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 - Class of 1957

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'Q J E51 p 4 J 1 .Q if... Q " L.,, ,, .K.N.,.,f- M.-. -Mg ..Y.,, .,, .. Q . . . ,,.,,.- ,fx Qi ' .gi 1-., 'J L, Y' ' 31", 57- V , M F . il ,N , 1' . , , , V .. 1 A .1 -bi ga ,E Ln' ' ,i B- - if H14 I I' 4' 1 . I nf. 4+ ,L . , If X L, I, r X: 195 " 'fi A ul , . vri , ef- .1 ,L . L! , I 1. '1 Vai " iii! 1 i ."w' li ' H, 5 A , 5 MM Q25 1- ,I 1 .lj 3 4- .. J.. ' :,. Iflf .5-i QQ in A X 1 i- fi P if E in . THE SENIOR CLASS 957 PRESENTS TH TWIN LCDOKBACK kd u A 'Q 5 A 0 inmliun We, the seniors of 1957, in grateful acknowl- edgement of his untiring efforts in our behalf, and as a token of the h' h , ig personal esteem in which we hold hini, do hereby express our gratitude by dedi- eating the 1957 Twin Lookback to Mr. James Shope, Superintendent. Since first coming to Twin in 1955, he has con- sistentl d ' ' ' y an conscientiously worked for the better- ment of our school and our curriculum to enable B01.9NIV11ll 3010013 us to go forward into the tomorrows bet,ter prepared and happier individuals. In times of mental anguish or privation, he has always aided us. Fully understanding the concept of "his brother's keeper", he has been and remains a true friend of the students. vv 1 ron AIIMINISIHAIIUN . I I x ' ' r QI X Y' I I Mpl. J' 0 .if K . 5 5 , oF EDUC Alf! ,y fn om Myrl Shoemaker Clerk Treasurer John Scott James Patterson M1ldredLong Secretary Robert Newman Pres1dent James Shope Executxve Head Glenn Bethel Everett Benner V1cePres1dent GARNET BURKE Ohlo Unxversmty A Enghsh Sc1ence CDUR FACULTY HAZEL CORE IVIARGUERITE FULLER Ohlo Urnversxty B S Vhlmmgton B 5 'ns--fp" Vocatlonal Home Soc1al Sclence Economxcs Sclence JOSEPHINE METCALFE Ohio State B S Enghsh Latm Dramatzcs 3' lx X . np' 2 ' .1 1 I s - n 9 , I 5 , 1 l - A -x - I p -0 n ' ' ' , .B. , ' I l K 5 , . . n V, . . '11-ag LOIS MILLER Ohio University Home Ec B S Biolog Englis Speech World History JACK BARTRAM Ohio State, B. S. Vocational Agriculture ALPHONSE FOOSE Ohio State Univ Bachelor Science Industrial Mngt Personnel Mngt Marshall College Education Commercial MARTIN HAMM Ohio State B. M. Ohio . Math Science ED LENDENSKI JOHN ALLEN Univ of Mexico Cincinnati Conserv atory of Music Instrumental Vocal Band Q 1 ORAL CRABTREE Wilmington B S. Industrial Arts Clarion State College Bachelor of Science Social Studies Drivers Training Assistant Coach RALPH BROWN Univ. of Dayton West Virginia B. Health Phys. Ed. Coach DOLORES HASTINGS West Virginia U Home Ec B S Science Math JAMES SHENAULT Principal Ohio State Ohio Univ. Education B. S. History E E SENIUHS PRESIDENT BONEDA MAE COPPOCK Class Offxcer 1 Z H A Class Play 4 Mlxed Chorus 3 4 Gxrls' Glee 1 Z News a er Staff 3 P Annual taff 4 Volleyball Team I TERRESSA JO COMPHER Terry" Class Officer 2 3 4 F H A 1,2 3 4 Junior, Chapter Cheerleader Z 3 4 F' F A Sweetheart2 Mxss Twm 4 T1-10 4 Ensemble Z 3 4 G1r1s Gleel 2 Mlxed Chorus B nd 1 Z 3 4 School Pxamst 1 Z Volleyball Team 1, Z F H A Pzamstl Z Track I Z Newspa er Staff 3 Annual taff4 Class Play 4 Latxn Club 1 Lxbrarxan 3 VICE PRESIDENT MOTTO Ready to Accomplxsh CLASS OF 1957 SECRETARY BEVERLEE JANE LONG Jame' Class OfflC8T l Z 4 Cheerleader 4 F F A Sweetheart 4 Queen s Court 4 Trlo 4 G1rls' Glee l Z Mlxed Chorus 3 4 B nd 1 Z 3 4 Ensemble Z 3 4 Volleyball Team l Track l Z Newspa er Staff 3 Annual Staff 4 Class Play 4 Llbrarlan 3 Latm Club 1 TREASURER LOIS EVELYN SHOEMAKER Loxs Class Offlcer 1 Z 3 4 H A Class Play 4 Tr1 H1 Y 4 B nd 1 Z 3 4 Ensemble 3 4 Tr1o 4 Glee Club l Z Mixed Chorus 3 Queen s Court 4 Volleyball 1 Z Newspaper Staff Annual Staff 4 Trackl 2 4 3 ll Q ' III ' 3,4 a I I I ' I I D314 ll ' I . . I. I a I I I , 1 1 ,Z "Bonnie" ' . .3,4 F. . . 1,213.4 . ' 'Sy I ,Z , ll ' ll F. . .1.2.s.51' ' . . f' - - 0 a I I I I , HUGH MARLIN BENNER 'Hugh Track 1 Basketball Z Manager 1 Student Councrl 1 F A Offlcer 3 4 Class Offmcer 1 ROSE MARIE HAGER Rosxe FHA 234 Junlr G1r1s' Glee Z Mxxed Chorus 3 4 Class Play 4 Trl H1 Y 4 Newspaper Staff 3 Annual Staff 4 COLORS Blue and Whxte FLOWERS Red Rose And L1ly of the Valley LUCILLE AUDREA FORD Lucy G1r1s' Glee 1 M1xed Chorus 3 4 Class Play 4 Newspa er Staff 3 Annual taff 4 Lunch Room Assxstant 1 OPAL IRENE KNISLEY Opal Gxrls Glee 1 Z Newspaper Staff 3 Reporter 3 Mxxed Chorus 3 4 Class Play 4 Annual Staff 4 Lunch Room Ass1stant 3 l II . ,Z F. .H .1.-2.3.4 ll ll ' I L Il ' ll . . . . . , 'O 3' FJ! if ll ll . , , GINGER LOREETTA SHOEMAKER PURDUM ll F. H.A. 1,Z,3,4, Junior, Chapter Girls' Glee 1, Z Mixed Chorus 3 4 Volleyball Team 1 Z Trackl Z 3 Newspa er Staff 3 Annual taff4 Class Officer l 4 Band 1, Z Class Play 4 Librarian 3 NORA LOUISE SHOEMAKER VANDEMA RK "Nora" F. H.A. l,Z,3, 4, Junior, Chapter Ensemble Z, 3, 4 Girls' Glee 1, Z Mixed Chorus 3, 4 Volley Ball l, Z Track 1, Z Class Officer 1,2 Student Council 1 fOfficerJ Miss Twin 3 Tri-Hi-Y 4 QOfficerj Senior Class Play 4 Newspa er Staff 3 Annual Staff 4 Librarian l, Z PHYLLIS WOOD Phyl H A Z Mixed Chorus 3 4 Ensemble Z 3 4 Class Play 4 Newspa er Staff 3 Annual taff4 Class Officer 3 Model Le islature 4 Latin Clu 1 Tri Hx Y 4 Officer Bandl Z 3 4 Carnival Queen Z Track l Librarian 3 4 WILMA KAY YOAK UM Welm HA 1234 Junior C hapte r Girls Gleel Z Mixed Chorus 3 4 Newspaper Staff 3 Annual Staff 4 Class Officer 1 Z 4 Band l Z 3 4 Tri Hi Y 4 Volleyball 1 Z Class Play 4 Lunch Room l BEVERLY JEANN WILLIAMS Bev F H A 1 Z 3 4 Junior Chapter State Homemaker 3 B nd l Z 3 4 Girls' Glee Mixed Chorus 3 4 Ensemble 4 Class Play 4 Tri Hi Y 4 Model Legislature Class Officer 1 Newspa er Staff 3 Annual taff 4 Lunch Room Assistant 1 Latin C lub l 1 1 1 1 11 11 V 3 1 1 1 'I 1,2 ' 4 11 u F. . . ,3,4 " " V Gi.!'lS'Glee 1,2 F, , , , , , , ' ' 1 1 t ' I 1 1 A. I 1 1 I E h .1 1 1 .' A' 1 I 1 X ' " D 1 1 1 V .ku I - p . 2 . . 5 1 ' 41 1-'F' IX 5 , f 1 x 3' Q Q. wg- . E fu HW! .'-wil WH Q. 4Z' y29g f pl ii 4 if Y 1 if--'gli ' , 5 5 ff? Smimr glass Ellrmugphlwrzg 'W 62.16 A great explosion we did hear, Now as the dust be ins to clear u. ,xx 4 8 "' The senlor class goes flllng by f '- NNW fag Thxs IS what we prophesy -ff: XQJ 5 fr KES? lf ' I u Jw 't if A great event wlll soon take place ik 5 :is-X. BONEDA COPPOCK dressed ln lace :M 49 f After the ceremony she tosses her bouquet An angel ln White PHYI-'LIS WOOD aPPear5 To JANE LONG on thls falr June day lVI1n1ster1ng to the s1ck throughout the years To a tau lad Jane W111 be Wed She soothes the sxck all durmg the n1ght Q er the road to matl-In-,ony 5he'11 be ed She's a very good nurse the pat1ent's dehght i JZ 0 Wh th l d d t df f 'P o IS lS a es me or ame f ' rfwmrfil The great HUGH BENNER that's h1s name 5 m He s the greatest hotrodder of our day " Now the champ of the lndranapolls Speedway X' I Of the semor class there are only two Vtho have become teachers Although they're new cn . . They know how to make the students mmd ROSE and LUCILLE so gentle and klnd The Shoemaker s1sters have become wwes They ve found thelr fortunes and lead bllssful llves .23 GINGER and NORA wxth quxte a few klds 7' fl" They get so frustrated they flxp thelr hds P fe J I' 5 Who now appears 1n the spotlxght's beam? , q A great duet a llkeable team J Q TERRY plays the piano she entertams all Q59 Vthxle accompanylng LOIS Ln Carnegle Hall Q X fe we .,. 4- 3 Isl Nu- -T: .Q 176 jx m l Z " K 's:.:'t -7' . --" 1 at Two beauty salons compete mn vam 1 f One on Pamt the other on Maxne I WILMA and BEVERLY create ha1r styles Thelr customers leave w1th satxsfled smxles The last senlor we see IS taklng d1ctat1on I X OPAL. chose clerxcal work as her vocatxon She's the very best secretary 1n the entxre natxon 1 when she marrxes the boss she ll have a permanent vacatxon 1 97 P Thls ends the senxor prophecy of 57 m Vthlch was predlcted by grade ll We know they ll be mxssed as the years roll by And so we bxd them th1s fond good by K . . , t' 45, , on M Q 1 f l l ' . ' Q-f-if 1 l TT". l NN 'Y "3 X 1! are K M 0 lg X l Eu X' my 2 ' - 'SV -4 ' e I :Qs wg-1 H 5. 1 ' D . El' QF Tv T-A . . . 1 1 h ' I h, .XI ' ' A ' ' G l ' 1 ' ' 1 . P . ' ' IJ 1 ' . Q , 'IIAI , 'gift' :v I l. , - b g I . -D - . IBF? J ' N , , .1 fa. , . . ' it-67.1. ' h - : D . K 3 --V, fy , if VV ' , Qf N - xkfgih, E 1 Q v,."7 ,, ',,V ,' f :Q ' A S em -:EEZ I ,. -' ua-: ,a . 5 Q '55 " 'fra if "' Ne- - 5 -- - ' .J ' 'G ' A " " "' ,.-- T .gm - 2 -I-gala' 'f-RH I I l , I 1 - . . l X, h X f S ' ' if 1 J- I C N W, 1 , ' - I I enum' Class Ill torv As we the class of 57 near the fxmsh lme of one of the bxggest races m our lzves we pause a whxle to look back over the whole event We recollect the school year 1944 45 to be the start1ngl1ne Mrs Hoben sack fxred the shot for 49 lxttle chxldren to begm Our rate of speed was rather slow at ilrst everythmg was so new As the race became a lxttle more excxtxng that year Nora and Gxnger Shoemaker became partlclpants The next four laps were coached respectwely by Mrs Baum Mrs Toler Mxss Purdum and Mr Shoemaker Although some dropped out durmg the fourth lap Lols Shoemaker and Beverly vV1ll1ams Jomed ln the race We entered the sxxth la w1th most of the fundamentals of learrnn behmd Our rate of speed had oubled wlth 40 stlll ln the race Some s ared a posxtlon ID the hxgh school band st1ll ln lts mfancy The next two laps were spent ln preparat1on for the last four We struggled hard for at thxs stage It began to be determmed who would be the wznners A our knowledge mcreased new act1v1t1es were added basketball cheerleadlng Opal Knlsley entered ln the ezghth lap These last four laps the excxtement and tens1on mounts Another part1c1 pant Joxns Phyllxs Wood F H A and F F A were the fxrst means of our sharmg prlvxleges of upper classmen Mr Smxth gulded us carefully on th1s new track Mr Hamm was the able mstructor to help us 1n the tenth lap Once a few part1c1pants m the race decxded to drop behmd to rest for a whxle on a flshmg trxp 1n early s rmg No one else but Dorey Morrls truant offrcer could have cracked the whlp and put them back 1n l1ne Terry Compher was chosen F F A Sweetheart We begm to hear the crowd cheer as we enter the llth lap We see the pleased look on Nora's face when she IS chosen "M1ss Tw1n' Satlsfactlon IS the keyword read mto the look on Beverly's face as she recexves the honorable State Homemaker s Degree My the thmgs we saw whxle passmg through Washlngton D C The cheers from the crowd are almost deafenmg as we begm the home stretch Terry 15 M1ss Tw1n' Jane Long IS F F A Sweetheart Gm er recelved the Betty Crocker Award through merlt upon tak1n a test Phyl. IS recewed an award for belng the most outstandmg member o Tr1 H1 Y Slx members of the orlgmal group appear at the flmsh lme Hugh Benner W11ma Yoakum Jane Long Terry Compher Boneda Coppock, and Lucrlle Ford The fmal pra1se IS bestowed upon 13 members who have pushed themselves to become the wmners Mxss Metcalfe gu1ded us through those last two trymg laps o I l wffuafafb Phylhs Loxs Nora B1-,.-x R o s e """","",,',3 u Beverly Terry Opal Bonnxe Lucxlle Hugh C ass Wall We the Senlors of 1957 wlth our good looks ood manners and mtellxgent expresslons hope we have left for all who trud e the rocky road ehmd us the key to the golden gate of opportumty Sometxmes called ' he Lucky Th1rteen" we would lxke to now present thls, our last w1ll and testament To the Freshmen we w1ll and bequeath our abxllty to talk IH study hall wxthout attracting any teacher s attentton To the Sophomores we wtll and bequeath our abtltty to have neatly ftlled lockers and our good fortune of never havmg accxdents that would clutter up the halls To the Jumors we w1ll and bequeath our great actm ab1l1ty and also our home room teacher Mtss Metcalfe who has so fa1thful1y gulded us t rough our many troubles To the Jumor Hxgh we w1ll and bequeath our abllxty to acquxre a crowded schedule so they w1ll no longer trudge the well worn path to detentlon To the Faculty we w1ll and bequeath our past transgresstons and future mxstakes that they may burn for them Next we come to the followlng personal bestowals whlch have been awarded to 1nd1v1 duals with due conslderatlon of the fltness of the rectptent I HUGH BENNER do hereby wxll and bequeath my ab1l1ty to get a good mght's sleep to Kyle McGu1re I, TERRY COMPHER do hereby w1ll and bequeath my cheerleadxng ab1l1ty to my up and l, BONNIE COPPOCK do hereby wxll and bequeath my ab1l1ty to keep marrxage ln the famlly to Mary Norman I, LUCILLE FORD do hereby wzll and bequeath my quxetness to Helen Whlte I ROSE HAGER do hereby w1ll and bequeath my abxlxty to get through school to my brother Joseph I OPAL KNISLEY do hereby wxll and bequeath my bxg shoes l1AA to any small footed Jumor so they can stand on thetr own feet as a Semor I, JANIE LONG do hereby w1ll and bequeath my ab1l1ty to forget to remember anythxng to anyone who does I GINGER PURDUM do hereby wxll and bequeath my swtng to Lmda Shoemaker and Dorlene Martm for thelr back porch I LOIS SHOEMAKER do hereby wxll and bequeath my ab1l1ty to always have a standby to Phyllls and Janet I NORA VANDEMARK do hereby w1ll and bequeath my collectlon of earrmgs to Mxss Metcalfe I BEVERLY WILLIAMS do hereby wxll and bequeath my extra credxts to my brother Rxchard I PHYLLIS WOOD do hereby wxll and bequeath my mathemattcal abllxty to my brother Howard 1n hopes that he wxll become the next Emstem I WILMA YOAKJM do hereby wtll and bequeath my ab1l1ty to cl1mb poles to Carlene Shaw In wxtness whereof we the Class of 1957 the testators have set to thls our last wlll and testament our hand and seal thxs nxneteenth day of May one thousand nxne hundred and fxfty seven 1 , ' . ' , 1 4 . ' ' ' . . , ,g , ' . 4 - . , . . . . . , . . I I ' I l - I , - ' I ' . . . . cormng young slster T11l1e. ' . . . . I I I I ' I I I - , . . , , . I . I , , . . . , ' U ' V. . . I l I I A ' I . . , I I - I I I 1 1 . A I I U 4 , . , I . . A I I I I I ' 1 I I I I I I 1 A . . 1 IINIIEHHASSMEN mul I I ' I E mm lndvrclassmvn Katherme Prxmer Presmdent Patty Scott Vlce Presmlent Charles Mxller Presldent B111 Johnson Vxce Presxdent Mary Norman Secretary Buddy Mark Treasurer -un Emxly Cutrxght Secretary Pat Mmne Treasurer L grvshmeu ff? PW Donnle Inman H.. J I 'N X S eta Avonell Lykxns K A V 'f 13395 Ijgn V1ce Presxdent freasurer wr 49564 wen!!! Q Jon Yoakum Presuient Carlene Shaw Vxce Preszdent nt 'L 9.-4 Rlchard Yoakum Presxdent Janet Core Vlce Presldent Glen Wheeler U- Secretary John Depoy Treasurer , x. " Allce Wxllxams 'S Qt, Secretary Robert Kellough l H Treasurer T I J' J J Sa V - V ..- A Q x vu ,, ,.. Q J Az' J 5 J J uv, . M ' - - - Pk . xg ,J , . ik I f I 1 ' J 1 I 'J YJ Q. , l K' , - J' "' ' x " - MW ' " ' ' ' .f ,I I ' 1 X' 4' J ' 5 "" f J 1 Y E Q Q f E ,rr 1 - ' 'V-X V , I JL ' 5 S' ' , , Connie Reaster President E ' " f- 'Lf R . , J ' J' f g I, . y , 5 V X V J J b , 'X x X V I fl- t. v I I, V fa ," 'KN X 0' is J 'yi X 1' . Q 4 ' .. - A K 9' . . K r 5 1- - I 3'2" 1 . I ' 5 S N , "' fl- A, vu 4. 1 A " 'A 'J f :V 5.1 1. of "dy I --. I . ,. , A I A Z , ,,,.- f. I , A ,. 1 : A N K, 1' t Q er 0 FIRST ROW Mrs Miller Clarence Miller Dorlene Martin Patty Johnson Dorothy Compher Sara Parrett Lula Strouse Mildred Rumfield Loretta Johnson Elizabeth Krngery SECOND ROW Marilyn Wr1ght Roger Depoy Frank Posey Eugene Frasure Tom Hurley Paul Edgington Max Shoemaker Larry Bethel Linda Shoemaker Mary Arlngton THIRD ROW John Crrtes Steve Compher Benny Angus Billy Allensworrh Colin H111 Leroy VanGundy Pat Mlnney B111 Toler B111 Johnson Charles Miller fm 'L X J UNl0R5 it FIRST ROW: Mr. Foose, Mack Miller, Mary Norman, Carol Cottrill, Betty Johnson, Norma Knisley, Mary Knisley, Ethel Frasure, Ruth Scott, Nolan Glandon, Jack Mill- er. SECOND ROW: Jean Davidson, Sandra Hamilton, Marty McGuire, Phyllis Dot- son, Janet Shoemaker, Roy Compher, Kyle McGuire, Gerald Kimberlin, Patty Scott, Katherine Primer. THIRD ROW: Helen Landrum, Larry Wiscup, Wayne Mumford, George Mark, Larry Wipert, Billy Clarkson, Barry Allensworth, Ernest Kinnamon, David Hill, Cherry Newman, Sandra White. ff2aeSHMw,l FIRST ROW Mr Crabtree V Glandon K Johnson A Johnson M Xkrlson B Kellough B Shoemaker C Davell J Skrnner Mrs Hastmgs SECOVD ROW NI McGu1re H Wh1te D Forcum I Wrlt E Johnson I Wersel S Shoemaker J Young R Wheeler L Dotson THIRD ROW A Lykrns C Braw C Reaster G Ward N Depoy G Power G Compher W Taylor E Compher FIRST ROW I Zlckafoose R Krnnamon D Inaman CJ Knapp R Henshaxw P Lrtter H Pollock J Long R Mrller SLCOND ROW R Wrllrams R Krngerx N Krmberlln T Cheesman H Kmslex D Core J Co111ns D Nlark THIRD ROM Mr Brown L bcott C Starhng B Mendenhall C Posey L Johnson E Frasure D Edgrngron . V' - . . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . . L . 1 . , . f - 1 - v - v - v - 1 - 1. ' I - ' Y . . . . , . I, . , . , . , . , v . , . , . . l . . - , I . ' ' l 1 , Q , . 7 1 1 1 I . : , , . . . A v - - . y - , . , r . . , R. I, r . , . , . I, . , . , , .A . I . , . - 1 - . - , . . . , . . FIRST ROW Mrs Burke Lourse Strth Loraxne Strth Martha Arrrngton Marcus Mumford Tom Henderson Dwrght Krmberlrn Judy Blakeman Beverly Allensworth Sharon Ellrott SECOND ROW John Depoy Flrzabeth Shoemaker Barbara Norman Joe Hager Jon Yoakum Ann Pr1mer Duane C aldwell Phrllp Mrller Ralph Scott THIRD ROW Lrnda Cottrrll Donald Hrx Jacob Brrdenbaugh Gene Broughton James Angus Kenneth Logan Lewrs Crooks Lawrence Murray James Pollock Judy Davrs XQ6, '4 0513 On FIRST ROW Mr Allen Barbara Addx Darrell Knrgery John Huff Barbara Gragg John Van Gundy Darsy Ford Howard Wood Vlrgrnra Duty SLCOND ROW Barbara Bryant Larry Strouse Peggy Dotson Connre Shoemaker Carl Snyder Donna Mark Edwma Wersel Llnda Long THIRD ROW Ahce Hamlln Tom Angus Ronald Compher Russell McCord Earl Landrum Carlrne Shaw Luther Johnson Donald Gragg Glenn Wheeler . . . . 6 C 7' , ,P O Y , 'W ,ef SEVENTH GRADE FIRST ROW J Crouse P Wood F Smrth K Spencer R Yoakum R Kellough D Shoe maker E Shoemaker I Brown F Edgrngton SECOND ROW M Johnson R Broughton C Knxsley N McGraw H Frasure T Shoemaker N Angus L Angus C Chaney I Chaney L Mrnney THIRD ROW J Wrlt BI Powers W Acton W Buckner I Crouse R Ellrott I Newland J Core M Schlaegel I Newberry FOURTH ROW R Hamhn E Johnson R Mark A Wrlhams M Knxsley G Wrlcox S Lrrrer F Hrsherser D Baker C Strouse G Wrlght GRADE MRS PIFKFRYNC' SCHOOL HEMENTAHY gunman ! i mr ,lv gf' . 4 Eff?-54 x fa N 1 slxn-I GRADE 'V FIRST ROW Mrs Crossen Joyce Heshtser John Cutrrght Molly Kelly Mary Starltng Larry Krngery Ruth Newberry Roger Rumfreld James Knrsley Johnny Mrnney SECOND ROW James Rhrnehart Herbert Johnson Gwen Dotson Tom McCord Chr1st1anCheeseman Barbara Rhoads Mrke Shoemaker Dar1Wh1tt THIRD ROW Wanda Perry Betty Cox Ronnle Cooper Carol Compher E1a1neHopk1ns Dane Knapp T1l11eCompher Mabel Johnson Charlene Tay or FIRST ROW E E Shoemaker Anna Kmsley Roger Newland Robert Henderson Donna Pollock Lee Everett Cottrxll Donna Purdrn Claude Duty Wayne Long Carol Nlohler SECOND ROW Larry Heshtser Farrel Posey Mary Parrett Carolyn Van Gundy Norma Strouse Ixancy Johnson Carolyn Kellough George Baker Robert McGu1re THIRD ROW Jerry Nlewberry Wrlham Lee Etta McCutcheon Jenme Johnson Sharon Scott Kenneth Buckner Judy Mendenhall Jack Ktnnamon Harold Style Gary Shoemaker 3 - 1 f . , v I I I I ' ' . I - Z I 1 I I I I I ,J . Y f' I 3 . I I l I A ' : ' v v T ' u n n - 1 n v I I I I I I I I ' FIRST ROW: Miss Hatmaker Paula Knisley Charles Compher Terry Glandon Ronnie Posey Ann Benner karen Mendenhall Jrmmy Rhoads Carolyn Broughton SECOIND ROW Sue Cottrlll Ruby Johnson Conley Fann1n Bob Kaltenbach Butch Lance Helen Inman Oakley Scott Roger Logan THIRD ROW Martha Buckner Mrke Myers Stella Kellough Carolyn Hopkrns Larry Stewart Iohn Jusuce Fred Wtlson Ruby Scott Dewey Buckner ' FIFTH GRADE if FIRST ROW Xlrs Storts Sue NlcCuxrc George Burke Jerry Pollock Bobby Jones Clrfford Buckner Norman Reaster Brenda Rrmberlrn Norman Relley Patty Shoemaker SLCONDROXN Beverly Parrett Regrna Shoemaker Gcraldrne Shoe maker Mary Bryant Allen Gregg Raymond Xxnght Larry Staffm D1anne Arrxng ton Nl3l'Xll1C ltaney THIRD ROW Lmda Scott Donald C rooks Brran Allensworth Robert Zrcafoose Nlartha schlaegel Raymond Landrum Mel Shan Wayne lxnrsley James C ompher ' x To N ' . 4 o B FOURTH GRADE 2 , , ' ocazexoif' 'Wxfsvo' 'ya' SQQ"s K lj? Qfqftgt. I I 1 72 ,'.5.gQf if ' ?gs:y,,Q' A U ' V "Qu K 'c 1:3 'f9'.,' yoj 'Af FIRST ROW Mrs Donahue Beryl Llhott Roger Kellough James Xyalls Wrllram Jones N611 Kxngery Danny Schobelock Sammy Grubb Bruce Cald well SECOND ROW Mary K rouse Bertha Landrum Kathy Shoemaker sharon Porcum Donna Brust Frreda Hamlm Lrnda Noble Betty Landrum THIRD ROW Patrrcra Adams Wanda Pollock Jeffrey Grouse Jackre lkrlt Gary Lytle Lmda Chaney Joyce knrsley Sharon Prxmer Scott whrrlex Depoy Dayrd T1111s Nlary Warner Olrn Rumfreld bhCO'xD ROW Arthur L1tter Glenn Ixewland Wrllard Ixellough Nlyrna Shoemaker Phrlrp lsnrsley Irnnny Young Robert l'x1llll3lllOll Nllcheal Dotson THIRD ROW Jerry Rellough Llrfford Inman Xlargaret H111 Wesley Lllrs Jerry Shelpman Wrllard lxellough Krt Bucy Phyllrs McGraw 1111 Hamrlton A ' . 1 ' I 'I , 5 ' . ' N C,- 4-2 FIRST ROW: Mrs. Core, Linda Brown, Janet Chaney, Christine Frasure, Sandra I if 5 f S FIRST ROW Mrs Toler Danny Gentry R1ck1e Grubb Garland Walls Jeane El11s Larry Johnson Donna Mendenhall John Strouse Steven Johnson Teresa Knlsley SECOND ROW W11l1am Myers Kenneth Cottr1l1 Brenda Adams Manlyn Nolan Barbara Stauffer Robert Blakeman Emmrtt Kuhn Sherry Johnson THIRD ROW Carlean Rumfreld Terry Dotson Dav1d Johnson Karen Shoemaker Cheryl Knapp Go1d1e Johnson Gary Cooper James Brooks Regma Cru1s1e f 'ff'-' G00 FIRST ROW Mrs Walter Martrn Jr Scotty Kuhn Martrn Addy Sue Johnson Rex Shoemaker Clara Mark Ernest Johnson Ann Van Gundy Mrke Caldwell Carolyn Johnson SECOND ROW Ruthxe Rlehle Terry Johnson Sherry Johnson Garrett Shoemaker Alrce Knrsley Nancy Bethel Jo Ann Stover Jlfllffly Johnson THIRD ROW Brlly Compher Johnny Cooper Sherry Ballren Jeff Parrett Beverly I-Iopkms Sharon Maughmer Ronnre Krngery Clayton Baker Dale Fowler " SECCND GRADE Qt o fm FIRST ROW Mrs Baum Marhn Johnson Jeannre Edwards James Davrs Dav1d Jones Florra Myers V1ck1 Xvllt Stephen Addy Beverly Baker Chrrstme Stauffer SECOND ROW Lrnda Hrx Cassre Shoemaker W1111am Shoemaker Betty Crouse Ronald Beverly Wrpert Robert Trllrs Kenneth Inman Peggy Yoakem Eddle Powers Chrrsne Shaw Robert Burke Larry Newberry James Donahue 0'-x '-' L NJ FIRST ROW Mrs Brown Jackre Kmsley Conme Kmsley Haney Mrnnex Rrchard Buckner Frankle Joe I111s Dranna Brown SLC ONID ROM Gaxla Xyrpert kerth Klmberlrn Larry Cooper Gary Hopkrns Robert Wright Hoyt ard hellough -Q X ' ' X " ' 7 ,. .f . . 1 1 ' ' -Y I - . Q' ' 'W' 1 R ' K. , 4: y f 44 ' 5 , Parrett, Robert Newland, Chester Lytle, Larry Knisley, Plezy' Newberry. THIRD ROW: lA. 'l' FIRST GRADE FRONT ROW- Mrs Long Nancy Duty Joetta Parett Howard Tong Lora Mend- enhall Tommy Gregg Jeffrey Ballern Jrmmy Wrlson Theresa Parrett Mae Shoemaker SECOND ROW Kathy Maughmer Pamela Johnson Marcla Crus1e Dean Knapp Sue Ellen Gregg Lrnda Adkrns Tommy Weatherheacl Deborah Dotson THIRD ROW Mary Buckner Joseph Johnson Teddy Johnson Kenneth Kmzer Bobby Compher Larry Wrrght Davrd Noble Davrd Purdum Arlene Frasure X SECOND ROW Roger btrouse btephen Benner Hazel Johnson Lrnda E111s Dw1ght Johnson Jackre Shoemaker Kay Wrpert Davld Maughmer Arch1e Harr1s THIRD ROW Tommre Cooper Bonnre Knapp Tommy Newland Garrett Stewart Arthur Hamhn Mrchael Krnnamon Rodney Van Gundy Lrnda Kellough V ll i xg - - f D- T T T T .wa . ' 2 ' . ' , ' . 7 12 'I . . . . I X 'u , FIRST ROW: Mrs. Hagans, Debby' Johnson, Nancy Knisley, Jackie Cottrill, Ken- 5 neth Cutright, Bernard Johnson, William Addy, Stephen Cooper, Montie Kuhn. 'M B N A 1 D . ' . . ' ' . AETIV TIES K E 5 E -uv' 1: C17 'IIN N., 1CfY Iamg Lomgw LOIS Shoemaker QUEEN AND HER COURT MAJORETTES Mary Norman Karhta Spencer Barbara Norman Janet Core S290 Nm Bumov MIXED CHORUS .P IL. f f Mary Norman Jame Long Phy111s Dotson Nora Vandemark Lors Shoemaker Beverly Wrlhams Sandy Hamrlton Janet Shoemaker Phy111s Wood Terry Compher r I GIRLS N E S E M li .Il gi Phyllis Wood IL M-iff' In Q Gmger Purdum '5- Xfs Tu H1 Y Betty Crocker MK VARSITY BASKETBALL SQUAD ,ZS-' W5 CHQ ii-Qfiv-n 5 lu +--QX LQQ S Q Q 1 VARSITY L.1p.J1l FIRST ROW Coach Mr Brown SECONID ROM Roger Depoy Max Shoemaker Steve Compher Ernest Ktnnamon Eugene Knapp Pat Mrnrey XX ayne Mumford John Crrtes Larry Bethel RESERVES Qi S 2 X0 ,ff BACK ROW Ralph Scott Coach Edward Lendenskr Frank Posey FRONT ROW Gerald Krmberhn Ttmothy Cheeseman Benny Angus B111 Toler Leroy Van Gundy Colm H111 Larry Wrpert Roger Henshaw Paul Lrtter Roger Krnnan on James Long James Collms 1 ' x O , :- A s 6- I - V. V E . . . 1 . , . o ff U -xx yx , X XX x xl XX xx-yr A 0 X X L , 4 6 2 7 5 ' X. X ' 10 . Q oi L 7 ' I VARSITY 49 A CHEER LEADERS JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL f f STANDING Mr Brown Earl Landrum Gene Broughton Lew1s Crooks Earl X 3? ff Johnson Glenn Wheeler John Yoakum Howard Wood Tom Angus Mgr KNEELING Chester Chaney Tom Henderson Ralph Scott hm Newland 2 x Mlke Johnson R1chard Yoakum Ernxe Shoemaker 5 Xl Sally Lrtter Lmda Long Thelma Shoemaker Conme Shoemaker E11zabeth Shoemaker Karhta Spenser W N X X 2 . . . . ' . N f . , . . - .hav ,Q ' ' r 1 9 1 ., , I ' . . . " Jin" I 1 1 . 1 I . Jame NEWSPAPER STAFF Z-' A P9 il FIRST ROW Sandra Hamrlton Mary Norman Norma Kmsley Katheryn Pr1mer SECOND ROW Ethel Frasure Ruth Scott Bud Mark Cherry Newman Phylhs Dotson ANNUAL STAFF Phylhs Lucrlle '- Rose L01S Wrlma Gmger Bexerlx Terrx -1 Nora Opal Bonme V .,, XA -' 'G ' 1 Sf gf' ' '5 I 'rf' I ci- , , f J s J 4 Q . of ,g A 5 Y A 'Y , 4, u , , , V - - .. f X. .Sp ' A , ! l ,S 1 . W A to K0 - - 1 G - ' ' 1 .,.. x L- !,, Q ' Q . N , I MR JACK BARTRAM Jame Long Advlsor SWELTHLART f'-I-Q1 5- lll fffL .w l 'R 7' h A lnwwv - A is-A FIRST ROW Barry Allensworth Hugh Benner lame Long Ernest Ixmnamon Steve Compher and 'Nlolau Glandon SECOND ROW Mack Mtller D3V1d Edgmgton Davld Core Dale Mark and Lark Scott THIRD ROW Bobby M111er Paul Edgmgton Paul Lttter Pat Mmney Don Inman and Max Shoemaker UGG 12'-'ff 0 QQYA, .mb BEVERLY NN ILLIAMS STATE HOMEMAKER DEGREE K4'z'?r, A ef ,Y 3,2-Z l.h. 7 A 7 x ' bow I 'cava ' f r E 5 El 'E K Z v 1 Il Q 'fn O40 Q :L FOURTH ROW Kather1nePr1mer Phyl hs Dotson Janet Shoemaker W11ma Yoakum Patty Scott FIFTH ROW Rose Hager Mary Arrrngton Beverly Wrllrams Cherry Newman Sandra Hamrlton JeanDav1dson FIRST ROW Mr Foose Nolan Glandon George Mark Wayne Mumford Max Shoemaker Charhe M11ler SECOND ROM Davrd Edgrngton Kyle McGu1re Roger Depoy Larry Wrsecup Marty McGu1re Gerald K1mberl1n THIRD ROW Howard Pollock Benny Angus Pat Mrnnex Larry Wrpert Paul Lltter B111 Phylhs S- ef N Tl Fherry RK. Beverly 'suv' ' ,, .f-zip, 45 gf. 'Q 41' 'X PQ' M155 Metcalfe, Ithcl, Phylhs nf' 05 'A fb N FIRST ROW P Shoemaker B Gragg K Pr1mer SECOND ROW G Knapp D I-hx B Kellough D Core THIRD ROW B Compher R Kmnamon B Toler B Mark M Nicbuue PATROL BOYS AND GIRLS " 'W LLIW' fxpx OX, 1 .,,,4-W JU ' 3 .51 ,M T ,Q X ,, r x 'i Ri Fx is rv X., ' by z V EH. 1 , YT? I I ' ' B 1 , Z. M Kd ', . M A M I -. V ffl xr' 1,1 70 X ' .2 -7 xo - 15- n N, 4 .1 In ' nr F X 4 .- I. A AWN . 0 ,M J' 5 '61 IN 1 , QMN Sf KX M I-Iaml DRIVER EDUEATIUN E STEVENSQ BRQWN Beve ly YV1111ZiITlS Phylhs Wood nd M Lendenskl Z7 X Cleo Br y if L .A fl.. XY' 1' k ii ' Q , ' N 'Q I I-.1 g " than V A'!4j1L X 74 A 59- 'gif - T35 JANITORS L Hlfv 1.32 I 41 """'W'3 C h yD A J M BllT 302 3 I . g ' - N 'V D V! . SU I R T Q II R K 1' I . A L- L N--lx, Mr. rabtree, Jo nny Yoakum, Johnn epoy V kg' 1.-' 1 'Q L-I i F - h I J als-1 iii' f 4 '63 1 , , A 1:1 . X X v' .f 7' 3 ' I S - N V ig Ew a.-' Q v P M, Q? ' ' - w L ' WS 5 ' im cGuire, i raylor Homer Ward Bob Mark Mack Donahue Harold Fuller Harry Hatmaker Manuel Shoe maker Bud Glandon hm Cutrrght Hobe Kellough DRIVERS M Mrldred Long Th1s page xs sponsored by M S 1 I Mllk products dehvered to your door or at your X, 'Q favonte store Schools are our specxaltx an Nelhe Johnson Georg1a Glandon I-Ietue Skmner LUNCH ROOM I f . . , xzf 4 'U Q. '7 V I ' 1" 'N fl 5 i'Lr'Q3. f 1 fi9f 77534 4: "K V "' ','fv':!A -f xx, ., 'ggju ',,g'f'. f ,f 1 Z s 1 Fig.. " ' '- '--.Z'-'i . -.,, -L . ' . ' fv .I , ,ar M R15 . r ,fix 'sfvf Q... 1,4 ,nv .4 'xt i . I U ... Ll ay 1-.J 'M 1 QWQ R 5 K 300 Q7 'UA -Q. 'U 4 Q' i X Jack Sz Paul Sportmg Goods Congratulates the Class of 1957 37 L. Mulbelry Phone PR 42037 Chllllcothe OhlO HSpecialists in Sportsn f We Hove A Bug Stake ln Your Future Plans Because your accomplnshments wrll guude our growth tomorrow Science needs young people wuth vrsron to keep progress alrve busrness needs leaders to gurde a prosperous economy Whatever career you choose an technology an government an business as a homemaker you wall determine our natron s growth Because your uncreasung demands must be met we re burldmg your future to serve your needs for dependable power COLUMBUS AND SOUTHERN OHIO ELECTRIC COMPANY GD 'N 1 f 1, 9 'f st J r eses v ss u y rysu DRUMMOND DECORATORS Complete Painting and Decorating Service Large Selection of Paint, Wallpaper, Floor and Wall Tiles Phone PR 2 0110 Corner Water and Walnut Streets Chillicothe Ohio Buckeye Furmiure Company FURNITURE RUGS STOVES Dlal PR 5 9436 O BEST WISI-IES Templm fy HARDY MEMURIALS G r e I I' MoNuMEN1s OF QuAu1Y1 Iewelers G f Id 21 North Pcnnt Street Chllhcothe 01110 Compl iments of THE TWIN CONSTRUCTION COMPANY Route 3 Phone PR 2 3463 Chillicothe, Ohio E. Second St. H. O. Ewing, Prop. Chillicothe, hio I ree ' Ohio wail! gc 41 14,04 i ni ofiier o., n greenhefcl 0 eefi ur 7 io 4 4 L. G. HESS S CO. W, 55. 'Derbyshire Tfarbware Carpefg - Dl'qpeI'i6S KEYS AND LOCK WORK , Congrcxtulatlons RED TOP ELECTRICAL Class of U57 yu. BOTTLED GAS APPLJANCES Dial Me. 42241 - 42246 Chillicothe Ohio Bainbridge, Ohio Telephone PR. 2-5347 246 East Main Street PURDUM IMP CO ALLIS CHALMERS SALES Sz SERVICE Balnbrldge Ohlo Phone MA 6 7402 MEAD IS INTERESTED IN YOUR FUTURE The Mead Corporatuon has doubled nts and to schools and worthy students In nts efforts to provide additional educational oppartunltles As one of the sponsorlng corporatuons of the National Mernt Scholarshup Program Mead us helpung to make more college scholarshlps available Ask your prlnclpal or teacher about these opportunities for higher eclucatnon The Mead Corporation NAEAD a as Comp11ments of SOUTH END PHARMACY PR 4 4356 Chllllcothe, Ohlo Ch11llCOthe Iron and Metal Company F1sher S Fromm Prlntlng Company Jay Kegg Cleaners Myer s Grocery Ochenrleders Men s Wear Paxton Lunch Rybolt Furnace Company Spectnogel Roof1ng Sproats Palnt and Hardware S and S Bootery Twentleth Century Recreatlon Vore S Store Wendy's Restaurant Chllllcothe Ch1111cothe Ch1111cothe Ch1111cothe Bournevllle Ch1l11cothe Balnbrldge Ch1l11cothe Chllllcothe Ch1111cothe Greenfleld Chllllcothe Balnbrldge Balnbrldge BOOSTERS CHILLICOTI-IE PAPER COMPANY U CTURE SOF IO P Telepho e PR 3 2102 C 11 c the Oh o CO C U TONS CLASS of 57 Qewgoifqsgflgewei THE CHILLICOTHE TELEPHCDNE Chu h O COMPANY SU PERS 'Ch' I' orhe Papers Make The l I ' n - hi 1 0 , 1 N R LA I TO THE C g - DeLONG 8 RINGWALD RADIO and TELEVISION sues and semce Bmnhm Motorola C Zenlth MONUMENTS SINCE 1867 Corner Watex and Paxk Stleets PR 2 250 EastM Steer Chlll cothe Ohio Ch1lllCOth9 Ohlo Unlted O Store Serv ng Ths Area Fo G e d Oe 2OYeas Congratulatlons to class of 57 NORX LI LS Chllllcoho Olllo Zum. CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS East Mam Street Chllllcothe, Ohxo - R. . A. - . 1 . ain r ' i , ' 7 I I C i I r , vr r - re nflel Ohm - I yi J I Compl iments of Kaffe? Q 32741417 PR 3 2 23 238 East Maln Street 98 North Palnt Street Spfgwm 2 Qwin I NC Wrecklng Car Servlce A 1 Body Rebulldlng and Palntlng Ba1nbr1dge Ohlo AND NIGHT O - 1 l 1 0 Sales and Servic 7 THE Sfcfggaagcvzlfz 2' co QANM d azwgieaf edgmzei gm' Kds gM Phone ME 4 2731 B nb dge Oh me GENERAL TIRE TIRE ssnvics HOWSON S 68 76 N Walnut Street Phone PR 3 5521 P Bamb dge Oho ZQ.1'Z3z4fg:K 5.4 ECTFPIC co Frlgldalre Compllments to Class of 57 98 W Second Chllllcothe, Ohlo MAX I ASTON MOTORS INC Auvnoiuzen ooocs 1 4 PLYMOUTH onus th I 0 Bainbri ge, Ohio 0 0 4 O ealer in A11 in of Buildin aterial ai ri , io 'f 9 - . 40 Chillicothe, Ohio - 24 Hour Service In Repairing and Rec: ping l Q . r1 , 1 Of Tractor. Truck and Passenger Tires O g ' . Q . . I1 v Chillico e. Ohio Congratulatlons Class of 1957 F' HERRNSTEIN HARDWARE You Sportmg Go ds Sto e Selected Items F0110 mg Are Speclally Pr ced Track Volley Ball Tenms F1sh g Badmmton Camp ng Baseball P c mkmg Co gratulotons F om BOWMAN DRUG CO 350 Eos' Mu n S! Chnll :otha Ohlo Shop At MAYFAIR S and SAVE We G vo S 8. H Green Stamps 79 81 N Pam! Strut Chnllicotho Ohio MARSHALL S BARBER and BEAUTY SHOP D1a1 PR 5 5376 for Appolntment Parklng for our Customers L 37 W Second Street Lumber Txmbers Custom Sawmg Pooles R F D Hordwood umber Supply RAYXIOND POOLE Chl 1 1 loot he , Oh lo L5 ndon Ohxo Upper Twm Road Compl ments OF FARMALL TRACTORS MCCORMICK FARM IMPLEMENTS F Home F eeze s E S Ha a THF l NION CO AL COMPANY CHII LICOTHE IMPLETVIENT COMPANY Dlal PR 3 2284 80 E Water PR 2 6326 Ch ll h 1 lcot e, Oh1O n i r o rom i ' ' i , . .. r . O r ,, , ,, W Y Z - . . 7 w 1 : ' ' in ' i i . . . i n' ' Softball MAYFAIR DEPARTMENT STQRE I 0 1 I i arm r rdw re r r f A L I W mdow Glass ' Congratulatlons Auto Glass Replaced 55 SHOES V U Ch1111cothe Ohlo WM HODGE HERMANN PR 3 Chxll cothe Oh e?WmZ'2Z Q Pontlac Cadlllac Sales and Servlce East Water Street PR 5 8796 Chllllcothe Oh1o CLARK MILLING COMPANY sun :EAM noun 2,6 Wm Wm SUM Miss omo noun Ch Il odue Oiuo FRE SHER FLOWERS Ohio U S Approved Chucks ROSS COUNTY HATCHERY From PR 4 6606 530 East mam st INGLE GREENHOUSES Th Pa se That Ref eshes Ba1nbr1dge Oh1o Coca Cola Bottlmg C ME 4 250 P rk St eet Ch llc the Oh o r s ' i , io : r i ii , ' ' ' i . . I I . Chillicothe. Ohio. ' o e u 1' ' ' ' mmm 1 . - ' o. - a r i i o , i me awngsfz Z Ch 11 cothe Oh M ke Th s YOUR BANK 'THE NIAUESTIC BEAUTY SHOP EastSecondStreet Ch1111cothe Oh1o MARGARETYR MCNEAL Propr1etor 0 magma ik Ch11l1cothe s Favorlte Store Slnce 1887 Teen Age Apparel Hats Shoes Coats Sults Dresses Accessorles GRIMES IMPLEMENT CO Inc John Deere Wnllys Mall 8- Hornet Compllments f VI S BEAUTY SHOP PARTS and SERVICE 92 West Second Street CHILLICOTHE OHIO U S 23 North Phone PR 2 6506 Ch1111cothe Oh1o Phone PR 5 5607 Vlola Burke Owner and Operator Brook s Dr K L Benner Texaco Servlce O11 G Accessorles Hardware Phone MA 6 7452 as VETERINARIAN Balnbrldge Oh1o Phone ME 4 2251 0 Z . . , . L n CO. QD . . v i i , io a i . ' l Member of F. D. I. C. Spgcializing in ' o I, .I 7 I I . I 7 I I I 1 O O l 1 ABBIE S SWEET SHOP Candles Gnfts Cards Stotnonery MAILING SERVICE Ch1111cothe, Oh1o PR 3 33126 63 W Second St DUFFY ELECTRIC CO E Mam and Remck CHILLICOTHE OHIO Motors Repolred and Rewound Complete Muchme Shop Servuce Gates V Belts Qbgffgkywei Get Your Graduatlon Su1t and Accessorles Earl 8 88 North Palnt Street Chllllcothe, Oh1o Phone PR 2 8736 C phme ts of umm! YQWQJ 18 E Second Street Ch1ll1cothe, Oh1o Phone PR 2 7196 PR 4 4388 Compl lments to Class 7 ence! 570243 Bournevllle Oh1o Phone MA 6 7272 QUALITY Is A Tradmon Here CHARLES G SGIILEGEL Chllllcothes Oldest Jewelry House Skate A Way U S Route 50 West Ch1ll1cotl'e Oh1o I K om ' n 0 . y . Prices Ri ht - - - of '5 ,, , gf I 7 4 . . I l 1 , ' COMPLIMENTS OF The Peoples Natlonal Bank Of Greenfreld GREENFIELD OHIO Member Federal Deposrt Insurance Corporatron Gov Gnd Cholfln Gay and Chafrun Parnts Contractors Expert Pa1nt1ng and Decorating Complete Industr1al, Commerc1al Featuring 1474 Interior and and Exterior Colors Resldential Service Estimates Tool Rental Service 10 Central Center Phone PR 4 4783 10 Central Center Phone Pr 4 4783 Compliments of When You Need Harry s Radio 8K T V Plumber Phone PR 59636 D1al PR 4 6446 f Corner o Br1dge 8 East Second The JGrd'ne Plunqbing CRD I For the Best Swnsshelm Sohno Equlpment ln Sports SGFVICG STOTIOD It S WILSON At phone ME 18 2071 Hugh Jennings Sports Center Tires 9 West Second St Batteries and Accessorles Phone PR 2 0640 Chillicothe, Ohio I f' r- - Chillicothe, Ohio Chillicothe, Ohio ' A . . ' Dllllon Chevrolet Chevrolet Oldsmob11e Cad1llac 85 CU, 1020 Jefferson St. Greenfleld, Oh1o Dealers ln Wayne Feeds Phone 105 Custom Grlndlng Farm Craft Seed Corn M1nera1s Red Brand Fence Tractor Tlres Compl1ments of AgTlCO Fert1l1zer Baler Twlne Walker ond Anderson Coal Funerol Home Phone MA 6 7462 Greenf1eld Oh1o Bournevllle' Ohlo Phone 205 Ambulance Serv1ce Congrafulahons Ano Lynch Motor 'Where To Buy Them Car Company .hln,,.,, -- Western Q Woodbr1dge an 4f rauusmwet pROSpeCt 3 2246 Chillicothe, Ohio CHILLICOTHE 4 F-.IJ h.l. " W f'lLllUF"- MADRU PLUMBING Plumblng and Heatlng Water Softeners Pumps KOHLER And STANDARD PLUMBING Flxtures Repalr Work 286 E Maln St New Locatlon Chllllcothe Oh1o Phone PR 2 9066 THE TATMAN TYPEWRI TER CO. Royal Standard and Portable Type r1ters Rentals Sales and Se vxce Dlal PR 4 7399 519 Western Avenue Ch1ll1cothe, Oh1o The Standard Elevator 81 Supply C0 GRAIN FEED STUFF And SUPPLIES 726 Qnkkf PHARMACY C,h1ll cothe Ohlo lhys Cl nsS pples Reg ste ed Pharmac sts Charge ammeidf' fm IN Palnt Ch l11c the Oh o d n a Reco d P1 yers R dlo Combln t on Te e Sets B nd Inst uments Ham ond O g V Q HT QWEQN DRY CLEANERS R D VIAGNER P op leto Phone PR 2 5476 75 E Second Street Chllllcothe, Oh1o Chllhcothe 2 S ZW men :JL For len and Boys Wear . . w ' - 1- ' Q O 1 I I 1 I I 1 , '. ' ffDrugs i ' o , i iSundries Bal wi Pi nos - r a - 219 ila' u i a' 'ai 5- lvisio i r i - a r Always in m r ans Ever thin usical I In I U f I r r' r . 1 IL . Qz'?gQ7zzecWf1 EETFCDFQEEES tACneW1thAC IO Q :arts Pmts Malts Cones Sundcxes 88 'vo th H 34 Last Ma n Baunbrldge , Oh1O Tl-I PAINT VALLEY sANo .5 sRAvEL. shed Sand nd G a el 1 R B brldg Ohxo BEST WISHES Compliments f FURNITURE srovfs Rucs GREENFIELD OHIO Books SchooISupphes Gdts 80 East Ma V1 St eat VVGHDUDCY VVmdow Shades Cmnfh m CISAIELECTRHZSHOP W L IAKES Prop etc FRED CAMP Elect cal Cont acting a d Repa Work F I es a d Appl: ces GROCEIIES MEATS FIOZH FOOD Ba bndgo Ohio PR 2 7746 ME 4 2891 30 West Sec d S! cet Ch II cothe Oh o "Ge o " ur n Top" Z I r lgh I ' ' l I ' 3 ' i E I C09 Wa a r V Agricultural L'me R. . 1, ain ' e, ' ' 0 I M.N.B1LL1NGs COMPANY Gossett 5 Book Store 1 0f .1 Yookum Brothers Congratulatlons Bulldlng Remodellng to Graduates Kltchen Cablnets Seors Roebuck Phone MA 67 261 PR 5 9484 19 E Second St Route 1 317 Church St Mrs Carper Mgr Balnbrldge, O Ch1111cothe O Congratulatlons To Class TN! GREATEST NAM! IN IUIIIR of SERVICE STORE Mock s 168 E Ma1n Street Sohuo Service Bournevllle Oh1o Ch1111cothe Oh1o WARD S MARATHON SERVICE Bournevllle Oh1o Phone MA 67 475 I-,ghfhouse Wlsemon s Resfouronf 311 West Water Street Sfohon cmd Grocery Ch11l1cothe ohm Phone PR 4 2497 Balnbrldge Oh1o r . , . ' 7 I Phone: PR 3-2259 , I 7 . , . . . , . - - , . - 1 8. Smith - feweler Fine Diamonds PR 4-1151 131 W. Main St. Chillicothe, Ohio Logan View Restaurant Sumburgers Shrimp - Chicken Route 23 North A Perfect Snack for Every Occasion Zzffpffaa Wore Funerol Home Phone PR 2 3134 Located At 121 West Second Street Chillicothe, Ohio COMPLIMENTS TO CLASS OF 57 Cltlzens National Bank Cmhmmhe Ohm ORVILLE BROWN REAL ESTATE BROKER FARMS HOMES BUSINESS BAINBRIDGE OHIO Wdlley s Dept Store Ladies And Gents Wear Bainbridge, Ohio I Dry Goods - Clothing - Shoes ' ' ' I I WALKFRSSHOFSTORE SHOES FOR EN"'IRE FAMILY 66 No th Pa t St ect Ch Ilcothe Oh BROWN S ALTOWIOTIW E SERY ICE Ch1111cothe, Ohlo Mulberry and Water St PR 5 9157 Compliments To The Class of 57 From FRANK TOMASTIK AND EMPLOYEES WFSTWOOD GULF SERVICE Corner Western and Woodbrldge Avenues ww BWWO e e s and S11 e smiths Since 1876 Chillicothe Ohio Con' phments f ffl? 0525543 FUEL AND HEATING CO INC 524 Eastern Avenue Chllhcothe Ohio ZQHQZU4 EDF?LJC5 CZCD The Re all Store Bainbridge Oh o P esc lptxons Our Speclalty Uwmdw 5- BARBER SHOP Bainbr dge Oh o WZZJQZL CHEVROLET IPJCL Your Fr1end1y Chevrolet Dealer 150 West Main Street Ch1111cothe, Oh1o PR 3 2153 I J K 9 7 7 Y 1 r in r ' ii , io - . , 6 I 2 I Y .Tew 1 r 'v r ' Chillicothe, ohio ,, , 0 1 ' 0 0 o x . . . ' ' ,, i r r. . . I , 6' ' n - ' i , i . . . '65- M r-.M ,M -1 2 M. 1. I if F, 5 i. t 5 .. . Fi . Q. ' fa-L ' - W 495,- ,KQZ . .. , . 4 55? ' :.-.Z-Y 1 E' , az. ., h PQ -,ig I 5-75 i --cg, 1 -2, 571 W 95" 3 I 1 SLI. W N , 1 :fl 1 5: A W 1 lt? . nr, F . EZ' 1 CPI -f.f.,,,,f-3-,vv- F, -. - -, ,bf - ,.,. , , . . ., .N 1

Suggestions in the Twin High School - Lookback Yearbook (Bourneville, OH) collection:

Twin High School - Lookback Yearbook (Bourneville, OH) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Twin High School - Lookback Yearbook (Bourneville, OH) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 23

1957, pg 23

Twin High School - Lookback Yearbook (Bourneville, OH) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 34

1957, pg 34

Twin High School - Lookback Yearbook (Bourneville, OH) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 34

1957, pg 34

Twin High School - Lookback Yearbook (Bourneville, OH) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 22

1957, pg 22

Twin High School - Lookback Yearbook (Bourneville, OH) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 11

1957, pg 11

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