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'lll ' N M? yiycm WW M W WW ff , " 1 , . , , ,X 1. xl , , , X X X , ,I N 1 f , , . , , P A f IH , - .W ,Q ,I , x V . , , A K A N p I, , -1- ' ' ' "if ' -' - , 5. ' A- i .x - 2 . .. . -f ., Q.. yy Q, , I 2, U , '. .' , 4 ' .M - ,U A K .X . fd- ' , - ', ' ' 1 - ' 1 b - -' w , - ' ,, , . 4 - X . . . . , - . .ng -V . A. f U .. . KS, .. .M A 4 R ,aww ' . 1 " -s x. ' F' ' .- gf ,J ' ' ' if . ' J 'f K .A ' 'Y - 1" Y, Y " -f 11 I . W U 4 -1 - i J , ' I' V 'YQ 1 1 1' ' .34 '- xx I .. V ' , f -' - ' I. N .X 1 - ' 2- . V X' , , f A ', ' ' Hx 1 X f ' X , , . N , , Q -V ., I K .f V . ,1 , , ,I , 1 I - 5, . y K I H 1 - ww, f ,, - leaked fion Throughout the years Tioin Falls High School has built its standards to enviable heights as recognized by the Northwest Association of Secondary Schools. Each succeeding class has contributed to the goals of better citizenship, of higher scholastic ratings and of greater student participation in activities. To the alumni who helped our high school to attain its present position and to niany of thein who have achieved notable success in various fields of endeavor we dedicate the 1947 COYOTE. We are proud of the record made by graduates of Twin Falls High School. K i 1 ' 11' ' L yixl Q x 3 A-nrt lfl f 0 ., lor! 'H 1 I fn I l 'N 'L,, 5 . Pl- - "-'5 X . 7 4- ':.: 5 JANUARY vga an-L X 'S-fs y 1 i fX,ff jf ' '. ir 1711 . '. ' I 9 gg..-rf 3? X ,sn J 5 -ii' Q A l X illgll " I fff'l4g5a'fzJ-.L i ,Y'f1QQ',f ,Mn 'r .Il ' 'J ' " ,Zz wit' ?'!, V 1..- luv' VIA'- A. W. M organ, Superintendent B. S., Utah State Agricultural College M. S., University of Idaho In reviewing the high lights of the year, may I say that the students of the Twin Falls High School have outstandingly represented their community as shown by their many worthwhile achievements. The students who have worked to the best of their abilities are the ones who will receive the most benefit. Let us always work together and keep this school a front seat driver. A. W. MORGAN, Superintendent of Schools BOARD OF TRUSTEES Standing: Glynn Smith, Ernest E. Jellison. ISIeated: John H. Breckenridge, Ralph Pink, Edna M. Miller, Frank L. Stephan, Edgar H. Olnistead, A. W organ, J ohh D. Flatt, Principal B. S., Spokane University University of Washington Education is growth. Growth' aims to develop all of man's faculties: his ability to understand, to learn, to think, to work with others, to create, to appreciate the heritage of the past, to interpret present day problems, to value today's culture and civilization, and to promote the general welfare. It will make secure the future of our country. Education teaches us not to gloat over past achievements, but to Weld together the structures of to day's civilization, the better to guarantee forever the ideals of democracy. What an opportunity a young per son has to obtain an education and serve the greatest county of all time! JOHN D. FLATT Rose Murray North Coordinator of English-Dean of Girls A. B., Colorado State Teachers College M. A., University of California M. A., Columbia University V Kenneth E. Kai! Vice Principal-Dean of Boys B. S. QBus.J, M. S. LECLJ University of Idaho JOSEPHINE ALBERT SON English Junior Class Sponsor B. S., University of Idaho MARY ANDERSON Stenography, Typing, Business English G. A. A. B. S. fBus. Ed.J, University of Idaho MAX BARBER Chemistry, Geometry Sponsor Senior Unit o Boys' Club B. S., Kansas State University KATHLEEN DIEI-IL Spanish Sponsor of Sophomore Unit of Girls' League B. A., Oklahoma State Teachers College A. RAY FIKE Physics, Basic Math. School Banker B. A., Spokane University B. S., University of Idaho M. S. fEd.J, University of Idaho f ULCUL BERNICE BABCOCK Latin Senior Class Sponsor B. A., University of Idaho M. A., University of Michigan ARNOLD DE PAUL U. S. History World History Junior Class Sponsor B. S., St. Cloud Teachers College RALPH W. EDWARDS Agriculture F. F. A. B. S., University of Idaho DON D. GIBBS Geometry, Algrebra A. B., Valparlso University GLCM CHESTER. HANSEN Industrial Arts SDOHSOI' of Jl1I1lOI' Unit of B0ys' Club B. A., Nebraska State Teachers College RUTH LETH Home Economics Home Ec. Club B. S., University of Idaho . 'U 1 I LEN MINIER Biology Senior Class Sponsor B. S., University of Nebraska INGARD NEILSON Vocal Music B. S., University of Washington J. S. HALLIDAY U, S. History Athletic Coach B. S. 1EdJ, M. S. 4EdD, University of Idaho DUANE E. HANSON Art Sponsor of Pep Club B. A., Macalester College EL SIE LINDGREN English Sponsor of Senior Unit of Girls' League B. A., University of Washington JEAN E. MIZER. Speech, Dramatics Thesplan B. A., University of Washington REX L. OLSON Biology Sponsor of Sophomore Unit of Boys' Club B. S., Nebraska. State Teachers College HENRY C. POWERS G'eO1!16tfl'y, Algebra Athletic Coach B. S., University of Idaho GARTH 0. REID English Coyote B. S., University of Idaho L. J. SCHROYER English, Journalism Bruin B. S., Northern State Teachers College RUTH STREET Librarian A. B., Gooding 'College CLCM g CHARLES L. RATCLIFFE Band Pep Band B. S-. QMus. Edy, M. S. lMus. ECU. University of Idaho ELFRIEDE REINSDORF Typing Sponsor of Junior Unit of Girls' League B. S. QE-db, University of Idaho RICHARD R. SMITH OTCh6SI'1I'8, B. A., University of North Dakota GLADYS W. WHITE Bookkeeping, Geometry Trigometry, Aeronautics Central Banker A. B., Simpson College JOHN D. FLATT, PRINCIPAL HAROLD MASON, PRESIDENT JEANNINE SAXON, SECRETARY EVELYN VAN AUSDELN, TREASURER VICE-PRESIDENT, BILL WATTS ..S?vw!enf Counci First Row: Harold Mason,, Evelyn Van Ausdeln, Mr. Ray Fike, Mr. John Flatt, Mr. Kenneth Kail MISS Gladys White, Mrs. Rose North. Second Row: Ruth Becher, Dorothy Allen, Bill Watts. Dean Robbins, Hubert Hendrix, Ralph Arrington. Third Row: Janet Gillespie, Dick Irwin, Joe Cahill, Phil Burkhart, Tom Day Betty Milner. Fourth Row: Thelma Reynolds, Shirley Vocu, Helen Hafer, Shirley Miller, June Geer, Barbara Gilkey, Annette Couberly. a1xlS"""' is 1i-4' , eenstmllk I U IM , I la: Q' ' ", Q2 ag., ' y,-1 :' .,g'..n,X ?'0f"Kfi?iS:Q. ' -b gm ,J 5 f . . l V 3 ff I' , me W fa i lj f 2L7' i-I f fif- 2 !? T I-,,,..-1-n--11" cdr gil' align f f " N cl 1 '-'V i eniom The class of '47 looks forward eagerly to a new phase of living. Reviewing our high school career, we recall with satisfaction our accomplishments. Our high scholastic rating is evidenced by the fact that three of our class, Ann Mc- Millan, Jonnie Detweiler, and Gordon Figge, were among the twelve finalists of the state in the Pepsi-Cola scholarship test. "A Highland Fling," our junior play, and "Blithe Spirit," the senior production, have proved us to be able Thespians. In addition, we have contributed talent to other dramatic and musical presentations. As juniors we were presented the citizenship cup, an indication that our class has worked as a unit to achieve success. Without such unity we could not have attained our goals. Highlights of our senior year were our version of "Macbeth," which won first place in the Stunt Assembly, the Senior Breakfast, Class Day, the senior girls' Slumber Party, and the Graduation Exercises. At commencement, the climax of twelve years' work and play, we realized that this was perhaps the last time we would be together as a unit. Now each is on his own, and his failure or success will be determined by individual initiative and enterprise. Class Officers SOPHOMORE JUNIOR Preszdent ------- Harold Mason President - ---- Harold Mason Secretary - - - - Jonnie Detweiler Secretary - - - - Helen Haier Representative - - - - Leah Dunken Representahos - - Betty Dunken .Sponsor - - - - Miss Elsie Lindgren Sponsors - - - -- - - - - Miss Kathleen Povey Mrs. Grace Sheneberger SENIOR President -------- Dick Irwin Secretary - - - Y - Thelma Reynolds Representative - - - - Joe Cahill Sponsors - - ------ - - Miss Helen Minier Miss Bernice Babcock RICHARD GROW ADAMS "Dick" Do-Nut League 45 F.F.A. 2-3-45 Track 35 District and Chapter F'.F.A. Judging Team 2-3-45 State Farmer 3. Hobby-horses SHIRLEY JEAN ADAMS Coyote Staff 4: Bruin Staff 35 Quill and Scroll 3-45 Girls' League Standing Chairman 2-35 "A Highland Fling," Comedy "Oscar" 35 Pep Club 2-35 A Capella Choir 3. ' Hobby-music. JEWEL ADAMSON Coyote Staff 45 G.A.A. 3-45 Home Eco- nomics Club 45 A Capella Choir 4. Hobbies-music and sports. GUY LOUIS AILEE "Gus" Band 2-3-45 Ski Club 45 Rifle Club 4. Hobbies-music and collecting rocks. DOROTHY JEAN ALLEN "Dottie" Coyote Staff 33 Thespian 3-45 "A Highland Fling" 35 "Berkley Square" 45 "Blithe Spirit" 45 Pep Club 2-3-45 Pep Club Secretarv 45 A Capella Choir 3-45 Student Council 4, Social Chairman5 State Winner of D.A.R.. Citizenship Award 4 Hobbies-keeping scrapbooks and music MAURICE ALLEN Rifle Club 4. Hobbies-mechanics and woodwork. MARGARET JANE ANDERSON "Red" Coyote Staff 45 G.A.A. 2-3-45 Girls' League Standing Chairman 45 Thesplan 45 "A Highland Fling" 35 "Bllthe Spirit" 45 Ski Club 45 Bowling Team 45 Pep Club 4. Hobby-skiing. KENNETH JOSEPH ANDERSON "Andy" Bruin Club 2-3-45 Do-Nut League 2-35 Band 2-35 Football 2-35 Basketball 25 Baseball 2-3-4. Hbby-reading about sports WAYNE LA MOINE ANDERSON "Andy" Hobby-whlttllng CLYDE ANNIS WILLIAM L. ARMGA "Bill" Navy veteran: "Magnificent Obsession" 2. Hobby-collecting knives DORIS ARRINGTON LEWIS L. ARRINGTON , F.F.A. 2-3-45 Seed and Livestock Judg- ing Team 2-3. Hobbies-hunting and hiking PATRICIA ANNE AVANT "Pat" Girls' League Standing Chairman 45 Thespian 3-45 "Janie," "Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come" 35 "A Highland Fling" 35 "B1ithe Spirlt" 45 "Howdy Stranger" 25 Ski Club 4. Hobbies-scrapbook and collecting In- dian baskets HELEN C. BAIRD "Slink" Transfer from Idaho Falls, Idaho. Thesplan 3-4: "Janie" 35 "iLttle Shep- herd of Kingdom Come" 35 "A High- land Fling" 35 "Berkley Square" 45 "Bllthe Spirit" 4. Hobby-scrapbooks of movies and plays HELEN CONDIE BAIRD "Connie" Transfer from Carey, Idaho. Hobby-fphotography BONNIE LOU BARNES "Barnsey" Hobby-singing DOROTHY AGNES BARRINGTON "Barry" Coyote Staff 3-45 G.A.A. 2-3-45 Girls' League Officer 45 "A Highland Fling" 35 "Berkeley Square" 45 "Bllthe Spirit" 45 Home Economics Club 45 Orchestra 25 Ski Club 45 Bowling Team 45 Pep Club 4. Hobbies-sports and reading ROSE ARLENE BARRY Orchestra 2-3-4 Hobby-collection of salt and pepper shakers GLENN BARTH Navy veteran. AILEEN FAY BARTLETT "Red" Bruin Staff 2: G.A.A. 2-3-43 Vice Presi- dent G.A.A. 33 Treasurer G.A.A. 4. Hobby-sports. EDYTHE NIELSEN BAUER "Bde" Coyote Staff 2-33 G.A.A. 2-3: Secretary G.A.A. 33 Girls' League Officer 33 "A Highland Fling" 33 Band 2-3-4. Hobby-bowling. CAROL BEAN "Beanie" Orchestra 4. Hobby-hand arts. IRWIN AUGUSTUS BLASER "Gus" Navy veterang President Sophomore Unit Boys' Club 23 Bruin Club 2'-3-43 Band 23 Football 2-3-43 Track 2'. Hobby-piano. MILBOURNE KING BLOCK Bruin Club 2-3-43 Football 2-3-43 Bask- etball 2-3-43 Baseball 2-3-4. Hobbies-sports and horses. EDWIN F. BOHRN "Ed" Track 3. Hobbies-riding and hunting. JANET LEE OVAL BOYD "Sh0l'tie" G.A.A. 33 Home Economics Club 2-41 A Capella Choir 2-3. Hobby-snap Shots JOSEPH LA VERN BOYD "Cloudy" PAUL EDWARD BOYD "Eddie" F.F.A. 2-3 Hobbies-hunting, fishing, and photo- graph!! RAY BROWNE Hobby-taxiderrny PHILLIP A. BURKHART "Red" Coyote Staff 4: Bruin Club 2-3-4: Boys' Club Officer 2-4: Band 2-32 Football 2-3-43 Basketball 2-3-43 Baseball 2-3-43 Student Council 4. Hobby-photography PHYLLIS ANN BURKHART "Burky" G.A.A. 23 Girls' League Standing Chair- man 43 "A Highland Fling" 33 "Berke- ley Square" 43 Pep Club 2-3-43 Yell Leader 2-3-4. Hobby-piano LEON BUSTER "Lynn" Navy veteran. Hobby-collecting pillow cases and pen- nants from states JOSEPH PATRICK CAI-IILL "Joe" Pep Club 43 A Capella Choir 43 Student Council, Senior Class Representative 43 Ski Culb 43 Rifle Club 4. Hobbies-woodwork and souvenlers EUGENE V. CALDWELL "Gene" Bruin Club 2-3-43 Pep Club 23 F.F.A. 2-3-4Q Secretary of F.F.A. Chapter 33 President of F.F.A. Chapter 43 District Secretary of F.F.A. 43 Football 3-43 Track 2-3-4. Hobby-sports. ZETA M. CAMMACK "Zeta" Transfer from Herndon, Virginia: G.A. A. 3-43 Girls' League Standing Chair- man 4. Hobby-collecting folders. EVERETT L. CECIL Pep Band 43 Band 3-42 Rifle Club 4. Hobby-swimming DARLENE CHRISTOPHERSON "Dolly" Girls' League Standing Chairman 3. Hobby-music THOMAS CHUGG "Tom" A Capella Choir 2-3-43 Football 2. Hobby-music ALVIN CONNERLEY "Short Cut" Bruin Club 3-4: Band 2-31 Football 23 Track 3-4. Hobby-horses DORIS ELAINE CORNELISON "Dorie" Bruin Staff 43 Girls' League Standing Chairman 43 Bowling Team 4. Hobby-stamp collecting DON COX "Curly" Orchestra 2-3-4. Hobbies-music, models, and designing HARLEY G. CRAIG A Capella Choir 23 Glee Club 3. Hobby-horses ILENTZ CRANDALL "Coon" Bruin Club 2-3-42 Do-nut League 2-33 Vice-President Junior Unit of Boys' Club 23 Football 2-3-43 Basketball 2-3- 43 Baseball 2-3-4. MARGRETT LUCY CROWSON "Marge" Home Economics Club 2-3-4. Hobby-reading DONALD HARRY CULBERTSON "Topper" Pep Band 43 Band 2-3-43 A Capella 2-3- 4. Hobby-mechanics BONNIE MARIE CUSTER "Bon" Home Economics Club 2-43 A Capella Choir 33 Glee Club 2. Hobbies-sewing and dancing LAWRENCE RALPH DAY "Larry" Transfer from San Francisco, Call- fornia. Hobby-duck hunting TRUMAN A. DAVIDSON Bruin Club 43 Do-nut League 2-3-43 Basketball 43 Track 3-41 Debate 4. Hobbies-basketball and fishing RICHARD MARVIN DAVIS '3Corky" Thespian 3-42 "A Highland Fling" 33 Pep Band 33 Band 2-3. KENNETH L. DAVIS Hobbies-hunting and fishing DOROTHY LORRAINE DAVIS 'French Duchess" Bruin Staff 33 Quill and Scroll 3-4. HERBERT DEAGLE "Herb" Bruin Club 2-3-43 President of Bruin Club 43 Football 3-43 Track 2-3-4. Hobbies-model airplanes, engines, and stamps BETH FAY DEDMAN "Shorty" Glee Club 2. Hobby-odd dishes EBLA DENNIS "El-niev "A Highland Fling" 35 A Capella Choir 2-3-4. Hobby-horseback riding JOAN HOUSE DETWEILER "Jonnie" Coyote Staff 2-3-45 Bruin Staff 3-45 Editor of Bruin 45 Quill and Scroll 3-45 Girls' League Standing Chairman 25 Thespian 3-45 "Berkley Square" 45 "Blithe Spirit" 45 Pep Club 3-45 Stu- dent Council 2-35 Class Office 2-35 Pepsi-Cola Scholarship Finalist 4. Hobby-collecting knick knacks DENECE DROWN "Denny" Coyote Staff 45 G.A.A. 2. Hobbies-scrapbooks and dancing BETTY MAE DUNKEN i'Pete" Coyote Staff 45 G.A.A. 25 Girls" League Officer 2-45 "A Highland Fling" 35 Student Council 35 Junior Representa- tive 3. Hobby-collecting dance programs LEAH RAE DUNKEN "Lee" G.A.A. 25 Girls' League Standing Chair- man 2-35 Thespian 3-45 "A Highland Fling" 35 Sophomore Representative 25 Student Council 2. STAN ELLSWORTH Do-Nut League 25 Thesplan 45 "A Highland Fling" 35 Ski Club 45 Debate 4. Hobby-sports HARVEY WILLIAM FENNEWALD "FleQ" F.F.A. 2-3-4. Hobby-making airplanes GORDON LEWIS FIGGE Coyote Staff 25 Boys' Club Officer 2-35 Thespian 3-45 Thespian President 45 "Janie" 35 "Little Shepherd of King- dom Come" 35 "A Highland Fling" 35 "Berkeley Square" 45 "Blithe Spirit" 45 Pep Club 3-45 Ski Club 45 Debate Team 45 Pepsi Cola Scholarship Finalist 4. Hobbies-rnusic and astronomy. BETTY FINK Thespian 45 "A Highland Fling" 35 "Berkeley Square" 45 "Blithe Spirit" 4. Hobby-golf NORMA MARIE FINKE Transfer from Bremerton, Washington5 Coyote Staff 45 Bruin Staff 45 Quill and Scroll 45 G.A.A. 3-45 Treasurer of Girls' League 45 "A Highland Fling" 35 "Blithe Spirit" 45 Ski Club 45 Bowling Team 4. Hobbies-tennis, music, and skiing VICTOR FLOYD Navy veteran. RICHARD MURPHY FREDERICKSON KK uvicv Dick" Transfer from Salt Lake City, Utahg Ski Club 4. Hobby-archery MARTHA EILEEN FREEMAN "Marty" A Capella Choir 2-3-45 Ensemble 4. Hobbies-collecting things and scrap- books NORMA FULLER "Cookie" Hobby-swimming WALTER LINCOLN GARDNER "Bud" Bruin Club 3-45 Track 2-3-45 Debate 4. Hobby-cars and motors DONALD EUGENE GARRISON "Don" Hobby-old COIII 'COlleCl2iI1g JUSTINE GASSER "Gas" Coyote Staff 3-45 Bruin Staff 3-45 G.A.A. 2-3-45 Girls' League Standing Chairman 45 "A Highland Fling" 35 Pep Club 45 Ski Club 45 Bowling Team 4, Captain of Bowling League 4. Hobby--collecting elephants ADAH JUNE GEER G.A.A.. 25 Girls' League President 45 Thespian 3-45 'KA Highland Fling" 35 "Berkeley Square" 45 Yell Leader 2-35 Pep Club 2-3: Orchestra. 25 Student Council 45 Ski Club 4. Hobbies--horses and sports MAURINE ELAINE GIBBS "Gibbs" Bruin Staff 3-45 "A Highland Fling" 35 Home Economics Club 4. Hobbies-stamps and embroldering MEREDITH GLENN Thespian 3-45 "Janie" 35 "Little Shep- herd of Kingdom Come" 35 "Berkeley Square" 45 "Bl1the Spirit" 45 Pep Club 45 Ski Club 45 Debate 4. EDWIN EUGENE GLICK "Gene" Pep Band 3-45 Band 2-3-45 Rifle Club 4. Hobbies-hunting and woodworking ORLENE INEZ GOLAY "Golay" Bruin Staff 45 Quill and Scroll 45 G.A.A. 2-3-45 President of G.A.A. 45 Girls' League Standing Chairman 25 "A Highland Fling" 3. Hobby-collecting bo0ks MARJORIE GREENE "Midge" HELEN JEAN GREENHALGH "George" Secretary of Girls' League 45 Thesplan 3-45 "Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come" 3. Hobby-horseback riding PEGGY LOU GROVE "PeegieY' Band 2-3-45 Twirler 2-3-4. Hobbies-twirling and collecting records. BETTY JEAN GROW "Grow" Transfer from Salt Lake City, Utah5 Bruin Staff 45 G.A.A. 45 Home Eco- nomics Club 3-4. Hobby-scrapbook HELEN LOUISE HAFER "Haier" Girls' League Standing Chairman 35 Pep Club 2-3-45 A Capella Choir 2-3-45 Student Council 3-45 Secretary-Treas- urer of Junior Class 3. Hobby-music ILA HALE Hobby-sketching MARVIN ROSS HALL JACKLYN CLAIRE HANKINS "Hank" Coyote Staff 45 Bruin Staff 3-45 Quill and Scroll 45 G.A.A. 2-3-45 "A High- land Fling" 35 Home Economics Club 45 Secretary of Home Economics Club 45 Pep Club 2-3-45 Bowling Team 4. Hobby-ice skating DUANE K. HANSEN "Pinkie" Do-Nut League 25 Band 2-3-45 A Capel- la Choir 2-3-45 Track 3. Hobby--music GORDON LEE HANSEN "Handy" "A Highland Fling" 35 Band 2-3-45 F.F.A. 2-3. Hobby-sports JANE McFARLAND HANSEN "Mac" Thesplan 3-45 "Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come" 3. Hobby-golf MARY DELENE HANSEN "Dee" Transfer from Issaquah, Washingtong Coyote Staff 45 Bruin Staff 45 Home Economics Club 2. Hobbies-swimming and reading FREDERICK DWAYNE HARDER Thespian 3-45 "A Highland Fling" 35 "Berkeley Squarey' 45 "Blithe Spirit" 45 Pep Band 3-45 Pep Club 3-45 Band 2-3-45 Ski Club 45 Debate Team 4. Hobbies-skiing and golf RICHARD SAGE HARPER "Dick" Bruin Staff 45 Quill and Scroll 45 Thespian 3-45 "A Highland Fling" 35 "Berkeley Square" 45 "Bllthe Spirit 45 Pep Club 2-3-45 Student Council 3. Hobby-art. Q Y ,- sa CLEO MAXINE HARTRUFT Transfer from Susanvllle, Callfornla5 A Capella Choir 3. WILLIAM RAY HARTRUFT "Bill" Transfer from Susanville, Callfornla5 Basketball 4. JOHNNY P. HAWES "Big John" Thespian 2-3-45 "A Highland Fling" 25 "Howdy Stranger" 2, Hobby-photography JEAN HAZARD "Hazy" Coyote Staff 45 Girls' League Standing Chairman 25 "Blithe Spirit" 45 A Ca- pella Choir 3-45 Glee Club 2. Hobby-collecting little pigs EUGENE MERWIN HELMBOLT "Gene" "A Highland Fling" 35 Pep Club 2-3-45 Rifle Club 4. Hobby-stamp collecting JOAN ISABELLE HICKS A Capella Choir 2-3-41 Orchestra 2. Hobbies-painting and matchbook col- lecting JACKSON C. HIGHTOWER "Smiley" Do-Nut League 2-45 Thesplan 45 "Howdy Stranger" 23 Orchestra 2-35 Football 23 Basketball 2. I-Iobbies-magic, music, drawing, box- mg RICHARD P. HILL "Dick" Transfer from Moscow, Idaho. Hobby-sports DONALD JOSEPH HINE "Joe" Bruin Club 3-4: Thesplan 2-3-45 "Janie" 25 "Little Shepherd of King- dom Come" 35 "A Highland Fling" 35 "Howdy Stranger" 25 "Smilln' Through" 23 Track 3-4. Hobbies-hunting and flshlng IRENE VIOLET HOCHHALTER "Ike" Hobbies-reading, scrapbook PAUL HOPPE "Hoppy" Do-Nut League 3-45 Ski Club 45 Rifle Club 4. TOMMY HOUSTON "Eddi" Bruin Club 3-45 Do-Nut League 45 Pep Club 45 Yell Leader 45 Band 2-35 Base- ball 45 'I'rack 3. Hobbies-boxing, swimming LERWELL C. HOWARD "Bud" Bruin Club 3-45 Do-Nut League 3-45 Football 23 Basketball 25 Baseball 3-4. LETHA BERNICE HUFF "Huffy" Cvlee Club 2. Hobby-correspondence LAURENCE NORMAN HULETT "Tank" Hobby-driving CHARLES HUSTED "Chuck" Do-Nut League 2-45 Band 2-3. RICHARD G. IRWIN "Dick" Do-Nut League 35 Secretary of Sopho- more Unit Boys' Club: Thespian 3-45 Vlce President of Thesplan 45 "Janie" 35 "A Highland Fling" 35 "Bllthe Spirit" 45 Student Council 3-45 Secre- tary of Student Body 35 President of Senior Class 45 Ski Club 45 Debate Team 43 Pep Club 2-3-4. Hobbies-skiing, bowling, fishing ARNOLD A. JOHNSON Thespian 3-45 "A Highland Fling" 35 Pep Band 2-3-45 Band 2-3-45 Orchestra 2-35 Basketball 25 Golf Team 3-4. Hobbies-music, golf A LELA CLEON JOHNSTON "Lee" Coyote Staff 43 Home Economics Club 2-3-43 Glee Club 2. Hobby-collecting snapshots and match books LEONARD WILLIAM JULIAN Pep Band 2'3Q Band 2-33 Orchestra 3. ESTHER KAWAKO "Es" Transfer from Chicago, Illinois. Girls' League Standing Chairman 43 Home Economics Club 4. JOYCE CELIA KNOX 'Alou Home Economics Club 2-3-4. Hobby-singing BLANCHE MARY LEOPOLD "Red" Transfer from Beverly Hills, California. Coyote Staff 43 A Capella Choir 43 Ski Club 43 Home Economics Club 4. Hobbies-dancing and sports TED RUSSELL LEWIS "Nehi" Navy veteran. Hobby-flying DONALD JOHN LIGHT "Don" Hobbies-hunting and fishing DALE ERWIN LINCOLN Bruin Club 2-43 President of Sophomore Unit of Boys' Club 23 Football 2-4: Basketball 2-43 Baseball 23 Navy Vet- eran. DREXAL WILLIAM LIVINGSTON "Drex" Bruin Club 2-3-43 Do-Nut League 2-3- 43 A Capella Choir 3-43 President A Capella Choir 43 Football 2-3-41 Basket- ball 2-3-43 Track 2-3-43 Student Council 4. HObbl8S-SDOIJCS and music ROBERT E. LOWER "Bob" Do-Nut League 43 "A Highland Fling" 33 "Berkeley Square" 43 F.F.A. 2-3-41 Track 3-4: Seed and Livestock Judging Team 23 Rifle Club 43 F.F.A. Basketball Team 2-3-4. EMMA LOU LUKE "Lou" Coyote Staff 43 G. A. A. 23 President of Senior Unit of Girls' League 43 Girls' League Standing Chairman 33 Thespian 3-43 "Janie" 33 "Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come" 33 "Berkeley Square" 43 "Blithe Spirit" 43 "A Highland Fling" 33 "Come Over To Our House" 43 Home Economics Club 43 A Capella Choir 2-3-43 Student Council 3. Hobbies-dramatlcs and music. RONALD McCOY Marine Veteran. VERNON RUSSELL McCRACKEN "Mac" Bruin Club 2-3-43 President of Senior Unit of Boys' Club 43 "Berkeley Square" 43 "B1ithe Spirit" 43 Football 2-3-43 Baseball 2-3-4: Track 3-4. Hobby--sports. LEE RONALD McCRACKEN "Crackers" "A Highland Fling" 43 "Berkeley Square" 43 "Blithe Spirit" 4. Hobby-airplane models. GERALDINE LAVONNE McDONALD uGrerl-yn Girls' League Standing Chairman 43 A Capella Choir 2-3-43 Orchestra 2-3-43 Concertmaster 4. Hobbies-music, art and poetry. MARJORIE McFARLAND 'fMa.rgie" Home Economics Club 2. Hobby-scrapbook. SCOTT McMASTER F. F. A. 2-3-43 Vice President of F. F. A. 33 Treasurer of F. F. A. 43 Seed and Livestock Judging Team 2-3-4. Hobby-horses. HELEN ANN MCMILLAN "Ann" Coyote Staff 3-4: Co-editor of Coyote 33 Editor of Coyote 43 Thespian 43 "Berkeley Square" 43 "Blithe Spirit" 43 Pepsi Cola Scholarship Finalist 4. Hobbies-collecting miniature dogs and reading. MARION J. McNETT ' "Mac" Hobbies-drawing and collecting West- ern ballads. CLARENCE LEWIS MAGOFFIN "Clancy" Thesplan 3-43 "Janie" 33 "Little Shep- herd of Kingdom Come" 33 "A High- land Fling" 33 "Berkeley Square" 43 "Howdy Stranger" 23 F. F. A. 2-33 Seed and Livestock Judging Team 23 Rifle Club 4. Hobby-swimming. HAROLD WILLIAM MASON "Harry" Bruin Club 3-43 Football 3-43 Student Council 2-3-43 Sophomore Class Presl- dent 23 Junior Class President 33 Stu- dent Body President 4. I-lobbies-sports and scrapbook. ARTIS JEAN MARTIN "Arty" Home Economics Club 33 Twlrler 2-3-4. Hobbies-twirllng and photography. VEDA HANSEN MATSON "Okie" Coyote Staff 43 Girls' League Standing Chairman 23 A Capella Choir 2-33 Girls' Sextette 2-3. Hobby-colecting menus. WILDA MAE MATTHEWS "Willie" G. A. A. 43 Home Economics Club 3-4. Hobby-sports and scrapbook. JAMES WILLIAM MESSERSMITI-I "Jim" Thesplan 43 "A Highland Fling" 33 "Blithe Spirit" 43 Pep Club 2-3-43 Band 23 F. F. A. 2-3-41 F. F. A. Chapter Sen- tinel 23 Treasurer 33 District and Chap- ter Seed and Livestock Judging Team 3-43 State F. F. A. Treasurer 4. Hobby-horses. ANNA BELLE SUSIE MILLER "Rosie,' G. A. A. 2. Hobbies-dancing and reading. SHIRLEY HUNT MILLER Coyote Staff 3-43 Bruin Staff 43 Quill and Scroll 43 Girls' League Standing Chairman 2-31 Thespian 3-43 "A High- land Fling" 33 "Berkeley Square" 43 "Blithe Spirit" 43 Pep Club 2-3-43 President of Pep Club 43 Student Council 4. Hobby-philately. ANITA JUNE MIRACLE "Neetie" Bruin Staff 33 Quill and Scroll 3-43 Thesplan 3-43 Secretary-Treasurer of Thesplan 43 "A Highland Fling" 33 "Berkeley Square" 43 A Capella Choir 2-4. Hobby-popular songs. EDNA JEAN MOCK "Eddie,' Hobby-collecting snapshots. WILLIAM MOLYNEUX "Bill" F. F. A. 2-3-43 Seed and Livestock Judging Team 2-3. Hobby-hunting. ROBERT W. MOORE "Bob" Pep Band 33 Band 2-3-43 Orchestra. 3-4. Hobby-music. BOB MORRISON "Bob" Pep Band 2-3-43 Band 2-3-43 Orchestra 2. Hobby-music. WAYNE M. MURPHY 4 :Murphys Bruin Club 3-43 Do-Nut League 2-3-41 Baseball 3-4. Hobby-hunting. ETHELLE MUSGRAVE "Shorty" Transfer from Los Gatos, California. Hobby-dancing, MORRIS EARL NEILSON "Tubby" Hobby-flying. WILLIAM LEE NELSON "Bill" Pep Band 43 Band 2-3-4. Hobby-mechanics. LAURENE MARGARET NIELSEN "Lui" Bruin Staff 3-45 Quill and Scroll 3-45 G. A. A. 25 Girls' League Standing Chairman 45 Thespian 45 "A Highland Fling" 35 "Berkeley Square" 45 "Blithe Spirit" 45 Home Economics Club 45 Pep Club 2-3-45 President of Pep Club 35 Secretary of Pep Club 45 Student Council 3. Hobby-collecting owl salt and pepper shakers. ROBERT MILTON ODGERS "Bob" Pep Band 45 Band 2-3-45 Ski Club 4. Hobbies-aeronautles and mechanics. RACHEL ANNE OLMSTEAD "Rae" Band 2. VIRGIE E. OLSON "VUE" Thesplan 3-45 "Janie" 35 "Little Shep- herd of Kingdom Come" 35 "A High- land Fling" 35 "Berkeley Square" 45 "Bllthe Spirit" 45 A Capella Choir 35 Glee Club 2-3. Hobby--music. BARBARA JEAN ORTEN "Barb" Hobbies-music and crocheting. PI-IYLLIS CLEONE OSBORN "Pete" Home Economics Club 2-3-4. Hobbies-dan-clng and scrap book. JUANITA RUTH PACE "Boo" Coyote Staff 3-4: Thesplan 3-45 "A Highland Fling" 35 "Bllthe Spirit" 45 Glee Club 2. CHARLES MARSHALL PALMER Thespian 3-45 "Janie" 35 "A Highland Fling" 35 "Berkeley Square" 45 "Blithe Spirit" 45 Pep Club 2-3-45 Debate Team 4. Hobby-skiing. JUNE PARKIN "Sparkie" Transfer from Boise, Idaho. G. A. A. 3-4. Hobbies-sports and traveling. ALICE ANN PARRETT Transfer from Pocatello, Idaho Debate 4. Hobbies-piano and ice skating DEAN A. PATTERSON "Pat" "Berkeley Square" 45 Debate 4. ' Hobbies-fishing and hunting. ESTA FAY PEARSON "Pearson" Coyote Staff 45 "A Highland Fling" 35 "Howdy Stranger" 25 Glee Club 2. Hobbies-collecting miniature ,shoes and wlld flowers. GENEVIEVE ALICE PEARSON "Jenny" Transfer from Mount Moralh, Missouri. Home Economics Club 3-45 Treasurer Home Economics Club 4. Hobbies-dancing and hiking. DON PENNOCK Bruin Club 3-45 Do-Nut League 2-45 "A Highland Fling" 25 A Capella Choir 2- 3-45 Football 2-3-45 Track 2-3-45 Boys Quartette 2-4. Hobbies-music and sports. PHYLLIS J. PETERSON "Phyl" Thespian 45 "A Highland Fling" 35 "Berkeley Square" 45 "Bllthe Spirit" 45 "Howdy Stranger" 25 Glee Club 25 Pep Club 4. Hobbies-music and dancing. JANET PEARL PETTYGROVE "Jan" Transfer from Ogden, Utah. Coyote Staff 45 Home Economics Club 45 A Capella Choir 4. Hobbies-Writing letters and swim- rnlng. MARSHALL PETTYGROVE "Marsh" Bruin Club 2-3-45 Do-Nut League 2-35 Football 35 Basketball 35 Track 2-3-4. Hobby-photography. WALLACE PIPPITT "Wally" Transfer from Mlsslon High. School, San Francisco. Hobby-photography. CECIL DEAN PLOTT "Ceo" Pep Band 43 Band 2-3-4. Hobby-music, RICHARD POOLER 'fDick" Do-Nut League 43 Pep Band 3-43 Band 2-3-4. Hobby-horses. MILDRED POPPIE "Faye" Coyote Staff 3-43 Bruin Staff 43 G. A. A. 23 "Janie" 33 "A Highland Fling" 33 Orchestra 3-4. Hobby-dancing and sports. HARRY B. POVEY "Bud" Do-Nut League 23 Band 23 Football 2. KEITH PRICE Do-Nut League 2-3-43 Football 23 Basketball 2-3-43 Track 23 Ski Club 43 Rifle Club 4. Hobbies-wildlife and taxidermy. CLIFFORD TIM QUALLS "Kraut" Bruin Club 2-3-43 Sec.-Treas. of Bruin Club 43 Band 33 Football 3-4: Track 2-3-4. ANN QUINN Transfer from Boise, Idaho. Coyote Staff 43 G. A. A. 3-43 Secretary Senior Unit of Girls' League 43 The- spian 43 "A Highland Fling" 33 "Blithe Spirit" 43 Home Economics Club 33 Ski Club 43 Pep Club 43 Bowling Team 4. Hobbies-skiing and tennis. DOLORES MAE REED "Dolory" Bruin Staff 43 Twirler 3-4. Hobby-twlrllng. THELMA REE REYNOLDS "Sunshine" G. A. A. 2-33 Girls' League Standing Chairman 2-33 Thespian 43 "A High- land Fling" 33 "Blithe Spirit" 43 Pep Club 23 Girls' Sextette 43 Student Council 43 Secretary-Treasurer Senior Class 43 A Capella Choir 4. Hobby-music. DONNA PATRICIA RILEY "Pat" Transfer from Boise, Idaho. G. A. A. 3-41 Girls' League Standing Chairman 43 "Janie" 33 "A Highland Fllng" 33 A Capella Choir 3-43 Ski Club 4. Hobbies-photography and sewing. RONALD DALE RINGWOOD "Ring" Bruin Club 3-43 Basketball 3-43 Track 3-4: Ski Club 4. VELMA MARIE ROBERTS "Bobie" "Janie" 33 "Berkeley Square" 4. Hobby-art. JOHN E. ROGERS Bruin Club 2-3-41 Football 2-3-43 Track 2-3-43 Ski Club 4. Hobbies-coins and stamps. DuWAYNE G. ROSENOF "Rosy" Transfer from Wendell, Idaho. Hobbies-hunting and fishing. EDWIN ROWE "Eddie" Transfer from Kimberly, Idaho. V Hobbies-skating, boxing, dancing, and photography. FRANK S. SATO Transfer from Rochester, Minnesota. Bruin Club 43 Football 4. Hobby-sports. MARGARET TERESA SAVELBERG "Marge" Home Economics Club 2-3-4. Hobbies-dancing and collecting snap- shots. MARY JEANNINE SAXON "Nini" G. A. A. 23 President Sophomore Unit of Girls' League 23 President Junior Unit of Girls' League 33 Thesplan 3-43 "A Highland Fling" 33 Student Coun- cil 43 Student Body Secretary 43 Ski Club 4. Hobby-skiing. STANLEY L. SCHOLES "Bud" Transfer from Logan, Utah. Thespian 3-45 Stage Manager for "Janie," "Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come," "A Highland Fling," "Berkeley Square," "Howdy Stranger." Hobbies-hunting and fishing. H. JAMES SCHUTT "Jim" Track 3-45 Rifle Club 4. Hobbies-hunting, fishing, and skiing. PEGGY JOAN SCOTT '4Scottie,' Band, 2-3-4. Hobby-music, JACK W. SEARS "Glen" "Howdy Stranger" 25 Pep Club 2-3-45 Yell Leader 3-4. Hobby-firearms. LOUISE ELMIRA SEIBER "Lou" Home Economics Club 2-3-4. Hobby-dancing. LOIS SI-IENEBERGER "Loire" Ski Club 45 Bowling Team 4. Hobby-horseback riding. FAY MARIE SI-IERRETS Transfer from Harveyville, Kansas. Home Economics Club 45 Secretary of Home Economics Club 45 Band 2-3-4. Hobby-collecting miniature dogs. BETTY LOUISE SI-IUMWAY "Skumway', Hobby-dancing. JUANITA MARIE SIMMONS "Juanit" G. A. A. 4, Hobby-music. GERALD A. SINEMA "Gerry" Do-Nut League 25 Vice-President Boy's Club 45 Thespian 45 "Blithe Spirit" 4. ROY L. J. SMALL "Dick" D0-Nut League 35 Rifle Club 4. Hobbies-mechanics and hunting. RICHARD PAUL SMITH Do-Nut League 2. MARY LOU SMITH "Smite" Girls' League Standing Chairman 2. Hobby-music. YVONNE' ANN SMITH "Smitty" 'Transfer from Boise, Idaho. G. A. A. 3-45 Bowling Team 4. Hobbies-fishing and bowling. BYRON SNYDER 'fCowboy" Bruin Club 2-3-45 Do-Nut League 2-35 Vice-President Boys' Club 25 President Junior Unit of Boys' Club 35 Football 2-3-45 Basketball 2-3-45 Track 2-3-4. Hobby-horses. AFTON LEONE SPEEDY Coyote Staff 45 Bruin Staff 45 Quill and Scroll 45 "Berkeley Square" 45 "Blithe Spirit" 45 Ski Club 45 Pep Club 4. Hobbies-skiing, reading, and music. BEVERLY STANGER CECIL STANGER Bruin Club 3-45 Secretary Of Senior Unit of Boys' Club 45 F. F. A. 2-3-45 Vice-President F. F. A. 45 Football 3-45 Basketball 2-3-45 Baseball 3-45 Seed and Livestock Judging Team 2-3-4. Hobby-sports. ROBERT D. STANGER "Bob" Bruin Club 43 Vlce-President of Senior Unit Boys' Club 43 F, F. A. 2-3-4: Base- ball 43 Track 33 Secretary F. F. A. 43 Football 3-4. ALFRED E. STARNS "Al" Bruin Club 2-3-41 Do-Nut League 2-31 Football 2-31 Basketball 2-3: Baseball 23 Track 33 Army Veteran. I-Iobby--photography. JUANITA JUNE STARRY "Nita" G. A. A. 2-3-41 Home Economics Club 2-31 Glee Club 2. Hobby-collecting miniature things. OLIVE LOUISE STEVENS "Stevie" Transfer from Heber Clty, Utah. Hobby.-writing letters. NEIL DEWANE STIEGEMEIER "Stiege" F. F. A. 2-3-43 Seed and Livestock Judg- ing Team, 2-3-4. Hobby-collecting pennants. PAULINE EUGENA STRAIN "Peggs" Secretary of Junior Unit of Girls' League 33 Thesplan 2-3-41 "A Highland Fling" 33 Home Economics Club 43 A Capella Choir 2. Hobbies-fashions and clerklng. RICHARD C. SWEET "Dick" Pep Band 43 Pep Club 23 Band 2-3-4. Hobby-fishing. JOAN SWENS ON Hobby-art. ROBERT A. TAYLOR "Bob" "Janie" 33 "Berkeley Square" 4. Hobbies-swimming and flying. JOHN PHILIP THOMAN "Phil" "Heaven Can Walt" 33 Navy Veteran. RICHARD ERNEST TUCKER "Dick" Hobby-hunting. BONNIE JEAN TULLOCH "Tullie" Thespian 43 A Capella Cholr 2-3-43 "Blithe Spirit" 43 "Berkeley Square" 4. Hobbies-metal figurines and music. ELIZABETH JOAN UHLER 4'Jo" Hobby-roller skating. JAMES RICHARD ULRICH "Jimmy" Tranfser from Cape Girardeau, Mis- souri. Hobby-motorcycle rldlng. EVELYN EDITH VAN AUSDELN "Evie" Home Economics Club 33 Vlce-Presi- dent Home Economic Club 33 Student Council 43 Treasurer of Student Body 4. Hobby-fancy work. RUTH VAN ENGELEN Girls' League Standing Chairman 33 Ski Club 43 Bowling Team 4. Hobbies-riding and skiing. SHIRLEY VAN TILBURG "Till" Hobby-horses. SHIRLEY ELAINE VOCU "Shirl" Girls' League Standing Chairman 33 Thesplan 43 "Little Shepherd of King- dom Come" 33 "A Highland Fling" 33 "Little Minister" 23 A Capella Choir 2- 3-41 Student Council 43 Sextette 2-3-41 Hobby-music. LUCIAN W. VOORHEES Pep Band 3-45 Band 2-3-45 Orchestra 3-45 Ski Club 4: Debate team 4. Hobby-piano. KENNETH STANLEY WAITE "Stan" Pep Band 2-3-45 Band 2-3-45 A Capella Choir 2-45 Orchestra 35 Track 2. Hobby-music. VIRGINIA RUTH WALKER "Ginger" G. A. A. 2-35 Girls' League Standing Chairman 45 Glee Club 2. Hobbydpiano. ETHEL VIOLA WATSON "Vicki" Home Economics Club 2-3. Hobbies-collecting handkerchiefs and traveling. CHARLES SINCLAIR WEAVER "Sink" Bruin Club 45 Manager Basketball 3-45 Football 25 Rifle Club 4. Hobby-radio. JOYCE WHITE "JO" Coyote Staff 3-45 G. A. A. 2-3-45 Vice- President of G. A. A. 35 Girls' League Standing Chairman 3-45 Thespian 45 "A Highland Fling" 35 "Blithe Spirit" 45 Bowling Team 4. Hobbies-flying and poetic literature. WAYNE WHITEI-IEAD SHIRLEY JEAN WHITTEKIEND "Chick" G. A. A. 2-3-45 Bowling Team 4. Hobby-flying and camping. MARY ELIZABETH WILLIAMS 'fWi1lie Legs" Coyote Staff 45 G. A. A. 2-3-45 "Janie" 35 "Blithe Spiritu 45 Pep Club 45 Bowl- ing Team 4. Hobby-collecting dogs. JACK E. WILSON i'Willie" Do-Nut League 2-3-45 Basketball 25 Rifle Team 4. Hobby-radio. ANN WINTERHOLER "Winnie" Coyote Staff 45 Bruin Staff 2-3-45 G. A. A. 2. Hobby-collecting china pigs. MARY WOHLLAIB "Blondie" Home Economics Club 25 Glee Club 2. Hobbies-sewing and music. RICHARD HARPER WRIGHT "Dick" Bruin Club 45 Do-Nut League 2-45 The- spian 3-45 "A Highland Fling" 35 "Berkeley Square" 45 "Blithe Spirit" 45 Baseball 3-45 Debate 4. BARBARA JEAN YOUNG "Bugs" Thespian 3-45 "Janie" 35 "A Highland Fling" 3. Hobby-collecting souveniers. DORIS MARIE YOUNG "Dody" G. A. A. 25 Girls' League Vice-President 35 Thespian 3-45 "Janie" 35 "A High- land Fling" 35 Band 25 Ski Club 45 Pep Club 4. Hobby-sports. WILMA Y 0 UNG uniora For most of us, achievement, individually or in groups, is an important factor in life. It is especially gratifying to see the accomplishments of the junior class this year. Last year we expressed the desire to create a Worthwhile class career. This year we have tried to livepup to that aim. Our class officers have skillfully guided us through the year. Girls' League and Boys' Club have played a big part in promoting class cooperation. The junior play "Come Over To Our House," a hilarious high school comedy, could not have been a success Without class organiz- ation. The Junior Prom was a beautiful and fitting tribute to the seniors we honored. The end of this year is the two-thirds mark. We will work next year toward a triumphant cli- max, for our class realizes the importance of active personal participation in attaining real success. We are striving to do things that will be a credit to our school, our community and ourselves. . Officers President - - ---- ' ---- Dean Robbins Secretary-Treasurer - - - Annette Couberly Representative - - ---- Tommy Day Sponsors ---- - Mrs. Josephine Albertson Mr. Arnold DePaul AlLee, Bonnie Allen, Chester Amos, Betty Anderson, Betty Andrews, Barbara Arment, Nanette Arrington, Don Bailey, Dick Bartlett, Irl Benoit, Bob Beymer, Jackie Billington, Joyce Bishop, Kenneth Blue, Gladys Bockwitz, Billie Bohm, Evelyn Bogar, Elwin Borah, Darlene Boren, Maurine Bucklin, Tom Bowyer, Junior Brown, Jeanette Brown, Pauline Burgrnan, Stanley Callen, Elaine Campbell, Leona Cardwell, Dolores Carlson, Arnold Carr, June Carter, Colleen Centers, Marvin Champlin, Georgine Cheney, Ted Christopherson, Betty Clarke, Bruce Colyer, Lucinda Condie, James Conner, Gay Cooper, Eugene Couberly, Annette Crowley, Beverly Cubit, Jack Cypher, Barbara Dahlquist, Virginia Dalton, Jack Danner, James Davis, Jim Day, Tommy Dean, Evelyn DeWitt, Maurine Domogalla, Marguerite Drexler, Robert Drips, Bob Everhardt, Norabelle Eisenhauer, Kenneth Erickson, Loisann Fausett, Erma Fisher, Joyce Flatt, LeRoy Flynn, John Ford, Wayne Foster, Bob French, Jackie Gandiaga, Hank Gandiaga, Marguerite Gepner, Ebbert Ghan, John Gikiu, Frank Gilkey, Barbara Grass, Georgia Grass, Josephine Gray, Dave Gregory, Thurma Hafer, Barbara Hampton, Jim Hankins, LaDonna Hassler, Betty Hendrix, Hubert Hewlett, Donna Higgins, Ralph Higgins, Virginia Hiskey, Beverly Hoehn, Kenneth Holloway, Bob Hood, Emmett Hoops, Jenny Hull, Thirza Hunter, Marian Jensen, Shirley Jensen, Chris Johnson, Clyde Johnson, Barbara Johnson, Betty Johnson, Lois Johnson, Martha Jones, Elaine Jones, LeRoy Kirkland, Max Kite, Wesley Kleinkopf, Jerry Koepplin, Velma Lee, Norma Lehman, Barbara Leland, Barbara Long, Bob Lulloff, Mary Anne Lyons, Joline Mack, Rosalie Martinho, Dolores Martyn, Bob McBride, Don McMillan, Bob Messner, Dale Meunier, Rita Michael, Louise Miller, Merlin Miller, Wanda Milner, Betty Minic, George Mink, Harlan Modlin, Patricia Mondragon, Bernice Monroe, Marlene Morgan, Bee Morgan, Marva Munn, Jim Nelson, Carol Nishizaki, Emma Noh, Dick Nussegen, Herbert Oliason, Don Orwick, Doris Ownbey, Betty Pace, Elaine Page, Sally Palisch, Barbara Paris, Maxine ' Parish, Robert Parmeter, Dick Pecka, Alvin Peters, Illa Mae Philippi, Ruth Pickett, Eugene Pippitt, Max Plastino, Margaret Poppie, Phyllis Powell, Grace Priest, Donna Pugliano, Muriel Radford, Vee Reddish, Phyllis Rees, Betty Reeves, Leona. Reeves, Robert Requa, John Rice, Dick Ringwood, Peggy Robbins, Dean Roberts, Mary Lou Roberts, Tommy Robinson, Betty Rosa, Shirley Rose, George Rose, Maxine Russell, Betty Russell, Lyle Russell, Randall Salisbury, Rae Louise Seal, Mary Sears, Wilma Simba, Aki Sheldon, George Shirck, Wayne Smith, Ida Mae Smith, Donald Smith, Kenneth Sommerville, Philip Stewart, J oan Stockhamp, Stuart Stutzman, Marjorie Swan, Paula Takemoto, Tomeo Terry, Eileen Tews, Gerald Thieme, Frances Thompson, Alvin Tomlinson, Dale True, Ina Mae Tschannen, Katherie Tucker, Delmar Turnbaugh, Dellora Turnbaugh, Richard Turner, Joan Turner, June Voss, Herman Walker, Elwin Ward, Beverly Watts, Bill Weaver, Doris Welch, Donald Welch, Paul White, Barbara Whitehead, Joyce Wiekhorst, Coleen Wilkinson, Martin Wills, Margaret Wilson, Betty Wullschleger, Joan Yeaman, Ronald Young, Ray 0l'l'I,0l"Q5 Our first year in high school has been filled with varied experiences and adjustments in an entirely new phase of education. Although we felt strangely out of place for a few weeks, we soon became accustomed to our new environment, and have made a creditable record in scholarship, citizen- ship, and participation in activities. We look forward with eager anticipation to our next two years of high school life. ' V H Officers A President ------- Ralph Arrington Secretary-Treasurer - - - Janet Gillespie Representative ------- Ruth Becher Sponsors - Miss Kathleen Diehl, Mr. Rex Olson Ainsworth, Donna Allred, Robert Allen, Johnny Amos, Grace Anderson, Anna M Anderson, Mary Jane Arrington, Gilda Arrington, Ralph Bagley, Donna Rae Baisch, Lloyd Baldwin, Jean Barth, Stanley Beasley, Betty Joan Becher, Ruth Bell, Don Bell, Duane Bellini, Teala Berks, Katherine Blanchard, Barbara Bloxham, La Var Bodenstab, Elaine Brede, William Brewer, Marian Briggs, Herbert Brizee,' Robert Brizee, Harry Bruning, Richard Buckendorf, Wayne Burden, Gladys Bylington, De Virl Call, Jay Carlton, Bob Carroll, Don Chafin, Thomas A. Champlin, Virgil Christian, Darlene Christian, Donald Church, Dick Conant, Catherine Conway, Charles Covert, Barbara Cowham, Herbert Craig, Garvin Craig, Jim Crandall, Maurine Crane, Arlene Crom, Clara Crossley, Keith Cummins, William Custer, Donna Danner, Tommy Davis, Gene Deagle, Mary Jean Diffendarfer, Jane Dillon, Mary Jo Domogalla, Pauline Driscoll, Pat Duncan, Bob Dutt, Joyce Eastman, Paul Ellsworth, Roy Everton, Donald Eslinger, Ruth Faler, Kenneth Fairbanks, Edith Fisher, Jean Florence, John Flynn, Patricia Ford, Deon Fulmer, Norma Fusselman, Duane Gasser, Roddy Gilchrist, Arlene Gillespie, Janet Gillett, Marvin Goodyear, Shirley Gorman, Frieda Grabert, Lona Graybill, Helen Green, Elden Green, Marilyn Griggs, Howard Groff, Jamie Grow, Shirley Hadley, Calla Hall, Louise Halley, George Halpin, George Hanson, Mildred Hanson, Vernon Hardesty, Nadine Harris, Bryan Hawes, Joe Hazard, Don Hewlett, Bonnie Hill, Pauline Hills, Raymond Hiskey, Marion Holcomb, Mary Hollo-way, Bill Holloway, Mary Holmes, William Hostetler, Glenna Hovey, Gwen Huff, Virginia Miller, Fem Miller, LaRae Miller, Howard Miller, Willadell Mingo, Charles Minshew, Nola Jean Mock, Verna Molitor, Shirley Mondragon, Helen Morrison, Annetta Morse, Norton Mortensen, Marlene Munger, Lucille Murphy, Tommy Murri, Darlene Mushlitz, Jo Ann Newman, Tom Neilson, Dale Orchard, Bill Orwick, Dorothy L Page, Mary Parker, Boyd Parrett, Patricia Patrick, Jack Pennock, Marjorie Penwell, Marianna Pepperdine, Warren Peterson, Kenneth Pierce, Skippy Pitchford, Norma Porter, Bill Porter, Patsy Pounds, Jean Powell, William Puddy, LeVern Sumner, Renee Swartley, Joyce Swisher, Phyllis Taylor, Biill Teague, Nora, May Thomas, Brint Tilley, Muriel Timmons, Colleen Tolman, LaDawn Utter, Robert Walcott, Bob Walker, John Wanman, Fred Ward, Mona Watkins, Joyce Watson, Barbara Weaver, Margaret Webb, Lloyd Wegner, Frank Weibel, Janice White, Viola White, Violet Wilbourn, Nadine Williams, Ledia Williams, Wesley Winkler, Esther Wirshing, Joanna Wiseman, Dorothy Wohllaib, Ken Wolter, Allen Wolley, Armond Wurst, Betty Yeaman, Donald Young, Bill Yragui, Boni Ashby, Mable Kidwell, Donald .,.g 91. fj'ff'i ? . In HE!!! A1 ffz',Tb'g:ffn 1,1-IU inf!" -:iff 1-M 'main M MII? 'sqm ' uJnM1x. vw 4, ll ' llllu XX lllll X X C , 2 may rs , Kg Q i Uk cr Ct" f LG: C .. R K yv A A 3 , rx f lllbliiillmx illlll K xx 4,4 ,, 5a f -up f? -1- mi'-1, , as .fqEfZ'!'11f ' r ffl 4:1 viii., G55 19,5201 I . 4 gi I I , if -I fr ' A,.-L 'Giffj ,. 32541 " X -f.',,:j-,i 'f,r fyfyffff ' - '-A-Q if 5 lil wi h 45:53 Q- 4 L , 4 11-n F Coyote Staff FIRST ROW-Jonnie Detweiler, Doris Ann Weaver, Ruth Pace, Veda Matson, Ann Winterholer, Afton Speedy, Justine Gasser, Jackie Hankins, Ann McMillan, Mr. Garth Reid. SECOND ROW-Carol Nelson, Shirley Miller, Dorothy Barrington, Shirley Adams, Denece Drown, Marguerite Dornagalla, Betty Dunken, Emma Nishizaki. THIRD ROW-Rae Louise Salisbury, Jackie Beymer, Jane Anderson, Norma Finke, Mary Williams, Janet Gillespie, Blanche Leopold, Maggie Gandiaga, Betty Ownbey. FOURTH ROW-Chris Jensen, Annette Couberly, Joyce White, Ann Quinn, Lela Johnston, Janet Pettygrove, Mary Hansen, Shirley Jensen, Jamie Groff. A8 goyo Q The publication of a Worthwhile annual requires the cooperation and sup port of the entire school. As members of the staff, We Wish to express our appreciation to the faculty and to the students of Twin Falls High School for their help in producing the 1947 COYOTE. a yearbook which We believe to be an accurate and attractive history of the current school year. -THE STAFF FORWARD-Anna Marie Anderson, Charles Conway, Beverly Crowley, George Jakway, Shirley Miller, Vernon Hansen, Doris Ann Weaver, Joe Cahill, Dorothy Allen, Max Kirkland, Ruth Becher, Elwin Bogar. FIRST ROW--Tommy Houston, Phyllis Burkhart, Mary Williams. Betty Milner. Peggy Ringwood, Helen Hafer, Don Carrol, Laurene Neilson, Dean Robbins, Virginia Higgins, Louise Hall, Orlene Golay, Joline Lyons, Jackie Hankins, Maggie Gandiaga, Jack Sears, Chris Jensen. SECOND ROW-Meredith Glenn, Emmet Hood, Dwayne Harder, Dick Harper, Jackie Beymer, Marianna Penwell, Jonnie Detweller, Joyce Fisher, Dick Irwin, Bob McMillan, Eugene Helrnbolt, Gordon Figge, Annette Couberly, Bob Stansbury, Mr. Duane Hansen. .,, cm Pep Club this year has striven to set up and to maintain new standards for school pep. We have instituted many new activities which have made Pep Club an even busier organization. We have started a "T" formation for seating the members during the games. This makes a center of pep in the cheering section. The "T" formation is entirely new and not altogether efficient as yet, but as time goes on this can well become a custom of which Twin Falls will be proud. This is the first year that the Pep Club has made trips to out of town games. We have had chartered buses for them. We have gone to many of the outlying towns, and next year perhaps these trips will include some of the bigger games in the more distant cities. We not only try to support the team at home, but we also try to help them win when they play games out of town. Pep Club has amended its constitution to include more students in the organization. Formerly the club had only forty-two members, now our club consists of seventy-nine members. All aspirants sign up and names are drawn from a hat. This, we feel, is the democratic way and there can be no prejudice influencing the selec- tion of members. With all of these new members and the activities that We have undertaken, Pep Club has surely had a big year. We have set a trail to follow, and if Pep Club continues on this path, it will certainly become an even better club next year. T H E B R U I N l l Bruin Staff FIRST ROW-Jackie Hankins, Laurene Neilson, Doris Cornelison, Justine Gasser, Carol Nelson, Shirley Miller, Jonnie Detweiler. SECOND ROW-Orlene Golay, Norma. Finke, Afton Speedy, Mary Hansen, Dick Harper, Mr. L. J. Schroyer. THIRD ROW-Maurine g1blixs,SBetty Grow. FOURTH ROW-Emma Nishizaki, Wanda Miller, Betty Ownbey, aua wan. This year the organization of THE BRUIN experienced a complete metamorphosis. It be- came a printed paper, then enlarged, adopted several new policies, and gained a new sponsor. For many years we have been striving to get THE BRUIN printed instead of mimeographed. This year we achieved our goal. On November 8, 1946, our first printed paper entered the world. It consisted of four pages and came out every two weeksg later it grew to six pages and is now published weekly. ' Among our new policies was the Hollow Tree. Through this medium--a box in the hall to re- ceive ideas--every student in school can contribute to the paper and express his ideas about its construction and content. We have had many helful suggestions from the student body. We also renewed our membership in the Nation al Scholastic Press Association, an organization to which high school publications can belong. One of their benefits is the Critical Service, which gives unbiased criticism about the paper. Our new sponsor, Mr. L. J. Schroyer, has been the force behind the growth and development of THE BRUIN. His determination and guidance have made the paper what it now is. l 4 .,.,-..i---.-v, FIRST ROW-Dick Harper, Shirley Miller, Laurene Neilson, Afton Speedy, Jacklyn Hankins, Jonnie Detweiler, Mr. L. J. Schroyer. SECOND ROW-Shirley Adams, Orlene Golay, Norma Finke. Anita Miracle. ui an .Siva Quill and Scroll. the international society founded to promote journalistic writing, is an hon- orary society in Twin Falls High School. To qualify, a journalistic student must be in the upper twenty-five percent of his classy have written at least seventy-five inches in THE BRUINg have done outstanding work in some phase of journalismg and have been recom- mended by the national secretary-treasurer. After initiation each member receives a certifi- cate and a gold pin. Two years ago Quill and Scroll edited and published a booklet "THE FIRST HUNDRED YEARS" which is a history of Twin Falls County from 1811-1911. The project for the or- ganization this year was to sell some of these booklets. Our group this year was small, but we had some good times and benefited from our mem- bership in Quill and Scroll. l l FIRST ROW-Miss Ruth Leth, LaDonna Hankins, Barbara Kelso, Jeannine Sears, Elaine Pace, Velma Koepplin, Fay Sherretts, Jackie Hankins, Donna Lee Priest, Maurine Gibbs, Phyllis Osborn, Pat Modlin, Esther Kawako, Donna Custer, Dorothy Or- wick. SECOND ROW-Darlene Christian, Joyce Knox, Rosalie Mack, Evelyn Bohrn, S-ylvia Richardson, Norma Isom, Darlene Murrl, Maxine Rose, Emma Nishizaki, Beth Johansen, Janet Boyd. THIRD ROW-Marjorie Pennock, Lucille Munger, Betty Wurst, Louise Seiber, Helen Graybill, Shirley Grow, Dorothy Barrington, Betty Wilson, Barbara Andrews, Dellora Turnbaugh, Betty Ownbey, Llela Johnston, Janet Pettygrove. FOURTH ROW-Mildred Kinney, Barbara Blanchard, Margaret Savelberg, Katherine Berks, LaDaWn Tolman, Jewel Adamson, Bonnie Custer, Genevieve Pearson, Betty Grow, Juanita Starry, Shirley McCabe, Leona Campbell, Ina Mae True. glfLtlfl.lf'Q 0lfl'lQlfl'lOL 8lf'6 0!.X4lflfl,Ql"iC6l, "Toward New Horizons," the motto of the F. H. M. Club, is the guide for the functions of this organiza- tion. Their ultimate goal is an enrichment of their lives and of the lives of their families of tomorrow. Regular meetings are on alternate Wednesday at noon. Miss Florence Schultz and Mrs. John E. Hayes were guest speakers at special night meetings. Ten girls of the local chapter attended the Southwest District Conference in Jerome and twenty members were present at the annual Spring Conference in Boise in April. This year for the first time pins and costumes of white sweaters and red skirts, emblematic of the club, have been Worn. Projects to raise funds have been the washing, ironing, and selling of aprons which were left in the labora- tory of the club, and the selling of apples and hot dogs at athletic contests. Officers President - - - Beverly Hiskey Vice-President - Barbara Kelso Secretary - - - Jackie Hankins Treasarei' - - - Maxine Rose Publicity ------ Donna Lee Priest Newspaper Chairman Scrapbook ---- - - Pat Modlin I?ru'in Reporter - - - Maurine Gibbs Social Chairman - - - Betty Wilson Constitution Committee Chairman - - Betty Wurst FIRST ROW-Gordon Figge, Charles Palmer, Dwayne Harder, Dick Irwin, Lucien Voorhees. SECOND ROW-Dick Wright, Ken- neth Faler, Bill Watts. Miss Jean Mizer, Alice Ann Parrett, Dean Patterson, Betty Rees, Betty Amos. THIRD ROW-Dave Gray, Bud Gardner, Dick Davis, Stan Ellsworth, Phil Burkhart, Bernard Funk, Meredith Glenn, Truman Davidson. Jada fe The highly interesting and mind-developing activity of debating has grown out of an exercise of the American right to the freedom of speech. This year Miss Mizer, who is recognized as an outstanding debate coach, revived a subject which has been dormant in our school since 1941. Although many schools include this phase of speaking as an extra-curricular activity, T.F.H.S. offers it as a subject in the regular curriculum. From the debate class is chosen the varsity team. Members of the team are Dick Irwin and Lucien Voorhees, affirmative, Gordon Figge and Charles Palmer, negative, Dwayne Harder, alternate. As the climax of a busy season, which included trips to Lewiston, Denver, Emmett, Hailey, Buhl, Gooding, and Kimberly, our team won the district debate championship and will compete in the state contest at Moscow. It is sincerely hoped that interest in debating will increase and that it will continue to be in- cluded in the curriculum. ,,,,,1 F FIRST ROW-Mr. K. E. Kail, Honorary Memberg Mr. A. W. Morgan, Honorary Member, Stanley Burgman, Gerald Tews, Howard Miller, Bruce Lulloff, Eddie Skinner, John Requa, Armond Wooiey, Norton Morse, Scott McMaster, Cecil Stanger, Bob Stanger, Jim Messersmith, Bob Holloway, Arthur Farhenhoz, Billy Groom, Darrel Schnitker. Mr. John Flatt, Honorary Member, Mr. Ralph Edwards, Advisor. SECOND ROW-Bryan Harris, Bob Dones, Allen Bates, Charles Requa, Ronald Sharp, Floyd Sharp, Dale Messinger, LaVar Bloxham, Bill Orchard, Bill Walker, Jerry Walkins, Jay Larsen, Marvin Centers, Dick Crawford, Val Hankins. Bob Flynn, Dick Adams, Don Rosen, Buddy Flynn, George Larison, Denzel Martindale, Jim Read. THIRD ROW---Russell Andrews, Jimmy Anthis, Lloyd Kuka, Harold Mink, Dick Roberts, Bill Holloway, Verl Knauss, Clyde Murphy, Ray Young, Don Arington, Ted Dean, Boyd Parker, Philip Somerville. FOURTH ROW: Lewis Arrington, Fred Wan- man, Gene Smith, Ernest Allred, Edgar Clemans, George Fuller, Carl Toupin, Jack Cross, Bob Lower, Bob Sorenson, Frankie Wegner, Don Carrol, Boni Yraqui, Bill Molyneux, Harvey Fennewald, Raymond Hills. ju fare arm em 0 melfica The Twin Falls Chapter of the F. F. A., whose membership includes every boy enrolled in the agricul- tural courses of our high school, has had one of its most successful years. In district and state competition the judging teams have placed first or second in six of the seven contests. Four members, Norton Morse, Bill Walker, Melvin Janes, and Neil Stiegemeier represented the chapter at the national convention which was held in Kansas City, Missouri, October 21-24, 1946. They received a great deal of inspiration by watching and hearing national officers and state delegates. Bob Holloway and James Requa won first and second places respectively in the bean growing contest spon- sored by the Bean Growers Association of Twin Falls. Many premiums were awarded the boys for their live- stock exhibited at the Twin Falls County Fair. The chapter activities have been numerous, and it is felt that under the leadership of the 1946-47 officers much has been done to live up to the aim of the F. F. A. which is "the development of agricultural leader- ship, cooperation, and citizenship." Marvin Centers won the 1947 State F.F.A. Public Speaking Contest and will compete in the regional con- test at Bozeman, Montana. The degree of State Fawncr, the third highest award given to Future Farmers, was received by Jim Messersmith, Scott McMaster, Dick Adams, Tom Boyd, and Allen DeVries in 1946. Bob Holloway achieved this distinction in 1947. Ufficers President - - - Gene Caldwell T'l'6lLS?l'l'0'V - Scott McMaster Vice-President - - Cecil Stanger Reporter - - - - Bob Holloway Secretary - - ---- Bob Stanger Sentinel ----- - - - Norton Morse Sponsor ----- - Mr. Ralph Edwards i s 5 rm .gy cm All boys in Senior High School are members of the Boys' Club. The organization is very democratic in all of its activities. Boys' Club is especially concerned with discovering and developing any particular talents that its members may possess. Student participation is the key-note of all meetings and activities. Whole- some entertainment, education, and group guidance have been the goals of the Club during the past year. Our meetings have all been interesting and varied. We have built them around the themes of Sportsmanship and Safety. This year, as in the past, we have enjoyed and appreciated the cooperation of many outstanding professional and business men of the community in assisting us with our programs. The Club has always sponsored a wide variety of boys' activities, so that there will be a place somewhere for every high school boy to be a part of a worthwhile organization. This year Boys' Club added the Rifle Club to the list. We financed the building of a modern, up-to-date, indoor range under the stadium at Lincoln Field. Those boys who have enjoyed the use of the ran ge should be most thankful to Boys' Club. Boys, Club Officers President - - - V.-Pres. ----- - -- - Phil Burkhart - - Gerry Sinema Scoretary-To'ea.su1'er - Dean of Boys ---- SENIOR UNIT President - - - Vernon McCracken V. Pres. ------ Bob Stanger Secy.-Treas. - - - Cecil Stanger Sponsor - - - Mr. Max Barber SOPHOMORE President ----- V. Pres. ----- Secy.-Treas. - - - Sponsor - - - - Tomeo Takemoto - Mr. Kenneth Kail JUNIOR UNIT President ------ Bob Long V. Pres. ------ Max Kirkland Secy.-Treas. ---- Clyde Johnson Sponsor ---- Mr. Chester Hansen UNIT Bob Stansbury - - Jim Read Skippy Pierce Mr. Rex Olson Boys Club Unit Officers FIRST ROW-Mr. Chester Hansen, Mr. Max Barber, Mr. Rex Olson, Mr. Kenneth Kan. SECOND ROW-Skippy Pierce, Bob Stansbury, Cecil Sbanger, Clyde Johnson, Bob Stanger, Jim Read, Phil Burkhart, Bob Long, Max Kirkland, Gerry Sinema, Tomeo Takemoto, Vernon McCracken. i e Evidence of a progressive spirit in Boys' Club is shown by the inauguration of a Rifle Club this year. Every boy in school is eligible for membership, but he must first pass a test that covers a training period of six Weeks. Two training courses have been given, and another is planned before the close of school. As our organization is affiliated with the National Rifle Association, We are to receive rifles and ammunition from the federal government. This spring We are planning a marksmanship contest for our members. It is hoped to have interscholastic rifle matches in the near future. Offlcers President - - - Bob Drexler Vice-President - - Jim Munn Secretary - - - - Bob Parish Treasurer - - - - George Halley Executive Officer - - Jim Schutt FRONT ROW, with rifles-James Schutt, Bob Drexler, Jim Munn, Bob Parish, George Halley. SECOND ROW, kneeling- Ronald Yeaman, Duane Fusselman, Everett Cecil, Guy A1Lee, Clarence Smith, Bob Jones, Lloyd Webb, Kenneth Faler, Bob Johnston, Lloyd Baiscn, Maurice Allen, Donald Yeaman. THIRD ROW, standing-Mr. Kenneth Kail, Joe Cahill, Eugene Helmbolt, Don Smith, Bob Martyn, Ted Cheney, Herbert Nussgen, Sinclair Weaver, .Jack Wilson, Wayne Schirk, Paul East- man, William Powell, Duane Schrank, Bill Pyron, Tom Murphy, Clarence Magoffin. Reading from left to right-Maggie Gandiaga, Hank Gancliaga, LeRoy Flatt, Jerry Kleinkopf, Bob Duncan, Gene Davis, Marguerite Domogalla, Virginia Higgins, Tommy Day, June Greer, Dorothy Allen, Jeannine Saxon, Blanche Leopold, Margaret Wills, Beverly Crowley, Doris Ann Weaver, Barbara Leland, Carol Nelson, Betty Milner, Annette Gouberly, Joline Lyons, Ann Quinn, Ruth Van Engelen, Lois Sheneberger, Dorothy Barrington, Jane Anderson, Justine Gasser, Afton Speedy, Norma. Finke, Barbara Gilkey, Betty Russell, Colleen Carter, Jackie Beyzner, Billie Bockwitz, Bob Stansbury, Guy AlLee, Joe Cahill, Duane Bell, Chris Jensen, Emmett Hood, Dick Irwin, Dwayne Harder, Paul Hoppe, Gordon Figge, Lucien Voorhees, Skippy Pierce, Meredith Glenn, Gene Pickett, Bob Odgers, Dick Frederickson, Don McBride, Peggy Ringwood. .Sli Have you ever had the thrill of racing down a snow-covered slope on skies? Or perhaps you have long wanted to engage in this exhilarating winter sport, but have needed some encour- agement before risking life and limb on two narrow hickory sticks. The Ski Club of T.F.H.S. was organized this year to benefit both the experienced skiers and the novice. During the skiing season buses were chartered to take club members to Magic Mountain where skiers of varying degrees of ability could use slopes comparable to their skill. Plans for the future include weekend excursions to famous Sun Valley. Since Twin Falls is the gateway to the winter playgrounds of Sun Valley and Magic Mountain, this program is destined for even greater popularity in our ski-conscious student body. President - - - - Dick Bailey Vice-President - - Hank Gandiaga Secretary - - - Peggy Ringwood Treaszwev' - - Maggie Gandiaga L 2 ir 6 eague Nine years old! Girls' League is a big girl now! In 1938 the league was organized under the fine leadership of Virginia Ann Chase Seager. Through the years Girls' League, a democratic organization to which every girl in T. F. H. S. automaticallv belongs, has flourished, always strengthening its objectives and ideals. To- day the League functions effectively to give the girls of the school a voice in school affairs as well as to pro- vide a guidance program and a wealth of social and service activities! All Girls' League presidents have been outstanding girls. This year is no exception. June Geer has been "tops"! She started the year with the "Senior Slumber Sleeper" and everyone has been "wide awake" ever since. Our Big-Little Sister movement was initiated at the "Three-Ring Circus" rally. Sophomore girls were acquainted with high school customs, responsibilities and opportunities. We hope the friendships established between senior and sophomore girls will enrich the high school days of everyone The featured theme was "The Cherokee Pow-Wow." In- In true Girls' League efficiency, a real Indian Chief was village camp fire the famous chieftain taught the girls, dance. Three hundred girls participated in this party. year. The senior girls sponsored a vocational program In November we held the annual All Girls' Mixer. dian games, music, stories and dancing were enjbyed. produced-Chief Hailstorm. Around a typical Indian who were garbed as Indians, a characteristic native We have had some splendid League assemblies this highlighting the occupations now open to women. The dramatizations were good. The Junior Unit, as usual, walked away with honors for its Christmas program-"Christmas in Many Lands." The tableaux were spec- tacular and the music most beautiful. The Mexican scene was one of the finest. The Junior girls, under the able leadership of Evelyn Dean, not only presented this elaborate program to the League, but also appeared at the County Farm and several civic organizations. The Sophomore Unit sponsored an "Emily Post" pro- Stokes gave a series of readings from the book, "Smarter and Smootherf' Swe-etheart Ball was held. By popular vote June Geer was chosen to be the Queen of Luke was Senior Princess, Joyce Fisher, Junior Princess, and Donna Rae Bagley, Sopho- senior girls are to be commended for their work in decorating the gym. It was a beautiful gram-Mrs. Eloise In February our Hearts. Emma Lou more Princess. The setting for a lovely One of our girls, ship Pilgrimage to Girls' League is and every girl has dance. Every detail was perfect. Long will we remember it. Dorothy Allen, will have the honor of representing Idaho at the D A R Good Citizen Washington, D. C., in May. not all just good times. Much of the concern of the girls is given to community problems, the opportunity to practice being a good citizen. Senior girls leave this farewell word, "Carry on, Girls' League!" Girls' League Officers President ----------- - June Geer Treasurer - - - Norma Finke Secretary - - Helen Greenhalgh Sponsor - Mrs. Rose M. North SENIOR UNIT JUNIOR. UNIT President ---- Emma Lou Luke President ---- - Evelyn Dean Vice-President - - - Betty Dunken Vice-President ---- Thirza Hull Secretary-Treasurer - - Ann Quinn Secretary-Treasurer - - Bee Morgan Sponsor ---- Miss Elsie Lindgren Sponsor - - Miss Elfriede Reinsdorf SOPHOMORE UNIT President ----- Donna Bagley Vice-President - Carma Lou Johnson Secretary-Treasurer - - Theda Hull Sponsor - - - Miss Kathleen Diehl R w v :le Girls' League Standing Chairman Left to right - front TOW- Loulse Hall, Barbara Haier, Beverly Ward, Betty Beasley, Esther Kawako. SECOND ROW - June Carr, Georgine Champlain, Gladys Blue, Justine Gasser, Joyce Watkins. THIRD ROW-Eileen Terry, Jane Anderson, Beverly Crow- ley, Laurene Nlelson, Deon Ford, Zeta Cammaick. FOURTH ROW-Jackie Bey- mer, Virginia Walker, Dolls Cornelison, Helen McEwen, Maxine Rose. FIFTH ROW'-Margaret Weaver, Phyllis Burkhart, Edith Kevan, Mary Jean Deagle, Patty King. lie? lr Girls, League Unit Officers FIRST ROW-Miss Lindgren, Emma Lou Luke, Miss Diehl, Ann Quinn, Betty Dunken, Miss Reinsdorf, June Geer, Mrs. North. Miss Anderson. SECOND ROW-Bee Morgan, Evelyn Dean, Thurma Gregory THIRD ROW - Theda Hull, Donna. Rae Bagley, Norma Finke, Helen Greenhalgh. FOURTH ROW-Aileen Bart- lett, Orlene Golay, Dorothy ln Barrington. ff' lm' , 4 W2 v f i f X H f X . I -A 2'- fl, Q41 !!fI1f s 'Q wow ' f-f... AAA, K .Af-""' ff X, N In A fXXA . QA9-a t Q I5 Hx C' sv 'Vx ln' f ip' I fp ll' a 9: MUG nm! Z I f'll,' I N I 4 'I U I lisp? I n' I ' Vw 1'5" " 4 I I IH a I H501 -',L 1" ' , f ' A A lfcjfx xi 1 'zz B 1 .BK A ' A049 Z" .J I A ' 1,71 , 1 'I I MA' W ' fur' """5f'af9a1'Q'g"g'lL "I l3'i,',1': ' ' zu1'f' vsflil '41 'uma 1-'nfr"'1 f'v.f- '1iff"'f.52"'0y2'03' ', n. '-J' L' 'i, , ,-I "-1 ,Mflj-f7l'5f I 'f'-.55 ,qgf'lW15f45'6': in ,WA 1,'H"'.Ql- 2'5'49:yfI'fK"fa-C Qiff '-"' "' 1 ""l1J'1"'z',. 'H Kllf':fV'y', ' "M1.lQ",,,' IIMYU Ng' ,Y A ,I-1.41, lv' H- , i' ' 'll"r' .I -. 17 4 3f92x1 J'IlQ' - -"7 ,f . 43116 Qflw' " FU .mm -f nn. Q hm.. 4.1, If fa-A'J1,!..l KAUII' lngard N ei Zson-Director FIRST SOPRANOS Eileen Terry, Shirley Vocu, Maurine DeWitt, Maxine, Paris, Janet Pettygrove, Erla, Mae Dennis, Ruth Katherine Tschannen, Deon Ford, Joyce Bllllngton, Donna Pat Riley. SECOND SOPRANOS , y , era ne McDonald, Betty Christopherson, Shirley Grow, Maurlne Phyllis Swisher, Mary Anne Lulloff, Patsle Porter, Joan Hicks, Betty Russell. FIRST ALTOS Muriel Pugliano, Pauline Brown, Mary Holcomb, Thelma Reynolds, Eileen Freeman, Virginia Huff, Stroud. Barbara Lehman Doroth Allen G ldl SECOND ALTOS Jewel Adamson, Teala Bellini, Marjorie Rudolph, Anita Miracle, Luana Scholes, Calla Hadley, Shirley FIRST TENORS Dick Rlce, LeRoy Flatt, Jay Call, Dave Gray, Wayne Ford, Bob Foster. SECOND TENORS I Don Pennock, Bruce Lulloff, Keith Crosley, Max Kirkland, Ebbert Gepner, Tom Chu FIRST BASSES Tommy Day, Joe Cahill, Don Culbertson, Stan Waite, Drexal Livingston, Wayne Pickett. Duane Hansen. SECOND BASSES James Danner, Randall Russell, Roy Ellsworth, Hubert Hendrix, Bill Porter. BB- Becher, Jean Hazard, Boren, Helen Hafer, Muriel Tilley, Myra R-osa, Arllne Gilchrist. V Officers of Choir President ---------- Drexal Livingston Vice-President - - - Don Pennock Secretary - - - Donna Pat Riley Librarian - - - - Erla. Mae Dennis Assistant Librarian - - - Helen Hafer Sextette Mixed Quartetto Shirley Vocu Mary Ann Lulloff Thelma Reynolds Maurlne Boren Pauline Brown Eileen Terry Swing' Group Pauline Brown Thelma Reynolds Maurine Boren Shirley Vocu Boys' Quartette LeRoy Flatt Don Pennock Hubert Hendrix Tom Chugg Mixed Ensemble Maurine Boren Thelma Reynolds Eileen Freeman Pauline Brown Keith Crossley Tom Chugg Randall Russell Jim Danner Bill Porter LeRoy Flatt Shirley Vocu Thelma Reynolds Maurlne DeWitt Shirley Vocu Tonette Trio Thelma Reynolds LeRoy Flatt Tom Chugg Boys' Quartette Keith Crossley Roy Ellsworth Dick Rice Joe Cahill enior Em Charles L. Ratcliffe, Director Barbara Hafer Betty Johnson Jolene Lyons Don Culbertson Herbert Nussgen Dellora Turnbaugh Duane Hansen John Ghan Robert McCarty Paul Eastman Louise Hall Bill Taylor George Halpin Max Kirkland Flute LaDawn Tolman Gordon Hansen Jean Fisher Basson Robert Moore Georgine Champlin Eb Clarinet Robert Odgers Bb Clarinet Alto Clarinet Gladys Blue Barbara Leland June Carr Esther Winkler Dwayne Harder Mildred Kinney J Bass Clarinet Edythe Neilsen Max Matthews Alto Saxophone Robert Parish Harlan Mink Grace Amos Billy Young Tenor Saxophone Dick Sweet Margaret Wills Baritone Saxophone James Munn Cornet Arnold Johnson James Condie Wayne Ford Skippy Pierce Gene Glick Cecil Plott Barbara White Howard Miller Don Hazard Frankie Wagner Lloyd Baisch Donald Smith H orn Peggy Scott Roddy Gasser Nola Minshew enior Mn Virgil Champlin Marion Hiskey Armond Wooley Annette Morrison Trombone Lucien Voorhees Bob Duncan Everett Cecil Bobby King Johnny Allen Delmar Tucker Baritone Richard Turnbaugh Bass Bob Morrison Dick Parmeter Bill Nelson Don Carroll Bobby Jones Ebbert Gepner Duane Schrank George Halley Percussion Kenneth Smith Herbert Briggs Tommy Danner Margaret Plastmo LeRoy Flatt - Allan Wolter Drum Mayor Guy A1Lee Edythe Neilsen Violins Geraldine McDonald fConcertmaster,J Grace Johnson Paula Swan Robert McMillan Arlene Barry Pauline Domagalla Ronald Yeaman Barbara Watson John Merrill Howard Hill Rosalind Luke enior OPCAQJ fra Director-Richard R. Smith Juanita Hill Mildred Hanson Dick Robinson Rosie Messinger Maxine McClimans Albert Miller Boyd Parker Violas Millie Strickland Sarah Williams Marian Silvey Cellos Delores Conner Mildred Poppie Marian Hunter Josephine Grass Basses Grant Freeman Kenneth Davis Piano Bonnie AlLee Flute LaDawn Tolman Oboe Bill Pyron Bassoons Robert Moore Georgine Champlin Clarinets Gladys Blue June Carr enior rcAed fra Saxophones Robert Parish Margaret Wills Harlan Mink James Munn Horns Peggy Scott Nola Minshew Comets James Condie Barbara White Trombones Robert Duncan Bobby King Sousaphone Dick Parmeter Percussion Margaret Plastino Herbert Briggs Kenneth Smith FIRST ROW-Miss Jean Mizer, Gordon Figge, Dick Irwin, Anita Miracle. SECOND ROW-Jayce White, Jane Hansen, Betty Fink, Jeannine Saxon, Jonnie Detweiler, Shirley Miller, Dorothy Allen, Margaret Weaver, Ann McMillan, Helen Baird, Bar- bara Young, Jackie Beymer, Leah Dunken, Pat King. THIRD ROW--Charles Palmer, Bob Holloway, Dick Harper, Emma Lou Luke, Bonnie AlLee, Pat Avant, June Geer, Virgie Olsen, Laurene Neilson, Thelma Reynolds, Ruth Pace, Shirley Vocu, Col- leen Carter, Phyllis Petersen, Jane Anderson, Ann Quinn, Helen Greenhalgh, Bud Scholes, Dick Wright. FOURTH ROW- Joe Hine, Clarence Magoffin, Stan Ellsworth, Dick Davis, Arnold Johnson, Meredith Glenn, Dwayne Harder, Gerry Sinema, John Hawes. jAQ6l0iCtl'l,5 This year Thespians feel that they have reached their goal in contributing to a successful school year. Top- ping our list were three plays: BERKELEY SQUARE, BLYTHE SPIRIT, and COME OVER TO OUR HOUSE. Thespian awards were given to the best sustained characterizations and to the finest comedy roles portrayed. Those receiving "Oscars" were Gordon Figge, Jackie Beymer, Emma Lou Luke, Dick Harper, and Ann McMillan for BERKELEY SQUARE, Gerry Sinema, Betty Fink, Jane Anderson, and Joyce White for BLYTHE SPIRITg Bill Watts, Max Kirkland, Beverly Crowley, Evelyn Dean for COME OVER TO OUR HOUSE. Troupe 256 boasts four honored Thespians this year. Their names will be submitted to the National Honor Roll. The four four-point Thespians are Gordon Figge, Emma Lou Luke, Helen Baird, and Bud Scholes. A two day initiation for the new pledges and a party for the seniors given by the juniors were added at- tractions. ' We are deeply grateful to our new dramatic coach, Miss Jean Mizer. Her help and suggestions were greatly appreciated. HONOR THE SPIANS The All School Pla --66Berkeley Square' Miss Jean Mizer Assistant Directors: Betty F CAST Maid ---- - - - Tom Pettigrew - Kate Pettigrew - - '19 ft Lady Ann Pettigrew - f: Helen Pettigrew - - :I Mr. Throstle - - - 4: Ambassador - - If Peter Standish - 1: Marjorie Trant - in If Miss Barrymore ---- if Duchess of Devonshire - lg Lord Stanley - - - - 1: Major Clinton - - - :l Duke of Cumberland - r if . . 1: Electricians - - - - 'r I: Stage Crew - - - Bud Sc II ac- Music - - - - Program - - Costumes - , Director ink, Clarence Magoffln - Colleen Carter - Dick Harper - Helen Baird Shirley Miller Ann McMillan Jackie Beymer Bob Holloway - Dwayne Harder - - Gordon Figge - - - - Lee Kramer Carma Lou Johnson - - Anita Miracle - Emma Lou Luke - Charles Palmer - Dean Patterson - Robert Taylor Vernon McCracken Ronald McCracken holes, Dick Wright, Tom Houston Property Manager ---- Margaret Weaver - Bonnie AlLee - Afton Speedy - Betty Amos Emmett Hood i - frame spa ff January 30 and 31, 1947 Miss Jean Mizer, Director g Assistant Directors: Gordon Figge, Dick Harper THURSDAY CAST FRIDAY Laurene Nielsen .,.... ..... E dith ..,....... ..... A nn Quinn Dorothy Allen ..... ...... R uth ........ ....,..., B etty Fink Gerry Sinerna ....,.. ..,,. C harles ............... .......... C harles Palmer Dick Irwin ........ ..... D r. Bradman ........ ....... J ames Messersmith Jean Hazard ....... ..... M rs. Bradman ...... ................ V irgie Olson Jane Anderson .,... ..... M adame Arcati ....... ................ J oyce White Emma Lou Luke ............................,,,,,,,.,,,, Elvira .,...,...,,,...,.,..............,................... Thelma Reynolds Stage Crew-Vernon McCracken, Ronald McCracken, Dick Wright Costumes and Make-up-Shirley Miller, J onnie Detweiler. Business Manager-Dwayne Harder. Advertising Manager-Pat Avant. Programs-Afton Speedy. Property Manager-Helen Baird. Tickets-Ann McMillan. House Chairman-Bonnie Tullock. Call Girls-Norma Finke, Mary Williams. C6 Junior Play-April 21 Olflle Uel' fo Jay Eldridge - Steve Reynolds - Butch Reynolds - Hugo WiIlif1'ed - Sasha Swensl-cy - Phillip King - - Damon Gottchalk Barney Fellows - Amanda Eldridge Assistant Directors Stage Manager - Assistant Stage Managers - Electrician ------ bil" THE CAST OF CHARACTERS Directed by Duane Hanson Jerry Kleinkopf - James Danner - Max Kirkland - Chris Jensen - - Bill Watts - Bob Holloway - Bob Martyn Henry Gandiaga - Coleen Carter Marion Eldridge - Lindy Eldridge - Hildrid Reynolds - Madge Wilkins - Evie Cannon - - Clarie Thompson - May Houston - - Veronica Niclcles - Carrie Randolph - THE EXECUTIVE STAFF Emma Lou Luke Barbara Lehman Jackie Beymer - Bud Scholes - - Joe Hine Dick Wright Dean Patterson Costnmer ---- M ake-up Chairman Business Managers Advertising Manager - Property Manager - House Manager - 77 01468 - Beverly Crowley - Phyllis -Poppie - Maxine Paris - - Evelyn Dean - - - Bee Morgan Lois Ann Erickson - - - Betty Amos - Maurine Boren - - Betty Rees Betty Jean Robinson - Barbara White Doris Ann Weaver Bonnie Von AlLee Virginia Dahlquist - - Billie Bockwitz - - - Betty Rees 'Ir XIII 4,1 54 '17 QQ . I 'I is 53 , fy. if 0 ' ' I , y X 4 W ' Z Q I' X x S 5-zzz," ' J: 7 f Q L4 1 gif' fu X006 -J sfVN.!tAAn ?1i. ,-,.-- ,-1-.1-- 4 5--1 Q lil- 1,-iiif -1. ,-1--u--' , Vi' - .'Zf . N,-6 sf JM Wiz' il 4,A 7 ' 1 , ff , 'W,,m 'f ': f2.'2fTv5 lf! ?f','1'XN!'l, L Nw ' f f. U VQQIQA 'C 6 -tri, , " gf' f7f'f:"1f ' 1 "' al, . , Fa T -L Mm K KNEELING-Jane Anderson, Sylvia Richardson, Jewel Adamson, LaDawn Tolman, Justine Gasser, Joyce White, Mary Wil- liams, Ann Quinn, Jackie Hankl . STAN ' ' ns DING-Margaret Wills, Jolene Lyons, Juanita Starry, Yvonne Smith, Norma Finke June Parkin, Miss Mary Andersen, Betty Johnson B M , ee organ, Zeta Carnmack, Arlene Bartlett, Orlene Golay, Dorothy Barrington, Peggy Ringwood, Maxine Paris, Rae Louise Salisbury, Shirley Whittekiend. ir A ,.x4fALfic Mociafion. The Girls' Athletic Association, a unit of the Girls' League, is an organization designed to promote interest in sports for girls. Any girl in high school whose interests lie in this direction is eligible for membership The major sports included in this program are basketball, baseball, volley ball, tennis, and this year tumbling was added. Interclass and inter-team tournaments are played, and participation in these sports earns five points for each girl toward her class citizenship cup, while the winning of a tournament will earn 20 to 50 points. The basketball tournament was won by "The Lefties" of the Senior Class. This year Miss Mary Andersen was chosen to be the sponsor of G. A. A. Under her enthusiastic and able leadership a constitution was written, consisting of a preamble and six articles. It proved to be very hel ful P to the girls. A definite and efficient point system was instituted, clarifying qualification for initiation and the number of letters and stripes for the girls. The first of many projects carried out this year was the sale of hot dogs at the District Basketball tourna- ment, which earned for the organization a sizeable sum of money. Initiation was held in February, at which time six girls were qualified to join. In March, the annual banquet honoring the new members and the new sponsor was held. A newly instituted play day was held for the out of town associations. All these projects proved to be Very successful, and the year was climaxed by a swimmer at Banbury's. The G. A. A. draws the interest of a large group of girls, and Miss Anderson has given most generously of her time and talents to make it a success. Yell Leaders Phyllis Burkhart Jack Sears Maggie Gandiaga Twirlers Peggy Grove Artis Jean Martin Ruth Eslinger Managers Jim Danner Track Tom Bucklin Assistant - Basketball Junior Bowyer Junior Varsity Basketball Dick Wright Baseball Sinclair Weaver Basketball Harry Turner Track Dick Bailey Football Coaches "Hank" Powers Varsity Football Varsity Track Asst. Varsity Basketball "Monk" Halliday Varsity Basketball Varsity Baseball Asst. Varsity Football Kermit Perrins Cub Football Cub Baseball Asst. Varsity Track Arnold DePaul Junior Varsity Basketball FOREWARD-Ronald Ringwood, Don Pennock, Tom Houston, Dale Lin- coln, Hank Gandiaga, Lentz Cran- dall, Irvin Blaser, Wayne Murphy, Don McBride, Bob Duncan, Bob Martyn, Ken Anderson. FIRST ROW -King Block, Dave Gray, Bob Long, Drexal Livingston, Byron Snyder, Phil Burkhart, Tom Bucklin, Bud Howard Griggs, Frank Sato. SECOND ROW - Marshall Pettygrove, Max Kirkland, Harold Mason, LeRoy Flatt, Gene Caldwell, Tim Qualls, Vernon McCracken, Cecil Stanger, Dick Rice, John Rogers, J im Danner, Bud Gardner, Al Starnes, Wayne Ford, Randall Russell, Bob Drips, Gene Cooper, Harry Turner, Joe Hine, Coach Hank Powers. Howard, Bob Stanger, Hubert Hend- rix, Jerry Kleinkopf, Herbert Deagle, .11 i. - ruin The Bruin Club is an organization of boys who have earned varsity letters in football, basket- ball, baseball, track, or have been student managers of a major sport. Although, as a club, their major interests are in the athletic program, other projects of Worthwhile value to the school have been undertaken. Their service in promoting school citizenship has been very beneficial. It has become the annual custom of the club to sponsor a sport dance, a color Week and a spring hayride. Officers President ---- - Herbert Deagle Secretary-Treasurer - - - - Tim Qualls Sergeant-at-arms - ---- Drexal Livingston Co-Spowsors - - - Coaches Powers and Halliday FIRST ROW-Irvin Blaser, Byron Snyder, Herb Deagle, Cecil Stanger, Drex Livingston, Lentz Crandall Dale Lincoln Phil Burkhart. SECOND ROW-Vernon McCracken, King Block, John Rogers, Tom Bucklln, Gene Caldwell Bob Long Frank Sato, Hubert Hendrix. THIRD ROW-Coach Hank Powers, Jerry Kleinkopf, Hank Gandiaga, Don McBride Tim Qualls Harold Mason. Wayne Ford, Jim Danner, Bob Drips, Coach Honk Halliday. FOURTH ROW-Vic Floyd LeRoy Flatt Bob Stan-ger, Tommy Day, Don Arrington, Robert Reeves, Dick Bailey. Twin Twin Twin Twin Twin Twin Twin amifg joofgaf Football Scores Falls-54 - - Oakley- 6 Falls-32 - - - White Pine- 0 Falls-19 - - - - Pocatello-12 Falls-33 - - Idaho Falls- 6 Falls-31 - - Caldwell- 0 Falls- 7 - - Nampa-18 Falls- 7 - - Boise-24 FIRST ROW-Phil Burkhart, Truman Davidson, Byron Snyder, Bob Long, Cecil Stanger, Drexal Livingston, Ronald Ring- wood, Lentz Crandall, Dale Lincoln. SECOND ROW-Coach Monk Halliday, Coach Hank Powers, Gene Cooper, Don McBride, Max Kirkland, Herbert Nussgen, Wayne Ford, Hubert Hendrix, Hank Gandiaga, Jerrv Kleinkopf, Coach Arnold DePaul, '1li'1bmm5g1B1icl?1lnW THIRD ROW-Junior Bowyer, Bob Martyn, David Hansing, Jack Cubit, Paul Eastman. Frank Gikui, LeRoy att, nc a r eaver, Twin Twin' Twin Twin Twin Twin Twin Twin ffl- l .va . ' i Q vii" mrdify A ' an ef a Falls 18 - - Rupert 33 Twin Falls 37 - - Caldwell 34 Twin Falls 21 - - Buhl 25 Falls 34 - - Oakley 26 Twin Falls 41 - - - Gooding 33 Twin Falls 38 - - Rupert 52 Falls 21 - - Filer 13 Twin Falls 27 - - Idaho Falls 45 Twin Falls 29 - - Pocatello 32 Falls 26 - - Burley 30 Twin Falls 27 - - - Oakley 35 Twin Falls 15 - - - Boise 30 Falls 22 - - Pocatello 36 Twin Falls 24 - - Jerome 23 Twin Falls 29 - - ,r Gooding 30 Falls 19 - - Idaho Falls 39 Twin Falls 23 - - Caldwell 27 Twin Falls 29 - - Nampa 46 Falls 44 ---- Filer 27 Twin Falls 18 - - - Nampa 34 Twin Falls 32 - - Buhl 29 Falls 23 - - Jerome 21 Twin Falls 17 - - Boise 37 Twin Falls 30 - - Burley 29 DISTRICT CLASS A TWIN FALLS JUNIOR TOURNAMENT VARSITY Twin Falls 44 , , Oakley 21 Twin Falls 25 - Castleford 24 Twin Falls 44 - - Gooding 31 Twin Falls 32 - - Kimberly 30 Twin Falls 36 - Rupert 41 Twin Falls 28 - Murtaugh 29 Twin Falls 34 - - Gooding so Twln Falls 37 - - 5 Eden 36 Twin Falls 36 - Rupert 42 Twin Falls 37 - Kimberly 29 Twin Falls 27 - Castleford 40 Twin Falls 25 - - - Eden 32 Twin Falls 32 - - Dietrich 24 SOUTH IDAHO CLASS A Twin Falls 29 - Hazelton 27 TOURNAMENT at POCATELLO Twin Falls 31 - Hollister 24 , i Twin Falls 26 '- Hazelton 24 Twm Falls 24 ---- BOISQ 34 Twin Falls 31 - - Wendell 34 Twin Falls 32 - - Idaho Falls 34 Twin Falls 40 - T. F. Cubs 19 ' l amifg jfac -- 1946 First Row: Gordon Eisinger, Duane Bell, Robert Parish, Wesley Kite, Wayne Pickett, Frank Gikiu, Bob Foster, Bob Lower, Richard White, Dick Adams. Second Row: Joe Hine, Bud Gardner, John Rogers, Webb Malone, Byron Snyder, Alvin Connerley, Drex Livingston, Don McBride, Hank Gandiaga, Harry Turner. Third Row: Coach Hank Powers, Ralph Arrington, Tom Bucklin, Gene Caldwell, Jerry Kleinkopf, Tommy Houston, Marshall Pettygrove, Wayne Ford, Don Pennock, Jim Requa, Ronald Ringwood, Jim Danner, David Hansing, Coach Kermit Perrins. Fourth Row: Jim Schutt, Truman Davidson, Tommy Lesher, Bob Drips, Gene Cooper, Gerald Painter, Tim Qualls, Herb Deagle, Tommy Day, Marvin Cline. YU YU YG amifg gadegaf -- 1946 First Row: Wayne Whitehead, Bob Shumway, King Block, Bill Matson, Bud Robison, Hubert Hendrix, Vernon McCracken, Randall Russell, Jack Le Clair, Howard Griggs. Second Row: Dick Wright, Lentz Crandall, Phil Burkhart, Bob Long, Johnny Drips, Jimmy Russell, Ted Ryan, Kenny Anderson, Bob Bailey, Wayne Murphy, "Coach" Monk Halliday. Third Row: Max Kirkland, Bob Duncan, Bob Martyn, Cecil Stanger, Dave Gray, Bud Howard, Dick Ioset, Ken Dement. . Eg lililililillillillilliwlillillillilillillillil Cu! jootlaf lam First Row:Clyde Murphy, Johnny Chevelier, Arvid Craig, Dale Parsons, Kay Larson, Robert Flynn, Tom Faylash, Richard Whitehead, Garlin Green, Howard Hill. Second Row: Corkey Prunty, Howard Griggs, Bob Duncan, La Vern Puddy, Chuck Walls, Bill Riach, Dick Church, Bob King, Bob Alred, Maurice Cole, Ronald Carter. Q Third Row: Coach Kermit Perrins, Jimmy Richardson, George Halley, Don Hazard, Roy Ellsworth, Dale Neilson, Ralph Arrington, Wayne Buckendorf, Eldon Greene, Max Mathews, Ronald Schulky, Tommy Danner, Val Hankins. Kzrg WV W K nw Yfrr W Q Fourth Row: Duane Serpa, Nolan Ford, Fred Leopold, Jack Cross, Sonny Hiskey, Bill Porter, Bill Dewald, Merlin Howard, Chad Hull, Duane Bottoms. l""' 'HDFC B' mcmmEVg1mi zsmE wEiE:1L:r1E F 'fm' A D B CML gain First Row: Jay Call, Dale Neilson, Howard Griggs, Duane Bell, Bill Riach, Wayne Buckendorf, Allen Wolter. ' Second Row: Coach Kermit Perrins, Eldon Greene, Donald Christian, Bill Taylor, Ralph Arrington. Third Row: Dick Church, Don Hazard, Max Matthews, Sonny Hiskey, Bob Duncan. EEEEEHEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Nr Special recognition is due the following for their contributions to the successful completion of the 1947 COYOTE: The Sterling Photo Studio B and B Photo The S. K. Smith Company The Times-News Publishing Company Mountain States Bindery ANN MCMILLAN, Editor SYRINGA-IDAHO'S STATE FLOWER "And here we have Idaho Winning hen way to fame. Silver and gold in the sunlight blaze, And romance lies in her name." .fdufogralakri x , - .1 DW? QUMJX ClN'o1fZ"Q, 9 4 W Q gif QW Www my I uk Jf'fWjj W Q ASQ M , , W YM ZW' ww Ji JA iff fgggw YW7 fgijw f MM V Xpfm 'JSE-fisff I XC 9 LOW W W QQ f ,PJ ' ,Z W 7' Q ' WX flfyjwwwifm . f X-Q7 , F W gy yy Q Ny QM M Hs 4,4 do .xdufogralakwf Wy 3 wfh 1 Ziff Q0 mgjffw fffb Q GW ffffili MZ:-1, A MWCHQQX J ' QDUYPJIG jj! I 1 7 Lk Wi ' JM W WW? C w WM MZKQQW' 5y" rf fyqgywv 'VO fy ff A W W W MLW Q20 .174uf0g,,algL4 WW wW'.:: 0 WWW W Z? f4'WWj MJ WWW M VSKWW? W M wwf QfifV,95AfyfKG WM wifi? Wim Mf E W ,M M1251 55? , MQ Q35 H? W Qifxiilx-SF, R fi QE 5 ESSXNE W0 EN xx Q, 5'SS-L52 JV W'074fZZ-lyf , 19 ,Q-10? ,df Z ,,, 5 "dw WWA pn! 756462 no ffv'-wdff ,.,g4x van'-ff .fbvbgfi f?Z.fWf' wfJ2g4!fzMfWm, ,fimwzdav - WfQ1f5j7!Aff6e .w4 gif Wfwfffff wfwfff-fwffby me M M fdfm MM!!! ' f 7 foZ?f"Q ?t,07A,1,QZ,., 5 ' .244 f f f"' , . ,1 -at ,Q 1 w 5 " wk M1 '7t L-Lf wwnwmwngwuwpgqguhwka i E Sqbx N "77Z QC x W if 5+ Qs? I

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