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 - Class of 1951

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7 'W4?rM,,427W . ' JMU i A N Ll H' WWA! IL' r Apxfllfamg A MW Wfndj' W ff, gl, jw ,,gifi?gyyfwa,fZ,wf' ff' 7WJjlmfMZ"'W W' WW? 1 ww 4 . 5? kffwkwy- J flu ,M zi,.1w i.ff M -S U p,e,n,sa g wa. 'L 6215! Gmgdh X Uj Cl ,ff-""" QWM M99 00 V yi? Nj 'D N21 fww' Wfjif if wf M A WV M ff? 9,9 U, .w Q ,, My AA 94 VM QM YQ My 7 x3fy J W X P9 fp xk Qwifi A?2axKJJXif'k?RC F if 03 '1 M 'Gi gg, T, 0' HF+0,, 0eQ,, wwf M My f W' Kcgwgfjfilwf g Lffff M ifgmxfavw 32221 V? QQQ'mfifQT5gy E 55535 E .MNiwQ55f? Q?f3 r3 Q - . N N Q. 4' 4 E- V QQ iw MNSKSHKWEEKX 5 EX Wiwsqfggg Q53 Ki Jiwgggjsx w3X WW ,,g7 Q, fx WWKQTWSQ 1"1Q"x? V'v'ii1?2-l'ZZvi QA?QA32-Hfw MQfW" , ga-SAMM XJ. Will. f udp- VV X535 ' f:W?ifiAfwxM ffmiffif f X WW 'K W 433MQQSMA ' My wgwwifi WWW Vvgfiffw Q My N ff Omg? Www " ' KVXX ff W , WWQQQW1? X M of EQQQB'-Qfi A 4 Q? Q S52 if Sig J . . V. , ,,,, ,f ,t .,.,,M,, ..1:. mnx .- , nf, , M' fa' . 11 1- ,l,.',-1' H5 1 ,- ' ' . , Af' - ,. Xgwrl -. A gieikqgafi A' Af W? ff ff' f'5wiffff?Q 14' Wf14WQ7fJMw x21ff"m WMM Q? ffwgi? W Q Mgr , W M f1b5FiWi1Wf ax? X 422 S7 fff1f1 ff2iQ 4Z7E"QZ41f gp, 352fffXi1 Wi -5255 39? 14312 Rf if? C' ,E f ,, if fa! ""G",f54!f Wk? 'gy pf Ragga WWMKXQZ fixrifbgmifa Wulf f AF v L M, w.'6' Wf1 'ici MN 27 6? Sig? Jcf mf 'WV Ea Wffim- fvfp , ff? I W 5955723 ,. uw mjwjqywyp W M 5 W ff! -My Xffffyf E335 ig WW Qi ii WW NRM f'1 ffQ W ff ja ,o Q! M. an f7,ff.Em -A -H MW -w-ffm fu MM- ,IAM fggm- .uq 1 f+.,. ' J A fy 1114 ,.f,-1.-,AC ,fllklf G ,, N ,-A, n B H X- V X7 X- . , V, L4-v,ff, , M 4 ,A ff, J Q D, ,a 5 X J V' - Ei fa if 5 f A wr f 1 mb U V10 K' ' 'P 'fm X My XI J W iv V R' wwf ,1 -G F. A fa 7 I ,A 1 . J V. 'J 4 H V ,lg . , If V ! V y A Q F nl V " fha' , K , i Us R13 6 Vx - fm 0612+--Q1.,,.1 , fwwwflfw-5?-K WDM' WW li, I . ,I1'Ei 1f i' f gf 6' 'A' Qi'-'i Lvy' I mvW. M if - ' 1 Published bg' Nj Twin Folls High School Q ' A ,arp . TWIN FALLS, IDAHO I W f - 4 W vw I I .V x7 ELVZWMW 721' , ,lb-R' fp , TMLLK as BK ami 1... Bs 3s..m....N " is .-1 .I as 'V K is QEBTEATIQN 4 We dedicate the 1951 COYOTE to the principle of free public school education as the greatest bulwark against the foreign ideologies and isms which threaten the American concept of democracy. We re-affirm our belief in the right of every child to an education which will awaken his potential talents and abilities. As the butterfly breaks from its warm cocoon and spreads its wings in upward flight, so does education open windows of light in the minds of men. May the shafts of knowledge break through the chrysalis of ignorance and free the spirits of those who are destined to lead our nation. si sg. mil Q25 s S iii xp CQJQ C? 3-'Zi is H 232 Q51 15215 2.2553 FE QS iii, Q3 m inisfafo AQLMJ X vt 41? 4few-gfgcg QZY' AL? M if waz? fix-f 'WM-f QM 7M-2 U-.M . asia, fi SlZ'4ff444,..,,4..,.f-f,6C- f - fqwffi -f-M494 X 2- lfjbjig-und.-Af fgif' 'X Q Deen' X "'?3f? M.f r . Q ' cw - , 'S . ' ' X X 0 ,fE:'0'.,a? ,Lhffl 5 . 'X ' " j bu. fx. A-40-0-9-"7'-17 of 5,5 ' 3,L.Q.5',1g . 3 5354, f..?g,,, ,, keg-L. Q E ' -o .-.. 1, ,,,,. i . g?f4f7'f4F1A-f X J V .WMM 3 3? 'Qwfff Qi I 31 ai 9 K , if j gy? Q 2 ff if 52044 3 SUPERINTENDENT OF SCHOOLS A. W. MORGAN Your education is never completed. Only when you have be- come economically self-sufficient is the first step reached. It is regrettable that in a weafthy republic such as ours the citizens do not yet see fit to take all their young people at least to the end of the first round. Some day when they cast aside old edu- cational traditions, perhaps they will. Until then, best of luck to you all.-A. W. NIORGAN. 1 f 4 BOARD OF TRUSTEES Left to right: Eclgar H. CJIIIIHLUKI, Clzuflns j lxLll11 Charles SIIIIILU Elvis Cain, Glen M. Trazl A W Morgan Arthur Kleinkopf lJir1'1'!ur of Curriculum mul 'l'em'liing Personnel XVhm-n ll cm'pe-nler lmilmls a house, he clocs not cle it in ii hit or miss fashion. He makes ll hlue print, or ll plam, amd from this he builds strong mul sure. lialcli person spm-mls ll tifetime building the sert of person he finally becomes. To he sue- eessful eaieh must, like the carpenter, have 21 lmlue print which will guide him in building the qualities of Cl1llI'llCtCl' that will make him hon- urecl amcl respected illllllllg people everywhere. -Arthur Kleinkopf. PRINCIPAL JOHN D. FLATT Socrates said, "The only thing you have left when you die is that which you gave away while you lived." Students, as you prepare for life, develop the right attitudes toward people and direetioc' institutions. Seeondly, develop skills that will help you earn a living, and other skills that will help you in the field of recreation. Lastly, develop wisdom and understanding. Too many people have impulses that are without rhyme or reason. Therefore, defelop enough control that your impulses and desires cron be directed into constructive channels. When you leave, will mankind have been made better? -JOHN D. FLATY 1 M x KENNETH E. KAIL 'tl' V icc Principal tl 'i Dcfm of Boys ,AJ X. me-wx: ROSE MURRAY NORTH Dean of Girls Coorrlinator of English It is my sincm-rc wish that all of you muy look back on this school ycnr us at plcusamt one and an important onc. ltcmczuhcr that kuowlcdgc can nevcr he tnkcn from you. Thc jcwcls of u rich mind are yours to chcrish always. Education is an companion which no misforiuuc cam dccrcusc. no crime dcstroy, no enemy nlicnutc, no dcspotism cuslavcg at home Z1 friend, nhroud un introduction, in solitude a solace, in society an Ofllilllltfllt. So continuc your education on through lifc for knowledge is ll constant source of security, satisfaction, amd huppiucss. fK0llllCtll E. Krzil. lluppincss is that indcfinuhlc stntc which we arc ull sccking. Au old-fnshioucd rccipc for huppincss is us follows: ill Look at SUlIlL'lllll1j.I hcuutiful czlch clay. Col HJ Le-urn somc-thing you allways want to rcmcmhcr. Do some-thing for somchody elsc to mukc that somchody happy. Old-fusliiouccl? It will still puy dividcnds in happiness today. -Rose Murray Nortli Henry C. Powers Robert D. Wilson lJirr'r'Inr of Allllcfivs-Mfllh lJirUr'!nr of Rlusic'-Choir . X X SECRETARIES Josephine Albertson Left t0 right: Enghkh Joyce Swartley, Barbara Edholm, Edna Miller Phila Bishop Slll't'f"1 Arm Bernice Babcock Latin - Social Srricnvc Jacqueline Arnold A rl my rr-me Harold A. Brown Arnold DePaul Ralph W. Edwards Cuaclz - Auto Driving American llislory - World History Agriculture F.. , 3, , 4 fl' els! , A I 2 Ts ' 'VY X ,eh Helen M. Payne Sf!'ll0QI'!ljl,Ilj Rex L. Olson Biology, Helen Minier Binlugy Charles L. Ratcliffe Garth 0. Reid Elfriede Reinsdorf lirmfl Ffnglish Typing A. Ray Fike I'l1y.s-im - Maflwrnafirs Jean Gierhart Spanish John Gregory Coach - American History Chester L. Hansen Boytt Impson Elsie M. Lindgren Manual Arts Bookkeeping - Business Law English L. J. Schroyer English - journalism i t Cecil O. Smith Ilmnc' ICc'm1m11i1'.x' Richard R. Smith f77'1'fI1'.X'fl'll , Q ""' fifa 2 . 1. James D. Swisher Bess Weaver L. M. Winters .ilullzfvnrllifs Lilwruriun Clxcmistry - Matlzcnzufiruv STUDENT BODY OFFICERS W President-Bill Munger Vice-President-Bob Falash Secretary-Axm Longbulla T reasurer-Norma Lee Bogar Advisor-Principal John D. Flatt HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES , .. ,,.,, Q, wlffiw- Ill ' '-r 1 fri 2 EQS' xx., ,gig , ZVA. EEE was he f , Standing: Clmrlvs Park, Ilurolrl Sfvomw, Boll Barnard, jim Carney, Dick Truscntt, jerry-I,uml1vrt, Phillip Cuslcr Karl I.ur.wn, Ducllvy Crvcal, Annalee Arstein, Judy Swim, Zinn Hue .Ic'zz.s-wi, Put liarlzlcc, Sharm: l.vVilrv Mr. Kcnnvflx Kail. S4-nh-dz Sully Murlyn, Joanna Groves, Lillian Clark, Gary Cli1'i.x'mpl1c1'.s-ma, .NVIIIJUIIIIC Surnnvr, Rulmrln Crmuson, Brvnuclim' 'l'llIllI!'I', Afton Dvan. SUPREME COURT Standing: Bob Hinkley, Bet!!! I0 Poulton, Linea Lackey, Mr. Kcnnctli Kuil, JoAnn Bcglnn. Sitting: Bill Fisher, Clarene Webb, Chief justice, Mary Boyd, Bill Ostrander. x AMERICAN LEGION ORATORICAL CONTEST FINALISTS I.:-fl lo right: Put .'Iinxu'nrth, Russ Miller, Sylvia VVIIHIIC, Afton Dvun, Iivlvcrlcy Bcmll, lnlm Merrill, Dick Shotwell AFTON DEAN - STATE AND REGIONAL VVINNEII -il . AMERICAN EDUCATION WEEK SPEAKERS Ln-It to right: Bcvorlvy Bond, Loyal Perry, Dick Mansfivlzl, Bill .I1IIlIf.f!'l', Fran Afvvrvtf, Les Spellmun. BOYS' STATE-BOYS' NATION First row: Divk Iinslcy, Dale Roberts. Svc-und row: Gvnrgv Aurml, Loyal Perry, Lowell, Hull NiL'l.s1'n, Bula Greene, Boll Mingn. Third row: jnlm Merrill. llL'lUgIlfl' I0 Boys' Nation, Rmmlfl Kuka, Bill .x!UI',Lfll7I, Curl XVurl1cr,L5, Divk Mzlrlsficlll. GIRLS' STATE YOUTH DAY . . . CITY MANAGERS john Merrill, john Clllllllllllll, Mr. W'iIIinm Smith Margaret Douglas-Terry Hinkley lm-ses I CLASS OF 1951 l OFFICERS President, Loyal Perryg Vice-President, Bob Tickuerg Secretary, jerry Crandallg Advisors, Miss Helen Miuier, Miss Bernice Babcock. 0 For whatever we have been able to accomplish as a senior class, we express sincere appreciation to our sponsors, Miss Helen Minier and Miss Bernice Bab- cock . . . The presentation of the play "Double Door," the junior Prom and the winning of the interclass competitive assembly were memorable functions of our junior year. The Senior Ball and the play "Angel Streetn together with com- mencement aetivities distinguished this year . . . Many members of our class have received local and state recognition for the outstanding work they have done in many fields of endeavor. l:atAb1sworth L Bruin Club 2-Fl--lg Orchestra 2-35 llruin Staff 4. Quill and autl Seroll 45 Football 25 Deelamation 3-45 Competitive Class Assembly 3-45 Stunt Assembly 4g Talent Show 4, American Legion Oratorieal Contest Finalist 4. eroy Alger Kent Andersen Golden Elwyn Arrington F.F.A. 2-I3-4, Chapter Sentinel 2. President 4, State Farmer 3, District Sentinel 4, Delegate to Kansas City 4, Judging Teams 2-3-45 Track 45 F.F.A. Basketball 3-4. Pep Club 45 Science Club 35 Band 4, Orchestra 2-3-43 "Double Door" 3, "Angel Street" 45 Track 45 Declamation 2-35 Stunt Assembly 2-3-4, Competitive Class Assembly 2-3-45 Talent Show 4. F.F.A. 25 Pep Club 25 Science Club 35 Band 2-3-4, Pep Band 45 Coyote Staff 45 House of Representatives 25 Youth Day Officer 45 Stunt Assembly 2-3-4, Competitive Assembly 2-3-45 Talent Show 4. Annalee Pep Club 45 Bruin Staff 2-3-4, Business Manager 4, Quill Scroll 4, All-Coast Press Clinic Delegate -lg llouse of ltepresentatives 45 Stunt Assembly 4. George F. Avant Fran Averett Walter Bahner Bruin Club 8-45 Football 3-4, Track 2-3-45 Vice-President Sophomore Unit Boys' Club 2, President Iunior Unit Boys' Club 35 Boys' State 35 Stunt Assembly 2-3-4, Competitive Class Assembly 35 Talent Show 3-4. Tlxespian 2-3-4, Vice- President 3, President 45 Pep Club 2-3-45 "Our Hearts Were Young and Cay" 2, "Tish" 3, "Double Door" 3, "Rest Assured" 4, "Angel Street" 45 Bruin Staff 2-3-45 Quill 61 Scroll 3-4, Secretary 45 All-Coast Press Clinic Delegate 45 Bowling 43 Girls' League Standing Committee Chairman 35 Declamation 3-45 Stunt Assembly 2-8, Competitive Class Assembly 2-3-45 Youth Day Officer 45 Second Place Winner State D.A.R. Contest 45 American Education NVeek Speaker 4. Bill Bass JoAnn Beglan LaTrella. Bell Ruth Bingham llantl 2-:3-4, Pep Band 3-4, Pep Club 2-3-45 Supreme F.ll.A. 45 Palette Club 45 Pep Club 2-3-45 "Rest Orchestra 35 "DoubleDoor" 35 Court 45 Competitive Class llouse of Representatives 4. Assured" 4, "Angel Street" 4 Vice-President Senior Unit Assembly 2-45 Talent Show 4. Girls' League Standing Boys' Club 4- Com etitice Committee Chaimmn 2g ASSOYHDIY 3. glllllt Swlllbly Competitive Assembly 2-4. 45 Talent Show 4. Imogene Boatright Norma Lee Bogar Betty Bonar Ashby Beverley Anne Bond F.ll.A. 2. Pvp Club 2-3-44 Science Thvspiuns 3-45 "Double P011 Club 2-13-43 '1'lu-spizuis -lg Club 35 "Tish" 33, "Our Doorv 3, "Angel Street" 4g Choir 4, Northwm-stem Music llc-arts Were Young nnd Guy" 174-Q-lgmmtiqm 3, F4-stivnl 4g "Cnr Ili-arts VVvrc 25 Student Body Trp-asiirur 43 Young and Clay" 2, "Tisli" 3, Girls' League Standing "Double Door" 4, "Angel Committee Chainnnn 2-F3-44 Street" 45 American Legion Competitive Assembly 3-4. Oratorical Contest Finalist 3-44 Declamatinn 35 Girls' League Standing Committee Cliainnan 2, Ir. Unit Girls' I.e:iy.Zii0 President 33 Education YVL-ck Speaker 4. i 4 We W BN- Maxine Boothe Mildred Bopp Martin Paul Borah Gevene Bower I".'l'.A. -4. F.T.A. 3-4, President 45 Pep Club 2-235 "Our Hearts Wcre Young: and Gay" 2, "Tish" 35 Girls' League Standing Coinuiittue Cllaimian 2-Sg Stunt Assembly 2-3, Di-chmmtion 4. Virginia Bracken Bill Brown Joy Bruning Fred Butterworth l'.'l'.A. 3-44 Bowling :3-4. Football 2. 1 Roberta Byrne Maynard Campbell Joan Campbell Dale Carlton Pep Club I3--lg Bruin Stuff U. S. Navyg Truck 2-3g Bruin "Ghost Wanted" 2, "Double il--1. Quill N Scroll 4: Yell Club 2-3-4g "Angel Street" -4. Door' 3. Lender -lg Youth Daly Officer 45 Stunt Assembly Cl-4. Competitive Class Assembly Il-4g Deelauuntion SQ Talent Sbow 4. w Jim Carney Carroll Carr Joyce Carter Donald Chadd l".F.A. 2-Il-4, Clulpter Bnnd 3-4. Orchestra 3-4, F.T.A. 33-45 Pep Club 2-fl-45 Baud 4g Competitive Reporter 3. Stute Fzmner fl. Pep Band 4g President of Palette Club 4, "Angel Assembly 2, Stunt Assembly Chapter Vice-Presitlent -1, Senior Unit of Boys' Club 43 Street" 4g Archery 35 Girls' 3-4. District Secretary 49 llund Stunt Assembly 4, Leaulue Stnmling Committee 2-Il-4, Pep Buntl 3-4g House Competitive Assembly 35 Clmirmam 45 Stunt Assembly of llepresentutives 4, Stunt Talent Show 4. 2-Al, Competitive Assembly 4. Assembly 4g Talent Show 4. Sherrill Glea, Cherry Lew Choules Gary Christopherson PCD Clllh 2-3-4: Ski Club 2: Bruin Staff 3-4, Quill 61 "Double Door" 3. "Angel Scroll 4, Street" 43 Bruin Stuff 4. Quill 81 Scroll 43 Bowling 2, Girls' League Standing Committee Chainnun 2-33 Comavetitive Class Assembly 2-3- , Stunt Assembly 4. Tbespian 2-3-4, Treasurer 3, Choir 2-3-4, President 4, "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay" 2, "Tisb" 3, "Double Door" 8, "Rest Assured" 4, "Angel Street" 44 Truck 4g House of Representatives 4, Speaker 45 Stunt Assembly 2-4, Competitive Class Asgegibly 2-3-4, Talent Show Joyce Cossey Pep Club 2-3-4, F.H.A. 4 "Double Door" 3, "Angel Street" 4, Competitive Assembly 2-4. Gerald Conrad Irma, Jean Cowham Geraldine Crandall l".ll.A. 2-fl-4. lieportei' fl--l, Distriet Viee-President 3-45 Pep Club 2-33-4g Bruin Staff 3-4. Quill 6: Scroll 4g Bowling 2-23-45 Stunt Assembly -13 Competitive Assembly 2-3-4. Robert Leslie Crowley Mary Cummins Betty Ruth Cunnington flnb l lltp Club l ll X 7 3 lltp Club 7 Seienee I : 5 f I .f . L.-3. 3--Ig llantl 2-:lg Choir -lg 'l'cnnis 45 Supreme Court :ig Yell Leatler 3, Yell Kim: 4g House of Representatives 2g Competitive Assembly il--1, Stunt Assembly fl. Ethel Melvina Crane Pep Club 2-fl-4g "Our lleairls lf,ll.A. -ig "'l'isb" Il, Vlfere Young and Cay" 2. "Angel Street" 43 Tennis 25 Class Secretary -ig Senate Sl. Clerk of Senate rig Pr:-sident's Cabinet 35 Stunt Assembly 3-4, Competitive Assembly 4. "Double Door" rl. 0'0"f'4wP"'Q'u Carmen Arline - I L. Cunningham Pep Club 2-4: 'lliespians 41: Quill 6: Scroll 4: "Our llenrts VVere Yoinnl and City" 2, utxllf.Zt'l Street" -lg Bruin Staff -1: Howling -13 Youth Day Officer 'tg Stunt Assembly 4. Competitive illnss Assemblv 2-4. l r r Phillip Custer Robert V. Daum Kenneth Davis Margaret Afton Dean F.F.A. 23 Seienee Club fig Pep Club 43 Orchestra 2-3. Bruin Club 2-3-4g Football Tbespian -ig Treasurer Cirls' 2 7 l ' Band 2-53-4. Orchestra 4. Pep Band 4: "Angel Street" 43 House ot ltepresentatives 45 Yontb Dny Oftieer -4g Stunt Assembly 2-ii-4g Competitive Class Assembly 3-45 Talent Sbow 4. -3-4, Basketball L., Base mall Leanzue 4: lluuse ot 2-3-4g Competitive Assembly 23: Talent Sbow 8g Orebestra 2-Il--1. Cay" 2. "'I'isli" Il, "Double Door" 3, "Rest Assuretlv -l: Btnvlim: 3, Archery :lg Stunt Assembly 3-4. Competitive Assembly 3-45 American Legion Oratorieal Contest Finalist 3-4, state and regional local winner V.F.W. essay contest 2. ltepresentatives -15 "Our Hearts VVe1e Young and P N 1 ,,,, ,,,, , v Larry Dean Margaret Douglas Betty Lou Dunn Jack Eastman l",lf,A. ri.-1, Pep Club 2-3-4g St-crm-tary Ski Club 45 Pep Club 2-il-4: "llc-st Assured" 4, 'fAug4-l junior Unit Girls' League 233 Tlivspians 3--ig "Double Door" Struct" 45 Competitive Girls' State 3. 3, "RL-st Assured" 4, "Angel Assembly 3-4. Stunt Street" 43 Bowling 43 l5fn'zll11zi1'o'1 2-"-lg Coyote 4. Asst-mbly 2-13. w Kathryn Eh'ers Richard Ensley Gloria Eslinger Robert Falash "Augie-I Stn-s-I" -l, "Ill-st llruiu Club 8-44 Bmiu Stuff Bruin Club 2-3-41 Bust-bull A-Wirral" -43 llruiu Slaul fi-lg 2-fl-4. Editor-in-Cbivf 45 2-JS-4, liuskvtlmll 2-3-4. Quill it St-roll fl--l. Quill 6: Scroll 3-4, Vicv- Football 2-3-44 Sophomore- 'l'n-usurm-r -I, l'rvsidcut 4, All Coast Pu-ss Class Prosimlvut 2. Student Clinic Dvlvgutc 45 Busvbull rl-4. Buskm-tliall 4g Boys' Stott' 83 Stunt Assembly 35 Competitive Assembly 45 '1',,1,..w Qh.-W 1, Body Vice-Pi'vsi1l4'11t 4, Bruin Club Pri-sitlvnt 45 Cmupvtitivt- Assembly 33 Talent Show 3. l Ray F. Faler Joan S. Fisher Pauline Fleetwood Art Florence llruin Club I3-4: S1'it'l1L'1.' Pop Club 2-3-45 Suivilcl' Eastman U. S. Navy. Club Jig Ski Club 2-33 Club 34 OTCllL'Stl'il 2.-I3--lg PK., Club mug-4. F H A 5 3 l".'l'.A. -l. 'I'rvusurs'r -l: "Double Door" 35 Coyote C-lion 0--3 y0lnh'Dfu. llusi-bnll rl--lg Cnlupvtitivo Stuff 4: Ilousc of dffiu,l.H:i ' ' " Asst-nlbb' Ii--l. llvprvscnlntivus 2g Sllllltllllll ' Committee Chairman Girls, League 2, Vice-President Girls' League Junior Unit 3, President Girls' League lg Competitive Assembly 2-3, Stunt Assembly 4. WandaiPatricia. Flinn Joyce Flynn Dick Fuendeling Barbara Funk P1-p Club 2-3-45 Choir I3-4, Bowling 24 Cirls' Lvuyllur Tlu-spinns 44 "Rust ASSlll'1'llu Cirls' livzuzm- Slumlim: llilllll 4, 0fC'lll'Slm 4Q "UHF Sllllllllllll Coinmitlm-1' -4, 'AA.1:10l Sl1'1'c't,' 4g Cunuuittvm- Clmirman -lg llvilfli VVVYU YUIHUX Hllfl Guy" Clluirumu 2. Football 2-3g C4ll1ll71'llllX'l' Cumpclilivc Assembly 23. 2, "Double Door" 3, "Angel Assvlnbly 3-4. Stunt Stn-cl" 43 Stunt Assembly Assembly 3-4g Ds-clauuutiun -1. 3-4. Coinpvlilivc' Assembly 2-Fl--lg Tall-nt Show 2-3-43 Ski Club Il: Buwlim: 53. Darlene Gardner Carl Gergens Donald R. Gibbs Edith Gillespie Pop Club 'Zz Howling: 35 l4'.l".A. 2-3--4. F.'l'.A. -l, Pnrliuim'ul:u'inn -l Pop Club 2-3-43 Ski Club llc-clmxmtimn 2. Buys' Club Cumnmitn-v fllllllflllllll -lg Ski Club 3-43 Stunt Assembly 4g Dvclmnalion 45 Yuulll Daly Officer 4. I3--lg Bauul 2-3-4. Orcbcslra 2-Il-4: "Double l7um"' 3, "Our llvurts YVs'rv Young and Cuyl' 2. "Tish" 3, "Angel Street' '-lg Bowling 2, Archery 3g llousc ul lh-pn-svlimtivl-s 533 Girls' Lvauluv Stmulimg Cmmuilh-v Clmirnmu I3--l: Stun! Assembly fl--l, Competitive Class Assembly 2-3--l: Tale-nt Show 3-4: Su-1-4-ql1.,,-r Bull :vm-W l Shirll Goodhue Bob Greene Ardith Mae Hampton Joan Harr F.H,A. 2-fig Pup Club :lg Ski Club 3-4: Pulvllv Club 45 Choir 2. Baseball 3-44 Vice-President Boys' Club 44 House of Hs-prcsentutivc-s 35 Boys' State 35 Competitive Assembly 3-4. Stunt Assembly 3-45 Talent Show 4. Yuuth Day til-l:lL'l'l' -1. 'K Shirlee Hill Rhita Hawk Delores Heinrich Jean Hiatt 1F.I-LA- 2. Pop Clulw 2-3-4, 'l'hc-spizuis 4, Orchestra 2-3-45 "Our llt-arts Were Young and Gay" 2, "Angel Street" 4, "'1'ish" 3. "Double Door" 3, Youth Day Officer 4- Stunt Assvinlily 2, Cmnpvtitivv Asst-inlily -lg 'l'nlvnt Show 3-4. ?,,,, l Mary Jane Hills Naomi I-line Theresa lTerryJ Hinkley Sheryl R. Holmes l".II.A. 2-3--ig Ai'c'lu'ry 3. l".ll.A. 2-3-4, Vive Pl't'SlCll'llt Pup Cluli 4, Bowling 2-Il, 3. I'rL-sirlunt 4g P4-p Club Choir 2-I3-4, 2-3--13 Vivo-P11-sidciit S1-nior Unit Girls' League 4: Senate 3: Girls' State 31 Youth Day Otfict-1' 33 Stunt Asst-mhly 2-Il-4. Cmnpctitivv Assn-xnlily 2-fl-4. L Julia. Jean Hoops Bob Hostetler Gene House Lewis Hubbell l't'll Clllll 2-53-4: SK'l1'Ilt'l' Cluli "Double Door" 3, "Angel U. S. Army. llruin Club -41 Band 3-4. ill unlllllllv Door" Il. "All5ll'l Street" -1, Qoxnpn-titivc Class Orulivstrzi 4g Footlmll 2-3, Sli'a'0t" -1: CUYUIL' Stuff 2-I3-4. rxSSt'lllllly 3. 'l'rm:k 2-3-44 Stunt Co-1-tlitor 43 Howling 3-45 Girls' l.1-algiio Stzuulinpi Connnittl-v Clmirumu 29 Stunt Asst-nilsly 2, Cmnpctitivc Class Asst-nxhly 2-B. Aswinlily 2-3-4, Coinpm-titivu Claus ASSt'Illllly' 2-3-4. l Albert Junior Irish Richard Jensen Rose King Crystal Joyce Kinney lf.lI.A. 25 Bruin Slaff 35 l".ll.A. 2: IN-p Club Il. Ski Club 4g Compu-litivv Assembly 4. Wayne Kinney Lois Koepnick Ronald Kuka Jerry Lambert lluliipvlilivi- Assn-iubly Il. l".ll.A. 2-3. F.F.A. 24 Ski Club 2-35 liruiu fflub C3--1: u:xIllll'l Svil-in-nf Club -'35 BUYS' Slim- Il, Swim-4-t" llamfluill rl-4. Crum f.nilulr5' lvauu 111 lluu-4' ul lim-pn-wiitulin-5 -lg Stuul .'Xswiulvlv -l. Bertlne L. Langdon Nancy Jean Latham Carolyn Lehn Sharon LeVitre Pi-1: Club 2-S3--ig llauul 2-8,49 Pvp Club 2-P31 F.Il.A. -lg "Tisli" 2, "Double Dunn' 3. liuuw ul R4-pn-sviilzllivvs -lg "Duublv Door" :lg Bruin 'l'lu-spiuii 43 Choir 3-4: "Align-l Strc-ot" 43 F.ll.A. 2g Sluut Assn-mbly 4, Shlfl 2-3--4. CH-vililvr 4: Quill i'Duubls' Door" 3, 'ilivhl Pals-tlv Club 4. Cmupc-titivv Assviubly -lg tv Si-mll Sl-Al. Pre-siclm-ill 4. Assuri-d" -ig Girls, Le-zuliw Girls' I.:-4151110 Slaimliug .ill-ffuusl l'i's-as Clinic Suuuliui: Cmiiluilh-v lfuuuuitlm- Kfliulriiiziu fl. l71'll'l-Zulv -lg llHWllllll 2-fl-45 Cluiiruuiu -4: Dvclauuailirui 2. liirlx' I.i-auziu' Slnuclixu: lfuuuuillri' flllillflllllll fl' Ynulli Day 0lfic'm'r Il: gluul Axwiiiblv 2-Il--1. clUIlllN'llllX'l' 7 l 1 Assvlillvls' Tull-ul Slum' 2-I3--I. Pauline Lewis Ann Longballa Leon Marshall Lowe Rosalind Martina. Luke FHA 4 Pep Club 2 Pep Club 44 Choir -lg "Rm-st Assured" 4, "Angel Street" 41 Student Body Secretary 4: Stunt Assembly 4, Class Assembly 3--lg llolly Hull Queen 4. Stunt Assembly 4. Orchestra 2-3-44 President 43 Choir 3-4, Secretari 4, Pep Club 2-3-43 T espian 4' "Our Ht-zu-ts Were Young and Cay" 2. "Double Door" 3, "Tish" 3, "Rest Assured" 4, "Amid Street" 4g Ski Club 45 Bowling 2, Supreme Court jnllge 34 Stunt Assembly 3-4, Cmnpotitivs- Assembly 2-8-45 'Vulvnt Show 2-3-45 Swvotlu-nrt Ball Princess 2-3. Queen 4. if smut Nath' growing, Dearl E McC,u-rough Carol McGuire Sydney McNee1y khyiiis Mack FA 2 3 4 F.F.A. 2-I3-4. F.H.A. 2-3-4, St-erm-tary 3, House ol' li1-presentutivvs 3. Marilyn Madsen Richard Mansfield John Merrill Dixie Rae Miller FHA 3 4 Bowling 4 Band 3-4, Orchestra 3-4, Thcspians 4g Orchestra 2-3-4, F.H.A. 2-S-4, Palette Club Pep Band 3-4, Coyote Stuff Choir 44 "Angel Street" 44 44 "Double Door" 43 Bruin 4, Boys' State 34 Competitive Assembly 3-44 Stunt Assembly 2-3-4, Talent Show 4. Coyote Staff 2-3-4, Co-edit 4g Football 2, Tennis 3-4g Senate 85 Boys' State 3, Boys' Nation 35 Youth Day Officer 4g American Legion Oratorical Contest Finalist 2-45 Declamation 4. or Staff 4g House of liz-pn-scntutives 35 Bowling 2. 1 4 Janet Miller George Mills Beverly Milton B lla -' - -' ' 2 'l-4, l"FA 2' Footlrill 2 43 ..nd 2 -3-4. Ortbtstra ..-1 bet-retary Sophomore Unit Girls' League 2. , . ..-'. ob Mingo Bruin Club fl--L Secretary- Treasurer 35 Boys' Club President 4, Sophomore Unit President 25 Baseball 2-3-45 Football 2-3-45 Junior Class Vice-President 35 Boys' State 35 Youth Day Officer 35 Stunt Assembly 2-3-4. Marvin Molyneux Jeanne Mondragon Layne Montgomery Alvin Morgan, Jr. F.F.A. 2-fl-4. Judging Team 2-3-4. Treasurer 45 State Farmer 4. Pep Club 2-3-4, Secretary 45 Thespian 45 "Tish" 3, "Angel Street" 4, "Rest Assured" 45 Senate 25 Youth Day Officer S35 Competitive Class Assembly 25 Girls' League Ztandinyz Conunittee Chairman F.F.A. 25 Tbespians 45 Boys' Club Secretary- Treasurer 45 Choir 2-3-45 "Angel Street" 4. "Rest Assured" 4, "Double Door" 3: Tennis 4, Football 25 Boys' State 135 Stunt Assembly 2-45 Competitive Assembly 2-3-45 Declamation 45 Talent Show 4. Neal Morrison Billy Munger Catherine Joyce Murphy Shirlee Muse Football 2-3-4, Track 2, Baseball 4, Bruin Club 2-3-4 Secretary Senior Unit Boys' Club 45 Vice-President Soplioiuore Class5Coinpi'titivi- Class .Xssembly 2. S Science Club 35 Tbespians 3-45 Bruin Club 2-3-45 Band 2, Choir 45 "Tish" 3, "Double Door" 3, "Rest Assured" 4, "Angel Street" 45 'l'rav.'k 2-45 President Student Body 4, House ot Representatives 25 Youth Day Officer 35 Stunt Assembly 2-3-45 Declamation 235 Competitive Assembly 2-3-45 'l'ali'nt Show 35 Education Week Speaker 4. F.H.A, 2-3-4, Parliamentarian 3, Vice- President 4, Delegate State F.H.A. Convention 3. F.H.A. 2-3-45 Choir S-4. Leonard Neiwert Darlene Nelson Joyce Noh Patty Eileen 0'Halloran Ski Club -lg "Rest Assurvtl" 'lg F.H.A. 3-44 Bmin Stuff 4. Pvp Club 2-3-44 Ski Club 3--lg Pop Club 2-3-43 S0crt'hu'y Column-litivt' Asst-unbly 2--lg Bowling: 2g Band 2-3-4. Girls L4-auzut' 4, Girls' lrviuliit 'Fmt-k 2, Orclu-strn 3--1, Accolnpunist Stuntlim: Committt-c Choir 45 "Our Ilvnrts Wort' Clminnan 35 Orclwstm 2-3-4 Young and Gay" 2, "Double Stunt Asst-mbly 2-4, Doorn 3, "Amit-l Strt-vt" 4. Competitive Assembly 2-3g "Rt-st Assured" 4. "Tish" 35 Youth Day Officer 4. Youth Day Offict-1' 23 Stunt Assembly 3-4, Competitive Class Assvmbly 2-3-45 Talent Show 2-8-4. L Stanley Ownbey Phyllis Page Tom Patton Richard Paulson Pop Club 3--lg Palvils' Club 4. 4 lluutl 2-fl. Pop llatutl 33: "lJoublt- Doorn 3. "Nest Loyal Perry Truman Peterson Marguerite Phillips Melvin E. Preckel F.F.A. 2-I3--1. Pop Club 2-3--1: Girls' Band 3-4. Pop Band 3-45 lmziglit- Stzmtling Committt-1' Stunt Assembly 41 Talent Clminnan 2: "Angel Strcctn Show 4. Assurt'tl" 45 lfoutlmll 2-Jig Clnss llrtfsitlvnt tl, Class llrvsitli-ut -lg Boys' Stutc 'Eg Youll: Daly' Ut'l'it't'l' ilg D1-claunution 3--lg Stunt Assumbly 2-C3-4. Coxnpctitivc Assembly 2-I3-4. -lg Bruin Stuff :Z-4, Quill fv Scroll 43 Bowling I3-41 Coinpctitivc Assembly I3-4: Stunt Asst-lnbly 4. l Jlm Priest Football 3-4g Supremo Court 3-4: Soplunnort- Unit Boys' Club Sergeant-at-Anus 2, Junior Unit Boys' Club Sergeant-at-Anus Iig Stunt Assembly 2-3-4. Competitive Asst-mbly 2-fig Choir 3-4. n--....,-....L Anita Pruden Patricia Rathke Fred William Read, Jr. Buncl 2-3--4, Pt-p liuutl 3-4. Ps-p Band Muuzuxvr -lg 'l'nlt-nt Show 45 Coinpt-litivv Assmnbly 3-4. Pt-p Club 2-93-45 Ski Club 2-3-4g Tlu-spiains -1g F.'l'.A. 3-4, Sucrt-tary 3--1: Choir 3--lg "Our Honrts YYm-rv Young and Guyi' 2, "Tislf' 3, "Double - - - -- Doorv 3, "Rc-st Assurvtlu' 4, Auilcl Strevti' 45 Girls' Sports Eg Girls' Imagine Stauitling Coinniittoi- Chairman 2-Ii-4' Svnntv 3, Houst' of lit-pi's'st-iitutivt-s 44 Stunt Asst-mbly 3-4, Coiupt-titivc Asmnilmly 2-I3-4: Youth Day , Uffit-1-r 21 Dt-cluiiiutioii 2-fl: 'llilt-nt Slum' fig SL'ii'm'1- Club 3. Leigho L. Remaly Bob Rigler Stanley Reid Richardson Wanda Richardson "Axim-l Strut-tn -1. llzuul 2-3-4, l'i'p lluncl 3-45 Bruin Club :Z-3-'lg Baintl I3-4. Ort-lu-slru 2-F3--l. "Double Door" 34 Stunt Orvlwstru -1. Pt-11 Huntl -'lg ASNl'llllVly' 2-3-43 Bziskm-tlvull xllllHlKl'l' 3--1, 'ltilvnt Show 4. Buscball 2-3-4. 'l'r:u-k Alg Stunt Assvnibly 2-73-4. Nathalie Louise Robertson PA-p Club 2-23-4. Pri-sitlm-nt 4g Girls' l.t-aulut' Stzintlinyg Connnittm-1' Clmirniuu 2-533 Ski Club 2-35 Suprt-mv Courl 2g Youth Day Officer 44 Stunt Assembly 4, Competitive Assembly 2-3-4g Talent Show S. Bonnie Lorraine Robison LaVerna Rosenof Marlo Rovig Bruin Stuff il. Pop Club 2-3--41 "lloublv llmin Club -4: Clmir :Z-ri--lg Door" 35 Bowling F31 Stunt l-'notlmll 3, llusulmll 35 Asst-inbly -15 Colnpvtitivt' Yicc-Prvsicli-nt junior Unit Clams Asst-uibly 3-4. Boys' Club Il. Gilbert J. Russell Jean Andreoff Russell Sandra Salmon Betty Anne Scott X' Choir 2-il-4. Pep Cluh 2-3-45 Scif-nov F.H.A. 2-3, Secretary 25 Club 35 "Our Hearts We-rv Choir 3-45 "Double Door' 35 Young and Gay" 2, "Double Bruin Staff 4, Quill 61 Scroll Door" 3, "Tish', 53, "Rest 45 Stunt Assembly 2-3-4, Assured" 4, "Angel Street" 45 Competitive Assembly 2-3-45 Se-nate 25 D1-clamation 2-3-45 Talent Show 2-3. Competitive Assembly 2-3 -4. E A Dick Scott Elsie Seward Gloria Sinema Barbara Ann Siver F.F.A. 25 Blllltl 2-fl-4. Pep Club 2-3. Orchestra Cl, Pep llanul 45 Computitivn' Assvlnlrly ll. Betty Skinner David Smith Frances Smith Lonnie G. Smith Pop Club 2-35 'l'nls-nt Show 35 Pup Club 25 l".ll.A. 2-3. "Double Door" 35 Bruin Pl-11 Club 25 Choir Il. ' ' Staff 45 Quill 8: Scroll 45 Declaumtion 3-45 Competitive Assembly 3. Marjorie Smith Les Spellman Barbara Spiers Patsy Skeen P1-11 Club 2-fl-4, Sm-orvlury 4: 'l'ln'spian1s 2-I3-4. "Our Hcnris Ptxlvth' Club 41 Pc-n Club -41 Hruiu Staff 2-Ilg Culllpq-tiiivu Assvnlbly 13. VVm-rv Young :mil Guy" 2, F.'l'.A. 43 "Host Assuri-ml" 4, Cmnpi-litivv Assmnbly 2. "'l'isb" 23, "Double Door" 3, "Amin-l Stn-rl" 4. "Ill-st Assu1'vLl" 4, "An5.u'l Stn-vi" 4: Competitive Asst-mbly 2-rl-4. Donald Stephens Lois Stammerjohn Priest Vern A. Sterner Harold Stevens P4-11 Club 3--lg Palvlh' Club 4: llousv of lls'pl'i's4'vnlnlivvs 43 f,l'L'lll'Sh'll 3-43 "Ama-I Colnln-tiiiw' Asn-nlbly 2-Il, Slrvvll' 43 Coyuh' Stuff 43 Sluni Assvmbly il-vl: Stunt Asscmbly -4, Conlpvtiiivv Tnlc-nl Slum' 4. Assvxnbly 3-4. LS., ww 'Q' Burnell Stohler Donna Mae Stordahl NaDeane Sumner Gene Sutton F.F.A. 2-23: Hzlskvtlmnll Pup Club 2-Il-4g Choir 3-4g Pop Club 2-Il-45 'illoubln' 'lllH'5l7lill1S 43 "Double Door Manager 2-53. Bzlsvlmll il--45 "Our llrurts VVm-rv Young and Door" 39 Bowling 235 Ilouw Il, "Ra-st Assurm-cl" -1. "Anp.u'l Shun! Assmnbly 33. Guy" 2, Coyote Staff 45 ul' Ih-prusunmtivvs 4, Cl:-rk 43 Stn-vt" 45 Stunt Asn-mbly 3 lloum- ul' ll:-prvsf-ulnlIW-:V 25 Coxup1-iitix'1- ASSl'lIllDl!' 3-4: Cunmlwiitivv Assembly 34 Stun! Assvnllxly 44 Youib Um' Officcl' -lg llannl il--1, Choir Il-'l. Colnpvtitivo Assembly 2-13-45 Stunt Assumbly 4. 'l'nlvnt Sbow 3. Melvin Swenson Jerry Taylor Carole Rita Thompson Dolores Thompson Chuir 3-4, Band 2, Pop Club 2-3-45 Ski Club 25 Girls' League Standing F.H.A. 25 Choir 2-3-45 Committee Chairman 25 "Double Dooi"' 35 Bowling: 25 Stunt Assvmbly 4. Competitive Assembly 2-3-4, Stunt Assembly 35 Talent Show 3. Bob Tigkner Helen Marian Tucker Science Club I35 Bnskvtbnll 4: Svuioi' Class Vivo-Prvsiclm-ut 45 Youth Daly Officer 45 Coinpvtitivi- Clnss Assvuibly 3-4, Stunt Assembly 3. Pop Club 2-3-45 Thcspinus 3-4. Svcrvlary-'I'r0nsurc'r 45 F.ll.A. 25 Ski Club 25 "Double Door" 3, "Angel Strom-t" 45 President Sophomore Unit Girls' League 2. Standing Committee Clminnan Girls' Lt-:miie 3, S1-uri-tary Senior Unit Girls' L4-nguc 45 Stunt Assembly 2, Competitive- Assembly 2-3-45 Dvclamntiou 2-4. l l Kay Turner Dorothy Lee Vance Pop Club 2-3-45 Girls' I-'.H.A. 25 Pep Club 2-3-45 Lengiu- Standing Committee "Double Door" 3, "Tish" 35 Cbainnzm 45 Ski Club 35 Stunt Assembly 3, "AIU-E'-'l SQTC'-'IU 4, "TiSl1,' 3, Coxnpvtitivv Assembly 2-3-45 MONT H1-arts Wl'l'U YOUIU-Z Tale-nt Show 8-45 Choir 3-4. and Guy" 25 Bruin Staff 2-3, Quill dz Scroll 3-45 junior Class Secretary-Treasurer S35 Stunt Assembly 3-45 Competitive Class Assembly 2-3-45 Dc-clamation 45 Bowling 25 Sonata- 25 Talent Show 2-3. Alice Waddell Alta Clarene Webb Gerald Waggoner l".T.A. 45 Pt-p Club 2-S-45 Ski Club 2-35 Science Club 35 "Double Door" 3, "Host Assured" 45 Howling 2-3-45 Arclu-ry 2-35 Pvp Club Swgciliit-:it-sirius 45 Girls' l.4-nguv Stauiding Committee Chuinnan 35 Cbivf justice ol' Supreme Court 45 Youth F.F.A. 45 Pop Club 45 "Rest Assured" 4, "Angel Strvvti' 4. Dny Officer 45 Stunt Assvmbly 3-45 Competitive Assn-mbly 4. V Frank Robert Wetherbee F.F.A. 2-3-45 Band 2-8-4, Pop Band 45 Stunt Assembly 45 F.F.A. Judging Tcnm 4, Talent Show 4. Don Weathermon William Junior Williams Lowell Wise Sharon Wohllaib Pnlvttm- Club -lg Pi-p Cluli 4g F,l".A. 2-:S-4. F.F.A. Class Bruin Club 4: Org-lu-strzi 23 F.ll.A. 2--'l-4: Choir 3-4. "Axim-l Strut-t" 44 'll-nnis 4: llrm-siclz-nt F3-45 State Famnvr 4. Truck 3-4, Football inanailvi' Stunt Assvmlily 4. 4. Bziskotball Assistant Comp:-titivc Assmnhly 4. Manager 4g Boys' State 3. F Betty Jean Woody Renee Wynn Lois Ilene Yocom Joan Young F.Il.A. 4g Girls' Li-zuzuc Pep Club 2-3-44 "Double FIIIIA, 3: Bruin Staff 4, Pup Club 2-3: Girls' League Standing Coinniittor- Door" 3, "Tish" 34 Hniin Senior Unit President 45 Clminnnn 45 Comp:-titivu Staff 3-4, Quill 81 Scroll 4g F.H.A. 2-3-4. Parlinmentarian Asst-mbly 3. Stunt Assemblv 3-4, 2-41 "Double Door" 35 Competitive Ass:-mlmly 2-33 Talent Show 2-3. Competitive Assembly 2-3g Tall-nt Show 3g Choir 3-4. I David E. Fox Bud Milligan Darlene Pfeifle Naomi Visser Bruin Staff 2-3. lguill 6: Scroll Ski Club 2-3- "Tish" fig Orchestra 2. Jig Youth Dny Ol' icur :lg Football 25 Competitive Stunt Assn-inlxly 2-3, Assembly 3. ffunipvtitivi- Ass:-mlily fl. CLASS OF '52 President w . . Clark Whitehead Vice-President -e - Ross Miller Secretary W.M. ...... - ....k......w.. .Y, ,. - Larry Church Advisors --- e,,.-Mrs. Josephine Albertson, Mrs. Helen Payne "One more year to gof' That is what the class of '52 is saying as they conclude two very successful years . . . The first occasion we had to show our merits was -agsophomores when we took first place in the annual stunt assembly. As ,juniors, we claimed athletic achievement by outstanding players on the basketball and Emkotball squads. The junior Class play, "Thanks Iloncyf' was a great success that assured our reputation as actors. The junior Prom was a beautiful and fitting Ebtute to the seniors whom we honored . I. We are proud of our past record, and with much anticipation await the comigkigx year. J JUNIORS lilll Alrlmll Alurg1Aml:'mori Cflinlnn Bum IJ4'I,4l!lHl1lfl,!Illll Rirluml linml Illrnym' Carllrm lirl Allixmi Llllllllf' Allan Ibm- Arringlim Arla Mm' Bnglry funn llr'4'kwllli Kvilh Bvll juyfm' lllxlrr Paul Blzzvk lh1i4i':'liuy1l Curulrz' H mnnrm llillrriln fllllIlllt'lI!ll'l Alplml,f-1-Cnls'rImrg Dmtirl Arirlvrsmx Clnurlin Bullard 7'lwlnm Bvnham joyrc Blasius jnniuv Brvnmm Marlin Clmpin lizigvrll' Anderson Imz' Bartlett Callicrine Beymcr Bill Hohrmnan Pnt Bunker jumrs Clufualivr llrlvn Amlc'r.s-on XVr'.vlvy Barlctt Don Billingsley Boll Bolton Kvith Crlrrlin JulmClmuIv.v JUNIORS Larry Clllllfll Lillian Clark Mary Connrrlcy Elizabvth Conway Lorraine Duaglc Norma Dean Patti Elliott Diane Emerson Bill Fishur George Fleetwood Sherie Fox George F rcderickson Ronald Cogswvll Rodney Crawford Elizabeth Dorly Rosa Enwrgf lot? Flarmlrz' Orlo Fulmvr Ralph Conant 'l'mn Conan! Burl Crosx Dick Day Larry Drvxlvr Dr'Lny Duff Louis ICn,uL'lI1rr'z'lrl Harlrara linxlcy Norma Fonlvy Dvoinz' Ford Mvrlynv Carey Divk Gccr Colin Cnndiv Dalr' Dcaglc Kr-ith Egbert Norma Fausclt Garth Fowlos lack Gentry JUNIORS Mmjrnn Grnlrgf Divk Glum I,frV4'rn Chan Burma Giblzx lilitzic' Gillvttz' YVHlf1'f Gish januxv Glrnn Dnnulrl Gnml Camlz' c:I'UL'llU jo Ann Groom Charlcs llufvr Bcttc Hall Shirlvy Ilalumwrr Billiv llum'Iu'y Bill Ilm1.s-vu Shirley Harkinx Kay Harp .Vvrlin Hatch Nina llalrhvr Dnris llnr"n.v linlz llnzarzl C11-nna Ilvnrlcrson Maxirw llvnrlrix Gerald Herrick t ,li11l'l1araIlill l'ln'.vl1'v' llillmulz YVallr'r Ilirw Hubert Hinkley Dvlarcs Hoffman Rulll llolcomb Imr"nH ' ' " ' ' ' 11 u mes Lrlu n Ilnrn Davul Hum ur Patrzcm Howard 11171 Howells Carol Hutcluson JUNIORS limwl Ilyfll' liulr Ilmmll julm lnglzxx ,lug1z'r,l11r'ul1.v j1'ng1I1'1rw'll K1'ill1jm'n.wn liorix ,lulznsun l7m'ull1g1 julmxun l'lzgfI1i.vlm1w.w Dumm Knnx ldzmlr I,urwn Nlxirlry l,ur.vmz I,SlIlHlllI Lirfrulu 111-ru'l.m'i11,Q l'f!l,LI1'Ill' Mrllmlrllll Hmir ju .Xl4'Do1z'1'lI liulpll .'Ur'l"urlu,lf' Arrmlrl M1'K4'nu Clruk .Vclxmn Kluylw Marlin linlwrr Marlin Sully Alllffllll Inna Alutli.-1' Hrfly Mmmirr A1lll'lJHll'f jll'lHlil'T lri.v.U1'y1'r 1r1'm'Millr'r julm .Nlillur lius.vAIilf."1 I"rrrl11Mul1tm' VNU!! MUI'I'i-WI! Ih:Iry.Yvi11'w't B1'lWf'l'lU Nc'l.sm1 funn Nclsml linlwrf Na'il,w'n .xffll',Qlll'l'f Nixhizrlkl lm J UNIORS llrlrirl O'1lrl1'rul1' YullC4'rl1'UlI:'l.vlul1'g XVIIUII1'f,ll1'l',NlIIlV',LI Ilurlflgl l':llIm1 liilIg1l'uuI ,Iurgkir l'1'4'k Hnym1nnlll'f'rlc Vrlmillf' IH flu: Shi1'l4g1l'f'l1'1x jngfn' l'1'Ilg1gJr'urr' f'mlrli1'l'fm! l,nwll11l'upf- jn1m'.vI'nxl H1'llgll'mrllull Sl1irl1'gfl'1uiI Kf'iIl1Ol11lll.s .lrzln limlnulll f'1lrl1'lu'4'rlli1lIl1k1 Hrllyf In Ifrllrlillgv Hill lhlul Iiic'ln1nllin'1l N1II'lIlllR1'i'1Y .N'u11m1r1Ii1'1'x lim: If 'llirluflllll-W vllll llr'llill1Jh1mw' .'Xli1"' Rllmlflrw Hulr liirllrlrrlx fl1'ur'g1'r1 ' 13114111 1. lflwf 111 lhlrlln lhllf' lhrlvmtx ,1UfHllll'SL'lllllL'l' l'ln'lmu l.uu Slmrp l,m'ruim' Sln'1m41rrl Slzirlvy bIu'rluf'l: MZ' Simnmm ,Nlmw-II11 bmml JUNIORS Nan Siulvn lJtlll'Sjl4'1lt'l'l' janv! Sfark Dmnm Slilixx Luim Slii1:'i'ipla'r Laliav Siringvr jm' Slurgvon Frrrl Sumnvr fllllll Swim lii'rniicIim- 'l'anni'r Mar'l1'm' Taylur Marlys Thompson Palri4'ia 'l'liunipxnn Lvimra 'l'i1'kn0r Rirlmril 'I'rnn.vm' llarlmra Trval Dirk '1''0tl Bal: Turker Rngvr 'l'yIf'r Max Uhlifr Bah Vance P1-lar Vanlluulvn Edwin NValki'r Cliarlutfz: YVagncr Doris VVal1'uH Carl U'iii'lu'rg Sully YVarlu'rg.: Zin' Ann H'ai'I:rrg Marilyn VVaring Dnrli-nr WVzwm Dvlorcs Wi-lvl: Clark Wlnitvlxvzzd james Wlxiicsichxs Sylvia Whittle Mmm' Wickham Loraine Wilson Hurlmrrl VViI.vun, Ivan U'inl0rlmI1'r, Slzirltfy xvfigllf, funn YUIHIQ Talent Show Stunt . . . junior Unit Girls' League CLASS OF '53 Prcsificnf , . ,A,g ,, ,A,g W, N, ,W ,, Put Daly Viz'C-Prcsitlcnf .Io King N SCC'l'CflII'fl , , joan Pcttygrovc Arlrisors Miss Elfricdc llcinsdorf. Nlr. .Iauncs ID. Swishcr Fillcd with work, play, and thc joy of growing up. our SUPll0I110l'C yczu' will lac hard to cquul in our rcnmining high school days. lt is difficult to put into words thc actual good which was gaincd from our first ycur in high school. hut it may hc rcincinlwcrcd as thc timc wc first hcgun to upprcciutc tht- full xuluc of il good cducution . . . lt took soinc of us longcr to makc thc 2lCljllSfl1M'llt to high school, hut soon cvcrybody wus going full stridc. All sccincd willing to hclp in any Way that would lmcncfit the class. This valuuhlc ussct cnulalcd us to cnjoy all the nctivitics offcrcd to an up-and-coming class .... Ns wc look through thc cyes of thc futurc, sonic of us have lwcomc farmcrs, nurscs. doctors, lnwycrs, cnginecrs, storckecpers, and housewives. Whutvcr wc may bc doing or whcrevcr We may bc, the days spent in Twin High with the class of "53v will not be forgotten. SOPHOMORES Ann 'NW , Kvnnvlh Alrlmtf Darlvnc Ainsworth Sayles Albee Varolyn Balrc'm'k Dana Hailvy Marilyn Baisvlx lirurr' Harlan' Bal: liarnarrl Rich11r1IBnrrvII Mary F. Balm Patty H"asIr'y PatfyB1'II Harlzara llirkfurzl livlrvrla l'Iif.:g4'r.v jim Hohanan Ilarhara Han-.wr Kwnnvtln Boyd Mary Boyd FUN 'QS' Chesfvr Anllcmson Delvinc Anderson Marican Amlrvason Shirley Baldwin CharIc'.vBatcs Iirwlyn Bvnham Lucilv Hupp Patricia! Hrasivr Rutlzv Bllllklllnllll James Balm Bob Bvnnalt Carlos Bnrall Dean Brown Carolz' Barlow Mary D, Halas Arlrm' llrnxon 1am'ItHnltnrff Arlvnr Burrvlt SOPHOMORES jam' linII1'ru'm'llx Mnrilyn Clmncy Pnl Cram' Janet Dnigh Patty Dean Leild Daman I-'rank Cahill ,lnm-I Clnuclu llIlllIl!lCf!1lUfUl'll Pnl Duly 154-ll: DuKrz1rm'r Kr-nnrtlr Dnnkmz l"mm-rx Cnmplxell Norl Cnmynwn Luurll Curllrm .Vvrin Clznrnlnwlnin lnlm Cluylun Murl1'rn'Culv Pully Collins l'vggy Cox Durllcy Crrvcl Mnlnrl f:l'UlU.YUll Ilolnwln Crmuxrm Ilan 'illSll'l1'lllll JKIIIIUS Dnum l,z'unn Dnlrfx Sl1i1'l4'yL:'z' l7r1ci,v Slxirlcy May Dutix Larry D4 ntun juxuplr Dillon jvrry Dovzlvn Suzanne Dolphin JoAnn lflwrlmrt Ronald lilxlvrs Hillir' Eisvlvill Alonica Elrorli SOPHOMORES llullvlla l"illn1ur1' Sl1ill1'gfl"islvf'1' HHH! lfurzl IirIl11'r1 I"IIl4I'l'Sfl'l' UurHr1'l"ull4'r hlxiflqf l"ullnn'l .Urll'1.:11r1'l Uiln'1'.vml jim Clillcxpir' VH", Uflffilfl Iiw1r:ir1'K2mu l,nui.w Ilrzrlf Clarin' llurllwy l,1 llllllfl' llnrml Nrlrul: llrmlm Um' Ilunx-rn IKIIUIVIOYIII lIl'Vlll7'iX HUT' I UUUUII Cinuluu llmnlun l,1ll'lU H'H"'!! Alyrz' lluwrlrrl lrrm' IllllIljlllV'!'U.Y linlrrrl lnunm 1'Ql.x'i1' JUUIIUS Pvrry jl'll1'x'L'H Ann l"nr.u-ling lfrunk Gmnl li1'l'1'rlgf Ilnll Shirlry Ilugrm Xrllrfln IlmL'c'lls Zim1Hru'j1'n.vr'n Doris I'1I'l'lll"I lhmniq' f:I'I'1'll llnl: H1111 1'1li llugm' Dick lluizingu Monty jifllkill-Y SOPHOMORES lhlrlrara Iulirnlxrm Bill Julius jiw Ki-ysur Gordon Kiblze lil-rl Langclim Karl Larson Frarl Linde Paul Lines Gary Lyrlum Alcan Lynch Martha Martine.: Maureen Maxwell Mack jnlnmlim I0 King Marlin Latham Norma Logan Ann Mallory Ronnie Melton Carol Imwx Shir-Icy Kvstlvr Virginia Ki-van Carol Kisllzfr l"i'am'r'x Kulh Linua Lackey Marilyn Latham Mary Latham Narnia Lewis George Longobarzlu Marilyn Luka Billy Lyrla Louisa Mann Bill Marlin Nancy Martin Bclva Miller Ellis Millar loan Millar SOPHOMORES Hub Milligan Gllfnnn Mark Kun! McBri1l1' Ivrrv lUrVvy Bill 6-iffdlllldlf Shirley Perrin.: lfrlmlylz ,Uilnrr Rolzmrl Millmx Allwrl Mlngn Shirlry Aflllflfl Prztririn Mirnrlf' I'r1Hi Almulmgun All!!I'l'!l..A10Il1Lf0lIlCf!l Mary Mullly Cam! Mummz Sharm: Mrlirrlz liunnin AlI'flUll'L'U Krrlllulll .Uvllullulcl Rully Mc'Elmurrg1 Cnr'l1'IIr1 Mz'C4'ln'z' fnrril ,Vr'Kinmry llrnry Nishizuki llfannc Noble Thomas O'Day Tum O'Ilnllr1mn lluynmnd Olson Clmrlvs Park Coral Parkv Bruur: Purmll Kfirh l'a.skvlt Billu Pvnnork Ann Perry Coleen Peters Gayle Peterson J mm Pulrygmuc Tum .P8uUEf0l50 SOPHOMORES juym' l'lf'xxirzg.'u' lfrum Plult Pulriviu l'mll liilliv Iiuinx f'uruIg1n Rumlull Mary lmu liaqfl Slnirlvm' Rolrinvtl Shirlvy Hzwnwr Luis Saxlon Sumlm Scott Sandy Scnll Ifflrzinr' Shan? Durulluf Slu'1'l'mI Dirk Slmtwrll linlu'1'l Sinmnx Kvrnrlrlla Smith Gary Spackmun David Stunsull Allll'l'ilI l'l'z'.wulI Hrn411u'gfRr'qlm l'Illj.ff'llt'St',l1Il1Z Dull' Sharp j1'uniz'Sim'nm Murjoriv Stansvll Alurllm I'yrun liiriml Rwsu fum' Srnll Alnlm Sln'1u'in Bt'l'f'1'I!l Sirun loc Slarky 1 F. l"urrr'll Quinn Burlmrn Ric'llu,rrIsun Kullzcrim: Scott Phyllis Slwpnrrlson Dvlflriv Skinmfr Harbura Stevens SOPHOMORES llnrlx Still flurru Slm'kf'r Alyrrm Slorlrlurt I'lilz'1'n Sluart Bud Swvct Ilurrwll Su' rl liwnl 'l'1nm1'r lizlilln Taylor Pl1ylIi.v Tnylnr 'l':-rry 'l'Imma.s Marilyn Ticlcnnr Dull' Til'1'y juan 'lhlnmn jnnmm 'l'rrnl Dun Trlu' Rosulvf' Umlilcc Charlvs Vaurc Stan Vnmlcnllurk lan rrrll N'mlrlr'll llwlwn Xvllllllfll CIar1'm'r' xvfllflllf Larry Wnlkvr ,lnnet VVl1rlwrg Clrnna VVatsan mlm H':'1lill"rnmn Cnr!! XVf'x:'ull Bobby xVlH'l'll'I' Rnlwrf W'lli!r' Dale Wl1itn1'l1 lug: 1' XVflli.v , I Y. ,V , , . . . . - I run N llmn jmm .x N ulff Durmlul W anrlIrm.l C.Im,vtun' W umly Ruby I azlnn X'1'rm'Ha luung Elaine Zlafnik Sophomore Stunt Cross Country Team ff? Sadie Hawkins Dance Senior Stunt Christmas YVintl0ws chvibe s A M E E fvyf C7141 '2- ,Ja i . 5, f g . . C' GIRLS' LEAGUE OFFICERS: Pl'l'SllIl'7lff4ltlilll Fishcrg S1'r'l'z'tr1ry-Patty O'Halloran3 'l':r'11.xurr'r Afton Dcang Arll'iso"-fltosc Murray North. "Ah0yl Twin Ili Showlioat, Sct Saill Dcstiuation, Port Achicvcincnt and Succcssll' That cry was hcarcl as Girls' Lcague launchcd its twclfth ycar. Iivcry girl in 'l'.F.II.S. automatically ht-longs to Girls' Lcaguc and is urged to contribute hcr own individual idcas and pcrsonality toward tht- huilding of hcttcr opportunitics and expcricnccs for girls. Our first hig projcct this year was the all-girl rally in thc park which launchcd our big-littlv sistcr IIIOVC- nwnt. Thr- purposc of tho rally is to lauild friendships and a it-cling of lu-longing. Of course, wc can't forgot the st-nior girls' slvcpcr in the gym. Tlicrc wcrc loads of fun and foodg thc only thing wc laclcccl was uslccpn. ln Nova-inhcr wc lu-ld thc annual All Girls, Mixer with a "Mardi Gras" thcnnr. All tht- gills calnc in costumes and masks. Noiscinakcrs, confctti and scrpcntinc provided fun lor cvcry onc. ln Fchruary the Girls' Lt-agus put on the annual Swccthcart Ball. Thx- thclnc this ycar was "Stairway to thc Stars." By popular votc Rosalind Luke was chosen qnccng Edith Cillcspic, scnior princcssg Carolc Crecnc. junior princcssg Iluthc Bankhcad, sophonioro princess. Tln- scnior girls arc to hc connncndcd on thc hcautifnl clvcorations. Wi- havc had sonic splcndid unit and lcague inetings this ycar. In our unit nn-ctings wc arc concerned with personal prohlcnis, Through the thrce years in high school wc try to covcr: orientation to high school, charactcr and pcrsonality dcvclopincnt, and preparation for thc inturc, whcthcr it includcs collcgc or a career. In our lcagnc lllCt'lll"lgS wo arc conccrnccl with "a girl's placc in thc world", In all our cndcavors wc try to give the girls a vision of how they can inalcc of thcnisclvcs finc and worthy wonn-n--wonncn worthy of America. -4: -Air if ' BOYS' CLUB 1 OFFICERS: Presidc-ntfBoh Mingog Vice-President-Bob Gres-neg Seeretary-Treasurer- Bill Morjzang Advisor Mr. Kenneth E. Rail G Under the direction of the officers and members many interesting and educational programs have been presented. This year more boys have taken part in the programs than in former years. The discovery of hidden talent has benefited both the organization and the individual. During the past year the Boys, Club has accomplished worthwhile projects. Fifty dollars worth of film strip was purchased for the high school film library. The safety patrol of the senior unit may have prevent a serious accident or saved a life. The junior unit worked to prevent students from cutting across the lawn. The sophomore unit was assigned the joh of cleaning papers and other unsightly material off the campus. The traditional Holly Ball opened the holiday season. In cooperation with the P.T.A. the Boys' Clnh helped to put on the Alumni Ball. Both were successful social functions. Our school was well represented at Boys, State last summer and john Merrill went to Boys' Nation. GIRLS' LEAGUE UNIT OFFICERS Lrfl In Right: Sum- Sinnnons. Mrs. Ia-nn Gicrlmart, Sylvia Whiltlv. Amlrvy Mmitilmm-ry, Alolm Slwaring, Slnirlc-5' Pm-rrim, Miss jucquvlinc Arnnlil. Min Elsie- Limlgrcn, 'furry Hinkley, Joan Young, llc-Ii-n 'l'nc-kvr, Nun Such-n. svnlml. SENIOR .IUXIOII SOl'llO.IlURl'f I'Ill'ISIDICN'l' , . , .. Ioan Young .... ..,. S ylvia XYlxilIl4- , , .. Shirlm-3' IH-rrinx VICE-IIIlICSIllI'1N'I' . , .,,,, 'l'0r1'y Ilinklvy .. , Suu Sinlmunx fXluIl'4-3' XInnIy1unu'ry SI'fffIII'l'I'AllY , . Ilvlvn 'I'nc'kc-r ,, , Nam Soclvn .-Xlulm Slim-urixn: ADVISOR , ..., Mixx Ii. I.inmILZ1'4'n , . . ,, ,, , .. Klrsl. Civrllzlrl ,,,, ,. , Him -I. .flrnulil STANDING COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN V l 1 Tlnirll Ilmr: Nnrnm Iwi- lingnr. liilillu Gills-spiv, Kay 'I'nrm-r. Pail Ilnlliku-, Num-y Lntlnnn. llurlmrn lfnnk, Aluyu- fIlIl'Il'I', llclty IYnmly, Sharon l,1-Yitrv. ,II'illlIll' Momlragon. Svvoml IIUILY llclvn Anil:-rson. ,Inu-kiv P4-clk. Clmrlm-n llullikv, Xlitnii- Gills-lh-, juycc P:-ttyfzrovv. Pmricin Elliot, Mnxinx- Hvnclrix. Marilyn YVuring. lfirxl Ilmu: jnrly Swim. Bs-lux jam- Nlillvr, Murgnrvl Cilvvraun, Snfnnnz- Dolphin, Marilyn Bnisc-Il. Norma Logan, Shcric Fox. N-ms. K x N ll 4 Qs "" X WL R, Saaie Hawkins Marli Gras Clvrisfmas Service ec SisTer Girls' League L fl? b ' 6 F .. Rii I Bd! BOYS' CLUB UNIT OFFICERS I PRESIDENT VICE-PRESIDENT SECRETARY SPONSOR FOURTII ROXV: Carroll Curr, Mr. Kenneth Koil. TIIIRD ROVV: Raymond Poclc, Neil Morrison, Mr. L. M. Winters. SECOND ROXV: Charles Park, Mr. Arnold DePaul, Mr. Rex Olson. FIRST ROW: Bill Bass, Terry Thomas, Dale Tilley, Ed Allison, Richard Boyd. SENIOR Carroll Carr Bill Buss Neil Morrison Mr. Winters JUNIOR Eddie Allison Raymond Peck Richard Boyd Mr. DePaul SOPIIOMORE Charles Park ,Dale Tilley Terry Thomas Mr. Olson HOLLY BALL-Boys' Club Forftjcj 5 Princ'c,ss Joyce- XVillis-Queen Ann Imnglmlln l'rim'ess Carole Crm-uw. 6 SA OL Left to Right: Mr.-lvin Prcckcl, Lewis Hubbell, Gcorgc Mills, Harold Stevens COYOTE STAFF Smmlings Billie lluncliey, Lois Prix-st. Curtli Re-icl, Advisor, Donna Storclulil, John Merrill Co-Ufliior, Colden Arrington, Bllflllil Gibbs, Barlmra Ensloy, Alolizl Slivaririg. Scutcll: joan Fislivr, Betty Lou Dunn, Carol -lonvs, julia Hoops, ro-vflitor, Dick Nlainsficlcl LQLVQ-rn Clian, Larry Drexlcr. The staff of tho 1951 Coyote is happy to present this issue of our your book XVG hope you Iikf' ii! FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA The Future Teachers of America Club was organized in Twin Falls High School on November 28, 1949. The club was named the Anna II. Hayes Club in honor of Mrs. Hayes of Twin Falls, president of the National Congress of Parents and Teachers. The purpose of the club is to make available to members facts and advice which will help them to become better teachers in their chosen fields. The club meets on the first and third Thursdays of each month with alternate noon and eve- ning meetings. Sixteen new members were initiated this year. The club has undertaken and com- pleted successfully several worthwhile projects. The F.T.A. Clubs in high schools all over the United States are sponsored by the National Education Association. G OFFICEIIS: Pl'l'SifIl'1lf'-Gl'X't'lll' Bowerg ViCl'-PTl'SilIl'lIffvifjllllifl Brackeng S:'ereluryfPat Ratlikeg 'I'reasurz'r-llay Falerg Parlia- rneufuriau Don Cihhsg Song Lz'rlda'r-Lorraine Deagleg Historiunfjoyce Carterg Arlrixor Miss Elsie Lindgren. Slmuling: Cevene Bower, Virginia Bracken, Pat Rathke. Joyce Carter, Ray Falcr. Miss Elsie Lindgren, Don Gibbs. Silting: llarliarn Spicrs. Shirley Larson, Nonna Fansett, Hnby Neiwert. Maxine lioothe, jean W'interlioler, Camille Peckn, Cliarleen ltallike. Lorraine Deagle, Beverly Nelson, Clarene VVL-lib. I i THE BRUIN NEWS BUREAU-Left to Right: Billie Eiselein, Gary Spackman. Luella Pope. Edith Taylor, Phyllis Taylor, Claudia Ballard, Marilyn W'arin11, Elaine Slmne, Sylvia WVhittle. news lniwuii diri'ctm'. l- ADV . , . L- ,I , ER ITS --fvclitlify ngaotil fff: G. , xlNCxLx cd,to1BLYm,e liz, bust g7.rzsf,,n,1ylf MTH, tw Ch -yy , . -te -'tl 1' ,A r ' UI A - Oul Dick Em eafiursngnnaicc 525, ,publwl J rrlrhi Hrn3::Z':HPr,.v ggrrley man. 5chr0Ylt'Gditofly1m.n PN' 1 Lui., Ifnlvne Nerxon' a'si2nTian0HU'5 000111. elxfln. nw an 1 1 5 5 tlifllfto CIRCULATION-Jean Winterlloler, Diane Emerson, Dixie Miller, Rosie lVICDowvll, Carol McGuire, circulation manager. I PAGE MAKE-UP EDI'I'ORS-Stand- RADIO STAFF-Shvrill Cherry, Tex ing: Ray Peck. Betty Scott. Patsy Fox, radio prograni dire-ctorg Larry Skven, Bobbie Byrne, make-up cditorg Church. Pat Ainsworth. Lonnie Smith, Arla Mae Bagley. Sitting: Kay Harp, Katherine Ehlers. Marguerite Phillips, Buzz Langdon, lmm jean Cowham, Currnen Cunning- ham. This year the iournalism flepartnient has undergone several cluuiges. The most important was the Change fr0m the small four column paper tn the large five column tablaicl size paper. Changes were also made in the manner of reporting, advertising, editing and make-up. Also this year instead of sending two delegates to Chicaio to the Chicago Pre-ss Conference for iournalisnz, four delegates were sent tn the All-Coast Press Clinic at Seattle. T ey were accom- panied by L. J. SCl11'OyC1', staff advisor. Qulu. AND scnou. OFFICERS: Kay Ehlers, treusurcrgg Fran Averett, secrctrlryg Richard Ensley, vice-presiclcntg Bertini- Lunyzdon, presiduntg L. 1. Seliroycr. sponsor. fogffl' ' N1 TIA . Rav Peck' phfirma Anzrizlgssblmlfffn . s ' ' '. " Arsff gi Pat - , f0fS- ed,1t0Tv .S 1 Ai Hn, L' A An,- TWXN H1-gesgyfgg make-xgafg Annales 1-12312 Vlggirrle,rlmililstliirgywxntll, honnie Smith " 1 3 ,' -C ' and' 'Ulwrif ' .". a' ' as B , i . beri-1 tof ln. ts. Ha , C' Ph 11 . "Hu, R I al-ley, er, Weowhamn edludocrtiscmen HaIv,.,:Z::"-CE Paws- Igiitila-w Cllggili-l'l?1i l' ArSWm' HMP. Slit, lnudia B 'Wf Sllirl. 5' , r 1 all . fy Ci:fl?l'l"3IIllaih'. I K?5w?J'. gitllfal' I. mn 'un 'n in tho mcfgowliain, Afzgiaiwd lVy-nn and gr-,,g!:l2' OX. JOURNALISM DEPARTMENT TWIN FALLS HIGH MAY, 1951 STUDENTS-Twin Falls High Twin Falls, Idaho Hello Students: Twin Iliglfs Fourth Estate Chapter of Quill 81 Scroll initiated this year the largest number of journalists in the history oi the school. The total membership of twenty -tive were "pinncd', at two initiations-one each semester. Besides sponsoring the first after game dance, our chapter published the second issue of "Twin Hi-gest," all- school magazine. which is a yearly project. The magazine contained literary articles hy students, special rccognitions and highlights oi the school year. This journalism cluh helped produce the Talent Show in addition to sponsoring some of the delegates to the All-Coast Press Clinic in Seattle. Qualifications for Quill 451 Scroll are: fll junior or senior standing, C25 100 puhlishcd inches in the Bruin or local newspapers, and 432 scholastic standing in the upper third of their class. Sincerely yours, BERTIN E LANGDON 'ff ui I, 'S 1. E 4. :E T: 1.4 E If .1 Q1 1' Ll: 25 : L1 vu : Y ': Ln F Lu E ,. 2 L1 5 C .. H JT S. -- A"' L 5: L.. :1 Q 7 1. 1, L Q. 5 -J E Q. A , 2. ei 7 4.1. :sz 9 .. G .J T ce L4 1 ': fl. .. 'L - 'I Ta V7 Q x .E 5- 4 : cf: .5 2' U .i A T 'S A -4 J 1. 1, f JT 4: IL . 11 IZ Lf. .. : Y Z x: 2 U ,- C - 'YI i Z Qu Y 'E 1 ia 1. H... 541 C: wc -.7": ii E' C' :ill EE'-1 FF: I-:Ci Ei? :Ek- E-. xe- is! 5.23 EU I-.S Sim v.,,:' .-..: :EIC 4-Lag .- 2 ,E7 fm EE: iff 455 -11:5 A5244 ,idx al'-'25 : va T1-5 r'-1' :DL-jg: ,:x: 4.5, --- 4. EE? ,,.., LIC - .... :E"l" .",..: 'O-2: "'-3-31 ,L 3: .CIQQ 1-QE you 5:7 1.5: 231- :.-'gn .., -If Er-5 w"i el-',-5 Q .7 EE' wif 1a..'Z:1 131 LL. 1:7 m 'U E ni 5 F -.Z 41 I .1 2 U 2 2 E : G as xl A Ti ,ai :- U E' m Z ,2- Q . ,. .. ee L3 5 E .. E F 5 A E n If .1 Lf E E 5- if ... L E : L1 7-7 O T1 E. Q 5 H. ,. A gf F' ..1 I2 'FJ A o EQ 4 Q .C 'JI ze v-. xl 14 .1 E5 Ia I FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA Officers I'rw,s-irlwnl l,v1'ny Algvr XVil'f'-I,l'l'-S'ifll'lIf -lim C:1lI'Ill'f' SI'f'l'l'flll'!l Dnximl Amin-rsun 'l'l'1'1l.x'1m'l' XIilI'Xill NlUlf'lll'llX Ih'pul'l4'l' Bill llamsvn .'xN.S'f,N'f1lIll Hr'11m'l1'l' Him-1111111 Boyd Swlflirlrl Dam 'I'r1u- .'xll!'f.S'1Il' Xlr. liqllplu l'ZtlXXill'llh f 9 FS S Sf B I 12,5 A A,g"tl: --g E, E 3 Q J Q-f"gf'Q1as,.N,, a.:1 g in R . .. . fi -c .. , Zff fflg , .,.I.,..,..E..,. STATE FARMERS D. ANDERSON 0 ' ff A 7' 0 .' V . 1 ix X ,JV -1 . - . is Judging Teams 'I'l1ix'Ll Huw: Bulw XVt'Altlll'I'1Dl'C', lingm liuyrl. Dick Boyd. SUCUIICI How: Mr. Iinlpln liclwunls, Hill llamscn, Dun B. 'l'l4lll', -H111 C:lll'Ill'y, Cx-urga' l"lv1'iw0ucl, liuclxmvy' livrlllal, David O'lI11rr0W Suylvs :Xlhm-, Nluwixl Mulylwllx. First Huw: Clinton Bc-am, l':llj.f1'Il0 Anclvr- sun, lA'l'Uf' Algcly Kvllxlcill Mcllollalld David .-Xllcl1-rsml. '.2 E. ANDERSON' 3 of .vig iii- vw. Q NS':i 8' 5 1 1 FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA 'l'lu- l".ll.A.. mule-r llu' mpnlmlf- clirvclimi of Mrs. C1-cil Smith, has 1-niuycrl am au-tivv auul profitaihlr- yvur . . . Ono ul' ilu' must llllllllfllllll prni4'i'ls has lu-mi wm'l4iii5.i lor tlu- loin' Dvgrm-vs ul' At'llll'Y1'1lIL'l1l. Mamy ul' ilu' girls limi' c':ll'i1vtl ilu' liirsl mu' which is ilu- Vlllllllll' lJ1'Ql'1'1', 'l'lu' utlu-r all-gn-1-sin llu'urcl1-r ul whivh llu'y1u'm' miriu-fl alrv: Cllalptvr, Slate, mil Nutimml. 'l'lu' mlvgiw-vs lwlp lhv girls lu lr-urn rvspmisiliilitics. to zu-liu-vv pa-1'smiul grmvtli mul llf'X'i'l0pll1CIlt, and to pm'tin-iputv in wlumlvslniu- 1'm'l'r'utimml zu-tivitu-s. 'l'lu' vlmpll-1' smut clvlc-gulm-s lu ilu- district ccmvvntion which wus lu-lcl in Alvmziu- this ye-ur. Um' sialic crmvvntion was lu-lcl in Boise: April 12-l-1. IJQ-ls-galil-s klll.l'11Cllllj.f Worr Alia-c lllumaulvs. l,0I'Alllll' XYilsmm. :mil Juckic' P1-uk. 'I'lu- zmnuzll llaiwvsl Bull mul tlu- swimnwr wr-rv lu-lcl in vmijmu-tion with ilu- FFA ulmplc-r. Ollu-r sm-inl au-tivitics inchulccl 11 hulio mriy. an Clirislimis party. mul il skating purly. 'l'lu- se-x'x'i4-v piwlim-vis ol' I"IlA iiu'hulr'cl svrvi1i5.5 at tvus, l7,lllCllll'lS, mul hu-ulty nu-vtingm S1'lIClllHI lmws of foocl :mtl ixmh-rinl to our auluplm-cl sn-luuml in ilwiiiuiiyg amcl alt Christmas linu- ilu- giving nl' huul mul clothing to two needy liamiilivs in Twin hulls. Mmwy imilxing prujm-is wx-rc tlw szxlc- ul' lui! L'lIOl'Ul2lll' mul lull :lugs ut tlu- fruithaill gamurs and hut clogs nt ilu- lmslu-lhzill gamu-s. Burk Hour: Irma ,Irwin Cuwlumi. .Imam Ymingl, jnckix' Pc-ck, Nnrnm livvs. Nmicy I.a1lhuni. Bnrlmru XVilsmi. Ifronl llmr: Ahu' llluulm-s. Cutluwiiu' Murpliy. 'l1l'l'l'X Hinklvy, Cnruh' Hulvliisrm. Mrs. Ccril Smith. Officers l'n'si1lrn1 Terry llinklcy Parlinmvnlrzrians Barlmm XVilson. Ioan Young Vi f'f' -1'l'4'.vi1lc'nI Cnllurrim- Murphy Smig I,z'zulcr Num-y Lntlmni Sw'rf'If1ry -Inu-kiv Pm-ck Rcnortrfr Irma jr-un Cowham 'l'rv11.v:11'1'1' Norma Rees Sponsor , Mrs. Cecil Smith FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA lfiffli Huw: Vvrnl-tln Young, Putty Dunn, Christine Woody, Frans-vs Cnmpln-ll, Myrna Stoclnlurt, Put Thompson, Iuckiv Pc-ck, Norma licvs, Cau'l4-lm lNlcG1-lu-c, Elxim- lnym-s, Ninn llutclwr, Mary Bntvs, Burlmm Hin-lmrdsmm. Martha Pyron. Fourth Row: Ruth llolvnmh, Bm-lly jo Ponltnn, Caunillv Pvcka, Put Howard. Third Runs: Cm-nrgvnu Rigclon, Pm Bunker, Claudia Ballard, Norma Fmllvy, llnrlmrn 'l'rcat, lxvm- Nlillvr, Barlmra Wilson, Shirley Ilalvc-rson, hflill'2ilI'1'l Ni:-hizaki. Sl'l'UIlll Row: Beverly Nelson, Nlalrlm-nv 'l'uylnr, Betty YVnnLly. Ioan Young, Ethvl Crane. Alivc llllilLll'S. 'l'0rry Hinklvy, Nancy Lilfllillll, Catherine Murphy, lrnm 4ll'llll Cowhann. Bnrlmra S11-vvns, Mrs. Cucil Smith. First llmr: l-urrnim' Vllilson. Norma Lu- Ds-nn, Eileen Horn, Shirley Km-sllvr, Kay llalry, Carol llntchinson, Bclh lJOKl'1llUl'l', Ioan Elvcrlmrl, Lnniso Hawk, Carolyn Milncr. Installation of Officers 1951-52 Lvfl tu Ilight: llc-th D4-Krmm-r. Cmlvtm INIL-Cc-lu-0. Lnrmim' Wilson, Alice lllmaulvs. lorry llinklvy. Cullwrino lNInrphy, jackie P:-ck, Norma Recs. ,nil 9 x ,fm ' -v x SKI CLUB Tha- Ski Cluh was mguiiizi-tl tu instill interest in skiing and to crm-atc' opportunities in this sport. If you luwc over skin-Ll or waitclu-cl auiyouc ski, you prulmlaly rwilizi- that skiing is om' of thc' host all around sports . , . Bust-s wt-rv cliairti-rc-cl to Magic- Mcnintuin 4-x'v1'y Sziturcluy during the ski scaison. Spa-cial rzitvs for lvssons uncl for thi- lifts wors- givvn tht- lm-inhvrs of thi- cluh. Smut' of thc lmvginners this ya-ur lmvv clcvi-lopcd into pruficivnt skiers. As an i-linmx tu uc-tivitii-s this scuson il Moonlight Ski Party was hc-lil ut Magic Mountain. xlt'll1lX'I'S stnyt-tl ova-r night in thi- l'i'c-slvyti-i'iu11 C'.ihin. This party wus Well uttcnch-fl and vvcryom' haul ai woncli-rful tiinv . . . At thc clust- of thi' yt-tn' lotta-rs wc-rc nwamlt-cl to thc xncinhcrs having at lc-ust fifty hours of skiing to their credit. A number of stumlcnts ri-cc-iw-cl thcsv lvttc-rs. G Officers Prvsiflcnt H , Carol Iones V ice-President jim Whitesicles Scfcrcfury-'1'rcasurcr Carole Larson PEP CLUB Svronrl Huw: Xlnrjuriv Smith, Clara-nc Wehh jnym' l'4-llygrnvm-. Dium' Emvrson. Firxl Raw: Clalricm' lludlvy. ,h'zlnnu Lion lou, Mr. lloytt lmpmn. A now l'UllSfilllli0ll was writtvn hy an 1-lvctm-cl C0llllIlitf1'C and adoptc-cl hy lm-mln-rs at thc- hm-ginning of thc your. Ihiw conxtilulmn L'Ulll'lilN -1 point NYNIUIII hv whin-h IllL'!lllJl'I'9lIi1'l iN g.,m'v1'm-al tlu I-uw hu' thm s -'m ' " tha f . - . . ' klmtu of OHlL'0lS out-hm' for IlllSilll'SS lllL'l'lill5lS and the spvcificzltiuns of llllif-Ol'lllS to hm' worn . . . Thx' two Q-Im-t' ulnjl-1-xiws of Pvp Chlh uv to hm- il sclwiuc 4-huh amd lu lliililltllill ll hr-llvr chvuring Svction. NYith 21 IIll'lll!7l'l'SIIi17 of H2 ilu-sv uhjvctivvs Wvrc lim-vvcl. Skits for pvp nssvmhlivs wm-rv pwsm-nmtm-cl hy the chlh, husvs WL-rv Q-hau't4-cl tu smmw of thc out-of-town games, md thx- INUIIIIN-'l'S In-lpn-al with tha' YQ-ll Ll'2lCh'l' XVog'k Shop. Pop was sohl hy the- chxh :lt tho gaum-s amd IllOllIb0I'5 1 msurvd am ZKHUI'-Qlllllt' ChHli'1', lim-glllur lm-ctings of the cluh wvn- hmlcl 'l'm-schny norms. IR-11 Chxh has hm-vn vvry llll 'vv lhis yvzll' :mal tha' 1-oopvnltiull was sph-nrhcl Officers Nzllhzllix' lhmlwlismull l'n'.vi1l1'nI lluh lhmlhm Vim' l,l't'Yil1l'lH ,lvalllllw h1UlHll'1llUll liux.'m'xx S1'z'r4'lrn'q1 Mavglis' Sm5lh fYurn'.vpumlill,u S4'c'n'l1lrg1 Aluyvv l'vtt31Ll'm'v 'l'uuvlm'r' cIlElI'l'lI1'Xxv4'lDll Sn-num' Dlun' I'1lm-rsull Qlunim' Chlrivc- Haullm-y Sulxhmnmn- S1'rga'flrllx-:II-.'h'1ll.v Spnvm-nr Mr. Huyll lmpwn clraulon, Nullmlia- liohcrtsnn, Bob B01- PEP BAND .wr Lrfl In riglif: Russ Millar Russ Arrinutun, llnlwrt Riglm-x'. Bill lluul. .lim Curm'5'. Gulrlvn Arrimllun. llaymmic :li XVrilu-rln-4-, Dirk Sc-nil. Carroll Carr. Kirk Billvr, Pllillip Cuxivr, Kvilli Quzills, llulu-rl Xlurtln. lllvk fllmn. lllll l lslul llulnil mliamls. Xlalx Vl'ic'klmni. Nlvlvin l,l'1'K'kl'l. lli1.'llm'cl Blziiiwliivlpl, Lllml llim- mil pn-will hu' pu-Inu' l YELL LEADERS lu 'IX ,X A .... wif' ic ! if? S l ...M -nf' my-as Luft to righl: Sally XvilI'l7L'l'L1, Bob Cruwlvy, Bobbie liyrnv, Bulx lizuurrl, Durlom- XY.n'm. Ere H142 I W I PALETTE CLUB Under the sponsorship of Miss Jacqueline Arnold, the Palette Club was orgzfanized December 8. 1950. to function ns il service club for the school and community. The making of posters and other clecomtions furnisliecl plenty of lmrcl work. Outcloor sketching trips. special speakers. :incl tlie Art lixliilmit in April were nclclecl features. Anyone interested in art may join. for one inuin olijeetive of the clnlm is to interest more people in nrt. 4 Presidenl Norma Rees Vfl'l'-PI'l'.S'flIl'lIl Iaickie Peek Ser'n'l111'g1 Carolyn Milner '1'rc'11surer Auclrey Nlontgoniery Sponsor Miss Jacqueline Arnoltl Burk mir: Lois Stuniinerjolin Priest. Hurlmairn XVilson. llnrlnirn Spiers. Put Brusier. Put 'l'lionipson. l1:i'l'relln Bell. Don XYenllu'rnmn, junies YVoll'f. Carolyn Lelm, Gntlly Bt'yl'IH'l', Dixie Miller, Nun Sotlen. Cordon Kilxlxy, I'iulll mir: .Mitlrey Nlontuoinery. Norlnn ltees. .Inc-kie Peck, Carolyn Milner, Miss jueqneline Arnolzl. Tl-IESPIANS "Ari irvll your pnrlg flivrr' all flu' honor lim." 'l'win lfallls Tlicspiun Troiipo 256 hclongs to tht' National Drznnntic Socivty of Tlwspians. lts pnrposa- is to proinotv stuiiclnuls and orc-atc intern-st in ull of thc' cliuniiatic arts. Under thc com- pt-tvnt clircction of clrinna couch and sponsor, Miss Phila E. Bishop, the Tlivspian tronpo assisted in thc- staging ol' tlirvv plays: "Rust Asszircdv, "Angel Slrrfvf' anal "Tl1unk.s' Ilomfyf' During thc first scinvstcr in aclclition to the plays. the cntirc tronpo iittt-mlm-cl at spew-ch and drama t-oiifciwicc' in Poczitvllo. As ai result of this trip, Thespizins hopv to lnako the coiifmciicc an annual projm-ct. tlins giving Tlivspiuns more knowlcdge and experieiice in the field of clrannutic expression. lfnurlli Itoiv: Dia-k Day. Clivstvr llilhniin, Dick Fucndcling, Los Spvllnnin, Loyal Perry, Cary Cliristoplivrson, Bill Nlorgani. Tliirrl Itoirz Nliss Pliilii Bishop. Ct-nc Sutton, Eu gc-nc Ritchie, john Morrill, Lorraine Dt-uglc, Fran Avcrctt, llc-It-n 'I'nt-ki-r, Bi-tty Lon Dunn. Szniclrzi Snlnion, Joyce Pcttygrow, Bcvcrlcy Bond, Nancy Lzitliznn, Put Ruthkc, Hill Nlnngt-r. Svrurirl Row: liogc-r Tyler, Clark McKean. First Row: Afton Dt-nn, Bvtty Bonzn' Ashby, Donna Knox, Diirlvin- Xtlixiui. ltosiilincl Lnlw. hlczniin- Mondrugon, Car mon Cunninglnnn. Zoe Ann XViirlx-rg. I'1'1'.s-irlrfnf Fran Avc-rc-tt l'if'f'-I'rUsirIciif Dick Day Sr'f'r1'l111'y-Trf'11si11'c'r Helen Tucker Sponsor D D ,B .B B Miss Phila Bishop lx wx Q R 3 'Q 'O 1 A i iw jcssiccz Morlork Mildred Mr. A101-lock M iss Akr'r.s- George Plcw Luigi Lrmconi Mrs .Morlovk Mary Morlock Shiga Manager Hu.vincs.v Manager I'nI1Iic'i!y THE CAST OF CHARACTERS Carril McKinney Nancy Latham Bill Mungcr C, Afton Dean Leonard Neiwert C Gene Sutton loc Lanconi Dr. Brown Lucifer Mrs. Schmaltz C Mr. Black 7 Martlui Lanconi Mrs. F rinck Roger Tyler Cary Christopherson Dick Day C - Sylvia Lee Whittle Decca Loyal Perry ee DWL, Clarene Webb Betty Lou Dunn Belva jane Miller LLC Bob Bolton Ann Longballa Juke C 7 , "Rest Assured" All School Play-November 2-3 Director-Phila E. Bishop Q-fig? W ?' f rf yqlflilff ST . -, X W 5 C... 7'9- are K' F7 STU DENT PRODUCTICN STAFF Fran Averett iroigrams f 2' . me ,,Charlene Holmes 'gl mg ,, ,Bill Morgan, Kay Ehlers, Makeup Pauline Lewis, Tex Waggener Sl'l'llt'l'll ,,Frank Grant. Larry Shiyfley, P"f'1'fffff'S Marilyn Chaney, Dick Fucnde ing, Jack Eastman Costumes Tir'kUl.v Barbara Sniuin, june Scott, Mary Latham, Pat Miracle Sqund uw , WL Rosalind Luke Clark McKean, Eugene Ritchie Y , Ieanne Mondragon, Les Spellman, Carolyn Randall , , , W , A Carl Brannon, Ruth Bingham, Sandra Sa.lmon, Lorraine Deagle ,W , L, Donna Knox, Barbara Spiers, Lovell Carlton , , , aLayne Montgomery L0 ber GCG N ,- N x., Mun ningflr 11 Mr. A N G E L S T E ost E Cflz IJ El i:.11 G -Q 5-1 :J 4 'J 5 P4 Z in .-. E 11 ellma f-L CD cn ID ,-I Q 'T 5-L -.. E CG ling SDC E' Fu Dick ,--4 A25 -sw S5 F, if E W w Wx , x X f-1 .- A V Ep Sill C"'J Ef- -1 5 du-4 CDA ,... if FU: ics F-79 Cllr-. "Angel Street"-Senior Class Play Director-Phila E. Bishop StageCrafts-jacqueline Arnold Student Production Staff S tcigr' Zllarmgcr Patricia Rathke Busin1'.s'.s' Illunagcr , ,H . Loyal Perry Alluertising Illunugcfr Edith Gillespie Pulzlicify Rosalind Luke, julia Hoops, Kay Ehlers Scenery Tex Waggoner, Bill Munger, Gene Sutton, Maynard Campbell, Cary Christopherson, jerry Lambert, Bob Hostetler. 811011111 Musik , . W , , Joyce Noh Tickets Beverley Bond, joyce Carter Programs Lois Stainmerjohn Lighting Carmen Cunningham Bill Hunger, Tex VVaggoner Make-up Ann Longhalla Patty Flynn, .Ioyce Cossey Properties Clfiandj liuth Bingham. Geraldine Crandall fStagej Betty Bonar. Pauline Fleetwood Co.s'tume.s' , Barbara Spiers, Marguerite Phillips. Shir-loc Hill JUNIOR CLASS PLAY Director-Phila E. Bishop February 22-23 Kallly Barlow Darlene Wavra Frank Lawrence Chester Hillman Anne Barlow Joyce Pettygrove Mr. Jenkins Clark McKean Bvfiy Mar.s'l1alI Lillian Clark Mr. Travis Bill Hanson jack Derning ,C Roger Tyler Mrs. Marshall Norma Rees lark Forbes Dick Day Mrs. Atwater Betty Hull l w l 1 "THANKS HONEY" Student Production Staff Assistant Director-Zoe Ann Warberg Stage Manager-Ruby Neiwert Businc'ss Manager Sylvia Whittle Make-Up Donna Knox, Publicity , S Marilyn Waring, Daunna Lincoln, joan Young Ross Arrington, Camille Pecka Sound Q ii Q i B0b,B0't0n Tickets at Charlene Holmes, Programs , , Patti Elliott, l2'lCkl6 Peck . , , ' , , Beverly Nelson, jean Winterholer Lighting , , , , Eugene RltChlC, Shirley Wright Scenery ,, Bill Bohannan, Keith Qualls, COSUIIHI'-S' a 7 1 Nilla H3fChC1', Raymond Peck, Gayle Martin joan Rettinghouse, Ilene Loving, Properties fHnndl Sherie Fox, jqyyce Bixler Sue Simmons Cfitagej Lorraine Dcagle, Irene Miller pi . Y .. 1 I x V i FIRST VIOLINS john Merrill, Concert Master Kent Andersen Ioan Fisher Ruth Holeomh Shirlee Hill Frances Kolb Rosalind Luke Iona Mattice Maxine Hendrix Betty Meunier Lorraine Deagle Patty O'Halloran Mary Sue Simmons Fred Summer Stanley Vandenhark SECOND VIOLINS Arlene Burrett Ann F orsling Nina Hatcher Bill Johns Karl Larson Bonnie MeConley Irene Miller Margaret Nishizaki Shirley Pratt Gene Schultz Lois Priest Marjorie Stansell Edith Taylor Charlotte Wagner Darrell Sweet Beverly Miller SENIOR ORCHESTRA Director - Richard R. Smith VIOLAS Shirley F ulmer Doris Havens Dolores Hoffman Zina Rae Jensen Carol Jones Patty Pratt Janet Warherg CELLOS Barbara Ensley Linea Lackey Sandra Scott Wanda Richardson BASSES John Choules Kenny Davis Bill Paul FLUTE S Ross Miller Phillip Custer OBOES janet Miller Kirk Bitter String Ensemble BASSOONS Patty Eliott ' Marilyn Ticknor CLARINETS Ross Arrington Joyce N0l1 CORNETS Richard Mansfield Patty Morrison FRENCH HORNS Carroll Carr Jimmy Howells Merlin Hatch Eivind Resa TROMBONES Stanley Richardson Robert Martin BASS HORN Lewis Hubbell DRUMS Edith Gillespie Patty F linn Daunna Lincoln Barbara Richardson Kent Andersen W k I 1 I 1 FLUTES Ross Miller Phillip Custer Barbara llill Shirley Kestler Myrna Stoddart Marilyn Luke OBOES Janet Miller Kirk Bitter BASSOONS Patti Elliott Marilyn Ticknor Duane McDonald CLARINETS Ross Arrington Joyce Noll Bertine Langdon Raymond Peck Robert Rigler Bill Read Jim Carney Sherie Fox Thelma Sharp DeLoy Bingham Shirley Peters Betty Poulton LaRae Stringer Joan Miller Ronnie Melton Jo King Shirley Lee Davis Avery Floyd Gordon Houston Shirley Mac Davis Bert Langdon Mac Winters Bob Hall Virginia Kevan SENIOR BAND Director - Charles L. Ratcliffe ALTO CLARINETS Deborah Skinner Karl Griffiths Richard Barrell BASS CLARINETS Richard Jensen Erma Plott Jimmy Gillespie ALTO SAXOPHONES Golden Arrington Carole Larson Thelma Bonham Donald Chadd TENOR SAXOPHONES Bill Bass Joyce Willis BARITONE SAXOPHONES FRENCH HORNS Carroll Carr Jimmy Howells Merlin Hatch Eivind Resa TROMBONES Stanley Richardson Robert Martin Dick Ghan WValter Hine Arnold McKean Bobby Tucker Fred Linde Bob Hazard BARITONES Gene Sutton Dale Spencer Bill Rayl Albert Owens Keith Qualls Bob Wethcrbee BASSES CORNETS Richard Mansfield Patty Morrison Melvin Preckel Max Wickham Bill Fisher Dale Deagle Dick Scott Richard Boyd Bill Abbott Kenneth Smith Lewis Hubbell Robert Richards DRUMS Ronnie Green Charles Hater Jerry MeVey Edith Gillespie Patty Flynn Daunna Lincoln Barbara Richardson Shirley Mitchell Kent Andersen 1 i i I w X r f SOPRANOS Carolc 'llioiiipmxi Nancy Latluanm Katlicrinc Scott Sliirlcy Larson Nlarilyn XYaring llclcn Anclcrson -loycc ll4'ttyjlI'0YL' llc-xcrly lloncl llcttc .Ivan llall Claudia Ballard Patty lflynn Dannna Lincoln ltosalincl Lulu' Dorothy Yancc -loan Young CHOIR Accmnpunisi, joycc Noll Dirccfor, Holucrt ID. VVilson ALTOS Patricia lltltlllxlt' Iflainc Zlatnik Patti lilliott Lillian Clark Cliarlottc VVagncr Sliirlcy Mnsc Sltaron VVol1llailm Dtnnm Stilcs Sally Martyn Bt-tty Scott Sylvia Lcc VVl1ittlc Arla Mae Baglcy Ann Longlmalla TENORS Gm-nc Sutton Paul Black Toni Pcttygrovc Gary Cliristophcrson Bncl Cross lingcnc llitcllic Dick Day Dick Re-ccl BASSES llalpll Mcl"arlanc john Mcrrill Marlo ltovig Bob Bolton Bill Mnngcr Dick Shotwcll Bill Lycla Bill Martin Bill Morgan M4-lvin Swenson Bnclcly Patton lAll'l'j' Ilovcy T0 STATE SPEECH FESTIVAL l.1'fI to rigglziz Flllll AX'l'l'lxU. 1114111-5' Cn-1-ml. l.lJI'I'1liIll' llwlglv, Sauulrn Suhmm. Hin-l1ul'cl Daly, Bcity Lou Dunn. -lolm Morrill, Dick 1"m'mlcli11g. liogm-1' 'l'ylo1', f:t'YClll' Buwvr, Don Gibbs, Miss Phila Bishop, Cllestur Ilillmam. To Northwest Music Educators Conference Choir Orchestra Imfl In riglzlz lmlph NIL'Fill'lill1C. Bclty Sunil, Lvfl In righl: Shirlcu llill, Doris ll.nvus. Sully Buverluy Bond, Holm Bolton, Mr. Rolwrt XVilsou. Martyn. Mr. Riclmrd Smith. Lim-11 Lackey, Ross Miller. ' SPDI'-,is , 0457 M 0 X X COACHES Harold Brown John Gregory Varsity Basketball Varsity Football Varsity Track Varsity Baseball Assistant Varsity Football Glenn Sheen Murray Satterfield Cub Football Assistant Faslcetlmll Cub Baseball Assistant Track Ir. High Football Henry C. Powers Atlzlatiz' Dirvvtor' Dun Folkins Cub Basketball Assistant Trai 'lc jr. High Football THE BRUIN CLUB 'l'hc Bruin Club is an athletic organization composed of boys who have earned their varsity letters in some major sport. As goals, the club has set the attainment of clean competition, develop- ment of better athletic skills, and the promotion of a high grade of sportsmanship in all phases of student life. As all members are athletes, they are earnestly striving towards these goals. Under the club sponsors, Coaches john Gregory and Harold Brown, the boys are receiving able guidance in their endeavors. Officers SergeanI-ul-Arms James Whitesides 1v,.,.,,i,1C,,f Bob Fulash Sponsors ,, 7, , ,,,Coach John Gregory, View-Prcxirlmil George Avant Coach Harold Brown Sef'r1'tul'y Kenneth Davis lfirvt limrzjanu-s Whitt-sides. George Avant, Bob Falash, Kenneth Davis. Second Row: Lee Bartlett, Tom Conant, Bob Neilsen, ,Inu-lt Gentry. VVt-sh-5' Bartlett, Stanley liicluwdson. 'l'hir1l Row: LaVcrn Chan, Larry Church, Carl VVarlwrg, Bud Cross, Bob Hazard, liaymond Hendrix. Fourth Row: Ray Faler, Dean Wilson. Keith Bell, Lowell Wise, Ricliard Recd. Fifth Row: Keith Qunlls, Pat Daly, Clark NVhitelu-ad, Dale Roberts, Richard Ensiey. Sixth Row: Don Siltr, Ralph Conant, jerry Herrick, Dick Truscott, Dali- Deaglc. Holm Crowley. Seventh Row: Eivind Resa, Bud Sweet, Neal Morrison, Bob Mingo. Iiigllfh lime: Io King, Albert Mingo, Maynard Campbell, Coach Harold Brown, Coach John Gregory. Twt n Turin Twin Twin Twin Twin Twin Twin 'Twin VARSITY ? X Dj . '71 K, Y f Pallsfg Pocatello. . .15 x X ra11s...'45 Dlackfoot...lj fi Falls. 6 lgqu. ,..... 13 Fans. . .12 Boise... .13 Z rams. . .39 mmm mn. ' Falls. . .13 DAX Elder. . . Falls, . .IJ Fa11s...34 C81Jwe11.... P311-S,. 13 Boise . X , 'kx FOGTBALL gif- JJ First Row: Eivind Rosa, Bob Hall, James Whitesides, Don Sizcr, Tom Conant, Clark Whitehead, Pat Daly, Io King, Bud Sweet. Second Row: Dean Wilson, Kenneth Davis, Neal Morrison, Bud Cross, Dale Deagle, Bob Falash, VVarren Bile, Ecl Allison, Larry Church, Lee Bartlett. Third Row: Leonard Vauk, Lowell NVise, Ralph Conant, Carl Warberg, Keith Qualls, Dave Hoover, George Avant, Coach john Gregory, Coach llarolcl Brown. Fourth Row: lack C1-ntry, NV1-st Bartlett, Alhcrt Mingo, Keith Jensen, Gary Lydum, Tom 0'Halloran. .6 26 Pocatello. ., 19 ,L-xx-2 19 Z8 Au Big six Second Team- Big Six Bob Falash Dale Deagle End Back Ed Allison Clark Whitehead Brlvk Center Honorable Mention- Big Six Bud Cross Ken Davis Larry Church Jim Whitesldes End Back Guard Tackle TACKLES 1 I Iimx' K4-ith .Ie-nsvn, Alarm-s NVl1itvsiclc-s. SITIHIII Hour: lack Cla-ntry, c:l'Ul'j,l M mt Bula ll ull, l'.lx'1ml lh-sam. CENTERS AND GUARDS 1- . M - 1- w w , luvl Iimr: lun: Lullullt, -In lxmg, Llnrk xXlIlfl'lH'1lCl, Lmmulm .Iolm Q-11-gu1'y. Srwmurl lim: C ul XX nrlu-rpg, Clary Lyillllll, l,urry cTIlllI'l'h, Put Daly, Don Sizvr. ENDS Bud Swvct. Dm-gun NYils1m, Bud Cross. Bob lfzxluslm, Lvc Bzlrilvtt. Cum-In .Iulm Crm-g l"ir.s'l HUll'l Allwri Mingo, Tom fYllilH0l'1l1l, Kviih Qu ' a " ' - lllls Dum llmmxcl 1:11711 Csmml luuln ., , . 1 A . . H.1ll'0lkl Brown, S4-cmul Hour: Dulc Dvuglc, VVill'I'k'l1 liilc, KUIIIIX Davis, lid Allism Bartlett, Neal Morrison. Hansen Kiiimerly llupvrt Reserves XV5i1clell CUB FOOTBALL Scores Dm, .vi 52 Twin ,,i,l9 Twin W BD U, 6 Twin 20 Twin Falls Falls Falls Falls im! Iiuw: Virgil Skinm-r. Duane BiL'DCDIlkllll, Stanley Thi: llovw-lls. l.zn'ry Clmttc-1'lo11, llvtc Lowry, Elmo Luke. Bully I,,:in7,:rlon, Bolmliy Milligan, Jim VVin- li-rluole-r. Swnrul Iimr: llonniv fll'L'L'll, Terry Tll0ll1ilS, Mickey Four Boyml, Bonailml Crippin, Bolmlvy Ridgeway, Allen Dingle, XVultz'r Rom-li, David Bowles, Dale Tilley, Clmrlcs Park. 'rl limit: in 1 'mi lx Bil x NI utm D mm Davis. Biuu Bnloxs Xluin Cliuulnrlin lxuimtli Duncan. Bula Xllnslluw C sry Wcspott COILII Glen Slwvn. Ili Row lion ilml B urd D xx lcl Chaney knule XV:-stcrgrn ll Vvlllll C l ins Bolmlmy Ly cliuu David Vanl loutc n W ix ni Brown Cla n Lewis Norris Starkey. X!XlNlXIN!X! X, VARSITY BASKETBALL nc1'lin,q: kcilli Bi-ll, Rlk'llill'll1'lllSl0j', Burl Sweet, Dale Slunzling: Lconarcl Vank, liml Allison, Coach Muni 1i0l11'l'lS- 'Vow Cmlillll- Sattcrliclnl, -In-rry Ilcrricls. Lcc Bartlett Bob Nielsen Twin Twin Twin Twin Twin Twin Twin Twin Twin Twin Falls Falls Falls Falls Falls Falls Falls Falls Falls Falls 36 Bulil 52 Oakley 54 Rupert 42 Nampa 62 Gooding 54 Burley 34 Boise ,, 37 Nampa , 34 Idaho Falls 50 Buhl , 7, Twin Twin Twin Twin Bob Falasli, Dick Truscott, Burl Cross Dile Dcagle Coach Harold Brown, Stanley Richardson Twin Twin Twin Twin Twin Twin Twin Twin Twin Twin Falls Falls Falls Falls Falls Falls Falls Falls Falls Falls District 4-Class A Tournament Falls Falls Falls Falls 1 Rupert Jerome . . 84 c 58 Filer 56 Burley Boisc Burley Pocatello .I crome Caldwell jcrome Caldwell lclalio Falls Pocatello Rupcrt 50 39 37 61 ALL BIG SIX GUARD Bob Falash 'A' HONORABLE MENTION - BIG SIX I w I I I L. Burflcftt B. Cross I II L IJ. I 7 M153 X X, .. ,..., x X X x N w .N N a X S N xx xl xxx .2 x ix qx iivsl mf QM S K -.xxtmgyx BELL CONANT Q6 S 'x x -. N. RICHARDSON TRUSCOTT NIELS A 4, IFE . M L .5 K 32 'x 11 Q ui? Vw 'X AX K x fx -K X Q 5 bf- I ' " W : X W ,.,.. A . ,.:..-,1 . V FROSH-SOPH. BASKETBALL nny Davis, lillllli' Xvl'Sll'l'gl'1'Il, Cary Silll- Slzlllflillg: Lowcll XVisc-. Willil- Clans. Bolllly Lsclnm nl n linzzy Langllon. Slilll llowc-ll, Dale Tilley, Karl Larson, Cllacl Block, Dick Plvnn Nlll e C nx llillllll. lloyd, Larry llovvy. CllllL'll Dllll Follxms l Twin falls 440 Bnlll 14 2 Twin falls 31 Oakley 32 I3 'llXVlll Falls 47 Mllrtallgh 25 4 'TTNVTII Falls 45 Rllpeft 30 5 Twin Falls , 1 28 Gooding 37 fi Twin Falls H ,, 46 Burley W, , 111,25 7 Twin Falls 65 Hansen 19 3 Twin Falls 30 Bnlll 31 9 Twin Falls 33 Burley 39 10 Twin Falls 32 Jerome 34 11 Twin Falls 146 -Ierome 32 12 Twill Falls , 1 334 Buhl 1 23 13 'TXVTII Falls 311128 Rupert 27 l-1' Twin Falls 323 jerome 32 15" rlqVVlIl Falls 1 43 Burley 41 16' Twin falls , 32 Buhl 26 578 467 VVon , l,ost Frosll-Sopll. 'lwOllY'll2UHOIlf at 10 3 14111 6 Gooding TRACK 11950 lnterclass Meet .....A.......,...,..... ..., S eniors Hank Power's Relay Carnival .... .... 1 - TWi11 1:21118 2. Rupert 3. Burley l.S.C. Relay Carnival .,.. ,.... 1 - TWi11 F2115 2. Idaho Falls 3. Pocatello-Rupert Rupert Relay Carnival .... ..... 1 - 111117911 2. Twin Falls 3. Pocatello Big Six Conference Meet .... 1- P0C21fG110 2. Twin Falls Nampa State Meet ------ 1. Twin Falls-Coeur d,Alene 3. Nampa First Huw: Eivincl Resa, Emerson Clark, George Avant, Charles Park, Louis liuhhell, Dale Parsons, Maynard Campliell, La Vern Chan, Larry Daigh. Secmlfl Row: Tom Conant, Tom Falash, Dale Deagle. llarolcl Prunty, jack Cross, Nolan Ford, Van Romney, Bud Cross, Richard Recd, Bill Almlaott, Dave lloover. Tlzircl How: Coach Hank Powers, Lowell VVise, Larry Church, Keith Qualls, Tom l'etiyg1'ove, Ralph Conant, Carl XVarlJerg, George Frecleriekson, Ralph McFarlane. Coach Kermit Pcrrins. Fourfll Row: Manager Dr.-Vern Fuller, Io King, Warren Bile, Pat Daly. Bud Sweet. James XVhilesides, Dick Truscott, Ed NValkcr, Dean NVilson. VARSITY BASEBALL i950 auf 'AW43' eww GR UW6' .:.,: "" W J Q 9 UIM9 tl Q X - I QR Ulla. Wi' 38 UM3 sg U1,y6, -yd ',,,.Q IIII L E ? .. i f I 5 SH Ufffs an UI45- QKUIJS Firxf Row: K1-nm-lli Davis. Hannon Sliuinway, Duane Sm-rpa. Mr-rlin Howard, Bolm Falasli, llicliarcl Ensley, Com-In .lolin Ci'vgoi'y. Sfwmrl Row: llolic-rt Nielsen, Stanley llieliarclsoii, jon- Rilo. Carl Toupin, Lee Bartlett, Don Siler, Eclclie Allison. Third Row: Albert Mingo, Boll Mingo, Ierry Lanilmert, Marlo Rovig, Lyman Ferris, Ray Falvr. Twin Falls Twin Falls Twin Falls Twin Falls Twin Falls Twin Falls Twin Falls Twin Falls Twin Falls 18 4 5 13 18 6 10 4 5 Filer 1 Burley 5 Buhl 6 , Gooding 0 fliile no-liitj Filer 4 Burley 3 Buhl 2 Twin Falls 11 Twin Falls 4 Twin Falls 9 Twin Falls 19 Twin Falls 2 Twin Falls 9 Twin Falls 1 District Tournament Heyburn 0 Regional To Nampa 8 Twin Falls 15 urnament Twin Falls 3 Boise 6 Boise 15 Jerome 2 Gooding 2 K Richardson-Ensley no-hitj F Jerome 1 Boise 3 ,Boise 3 Buhl 0 Nampa 4 llwfl ' WW ilffetwy 'Q WV' Q M' f ro ,M fa fl, ML? L 17 'Vp Aiafapaj QM M I ,aww WJ' WZU 3 zz? W X Gown 'pf filly MLN L0 JW, Q JM up rlwyjg aj! vga QW Jw TJLJJ 'J fw' WL M! AC 5 We U' WL fi 1 dr. jj' ' if C if ,W MANY THAN KS Tm 'ZOJN DLL' T M c -hR'd -f- 1 d' 11 '1 ff ZW 0 ve!!! Q Q 1 niiderthisaifolulrie pgsslibiztiu y a V Sm., W 0 S MMA! . . .To Mr. E. N. Pettygrove, for first-class photography and the splendid cooperation that he gave use . . . To the students and the faculty for their support in the publication of this yearbook. To THE TIMES-NEWS, THE DESERET NEWS, THE SALT LAKE TRIBUNE, and THE BRUIN, for their assistance in providing pictures of school activities . . . To the many business firms whose advertisements appear in this book . . . To the en- graving and printing departments of THE TIMES-NEWS, and to the NIOUNTAIN STATES BINDERY for their work . . . And to the countless number of others Whose assistance made this yearbook a success. ' The Staff V l ,J M if," l4"Vi' -Milli ,,f' fi., 'lx Y , A ' gi .ikififkgfgfl A if -,ww HARMON SERVICE W. H. HALLE-CONOCO SERVICE "Phone 378-J-Slwshone and 3rd IVest" TH REE-O-CLEAN ERS LINDEMOOD'S FARM STORE "The Store with the Checkerboard Sign" LLOYD ROBERSON INSURANCE "Insuranee for Every Need" DINGEL AND SMITH SEED Co. "Field, Garden antl Flower Seetls-Phone 8,' The First Federal Savings and Loan Ass'n "Insured Savings-Home Loans' HOOSIER FURNITURE CO. "Making a House a Home Is Our Businessv Wurberg Bros. Coal and Transfer Co Coal - Transfer - Storage SPENCE MOTOR CO. "Your DeSoto-Plymouth Dealer" THE SPORTER "See the Sporter Firsti' MAX'S HARN ESS SHOP "Harness-Saddles-Canvas-Collarsl' SHIRLEY MENDIOLA "Men's Fine Clothes" IDAHO FINANCE "Insurance and Autonioliilc' Finanfzn ZIMMERMAN'S "Fine Clothes" STERLING JEWELRY CO. "Serving Maggie Valley Since 1910" WILEY DRUG "RexaIl Drugs, THE VOGUE "Smart Clothes for IV1nnen R. L. ROBERTS, JEWELER "Exclusive Dealer for Towle Sterlingl' PARK SERVICE STATION MV. A. Sinitli, Operator" LEM A. CHAPIN-AGENCY "Real Estate, I nsuranve, and Loansl' FOURTH AVENUE MARKET "Best in Cll'0!'f'fll'.S'n WESTCOTT OIL CO. BLUE LAKES BEAUTY SHOP "Beauty Is Tao Precious for CJIIPSS Work" Mackenzie Auto Equipment of Twin Falls LAUNDRI-MAGIC "Twin Falls' Only Automatic' Laundry" WILLS MOTOR CO. "Nash-Finest for '51" A 81 W ROOT BEER STAND "Root Beer-Burgers-Frosties at Their Best" KENNETH W. RIDGEWAY "Chevron Service Station" BUDDY'S DONUT 8. PASTRY SHOP "Where You Can Get Beautifully Decorated Cakes' EAST FIVE POINTS SERVICE "Friendly Servicev FREDERICKSON'S DRIVE-IN "F or Good Things to Eat" MAGIC CITY MARKET "Fresh Fruits and V egetables-Service with a Smilev H U DSON'S "Footwear for the Entire Family" ASI'IwORTI'I MOTOR CO. "Chrysler, Plymouth-Twin F alls" TROLI NGER'S PHARMACY Prescription Specialists MAGIC VALLEY PLUMBING 8. HEATING "Better Service for Lessn CORON ET JEWELERS "Fine Diamonds Since 1893" OFFICE APPLIANCE CO. "Your Remington Typewriter Dealer' SAV-MOR DRUG "More for Less" WESTERN MUSIC CO. "Seeburg for Your Favorite Music" SWEETBRIAR'S "The Leading Ladies Store in Your Town" FACTORY RADIO SERVICE "All Work Guaranteed' TWIN FALLS FLORAL "Say It with F lowers-Say It with Ours" ROBERT E. LEE SALES CO. "Plumbing, Heating and Appliances" SCOTT'S CAFE "Quality Is a Watchword, Not a Bywordn UNITED AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE GEM OFFICE SUPPLY "Our Service I s Different-N ever I ndifferenf' BABBEL'S "Individualized Cleaning and Tailoring" RISER-CAIN APPLIANCES "If IV e Can't Service It-We Won't Sell It" GERRISH'S SPORTING GOODS "Sporting Goods for Lessv JOSEPHSON 8: LLOYD, .IEWELERS "Only the Finest in Diamonds' ELECTRIC BAKERY "The Best Bread in Town" ORPHEUM and IDAHO THEATRES "T he Finest in Motion Picture Entertainment' VAN ENGELEN'S MUSIC CENTER "Everything in Music" TWIN FALLS HARDWARE, 1 "Quality Sporting Goodsv -. LEEDOM'S PHOTO SHOP UPII'fIlI'l,.S' Arr' Right Vp Our Alley" THE PARIS CO. "The Store for VVomen and Girfsv .. C. C. ANDERSON CO. Magic Vullegfs Mos! Conlplefr' DP1J!lI'IlIII'lIf Sion VARN EY'S KAN DY KITCHEN WESTERN AUTO SUPPLY CO. "The XVO.s1'.s Oldest and Nc'1L'esf Retailers of Auto Suppliesv MAGIC VALLEY INVESTMENT CO. P "Real Estate, Insurance and Loansf' FREDERICKSON'S ICE CREAM STORE COFFEE CUP ' BERT A. SWEET 8- SON Fine Furniture WARNER MUSIC CO. "Where Ymfll Find the Finest in Musical Merchimdisev BENTON'S GLASS 8. RADIATOR6 "Figurine and CTUVIIIIIIC' IIIl'l'l'll!IIlfII.S'C,, . , ROPER'S' , "If Ifs-From ROPER'S It's Dependable, BENTON'S GLASS 8- RADIATOR "Glass for Every Purpose", Q ' I . TWIN FALLSIWIP-E s. TRUST co. ' 'A ' - "CompleTe"TitIe Service" 'h - A i-I ' KENVERI. INC. "Floor, IVUII Couerings and Painf' 0 . KI NG BURY'SR PRESCRIPTION PHARMACY S "We may not Bwflzz' Nearest Druggisf to You- But We Will Try to CQ .e Zgeaqestv 1 , ' A. Y MONTGOMERY BROS., INC. "Seruc'-Ur-Self' - Phone 1900-XV - F! F - I , , f-A , - ',c1'rY EAP! ' ' 'rv , SMITH ROOFING 8: SUPPLY CO. "Prol'1'11 Dl'jII'llfIllIIIIIfIj,, 1 . I I BERTI-IA CAMPBELPS READY-TO-WEAR V " . . ,. 'The Home of Iiotlzmore Coats and Sluts 1 HARRY BARRY LUMBER CO. "Harry Barry Ain? Mad 111 Nobody" . " I i ROWLES MACK CO. Klace to Go for flu' Brands You Known Ik THE GREEN LANTERN CAFE uf7IIC'-f0IH'f,l. Lb. I'IllllII1lH',Lff'7' for 2-Bits" T110 Best in Town P' -as J. Ea-::WHITE AGENCY MCIOIIIPICII' and Short Seruiccf' DEE PACE SALE'S CO. "'l'lu' Hain CLAUDE BROWN-MUSIC 8. FURNITURE "Eoerythin,a1 for the Homev MAC'S GROCERY "1IIeut, Vegetables and Fruitn CONRAD SHELL SERVICE "Specialized Liilnicatioiz-Prompt Service l, SCIIWARZ OFFICE MACHINE CO. mfypewfitersi Adglfng Maclimes, imeograplz Supply I-I-V---EIT" - - WEST FIVE POINTS SINCLAIR , I II , A I ' SU NVALLEY STAGES . .1 Friizridly, Courteous Line" ALBERTSON'S FOOD CENTER "Uno Siop Shop" TWIN FALLS HOME AND Auro-SUPPLY "Across fiom the Post OWGGDS- I H' CLIFF QUALLS-TWIN FALLS ELECTRIC "You Plioiir' l'.s'. Wifll II'irr' You" . I.,- WAHI. rooo CENTER ' "Qualify C1Il'lN'l'I'lGS, Mvuts and R'7!fg.fl'flI1IIC.'-Sv .I - , '.BENNETT'S ,.-A. Falls Glass if Paint If-I-, I 1 A ROQINSON I QE "Loans, Finance: Insurancen NORTH MAIN LOCKERS "Qualify mul Sc'i'uii'c"' A Fox FI.oIgAI. "IVlu'r1' Originality ls gm Art" DE LUXE MOTOR LODGE 81 TEXACO GAS TAYLOR FURNITURE FACTORY UIIIlflIIl.S'lIl'l1 1'lIll'HIlIIl'l' mul CIIIIIIIFISN 'S. A. HIGH 81 SONS ullflljllf' if Boivlw' Pllllljl-YN JAY.M.. MERRI-LL I "See-Yay-Today' I ' V . E. or HAVENSI-MARlNE'suPPI.Y :'?oats ond M otois-34GllW1IQaQgI'IAoenue North-Phone 945 A ,I , - ,I ' 8,4 .VI , h uni A. - BILL IREI,'AND'S QINIIQN morons Q 'IT he House of Siilticore Seribicif' I. , --Q ,IPL I-it . .1 , ' -in 4: , ' Q - V.- IDZAIRY QUEEN -1 Q 0 'P I - is D. Y - J . seikiaossock' C' "Your One-Stop Shopping Cent , . - .. fl' 4 j 4 I - f Q In WEGENER COFFEE SHOP 8. AUTO COURT THE PETER PAN ' I-Qplllllillj Foods mul .Iloilwii Culiinsn "Tiuin'.g- A105-I Popular Fozmtamv- PIONEER PARK MARKET "Quality Gi'oi'i'i'ic'.v" LIQUID GAS 81 APPLIANCE CO. "I,. l'. Gus ffm: Do flu' ,loli l3i'll1'r', BARNARD AUTO COMPANY SKCGIIIIIUIT-Sflllllldfd of ilze IVorld Pontiac-llie Most Beautiful Thing on Wlzeelsv , Q, 1 I DETWEILER Bkos. " "The Home of SC7'Ull'GI, , ' it QWMM ff' ,J f wif W f wWW Xffffff P gay! 'jf ' a 5"6VfW'r '9j,,.'!4 I PS 3 51' JV JY. 34,7 M. 4 13155 M W I N? QM: QW 3 Q Ng Vg Nxt? Q SX 3 ' ' ki QW? FX' H wif 415511 ww ,QW WMKW 22'f'?HU'7fZ?,Y, ff 2 fjwyy QEWMJ 0 W QU MJ X W -0 ,'f1':,n,x ' Mfg U Q A M' VW mf W f' ffwmwy Va" , WWWW Q Af QM dLL'W"'f' My QM-1+ ' CWWN Awww ,JKMNQQQ Wg5f,Wdw?'0fffW 4: Nfihmwffowww W fsxf' Cffffw HW ., W1 mf W 32113 T ,ipffff Q ggi- ff R ff? xi A M MQSQWZEW HR , JU M5 f N A ff! NV!! W!ffyV-'We , V ,W if w wufffvrw 1155 'M My V WK J" ,J y i 2249 fm M AJM ZQCMWWAMQA ' -Kham, QM ff ,gf ,QWWOM 15315, jmgfvgfyy 5 fg H F GS 42:1 f5'5if22i,i? ?w??3 f 'Af .,g1ff7 i l V bi V k1 . , SS QQ ' y S X wg X YXQ f N Q SSX ggi X513 53515 Nw? M SMX M X N SQQMESSS

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