Twentynine Palms High School - El Oasis Yearbook (Twentynine Palms, CA)

 - Class of 1955

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Twentynine Palms High School - El Oasis Yearbook (Twentynine Palms, CA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Cover

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'K K 'vw A' faaweizwvfwix'ffm' .if if .- ,K5 , '- N Mm , fkk X '-'rg pf, . ' J x rj Q, f X ' A ' , if ,I jx, . x VR N 1 f ri. 1 ' QT . ,I ' ,fl f 1 '-21. I I - - x I f If 53 I, r l V- CH 'Q X. KVQ 1, 'Q ' f 4 j Xt It '7 ill I J, ., , fxh, 5 1 3 X- 4 , w f ,. Q f . ,H 2 .- mf, A ' 55:41 3 Ai S QQ iv T655 Li? 5: i ,g :Eff-is Lit? a -ij: 1 24 Vs-iii fx .3 "Wi Wi, VZ:- w e if E L, 'X ge 'KA , 'K Yin i. W mg Q3 1 iff' ... , 513 xx , .FJ K Xl .K T. Qi V 1 xx ' h . T. , X 1 -JN N J . XX , xx T ' Sl A N. N 1, X X. V x x X N!! .Q 'J X is x K - Rx x ... I Q ,V . L ,J ,J -. . xy X Y Q v L XX. .J j xl 51 Tk XX xgx ' .Oi X. g. -X5 ' x Q Xp-9 xt . ' X 1 v. -.4 J X W ff- , 1 wi 3 ,, ,-cv' ffm' Q ' ' .F,S'3'5'f'iff"Q at 'f 'x , x .vrv ., as kj: 3 imk' V . xv ,ff 'of' Qn News P-W-eff' as 35 Z 5 In days to come we hope that th1s book w11l grow ln value Many years from now you wtll leaf through thxs 1954 55 annual and recall various expenences ln hlgh school Many of them w1ll be brought to life by the slght of an old fnend s face We on the annual staff smcerely hope that the 1955 EL OASIS will help you relrve your hlgh school days, and that it w1ll find you closer to your present fnends, so they may not be forgotten later on. We would like to thank all the faculty, students and fnends who helped us to make this book possible. Now we present to you, students and facultv of Twenty Nine Palms I-hgh School, your 1955 annual Annual Staff , 1 ,fy ' L ' v ' Q '1 , 1" 4- 11" ' 1, sf , ' 1 , -lit Y- 15 , ' R .fe-L I ,,i..3,ft Q Q I Q ,, ws,-" f" ,f 3 5 FQ, if ti. fa LXQXS Q Q 1 Q' Q Q ,' - R. - , ' X' 4 . 1 " V V Q, i X , L 7 ,of " , A - si ' K 5 3 13 5 X' f ws-'Q Q! 4 Q Q .pg ' .- - -v QQ .f Q' if 3' Q' H A Q f A AQ Q Q , Q , Q. Q , ,-,Q Q . , we 'f I-.1 . .M-QS - 4.: , 5 r ' Q - -Q 1. . f,,:f,fl:, ' "Q, s 5 s A K' A - ,,,-f Q.. Q 4 LN , Q , Q Q . ' ' ,, lvxf 'J , 1 I f , s 14" A. '-.,.,g4 H1 I fx I , in I Ax Q, I V 1 5' Q a FQ QY , 1 . . . Q Q ' o . . . , . Jgfvlmwminaizfkm Q-,...,,,t, l ' 1 l , , .5 , , g fx Q . 5 'mu A , y . 4 l ' Q I ' ' rw . it X 0 I 5. ily, WM 1 wk. N' w 1, ff ff WW . 7' X f f K-2 A NX W-1 E Ez U5 :ve 4 915 Cafetena MRS HOCKETT MRS BENITO MRS WEBB Custodxans MR. HOCKETT MR DAVIS BEN BOGUSZEWICZ Bus Dnver ij!-,473 qtf-ffl 14-lm,1,l N 1 X Www JANE IOHNSTONE Sponsor 6444 0 DON BRA!-IAM Presldent BOB PALASEK Vlce Presldent DOROTHY DUVAL Secretary Treasure: pe O 5 K 1,- w c C wb, eq 0 in Tk fx S., IM M 1 Z JANE GAUTSCAY - "Janie" GAA:'9, 10, Vice President 11,123 Pep Club 9, Honor R011 9, 10, Glee Club 9, 10: Annual Staff 10, 11 As- sistant Business Manager, 12 Business Manager, Sweet hearts 11g Treasurer of Student Body 11, 12g Stalag 29 11, 12. RICHARD FAUGHT - "Dick" Ralls, Texas 9, 10, 11g T, P, H. S. 11, 12g Football 9: Track 9, 10g Band 10, 11, Dance Band 10, 11g BAL 11, 12g Football 12. JY' m 1' FRANCIS ASH - "Francie" GAA 9, 10, 11, 125 Glee Club 9, 10, 11g Pep Club 9. KDANN TAYLOR- "Ugly" Pep Club 9gG1ee Club 9, GAA 9, 10, 11, 12, Drama 11, 12. ELLE HARDEMAN - - "Bright Eyes" Oceanside, California 9, Wilmington, N. C. 10, T,P,H,s, 11, 12, GAA 9, 10, 11, 12, Pep Club 93 Glee Club 9, 10. HELEN JOAN BARTON Plato, Missouri, Secretary 9, 10, Treasurer 9, 10, 11, Honor R011 9, 11, GAA 9: Cheerleader 9, 10, 11gVo11ey- ball Team 9, 10, 11, Class Play 10, Student Council 10, 11, Paper Staff 10, Speech Play 11. SARA HAYES - "Sa11y" GAA 9, Secretary of Lower Division 10, Vice Presi dent 11, President 125 Secretary 95 Honor Roll 9, 10 11, 125 Glee Club 9' 105 Pep Club 95 Stalag 29 11, 125 Girls' State 115 Secretary of Student Body 12. MILDRED BAYES - "Millie" GAA 9, 10, 11, 125 Pep Club 95 Glee Club 9. 10, 115 Drama Club 11, 12. SHELBY WILLIAMS - "Mouts" Jacksonville, N. C. 9, 10, 115 T. P, H, S. 11, 125 Glee Club 95 Basketball Letterman 9, 105 Newspaper 9, 10, 11, 125 Majorette 9, 10, 115 Spanish Club 9: Band 10, 115 Class Queen 10: Honor Roll 9, 10: GAA 11. 125 Most Popular Junior Girl 115 Student Body President 125 Pioneer Day Queen 125 Letterman Club 9, 10. BARBARA GILLILAND Alhambra, California 9, 125 T, P, H. S, 11, 125 Honor Roll 95 Art Club 105 FHA 9, 105 Y-Club 105 Drama Club 11, 125 GAA 11. LOIS LEYERLE - "Lodie" Loveland, Colorado 9, 105 Oceanside, California 105 T, P, H, S, 11, 125 GAA 9, 10, 11, 125 Pep Club 9, 105 Majorette 115 Christmas Tableau 95 Class Play 95 Cheerleader 125 Stalag 29, 125 Annual staff 12. DONALD BRAHAM - "Moose" "B" Basketball 95 All-League Varsity Baseball 9, 10 All-League 11, 125 BAL 9, 10, President 11, 125 Var- sity Football 10, 11 All-League, 12 All-League, Second Team All-Countyg Varsity Basketball 10, 11 All-League, Second Team All-County, All Star Team at Big Bear Tournament, 12 All-Leagueg Treasurer of C1888 115 Annual Staff 115 President 12. 1 4 all Q L BL, My :gf-,QI 4 4 if- M -me yas fr- 1 f LFC , 4: ,-.f 11.61 IMOGENE FRANCISE TRAVIS ' "Jeanie" Albuquerque, New Mexico 9. 10, 11, T, P, H, S. 12 GAA 11, 12g Tri-Hi-Y 11, Speech Club 10, Latin Club 9, 10, Band 9, 10, Commercial 115 Assistant Annual Editor 125 Pep Club 9. JOHN CARSON - "Iohnie" BAL 9, 10, 11, 12g Band 11. DANA SERMERSHEIM - "Wintertime" Inglewood, California 9. 105 T, P. H, S, 11, 12, GAA 9, 10, 11, 12 President, Campus Frolics Oueen 9g Song Leader 10p Royal "M" 10, House of Representa- tives 10g Secretary 11g Miss T, P, H, S, 11, Stalag 29 11, 125 Best Personality 11, Student Council 123 Home- ' coming Queen 125 Annual Staff 12. ROBERT PALASEK - "Bob" Honor Roll 9, BAL 9, 10, 11, 12, "B"Basketball 12g Stalag 29 11, 12g Sports Editor, Baseball 11, 12, Var dent 12. BEVERLY SHEFFER - "Bev" El Monte, Califomia 9,105 T, P, H. S. 10, 11. 12g GAA 9, 10, 11, 125 Y-Teens 9, 10 Lions Trail 10: Cats Corner 10g Sralag 29 11, Editor 125 T. P, H. S, Princess 11, MRS, T, P. H. s. 12gAr1- nual Editor l2g Cheerleader 12. FRED TUNSTALL - "Lil Wuff" - "Ferddie" "B" Basketball 95 Varsity Baseball 9, 10, 11, 12g Var- sity Football 10, 11, 125 BAL 9, 10, 11, 12g Basketball Reporter and Photographer 10, 11, 125 Stalag 29 11, Annual staff 125 Vice President of Student Body 12, Honor Roll 10, 12. sity Basketball 12g Varsity Football 1 2g Vice Presi- JUNE MOEN Paramount High 9, 10, 11g Compton High 12g Downey High 12g T. P. H. S. 123 Gym Class President 9g Senior Chorus 10, 115 Girls' Council 11g A Cappella Choir 123 Downey High Choir 12. ROSS LEFEVER - "Jug" BAL 9, 10, 11, 12: Drama Club 11, 12 BARCLAY LONG - "Bark" BAL 9, 10, 11, 12. CLYDE BARTH - "C1ydy" BAL 9,1O,11,12g Varsity Football 10, 11, Basketball Manager 10, Annual Staff 10, Boys' State 11, Class President 11, DORTHY DUVAL - "Dot" GAA 9, 10, 11, Pep Club 9, Glee Club 9, 10, 11, Drama Club 11, 12: Class Secretary and Treasurer 12. A91 47 All fl 7212,-fflffz , Ili- -. -JQQV4 ,740 4,VL,UL , uf 1 I K MAA- ,q,,LfL,41-j1,fj CAG Ciflyj , jf Q75 Q' VIVIAN WILSON Jasper, N. C. 9, 10, 115 T, P,H, S, 12gG1ee Club 9 10, 4-H 9, 10, 11, Basketball 9, 10, FHA 9, 103 Music MARY IO HOOVER Fairchance 9, 10, 11g T, P, - H. S. 12g Tri-Hi-Y Club 9, 10, 11g Cheerleader 11. JIM BOTHE - 'Iimiltins' Mt. Diablo 9, 10g Oceanside 11g T, P, I-LS. 125 BAL Secretary 123 Football 125 Basketball 125 Baseball 12. CHRIS INGALLS BAL 9, 10, 11, 12g Football 105 Basketball 10g Drama Club 11, 123 Annual Staff 12. 4,7 I V, af X if M A ,W L W L y! L44 gf MN 'fff who 1 1 nf" P24 ,M A 9 I NANCY KAPUSTKA Pep Club 93 Glee Club 9, 10, 11, 12, GAA 9, 10, 11, 12, Drama Club 11, 12. WILLIAM EDWARD BROWN - "Billy" Class President 95 Student Council 95 "B" Basketball 9, 10, 11, 12g Varsity Baseball 9, 10, 11, 12, BAL 9, 10, 11, 125 Honor Roll 10, 11, 125 Vice President of Class 11, Annual Staff 12. DAVID YOUNG BAL 9, 10, 11, 125 Honor Roll 10. ache 7041! FRANCIS ASH I Francts Ash be1ng of sound mmd and body do hereby w1ll and bequeath my abllity to play the field and not get senous w1th one guy to Barbara Duncan who taught me how rn the frrst place CLYDE BARTH I Clyde Barth berng of sound mrnd and body do hereby wrll and bequeath to Gerry Forman my 41 Ford hubcaps for hrs Chevy so that sornethmg about rt wrll be custom HELEN BARTON I Helen Barton berng of sound mrnd UQ and body do hereby will and bequeath to Jackie Horton my abrllty for d1tch1ng MILLIE BAYES I Mrlhe Bayes being of sound mind and body do hereby wrll and bequeath my abrlrty to take shorthand to Doreen Ross She might be able to use rt in the near FUTURE' BILL BROWN I B111 Brown berng of sound mrndpj do hereby wrll and bequeath my wavy harr to Bernard Boguszewrcz who rs begmnlng to look a lrttle cold on top JOHN CARSON I John Carson berng of sound mtnd and body do hereby w1ll and bequeath my GOOD LOOKS and gtrls to Randy Rogers DORO I'HY DUVAL I Dorothy Duval bemg of sound OJ mmd and body do hereby w1ll and bequeath my abrlxty to HANDLE the school s money fwrth Mr Hayes approvalj to John Beaver to whom rt may come rn handy DICK FAUGHT I Drck Faught, berng of sound m1nd and body do hereby will and bequeath my senous attrtude toward lrfe to anyone who wants it BARBARA GILLILAND I Barbara Grlliland berng of sound mxnd and questionable body do hereby wtll and bequeath to the grrls rn P E Class my abrhty to comb my hau wrth my feet ELLE HARDEMAN I Elle Hardeman bemg of sound mind and body do hereby w1ll and bequeath my Brlght Eyes to my sister Martha rn hopes that she will use them Q as well as I drdy to get someone lrke I drd ????RANDYl ll MARY JO HOOVER I Mary Jo Hoover berng of sound mrnd and body do hereby w1ll and bequeath my rmagrnary long frngernarls to Mary Smith DAVID YOUNG I Davrd Young bemg of sound mind do hereby wrll and bequeath my abrlity to talk CHRIS INGALLS I Chris Ingalls belng a mmd to hereby w1ll and bequeath all my courage and back work to John Thomas Beaver ROSS LEFEVER I Ross LeFever being of mind and body do hereby wrll and bequeath my exceptronal abxhty to study whrch I have never used to Kenny Mercatorrs BARCLAY LONG I B Long, to Mrss Johnstone do hereby will my glasses, so she can see me as I have seen her and also look for a husband LOIS LEYERLE I Lois Leyerle berng of sound mrnd and shapeless body do hereby w1ll and bequeath to Les Mercatorrs my abrhty to get along wzth Martha Tombstone Hardeman BOB PALASEK I Bob Palasek, being of sound mmd U3 do hereby w1ll and bequeath my abrhty to charm my way out of trouble to whomever gets sent to the offrce to face the wrath of Uncle Teddy I m sure rt can be used JOANN TAYLOR I Joann Taylor being of sound body but not of mind do hereby will and bequeath my nickname Ugly and the abilrty to break guys hearts to Judy Hammett, who already has a good start SALLY HAYES and DANA SERMERSHEIM We Sally Hayes and Dana Sermersherm berng of sound mrnds and! or bodles, do hereby will and bequeath to any fool who wants it our abrhty to make complete idiots out of ourselves at G A A slumber parues DON BRAHAM I Don Braham belng of sound body and wavy ha1r do hereby will and bequeath my Chr Chr garters to Eleanor Biles for her future man Hunts JANE GAUTSCHY I Jane Gautschy berng of lrttle mlnd and shapeless body do hereby w1ll and bequeath to Conrue Caldwell a pau of sults so that she w1l1 be as tall as I JUNE MOEN I June Moen berng of sound mmd and body do hereby will and bequeath my horse s tall to Sandy Smxth JEANIE TRAVIS and BEVERLY SHEFFER We Jeame Travis and Beverly Sheffer belng of sound mrnd and body do hereby will and bequeath to all the old mards of T P H S our abtlrty to get husbands FRED TUNSTALL I Fred Tunstall berng of sound do hereby w1ll my abrlrty to cut classes and my No 4 football Jersey to Eddie Hardesty SHELBY WILLIAMS I Shelby Willrams being of sound mind and shapeless body do hereby wrll and bequeath my absence to Mr Cook He will apprecrate rr the most! in Miss Moore's study halls without getting into Uouble to Nancy Marble. The year is 1965 A party is being given at the home of Mr and Mrs James Bothe a rather strange couple but beloved by then rntrmates She is the former Dana Sermersherm and works days as a slnging mechanrc at her father s Carburetor and Electrical shop Evemngs she puts aside her tools and dons the roll of Hostess for her husband an outstanding professor of speech at Yale The time is 7 30 and the guest are Just Starting to arrive A roar of pipes a screech of brakes Dana rushes to the window and then hurls herself toward the door Shortly a deep bass profundo voice IS heard shrieking Darlrng Yes rt rs the renowned Metropol rtan Opera Star Mrs Sally Hayes Barth w1th her husband Clyde Barth owner of the Berrrs Custom Shop As they stand chatung Quietly a rather strange conveyance draws up Yes, a 1964 Oldsmobrle Beer Can designed by Mrs Jane Gautschy Tunstall owner of the Lucky Lager Brewery She comes slowly up the path to the front door supporting her husband Fred who has been rather 111 It 15 rumored that he as been drinking up the buslness The group finally moves inside all tenderly helping poor Freddie To their surprise another guest is inside with Dr Jrmrluns B111 Brown, professronal bat Boy at present em ployed by the Los Angeles Angels He parked his 1916 Cadillac Road Grate: in the back to prevent any damage being done to it Sirens scream through the rught a military escort has been provided for the U S Chiefs of Stan and their wives Four Star Generals Travis Barton and Wilson of the U S Manne Corp and their fly boy associate Four Star General Moen have arrived Mr and Mrs Barclay Long have Just slid to a stop in their 1936 Ford complete with a Cad engine workmg very hard at her occupation loaflng Mr and Mrs Young are now arr1v1ng in their 1903 Rolls Royce Touring Mr David Young is a fourth grade teacher at the Morongo Grade School Hrs loyal wife and student Joann Taylor Young is strll strugglrng to get out' Mrs Beverly Sheffer is not able to attend this great event due to a very unfortunate accident Bev was kidnapped and sent to the salt mines in Srbera Mr and Mrs Braham have Just pulled up in Mrs Braham s Cadillac Don is a salesman for a Ladies Lingerie Company Hts wife Shelby is a retired burlesque queen Mr and Mrs Carson have Just walked in the door John rs a Crosby car dealer and hrs wife Mrlhe is an Enghsh teacher at good old T P H S Mr and Mrs Faught are now coming into the house Elle and Dlck are in the paper chp business Mr and Mrs Le Fever are expected to show up at any moment Jug and his wife Dorothy are rn the used toy business Dot is the treasurer of the Company Mr Christopher Stephen Ingalls Esq has been in the kitchen trying to get an olive out of a bottle for hrs cocktail Mr Ingalls is a bilhonarre burn Mr and Mrs Palasek are now driving up the dnveway 1n their new Hubmobrle Bob and Nancy are in the book business Bob writes and Nancy publishes Well that s one way to get a book pubhshed Last but not least Lors Leyerle and Mary Jo Hoover qtwo old Mardsj are coming up the steps to the house They run a beer Joint in downtown Yucca Valley As the hours reaches midnight, Mx and Mrs Bothe help the last guests into their car Poor Freddie is in worse condmon now than be was when he arrived Jrmlkrns and Dana have promised to give another party twenty five years from now Good bye until then . , , . . . h Mr. Long is with the Distric Street Cleaning Company. His wife formerly Miss Barbara Gilliland, is 64011 WM ,innume- caubfz Uffcktvw MR. COOK NANCY MARBLE SHARON GARIBALDI DIANE URMSTON Advlsor Presrdent Treasurer Secretary TOM HEMMINGWAY First Semester President DOREEN ROSS RANDY ROGERS BARBARA SANCHEZ PAT SANDERS GENE SHORT MARY SMITH SANDRA SMITH TIM SMITH PAT SULLIVAN BOB TRAPANI DIANE URMSTON JIM WELLOCK DAMON WHEELER We, the class of 1955, want to thank the Junior class for the wond- erful banquet and Prom this year. We know they worked hard, and we appreciate it very much. The Senior Class g,0'7fbl0"'l19'7f94 I, W In 3 A U . " cm. s " I L M WITH if Q 4 9-'X Q' . Ugzww Saundra Van Tassel Sandi Peters Judy Hammett Miss Galindo Secretary-Treasurer Vice President President Advisor Jack Allee Alan Barth Ramon Beals Bill Bray Roger Braham Susan Blythe Pamela Castle Joyce Campfi eld Barbara Colaw Roxy Caerbert Milton Goodhall Pat Gibson Jackie Horton Leon Hadley Stephen Heard Martha Hard eman Eddie Hardesty Skip Henkle Judy Hammett Susan Ince Carl Johnson Don Kingston Carole Keller Lowell Miller Terry Murray Steve McGrorty Kenny Mercatoris Dick Pilcher Sandi Peters John Rock Darlene Shadwick Lynda Sullivan Rudy Reiterer Gray Stubbs Saundra Van Tassel Richard Vermette Jeannette Vermette Marylyn Wilson Tom Wellock Linda Young Anne White Shirley Williams Joanne DeSpain W4 614440 H- Secretary Treasurer Vice Presldent Presxdent Class Advisor Barbara Toppln Tom N1co11 Don Faught Mrs Dundee A 1. ,. Q .rim 10550 'TX . 'K lg? f . ,mf -, K Wu nys Z f .l L ff afvofniiw 954 f fisalf, . ,I t - 'v 'satan' 1:3355 ' .IQV - 1 K' U 1 1 I A Z fx X N K ,W.,......v...Mlw.f., 1 -V u v W , - . A .A ,ge w' - v. J ilin.: ,.h.:jf.33: T, x ' 4 . mf' ' yn ie- ,gm 'fzgzwgsg P QQ .4 ' vi. 4 ma, -rin Miss Galindo Barbara Gilliland Francis Ash Miss Smith Miss Johnstone Bev Sheffer Millie Bayes Barclay Long Chris Ingalls Lois Leyerle Bob Palasek Jim Bothe Dick Faught Sally Hayes Shelby Williams Dot Duval June Moen Dan Sermersheim Ross Le Fever Clyde Barth ' 1 , X-f,kv,V4 ag I' - x QQ' . - M. ya .r 'Hgh' 4175, W, A 'X 'ij-":.h, 13 K .Aw mg vii., j. , , X, ,fin '42 1IQ,g1t , xv " "Y Y EX Vit'-rs SK W -1 k,2,,x An.-f , ,Qfaxxf-, X 1,30 .. , . , 1 A -xgv - Oxxxk up f K7 sa , 'KM , f . 5 W "Q'x x Ax - 'Q I- 4 m XSL .V .K X gxxxqkx ff' ' 'X X' 4,u-1- ' v -I ,-' X X, g, J' J' V' wx X ' l .skis ' ' ' . .Ju '11, 'J",,, " Kg" " ff! ff L' MW N, A Q M wffw, 'N fi'.1Ti'Z7?:x.'i,'lm'i'f?137'iiiQQ.N- "3'l7""45 J V- 11-x'f.'l:"rJ'-. ' "W, x S58-1-'saw l"z"'.-139-. ',V"., 'V-Q gfxglvx' 9 -X'.xN Q- -i mx-'s i"sew""2- '- 'Q-'sf N Q- -. . Km.. INS ' N. 'Q fl 'N NNN 'N s f1Q.mN1R2h J 'JWQINF 53. -4 fiwg-1f+ffG1Q,iffi4,Q 3Q,f'-.514--ggxzx - f :w-Q.- -,-Hz-.'Nc-2:-:C-.N -s X-T-iX?X J, A X .1 ?,fugx 1,-N, JNFXQ-jx msg:-5-gQ.'-- 'rf Q, --4 f'-:Nt-wie,-xx.9 --'- Q Xwvf Q L4 Q . -X x -. fb, , P. "ff-Lbj, -A :if .-'Q Wxfi' x 2 f ' :S '. "ff -0 .--x -, -.- ' X xg c 9459 K f'gE'-LQS?'5'X:--If:3:f:-' Q z'q,' . . x15NNI-SQQSQ ,if 2 y- 'L 'Q' W ' Z, -. ' 'FNNR' X -X , ,iii .- X X X x 5 , -5, Rx Q5- 1-vX XXX W . L1 ?z . 1 N' x ,, , t V ' Fx 1. Y? 46- 3 xxx- x 5 -2315 X - '-X NC-' if 5 Q-I 'T x X 1. . , K- X- 1 ' .1 X' ,.. -qui .5 , X 'Q Aww Calipatria Big Bear St. Bernar Newman Twin Pine dines s Boys Republic Elsinore St. Francis ' . - - - ' - ' X f Q' .,.. , I K: f ' tj A - . :Q lq v Q.. .H IAJ 1 . J, M gg 2 an D, GLANZERA2' ""ii . MERCATORIS G, SHORT D, FAUGHT R. BRAHAM Right End Left Halfback Right Guard Fullback COACHES SCHEDULE CLAIR HERRILL, Head coach 20 T H-S- 0 EDWARDWUR1 ssistam 18 T H. s. 14 V Q1 X' 6 T H. s. 25 X 6 T H. s. 34 o T H. s. 25 -"""' 40 T H. s. 40 10 T H. s. 27 12 T H.s. 27 Quarterback L, DA Center Left Guard Left End Left Guard Left End -3 ,,L. -- - .. fav .2 , . 3 ' . N 'Q dv ' XE :fi v Q A +Q B. LUKENS Halfback A xy 11 3 as ' a WQZWKJ MV A 1456- .league EJ X la- ' Back row: Don Braham, Right Tackleg Tim Smith, Left Tackle. Front row: Les Mercat oris, Left Halfg Tom Hemingway, Quarterback. l L l 53 50 45 63 145 S Henkle D Faught, R Braham B Clayton, G Short L Daugherty SCHEDULE Vrctorvllle Vxctorvrlle St Berdardrnes Twin Pxnes Newman Needles Needles Newman Elsinore St. Berdardines Twin Pines St. Francis St. Francis Big Bear -lr f g S avg X D Glanzer D Braham I Bothe T Srruth INDIVIDUAL POINTS U41 games Don Braham Dan Glanzer Roger Braham Trm Srnxth LeRoy Daugherty Gene Short Tom Hemmmgway Dick Pilcher Don Theis 26 Benny Clayton 3 29 lim Bothe 2 57 Don Faught 2 43 -l -nl.i fill- .league S Don Braham Dan Glanzer Roger Braham Bill Brown Roy Taylor ZS .l?"' R. Hart, M. Goodhall, B. Lukens. G. Ellis, R. Taylor, B. Brown, M. Lebovitz, R. MUfPhY- L- Miller. T. Nicoll, E. Hardesy, N, Presecan, D. Wheeler, T. Wellock. INDIVIDUAL POINTS Q14 games, Bill Brown Lowell Miller Roy Taylor Tom Nicoll Ronnie Hart Tom Wellock Damon Wheeler Eddie Hardsey Steve Stine Maurice Lebovitz Milton Goodhall Nick Presecan Bill Lukens Gene Ellis Ronnie Murphey X123 '71 58 40 37 33 24 12 11 '7 1 1 0 0 0 Co-Captains TOM NICOLL - BILL BROWN ,I 1i?'A:"""'? 'U 4 1. 1 "' c eI9g'f.m. 1 any Zauialaf A ,..fl f r . "fav 1 , , A I ask A ,,, ,lik 1' fi-Y Q an lr .. . , ,t V. 'J , .l .n Vs an ,, gh Y, . Standing: Buddy Guy Manager- Damon Wheeler Gene Short Jim Bothe Lowell Miller Bill Lukens, eRoy Daugherty Jim Laufer Tom Wellock, Bob Palasek Jack Toney Don Benito Manager Knee li Lg: Gerry Forman Tom Nicoll Ron Hart, Bill Brown, Ray Taylor Jim Lafferty B 'iw-.1 ,Q I 4 COACH ED WURTELE Co-C aptains B Les MERCATORIS BILL BROWN 'Wk .DQV J, V w I V-af, g 'VQ Q L fs 'K sf, ,gli , . RON HART Catcher "74e S ' ' " "Wi , 'v 4' f 'f I N I,-tv'v-W 3 Lf X JACK TONEY LES MERCATORIS pitcher - Outfigld do Pitcher - Outfield . , I? J. ' 5 ir Q AI' rvvb' ' 1' All A W 7 ' O tOtR R f W. O 1 A S9 Q X ff'g1Mi I 5' R. X V I f i f ' N K .l I 1 k 1 1 ' 'n Q fax "Q , N cf 'fr Ar ,Q Q' 7 M, . Qu 'Q 4' ' Q f +, 1 R"-A 31163, LEROY DAUGHERTY Q A W ,N R BILL BROWN 5, ff ROY TAYLOR 1, 5-Igitl First Base N11 A Second Base !?f3,'f1'l ?Q.'f Third Base A - X I W U Q v V ' -f.', my O Ns I, ', rn. , ,O , , KN- Y t:"'!s 55.9 Q":x"'-KN. 'nl ' .. A' ' AW, - ,O J 'x "Y 9,-""'f-1' W'2.1,..w L " -R "W Ax I 'QM 5,4 I 'A L FEISWTF . gf. .Q-4 , : 1 X , 1 f 2 t .R I , , -T-fl-gli ,1,Nw x Wi -5 '-"nf mn A X' A C 5 irt:?"'l .J DAMON WHEELER TOM wE1.LOcK ,. 5 1 GERRY FORMAN Shortstop L, Outfield - Pitcher if A Vi m +3 A Outfield 'RAW ,tpkpngf 'isle ' 511 " W-1i"P'r F' ...dv I I WW LOIS LEYERLE Editor JANE GAUTSCHY Business Manager 5540? Zz 0445: Staff af 7955 I jane Gautschy Bev Sheffer, Ann Case Jeanne Travis Susan Ince Chns Ingalls, Elle Hardeman Maunce LebOVlIZ, Bllly Brown Lols Leyerle and Barbara Toppm Sandi Peters Nancy Marble Editor Assistant Editor 29 Sag! Back row: Judy Hammett, Barbara Gilliland, Millie Bayes, Joann Tayler, Middle row: Beverly Sheffer, Joan Papendick, Lois Leyerle, Elle Hardeman, Bob Palasec, Bill Brown, Nancy Marble. Front row: Sandi Peters, Dana Sermersheim, Shelby Williams, Jane Gautschy, Sally Hayes. - . J K". KRW xif --.Q ix N, - xv T . L. S, .Q "' a"f"!K1!!U'mf., sf. 5' , if 2 43" '12 if 5535 5 'Sa , ,V,,, .,.M F lv Qi, an 'xx -a h. if . H? A Q .'1' is wi 'CEV 4 9' M 35:3 is , ., . as P 'His x-gl, .. f M gf? iw' iJ.n,Q,s f M 1 1 CK' V sk ,. ,am .UM " ir., Wai 1 I if A' at K Kr. F YJ 3? 7. A Q A Q , , 4 A , , K " Xxkf. i .. C, A V ,. 54341 - as s Q, warm 193,-fi1.,L5,2 iv A"Yav'.A ,iY3fx3E,l. , ggi ,f,- 4 W, , ,, pg ,ph,.w3'1y:- H he ix 4 ' u, ,J A ,,wimT"m 'Tix 6 W ,wg , V W Q. Q, 4 X 2 Q, iw 'ez g. ff, A . R Q. fe. f Speecilall f , sl 'I Msgs.- .N......, 'fha Back row: Miss Galindo, Sally Hayes, Barbara Toppin, Frances Ash, Pat Sullivan, Nancy Kapustka, Mary Smith, Jean MacKensey. Front row: Helen Resseau, Shelby Williams, Ruenell Ortega, Marylyn Wilson, Joan Fuller, Ioan Tayler. +.f t ,.- -fl:'2 F N ,, ,ss w., M r -s .A K h.,, as . ,V I Y Back row Miss Gahndo JoanPapend1ck Dlane Lyon, Susan Stubbs, Barbara Duncan Susan Ince Carolyn DeVault, Judy H111 Barbara Sullrvan Front row Pat Grbson Sharon Gaubaldr Qfyfjdfn fwfgggv u C0 . W ., X G Q. A .I f Qi ,Ku , Student Zadq Ojfczew ,,.,s1t, X pg, SRA! X Shelby Williams President Fred Tunstall Vice President Jane Gautschy Treasurer Sally Hayes Secretary Don Braham Senior President Nancy Marble Junior President Judy Hammett Sophomore President Don Faught Freshman President Dana Sermersheim G,A, A, President Tim Smith B.A.L. President C-i,,...f7 School Starts Sept. 8 ff ll Banmng Tournament Dec 27 28 29 R542 Sweetheart Dance Feb 11 X' X f June 5 i Baccalaureate Sedan! if 2 f", 2 infix' f 9. X. Homecomin St Francis K A A Playday Ian Big Bear T ournament R E1 6 X5 Dec. 3 and 4 E. V 6 ! Ll 4. V, 4 4' 6 , Chnstmas Dance Dec 8 5 an ,My mnu Q ' I Jumor Dmner May 14 4 March 12 W ,EQ Q X Ui K Graduauon I une 9 'AN Y S Q -1 sw zfig an X 2 '9 I r ' I I . 1 E, S , "' 3 t P. G. . ..15 Cato Q X W ' if , if ' ' 4 X 1 2 , , K S A Q-J Q X A M 2 2 "mm X v 51 X , X HQ 2 ' 2 , ' x X ,ft -J S M , uw 4, 4 7-Mfwdw Sweetiecmt Dance fl, 7755 1.1 F715 Virage QM, X J x Na X x 'ww' W W " H' f J fy 5 -1 , Miss SMITH and MR, MILLER M155 DANA and TIM X X 'M yy XXX xxx w xQ bn .D xxbs xxX 4 xx NXNN Awww MM? ZWXWZ Q - Q- L i 1 i 1 1 Q "1 -H - - -- -1 :Q .-, 1 11 -1- a - .1 1 qu Best W1shes' wngggfgfg MARKET Yucca Valley M FXNE mon Al' Congratulatwns and Best of Luck to All' Gnzivl MARKET Yucca Valley Best W1shes to Class of 1955 ' ff C0 L.OLJ5 TEXACO SERVICE Lo u and Grace Urmstorn Yucca Valley We GIVE S 8: H Green Stamps GOOD LUCK SENIORS' Subd1v1der Developer Yucca Vlllage Yucca Acres Yucca V1Sta Tract Off1ce Yucca Valley Cal1forn1a Klmberly 3 2216 307 N Broadway Santa Ana Cal1fo rma GOOD LUCK W5 5 ii SENIORS ' I AA cke f 216425 DISTRIBUTING CO P O Box 688 Twentyxnne Palms Calxf ' 'x 'F f 7 A D A , . 0 . rf, I ET V -X! 951 - ' 'L -11' .Q ,gr 1' A 1 . I I 1 . J- ff LU , tlvfig-iff 0 J "Coke" is a login! rode-mu Best Wishes TIZAD Z Yucca Valley Congratulations Hobbies and Gifts - Leather Goods and Supplies I.. X' -I-I LAUNDERWELL at HOBBY SHOP Commercial St Joshua Tree Good Luck Seniors T2!-XXKS CAFE Yucca Valley Happiness and Success to You 265614 C LO THING VARIETY STORE fLocal Branch County Free Library, Joshua Tree Congratulations IZOBETZTSON HARDWARE AND APPLIANCE Phone Joshua Tree 7686 Elwood Street Joshua Tree Best of Everything to the Seniors YU CCA VALLEY DRUG STORE BATESA MARRIOTT We Give S 8: H Green Stamps For Your Building Needs See .J OS I-I LJA TREE BUILDERS SUPPLY co Box 306 Phone 7666 Joshua Tree C VI PANASQS CO ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR Alterations Repairing Fixture s Wire for Me to Wire for You Phone Joshua 321 Yucca Valley California iff Sundries - Kodaks and Film Best of Luck Seniors! ,4Qe5f-M39 AUTO PARTS Four Corners Twentynlne Palms Cahf Best Wishes Class of '55 7imm,4f AND 'gami- Natlonally Advertlsed Brands for Men Women and Ch1ldren Twentymne Palms C ahfo rn1a Congratulauons ' KM P47540 ZW Twentyn1ne Palms TMINUTE LAS oN ws f I 0 0 mu In 1 of the Values at the 'I-215s l I CJ YARDAGE SHOP Best W1shes to the Class of '55 Q S E C ,1Z "i',r , AND ,Mg NW ' r E llW 'I :Inu !Q if DOI 'I' HOIIRY sf-fx cn' nn clrr 4 -AQ mi, 453. yl fZ ... i gf affair? DRESS SHOP Twentymne Palms my EE: TIETZ MEATS at the MARKET BASKET TO SUIT f YOUR I Ng 'V 1 TASTE ? THE DESERT " 33525 Q Q Joshua Tree C ongratulatxons 5 5 swnnv 63255353 1 C513 yi For Your Future E Home See MARTY DODSON REALTOR 353 Joshua Tree 'il' Ph 7086 IF l'l' I GOOD FOOD YOU WAIT K -x 'DAVESJVMZZL T CAFE 'Q Where You Eat Good Food and Get Icky Ick Because Dave Is Sure to Pull Some Tr1ck Joshua Tree 1,9 ONE STOP SERVICE W UNION SERVICE Joshua Tree 65225670 Best Wlshes to the Class of 1955 5 . :Z ,lg ' - oo F4 .7 tx hx' . 7 7, Phone 3164 Box 217 .Q ,5 5 EEEE . has XX ,E 'Z V Y fb T ' Q ,V , X. ' I :- gli b -. :-F -- 2 i Wu, 'A -5, ? of If f f E E -E Good Luck Sen1ors' COLONEL. E B IVICDOIZ'-Lll REAL ESTATE BROKER Homes Lots Acreage U S Govt Land Cab1ns Phones 7631 7191 7301 Oppos1te Post Off1ce 206 W H1ghway Joshua Tree Best W1shes Class of '55 L.T.-EVN! I5 RADIO 81 TV SERVICE 'If we can't f1X lt lt can't be f1xed ' We Repa1r A11 Makes of Rad1os Record Players Ele ct App11ances Box 106 BENNIE AMY JAY LEWIS Joshua Tree Our Best W1shes to the Class of 1955 UT: C5514 I TRADING POST MARKET Joshua Tree Grocenes Meat Produce Telephone 7031 Congratulatmns to the Class oi '55 KNOTT S SKY RANCH , . . . D ' I . Televisions - - 9 I J B MCDONALD OPTOMETRIST WSW VJ4 wean 9 tml KWWL? MEN'S AND BOYS' WEAR We Carry and Feature Only Nationally Known L1nes of Men's and Boys' Wear. gd J U ' as ous rmsr mouem WLJET2.-V4-I BUSINESS SERVICE Tax and Accounting Servlce 202 N. Yucca Blvd. Phone 4581 Twentyn1ne Palms, Califorma 'V' 3 SUPPLIES KJ QTEBOOK Nas 20a M, M' E THE '1 l'C 3121- Congratulat1ons to the Class of '55 Best W1shes for the Future DINII Twentymne Palms fam Qffyidfii Twentyrune Palms Congratulatmns and Best W1shes to the Class of 1955 NORMA AND BOB MCCOWN SERVICE WHEN YOU NEED IT lobllgas wif MOBIL STATION Best W1shes to Class of '55 4 O .S-hw 135- 5 J -M --T.:.- ..-.. X 'El ..,-9 at :Q i , , 5 Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of '55 QMZJK GOOD LUCK SENIORS' The SUPER SERVICE" Center 29 PALMS LUMBER Twentyn1ne Palms Cahfornla WALTER H HENKEL WM DEAN HOWELL Phone 2951 "WALT" DEAN' ' ! , . ll North Adobe Road ll I To the Class of '55 May the Future Hold Its Joys as Pleasant as the Memories of These Days. 'I'-I-H34 1055!-lll1N MONIJMENT lDlgS57l:l4Tl JOUQNAL Joshua Tree Congratulauons Good Luck THE 5 +4Ap4QQQ '41 GOLDEN STALLION JIM AND INEZ MCCORMICK IEANI4 C:-EE Joshua Tree Pmneertown ,Success Always Congratulatwns U AKNOLD EENITO CONTRACTOR CAFE Twentynlne Plama Szgaicdte fecaefzq 'BQCOK5 JEWELERS Congratulatlons and Best W1shes Class of '55 MARTHA MEYERS, FRED MEYERS THE PLAZA GAMBLES WESTERN AUTO SUPPLY ff MU L . 1' STENGLES SHOE STORE X Good Luck Sen1ors' SMOKE TPEE. VILLAS HENRY DANIEL Owner Manager Phone 2405 P O Box 55 Bungalow s Apartments Rooms Sw1mnung Pool Twentyn1ne Palms C al1forn1a Good Luck to the Sen1or Class of 1955 TWENTYNINE PALMS UNIT SAN BERNARDINO COUNTY SHERIFFS' RESERVE Meet1ng at the DAV Hall Joe Davls Road 3rd Wed Each Month Best W1shes' WW FOUNTAIN GRILL Twentyrune Palms Congratulat1ons 'LJ'-L-1 31:14. I BEAUTY SALON MILDRED CHESNEY MARIE HAESE SUNNY COCHRAN From the 'DE STETQT CABINET SHOP TEE AND SLIM CRUTCHER W1sh You the "Greatest" for Your Future Cong ratulat1ons 29 'PALM E5 HARDWARE More Power to Class of '55 to L1ght up Your Future jlffifzai, POWER 8: ELECTRIC CO. Happ1ness and Success to the Class of 1955 INA I LDTZED 12.0 N DE 9 'G LET US DO YOUR . fi Congra.tu1at1ons if QRRYIU X ,Qi SVVAI N WAR? AND W4-1 VVNEY WK INSURANCE AGENCY A L! Twentynine Palms uf Q j c Classtzf '55 We 5 L L Good Luck Seniors l 'QADIO 'DOC CONTRACTOR Hea.t1ng Coohng A1r Cond1t1on1ng Rad1os Gas and E1ectr1ca1 Apphances Box 488 Phone 2180 Twentynxne Palms Ca11forn1a. Happ1ness to You from E L. 'l2f!5-JXICIL-ICD 'DCD L.O'l2.E 5 MOTEL Locat1on Twentyn1ne Palms H1ghW3.y fi 41641 X Good Luck 1n Your Future Years From THE DL S3111-L I FASHION PLATE r I N. N , ' 1 X Vxffzi Compliments of H. 8: M. ODGERS I-AICIHLILIQD PROD UC TS Yucca Valley LYALL BUILDERS' SUPPLY Yuc c a. Valley The Place to Trade "By George" The Flames Car Club Wishes to Congratulate the Senior Class of '55 on Their Commencement. Drive Safely and Enjoy Your Coming Reunions Glenn Hammett Benny Clayton Sk1p Henkle D1ck Peters Ross Le Fever Dav1d Young Chr1s Ingalls S1ncerely Fred Tunstall Randy Rogers Gus Brlggs Steve McGrorty Jack Carpender J1m Pacheco Mr Lew1s Congratulat1ons to Class of '55 Wei' Happ1ness Always to You All' YLJCC-A VAL LEY SKY CORRAL JULE BOLDIZAR, Owner Phone 333 or 2.90 H1gh Desert Representatlve CRALL 8: FAHY FORD CO GRANT 81 DEWAIN Av1at1on and Automot1ve Petroleum Products mf ? 9214 Qfmkzf Best W1shes and Happ1ness INN MR AND MRS ROBERT VAN LAHR 1 ' I 5552! WMM Phone Z 133 Adobe R oad Twentymne Palms Cal1fo1-ma. C ong r atulat1ons May All Your Hopes and Dreams Come True to the Sen1or Class C ongratulatmns cuwc: csmvsrz Mom .lox-uv EAGLEV WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTOR Twentyn1ne Palms STANDARD OIL CO Cahfornla. OF CALIF Best Wishes to Class of '55 All Work Best w1SheS Guaranteed MCCLMNS AUTO REPAIR SERVICE nn XJ 67 Phone 3364 """rAv is M5512 W1 ' OUTDOOR ADVERTISING Tw entynine P alms C a11f Good Luck Sen1ors' WACSO N NN!-IEE L. TRAILER PARK BILL AND VENEVA WAIT Box 516 Phone 2652 Twentynine Palms California Success for the Future IVUIZIT- 1:1 I lC'5-1-T FLORIST at NURSERY Since 1936 Flowers for All Occasions C ongratulations 1 'D A X! Meeting Every Second and Fourth Tuesday D A V Club House Joe Dav1s Road AMETQ IC-AN LQEGZJON Wishes the Senior Good Luck' Meeting Every F1rst and Third Friday Ame rican Legion Hall Happ1ne s s ' VFXIV Meeting Every First and Third Thursday D A V Hall Joe Davis Road Best of Everything to the Class of 1955 Q12 O LJ ND OIZET:-ZEIQXXEIZ. 5 CO'll2'l35. 'I J o 7 ,IN . at ' Twentynine Palms , , ffa 611511011 INDEPENDENT DEALER 9'9" Atlas T1res and Battenes Expe rt Lubrlcatlon Free P1ck Up and Dehvery Hours 8 to 6 Call Z9 Palms 4572. RALPH F DUNN THE PLAZA Tw entyn1ne P alms C ongratulat1ons BLHZNT MOUNTAIN YLJCCA VALLEY CONGRAT S VLJ C CA MR AND MRS C E MYERS Owners Phone Joshua Tree 343 Box 184 Yucca Valley Ca11f Happ1ness and Success Always R-Gum u:Y's Yucca Valley Cal1forn1a f f .1 f .1 REST COURT Success and Happ1ness FROSTIE fplffzii- Aa OLD FASHIONED FREEZE Sundaes Banana Sp11ts Old Fashloned Hamburgers b Secur1ty Thru Plannlng Wlcl LLXNAIN GENERAL INSU ANCE Leonard Bldg R Ph 2865 Happ1ness the Result Twentyn1ne Palms Cong ratulat1ons Sen1or s DESERT TRAIL NEWSPAPER DESERT PRINTERY Complete Newspaper Serv1ce Commerc1al Department of The Desert Tra1l Newspaper Thoroughly Cover1ng H1gh Desert Area All Types of Qua11ty Job and Commerc1al Pr1nt1ng Bus1ness OffiC1a1 Pub11ca,t10n for and Profess1onal Stationery Twentynine Palms Township and San Bernandino County N. Adobe Rd........29 PlmS. 2155 N. Adobe Rd.......29 Plms. 3700 If no answer....... 29 Plms. 3700 If no answer.......29 Plms. 2155 I S 1.1, fi jj' Malts, Cones, Shakes I g . . ll Best W1shes Sen1ors' DESERT MODE DRESS SHOP "The Center of Town' NELL E CRUM Phone 3 192 Twentyn1ne Palms Cal1f Congratulauons to the Class of '55 D12 C 1: 1.12145-T'TZUIVl CHIROPRACTOR Best W1shes Class of '55 D12 WILLIAM A MAYO C HIRO PRAC TOR Happ1ne s s Always ' OASIS LUMBER CO Complete Bu1lder s' Supphes Class of '55 PALMS ELECTRIC SHOP TOM AND JOE GARVIN 29 PALMS STAGE at TAXI Western Un1on Phone 3133 2.311 JOHN C HASTIE Success to the Semors Z 5' Miva JEW ELER Phone 3072 Ham1lton Bldg No Adobe Rd Twentyxune Palms Ca11f Best W1shes to the Class of 1955 I2 WALTER E CROXNL VETERINARIAN Twentymne Palms Cal1forn1a I u Congratulations to the Good Luck Seniors I n 3 Q . I . I Congratulations Seniors! Bowl for Health THE BOVVLADI UKVX Elght Stream11ned Brunsw1ck Bowhng Lanes Coffee Shop Flne Food and Dnnks Phone 2250 Twentymne Palms HANK AND LILLIAN HARGROVE Best W1shes for the Class of 1955 MIXON LUMBER CO Box 427 Twentymne Palms Ca.11forn1a C t 1 t ongra u a lons Our Best W1shes to the for Your Future Class of 1955 from WMZZZQJZ SILFIS S REFILTD R PROVISIONS JIMMIE RICH Sales Mgr EDITH BARBER Off1ce Mgr Assoc1ates Sam Ba1ley B111 Burgy Charles Murray Jxm LCd1nSk1 Watk1ns Realty Bu11d1ng Twentymne Palms Ph 2562 1 51123 Vw, O B tW h al? GOOD FOOD es is as Sen1ors ,Qs Qfx CATZEYS I Indian we 9, Wfififwf MM Twentynnme Palms Congratulations to the Class of 55 I I Z1 g ' 1 ' Q4 7 . at KEY., J 53 f A. X No. Adobe Rd. N Success and Happmess! RALPH N ICL-lOL.S. ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR Rose Ellen Avenue Tw entyrune P alms C a11forn1a Good Luck Phone 2884 Box 1143 THE BEAUTY 4-IUT DOROTHY MARIE Personahzed Beauty SBIVICC East of Bank Johnston Bldg Twentyn1ne Palms Best W1shes 29 PALMS MOTOR SALES PAUL DUNCAN No Adobe Rd Across from Super Market C!-IAIZLES 95,9535 Congx-atulat1ons to the Class of 1955 ENGINES TUNED LIKE A FINE VIOLIN CARBURETER AND AUTO ELECTRIC SERVICE 'DEN N Y M bl:.l4Vll:.l4bl-lk I Nl DESERT MARKET BASKET MR AND MRS FORMAN Good Luck Best of Luck -IZCJTEEI4. I C.. Z9 TDALWS C2 D423 MOTOR PARTS PHYSICIAN SURGEON OSTEOPATH At Plaza Twentynine Palms Twentynine Palms, California C ongratulations T HE PA! N T POT No. Adobe Rd. Phone 3222 CARL AND EDNA JOHNSON CHET KNEE AND ASSOCIATES For Smooth Driving FPJZTZ GAS STATION 96 Octane Ethyl Gasoline Cadillac and Pontiac Lubrication Service C ongratulations 4-H WAV GARAGE Auto Club of Southern California AAA 24 Hour Service Day Phone Joshua Tree 375 Night Phone Joshua Tree 374 Yucca Valley California 1' Cong ratulatmns Seniors I WM Zaye BUTANE COMPANY and A554525 Congratulahons to HaPPY 53111118 to the Class of 55 G1'adS A Z LJ Quahty Grocer1es MOTEL 5 fVKJl4I: Y KEY: MARKET Smoke Tree Tw entyn1ne P alms Twentynme Palms Portra1ts Cc-mmerc1a1 B E sf 'QL' c y Ph0tOC0p1eS A-1. ALL Authonzed Dealer for A11 15 ,Z 1-,MES Photographlc Equ1p and Supplles Z if fdgmffmff Q PHOTO SHOP 5 Q East of Bank U AGENCY Twentyn1ne Palms Q-A L, ' 'V' I .V Q, , 1 A4 Z Zelda Walaec Graduate Complete X Get M3-Tried Arrow Shirt Line Buy a Home L- M 5 MEN S SHOP A Phone 3191 Next to Drug Store Congratulatmns YUCCA VALLEY REAL ESTATE M O13 CIOIVI MEIZCE C ongratulahons Y U A EY WILSON c LINDSAY LUMBER CO AND ASSOCIATES Everyth1ng for the Bu11der PhoneJ T 334 REAL ESTATE INSURANCE Yucca Valley P O Box Z3 Good Luck Senlors Best W1shes Sen1ors' 1-4-T! 1-Yds RU A N V TEXACO SERVICE LEEYZ I Four Corners Twentyn1ne Palms Ca11f CO. Yucca Valley, Calif. dagfmjlkiilf WE KNEW YOU D MAKE IT! LOWELL D JACKSON D1StI1Ct Supenntendent VERA S BRAHAM Congratulatlons Best of Luck to the and Class of 55 Best W1shes MOTEL STATION EIZY El. ADOBE 'XAAQT H1gh School Students Phone 9970 Always Welcome Adobe C1I'C1e Ronde Bu1ld1ng Twentyn1ne Palms Cal1forn1a No Adobe R oad I ' D I I Principal I I Ll I' l Li: L4-KUTZC4-X OP T4-Hr. Vl:bT:Tl T Extends Greehngs and Good W1SheS to the Class of 1955 May the Future for A11 of You Be Useful and Happy ROY HIRAM WOLLAM M1n1ster KQQX V 'lr f Ns, Congratulatmns to the Clas WZZZQQA f C ongratu1at1ons EDWARD 1.1 IX! COLN SV! IT!-1 VLT7. X WST. ' ' MEN QQ 1 V RNS X . 5 'ATINQ Q n X " 4 s ss " 4:- ,f .sN f A, .. ' X J ' H, 1 fl . f , ' s o '55 , f WHEN YOU THINK OF ENTERTAINMENT THINK OF . . . 29 PALMS THEATRE At the P laza and THE QOLLEI2 I N14 East of Bowladiurn BILL AND PRUDIE UNDERHILL Br1ng You the Best 1n Entertalnment for 15 Years BAG! FVQ MARKE AN GI SHO MAJOR 4-1 UEETZ f 55 XCAV TING TZAY fdkiffzfzfb .I Congratulations to the Class of '55 4-l EADQUATZTETZS IVIP-JZlNl: QOTZP5 TWZAXIXIINQ CEN Uzli Twentymne Palms Cal1forn1a Good Luck Sen1ors SAMS TAILOR SHOP At Desert Parad1se Motel Back of L1brary Phone 4212 Twentyn1ne Palms Cal1forn1a TO THE CLASS OF 1955 Th1s year has been full of wonderful events and devel opments both at school and 1n extra curncular aCt1V1 t1es The Igloo Teen Club was founded and IS most happy to extend congratula t1ons and best w1shes to all members of the Sen1o1' Class 7fMMdig! gwd MEMQR IAN. 4-Ioswaxw-M. A General Hospltal X Ray Laboratory D1agnost1c Serv1ces Staff EDWARD LINCOLN SMITH M D JOHN A BENDALL D D Nlght or Day Exchange Serv1ce Call 2345 Congratulatmns to Class of 1955 WM. T. INCE D. D. ROBERT C. COMES D. O. ali?-5 COMMISSIONED OFFICERS MESS Piii WW HZPPIDCSS 1n the Future AutOmob11e Pa1nt1ng and Body Repalnng Z9 Palms 2174 Guaranteed Work A11 Color at Moderate PTICCS COrnb1nat1Ons CUBE S BODY SHOP N Adobe Rd Twentymne Palms MAKE YOUR HOME COMPLETE Best W1shes Sen1Ors 566 BOB For Better Bu11t Homes v Custom Cab1nets j F W DOWNS GEN CONTRACTOR ' EEE Phone 2433 HH an Eta I ADOBE CLEANERS AND WASHETTE X MQWISHEUE FIJIFF N F0 Dnmp UIRSL WHILE YUU SHUP t 1 f 5 5 EDD D551-'312'r Q, nlumzma ENTETQDVQKAEB g M ,a,W,m, 9 . CURLY AND LYNDA VORIS 5 'XS X -3' 'EKLXQS AUTO SERVICE AND BODY SHOP C d and Olds. Hydram Serv1ce Custom Body Wor Dua1's Installed Smoke Tree Garag k e DAVE VVILLAAIVIS PLUMBING Twentymne Palms F l - A disss A S f 6' V 'CSL .. .,kk. 4 1 , A K - 3 O L V iffirqwifiwxxg D A pg m E I ' 'ff If e , 'ow A S cess oCasso '5 Y Y N , ' x N CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIORS OF 1955 HODGE AND BETTIE FAUGHT ROBERT GARRY BILL AND IDA BOYCE MR MOORE FRANCES AKERS JANE JOHNSTONE BOB THE BARBER MRS J L BABICH MR. AND MRS. BEAVER BENNEY AND BILLIE BOGUSZEWICZ MR. AND MRS. A. J. BRYANT MUlUMg gm up MMU? IATIUIAL mn PAWS' Our beaut1fu1 covers th1s year were a g1ft from the JOSHUA MONUMENT NA TIONAL BANK of Twentyn1ne Palms We w1sh to express our apprec1at1on for th1s generos1ty and for the 1 r concern w1th the betterment of our school E352 's fy fts ,. 'Ai' 4 Adnan mu-gf 6.-f if I' ,... fi K Y Amit.. I I 7:3466 ,70uezmu'4ar7 The Annual Staff would like to extend their sincere appreciation for the fine work done by the Advertising Staff this year. 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Suggestions in the Twentynine Palms High School - El Oasis Yearbook (Twentynine Palms, CA) collection:

Twentynine Palms High School - El Oasis Yearbook (Twentynine Palms, CA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Twentynine Palms High School - El Oasis Yearbook (Twentynine Palms, CA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Twentynine Palms High School - El Oasis Yearbook (Twentynine Palms, CA) online yearbook collection, 1971 Edition, Page 1


Twentynine Palms High School - El Oasis Yearbook (Twentynine Palms, CA) online yearbook collection, 1972 Edition, Page 1


Twentynine Palms High School - El Oasis Yearbook (Twentynine Palms, CA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 97

1955, pg 97

Twentynine Palms High School - El Oasis Yearbook (Twentynine Palms, CA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 87

1955, pg 87

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