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H 2 55 1" f Zevbcafion Somewhere along life's road, whether early or late in years we all meet some person who makes and leaves an everlastmg 1mpress1on upon us Each of us graduates runnmg true to form, has chosen th1s 1nd1v1dual in the person of our Enghsh teacher and sponsor She w1th her sp1ced tongue and teach mgs has made the hard and b1tter struggle toward the mastery of Enghsh take on an unsurpassed ardor She has ever had a sympathet1c ear and a help1ng hand to lend to anyone who went to her w1th troubles For these and many other reasons w the Semors of '54 ded1cate to her our yearbook "T1ger " Ed1tor 5 I o 9 ' v e' . ' I I el , I I l'600L TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Bobby Joe Harryman, Co -Editorg Forrest O'Hara, Business Managerg Bob Koonce, Co-Editor. BOTTOM ROW: Loretta Garrett, Typistg Wanda Klippel, Typist: Anna Mae Bennett, Business Managerg Eldon Englebretson, Editor. BETTY JO MCNEFF Democracy students Annual Queen at work? 2 EW f MR. BEN DOUGLAS President MR. WARD PAXTON MR. ROY OSBORN Vice-President Member Mar of glclucafion MR. WALTER MCCARTHY MR. C. P. PLUMLEE Clerk MR. W. W. MCCOMBS Superintendent Member SUPERINTE.NDENT'S MESSAGE Congratulations Senior Annual Staff: To you has fallen the task of producing another annual. As the years go by, and as the yearbooks are published, the aim of each class has been to try to put out a bet- ter book than the other classes. You have been very faithful in sticking to a job that has no future honor, except the pleasure of seeing a job well done. We are proud to have students who accept responsibilities such as these, and hope that you will continue to do so in the future. Again, Isay THANKS and CONGRATULATIONS 3 JIM H. GEORGE HELEN TRACY Principal, Math English j6'lCllAg G. M. MGRRIS Custodian ALLIE CHANNELL VIRGIL WILMETH Typing Math, Science L. A. WISE BILL TOMLINSON Music Athletic Director 4 GRACE GITHENS Home Economics hi'-, Hain' THERON I ONES Vocational Agriculture N ZW en iam ELDON ENGLEBRETSON Class Officer I-2-3-4g Year- book Editorg Junior Playg Band I -2g F. F. A. I-23 Operetta 4. 5' if o Qo fi ' Xi Nzf,-'73 Ah y . 4 XX . A .. , DELORIS BOWMAN F. H. A. I-2 -3-4s F. H. A. Officer gg Pep Club I-2 -3 -4: Pep Leader 33 Glee Club I- 2,4g Softball 3-4g Jr. and Sr. Playsg Class Officer 2. WARD PAXTON Football I-3-4g Football Capt. 43 Baseball 2 -3 -4g Basketball 2-43 F. F. A. 3-45 Officer 4g Senior Playg Glee Club 4g National Honor Society I. LORETTA GARRETT Queen Attendant I-3-4g Class Officer Ig Glee Club I-2 -3-4g Glee Club Officer 4g Senior Playg Yearbook Staff. BOB LONG F.F. A. I-2-3-49 F,F.A. of- ficer 3-4g Judging Team I-2- 3-43 Band I-2 -3 -43 Glee Club 4g Football 2-3 -45 Basketball I-2 -3-4. 5 BOB KOONCE Football 2 -3 -4g Basketball 2 - 3-43 Baseball 2-3 -4: Glee Club 43 F. F. A. I-2 -3g Class Officer 3g Yearbook Staff. ANNE HARTIN F. H. A. I-2-3-43 Band 1-2- 3-45 Glee Club I-2'49I1'. and Sr. Playsg F. F. A. Queen 4g Softball I-4g Pep Club I-2 -3-4 EUGENE CORLEY F. F. A. I-2 -3 -45 Dairy Iudg- ing Team I-2-3-45 Dairy Pro- duct Judging Team I -2-3-45 Glee Club I-2 -3-45 Band I-2- 3,45 Oklahoma Boys' State 3. HENRY COOLEY Football I-2 -3-45 Basketball I-2-3 -45 Baseball 2-3-45 F. F. A. I-2 -35 Band 1-2 -3 -45 Junior Play5 Band King 45 Glee Club 4. eniom JERRY SIPE Basketball I-2 -3 -45 Football 2-3 -45 Football Captain 45 Baseball I-2-3 -45 Oklahoma Boys' State 3g Class President 2-45 Operetta 45 F. F. A. Ig Glee Club 4. MODENA LOVELACE Basketball I-2 -3-45 F. H, A. 3-45 Class Officer 2-45 Ir. and Sr. Play5 Glee Club I-2 -45 Football Queen 3. WANDA KLIPPEL Basketball I-2-3-45 F. H. A. 1-2 -3 -45 F, H. A, Officer 45 Band I-2 -45 Band President 45 Jr. and Sr. Play5 Operetta 45 Oklahoma Girls' State 35 Glee Club I-2 -3-45 Annual Staff. Royce RIEDER F. F. A. 1-2 -3. 6 ANNA MAE BENNETT Annual Staff5 F. H. A. officer 35 F. H. A. 1-2 -3 -4: Junior Playg Softball 1-2-3-45 Pep Club 1-2- 3,45 Glee Club I-2-4. 4 dl' eniom FORREST O'HARA Band 1-2 -3-4, F. F. A. 1-2- 3-43 Class Officer 3-4, Senior Play, Glee Club 4g Yearbook Staff. DELLOW REYNOLDS Football I-2 -3-4, Basketball 3-4, Baseball 3-43 Senior Playg Glee Club 45 F. F. A. I -2 -3 -43 F.F. A. Officer 3-4, Class Officer 3, Judging Team 3-4. BOB HARRYMAN Class Officer I-2 -3 -4, Basket- ball 3-4g Baseball 3, Glee Club 4: Junior Play, Yearbook staff. EMMA BASSETT F. H. A. 1-2-3-4, Glee Club 4, Class Officer Ig Class Queen 33 Softball 4. PEGGY AUTRY F. H. A. 1-2 -3 -4, F. H. A. Officer 3, Class Officer 3g Glee Club 4, Class Queen I 3, Junlor Play 3, Softball 1, Pep Club TERRY PARK Football 3-4, F. F, A. 1-2-3, Junior Play, Senior Play, Hrgh School Operertag Band 1-2- 3-43 Glee Club 3-4. 7 ,ff N. , ,M ,A , ' 44,3 JOY MAIN F. H. A. I-2 -3 -4, Glee Club I-2-4g Pep Club Leader Ig Pep Club I-2-3-4, F. F. A. Queen 2.1 Softball 1-4. 'Ua Lchcforian Sadzfaforcan ' w ,L ? Q 4 ., H, 6 V W' ' X I -nhl! x ,AWK A .. ' ' 5 ' -5-7 f ., , " Wanda Klippel Eldon Englebretson enior Way 8 l b I fig? af 4' 0 'MT '27, el -2 4511 ' as :S - -"""'r CAM 'IM Upon behalf of my client, the Class of 1954, of Tuttle High School, of the City of Tuttle, State of Oklahoma, U, S, A, , I have called you together upon this solemn and serious occasion, to listen to her last will and tes- tament, and to receive from her dying hand the few gifts she has to bestow in her last moments. LISTEN ONE AND ALL: Bob Long leaves his ability to write love letters to Ronald Traxler. Anne Hai-tin grants Shirlene Webb her secret on ways to pass with- out attendin class, but she has decided to keep her interest in the U, S, Navy for awqiile. Eugene Corley bequeaths his reticence to Donnie McCarthy, who certainly needs it. Anna Mae Bennett wills her many addresses to Lonely Hearts corre- spondents to Mary Barton. It seems Bill is due a discharge soon. Forrest O'I-Iara bestows his wonderful cornet playing technique to Jessie Sifford, however, keeping his interest in the 8th grade. Joy Main relinquishes her ability to get along with Mr. George to Pat Gourley, her librarian job to Claudette Haywood. Bob Harryman leaves his vague interest in Mr. McCombs' democ- racy hour, the hour that tries the souls of men, to Ed Rich and Ross Sterrner. Terry Park relinquishes his habit of punctuality to Jack Whitlock, Winford Ollison, and Vernon Kettler, thinking he would need his ciga- rettes and shuffleboard pucks, he decided to keep them. Loretta Garrett bestows her quiet, mannerly ways to Dana Sifford, Billie Hardesty, and Neoma Tate. Dellow Reynolds leaves his bull-riding to J. H. Welchel, but in no way relinquishes his right to Barbara. Emma Bassett wills her ability to write five thousand word themes fshe was iven these themes for riding with out-of-town boys during noon hour? to Janis Osborn and Patsy Miller. Bob Koonce grants his secrets toward a happy highschool romance and marriage, he decided he couldn't get along without his wife. Modena Lovelace bequeaths her wonderful personality to Ruth Caldwell, but keeps her deputy-sheriff bad e. Henry Cooley relinquishes his basketball ability to James Osborn, his dairying interests, meaning alot to him, he decided to keep. Jerr Sipe bestows his football playing and his physique to Paul Gaidaroibf. Wanda Klippel leaves her height to Mary Lou Chaney and Merilyn Henderson, her build and weight to Patsy Scott and Beatrice Perry. Royce Rieder leaves his love for hopped-up pick-ups to Clyde Cook and Lex Pierce. Deloris Bowman reluctantly gives up her favorite parking place, Lawson's Lake, ranting Alice Main the permission to use it. Ward Paxton irequeaths his alarm clock Sguaranteed not to get you to school until the democracy hour is ha f overj to Danny Crist. Peggy Autry bestows her knack to hold one boy for four years to Billie Sue Hubbard. Eldon Englebretson yields his persistence after his own con- victions to Billy Main. The above document having been duly sworn to and witnessed on this 18th day of May, we the Seniors of Tuttle High School, bid fare- well to the rest of you. 9 C5155 I'0l0A2Cy It is the year 1964, and I have returned to Tuttle, Oklahoma, to visit my former classmates of Tuttle High School. When I entered Tuttle, the first thing I noticed was the billboards adver- tising an exhibition match of the "Shuffleboard King, " Terry Park, at the Super Cafe in Minco. As I entered the drug store, I saw the former Wanda Klippel still making sodas. She informed me that Jerry Sipe, her husband, is now improving the Klippel homestead and hauling milk on the side. Wanda told me that Royce Rieder, our safety minded driver, is now Oklahoma Safety Commissioner. What an advancement! ! ! While visiting the Tuttle Traders, I learned that Anne Hartin is now dance instructor at Arthur Murray's Dance School in Oklahoma City. As I was going back to my car, I met Dellow Reynolds who had just returned from the Cheyenne Rodeo. He said that he won first in the Brahma Bull riding. He also has an interest in the dairy northeast of town. Dellow informed me that Eldon Englebretson is now a Major in the 45th Infantry Division. He is serving as commanding officer at Minco. Driving down highway 92, I decided to visit the Corley and Sons Duroc Farm. Eugene was preparing to go to the American Royal Livestock Show at Kansas City, Missouri. After driving back to town, I encountered Mrs, Plumlee, formerly Joy Main, and Vernon Jr. She told me that her old school mate, Deloris Bowman, is now working in Oklahoma City and is still single. Bachelors, Beware! ! As I walked down the street, I met Henry Cooley, Tuttle Sheriff. It seems as though he has Modena Lovelace working on their dairy east of town. While talking with Henry, Bob Long came through town with a load of hay direct from the Old Hardesty Farm. I wonder if there is any connec- tion? After crossing the street, I met Peggy Autry emerging from the Post Office. She said that she was married and working at Bundy's in Oklahoma City. While talking over school days, Peggy told me that Emma Bassett and Anna Mae Bennett are the only active members left in the Lonely Hearts Club. I met Forrest O'Hara, who had just returned from his vacation in Brazil. He is now a wealthy band leader. Forrest informed me that he met Ward Paxton, who is now a petroleum engineer in Brazil. It seems as though Ward has finally found happiness with his fourth wife, I happened upon Mrs. Bob Koonce at the laundry, She said Bob was home taking care of the kids. I finally decided to take a chance and go see him. On my way back I met Loretta Garrett, whois now a bookkeeper in the First National Bank in Oklahoma City. As I return to my dairy in Wisconsin, I, Bob Harryman, find myself longing for the "good old days" when we were all back in Tuttle High, I 0.4 1 .1 4 ? . S5 E" -XX Q 5' f p Q ' Of! X,l 'VJ im Robert Pittenridge Billie Hubbard Bob Watt Patsy Plurnlee Donald Langston Marie Burris Edward Rich Viola MCNeff Russell Rigsby Erne stean Roberts Ferguson Roy Lee Robinett Rosa Spence Lee Hardesty Mary Barton Marvin Waldon J. H. Welchel Rephord Plurnlee Curtis Tate N .. V Q12 , I ,Vj i 'fi' 'X -- s ig x 'inf-4 ' f' ,, 19 4.-N415 at . t S fe'- 'ln 41 Qi? l. X N or J .P I at IGN .qt "-'-F' ' s, 1' , 4 Q 51' . 1 x - ' 'f f . , ' i ff: , 5 a Q--R M , E R A Kas? - 5 ' . , Ez i,..,.-av V . ," , v A ,'-.. W, A' r AA V 2, Y 1 , r R sag ll fp Q ' y V if ' , Paul Cooley Mary Ann Hardesty Danny Crist Shirlene Webb Winfo rd Ollison Janell Perry Roy Shay Janette Bledsoe James Osborn Marilyn Kettler Vernon Kettler Anne Latha Dana Sifford Ross Stermer Bill Lingle Charles Simmons Joy McFa11 , murwN BRA KE S ""'-...,f 'MA' . ....-:-:s:a:e:'::z:a:1:1:-.1-.. 6- X'i:Q59'v. I! :2:2.,.2:2:2:g:22iZ:1:2" E . ,0',9s , 1 -'be'-gi A x Has' 'MQ' 'Y Y AIR 5 I -SM ' iii ' J Aix, W ff l z If g We E Pa In .-fn. ' AM n I K ki I V . ,ja W I ff ,rw A av '33 Ruth Caldwell 1' ' ' "' v'- r , R N' wg, ,"..n IW 3 KMA 2 X fa J f Hhs. --oi M? aiu '.3k-ggazj . f n h ' 2 J 'E 34 5. X 4 . Q 4, 5 if 4 ft' W f -g g, 615: - - Preliminaries sf . '55 n- i f . ' i I M' 6. ' ir , Q 'tif - "2vi'x' 2 'Q A - iff. ' ' ' ' 1 - .Y f, ,vi ., N ,W 'N K 7 ,N , ... v '11 4' J , vi Iv - -,.:. nw , 4: I W, 'SA' J ., J VW' kk it ,, i, g ' K Z H.- X I I ,. .L, D M in A , - V 2... I 5 , " ' 5 tw- ' ry L , jf' X , tix K to , f' i Q., i to A iii m me 4 I wr ' , ' K, i KJTQ X u l i wkxf A u. 1 j .. Y, A 'fi ei 2 9 P W, s , 45' f ' , fig, . X f -Q4 i ' , . Z LL K .u Fre shman Agriculture Initiation Q , Action ! ! -. Aggy A 0' ' x f ei-171 " wf' 'fi' ,xr K . Q, , Q K Y f ., 1 YV 'f'-' xr A ,i Is this our Betty Jo? 'wiv' Mr. Githens and his A-team Another trophy 14 f"'-" ""- X 1 W U9 Q . KV' r Clif ff fm ! 0 i 5 51 x r I y N -mg 45 ,W if M Beatrice PerrY C r an-iq, C .. Q if X P X wi xi Q REF, 4:6 as fi B gy y f 'Q 6 O Q E V 3 I mf V Xa W Q 'wi 4 Joe Shay C y by A 9 17 C RY 7 V I 1 4 v Edward Roberts A Jessie Sifford Q t on fs 5 N, .f- K Duane Herren f 7 J , J wtf' 'Q 5 -' ff? Lila Simmons Nr C ' " J Gary Hovis b ' ee J Mary Page t ij: ee-. -I Jay Roy Lovelace r J Yvonne Base r f J K Bobby Conner is ii K V Q Marie Mitchell Q Pg 'I 'Z Vyhi - 4 C. Gilman Burris J A J eket ilii it 1 A Patsy Bozarth Freddie Ivie AAL f tk- S.- Kay Couchman may V y ' Paul Harde sty J, Claudette Haywood fll't J Dearl Lingle Larry Nickles J -J Mary Cooley j ye J Holly Waldon , A 1 f in, . X A Fl 4:4 .Q Q vu. I 'W - , Q 1 . : -"J J Xl 3 Patsy Scott f 1 4"'l"l l is , C C :EF 6 - as M Jeanette Carr is Donald Antrim J J-3 J . K V I Helen Plumlee Butch George - .sage me it a:22iS..:,1,,iSi35:::1 f 1 ,- . vm ' . vw ' ,3, . WMU' -...fn , . , 1 we Q L. lg, " 'Q ,1 3 . N3 Q ,-..f A y' ' -1' B' . 7,1 MQV76 fn.-2 'M , A 4 Q V ' I -1 353 w it , "" ' Q 41' 'pug ' ' mil 1 T3 M R if , .. ,.. rg ii f in iggii.. 54233 if I B Jerry Rigsby - Neoma Tate f' 4' Bobby Henson J' Il? Billie Hardesty -it f f fx j Betty Reynold s ae' ' ' Jon Watt Mary Chaney E' me 1, Leon Osborn ' ' 'cg Frank Jackson A94 yfrl 1 Me rilyn Henderson 1? . ' C1Yde Cook it iie A ' J S C ' Betty McNeff B-'F' 4, ' ff 'Sb 5 M I I 'ki' ,, jg, , if ' ,, llxw , ' J ri . f I 4. ' .1 Ex. , W1 e if . 5 1 J N7 349' VP' ,, Q33 ' ' , A me N i t ang? Ez , 8 3 G 5' -, r 1, .3 Y 2 , , ., I Cuff t06bal'l6 L.-G. M. Morris, High School R-Abb Holland, Grade School JANITCRS' LAMENT We're just janitors in a Tuttle school A job some think reserved for a fool. We go to great pains to keep the building neat We shovel and sweat to keep up the heat We run our legs off to do many odd jobs For a lot of folks, who act like snobs, From early morning until late at night It's do this, do that, and I'rn seldom right Fix a clock, fix a shade, fix a desk, fix. a door, Hang a picture, set the stage, open a window, mop the floor. Move a bookcase, pot a plant, sew a curtain that is "tore, " "Please, Mr. Janitors, get my groceries from the store." Each janitor has thirty teachers and more, Who think the wastebasket is all over the floor. We try to keep order, We try to do right Keep an eye on the youngsters, stop many a fight. If every teacher would just stop and say, "If twenty-five janitors came to ME every day" And I was only asked to do a little for each, When in the day would I have time to teach? 16 f W fl f . ff, 10 f J .34 '43 4' Op. EM jufure armera of .xdmerica F. F. A. CHAPTER, TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Leon Osborn, Ray Dean Corley, Gilman Burris, Howard Farris, Jack Whitlock, James Osborn, Eugene Corley, Dellow Reynolds, Bob Long, DearlLing1e, Larry Nickels. SECOND ROW: Anne Hartin, Bobby Conner, Bobby Henson, Paul Cooley, Forest O'Hara, Ward Paxton, Robert Pittenridge, Duane Herren, Leroy Case, George McNeff, Donnie McCarthy, Dwight Spain, Mr. Theron Jones. THIRD ROW: Freddie Ivie, Ion Watt, Marvin Waldon, Lee Hardesty, Jerry Rigsby, Butch George, Joe Robert McDonald, Edward Roberts, Holly Waldon, Clyde Cook, Frank Jackson. FOURTH ROW: Donald Antrim, Jay Roy Lovelace, Gary I-lovis, Paul Hardesty, Joe Shay, Ronald Traxler. O ACQPJ r r V 4 c,...a F. F, A. OFFICERS, LEFT TO RIGHT: Ward Paxton, Sentinel, Dellow Reynolds, Treasurer, Bob Long, Secretary, Mr. Theron Jones, Advisor, George McNeff, President, Lee Hardesty, Vice -President, Donnie McCarthy, Reporter. 17 airy yudlging .High ,gnchuicluazi ,sf I iuerifocg uc! ing James Osborn, Bob L ong, Th I Llldty Y Waldon, Ray Dean Theron Jones, Corley Donnie McCar hy M2811 i Miss Jo Anne Hart n jlfltllfe 0l'l'lel'l'ld QP5 of .j4I'l'lQl'iCLl I 2 5 5 oe TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mary Page, Kay Couchman, Shirley Garrett, Billie Hardesty, Betty McNeff, Betty McKittrick, Pat Miller, Barbara Hoover, Yuvonne Yockey, Janis Osborn, Mary Ann Hardesty, Viola McNeff, Modena Lovelace, Edith Klippel, Clyda Bowman. THIRD ROW: Lottie Welchel, Peggy Autry, Emma Bassett, Claudette Haywood, Betty Reynolds, Anna Mae Bennett, Deloris Bowman, Joy Main, Helen Plumlee, Neoma Tate, Janette Bledsoe, Joy McFal1, Patsy Plum- lee, Anne Latham Page, Pat Gourley, Rosa Spence, Deloris Reynolds, SECOND ROW: Mrs. Grace Githens fAdvisorJ, Dana Sifford, Loretta Garrett, Jessie Sifford, Jeanette Carr, Patsy Scott, Lila Simmons, Marie Mitchel, Mary Cooley, Yvonne Base, Patsy Bozarth, Beatrice Perry, Marie Burris, Merilyn Henderson, Mary Lou Chaney, Marilyn Kettler. BOTTOM ROW: Billie Hubbard, Mary Bar- ton, Ina Bassett, Betty Guthery, Ruth Caldwell, Alice Main, Jean Caldwell, Barbara Drummond, Joy Cruzan, Beverely Trammel, Wanda Conner, Jackie Whitaker, Shirlene Webb, Wanda Klippel, Anne Hartin. omg.. BACK ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Merilyn Henderson, Freshman Representativeg Deloris Reynolds, Historian, Yuvonne Yockey, Song Leader, Pat Miller, Song Leader. FRONT ROW: Jackie Whitaker, Parliamentariang Marie Burris, Vice -President, Wanda Klippel, Secretary-Treasurer, Patsy Plumlee, President, Mrs. Grace Githens, Advisor. 19 M ,af or , . . v ' 9 fn: A., I wdfk-www A Pledge court judge Part of the fun nfl I 'S' Rally program, Building a Home The way to a man's heart l Everybody enjoys FHA camping. 20 6lHlS' BLEE CLUB BUUS' GLEE CLUB ga 6 ur, , , 1 all E 2 3 Q Q Q . , 4 C l.,..1rl L-, TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mary Page, Kay Couchman, Shirley Garrett, Billie June Hardesty, Betty McNeff, Betty McKittrick, Patsy Miller, Barbara Hoover, Yu- vonne Yockey, Janis Osborn, Mary Ann Hardesty, Viola McNeff, Modena Lovelace Edith Klippel, Clyda Bowman. SECOND ROW: Lottie Mae Welchel, Peggy Autry, Emma Bassett, Claudette Haywood, Betty Reynolds, Anna Mae Bennett, Deloris Bowman, Joy Main, Helen Plumlee, Neoma Tate, Anne Hartin, Janette Bledsoe, Joy McFall, Patsy Plumlee, Wanda Klippel, Rosa Spence, Deloris Reynolds. BOT- TOM ROW: Dana Sifford, Loretta Garrett, Jessie Sifford, Jeanette Carr, Patsy Scott, Lila Simmons, Marie Mitchell, Mary Ellen Cooley, Yvonne Base, Patsy Bozarth, Beatrice Perry, Marie Burris, Merilyn Henderson, Mary Lou Chaney, Marilyn Kettler. ? QQ . A A - ' TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Wise, Bobby Henson, Ray Dean Corley, Russell Rigsby, Rephord Plumlee, Roy Shay, Charles Simmons, Jack Whitlock, Donnie McCarthy. BOTTOM ROW: Terry Park, Bobby Van Koonce, Jerry Sipe, Eugene Corley, Bob Harryman, Forest O'Hara, Ward Paxton, Bob Long, Henry Cooley, Dellow Reynolds. 21 ,L Z?6.,f.J jwirird ajoreffe Janette Bledsoe LEFT TO RIGHT: Patsy Miller, Betty Lou Reynolds, and Janis Osbom. fs ,fbX:'xN" f 1' Asfliif ,J ,gf . 22 ,LJ N ,. r X. H .Sfxwfif -- if aww .Q 1-sm 'Q f XSL lm .Q K gs ., , Q, 5 f ,A K rug 1 3,-5. r N-,,q., + A 5f,.,.,, 5 X.,w,: x K x ..s ' xx K .3 Q45 5 xv? ' If af - - wx 1, Q -Qi , , . if S Q Q as . ,Q , . , .P N .Q-5 -. S K F Q 5 , V S- Q 1 , S 2 ff. f Q 4- .if pix ' be is A Q ur xg, ,Sgr asm J S . 1 LS X 1, Q X Q. Q f-Q s ...N . Q, W Q, gf 2 1 QM jooigaf Q '23 l 1 3 Z 2 BACK ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Charles Simmons, Terry Park, Bob Long, Dellow Reynolds, Henry Cooley, Bob Koonce, Jack Whitlock, Rephord Plumlee, Jerry Sipe, Bill Lingle, Ward Paxton, Bill Tomlinson. MIDDLE ROW: Roy Robinett, Vernon Kettler, Gene Koonce, Bob Watt, Marvin Waldon, Dearl Lingle, Winford Ollison, Gilman Burris, Joe McDonald, Paul Cooley. BOTTOM ROW: Curtis Tate, Holly Waldon, Frank Jackson, Bob Conner, Butch George, Leon Osborne, Ronald Traxler, Robert Pittenridge, Ion Watt, Larry Nickels. lleefl Coack L l Edith Mae Klippel Bill Tomlinson 23 TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Henry Cooley, Q. B. : Dellow Reynolds, Guard, B Tomlinson, Coach, Ward Paxton, Guard, Jerry Sipe, F. B. MIDDLE ROW: Bob Koonce, H. B. g Bob Long, End, Terry Park, Tackle. TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Bill Tomlinson, Coach, Paul Cooley, Jon Watt, Dearl Lingle, Edward Rich, Henry Cooley, Charles Simmons. BOTTOM ROW: Holly Waldon, Marvin Waldon, Robert Pittenridge, Clyde Cook, Ross Stermer, Gilman Burris, Bobby Henson. NOT SHOWN: Bill Lingle and Duane Herren. rsh' pi . V : M Q' 'Q ...iv 411:-Q ill Qtiefniefl PGC f 1 R ima BACK ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Ward Paxton, Edward Rich, James Osborn, Dellow Reynolds, Henry Cooley, Coach Bill Tomlinson. FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: George McNeff, Bob Harryman, Bob Koonce, Bob Long, Paul Cooley. gwzfefda f L-A. rx 'S BACK ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Barbara Hoover, Marie Burris, Barbara Drummond, Modena Lovelace, Beverly Trammel, Deloris Reynolds, Betty McNeff. FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT Janis Osborn, Yuvonne Yockey, Wanda Klippel, Patsy Miller, Clyda Bowman, Coach Irvin C. Githens. 25 www. BACK ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Coach Tomlinson, Bob Conner, Rep- hord Plumlee, Butch George, Bill Lingle, Roy Robinett, Dearl Lingle, Paul Cooley, Freddie Ivie. FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Donald Antrim, Jerry Sipe, Ward Paxton, Ir., Henry Cooley, Dellow Reynolds. BACK ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mary Hardesty, Helen Plumlee, Coach Githens, Naomi Tate, Edith Klippel, Mary Page, Lila Simmons, Beatice Perry, Jessie Sifford. FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Pat Gourley, Anna Mae Bennett, Deloris Bowman, Marie Burris, Clyda Bowman, Yuvonne Yockey, Yvonne Base, Patsy Bozarth, Mary Cooley. t2L:56?ZgCZilf9 ,milf ' ,--',,,.-- ' " 2 5.5 121211:-' ' Wi am E. E. MILLER I. C. GITHENS DELBERT SPAIN Grade Principal Coach Seventh Grade Teacher Eighth Grade Teacher Drivers Ed. Teacher QGJQ CLCM ffl gr-3 'FJ' EVA SIMMONS AMELIA KEEN MRS. ERNIE COLLER Sixth Grade Teacher Fifth Grade Teacher Fourth Grade Teacher MRS. I. W. NELLIE CLUP RATCLIFFE IR. MRS. W. W. MCCOMBS MRS. LOIS FERRY Third Grade Teacher Second Grade Teacher First Grade Teacher First Grade Teacher ., if - tg f if ., - - ,. X fr-- , . -L1,. ,, fs- -. - Q , 1, , , F 1 I - "1f'1lK , K t X it y . QF S X . fi ,tt - "x x si F1 1 I ki"h Q . K- - - ---- ' ' 1 E, . , f K wi, .-fl' ,, .. L xi ..-.2-. . . , . F, ..L.,:f:,,.::, ,.,, - . , if 5, . , , , .- , is ,fEs:,:m3,1 Btwn , . 'Kf ,. P w--rwgw - - K - - -'r.: 1- - nn- 1K ,. 1 - , , 3 "NK 5 f----f- fi t' K 3,-1 4 --fi 1, - - -K ag- ,Bm K m ilf- W ffm ,-. .vf 14? ga .. x ig -.L-. - SYM- - -it -- if 5 - .D . Q , fs Y t., if sv w . , -fw- zt 1- B525 , A ilttsxffrelw-Q, - ..,,,. ,br N .. ., E-,5ft,s-iss- 'iiffiv - -1 I. 3 J 3 ,Ba ll fi 1 if V ,. My . Q t 4 M l new 41 ,M , I MP' -142 W, . . ,- 5k"sY,.. .-K7 - f K 1 ' ' ..,, IESEFS3 ii J -- juz'--1 Kr -- 435235 2 0 sg-gi,-1 1- ffl 0 5,325 ' q ' . 1 I ' K, We - if-vii 'K ,ti ' - it ff' - - w- - ' 1, -Ke'-K-la' , 5 :Ki-" .?' -Q-.. 1,-. . 2155 5-71.5 'I' . 1 . . 2, 'JN i -we Q K 1,5 K K . .. 'L WF df :IN 5w.,,1V,. Qfvvf?-, i f'-ISGS!! xvlzn 'il TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Lex Pierce, Janie Tyrrell, Bobby Cook, Joyce Defibaugh, Watson Mitchel, Kay Albright. Leonard Robinett, Loretta Sipe. SECOND ROW: Carolyn Cherry, Don Copeland, Joy Jones, Gary Curlee, Barbara Givens, Eddie Joe Black, Barbara Gaidaroff, H. C. Kettler. THIRD ROW: Terry Henderson, Geraldine Rose, Bobby Carel, Ella Mae Witt, Ray Gibson, Janna Harlan, Richard Farris, Patsy Main. TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Jack Watson, Luella Holsey, Jerry Carr, Charlene Pittenridge, Gary Traxler, Marie Carel. THIRD ROW: Kathrine Irvin, Jerry Dean Hayes, Loretta Roberts, Don Cecil, Connie Bozarth, Orville McKinney, Joyce Rose, Hada Klippel. SECOND ROW: Orbery Lingle, Glenda Byrant, Wallace Harris, Hattie Mae Harrison, Richard McGee, Betty Jean Irvin, Carl Mallory, Bobby Conner. BOTTOM ROW: Ina Mae Linn, Ke Rosemary McGee, Carroll Burris, Betty Jean Cooley, Jerry Don Hoover, Pat Whitaker. SI,-,E ,K it t.:-I-,R tr 1 , my - . . ,., .-,p M :-,,,,o- '- KK 3, ... , ,, 4- 5 25-Q A -K y .SH ff 'ri' iw . :K ix- -' 1 1 1,-i, K +351 - h e 1,3 .,, . .1 Ir , l f x . 3, Y Wt w -F I, ij N X wa' B rw sv-W ,tri ., my ,. its 1. -- 'L -args Ks -. f- v H -1 I ' Mx 1: li is 4, I QWTWQF . V W., gm ' -, 1 wax in H , K fn- ,gsm . 5 , 2 ii. I Q ,,,.,..5, - i K vt 1 wi' K- 4-1 s 1 H 1 . V51 'N' is 1 sf ...ts-1 s .i.. 1,1-fe v 2 L gt, y 5153 , 'e:-seg? , , s-,,s,ga,, rxytgg! isa., 5 + H ,J aa-of ,R 1 5 it E -if 'K f-.. " bi, -1- ., s-,-firiq: - -ffl I .r Q' r.: 4 -n PQ '- ll 4. gg. , . 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Mitchell, Lavon Garrett, Paul Arterberrly, Mary Hoover, Dean Graves, Rosa Wri ht, Bobby Main, Geraldine Coachman. S COND ROW: Gilbert Trammell, Janice 5-lines, Donald Holse , Martha Webb, Bobby Sessums, Rebecca Huffine, Roy Lee Herren, Darlene Gaidaroiyi. BOTTOM ROW: Jerry Sparks, Esther Franklin, Tommy Spence, Ronnie Youngblood. TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Carol Barnum, Armenta Cummings, Gary Terrell, Ann Graves, E. D. Moody, Karol Ann Cecil, Paul Caldwell. FOURTH ROW: Johnnie Coats, Jerry Autry, Mary Harrison, Bill Kulhman, Irmadine Jarman, Thomas Page, Georgia Webb, Terry Bomgardner. THIRD ROW: Sharon Hartin, Wayne Plumlee, Peggy Conner, Levi Mitchell, Janice Bowman, Ray Smith, Freddie Hill, Weyman Whitaker. SECOND ROW: Frankie Watson, Harold Page, Shirley Hughes, Jessie Harrison, Glenda Bozarth, Michael Lawson, Peg y Albright, Neal Baker. BOTTOM ROW: Karen Cecil, Gayland Burris, Vivian Rose, rankie Ivie, Patti Spain, Betty Pittenridge, Ernestine Cooley, Armetta Lingle. Q ff . 1' V A , J' - fs' i f J, s , B eef A E , it , .sf ,, rg Ur t. , .J . ,V LI? Q9 Y -G , ,, , , .. ., W1 as A A 'V A i lr to .se - 1 -I 3 A . l 549415 ,gin .wg Q 1 Y 'fi 'l , v nw fi' .. 'Lf'-4 V M lv' I 4 0 l I . '-if ff-Q-gsfx 4 . W ":,. Q 'ili L f W? 'E YWWY V Y, 71 A W -ti '::::- 1 ,,, ,, ,gg r , " t ss sre .--, i ,Hg f , W. V' R - f E A ' mir Q ' nn aww? ?f Www RM I islam ar Q . I -' '- r ruff. we ' 1- . -1-iii I K lg - f s. .cz 'itil' ' 3 . " . 'rf X t an '57 1,' 1 -li in ' ' . R p F, If Q ,,,,,. ,, p YW T' like +3.43 Q gg pts 4 wr, :Yr is Fl lx sf? TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Jean Baxter, Jimmy Antrim, Carolyn Verser, Leon Rose Carol Ann Copeland, John Carel, Janel McCombs, Larry McCarthey. FOURTH ROW: Nellie Irving, Don Garrett, Janet Eaton, Frankie Surber, Jeanette Sparks, Donald John son, Donna Troop, Willmer Roberts. THIRD ROW: Judy Curlee, Louis Cherry, David Williams, Joann McKinney, Doyle Harryman, Sharon Welchel, Jimmy Fred George, Judy Renegar. SECOND ROW: Larry Gambill, Maxine Englebretson, Charles Hubbard, Jane Hoover, Louise Conner, Mary Lou Plumlee, Winnie Hutchinson, Carol Streber. BOTTOM ROW: Joan Hines, Peggy Cruzan, Gwendolyn Yates, Marilyn Bryant. TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Alton Englebretson, Peggy Givens, David Gray, Wilma Holsey, Eddie Sifford, Betty Coates, James Cobble. FOURTH ROW: Jean Rice, Joe Miller, June Base, Garland Meadows, Donna Surber, Frank Carel, Annabelle Roberts, Ronnie McKinney. THIRD ROW: Charlene Endsley, Eugene Henderson, Johnnie Pitten- ridge, Jimmy Huffine, Betty Caldwell, Roy Waller, Helen Peppard, Arlen Clark. SEC ONE ROW: Helena Newman, Bobby Holsey, Jean Boyer, Billy Main, Freda Hutchison, Lenard Henson, Ruthie Jarman, Theron Jones Jr. BOTTOM ROW: Ophelia Webb, Thomas Haywood, Betty Singletary, Dean Garrett, Dan Garrett, Gary Tyrrell, Lloyd Baker, Robert McCar1ey. ' ttf , ,- Q z.. , .ws -1 - :,,s,,,, - ' 5 1 ' ' " - ' sf' f- 'Y t , J ,sg at ws Emu .5 x I , A J.,-3-',.'.af.5 L L -,.., f ' i - ' z ' .fi r l ' ' ' .gziggf-31: t ., r 5 , f . .- :g,. hi ., wx ' nl , -r X ss Q 4, x ' "2i '," ,, , 'e .azgx , , Q" ','. ,Cm , , H iw A K 4-I 5, wg. ..,,, V .. .K .rss ,F . Y .,,. ,,.. , ., . . M..,.J 'g.f"' ' :, , , 5,:,z, t-,- , f asf' 2' , 'f",?ffi., A- , t . yt- 'X A Q st r ' Q SOMA Qu e wire! Qu e 26011 fa? gm! Q ' jf '. K - , sa., s, K, J . J' TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Rosita Page, Harvy Harrison, Glenda Cherry, Freddie Harrison, Cherryl Gambill, Richard Black, Aline Jones. FOURTH ROW: Herbert Gene Defibaugh, Larcene Jones, Larry Patterson, Georgia Ann Arterberry, Larry McNeff1 Janyth Clark, Tommy Guthery. THIRD ROW: Judy McCarthy, Glenn Cummings, Bettie Sparks, Joe Frank Hoover, Letha Pearl Franklin, Terry Fryrear, Janice Terrell. SECOND ROW: James Shay, Linda Baker, Johnny Autry, Remila Amstotz, J. B. Connell, Patrica Bazhaw, Curtis Jones. BOTTOM ROW: Judy Hines, James Loy Ferry Jr. , Virgie Rose, Gary Lee Moore, Janell Steelman, Lela Belle Cooley. NOT SHOWN: Donna Jackson, Linda Helen Nickels, Johnny Ballard, Marvin Cole - man, Linda Cantrel, Jimmy Gordon, Judy Streber. TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Charlene Jarman, Judy Koonce, Linda Sue Main, Sharon Hayden, Mary Huffine, Glenda Peck. SECOND ROW: Joe Lynn Bowman, Kenny Sifford, Charley Pittenridge, Henry Lee Franklin, Ray Kettler, Robert Johnson, Larry Henson. BOTTOM ROW: Lana Jo Bazhaw, Deloris McKinney, Patsy Moore, Betty Dobbs Donna Ragsdale, Gayle Githens, Lola Mae Stermer. ax , .: I , fi. 5 TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Arthur Hutchinson, Carol Baumann, David Sipe, Linda Jean Fryrear, Bart Bobier. Wanda Harrison. SECOND ROW: Donald Burkey, Anita Kuhlman, Fred Engelke, Patricia Peeler, Delbert Johnson. BOTTOM ROW: Linda Kay Reed, Sammy Mitchell, Lavaughn Waller, Ronnie Jenkins, Hazel Holsey. 8. , ,lss S.- ssnossssss BUS DRIVERS, LEFT TO RIGHT: John McKinney, Allie Spence, Harry McCracken, Roy Franklin, Henry Klippel, Pee Wee Ivie, Slim Randall. Pd 2 .Emi Q2 ua CHRISTINE TATE LENA MCKINNEY ABB HOLLAND Cook Cook Custodian riuem , sq . ,.,,. ,aa 4 DU CLA a Ce,4 ,,, -, I I I I , I 2 z .. .i - - A f 29 t I i ! I J, I I 1 f I E: E f isi ,t l dv TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Miss Eva Simmons, Coach: Ronald Youngblood, Charlene Pittenridge, Betty Irvin, Jerry Hayes, Carl Mallory, Jerry Carr, Dean Graves, J. B. Mitchell, Hattie Harrison, Lex Pierce, Orbery Lingle, Don Cecil, Lavon Garrett, Mary Hoover, Jerry Hoover, Wallace Harris, Richard McGee, Carroll Burris, Gary Traxler, Bobby Conner, John Carel, Delbert Spain, Coach. THIRD ROW: Mary Jean Gordon, Janet Eaton, Carol Cecil, Jane Hoover, Armenta Cummings, Betty Cooley, Joyce Rose, Kaye Albright, Gary Curlee, Roy Lee Herren, Armenta Lingle, Ann Graves, Peggy Conner, Carol Whitaker, Sharon Jones Janice Bowman, Carolyn Baxter, Joann McKinney, Sharon Welehel, Betty Pittenridge, Peggy Givens. SECOND ROW: Peggy Albright, Jeanette Sparks, Carolyn Versor, Ray Boyer, Bobby Carel, Beverly Renegar, Ina Mae Linn, Terry Henderson, Rosemary McGee, Rosa Lee Wright, Marie Carel, Carolyn Marlow, Rebecca Huffein, Judy Henderson, Ernestine Cooley Peggy Cruzan, Joan Hines, Elisa McClendon. BOTTOM ROW: Judy Renegar, Sharon Hartin, Karen Kobble, Karen Cecil, Glenda Bozarth, Pattie Spain, Gwendolyn Yates, Carol Stre- ber, Marilyn Bryant, Judy Curlee, Donna Troop, Mary Lou Plumlee, Leon Rose, Theron Jones Jr., Charles Hubbard, Gary Terrell, Ray Smith, Jimmy George, Wayman Whitaker, Larry Gambill, Maxine Englebretson, Nellie Ervin. TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Judy Henderson, Recreation Leader: Kaye Albright, Reporter: Rebecca Huffein, Song Leader. BOTTOM ROW: Terry Henderson, President: Ina Mae Linn, Vice-President: Rosemary McGee, Secretary. I 2 unior 44,4 TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mary Lou Chaney, Helen Plumlee, Mary Page, Claudette Haywood, Billie June Hardesty, Betty Reynolds, Loretta Sipe. BOTTOM ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Merilyn Henderson, Jessie Sifford, Yvonne Base, Joyce Defibaugh, Lila Sim- mons, Mr. I. C. Githens, Coach. unior AM TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Gilman Burris, Larry Nickels, Dearl Lingle, Jon Watt, Edward Roberts, Mr. Bill Tomlinson, Coach. BOTTOM ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Bobby Conner, Paul Hardesty, Freddie Ivie, Butch George, Leon Osborn. QQ- 88 20111 LEFT TO RIGHT: Eddie Joe Black, Terry Henderson, Gary Traxler, Delvert Spain, Coach, Carroll Burris, Richard McGee, Bobby Conner, Bobby Carel. Is this what goes on at the stock shows? Tough game It was a swell game. iq "" if Junior High T1-agk ribbongi Grade School tWiI1S. 35 Moalera TUTTLE ERNIE COLLER AMELIA KEEN EVA SIMMONS E, E. MILLER DELBERT SPAIN PATTERSON CLEANERS MABEL WILLIAMS SHORES GROCERY CALDWELL LOCKER BILLIE HINKLE LORINE GOURLEY LLOYD PROCK VIRGIL GANNAWAY DR. MARSEY ANDY'S DRIVE IN CHARLIE POWELL TUTTLE TRADERS TYRELL GROCERY TUTTLE BARBER SHOP H 8: H PROPANE 8: BUTANE COUCHMAN CAFE ROY SLOAN LAUNDRY V BUSY BEE CAFE MR. Sr MRS. FLOYD ALBRIGHT HAYWOOD SERVICE STA. .I.- B. HAMBLETON C. V. ROOKER HUBERT CECIL UPHOLSTERING CHICKASHA MILLING CO. DAVIDSON 8: CASE LUMBER DAN GOURLEY'S BLACKSMITH SHOP MAC COOLEY BLACKSMITH 8: WELDING MR. 8: MRS. A. J. CORLEY MR. at MRS. W. W. MCCOMBS MR. 81 MRS. I. C. GITHENS BUD GRIMES OIL CO. BANK OF TUTTLE BEN F. BAKER LI. W. 8: LUCERNE SOWERS FUNERAL HOME NELLIE CULP G. M. MORRIS LAWRENCE A. WISE VIRGIL K. WILMETH ALLIE CHANNELL AB HOLLAND MR. Sr MRS. HENRY KLIPPEL MINCO MORRIS WELDING SHOP BYRUM BROS. IMP. CO. SUPER CAFE STOWE BROS. BARBER SHOP WOODWORTH BROS. DAVIS AUTO C HIC KASHA BILLS BREAD PHILLIP'S TRADING POST DAVID'S CAFE MELTON MOTORS J. O. WOOD AGENCY GEORGE 8: SON STUDIO CHICKASHA STAR WALKER'S CAFE NEAL'S JEWELERS , 4.- UN "ASE: M, ., 1- ' -MTS' " 47 R . ' ,vgzki - N -1 'X , W , 5 ,rm z' M: . Qvwf Af' x "fum -,lf H ' 1"'.,Q-L 93 Q AL- ' " ' iw .i"!4f , : ,wig I ' ' J my - X ,jg . 52f!w:ff fy 1 , x QEVLV Q, 1 235- ' AT!" ' if 'af fif?'ili" "ffg?'gf',4LyF?.Nw .L vu , ' , "M ' --" ' "1 - BLR ., Q b . ,, 4- W ' '14 qw' Q V' iw A A , . H 213,455 , ' ' . ME. FE' I '4 f ' -N Y 'iff - , 'i??':5 Fflfff' ' -ITN ' ' Eff V JW' we 1, rf, n.. ,. VT .. L 1 t , 3gy,qv 1 1, W uf ww A ,iw - A-: . . mf., 'W V-we ,UN .4 ' my mf' - F ' Lia. ln, -y L w 1 1 .5,,Li-fifingf 4' 2 wb gf- , ,Q,1,.v,,,,,.'g,.,7Ak.x - , . 6, 4 4 4 ' 1- - ef' ff. ml' iff: . f W-, ,M ' 1 W. F I. ,, K' N 'fi -- We -1 1+ A X Y. ., V ,. I' igqif. 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