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., .....,...,w, ,,,,k,,.M .,,,,4 W, mv vw N A M , , ' N ' - .15 u N- '- N wwxr-A-ng, 1, wmv, ,lu , 7. 1 4 W A . ., V .V , .Y ' l , 'gl 2A ,, .1 Q 15,41 in 5:-1-fu .mw3,Q,,,,., . Q it 'V f ' ' - W -- - -: .eff 'wh in - .- VA. .-1,7 ' wx- ' Q 'MW 'N' 'X ' " ' f V ,. '-2 9 . :'Q1fx-If-T15 , 12:3 ZY7"',' 1' N , , nik A. ,QU J ,XJ , - , W W gy f ' 1 W 0 J ' 3 pg' mfr' O gl!! x, 0 f , ff' if . if U i , l 0 , s NW 9 H x A V 'fl K N" 1' 'N ,fy 2 I , ,R ii 4 QV f Sys GX Y' 5 Pg: x' XXYJJ Af! V' f e X 3 bk ,ff xx V I I ' 7. : A U . Y - s fl, ' . N4 -A ' ,f . W, r . F N . ,5.' , ' - fXj5MV 7' ' x KRW J,,,ff3 A '-1' M' Q effgflfifif J , 1 AM' ,gg QW Qimfff f AFM 7 " K W Q1 5 A ,W ix'-5?f4,L?Si'IT"mZ?lC'fi2 ,- - 'R' A ' 4 V-A' A ,. ., ' ' 1- '--"1 - :' 59' F' F UWfW k i , , wfwifffw Riffs JW Cf ? , VY, WYE WW x. FQ 1 W My 1 f i ,gif X !LwyflLfff 1 Q Q W M 5253 WWMW , fv ' 533 MH- ' 1 T' 531 N +11 R mi-1. . - I-rl "4 1 VIL E5 .-a- IL N, ., 1 ff! ' x,. U ,K .'24 x 'ii , 0 1 ik, ,,1,u km L .,,, , ' .rM"' 1' HA 'rm .1 L. 1. 1 Y I if wr z,' rv , 4 1 ff WWQMMU THE: Coyote 1949 I ' Published by ' TWIN FALLS HIGH SCHOOL A E .xgcfminififrafion PRINCIPAL IOHN D. FLATT Mr. Flatt is more than a principal or an aclviser. The role of educator is not a 'ijolfi to him, but truly a pro- fession. lt is easy to see that his heart is in his Work. Mr. Flatt ac- cents the 'ipalu in principal. a true friend of the student. SUPERINTENDENT A. W. MORGAN To Mr. Morgan falls the difficult task of aclininistering all schools in our system. This he cloes with marked ability. He merits the re- spect and the appreciation of hoth faculty and student hotly. XVe be- lieve that he is one of the best superintendents in lclaho. BOARD OF TRUSTEES A. W. Morgan, Charles I. Kelly, Edgar H. Olmsfeud, Mrs. Eflna M. Miller, Clyde Koontz, Glen E. Trail, Frank L. Stephan. Curriculum Director Secretaries ARTHUR M. KLE1NKoPF EDNA M. lX'III.LER VELIXIA BRANDT DEAN O F BOYS KENNETH E. KAIL To Mr. Kail We extend appreciation for sponsoring two of our best or- ganizations, the Boys, Club and the high school Congress under the new constitution. As Vice-Principal and Dean of Boys, he is an able executive. DEAN OF GIRLS ROSE MURRAY NORTH In the opinion of our students, girls and boys alike, Nlrs. North finds high esteem. Respected for her just discipline and admired for her un- derstanding, she will he among the rnemorahle figures of our high school years. CIIIQSTICIK L. HANSEN CECIL O. SBIITH RALPH VV. Enwmms lLv,x1.1N14: FISHER -1. , ROBERT M. BRIGGS IHARIANNE SPENCER ARNOLD DIQIDAUL EDWARD LANDE11 sS?lfl6!el'li 0UQI"lfllfl'LQlflf EXECUTIVE DEPARTMENT PRESIDENTS CABINET Lvft In right--Yvll Qmfvn, Donna Ynungg Sm: nf Sunrltv. Inv IIIIIIJINVQ Srr. nf IInu.w', jim , ll fflt1.l, S:'r'. uf Arfivifivs, Nun I1'nu'1'llg AlffJl'l1f'!l-C1l'7l"I'll,. Kfn lfalvrg SPF. of Slalzz llvlvn M1'I'Iu':'n jmlrwg Prim'i1ml. Mr. julm D. l"I11!Ig Sludunt Holly l'rvsirI1'nI, Dmnu' 131415 Src. of 'l'rr'u.s'ln'y, Luna Gmlufrlg S113 nf f:fliZ'1'llX,lilI. June! Gillz:.s'pi1'q Src, of Pvp, lfzlilh Kvrnng Sur. uf lilgillilily, Pnl l'1n'rr'll5 Swv. of Hnyx, lvznmrlurnl All1l1'Iiz'.v, Dun Ilazurclg Svc. of Girls' lnlmmurul Allllvlirx, Marilyn Grvrn. STUDENT BODY OFFICERS S'r,xN1uNuA Mr. A. Ray Film Mr. Alfrvll Ri1'r'ln'r.v Alrx, Rom' M, North Mr. K1'nn:'1l1 li. Knil Bal: King S r:,x'1'HD- II1'l1'r1 AIl'EIL'l'll Iumns' Dunne' Hr-ll Lum! Cmlrvrl Mr. Inhn D. Flrllt LEGISLATIVE SENATE HOUSE OF RE First Row oan Fivlicr Ski Pierce im Crcccl B -I - 'P '- I - ' . Arrington, Gloria Fcrrigg Tcala Bellini, Shirley Smi Clark, B011 Crowley. Third Row-Bill Riarh, llarvl Taylor, Bill Manger, Bill Reed, Mr. K. E. Kail. DEPARTMENT I.1-11-"r 'rn Slmrr - jvmxm' Mmulm,1.wn Dnvirl Dvuvruux Dali' Pnr.vun.v Sandra Salmon Loyal Pvrry Cmirml Larson Kay Turnvr Roy l''nrll1 Cnrnm Lou jnlmvnn Dirk Cliurrli Doris Sllvzirwr Mvrlin Ilnwarrl Bulz Kim: Gary 'Wilson C:-urge llullcy Mr. Kvnnrlli Knil T a G .4 PRESENTATIVES cvvrly Downs. Svronfl Rmv-Laurclie Chaney, Golden ill. Gary Huzlson, Bob Green, Grace Johnson, Iinwrson rl Mink, Don Bell, llmuurrl Smilll, Archie l"ri'm'li, Hill Mig, JUDICIAL DEPARTMENT SUPREME COURT S'l'ANlJlNG-AIlH'l7I11 Gilfcffc, Chnrlr'.s Conway, B011 Dunran, Norlon Illarsr. SEATED-Elaim: Cullwn, Nathalie Robertson, Ramon Slmmway, Nancy Mugvl, Nola Minslmw. CONSTITUTION OF TWIN FALLS HIGH SCHOOL ARTICLE III. JUDICIAL DEPARTMENT.Supreme Court and Judges: SECTION I. The judicial power of the Twin Falls Senior High School shall be vested in a Supreme Court, consisting of nine judges. The judges of the Supreme Court shall hold their offices during good hchavior for one school year following appointment. 'ktitiirnkiri' x lffX J.. --u.. f' 0' V- Cfmm aaa of 7949 I In 1849 only a small number of the many pioneers who set out On the long gold-rush trail achieved their desires by striking it rich in the mines of the West. To them, however, this was not the end of their toil or the fulfillment of their dreams but only the beginning. With fresh enthusiasm they soon set to work to develop their new opportunities. We, the class Of 1949, have Successfully completed our high schol years. Our progress through school held fewer hardships and many more pleasures than did the journey of the prospectors. Like them, we are now ready tO begin another phase of life and to make the most of our newly-found advantages. ' CLASS OFFICERS ' PRESIDENT --------- BOB STANSBURY VICE PRESIDENT - - VERNON HANSEN SECRETARY - - - LOUISE IIALL SPONSOR - - MISS h4INIER SPONSOR - - MISS BABCOCK w ww WW JF! Wx? ,..i k,,n.' .X ,vf ,Q ., 2, -4 k,,Vf+ if ,,,gn"' auf' 6yC3?""'M .M ma ardlw 'H NW . X. 1 M 'QM -1 ...., XM Rx 4472 Y ,1.,e..4 ffwff ff , , f Qmdf 3 , , N M. fi ,ffaffr Q wwf? f ,kkx 56. 4. N fl fx Q""" ,-- -A', 5 Q S sw- v4Q34fz,fmf, 1 Qgfffiaf ff? fff'ffK!0A1Kw U ?fff6X.,,.J1+fc5,5D,,m,m. 9421! fidwsz 'mfk Q. . 5 ff 'J li "A I f- ,gg 4. 'Y 'I 1 ,mi 5" Q 5 W fe:-aww A iff? sf jflfiwij i K X, Mk-N24 .-.:WS?i1A .,.b., is A' 2129515 151.45 QM gf"4"f'?f-MJ' ,ly 'W' -vw,-M-9--wig.-... -Q' :A Q f' , ff 1,JZQ,.A yL 'Q2Y'iec-4Q,f,Q fu Q , 4 ,ag V, fffi, ,, -- if L,A MM A , Wffiiza fam? 11" 9' JMMWJ - gfjR:'if,,. 65-fd4LrNf,,,f , V If I ff wwsw 4 M ffm' f 45 "5s"3'w ff 522, g ig. We 91451 1: , ff f !fsQ6yK,'f "'5 an ,Cf ,ff ' W 15,4551 Rum m K:-xvvwfxi if V' UVM'-" QQ' V - A W 7 QM 1 iw' I mf bfmff fl wwimwei Ylhiedz-1:5 E5 ,, vm, MW-W x.,, 04:32 , , ' A Wx , f fl he , K , f. 5, Y .JI if K I l S X--V fy ug jfffgwfswlfiij .,W,,fll,,,m JW aw , . , X, .,,. ww? .. . f Jw Q A -Efffmzfv ffl, lf' fix we f sa. my 5. 3 gg, 'lf ?:3' , I .f 'Sy ,Ag fall lxqki, -' j I "lik ff fl ,5WfffffwfM ff 'wmv' xZfA!....,...'f'2T2'J--4-'Q Nw 9.nCff0?C, if f V SV 5'-fu 5. Iwi! ,Lg Cdl! 'S vwdfms ,g,. M ..MfJ'!w- 5. .dy enior ,fdcfiuifieo JOHNNY H. ALLEN "Gink" Band 2-3-45 Pep Band 2-3-4. Ambition-Electronics. ROBERTHJOSEPH ALLRED D6 Football 25 Basketball 2. Ambition -F anner. GRAYCE AMOS Pep Club 2-35 Band 2-35 Band Twirler 2-3. JANET ANDERSON "Swede" Transfer from Gibson City, Illinois. Ambition-Stenographer. MARY JANE ANDERSON "Janie" Pep Club 3-4. Amlzition-Secretary. WESLEY L. ANNIS Weaseli' FFA 2-35 "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay" 45 "Ghost Wated" 4. Ambition---Fanncr. RALPH ARRINGTON ..Rilf,, Sophomore Class President 25 Presi- dent Junior Unit Boys' Club 35 Presi- dent Boys' Club 45 Football 2-3-45 Basketball 2-35 Track 2-3-45 Bruin Club 2-3-45 Science Club 4. Ambition-Engineer. MABLE ASHBY FHA 4. Ambition-Housewife. WILLIAM L. BACON ..Bill,, Marine veterang Football 25 A Cap- pella Choir 2-4. Ambition-Lawyer. DONNA RAE BAGLEY President Sophomore Unit Girls' League 25 President Junior Unit Girls' League 35 President Girls' League 45 Pep Club 2-3-45 A Cap- pella Choir 2-3-45 Girls State Repre- sentative 35 DAR Representative 45 Queen Sweetheart Ball 4. Ambition-Music Instructor. LLOYD H. BAISCH Ski Club 3-45 Rifle Club 2-35 Band 2-3-45 Pep Band 3-4. Ambition-Successful. JEAN ELAINE BALDWIN 4. ,, Pug Ambition-Singer. EARL BARLOW Football 3-45 Bruin Club 45 A Cap- pella Choir 4. Amllition-Businessman. STANLEY BARTH ffstani. Ski Club 45 Band 3-45 Pep Band 4. Ambition-Skier. BETTY JOAN BEASLEY "Pinky', Ski Club 3-4, Secretary 3, Vice- President 45 Pep Club 45 A Cappella Choir 45 "High School Mystery" 35 "Ghost Wantedv 4. Ambition-Registered Nurse. RUTH LOUISE BECHER "Ruthye" Sophomore Class Representative 25 FHA 45 Pep Club 2-3-45 A Cappella Choir 2-3-45 Girls' Trio 3-4. Ambition-Receptionist DON BELL House of Representatives 45 Yell King 4. JAMES DUANE BELL ..Red,, Stu.l.'nt Council 35 Assistant Supreme Court Judge 35 Student Body Presi- dent 45 Football 2-3-45 Basketball 2-35 Track 2-3-4: Bruin Club 2-I3-45 Ski Club 2-3-45 Ski Team 3-45 "Ghost Wanted" 45 Bruin Stall 5, Editor 35 Quill and Scroll 3-45 Ser- geant-at-arms of Quill and Scroll 4. BARBARA BLANCHARD "Bobby" FH-X 25 Pep Club 45 A Cappella Choir 3-4. Ambition-Nurse. CLYDE BENT U. S. Army. LAVAR BLOXHAM FFA 2. ELAINE MARIE BODENSTAB liskipperv Pep Club 45 A Cappella Choir 3-45 "High School Mystery" 35 "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay" 45 "Ghost Wanted" 45 Thespians 45 Girls' League Standing Chairman 4. Ambition-Fine Arts Instructor. WILLIAM BREDE, JR. uBi D Vice-President Senior Unit Boys' Club 45 Football 45 Track 3-45 Bruin Club 3-45 Band 2-3. MARIAN ELAINE BREWER "Sallq', FHA 2-3-45 Pep Club 4. Ambition-Librarian. HERBERT BRIGGS KKHerbP5 Band 2-3-45 Pep Band 2-3-45 Orch- estra 2-4. Ambition-Forestry. WAYNE BUCKENDORF "Buck" Track 2-3-45 Football 45 Band 2. CLADYS BURDEN FHA 45 Bowling 3-4. Ambition-Surgical Nurse. NAOMI LEE CALDWELL Ambition-Photographer 6: Musician. ORAL JAY CALL ujacabu Vice-President Boys' Club 45 Track 2-3-45 Basketball 3-45 A Cappella Choir 2-45 Band 3-45 Orchestra 3-4. Ambition-College. ELAINE CALLEN u M ertv Supreme Court Judge 45 FHA 25 GAA.2-35 Ski Club 35 Pep Club 45 Bowling 3-45 Girls' League Standing 'I l a rman 3. Ambition-Housewife. BOB CARLTON "Beans" Ski Club 3-43 "Our Hearts Were Ycfililng and Gay" 45 "Ghost Want- 9 . Ambition-Law Enforcement Officer. DON LYNN CARROLL ..L fm., FFA 2-45 Pep Club 25 Ski Club 3-45 Band 2-3 -45 "High School Mys- tery" 3. Ambition-College and Mortician. THOMAS CHAF IN VIRGIL CHAMPLIN Band 2-3-45 Pep Band 2-3-4. Ambition-Mechanic. RICHARD L. CHURCH "Dick" Senator 45 Football 2-3-45 Track 3-45 Basketball Manager 25 Bruin Club 3-45 "Ghost Wanted" 45 Thes- plans 45 Bruin Staff 3-45 Quill and Scroll 3-4, Vice-President4. CATHERINE CONANT acc av thy.-1 Bowling 3. Ambition-Happiness. CHARLES LEE CONWAY "Chuck" Supreme Court Judye 45 FFA 25 Pep Club 2-35 "High School Mystery" 3. Ambition-Merchant Marine Otficer. HERBERT WILLIAM COWHAM "Skinny" "High School Mystery" 35 Band 3-4. Ambition-Great Bowler. GARVIN LEE CRAIG ucargyi. Band 3-4. Ambition-Orchestra Leader. JAMES CRAI9 rrlim A Cappella Choir 3-4. Ambition -Interior Decorator. MAUREEN CRANDALL Pep Club 3-45 Ski Club 3-45 Girls' League Standing Chairman 3. Ambition-Secretary. JAMES W. CREED ffjimi, House of Representatives 45 Clerk oi House 45 President's Cabinet 45 Football 3-45 Track 3-45 Bruin Club 45 Ski Club 45 Bruin Sports Editor 3-45 Ouill and Scroll 4 Ambition-Sports Writer. CLARA CROM Pep Club 2-3-45 Bowling 45 Girls' League Standing Chaimlan 3. Ambition-Secretary. KEITH 1,1 CRQ,SSLEY Korg A Cappella hoir 2-3-45 Boys' Quai' tet 3-4. Ambition-Ministry. HAROLD CROWSON WILLIAM CUMMINS 5 KCBo J! 1 . Band 2. , Ambition-Automobile Mechanic. I DONNA LUCILLE CUSTER FHA 2-3-45 "Don't Take My Penny" 35 "High School Mystery" 35 "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay" 45 Thespians 3-4. Amhition-Dramatics Teacher. TOMMY J. DANNER uT0m,. 5 Band 2-3-45 Pep Band 2-3-4. GENE MARK DAVIS "Slim" Ski Club 4. Ambition-Rancher or Mechanic. MARY JEAN DEAGLE , xrDeev FHA 45 Science Club 45 Pep Club 3-45 A Cappella Choir 45 "Berkeley Square" 25 "Don't Take My Penny" 35 "High School Mystery" 35 "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay" 45 "Ghost Wanted" 45 Thespians 3-45 Honor Thespian 4. Secretarv 45 State Declamation Contest 35 Bruin Staff 3-45 Quill and Scroll 3-4. President 4. Ambition-Music School Director. MARY LOU DEAN "Boots" Ambition-Nurse. JANE DIFFENDARFER ..DiH,, Secretary Girls' League 45 Peg Club 3-45 Bowling 3-45 Bruin Sta 3-45 Quill and Scroll 3-45 Coyote Staff 3. Ambition-Art Major at the Chicago Art Institute. BLAINE C. DILLE Pep Club 4. Ambition-Work. PAULINE ADELE DOMOGALLA FHA 25 Ski Club 35 Orchestra 2-3-45 Violin Quartet 3. Ambition-Nurse. PAT DRISCOLL ski Club 2-3-45 Football 25 Band 2. Ambition-Drummer. BOB DUNCAN I, Supreme ourt Justice 4- Football 2-35 Basketball 2, Baseball 2, Track 3-45 Bruin Club 2-3-45 Ski Club 3-45 Band 2-3-45 Pap Band 45 Orchestra 2-45 Bruin Sta 4. Ambition-Professional Photographer. PAUL VERNON EASTMAN "Schmo" Band 2-3-45 Pep Band 3-45 Rifle Club 2-3. MARY KATHRYN ELDREDCE A Cappella Choir 2-3-45 Girls' League Standing Chaimian 4. Am ition-Music. ROY JOHN ELLSWORTH "Volter" Senator 45 Football 2-3-45 Bruin Club 3-45 Golf 3-45 Ski Club 3-4, President 45 A Cappella Choir 2-3-45 "Ghost Wanted" 45 Boys' Quartet 4. Ambition-Medicine. DOLLY JOY ESKRIDGE .fD0t,, Ambition- Secretary or School Teacher. RUTHE ESLINGER KC I JI Elsie u s W s fr : A Cappellao Clibiir 45 "GligsgsVl?ant- ed" 453G1irls' League Standing Chair- man - . Ambition-Office Secretary. DONALD EVERTON CCDonll Track 3-45 Football 4. Ambition-Auto Mechanic. J. GERALE EXLERTON A Cappella Cgoir 2-4. Ambition-Success. KENNETH T. FALER nKen.u President's Cabinet 45 Science Club 4, President 45 "Don't Take My Penny" 35 "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay" 45 Thejgians 3-4, Treas- urer 45 Coyote St 45 State Decla- mation 35 Debate 25 Rifle Club 2. Ambition-Research Science. MARLYN F ELTON Boys' Club Sergeant-at-Anns 35 Foot- ball 2-45 Track 2-35 Bruln Club 3-4, Vice-President 4. Ambition-College. JEAN AVALIN FISHER ..FiSh,, Pep Club 2-3-45 Girls' League Stand- ing Chairman 3. Ambition-Commercial Artist. JOHN WAYNE FLORENCE "Duke" FFA 2-3-4, Secretary 35 Ski Club 3-45 "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay" 45 "Ghost Wanted" 4. Ambition-Meat Packer. PATRICIA MARIE FLYNN HP v FHA 25 ICIAA 35 Pep Club 3-45 Bruin Staff 2-3-4. Ambition-Nurse. DEON FORD Vice-President Senior Unit Girls' League 45 Pep Club 2-3-4' Bowling 2-3-4, A Captfvella choir 2-5-45 Girls League Stan ing Chaimlan 2. Ambition-Housewife. CHARLESVLEON FORD .. -8,, Veteran. Ambition -Businessman. NORMA JANE FULMER FHA 45 Bowling 3-4. Ambition-Housewife. ARLENE GILCHRIST FHA 45 A Cappella Choir 2-3-4. Ambition-Secretary. JANET GILLESPIE Sophomore Class Secretary-Treasurer 25 President's Cabinet 45 Pep Club 3-45 Ski Club 45 Bowling 3-45 A Cappella Choir 45 "Our Hearts WVere Young and Gay' 45 Thespians 45 Coyote Staff 2-3-45 Girls' League Standing Chairman 3. Ambition-Architect. MARVIN KENNETH CILLETT "Maroe', Student Court 35 Supreme Court Judge 45 Science Club 45 Pep Club 4. Ambition-Electronics Engineer. SHIRLEY JUNE GOODYEAR Pep Club 3-4, Treasurer 45 Bowling 3-4- Bruin Stalf 4, Co-Editor 45 Quill and Scroll 45 Girls' League Standing Chairman 3. Ambition-Happiness. LONA VALRAE GRABERT Student Body Treasurer 45 Presi- dent's Cabinet 45 Ski Club 45 Pep Club 2-3-45 'High School Mystery" 35 Thespians 3- . Ambition-Legal Secretary. ELDEN GREEN Ski Club 45 Football 25 Basketball 25 Golf 3. Ambition-To graduate. MARILYN JUNE GREEN "Greenie" Treasurer Girls' League 45 Presi- dent's Cabinet 45 Ski Club 45 Pep Club 45 GAA 3. Ambition-Nurse. HOWARD GRIGGS, JR. "Ineas" Baseball 25 Basketball 2-35 Football 2-3-45 Bruin Club 45 Ski Club 4. Ambition-Cattle Rancher. EDITH MARIE GRINSTED ucfiniu Ambition-Traveler. JAMES W. GROFF "Jamie" Bruin Staff 3-45 Quill and Scroll 3-45 Coyote Stall 3-4. Ambition-College. SHIRLEY MAE GROW KCMaeD FHA 25 GAA 25 Pep Club 2-3-45 A Cappella Choir 2-3-4. Ambition-Musician. LOUISE HALL ..Pug., Junior Class Secretary-Treasurer 35 Senior Class Secretary-Treasurer 45 Ski Club 3-45 Pep Club 2-3-45 Band 2-3-45 "High School Mystery" 35 Girls' League Shanding Chaimran 2. Ambition-Stenographer. GEORGE J. HALLEY "Sunshine" Senator 45 Ski Club 45 Rifle Club 2-35 Football 3-45 Track 3-45 Bruin Club 3-45 Band 2-3. GEORGE HALPIN ajuicev Basketball 2-35 Baseball 2-35 Ski Club 45 Band 2-3. ROBERT HALOUSKA BOYD HANSEN "Pancho" Transfer from Salt Lake City, Utah. VERNONKHANSEN Yearniev Senior Class Vice-President 45 Pep Club 2-35 A Cappella Choir 45 "Dont Take My Penny" 35 "High School Mystery" 35 Thespian 3-4. Ambition-Dairyman. MILDRED LOUISE HANSON :cMidgeu Orchestra 2-3-4. Ambition-Secretary. JOE HAWES Senator 45 Presidents Cabinet 45 Ski Club 2-3-4, Treasurer 45 Tennis 3-45 Bruin Club 45 "High School Mys- tery" 35 "Ghost Wanted" 4. DON HAZARD uHaz ,- Presidents Cabinet 45 Secretary Sen- ior Unit Boys' Club 45 Science Club 45 Track 35 Baseball 45 Football 3-45 Bruin Club 3-45 Band 2-3-4. Ambition-Successful. HOWARD HICKMAN "Romeo" Ambition-Radio Technician. JAMES A. HIGHTOWER ..Dieg0,, RAYMOND HILLS ..Ray,, FFA 2-3-4. MARION HISKEY "Pete" Football 25 Basketball 2-3-45 Golf 2-3-45 Band 2-3. Ambition-Professional Golfer. MARY ESTHER HOLCOMB FHA 25 A Cappella Choir 2-3-4. Ambition-School Teacher. ROBERT W. HOLLOWAY "Luck1f' A Cappella Choir 45 "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay" 4. CONNIE MAE HOLMES ISI-LA 45 Ski Club 45 Bowling Team Ambition-Secretary. GLENNA F AYE HOSTETTLER Orchestra 25 "The High School Mys- tery" 35 "Ghost Wnntedi' 45 Bruin Staff 45 Quill and Scroll 4. Ambition-Teacher. GWEN VIVIENE HOVEY Girls' League Unit Secretary 45 Bowling 4- Tennis 45 Pep Club 2-3-45 A Cappella choir s-45 Thes- pian 45 "Ghost Wanted" 45 Girls' League Standing Chairman 3. Ambition-Music Teacher. VIRGINIA HUF F ..HuH,, FHA 2-3-4, Secretary 45 A Cappella Choir 2-3-4. Ambition-Housewife. THEDA HULL "Teed" Sophomore Unit Girls' League Sec- retary 25 Pep Club 3-45 Bowling 2-3-45 A Cappella Choir 2-45 Presi- dent's Cabinet 45 Student Council 3. Ambition-Nurse. WAYNE HULLER "Speedy" FFA 3-4. GEORGE A. JAKWAY Pep Club 25 Thespians 3-45 "Don't Take My Penny" 35 "The High School Mysteryl' 35 "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay" 4. Ambition-Teaching. MELVIN EUGENE JAYNES "Curly" FFA 2-3-4, Secretary 4. Ambition-Farmer. BETH JOHANSEN "Bethica" FHA 35 A Cappella Choir 2. Ambition-Graduate. CARMA LOU JOHNSON "Louie" Girls' League Unit Vice-President 2-35 Senate 45 Pep Club 2-3-4, Vice- President 45 "Berkeley Square" 25 "Don't Take My Penny" 35 "High School Mystery" 35 "Ghost Wanted" 45 Thespian 45 Holly Queen 4. GRACE MARGUERITE JOHNSON "Johnnie" House of Representatives 45 Science Club 45 Pep Club 45 Senior Orches- tra 2-3-4- Concert Master of Orch- estra s-45 Bruin scarf 25 cms' League Standing Chairman 4. Ambition-Laboratory Technician. BOB JOHNSTON "Iol1nny,' Ambition-Printer. ROBERT L. JONES "Porky Baseball 3-45 Senior Band 2-3-45 Pep Band 3-4. Ambition-Forestry Service. HELEN MCEWEN JONES "Mackie" President's Cabinet 45 Pep Club 2-3-4, Secretary 45 Thespian 3-45 Quill and Scroll 3-45 Co-Editor Bruin 45 "High School Mystery" 35 Bruin Staff 3-4. Ambition-Housewife. EUGENE KAUFFMAN "KoHee" Rifle Club 3. EDITH MARIE KEVAN, "Etsel Keyhole' President's Cabinet 45 Pep Club 3-45 Pep Club President 45 "Don't Take My Penny" 35 "The High School Mystery" 35 "Ghost VVanted" 45 Thes ital 3-45 Girls' League Stand- ing Chaimian 2. Ambition-Nurse. ROBERT KING ..Bob,, Boys' Club Vice-President 45 Vice- President Junior Unit Boys' Club 35 Football 2-3-45 Bruin Club 3-45 Sen-5 ior Band 2-3-45 Pep Band 2-3-45 Orchestra 2-35 "Ghost Wanted" 45 Student Body Vice-President 4. Ambition-Successful and 6 feet tall. MILDRED FRANCES KINNEY "Millie" FHA 2-45 Senior Band 2-3-45 Bowl- ing League 3-4. Ambition-Doctor. LAWRENCE KIRKMAN uLaWy,, Rifle Club 35 "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay" 4. Ambition-Printer or Mechanic. RICHARD DEAN KLINE "Dick ' Science Club 45 Rifle Club 35 Band 3-45 Band 4. Ambition-Certified Public Account- ant. LUCILLE LAFRANCIS LANCDON ullucyv Pep Club 3-45 Bowling 3-45 Thes- pian 45 "Don't Take My Penny" 235 "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay" 45 "Ghost Wanted' 45 Quill and Scroll 3-4 5Bruin Staff 8-45 C0- Editor Bruin 4. Ambition - Professional Dancer or Dancing Teacher. TEALA BELLINI LONG House of Representatives 45 A Cap- pella Choir 2-3-4. Ambition-Housewife. PAULINE E. LOWE upollyn Science Club 45 Pep Club 45 Girls' League Standing Chainnan 2. Ambition-Surgical Nurse. BRUCE E. LULLOFF "Sebastian', FFA 2-3-45 A Cappella Choir 2. Ambition-Famier. IDA BETH LYDA -.Shortyu FHA 2-3-4. Ambition-Housewife. JOHN CLIFFORD LYDA "Clif" A Cappella Choir 4. Ambition-Success. JERRY LYTLE ..Agnes., A Cappella Choir 4. KENNETH MCBETH "Mac" Truck 2-3-45 Bruin Club 2-3-4. Ambition-Travel. NOLA M. MCCABE Bruin Staff 3. Ambition-Stenogrnpher. NANCY MACEL Supreme Court Judge 45 Bowling 3-45 Pep Club 3-45 Ski Club 3-45 Thespians 4. Ambition-Travel. VIRGINIA MARTYN "firing" FHA 4. Ambition-Housewife. HOWARD GEORGE MILLER "Mouse" FFA 2-3-4, Reporter 45 Ski Club 3-4: Band 2-3-45 Pep Band 3-45 Rifle Club 35 Bmin Staff 45 Quill and Scroll 4. Ambition-Dairy Fammer. LA RAE MILLER "La Rue" Pep Club 3-4. Ambition-Nurse. CHARLES E. MINCO "Chuck" Baseball 3-45 Bruin Club 3-45 Sk Club 3-45 Band 2. Ambition-Electrician. NOLA JEAN MINSHEW "Minnie' Supreme Court Judge 45 Bowling 2-3-45 Ski Club 3-45 Pep Club 3-45 Band 2-3-45 Orchestra 2-3-45 "Ghost Wanted' 45 Girls' League Standing Chairman 3. Ambition-Housewife. ' i VERNA MOCK "Burr" FHA 45 A Cappella Choir 3-4. Ambition-Happiness. HELEN MARIE MONDRAGON Pep Club 3-4. Ambition-Airline Hostess. NORMA JEAN MOORHEAD "Jeannie" FHA 2-4. Ambition-Housewife. ANNETTA MORRISON ..Nma.. Pep Club 4- Band 2-3-45 "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay" 4. Ambition-College and Travel. RONALD NORTON MORSE "Norty' House of Representatives 45 Supreme Court Judge 45 FFA 2-3-4, Sentinel 25 Basketball 25 Track 2-3-45 Bruin Club 2-3-4. Ambition-Cattle Rancher or Florist. MARLEN E JUNE MORTENSON "Mort" FHA 45 Pep Club 2-3-4. Ambition-Secretary. DARLEEN MURRI FHA 2-3-4. Ambition-Seamstress. DALE RALPH NIELSEN Boys' Club Secretary-Treasurer 45 Baseball 2-3-45 Basketball 3-45 Bruin Club 2-3-4. Ambition-Coach. BILL ORCHARD Ambition-Mechanic. ' DOROTHY LOUISE ORWICK ..D':?y,, FHA 25 A appella Choir 3-4. Ambition-Secretary. VIOLET WHITE OWINGS "Swede" FHA 2-3-45 Coyote Staff 4. Ambition-Housewife. BOYD PARKER FFA 25 Orchestra 2. Ambition-Farmer. PATRICIA PARRETT "Trisha" President's Cabinet 45 Bowling 3-45 Pep Club 3-45 Bruin Staff 3-45 Quill and Scroll 3-4, Treasurer 4. Ambition-Plastic Surgeon. JACK PATRICK CK I D! Rip AlYlbil"i0Tl-F8l'11I9l'. MARJORIE ANN PENNOCK "Margie" FHA 2-45 Bowling 3-4. Ambition-Nurse. MARIANNA PENWELL ..Nan., President's Cabinet 45 Ski Club 35 Pep Club 2-35 Bowling 2-3. Ambition-Happiness. WARREN PEPPERDINE "Whomq-:I 5 Science Club 45 espians 3-4, Vice- President 4, Honor Thes ian 45 "Don't Take My Penny" 55 "The High School Mystery' 35 "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay" 45 "Ghost Wanted" 4. Ambition-Radio Dramatics. WELLINGTON CONRAD PIERCE uskipn Secretary Sophomore Unit Boys' Club 25 House of Representatives 4, Speaker of the House 45 Ski Club 2-3-45 Basketball 35 Tennis 3-45 Bmin Club 45 Band 2-3-45 Orches- tra 3-45 Pep Band 2-3-4. Ambition-Engineer. PATSIE FERN PORTER "Pat" FHA 4' P Cl b 3-45 A C ll Choir 2-32 U appe a Ambition-Business and Music. WILLIAM Mg' PORTER Ball President Senior Unit Boys' Club 45 Football 2-3-45 Ski Club 3-45 Bruin Club 4, Sergeant-at-Arms 45 A Cap- pella Choir 2-3-45 "The High School Mystery" 35 "Ghost Wanted" 4. Ambition-Singer. WILLIAM J. POWELL it . v Bill Ski Club 3-4, Secretary 45 Bruin Staff 45 Quill and Scroll 4. Ambition-Success. LA VERNLBUCHANON PUDDY .. B .. Football 2:3-45 Track 2-sg amd 2-3. Ambition-Architect. BILL PYRON "Willie', Band 2-3-45 Orchestra 2-3-4. Ambition-Theatrical Producer. JAMES C. READ uhm.. Vice-President Junior Unit Boys' Club 35 FFA 25 Band 2-3-45 Pep Band 45 A Cappella Choir 4. Ambition-Building Contractor. BETTY JEAN RESA Ambition-Housewife. WILLIAM RIACH "Bill" Secretary-Treasurer Boys' Club 3- House of Representatives 45 Football 2-3-45 All Big, Six Conference Cen- ter 45 Basket all 2-35 Baseball 35 Bruin Club 3-4, President 4. Ambition-Football Coach. LOLA MAE RICHEY "Lolie" Ambition-Surgical Nurse. TOMMY ROBERTS CiTamI! Ambition-Mechanic. MARJORIE ELLEN RUDOLPH ..Mm5fe,, A Cappella oir 2. Ambition-Stenographer. ROBERT SCHAEFER llB0b.D Baseball 3-45 Band 2-45 Rifle Club 3. Ambition-Draftsman. DUANE S. SCHRANK amd 2-3-45 mae Club 2. Ambition-Diesel Mechanic. JACK DEAN SCOTT "Scottie' FFA 2-3-45 Band 3. Ambition- Commercial Refrigeration Engineer. JEANNINE SEARS FHA 2-3-4. Ambition-Housewife. NANCY JOAN SHIPLEY .fshipv Pep Club 2-3-45 Orchestra 3-45 Thespians 3-45 "Berkeley Square" 25 "Don't Take My Penny" 35 "The High School Mystery" S. Ambition-College and Travel. FAYE SIMONDS Transfer from Los Angeles, Calif. Ambition-Interior Decorator. EDDIE SKINNER FFA 2-3-45 ski Club 4. Ambition-Cattle Rancher. WILLIAM SKINNER IIB: II Ski Club 45 Rifle Club 3. Ambition-Radio Technician CLARENCE SMITH KKBuSll A Cappella Choir 4. Ambition-Psychologist. L. HOWARD SMITH House of Representatives 4. Ambition- Certified Public Accountant. MELISSA E. SMITH ..Mel,, 5 Ambition-Secretary. BILLY SNAPP Ambition-Forestry. LOIS SOPER u S oapv Science Club 45 FHA 3-4, President 45 Pep Club 3-45 A Cappella Choir 3-45 Coyote Staff 3-4, Edi!or-in- Chief 4. Ambition-History Professor. TOM C. SORAN .1 He di, "Ghost Wanted" 4. Ambition-Artist or Advertising. ROBERT L. ZSORENSON .KB ,, FFA 2-3-4? Treasurer 3, President 4. Ambition-Farmer. CHARLES SPACKMAN Transfer from Blackfoot. Ambition-Aeronautical Engineer. THOMAS W. SPEEDY "Tomm,1y' Ski Club 3-4' hespians 45 "Ghost Wanted" 45 Coyote Staff 4. Ambition-Engineer or Linguist. HELENE STAMMERJOHN Transfer from Filer, lda.ho5 A Cap- pella Choir 3-45 Thespians 45 "High School Mysteryf' 35 "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay" 45 "Ghost Wanted" 4. Ambition-Housewife or Singer. ROBERT RUSSELL STANSBURY rcBObn President Sophomore Unit Boys' Club 25 Junior Cass President 35 Senior Class President 45 Track 2-3-45 Foot- ball 45 Bruin Club 2-3-45 Ski Club 2-3-45 Pep Club 25 Band 35 "The High School Mystery" 35 "Ghost Wanted" 4. Ambition-Doctor. MERRY STAYNER D "Merry Christmas Ski Club 3-45 Pep Club 3-45 Thes- pians 3-45 "The High School Mys- tery" 35 Girls League Standing Chairman 4. Ambition-Dental Hygienist. HAROLD STEVENS Ambition-Building Contractor. LONABELLE STEVENS "Stevie" Pep Club 3-45 Transfer from On- tario, Oregon. Ambition-Secretary. BARBARA MARGARET STOCKAMP-"Barb" Pep Club 3-45 A Cappella Choir 25 "Berkeley Square" 2. Ambition-Teacher. MYRA JANE STROUD "M rie" U FHA 2-3-45 GAA 25 A Cappella Choir 2-3-4. Ambition-Secretary. JOYCE SWARTLEY Student Council 35 Bowling 3-45 Pep Club 35 Thespians 3-45 "The High School Mystery" 35 "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay" 45 Bruin Staff 3-45 Quill and Scroll 3-45 Science Club 4. Ambition-Joumalist. BILL TAYLOR House of Representatives 45 FFA 2-35 Bruin Club 45 Basketball 2-35 Football 45 Tennis 3-45 Ski Club 2-3-45 Band 2-3-45 Pep Band 3-45 Orchestra 3-45 "The High School Mystery" 3. NORA MAY TEAGUE GAA 25 A Cappella Choir 3-45 Girls' League Standing Chairman 3. Ambition-College. BRENT THOMAS "Smokey ' Choir 2-35 Baseball 25 Golf 2. Ambition-Photographer. DAVID L. TICKNOR Rifle Club 3. MURIEL TILLEY FHA 2-3-4, Vice-President 45 A Cappella Choir 2-3-45 "Berkeley Square" 2. Ambition-Housewife. LA DAWN TOLMAN President Senior Unit Girls' League 45 FHA 25 Pep Club B-45 GAA 25 Band 2-3-45 Orchestra 2-3-45 A Cappella Choir 45 Girls' League Standing Chairman 3. Ambition-Teacher. DONALD EDWARD WALLIS ..Wimp,, "Ghost Wanted" 4. Ambition-Mechanic. ROBERT DEAN WALCOTT "Bob" A Cappella Choir 4. Amlzition-Mechanic. FREDRIC HERMAN WANMEN ..Fred,. FFA 2-3-45 State Famier 4. Ambition-Cattle Rancher. WILLETTA WARBERC "Letta" Ski Club 2-45 A Cappella Choir 2-45 Girls' League Standing Chairman 3. Ambition-To Succeed. PEGGY JOYCE WATKINS FHA 2-35 GAA 2-35 Pep Club 3-45 Bowling 3-45 A Cagzpella Choir 3-45 Girls' League tanding Chair- man 2-4. Ambition--Teacher. BARBARA WATSON "Barb" Orchestra 2-3-4. Ambition-Journalist. MARGARET WEAVER "Maggie" Ski Club 3-45 Pep Club 3-45 Bowl- ing 3-45 Thespians 2-3-4, Honor Thespian 3-4, Secretary-Treasurer 3, President 45 "Berkeley Square" 25 "Ghost Wanted 45 "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay" 45 Bruin Staff 3-45 Quill and Scroll 3-45 Girls' League Standing Chairman 2. Ambition-College. LLOYD J. WEBB "Jackson" Science Club 45 Ski Club 45 A Cag- pella Choir 25 Thespians 3-45 "T e High School Mystery 35 "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay" 45 "Ghost Wanted -15 Coyote Staff 45 Rifle Club 2. Ambition-Radio Announcer. FRANK C. WEGNER "Frankie" FFA 2-3-45 Band 2-3. Ambition-Famier. JANICE WEIBEL "Ianie"' Pep Club 35 Transfer from St. George, Utah. Ambition-Housewife or Nurse. VIOLA WHITE "Red" FHA 2-3-4. Ambition-Designer. WESLEY WILLIAMS acusv Ambition-Philosopher. JOANNA gW,iBscH1NG A1nbition.?Beauty Operator. KEN WOHLLAIB ALLEN WOLTER "Waldo Bruin Club 2-3-45 Baseball 25 Gull 3-45 Ski Club 3-4. Ambition-Financier. ARMOND LEE WOOLLEY "Fuzzy" FFA 2-3-45 FFA Judging Team 2-3-45 Band 2-3-45 Pep Band 45 Orchestra 4. Amhition-Agriculturist. BETTY L. WURST "Bitsy' 2-3-4, Treasurer 45 Bowling Alnbition-Floral Designer. DOROTHYMAE YOCUM ..D0t,, FHA 25 Bruin Staff 45 Quill and Scroll 4. Ambition-Housewife. BILL YOUNQ, "Unk Ski Club 25 Band 2-3-4. Ambition-Radio Engineer. BONI YRAQUI "Bone" FFA 2-3'-4. aaa 0 7950 I l The class of H505 is nearing its goal. We are striving to keep the standards we set for ourselves as sophomores. Our first year was a milestone as far as achievement is concerned. Our sophomore assembly won Hrst place and our athletes gained recognition. VVe are now at thc close of another successful year, and we hope to begin our senior year with as much enthusiasm and interest as we have shown in the past. This is a year we shall long remember. The junior play, "Growing Painsf, and the Junior Prom were two outstanding events of the year. Our ultimate goal is to become the Hnest class ever to graduate from Twin Falls High School. 'A' 'A' Closs Officers President ........,.,...,..,.,,........,........................,..,.. Chad Hull Vice-President ...... ....... R onald Carter Secretary ............,..........,...,,.,................... VerNalda Strong Sponsors - Mrs. Josephine Albertson, Mrs. Helen Payne B0l'Crlgf Alger Ell'f'1'lll Algm' .IIINIC-S' Allrcrl Mana Anais jim Anllzix Paz' zXllCllI8'UH .xIL'l'lL'll1 Ba,L:lz'y Vmm' Barnarzl Allan lialus' .lay l3rfc'lfu'ill1 Virgil Bl'l'lll'ff Max l3illing.s'lc'g1 ja Alta Bixlmp tlnlmny Bixllap Caralc' Baallm Daanc Ballmrzs Dcanr' Bn1u'm' Lila Camplwll Boyd Carl.s-an Ranalrl Carlcr .lnann Calm llarlmm Clzaflrl Laurvlicf CIIIIHUU JUIIIIHII cllll'Ulllll'l Carolyn Clark IGIIICI'-Will Clark .Waynarfl Clarlc Lillim' Cauclic' .Vary Cam1c'llc'y Pal Crmpm' Anna Cam' A1!1I'l'llI CInu'lc'.v Bailic' Cm' Arrizl Craig Iiirlzarfl Crazufarfl Bette C roncnllcrgcr lark Cross Dfn'i.s' Crfnuwn Im' Cyplmr l,11rcl'1'm'1' Daiglr Bcity Dean Rnxcnmry IJCIIH Nflrlinc Denny Tell Dctton Bull lJC'flL'l'lll'l' Bill DOYV11l1l Shirley D0Wi!t Beverly Downs Don Dumas Cnllvcn Dunn CIIIVHCIIV Eustep Bala Eusirnmz Ilclcn Engels Patriviu Iirivsun Putty Ifrzuin Torn FllllI.S'll Lyman Fnrri.s' Nancy Ficlcls Plzyllis Flynn Rnlrvrf Flynn Nolan Fnrcl Jerry Forsling Archie Frcnclz llirmn Fry Dr'Vcrn Fullcr Iznncs Fulrncr Ilarlcnc Gznnlzrvl Hurley Garnlrrcl Ruth Gurclncr Donna Gzrpnvr Iaelc Gillespie Gran! Gillette Ronald Glans Garland Green Virginia Grist Bill Groom Delita Grout Rzetta Hale Hoclney Hall Ronalcl Harnmel Val Hanlcins Kenneth Hansen Bob Hansing Ken Harmisonv Norma Hafman Faye Hoffman Pat Huether Laura Heaton Laurine Heaton Naomi Heinrich Naomi Herron .luanita Hill Mary Holmes jolm Horejs Merlin Howard Gary Huclson. Clzazl Hull Stanley Hutchinson Donna Jacobs Gene Iolmson Sara Jordan jack Koontz lack Kolb Richard Kunlcle Conrad Larson XIW' Kay Larson Dixie Leland Fred Leopold Marilyn Lincoln Colleen Lozler Rolzert Loder Phyllis MeClellan Phyllis McFarlane Pat MeV ey Phyllis Maclron Sterling Martin Denzel Martinrlale Sfella Martine: Pat Maxwell Gene Mills Ilarolrl Mink I larry Moore lini Moore Charles Mori Clyfle Murphy Viola Murphy Carole Neilson Helen Neilson Barlvara Olllalloran Colleen O'Ha:'row Elvin Park Dale Parsons Marjorie Paxton Phyllis Payne Boh Pennoelc john Perkins Emery Petersen Norma Peterson jaelc Peliygroee Marian Pettygroue Floyd Pfciflf' Bill Pirkzird Ilrlrufrl Pr1n11'y Gcmlzl Rurlfnrrl jnunnz' Iivwfl Clzzzrlffs Rcquu Jimmie RiClIIll'II.S'Ul1 Inc Rilo Dmmlrl Rnfzbins Dirk RUIJNIS GYHL' linbcrls Icanctlzf Hoberls Bcrnelu Holzinxnn Dick Ho11i11.s'mz Lmwrv Rodgers Xvllllllll Rocnwr Van ROVIHICU Bob H1118-CCH Bcfly Sanrlnu Bob Sllllllllll Glen Samlnu Gary Saunders Dm'rL'U Sfflnzifkvl' limmlcl Sclxulkc Glen Smif Leroy Sm!! Duane Scrpu Gene Sharp Dori.s' SIIUKIVCI' Mariyu Shinznwu Ramon Slzrzzrzzmy BUI'1lIll't1 Sirlufcll lla Sinmnzls Patricfiu Skinner jrlnms' Smith Rolzcrl Smith Slzirlvy Smith flllllllll' Slrljfnrrl Alma Slurnx Duff' Slv1'r'n.v IJIIUUII Slolzlvr Bally Slurwl' XVUFNYIIIIIII Slrnng Boll Sur,qwn1 Mario Srllwrfivlfl Elllllfl' Szrwvl Muxinz' Tuylm' Aclflzl Tvrrgf Zunrlru Tlmnmx Carl Tmlpin Marvin Trvnl Anim Turm'r Don Ulzlm' Pllylllix Uhlwr jvrry Ulrirh john Yunrc' Mwlwzr' Yun lluuluu liulplz Vrm XYIIUQLIIIIIIM., Gnu' U'rllkvr f71llIl'Ii XVIIHS jvrry XVuIkin.v Yzvunnr' YVrll.wm Diana' W'c'1ll'1'l' XXVI'-Yfllll YVHJIJ Lurillc XVCIM 1':lll'l'flllI Wwrl LW u',lIif1'1IL'll!l Iiir'7mrzl U"l1ilCl11'rlrl Muriclln Xvlliflflll Iirlly uyllffllllll Talent Show Cleo Wlzillclcienrl Pat Williams Travis Willizmzsvn Betty Willis Ernie Wills Gary YVil.s'on Ro.s'unz.ury Wilson Ilarrietl VVinrl Paul YVinklcr Mary lSVlHlf'I'll0lf.'l' Muilon VVr'i,Ql1l Erma XVynn Bucl Ynflon Donna Young: Margaret Inunm Loycle Kulca Hurry W'itt aaa 0 7957 1 l As our sophomore year draws to a close, we recall the memories of the past nine months. Our scholastic goals and ambitions lead us to consider our class as a large unit or family work- ing together to attain high standards. We strive to lift the level of achievement a little higher than we found it and to win the good will and friendship of our upper classmen and of our instructors. Our class aim is to give service which is just a little better than we receive. We hope never to take unfair advantage of our competitive classes. We wish to extend thanks to our hard-working and patient faculty and to the seniors and the juniors for being helpful and for overlooking our mistakes. We shall always remember the class of ,49 for their hard work and courage, and also for the many laughs they have given us in their clever entertainments. We also admire the juniors and we are thankful that we shall have them with us for another year. We hope to carry the proud banner of Twin Falls High so that those who follow will look to us with the same esteem we give to those who have preceded us. As we become the leaders, our sincere desire is to have the class of ,5l maintain the standards of our school and to conduct ourselves that others may find it wise and profitable to follow our example. i' 'A' Clcnss Officers President .......................................................... Bob Falash Vice-President ....... .............. N cal Morrison Secretary ............ v........... .......... D e lla Sears Sponsor ........ ,.... M iss Elfriede Reinsdorf Lmm ,'xfllSll'0l'f,I Pal Ain.v1L'm'tl1 I,z'rngf Algrfr Kvnl zxHlll'I'.S't'H Iilvfr Angvll Cnlflrn Arringlmz rxllllfllfl' Ar.s'fc'in Clvmgqzf Arun! FIYIH Arffrvlf Hill l3u.x'.s' ju Ann l3r',Lflun Rulll Hfllglllllll BIIFINIVII Blank Inwglmu' liuulriglzl AYUVIIIII liugur Cilglflw Hnlgfurcl livlfy BUHIII' l3cz'z'rly Bum! Mzlxilzz' limwlll Marlin BUIYIII Gvrcrzr' limzw' X'YiI',LffHfIl I3r'm'1w:1 joy liruning Frczl Ii11llr'l'u'm'!l1 Calvin Cnlicwn juan CIIIVIUIVVII .Vugmarzl Cumpllvll Duff' Curllnn ,lim Cfll'lIl'U Carroll Carr jllllll' f:Ill'fl'l' lluuulzl Clmrlrl Pauline' Clmpin Slll'l'I'fIl Cherry Ccnrgc Clmulvs Gary Clzristuplzcrsml Murlmu' Clark Cvrulrl Cnnrml Hmmlzl Cnnk Andy Cfmpvr Max Cnnpvr juyrc' Cn.v.s'c'y Irma jcan Cmvlmm Gc'raIcIim' Crmulnll lilllvl Crum' Iinlwrf Cruu'14'y CJIUHII Crunmf Mary Cunzminx Crlrnwn ffllllililhlflllllll Clyflv CllllllilIgllIf1l7l Kz'nm'!l: 1,1111-Y Afmn Dawn Lurvgf IJCIIH Ijlllxflf 1D01'm'n'z1l1x Vw' L00 Dillr' Mzzrgmw Iluuglzzx Hvlly L. Dunn Lurnm Dunn lark Eastman, Kullzryn l'I11Iz'r.v Alive Ellfllii Hic'l1arrI Erlslvy B011 Ifrllrlxh Ray Falvr Cluriu I"m'ri.s' joan I:iS,ll'l' Pauline 1"lvvIu'umf xvllllllll Flinn Arthur Florvnvr' Dick Flll'lllIl'IfHf1 Barbara Funk Carl Gergens Charles Ghan Eclith Gillespie Nancy Core Mayhelle Gottier Loretta Green Bob Greene Geraldine Gressley Joanne Grow Arzlitlz Ilamplon Ioan Ilarr Delores Heinrich Buddy Ilighfnwer Shirley Hill Mary Ilills Naomi Hine Terry Hinkley Sheryl Holmes Gwen Holmgren Robert llonclerielz julia Hoops Boll Ilosleiler Lewis Hubbell Imogene Huntley john Ingalls Miles King Rose King Crystal Kinney W'ayne Kinney Lois Koepniek Ronalrl Koko jerry Lambert Berfine Langdon Nancy Latham Carolyn Lelin Pauline Leuis Shirley Linzlskag Lean Imln' Roxalinzl Luke Carol MeGuire juninr MeLean Syrlney MeNeely Plzyllis Mark Duane Alaflron Rielzarzl Mansfield lnlm Merrill Dixie Miller Janet Miller Burl Milligan George Mills B011 Mingo Marvin Mnlyneaux Jeanne Alonclragan Layne Montgmnery Alvin Alnrgan Neal Mm'ri.s'm1 Allen Mower Hill Alllllflfl' Callzerine Murpliy Shirley Mime Leonard Neiwert Darlene Nelsfm Mary Neweomlz Ioyre Noll Palrieia CTIlallm'an Bonnie Olson Stanley Ownlzey Taninzie Patten Loyal Perry T1'111111111 170101.91111 D111'I1'111' Pfciflv 1V111'g111'1'i!1' Pl1iIlip.s- M1'I1'i11 Prurkcl FI111'i1f111' Pri1'.s'l jim P1'i1'.s'f Anim l'1'111lc11 P11I1'i1'i11 Rllfllkl' Biff 11111111 L1'igl111 H1'11111i1f Stanley Ri1'l1111'1i.s'm1 YV11111I11 Ri1,'l1111'1I.s'1111 Rolzcrl Riglvr JI111'I1'111' Hi111fl1111't Nflffllllil' H11l11'1't.s'1111 B111111i1' li11l1i.w11 L11 V1'1'1111 R11.f.1'1111f .V111'I11 Ii11ui,L: GiIl1U1'! H11.s'.91'1l Sllllllfll SUI1111111 BUII11 Scott Dirk Soo!! L11111'11 Sillljllillll GI111'i11 Si11e11111 B111'I1111'11 Sflilfl' Betty SkfI1lll?I' 1011111111 Sl11lt1'1' B111'l11l1'11 Smith Ijlllifll S111ill1 P1l'IlIl!'C.S' S111ill1 L111111i1' S111iIl1 M111'i111'i1' Slllffll Rim S1111111 Les 5110111111111 Lois Sf111111111'1'j11f111 limniin Starr Lee Sterling Vern Sterner Ilurnlzl Slr'veri.s- Vivienne Stelzenx Hurnell Sfulzler Donna Slurdnlil Dunulcl Slrieklun Na Deanna Sumner jerry Taylor Dun Tlmnms Carole Tlmn1p.s'un Dolores Tlionipsvn Waller Tlnnnpson Bula Tivkner Helen Tuc'kc'r Kay Turner Durolliy Vunru AI ice xvllfllllfll Clurene YVel1l1 Frank xVUll1t'l'l1l'C' Billy YVillimns Neal XVirsz'liing Lowell XVise Slmrrm Xvfllllllllll Billy XVri,L5lzi Renee YVynn Lois Yoemn juan Young Good lHUl'llfll,Q'.' Fire cater Jim I l Dogpatch Jamboree Grrrrrrrrr! Are you ready, Gang? .fdcfiuified ' I PFC-Yfllellf .-..............v ,. DOIIIIQI R210 Bzlglvy S g u e Tl'CllSllI'Ul' .,......... ..,,,.,.,, lN lzirilyn Grccn SUCFGIIIUI --.--................ 121116 Dil'PCllClklfl6l' Ftlflllflf AdL'i.s'C1' ....... Mrs. Rose M. Nortll Icefs ' GIRLS, LEAC-UE UNIT OFFICERS T Sovuomom-3 JUNIOR Siaxum President Helen Tucker Phyllis Payne LuDawn T ulnnun Vice-President Luana Dunn Mary Conncllcy Doon F nrd Secretary janet Miller Marilyn Lincoln Gwen Hovey Sponsor Mrs. Patricia Thomas Miss Janet Strasburg Miss Elsie Lindgren Girls' League Standing Chairmen Left lo lllgllllfhlllffllll Pellylgrore, Joyce lVatkinx, .Vary Ilolcomli. Betty ll'liitrn'y. Xlvlllllltl RHl'Il1l'I'. IrllRl1" Hiller. Cruel' jnlinson. Norma Pt'ft'l'.YOII, .,lf!Il'lL'll1' Van Iloufrn. Beverly Doufns. Mary xl'l7lff'l'IlUl!'l', Pully Skinner. Cflwu Xl"llilI:'kicncIg .sponsor janet Stmslzurgg Dixie Lclanrl, Lfllll'1'Il" Chaney. Iilnim' limlemlrlll, Illury Iflzlriclgv, Rlwrrgf Sfuyncr: Sponsor, Miss Elsie Linrlgrenq Shirley Grow. Ruth lfslinger. julia Iloopx. Ieun lfi.-slzcr, joan I"i.ylu'r. Grace Amos, Ruth Binglmni. Patricia Ruilrlw, Geucm' liouwr, Illar,gan'! Douglas. Normrl Lee Hogrlr. Nutlmlie Itolu'rl'von, Sherrill Cherry. Beverly Bond, Hlll'lJIll'll Stocklmmpg Sponsor Mrs. Crm' 'l'l1on1rl.s: Delorrv Thomymni. 'iIIeIlo, there! Youre new this year, arent you? How do you like Twin Falls High School?" "lVhy. fine, 1 guess. Only in a school this size, how will 1 manage to get acquainted with all the other girls and to participate in the various school activities?" "just wait. Girls, League takes care of all that." "Girls League? I'ye heard of something like that. XVhat is it and how does it operate?v "Organized 11 years ago, the ohjectiyes of the Girls' League are to promote friendship and opportunities for all the girls through a guidance program and through various social and service activities. Every girl automat- ically hecomes a mernberf' Under the leadership of our capahic president. Donna Rae Bagley, this has liecn a very successful year. Trcasnred nieinories center about the "Big-Little Sister Rally" in the park, Septcmherg the All-Girl Mixer in the gyni with a theme ot 'KVVestern ,lanihorec," Octoherg gifts to the Orphans' Home in Boise, Decemlmcrg the Mothcr-Daughter party the theme "Ye Olde- Time Circus," April. Every two Weeks League assemhlies oilered personal and vocational adyice and introduced talented girls such as Euretha YVert and Dorothy Vance, singers. Money-making projects under the direction of unit vice-presidents included a rummage sale and selling candy in the halls and at the toothall and haskethall games. The climax of the year's activities was the "Queen ol' llcarts Balln in February. Donna ltac Bagley was chosen thc "Sweetheart" of Twin Falls Iligh School: Louise llall, senior princessg Beverly Alger, junior princess, and Rosalind Luke, sophomore princess. The motto of Girls, League is 'iln Unity Thcrc Is Strength." This year we haye proved that it is really true. livery girl will rcmemhcr Girls, League as an integral part of her high school days. l nga, in Office rs: President ...................................... Ralph Arrington Vice-President ............ ..... . ,.............. I ay Call Secretary-Treasurer ...... ......,,........ D ale Neilson Sponsor .............,...... ....... M r. Kenneth E. Kail Every high school boy automatically becomes a member of Boys' Club. Each fall "big brothersv welcome the new boys into Twin Falls High School at at annual assembly. Club meetings have been highly varied. One program boosted the Bruineers, our band. By featuring musical numbers and speeches, the group has encouraged the development of talent among the members. This year the Holly Ball, our annual Christmas dance, proved so popular that it promises to become a traditional observance. We are justly proud of the part the Boys, Club played in promoting all school affairs. In every way, this has been a most successful year. Holly Ball Queen CARINIA LOU IOIINSUN and escort ROY ELLSWOIITII Unit Officers SENIOR UNIT President .............. ..... 1 lill Portvr Vice-President ..... ...... B ill Brcclc Secretary .,.,,. . ..,..,,......,.,. Don Hazard Sergeant-at-A1'ms ,.,.,,.. Marlin Felton Sponsor-Mr. L .M. NVinlcrs IUNIOR UNIT President ..............,,.... Loc WVl1itcl10acl Vice-Prvsiclcnt ..... ...... I Duane Scrpu Secretary ..........,,....,....... Chuck Walls Sergeant-at-Arms ....,... llnrolcl Prunty Sponsor-Mr. Cllcstcr Hanson SOPIIOMORE UNIT President .......................... Bob Mingo Vice-President .,... ..... N Inrlo Rovig Secretary .,.................... Ccorgc Avant Svrgcalnt-:It-Arms ................ jim Prim-st Sponsor-Mr. Rox Olson Quin:ui-11:m1o1rr1n:uio1n1nq an mf .. -.1 E E L U S E A Z L2 -Q I s :E 'U -C -: H :I 2. -E u W Q L r, 18 1 lvl 3 if 5 G Q Pi rd -71 Q N Qi S Q L Q., ::L' :ri A 3- 'Q ri at -it ri E -Z Yu .n 25 E I: -sc an id 5 ai A T I 2 5' 5 CC I-. Q.: g-N E Q Q 'J ni 5 o .EF 'C Ai :ff .E 44 E .. FC S Q e M 4 5 if . -I :Z 5 s F2 is , ul Li QL E x: E PL 5 Z.: DZ D 5 'E m .B H' 'Ii B. 5 LZ e I 42 .': G C -I PM if m 2' F Q VJ ui :E . E 5 U-I if n s C rr: ... s: c A LL. A li : E 'C S -I -Q .5 -: A 1. : N-4 'Q Li E- l 'i 2 :Ei 5 'Ea 'N use ,cd 51 :S LC 1. I UE-: S' E U Qi 6:1 C 45 :E ni Q- fc Q D-4 's .2 ,Q 9 ,, .QN 5 S rl O Q.. VI nd e 2 E 4. Qi i s C B1 "C 1: give A'-L : VD fi U C F nl' .E F-Li -1 'E 1. L B U Q E E e A .- V' ul E 'C W: ns: -Z I: A. S: G rd .. -72' Nu. :'. FE -2: .. A: '4-': "C -: tv. EU 11: . -E U5 CQ Q. Ed Q 22 Sd A 5 Pd iii 'cr I Q... .AN 5 gi: 'EQ :-4 QQ Lid If-sf .sg mf. .6 Q 'vi :Ir .153 'im Qg if QI EE -7. "Ai mi 'P A... Sm mc Qi? EE "Q Em LJ: .NC Mr .nl E CJ 954. M: :E 'Gm QA HE ... SP off :5 E3 Oki. 'Q : LI '1 fr - 9 Q P. ,LI uetivities and purtieipa ion in t ool by our seli H i nsliip Q N 5 U P: c c cn 'CJ GJ dd c A f: c 3-4 S4 5 FJ-' ,- if 1: - M ... : .2 B-1 :L .. A .. 1 Q ... .- c 5-1 : IU Q. A .. A ... 5. L- :J ? -J VI L2 'O A .Li U CI -A C.. .... .S XII E' J ,- ... Q ,- 9 3 L 5 If -I-1 LI.. L A C C .E 1 N C C25 'CL I-4 -A -.f :- GJ Tl oth with Melvin Mink, viee-presiclentg Harold resident P leadership of Bob Sorenson, the un cler tl aeeomplislie cl has been 11 .C A A as ... C14 9' 5 .ac I-1 E La .: -4-I N-1 C .., 3-4 ra '34 4-I .. 5 5-1 CE 1-.z 4. vs .I 4-4 1 :J 56-4 S .2 lger, sentinel. LeRoy A reporter, and ler, il v1 A 'O x-. '33 E I Iurpliy. treusurerg Clyde lk Jaynes, seeretaryg .-4 ifs, Q45-4 gb WD C Zvi O 'ILL' cc 4-c -I- if ...-:Q 'SSE E: F25 rg: :ii 452. :Fixx 15+-'-F C .1 obnw of: .-: 4206 QV: 2.2: . ... .205 -.CO :Wim 132: -G-J.:-4-4 .-. -5.520 J.- .:.:.o. .EDFL .3 M 'Site .2311 :canon 4-'Q-ss: gif H :Tab will :QT- 'EFLC 'Usa .5-5.5 - 3 EEF G1 CD 'Cai f-LJ :Air CS' Enzo. CD5 1-'L-4 H95 ...5 " 'U ,-'HU SEQ KV-Q55 5 A3-A 'ic Es' C95 ZQ5 C . I. may pee? nbc - gg I2 C2 L-1'-' o3""' A :FL aug 5.: va., D 4-' as 1-'Ev A SE .0594 Sui' -QE EF'-4-4 -'Ty U E :USS 4:-2' ...ea .. incl- wJ 5.2: 45' I-I-4f:"U LEE BEE SS.: CDE,-U me .soc .,, ra "4 1. 3:51 if QE -1-1.1-." :Q ou: f: if , fi 7.1 SJ L .. E L75 11 A : +5172 +1-E ZS 53 cn- .cf wo gn: :E A +52 CE 7530 pc. I -,-11" i-I-an QL E12 3 ilu EE it --5.1 'UQ U E12 Eu or Du A- 271 - QE E .-92 Z5 GJ.. wc. 3.1: UAE ,-F34-f :IS A55 is Q..-1 S: f 'FE wen : 5? 42'-1 515 in .A Em 35 mg: if ti? nm QE L4-tid of mu: gf: CO sm? : SE U11 :B Ee.: DL' rf- '30 12 .:.x 'Q nf gm jf: on -6-4 Qu. 02 ce: f-15 O A G5 T2 'TJ 5 2 O I : 42 I E If lj .J V1 1- 'IS i-I LS. L-4 cf 45 A. Ad U -s :A C i-I Q J '35 1 A L 4-4 5-1 : O H-1 .JA C . 95 CTE 5-in he 'Qa- O :nfl X? -EE I-14 4-'x-4 :Q 25 'gl 3-E QF: .3 -QB .-'L4 .- A . 15 E.: Ee.. .A F25 E8 Bw H: CDO E3 CD wa 421 2 'E .UD 3.5 bD 'Q-ca :ci no 2.5 U3 ww L A 4.16.1 4.72 wc :ic EE UE -SL .EE 752 'Um EQ +1-c as 4 H. OJ : G A ird place. th OI1 W test and speaking eon e public tli represented the chapter in ond XVooley D Ari ,.. c Q TJ ill L-1 : c 11' A: gb CI .- A I ED .A .3 fu fc EJ,--1 :QQ ww all ow gon -9' E5 :SA c 'Q-'24-4 J Cyn vii We .Eg I-1I UE E.. EE .: HE "4-4 o O1- gil-4 'SE mu.. .Qu Zl- was ma, Ui.: Qjd-4 5 . S53 is Q15 Ac H.: 55? ci' N13 we flu C1 'EM 251 Ng 3333 eu QN .-.A we meh Us.. ,O I-1 is o ,Did-4 ,EC if? 74"So QD.: Dir 5.- L Q- 00.9 E.: 5... Era A- :J -fo... '::::'E :UH- hi: 90: 'fs-E in? ,AJ wr' 032 Q-'20 ,IFH o 44-4 'TJ CI ra .gutbtlne 0l'l'Lel'lfl6l, 8105 0!.!4l'l'I,Ql"iC6l, Office rs: President ................................................ ........ L ois Soper Vice-President ,...,... ....... M uriel Tilley Secretary ............. .........,. V irginia Huff Treasurer ........ ................. B etty Wurst Sponsor ....,.. Mrs. Cecil O. Smith This year the FHA has been very active in state and local functions. Delegates attended the District Convention in Idaho Falls and the State Conven- tion in Boise. One of our delegates represented the FHA at the State Wool Growers Convention held in Pocatello. At High School Night during Education Week, three members modeled garments made in class. The girls have had practical experience in the prepara- tion and serving of numerous teas and dinners. Together the FHA and the FFA sponsored the Harvest Ball. Lois Soper was awarded a gold cup by the Twin Falls Grange for being the most outstanding FHA member in the local chapter. It is the custom of the club to conclude the year with a swimming party. The fifth and sixth period journalism classes published a weekly six-page edition of "The BnU1N', this year. Under the co-editorship of Helen McEwen Jones and Shirley Goodyear the Hrst semester and Shirley Goodyear and Lucille Langdon the second semester, a new and more edicient method of assigning and editing stories for the paper was inaugurated. we grain News-Bureau was organized in the heginning journal- is1n class. Director Fran Averett arranged lor Times-New In addition to the newspaper, three Weekly broad- casts were prepared and given by members of the stall. Bruin reporters read school ncws and introduced school coverage of junior and senior high school events and helped in making assignments for "The Bnuixn and for the radio reporters. talent during their 15-minute programs: K'Twin Hi in Reviewv on KVMVQ "Hi Lites of Twin Ili," liTFIg and "Hi Jinksf' KLIX. Usually the radio reporters worked in groups of three-two girls for school news and one boy reading sports news. The staff mcmhers are proud of their adviser, Mr. vention of Journalism Instructors at the University of L. J. Schroyer, who was asked to speak at the Con- Wcmrking in close cooperation with the stall, the VVashington, Seattle. First Snfincster PAGE STAFF Second Semester First Semester EDITORIAL STAFF Second Scmr's'fer Helen McEwen ..,... C I J ,,,. Shirley Goodyear . .... Co-Editors .... Q Slnrley Goodyear .... C J .,,... LlIClll0 Langdon William Powell .....,,.,... Make-up Editor .... Bette Croncnberger Copy Editor .,Yr.,.. Ver-Nalda Strong .,r. ...... P roof Editor ...... Patricia Parrett ...... ........ A rt Editor .... Diane Weaver ,,,...,.., Mary Jean Deagle Jamie Groff ......... Margaret Vllcavcr .,.,,. Howard Miller ..... .. Exchange Editor VVilliam Powell Bette Croncnbcrger VerNalda Strong Patricia Parrett Phyllis Flynn News Bureau Director. .. .,,,, . ,,.,.... Pll0l0,Q1lllIl1I'f .... Sports l'Iiolograplu'r Radio News Dircctor .. Headline Editor .. ,. ....... Jamie Groff Boh Duncan lkiargaret Weaver .. .,.., Howard Miller Lucille Langdon ....... Glenna Hostetler Jane Diffendarfer Jim Creed ......... Joyce Swartley .,.... Carol Neilson ...... Joanne Stafford .... Dick Church ,.... Dorothymae Yocumn.. Pal Flynn . ,,., . Donna Young ,.,.. ..... L. J. Schroyer .. Front Page Editorial Page ....... Diane WVeaver Glenna Hostetler Feature Page Jane Diffendarfer Sports Page Literary Page Girls' Sports .. Columns Editor . Club News Editor . BUSINESS STAFF Iiusinexs Manager . Advertising Manager ,, Coordinator Circulation Manager ., Faculty Adviser Jim Creed Joyce Swartley Carol Neilson Joanne Stafford Mary Jean Deagle Dick Church Dorothym ae Yocum Pat Flynn Donna Young L. J. Schroyer M., it fc S Standing-Donna Young. Dinm- W1-mwr, Vr'rNnl1Ir1 Strong, Shirley Goodyear, Bette Cl'0Tll'11lll'1'HI'T. lonnm Stnlforll. Duunr' Bell, Bill Pnwvll, llmuurrl Miller, lim Crcvll, Jani' Dljgf'7lllll1'f1'l'. Mnrgrirvt xVi'lIl't'l', Dorotliymm Yocum. Glenna l1oxh'tl1'r. Sl'lIl!'l1fll1l'. Louix I, Sclrroycr. riclrixcrq liucillc l,un,uflmz, loilw Sll'lH'lil'H. Maru ,lean Dl'Il,!lf', Patricia Farrell, Diclc Cliurrli. ui ana! Sera Officers: Y Piwyiflmif ,,,,,,,,,,, .,.,..,. ,.....,. ,.,... N ' I ary Ican Deaglt- 9 Vice-Prcsirlent .... ....,...,,.. D ick Church l Sccrrtziry ,..,,,,, .... I oycc Swartley Tl'l'll.S'lll'Cl' .....,......, .... l 'atricia Parrott Scrgcanf-at-Arms ..... ............... D uanc Bc-ll Sponsor ....,........... ..... IN lr. L. J. Schroycr The Twin Falls chapter of Quill and Scroll this year installed 11 new members bringing the total membership to 20. This is one of the largest mem- berships the Twin Falls chapter has ever had. The humorous initiation followed the plan set last year with the initiates carrying quills and scrolls about the halls of the school for the week of initiation. The group project this year was a United Nations issue of the Bruin. This issue was dedicated to youth and the world. The organization is an international society for high school journalists and has strict membcrsllip requirements. A candidate to the society must be a ITIEIH- ber of the school newspaper or annual staff and have a total of 100 published inches. They must also be in the upper third of their class scholastically. cience This year a Science Club was organized under the able sponsorship of Mr. L. M. Winters. Its Constitution was the first to be ratified by the new student body Con- gross. The membership is composed of stu- dents who have taken chemistry or physics, and who wish to further their interests by outside scicntiHc activities. Members of the club have profited 'A' President .,........,. Officers: Vice-Pres-irlent ............ S ecretary- Treasurer CM greatly by field trips to establishments in Twin Falls where they saw practical scientific theories in action. To stimulate interest for younger stu- dents, various experiments have been per- formed for the beginning science classes in junior high school. By this means the club hopes to encourage an influx of new students, thereby enlarging and improving the present high school science depart- ments. Sergeant-at-Arms ,.,,,,, ,,.,,,,,, Pulllicily Chairman Sponsor .................... ,,,,, , , i 'k Ken Faler Lee Whitehead .. Laurelie Chaney .. Ralph Arrington Mary Ican Deagle Mr. L. M. XVll1tl'l'S W f if Left to Riglii -.Marilyn Lincoln, Barbara O'Halloran, Van Rmrlney, Pliyllis Payne, Marvin Gillelle, Lloyd Webb, Gary lVils0n, Grace johnson, Lee Ylfliiteliezlcl, Italpli Arrington, Laurelic Chaney, Richard Kline, Lois Soper, lVarren Pepperdine, Ken Faler, Mary ,lean Deagle, Dixie Leland. Sponsor, Mr. L. M. Winters. ogofe We, the members of the 1949 Coyote Staff, wish to express our sincere appreciation to the students and faculty of Twin Falls High School for their co-operation in helping us to compile this pictorial record of the memorable year of 1949. We consider it a privilege and a pleasure to have recorded this chapter in our school life. THE STAFF Editor-in-Chief ...... .............. L ois Soper Faculty Adviser .c....... ...,,,.. M r. Garth Reid Donna Cepner Ken F aler Jamie Croff Phyllis McFarlane Tommy Speedy Patricia Cooper l Janet Gillespie john Merrill julia Hoops Joy Beckwith Marilyn Lincoln Viola White Lloyd Webb Junior Prom Queen of Hearts Ball H aruest Show jine .Aff :S 1 DIRECTOR - ROBERT D. W1Ls0N .R Q Q Q S N R S GIRLS' TRIO BOYS, QUARTET CHOIR PERSONNEL Ruth Becher Virginia Huff Shirley Grow Carole Thompson Alma Starns Elverta Alger Margaret Inama Dorothy Orwick Delita Grout Lois Soper Patricia Ericson Helene Stammerjohn Elaine Bodenstab Janet Gillespie Mary Eldredge Deon Ford Phyllis MacFarlane Harlene Gambrel Patsie Porter Shirley Smith Verne Barnard Don Dumas Merwin Bagley Bill Porter jim Read Alvin Morgan Gilbert Russell Cliff Lyda Vernon Hansen Allan Bates Bob Walcott Earl Barlow Roy Ellsworth Clarence Smith Bud Yadon Charles WValls jack Cross Bill DeWz1ld Gerald Everton Marlo Rovig NOR- jim Craig Bob Holloway Keith Crossley Jay Call Bruce Lullott Layne Montgomery Ernie VV ills Ronald Carter Gary Christopherson jerry Lytle Harley Gambrel ACCOINIPANIST Carmen Eastcp Nora Mae Teague Muriel Tilley Theda Hull Arlene Gilchrist Lila Campbell Cleo Whittikiend Bette Cronenberger Io Alta Bishop Carol Neilsen Zandra Thomas Mary Jean Deagle Myra Stroud Doris Shearer Wanda Roemer Verna Mock Joyce Watkins LaDawn Tohnan Gwen Hovey Mary Holcomb Io Anne Stafford Barbara Blanchard Donna Rae Bagley RLE L RATCL FFE LH TOR - U Ll E f'N r-1 Ne 2 G CQI"f 0I'l ep 5006! FLUTE AND PICCOLO- LaDawn Tolman Ross Miller Paul Winkler Helen Englcs .lean F ishcr OBOE- Dale Parsons Ianct Miller CLARINET- William Taylor Paul Eastman Louise Hall Harriet VV ind Lillie Condie Nancy Fields Betty Whitney Marvin Cowles Stanley Barth Robert Crowley Joyce N oh Bcrtine Langdon Robert Rigler jimmy Carney Loyal Perry Jerry Taylor Bill Read Richard Kunklc john Horejs Lonnie Smith BAND PERSONNEL ALTO CLARINET- Mildred Kinney jim Moore BASS CLARINET- Stanley Hutchinson joe Cypher BASSOON- Jack Gillespie Carolyn Clark ALTO SAXOPHONE- Marilyn Lincoln Gene Sharp Golden Arrington Darrell Schnitker Bill Young TENOR SAXOPHONE- Robert Loder Bill Bass BARITONE SAXOPHONE- - Robert Sturgeon HORN S- Nola Minshew Virgil Champlin Armond Woolley Annetta Morrison Laura Heaton Deane Browne Sterling Martin Bob Pennock CORNET- Skippy Pierce Don Hazard Howard Miller Lloyd Baisch Jay Call Richard Kline Gene Johnson TROMBONE- Bobby King John Allen Bob Duncan Denzel Martindale Conrad Larsen Emerson Clark BARITONE- Duane Bottoms jim Read BASS- Bob Jones Don Carroll Harold Mink Bill Munger Duane Schrank Dick Scott Robert Flynn PERCUSSION- Herb Briggs Tom Danner Lloyd Kuka Herbert Cowham Edith Gillwpie Lyman Farris TH ARD R. SMI CH I R ECTOR DIR I R ES H RC I R SE TRUMPETS- BASSOONS- CELLOS- SECOND VIOLINS- FIRST VIOLINS- 9 1 N 3 3 'ce -1 5 V' New .E r.. I-rl o-4 .H rl.: Z 52 A , rg Q .-1 .U EU QRS 3 24, Ann 41- im 0635 '25 H E E E I"5 'E U, o :..f: I -- Lu n M.. .. .- go Q23 .-1 .,. : Q Q O5 F: .149 "' 'G "'3: 22 is r-IU dh! . 5 B P O :E 1- vs . U u 92 Eb' Q' ul-1"' ... ef-22 325 E-Viv .Sai-W :Digi -7: HE ...goes III-IEEMJ, 1 C CD M5225 cw Q, va: WA.. ZBUE mmH32D 4 A CQ L'-4 .2 r. .1: Q jg -3 F1 3: I. .m , me G' 251' Wnrsw 292.25255 :E-GFUEEM Ib flow--5522 '5 we-affgas .- .-Q,E3:.'::3.Je:'C,i ccmcscear-O., mmm-.n...JD-.lar-lm 5 2 .ad ,- dl gm 5:?x:wo 25- 129,253 -...L-4 eu C1 -..... CQQ ,- .- .,..- EEF-im?-ssnm ,-'UEQEM W7 E -4-4 Zim go ..-tv u....x- EU,55e'ig'5'i-E o:f"""' 5 U ver-.CQQZD-42 PERCUSSION- Loder Sturgeon 4-I L-4 u .Q Bob ller fa it I cs E o F :LI 3.2 es LaD Ross Marv Sue Simmons Ros alin.l Luke Z Z! cw. eu T4 E cn 5 allllel' am .2 D4 -A eu D Cowh Tomm y rb HORNS- dith E OES- OB VIOLAS- Andersen It CU I 'E Q He Nold Minshew ODS Pars M111 an ... eu Q m F1 GJ 5 1- Qa B S A Ken Allvn L4 IU I CD E as IZ Herh Briggs Champlin il Virg 4.1 D C Q v-. 'U O cn oolley W nd Arrno Laura Heaton Boys' Violin Trio Violin Quortet if x 5 Iinllcrl llm11lr'l'ir'l1, john Morrill, Divk Hnllilzsim. C:l'lll'l.' julznsoiz, jurmilu llill, Dirk Rllllillxlill Kmif Aiirlmwcii. john Mvrrill, IJOIIHII 11110 lir1,qlwy. G 3 String Ensemble String Quortet 'T' S ' 'un' juluimn, Milrlrvd Ilrmxon. Ruth l'fsIin,ur'r, Sliirluy llill. Ilum- llriuf-ni, Mr Ri:-firm' R. Smith. C:I'Ill'lf JUIIHSOII, Naomi Ilvrrun, Nall Smlvn Xrmmi Hurirm. NVIIIIFU Slriplrgl, livin' f:l'0llL'lllll'l',LIf'l' R05-Ulfnd Luka Pfllllilll' l7mnn,Qllll1l, lfrlrlnzlrrl xlblllklill. OUR HEARTS WERE YOUNG AND GAY ' ALL SCHOOL PLAY ' October 14-15, 1948 D BECTOR - MISS EVALINE A. FISHER "OUR HEARTS WERE YOUNG AND GAY" Steward ............ Cost Executive Stuff Gary Christopherson Mrs. Skinner ........,,.,..,. ............ F ran Averetl Cornelia Otis Skinner ,... ........... A nita Turner Emilie Kimbrough ..,... ....... E laine Bodenstab Purggr ,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,.,,, L arry Kirkinan Stewardess ....... ................ N ancy Gore Otis Skinner ........ Dick VVinters .. Admiral .,.,,............. Harriet St. John .....,. NVinifrecl Blaugh ,...,., Leo McEvoy ...... Inspector ......... Therese ............... Madame Elise ....,...,..... Monsieur De LaCroix YVindow Cleaner ......... Warren Pepperdine Kenneth Faler Bob Holloway Geraldine Crandall Afton Dean George Iakway Florence Priest Donna Custer Sara Jordan Lloyd VVebh Les Spellman Assistant Director Stage Manager ...... Mary Jean Deagle Elden Green House Chairman ...... ..... I im Hightower Prompter ................ .... G evene Bower Business Manager ,....... ....... P hyllis Payne Advertising Manager 3 Lights ........ Properties .,.... Make-up ....... l rograms .................. . ,.... . Beverly Bond Margaret NVeaver Bob Carlton Joyce Swartley Laurelie Chaney Costumes ...... Annette Morrison Carpenters .... ............ IN lax Cooper Painters ..... Howard Hickman Designers .,..........,.,,.. .,,.. J :met Gillespie General Stage Crew ...,... ,,.,... N Vesley Annis GHOST WANTED" SENIOR PLAY December 2-3, 1948 D ECTOR - MISS EVALINE A. FISHER Elclen Green ...,.... Tommy Speedy ....,.. Edith Kevan ....,.... Lucille Langdon .,.,,. .... Gwen H ovey ..... 1 Hugo Bromley Jeff Hall Troddy . Ginger Stormway Gale Storingay Betty Beasley ..,....... .,.......... G ranny Kate NVarren Pepperdine Mary jean Deagle Ruth Eslinger ...... Nola Minshew ..... . Boh King .........,. Roy Ellsworth ...... Tom Soran ..... Professor DeVallan Madame Zolga Azalea Nora Vane Ezra Bradshaw Pantoinime Hatcher umaazrf 0 Q U7 -Q- rn X f'D Q C Z". 4 fD 5 Ln 5 -I- Q -rs -h Assistant Director ....... House Chairman ...... Prompter ..,.................,................... Business Manager and Tickets ...... Advertising .............................. ., Programs ..... Lights ....... Makeup ....... Costumes ..... Properties ........................ .. General Stage Ma nager . .... ,. Carpenters ...................... Painters ........... Dick Church Bill Porter Lloyd Webb Carina Lou Johnson Duane Bell Bob Stansbury Bob Carlton .. Elaine Boclenstab joan Campbell Glenna Hostetler Wesley Annis John Florence Howard Hickman Sound Effects ....... .l Joe Hawes M 12425 1949 DIRECTOR - EVAI INF A FIQHLR JUNIOR CLASS PLAY i George Mclutyrc r Teny McIntyre Mrs. Mclntyre ...... Professor McIntyre Sophie ...,......,,....,.. "GROWING PAINS" Chad Hull Mary VVinterholer Sara Jordan Ronald Carter Anna Cope Omar ,..... Hal ...... Petc .,........, Prudence ..,... Patty .......... Mrs. Patterson .,..... .......... D onna Young Brian ..,.., Elsie Patterson ...... ........ N 'erNalda Strong jane ,..,,. A Traffic Officer .,..... ....., . . Val Hankins Miriam ...., . Dutch ,............. .. Merlin Howard Execuhve Staff Assistant Director ........ ...... I' 'red Leopold Business Manager ...i.... ...,... Z andra Thomas House Manager .,.,. ..... M arian Pettygrove Tickets ................ .......... P hyllis Payne Marie Sutterfield Makeup ........ ......... I oAlta Bishop Advertising ...... . ..... Adda Terry Costumes ...... ........ I oAnn Cates 'k 'k Properties .... ...... M ary Connelly Prompter ...... ....... I oan Stafford Programs ......... ........ I oanne Reed Margaret Inama Stage Managers ............... ....... H oward Hickman Bud Yadon Assistant Stage Manager ........................ Don Robbins General Crew ..........,,.............. Bill DeWald, Chairman Duane Bottoms, Tom F alash, Wesley Annis, john Florence, jim Hightower Ronald Schulkc Kay Larson Chuck Walls .. Beverly Alger Diane Weaver Larry Daigh .. Carol Nielson Laurelie Chaney .. JoAlta Bishop First Row-Nancy Magel, Margaret VVeauer, Zandra Thomas. Second Row-Joe Rile, Lucille Langdon, Nancy Shipley, Sara Jordan, Merry Stayner, Helene Stammeriohn, Carma Lou Johnson, Miss Eve Fisher. 'Third Row- Gary Christopher-son, Kenneth Faler, Lona Grabert, Mary jean Deagle, Lanrelie Chaney, Fran Averett. Fourth Row-Warren Pepperdine, Edith Kcuan, George Iakway, Gwen Hovey, Elaine Bodensfab. Fifth Row- Lloyd Webb, Dick Church, Vemon Hansen, Tommy Speedy. 3 efilaianri The aim of the Order of Thespians is to promote appreciation of and interest in the dramatic arts. This year, Thespian Troupe 256 has increased its membership and activities in working toward these standards. In addition to the three school plays, "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay," "Ghost Wanted," and "Growing Pains," the troupe has sponsored such activities as an after-game dance and initiation. VVe are deeply grateful to our dramatic coach, Miss Eve Fisher, who has pleased both casts and audiences with her valuable suggestions, fine directing ability, and Wise selection of plays. 'A' i' Office rs: President ..........,. ...... M argaret Weaver Vice-President ..... .... W arren Pepperdine Secretary ............ .... lv Iary Jean Deagle Treasurer ...,.. ............... K en Faler Sponsor ...... .... M iss Eve Fisher Afkfef YELL LEADERS Anita Turner, Don Bell, Donna Young i 5 TWIRLERS Patty Erwin Shirley Hamm Phyllis Flynn Betty Sfoucr Uncler the guidance of a fine corps of officers, thc Pep Club has again shown itself to be a worthwhile activity. In new uniforms of blue and white, club officers are ambassadors of good sports- e M, manship and friendliness to the students of competing schools. Membership is open to any student who is Willing to assume an active share in responsibilities. 1 l Frm! RlIlL'fiN1Ill'H!1f1'f IDOIIQIII-S, Hull: Billpflllllll, Glcsn IIUL'!'!l, Crlrmrl Svcoml Rorrf-rlllixs Alllfilllllll' Slll'lIl'l'l', Iiclilh Kvrzm, jnm' Dilfrn- Lou Iohmon, llrlrn Mourlrflgrm, Lonnlwllf' SI1'u1'm. Pllf-Stl' Pur1r'l'. rlflrfcr. Br'lJ:'rIy Bond, Fran Avvrvft, Pmllim' l,ou'1', Gram' jolmsnn, Diam' lV1'rru'r. Burlmra O'IInlIor1m, Deon Ford, Thcllu Hull, Shirley Coorlymlr, Zumlrn Thonmx. During the basketball tournament the club sponsored a king and queen contest with contestants chosen from the junior and senior classes. Don Hazard and Ruth Becher were the Winners and each received a V-neck sweater from the club. uk 1 I +1 President ......... .............. E dith Kevan VicePreSident ............ .... C arma Lou johnson Recording Secretary .,.... ..... B arbara O'Halloran Corresponding Secretary .... ........... G wen Hovey Treasurer ................ ....... ......... S h irlcy Goodyear Sponsor ...... Miss Marianne Spencer SKI TEAM First Row-Kermit Perrins, Bob Stanslmry, joe Hawes, Second Row-Don Carroll, Roy Ellsworth, Duane Bell, Bill Porter, Bob Duncan. George Halley, Bill Powell, Bill Taylor. i if l Presiflent ........... ..... R oy Ellsworth Vice-President ..... ...... B etty Beasley Secretary ......, ........ B ill Powell Treasurer ...... ....................... J oe Hawes Sponsor ...... ..... I Jrincipal John D. Flatt I Swooping down glistening slopes, dipping and bending to dodge the im- movable rocks and gullies, and breathing clean pine-scented air, the devotees of Amerieafs most popular winter sport reach out for greater thrills and spills. For the third year the Ski Club offered in- struction and transportation for enthusiasts. Buses left for Magic Mountain every week-end that the roads Were open. However, unusually heavy snowfulls and blocked highways snowed in skiers for a major part of the season. This year a new T-har lift was installed at Magic Mountain, adding impetus to the sport. With increased development of the area, high school skiers look forward to winning coveted awards in the coming years. I"i1'.vt lion- Bill Iir'1'1lr', Dick Cl111r1'l1, Clzurlc Walls. Bolz Sfl!71SlIlll'll, Iiill Ri11f'l1. l"r1'1I LFHIJUIII. Dah' Nrilxoii. IIo11'111'41 Criggv, Carl 'l'1:11pin. 500111111 IKUILT-'fl,lHl'k Mingo. Ramon SIIIIIIHFIIQI, I71'1vn1' li1'1u1-m'. Ijlllllll' S1'1'p11. Norlmi Marx". IJIIIIIII' Hell, ,lim ClI'I'l'!l. Iiarl Barlfnv, Marlin l"1'lfon. Thirfl limi' Kfllllflll M1'l31'll1. Ralph .'ll'l'lll,2IlUll, ,Vvrlin II1n1f11r1l, lay Call, Boll Flllllll. G1'1n',:1' Ilallry. Kay l4Ill'-Will. Nral Mo1'1'i.v1nl. Dalr' l'1ns1n1.v. l"o11r1l1 RlIll7fllIlll!l!l Cr11.x'.x-, Marlon Hixlcr'!l- Holi lxing. llillflllt' H114'lc1'1l1l1r1'f, Ray l'Qll.x1L'orll1. Arrirl Craig, Nolan I"or1l, Bob F11l11sl1, Bill Tlllllllf. Fiftlz RIllUfC!llll'll Hllllllliu Powers. Dah' D1'11gl1'. Bal: Ipllllfllll. llarolfl Pflllllll. Bill DcXV11I1l, Bill Parlor, jack C1'os,s', Dun lIa:ar1l, Rolzrrt Sznillz, Cllllfll 1511 L1llIll!'l'. ruin 'A' X Pl'CSllICllf ....,.,.. i Vi1'13-Presi1lei1l .....,,.... S CL'I'Cllll'll-Tl'C'!lS1ll'Fl' SL'l'i2,'f'llIlt-lit-ATITTS SIJOIISOI' .............. Bill Riach i Marlin Felton Tom Fulnsh Bill Porter "Hunk', Powers The Bruin Club was originally organized to assure due recognition of letter- ll1Cll in all the major sports. Active in all phases of athletics, the rnembcrs can always hc counted on to support any sports event. This year, in cooperation with the Bruin Boosters, they successfully canyassecl business Hrins during a drive to sell activity tickets. C0llg.fl'llfllltlfl0l1S are in orrler for the work of Bill Rlllffll and flu' oflzvr mem- bers wlzo so ably fflllfillcrl llzc' aims of flw orgcmizmion. OCLC 85 Y En LANDER ,,,, , ,, B askotball-Baseball HANK POWERS ..,.. .....,......,,,.,,. F 'ootball-Track BOB BRIGGS ,, v ,,,. Assistant F oofball KERMU PERRINS . .. C ab F ootball-Asst. Track Student Managers Left to Ri,-:ld-Boll Mingo, Footballg Burnvll Slolzlvr, Basket- ballg DcVrfrn Fuller, Tmckg Ronald Sclmlkv, Football. Lyman Fawis, Baseball, :mtl Duane Browno, Basketball, would not be prcsvnt when the picture was lakan. First Row-Halley, 785 Walls, 45, King, 35, Riach, 33, Church, 224 Porter, 34, Bell, 55. Second Row-Manager Selwlke, Pr-unty, 50, Hazard, 11, Arrington, 99, Howard, 00, Cross, 885 Buckendorf, 77, Craig, 44, Ford, 31, Creed, 75, Taylor, 56, Stansbury, 30. Third Row-Coach Hank Powers, Serpa, 28, Leopold, 66, Falash, 3 g Larson, 26, DeWalrl, 38, Hall, 53, Chevalier, 795 Toupin, 27, Morrison, 37 Assistant Coach, Bob Briggs. Fourth Row-Ellsworth, 70, Warburg, 60, Smith, 39, Brelle, 28, Green, 335 Mills, 55, Barlow, 78, Daigh, 795 Flynn, 86, Everton, 989 Felton, 90. Varsity Football - 1948 SCORES They We SCORES Tlley We Oakley ,,,,,,.,..........,.....,....... .. 0 56 Burley ........ 6 28 West High fSalt Lakel .... .... 1 8 13 Idaho Falls ..... 6 14 Weber COgden7 .........,, .. 0 49 Pocatello .... ..... 2 6 20 Nampa .,...,.,..,...... .............. 1 4 7 Caldwell .... .,........ . .. 7 12 Boise ..... 27 25 .I ACK CROSS, Fullbaclc 'six BILL RIACH. Cenler +i- .--- - ---- - -lll - -.-- - ---- - ---1 - --ll - ---- -M-H------------------------U- ----i--w- ---- - --'- -W-------------+ "The Twin Falls team wound up on the short end of a 27 to 25 score, but the never-say-die, spirited way they played the game won them and their school the 11-spent of a grandstand full of people who will remem- ber their sportsmanlike conduct long after the scorc of the game has been forgottenf, -Boise STATESMAN "Not because wc won, but because it came from the boys after-the game-they thought that Twin Falls was the hardest blocking and tackling team they had met, yet were the nicest and cleanest during the game and afterwards." -CHICK ATKINSON Pocatello Grid Coach "Extend the congratulations of the Twin Falls Cham- ber of Commerce to the Athletic Department of the Twin Falls High School and the members of the Bruin Foot- ball Team for exemplary conduct on and all the Foot- ball Field . . . If every one of our citizens in Twin Falls would conduct himself in a similar manner both in Twin Falls and when visiting our neighboring comnmnities, the excellent reputation of Twin Falls would continue to be high." -O. J. Bon-1N1-:, Manager Twin Falls Chamber of -Commerce u. QUARTEHBACKS,AND FULLBACKS CENTERS HALFBACKS ENDS W V., 4 V 5.5, f Qgp QMAWJMQIL Y LM GUARDS X TACKLES Twin Twin Twin Twin Twin Twin Twin Twin Twin Twin VARSITY BASKETBALL - I 9 4 8 l 3 0 1 fu as 1. C 81111117113-Cgzlrirrlzff1lDLunz1uZ Tum P ,L '11, 2Nol1argl'Fir?,I?Il LI, I BGLVWYI Vllfvfil DHI' l?1l"lf?f'- velfhgyl ,ms.s, mn fonun. mmf' TUUJTH Nulsun L fl lx lx Falls Falls Falls Falls Fall s Falls Falls Falls Falls Falls . . unugwr. Svuvcf on i 7 ur 4, 'vnneth Davis. Pocatello iY..,,,,i. Rupert .,,,,,,..... Oakley i7......,,i. lemme ,,YY......Yv I' ilcr ,Yi,.,.., Idaho Falls Burl cy YYi...,,i..... Boise .YYY,,,...,.,,,. .I eroinv ,,,, ,,,,,,. Filer .,,,,,,,, ir' svn, "i r1'1 SCORES 30 44 34 1 8 Twin Twin Twin Twin Twin Twin Twin Twin Twin 27 38 36 42 ' 26 31 District Class "Av Tournament Twin Falls jeroine ,i..., Twin Falls Burley 33,.V, Twin Falls Coocling .8 Twin Falls Rupert .... 41 25 29 48 39 35 45 56 Falls Falls Falls Falls Falls Falls Falls Falls Falls rlru 1 Vllll I Il 1' Boisc' . ,. Burley .,,,, Nampa ,7,,,,.,333f Caldwell ..,,, ,... Calclwvll ,.,.....,. Nampa ,3,8,,88, lclalio Falls Pocatello ., H1IPL'1't , ,,YY,,,,, , 48 57 42 25 34 44 6:3 34 50 Q 1. N .... .L nts, 'QNX First Row - Clark Wliitellearl, Marlo Rooig, Paul Black. Dale Deagle, Robert Bartlett, Keith Jensen, Buddy Cross, Buddy Milligan, Wilford Smith, Clyrle Bolyorzl, Loyal Perry. Second Row-Manager Alvin Morgan, Pat Ainsworth, Dick Chan, Iimmy Chevalier, Dick Fucncleling, Duane Madron, Richard Ensley, George Mills, Jack Eastman, Fred Butter- worth, Coach Perrins. Third Row - Tom Conant, Arthur Florence, james Priest, Ronald Cook, George Avant, Bob Falosh, Kenneth Davis, John Merrill, Billy Munger. Cul lotta! .- 194 SCORES Rupert ..,. ..... 1 3 Cubs .... ' Burley ....,.. .. 7 Cubs Castleford ,....... 14 Cubs .... Ierome .. .. 7 Cubs 7 27 I 0 1:3 REGIONAL CONSOLATION WINNERS-1948 96353- Twin Falls Kimberly l.,,, 4 Twin Falls Gooding .,... 1 Twin Falls Jerome .... 2 Twin Falls Bulil ,i.,, 8 TWlfl Falls Filel' k- 0 fLong-no hit-no runl Twin Falls Buhl ..,.. .. 2 TVVl11 Falls Bllfley .... .. 0 fL0ng-ng hit-ng run, Twin Falls Filer 2 Twin Falls Burley .... 0 1Long-one hif-smwk out 21D Twin Falls Boise 2 Twin Falls Boise 2 Twin Falls Jerome ..,. ..... 1 1 Twin Falls Pocatello ..... 1 fL011g-Onghilfp REGIONAL TOURNAMENT Twin Falls Payette ............ 1 lL0ng-no hitj Twin Falls Hazelton .... 5 Twin Falls ...... 2 Pocatello ..... 0 QL0ng-Ong hitj SEASONS RECORD Played Won Lost 16 13 8 3 96 35 First Row - Chad Hull, Paul Eastman, Bob Sclzotlvr, Floyd Pfciflu, Clyrlz' Murphy, Chuck Mingo, Johnny Perkins, Ronald Schulke, Bob jones. Srconrl Row-Lyman Farris, Boll Mingo, lock Koonfz, Boll Johnston. Bill Powell, Martin Wilkerson, Ramon Shumwoy, Fred Lvopolcl. Dow' Cray. luck Culzil. Mr1.v Kirklmul. Tommy Day, Hank Grmdiaga, Duane Sm-pa, Lloyzl Baisch, Bill Wurlmrg, Ilmunrrl Allxnp, Couch Ilullifluy. Third Row-Stanley Richardson, George Hal in, Bob Folash, Dali' Nll'l.VlJll, Bob Martyn. llulwrl ll:-n1lrl.x', Boll Long, Carl Toupin, Leroy Flatt, Tom Fnlllslz, Mvrlin llowzml, Don McBri1lr'. k. STATE CHAMPIONS - 1948 2 -Q -'V :jk , First RowfKenrmtlz Eisenhower, Bob Drips, Tom B1lClCl'l1l, Marlin Felton, jack Cross, Grant Freeman, Dllll' Parsons, Maynard Campbell, Jerry Klvinkopf. Second Row-Coach Pawem, DeVvrn Fuller, Wayne Buckvnrlnrf. Bill Mungvr, George Halley, Neil Morrison, Kenneth McBc1h, Wfayne Ford. Larry Daigll, Bill Br1'a'v, Asvixtant Coach Perrins. Third Row-Bob Dunnan, Don Everton, Bob Parish, lim Creed, Don Hazard. Ralph Arringfon, lay Call, Duane Bell, Bob Stansbury, Dick Church. Fourth Row-Kay Larsen, Aruicl Craig, Harold Prunty, Chuck Walls, Frank Gilcui, Nolan Ford, Bill DeWahl. State Champion Mile Relay Team-1948 jerry Kleinkopf, Norton Morse, Duane Bell, Dale Parsons .24 C l'l0ll!L6!gl'l'LeI'lf6 ' to the student body for their fine co-operation when pictures were taken, and for their sub- scribing to this bookg to the Sterling Photo for their work in producing the excellent portraits and group picturesg to the engraving and printing departments of the Times-Newsg to the Mountain States Bindery for the covers and bindingg to the faculty without whose helpfulness the compiling of this record would have been im- possibleg to Mr. Garth O. Reid, our sponsor, who has worked long and faithfully in the publication of the Coyote. -The Coyote Staff .Auf Gym A ... 9 P jwwgwmqg , 4 M ,Www W Q ,,.: if V X Y! dj ES' ' f, ' 4 X l ' VY' "w'f1U0Qf,'YQWf?A5i 3 V V if EDJ 1 fri? Jfgyvyfxl L? SIS: . 3222 gif xx any HHS? x NX ,-80 A+ ,I ., :.fg, :!"y 92"-,..'...s, ' 1- V... ,F , . , : ,45,fs' -,4x.,..- gg - ,- h Kf'f .? "W A'y"Y"1"':'7!Mf7'3?7'5'f' J" 35" FV "1'f'g "' I ,I K . 4 - -, Ja., 1 .. u - . 1, - ' - " , ,r 6, gg. ,qi 1. Q, .. f.. ' , --'-, jg, ,,,,'. Am -- ,J -' . - h jx. K , , 3 1. ff. '.Q,,x34g,,f?1?Br - ' if-qi! ,ff 3, : WJ- Lpia x .I , ' " fx nl - H3131-V Af!! - . ---.Qg X f wplw 1 , ,. N. : -' V' 's .fv',,,,4 , r . +P - : f ' 1 : 'uf-11 .- u'-' ff. fog:-apka 1 - 0' ' . M77 , ,V ?5w,,5fgQ2ffQQf UM " iii 9? vgfVj'b'ff,wM'X 1V7,,' Q. MQF 'E . X v D X, - 4 x igfffww Ugg .4 D I ai-.' V A - - V M fg' .. la. , X., .,.f,f, n. . 1 4 Y , . Qui Q I n . N f',:f!ww V i' ," A"'M'i5f1'-5 " f'.2?W-"- 132,12 'F'Q. ,1'1-Wffl?-W1 f l- - sw' -- M' .,.. fwfiff L 12 f 1 . U, , 'Q x v 1 f, Y.. . 2 fghr f., , ,. . J, K 1, u 41" s Wt' rv E, Q, f 810' , f 4 ,, OW Qin' fziilfgi- WNW , 1 1 iii Q Q, j I' L. 0 1" I J ' if-, ' X ' ,153 0 . 36 nxl, ,... , Q Q t X ,, , 4 A V 1 i Y L iff. . ' A ,f ' , sl S W ' is-a fb-1 I , V ' 1 , ' ' ' V N . wi f e 1 ig .: A M ' f 4 MJ - iffilsif , . A Q - A , . L K , L , A Q lrix' Ah M 'K L.,,.4 yglw W f i g V, X I A 1 A , L .. ..,,L, H143 ,132 rf' , 1- ' . ' l M' QL be X ff , ' " 'tif' 'Iwi ' ,' - ' if--lin, X V! A. ,7 V A Lx v ' 'VI ' i'5f?Wi' P " 1 . ,sk-5 , .h ',,i.i,., Ma" -, 1. .. f ' ' Q25 f wa. fu! Li wan- -'f 'MWQM aww ' 2233 Li ' bmjffkilfe- Wm XX M pf! 'WM V Mamjgglw JM wjfffwl Ari-':Z4A4J6r.'Q-fdfvfjkzu A 5' if 0, L,"A'7nf6i1f'21f .9 Mffw , 53. 2ZCfQZf'?iffffPi,,,yAf Cf ,1f,. -Ci? 4 W - LR?9mlQ 3 gf ,XPS 'N ggi 41113 6 .fT'J5fW 1 f . Q1 YJ -I M f W WM 1lzZf! A ff. LJ My ik" W X M i , f f MMV yn , Mk bX0q,i5ZZ?Ef'Qy W, HW M afwfu iziigifx W W- Mwdgwwsk 5? 3sS3Q gy W5Q ? wr? EE 1 Ag M Q9 H, file? -M "- A 712751 ....4........... 1 X 1. 'AJ I V. fy A M2 rf X K 'W mp PVP sf c, , 4 Q' 9 x I V-v' ' W 1 .P W A - of . N li K f"3 wi '? , fg- ,p 3. 4, fb .14 I1 5 L6 F2 1-F' 3 1 L ' x 3-. 3? rw ,EL fo 25' f 3 v V 1 , -r ,,,. EZ

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