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Text from Pages 1 - 72 of the 1953 volume:

rd-U-':.:..c,hw4:emf.K?'Ei'afE. ..,i1l?3IL::1.ggi,.L4'A..' - ' Y12.i1Lx"',f.: ALMA. PUBLISHED BY ASSOCIATED STUDENTS TWIN CITY HIGH SCHOOL Stanwood, Washingt I 953 Carolina emoried A 410 ff' , X. 'I I ,. AM , f x, X! fy A- ff, - "ff if T l Y Xwhvf' u ! X I! X .gn emoriam GEORGE BEUKERS Lost his life in ident November, 1952. acc , George was a member of the Class of "54". an auto BYVXO LL BIL N W 1014-DA L Y HEREFORD Fourth Grade members of the Class " " d wned at Juniper of 53 who ro Beach, May, 1945. 2 I, . ,, Y . 1 - '-1. 41,1 -r ,- . . ' ' g ivnvrsas'-' " ?"-AW-f- , is eamcbvwagw? ' 15" 'f3W?fxi3VJif'NQ'c J 1 ' Q, ., tu . ' '3L'1i5"""'19'5t 1 -ME A ' L 3' is 1 he if .-Wg: 3164 mf M g.'mff'UrS-1 Q fgy f' it I If gg' ..- JM, Iyar if 7 33- - :tiff 'ii r: A. n, - 4 - 5 wa 1 aff, yt -w'i:j A, ' 'W if .-Elf.. .A ' ' Q -. .M 4 " if , ' N Q wah ' --Q Fifi? fiffwixfisfz, -f iiifiiiaa 3-Af-Ss -tv -f- ' A-1655 5 5' . D .l,,aLX,gi Q Q , . xasgb-. a gar M Q fy? Hi. v '--,1'i' - . . ' 5 a ' ' Lf- Q V Vg. . '.-7555? ,WL-S X' .. ,.. - , ,i .v c ,. t f ail i nf? aw . . sz. -"'m ' ' 'gn a-f'S"i12'e,'5'f'5':13' ' ' " "F 5 K L - ' " - 4' i '44?ifTLez:wf " Yiafiwt-of Because your devotion, guidance, and interest have in- spired us to the higher things of life and because you have provided us all the necessities of living so that we might obtain our education and enjoy our high school years, we dedicate with deepest love and appreciation the 1952-1953 edition of the Cardinal Memories to you, our parents. 3 . ,- Y . -Ji . P125 EF' iii s"1..r fire 5231? 1234 :Zigi +I Fits? win 353 SQ Hifi .9 -. me -f " 3.476 F if fig? ' 5. Efat Y!-11-1 Fw' A-lf 2, ll. 3553? ifilf' ,345 F , N 5259 :QD-r bfi? iffy: LGF? E199 fir: wr, l' U ' ahh? SP3 H953 5,51 Qu: Ji?" Wil ,Q Q39 W. me Q j' tggg ' 1? 4 wif ..1r"' vw'-Y - ..v, ,-it , . Y 4 iii .,,, H' . ,RFQ L23 it :pf-r We El-2:15 'WEP wr ff-ui. .mr- lgiii 1.3221 Wai ,fkzv If f. .A,, 5?,p5"? 3316? . -.,, E952 -35421 1' 1:9 Affair .N .,4 44 'J xyg',f 211- f :gqgigf Fig '.f:ff-Q FJ41 V1 '-7. 1-Q . r'u5z.g 4-'Inf 2154.37 mar. .' sf- 535 22.1-'S fglifj fn, j.C,71.X Ri'-I , 'if' ' J ,, Ffh? 1 fam' "3-:J l'.j,,vi "Mn 7' fir '-fi: .-W0 'I' G -' .4 Gi-1 , 3,9 -. VPS' if: . Sri '.'. I . 'Z of ofa With the passing of time, the echoes of our school life will grow fainter and fainter, and then die away. Gone forever will be the routine of school life, the fun we had, and the friends we made. It is the hope of the 1953 Cardinal Memories Staff that, as you glance through this book in the years to come, you will recapture those moments--and the echoes will begin again. S O . X I X 1 1 5 . N. df'-:Wi fi? I ,. Uri". "3' 'i A1 4' f41Qg:,f53, .5-I L-V 'r- NIfeJ'.'. .F-ia ,., -,,,. ..,r.. .. f15b7':v 55:1-T fx. ln ..f in I . 1 SA00! " lm f""'+1 'I Q - ma I own... W" -' 1 -Q.-.:....,, ,4 llitll ll ll: v -I un Yu' r--Qi .1 n 'if H 1-1, ' LEFT TO RIGHT: Arthur Kilian, Oscar Rygg, Art Felsenlhal, Allan Anderson, Cecil Fisch, Ole Eide, Clifford Neslund. IN APPRECIATION: Too often we take for granted the many things done by the school. board. We are quick to complain but slow to recognize their accomplishments. We never stop to think about the time and energy spent by these members who receive no monetary Compensation. 6 .AJ - 0 l f- CECIL E. Fiscn Superintendent Whitman, B.A.: U. of Idaho, M. S. To the Seniors of 1953: "The room in which we stand at the middle of the twentieth century is so vast that its walls are beyond sight." Congratulations to you, and as you take your places in a world of ever-expanding opportunity, remember that those who remain at Twin City High School will always be interested in you and your achievements. Your record for accomplish- ment is good, and we know that you will add brilliantly to that record in the years ahead. Every success to each and every one of you. To the Class of 1953: For you this has been a busy and pleasant school year. You have participated in many activities and have had fun. Your scholastic achievements are good. You have laid a good foundation for your future. lt is my hope, that you may never forget your obligations and responsibilities as citizens of the great Democracy that has made this and other school years possible. Best wishes to each of you. Aucz M. DAVISON Vice-Principal JOHN E. CORBALLY. JR- f.1E:l.'-, Counselor' Principal, Chemistry Algebra U. of Wash. B. S., M.A. W.S.C. B.S. As another Cardinal Memories appears, we know that another school year has come to an end. In this annual, we can find words and pictures to help us relive this school year and the staff is to be congratulated for its work. A special word is due the class of 1953. Their high school days are now over and they will enter new fields. For most of them there will be many pleasant days. It is our hope that these days in Twin City High School have not only been pleasant, but will enable the class of 1953 to make a real contribution to the world. As we all look through these pages and our memories return, let us dedicate ourselves to make our memories of Twin City become realities of real usefulness. DAN HINDERMAN University of Washington B A Music MARIE JOHNSON Washington State College B S Univ ersity of Washington J Physical Education, Ir Business Training MARGARET KIRK Whitman, B,A, Math, Librarian ROY KIRK Whitman, B, A, Social Studies FRANCES MCCORMICK W, S, C, , B. A. Typing, Shorthand RAYMOND MAHNKEY W,S,C,,B,S,1n P.E,gB,Ed English, Coach ROBERT MOBLO W, W, C, E,. B, A, g Columbia, M, A, Instrumental Music vs'- MARIE NICK U, of Washington, B, A, Spanish, English HENRY NIEMEIER U, of North Dakota, B,S, Bookkeeping, Boy's P, E,. Cmch HENRY POLIS W, S,C,, B, S.: B, Ed, Agriculture O, L, RHINESMITH U, of Washington, B,S, g Oregon, M,S, Science, English, Latin U 21' 7 ii ?'l 4,1 is l FIRST SEMESTER: Mr. Cjurhally, Mrs. Davison, Loren Gilbertson, Soph. Rep.g Lois Ellingscn, Prugrani Chairniang Audrey lflnu, Sm-rclziryg Janet Shinlaffcr, Trcasurerg Sue Smith, Junior Rep.g Darlene Boursaw, Senior Rcp.g Phyllis llani, Fri-slunan Rep. SIEATIED: Magnar Flones, Vice Presidentg Paul Lucky, Presideni, oar of gonfrof 5 -HH nr SEC ON D SEMESTER: Loren Gilhertson, Soph. Rvp.g Sue Smith, Junior Rep.g Janet Shintaffer, Treasurer, Phyllis Ham, Freshman Rep,g Mrs, Davison, Mr. Cvrbally, SEATEDz Rollo Lairsen, Presideritg Audrey Floe, Secretaryg Lois Ellingsen, Program Chairman: Darlene Boursaw, Senior Rep, 1 0 .1 J I ,. l .' f 1 4, J NL V - 'Nc 'Nv- ,. A " ww "' , 'f Nw.. v A . .. V " ' rqm- HA H I--...,,xQ.' 'N' ' : .. .. , . - ..f.-:mi m-R f, .Ji :W - 5fy4f,ffAu-kg? fl . Uk Z Q .,.. Q7 Z Q N Q 1 uv W A h . .L.., 9 A ' ' ' ' ......., -.' .- ,. - .,..,, A V ' A 'il'- W qgqviinv ' N ' .- ov, ,,,,.,... enior Cfaod Cf icem LEFT TO RIGHT: Rollo Lairsen, Treasurerg Mike Peterson, Vice President, Dale McKean, Presi- dent, Rosalie Nelson, Secretary, Miss Nick, Adviser. .Mafory It was the fall of "49" when we 56 scared Freshmen, with Audrey Floe our engineer. jumped aboard the U53 Special". As soon as we were seated and on our way, we selected purple and gold for our colors. Since no train may take to the rails without a conductor or conductress, Mrs. Fitzgerald was appointed to serve in that capacity. Before we arrived at the next station on our journey, we gave a return party for the Sophomores. As we were gathering up steam, we rolled into our Sophomore year with Joyce Ahrens at the controls and with Mr. Seeley our conductor. We gave the Freshmen a party, sponsored a mixer, and gave an assembly as the "Special" rolled on. In our Junior year, with Dean Klett at the throttle and with Miss Nick our conductress, we roared along the right of way--up hill and down. We sold candied apples and pop at the games, sponsored a mixer, and ended the third year of our journey with the annual Junior-Senior Banquet. Miss Nick remained aboard the "53 Special" for our fourth year, and re- layed the orders to our engineer, Dale McKean, who carried us safely through. We sold popcorn and ice cream at the games, sponsored two mixers, had a bake sale, presented the Senior Play, decorated the halls at Christmas, gave a Christmas assembly, and gave the annual Senior Ball in the spring. The year's activity ended with the Senior picnic, and finally commencement. Our journey now over, we wish to thank our advisers for helping us through the danger zones. Now, as we separate, each to go his own way, we sincerely trust that none will ever forget those exciting days on the "53 Special." 12 DARLENE BOURSAW "Those who have loved longest love best, " Board of Control 4, Class V, Pres, 3, Torch Honor 2,3,4, Pres. 4: Jr. Red Cross 2,3,4g Triple Trio 4, Senior Play 4, Chorus 2, 3.4, Chorus Board 4, Drill Team 23 G, A, A, l,2g Yell-Leader 3, Song-Leader 4, Octette 3, Student Day 4, Music Festival 2, 3,4g Majorette 2, 3,4g Career Day 3, LEONARD ELFSTROM "How did l ever get through?" Basketball 4, Baseball 4, Boys Service Club 3. LOIS ELLINGSON "May you always get the thing you want and want it after you get it, " Class Treas, 2g Program Chair. 4: Torch Honor 2, 3,4g Jr. Red Cross 4, Band I,2,3,4g Band Board 3g Drill Team 2, 3,4 fDrill Leader 45, G, A, A, I,2,3,4g Letterwomens 3,4 QV, P, 35g Student Day 4g Music Festival 3,45 Career Day 3, gqi n 1 AUDREY FLOE "A recipe for being cute. " Class Pres. Ig A, S, B, Sec, 4g Ir. Red Cross 3.4 QPres 45, Senior Play 4, Band l,2,3,4fB3l1d Board 4jg Chorus 2, Drill Team l,2,3,4, G. A. A. 1,2,3,4, Letterwomens 3.4, Librarian 4, Music Festival I, PETER FORTSON "Let others labor and I'1l do the rest. " Entered from Everett 4, Band 4g Football 4, 45. VN A SHARON HUNTINGTON "The glory of a woman is in her hair, " Jr, Red Cross 3.4, Senior Play 4, Chorus 2, 3, Drill Team 4, G, A, A, I,2, Office 4, JANET JENSEN "Even girls are sometimes mischievous--and I'm no exception. " lr, Red Cross 3.4: Senior Play 4, Chorus 2, 3, G, A, A, 1,2, Lib, 4, ANNE HALL "l will find a way or make one," Annual Staff 3,4 qEd. 43: Torch Honor 2, 3,4, Senior Play 4, Chorus 2,3, G, A, A, l,2, 3,4 QV, P, 35 fSec. Treas, 45, Letterwomen Club 2, 3,4, Girls Club Treas, 4, Girls Service Club 2, Office 4, Student Day 4, Music Festival 2, 3, Career Day 3, l.eader's Con- ference 4, Girls' State 3. DURLENE HAMILTON "She is gentle, she is shy, but there's mischief in her eye. " Class Treas, 3, Cardinal Flash 3,4 fEd, 43, Torch Honor 2,3,4, Jr, Red Cross 4, Chorus 2, 3, G, A, A, l,2, 3,4,L6It6l'W0mEl'1 Club 2, 3,4 fPres. 41, Girls Club V, Pres, 4, Office 4, Student Day 4, Music Festival 2, 3, Career Day 3. GUDVEIG HOLMES "Noble by birth but nobler by deeds, " Cardinal Flesh 4, Ir, Red Cross 4, Chorus 2, 3,4, Assembly Committee 4, Majorette 2, 3, IANETTE JOYCE "Fantastic and frolicsome. " Ir. Red Cross I,2, 3,43 Chorus 2,4g Girls' Service Club 2, 3.4. JAMES KILIAN "Great doers are never great talkers. " Class sec. 3: Annual Staff 3,45 Torch Honor 2,3,4g fSec -Treas. 49, Hi-Y 3: All School Play 3g Senior Play 4g Band I,2,3,4g Boys' Club Officer 41 Student Day 43 Music Festival I,2,4g Crazy Five 3,4. DEAN KLETT "There are two sides to everything, my side and the wrong side, " Board of Control Ig Class Pres. 3: Torch Honor 2, 3, Hi-Y I,2,3g Senior Play 4, ROLLO LAIRSEN "I'm from Texas. " Entered from Dallas, Texas 24 Band 2,3,4g Band Board 4, Class Treas. 4. V ROBERT LEQUE "I don't care, I've had a pretty good time. " Chorus 3, Boxing 3, 16 PAUL LUCKY "A great man is always willing to be small, " Entered from Gary, Minn, 21 A,S,B, Pres, 4g Torch Honor 2,3,4g Vice President 4g All School Play 3g Senior Play 43 Band 2, 3,43 Football 4, Student Day 47 Music Festival 3,45 Leaders Conference 4, Crazy Five 3,4, DALE MCKEAN "A brave man seeks not popular applause. " Board of Control 25 Class Pres, 4, Annual Staff 2, Cardinal Flash 41 Torch Honor 2,3,4g Hi-Y 3, F, F, A, l,2, 3, Lettermen 43 Basketball 4g Baseball 45 Boys Service Club 2g Career Day 3, JEAN MADSEN "Good things come in small packages. " Ir, Red Cross 3,43 Chorus 3,45 Girls' Club Cabinet 3 1 1 , , gl BARBARA OLSON "l love athletics and athletes. " Annual Staff 25 Cardinal Flash 35 Torch Honor 2,3,45 Ir. Red Cross 45 All School Play 35 Senior Play 45 Chorus 45 G, A, A, I,2,3.4 fPres. 4l:Lette1'WOmer1 Club 2, 3,45 Girls Club Rep, 35 Office 3,45 Student Day 4. ELAYNE OLSON "Her virtues are her arts. " Cardinal Flash 45 Torch Honor 3,45 Jr, Red Cross 45 Senior Play 45 Chorus 2, 3,45 G, A, A, 3,45 Letter- women Club 45 Office 45 Student Day 45 Music Festival 3,4, ALLEN PEARSON "And spellbound they listened while he sang. " Hi-Y l,2,35 Band I,2,3,4g Octette 3, l GEORGE PERRY "Many of yard of shin I've peeled--Fighting on the football field. " Hi-Y l,2,35 Lettermen Club I,2,3,4: Football l,2, 3,45 Baseball 2.3.4, MICHAEL PETERSON "An all-around good guy. " Class V, Pres, 45 Annual Staff 2,35 Hi-Y l,2,35 F, F, A, 1.2, 3,4 fSec. 315 Lettermen Club 3,45 Foot ball 3,45 Baseball 45 Boys Service Club 2. 2' NOLEN SILL "Your wit makes others witty. " Board of Control rg Cardinal Flash 3,4g Torch Honor 2g Hi-Y 2,31 Ir, Red Cross 45 All School Play 2, Senior Play 4, Librarian 2. IOANNE SMI'H "All the world loves a quiet girl, " Re -entered from Fairbanks, Alaska 4g Chorus 2g Office 4. DEFORREST RUSSELL "There never was a man who was not gratified by being told that he was liked by the women. " All School Play 3, Senior Play 4g Band I,2' 3,45 Chorus 35 Music Festival 3,45 Crazy Five 3,4, DON SCHROEDL "Rest and be thankful, " Torch Honor 4, Hi-Y 31 Senior Play 4, Band I,2, 3, Student Day 4, Music Festival 2, 3,4, JANET SHINTAFFER "A heart to resolve, a head to contrive, a hand to execute. " Class sec. lg A,S,B, Treas 45 Annual Staff 3,45 Torch Honor 2, 3,4, Jr, Red Cross 41 Triple Trio 4g Octette 31 Senior Play 4, Drill Team 35 Girls' Club Sec. 45 Librarian 3g Student Day 4, Career Day 3, Leaders Conference 4, . ,,, .. , ',,..,.., ., L, ..,- .,.A,.,.s ,.,. ,,,. .-.,.,.,,,L.,-, DONNA STRAND "She thinks and speaks for herself, " Board of Control 31 Class Treas, 21Jr, Red Cross 3,41 Chorus 2, 31 G, A, A, 11 Librarian 2,41 Girls' State 3. SHARON SUNDBERG "She's quiet but she's determined. " Triple Trio 41 Chorus 2, 3,41 Girls Service Club 11 Music Festival 4. FAITH TEMPLETON "Oh, give me any kind of man. " Ir. Red Cross 41 Senior Play 41 Band 1,2, 3,41 G, A, A, 11 Girls Service Club I,2Q Office 41 Librarian 31 Music Festival 2, 3. ELVIN WAALE "Life is too short to waste in study, " I-li-Y 2, 31 F,F, A, I,2, 31 F,F, A, Reporter 3, LARRY WHEELER "A clown by choice -- a true man of sterling worth inside. " Annual Staff 3,41 F, F, A, I,2, 3,41 Reporter 21 Treasurer 31 Basketball 41 Baseball 41 Boys Service Club 21 Librarian 2. CAROL LEE WOESSNER "Why worry? I've plenty of time ahead, " Torch Honor 2,3,41Ir. Red Cross l,2,3,4g Senior Play 41 All School Play 11 Band 11 Girls Club Sec- retary 31 Yell Leader 2, 3,41 Song Leader 11 Career Day 31 Student Day 4. CAMERA SHY DON GEER "A rolling stone, " Re -entered from Chorus 4. San Diego, California 41 Band 1,4 722' pf.-f . ggi: .a",4' ff E f 31 --' j0. -: 5, od! A - J J- Lf-f,,', , Q bus ' fy ,, Ns 'T JL ln V .. 49 7 "' BACK ROW: Magiiar Floncs, Larry Anderson, Vernon Baeher, Ed Bryant, John Hoines, Bill Goff, Ben Edwards. MIDDLE ROW, Bi-rre Arnundson, loye Fjarlie, Arlene Frederiekson, Carrol Danielson, Pat Herod, Sandra Dalleske. FRONT ROW: Shirley lrivksori, Frances Beck, Catherine Bailey, Darlene Anderson, Barbara Blakesley, Alyee Bray, Phyllis Bray, Nellie Bray, BALQI-Q ROW: Jacob Larson, Eugene Mygau, Hans Koch, Clyde Miner, Eugene Olsen, Philip Kilian, MIDDLE ROW: Boh Loeseher, Le Roy Ramsey, Arnold Jameson, Bob Mygatt, Ed McConnell, Kenny Jensen, Marlin Iensen: FRONT ROW: Mary Lon Parks, Mary Kirk, Marlene Lee, Shirley Kramlich, Marylyn McGreevy ir ii ,U lll -an rf' . "1- fax X 1' ,ax 1" Z' . 11 fx fo . N, if it l2l' 01- J S it llg Board of Control Representative, Sue Smithg Adviser, Mrs. Kirkg Sergeant at Arms, Ed Mcljonnc P 'd t, John Sandeg Vice-president, Kenneth Secretary, Philip Kiliang Treasurer, Eugene Olseng resi en Jensen, BACK ROW: Sue Smith, Harold Torhcirn, Jerry Whitney, John Sutherland, John Sandc, Beverly Wahl, FRONT ROW: Coralce Wright, Nancy Stanley, Clarice Verlinde, Adclle Smith, Patsy Sandcll, Bernice Watkins, Kay Sande. i I' LM ,-1 5 wal NL gx Z' IL Y 6 1, S-- X--f I 'Z' fs. ok ,C 36 .Ny il' an 'T' "N -1.,f..:ip- jf. iid ...4 ' xg' li.M,lx Ruwg Rlnly Linmlurxnn, laxnw flftlglllllll, ,lklllll Ballcy, Davld Hanson, llarold Cllandlcr, lluc Lllnrlc, l.mwl1491llwrm xlllJlHll ROW: Lung lllgglllb, Mary Lou Hllllvlll, liuvcrly lflrlnk, Al1ccAnn BOI'L'l'l, Margaret Andcrsnn, Rdlllxllld llrnggur, ul llnlnn-N, .'lI'llUlLl Anllnn. lfRUN'l' ROW: Anncttu Gllburlson, Julcnv llnrdcn, Clarcnu Bowcr, Ardlyn Msulll, M.1r1lyn l Xllhblvlll, Mum' lldlllvw, ,ln Annu lilnkcsluy, liA1.R NNW: Gary ll-nwn, ll1llO'lHay, Ilnu Nowak, Skipper Llen, Jerry Jcnsen. ROW: Larry lanlcson, l.8lll3lll'L' i5llL'l'NUll, Iiuny Rum, Nnmy Martin, Annu Nlllllllll, Wayne Jacobson. FRONT ROW: Paula Udcgard, Maru' Uvl-rxlny, l.nL-lla Rmlnllcln, Rcnrnorc Mvllnnm, Suu Ann johnson, Beverly Lcquu, Evelyn Ranlscy, liusnc Marun. ..- l I A -'H'-ff gi . 1- 'N-'J ' -w 1, i O BACK ROW Waller Von Moos N1lCh3Ll Luppc, Don Slmonson, Guald Thomsen Larry Yngvt Allan Wnghr Jack bhdton FRONT ROW Jerry small, Mary Jane Wunman, Amta Twmg kan Klrk Ldllllllt. Wmst Judith Sundbug Nod Smlth JO X -1 '7 4 E , .- V 33 .. A 4, f Pyiivi-,iii P I - .0 fg IN-I Q' nl lfOUR'l'll ROW: Albert Higgins, Daryl Erickson, Ronald Fosse, Jini Fure, Dick Floe, Richard Beck, lfred Flodquist, THIRD ROW: Fred llarpcr, Duane Gainer, Laurence Hall, Kenny Fulk, Tliornas Dodgson, Bill Higgins, Neil llordyk, lrelloy DeWitt, Dallas Bunney, David lpsen. SECOND ROW: Janice Hegeberg, Nancy ihde, Georgie Ann lianson, Phyllis llani, Randi lfortin, Eleanor Hubbard, Doris Goff, Rosalie Gansberg, FIRST ROW: Esther lidwins, Kari-ri Anderson, Cleo Danielson, joy Dodge, Ann Higgins, l,avon Dallnian, Sandra Collins. l-'OLlRl'll ROW: Dennis Pearson, George Parker, Ricky Lukehart, Vernon Lund, Allen Norbaek, Rolf Lystad, Dirk Kittelson. 'l'lllRD ROW: Robert Jensen, Don Rekdal, Mary Lou Odegard, Evelyn Monson, Anita Olsen, Sydne hlrfxianziiis, Gary Meliean, Dallas Moen. SECOND ROW: Edith Koch, Dlorah Palm, Judith Moritz, lenniier l,iicky, Dolores Di-Witt, lildbjorg Moe, Shirley Larson, FIRST ROW: David Pearson, Bob Koeller, Bruce Ring. J. E N zk?2f.-"a, rj FS-" 'fri' i V gg ,il . L r A . . A ll R 'Lax AQJ 8 Q6 BACK ROW: Adviser, Mr, Berg. FRONT ROW: Vice-President, Sandra Stayleng Representative to the Board of Control, Phyllis Ham, President, Agnes Simonsethg Secretary, Anita Olsen, Treasurer, Mary Lu Odegard. BACK ROW: Barbara Williams, Agnes Simonseth, Gary Sutherland, Ronnie Watkins, Dwane Turk, James Wise, Claudia Weston, Janice Verlinde. FRONT ROW: Sandra Staylen, Pat Stovner, Judith Solberg, Sandra Thompson, Judith Whitney, Shirley Sherman, Maralee Stonack. NOT PICTURED: Mrs. Bacher, Co-Adviser. ii" sS?ll,JQllf lag 97- QL- 11 5 F, ff If" JET Ja, X252 'V' 1.1 If W I 'fn 'Vx' I 1V?.d Lt, ' . D v uni li '. '4 1,5 I A I.. R - MIN. Kirk, lainic Kilian Mrs. Bacher, Kay Sande Mrs. McCormick, Amie Hall Mr, Moblo, Paul Li , ..!, U' 'Y X2 Miss Nick, llnrlcnc llainilton Mr, Corbally, Lois Ellingsen Mr. Kirk, Darlene Boursaw Mrs. Davison, Par Herod ,f"'l- Mr, Polls, Dale Mcl-ii-an Miss Johnson, Barbara Olson Mr. Niemeier, John Sutherland Mr, Berg, Don Schroedl Rliinc-siniili, Janet Shintaffer Mrs. Ioergcnsen, Carol Lee Woessner Mr. Hinderman, Elayne Olson Mr. Mahlllwy. Jerry Whitney w. f...'Y J. -'A fl-Qlr:..' Wfgojyifa f A ,f f? 'I 'v' . v ' 1 ' l h I u . F ,I 'J 'iff 2" "'a'.s'-A . -1 ,F I I .1 fl rl' 1 u 11 dp ,.,-',:.'w --:,,:, Q f ' 1-1: '. W- hu.: .1 ,,, , ,' .ul-fffma , : z.-,-n, ,,. ww- --1 :' lx' .. A iff f - X ww x.- is u x-.,.u - .-F' 4 tl qfb Mu -.'.f:-5-mm, 'QQ xuS.x5,x 4, -, H ' 5"'.3f'Rlfl'9L'5"'2:"3i'ff':'?WEf.-- ' if ' ' Z, i:::w5jf4:f.'4Q593?fg1Qc1'gU -rv... w+,,n ,A ,-w3':x.w .gx ,M . ' , ' fg, .gx,:. - V-' Q" -'n1,:?3f.,:'i -tw' V 1 ff vi I ' 2 ?:.,ff'af?-x 3 A .uv h 1 .F 4. f J. ,r X 1' I Emnmmm W-FLUSH Q . V ' V Y Vol. 3 at 2 october- 214, 1952 My - 2 ' St HI UR P L Q 'J On U2 ' y 2, the The last minute preparations Torch - o . i ' ve for the Senior Play are in full C0mP1etS "Y"""U tl' r" hooes are held for school. of V 0 ...I Miss N Mr. Niem Mr. Polis Mr. Rhinesmith- M Mrs Joergenson NOGSSHGr discover what ha Watch fo ore Lee in spite of nc sually round oig full e 1 Larry an they Qing on lend, b STANDING ShrrleyErrckson Reporter Beverlywahl Reporter MarleneLee Sportsliditor Arlenerrederick Editor Marilyn Anderson Reporter Dale McKean Sports Editor Elayne Olson Art Editor Johnny Sande Reporter Mary Jane Wemman Reporter Durlene Hamilton Editor SEATED Nolen Sill Feature Editor Gudvetg Holmes News Editor NOT PICTURED Miss Nick Adviser f Washlngton The scheduleforthe Conference will open with a dinnerand mixer on Friday night. All day Satur day will consist of conferences Saturday night there is to be a banquet with Dr. Schmitz, Pres- Con'd. on Page 2 O S on the team were Howard Lemkg, Kenneth Neimeier, Larry Anderson, Leif Holmes, and Jerry Small. The team placed 20th out of a total of 75 teams and Howard Lanka was the 17th highest scorer out of 225 boys. e, h r c "' ' " ' - A I J l 1 0 0 : 0 0 ' I n 1 v - - - - - - - I I e if . , , - , . - , t- 1 , I p r r I sl! son, Assistant Edirorg Mrs. McCormick, Adviserg Party Sandell, Society Editor: Catherine Bailey, Exchange Q ' C ' , I n . : u . I I . 3 ' , 5 ' , ' . : '. ' : , V' , . : . . D . . 0 - ' 6 G l i f - v . - - c 1 ' I , ' " o ' . vw BACK ROW: James Kilian, Jerry Jensen, Pat Herod, Ed Bryant, Catherine Bailey, Mrs, Davison. FRONT ROW: Larry Wheeler, Anne Hall, Janet Shintaffer. FLFLUCL! .SQCL In the fall of 1952 the Board of Control again selected a staff to edit the "Cardinal Memories". Those selected were: Editor, Anne Hall, Assistant Editor, Pat Herod, School Editor. .Tanet Shintafferg Assistant School Editor, Catherine Bailey, Business Managers, Larry Wheeler and Ed Bryant, Assistant Business Manager, Nick Bacher. The staff, in producing the 1953 yearbook, encountered the usual problems in meeting deadlines. Regardless of the plan- ning done, each deadline was accompanied by rush days -- pictures had to be taken, checked and arranged, and copy had to be written, edited, and typed--but all-in-all it was fun. We sincerely hope you enjoy your annuals as much as we have enjoyed producing them and that they may help you recall to memory some of your high school days. 29 -liv- . -li. irfji Cagim Mrs. Bacher, Adv1scrg D11rlc11u 11111111110 Vicc-Pres1dc111g A11111' H.1l1, Trcasurcrg 1111101 ShlIlI3ffCl'. Scvrvtaryg Rusaliu N1-l Prcsidcnt. l""' :ig JN offfi gagin RolfLys1ad, SCl'gl'3IlI'8Y'3l'lllSj Pllllip Kil1a11, P1'cs1dc11t, Nwk lig1cI11-1, 'I'r1-11s11r1:, James K1l1a11, Scvrctaryg R1ul111rd Bork, Sergeant-at-311115, N111 P1c'1urcd: Eddm McCc11111cll, V11-c-Prcs11l1'111, V HQIYLAK Commiffee X W' gun:-.sau 1 I ff STANLJING: Clz1r1cc Vcrlindcg Mr, Cnrhally, Adv1su1g P111 Smvrwr, SEATED: Margarvt AIILQCFSOHQ Gl1dvu1gll11ll11cs, X 1 fy "3" in - 1 ' PW ZJEASUPW , K '1 t as u ,v , ., L . A fa. 1 'n firfw-2vFr'+f-fTf'l"l57x"5 V . TF- ."A fm. ' 1 l Qin 46, , A2671 '- ' v ' 1 99' A Al - tv' A ' .q L. F . -x 'ji' ' Ay-..,yM ' M j .,-"W 'Q' I I, .-E, mil - if-"' up ' ,, , ,.. ...fb-" ' Q O ,..,Av 43 T an an FOURTH ROW: Nellie Bray, Claudia Weston, Phyllis Ham, Allen Norback, David Pearson, Kenneth Fulk, Ricky Lnkeliart, Ed McConnell, David Hanson, Gary Higgins, John Bailey, Darlene Boursaw, Reamore Melluni, Janette Joyce. THIRD ROW: Doris Gough, Luella Kramlich, Bessie Martin, Edith Koch, Adelle Smith, Pat Herod, Bernice Watkins, Judy Sundberg, Gudveig Holmes, Barbara Olson, Betty Rua, Georgie Ann Hanson, Judith Solberg, Judith Moritz, Barbara Blakesley, Sue Smith, Accompanist. SECOND ROW: Pat Johnson, Mary Lou Parks, Janet Shintaffer, Sharon Sundberg, Rosalie Nelson, Nancy Stanley, Shirley Larson, Elayne Olson, Shirley Kranilich, Frances Beck, Beverly Wahl, Carrol Danielson, Lorella Parker. FIRST ROW: Evelyn Ramsey, Ramona Brugger, Ann Higgins, Dlorah Palm, Janice Verlinde, Phyllis Bray, Bette Amundson, Janice Hegeberg, Jean Madsen, Barbara Williams. CL orua The Chorus of Twin City High School, under the -.lirection of Mr. Dan Hinderman, had a very successful year. Winter and Spring Concerts given in conjunction with the band, as well as a Christmas Vesper Service were enthusiastically received. Several exchange assemblies were presented. Members also participated in the Snohomish County Music Festival in Everett. 32 T I Mm! BACK ROW: Jimmy Wise, Pete Fortson, Bob Koeller, George Parker, James Kilian, Larry Yngve, Larry Anderson, Anita Olsen, Pat Stovner, Gary Sutherland, Mary Kirk, Mr. Moblo. THIRD ROW: DeForrest Russell, James Creighton, Ed Bryant, Nick Bacher, Audrey Floe, Marilyn Anderson, Mary Lu Odegard, Arlene Frederickson, Nancy lhde, Randi Fortin, Sandra Dalieske, Evelyn Monson, Jennifer Lucky, Don Geer. SECOND ROW: Camille West, Alice Ann Botten, Cleo Danielson, Lavon Dallman, Judy Solberg, Mary Jane Weinman, Marlene Lee, Paula Odegard, Ardlyn Afseth, Magnar Flones, Howard Lemke, Marie Oversby, Sue Ann Johnson, John Hoines. FIRST ROW: Faith Templeton, Don Schroedl, Ed Sharp, Joye Fjarlie, Nancy Martin, Coralee Wright, Dolores DeWitt, Elclbjorg Moe, Marie l-loines, Lois Ellingsen, Rollo Lairsen. 33 bs! X., x.. sf i STANDING: Mr, Hindi-rnian, Adviser, Allen Norbaek. SIZATED: Pat Johnson, Darlene Boursaw. NOT P1fI'I'URlilDg Reaniore Melliun The Chorus Board consisting of a member from each class, is a newly-formed organization. Among its duties are helping to choose the music to be sung and deciding who is to he awarded chorus letters. Clow Aim! Mann e EW 5 STANIBING: Mr, Mohlo, Adviser, Rollo Lairseu, Marie Hoines, Marlene Lee, Mary l.u Odegard. SEATlilJg Audrey Floe The Band Board is a group of students from the band that decides on activics in which the band will partieipate, lt also helps select music and determine the merits and demerits for the letter award system, Q 7 Q., ? .,?s,..1f4Y-:n- X v it ' K -on I, ,bg I.. 1 It h . v Biff ' 'L.+4,jI il 111' I ' , . Q . Q Fi 54 4 xi A 5 5 L 4' an ., .V 'W 43 X 1. -:if J:-"" j I ' u ,-- N THIRD ROW: Annette Gilhertson, Nancy Ihde, Mary Jane Weinman, Beverly Leque, Nancy Martin, Mary Lou Hanson Joy Dodge, Dolores DeWitt. SECOND ROW: Reamore Mellum, Sue Ann Johnson, Pat Stovner, Marilyn Anderson, Anita Olsen, Georgie Ann Hanson, Evelyn Monson, Eldbjorg Moe. FIRST ROW: Jean Kirk, Margaret Anderson, Dlorah Palm, Karen Anderson, Mary Lu Odegard, Randi Fortin, Janice Hegeberg. gi .A THIRD ROW: Beverly Wahl, Catherine Bailey, Marlene Lee, Arlene Frederickson, Joye Fjarlie, Sandra Dalleskc, Barbara Olson, Miss Johnson, Adviser. SECOND ROW: Anne Hall, Lois Ellingson, Mary Kirk, Kay Sande, Bernice Watkins, Audrey Floe, Pat Herod. FIRST ROW: Durlene Hamilton, Elayne Olson, Bette Amundson, Darlene Anderson, Nancy Stanley, Patsy Sandell, Mary Ann Moa. wr' BACK ROW: Miss Johnson, Audrey Floe, Janet Jensen, Frances Beck, Beverly Wahl, Annette Gilbertson, Bernice Watkins, Sue Ann Johnson, Eldbjorg Moe, Sharon Huntington, Sue Smith, Janice Hegeberg, Evelyn Monson, Arlene Fredcriekson, Mary Lou Hanson. CENTER: Jennifer Lucky, Marilyn Anderson, Pat Johnson, FRONT ROW: Patsi Sandell, Mary Jane Weinman, Margaret Anderson, Alice Ann Botten, Lois Ellingsen, Mary Lu Odegatd, Randi Fortin, Anita Twing, Anita Olsen, Pat Stovner. LDA! jam BACK ROW: Pete Fortson, Bob Mygatt, Wayne Jacobson, Gary Higgins, Larry Anderson, Hans Koch, Eugene Olsen, Skipper Lien, Loren Gilbertson, Don Simonson, Mike Zuppe. MIDDLE ROW: James Nowak, Ed Bryant, John Sande, Kenny Jensen, Nick Bacher, Philip Kilian, Gary Jensen, George Perry, Magnar Flones, Clyde Miner, Kenneth Niemeier, Mike Peterson, Mr. Niemeier. FRONT ROW: Walter Von Moos, John Bailey, Larry Yngve, Dallas Bunney Rolf Lystad, Ronald Fosse, Vernon Lund, Dick Floe, oaffermen 0 CM, Of J, ce J ,ff ,4,,z" ' ,:'f"! 15' ,P BACK ROW: Lee Jack Shelton. FRONT ROW: Adelle Smi Claudia Weston omg, ga Patsy Sandcll, Marylyn McGrecvy, Sharon Huntington, Anne Hall, Mrs. Joergenson, Durlene Hamilton, Elayne Olson, Barbara Olson, Mary Ann Moa, Betty Rua, Clarice Verlinde, Joanne Smith. I l A r . Clark, Jim Nowak, Loren Gilbertson, Janette Joyce, Nancy Stanley, th, Hill!! gi 'Y ga R il!! .1 '" r. gal I A.,.. ip .- 2 Q ik v '-wa." I 542. ' ff ' ' -a,w!'?'9.f ., . ,,,v ai Y, S A VV'-Fi-""2l!' sd 'pl yy.- N '.J'f?i'1l 'f ,,7: fy if 'WV ' 7 wc ' A bQ.7F xiggf 4.21. ,Tv -TV' i. aiu' 1.1 1-.. Q 3' -, I ,'V f Y 4 PM 4 QV' , ff' wwf' lip... I A - L SOPCA .N0l'l0l' The Torch Honor Society has been very active this year. We try to have a project for each month of the school year. Some of the activities are for the pleasure of the group and some are for the help of others. We started out with a formal initiation banquet in the fall for the new members. Later we sponsored Student Day, a basketball mixer, and a gift shower. In the spring we were given the opportunity to visit the television studio in Seattle, and rounded out the year with our annual picnic in May. BACK ROW: James Kilian, James Creighton, Paul Borseth, John Sutherland, Jerry Whitney, Kenneth Niemeicr, Jim Nowak, Mrs. McCormick, Advisor, Dale McKean, Nick Bacher, Noel Smith, Loren Gil- bertson, Jerry Small, Don Schroedl. MIDDLE ROW: Janet Shintaffer, Camille West, Pat Herod, Mary Kirk, Marie Hoines, Ardlyn Afseth, Lois Ellingsen, Barbara Olson, Durlene Hamilton, Beverly Wahl, Elayne Olson, Jean Kirk, Annette Gilbertson, Anita Twing. FRONT ROW: Margaret Anderson, Margaret Dodgson, Sue Smith, Sue Ann Johnson, Catherine Bailey, Arlene Frederickson, Darlene Boursaw, Mary Jane Weinman, Marilyn Anderson, Kay Sande, Alice Ann Botten, Shirley Erickson. SEATISD: Barbara Olson, Elayne Olson, Janet Sliintaffer, Janet Jensen. STANDING: Nolen Sill, Mary Anil Moa, DeForrest Russell, Donald Seliroedl, Izirnes Kilian, Mr. Kirk, Adviser, enior Conf J: it-' 3 I 5 r' 52:11 "THREE Ol,,D MAID AUNTSH Aunt Harriet Aunt Geraldine. . Aunt Samantha . Uncle Ed. . . Patsy. . . Dr. Carloff. Greta . . . Miss Davis . Larry Bell . Mr. Arnold . . Sound Effects Student Director . Director .... ii? . . . Barbara Olson . Faith Templeton . Janet Sliintalfer . . .Paul Lucky . . . Elayne Olson . DeForrest Russell . . . Janet Jensen . Ivlary Ann Mori . . James liilian . Donald Scliroedl . . . Nolen Sill . Anne Hall . Mr. Kirk fgroclucfion Sfaff SEATED: Darlene Bonrsgiw, Andrey lloe, Durlene llainnlron, Slmron llnniington, 5'I'ANl7lNGg lflvin Waale, Dale lxieliezin, Mm NIL'li, Adviser. ...l- lvvllllllllll, fi.lIll0.'TlIlU lklilvv, Arlcnv Frcdcricllson, BLiI'lWl11'4lOlSOll, lA4fl4 ROW: Vllyllis Bray, John liailuy, Andrey Flow, FRONT ROW: JnAnnc Blakcslcfy, Darlene Andcrsun, Durnm Hrmnrl, iflnrvm' llwwur, Mrs, Kirk, Janet Jensen, lw.VTl4 ROW: Mm lOlIllQOll, luis lillingson, Allllll llall, Sandra Dallcskc, lxlzurlcnc l,a-c, Marilyn Andcrson, llcvcrly W.4lll, l4.1z Sands, llnrlunc llanliltnn, Annette Gillwcrtsnn, Nli1l'yAIllllNlOll, FRONT ROW: Amlrwy lllwc, Mary lam Ns. 1 1 i rg CV n- 1 1 1 t Q If 24 ,LT ,wax . , 1 lt. l.lEFT TO RIGHT: Bob ltwsclwr, Nolan Slll, Iohn Hoines, lid Bryant, James Creighton, Jack Shelton, Richard Beck, Jnhn Iitnlcy. roiecfor laera ford P x .4 l,lilf'I' l'U RILEIIT: Ivy Dndgc, Kqtrcn Allk.lL'l'S0ll, Nclltc Bray, Mary Ln Odugard, Cleo DL!lllC150ll, Rosallc Ganshcrg, Mrs, W.rlst'tl1, Mrs, Bl'Clllll, lxlrs, Bttcllnr, Q, M, ,staff f0l'e CIHJ COL? Fred Flndqntst, Dun Rckdal Kay Strndc, Clerk, Pat llcrod, Customer 43 .fm JJ' U x I' L f ' U ': . Q V, 1 A H V. . 4' g X N C fm' T5 ' .sql yi' . 1-,J . W'-2'--Q, ., -9, A V . A I ,h i ., j,--g,m.,5 4 .T . L 3, EI . K g v. fg- -' Ms- - , D ' 'Ol '-,- ffih - Y - ' -0355 -"wr fgyl, ggi' ' J:-, - " 'E-Sa-J 3' .4 -- , l.'1.?'-' f 'Y v '. - . Q N' ' J Y 'Ks . Y 4' A ' ,H '5 f- - ' '.- ' ' A -1 . ' 'ifcjy x . to ,Qin 1 .NZ ' ',s -4 1, b f"1 - 15- . . ii,'1 -'--+ff.1--:Maxi ,zgf f - ' Nw -' - . 6.1111 94.15. 'g ', ' ' .T . N '-5 , - ' . l . xt' I flfff, " ' l h " , . Q . Q, 5 A . .. ,'-.3-3 . if ' -K V 5 ' git? N zff- . , , . . 5 S? - '44-.Q -, - ' -K Q . , , 'tw'-Ai: ' ' 'L' --4 -.xg-'fl '. .-.ji-TS: ' . ' ' '- chi' W -N . .-axjc, . . R ---, .., 1' . .1-:la-gf W. ,-f, -4 ' f . Q lax? h . ,.- i xt . ' '1'lsf"7 .f -. 'I -u s , , A LW Fu . A : - , . I 9- joolgaf BACK ROW: Martin Jcnscn, Vernon Lund, Dick Floe, Don Rekdal, Laurence llall Fred Flodquist Rolf Lysrad, Ronald Fossc, Dallas Bunney, Arnie Melum, Mr. Mahnkey, Coach MIDDLI: ROW Cary Jensen, George Perry, Nick Bacher, Philip Kilian, Kenney Jensen, Ed Bryant Eugene Olsen Ed McConnell, Jolin Sande, Mike Peterson, Bob Mygatt. FRONT ROW: Dennis Pearson Cary Higgins skipper Lien, Walter Von Moos, Jim Nowak, Loren Gilbertson, Mike Znppe Pita Forrson Twin Twin Twin Twin Twin Twin Twin Twin Twin City City City City City City City City City .SZAQ O O 6 13 26 0 19 6 6 46 Jul, Arlington Mount Vernon Monroe ' Granite Falls Langley Concrete Oak Harbor Lake Stevens Sultan MICHAEL PETERSON Captain SKIP PERR Y Inspirational Award ?"'il-s--A -ll ini-v 1 'H1 -- -QS1-......s Hu.-,,..."""'Q...:1 4- Af' ' CV. v Q, 5 4 ' I Jf. x RAY MAHNKEY Coach Y . X. .yn ' w Ga ry Jensen KI John Sande I-Ialfback Quarterback Bob Ivlygatt TaCkIe Ed Bryant Guard Jim Nowak Center Peter Fortson Guard ! T Walter Von Moos Quarterback fr F Philip Kilian Guard 1 vv? Y .F r Nick Bacher Tackle Gary Higgins Fullback Michael Zuppe Halfback Eugene Olsen Vernon Lund End Fullback N . E. Ed McConnell Loren Gilbertson Halfback Halfback Skip Lien End Ken Jensen Dick Floe Halfback Guard 49 Twin Twin Twin Twin Twin Twin Twin Twin Twin Twin Twin Twin Twin Twin Twin Twin Twin Twin Twin Twin Twin 1 JOHN SANDE 1 Co-Captain KEN NIEMEIER Co-Captain gwhzlgaf City 62 Lakeside 49 City 57 Duke of Connaught 74 City 53 Oak Harbor 55 City 36 Sedro Woolley 41 City 37 LaConner 52 City 50 Darrington 52 City 34 Darrington 60 City 49 Skykomish 62 City 46 Concrete 58 City 53 Oak Harbor 57 City 50 LaConner 38 City 66 Skykomish 48 City 34 Duke of Connaught 55 City 52 Monroe 58 City 61 Lake Stevens 47 City 52 Concrete 45 PLAYOFF: City 54 Friday Harbor 40 NORTHWEST DISTRICT "B" TOURNAMENT City 51 Monroe 65 City 58 Oak Harbor 54 City 50 Darrington 48 City 42 Coupeville 53 50 HENRY NIEMEIER Coach u J X A n xl A l I QK ' r X Ken Jensen Forward John Sande i f--2 Loren Gilbertson H 6 N Guard N ! hi-' ' Guard Larry Wheeler Center I 1 X Q'-1 4- J Eugene Olsen Forward S .Tim Nowak Center r 1 5. .X f ef .. Ken Niemeier K' C' Guard 4 . l . r uw. . i,, ,- l I Bucky Flones o Forward ,- i Dale McKean Q Center V A Lawrence Otterson Forward Y BACK ROW: Lee Clark, Nick Bacher, Skipper Lien, Ed BACK ROW: Fred Flodquisr, Mgr., Dwanc Turk, Ronnie Bryant, Mr. Mahnkcy, Coach. FRONT ROW: Noel Smith, Watkins, Neil Nordyk, Jim Fure, Vernon Lund, Dallas Gary Jensen, Jerry Small, Don Simonson, Mike Zuppe. Bunney, Mr. Mahnkey, Coach. FRONT ROW: Daryl Erick- son, Kenny Fulk, Laurence Hall, Albert Higgins, Dallas Moen, Duane Gainer, Gary McKean, Rickey Lukehart, Mgr, QCOI1 ian! jI'25Al'l'lCll'l edln SLM! .gcjua BACK ROW: Gary Higgins, Eugene Olsen, Kenny Jensen, Dale McKean, Larry Wheeler, Loren Gilbertson, Mr. Niemeier, Coach. FRONT ROW: LeRoy Ramsey, Laurance Otterson, Magnar Flones Jim Nowak, John Sande, Kenneth Niemeier. , . 3.. 'j W-41, gn- 11-5-an-K -guy CGLIIJGI' SEPTEMBER 2 School beginsl 4 Monroe Fair - 5 Soph-Frosh Party 12 Football with Arlington here 16 Exchange student from Holland 19 Football at Mt. Vernon Z5 Magic Show -- Kenneth Leckvold Z9 P. T. A. Open House OCTOBER 6 Teachers' Institute, Seattle 7-10 Orthopedic Food Drive 10 Football at Granite Falls 11 G. A. A. Playday at Edmonds 16 National School Assembly -- Snow Allen 17 Football with Langley here , 20 B Team Football with Arlington here 24 Football with Concrete here 31 Football at Oak Harbor Student Leaders' Conference, U. of W. NOVEMBER 1 Student Leaders' Conference, U. of W. 7 Football at Lake Stevens 12 Student Day 14 Football with Sultan here 18 Assemblyg Transcribers for the Blind 20 F.F.A. Banquet 22 Sophomore Class Bake Sale Band at Santa Claus Parade, Seattle 25 Senior Play "Three Old Maid Aunts" Z6 National School Assernblyg Yankee Clipper 27-Z8 Thanksgiving Vacation DECEMBER . 4 Winter Concert 5 Basketball at Lakeside in Seattle WW-WasW'Ei2?' 53 CQAHJGI' 6 Basketball with Duke of Connaught here G. A. A. Playday at Lake Stevens 9 Song and Yell Leaders' Meeting 12. Basketball at Oak Harbor 13 Basketball with Sedro Wooley here 14 Vespers 19 Basketball with LaConner here ZZ-Z Christmas Vacation Z2 Basketball with Darrington here 30 Basketball at Darrington JANUARY 5 School Opens 6 Basketball with Skykomish here 9 Basketball at Monroe 13 Basketball with Lake Stevens here 14 Principals and Student Council meeting at Monroe 16 Basketball with Concrete Z3 Basketball with Oak Harbor here 27 Exchange Assemblies at Lake Stevens and Granite Basketball at LaConner 30 Basketball at Skykomish FEBRUARY 3 Basketball at the Duke of Connaught's 5 Monroe Pep Assembly here 6 Basketball with Monroe here ll Community Forum Speaker 13 Basketball at Lake Stevens 14 Basketball with Concrete here 18 Frosh at Granite Falls Z0 Junior Proms Girls' Club Conference at W. W. C. E. Z3-Z7 District B Tournament in Mt. Vernon 25 Frosh game with Mukilteo here f ik m bifgrrl C. i 1 3437 " r l .Q It J X .tm : - I - gtg: TQ--Ll , 54 MARCH 2 4-7 5 10 1 ll 11 13 18 Z0 25 Z7 Z7 30-5 APRIL 1 5 7 10 10 10 ll 17 17 18 22 24 25 MAY 1 2 7 8 15 Z6 31 JUNE Z 4 CGLIIJGI' W. W. C. E. Band State "B" Basketball Tournament College Conference at Mt. Vernon Exchange Assembly at Monroe and Snohomish X-rays in Everett Students and Principals meeting at Sultan Junior Prom National School Assembly Sophomore Talent Show Baseball at Sedro Wooley Baseball here with Mt. Vernon Junior Class One Act Plays Spring Vacation Spring Vacation ends Baseball with Oak Harbor here F. F. A. Livestock Show 1 Baseball at Langley Spring Concert Junior -Senior Banquet P. I. C. Band Baseball with Coupeville here Biology field trip Forum' Speaker Baseball at Oak Harbor G. A. A. Playday here Baseball at Coupeville Senior Ball Girls' Club Tea Baseball at Langley Baseball Play-off Last day of school for Baccalaureate Seniors Commencement Last Day of School 55 ET of .X ,K I -9' 1 'Ma in N rl qi' ' -.,.x M ' ' wa -f'jif,:Q, b l V' ' .. vi -.5-ax I H: V ' . T' V A- R ,bf - " ' Ur ' im? - .,..,,. ,, I K 4? I SL 0 -PUK E LARSON'S SERVICE STATION Gas-Oil-Tires "Congratulations To The Grads Of 53" W.C. 871 .xdclfs ISLAND COLD STORAGE Lockers, Meats Locker Supplies Route 1 Stanwood Phone-W.C. 2092 HARTNEY'S "Success to the Class of "53 REX HOTEL Phone-W.C. 1001 "Best of luck to the Grads." STANWOOD MILLWORK Congratulations from A FRIEND TWIN CITY NEWS FLOE'S TRANSFER Devoted to local interest W.C. 1181 Harry Dence Ray Horn W.C. 311 "Congratulations to Grads" JOHNSON LUMBER CO. STANWOOD DR UG COMPANY TAXI INN W,C, 2091 "Best of luck 'Top of first hill on Camano" W.C. 1023 Peo. 570 t0 the C1855 Of "53" STANWOOD FOOD CENTER FRANCIS POWELL PALACE MARKET W.C. 383 Television Service "Best of luck fS.A. Thompson Store, Stanwood, Wash. in years to come" THE NATIONAL BANK OF EAST STANWOOD THE FIRST NATIONAL East Stanwood, BANK OF STANWOOD Washington Member of the Federal Stanwood, Washington Deposit Insurance Corp. STANWOOD AUTO CO- Best gf luck from MR. WILLIAM L. BAILEY D0dge"P1Ymouth Attorney-at-law 'Congratulations to the A FRIEND Stanwood Class of "53" DR. E. G. WHEELER TWIN CITY AUTO REBUILD C'W' Hargrave . . THE HITCHING PosT Body and fender repairing Dentist Painting 5taI1W0Od. WBS11- day and night towing Where all good grads go. W.C. 1751 CEDARHOME MERCANTILE CO. Gro. - Hardware - EILERTSEN LUMB ER COMPANY STANWOOD SERVICE STATION A l' ggolanggs East Stanwood, Manser Wangness Harold Klett Washington W.C. 752 Henry M. Klett HUNTINGTON'S CORNER Camano Island MADRONA B EACH Camano Island CAMANO BEACH Phone W.C. 1677 The Wicks Ro t 1 H. Sandberg, Mgr. Stanljaviod Phone 1Z6R11 Ted' Dorothy Joyce, .Tack STANWOOD HARDWARE AND FURNITURE HAZEL HALL REAL ESTATE Everything for the home Farm Homes "Congratulations to the class of '53" "I cover the waterfront." HALL INSURANCE AGENCY C.B, Myron, Agent STANWOOD WATER COMPANY CAMANO FUEL AND SERVICE Gas and fuel oil Stanwood, Washington STANWOOD LAUNDR Y AND CLEANERS ALLAN'S GROCERY W.C. 451 "Best Wishes to MARK KIMBALL, .TEWELER Stanwood, Washington W.C. 443 the Class of '53" TWIN CITY FOODS INC. SORENSEN AND STOVNER Stanwood, Washington INSURANCE AND ACCOUNTING W,C, 851 Best luck in the future class of '53 CENTRAL CAFE W.C. 141 STANLEY'S BARBER SHOP ADAM'S WELDING Carl Lee Stanwood, Washington SUPPLY CO. 1115 Calif. Ave. at Norton Ba. 4555 Everett, Wn. BRYANT HARDWARE Congratulations 3. B. MEAT 8: SAUSAGE CO , To The Class Of '53 High grade products Stanwood, Washington P 522 From Phones 228-229 eo' A FRIEND Beuingham, washington HAROLD'S SHOE REPAIR MED-O-MILK TWIN CITY GRAIN C0- East Stanwood, Washington East Stanwood, Washington East Stanwood, Washington 'Feed our feeds." Congratulations From A FRIEND TIFFANY AMBULANCE SERVICE East Stanwood, Washington MERCANTILE GROCERY East Stanwood, Washington E. E. EPPERSON AC COUNT IN East Stanwood, Washington BLOXHAM'S MACHINE SHOP East Stanwood, Washington LANDR Y'S B LAC KSMITH SHOP East Stanwood, Washington NORTHWEST VETER INAR Y CLINIC Stanwood, Washington FERRIS UPHOLSTERY Stanwood, Washington HAYS MOTOR COMPANY Authorized Ford Dealer East Stanwood W.C. 91 PICTSWEET FOODS, INC . "Our thanks to T. C. students for helping us pack a quality line of foods." America's Premium Quality Foods LARR Y FORTIN, AGENT State Farm Mutual EARL TIETJEN Automobile GLENN THE BARBER Insurance C01 , Furniture and Appliance East Stanwood, Washington W. C. 483 East Stanwood, Washington Auto - Life - Fire 'Good Luck Grads " RYGG'S PACKING COMPANY WALLACE MOT ORS Wholesale Meats and Custom Killing Peo. 970 Authorized Chevrolet Dealer East Stanwood GORDY'S MOBIL SERVICE PURE FOOD MARKET East Stanwood George Hanson, Prop. W. C. 531 Groceries, Meats TWIN CITY BAKERY BRE UM DR Y GOODS TEMPLETON'S WESTERN AUTO STORES "We feature the Joan Marie sweater-- the sweater that appeals." Auto Parts--Sporting Goods East Stanwood, Washington "Best of luck to the grads." Phone W. C. 1121 I-IANSEN'S RADIO SERVICE HOME MEAT MARKET "Success to the Grads" Television sales and service INCORPORATED KVAM DRUG W. C. 32 W. C. 153 W. C. 563 East Stanwood, Washington JIM HANSEN'S SHURFINE GROCERY "Congratulations and Best Wishes to the class of '53" East Stanwood, Wash. DEPOT SERVICE LUND'S and SERVICE STATION GARAGE Gas-Oil-Tires "Congratulations to the J- E- HAMILTON AND SONS "Congratulations to the Grads" grads of '53" HANSON'S VARIETY East Stanwood, Wash. "Congratulations Grads" "Best of luck to the class of '53" PETERSON'S GROCERY Western Meat "'Good luck to the Class of '53" GlI..BERTSON'S HARDWARE " Congratulations to the Grads of '53 " Peo. 390 East Stanwood, Wash. , .. I .gun --1 1-.1w2'?g '19 1 rg.-. -qi., ' 1 Q 1 T V XM 1 f I V 1 1 J, 1 I 1 1.1. we fa I T 11,Q is-Z" ii M51 13 1 ...1 ,1 ,K 1" l,.:1 I 2147 1. JA :p J., w yi 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 'it 1 I' ' 1 11.1.. ,Q 1'1- 5 1. l -1 1 F 1L., . z M 1 .J J 1.1. V' . 1 1' 11 ' 'fi ' '.':. 1 1 1x q! 71 -1-4 1--,4 :I 1:2 1. ., 1 1- .1 1 5 we - Jig kwa NEIL... :'- 11 S: '1 LLJ g -L51 .'1':L1g. :C ' 1 "QW ' h T' . .,:l1 S1311 1, ' "i ' X. 151, . 11-, 1 - 1 1'- . K 1 1 1 w 11- .,, 1 , ,1.r L r1 1 1 '11 1 F43 f - .EH .0 .- 1 ,W 15? .fv 'P .vii 511. an , .,.- . .1 111, ,. ez ?1 11 .11 V L.. . H15 X- 1 ri Y 1 .E 213. 7 5 lH'f1 "Gil ' aff '. ,n 151 q.,,1 1 1 1. 1 1 11 w 1 1 1 fax 'UE " J: , I., .z1'qj, 'Q mf sf "H 1.. .M 3 1 P , , N., vii, 3,1 '11-'W-L' 211 n . 1, 42, . 1 . ' ,vxl 1 X ,1 - 1 .V ,N I. -'11 ' 4 1. 1, 5 '. J 1 CL 1 ' -1 ' 1 ff: 1 -1' ' '1111 . Y . Q 1: Qs, ,' . 5111.1 1, N11 N , Q15 1 1 -tjjfg, 1' .Nj gr ,A . ' .1111 , W 1 T 1 H' ' X , , .. 1? MA 1 " .Q .L 1 Q.. - .V 1 1 1 1. L. 1 " 1 1 .. 11 ' 1, . 1 1 I '1 11 1 , 1 ' 1 11, wk 1 1111 1 ' .' 1 ' N 'Ti 1,1 'r 1' '1 1 Q. 2 "5 rf ' -, ,1111' -. '. 11. -I W :YA--11 11' A 1.-, 1 1 ,. .W 5, A' ' 1 1:1111 f YE n oo s y C M' MYFRBANDCO INC TOPEKA KANSAS

Suggestions in the Twin City High School - Cardinal Yearbook (Stanwood, WA) collection:

Twin City High School - Cardinal Yearbook (Stanwood, WA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Twin City High School - Cardinal Yearbook (Stanwood, WA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Twin City High School - Cardinal Yearbook (Stanwood, WA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Twin City High School - Cardinal Yearbook (Stanwood, WA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Twin City High School - Cardinal Yearbook (Stanwood, WA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 31

1953, pg 31

Twin City High School - Cardinal Yearbook (Stanwood, WA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 7

1953, pg 7

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