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Twentynine Palms High School - El Oasis Yearbook (Twentynine Palms, CA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Cover

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- ---j,,::,Q-., -V-,--,h W Y- N" 5' 1-1--f ff ...,, ,, A -. .. K -.-:Jw-f.--....--..K , - X 4,,...-TW Y L- M-E, -.--xg. ll w Af' an-any-f-4 Iv... ..Y., , , 4 A . lwxfafx 'fx ,, . ff M ff 35 b 5 I.--5-fv y L", ., DX' Lf A f4 ,fvf ff lyf 'LL' il1 ' -v "A I' 'ly I YVV! X ,f'J" n ff Wu f f of DJ if 5 'iff , if ' if LI. , fp- L I I .-RT Al Uv 0, ff 0,141 Q QNAAKC1 f ' , L' I, JVLX L, , A-' V If cf, , 'jj 1 . .1 J' , 'f A fb A Il U -GC O bg ,-AA fl' Nec V a A,a,4q '-' 71f'f"rvL,,1,'!,'o' - cdfkl 111.0651 fx V F! 'MAJ kigk QQ i 1 .-Sv-4 -,fafbf -.C.mtj1J,' , 1 W W 3 QV, N ,I fr., '1 .b'4a,,-Aa, , V .a A' f4!0"1 .-C-IU -,f6"4AffL'4' ,,',f,4,g-1,5 'ld' 4 -I X I 5 . ' -.:'L4,.vLf , ' . 5010 4 - M 1 Ka , .- Q A x . il A , T ,ici-ZA I Ib M . :- F 'wwf 4, W N , - Agia '-YR 'Ex 1 4 '-' ff QQ Xirlb fria H69 5 x ,A ,, ,Q . X' TL, '15 'iii yor, F' X Q, A ,.X?ix! QQ his M JY f, QR Q 5 X x ,jf ' X I 5 'Fw . , 1, Xia - sig 'Lfk 4'1" "JI 'Wy xx his N K 3 ff ,ff , M 'SX - J jvj ,f . llwlf ills Q33 'X Q h xxx ,XL . AQ 5 fa if 2, pf' X if iz-TN X Q1 - Q55 X 3 IL, SE 5 A 'I Yxhx 1 A ' Q fx , A ,Q X Awlq H ou -bk 1 XV. s,fa qf" Q K Hffff ,, X, -X I" , , ' K QQ " , "J L -ix X3 '12 W if V Q FNB 45 I 5 ' 4 JLLQA' 1 kia-,L Q Tvfifttf YQ YM' A .,, N Q Q -- X l'f1l 'V 4 QR 'X '13 ' Q ff , 4,J'A7' ,. 1 PM Q Ni Nw: 3 K 1 R xy L yawn DMX , ,J ,N K Q -.iss I VV, I I, xx "'--X , 'xx . Lf . sq, , ,Fi 5, Y 1 'Q 1 - I' 'V Q. I' If K - X, , , .J ' V vi , H ' W Al .N I' , . P' . ,I ' ' , X 'v , ' 5: I f 5 ' ' M P 1 : .V , x Y A ' . X xj f . . 1. 'l .zj 3' N . , - 1 3 , A I ' ' - . .A k O' E ' 1 N . I . f ' H ' Q- Q " , w , ' ,H ' 1 xy i v i , 4. , S I Y zlfsf JP 2,9 f W MP 211521-f ,ii J J X Q' D 55'z"1f.?4' X379 Q! wif I ff my Sffifiil fd W yj YQ! g W gy,-3" ff JJ U if WF 97 A My 7a?e22Z3ff7127e fqifms 117491 .ffjwg By vii X Zklilyflfife 1Q?!21lJ,6Z1Z0r0r1By4jy f . E 3 0 n J I , ' Z 035 ' "1 Q - 1 5 '- X nm T 4 Cf 3 X Q-' ' P D Q ',.2NfQ:6-L 'CD J' Q JSNQ ' BD f ' TB ' 'X 5 F V.: 1,-I MFL rj 5 v' , A v X Ax . w-Av vjzjfl J O X V AX ' ' QT' Sy' CP F317 og: QBNXN5- HRV P, fpjxjw aww x, CV l 'N J JT N v jp' .. KX . . 5 35' vi 5 f . . 1 1 ,X I f A 'V f' f iv.. . Jmwwu MX X QWQMN Q by Wx XXMJ Q 00.69 W U' f JA: WW ll f' X39 wwf Ilyv ufw 2- ff K 0 V J W,-Aff 5 ff" . if r',9f- IQ! J Af The staff had worked together with the common purpose of presentmg a phase of your hlgh school lrfe as you hved ll and as you w111 wrsh to remember lt ten twenty or even frfty years from now We have trxed to preserve the story of your work and play your interests and your educatlon here at Twentymne Palms Hrgh School for you m the plctures and copy ln thls your 1957 EL OASIS we hope that you wlll enjoy lt as much as we have enjoyed preparmg It for you The Ed ltor OD on Q. th 2 Jak 1 X lx Q flux V 35? mm y S arg ,N Jvrbx 1 'N yQ1g5efL og 625 si BJ S . ' Q, X K xx 0' d 1 K o-- gl sf' W , x ,,,f- - S Q.. 2, 7r ' fm . '. I '. . I We . . . 5 r I L . -'Y " . ' , ' . ff" f 'WJ lf, ' D' , . . ' ' 1 'YK ' - U 1 bf, 'YS L . ' i rl u Z' 1 1 DEDICA TION With deep affection we dedicate the 1957 El Oasis to Miss Loretta Galindo, in sincere appreciation for the love and enthusiasm she has shown to the class of 1957 for the past four years, for spending hour after hour of her own time doing things for all the students of Twentynine Palms High School, She has never been too busy to chaperone 0Ll1' social events, to enthusiastically cheer on the Wildcats, to act as friend and counselor to those in need, and to give, perhaps too generously, of herself to us. APPRECIATION ,J .. - v I X-, Vx . u 5 , Ntytlify Cx, rs-17 EX-' MJ'-' :Fl QS! We , s or I fy ry fc CQ, fs' . ,Xf KV J V! L x V5 A 9 vb' 5 'J ' J' Ji 7 U s ,rv W J xc ' ll X N 1 X N veit Y F 4 ' 'TD J H 47 xv f 'Q Lx 0, K3 ,, Y or 'I 7 1,5 -7 lb gf, ,J ,357 J, h a ff of ,J if O l Jr Eff sv -, K ' To Mr. Thomas Nicoll - in appreciation for his unswerving and unceasing dedication to duty and to the students, good and "bad, " of Twentynine Palms High School. Though we may gripe unsrintingly of detention, we still love you, Mr. Nic. To Miss Jane Johnstone - we say thank you. She has been our yearbook advisor for the past four years, and has done an exceptionally good job, She never gripes at us - she just grins and bears it. She has received little thanks and almost no praise. So this is to praise your help, control, and wisdom, J. J., 'Q Sgffe D fxg and to say thank you again for being the El Oasis advisor. AS pue seq Lu D' 0 CU D 'palielap plnoqs Lue1SoJd Sugplgnq sql oo 9111 ummm ugiaq U11 'lead Su .L SUI mzofalgqzue aqa sg IE go Sumexp nlaml led auguli H3114 Sw '-19S lloo ILL map Mau eq: jo Sugpunq a 311100 "I "H 'I '4 i l'I1 T I- in L Vi O I'- fl L If z M H MW ,lf 1' m , Si, L, fswflw -Wm LKFJWU HI ll ,, ,1,.f,gkK rt, i W 5 ADMIN! RA 'NDN DR, HYRUM W, LOUTENSOCK Yes, you have seen him here before and will see him in the future, He is a man who has done, and will continue to do, his utmost to help our school and the students who are in attendance. Dr. Loutensock has obtained many degrees in his ascent of the ladder of education. He received his Bachelor of Arts and his Master's Degrees from the University of Utah. He attended the University of Southern Califomia and obtained his Doctorate of Education from that institution, N-.f KN, s " a J usiggx .-" -1' BOARD OF TRUSTEES C. Hutchison, Dr. H. Loutensock, W. Casebeer, H. Johnson, O. Robertson, J. McGrath, D. King ...I X 'LJ' , 41:1 T I . 1 , 3 1 7 P V - ,V gr ' 6 .. Wncsnii ' 0 - , N1 ,i--... 14 PRINCIPAL MR, THEODORE M, HAYES - Principal With sole concern for the student body and its purposes, Mr. Hayes, has led us through another year. It has beenhis unselfishconsideration and unbiased opinions that have helped us solve our problems and helped us to establish a school and a student body we will long remember. N 'SN-.H X N 7 'w- 49 I 9 in , V MR. NIC COUNSELS SANDIE SIVAGE VICE PRINCIPAL MR, TOM NICOLL - Vice Principal The title vice principal is very smallconsidering the duties the job entails. Mr. Nicoll is in charge of the departments of Health, Discipline, Audio-visual education, Truancy, and Insurance. He also teaches a class in Drama and a class in American Literature. All of these duties take a lot of time, but no matter how busy Mr. Nicoll is he always takes time to help a student who needs guidance or counseling. Mr. Nicoll is one of the reasons we are so proud fand fondj of our administration. FACULTY E xv v5 igigiis bilginixrlf! GPS CLAIR HERRILL Drivers' Education Q Af Boys P E Coach QI S. DAVID SCHALK Driver Training X dy E,g5,j?Qx5p6liER 1 3 W3 n 'S .,. JW X' gf! Es-rgfhzffribxnh jjlw M6 IA NE IOHNSTONE Social Studies Drivers' Education Senior Problems ROSS LAVIOLETTE Science Physics . Biology J? f v HOWARD GREEN Band Art Chorus Mechanical Drawing Orchestra MARGARET K. SMITH f I Science Chemistry Home Economics -as ff- , Q-vs, X ,C 4 RICHARD RICHARDS fi athematics . s 'Q J aseball Coach w , K, bi ld - o Q, 3 STEPHEN TUR K C, sv xg 'S Typms + ,K - V QQ Business R wiv fl Q L Q si ly- MARLENE ROUSH Physical Education Typing LORETTA GA LINDO Physical Educza-An ' Spanish EDWARD WURTELE Typing Business A L Mc GOV ERN Industrial Arts Assistant Coach Football "B" Basketball Coach RU TH CROSS Physical Education TYPU18 Business .4o4 En.-.. fy I mf 4 ' agmq W' D ll -15' R K "iff" , NON-CREDENTIAL EMPLOYEES SECRETARY E The Angel in the off who keeps things runm g smoothly CAFETERIA They give h day WEBB MRS' datly bread JANITORS The all day with little pay W gg y M9055 lk 1 O 'Z JCM Bus DRIVERS 0 . Q don't steer the buses, they DRIVE th gc, X QM ,l Yew E3 JACK DAV SENIORS in-I Sl SENIORS This is Miss Galindo for Senorita, as she is often calledj. She has been the 1957 Class advisor since we were Frosh. She ,gs has not only been a wonderful advisor, but also a loyal friend For these and the many more things she has done for us, we say "Thank you." We would like to will to the Class of 1961 our Snow Cone sales. We hope you make a mint. Va-'bv vi "N,- +4 wif SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS BOB STREETER V1ce President SANDI PETERS Treasurer Pl-IYLLIS BRYAN Secretary LINDA BREBNER President LOWELL MERWIN MILLER 9-10-11-12 BAL 9-10-11-12 Basketball 9-10-11-12 TPHS 10-11-12 Baseball 11-12 Football 12 BAL Secretary, Treasurer NECIA MARIE fPennyy MCDONALD 9-10 Needles High School 9 FHA, GAA, Class Representative 10 FHA, GAA, FHA Vice President Com mencement Chairman 11 TPHS 12 TPHS, Annual Staff A Ls..- N""Iun- we STEPHEN fSteveJ HEARD 9-10-11-12 BAL 9-10-11-12 TPHS 11-12 Grchestra MILTON C, fMi1tj GOODHALL 9-10-11-12 TPHS 9-10-11-12 BAL 10 "B" Basketball 12 Football JACK LANE Uockop ALLEE 9-io-11-12 BAL, BAL vice President 12 9-10-11-12 Football gl 11-12 Lettermen's Club Qi, 9-10-11-12 TPHS SAUNDRA LEA qsaundyy VAN TASSEL BOONE 9-10-11-12 TPHS 9-10-11-12 GAA 9-10-11-12 Chorus 10 Class Treasurer 12 Student Body Treasurer ,L Y WSL PHYLLIS JEAN fFlipp BRYAN 9 Birmingham High School 9 Sutler Junior High, GAA 10 Conoga Park High, GAA 11-12 TPHS 11 GAA, Stalag 29 12 Annual Staff, Letterwomen 12 Class Secretary ALAN LOYD BARTH 9-10-11-12 BAL 9 10 11 12 TPHS 9 10 Band 2:1 I I 'MQVQ JOYCE FAITH Uinxj HONEY BRUNN 9 Trona High, GAA, FHA, Junior Rifle Club President 10 Trona High, GAA, FHA, Junior Rifle Club President 11-12 TPHS 11 GAA WARREN Uackj LELAND BACHTEL 9-11-12 TPHS 9-11-12 BAL 10 Falls Church High School 10 Forensics, and Tumbling Club 12 El Oasis Business Staff 12 Masquers pr wks 'Nut R. DONALD l,EE2D0r1kj IZINGSTON 1 J, ' tx 9-10-11- f 1 l' I I 9-10?1 f 2 Footyall, Classpgrgeant-at-Arms. 11 , elmeu'5c1ub,,1 . ,V , w L xl, ' ' 12 vJ,,9'fIQl'lI'luQlsY'S Club' U' ' I 12 Vicelfresident dent body, Constitution Committee Pre ' eht, Secretary Lettermen's Club 11 Boys' State I SUSAN ELEA,NoRqsuzyg WYDRA 9-10-11 Grand Rapid Senior High ' ' 9-10-11 Girls' League, Bus Monitors' Club ,' 12 TPHS xl at MARIA N PRIC E 9 Constance High and New Bern High 10 New Bern High 11 Orange High 12 Orange High and TPHS CARLETON KELVIN fPetej SAVELL II 9-10-11 Hollywood High 9-10-11 LASSC, Hadians Vice President I1-12 TPHS 11-12 BAL 12 Flames Car Club, Senior Class Representa- tive to Teen Club DAVID MATTHIAS 9-10 Tucson High School 9-10 Football, Track 10 Football All-League 11 TPHS 11 Football, Basketball 12 BAL President, Football, Baseball, Letter man's Club SANDRA JOANN fSandij PETERS 9-10-11-12 TPHS 11 Anaheim Union High, FBLA 9-10-11-12 GAA 9-10-11-12 Letterwomen 9-10-11 Glee Club 9-10 Vice President of Classes 9 Cat's Corner, Miss Grubstake Days 10 Stalag 29, Homecoming Princess, Cheer- leader 12 Masquers, Class Treasurer, Annual Editor Homecoming Queen 511. 5 1 if 1 PAMELA fPamy ROBIN CASTLE 9-10-11-12 TPHS 9-10-11-12 GAA 11-12 Letterwomen 12 Letterwomen President, Spanish Club, Annual Staff WILLIAM fBillj ODELL BRAY 9-10-11-12 TPHS 9-10-11 Band 9-10-11-12 BAL 12 Masquers .sl -.3 ,x- IEAN MICHIAL KNUTH 9-10 Kilgore High, Basketball 11 Todd County High, Basketball 12 TPHS, Annual Staff JERRY MARTIN KNU TH 9-10 Kilgore High, Class reporter ball 9 Perfect Attendance Award 11 Todd County High, Football 12 TPHS, Annual Staff, Masquers Basket- 25 VV 'av ROXY ALAN qRoxyy CA ERBERT 9-10-11-12 TPHS 9-10-11-12 BAL 11 Perfect Attendance CATHERINE NORMA HUGHES 9-10 Glenbard High, Pep Club, Art Club, GAA 11 Shasta Union High, Thespians, GAA 11 TPHS, Chorus, GAA, Teen Club Presi- dent 12 TPHS, Annual Staff, Chorus, Teen Club Representative. -'N ROBERT EARL STREETER 9 Beaufort High, Class President, Football, Basketball, Science Club Vice President 10 Oceanside High, Latin Club President, Football, Basketball, Base- ball, Lettermen's Club 11 Oceanside High, Latin Club President, Class Vice President, Foot- ' ball All-League, Basketball, Lettermen's Club, TPHS, Basketball, Baseball All-League, Lettermen's Club 12 TPHS, Class Vice President, Football, Basebal Basket ll. Vw MIAE H METT 9 1 11 T lass Se r ar tudent Council, Annual Most ular irl, GA 10 C Pr ident, S t Council, Annual M f, erlead S ent as , Letterwomen, A, Spani lub, Miss TPHS Princess, tudent Counc , Most Popular Girl, An- nual Staff, Gir ' State 12 Student Body President, Student Council, Annual Staff, Letterwomen, GAA EDWARD WILLIAM fEddiej HARDESTY III 9-10-11-12 TPI-rs Q 9-10-ll-12 BAL 9 Basketball, Baseball 10 Basketball, Baseball 11 Class Vice President, Lettermen's Club, Football All-League and Second All- County 12 Baseball, Basketball, Football, Letter- men's Club, Football All-League, Basket- ball All-League LINDA BENSON qmoonyp BREBNER 9-10-11-12 TPHS 9-10-11-12 GAA 9 Band 11 Letterwomen Secretary, Spanish Club, STALAG 29, Teen Club Representative 12 DAR Citizenship Award, Class President, Letterwomen Sergeant-ab arms, Spanish Club, Annual Business Manager, Student Council ELISI-IA GRAY STUBBS sioned Officers Club, Annual Photographer. 10-11-12 TPHS 11 STALAG 29 12 Annual Staff VIRGINIA LEE fvickiep PEARSON Tennis Team Choir 11 Santa Anna and TPHS 12 Class Secretary, Masquers BEVERLY Rossnrs 9-io-11-12 china High 12 TPHS DANE OSTEL CLARKE 9-10-11-12 TPHS 9-10-11-12 BAL ' Operettas: "Gay Ninties Operetta' 'The Desert Song" Plays: 'The Whole Town's Talking' "A Cook Wanted" 'Londondarry Air' "The Lighthouse' Entertained At Norco Navy Hospital Sang at Tri County League Festival Member of the Guys and Dolls Club, Chino Drama Club 9 Elsinore Military School, Drill Team, Rifle Team, Non-Commis- 9 Huntington Beach High, Swimming Team, 10 Santa Anna High, A cappella Soprano PROPHEC Y Year 1972! The astrologrcal library of T P H S Twentynrne Palms Calrfornla Principal McGovern is found gazrng rnto the specral Atomrc Mrcro Vrsual TV on whrch rt rs possible to see at any trme anywhere on the earth He rs keeprng hrs routrne check on the class of '57 As he gazes he sees at Boys' Republic, Chrno Marvin Gebhard Boys' Republic custodian about to recerve hrs old age pensron Time off for good behavror Dralrng rn New York we see socrety s most popular playboy Lowell Mrller getting a manrcure at lcky Vrckie Gruesome Pearson s Barber Shop The gossrp center of New York Lower Slobovra! Land of Mystery! It s the most, the greatest explorer of the era Jack Bachtel and hrs able assrstant Pete Savell Senor Savell rs the world's greatest butterfly chaser Now back to the U S and Brg Al sees hrs old favorrte Professor Bob Streeter coachrng at Texas Tech Coach Streeter rs Texas most elrgrble bachelor He never marrred because he believes ln settrng a good example for hrs boys Now wrll you look at that! There rs that old rascal Mrlton Goodhall and his wife Norma Hughes Mrlton recerved hrs college degree for Industrral Arts and now he has a terrlfrc Job cleamng out washrng machrnes Norma and Mrlton have been marrred for two whole days and are very happy LOOK! Mobster Jack Allee rs berng strapped rn the electrrc charr at Srng Srng and as the Jurce goes on the echo of hrs last words rrng throughout the country Oh Sob Gazrng back for a glance at the Greater Morongo Basrn Professor McGovern comes across the Old Ladres Ard Socrety Home for Let Down Reyected Frustrated Old Mards The partners of thrs frrm fsocletyj, Sandr Peters and Judy Hammett are strll hoprng for the day they wrll be brrdes Say there's Don Krngston and hrs charmrng wrfe the former Pam Castle Just lately the Krngstons took over the Oasrs Atomrc Mrneral Spnngs for reducrng Look! There's lrttle Phyllrs Bryan Say were drd she get that dramond'P That must be the one Brll Bray gave her Turnrng the dral to the south part of our country we frnd Mrss Lrnda Brebner at the Medrc rn Alabama performrng a serrous operatron frttrng a track on a Caterprllar tractor Glancrng past the corner drugstore at Hollywood and Vrne we see Root Beer 10C at Town sends Fountarn owned and operated by Rosalre Srttrng at the counter rs Mrs D B Boone nee Saundra Van Tassel wrth all her lrttle Baboons As the screen focuses to the far east we see Mrs Susan Wydra and Mrs Necra McDonald operatrng the Sew Fu Two U Orphanage for homeless worms Look at the smoke comrng up from Mt Fujiyama The head forestry ranger Drck Vermette must be asleep agarn Since war broke out rn Chrnatown U S A Joyce Brrrnn has been workrng as a nurse rn the WAX Also we can see by tunrng rn the Barnyard s Assocratron Annual Conventron that Alan Barth has been elected Vrce Presrdent of the Pea Prckers Brg Al now changed the dral to North and rmmedrately we see Roxy Caerbert operatrng Clarke's Gym over the Canadran Border Mr Clarke fthe grrls call hrm Danej rs out helprng hrs thrrd wrfe Marrlyn Monroe buy a toothbrush Boy srnce they've struck rt rrch they ve really been exuavagant Just recently Dane and Marrlyn hrred a new butler Ed Hardesty III Hrs Job rs to empty the ash trays As the Mrcro TV Jumps to the last sectron of Al's check up Al sees Gray Stubbs and Stephen Heard teachrng at the Unrversrty of Arrzona Gray rs teachrng Advanced Drrver's Educatron and Stephen rs a Professor of Englrsh Last but not least of McGovern's check up rs Davrd Arthur Matthras drrvrng hrs marl route rn hrs '32 Ford Vrctorra to and from Amboy every day Now as the Professor turns the machrne off rt grves a srgh of retrrement and wrll be put away untrl used agarn for the Check up rn 1987 . . . 1 3 , u . ' . 1 a 1 ' . . . , . , . . . It's really good to see an old high school relationship replenished. SENIOR CLASS MARVIN GEBI-IARD I Marvln Gebhard betng of tntellectual mmd and ambmous body will my curly hair to Nick Presecan who needs it and morel ROXY CAERBERT I Roxy Caerbert wlll nothing to nobody lt's all gomg wrth me DON KINGSTON I Don Kingston bemg of little mmd and larger body wrll my re laxed excess muscle to Freddle Landgraf, who needs tt DANE CLARKE I Dane Clarke being of polluted mind and muscular burld wrll my ablllty to catch Judy tn her bathrobe and pin curls to Bob Potter, who already has good start PHYLLIS BRYAN I Phyllrs Bryan being of sound mmd and body wtll my abtltty to get mad and stay mad at my stster Vrckie to Mtss Johnstone who has to have er another year QPoor Miss Johnstonelj GRAY STUBBS I Gray Stubbs being of sound mmd and wooden leg do hereby w1ll my wooden leg to next year s Driver s Ed class fAs an examplej ALAN BARTH Being of stunted mind and growmg body I Alan L Barth w1ll nothln' to no one cause I spent it all JUDY I-IAMMETT I Judy Hammett bemg of warped mmd and mlsshaped body do hereby will and bequeath my ltttle brother Terry to Mr Ntcoll who thought he d gotten rid of all us Hammetts II am tn hopes he can help and teach htm as much as he has me Q Also to Patsre Sueeter I leave my Job fannoytng Mrs Gnmesj in the LINDA BREBNER I Young Lmda Brebner bemg of strong mmd QAHEMIJ and stronger lungs wtll my abthty to look at low grades and not get stck to Mxss Jane Johnstone LOWELL MILLER Bemg of blank mmd and block head w1ll not! JACK ALLEE I Jack Allee betng of handicapped mmd and ltkewtse body wlll my football Jersey fnumber 10, to Brll Nua And to Steve Ohlson I leave my honorable nickname Dummte STEPHEN HEARD I Stephen Heard wtll my love of school to my brother Frank wlth hopes he wlll learn to love those thlngs that I loved so well QBut no Longerj JERRY KNUTH I Jerry Knuth belng of sound body and very lrttle mmd do here on thls 6th day of December 1956 wtll my preclous younger brother Qby 10 IHIDUICS, to Mtss Sandra Groves, who I am sure wlll be very happy wlth the glft MILTON GOODHALL I Milton Goodhall wlll my ab1l1ty to make speeches to Sandra Rell VICKIE PEARSON I Vtckle Pearson bemg of disabled mmd fafter the playj and a body do hereby will my bnde verl gown and bouquet whlch are somewhat worst for wear and my abthty to cope with Mr Nico1l's temperamental temper tantrums to Jean MacKenzre SUSAN WYDRA I Susan Wydra be mg of sound and sane husband do hereby wlll and bequeath my domestic abtlrttes whlch enable me to make the above statement to Carolyn DeVault ' a . I . I , I h office. 1957 WILL SANDI PETERS I Sandr Peters do hereby wxll and bequeath my abrlrty to remarn calm cool and collected mrdst the complete and utter chaos of the Annual offrce to Barbara Toppln and may she be able to put up wrth the adv1sor's vague ways JEAN KNUTH I Jean Knuth berng of sound mmd and lrttle body for vlce versaj wrll my brother s abrlrty to go steady wrth a grrl 1500 mrles drstant to Pancho QRalph Mungra j NECIA McDONALD I Necra McDonald, wrth sound body and very lrttle mmd do hereby wrll and bequeath my abrllty to catch and sheer abrlrty to hold a husband to all the underclassmen who desrre to take the brg leap WARREN BACHTEL I Warren Bachtel belng a man of natural genrus wrll my large macrocehpalus aethroprcus to Al Howard because of therr great resemblance BOB STREETER Bemg of constant famlne and undernourrshed body I Bob Screeter wrll my appetrte to Mr Hayes who probably has the least use for rt EDDIE I-IARDESTY I Eddre Hardesty berng of weak UQ mmd and feeble C7 '72 body leave to Tyna Englrsh my abllrty to be on Srgna Cum laude ROSALIE TOWNSEND I Rosalre Townsend wrll my abrlrty to dutch school and not get caught to any of the many other krds that could use rt SAUNDRA QVAN TASSELJ BOONE I Saundra Boone leave my Student Body Treasurer s book to Ruenell Ortega rn 'ropes she takes the hrnt and uses rt JOYCE BRUNN I Joyce Bmnn berng of sound mmd and body will my love of peanuts Qand the Job of sackrng themj to anyone that rs crazy enough to accept rt DICK VERMETTE I Rrchard Vermette belng a great and true drama crrtrc wrll my abllrtres Qany of the manyj to Tommy Nrcoll who needs none of them NORMA HUGHES I Norma Hughes berng of sober mmd and co ordrnated body wrll my abrlrty to have control of my blood to Nancy QBLUSI-D Klump DAVE MATHIAS I Dave Mathlas bemg of one less car wrll my ltttle red car Drane Peters ln hopes she refuses rt PETER SAVELL I Pete Savell, belng of lrttle mmd and long body do wrll my herght to Davrd Farr PAMELA CASTLE I Pam Castle berng of small mmd and body do hereby wrll my heavy books to Barbara Topplng because she could use a lrttle studyrng BILL BRAY I B111 Bray be Ing of sound mrnd and some body, hereby wrll my excellent grades rn Cwrcs to Tom Murphy who wrll probably need them! WE THE CLASS OF 1957 do wrll and bequeath our abrhty to be orrgrnal and to be rn drvrduals to the class of 1961 Also may we leave wrth hopes that the future Student Body of T P H S wrll have the prrde sportsmanshrp and loyalty due the school rn whrch we have had so much fun May they realrze before rt's too late that school can be fun : ' . , . .. . ' , , . .. . . . : ' ' . . . . , .. . . . . : I . , . . ' s . . . I : . . ' '. ' : . n I I 0 I - ' I Q -l : a I 1 I - I -- a :.. . . . .. . , l 0 a 9 . I , .. : . . ' ' . ' : 1 . ' . .. . . . I : , l . . - . ' . : . . ' . , . ,,. nto . D. .- : ' . . . ' . . : ' ' . . . , : a h 1 I I ' 1 ll ll . . I I' ' .IUNIORS JUNIQRS Due to circumstances we were unable to obtain a picture of the Junior's sponsor, Mr, Richards. 'Luigi' became sponsor at mid-term, after the original sponsor Mrs. Roush, resigned. Mr. Richards has contributed much to the prosperity of the Junior class. OFFICERS CAROL BULLINGTON Secretary, MARGARET SHERMAN Treasurer STEVE STINE - President, RUENELL ORTEGA - Vice President R vzmuclh ggiou W,-, 4- uma ARN A au- 1 'L Ihr. vnu, BENEDICT A f 'ffl DON BENITZD v- A A ' 1, 31,0 '24 5' A. ' , CARO A ' 'hx X YXIZXN Y A X , '- p BEVERLY BQWLER fu ELSIE BRY AN ON ' , L A C AR01. BULLINGT ,Y A 4 A ' w I THURMAN CARSON 47 A- X ., "77"xy' A NANCY CASE L.-' 'K' A 1"'x fy A ' A 4 , ' N A - . f X K. sk X ' S I AMES CLEMENT F s LARRY COFFEY f 6 :Ames CUDDWY , Q 1 by yAMES COOKVAU M ca Q' A f ,I OG-kgg J, CAP-OWN DE Q , jf Q 1 jf 93010 '-'-'GQ N 'W' x A A k "x' No' A"i"'b' A f ' Q1'. A ,..A GENE ELLIS HARLEN FARMER LOWERY FREEMAN PENNY GAMBLE JOHN GRESWIT SANDRA GROVES ARNOLD GUERRA JOHN HARTMAN THOMAS HARTMAN MARY HAWARD SANDY HAYES SALLIE HOLLENBACH WAYNE KING NANCY KLUMPP BOB KOONS MARLENE LARABEE JAMES LAUFER 1 5' Chr:-, LT Ci-Q.. ax JNN Q Wrvx l 'Sb Y-my iw Aa? , 9 too ausv ' V.: No! Shown QQ 1-Q., 1 iw. ' T7 , ,f x, My 3. PHOYO NOV AVAILABLE xw 9' tam! warn' A GERALD 110150 A N Y., A R wx BILL LIIKENS " A BETTY LUTZ E ,M ,Q .f ' IEAN MACKENZI I A FE... A A lx I .lf Tw' A BENNY MATHXEWS 5 X .A sm? ,. Nu fa 2'- YQQ ,M P DIANE PETERS BOB POTTER NICK PRESECAN LYNN REINSCHMIDT CLEM ROGERS JOE ROGERS JAMES SHADDOX MARGARET SHERMAN HARRY SMITH STEVE STINE BARBARA SULLIVAN PATRICIA TAYLOR ROY TAYLOR SARA TISUE BARBARA TOPPIN GENE VORIS IUNE YOUNGLOVE Q A PAYE MAY5 G, I PATRICIA MCIEABB DON NEWLAND PHOTC Nag Availobli x TOM NICOLL 29. g , TRUDIE OB ARR , i In Inq ,N STEVE OHLSEN . x A? I R3 RUENELL ORTEGA .4-N cw . , ' , ..,. gr IOAN PARENDICK , ' mens ' Manchu R gl. ,girl- V Q v A .ri PHOT O NOT AVAILABLE 1 I IEANS D, N.- - I I -W- I LJ Z ,yff PHOTO ..,. A ,-ITU, 9 - . N ? I is 'Nj' 'Q 4: as '--I 6- f I A-A ri Vw ff 'lr ? I- .7 'S , ' C A X a A ,N Aa fc 3, 421. 5. ,. ... N B s I 'QA -s -sk G' - ind . Sm, I "S, 5- -1 4.-ff A urvf'-v f A I My A I TX Q, SOPHOMURES SOPHOM ORE CLASS The sophomores success this year is a reflection of the help and constant willingness of Mr. Ernie Crutcher We would all like to' say "Thank you. " . a Alles ilzghen Bafdw eu -:Q 5' Gary Bama D, e wa" Betty Benito . l X Bed? mackbum QAQJQ NMICY Bounu ' in Bob Browne h -' Kenneth Banc , WA I g"N, Anne Carey NS' W Z., Albert Caleyeue , 5 . 'X . e . fx Cafelleu t ra . mchar ha 'nan nl Daphne C P f -- LCC Clarke 'rigs x 1. 0 A - k K Shatgn CUYUIQI A Q if G "' ravaiee Echo Q, . F B. ,sf E 2 .,-A -A i 4 ifrr nr. ,Q 3 in Tyna English Bob Fair Ierre Fetzer David Gay Darrell Gibbs Don Glover Clayton Granger Jackie Gregory Mary Hamm Paul Hammock Laddie Hansen Mark Hardin Sandie Harmon Tom Hayes Frank Heard Bill Hilton Rick Hilts Al Howard Edith Howe Bradley Huber Jan Hudspeth John Janeway v ,lf 0.1 V vo. 'S 5 W A55 WJ J A ' ' - 5 Abu!!! ' PHOTO NOT AVAILAILI so , '5 LL' NOT SHOWN 1 LB' .9 V 4535 - I1 moto mf Ayqnaub I NDNW MAY! A YIIIOO YO Will Fuuer I0 Ronnie xom Xe hngon 50D Abl""M:,dc 6 vw" i-ienlil K0 es ,ia Q Laffy Koon wi' an 3? Paul Wmasz v oc 2 :H a Q QE. me Lafidgmi e Lindam li so n wCa1C1 Stephe Low m an U 32222 MCCW' r Nu:i:?:i?'N' , Q rmic ,Moto W yames McCo K N" "mn 4 Gar'i Mme! f M V . yeah Mom . ., ' ' Ratvh Mungula ,i W. ke , i n gb' ' 5 WWF? L V- v . W . Frank Neiberger A if , Karen Newfer -T K '- Nancy Otis A y Q4-:A X , Q 5 John Potter A ,K is w Rod Richardson X f- W Q XX + I f Jimmy Roney Bob Rubin Vivian Scaglioni Ron Simpson Sandie Sivage David Smith Bob Stephenson Jack Stephenson Stan Stine Bob Trofler Midge Tunstall David Uhley Cara Sue Van Alstine David Williams Eddie Williamson Sondy Williamson Mary Wright Stephen Wright PHOTO NOT AVAILABLE Wi - .- .,."4 'X Q' No ,bah No! Shawn AVAILAME za I 'Q gflsy, f , f ff, .' 1 li F RESHMEN FRESHMEN Th1S IS Mlss Smrth It seems that she always gets stuck wrth the Freshman classes but then she always does a good Job as theu advrsor We want to thank her for the help she has g1ven us thrs year fEspec1a1ly when she came down and helped us decorate for the Sweetheart Dance 5 Whenever we thmk of our Freshman year we wrll thmk of MISS Smlth and how she helped us to l1ve '-sf ,t through It TO THE FROSH Your adv1sor thmks that the Class of 1960 had more on the ball than any of the other Freshman classes she has helped 'Hu nn be N' FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS BILLY STUBBS Vrce Presrdent JACKIE JACKSON Treasurer JOANN CRUISE Presldent NICOLE l-IUBER Secretary xd An Cl H310 D Ange v 1296 line Asbew r AS uf . 1100156 ' J I v Geotgg xazs Q-1 X BCC e iaith cl . Nlady Box H453 X ,Aa it yu ve B 0 n N A MJ sw -4 x , ' W l 9 X 4 Barbara Ferguerson Iohn Fields Ethel Firth Mary Fisher Louie Gadless Nicky Gardner Margaret Getchel Mary Gilpin Larry Goochey William Green Wendy Haaheo Carole Halderman Dean Hammett Craig Hardin Laverne Harvey Richard Hilton Rusty Hodges Richard Hooker Nicole Huber Stephanie Huber Fred Hume John Hurwitz Jack Jackson Thomas Janis . X L wx ,- xxx Ns tt E' a 1' N' 1 , Nueva A - fm if f' :J as Elf' W fri MK Q f My at Lf ' n 1 ':.., t 5. 1 ' X 100 BUSY Lx Q . K lp Q 4 Q. I D5 , "" Nmsnw.. , Q 45 - f PHOTO H NOT AVAILABLE me L 2 5 2'-DD:- LX in 'i '24, 'c... l .. f W W' -J xo NU' PYSNL AB'- tid Richard Malicoat Robert Malicoat Lillian Martinez Edna Moffett Peggy Newfer Mary Nichols William N ua Philip Obarr Terry Ohlsen Ernest Paull Donald Peters Sally Peters Clinton Petrie Sandra Reil David Richards Bill Roberts jean Samorajski Sandra Sanborn Geneva Sharp Dessie Smith Judith Smith Margie Smith Venna Snyder Robert Stewart x t f X n pat latina G My 30hHS0D DenyriS lost jerry Kanter lan Kallustka n Kelxef Sh at0 em lobn Kem Eddie gq1uYYl?9 it 1' . 391 ay. Marval' . hl W' 161 Marana 1 Linda thier'-U wise K3 kenzie, bl ell M ac oxfgiilli sa Ck M MCC . Sktliia cC0'm1 yo na e Mdcen ' -1 19' ,X s QE 'fm X l an - li' P 3 4 Y s ' Q x , V z 'mg I it I , ' Q I 3 My A A Xl A AK . 5 r ' 5 wif is -:3 PH OY0 NOT AVAILABU .- al Sta-425' -if-5 Q71 .1 V 7 ,C all as T7 iv A 'X'-s. I ?f, Q-" f in 3 'tt-fy, -1 'TWA Abpnf N401 O 1 AV MLAILE ter Y 'll v no moto Patncta Sueetet Wxlham Stubbs Fred T aft Kenny T aylor Nhchete Thomas a Toppm Ctaudt :ba Urmston a Catok V an Zandt Charles W ard Moses W ard tty W atkms P at W atkxns Ehz abeth W ells W xlharns Z elier M at ga: et Geo: ge well Fres u hmen h . The S t e next three years Wvleglheart Dance Wm rem ' Ow f l am m rom experience this yei03rl hands for at YOU can mol' e than take care of it f X -J FA vom rss ,M :vo- QUEEN SANDI PETERS J um HAMMETT PR IN ES BEVERLY BOWLER One of the grand affaus at T.P H S. was our Homecommg. Leadmg the parade was our lovely Queen Sand1 and her prmcesses Judy and Beverly. 35 -'cr " ,W , t: ,Z ' M M-ff? I I M My ks A - .-553 .. y 3 F' QV A if 1 'E' A MJ S WEETHEARTS ,pull-1 'WH if Eg M 'pq - AVQ., L L XSS' SNOW BALL WW W Mfyfffdw Wjm Klng BOB ST REETER and Queen TYNA ENGLISH relgned over the Snow Ball Decem ber 21 1 6 A QR N jp S di Peters, Bobby Fau, and Steve Ohlson. ATTENDANTS: Not shown, Beverly Bowlerg an was .a -5 .g 1... K., ,J ,A X 1 K . 'm ia , ,'k 4.- will s mm, ,MW 5 'At Q7 u 'I+ KTA f - WAY: ,M 7 .. ., , '1 1 ALL . f"+"N'--..,,,,Z ' 2 I i ,X ' K , J 5 1, 5 .N.....3 r ' ., f v . A .L W fm' J ' 1 e 1 Q s w 1 n 1 N ' , --Q--W 4.,,,A ' ,. at Q 5, J s w ' k .3 , .. . , , 3 URGA NIZA TIONS 17" STUDENT COUNCIL DON KINGSTON JUDY HAMMETT SANDY HAYES SAUNDRA BOONE Vice President President Secretary Treasurer lx gy QQ .f IV ,N as , X i-Nw all 'Q .-A, X , 'lf g, -'N' Q. 2 S X Wm.- wr--A ., , X ggi,-A-id" Lg'- fqzi '7 T ,hi Q '-- 2 'tif' x I A N Q I W N 'Q A ,Q s.,-o 'Q rpx "UN auf lm- T, ff. 7,8 ,M , DON KINGSTON IUDY HAMMETT SANDY HAYES SANDEE HARMON if-In -lil, ff ri Nc Photo AVAILABLE S4 '71 ' , 'ze ff ,x ftp A KQV Since taking office in March, Sandee Har- mon has done a good job as Student Body Treasurer. IOANN CRUISE BOBBY FAIR STEVE STINE LINDA BREBNER BARBARA TOPPIN CLEM ROGERS DIANE PETERS DAVE MATTHIAS EDDIE HARDESTY LARRY COFFEY A V .5 42" ' fm W4 K vs 'Q-an ,www V Esfnvi 1 1 A - ,,.. f S - , f , X V vu ,", ,.I J ff' ... E", fs. zz r , ? Illia-G ,un W ' wr-1 ' 5 y 2 2 x 'S P A -'lT939E- ' I' fx' ' -- . HA. Avf V .,.. Q .MAT . f, , A . ' -a 161 S fn' L Ql.f.T,fQ ...-YGQ? X JACK ALLEE DAVE MATTHIAS DOWELL MILLER Vice President President Secretary-Treasurer A . e .'."Q' ' ? -u . ,l wi ' '. K s . 1 ,nw , 1 .- .4 'elf' -,L V 92' Ai' B.A.L i L jg' v .Q L' "?"2gx'f f- .1':v' , .v ,,l,. ,W 'Bm ,v MJ ? ?.Q..f f K, , .417 A ,gqqxkf it sy? A -NX SPANISH CLUB "LOS GATOS" Left to right: Clem Rogers, Presidentg Gene Ellis, Vice President: Tyna English, Secretaryg Sandy Sivage Treasurer, Miss Galindo, Advisor, not shown. Jerry Knuth, Bill Bray, Larry Coffey, Carol Blood DRAMA CLUB "MASQUERS" The "Masquers" are a newly formed drama club on campus. The year started well with OPERATION DIRTY WORK or "Nico1l's Fo1ly" as it has been fondly called. The school fire in February curtailed activities somewhat as the stage burned down. However, our ever ready Mr. Nic is plotting a grand comeback if he can only find a place to play it. Q S1 F .xl ..4., v?.W". "if '. 5.a1fi". 5. 1? ' R - 'X 'JJ' 5 , , . - v Q Back row, left to right: Trudie Obarr, Mr. Nic, advisor, Sandi Peters, Vickie Pearson, Roy Taylor, Diane Peters, Beve Roberts, Tommy Nicoll, Bill Bray, Larry Coffey, Pete Savell, Dee Dee Arnold, Jerry Knuth, Dick Vermette. Front row: Carol Blood, June Younglove, Penny Gamble, Margaret Sherman, Karen Moore, Jack Bachtel. Not shown: Tom Murphy, Jim Clemens, Plmky Sullivan. AUTOGRAPHS A THLETICS SPORTS DEDICA TION Q This year Bob Streeter and Eddie Hardesty were co -captains of the "Wildcars. " The boys' enthusiasm spurred the team to a good season. Both are seniors, so we will be sorry to lose the fire and spark they possess. Head coach, Clair Herrill, and his assistant, Al McGovern, did a splendid job in shaping up a capable Football team. Both coaches spent many hours coaching individual players in their special talents of clock-like precision. This year saw a fine spirit of co-operation between coaches and team. The student body wishes to thank the members of the football team and the coaches for all their efforts during the past season, Even though they did not bring home a championship they showed their good sportsmanship, spirit, and ability to cope with difficult situations. 1 S 1 J 4-0 gg fx! Q Cd. tv? .V .X AQ, ,115 ... Q- 'y i'5'5"5'!1?i. J: H- Jim McCormick sprints for six and is way ahead as Bob Streeter and Paul Hammock follow closely. . I Lowell Miller intercepting 5-Egg, -e W Ai mvirfplvgw he ck. , W, .-1, .H A ,. gy V7 K W a Pass. Z.xSi::s.f3"" ' Hardesty falls under pressure of Twin Pines. -were A 1 T. P. moves ahead for six against Elsinore. Bflllglllg rn honors for T P H dunng football season was League fust strxng Edd1e Har desty Edd1e our star quarter back also was voted Most Valuable Player Hrs natural ab1l1ty showed h1m as an ex cellent player on the gndrron before hrs untlmely 1nJury 1-11- Bob Streeter a senror th1s year worked hrs way to bemg one of the better players of T P We are very proud of Bob who was All League second stung Bob s f1rst year at T P H S won hrm honors as Most Im proved Player. ' 'Ail- Y Y X I Qi?-Tin 'M ' ' ' Pie-lnan-s.-A-w?x5L,...-., ,-,L k M -as This year three seniors were chosen co -captains, Lowell Miller, Ed Hardesty, and Bob Streeter. The teamwork of these boys was inspiring and led the team to some out- standing playing. ' fm 1- 2'-ii-L3 - S-Q - e 'a 422.4 algo'-uri, if-'U " P' gin 5 " .-my-. Bob Fair is one of 29 Palms most outstanding players He was second suing A All League and one of our real hustlers ll! Arnold Guerra a new player on the B basketball squad this year sparked the team with his skill in the sport and was later chosen Most Valuable Player on the B basketball team Arnold won B string All League We are proud of Arnold and are happy that he will be back with us next year This is Ed Hardesty's last year at T.P. Ed topped off his high school career with many awards, not only in basketball but also football. He was a first string All-League and also Most Improved Player of TPI-IS Varsity Squad. We regret the loss of Eddie, but wish him success in his college career. pi-14? ,gr Marvin Gebhard was a great asset to the 29 Palms 'Wildcats He is an outstanding ball player and was admired by the whole team as well as the school We were sorry that he had to leave before the end of the season Qhd-5'g"""Tlns- . A 4- , ' M .... . ,,. I l - .. N - . -1 , N , . - , A . ,, , . ,, . . . K I :J 5 M wr - . X 5 ,., . , 4 'A I Q xt a . . X I , V L we n ,, M A a ,f N ' 'S my .K Q .g ,K 'bg , .W ' Q-M M, ' f , .W . . v. ff 1 , u .1 . H -. - - . . , Forward Lowell Miller goes in for easy two against California School of the Deaf. Co-captain Ed Hardesty has easy two as "Wildcats" rolled over Elsinore Naval and Military Academy. Marvin Gebhard has rough jump as he tips to teammate, Eddie Hardesty. H111 , Guard Roy Taylor attempts two against Newman. 'I' e """E' w"f:3 X I I ! ,F kv 1 i James McCormick, Bill Lukens, Pat Murphy, Dave Smith, Bob Brownell, Steve Stine, Rick Hilts, Coach McGovern, Bill Stubbs, Jack Jackson, Don Benito, Jim Roney, Arnold Guerra, David Uhley. Most Improved BOB BROWN ELL Most Valuable ARNOLD GUERRA QQ? X . t fini STARTING FIVE .... fx :gp ' 51' . ag'sgJ5' 'sf Wi! if wir- Bob Brownell David Smith Steve Stine Amold Guerra Don Benito Q-o . , sa, The members of the "Wild Kittens" elected Steve Stine and Don Benito as co-captains. The fellows encouraging words lifted the teams morale in time of crises and helped carry them to victory. By the co-operation of the members of the squad a good season was made possible. Don Benito Steve Stine I ww.- ,, ,J 'fm B The 29 Palms "Wildkittens" show good zone defense. Coaches Herrill and McGovern did an excellent job in the training of the basketball squads. Herrill did an outstanding job with the Varsity as did McGovern with the "B" team. The "Wildcats" had a good season all the way around with several mem bers winning awards in the league. vezsv-'H Y 'ri vi' I' .- 'J' -:xfxwr '.. 1 Q' 'hx 'M' A baseball team that we can be proud of has shaped up this year under the direction of Coach Richards. Coach Richards is new to T.P. H.S. , hailing from Pennsylvania, and is an excellent coach. The "Wild- cats" expect to bring home the Arrowhead Champion- ship for a second year. With the experienced guidance of Coach Richards their chances seem better than average. N f J' Dave Mathias, Bob Streeter, Ralph Munguia, John Greswit, Gerrard Loiso, Tom Nicoll, Paul Hammock, Bob Potter, Ed Hardesty, Roy Taylor, Bob Fair, Coach Richards, Rusty Hodges, Steve Locatelli, Ken Bunch, Darrell Gibbs, Ricky Hilts, John Potter, Herb Bunch, A1 Howard, Bob Rubin, Arnold Guerra, Jim Roney, Jim Cuddihy, Eddie Williamson. Hodges slides in to home safe, Bob Fair, a sophomore, and Roy Taylor, a junior, were chosen co-captains of the base ball team. Bob was the only freshman on the starting line -up last year, Roy was also starting nine his freshman year, Bob plays a fast and skillful third base while Roy handles second base like an expert, Both boys, we hope, will be with T, P,H,S, next year, . "fs, Munguia up to bat, .Q -sw-N Q '14 "" as ,N E ark in nxt, IK? X-,, is .MJ , f A, -. Q. J Hx ..f., K. . -w 1 is A K V .-,M N4-f... f . 1 . . 'xwfv 1 -'ZH . wir- P' x j -. . Q ifi- is 1 1 lf? , dick? fQ ,,faQ '-fi: Pitcher Fif5"92Se Y N5 VJ. ,bs , ,I , U. ,Ln -b . - ,PRICKSHLTS wg 1 'HW f r ALPH MUNGUIA f , h'L.1i-1+-w -we .. lin ,, WL t . q,, N. -sg E h 1 I ,W N -I- Q 1QLi..x1.,,w , 1 if ,- mann' N L Nm- ,. ..A. ,.. i K. ga SY: . A -.W FJ , 'f 'x B I V W' pf' fu' 9 , Aw I ., If' I as If . N' l . Q R . ,,..I., . Q n Q, A ,. L., , V, - ,-1 "W, 'e ' 'sr-. ' f -- ' A- ,- -' .J gd-' if , f ' YQ! M ' '- f . v " . Q N ' "3 - . ,,, - .' Q ww ' fu f .-. 5' - -1 1 . " ' w'f - , L, .V LEP: ,4 . . 1, v A.-1 ,4 K 4' W- s b ,. .,w,'qi,, I ' X , - . u K I 5 t 3 - .r f 7 .- ., , wi ,f f 1 1 , - 4 V . ' 4: S ,1 "- . -.1 - - ,f, 'fx ,, , , . , 4 i . ,. , , . , - ..- W - 2 .. 4. '7 .W - 4 f'a85'U": Y wx '- A 5 A. ' . "' , :s-'v' - , ., N Second Base ROY TAYLOR 'Sl 4 , . S 1g,,f'XA. Y M.. -,, , Q , ' ' Vf..f9 'Qi23'ff,ff?.'ps. W 5 'M 'N A-is 'gs'-ff.: f:,., DJ: . Q2gif'1'f1f-ff Wy, Jvn - -f 1 1"'f-:M-V Bw W MY. . ' ' " ' ' V , 3551525211 QTB., -f,' .. : 65' V,i'Qf-,E2A.?Q,.'. Tr -gg' ' " 'shotnvg , - , " Q4 :t,:h:,, QAIRQ- -' - P DAIQR.ELI,G!BBS,,,- v 3 , . If l wiv A, .V N Q - F A ,Q , L ....t..-s-s-- I I Q 3 'Y ' 148- A I , .,Af .I Q W 1 Q 4, 5, . ,QJ , fn.: Filefi' F3517-1' :iff f!lK1"""""" Q-J -,,,...n-as-I A I. Center as a 0 Right Fiqld A ps STREETER N. 11,3-ai f.., fwqgfw- - ,ai AV 4 I N Jn av -.9 ,4 ,fi eng ' 'iz-ad ...I k, H 4, . . P le K 5? , , .. QW '.4 , .. if , 's ' wr M ' , 3 i 4 Y? "" 91619: .Q pw .. , A .L if W ,,. r 4. vw :ff , .4-, f -. 1' 4 . 1 f 9 5 ifisirffgf. ' ,Q gl , 8 yr - if -g 5 A. 7 'L 7 F 1 Eafvav. 'F " ' F5 J .N 4 ,lf W : ' 'V - '-Q' ,df lp 4' , - . . Z ,,,,,, Ari! Q., 35 G ,7 ff' I. i , 'O SENIORS VS. FACULTY The seniors starting line -up, Teachers watch team vie for victory 5, 15,1 V! ,f wh The loyal fans, for the teachers, that is. The "Senorita" and Mr. Nic plotting against the seniors, '79 ACTIVITIES 4 'ws . Q 5 mv . XA 4 'QP N QE msvm . V w BAKING CCNTEST L XX. PA LM SPRINGS We were proud of Mary Blood this year when she represented our school in the 'cherry pie" baking contest at Palm Springs and San Bernardino, Mary won first place in Palm Springs and although she didn't place in San Bernardino I'm sure we will all agree that Mary bakes not only a good looking pie, but also one that makes your mouth water, - f"E"l' c in-an HE Jin , . A X 0 XTTVYTQ jig x I l lgasffisf fi llll s f ,X M xj lp f SAN BERN ARDINO CAR WASH Don't forget the "fiestas, " Rick Hilts p a. sm Even the sponsor lends a hand, g a They cleaned every part of the cars. Even the wh itewa 11s ! Judy Hammett cleaned under that back seat real good. AUTOGRAPHS V hs 5- B- , . . ,Q Ai ' wg 3 W ' I my , Te 2 K : -If fi is 'Ia' 4.7 fl K4 L, I WE M V ' 'S 12:4 -AW Jw, w ' 3 251 E5 YB. ,J Q . K pf' 'Y' QQ., Alf- -sf -sf Q Wi -S5 Q, Q. 5, A mr u 24 , I H V- ,EK ' w i f 1 A 4 4, , 1 Y, Q MX' 4 ,. . . 'L .4 r, '. :- fwwwfffew- 1 f2A429.- 1, 1-K-w waffw-4,..,,m ,X . vii.,--M' vw,-. V Y 1, M 5fQ,,,V,,-1-Ivy 23 ,saga -w,. 4 -aw . '- , ' 41: -fl mf , 8' f fi 41,5 wr ,,,.s " w fi-ws..- , '- '-vga. R, Msiwf. nan, aw . ,xi- w 'km Y J ? 'N--.. 'Wu V9 Mt i XMI! i I IW .- 4 SL-I .XG 1" f I1 an mr' 4 Q Q I 'fix IEA RS O EN AND S RS JUN O RE A SE THE Y DA O ' , A lf f"3-7" - 33- K '77 A ' ,FR ,rc A A ' V , nw 4 ,X Kr ja A 'A ' f 4' E A A 4' ,..- A 1. -fa -ff A of Ex, Eff, --A - . I x 44 ff E f Az' , , ' 'Jimn nakga ' A fi NE E, ' JosHuA A V ' AWA ,4 A E ' V MDNJMENT I 5 V ,... Y SCO-lml.. nw 4, , V 7' hw , V M::ccA:'Au.:g: ,gy .. 'V J' I Q' V v 4 V A E E 4 it Gum' 71 ,W l :A..,. Q 6 AGa.4:, .A,, . T I I ' O N , gs ,A ,xi WILD CA TTY CORNER The DESERT TRAIL again features a column not seen in several years. Our newspaper man, pictured at the right, is Don Benito who is also the sports re- porter for the San Bemardino SUN. Don has been do- ing a very satisfactory job in cementing relations be- tween the community and the high school and we all hope that he will continue the good work in his Sen- ior year. The 'Wildcatty Comer' attempts to reveal to the citizens of the community the interests and activities of the teenagers of Twentynine Palms in their daily school life. We feel that our friends oumide of school should know more of what we do and how we are con- tributing to community life. fl. tif Q W fW""W We STALAG 'f29" This year is the third anniversary of the STALAG 29 and it has now become the pro- perty of English III. Mr. Crutcher and his two charming lady editors, shown on the left, have worked hard to produce a paper which is eagerly awaited by its avid readers. STALAG 29 got its name from a now forgotten screen epic - STALAG 17 - the story of a German concentration camp dur- ing World War II. Of course, the selection, by Student Body vote, of this title for our new news- paper had no relation to meaning but rather an interest in the poetic sound of "stalag. " As a student venture STALAG 29 has been a success and now with the sponsorship of Mr. Crutcher and the inspired editoral work of Ruenell Ortega, Diane Peters, and Clem Rogers it promises to reach even greater heights in the joumalistic fie fp Ys.. EL OASIS EDITORIAL STAFF I F Q, 1 XJ!-'Il I ,,, ,va . . ..,, 'Words and pictures are their job' EL OASIS BUSINESS STAFF 'R bl I l I I A u L ' T, 1 I I a 7 if Q IIE Uma? ik fx A 'M' i I 1 7' -H 7'l'Zf.f ., ,.:. - -I ' I A ,..,..Q, " 3' '- A V ' 'ri I 'F' 593 'A I 1 T C7 ...D- When you have money to be made and ads to be sold - see this group. AUTOGRAPHS J I ' ' 1 ' F Y . I , if ' ' , 1 I Q 1 l,' 1 1 I 'x X 1' :A l X I , A ' ' ,. 1 I I ' ' Af ff V' Y 'I K I . , ,A K r , 1 1 X'- V ADVERTISERS Congratulations H. AND M. ODGERS IQICI-HIIELD PRODUCTS Yucca Valley Yucca Valley Box 282. FIQANK CAMPBELL WA TER TANKS AND TOWERS Fox at 29 Palms Hi-way Phone Joshua Tree EX. 391 VLJ CCA REST COURT The Desert Sun For Health Yucca Rest For Relaxation MR. AND MRS. C.E. MYERS Owners Box 184 Yucca Valley, Calif. VLJCCA VALLEY TRADING POST Yucca Valley, California WTR? j Q A,.E,,c an DESERT MARKET BASKET A KEN AND GRACE FORMAN ,lil-1-1 'lug Good Luck to the Class of '57 We 5fQge PETE AND EVELYN PETERMANN Joshua Tree's Newest Cafe Large Dining Room 2 Blocks West of Stop Sign Box 1139 Phone J, T, 6-9940 Sincere Wishes Congratulations to to the Class of 1957 Class of1957 '76 29 PALMS LJ IXIION STATICN OW, THE GRACE AND CARL PETERSEN VAN LAHR FAMILY Joshua Tree Records Popular C1ass1cal Jazz Organ Klddle 45 and L P Guaranteed Repairs on All THE Makes Radlos and Phonographs MUSIC MART INDIAN at Four Corners 6533 S Adobe Rd Ph 5474 COVE Open Noon to 8 P M SWAIN 8: WHITNEY INSURANCE AGENCY REALTOR Qoin QXMLZZW Not a S1de11ne Across From the Bank Phone 233 1 Twentyn1ne Palms Dayton Thorobred T1res No Money Down HAQO LD S SERVE YOURSELF 73303 Twentyn1ne Palms I-I1way Phone 2755 Twentynlne Palms Success to the Class of 57 WILSON C LINDSAY 8: ASSOCIATES Real Estate Insurance Box Z3 Yucca Valley LYA l.L. BUILDER S SUPPLY Yucca Valley The Place to Trade "By George" Phone JT5 2881 I l Insurance Is Our Business - O I I - P, O, I May Johann Goethe's Nine Requisites for Contented Living Be Yours Health enough to make work a pleasure Wealth enough to support your needs Strength to battle with difficulties and overcome them Grace enough to confess your sins and forsake them Patience enough to toil until some good is accomplished Charity enough to see some good in your neighbor Love enough to move you to be useful and helpful to others Faith enough to make real the things of God Hope enough to remove all anxious fears concerning the future THE TWENTYNINE PALMS PARENT-TEACHER ASSOCIATION Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Seniors of 1957 "At the Sign of the Wiggling Whee1s" VV!-lE'E!. ALIGNRAENT CCD. GLENN E, HAMMETT Phone Joshua Tree 5-2706 Yucca Valley, California We Specialize in Your Safety Wheel Alignment - Wheel Straightening - Wheel Balancing Frame Straightening - Complete Brake Service Headlight Adjusting Station No, 2522 Official Brake Station No. 3685 All Work Guaranteed - 29 Years Experience Congratulations to the Class of 1957 7'X PAHWFSTORE General Paints Twentynine Palms, California 1 sa I STALE V 'S Success in the Future Graduates of 1957 5-I-EIXIC-7:l':l 'CE SHOE STORE "Forget the Blues It's Ster1gel's for Shoes Adobe Road Near the Four Corners Success to Class of 1957 C 1 "Life Begins at 29 ongratu ations to the ZMZZQ MW! REALTOR HLASS STANLEY Smoke Tree District 29 Palms California AND ASSOCIATES Phone 4663 BOX 652 , 7 1 x n ' ' ll . l JJJ 29 SUPER MARKET Complete Shopping Center "O Lower Prices and Wider Variety 1 A Congratulations More Power to the Class of '57 H ' 1- to Light Up Your ENJAIQAGE AUTO CLUB OF SOUTHERN Future CALIFORNIA AAA 24 Hour Service Phone Joshua Tree 5-2841 C: E CD Yucca Valley, California C ' Success and Happiness to the Class of 1957 EANCHO V1 STA GEANDE IVICDTE L. On the H111 Overlooklng Twentymne Palms LOIS AND J B CARROL Best Wishes to the Class of 1957 SEZ WWMMZMW Happy Sa111ng to the Graduates Quahty Grocer1es SIVICDKL: 1 161:11- Phone 5380 MARTIN AND JERRY WRIGHT Twentyrune Palms Congratu1at1ons JACK AND JEANNE CARPENTER MUFFLER SHOP Front End Allgnment and Wheel Balance Speed Equ1pment Congratulatlons to the Graduatmg Class of 1957 SMOKE TREE V1 L.L.Ax 5 T1-1E 1 EA1 1.. Complete Newspaper Serv1ce Off1c1al Pubhcatxon for Twentyn1ne Palms Townsh1p and San Bernarchno County Phone 2155 "The Only Newspaper Prlnted and Pub11shed IH Twentyn1ne Pa1ms" J. E J. DESEET Congratulahons to Semor Class of Happlness to You '56 '57 from Compllments of E' I. RANCHO THOMAS DCDLCDIQES MOTEL DEPARTMENT STORE Twentymne Palms Hlghway Congratulatlons Class of 56 57 from MCCl.Anx1S RICHFIELD SERVICE STATION 5 SCD NS Location CARLGATE CORPORATION Excluswe Agents for FRED A 5 I CJ1-i1:Y P1oneer Subdlvlder Yucca Valley Tract Representatxves ANN DUVAL JOHN W RICE WM ifimm LICENSED LAND SURVEYOR Apache Tra11 at Santa Fe Tra11 Yucca Valley Cahforma P O Box 489 Phone Joshua Tree 52811 Compl1ments of IVIEIVI FENCE AND SUPPLY CO Fencxng of A11 Types Electr1cal Supphes and Bullders Supplxes 73887 Twentyn1ne Palms Hwy Phone 5522 LUELLA MCCARRY Notary E R "BILL" WILLIAMS ASSOCIATES REALTORS Phone Joshua Tree 5 2312 P O Box 187 Yucca Valley Cahf Cl-IEXXQCDIXI 2: IAF ICDIXI of Joshua Tree Wish the Best to the Class of 1957 E505 1-,AI-ix! FORD Ford Sales and Servxce 6335 Adobe Road Phone 4740 Twentyn1ne Palms 220 E Ramsey Phone V1 9 4523 Bann1ng Cahforma E- y , . . Realtor Realtor n I 8: -X- in QVS JOLJM ECON 4-Cl. 0, f +4-as W2 Qcfcothesuums Q and when Lf'5 YU!! rush Ui to CITIZENS CKTIZENS KN AND SDUTHER CN-RXIN P banu EJANIA uJ here YOW' rI'l0r1ey5 1006? afe Twenfqmme Palms Office H E Moore rcmoqer rf1G'fV1bPr', Federal Deposff mwranee cofgorahmm ffflirnxnrx S - -X- db fda, Q M Q A C300 C30 . by aoq U55 LH Q 40 110 p. QV Do L55 Obx dab . f K ' 9 Qrvin -xi wir-,L+ xv? ? L E - I N i +ve L 5.1.5 - A --f . . , fl -' ' C 5 ' Congratulations to the Class of 1957 131-FQ?-li In CJCDLJIQIXLAL. Quality Job Printing Joshua Tree Phone 6-2777 Congratulations, Class of 1957 Z! fgbfiawwi DESERT PHOTO SERVICE "Complete Photo Service" Best of Luck to the Seniors Covering Entire Morongo Basin g J Portraits, Commercial, Photo I E Finishing, Photostats, Laminations LAND OFFICE Joshua Tree Joshua Tree's Oldest Established Real Estate Business LU MBI: CQ W6 1 Complete Builders Supplies ' . REALTOR INSURANCE Phone 6213 Wishes Best of Luck 6847 Adobe Road to Semors Box 111 Phone 62222 Best W1shes to the Semors from I-lIL.L. TOP E I.. ADCBE CAFE HOTEL At the Plaza F1ne D1nners Best All Year Around Resort Tw entyrune Palm s N112 AND M123 IQAY T: LJCKINGEIQ DEEUBE ANNE DRESS SHOP 5729 North Adobe Road Twentymne Palms C ong r atulatwns 29 PALMS SHEETMETAL At the Plaza Phone 7232 Congratulahons Wall Paper and Floor Tlle 'VI-IE DA! NT' DOT North Adobe Road Phone 3222 CARL AND EDNA JOHNSON Pool Congratulations to the Grads Success Always Now and 1n Later Years Complete Laundry Servlce SELF SERVICE LAUNDRY 6464 Cholla Avenue Phone 5631 Congratulauons to Class of '57 6476 Cholla Avenue DAVI S PET SHOP AND SUPPLIES HARRY AND CLARIBEL DAVIS Twentynlne Palms, Cahforma Best Wlshes CAFE Twentymne Palms Compllments of BILL AND ETHEL FLYNN SMOKE I-ICDLJSE Comphments of 29 PALMS LUMBER Hardwar e Dau ' s Pamts Lumber Congratulatwns to Class of '57 I I MODE DRESS SHOP Sweaters Sklrts DCDVVIXI S Sportswear MEN'S WEAR Dresses slze 5 and up N J . . . I COREY AND INA CHENEY - Owners S Congratulatmns Class of '57 l2Al.l-Pl-I 1: DUNN CHEVRON DEALER Gas O11 T1res Batterles Washlng Lubrlcatlon A Complete Statlon CISOHII' Free Plckup and Dehvery Congratulatlons CHAIQLES G WOOD Congratulatmns to the Class of '57 Open7 a rn to ll p rn Every Day Phone 4572 At the Plaza UFSPDT NURSERY The Plaza Twentymne Palms aa 3 8 Zmmezd Guaranteed Cleanmg We Own and Operate Our Own Plant at the Plaza In by 10 out bY5 Press1ng Whxle You Walt KEN CARTER Phone 2581 3901! A 2 9 of fa C' Congratulatlons Zf,..:.f"f"f"':"f SIGNS 6530 Sp11t Rock Ave Twentymne Pahns Congratulatzons 956461 BEAUTY SALON MILDRED CHESNE Y MARIE HAESE SUNNY COCHRAN Congratulatxons to the Class of 1957 PALMS ELEC TRIC SHOP Lxcensed E1ectr1ca1 Contractors Apphances Sales and Serv1ce TOM GARVIN JOE GARVIN Congratulatlons Class of 1957 EE-'AXXE QS EMPORIUM Comb1ned W1th Stork Haven Infants and Ch11dren's Wear to Age 14 Matermty Wear 633 9 Adobe Road From MOTOR PARTS YARDAGE SHOP Smger Sales and Servxce Dressmaklng Best W1shes for Your Future Success Congratulatwns to 57 Grads T121 VALLEY 6223 No Adobe Road Twentymne Palms Phone 3032 For Your Place 1n the Sun HI DESERT REALTY MMWQZWM BROKER 73629 Twentymne Palms Hwy P O Box 995 Off1ce Home Ph. 2266 Ph 4243 Best Wishes uazsa-:ze I 9 Congratulations We Wish You the Best of Luck From CHET AND BLANCHE ELLIS For Good Food Eat at the E S SH l 'N N SHELL SERVICE STATION BARBER SHOP nm SIAHU MART ART AND STATIONERY MART Keys Duphcated Success and Happmess Lock and Repalrs on Your Auto Home or Off1ce DESERT LOCKSMITH PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT ,JOHN m0121215 mlllflfllm Compl1ments CAREY S There's a Reason They Dr1ve M11es to Eat at CAREY'S Indlan Cove Twentynlne Palms HAROLD S BEAUTY SHOP HAROLD WESTCOTT Propr1etor Hamr Styhsts Sp6C1a11Z1Hg Ha1rcutt1ng Permanent Wav1ng Joshua Tree 5 2.601 Yucca Valley De11catessen F1ne Foods Best W1shes and Happ1ness Congratulatwns to the to the Class of '57 Class of 1957 KO LJ SAS KNOTTS ERNIE AND ANN East Morongo Valley S Congratulatxons From AQ MR AND MRS JOHN VAN ALSTINE Morongo Valley Managers Serv1ng the Greater Morongo Basm Smce 1945 I I 1 9 I I When You Thlnk of Entertalnment Th1nk oi 2 Q PALMS THEATRE At the Plaza STAY? LITE East of the Post Off1ce BILL AND PRUDIE UNDERHILL Congratulatlons to the Class of 1957 Eng1nes Tuned Carbureter and Auto Electmc SBFVICC DENNY SEIQMEIQSI-IEI M At the Plaza We 1nv1te all "br1des to be to reg1ster then' preferences Wlth us 1n Chlna, Glass, Llnen and K1tchenware HELEN EDAGLEYS Books Dlarles Albums Jewel Boxes . u 1 u Like a Fine Violin - - . . . . , gqfgyfg Cm Wlshes Good Luck and Best of W1shes to All Semors I Come to Jerry s for Your After Ballgame Snacks Open T1ll l A M GOOD LUCK AGAIN THE YOUTH FELLOWSHIP Wlsh The Class of '57 All the Luck 111 the World and 'God Bless You Joshua Tree AI QE CUT RATE Wlshes a Happy Lanchng to the Class of 1957 X . . . EAPTI ST LJl:iSl:i 'I Success and Happiness FCDST-E123 Old Fashioned Freeze Malts, Cones, Shakes Sundaes, Banana Splits Old Fashioned Hamburger Best Wishes, Class of 1957 CHAMPION GAS U-SERVE WE-SERVE RUSS TERRY GIBSON 5 6 . ,gg 5 E Congratulations to the Senior Class JCB!-IN BAG LEY Wholesale Distributor Standard Oil Company California Congratulations MOTEL the Desert's Finest Twentynine Palms, California DOT and GENE DURHAM Owner Operator Phone 7211 MAJCDI2 I-ILJEBEIQ Excavating Equipm ent Rental Best of Luck DOVV VVOVV Home of the Famous Double Burger Tacos Chili Tamales Box 262 Oh' What Sandwiches' Twentynine Palm s , California Best Wishes to the Graduating Class Best of Luck DALMS I MOTOR PARTS BUILDERS SUPPLY WALTER E GRETHER AND FAMILY At the Plaza Twentynine Palms of .- Telephone 4055 4h figzfffd MWJZK 3 Congratulatnons Sernors A X F: Best of Luck to the 1957 SWAP SHOP Graduatlng Class BRUCEO ARNETT JR H H FERNALD Success and Happ1ness DESERT GLASS SHOP ggi!! JMWW Carson Rooflng Spec1a1ty Phone 4701 p 0 BOX 744 I I . K P. O. Bong 2.4.3 Z9 Palms, Calif. "I" H E Congratulations to the Class of '57 from QCDLHXID LJI3 Home of Arrow and Palmdayl Shirts WZWZ Vwffiim S MEN'S SHOP Next to Kenny's Drugstore Comphments of BUDGET BOOTEIQY To Semor Class of '56 '57 from CLARENCE EATON Congratulatlons to the Senlor Class Complxments of DESEQT CABINET SHOP SLIM and TEE CRUTCHER Best Wlshes QE DESERT ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE, INC Box 104 Twentymne Palms, Cal1forn1a Good Luck 42551-25123 TEXACO SERVICE E R FETZER Four Corners Twentymne Palms CaI1forn1a I ' 'rs o ' Class of '56-'57 Our Message to the Graduating Class To the Class of 1957 we extend best wishes for the future. We hope that as you go out into the world you will look for only those things which are true and good. May all that you do be something to help and improve our world, country, towns, churches, and homes. May God guide you along this road of life, and may His blessings be with you always. BAGLEVS 5781 Adobe Road Congratulations to the Class of 1957 ACI-055 from Hospital , INUIAN LCDLJISEQ Fast and Courteous Service MOTORS 3711 Adobe Road Twentynine Palms Twentyninrehliilarrgsglfalifornia 9 mm. to 7 p.m. Base Prices Cnfts from the Desert Our Best W1Sh6S Ind1an Jewelry Rocks to the Drlftwood Colored Glass Cl f 1957 O IVI C NU MENT JCDSHLJA TIQEE MARKET TRADING POST Joshua Tree Best of Wlshes Class of '57 We G1ve S8:H Green Stamps HELEIXIS JOSHUA TREE Telephone 6 2036 Joshua Tree Joshua Tree MOOTJFFTONE Bun L.D1-2123 and SUPPLY MOON GATE SHOP W1sh Cong ratulates The Class of '57 the Happy Voyage on Class of The Sea of L1fe 1957 Groceries-Meat-Produce to the U I A-2' 'ww-1 ' A - Hogpmv ,,.-v 0 PM 'l'l-ICDIVL-CRS I-I. IIXICE IXXFEIVIOIQVAL. I-lCDST3I'VAxL. A General Hospital Laboratory X-Ray Diagnostic Servlces Staff WM, T, INCE, D,O. EDWARD LINCOLN SMITH, M,D, JOHN A, BENDALL, D, O, Night or Day Exchange Servlce Call 2345 Congratulat1ons to Class of 1957 , I Stand Behlnd My Work THE CLIP JOINT ECE DONALD M T:-:E EARBEIQH l:OWl-ER SMOKE TREE CHEVRON STATION Phone 5262 72065 Twentymne Palms Hxghway COng1'at11lat1Or1S and Best W1Shes to Class of 1957 OPTOMETRIST Twentymne Palms H1ghway Mon and Thurs Eve by Appomtment Hours 9 5 Monday Fnday Success to the Class of '57 ROGER STINE for Feed and Fuel ETHEL M STINE for Real Estate PhoneJ T 5 2472 A I CABINET SHOP Star Route Twentymne Palms Hwy Yucca Valley C HARLEY ANDERSON Twentynine Palms Congratulatlons to the 1957 Semors From saweff K Qaakam DISTRIC T SU PERINT ENDENT Morongo School D1str1ct Happmess and Su Ccess to the GAIQDN E125 Class of 1957 MMM THE LADY REALTOR Phone 4451 Box 732 TOOLS Sr EQUIPMENT Sales Serv1ce Rentals 72028 Twentymne Palma Hwy Twentyn1ne Palms Cahforma Congratulatwns to the Class of 1957 From 2 9 PALM S HATQDVVARE Best Wmshes to the Class of 1957 For a Future of Happmess and Success From Tl-4E DIME 59 ICD121: of Twentynine Palms phone SZQI Congratulations to the Class of 1957 P-ILXIVI I LTOIXI SALES CORPORATION 6495 Adobe Road Phone 3622 PAT THORNTON Phone 5674 Tl-4 OR N' VCD N INSURANCE AGENCY Fire - Auto - Liability Life - Disability - Surety Bonds 73720 Twentynine Palms Hwy. Twentynine Palms, California Congratulatwns to the Class of '57 E MAIQY ANN S SI-ICDFD LINGERIE SHOP Fmdays and Saturdays the Plaza Benef1t Llttle Church of the Desert COME ONE COME ALL To the Plaza's Newest House of Good Food Dlnners of all Types Small Snacks Hamburgers Cheeseburgers Fr1ed Chlcken Malt Klppers PLAZA CAFE QAVE At the Plaza ss W5 PATICD YARDAGE SHOP Telephone 2583 Congratulatlons to Semors from IIQEDAQS BEAUTY BOX 5733 North Adobe Road Phone 3781 Congratulatmns to the Class of '57 from NORM BEARD at the PLAZA BAKE SHOP We Accept Orders for the Hohdays 1 f S X X S A f w ' 1 .1 "nz 422' if .Wil . . I In . V . ' 4 1 MORONGO VALLEY SERVICE Z4 Hour Emergency Serv1ce Automob1le Club Southern C al1forn1a AAA Complete Auto Repa1rs Phone Joshua Tree 5 2.547 Szhfez QZQ BEAUTY SHOP Spec1a11ze 1n All Hair Styles Permanents Morongo Valley Twentymne Palms Hxghway Across From S1gna1 Statxon PIPPEN TRAVEL SERVICE Authorlzed Agents A1r Steamsh1p Tours Offlce Phone 42.51 Home Phone 5605 Twentynlne Palms Best Wlshes From TOOTIE AND RUSTY ELJIQNE-FTS DONUT 8: COFFEE SHOP Twentynlne Palms H1ghway Good Luck to the Class of '57 QMQ Good Food and Cold Dr1nks ETHEL GRIFFEN M orongo Valley IJCDES UNION OIL SERVICE STATION Morongo Valley VANS MAR KET Spec1al1z1ng 1n Quahty Congratulatlons From A Z VV ROOT BEER STAND 1 of 1 . . . Morongo Valley I I , 6 .yu ,, Congratulatwns -' 2? ' H' From I v l m WM CDEAND f 4' 5f1E.lllA772EEIo'23I3'b- P-I L- L- Ill Cllfaisxl-O SM' illli Congratulatmns From CHET AND LOIS KNEE 'LJ ...QI AND ASSOCIATES 4' fi 4:11 ,, .., .314-' .L I .. , ,. ' - - ', no , X, . 1 . . r , fir. 1 .- ,-, If i-"- , A , 4-'afR..... v:.8,'I- f "3'fu'!f'7f. f"-2.7. r'1S51.f 4 Congratulations to Class of '57 SINACD KE TIQE E SLJFDPETQ CI.LJ E JIMMY WILLIAMS - Owner :- WATCH Good Luck Sernors p q.E Alps W RAD! O IDQQ J ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR X Heatmg TCDVVNSENDS AH Condmomng WATCH AND INSTRUMENT REPAIRING Coohng Apphance Sales Serv1ce Former Santa Fe Inspector Phone Z180 At the Plaza Box 488 29 Palms Twentynlne Palms Best Wxshes to Class of '57 from STAC K CHEVROLET OK Used Cars New Cars and BEN J WOODS Authonzed Dealer Trucks Cad1llac Cong ratulat1ons FAIQQ GAS STATION HYDRAMATIC SERVICE 5954 Adobe Road Oldsmoblle Compliments DAN DQ IAS RESTAURANT The Best in Italian Food Success and Happy Living ADA I-I. I.. EVVIS TEACHER OF PIANO LLL LYONS COMPANY Z9 Palms Van and Storage Congratulations to the Seniors Good Luck in Your Future Years from THE MALT Sl-ICDD DESEIQT JEAN AND JEWEL CASE FASHION PLATE At the Plaza Congratulatwns to the Class of 1957 SKA IT!-IS IQANC P-I DRIVE IN THEATRE ROLLER RINK TRAILER PARK ICE CREAM PARLOR ART AND DEL DEE CLEMONS "Horne of Oasis Ice Cream" WICRTQCDVV Congratulations to the Class of 1957 NASE L. AUTO SERVICE International Trucks REALTOR Sales and Service Phone 3533 73685 Sulhvan Road Yucca Valley Twentymne Palms Joshua Tree H M MORROW E A NAGEL Congratulatmns to the Class of 1957 VLJCCA VALLEY TQCDPJD CJL-:Ea I l::l-45 Congratulatwns Best Wlshes CONSTRUCTION CO BANNOCK TRAIL Llcensed General Contractors MRS AND MR R A CAERBERT P O Box 604 Phone Joshua Tree 5 2641 Yucca Valley Calxforma YuCCaVa11ey Cahforma Phone J T 5 2672 H IGI-I l.Ql:SE-:HP I CAEES I2E:S-53:13 I VI LLA Pool Butane Service TV WALLY AND LEE HARPER 4561 N. Adobe Rd. Phone 5594 Twentynine Palms, Calif. Phone 2174 Box 472 A., s I - C191-SP5 SD BODY SHOP Expert Auto Repair and Custom Body Designing M, B, AND B. J, COBB North Adobe Rd. Twentynine Palms, Calif. Best Wishes to the Class of 1957 PILANAES CAT? CILJJ3 President JACK CARPENTER Active STEVE MCGRORTY TOMMY MURPHY ROD REIMERS CHUCK UHLEY DAVE MATTHIAS JACK CARPENTER GERRY FORMAN Secretary and Treasurer TOMMY MURPHY Members Inactive BENNY CLAYTON TRAVIS BLYTHE EDWIN WATKINS BOBBIE HALVERSON DON BOLSTER CHRIS INGLES Good Luck Class of 1957 AUTO PARTS 8: ACCESSORIES Machine Shop Serv1ce Ignition Brake Batteries Tools Exchange Parts Twentynine Palms Highway Joshua Tree QATCLI 1:1-75 CHEVRON STATION Joshua Tree D' Good Luck, cuss of 1957 Ol D! CO A DALLAS THAI PA TRONS We the El Oasls Staff wrsh to thank those make thrs annual pOSS1b1C by sponsorrng rt Mr and Mrs John C Prrtz Dr and Mrs Wxllram T Ince Mr and Mrs Davrs M Poste Capt and Mrs Arnold B Castle Mrs L1l11an Scaglxone Jane C Johnstone Patrrcraj Moore Dr and Mrs S G Sherman Cdr and Mrs A Samorajskl Mr and Mrs Jack L Gregory Mr and Mrs E R Fetzer Mrs P H Webb Freddre and Mrdge Tunstall Mary M Hayes Mary E Bemto Mr and Mrs Paul Cross Mr and Mrs Aaron Englrsh Mrs John R Ferguerson Sr Loretta I Galmdo Mr and Mrs Scott R Brebner Margaret K Smrth Dottre Haulenbeck Mr and Mrs W L Hrldebrand Judy Hammett Mrs Ralph H Lutz Mr and Mrs Ruble A Caerbert Mr and Mrs Ross Lavrolette Mr and Mrs Robert Grrmes Frank Jeffrles Dr and Mrs Walter B Crowl who helped to Arnold and Edna Benito 1 I I I I In An YAVL MA MP NV EL OASIS STAFF 345' .Q "ff-qv Miss J. J. LI SANDI PETERS Advisor NDA BREBNER Busm Editor ess Manager 431 Q5 7 X V, Wf ,H Qfx?:ji'::4Q, Mk, X X.3?fxa,v-of-bx+J-'Q.Q UQ JNCI Jvrffj 1 M wfelwv Kwax, aww? 1 -xvvs.,-bw Wvsi- i MM , ?V'N,Q,2,'QT15xiWQ2,,ib:'J,2Q x-Jvxgfix XJ-Imtllx., Qigkxh-EJ NO' WWW QW imwbv J WJ!!! J if ff VC: fi K f ,ff JF,-fi I if E ,SX X wxg xx A 19 X I -'Y X QQ Q jj 1 My . u 1 Q , . . l E I H . A I -X X uf , X AK . I wg J' ff! 'R c, - M . A rj -. ' f! x J Q X S V! 7' ji! gf , 5 . F F ' , ' 5 ' ' v '7: , 'A 3x x V SPV f, l -f A . 7 . I, N. EJ nv F ' I QT! ' d 'J V. , sk gf X X ' D far -.. .vi "J . K i 'J up OJ Yi I , 'ex , Ky! 4' lf! . C 1 SN f :Q Q V X vu C its Q. gr xx X I X ' ' J af' 'J fi- X X ' M 'f fu- F .4 C lk sb big' K lk E E , ' A -T. Q-,-Nxkgrs X955 X -is h X X5 'xxx I ' '-T' A ' C-, 'X N -Qc? rtx, xv A- Xt x xx U Q S qi L' + , 'K S, Q Q3 X lm Q L ASX1 ' v .5 C X 1 S X X N Q, X ' xg x XWATI FQ 1- N'-, x -gf ' gg 35 ' Q V X .Q Q -Xp 'X xx N XS' X N Vx V x 17. I x . 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Suggestions in the Twentynine Palms High School - El Oasis Yearbook (Twentynine Palms, CA) collection:

Twentynine Palms High School - El Oasis Yearbook (Twentynine Palms, CA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Twentynine Palms High School - El Oasis Yearbook (Twentynine Palms, CA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Twentynine Palms High School - El Oasis Yearbook (Twentynine Palms, CA) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Page 1


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Twentynine Palms High School - El Oasis Yearbook (Twentynine Palms, CA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 98

1957, pg 98

Twentynine Palms High School - El Oasis Yearbook (Twentynine Palms, CA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 102

1957, pg 102

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