Twality Middle School - Trojan Yearbook (Tigard, OR)

 - Class of 1966

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5 1 6 Q UXXVYL L0 in Q4 6 X -nv QFD' 6 Cfioicff 'Q ' 'E 'SQ QQQZ WV' C T ff QQ R KT, 9 K6 . Q M l1 9 Mf:,QZbyg3i if Fwy Oli ' M J QU? l . 5 ' Q.q. 5 ,Q J JJ J -, f , W ' :J 13 If X wjxf' 4+ Q V Ov, .A . -iv--Q NH -. . 8 W . xg fp Y V V 4-if + K ., 531 5 531 .L- ' , , Q Q3 yy' vm N fc' - V A f 5' 'T w ef Q Q 1 . wr, f iivf V L 4 fi- "1 "' ' Q ' Q 'fglzf ,X - N- ,MQ ' V I X . FQ ' V "ii JD Tic . . k ' Q N kb X X J J LQ X 6' ! 3, H xiii? gy, Xvfix ,. ff 5, fix !Xl?3?'UiE3 Q?b Sf + 40 K HE 553 jf qwqiff 'lg Q5 M y JJUX Vw vi! X04 t . Md? GJ A, 'UJW ,WSU ,UW OJ L of P .v5fft f9!fUVLlivJUy X JD ,N ,U ID 'LLDDM A S.. yWwww it J XL ' W 1 cu F H92 I HW ' 72520 JMQLW J 077 glwdwy Wiwfi W JwfMMfZ2Mi3MQff QAM y fwiiifwl dff wQ 1f 2? Qgwyfggwi Q '55 15 N Ex YQ X V558 Risk f ., Ns u A Q- I v 'XI N AUXQVX tg? Qx Vl., Y oo SQA QDXQ' fixg Q? f Af,w igiggw ki bfi 22 Safe? 6 sk ig ififieffff Y A ' 1 Q5 ? C29 221-.f2?f0W5'?E 'K fd -f 'ED f f Q 0 Cy 4 my Cv Q9 X 3 X7 C 1 fig' GQQPQ Wgpgggf J' WM wwf Q52 222352 in L, J ff LVM wif 93529 SRGQQ L 6?w6k4 EMM Qj3k,CBqfiAZitEfJ?K A ' x X Rf MQMMQW A Qqfxgag Y5l'2im,g9W N DQS Q B230 1 V QQ 464' X' X V Qmffagmfzf 'S ,439 0 J QQ QQ f12P6j'U,e gcwfgfffg kwa K N? 5144 -- LfJQff 0f'fLUggp QQ ,007 'JDUIQCQD Q0 ,WET !f'f1L-2 ' Q00 9 whdff Jim! Lof -Qp.Qjfx 1'Ee!lff5j CMQXUVL +0 SQQUUdhQXf-gyx83QQC?5WEWMd C002 QJEQOK W X QNXSXX A7-dfy W! X xcJhlyqM'AT 7? 5 x .'X X N 'Fla mt? VULJCZ KX xx X A-sz lm Jia LUEXCLWI NMID4-4, GIQPJ if 'X I I ' Y. 3- , , 1 S lifdfiffnwc E Vx M CMV My WM THE WQCQJQN Wigpzmw, QPQQQW 6 5 --66 ?wm5v3 Jmm HEQM Sgccmcfwg, Tahle of Contents Title page Table of Contents Dedication Administration Principal and Secretary School Board Library Staff Yearbook Staff Office Girls Cooks and Custodians Faculty Class Divider Ninth Grade Eighth Grade Ninth Grade Officers Seventh Grade Chorus Journalism Student Council Advanced and Beginning Band Band Officers Intermediate Band Girls Ensemble and Boys Ensemble Sports Divider Ninth Grade Rally Seventh and Eighth Rally Ninth and Eighth Football Seventh Football Ninth Basketball Eighth Basketball Ninth Grade Wrestling Seventh and Eighth Wrestling Wildcat Tournament Powder Puff Football Swimming Track Ninth Baseball Eighth and Seventh Baseball Seventh Grade Party Club and Activities Divider Queen Ian Candy Cane Lane Lettermans Club Drama Club Service Club Pep Club Honor Society Boy and Girl of the Month Boy and Girl of the Year Autographs L65 D akca fion l ,.,?: f-NK . x' ,- u Cgwo ,, 'CY "lf . ' , 6 This year the annual has been dedicated to Mr. jack Weeks, who has taught at Twality since it was opened in 1960. Mr Weeks was born in Silverton, Oregon in 1937. He attended school there and went on to O. C. E. , where hl d loves he played basketball and was an outstanding pitcher on the baseball team. Mr. Weeks is a good at ete an all sports. During his years at Twality he has coached baseball and basketball as Well as teaching math, social studies and P. E. I-Ie is head counselor at Twality. Mr. Weeks has many hobbies--reading, American History, travel, model construction, and of course all sports. Mr. Weeks has been an inspiration to a o us s 1 The reason for this has been stated very well by Mr. Weeks himself, "I enjoy trying to help people learn to ll enjoy learning. I feel a good teacher is not one who teaches students, but helps them learn for themselves. Any student who has ever spent any time in his class knows he makes it interesting. Some students will remember the time he was lecturing in Social Studies in the Home Ec. room. As he was talking, he sat on ll fl ' tt dents. He seems to bring out the best in his students. stove and accidentally turned on a burner. Mr. Weeks is now involved in an experiment to provide an opportunity for students to learn history through research. I-Ie has a special class preparing an overall history text covering the period from the discovery of America to the early 1900's. In Febuary, Mr. Weeks' Seminar class appeared on T. V. The class was chosen for outstanding features from the Washington County School District. They held an actual class period showing how class Was instructed. The title of the program was "What's New In School. " We are proud to dedicate this 1965-66 Annual to Mr. Weeks. 3 MR. FENNELL Superintendent Administration MRS. ROBINSON Secretary f , i 'V ? i MRS. SPORRER Secretary ""'iu. if . iYJ I ' i M. J MR. PIETILA Asst. Superintendent Q.. MRS, FREDRICKS Secretary A 1 X JK df G MR. BIEDERMAN Principal r Of I MR. WEST Sohoo! Board 41" MR. WEBBER MR- I OI-INSON ,5 Y MR, AVERY MRS, WILCOXEN MR, FORSYTI1 , V :V y o . ' 1- Q' In-iq! Q . . 5 is Stephen Harrison Vickie Borders, I-Ioly Evans Ann I-Iulctt, Mike Boshart Library Assistants Jerri Croce, JoAnn Conscr I I L A " 'W' J , J, Shari Livesay and Cdldelia Powell Mrs . Szedlak Judy Adkins, Dordly Schneider u, vi r'-'H' ' f 2 kill-,.1:s,r Larry Hatch 'Ns qi, F-A . 1,-m -i '1 1 Y 8 -s 3 ' 4 . We ' 'f A . V ,I Peggy O'Farre11 Picture Coordinator Linda Dean Editor' Linda Clarambeau Business Manager A 1- h5v'3'r-W Yearbook Staff Q Mr. Zink Advisor ,Aj 4 xo 'u Molly O'Farre11 Layout Editor Gwen Miller Picture Editor Y A -- V27 X 'C -I 3 , jf x 1 9 Judy Lamkin Asst. Picture Editor A "5 7 , ' , lil, 1 ..,.. ,IH . , Y' .Q ' 4 f ,ffffi A eiprih U -" ff' 1. . ,M 'rx .L K Hs X Shclle Dunham 7th Grade Helper Janet Zimmerman Cut Out Lynn Domreis Asst. Picture Coordinator -A Tina Bissett 7th Grade Helper Jeanne Payne Assistant Editor Lmda Harper Assistant Business Manager Jim N1co11 Assistant Layout Charlotte Flack llffice Girls Ga1l Matthzns F? V la! . Tv Peggy O' Farrell Molly O'Fz1rrell 7155? 2 We l . AM, , , 10 Mrs. Mary Jane Freclricks Leslie Lane fl Q I. -L Margaret Baggenstos Linda Clarambeau Kathy Egger 1. 1-rg ,I 'Y w I V' P--' ,el -9 Mrs. Delores Gedrose and Mrs. Bette Kinlock. Custudians and Cooks Mr. Jim Bishop Faculty , ,I r 'CA I , I iii -s. I -1 .., ,A , 1 si .A Q ir 'fl . 3" 5 V I an kv' 1, " A ,tif 1 M! 'n ' -0 ' as M , ,u .' 'T , MRS. IO ANN HARRIS MR VERN MARTIN MISS PAT MOSES ig? MRS. MARADEE OLMSCHEID J 'V MRS. VIRGINIA VAN SCI-IOIACK MR. NORMAN DYCHE u '-' 9 l 'ml V 1 .133 fl -Q47 - p '-sg:-:Viv 'I L ...ef I M.MlS . Q MISS PAT BUNCE MR. WALIEACE SWEENEY 1 h' MRS. BEVERLY MC DUFFEY I L . 5 !...,..rf MR. ION LEWIS R I ' 44"-'RR5w' M 1 Q . S' ,, 1: I, A I rg' ' if. R . r ill" 1 ff Rst' " ", ' . 1 R - 5, y , W W r MR. NORMAN OYLER, I I 3 ' an F ,fy-"N 1 ri Lf ij ' J 1- 'if' , 'W' ,I--K .f'- , M R 'g ,1 ,, gf. ' Ku MRS. JOAN BARRY MR , DONALD TUNNELL 'UF' .. ef f 1 '-q r? T 'J Q MR. BRYAN I-IANSON MRS. IOANNE TALBERT ., N-Q-5-4: f W A all W A 1 Y l ,jfwmfff ML X MR. MARSHALL PANCHEAU K MRS. SZEDLAK mwuiwwgiwl Fwflww X MR. JACK WEEKS Q , MR, ROBERT CAREY t W ,SX X yy' MR. RUDY RO-IAS MR. ERNEST LAPPALA WL5fLGoi 3 Lfgfu, 144142-4L ' '1rfLAT'lJl MMA' wwf 7172 A 'WWI - W Of? NESS DONNA MAGEE MR. CHARLES COLLING an r Q' l I I 'N X' 2 fl 1 ' , 3 - ,, F MRS. SUSAN MARANDAS C asses l 'N A , . I. ' veal -'Q l x fs Y'-1 ' H 5 .X I.- -q f. L. in f , is A it YY 9th Grade Mary Adam Judy Adkins Royce Alsop Allan Altmamm Leonard Babin Margaret Baggenstos Bill Baker Mary Sue Beck April Bennett Vickie Borders TomBorn Mike Bosshardt Bob Botton Bob Bourke Mike Brewer John Brosy Sandy Bunker Bruce Bushnell Mark Butterfield Kathy Carrier Paula Carson Jan Chavez Sarah Cimims Pat Compton Mike Comstock Linda Dean Pal Eaton Kathy Egger Becky Elmer Stcvc Etling Holly Evans William Fcwlcss jon Fielding Inn Finl cy Chzrrlottc Flack Patti Flamncry Harold Flitzlcr L:1Vis:1 Fritzlcr Mark Fullerton Tod Fullmcr Iolvcn Guclncy Bryan Gilhnm Terry Goldhccl-1 Czlry Gruwc Jerri Croce Carrol Grove Stcvc I-Iurrison Stovc Ilnmsuilco I.:1rry I-lzltch Judy l-lulms Alamos Hcrbst Curl I'I::rnstcnll joe Hill Roy llowlnml Judy I-luwu Juno Iuqucss Loil Iunkin Linda Kumstru jon Karr r Q, Q, lu 421 I " ul H - Nqr C. 1 VL . 1 L F1 lf l 5..- S 1 1, I all Q - l '31 f , ,E J. . "" 1 w l . f' ' -v' l : bg, - 4 1 ,. 'ff ' , ,. ' . n I si-4.1, f 1 1 A I' . Il lg, .If -F , - 1 , , A Q. Q v 'I hm. L We--.. ! I e 'F Q p' . -1- ' 4 'qv' nd1' I' , -1 9 . 5' , .Lf J -- :"' gr Greg Kurath Mararet Lamkin Leslie Lane Steve Laxton Sharilyn Livesay Joyce Malsbury Gail Mattias Linda Mawhurde Cinda Mawhirter Steve McDonald Leita MCKern Ron Michael Chuck Miller Gwen Miller Curtis Nodlancl Molly O'Callagl1an Molly O'Farrcll Peggy O'Farrcll Frank Oliver Larry Paukner Conrad Pearson Leslie Peek Carol Peters Sharon Peterson MarybeLh Pierson Debbie Poole Cordelia Powell Larry Powers Bob Prock Ken Rhein Mary Roberts levin Roemhildt Debbie Royal Ken Ryan Alan Schmit Dorothy Schneider Ron Schreiner Yvonne Shutts Don Silvey Earnest Smith Dawn Sporrcr Suzann Swaren jim Swnyze David Taylor Steve Thornbrue Tom Tompkins Gail Tyson Laurence Tyson Jerry Upchurch Susan Van Den Deede Michael Volpe Tom Weaver Fred Weinel Eric Whaley Mary Willcut Grant Williams Catherine Young Roger Young Lael Zellner Charles Manke Q-'Q fi- 'glm 19' if-on ing, mf: XX ikfff if v , , , E L -nr, - 4' " 1 K L K xx.. 3 I A 'itll 5 2'-5 f ,r-11:1 Q. vi I l I a m fi' , - r , ' ' sr l. il 515 rd' ' L . srl. -ci 3 "FET '- Kg a 1 1 B l as. .lig- C' , Tw - Agra? 13? 2' ,l ,r,, l , -. 4 -l l l 5474 -me L. , Q Q' V' 'if -ny X, TE T V ' r.f.'- ' X 'nj if 2 9 v we., -3 Lg-B - AV ' 's ,v .yr Al Q' V! I Isis v 11.0 -ca- . 'r ,W- N r l af s. f' L . V L, g ,frm pq F ...T.. lf Ag ,-,E -fxf. .,, .1 X X 'AR "'- fefxf , .LW Q to . ,V 'g 'r fe gm? 7 " A W" ff. 1 f kv 1. . ' ,. .K y , L. - Sandy Adkins 8 Tamara Allen Neal Anderson Richard Anderson Rocky Arn Roddy Arn Roger Afllflt Kristi Arncson Al Ashcroft Al Augustine Bob Bachelcler Gail Barker Stephen Barrett Sam Barlett Connie Bidiman Dan Bell Marlene Bell Rob Beringer Linda Berning Gary Bidiman Bruce Bicdermzm Bruce Bimeler Tom Bishop Daphne Bolden th Grade Tom Bordenkircher Shellie Borders Nancy Bourke Evelin Boyd joy Brewer Steve Brink Rick Brooks Dean Brown Susan Bruce Kim Burt leta Cardwell Ian Carey Deanna Carlson Larry Carner Whitney Cayton Rick Christensen Sandra Clifford George Coello Steve Cohoon Toni Cole Dee Ann Conover JoAnne Conser Ken Cox Lu De Belloy Phyllis DeRosia Karen Kickinson Mark Diehl Lynn Domreis Liz Dorosh Pam Dorsey Steve Dunn Doug Eder Elizabeth Eggert jim Eldridge Shirlee Elsner Dean Emme Marilyn Ems K. O. Erickson Barney Fagan Randy Fennell Dale Fieber Shiela Finn Bob Flabetich Shirley Foster Randy Fothergill Chris Freclricks j' "'? Q ll . A Y 1 I nf' -9- Ps lf' . x - 4 ll IH W 1 " W r 1, ' T ' f i 5 1 rg Q 'U , JN '71 'N-sk Al l 2-00 :X u 1 J Q 5.52.2-be et 5 fx Q.. ug fr? Q - 9 lk- Y .4 I . K :I i -- 1'- W, 5 ,. . 'W , ' .ML 3' -TF". .X M IL 2' 'fra' '-'13 . ir? '- any ' ., .1 ' Q l 1. .V ll L r1" ' ' L li ' Tiff TLT 21 LJ I All. 'II - v .,. I J, ,4 3, '9- 1" 1 ,G V I Ei + f i- 54' ' fl Q A- if lf' -.- v-1 M . Y I 4 ,Q Jf'1 , R X '- ufialqo " an 4 I I ' Q -will , I 4' I 5' 4'Q l W il Curt Free Debbi Frey Lynette Galloway Paul Garrett Debbi Garrison jennelle Geclney Randi Gensman Susie Gilchrist Jim Gillman Debbi Gillmor Albert Gilroy Peggy Goodrich Sandy Graber Judy Green Trudy Green Mary Ann Hage Ramona Hammes Barbra Hansen Linda I-Ianson Kathy Harp Linda Harper Marilyn Harvey Marla Harvey Phillip Harvey Tom Hatch Larry Helenius Dan Helms Joanne Hintz Glenn Hogg Curt Holmgren jeff I-Ioselton Greg Hosler Gary Hovies Kim Hubbell Jay Huber Shannon Huff Jim Jett Sandra Johnston Scott Judy Nancy Knauss Bruce Kroesc Allison Kuhne Judi Lamkin Patti Lamkin Karl Lamon Richard Lear Greg Lee Allison Lindsey Mike Lindsey Tom Mardock Paul Martin Debbi Mason Tom Matthes Tina Matthews Joe McCarty Steve McCoy Janet McDonald Colleen Meagher Cindi Miller Debi Miller Dave Mitchell Virgina Nelson Lance Newton Jim Nicoli Arne Nyberg Annie Oakley Steven Ohm John Palm Carmen Parker Jenny Paull ,G 2 ti liar , l . I rj 7 LN - 1.5:-. H , a. ' P? . B4 '0' Lf fr' Y 13' ' l 1 1 A , 'ul , , ,' l LW - P .. ' 1 Q T ' P+ x' L r '-.. I f J ' 'fn l x "' S l Jeanne Payne Laura Pearson Ron Phelps Harrison Powell Diane Raaum Gary Randall Karen Rasmussen John Richter Steve Ross David Roth Don Sanders Janice Schroeder Larry Schubert Norman Sharp David Simson Mike Smith Paul Synder Susan Spezza Julie Strech Marilyn Summers Patty Swanson janet Trogen. Fred Trueax Wilma Swanson Carol Tyson Bob Vance Kathy Wacldill Dan Waterman Debra Waterman Kathy Wall Ken Watson jenny West Marx in Westling Helen Willcut Greg Wolfe Kathy Wright Greg Yock Joyce Zadow Rick Ziglinski Janet Zimmerman John Zippri ch 9th Grade Class Ufficers T1'eas1u'er Jeri Croce President Grant Willams Sinai ,- - Sargent-at-Arms Ted Fullm er .--q-f 1th Grade BACK ROW, Nancy Penrose, Patsy O'Farrell, Janet Salong, Don, Ron Durkee, jim Cl - ' iapman. MIDDLE ROW, Mary Silvey, Mary Thornbrue, Sharon Weinel, Joyce Nelson, Clarice, Forseth, Tina Bissett, Susan Payne. FRONT ROW, Diane Bunker Dulcy Neeley, Becky Bachelder, Scott Michael, Kelly Cuddeford, Ronita Ziglinski, Darlene Lenhart. I BACK ROW,jon Orton, Pat O'Callaghan, joe jones, Lynn McCole, Tim Tate, Larry Westling, Martin Edwards. MIDDLE ROW, IoRene Wright, Vickie Skoglund, Christine Sanders, Debbie Forbes, Barbara Fletchall, Cathy Eckluncl, Sharon Sauter. FRONT ROW, George Peterson, Ricky Lee, Mike Broyles, Gary VValgraeve, Gary Gavin, jerry Brink, Ron Madland, Bill Botton, Greg Mansholt. Q22 BACK ROW, Tim Leadham, David Comstock, Arthur Hodler, Brent Gucldat, Kerry Strand, Gary Burgess, Ron Buchholz. MIDDLE ROW, Chris Karr, Mark Gilham, Steve Melis, Craig Beiker, Dave Harris, Louis Vaday, jim Conway, Richard Trump. FRONT ROW, jim Crisman, Mark Smith, George Simons, Russell Cappoen, Taggart Rife, Tom Willcut, jeff Diehl, Mac Harvey. il, BACK ROW, Stephanie Davison, April Matthias, Karen Misterek, Dana Richey, Sandra Percy, Debbie Smith, Barbara Masters. MIDDLE ROW, Pam Taylor, Margaret Dickoff, Debbie Harris, Joan Pearson, Ruby Janoe, Bonnie Erickson, Sharron johnson, Lynn Wollin. FRONT ROW, Kevin Lee, Don Adams, Tom Brosy, Ron Noyes, Grant Werschkull, Bruce Etling, Henry Esau, Ray O'Rourke, BACK ROW, Bill Wilson, joe Steyaert, Kerry Walters, Bill Nesvold, Brian Hoyt, Doug Baker, Mike Clark. MIDDLE ROW, Greg Fennell, Karen Pearson, Bob Seely, Randy Kolt, Allen Willcut, Wendy VanSickle. FRONT ROW, Judy Christensen, Mark Combs, Ricky Parker, Donna Clarambeau, Mike I-Iunnicutt, Sherrie Abernathy, Wesley Dean. BACK ROW, Elaine Black, Donna Dickinson, Kathy Free, Barbie Gale, Verne Lear, Laurene Winter, Pamela Prock. MIDDLE ROW, Chris Upchurch, Debbie Silvey, Richard Kaiser, Bill Flack, Sharon Lantz, john Branch, Voni Zellner, Mary Pat Fleming. FRONT ROW, Cindy Hassell, Jeanette Ingels, Cynthia Cowan, Ellen Gill Billy Ziglinski, Debbie Frank, Candy Eder Denise Chavez. BACK ROW, Sally Rankin Pat Sitzburger, Leanna Bacon Doug Brewer Pat Reider Pam Warner, Linda Thackery MIDDLE ROWg jerry Atkinson Iohn Yock Ray Ryan, Bob Braden, Dick Bradley, Bill Mclaughlin, Wesley Westcott, Greg, FRONT ROW, Ricky Bordenkircher, Wendy Howland, Cindy Galloway, Sharon Peyton, Shelle Dunham Jerri Lemon, Becky Wolfe, Mark Folsom. Choir I X' n L fr A X 1 -igFf K if J, From Row: Joe Hill, Jim Swayze, Jim Gill, Judy Green, Marlene Bell, JoAnn I-Iintz, Mary Hage. Eld 'd T d Green, Alison Kuhne, Wilma Swanson. Second Row: Bob Botten, Arnie Nyberg, Jim ri ge, ru y Third Row: David Mitchell, Norman Sharp, DeeAnn Conover, Susie Gilchrist, Pam Dorsey. Fourth Row: Bruce Kroesc, Tom Weaver, Tom Tompl-sins, Jill McAnally, Susan Van Den Heed, Denise Cooper. J ' If .4 1 .4 C A ' J ' ' nr. ' W 07' - i U ,. v V gi' ,, If J r , nl, -. ' , , X I i, X C L' D l , Jan Chavez, Carmen Parker, Jenny West, Front Row: Deanna Carlson, Daphne Bolclen, iz orosi Bob Vance. Second Row: DCbbLlv.CLlFTlSOI1, Joy Brewer, Shirley Elsner, Carol Tyson, Leta McKeth Janice Qunrless. Third Row: Mary Wilcutt, Mary Roberts, Gail Tyson, Annie Oakley, Virginia Nelson, Kim Hubbell, Sharon Peterson. Fourth Row: Jeanne Payne, Janice Shroeder, Randi Fathe Ramona Hummes, Kathy Harp, Dawn Sporrer, Mary Sue Beck. rgill Journalism fy 57 A ' -. xg l P I BACK ROW - Brian Gillman, Terry Goldbeck, Bill Baker, Ken Ryan, John Brosy, jon Karr. ROW 2 - Paula Carson, Peggy O Farrell, Debbi Poole, Charlotte Flack, Gwen Miller, Holly Evans, ROW 1 - Molly O'Farrell, Ian Finely, Sarah Cimiao, Chris Mizell, Joyce Malsburv. Terry Goldbeck, B111 Baker, and Ken Ryan. l Molly O'Farrel1 I' ,I n - s-.Q X up l .Z 5 V' M, Holly Evans, Gwen Miller, and Chris Mizell. R Mr. Tunnel 1 U Sarah Cimino and I , 3 . E xr! " K . 1, iffy s h Mflx ', ' '12' x 42 r ff Paula Carson. gf V '19 lu - ik H E' , ,. mf I 1 . sf ., L, , ,F Q4 W A-4-i Bryan Gilman John Brosy Student Council Sandi Adkins Gail Matthias Vice Pres. Secretary Peggy O'Farre11 President ' .A t-. -pw-a1s' Margaret Lamkin . V Karen Rasmussen Treasurer Liz Eggert Historian Blass Renresentatives Seventh Grade Back row: Sharron Peyton, Debbie Harris, Tina Bissett, Ron Madland, Mike Remington. Front row: Sharron Johnson, Bill Wilson, Scott Michael, Cary Strand. Eighth Grade y Back row: Ramona I-Iummes, jan Carey, Nancy Bourke, jenny West, Lynn Domreis, Janice Schroader, Steve Ross. Second row: Jeanne Payne, Peggy Goodrich, A1 Ashcroft, Tom Matthes, Scott Bushnell, Fred Trueax. Ninth Grade Back row: Steve McDonald, Jon Karr, Ron Michaels. Front row: Charlatte Flack, Sandy Bunker, Leslie Lane, Cinda Mawhirter, Jan Chavez, Jeri Groce. Advanced Band C' '13 c 4 ly- 31 V ,, 'K ', , N "' A "af- .. Y! -:L - , ' I I si, 4 . X, . 1 --L Y ff .1 W 'lr , 'Q' I l my , . First Row: Alison Lindsay, Marilyn Summers, Cindi Miller, Leslie Peck, Linda Kamstra, Jane jacquess Yvonne Shutts. Second Row: Nancy Knauss, Fred Weinel, joe Hill, Mike Smith, Lance Newton, Catherine Young, Bruce Bimberman, Steve Brink, Third Row: Loit junkin, Terry Goldbeck, Roy Howland, Eric Walley, Steve Ohm, Glen Hogg, Paul Snyder, Neel Anderson, john Palm, Ted Fulmer, Back Row: Conrad Person, jim Nicoli, Larry Helenius, Sarah Cimno, Steve McDonald. Beginning Band First Row: Linda Thakery, Verne Lear, Rick Anderson, jim Chapman, Rick Bordenkircher, Barbara Gale. Second Row: Mary Thornbrue, jeff Diehl, David Harris, Brian Hoyt, Greg Fennell, Elaine Black. Third Row: George Simons, Ronald Durkee, Bob Seely, Buddy Gilroy, Ronald Buchholz, Doug Brewer, Fourth Row: Mark Smith, Mark Gilham, Russell Cappoen, Gorden Anderson, Mike Clark, Dale Welch, Bill Nesvold. First Row: joleen Gedney, Karen Rasmussen, Judy I-Iuwa, Mary Adams, Suzan Swaren, LaVisa Fritzler Second Row: Phillip Harvey, jon Fielding, Steve Thornbrue, Paul Garrett, Kathy Free, Marybeth Pierson, Colleen Meeger, Laura Pearson. Third Row: Steve I-Iasuike, Whintey Cayton, Tom Hatch, April Bennett, Sandy Johnston, Mark Butterfield, Bryan Gilham, Kevin Roemhildt, jenelle Gedney, Fourth Row: Tom I-latch, Bill Fewless, Curt Free, jerry Brink Band llfficers lffl "YY , , 2 . r. ,.H,.I,- , -.f ?,A" - -'-.-. -Gr 'W 4 1 ' .0 l l President Steve Tliornbrue. Vice President Terry Goldbeck. Secretary Loit junkin . A ,L Intermediate Band if ,, Q 4 v'-wut., First Row: john Zipprich, Diane Raaum, Bonnie Flowers, Deborah Mason, Randy Kolb, Kathy Golden, Sharon Lantz. Second row: April Matthias, Cathy Elden, Mark Diehl, Steve Barrett, Dean Emme, jim Jett, Sam Bartlett, Third Row: Tom Mattlxes, Ken Watson, Mark Harvey, Bill Olson, Roddy Arn, Dean Brown, Bruce Bimeler, Dirk Nordling, Steve Drill, Tom Soule, jim Flatau. Fourth row: Scott Bushnell, Robin Lee, Rick Brooks, Greg Wolfe, Gary Randall. W' JV if ,f XW. ll, ', U67 Fl IM LPM, lf ,riff I 1 f XM M Mft MM W te f W LW 'wwe ' ee! ,OW Wtwyit M f 'Q fi cf' 0 Band Director -41, -f Mr. Panchau 1 fl! T 077' 551' J kfffnr -. , li Y' 45' Front row: Clarice Forseiix, Joyce Nelson, Sandy Graber, Sharon Wienel, Kristi Arneson, Connie Bclanger. Second row: Steve VonHagan, Kevin Lee, Mary Silvey, Craig Bieker, William McLaughlin, Louis Vaday, Don Adams, Keith Ohm. Third row: jerry Atkinson, Bruce Etling, Bob Braden, Dick Rue, jim Waley, Ron Noyes, Bob johnson, Grant Werschlcull, Steve Popp. Fourth row: Larry Carner, Steve McCoy, jay Huber, Bob Bachelder, Scott Judy, Gary Bibiman I Ken Wheelon, Roy O'Roarke, Harry Esau, Randy Kolb, Gary Emsiek, Tom Broisy. 1 EW? A Girls Ensemble First row: Deanna Carlson, Daphne Bolden, joy Brewer, Marlean Bell, DeeAm1 Conover, Sandi Graber, Shannon Huff, Dianne Raaum, Mary Ann Hage, Allison Kunhe, Colleen Meager, Gail Tyson. Second row: Ian Carey, Annie Oakley, Sharon Petterson, Dawn Sporra, Jan Chavez Ji1l.McNal1y, Janice Schroeder, Jeanne Payne, Lynn Domries, Kristi Arneson, Liz Eggert, Randi Gensman, Ramona Hammes, Kathy Harp, Janet McDonald. Third Row: JoAnn I-lintz, Denise Cooper, Pam Dorsey, Randi Fothergill. Boys Ensemble T- Y , .- -- Q- Grant Williams, Norman Sharp, Bob Bourke, Ron Michals, Dave Taylor, jim Swayze, Ted Fulmer, joe Hill, Don Silvey, Jim Eldrige, Arnie Nyberg. E if Q KL W S ,- r ' N Q ,XX y X K 03 ' wi A X Q 3 rj QQSQKXQ f' f Q:,:-:3-.D Betsy Fagan, Gail Matthias, Paula Carson, Judy Helms, Tangi Pape, Carmen Dalthorp. can Carm en 1 Betsy t Betsy f, Judy Paula X Tangi Carm cn n...., .......iL.., , .J 40 Judy T Gail 1 angi Paula Savant Top: Donna Briekley, Tina Bissett, Denise Chavez. Bottom: Annie Oakley, Kristi Arncsou, jenny West. Eighth Top: jenny West, Annie Oakley, Kristi Arneson, Bottom: Tina Bissett, Denise Chavez, Donna Brickley. Tina Bissett, Donna Briekley, Denise Chavez. , LJ M O Jenny West, Kristi Ameson, Annie Oakley. 9th Foothall "ffl rg'-lg, fo, 4, V ,TT , rf ,."' 'ifimlr offs "Vi Back row: Allan Altman, Doug Vaday, Chuck Miller, Bruce Webber, David Ricklick, Lloyd Kinnin, Doug Seber. Front row: Dick Barth, Tom Born, Don Silvey, Steve Thornbrue, Jerry Peterson, Boyd Kinnan, Dick I-Iolgate. 8th Football Back row: Bob Bacheldar, K. O. Erickson, Dan Bell, Steve Ohm, Bruce Kroese, Randy Fennell, Steve Ross, Paul Garrett, Norm Sharp. Second row: Gary Hovies, Tom Mardock, Scott Judy, Doug Eder, A1 Augustine, Mike Smith, Larry Schubert, Rob Beringer, Greg Yock, Tom Hatch. First row: Glenn Hogg, Ken Cox, Rocky Arn, Phillip Harvey, Al Ashcroft, Barney Fagan, Curt Free. Coach Donald Tunnel 9th Football n K an lf .- l' ua 1 X? Back row: Carl I-Iernstedt, Jon Karr, Doug Kunns, jim Hanke, Bob Prock, Grant Williams, Pat Compton. Front row: Ken Ryan, Steve Hasuile, jim Hervst, john Brosey, Eric Whaley, Don Hunt. Coach Rudy Royas KJ. Back row: Pat O'Callohan, Randy Kolb, Stan Kable, Bill Flack, Kerry Strand, -Keith Ohm, Mike Scott, Gregfennell. Coach Martin. Second Row: Louis Vaday, Bi11McLough1in, Ron Noyes, Steve Popp, Scott Michael, Grant Werskull, Don Adams, Mike Hunnicutt. First Row: John Yock, Bill Olson, Dick Rue, jim Whaley, Jim Conway, Bob Johnson, Kevin Lee. 41' Ninth Basketball Front Row: Bill Baker, Don Hunt, Steve Waters, Brian Gilham, Loit junkin, Conrad Pierson Back Row: Matt Majouski, Greg Kurath, Niel Beauchamp, Bill Taylors, Roy Howland, Coach Hanson Ion Karr Grant Williams Scott Forest X Front Row: Ion Karr, Steve Thornbruc, Scott Fcrest, John Brosy. Second Row: Coach Dolbeer, Terry Dolbcck, Gram Williams, Doug Vaday, Bruce Webber, Ken Ryan, Doug Vaday Bruce Webber l Grant Williams Steve Thornbrue Kon Ryan john Brosey 14X , X, ,pi l 45 Eiehth Grade Basketball Front Row: Ken Watson, Mike Smith, Tom Hatch, Greg Lee, Fred Trueax. Second Row: John Richter, Gary Hovies, Tom Mardock, Tom Borndenkircher, Rob Geringer, Ken Cox, Roddy Arn, Back Row: Steve Ohm, Bruce Krosc, Mike Lindsey, Paul Garret, Randy Fennell, Dean Brown. Seventh Grade 15, Ur tp, ie Qi A Front Row: Manager!Steve Barrett, Grant Werschkull, Lou Vaday, jim Flatau, Mike Hunnicutt, Greg Fennell. Second Row: Rick Lee, Greg I-Iovies Ron Noyes, Cris Karr, Bill Olsen, Ray Ryan, Dick Rue, Back Row: jon Orton, Brain Hoyt, Steve Vanl-Iagen, Kerry Strand, Jim Whaley, Craig Bieker. Coach Martin Ninth Grade Wrestlers ,-eg-JN.. my Front Row: Stove McDonald, Steve Etling, Mark Fullerton, jon Felding, Marshall Meyer Back Row: Steve I-Iasuike, Jim Swayze, Curt Nodland, Mike Trinkline, Al Altman. Tom Born, Duvc Riclxlich, Don Silvey, Dick Barth, Terry Finley Coach Norm Dycke I 1 , Wrestling Back row: Marvin Westling, Doug Eder, Greg Yock, Dan Waterman, Norman V. Sharp, john Palm, Scott Judy, jim Young. First row: Bruce Bimiberman, Barney Fagan, Al Ashcoft, Whitney Cayton, Lu Debolley, Paul Snyder, Curt Free. Back row: Tim Tote, Bill Wilson, Harold Smith, Robert johnson, Dick Koiser, Steve Drill, Larry Westling, Kevin Lee. First row: Bruce Etling, Ray O'Rourke, Mark Folsom, Kelly Cutteford, jim Conway, Henry Esay, George Simons. Wild Cat Wrestlers Tom Bom Alan Schm it Don Silvey 1 f 1, L E X, L: 'Q 'T 'H--',iQ " ,,., 2 wr' 1 ,n -- . .9 1 w ,Q . B 5 Q' ' m.: 3. nail Lloyd Kinrxtln Dick Barth Girls' 9th Sth H32 FUUUIHII KL 9th grade. Back row: Coach Martin, Carol Grove, Cinda Mawhirter, Molly O'Farrell, Margaret Lamkin, Peggy O'Farre1l, Jan Chavez, Gwen Miller, Cordilla Powell, Mary Roberts, Jane Jaquess. First POW: Charlgtte Flack, Jeri Groce, Judy Huwa, Holly Evans, Mary Sue Beck, Sharie Livesay, Lail Zellner, Mary Willcut, Jan Finley, Sharon Peterson, Coach Weeks. 8th grade. Back row: Jan Carey, Jenny West, Annie Oakley, Janice Schroeder, Liz Eggert, Susan Spezza, Judy Lamkin, Nancy Bourke, Lynn Domries. Second row: Janet Zimmerman, Linda Harper, Shannon Huff, Connie Belenger, Karen Rasmussen, Jeanne Payne, Sandra Clifford, Jennelle Gedncy, Laura Peirson. First row: Debbi Gilmor, Deanne Carlson, Daphne Bolden, Judy Green, Trudy Green, Peggy Goodrich, Marlean Bell, JoAnn I-lintz, Sandi Adkins, Patty Lamkin, Randi Gensman. Jeri Groce Kathy Egger Sandy Lynns Swimmers Steve Etling Steve McDonald Bob Bourke Char Flack Helen Bishop F- Ili -1'-g l ' ? A 6'- v 5 ,247 - V C- i x rs: 8? -FT? 'lj s A 'Q Y- , Q 1' ,A ' R ,if ,gf I' a 1. i va , I ... II Q A 4 I v, - Dave Ricklick rack Y 4 N ' 14-11 .- na. Don Hall I Rocky Arn Steve Thornbrue av'- Tom Devsmore, Mike Smith, Carl Lamone Dean Gooding -, - V.-1 7 J, . ?4 .""c,1 Q -M 'W '.- - 1+ 1: ,if ,Rl 7,1 1-1: 1 I L, Q. s N , U ull ' . ' . ,, . , ,- ..L,- fi 4 T, U -1 :ff 'gz f , , -4-25122. ,E ': ' - ."'.b-':.- . N m, . Axial," V 4, My , 1.1 +16 rm! . ,f"'."T ,, Eff if rr' fbwgi ,agi n- r 4 if .4 rf5!11f-7.2w.- as A " ' f L S . .Wa elm' ' -AFL ff-I 12451 Steve Steinke Steve Ohm Stan Rogers 9th Baseball Tri'i-41-1. in f 1.. ,..,., Q . K .. .. 1, r , -:.-l- ,. . Back Row: Coach Dolbeer, Larry Paukner, Galen Mires, Chuck Miller, Doug Secher, Doug Vaday, Ron Schreiner, Allan Coover, Matt Majovski. Front Row: Russell Mahrt, Don Silvey, Con Hunt, Scott Forrest, Dave Dacquilante, jerry Iasperson, Jody Daniels. :lik 7 , g . . 0 I ,Q u 9 I , ' X js .fy Q 'nl .W K 7th 8th Baseball Back row, Marvin Westling, Tom Hatch, Bob Bacheldar, Randy Fennell, Paul Garrett, Bruce Kroese. 2nd row, Rod Young, Jay Huber, Ron Phelps, Sam Bartlett, Don Sanders, Coach Weeks. 1st rowg Tom Mardock, A1Ashcoft, Gary I-Iovies, Rob Beringer, Curt Free, Ken Watson. ' QQ 5 .143 ' --on ' 4.1: f Q U ,4 ' , if 3' , Y 2 v,. .-. . - 5'-' . ' .!"-' Wh .LN-.f , -- ., ,-YH 1, 1:1 if in X, Kff f .0 XM f k. . 1 x 1 Sy ,M nf- iw l K Back row, Mr. Martin, Bob Johnson, jim Whaley, Mike Scott, Steven Drill, Bill Wilson, Brian Hoyt, Kevin Lee. 2nd row, Mike Mudrow, Bill McLaughlin, Ricky Parker, Bill Flack, Ron Noyes Bill Olsen, Louis Vaday, jolly Steyaert, Bruce 5 Etling. 1st row, Dick Rue, Grant Werschkull, Jim Conway, Stan Cable, Ray O?'Rourke, john Yock, Greg Fennell, Greg Hovies, Steve Popp. Seventh Grade Party 'FY e Wh A , , -..Jima dl. fr A-mo .fi , 'M' I ' ,J xg . wma: ,-I., ,iff I x I ' F .f 3 X 3 -'f57A.h f 5l ff ,, X, L M - .x,! aff 4, ' . H fn'-f "W K f 172' 4 . f-A ,f 5 X r " "-- pf I' X " "A , 2 if 'W' L' if 5 C., W , ,J ll . N X Fl ifwd Ji, . si N xffmgsx ik? E 'E?'F!7r5'?X'- ,ff 9?w,fZffQ? QQTJ, ,-f..f-..fX W Xffff " mf' --fx ffm- ,J f f my f -.f X 1 X ' " Q ia 'x 2 , i"""""" 57 L Queen Jun I AE 444 qi gf. 1. 1 Al :'f'J C-1- .1 ' If-A PRINCESS GAIL MATTHIAS PRINCESS LESLIE LANE cz. T319 I Candy Cane lane 4 1 ' ' ' If PRINCESS CHARLOTTE FLACK PRINCESS IUDY HELMS --f"1,,.' .s,"'5 ' C U ogg PRINCESS PEGGY O'FARRELI. PRINCESS PAULA CARSON 59 ,Z Princess Paula Carson, Escort Larry Paukner. Princess Leslie Lane, Escort Tom Born, Princess Judy Helms, Escort Don Silvey. Queenjan Chavez, Escort Steve Thornbrue. Princess Charlotte Flack, Escort Grant Williams, Princess Peggy O'Farre1l, Escort Chuck Miller, Princess Gail Matthias, Escort Terry Goldbeck. E-Pl 9th 8th Lettermen's Club Back row: Terry Goldbeck, jon Carr, Greg Kurath, Chuck Miller, Grant Williams, Ken Ryan, Steve Laxton, Allan Altman. Center row: Brian Gilman, john Brosy, Steve Thornbrue, Conrad Pearson, Bill Baker, Dave Taylor. Front row: Steve Etling, Tom Born, Don Silvey, Steve Hasuike, Loit junkin. . ,M ' .AZ wr . ' H " Back row: Dan Bell, David Roth, Steve Ohm, Bruce Kroese, Steve Ross, Paul Garrett, Randy Fennel, Norman Sharp. Center row: Fred Trueax, Tom Mardoek, Scott Judy, Lance Newton, Gary Bidiman, Phillip Harvey, Larry Schubert, Rob Beringer, Tom Hatch, john Zipprich. Front row: Whitney Cayton, Rocky Arn, Larry Helenius, Ken Cox, Al Ashcroft, Barney Fagan, Kurt Free, Tom Matthes. Drama muh 1 Z...- ui , M I W ea. 've ISF' N 7 f ez.-: Greg Yock, Joanne Payne, Al Augustine, Judy Lamkin, jenny West. Dorothy Coppon, Becky Wolf , Ramona Hammes, Channon Puff, Cynthia Willoughby Kathy Wall, Kristi Arneson, Linda Harper, Lynn Domries, U in' . sn," ' agp. we 1- .1- 2 ,- David Comstock, Egon Arndt, Stcvc Barrett, jay Huber Sharon Pettcrson , Sarah Cimino, Becky Elmer, Mark Coombs. Diane Rauum, if Service Club V ,WI Back row: Paula Carson, Jolccn Gedney, Judy Helms, Carol Grove, Sarah Cimino, April Bennett, Molly O'Callaghan. Third row: Gail Matthias, Debbie Poole, Jill McNally, Margaret Lamkin, Joyce Malsbury, Susan Jaqucss, Susan Van Den Heed. Second row: Debbie Royal, Cinda Mawhirlcr, Mary Wilcutt, Gwen Miller, Judy Adkins, Lelsie Lane, Becky Elmer. First row: Yvonne Shutts, Judy I-Iuwa, Kathy Egger, Jan Finley. .X A K I V Q 1.-f rl I ix f 1 K . I f .L t I 1 6 i w .' , 1 ll' 1 " ff' inf 1. 1 E ll' Elk? A, " ' l'R5fi'i if r ' ' A . gil. f 1 Back row: Elizabeth Virgina Eggert, Lynn Domries, Cindy Miller, Barbara Hanson, Judy Lamkin, Gail Barker, Ramona I-Iammes, Carmen Parker. Second row: Sandra Graber, Jeanne Payne, Karen Rasmussen, Kathy Wadill, Coleen Meager, Janet McDonald, Willma Swanson, Virgina Nelson. First row: DeeAnn Conover, Mary Ann I-Iage, Alison Kulme, Susie Gilchrist, Leta Cardwell, Liz Dorosh, Kristi Arneson, Jenny West. Q . J Ya Sgt. at Arms, Peggy O'F:1rrell, Treasurer, Jeri Groceg Secretary, Jan Chavez, V. P., Patti Lamkin, President, Char Flack. Pep Club 'QL A 5' as 1' . N 'Q' Q f .. f V ,L 1,-' l . , w 9 .." 1 1 f, M' ' v x 'A' k 5 J ' f I I fr 1 1 - . Q, f B M. Q, ,U KL, a C ":+ T Back Row: Peggy O'Farrell, Paula Carson, Joleen Gedney, Linda Camstra, Carol Grove, Sarah Cimino, Mary Beth Pearson, Ann Hulett. Third Row: Gail Matthias, Debbi Poole, Jill MeAnally Margaret Lamkin Joyce Malsbury, Jeri Croce, Charlotte Flack, Jane Jaquess, Susan Van Den Heed Second Row: Debi Royal, Cinda Mawhirter, Mary Willcut, Mary Sue Beck, Judy Adkins, Gwen Miller, LaVisa Fritzler, Suzanne Swarren. Front Row, Yxonne Shutts, Judy Huwa, Jan Chavez, Kathy Egger, Holly Evans, Mary Adam, Lael Zellner. 4 A1 Front Row: Darlene Lenhart, Becky Bachelder, Pam Taylor, Bernadette Fairbanks, Mary Pat Fleming, Denise Chavez, Cindy Galloway. Second Row: Jeanettelngels, Margaret Dickoff, Joyce Nelson, Donna Brickley, Tina Bissett, Wendy Van Sicle, Debbie Silvey, Vicki Skoglund, Sally Rankin, Debbie Forbes, Joan Pearson, Chris Upchurch, Third Row: Diane Renf, Debbi Harris, Stephanie Davison, Marilyn D'Alphonso, Laureen Winters, Shirley Sears, Claricc Forseth, Elaine Black, Linda Thaekery, Jerri Lemon, Sharon Lance. Fourth Row: Cynthia Cowwan, Sharron Johnson, Barbara Master, Susan Payne, Barbara Gale, Pat Reider, Pam Warner, Janet Saling, Dana Richey, Patsy O'Farrell, Sandra Thomas, Sandra Percy, April Matthias. Pep Club li 'te Back Row: Lynn Domreis, Shannon Huff, Gail Barker, Sanedcra Graber, Diane Raaum, Cindi Miller Elizabeth Eggert., Judy Lamkin, Janice Schroader, Debbi Gilmor. Third Row: jan Carey, Jeanne Payne, Peggy Goodrich, Kristi Arelson, Debi Frey, Patti Lamkin, Julie Strech, Karen Rasmussen Nancy Bourke, Second Row: Alicson Kuhn, Annie Oakley, Kathy Wall, Pam Dorsey, JoAnn I-Iintz Sandra Clifford, Randi Gensman, Nancy Knauss. Front Row: Trudy Green, Marlean Bell, DeeAnn Conover, Mary Ann Hagc, Sandi Adkins, Joy Brewer, Susie Gilchrist. Vice President President Secretary Ienny West Judy Helms Leslie Lane Treasurer Sargent- at-Arms Molly O'Callaghan Liz Eggert C--Q Advisor Mrs. Marandas if v-wr ' Vice President Bob Bourke Historian Ian Chavez President john Brosy NATIONAL uqonsocmv Wow gn B :. e I " 64 is L5 Adviser Miss Magee 5 gy' Secretary Conrad Pierson , 'xv- , 'A X1 'rg' , , . ,V nb' Treasurer Brian Gilliam National Honor Society Sgr ix Top row: Bill Baker, Terry Goldbeck, Bryan Gillam, Bob Bourke, Steve Thornbrue, Steve McDonald. Front row: Gail Mattias, Linda Kamstra, Jan Chavez, john Brosey, Peggy O'Farre1l, Debra Poole. Top row: Steve Ohm, David Simpson, Curt Free, Mil-ce Smith, First row: Coleen Meagher, Patti Lamkin, Jennelle Gedney, Linda Harper, Susan Spezza. BUY and Glfl of the Month September - Friendliness is October - Neatness is ', if J I HJN,-4 A ,G ..., .,.,. Z lx S , an ,.Z+! ... J lv: ,X V 'J .QHUTQ q. ' ,, 'fs 'Y - A ..... I' ' , 'Sufi Q 'J A ,nl .. ' - ' ' "k' --r Y 4 . I-' ."q Don Silvey S Judy Helms Steve Thornbrue S Ian Chavez November - Leadership is R 'Hur Grant Williams G Peggy O'Farre11 y A 5 December - Spirit is january - Courtesy is m 5 'Qs P 1 ' A-4 K ' ,AM , ' , x , Q 1 A. X . 4, . ' V-5 4 ' x ll. ' , , is r . 6 M M 1 els, Terry Goldbeck S Paula Carson John BTOSY 'S Jeri Croce 68 5 O February - Scholarship is March - Talent is C2 A V X 1,1 Bob Bourke S Gail Mattias Steve McDonald G Charlotte Flack April - Personality is May - Success is Tom Born 8 Leslie Lane Bill Baker 8 Molly O'Farrell 1 e Girl and Buy ofthe Year Ov My if at X- . iii ,-If" a , -A-as Q 1. 'L ' Q.- - 5 ' "9 rx I 'xc 'E-fi-f1i'7?1-' M' Q 4' jfs. u v- fQ'jii'ff.' ,Mgr 'Q ,Y '50-,Q-js! A 1 , W NATIONAL SCIENCE FOUNDATION RESEARCH PAR11CIPATION PROGRAM During the past several years the Tigard Schools have played leadership roles in several areas of curriculum development. In the area of science one of the long range projects has been conducted under the National Science Foundation's Research Participation Program. This program, with its Academic Year Extension, was a pilot program of the University of Wisconsin during its first two years. Since then the R. P. P. with its A.Y. E. has been made available to other colleges, universities and research institutions. This means that now many science teachers in the United States are able to conduct different research projects. in the summers and during the school year. Our project has been a weight and temperature study of goldenmantled ground squirrels. Enough significant new information has been recorded as a result of the study that papers on it have been presented in meetings of scientific societies. In the fall of the year, probably September, an article pertaining to the development of the Research Participation Program in the Tigard Schools will appear in the "American Biology Teacher, " the journal of the National Association of Biology Teachers. This will be the first article dealing with the history of the development of the R. P, P. in a school system to appear in a national publication. The enthusiasm of the students, the support of the school district, and the interest of the community are among the reasons the Tigard program was selected. The title of the article is "An Academic Year Extension of a Research Participation Program. " r --fr is W . -,YO 8-203 .Q K., 9, X4-'ns CXXU I D iixxxxgfa R ' 1 'QW N9 Hf Q. Lo G95 N x ,A4, A W I Cv Milf AKWQ,-My , ww MJF K X05 M ,E 52 Q2 ix Q5 3,330 is 1 ESX? , A C 22353 N M542 X A q M N 09 N M Ng mC0fQWQWf'U J Q fQm9N 'f' umefjswfm ww Www mipk 'NGN MMM? fl Mfr Wwflwiifw fjfwgj C90 Q f 45 U D CL Lfgfgfh CLQQ 5 ff 5 Z S S W C, Z 1, ji ,.,,. ' N ' Mi' ffkfflxj C' 005,14 411,35 Cf . g it X, . xx L 1 'fm 5-QQ , . bd Qljvjgfz QNX J .VO .1 a 1 X af' li Oxffwo if I -7' ' f 'I 'A Q ,L ' ff - L ,. 404 if SALEM FERRY L ,x1'f,., orzmom YQLIQ TOWN DRESS INC- ,: ry -1' X, X0 F3 fx. rw 's fx 'X f'- xi f PM f- ,5 A , X - XV Q ' ,Q f . f , X fi-xr 'Wx Kg? 'P ik:-4 'N X I L 1 Aw A A 1 W 'NU 0 AA ' is 'N Q X ' A K xp- 60 , Q - X- KX T3 AJ GX ' "if ..,m 'Sf' C3 , 11 .N . Q Q O N 4 , "K 4 .gf . FN E I, 1 , ' RR Qi? Y iijigqb-5bL,d-1 ECU YQ K: E -5 31:2 EE: QE- is Rilcgigsg EQ gg x , X XXQQS Q51 UQXQ x X is ' OL Q N C I2 5 4 IQQ 1 L' X QCJQQD X' 5 F S-F X x J X F 0 WJ, c'm6-fy, Kind if xkfwd My Mr dfiy! fffffzg 5 Cf fffhfjggjf .jC!4J X562 f5!C2,C 5' K 7? 'E' ,K C14 kg Q., 52,1 C K6 Q6 54 YK? fzzltqffgszj ff, W!! AQ' Y!! 7567 NCS' Afffff NJ, 9 77 4.2a.,4g 06 ,590 Xgxaagij Qfdfggg 6 56 Q! fp V52 cfz,C'J,Q:gQfxZj 42 C -f JS'-5 3, 't"C:""".E gg X' EXE., fa-5.3. affix 1xC'5?ST'Q 52.53 QE ?"'l:' Og 5- NXNSN-Q Q J QRLKZ J Xft Cfjfcj AL JUwQl'1'x, JLLQQQA LUW kkbfiylq KL Lg JNL AL'Lf'Yx,iLf f 9071, fig fan W :ll-fL'Y"L'7"l'Lf. xf Q Q Q L, Jju kfnu 77 P701 QU Cu M N 4"2'fTfL .. 6143.1 I . 5 I ' ug . x... r , - ,- ,Q . . , 1 .,, 70,7 1 - W .1 .. ,,,f, ll 7' 1 A F V . y ' rip ,,,, ' M f -of + . ' f 'X 3 5' P " , ' i -f V. 5 - "' ' ' ' 9 4 ' ,' ' A -V I if if k " Mff mx M ,- N-, f ,, ,, N A 4, .V l J Q- I , Y l ' X' J ' . Q lf , 1 , "" -37.1 . A4 Q' '5 2 ' Y , + il, Q 1- f 7 v if if , M i if 4 Q ff ' qw fm , g 9 ,P I, .h X '- - . , 1, Vi X Q12 f A' ' X fx " . X, - , A, W u fs X b Qx Q Y, llqsxw i .Y 1 V- - 1 1 5 I, ,. 1 ,V X 02.3 'lfiu Q- . V 5 . 1 'em E- '12 A if - " N ' 5 'Lx g L-,J V Q Q 5 A X kg, ' -' I n lx il . , tj M W 9 A . 1 15- - full", Y it V , V A J! V . R K N V 1 QR V f ok , O v Q I x 1 , ,

Suggestions in the Twality Middle School - Trojan Yearbook (Tigard, OR) collection:

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