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i Digitized by tlie Internet Archive in 2015 https: details miletteOOtwel PUBLISHED BY THE ANilUAL CJLUB OP TVffiLVE MILE HIGH SCHOOL 1937 h mm .f? it " " ■ " Vij , to5}S-,.l Tt TE VISION I DEDICATION For their faith in us and our ambitions, for their tol- erance, infinite patience, and for tl;,e ideals of American man hood and romanhood which they have kept for us, and handed on Linbroken, v e t]n.e Annual Club of Twelve hile hi ih School dec icate this first e; it ion of tb.e MIIh:TTE to our parents , Twelve Mile, our dear old Twelve File High School; Twelve Mile, the school ve love so well; Ever we will submit to your rul-e. Ever of you our praises tell. Sacred the memories we shall cherish Of friends and teachers all so true. Your colors blue and white, shine through the night. Dear Twelve %le High School for you. — - - 4 " ame and fortune and men dispel Right here from Twelve Mile — Rachel Bell, A reta could never be called a vamp And thus from Holland- -a Steinkamp C ome gather ' roimd and you shall learn Of Florence Backus (ENGAGED) from Lucerne- U nfortunate are those who ne»re heard the sound Of giggling Glenn Miller from Milltovm. L eonard oT Hawley--the tall blonde one We ' ve oft ' heard him speak of Paragon, »Tisn ' t at all proper— wouldn ' t be right To leave out Vallonia and B. W,. A hite, Y et there remains vvithin the corps A Martin, a Jones, a Swank--no more. FIRST ROW: Left to right, Florence Backus, English and Soc- ial Science — Areta Steinkamp, Music, Home Economics, English Physical Education--Olive Jones, Grades 5 and 4--Rachel Bell, Latin, Social Science--Madys Martin, Grades 1 and 2, SECOND ROW: Plarland W. Waite , Mathematics, Principal L. 0 ' , Hav ley, Commerce, Physical Education, Coach — Raymon Swank, Grades @ and 6--Glenn Mnier, Science , ' Mathematics-. " 1 5 -g»ig c ; L w WILLIAM ADAMS " As prone to mischief; as able to perform it " EARL BALL " His strength of character is embodied in a quiet reserve. " NO DONNABELL BASSLER " Capable of doing two things at once - getting her lessons and entertaining? JOHll ROBERT BURKHOLDER " A little nonsense now and then. Is relished by the best of men. VANCE COTTERMW " I profess not talking; only this. Let each man do his best. " DOROTHY HELMS " Dull care never wearies a gladsome heart. There is a cer- tain charm about her, " ESTHER nOFPf IAN " Quiet, capable, and obliging; a true friend in deed, " ALBERTA KIKZIE " Her help is willingly given and vi ith a smile. " JENNIE I,(tARIE LEFFEL " Her music comes from her heart for her heart is singing. " THEODORE LIPSCOMB " Smile and the world smiles with you, HAL LUNSFORD " For him there ' s a story in every breeze, and a picture in every wave. " f MARGUERITE MORRIS " To know her is the richer ' . ■ I .4 .V i4 ' i DORTHA MUSSELMN " Her deepest thoughts are not betrayed by useless speech. " AYA 3 GLENN PEARSON " Undaunted by hard work he presses on to gain the best, " 0y :3 7 ANGELINE RIGHi: " Her quiet demeanor and gen- uine smile speak louder than could her words i " ' WW IRENE RIMPLER It ship. " She has brought to us friend- EDNA SIMPSON " She finds the road to wisdom not hard to travel. " ( MARION SISSON " Quietness doesn ' t always reveal the thoughts. " ARTHUR WELLING " Where there ♦s a will, there ' s a way. " FRANCES V ELLING " With precision and care her speech and acts are guard- ed. " BAARGARET WERNIGK " Another quiet girl. She believes in working fast and talking afterwards. " WW JUNIOR WILSON " Friendly to meet, hut better to know; " 01 ( V RUSSELL WILSON " To accomplish things but not to be seen in the doing is his pleasure HUGH YOUNG " A true sportsman who knows hov to win and to lose. " DOROTflY ZECH " ' Life is a thing of Joy and lier outlook upon it is optimistic. " ROBERT ZEGII ' ' Just let me live on a farm and till the soil. ' " Class Plov er - Pink Rose Glass Colors - Blue and YiPnite Class Hot to - " Service, not serve us. " OFFICERS President .Vance Cotterman Vice-President Alberta Kinzie Secretary Jennie M, Leffel Treasurer ....... Hugh Young BACCALAIIREATE Processional . ....... Instrumental ' ' Crusader ' s Ii mn ' ' . V ick . . . . }:° ' Invocation ... ....... P . j . ' jilson " The l e avens are Declaring: ' ' ' . Chorns Sermon R® - : Uilson " Tjn?ol ' -:i Ye Portals s " (lounod Chorus " ohow Us the V ay " .irake. ...... Chorus Benediction ' ev. Halter Kennedy CQMKEIIGEmiT I uslc Orchestra Processional ' ' re: estra Invocation ev. Harry Piea ' ' Neapolitan Kiehts " Senior O.uintet Salutatory . . ■ • - ' ' ' -na Simpson Introduction of Speaker Herd C-romainger Address . , l earing " Our Daily Praise V Senior Sextet Valedictory. Alberta inzie Charn:e to Juniors Vance Cotterman Response ............. ■ary hilson Awards ..enibers oP ' acuJ-ty Diplomass harland W. YJl:.:ite Benediction ...,,...♦.......•,» .i ev. -vra.iam. RECPPTION Din: ' .er « ♦ .... 6:30 Welcome . . .Mary Wilson Response ..•...••«•«••..«.• .Vance Senior Class Will . . . , « , , , Alberta --inzie Junior Class Pro-pPecy 4 •• •.••• • • •- " ois ' ■ ■J Toast . . « • • » . ♦ • • . . • . • f . • • . - ' r. P. P inger3 Toast . . . . . Hr. Rea Ci ' oast Ilr. White Theatre Entertainment JTJrJIOR CLASS Junior Party The Jmiior Class with Miss Bell and J i ackus as chap- erons, held a Christmas party on i ecember 15. nirteen of the ein-i teen members in the class were present. In spit. oi l ' cky nurnher, everyone enjoyed himself exceedingly well. AfLrSe ?6?resh.ments were served, a Christmas exchange was held. Class Officers President ... ..... • . Mary Wilson Vice-President • • Jellans Secretary . » • • Eugene Co " 01:6™!! Treasurer y . . . • -Ilene Reed Sponsor . - - • • . Miss Bell T ! 5 4 " v.. PRESm£EN AND SOPHOMORES Pre stolen Officers President Clair Irvin Vice-President. . , . . .Margaret Scott Secretary . . . - . Virginia Musselman Treasurer V-filma Robbins Sponsor I- Hawley Sophomore Officers President Geraldine Packard q Vice-President. Jack Stuber Secretary-Treasurer . . Frederick_ Moore Sporsor ♦ ' iH® , , GRAD3S SSVEi AND EIGHT Seventh Grade Officers President , , , . i 4 . Ardith Kinzie Vice-President. . . . Clifford Vl ray Secretary . . . • Mary Jane Lunsford Treasurer Dorthann Rockey Sponsor • f » i:i±s3 Steinkamp Eighth Grade Officers President ••».». ....» Merrill Staller Vice-President • • .. » • • • Merlin I ' iison Secreta ry-Treasurer Emina Lee i " ray Assistant Secretary-Treas . . . . Maxine Green Sponsor i . . ... . . . . . • • .Miss Backus : Y h GRADES 1-6 There ai»« aDproximately one hundred students enrolled in grades from one to six The teachers ares Miss Martin, 1-2; Miss Jones, 3-4; Mr.- Swank, 5-6. Twenty students ivill enter the seventh grade and carry on their activities with the High School next fall. They are: Dean Azbell Freda Ball James Cole Lynn Cotterman « Miriam Irvin Patil Klngery Lloyd Leffel Betty ' iorrow Billy Murden Jesse Reed Maril rn Robbins Mar i jean ; Rockey Mar J or ie Smith Lois Staller Carol Stuber Jay Sullivan Maryanna Swank ,7anda Vickrey Leon Welling Ramon Woodhouise I i HOOVER SCHOOL Grades 1-6 Adams Township boasts another sohool besides Twelve the o-rade sohool at Hoover. Miss Haus teaches graaes £3 ' and Ml! lrv?n Reaches 4-6. Although the total mher of the " ohool does not exceed that of two grades at .wel e °aie their rl " is just as interesting, and .;e find man, apt studrSs enterin ; the seventh grade at l , attended Hoover Sohool for their first six years of mstrac. ion. Those who will enter the seventh grade at Twelve Mile next year are i Edna Mae Doran Lowell Berr niian Richard Benedict Rita x)or n History of Twelve Mile School The first school house ever erected in Adams Township first saw the light of day in the year of our Lord 1838 on the Joel Black farm. It was not worthy even of the title . " school house " " , being a tiny affair of round logs, the chinks filled with sticks and m.ud. One thinks of course, of Abraham Lincoln and his log cabin. " l.Iighty oaks from little acorns grow. ' ' The complete cost was ,;39.50. Mr. S. A. Custer was the first teacher, and he received the dazzling swn of iri2 per month. Of course, it was primitive .There v ere planks for desks, and the pupils ranged fror, six to twenty-one years of age, " The water bucket stood by the door and the patrons contribut- ed wood for fire which the boys took turns to see was kept going. Those nearest to the stove figuratively roasted, and those farthest away froze to death. One imagines that tho pupils in betv een suffered in varying degrees. It v as some thing of a hardship to get an education. In 1842, this building vms destroyed by fire. It will alvmys remain a matter of deep mystery, just how the fire started. The book from Y hich this information was secured was silent on that point. Did the fire occur in the night, and the lo3 al pupils tumble out of bed to try to save it? ' " j3id the fire start when school was in session, and Mr Custer was putting his pupils through their paces of readin ' writin ' and ' rithme.tic? We shall never know, 1842 was a long time ae-o. Adams Tovmship, from the very earliest, hov ever, had " a thirst for education. You may be proud of this. Undaunted by such a disaster, officials met and conferred as to this point. Here, again, history fails to tell us why. It seems fairly certain that there was a determined feud, because this disagreem_ent ' as history puts it was not ironed out, ■ Adam.s Toimship found itself, even at so early a date as 1842, the proud possessor of two school-houses. ' One xvas on the farm near the Corinth Church, the other on William Murden ' s farm. The later was known as the Prospect School and seems to have flourished more than the other, so somebody won that argument or " disagreem-ont . " About fifteen years later, to keep pace with rapidly ad- vancing times, the log cabins were replaced by frame houses which were considerably improved. The Prospect School was destroyed by fire in 1910. Fire seems to be the chief m.enace. The pupils from Prospect were transferred to Twelve Mile-— the first step in consolidation. The Tloover School building was built in 1916 at a cost of ;iij9,000. It is quite m.odern. The Twelve Mile building was erected in 1910, after the Prospect fire. It v as of course, an enorm.ous improvem.ent . ' i affj (continued on next page) ,f : _Z MlE -— iM — T? STUDENT C 0 U N C 1 1 The name of this organization is the Student Government dissociation of the Twelve Mile High School. It is composed f two members from each grade . One student is the repre- sentative, while the other is a delegate ivho can nave no P " " The ' studfAt Council has set forth many purposes, some of which are: To aid in the internal administration ot the school; to foster sentiments of law and order; to prom.ote in all wavs the best interests of the school; and to develop m the students a growing appreciation of m.emhership in a de- mocracy. This " is done by providing the responsibilities of and the privileges of participation in such a democracy m tb© school ' This body has some fixed powers which they endeavor " co execute to the best of their ability. Some J Jf are To make rules necessary for the betterment of tne school, its life or its interests; to recommend the appoin-cmenc ot necessary committees ;and to investigate and report on mat ' cers especially referred to it by the faculty administrative oi- ficer of the school. r. 4.- In one year about seventy-five persons of the entire student body participate in the m_any numerous duties placed upon them bv the Student Council. Each of the faculty mem- bers cooperate with this group, and aid them m every way possible so that they may have a better form of school gov- ernment. T _g various students tov ards the Student Council has been very encouraging to its members. This is an organization established for the purpose 01 betterment of the school in all ways and this theory is thoroughly practiced by the council year after year. . -T STUDEHT COUNCIL FIRST ROW: Left to right- Dean Moss and Lloyd Kinzie. SECOND ROW: Left to right, Mae Wilson, Clara Wilson, Marilyn Moon, Velma Musselman, and Alice Cole. THIRD ROW: Left to right, Mr. Miller, Dale Reed, Earl Ball, Hugh Young, Clark Pearson, George Wilson, and Mr, ¥i hite. OFFICERS President Earl Ball Vice-President Mae Wilson Faculty Advisors Secretary-Treasurer Ceorge Wilson Mr. Miller Mr, l lOiite MUSIC DEPART WIENT Wien the doors of Twelve Mile School opened in the fall, two very important activities, the school Chorus and Orchestra were denied a regular place in the school program. A growth in the Commercial department necessitated a change, and the room which Yms formerly used for mtisic v as equipped with typing facilities to provide a larger number of students with com3.nercial training. It was not until the latter part of the first semester that the chorus and orchestra could continue in their virork; however, the new South room provided a pleasing atmosphere for the m.usic classes of the school. Although only one activity period a week is allowed for each of the organizations, both the chorus and the oi chestra are doing good vrark. Much of the time is spent in preparing m_usic for Com- mencement and spring activities. The interest of the comjnunit3 " in the music of the school has been m.ost helpful and highly appreciated, - ' spec- ially is the school grateful for the beautiful music rendered annually by the community cliorus for the Baccalaureate ser- vices . The following students are members of the mxisic organi- zations : Girls Chorus Girls Chorus cont ' d Mary Wilson Margaret Scott Virginia Wilma Robbins Betty Jane Cline Leone Reily Beatrice Angle Evadeen Bail Donnabelle Cline Jeanne Hopkins Geraldine Packard Alberta Kinzie Edna Sim-pson Dorothy Jean Helms Marguerite Morris Betty Wade Maxine Bookivalter Mary Alice Re a Malvina Righi Edythe Ann Sullivan Freda Angle Jennie Marie Leffel Earl Ball Jennie Marie Leffel Orchestra Marguerite Morris Merlin Wilson Donnabelle Cline Phyllis Robbins Joe Cotterman Marion Sullivan: ' Emma Lee Wray Clifford Wray 7 LIBRARY FIRST ROW: Mae Wils on, Ardith Kinzie, Margaret Scott, Betty Cline, and Helen Patton. SECOND ROW: Mary Wilson, Wilma Robbins, Miss Steinkamp, and Frances Welling, WW 4t ' 1 W LIBRARY Our library is not such a large one but it is large com- pared with some of the other small schools; we are very proud of it. We now have eight librarians working on our library staff. Some of the librarians have never done any ol tnis kind of work before but seemingly they all enjoy the work. The librarians meet once a month, the time of T:he meetings being the activity period. The library club has many aims and purposes. Miss Hold- en, the county librarian, attends each of our meetings. She discusses for us the various aims and purposes of a good lib- rary, how to know good bo oks, the value of reading good books, and ow librarians can best esta blish a good library made of sood purposes. She also took up the subject of dewey dec- imal, tbis being the system by which bocks are numbered. Several members of the club also give, reports on the subject matter of good books and various other things m connection with the library and books and magazines therein. Tbe school subscribes for seventeen different kinds ol man-azines. The librarians bind them as they are received, this is to reserve them. One member of the club has this task. Sbe sees that the magazines are kept bound and in good condition ready for use. Each magazine has a card. ihe mag- azines must be marked on the card of the T erson taking xt out lust as the books. , , . During one of our convocation periods, Mrs Hildebrant gave a book review -of " Gone with the Wind " written by Ger- trude Mitchell. This is auita a large book and few people as yet have read it. The main topic of the book as on war m the South. The review was enjoyed by the entire student body. Vmile attending one of our meetings. Miss holden asked us to com.e to the Logansport Library at a convenient time. It was decided that we should take the trip on a Saturday after- noon, Miss Holden took us through the entire building explain- ing the most important things as we came -co them, ine lib- rarians keep all the magazines and newspapers each day ana carefully bind them so they may be kept in good condition it they should be needed by anyone. We made a close observation of various other things, one being of special interest to us, and has been brought into our library. This v as of the clip The iibrary is so conveniently arranged that it has been a o-reat aid to the school. Through the cooperation of the faculty and the student body, our library has become one ot the best of its size in the coimty-. mm EGoiTOMies club FIRST ROW " Left to rifht, Wilma Robbins, Donnabell Bassler, Betty Wade, Leone Reily, Ardith Kinzie, Annabelle Heaims, and Mary Righi. SECOND ROW: Gladine ADoD egate, Maril mn M o o Virginia Ifusselman, liarcella Benedict, Marjorie :;iisselinan,M a x i n e Bookwalter, and Maxine Applegate, THIRD ROW: Angeline Ri-rhi, Irene Rimpler, Marjorie Cress Margaret Angle, Miss Steinkamp, Mary Doran, Margaret ocou ' c and Orpha Petrow. Verv few people are aware of tl-e fact t -at the Home Economics Club is an affiliated member of the Anerican Home Economics Association and of the Indiana .--om.e Economics Association, the oblect of v.hich is to develop and promo ue the standards of home living. „ The officers for the year of 1936-1937 consisc Oi. a president, Leone Reily; vice president, Donnabell Bassler; Secretary, Betty Wade; Treasurer, Ardith hinzie. T h e aim of t e club is to promote the development of personaiicy leadership, self-reliance, initiative, and professional int- erests • 4 ? ) ■ Mllfh : f LITE?. ARY CLUB Throughout the year the activities of the club have re- mained somewhat out of the headlines. Nevertheless, there was something being done by these enthusiastic literarians. The first semester was spent in the studying and writing of short stories, book reviews, studying and givin- of readings, and a brief study was made of some of the outstanding present da r writers. The second semester v as devoted entirely to the writing and -oroducing of a short one-act play. The plot for the play was ' originated, developed, and produced entirely by the members of the club. On April Fool ' s Day the play en- titled " V, hen The Kids Take A Hand ' ' was presented. The cast was as follows i Ma Evans, the mother Mary Wilson Linda, her da tighter ..... Clara Wilson Granny, an old-fashioned grandparent. . . .Ardith_ IIin2ie Grandpa, a wee bit modern ,....«.. i ouise SpBncer ' Nick and Lu, the twins Maxine Green Maxine Toothman Salesman, representing the Superfine Neckward Co. . . Alberta Kinzie Guests at the meeting of the Child Training Club, Miss Pettigrew, an accomplished gossiper . . . • • • Emma ee Wray Mrs. Preston, a bit old-fashioned ..Marcella Benedict Mrs. Smith, a lady about town I.Iar-y Righi Mrs Stevens, a recent bride . . . Mar ' - Jane Lunsford Mrs. Lewis, very particular. .... .Roberta Kingery LITERARY CLUB Perhaps in no other organization in the school is found more real interest than is displayed by members of this club. These literarians are working for worth- v hile objectives and they have set their goal at a high range, which makes it im- perative for each irember to direct his ambition in the full interest of the club According to the ' constitution of this organization, the object is to develop literary talent; further literary pur- suits; appreciate good literature; and to become familiar v.dth writers of both the past and the present. OFFICERS President • • • Alberta Kinzie Secretary- Lois Cody Treasurer Maxine Green FIRST ROV?: Mary Jane Lunsford, Roberta Kingery, Maxine Toothjnan, Mary " " Righi, Alberta Kinzie, Emma Lee V ray, Helen Patton, Clara Wilson, and Lois Cody, SECOND ROW: Miss Baclais, Mary IVilson, Betty Jane Cline Ardith Kinzie, Charlotte M o ' c n, Orpha Fetrow, Marcella Benedict, and Maxine G-reen. THE PRESS CLUB I; The Press Club has been very successful in publishing the MILEFOST, a school paper vdiich is distributed once a raonth free of charge to each family represented in the stu- dent body, OFFICERS President Eugene Cotterman Vice-President. . . , • • .Jennie Leffel Secretary ........ .George Wilson FIRST RCV „ ' Left to right, Emma Lee Wray, Geraldine Packard Mary Wilson Margaret Scott, Lois Cody, Marguerite Morris, and Betty Wade, SECOND R017: Left to ri, Tht, Leon Crippen, Alberta Kinzie, Clara Wilson, Beatrice Angle, i Ialvina Righi, Jennie Leffel, and Esther, THIRD RO " ' i Left to rieht, Dorothy Helms, Charlotte Moon, Wilma Robbins, Donnabell Bassler,. Prances Welling, and Miss Backus . FOURTH ROV : Left to right. Glair Irvin, Eugene Cotterman, Earl Ball, George ' ' ilson, and Robert Kingery 4 soci; ;TY Junior Class Play The junior class of Velve Mile High School presented " Skippy ' seJs ' Things Through ' on November 20. The play was centered around a family which was very poor a. bv accident, they found their fortune in an old erapnopnone . T -e climax was very surprising. _ TTie following cast was well selecuea: Cerise Merrill i eone Reily Babe Merrill Be ' cty Wade Skippy Carlson Stella Ivlerrill Ma Merrill Leslie Farwell Jimmie Jones . Norm an Bookwalter , , . Mary Wilson . , !Ialvina Righi .Eugene Gotterman , George Wilson Thanksgiving Service A community Thanksgiving P ££ . L " ' sevSral%arents on, and T.- ' ile HiQh School auditorirjn ' on llovember 25, ana friends of the students attended. The f oil owin.o ' pro ' ram. was arranger by Reverend ui±son, Mrs, Roy Griest ■ ' rs . ' William Wray, Mrs. Gladys heffel. Miss Areta Steinkanipj Orcliestra Song, " America, the Beautiful " . Invocation Song of Thanksgiving . . . . . Reading Song, " Valleys of Memory " , . . ' ' We Give Thanks Mor Our j Instrum.ental Trio Song, " America, Beloved Land " Piano Solo »...«•••• " We Give Thanks For Our School Song, " 0 Worship the King " . . Reading Thanksgiving Song • r " We Give Thanks for Out Church " Song, " America " . , , , Community .... Audience . . .Rev. Wilson . .School Chorus .Marrl-jm Robbins . .School Chorus _ , . .Mrs. Wray Rev. ' . ilson Orville Adkins Charles Pogensick . .School Chorus Donnabelle Cline . .Liar land Vfnite • . • . Audience Mrs. Carl Champ . . , Mrs. Reily , ■ Mrs. - ' ■-cover Mrs. Sullivan , . Rev, Graham . , , , Audience Benediction • Wilson V • ' ATHLETICS RESULTS OF 1936-37 BASKETBALL SEASON Tvjelve Twelve Twelve Tv relve Twelve Twelve Twelve Twelve Twelve Twelve Twelve Twelve Twelve Twelve Twelve Twelve Mile Mile Mile Mile Mile Mile Mile. Mile Mile Mile Mile Mile Mile Mile Mile Mile 20 17 22 29 24 29 31 35 42 31 18 ( 29 30 28 32 24 Star City 24 Onward 19 Lucerne 21 Y. America 23 Ke wanna 23 Logan " B ' ' 31 New Waverly 30 Pulaski 20 Me tea 22 Camden 28 tourney )Royal Centre 19 Onward 26 Galveston 24 Fulton 21 Royal Centre 31 New Waverly 30 Total Points TM — 441 Total games won - " " lost Opponents 391 11 5 ( 68.75 % BASKET BALL TEAM - Name John Burkholder Hugh Young Glenn Pearson Earl Ball Hal Lunsford Junior Wilson Seniors Years Played 4 4 4 2 1 1 FIRST ROW: Left to right, C-erald Buskirk, Junior Wilson, John Burkholder, Marion Sullivan, Clark Pearson. SECOilD ROW»° Jack Morris, Earl Ball, Hugh Young, Coach L. 0. Hawley, Hal Lunsford, Vance Cotterman, Student Mgr., and Glenn Pearson. (Season ' s Line-up) Burkholder Forward Young • • • Forward G. Pearson n t Lunsford - Ball - Wilson • C. Pearson Forward Sullivan . . Forward Buskirk • 5 Morris . . Forward TWELVE MILE VS. STAR CITY The first game of the season was played without the aid of two able ball player s--::oung and Burkholder, Sadly miss- ing the help of these two high scorers Twelve Mile was ae- feated 24 to 20. Tl LVE MILE VS. Ol mRD Still without Young and Burkholder, Twelve Mile v as de- feated by Onward 19 to IV. TWELVE MILE VS. LUCERIE With Young and Burkholder back in _ the line-up Twelve Mile out- scored Lucerne 22 to 21. TWELVE MILE VS. YOWG AMERICA The sam.e lineup beat the Yankees 29 to 25, TWELVE MLE VS. ICEWANNA With a winning streak in full sway the Milers defeated Eewanna 24 to 23. BASI E : ball cont ' d TB-ELVE MILE VS. " B " BERRIES Handicapped somewhat by the large Berry floor. Twelve Mile was defeated 31 to 29 by the " B " Berries. SUCCESSIVE WINS Twelve Mile 31 lew Waverly 30 Twelve Mile 35 Ralaski 20 Tivelve Mile 42 oo Twelve Mile 31 Camden 28 COUNTY TOURNAMENT Tivelve Mile was met by the Royal Centre Bulldogs and was defeated 18 to 19. SUCCESSIVE WINS Twelve Mile 29 Onward 25 Twelve Mile 30 G-alveston 24 Twelve Mile 28 . ?n Twelve Mile 32 Royal CentreSl TWELVE MILE VS. NEW WAVERLY In the last regular game of the season Twelve Mile minus Burkliolder, who was critically ill, was defeated by New Waverly 30 to 24, SECTIONAL TOURNAIffiNT Twelve Mile went strong in their first game in the Tourney defeating Young America 30 to 25; however, m an en- counter with Logansport the nilers lost 41 to 27, ¥j? Miller: Now children, since we have described what trees flowers and plants are, who can tell me in his own wrds what grass is? Ned Grable: I can. Teacher, grass is whiskers on the ear h. BASEBALL CLUB FIRST ROW " Left to right, Leon Grippen, Gerald Busklrk Junior Wilson, John Burkholder, Marion Sullivan, Max Patton, and Jack Stuher. SECOND ROW: Left to right. Earl Ball, Welling, Hal Lunsford, Glenn Pearson, and Clark Pearson. Hugh Young, Arthur Coach L 0. Hawley, I The Season ' s Lineup Young Burkholder Lunsford Ball Patton Wilson Nellans C, Pearson Buskirk G. Pearson Sullivan Catcher Pitcher Short Stop First Base Left Field Right Field Second Base Second Base Center Field Short Center Field Right Field and 3rd Ease n, - r BASEBALL CONT ' D The Twelve Mile High School had a fine baseball team last fall, wimiing all but one game ?;hich was the final bat- tle. Lucerne at Twelve Mile The first to fall under the " Mlers ' ' was Lucerne with a score !7 to 3. The game x as played at Twelve Mile and the local boys v on vjith ease. This victory was the first step to success by the " Milers. " Twelve Mile at New Waverly This game was also won by the locals by a score of 12 to 8. As the score indicates t] .e game v as a loosely play- ed affair. a.--,-, m n The game was played at Nev; Waverly and still iv;elve Mile ' s record was i,vithout a blot. Twelve Mile at Royal Centre •A very close game was won by Twelve Mile at R o y a 1 Centre whose team lead up to the final innings. The boys ivere relieved when the final inning was over. Pulton at Tv elve Mile Still we have a perfect record. Fulton 4 and Twelve Mile 6. Me tea at Twelve Mile At Metea the final game v as a very wild game v.dth Tvrelve Mile coming out on the long end of a 15 to 8 score. Twelve Mile is the North End Champion, now they must go to Logansport to play the championship game. Vfeshington Twp. 12 Twelve Mile 7 The first defeat of the year whic h cost the boys the county championship. The boys became rattled and a rather large score was run up against them._ But, all in all we had a very good season, m-uch to Coach Hawley ' s surprise who thought we v;ould have a struggle to beat Anoka (popul- ation of 6 ) Mother Mosquito: Don ' t cry, children, I ' ll take you to t. nudist camp tomorrow. c.; 3 f A r F Co-Editors-m-Chief. . . ' Simpson Vance Cotterman Social Editor .Freda Angle Activity Editor ........ .Jeanne Hopkins Calendar Editor Mae Wilson Alumni Editor Eva Layman Literary Editor .Lois Cody Sports Editor. ... Hal Lunsford Joke Editor. . , . . , . . . . .Dorothy Helms Art Editor ...... .Madys Martin " Pypist . . . Alberta Kinzie Robert Kingery Mimeograph . Leroy Crippen Faculty Advisor . . . . .. . . .Harland W. m±te Photograph Editor Norman Bookwalter THE JOY Oj ' being EDITOR Getting out this annual is no picnic. If we print jokes, people say we are silly; If ?re don ' t, the : say we are too- serious. If we clip things from other annuals. We are too lazy to write them, ourselves; If we don ' t we are stuck on our o m stuff. If we stick close to the job all day. We ought to be out huntin j up news; If we ' do get out and try to hustle, ought to be on tre job in the office. If we don ' t print contributions. We don ' t appreciate true genius; And if we do print them. The annual is filled v ith junk. Now, like as not some guy will say We swiped this from some m. agazine. WE DID ! I EDITORIALS In the fall of this school year the Annual Club was or- ganized for the purpose of putting into practical use some of the v ork the students vrere doing in school and to produce a book which would enable all to hold firr.ily a memory of the high spots of this school year. The Annual Club is a student organization The staff has done the planning, the managing, the writing, the organ- izing, and the actual work of printing and compiling There has been a minimum of outside guidance and assistance. The appearance and composition of the MILETTE speaks well for the value of the book. The fact that each book contains 2,97 v orth of pictures if bought separately at commercial rates speaks well for business management of the club. Probably the MILETTE tS greatest value is the opportunity it affords the students of actually working together on a literary and business enterprise. Such an enterprise makes cooperation and mutual assistance an absolute essential not only within the club but within the entire student body It is the club ' s most sincere desire that the MILETTE may creditably live up to and display the high standard of our school and that the reader will receive as much pleasure and profit from it as the club has received from producing it. H.Vy . v " . - - - - ■ _ _ EDITORIALS GOIT ' D As one . lances throii-h the KIL TTE he probably c oesn_;t realize the amount of .vork required to prepare and assemble an ar ]. Yet if one i. interested in such v ork it does rot seem " live work but more like a hobb ' r, into vliich you wixling l r your efforts because of the fascination il nolcis . ainuals because of the o-pense of paper, prinrin , ana othe surnlies, are confined to larger schools .that can meet these e-n .r ses. In order to cut on expenses, we x avO done o... o T. -ork, which incl .ded writiny the originals, sien- cils, memeographins, pasting pictures, and assembling, ow ti at the KILETTE is completed we are prcud dt eu.- -- ev -: thorr h they might not be the best. It will noid a de.p- -r " -earincr or s than if the MILET-E had been niao- by a ,:u y ri-te-. " No -obby could be manufactured because of the naT:ure a-d -eanir -of the word itself; neither could his annual niea- as much to us if it had been manufactured. T.v.«„efo-e -ve ho ' ee that the classes of years zo come may ' ortnrurtn nrtlish a MI;h :TTE . They should le able to proii. by " our mistakes and mak-___a bigger and better b k t:c Keep as a ' m.emicry of Twelve Mile Iiigh School. — — , . . ' • To gl :; ; . ,3t to fulfill ycur expectations. Von- srbscribed for something you had never seen; you p-.a e yni,.r trust in the staf f_ to give you your money ' S wo-Ln. For this we are grateful. To " ' " i s T ' iP ' ' ' ' ' ' ' - ' a rhc ' -c-h " ' " - i- is - et -err duty to help m Lhe High .t chooi activities ' ?ou have williinny given your time and ccn-rilut- ed. your artistic atllity to our cause, F 0 r t h i s we a r « grate f ul . r£ ' i ' T-r, IST-, j_ t e ' j_- " ■ ' " iour -rldanc© and advice has been inv8.1uable -cc one staff in t-is --blication. Ycur -atience and your h .lp.ul a ttitude have been enco-.u-aging .. Fcr this we ar ' gratefuj.. T o ' ' " l i ' ' p•( " ' T " Ycur financial aid has made possible this first edlLion cf the MILETTE and for our low selling pi ' ice. Fcr this we ai e gi-ateful. All volunteer helpers ; I] though 7Jx: are not m.embers cf the staf ytur work has been mcst helpful. You have cc- erated with us ir every way possible to make this annual a success, Fo:;- this v;e are grateful. CALENDAR FOR 1936 August 28- mth both gloomy and happy looking faces, students of Twelve Mile Hiph School came rushing into their classrooms, eager and anxious to begin their nev subjects. September 9- Juniors ordered tVeir class rings. September 22- Juniors and seniors introduced to the tabular y:e r by Mr. Hawley. October 1- Long faces were seen to-night J Report cards were issued I October 5- Fr. I ' Fhite ' s radio drew a large crowd to hear the World ' s Series . October 6- Yankees won the Series I M October 9- Fire drill. The Greneral Business discussion dwelled upon the purchas- ing of a joint deed by Mr. Hawley and his wife. I wonder who the lucky gal could be ! ! I 1 Twelve Mile defeated Metea in softball. October 12- Mr, Groninger visited our school to-day. October 13- Home Room for the first time. October 16- Students of Twelve Mile attended the baseball game be- tween Twelve Mile and Washington Tovmship. Twelve Mile failed t o win . October 20- Lieutenant Edgar P. Cox presented a movie to us of his own experiences with Admiral B rd in his second Antarctic Expedition. — CALENDAR FOR 1C36 (continued) October 22 Ic 23- Vacation days III Teachers ' Association meets. October 26- Tlie playroom has been changed to a class room. October 27- Kaving registered today, we are ready to vote. October 28- Report cards were issLied. October 30- Senior Carnival I I Jennie Llarie Lef f el was voted the m.ost popular girl. November 1- Vfe voted today. November 4- Yell leader v;as chosen today. Jack Stuber is rather sm.all, but he raises the roof when he ells, November 6- Twelve Mile, was defeated in basketball by Star City. November 11- Pictures of the students arrived today. The photo- graph of Margaret and Bob is rather good, at least, V.hite thinks so for it is gracing his desk in the office. November 13- Onv ard defeated T.M.H.S. in basketball November 18- Mr. V. ' hite: ' ' You have it all in a nut shell if you would just crack it " . Frederick 2 ' ' It is alread3r cracked 1 ' ' November 20- The Juniors presented a pla r entitled " Skippy Sees Things Through ' ' . November 23- G-rade cards issued. November 26 27- r, Vacation days i I ! Thanksgiving Day. 7 J ' I 1 ; aa December 8- a.-, m • +. Students from grades 7 to 12 drew names xor tne Christ- mas exchange. December 10- , . The Annual Club published a dujmny for inspection. December 16- 4. The T.M.II.S. seventh L CD-ghth grade B.B, team aeieatea New Waverly 14 to 3. The ' ' silly sonhs ' ' decorated the assembly with Christmas reminders . Deceiiber 17 IS- Sevcr l of the clubs had parties, Decem.ber 20 c: 21- Semester exam-S ! J December 21- lixchange of gifts. December 22 to January 4- Vacation !!I Christ?ias and new .fears. CALE DAK FOR 1937 January 4- Beginning of second sem ester. January 6- Eourth month ' s grade cards issued. - January 7- . „ , One of the faculty members has been wearing a c.iam.ona ring, ho could that be ????? January 13- Ani ual club s ponsored a contest -crying l.o secure__ a suitable name for the annual. The name -was the " Milette " . January 15- Basketball game between Hetea and Twelve Mile---i ' .aler eager s won III January 20- . ' e listened to the President ' s inaugurauion , xt was very interesting. CALENDAR FOR 1937 CONT ' D January 22- Ball game with Camden. Milers were successful again, January 26- . , d We brought clothing and money to be given to che Ked Cross for the flood refugees. Januar T " 28- The Student Council is trying to improve the appearance of the school building by removing the initials from the desks. January 29- . Another victory for Twelve Mile over Onv ard. February- 3- F ' ifth month ' s grade cards issued. County Tournament. It was won by Royal Centre. Februarv 5, 12, 19- Victories in basketball over Galveston, Fulton, and Royal Centre. February 14- Valentine Day. February 20- Junior Pligh School Basketball Tournament, Tvirelve Mile won the trophy. March 2- Basketball sweaters were presented to the bo3 s that grad- uated this year We hope they wear these with pleasure and as remem_brances of Twelve Mile School and as an emblem_ ob- tained for the fine work they did while they were raembers of our team. February 5 6- Sectional basketball tournament. It was won by the Berries but Tvrelve Mile was able to win the first game which vja.3 with Young America, February 11- John Burkholder, unable to be here when the sweaters were awarded because of a recent illness has retunned and re- ceived his sweater CAL-NDAK ?0R 1937 CONT ' D March 12 - The count; - nurse, Hiss Sliaw, gave an interesting accounc of her trip down in the flood zone. Karch 17 - Senior name cards received. All school play " V en A ' ' oman Decides " March ?1 Seventh months report cards issued. April 1 - . -, . J V, April Foci ' s Da " , A tine when many are inclined to he a lit chi evous . I-Tawlev: ' ' Have ' ou t en fooled yet? ' ' Jack Stuler! (Not lorkinr- up from his hook) " Yes, sev- eral times. " Fr, Hav ley then made the next day ' s assignment, ine as- siJ7nment heing ' the rent section and word study. Franklin Johnson immediatel-}. turned Lack to S ' -e what the word stuay was like. . Franklin; " Mr. Hawley has April fooled us, De cause tnere is no word study. " Mr. Hawley: " l did not do it intentionally. i guess .l m.ust have fooled myself. " asp-mcly was April fooled. The Literary Clur unex- pectedly gave a play entitled " V her_ The Kids Take A Hand. ' April 9 - All Sohccl Exhitit. April 16-- Junior- Senior Flecejbtion. April 17 - Teacher ' s Institute. Aoril It- - Baccalaureate . April 20 - Final e.-raminat ions cegin, April 23 - Eighth mionth ' s report cards issued, C oiru " " . e n c e m en t . School is out. hurrah:; Eurrah I 1 Four long months of V8,caticn» 4» _ 6 1 h AtUiri ii I Class Mrs. Pleetie (Grippen) l ing Daughterty Crippen Glass :¥rs. Martha (Krider) ■ ray Otto Beamer Mrs. Delpha (Maus) Dnngan Ed liingery Glass Y ' Jk ' kter Beecher I ' rs . Nellie (Skinner) :ioel r:e Mrs. Clara (Oatis) Smith Class Mac Qrable Thomas Bell Fred Pratt !irs. irathryn (Wilson) Warner I Irs jjorcthea ( aus) Pratt Galen Miller (Dt CEASED) Class of 1915 Tvrelve Mile, Indiana Twelve Mile, Indiana of 1914 R,F.D. 5, Peru, Ind. Lucerne, Indiana Tv-elve Mile, Indiana of 1915 High St., Lo eanspcrt , Ind, R.D. ' : ' , Rochester, Indiana Royal Center, Indiana of 1916 Fulton, Indiana R.F.L. 5, Logansport, Ind. 1700 M. Pershing Road, Chi. R.F.D. Macy, Indiana 1700 Pershing Road, Chi. of 1917 Roy Leffel Mrs. Glad rs (Kinzie) Leffel Ova Cars.on Harold Ilorton Hubert Brower Forrest Ulerick •Carl Dillman Mrs. Monelle (Morrov ) Bell ■■■rs . Margaret (Moss) Grs.ble •Ts. Marie (TVilson) Staller Mrs. Madge (Schneider) J ay Mrs. Goldie (Cress) Smith Gale Rader Mrs. Bessie (Dalzell) Talbott Mrs. Ora (Evans) Harness Twelve Mile, Indiana Twelve Mile, Indiana Logansport, Indiana Gladwin, Michigan 335 Kitshener Ave. Flint. Twelve Mile, Indiana R.P.D.M 5, Logansport, Ind R.F.D. 5, Logansport, Ind. Fulton, Indiana T vfe 1 e ? ' li 1 e , In d i an a 5 E. 29 St. Jacksonville, Fla. 851 Huffman St. Eaimriond, Ind. 1207 10 St. AlbuGuerque,N. Me 11641 Rutherford Ave. Detroit 308 North St., Peotone HI. Class of 1918 r,irs . Mrs • Mrs • Mrs . Paul Talbott Louie Smeltzly Gordon Mike sell Fred Brown .Dewey Earl Bernice (Dalzell) Earl Pern (liollenback ) Wilson Anna (Helms) Brown (DECEASED) i- ae (Winegardner ) Rader { D:: " ; CEASED ) Esther Krathr ohl (DECfiASED) Class of 1919 11741 Ruthefford Ave., Detroit 160 E. ilewall St, Flint, Mich. 1209 Coles Blvd., Portsmouth, Ohio 006 Sherman Ave., So ith Bend,Ind. 628 IIip;hland Ave., Sidney, Ohio Russiaville, Indiana Mrs. Ardis (Enyart) Burke Mrs. Effie (Swanson) Brown Edna Carson Mrs. Ethel (Hoover) Mathias Mrs, Irene (Fahl) Griest Ivan Sullivan Russell Hopkins Fred V inep:ardner Torn Easter Brightside Home, Pl rmouth, Ind . Twelve MiZe, Indiana Twelve Mile, Indiana Ohio 303 N. Prospect. St. Bowling Green 84 W, Main St., Peru, Indiana R.F.D.f ' - 3, Peru, Indiana 956 Mann Ave., Flint, Mich. 1201 P ' illiamson St., Flint, Mich. 505 Cass Ave., Jackson, Mich. Class of 1920 Mrs Mary (Brovm) Hemi:iersbaugh Rachel Bell Mrs. Emma (Jolmson) Kerr Mrs. Ruth (Irvin) Robbins Mrs. Marie (Teel) Cox Ralph Swank Richard Bro )m 3806 E. 5th. St., Columbus, Ohio Twelve Mile, In.diana 148 High St., London, Ont., Canada R.P.D.f - 3, Peru, Indiana 315 Wolf St., Elkhart, Indiana Macy, Indiana Tv elve Mile, Indiana Class of Walter Br owe r Mrs. Elsie (Rimpler) Miller Mrs. Carrie (Dalzell) Gross Prank Ge]nman Orval Hoover Mrs. Monelle (Brower) Rimpler Mrs. Blanche (Carson) Easter Mrs Letha (TJlerick) Sm.ith Mrs. Ethel (Sherrard) Louthain Gerald Champ Mrs, Mar ' ' (Gehman) Lavv ' son Mrs. Lennis (Friend) (DECE 1921 Denver, Indiana Twelve Mile, Indiana Lafayette, Ind. R. 4 R.F.L.i ' - 3, South Bend, Ind. Box 33 Twelve Mile, Indiana n u n U !i t! ii fl i! ED) Class of 1922 Floyd Bookwalter Ross Bookwalter Irene (Fisher) Snyder Or a G-rable Bernice (Krathwohl) Reyburn Alma Miller Bernice (Mikesell) Morrison Hugh Morrison Everett Skinner Mrs. Alma (Snell) Hoover Neil Vaison Mrs ¥ r3 I frs Twelve Mile, Indiana Twelve Mile, Indiana 137 Cedar St., Kmitington, V .Va Twelve Mile, Indiana Laporte, Indiana Laporte, Indiana Twelve Mile, Indiana U !f !i R.F.D. 5, Peru, Ind. Mrs . . Mrs f Mrs , Mrs Mirs ivirs • Mrs . Mrs. Mrs • Mrs . Class of 1923 Vivian (Kelsie) Nelson Rose Green Laura (Eingery) Winegardnei Vivian Bernice B rower Hasry Geliman Kenneth Johnson Helen (Green) Bookwalter Chester Easter IVi 1 li arn Barne 1 1 Verda (Swank) Hopkins Joe Tracy Hazel (Slifer) Swanson 2220|- Cresent Ave., Pt.Vfe rne Twelve Mile, Indiana 724 Bryon Place, Flint, Mich (V oodhouse) Grandstaff Twelve Mile, Indiana Twelve Mile, Indiana Ashland College, Ashland, Ohio Box 132, Hammond, Ind. Twelve Mile, Indiana Logansport, Indiana 956 Mann Ave. Flint, Tv elve Mile, Indiana i.iich. Class of 1924 Cleo (Dalzell) Da wait Go 1 die (Hi Id eh ran) S chock Ruth Hildebran Ruth (Kantzer) Clark i5agdalene (Hing) V entz Donald Miller Harold School Samu.el Glasshurn Lucille (Hower) iVhlgrim Velma (Working) Hopkins Pl Tnouth, R . ♦ D , ■ ;■ 5 , Ind. R.R. 2 Logansport, Ind. Joneshoro, Indiana 1716 Oakland St. Ft. ' " . ' a-yne , Canton, Ohio Twelve Mile, Indiana RiP,D. 5, Logansport, Ind R.F.D. 3, Niles, Michigani Indiana St. South Mend 225 E . Indiana St. South Mend R.F.D. 4 Logansport, Indiana Class of 1925 Mrs. Mildred (Beineke) Green Clarence Williamson Russell Brower Irene H orton Dorothy Johnson Ernest Kreider Mrs.oMabel (Sullivan) Baker j XjLav. " rence E. l- ' earson T Yi e 1 V e Mi 1 e , Ind i ana ii w R,F.D, 3, Peru, Indiana % BrjB.n Horton, Logansport 1010 High St. Logansport, Ind 637t . ' 3rd. St. Mishawaka, Ir]d 1217 East Clavert St . 2 . Bend, ind 1008 Cathedral S t . S ' d 1 Melvin BabiD Mrs. : " ary l-enshen " ts. . arie (Bei- elce ) .--bSi-.j-re ' .rs» Ani a i ' BTV ' m) ' ' oinaska] : Irs. Ri ' .tli (Gelinian) i b.vis on Hps « Oosepliine ( ' • oplrins ) ' .ine.£ Ilarion I ' opkins ■ ' acle Johnson Cecil r-in-ery Sylvia Gmnson Oody ' anegaPfMer Samie-1 ' Ineyarclner JAiiiGS Sharp R.y,;o.; ' ' 3, i ' er-a, In ' iana AtD. ' t. Lof- ' ansport tate losp. T YJ 8 1 V e - " i 1 e , In cl i an a 335 Litc} ' ener .-ve . , ' etroit 5617 ?ap ' i-: Hoao, Cleveland Tr;elve i ile, Indiana ■ardener 236 IV. Jielbou:ne;, cgans; Tv elve I. ' lle, Indiana ?Y elve Jiilej Indiana u welve nile, Indiana 856 ' l.-elboupne 724 Dpyan Place Gaiiiden, Indiana :-ve, j-jo ranspopt Hint, lien. Glass of 1927 MPS. Olapice (oyanson) Si anl-: dps. Etrel (dpowep) Benner ' el ' ' on dalteman ' y-C, deliT an I ' jps, dary (Lpeidep) dnith dabel dnpden Jane s Sviscnk. Roy " ' ' ' ineyapdnep dps. dpcella (di:ep) dowep Twelve ilile, Indiana 544 S. - ashinyton ' ■t, Mapion, Ind 1806 ■••ain 3t . I ' t • " : • " ne , Ind, Oonemap ' " ;!, ?enn. ITwod, Indiana Tv-elve Mile, Indiana R.F. }■),•;•• 3, ?epn, Indiana Tnelve Idle, Indiana 6596 B elfast, Betpoit, Mich.. Glass of C .aples B ' epnep Bps.. Blopa (Bpown) SBinvLep • Hps. pances (Ivans) • cConhey y:apy Jane Bop]::ins I ' ps. " ipiar (Jones) ine- ' apdnep Lee dantzep Bps. Pepna (Sapvep) Sideps diabel Sid -ps Buth. Beel : PS. Badie (BwanB) Evans ilcnp ' ' .lowep Glass of Floyd G-peen Ralph Boldpy I ' ts, BilBped (Ball) Boss Clayton Boss Bps. Bola (BicBapdson) Gnyep Blo-B ' Bnllivan - 1928 B.I D.d 6, BocBestep, Indiana , Bnelve., i ile, Indiana Biciyon, Ont., Canada Twelve Kile, Indiana Denvep, Indiana 816 I. 51st. Bt., GBlcavo, 111. 1529 Better Bve . , So tB Bend Twelve Bile, " Indiana 6596 Belfast, Drtpoit, Mch, 1 :29 Tv elve —ile, Indiana u ,i Avon Bake, Ohio Jonesbopo, Indiana Twelve ■.:ile, In ' iiana 4 -WW ' Class of 1929 cont ' d 4 Ifrs. Marie (V inegardner ) Brown Inez Evans 3617 W, Park Road, Cleveland, 4353 W. ' 4th St. Los Angeles , Calif Class of 1930 Herman Br owe r Everett Swank Ra miond Robbins Raymon Leffel Clifton Skinner James Ault Dorothy Hoover Donald Kinzie 333 Kitshener Ave. Detroit, Mich Indiana Central College, Indiana R.F.D.-; ' - 5, Logan sport, Indiana Twelve Mile, Indiana i? W !! R.F.D. 3, Peru, Indiana Twelve Mile, Indiana San Mateo, Calif. Box 144 Class of 1931 Mrs , Mrs. Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Marl or ie (Buskirk) Rohhins Donald Benefiel Hilda (Benefiel) Moss Goldie (Crippen) Illk McHenry Martha (Green) Edith liopkins Rachel (Rildebran) Ault Madys Martin Ralph Murden Lois ) Pickering) Eikenberry Mar -aret (Swank) Burrous Edwin Farley (DECEASED) Agnes (Pearson ) Ulerick R.F.D. 5, Logansport, Indiana Twelve Mile, Indiana Twelve Mile, Indiana 426 W. Washington St. Dunkirk, Ind Twelve Mile, Indiana Si n ii R.P.D.7f 3, Peru, Indiana Twelve Mile, Indiana Ii li i» Main St. Peru, Indiana R,F.Di 3, Peru, Indiana Tvjelve Mile, Indiana Class of 19S2 Edward Spangle r Ellen Ault Byron Moss Mrs. Gladys (Iluddleston) Working Charl e s P ogens i ck Ar 1 e ne l:lu s s e Iman Esther Huddles ton Mae Robinson Mrs. Edith(Siders ) Holliday R.F.D,- - 3, Peru, Indiana S! V, ' i! 51 Si Rltter Ave. Indianapolis, 419 La Salle St. Ft. yne, Ind. Twelve Mile, Indiana Tv elve Mile, Indiana Peru, Indiana R.F.D. 5, Logansport, Ind. Ke wanna, Indiana Class of 1933 lErs Frsnces (Bookwalter) Beall Dorothy Griest Olive Jones Mrs. Gladys (Buskirk) i?atton Charles King R.F.D, 5, Logansport, Ind Twelve Mile, Indiana ii W ! Lagro, Indiana, Dairy R.P.D. 7, Logansport Tanguy Class of 1933 cont ' d Dale IJlRus Harry Pearson Lester Applegate Jolm Leffel Lynn Dillman Ra mon Swank Castle Farley John Pat ton Mrs i Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Sharps ille, Indiana Box 188 Tvvelve Mile, Indiana R.F.D. 5, Logansport Inr] . 145 Andrew Place, V , J- afayette, 1724 Michigan Ave. Logansport. Twelve Mile, Indiana Twelve Mile, Indiana ■ ' - ' agr o , Indi ana Glass of 1934 Joe Pickering Pauline (Packard) Bassler Doris Simpson Mrs Dorothy (Doran) Huffman Imogene Ogle Helen (Rush) Berlet William Brov n ' Esther ( Pearson ) Musselraan Mary Roser G-len liildebran Evelyn Jones Robert Mike sell Donald Brower Richard Leffel Lenna Dillman Elmire Swank Indiana University, Blocaninc-ton 1705 Smead St. ogansport, Ind. R.F»D.f J ' . Logansport, Ind. Denver, Indiana R P.D. 3, Logansport, Ind. Twelve Mile, Indiana Twelve Mile, Indiana 401 State St. afayette, Ind. Twelve Mile, Indiana Twelve Mile, Indiana ij n 312 E, rd. St. Bloomington, Ind Twelve Mile, Indiana R F.D. ' - 3 Peru, Indiana Glass of 1935 Louise (Boldry) Buzbee Fern Reason Opal Stuber Fairy Scott Lena Mae (Helm_s) Dillm-an Mary Hoffman Lorraine Sis son Janice Leffel Anne Deeb Elsie (Moss) Spangler Eugene Wilson Leo Morrow Max Jones Martin Morris Acel Young V iley Flohr Tvirelve Mile, Indiana Lucerne, Indiana R»F,D.- - 3, Peru, Indiana 430 W. Bdi iTA ' , Logansport, Ind. 1724 Michigan Ave . Logansport R.F.D,-; ' 5, Logansport, ind. iuncie, Ind. RiF.D. 4, Logansport, Ind. 500 N. Calvert St 2904 S, Cedar St. Lansing, Mich. R.F.D.vj ' 3, Peru, Indiana RiP ' .D.- - 5, Logansport, Indiana li W li 759 V ' . Clinton, Frankfort, Indi R.F,D. 5, i ogansport, Ind. Twelve Mile, Indiana Class of 1936 ( on next page ) 4 NelBon Johnson Mary Johnston Zainard .Layman Zella Layman Charles Moore Lucille M-usselman V il] iam Packard Leonard Reed Edvv ' in Swans on Loren Vankirk Evigene Angle Cloyd Boivyer Floyd Bovjjev Marion Cline, Jr. Keith Cody Thelma Cress Maxine Parley Ronald Prantz Prank Hay Eva Jess Hopkins Edith Wilson Class of 1936 R.F.D.f ' 4, Logansport, Ind. Twelve Mile, Indiana R.Ii),D» 1, Denver, Indiana II !( n R.F.D.7 - 5, Logansport, Ind, R,F.D, 1, Denver, Indiana R.F.D. 5, Logansport, Ind. Twelve Mile, Indiana U SI il R,F.D. 5, Logansport, Ind. U !! II R.F.D, 4, Logansport, Ind. n n f Ball State College, Muncie IC okomo , Indi an a R.F.D. 1, Denver, Indiana Twelve Mile, Indiana R.FjD.-; ' - 3, Peru, Indiana. Twelve Mile, Indiana VOCATIONS OF ALUMNI Numher of Graduates from 1913 to 1936 (inclusive) 248 Professional 10.57? Skilled Workmen 4.4-0% ' Business Men 13.22f Unskilled Worlonen 67.85 Deceased 2.64 Unknown 1.32fo Number of College Graduates College Courses Unfinished Q j0i 100.00% 39 12

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