 .iE.Qc-kiffv ie? fff"Pi" 15352: .es3fV '?r' T 'VY fx ' wr 'V 1 V, . - V 'V V - X ' fifkxhi-VVLQQZEVF'-35 .V X -.3 5, Q 5-. - 5 V V .A ,-:sg :154'x' .q-.5 W ' g- .V - - .- P V : - A , ' Y - f-1:V'- .. ay -.513-.w . ix., ,lv V .-Vg -- V . ' V K ' ' wt-'H -. V . " .:,,5. V A . ....,,, . K .. VA ' ' ' , HF' , ' 'gui J 1' . ' 'Vis ' . V ir 1 1 1 v 'ti I . . x- f ' , . I 'Ur . n V - .5 ' . ,- .. xg V . . . V - V . . 1 A s - v . I ! Q ' u 1 . .,j K . ,Vx . .. . . . V . 5 , R .V ' V Q ' . ' . 1. M ' - ' 4- ' Vi . l M ,. ' . Wg sm 1 ' r ' V , Q m . ,, 4 + K K I . a , K . 'Y .A V v u .. s , - V ,K j V 1 . lk A 'V ' . ,, Q . 4 . V 3 -Q .b V , pi sw Q. I X . X W, Q. ' - . -V , i, .V A, V 5 '1 'Q ', N 5 . 'Y ,, -, . ' ' V ' I., . . X 1 ' 526 . I ,VA . - K - , - I ., n C. K f -1- . Q . . ' an -Ask -K ' 0 ' in :A Q 0 -'3 W l a Y. x . . ,' F V . . . V. . V ,. ' . ,,. .E en ' . .i-fi ,V 4. ?'3.:1 K 1 E , , ' -S? up 'X bl We . ,. gi ' fi - if . . . E V S ' is 4 . 1 ' , n" ',f,' 1 X '. 'Fig lk - . , Q f .X I , -, H . ,. -'Q-C ' .-C-V3 1: Q V - '- .QL '-fkgi, -'53-Q ' QQ' . ' ,im '5"',flg.'3'51gg ' L - 'Q-1 H Q. H ' , . f - ' ,3'V,Q5g-'T 'V 579- . '. "2 1 1 'Ai ., V LT 'L . ,, -, . JN. Q ,f 3 tu yr'V-inf ' 'L IU. fin. 'bn , '9"iw..' '..i"i H3 S,-fl IM .- :"-f Q 9' -1- :V . V. .. . V . . - Q AM f- ., -V 1, V .' V. A V V. ' W- f -V .4V-nw-f.z,f-.,V.-V-f. H V ww, .A-. S V- : vVi'f--Afkfn-pw 2 V' 1 ' , :i f. . . -,VVV, ,V, 2, . -, - ,, , J -xv Vy ,fa-,V, V- my 31.1 . .,-Q' -Vg.-ga . i?ff,. - .frm -J fw: V XV V- " Q., .Hr M- V, ,, Q ' V ,,, Rl- - 5 ' ' ' f'-'v'f1Af " A 1 '5"-idfgff " Vff"W3f"' 'ff'-f ' V 'Y w .1 ., 'Z 2 i S J-'Q5 Qljjyg Q,--xgw., 1 I WI,154-fs--gpg-7,.fulum, .Wu- un .ff ,,, ,

Suggestions in the Twin Lakes High School - Aquarian Yearbook (West Palm Beach, FL) collection:

Twin Lakes High School - Aquarian Yearbook (West Palm Beach, FL) online yearbook collection, 1972 Edition, Page 1


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