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• : ■■_ - V-- .--. ' ,• .. • ' ■•■ tt» a , 4 x ■ tf ta y x ,D TO? 1 (f 3W v K i y. A® M d rtPJ It hs b K Y 6 ,.r j £.-hk ho h +okj mo.k oajtH T vi .v n 7 W M -fo go d Keep ptyi«3 +h u- n r sQAtf-Wwjy ! . j J A f H ZiM i fTL ' Bl il ] 75 HWM Xf-k bee LI 4 L, a Uj ■ AS £id 0 13 U , fc 9 Vg " D ,o b 5 , T ' ' ' VU it « L Audion 1982 Tustin High School 1171 Laguna Road Tustin, California 92680 Editor: Rene Matz Adviser: Dennis Boucher Tibk f Contents Table of Contents 3 -. ' ,W«1 A Day in The Life Of A Tiller . . . The clock radio goes off at six-thirty in the morning, five days a week and a student from Tustin High prepares for the day at school while listening to Frazier Smith of KLOS. He then comes on campus at seven forty-five to make it to class by seven fifty-five. The student attends two classes — P.E. and Biology. He then gets a break for snack and has time to visit with friends. Then it ' s back to the grind of school where the student attends one or two more classes and then gets a break for lunch. There is just enough time to wait in the lines — which seem like forever — and get the food and eat because then it ' s back to class. Some students only have a five period day so they go home and watch General Hospital. While other students attend a sixth class or go to their athletic class. After a long day the student finally gets home and has dinner and then it ' s off to another event at school. By the time he gets home he is tired and falls asleep and then, thank goodness — it ' s the weekend! 1. Student ' s walk on campus at seven-fifty in the morning hoping they won ' t be tardy for class. 2. Charles Woo hurries up to get to class before the bell rings. 3. Leslie Rohrbaugh studies quietly in Biology. 4. Chris Kent goes to his locker after a long day at school. 5. Students attend a game on Friday nights. 4 A Day In the Life V 5»v y w A Day In the Life 5 Thank You For Being A Friend Question: WhcAnows all about you. but likes you anyway? An- swer: A friend. When you ' re down and troubled and need someone to listen to your problems, a friend is always there. A friend is someone you can share all your secrets with and enjoy good and bad times with. Friendship is like a diamond — precious and rare. 6 Friends ; P Friends Lori Spiak. Meredith Schultz, Tracy Shrock and Karen Young enjoy lunch together. Candy Coombs and Dawn Howe have their picture taken as friends. Steve Crecion, Mike Frank, Mark Grace and Bri- an Hoover take a break from snack to say hi. Cindy Molina, Val Nelson, Sue Dunham, Dana Baxter and Cheryl Fahland share a special time to- gether. Buddies Mike Barron, Jeff Berry and Garrett Lo- gan smile and say " Put that in the yearbook " . Friends 1. Pal Laughlin and date share a special time together. 2. Mrs. Wilson reads about the " Dead Cat " to a student. 3. A special time — alumni coming back for Homecoming. ) Homecoming Queen Val Lopez and 1981-82 ASB President John Ellis Barbara Stevenson thinks about a special time during football season. A student en|Oys a quiet time in front of the school. 8 Special Times yT ' Students Enjoy Special Times There are many special times during high school. The first day as a freshman. Homecoming, teachers and graduation. A special time can be a quiet time or a time spent with friends at the pizza place. When friends that have graduated come back that ' s a special time too! These moments will brighten up a day and put a smile on a face ' High School . . . these are very special times! Special Times 9 10 Student Life Student Life Student Life Studei Day to Day Happenings. Special Times like Homecoming. Donkey Basketball, and Pep Week are part of a students school life and are some of the " best times of your life. " Senior Linda Bahret enjoys her favorite part of the dav " lunch " . Leah Wright studies in class. Seniors show their spirit at a pep rally. Lani Blank. Monica Steen arc: Audrev Amy munch at lunch and share good Life Student Life Student Life Student Life ll Homecoming Week Was " A Great Success " Homecoming week began on the 19th of October. Howev- er, Tony Choi began preparing for it back in June. His dreams soon became realities and Homecoming Week truly " was a great success " , stated Choi. The Tillers showed their pride and spirit by supporting the events during the week. The Tillers displayed enthusiasm through all the events including: the guzzling contest, the class dress-up, the apple bobbing contest, the pancake breakfast, the Tiller Fair, the pool competitions, the trash can tug of war and the obstacle race. In the obstacle face teachers worked together, with students to achieve victory, which was Homecoming ' s pur- pose. To unite all Tillers into one body, the spirit of victory! 12 Homecoming Week 1. Laura Sheehy flows up from a good bobb, but not good enough to beat the sophomores. 2. Senior, Mick Danskin, crowned as " King of the Tillers " for the second consecutive year. V Toni Choi introduces Mr. Bruce to the active group ot Tillers as Mr. Brock Wagner looks on, 4. Senior Tony Weissenberger flies to defeat in the freshmans strongest event, the trash can tug of war. 5. Senior. Dana Lundberg and Jim Carter pull a fellow senior out ot the water in the pool competition. 6. Mr. Spivey, Senior class sponsor gives the salute of victory as the Sr. class wins the V.W. push. 7. Dawn Howe and Richard Benz help to support the Key club, via the kissing booth. Homecoming Week 13 Ae (Huewi j4nd 3£ i ou 14 Homecoming Court gPMficebb, infc ,r w teJ .Jpit ' HWM ( (? tm Q)c6ff6 0 fcmcete Qaum r oive gptmce b CfOjd m ghnoot Homecoming Court 1 5 Homecoming Dance Was The Best Of Times " This years homecoming dance was perhaps one of the most memorable and unique dances in the school ' s history, " said Senior class presi- dent Kathy Kale. The dance was held in the quad on Saturday evening, October 24 literally " under the stars. " Music was, provided by the band " Evergreen " , who performed old songs by the Beatles, and the Doors. They also played contemporary songs of groups like Journey and the GoGo ' s. The country club-like setting em- ployed tent awnings in the quad and set an infor- mal atmosphere. Many students liked the out- door setting, as it gave more room for everyone to move around. The dance truly lived up to its theme. It was " The Best of Times " . 1. Queen Joy Borden and escort Mick Danskin walk out to the dance floor fot the Queen ' s dance. 2, Couples slow dance and sway to the music of Ever- green. i. Princess Dina Andrews and date Steve Crecion get statry-eyed about the Best of Times. 4. The band. Evergreen. 16 Homecoming Dance " The Best Of Times " " The Best Of Times " Homecoming Dance 17 The Return To School And Dances Do you remember the fourteenth dav in September. ' That is the day we renewed friendships and returned to school after a long summer break. Earlier in September we registered for classes, and for the freshmen it was a hassle since it was their first time. Getting back into the swing of things was hard at first, but we all adjusted. There were some changes around campus too, a new assistant principal Mr. Brock Wagner, no more tow- els tor P.E. because of budget cuts and the addition of some new staff members. Once back the first activity we looked forward to was a dance. Dancing is something Tillers enjoy, one can tell by the turnouts at the various dances. There are the back-to-school, fundraiser and formal dances. One can see students doing the slam for punks, gatoring for preps and slow dancing for lovers. Music is played either by a disc jockey or a live band, they play popular tunes by Styx. Journey. Led Zepplin, the Go Go ' s and the Doors. STUDENTS MUST BE IN LINE BY 75D Til ' RECEIVE AN EXCUSED TARDY [LTD T i - " ID 5TUDEI MUST E LINE BY 7 RECEIVI EXCUSED Ttl I st PI 18 Beginning of School The " Endless Summer " ends as the Tillers return to school. Bryan Winters and Chris Dobak show they have got the beat. Students reunite after a long summer apart. Fred Gill and Darrin Golka dance together at one of the after- game dances. » - Students get into the beat of the all girl band the Go Go ' s, Students learn the new attendance policy. Be on time to school! Jamie Nelson gets frustrated with trying to find the tight classes at registration. Dances 19 20 Assemblies TERRIBLE TILLERS ' -- Fundraisers Help Support Assemblies Pep and entertainment are the two type of assemblies that occur at THS. The pep assemblies are held to promote spirit before a big game. Sponsored by the pep squad, pep assemblies have fun activities planned for the students, including mothers being the " new " cheerleaders and class competition events for spirit points. The entertainment assemblies are ones like the Winter Assembly, the Camfal video slide show and concerts by such groups as Papa Do Run Run. These assemblies sometimes highlight students ' talents. Money, Money, Money, that is what we need to survive with, but how do we raise it? Fund raisers of course. Organizations raise money for activities by selling candy, stuffed animals, tee shirts and the ever popular gram which comes at Halloween, Thanksgiving. Christmas and Saint Patrick ' s Day. The money raised enables the ASB to put on more assemblies and for organizations to sponsor dances and visit cultural centers in the area. 1. Students compete in the toilet paper roll competition at one of the pep assemblies. 2. Student Store Keeper Mrs. Karen Hennessey wears the Tustin teeshirt sold this year and displayed in the background is the Terrible Tiller towel. 3. The bonus books sold by the Speech team have many good coupons to local eaterys. 4. One of the many calenders sold by the band. 5. The cute little animals sold by the Broadcaster Staff 6. Juniors have spirit, ves thev do ' 7. Seniors show why they are ahead in spirit points. «2Cai ; ;• ■ v l L i Fundraisers 21 Performing Arts Presents " Cuckoo ' s Nest. 9 J The Tustin High Performing Arts Department present- ed their tall productions of " One Flew Over the Cuckoo ' s Nest " during the nights of Dec. 3-4 and 11-12 at 8 p.m. in the campus ' Little Theatre. " One Flew Over the Cuckoo ' s Nest " is about a mental hospital which is strictly controlled by a domineering woman known in the ward as the " Big Nurse. " She is ultimately challenged by McMurphy a brawling, fun loving man who is transferred to the ward from a jail in which he managed to get out of because he was believed insane. Once in the hospital he manages to promote gambling and the smuggling of wine and women in an attempt to cheer up the lives of the patients, ending in a final confrontation between him and the Big Nurse. David Storey t :ves his all for the parry. Sieve Boe smiles for the camera while Scott Tokarzewski and Bill Feuerborn hook him up tor shock treatment- Joel Castellaw. Todd Stall. Steve Boe. Phil Klein. Starr Straw n and John Berkowitz are ready for the daily talk session Steve Boe gives the " Big Nurse ' 4 strange look. Todd Stall. Mark Gerhard, and Steve Boe get the party drinks ' C.:J ' . Steve Boe and Carrie Brister discuss their plans . . . 22 Drama WARD PERSONNEL Dr- James Spivev ■Ton V_:se Ratched Nurse Fiinn Aide Williams Aide Turkle PATIENTS Chief Bromden Mark Gerhard Dale Harding Todd Stall B Bibbit foe! Castetlaw Scuilon Dawes Charles Chc- Martini Phil K Ruddy David Storev Randle P McMurphy SCHEDULED VISITORS Stephen Boe Candy Starr Came Br: :c: Sandra Clark Shar.r Drama ' - Donkeys and Faculty Dump Students The faculty defeated the students 20-18 in the annual don- key basketball game on Tuesday February 16, in the THS gym. Duting the first half, the varsity pep squad took on the faculty. The teachers took a 10-6 lead with Mrs. Cheryl Denio leading the way with eight points. Dina Andrews scored all six points for the students. The second half pitted the faculty against six male athletes. The students came back behind Jim Axelson ' s shooting, but could not quite catch the teachers. Axelson scored all of the students second half points while coaches Bob Michel and Rick MacElwain led the faculty. The student team consist- ed of Andrews, Axelson, Jean Belodeau, Marcy Brown, Chris Dobak, Mike Frank, Mark Grace, Dawn Howe, Jamie Nel- son, Mike Parker, Courtney Piazza, Barry Porter, John Shields, Stephanie Smith, Shelley Strom, and Lew Wong. Denio, Ka- ren Hennessey, MacElwain, Michel, Biff Rhea, Brock Wag- ner, and Dawn Wilson represented the faculty. 24 Donkey Basketball Donkey Basketball 25 Winter Assembly Displays Talent The ASB and Tony Choi worked hard together to make the Winter Assembly a success. The mandatory assembly was held December eigh- teenth. Student talent was on display at the assembly as the songleaders per- formed their competition routine, Kristy Hare sang " A Few of My Favorite Things, " and the chorus and jazz band performed. Other talent displayed included Coach Dan Sheehy and Amy Sellers singing a funky folk song, Jenny Parke, Regina Gebo, Sherri Sperling singing. Karen Finnegan performed a ballet solo and the Barry Cooper group did a " terrific " job performing the theme from " Ice Castles. " The ASB did their annual skit, and Santa Claus (science teacher Mr. Ron Bruce) granted wishes to good little boys and girls. Jill Wright was one of the many students who got their wish from Santa. The jazz band entertained at both assemblies. Coach Dan Sheehy and Amy Sellers sing a funky folk song. Karen Finnegan performs a ballet solo to " Music Box Dancer. " Regina Gebo belts out the song, " Bless The Beasts and the Children. " Barbara Stevenson and Dawn Howe served as Santa ' s little helpers. Jenny Parke sings " The Long and Winding Road. " 26 Winter Assembly Winter Assemb Moonlite Memories Sponsored By Keywanettes December eighteenth was the night of the Winter Formal, whose theme was Moon- lite Memories. It was a fitting theme as the dance was held outside at the California Plaza in Buena Park. First couples would enter the Movieland Wax Museum and then go into the dance. The band Frontseat kept the beat going from eight thirty to twelve thirty. Couples were asked to bring small gifts for the Toys for Tots Drive. The dance was under the sponsorship of the Keywanettes Service Club and the Key Club. The Keywanettes also sold Gobble Grams to raise funds for the event. 1. Terrie Russell and Blake Ingram laugh about something, someone must have said something funny. Mike Doting, Christa Fieldsted, Robin Carter, Jim Caner, Bob Hawkins, and Anne Knudsen take a break from dancing. 5. Colieen Szabo falls asleep in date Tim Preston ' s arms i I lie band Fromseat also performed at last year ' s Winter Formal. " ■ The California Plaza was the site of this year ' s formal. 6. Tino Nunez, Donna Kowalski, Romy Feeher, and Gary Graves (hidden behind Tinol dance under the moonlight. One of the many cakes made by [he Plaza Cater- ers. 28 Winter Formal Winter Formal 29 Pep Week Starts With A Bang! On January sixth Pep Week began. The excitment of the students lasted through the eighth. This years Pep Week was sponsored by the Pep Squad. During the week, activities included: the shaving cream pile-up, in which the sophomores came in first place. The Big Wheel decorations, and the racing of the Big Wheels, in which the seniors placed first in both events. On Friday the week ended with the Pep Assembly, basketball game, and the dance. At the assembly, the events included: the orange pass, the blanket chariot race, and the amoeba race. The Varsity cheerleading squad performed a routine used at competitions. Later that night the basketball game and dance followed with the crowning of the king and queen. The J.V. team defeated Orange. At the halftime of the Varsity game, Kathy Smoot was crowned Pep Queen. At the dance following the game, John Ellis was crowned Pep King. John Murrel and Sharon Svendsen pass the orange as the senior class cheers them on. Senior Miizi Nolan leads the way in the big wheel race as the seniors win another event. David C. Smith drags Kellie Miller round the obstacle course in the blanket chariot race. Cheryl Hart and her group of freshmen have fun in the amoeba race. Hung Tran dances to the music at the Pep dance held friday night after the game. Mr. Phil Smoot crowns daughter Miss Kathy Smoot as the Pep Queen while others, including escourt Scon Conway look on. Freshmen came in last place in the shaving cream pile-up, but gave it a cood try. 30 Pep Week Pep Week 31 yjie ty c €mt d Sfie i Queen . ' Juif uj ' J ' tnool 32 Pep Court ,y Hnce ■ lUht Artie) irtittcet Had- ' fjvare ,fiinre ■ Ki-cA ' J finikin tjfaincetoi CfCatku ■J{nU PpHHCtM UlXSt ■ " Jltf lCtfi Pep Court 33 Tillers Enjoy Spring Dances " It was the best dance of the year, " said freshman Cheryl Hart about the Papa Do Run Run dance. The dance which was held February 19 had an excellent turnout com- pared to dances past. The dance lasted from eight-thirty to twelve. The band previewed their evening concert by presenting an assem- bly and the school went Hawaiian, dressing up in crazy outfits. Sadie Hawkins ' 82 was held March 12 in the cafeteria and sponsored by the Band. The theme was Moonlight and Starlite and freshman Angela Hershfield said " The dance was really fun and everyone had a good time. " The atmosphere was of an old town with a saloon, bank, funeral parlor and hitch- ing post. Band director Joe Pino played the role of the preacher. Albert and James pro- vided the photography and the dance was a combination of square dancing and rock and roll. 1 Tino Nunez and Donna Kowalski smile and show that they are having fun at the Papa Do Run Run dance. 2. Diummer from the band Papa Do Run Run. 3. Mark Chavez, Brent Simor and John Ellis en- joy themselves at the dance. 4 Sharneth Scott and Brent Borden dance to the sounds of the country d.j. 34 Spring Dances Spring Dances 35 Events Happening In the World Around Us Achievements On April twelfth the first space shuttle was put into orbit. Americans watched with pride and wonder as the one hundred and twenty-two foot long Columbia was launched from Cape Kennedy, Florida. After a successful voyage and seven months of preparation the Columbia went up again making it the first reusable space-craft. World Happenings General James Dozier, the highest ranking officer at NATO ' s Southern Europe Land Headquarters, was kidnapped in Decem- ber by a group of terroists. The terrorists, called the Red Bri- gades, held the general in captivity for forty-two days. On the forty-second day. an anti-terrorist group, the Leatherheads, raided an apartment in Padua, Iltaly and rescued the unharmed general. Not only has thete been an increase in terrorist activity in the world, but there has also been a string of assassinations and attempted assassinations. Egyptian President Anwar Sa- dat was assassinated while reviewing a military parade; and both Popejohn Paul II and President Reagan have been targets ot attempts. In Poland, the Solidarity Union made remarkable progress for a workers party in a communist country. Perhaps they made too many advancements, fot in December General Jaruzleski declared martial law in Poland. Some Solidarity lead- ers were imprisoned, including Lech Walesa. The exact figures of how many people died, were imprisoned, or injured are un- known because communication with the outside world from within Poland was cut off. The Polish ambassador to the United States thought the situation was so horrible, that he and his family defected to the United States. 36 World Events Farewells Anwar Sadat: 62. President of Egypt. William Saroyan: 72 writer. Joe Louis: 66, Heavyweight boxer. William Holden: 63. actor. Paul Lynde: 54, comedian actor. Natalie Wood: 43, actress Other famous people who passed on this year included: General Omar Bradley, Moshe Dayan, Will Durant, Bob Marley, Lowell Thomas, Jack Albertson, Ella Grasso, and John Belushi. High Society For the first time in 300 years a British subject married an heir to the English throne when Prince Charles of Britain married Lady Diana Spencer in the wedding of the century. An estimated television audi- ence of 750 million watched the fairytale wedding held at St. Paul ' s Cathedral on July twenty-ninth. Just when the excitement of the wedding had died down, the couple announced that a royal heir was on the way. Sports 1981 will be remembered for many things, but for baseball fans it will always be the year that baseball stopped. The team owners wanted to restrict free agency, a right the players earned in court. So the players walked out. When a compromise was finally reached, a third of the season had been lost and it seemed as though neither side had won. The baseball season wasn ' t a total disaster, there were some good points. One such event was when Pete Rose broke the national league record for career hits. Another good point was the terrific performance of Los Angeles Dodger pitcher, Fernando Valen- zuela. The twenty-one year old Mexican not only led the National League in completed games, shutouts, strike outs, and innings pitched, but also became the first player to win both the Rookie of The Year award and the Cy Young award in the same year. The Los Angeles Dodgers defeated the New York Yankees in the World Series after losing the first two games to the Yankees and coming back to win the next four. The Most Valuable Players for the series were Pedro Guerreo, Ron Cey, Steve Yeager, and in football USC ' s Marcus Allen won the Heisman Trophy rushing for over 2,427 yds. and the San Francisco 49ers beat the Cincinnati Bengals in the Super Bowl. Little known Clemson won the National College football crown. 1 . The launching of the first reusable space craft, the Colum- bia. 2. Fernando Valenzuela delivers a pitch. 3. Heisman Trophy winner Marcus Allen says " The Trojans are 1! " so was he! 4. Egyptian President Anwar Sadat salutes lellow soldiers. 5. The World Champion Los Angeles Dodgers jump for joy about their victor) ' . 6. A Polish srrike sign. 7. The recently married Prince Charles of Wales and his Princess Diana Spencer. World Events 37 Styles That Reflect Our Times The way we act, the way we dress and the things we do affect the world around us. Our peers have an important influence on our lives, for example it someone starts wearing leg warm- ers, then within a short amount of time more and more people are seen wearing leg warmers. Style is not just clothing, it is found in movies t.v„ and music too. This year the favorites of students at Tustin were: Radio Station KLOS, KMET, KROQ Beach Newport, Laguna Movie Raiders of the Lost Ark, Arthur, Stripes TV Show MASH. General Hospital, Dynasty- Car Mercedes 450SL, Porsche 924, Ferrari Clothing Style P re PP ' Casual Candy Bar Snickers, Three Musketeers, Twix Food Steak and Potatoes, Pizza Album Escape from Journey, Moving Pictures from RUSH, Beauty and the Beat from The Go Go ' S Song Endless Love, Tom Sawyer, Jessie ' s Girl Actor Actress Dudley Moore. Clint Eastwood, Brooks Shields, Barbara Streisand Fast Food Place Del Taco, McDonalds, Yogurt n ' Things Class Athletics, Ceramics Staff Member Mr. Sims, Mrs. Sleeper, Mr. Woods Group Journey, Styx, The Doors Comedian Richard Pryor, Steve Martin, Bill Murray- Best Student Car The " Ranee ' ' Mobile, Cars owned by Ellie Escobar, The Orange Peeler Athlete Sugar Ray Leonard, Vince Ferragamo, Bobby Grich Team Dallas Cowboys, Los Angeles Dodgers 38 Style KMET. Van Halen are popular around THS. Candy Hudson models knickers, Sue Dunham, the preppy look, Rene Matz, the nautical look, Carol Mallon, the mini skirt and Kathy Smoot, the western look. These girl ' s are the fashion tepresen- tatives for THS at the Jabberwocky and Bullock ' s. The mind-boggling Rubik ' s Cube. Whether glitter or not leg warmers were seen around campus. Craig Wilson, Kerry Brown, Dave Thomas, Keith Brown, Kurt Vaupel try to look cool with the punk look. Bill Erler throws in ceramics while listening to his Walkman stereo system. These radios are often called " ghetto blasters. ' ' " Gold Fever " or the Ranee Mobile owned bv Ranee Welch was voted one of the favotite cars oi students. Style 39 Students Create And Display Talent In classes such as Ceramics, Drawing, Stain Glass, Wood Shop and Metal Shop students are given the chance to find them- selves and express themselves through their work. Everyone has talent whether it be in singing, dancing or some other art form. Stu- dents just need to find out what their talent is and express themselves. 1. A drawing done by Andy Koines in Miss Smith ' s art class. 2. Senior Randy Howel! poses by his china cabinet that was made in Mr. Carlsen ' s wood shop class. 3. Junior Brian Tardiff works on his trailer that was made in Mr. Ashby ' s metal shop class. 4. Ceramics has many talented students including Steve Rohrbaugh who made this teapot and pitcher and creme set. Steve won a scholarship to rhe Laguna Beach School of Art with this work. He won over JOOO other students. 5. Senior Brett Thiebolt poses with his famous ' pot made in ceramics. 6. This unique piece of ceramics was made by senior Conrad Woodland, it is an electric fan cooler. 7. Seniot Marie Weldon ' s Boat painting was named after Miss Smith. 40 Student Art Student Art 41 Organizations Organizations 42 Organizations : ' Organizations Active On Campus Organizations such as A.S.B., Pep Squad, Senate and the Marching Units are the leaders of the school or- ganizations. Clubs and groups on campus do many things for the school and community. The main purpose of campus organizations is to have fun, meet new people and be a service to the school. 2 Band Booster President Mrs. Sara Bor- den passes out cokes sold at the Tiller Days fair by the Marching Units. V The A.S.B. cabinet. 4. Drill Team Captain Kris Chavez stands at attention 5. Some of the many projects made by the Art club. Drganizations Organizations Organizations 43 ASB Makes Student Life More Fullfilling ASB — From Homecoming to the Prom, Tustin High ' s Associated Student Body Cabinet has worked hard to make life on campus more enjoyable and fulfilling. Planning activities that involve a greater number of people and that cater to student tastes has been a major goal of the cabinets. Tustin High offers students the opportunity to become involved in a wide variety of activities. ASB sponsored activities and their support of forensics, athletics, newspaper and drama combine to create a fairly diversi- fied campus life. The ASB has tried to be receptive to the ideas of their fellow students and to improve life on campus by incorporating these desires in activities. Much time, organization and elbow grease goes into planning and coordinating of a activity. Dress-up days, spirit points, class competitions, pep rallies, assemblies, conventions, elections, after game dances, Papa Do Run Run, powder puff football, homecoming and pep weeks are all the result of creative and hard work of class and ASB officers. The advisers for the ASB this year were Mrs. Pam Montgomery and Mr. Bob Boies. 1. Activities Commissioner Tony Choi, informs students of upcoming activities at the Winter Assembly. 2. Tanya Sisel, Leah Geer, Amee Smith and Suzette Lipscomb during the candle ceremony at the Winter Assembly. 3. ASB President John Ellis reflects on how successful this year has been. 4. ASB members practice theit skit for the Winter Assembly. 44 ASB The ASB at the home of M MChas. Mitchell ofTustin — Front row: Kathy Shives, Stacy Watson. Mary Wentsel, Jill Del Ctognale, Andrea Rewets. Kathy Kale, Michelle James, Ttacy Schtimshet Row 2: Allyson Reinig, Katen Rewets, Scott Newman Row 3: Mick Danskin, Hunt Drouin, Lynda Gtaves, Kathy Smoot, Tony Jasica, Arthut Patterson, Matk Chavez, Tanya Sisel, Tony Choi, Michele Leon-Guetteo, Mike Patket, Julie Newman, Tetty Hoskins. Mike Frank, John Ellis, Mercedes Garde. Leah Geer, Amee Smith. Suzette Lipscomb ASB President John Ellis Vice-President Mick Danskin Secretary Kathy Smoot Treasurer Amee Smith Activities Commissioner Tony Choi Elections Commissioner Lynda Graves Pep Commissioner Mary Wentsel Publicity Commissioner Mike Frank Boys Athletic Commissioner Mike Parker Girls Athletic Commissioner Terry Hoskins C.A.S.C. Rep Michelle James Inter Club Council Rep Julie Newman Principals Council Rep Michelle Leon- Guerreo School Board Rep Leah Geer ASB ASB 45 Students Have Say In Government Senate — Is a legislative body that allows more stu- dents to become involved in student government. Not only do these students legislate, they also take part in other activities. As an individual group the Senate has gone caroling, has had a paper drive, and senators make impor- tant decisions on things such as the cap and gown colors. 1 Vice-President ot the ASB. Mick Danskin, is head of the Senate. Mick ponders about when the next Senate meeting will be. 2. Junior Senators — Kevin Wheeler, Leslie Allen. Rob Leiter. Curt Castellanet, Hunt Dtouin. Susan Kowalski, Marilyn Ameer. Laurie Smaghk, Shatneth Scott, Dina Shetman, Lisa Duncanson, Lynn Johnson. Debbie Young. 3. Freshmen Senators — Front Row: Stephanie Anabo, Vickie Caruso. Meagan Crosby, Dana Hart. Laurie Kappell, Julie Kramus, Up a tree: Susan Hickman. 4 Sophomore Senators — Front Row: Denise Ptewitt, David Landsburg, Atianne Schoenbetg; Row 2: Chantal Greene. Dawn LowNang, Peitra Davis, Etin Thomas, Kim Metkley, Katie Stoff. 5. Senior Senators — Front Row: Debbie Teater, Eileen Aim, Kathv Scott. Linda Voltarel, Jackie Cisneros. Karen Finnegan.John Murrel, Lisa Jenkins, Row 2: Andrea Rewers. Mitzi Nolan, Lautie O ' Connell, Julie Newman, Lisa Torres, Michele Leon-Guerreo, Peggy Polen. Karen Seller, Val Nelson, Toi Bevetidge. Cindy Molina 46 Senate § IS Senate 47 1. Athletic Boostet President Mrs. Cecilia Hinkle smiles as Tustin makes another touchdown. 2. The Rowdy Rooters get enthusiastic as Tustin makes a first down. ). Rowdy Rooter President Courtney Piazza. 4. Mr. Caruso enjoys his spaghetti at the spaghetti dinnet put on by the boosters. 5. At one of the pep assemblies early in the year the football player ' s mothers embarrassed the boys by being the new cheerleaders. 6. Rowdy Rooters — Front Row: Cheryl Hart. Hunt Drouin, Susan Ward, Adrienne Nedler. Rene Matz. Row 2: Tony Jasica, Courtney Piazza. John Ellis, Susan Hickman, Scott Smith, Laura Warner. 7. At Dad ' s night against Orange Brian Hickman ' s and Dwight Fairback ' s dad ' s talk about the outcome of the game. 48 Boosters Rowdy Rooters and Boosters Promote Spirit! Let ' s get a little bit rowdy R-O-W-D- Y. The purpose of the Rowdy Rooters is to promote spirit at all sporting events. The rooters could be seen at these events yelling, playing trum- pets, bongos and cowbells. They were also seen dressing up at various times. The rooters are led by officers: Courtney Piazza, Jill DelCrognale, Tonyjasica and Hunt Drouin. The Athletic Boosters at Tustin High are led by Presi- dent Mrs. Cecilia Hinkle. Their purpose is to support all sports equally, get good attendance at the sporting events and develop funds to maintain the sports program. Recently the Boosters helped purchase the new pool and the soon to be completed weight room. The funds they raised helped pay for uniforms, awards, equipment and maintenance of the fields. During the football season the boosters would meet after the games at Arthur ' s and hold meetings to watch game films on Wednesday night. The Athletic boosters are not the only boosters led by parents. There are also the Marching Units boosters. Their President is Mrs. Sara Borden. They help in financing trips, like the one last year to Hawaii, help purchase new uniforms, and other things needed by the students. Boosters 49 Pep Squad 1981-1982 Spirit Leaders On Campus i i ' H 1% • iff • 50 Pep Squad 1. Mascots: Marcy Brown and Laura Sheehy 2. Yell Leader: Courtney Piazza }. Pep Commissioner: Mary Wentsel 4. Varsity Cheerleaders: Jean Belodeau, Shelley Strom, Tammie Armenia, Dawn Howe, Jamie Nelson The Pep Squad — Front Row: Crystal Toliver, Cheryl Hart, Marcy Brown, Renay Johnson, Trilby Ure. On the Tire Swing: Sherry Thiebolt, Dawn Howe, Roxanne Howard, Jamie Nelson, Shelby Hoiton. Left Post: Janet Gentsch.Jean Belodeau, Dina Andrews, Courtney Pia2za, Krista Simor, Kristi LaBonte. On the Cross Bar: Angela Hershfield, Chris Dobak, Mary Wentsel, Kari Bullard, Stephanie Smith, Shelley Strom, Wendy Grabill. Right Post: Tammie Armenia. Not Pictured: Sherti Sperling, Laura Sheehy. Sophomore Cheerleaders: Crystal Toliver, Janet Gentsch, Ttilby Ure, Kristi LaBonte Freshmen Cheerleaders: Angela Hershfield, Renay Johnson, Cheryl Hart, Krista Simor Junior Varsity Cheerleaders: Shelby Hoiton, Kati Bullard, Sherry Thiebolr, Wen- dy Grabill Varsity SongLeaders: Chris Dobak, Dina Andtews, Stephanie Smith, Roxanne Howard, Sherri Sperling Pep Squad 51 Spirit: The Main Ingredient Take twenty-six members of pep squad and people filled with enthusiasm. Mix well. The result? A spirited school! When viewed objectively, THS is a really spir- ited school. At least half of the student body dresses in black, red, and white on color days. Then there are those that scream and shout till they die at sporting events. Even teachers are spirited — they dress in school colors and par- ticipate in activities. But the one group that really heightens the school spirit is the Pep Squad. Throughout the year, they make signs for games, decorate the lockers of athletes, and do millions of important things. They are spirit leaders! 1. Cheerleader Kristi LaBonte yells her heart out for the sophomores. 2. Varsity cheerleader Dawn Howe pins a carnation on football player Don Powell during a pep rally. 3. Senior pep squad members Jean Belodeau, Courtney Piazza, Dina Andrews, and Tammie Armenia cheer on the " Preppy " VW during Homecoming fes- tivities. 4. JV cheerleaders root on their team on a Saturday morn- ing. 5. Mascots Laura Sheeny and Marcy Brown play " cow " at the Homecoming game and greet Mr. Turn- er ' s grandchildren along with other pep squad mem- bers. 6. Pep Commissioner Mary Wentsel gets the crowd yell- ing. 7. One of the many spirit signs made by the Pep Squad during the year. Victory is ours! 52 Spirit Spirit 53 I Ub I IN HIloH 1982 TUSTIN HIGH S MARCHING BA AND DRILL TEA IPgQPPI - -- 54 Marching Band -— — ■ " ■ - .-: - ' ■•-■■ - J I The Till •-; . Marching Band — Drum Major Barry Cooper Row 2 — Majorettes Val Beauchamp, Barbara Stevenson-Row 3 — Kelly Potvin Row 4 — Chris Bush, Joe Borzellino, Ashapti Dantzler Row 5 — T ami.McNulty, Jeff Kelly, Ter.ri.Qa-11, Martin Wiedemann, Chris Cashen Row 6 " — " Kelly O ' Neal, Susan Kowalski, Gary Johnson, Robert Yagle. Kristin Joy, Terrie Russell Row 7 — . Kim Smith, Steve Jones, Judy Wright, Kathy Pulaski, Dina Sherman, Brenda Hartman, Cindy Hartman, Carolyn Schoff, Anna Crosby, Colin Janji Row 8 — Scott Baxter, Tracy Merowit, Paul Nolan, Norm Carroll, Eugene Ermel, Rich Hart, Tom Weidemann, Marc Saltarelli, Jennifer Morrison, Don Norby, Diane Jansen Row 9 — Emily Bell, Geoff Lancaster, Tina Lee, -Mark Jurkowski, Carmela Scalzo, Julian Shea, Shad Paidas, Mark Wilcken, Chris Dodds, Dori Townswick Row 10 — Kathy Harwood; Suzanne Predney, Jerry Forstadt, Chris Prell, Mike Forstadt, John Milek Row. 11 —Jeff Hunter, Brenda Hager, Maria Garza, Dennis Kimjudene Lewendowski, Jeff Moersch Row. 12 — Patty Preble, Tracey MacGowan, Steve Krockman, Cynthia Griggs, Ray Pearson, Jenny Kalasky, April Roe, Kathy Thomas, Kim Taylor, Kyra ' Kowalik, Theresa Ruano, Bill Tate, Kasey Tolman, Diana Brady, Jim Fields, Cathy Ikola, Chris Lovejoy, Tim Shaner Row 13 — LOri Spiak, Howard Yard Marching Band 55 ' . ' ■ ■« •■- ■■_■•!.» " " The Tiller Band Plays On . . . The Tiller Band enthusiastically began the school year, following their much publicized, and successful 1981 Hawaiian tour, in which they brought home tour trophies, including: a sweep- stakes trophy and two first place trophies. The year marked the first time the Tiller Band competed in field show tournaments, and the results were very satisfying, two first places awards. The Tillers entered various parades throughout Southern California, including: The Tustin Tiller Days Parade, the Bellflower Parade, the Oceanside Parade, and the SouthGate Parade in each of these events they brought home one first, two second and one third place trophy. VS Tiller Band Rank leaders Brenda Hartman, Kelly Potvin, Carol Traister, Kelly Tolman and Jim Fields in the Tustin Tiller Days parade. Drum Major Barry Cooper directs the Marching Units during the many halftimes. Majorette Val Beauchamp performs at the LaHabra field competition. Tall Flag Tammy Davis salutes the flag during the pre game show. Flutists Tami McNulty, Susan Kowalski, Steve Jones entertain the crowd at a half-time show. Dina Sherman, Tim Shaner, Don Townswick and Joe Borzellino perform their solo on the Beatles medley. Second Lieutenant Karen Young leads the Drill Team in their salute to the flag. Drum Major Barry Cooper accepts his Drum Major award from Farmer Fred at the Tustin Tiller Days parade. The Tustin High Band took first place at the LaHabra Field show, and first place at the Norwalk Field show. Tiller Band 57 t cioS -o O S W O P .OXlJ XsJl Lo, u3, J . oj A vs- - ' •= " -«- ' -V u - CWJ " tjvj, QX AWU , -Pride, Poise and Perfection Mark Marching Units Under new adviser Mrs. Diane Young the units of Drill Team, Tall Flags and Banners saw many changes. When try-outs were held last May the final results saw a larger Tall Flag squad and the addition of freshmen to the Drill Team. They also managed to acquire new uniforms. This was possible by participating in many fundraisers such as selling soap, THS mugs, stuffed animals, calendars and ornaments. The Tillerettes attended the United Spirit Association Camp in Santa Barbara during the summer and the Tall Flag team came home with a third place. In competition during the school year they placed second in the Bellflower parade and in the LaHabra Field tournament the Tall Flags placed second while the Drill Team and Banners placed fourth. The squads are led by Chris Chaves, Martha Mendez and Karen Young for the Drill Team, Sharneth Scott and Rhonda Wood- side for the Tall Flags and Chris De La Torre for the Banners. The Majorettes are led this year by Captain Joy Borden and Adviser Donna McGee. At summer camp the majorettes received an award for hardest working squad and took a fifth place in competition. At the Tustin Tiller Days parade the squad took first place. Tall Flag twirler Wendy Jarvis at the Orange vs Tustin halftime show. The Marching Units — Front Row: Ma]orette Captain Joy Botden. Banner Captain Chris DeLaTorte, Darlene Arrelano, Robin Baiin. Sandy Arnold, Chtisty Banks, Wendi Roth, Mane Snyder. Diamond: Drill Team Captain Chris Chaves, First Lieutenant Martha Mendez, Second Lieutenant Karen Young, Drum Major Barry Cooper, Tall Flag Captain Sharneth Scott. Outer Left Diagonal: Teresa Quick, Jennifer Jacobson, Cyndi King. Shannon Nichols, Wendyjarvis, Tracy Schrock. Middle Left Diagonal: Terri Ruff, Kim Morrow. Vicky Young, Mi- chelle Shirley, Meredith Schultz, Kim Stephens. Inner Left Diagonal: Lisa Grencik, Dee Dee Leckie, Lisa Carroll, Wendy Donaldson. Inner Right Diagonal: Wendy Linehan, Lisa Pozzi, Shawnette McKee, Roxanne McCurdy, Alison Wile. Middle Right Diagonal: Colleen Szabo, Patty Mendez. Ro- berta Myers, Dawn Benson, Marisa Borzellino, Julie Hatanaka. Outer Right Diagonal: Tall Flag Lieutenant: Rhonda Wood- side, Rita Scher, Shauna Quick, Kathy Rodgets, Getry McCurdy, Tammy Davis. Not pictured: Lisa Watd, Sandy Black, Pam Steffens, Ursula Dudas and Manager Barbara Turnbaugh The Majorettes — Captain Joy Borden, Barbara Stevenson, Valerie Beauchamp, Marie Snyder Second Lieutenant Karen Young stands at attention at the LaHabra field show. Tillerettes Roxanne McCurdy, Lisa Pozzi and Wendy Line- han petform at one of the half-time shows. . ' ? , i ' - 58 Marching Units Marching Units 59 Thespians and AFS Add Flavor to THS Thespians — One of the most talented clubs at THS. This talent is noticeable in the superb productions throughout the year as well as the non- conformist and refreshing individualistic attitude each member of the club holds. The members of the Thespian club are involved with every aspect of play production. This enables them to gain experience in such things as set construction, ticket sales, publicity, and costume. This year, the Thespians produced " One Flew Over a Cuckoo ' s Nest, " which turned out to be a great success. To this success the Thespians owe the hard-working members of this club, and especially President Steve Boe, and Adviser Mrs. Lisa Roseman. AFS — A group dedicated to the promotion of world friendship and understanding. It is involved with student exchanges with various countries and hosts foreign students on the THS campus. During the summer students John Ellis and Doug Sparke went to the countries of Portugal and Japan through the student exchanges. Senior Cara Zafuto spent the year in England and THS had foreign students visiting the campus including: Despina Tsirba from Greece and Debbie Fritihof from Sweden. This year the club is led by President Jim Scullin and Adviser Mr. George Trotter. 60 Thespians, AFS 1. AFS adviser Mr. George Troiier 2. AFS President Jim Scullin at the Tiller Fair. V Thespians — Front Row: Phil Klein, Mike Dawes, Todd Stahl, Shannon Wincot. Mary Tutnbaugh. Scott Tokarzewski. Row 2: Steve Boe, Reggie Sutton, John Berkowitz, Joe! Castel- law, Brendan Talley, Billy Feuerborn, Mark Gerhard, Robynne Golden, Julia Johnson 4. The Thespian booth at the Tiller Fair. 5. The AFS booth where Jim Scullin and others sold Greek goodies. 6. AFS — Front Row: Nancy Alexander, John Ellis, Despina Tsirba, Tony Young, Kelly Tolman, Jeff Alexander Row 2: President Jim Scullin, Vice-President Doug Sparke. Ana Le, Jennifer Rush. Loti Seigel, Tiffany McGuire, Advisor Mr George Trotter 7. Stagecraft members work on the background for One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest as Mrs. Roseman, Adviser supervises Thespians, AFS 61 Yearbook Adviser, Mr. Boucher takes a break from a busy schedule to have his picture taken. Audion Editor, Rene Matz asks representative Larry Ktuss tor some advice on a layout. The Audion staff — Front row: Sports Editor Rory Zatyko, Scott Dall, Lew Wong, Editor-in-Chief Rene Matz, Adviser Dennis Boucher. Row 2: Ted Nel- son, Donna Corriveau, Debbie Lacy, Tony Weissenberger, April Roe, Brett Thiebolt, Robyn Purdie, L ' nderclass Editot Adrienne Nedler, Lisa Duncan- son, Faculty Index Editot Larissa Negri, Ad Editor Mike Tinz, Don Myron, Cathy Worthington, Copy Editor John Cheng, Senior Editor Pam Guillen, Glenn Pinson In the tree: Photo Editor Brent Simor, Jeff Burt Not pictured: Student Life Editor Frances Kelly, Bob Moore Ad Editot Mike Tinz shows Cathy Worthington how to draw a layout. Photo Editor Brent Simor focuses the good ol ' Yashica. • 1 62 Publications Audion, Broadcaster Staffs Produce Quality Publications Production on the 1982 Audion began back in 1981. Editor Rene Matz started making plans on the book as soon as staff positions were announced. During the summer she attended a workshop at Biola College to sharpen her skills and get new ideas. When the school year began the twenty-four member staff found out there was a lot to be done. To learn new techniques the staff attended a one-day workshop in Hacienda Heights sponsored by Herff Jones publishing com- pany. The staff faced many deadlines throughout the year and met them success- fully with the help of Adviser Mr. Dennis Boucher, Photography Company Albert and James and Herff Jones representatives, Greg Hemsoth and Larry Kluss. Members of the staff also attended the Journalism Education Association convention in San Francisco during April. The 1981 Audion won first place from A.S.P.A. The Broadcaster editors were selected in May of 1981 and immediately began pro- duction on the June issue. This helped them prepare for the coming year. During the summer, editors attended a workshop at Cal State Fullerton to learn new journalism styles in layout and copy. Those that attended were: Editor-in-Chief Michelle Leon-Guerreo, News Editor Courtney Piazza, Feature Editor Adri- enne Nedler and Ad Manager Sherrie Miller and Editorial Editor Susan Ward. The staff had some new requirements set down at the beginning of the year. They would come out with a bi-weekly four page paper, which meant deadlines would be not as drawn out as in the past. At the semester a new adviser Mrs. Ellen Berry came in to take over for the retiring Mrs. Pam Montgomery. Broadcaster Editor Michelle Leon-Guerreo and Adviser Mrs. Montgomery check over copy before a deadline. Broadcaster staff members work on their string books, which are due each quarter. Editors and reporters work together on the Broadcaster. The Broadcaster staff — Front Row: Business Manager Laura Warner, Exchange Editor Anne Martel, Sports Editor Mick Danskin, News Editor Courtney Piazza, Editor-in-Chief Michelle Leon-Guerreo, Editorial Editor Susan Ward, Feature Editor Adrienne Nedler, Ad Manager Sherrie Miller, Artist Dianne Hoxie, Wendy Johnson Row 2: Rene Matz, Reid McClatchey, Mike Parker, Jean Belodeau, Chris Dobak, Jeff Burt, Mark Grace, Chris Andrasfay, Bob Celli, Lynn Johnson Publications 65 THS Experiences Cultural Diversity LATIN — The Tustin High School Latin Club was formed in order to give each individual a better understanding of Ancient Roman and Greek Civiliza- tions. However, this club was not formed for only serious study. They have seen " The Trojan Women. " by Euripides, and have also had a Roman Toga Party. This disparity between activities can be attributed to the officers of the club. President Michael Belles, Vice-President Beth Greenberg, and Adviser Ms. Ellen Berry. VIETNAMESE — The Vietnamese Club functions as a focal point for the Vietnamese students of Tustin High School. They publish student-written articles in Vietnamese in a magazine each semester. This club also organizes social activities and spotting events throughout the year. The largest of these events has been the " Tet " New Year program in February. All of the Vietnamese clubs from Orange County high schools assemble to celebrate the coming of the New Year. They present to each other the songs and dances of Vietnam. These activities result from the dedication of the officers and members of the club, as well as the faculty adviser, Mr. Leon Smith. This year, the President is Mmh Khuu. assisted by Vice-Presidents Dung Lee and Hoat Nguyen. 64 Cultural Clubs 1. Vietnamese Faculty adviser, Mr. Leon Smith 2. Vietnamese Club — Front Row: Lee, Thanh Lee. Lam Luu. Minh Khuu. Hoang Hunyh, Dung Nguyen. Mr. Leon Smith, Hoat Nguyen, Kim Ngo, Hong Khuu, Ha Tran }. Latin Club — Front Row: Vice-President Beth Gteenberg. Adviser Ms. Ellen Berry, President Michael Belles Row 2: Brent Bu- ford, Chris Matek, Margy Gain. Michelle Palmer, Leslie Allen. Mary- Olivee, Tracy Schaff, Wendy Johnson, Iris Adonie Row 3: Randy Travis, Robert Ashlock. John Andonie, Despina Tsitba. Toi Beveridge, Madeline Phil- lips. Chris Black, Joe Shim, Tom Kunsvz. Jeff Moersch. David Lauderdale -1. The Vietnamese Club sold eggroll at the Tiller Fair and it sold out! 5. Latin Club Adviser Ms. Ellen Berrv Cultural Clubs 65 Art Club, Satori And Speech Involve Students Art Club — Under the direction of adviser Mr. Dennis Boucher and President Brett Thiebolt the art club got off to a good start this year. The club sponsored several successful ceramic sales during the course of the year. The funds go toward scholarships, new ceramic equipment and field trips. " This year has been a productive one " said President Brett Thiebolt. Steve Rohrbaugh took top honors at the " Color It Orange " art show sponsored by the Laguna Beach School of Art. He won out over 3000 students and won a scholarship to the school. Satori — The " Satori " , the schools literary magazine organizes itself in the second semester of the school year. The Satori features student contributions of art work, poetry and short stories. The magazine is distrib- uted at the end of the year for a small amount ot money. Ms. Lindlee Barry is this year ' s adviser. Speech — Frances Kelly, a speech team member stated " That this year ' s speech team is sttonger than ever. " The team has won several events throughout the year and recieved special recognition at one of the school board meetings for their outstanding achievement. They have also had fundraisers this year which include the sale of bonus books, boo grams and crystal dishes. 1. Garrett Logan working steadily on his ceramic train. 2. Satori — Lisa Pope, Robynne Golden, Scott Smith. Nancy Alexander. Steve Frank, Doug Sparkem, Lynn Johnson, Mic Meguiat, Rene Matz, Carolyn Schoff. 3. Speech — Front Row: Adam Rubin, Dina Sherman, Marietta Acuna. Jennifer Zun- iga; Row 2: Danny Whitcomb. Julie Spellman, Robin Balin, Leslie Allen, Tracy MacGowan.Joe Eggleton, Chris Murphy; Row 3: Alan Whitcomb, Krish Tewan.John Ellis, Matt Burke, Chris Jackson, Marc Callahan, Lynn Johnson. (Not pictured Frances Kelly and Val Spier) 66 Art-Satori-Speech Lori Spurr gives her sales pitch to unsuspecting custom- ers. ' Art — Front Row: John Lutz, Bill Erler, Cindy Molina, Garrett Logan, Val Nelson, Conrad Woodland; Row 2: Brett Thiebolt, Laurie O ' Connell, Lori Spurr, Dana Lund- berg; Row ' 3: Toi Bouvanh. Mike Barron, Steve Rohr- baugh. President of the An Club Brett Thiebolt, sells his pottery at one ot the years many ceramic sales. Adviser ot the Satori, Ms. Lindlee Barry. Art-Satori-Speech 67 Talent Showcased In Concerts Choir — Under the direction of a new adviser Mr. Don Smith the choir has lifted up its membership this year. The class is taken in the latter part of the day. The group has performed at prestigous places such as South Coast Plaza and the Kiwanis Club. They have also performed at Veeh Elementary in Tustin and at the Winter Assembly and at the Christmas Concert. Stage Band — Under the direction of Mr. Joe Pino the Stage Band has performed at Mt. Sac, Cypress, Orange Coast and Chaffey Colleges. In all these festivals they have recieved excellent tatings. They have also performed at Ramona High School in Riverside and at the Christmas Concert the Winter Assembly, during Homecoming Week, at the Pop ' s Concert and at Disneyland and the Disneyland Hotel. 68 Jazz-Choir ll ■4-U: i v- u UVc«r Ore 3». -L cJ Barry Cooper plays rhe theme from Rocky " Gonna Fly Now " . Stage Band adviser Mr. Pino directs the band at the Winter Assembly. Shannon Vfr ' incor practices her scales before a concert. Joe Borzellino, one of the outstanding sax players. ., Chris Barden, Tami McNulty, Tim Nitz and Martin Wiede- man perform at the Winter Assembly. Choir: Front Row: Mary Turnbaugh, Stephanie Miller, Tami Maldonado, Dawn Hartman, Mala Holden. Carol Beaucage; Row 2: Maria Mondragon, Allison Kyger, Cherie Wilson, Andy Form by, Julia Johnson, Eric Blair, Cindy Fitzpatrick, Pat Sirota, Jennifer Fitzpatnck, Alma Kyger, Shannon Wincor, Ron Ruano, Bev St. Martin and Adviser Mr. Don Smith. Choir Adviser Mr. Don Smith leads the Choir at the South Coast Plaza concert. Jazz-Choir 69 Students Participate In Sign Language And Moto Cross Clubs Sign Language — The SLA has been involved in various activities this year. In October seventy-five members saw the Broadway award-winning play. Children of a Lesser God. In December and May the club enjoyed California State University, Northridge ' s Sign Singing performances. In February the students observed Handicap Awareness Week. Money was needed for transportation to these performances and for scholarships for seniors continuing their education in the field of audito ry communication handicaps, so fund-raising projects were undertaken. All year long, books, T-shirts and many sign language items were sold. During the Homecoming Fair, See ' s suckers, licorice and jelly beans were sold. A Christmas raffle, which gave away turkeys, dinners, and gift certificates from local merchants, raised approximately $400. The club experienced an exciting, fun-filled, and rewarding year due to the hard work of its officers and adviser. Mrs. Dawn Wilson. Many thanks go to President Linda Bahret, Vice President Coleen Szabo, Secretaries Roxanne Estrada and Joy Woolford, Treasurer Steve Kimes, and Representative Marilyn Ameer for jobs especially well done. Moto-Cross — The Moto-Cross team started off the season by winning their first two races. In the first race they beat Ramona and Upland High Schools. In the second race, they beat Hemet and Magnolia High Schools. All the moto-coss races are held at Corona Raceway. When the team isn ' t racing they practice at Saddleback Park or at a track at the end of Newport Blvd. The team races against fifteen other schools, with six schools in their league. Their two sponsors. Chuck ' s Steak House, who gave them a place to meet, and NGK Spark Plugs, who supplied spark plugs for each race, were a great help. 70 SLA-Motocross Mrs. Dawn Wilson smiles while registering her SLA students. President Donny Myron crosses it up over a jump. A MOTLEY CREW OF RIDERS — Steve Balmer, Adviser. Bob Hannah, team mascot. Greg Vaughan, Jay Spear. Werner Berry, Mike Torrez, Adviser. Rob Pflomn and Donny Myron. Not pictured are Honda ' support rider Don Kimes, Craig Os- trandet. and Mr. Beck, SLA — Front Row: Christine Westrick, Sheri Piepenburg. Lor e Loomis, Lindy Cerda. Lisa Snapp, Steve Kimes. Colleen Emick; Row 2: Lisa ' Carol!, Wendi Roth. Al Shaw. Jennifer Morris on. Mike Kimes. Celaine Kelzcko, Chris Black, Dan Conrad. Cherie Volz, Christy Banks, Colleen Szabo. Marian Mauldin. Roxanne Estrada. Linda Bahret. Mrs. Dawn Wilson. Vice President Rob Pflomn keeps it under control. Treasurer Greg Vaughan styles for the camera. SLA-Motocross 71 Tiller Clubs Involve Students In Weekend Activities Backpacking — Is one of Tustin High ' s few " year-round ' ' clubs. The club has at least one outing scheduled every month and during the summer months there are usually two trips. In the past years they have found themselves hiking in rain, snow, hail and fog. The highlights of the year are their climbs to the tops of Mt. San Jacinto and Mt. San Gorgonio, the two highest peaks in Southern California, as well as their traditional ten to four- teen day exploration of the Sierra Nevada. The officers are President Curt Castellanet, Christiana Haselton, Vice-Presi - dent and Secretary-Treasurer Darren Purser. R-C Club — They meet weekly on campus to promote gener- al interest in the radio control field. Many of the students at Tustin fly model airplanes. The club flies weekly on campus during snack and occasional) ' at lunch. They also fly Sunday mornings at the LTA Base in Tustin. The sponsor is Mr. Steven Beck. Ditto Club — The club is in its first year of existence; the purpose of the club is to have fun and go swamp skiing in Guam. The club ' s President is Kathy Kale and the sponsor is Mrs. Sharon Seidenberg. 72 Weekend Clubs Maria Boodman, and Mr. Phil Rolfi at the halfway camp in San Gorgonio. What A Catch ' Trout tor breakfast in San Bernadino. Dittos — Front Row: Sharon Svendsen, Jillness DelCrognale. Laurie O ' Connell, Kathy Kale, Tracy Schnmsher, Linda Barnes Row 2: Rene Matz, Kathy Smoot, Mary Wentsel, Jackie Gsneros, Kelli Schultz, Lisa Berber Row 3: Caroline Taylor, Andrea Rewers, Kim Kelly, Lynda Graves. Alison Palmer. Amy Sellers Row- 4: Kathy Fahey. Mitzi Nolan, Julie Newman Backpacking — Front Row: Adviser Mr. Phil Rolfi. Jeff Rodriguez, Christiana Haselton. Row 2: Robin Bahn, Peter Laubach, Maria Boodman, Sherrie Gordy, Marietta Acuna, Monty Ferbert Row 3: Caroline Topham. Lisa Duncanson, Andy Bridgeman, Curt Castellnet, Jim Homer, Jon Lei- phardt, Dale Ferbert, John Atkins. Robert Fisher, Jtff Rodgers RC — Henn Palina, John Cheng, Nick McMillian, Adviser Mr Sreve Beck, Randy Howell, Bub Churchwell Weekend Clubs 73 Clubs Promote Academic Excellence Chess Club — The Chess Club this year was again affiliated with the Orange County Chess League. Under the able leadership of president Ken Carlisle, Peter Laubach, Vice President, and Jeff Rogers, Treasur- er, the club competed with tour other high school chess teams. The Chess Club also sponsored a tournament for THS students, and some instruction by a former student. Ev Bieger, to help the team improve for next year ' s competition. Ev Bieger was one of tour players on the Cal State Fullerton chess team which recently captured the U.S. Chess Championship held in New York City. Literature Club — Although beginning late, the revival of the Litera- ture Club continued with much vigor and excitement. President Andy Koines and Adviser Mrs. Enola Sleeper led a number of club members in promoting an interest and appreciation in literature among students. Whether or not any college thesis were formulated, everyone involved participated in thought-provoking and challenging discussions, or at least enjoyed the comradeship to each other while having fun. Scholars ' Club — Although it is a relatively new organization, the Scholars ' Club has flourished under the direction of president John Hatanaka, Adviser Eugene O ' Toole, Mrs. Koerner, and Mrs. Fox. The Scholars ' Club is a social club for students who excel in academics. As such, it helps develop scholar socially as well as intellectually. The club ' s activities, however, are not limited to social doings. This year, the club had a Thanksgiving Canned Food Drive, as well as educational activities like visiting the Griffith Park Observatory, and social activities such as a trip to Magic Mountain and the Playhouse Dinnerhouse Theater. 1. Alumnus Ev Bieger was one of the team members ftom Cal State Fullerton that won the U.S. Championship. 2. Marcia King helps support that Scholars ' Club during the Tiller Fair. 3. The officers of the prestigious Scholars ' Club — Front Row: Charles Woo and Becky Roensch, Directors of Transportation, John Hatanaka. President. Marcia King, Secretary. John Cheng. Intellectual Adviser. Greg Gallaugher. Treasurer, Paul Fritschle. ICC Representative; Row 2: Steve Chang. Intellectual Adviser, Tom Groleau. Sergeant- at-Arms, Pat Laubach, Vice Ptesident. • -. 74 Academic Clubs Literature Club — Front Row: Marcia King, John Hatanaka (Publicity), Beck Roensch, Greg Gallaugher (Arbiter). Toi Beveridge, Mrs. Sleeper I Adviser); Row 2: Pat Laubach (Publicity I, Earl Nishimura (Social Chairperson). John Ellis. Peter VanDeerlin (Vice President). Andv Koines (President), Doug Sparke (Secretary). Paul Fritschle (Historian), Brian Hickman, Steve Chang. Scholars ' Club — Front Row: Susan Hickman. Tom Groleau.John Hatanaka, John Cheng, Charles Woo, Earl Nishimura, Becky Roensch, Pat Laubach. Paul Fritschle, Sindi Corwm; Row 2: Scott Smith, Steve Chang. Greg Gallaugher. Peter VanDeerlin Toi Beveridge, Andy Koines.John Steinmeyer. Sabra Corwm, Debbie Root, Row 3: Brian Hickman, Kathy Jorgenson. Curt Castellanet, Tim Groleau, Doug Sparke. Academics Clubs 75 Friends Sue Dunham. Val Nelson and Cheryl Fahland. ski it up ' ICC — Jim Scullin, Doug Sparke, Julie Newman, Rene Matz. Arthur Patterson, Curt Castellenet, Terrie Russell, Linda Bahrer, Petet Van Deerhn Ski — Front row: Ms. Barrv. Kan Koerber, Laurie OConnell, Kristi LaBonte, Gatrett Logan, Ranee Welch, Mike Barron, Scott Dall Row 2: James Wtoble, Dave Claus, Diana Crawford, Bob Jones, Sue Fleming, Chantal Greene, David Lipnicke. Tim Daniels. Katnna Bain, Stacy Watson, Chris Barrv. Lisa Watson, Stacey Geyer, Tonv Jasica, Jeff Bross, Troy McGuire, Eric Sherman Sue Dunham, Clint Bantle and Cheryl Fahland take a ski break. New Life — Andy Formby, Chris Calhoun, Sara Paschall, Scott Mills. Rebecca Powell, Dave Gearhart, Sharon Gonzales, Celaine Klezcko, Tonetta Tammaro, Adam Lamar 76 Student Interest Clubs mm ' M wwbiWMmMFiw ICC — New Life — Ski Clubs Provides Student Interest ICC — Inter-Club Council led by ASB repre- sentative Julie Newman, was developed for club presidents. Here. Presidents get together and ex- change ideas and work together to better campus clubs. New Life — Meets on Thursdays at snack to promote unity among Christians on campus. To- gether the group has had bible studies, picnics and they have attended concerts at Knott ' s Berry Farm and the Calvary Chapel. New Life teaches the love of Christ to members of all faiths. Officers are Celaine Klezcko, Adam Lamar, Rebecca Powell and Tonetta Tammaro. Their adviser is Mr. Rick Falk. Ski — The explorer post is one of the largest in Orange County. The skiers have enjoyed ski trips to Summit, Big Bear and a Christmas trip to Utah. Their adviser is Ms. Lindlee Barry. Student Interest Clubs 77 Keywanettes And Key Club Promote Community Service Keywanettes — Led by officers Presi- dent Linda Voltarel, Vice-President Ka- ren Seiler, Secretary Kathy Scott, Trea- surer Lisa Torres, Activities Commis- sioner Rene Matz and Sr. Rep Lisa Berger, the Keywanettes have sponsored the Big-Little Sister Picnic, Gobble Grams and the Winter Formal. They have also had a membership drive, which enlarged the club to the largest Keywan- ette club ever, they have attended inter clubs with other Keywanettes and gone to the Keywanette convention in the spring in Anaheim. Their sponsor is Mrs. Cheryl Denio. Key Club — Led by officers President Bill Quesnell, Vice-President Tony Choi and Secretary Mike Frank the Key club has had a kissing booth at home- coming week, and participated in the Kiwanis Bowl. Their sponsor is Mr. Bob Boies. 78 Keywanettes — Key Club Key Clubbers including Rich Todd. Richard Benz and Tony Young attend a " real exciting " meeting. President of the Keywanettes Linda Voltarel infotms the Keywan- ettes of their next meeting. Dawn Howe tells one and all to come suppott the Key Club ' s kissing booth. Lisa Berger sells baked goods for the Keywanettes at the Tiller Fair. Key — Hunt Dtouin. Bill Quesnell, Steve Ctecion, Tony Choi. Tony Jasica, Pat Laubach, Andy Koines, Tino Nunez, Mike Parker. Tom Robinson, Earl Nishimuta, Tony Young, Pete Van Deerhn Keywanette — Front Row: Mitzi Nolan, Rene Matz, Kim Kelly. Kathy Scott. Susan Hickman. Lisa Torres. Linda Voltarel. Tami Ash- man. Karen Seiler. Debbie Traywick, Suzanne Beato, Lisa Berger, Jackie Cisneros. Cindy Traywick Row 2: Lisa Shaffer. Denise Shafter, Sabra Corwin. Debbie Root, Lisa Spitzer, Mona Alves, Julie Baymiller, Lisa Armstrong, Gtace Kelly, Alison Palmer, Tiffany McGuire, Lisa Jenkins, Toi Beveridge. Row 3: Sindi Corwin, Jill Hawkins, Mehnda Day, Laura Warner. Sherne Miller. Gina Osborn, Darcie Moreno, Lynda Graves, Kathy Smoot, Michelle Leon-Guerreo, Eileen Aim Keywanettes — Key Club ?9 Sports Sports Sports 80 Sports i Sports Popular At THS Sports at THS focus the attention of many people. Students participate in sports in various ways, by playing, managing, and spectating. Tustin ' s stu- dents have been very successful in their athletic efforts. Fourteen of Tustin ' s teams went to CIF last year, and all due to excellent coaching and the tal- ented, hardworking student athletes. 2. Senior Troy Grabill takes a break from a rugged contest. 3. Tustin ' s Waterpolo team went far in CIF competition. 4. Sophomore Karyn Thurmond returns a volley. 5. Senior Alison Palmer makes a terrific spike! Sports Sports Sports Sports 81 Til ler Varsity On The Up-Swing Continuous daily improvement was the key to Tustin ' s success this season. In the third year of Coach Tom Nelsons ' " Rebuilding Program " the Tillers vitalized the 5-2 defense and the wishbone offense. The season provided many highlights and some disappointments. One of the most noteworthy moments was when Tustin upset Santa Ana Valley 28-13 to win the homecoming game. This was the first time the varsity ever defeated the Falcons. Due to excessive turnovers, the winning season became a nightmare with losses to Mission Viejo, Santa Ana, Canyon, El Modena, Villa Park and cross-town rival Foothill. With starting offensive lineman Mike Caruso, Jay Gafner, Jeff Moore and Darren Golka returning next year the team looks forward to next season and they feel that the caliber of football at Tustin High is on the up-swing. Busting through the Tiller signs are Scott Dall and Garrett Logan. Halfback John Collard sweeps around the right side of the Foothill defense for a first down. Lew Wong, on a quarterback keeper, breaks loose through the Foothill defense. Varsity Football Team — Front Row: Randy Northrup, Dwight Fairback, Craig Ryan, Steve Amman. Kevin Keller, Tony Choi, Troy Grabill, John Shields Row 2: Jeff Estep. Brett Pierce, Don Powell. Pete Bollinger, Scott Dall, Rory Zatyko, Steve Welch, Ranee Welch, Mike Perrin Row 3: Scott Day, Bryan Winters, John Collard, Eric Zahm, Garrett Logan, Lewis Wong, Brian Hickman, Jim Weaver. Mike Jackman, Chuck Dodson Row 4: Sean Nitzen. Jeff Moore, Barry Porter, Jay Gafner. Devin Baker, Mick Danskin, Mike Gale, Mark Esterholt, Mike Caruso Row 5: Matt Rogers, Joe Ramsey, Damn Golka, Jim Axelson, Andy Loomis.Jack Van Every, Jeff Camera, John Hawkins, Tom Reynolds Row 6: Coach Doug Mirich, Coach Jeff Goldsby, Coach Kirk Harris, Head Coach Tom Nelson, Coach Bob Michel, Coach Charles Meyerette. Tillers offensive line gets ready to take on the Saints ' defense. Fullback Rory Zatyko takes a handoff from Lew Wong on a twenty-one cut back. Mike Caruso, Jeff Moore, Rory Zatyko, and Jay Gafner supply offensive pass protec- 5. 6. ?. Varsity Football Tustii Varsity Football 82 Varsity Football w v 33fciW mm mm 4%9S l-Wsfefefo Ik Varsity Football 83 Players of the Game Mission Viejo Offensive — Lew Wong Defensive — Troy Grabill Player of the Game Jack Van Every University Offensive — Damn Golka Defensive — Troy Grabill Player of the Game Jim Axelson Katella Offensive — John Collard Defensive — Scott Day Player of the Game Barry Porter Santa Ana Offensive — Jeff Moore Defensive — Scott Day Player of the Game Matt Rogers El Modena Offensive — John Collard Defensive — Bryan Winters Player of the Game Lewis Wong Canyon Offensive — John Shields Defensive — Jim Axelson Player of the Game John Collard Santa Ana Valley Offensive — Brett Pierce Defensive — Jack VanEvery Player of the Game Bryan Winters Villa Park Offensive — Chuck Dodson Defensive — Jeff Estep Player of the Game John Shields Orange Offensive — Lew Wong Defensive — Dwight Fairback Player of the Game Matt Rogers Foothill Offensive — Jim Axelson Defensive — Matt Rogers Player of the Game John Collard -_. I 12 •! iL- l JU n m m tJ SI tustin unified school disrmcr NORTHRUP FIELD [MINUTE 5EC0ND5 HOMEjh VISITOR I DOWN IflTOGO MOTR • •••• 84 Varsity Football Junior Varsity " Has Fun " Tustin ' s Junior Varsity football season proved to be a learning experience. While having tun the Tillers gained much experience that they will use to make themselves tougher competitots in the Century League next year. Outstanding Juniors include: Brett Pierce, Randy Northrup, Devin Baker, Eric Zahm, and Mark Ester- holt, aided by Sophomores Andy Loomis and Sean Nit- zen. 1. Tiller otfense prepares for their next play. 2. Halfback John Shields outruns the Orange defenders for big yardagi 3. Tiller defenders, Jim Axelson, Scott Day, Jack Van Every, Tro Grabill, Matt Rogers, and Jeff Estep stand tough against Falco offense. 4. Head Coach Tom Nelson talks strategy with defensive end Jii Axelson. 5. Tillers easily defeated Orange 35-0. 6. Randy Northrup finds a big hole against the Foothill de- fense. 7. Jeff Camera almost blocks a punt against Foothill. 8 Mike Caruso runs over Elmo defenders for a first down. 9 Running back Brett Pierce looks for Foothill defenders to run over while gaining big yardage. Junior Varsity Football 4-4 Tustin 8 6 26 13 6 13 34 Mission Viejo Santa Anna Canyon El Modena Valley Villa Park Foothill Otange Opp. 19 27 7 19 21 Junior Varsity Football Juniot Vatsity Football 85 Tustin Beats Valley 28-13 for a Homecoming gift to Queen Joy Borden On Friday, Northrup Stadium ' s home bleachers were packed with a tense crowd of alumni, students, and parents. The audience cheered as Tustin scored early in the first period. The extra point was missed, however, and the Tillers had to settle with a 6-0 lead. Seconds later. Valley scored on an 84 yard kickoff return and kicked the extra point, making the score 7-6. By halttime. the Tillers regained the lead by one point when the Valley center snapped the ball into the endzone for a safety. During halttime festivities. Joy Borden was crowned Homecom- ing Queen bv 1980 Homecoming Queen Val Lopez. The Princesses were Chris Dobak, Dina Andrews, Dawn Howe, and Kathy Smoot. Early in the second half the Tillers scored on a 25 yard pass. At the start of the 4th quarter, the Tillers again showed their magic when Bryan Winters intercepted a Falcon pass and returned it $7 yards for another touchdown. With only 8: 1 3 remaining in the game the Falcons again scored on an 80 yard kickoft return. When the Falcons tried for a two point conversion, they were held short by the strong Tiller defense, keeping the score 21-13. Moments later the Tiller offense iced the game with still another touchdown making the final score 28-13- 86 Homecoming Game Joy Borden and escort Mick Danskin show surprise when she was announced as Queen. 1980 Queen, Val Lopez and A.S.B. President John Ellis crown 1981 Queen, Joy Borden. Tiller offense lines up against Falcon defense. Homecoming Queen, Joy Borden. Lewis Wong drops back to pass. 1981 Homecoming Queen and Court; Mark Grace, Dawn Howe, John Murrel, Chris Dobak, Mick Danskin, Joy Borden, Dina Andrews, Scott Con- way, Kathy Smoot, Jim Carter. John Shields tries to elude the Valley defenders. Homecoming Game 87 Eric Ragsdale and an opponent from Canyon go at it head to head. Joel Sharp feels the agony of defeat. Sophomore Football — Front Row: Keith Hanson, Gary Novak. Matk Rodtigues, Joe Mann, Jack Menges, Tom Roberts, Ctaig Ostrandet Row 2: Rich Carlile, Dave Moote, Tim Nitz, Rob Pick- els, Damn Putser, Chris Kent, Mark Dixon. Mark Felger Row 3: Sean Montgomery, Dale Burrer, Reid McClatchey, Dave Thomas. Jon Bell, Ki Pae, Bucky Bollinger, Bill Harmon, Brent Borden Row 4:John Tobin, Bobby Tedder, Mike Russell, Kevin Illingsworth, Craig Iverson, Dave Claus, Joel Sharp, Duncan Williams, Darryl Makepeace, Kanon Koontz Row 5: Jim Cody, Jeff Hord, James Robel, Coach Mark Dunham, Coach Don Richardson, Head Coach Al Waterman, Hung Tran, Marco Aviles, Kevin Kotler Quarterback Joel Sharp throws for a completion. 88 Frosh-Soph Football JS M i ' m ' M M! Goals Accomplished By Frosh Soph The 1981 Tiller Frosh enjoyed a consider- able amount of success. Led by quarterback Pat Hegarty and receivers Gary Strunk and Kirby Piazza, the freshman had a winning season. The defense was led by linebackers Mark Cha- vez and Chris Borden. Meanwhile Don Web- ster and Gary Congdon performed admirably. Outstanding lineman included; Tom Wilker, Tom Well, Ted Holt and Benny Meza. Although the Tustin-Sophomores didn ' t see much success in the win-loss column, many sea- son goals were accomplished. The team became a unit of better football players through hard work, dedication, and self-control. Outstanding players included: Mark Rodriguez, Bobby Tedder, Joel Sharp, Jeff Hord, Rich Carlile, Mark Dixon, Eric Ragsdale, and Jon Bell. Freshman Football — Front Row: Steve Gorden, Mark Sample. Paul Shedarowhich, Steve Shields. Brian Oglesbee, Kent K|elland, Gary Congdon, Bill Reiter. Kelly Ryan Row 2: Greg Mascot. Bobby Sorcasal, Rich Pederson, Joe Chung, Arthur Carter, Greg San- tori. Mike Rishovd.John Lundy. Robbi Roach Row 3: James Lambert, Tony Nitz, Darren Hodge. Robert Bollinger, Mark Chavez, Ted Holt, Pat Hegarty. Dave Andrews Row 4: Tom Webb, Damn Webster, Benny Meza, Jeff Cody, Rex Gentry, Jeff Middlesworth, Da- vid Stanton, Joe Kovac. Jeff Smith Row 5: Coach Dan Sheehy, Mike Cary, Tom Marcotte, Coach Byron Bronson, Kirby Piazza. David Avery. Coach Dick Ste- venson Not pictured: Rick Brun, Donald Johnson, Kelly Blyshak, Phil Pederson, Andy Bndgeman. Joe Rodriguez. John Colon, Eric Sherman. Roy Parsons Steve Shields takes a handoff from quarterback Pat Hegarty in a game against Santa Ana. Gary Congdon tollows the block of Tony Luker for a big gainer. Frosh Soph Football — — — — Freshman Football 5-4 Mission Viejo University Karelia Santa Ana Valley Foothill Santa Ana Valley Foothill Sophomore Football Tustin 2-8 Mission Viejo University Karelia Santa Ana Canyon El Modena Valley Villa Park Orange Foothill forfeit by Orange — — — ■ Frosh Soph Football Opp. o 6 27 6 35 22 6 34 Opp 38 8 39 28 7 28 14 38 35 Frosh-Soph Football 89 Cross Country Takes Championship The 1981 Girl ' s Varsity Team was the most successful in the school ' s history, climbing as high as 2nd in the C.I.F.-4A rankings. This squad was responsible for snapping Foothill ' s C.l.F. — leading 38 — straight dual meet win streak and in so doing, won its first-ever league championship. For the second consecutive year, the girls qualified for the C.I.F.-4A Final. Individually many of the girls garnered numerous awards and honors. Shannon Stryker, Dawn Howe, Kathy Pflomm, Kellie Miller, Jenni Scott and Judy Mazowiecki were all named to the All-Orange County list. Kellie, Shannon, Dawn and Jenni were also named to the All-Century League squad. For the second year in a row Kellie Miller won the Dr. Pepper " Century League Runner of the Year " award. The Boy ' s Varsity squad had a very successful season in 1981, climbing as high as 3rd in both the County and C.I.F.-4A rankings. However, the discovery of an ineligible runner forced the forfeiture of three league meets and cost them a spot in the C.l.F. prelims. Individually both Mike Parker and Tino Nunez made the All-Orange County list and were both named to the All-Century League squad. Parker also qualified for the C.I.F.-4A Final for the second consecutive year. 1. Coach Coffey alone after taking a wrong turn on a road run. Shannon Stryker on her way to a new home course record of 17:58 in a win against Villa Park and Santa Ana. v 1981 Century League Girls Varsity Champions Coach Rick McEl- wain.Judy Mazowieki, Jenny Scott. Dawn Howe, Shannon Stryker, Kathy Pflomm. Kathy Fahev. Kneeling April Stevens, Lori Gates, Kellie Miller. 4. 1981 JV Boys and Girls Donna Fleagle. Joanne Parker, Arianne Shoen- burg, Louise Warner. Haley Abrev. Katie Farney. Wendy Grabill, Chris Williamson. Kathy Crommktt. Donna Kowalski 2nd Row: Coach John Peterson, Katie Stoff, Kathy Shives, Kathy Smoot, Suzie Csik, Wendy Van Cina, Lisa Dilget, Chris Taylor. Dawn Doran. Leah Warner, Val Koines, Debbie Teater, Coach Blaine Rhea 3rd Row: Kelly McCormick, Heather Malcolm, Lisa Dorman. Shen Howe. Dana Hart, Tiffany Zastera, Romy Feeher. Julie Cunningham. Jennifer Trott, Carol Beaucamp. Karen Berry, Cindylee Arellano 4th Row: Debbie Gatdner, Yvonne Schrenk, Lisa Ca- vender, Renee Matters, Wendy Cleutnger. Fortula Legas, Tracy Moore, Jennifer Wills. Leslie Cavender. Krista Woods, Anne Martel 5th Row: Mike Shrode. Andy Formby. Jose Acuna. Dan Brock, Robert Dalnover. Steve Frank, Adam Lamar. Toby Wills, Pete Van Deerlin. Mary Aguilar l X) Cross Country 1981 Varsity Boys Kneeling: Ron Milligan.Jonm Kino Standing: Coach Rick McEl- wain. Rob Pflomm, Steve Negatd. Andy Koines. Mike Parket, Clay Stiles. Tino Nunez, Coach Tom Coffey " 1 could have sworn thev were going to turn the other way at that corner. " savs Coach John Peterson to Coach Biff Rhea Mike Parker and Tino Nunez lead a Villa Park runner on their way to a one-two finish. Tustin upset Villa Park, the defending league champions by a score of 26 to 30. • jj u; m ; mm m wamd „ m Z 4-. I? J it if 1980 Century League Frosh-Soph Champions Kneeling: Coach Tom Coffev 1st Row: Coach Blaine Rhea. Kent Milligan. Greg Hopper, Jeff Ledendecker, Steve YX ' alrner. Rodney Stone, Perry Howard, Rick Encson. Scott Beiodeau. Sage Daugherty, David Tinz, Craig Cole, John Bertrand, Kevin Barda, Coach Rick McElwain 2nd Row: Richard Bovce. Russ Diamato, Travis Greencee, Arthur Patterson, Victor Yan. Brent Stall. Alfred Shaw. Dan Barrett. Dave Patterson, Sang Kim, Mike Donaldson. Brian Formby. Scott Hoy, Paul MacDonald 3rd Row: David Smith. Mark Coombs. Shane Geiuet, Garrett Stryker, Duane Schaffer. Robert Delamater, Steve Cundall. Derek Gebo, Bob Cloussen, Darrvl Harris, Jeff Wright, Tom Rinaldi. Larry Lang Kellie Miller in front as usual against Foothill. Miller set both a course, and a school record of 1 7 :2 7 in the race. Cross Country 91 Cross Country Has Fine Season The Girl ' s Junior Varsity squad also had its most successful season ever, capping it with an upset of Foothill ' s powerful team at league finals and thereby winning its first-ever league cham- pionship. In league finals. F:e? r. ar. Donna Fleagle won the individual league championship. The Boy ' s Junior Varsiry squad improved vastlv this vear and should continue to improve steadily in the future. Clay- Stiles led the squad at league finals, finishing eighth in the time of 16:22. This season the frosh-soph boys asserted themselves as a force to be reckoned with. Both the Sophomores and the Fresh- men were the number one squads at the Orange County Cham- pionships. Together they had an undefeated league season capped by their win at league finals and a league championship. Individually. Paul MacDonald and Scott Belodeau ran 1-2. respectively, in the league final race. Century League Varsity Girls ' Champions " Having Fun " Front Row: Coach Mac. Kellie, and Coach Cottey Ro» 2: April. Judy. Jenny. Lori. Dawn. Shannon, Kathy, and Karhy Front Row: Tmo Nunez and Mike Parker Row 2: Dawn Ho« Shannon Scryker TUSTIVS FINEST 3. Mike Parker — Senior I 5. 6. 7 Keihe Miller - Sophomore Tino N ' unez — Senior Shannon Stryker — Senior Rob Prlomm — Senior Dawn Howe — Senior 92 Cross Countr Tino Nunez: Tino had an outstanding senior year. This year saw him record a lifetime best of 14:54 for three miles. Nunez ' s time ranked him fourth in the Century League, and earned him All Century League First team for the second year in a row. Nunez was in the All Orange County second team and is also a member of rhe Tustin High Cross Country Hall of Fame. Shannon Stryker: Shannon ' s senior year saw her trade off with Kellie Miller as our top runner. Dedication and hard work has paid off for Stryker. who has only been in the program for two years. Her time of 17:23 for 3 miles earned her All C.I.F., All Orange County and All Century League first team honors. Srryker is the number two runner of All- Time at Tustin and a member of our Hall of Fame. Dawn Howe: Both leadership and dedication marked Dawn ' s senior year. Howe was the heart and soul of our girls ' championship team, and has not missed a single race in two years. Her time of 18:20 ranks her third All-Time at Tustin. Howe was an All Century League tirst team selection in both 1980 and 1981, and she made the All Orange County first team as a senior this season. Howe is also a member of our Hall of Fame. Cross Country 93 " Tillers No Cinderella: " 4th Seed in CIF Tustin Highs most successful waterpolo team in history enjoyed a quite temarkable season. It went something like this: Aug. 7: Last year ' s league championship frosh-soph team journeys to North Carolina to capture the bronze medal in a National Junior Olympic competition. Sept. 1-25: Three returning seniors join the juniors just back from North Carolina to rattle off five in a row to open the 1981 season, including a victory over CIF Champion ElDor- ado. October: Tustin continues to improve, losing only to Villa Park and Foothill in heartbreaking 1 point losses. The overall record stands 16-5. Nov: Tustin qualifies for the CIF playoffs for the first time ever, ranked third in league, yet fourth in all of CIF. Playoffs: Tustin cruises through the first three rounds of the playoffs beating El Segundo 12-6, Blair 14-3, and Clare- mont 13-6, to gain a rematch with Foothill in the CIF Semifinals. Foothill needed two overtimes to nip Tustin by an 8-7 score. The Knights David Baia tied the match at seven-all on an off the water shot with just 16 seconds remaining in regulation play. Clint Gaughran delivered the game-winning shot in the second overtime period. This year ' s team has been better than ever and it looks as though next year Tustin will be even more outstanding. Tustin 13 El Toro 11 Dana Hills 15 Santa Ana 15 Dos Pueblos 11 El Dorado 7 Sunny Hills 8 Riverside Polv 8 Santa Barbara 17 Canyon 18 Canyon 7 La Quinta 8 Whittier 26 El Modena 9 San Clemente 9 Valley 14 Laguna Beach 9 Villa Park 7 Downey 16 Orange 14 Cypress 6 Foothill 6 Estancia 12 El Segundo 14 Blair 13 Claremont 7 Foothill- •Double overtime Waterpolo 19-7 C.I.F. Opp. 8 3 3 2 6 11 9 5 6 3 4 3 7 5 2 5 10 12 3 2 7 9 6 3 .6 Waterpolo Ofr Jbt 94 Waterpolo 6,7, ,T fo i t 3 U i W ?. ' n y 9tef «3ty 7 kill fy L :n WE St £ u- eJ C 3£J(L (yMesu Job U yMv Peter Balsells powers one by the opposing goalies. Varsity Waterpolo — Front Row: Tony Weissenberger, Mike Goodger, Jim Cartet, Brent Simor, Ron McCord Row 2: Petet Balsells, Mike Doting, John Day, Dana Lundburg, Cliff Allard Goalie Cliff Allard makes a great stop. Mike Doting about to score an easy goal. Coach Philpot gives his team a halttime pep talk. Brent Simor experiences the thrill of victory after scoring a goal. ' L - u e 3XU L J£ r%J Waterpolo 95 " Who wants it? " A famous quote from Coach Philpot. Some of the trophies the Water Polo team gathered over the summer. Frosh-Soph Waterpolo — Front row: Bobby Hawkins, Dan Smoot, Beau Mercuno, Gerald Stenger. Row 2: Ken McCord. Mark Brosius, John Lastalic, Todd Webb Mark Linton puts the ball in play. Junior- Varsity — Front row: Kevin Ressler. Greg Trachy, Dave Pickels, David Hunter, Eric Conella. Row 2: Michael Beveridge, Ste- phen Shunn, Mark Linton, Eric Charbeneau, Anne Knudsen, Kim Anderson, John Heckenkamp, Howard Yard, Michael Kimes, Brada- Ian Budyach, David Hoy, Liz Linton, Daniel Stoermer, Kim Beveridge. Daniel Stenger, Mike Fahey. Mark Brosius steals the ball. Kyle Poe waits tor a plav -a c-. • i c -i5f ■ • ' 96 JV — Frosh-Soph Waterpol Frosh-Soph Have Impressive Season The Frosh-Soph Waterpolo team started the season very well. Several players came back from the Junior Olympics in Wake Forest, North Carolina over the summer to open the season by winning the first ten games they played over tough opposition. Their first loss was a tough game against Corona del Mar, the final score being 6-7 in regulation play. They came back strongly however, winning the next six games, including an 18-4 blowout of 4-A team Downey. Overall this year ' s team has been very impressive, with all players having outstanding performances. The teams record overall was 17 wins and 3 losses while their league record was an impressive 6 wins, 1 loss. JV Frosh-Soph Waterpolo it -8 • Junior Varsity 4-4 6 El Toro 12 5 Dana Hills 4 14 Santa Ana 1 15 Canyon 9 4 Villa Park 6 5 Downev 9 10 Foothill 3 7 Estancia Frosh-Soph 16-3 4 Tustin Opp. 9 Dana Hills 5 Edison 18 La Quinta 1 15 San Clemente 7 12 University 2 15 Santa Ana 12 Canyon 7 13 Irvine 6 9 University 7 6 Corona del Mar 7 8 El Modena 5 7 San Clemente 6 7 Santa Ana Valley 4 8 Villa Park 4 18 Downey 4 5 Orange 8 Cypress 6 7 Foothill 12 4 Estancia 7 JV Frosh-Soph Waterpolo JV — Frosh-Soph Waterpolo 97 Varsity Volleyball Has Best Team In School ' s History Tustin High School ' s Varsity Volleyball team had its best season in the schools history in 1981. The Tillers fin- ished in second place in the Century League with an eleven and three record. There were many outstanding accomplishments by this years team. Tustin beat Foothill for their first time in eight years, earned a second place in the Century League, and went to CIF for the first time. During CIF play Tustin beat Los Amigos in the first round and then faced Louisville (the first seeded team) and lost. Louisville went on to win CIF. Tustin had three girls selected for the all Century League Team. Alison Palmer and Kathy Kale were selected to the first team all league and Charlene Porter made second team all league. This year ' s accomplishments were definitely a team success as every girl contibuted to what turned out to be a very special season for Tustin High School Volleyball. 1. Parie Petty attempts to " roof a Santa Ana return. 2. Team work is what made THS successful. 3. Varsity team Front row: Gina Goubert, Denise Shaffer, Kellie Denso. Andrea Rewers, Lisa Shaffer Row 2: Charlene Porter. Alison Palmer, Parie Petty, Kathy Scott, Kathy Kale, Coach Warren DeLange 4. Junior Varsity team Front row: Leslie Rohrbaugh. Knsty McMa- hon, Jenny Gillman, Lisa Watson, Linda Barnes, Shetri Stoutenburg Row 2: Linda Busa, Amanda Burnett, Karen Rewers. Shellie Tolton, Julie Saltarelli, Loree Loomis, Coach Tami Hart 5. Sherri Soutenburg drills the ball to Santa Ana. Tustin 7 2 6 6 8 8 6 3 L Varsity Season U-3 Opponent Villa Park 2 Orange 7 Foothill 3 El Modena -S Santa Ana Valley Canyon 1 Santa Ana 3 CIF Los Amigos 1 Louisville W •Scores indicate wins and Losses. Not game scores Volleyball 98 Varsity Volleyball RS » Iad ' Xts Senior Superstar Senior Superstar Alison Palmer — Has become one of the premier volleyball players in the Century League. She has been Tustin ' s captain and Most Valuable Player since her junior year. She has also been selected to the All Century League team for the past two years. Her talents have been noticed by universities such as UCI and UCSD who are pursuing her as a middle-blocker or a setter. Besides volley- ball, she has become a key member of Tustin ' s varsity basketball and Softball teams. Last year as pitcher, she was undefeated in league and helped Tustin softball to a first place finish in the Century League. In CIF she batted .600 as the team went to the semi-finals. As a result of her play, she received the Most Valuable Player Award of the team as well as being named Most Valuable Player of the Century League. Outside of school, she enjoys the beach, volleyball, fishing, body- surfing, playing the piano and Bruce Springsteen. She plans to attend eigther UCI, UCSD or Pepperdine next year and major in Management Science or Business. After that she wishes to get her Masters Degree in Business Administration at Stanford. Varsity Volleyball 99 Tennis Continues Winning Tradition The 1981 Varsity tennis team continued their winning tra- dition, by placing third in league, and thus securing a berth in C.I.F. playoffs. With a season record of eleven wins, one tie, and six losses the girls once again proved that determination and pride are winning ingredients. Leading the Varsity team was Marci Zelinger a four year veteran playing in the number one singles spot. As captain for the second year, she chalked up a record of forty wins and nine losses. Another four year veteran Leslie Osbourne had an impressive record of thirty-two wins and ten losses. The junior varsity team proved to be tough competitors throughout the entire season. Their enthusiasm, spirit, and hard work paid off, as they placed third in the league with a nine and five record. The 1982 season will find many of the J.V. players moving up to the varsity level to replace graduat- ing seniors. The teams are led by Varsity Coach Shirley Sper- azza and J.V. Coach Letty Wigmore. 1. A smashing serve by Leslie Osbourne. 2 Marci Zelinger shows off her outstanding backhand to the opposing team. V Varsity Team — Front row: Jenny Wtight, Manager. Kelli Bilka, Eileen Sullivan. Patty Tso. Deann Moote Row ' 2: Claudia Carroll, Cathv Young. Linda Hoskins, Stacey Watson, Lesley Wong, Amee Smith, Cindy Molina Row 3: Marci Zelinger, Lori Mumenthaler. Jenny Parke. Carol Mallon, Kan Koeber, Val Nelson. Jennie Jones, Karyn Thrumond, J ulie Newman, Leslie Osbourne, Tanya Sisel and Terry Hoskins i Linda Hoskins serves and wins her point. Varsity JV Tennis SEASON RECORD V 11-1-6 JV 9-5 V JV Woodbndge Manna •Irvine •Westminster Villa Park Orange Foothill El Modena Valley Canyon Santa Ana Villa Park Orange Foothill El Modena Valley Canyon Santa Ana OVERALL TIES 11 11 CIF TUSTIN JV V — 20 (72)9 t 6 8 11 16 (31)3 12 6 16 2 2 9(821 6 18 • 11 11 16 4 9(73) 5 16 6 6 18 (41)3 11 6 16 WINS VARSITY JR. VARSITY TUSTIN •Non-League Varsity JV Tennis OPPONENTS 1 13 9(711 10 6 }(36) 2 16 6 (82)9 4 7 1 2 — (75)9 2 2 1 17 5 12 6 7 3(37) 1 LOSSES 1 6 — 6 MIRALESTE 18 f 100 Tennis Senior Superstar Senior Superstar Marci Zelinger — Zelinger has been a member ot Varsity Tennis for four years. She played doubles her freshman year with Teresa Schmdler and has been number one singles player her junior and senior years. She has also been the captain of the tennis team the last two years. The highlights of her tennis career at Tustin include: going to C.I.F. all four years, three of those years she went to C.I.F. as a singles player. She has been invited and participated in the famous Ojai Tennis tournament. Zelinger won the Most Valuable Player award for two years and the coaches award for two years. Zelinger has also been selected to second all league teams. She plans to attend Cal Poly Pomona and major in Marketing. Tennis 101 New Coach Rebuilds Varsity Team The Tiller Varsity Basketball season proved to be a rebuilding year under first year coach Steve Roderick. The character, pride, and relentless effort of the Tillers was displayed in each and every games. Team members and fans alike will long re- member the thrilling upset victories over Canyon, rival Foothill, as well as the tournament cham- pionship at the Santiago Cage Classic. There are other memories too! No one will forget the " dazzling " ball handling of leading scorer Mark Grace or the " high noon " defense of Barry Porter. Jim Axelson ' s consistant and " all-out " effort, Mike Schwabe ' s long range accuracy and the " high wire " act of Denver Harris will also be remembered. The contributions made by Darin Montgom- ery, Scott Mattingly, Joe Fennell, Jim Perry, Mike Frank and Troy Jones must be recalled. Without their support, spirit and enthusiasm from the bench a successful season would have not been possible. Statisticians tor the season were Lori Deming, Cyndie Smith, Rene Matz, Brenda Berry, Cyn- thia Junor, Julie Schuba and Stacy Woodslide. Non-league 8-5 60 Westminister 34 47 Westminister 39 55 Espetanza 44 50 Edison 67 59 La Habra 70 55 Buena Park 51 61 Sonora (4 57 Capo Valley 58 75 La Serna 86 92 Alumni 101 65 Garden Grove 40 56 Kennedy 49 52 Santiago League 50 63 Villa Park 48 43 Orange 50 58 Foothill 73 52 El Modena 53 67 S.A. Vallev 69 69 Canyon 63 45 Santa Ana 54 70 Villa Patk 65 58 Orange 60 44 Foothill 42 77 El Modena 65 63 S.A. Vallev 52 54 Canyon Santa Ana 53 102 Varsity Basketball Barn, ' Porter lets the ball fly to the hoop. Mark Grace nails a basket from eighteen feet out. Varsitv — Front Row: Batry Portet. Scott Mattingly.Joe Fennell. Mike Frank; Row 2: Mark Grace. Jim Axelson, Darin Montgomery. Mike Schwabe. Jim Petry. Denver Harris (not pictured — Coach Steve Roderick. Coach Al Waterman and Troy Jones) Mike Schwabe shoots for two against Villa Park. Coach Roderick emphasizes that the team must play tight defense to win. Varsity Basketball 103 JV, Frosh Soph Basketball Shoots To Thrill JV — The squad began this cage season with high expecta- tions. Although this years team had an overall lack of game- playing experience prior to the start of the season, the junior Tillers matured quickly through the pre-season and during Christmas vacation, with a second place finish in the San- tiago tournament and an overall 5-3 record. With the five preseason victories under their belt, the J.V. squad entered league play with a newly developed confidence. Utilizing a full-court pressing defense and a fast-break oriented offense, the Tillers were led by the consistent play of starting guards, Mike Amador, J.J. Mowers and Rod Dunning. There was superb play by sixth man Bernie Joh and reserve Andy Hahn throughout the course of the season. Up front, re- bounding chores and inside offensive battle were ignited by- Jay Gafner, Danny Walker, Darren Kakishta, Ken Turn- er, and the improving play of Robert Walls. Juniors Mark Erfurt and Pete Haacker rounded out the squad, which maintained a five hundred showing in the very competitive Century league race. JV Basketball Pre-season 5-2 51 Service 50 Corona D.M 71 Santiago 62 Saddleback 45 Western 56 Buena Park 42 El Dorado League 7-7 56 Villa Park 37 Orange 37 Foothill 44 El Modena 48 Valley 46 Canyon 58 Santa Ana 54 Villa Park 33 Orange 39 Foothill 47 El Modena 59 Valley 34 Canyon Santa Ana Season Record 1 2-9 104 Basketball 53 96 46 41 42 43 58 49 36 62 37 52 61 50 40 46 61 34 35 50 Frosh — Front row: Keith Griffen, Mate Gonzales, Petet Nguyen, Coach Rick Falk, Kelly Ryan, Richatd Boyce, Mike O ' Bnan Row 2: Matk Chavez, Jeff Smith, Dave Siaton. Steve Gauer, Mike Ptedney. Gary Strunk, Joe Kovac, Pat Hegarty Juniot varsity starter Jay Gafner watches the ball go thtough the hoop. JV — Front row: Coach Ken Goldstone Row 2: Berniejoh. Mark Erfurt, Mike Amador, Jay Gafner, Ken Turner, Danny Walker. Robert Walls, Darren Kakishta, Andy Hahn, Peter Haacker, JJ Mowers (not pictured Rod Dunning) Soph — Front row: Matk DuBose, Camiejarvis. Dean Santos, Mathias Nguyen, Jett Barney, Eric Ragsdale R ow 2: Assistant coach Rob Monahan. Joel Hahn. Can Graves, Danyl Gebo. Kirby Piazza, Chris Andrasfay, Jeff Hord. Luis Guiterrez, Coach Dan Schwam Freshman Mike Predney shoots for two. Sophomore Eric Ragsdale makes two points. Soph — The Sophomore basketball season was one of fun and excitement. The team was the winner of the Consolation Champion- ship at the Santa Ana Tournament during Christmas vacation. The kids provided a great deal of action with the quickness and speed of Eric Ragsdale and the ball handling ability of Jeff Barney. The team has a lot of pride, dedication and determination which is what it takes to have a successful program. With strong rebounders like Kirby Piazza, Jeff Hord and Chris Andrasfay and the cat like quickness of Dean Santos and Camiejarvis all dedicated to the sport and program. The Tustin basketball program looks to have a bright future in the years to come. Frosh — This season ' s freshmen basketball team is one of high potential, as yet unfulfilled. Lack of a consistent outshooter and an average of twenty-three turnovers a game has led to a current record of 4-5. But, the encouraging thing is that there has been improvement every game and second place is still within reach. As the biggest freshmen class in four years, these players promise to be an outstanding group by the time they reach the varsity level. w THE Soph Frosh Basketball 60 41 40 52 46 59 67 42 39 44 70 58 46 58 Sophomore League 7-7 Villa Park 38 37 Orange 36 31 Foothill 41 63 El Modena 54 38 Valley 47 61 Canyon 40 73 Santa Ana 57 39 Villa Park % 38 Orange IS 4 Foothill 45 47 El Modena 54 43 Valley 40 42 Canyon 47 39 Santa Ana 54 59 53 Freshmen League 9-6 Canyon 50 Santa Ana 36 Valley 53 Foothill 47 Woodbridge 40 Valley 48 Canyon 38 Santa Ana 51 Foothill 45 Woodbridge 37 Foothill 46 Woodbudge 35 Santa Ana 46 Canyon 48 Valley 42 Basketball 105 Girls Basketball Breaks Foothill ' s Winning Streak! Girls Varsity had an outstanding season. They finished second in the Century League with an 11-3 record and earned a berth in the C.I.F. playoffs. They also broke Foothill ' s 56 game winning streak with a smashing 48-29 victory in the Tiller gym. The Tiller varsity was led by all-century league stars Alison Palmer and Lisa Shaffer who scored in double figures all season. Tracy Schrimsher starred at point guard and Denise Shaffer re- bounded well and added outside shooting. Terry Hoskins and Robin Umphrey provided excellent defense, rebounding and inside shooting. Super subs Marci Schwabe, Rachel Pantoja, Court- ney Hamburg, Diane Jacobon and Linda Ed- wards gave the Tillers great depth and versatility. The " Lady Tillers " were coached by Ms. Marga- ret Ramondetti and Bob Boies, while the junior varsity was coached by Ms. Ginger Roberts. The girls JV team was very young but scored several impressive upset wins in the Century League. Tustin 51 52 68 51 45 51 48 47 55 61 46 53 54 58 43 71 42 60 29 51 80 67 81 38 Season Record Varsity Preseason 3-6 Valencia 53 Kacella 24 Villa Park 37 El Modena 52 Misson Viejo 57 Saddleback 29 Loara 52 Fountain Valley 64 El Toro 59 League 11-2 Villa Park 54 Orange 50 Foothill 34 El Modena 46 Valley 47 Canyon 41 Santa Ana 55 Villa Park 53 Orange F 51 Foothill 48 El Modena 47 Valley 54 Canyon 48 Santa Ana 57 CIF Estancia 55 14-9 erstars 1. Varsity — Front row: Diane Jacobseon, Rachel Pantoja, Tracy Schrimsher, Denise Shatter Row 2: Linda Edwards, Lis; Shaffer, Terry Hoskins, Robin I ' mphrey, Alison Palmer, Marci Schwabe, Courtney Hamburg, Nicole Lind, Loree Loomis (no pictured: Coach Margaret Ramondetti, and Assistant Coach Bob Boies) 2. Varsity player Lisa Shaffer dribbles the ball before shooting. V Junior Varsity player Colleen Malloy jumps higher to tip it to a Tiller A. Varsity player Alsion Palmer prepares to shoot for two. " ). JV — Front row: Lisa Samuels, Julie Elrod, Cheryl Igoe, Michele Johns, Linda Gaskill Row 2: Fotoula Legas, Lora Cartel Danyelle Lockwood, Erin Thomas, Nancy Miller, Lucma Aviles 106 Basketball Tawfeffctt TOTS TILLERS Senior Superstars Senior Superstars Leading the Lady cagets were five seniors who have been together since their freshman year. They have played together on the varsity squad for the past four years and this made them one ot the most experienced teams in the league. Terry Hoskins — Terry was voted the best senior defensive player and ranked fourth in all time single game and career rebounding (488). Alison Palmer — Alison has scored 302 career points and had an average of 12.6 points per game this season, thus leading the lady tillers in points. Alison also ranks second in all-time single season and rebounding (549). Denise Shaffer — Denise sports a nifty 35% career floor shooting average. She also ranks fourth in single season assists with 62. Lisa Shaffer — Lisa hit 40% from the floor this season. She ranks seventh in all time single season scoring. Tracy Schrimsher — Tracy is a 14% floor shooter and she ranks third in single season assists with 86 and second in career assists with 143. Basketball 107 Soccer Just For Kicks! This year ' s boy ' s soccer teams, at the varsity, junior varsity and freshman-sophomore levels, were the best in the school ' s program ' s history. Boasting one hundred plus players, Tustin has the largest soccer program in the Or- ange County area. Though they did not win the league championship this year, they were very competitive in a strong Century league. 2. J.V. — From row: Greg Stewart. Bill Becker. David Kelly. Rich- ard Ayres, David Homer, Fred Rice. Sonn Luu, Row 2: Fred Gill III. Keith Huff. Jeff Stewart, Loren Webb, Gregg Quick, Brent Borden, Jeff Escalette, Coach Fred Stewart 3. Frosh-Soph — Front cow: Jeff Rodriguez. Derek Roberts. Steve Causev. Andy Blanscet. Jeff Kelly. Phil Huff. Doug Foster. Brian Oglesbee. David Landsbutg. Eugene Okira. Pat Kramer. Row 2: Chris Martin, Bobby Hart.John Gray, Mike Oursler, Dan Lelli, Jeff Kettering. Chris Hastings, David Ertel. Paul Morris. Phil Waiminn. David Gause. Rod Stone. Mike Bevendge, Russ DeMato. Row 3: Coach Don Feldman. Drew Weatherholt, Ed Sears. Dan Rubin, Ross Kline. David Smith, Joe Aaron. Kevin Kotler, Shane Geivett, Brian Smiley. Jip Kang, Mike Cary. All Khorsanee. Kevin Ellings- worth. Tom True A David Homer passes the ball so the upcoming defender cannot get it. 5. Varsity — Ken Siegel. John Aaron. Jim Paule. Brian Cortez. David Severson. Mike Sullivan, Dwight Faitback, Lee Cecala, Manager Devin Righter, Row 2: Coach Biff Rhea, Steve Rohrbaugh, Todd Wakefield. Jeff Marks, John Steinmeyer, Brian Hoover, Jeff Cam- era, Joel Bronson, Jack Barralon, Dave Pelletier, Ron Milligan, Marc Battalon, Spence Craddock. Coach Byron Bronson 6. Dwight Fairback controls the ball. 7. Goalie Jeff Camera makes a save. Tustin £ 1 0-10-5 Opponent Villa Park | 2 Orange 1 El Modena 5 Foothill 2 Canyon 1 Vallev 3 Villa Park £ ' Santa Ana Q Rothill H WT i Orange 3 Valley 3 El Modena 3 Santa Ana Canyon 6 f - ■ £ _c f fr " IS © ssA - w %7 ' S£? i— . i -,• S? 2 108 Soccer Soccer 109 Girl ' s Soccer Makes Second Round CIF Tustin ' s first year for girl ' s soccer began by building a strong foundation on which to grow. In keeping with Tustm tradition, we have produced another fine team. The girls have worked long and hard in representing Tustin. There are fifteen talented athletes playing on the varsity which is co-captained by Kathy Kale and Laurie O ' Con- nell. Other seniors on the varsity are Marcy Brown, Jill Delcrognale, Kari Koerber, Andrea Rewers, Gina Gaubert, Lori Hammer, and Kathy Scott. Susan Tate traps the ball during a game against El Modena. Junior Varsity — Front Row: Danielle Relph, Beth Bowen, Chris Corona, Shelli Kenlein, Debbie Lacy, Cheryl Walker, Nancie Bell, Row 2: Karen Carpenter, Debby Duggan, Sheryl Thull, Leslie Wong, Mollie Klingman. Row 3: Karen Rewers, Susan Tate. Gloria Rivera, Julie McKenzie. Coach Sharon Seidenberg gives the team instructions from the sidelines. Varsity — Bottom Row: Kathy Kale, Row 2: Jill Delcrognale, Kir.i Plummer, Lori Hammer, Laurie O ' Connell, Kan Koerber, Kathy Scott. Row 3: Marcy Brown. Nancy Knee. Katie Thull, Suzette Lipscomb, Andrea Rewers. Linda Barnes, Gina Goubert. Marcy Brown gets by an EI Modena defender. Lauri O ' Connell uses the concentration she developed while swamp skiing to get past an opponent. Lori Hammer breaks away while Allyson Reinig gets free for a pass. Kari Koerber gets ready to clear the ball. JV 4-0 2-1 Opponent Varsity Villa Park 1-0 Canyon 2 2 El Modena 1 1 Villa Park 1 1 Canvon El Modena 3 Villa Park 3 Canyon 5 El Modena 1 Villa Park Canyon El Modena 1 10 Soccer Soccer 111 Wrestling Wins With Pins The Wrestling team started the season off slow- ly with only two seniors, Lettermanjoe Jonovic in his first year and three year letterman Ranee Welch, with an overall varsity record of 57-29, were the top seniors. However, the wrestling team im- proved the season with juniors Mikejackman and Richard Eloe who both placed highly in the Mag- nolia and Canyon tournaments. 41 15 27 37 21 25 16 27 36 45 1 12 39 6 60 1 r 63 17 42 15 Varsitv Orange 30 El Modena 52 S.A. Valley 31 Santa Ana 33 Villa Park 46 Foothill 35 Canyon 51 Junior Varsity Orange 28 El Modena 30 S.A. Valley 30 Santa Ana 0 " Villa Park 45 Foothill 20 Canyon 75 Frosh — Soph Orange 6 El Modena 0 ' S.A. Valley 0 Santa Ana 9 Villa Patk 41 Foothill 6 Canyon 44 (Forfeit 1 ' or 0 ) Wrestling 112 Wrestling Varsity — Front RowrJoeJonovic.Jack Menges, Brad Levin, Ranee Welch. Mark Rodriguez, Mike Lucas. Rich Eloe. Eric Wilson. Row 2: Coach Charles Meyerect, Mike Paxton, Eric Anderson. Richard Bennett, Marco Aviles, Rusty Minton, Mike Brown, Sean Plummer, Coach Estrada, Coach Dick Stevenson Varsity wrestler Rick Eloe, using a cross-face sprawl to get a take down. Frosh-Soph — Front Row: Mark Sample. Mike Houghton, Troy Parson, Steve Polly. Rob Pickels, Bob Scorabal, John Colon, Paul Shedrovich. Ted Canedy Row 2: Darren Pursur, Joe Mann. Darren Hodge, John Luhdy, Jim Hungerford, Jake Koerber, Reid McClatchey, Ted Holt. Benny Meza, Mike Tomczak Row 3: Coach Dick Stevenson, Rich Carlile, Kelly Collyer, Tom Webb, Steve Hahn. Tom Wilker. Bob Lu bke, David Avery. Tom Marcotte, Chris Barden, Tom Dewyea, David Andrews, Greg Santon Varsity wrestler Ranee Welch, riding his opponent for a two point take down. Varsity wrestler Mike Jackman Chicken wing serious going for a pin. Frosh Wrestler Tom Wilker, working (or a halt nelson and cross body ride. Soph wrestler Rich Carlile using a tight waist rear arm ride to control his opponent. Wrestling 11- Tennis Aces Opponents The varsity tennis team looked forward to making a strong showing in league this season and participating in the C.I.F. playoffs. The team was led bv seniors: John Ellis, Bill Tate, Ken Lejeune and Vic Cardenas. Other top players included juniors Nick Villar, John Dobak, Mike McDaniel, Rob Leiter and sophomore Dave Amormino. The team was under the direction of new coach Steve Roderick. TheJV team at the outset of the season expected out — Dwight Sneathen, Thomas Lee and Hiko Staut. The JV team was coached by Ivan Boyer. Senior John Ellis volleys a rally. JV — Front row: Shane Weist. Bao Dang, Ken Rupp. Ken Carlisle. David Lipnicke. Roger Brush. Todd Lewis. Hiko Straur. Row 2: Coach Ivan Boyer. Paul Kardos. Dan Leili, Phil Waimrin, Thomas Lee. Doug Rora, Thang Tranh. Mike O ' Brien. Dave Ertel Rob Leiter returns the bail. Varsity — Front row: Vic Cardenas. John Dobak, Rob Leiter. Row 2: Nick Villar, Mike McDaniel. Bill Tate. Ken Lejeune. (not pictured: John Ellis, Dave Amormino and Coach Steve Roderick) 114 Tennis - 4 !»Air . ' S ' Senior Superstar ,. n | JJ5 19 s 1 N MB L ■ WU ■ PP ' ? Senior Superstar John Ellis — John has been a member of the varsity tennis team for three years. He is one of the most consistent singles players in the Century league. John has led the Tillers in singles play and he has also gone to C.I.F. Ellis has participated in the Ojai Invitational. Ellis has not only played tennis but managed to keep up his grades, serve as sopho- more class president, ASB treasurer and ASB Presi- dent as well. Tennis 115 " Feather Smashers " Pursue Team Excellence With a majority of the varsity team graduating last year, the badminton team looks as strong as ever. For the second year in a row Laura Warner returns as the number one singles player and Lisa Esparza and Renee Louthain were the number one doubles players. Other returning varsity " feather smashers " in- clude: Dave Dashler and Scott Sutcliff. The team proved to be dedicated to the sport, often practicing long hours and entering local tournaments sponsored by the U.S.B.A. The team is al- ways aiming to improve their game. With all this practice it was their intent to regain their status as Century League champs for the third straight year. 1. Number one singles player Laura Warner rallys for a point. 2. Badminton — Front row: Donna Sisnetos, Lauta Warner, Cindy DeSut- ter, Michele Palmer, Sue Farney, Dawn Leiter, Mary Oliver Row 2: Kathy DeSutter, Jill Yates, Lisa Esparza, Debbie Stile. Karyn Thurnond, Renee Louthain, Linda Hoskins, Leslie Rohrbaugh, Connie Chung Row 3: Coach Miriam Torres, Steve Behar, Ho Tran, Minh Khuu, Jim Berry, Dave Deshler, Kim Carmide. Kelly Sheehy, Scott Sutcliff, Chris Andre, Russ Hooper, Dung Tran, Tom Kunysz, coach Tung Nguyen (not pictured) Dana Maganau, Brenda Esparza 3. Jimmy Berry watches his birdy fly. 4. Number one double players, Renee Louthain and Lisa Esparza return a rally. 116 badminton Senior Superstar Senior Superstar Laura Warner — During her treshmen year she was the number two j.v. doubles with her partner Debbie Stile and she was awarded most improved of the j.v. team that year. Her sophomore year she played doubles and sometimes played singles. In doubles Stile and Warner placed number one j.v. doubles and number two j.v. singles. That year she was awarded M.V.P. or the j.v. team and the coaches award. In Warner ' s junior year she played singles and mixed doubles, was number one girls singles and mixed doubles on the varsity level. She was second in league and in mixed doubles first in league. She was also captain and M.V.P. ot the team that year. Her senior year she was again number one in singles and mixed doubles. Badminton IP Gymnasts Flip For Points This season promised to be another winning season for Tus- tin ' s gymnasts. The nucleus of last years squad is joined by manv outstanding newcomers. The competition was tough, but the girls were equal to the task. It looks like another champion team. Diana Smiley — Is an excellent gvmnast and a great help and inspiration to the entire team. She is my right hand girl. She is currently the captain of the varsity squad. In 1980. Smiley placed in two events in the qualifying round of CIF. Roxanne Howard — Last years most valuable vaulter, is once again an outstanding addition to the varsity squad. She qualified for state-level competition in private gym league. Kim Kelly — Is a perfectionist when it comes to tech- nique. She is consistently amongst the top places. Kelly is the captain of the Junior Varsity squad. Lisajenkins — Is a four year veteran of the team. She is a great asset to the Junior Varsity squad with floor exercise as her speciality. (Not pictured) Mitzi Nolan -«- A three year veteran and asset to the Varsity team, has competed in state-level competition in pri- vate gym league. She has also qualified in round and individ- ual finals in CIF. (Not pictured) 1 18 Gvmnastics Senior Superstar Senior Superstar Diana Smiley shows her grade on the beam. Lisa Jenkins shows her form during her floor exercise. Kim Kelly perfects her form on the vault- Gymnastics — Front row: Kelly Ames, Shelly Tolton. Shawnette McKee, Amy Davis, Jerilyn McArt, Chris Murphy, Patty Mendez, Coach Leslie O ' Donnell. Row 2: Tracy Doron, Barbara Truebe. Yvonne Em- merth, Wendi House, Varsity Captain Diana Smiley, Bekki Weil, Lisa Jenkins, Sherry Thiebolt. (Not Pictured: Mitzi Nolan, Roxanne Howard. J.V. Captain Kim Kelly, Assistant Coach Caryn Stanley.) Sherry Thiebolr concentrates on her parallel bar exercise. Shawnette McKee ptactices on her back handsprings. Gymnastics 119 Young Swim Team Faces Tough Season This season looked to be another fine year for the Tiller Swim Teams. All four teams, boys and girls. Varsity and Junior Varsity, headed for winning seasons again this year. The girls varsity bactled with archrival Foothill along with Canyon and Villa Park tor the league crown. Seniors Sharon Svendsen and Sue Waters led a talented young team on the erYort. The boys defended their 1981 title against the onslaught of a very tough Foothill team and a strong Villa Park varsity. Sophomores John Lastelic and John Day led a young boys varsity in their attempt to capture their second consecutive league crown. Both junior varsity teams looked strong as al- wavs with the girls defending their 1981 J. V. Championship and the boys improving last years finish. 1. Chris Grant demonstrates perfect butterfly form. 2. Varsity — Front row: Ron McCord.John Day, Mark Brosius, Kyfc Poe. Mike Doting. Peter Balsells, Jim Carter. Cliff Allard, Row 2: coach Bovd Philpot. Brent Simor. John Lastelic. Don Notbv. Tony Weissenberger. Colin Marcoux. Mike Goodger. Mark Linton. Row 3: Kim Landers. Sue Webb. Caroline Bogaty. Shelly Lawrence. Kim Anderson, Barbara Lastelic, Mona Allies, Laura Patchin. Robin Carter, Kristen Galchutt; Row 4: Melinda Day. Anne Knudsen. Sharon Svendsen, Sue Warers, Angela La- Tour, Kim Bevendge, Liz Linton. Sue Dunahm. Chris Grant. Ken McCord. Craig Mackie. Feff Cohen. V Angela LaTour finishes a tough race. 4. Junior Varsity — Front row: Craig Cohen, Bobby Hawkins. Dan Smoot, John Marr, Brad Budvach. Dan Stenger, David Hansen, Row 2: Tony Woltman. Dan Stoermer, Mike Fahey. Rich Oelnch, Dan Conrad, David Hunter, Santa Benett, Row 3: Coach Dion Dickenson, Laurie Kapell, Jennifer Epps. Lisa Duncanson, Brenda Esparza. Julie Hawkins. Jennifer Morrison. Robin Minuskin. Debbie Amador. Coach Keilv Martz. Row 4: Jill Harhorn. Kira Plummet, Chns Crowlev. Bev Anderson, Jody Hathorn. Chnsti Ash. Jill Hawkins. Chris Arcimega. Beth McClain. Ted Check. Craig Goldberg. Liz Anabo. Row 5: Mike Kimes. Steve ShuruOTodU Webb. John Heckencamp, i)L 5. ,-K ' m Beveridge and Robin Carter go head to head ' in. the medley n ' Ufa ' s C ' it 7f ? t ' f( ' • ' ' - ' " •■:« I w v ftfi • iftoLykL ;i - • •; -. ' V- HH in ih •i .-•» n «■ + • — 5 I T± V- - X : - : -■ .-■ Lea ._::- " lea ' . — - ' - 7 - t . ' i_Tf Running Free The track program has grown steadily over the last three years, from less than 100 members in 1980 to as many as 170 this season. And with this steady increase in team size has come an improvement in team performance. The 1982 season promised to be the most successful at Tustin High in five years at all three levels of competition: Boys Varsity and Frosh-Soph and Girls Varsity. Led by such senior standouts as Mike Frank, Chuck Dodson, Mike Parker, and Tino Nunez, the Boys Varsity squad will be much improved over 1981. The Frosh-Soph squad, bolstered by an extremely strong distance squad, had the potential to win the league cham- pionship. Not to be out done by the boys squad, the Girls Varsity squad will also challenge for the league crown. Top performers like Shannon Stryker (one of the top distance runners in the C.I.F.), Dawn Howe and Kellie Miller in the distances, Kathy Smqot, Kelli Schultz and Lori Hammer in the sprints, and Susan Barker in the discus give the team an extremely strong nucleus. Coaches and athletes alike, are extremely excited about the prospects for the 1982 track season. 1 Senior Superstars — Row 1: Tino Nunez, Mike Parker, Mike Frank, Chuck Dodson Row 2: Kathy Smoot, Shan- non Stryker, Lon Hammer. Kelli Schultz. Susan Barker. 2. Boys Varsity Sprint Squad — Row 1: Earl Nishimura. Mike Sullivan, Steve Amman, Dwight Fairback, Jose Acuna, Son Luu, Brian Cortez, Jeff Estep, Randy Northrup 3. J.V. Frosh-Soph Field Events — Row 1: Greg Hicks, Greg Tracy, Trong Luu. Jeff Ledendecker. Perry Howard, Thad Hogan. Mike Reed. Dave Tinz, Matt Young. Darren Purser Row 2: Darryl Jennings, Paul Morns, Bill Harmon, Gary Congdon. Bill Reiter, John Pace. John Colon, Sang Kim, Greg Santori. Bob Hart Row- 3: Larry Lang. Marco Aviles. Darryl Makepeace, Darrvl Harris, Chris Barden, Chris Lovejov. Mike Predney, Steve Gauer. Steve Causey. Andy Loomis, Kevin Kotlar. 4. Varsity Girls Sprint Squad — Row 1: Kellie McCor mick, Jodie Arnold, Kathy Smoot, Kelli Schultz, Lor Hammer, Donna Kowalski. Lisa Dorman, Karen Carpen ter, Chris Williamson Row 2: Deena Lynch, Jenny Jones Barbara Stevenson, Marion Mauldin, Lori Remus, Kina Agnew, Yvonne Shrenk, Nicki Lind, Anne Martel, Jenny Wright. 5. Senior Chuck Dodson warming-up in the discus. 122 Track Girls Field Events — Row 1: Lucina Aviles, Candy VanCina. Stephanie Anabo, Marv Pat Melvin. Shelli Brown Row 2: Krista Woods, Gloria Rivera, Amy Coombs, Gina Smith. Varsity Distance Squad — Row 1: Kellie Miller. Donna Fleagle Row 2: Lori Gates, Judy Mazowiecki.Jenni Scott, Dawn Howe. Kathy Pflomm, Shannon Stryker Row 3: Paul MacDonald, Clay Stiles, Mike Parker. Andy Koines, Ron Milligan, Tino Nunez. nravlj II -j? r man _ " ™ " - - HOME VISITOR DOWN TOGO QTR i — i m A V TBSTy. Frosh-Soph Distance Squad — Row 1: Wendy Grable. Leah Warner, Katy Farney, Haley Abreu, Heather Malcom. Valerie Koines, Katie Stoff, Kathy Ctommett, Arianne Shoenberg, Joanne Parker, Karen Berry, Kathy Shives Row 2: Louise Warner, Lisa Dilger, Tiffany Zasera, Susie Csik, Rene Matters, Leslie Cavender. Lisa Cavender, Debbie Gardner, Chris Taylor, Dana Hart, Stephanie Miller, Dawn Donon, Sherri Howe Row 3: Kent Milligan, John Bertrand, Greg Hooper, Scott Belodeau, Sage Daugherty. Rick Erickson, Travis Greenlee, Rodney Stone, Dave Patelson, Steve LaCasse Row 4: Dan Fitzmaurice, Victor Yan, David Smith, Garrett Stryker, Duane Shaeffet, Robert Delmater, Steve Cundall, Derek Gebo, Bob Clovsson, Mike Donaldson, Jeff Wright. Boys Varsity Field Events — Row 1: Damn Golka, Chuck Dodson, Garrett Logan, Terry Robinson, Brett Pierce Row 2: Jeff Camera, Jeff Moote. Tom Reynolds, Steve Frank, John Hawkins Not Pictured — Mike Frank, Spence Craddock. Track 123 StJElWMI Softball Shines In League This year ' s Softball team had eight returning starters off last years championship team, which went 23-3 and was third in the C.I.F. playoffs. They expected to have another championship team and had high hopes of going even further in C.I.F. under the direction of coaches Lisle Lloyd and Elaine Koerber. The J.V. team was under the direction of coach Larry Brugmann. 1 Moilie Klingman plays defense on second base. 2. Alison Palmer shows off her winning style. 3. Kathy Kale goes after the ball to make a 6-3 out. 4. Varsity — Front row: Eileen Sullivan, Allyson Reinig. Rachel Pantoja. Moilie Klingman. Beth Bowen Row 2: Coach Lisle Lloyd. Beata Krol, Lisa Shaffer, Denise Shaffet. Kathy Kale, Coach Elaine Koerbet Row 3: Kan Koerber, Robin Umphrey, Marci Schwabe, Andrea Rewers. 5. Junior Varsity — Front row: Colette Kovac, Stacy Akers. Linda Barnes, Julie McKenzie Row 2: Sindi Corwin, Sloane Craddock, Diane Jacobson, Linda Edwards Row 3: Coach Larry Brugman. 124 Softhall Alison Palmer — Alison was the starting pitcher last year for the varsity team and finished with a 17-0 record before losing in the C.I.F. semifinals. She was voted team MVP, all league first team and Century league MVP for the 1981 season. She is a leading candidate to repeat these honors again. Palmer is not only the ace pitcher for softball but she also is a outstanding player in volleyball and basketball, be- sides keeping up a 4.0 grade average. Alison ' s favorite music performer is Bruce " The Boss " Springsteen. Softball 125 Baseball Succeeds With Strong Pitching Staff Having completed their pre-league season with a 3-2 record the Tillers were optimistic about their shot at the Century League title. Any baseball team ' s fortunes rise and fall on the strength of it ' s pitching staff and this year Coach Dan Sheehy feels that the pitching staff is a strong one. There were three possible starters in George Cooper, Bob Frank and ace, Steve Cre- cion. The bullpen is bolstered by righthander Jack VanEvery and lefthander Barry Porter. Coach Rick Falk handled this staff quite well in preparing them for the season. Dan Koosed behind the plate. Mark Grace at first, Pete Bollinger at second. Jim Axelson at third and Mick Danskin at short gave the team a sound infield who were also productive on offense. Led by returners John Collard in center and Barry Porter in right the outfield corps is a bright spot, including Dave Allen, Joe Fennell.John Murrel. Bill Quesnell and Mike Rocco. 1. Junior Varsitv player Mike Schwabe gets ready to get a base hit 2. Junior Varsity Player Darin Montgomery almost tags out the opponent. 3. John Collard practices to hit another homerun. 4. Varsity — Front row: Manager Ed Sears. George Coo- per. Pete Bollinger. Dan Koosed. Joe Fennell. Mike Rocco Row 2: Bill Quesnell. Mick Danskin. Mark Grace. John Collard, Dave Allen, John Murrel Row 3: Coach Rick Falk. Barry Porrer, Jim Axelson, Steve Crecion. Bob Frank. Jack VanEvery. Coach Dan Sheehy. ' 126 Baseball ' ■y P, , | Pi t 1 51 • i t i ' p ■ It? r p § ' » « f - 5. Barry Porter comes in and relieves anorher pitcher. 6. Junior Varsity — Front row: Mike Rushton. Dave Whit lev, Guy Jacobs, Ken Collard, Eugene Ermel. Buckv Bollinger Row 2: Coach Jack Valenta, Robert Roybal, Craig Spence.Jim Weaver. Darin Montgomery, Paul Mc- Carthv, Eugene Roumpiper, Jon Bell. 7. Dan Koosed catches one from the outfield in practice. Baseball 12 Frosh-Soph Team Looks Forward to ' 85 Season The Frosh-Soph baseball team is led by the pitching of David Rishovd, Don Grenda, and David Staton. In the field. Jim O ' Connell, Robert Bollinger, and Marc Gonzales lead. The team hopes to be at the top of the tough Century League with the hitting of Jeff Carlisle, Gary Graves, Michael Morehead, and Dean Roberts. This year ' s team is l ed mostly by freshman, so things look good in 1985 fot Tustin High School Baseball. 1. Jeff Hord prepares to make an out at first base. 2. Frosh-Soph Baseball — Front row: Dave Staton, Dave Rishovd. Jetf Hord. Gary Graves. Rex Gentry, Jeff Smith, Mike Rishovd Row 2: Rob Bollinger. Don Grenda. Gary Strunk. Mike Morehead. Tom Wilker, Tom Dewyea. Tim O Connell, Mark Chaves, )ei( Carlisle. Mark Gonzales. Brent Borden. Greg Rohmer, Coach Mirich. 3 Rex Gentry lets the ball go to make an out. 128 Baseball Autographs Autographs Autographs 129 Seniors Seniors Seniors 130 seniors I i Seniors The Class of 1982 After waiting for four years the class of 1982 has finally become seniors. We have shared some special times togeth- er and have accomplished a lot togeth- er. We are a class of unity and should succeed well in the future. 2. Jeanette Groves intently waits for the volleyball in p.e. }. April Stevens in the Villa Park Cross Country meet. A. Brett Thiebolt creates a large jar form in ceramics. 5. ASB President John Ellis leads his class into the future. Seniors Seniors Seniors Seniors 131 •til i )• , .J Senior Officers Set Goals As we, the Class of ' 82, finish our final year at Tustin High, we can look back on our past with a sense of pri and accomplishment. We have met out goals and maintained our standard of excellence through dedicatic determination and a strong desire to succeed. Our spirit was evident in our enthusiasm and was reflected in c participation in all activities. Although unified as a class, we have demonstrated our individuality throughc outstanding achievements in athletics, academics and community involvement. But we are not just another graduating class. We are the backbone of tomorrow and we hold the key to success 1 the future. We have left our mark at Tustin High School, and we will be remembered as an example of success would like to thank the Class of 1982 for allowing me to serve as its Senior Class President. I have seen us grow a mature as a class and I wish you all the best of luck in the years to come. Ifcubku IfodL Kaihy Kale Senior Class President B2 Senior Officers Senior Officers l 3 Capture The Senior Spirit We are only here for four years and the climax of those tour years is our last — the year we spend as Seniors. During this year we grow together even more than before because we realize it is our last year. We enjoy special times relaxing with friends and have tun getting to be ourselves. By second semester we all have a disease called Senioritis, we just can ' t wait to gee out but when that time comes we don ' t want to leave! 134 Seniors 4. 6. Steve Rohrbaughand Scoti Fletcher enjoy quiet times in the library with friends. Lynda Graves and Kelli Schultz calk about waiting and waiting for June 17 to come. Konekanok " Toi " Bouavanh pretends co be Bruce Lee. Toi is first student at THS from Laos. Elaine Mallon walks to h er next class. Glenn Pinson captures the senior spirit. Garrett Logan. Matt Rogers, Troy Grabill and Chucky Dodson work dili- gently in ceramics. Jim Carter. What a cute smile! Senior John Aaron usie Aday Barry Porter and Dawr Susan Anderson David Andes Christopher Andre Michael Andren Dina Andrews 136 Seniors Tammie Armenta Sharon Arnold Lorrie Arriola Tami Ashman Howe Voted Best Looking James Axelson Linda Bahret Katrina Bain Robin Balin Jennifer Baltes Eric Barbu ?i- ' i " tS iuH| .- mL ' L w l H 1 Susan Barker Sandra Barnes Michael Barron Christina Barry Eddie Basler Dana Baxter Kim Beehn Marcela Bejval Michael Belles Jeanmarie Belodeau Seniors 1 57 Werner Berry Tiller Romances Populai Couples Joy Borden, Mick Danskin and Pam Guillen, Rory Zaiyko and Ellie Escobar, Greg Holland and Tammie Armenta, Scott Day were all voted Tiller Romance. During four years at Tustin High many boy-girl relationships develop. Some of the relationships start off with the boy and girl just being friends and then the relationship goes from there, while others meet at parties ot through mutual friends. Some of the relationships last for four years, others don ' t. Quite a few of the couples that were chosen as the Tiller Romance couple in the past are still together — some have even gotten married! Michele Bidart Kent Blakelv 138 Seniors Lani Blank Kathleen Bliss Judith Blyther it Tustin High Steve Boe WfM ■ «.. 1 " it 1 ' w Chtistine Bogaty Cathetine Bollinget Joy Borden Konekanok Bouvanh Elizabeth Boyce Brian Boydston M ... U ' i : r l Yi ■ ; . Diana Brady Matt Brincho 1 P Tpl .-jii Marcy Brown My Bui Phuong Bui Richard Burgi JefT Burt Julie Busa Kathleen Byrnes Seniors 139 J Pn •« Kimi Caldwell r Jeff Camera Tluc Chi Cao-Bui Victor Cardenas Ken Carlisle Mark Grace and Dina Joel Castellaw Maria Castrezana Michael Cave Lee Cecala Esteban Ceniceros Steven Chang Kris Chaves John Cheng Tony Choi Mark Chuml 140 Seniors Jacqueline Cisneros Kevin Clark Richard Clark Melinda Cogswell John Collard Andrews Chosen Best Eyes Pat Connolly Mark Grace and Dina Andrews show that the eyes have it. Brian Cortez Sabra Corwin Colleen Cosgrove Ron Courtney Spence Craddock Seniors lil Steve Crecion Debbie Critchfield Michael Cundall Krissy Dalgetty Scott Dall John Ellis and Tracy John Ellis and Tracy Schrimsher were voted the seniors who have done the most for the school. Jill DelCrognale Lori Deming David Deshler Mick Danskin Scott Dav David D ' Esposito 142 Seniors 1 " - ' Vl ■1 Cindy DeSutter William Diaz Dean DiazDeLeon Scott Diehl Debbie Dixon Schrimsher Selected Senior Best Ronald Dixon Thuv Do Chris Dobak Chuck Dodson fames Donahoe Randy Donaldson Susan Dunham Steven Edelstein Linda Eggleton John Ellis Kaled ElSayed Joseph Enfield Shelly Engleiter Douglas Enquist Randy Erickson Seniors l4i Bill Erler Ellie Escobar Lynn Espeland Tina Evans Kathy Fahey Mick Danskin and Leslie Jeana Field Karen Finnegan Karyn Finney Holly Flatko Scott Fletcher 144 Seniors Leanne Forbes Andy Formby Rob Fortier Ken Fox Michael Frank Osbourne Voted Best Dressed David Frawley Paul Fritschle John Gable Margaret Gain Eric Galchutt Kristen Galchutt Michael Gale Greg Gallaugher (aquel Oarcia Victoria Garde Tina Garza Regina Gebo Leah Geer Seniors 145 Mark Gerhard David Goodwin John Gratian Jamie Groves Joe Gertz George Glover Robynne Golden Sharon Gonzales Jim Axelson and Tammie Gina Goubert Lynda Graves Beth Greenberg Jeanette Groves Pam Guillen Lisa Grencik Tom Groleau Fredericka Haag Kimarie Hall 146 Seniors Myles Hamilton Lorilee Hammer Jim Hammond Jeffrey Hansen Armenta Chosen Best Personality I Sheila Hanson s Brenda Hartman John Hatanaka Jill Hawkins John Hawkins Jennifer Hayes Renee Hernandez Seniors 14 " 7 Brian Hickman Kevin Hodge Leslie Hofmann Greg Holland Randy Hoke John Ellis and Kathy Kale Roxanne Howard Stephanie Howard Dawn Howe Randy Howell Dianne Hoxie M8 Seniors Candace Hudson Brad Hughes Hoang Huynh Tim Hyde Selected Most Likely To Succeed Lisa Jenkins Joe Jonovic Darin Jiles Brian Johnson Anna-Lena Jonsson Kathryn Jorgenson Kathy Kale „ynn K.ardos Steve Kato Michael Kearney Pete Kearney Duane Keller Kevin Keller Seniors 140 Celaine Kleczko Linda Klokochar Laura Klos Kari Koerber Andrew Koines 150 Seniors ? Kathy Kost Mary Kostof Chris Kozak Susan Krause Elizabeth Krochman Armenta Chosen Most Gullible Beata Krol James Kunysz Minh La Adam Lamar Tina Lambert Patrick Laubach Patricia Laughlin Thien Le Thomas Le Sam Leavev Dawn Leiter Ken Lejeune Michelle Leon-Guerreto Eric Liebscher Phoung Lien Seniors 151 Bi ft o H Garrett Logan Betty Loh Greg Long Patricia Long Loree Loomis John Cheng and Kathy Julie Marino Jetf Marks Anne M artel Jim Martin Rene Mat? 152 Seniors X Martha Mendez Parri Mercurio Russell Meyer Brian Mielke Kale Selected Most Intelligent Ty Millard ■ 1 ! Ron Milligan John Cheng and Kathy Kale show off their Principal ' s Honor Roll certificate which they have both received all tour vears. W £% 9 ■ k ■ i Hfe 6 3§ Leah Miller Raymond Mills Cynthia Molina Maria Mondragon Steven Moore John Morris James Muldoon Seniors 153 mr . 3 6 - . : - ■ 3 ft ' ' " 3 V - ■ ' H r ■ 5 1 • . - ■ - •• .. ' : .1 ■ ' ' 1 o W ,- i c 7-H! . » £ -v- ■rag ■ • I • •: ' 1 • • . - , , ' - - • - nnsannEini3iini iJ v ■ a ii » Jt-tai w . ,, • ' m - ' ft » h ::! l J V 4 v Jfc Jir. i T» N V ; ' ■: S3 I -. ors v. eniors John Murrel Julie Muse Colleen McBratney Patricia McCamon Gerry McCurdy Jim Axelson and Terry Hoskins 156 Seniors Adrienne Nedler Larissa Negri Mike Nelson Shannon Nelson Voted Top School Athletes Valerie Nelson Julie Newman Dung Nguyen Tam Nguyen Tuan Nguyen Earl Nishimura Hoat Nguyen Lan Nguyen Phuong Nguyen Mitzi Nolan Betty Nunez Tino Nunez Rene Nuye Laurie O ' Connell Doug Odean Susan Oelnch Seniors lT Brett Oglesbee Christl Orr Leslie Osbourne Al Ottobre Dave Owen Garrett Logan and Erica David Pelletiet Jim Perry Rob Pflomm Khnanh Pham Madeline Phillips 158 Seniors Courtney Piazza Glenn Pinson Wollweber Chosen Class Flirts Rebecca Powe Mark Provence Catherine Pryor Seniors 159 Robvn Purdie Suanne Pyle Rich Pawsat and Jill DelCrognale Stacy Ribeau Rhonda Richardson Renee Rickard Tom Robinson 16 Seniors Mike Rocco Rebecca Roensch Matt Rogers Steve Rohrbaugh Deborah Root Selected Most Spirited Susan Schlesinger Tracy Schrimsher Kelli Schultz if Brenda Scott Kathy Scott James Scullin Karen Seiler Amy Sellers Seniors 161 v l x J ' l Jonathan Semar David Severson Denise Shaffer Lisa Shaffer Tim Shaner Garrett Logan and Christl Laura Sheehy Garrett Logan tries to listen in on Christl Orr ' s conversation at the red phone. Paige Shelly Julie Shelton John Shields Grace Shim Cecelia Shirley Michael Shrode 162 Seniors Kenneth Siegel Russell Silverman Jeffrey Simon Donna Sisneros Orr Voted Most Talkative David Skelton Diana Smiley Bill Smith Cynthia Smith Scott Smith Kathy Smoot Kayvan Sotoodeh Doug Sparke Larry Spears Sherri Sperling Cynthia Sperry Lisa Spitzer Lori Spurr Chris Stackhouse John Steinmeyer April Stevens Seniors 16. : Debbie Stile Clay Stiles Beverly St. Martin Diana Stopher David Storey John Collard and Chris Jennifer Sutter field Frank Suwalski Sharon Svendsen Shiho Takito Stephen Tallman Bill Tate Carolyn Taylor Kim Taylor Debbie Teater 164 Seniors Sarah Thayer Chip Theakston Scott Thompson Shervl Thull Dobak Chosen Best Smile Lisa Timm Kelly Tolman Jodi Toyeas Minh Tran Seniors if) Stephen True Despina Tsirba Kevin Turner Brad Tutt Richard Vance Seniors Flee A rypical scene at lunch, no seniors When senior privileges were approved at the beginning of the year students started leaving campus. Why. Because one of the privileges was an open campus for seniors, at lunch only. First, before leaving campus, legally a student had to have his her parent sign a permission slip saying that it was ok. Most parents signed and the privilege was in effect. Seniors would leave campus and go to lunch to places like McDonalds, Del Taco and Yogurt n ' Things. They couldn ' t go to far though because they had to be back to class in time! Peter VanDeerlin Jack VanEverv • niors Kyle VanGuilder Doug Vasconcellos Greg Vaughn Campus At Lunch Kurt Vaupel Pete Vega Jose Vestil Matt Vining Catherine Violette Linda Voltarel Caroline VonRoth Lynn Wachowiak Chris Wagner Todd Wakefield Susan Ward Laura Warner Kathy Waterhouse Sue Waters Lisa Waterworth Lisa Watson Patrick Wehn Seniors lC) 7 Laurie Weichsel Tony Weissenberger Ranee Welch Marie Weldon Mary Wentsel Senior Shows Talent Conrad Woodland Robert Yagle Brian Yates Monica Young Tony Young 168 Seniors Susie Yu Brenda Zahner Rory Zatyko Marci Zelinger in Photography LISA ABT Mom Dad 1 Luv Ya THX Bst Pal Sis Luv Ya CHTMY rXSpecial Luv YA The Yrs Gone An So AM I 6 + 5 = 11 and I Love YALL To YHWLuv w AlHART SUSIE ADAY UGumba!! Snoozie EMam 8182 TGHS-Rance Thx Tam Scot JVGym SGC! PO.B.Mac. ee m LuvL ' 4 evJC! MisUKFK TnxR C LuvL ' Mom! MARK AGUILAR CampV BrunFish Jeep Cross Cntry Run For Jesus Bst Frnd Dann Grebe- llxoye Good luck Suzie Jesis Is Lord.. Senior Steve Rohrbaugh ' s " sunset " was chosen by the Audion sraff as best photo in its photo contest. BETH ALDRICH Thx Luv UM D MYBB! Smr80 wLB7B PS Fmly " BST ofXs " W. ' KPCMBS Prom8l!82? LH EEI! WN4gtFH JyrsHmc 908 tespJGnAZ! LuvHRTS DAVID ALLEN Rush 1 TomSSawyer All right Taco!12-Par gon is coming Go Dodgers Go! 1 Dallas Cowboys 1 Raiders of Ark 1 EILEEN ALM Buds CCPPMGMD TA IC 81CIF BBfbgms. WF81 FHS sadie guys JKGS JPMPEH . . . Parties? HA YEA! Sum79Ctlna BTRU URS- CUL; later DAVE ANDES Swsom 4 SomDAss BHdb Good Ftndsw BanDSIn SHdpJC T-K-D FUN D-land8-4-81 w a4s tLov Alwys Laura 4yrsSem TnksM + D MIKE ANDREN Parties and Frnds KCTAMI a Very Speciall Friend AIGrt Frnds L SA- DACSS DKFSN DJMU Bst Wishes Scot TomiV CIFbb Thnx THS DINA ANDREWS The BEST! BstBudsJBCPMWJDSS fxSong JvC heer RIV 81Bkskn GrtXwm JrR|Str DaqDysJ CdiRng! JM SpecMem w TDluvULL ' V 1 M DS D TAMMIE ARMENTA BFJBSA PFCRD AASvTrk TLfgsw SA RspsJV V chrsumr80 wJBbch HILUVUSCOTTIE 4 evr prom s81 BozSkgsHc7 9W80fn +nsTHSTX FAM SHARON ARNOLD Remember gd times Wt ' rnds Party- ing AtBchw Linda Thanks 2 all my friends espLK SO 2BdThngs Ntwrkout WRA ByTHS LORR1E ARRIOLA BCl2-22-79anvrsy! SpFnsJim LisaEu- gie QuenConcrt w Kimi Tina Lind- Bye Pamk! tnksMomBill! IALWYWIL LUVL ' BARRY 4ev- JIM AXELSON — STREAK81 — 4Js the Bsers JohnM SCROOMS OREGON TRIP Sports Arena Bas- ket B510Thx ForCaring Val fmiy grtchrMOM Seniors 169 LINDA BAHRET -, AMOMDAD CAROLn RANDY WEDDANC ES Kl VINn PATFRIENDS ALWAYS KIMn- TIMF.S BELLSHAWAI1 80SIGN LANGALL GREAT TIMES KATRINA BAIN ski! [ah! SumofSO goodtms wchLAURA LORIBEK CHRISS sWIM HOMt Donalds 2yrsGood Luc Bro thanx Mom Dad BYE- BYE TUSTIMII KAREN BAKER LOTS OF FUN THANKS MOM AND DAD I LOVE DANNY ROBIN BALIN 2allmy Friends tamILuvl! thanx- 4giving meTruegitts oflite Momour Eternal FrshDadlAM dreamcomtur MatHot ChicLEMAGIC JENNIFER BALTES Grcbudskiin Lori Lizfunw Ronwntr form SlProm 81ha! trptpRos funw- Val! pfsLuv Ur4 mybike! PromSlw TSMMDMary ANMARY FTBAL Mr. Turner Helps ERIC BARBU MoM + Dad THANX. Im OutTuS Hasbeen GREAT, BestFrnds. JM. PM. IM. FtallGames.JR-SR PROM. 1982RULES! ByeBye Tustin High. SUE BARKER VANS Skateboarding Keefer Ankle Discus SanClemente HAWAII Coach Meier Howisit Kristy Bstfrd E rHd Ilovevou MomNDad JACK BARRALON LOVES ANDRINE JUNE1380 THK SMND GOODLUCKMNP BFSTV DPNFO BEYNOST ROCKYOCT 78 O LOLCHANT ESWORLD CUP 74882 PORSCHE MIKE BARRON Frnds Gair. Welch + J; Som THS Girls; R + LH, MKidder Yea!! PEL TH " JAKE " " GET RICH QUICK " Bch + an.. Ski M + U " LUVAL- LOFU DANA BAXTER 4grt yrsat THS goodxwith heyenir frnds cfvnc MSDSSK SRCPrtv SHAB LUVUM D KIM BEEHN GI.DIT SOVR ERST BUDDYT IFFSKI LHGRAD NGHT 81MARGY DALLN ANW VICR VerJAN 81GRTTMES W DP. MB.DM. LAILUV MOM DAD KEV!! MICHAEL BELLES Its Beena Grt4yrs Tustin High ' Thanx forthe goodtimes; MOM, DAD, LAINA, UNCLEJohn and Lo! HEY NANCY, IMADEIT JEAN BELODEAU GrtFrnds TADAJDMWCPR2 jv VAR CHEER DHSSJNTAnca Riv Skndp Ski PromSl Sadiw JG SremxwJC " DAC LuvL ' Saca 4evr- LUV2 M DLS RICHARD BENZ LISA BERGER This year was great! I Lov you Me GrtTms Wbst Frnds! KFKKLV linda. Dawn, Lori. Cynthia Val. LTKSx4 JCZMG ' SKAZUS See you at OCC Best friends alwys- LSWKATHBM Ges 10V4 StnbkRis Ran 4ever + SBa! MsGMsS Art CSCT LvYou MD + AThks TYRB JOHN BERKOWITZ Hamlet RGMouse trap Elephant MSPacific Inspector Hound!!! AgJrF Kemall! CwSBW for Carrie — Trust Melluv SherilNow What IEEE BERRY Frnds MBGLRWT LuvTL VarSoc 22Bch Prts82 GLn STfrevr LBMDAD Anhm Sktpk Kvng Lgna SmTHS glshv DUPAS ' Ski- Taos BBGDUSC ol WERNER BERRY Lov Larissa Sep2681 Best Friend Se- mar PPMLANLWDAAB Badw- Brow 78COPCAR Im Free THANKS MOM DAD GOOD LUCK JIM TOI BEVERIDGE hl-Class OF ' 81 " — FrIENds imYcar sUmmER periBLAH! pARTies 2ml ChwORk! SemlNar UPSdowns NeVEtduLL hoW DiSURvive? MICHELE BIDART My Teddy Bear My Dino Think Snowi Thanks — for the love mom- dad ILove you2 Chuck + Shelly Forevew Love Later THS Much! KENT BLAKELY No Five year plan for Me!Junior yrda Best Dave, Mark, Steve, Brian The- mall Racelt Steve J2881 WEMISSU 1vrs KicK Back Vctte LAN! BLANK GOOD X ' S W MONTCA AL:- DREY " 82 " " 82 " " 82 " BEST OF LUCK TO LIL ' SIS LUV POO . THANKS MOM DAD STEVE BOE TRACYL jfkJAMICA pjNssy Lisani Onellic lidi Amin BONGO eva EXON dMmoon Dave b gOdde A YmgFFIoke sagNshanon Meshu- gana CRISTINE BOGATY 2402 007jbisk 8ter 2nhgt StnD SWPrTY BZ MFTXL XNtw PLaJhN— Bg BoypeKE— BKF fry RRtrks ghtrsco tpio " PANNA — U DrgnWgn KITTY BOLLINGER Gd. Tms.w frds. haw80 Evr81 JrPro- mand CMW Bren.Jr WF mikFrds- mpp BKnAJL K S Luv U Bren. Thanx Dad, mom, Paui Geo JOY BORDEN Maj2 yrs WF79 HC8Q PromSl ASBB and Doheny DisdllAWAII Hu- mel.kS SCRThx JNBst BuddyLuv YaMD Thx MomDadBrent Jol- LUVU PtovJ56 LIZ BOYCE Luv USTEVE ' F ' EVER — LAURA GREG KIM JENNY DAVE PGRTTMS ATSGTS NBcHBKNYEI, 7BDAY. 1 1 NwDLJPMBG ooD LUK RICH ' I MANX MOMNDAD BRIAN BOYDSTON GREAT TO BEA SENIOR 3years debate THXMGR AY 71CAPRI GhcADRBW w TWJWDGKKSKIING MAM- MOTH Backpkngins ieragngt UCLA THXMD DIANA BRADY •DAVID iluvu4ever Frnds KTBHCC TRTMJECP NCBCProm8nv Jim ' _ ' XS DIandTop 25Whos Whoparades ThnxM D MATT BRINCHO THANX EVERY14A GRAT4YRS ' MXing XCing atEMw the Gang has been Iun2the Max! Thanx forthe BELL»Steve CUallLater BYE MARCY BROWN itPHQ socrsplf rndjef iWRluv myPep sqdbut luv- laD Davel.ori tracyMOST mvkid seerlus ' Willi Find- STEPHEN C. BOE TRACYL |fkJAMICA pjNSSYLi sain! Inelh clidiAmin BONGOeva EX(.)Nd Mmoon DAVE b gOd- deAYmg FFOLKES agNshanon Meshugana KATHY BYRNES GOODTIMES WITHGUD FRENDS JFTLLTCCPL GRATE TTMEAT SOB81S UMERWIT CCALWAYS SOBBUM DINSYLD WITTLJF MISDYAJRDLUV I ' M D. KIM CALDWELL VWerusinw besthudy LauraX cellent txswjenny lstluv Genel2donut stan- dum AcDc ' JD chase thnxdadmom SK ill never4 get! JEFF CAMERA }yrsVar SOCCERJvrs VarFB l Rem.CD-TROPMR BB Thx momdadKen Lynn 170 Seniors CANDY COOMBS GRTXS! Froshyr: Jr.SRProm, RBWSUM8 1 alqnaBCHW DH CDRHRad Prtys! w LZBSTBU DDAWNH OWEXS 2gthr, EXMCTGJVT MMEThanxs M D, C D SABRA CORWIN EUROPE 81 " with EB. TH. FRIENDS Lisa Debbie. Patricia I Lu- vlIAll! MyWNDRFL Sisters SINDI LUCK ThankYou MOM and DAD SPENCE CRADDOCK upstrs Cwys-MLRJDhoof -Munya Orng FtsMeowll Grub Btks DrkHvIv GtnRad Ctlna MdnightRmblr BchHs SPI- KEfrsfb l CRAIG CRAWFORD Lisa made the year. Have fun Blazer First lunch, KEZY. my GRANTOR- INO. STEVE CRECION MORNIN!. 2 GreatYrs 2Yrs Vrsty BBCIF 81 S2. YO. Summer 81the coolest GREAT ' MESWMG JSMCDJ EVRYELSE SCAMP- TANGER Hekl Lead Seniors Future DEBBIE CRITCHFIELD THS was a fun experience THE CLASS OF 82 IS THE BEST THANKS TO ALL MY FRIENDS HERE AND THE ONES THAT ARNT FORA GOOD YEAR. SEE YOU KRISTY DALGETTY BST frndsVg DhKwPmJh Jb! Rvr Trp-n-81! SkiNaked JVEM thanx MOM DAD A baluleADAM ANT- !LYDL " Bpinnead Shamaky! Go ' n- places SCOTT DALL 4hotyrs offootball smtrk good luck to TERRIhsis long cantforget DEB- BIE yourinmy heart forever + aly sthanx fryour LOVEMD A sprinted principal, Mr. Turner in his black, red white corvette. VICTOR CARDENAS DRSLI seNsemlg LUVUForever 79moped tennis team servlte HSDOCSBH DebpeG 289Lno TAMMY CARR 81Winter Formal w Ric-VetteStyle! GetRowdy VBBgames GreatFriends GreatParties! Bestof TimeslShine Thruln 82! JOEL CASTELLAW Ski4LI RICHARD CLARK SPRINGS TEEN81 MSML SLEEP- ER SURVEY W CFMG DSIGF: MTDEWVDP Mr.Simsits CLARK- notMILLS! 6threwnowwhat llyoudo ' ' thnz M7D LEE CECALA 82Troy MikeSpaZScron SPIKE Its been real 3ysVSOCCER carina Frshfb81 BchHse !-Deb Kath MOMDADILuv UALL thx GOD- Goo BYE MELINDA COGSWELL Classof82 — " yea!! " C.C. Track lyr Goodtimes — English. Ken Good " BUDS " Garol Bill Amy Brian Lu- vYaMARK! LUVYA MOM DAD NORMAN CARROLL EMMA ' Mrch Bnd4yrs Frnd RHKTCCHS TMDBH BTJFBC ILUKIMMY 4E HAWAII ' 8i PERC 4E JKETJR SRPRM ' LMHC THNX MOM- DAD LUVU4E JOHN CHENG Schlrs Clb-Intlc tl Ad«rR C TheWALL TP25Cmputr DbateAP NatlMeritucI Prtnr GG, JH. PF- D D? Yrbk Thanks Mommy Daddy PAT CONNOLLY GREY eagle 808ISNOW Judiest Priest Sola runlimked INCMR. Bs F. zappa S.B81out forspirts 8thgrade lstL79ELRHD SFFBbowloos JIM CARTER CIFH20 Polo Vrsty 81 Bvs Vrsty SwmCHAMPS Luv Alwys SS.KC.EB! BstFrnd Grttms with DP FrshmnPrs FBscrb FL ' OSnow SkngWirh DP MARK CHUML LOTS of Luck To My Friends and Me. THANX FOR ALL THE FIN. AND MAY THE cars stay Fast.454, 400, 411, 4WEMEN. SCOTT CONWAY STREAK81 4jsBSers JDMirMic LnsAnl HseRPSlap Squinto Munyal Bach Upstairs Thx MDCAPS MUR- REL SCROOM ROMAON THE FACE CHRISTINE CASHEN MBSec LarOutst MusFrnds. KTBHNCDRHS Luvs RSRLMJRL JBMHLUV U MARK 4 EVER Pro- mis2u 72 ' Caprl Wuvs T.P. ' Thx. Mom BETTY CHUNG EVENT Houghit SAShort time Iwar- ealy.great8 hapy Allmy frid Iwlllmis you Teachrs MOM DAD ' Than- kyou I willbe a good woman!. Seniors 171 DANSKIN ELVIS IS KING JOY IS QUI IV BASEBALL — DSKHBV nSoesbe MrTilder Frnz-JBDAEBSD I BB GDMGJBNS Sect. Thanz AdmnJC MmnDD MEUNDA DAY Swmng i Hst bud WALY ski DL81 JGEA NH $2JB 1.V U MRS CRY mvh 20 POL OB Js DGH Wsi u wrmn BD Gd Luk Bto Hrs 2 Hpv ns Luv u Mom Dad sun shn SCOTT DAY FrshSoph VrFb Thnk SAIu2Tom PattyAtT GafterThe Game Sde PtomSmr of81 wthTammie LuvU- 4ever BabieCakes Tnks2UM iP.i TRICIA DE LA PENA GrtTmesw Bst Ftnds Suanne Gra- ce Ruth FunAtPattesJi Beach Lu- vUAIwys 4Muskrrs MyLuv2U 4Evr HERBY! LUVU 4 EVRMOM DAD JILL DELCRAGNALE BstFrnd SHARON fun x DACPNW RRRH GRP River, Spclzw SS DI BchSecTtes 2 ytsChr VarBstness UCLA 1 S )4ever Lu- vUMDBROS Senior Sponsor •s y-i. ■ ». -. , - ' i • " WW MEMTFRRANEi LORI DEMING BstTms EvrWC S.K.B. L.P. WntrFm SOGrtFn Thx2 W.H.MgM MckyDSnExp! XCntry-Ttk2 ytsBch Prtys-Scmg SKIMMTH CnvBug LvULUVU M D! CINDY DESUTTER TRY JESUS! Luv4evet GabeM D, SisGood X ' sW Sis DeDeReg TT SG CatW Kim SKiing Mammoth Tahoe Sac 81 Prom HcLate THS ' DAVE DESHLER DURING MY YEARS OF HIGH SCHOOL I HAVE COME TO RE- SPECT MANY PEOPLE I CAN- NOT NAME THEM ALL THANKS TO ALL FOR MY EN- JOYMENT HERE. DEAN DIAZdeLEON HADAREA LGOOD TIME! PAR- TYI.GEMCO — BD. 77 CAMARO - finally B.F. be. j.A.d.o. SKIING K2 TOOHIP ' Thankyou MOM- I.L.Y. SCOTT DIEHL SADiehl Homer Scter Romeo VAGRHNTS 1982NPort BeacHea Party of 79Fl3 HchrHi Amy DTo BatbLuv always VVC ' SAD Ptoperties TATA DEBBIE DIXON MEMBERS ONLY! 4EVR RP.RR.LH. GOJT.KM. BH-Men- KenosGdTyms Bchouslst Love- DON7 LUVULK, PP. SM-MyVW LIMOHAW Bst FrndBOB Mr. Spivey points out where the Senior Class would like to go — France! CHRIS DOBAK DAVY N THOSE CRAZY KNIGHTS 4YR PSQJRY RLS TST COMP CBD BCI FBB FBY PS 1 BUD ROCKY SUMMER TIME FUN! SPCL TMS W FRDS! XX OO MOM DAD JOHN ELLIS •1YRSOF GRTTMES-ASB V AR 10s- SPEECH- KEY CLUB- AFS summer in PORTUGAL- GOODTMES withGrt frndsUnlmtd Thnks MOM- DADFRANKN RANDY DONALDSON Grt Frendand times Funsknng nei- [young Doorsstones 64Chev Go- ingto HAWAII82 ThanxMom + Dad " 82 " GoneButNot Ftgoton JOE ENFIELD 5-2-81 BstDayOfYr! LuvU4 Evr Kar- enC! GrTmsWFds B CPrtys SAC w KC LT Ptom81 8274Pinto ThNites! LuvUM D ThankLots! EVANS KATHY FAHEY bst frnds K k kel Mab LA. hpes SUMMER " 81 " bst!4yr VSTYx-ctty- Rwankets! i -rOMD ' 81 ' met ttkcmp 81-ccg-g-TNAK best tmsw- BM. Antmsk 4sxp pi CHAOS! SHAN! decfi THXUSISw- LISA ' ThxTOM my LBC! ILOVBIGB-DM JIM DONAHOE R Itimes W MEL, PP Bz Squish- Luv2All PrepShiutah Nu-Wve Go- Go ' s Greek KROQBKgk PLN! Thnkujen! Luv2 M D! I ' mHstry SHELLY ENGELEITER veRowta Hr. KARL LUVS82 Coo- yPrtys + GF Ensnada latrr Boys Hom Rmbr Nice Dent BStLuk Mwys to Ten Luv My SPIDR thksM + D CHERYL FAHLAND •THNX 2EVRY1 ATTHS 2MYBST SHYNR BUDDYS SDDBVNCM 4GDTIMES + GRTMEMRY SWNT4GETU SKIUTHetnpshups SGAI.L MY- I.UV TOMY FAMLY SUSAN DUNHAM •All MyLove David Fril3 H20 Po- loGms SwimW BP Ski Utah Mybdys CfGmBkDbVn SG. Eating Pushups AllMyLuv MomAndDad BILL ERLER FN N ENGLISH Melinca Carol SiT on The Tac WndBag Ceramics; Mr " B ' Thx Lottie Tonetta Fot BnThereLov UMomDad DIANNA FARDEN FINALLY! Mar80SKIwM gang best frdDM RembrGOSEE CAL ' ? WF 80WPHILDC DTMYOL ( I GR PRTYS bclstLV sailSl MBAY1.VUDR D STEVE EDELSTEIN CalWorld Music Fest Suzy SKY WARDANKU ' H20POLO SWIM 2yrs Carlsjr Tammy BEAC Hw JANCLiz Summer DeAnn My Best BudTNX ELLIE ESCOBAR GREG! PROM Sadie Hj Snow ' Phantie KK jFood SMACKIN- GAP-76 Vette Juan Juan being the bestbro! Good Friends PIGS inPLj- HAW COLO JEANA FIELD Thedy Ibt CCatCherl edngprom 81 WTLBHIT KFDisnywTLKB Sumr81 GteatL TrealfrenJ alwys SWnJFforevr Febi781 rogethr AL- A ' , S 172 Seniors KAREN FINNEGAN MYHRT BLNGS TOJOHX LU- VUBFLG HAPPY CMALYS SMILES WRGMISUS HANSUZY CATHCHAREMBLLT SLNG I LUVUSO VERYMUCH.MOM- DAD BRIKEV KARYN FINNEY GRTTMZ 2 membrAPR 20 nwprtlSth STw JTJFDA prom 80w thrm 81wJTTL BHJFSWbst frndTINA 4evrblng2 JAYilv car- eabtl ' th MOST HOLLY FLATKO DearMOM, Thanks for everything, rojim. theManl lov.Thanks forlov- ing me.AND to EVERYONEEIse ILov vouall! SCOTT FLETCHER YA-HOOOLT RAGEROLS KASPK DBRHPART IESWTH- OIT RGESNOW MJRBDLINGS LIEUWIRESO CLERGAMES GOODFRNDS SJTRMLLA IWYS- LATRTHS ANDREW FORMBY I ANDREW FORMBY will miss my friends NA. PH. TM. BF, JA CJ, AND MY friends Victor Ala MOM DAD Mr. Jerry Spivey KEN FOX pROm80,81, 82. FEB28.81- THxbob. LUv gO OdtyMeS Bre. mY22,81. MminjUly. AUtoSHop. THxM.D. sis. LoTsAlU. BOB FRANK FroshSoph JVVar BB 82Rules 99 Parties VARBBBig ABnd Con- gratulations GrandDaSims Thanx DFJJJGMRThanx Mom Dad MIKE FRANK THS»14 YrsTrkBbLtrs RcrdsJzBnd ASBGdStf Tstn NrcoRlys GF! Frnds BHBIMG JSJCPtts Wmnl- mOut aHere!Lvu M Dthanx bve ' CHRIS FRANKLIN PhaNtEii CuZxMaSLvs GraTfrnds SERBPTSJL OOLALAPATI024 wPGRZPms AdeFoT3am|C is LJA- PAN81 FunLuVu Ivf D I MADE IT!82TCA PAUL FRITSCHLE 3yrSpch, 4yrTop25The WaJl wTG, GL, JH.KJ.BR. RB. DLJC.SCGG. PVD.EN. PL. TheBigsleep MARGY GAIN Itsovr ' Tnx! DHS2gryrs. STcImis- uBF. JV + Nrms. GdbyTHS. Sim Trmw KM! Tnx Br +Jhn forjryr. BthseuaLwScl TnxKt. M DDilovu ERIC GALCHUTT HAWAII79 MAKAH ABAY Solar Productions Tomasina AugustJ ThanksMOM andDAD " San Diego Chargersl YESRUSH BOCTUL- LELP KRISTEN GALCHUTT HOWZIT BSTER ' THANX MOM + DAD AWAII4 XMTVANS BMXJC GGTHANX2 SWIM SANDCBB STAY HAP- PYMR + MRSSMIS SUCAT SU- ZYSKATER SHREDS ' MIKE GALE LTsof GDTms atTHSBnd 3YrsHAWAII 80FSJVtenn.s SYrs V VFBSt. 42 Ltsof Gd.FrndsProm 80Curi Fstcars Wmntvr GREG GALLAUGHER BF-PLENP VJHCCW 0PABLO C MKMEAN MUCHSCH CLU- BRULES STREASNMSFT 25etMC9GL DAOCSoTHSby ALS800M2 FBTWSRCL TMD THS VICTORIA ANGEL GARDE LEAH GEER BstBddsk DkWDHKBMG SKI!! ' " TONEVER 4GET: Octl8 MayllSC RvrLbr Dy81 Da-len Anw k Trish RobinGina XanteSteve 005 Ba + KBFarm Dca + Orgma TPYEric LKCJimmyHB PierAlycia LLw kB. S RKA + FFPAR + ya PatL223 UnivLuvMOM LUVU- 22H + Lp. s Apache DAD JOE GERTZ Goodtimes atbeach RKY FI- SHING WITHBF Partying with JJDF AND REST OF GANG Rosmary Jumpr thanx By THS SPURKS- GONE GEORGE GLOVER MY69369 AAPRO GAS ROBYNNE GOLDEN NOFUTURE- ANARCHY! WHATS ITGOING TOBE YHRNRH?- METS SDKS- HALLOWIN SIDEDROQ WBBY! PSYCHOKILLER CLCKWRK — YARBLE!!! SHARON GONZALES Thank God Im Out! Had some good Xw CDDSTT Rmbr Papa Do Run Run? ' GdLck AmrcNStrng CR Eddy Mars IXOYELuv uMOM DAVID GOODWIN Beach Parties Dances Football Games Movie Theatres summer Va- cation Last Day of T.H.S. Thank God Its Over No More School! GINA GOUBERT 4Yrs VarV-Ball lyr VarB-Ball Div- Trax SK1TRIP to UTAH WeekEnd Skiing at EILERTSCabin DAT 240ZThanks MRDeLange MO- MandDAD TROY GRABILL -lyrsFB 34BSTFRLEE WEEKAT BEACH BSTBUDYSBWMR JCJVYRRDRI VERTRiPSDBL JUMPIN ATDSRT JACUSING W LE? SORRY THANXM D MARK GRACE BBall42Var. Sports Arena. Grtimes w JSSCBOBH. 90cJSand Pa. GRTHATE Jr.dancesw Chief KW. MORNLN vODJtm d m. 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FuninCat W SNK Trk2Yrs DANCEN span LU- C.D. E.M. Bye T.H.S. Thanx M D VYA MOM DAD BYTHS MYLES HAMILTON- SUMMER , 81 " thcSB SnowBlind TDHGMINE RUSHJNI4 SuAnn XC HAWAII chevyOs KIM JMsumschi STEPH kdz Outrage- LUAU 81 LORI HAMMER MEMBERS ONLY: -lEVR RR. DD. RP, CO, KM, BH-Men Kenos GdTyms DHMLTSNOCrz 8! TYJC frchr ASBvarch SFBEAN TuxLmo LI VUh Seniors 173 HANSON i - ROC KS ANYWHERE P EVERYWHERE — TO The Class of 82 HAVE A Great Forever LAURA HARLAK Grtxs WLiz JENwill never i Getmy bstbud Kim Guys MMSKR bines Illuxms Prtndrs Cnt NY80AC DCRush Thnx Mom Dad GdLk RobBye BRF.NDA HARTMAN Kevin ILove You + M + D GdFrnds Cc KTDBTRN + R RmDsEc 78 XMas CruzBnd 4yrs 8 Hawaii OUR 1ST6 FTRiJrPromise SAWDrm LneZyloZ280 JOHN HATANAKA F.N.P.P. 80,81,82 Scholars ' ClubPRES POKER BUDS: Steve, Rob.DD. Ian, Philip, Mark, Coach MacSSS Basic Cobol Fortran JILL HAWKINS Bsttrd Sunsh Swim81 Sum79Eng [B 81 DLMDJyr BB Pames WKD PM Wipy ! 31779 lstlove TRLOVE JM D Thanks ' GIJBJJJ BYE Senior Sponsor JOHN HAWKINS 4Yrs. Fball 4Yrs.Track gfkhKK CDJMTP Bear FHiLlin SophF Balli JzzBHAii JENNIFER HAYES Gatmsat BHbrtrvr " HmcgSO Galuk MMFCK ThnxMom Dad-hnglOd LLYTV Aaways! Fnw clque BGSHCHLA-CMur theBest! RENEE HERNANDEZ GrtTmz w Grt Frnds Vctrvl CabnP Sprngs RIVER ' Bch? Spcl Memns w RRssLO jdMWlh RRSwm TmzBst! DrzyS 4everl ILuvUMom 3D S BRIAN HICKMAN AWSum4 SumSs DbDaMEFtBall TrackXCntry SpanTp25 BstFrends AStmTHmbBRpfJS mf MM fromFHal solder fulSHin CMIove Uall KEVIN HODGE Soph Froshfb Scout teamaking Sixrackes vsFoot jiilwinning 32to- OBve THS GREG HOLLAND Quiring Football. Love YouEhana, Prom81 82 PARENTSGeting sep- PARTIES TUNAROCK ROLLS- NOW. Thegood Life. RANDY HOLTE 19 OUTRAGE ROCKS 82good Xwith fnends-PKKSJA DBELESDJ HMgauin MOTLEY CRUE! JP IMAIDEN THNXS MOM DAD WELLMAKE ITSNOW! BRIAN HOOVER GREAT imzw Friends BI, MG.JS. JFTD Prty2yrs Vrsty SosBBall SrBrnd FACEBoat! POSTI amoutof here ' Thx4evy rhgMom + Dad BRETT HORNER Grt Days 25 Guy SO Sr YearMar Band 78-79Summer 79Penn OurTo Lunch BMTDWC StopNuclear power BveBv THSMondale 84 BILL HORVATH Gytrtby PopTarts ASBUrendama FWRDSDSS BGGRGSSM GJCMTSS resrriaion Wendy D Turnbaugh Eat Lyn RAMONES ILOVETHS TERESA HOSKINS Td Rdness! VTenwIjvlie Knks VBBGAC w MPlvd ASB bst EVER MBBeach Prtys LuvYaAmv BsrFrnd SpclFrnds MasPJBW ThnxMom- Dad ROXANNE HOWARD HRIS IBSTFRND 4 EVRLuv Pat- JEF EESongSl IvrVarGym CIF81 MTZEGrtX-CmpngSl NEWYr La- DAWN HOWE JrSr PrmSum 80rad XsW J clgna Bch VaKX rrack88 OrecCIF jv Vchr 3GRTyrs THSnvr-1 ger gun BchWedSPYC D SpclFrnds JMLHCCRN SCgrls ChrPals RANDY HOWELL I Love You Babe! You Are My Girl. May God Be With Everyone. Tustin High is nothing w out U Princeen XLuvM D ThnxDadTom DIANNE HOXIE GdBddys KWkdVG IjAS Rvr80 81 PrtySki WVkd ' s GA- SHOG zooPORT ADAMant LI- VESlater plastic Idiors! 922MOM CB ' gottago THS! CANDACE HUDSON HOANG Hl ' YNH TIM HYDE BLAKE INGRAM LISA JENKINS Lisa Bst Sis Ever LuvLogan, GOOD BYE TUSTIN HIGH Fhl gms WJon Tom! Dichm wE!!X- Grt frnds made ir Worth wleJS BH GDBY THSGOOD Budskk IstNeph Thnks Dad Mom Yut SCHOOL THANKS TATALLIZ mas so ' RahRaz! EWHJMW SACOJL MG JFrmbr WENDELL poolhp MNTMDHKP CB GoodTi.nes in- FANTASTIC! 2 Bad DA " 88 " ACHZRS I LOVE YOU MOM! TCMH ' BLUSMOBILE 98MPH! ' BBatJSsFACE skiingUtah Poker- GYM 80,81,82, Cal ' s, WS Luv YA- THNSX J AH FOR ALL FHGME Jon + Tom . ' . ' THNX M + DMKK1NT! BOAT Thx4suporr MOM DAD MOM, DI KENDRA GoodLuck Bentone 82RULES DARIN JILES FRANZ JOHNSON- BOB JONES JOE JO.NOVIC KATHY KALE Fuzzy Wuzzv W S A BEAK GOOD BYE MR. DEMAINE " " " UQ THS4yrs Kiddyland Comford Sr Yr. Pardy Hardy KO. D PEDO AnBst Frnd2. GrtTms Lollm sor- Joe had no hair But Sponge Head GRADUATION 1981 CEL1CA Xmas= Masx Favor Lzover PR SHROOMZ Spurk Bob Pud Riles yllms VLin RAVEN wski LBStn had a head ot air. " " " IM Moving Our!!! COOL ' HaHa-18-12 Luv Eilgal Ski Nose 1st PaknZ Sheepn Fishn BchHouse- bck4evr Wipounrs flvBbf strSocr misuall inTime CL T SE ChknRnch Wis 82 Thanx WIGY AsBSmr SlbcFNW MSTK BchHs TXMD LYNN KARDOS PETE KEARNY DUANE KELLER KIM KELLY PRINCEEN KENNEDY SUMMER 81-EXCEI.ENT RiPl.uv " Public Encmy l " 1981-Ol ' T- BYETHS JunYrLost Goodtimes BSTFrns MITZF LISA FM- •JESUS- Ya FixF Gdxs Gd Frds GIMPV RAGi odtyms w HMJA, Beach FishinSk, BAcPac Frds RHJK LooJNTMGym 80-82CIF ' JcziPartv Memories: Bubha. Blue eves. Ill Fat SnDgo JEFRY WHSOPS TESEX. ' KS.RH.DB. SI. MIX 1 , 1 GPrre 2nite cwbm " GEEl ' I " Money College KFKPSubst p4yrL IWSS Bin, Randv I ' ll love you 4ever, I love •Deber SnoSkiing Thx Cl Rdy Lu- Bronghir IXOYLLuv uMom Dad! UHH " Wishfor kichBack ' LATER SatRBKSTHS Brmds Pr P v» u mom dad. vUM D XO IM D, CILUVU! Seniors MINH KHL ' U UNITED STATES GREAT THOUGHT AT VIETNAM ' TUS- TIN HIGH SCHOOL 1THANKS MRSUSATENKO THUYMY SWEETHEART ' I LOVE YOU MOMANDAD JA MYUNG KIM ITSA great2 vers forme I have Learned somany things of AMERI- CAN SCHOOL life LOVES for othr PEOPLE THaNKSBEST my teacher ' MARCIA KING 3diff. HSTHSThe bes +My Voly- bal buds lunchat benchw E.NPIGG CWSCPV. Luvya PATrick Thanx MOM + DAD IVXU Vvoboth frds LSBSBZ CELAINE KLECZKO Sryr. hereat last Fun w CHCHALMC my best friend RP fun in newlife drama 3vrs-Praise GOD!! Luvu Dave 4ever! BYE LINDA KLOKOCHAR PINTOS RL ' LE » RmbrGd Tms-Beach. Partys. KNOTTS-lst TmCHUCK! Fmds: SA ASLWSOD JMGDECVDH- GdBve THS! Thnx Mom Mr. Boyd Philpot LAURA KLOS FROSH FHS-78-79 MVEALB-79 MISUSUE GNG EHSSTATE FBCHMPS 80 MVETHS-81 LOREE THS DD.ILUVU MEMRIESOFA LBLUVUTNS MOM DAD KARI KOERBER Lit THS Sis Lcooly JoShlly Nice- Dent- BtrvCbls N ' skul PrknLt Bye- Jens Boys RHom Hkv Sfbi GrtFtr 2WJK " LuvU2 MuchM + D ANDREW KOINES 4YrsXctrl VARS ' 81 Shreds CmpBgBt 16RDLke Fnwgng MptnSbsn JWkfSSpm RMBwee Bgn lSleep APMmaruIed Agn + GJB I -hxCCoffey M|MM H Coach Boyd Pbilpot and Sue Dunham laugh at a funny joke. KONEKANOK BOLVANH I REMEMBER FOR A BEST SCHOOL THS. NEVER FORGET THAT I HAD LEARN FROM THIS SCHOOL. I, VERY LOVE AMERICAN FOOD BETH KROCHMAN Thnx Mom Dad Luv You BAN- D3vrs. ' HAWAII 81 Lots ofFUN! •Bestfmz! T.M.M.K.D. S.K.T. Goo- dUCK Steve BveT.H.S. IXOYE! JIM KUNYSZ LoveYou Mom. Dad. Thankyou For- Every thing. Dean, Jetrv, Jim, Russ; rememberThe Manor. Adios ' MINH LA FIRST ERVALI WOULD LIKETO THANKSFOR ALLTEACHERS FOR THREEYEARS beingWITH YOUIKNOW IMISSYOU VERY- MUCH BUTI STILLLOVEt ADAM LAMAR sw IXOYE jvcc calvary con- cert mncwcw GL ' MBY ETERNAL lsme + cn- nicetry plgwTRD SKYLAB opel SANJOSE SOjcrp END TINA LAMBERT SUMMER 81prty METBryn CProm81 w JFSUJT Disney JFKB2yrs w BOB ILUVL ' BOBBSTFRN DSKARYN ILL ' VU MOMANDAD FntiMSw BDBN PAT LAUBACH Tnns: Jv.vFrnd: OG-GG. EN:NG- SCJCJH, PF.CW. SC-VP. OG NG TBR.TG. PC-Arg. PV-bst frnd-tnnr. Marcia I LUV U.HIMA! THOiMAS LE GOOD BYE T.H.S. thank all Teh Goof Fortune Cook For YOU all and peace and LOVE 1981 10 2 SAM LEAVEY PARTY HARTY TUSTIN GOOD LUCK TO FRIENDS I MADE IT THANK GOD ' KROCKZ 80Z THANKS MOM AND DAD LOVE ALWAYS. DAWN LEITER Thanks To Tammie and Scott and Susie Aday. Heres To All my friends this veai. BEHAPPY MICHELLE LEON-GUERRERO PEG BstFrnz ALWYS! ' EA2; PPCrChses; NglsRn-4am- TAHOE! FHA SH-ClBrzeBgs- LVRS 54th; TP: Brdcstr ASBCmp 81 THNX MOM- + DAD ERIC LEIBSCHER ??? Bi School ... Solar RevlOyr SAftr 25L 9 BudaBUDS!! ELP BAS- Sic Bolos! Kneende Barrels!! CREAM Squire Tks.M D BETTY LOH ' 82 YEAH! Frosh yearlots funw buds CHTO CMEZCIASS THSbstn BBgame wereGRT! ToAll mipals KTTA JMM.NT MBAKPCM CHTO LuvYa! GREG LONG Meeting my girlfriend Beckvwho I love very much. GARRETT LOG SUZANNE I L! " V U I WAR TST TWS A:;, FB VIIKE RANCE B Blast Rad times Mom Dad B N My Luv " Elwood " succe- monev bve THS hello world IXOYE Senior i M )MIS la 9 lapanSking II I VI DONNABST Frds FhKkMaCjMARIA bbw I ED )• LAURA ' DEB le bill I evergdby ths I luvumom andy | )M. LOSEE X-MAS 80 u ' l imeV E! est oses roks bomem oNl PO mzz tr.nL bludge 90mph! limo K Ah-RAZ! MRY-KR1 etc Tim TOM -I N XMOM DAD 1 DEBBIE MACDONALD Thanx ToMom Dad, My Whole Family IIT NALLY MADE1T! Here ' s ToThe Fu- ture ' (kee pitcoming ) ILOVE EVERYBODY! (MOATTR!) VERA MADRID MOM I MADE IT Frendsi hat makelif worth living DOSR W ' MM IT-MS MOKINGArea Rseones AC DCTom Petti, mmjr " Yen " JYlIfeb Happy! 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' THNXMOM, DADSIS TOM ROBINSON GRATEFUL DEAD THS 78-82. What a Long Strange Trip it ' s Been! RenobVault FrstL 8 I RENEE ROSE MEMBERS ONLY!4 EVR LH.DD.CO. KM, RP, JT BH-MenKenos GdTyms SOP Hyr CRZ 8TH mudHa 1st luvJPnu CSwtTUX WuvVW fh BeanLuvM D MIKE ROCCO Thanx MAPA frndsTRJ FR MSD80 Prom SKIVRS CR2 yrBBl Mosrofall ILuvu Donna Yormyen dless Love 4 ever yor the bst 2 HipGortago LISA ROOZER Luvto bearthorhi TomsbhiBR ARYDRAMA HUMPERDI NKS 4AKEYS MIMELUV TODEBBIE 2 AND HEIDI T4ANXMOM BYETO PMC EDRLMJC REBECCA ROENSCH Scholar ' s Club: D D Top 25. The Big Sleep Arc- hery VB. Snk«(Thc WALL w RB.JC, SC. PF GG.TG. JH.KJ.DL, GL PL.EN, PVD gbyROACH RONALD RUANO CC78-81 Ross !!SUPERMAN 2 ' ! Thanx Mom Dad - BTT - GOODBYETUSTINHIGH CHRISTY RUNDQUIST sumRSl BESTLynne! S Dgo DncR ' Snooze KF B ap! tym esw RICK! - BnitRStyx-4 evRfds Gdx2cm JefTrjNw F 8 1 LuvUMm DdTom mvhro AMY SELLERS BBObSA. TVDbPrt sNz efer sNheroes. Ims ure! Leedles- CTKKS WJS. NAR SATBB bingo LalaNelas 81. 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Maching Band " J.r VarTenni: •Frds KTDBN CTRB HCCTMPC •Hawaii ' Flute Picc GoodLucI OGF ' Mr Joe ' TP ' Love ya Lot Mom Mrs. Ethel Bering CAROLYN TAYLOR LOVE U4EEVER DAVE BEST BIDS KK ASSW GRATE TIMES ' ENg Mrs Bs BE MC THAX RP 4beingMv Friend ILOVE you MOM DAD KIM TAYLOR Bnd4vrs Hawaii 81 GdFrnds CC BHDB TRBC NC picobosaw Luv2Rbrt PRM 81 MIKE ' Thnx 2mtd Europe 94:81 ' Chippies For- ever! DEBBIE TEATER XCTRY gd Tms ClosBds DLCSS SCSBT bchTHNX nrsMT ot2Lun DrivRa chTseSGha Em OTOOL AG Lat LoveZmo ED Jolly- ThnakUGOD ' SARAH THAYER JACK ILL V YOU 6-10-81 YOGIOC IR82 PROM BST FRNDS LBCKMTRC DWDB S1WNTR FORM IMADE IT 6TANG JAKL ' RA A LMIND ANCES NO OPY- 1.1 V I M D CHIP THEAKSTON Stop Hermine forever Ca rGT kmet, GtTwG PLuv Diana Gret Ye 8182GSPort H2 Osky gowith7C. Mo toBike Hot VYX ' MarowCelica! 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Best Friends Paulas- quishy Jimmy Marcia 68Mustang JBSHT4BRNS beachwild Partiessnow man- ali KAPLANThbsMOM- DAD RORY ZATYKO I LUV YOU PAM FHSto TUSTIN-Yea ' ! Foot- ball. GOODTIMZ vetsN- cliffs dont mix! BGRAD 82 TNKS, LUV va MA PA Best Bodies voted by the senior class Lori Hammer and Bryan Winters Looking at the photographer and not at his books is a dazed and confused Chuck Dodson. Boys and Girls State Representatives Peter Van Deer- lien and Dina Andrews. They represented THS at a state government seminar. Psychology experiment is that what Mark Grace is do- ing. ' Ed Seckendorf working on a ceramic mug. Academic Decathlon Members — Renee Rickard. Kathy Jorgenson, John Cheng. Peter Van Deerlin. junior Sreve Frank and adviser Mr. Bob Boies. Jorgenson won a $200 scholarship. Bottles for Barry and Pennies for Porter was a fun- drai r to help Porter pay off a debt. Helping turn in the money are Jim Axelson and Bryan Winters 180 Seniors Seniors 18 i Seniors Reminisce About Four Years At THS The Senior class of 1982 has shared many special times together, these special times will never be forgotten as we go onto our adult lives. John Collard and members of the Varsity Football team hail to thee our Alma Mater. Friends Brenda Hartman and Kim Taylor in their Mickey Mouse sweatshirts. Kim Pollak gives that cute smile for the photographer. Lori Deming seems to really be enjoying Mr. Sims lecture. Daughrers of the American Revolution Citizens Award win- ner Jill Del Grognale. 182 Seniors Seniors 183 Dear Celaine. Dear Jeannie, Dear Lynda, We wish you love as you graduate. May the Congratulations on your graduation. We What a delight having a daughter like you. Lord continue to lead and bless your lite. wish you success and happiness for the rest of May happiness follow you always. I ' m so Mom and Dad your life. Loving you is easy. Mom and Dad proud of you. Love. Mom Deat Chip, Dear Russell, Dear Douglas, We are very proud to have a son like you. All our love to a super guy. We are very proud You have earned the right to be where you Congratulations on your graduation. We love of you! Congratulations! Love, Mom, Dad, are now. We are proud of your accomplish- ou. Mom and Dad Scott and Grandma ments. Congratulations. Love, Mom and Dad Dear Lori, For Rob, Dear Jennifer, We love you very much and are so proud of To a very special son. Congratulations, you Thank you. You ' ve been a good student and your accomplishments. You are all any par- made it. We are proud of you. Love vou fine example. It ' s our pleasure to congratulate ents could ever want in a daughter. God bless always. Mom and Dad you. Love. Mom and Dad you always. Mom and Dad Troy, Dear Barry, Dear Kelli, Please understand how proud we are; That Thanks for " Being Sweet " for four years . . . You are such a joy to me. I am so proud of you ' ve struggled through and come this far. We are proud . . . you and your accomplishments. Happy fu- We hope you ' ll go on a little longer; and Mom. Robin Josh ture! Love. Mom build your life ' s foundation stronger. Dear Blake, Dearest Sara, Dear Patrick, Congratulations on your excellent high We are so proud of you. Wherever you go, Hey, you made it! You ' re our winner! We ' re school tecord. We wish you love, joy and remember this; Colossians 1:9-12 and He- all very proud of you. We wish you success in success in your future. Mom and Dad brews 13:5B. Our best love. Daddy. Mom and all you do. Love, Mom, Dad, Kel ly, Mike and Grandma Tim Dear Andrea, Dear Marcy, Dear Debbie, We love you very much. We hope you will Red and White! Red and White! We ' ve got a We are very proud of you. Congratulations attain the same level of success throughout kid that does things right. Yea! Marcy. Love, on your many successes in high school. We your life as you ' ve had at Tustin High. Mom Mom and Dad love you. Mom and Dad and Dad Dear Loree, Dear Werner, Dear Sh elley, Having you as a daughter is a total delight, Good luck in your future, we are very proud How well you ' ve planned . . . and succeeded. you are a sweetheart, always ready to help of your accomplishment. Much love. Mom, Whatever road you choose to follow remem- out. Thanks for all your support and love. 1 Dad, Jimmy and Maurine ber the ever-protecting presence and our love. Love you Loree, Mommy Mom, Larry and Cary Dear Michelle, Dear David, Dear Loree, We are very proud of your accomplishments Your thoughttulness and caring attitude are Love you lots. Good luck in college, Loree. and success in high school. Congratulations exceeded only by your good looks. We ' re Love, your brother Andy and love always, From Mom and Tom Dear Karyn, Congratulations! We wish you all kinds of success for your future. We are proud of you. very proud of you. And love you very much. Mom and Dad Love, Mom and Dad ninr P rpnt o HlUl A al Clll 184 Se Dear Sherri, Lisa Dear, Dear John, Clean your room! Get off the phone! You ' re We ' re so proud of you and your accomplish- I am proud of you. Please remember the high- late! Let ' s communicate. Anyway, congratu- ments on drill team. Always stay as beautiful er we rise the broader the view. I love you. lations baby. You ' re precious and were on the inside as you ate on the outside. Love Mom proud of you. Love, Mom and Dad you, precious. Mom and Dad Dear Kelli, Dear Bill, Dear Tracy, Happy graduation day! May each following We are very proud of you. You ' ve done a fine We are very proud of your high school ac- day be happy too. We are proud of you and job. We love you, Bill, and know your fu- complishments. May your future bring you good luck. Gram ture ' s bright. happiness always. Love. Mom and Dad Dearest Melinda, " Marker, " Dear Ranee, Spirited — Understanding — Nice — Sincere You made it! It ' s been a fun four years. We ' re Congratulations, we are very proud, and feel — Honest — Intelligent — Natural — En- proud of you. Don ' t stop now! Love, Mom extra blessed to have you as our son. Our love chanting — equals you. Thanks for making and Dad and support go with you. Dad, Mom, C. Dee our lives brighter. Congratulations on your accomplishments. All our love, Mom and Dad Dear Debbie, Dear LPH, Iisa Brain, Congratulations! I ' m so proud of you as my Hurrah! Hurrah! We ' ve made it! Don ' t forget Now that it ' s all over you can give it a rest. child and as a human being. I love you, Mom who and what you are. God bless you. Love, but check on it now and then. Congratula- Mom and Dad tions. We love you, Mom and Dad Dear Twink, Congratulations, we know the move was hard, you ' ve done super. We are very proud and we love you much. Luv. Dear Joel, We enjoyed your characterizations from Hamlet to Little Foxes to South Pacific to Cuckoos Nest! Looking forward to sharing your accomplishments as you progress to- wards your goal. Love, Mom and Dad Little Saint, There ' s a big world ahead as you graduate. Go give it a note or two. God Bless you. Mom and Dad Dear Sue, Congratulations on your success in high school. Our best wishes in making your dreams for the future come true. Love, Mom, Dad. Cindy and Greg Dear Kelly, We are so very proud of you. Love you! Mom and Dad Dear Teresa, Congratulations on your high school accom- plishments. Have faith in yourself because you have what it takes to succeed in life. Go for it! Mom, Dad, Linda and Leo Dear Garrett, At this important crossroad we ' d like you to remember that you have our love and support in everything and anything you decide to do in life. Love, Mom and Dad Dear Mike, Congratulations we are proud of you. We wish you the best, that ' s what you are. Love. Mom and Dad Dear Tiffany, Thank you for being everything a daughter and sister should be. God Bless you. Mom, Dad, Troy, Tanya, and Tammy Dear Lisa, Congratulations! We hope that your success will be lifelong. Vaya Con Dios. We love you. Mom, Diana, and Kendra Our Robyn, Little girl to beautiful young woman. Much growing up behind. Never stop growing spiritually mentally. We love you are very proud of your achievements. God Bless you. Mom, Mike, and Bolly Dear Corkey, We remember: Top 25, posters, A.S.B., emer- gency room, yogurt, midnight typing, the beach house, alligators. WW2, General Hos- pital, wipeout. Preppy, morning mumbles, evening sharing, LOVE, Kip and Mummy Proud of Their Kids Seniors lS rents Proud- always reach for the sky. " The end of a new Dear Cecilia, Mom and Dad Congratulations on your accomplishments. We beginning! Love, Mom. Dad and Anne love you and give our best wishes for your fu- Dear Mike, ture. Mom. Dad, Michelle and Boh For times you gave so much; times you were Congratulations Judy, where you were needed; times you shouldn ' t We are very proud of you and your achieve- Dear Chris, have, and didn ' t. We are proud, you are loved! ments. Good wishes for your future success. Congratulations on your musical and scholastic Congratulations, graduate. Your family. Love you Mother and Dad accomplishments. You ' ve set the pattern that will insure happiness and success. Love Mom Dear John, Dear Dave, We are very proud to be your parents. Congratu- Congratulations our Eagle Scout, scholar, ath- Dear Michael, lations on your high school accomplishments. lete, who never gave up. Love, Dad. Mom, Congratulations, with my pride, joy and love. We love you Mom and Dad Tammy, Richie, Russell. Rick. Andes and Little- Always thank you for just being you. Love, fords Mom Dear Linda, " The same thing. " Wann ziehst du Aus deinem Dear Donna, Dear Shelly, zimmer. ' ' Wir haben es vermietet. " Love; " signed Congratulations on your accomplishments! C on- Congratulations on your high school accom- Love Mom and Dad tinue on the road you are on now and you will go plishments. We are proud to have a daughter like far. We love you, Mom and Dad you. All our love. Mom and Dad Dear Adrienne, It seems like only yesterday you started school Dear Kerry, Dear Laurie, and now you are graduating high school. We Good luck. May God Bless you always. Love I ' m so very proud of you. Keep up the good love you and are very proud of you. Keep up the Mom Kerry. To the next gteat artist. Luck Ray work after high school graduation. I Love You, good work. Mom and Dad. Mom Dear Kathy, Dear Joy, You ' ve come a long way! Memories of Estock, Dear Elaine, So appropriately named! We are proud of your CT. and Tustin. Wishing happiness in your fu- We are happy for all you ' ve accomplished. proper priorities, diligent effort to achieve them ture. Love Mom, Dad. Steve You ' ve worked hard and now can enjoy! Happy and gracious spirit when they did. You ' re our graduation, We love you. Mom and Dad Queen eternally. Love. Dad. Mom, Brent, Jody Boose, Casper golf. El Morro surf. Seagull and Tiller Dear Carol, Dear Renee H. soccer, KOA, Rockbridge, rock music, Rock- Thanks for letting us share in your success and Your first step has been accomplished! Contin- Creek; " these foolish things remind us of you. " accomplishments. We are happy for you. We ued hard work and enthusiasm will fulfill your See you in college. Mom, Dad, Kurt, Sue love you. Mom and Dad educational dreams. We love you and are very proud of you. All our love. Mom and Dad To Our Cynthia, Dear Wendy, We thank you for being you. Success, happiness Congratulations on a great four years. You ' re Congratulations Jill, and good health forever. We love you. Mother very special to us. We love you very much. Mom We are proud of you and treasure your love. You and Dad, Steve, Sue and Sean Dad are a joy. We wish you success and happiness in your future. Love Mom and Dad " Chrissy Babe " Dear Rob, We are proud of you! Thanks for all the happi- Congratulations. We wish you a bright and hap- Dear Earl, ness and love you ' ve brought us. XXXOOO py future. Go for it, give it all you ' ve got! Love " Keep your feet firmly planted on gtound. but Mom and Dad 18r " i Seniors -Of Their Kids Dear John, We feel very blessed. You are very special, much loved and a marvelous young man. Love Mom. Dad and Eric Dear David, Congratulations. We are very proud of you. Good luck in all your future endeavors. Love Mom, Dad and Karen Dear Mike, Congratulations on four happy successful years. Your scholastic and athletic achievements were outstanding! Love Dad, Mom and Joanne, Snoopy too! Dear Renee, You ' ll always be a winner! You ' re attitude and outlook on life will carry you far. Thanks for being you. Wishing you the best in life always. Love, Mom and Michele Dear Sarah, Congratulations upon graduating. We are very proud of you. It was a lot of hard work but we knew you could do it. God Bless You, Love Mom and Dad Dear Mike, We are very proud of you. Congratulations on your graduation and a successful future. Love Mom, Dad, Russ and Dave Scott, To the last of the Kamikazi Pilots. Congratula- tions, you made it in one piece. Seriously, we are very proud of you and your accomplishments. Love Mom Dad Dear Muffy, Our little preppy, we are " totally " proud to have you as our daughter and we are proud of all your achievements at THS. Good luck throughout life. Love Mummy and Daddy Karhy " Corkey " Kale and her father Mr. Joe Kale. Seniors lS " ? Thank You The Audion Staff members would like to extend their appreciation to the following senior parents who helped make the printing of this years Audion possible. Celaine Klezcko Mr. and Mrs. Klezcko Kathy Kale Chip Theakston Mr. and Mrs. Theakston Cecilia Shirley- Lori Spurr Mr. and Mrs. Spurr Chris Cashen Troy Grabill Mr. and Mrs. Grabill Mike Frank Blake Ingram Mr. and Mrs. Ingram Shelly Engeleiter Andrea Rewers Mr. and Mrs. Rewers Laurie O ' Connell Loree Loomis Mrs. Loomis and Son John Berkowitz Jean Belodeau Mr. and Mrs. Belodeau Linda Bahret Russell Meyer Mr. and Mrs. Meyer Carol Mallon Robert Mann Mr. and Mrs. Mann Elaine Mallon Barry Porter Mrs. Caplett Wendy Reiter Sara Paschall Mr. and Mrs. Paschall Rob Fortier Marcy Brown Mr. and Mrs. Brown Mike Gale Werner Berry Mr. and Mrs. Berry Adrienne Nedler Michelle Leon-Guerreo Mr. and Mrs. Nolan Joy Borden Karyn Finney Mr. and Mrs. Finney Renee Hernandez Lynda Graves Mrs. Graves Jill Hawkins Doug Sparke Mr. and Mrs. Sparke Earl Nishimura Jennifer Hayes Mr. and Mrs. Hayes Judy Blyther Kelli Schultz Mr. and Mrs. Schultz Dave Andes Pat Potvin Mr. and Mrs. Potvin Donna Sisneros Debbie Critch field Mr. and Mrs. Critchfield Kerry Brown Shelley Strom Mrs. Strom Kathy Fahey David Storey Mr. and Mrs. Storey Ken Siegel Sherri Sperling Mr. and Mrs. Sperling Cyndie Smith Kelli Schultz Mrs. Shultz Chris Dobak Ranee Welch Mr. and Mrs. Welch Tracy Schrimsher Debbie Dixon Mrs. Dixon Mark Grace Margy Gain Mrs. Gain Candy Hudson Joel Castellaw Mr. and Mrs. Castellaw Tiffany McGuire Bev St. Martin Mr. and Mrs. St. Martin Lisa Jenkins Sue Waters Mr. and Mrs. Waters Robyn Purdie Lisa Grencik Mr. and Mrs. Grencik John Steinmeyer Bill Erler Mr. and Mrs. Erler David Goodwin Melinda Day Mr. and Mrs. Day Mike Parker Lori Hammer Mr. and Mrs. Hammer Renee Rickard Kelly Tolman Mr. and Mrs. Tolman Sarah Thayer Terry Hoskins Mr. and Mrs. Hoskins Mike Tinz Garrett Logan Mr. and Mrs. Logan Scott Dall Mike Belles Mr. and Mrs. Belles Rene Matz John Gable Mr. and Mrs. Gable Thank You :iation of this Mr. and Mrs. Kale Mr. and Mrs. Shirley Mrs. Cashen Mrs. Frank Mr. and Mrs. Engeleiter Mrs. O Conne 11 Mr. and Mrs. Berkowitz Mr. and Mrs. Bahret Mr. and Mrs. Mallon Mr. and Mrs. Mallon Mr. and Mrs. Reiter Mr. and Mrs. Fortier Mr. and Mrs. Gale Mr. and Mrs. Nedler Mr. and Mrs. Borden Mrs. Hernandez Mr. and Mrs. Hawkins Mr. and Mrs. Nishimura Mr. and Mrs. Blyther Mr. and Mrs. Andes Mr. and Mrs. Sisneros Mr. and Mrs. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Fahey Mr. and Mrs. Siegel Mr. and Mrs. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Dobak Mr. and Mrs. Schrimsher Mr. and Mrs. Grace Mr. and Mrs. Hudson Mr. and Mrs. McGuire Mrs. Jenkins Mr. and Mrs. Zorn Mr. and Mrs. Steinmeyer Mr. and Mrs. Goodwin Mr. and Mrs. Parker Mrs. Rickard Mr. and Mrs. Thayer Mr. and Mrs. Tinz Mr. and Mrs Dall Mr. and Mrs. Matz 188 Seniors Seniors w C cy € W Class Clowns Troy Grabill and Marcy Bro ham it up. 5 fife OJ A, ' o v .x — Seniors • «» Seniors 189 Underclasses Underclasses Underclasses 190 Underclass r [ • — i V ' Underclasses Study And Have Fun This year ' s underclassmen have strived and succeeded in all that they have undertaken. The juniors put on a suc- cessful prom and proved that they have a lot of potential as next years seniors. The sophomores have shown a lot of spirit and proven that they are no long- er freshmen. While the freshmen have survived their first year at Tustin High. 2- A student studies in the library during lunch. v Greg Stewart gets caught not doing his work in Mr. Eilerts Biology class. 4 Michellejames working hard as C.A.S.C rep in ASB. 5. Devin Righter, a tvpical freshman. Underclasses Underclasses Underclasses Underclass 191 Juniors Strive To Reach Their Goals Vice-President Hunt Drouin, Secretary Trea- surer Tanya Sisel, President Tonyjasica, Re- presentative Su ette Lipscomb We are the Class of 83, and that is what we will always be. Next year we will all be seniors; the leaders of Tustin High and I hope that we will not forget the good times we shared this year. Let ' s make it our goal to yell louder, fight harder and to improve ourselves overall because it can only make us stronger. Remember, you will no longer be looked down upon. You are the future seniors and don ' t let anyone stand in your way! This year was fantastic, but there is no rule written that says next year cannot be even better! Thank you very much for the opportunity to be in charge of such an outstanding group of students. See you at the top! Good Luck Next Year » " Tonv Jasica Junior Class President I ( 2 funiors, Juniors Take PSAT Alberto Acuna Marietta Acuna Jackie Aldrich NanC) Alexander C lift Aliard Leslie Allen ( „ili Alvarado Mona Alves Mike Amador Marilyn Ameer Audre Ame Stephen Ammann Jeff Anderson Paul Anderson Steve Anderson i rank Apecella Steve Arai a Darlean Arellano Lisa Armstrong Gre Arther Chnsti Ash John Atkins Richard A res David Baker Devin Baker Farhat Bakhtiari l J eter Balsells ]oeseph Baiters C hristi Banks ( lint Bantle Adam Barcla) Linda Barnes Mart Barralun Lddie Basler Dednl Batiste Ann Bawden [ulie Baymiller I tank Beach Wendy Beard Bill Becker Steve Behar Emilie Bell [uniors 193 Kristen Bell Santiago B nice? Kimberlj Benter Kennerh Bivens Sandit Hl.uk I ric Blair Evelyn Bollinger Maria Boodman Leslie Boutin Beth Bowen Gene Bower Lisa Braun Diane Brill Lome Bnncht) Dan Brock Lj nne Brockschmidt Joel Bronson Monica Buefl Kan Buliard Jacki Bunker Robyn Burnett Rhonda Burns Cuong Bui Dennis Castameda Curt Castelianet Dean Castellano Manna Castillo Rohm Carter Jamie Castro Mike Caruso Mike Chambers Sharon Chang JCristine Chapman Brian Thee Youngson Cho Connie Chung Dione Clark Chervl Claus Deanna Goyd Alicia Coffman B.IK Cole Lisa ( onnors Juniors Develop L94 Juniors k?hx Bam Cooper George Cooper Kevin Corfield ' _»rnish Christine Corona Donna Corriveau Sloane Craddock Unique Creations Valerie Craft Paul Culberson Matt Cummins Robert Dalhover Brian Daly Tuvet Dang Susie Dauuhertv Charles Davis Chris De I.aTorre Mike Denny ■V Hieu Dinh x , c -° rJW- Huong Dinh Heidi Dissinyer Gloria Distor Lien Do Due Doan Landai Doan John Dobak Scott Doirner Wendy Donaldson Juniors 195 Eric Dorsch Mike Doting Phil Doumani Tina Dowdy Patrick Drake Hunt Drouin Phuong Du Lisa Jean Duncanson Roderick Dunning Chuck Duval Shelhe Eakins Melanie Ealev Andy Edelstein Linda Edwards Eric Eichinger Rich Eloe Joel Elrod Yasser ElSaved Tom Emick Yvonne Emmerth John Engbarth Mark Erfurt Jeff Escalette Brenda Esparza Jeff Estep Mark Esterholt Robert Faber Jeff Moore 196 Juniurs Eats For Two Robert Facto Dwight Fairback Sue Farney Andi Feldman Jim Fields Scott Fisher Jason Flink Doug Flora Kirsten Formaneck Jerry Forstadt Mike Forstadt Paige Fox Steve Frank Deborah Fnthiof Jav Gafner Yogesh Gala Brad Gallaway Tracy Gantz Jesse Garza Lmda Gaskill Lon Gates Diane Gearhart Eric Gerspach Jeanne Gertz Fred Gill Dan Golka Darrin Golka Mike Goodger Sherrie Gordy Aileen Gonchar Wendy Grabill Randy Greene Eric Grinde Jav Grossman David Groom Tiffany Gunderman Sand) ' Gupton Peter Haacker Andv Hahn Debi Hall Viola Hanna Christiana Haselton Juniors 19 Siss Hastings Julie Hatanka Francis Harder Brad ilardin Denver Harris Richard Flan Traci Haruki Kathenne Harwoo Carol Haworth Dana Hayden Ed Hendries Victor Hernandez Vernon Heywood Doui; Hickle Debbie Hicks Richard Hill Mark Hinton Kim Tuven Hoang Lori Hoel Tim Hoffman Shelby Holton David Homer Pcrc Home Linda Hoskins Vi ' end i House David Ho) Keith Huff Carol Huffman Jeffrey Hunter Bo Huynh Kayla Inman .Michael Jackman Cju Jacobs Jennifer facobson Melissa Jameson Tom Jasica Bernie Joh Darrvl Johnson Lynn Johnson Wend) Johnson Cynthia Junor Juniors Perfect 198 Juniors Damn Kakishita Katnn Kamiab Ashkan Karimi Geof Kaufman Vernon Keel David Kelle Denise KelK Typing Skills Frances Kellv Tony Kelly Cheri Kempton Hon j Khuu Tim Kilbourne Joo Kim Sreve Kimes Adonna Kincaid Cvnchia Kin£ Kim Klemeni Mollie Klingman Kathy Klos Dan Koosed Susan Kowalski ]ett Kus Debbie Lacy Kim Landers Gina Lane Brenda Laninovich Cindy Larson Juniors 199 lulit- I.avelle Dun;; l.e lung Le Thann Le Jared Leavitt Dee Dee I.eckii Jeff I.ce Kwang Lee Sarah Lee Tina Lee Michael LeFave Robert Leiter Brad Levin Mark Linton Chris Linzey Suzette Lipscomb Ivette Lopez Jeannine Losee Philip Loustanau Mike Lucas Alex Lutson Son Luu Katie Lyon Rhonda Lyon John Machiaroli Mehnda Madigan Dana Maganeau : j Juniors Listen (X) Juniors flp " | Kris Maher % t lames Malone Sean Mann A ' wF Zina Manneh { M Khalid Masri Maria Martinez % Jm ' Scott Mattingly 1 VWil Intently To Lectures Debbie Matzen Annette Maxwell Lydia May Paul McCarthy Erin McCormick Roxanne McCurdy Mike McDaniel Jill McDonnell Keisha McGill Kathleen McGough Joseph McLaughlin Kristy McMahon John McShane Keith Mercer Tracy Merowit Michelle Michel Randv Mielke John Milek Scott Miller Sherrie Miller Greg Minuskin John Mintz Lisa Missel Bob Miziker Kay Mobley Jeff Moore Bob Moore Darin Montgomerv Kathy Moran Paula Moran Darci Moreno Laura Moreno Debbie Morin Shern Morns Brenda Morrison Juniors 201 Kiinberly Morrow )|. Mowers Vicky Murdock Barbara Myler Donny Myron Sj Ivia Nagle Steve Neaard Franc i Neil! Brian Nelson Jamie Nelson Chuong Nguyen Due Nguyen Francis Nguyen Khanh Ntmyen Quy Nguyen Fhuy Nguyen Shannon Nichols Donald Norby Randy Northrup Cindy Norton Colleen O ' Donnell Mary Oliver Gina Osborn John Pace Linda Painter Michelle Palmer Shirlane Palmer Rachel Pantoia George Papadopovios Cano Pappolla Sam Park Amenco Passano Rich Pawsat Neil Peart Kellie Denso Nancy Perdue Francisco Perez Mike Perrin Bonnie Perry Tom Peterson Kathy Pflomn Hoane Pham ■ ■ : i Juniors Take Some 202 juniors Classes Seriously dam Barclay looks studlv while takine noces. it ilu Pham Debbie Phelps Sean P Dave P Lori Piepenburj; Brett Pierce Juhn Piper Sean Plummer Mike Polley Eva Pomerov Kelly Potvin Don Powcii Patricia Preble Suzanne Predney Andv Preijers I Prell Gre Quick Shauna Quick fose Ramirez Robert Rausch Helen Reid James Renne Bryan Ressler Beth Rutledjic Tom Reynolds Ravmond Riley Junior Linn c Rock Kathj Rodders April Roe Chris Roecket Leslie Rohrbaugh ! u enc Roumimper Hubert Roybal THS Teachers Give Adam Ruhin Ann Rude Tern Rufl Gilbert Rui Keith Rundle Michael Rushton Beth Rurlcdirc Lisa Salcarelli Scott Sandin Blanca Sarmiento Irm.i Saw er rracj Si haal Rira Schcr ( arolyn Si hofi Lisa Schorr Stacej Schrieber lr,n i Si hrock Julie Schuba Janice Schultz Mart i Schwabe 204 Juniors Interesting Lectures. Michae! Schwabe Julie Schweikert Shameth Scott Sylvia Seltzer Da e Serrama John Shafer Larry Shaver Kelly Sheehy Janet Sheffield Qipia Sherman Jeffrey Shorrock Craig Short Diane Short Brent Simur Angela Sims Rav Sirois Stephanie Smith Tanya Sisel Amv Skeldon Laurie Smaglik Amee Smith Jodv Smith Rhonda Smith Kathv Smothers Jay Smyth Knstine Snider Mane Snyder Caroline Sorenson Valerie Spear ]e(( Spellman Craig Spence Lori Sptak Cameron Spicer VaJerie Spier Brett Stackhouse Cory Staggs Todd Stall Monica Steen Rolan Steger Sondra Steinward Dan Stenger Barbara Stevenson Junior ( irtL ' Stewart Jett Stewart Chris Stieler Sheri Stoutenburt Masahiko Straut Valeric Strenk I.ilcen Sulivan Students Learn Michael Sullivan Steve Sullivan Cynthia Sutehrt David Sutliff Reggie Sutton Steve Swanson foe Sweeney Colleen Szaho My-Ha Ta Phong Ta Darlene Tabler Brian Tarditf ' Diana Tedder John Tern Knshanus Tewari Dennis Imai John Thatcher Sherry Thiebolt Katie Thull Tim Dortng Barbara Toice Kim Ton Donald Townswick Giant Tran • Ha Tran Hoa Tran Linh Tran May Tran Phu Tran Than Tran Thang Tran Thu Tran Tinh Tran Mehnda Trap p Barbara Truebe 206 Juniors Pam Tso Mar) Turnbaugh Kenneth Turner Robin l mphre; Nick Villar Mike Vizcarra Shelbv. Vollaerts Skills In Crafts Jackie Vu Man Warner i uji Wagner Mark Waiters Robert Walls Mark Walsh I isa ard fohn Waterman Inn Weaver Susan Webb Icanne Weber Shen Wedemeyer Lisa Wehn Bekki Weil Steve Welch Alene Werthe Kevin Wheeler [ Todd White David Whitlej Martin Wiedem; Juniors 2(T Alison Wile Kenneth Wilhclm KarU Will Toby Wills Michaelyn Williams Ron Williford Jennifer Wills Eric Wilson Joyce Wilson Shannon Wincor Toni Winkler Rhonda Woodside Stacy Woodside Joy Wooltord Cathy Worthington Matt Worthing Jill Wright Trish Yard Mike Yates Mike Yoo Cathy Young Debbie Young Karen Young Phil Yourdon Eric Zahm Beth Zier Juniors Show Off Their Smiles 208 Juniors Juniors 209 Junior ?10 Juniors 9. 1 I utographs Autographs Juniors 211 Sophomores Make Their Mark ■ President Arthur Patterson, Secretary Trea- surer Allyson Reinig, Representative Mer- cedes Garde, Vice President Karen Rewers As the year of 1982 comes to an end the sophomores have definately made their mark at Tustin High School. Our spirit and unity are extremely evident in academic ability, atheltics and class competition. We proved that we could dominate in all fields and Still maintain a strong sense of pride and unity that no other class has demonstrated. Looking ahead to the next two years, we will surely have no problem preparing tor our decisions, careers and future plans. I know that many of our most important choices and responsibilities are in the near future and with all of the knowledge and experience gained at Tustin High they will be wise decisions. Good Luck and Thank You. Sophomore Class President Gsdfcjj-L fetfc a .. vs 212 Sophomores foe Aaron Haley Abrue . Abt Robert Adamo Stacy Akers Tammy Albert John Alexander Sophomores Meet Challenges ■ ■ Rick Alger Jovce Allard Estih Altug David Amormino Elizabeth Anabo Babette Anderson Beverlv Anderson Kim Anderson Ins Andomie Chris Andrasrav ]ei ' i Andre Mark Andren Lauren Araiza Christine Archiniegn Lupe Arechiga Sandy Arnold Denise Arriola Rochelle Augustine Alison Aulenbach Marco Aviles jett Barney Dave Barry George Bates Scott Baxter Valerie Beauchamp Greg Bechtel Jon Bell Nancie Bell Larry Belodeau Scott Belodeau Chnstv Bennett Dawn Benson K.ari Benson Adam Berger Brenda Berry Sophomores 213 fohn Bert rand Kim Beveridge Kel! Bilka Karen Birt her - ■ ■ Carolyn Bogat) Buck Bollinger Brent Burden foe Borzellino Barbara Bovdston Pat Bovle I.ma Bradle) Dannv Brandvold Carrie Brister Jeffen Brock Mike Brown Robert Brown Steve Brown Mark Brosius Denise Bracknej Stacey Bru mann Kim Buchanan Stephanie Buell Matthew Burke Lawrence Burkev Dale Burrer Jackie Busa Chris Calhoun Mark Callahan Diana Camden Frank Camden Carolyn Camera Ted Canedy Richard Carlile Kim Carmical Karen Carpenter Greg Carrawaj Claudia Carroll Steve Causey Dannv Ceja Boh Celh [ennifer Chambers Sophomores Take Second 214 Sophomores In Obstacle Course Michelle Chavoor Ted Check Mar) Chidesrcr Bonnie Cho Susan Chong Elvin Chou leannie Christensen Bobby Churchwell Lisa Clark Dave Claus Kathleen Clancy Wendy Clevenger Stacev Courier Jim Cody Craig Cohen Cathy Cole Kenny Collard Gordon Collins Kelly Collyer Mark Coombs Stephanie Cooper Eric Copple Cheryl Corwin Sindi Corwin Joe Coykendall Diana Crawford Chris Craven Sophomores 21 ' Pamela Creinm Anna Crosbj Sandee Crouse Christine Crowley MiJlrecl Cruz Susan Csik John Cunningham Juli Cunningham Ja Curr Terri Dall Tim Daniel David Datelson Petra Davis Tammy Davis John Day- Karen DeCarl Robert Delamater Darryl Deshler Cathy DeSutter Tom Dewyea David Diaz Chins Dinkins Mark Dixon Debbie Dougan Mark Doumani Tracy Doron Oyen Du Mark Dubose Jacqueline Echeuarna Joe Eggleton Wayne Einley 1 mi Empey ]a) Engeleiter Eee Enos Rick Erickson Eugean Ermel Joan Erwin Lisa Esparza Roxanne Estrada Knstie Etzold Romy Feehrer Mark Felgar Mvi!l Sophomores 216 Sophomores Learn CPR Monty Ferbert Tammy Fernelius Bill Feuerborn Robert Fisher Ron Fisher Susan Fleming Dana Flink Christie Flowers Ava Fokken Tammy Fowler Richard Fox Sundra Franca David Frank Eric Fryer Sophomores learn how to give Cardio-vascular Pulmonary Resusitation in Health and Safety. One of the courses offered at Tustin High, Health and Safety, includes teaching students the life saving techniques of Cardiovascular Pulmonary Resusitation. Approximately seventy students a semester pass this, and receive cards that enable them to ■practice CPR. This course is six to ten hours long and is taught according to American Red Cross standards. Some techniques taught are: one man rescue, two man rescue and infant rescue. Heart attacks kill more people per year than cancer and now our own students of Tustin High can help put a dent in these figures. Sophomotes 21 " Jack fuller Danviu Gaiters Selina Gamez Ralph Gan ia Mercedes Garde Karen d.iv in Darr l Gebo Derek Gebo Da ui Gearhart Janet Gentsch Deann George Stacej Geyer Jennie Gillman Craig Goldberg Jan Golodner Chris Grabek Gary Graves Rudv Gray Chantal Greene Donn Grenda Sarah Groendycke Charmey Gullact Luis Gutierrez Diana Guthrie Brenda Uager Joel Hahn Brenda Hall Sophomores Prepare !18 Soph Mike Hammond Lex Handel Keith Hai Kristj Hare Bill Harmon Hubert Hart Man Hartie For Future Careers Parti Harrison ( hris Hastings Jill Hathorn is,-:. Hawkins Alisa Hayes Steven Heathcote C jndj 1 lenderson Maria Hernandez Micheal Hernande Tammi Hicks 1 on .1 Hicks Chuc Hoang Sean Hogan Daniel Hollada Andrea Hollis Mike Caruso Jeff Hord Ellie Horner Scott Hoy Tom Hum bock Jim Hunuerford Phillip Huth Tung Huynh Rick) Hyde Cher) ' ! I oe Ann Jackett C rait; Iversen Chris Jackson Camie Jarvis Wend) Jarvis Chris Jenkins Darrell Jennings Eric Jensen Shelly fohann Michele Johns Sophomores 21 Jennie Jones Steven fom i Kristin Joj Paula I Brian Karoub Shelli Kenlein Kent Don Kerr Tina Khatchadunan Ali Khorasane Patricia Kim Yong Zon K n Don Kimes Ronald Kirb) Brian Kelin Phil Klein William Klein Rwss Kline Dave Klokocha Anne Knudsen Jake Koerber Dean Kohn Kanon Koontz Traci Koskmen Janice Kossak Michelle Kossnar Bubhv Kost Kevin Kotlar K ra Kowalik Donna Kowalski Colette Kovac Patrick Kramer Charlene Kreie Eric Krele Mark Kukla Thomas KunyS2 Kristi LaBonte Stephen LaCas e Steve LaCombe David Landsberi; Sophomores _ 2() Sophomores Diana Lang Larry Lang Valerie Lankford Tanya Lashnet John Lasrelic Angela Latour Peter Laubach David Lauderdale Jackie Lavelle Steve Lawrence Doan Le Oanh Le Quoc Le Tuan Le Loranna Leggitt Mike LePage [on Leiphardt Judene Lewandowski Todd Lewis James Libbv Ste en Libby Tom Linehan Wendy Linehan Elizabeth Linton David Lipnicke Herb Lloyd John Llovd Sophomore v,.! ' , Loomis Jenny Loomis Renee Louthain ( tins Lovejoj Steve Lovejoy Dawn Low-Nang Sammy Luevawo Paul MacDonald Tracev MacGowan Craig Mackie Minddie Magno Darryl Makepeace Tami Muldonudo Colleen Malloy Colleen Mann Joe Mann Colin Marcoux Dwayne Marcum Chris Martin Rick Martinet Janelle Maughan Jennie Manyik Danny Mauldin Judy Mazowiecki Beth McClain Reid McClatchy Ken McCord Ron McCord Joan McCrackcn Susan Mc ratney Darren McDaniel Troy McGuire Shelagh Mclntyre Julie McKenzie Kick McMillan Angie McNeil John McNicol Chris McKenna Jack Menges Kim Merkley Tom Messina Michele Meza Goggles To Study 222 Sophomc For Mark Brosius? Dun Milligan Kellie Miller Nancy Miller Ka Mobley Jeff Moersch Alivson Moncrieff David Moore Kelly Mohan Tom Moran C hrls Morin Dawn Morris Paul Morns David Morse Susan Morton KelK Mulrj Lori Mumethaler Roberta Myers Manle M hra Jung Nam Stephen Nelson Ted Nelson Ann Nguyen Bich Hani; Nguyen Doanh Nguyen Khanh Nguyen Khoi Nguyen Mathias Nguyen Sophomores 22 Phong Nguyen Nguyen linen Nguyen Thiep Nguyen i Nguyen ( withi.t Nicholson Tim Nit? Sean Nitzen Gar) Novak Rich Nuzzo Mane Nyman Kell) (Wen Richard Oelrich luvoung Oh Mike Okavama Eugene Okita Boh Olovsson Melissa Olson Demse O ' Nesky Craig 1 Ktrander Mike Oursler Jimi Page Henr Palma Shirlane Palmer Sandy Park Jenm Parke Arthur Patterson Jeff Patstone Richard Patrick Duane Patterson Chelle Pelletier Frank Pershin Pane Pctn True Pham Ki Pae Rob Pickels Kira Plummer K le Pue Deneen Portugal Mike Potvin Denise Puckett Darren Purser Dan Holladay Caught 22 i Sophomores Dana Quinn Teri Quick Kelly Radoty Eric Ragsdale Leticia Ramirez Roland Reichert Rob Reider Between Classes Allvson Reinig Karen Rewers Fred Rice Kevin Rillingworth Tom Rianldi David Rishovd Gloria Rivera Derek Roberts Tom Roberts Brand i Robertson Gerald Robinson Kristi Robinson Marc Rodriguez Jefi Rogers Greg Rohmer Vanessa Root Wendi Roth Shawn Rowe Kenneth Rupp Jolene Rushton Sophomores 22 ' Mike Russell ■ . larelh 1 isa Samuels Alex Sanchez S) Lvia Sanchez Blair Sandherj; Christine Sanders T E Almost All Ponce Sandy Chris Sanduval Sheryl Sandoval Gerald Stenger Carol Santos Dean Santos Stacey Santos Karen Satteriield Deanna Savage Rusty Sawdliw Mark Sawin Bobby Sawyer Carmela Scazo Ariann e Schoenburg Meredith Schultz Jennie Scott Eddie Sears Paul Seckendorf Jennie Seieroe Brent Sephel Edna Serna Duane Shaffer Joel Sharp Michelle Shaw Kim Shelton Natalie Shepard jot Shim Brenda Shirey Linda Shire Lori Sibert Lynda Simon Patrick Sirota Sabnna Skelton Selena Skelton Susan Smaglik 226 Sophomores Brian Smilev Glenn Smit Chris Smith David Smith David Smith Gina Smith Dwight Sneathen Sophomores Listen! Joe Soria Geneen Spence Ra Stanard Pamela Steffens Gerald Stenger Kim Stephens David Stockdale Katie Scoff Theresa Strong Keith Suleski Todd Sutdiff Krist) Szamocki Beth Tallman Chris Taylor Diane Taylor Bobby Tedder Julie Tillotson Dave Thomas Erin Thomas Karvn Thurmond Sophomores 22 [on Tobon Scott Tokaizewski Crystal Toliver Kasev Tolman Caroline Topham Hunt; Tran Phon;; Tran Denise Arriola Thai Tran Manh Tran Thi Victoria Trapp Ranch Travis Cynthia Traywick Jennifer Trott Thomas True Barbara Turnbaugh Sherrie Turner Eric Tweedt Trilby I ' re Thuy Liu John Vance Steve Vandusen Chad Vandyken Tito Vasquez Gloria Vega Sandra Velarde Mana Velez Will Vrooman Michael Wagner Carol Waipa Jeff Wakefield Cheryl Walker Melissa Walker Brandi Walkey Bryon Walters Lisa Watt Leah Warner Louise Warner Chris Weaver Loren Webb Todd Webb Pam Webber Ann Welch 228 Sophomores Miss Supreme Beauty Jim Wendt Dave Wenzet Christine est Dana Westmore Daniel Whitcomb Greg White Trisha W I Patricia Wiese Doreen Williams Duncan Williams Knsty Williams Michaelyn Williams Chriss Williamson Mark Wilcken Deanna Wilson Edwin Wilson Andrea Winer David Wmn Debbie Wise Leslev Wong Judy Mav Wright James Wroble Danny Yang Patrick Young Vikki Young Yvonne Dennis Matthew Young Julie Zapata Sophomores 229 Sophomore ft ophomore 2 W) Sophomores - Autographs u iA W i a " y grap sophomores 231 Freshmen Look Toward Future President Mark Chavez, Vice-President Kathy Shives, Secretary Treasurer Scott New man and Represenratnr Stacy Watson As the year of 1982 comes to an end the freshmen have greatly adjusted to the ups and downs ot their first year ar Tustin High. This class of ' 85 has been called the most spirited freshmen class to come along in a while. We ' ve worked together and proven this to be true. As this year closes we all look forward to three more successful years at Tustin High. It has been my pleasure to serve the class of ' 85. Freshman Class President 7f)°Jt CJUu M2 Freshmen Freshmen Start High School Life Leandra Aguilar Jeff Alexander Anthony Al-Jamie Debbie Amador Jackie Amerson Kelly Ames Kim Anderson Olanda Anderson John Andonie Stephanie Anabo Dirk Ape! Ralph Arechiga Cindylee Arellano Ennn Artnp Brian Asder Robert Ashlock Michelle Audet David Avery Lucina Aviles David Andrews John Bain Sylvia Baker Jeanine Balsels Jose Baluja Kevin Barda Chris Barden Danny Barrett Brenda Barry Mandv Bawden Suzanne Beato Carol Beaucage George Becannon Dale Becker Heather Bell Sarita Benett Ben Benitez Adnenne Berger Helma Bernardini Jim Berry Karen Berry- Mike Bevendge Richard Bierce Freshmen 233 Harpei Billings ( hris Black Id I Blair I ami Blair Kelly Blyshak Robert Bollinger Marisa Bor ellino Freshmen Kick Back Clint Bovee Richard Boyce Dan Brannen James Brennan Andv Bndgman Ben Briggs Jeff Bross Angela Brown Laura Brown Shell. Brown Richard Brun Roger Brush Brad Budvach Brent Butord Amanda Burnett Lmda Busa Chris Bush Jenny Byrum Ana Cabrera Marleny Cabrera Jeff Carlisle Lisa Carmona Roberta Carrell Lisa Carroll Laura Carter Vicki Carujo Mike Cary Tony Catizone Leslie Cavender Lisa Cavender Martin Cazares Donolan Cena I.yndi Cerda Eric Charbonneau Mark havez !34 Freshmen X abie Cho Chan Ki Chong Susan Chung Caroline Chung Caroline Chung Joseph Chung Ann Chung In First Year Mark Cingliano Tracev Claxton Bryan Geary Michelle Codromac ]ei( Cody Kevin Coldiron Craig Cole Rebecca Cole John Colon Eric CommelU Tina Conwa Ann Coombs Karen Coonev Jett Cotton Kathleen Crommett Devm Cronic Meagan Crosby Sherrv Cummins Steve CunJall Stacey Dahn Freshmen 2S5 Russell Daniato Yvonne Dam Lina Danif Ashanti Dantzler Sage Daughercj Ann Davies Bobbv Davis Industrious Rich Pedersen Julie Dixon Lisa Dilger Todd Dion Thomas Dickson Lori Dickie Jill Dickinson Hien Dinh Michael Donaldson Jim Dory Chris Dodds Darren Domek Lisa Dorman Diana Dopheide Dawn Doron Daniel Domek Ursula Dudas Nick du Plessies John Duff Paul Dunn Kristen E erer Douglas Elder Julie Elrod Sahar El Sayed Colleen Emick Par Empey Jennifer Epps Mane Enckson Dave Ertel Steve Evenstad Mike Fahey Kim Farley Katy Farney Scott Fasano Butch Faulkner M6 Freshmen Freshmen At Work Mike Felgar Mick Feliciano Dale Ferbert Debbie Ferrier John Field Lara Fields Chuck Fischer Dan Fitzmaunce Donna Fleagle Jeannie Forgacs Bryan Form by Doug Foster Allison Fox Diane Frank Lisa Frank Geraldine Franklin Patn Freiwald Kimo Friese Kelly Gankema Diane Garbuschmewski Debra Gardner Laura Garcia Sonia Garcia Mike Garman Craig Gaskill Steve Gauer Janet Ga Fresh m Shane Geiyet Rex Gentry Larrj Gessler Marc Gun ales Steve Gordon ! )ave Goss Eduardo Grainer foj Grant Ion Gra Alice Greene Travis Greenlee Keith Griffin April Grigg Cynthia Gn s Tim Groleau Parn Grossman Gloria Grucelski Lisa Gruebele Valerie Gunther Tammv Hall Robbie Harlak ( i mrteney Hamberi; Steve Hahn Danielle Hanson Darryl Harris Cheryl Hart Dana Hart Cindy Hartman ]udi Hawthorn Julie Hawkins Christina Haworth DeAnn Hayes Jeff Hays John Heckenkamp Pat Hegarty Marisol Hernandez Maria Hernandez Angela Hershfield Susan Hickman Brian Higginbotham Paul Higginbotham Gina Hight High School Life Brings MK Freshmen Paul Hinckley Amanda Hoagland Tu Huang Darren Hodge Shelly Hoffman Ted Hoffman Thad Hogan Smiles To The Freshmen Mella Holden Ted Holt Ali a Holton James Hammer Mike Hooks Tracy Hoover Josh Hope Shelly Hopkins Greg Hopper Micheal Houghton Perry Howard Sheri Howe Barbra Hughes David Hunter Veronica Hutchinson Dana Hyde Catherine Ikola Kim Inglis Garth Jacobs Jessie James Freshmen 239 lasen David Jorgensen Donald Johnson Garv Johnson Julia Johnson Renay Johnson Mark (urkowski Jip Kanj; Mark Kanshige Mark Kapanoske Laurie Kapell Paul Kardos Lori Katnik Craig Katzman Leslie Kearnev left Kellev Wilej Kennedy Jett Kettering Khanh Khuu C.herie Kini! Dennis Kim Eunmi Kim Sang Kim Mike Kimes Cassy Kittle Keni Kjelland Nancy Knee Freshmen Friends . ' I0 Freshmen Lisa Kones Valerie Koines Debbie Koosed Micheht. . Joe Kovac Julie Krames Steve Krochman Have Fun Robynn Kuhnhousen Tim Kuroishi ( r i ifi Lancaster KaK i Laninovich Kim Larson Barbara Lastelic F.lavne Lavitt John Law Shells Lawrence Sarah Lebo fett Lependelker Jeff Ledford Anna Lee Bettv Lee Sang Lee Soma Lee Foucoula Legas Steve Lehman Barry Lehren Dan Leili Tom Lesher Greg Levin Trace Lewis Peter Libronjo Nicki Lind Danyelle Lockwood Micheie Lockwood N ' asha London Bill Long Garry Longdon Daniel Lonrad Bob Lubke Mart) Lugo Dawn Lukasik Freshmen 241 Ton) I.uker fohn Lund) I rong l.uu Holl) Lyon Jill Macknight ) it it t Madrid Connie Magno Chris Maki Heather Malcolm |ohn Manning Thomas Marcotte Cheryl Marino John Marr Chris Matek Renee Matters Susan Matzen Dave Mauk Marion Mauldin Michael Maysonnet Jerilyn Mcart Bill McCoy KelK McCormick Moe Mclntvre Shawnette McKee Kevin McKenna Ryan McMillan Fatty Mendez Dean Mercuno Grant Merowit Scott Meyen Bennv Meza Kelley Meza Jeii Middlesworth Kristy Mies Larry Miller Kent Miiligan Scott Mills Lisa Minott Robin Minuskin Richie Mondrago Mike Morehad Rosalie Moreno Freshmen Study Hard 242 Freshmen To Prepare For Future Mark Mont : Deanne Moore Glenn Moore Tracj Moore Roberta Myers Beth Morris Jennifer Morrison Christina Murphy Scott Newman Gina Newton Minh Ngo Khakn Nguven Peter N uven Phu N uven Eric Nielson Tony Nitz Paul Nolan Michael O ' Brien Jim O ' Connell Colleen O ' Drane Brian O lesbee Robert Oliver Christine Olsgaard Kelly O ' Neal Casey O ' Rourke Annie Ousonian Anthony Paduand Freshmen 243 Hmn Pak Shad Paidas Joanne Parker Troy P.i- Rj Pearson Philip Pederson Lisa Peltegrino Scott Penaluna Felix Perez lose Perez Brian Person Erin Peterson Kirbv Piazza Sheri Piepenbur John Pinson David Piper Steve Polley Amv Powell Kendra Prawdzik Michael Predney Angela Provenzano Kathy Pulaski Rick Radke Monica Ramirez Jeff Ramsey Dean Raulston Mike Reed Freshmen Find Quiet 244 Freshmen Time To Study - . : - - : - - De m Rofoensoo kt s ne Kobeon left Rodiijcuez fot Rodripaez Dtive RoM - Theiesi Rtuno - ■ Lama - •- saksKO -effli • - - I PjuI Shedarowich Janet Sheets Eric Sherman Stephen Shields Michelle Shirley Kathv Shives Dan Sliolse Stephen Shunn Edward Sierra Krista Simor Dave Singleton left Smith Jennifer Smith Kim Smith Valerie Smith Dan Smoot Lisa Snapp Luis Saltero Bob Sor cabal Brett Spaulding Julie Spellman John Spiak Cristina Sproull Brett Stall Sandy Swanson David Staton Dan Stoermer Rodne Stone Gary Strunk Garrett Strykei Brendon Talley Colin Tanji Susan Tate Ron Taylor Samantha Taylor Kim Testa Kathleen Thomas Shawn Thomas Kim Thornburg Brad Thornton David Tibbey Russell Tm ley Freshmen Find High 246 Freshmen .- Sri ■ David Tinz 1 Gret; Trachy 1 James Tracv Hung Tran Debra Traywick Jan Marie Tobin Shelti Tolton . i School Life Restricting Juan Tomas Andrew Tomczak Tom Upchurch Candy Van Cina Sonia Velarde Juan Velazquez Nina Villar Lisa Vining Kim Visnaw Kirk Vogt Cherie Volz Hoang Vu Thu Vu Trien Vu Christina Vutnou Phil Waimrin Steve Waltner Kent Ward Saundra Ward Stacv Watson Freshmen 24 " Timothy V( aters Leigh Weavei Turn Webb Darren Webster Karen VC ' ehn I. on Wehn Candi Welch Freshmen Work Christine Westrick Drew Wetherholt Traci White Tom Wiedmann Shane Wiest Vicki Wilmouth Stacy Wilson Tom Wilker Regina Wilkinson Chrissann Williams |eff Williamson Gary Willson Shari Willson Tom Woltman Krista Woods Jeff Wright Jenny Wright Leah Wright Ctaig Yace Victor Yan 248 Freshmen and Have Fun Howard Yard Reggie Yates Jill Yeatts Ronilo Yescil Stephen Yourdon Debbie Azhner Tit fan v Zastera 2. Freshmen participate in Homecoming Volkswagon race. Jennifer Zum a Freshmen 249 Freshmen 4 m Freshmen 250 Freshmen £ Autographs k. grap « - Freshmen 251 Staff Staff Staff 252 Staff Important At THS The Staff at THS are an important mainstay to the school. They not only teach classes but many of them spend time with students outside of school, helping with sports, cheerleading, the marching units, publications and stu- dent government. Many are also sup- portive in that they attend extra-cur- ricular activities, they are really an im- portant part of THS! Mrs. Wilson expresses herself in Sign Language. Ms. Berry laughs about the phrase " Semper Preparatus. " 4 Mrs. Montgomery, always a busy lady. 5 Coach Michel tries to tell one of the football players how to execute a plav. Staff Staff Staff Staff Special People Leave Their Mark at THS Mr. John Peterson is a very versatile man. While at Tustin, he has taught in the Science. Mathematics. Physical Education and Life Skills departments. He has also coached football, cross country, track and baseball, as well. During his years at Tusitn he also served as a counsel- or and vice-principal. He was also one of the instigators of Foothill High in 1963 and he is the founder of the Tustin Relays. Peterson came to Tustin in 1955 from Glendale and before that he had taught at Chaffey High School in the Ontario area. This is Peterson ' s thirtieth year in education. Peterson lives with his wife Ricki; together they have two children and two grandchildren. Peterson is leaving Tustin High this year to move on and enter the field of counseling. For twenty-six years Mr. George Trotter has been an important part of Tustin High School. Trotter first came to Tustin from Illinois to be the head basketball coach, served in that capacity for seventeen years until 1973. During his tenure at Tustin, Trotter has taught in the mathematics department, led eight teams to C.I.F. and three to league championships. Trotter has not onlv coached basketball but foot- ball, track and baseball as well. Trotter has also served as the Athletic Director in the 60s and as the AFS adviser. Trotter is a Tustin resident with his wife Maxine. He has five children, two attended Tustin while the other three attended Foothill. He also has two grandchil- dren. Trotter is very supportive of Tustin High sports; one can see him at many of the sporting events during the vear. He feels Tustin has an " outstanding student body. " Trotter will be missed as he retires, but he feels that it is time to move on and enjov life. 254 Dedicatii She loves her cats and the kids at Tustin High; this lady is Mrs. Pam Montgomery. Montgomery left Tustin at the end of first semester of this year to begin a new ' career in writing and managing an art gallery. When Montgomery first came to Tustin she came as a student teacher for Mrs. Londa Burkhardt and Mrs. Enola Sleeper in the English Department. She returned the next year as a full time teacher, teaching English. While she was at Tustin, she left her mark. She was in charge of the pep squad for a year and during the last three years she served as the ASB and Broadcaster adviser. Montgomery lives in the Dana Point area, with her husband Bob and two cats. Montgomery enjoys cooking, camping, music, theater and working in the yard. Staff members of the Broadcaster, Adrienne Nedler and Laura Warner, said that Mrs. Montgomery was a very caring teacher and we all miss her in our own wav. Mr. John Peterson smiles and tells that he en- joyed his years at Tustin very much. Mr. George Trotter, at the homecoming assem- bly he could always be seen supporting THS: Mrs. Pam Montgomery with Lynda Graves, Hunt Drouin. Kathy Smoot and Kellie Miller. She loved the kids at Tustin. Dedication 2V 256 School Board — Superintendent Administrators Set The Pace Tiller Pride!!! The Audion staff has done an outstanding job pictori- ally of capturing evidence of that pride. Those of us who spend so much time with the students, staff, and parents of Tustin High School understand the quality and depth of that pride. Writing in the Audion for the many who will view its pages gives me an opportunity to express my appreciation to all who make this high school the exemplary institution that it is. Tustin High is academically, socially, and athletically one of the finest high schools in the state. Maurice Ross, Ed D. Superintendent District Superintendent. Dr. Ross, who is also president of the Tustin Chamber of Commerce, rides in the Tiller Days parade. Board of Education — Front row: Marjone Day, President; Edward H. Boseket, M.D., member; Barbara Benson, Vice President, Clerk; Row 2: Robert M. Packer, Ph.D., Assistant Superintendent; Stuart Eriksen, Ph.D., member; Dean McCormick, member; Maurice A. Ross, Ed.D., Disttict Superintendent. Mr. Jim Turner, Principal, leads the cheets at a Tiller basketball game. Jim Turner helps the Junior class raise funds for the prom at their car wash. Mr. " T " shows his Tiller spirit and ptide with his ted. white, and black Cotvette and necktie. Principal 257 Administration, Counselors Give Guidance The 1981-82 school year has been a special one for me. In taking on the role of Assistant Principal, Students, I have faced many new challenges and worked with many new people. Being responsible for discipline, counseling and attendance can be a difficult job. I have found that with the strengths Tustin High has in the counseling area, the atten- dance office and in the area of student behavior the role is that much easier. Obviously, the number one goal is to provide for the best educational experience for each student. All of my experiences have taught me something and have been rewarding. Working with a strong counseling and teaching staff, a super administrative team and such a fine student body couldn ' t be anything else. Peggy Lynch Ac. S Sir ,m • mm essm 4»mm mem 1 IJ ■jjftll 1 an ■■ ' ' ■ • l . ' :. ' 3 B " " B V - H C ■ 258 Assistant Principals I L Our instructional ptogram is geated to meet the needs of all of our students. The curricular program provides instruction from the remediation of basic skills through accelerated programs of study for students who are high achievers. A large selection of vatious elective courses are available for students to pursue individual needs, abilities, and interests. We always seek to improve our program though research, observation, and evaluation. Paul Fisher The 1981-82 school year has been one of the most exciting years in my career as an educator. The staff and students have provided me with many rewarding experiences and unforgettable memories. It is truly a great feeling and honor for me to be associated with this outstanding high school. Brock Wagner 1. Assistant Principal, Mr. Brock Wag- ner, watches homecoming assembly activi- ties. 2. Senior Counselor, Mrs. Ethel Bering, reflects on students while serving lunch duty in the quad. 5. Assistant Principal, Mrs. Peggy Lunch smiles behind her desk. Assistant Principals, Mr. Paul Fisher and Brock Wagner chaperone Jean Be- Iodeau and Steve Ahearn at the Winter Formal. 5 Counselors, Ms. Gloria Vi odinsky and Mr. Ken Weidemann enjoy a lunchtime chat. 6 Freshman Counselor, Mr. Eugene O ' Toole counsels at lunchtime. 7. Paul Fisher, Assistant Principal. 8. Peggy A. Lynch, Assistant Principal. 9. Brockton S. Wagner, Assistant Princi- pal. 10 Kenneth Weidemann. Sophomore Counselor. 11. Eugene O ' Toole, Freshmen Counselor. 12. Gloria L. Wodinsky, Freshman Counsel- or 13. Virginia Shutt, Sophomote Counselor H Jim W. Ruse. Junior Counselor. Counselors 25 1 ' ) Career Center, Library, Work Experience Serve the Needs of Our Students The Career Guidance Center serves the needs of our stu- dents by providing information on Careers and Colleges. In the area of Careers all students work in the Career Center several days per year on their present and future career plans. We provide many career speakers and up-to-date audio-visual materi- als for the students ' use. We also encourage students to investi- gate the CROP Program as part of their career search. a j( W » The purpose of the Career Guidance Center is to provide students with the opportunity to explore and investigate careers through research made available to them in the Center. To provide the necessary testing and advising for each student to help them find di- rection for their careers. To provide students with guest speakers and or audio-visual materials concern- ing their specific career goals. 260 CROP l.ibrary Work Experience The Tustin High School Library is dedicated to helping each student learn to use libraries for a lifetime and learning enjoyment. We emphasize to ninth grade English classes that a student who can find a book in our library can quickly and easily learn to apply this knowledge to any other library, public or university. We hope that all students have had good experiences in our library, but if you still have one of our books. PLEASE bring it back! Work Experience Education is provided to students working in the business commu- nity. The program recognizes the learning process which takes place in the real world, and appreciates the importance of working to personal fulfillment, independence, and maturity. Credit is based on the number of hours worked during regular school hours. 1. Library Assistant Barbara Elkins checks for missing books. 2. Marchia Trueblood, Librarian, busily at work. V Mr. Don J. Smith enrolls another student in Work Experience. i The Career Guidance Center otters information on colleges as the sign shows. 5. Marchia Trueblood. Librarian A Lorene Bosch, Library Clerk Barbara Elkins, Librarv Clerk 8. Ralph Welsh. Work Exp.. Indep. Study. Office Exp. Coordinator •i Don J. Smith, General Work Experience 10. Gen Koerner. Career Ed. Instructor 1 1 Linda Fox, Career Guidance Technician CAREER CENT 730TO3: COLLEGE VBITAT. OCTOBER 5 UNIVERSITY OF 1 aaHWBURY COLLEGE V 3 HUMBOLDT COLLEGE « CHAPMAN COLLEGE Jfff TEXAS CHRISTIAN {gsfOCCDENTAL COLLEGE J |f UC BERKELEY CROP Library Work Experience 261 Practice Makes Perfect For Aspiring Artists The smallest department at THS. the Visual Arts Team, consists of only three teachers who handle between twenty-six and thirty sections of visual arts and crafts during the school vear: Sara Smith, — a veteran of C.E. Utt school, is the painting and drawing specialist; her interests and special skills are in watercolor technique and drawing. Now in her -ith year at THS, Miss Smith has the distinction of teaching visual art in TL ' SD for the longest period of time compared to her colleagues. Sara chairs the department this vear. Dennis Boucher, — now in his 10th year at THS. is the ceramic specialist. Although trained in studio painting and drawing. Mr. Boucher ' s unique talents in three dimensional clay constru ction and sculpture are special assets for THS students. He is also the acting adviset of the Tustin High School yearbook production. Mr. Boucher also teaches ceramics for Saddleback College. Raynor Taylor, — in his third year at THS was trained in illustration. His assignments normally include Leather Craft, and Leaded Glass. His inter- ests are centered in illustration hand-lettering, cartooning, European art history, cineamaphotography and animation. Ray in his spare time is a Reserve Navy Commander. The Performing Arts Department consists of three teachers. Lisa Rose- mann heads up the department and also teaches Drama. Joe Pino teaches Band and Don K. Smith is our new chorus teacher. 1. Cratts and English instructor. Mr. Ray Taylor points out the tact to his first period that it vou are tard ou will get one hour detention. 1 Mr. Dennis Boucher, Yearbook and Ceramics teacher takes a moment to look at the camera while searching tor a referral. v Dennis Boucher, Ceramics — Yearbook, i Raynor Taylor, English — Crafts . Sara Smith, Painting — Drawing f . Joseph Pino, Band — Music Theotv. 262 Fine Arts Don K. Smith, Chorus — English. Lisa Roseman. Drama — Social Science. 9. An Department Chairman, Sara Smith thinking about, " Gaughin painting in Tahiti- ' " 10. Band instructor, Mr. Joe Pino leads the stage band during Homecom- ing week. 11. Mrs. Lisa Roseman, Drama Coach, says, " c-h-e-e-s-e. " for the cam- era. 12. Mr. Don K. Smith, Chorus teacher, keeps Tustin High in song. Performing Arts 263 English Develops Language Skills The English Department is fully committed to the goal of devel- oping language skills which enable students to communicate clearly. The English staff believes that the significance of language continues beyond a student ' s high school career. A major emphasis of the pro- gram is to provide the student with the interests in reading, thinking and communicating which will enrich his future years. Therefore, a careful analysis of major ideas in literature is encouraged. 1. Mr. Hank Woods English Department Chairman 2. English teacher Mr. Carl Sims takes a moment to correct an essay. Speech teacher Mrs. Sandra Gray shows students how to enunciate correctly. English teacher Mrs. Peggy Cook helps a student with his class work. Mr. Bruce Lister, reading instructor, smiles. Journalism and Leadership teacher Mrs. Pam Montgomery smiles while students eve the Tiller pitchfork with fear. Carl Sims English Pam Montgomery Journalism Leadership Sandra Gray English Speech Peggy Cook English Roger Linderman English Rick McElwain English Physical Education Cross Country Coach Jerry Spivey Enghsh French Jack McDonald English 9. 10. 11 12. 13. 14. 264 EngIish ■ A ' ' 1 . t 1 I- df B s ■ . m B i 1 1 s£wk fl English 265 Ray Goodman, English. 8. Lindlee Barry, English. 9. Rich Falk, English Coach 10. Dawn Wilson, English Deaf Communications Crop Pep Squad Advisor 1 1 Raynor Taylor, Art — Eng- lish. 12 Steven Roderick, English — Social Science — Varsity Bas- ketball Coach. 13. Enola Sleeper, English. 14. Don K. Smith, Chorus — English. ; ll 266 Engl.sh ar£s r English Helps Students Communicate Mrs. Kay Goodman, English instructor, warns her students that her disposition is subject to change without notice. Mr. Larry McSparren takes a pause while instructing about a clause. English Deaf Communication and Crop instructor Mrs. Dawn Wilson remarks " There are none so deaf as those who will not listen. " Mrs. Lindlee Barry, corrects another essay. English P.E. teacher Mr. Rich Falk thumbs through the dictionary. Mrs. Enola Sleeper gives a lecture to her AP class. English 26 " 268 Foreign Language Effective For International Understanding Foreign Languages — Both our understanding of them and our ability to use them — mav be our most affective instrument for international under- standing. Peace, cooperation and survival itself may largely depend upon our ability to converse on friendly terms with the other people of the world. With a more exact and comprehensive control of language on the part of the individ- ual, a more effective communication develops, for language is the basis for all human relationships. 1. English French teacher Mr. Jerry Spivey kids with some of his students 2 Leon Smith German ESL teacher poses with members of the Vietnamese Club. J. Spanish teacher James Reese savs Como esta I ' d ' 4. Latin English teacher Mrs. Ellen Berry en|ovs a humorous moment with some of her students. 5. Spanish teacher. Mrs. Beatrice Agsaoay gives her students her cute Filipino stare. 6. Barbara Hamberg ESL Aide for Mrs. Wigmore Marilyn Lusk French Ellen Berry English Beatrice Agsaoay Spanish James Reese Spanish Diane Moussiaux Spanish Leon Smith German ESL Mary C. Usantenko ESL aide for Mrs. Wigmore not pictured Anita Storck ESL JLs ?H : « t - 1 J Foreign Language 269 270 Mathematics w w ■ • Math and Computer Teams Take Top Honors The Mathematics Department continues to function on its own Lambert campus. Classes ranging from Math Lab to Calculus are being taught with success as Math and Computer students from THS have taken top honors in recent Orange County contests. This is Mr. Trotter ' s last year of teaching. The department will certainly miss the strength he has given to the school in his many years of teaching at THS 1. Math teacher. Mr. Steve Beck says. " Here ' s the problem " to students. 2. Mr. Stuart Moriensen points to the finish line in one or his Algebra equations. V Math teacher, Mr. Don Larson explains a problem to one of his students. i Math teacher. Mrs. Jean McMaster instructs her class. Mathematics 271 Science Kills Freddie the Frog The main project for the vear in Biology is disecting frogs. How could anyone hurt those poor little helpless green frogs? Well they do and teachers like Bio Bill, Mr. Crippen, Mr. Witt and Mr. Peterson let the kids do it. First they cut open the trog and then probe into him and chop him up! Some kids are really " nice " and they throw around the frogs organs and put the dead frogs into girls purses. The Science Department keeps up with the many changes taking place in the fields of Science. They use the most up-to-date textbooks and supplemental books for each subjcet. The Science Department also has a variety of laborato- ry equipment and specimans for student use. Courses taught in the circular building include: Biology, Biology 10, Life Science, Physical Science, Earth Science, Chemistry, Chemistry E, Physics, Physics E and Horticul- ture. Staff members teaching in the science department are: Department chair- man. Don Crippen, Bill Eilerts, Steve Meier, John Peterson, Ron Bruce, Mike Purciel, and Norm Campbell. SaJMAXh 272 Science Mr. Steve Meier tries to hide poor Freddie ' s body. Chemistry E teacher, Mr. Ron Bruce says, " I didn ' t put the hydrogen sulfide in your class room! " Mr. Mike Purciel makes like Einstein in front of his equation. Science teacher Mr. George Will attempts to show another inter- esting movie, if only his students would pay attention ' " Bio Bill Eilerts " holds up Freddie the Frog who is soon to come to his demise. Ron Bruce. Physics — Chemistry Steve Meier, Biology — Physical Science. Mike Purciel. Chemistry — Social Science. Don Crippen, Biology — Life Sceince Science Department Chair- man. George Witt, Science — Health Safet . Norman Campbell. Horticulture H ►a 1 ) w 1 r V Ss Science 273 Social Science Increases Knowledge of the World The Social Science Department offers a wide variety of courses in both required and elective areas, from World Cultures at the freshmen level to U.S. History at the junior level to Civics and Economics at the senior level, as well as areas of interest including Law, Psychology, and Sociology. The goals of the Social Science Department are to increase a student ' s knowledge of the world, country, and community in which he lives as well as his responsibilities as a citizen. We also work hard to improve the learning skills of students at all levels through a variety of methods. 1 World Cultures teacher, Mr. Bob Boies busilv explains an assignment to his aide Renee Rickard. 2. Civics teacher, Mr. Phil Rolfi lectures again. V Mr. Jim Eyre explains what it ' s like to be in the middle of the road — politically speaking that is. i Economics teacher. Mrs. Alayne Campbell poses sweetly tor the camera. 5. Geography teacher, Mr. Doug Mirich looks thrilled to be guarding the door during registra- tion. ' 7 l Social Science J % V " ■ J - ' ° V r Bob Boies Social Science — Eng- lish. Dorothy Good, Social Science — English. Charles Roslund, Social Sci- ence. Joe DeMaine, Social Science. Brad Lantz, Student and Law — civics — Dept. Chaitman Sharon Seiderberg, Economics. U.S. History teachet Mr. Tom Nelson hugs his aidejill Delcog- nale. Mr. Steve Koser also works in P.E. V jm ¥ " x Social Science 275 Life Skills Teaches Students About M Life The goal ot the Life Skills Department is to teach students basic living skills as well as to expose students to the problems and solutions they might face in everyday life. With exposure to such problems, students will be better prepared to cope in the future and thus lead a more productive adult life. Life Skills subjects are: Foods, Clothing, Health and Safety, Interior Design, Single Living, Marriage and Family Living and Drivers Education Careers. Staff members teaching these subjects are: Chairman Bonnie Smith, Keith Ashby, Charles Meyerett.John Peterson, Vickie Radcliffe, Valerie Thruston and George Witt. Home Economics teacher Mrs. Bonnie Smith passes out worksheets. Ms. Vickie Radcliffe declares that this is not the true way to keep house. Home Economics student Meredith Schultz tries her hand at threading a needle. Drivers Education instructor Mr. Charles Meyerett also tries his hand at coachin Vickie Radcliffe. Home Economics Bonnie Smith, Home Economics Departent Chairman Julie Knappen, Home Economics — Business Education Valerie Thurston, Health and Safety Charles Meyerett, Drivers Ed. — Careers — Varsity Wrestling Coach John Peterson, Science — Psychology — Marriage and Family Living — Coach 276 Life Skills Faculty Superstar I 1 George Witt BQ t0t6£ M_iJ.;r TWO -J FCS MEiV ORLEANS- " eorge was the first 1 straight games in COMPLETE MAJOR i. MINOR LEAGUE PITCHING RECORD lit Pied i as i I 7 7 .000 -214 .000 .700 .500 .375 .500 .720 .000 .600 .818 -750 ERA 2-50 7 50 9.00 4 29 6 00 2 67 342 4.30 4 02 362 2 24 54 00 346 1.61 2.11 george wxi Faculty Superstar Life Skills 2 Tech Ed, Business Offer Skills Tusun High Technical Education Department otters various programs supporting the needs ot the academic com- munity. More information on these programs, including com- ponent kits and tree literature, is contained in the educational information handed out by the shop instructors. Visit rooms 231, 1 703, and 704 for more data. The technical education teachers are Chairman John Turner. Keith Ashby. S:c e Beck. Duane Carlsen. Charles Causer and Howard Dud- lev. the increasing need tor trained office workers, it is important that students consider the manv electives the Busi- ness Department offers. These electives are Accounting. Business Law, Business Machines, Business Principles. Jobs, Model Office. Notehand. Recordkeeping, Shorthand, and Typing. Some ot the business equipment available is IBM electric typewriters, electronic printing calculators, machine transcribers, a memeograph machine, plus a spirit duplicator. The business teachers are Chairman Betty Schaff, Bar- bara Wood, Julie Knappen, and Bob Valenta. Barbara Wood takes a moment to look business like in her typing class. Is Woodshop teacher, Duane Carlsen looking guilty. ' Business Dept. Chairman Betty Shaff takes roll efficient!) Bob Valenta Busmess Education. Metalshop teacher Keith Ashby works in shop class. Autoshop teacher Charles Causer counsels a student about careers in the gas station industry Barbara Wood Business Education Accreditation. Julie Knappen — Business Education, Home Ec. Betty Schaff Busmess Education Business Dept. Chairman. Bob Valenta Business Education. John Turner Drafting Woodshop Tech Ed. Dept. Chairman. Steven Beck Drafting Math Photographv Charles Causer Auto. Howard Dudley Printship Crop Photography Tech. Ec Resource Center Lends A Helping Hand. The Tustin High School Resource Center meets the needs of students who have different learning styles. A few of the opinions from the students about the Resource Center, is that it is a relaxing educational experience that provides helpful and friendly people who really care about what is being taught. Individual attention is devoted to special problems or needs a student may have in the subject areas of English, Social Studies, and Math. The students learn at their own rate through small group instruction. Mary Jones Resource Center Specialist shows her friendly smile that always greets students. Dorothy Terwilliger encounters a few problems in a day s work. Resource Center Aide Maureen Lutrell helps a student with her reading Mildred Serdahely says, put vour complaint in the square below. " Resource Center student Julie Lavelle takes a moment to pose for our photographer. 280 Resource (enter Natalie Lucas, Resource Specialist Program Mary Jones, Resoutce Specialist Program Dorothy Terwilliger, Resource Specialist Program Maureen Lutrell, Resource Center Aide Beverly Robinson. Resource Center Aide Mildred Serdahely, Resource Center Aide Kathleen McCloskey Learning Handicapped Special Day Classes Trudi Luhke, Resource Center Aide Resource Center 281 P.E. Offers a Variety of Skills The Department of Physical Education at Tustin High School continues to provide students with an opportunity to select activities from a broad variety of sports. Units change every six weeks thus providing each student as many as six different sport activities every year. The purpose of the Physical Education program is to provide opportunities for all students to develop physically, mentally, and socially with the emphasis being placed on life- time sports. 1. Mr. Steve Koser and Mrs. Dalia Grigitis take a moment to laugh together. 2. Coaches Charles Meyerett and Boys Athletic Director Bob Michel direct football action from the sidelines. i Cross country coach Tom Coffey poses with his championship team members. 4. Dan Sheehy keeps good attendance records s. Varsity football head coach Tom Nelson is also liked by the girls. mm ' I - - «. 2K2 Ph sical Education 6. Earlene Skinner, Physical Education — Girls Athletic director Margaret Ramondetti, Physical Education Department Chaitman — Girls Varsity Basketball Coach 8. Shirley Sperazza, Physical Education 9. Dalia Grigitis. Physical Education 10. Tom Coffey. Physical Education — Varsity Cross Country Coach Dan Sheehy, Physical Education — Varsity Baseball coach 12 Boyd Philpot, Physical Education Varsity Swimming and Water Polo Coach Physical Education 283 Secretaries, Clerks Keep The Paper Crunch Under Control The secretaries fulfilled their responsibilities and kept Tus- tin High running smoothly. Without the hard work and dedication of these women, THS would have fallen apart a long time ago. The Guidance Secretaries; with the help of many student aides, kept track of the 2200 students at THS. The entire administration, faculty, and student body are eter- n.illv indebted to this group of self-sacrificing people who helped to keep the paper crunch down at Tustin High School. 1. TBE aide, Ms. Ruth Y ' eatts smiles while looking up some student files. 2. School nutse. Mrs. Nadene Holuh. smiles for the photographer ) Assistant Principals s secretary Mrs. Diane Burns savs. " We ' re Num- ber 1 at THS ' i Clerk tvpist. Mrs. Ann Hench keeps the place husv tracking down absent students. 5. Principals secretary Mrs. Dorothv Kellv keeps husv - J f. ' " ' 1 mr i mB ♦ . " jl 1 T - H A M ■j 284 Office Help Carol Flanagan — Health Services Clerk Carolynn Mann — Clerk Typist Chris Franco — Records Clerk Dorothy Kelly — Secretary of the Principal Mary Ellen Cecala — Secretary of Assistant Principa Janae Krol — Secretary of Assistant Principal Nancy Rodman — Records Clerk Wanda Fahring — Guidance Secretary Karen Hennessey — Accounts Clerk, Student Store Cheryl Denio — Attendance Clerk Nedra Hench Clerk Typist W ' " - 51 ■ j I v ' A; 4. mz., R WW 1 V v Office Help 285 Supervisors, Walk-ons Help Carry The Load Because of the decline in student enrollment and because of the inability to find existing coaches on the faculty, walk-ons were hired bv the school to work as coaches for the P.E. Department. These coaches work part-time for Tustin High and also help support the school bv working and helping students to develop coordinating skills. Campus Supervisors worked every school day and helped to keep the sidewalks clear. They always had a friendly attitude with everyone at Tustin High and helped students to keep on the go. oun Supervisor Biff Rhea poses with Majorettes Val Beauchamp and Barbara Stevenson. Coaches Al Waterman, son Scott and coach Byron Bronson are caught at a ttack meet. Coach Bronson brings much experience to Tustin sports trom his days on the Green Bay Packers where he participated in the 196 7 Super Bowl against the Oakland Raiders. 286; ( .impus Superv " Bandage baby " Cindy Molder dresses up for Halloween. Supervisor Marie Rodriquez catches Bob Moore escaping from campus. Long term substitute Mr. Doug Manning caught working in another class. Sophomore football coach Mr. Don Richardson calls the plays. Cindy Molder, campus supervisor Lois Cooper, campus supervisor Marie Rodriquez, campus supervisor " Biff Blaine Rhea, campus supervisor Robert Harris, retired teacher working on special projects Doug Manning Tustin high ' s favorite sub Walk-ons 28 " Support Crew Makes it Possible for Tustin High to Run Smoothly The custodial staff has worked hard this vear to clean up our campus. The day shift performed all kinds ot odd duties: cleaning the walks, purging the cafeteria, sweeping up the smoking area, and any other jobs which occurred while school was in progress. The night shift cleaned the class- rooms, restrooms, and offices. The students and faculty really should be more appreciative of the effort put forth by the custodial staff. The cafeteria staff slaved everyday to prepare the best food possible for the students to eat. In a move to upgrade the services junk food was replaced by more nutritious fare until after the fifth period. 2HK Support Staff Custodians: Front row: Walt Parker, John Faubus, Al Yaugo, Tom Ward Row 2: Ray Brunner, Ernie Aracon, Bob Hernandez, George Raya Groundman Ray Brunner, takes a moment to sweep the sidewalks near the Audition room. Plant Foreman Walt Parker and cus- todian Tom Ward caught driving through the campus on the electric cart. Walt is retiring this summer after many years of fine service to Tustin High School. P.E. equipment and Norm Weaver pose for the camera. Pool man Larry Taplet hoses down the deck LaVeda Moses sorts out girls P.E. uniforms. Betty Swisher, Cafeteria manager. Mary Lou Dixon, Cafeteria cashier Barbara Kerns, Cafeteria, Edna Peterson, Cafeteria. Virginia Bowles, Cafeteria. Sara Perkins, Cafeteria. Kay Savers, Cafeteria Judith Capalety, Cafeteria. Bettie Vaughn, Cafeteria. Barbara Dee Mifflin, Cafeteria. Mary Burns, Cafeteria Support Staff 289 Community Community Comn 290 Community X v - « if ' r 6 , --, Community Gets Involved Tiller Days and advertising are the community section. The Audion Staff would like to thank all our advertisers tor supporting us this year. _ ' Tustin or Bust one of the famous old cars at the Tustin Tillers Day Parade. Saddleback Florist supports the Tustin High Audion. The Tiller Way is the only wav Togos, a favorite munch place. lity Community Community Community 291 Tiller Days Highlight City ' s Heritage Tiller Days was held this year the ninth, tenth and eleventh of October. Headed by committee chairperson Cherrill Webb, Tiller Days is quoted as being a " teal success. " On Friday there was the fair and live entertainment that night. On Saturday the fair continued. At ten o ' clock in the morning the parade was held. The Sweepstakes award winner in the band competition was Whitter Christian. Tustin ' s Marching Units placed third in band competi- tion, third in the dtum major competition and first in the majorette competition. Farmer Fred from the Irvine Ranch Market was the Grand Marshall of the parade. Other activities going on during the weekend included a pancake breakfast put on by the Cham- ber of Commerce, a Bar-B-Que sponsored by the Boys ' Club and a concert by the Marine Corps Band. 1. Miss Vicki Robinson, Miss Tustin 1981. 2. Ronald McDonald goes wild and crazv during the parade. v Whitter Christian, the sweepstakes winners in the band competition, i The Monarch Lion from Lion Country Safari. 5. Tustin little residents try their chance at the goldfish booth. 6. Tustin High student Todd Webb drives the tram at the fair in Peppertree Park. 7. The Lions Club of Tustin provides beverages tor the older residents of Tustin. 292 Tiller Days Tiller Davs 29 Students Work For Extra Money Working, after school and or on the week- ends was an experience many students attempt- ed. Money was the main reason students went out and got jobs. With inflation, the cost of movies and dinner has gotten quite expensive. Kids realize that they can not go to Mom and Dad anymore for that twenty dollars they need for the movies and dinner. The minimum wage is three dollars and thirty-five cents an hour. Places where students work include: Del Taco, Bar- ro ' s, Albertsons, gas stations, drug stores, Farmers Market, McDonalds, Baskin-Rob- bins, Bullock ' s and the Broadway. Senior Lisa Spitzer says that " Working is a rewarding exrjerience. " 294 Working Senior Candy Coombs doubles up as a clerk at Park Plaza Pharmacy and La Boutique. Seniors Mary Wentsel and Tino Nunez take a break from work at Irvine Ranch Farmers Market. Senior Leah Miller prepares a Barro ' s pizza for a customer. Senior Lisa Spitzer arrives to work on time at Lemon Heights Drug store. Senior Joe Pelleriti waits patiently for the next customer at Park Plaza Pharmacy. Working 29-) EATERY Sandwiches Galore 1631 E. 17th St. Santa Ana. California 92701 (714) 547-8233 Phone 544-6460 TING ' S HOUSE dh ' ui£.i.£. }ood to f O 664 El. Camino Real.. Tustin, Ca. El. Camino Plaza daily - ii:ao to a p.m. Sunday 4:30 to 9 P.M. Saddleback Flower Shop Unique Floral Designs for All Occasions saddleback Blower Shop 601 EI. 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Ca. 92680 (Albertson ' s Shopping Center) 1 2932 Newport Ave. Tustin, CA 730-9409 ' We pay cash for your records and tapes ' 298 C ■ immunity EN DERLE CENTER I7lh Yorba • Tjstin • 544-661 1 DOWNTOWN 434 El C«mino Real • Tustin • 544-4471 4LOTW hill 701 E. First St., Tustin, Ca. 92680 (714) 730-5500 -J !J£rjUjJ SJJ J JJ-LHJ 526 E. First St., Tustin, Ca. 92680 (714) 838-0411 ( ommunit) 299 CONGRATULATIONS Class of ' 82 From The Family Fun Center Tustin Lanes 1091 OLD IRVINE BLVD. TUSTIN. CALIFORNIA 92680 (714) 731-5022 THE GOOD THE BAD THE FUNNY THE SAD THE PLACES THE FRIENDS THE TIMES THE TRENDS ALLTHE GAMES ANDALLTHE NAMES. EVERYTHING ' S THERE IN YOUR YEARBOOK. Qt HERFF JONES YEARBOOKS Greg Hemsoth Larry E. Kluss Yearbook Representative (714)974-1975 714 838-4400 QUALITY ME7V ' S BOY ' S WEAR Larwin Square • First Newport • Tustin WO Community DISCOUNT SWIM WEAR! gigantic selection VONE PIECE SUITS BIKINIS D- CUPS • TERRI COVER-UPS " NAME BRANDS " ATLANTIS SWIMWEAR 1806 North Tustin Avenue • Tustin North of 17th Street 547-1552 SEASHORE SWIMWEAR 14341 Beach Boulevard • Westminster North of Hazard 892-6839 Reliable Drug Centers Shop at our drug and variety stores for all your needs. We are getting a new post office sub station where you can buy stamps and mail packages. This starts as of March 15th 1982. Shop at both of our locations: In Tustin: In Anaheim: 14541 Red Hill av. Tustin 440 S. Anaheim Hills Anaheim Student Ads Grace Kelly Buys First Student Ad Hi babe! " You are so funny! " Great times — Tp 3-1 night. VC AR MD Cruse D ' s 320; Audi — GHVC SR O babe Wnt. Frml " ChcKiss " S.Bali, Rubys " Bingo. " Bye bye Boo boo Kitty Love to you, Omie Through thick or through thin We ' re gonna do it together Bye bye Tustin High Roxanne Howard, Chris Dobak, Dawn Howe and Candy Coombs Community 301 ..tir -. CRAIG LISA You scrub my back, and I ' ll scrub yours! Lee: Summer HI 6 7 Beachhouse " 7 9 Parties — Hot tub — Pat Benetar Homecoming 10 M 200sx — Journey — Friends dreams loving you — I need you so. These memories I ' ll treasure forever but the best times are vet to come. 1-4-3 Anne Ya to go big A! It looks like you ' re gonna make it after all. Se va at ( al State. DPTBAPS - Work hard have fun. Your loving bro CONGRATl ' LATIONS! Mark and Sue Dunham on a great year. Mark with his first coaching ex- perience and Sue with het Sen- A _V_ Gerry Patty Forever! l l )SJ Rules Mercedes. Karen and Allvson Thank s so muc :h for making this vear a fu l and successful one. X ithout our he p I could hav e never done it. Thanks a lot (lass of 8-4 Arthur t • Student Ads V REMEMBER WHEN? Arrived August 12. 1964 Terri Bear — You ' re 1 Thank you Lord for happy times June 17. 1982 — vou made it!! I it- sister you ' re tops Yuma. Quantico. Pensacola. Sacramento. Japan. Taiwan. Jacksonville, Tustin WE LOVE YOU LOTS, MOM DAD Clockwise starting from upper left hand corner: Our bundle of joy, Peek-a-boo. Local beach bunny. Boy is this a cheap tub. Oh boy chocolate. What do you mean walk to school. Bobbv sox. How do play a flute. Who rubbed the lamp. 75 5th grade " Japan " . 1972. 1968, Oct. ' 66 Pens. Fla.. Best friends. Trick or treat. Christmas 1973. Turn down the sun. Student Ads i03 Senior Hoys Aaron. John 136 Abrams. Joe 136 Acuna, Jose 136 Aguilar, Mark 90. 136 Allen, David 136 Andes. David 136 Castellaw, Joel 22, 140 Cave. Michael 140 Cecala. Lee 140 Cecineros, Esteban 140 Chang. Steven 74, 140 Cheng. John 62, 73. 140. 153, 181 Choi, Tony 13, 44, 78, 83. 140 Chuml, Mark 140 Enfield, Joseph 143 Enquist, Douglass 143 Enckson, Randy 143 Erler, William 6, 38. 144 Feeher. Jason 144 Fennell.Joe 144 Fletcher, Scott 134. 144 Formby. Andrew 67. 72. 90, 145 Hickman, Brian 48, 74. 83, 148 Hodge, Kevin 148 Holland, Greg 139. 148 Holte. Randy 148 Hoover. Brian 6, 148 Hopper. Russell 148 Horner. Brett 148 Howell, Randall 40. 72. 148 Porter. Barry 83, 102, 136. 159 Potvin. Pat 159 Price. Michael 159 Provence. Mark 159 Quesnell. Bill 78, 160 Rawding. Scott 160 Reid. Chip 160 Robinson. Terence 160 ' 79 Graduates Andre. Chris 136 Andren, Michael 136 Axelson. James 83, 84, 102, 137, 147, 156, 180 Barbu. Eric 137 Barron, Michael 6, 67. 72, 137 Belles, Mike 65, 137 Benz, Richard 12, 78, 138 Berkowrtz, John 23, 138 Berry, Jeff 6, 138 Berry. Werner 71, 138 Blak ' ely, Kent 138 Boe, Steven 22. 1 39 Bouavanh, Konekanok 135, 139 Clark, Kevin 141 Clark, Richard 141 Collard, John 83, 141, 165. 182 Connolly. Pat 141 Conway, Scott 86, 141 Cortez, Brian 141 Courtney. Ron 141 Craddock. Spencer 141 CrawforTJ. Craig 141 Crecion, Steve 16, 78, 142 Cundall, Michael 142 Dall, Scott 62, 72, 83. 142 Dang, Bao Q 152 Danskin, Mick 13, 16, 17, 45. 46, 63 Fortier, Robert 145 Fox. Kenneth 145 Frank. Michael 6, 24. 45, 102, 145 Frank, Robert 145 Frawley, David 145 Fritschle. Paul 74, 145 Gable, John 145 Galchutt, Eric 145 Gale, Michael 83. 145 Gallaugher. Greg 74, 145 Gerhard, Mark 146 Gertz, Joe 146 Glover, George 146 Goodwin, David 146 Former Tiller punter Jeff Partridge was the starting punter for the Rose Bowl winning University of Washington Huskies this year. He helped the Huskies win 28-0 over Iowa. Boydston, Brian 139 Brincho. Matthew 139 Brown, Kerry 139 Brincho. Matt 139 Burgi, Richard 139 Burt, jeffery 62. 1 39 Camera, Jeffery 83, 140 Cardenas, Victor 140 Carroll, Norman 54, 140 Cartensen, Tom 140 Carter, James 13, 28, 86, 92, 1 VI, 140 83. 86, 139. 142, 144 Day. Scott 83, 84, 139, 142 Deshler. David 142 Diaz. William 143 Diazdeleon. Dean 143 Dixon, Ronald 143 Dodson. Chuck 83, 135, 143. 180 Donaldson. Randy 143 Edelstein. Steve 143 Ellis, John 9. 44, 49, 66. 74, 86, 131, 142, 143, 148 Elsayed, Kaled 143 Grabill, Troy 80, 83, 84, 135 Grace, Mark 6, 63, 86, 102, 141, 146, 180 Gratian.John 146 Groleau, Tom 74, 146 Hall, Steve 147 Hamilton. Myles 147 Hammond. James 147 Hansen. Jeffrey 147 Hanson, Michael 147 Hatanaka, John 14 7 Hawkins, John 83, 147 Hughes. Btadley 149 Robinson, Thomas 78. 160 Huynh. Hoang 149 Rocco, Mike 161 Hyde. Timothy 149 Rogers, Matt 83, 84, 135, 161 Ingram. Blake 28, 149 Rohrbaugh, Steven 40. 67, 134, 161 Jiles. Darin 149 Ruane. Ronald 68, 161 Johnson. Brian 149 Ryan, Craig 83, 161 Johnson, David 149 Sculhn.Jim 60, 72, 161 Jones. Bob 72. 149 Seckendorf, Ed 180 Jonovic. Joseph 149 Semar, Jonathan 162 Kato, Steve 149 Severson. David 162 Kearney. Michael 149 Shaner, Tim 54. 57, 162 Keller, Duane 149 Shank. Scott 162 Keller, Kevin 83. 149 Sharpe, Gary 162 Kenney, Robert 150 Shields, John 83. 84. 86, 162 Kerney. Pete 149 Shrode, Michael 90, 162 Khuu, Minh 150 Siegal. Kenneth 163 Kimes, Matt 150 Silverman, Russell 163 Kino, Jonni 90 Simon, Jeffrey 163 Koch, Dominik 60 Skelton, David 163 Koines. Andrew 40. 74, 78, 150 Smith. Bill 163 Kozak, Chris 151 Smith. Scott 75, 163 Kunysz, James 151 Sotoodeh, Kayvan 163 La, Minh Van 151 Sparke, Doug 60, 72, 74. 163 Lamar. Adam 72. 90. 151 Spear. Jay 71 Laubach, Pat 74, 78. 151 Spears. Lawrence 163 Le. Thien Trung 151 Stackhouse. Chris 163 Le, Thomas 151 Steinmeyer. John 75. 163 Leavey. Sam 151 Stiles. Clay 90. 92. 164 Lejeune. Ken 151 Storey. David 22. 164 Liebscher, Eric 151 Storm, Todd 164 Logan, Garrett 6, 66. 72. 83. 135. Sutcliff, Scott 164 152. 159, 162 The book Suwalski. Frank 164 Long. Gregory 152 Tallman, Steve 164 Losee. John 152 Tate. William 54. 164 Lundherg, Dana 12, 67, 94 Theakston, Harry 165 Luu, Lam 152 Thiebolt. Brett Hendrick 40, 62, 67, Lutz.John 67, 152 131 Manyik, Jeffrey 152 Thompson, Scott 165 Marks. Jeffrey 152. 318 Timmering, Ken 69 Martin. James 152 Tinz, Michael Lawrence 62. 165 Meguiar. Mickey 66. 153 Todd. Richard 78, 165 Meyer. Russell 153 Tolce, Jerrold 165 Mielke. Brian 153 Tran, Minh Hon 165 Millard. Ty 153 True, Stephen 166 Milligan, Ronald 90, 153, 315 Turner. Kevin 166 Mills. Raymond 153 Tutt, Brad 166 Moore, Steven 153 VanGuilder. Kyle 166 Morris, John 153 Vasconcellos. Doug 166 Muldoon, James 153 VanDeerlin. Peter 72, 74. 78, 90. Murrel, John 30. 46, 86, 156 166. 180 Nelson, Mike 157 VanEvery. William 83, 84 Nguyen, Dung 157 Vaughan, Greg 166 Nguyen, Tuan Minh 157 Vaupel, Kurt 167 Nishimura. Earl 74, 78, 157 Vega, Pete 167 Nunez, Tino 29, 91, 92, 157, 294 Vestil, Jose 167 Odean, Doug 157 Vining, Matthew 167 Oglesbee. Brett 158 Wagner, Chris 167 Ottobre, Al 158 Wakefield, Todd 167 Owen, David 158 Wehn. Patrick 167 Park, Heejong 158 Weissenberger, Anthony Richard Parker. Mike 45, 63. 78, 91. 92. 158 13. 62. 94, 121. 168 Paule. James 15K Welch. Ranee 38, 72, 83. 112. 151. Pawsat. Rich 160 168 Pelleriti. Joe 158, 295 Whitcomb. Alan 66. 168 Pelletier. David 158 Wilmouth, Rick 168 Perry, James 102, 158 Winn, Steven 168 Pflomm, Robert 71. 92. 158 Winters. Bryan 18. 83. 168, 180 Pinson, Glenn 62. 135. 159 Wong. Lewis Marc 25, 62, 83, 86, 304 Index 1 168 Woo. Charles 4. 74, 168 Woodland, Conrad 67, 168 Yates, Brian 168 Yagle, Robert 55, 168 Young, Anthony 60. 78, 168 Zatyko, Rory Michael 62. 83, 139. 169 Engeleiter, Shelly 43 Escobar. Eliana 138. 144 Espeland. Lynn 144 Evans. Tina 144 Fahey, Kathryn 72. 90, 144 Fahland, Cheryl 7, 72, 144 Farden, Dianna 144 Field, Jeana 144 Mallon, Carol 38, 100. 152 Mallon. Elaine 135. 152 Magnemi, Donna 152 Marino, Julie 152 Martel. Anne 63. 90, 152 Matz. Rene Catherine 38. 49. 62, 63 66, 72. 78. 152 Mendez. Martha 58. 153 Excel In Athletics Senior Girls Abt, Lisa 136 Aday, Susie 136 Aldrich, Beth 136 Aim, Eileen 136 Anderson, Susan 136 Andrews, Dina 15. 16, 51, 52, 86, 136, 141. 180 Armenta, Tammie 50, 52. 137, 138, 147, 150 Arnold, Sharon 137 Arriola, Lorraine 137 Ashman, Tamara 78, 137 Bahret, Linda 11, 72. 137 Bain, Katrina 72, 137 Balm. Robin 58, 72, 137 Bakes. Jennifer 137 Barker, Susan 137 Barnes, Sandra 137 Barry, Christina 72, 137 Baxter, Dana 7, 137 Beehn, Kim 137 Be|al, Marcela 137 Beiodeau, Jeanmarie 50, 52, 63, 137, 58 Berger, Lisa 72, 78. 138 Bevendge. Toi 46, 63, 74. 78. 138 Bidart. Michelle 138 Blank. Lani 11, 139 Bliss, Kathy 139 Blyther, Judith 139 Bogaty, Christine 139 Bollinger. Catherine 139 Borden, Joy 14, 16. 17, 55, 58, 86, 138, 139 Boyce, Elizabeth 139 Brady, Diana 54, 139 Busa, Julie 139 Byrnes, Kathleen 139 Brown, Marcy 50. 52, 110. 139 Bui, Phuong Lan 139 Caldwell, Kimi 140 Cao, Bui Trucchi 149 Carr, Tammy 140 Cashen, Christine 54, 140 Castrezana, Maria 140 Chavez, Christine 42, 58, 140 Cisneros. Jaquehne 46. 72, 78, 141 Cogswell, Melmda 141 Coombs. Candy 141. 294 Corwin. Sabra 75, 78, 141 Cosgrove, Colleen 141 Critchfield, Debbie 142 Oalgetty. Knsty 142 Dang, Dao Hong 142 Day, Melinda 142 DelaPena, Patricia 142 DelCrognale, Jill 45, 72, 110, 133, 142, 160 Deming. Lori 142. 182 DeSutter, Cindy 143 Dixon, Deborah 143 Do, Thuy N. 143 Dobak, Christine 15, 18, 24, 50, 51, 63, 86, 143. 165 Dunham, Susan 7, 38, 143, 175 Eggleton. Linda 143 Finnegan, Karen 26. 46, 144 Finney. Karyn 144 Fiatko, Holly 144 Forbes. Leanne 145 Franklin, Chris 145 Gain. Margaret 65, 145 Galchutt, Kristen 145 Garcia, Raquel 145 Garde, Victoria 145 Gebo, Regina 27. 145 Geer, Leah 45, 145 Golden, Robynn 60, 65. 146 Gonzales, Sharon 72, 146 Goubert, Gina 98. 146 Graves, Lynda 45, 72, 134, 146 Greenberg, Beth 65, 146 Grencik. Lisa 146 Groves, Jamie 146 Groves, Jeanette 131, 146 Guillen. Pamela Ann 62, 138, 146 Haag. Fredenka 146 Hall. Kim 146 Hammer, Lori 110, 147, 180 Hanson, Sheila 147 Harlak, Laura 147 Hartman, Brenda 54, 57. 147, 182 Hawkins, Jill 147 Hayes, Jennifer 147 Hernandez, Renee 147 Hofmann, Leslie 148 Hoskins, Teresa 45. 100. 148, 156 Howard, Roxanne 51. 148 Howard. Stephanie 148 Howe, Dawn 7. 12, 15. 26, 50, 52, 78, 90, 92, 136, 148 Hoxie, Diane 63, 148 Hudson, Candace 38, 149 Jenkins, Lisa 46, 78, 149 Jonsson, Anna 149 Jorgensen. Kathryn 75, 149, 181 Kale. Kathy 45, 72, 98. 110, 133, 148, 149. 153, 187 Kardos, Lynn 149 Kelly, Grace 78, 150, 301 Kelly, Kim 72, 78, 150 Kennedy, Princeen 150 Khuu, Tu 150 Kim.Ja Myung 150 King, Marcia 74, 150 Kleczko, Celaine 72, 150 Klokochar, Linda 150 Klos, Laura 150 Koerber, Kari 72, 100, 110, 150 Kost, Kathy 151 Kostof. Mary 151 Krause, Susan 151 Krochman, Beth 151 Krol, Beata 151 Lambert, Tina 151 Laughlin, Patricia 8, 151 Leiter, Dawn 151 LeonGuerrero, Michelle 45, 46, 63, 151 Loh, Betty 152 Long, Patricia 152 Loomis. Loree 70, 99, 152 MacDonald, Debora 152 Ma|er, Teresa 152 McBratney. Colleen 156 McCanon, Patricia 156 McCurdy, Geri 156 McGuire, Tiffany 50, 78. 156 McLaughlin. Carol 156 McMahon, Regina 156 McNulty. Tamara 55, 57, 67, 156 Mercuno, Parri 153 Miller, Leah 153. 295 Molina. Cynthia 7. 46, 67, 100, 153 Muse, Julie 156 Nedler, Adrienne 49, 62, 63. 157 Negri, Larissa Jo 62, 157 Nelson, Shannon 157 Nelson, Valerie 7. 46, 67, 72, 100, 157 Newman, Julie 45, 46. 72. 100, 157 Nguyen, Hoat Thi 157 Nguyen, Lan 157 Nguyen, Phuong Thi 157 Nguyen, Tarn 157 Nolan, Mitzie 30, 46, 72. 78, 157 Nunez, Beatrice 78, 157 OConnell, Laurie 46, 67, 72, 110, 157 Oelrich, Susan 157 Or. Chnstl 158, 162 Osbourne, Leslie 100, 144, 158 Palmer, Alison 72, 78, 80. 98, 158 Paschall, Sara 72, 158 Patchin, Laura 185 Patterson, Patricia 158 Paxton, Paula 156 Pham, Khanh Phuong 156 Phillips, Madeline 65, 158 Piazza, Courtney 49, 50, 52. 63, 139 Polen, Peggy 46, 159 Pollak, Kim 159. 182 Pope. Lisa 66, 159 Porter. Charlene 98. 159 Potenza, Paula 159 Powell, Rebecca 72, 159 Pozzi, Lisa 159 Pryor, Catherine 159 Purdie, Robyn 62, 160 Pyle, Mia Suanne 160 Quails, Tammy 160 Rapaport, Karen 160 Reiter, Wendy 160 Rewers, Andrea 43, 45, 72, 98, 110, 133. 160 Ribeau, Stacy 160 Richardson, Rhonda 160 Rickard, Renee 160, 181 Roensch. Becky 74, 161 Root, Debbie 78, 161 Rose, Renee 161 Ross, Frances 161 Roozer, Lisa 161 Rundquist, Christy 161 Russell, Teresa 28, 64. 72, 161 Schlesinger. Susan 161 Schnmsher, Tracy 45, 72, 133, 142, 161 Schultz, Kelli 72, 134, 161 Scott, Brenda 161 Scott. Katherine 46. 78. 110, 161 Seiler, Karen 46, 78, 161 Sellers. Amy 27, 72, 161 Shaffer. Denise 78, 98, 162 Shaffer, Lisa 78, 98, 162 Sheehy, Laura 12, 46, 50, 162 Shelly, Paige 162 Shelton. Julie 162 Shim, Grace 162 Shirley, Cecelia 162 Thull, Sheryl 110, 165 Timm. Lisa 165 Toice, Karel 165 Tolman. Kelly 55, 60, 165 Torres, Lisa 46. 78, 165 Toyeas, Jodi 165 Traister. Carol 67. 165 Tsirba. Despina 166 Sisneros, Donna 163 Smiley. Diana 163 Smith, Cynthia 163 Smoot, Kathy 15, 31, 38, 45, 72, 86, 90. 163 Sperling, Sherri 51. 163 Sperry, Cynthia 163 Spitzer, Lisa 78, 163. 295 Spurr. Lori 66. 163 Stevens, Aptil 90, 92, 131, 163 Stiles. Debbie 164 StMartin, Beverly 68. 164 Stophen, Diana 164 Strawn, Starr 164 VanCina. Wendy 90, 166 Violette. Catherine 167 Voltarel, Linda 46, 78, 167 VonRoth. Caroline 167 Wachowiak. Lynn 167 Ward. Susan 49. 167 Warner. Laura 49. 63, 167 Waters, Susan 167 Waterman, Lisa 167 Watson. Lisa 72, 167 Weichsel, Laurie 168 Weldon, Marie 40, 168 Wentsel. Mary 45, 50, 52, 72, 168, 294 Robin Porter 79 THS graduate is currently in Pennsylvania working out with the Olympic field hockey team, she hopes to make the team ' in 84. Strom, Shelly 50, 164 Stryker, Shannon 90, 91. 164 Sutterfield. Jennifer 164 Svendsen. Sharon 30, 75, 164 Takita. Shiho 164 Tammaro. Tonetta 72, 164 Taylor. Carolyn 72, 164 Taylor. Kim 54, 164, 182 Teater, Debra 46, 90, 164 Thayer, Sarah 165 White, Sharon 168 Wilson, Marcy 168 Wollweber, Erica 159, 168 Young, Monica 168 Yu, Susy 169 Zahner, Brenda 169 Zelinger, Marci 100, 169 Junior Boys Index 305 Acuna. Alberto 193 Allard, Cliff 94, 193 Amador. Mike 105, 193 Amman, Stephen 83, 193 Andetson, Etic 112 Anderson. Jeff 193 Anderson, Paul 193 Andetson, Steven 193 Btock, Daniel 90. 194 Btonson, |oel 194 Bui, Cuong Quoc 194 Catuso, Michael 84, 195 Castanada, Dennis 194 Castellanet. Curtis 46, 72, 73, 75, 194 Castellano, Dean 194 Castto, Jamie 195 196 Duvall, Chuck 196. 312 Edelstein, Andy 196 Eichinget. Etic 196 Eloe, Richard 112. 196 Eltod.Joel 196 ElSayed, Yasset 196 Emick. Thomas 196 Goodger, Michael 94, 197 Green, Randy 197 Grinde. Etic 197 Groom, David 197 Grossman. Jay 197 Haacket. Petet 105. 197 Hahn. Andy 105, 197 Hardet. Francis 198 Mowers. J.J. 105, 202 Myron. Don 62, 71. 202 Negard, Steve 90, 202 Nelson. Bfian 202 Nguyen. Chuong 202 Nguyen. Due Huan 202 Nguyen. Francis 202 Nguyen, Quy 202 Graduate Rich Umphrey Apecella, Frank 193 Chee, Bnan 195 Engbarth. John 196 Araiza. Steve 193 Cho, Yong 195 Erfurt, Mark 104, 196 Arther, Gregory 193 Cole, Billy 195 Escalette, Jeff 196 Atkins, John " 3, 193 Cooper. Barry 55. 57. 58, 195 Estep, Jeff 83. 84, 196 Avres. Richard 193 Cooper. George 195 Esterholt. Mark 83. 196 Baker. David 193 Corfield. Kevin 195 Eaber, Robert 196 Baker, Devin 83. 193 Cornish. Kevin 195 Facto. Robert 197 Balsells. Peter 94. 193 Culberson, Paul 195 Faitback. Dwight 83, 197 Bakes. Joseph 103 Cummins. Matthew 195 Fields. James 55, 57. 197 Bantle. Clint 72, 193 Dalhover. Robert 90. 195 Fisher, Scott 197 Barclay. Adam 193 Dalv. Brian 195 Flink. Jason 197 Barralon. Marc 193 Davis. Charles 195 Flora. Doug 197 Basler. Eddie 193 Denny. Mike 195 Forstadt. Jerry 54. 197 Beach, Frank 193 Dmh.Hieu Buu 195 Forstadt, Michael 54. 197 % iy r r » %% ' i 1 Fotmer Tiller Linebacker Rich Umphrey started this vear with the University of Colorado Buffalos as center. He also participated in the all star bowl game held in San Diego. He is currently trying out for a position with the Dallas Cowboy ' s and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Becket, William 193. 204 Behar. Steve I ' M Benitez, Santiago 194 Bennet. Richard 112 Bivens, Kenneth 19-1 Blair, Eric 194 Bollinger, Pete 83 Bower. Gene 194 Brincho. Lome 194 Doan. Due Minh 195 Dobak.John 195 Doerner, Scott 195 Doring. Tim 206 Dorsch. Eric 196 Doting. Michael 28. 94, 196 Doumani, Phil 196 Drake, Patrick 196 Drouin, Hunt 45, 46. 48. 78, 192. Frank. Steven 66, 90. 180, 197 Gafner, Jay 83. 102, 197, 209 Gala. Yogesh 197 Gallaway, Brad 197 Garza. Jesse 197 Gerspach, Eric 197 Gill, Fred 18, 197 Golka, Dan 197 Golka, Damn 18. 83. 197 Hardin, Brad 198 Harris. Denver 102. 198 Hart. Richard 54, 198 Hayden, Dana 198 Hendries, Ed 198 Hernandez. Victor 198 Hevwood. Vernon 198 Hickle. Doug 198 Hill, Richard 198 Hinton. Mark 198 Hoffman. Tim 198 Homer, David 199 Home. Peter 198 Hov. David 96. 198 Huff. Keith 198 Hunter, Jeffery 54, 198 Huynh. Bo Tan 198 Imai, Dennis 206 Jackman, Michael 83, 112, 198 Jacobs, Guy 198 Jasica. Tony 45, 48, 72, 78, 192, 198 Joh. Berme 104 Kakishita, Damn 105. 199 Kanmi. Ashkan 199 Kaufman. Geofferv 199 Kelley. David 199 Kelly, Tony 199 Kilbourne. Tim 199 Kim.Joo 199 Kimes. Steven 90, 199 Koosed. Dan 199 Kus, Jeff 199 Le, Dung 200 Le. Hai Thanh Nguyen 200 Le, Tung 200 Leavitt. Jared 200 Lee, Jeffery 200 Lee, Kwangjin 200 Lefave, Mike 200 Lciter, Robert 46, 200 Levin, Brad 112, 200 Linton. Mark 96, 200 Linzey, Christopher 200 Loustaunau, Philip 200 Lucas. Michael 112. 200 Lutson. Alex 200 Luu. Son 200 Macchiaroli, John 200 Magenau. Dana 200 Maher, Kris 201 Malone. James 201 Mann. Sean 201 Masri, Khalid 201 Mattingly. Scott 102, 201 McCarthy. Paul 201 McDaniel. Mike 201 McLaughlin. Joseph 201 McShane.John 201 Mercer, Keith 201 Mielke, Randall 201 Milek, John 54, 201 Mmton, Rusty 112 Mintz, John 201 Minuskin. Gteg 201 Miziker. Bob 201 Montgomery. Datin 102. 127. 201 Moore. Jeff 83, 196. 201 Moore. Robert 62, 201 Norby. Donald 54, 202 Northrup, Randall 82. 84. 202 Pace. John 202 Papadopoulos. George 202 Pappolla, Carlo 202 Park. Sam 202 Passano. Americo 202 Peart, Neil 202 Petrin, Michael 83, 202 Pham, Hoang Van 202 Pham, Huy Kim 203 Pickard, Sean 203 Pickels, Dave 96, 203 Pierce, Brett 83, 84, 203 Piper. |ohn 203 Plummer, Sean 112. 203 Pollev, Micheal 203 Powell, Don 52, 83, 203 Preijens. Andy 203 Prell, Christopher 203 Quick, Gregg 203 Ramirez, Jose 203 Ramsey. |oel 83 Rausch. Robert 203 Renne. James 203 Ressler. Bryan 203 Reynolds, torn 83, 203 Riley. Raymond 203 Roumimper. Eugene 204 Roybal. Robert 204 Rubin. Adam 66. 204 Ruiz. Gilbert 204, 318 Rundle. Keith 204 Rushton. Michael 204 Sandin. Scott 204 Schwabe. Michael 102, 205 Serrama. David 205 Shafer.John 205 Shaver. Larry 205 Shorrock, Jeffery 205 Short, Craig 205 Simot, Brent Francis 62, 94, 205 Sirois. Ray 205 Smyth, Jay 205 Spellman, Jeff 205 Spence, Craig 205 Spicer, Cameron 205 Stackhouse. Brett 205 Staggs, Cory 205 Stall. Todd 22, 205 Stager. Rav 205 Stewart. Gteg 190. 206 Stewart. Jeff 206 Stieler. Chris 206 Sullivan. Mike 206 Sullivan. Steve 206 Sutcliff. David 206 Sutton, Reggie 60, 206 Swanson. Steven 206 Sweeney. Joseph 206 Ta, Phong Van 206 Tardiff, Brian 40, 206 Terry. John 206 Tewafi, Krishnansu 206 Thatcher. John 206 Townswick. Donald 54. 5 " 206 Tran. Giang Phong 206 Tran, Linh 206 3(xyindex Tran. Phu 206 Tran. Thang Vinh 206 Turner, Kenneth 105, 207 V.llar, Nick 207 Vizcarra. Mike 207 Waiters, Mark 207 Wagner. Matt 207 Wagner, Tim 207 Cornveau, Donna Jean 62. 194 Craddock, Sloane 194 Craft, Valerie 194 Daughtery, Susan 91. 194 Delatorre. Christine 58, 194 Denso. Kellie 98, 202 Dinh, Huong Buu Thi 194 Dissmger, Heidi 194 Lee. Tina 55. 200 Lipcomb, Suzette 45, 110, 192, 200, 318 Lopez, Ivette 200 Losee, Jeannine 200 Lyon. Katie 200 Lyon, Rhonda 200 Madigan. Melinda 200 Schultz. Janice E 204 Schwabe. Marci A 204 Scheikert, Julie 205 Scott, Sharneth A. 46. 58. 205 Seltzer, Sylvia K. 205 Sheehv. Kellv N. 205 Sheffield, Janet K. 205 Sherman, Dina 46. 54, 57, 66. 205 Adamo. Robert 213 Alexander. John 213 Alger. Rick . Amormino. David 213 Andrasfay. Chris 63. 11H. 21 3 Andre. Jeffer. : Andren. Mark Aviles. Marco 112, 213 Stars In Bowl Game Walker, Danny 207 Walls, Robert 105. 207 Walsh, Mark 20 7 Waterman, John 207 Weaver, James 83. 207 Welch. Steve 83, 207 Wheeler. Kevin 46. 207 White. Todd 207 Whitlev. David 20 " Wiedemann. Martin 54. 68, 207 Wilhelm. Kennerh 208 Williford. Ron 208 Wills. Tobv 90. 208 Wilson. Eric 112, 208 Worthing, Matthew 208 Yates, Michael 208 Yoo, Mike 208 Yourdon, Phu 208 Zahm, Eric 83. 208 Junior Girls Acuna. Marietta 66, 73, 193 Aldnch. Jackie 193 Alexander. Nancy 60. 193 Allen. Leslie 46. 65. 193 Altug, Esin 213 Alvarado. Catherine 193 Alves. Ramona 120, 193 Ameer. Marilyn 46. 193 Amey, Audrey 11, 193 Arellano, Darlean 58, 193 Armstrong. Lisa 78. 193 Ash, Christi 120. 193, 200 Bakhtian, Farhat 193 Banks. Christy 58. 193. 200 Barnes. Linda 72, 98, 110, 193 Batiste, Dedril 193 Bawden. Amy 193 Bavmiller.Juiie 193 Beard, Wendv 193 Bell, Emilie 55, 193 Bell. Kristen 194 Benter. Kim 194 Black, Sandra 194 Bollinger, Evelyn 194 Boodman, Maria 73, 194 Boutin, Leslie 194 Bowen, Beth 110, 19 Bower, Jeane 194 Braun, Lisa 194 Brill, Diane 194 Brockschmidt, Lynne 194 Buell. Monica 194 Bullard, Kari 50, 194 Bunker, Jacqueline 194 Burnett. Robyn 194, 315 Burns, Rhonda 194 Carter, Robin 28. 120, 194 Castillo, Manna 194 Chang. Sharon 193. 194 Chapman. Kris 194 Chung. Seung 194 Claus, Cheryl 194 Cloyd. Deanna 194 Coffman, Alicia 194 Connors. Lisa 194 Corona. Chris 110, 194, 208 Distor, Gloria 194 Do. Lien Phuong 194 Donaldson. Wendy 194 Dowdy, Elizabeth 196 Du, Phuong 196 Duncanson, Lisa lean 46. 62, 73, 120. 196, 209 Eakins. Shellie 196 Ealey. Melanie 196 Edwards. Linda 196 Emmerth. Yvonne 196 Esparza, Brenda 120, 196 Farnev. Susan 197 Feldman. Andi 197, 315 Fennell, Deane 200 Formaneck. Kirsten 197 Fox, Paige 197 Frithiof, Deborah 197 Ganrz. Tracy 19 7 Gaskill, Linda 197 Gates. Lori 90, 197 Gearhart. Diane 197 Gertz. Jeanne 197 Gonchar. Aileen 19 7 Gordy. Sherrie 73, 197. 209 Grabi ' ll, Wendv 50. 90, 197 Gunderman. Tiftam 197 Gupton. Sandra 197 Hall. Debi 197 Hanna. Viola 197 Haruki. Tracy 198 Harwood. Katherine 55. 198 Haselton. Christiana 72, 73, 197 Hastings, Sissy 198 Hatanaka. Julie 198 Haworth. Carol 198 Hicks, Deborah 198 Hoang, Tuyen Kim 198 Hoel. Lori 198 Holton, Shelby 198 Hoskins, Linda 100, 198 House. Wendi 198 Huffman, Carol 198 Inman. Kayla 198 Jacobson, Diane 198 Jacobson. Jennifer 58. 198 Jameson, Melissa 198. 208 Johnson. Lynn 46, 63. 66, 198 Johnson, Wendy 63. 65. 198 Junor, Cynthia 198 Kamiab. Katrin 199 Kelly, Denise 199 Kelly, Francis Naomi 62. 66. 199 Kempton, Cheti 199 King. Cynthia L 199 Klement. Kimberly S 199 Khuu, Hong 199 Klingman. Mollie 110, 199 Klos, Kathleen 199 Kowalski. Susan 46. 54, 57. 199 Lacy, Deborah Ann 62. 110. 199 Landers. Kim 120, 199 Lane, Gina 199 Laninovich, Brenda 199 Larson, Cindv 199 LaVelle, Julie 200, 206. 280 Leckie, Dee Dee 200 Lee, Sarah 200 Manneh. Zina 201 Martinez, Maria 201 Matzen, Debbie 201 Maxwell. Annette 201 May. Lydia 201 McCormick. Erin 201 McCurdy, Roxanne 201 McDonnell. Jill 201 McGill. Keisha 201 McGough. Kathleen 201 McMahon. Kristy 99. 201 Merowit. Tracev 55, 201 Michel. Michelle 201 Miller, Shern 63, 201 Missel. Lisa 201 Mondragon. Maria 68 Moran. Kathleen 201 Moran. Paula 201 Moreno. Darcie 201 ' Moreno, Laura 201 Morris, Sherri 201 Morrison, Brenda L 201 Morrow, Kimberly A 202 Murdock, Victotia 202 Mvler. Barbara 202 N ' agle, Sylvia 202 Neill. Franci S 202 Nelson, Jamie 18. 50. 202 Nguyen, Khanh Lan 202 Nguyen, Thuv 202 Nichols, Shannon L 58. 202 Norton, Cvnthia L 202 O ' Donnell. Colleen D 202 Oliver, Man J 65, 202 Osborn, Gina L 202 Paintet, Linda E 202 Palmer. Michelle 65, 202 Pantoja. Rachel 202 Perdue. Nancy 202 Perry, Bonnie C 202 Peterson, Toni L 202 Pflomm. Katherine 90. 92. 202, 209 Phelps, Deborah 202 Picco. Judith L 202 Prepenburg. Lori A 202 Pomerov, Eva 202 Potvin. Kellie 54, 57. 203 Preble, Patricia G 55. 203 Preoney. Suzanne J 55, 203 Quick. Shauna C 203 Reid, Helen 203 Rock, [anice 204 Rodgers. Kathv I 204 Roe, April 55. 62. 204 Roetker. Christina R 204 Rohrbaugh. Leslie J 4, 99. 204 Rude. Amy L 204 Ruff. Terri ' 204 Rutledge, Beth 203, 204 Saltarelli, Lisa 204 Sarmiento. Bianca 204 Sawyer, Irma 204 Schaaf. Tracy 204 Scher, Rita K 204 Schoff, Carolyne 54, 66. 204 Schorr, Lisa V 204 Schrock. Tracy 58, 195. 204 Schuba, Julie 204 Sims, Angela M. 205 ., Sisel. Tanya K 45. 100. 192, 205 Skeldon, Amy M. 205 Smaglik. Laurie 46, 205 Smith, Amee K. 45. 100. 205 Smith, Jody 205 Smith. Stephanie A. 205 Smith, Rhonda 205 Smothers, Kathleen C. 205 Snider. Kristine L. 205 Snyder. Marie 58, 205 Sorenson. Caroline D. 205 Spear, Valerie A. 120. 205 Spiak. Lori A. 6. 55. 205 Spier, Valerie J. 66. 205 Steen. Monica L. 11. 205 Steinward. Sandra E. Stevenson. Barbara 9. 26. 55. 205 286 Stoutenburg. Sherri 98, 206 Strenk. Valerie 206 Sullivan. Eileen 100, 206 Sutliff, Cvnthia 206 Szabo, Colleen 29. 206 Ta M) Ha 206 Tabler ' , Darlene 206 Tedder. Diana 206 Thiebolt. Shetty 50. 206 Thull. Katie 206 Toice, Batbara 206 Tran. Ha Thu 206 Tran. Hoa My 206 Tran. May Thi 206 Tran, Tham Thi 206 Truebe, Barbara 206 Tso. Patty 100, 207 Tutnbaugh. Man 68, 207 L ' mphrev. Robin 20 " Vollaerts. Shelby 207 Vu. Tuvet 207 Ward. Lisa 20 " Webb. Suzee 120. 20 7 Weber, Jeannie 20 " Wedemever, Sherri 207 Wehn. Lisa 20 " Weil. Bekki 119. 20 " X erthe. Alene 207 Wile, Alison 208 Will. Carla 208 Williams, Michaelyn 208 Wills, Jennifer 90. 208 Wilson. Joyce 208 Wincor, Shannon 68, 208 Winkler, Toni 208 Woodside, Rhonda 208 Woodside. Stacey 208 Woolford.Jov 208 Worth.ngton. ' Cathy 62. 208 Wright, Jill 26, 208 Yard, Trish 208 Young. Cathy 100, 208 Young. Debbie 208 Young. Karen 6. 58. 208 Zier. Lisabeth 208 Sophomore Boys Aaron. Joe 213 Barney. Jeff 104. 213 Barry. ' David 213 Bates. George 213 Baxter. Scott 54. 213 Bechtel, Gregory 213 Bell. Jon 88. 213 Belodeau, Lawrence 213 Belodeau. Scott 91. 92. 213 Berger, Adam 213 Bertrand, John 91. 214 Blanscet. Joseph 214 Bollinger. Richard 88. 214 Borden. Brent 88. 214 Borzellino. Joseph 54. 5 " . 66. 214 Boyle. Patrick 214 Brandvold. Danny 214 Brock, Jeff 214 Brosius. Mark 96, 214, 223 Brown, Micheal 214 Brown. Robert 214 Brown. Steven 214 Burke, Matthew J] i Burkey. Lawrence 66. 214 Burrer. Dale 88. 214 Calhoun. Chris 7 2. 214 Callahan. Marc 66. 214 Camden. Ham 214 Canedy. Teddy 12, 214 Carhle, Richard 88. 112. 214 Carraway. Gregory 214 Causey. Steven 214 Ceja, Daniel 114. 214 Celli. Robert 63, 214 Chambers. Mike Check. Robert 215 Chou. Elvin 215 Churchwell. Robert 73, 215 Claus. David 72. 88. 215 Cody. James 88, 215 Cohen. Craig 215 Collard, Kenneth 215 Collins, Gordon 215 Collyer. Kelly 112, 215 Coombs. Mark 90, 215 Copple, Eric 215 Covkendall. Joe 215 Craven. Chris 215 Cunningham. John 216 Curry, Jay 216 Daniel. Timothy 72. 216 Day. John 95. 216 Deiamater. Robert 90. 216 Deshler. Dattyl 216 Dewvea, Thomas 112. 216 Diaz. David 216 Dinkins. Chris 216 Dixon, Mark 88. 216 Doumani. Mark 216 Dubose. Mark 104. 216 Dunning. Roderick 104, 196 Eggleton. Joseph 66. 216 Empev. Timothy 216 Engeleiter. la 1 . Enos. Lee 216 Erickson, Richard 91, 216 Ermel, Eugean 54. 217 Felgar. Larry 216 Ferher Inde Feuerborn. Billy 22. 217 Le, Quoc 221 Reichert, Roland 225 Yang. Danny 229 Du, Uyen Tu 216 Fisher, Robert 73. 217 Le, Tuan 221 Reider. Robert 225 Young, Matthew 229 Echevarria, Jacqueline 216 Fisher. Ronald 217 LeFave, Mike 221 Rice, Frederick 225 Young. Patrick 229 Erwin.Joan 216 Flink, Dana 217 Leiphardt, Jon 221 Rilingwort. Kevin 225 Esparaza, Lisa 216 Fox. Richard 217 Lewis, Todd 221 Rinaldi, Tom 90. 225 Sophomore Girls Estrada, Rozanne 216 Frank, David 217 Libby. James 221 Rishovd, David 225 Etzold, Kristie 216 Fryer, Eric 217 Libby, Steven 221 Roberts. Derek 225 Abreu. Haley 91. 213 Feehrer, Romy 91, 216 Fuller. Jack 218 Linehan, Tony 221 Roberts. Tom 88, 225 Abt. Tammy 213 Fernelius, Tammy 217 Till gr Grad uate, Joi lrnalisr 11 Garcia. Ralph 218 Lipnicke, David 73, 221 Robinson, Gerald 225 Akers, Stacy 213 Fleming, Susan 72, 217 Gearhart, David 72, 218 Lloyd, Herb 221 Rodriguez, Marc 88, 112, 225 Albert, Tammy Flowers, Christine 217 Gebo, Darryl 104, 218, 226 Lloyd. John 221 Rogers, Jeffrey 73. 225 Allatd, Joyce 213 Fokken, Ava 217 Gebo, Derek 90. 218 Loomis, Andrew 83. 221 Rohmer. Gregory 225 Anabo, Liz 213 Fowler, Tammy 217 Goldberg, Craig 218 Lovejoy. Chris 54. 223 Rowe, Shawn 225 Anderson. Babette 213 ; Franda, Sandra 217 Grabek, Christopher 218 Lovejoy, Stephen 223 Rupp. Kenneth 225 Anderson, Beverly 213 Gaiters, Dannita 218 Graves. Gary 29, 104, 218 Luevano, Sammy 223 Russell, Michael 88, 219. 226 Anderson. Kimberly 96, 213 Gamez, Salena 218 Gray, Rudolph 218 MacDonald, Paul 90, 92, 223 Saltarelli, Marc 54, 226 Andonie, Iris 65, 213 Garde, Mercedes 45, 212, 218 Grenda, Donn 218 Mackie, Craig 223 Sanchez, Alex 226 Araiza, Lauren 213 Gavin, Karen 218 Guiterrez. Luis 104, 218 Makepeace, Darryl 88, 223 Sandberg, Blair 226 Arciniega, Christine 213 Gentach, Janet 50. 218 Hahn.Joel 104, 218 Mann. Joseph 88. 112. 223 Sandoval, Chris 226 Arechiga, Lupe 213 George, Deann 218 Hammond. Michael 218 Marcoux. Colin 223, 230 Santos, Dean 224 Arnold, Sandy 58. 213 Geyer, Stacy 72, 218 Handel, Lex 218 Marcum. Dwayne 223 Santos, Dominador 104 Arnola. Denise 213 Gillman, Jenni Sue 99, 218 Hansen. Keith 88, 218 Marrin. Chris 223 Saudliw, Rusty 226 Augustine. Rochelle 213 Golodner. Jan 218 Harmon, William 218 Martinez, Rick 223 Sawin, Mark 226 Aulenbach, Alison 213 Greene, Chantal 46, 72, 218 Hart, Robert 218 McClatchy, Reid 88, 112, 223 Sawyer, Robert 226 Beauchamp, Valerie 54. 57, 91, 2 Groendycke, Sarah 218 Hastings, Christopher 218 McCord, Ken 96, 223 Sears. Eddie 226 Bell, Nancy 110, 213 Gullatti, Charmyne 218 Hawkins. Bob 28, 96, 218 McCord. Ronald 95, 223 Seckendorf, Paul 226 Bennet, Christy 213 Gutherie, Dina 218 Heathcote, Steven 218 McDamel, Darren 223 Sephel, Brent 226 Benson. Dawn 213 Hagar, Brenda 218 Hernandez, Michael 218 McGuire, Troy 72, 223 Shaffer, Duane 90, 226 Benson, Kati 213 Hall, Brenda 218 Hoang, Chuc Van 218 McMillan, Nick 73, 223 Sharp, Joel 88. 226 Berry. Brenda 213 Hare, Kristine 219 Hogan, Sean 218 McNicol.John 223 Shaw, Michelle 226 Beveridge, Kim 96 Harrison, Patricia 219 Holladay. Daniel 218, 225 Menges.Jack 88, 112, 223 Shim.Joesph 226 Bilka, Kelly 100, 214 Harte, Mary 219 Hord.Jeffery 88. 104. 219 Messina. Thomas 223 Sirota, Patrick 68, 226 Brister, Carrie 100, 214 Hathorn.Jill 219 Hoy, Scott 90, 219 Milligan, Daniel 223 Similey. Brian 227 Birtcher, Karen 214 Hayes, Alisa 219 Hungerford. James 112. 219 Moersch, Jeffery 54, 223 Smith, Glenn 227 Bogaty, CarOlyn 214 Henderson, Cindy 219 Huth, Phillip 219 Montgomery, Shawn 88 Smith, David 227, 315 Boydston. Barbara 214 Hernandez. Marianne 219 Hyde. Richard 219 Moore. David 88, 223 Smith, David 90, 227 Brackney, Denise 214 Hicks. Tammie 219 Iverson. Craig 88. 219 Moran. Thomas 223 Sneathen, Dwight 227 Bradley, Jana 214 Hicks, Tonya 219 Jackson. Christopher 219 Morin, Christophet 223 Soria, Joseph 227 Brugmann. Stacy 214 Hollis, Andrea 219 Jarvis, Camie 104. 2 19 Morris. Paul 223 Standard, Ray 227 Bu, Kim 214 Horner, Ellie 219 Jenkins, Chris 219 Morse. David 223 Stenger, Gerald 69, 227 Buell, Stephanie 214 Igoe, Cheryl 219 Jennings, Darrell 219 Muynh, Tung 219 Stockdale, David 227 Busa, Stephanie 214 Jackett, Ann 219 Jenson, Eric 219 Nelson, Stephen 223 Suleski. Keith 227 Camden. Diane 214 James, Michele 45, 190, 219 Jones, Chris 220 Nelson. Theodore Robert 62, 223 Sutchff. Todd 227 Camera, Carolyn 214 Jarvis, Wendy 58, 219 Jones, Michael 219 Nguyen, Doanh Dinh 220 Tedder, Bobby 88, 227 Carmical, Kimberly 214 Johann, Shelly 219 Jones, Steve 54, 57, 220 Nguyen, Khanh 223 Thomas, Dave 88, 227 Carpenter, Karen 110, 214 Jones, Jennie 100, 220 Karoub, Brian 220 Nguyen, Mathias 104, 223 Tobon, Jon 88, 227 Carroll. Claudia 100, 214 Joy, Kristen 54, 220 Kent, Chris 220 Nguyen, Phong Tran 223 Tokarzewski, Scott 228 Chambers, Jennifer 214 Kalasky, Jennifet 54, 220 Kent, James 88 Nguyen, Thien 223 Tran, Hung 228 Chavdor, Michelle 215 Kane, Paula 220 Kerr, Donald 220 Nguyen, Thien Van 223 Tran, Phong Van 228 Chidester, Mar) 1 215 Kenlein, Shelli 110, 220 Khorasanee, Ali 220 Nguyen, Thien Van 223 Tran. Thai 228 Cho, Bonnie 215 Khatchadrian. Tina 220 Kim. Yong 220 Nitz, Timothy 88, 224 Travis, Randy 65. 228 Chong. Susan 215 Kim, Patricia 220 Kimes, Don 70, 220 Nitzen, Sean 83, 224 True, Thomas 228 Christensen. Jeannie 215 Knudsen, Anne 28, 96, 220 Kirby, Ronald 220 Novak. Gary 83, 224 Tweedt, Erick 228 Clandy. Kathleen 215 Koskinen, Traci 220 Klein, Brian 220 Nuzzo. Richard 224 Vance, John 228 Clark, Lisa 215 Kossak. Janice 220 Klein. Philip 22, 220 Oeltich, Richard 224 Van-Dyken, Chad 228 Clevenger, Wendy 91, 215 Kossnar, Michelle 220 Klein. William 220 Oh.Juyoung 224 Vandusen, Stephen 228 Cloutier, Stacy 215 Kovac, Colette 220 Kline, Ross 220 Okayama. Mike 234 Vasquez, Tito 228 Cole, Cathy 215 Kowahk. Kyra 220 Klokochar, David 220 Okita, Eugene 224 Villar, Nick 228 Copper, Stephanie 215 Kowalski, Donna 29, 88, 220 Koerber, Willard 12, 220 Olovsson. Robert 224 Vrooman. Will 228 Corwin, Cheryl 215 Kteie. Charlene 220 Kohn. Dean 220 Ostrander, Craig 70. 88. 224 Wagner, Michael 228 Corwin. Sindi 75, 215 Labonte. Kristi 50. 52, 72. 220 Koontz, Kanon 88, 220 Oursler, Michael 224 Wakefield, Jeff 228 Crawford. Diana 72, 215 Lang, Diana 220 Kost, Robert 220 Pae, Ki 88, 224 Walker, Daniel Creinin, Pamela 216 Lankford, Valrie 221 Kotlar, Kevin 220, 315 Palma, Henry 224 Walters, Bryon 228 Crosby, Anna 54, 216 Lashmet. Tanya 221 Kramer, Patrick 220 Patrick. Richard 224 Weaver, Christopher 228 Crouse, Sandra 216 Latour, Angela 221 Kreie, Eric 220 Patstone, Jeffery 224 Webb, Loren 228 Crowley, Christine 216 Lavelle, Jacqueline 221 Kukla, Mark 220 Pattetson, Arthur 45. 72, 91, 212, Webb, Todd 96. 228 Cruz, Mildred 216 Leggitt, Loranna 221 Kunysz, Tom 65, 220 224 Wendt, James 229 Csik, Susan 216 Lewandowski, Judene 54 Lacasse, Stephen 220 Patterson, Duane 224 Wenzel. David 229 Cunningham, Juliann 91, 216 Liton, Elizabeth 96, 221 Lacombe, Steven 220 Pelletier, Celle 224 Whitcomb. Daniel 66, 229 Dall. Tern 54, 216 Linehan. Wendy 221 Landsberg. David 46, 220 Pershin, Frank 224 White. Dennis 229 Davis, Petra 46, 216 Loomis. Jennifer 223 Lang, Larry 90, 221 Pickles, Roberr 88, 112, 224 White, J. Gregory II 229 Davis, Tammy 57, 216 Luathaine, Renee 222 Lastelic, John 96, 221 Poe; Kyle 96, 224 Wilcken, Mark 54, 229 Decarl, Karen 216 Loang. Dawna -46, 223 Laubach, Peter 73, 221 Ponce, Sandy 226 Williams, Duncan 88, 229 Dennis, Yvonne 229 MacGowan, Tracey 54, 223 Lauderdale. David 65. 221 Potvin, Michael 224 Wilson, Edwin 229 DeSutter, Cathy 216 Magno, Minddie 223 Lawerence. Stever 221 Purser, Darren 88, 112, 224 Winn, David 229 Doron, Tracy 216 Maldonado, Tamara 223 Le, Doan 221 Ragsdale, Eric 88, 104, 225 Wroble. James 72, 89, 229 Dougan, Deborah 110, 216 Malloy, Colleen 223 % 5 10 Index Mann, Colleen 223 Manyik, Jennifer 22 Maughan, Janelle 223 Mazowiecki, Judith McBratney, Susan 223 McClain. Beth 223 McCracken, Joan 223 Mclntyre. Shelagh 223 Smith. Gina 226 Spence, Geneen 226 Sreffens. Pamela 226 Stephens, Kimbetly 226 Stoff, Kathryn 46, 91, 226 Strong, Theresa 226 Szamocki, Kristy 226 Tallman, Beth 226 Blyshak. Kelly 234 Bollinger, Robert 89. 234 Bovee, Clinton 234 Boyce, Richard 91, 105, 234 Brannen, Daniel 234 Brennen, James 234 Bridgeman. Andrew 73. 89, 234 Bnggs. Ben|amin 234 Cronic, Devin 235 Cundull, Steven 91, 235 Damato, Russell 91, 236 Davis, Bobby 236 Dickson, Thomas 236 Dion, Todd 236 Dodds, Chris 54. 236 Domek, Darren 236 Gaskill. Craig 23 " Gauer, Stephen 105, 237 Geivet, Shane 91, 238 Gentry, Rex 89, 238 Gessler. Larry 238 Gonzales, Marc 105. .Ms Gordon, Steve 89, 238 Goss. David 238 Teacher Of The Year McNeal, Angela 223 Merkley, Kimberly 46, 223 Meza, Michele 223 Miller, Kellie 30. 90, 92, 223 Miller, Nancy 223 Mobley, Kay 223 Mohan. Kelly 223 Moncneff, Allyson 223 Mondragon, Lisa 223 Morns, Dawn 223 Morton, Susan 223 Mulry, Kellie 223 Mumenthaler, Lora 100, 223 Myers, Roberta 223 Myhra, Marile 223 Nam. Jung 223 Nguyen. Ann 223 Nguyen, Bich Hang 223 Nguyen, Khoi Thi 223 Nicholson, Cynthia 224 Nyman, Mane 224 Oden, Kelly 224 Oh, Juyoung 224 Olson, Melissa 224 Onesky, Denise 224 Park, Sandy 224 Parke. Jennifer 27. 100, 224 Pelletier, Michelle Petty, Parie 98. 224 Pham, True Thi 224 Plummer, Kina 110 Prewitt, Denise 46 Quick, Teresa 58. 225 Quinn. Dana 225 Radocy, Kelly 225 Ramirez, Leticia 225 Reining, Allyson 45, 110, 212, 225 Rewers, Karen 45, 99, 110, 212, 225 Riveria. Gloria 110, 225 Robertson, Brandi 225 Robinson, Kristi 225 Root, Vanessa 225 Roth, Wendi 58, 225 Rushton, Jolene 225 Samuels, Lisa 226 Sanchez, Silvia 226 Sanders, Christine 226 Sandoval, Sheryl, 226 Santos, Carolina 226 Santos. Stacey 226 Sattetfield, Karen 226 Savge, Deanna 226 Scalzo, Carmela 226 Schoernburg, Ananne 46, 226 Schultz, Meredith 6, 226, 273 Scott. Jeni 90, 92. 226 Seieroe, Jenifer 226 Serna. Edna 226 Shaw. Michelle 226 Shelton, Kimbetly 226 Shepard, Natalie 226 Shirey, Brenda 226 Shirley, Linda 226 Sibert, Lori 226 Simon, Lynda 226 Skelton, Sabrina 226 Skelton, Selena 226 Smaglik, Susan 226 Taylor. Chris 91. 226 Taylor, Diane 226 Thomas, Erin 226 Thurmond, Karyn 80, 100. 226 Tillotson, Julie 226 Toliver, Crystal 80, 228 Tolman, Kasey 54, 228 Topham, Caroline 73, 228 Tran, Manh 228 Trapp. Victoria 228 Traywick, Cynthia 228 Ttott, Jennifer 91, 228 Turnbaugh, Barbara 228 Turner. Sherrie 228 Ure, Trilby 50. 228 Vega. Gloria 228 Velarde 228 Velez, Maria 228 Waipa, Carol 228 Walker. Cheryl 110, 228 Walker, Melissa 228 Walkey. Brandi 228 Warner, Leah 90, 228 Warner, Louise 90. 228 Watt. Lisa 228 Webber, Pamela 228 Welch. Ann 228 West, Christine 229 Westmote, Dana 229 Whitlye. Trisha 229 Wiese, Patricia 229 Williams, Doreen 229 Williams, Kristy 90, 229 Williams, Michaelyn 229 Williamson, Chtistine 229 Wilson, Deanna 229 Winet, Andrea 229 Wise, Debbie 229 Wong, Lesley 100, 110, 229 Wright. Judymay 54. 229 Young. Vikki 229 Zapara, Julie 229 Freshmen Boys Alexander, Jeff 233 Aljamie, Anthony 233 Andonie, John 65, 233 Andrews, Dave 89, 112, 233 Apel, Dirk 233 Arechiga, Ralph 233 Asder, Brian 233 Ashlock, Roben 65, 233 Avery, David 89, 112, 233 Bain, John 233 Baluja.Jose 233 Barda, Kevin 91. 233 Barden. Cris 68, 112. 233 Barret, Danny 91, 233 Becahnon, George 233 Becker, Dale 233 Benitez. Ben 233 Berry, Jim 233 Bevendge, Michael 96, 233 Bierce, Richard 233 Billings, Harper 234 Black, Cris 234 Blair, Jeff 234 Bross.Jett 72, 234 Domeck, Dan 236 Brun, Rick 89, 234 Donaldson, Michael 91, 236 Brush, Roger 234 Dory, James 236 Budyach, Brad 96. 246 Duff, John 236 Buford. Brent 65. 234 Dunn, Paul 236 Bush, Ctis 54. 234 Duplessis, Nicholas 236 Carlisile. Jefferv 234 Elder, Douglas 236 Carter. Atther 89 Empey. Pat 236 Cary, Michael 89. 234 Ertel. David 236 Catizone, Anthony 234 Evenstad, Steven 236 Cazares, Martin 234 Fahey, Mike 96, 236 Cena, Donovan 224 Fasano, Scott 236 Charbonneau, Eric 96. 234 Faulknet, Howard 236 Chavez, Mark 45, 89, 105. 232, 2.34 Felger, Michael 237 .jfc -y v Former Tiller Jolene Coombs is now a journalism instructor at Redo nado Beach H.S. She was voted Journalism teachet of the yeatSn 1980. Chong, Chan Ki 235 Chung. Joe 89, 235 Cirigliano, Mark 235 Cleary. Bryan 235 Cody, Jeff 89, 235 Coldiron, Kevin 235 Cole, Craig 91, 235 Colon, John 112, 235 Connella. Eric 96, 235 Cotton, Jeff 235 Feliciano, Mike 237 Ferbert, Dale 73, 237 Field, John 237 Fisher, Charles 237 Fitzmaunce, Daniel 237 Ford, Timothy 237 Formby, Bryan 91, 237 Foster, Doug 237 Friese. Kimo 237 Garman, Mike 237 Granier. Eduardo 238 Gray, John 238 Greenlee, Travis 91, 238 Griffen, Keith 105, 236, 238 Groleau, Tim 238 Hahn. Steve 112. 238 Hatlak, Robert 238 Harris. Darrvl 91, 238 Hays, Jeff 238 Heckenkamp. John 96, 238 Hegarty, Pat 89, 105, 238 Henley, Michael 238 Higginbotham. Brian 238 Higginbotham, Paul 238 Hinklev, Paul 238 Hodge, Darren 89. 112. 238 Hoffman, Theodore 238 Hogan, Thad 238 Holt. Edward 89, 112, 23S Homer, James 73. 238 Hooks, Michael 238 Hope, Josh 238 Hopper, Gregory 91, 238 Houghton, Michael 112. 238 Howatd, Petry 91. 238 Huntet. David 96. 238 Jacobs, Garth 238 James, Jesse 238 Johnson, Donald 240 Johnson. Gary 54, 240 Jorgensen, David 240 Jurkowski. Mark 54, 240 Kang.Jip 240 Kanshige, Mark 240 Kapanoske. Mark 240 Kardos, Paul 240 Katzman, Craig 240 Kelly, Jeff 54, 240 Kennedy, Wiley 240 Ketteting, Jeff 240 Khuu, Khanh 54, 240 Kim, Dennis 54, 240 Kim, Sang Woo 91, 240 Kimes, Michael 96, 240 Kjelland, Kent 89, 240 Kovak, Joseph 89, 105 Krochman, Steven 54, 240 Kurdishi, Timothy 240 Lambert, James 89 Lancaster, Geoffrey 54, 240 Law, John 240 Ledendecker.Jeff 91, 240 Ledford. Jeff 240 Lehman. Steve 240 Lehrer. Barry 240 Leili, Daniel 240 Lesher, Tom 240 Levin, Gregory 240 LibrO|0, Peter 240 Long. William 240 Longdon. Gary 240 Lonrad, Daniel 240 Lubke, Robert 112, 240 Lugo, Martin 240 Luker, Anthony 242 Lundy.lohn 89. 112, 242 Luu. Trong 242 Maki. Christopher 242 Index 309 Manning, John 242 Marcotce, Thomas 112. 242 Marr.John 242 M.uek. Christopher 65, 242 Mauk, David 242 Maysonet. Michael 242 McCoy. Bill 242 Mclntvre. Kevin 242 Oliver, Robert 242 ORourke. Casey 242 Paduano, Anthony 242 Piadas, Shad 54. 242 P.ik, Hyunjoon 242 Parsons. Troy 112. 244 Pearson, Raymond 54, 244 Pedersen, Richard 89, 236, 244 Rold. David 244 Rubin, Daniel 244 Ryan, Kelly 89, 105, 244 Sample. Mark 89. 112, 224 Santon. Greg 89, 112. 224 Scannelli. Parker 244 Scavuzzo, Thomas 244 Schoenfeld, Lee 244 Anderson, Kimberly 233 Anderson. Olanda 233 Arelland, Cindylee 91, 233 Artrip. Erinn 233 Audet, Michelle 233 Aviles, Lucina 233 Bailey, Silvia 233 Baker. Silvia 233 Fox, Allison 237 Frank, Diane 237 Frank, Lisa 237 Franklin, Geraldine 237 Freiwald, Patt 237 Gankema, Kelly 237 Garbuschenski, Diane 237 Garcia, Laura 237 Senior Spends McKenna, Kevin 242 Pedersen, Philip 244 McMillan, Ryan 242 Penaluna, Scott 244 Mercuno, Dean 240 Perez, Felix 244 Merowit. Grant 242 Perez. Jose 244 Meyer, Scott 242 Person, Brian 244 Meza, Benny 89, 112, 242 Piazza, Kirby 89, 104. 244 Middlesworth, Jeff 89, 242 Pinson. John 244 Miller, Larry 242 Piper. David 244 Milligan, Kent 242 Polley, Steve 112, 244 Mills. Scott 72, 242 Predney, Michael 105, 244 Mittman, Ronald 242 Radke. Richard 244 Mondragon, Richie 242 Ramsey. Jeffrey 244 Moore, Glenn 242 Raulston, Dean 244 Morehead, Michael 242 Reed, Michael 244 Montz. Mark 242 Reid. Tim 244 ■ Mr I . ' ■ I jirv J ' f p HHl f m | f ' f v ' ; ■tSB ' fls ' , f h ' nJSI t ' i ' " fi Bt Graduating Seniot Cara Zafuto spent the year in England thru A.F.S. She was greatly missed by all her friends and we hope that she had a enjoyable time. Newman, Scott 45, 232, 242 Ngo, Minh 242 Nguyen, Khanh 242 Nguyen, Peter 105. 242 Nguyen, Phu Hong 242 Nielsen, Eric 242 Nitz, Anthony 242 Nolan, Paul 54, 242 OBrien, Michael 105, 242 ( K onnel, Jim 242 Oglebee, Brian 89, 242 Reiter, Bill 89, 244 Ressler, Kevin 96, 244 Ricci.Jack 244 Riess, William 244 Rieve, Raymond 244 Righter, Devin 191. 244 Rishovd, Michael 89. 244 Roach, Robby 89, 244 Roberts, Dean 244 Rodriguez, Jeff 73. 244 Rodriguez, Joseph 244 Shaff, Roy 244 Shaw, Alford 90, 244 Shea, Julian 54, 244 Shedarwich. Paul 89. 112, 246 Sherman, Eric 72, 89. 246 Shields, Stephen 80, 246 Shouse. Dan 246 Shunn, Stephen 96, 246 Sierra, Edward 246 Singleton. Dave 246 Smith, Jeff 89, 106, 246 Smoot. Daniel 96, 246 Soltero, Luis 246 Sorcabal, Bob 89, 112, 246 Spaulding, Brett 246 Spiak, John 54, 246 Stall, Brett 91. 246 Staton, David 89. 246 Stoermet, Daniel 96, 246 Stone, Rodney 91, 246 Strunk, Gary 105, 246 Stryker, Garrett 91. 246 Talley. Brendon 246 Tanji, Colin 54, 246 Taylor, Ronald 246 Thomas, Shawn 246 Thornton, Bradley 246 Tibbey, David 246 Tingley, Russell 246 Tinz, David 91, 247 Tomas. Juan 247 Tomczak, Andrew 112, 247 Trachy, Greg 96, 247 Tran. Hung 30. 247 Tracy. James 247 Upchurch, Tom 247 Velazquez, Juan 247 Vogt, Kirk 247 Vu. Hoang 247 Vu, Trien 247 Waimrim, Philip 247 Waltnet. Steve 91, 247 Ward, Kent 247 Waters, Timothy 248 Webb, Thomas 89, 112, 248 Webster, Darren 89, 248 Wetherholt, Drew 248 Wiedeman, Tom 54, 248 Wiest, Shane 248 Wilker, Tom 112, 248 Williamson. Jeff 248 Willson, Gary 248 Woltman, Anthony 248 Wright, Jeffery 91, 248 Yace, Craig 248 , Yan, Victor 91, 248 Yard, Howard 54, 96, 248 Yates, Reggie 249 Yestil. Ronilo 249 Yourdon, Steve 249 Freshmen Girls Aguilar, Leandra 233 Amador, Deborah 233 Amerson, Jackie 235 Ames. Kelly 233 Anabo. Stephanie 46, 232 Balsells. Jeanine 233 Barry. Brenda 233 Baqden, Mandy 233 Beato, Suzanne 78, 233 Beaucage, Catol 68, 233 Bell, Heather 233 Benett, Sarita 233 Berger, Adrienne 233 Bernardini, Helma 233 Berry, Karen 91, 233 Blair, Tamara 234 Borzellino, Marisa 234 Brister, Carrie 23 Brown, Angela 234 Brown. Laura 234 Brown, Shelly 2.34 Burnett, Amanda 99. 234 Busa, Linda 99. 2.34 Byrum. Jenny 234 Cabrera. Ana 234 Cabrera, Marleny 234 Carmona, Lisa 234 Carroll, Roberta 234 Carroll, Lisa 234 ' Carter, Lora 234 Caruso, Vickie 46, 234 Cavender, Leslie 91, 234 Cavender. Lisa 91, 234 Cetda, Belinda 234 Cho, Nabie 235 Chung. Ann Yung 235 Chung, Caroline 235 Chung, Susan 235 Claxton, Ttacy 255 Codromac, Michelle 235 Cole, Rebecca 235 Conway, Tina 235 Coombs, Amy 235 Cooney, Karen 235 Crommett, Kathleen 91. 235 Crosby. Meagan 46, 235 Cummins, Sherry 235 Dahn, Stacey 235 Dam, Thanh Loan 236 Danif, Zina 235 Dantzler, Ashanti 54, 236 Daugherty, Sage 236 Davies, Amy 236 Dichinson, Jill 236 Dilger, Lisa 91, 236 Dinh, Hem Buu Thi 236 Dixon, Julie 236 Dopheide, Dina 236 Dorman, Elizabeth 91, 236 Doron. Dawn 236 Dudas, Ursula 236 Egerer, Kristin 2.36 Elrod, Julie 236 Elsayed, Sahar 236 Emick, Colleen 236 Epps. Jennifer 236 Enckson, Marie 236 Farley, Kimberly 236 Farney, Kathryn 90, 236 Ferrier. Debra 237 Fields. Lara 237 Fleagle. Donna 90, 92, 237 Forgacs, Jeannie 237 Garcia, Sonia 237 Gardner. Debra 91. 237 Garza, Maria Gay, Janet 237 Gomez, Lupita Grant. Joy 238 Greene, Alice 238 Grigg, April 238 Griggs. Cynthia 54, 238 Grossman, Pam 238 Grucelski, Gloria 238 Gruebele, Lisa 2.38 Guenther, Valerie 238 Hall, Brenda Hall, Tammy 238 Hamberg, Courtney 238 Hansen, Danielle 238 Hart. Cheryl 30, 48, 50. 238 Hart, Dana 46, 91, 238 Hartman, Cindy 54, 238 Hathorne.Jodi 238 Hawkins, Julie 238 Hawthron, Christina 238 Hayes, Deann 238 Hernandez, Marisol 238 Hernandez, Maria 238 Hershfield, Angela 50, 238 Hickman. Susan 46. 48, 74, 78, 238 Hight, Gina 238 Hoagland, Amanda 238 Hoang, Tu C. 238 Hoffman, Shelly 238 Holden, Mella 68, 238 Holton, Alisa 238 Hoover, Tracy 238 Hopkins. Shelly 238 Howe. Sheri 91. 238 Hughs, Barbara 238 Hutchinson. Veronica 238 Hyde, Dana 238 Ikola, Cathetine 54, 238 Inglis, Kim 238 Jansen, Diane 54, 238, 240 Johnson, Julie 60, 238, 240 Johnson, [ulie 238 Johnson, Renay 50. 238, 240 Kapell, Laurie 46, 240 Katnik, Lori 240 Kearney, Leslie 240 Kim, Eunmi 240 King, Cherie Kittle, Cassy 240 Knee, Nancy 110, 240 Koenes, Lisa 240 Koines. Valerie 91, 240 Koosed, Debbie 240 Kopf, Michelle 240 Krames, Julie 46, 240 Kuhnhausen, Robin 240 Laninowich, Karen 240 Larson, Kim 240 Lastelic, Barbara 240 Leyitt, Elayne 240 Lawrence, Andrea 240 Lebo, Sarah 240 Lee, Anna 240 Lee, Betty 240 Lee. Sang 240 310 Index Lee, Sonya 240 Legas, Fotbula 240 Lewis, Tracy 240 Lind. Nicole 240 Lmehan, Wendy 235 Lockwood, Danelle 240 Lockwood, Michelle 240 London, Nasha 240 Ryan, Jennifer 244 Ryan, Laura 244 Saltarelli, Julie 99, 244 Saltarelli, Miriam 244 Sandstorm, Bobbilynn 244 Sanenco, Margarita 244 Schrenk. Yvonne 91. 244 Scott, Cassandra 244 Zahner, Deborah 249 Zastera, Tiffany 91. 249 Zuniga. Jennifer 67, 249 Staff Agsdoay, Beatrice 268 Aracon, E. 288 Grigitis. Dolly 282 Hamberg, Barbara 268 Harris. Robert 83, 286 Hench, Ann 285 Hennessey, Karen 120, 285 Hernandez, Bob 288 Holub. Nadene 284 Jones, Mary 280 Reese. Jim 268 Richardson. Don 89 Robinson. Beverly 280 Rodman, Nancy 284 Roderick, Steve 103, 267 Rodriquez, Mane 280 Rolfi. Phil 72, 274 Roseman. Lisa 263 Year In England Lukasik, Dawn 240 Lyon. Holly 242 McKnight. ' jill 242 Madrid, Janet 242 Mango, Connie 242 Malcolm, Heather 91, 242 Marino. Cheryl 242 Massod. Anela 242 Matters. Renee 91. 242 Matzen, Susan 242 Mauldin, Marion 242 McArt, 242 McCormick, Kelly 91. 242 McKee, Shawnette 242 Mendez, Patricia 242 Mestas, Allisa 242 Meza. Kelly 242 Miles, Kristy 242 Minnott, Lisa 242 Minuskin, Robin 120, 242 Moore. Deanne 242 Moore, Tracey 91, 242 Moreno, Rosalie 242 Morris, Elizabeth 242 Morrison, Jennifer 54, 242 Murphy, Christine 242 Newton, Gina 242 Ordrane, Colleen 242 Olsgaard, Christine 242 ONeal, Kelly 54, 242 Ouaounian, Annie 242 Parker, Joanne 90, 244 Pellegrino. Lisa 242 Peterson, Erin 244 Pieperburg, Sheri 244 Powell, Amy 244 Prawdzik. Kendra 244 Pulaski, Kathenne 54, 244 Ramirez, Monica 244 Relph, Danielle 110, 244 Remus, Lome 244 Riddle, Misty 244 Robertson, Devon 244 Robison, Kristine 244 Rohrer, Julie 244 Rosales, Rosa 244 Ruano, Theresa 54, 244 Rush, Jennifer 60, 244 Seigle, Laura 60, 244 Serrania, Martha 244 Seymour. Serena 244 Sheets, Janet 246 Shimp, Paula 246 Shirley, Michelle 246 Shives, Katherine 91, 232, 246 Simor, Krista 50, 238, 246 Smith, Jennifer 246 Smith. Kim 54, 246 Smith, Valerie 246 Snapp, Lisa 246 Spellman, Julie 67, 246 Sproull, Cnstina 246 Swanson, Sandy 246 Tate, Susan 110, 246 Taylor, Samantha 246 Testa, Kimberly 246 Thomas. Kathleen 54, 246 Thornburg, Kimberly 246 Tobin, Jan 247 Tolton, Shelly 99. 247 Traywick, Deborah 78, 247 Vancina, Candice 247 Velarde, Sonia 247 Villar, Nina 247 Vining, Lisa 247 Visnaw, Kim 247 Volz, Cherie 247 Vu, Thu X. 247 Vujnov, Christina 247 Ward, Saundra 247 Watson, Stacy 45. 72, 100, 232. 247 Weaver, Leigh 248 Wehn, Karen 248 Wehn. Lori 248 Welch, Candice 248 Westrick, Christine 248 White, Traci 248 Wilktson, Regina 248 Williams. Chriss 248 Wilmouth. Vicki 248 Wilson, Shari 68, 248 Wilson, Stacy 248 Woods. Ktista 91, 248 Wright, Jeannette 100, 248 Wright, Leah 248 Yeatts, Jill 248 Ashby. Keith 268 Barry, Lindlee 72, 176, 266 Beck, Steve 270, 279 Berring, Ethel 258 Berry, Ellen 65, 253, 268 Boies, Bob 274 Boseker, Edward 256 Bosch, Lorene 261 Boucher, Dennis 62, 262 Bowles, Virginia 288 Bronson, Byron 88, 286 Bruce. Ron 272 Brunner, Ray 289 Burns, Diane 285 Burns, Marie 289 Campbell, Alayne 275 Campbell, Norman 273 Capalety, Judy 289 Carlsen. Duane 279 Causer, Charles 279 Cecala, Maryellen 284 Coffey, Tom 90. 93, 283 Cook, Reggi 264 Cooper. Lois 286 Crippen, Don 273 Day. Marjorie 256 Deiange, Warren 99 Demaine. Joe 275 Denio, Cheryl 285 Dixon, MaryLou 289 Dudley, Howard 279 Dunham, Mark 89 Eilerts, Bill 191, 272 Elkins, Barbara 261 Eriksen, Stuart 256 Eyre, James 275 Fahring. Wanda 288 Falk. Rick 266, 314 Faubus.John 288 Fisher, Paul 258 Flanagan, Carol 285 Fox, Linda 261 Franco, Chris 285 Goldsby, Jeff 83 Goldstone, Ken 104 Good, Dorothy 274 Goodman, Kay 266 Gray, Sandra 264 Kerns. Barbara 289 Kiel, Ray 271 Knapper, Julie 276, 278 Koerner, Glen 261 Koser. Steve 274, 282 Krol.Janae 284 Lantz, Brad 275 Larson, Don 270 Linderman, Roger 264 Lister, Bruce 264 Loomis. Helen 271 Lubke, Trudy 280 Lucas, Natalie 280 Lusk, Marilyn 268 Luttrell, Maureen 280 Lynch. Peggy 258 Mann, Carolann 281 Manning, Doug 286 Mattson. Maura 271 McCloskey, Kathleen 280 McCormick, Dean 256 McDonald, Jack 264 McElwain, Rick 24, 91. 92. 264 McMaster. Jean 271 McSparren, Larry 266 Meiers, Steve 272 Meyerette, Charles 83. 112, 276, 282 Michel, Bob 83. 253. 282 Miffling. Barbara Dee 289 Mirich. Doug 83. 274 Montgomery, Pam 63, 253, 264 Mortensen, Stuart 270 Moses, La Veda 288 Moussiaux, Diana 268 Nelson, Tom 83, 84, 275, 283 O ' Toole, Gene 258 Packer. Robert 256 Parker, Walt 289 Patton, Mike 271 Perkins, Sara 288 Peterson, Edna 288 Peterson, John 91, 277 Philpot, Boyd 94, 96, 175, 283 Pino, Joe 263 Purciel, Mike 273 Radchffe, Vicki 277 Ramondetti, Margaret 282 Raya, George 288 Roslund, Charles 275 Ross, Maurice 256 Ruse, Jim 258 Savers. Kiy 288 Schaff, Betty 278 Seidenberg, Sharon 110, 275 Serdahely, Mildred 280 Sheehy, Dan 26, 88, 283 Shutt, Virginia 264 Sims, Carl 264 Skinner, Earlene 282 Sleeper, Enola 267 Smith, Bonnie 276 Smith, Don 69, 261 Smith. Dan K. 263, 267 Smith, Leon 64. 268 Smith, Sata 262 Sommers 286 Sperrazza, Shirley 282 Spivey, Jerry 172, 264, 268 Stevenson, Dick 88, 112 Swisher, Betty 284 Tablet, Larry 288 Taylor, Ray 262, 267 Terwilliger, Doady 280 Thurston, Valetie 276 Trotter, George 270 Trueblood, Marcia 264 Turner, James 257 Turner, John 279 L ' satenko, Mary 268 Valenta, Robert 278 Vaughn, Bettie 289 Wagner, Brock 258 Wagoner, Don 270 Ward, Tom 289 Waterman, Al 89. 103, 286, 271 Weaver, Norm 288 Welsh, Ralph 261 Wiedeman, Ken 258 White, Dale 270 Wigmore, Letty 268 Wilson, Dawn 8, 74. 253. 267 Witt, George 273 Wodinskv. Gloria 258 Wood, Barbara 264, 278 Yaugo, Al 288 Yeatts, Ruth 284 Index 311 In Memory Charles W. Duval Chuck was a 16 year old junior student at THS. He was born in Detroit, Michigan, 9-28-65. He had attended THS since the beginning of his freshman year. Chuck lived with his mother and stepfather. He was the only living child. A sister died at the age of 6 months of Sid ' s Disease. Chuck had surgery in June, 1981 for a tumor in his back. The tumor was malignant. He started radiation and chemotherapy. He returned to school in September, 1981 and attended on a regular basis while continuing with his treatments. He lost all of his hair and wore a wig. In February, 1982 Chuck became so weak we assigned a home teacher. Chuck died at CHOC March 13, 1982. U2 Chuck Duval . . . ,- 4 C 7 ■i ' i ' Ugh when needed. Mr. : thank Mummv (Cuffy) High School has been the best! In this years edition ot the Audton. the start and I have tried to Capture The Memories of 1981-82- We hope that you enjoy this yearbook now and for years [0 come Capturing the Memories. Volume 56 of the Tustin High School Audion was financed, designed and published bj the 1962 Audion statf It was printed b Herff Jones Yearbooks. Marcelme. Missouri The company representatives were Greg Hemsoih and Larry Kluss. The book was printed on eighty pound Bordeaux paper The embossed cover was done with two silkscreens and a cordova grain The photography was done by Albert and James Lnderclass photos were taken by Mr.John Rock. The type style used was Garamond and Garamond Bold in tfipt tor headlines, copy 10 pi., captions 8 pt and miscellaneous was done in 18 pi The 1981 Audion was awarded a firsi place award from the ASPA rating service. As soon as I found out that I was to be the 1982 Audion editor. I starred gathering ideas to make this the best yearbook ever 1 wanted, like every other editor, to have a perfect book I found this to be impossible There are many conflicts to face during the year like, finances, proofs, organization and deadlines With the latgest staff ever I think we survived pretty well We shared a lot of good times together, the workshop, breakfast, donui and pizza parties, late night deadlines and if you want an A you have to work for it ' Thank you staff for making this a great year! Good luck Debbie, Lisa and Brent. There are so many people to thank for helping make this yearbook possible. I hope 1 don ' t forget anyone Mrs. Laura Green, Mr. Ray Taylor. Mr. Don Bullen and Mr. Jim Turner forgetting me started while I attended Currie. Carla Becker and Jim Hines, mv mentors Lynn Blacker tor being a help whenever needed. The 1981 staff Konnie Krisiock, Greg Miller, Maryellen Cummings. Larry Kluss and Greg Hemsoth for being supportive and help finalize ideas Everyone at Herff for helping fix the tight spots Mr. Fowler. Dirk Carlson, Diana. Gordon. Dave, Jim, Roger and everyone at Albert and James for fantastic photography and helping out at deadlines All rm teachers for letting me out. especially Mr. Rolfi and Coach Falk. Mr. Brock Wagner and Peggy Lynch for their support All coaches, advisers and students who came thrc Dennis Boucher for being the best adviser ever, his family for letting us keep him until late, late hours. But most of all I want t and Daddy for putting up with me. the book, deadlines, trips to A andj and the late hours, I love ya ' The Best Fn h op PATTI mike pageant KELLY liz lenruhr |h jr m| hhs Gramp Wtl bunny LISA rami brenda bozo fb Is nw bs tp ar n buddy point snb Mr L jack nannay suzanne ne dr bowl ci ki ra Ip hk n st in ed en is ee II le spar ow rolfi ADRIENNE thorn eroie candy man ALFA san diego cruise david 16 party Soph ' aunt emily uncle dave Laguna blue bird margam a party wil! david marine land banners susan sony ahsa parades place ntia ocean side bus ride eske llyt. LISA G bill and john share fun local 1 : broad caster monty iracy dune match seniors kw tw fl car lafe b news pckkad cikid on |Ose key wan ert esal ice possib bst ais mary k. dad DLAND ice lat in french ilen eeng2 perspective carol gerding sadie coco fun peter thanx DANA luv y a Gram Tess JUNIOR " • " " 1 cal ful chns elate mont camp CAPT la horn a bonniet ami prank del amar lasher bear colt amm dean nautah Dlac comp 5 ' news spark lethe pole fund taise car ms thanks Uncle Bob Aunt Fran ' HAWAII david bask in s orange numn liverl jay jime levator Zams ax Mr W 5 and 7 ta va nn as smorgy flight carol joy rosanne spag tea brown charm dancer am GAIL shop comp darcifarrell swim band YEARBOOK jinx and u mickey closed d land fil m delt angie slat enite victor ia wait er wongy baum an staff pamrory b day jelly bean ia luthern pams Ion ifilm car wash LYNN ditch the lake h20 ski dean uck dirk brook emom and step py nui meg tashafi rene wy ear much w form chnskey brianno dinner skate Balbo ad al hover CHRIS homecoming lor eed av elane dinner barry APRIL cruize camar omalls camelot jeff biadken mark keith jea bishoph 2 dance me cum grad nice JASON brian dernier karal 8 teenboatd |oe todd frog purse sadiest at sbby ar diamond sargeant est tammy dall CIF party las port sc dmst bernard kwow joke en day beach timmm mc limo kidnap SENIOR YEAR •• scon bull ock skelly the wed hounds ley stag brei bio lam issrem konnie bell cindy asscak knorts cypress curt iss mark jeff morgan TOM petty brent dairy robbie cd mk ey model Sept U MR. B thank Ed In Chief rent lisa debbie gdlk laursen AJ herff greg larry sandf ran victory bell daddy reeses fun sr parents L SC marc us mep horo laten it e wood bridge house booth THAN STAFF jill ness preppy pink and green MLTFY falk michelle soccer dit to snow flake garett lari ssat a mmie scon homecoming casker photos din a kathy |oy dawn chrislyn da- lin dal isa activities Elmo Adrienne broadway villa teen board bullock sellie carol anne brendan Steve michele holly keily ttacy marci mary beth angel a fashion dan amichael Fball Basket Base tourn scam lor icy die mary di heidi chicol averne fullerton karen fair kelly sailing howard sullivan snch ardo ak glen sant a momca skipeph omnom photos Jason G kitty male strip peggy brock Thank you Gram Shirley 2 15 Darrey 12 2? but most of all thanks mummy and daddy cuffy lovey a6 l? 826 26 ni " f UJ i % ji M Editor ' s Page 313 Smiles Capture The Memories There are many different types of smiles, there are serious smiles, shy smiles, happy smiles and teethy smiles. A smile is a way of expressing one ' s feelings. With a smile one can show that they are excited or embarassed. But no matter what type of smile, when someone is smiling, it makes them and every- one around them feel good. A smile can even make a person ' s day. The smiling faces of teachers, friends or even strangers can change bad things to good with just a smile. Mr. Rick Falk shares his smile with his class. Kevin Kotler shows off his shy smile. Ron Milligan pets caught off guard, but continues to show his nice smile Julie Rhorer smiles a happy smile. Robyn Burnett, Andi Feldman and David Smith want their smiles in the yearbook. 314 Smiles efl n o gl, b ' i -Vr. C Ged _yL J-e --tAs- JLcCtvAA ffljJ A H 1 i tjh. ' 1 .... 1 Smiles 315 Memories Of THS Past The Victory bell, the gauntlet and the eagle, what are these? They are just a few things of Tustin High ' s past, they are Tustin High. Tustin Union High School was started in 1921. At the time Tustin was known as the Farmers and the school colors were purple and gold. Only a few years later the name was changed to Tillers and the colors changed to Black and White. In the sixties the color red was added to brighten things up. Students in those days also came from far away as Mission Viejo, El Toro, and Laguna Beach. The eagle was a decoration on top of the old school. The tradition was to get on top of the building and paint the e gle. The old building was torn down in 1966 and just before then, the eagle said goodbye to Tustin High. Now there is a resting place for the eagle in the quad. The victory bell was started by Victor Wolczak in 1961. The bell was rung when Tus- tin won a game. The bell was dedicated to Wolczak after his death, which occured while he was still attending Tustin High. This year the bell has been resurrected by Audion Editor Rene Matz. It was painted and unveiled at the Tustin vs. Santa Ana basketball game, which Tustin won. - ( Sri ■ ,-• ' ii.i.j.n .it u I •tttfy.%. ' . •JW-tM % A M j».m «;t If w _ w .!T.!. ' . ' i: ' .l :, f.. ' i . i: ' ' ' !:,.K W. ,%» ' 316 Traditions 1. The unused fountain, by the administration building left by the class of 1925. 2. The victory hell before it was restored. V The sundial left b the class of 1967. I. The memorial left for the eagle by the class of 1965. 5 The Tustin emblem. m y ... The cross town rivalry with Foothill High School did not begin until 1965 when the two teams played against each other in the Orange Optimist Basketball tournament. The golden gauntlet was originated by Foothill in the late sixties and is awarded to the winner of the Tustin versus Foothill football game. Since the inception of the rivalry, the two schools have battled each other in spirit and athletic contests lor the right to own the championship of the city. Winning is also a tradition at Tustin High. There are a number of trophy cases all over the campus, and they are not just for sports but music and speech as well. There are many tophies that are put away in storage and not displayed on campus too. Around the school there are many memories left of people or memories left by arious senior classes. The class of 1937-39 donated the clock by the weight room and the Stanley gymnasium built in 1927. The senior lawn was left by the class of 1964, the sundial from the class of 1967 and the time capsule in the quad was left by the class of 1972 and it will be opened this year at their class reunion. The Tustin emblem was painted over, but was left as the class gift from the class of 1968. Memories of people are also left around campus. There are plaques tor Jf. Worthington Means, the first administrator, Ernest Byrne, Edwin Veeh and Stella Yocum teachers from the past that left their mark, the field is dedicated to Orville Northrup, ex-principal and superinten- dent, there is also the Don Castle Service award given to an outstanding senior, Castle was a principal at Tustin and in the gymnasium there are portraits of orher special who have made their mark. Students who have made a special place at Tustin have memories left for them. Their is a painting of Larry Martin in the gym, a tree dedicated to David Basson and the memorial wall dedicated to students who died while attending Tustin High. Traditions 317 Senior Lisa Grencik waves goodbye to Tustin High. Suzetie Lipscomb and Jeff Marks capture the memories at the Winter Formal. Cheerleaders booster signs help support the varsity basketball team. Ellie Escobar and Greg Holland enjoy a happv time. Tina Garza and Gilbert Ruiz reminisce about years cone b 318 Yesterday «ffift The Memories Of Yesterday It just seems like yestetday that we wete tegistering and ptepating our- selves for the new school year. At the start of the year we were filled with joy to be back with friends, but there was a little fear inside too, having to come back to school and not knowing what to expect from the new year. The year was filled with many happy times, the crowning of Joy Borden and Kathy Smoot as Homecoming and Pep Queens, winning and going to C.I.F. in many sports, dances and quiet times alone or with friends. These memories will not be forgotten. In the future they will be permanently stored in our minds forever. But, now for sen- iors and underclassmen as well, it is time to move on. To see new things, people and places. This end is just a beginning, as we go our separate paths. We will miss each other and be a little afraid to go on and grow, but we can continue. So say goodbye to Tustin High and remember yesterday once more. Yesterday 319 if ? Alma Mater fc ' SOuf strong bands oc Can ner be broken Formed at Tustin High For surpassing wealth unspoken Sealed by friendship tied Alma Mater, Alma Mater Deep graven on each heart Shall be found unwavering true When we |r (Am school shall part. ,K G IQ? J ;V AJ ? 9 iy M mvu, - M+ . jlaj xx ffo0 MaJJaw. X$Ju AOJ If - crV Z jMs. -G ntsf .U»s j% 0 1 1 JY ftOi xzfi£. roue. Pfitt iiS tx " -0 qu r you a fiu n CLOd-kL FVZ O-KAf- s , you uttiz i ro e OP OW T. T»« A ° " Z% you no$T »- - ff OOD roof. — T ; » " Ar n e 0-C?cO - ' JjLns-J £0JC?V) 0 -J TGI XUV 4, fa . ok A$i tM rf lb iU r - M ZlXU £ U n vH. . apturin £ « I I i pi2.«MT E ■£ • !) JM C CO 0«O Jt j J- tfV I O Jjtf ■■..„dk -tM u-rr c wJ ACV . «% v e 4 r%J o if.: . .-. m i £ . ' p »r 1 3 f -A0 ' _ VJ l ,i S ■ ' »S ' pwsi )■■•,

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