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.A -.1 :fn 4 n. -., ,. its FOREWORD lt IS our w1shes and mtentxons that the p1ctures and hxstory contaxned m thxs book form a nucleus around wh1ch w111 gather memorxes of happy act1v1t1es and true fr1endsh1ps Our only regret 15 that these pxctures cannot rnclude the mtangxble thmgs wh1ch have enrxched our schooldays To the busmess houses who so generously advertxsed that our year To the board of educatron whose untlrxng efforts have made our school days profxtable we gxve thanks The faculty who have so patxently d1rected us through the years have our s1ncerest wlshes To our parents who have made sacrmfxces that we may have these educatxonal opportumtles we owe a hfe long debt Our appreclatron for the splrxt of co operatlon of the student body and the ass1stance of the many patrons of educatxon IS slncere and deep 49ers l book be financed, we are deeply grateful. 5: C, Y ,A S ASSISTANT EDITOR BUSINESS MANAGER 3 is Patsy DeShazo Lonme B Nlckels ASSISTANT BUSINESS MANAGER Mary Fa1th MCK1ttr1Ck ACTIVITY EDITOR BOYS SPORTS GIRLS SPORTS PHOTOGRAPHIC EDITOR ART EDITOR ASSISTANT ART EDITOR Earl Bassett B1I1y Douglas Eleen Peden Maurlce Groff Velma Autry Kenneth Waldon , 3 k - A f 4 1, Q. A Q, W i f A -D, 4 N ., X , I as - l 1 K . 1 'N V L11 I K 5 A A. X X ' F ' If , :- . . A H: I - fl - 'f-I . ls - , Y- - ,. 'xii - In f 1 V H YW XK ' f-X I Maj. g ' " "si '. - I EDITOR ........... .. . ..... . . . . .. ......J.B.Jackson Z BEN DOUGLAS MEM BER E E MILLER GRADE PRINCIPAL oarc! Membera LON BASSETT PRESIDENT V T GANNAWAY CLERK Q? E M COUCH SUPERINTENDENT I H GEORGE HIGH SCHOOL PRINCIPAL ' r X ,, . I . - X igfgff A W fN I VELMA AUTRY F H A Sophomore Play Jumor Play Basketball Yearbook EARI BASSETT F 3 Presxdent F F A Preaxdent Junxor Class Yearbook LOMETA CASE F H A SecretaryF H A .Tumor Play Semor Play F F A Queen Reporter .Tumor Year Basketball Class Queen Hxatory F H A RAYMOND DOUGLAS Football Basketball Baseball F F A Band .Tumor Play Semor Play 'tn r- BILLY DOUGLAS Captam Basketball Basketball Baseball Football Band F F A Yearbook PA TSY DESHAZO FHA F H A Secretary Football Queen Pep Club Jumor Play Sec retary Seruor Claaa Yearbook URICE GROFF Football Baseball F F A Yearbook Z Z34 234 MAY BELLE HARDESTY F H A Pep Club Semor Play EARLEAN CONNOR TOM HOGLAND F F A Z 3 4 Pep Club Z Reporter F F A 2 3 4 F H A Z Band Basketball Secretary Jumor Class Jumor Play Senxor Play Jumor Play Semor Play V1 ' 5 0 J B JACKSON JR Captaxn Football Football Baseball F F A Boys State Presxdent Semor Junxor Play Yearbook Class MARY Mc KITTRICK F H A Band Pep Leader Pep Club Yearbook DAN POTTER Band Z FFA Freshman Vxce Presxdent Sophomore Play Se mor Play Sophomore Presxdent Semor Reporter BILLIE CLARE JEFFRIES F H A Basketball Pep Club .Tumor Class Queen Band Sophomore Play Semor Play Twxrle r KENNETH WALDON F F A Baseball Yearbook QQ RUTH GREENE F H A Pep Club History F H A Clala Queen Sophomore Play Senxor Play LONNIE BE F F A Sophomore Play Junlor Play Yearbook Z Z NICKELS Z MARGIE JEFFRIES F H A 2 Basketball Pep Club Sophomore Play .Tumor Play Semor Play Band Twxrler Z JIMMY PETREE Band Basketball Jumor Pla Semor Play ELEEN Pep Club F H A Yearbook 234 PEDEN Z 3 4 -an I 1' ell l'0l'J TOP ROW Mr Lomax, Earl Bassett J B Jackson Jr Maurxce Groff Billy Douglas Dan Potter, Raymond Douglas Jxmmy Petree Tom I-logland Kenneth Waldoa. Bee Nickels FRONT ROW Eleen Peden Margie .Teffrxes Lometa Case Earlean Conner Mary Mclilttrlck Billxe Clare Jeffrzes Ruth Greene Velma Autry Patsy DeShazo May Belle Hardesty BACK ROW: MIDDLE ROW: FRONT ROW: uniord Charles Coats, Joe Stinchcomb, Jerry Broomfield, Gene Arnett, Buddy Skaggs, Roy Campbell. Robert Culp, Ted Gannaway, Paul Plumlee, Carl Jackson, George Englebretson. Bobby McKittrick, Roe Lee Chaney, Donald Rich, Harold DeShazo, Norma Shores, Arlene Tate, Edward Tilson, Leon Case, Floyd Wariner, Jimmy Yates, Fred Rowden, Mrs. Tracy. Anna Janell Hard:-aty, Betty Main, Wanema Cherry, Dorothy Long, Maudie Slngletary, Dorothy Lomax, Joy McCroskey, Betty Autry, Irene Rich, Verdene Poyner. ! I , ' N oplwmore flax BACK ROW MIDDLE ROW BOTTOM ROV! Jerry Craxg Bxlly Crlsp Doyle Eades Bxlly Barton Lee Wayne Parrxsh Ealrner Klxppel George Yeakley Leroy Coats Troy Streber Donald Perry Bl'1y Baumann Bxlly Sxmmons Edna McI-'all Ava Lee Cruzan Joy Earl Culp Mr George Betty Hayes Glorxa Bennett Naomx McKxnney Loxs Breece Ruth Sxmmons Thelrna Steves Frances McDamels Annabelle Moody Barbara Wxgley Jxmmxe McGee TOP ROW MIDDLE ROW FRONT ROW greghman an Cyrus Shaw Reford lvxe Dean Yates Jxmmy Vxckery Tommy Parks Donald Mcl-'all Tommy Yeakley Duane Wxgley Loyd Jackson Lee McBr1de Vernon Plumlee Bully Conner Joe Tommy Bledsoe Jxmmy Bowers Leroy Arnett Delbert Englebretson Dan Lawson Dorthy Cofer Margaret Stermer Oneta Aynes Kathleen Peden Glen McKxttrxck Roy Culp Garland Hutchxnson Ray Mxller Mrs Channell Zula Thompson, Jeamne Stxnchcomb, Lxnda Laxr, Dons Jean Bowman, Patsy Greene, Mane Sxngletary, Gearlxne Autry, Glorxa Jean Goover, Margxe Sessurns, Norma Woods 9 Streber, Lois June Robinett, Mary Jane Robinett, Betty Gibson, Eugene Douglas, gzgftllz grade BAC K ROV1 MIDDLE ROW l'- RONT ROW Jerry Brown Eugene Barnes T C Marlow John Shores A W Cox Bllly Copeland Cecxl Cooley Dempsey Melton Joe McKmney Bert Tlllon Otls Bennet! E E Mxller Larry Freeze Wanda Cruzan Alta Plumblee Devota McCarthy Evelyn Burnett Arvllla Smxth La Fern Jackson Lxllxan Crxsp Alma Brown Velma Streber Gene stevens F rancxs Debh-110 Clara Vxckery Mary P rances Perry Mary Ellen Shook Marxlyn Lomax Wanda Cox Lanorma Mclixnney Leah Jean Roberts Delores Cummxngs Sharon Cherry Shirley Cwuchman Murlene Suse BACK ROW MIDDLE ROW FRONT ROW -A-'Ml euenth ra e Jerry Slpe Royce Rxeder Eugene Corley Donme Carthers Bobby Koonce Donald Lee Douglas Bob Long Dellow Reynolds Myrle McBrxde Bobby Jackson J W Henson Alfred Moody Terry Park Mr Gxthens Morgan Cooley Ronald Murry Clifford Farmer Amma Belle M1son Betty Yockey Anna Mae Bennett Joy Mun Peggy Autry Helen Partxn Polly Gourley Dorthy Watt Eldon Englebretson Donald Franklxn F crest O Harw Barbara Snow Barbara Caves Delores Bowman Mary Duckwall Norma Chaney Ann Hartln Jimmie Potter Glenn Harrxs Emma Basset! Wanda Kllppel Alma L82 Glbilm Lee Anna Wells 10 v ... -..H .. . ,.---1 T 1 1 - - 1 1 - - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' ' ' I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ,. I I . si, - ' S-""".': Q I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - - 1 1 1 - 1 I 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 f - I 1 I ' ' 1 1 1 1 ' ' zxllz ra e BACK ROW Vernon Kettler Curtxs Tate Edward Rmrh James Osborn Charles Sxmrnons Roy Robxnett Leroy Long Ross Stermer Rephord Plumlee Paul Cooley MIDDLE ROW Manme C-xlbert Roy Wxrmer Donald Langston Vnola McNeil Mary Ann If-Iardesty Vlrglnxa Yates Donald Potter Ma run VK aldon Vlrxnford Ollxson Donald Brown Miss Exa Snmmons FIRST ROW Alta Smlth Nona Nl Broom Shxrlene Webb Annie Defxbaugh Patsy Plumlee Marilyn Kettler Rosa Spence Ernestean Roberts Mane Burrxs Joy Ann Mcl'-Dall Janette Bledsoe Bxllxe Hubbard .7 ftlz grade BACK ROW Bobby Watt Donald Ray McK1nney Olxver Copeland Billy Joe Lmgle Gxllxs Endes J H Welchel Donald Ray Hnrryman Bobby Bowmann Lee Hardesty MIDDLE ROW Ruth Ann Caldwell Delores Talbot Barbara Ann Hoover Clyda Bowman Iva Jean Caldwell Betty Jo McK1ttr1ck Janls Osborn Yxonne Yorkey Patsy Ruth Mlller Luella Moody Sylxama Webb Mrs Louxse Lomax FRONT ROV! Donald Wayne Traxler Dwxght Spam Joe Robert McDonald Danny Crust Bxlly Main John Bxll Lomax Annette Eades Betty Buck Pat Gourley Opal Webb Edxth Klxppel ll , . . . . : . '1 . . 1 1 1 '1 1 I : , 3. . 1 . . 1 . . 1 , , : . 1 1 . ..- . . . - : , 1 . . ' 1 r lv 1 1 , .,. . : 1 1 . -. . 1 1 1 1 1 - ourilz and 9 fth Qra e BACK ROV! Donnxe McCnrthey Paul Oaxdnroii Ray Corley Kenneth Bozarth Hownrd l- arrxs George McNeil LeRoy Cale Eugene Koonce MIDDLE ROW Larry Nxckeln Inn Sue Bassett Betty Guthery Delores Reynolds Lottxe welchel Jack Whxtlock Dornthn Hood, Joy Cruznn Raymond Aynes FIRST ROW Mary Chaney Patsy Brown Alice Munn Donna Mxtchell Kay Couchman Heenan George Bobby Hensor Donald Antrxm Clmton Goben E lame Gaxdnrofi Mrs Mxldred Hudson MIDDLE ROVN F RONT ROW ourtll ra e Craig Barbara Hayden Patsy Boznrth Jesse Burns Walter Wells PRu1Hnrdesty Dearl Lxngle Merxlyn Henderson Ma ry Ellen C ooley Bentrxce Perry Glenn Jackson Rwy Cxbson Frank Jackson Bully Ray Hooxer Olen Lugene Stexens Gxlman Burns Jon Watt Bobby Conner Mrs Collet Patty Potter Betty McNeif Patsy Scott Lxla Snmmons Freddxe Isle Edward Roberts Neoma Tate Leon Osborn Gary Lee Hows 12 O BACK ROWg Holly Waldon, Phil Cxldwell, Betty Reynolds, Helen Plumlee, Claudette Haywood, Patsy econcl grade BACK ROW Wayne Goben Wallace Harns Nancy DeShazo Kenneth Bomgardner Betty Jean Cooley Larry Caldwell Shxrley Henson Gary Traxler Helen Perkxns Bobby Conner .Terry Hoover Lucxlle Potter SECOND ROV9 Orbt-ry Llngle Glenda Bryant Orvxlle lVlcKmney Gerry Couchman Gerald Hayden Charlene Pettenrxdge Carl Mallary Luclla Holsey Hada Klxppel Loretta Roberts Jerral Stevens Mrs Ratclxfie FIRST ROW Loretta Lee White Donald Holsey Rosemary McGee Rxchard McGee Jerry Hayes Janxce Jarmon Caroll Burns Pebble Greene C0nme Sue Bozarth Derral Stevens BACK ROW SECOND ROW FIRST ROW Terry Henderson Jerry Eades Bary Curlee Loretta Sxpe Barbara Gnens Rxchard Farris Henry Murry Hershel Burns Joyce McClug Mrs Culp Donald Ray Curnmmgs Darrel Jones H C Kettler Donald Copeland Nxna Mae Walton Ella Mae VN xt! Loxs Mane McDanxe1s Loxs Perkms Patsy Rae Autry Patsy Mum Lex Pxerce Karen Jenkms Barbara Garda roff Kenneth Cherry Shxrley Darlene Sxngletary Charlotte Emerson Leonard Robxnett Carolyn Cherry Irene Aynes 13 yard! gra e BACK ROW Mra Petree Tommy Spence Ronald Youngblood Sandra Wood! Bobby Maxn Eugene Singletary Ervxn Jones Carolyn Marlow SECOND RO W Ann Hovxl Jyrnxne Frances Sells J' B Mitchell Esther Franklin Beverly Renegar Sharon Ionel Philip Stanley FRONT ROW Floyd Marshall Ronnald Brown Karen Cobble Ray Boyer Betty Pettenrldge Judy Henderson Ella Mae Foster :rat grade BACK ROW Mn: Sharp Rosalee Wrxght Mary Katherxne Hoover lrmaden Jarman Martha Webb Alvie Patterson Harold Clark Jerry Sparks Kathryn Stevens Doralean Burns Wayne Plumlee FRONT ROW Charles Guthery Paul Caldwell Dewxght Cherry Armenta Cufhfhihgl Gayland Burns J C Stevens Howard Defxbaugh Jenme Moody Bxll Kuhlman O 3 - . , - . . . . - 5 . 1 - - 1 . r , . 5 1 . - n I ' 5 9 Q : . . . . . , A . 1 . . : . . . . . . , . . - 14 N fi I TIES JUNIORS HOLD CARNIVAL AT LEGION HUT In the Legxon Hut decorated for Halloween the .Tumors held thelr carmval to razse money for their Class Queen Frxday evemng October 30 At the door Gene Arnett measured waxst lznes to collect 8ntranCe fees Dorothy Lomax was fortune teller Arlene Tate and Irene Rich dxrected the cake walk At the fun house Wanema Cherry and Charles Coats were xn charge Betty Autry conducted the dart throwxng contest and Buddy Skaggs the Blngo games The decorating commxttee were Bob Culp Jerry Brumfleld Gene Arnett and Gerald Skaggs The refreshment commxttee cons1sted of Ve rdene Poyner Irene Rlch Arlene Tate In charge of the games were Dorothy Long and Maudme Smgletary Parents who chaperoned the party were Mr and Mrs Cherry Mr and Mrs B111 Jeffrles and Mrs Nelhe Culp The money earned for thelr queen was S31 Z5 SOPHOMORES MEET AT KLIPPELS In the home of Mr and Mrs Henry Klmppel the Sophomores met Monday evenlng October Z5 to ralse money for Class Queen Mary Jane Robxnett Money makxng contests were held The cake walk was dxrected by Mrs J' H George A klsslng booth where the boys pald a mckel to k1ss only to f1nd they had kxssed another boy was popular Another means to collect pennles was a cent an 1nch for every walst l1ne measured Jxmmle McGee played muslc for enterta1nrnent of the crowd A late hour refreshments of punch sandwxches COOKIES and cake were served by Mrs Claude McGee and the hosts Mr and Mrs Khppel to about th1rty fxve members FRESHMAN HAVE CHAPEL PROGRAM The Freshman Class gave the Thanksglvxng program Wednesday November Margie Lxngle read the Scripture Lxnda Laxr and Helen Bassett played a plano duet The sextette of clarlnet players were Dorxs Bowman Marxe Smgletary Lmda Lamr Marg1e Sessums Donna Mxlhkan and Dorothy Cofer The one act play Proposal by Proxy had for 1ts characters Dorothy Cofer playlng Pr1c1lla Mullens Delbert Englebretson as John Alden and Tommy Parks as Mxles Standxsh Joe Bledsoe and Marg1e Sessums gave the prologues The boys chorus consxsted of Ray Mxller Garland Hutchxson Dwane Wlgley Roy Culp Dan Lawson and Vernon Plumlee The glrls chorus mcluded Zula Thompson Dorxs Bowman Jeanme Stmchcomb Margaret Stermer Kathleen Peden and Oneta Aynes BAND GIVES BENEFIT CONCERT Mxss Irene Mays dxrector of musxc presented the h1gh school band m a benefxt concert Thursday mght February I7 to an apprecxatxve audxence An added attractlon was the trxo Mlss Elxzabeth Capes M1ss Edwana Gray and Mxss Vxrgxma Smlth dxrected by Mxss Elxse MacClanahan head of the vocal department at O C W and Mlss Lola Ann Eakes Vocal Soloxst Bes1des takmg part ln thls trxo Mxss Capes gave a trumpet solo I 9 I . . - 1 1 , . 1 1 1 . I . . , . - , . . I I ' . . . , . 1 1 1 . , . . I I 24. ' I I I I I ' ll ll . ' ' 1 1 1 I I , . . . - 1 1 . - 1 - 1 1 1 - I I I I 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 . . . 1 . , . I6 F F A S AND F H A S HAVE BOX SUPPER The F F A and F H A box supper Monday mght November 1 was a success raxsmg between S700 and S800 for the two clubs For entertaxnment the boys of the F F A Club gave a short play Coonvmlle Arxstocratxc Club before the boxes were auctxoned Clxmaxmg the queen contest Lometa Case Semor had S214 Z8 to her credxt June Robmett Sophomore candxdate S211 86 Joy Belle McCroskey .Tumor and Jeanme Stmchcomb Freshman about S60 00 each In the coronat1on ceremony the three contestants m lovely formals attended Mxss Case who wore a wh1te even1ng dress Joe Stxnchcomb F F A pres1dent crowned the queen and presented her Wlth a plnk carnatxon corsage SENIOR PLAY DRUMS OF DEATH The Semor Class has selected for the annual play Drums of Death a mystery taklng place 1n the Baxley home a half rulned mansion an a desolate stretch of Atlant1c Coast Margxe Jeffrles has the role of Celeste an octaroon Dan Potter plays Sheldon Harley a government man J'1mm1e Petree portrays Jules a Ha1t1an Negro May Belle I-lardesty IS the housekeeper Mrs Oakley Relatxons of Mr Baxley are h1s slster Mrs Gxllete played by Lometa Case her grand Bamley acted by Bxlhe Clare Jeffrxes and a dxstant relatwe Eugema Bowles played by Earlean Conner Raymond Douglas as Doctor Cameron 1S a mldmght v1s1tor and Tom Hogland IS the county sherxff Newton Cooper The date has been set for the presentatxon of Drums of Death Frxday March 18 GRADE SCHOOL TEAM WINS The Tuttle Grade School boys basketball team entered the annual Agawam Inv1tat1onal Grade Tournament February 16 and won the trophy The fxrst game Tuttle Z6 Ketch1 20 second game Tuttle Zl Acme 13 In the thxrd game whlch placed Tuttle ln the sem1 fmals the boys defeated Nlnnekah ZZ to 11 In the fmals played Saturday mght the local team ran over Cement 31 to 15 whxch won for Tuttle the tournament wlth twenty two teams contestmg The Tuttle Junmor H1gh boys have played 13 games wlnnxng 10 and loslng 3 The Grade School boys have won all 10 games The team consxsts of Donnxe Douglas Forward A W Cox Forward Jerrry Brown Forward Paul Cooley Forward Dempsey Melton Guard Johme Shored Center T C Marlow Guard Joe McK1nney Guard Henry Cooley Guard and Otxs Bennett Guard Reserves mcluded Donald Murry Jerry Smpes Bob Long John B111 Lomax Donme McCarthey Ronald Traxler Terry Parks and Francxs DeShazo Donnxe Douglas and T C Marlow were selected for all Tournament Team Irvxn Gzthens coaches these boys 17 daughter, Amellia Gillete, depicted by Ruth Greeneg his granddaughter, Paula 91404616 9904616 9904055 4 l I ' u J l l u . . . icer fep Club gurls Jgaskelball geam .High Selma! Kam! 19 had ,- 'QMS' N l .J I if-if.. air N Q? R xi? S ix X 'Agff Y Eg 9' " S IT.. F- U1 I .J .J D 21' U7 I U P- .J .J U. Rhythm 5 cl J4g1,Jz.,1Q fa zz an or ,High Kadkelbafl r I a e a ZZ 5 H925 Jlfetb ll S Jflghd? .wb ll r. i a a -Sr. High goolbaff r. i a a 3 GX W Jguigvy Tdplii WALSWORTH Ln... An.. Inuvonlhornms nl..-u-,l. us A vga Kit 1 np -4 by Z5 ,X C L CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1949 FROM THE 8K Marker WE DELIVER PHONE 8 T UTT LE OKLAHOMA F Emerson Grocery I I I I Stephenson Browne Lumber Co FIFTY YEARS QUALITY SERVICE ESTABLISHED 1898 PHONE 37 CHICKASHA OKLAHOMA CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS I I The Tuttle Traders EXPRESS THEIR HEARTIEST CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIORS OF 1948 1949 AND WISH THEM THE BEST OF LUCK JOE HARTIN RUS HAMBLETON C 8410 INTERNATIONAL TRUCKS TRACTORS IMPLEMENTS INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER REFRIGERATION PARTS ACCESSORIES SERVICE KRAUSE PLOWS NEW IDEA FARM EQUIPMENT DEMPSTER WATER SYSTEMS 220 WEST ELM PHONE 279 EL RENO OKLAHOMA f armclmn Nfllll 84 Elevator L0 HOME OF MODERNIZED FLOUR PHONE 8 EL PENO OKLAHOMA EZELL FURNITURE AND APPLIANCE COMPANY TWO GRAND STORES 108 NORTH ROCK ISLAND 100 NORTH ROCK ISLAND NORGE APPLIANCES GOOD FURNITURE PHONE 38 or 890 EL RENO OKLAHOMA Il: E x D ,, 9 9 1 'Q 4 a X 1 'f 1 - 2 I . 'C , , A 1 . L 9 The Star Pharmacy V. T. GANNAWAY ESTABLISHED IN TUTTLE IN 1919. WE TAKE PARTICULAR CARE IN THE FILLING OF ANY DOCTOR S PRESCRIPTION LET GANNAWAY BE YOUR DRUGGIST TUTTLE, OKLAHOMA SMITH IMPLEMENT COMPANY MINNEAPOLIS MOLINE FARM IMPLEMENTS SALES AND SERVICE CHICKASHA PHONE 5 I 7 OKLAHOMA TRACY IMPLEMENT COMPANY TRACTORS PHOIXE 34 46 FARM EQUIPMENT MOTOR TRUCKS SALES AND SERVICE MILK COOLERS TIRES AND ACCESSORIES MILKEI S HOME FREELERS MINCO OKLAHOINAA REFRIOERATORS 1 U an T - ,-,. X , , ., STOWE S AUTO PARTS WE CARRY IN STOCK CONOCO MOTOR OILS BATTERIES CAR SPRINGS GENERATORS STARTERS FUEL PUMPS LET US FIX YOUR FLATS CHAMPION PLUGS DAYTON FAN BELTS WEST MAIN STREET TUTTLE OKLAHOMA CHAMPLIN OILS GAS EN OR LE PENN MOTOR OIL TIRES AND TUBES WEST MAIN STREET TUTTLE OKLAHOMA T U T T L E G IN WE SERVE TO SERVE AGAIN ARMOURS BIG CROP FERTILIZERS PHONE 4 JOE BLEDSOE MANAGER WEST MAIN STREET TUTTLE OKLAHOMA COMPLIMENTS OF C W HATFIELD BEER TAVERN PHONE 110 TUTTLE OKLAHOMA C. C. POWELL'S SERVICE STATION 7 TUTTLE PLUMBING AND ELECTRIC BATHROOM FIXTURES ELECTRIC PUMPS PROPANE TANKS AND APPLIANCES ELECTRIC HOUSE WIRING BOX 164 V R HINKLE TUTTLE OKLAHOMA CLAUDE HAYWOOD SERVICE STATION WEFIXFLATS SELL TIRES AND BATTERIES PHONE 116 TUTTLE OKLAHOMA COMPLIMENTS OF SINGLETARY SERVICE STATION WE DO ANYTHING FROM FIX FLATS TO FILL YOUR GAS TANKS PHONE 30 TUTTLE OKLAHOMA CONGRATULATIONS TO SENIORS OF 1949 CHANEY S CAFE TUTTLE, OKLAHOMA u 1 , I I I 9 M I WOODWORTH BROS HARDWARE IMPLEMENTS FURNITURE WE CONGRATULATE THE TUTTLE SCHOOL ON THEIR YEARBOOK PHONE Z Z4 GIFTS MINCO OKLAHOMA S H O E S H O P WE DO ALL KINDS OF SHOE REPAIR WORK INVISIBLE HALF SOLING HAVE A COMPLETE LINE OF SHOES E L KISNER MINCO OKLAHOMA BRANUM VARIETY 551' OC S1 00 MERCHANDISE HOLIDAY GOODS PHOTOGRAPHY PHONE 125 MINCO OKLAHOMA "WE APPRECIATE YOUR FRIENDSHIP" FARMEPUS GRAIN COMPANY JIM E. SMITH 32-J' PHONE 32-J UNION CITY, OKLAHOMA 1 1 M l M WINDMILLS - PLUMBING - TIN SHOP O. K. - 1 - . M gl P S T O R E GROCERIES AND MEATS 125 NORTH 5TH PHONE 2217 CHICKASHA, OKLAHOMA DELICIOUS MEALS - COURTEOUS SERVICE YOU AND YOUR FRIENDS ARE ALWAYS WELCOME W AL KE R S CAF E OPEN DAY AND NIGHT CHICKASHA OKLAHOMA COMPLIMENTS OF THE CHICKASHA MILLING COMPANY FULL CREAM FLOUR CHICKASHA OKLAHOMA RICHISON FURNITURE NORGE AND APPLIANCES FURNITURE REPAIRING REFINISI-LING AND UPHOLSTERING CHICKASHA OKLAHOMA 211 219 Chxckasha Avenue 116 118 South Second Street BUY - SELL - TRADE - NEW - USED FURNITURE CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIORS MRS J BOWER S GENERAL STORE BOTTS HULME BROWN LUMBER COMPANY QFORMERLY CANADIAN LUMBER COMPANY, COMPLETE LINE OF BUILDING MATERIAL PHONE 304 EL RENO, OKLAHOMA EL RENO ABSTRACT COMPANY ESTAB LISHED 1890 CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK BUILDING EL RENO OKLAHOMA LAUNDERAL S HELP YOUR SELF LAUNDRY LARGEST IN THE SOUTHWEST PHONE 91 MINCO, OKLAHOMA . R . . ' T UT TLE, OKLAHOMA MOORE STAUFFER COMPANY HOME OF TOPPER FEEDS AND TOPPER CHICKS HARDWARE WHOLESALE GAS AND OIL AMB ER OKLAHOMA DEALERS IN GRAIN COME IN AND SEE US PHONE 1 DAVIDSON AND CASE LUMBER COMPANY YOUR HOME TOWN YARD HERE TO BUILD TUTTLE AND COMMUNITY PHONE 2 TUTTLE OKLAHOMA CASH B UY ERS CREAM POULTRY EGGS HIDES NUTRENA AND YUKON FEEDS PHONE 99 TUTTLE OKLAHOMA PHONE Z5 CONGRATULATIONS P A L A C E D R U G PRESCRIPTIONS SUNDRIES TUTTLE OKLAHOMA FARMERS PRODUCE SOWER S FUNERAL HOME AND BURIAL ASSOCIATION EVERY FUNERAL A SERVICE OF SYMPATHETIC UNDERSTANDING MRS. H. E. SOWERS TUTTLE, OKLAHOMA T U T T L E T IM E S SEE TUTTLE NEWS FIRST IN THE TIMES SALES BILLS PRINTING PHONE 72 TUTTLE OKLAHOMA CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIORS OF 1949 MERT S DRIVE INN WE SERVE MEALS AND BAR B Q PHONE 80 TUTTLE OKLAHOMA CONGRAT ULAT IONS SENIORS CHICKASHA OKLAHOMA WHEN IN CHICKASHA STOP AT GEORGE AND SON STUDIOS FOR PHONE 1116 COLOR FILMS, QUALITY PHOTO FINISHING QUALITY PORTRAITS 42.8 CHICKASHA AVENUE GEORGE AND SONS STUDIO FILMS, CAMERAS, SUPPLIES, GREETING CARDS, PROJECTORS, MORRIS B LACKSMITH Electr xc and Ac etylene Weldmg M1nco Oklahoma CITY CLEANERS Phone 149 M1nco Oklahoma REX CASH GROCERY Fresh Meats Fancy Grocer1es Tuttle Oklahoma Comphments of TANNER ELECTRIC ELECTRICAL SUPPLY AND EQUIPMENT Zll North Blckford Street El Reno Oklahoma of Luck Senlors TRAXLER S GARAGE Phone 139 Tuttle Oklahoma EL RENO SPORT SHOP 120 North B1ck.ford E1 Reno Oklahoma CALDWELL S LOCKER PLANT A Place to Get Good Meats Tuttle Oklahoma MORRIS WRIGHT FURNITURE COMPANY El Reno Oklahoma Congratulations and Best Compl1ments of DR CLAUDE B HOSKINS Mxnco Oklahoma WHITEWAY GROCERY 406 Choctaw Mr and Mrs .I R McE1ory Ch1ckasha Oklahoma CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS A F R IE N D PRATT S FOOD STORE 419 Choctaw Everythlng For The Table Ch1ckasha Oklahoma PAULETTE SHOPE Foremost Women s Apparel Ch1ckasha Oklahoma HAGGARDS CAFE Feed Your Farruly Phone 123 Tuttle Oklahoma C ongratulatmns Sen1or s RIEDER GROCIJRY Tuttle, Oklahoma THANKS TO THE ADVERTISERS Compliments of

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Tuttle High School - Tiger Tales Yearbook (Tuttle, OK) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


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