Twin Falls High School - Coyote Yearbook (Twin Falls, ID)

 - Class of 1942

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11:5 , , -1 E Q i .... .W XPS, A - 1 A ,x X 1 f Sig' Fi f A V A A A v-15.7 , . , - R X. ...f f A-wwf 1. n- nf, , mx, Ly sv rf. f , in .Mi 4 ' V if i . 2? ' - , ,.. ,,L, , VA,, . Q 1 - 4, ..-unqxweviihl by - fagfm , 5 ' w,Qf:f:n'-xg ' " V-QM? nf: iw A I" mf, A :iii r f A V 1 ,S . ' A ,JM ,N . V ' f.-25, 5. 'X x ,- ,fn-,i, , ' -V - - ' 1 V fgji ' V . .' . W V Y- V '. P4 :gjfvm Q, I 455, Q " . V- wma Pty? f,.'.l,f H K Y-1" . A H qv, ,r,74v'-'Q fm fm' - A 4 ff , ,ng ..- . x ,, ,Lk .. ,.Vf ., .1 -,.V-wV V . ...k , j ,.-V,-V, gig. . K . L,,.f1r: , R, .5 my V, 3 " - f 'V .N V+'E?m'i1'fEfs2f-LLW 'L , ,V-me affV..f':,g1.g',Qig.gL-H-H fe, . r .V L 'VV-Lf ff. git' 1- Z' Q -f 2 +V. " if 'V"' V:--.'-A rs" ' v... ,V . . ., 'j:'fQ,fV-7f+5Lf'Ew,54.. f fy ' 1 1 -Vgf --V-sf fy -' A , JV V -4 . - '.515LV'?i3gf -.- V2:..l-A' ' --:Lg R. 1.. J., VV ' wh 55: - V13 :L -gg-1.2.1, 71, , ' , ifqfl - K 1- -VI.. . 4,-L. .M ,f,.f- Vg x ,' 'u 4 'Ji '3f'4f , V, V3f7.5,5, ,. " ws, y f '1 2, Z1 'rV- - Wax, lv. F 1 dffiff' .Vg .VH ., , wugw.. eff 4g32i573fi353 af ,, 3 343 - ,Al .V . .1 FQHVT v-' '1,V"xV,f wwf..-. 'J 'ffi "Z.iF,' . ff ' bi 'Zag ' 'X .' ' wewf, 9. ' , 544545.-fh.-,,L Q1--'-.-'p.:,.,,':'-an Y j 1 .sf-:,-,,, V : A 'A-1'st,V,-9:y,51.g,., .,5.r, . ' J 437 " X 1 f' 3 . ., 1,91-v.V,,,,M,A .,,f.JAyg1g, - V ., - 1 V - 5 QV1-si2,1E.,, f1,,,.', 1 ,, ,Q 3.5 ya' , 0 1 ' w .VVV'R'VfV,V- .L -.V V ,- V V Vx f f W. -,5g,g4V.-V ge J' gV'r,a..:-tg , ' ,L ..'a.5?- Q' M!-ig- Ay-,E V, - f .px V . 3 . V, ggff. ,,.Z, AN: 2 '.?YV'1.,d""! faka- V zf , 4, Q , k'+aff95e-N?',i-"f.,4-xi if--mafs' . 'inf '."' "- ' A mr VJ. mm:--Vzf' .' g-,.'-,.-w...'- ' . ' V K ww f' '+2s'hsM?fgLTr:" .. ,, f- V f2M'f??'.' 2 V "VF V, gs W VV V. .er Q . , -1 V i V gag ,Vs -Z"--3' rf'V'ffJTVVr:'17:-5-fyV4vff'5f' - x 5. ' ' v " ' '5 gf-iifft' f,Rf,Lf4".Q.fq AQ..-A . ' 1 'HSM-S, 1 '7' ' ' 'P ' ?-f,'.,j.V, w, ., 'j A235 :gg -, ' 'F agig-'A-.YVVfV 4. :,-Jglf-fy? , ,gg 'svn-if Q -VJ 1 Q-V.:-., V . AV N,..n,4 un. 1 M, 1. ,1.,4WJ. k W ,.,.Q x V7 555??5'fT'1?4QfLft AA-SNAV.. , , . L. ' W. 'L' ' ff ' '-H f 'x"T ' -L., '.' ' ' - 'zviffw-:-1 V- , ,. Q., f-1 fx V 'fvweg 1,7-M V M V ' .V uf- V,j.Q,x'f.,P--M-4:3 ,V ,Sqn f 1 J A . J "-I V My Y V ,. '.V'vV. , - f ,WAV .I -.V-5, L -V Y A.,-. kj. .5 H .VV FM.-. N .-435, -if" "E -4 'fi -' "T V--' filly-"' ...'-.Af V.g"f ' - 1 ' V ,.,,: iffy,-,, ,, V1,.1,,,gwy'1f. il - -uk, 0-.4 ..-f- Vj- -" M-1 ' , JL 2-glqfw' A '''1xLVV.'if5?Yi.27f'?T34Er?7sK777QV2"11I ' : - -..'f. V., -f .W ,iVi,.rT' ,. , wx.. ' V' J - . f'-'agw M. 1: Vg -V V-1,5 V . T ,WV 1 "N V'?i57iifffS'f'JgH2f . " A f.5fX73"3fiF'f-R MV .V fl. ii. - 1V WV'-l. ' f " "MQ'1lf If-f' 'fm f.:.JV-alfa 553534 71-7Wf2':1ff5i3V:'V'f'5' V'-':'H'3C'gNQK ,. Q4 -V V if ' -,. . V- 17-'V -. ,V ,-. fa- 3, L- gp:-Vw" 'V ,VM In jwj JV. -'.- , ff: Vi-, 4' 1, K .,f . :,L,?y.'NL?q gf1,,,ifV A s,TEA:.,,gAxi Fwxt'3'V53k,A4vsv-A vlzivbrr. M Awlgsv . 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V 5 'flf -1 '- 4, w.,x:wx3,5,V WZ.-Ei. ..V.f.-gg-.,,V'.ya - V , 'W -f . ',,VrVV.'V I VI Q 'QV V f,qs..Vk.?ig+g,ssV1',' ' ' "3 +J.f:wifL2fg, K' 4 v ex .1 . - ' ' 1 fx b '.,V ,fx 5 ,QQ : ' 'Q f g SQL N? s:,'f'NllQ1f- J , 4 , V .,' f , - Q ' V 42' 417-:QQ A ' YV ' . ' 5 7 4 " W s NJA-"A '41 ' A 21' T f J' ',.wV "VA "5 ., ff: I uV:,v,'i,. K, 44, iff, .f M V,Eg,a,V . 3 -ng . Im ll ,.,. V3. .V 3? I. . 0 , . ' -fnglry 4-- Li- Aa. ,353 aff '- ,' V. V2-iz.. W.. 4 " ," gg L .fy - Y 4 sL..f'fvg? . A ,V ' Ng, A., HC -Mawr. , Vfgsg Q Q ' ae 'S 1- . 4 jk? Cogofe Published by the TWIN FALLS HIGH SCHOOL TWIN FALLS, IDAHO Editor . . . . Norman Johnson Assistant Editor . . Bill Halley Business Manager . . . Frank Bracken Assistant Business Manager . Marian Griggs Adviser ..... Gladys W. White WA S ff S .,A . , 4 5-g,k...f.,V P 4 ,-wif Tr K fy: ttf -ff r A Y 2'1fmml'f,':7 4 u 2'rsvk:m'4W1 w , .4271 r ai.7j,vr4W' , , Q' ,fyxw-. 1 . -gi, ' Eff!-' -..2S,,55 - , ifzaffr, if Rlifflf , ,, ,A 1 V "-T . ' ' ' 4'fH'k"- V "" .. ,.. , ,mx hbdwprogy uuiv . I rycww if-'X "SR V 'bl -vvllflnwu ' lm "S--1. -"""'14l" il . Q, 4.,qhx,, t V Q-.,,'g,gm,,,,W Vg. . , X ,Q H,-karas. Ixxpw' . r. .m1mf 9' if f V ,wh ---' 'M S!.1,.' ! -. ' . .Q , ' 2' f.' 'H "- f ' ' K a Q 03 , .5 ' lu. ': , J F J'wa"' . . ' " I ' ffl J , f ,v" " gh :ff 24 ffltf ' Mg ,.-59, . mf- -' ,fu,y'N44 ,, N xx S I' ,abs-',-1 ' ,ffgl mg Q -r fibre .fseyr 'M "s U' ' 'F ..1 .Q-' ' it N1"'fmaQ-MJ , Dig if? fi an O, is it not a noble play we live? A play divided into many acts Wherein each plays a vital leading part. 'Z if Each act should have its history set down 4L That we may look therein and oft recall The smiles and tears and laughter that we knew. Thus for the act of life that is just past The pages of this book shall serve as chronicle. Marlin J. Sweeley 'I. left? ! 'il VIE' 3 W is ""i:.ft' I fm f .' r ',4' N d iff 1 f X P i ' fs gdb IEE? Lai' ff Em. Wi? A Eff fr E iiwer' W' ' ab TRIBUTE To our faculty, the men and women who direct us in our roles in high school and prepare us for the greater roles of life, We, the Writers of this script, humbly dedicate our Work. Ruthamm Hayes . . .a 12" , 'll' , , ' -4 , 5. V ,315 K 0 X ' 9' ir A 4 .LFS 34' if Q ff . X . 5 L- 1' I 1 :N '7 47 ' - ,V.. - QQ ' ll 1 I My uv: ' '- ' 'A.2g.iQ5i f , - ' -.W W ' I ' . I 1 ., '- .Ju x ,Am ..,. -...,. A W? ' 1 'W fi In f' ,f -pq' f, ,,.,. ,, , ,f mfdfj' , 4 + WYW16 ynm-11199414-5-.mW:"'Hwww ww f-fill' 'F'-.?C'4R9Qwat4 vc- fp.:-759-fc' . . wife, ,K fm. .fM,-f22e,ffww , ,-we tif rx ,-c,:w:..:1w w.f,-pw we f 'A if Vf'-':',P'fzf-'?W "W ". 3'-Yvf2N, ,x"j'T 9 "Fl f"'Ifi1"ff5 5IlL4E'fff.f:1"fi ,AQ W fff i--':'2f ,-' ?",'3 W? ff", ' J'4x1,f1'2J',4,jwQ Y "'i'H",2vH'f 1 3: -'91-,ki 'i5AI,1',f'f'IJ'9s 5- 5v"Lv5:ff'1:,:'-.',, QFD? ffflfi ,glfhhi Ir A ff' Af- M wif' 'ffl' ,697 V' 1155 "Q 1 'T Z "ze ' ' ffl "!:3Y7f3'..""i" zfz'-im -JQN5' 1" 517 Q'-'11 f."f"f 'b ' ' ' ,- ' A 1 x E' P ' Q. ' f M 'iff iw 'Nb H ' ' ' .f,7fs'S'i Lge ,C fx, -mfr,-. ' " f,.my,-u w ' N' ,' - '1Ac,'.215,-,,,- .f ,' " " 1111, ,-51,1 . - ' , .N q.,,.- f 1 :Y,Uv,.?.':A,1 . . "" ?J,'2l5fffffPda'-,ff-4'-,M I A I 251 L3 if 33 Y .M fi Z fm 'X i 5 swovsxs 5 Ek Prdogue Directors 'A as cz Act X . Settings cene X iii 34 Act XX YS . Action fi Q. W, exxe XX n, 3. bc? PM xx fee Q. pm m . 'tue cw qi --ull. E-phogue E 2, ?u..,,.. ' is li 1: it Awww f rfhwrlwmv N "'1"-Wm' rnuwm-gnu: ,mfr yfpmx'-Lwio.+ifY Ywwgxrv-'fgal us-Wu mf',,g,qm,w " zrqwmom .ww lb 'Z'fw'i'1e1,f,, A .' 4. b . -iwrf. 165' -- - 5 44 L. , , A 1 54,g,.',,A I --: 1 . ,. -f , . , L.1-.Luv I - 1--.. .QSM k' 3 .': ,R 4 . Q J ,. ':' ,J ' 5 lwfffff ,:' f"j-" 5-if-ff: s 7?flyiQ,'7f'-Qi" c :V 'f 3311 2 -i '4-' fiif1wyf,"' Au, " , "fSJ+s'f:4fEQFFQS f'S-UQ: P'.L5.1,y , 1- ' c S ? A ff,H5v,fF'--a 'wi' pk 9-L54 " '53T-2w:1fL- I pg Msg, ,ali-gfqe,f.3ji1XqTkx1,a' X. ",'l.,Q,EQfN ,xp ." J.M -,',-,3,1nvj,', ifq .xx-'.j,ME A, 32 -4 , 'k My i.w'11,f+'- +5119-c.+A fm-, -P -gs "'u.4.-f ffm 1 fn '- A 'c I -' 'P f 'P' . 'V+' MPV-.,'!'-".-:-1 f-B','w,-. frm lvl- fl'-'H'-'3w ,'M""'41' 'c A !":'M-1 H 54 'fW c7"'f'ff1 52:21, ' , ' H ' ' - f+14:f9+yfPw?1:Hflfmr.' rr W 'ff 1 e ' . "" "M'f255343L1AkI7!"4 W' W? W . -1 11. ' " ' 'M'-'fH45.:vk'Y':5ffLx1-HEL? 4'fX""f'1fW"' ' ., ,.,,,, :- ,. 1 V54 Ay .Q ff? lvdepfll -,V 6 , ' fp. A ' 'V- , ru' . ,Ft uwu '. - L :!'l?7!rq4 mf, Y JF.-Wavdmrwxlww I .,,n.:lW6 N J grclllrgdl Jzhugagf zltvftiap r..-mJf,,,7iL:i3 Q "MM w'm,."1ff-f' " A 'i"' l' " if M fp, if ,Q-,Sis ew in 'ii ff vv " - fr .5 Ng. 'Sk1?,..'I ',u, Q J. A . 2,13 1 .1 5 4-fin' , A ke ww... A 'Am . -N ' 5 "xaI.r4 g.1f is K 1 N . n- M-skA2"ggQ V 1,5-fr mu il -,hbw -.., , 'M Jxixn' 'H ""'N:mmii-id" . N3 ,Sy it . -fi-4 3534 "All the world's a stage, ' And all the men and women merely players. y They have their exits and their entrances, I +.i. fs And one man in his time plays many parts." -Shakespeare- "As Yon Like It" Scene VII Act II 'l'This book is entirely factual. L 1 A I Sunny 'QA All Zikenesses to events or - . ii ,gm fqwfml s'- A J v ag x2v'n'-m""'f'r f' persons, living or dead, is L :. mc. A ,agyqvljl f,3f4,!i,fif?Wx,f. f. as not accidental, but deliber- . f ij? ately premeditated? g '- 3 " ff: U if l 41 ' I V Q V 1 ' A at-n - L - X Q : Hb Y 'N HL ' . ' if N "TM . ,ii " ' A was J'-15, wk x .T M .P J 3:5 Uk r ' 1 .53 gif? ffl 7 as S 3, ,X M5 A 'if if , Jzflfjfk 'Q lag wif' -'. :ga 5s1.i15?. 2 - f 'wig HL ,.?- -' r--,.e,g:l '. 1' 55' .f A W h 3 , MM ,, , +A R- ?L. gesil 1 .xziiw - ,Y fs X' 7 ?3HE ' . 'zjfg .M k. was ,. ay ,i ,WM -V , x .. VU 1. , xx , Ava. ...R yy l Q. ' Q Q K Q 1 1. 3 A. Q 1 fa' , , 430.1 , X . ,vim A , Jiffy - ,gn . V yn., ' -A, . nga, j , ,fe . .4 A1 W-Q , e,: Y, fl yi ' 11: 2131. ,iff a' :J if . wiv 2 fy i f-25: K 153, . H 'Jr-iii :iw ,fllliiig Q- Sfiiil? A ,yn wgzfysiiil f f 22 QQ .. . A .NEA rf, -'fiiff if - , fm .ML f. f?i:i."1Q'g K- pw, , S :L .5 - . H ff' 1 . , Rf, sg AH . WY V535 ':. ii? 'X-'Pi QL X 63 F Y' . 5: K ff, 1x Y 3 2 2 Q n I V. ii. W .5 431- .75 Z 5 ws X ' Y f' .. 'vaikjfg ik it x 1 s fa pe' a, . .J 5 - 'x L , '- X fy. ,wifi i L., jg-5' X, 1 S--' j,1r,b.13, .4 L . 211:27 ' , R, 1 f if - .ig Mfg , Tigrk Q 1 A : 7 . K 5011 lreCfOl'S 1 Administration Much of the Uoratorical air" in our school origi- nates With our assistant principal who is well liked by both boys and girls. His main hobby is "Robert William." As our lead for inspiration, he keeps up the pep and ambition of our school. A. W. MORGAN Szlperinteiident B.S. Utah State Agricultural College M.S. University of Idaho GERALD WALLACE Vice P1'i11c:i1ml Dean of Boys B.A. College of Idaho A welcome addition to our leads this year is our good-natured superintendent who was for- merly head of the Blackfoot schools. He ex- pects the best in students and gets results because of the help and encouragement he gives us. One of the best workers on our cast is our efficient principal. He is always EDWARD B' ROGEL willing to help the other Pl'I.lI6l1Nll players and understudies. , 1 His hobby in life is BA' Wagiigitsu State playing golf and keeping company with a young lady who newly arrived at his home this year. ROSE M. NORTH Dean, of Girls, Co- Because of her interest in girls Qwhich is also orfliiiutor of English her hobbyb our dean has brought about the suc- cess of ra well organized Girls' League in which B'?gaSQi?gagg11ig2te every girl has a part. MIA. University of California M.A. Columbia University Under the guidance of our four leads, the ctffairs cmd actiiiities of om' school rim smoothly. With help like theirs behind us, om- school can really play a major part on our stage of life. to Right: E. ll. Olmstead, 7'rc1zs1irw',' E. F. Stettler, CIcrlr,' Frank L. Stcphang Ralph Pink, Chtlil'IIlfl7l,' Maynie Swan. Scwrr'i'rrry,' Dr. 0. T. Luke, John H. Breckenridge, Superintendent A. W. Morgan. SCHOGL B ARD The men remaining in the background and rarely receiving their just dues are the members of the school board, who unstintingly give their time and effort that we may receive the best education possible. By performing their duties, which are to set policies of curriculum, transportation, salaries, buildings, grounds, and practically everything having to do with schools, including the disbursing of funds, they link our school more closely to the community. The superintendent's place in this body is to administer the will of the board and give it his candid view of prevailing situations. Thus, the board modestly serves the American principle of free and progressive education. Though occasionally we overlook the loyal yeoman service of these citizens, deep down in our hearts we do appreciate it. MAYME SVVAN YELVA BRANDON Scr'1'etury fo thc' SlljIl'I'l'l1f0HIlf'lIf St'!7I'C'fIll"ll to flu' 1'I'i71l'ijNl1 A.B. liuiversity of Nclirrzsku Armstrong College FACU LTY JOSEPHINE THROCKMORTON English HS., University of Idaho BERNICE BABCOCK Latin American Goifernment B.A., University of Idaho M.A., University of Micchzfgan GEORGIA DEAN Biology B.A., Gooding College DOROTHY CALL VENNA ANDRASEN EVA DUNAGAN English English English A.B., Drzny Universify BS., llnifuersity of IdahoA.U. Morningside College MERCEDES PAUL , English, J01H'7lflll8lH, H2122 KATHLEEN POVEY TLA., M.A., V v 'V' Spanish, French Unllzwgifz of Iduhl' Ugg!lllIhlli?l'1-Zigi!lwllnlhllzflzo'I-A-, UH1"1'e1'Sif?l Of Idaho . J. RANNEY Consumer Efffmomif-s IJEROY HUGHES DOROTHY WESTENFELDPIR Hjsmyy, Coach C07l7Xl?'I,6VOIIl,l-Lflflll H7jSf,,,.y, Sociology B.S. Utah State BS '?f7'1fZ-074 Bfgslngfsld h ILA., Ll7'l,ll'Il6'I'S1lfjj of Idaho Ag7'Z'!77llf2l7'U-l College f- O '7W'W97 Z! 0, U 0 HELEN MINIER GRACE SHENEBERGHER JOHN D. FLATT Biology Physics, Business Chemistry, Coach A.B., Universify of Ariflzmeticr B.S., University of Nebraska B.A., University of Idaho Spokane ' HENRY POWERS THELMA TOLLEFSON Algelrra, Geometry Geomvtry, Algobra Coarlz Trigovzonzefry HA., ll'I'Ii'1lCl'Slf'Il of ldf4fh0B.S., Iowa State College ELFRIEDE REINSDORF FLORENCE REES Typing S12l'l'l7l'L, Play Production I3.S., l77l'l?VC7'S'lf!j of Idaho ILA., IVIIHIIIIWZQIIPTI Staff' College BERT CHRISTIANSON Band, Pep Bafral RICHARD 5MITH Orvllcsfra B.S., L'ni1'vrsity North Dalfofa ILA., L'niz'e'1'sify of North Dfllcofu JUANITA SUTCLIFE GLADYS W. WHITE HELEN LINDENMAN Blmmess English Sfenograph y, Typing Boolflcmfpmg A.I?., Simpso71Collr'gf' B-S., U7'l7'F7'Slf?l Uf ldflhfl AGNES SCHVBEIYT LAWRENCE MAYER Arts, HfllIdZf'7'fl-ffS Hmm, AMS Manual Arts ILA., U'ni'1mrsity of Mecfhrrnizfal Ilrawing Soafhffrn Califorlzia ILS., Orrfgon Sfafe Collvge IWARJQRIEYALBEFQTSQN YALE, HOLLAND Muszc baperivzsm , ful., .11.M., Aw'1CHlf'f"f lvlIIl'e"VSlfjl of Irlalzo HS., lv7lf1.l'l'I'Slfjl of Idaho ISAE1-BL. CTOQIJNOUGII MADELINE GARVIN .zlnazzaw . Home El'IIlIllllliI'S BONNIE LANG? HA. Uni1.fers1'tz,1or'O,-ggon Physival Erlacatzvon B-S-, KCHYASUS Sfflfi' Home ECm1f"'HCS B.A.L.S. Uniifefsify of Uniwfrsity of Idaho College HS., Uni11o1'sity of Idaho WdSh'l7Lgt0Hf Southern Branch Cuttings From Our Pla To breathe or not to breathe Senior girls polish apples charmingly Bill introduces an honored guest A faculty panel upholds our school Last year's Prom deserved another .,. WY ,Y A Second Row: Gerald Wallace, Sponsorg Garth Reid, Central Bank, LeRoy Hughes, School Bank, Edward B. Rogel, Sponsor. First Row: Norman Johnson, Treasurerg Lucile Thomas, Secretcw'y,' Bob Jones, President. Student Council A program for keeping our school clean and also one for increasing student activity through the 100W membership drive were the aims of the Student Council as they started off the school year. Cooperating in every detail with the faculty and students, the Student Council has tried to promote good feeling both between schools and among ourselves. During the year, they have promoted a drive for stopping snow ball- ing, selling defense stamps, and saving paper for defense. The motto of the Student Council this year was "Conduct meetings in a business-like manner." There is not a person on the Council who does not now have a well-grounded idea of parliamentary law. The Student Council appreciates the cooperation shown this year, and we hope that, when the curtains part for a new September opening, the actors will give whole-hearted support again. Seated: Margaret Detweiler, Barbara Price, Joan Lindenman, Joan Benoit, Lucile Thomas Hilma Sweet, Mary Alice Buchanan, Julia McBride, Glen Terry. Standing: Bob Jones, Dick Lawrence, Otto Florence, Bob Norton, Ed Chapin, Bob Barnett Bob Detweiler, Bob Van Engelen, Bill Merritt, Norman Johnson, Dick Salladay. President . . . BOB JONES Secretary . . LUCILE THOMAS E Treasurer . . NORMAN JOHNSON Senior President . . . Senior Secretary-Treasurer . Senior Representative . . Senior Representative . Junior President . . . Junior Secretary-Treasurer . Junior Representative . . . . ED CHAPIN . HILMA SWEET . BOB HARNETT . DICK SALLADAY BOB IVAN ENGELEN . . BOB NORTON . BILL MERRITT Sophomore President . . . . BOB DETWEILER Sophomore Secretary-Treasurer Sophomore Representative . Boys' Club President . . . BARBARA PRICE JOAN LINDENMAN . . . OTTO FLORENCE Girls' League President . . . MARGARET DETWEILER School Pep . . . . . . DICK LAWRENCE School Welfare . . MARY ALICE BUCHANAN School Eligibility . .... JOAN BENOIT Boys Sports . . Girls Sports . . GLEN TERRY . JULIA MCBRIDE Seated: Bill Halley, Assistant Editorg Norman Johnson, Editor. Standing: Gladys W. White, Sponsorg Frank Bracken, Business Managerg Marian Griggs, Assistant Business Manager. COYOTE Snapping pictures at odd moments, disrupting classes, and generally snooping, the COYOTE staff starts the school year off with a bang and continues banging until the last copy is delivered. The two driving forces responsible for this year's book are Miss Gladys White, sponsor, and Norman Johnson, editor. To these might Well be added photographer, proof-reader, salesman, and a list going on into the night. To Miss Agnes Schubert goes a vote of thanks for her help and guidance in the art sections. George Millward, a last year's graduate, receives our plaudits, too, for some of the outstanding "shots" appearing. As you read the prose and poetry and look at the pictures, you Won't think of the Work, and the staff doesn't intend that you should, but only of the pleasant memories and classmates of the eventful year of 1942. So, with the hope that you thoroughly enjoy every page of it, the COYOTE staff lays down its pen and puts away its camera and typewriters to re- cuperate for another year. Pubhcanon Staff oi Senior Rc'1n'esentufi1ws Bob Barnett Mary Jane Shearer Junior Rcfpreseozfrzfivcs David Figge Robin Blaser Composition Editors Carmen Vazquez Julia McBride Mary Jane Neely Joan Lindenman Marjorie Holloway Celestine Salmon Jennie Siggins Gwen Helfrecht Sports Editor Mel Hulbert Ar! Editors Ruthann Hayes Agnes Schubert Grace Bruley Typists Doris Ann Sherwood Erma Lea Skinner Photography Arriel Green George Millward 1' X U -.. ,,--, V. ---.,--. ..,..---- Marie Louden, Shirley Hintz, Karl Front Row: Bob Bandy, Mel Hulbert. ' Brown, Ben Hughes Back Row: Betty Lou Woods, Betty Rhea Stewart, Marian Tolbert. Mary Helen Clapper, Editor, Mercedes J. Paul, Sponsor, Tom Jones, Editor. Darhl self, Marilyn Webb, Bill Haney. Dean Joslin, ,Grace Bfuley, Pa? Day, Mary Ann Duerig, Bonnie Jean Pigg. QUILL AND SCROLL-First Row: Vera Goodman, Tom Jones, Marian Griggs, Mary Helen Clapper, Betty Rhea Stewart, Norman Johnson. Second Row: Julia McBride, Mercedes J. Paul, Sponsor, Betty Lou Woods, Bonnie Jean Pigg, Dean Joslin. Third Row: Mel Hulbert, Marian Tolbert, Marlin Sweeley, Grace Bruley, Bill Halley. BRUIN To the sponsor, Mrs. Paul, the editors-in-chief, Mary Helen Clapper and Tom Jones, and their assistants goes the credit for the "Bruinettes," 'tSeen and Heard," and all the good things we have read the past year. It would be hard to imagine our school without our excellent school paper. QLIILL AND SCROLL Outstanding high school journalists, 15 in number, comprise Quill and Scroll for this year. The privilege of wearing the small gold quill and scroll insignia proves the students' accom- plishments in writing. G. A. A. - First Row: Betty Edmondson, Julia McBride, Elner Atnip, Ann Allen, Olea Babbel, Madeline Garvin, Sponsovg' Alice Gec, Dorothy Neely. Second Row: Dorthy Earl, Mary Jane Chugg, Vera Goodman, Margaret Lewis, Fae Hoover, Gwen Davis. Third Row: Helen House, Carmen Vazquez, Marion Taylor, Ellen Howard, Grace Bruley, Genevieve Benoit, Betty Jacky, Joan Benoit, Maxine Fisher, Alice Harral. 1"o1n'fh Row: Shirley Green- halgh, Susan Ikenborry, Ruthann Hayes, Margaret Detweiler, Mary Virginia Benson, Jean Havens, Maxine Beath. i Cleanin up after the G.A.A. Play Day. 7- Playing for the ping pong title. fn.g.,Q.,,,, BRUIN CLUB - First Row: Bill Emerick, Carl Higgins, Eugene Malone, David Barry, Glen Terry, Bruce Stansbury. Second Row: Dick Price, Wayne Fuller. Lyle Pearson, Bob Bandy, Ralph Olmstead, George Mann. Third Row: Ed Chapin, Bill McDonald, Mel Hulbert, Bob Van Engelen, Tom Cartney, Stan Pettygrove. Fourth. Row: Don Mahoney, Max Petersen, Otto Florence, M. C. Cranney, Sponsor, Dick Brizee, Hank Powers, Sponsor, Don Kottraba, Glenn Gibb, Ted Florence, Dennett Anderson fno picturcj. G. A. A. G.A.A. stands for fun! It is open to any girl in the school. and is lcd by Miss Garvin, sponsor. With such a variety of sports as volleyball, tennis, basketball, badminton, and ping- pong, every girl can find something in which to participate. BRUIN CLUB Under the leadership of president, Mel Hulbert, and sponsors, M. C. Cranney and Hank Powers, these lettermen have contributed to the success of many athletic activities. As it is an honorary athletic club, all boys aspire to become members. First Row: Joan LeClair, Vice P0'es'ident,' Margaret Detweiler, Presidentg Maxine Niessen, Treasurer. Second Row: Rose M. North, Sponson' Bernice Babcock, Cfmccssions. P ? At Executive Council Meeting Our Annual Kiddies Christmas Party iN ON Zlilmis i'hampirm and RlH'I?I,67'- Tennis ClLC17H19!Oll, I3EtdHL?.71.f0'H- Champion, and Rim- np: Marie Louden, Ula Harmon Marie Lou en ner-up: Betty Jacky, Pearl Babbel Our Golf Team li!,'g,A!7j' Ql,-,Nj Girls' League Do-Nut Champions , , A Miki - Girl? League We are high school girls! We are American girls! Our motto is "In unity there is strength." In working and playing together We find real happiness. We are democracy in action! As the women of tomorrow we will be prepared to meet life with knowledge, courage, and character. Girls' League Unit Officers SENIOR UNIT-First Roz:-: Norma Dickey, Helen Minier, Spnnsm-5 Mary Coughlin, Ruby Kawai. Second Row: Mary Alice Buchanan, Dorothy Ann Neely, Vera Goodman, Janet Pink, Joan Benoit, Eva Dunham. Third Row: Julia McBride, Virginia W'olter, Grace Bruley, Dorothy Van Engelen, Gwen Helfrecht. JUNIOR UNIT-Firsf Row: Ruthann Hayes, Marian Teasley, Ann Ellsworth, Josephine Throckmorton, Sprmso-rg Marian Griggs, Julienne Werne1'. Second Row: Arlene Richardson, Susan Ikenberry, Joan LeClair, Leatrice Bell, Dorothy Cockrell. Third Row: Mary Virginia Benson, Charlotte Richardson, Celestine Salmon, Ollie Fern Seeord. SOPHOMORE UNIT-First Row: Corinne McBeth, Shirley Hayes, Georgia Dean, Spousorg Marilyn Heinrich, Barbara Price. Second Row: Margaret Frazier, Peggy Haggardt, Dorothy Krengel, Virginia Hafer, Gloria Wilson, Carmen Vazquez, Vanetta Paddock, Madge Hay- ward, Charlotte Thompson. BOYS' CLUB OFFICERS Otto Florence, 1'r0sirlcnt,' Gerald Wallace, Sponsorg Ted Bechcr, Sccretfcry-Trr'asurer. EXECUTIVE COUNCIL First Row: Lyle Pearson, Carl Higgins, Jim Williams. Second Row: Ted Becher, Otto Florence, LeRoy Hughes, Junior Sponsorg John Flatt, Senioo Sponsorg Gerald Wallace, Sophomore Spfmsoly' Wayne Fuller, Don Kottraba. Boys' Club Because of the condition of world affairs many of the Boys' Club projects have been patriotic in nature. The sale of defense stamps, the construction of stretchers for the Red Cross, the construction of model airplanes for the government, and the appointment of air raid wardens for the school have been some of these projects. Other activities were a Hospitality Committee for new students, Shoe Shine Week, Color Week, an assembly for mothers and Club members and Do-Nut League basketball. During the football and basketball seasons peanuts, pop, and programs were sold at games. The most important social events of this past year have been the annual Christmas Dance on December 12 and the Father and Son Banquet held on April 14. Boys' Club Activities Class "A" Do-Nut League Champions- A Class "B" Do-Nut League Champions- Left to Right: Maurice Tatlock, Clark First Row: Richard Hunter, Don Neilsen, Robertson, Don Fortune, Dick Waite, Jack Robert Neilsen. Second Row: Wayne Gard- Benoit, Archie Webber. ner, Frank Reed, Norman Johnson. , Mr. Morgan and Santa at the Christmas A Boys Club Dance Dance Virgil Hubbard, the cham- pion program and peanut We get our shoes shined Another source of revenue vendor. 1,9 !,141.n1A-,fL, THESPIAN-First Row: Mary Jane Shearer, Florence M. Rees, Sponsovg' Hilma Sweet, Mary Alice Buchanan, Carlton McMullin, Bruce Stansbury.Seco1Ld Row: Lucy Mulvihill, Pauline Sowle, Elnora Mae Rutherford, Julia McBride, Ruth Adell Smith, Margaret Detweiler, Vir- ginia McBride, Grace Wegener, Charles Gilb. Third Row: Dick Salladay, Lou Haggardt, Stella Grenz, Susan Ikenberry, Maxine Niessen, Celestine Salmon, Norma Dickey, Joan Benoit, Olive Wells, Bob Jones. Fourth Row: Dick Lawrence, Betty McVey, Mary Lou Graham, Ruthann Hayes, Bill Reynolds, Gwen Helfrecht, Kenneth Husted. Fifth Row: Junior Hansen, Bob Reed, Robin Blaser, David Figge, Jim DeKlotz, Marie Louden, Loyd Thompson, Ed Chapin, Bill March. Sixth Row: Bob Mills, Franklin McMullin, Howard Ronk, Bill Halley, Jim Hayden. HOME ECONOMICS CLUB-First Row: Thelma Phelps, Corinne McBeth, Imogene Beath, Madge Hayward, Mary Frances Bunn, Margaret Lcwis, Bonnie Smith, Dortha Rush. Second Row: Lucy Mulvihill, Melva Murri, Maxine Fisher, Juanita Conarty, Mary Lohr, June Newcomb, Lois Olson. Third Row: Mary Tadlock, Edith Jinks, Charlotte Thompson, Miriam Murphy, Leona May Cullinan, Vera Goodman, Zola Bartlett, Norma Porter. Fourth Row: Betty Toupin. Ellen Howard, Isabel Hills, Arlene Erickson. Fifth Row: Marian Centers, Evelyn Shirck, Pat Graves, Marion Taylor, Virginia Campbell, Juanita Sutcliff, Sponsor. THESPIAN Thespian stands for the highest ideals and appreciation of drama and dramatic literature. It brings development of confidence, poise, and self-assurance to each participant. In Troupe No. 256 in Twin Falls High, fifty-five members are working to obtain the dis- tinction of best Thespian in the local group. Could any motto be more appropriate than "Act well your part, for there all honor lies"'? HOME ECONOMICS CLUB The Home Economics Club is never idle. These girls have generously given their time to help make our school activities a success. The girls have cooperated many times with the Girls' League and the Boys' Club in serving refreshments. Their aims are to develop social poise, personality, leadership, and initiative. If any organization merits applause, it is the Home Economics Club. or PEP BAND-First Rolo: La Verne Schiff, Bob Ryman, June Reed. Second Row: Dick Mad' sen, Roy Brewer, Larry Meech, Bob Mills, Bert Christianson, Director. Third Row: Richard Hunter, Bob Bates, Wayne Fuller, Harold Lockhart, Earl Dougherty. Fourth Row: Bill Merritt, Jack Benoit, Ted Becher, Paul Taber, Wallace Brownfield, Renno Teasley, Billy Garrison, Junior Hansen, Gail Poulton. Fifth Row: Bill Lake, Don Moore, Don Nefzger, Dennett Anderson, Carlton McMullin, Dick Commons, Bill Stephens, Don Neilsen. PEP CLUB-First Row: Archie Webber, Olive Wells, Dorothy Call, Sponsor, Lucile Thomas, Dick Lawrence. Second Row: Joan Benoit, Dorothy Krengel, Ruthann Hayes, Dorthy Earl, Barbara Price, Charles Gilb. Third Row: Jack Benoit, Bob Ryman, Bob Wallace, Arthur PEP BAND The Pep Band numbered 36 members this year. The largest group in the history of this organization in Twin Falls. Under the direction of Mr. Christianson, the Pep Band has appeared in a variety of radio broadcasts, pep assemblies, pep rallies, and in distinctive and colorful marching appearances on the football field and in the gym. The band also was featured at the Merchants' Fall Opening and at the Farmers' Day event. Important additional feature on its list of activities for the year was the trip to Pocatello during the State Basketball Tournament. Wayne Fuller and Carlton McMullin were president and vice-president, Jack Benoit, librarian, Bob Ryman, drum major. June Reed, LaVerne Schiff, Eva Stokes, and Orpha Stokes twirled their way into the hearts of student body members and townfolks alike. PEP CLUB Pep Club has outstanding personnel, spirit, and enthusiasm according to Miss Call, who sponsors the organization. Responsible for pep assemblies and other activities pertaining to athletic events, the club stands ready to inject the spark of school spirit whenever a little pepper-up is needed. Pub- licity is handled by its members, programs are distributed at games, ushers are provided, and yells are led. Becher. First Row: June Reed, Lester Jacky, Wesley Martyn, Bob Bates, Bobby Doolittle, Richard Madsen, Virginia Hafer, Barbara Montgomery, Roy Brewer, Charles Greene. Second Row: Bill Sahlberg, Dale Atkinson, Junior Hansen, Alvin Jenkins, Renno Teasley, Paul Taber, Howard Allen, Ted Becher. Third Row: Bill Iron, Dennett Anderson, Wallace Brownfield, John Rappleye, Don Fortune, Peggy Lou Lintz, Vaughn Bolingbroke, Jim Hayden. Fourth Row: Don Moore, Bob Ryman, Dick Victor, Wendell Schenk, Murray North, Bill Merritt, Bill Lake, Bob Norton. BAD Carrying on the fine tradition which it has established during the past few years, the Senior Band, directed in both its marching and concert capacities by Bert Christianson, has rendered great service to the community and school which support it. Foremost in the year's activities were the fall and spring concerts. In the music presented at these concerts everyone could find something to suit his taste. There were whole movements of symphonies, rousing marches, trick arrangements of old favorites, and the very latest in swing. One of the outstanding contributions of the band was its appearance at every football game, rain or shine. A feature highlight of many a game was the marching drill at the half. First Row: Rollins Johnson, Bill McDonald, Bonnie Smith, Jeane Jenkins, Wayne Fuller, Larry Meech, Margaret Ryman, Orpha Stokes, Eva Stokes, Jack Benoit, LaVerne Schiff. Second Row: Ken- neth Latham, Harold Lockhart, Donnalee Smith, Ellen Goodykoontz, Evelyn Shirck, Earl Dougherty, Ed Nielsen, Genevieve Crowley, Joy Smith, Richard Orcutt. Third Row: Bob Mills, Harold Pownall, Ruth Hartman, Winifred Bebee, Bill Garrison, Martell Yates, Jack Gott, Gail Poulton. Fourth Row: Dick Commons, Dallas Jackson, Carlton McMullin, Don Neilsen, Franklin McMullin, Kenneth Lierman, Bill Stephens, Glen Terry, Bert Christianson, Director. BAD In three of the city parades the band played an important part, and presented the first exchange assembly of the year at Kimberly. When plans for the music festival were made, the dome really shook and shivered with their preparations. After the festival the band put all its energy into preparing its final appearance, a marching exhibition at Lincoln Field. In this short summary of a year's activities it is plain to see that the band has done as much as any other single organization to represent the best that Twin Falls High School has to offer to the city and surrounding communities. Q Choir Personnel Left Side: Gevene Hawkins, Elaine Michaels, Virginia McBride, Maxine Beath, Margaret Detweiler, Doris Ann Sherwood, Norma Stokesberry, Betty Edmondson, Isabel Hills, Helen House, Helen Blue. .Middle Row: Daryl McArthur, Bill Shepherd, Phillip Cullinan, Carroll Higgins, Lyle Heider, Carlton McMu1lin, Lyle Pearson, Ed Carroll, Bob Goddard, Earl Dougherty, Marlin Sweeley, Bill Reynolds. Right Row: Thelma Phelps, Lucy Mulvihill, Mary Jane Shearer, Mary Tadlock, Nyle Tyler, Virginia Knight, Olive Wells, June McNeely, Gwen Helfrecht, Ollie Fern Secord, Grace Burdick, Helen Nesby, Pat Graves, Bernice Hill, Maxine Haskins, Mildred Jennings. Back Row: Bob Barnett, La Vere Waring, Carl Riedeman, Roy Adamson, Clarence Dudley, Jim Saviers, John Nesby, Roger Stafford, Bob Neilsen. A Capella Choir The A Cappella Choir of over 50 voices has assumed under the direction of Miss Marjorie Albert- son its rightful place as one of the outstanding organizations of the school and community. The schedule of the choir and of the various soloists and small musical groups associated with the choir has been completely filled during the entire school year. Talent from the choir has appeared for almost every organization in the city and for several in other cities. Major appearances of the organization were the three annual concerts-the formal Autumn Concert, which was a pageant of American music and was climaxed with the stirring Ballad For Americans, the impressive Christmas Vesper service, and the light, tuneful Spring Revue. The choir also sang for the Twin Falls Christmas opening, the Easter sunrise service at Shoshone falls, baccalaureate, and the commencement, and for several assemblies and patriotic rallies. The repertory has ranged from the great religious music of Bach and Palestrina to the simple folk songs of the American mountaineer and the lovely spirituals of the American Negro. High point of the year's work was the choir's participation in the Spring Music Festival. We confidently expect the choir to increase in artistic stature each year and to let each achievement be only a stepping stone to the next. Music Club First Row: Mary Jane Shearer, Eva Dunham, Virginia McBride, Doris Ann Sherwood, Norma Andrews. Second Row: Gwen Helfrecht, Grace Burdick, Miss Marjorie Albertson, Sponsor, Verla Petzoldt. Third Row: Carroll Higgins, Clarence Dudley, Marlin Sweeley, Bob Barnett. The Music Club is an honorary association affiliated with the choir. Its membership is limited to 15 soloists whose work is considered outstanding by the sponsor and a committee composed of the club officers. This year the club has had two aims: first, to study the great music and great artists of the past and present: and, second, to promote the interests of music in the school and city. Since members are primarily interested in vocal music, programs have been largely composed of the study of the great operas and the famous vocalists. Plans are being made, however. to include in the membership outstanding members of the band and orchestra and also to increase the scope of the programs. Climax of the year's activities was the first annual Music Club program recital, which dealt'with famous scenes from light opera. ORCHE TRA This year under the direction of Mr. Richard Smith the orchestra has blossomed out into an organi- zation of real interest and service to the school and community. In addition to its two annual ap- pearances - the Autumn Concert with the choir and the Spring Concert with the band - the orchestra presented a program for the Town Hall Association, furnished intermission music for all three plays of the year, played for several assemblies, furnished soloists and groups to several organizations outside of school and completed the year with a performance at baccalaureate. Culmination of the year's hard rehearsing was the District Music Festival, held this year at Rupert. Personnel First Violin Julia McBride Dorothy Ann Neely Ruby Kawai Max Petersen June Seaton June McNeely Imogene Beath Julienne Werner Wayne Gardner Eldon Fisher Frank Goodykoontz Ray Neilsen Second Violin Ellen Howard Margaret Lewis Nadine Boettcher Vanetta Paddock Lynnette Smith Virginia Francis Roy King Richard Snow Verneal Crossley Jack Allred Lawrence Paxton Viola, Mary Ruth King Patricia Mulvihill Beverly Richardson Glendon Greene Cello Beverly Greenwell Marilyn Heinrich Dorothy Butler Valera Gates George Pickett Orpha Stokes Bass Glenn Jones Dahlia DeWitt Patsy Jo Anderson Dallas Feav Flute Margaret Ryman Eva Stokes Oboe Genevieve Crowley Clcwinets Larry Meech Wayne Fuller Saacophones Bob Mills Don Fortune Bassoon Richard Orcutt Joy Smith Cornets Ted Becher Howard Allen Renno Teasley French Horns Gail Poulton Jack Gott Troonbones Glen Terry Don Neilsen Bill Stephens Tu bn Dick Commons D rum s Don Moore Bill Merritt Tympani Bob Ryman Piano Murray North Cymbals C. L. Luke Music Between Acts! The Pep Band practices in the afternoon- -then struts its stuff at night The Choir in formal concert The Girls' Glee Club at Christmas Vespers The Choir in full dress The Orchestra Grace and Verlu entertain First Row: Franklin McMullin, LeRoy McNeely, Howard Ronk. Second Row: Yale Hol- land, Sponsorg George Pickett, Kenneth Smith, Merl DeBoard, Gilbert Fields, Kenneth Howells. Third Row: Bill Newbry, Wayne Beus, Nicholas Yragui, Dean Jaynes, Joe Newbry, Leo Johnson, Norman Shaw, Hubert Hicks. Fourth Row: Ralph Kirkman, Don Dean, Jack Giese, Don Ward, Albert Billington, Lawrence Golay, Clifford Jones, Jim Kevan, Alden Arrington. Fifth Row: Orem Hyde, Russel Jesser, Earl Dougherty, Junior Hansen, Eugene Champlin, Robert Huether, Jim Hayden. The F.A.A. float On a trip through Yellowstone Weighing calves The boys look over a crop of beets Future Farmers of America The F.F.A. got off to a flying start by topping last year's membership of 56 with the grand total of 77. Several projects were held this year among which were a steer sale at which Future Farmers from all chapters were invited to buy feeder steers, and another a prize winning float entered in the Fourth of July parade. But it isn't all work for the F.F.A. boys. In November a joint Home Economics and F.F.A. chili supper followed by a roller skating party was held. Some of the boys also enjoyed a week's trip to Yellowstone Park last summer. The basketball team won the District Bas- ketball Championship. Gilbert Fields won the District Public Speaking Contest while Dean Jaynes was winner of the Union Pacific scholarship. Jack Giese was named alternate. 5 T! 5 i Q3 ,S 3 Y , is Q wx 2 2 SE ? 5 Q E 2 Q 3 2 5 S E R TWIN FALLS HIGH 1941-42 Twin Falls . 20 Oakley . 0 Twin Falls . 25 Gooding . 0 Twin Falls . 7 Nampa . 0 Twin Falls . 13 Filer . . 0 Twin Falls . 0 Pocatello . 54 Twin Falls . 28 Caldwell . . 0 Twin Falls . 19 Idaho Falls 7 Twin Falls 7 Boise . . . 0 Total . . . 119 61 PRE-TOURNAMENT Twin Falls . . 41 Caldwell . 18 Twin Falls . 28 Nampa . 33 Twin Falls . 21 Boise 29 Twin Falls . 32 Gooding . 25 Twin Falls . 24 Nampa . 25 Twin Falls . 17 Burley . 37 Twin Falls . 36 Idaho Falls 29 Twin Falls . 49 Caldwell . 28 Twin Falls . 43 Jerome T 26 Twin Falls . 29 Filer . 26 Twin Falls . 45 Pocatello . 31 Twin Falls . 23 Oakley . 32 Twin Falls . 39 Boise . 33 Twin Falls . 35 Rupert . 30 Twin Falls . 46 Idaho Falls 57 Twin Falls . 29 Pocatello . 32 Twin Falls . 44 Burley . 28 Twin Falls . 38 Oakley . 30 Twin Falls . 39 Filer . 32 Twin Falls . 42 Gooding . 29 Twin Falls . 32 Rupert . 30 Twin Falls . . 32 Jerome . 29 Total . . 732 630 DISTRICT TOURNAMENT Twin Falls . . 48 Filer . 14 Twin Falls . . 44 Gooding . 40 Twin Falls . 57 Buhl 18 Twin Falls . 39 Burley . 32 Twin Falls . 20 Oakley . 21 Twin Falls . 50 Oakley . 28 Total . . . 258 139 STATE TOURNAMENT Twin Falls . . 31 Lewiston . . . 32 Twin Falls . . 44 Sugar Salem . . 36 Twin Falls . . 28 Boise . . . 39 Total .... 103 112 Idaho Southern Invitational Winner South Central Invitational Winner Sub District Winner State Champions District Winner Henry C. Powers Monroe C. Cranney John D. Flatt 'tHank', "Dode" "Decoy" OUR COACHE "Hank," "Dode," and "Decoy" were at it again. They started the season off with a bang fwith the help of the teamj, and kept it booming. "Hank" is really loyal to the team, although he failed to wear our colors during color week. Can we ever forget his great talent at yell leading? He's the one who gives the boys a friendly C75 spat Whenever they go on or come off the field. "Dode" is the one who paces the floor for us. Remember when he wore his old Oakley sweater the first time we played Oakley last year? And "Decoy." We couldn't get along without him. He trains the cubs to be prepared for the day when they will be old enough to be called Bruins. All summer he worked outside, strengthening his muscles so that he could do hard work with the boys in the fall. YELL LE DER g Archie Webber W in Olive Wells Lucile Thomas Dick Lawrence ,,MEH.f W. 1 W Q- 1 Glen Terry, Co-Ca,ptu,1'11, Fullbowk Don Jinks, Co-Cfzptczin, GfIld'l'f1 Mel Hulbert, Halfbaclc Don Ward, Tackle The Kottraba Spread! Jack Giese, Guard The Bruins score in the Idaho Falls game Glenn Gibb, Qunwteoflmck Don Mahoney, End Carl Higgins, Halfback QW Don Kottraba, Center Don Fortune, Res. Guard Dick Brizee, Res. End A bit of action in the Filer game Eugene Malone an Pettygrove' End Hulbert spills the ball carrier Res. Qurzrferbnclf Dennett Anderson, Tackle Rudolph Stecklein, Res. Halfbaek Bob Bandy, Res. Centel Lyle PQRTSOH, RHS- Hfblfbrlclc Nyle Hoover, Res. Tackle Forrest MacMullen, Rvs. End Au Idaho Falls player takes a tumble Phil Kottraba, Res. Center Terry just can't be stopped Bill Sahlberg, Res. Turflsle fl'11,sw'tJ Jack and Bill Jones, lWll'Il,ClgCl'S Bob Van Engelen, Res. Tackle David Barry, Res. Guard Bill McDonald, Res. End FOQTBALL What provides more thrills and excitement than a hard fought football game, played in the crisp autumn air? Well, very few things if any in our estimation and with this pack of brawny Bruins to furnish the excitement we're pretty sure you feel the same way. Boasting 7 wins to only 1 loss they finished their season on Armistice Day by de- feating the Boise Braves 7 to 0. By this victory we clinched second place in the Big 6 Conference. Pocatello placed first by a slim half game margin. Coached by "Hank" Powers, whose able assistant is "Dode" Cranney, the Bruins have lost only one game in three years on their home field. ' These boys were given special mention on the all state teams for their outstanding performance during the season: Jack Giese, Don Jinks, Dennett Anderson, Glenn Gibb, Mel Hulbert and Glen Terry. BASKETBALL The addition of basketball into the Big 6 Conference this year brought to Twin Falls some of the state's outstanding teams to compete against our own powerful quintet. In the final conference standing we placed fourth with Boise taking top laurels. These determined sharpshooters brought to Twin Falls the district championship for the first time in 6 years, and placed three of their members on the unofficial dis- trict teams: Glenn Gibb, Otto Florence, and Mel Hulbert. Glenn topped all scorers for the district and set an all time record. He also won a berth on the all state team. Playing almost double the number of games as last year, the team won 21 and lost only 10. They were beaten only 3 times on their home floor. This was a very success- ful year for the team and their coach, "Dode', Cranney, who after only two years in Twin Falls, coached our team to the championship of the district. Nice going fellas!! 3 Q 's 2 s S E52 xy' Q ja xi ig? 1 X Mm.. x Qwmm5.e.. .1' ,, Ylsgs .2 Nb. , QEKKVW 'Sgr' TRACK Although track meets fail to attract large crowds of spectators, they do not fail to furnish first class entertainment and excitement. If you have never watched a close race with the runners neck and neck coming out of the back stretch, rounding the final curve, and then sprinting for the tape, you're missing one of the greatest thrills in sports. And this is just a part of what goes on at every meet. Sometimes the race may end in record time, or it may fall short, but it is always a thrill to watch our boys try. Every spring when most people get that satisfied feeling with life and begin thinking of sleeping in the shade, these boys are working hard to condition their bodies and lengthen their wind to prepare for the coming contests. The most important meets are the state meet at Boise and the Idaho Southern invitational meet at Pocatello. Last year Twin Falls won both meets with only 14 men participating in each. This year Twin Falls played host to the Big 6 Con- ference, the first of its kind held in the state. Emerick, Peamrfopgeiflilglggilnls and Brizee Hulbert Clears the bar Look out! Here goes a Stansbury rounds the curve A mighty discus thrower new record and starts the last lap is Brizee ken-9f'i5 4 X tam.. . , - , . First Row: Clark Robertson, Ruth Adell Smith, Margaret Detweiler, Bob Barnett. Second Row: Dick Salladay, Bill Merritt, Ed Chapin, Bill March. Third Row: Murray North, Gerald Wallace, Sponsorg Leeroy Ehlers. DEBATE All the world's a stage, and while stu dents were also playing their parts in other activities, the Twin Falls high school debate teams were staging an act of their own. The question discussed was, Resolved: That every able-bodied male citizen in the United States should have one year of compulsory military training be- fore attaining the present draft age. The first real tourney of the year was an invitational meet at Burley on February 14. Our debaters won sixteen debates out of twenty thereby Winning the Class B event. Bill Merritt and Leroy Ehlers, Murray North and Clark Robertson were in the finals. Later four of the squad went up to Boise for a few fast rounds with the Braves and other debaters from various parts of the state. Here they met a new interpretation of the question! This tournament was the second annual tournament sponsored by the Boise Statesman. Our teams represented this district at state tournament held at the University of Idaho, Southern Branch on April 10 and 11. This honor came to them by winning both the A and B brackets at the District meet April 1. The All School Play They have their exits and their entrances in the Magnificent Obsession. Success or failure for the Doctor She loves me - She loves me not The pulse beat of the climax The Magnificent Gbsession Humor, joy, and tragedy were all combined when students from the senior, junior and sophomore classes presented THE MAGNIFICENT OBSESSION by Lloyd C Douglas. The play was based on the theory that "a man can have anythi he wants -do anything he wishes." , THURSDAY Robin Blaser . Grace Wegener . Mary Alice Buchanan Midge Robertson Dorothy Cockrell Bob Barnett . Jennie Siggins . Virginia McBride Steve Cox . Junior Moseley . Bill Roberson . Bill Henderson . Virginia Wolter . Ruthann Hayes . Margaret Detweiler Dick Salladay . Ruth Adell Smith Tom Cartney . Loyd Thompson . Donald Quiggle . Marian Tolbert . Billy Armga . Lloyd Hannaman Vera Goodman . Cast Of Characters Un order of Appearancej PROLOGUE Randolph-A Sculptor . . Sophistication-A Questioner . Youth-Seeking Knowledge . . Miss Danvers-A Secretary . Mildred Briggs-A Nurse . Doctor Jennings .... Miss Picket-A Nurse . . . Susanne Carson-Student Nurse in Act Ig Graduate Nurse in Act IV. Doctor Carter .... Doctor McDermott . Doctor Pyle . Messenger . PLAY Nancy Ashford . . Martha-Dr. Hudson's Cook . . Helen Hudson- Doctor Hudson's Wife . . Monty Brent .... Joyce Hudson . Bob Merrick . Dr. Wayne Hudson . Perry - A Gardener . Mrs. Wickes . John Wickes . . Doctor Jack Dawson . Marian Dawson . FRIDAY . Robin Blaser . Grace Wegener Mary Alice Buchanan . Lois Gail Beam . Elaine Durling Bob Barnett . Jennie Siggins Julienne Werner . . Steve Cox . Junior Moseley Franklin McMullin . Bill Henderson Celestine Salmon . Ruthann Hayes . Hilma Sweet . Bill Halley Joan Benoit David Figge . Bill Roberson . Donald Quiggle . Joan LeClair Billy Armga . Leeroy Ehlers Betty Lou Woods 'ft Senior Play The truth and nothing but the truth Ladies and gentlemen of the jury- The fight is on The sleep that knits the ragged nerves Falling action A plot for a lady killer "Ladies of the .lur " This year ye old school auditorium has been changed into many things. In December the class of '42 transformed it into a courtroom when they presented LADIES OF THE JURY by Fred Ballard. Since the jury could not decide which verdict to bring in, Mrs. Crane, a wealthy matron, used her persuasive powers to get them to bring in the verdict "not guilty." The play was full of laughs from beginning 'til end, because of the antics of the jury and Mrs. Crane. Especially funny was the scene where Mrs. Crane attempted to get the two remaining jurors to vote the way she wanted them to. The jurors, witnesses, judges, etc., were: THURSDAY Betty McVey . Barbara Wanman Julia McBride . Lucile Thomas . Lucy Mulvihill Maxine Niessen Bob Barnett . Bill March . Sherman Olson Bob Bandy . Archie Webber Dwight Nemnich Loyd Thompson Mel Hulbert . Jack Giese . Dick Lawrence Jim DeKlotz . Jean Havens . Mary Coughlin Doris Ann Sherwood . . Bob Jones . Jean Armga . PLAY Mrs. Crane . Lily Pratt . Cynthia Tate . Mayme Mixter Mrs. Dace . Mrs. Maguire Jay J. Pressley Spencer B. Dazey Alonzo Beal . Tony Theodolphus Steve Bromm . Andrew MacKaig Judge Fish . Halsey Van Stye Rutherford Dale Dr. Quincy James Officer Dobbs Mrs. Gordon . Evelyn Snow . Susanne . Clerk of the Court Court Reporter FRIDAY . Elnora Mae Rutherford . Marie Louden . Julia McBride . . Olive Wells Mary Jane Shearer . Maxine Niessen . Loyd Thompson . Bill Reynolds Mel Hulbert . . Bob Bandy Kenneth Husted . . Bill March . Bob McCracken . Ed Chapin . Jack Giese Dick Lawrence Jim DeKlotz Jean Havens . Mary Coughlin . Pauline Sowle . LaVere Wareing . Jean Armga Junior Play Hank plots an eclipse Please, sir, restore the sun Hank looks down on the Court of King Arthur The Sixth Ceggigmgugasig a Twentieth Loose me, insultant beggar! All seems lost A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court "Turn backward, turn backward, O time in thy flight" . . . might well have been the theme of the junior play-A CONNECTICUT YANKEE IN KING ARTHUR'S COURT-written by Mark Twain. When a young engineer accidently pulled the wrong switch on his "time" machine, he travelled back into the past. The play centered around the antics of this engineer in the court of King Arthur, surrounded by such notables as King Arthur, Queen Guinevere, and Merlin, the court magician. To put these people of the 6th Century on a 20th Century working basis was a 'task for Yankee ingenuity. The play was made even more enjoyable by the romances of Hank and Sandy, a maiden in distress, and Clarence and Blaine, two court young uns'. As in all plays, there was a villian, played by Morgan Le Fay, treacherous sister of Arthur. Merlin also had his hand in aiding Morgan's treachery, and only by Hank's quick thinking and 20th Century aids, the airplane, a gun, and a radio transmitter, was the court of King Arthur saved. The players who made this costumed comedy so hilarious were: THURSDAY Bob Mills . Rose Marie Harmon . . Jennie Siggins Junior Hansen Grace Wegener Jim Hayden . Dorothy Cockrell Howard Ronk Bob Mills . Midge Robertson Junior Moseley Ed Carroll . Ruthann Hayes PROLOGUE Hank Bennett Marian Bennett Mrs. Bennett PLAY King Arthur . Queen Guinevere Merlin . . Sandy . . Clarence . . Hank iSir Bossj Elaine . . Sir Sagramor . Sir Launcelot . Morgan Le Fay FRIDAY . . Bob Mills Mary Lou Graham . Jean Hayward . Bob Norton Celestine Salmon . David Figge Vera Austin . Robin Blaser . . Bob Mills Virginia McBride . . Bill Iron . Darrel Scott Bonnie Jean Pigg The Statue of Liberty Faces a New Order of Tyranny Amid the smoke and fog and darkness of the hour just before the dawn, the calm, classic features of Our Lady of Liberty look across the Atlantic toward a new tyranny, a tyranny far surpassing that of the great, warlike European empires of the past and approaching in savage cruelty the tyranny imposed by the barbaric hordes of Genghis Khan. America is not Liberty's first home on earth, for throughout the long and bloody ages she has seen countless forms of oppression and slavery. Long before she gave to America her radiant presence-she fought the Persians on the plains of Marathon and stood with the Greeks at Salamis and Thermopylae. She was with the brave men who turned back the legions of Varus in the dark forests beyond the Rhine, and with those who defeated the savage Huns of Attila at Chalons. Liberty has dwelt in the hearts of men during the long history of mankind, but she has chosen for her final home the greatest land of liberty the world has even known- America, a bulwark of freedom that shall stand forever. The good goddess arrived in America one wild April day in 1775 and with her faith- ful few about her quickly carved a great nation out of a gigantic wilderness. She has never deserted us but has led us victorious up the long road of expansion, across the horror of Civil War, through one World War and across the threshold of another. Today to an enslaved world she is the symbol of all that is fine and beautiful on earth. When she looks on France, the country where she was made and whose gift she is, she sees only the tortures of the conquered, and when she listens, she hears only their cries for mercy. Liberty has no doubt about the peril in which she stands. She faces it, as she has always faced it, not with fear but with the grim determination to win. She knows the country behind her. She knows its great industrial resources, the smashing power of its armed might, and the calm, fearless idealism of its people, but she also knows its faults and weaknesses. Liberty does not fear the power of her enemies, she only fears the weaknesses of her own people. No outside enemy can defeat America. Amer- ica can only be defeated by the enemy within. Petty squabbles and hate and bitterness among those who call themselves partiotic Americans are far more deadly than bombs and shells and bullets from the forces of the enemy. The Statue of Liberty is more than just a stone figure gracing the harbor of New York. The goddess of Liberty is not just a symbol of a nation, used as a theme for hack- neyed poetry and patriotic essays. This noble classic figure has a soul, and it is like unto no other soul before it, for it is the soul of a nation. This soul is made of a million different things! It is made of the tumult of the tall, queen cities of the East, the waving grain of fertile, midwestern plains, of the great silence of the brooding desert and the wild symphony of the embattled mountains. It is made of the people - the drawling Southern farmers, the over-alled laborer, the self-important business man, the lumberman, stenographer, artist, aristocrat, soldier, politician, the bronzed and intrepid pioneer, the laughing fighting man, and the be- wildered immigrant. It is made of the gaunt, tragic greatness of a Lincoln and the flaming courage of a Nathan Hale, the genius of a Lee and vision of a Washington. It is made of the soul and mind and body of each of us, of our laughter and our sorrow, of all we have been and all we shall be, of what has come before us and what shall follow after. And when, in the tide of centuries, the stone of this vast figure shall crumble into the dust from which we all have sprung and shall so soon return, and when the very land on which she stands shall sink again into the ageless seas, the memory of her and of all for which she stands shall still be fresh in the hearts of men, for I say unto you, can we doubt that Liberty will hold her torch on high from the shores of the brave New World forever? Marlin J. Sweeley S 2 r 5 5 5 E 3 11 5.2 f 1 2 if ,,,, E Senior Class Officers First Row: Hilma Sweet, Secretary-Tv"eas1n'm'g Agnes Schubert, Sponsorg Thelma Tollef- son, Sponsor. Back Row: Dick Salladay, Represefntativcg Bob Barnett, Rcp'resenmti11e,' Ed Chapin, Pr0sidc'11t. SENIORS And there was pep! When Otto was a tree and Marlin babbled! Three years ago, in Septem- ber, 1939, the great curtains rose on the new sophomore class of Twin Falls high school. Now, at the end of the school year of 1942, three acts have been successfully completed and the curtains have fallen on the last act. The 239 members of the class of '42 have played their parts exceptionally well. The burst of applause we re- ceived has been gratifying, and now, our only regret is that we can take no curtain calls. Abegglen, Elda V. I "Swiss" Hobby-dancing: avorite subject-shop: as attended two other high schools Arrington Kenneth HSt,ldY! Hobby-psychoanalysis , Favorite subject- mathematics : Pep Band 22 Concert Hand 2. Barnett, Bob Do Nut League 42 Music Club 4: Choir 4: Debate 4: Coyote 4: Student Council 4: "Magnifi- cent Obsessionn: "What a Liife": "Ladies of the Jury. 1, Bicknell, Betty Transferred to Molalla, Oregon. Adams, Vernon Hobby-mechanics Plans to enter airplane mechanics Atnip, Elner IlNip!! Hobby-keeping popular songs: Basketball 2-3: Do Nut League 3: Baseball 2-3: G.A.A. 2-3-4. Barton, Laurel J. "Burton" Attended Kimberly High School three and a half years. Billington, Albert "Spagettil' Hobby-horse raising: Do Nut League: F.F.A. 2-3-4. Adamson, Roy "Bliss" Hobby-roller skating: Do Nut League 2-3-4: Choir 4: Chorus 3. Babbel, Olea Mae Hobby-reading : Basketball 2-43 Do Nut League 2-4: G.A.A. 2-3-4. Becher, Ted Hobby-music : Tennis 22 Boys' Club Officer 3-42 Pep Band 2-3-42 Concert Band 2-3-4: Orchestra 3-4. Bracken, Frank Favorite subject- mathematics Do Nut League 4: Coyote 3-4 Z Attended Lewiston High School one year. Allen, Ann "Annie" Hobby-stamp collect- ing: Baseball 2-3: Basketball 2-3: Do Nut League 3: G.A,A. 2-3-4: Home Ee. Club 2. Balmer, Bethel t'Befh" Hobby-sports: Favorite subject-manual arts: Plans to join in defense work Benoit, Genevieve "Denny, Hobby-horseback rifl- ing: Favorite subjwt- history: Basketball 4: Tennis 4: G.A.A. 4. Brewer, Roy Favorite subject-pep band: Do Nut League 2-3: Pep Band 4: Concert Band 2-3-4. Andrews, Norma A'GiggIes" Choir 3-4: Music Club 4: Plans to teach music. Bandy, Bob Football 2-3-4: Bruin Club 4: Bruin Staff 4: "Ladies of the Jury." Benoit, Joan KKJOY7 Basketball 4 : Tennis 3 : G.A.A. 4: Pep Club 3-4: Thespian 4: Student Council 4: "What a Life": "Our Town"Z IKMHIJI' nifieent Obsession." Brown, Bonnie HB7'0'lU'ILl'CH Hobby-collecting mini- ature dogs: Favorite subject-home arts: Girls' League Officer 3. Armga, Jean Hobby-twirling: "What a Life"1 "Ladies of the Jury.' 1 Barnes, Theodore nyvedn Hobby - woodearving: F.F'.A. 2: Choir 4: Chorus 3: Hopes to at- tend a drawing school. Bcrreth, Mary taspikeyy Hobby-collecting poems: Favorite sub- ject-Junior Band: Happiest Moment-when she got a part, in Easter program. Browne, Wallace Hobby-music: Football 2: Basketball 2: Base- ball 2-3: Tennis 2-3: Concert Band 2. . Given, Esther Goodman, Vera "Swap" "Goodman" Hobby-knittimr 1 Hobby-photography : " , 3 G.A.A. 4: Thespian 41 Amlnmm to br 3 Quill and Scroll 3-43 htenographer Home Fac. Club 41 Bruin Staff 2-33 "Qur Town"3 "MaIJ' Grenzv Stella A' nlflcent Obsession. li ' 7, Sister Hobby-collectinll Griffin, poetryg Thespian 4. Hankins, Duane 4lHa!7Lk!7 Hobbies-huntinil and fishinpr3 Favorite sub- ject-Frenchg Plans to go to college. Helfrecht, Gwendolyn "Gwen" Thespian 3-42 Choir 43 Coyote 3-43 Music Club 41 "Prologue bo Glory"3 "Our Town". "What a Life." Favorite subject-shop 3 Football 3. Harmon, Ula 'lWCl-WCLI, Hobby-basket weav- ing' 3 Baseball 2-33 Table Tennis 41 Ambition-to enter business college. Hicks, Hubert uRedu Favorite subject- current problems: Football 23 F.F.A. Gott, Jack Hobby-music: Do Nut League 33 Pep Band 41 Concert Band 2-3-41 Orchestra 4 1 "What a Life." Haggardt, Jeanne xrRegn Hobby-bicycling: Hopes to enter a business school. Harper, Howard xiwollfxv Hobby-golf: Do Nut League 3-4: Golf 3-41 Transferred from Pocatello, Irlaho. Higgins, Carroll Hobby-travel 3 Thi-spian 43 Music Club 43 Choir 3-43 "Prologue to Glory"3 2-3-43 Plans to work "What a Life"3 on a farm. "Robin Hood." Graves, Pat E. Baseball 2: Home Ec. Club 41 Choir 2-3-4: Concert Band 2-3 Haggardt, Lou Hobby-collectinii book matches 3 T'l'1espian 3-4 3 "What a Lift-"3 "Prologue to Glory." Harral, Alice c:ACeJr Hobby-da.ncin1:3 Basketball 41 Tennis 31 G.A.A. 43 Home Ev. Club 23 "Our Towuf, Hills, Isabel Favorite subject-choir: Choir 43 Glee Club 2-31 Home EC. Club 4. Green, Arriel "Green" HobbY'Dhotography 3 Favorite subject-shop Do Nut League 2-3. Hall, Margaret r4Ma rgu Hobby-reading? Favorite subject- chemistry 3 Ambition- to enter Mercy Hospital in Nampa Havens. Jean NRed!! Hobby-swimmintri G.A.A. 41 Do Nut League 41 "Ladies of the Jury" Transferred from Idaho Falls. Hintz, Shirley "Tommie,' Hobby-sk etching 5 Bruin Staff 41 Ambition-to be a secretary. Green, Arthur W I nnie "Jimmy" Hobbies-making modr planes and tying fishing flies 9 3 4 l Cora . ing 3 H allock, Marian ject- Hobby-stamp collect-5, ing: Basketball 43 Ambition-to be able t attend colleiie. . ill Hawkins, Geveneuu ii , , xr L Shoify I 3 2-3-4: Hobby-collecting: ' 3. Choir 'P-4mm ' SOLIVLHIFE , o from Home Ecf Club 2- ',homa. "Our Town." Holt, Robert HB bH 0 riald Hobby-model air- planes: Transferred from Center, Coloraflcct-Study where he was active i 2-3-41 sports and dramaticsgue 3 Howard, Asthore X ulpotn Hobby-collecting Indian relics: Favorite subject- history: Choir 2. Jarman, Reba Hobby-starnp collect- ing: Favorite subject- lvookkeeping 3 Baseball 3. Johnson, Maxine lKMaf:l7 Hobby-reading 3 Favorite subject- bookkeeping 3 Transferred from Filer, Idaho. Kawai, Ruby Hobby-reading: Girls' League Officer 43 Home Eb. Club 23 Orchestra 2-3-4. Howard, Ellen Hobby-sewing: Bas- ketball 3-43 Baseball 3-43 G.A.A. 3-4: Home Ec. Club 2-3-43 Orchestra 3. Jaynes, Dean Ilgubli Hobby-exploring 3 F.F'.A. 2-3-42 Plans to attend school at Moscow. Johnson, Norman Do Nut League 2-3-4, Quill and Scroll 43 Student Council 43 Coyote 3-43 "What a Life"3 Kephart, Gordon 'tSqueaky,' Favorite subject- commcrcial law: Do Nut League 3: Transferred from La Verne, Oklahoma. Hulbert, Mel Football 2-3-43 Basketball 2-3-4: Track 2-3-43 Golf 2-3-43 Bruin Club 3-4: Quill and Scroll 43 Coyote 43 Bruin Staff 4 3 "Ladies of the Jury." Jenkins, Jeane "Chinky" Hobby-collecting stamps: Concert Band 43 Transferred from Preston, Idaho. Johnstone Charlotte Hobby-ice skating 3 Favorite subject- chemistry 3 Transferred from Hazelton, Idaho. Kevan, Jim "Buck" Do Nut League 3-43 FFA 2-3-43 "What a Life." Husted, Kenneth Hobby-photography 3 Do Nut League 2-3-41 Baseball 3-43 Thvspian 43 Coyote 3: "Ladies of the Jury." Jennings, Mildred i6Milly,l Hobby-music: Choir 3-4: Glee Club 23 "What, a Life." Jones, Robert Do Nut League 2'3-42 Student Body Pres. 4: Thespian 3-43 "What a Lifen: "Our Town": "Prologue to Glory"2 "Ladies of the Jury." Kirby, Janet Hobby-roller skating: l"a.vorite subject- current problems: Do Nut League 2. Hymas, Norma L. "Hymies" Transferred from A1- bion High School, Where she was active in home economics and music. Jinks, Donald HDOTLH Football 2-3-4. Jones, Tom Hobby-stamp collect- ing: Favorite subject- journalism: Quill and Scroll 3-4: Bruin Staff 3-4. Kirby, June "Curb" Hobby-roller skating : Favorite subject- currcnt problems. l Jacky, Lester Favorite subject "outdoors" J Pep Band 3-43 Concert Band 2-3-4. J inks, Edith Hobby-collecting proverbs: Favorite subject - homemaking3 Home Rc. Club 3-4. Jones, Virginia uJi,nnyn Hobby-pencil draw- ings: Favorite subject- history: Plans to attend Albion Normal School. Knight, Virginia scG,in,nyu Hobby-writing to Pen Pals: Favorite subject- choir: Glee Club 2: Chorus 3: Choir 4. e Kottraba, Donald NDOHU Football 3-43 Basket- ball 23 Baseball 33 Boys' Club Officer 43 Bruin Club 3-43 Chorus 23 "Ladies of the Jury." Lewis, Margaret "Blanche" Basketball 2-3-41 Baseball 2-3-43 Tennis 43 G.A.A. 3-43 Home Ec. Club 43 Orchestra 2-3-4. MacMullen, Forrest llMaC!! Hobby-collecting Indian relics3 Football 43 Do Nut League 2-3-4. McBride, Julia Baseball 2-3-43 Tennis 3-43 Do Nut League Z-3-4: G.A.A. 2-3-4: Thespian 43 Coyote 43 Quill and Scroll 3-43 Orchestra 2-3-43 Bruin Staff 33 "Magnificent Obsession" 3 "What a. Life"3 "Ladies of the Jury." Lahue, Beatrice uBeatyH Hobby-collectinu poems: Favorite subject-shorthand I Plans for secretarial work. Lind, Marlin ullindyu Hobby-local exploring 3 Favorite subject- history3 Baseball 3-4 F.F.A. 2-3-4. Maggard, Betty "BessiccL" Hobby-dancing 3 Favorite subject- history.- McClain, Charles KfMaC!, Hobby-flying 3 Favorite subject- mechanical drawing 3 Plans to join the Naval Air Corps. Lang, Florence Hobby-bowling 3 Favorite subject- current problems: Basketball 2. Lindsay, Barbara "Babe" Hobby-collecting knicknacks3 Favorite subject-book- keeping: hopes to go to college. Mahoney, Don "Moose" Hobby-athletics 3 Bruin Club 3-43 Football 43 Basketball 3-43 Transferred from Norfolk, Nebraska. McCracken, Robert "Crackers" Hobby-model air- planes3 Favorite subject-"outdoors" 3 Thespian 4 : "Ladies of the Jury." Lawrence, Dick P. Do Nut League 23 Pep Club 43 Thespian 43 Student Council 43 Yell King' 43 "Prologue to Glory": "Ladies of the Jury." Livingston, Woodrow cxwoodyyx Hobby-hunting. Mann, George "Scotty" Hobby-mechanics 3 Football 33 Do Nut League 2-33 Bruin Club 3-4. McDonald, Allen "Mac" Hobby-hunting 3 Favorite subject- typing3 Do Nut League 2-3-4. Leavell, Ellen i S? 2 1 K H ,, Lewis, Elva N "Yvette" "Meanie'f l Favorite subject- Hobbyfouectlml, physics. Plans to go kn1cknacks3 Favorite to California. subject-shorthand. . , A' Mack, Lloyd Louden, arie fl H Mac Do Nut League 43 , Tennis 3-43 G.A.A. 43 H0bbY'aUf0H'50b11eSI Thespian 4: Bruin Favorite subject-shop: Staff 43 "Our TOWI1,,1 F-F-A' 2- "Magnificent Obses- sion"-: "What a Life"3 Ladies of the Jury. Martell, Bill "Scrub" Hobby-hunting: March, Bill Hobby-enjoying life: Favorite subject- chemistryg Debate 43 Do Nut League 43 Thespian 4 3 fl n Ladies of the Jury. McKissick Richard KlDicIC7Y Hobby-Working 3 Favorite subject- shorthand. Favorite subject-shop 3 Plans to join the Naval Air Corps. McMullin, Carlton' KKMQCQJ Do Nut League 23 Thespian 3-41 Choir 3-43 Pep Band 3-43 Concert Band 3-41 "Magnificent Ob- session"3 "Our Town" ' "What a Life." McNeely, June '4Mickey" Hobby-music: Home EC. Club 32 Choir 2-3-42 Orchestra 3-4. Moon, Thelma Nan "IVIormie" Hobby-tennis 2 Favorite subject-bookkeeping C Plans to be a beauty specialist. Neely, Dorothy A. KKDON1 Hobby-volleetinf: Indian head pennies, Basketball 2-3-42 Do Nut League 2-3-4: Baseball 2-32 G.A.A. 2-3-4: Orchestra 2-3-4. Nicholson, Lois Hobby-reading: Favorite subject- Latin: Plans to teach. McNulty, Ed Hobby-stock raising: Favorite subject-shop : Transferred from Ovid, Colorado. Moore, Don Hobby-mechanics: Do Nut League 4: Pep Band 2-3-42 Concert Band 2-3-42 Orchestra 2-3-4. Neilsen, Donald F. "Don" Hobby-sports Do Nut League 2-3-45 Baseball 2-3-41 Pep Band 2-3-42 Concert Band 2-3-41 Orchestra 2-4. Niessen, Maxine "Mickey" Hobby-swimming: Girls' League Officer 3-4: Thespian 3-4: "Our Town": Magnifi- cent Obsessionui "What a Life"2 "Ladies of the Jury." McVey, Betty Meech, Larry G.A.A. 4: Thespian 4: f'P7-Of" Concert Mand 2-32 "Magnificent Obses- sion"g What a Life" "Ladies of the Jury." Morris, Virginia raGinnyx: Plans to attend college. Favorite subject- history. Neilsen, Robert "Bob" Hobby-collecting Indian relics: Choir 4 Do Nut League 2-I!--1 Pep Band 45 Concert Band 2-3-4 Orchestra 2-3. Olson, Lois noleyn Hobby-swimming: Home Etc. Club 4: Hobby-music: Pep Band 2-3-42 Concert Band 2-3-42 Orchestra 2-3-4. Mulvihill, Lucinda uLHUyn Hobby-dramatics 2 Home Ec. Club 2-3-42 Baseball 3-43 Thespian 4: Choir 42 Glee Club 22 "What a Life"2 "Ladies of the Jury." Neilson, Ray E. Hobby-archery 3 Favorite subject- trignnometry 3 Orchestra 2-3-4. Olson, Sherman D0 Nut League 3-4 3 Baseball 3: Thespian 3-4 2 "Our Town" 2 "Prologue to Glory" : "What a Life" I Plans to be a. nurse. "Ladies of the Jury." Merrell, Claudie M Hobby-music: Favorite subject-shorthand: Orchestra 2-3. Murphy, Eugene "Gene" Hobby-fire arms: Favorite subject- mechanical drawing: Plans to attend school in San Francisco, Nelson, Marie "Swede" Hobby-horseback rid- inixg Favorite subject- bookkeeping: Hopes to attend business COllCl-YE. Orchard, Wayne Enlisted in navy Mayer, Arthur Enlisted in navy. Murri, Farlin K6M1l'I'7'i,y Hobby-hunting and fishing: Favorite subject-mechanical drawing: Transferred from Basin, Wyomingl Nemnich, Dwight Favorite subject- physics: Do Nut League 4: "Ladies of the Jury": Transferred from Clifton, Kansas. Ott, Gail Ann llottyh' Hobby-collecting match folders: Plans to attend a nursing school. 5? I2 ii Pabst, Anna L. "Pabst" Hobby-collecting milk i -bottlesg Favorite subject-shop 3 Chonis 23 "What a Life." Pink, Janet HObbY'Di3HO1 Coyote 33 "Magnificent Obses- sion"3 "What a Life": Ladies of the Jury." Prunty, James R. uJ,i,n,Lsr Favorite subject- commercial 1aw3 Plans to join the Marines. Rodabaugh, Bonnie Hobby-bicycle riding: Favorite subject- Englishg Transferred from Thidford, Neb. I Perry, Harriet "HCLttie" Hobby-reading 3 Favorite subject- stenography 3 Chorus 23 Glee Club 2. Potter, Estella 'tPotsey" Hobby-collecting novelty pinsg Favorite subject-chemistry 3 Plans bo become a beauty operator. Ramsey, Kenneth 'tKe1my" Hobby-reading 3 F.F.A. 23 Transferred from Rio Tinto, Nev. Rodman, Violet Hobby-music 3 Favorite subject-handicrafts 3 Choir 2. Personette, Marlen upeycyn Hobby-collecting matchbooks: Favorite subject-mathem-atics 3 Do Nut League 3-4. Poulton, Gail "Pokey" Hobby-model air- planesg Do Nut League 3: Pep Band 3-41 Concert Band 2-3-43 Orchestra 4. Randall, Barbara "Ca.rme1L" Hobby-singing: Favorite subject- music. Ross, Belva "Co'rIcyU Hobby-horseback rid- ing: Favorite subject- typing: Transferred from Sugar Salem, Ida. Peterson, Max "Pete" Hobby-sport scrap- book3 Basketball 43 Do Nut League 2-31 Baseball 33 Bruin Club 43 Orchestra 2-3-43 Poulton, James 4:T6dn Favorite subject- Englishg Chorus 33 D0 Nut League 2: Concert Band 2. Reece, June "Skipper" Hobby-drawing 3 Favorite subject-art: Tennis 4. Rutherford, Elnora "Bubbles" Hobby-readingg Thespian 3-4: Orchestra 2-33 "Prologue to Glory , "Our Town"3 "What a Life"3 "Ladies of the Juryf' Petzoldt, Verla upetzu Hobby-collecting scenic pictures: Favorite subject- cl'ioir3 Music Club 4, Choir 2-3-43 Pownall, Harold Hobby-overhauling motorsg Favorite sub- ject-mechanical draw- ingg Pep Band 2-33 Concert Band 2-3-4. Reed, Frank S. Hobby-outdoor sports, Favorite subject- bookkeeping 3 Do Nut League 3-43 Concert Band 2-3. Ryan, Julia Ann "P1,4ggy" Hobby-skiingg Favorite subject-shorthand 3 Girls' League Officer 23 Pep Club 2. is X a ls ,Q Phelps, Thelma L x:TheZ:v Hobby-collecting knicknacks: Home EJ Club 43 Choir 3-4. Price, Dick Football 33 Golf 2-3 Do Nut League 43 Basketball 2-32 Base ball 2-33 Bruin Clul 3-43 Boys' Club Office 23 "What a Life"3 "Ladies of the Jury.' Reynolds, B111 rrwlllyvy Hobby-firearms: Favorite subject- journalism 3 Thespiai 3-4, Choir 3-43 "Prologue to Glory" "What a Life"3 "Ladies of the Jury.' Ryman, Robert Hgobil Hobby-collecting miniature horses: Pep Club 3-43 Pep Band 3-41 Coyoti 2: Orchestra 2-3-41 Concert Band 2-3-4. 4 ,, ..-e Sahlberg, Bill Hobby-traveling 3 Do Nut League 3-43 Bruin Club 43 Concert Band 2-3-43 Football 42 "Our Town." Shearer, Mary J. flJe,,7,y!7 Thespian 3-43 Music Club 43 Choir 43 Coyote 43 Student Council 23 "What a Life"3 "Ladies of the Jury"3 "Prologue to Glory." Sommer, Betty U7-vabiv Favorite subject- peoplc3 Ambition-to go to California. Sweeley, Marlin J. "Mike" Hobby-music 3 Music Club 3-43 3-4 3 Quill and Croll Choir 3-43 Coyote 23 Concern Band 2: Bruin Staff 2-3. Salladay, Dick "Sadie" Do Nut League 2-33 Thespian 3-41 Concert Band 23 Student Council 43 Debate 43 "Prologue to Gl0ry"3 "Our To'wn"3 Maiz- nificent Obsession"3 "What a Life." Shepherd, Bill Hobby-radiog Favorite subject-chemistry 3 Choir 2-3-4. Sorenson, Stan llBud!7 Hobby-hunting 3 Favorite subject- history. Sweet, Hilma "Billie" Girls' League Officer 2-33 Thespian 3-43 Choir 23 Student Council 43 Magnifi- cent Obsession"3 "Prologue to Glory"3 "What a Life." Sanders, Shirley nsandyn Favorite subject- home arts3 Home Ec. Club 23 Plans to enter defense work. Sherwood, Doris A. "Sherwood" Hobby-skiing 3 Music Club 43 Home Ee. Club 3: Choir 43 Coyote 4. Sowle, Pauline A. Kipatll Hobby-saving match foldersg Baseball 2-33 Thespian 43 "What a LifBu1 "Ladies of the Jury." Taber, Paul Jr. "Tribe" Hobby-music 3 Do Nut League 2-3-43 Pep Band 3-43 Concert Band 2'3'41 "What ha Life." Schiff, LaVerne acshiftyxv Hobby-baton twirling 3 Pep Band 4 3 Concert Band 4 3 Transferred from Dickenson, N. D. Shiozawa, Mitsuru 4sMitSy:: Hobby-science 3 Favorite subject chemistry. Standlee, Lloyd "Buddy" Hobby-reading 3 Favorite subject- shorthandg Ambition- to enter Civil Service. Taylor, Marion V. "Taylo1"' Hobby-tennis 3 G.A.A. 41 Home Ee. Club 43 Do Nut League 3-4. Selaya, Juanita KlNita,7 Hobby-collecting match booksg Happiest moment-when she be- oame a sophomore. Skinner. Erma L. "Skinny" Hobby-music3 Favorite subject-shorthand 3 Coyote 4. Stansbury, Bruce "Rusty" Hobby-girls 3 Do Nut League 2-4 3 Track 2-33 Bruin Club 43 Thespian 2-3-43 'Prologue to Glory" 3 Self, Dahrl Hobby-bowling 3 Favorite subject- SOCi010gy: Home Ec. Club 23 Bruin Staff 4 Snyder, Gloria Hobby-Skiing and Skating: Choir 3. Stokesberry Norma "Babe" Hobby-reading 3 Favorite subject- English 3 Ambition-to 'AOur TOWIl,,: attend business school "What a Life." Terry, Glen :1TeT7,yas Football 2-3-43 Basketball 2-3-4 3 Baseball 33 Bruin Club 3'41 Boys' Club Officer 33 Pep Band 23 Concert Band 2-3-43 Orchestra 2-3-43 Student Council 43 "Ladies of the Jury." Home Ee. Club 23 Choir 43 Glee Club 2 Chorus 3. Thomas, Lucile G.A.A. 23 Yell Leader 43 Choir 23 Pep Club 43 Student Council 2-3-4: 'AWhat a Life" "Ladies of the Jury.' , . -.. Thompson, Loyd Hobby-airplanes 3 Thespian 43 "Magnifi- cent Obsessionng "What a Life"3 "Ladies of the Jury." Walker, Sherwood Enlisted in navy. - Wells, Olive upepn Basketball 2-43 Girls' League Officer 33 Pep Club 43 Thespian 3-43 Home Ec. Club 2: Choir 3-41 Chorus 23 Yell Leader 43 "Prologue to Glory"3 "Our TOWHHQ "What a Life"3 44 -v Ladies of the Jury. Wolter, Virginia rzvirgrr Favorite subject.- typing3 Thespian 43 "What a Life"3 Mag- nificent Obsession." Tiffany, Jack "Jackson" Hobby-science 3 Favorite subject- chemistry: Choir 2-3-4. Walls, Clifford Transferred to Buhl, Idaho. Wilkinson, Maxine Hobby-collecting: poems: Orchestra 2: Ambition-to go into retail work. Yragui, Nicholas "Nick" Favorite subject- historyg F.F.A. 33 Ambition-to farm. 1 an-Q, my Todd, Hubert Hobby-radio3 Favorite subject - mathematics: Orchestra 2-3. Wanman, Barbara llgabsil Hobby-knitting 3 Glee Club 2 3 Choir 3 3 Music Club 3 3 "Ladies of the Jury." Wiuhite, Betty ugetsyu Favorite subject- typing 3 Ambition-to attend colloge. Zuck, Donald HDMACICY! Hobby-collecting rare relics: Do Nut League 2-3-43 "What a Life"3 "Ladies of the Jury." ......W.s. ,. ,ts.....u,...., . t as 'oy li Qan- qw 'QT' Tyler, Nyle nsrhlurgn Hobby-writinlli Thespian 43 Chorus 23 Home Ee. Club 23 Choir 3-43 "Prologue to Glory"3 "Our ToWn"Z "What a Life." Ward, Donald llD0n!! Football 3-43 Do Nut League 2-3-43 F.F.A. 2-3-43 Bruin Club 3-43 "Ladies of the Jury." Williams, Virginia KlJ,L,nIk!I Hobby-hiking 3 Baseball 2 3 Ambition-to become a bookkeeper. Hubbard, Virgil Kivirgli Hobby-collecting signs 3 Do Nut League 23 Choir 33 Chorus 2: Transferred to San Mateo, California. Van Engelen Dorothy uDOtn Hobby-music3 Girls' League Officer 3-43 Coyote 3: "What a Life": "Our Townl' C "Ladies of the Juryf' Wareing, LaVere Do Nut League 43 Choir 43 "Ladies of the Jury"g Transferred from Blackfoot, Idaho. Wilson, Shirley scwillyrv Hobby-swimming 3 Home Ec. Club 4. Kimber, Geniel "Willie" Hobby-swimming: Transferred to Provo, Utah. 19 Waddell. Lois "Jerry" Hobby-photographyg Favorite subject- bookkeeping 3 Ambition-to enter business school. Webber, Archie Jr. "C'hiz'zy" Do Nut League 2-3-4 Baseball 2-3-4 3 Pep Club 43 Yell Leader 43 Coyote 33 "What a Life" 3 "Ladies of the Jury." Windle, Eugene aawindysa Hobby-collecting: arrow heads3 Do Nut League 2. fNo Picturej Senter, Norma "Norm" Transferred from Nampa, Idaho. Williamson, John Front Row: Elfriede Reinsdorf, Sponsorg Helen Lindenman, Sponsor. Back Row: Bill Merritt, Rzfyircsewfzrfwe,' Bob Van Engelen, Pres1'dm1f,' Bob lNorton Secretary-Treaszlrer. JU IORS The swelling notes of the immortal march, "Varsity," beat out those triumphal tones as the curtain opened on the class of "43." Our class represents the enthusi- asm and initiative of a strong co- operative group. This has been our most successful year, for our class took Well com- mended participation in both stunt assemblies and high-lighted the year with a Hfarewelli' to the seniors with our Junior Prom. The curtain drops for a brief in- termission, the summer vacation! We meet it with glee. We shall return next year for more knowledge. Bill does some classy playing Guess who and what! Howard Allen James Allred Norene Annis Arlene Anderson Dennett Anderson Alden Arrington Vera Austin Garth Aslett Dale Atkinson Betty Lou Bailey Oliver Balmer Fern Bailey Lois Bair Lei Nani Barnes Wayne Bates Donald Barrington David Barry Wesley Bauer Leatrice Bell Gale Beam Maxine Beath Mary Virginia Benson Sadie Bigley Kliff Berrett ' Wayne Beus Phyllis Birch Maxine Borah Robin Blaser Helen Blue Anna Mae Boyd Dick Brizee Karl Brown Marjorie Buchi Grace Burdick Louise Campbell Betty Cargill J eraldyne Claude Cardwell Carlson Ed Carroll Evelyn Chafin Virginia Carver Melvin Chafin Mary Jane Chugg Phyllis Clatfelter Dale Clark Walta Cochran Dorothy Cockrell George Cooper Juanita Conarty Doris Gene Crowley N inahbelle Crowson Vernon Davidson Phillip Cullinan Johnny Davis Juanita Day Darrell Deagle Pat Day David Dingman Mary Ann Duerig Betty Edmondson Dorothy Earl Leeroy Ehlers Evadna Elder Rosie Elliott Ann Ellsworth Dorothy Ely Arlene Erickson Gilbert Field David Figge Eldon Fisher Maxine Fisher Ted Florence Don Fuhrmann Alice Gee Opal Ghan Bob Goddard Bill Goertzen George Goff Pat Goodyear Mary Lou Graham Wanda Green Shirley Greenhalgh Marian Griggs Ted Hafer Bill Halley I Gordon Hann Aletha Hannaman 'fflllfff Lloyd Hannaman Junior Hansen i Rose Marie Harmon Jim Harris V Maxine Haskins Jim Hayden Ruthann Hayes Jean Hayward Bette Herbst Bill Herbst Bernice Hill Faye Hoover Lois Hollinger Pauline Honstein Helen House Dorothy Hudson Ben Hughes Ernest Ikenberry Susan Ikenberry Lucile Jacklin William Iron Virginia Isom Betty Jacky Robert Johnson Betty Jenkins Eugene Jensen Rollins Johnson Clifford Jones Donna Jean Johnston Betty Mae Jones Glenn Jones Jerry Knox Dean Joslin Ralph Kirkman Ted Koster Ethel Lammers Bonnie Jean Kunkle Bill Lake Dorothy Langdon Joan LeClair Edna Mae Lee Kenneth Lierman Virginia Eugene Malone Livingston Harold Lockhart Richard Madsen Eloise Matthews Bruce McMillan Lloyd Matthews Virginia L. McBride Betty Ann McDonald Harold Merritt Bill McDonald Tom McDonald Dick Metz Don Mienke Frances Meunier Elaine Michael Henrietta Miller Jerry Moore Bob Mills Kenneth Moon Rubie Moore Marie Navin Paul Moseley, Jr. Pauline Moyes Don Nefzger Helen Nesby Nadine Neil Margaret Nelson June Newcomb Ed Nielsen Robert Norton George Nye Ralph Olmstead Hubert Paddock Richard Orcutt Iris Orndorff Jeanne Parker James Pennock Stan Pettygrove Bonnie Jean Pigg Norma Porter Phyllis Prater Betty Lou Powell June Pownall Ruth Pruett John Rappleye Harold Putzier Donald Quiggle Bob Reed June Reed Arlene Richardson Charlotte Richardson Carl Riedeman Genevee Robison Wayne Roache Margie Robertson Helga Rommetvedt Theodore Roy Howard Ronk Vera Ross Jack Royle Rosie Sabala Celestine Salmon James Saviers Velda Schamp June Seaton Wendell Schenk Darrel Scott Ollie Fern Secord Jennie Siggins Melvin Shaffer Norman Shaw Evelyn Smith Kenneth Smith J oy Smith Lynnette Smith Ruth Adell Smith Bill Stephens Shirley Snyder Eugene Southerland Betty Rhea Stewart Marian Teasley Mary Tadlock LaNelle Taylor Betty Thometz Helen Tinker Marian Shirley Walker George Thorpe Vera Tilley Tolbert Bob Uhler Bob Van Engelen Bob Wallace Delbert Wallis Grace Warren 0 Audrey Wetherbee Marilyn Webb Grace Wegener Tom White Elma Williams Julienne Werner James Williams Martha Wise Mary Wood DeNola Winter N anette Wood Florence Bottorff Bill Jones Betty Lou Woods Jack Jones Elven Rodger Juniors Bob Adamson Glendon Bateman Winifred Bebee Dorothy Carney Rex Crist Eugene Davis Lewis DeBoard Merl DeBoard Francis DeWeese U Whose Pictures Do Not Appear Wayne DeWeese Earl Dougherty Bill Hunt Barbara Hutts Alvin Jenkins Russell Jesser David Johnson Charles LaFontaine Floyd Lenon Clinton Luke Bill Newbry Leonard Peterson Marianna Pysher Dorsel Radford Walter Roller Lyle Smith Front Row: Joan Lindenman, Representativeg Kathleen Povey, Sponsorg Barbara Price, Secretary-Treasurer. Back Row: Bob Detweiler, Presidentg Venna Andrasen, Sponsor. SOPHOMCDRES Sophs break tradition with stunt Two of our members work hard on the Coyote May 18, 1942. The curtain falls with a satisfied snap! We have enjoyed this play almost more than any that we have ever seen. Every act has been chucked full with the grand fun we have had during this past year. Now as we reminisce, we can just picture in our minds such activities as the stunt assemblies, the tournament, and our class dance. We should be proud to know that with the fine cooperation and sportsmanship that we have shown this year, we have made for ourselves, as a class, a name that will make many people sit up and take more notice of our future Hdoingsf' We still have two more years ahead of us, and we all are bound and determined to make them the happiest and most worthwhile years of our lives. But for the present we are content to sit back and relax during our summer vacation, so that when school opens next fall, we will be brimming over with energy and ideas, ready and anxious to put them to good use. We can promise that our next year's act will be even bigger and better than the one just finished. ll Andrews V V Marie Abbl Jack Allred Billy Armga Pearl Babbel VVayne Arrington Don Baiseh Loah .lean Bagley Junior Barlow Martha Barnett erly Barton Bob Bates Zola Bartlett Ilarline Beckley Arthur Becher Imogene Beath na Belloek Donald Beer Virla Bell Jack Benoit Joyce Bingham Tom Bertie bel Brewer Ralph Bohrn Alive Bos .layalee Brooks Marilyne Brooks Dolores Brown Clinton Brownfield Bill Buhak Glenda Bailey Deward Cain Nun- Q Nadine Bocttcher .lack Collins Marion Centers Paul Carlson Beatrice Caldwell Charles Case Steve Cox Lucille Connerley Eugene Champlin Edith Crowson Verneal Crossley Leona Mae Culli Hoyt Dean Tom Dean Dean DeBoard Robert Doolittle Edith Dillon Robert Detweile Mary Ellen Dopita Ruby Danner Richard Hunter Lloyd Draper Bobbie Jean Douglass Elaine Durling Tom Driscoll Douglas Felton Jean Eslinger Gordon Fish Frank Florence Dorothy Flynn Clarence Ford Don Fortune Raeola Ford Roy Craft ae Freenian Valera Gates Don Glavin Lyle Gordon Virginia Hafer Fred Foss Bill Enierick Cleo Foster Margaret Frazier Rowland Egbert Nona Funk Betty Fusselnian Betty June Gamhrel Wayne Gardner Evelyn Garrels Bill Garrison Lloyd Gilkey Herbert Gentry Bill Giese Lawrence Golay Jack Goodhue Audrey Goodyear Frank Goodykoontz Ellen Goodykoontz Marcella Gray Charles Greene Anne Griffith Leonard Hampton Peggy Haggardt Dorothy Halpin Beverly Greenwell Myrna Hansen f A 3 3 Marjorie Harden Dick Harbour Nancy Hart Phyllis Hart Joan Hartline Miriam Hartr Shirley Hayes Gordon Haynie Madge Hayward Betty Lou Heller Lyle Heider Marilyn Heinr Peggy Hendricks Bill Henderson Carl Higgins Helen Hitt J. B. Hillma Marjorie Holloway Harriette Holler Margery Hitt Emma Holmes June Hoops Nile Hoover Hazel Howard Gladys Hoppe Robert Howells Gladys Hyde Robert Huether Bob Jacky Dallas Jackson Orem Hyde Wallace Johansen Walter Jarvis 2 9 E i I Q 1 Yi f 2 E i m Q.,. Bob Jones VVilliam Kestler Shirl Knight orothy Krengel l ary Lanclkamer Eunice Locklear Leo Johnson Dorothy Kelley Phyllis Kimble Dick Kevan Joye Mae Kimmel Mary Ruth King Francis Kleffner Betty Jo Knox Phil Kottraba Anna Marie Krick Dorothy Kuhn Loren Landkamer Stella Lang Hazel Leighton Louis Lively Peggy Lou Lintz Harry Martins Wzilter Jones Kathleen King Godfrey Koepplin Rosalee Lancaster Joe Lee Mary Lohr Patty Kelley Betty Kimes Dorothy Korbel Vera Lancaster .loan Lindenman Wesley Martyn Marilyn Mason Daryl McArthur Marian Matthews Corrine McBeth Truman McBride June McBride Virginia McBride Shirley McDowell Norma McGinnis Conrad Jensen Franklin McMullin Edna Newcomb LeRoy McNeely Barbara Montgomery Cleo Mort Miriam Murphy Melva Murri Pat Mulvihill Joe Newbry John Nesby Mary Jane Neely Murray North Carl Newman Leonard Norris Bob Oslund Lola Olson Donald Owens Vanetta Paddock Lenarose Palmer Ann Parry Lyle Pearson Colleen Pennock Lawrence Paxton E ,F .JM Q' .,.,.A. .2 .,,A..:b E 3 5 R if ig gg- I Q, fl' fs .ff Qwfg' 11 E .W-Www! f 'I 1 .mv I "' Qi. if Q nw WW.. 4!SMw A :E if We x 1 3 5 N 5 r w V ,A NWN 1, gy yt ff wx., TA ,Q 53.-if ,wf-M vw, A ,M 1 Q A Awami zmwwmsmvg Bill Webber Lois Williams Royce Wilkinson Gloria Wilson Robert Woods Joan Wilson Ronald Zagel Dortha Rush Edward Yragui Betty Hill Renee Adler Jean Lindemer Faith Kinney Vera Nielsen Glenn Ramirez Sophomores Whose Pictures Do Not Appear Verna Mae Clark Bernice Hansen Shirley Jones Ruth Dewald Ruth Hartman Edna Newcomb George Kikiu Conrad Jensen Kenneth Smithhart ALL THE WORLD'S THE STAGE As those who take their seats, reserved and choice, In some great theater, and settle down To watch the actors play, and to rejoice, And cheer the one who seems to win the crowng So we too long have watched the foreign shore Cornplacently, as lookers-on might do, Nor realized that in this distant war We had a role to play and suffer, too. The martial overture is done, and now The Prompter, Courage, starts us on our partg MacArthur, the Head Stage-man shows us how, And soon our cues we all will know by heart. America's inertia now is gone! The Pageant of Democracy is on! Dorofhy C. Call FAITH I love to see the new fallen snow Lying on the ground. It reminds me that something clean And pure is still to be found In a world of unwonted sin. I love to see the deer lightly on its way, Its beautiful head held high. It tells me there still remains A wonderful, unconquered pride In a conquered world. And when I hear a baby's laughter ' And wonder what life holds for it after- I think again that there lingers still A glorious innocence In a world of broken will. The early spring flower, Lifting its lovely head, Reassures me that still there Is a sign of beauty In a world of grief and duty. And I think again of the days that wereg And again of the days that are to be. Oh, God! What new horrors are we to see? What news are we to hear In this world of blood and and slaughter? But when I lose my faith, I see a mother With her baby in her arms. When there exists that love and faith, Then I shall have the faith to face all harms That may happen to my soul. There is so much I do not understandg So much I yet do not feel, But I shall live to see the day When greed and hate are under heel. Then, Dear Father, you may take my hand. Pauline Sowle fs LE S 1 ii 2 5 a 5 5 fa L E Q 3 ix 5 A 3. Z 3 2 E Q El 5 ii 5 E A 3 S 3 a Qur School Life Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus come to the Girls' League Christmas The bulletin boards at Christmas Party Fun for all at the Girls' League Christmas Party The girls have a play day The annual Story Book Ball Down Flirtation Walk Oh, my head! Settings and Makeup The Senior Stunt The Sophomore Stunt YVill you have a bar? The Pep Band gives 21 pep assembly Hcornu WT1lilixcfO1.glQ11ing out C01119 011, Twin, 1055 E0 The Annual must go toupress The Junior Stunt The Bruins' pep rally X Senior and Junior Photography . . The Album Sophomore Photography . . George Millward Group Photography . . George Millward Vic Goertzen Again Molly-Made quality of workmanship scores as the 1942 Coyote is cased in a Molloy-Made cover from The Babcock Cover Co. 1131 Oberlin Drive Glendale, California. Printed by Twin Falls Times-News Commercial Printing Dept. Bound by Stevens-Wallis, Salt Lake City, Utah. QSXWKM' Scnqlyo I mm f Mn- ' 'QM-42 pmt-95ISS0f.lP5wX 1 1 w H B A S. V -. .fe f-wiv-Qs Q 4 K- , fE,ia'f'f:',:,f:,1.J"5: -'fT'3T,g'5fv,,.-?3S1-x- 1. 5, N? , ,A ,.. -Q-,fx vi. J-fra, M fc-',..+mx,gw5k 1 Amiwfk W, ' .33 egzH?f5,gag2'9iF',,g.,f12Aff71511gga1jTvi'sy-tatfg, '-.ijg5gv:rq, Q-5'1gQ'5,-1agr"'3"'Zg'iP 'ix A 'ffflki -A -.wvffewr if ' .rs"ia+' M - ., -- f-,ny M 1, 1 --T.. -Q ,- -. 5-ff A '1I'.:""'?i'fZq's'ff ':?'W0f 1 'Q '- F "'a'Y'-14-egvagf TX' -' - ' Y ii? ia . :ml .QX5,3b...!j1? ,Q.i,,5l .J.1.A,. Y:..,:gL ..-Jilsiixrrwrv, 5131-iwgfrf-f45aef..f.g If 31.21 v- - .2 1 'vf--saef,-Sf' , .L ww' .'q,, 'Q' .-5,4 -Qifwx 'fl M, '-'- . V4-ig.,--L ef' 3 1' " '-"- f - nf' --11 lm- .Fw "'4 -H ff.m-'f-'1.i.-wiv ,.r:"'-,WT . 29.519, ' .2zws3:"'f' 'Y-75 ' - . --'-.i1Hs.-QED ' vm-1 F T1fl"?R'Wf- 7 EHL A' Q ',.'--ai'-11, ' 'ig,,'Q."'f-" -f 1-ffjw ' V --ar fs- " " 351 'wif .Y ,ami --f Q V ,., T . ,, I ,E ,,.TML,f , . -a-1 5.1.,,553,'1,gy N .5,j'x.:..,5lLv 4. 51' If-K, Lfwtf 'l,11',,'wQ5f."f.w- ?fjfQ,yk.,gh.:-. ,ff it N . -yykljik A f - - 1 3. -, Af, 1 A ,1:,.5 -f if - . AwQ!f2',Af1i" Hi: -' A - ""EQi1-'2'- '- , + 7 fg',f"'1 , 1 " JV' R -. LQ 1-1 ,ah fffvtf- - k , . ,.-V -, ,J '. .- GS' , ' 3-.iiE'4:, ,- ' ,A ',,1t..- .1 , ,, A Us ' -'Q' 'f. .' V -.1'-'figs-' 'ff V--f:IF!,3, ,.,:-.VH 1-if mv. .1-ff. .-fin? ', 'L .f 1 -"H --'ww 549111 ' - J.- 4. - ,TT .fl -, 1. J' gi 5, 3, -,ns'.,QE - 1 3?E3,72i1,:g-',' - yi " 'gf ffwDL5fiy,ff4 1 . " 3' 3151, -R P- 3 QL if 1 " " "n'Qf'Qif"'5Q"' L' - ,,.n,-, Yu, ' ,G .a:,,Sa' z., 4 ff, Iggy-f7p'5"' g.w-Q-f17"'?ff'1g,f.s'?::4g32 255-we. - ir55Gaf"2v5,'QG3'Lf'3n,-V Q.:, rikzgzz 'f' 'fm I '. ,f ff""5'iC?'-'31 'wif-. 'A an' R-fm. 7 - , ,ti -Q S:..,,in Q ,W JZ 1-n?' H-1 M 1:1 1 Q H- mf' - , ,- , Ja f M .1 mf-a6iiQia.Lzff'?i1,S3Hfa1e.f113:?Sf ff

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