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X I V% Q ui cr o z D I Z UJ f- Ui Z if o Q HH%» i x « .elded to humanity, tonds are loose But can never be broken, Within these bonds I folfow the pattern of my life. I rebel against these bonds and reject hmnamiy, but my loneliness in sight jR edcompanionshi A man can not live alone. in their existenlMfc — ' " »ey reject their they will destroy themselves their duration. . . . Yet true, I have an advantage over these stars I may find my way again. TUSTIN W S i S i; 5;aS5 SaL i1?w 2E ( t aS l " When is man strong until he feels alone ' for what they DEDICATED TO THE FACULTY »»«► llW««SI«»S!«««i!l?V« " - f » have given us ON LEARNING Consider that I labored Not for myself alone But for all them That seek learning Learning without thought Is labor lost; Thought without learning is perilous . . . Confucius O, this learning, What a thing it Shakespeare There are moments in man ' s mortal years When for an instant that which long has lain Beyond our reach is on a sudden found In things of smallest compass, and we hold The unbounded shut in one small minute ' s space And worlds within the hollow of our hand . . . H. B. Carpenter CONTENTS ACTIVITIES 12 BOYS ' SPORTS 50 GIRLS ' SPORTS 106 CLASSES 118 ADMINISTRATION ...216 COMMUNITY 240 12 H M M M Q y 13 A F S A.F.S. members, Top Row, L-R: Doltie Slone, Kalhy Balmer, Georgie Pigsley, Janice Hughes, Marilyn Alexander, Carol Wilcox, Sandy Brown, Lee Stevenson, Carol Cofer, Donna Duplei, Pam Brown, Marcy Horton, Diane Kreider, Jean Brown, Roberta Pankey, Lii Quick, Lynn Teller, Pam Denison, Linda Fay, Gloria Westrom, Diane Shallenberger, Cindy Lear, Marcia Wallis, Linda Veeh, Judy Reed, Phyllis Dutton, Bill Eadie. Second Row: Anne Brown, Debby Camham, Darcy Davenport, Anne Smith, Barbara Alex, Nancy Moore, Pat Harper, Sally Scott, Helen Ostroski, Cindy Caprara, Joy Harshaw, Martha Stranger, Sandy Brook, Dianne Davies, Diana Weitzel, Karen Venass, Sue Winter- felt, Donette Arnold, Sue Foster, Anne Ustick, Paulette Pierre, Toni Murrill, Nancy Kirkham, Diane Shallenberger, Christy Thomas, Randi Tatum, Diane Wright, Kathy Fredriksen, Pat Glad- men, Jennifer Townsend. Third Row: Diana Roe, Cathy Farmer, Marcha Ifkocivs, Mary Anne Von Pelt, Sharon Jackson, Carol Gardner, Rich Emery, Bob Barrett, David Martin, Dan Roblyer, Walker Lindsay, Peter Pankey, Garman Pond, Debbie Heintz, Carolee Hayes, Margie Lange, Patti Coyne, Linda Czapla, Cloes Floren, Annette Ferrey. The American Field Service was organizeci to promote interest in the foreign exchange student program. Under the leadership of President Pam Brown, Vice-President Millie Sellin, Secretary Don Beckendorf, and Treasurer Barbara Roane, the organization has worked hard to insure the happiness of our exchange students during their stay here. With the help of advisors Mr. Larsen and Mr. Ziemer, members sponsored a dance, potluck dinner, and a magazine drive to raise money to bring foreign students to Tustin. The A.F.S. is also concerned with sending Ameri- cans abroad, and this year our school was fortunate enough to have two of its students sent to foreign coun- tries. These two students were Jean Brown and Roberta Pankey. Jean Brown stayed with the Mieike family in Gifhorn, Germany. She had a sister, Sabine, who was seventeen, and a brother, Harald, who was fourteen and whom they called Mike, and a sister, Beltina, who was ten. Roberta lived with the Jose Foares family in Fortaleza, Brazil. She had an older sister, Lidice, and two older brothers. Roberta went for the summer, and Jean was gone for one semester. Both enjoyed their visits very much and would have liked to return. Both attended school in their countries. Americans Abroad students — Jean Brown and Roberta Pankey Jean ' s German sister, Sabine Mieike, Mrs. Brown, and Jean in Germany. Spain is the country of Yvonne Sanchez, who was one of Tustin ' s foreign exchange students this past year. She was the guest of the Blaek- lidge family. Yvonne enjoyed the kindness and individuality of Americans but found high school students in the United States less mature than those in her home town of Seville, Spain. Soccer, swimming, basketball, and, of course, bullfighting are all popular activities in Spain, according to Yvonne. Students in Spain go to school six days a week, study more subjects, and stay in school longer in the day, but they have a longer lunch period. When she is in Spain, Yvonne enjoys eating gaspacho, a cold soup which is served mostly in the summer. When she returns to Spain, Yvonne plans to attend a secretarial school in Madrid, the cap- ital of Spain, and eventually she hopes to become a secretary. Foreign Exchange Students Claes Floren, George Miff, Yvonne Sanchez. Sweden is the home of Claes Henric Floren. For the past year he has made his home with the Roblyer family while attending Tustin as a foreign exchange student. Hassleholm is the town of 12,000 people in which Claes lives. Claes enjoys reading, sports, and traveling. While in the United States, he visited New York and Los Angeles, among other cities. Claes found Americans much like the Swedish people, except that Americans are more gay and more fond of jokes. Claes liked America very much but was sur- prised at the large number of freeways, cars, and houses. He also liked American ham- burgers and the many school-sponsored sports. After he returns to Sweden, Claes will attend the Gymnasium and then the university where he will study to be a doctor. s o p H I S T I C A T E S Not in Order: Marilyn Alexander, Claudia Artie, Sharon Bricker, Annamarie Cobb, Judy Erickson, Gloria Guluarle, Paf Honon, Marilyn Hansen, Belty Helt, Sandra Huddleslon, Sandy Lefher, Lupe Linares, Bev Lorello, Diane McQuislion, Dale Mitchell, Toni Murrill, Carol Nash, Claudia Osborne, Cynthia Reiwers, Carroll Roberts, D ' Alice Royce, Lola Ryland, Sue Sheffield, Sharon Sim- mons, Sharon Snow, Dusty Stiebelk, Linda Siratmeyer, Corky Strolmeyer, Dana Vining. The Sophisticates brightened the school year for all the people to whom they presented their excellent singing. There are 27 singers in this all girl choir, and the quolities of fine direction were present in all their work. They appeared in the Winter and Spring con- certs and free quarterly concerts. They also participated in festivals during the Spring Semester. The Freshman choir is a fairly new group started last year. They showed much talent, and with Mr. leinberger ' s excellent direction, they will prove to be a wonderful singing group in the years to come. There are seventy members in the mixed Freshman choir and they ore also accompanied by Mrs. Cowan. Mr. leinberger Top Row, L-R: Sherrill Shoemaker, Pam Taylor, Ronni Porter, Carol Charmine, Donna Brilt, Carol Aulis, Lyne Morris, Pam Johnson, Frances Spire, Diane Fulbright, Bill Sardam, Steve Leonard, Rick Flint, Dick Johns. Second Row: Trio Church, Valevie Hiss, Marsha Ifkovics, Jean Bailey, Ho Boydstun, Florence Oliver, JoAnn Sweeney, Kathy Fredriksen, Laurie Coffing, Ron La Clerque, Larry Wall, Gary Cochran, Carl Aubrey, Carolyn Ettin- ger, Ann Rupp, Judi Eichemberg, Katie Howell. Third Row: Suzette Smith, Liz Cowan, Vickie Jackson, Bonnie Hanson, Cynthia Cook, Penny Covey, Pat Williamson, Pom Peterson, Randy Ema, Ron Scheck, Ed Linquist, Ton Coyne, Rannae Gunnell, Marsha Faccou, Cheryl, Jan Pitcl, Barbara Abernathy. Fourth Row: Ellen Morris, Karen Serlin, June Collins, Cynthia Emory, Kathy Street, Carol Thompson, Cheryl Smith, Shere Scott, Marcia McRae, Cliff Lauer, Don Sheppard, Larry Reed, Ray Magdaleno, Pot Mackin, Sandy Bent, Diana De Vaul. Seated, L-R: Sue Bradley, Dick Wood, Cherly Sellers, Gary DeVouJ, Joan Maine, Tom Pulvlno. Standing: Karen Bertagna, Rocky Cove, Karen Anderson, Bob Inglis, Pat Gladman, Ken Iceman, Pat Easter, Keith Mell. Madrigals accomplistied and gained much this year under the expert leadership of Mr. William S. Leinberger. They participated in free concerts, the winter concert at Christmas, and the spring concert. Although they decreased in number this year, they increased in ability and performance. The Madrigals are Tustrn ' s finest singing group and deserve a lot of credit for all the hours spent in rehearsal and travel. The A Cappella Choir Is a mixed choir con- sisting of fifty-two members made up of stu- dents from the sophomore to the senior level. They participated in the Christmas assembly, in which they were accompanied by the orchestra, and other concerts throughout the year, often accompanied by their lovely pianist. A C A P P E L L A First Row, sitting: Maureen Eubanlcs, Loa Blauer, Chris Lofton, Susan lundsren, Neil Butler, Jean Gorofoli, Sandy Hartman, Nikki Faulring, Roger Wellman, Jean Corli. Second Row; Sharon Martin, Sue Matoin, Gale Johnson, Babs Smith, Joanne Mc- Mahon, Kay Bradley, Kathy Hayes, Jocltie Cable, Lynn Wiebiams. Third Row; David Flowers, Candace Martinez, Irene Diran, Sue Pister, Gennie Ombez, Linda Fay, Judy Williamson, Anne Rimel, Suzanne Howell, Judy Howell, Nancy Bauer, Lynda Prick, Chor- lene Kuhons, Janet Harmon, Barbara Livesay, Ken Diefenbach. Fourth Row; Arch Urguart, Bob Henderson, Jack Colvin, Pat Thomas, Gloria Westrom, Judy Charles, Vicki Stephenson, Karen Craig, Carol Arnold, Jeanette Beshears, Jeanne King, Jill Nelson, Susan Tution, Rick Hawes, Richard Lynn. Top Row, L-R: Bill Gay, Walker Lindsey, David Jones, Carol Wilcox, Leslie Humphries, Ted Mogey, Garmond Pond: Mile, de Geelen, Ann Rimel, Undo Gates, Jen Brown, Linda Parker, Pam Detloff, Muff McCann, Anne Browne, Nancy Painter. Third Row: Juanita Crampton, Diane Kreider, Meryl Riese, Carol Kelly, Gail Hull, Patty Coin, Linda Messick, Candice Martinez. Les Petits PoissonsD ' or Under the direction of Mile. Jeanette de Geelen and M. John Kahkonen, Tustin ' s French Club has completed its third year. The members have worked hard to pro- mote understanding of the French culture and lan- guage. Some of the activities for the year were: a trip to the Huntington Library, a visit by several Moroccan youth leaders, and a Christmas party. Officers for the year were: President - Nancy Painter, Vice-president - Bill Gay, Secretary - Carol Wilcox, and Treasurer - Linda Gates. Members also enjoyed see- ing French films and listen- ing to French recordings. Circulo Hispano The Spanish Club is one of the oldest clubs at Tustin. It has provided Spanish students with the opportu- nity to learn more about the Spanish culture. The club, which was spon- sored by the faculty mem- bers of the Spanish depart- ment, was headed by Presi- dent - Garman Pond, Vice- president - Yvonne Sanchez, and Secretary - Treasurer, Lenore Martinez. Spanish Club members took a field trip to the San Diego area and to the Ramona Pageant and sponsored ex- positions at school of estab- lished artists. Top Row, L-R: Barby Dahl, Bonnie Bolig, Diane Petterson, Lui Crosthwaite, Diane Anderson, Lenore Martinez, Annette Mathews, Garmond Pond, Nancy Greer, Yvonne Sanchez, Marsha Sardner, Carol Carter, Diane Burke, Marilyn Alexander, Nancy Kirkham, Colleene Wright. 18 f J f te 1 t! " ■■ i ■ 4 " f t, - ■ . t ' ni- 1 im- ' i i fi ly mm 7 L 7 IS P im r l H J ■fv ■ i.i; 1 •:. i i- ' ' n-rt kT Top Row, L-R: Pat Harper, Jacqueline Porter, Judy Reed, Karen Sopp, Barbara Isenberg, Debbie Weir, Carol Kelly, Cindi Enbow, Sheila Kewer, Chris Lundberg, Ron Reyes, Kalhy Feran, Chelena Rondell, Betsey Weber, Anne Smith, Joy Harshaw, Cheryl Williams, Karen Babb, Pam Williams, Suzanne Trazien, LaRaine Houghton. Second Row: Mekissa Read, Sherry Miller, Bobbie Martin, Barbara Varner, Laurie This year ' s Art Club succeeded in promoting many varieties of student art work. President - Doris Hudgins, Vice-president - Dyanne Moon, Secre- tary - Susie Quayle, and Treasurer - Sara Smith helped, under the able leadership »f Mr. Gaines, to make the club one of the largest on campus. Activities included the displaying of Tiller art Field, Dyanne Moon, Sybil Stanton, Mr. Gaines, Doris Hudgins, Sara Smith, Susie Ouayle, Sue Sheffuld, Dusty Steibel, Donna Vaughn, Sharon Thomas, Penny Franke, Eliza- beth Huker, Patty Griset, Karen Kelly. Third Row: Russ Beasley, Jan Lewanski, Woody Boosey, Mike Talbott, Pete Piper, Jerome Pitcl, Bill Flint, Don Bickford, Rob Ball, Bob Nisson. work and, as always, the Artist of the Month contest was a key event for the members to judge. The end of the year was spotlighted by the Artist of the Year contest for which all students submitted entries. Field trips and art shows were also on the club ' s calendar. s K I C L U B A R T C L U B Top Row, L-R: John Salyer, Bill Knudson, Pam Howell, Cindy Lear, Sue Smith, Kathy Horn, Karen Craig, Sally Scott, Sue Lebord, Ann Blocklidge, Roberta Pankey, Janice Hews, Susie Dilsaver, Linda Gates, Marcia Murry, Terry Bixler. Bottom Row: The Ski Club, which has completed its first year at Tustin, was organized by a group of skiing enthu- siasts at school. It was sponsored by Mr. Eric Larsen. Ski Club members enjoyed swapping ski-tales, learn- ing and practicing new techniques, and watching films of expert skiiers in action. Mark West, Tim Dressel, Bob Key, Kemo Pankey, Jim Lawrence, John Astor, Dick Wood, Glenn Clark, Jeff Lewis, Dave Key, Don Reaser, Gary Moon. The Ski Club, although it was so new, has shown itself to be a rising and important organization, not only for providing its members with fun and new skills, but also for providing them with ski-slope etiquette and sportsmanship. 19 Top Row, L-R: Carol Kelly, Sherry McNott, Meredith Smith, Ann Blacklidge, Marcy Norton, Terry Somodi, Diane Townsend, lynn Hicks, Karen Sopp, Ann Williamson, Sandy Sunders. Second Row: Mrs. Lee, Mifty Trenkmonn, Sharon O ' Bryan, Karen Babb, Jan Currier, Bill Muir, Doris Hudgins, Linda Deltour, Juonito Crampton, JoAnn Whitley, Wendy Dornan, Kathy Briggs. Third Row: Jim Taylor, Mike Smith, John Slephy, Bill Galuppo, Ron Beason, Bruce Cornelisse. Tustin ' s literal magazine, Satori, has completed its foui h year under the sponsorship of Mrs. Catherine Lee. Satori ' s staff pub- lished the best of all the stories, plays, essays, poetry, and art work submitted by Tustin students. All students were urged to enter their work, and the material that was submitted was screened by the staff as a whole. A contest was held for the selection of the cover design. The officers were: Editor - Mifty Trenkmonn, Assistant Editors - Jann Bond and Jan Currier, Busi- ness Managers - Mike Smith and Ron Benson, Advertising - JoAnn Whitley, Juanita Crampton, and Bill Muir, and Art - Doris Hudgins. The magazine came into being as a result of student request. Satori is published by the Creative Writing class. Satori Officers: Standing, L-R: Mike Smith, Bill Muii Bond, Mifty Trenkmann, Jan Currier, Doris Hudgins. Seated: Juanita Crampton, Jann 20 Edilor-in-Chief Nikki Dudys THE AUDION STAFF The 1963 Audion Staff worked hard to meet every dead- h ' ne and produce a yearbook worthy of the high literary standards of Tustin High set in past years. The staff hopes that they have succeeded in accomplishing this goal and that the student body appreciates these efforts and the final product, the AUDION. Simplicity of style was stressed in all sections of the yearbook, as may or may not be seen in the use of larger pictures, the absence of many bleeds, and the symmetrical layouts. Special attention was paid to the conservation of space in the activities section. The editors burned the midnight oil into the wee sma hours of the morning to complete their sections by the only too soon deadline dates. However, without the guidance, encouragement, and perseverance of our Editor Nikki Dudys, the 1963 Audion would have been non-existent. Advisor Mr. Bachelor Business Manager Corliss Holmes Heod Photogropher Don Cohen Copy Editor Marco Patterson THE AUDION STAFF Art Editor — Woody Boosey Class Editor — Gael Harrington Art Editor — Vic Wolciok Organizations Editor — Diane Kreider Our Beloved Leader addressing her staff, " You make this deadline or else BUILDS A BOOK Humor Editor — Dave Reid Assistant Pat Rasberry, Photographer Editor Linda Gates, and Assistant Barb Isenberg. Audion Staff at work, L-R: Barbara Isenberg, Terry Bixler, Marco Patterson, Corliss Holmes, Pat Rasberry, Becky Guillan, Nikki Dudys, Liz Quick, Donna Dupleix, Gael Harrington. THE BROADCASTER STAFF This year ' s BROADCASTER staff produced a monthly newspaper which kept Tustin students well aware and informed of all school and some community happenings and activities. The first semester editor, Stephanie Smith, began a tradi- tion of clear and accurate reporting which was carried through by the second semester editor, Nancy Painter. The BROADCASTER Bungalow was often the scene of much scurry and uproar as the reporters and editors raced to meet deadlines. Mr. Vinstrom was a great help to the staff members in giving them encouragement and advice in their reporting. It was through his efforts and those of the staff that the BROADCASTER reached the student body in a well written, interesting, and informative state. The BROADCASTER was put together by a mixture of personalities: those who didn ' t care, those who were overly conscientious, those who were out for " goofing- off, " and those who were out to work, and somehow these diverse types combined to produce a series of papers that any school would be proud to claim. All the BROADCASTER issues last year were of high journalism standards. The quality of the issues was obtained at some expense in both dollars and hard work. The February issue had to be cancelled because the paper was running over its budget. This made both the staff and the student body very unhappy. Expenses for the BROADCASTER were not completely covered by the money obtained from advertisements. This year ' s BROADCASTER wore a new look of versatility. The editors strived to include in it articles which would be of interest to everyone. Informative articles, essays, jokes and stories, editorials, and reviews all helped to make the BROADCASTER a great success. 24 FIRST SEMESTER Editor-in-Chief Stephanie Smith Managing Editor Doug Smith Business Manager Lynn Teller Assistant Business Manager Anne Brown Page One Editor Richie Goodman Page Two Editor Carol Kelly Page Three Editor Nancy Painter Page Four Editor Dick Frank Photography Editor Sybil Stanton Exchange Editor Sharon O ' Bryan Reporters Anne Brown, Nancy Charles, Linda Eubankd, Joan Haines, Caria Hukee, Barbara James, Diane McQuiston, Tina Pettingill, Pam Rutledge, Charlene Sammons, Pam Sandy, Judy Schella, Patti Steppe, Bob Vance, Ron Wendt. L-R: Lynn Teller, Mr. Ventslrom, Nancy Painter. SECOND SEMESTER Editor-in-Chief Nancy Painter Business Manager Lynn Teller Page One Editor Richie Goodman Page Two Editor Anne Brown Page Three Editor Sharon O ' Bryan Sports Editor Don Dorsey Photography Editor Sybil Stanton Exchange Editor Sharon O ' Bryan Reporters Jack Colvin, Larry Evans, Don Dorsey, Barbara Alex, Beverly Anderson, Ann Blacklidge, Darcy Davenport, Gena Eichenberg, Sherry McNatt, Becky Penning, Judy Porter, John Sthephy, Mifty Trenkmann, Janie Winterfelt. Photography Sybil Stanton and Bill Wulff Broadcaster Staff at work 25 NATIONAL MERIT SCHOLARSHIP SEMI-FINALISTS, Top Row, L-R: John Hambrighl, Allen Browne, Jim Rooke. Second Row: Fred Kiehle, Mike Wallis. Third Row: Don Romberg, Lee Stevenson, Judy Weller, Marilyn Ferguson, Dick Hill. SPECIAL AWARDS D.A.R. AWARD — Marco PaHerson ELKS LEADERSHIP AWARD — Barbara Roane 26 BANK OF AMERICA: Vocational Arts — Steve Sawin, Science and Mathematics — Fred Kiehle, Liberal Arts — Pam Brown, Fine Arts — Ken Iceman. miMJ BANK OF AMERICA, Top Row, L-R; Science — Allen Browne, Business — Lois Brandvold, Vocational Arts — Hugh Hoffmen. Second Row: English — Diane Kreider, Music — Joan Naine, Mathematics — Judy Weller, Art — Carol Kelly, Foreign Languages — Marilyn Ferguson, Social Studies — Juanita Crampfon. c s F K UNION HIGH SCHOOL ■ T ' First Row, l-R: Gary Mae, Elliott Shennel, Gary Pencer, Roger Roberts, Bill Proctor, Vic Eastman, Dennis Campbell, Allen Browne, Jim Rooke, Don Romberg, Doug Kneeland, Pack Lewin, Terry Machen, Tony Chamberlain, Mike Wallis. Second Row: James Coulter, Gayle Whitmer, Carol Dalton, Sue Weller, Judy Thompson, Jennifer Townsend, Kathy Triman, Deanne Hardgrove, Jackie Mitchell, Leslie Cosbey, Donitte Arnold, Carolyn Ettinger, Cindy Kugler, Barbara Bisson, Joanne Kodel, Lynn Williams, Sue Winterfelt, Laurel Smith, Sandy Thomas, Lu Ellen Wehrii, Roberta Treman, Marsha Machen, Marilyn Alexender, Miss Felder. Third Row: John Lattanzio, Roger Woodsmall, Bill Matella, Janet Browne, Sandra Bent, Jody Sweeny, Kathy Fredriksen, Sue McCann, Kathy Urell, Annette Ferrey, Susan Flagler, Cathy Farmer, Bobby Price. Fourth Row: Sharon Lutosky, Carroll Roberts, Marcia Wallis, Linda Veeh, Anne Ustick, Marsha Gardner, Lynn Teller, Jane Lindsay, Judy Weller, Patty Robertshaw, Marnie Wright, Diane Wright, Debbie Heinz, Sally Crowell, Ann Stephan- ou, Marco Patterson, Juanita Crampton. Fifth Row: Bill Eadie, Steve Parker, Roger Schlesinger, Jeff Cook, Jeff Pinkalon, Tracy Vining, Pete Pankey, Randy Harrison, David Coulter, Jerry White, Mike Fayans, Chris Johnson, Barry Braverman, Ralph Soderberg, John Mickey, Cathy Coats, Lesley Barbour, Cathy Cox, Anne Rupp, Dorothy Kneeland, Christy Thomas, Marcia Lewis, Pam Detloff. Sixth Row: Olen Kew, Dennis Ryan, Mark Parker, Tim Shaftel, Vance Silver, Fred Drewe, Don Basford, Dave Jamieson, Bill Stage, Dennis Howard, Jack Evans, Larry Gangnes, Bob Hen- derson, Bob Barrett, Dean Sharp, Mike Nuess, Dick Hesin, Marilyn Stage, Linda Fay, Pam Denison, Gail Hoover, Randa Rooke, Karolyn Kosper, Carol Hales, Judy Rowland, Lee Stevenson. Tuslin ' s branch of the California Scholarship Federation has been active for many years. This year the membership of outstanding scholastic students has swelled to over a hundred students. Club members, under the advisorship of Miss June Felder and Mr. James Coulter, attended a C.S.F. banquet at Costa Mesa and took a field trip to Hollywood. President Dennis Gladman, Vice-President Fred Kiehle, and Secre- tary Elaine Padbury all worked to promote high scholastic spirit at Tustin. L-R: M Felder. Coulter, Elaine Padbury, Fred Kiehle, Dennis Gladman, Pam Br Sharon Stacey, Miss Marilyn Alexander Juanila Crampton Dennis Gladman Elaine Padbury CSF SEALBEARERS Terry Machen Marco Patterson Don Romberg Lee Stevenson Jim Rooke 29 Judy Welle Judy Rowlond D E L T A S I G M A Top Row, L-R: Janet Browne, Peggy Shane, Susan Sagraves, Darlene Isaacs, Carol Kelly, Margo Beck, Gail Perlson, Linda O ' Brezar, Helen Regan, Terry Bixler, Dave Gound. Second Row: Alan Groz, Russ Bearsley, Pat Easter, Karen Craig, Marca Patterson, Nancy Painter, Ann Stephanou, Pat Neal, Sheryl Roberts, Marcia Lewis, Marsha Ifkovics, Pam Denison, Jennifer Delta Sigma, an honorary organization formed to allow students a chance to utilize their spare time by doing work for the school, was very active during the past year. Along with advisors Mrs. Virginia Kirkham and Mr. Edwin Veeh, Delta Sigma members enjoyed two half-day field trips. They also spon- Townsend, Jeanette Beshears. Third Row: Mr. Veeh, Sandy Brooks, Harriett Bozarth, Nell Butler, Kay Bradley, Eileen Kort- meyer, Judy Miller, Margaret Rivas, Carol Gardner, Sharon Jackson, Dollene Hoke, Nancy Dreher, Ted Gamst. Kneeling: Bill Breen, Doug Motley, Woody Boosey, Tony Rue, and Olen Kew. sored a post-game dance in order to provide a scholarship fund for T.U.H.S. Members, who each earned five service stars to maintain membership, were led by Presidents Margo Beck, first semester, and Lynn Teller, second semester. Y. F. C. The Youth Fellowship Club has been active on Tustin ' s campus for six years. The club met every Tuesday morning with an average attendance of about thirty to hear guest speakers. There were planning meetings every Friday afternoon. The club was organized to promote high moral and spiritual character among the students of Tustin through a presentation of the truths and teachings of the BIBLE. The officers for the year were: President - Marilyn Fergunson, Vice-president - Gloria Westrom, and Secre- tary - Ann Plummer. The Y.F.C. advisors were Mr. L. K. Schroeder and Mr. D. Bremer. 30 Officers, L-L: Craig Curl, Steve Unger, Dennis Nutter, Joe Noutary, Roy Fury. The Future Farmers of America is a long-established club at Tustin. Its members have received invaluable experi- ence in the arts of parliamentary procedure and public speaking. Future Farmers, through readily available facilities, were given the opportunity of learning first hand about agri- culture and horticulture. They learned more about the raising of citrus, livestock, truck crops, and ornamental plants. The advisor, Mr. Troftgruben, also encouraged the boys to pursue further agricultural interests. Under the leadership of President - Dennis Nutter, Vice- president - Joe Noutary, Secretary - Craig Curl, Treasurer - Steve Unger, and Reporter - Ray Fury, the Future Farmers planned their annual Open House in the spring. Parents and other interested people were invited to view the Future Farmers ' efforts of the year. The Future Farmers ' queen for this past year. Sheila Thornburrow, handed her crown over to the queen chosen for the coming year. The Open House was the exciting climax to a very successful year for the Future Farmers. STANDING. L-L: Dave Powers, Greg Apperson, Mike Ranf, Terry Lasseter, Steve Souers, Richard Haw- kins, Steve Sawin, Rick Haas, Tom Reynolds, Tom Morshburn, Dick Ray, Dennis Cochran, Roy Ball, Todd Scott, Bill Southern. SEATED, L-R: Craig Curl, Steve Unger, Dennis Nutter, Joe Noutary, Ray Fury. F U T U R E T E A C H E R S Top Row, L-R: Mr. Wogoner, C. Knox, J. Murphy, S. Shirley, K. Kelly, L. Teller, P. Neal, J. Winterfelt, C. Shepherd, M. Ifko- vics, A. Blockiedge, K. Bolmer, Mis$ Spaulding. Second Row: M. Gentine, A. Backus, H. Ostroski, J. Brown, D. Moon, L. Phelen, C. Hayes, K. Fredriekson, L. Parker, J. Grims, D. James. Third Row: K. Hill, S. Carlson, J. Leonard, J. Harshaw, S. Pfankuch, S. Roberts, L. McCune, S. Spenser, C. McMandless, J. Coin. Future Teochers of Americo was organized at Tusfin seven years ago to promote interest in the teaching profession. Under the direction of advisors Miss Spaulding and Mr. Wagoner and officers: President — Sharon Shirley, Vice-President — Lynn Teller, Secretary — Barbara Bisson, and Treosurer — Pat Neal, the Future Teachers sponsored many activities. The members, who were required to maintain a " B " average, took a trip to the University of Southern California to attend a conference and held a very successful book sale to obtain money for a scholarship for a senior. Top Row, L-R: J. Nieblas, J. Asher, L. Eubanks, D. Doney, K. Harper, M. Herra, N. Hyepock, D. Isaacks, J. Cain, P. Easter, D. Moose. Second Row: J. Murphy, C. Holmes, J. Manley, B. Livesay, A. Eubanks, B. Glenn, L. Hall, D. Grant, T. Jones, L. Sharp, L. Martinez, B. Lorello, H. Rivas, N. Dudys, D. Scott, A. Scott, L. Brandvold, J. Grosse, C. Hilliard, K. Britt, M. Rivas, J. Charles, B. Van Siptine, N. Charles, S. Brown, J. Lee, P. Steppi, C. Caparia, C. Smith, K. Anderson, R. Serrano, T. Thompson, Mr. Cook, B. Mossman, Mr. Keely, Mrs. Mitchell, Mrs. Martin, Mr. Ziemer. Third Row: L. Croswoite , L. Tingum, M. McClune, J. Simon, C. Day, C. Thompson, C. Mounce, S. Sagraves, D. Red- mayne, B. Pritchard, J. Grey, J. Holpern, A. Castellonos, S. Munyos, B. Pitcl, B. Trimmer, T. Trosky. B U S I N E S s c L u B The Business Club, which was organized to acquoint students with the business world, performed many useful services for the school. They were responsible for the Tiller Scoreboard, bas- ketball programs, and the plostic Audion covers. At the end of the year, trophies were awarded for outstanding achievement in clerical practice, shorthand, bookkeeping, and typing. The club was under the guidance of advisors Mrs. Mitchell, Mrs. Martin, Mr. Ziemer, Mr. Sauers, Mr. Kelly, and Mr. Cook. Mem- bers of the Business Club visited several business establishments, including the All-State Insurance Company and the Som Fiddle television program. Club officers for the year were President — Luz Crosthwaite, Vice-President — Lois Branvold, Secretary — Anno Castellanos, and Treasurer — Judy Nieblas. GENTS The Gents was formed in 1960 by an ambitious group of senior and junior boys. Their purpose was to per- form useful services for the school and student body. Under the guidance of Mr. Tom Noon, the club has grown to new importance at Tustin. The Gents with the able leadership of President - George Miff and Vice-Presi- dent - Terry Machen pol- ished the trophies in the case in the main hall, waited on tables at school banquets, ushered at school functions, and initiated a program to help to keep the campus clean. TOP ROW, L-R: Bob Baily, Jim Christ, Doug Kneeland, David Hernandez. SECOND ROW: Steve Klau- sen, Bob Granger, Dane Venaas, Dave Smith, Miles Mason, Tony Chamberlain. THIRD ROW: Dick Bower, John Howard, Mike Davis, Mike Wertman, Ken Bower, John Hambright, Fred Kiehle. FOURTH ROW: Bob Partridge, Buddy Cunningham, Terry Machen, Larry Sowards, Pete Johnson, Mr. Tom Noon. RADIO CLUB The Amateur Radio Club, sponsored by Mr. V. F. Phillips, gave interested stu- dents a chance to study and practice radio electronics In preparing to become quali- fied amateur operators. The club built a radio receiver transmitter, took several field trips to radio stations, and worked on a satellite tracking station and a ra- dio-astronomy receiver. The club officers were: Pres- ident - Ron Mullaly, Vice- president - Greg Cole, and Secretary - Charles Bennet. In addition to giving stu- dents practical experience, the club helped many of them earn their amateur ra- dio operator ' s licenses. 33 HOME COMING 1962 D anne Moon Linda Rockhold Janie Winterfelt November 9th was the big night for Tustin ' s alumni and student body. The activities began at eight o ' clock vi ith a kick-off against Sunny Hills. Half-time found the Tillers ahead and lovely Pam Detloff being crowned Queen. Her court consisted of Princesses Linda Rockhold and Janie Campbell, sen- iors, and Dyanne Moon and PVf o ■| ■■j f ff X J M| MI H ' f Jf 7 H H ' B -A ., A H L m • i Janie Winterfelt, juniors. The end of the fourth quar- ter found Tustin the victors, and an evening of dancing with music by the Surftones yet to come. The Home- coming dance, sponsored by the Junior Class, vvas a big success, and eleven- thirty brought a close to a memorable and exciting evening. The Homecoming Court Sunny Hills game. OS presented by Mr. Peterson at the Tustin- QUEEN PAM DETLOFF L E A G U E First Semester Girls ' League Officers, Representatives, and Advisors. L-R: Sandy Metzer, Sue Styles, Morcy Horfon, Mrs. Shutt, Pom Ducsler, Mrs. Black, Linda McClean, Dyanne Moon, Sue Foster, Miss Campbell, Annette Ferrey, and Sandy Thompson. The Girls ' League was started by Mrs. Yokum for the purpose of promoting friendship among all the girls in Tustin ' s student body, and the club has continued under the leader- ship of Mrs. Alpert and now Mrs. Shutt. The organization sponsors the Big and Little Sister ' s Meet N ' Eat held in September, the Christmas Formal at the end of the first semester, and the Mother and Daughter Tea and Fashion Show in May. First semester of- ficers attended the Orange County Girls ' League Convention in October. Second se- mester Girls ' League officers went to the South-Western District Girls ' League Con- ference. The first semester officers were President - Linda McLean, Vice-president - Dyanne Moon, Secretary - Pam Duesler, Treasurer - Shiela Thornborrow, Friendship - Marcy Horton, Publicity - Sue Stiles, Sophomore Representative - Sandy Metzer and Annette Ferrey, Parliamentarian - Roberta Pankey, Advisors - Mrs. Loien, Mrs. Black, Miss Camp- bell, and Mrs. Shutt. Second semester officers were President - Pam Duesler, Vice-president - Cindy Cleary, Secretary - Linda Rockhold, Treasurer - Kathy Balmer, Friendship - Ingrid Stalfors, Publicity - Cindy Horton, Sophomore Repre- sentatives - Sue Day and Pat Hurrell, Fresh- man Representatives - Christy Thomas, Pat Wells, Parliamentarian - Linda McLean. Second Semester Girls ' League Officers. L-R: Cindy Cleary, Pam Duesler, Linda Rockhold, and Kathy Balmer. GIRLS ' " YULETIDE LEAGUE MEMORIES " The Royal Court, L-R: Mary Ann Dulak, Bob Skamnes, Laurie Porker, Jim Pankey, King Mike Werfman, Queen Meredith Smith, Dave Smith, Ellen Hurrell, Cloes Florcn, and Yvonne Sonchei. The Girls ' League sponsored Christmas Formal was held in the TUHS Cafeteria on Friday, December 14, from 8 until 11:30 p.m. The dance high- lighted the fall calendar. Couples attending were re- quested to bring a gift for a child in the Orange County General Hospital. The theme for the affair was " Yuletide Memories. " Queen Meredith Smith and King Mike Wertman and a court of eight seniors reigned over the dance from which freshmen were excluded. The King and Queen were nomi- nated in senior homerooms and the final voting was done by the entire student body. Music for the dance was pro- vided by the Harmonaires, a group chosen by the Girls ' League. Again, as in previous years, the Christmas Formal was the most popular dance of the year with over three hundred couples attending. 1 f ' ' " fLh ' SSSh ' £ " 3 m IT ' 1 Christmas Elves 37 The Royal Couple stroll down the Red Corpat. PEP CLUB The Pep Club was responsible for much of the spirit and enthusiasm of Tustin ' s rooters at pre-game rallies and at ath- letic events throughout the school year. The members of the Pep Club, under the advisorship of Mr. John Peterson, held a picnic, sponsored an after-game dance, and took a trip to Hollywood to visit the Sam Riddle Juke Box Saturday Night television program. Pep Commissioner, Vic Wolczak, was aided by this year ' s Pep Commission - Senior Woody Boosey, Junior Stephanie Smith, Sophomore Lissa Stack, and Fresh- man Liz Huber. Tustin owes much to this peppy club which, through their colorful game post- ers and sponsorship of " color " days, helped to promote school spirit. 38 Pep Club members at work. First Row, Bellom L-R: Vic Woiczak, Cindy Lear, Penny McCoy, Jack! Bailey, Carol Baggs — 1st sem. secretary, Meredith Smith — 2nd sem. Pres., Terry Somodi, Jan Currier, Colleen Wilkin- son, April Wolford, Steve Hubbert, Mark Elgin, Hank Lind- sey. Second Row: Bob Vance, Dick Wood, Christy Sheppard, JJ Rodenberger, Dede Townsend, Kris Parr, Sherry McNott, Susie Quayle, Linda Peterson, Lynn Williams, Jennifer Kodel, Nancy Leonard, Jeri Shafer, Candace Martinez, Andrew Calla- nan. Third Row: Doug Motley, Janice Call, Lorraine Rockhold, Linda Houf, Karyn Barry, Michele Flowers, Becky Guillan, Ann Blacklidge, Steffie Sacks, Sue Smith, Jan Riggs, Wendy Dor- nan, Tom Pulvino, Bob Huntsman, Ron Wendt. This year Thespians completed their sixth year. The members could look back over a brilliant history. The first production of the drama club was " Cheaper by the Dozen. " Other outstanding productions were: " The Robe, " " Annie Get Your Gun, " " Jane Eyre, " and " The Caine Mutiny Court Martial. " They gave and sponsored many activi- ties. The year ' s first play was " Little Women " and it was a big success. The club sponsored an after-game dance which sold the most tickets for a post game dance that year. The club had several candy and bake sales to get money for their treasury. And in Decem- ber the Thespians gave the traditional Christmas Play which was done for four class assemblies. The orchestra and the choir played a big role in this production. The officers for the club were: President - Terry Somodi, Vice-president - Colleen Wlekenson, Secretary - Carol Baggs, Treasurer - Jackie Bailey, and Social Chairman - Meredith Smith. Nativity scene from the Christmas Play. 39 s p R I N G Courtroom scene of Tamniy Tell Me True " with Candy on the witness stand Kimo eyes Terry and Kory Tammy in jail sighs to her friend A S S E M B L I E S Bill Buster, Jeff Bland, Campaign Manager, Fred lovell, President Buddy Sepulveda A.F.S. assembly with Mr. Loper speaking Students crowding into the stadiurr for assembly :2iiS 1 ¥ " ■J " rijL glgl HH 1 i mm i M KC H ■ 1 Our cheerleaders did much to add to the assemblies this year Ushers Usherettes Tustin ' s ushers and usher- ettes were very important last year in helping to greet and seat guests who at- tended plays and programs at school throughout the year. The group was com- posed of seniors and juniors who were recommended by their teachers. Their first service was guid- ing the parents at the " Back to School " night. After ushering at several plays during the year, they finished their services by helping to seat guests at the 1963 gf;aduation exer- cises. The group was under the guidance of the charm- ing Mrs. Francis Martin. Top Row, L-R: Mrs. Frances Martin, Terry Bixler, Charles Edwards, and Hugh Hoffman. Bottom Row, L-R; Lynn Teller, Linda Gates, Sue Sagraves, Nancy Charles, Marilyn Ebel, and Jeannie Scott. Missing: Pam Sanday, Linda Tatum, Bruce Baird, Bill Gay, and Kathy Kramer. Stage Crew The stage crew was organ- ized to help the drama de- partment behind the scenes. Besides being of service to the school, the members have become better ac- quainted with the fields of carpentry, electricity, de- sign, and painting. The stage crew was led by Supervisor - Mr. Wayne Crowl, Stage Manager - Steve Hubbert, Assistant Manager -Mark Elgin, General Manager - Steve Maynard, and Crew Rela- tions - Andy Callahan. The success of all the plays, assemblies, and programs at Tustin was due in great measure to the stage crew. Top Row, L-R: Randy Hartman, Tim Worsham, Mark Elgin, Steve Hubbert, Candy Martinez, Lynn Williams, and Joan Kodel. Bottom Row, L-R: Duane Morton, Lawrence Peterson, Andy Callahan, Steve Maynard, Martin Regan, David Kyser, Doug Motley, and Hank Lindsley. Astronomy Club The Astronomy Club has been working to increase interest, ap- preciation, and knowledge of astronomy and telescopes. This year the club, under the guid- ance of advisor Mr. Anton, com- pleted construction of a reflect- ing telescope and an observa- tory. Led by President - Dave Kilion, Vice-president - Robin Brown, Sec retary - Gail Perlsen, and Treasurer - Phil Woelfel, the club sponsored an after-game dance, several field trips, and a few star parties at which members could study the heavens through tele- scopes. Stonding, L-R: Dii Roe, Bob Knudsen, Lynn Wallace, Oave Killian, Gail Perlsen, and Phil Woelfel. Center: Mr. Anthony Anton. Forensic Club The Forensic Club completed its second year under the direction of Mr. K. E. Turknette. The club was very instrumental in promot- ing interest and poise in inter- scholastic debate, oratory, and public speaking. The club participated in several tournaments. Two of their first were the Fall Novice and Varsity Speech Tournaments. These were followed by the Fall State Quali- fying Tournament. In the spring. Forensic Club members entered the Spring Novice, Varsity and State Qualifying Speech Tourna- ments. The members enjoyed a very enriching year. standing, L-R: Pom Sanday, Jerry Shafer, Sally Kozorian, Karen Cannon, Candy Mortinez, Heidi Halliday, Kathy Lynch, and Mr. K. E. Turknette. Kneeling: Doug Elliot, Hank Lindsley, Doug Motley, John Patterson, Walker Lindsey, Bill Eadie, Bob Barrett, ond Mork Daniel. Missing: Don Basford, Steve Kinghorn, and Terry Samodi. Band leader Mr. Parsons. First Row: Helen Painter, Paulie Insley, Tom Hudspeth, Greg Cole,, Theresa Thompson, Mike Brazil, Russell Behn, John Palmer. Second Row: Norma Mil- ler, Sherry Foster, Maureen Ellis, Barbara Gamst, George Trotter, Larry Brown, Cindy Grant, Phil Anderson, Alan Mi- nenko, Sam McCoy. Third Row: Kerry Grant, Greg Knight, Doug Elliot, Robert Chase, Mike Gervin, David Waters, Barry Brauerman, Roger Clerk, Rod Mahoney, David Ellis, Tim Harder, David Lundquist, Larry Bradley, Cathy Cook. FLAG TWIRLERS Tustin ' s Flag Twirlers added much pep to our football games. These girls, who performed both at half- time and before games, were under the direction of Mr. Parsons. Led by head flag-twirler, Shirley Carlson, the Flag Twirlers presented many colorful and original rou- tines. First Row, L-R: Sue Segraves, Shirley Carlson, Carolyn Lover Shirley McNatt. Second Row, L-R: Jan Bond, Kathy Briggs, 44 Justin ' s band, under the direction of Mr. Parsons, had an exciting season. The band was seen at all home football games and basketball games. The band also did some traveling. They appeared in Huntington Beach for the Christmas Parade and also the Tustin Tiller Days Parade. The Annual Spring Concert in April was given by the band for the student body and the community. Mr. Parsons provided the group with numerous and different selections. They played classical music, jazz, marches, solos, and syncopated rhythms. The band helped add to the spirit at the games as well as provide the students with musical entertainment at half-time. MAJORETTES Providing high spirits for the school and band was the chief concern of the Majorettes. These six girls, who were under the direc- tion of Mr. Parsons, worked very hard to entertain foot- ball fans during the half- time. The Majorettes participated in several parades this year, including the Tustin Tiller Day Parade and the Hunt- ington Beach Christmas Pa- rade, in which head Major- ette Judy Charles received second place honors. L-R: Joann Nicks, Nancy Charles, Judy Charles, head majorette, Jean Murphy, Sondy Brown, Darlene Isaacs. The Audion staff hopes that you will utilize the gold pages in this book as both a mounting for special pictures you wish to keep and as a written journal of special remembrances. There are two days in every week about which we should not worry . . . Two days which should be kept free from fear and apprehension. One of these days is yesterday, with its mistakes and cares, its faults and blunders, its aches and pains. Yester- day has passed forever beyond our control. All the money in the world cannot bring back yesterday. We cannot undo a single word said. Yesterday is gone! The other day we should not worry about is tomorrow, with its possible adversities, its burdens, its large promise and poor performance. Tomorrow is beyond our immedi- ate control. Tomorrow ' s sun will rise, whether in splendor or behind a mask of clouds. But it will rise. Until it does we have no stake in tomorrow, for it is yet unborn. This leaves only one day . . . today. Any man can fight the battles of just one day. It is when you and I add the burdens of two awful eternities — yesterday and tomorrow — that we break down. It is not necessarily the experiences of today that disturb one ' s p eace of mind. It is oftentimes the remorse or bitter- ness for something which happened yesterday and the dread of what tomorrow may bring. Let us therefore live one day at a time. " author unknown " 47 MOUNTING PAGE Youth is not a time of life — it is a state of mind. It is not a matter of ripe cheeks, red lips and supple knees; it is a temper of the will, a quality of the imagination, a vigor of the emotions; it is a freshness of the deep springs of life. Youth means a temperamental predominance of courage over timidity, of the appetite for adventure over love of ease. This often exists in a man of fifty more than a boy of twenty. Nobody grows old by merely living a number of years; people grow old only by deserting their ideals. Years wrinkle the skin, but to give up enthusiasm wrinkles the soul. Worry, doubt, self distrust, fear and despair — these are the long, long years that bow the head and turn the growing spirit back to dust. Whether seventy or sixteen, there is in every being ' s heart the love of wonder; the sweet amazement at the stars and the star-like things and thoughts; the undaunted challenge of events; the unfailing, childlike appetite for what next; and the joy and the game of life. You are as young as your faith, as old as your doubt; as young as your self-confidence, as old as your fear; as young as your hope, as old as your despair. In the central place of your heart there is a wireless station; so long as it receives messages of beauty, hope, cheer, courage, grandeur and power from earth, from men, and from the Infinite — so long are you young. When the wires are all down and all the central place of your heart is covered with the snows of pessimism and the ice of cynicism, then are you grown old indeed and may God have mercy on your soul. " Samuel Ullman " 49 50 Cheerleaders, l-R: Cheryl Mounce, Jan Currier, Meredith Smith, Linda Rockhold, Pam Duesler. CHEERLEADERS Again this year, Tustin has produced an outstanding team of cheerleaders. This spirited five has cheered our teams to victory in the past year. A familiar sight on the football field and basket- ball courts have been Cheryl Mounce, Linda Rockhold, Jan Currier, Pam Duesler, and Head Cheerleader, Meredith Smith. With new cheers and new routines, this year ' s peppy cheerleaders have raised school spirit to an all time high. From the first touchdown with Orange, to the last basket with Santiago, this enthusiastic five has been full of drive and energy in their successful efforts to illuminate and activate the throngs of rooters from the greatest high school of all, Tustin High. This year, Tustin ' s " Mighty Five " has used new concepts in leading cheers. These fresh ideas have proved to be very successful, as we can see by the final scores. Meredith Smith A cheer for Tustin. 52 Stomp Sunny Hills ' Song leaders, L-R: Ellen Gallion, Carol Holes, Sandy Pfankuch, Mary Ann Oulak, Ellen Hurrell SONGLEADERS The five spirited and vivacious Tustin High songleaders vi ere a great asset to school spirit this past year. In addition to leading school songs, they helped to vi in many new friends for Tustin and to promote good sportsmanship throughout the Crestview League. They participated in many school activities and repre- sented Tustin in several extra-curricular events. Hours of tedious practice preceded the many routines that the girls performed and the work that they did to promote school spirit. This year ' s longleaders introduced many new innovations into songleading at Tustin. These included several new songs, new and different routines, and separate and different outfits for football and basketball. All will remember the pep assemblies, pep rallies, and game halftimes during which the songleaders performed with the assistance of the fine pep band. Along with the cheer- leaders, our pert songleaders played an important part in each of our major victories. Song leaders blast the Sentinels. 53 Keep the campus clean. f A ' I FOOTBALL C Ti , Tillers of the Week, top, l-r: Larry Sowords, Buddy Sepulveda, Bob Skamnes, Bill Busier, Mike Wertman. Bottom: Fred Lovell, Jim Christ, Mike Davis, Terry Machen. Co-Captain Mike Wertman Most Valuable Mike Wertman uM A Head Coach Paul Bos Tiller of the Year Mike Wertman Co-Captain Larry Sowards End Coach Tom Gains Back Coach George Goodell 56 First Row, L-R: Truman Vining, Jim Christ, Bob Skamnes, Fred Lovell, Bob Partridge, Larry Sowards, Mike Wertmon, Allen Brown, Mike Cervin, Mike Donoldson, Bob Stansbury, Bill Buster, Mgr. Julio Mendez. Middle Row: Tom Fisk, Steve Klarsen, Tom Doucette, Bob Bailey, Mike Davis, Jerry Stone, Bob Granger, Jeff Bland, Terry Mochen, Rich Haus, Bud Sepulveda, Craig Slolberg. Top Row: Mgi Gary Moore, Ken Bower, Gary Cohen, Reid, Jock Lcwin, Jonh Hombrighf, Jer Venaas, Mgr. Bill Robinson. . Dave Hernandez, Glen Clark, Dave Smith, Bill Cervin, Dove jme Pilcl, Sieve Sowin, Dane Fred Lovell runs against Davis of Bn 57 Mike Wert sportsmanship Bob Bailey MIGHTY, MIGHTY TILLERS The Tillers started the season with only five returning lettermen, and ended with eight all-league players: Jim Christ, Mike Davis, Mike Wertman, Mike Donaldson, Allen Browne, Bob Partridge, Fred Lovell, and Bill Buster. Mike Wertman made All-Orange County first string de- fensive linebacker. The vast improvement of the team was due both to the hard work of the players and to their coaches: head coach Paul Bos, line coach Tom Gaines, and backfield coach Bud Goodell. The Tillers showed good running strength in their backs, Larry So- wards, Fred Lovell, and Truman Vining. Another great attribute was the fine passing combinations of Mike Davis to Mike Wertman and Mike Davis to Bob Skamnes. These combinations gained nine touchdowns for the Tillers. A unique feature of the Tiller offense was the tackle eligible pass play. In three attempts there were three completions for a total of 88 yards. Coach Goodell boosted the team ' s morale with nick- names such as Craig Stolburg — Bosco, Tom Fisk — Blade, Gary Moore — Crusher, Larry Sowards — Magoo, Mike Davis — Hands, Ken Bower — Lover, Mike Wertman — Zipper, Bob Partridge — Hampster, Jeff Bland — Moose, and Bill Buster — Pencil. Next year ' s hopes are brightened by two fine co-cap- tains, Fred Lovell and Bob Bailey. Bos Stansbury, Jerome Pitcl, Bob Granger, Truman Vining, and Steve Clauson will also be back to reinforce next year ' s squad. Gary Cohen Mike Donaldson Jack Lewin, c PASSING AND RUSHING name tcb ygr ylr nyg avg td pa PC ygp phi avg Davis 19 40 78 -38 -2 2 129 63 781 7 6.1 Christ 37 160 24 136 3.1 20 9 133 2 6.6 Sowards 88 439 14 425 4.8 4 Lovell 87 433 15 418 4.8 5 Vining 35 121 6 115 3.4 BoycJ 5 14 1 13 2.6 Smith 5 24 1 23 4.6 Fisk 4 14 5 9 2.2 Wertman 3 5 1 4 1.3 2 1 Buster 2 2 2 1 Ferguson 3 1 3 1 Cochrane 1 3 3 3 Skamnes 7 KICKING name npc yg pat pf ty avg ko ty avg Bailey 22 703 32 20 883 44.1 Klausen 24.9 Sowards 7 137 2 6 8 34 Fisk 5 Dane Venass, e Truman Vining, fb Larry Sowords, fb Dave Smith, hb M- B H BR9Kn Vf l r C " M v i , |K- v «» Varsity Action Tustin double teams Brea man Larry Sowards initiates another Tustin drive Good blocking makes Tustin runs possible 60 First Row, L-R: Glen Furgeson, Mike Roane, Doug Kneeland, Doug Clao- son, Dale Staples, Woody Cory, Ralph Soderberg, John Knaak, Bill Cer- v.n. Second Row: Rocky Chingala, Paul Taylor, Truman Vining, Joe Reckor, Norm N.elson, Jerome Pichel, Mitchel, Cliff Robins, Jay Shields Third Row: Steve Brown, Fred Wall, P. West, Wolf, Martin Chingala, Kevin Chocrane, Jim Hoffman. Fourth Row: Johns, Larry Choate, Steve Barons, Mr. B. Hummel, coach, Bill Robinson, Manager. JV ' s PREPARE FOR VARSITY Coach Mr, Hummel Rough play exemplifies the J.V. ' s Bockfiald speed gains much yardage The " B " football team capped a successful season with a 34-14 win over Santiago and thereby win- ning the Crestvlew League championship. They were ably coached by John Veeh and George Trotter. The team sported a 6-2-1 record. Most valuable back and linemen were Duane Francis and Rhodes Martin, respectively, with Charlie Westcott the most inspirational. " B " FOOTBALL First Row, L-R: Tom Reynolds, Bob Cummings, Marc Bahner, Ron Lindsey, Ted Fasano, Ron Lauderbach, Craig Somodi, Duane Francis, Woyne Miller, Randy Webb, George Haskell, Adrian Cyphers, Rick Donaldson, Don Beckendorf, Rhodes Martin. Second Row: Bill Gay, Bob Barrett, Jim Utt, Larry Gagnes, Dennis Vanderpol, John Pickering, Bill Southern, Doug Marshall, Max Heisz, Mike Watson, Brian Benson, Rocky Brown, Ray Brawn. Third Row: Charlie Westcott, Casey LeVale, Greg Colvin, John Sawyer, Gary Vanderpol, Charlie Cop- pedge, Tom Buckles, Bill Eadie, Jan Lewanskie, John Palmer, Dave Seaver, Marc Gentine. Fourth Row: Don Cofer, Bill Irwin, Brian Armstrong, Keith Mell, Rick Flint, Jerry Linkhart, Bill Magdaleno, Sam McCoy, John Jones, Larry Larson, Jim Oalton, Scot Cameron, Charles Guerrier, Mgr. Speedy back outruns Breo opponent. It takes at least two men to down Tuslin ' s ' B " backfield. 62 :f . Mr. Wagner First Row, L-R; Gary Maes, Paul Cteary, Bruce Lumsden, Jack Thorn- borrow, Spookie Hopkins, Bruce PartricJge, Jim Slols, Rick Gangnes, David Key, Gory Pence, Jeb McCanless, Randy Jay. Second Row: Pot Harrison, David Cameron, Paul Fronces, Steve Baker, Don Ablot, Jim Rossman, Chris John, Rod Monroy, Kevin Jones, Eric DeKeyser, Mike Worsham, Dennis Webb. Third Row: Ernie Ladner, Parky Ken- nedy, Dexter Ball, Pat Brown, John Nitta, Jim Lewin, Jim Padberry, Cliff Howes, David Virden, Tom Johnson, Ken Cook, Noal Scott. Fourth Row: Dennis Lanier, Bill Smart, Bill Went, Robin Oglesby, Henry Schwendimann, John Smith. " C " FOOTBALL - y ' X " ' s mov« the ball. Tustin drives on Orange in " C " tilt. 63 SEASON REVIEW VARSITY Orange 6 Costa Mesa Brea 18 Buena Park 7 Magnolia 1 7 La Habra 7 Savanna 13 Sunny Hills 12 Santiago 26 Orange Costa Mesa 6 Buena Park Brea 13 Magnolia 18 La Habra 20 Savanna Sunny Hills Santiago 13 Orange Costa Mesa 13 Brea Buena Park 15 Magnolia 2. La Habra 24 Savanna Sunny Hills 20 Santiago 18 12 32 6 7 32 6 25 26 Tustin 19 Tustin 21 Tustin Tustin Tustin 19 f Tustin J| Tustin m Tustin 27 Tustin 34 Tustin l- Tustin , s Tustin Tustin 7 Tustin Tustin 21 Tustin 20 Tustin 6 Tustin CROSS-COUNTRY ik- - ' =sJ f " TUSTIN HARRIERS U ■! First Row: Dick Kaiser, Alan Walker, Bill Flint, Bill Sawtell, Lynn Connon, Bart Walker, Rod Seely, Tom Babecky, Paul Maul!. Second Row: Bob Stephan, Eric Johnson, Jim Humphries, Ken Tweed, Dennis Howard, Jim Rooke. Third Row: Don Romberg, Fred Kiehle, Joe Cantrell, Dave Hall, Jim McLaughlin, Barkley Souers, Dave Paredes, Greg Swaim. This season the Tiller " harriers " found the new Crestview League a bit tougher than its former Orange League opponents. The first two years that cross country was at Tustin, the Tillers won the league, led by Stein Hansen, Duke Olrich, Lynn Cannon and Warren Vining. This year ' s Varsity squad, led by the Captain and four year letterman, Lynn Cannon, finished 5th in the league finals at the hilly, 1 .9 mile course. The Junior Varsity also finished 5th at Irvine Park with Mike Smith running a fine race, and he was the first Tiller to cross the line in 11th place. Following Smith across the line were Fred Kiehle and transfer student Bill Muir from La Jolla. However, the real strength of the team was in the mighty Freshman-Sophomore squad. Led by Sophomore Alan Walker, they finished a strong 2nd in the league to a powerful La Habra clan. In fact, of the first 14 runners to finish, all were either from La Habra or Tustin! Walker paced the Tillers to their fine showing with a 3rd place finish. Also running a great race was Dave Paredes, who chopped 20 seconds off his best time to finish a strong 5th. Other fine runners on the up and coming team who promise to lead the Tillers to many triumphs in future seasons are Eric Johnson (8th), Dennis Howard (9th), Jim Chobaniuk (11th), Freshmen Bill Sawtell and Jim McLaughlin. Coming in behind Cannon (5th) in the Varsity race were Paul Maull (19th), Dick Kyzer (24th), a much improved Rod Seeley, Greg Swain, Bill Flint, and Tom Babecky. All are Juniors and promising runners. The success of a team, of course, is greatly influenced by the coach, and the team had a good one in Tom Noon, who led the Tillers to a near clean sweep in last Coach Mr. Noon year ' s track and field finals. During the summer, Coach Noon opened the gym every other morning (at 6:30 a.m.) and helped many of the boys develop their strength with 10-12 mile runs and hours of lifting weights. The team competed in some 12 races this season which included the Long Beach Invitational at Long Beach State College, nine dual meets and the league finals. All of the runners will return next year except Cannon and Smith. The future is bright for the distance runners of Tustin, and they should be commended for their dili- gent work which has accounted for a very satisfactory and successful season. 66 •1 Lyne Cannon takes another first for Tustin Start of the cross country finals at Irvine Park Mr. Noon starts the varsity runners on our own Course " PP - - -i. ; ' i «iin TRAIL ih Tillers bunch up at the start with Corona 67 Harriers take a rest on a cross country jaunt ,3PPV t %m sf «% ' ! — • 4 • fc j« m : mi K V- - 1 J H H Mr. Trotfer, Coach Bill Buster, Captain First Row, kneeling, L-R: John Howard, Larry Johnson, Mike Davis, Jim Christ, Mike Donaldson. Second Row: Dick Bower, Alan White, Mike Wertman, Jeff Bland, Bill Buster, Ken Iceman, Tom Fisk. 70 Mike Wertman Most Valuable Player 62-63 " Pin " fires over Santiago opponent ii LETTERMEN Mike Wertman John Howard Steve Klausen Ken Iceman Bland jumps on the tip off » flm HI ■1 I H M vl H Hj 1 f| H m fnP ■Bo H n k 1 Varsity cagers scramble for ball 72 J.V. BASKETBALL Mr. Sedoo, Coach First Row, L-R: Bob Granger, Jim Richards, Doug Klausen, Mike Roane, Dave Hernondez, Miles Mason, Roger Green, Steve Klausen. Second Row: Marc Gentine, Mgr., Woody Cory, Rod Priest, lee Stevens, Sam Francis, Glen Ferguson, Ron Lindsay, Terry Pecl , Doug Kneeland. " J.V. ' s " control the boards m i i 1 4 IT V Si -5 If n ' i 1 ... ,Si, t Vm J ■K — ll J i%fwM Pi BT mfmi H 73 " B " BASKETBALL Mr. Mortensen, Coach First Row, UR: Marshall McDonald, Steve Snow, Duane Francis, Charlie Edson, Charlie Westcott, Scott Cameron, Jerome Sager, Larry Woelfl. Second Row: Coach Mortensen, Sam McCoy, Jack Evans, Rocky Brown, John Blacklidge, Doug Marshall, Larry Ganges, Richard Moen. K. V 1 Jeff Bland swishes an outside jumper Bill drops in another two 74 First Row, L-R: Gary Maes, Dove West, Jim Rossman, Vaughn Hopkins, Rick Donaldson, Rick Gagnes, Paul Francis, Jeff Cunninghom, George Trotter. Second Row: Mgr. Doug Elliot, Bill Wendt, Gary Pence, Robbie Oglesby, Henry Schwendemen, Bruce Partridge, Bill DeKramer, Mr. Veeh. " C " B A S K E T B A L L 75 " Jump Boll " Season Review Varsity 1s( 2nd 3rd Magnolia Savanna La Ha bra Sunny Hills Santiago Magnolia Savanna La Habra Sunny Hills Santiago Magnolia Savanna La Habra Sunny Hills Santiago 61 44 70 44 50 57 49 57 38 60 76 72 75 34 51 Tustin 55 U 43 S 53 T 46 1 58 N 46 45 68 V 48 A 52 R 72 S 59 1 47 T 60 Y 74 1st 2nd 3rd Sunny Hills Magnolia Savanna La Habra Santiago Magnolia Savanna La Habra Sunny Hills Santiago Magnolia Savanna La Habra Sunny Hills Santiago 15 23 24 45 28 27 34 25 37 20 25 25 36 34 29 Tustin 39 U 27 S 39 T 19 1 49 N 29 43 32 •C " 34 48 31 T 36 E 30 A 43 M 38 " Most Valuable " Bob Boiley Phillips takes down opponent " Maggi " tears up Magnolia Tustin comes out from the bottom ' Bix " victorious nfter pin Referee gives two point reversal for Tustin 79 TRACK First Row, L-R: Paul Maul, Bob Partridge, Gary Moore, Terry Bixler, Kevin Cochran, Jack Colvin, Bill Buster, Joe Contrell, Lynn Cannon, Bart Walker. Second Row: Tom Hudspeth, Jim Rooke, Craig Stolberg, Fred Kiehle, Pete Stocks, Truman Vining, Fred Lovell, Buddy Sepulveda, Phil Woefle, Jim Giapeccalo, Mike Talboo. Third Row: Dick Kaizer, Miles Mason, Paul West, Bob Stansbury, Jerry Wilson, Dennis Shields, Bill Flint, Sam Francis, Ray Fury. Fourth Row: Lee Miller, Kent Ballard, Bob Stephans, Bruce Cornelltsse, Kinto Sanchez, Steve Behrens. TUSTIN AND TRACK The Track dynasty at Tustin continues an- other year. Seven times trackmen met at the Orange League finals and for seven years Tustin was the Orange League Champion. This year Tustin meets new opponents in the Crestview League. But we are loaded for bear again. Jack Colvin leads the team with a national rating in the 180 low hurdles. Jack, who Is a quarter miler by trade, usually runs the 100, hurdles, and the high jump in meets. Our mile relay team ticked off the fastest time in the nation this year. The C.I.F. rates our 88 0 relay among the top in the state with an early in the season 1 :30.3 clocking. Our broad-jump " relay " of Dick Lippencott, Terry Bixler, and Kevin Cochran broke the Tustin Invitational aggregate total with 60 ' IOV2 " . At the same meet Tustin broke the mile relay record with a quick 3:30 timing. Bart Walker, Bob Skamnes, and Bob Steph- ans form our dual meet 440 vanguard. Paul Maul backs down all comers in the half- mile. The Tustin Track heritage of success started by Mr. Peterson has been added to with two record breaking seasons under the ex- cellent coaching of coach Tom Noon. Bill Buster, Co-Coptain 82 Mr. Sturges, Field Coach Bob Slaphani Gary Moor Marshall McDonald in a duel for first place. Bob Partridge flips the shot 50 ' . Sprinters stride to finish of 220. 84 High hurdlers pass first borrier. Bart Walker finishes 440. Jack Colvin strides to a 19.5 180 lows clocking. Joe Cantrell straddle-rolls over bar Paul Maull runs 880 in 1:59.8. 85 I1K5 IjPliiifloiii First Row, L-R: Al Walker, Marshall McDonald, Jo Asher, Ken Tweedl, Jerry Linkhart, Randy Webb, Dave Reid, Tom Babke, Ron Lindsey, Bryan Boswell, Charles Edson. Second row: Rob Ball, Rick Flint, Jim Lawrence, John Palmer, Olin Kew, Don Romberg, George Haskell, Jim Humphries, Keith Eckberg, David Hernandez. Third Row: Eric Johnson, John Palmer, Tom Coyne, Larry Sopp, Dave Hall, Dan Doyle, Bob Kellams. " B " TRACK Tustin sweeps low hurdles for a victory over Magnolia. Varsity gets off to fast start to win the 100 yard dash. Rick Flint siroins to cross the finish to win the 1320. 86 nisn: First Row, L-R: John Galegher, Rod Seely, Bill Smart, Rick Gagnes, Dennis Howard, Don Brantley, Jim Humphries, Spooky Hoppins, Steve Bradley, Ed Simmons. Second Row: Gary Maes, Scott Samways, Ron Le Clergue, Charles Ed- son, Berkley Saures, Bill Cameron, Eric Kaiser, Larry Chai- cos, Terry Pershall, Dave Paredes. Third Row: Larry Reed, Bill Sardem, Bill Shonnahn, Jerry Eastman, Jim Horyman, Jeb McCandless, Paul Cleary, John Commer, Dexter Ball, Steve Bellow. Fourth Row: Core Akins, Jerry Phillips, Jim McLaghil, Bill Sawlell, Rick Le Clergue, Rick Shuize, Pete Pankey. " C " TRACK Lfi8jiK?i -P= | C Hurdlers pick-up first and second. Sprinters finish hard fought 100. 87 TRACK Best marks as of March 21 , 1963 100 Yard Dash 1. Jack Colvin 10.1 2. Bob Skamnes 10.3 3. Fred Lovell 10.3 220 Yard Dash 1 . Bob Skamnes 21.7 2. Jack Colvin 21.7 3. Bart Walker 22.7 440 Yard Dash 1 . Bart Walker 50.7 2. Jack Colvin 50.7 3. Bob Skamnes 50.7 880 Run 1. Paul Maull 1:59.8 2. Bill Buster 2:02 3. Dick Kyser 2:05 Mile Run 1. Bill Buster 4:33 2. Allen Walker 4:44 3. Buddy Sepuiveda 4:49 Low Hurdles 1. Jack Colvin 19.5 2. Fred Heihie 21.1 3. Fred Lovell 21.2 High Hurdles 1. Marshall McDonald 16.4 2. Jim Rook 16.5 3. Joe Cantrell 16.9 Broad Jump 1. Dick Lippencott 2r6 " 2. Kevin Cochran 21 5 " 3. Terry Bixler 20 ' 9 " High Jump 1. Terry Bixler 5 ' 10 ' A " 2. Jack Colvin 5 ' 934 " 3. Joe Cantrell 5 ' 9Vj " Shot Put 1. Bob Partridge 49 ' 11 " 2. Miles Mason 45 11 " 3. Craig Stolberg 45 ' 7 " Pole Vault 1 . Larry Sowards 1 1 ' 6 " 2. Randy Webb 11 ' 3. Ken Tweed 11 ' 880 Relay Kevin Cochran Bart Walker 1:28. Bob Skamnes Jack Colvin 1 , ' ii ' : GOLF k . ' ' l-R: Rinney Caves, Joe Moore, Dick Ewers, Alan White, Tom Mull, Dove Lindquist, Doug Chapel. Mr. Osborne, Coach In the rough. Alan White sinks a putt. 90 BASEBALL ■sBrj— ' — -■- - ■ » ■■... ; , ' ii!fili||« " -- First Row, L-R: Mgr. Mike Donaldson, Tony Chamberlain, Terry Machen, Buddy Cunningham, Rick Donoldson, Steve Klausen, Allen Browne, Bill Bower, Rusty Arnaud. Second Row: Gary Watt, Tom Fisk, Brain Benson, Duone Francis, larry Choate, Tom O ' Dell, Ron Naffzigger, Jim Johnson, Tim Philipps, Ken Iceman. VARSITY BASEBALL Varsity ploys Savannah at Savannah 92 Mr. Sedoo, Coach First Row, L-R: Dave West, Mike Roane, Dave Cameron, Bill Cervin, Howard Clark, Bill Irwin, Woody Cary. Second Row: Charlie Westcott, Ted Gamst, Bob Granger, Doug Klausen, Arch Urquhart, Larry Ganges, Adrian Cyphers. - ■. Mr. Castle, Coach ( : , iSf " J.V. ' s " pitch a grand slam against Savannah. 93 »« v SWIM TEAM s • s ' 1 ' „ First Row, L-R: Dan Roblyer, Rocky Changala, Pete Peterson, Jay Wright, Dove Martin, Bill Frady, Walker Lindsay, Keith Cook, John Salyer, Mike Gaskins, Mr. Kahkonen, coach. Second Row: Gregg Anderson, John Sawyer, Gary Moon, John Edgar, Kirk Wilcox, Bill Baird, Steve Golian, Dennis Skinner, Dave Moody, Jim Day, Larry Griffen, John Ferguson, Tim Dressal, Doug McDormant, Clifford Prather, Jim Camp- bell, Mark Gentine. Third Row: John Howland, Marty Bryant, Bruce Vining, Gory Wilson, Ted Mogey, Dennis Vanderpol, Bill Stage, Gory Vanderpol, Larry Bruce, Doug Hinkey, Clark Chambers, Bob Barret, Robert Wilker. Reverse half-gainer off the low board. Varsity backstroke. 95 f Bolfom Row: Vance Silver, Bill Knoll, Jim Upton, Ron Lauderbach, Tom Clem, Bob Riffle, Steve Bartling. Top Row: Coach Wagner, John Randolph, Lief Chapman, Bill Wendt, Jim Rossman, Roger Ingram, Bill Eadie, Todd Scoft, Steve Langton, Eddy Gilliam. Not pictured: Bruce Baird, John Block- lidge, Earl Shack, Richard Ranf. NETMEN ifi Mr. Wagner, Coach 97 MOUNTING PAGE Do as well as you can today, and perhaps tomorrow you may be able to do better. . . . Newton Human affairs are not so happily arranged that the best things please the most men. . . . S. R. Crockett When a man is wrapped up in himself, he makes a pretty small package. . . . John Ruskin Live as if you expected to live a hundred years, but might die tomorrow. . . . Ann Lee Grant that I may not criticize my neigh- bor until I have walked a mile in his moccasins. . . . Indian Prayer To be idle and to be poor have always been reproaches, and therefore every man endeavors with his utmost care to hide his poverty from others and his idle- ness from himself. . . . Samuel Johnson MOUNTING PAGE What you are »o be you are now be- coming. It is the practice of the multitude to bark at eminent men, as little dogs do at strangers. . . . Seneca Life is short, art long, opportunity fleet- ing, experience treacherous, judgment difficult. . . . Hippocrates You in others — this is your soul. This is what you are. This is what your con- sciousness has breathed and lived and enjoyed throughout your life — your soul, your immortality, your life in others. And what does it matter to you if later on it is called your memory? This will be you, the you that enters the future and becomes a part of the future. . . . Pasternak MOUNTING PAGE Consciousness is a poison when we apply it to ourselves . . . consciousness is a light directecj outward. If lights up the way ahead of us so that we don ' t stumble. It ' s like the headlights of a locomotive — turn them inward and you have a crash. You are anxious as to whether you will rise from the dead or not, but you rose from the dead when you were born and you didn ' t notice it. Barbara and Mike Roane. Guess which one is Mike! Now lefs see, I take this and put it on the . . . oh, pistons? Smile! you ' re Camera Tuslin High ' s own greasy spoon joint Tasty looking football, huh Mike? Swatting flies? " Lookit the floor we scrubbed " 1 So that ' s where they got theii corny tests Censored Eek! a freaki 104 These classrooms ore just too crowded " And now for our next num- ber . . . " Looks like a cheerleader v injured on that last play " Yep, my lest answers check out with yours " The ball sure gets heavy ofter awhile doesn ' t it? Waiting for an air raid or something? Chinese refugees " Let ' s see now, which corny " Then Little Red Riding Hood excuse will I tell her? " met the wolf . . . " Stop daydreaming Sue and pay " Aw come on, let ' s be friends. " " Ha ha ho. I just fixed that Since when has football gone attention. kid ' s little red wagon! " indoors? ' " Did you see that keeno shot I just mode? " Ah yes, the TVC Globetrotters Show us how you girls KO ' ed 1 05 Cassius Clay in the 3rd round. ' ' . jF GIRLS ' SPORTS ► ' • 32-.. G.A.A. Barbara Roonc CABINET: Barbaro Roane, President, Susan Meek, 1st Vice Secretary, Karen Craig, Treasurer; Cindy Cleory, Swim Tea. Basketball Manager, Margo Beck, Tennis Manager; Lynda Newques Lynn Newquest, Softball Manager. LET FAILURE HARDEN YOUR DETERMINATION, RATHER THAN YOUR HEART. In recollection of past moments — some jubilant, some painful, but always some provocative — I think the hackneyed phrases of G.A.A. promoting sportsmanship, fostering spirit, etc., are not only inadequate but shallow in the image they convey. This year G.A.A., for the seniors in particular, has been an experience of discovery — that is, a discovery of self. G.A.A. has tried, under the leadership of Miss Margaret Ramondetti, to make each girl look inside herself and analyze, compare, and set forth her feelings, her desires, her goals, and her convictions. This in the hope that individual self-discovery would lead to better team partici- pation. 108 ndetli. Khal esident; Shoron Stocy, 2nd Vice-President; Judy Nieblas, onager; Margaret Rivas, Hockey Monoger; Karen Bobb, idminton Manager; Becky Guilion, Volleyboll Manager; Halloween Parly Sports Day Feast of Akak ' s Tent Popcorn, peanuts, coke 109 G.A.A. INITIATION Special entertainment was provided by disobedient initiates. G.A.A. initiates were required to write and produce amusing skits. Future members swab the decks. Pam and Becky good-naturedly haze some pledges. SENIORS, standing: Y. Sanchez, L. Reynolds, N. Hyepock, P. Thompson, C. Bauer, D. Scott, A. Rimel, P. Coyne, L. Czaplo, J. Campbell, E. Hurrell, S. Pfankuck, T. Somodi, L. McLean, K. Babb, E. Padbury, S. Stiles, M. Myrehn, M. Beck, C. Norton, L. O ' Brezar, C. Huker, L. Eubanks, D. Duplex. Kneeling: M. Patterson, J. Nieblas, L. Newquist, H. Rivas, L. Newquist, S. Brown, P. Detloff, C. Hales, S. Thornbarrow, R. Pankey, S. Meek, K. Harper, C. Cofer, G. Harrington, M. Horton, C. Holmes, P. Holmes, P. Rutledge, P. Brown, L. Stevenson. G.A.A. MEMBERS JUNIORS, standing: N.. Bryan, J. Bixler, J. Nelson, J. McKee, J. Beshears, B. Rexroat, D. Davenport, A. Block- lidge, J. Hughes, K. Horn, K. Craig, S. Shield, L. Holz- worth, C. Cleary, K. Balmer, M. Sellin, G. Whitmer, N. Leonard, D. Hoke, D. Talbott. Kneeling: K. Triman, N. Oreher, C. Reynolds, D. Stone, C. Leer, J. Brown, C. Cap- rara, P. McKay, D. Holford, J. Harshaw, B. Guillan, C. Casleneda, J. Fleischman, B. Alex, S. Stacy, S. Verburg, M. Rivas. Sitting: S. Sagraves, S. MacFarlane, S. LeBard, C. McCandless, K. Keefe, G. Hull, J. Winterfelt, L. Robert- son, D. Holford, L. Phelan, M. Stanley, P. Hannaford, P. Soper, M. Wallis, T. Mulvihiil, P. Easter, P. Neoi, D. Moon. lT ( ' ItMA ;:J9E3. SOPHOMORES, standing: M. Miller, C. Roberts, M. Wallis, J. Barnard, P. Shane, P. Lampert, B. Jones, S. Johnson, S. Day, A. Ustick, L. Veeh, G. Westrom, N. Moore, K. Oltmans, D. Arnold, S. Foster, P. Deni- son, D. Shollenberger, D. Gray, A. Matthews, A. Duff, S. Cope, S. Amerine, E. Barrett, J. Mitchell, M. Morgan, M. Stage, L. Stack, B. Ness. Kneeling: C. Coles, J. Hall, B. Price, H. Bozarth, J. Hardgrove, B. Bohlig, J. Riggs, S. Schlotterer, S. Anderson, J. Worlz, L. Wertman, V. Huntington, S. Shanbrom, P. Pierre, E. Kortmeyer, J. Miller, S. Sacks, J. Thompson, S. Janiga, A. Cobb, T. Thomas, P. Ahern, M. Schmitzer, G. Hyter, L. Casia- neda, A. Schofield, S. Fritz, J. Lindsay, P. Breyer, L. Smith, S. Smith, C. Lavelle, D. Weitzel, L. Tatum, D. Davis, N. Engel, L. Knudson, P. Hurrell, B. Frazier, K. Moore, M. Maaske, L. Bruno, N. Burkhardt, L. Pillant, L. Jay, B. Brazil. in RE. SEMINAR Along with valuable opportunity gained from teaching underclassmen, P.E. Semi- nar offers two scholarships. The girls competing are: L-R, Top: Pam Duesler, Linda Rockhold, Linda McLean, Patti Thompson. Bottom: Margo Beck, Miki Myrehn, Carala Huklee and Barbara Roane BIG " T " L-R, Top: Donna Dupleix, Corliss Holmes, Lee Stevenson, Pam Brown, Paiti Thomp- son, Jill Nelson, Darlene Scott, Carol Cofer, Sharon Stacy, Barbara Alex, Marcy Norton, Virginia LIndsey. Bottom: Linda Rockhold, Pam Duesler, Sandy Pfancuck, Pam Detloff, Linda McLean, Janie Camp- bell, Suson Meek, Linda Holiwarfh, Terry Somodie, Becky Guillan, Miki Myrehn, Karen Babb. Pres., Eioina Padbury Vice Pres., Mercy Morton 12 Sec ' y, Anne Smith TENNIS TEAM Standing, L-R: S. Mathews, C. Cox, C. Hukee, 0. Holford, L. Koll, S. Clark, D. Rae, C. Farmer, D. Red- mayne, P. Rasbury, D. Conhom, G. Pugsley, S. Smith, A. Ferry, C. Thomas. Kneeling, L-R: J. McKee, D. Holford, K. Kelly, C. Bauer, I. Newquist, G. Lampert, M. McCann, H. Halliday, L. Gates, M. Beck. This year ' s tennis team, coached by Miss Donna Brush, had a fairly successful season. The team lost one league match, tied one and won two. Margo Beck, Tennis Manager, gave the team spirit and pep, even while out of commission with a sprained ankle. The girls started practice early in the fall and played their first match in December. The team played Huntington Beach, Newport, Laguna Beach, Santa Ana, Western and finished with Anaheim in January. Huntington Newport Laguna Tustin 6-6 Santa Ana Tustin 12-1 (N.L.) Anaheim Tustin 3-5 (N.L.) Western vs. Tustin 4-8 vs. Tustin 6Vj-6Vj vs. Tustin 7-5 j M 1 m rw| Bpww -— ' j HIR VW SIi l I BJ HHI 1 113 SWIM TEAM First Row, L-R: J. Rrggs, J. Hall, M. Flower, M. Wallis, S. Janiga, P. Pauling, M. Wright, C. Colis, M. Caywood, S. Ruffner, C. Cofer. Second Row: K. Craig, K. Babb, S. Hanscome, L. Holzwarth, B. Guillan, C. Cleory. Third Row: J. Roblyer, M. Kongsback, M. Stage. Fourth Row: M. Van Pelt, M. Murrey, M. Milliron, T. Rollins, P. Williams, J. Barley, G. Titensor, J. Reed, M. Robinson, R. Totum, J. Ediss, L. Harris, L. McDormon, J. McGrath, S. Hagler, P. Knight. This past school year the girls ' swim team did a superior job of representing Tustin Union High School. The mermaids, under the expert coaching and guidance of Miss Margaret Ramondetti, splashed their way through rough competition in meets against other schools. November 1 5, a victory meet against Westminster, started the beginning of rewards that hard work-outs will bring. Following that victory were 5 wins and 3 defeats against the high schools of: Santa Ana, Huntington Beach, Newport, Anaheim, and Laguna. We can all appreciate the hard work these girls did to form a team which Tustin can be proud of. , - « . a )t,. K. .jgga t.- 114 SWIM SHOW % ■w immy Miijjiimmmm V. f Miss Ray and Mrs. Dunlap contribute fheir expert advice to the Again this year the diligence, perseverance, and stamina that went into the swim show reaped the harvest of success. IHolidays, as the name indicates, was the theme of the aquatic production. Behind the glitter of the praised mermaids — and rightful praise It is — were the costume designers, make-up girls, set designers, and other competent helpers who made the swim show a pleasing, artistic display. 115 SENIOR AFTER SCHOOL SPORTS Left to right: Sheilo Ann Thornborrow, Pofricia Marie Thompson, Judith Arlene Nieblos, Patricia Marie Coyne, Linda Renee Czapla, Sandra Ko Brown, Nila Mae Hyepock, Elizabeth H. Rehnolds, Maria Theresa Hyter, Sharon Ann Morsh, Katherine Anne Harper, Karen Lee Babb, Margaret Beck, Michele Margarette Myrehn, Lynda Sandstrom, Ann Marie Rimel, Hortense Rivas, Carola Marie Hukee, Oarlene Louise Scott, Lynn Ellen Newquist, Linda Karen Rockhold, Barbara Jean Roane, Corliss Elizabeth Holmes, Karen Ann Bertagna, Ingrid Christina Stalfors, Pamela Bertha Detloff, Janie Wren Campbell, Pamela Jewel Brown, Morca Dee Patterson, Donna Camille Dupleix. MISSING: Lynda Mae Newquist. r H fw py ifiiiMBMiilu.ifii iiMfaliniraii riiA JUNIOR AFTER SCHOOL SPORTS Standing Left to Right: Gayle Whitmer, Geneva James, Lyn Wallace, Nancy Leonard, Kathy Priest, Lona Tiernan, Jeanette Bashears, Jill Nelson, Sharon Martin, Beverly Rexroa, Terry Mulvihill, Cynthia Reynolds, Karen Craig, Kathy Randall, Sue Verburg. Sharon Stacy, Sue Shield, Anne Smith, Becky Guillan, Penny McCay, Sally Scott, Nancy Robinson, Alina Levole, Joan McKee, Edith Perkins. Kneeling Left to Right: Margaret Rivas, Dollene Hoke, Denise Talbott, Pat Easter, Joon Fleishman, Noncy Dreher, Kathy Trimon, Joyce Bixler, Brenda Brillhart, Chris Castaneds, Judy Bunch, Goy Engel, Lucy Roberson, Martha Stonley, Donna Holford, Linda Holsworth, Cindy Cleary, Cindy Capraro, Ronnie Reyes, Diane Holford, Joy Harshaw, Gail Hull, Jen Brown, Sandy Brooks, Darcy Davenport, Roni Baker. SOPHOMORE AFTER SCHOOL SPORTS Not In Order: P. Ahern, S. Amerine, S. Anderson, D. Arnold, L. Barbour, J. Barnard, E. Barrett, B. Bohlig, K. Bradley, B. Brazil, L. Bruno, N. Buckhordt, A. Cobb, C. Coles, C. Cook, S. Copeland, L. Castaneda, D. Davis, S. Downs, S. Day, P. Denison, A. Duff, N. Engel, C. Enos, S. Firilz, S. Foster, L. Fay, B. Frazier, D. Gray, J. Hall, J. Hargrove, L. Harris, G. Hyter, B. Jones, M. Knogsback, J. Lindsay, M. Mauske, A. Matthews, P. McDonald, J. McMahon, J. Miller, K. Melton, D. Mitchell, N. Moore, K. Moore, M. Morgan, P. Morris, P. Nelson, L. Pilan, B. Price, C. Matthews, M. Read, J. Rigg, C. Roberts, S. Saks, A. Schofield, S. Shanbrom, S. Simmons, L. Stock, M. Stage, J. Staves, T. Thomas, J. Thompson, A. Ustick, L. Veeh, K. Venoos, M. Wallis, D. Weitzel, L. Wertman, G. Westrom, J. Worlund, S. Yang, C. Bulger, P. Breyer, L. Caskey, C. Coffey, P. Harper, S. Joniqo, I. Jesch, L. Knudson, E. Korlmeyer, B. Strickland. FRESHMAN AFTER SCHOOL SPORTS Not In Order: C. Applegate, K. Arlidge, V. Arnold, K. Balzer, C. Beouchomp, K. Bitzer, W. Bode, L. Bonomo, D. Boyce, K. Brem, B. Buers, I. Buron, P. Burt, S. Buster, B. Calhoun, G. Carlson, M. Caywood, L. Chadick, C. Changala, C. Clarkson, T. Church, C. Cochran, L. Coffing, K. Coles, A, Coppola, M. Cotton, E. Cowley, C. Cox, S. Crowell, C. Cunningham, T. Daniels, A. Davis, J. Dickey, D. Dietrich, D. Donkerbrook, C. Draaer, D. Duesler, D. Dulgerious, R. Eliason, K. Emo, C. Ericson, J. Evelt, R. Evinger, D. Eddleman, J. Eichenberg, C. Eltinger, C. Ferguson, A. Ferry, S. Flagler, M. Flower, S. Foreman, A. Francis, E. Fritz, B. Gamst, C. Geter, S. Goff, J. Grohemeyer, P. Griset, R. Gunnell, M. Harder, H. Harper, C. Henderson, M. Gill, N. Hill, G. Hoover, D. Howard, N. Hunter, L. Johnson, K. Johnson, C. Keefe, L. Koll, L. Koop, C. Kugler, D. Kneeland, L. Lolta, K. Lochner, K. Lynch, M. Machen, J. Methews, S. McConn, S. McEldoweny, L. McDonman, J. McGrath, S. Mclntyre, S. McMullen, M. McRae, J. Meadows, L. Meadows, J. Menenko, N. Mifflenz, M. Miller, N. Miller, S. Miller, M. Moodie, M. Murry, B. Neal, C. Ogden, C. Ongotli, P. Pauling, P. Peterson, B. Rosbury, P. Robertshow, M. Robinson, J. Roblyer, T. Rollins, A. Rupp, S. Rezepa, C. Schaeffer, M. Schafer, S. Shilling, C. Schminke, P. Smith, K. Sommer, N. Speer, D. Spriggs, C. Slefoff, A. Stiles, B. Shutt, R. Tatu, P. Tayor, C. Thomas, E. Thomas, C. Thompson, R. Triman, K. Urell, M. Vanrelt, S. Van Roekel, J. Wessel, P. Wells, K. Weslenberg, P. Whalen, J. Whitmer, P. Williams, D. Williams, S. Wolk, J. Wotipko, D. Wright, K. Akins, N. Boyle, L. Groggs, K. Bruce, K. Clark, C. Cook, D. Corn, D. DaVaul, K. Fleming, P. Fowler, K. Fredericksen, S. Hollingsworth, N. Hunter, V. Jackson, D. Lennie, J. Leonard, S. Metzler, T. Morehead, E. Morris, S. Niemeyer, J. Poindexter, J. Reed, K. Richards, M. Richards, R. Rooke, J. Rowland, G. Titensor, C. Wehofer, T. While, C. Tortell. A V X AH AFTER SCHOOL SPORTS A ....s- " :- ' : J§ X. ' n f n p, fty f) f v r-j . ! r iJ!W ♦ a f . J M ' ff H O c- V ., ,. • • • » » ' % SENIORS ' 63 iagjm ■wi k ' ■ ' x- " ' H l L H ■ kJH mm -- ' : HH H l iyB sJ I ISlii Senior Advisors, L-R: Mr. Noon, Mrs. Brubalcer, Mrs. Renfer, Mr. DeMaine. First Semester Officers, L-R: Bill Buster, Vice-President; Mike Wertman, President; Sue Clark, Secretary; Bob Partridge, Treasurer. Seniors finished with exciting year under leadership of Presidents Mike Wertman and Steve Sawin. Class of ' 63 enjoyed Senior Dance, Ditch Day, Recognition Day, Breakfast, and Audion signing party. Climax of four years culminated with Graduation services and All-Nite Gradua- tion Party at Disneyland. Second Semester Officer;, L-R: Tony Chomberlarn, Vice-President; Steve Sawin, President; Barbara Roane, Secretary; Carol Cofer, Treasurer. 122 SENIOR PROPHECY The enormous ond beautiful ballroom here at the Biltmore Hotel is bustling with people renewing old acquaintances. So far, the first class reunion of the graduating class of ' 63 IS a great success, but it ' s still early in the evening and many of the guests haven ' t arrived yet. I ' m sitting here in a huge lounge chair, rather frustrated, rymg to flash through my memory and recall the many changed and unchanged faces of my classmates. After all, seventeen years is quite a span of time to have to match old faces with new faces. Well the music is starting now, and I ' d better get up and circulate among the guests or I II get the reputation of being a lousy host. I ' ll be a son-of-a-gun, look who ,s the leader of the band. It ' s that renowned comedian and band leader, Jeff Bland. I heard he just finished his engagement at the Rendezvous. I also recognize another band member, that famous sax player, Mike Brazil. What a surprise to see them! Across the room by the punch bowl are the two Political Party leaders of the day They are both in a heated discussion of present day issues, open campus, etc Though they are both great party leaders, they haven ' t been elected to any position because they can ' t decide which party to stay with-Buddys, and George I The Olympic team has arrived. There ' s Karen Babb and Margo Beck the two female members, and Bob Partridge, Larry Sowards, Mike Wertman, Fred Kiehle Dave Reid, Jerry Stone, Bob Skamnes, Tom Fisk and Mike Davis, the masculine representatives. Only one member from the Brea team made it to the Olympic team. Here comes Lynn Cannon, whose hobby is running. He ran all the way from New York. On the dance floor I can see such couples as Finney Browne and Kathy Harper, Tom O ' dell and Karolyn Kaspar, Sharon Shirley and Dick " Pin " Bower Oh! There are the two beauty queens, Pam Detloff and Ken " Duke " Bower with Corliss Holmes. Duke just got the Mr. America title. However, Pam and Corliss were so polite when they won the Miss America title 15 years ago, neither of them got it. They each wanted the other to get it. There in the corner is Nikki Dudys, editor of the New York Times, along with her cub reporter, Gael Harrington talking to that gangster from Chicago, Jim Giampiccalo. Ambassador to Scotland Kerry Grant, Ambassador from Sweden, Klas Floren, and the Ambassador from Spam, Yvonne Sanchez, are all being outplayed by our famous bridge player Jack Colvin. The theatrical group is all busy signing each other ' s autographs. Meredith Smith Terry Somodi, Pam Sanday, Linda Rockhold, Tina Pettengill, J. J. Rodenberger ' Cheryl Mounce, and the singing twins, Lynn and Lynda Newquist, are having trouble; their pencils are dull. There are the famous artists. Woody Boosey and Carol Kelly. Carol designs all the floats for the Tournament of Roses, and Woody designs all the Cracker Jack signs. Donna Dupliex is busy trying to talk the U.S. President, Sue Clark the most successful person here, into giving her a large contract for her chain of department stores. Here comes our reliable janitor to clean up the huge bowl of punch that spilled— Terry Machen. He is so successful he has TOO janitors beneath him. There IS Darlene Isaacs drumming up business for her large chain of book stores. Johnny Johnston and Karen Kelly, the famous model, are sitting in the corner batting their lashes at each other. Both the best model, Sandy Sanders, and the largest rancher in the U.S., Steve Sawin, are here. At present everyone ' s attention is turned to watch Mary Ann Dulak and Chris Hansen cut the rug. They now have a job cutting rugs for carpet city. Janie Campbell and Melanie McClune stand watchinq enviously. So now I must get on with my duties as official emcee (I emcee all the Oscar programs since Bob Hope ran out of people to talk about) and get the show on the road. 123 JAN ABERNATHY MAJOR: Social Studies FUTURE PLANS: Attend Orange Coast College. SUE ARNAUD MAJOR: History ACTIVITIES: Cheerleader, 2, 3; Student Council, 2, 3; Class Secretary, 2. FUTURE PLANS: College. MARILYN ALEXANDER MAJOR: Spanish, Math, Social Studies ACTIVITIES: Spanish Club, 1 yr.; Travel Club, 1 yr.; Pep Club, 1 yr.; AFS, 1 yr.; CSF, 3 yrs. FUTURE PLANS: Go to college and the rest is uncertain. CAROL LYNN ARNOLD MAJOR: Music ACTIVITIES: Pep Club, 3 yrs.; GAA, 2 ' , yrs.; Spanish Club, 1 yr. FUTURE PLANS: Attend Nursing College. MAJOR: Science DENNIS ANDERSEN ACTIVITIES: Varsity Track, 1 yr. FUTURE PLANS: Orange Coast College, then the Coast Guard. JANIS ASHER MAJOR: History ACTIVITIES: Business Club, 1 yr.; Delta Sigma, 1 yr.; Pep Club, 1 yr. FUTURE PLANS: Santa Ana Beauty College. KAREN ANDERSON ACTIVITIES: Madrigals, 1; Business Club, 1. FUTURE PLANS: Go to business college. MAJOR: Musi( RUSTY ARNAUD MAJOR: Math, Histoi7 ACTIVITIES: C Football, 1; Varsity Football, 2, 3; Varsity Baseball, 2, 3. FUTURE PLANS: Go to college, become an optometrist. JOHN ASHMAN SUZANNE ASON ACTIVITIES: GAA, 1 semester. FUTURE PLANS: College, comptometer operato 124 MAJOR: Business FUTURE PLANS: College, then into criminology MAJOR: Language CAROL BAGGS MAJOR: Spanish, Drama ACTIVITIES: Thespians, 3, 4, Secretary, 4; Speech Club, 4; FTA, 4; major port in plays. FUTURE PLANS: Go to Orange Coast College. GARY AUSMAN BRUCE BAIRD MAJOR: Math, Science Drafting ACTIVITIES: Varsity Tennis, 3, 4. " rartrng FUTURE PLANS: StucJy Architecture at U.S.C. or Berkeley. WAYNE J. AUSTERO MAJOR: Math, Science ACTIVITIES: Football, 1, 4; Wrestling 3 FUTURE PLANS: Study law at Stanforti or UCLA. MAJOR: Social Studie SUZANNE BAKER ACTIVITIES: Pep Club, 3 FUTURE PLANS: Foreign Service after college where major wril be politicol science. k.A MAJOR: Math, Science JOHN M. AUSTIN ACTIVITIES: JV Baseball, 1 yr. FUTURE PLANS: Forestry, electrical engineering, or military KAREN BABB MAJOR: Math, Fine Arts ACTIVITIES: Girls ' League Cobinet, 3; Swim Show, 12 3 4 Art Club, 2, 3, 4; Salori, 4; AFS, 3, 4; GAA, 2, 3, ' 4 Cabi- net, 4; Big T, 3, 4, Treasurer, 3. FUTURE PLANS: Arizona State University RICHARD BARR BOB BARTELL MAJOR: Science FUTURE PLANS: Attend long Beach Stole College. 125 i THEODORE DONALD BASCUE MAJOR: Math, Science FUTURE PLANS: Go to college and lake physics, electronics, and architecture. JOHN BECKER ROSEMARY BAUDINO FUTURE PLANS: Homemaker MAJOR: Speech, Drama KATHIE BENDER MAJOR: History ACTIVITIES: Tennis, 1 yr.; Basketball, 1 yr.; FTA, 3 yrs. FUTURE PLANS: Orange Coast College, then into Airline Stewardess training. BRUCE BAUER MAJOR: Language ACTIVITIES: Transfer student from Long Beach Wilson. FUTURE PLANS: College. KAREN BENNETT MAJOR: Social Studies ACTIVITIES: Pep Club, 2, 4; Prophecy Committee Chairman, 3; Christmas Dance Committee, 4; Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee, 3, 4. FUTURE PLANS: College, major in history and interior dec- orating, travel. MICHELE E. BAUM MAJOR: Science FUTURE PLANS: Santa Ana J. C, major in psychology. KAREN BERTAGNA MAJOR: History ACTIVITIES: Girls ' League Representative, 2; GAA, 2, 3, 4; Satori Staff, 3; Madrigals, 4. FUTURE PLANS: College, commercial art and music. MARGARET BECK MAJOR: Math, Science, History ACTIVITIES: GAA, 2, 3, 4; Big T, 4; Delta Sigma, 3, 4, Presi- dent, 4; Tennis Team, 2, 3, 4; GAA Cabinet 4. FUTURE PLANS: San Jose State, P. E. major. TERRY BIXLER MAJOR: Math, Science, History ACTIVITIES: C Basketball, 1; C Track, 1; B Track, 2; Wres- tling, 3; Varsity Track; Audion, 4; Pep Club, 4; Gents, 4; Ushers, 3, 4. FUTURE PLANS: College, study law. 126 JEFF BLAND MAJOR: Math, Science ACTIVITIES: Varsity Basketball, 2, 3, 4; J.V. Baseball, 1, 2; Hi-Y, 2, 3; Varsity Track, 4; Varsity FootbqII, 4; TVC, 4. FUTURE PLANS: U.C.B., chemical engineering. BRUCE BONNEY ACTIVITIES: Sports. FUTURE PLANS: College. MAJOR: Science, Language LOA BLAUER FUTURE PLANS: Fullerton J. C. MAJOR: French WOODY BOOSEY MAJOR: Art ACTIVITIES: Art Club, 3 yrs.; Poster Club; Thespians; Satori Staff, 1 yr.; Audion Staff, Co-art Editor. FUTURE PLANS: Attend art school or university and get degree in commercial art. CARL W. BLOOM ACTIVITIES: Radio Club. MAJOR: Science CHUCK BORCHARDT FUTURE PLANS: Travel, then work. MAJOR: Business WILLIAM A. BODE ACTIVITIES: Radio Club, 2 yrs. FUTURE PLANS: Electronics. MAJOR: Math, Science DICK BOWER MAJOR: Social Studies ACTIVITIES: Varsity Basketball, 3, 4; TVC; Gents. FUTURE PLANS: College, correr in aviation. JANN BOND MAJOR: Spanis: ACTIVITIES: Spanish Club, 3; AFS, 4; Pep Club, 4; Flag Twirler, 4; Art Club, 4; Satori, 4. FUTURE PLANS: College, career in primary education. KEN BOWER ACTIVITIES: Football, 3, 4; Baseball, 3; TVC. FUTURE PLANS: UC, Costa Mesa. -y MAJOR: History 127 ERVIN BRADLEY PAM BROWN MAJOR: Science ACTIVITIES: AFS, 1, 2, 3, 4, President, 4; Foreign Exchange Student Finalist; CSF, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3; Board of Control, 2; Director of Assemblies, 4; GAA, Big T. FUTURE PLANS: Go to UCLA. SUSAN LORRAINE BRADLEY MAJOR: Math FUTURE PLANS: College, major in Home Economics. SANDY BROWN MAJOR: Science ACTIVITIES: Pep Club, 1 yr.; AFS, 1 yr.; GAA, 2 yrs.; Major- ette, 2 yrs. FUTURE PLANS: Go to college or nursing school. LOIS ANN BRANDVOLD MAJOR: Business ACTIVITIES: Business Club, 2 yrs.. Treasurer, Vice President; Pep Club, 1 yr. FUTURE PLANS: College and travel. ALLEN BROWNE MAJOR: Math ACTIVITIES: B Football, 1; Varsity Football, 2, 3, 4; J.V. Baseball, 1, 2; Varsity Baseball, 3, 4; CSF 2, 3, 4; Harvard Book Award, 3. FUTURE PLANS: Brown University. S MIKE BRAZIL MAJOR: Music ACTIVITIES: Pep Club; AFS; Bond; Business Club. FUTURE PLANS: Santa Ana or Fullerton J. C. CHRIS BRYDAHL FUTURE PLANS: College. MAJOR: Math, Science KATHI BRIGGS MAJOR: Math, Science ACTIVITIES: Broadcaster Staff Copy Editor, 3; Flag Twirler, 4; AFS, 4; Pep Club, 4; Satori Staff, 4. DIANNE KATHLEEN BURKE ACTIVITIES: Spanish Club, 4. FUTURE PLANS: J. C, then a four-year college MAJOR: History 128 B " - " - BUSTER MAJOR: Science, Moth, History ACTIVITIES: Varsity Football, 2, 3, 4, Varsity Basketboll (Cpt.) 2, 3, 4; Varsity Track (Cpt.) 2, 3, 4; Football Tiller of Week; TVC, 3, 4; Gents, 3, 4; Jr. Class Pres., 3; Sr. Class V.P.; AFS, 3, 4. FUTURE PLANS: Pre-med. at Pomono College. SHIRLEY CARLSON MAJOR: Spanish, Business ACTIVITIES: GAA, 2, 3; Flag Twirler, 3, 4; Bus. Club, 4. FUTURE PLANS: Field of medicine. ANDREW CALLANAN, JR. ACTIVITIES: Photo Club, 3. FUTURE PLANS: Speech or drama teacher. MAJOR: Scienc ANNA CASTELLANOS MAJOR: Language ACTIVITIES: Business Club, 3, 4; Spanish Club, 1-4; Delta Sigma. FUrURE PLANS: Junior College, nursing. JANIE CAMPBELL MAJOR: Science, Math, History ACTIVITIES: GAA, 4 yrs.; Big T, 4; AFS, I, 2, 3; Pep Club 1, 2; Student Rel., 3; Homecoming Princess 4 FUTURE PLANS: College. ROCKY CAVE MAJOR: Musi, ACTIVITIES: Freshman Chorus, Madrigals, 2, 3, 4 FUTURE PLANS: Singer and skier. LYNN F. CANNON MAJOR: French ACTIVITIES: Track, 4 yrs.; Cross-country, 4 yrs.; TVC, 3 yrs.; Gents. FUTURE PLANS: Junior College, Brigham Young University. TONY CHAMBERLAIN MAJOR: Science ACTIVITIES: B Football, 3; B Basketball, 2; JV Basketball, 2; Varsity Basketball, 3, 4; TVC. FUTURE PLANS: College. JOHN CAPRARA MAJOR: Science ACTIVITIES: C Football, 1, 2; B FoolbqII, 3; Basketball, 1,2,4; Varsity Track; Law Explorers. FUTURE PLANS: College. A. Il LONNY CHAPMAN FUTURE PLANS: College or Navy. 129 MAJOR: Math JUDY CHARLES MAJOR: Business ACTIVITIES: Business Club, 2 yrs.; Majorette, 2 yrs. Head Majorette; Pep Club, 3 yrs. FUTURE PLANS: Orange Coast College. MAJOR: Social Studies ACTIVITIES: Transfer Student; Tennis Tean JIM CHRIST MAJOR: Language, History, Science ACTIVITIES: Gents; TVC; ASB Vice President; Varsity Football, 1 yr.; B, 2 yrs.; C, 1 yr.; Varsity Basketball, 1 yr.; B, 2 yrs.; C, 2 yrs.; Baseball; Track. FUTURE PLANS: College at UCSB. CAROL COFER MAJOR: Science, Spanish ACTIVITIES: Swim Team, 1, 2, 3, 4; GAA, 2, 3, 4; Big T, 3, 4; FTA, 1, 3 4; Jr. Class Secretary; Soph. Vice President. FUTURE PLANS: Teaching. CAROLE CLAEYS ACTIVITIES: FTA, 2; AFS, 2. FUTURE PLANS: Orange County State College MAJOR: History, Science GARY COHEN ACTIVITIES; TVC, 4; Varsit y Foofboll. GLEN CLARK ACTIVITIES: Ski Club, 4. CATHY COOK MAJOR: Music, Scienc ACTIVITIES: Band, 2 yrs.; Orchestra, 1 yr.; FTA, 1 yr. FUTURE PLANS: Go to Long Beach College. SUE CLARK MAJOR: Math ACTIVITIES: GAA, 2 yrs.; Girls ' State Representative; Secre- tary of Senior Class; ASB Secretary; CSF. FUTURE PLANS: College. PATTI COYNE MAJOR: Language ACTIVITIES: GAA, 2, 3, 4; Pep Club, 1, 2; French Club, 4; Delta Sigma, 1, 2, 3. FUTURE PLANS: Orange Coast College. 130 JUANITA CRAMPTON ACTtVITIES: CSF, 3; French Club, 1. FUTURE PLANS: College. MAJOR: French BUDDY CUNNINGHAM MAJOR: Science, History ACTIVITIES: C Football, 1, C Basketball, 1, 2: B Basketball, 3; JV Baseball (Cpl.) 1, 2, 3; Varsity Baseball, 3, 4. FUTURE PLANS: College and travel. CYNTHIA CRANTZ MAJOR: Science, Math, History ACTIVITIES: GAA, 3 yrs.; Latin Club, 1; Pep Club 1 FUTURE PLANS: College, nursing. JAN CURRIER MAJOR: Math, Language ACTIVITIES: Girls ' Glee, 1; CSF, 2; Talent Show, 3; Spanish Club, 3; Satori, 4; Pep Club, 4; Thespians, 4; Yell Leader 4 FUTURE PLANS: UCLA. ■V LUZ CROSTHWAITE MAJOR: Business, Language ACTIVITIES: Spanish Club, 4; Business Club (Pres.) 3, 4; Stu- dent Body Treasurer, 4. FUTURE PLANS: Junior College, secretary. LYNDA CURRIER MAJOR: Math ACTIVITIES: Transfer Student; GAA, 1 yr.; Rally Committee, 1 yr. FUTURE PLANS: San Jose State College. EILEEN CROWDER LINDA RENEE CZAPLA ACTIVITIES: GAA, 2 yrs.; AFA, 1 yr. FUTURE PLANS: Nursing. MAJOR: Science BONNIE CUMMINGS MIKE DAVIS MAJOR: Science ACTIVITIES: Fresh. Class President; JV Boseball, 2, 3; B Bas- ketball, 3; Varsity Football, 3, 4; TVC (Pres.) 4; All Crestview League, 4. FUTURE PLANS: College. 131 d VICKIE LYNN DAVIS ACTIVITIES: Art Club, 2 yrs.; Poster Club, 1 yr FUTURE PLANS: Orange Coast, art center. ' " r PAM DETLOFF MAJOR: Longuage ACTIVITIES: GAA, 1-4; AFS, 1-3; Pep Club, 1, 2; Student Body Secretary, 4; Homecoming Queen, 4; French Club, 4. FUTURE PLANS: UC, Santa Barbara. JUDY DAWSON MAJOR: Math, Science, Language ACTIVITIES: Spanish Club, 3; AFS, 3, 4; GAA, 3, 4. FUTURE PLANS: College. MICHAEL LEE DONALDSON MAJOR: Math ACTIVITIES: Varsity Football; Varsity Baseball; TVC. FUTURE PLANS: College. CAROLYN DAY MAJOR: Business, History ACTIVITIES: Business Club, 1; Office Practice. FUTURE PLANS: OCC, dental assistant. DEANA DONEY ACTIVITIES: Business Club, 2 yrs. FUTURE PLANS: OCC or Santa Ana Junior College. MAJOR: Business JOHN DEHONEY MAJOR: Science, Math ACTIVITIES: CD and Varsity Basketball; C Football. FUTURE PLANS: College, business administration. WENDY DORNAN MAJOR: Business ACTIVITIES: Pep Club, 1, 2; AFS, 3; Thespians, 3, 4; Satori, 4; Big Play " Little Women " , 4. FUTURE PLANS: OCC. LINDA DELTOUR MAJOR: Language, Business ACTIVITIES: Broadcaster, 1 yr.; Satori, 1 yr. FUTURE PLANS: College, airline stewardess. DONOVAN DORSEY MAJOR: Science, Math, History ACTIVITIES: Satori, 3; Broadcaster, 4. FUTURE PLANS: College, travel. 132 TOM DOUCETTE ACTIVITIES: Varsity Football, 2 yrs. FUTURE PLANS: OCC. MAJOR: Science PAM DUESLER MAJOR: Language, Science, Math ACTIVITIES: Treasurer, Student Relations, 2; Girls ' League Sec, Pres., 4; Jr. Class VP; Pep Club, 2, 3, 4; AFS, 2-4; GAA, 2-4; Cheerleader, 4. FUTURE PLANS: College, teaching. ROBERT DANIEL DOYLE MAJOR: Science ACTIVITIES: Track, 4 yrs.; Haggerty ' s Surfing Club FUTURE PLANS: Dentistry, Redlands. MARY ANN DULAK MAJOR: Language ACTIVITIES: Girls ' League Soph. Rep.; GAA, 3; Pep Club, 4; Homecoming Princess, 3; Songleader, 4. FUTURE PLANS: College. STUART MICHAEL DRUM MAJOR: Math, Science, History ACTIVITIES: Swimming, 2 yrs. FUTURE PLANS: Junior College, civil engineering. DONNA CAMILLE DUPLEIX MAJOR: French, Math, History ACTIVITIES: French Club, 1-3; GAA, 2-4; ASB Activities Com- missioner, 4; Student Relations, 2; Tennis Team, 3; AFS, 1-4; Buffum ' s Young Careerist, 4. FUTURE PLANS: UC, Berkeley. NICOLA DUDYS MAJOR: Science, Math, History ACTIVITIES: French Club, 1; Business Club, 4; Audion Editor 4; CSF, 4. FUTURE PLANS: College. SUSAN ANN EDMAN FUTURE PLANS: Santa Ana Junior College. JOHN BART DUESLER MAJOR: Science, Math, History ACTIVITIES: Football, 1; Track, 1; Hi-Y, 2; French Club, 2; Science Club, 1, 2; Orchids, 1, 2. CHUCK EDWARDS ACTIVITIES: Ushers, 1; Swimming, 1. FUTURE PLANS: College. 133 MAJOR: Business MAJOR: Math MAUREEN ANNE EHIIS MAJOR: Music FUTURE PLANS: Ml. St. Mary ' s Junior College. MAUREEN EUBANKS MAJOR: Liberal Arts ACTIVITIES: Glee Club, 4 yrs.; Pep Club, 2 yrs.; GAA, 3 yrs.; Tennis Team, 2 yrs. FUTURE PLANS: University of Oregon. RUSSEU ELSNER MAJOR: Language LARRY EVANS MAJOR: Math ACTIVITIES: Pep Club; Varsity Football, 1 yr. FUTURE PLANS: Miami University. OTHEMA EMERTON ACTIVITIES: Business Club, 3, 4. FUTURE PLANS: Secretary or nurse. MAJOR: Business MARILYN FARNSWORTH MAJOR: Science, History, Language ACTIVITIES: GAA, 2-4; AFS, 2-4; Pep Club, 2; French Club, 4. FUTURE PLANS: Cal. Western, nursing. DAVE ERICKSON FUTURE PLANS: College. MAJOR: Science, Math MARILYN FERGUSON MAJOR: Science, language ACTIVITIES: Spanish Club, 2 yrs.; YFC, 3 yrs. (Pres.). FUTURE PLANS: College, teaching. LINDA EUBANKS MAJOR: Business ACTIVITIES: Business Club, 1 yr.; Pep Club, 2 yrs.; Broad- caster, 1 yr. FUTURE PLANS: OCC, then San Diego State. ' DON FIDUCCIA ACTIVITIES: JV Swimming. 134 MAJOR: Business S. h TOM FISK MAJOR: Math ACTIVITIES: C, B, JV, Varsity Football; D, C, B, Varsity Bas- ketball; C, B, Varsity Track; JV, Varsity Baseball. FUTURE PLANS: OCC, then USC for major in Architecture. ' ' . GAYANNE FRAME MAJOR: Science ACTIVITIES: FTA, 4 yrs.; GAA, 1 yr.; AFS, 3 yrs.; Student Relations, 1 yr.; Board of Control, 1 yr. FUTURE PLANS: UCLA, education. DENNIS FLANAGAN PENNY FRANK ACTIVITIES: Thespians. FUTURE PLANS: OCC. TIM FLENNER MAJOR: History FUTURE PLANS: San Francisco College of Mortuary Science. DAVID FRAZIER FUTURE PLANS: OCC. MAJOK: Drafting TRISHA LOUISE FLETCHER MAJOR: Business ACTIVITIES: Business Club, 1 yr.; GAA, 1 yr. FUTURE PLANS: Dental assistant. DANNY C. FULBRIGHT MAJOR: Science, Math, Language ACTIVITIES: Latin Club, 1 yr. FUTURE PLANS: College, music. CLAES-HENRIC A. FLOREN ACTIVITIES: Foreign Exchange Student. FUTURE PLANS: Medicine. MAJOR: Science ELLEN GALLION MAJOR: Business ACTIVITIES: GAA, 3 yrs.; Pep Club, 4 yrs.; Rep. Girls ' League, 1; AFS, 2; Songleader, 4. FUTURE PLANS: Secretary for the foreigners. 135 SCOTT GATES ACTIVITIES: Ski Club. FUTURE PLANS: Major in science al college. MAJOR: Science PAUL GOEDART, II FUTURE PLANS: Join Air Force. MAJOR: Math, Scien U WILLIAM W. GAY, III MAJOR: Math, Science, History ACTIVITIES: Science Club, 1; French Club, 3, 4; Law Explorers Club, 3, 4; Ushers, 3, 4; Manager of C Football and C Baseball Teams; Wrestling; B Football. FUTURE PLANS: Naval Academy. KATHIE GOLDIE MAJOR: History ACTIVITIES: Transfer Student; Audion Staff, 4; Pep Club, 4. FUTURE PLANS: College. MAJOR: Science MIKE GENTRY ACTIVITIES: Astronomy Club. FUTURE PLANS: Become a research scientist in field of biology. ANITA GONZALES ACTIVITIES: Business Club. FUTURE PLANS: Telephone operator. MAJOR: Business JAMES S. GIAMPICCOLO MAJOR: Science, Math ACTIVITIES: Science Club, 1; Spanish, 3; JV Track, I; Varsity Track, 3. FUTURE PLANS: College to become a medical doctor. RICHARD GOODMAN MAJOR: Science, Math ACTIVITIES: Soph. Board; Student Government Representative; Newspaper; Law Club; Announcers Club. FUTURE PLANS: University of California at Berkeley. MAJOR: Science, Math DENNIS GLADMAN ACTIVITIES: CSF, 2, 3, 4. FUTURE PLANS: Attend a university and study engineering. £ JULIE GOODWIN ACTIVITIES: Business Club. FUTURE PLANS: College. 136 MAJOR: Business JOHN GORDON FUTURE PLANS: College. MAJOR: Math, Science LYNDA GUTHRIE MAJOR: Math, Science ACTIVITIES: GAA, 2 yrs.; Hospital Aid, 2 yrs. FUTURE PLANS: OCC, nursing. DAVID GOULD MAJOR: Math, Science ACTIVITIES: C Basketball, 1; C Track, 1; B Track, 2, 3: Cross Country, 3; VP of YFC, 1, 2; Pres. of YFC, 3. FUTURE PLANS: College. JIM GRISET SUSAN HAHN MAJOR: Business ACTIVITIES: GAA, 2, 3, 4; Business Club, 2, 3, 4; FFA, 1, 2; Pep Club, 1, 2. FUTURE PLANS: College. MAJOR: Math Science JOAN PAULEEN HAINE MAJOR: Math, Music ACTIVITIES: Madrigals, 3 yrs.; Pep Club, 2 yrs.; Thespians, 1 yr.; Spanish Club, 1 yr.; Broadcaster, 1 yr. FUTURE PLANS: Chapman College, Music Teacher. «» GLORIA ESTHER GULUARTE MAJOR: Homemoking ACTIVITIES: GAA, 1; Hockey and Baseball, 2. FUTURE PLANS: Beauty College, Santa Ana. CAROL HALES MAJOR: Math, History, Language ACTIVITIES: GAA, 3, 4; Pep Club, 2, 3, 4; AFS, 2, 3, 4; CSF, 2, 3 4; Head Songleader, 4. R FUTURE PLANS: College, Fashion Co-ordinator. MIKE GUSICK MAJOR: Science, Math ACTIVITIES: Footboll, 2 yrs.; Basketball, 2 yrs. FUTURE PLANS: College. ACTIVITIES: Sports. FUTURE PLANS: College. MAJOR: Math 137 w J LYNN HALL MAJOR: Business ACTIVITIES: Pep Club; Business Club; Transfer Student. FUTURE PLANS: University of Hawaii. GAEL HARRINGTON MAJOR: History ACTIVITIES: Spanish Club, 3; GAA, 3, 4; AFS, 2, 3, 4; CSF, 2, 3; Audion Classes Editor, 4. FUTURE PLANS: Go to college. JOHN S. HAMBRIGHT MAJOR: Science, Math ACTIVITIES: Varsity Football, 4; B Football, 2, 3; TVC, 4; Gents, 4; CSF, 2, 3; Student Relations, 4; Manufacturing Ex- plorers, 4; National Merit Semi-finalist, 3. FUTURE PLANS: College, study in science. JUDITH ANNETTE HAMM MAJOR: History ACTIVITIES: Pep Club, 1, 2; Office Secretary, 1, 4. FUTURE PLANS: Orange Coast Coll., then Son Diego State Coll. SANDY HARWOOD MAJOR: Math ACTIVITIES: Pep Club, 1; Delta Sigma, 3, 4; AFS, 4. FUTURE PLANS: Orange Coast College, then four-year college. MICHAEL CHRISTOPHER HANSEN MAJOR: History ACTIVITIES: Varsity Basketball, 3; Lead in Play, 3. FUTURE PLANS: Tour Europe, then go to Cal-Western after the Marines. CAROLEE HAYES MAJOR: Speech, Drama ACTIVITIES: FTA, 4; Pep Club, 4; AFS, 4. FUTURE PLANS: Cal-Western University, major in education. KATHY HARPER MAJOR: Science, Math ACTIVITIES: AFS, 4; Delta Sigma, 2; Spanish Club, 1; Busi- ness Club, 1; Art Club, 1; Poster Club, 1; GAA, 2; Pep Club, 4. FUTURE PLANS: College, then travel. LORNA HENDERSON ACTIVITIES: Business Club, 1. FUTURE PLANS: Junior College, the MAJOR: Business get a job. 138 MARTI HERRERA KEITH HOLCOMB BETTY HETLAND MAJOR: Business ACTIVITIES: Pep Club, 2, French Club, 1; FTA, 1. FUTURE PLANS: Marriage. BARBARA HILL DIXIE LEE HOLMAN MAJOR: Business, History ACTIVITIES: Business Club, 3, 4; Pep Club, 1, 2, 3. FUTURE PLANS: San Diego State or Cal. Poly. CORLISS HOLMES MAJOR: Moth, Business ACTIVITIES: GAA, 1-4; Pep Club, 2; Business Club, 3, 4; Audion Business Manager, 4; Talent Show, 3; Bookkeeper of the Year , 3; Miss Tustin, 4. FUTURE PLANS: Secretary. RICHARD HILL ACTIVITIES: CSF, 3 yrs. FUTURE PLANS: College. MAJOR: Math, Science, History JO ANN HOLOWIN MAJOR: Math, History ACTIVITIES: GAA, 1; Latin Club, 1; Swim Show, 3; Pep Club, 2; AFS, 1. FUTURE PLANS: St. Vincent ' s College of Nursing. HUGH HOFFMAN ACTIVITIES: CSF; Ushers. FUTURE PUNS: College, science career MAJOR: Math, Science I i CYNDY HORTON MAJOR: Language ACTIVITIES: GAA, 2 yrs.; Pep Club, 1 yr.; FFA, 1 yr.; Span- ish Club, 1 yr.; Girls ' League Friendship Chairman. FUTURE PLANS: OCC or Fullerton Junior College. 139 «« MARCY NORTON MAJOR: Language, History ACTIVITIES: Student Relations, 2; Class Treasurer, 3; GAA, 2-4; Broadcaster, 3; Girls ' League Friendship Chairman, 4; AFS, 2-4; Big T (VP), 4. FUTURE PLANS: UC, Riverside or Cal-Poly. JIM HYEPOCK FUTURE PLANS: College. MAJOR: Science, Math JOHN HOWARD MAJOR: Math ACTIVITIES: JV Football, 2 yrs.; Varsity Football, 1 yr.; Var- sity Basketball, 1 yr.; TVC. FUTURE PLANS: College. NILA HYEPOCK MAJOR: Science, Math, Business ACTIVITIES: GAA, 2-4; Pep Club, 2; Business Club, 4; Big T, 3, 4; Medical Explorers. FUTURE PLANS: College. DORIS HUDGINS MAJOR: Art , History ACTIVITIES: Art Club, 4 yrs.; French Club, 1 yr.; Pep Club, 3 yrs.; Satori; Poster Club, 3 yrs.; Delta Sigma. FUTURE PLANS: College, art and teaching. MARIA HYTER ACTIVITIES: GAA, 4 yrs. FUTURE PLANS: Secretary. MAJOR: Business CARALA HUKEE ACTIVITIES: GAA, 4 yrs.; Big T, 2 yr.; FTA, 1 yr.; Officials Club, 3, 4. FUTURE PLANS: UC, Santa Barbara, P.E yrs MAJOR: Math, History AFS, 1 yr.; YFC, KENNETH RAY ICEMAN MAJOR: Math, History ACTIVITIES: Madrigals, 3 yrs.; JV Baseball, 2; B Basketball, 2. FUTURE PLANS: Cal Western. MAJOR: Language ELLEN HURRELL ACTIVITIES: GAA, 1-4; Girls ' League Rep., 1; FTA; AFS; Song- leader; Pep Club. FUTURE PLANS: College. GEORGE SANFORD ILIFF MAJOR: Math, Science ACTIVITIES: ASB Pres.; Cheerleader (head), 3; Class Pres., 2; Thespians, 3 yrs.; FTA, 3 yrs.; C, B Football, 3, 2; B Track, 1 yr. FUTURE PLANS: University of California. 140 BOB INGLIS ACTIVITIES: Track, 1 yr. FUTURE PLANS: Dentist. MAJOR: Business JIM JOHNSON MAJOR: Math, History ACTIVITIES: Class VP, 2; Baseball, 2, 3, 4; AJW, 3, 4. FUTURE PLANS: ROTC at UCLA. DARLENE ISAACS MAJOR: Business ACTIVITIES: Business Club; Delta Sigma, 2 yrs.; Majorettes. FUTURE PLANS: OCC. JOYCE GALE JOHNSON MAJOR: Math, English ACTIVITIES: Transfer Student; National Honor Society, 2 yrs.; Future Doctors Club, 1 yr.; Head Cheerleader, 2 yrs. FUTURE PLANS: Florida State University. BARBARA ISENBERG MAJOR: Science, History ACTIVITIES: Transfer Student; Cheerleader; Ski Club; Library Practice. FUTURE PLANS: College. LARRY JOHNSON BRIAN JOHNSON PETE JOHNSON MAJOR: Science, Math, History ACTIVITIES: Baseball, 3, 4; Football, 1, 3; Gents, 3, 4; Board of Control, 3. FUTURE PLANS: San Diego State College, business. JEANINE JOHNSON MAJOR: History ACTIVITIES: Business Club; Pep Club. FUTURE PLANS: OCC. JOHN JOHNSTON ACTIVITIES: Football; TVC (V. Pres.). FUTURE PLANS: College. MAJOR: Science 141 KAROLYN KASPAR MAJOR: Science, Language, History ACTIVITIES: Pep Club, 2, 4; Student Relations, 4; FTA, 4; AFS, 4; Spanish Club, 2, 3; Swim Show, 3, 4. FUTURE PLANS: College. V JEANNE KING I i,. . A CAROL KELLY MAJOR: Art, French, Math ACTIVITIES: French Club, 1-4; Pep Club, 1-4; Art Club, 1-4; Pep Club (Pres.), 2; Soph. Class President. FUTURE PLANS: College, Secondary art teacher. KAREN KELLY MAJOR: Math, Science ACTIVITIES: Tennis Team, 3, 4; Art Club, 1, 4; FTA, 4; AFS, 4. FUTURE PLANS: College, engineering. MIKE KNOWLES MAJOR: Math, Science, History FUTURE PLANS: Junior College, then Humboldt State. FRED KIEHLE MAJOR: Math, Science ACTIVITIES: CSF, 3 yrs.; JV Cross Country, 3 yrs.; C Track, 2 yrs.; Varsity Track, 1 yr. FUTURE PLANS: College, math or science. DAVID KILIAN DIANE KREIDER MAJOR: Math, History, Language ACTIVITIES: Pep Club, 1-4; French Club, 1-4; CSF, 3, 4; AFS, 1-4; Audion, 3, 4. FUTURE PLANS: UCLA, Nursing. MAJOR: History CAROL KRIDNER MAJOR: Science ACTIVITIES: CSF, 3 yrs.; Latin Club, 2 yrs.; Chemical Science Club, 2 yrs.; Orchestra, 3 yrs. FUTURE PLANS: College. 142 MARGIE LANGE MAJOR: Science ACTIVITIES: Audion, 1; Delta Sigma, 4; AFS, 3; Pep Club 3 FUTURE PLANS: OCC. JEFF LEWIS MAJOR: Math, Science ACTIVITIES: B Football, 2; Varsity Football, 1 yr.; B Basket- ball, I yr.; Pep Club, 3 yrs.; Ski Club, 1. FUTURE PLANS: College, business. MICHAEL LASLEY MARCIA KAYE LEWIS MAJOR: Science, History ACTIVITIES: Delta Sigma, 1 yr.; FTA, 1, 2; AFS, 1 yr.; Satori- Pep Club, 1, 2, 3. FUTURE PLANS: College, University of Iowa. MARSHA LEFKOWITZ MAJOR: Science ACTIVITIES: French Club, 1 yr.; Medical Explorers, 1 yr. FUTURE PLANS: Medicine or psychology. LUPE LINARES JAN EDWARD LEWANSKI MAJOR: English VIRGINIA LINDSEY MAJOR: Science ACTIVITIES: Pep Club, 2-4; GAA, 2, 3, 4; Big T, 4; Swim Show, 1-4. FUTURE PLANS: OCC. JACK LEWIN MAJOR: Math, Science ACTIVITIES: Varsity Football, 4; B Football, 2, 3; CSF, 3, 4; C, D Basketball, 2, 1; doss V. Pres., 3; Pep Club, 1 2 3 ' Gents, 4; AFS, 3. ' ' ■ FUTURE PLANS: College, engineer or architect. SANDY LINKER MAJOR: Language ACTIVITIES: Pep Club, 2; Spanish Club, 3, 4. FUTURE PLANS: College, education. 143 BEST PERSONALITY: Larry Evans, Pam Detloff. MOST INTELLIGENT: Alan Browne, Judy Well SENIOR MOST COURTEOUS: Bob Partridge, Ingrid Stalfors. BEST DRESSED: Ellen Hurrell, Dave Smith. BEST LEADERS: Meredith Smith, Bill Buster. MOST TALKATIVE: Bob Key, Marcy Horton. 144 •OLL MOST TALENTED: Terry Somodi, Woody Boosey MOST ATHLETIC: Margo Beck, Mike Wertman. BEST DANCERS: Chris Hansen, Mary Ann Dulak. DONE MOST FOR THE SCHOOL: George lliff, Roberta Pankey. f ' FUNNIEST: Ellen Gcllion, Jeff Bland 145 LARRY LULL FUTURE PLANS: Fullcrton J. C. MAJOR: Math RICHARD LYNN FUTURE PLANS: Work. MAJOR: History JERRY LUNDBLADE MELANIE McCLUNE MAJOR: Science ACTIVITIES: Pep Club, 2; AFS, 1; Business Club, 1. FUTURE PLANS: OCC. DARLENE LUTOSKY MAJOR: Math, Science, History ACTIVITIES: CSF, 1 yr. FUTURE PLANS: College, UC, Santa Barbara. LORRAINE McCUISTION MAJOR: Musi( ACTIVITIES: Sophisticates, 3, 4; Pep Club, 4. FUTURE PLANS: College, physical therapist. DENNIS LYMAN PATRICK McCULLAH - MAJOR: Science FUTURE PLANS: Florida State University. DE DE LYNCH MAJOR: Math, History ACTIVITIES: Pinafores; Usherette; CSF, 3 yrs.; Spanish Club, 1 yr.; FTA, 1 yr. FUTURE PLANS: College, leaching credentials. ANNE McKENZIE MAJOR: Math, History ACTIVITIES: Audion Staff, 1 yr.; Pep Club. FUTURE PLANS: Santa Ana, J.C, then U.S.C. fm 146 MAJOR: Science LINDA McLEAN MAJOR: Science, Language ACTIVITIES: AFS, 1 yr.; GAA, 3 yrs.; Pep Club, 1 yr.; Big T, I yr.; FTA, 1 yr.; Girls ' League Pres., 1 yr. FUTURE PLANS: College, nursing. MIKE MALLARD FUTURE PLANS: College. SHERRY ELIZABETH McNATT MAJOR- History ACTIVITIES: Flag Twirler, 4; AFS, 3, 4; Pep Club, 3; Thes- pians, 3, 4; Broadcaster, 4; Satori, 4. FUTURE PLANS: College, airline hostess. SHARON MARSH „aJOR: Business ACTIVITIES: Pep Club, 1, 2; GAA, 1-4; Business Club- AFS, 1-4. ' FUTURE PUNS: OCC. ANN McNAUGHTON MAJOR: Science, Math, History ACTIVITIES: Pep Club, 3 yrs.; AFS, 3 yrs. FUTURE PLANS: College. REJEAN MARTIN TERRY MACHEN MAJOR: Science, Math ACTIVITIES: Class Pres., 2; Boys ' State; Gents, 3, 4; JV Boseball, 1, 2; C, B, Varsity Football; D, C, b ' Basketball; Varsity Baseball (Cpt.); CSF, 1-4; TVC (VP) FUTURE PLANS: UC, Santo Barbara. CANDACE MARTINEZ MAJOR: French, History ACTIVITIES: Broadcaster; Library, 1 yr.; Dramo; Stoge Crew 1 yr. FUTURE PLANS: UC, Berkeley, Eng. lit. and Ancient Medieval History. NANCY MAGNUS ACTIVITIES: Library Practice. LENORE MARTINEZ MAJOR: Math, Business ACTIVITIES: Business Club, 4; Spanish Club (See.) 3 4 FUTURE PLANS: Long Beach State, nursing 147 k.J SUSAN F. MATOIAN MAJOR: History, English ACTIVITIES: Transfer Student; Keyettes, 2 yrs.; French Club, 1 yr.; Pep Club (Prcs), 1 yr. FUTURE PLANS: Florida State University. CAROLE MEREDITH ACTIVITIES: Transfer Student. FUTURE PLANS: IBM Programmer. MAJOR: History, Moth NATALIE CANDYCE MATTHEWS MAJOR: Home Economics ACTIVITIES: FHA, 1, 2, Spanish Club, 3; Pep Club, 4. FUTURE PLANS: OCC. MICHAEL MILLER BRADFORD JAMES MAYNARD ACTIVITIES: Football, 2 yrs. FUTURE PLANS: Ministry. MAJOR: Math, Science TRONE LOUIS MILLER SHERRIE MECHAM MAJOR: Businc ACTIVITIES: Art Club, 1; Poster Club, 1; Business Club, 3. FUTURE PLANS: College, business. BILL MITCHELL FUTURE PLANS: College. SUSAN MEEK MAJOR: History ACTIVITIES: AFS, 1-4; GAA, 1-4; Big T, 3, 4; Swim Show 1-4 FUTURE PLANS: College. MAJOR: Math MARINA MITCHELL MAJOR: Business ACTIVITIES: Business Club, 1-4; Girls ' League, 1-4; Spanish Club, 3, 4. FUTURE PLANS: College, business. 148 " " ' " .ttgy GARY MOORE MAJOR: Math, Science ACTIVITIES: C Football, Basketball, 1 yr.; B Football, 1 yr.; Varsity Football, 1 yr.; Varsity Track, 1 yr. FUTURE PLANS: Fullerton J. C. SUSAN MUNOZ MAJOR: Business, Spanish ACTIVITIES: Spanish Club, 2, Business Club, 2. JOE W. MOORE MAJOR: Language, Math ACTIVITIES: Golf, 2, 3, 4; Varsity Basketball, 4. FUTURE PLANS: College at University of California. TIMOTHY EDWARD MURISON CHERYL MOUNCE MAJOR: Business ACTIVITIES: Student Relations, 2; Business Club, 3, 4; Pep Club, 4; Cheerleader, 4. FUTURE PLANS: Fullerton J. C, legal secretary. JEAN MURPHY MAJOR: Math, Business ACTIVITIES: Majorettes, 3; Pep Club, 2; Business Club, 1; FTA, 2. FUTURE PLANS: College. V ' — ■ jL dk 3 - ' IHHIHIi V ,j MICHELE MYREHN MAJOR: Language ACTIVITIES: AFS, 1, 2; Pep Club, 1, 2; GAA, 2-4; Big T, 3, 4; P.E. Seminar, 4. FUTURE PLANS: College, travel. THOMAS VERNON MULL LYNDA NEWOUIST MAJOR: Math, Science ACTIVITIES: Pep Club, 1; AFS, 2, 4; GAA, 2-4; Big T, 3, 4; GAA Cabinet, 4. FUTURE PLANS: College. 149 : t ' - - mV LYNN NEWQUIST MAJOR: Math, Science ACTIVITIES: GAA, 2-4; Big T, 3, 4; Pep Club, 2; AFA, 2, 4; GAA Softball Manager, 4. FUTURE PLANS: College, education. SHARON O ' BRYAN MAJOR: Math, Science, History ACTIVITIES: Audion; Usherettes, 3; Broadcaster; Satori, 4. FUTURE PLANS: College, physical therapy. JUDY NIEBLAS MAJOR: Business ACTIVITIES: Business Club (Treas.), 2 yrs.; GAA, 3 yrs.; Basketball (Mgr.), 3, 4; Big T, 4; Pep Club, 1 yr. FUTURE PLANS: Santa Ana J.C, nursing. TOM O ' DELL ACTIVITIES: Basketball, 3; Baseball, 4. FUTURE PLANS: College. MAJOR: Science JIM D. NIKITOUPLOS MORT OPITTEK MAJOR: Science, History FUTURE PLANS: Junior college, work. stiig- DENNIS NUTTER ACTIVITIES: FFA, 1-4. MAJOR: Agriculture LINDA O ' BREZAR MAJOR: Math, Language ACTIVITIES: GAA, 2-4; Delta Sigma, 1 yr.; AFA, 3 yrs. FUTURE PLANS: UC, Santa Barbara. BETH ORMOND ELAINE PADBURY MAJOR: Math, Language ACTIVITIES: GAA, 2-4; FTA, 2 yrs.; CSF (Sec), 3 yrs.; Big T (Pres.), 1 yr.; AFS, 4 yrs.; Girls ' State All. FUTURE PLANS: UC, Riverside, English major. 150 NANCY PAINTER ACTIVITIES: French Club, 2 Delta Sigma, 2 yrs.; Band, 3 y FUTURE PLANS: UC, Berkeley or Santa B MAJOR: French, Broadcaster (Ed.), rboro, English teache BOB PARTRIDGE MAJOR: Science, Math, English ACTIVITIES: Varsity Football, 3, 4, Varsity Track, 3, 4, Stu- dent Relations; Class Treas., 4; CSF; AFS, 4; Gents 4- TVC- Usher, 3. FUTURE PLANS: UC, Santa Barbara, medicine. WALTER S. PANCHISON FUTURE PLANS: College. MAJOR: Moth JOHN PATTERSON ma mo c Ami iTicc ■ , . MAJOR: Scicnc ACTIVITIES: Law Explorers Club, 1 yr.; Speech Team 4 FUTURE PLANS: UCLA, law. ' KIMO PANKEY maJOR: Math, Science ACTIVITIES: B Football, C, B Track, C Basketball, 2 3- Varsity Cross Country; JV Tennis; Fr. Closs Pres.; Student ' Re- lations; Agric. Explorers. FUTURE PLANS: Cal. Poly MARCA PATTERSON MAJOR: Math Science ACTIVITIES: GAA. 2. 3, 4; Audion, 4; CSF. 2 3 4 Delta Sigma, 3, 4; AFS, 1,2. ' ' . FUTURE PLANS: College. MAJOR: History VP 3 1% ?. ' ■ ' ' ■■ ' ' ' - " ■• " ' 9 ' ■ 3. 4; Girls ' Uague V.P., 3; AFS Student to Brazil. FUTURE PLANS: College, education. BECKI PENNING ACTIVITIES: Broadcaster, 2 yrs. FUTURE PLANS: OCC. LAURIE PARKER ma ino u .u ArTn iTitr .-r. MAJOR: Math ACTIVITIES: FTA, 3, 4; AFS, 4; Art Club, I, 2; Poster Club I; Candidate for Formal Queen FUTURE PLANS: College. A TrvrnV " )! « - ' ° ' ' 5 ' ' -« ' " - ' -V ACTIVITIES: Astronomy Club (Sec); Pep Club, 2; Medical Ex- plorers, I; Spanish Club; Ski Club; Delta Sigma FTA FUTURE PLANS: College. 151 NANCY PERRINE MAJOR: Science MARY PILLING ACTIVITIES: Transfer Stucienf. FUTURE PLANS: College. MAJOR: Art TINA PETTENGILL MAJOR: Science, History ACTIVITIES: GAA, 2 yrs.; FTA, 3 yrs.; AFS, 1 yr.; Pep Club, 1 yr.; Broadcaster Staff, 1 yr. FUTURE PLANS: Attend San Diego State. %» SANDY PFANKUCH MAJOR: Science, History ACTIVITIES: GAA, 7, 3, 4; Big T, 3, 4; Pep Club, 1, 2, 4; FTA, 2, 3 4; AFS, 2, 4; Student Relations, 1 ; Songleader, 4; Delta Sigma, 3; Usherettes, 3, 4. FUTURE PLANS: College. BARBARA PITCL MAJOR: Business ACTIVITIES: Pep Club, 1 yr.; AFS, 1 yr.; Business Club, 1 yr.; Sophisticates, 1 yr. FUTURE PLANS: Orange Coast College. - - GARY PIERSON MAJOR: Math, Science FUTURE PLANS: Orange Coast College. FRANCINE PIKE BETTY POTTER MAJOR: Business ACTIVITIES: Business Club, 3, 4; Pep Club, 1; Spanish Club, 2; Drama Club, 2; Y-Teens, 2. STEVEN R. POUCHER MAJOR: Moth, Scienci ACTIVITIES: AFS, 1 , 2, 3, 4; B Football, 1, 2; Law Explorer: Club, 3, 4. FUTURE PLANS: College. 152 JOHN POWELL FUTURE PLANS: College. MAJOR: Busines ELIZABETH QUICK MAJOR: Spanish, Moth ACTIVITIES: CSF, 3; AFS, 3, 4; Pep Club, 4; Audion Assistant Editor, 4. FUTURE PLANS: A college education. PAM PRESTWOOD MAJOR: Language, Moth ACTIVITIES: Class Vice President, 1; Class Social Chairman, 2; Cheerleader, 2; Pep Club, 1, 2, 3, 4; Latin Club, 1; ASB Representative, 2. FUTURE PLANS: College and then teacher. LEONARD RADCLIFFE MAJOR: Math, Scienc ACTIVITIES: B Basketball, 1. FUTURE PLANS: Go to an Eastern College, study physics. BOB PRIEST FUTURE PLANS: Orange Coast College. MAJOR: Math DON RAMBERG MAJOR: Math, Science ACTIVITIES: C Football, 7, B Football, 3,- Track, 1, 2, 3, 4; Cross Country 1, 4; CSF, 2, 3, 4, Life Scholar, National Merit Semi-finollst. FUTURE PLANS: College. JIM PROCTOR FUTURE PLANS: College. MAJOR: Moth, Science K ROBERT RAMLO FUTURE PLANS: Lutheran Ministry. MAJOR: Math, Science THOMAS JAMES PULVINO MAJOR: Science, Music ACTIVITIES: Drama, 3; Chorus, 4, Football, 2; Dramatic work at Tustin Playhouse, 2. FUTURE PLANS: Orange Coast College, then Long Beach State for a study of music. BARBARA RAMSAUER ACTIVITIES: CSF. FUTURE PLANS: Boston University. 153 MAJOR: Science, History PAUL RICE FUTURE PLANS: College, major in physics. MAJOR: Math MICHAEL REESE FUTURE PLANS: Junior College. MAJOR: History NANCY RIDGE ACTIVITIES: Science Club, 1 yr FUTURE PLANS: Become a nur; DAVE REID MAJOR: Math, Science ACTIVITIES: Track, 1, 2, 3, 4; Football, 3, 4, Cross Country, 2; Audion Staff, 4. FUTURE PLANS: College and a career in aviation. MAJOR: English ANN RIMEL MAJOR: Language, Science. ACTIVITIES: AFS, 4; GAA, 2, 3, 4; Chorus, 4; Pep Club, 4; French Club, 2, 3, 4. FUTURE PLANS: Go to Chapman College, become an Airline Stewardess. CHARLES REUSS FUTURE PLANS: Own business. MAJOR: Woodshop HORTENSE RIVAS MAJOR: Business, Language ACTIVITIES: GAA, 2, 3, 4; Business Club, 2 yrs., Spanish Club, 1 yr. FUTURE PLANS: Go to business school, then travel. ELIZABETH REYNOLDS MAJOR: Science, History ACTIVITIES: AFS, 2; Pep Club, 2, GAA, 2, 3, 4. FUTURE PLANS: College. BARBARA ROANE MAJOR: Math, Science ACTIVITIES: GAA, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer, 3, President, 4; Soph. Class Secretary; Jr. Class Treasurer; Girl of Month, 4; Sclf- Governmcnf, 1; Big T, 3, 4; AFS, 2, 3, 4. FUTURE PLANS: UCLA. 154 DANIEL G. ROBLYER MAJOR: History ACTIVITIES: AFS, Host to AF5 student; Law Explorers, 2 yrs., President; B and JV Football; JV Wrestling; Varsity Swim- ming; Manufacture Explorers. FUTURE PLANS: University of Dubuque. JUDY ROWLAND MAJOR: Math, Science ACTIVITIES: Transfer Student; GAA, 2 yrs.; CSF, 2 yrs.; FTA, 1 yr.; Pep Club. FUTURE PLANS: University. LINDA ROCKHOLD MAJOR: Math ACTIVITIES: GAA, 2, 3, 4; Big T, 3, 4; AFS, 1, 2; Pep Club, 2, 3, 4; Cheerleader, 4; Swim Show, 1, 2, 3, 4; Homecom- ing Princess, 4; Girls ' League Secretary, 4. FUTURE PLANS: College. D ' AIICE ROYCE MAJOR: Homemaking ACTIVITIES: GAA, 1 yr.; Science Club, 2 yrs.; Homemaking, 3 yrs. FUTURE PLANS: Junior College, then College. CAROL RODENBERGER MAJOR: History, Drama ACTIVITIES: Audion Staff, 3; Part in Ploys, " Little Women, ' 3. FUTURE PLANS: College, modeling. PAM RUTHLEDGE MAJOR: History ACTIVITIES: GAA, 2, 3, 4; Big T, 4; AFS, 2, 4; Delta Sigma, 3, 4; Pep Club, 2; Broadcaster, 4. FUTURE PLANS: College, field of merchandising. li JIM ROOKE MAJOR: Moth, Science, History ACTIVITIES: Cross Country, 4; CSF, 2, 3, 4, Life Scholar, 4; National Merit Semi-Finalist. FUTURE PLANS: College. EDWARD RYLAND BOB ROSHOLM MAJOR: Math, Science FUTURE PLANS: Go to college, become an engineer. JEANNE RZEPA ACTIVITIES: Art Club, 1 yr.; Poster Club, 2 yrs. FUTURE PLANS: Go to business college. MAJOR: Art 155 CHARLENE MAY 5AMMONS MAJOR: History ACTIVITIES: Pep Club, 2, 3, 4, Business Club, 4. FUTURE PLANS: Go to Orange Coast College, then lake a trip to Europe and the Islands. LYNDA SANDSTROM ACTIVITIES: Pep Club, 1 yr. Thespians, 2 yrs. FUTURE PUNS: College. MAJOR: Fine Arts rs.; Big T, 2 yrs.; KITO SANCHEZ STEVE SAWIN MAJOR: Agriculture ACTIVITIES: FFA, 4 yrs., Charper President; Orange County Section Treasurer; Southern Region Pesident; Agriculture Ex- plorer Post, 4 yrs. FUTURE PLANS: Cattle raising. YVONNE SANCHEZ PIZJUAN MAJOR: Longuage ACTIVITIES: Foreign Exchange Student from Spain; Honorary President of Spanish Club, 4; GAA, 4; Big T, 4. FUTURE PLANS: Go to a secretary school, perhaps become an interpreter. CRISTI SCHACK MAJOR: Math, Language ACTIVITIES: Pep Club, 2, 4; Spanish Club, 3; Business Club, 4. FUTURE PLANS: College. PAM SANDAY MAJOR: History ACTIVITIES: Poster Club, 1 yr.; Pep Club, 1 yr.; Speech, 1 yr.; Broadcaster, 1 yr. FUTURE PLANS: Study fashion design at Los Angeles. ROGER SCHLESINGER MAJOR: Science ACTIVITIES: Transfer Student; Wrestling, 4. SANDY SANDERS MAJOR: Science, Language ACTIVITIES: Pep Club, 2 yrs.; French Club, I yr. FUTURE PLANS: College. JOE SCHMITZER ACTIVITIES: Business Club, 1 yr. FUTURE PLANS: Orange Coast College. MAJOR: Industrial Arts JANET SCHOPF m MAJOR: longuoge, History ACTIVITIES: Sponish Club, 1 yr.; Pep Club 1 yr FUTURE PIANS: Orange Coast College REBECCA SERRANO HAROLD SCHRENK FUTURE PLANS: Trade School. MAJOR: History JULIE SEYMOUR FUTURE PLANS: College JUDY SCHWELLA MAJOR: Spanish, History ACTIVITIES: Art Club, 3; Poster Club, 3; Spanish Club 3 Broadcaster Staff, 4. FUTURE PLANS: Go to Fullerton J. C. LINDA SHARP MAJOR: History . MAJOR: Business ACTIVITIES: Art Club, 2 yrs.; Poster Club, I yr Business Club, 1 yr. FUTURE PLANS: Marriage. DARLENE SCOTT MAJOR: Business ACTIVITIES: GAA, 2, 3, 4, Pep Club, 2; Big T, 4; Business Club, 3, 4. FUTURE PLANS: Business school or college. SHARON SHIRLEY ACTIVITIES: FTA, 4, President 4 FUTURE PLANS: Become a history teach MAJOR: History, Science BUDDY SEPULVEDA MAJOR: Business ACTIVITIES: C Football, I; B Football, 2; Varsity Football 4- Tiller of Week, 4; B Track, 3; ASB President 4 ' ' FUTURE PLANS: College. JAYNE SIMON 157 ED SIMMONS ACTIVITIES: Basketball, 7 yrs. FUTURE PLANS: Attend college. MAJOR: Industrial Arts MICHAEL SMITH MAJOR: Math, Science ACTIVITIES: Cross Country, 1 yr.; Satori, FUTURE PLANS: Attend college, study medicine. ROBERT WILLIAM SKAMNES MAJOR: Science ACTIVITIES: Law Club, 3; B Football, 3; Varsity Football, 4; Varsity Track, 3, 4. FUTURE PLANS: Become a lawyer. MEREDITH SMITH MAJOR: History ACTIVITIES: Cheerleader, 2, Head Cheerleader, 4; Lead in " Little Women, " 4. FUTURE PLANS: College. COLIN SMITH MAJOR: Agriculture, Business ACTIVITIES: FFA, 1, 2, 3, 4; Business Club, 3, 4; Art Club, 4. FUTURE PLANS: Become a millionaire. RICHARD SMITH MAJOR: Math, Science, History ACTIVITIES: C Football, 1 yr.; D Basketball, 1 yr. FUTURE PLANS: Attend the Naval Academy, then go into the service, or some type of engineering. DAVID WILFORD SMITH MAJOR: Math, Science ACTIVITIES: B Football, 2 yrs.; Varsity Footboll, 2 yrs. FUTURE PLANS: Go on to higher education and see the world. VIRGINIA SMITH ACTIVITIES: Pep Club, 4. FUTURE PLANS: Santa Ana J. C. DONNA LYN SMITH FUTURE PLANS: University of Orego MAJOR: Business MAJOR: Business GEOFFREY SOKOL 158 TERRY LYNN 50M0DI ACTIVITIES: Pep Club, 1, 2, President, 4; GAA, 2, 3, 4; Freshman Class Treasurer. FUTURE PLANS: College. Big T MAJOR: Spanish Thespians, 1, 2, 3, 4, 3, 4; Salori Stoff, 4, SUZANNE STAPLES „aJOR.- Business ACTIVITIES: GAA, 3 yrs.; FTA, 2 yrs.; AFS, 2 yrs.; Businels Club, 3 yrs. FUTURE PLANS: Fullerton J. C. KAREN ALYSON SOPP MAJOR: Math, Science ACTIVITIES: Tronsfer Student; Art Club, 4; Satori Staff 4 FUTURE PLANS: College. ROBERT S. STEPHAN ACTIVITIES: JV Football FUTURE PLANS: College. I yr.; Track, 2 yrs. MAJOR: History LARRY SOWARDS MAJOR: Math, Science ACTIVITIES: Gents, 3, 4; TVC, 3, 4, ASB Vice President 3 Law Explorers, 3; Vice President of Freshman Class; B Foot- ball, 1, 2; Varsity Football, 3, 4; B Basketball, 1 2- Var- sity Track, 3, 4; JV Baseball, 1. FUTURE PLANS: University of Cal. at Santo Borbara. PAUL STEPHENS VICKY STEPHENSON MAJOR: Fine Arts ACTIVITIES: Chorus, 1, 4; Art Club, 1; Speech Club 3 FUTURE PLANS: Travel and then junior college. INGRID STALFORS MAJOR: History, Science ACTIVITIES: Pep Club, 1, 2, 3, 4; CSF, 2, 3 4- GAA 3 4 Sk. Club, 4; AFS, 2, 3, 4; Board of Control, 4; Jr. ' Closs Secretary; Homecoming Princess, 3 FUTURE PLANS: University of Cal. at Santa Barbara. IrrlviTliro • ' - ' 0 ' ' = " 9 " ' ' ' . Business ACTIVITIES: Business Club, 1 yr.; Pep Club FUTURE PLANS: Orange Coast College. 159 LEE STEVENSON MAJOR: Math, Science, Languoge ACTIVITIES: GAA, 2, 3, 4; Big T, 4, AFS, 2, 3, 4; CSF, 1, 2, 3, 4, Life Scholar: Swim Show: National Merit Semi-Finalist: Poetry Award, 3. if FUTURE PLANS: College. LINDA STRATMEYER ACTIVITIES: Chorus, 1 yr.: Orchestra, 1 yr FUTURE PLANS: Junior College. SUE STILES MAJOR: History, Science ACTIVITIES: GAA, 2, 3, 4; AFS, 2, 3; Girls ' League Cabinet, 4; Broadcaster Staff, 3. FUTURE PLANS: College. MAJOR: Musii MIKE TALBOT MAJOR: Industrial Arts ACTIVITIES: JV Football, 2; JV Basketball, 1; Varsity Basket- ball, 4; Track, 1, 4; Spanish Club, 2; Industrial Arts Club, 1. FUTURE PLANS: Career in law enforcement. MAJOR: Science, History PETE STOCKS ACTIVITIES: Varsity Track, 2 yrs. FUTURE PLANS: Santa Ana J. C, then Long Beach State. JIM TAYLOR MAJOR: Science, Art ACTIVITIES: B Football, 2; Varsity Football, 3; Satori Staff. FUTURE PLANS: After J. C. attend an art school, study com- mercial and fine arts. CRAIG STOLBURG MAJOR: Science ACTIVITIES: Varsity Track and Football; Law Explorers Club. FUTURE PLANS: College. GARY THIBODEAU GERALD L. STONE MAJOR: Spanish, Math ACTIVITIES: B Football, 2, 3; Varsity Football, 4; TVC, 4. FUTURE PLANS: Orange Coast College. -y SHARRON THOMAS MAJOR: Art, History ACTIVITIES: Art Club, 3, 4; Pep Club, 4. FUTURE PLANS: Go to college. 160 PATTI THOMPSON MAJOR: Home Economics, Moth ACTIVITIES: Y-Teens, 1 yr.; GAA, 2, 3, 4; Big T, 3, 4; Offi- cials Club, 3, 4; Pep Club, 2, 3, 4; Delta Sigma, 3, 4; French Club, 3. FUTURE PLANS: Go to college and tour Hawaii. TOM TRASSARE ACTIVITIES: B and C Track. FUTURE PLANS: Orange Coast College. THERESA THOMPSON MAJOR: Business, Music ACTIVITIES: Band, 3, Librarian 1, 4; Business Club, 4; Pep Club, 4; Delta Sigma, 4. FUTURE PLANS: Public Relations work in TV and radio. MAJOR: History MIFTY TRENKMANN MAJOR: Math, History ACTIVITIES: Transfer Student; Satori Editor, 4; Broadcaster, 4. FUTURE PLANS: College. SHEILA THORNSORROW MAJOR: Business, History ACTIVITIES: AFS, 2, 3, 4; Pep Club, 2, 3, 4; GAA, 2, 3, 4; Girls ' League Treasurer, 4. FUTURE PLANS: College. SHERRY VAN CLEAVE MAJOR: History ACTIVITIES: Business Club, 1 yr.; Pep Club, 3 yrs.; AFS, 2 yrs. FUTURE PLANS: Orange Coast College, dental assistant, mar- riage. LAURENE TINGUM MAJOR: Business ACTIVITIES: Pep Club, 1; Business Club, 4. FUTURE PLANS: Attend business college, become a secretary. ROBERT VAN PELT DIANE TOWNSEND MAJOR: Language, Science ACTIVITIES: Pep Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3; Thespians, 3,4; FTA, 1, 2, 3, 4; AFS, 1, 2, 3, 4; Delta Sigma, 3, 4; GAA, 3; French Club, 1, 2, 3; Swim Show , 1, 2; Sotori Staff, 4. FUTURE PLANS: Go to college, then get married. ROBERT VASSEUR 161 DANE VENAAS MAJOR: Math, Science ACTIVITIES: Football, 4 yrs.; Track, 3 yrs.; Basketball, 2 yrs.; Self-Government Chairman, 4. FUTURE PLANS: College. JUDY WELLER MAJOR: Math, Science ACTIVITIES: CSF, 3 yrs.; AFS, 3 yrs.; Satori Staff, 1 yr. FUTURE PLANS: Medicine. DANA VINING MAJOR: Math, Science ACTIVITIES: YFC, 4 yrs.. Vice President, 3; Delta Sigma, 2 yrs.; CSF; FTA. FUTURE PLANS: Go to college and become a doctor. RON WENDT MAJOR: Math, Science ACTIVITIES: Thespians, 3, 4; Tennis, 3; Broadcaster, 4. FUTURE PLANS: College, the Islands. MIKE WALLIS MAJOR: Math, Science, History ACTIVITIES: CSF, 3, 4, Life Scholar. FUTURE PLANS: College. MIKE WERTMAN MAJOR: Math, History ACTIVITIES: Varsity Football, 2, 3, 4, Co-Captain, 4; Tiller of the Year; TVC, 2, 3, 4; Varsity Basketboll, 2, 3, 4; Senior Class President; Jr. Class President; Gents, 3, 4; Boy of the Month (October). FUTURE PLANS: College. BETSEY WEBER MAJOR; Longuage, History, Art ACTIVITIES: Art Club, 2 yrs.; Poster Club, 1 yr. FUTURE PLANS: College, career in primary education or com- mercial art. ALAN WHITE MAJOR: Science ACTIVITIES: Varsity Basketball, 3 yrs.; Varsity Golf, 3 yrs. FUTURE PLANS: College. ARDETH WEED MAJOR: Math, Language ACTIVITIES: GAA, 2; AFS, 2; CSF, 3, 4. FUTURE PLANS: UCLA. JO ANN WHITLEY MAJOR: Math, Scii ACTIVITIES: Pep Club, 1 yr.; Satori, 1 yr. FUTURE PLANS: College. 162 CAROL L. WILCOX MAJOR: French, Math ACTIVITIES: Audion Staff, 3, 4; French Club, 1, 2, 3, 4; AFS, 2, 3, 4; GAA, 2, 3; Pep Club, 2, 4; Art Club, 2, 3, 4; Life Member, CSF, 2, 3, 4. FUTURE PLANS: Attend a liberal arts college. GAYL WINNEKE MAJOR: Math, History ACTIVITIES: Girls ' Leogue, 3 yrs.; Pep Club, 1 yr. FUTURE PLANS: To become a nurse. JOHN WILLEFORD MAJOR: English ACTIVITIES: Varsity Football, 2; Varsity Basketball, 2; Var- sity Baseball, 2. FUTURE PLANS: Orange Coast College. PHIL WOELFEL MAJOR: History, Scienc ACTIVITIES: Track, 3, 4; Astronomy Club, 3, 4, Treasurer. FUTURE PLANS: College. KAREN WILLIAMS MAJOR: Business ACTIVITIES: Business Club, 4; Spanish Club, 2; Future Home- makers, 2; Y-Teens, 2. FUTURE PLANS: Orange Coast College. DICK WOOD MAJOR: Fine Arts, History ACTIVITIES: Madrigals, 3, 4; Thespians, 2, 3, 4; Pep Club, 4; Fall Play, 3, 4. FUTURE PLANS: College, study law or TV. JAMES WILLIAMSON CALLIE ZIEGENHAGEN MAJOR: Business ACTIVITIES: FTA, 2, Pep Club, 2; AFS, 2. FUTURE PLANS: College, mafor in business, a stenographer. NANCY WILLOUGHBY MAJOR: Math, Business ACTIVITIES: Business Club, 4; YFC, 1, 3, 4. FUTURE PLANS: Junior college in field of business, then to ■JFE Bible College in Los Angeles. BOB ZYLSTRA MAJOR: Math, Scienc ACTIVITIES: Track, 1, 3; Wrestling, 4. FUTURE PLANS: College. 163 %. A JEAN BROWN MAJOR: Langugge ACTIVITIES: GAA, 2-4; Tennis Team, 2, 3; Swim Show, 2, 3; AFS Exchange Student to Germany; Soph. Class Sec; Girls ' League V.P., 3. FUTURE PLANS: College. w erf JACK COLVIN MAJOR: English ACTIVITIES: C. B, and Varsity Football; B and Varsity Track; Varsity Club; Gents. FUTURE PLANS: Run track and play football for Santa Ana J.C. ROBERT S. KEY MAJOR: Math, History, English ACTIVITIES: Transfer Student; Swim Team, 3; Pep Club, 3, 4. FUTURE PLANS: Orange Coast College, tour Europe, then finish at a four year school. DICK LIPPINCOTT MAJOR: English, Science ACTIVITIES: C Track, 1, B Track, 2, Varsity Track, 2-4; C, B Basketball. MAJOR: Business BOBBIE MOSSMAN ACTIVITIES: Business Club, yr. FUTURE PLANS: Marriage, or college, then to be a lab technician. ADRIAN UBL MAJOR: Agriculture, Woodshop ACTIVITIES: Track, 3. FUTURE PLANS: Farmer. SENIOR POLL MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED: Terry Machen, Sue Clark. PEPPIEST: Pam Duesler, Vic Wolciak. 164 SENIORS WILL MISS FAMILLAR SIGHTS . . Happy lunch half-hours ' ■ 4 ( V 5f ■ 4„f Barbara Alex Kathy Anderson 1 !p Cloudia Artie Tern Babecky Bill Barker Don Barnard Phil Anderson Brian Armstrong John Armstrong Solly Armstrong Koryn Barry Steve Bartling Doug Bates Biron Bauer Nancy Bauer Tim Behrens Steve Bemies Judy Bennett Charles Bennett Brett Benson John Birmingham Jeanette Beshears Donald Best Lester Bingham Herb Birenbaum Fred Bona Brian Beswell Richard Bowers Willie Boyd Stephanie Brandt Coletia Brawn 170 A iO 1 i $ 1- w " B ■. V ' ' S ' ' fK " a Robin ... w Brett Bev Brewer y. Edward Breitzman Bob Brent Lloyd Briqgs ' 64 Gloria Bruner Margaret Bruscia Noncy Bryan Carol Bryant Mikel Bryant Judy Bunch Teresa Byrne Jackie Cable Janice Call Scott Cameron Gary Carter Woody Gary Christina Castaneda Jane Castelan Thomas Caves o € Nancy Charles Connie Church Mary-Lee Church Howard Clork Roger Clark JWI f Brenda Brillhort Tony Briz Janet Browne Larry Bruce Jerry Buckman Jim Budke James Campbell Debby Canham Greg Carpenter R. O. Carson Bill Cervin Tom Chadick 171 Don Cohen Janet Cotton Robert Denhoed Gary De Vaul Pat Easter Vic Eastman Cindi Enlow Grant Erickson 1 Ted Fasono Robert Fickes Byron Crawford Nancy Crawmer Robert Cummings Craig Curl Jim D ' Ambrosio Brian Donieil Oarcy Davenport Cathy Davis Chan DeKramer tT X ».». Susie Dilsouer Rick Donaldson Nancy Dreher Mike Dulak Bill Eadie I f 4 O Laurie Field Bill Firetag Georgianne Fisher Joan Fleischmon Bill Flint 172 Kathy Foron Thad Forney Gerald Frankot Dale Frazee Susanne Frazier , Carol Gardner Marsha Gardner Linda Gates Judy Gendron Vicky Gonzales Bill Griffith Sandra Grimes Joan Grose Bob Grossman Dan Grove Joy Harshaw Weslley Harvey Dave Hauenstein linda Hauf Richard Hawkins Paige Hegwood Melody Heil Carol Heise Dale Henrie Henry Hensel f) t Lynn Hicks Carol Hillyard Becki Hitt ' 64 Jane HIadiIek Jim Hoffman 173 Morris Freeman Ray Fury Sheryl Herald Roberta Herzog Dollene Hoke Diana Holford ppi ' 64 Donna Holford Diana Hollingsworth Kenneth Keppler Olen Kew Pom Howell Sieve Hubert fl Lowell Huff Janice Hughes John Hughs Jerry Hukee Gail Hull iFS t K § •jpifesj C l ■R9 rj iP I T - ■ --■- ' » 1 7 3. Ik s 1. Kenton Hyatt Bill Ingersoll Pailie Inslee Jim Italione Don Jack Geneva James Virginia Jarrell Jim Jenkins Craig Jensen Kenny Johnson t .i V sTk- ...A. ' k Kim Keefe Mike Keeran Sheila Keever Mike Kelsey Steve Kensrve Jim Kilpotrick Judy King Steve Klausen Joanne Kodel Doug Kneeland Bill Knudson Robert Knudson Ernie Kuncel Marguerite Krebs Charlene Kuhns Andy Laird Joseph Lonsdell 174 ' 64 Larry La Reau Terry Laseler Ronald Lauderboch Carolyn Lauer Jim Lawrence Solly Lytle Chrysan Mc Candless Marilynn McCann Penny McCay Larry McCuistlon Barbara Mcllrath Susan Mclnteer Joan McKee Micheal McKnown Bob McLaughlin Joe Mackin Bob Magdaleno Janine Martin Rhoads Martin Sharon Martin Bob Mayers Steve Moynard Cynthia Mayron Michael Medley Judy Meek )75 Stan Lawrence Cindy Le Dave Lindquist Herbert Lindsley Chris Lundberg Sharon Lutosky Lana McCune Pot McDuffee Miles Mason Viki Mason Diann Meisinger Pot Gladman p ' 64 Julio Mendez David Merchand Dale Mitchell John Mitchell m Sue Linda Moore Dena Moose ft Terri Mulvihill Pat Neal Diana Obenshoinn Leonne Olberg r Bill Parker Judy Parker Warren Moberly Ted Mogey Donna Mondschein Dyanne Moon Gory Mo Christy Onerem Claudia Osborne Helen Ostroski Ronald Ottobre Patricia Panchison Linda Parker Mark Parker Jo Anne Porks Bob Parnell Kris Parr Paul Patterson Mike Potion David Pearne Kyle Peet 176 Edith Perkins Linda Peterson Linda Phelan c r ' 64 Bill Proctor Georgie Pugticy Susie Quayle Penny Quick Diana Rae f 1 1 Jack Ramsey Kolhy Randall Pat Rosbury Barry Rasmussen Don Reaser James Richardson Carolyn Richard Bob Riffle Margaret Rivas Lucy Roberson Glenn Pitlman Ann Plummer Tom Reynolds Jim Rhinard - ■■■ -V ' - 4 Roger Roberts Sherry Roberts Nancy Robertshaw Nancy Robinson Lorraine Rockhold Tony Re Sandra Rolen 177 Tim Rollins George Rosenblum ' 64 Jaane Smith Ooug Smith St«v« Snow Sharon Soltes ' -.W Steve Sauers Fred Schaeffer Richard Schleining Don Schnaidt Jeanne Scott Martha Stanley Robert Stansberry Sybil Stanton Dave Steeplelon Terry Stephan ' 64 Regine Stickler Dorothy Stone Al Straalman Corky Stratmeyer Sherry Stroupe Lana Tiernon Carlo Tillia Allen Titensor Jennifer Townsend Kathleen Triman 1 Dennis Vanderpol Gary Vanderpel Donald Von Pell Beth Van Sistine Tracy Vining Dennis Wagner Bart Walker Fred Wall Lyn Wallace Margaret Wallis Cheryl Watson Susan Watson Janice Weatherly Randy Webb Greg Weir Anne Wheeler Gayle Whitmer Diane Wilbur Colleen Wilkinson Terry Willord 179 Sandy Stub Greg Swaim jiL.i Carol Thompson John Thomson Steve linger Archy Urquhart Truman Vining David Wagner Paul West Jerry White Cheryl Williams Lynn Williams Bobby Wilson Susan Winter Paul Maul Tom Piatt Ann Williamson Nancy Ziegenbein Janie Winlerfelt David Woodsmall Jay Wright April Wolford Brian Yaondl Charlie Coppedge Bill Covey Carl Dchlquist Jim Heiser Dave Hemandex Susan Larniz James Lawrence Richard Leslie Walker Lindsey Sharon Luther Pat Soper Ann Stephanou Linda Taylor Connie Vanderford Sue Verburg Charles Alvarez Charles Anderson Don Beckendorf Beverly Beno Vic Bunker Cindy Carr Wendal Catron Clark Chambers Larry Choate Mike CinottI Julie Clavell Alice Collyns Carol Dalton CAMERA SHY Karin Davidson Veronica Duna Marvin Edstedt Scotf Erbe Dana FIrey Michele Flowers John Gronemeyer Harry Hatcher Candy Hayler Jeffrey Heanes Dick Kyzer Fred Lovell Lee Miller Trina Norton John Palmer Bill Parker Diana Richards Clifford Robblns Clifford Snow Kay Spencer Ann Talley Scott Taylor Sharon Trewhitt Robert Vance Charles Westcott Mike Winch 180 JUNIORS ' 64 Junior Advisors, l-R: Mr. Coslie, Miss Bosch, Miss Kohl, Mr. Keiloms. First Semester Officers, L-R: Janie Winterfcit, Vice-President; i ondy Webb, Presi- dent; Sharon Stacy, Secretary; Linda Phelan, Treasurer. Junior Class planned first big event of year: Homecoming Dance with the " Surftones. " In the spring they planned the Junior- Senior Prom at Student Union Hall, Orange Coast College. Class Presidents were Randy Webb and Steve Snow. Second Semester Officers, L-R: Dove Hall, Vice-President; Steve Snow, President; Karen Croig, Secretary; Jill Nelson, Treosurer. 181 • ' ■..■ ' f ■■■ ' Teamwork is as imporrant a factor in the successful finish- ing of a bool as it is in the forming of a successful life. It takes a team of workers, organizers, and publishers working together to get a book done in the time available and to get the best quality possible. With this knowledge in mind, we wish to express our sincere thanks to Mr. Bachelor, our advisor, for con- tributing the right amount of freedom of movement for the staff with the right amount of helpful advice. Thanks also to the Mirro Graphic Yearbook Co., our publisher, for their cooperation and fairness In dealing with us at all times. Special thanks to Mr. John Thomas our Mirro Graphic consultant, for his helpful counseling. We sincerely appreciate the fine work Albert and James did for us, quality printing always, and the inconvenience they went through to get us a last minute picture on time. I, as the editor, especially want to thank the people on my staff who did their jobs with responsibility and contributed that extra something to the book. We hope that the ' 62- ' 63 Audion has done its job in preserving the events of this school year successfully. Nicola Dudys Audion Editor jl - » sV ' S J It X » 5 i ' 65 Cecilia Allessi Shelley Amerin Richard Anion Greg Apperson Loren Ausman Gale Austin Dana Birdwell Susan Bilzer ' 65 John Blacklidge Bonnie Bohlig Micheol Bray Barbara Brazil Teresa Brown Lorraine Bruno Colleen Bulger Anne Garrison Ronald Carroll Martin Changala Michael Chongalo Clint Bowar Harriett Bozarth Taffy Brackmann Don Brantley Barry Brarermon m J F P f . w Jp . ' • 1 -, . Linda Christensen Mary Jo Clark Rocky Cline Cathy Coats Anna Marie Cobb Dennis Cochran Kevin Cochrane 187 7% • " r mr s Connie Coffey Jeff Coffing Candaca Coles Kafino Collenburg ' 65 Ray Cook Gale Cepeland Sue Copeland Tom Cornelius Jean Corti Steven Crommet Philip Crosthwaite Don Crout Barbara Cunningham Larry Curl Pamela Denison Sandy Devens Tom Dever Jim Dimitnadus Larry Dodge Janice Cook Mike Cook a V-, Ken Courtney Joseph Crawmer John Donnaler Irene Do Dan Dorse Stephanie Downs Tim Dressel John Dreyer Anita M. Duff Anita Duff Dan Dugan ' 65 Brian Ellerbroek David Ellis 1 Mk ■ ' f ' J Steve Esser Cheryl Evan$ Michele Ferguson Mike Ferguson Sue Foster Jomes Fox Lynda Frick Susan Fritz Rick Edman Pal Edstedt Dixie Edwards Jody Edwards Gena Eichenburg Cj 1 t Pj Mark Elqin Richard Emery Nancy Engel Cathy Enos Steve Escallii lack Evans Nikki Faulring Linda Fay Mickey Felgen Glenn Ferguson . 1 ■ " Sieve Fischer David Fish David Flower Kathy Flynn Cindy Foote Sieve Furimsky John Fylpaa Dave Gomel Richard Gomez Lorry Gongnes o Dorothy Goribay Mike Goskins Max Genest Marc Genline Karen Giocomelli Carl Gibson Alan Gilbrealh ' 65 Susie Goewey Stephen Golian Alan Gresi Donald Grover Tim Hall Heidi Halliday Pal Hansen Jean Hardgrove Joanne Harris Lani Harris Linda Harris J k. Mac Harrison Patricia Harvey George Haskall Rick Howes Brian Hawkins Micky Heanes Robert Hedslrom Betty Helt Jennifer- Henderson Robert Henderson Doug Gordon Cindy Grant Charles Guerrier Jim Ha Lynda Hare Laurel Harper Kathy Hoyes Jack Hazen Jeff Hendrix Natalie Hensel Tom Heriog Kathy Hicks Fred Hill Eileen Hilton Lynda Hinesly Mickey Holm Pat Hoimon ' 65 Debbie Howard Dennis Howard Jeff Hunter Vicki Huntington Roger Ingram Vaun Inman Randy Joy Linda Jesch Norman Johnson Jarah Johnson Holly Kellog Patrick Kelly Linda Howell John Howland Richard Hufstader Donna Hughes Jim Humphries O r ' V-t " . , 1 ' " " Bill Irvin Roger Ititt Jackie Jocobson Chris John Sharalee Janiga ( - - i V , %. Terrie Jewell Chuck Johnson Chris Johnson Eugene Johnson Jeff Johnson Cathy Johnson Beverly Jones Kevin Jones Suellen Jones Jeff Junkins Richard Kendall Sharon Keppler Susan Kershaw Dave Key Dan Kilion Robert Kiilingsworth Nancy Kirkham Kristine Klimer Jon Knock Greg Knight Linda Knudson Renee Koefelda f $ ' p ' 65 -cr. y X , Bill Koll Moria Kongsback Gregory Kordes Eileen Korlmeyer Richard KrafI Katharina Kubin Jerry Kukuk Ernie Ladner David Lafayette Pam Lampert Cosey Levale Ruth Lievanos Jane Lindsay Ronnie Lindsay Jerry Linkbort Dwight Lohrenz Keith Lucas Susan Lundgren David Lungquist Mary Kay McBee John McClure Samuel McCoy Peggy McDonald Douglas McDormon Kita Macllrath A V 4 Bea McLean Diane McMahon JoAnne McMahon Bob McNatt Marshall MacDonald George Kramer Kalhy Kramer Kane McBroom Katherine McCloskey ff fl jA " , - 1 KJ " .;i stave Mclntyre Brian McKenna ff « " x. .t■ tKF ■ .41 Mimi Moaske Mike Mahoney f ' 65 V Rod Mohoney Phyllis Malcolmson I n %.. Kenneth Martin Ken Matheson ' Michele Morgan Pamela Morris Pam Manley Jim Manning Doug Marshall David Martin Fred Martin Gayle Matteotii Annette Matthews Cherry Matt|ews Keith Mell Karen Melton Jo Ann Meyer Michael Meyer John Mickey Gary Miller Judy Miller Wayne Miller Miki Milliron Alan Minenko Dean Mitchell Donna Mitchell Richard Moen David Moodie Jeanne Moore Kathy Moore Hannah Morgan Carolyn Nash G. Mike Nelson Danny Mother Ren Mullally Victoria Murrill Lance Mussak Ron Naffziger i M -W i m w Jft i0 -% u ? " ■i ' N J Barbara Ness ■ h . Norman Nelson Patty Nelson Robert Ness Bob Nisson John Nitia Darrell Nolen Michael Nuess Robbie Oglesby Sue Olrich if j Greg Omberg 1 A s Greg Omberg Gennie Omberg Peggy O ' Neol Jim Podbury Helen Painter Bruce Poton Terry Peck Chris Feebler Charles Pellelier Dave Penning fsaiBt Sandy Phillips Paulelle Pierre Lynda Pilanl Scolt Pitman Sue Pister Ff fl f " bef -V ,?i A Gary Powers Clifford Prathek Sulu Pratt Roberta Price Barbara Proctor , f1 Jerry Ramlo John Randolph Mike Ranf 7 ' Richard Ranf Misty Rawson c% e f . Kathy Rickman Jim Richards Clarence Richardson Lawrence Richardson Bill Richardson ' 65 Karen Oltmanns Sheila Oltmanns t - Debby Pepper Dennis Pfeil f fk hK " ' m mW jf v Robert Poe Shirle Potter Judy Raymond Melissa Read Jan Riggs ' 65 Jan Schafer Art Schicht f " ■ Diane Shallenberger Sue Shanbn 1 f John Shoemaker Pat Shevar f f Scott Sanders Andrea Sorgent Marina Sargent John Sawyer Stephen Scoff ,?.a .--Mt - Suzanne Schlollerer Marie Schmilzer Ann Schofield Todd Scott Diane Serrato Peggy Shane Dean Sharp Sandra Sharpe Sue Sheffreld Sue Shirley ff» Cathy Showaiter Sharon Simmons Brian Sims Barbara Smith Bill Smith Chris Smith Kirk Smith Dutly Sliabal Sue Sloeclcar Tommy Stone Dale Strange Barbara Strickland Pole Taylor Tom Taylor Bill Taylor Sandy Thomas Twyla Thomas John Thomp: Jack Thornborrow Linda Thurston Susan Trimble Larry Togersen ' Ken Tweed Sieve UbI Phil Upfold Anne Usiick Barbara Varner Donna Vaughn ' 65 1% Jeff Spencer Lissa Slack i Pamela Stevens Robert Slewert Jackie Strong Linda Talum f Bud Thomdson Judy Thompson •»J Robert Tunila John Turnbull CT JW Cindy VanFleel Linda Van Stry Karen Venaas Suianne Via Rick Vining Larry Visger f ' " ) ifti ' 65 a l % «? J g ? ,. -_j B N 1 ' ■ V Nancy Wohlslrom Alan Walker Milton Weber Diana Weilzel Pom Westenberg Robert Wilker Brad Wilmert Gary Wilton Jill Werlund Penny Wortham Richard Walker Bob Walker Marcia Wallis Mike Walson Randy Walt Gloria Westrom Gayla Wheeler Ramona Whisenand Gillet Whitley Jack Wiedman f tf P P f Howard Williamson Judy Williomi Marilyn Williams Rene Williams Robert Williams Howard Williamson Judy Williamson Sandy Winlerbourn- Sue Winterfelt Larry Weelfel Renee Woock Roger Woodsmall d J Bill Wul« Ronny Youker Sherry Young Eliiabeth Zaie Barbara Ziegler m Tom Zuck Steve Zytstra Sue Ebrecht Chris Lavelle Linda Key Nancy McMillan Camera Shy Sandra Arnold William Baird Eric Boden Kay Bradley Felton Brawner Geoffrey Butler Michael Cameron Kelly Canavan Jonnie Carson William Drewe Susan Ebrecht Mark Elgin Joan Ediss Dick Frank Theodore Gamst Sharie Genest Steve Gould Sandra Hartman Ronald Harvey Lorraine Houghten Sandra Jenkins Arleer Kasouf Robert Knudson Michael Legan Pat McClure Kathleen Marcellas Susan Martin Gary Metzger Bonnie Miller Nancy Moore Cherie Norris Leslie Pierce Judy Porter Kathy Rainwater Jerome Soger Patricia Shearer Dennis Shields Philip Thornton David Turner Susan Tutton Sharon Vaughn Eric Vogel Joseph Vrobel Marion Weaver Chris White Darryl Woodsworth Craig Ziegenhagen 198 Sophomores ' 65 SOPHOMORE ADVISORS IL-R) : Mr. Bremer; Miss Marlire; Mrs. Kutzner; Mr. Pieper. FIRST SEMESTER OFFICERS (L-R): Joe Ascher, Vice-President; Don Cofer, Presi- dent; Linda Knudsen, Secretary; Jini Hall, Treasurer. Presidents Don Cofer and Gene Adams lead Sophomore Class. Activities included selling candy apples, sponsoring a post-game dance, decorating for Graduation services. SECOND SEMESTER OFFICERS (L-R): Sue Olrich, Vice-President; Gene Adams, President; Pom Manley, Secretary; Suzanne Schlotlerer, Treasurer. 199 All right, who ' » the funny guy I thought you wore going to Somobody get a {i0g - ig ----- ' Wtr ' -i ' Wt mf ri wind I ' ve Not any more, I just quit Hal Snak «y«i you lot againi What, ma worry? and if you cton ' t (UtpwM we ' ll be forced to call out the Marlneill iMarninf to express one ' s self It mett grertifying. and when you ' ve finished scrubbing the floor you can wax iti and this group hod 23% fewer cavities. Ifs not often Hiot Hie family gets toget her for a picture. The he n ree Is late. Think we ought to f on without it? VicI He wonts to eat my diess! What should I tell him? lU A S UlA FRESHMEN B. Abernafhy, L. Aguilera, C. Akins, K. Akins, B. Albin, S. Allen, J. Amestoy. V. Andreason, D. Anthony, C. Applegate. K. Arledge, D. Armstrong, D. Arnold, C. Arnoll. D. Ashman, C. Aubrey, D. Ball, J. Bailey, J. Baker, R. Ball, K. Balzer. E. Bane, A. Barrett, N. Bates, G. Beasley, C. Beauchamp, B. Bedford, D. Behrens. M. Bell, J. Benjamin, C. Bennett, G. Ben- net, G. Benson, S. Bent, K. Bergstralh. M. Bernstein, C. Beutler, Q. Beze, D. Bick- ford, R. Bigelow, K. Bitzer, B. Block. M. Block, R. Blomquist, E. Bloom, R. Bloom, W. Bode, S. Bonin, L. Bonomo. D. Boyce, M. Boyclson, N. Boyle, I. Brad- ley, S. Bradley, P. Brondvold, W. Breen. M. Breitzmon, K. Brem, L. Briggs, R. Brlll- horl, D. BritI, R. Brooks, K. Broring. D. Brown, J. Brown, P. Brown, R. Brown, S. Brown, J. Bruce, J. Bruegl. B. Brumley, M. Bryant, D. B u ck m o n , R. Buers, R. Buland, L. Buron, P. Burt. S. Burton, S. Buster, S. Byrne, B. Calhoon, B. Cameron, D. Cameron, B. Cannon. G. Carlson, T. Carpenter, B. Carroll, V. Castle, D. Catron, R. Caves, M. Caywood. L. Chadick, B. Chase, L. Chlacos, L. Churchill, K. Clark, D. Clarke, C. Clark- son. P. Cleary, C. Cochran, G. Cochran, L. Coffing, G. Cole, K. Coles, J. Collins. S. Combs, J. Comer, C. Cook, K. Cook, A. Coppola, D. Corn, K. Cortelyou. M. Cotton, D. Coulter, P. Covey, L. Cov»- on, T. Cowell, A. Cox, C. Cox. V. Crawford, V. Crawford, J. Creager, S. Crowell, J. Cummings, B. Cummings, C. Cunningham. J. Cunningham, C. Curtin, R. Czohara, K. Dale, M. Daniel, T. Daniels, R. Davidson. A. Davis, M. Davis, J. Day, W. DeHoll, E. DeKeyser, B. DeKramer, L. Denny. u v JmI o 0 f p l f D. DeVoul, T. De Young, J. Dickey, D. Dietrich, P. Dilworth, M. Dirtiitriqdis, S. M. Dirks, C. Dodson, M. Doney, D. Donke brook, J. Dove, D. Duesler, M. Duesler. J. Dulak, D. Dulgerian, R. Dunker, S. Dunn, D. Dupleix, C. Duval, J. Eastman. R. Eothorne, E. Ebrecht, C. Eckert, D. Ed- dleman, M. Edman, J. Eichenberg, D. Ei- denmiller. B. Elder, R. Eliason, J. Eliett, D. Elliot, C. Emmac, K. Emo, C. Ericson. C. Ericson, B. Eustis, R. Euinger, M. Foe- cole, T. Farrell, C. Ferguson, J. Ferguson. A. Ferrey, R. Fisher, S. Flagler, T. Flana- gan, D. Fleischman, K. Fleming, S. Flem- ing. R. Flint, M. Flower, S. Fly, T. Folkner, S. Ford, S. Foreman, D. Forney. 5. Foster, P. Fowler, K. Fox, S. Francis, P. Francis, K. Fredriksen, D. Freeman. E. Fritz, D. Fulbright, J. Gallagher, R. Gangnes, C. Garcia, D. Garvin, T. Gates. C. Geter, S. Gleckner, L. Gloislein, A. Go- ewey, S. Goff, K. Goldthwaile, A. Gon- zales. P. Goodell, B. Goodman, B. Goodrich, J. Greene, D. Gregory, J. Grensted, L. Grif- fin. D. Griffith, L. Grimes, P. Grisef, J. Grone- meyer, J. Grose, S. Grove, L. Grover. R. Gunnel, M. Gustin, S. Hainlin, C. Hoi- stead, S. Handy, C. Hanscome, B. Hansen. C. Hansen, B. Harder, M. Harder, T. Hard- er, R. Hardy, H. Harper, N. Harris. R. Harrison, R. Hartman, K. Horstad, C. Howes, G. Hawkins, D. Heinto, M. Heise. C. Henderson, M. Henderson, S. Hendric- son, S. Hendrix, P. Herald, J. Higgins, M. Hilt. N. Hill, V. Hill, V. Hiss, H. Hoffman, L. Hufschroer, S. Hollingsworth, S. Holtby. G. Hoover, V. Hopkins, D. Howard, K. Howell, L. Hubbert, G. Hudgins, G. Hud- speth. T. Huhn, M. Hunter, N. Hunter, M. Ifkouics J. Isenberg, L. Iverson, K. Jack. f f) P P f L. ' A. (( ' - £. , t ( w • K ' A ' ft i Y I. PJH HH Ji P - ' i -iCw f f5f S B. Jackson, J. Jackson, V. Jackson, L Jocobson, C, Jaitnef, D. James, K. Jay. J. Jamieson, M. Jenkins, J. Jannell, K. Johnson, R. Johns, C. Johnson, L. John- son. M. Johnson, P. Johnson, B. Johnson, S. Johnson, T. Johnson, W. Johnson, D. Kadin. C. Keefe, R. Kemp, M. Kennedy, P. Ken- nedy, E. Key, H. Keysor, R. Kimball. G. King, S. Kinahorn, P. Kirklond, B. Kirkpatrick, D. Klausen, D. Kneeland, P. Knight. L. Koll, L. Koop, K. KrafI, D. Krouse, G. Kridner, T. Kubik, B. Kuecker. C. Kugler, D. Kuzer, R. Laderque, R. La- cierquem, J. Lake, L. Landi, D. Lanier. G. Londrum, L. Langberg, A. Larson, D. Larson, P. Larson, L. Lalla, J. LaHonzio. C. Lover, C. Lawrence, G. Lee, L. Lefrowitz, D. Lennie, J. Leonard, S. Leonard. S. Levoe, J. Lewin, J. Lindley, E. Lind- S quist, S. Lloyd, K. Lochner, R. Logan. D. Lopez, M. Lucas, F. Lucero, P. Lund, B. Lumsden, D. Lundberg, M. Lundberg. K. Lynch, J. McCandless, S. McCann, L, McDorman, S. McEldowney, J. McGrath, M. McHale. J. Mclntyre, S. Mclntyre, G. McKervy, J. McLaughlin, S. McMullin, J. McPherson, M. McRoe. M. Mochen, P. Mockin, D. Mackinnon, J. Mackinnon, G. Maes, J. Morscellos, R. Magdoleno. S. Moillet, R. Maples, D. Marschall, W. Marshall, B. Marshburn, L. Martin, R. Martin, W. Matella, J. Mothews, E. Motheson, J. Matoian, T. Maugo, J. Meadows, B. Men- denhall. S. Metzler, N. Mifflin, D. Mihelarakis, M. Miller, M. Miller, N. Miller, S. Miller. J. Minenko, M. Minenko, 0. Mitchell, J. Mitchell, S. Moberly, L. Meadows, R. Monroy. J. Monloya, M. Moodie, J. Moore, T. Morehead, R. Morehouse, E. Morris, L. Morris. M. Morrison, D. Morton, L. Moscoe, D. Mueller, D. Mullally, C. Murrell, M. Murry. X7- iP P0f) f f| " u Vf 1 £ Si Jk . gP (i n K. Myers, R. Myrehn, J. Nardullr, P. Nauelski, B. Neal, S. Niemeyer, ' R. Niinrod. L. Noel, D. Norris, A. Northrup, C. Ogden, C. Oglesby, G. Ojeda, C. Okonski. F. Oliver, G. Olsen, C. Onyelf, B. Or- mond, C. Paing, S. Parker, B. Partridge. P. Pauling, P. Peebler, K. Pelletier, G. Pence, T. Pershall, L. Peterson, P. Peter- son. J. Pett, G. Phillips, D. Pierce, J. Pitcl, E. Pitman, J. Poindexter, L. Porcelli. I. Porter, J. Potter, H. Prenger, D. Price, R. Prolhero, P. Putton, R. Quinn. B. Rasbury, G. Rasmussen, J. Raymond, J. Reed, L. Reed, L. Reed, G. Reose. C. Reeve, M. Regan, D. Rice, T. Rice, K. Richards, M. Richards, D. Richardson. M. Riches, M. Riley, D. Roberts, J. Rob- erts, P. Robertshaw, M. Robinson, J. Rob- Iyer. R. Roe, T. Rollins, R. Rooke, J. Rowland, R. Ruescher, S. Ruffner, T. Rupe. A. Rupp, T. Ryder, R. Rylond, S. Rzedo, J. Salyer, S. Samways, B. Souers. B. Sawlell, Tom Sowyer, G. Soyre, E. Schack, C. Schaeffer, G. Schaefer, M. Schafer. Suzanne Schafer, R. Scheck, J. Schmierer, C. Schminke, S. Schilling, D. Schneeweis, B. Schoeffler. C. Sehoellhommer, R. Schulie, H. Schwen- dimonn, B. Scott, S. Scott, T. Scott, B. Seo- ver. K. Serlin, R. Serrano, B. Shanahan, B. Sharp, C. Sharpe, D. Sheppard, H. Shep- pell. E. Sherrel, S. Shoemaker, S. Shofner, S. Shouer, T. Shuler, L. Sinclair, Dennis Skin- ner. Cathi Smith, C. Smith, J. Smith, L. Smith, P. Smith, P. Smith, S. Smith. S. Smith, V. Smith, R. Smothers, S. Snow, K. Sommer, F. Southern, T. Sparrow. C. Spears, R. Speed, N. Speer, F. Spire, D. Spriggs, R. Spurlock, G. Stafford. L. Stalfors, C. Slaliord, C. Slefoff, S. Stap- honou, D. Steppe, A. Stiles, C. Stondahl. r ' ( w © .1 d Bta - " » ■ ' Pil. n 9 - 1 1 ' G. Stondahc, K. Stratmeyer, K. Street, J. Slults, B. Stutt, H, Sfutt, F. Sullivan. J. Sundquist, P. Swaim, J. Sweeney, L. Swirck, P. Toft, C. Talbot, M. Talley. B. Tate, R. Totum, C. Taylor, N. Taylor, L. Tettemore, C. Thomas, E. Thomas. R. Thomas, B. Thompson, C. Thompson, J. Thompson, S. Thompson, L. Thorburn, C. Tice. G. Titensor, C. Torsell, C. Tovar, C. Trenk- mann, R. Triman, N. Trop, G. Trotter. S. Tucker, C. Tynion, T. UbI, J. Upton, K. Urell, R. Utt, K. Van Cleave. H. Vanderhoek, H. Vanderknyff, M. van Pert, S. van Roekel, E. Vaughn, G. Veeh, M. Ventar. B. Vining, D. Virden, L. Vurek, D. Walker, R. Walker, L. Wall, M. Wallace. J. Watens, M. Walkins, C. Weatherly, C. Weaver, D. Webb, C. Wehofar, D. Weir. G. Welk, P. Wells, J. Wessel, J. West, M. West, K. Westernberg, P. Whalen. K. While, T, White, D. Whileley, J. Whit- mer, S. Wiechman, B. Wieden, K. Wilcox. C. Willard, N. Wiliett, D. Williams, P. Williams, P. Williamson, C. Wilmert, P. Winchester. J. Wilson, R. Wilson, B. Wishnick, S. Wolczak, S. Wolk, M. Worshom, T. Wor- sham. M. Worth, J. Wotipka, A. Wright, D. Wright, J. Wright, M. Wright, V. Yecndle. D. Yedor, J. Young, R. Zaie, C. Zappia, T. Zito, C. Barrett, D. Denson. F. Donle, R. Ema, R. Engleman, C. El- tinger, A. Ewan, J. Fields, B. Hamer. S. Hays, G. Hudgins, C. lafolla, M. Janicki, S. Knox, D. Lancaster, B. Lawman. S. Lemmons, K. Leonard, B. Livingston, K. Lofgren, L. Lukowski, M. McDeed, S. Montean. D. Meodor, S. Meador, J. Minenks, P. Mondschein, Y. Mueller, G. Murry, P. Peterson. D. Reprogle, N. Rock, C. Rulis, B. Sardam, 0. Schuster, D. Shields, B. Smart. T t ...B M WiV V a f B. Sorensen, I. Staples, E. Swanner, J. Taylor, L. Thomason, K. Turco, S. Uandai. B. Voss, B. Wolford, B. Yeandle. ' 66 Camera Shy Carol Aulis Dexter Ball James Campbell Nancy Chandler Louise Changala Lynn Church Jeff Cook Annette Coppola Tom Coyne Ralph Davidson Candy Draoyer Phylis Dutton Greg Erbe Judy Evett Barbara Farnum Katherine Fox Barbara Gamst Edward Hazen Eliza Huber William Hutton Lucille Janson Russell Johnson Sualua Levale Karen Lochner Willam Louman Diana Morrill Andrew Panos Joe Thomas Robert Whalen 214 Freshmen ' 66 FRESHMEN ADVISORS (L-RI : Miss Topley; Mr. Veeh; Miss Spaulding; Not Present; Mr. Slurges. FIRST SEMESTER OFFICERS (L-RI: Gary Moes, Vice-President; Paul Francis, President; Carole Ferguson, Secretary; Bonnie Calhoun, Treasurer. Under leadership of Presidents Paul Francis and Gary Pence, Freshmen initiated successful sale of pep pins, sponsored a post-game dance, decorated for Baccalaureate services. SECOND SEMESTER OFFICERS (L-R) : Jeb McCondless, Vice-President; Gary Pence, President; Cindy Ogdcn, Secretory; Dianne Wright, Treasurer. 215 216 o Eh Z 1st SEMESTER A.S.B. OFFICERS First Semester President George S. Miff The great privilege of being first semester A.S.B. President this year will always be the highlight of my high school career. I was truly honored by being able to serve Tustin High in this office. I hope the new constitution passed this year will be more functional for our school in the coming years. I would like to say that the writing of the constitution and the other things accomplished would have never been possible without the assistance of the administration, faculty, board of control, you the students, and especially Vice Principal John Peterson. I would like to thank you for your help and coop- eration during my term of office. Thank you all very much. Sincerely, GEORGE S. ILIFF Q First Row, L-R: Vic Wolczok, Pep Commissioner; George lliff, President; Done Venaas, Self-Government Chairman. Second Row: luz Crosthwaite, Treasurer; Pom Detloff, Secretary; Pom Brown, Assemblies Director; Donna Dupleix, Activities Director. 218 BOARD OF CONTROL First Row, l-R: lui Croslh- waite, Pam Detloff, Ingrid Stolfors, Lissa Stack, Sue Buster, Donna Dupleix, Pom Brown. Second Row: Don Beckendorf, Dane Venaos, Vic Wokiak, George lliff. STUDENT RELATIONS First Row, L-R: Korolyn Kas- per, Vicky Castle, Barbara Bisson, Sue Winterfelt, Sheryl Roberts, Pom Detloff. Second Row: John Ham- bright, George lliff, Dane Venoas, Vic Wolczak, Mike Roane. 219 2ND SEMESTER A.S.B. OFFICERS Serving as A.S.B. President this second semester has been a great honor and privilege for me, and I am very grateful to my fellow students for their confidence and encouragement during my tenure of office. I feel that the cooperation and willingness to get the job done of the other officers have mode the second semester a very successful one. We as a student body, in spite of our great in- crease, have been able to preserve the unity and traditions which our school has held since its birth. For this I am very thankful. In closing, I would like to say that this experi- ence shall always remain in my greatest memories. Thank you for everything. Sincerely, ADOLPH A. SEPULVEDA Second Semester President Buddy Sepulveda First Row, L-R: Dane Venaas, Self-Government Chairman; Buddy Sepulveda, President; Fred Lovell, Vice-President; Vic Wolczak, Pep Commissioner. Second Row: luz Crosfhwaite, Treosurer; Donna Dupleix, Activities Director; Pam Brown, Assemblies Director. 220 BOARD OF CONTROL First Row, L-R: Sue Clark, Christy Sheppard, Holly Kellogg, Donno Dupleix, Pom Brown, Luz Crosth- waite. Second Row: Jim Ponkey, Dane Venaos, Bud- dy Sepulveda, Vic Wolczok, Miles Mason. STUDENT RELATIONS First Row, L-R: Sue Clark, Diona Weitzel, Jill Wor- lund, Marcy Horlon, Rondi Totum, Morian Hill. Second Row: Rhodes Martin, Buddy Sepulveda, Done Venoos Vic Wolczok. 221 OFFICE STAFF L-R: Mrs. Wendf, Mrs. Stone, Mrs. Hawkins, Mrs. Gregg ■ ■ glBP H ■ M ■ ' t :-«||WIIBB ■■■w a I H H H ■f t ' fiw F r i B t:, i f VJU HH v ■i l 1 1 tl |Pt , V % mi 1 1 I SB T E a. cV iHi jH m Mj jM 1 1 hii ■ _ - ' - w K p ' i Bi OFFICE PRACTICE GIRLS, First Row, l-R: Mrs. Shutt, Judy Charles, lois Brondvold, Sue Edman, Marti Herrero, Cheryl Mounce, Sue Hohn, Karen Williams, Linda Eubanks, Julie Goodwin, Linda Sharp, Sherry Mecham, Luz Crosthwoite. Second Row: Judy Nieblas, Pam Sanday, Sue Munoz, Betty Potter, Hortense Rivas, Carolyn Day, Lourene Tingum, Marina Mitchell, Judy Anderson, Nancy Willoughby, Virginia Smith, Patti Steppe, Darlene Scott. 222 ADMINISTRATION Our administration has the difficult job of keeping a school of 2,250 students running smoothly. The tremendous amount of problems that come up each day is solved by ou r able administrative staff. The teamwork of this staff makes possible the smooth running of our school and the ironing out of all problems. MR. DWIGHT LOPER Principal MRS. VIRGINIA SHUTT Dean of Girls MR. JOHN PETERSON Dean of Boys MR. W ESLEY HAMBIDGE Supervisor of Instruction MR. BROWNLEE HUBBLE Attendance Supervisor 223 MR. ROBERT BERG Business Manager School Board L-R: Mrs. Mildred Windolph, Fred Walker, Harold Bolmer, William Aldrich, George Veeh. The school board, made up of several active members of our community, has pro- vided aid and understanding to the many problems of school life. The board has been a valuable asset to our school, faculty, and students. We thank the members of this board for their help and advice that have made our school a better one. 224 Counselors L-R: Mr. Russel Sullivan, Mrs. Mildred Hoien, Mr. John Sours, Mrs. Dell Cloeys, Mr. Ed Corrigan. 225 Faculty MR. WILLIAM ANDERSON Classes: General Math; Pre-Algebra; Algebra I. MRS. ALICE BLACK Classes: Spanish I; Spanish II. Sign of the Zodiac: Scorpio. Hobbies: Swimming; Ice Skating; Sewing; Bridge; Travelling. Favorite Book: Books on Latin America and Spanish culture. MR. DWAYNE BACHELOR Classes: English III; English IV; Audion. Sign of the Zodiac: Capricorn. Years Teaching: Eight. Hobbies: Reading; Model Building. Favorite Book: The Bible. MR. PAUL BOS Classes: Freshman P. E. MISS SHARON BJORNGAARD Classes: English I. Sign of the Zodiac: Scorpio. Years Teoching: Five. Hobbies: Drama; Sports. Favorite Book: Anna Ka- renina. MISS ANN BOSCH Classes: Algebra I; Algebra II; Geometry. Sign of the Zodiac: Pisces. Years of Teaching: Three. 226 MR. DAVID BREMER Classes: World History. Sign of the Zo- diac: Cancer. Years Teaching: Seven. Hobbies: Sports. Favorite Book: Cyrano De Bergerac. MR. JAMES COULTER Classes: Civics; World Geography. Sign of the Zodiac: Aries. Years Teaching: Five. Hobbies: Golf. Favorite Book: The History of Our World. MRS. GERALDINE BRUBAKER Classes: English III. Sign of the Zodiac: Libra. Years Teaching: Twelve. Hobbies: Reading; Knitting; Watching athletic events. Fovorite Book: Cry, The Beloved Country. MR. WAYNE CROWL Classes: Wood Shop. Hobbies: Aviation; Music. MISS DONNA BRUSH Classes: Junior and Senior P. E. Sign of the Zodiac: Libra. Years Teaching: One. Hobbies: Tennis; Hockey; Reading. Fa- vorite Book: The Prophet. MISS JEANNETTE de GEELEN Classes: French II; French III; French IV. Hobbies: Music; Gardening. Favorite Book: More than one! MRS. ANGELA BULLO Classes: Spanish I, Spanish II. Sign of the Zodiac: Pisces. Hobbies: Reading; Cook- ing; Swimming. Favorite Book: Don Quixote. MR. JOSEPH DeMAINE Closses: U. S. History. Sign of the Zodiac: Virgo. Years Teaching: Fourteen. Hobbies: Sports. Favorite Book: Gone With the Wind. MISS ALAYNE CAMPBELL Classes: U. S. History, World History. Sign of the Zodiac: Taurus. Years Teaching: Six. Hobbies: Travelling; Reading; Bowl- ing. Favorite Book: It is too difficult to make one selection. MISS JOAN DION Classes: Junior and Senior P. E. Sign of the Zodiac: Aquarius. Years Teaching: Two. Hobbies: Reading; Music; Modern Dance. 227 fm MR. DARRELL DOUGLAS Classes; Sophomore Science. Sign of the Zodiac: Cancer. Years Teaching: Nine. Hobbies: Music; Hunting. Favorite Book: Music in the Renaissance. MRS. VIRGINIA GASPAROTTI Classes: English II. Sign of the Zodiac: Libra. Years Teaching: Ten. Hobbies: Reading. MRS. SALLY DUNLAP Classes: Freshman P. E. Sign of the Zo- diac: Leo. Years Teaching: Four. Hobbies: Skiing; Travelling. Favorite Book: The Prophet. J P |k MR. ARTHUR HANSEN Classes: English III. Sign of the Zodiac: Libra. Hobbies: Intellectual History; Sports. Favorite Book: Othello. MISS JUNE FELDER Classes: English III, Reading. Sign of the Zodiac: Pisces. Years Teaching: Fifteen. Hobbies: Reading, Fishing. Favorite Books: Impossible to soy — I like so many of them. MRS. MILDRED HOIEN Classes: English II. MRS. DOROTHY FISCHER Classes: Latin I; Latin II. Sign of the Zodiac: Scorpio. Years Teaching: Nine. Hobbies: Sailing; Golf. Favorite Book: The complete works of William Shake- speare. MR. WILLIAM HUDSPETH Classes: Contemporary World Affairs; U. S. History. Sign of the Zodiac: Virgo. Years Teaching: Nine. Hobbies: Music — Jaiz in particular. Favorite Book: Too many to mention. MR. THOMAS GAINES Classes: Art. Sign of the Zodiac: Aquarius. Years Teaching: Seven. Hobbies: Coach- ing; Painting; Golf; Sculpture. Fovorite Book: Philosophy of Modern Art. MR. HENRY HUMMELL Classes: U. S. History; Sophomore Science. Sign of the Zodiac: Capricorn. Years Teaching; Five. Hobbies: Home wood shop. 228 MR. HUGH HYDE Classes: English III: Sign of the Zodiac: Leo. Years Teaching: Twelve. Hobbies: Reading; Sports. Favorite Book: Tom Sawyer. H B MR. WILLIAM KELLY Classes: Business. Sign of the Zodiac: Gemini. Years Teaching: Five. Hobbies: Insurance; Real Estate. MR. KERWIN JACOBS Classes: Algebra; Geometry. Years Teach- ing: Eight. Hobbies: Camping; Travelling. Favorite Book. No one book. MR. FRED KOCH Classes: Business. Sign of the Zodiac: Aries. Years Teaching: Four. Hobbies: Sports; Music. MISS JANET JOHNSON Classes: Freshman and Sophomore P. E. Sign of the Zodiac: Libra. Years Teach- ing: Five. Hobbies: Do-it-yourself projects; Study of Real Estate. MRS. CAROL KUTZNER Classes: Spanish II; Spanish III. Sign of the Zodiac: Libra. Hobbies: Sports; Music; Dancing. Favorite Book: Don ' t have one, but many. - . MISS DORIS KAHL Closses: Sophomore, Junior, and Senior P. E. Sign of the Zodiac: Leo. Years Teaching: Five. Hobbies: Swimming; Golf. Favorite Book: Exodus. r MR. ERIC LARSEN Classes: Biology. Sign of the Zodiac: Gemini. Years Teaching: Four. Hobbies: Sailing; Skiing; Bumming around in Mexi- co. Favorite Book: Peter Fruechen ' s books. ■ MR. A RNOLD KELLAMS Classes: Alge ' bra; Geometry. Sign of the Zodiac: Libra. Years Teaching: Six. Hob- bies: Bowling; Fishing. Favorite Book: The Bible. MRS. CATHERINE LEE Classes: English IV; Creative Writing. Sign of the Zodiac: Capricorn. Years Teaching: Fifteen. Hobbies: Reading; Travelling. Fa- vorite Book: The Chain. 229 MR. WILLIAM LEINBERGER Classes: Chorus; Orchestra; Study Hall. Sign of the Zodiac: Pisces. Years Teach- ing: Twelve. Hobbies: Golf; Boating; Music. Favorite Book: The Longest Day. r MR. STUART MORTENSEN Classes: Algebra; Geometry. Sign of the Zodiac: Libra. Years Teaching: Two. Hob- bies: Mineralogy. MR. BILL LLEWELLYN CLASSES: Social Studies; Spanish I. Sign of the Zodiac: Sagittarius. Years Teach- ing: Six. Hobbies: Sailing; Music; Ten- MR. THOMAS NOON Classes: Junior and Senior P.E. Sign of the Zodiac: Aquarius. Years Teaching: Six. Hobbies: Rugby. Favorite Book: The History of American Football. MRS. FRANCES MARTIN Classes: Business. Sign of the Zodiac: Libra. Years Teaching: Six, Hobbies: Reading, Golf, Bridge. Favorite Book: Be Your Real Self. MR. ROBERT OSBORNE Classes: Junior and Senior P.E. MISS MARY MARTIRE Classes: English I. MR. ROBERT PATTERSON Classes: Biology. Sign of the Zodiac: Sagittarius. Years Teaching: Four. Hob- bies: Psycho-biological-physics instruction- al techniques. Favorite Book: Saber Tooth Curriculum. MRS. MARY MITCHEL Classes: Shorthand; Typing. Sign of the Zodiac: Libra. Years Teaching: Fifteen. Hobbies: Swimming, Bridge. Favorite Book: Gone With the Wind. MISS RUTH PHELPS Classes: English I. Sign of the Zodiac; Cancer. Years Teaching: Twenty-five. Hobbies: Reading; Playing Piano and Or- gan; Hiking; Bicycling. Favorite Book: The Bible. 230 MISS KAYE PETERSEN Classes: Sophomore P. E. Sign of the Zo- diac; Taurus. Years Teaching: Five. Hob- bies: Sports. Favorite Book: The Agony and the Ecstasy. MR. JAMES REESE Classes: French I; French II; Spanish I. Sign of the Zodiac: Sagittarius. Years Teaching: Five. Hobbies: Tape Recording. Favorite Book: The Mayor of Zalameo. MR. VERNON PHILLIPS Classes: Mechanical Drawing; Electronics. Sign of the Zodiac: Scorpio. Years Teach- ing: Three. Hobbies: Boats; Sports; Art; Music; Traveling. Favorite Book: All of John Steinbeck and Frank Yerby. MRS. MARY RENFER Classes: English III; English IV. Sign of the Zodiac: Aquarius. Years Teaching; Four. Hobbies: Psychology; Tennis; Travel. Favorite Book: The Bible. MR. LLOYD PIEPER Classes: Sophomore Science. Sign of the Zodiac; Virgo. Years Teaching: Eleven. Hobbies; Sports. Favorite Book: Advise and Consent. MR. HOLLAND SALISBURY Classes: Chemistry. Sign of the Zodiac; Libra. Years Teaching: One. Hobbies: Music. Favorite Book: Kids Say the Darndest Things. MR. RUFUS PLATT Classes: Senior Problems. Sign of the Zo- diac; Scorpio. Years Teaching: Thirteen. Hobbies; Fishing; Woodw orking. MR. DAVID SANDERSON Classes: English II. Sign of the Zodiac; Aries. Years Teaching: Twelve. Hobbies: Writing poetry, stories, songs; Dramatics. Favorite Book: No particular favorite. MISS MARGARET RAMONDETTI Classes: Freshman P. E.; Senior G. A. A. Sign of the Zodiac: Sagittarius. Years Teaching; Twelve. Hobbies; Gardening; Cooking. Favorite Book: ? X ' » MR. JOHN SAUERS Classes: Clerical Practice; Typing I. Sign of the Zodiac: Aquarius. Years Teaching: Ten. Hobbies; Fishing; Travel. Favorite Book: Tide Table. 231 - r 1 MR. LOWELL SCHROEDER Classes: Mechanical Drafting 1; Drafting II; Drafting III. Sign of the Zodiac: Virgo. Years Teaching: Six. Hobbies: Fishing: Cartooning; Gardening. Favorite Book: The Bible. MR. CHARLES TOMAJKO Classes: Algebra I; Algebra II. Sign of the Zodiac: Libra. Years Teaching: Two. Hob- bies: Sports. Favorite Book: No particular book. MR. GERALD SEDOO Classes: Freshman and Sophomore P. E. Horti- MR. ARNOLD TROFTGRUBEN Classes: Agriculture Science culture. Sign of the Zodiac; Gemini. Years Teaching: Seventeen. Hobbies; Football; Fishing; Hunting. Favorite Book: Western Outdoors. i ' ff ' MR. HOWARD SELLECK Closses: Machine Shop; Metals. Sign of the Zodiac: Aries. Years Teaching: Eight. Hobbies: Keeping my head above water. Favorite Book: American Machinist. MR. GEORGE TROTTER Classes: Algebra I; Geometry. Sign of the Zodiac: Taurus. Years Teaching: Fourteen. Hobbies: Sports. Favorite Book: The Bible. MISS JOANNA SPAULDING Classes: English I. Sign of the Zodiac Aquarius. Years Teaching: Eight. Hobbies Music; Reading; People. Favorite Book Kristin Lavrans Datter. MR. KENNETH TURKNETTE Classes: Speech; English I. Sign of the Zodiac. Years Teaching: Four. Hobbies: Golf; Tennis; Gardening; Forensics. Fa- vorite Book: Advise and Consent; My Six Crises. MR. ROBERT STURGES Classes: U. S. History; World History. Sign of the Zodioc: Aries. Years Teaching: Two. Hobbies: Sports; Travel; Photogra- phy. Favorite Book: The Rise and Foil of the Third Reich. A -:. MR. EDWIN VEEH Classes: Chemistry; Physical Science. Sign of the Zodiac: Cancer. Years Teaching: Twenty-seven. Hobbies; Sports; Travel; Reoding. Favorite Book: A Tale of Two Cities. 232 MR. JOHN VEEH Classes: German I; German II. Sign of the Zodiac: Gemini. Years Teaching: Twenty. Hobbies: Reading; Sports. Favorite Book: A Tale of Two Cities. MRS. FAY WALSWORTH Classes: Homemaking. Sign of the Zodiac: Sagittarius. Years Teaching: Fifteen. Hob- bies: Gardening; Flowers. iH MR. LAWRENCE VIA Classes: Business Arithmetic; General Matli. MR. JAMES WATKINS Classes: World History; Economics. Sign of the Zodiac: Capricorn. Years Teaching: Three. Hobbies: Sports; Reading; Current Events. Favorite Book: Worldly Philoso- phers. MRS. HOLLY VISEL Classes: Speech; Drama. Sign of the Zo- diac. Hobbies; Traveling; Attending con- certs. Favorite Book: The Bible. MR. WAITER WELLS Classes: Algebra; Geometry. Sign of the Zodiac: Sagittarius. Years Teaching: Ten. Hobbies; Finance; Sports. Favorite Book: The Bible. MR. TAYLOR WAGNER Classes: Civics; World History. Sign of the Zodiac: Aries. Years Teaching: Two. Hob- bies: Tennis; Golf; Bridge; Softball; Wa- ter-skiing; Travel. Fovorite Book: Huckle- berry Finn. «f£5 - Mf " mk MR. RALPH WELSH Classes: English II. Sign of the Zodiac: Libra. Years Teaching: Two. Hobbies: Reading. MR. DONALD WAGONER Classes: Principles of Math; Algebra II; Geometry. Sign of the Zodiac: Capricorn. Years Teaching: Eight. Hobbies: Wood Crafts. Favorite Book: I Will Lift Up Mine Eyes. MR. DAVID WILEY Classes: Social Studies. Sign of the Zo- diac: Aries. Years Teaching: One. Hob- bies: Photography; Swimming. Favorite Book: No particular favorite book. 233 MR. RALPH WILSON Classes: Spanish I; Spanish II; Spanish III; Spanish IV. Sign of the Zodiac: Leo. Years Teaching: Eight. Hobbies: Skiing. Favorite Book: Don Quixote. MR. DONALD PARSONS Classes: Social Studies. Sign of the Zo- diac: Aquarius. Years Teaching: Four. Hobbles; Photography; Traveling; Bowl- ing. Favorite Book: A Tale of Two Cities. MR. DONALD ZIEMER Classes: Business. Sign of the Zodiac: Scorpio. Years Teaching: Two. Hobbies: Gardening; Bridge. Favorite Book: Grapes of Wrath. MR. LEON TURNER Classes: Industrial Arts; General Math. Sign of the Zodiac: Libra. Years Teach- ing: Eighteen. Hobbies: Printing; Wood- working; Photography. MR. DONALD CASTLE Classes: Physics; Sophomore Science. Sign of the Zodiac: Saggitarius. Years Teoch- ing: Twelve. Hobbies: Hunting; Fishing; Handball. Favorite Book: The Caine Mutiny. Mr. Reese in the language lab. L I B R A R Y L-R: Mrs. Betty Grensted, Mrs. Virginia Kirkham, Mrs. Sharon Van den Eykel. LIBRARY SCIENCE GIRLS, First Row, L-R: Donna Smith, Michele Baum, Sue Sagraves, Condice Martinez, Liz Reynolds, Patti Fowler, Nancy Magnus. Second Row: Janis Ascher, Sherry Mecham, Jerry Shafer, Kathy Priest, Marti Herrera, Judy Nieblas. Third Row; Marcia Lewis, Barbara Isenberg, Nancy Ziegenbein, Barbie Pritchard, Karen Can- non, Janet Schopf, Jean Murphy. Fourth Row: Maureen Ehlis, Bar- bora Pitcl, Trisha Fletcher, Karen Kelly, Jeannie King, Virginia Smith, Dena Moose. 235 The custodians here at T.U.H.S. have done a remarkable job of keeping our school in good repair through the year. Among their duties are keeping the classrooms clean from day to day and keeping the stands free of debris between football and basketball games. Besides these duties, our custodians also provide bus service for students to and from school. Our thanks to the custodians for a job well done. CUSTODIANS Back Row: Cliff Brush, Bill La Chance, John I Prichard, George Lyon. Front Row: Ed Wiley, La Ve 236 Batten, Ed The cafeteria staff, burdened with one of the most diffi- cult tasks in school — feeding the students — has done a terrific job. Due to the increase in size in our school, the cafeteria staff has had to expand. Student help is valuable to this busy group of ladies. The staff ' s invalu- able help has been greatly evident at the club banquets and dances. Helen Thompson Cafeteria L-R: Mrs. Barbara Johnson, Mrs. Jean McCoy, Mrs. Leone Focht, Mrs. Lorraine Whitmer, Mrs. Clara Veeh, Mrs. Edno Squires, Mrs. Helen Thompson, Mrs. Margaret Lowe, Mrs. Kay Grape, Mrs. Mae Stevens, Mrs. Cotherine Noutary, Mrs. Martha Staples, Mrs. Irene Honsell. Then the Irtlle boy and girl Paramecium live happily ever offer Not another Alka-Seltzer break? We ' re working our way Proud initiate through high school persecuted students being Who ' s getting sentimental? 240 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF ' 63 Lorlsf 6 O 1 SO. D S T R L C T • T U S T 1 N . C A L I T C ■) R J I A Lincoln 4-6650 MOTOR HOTEL AND RESTAURANT AT DBNEYIAND-AMAHBHCAUFORMA At scholarly Suburban Shops, we especially like girls. Matter of fact, we received our diploma for having the very smart styles that delight young women with a flair for good taste. So, here ' s a special invitation to all the gals at Tustin High to drop in and sample our A-plus fashions. And, our warmest best wishes for a good and prosperous future to the Class of ' 63 . . . Including the boys. LARWIN SQUARE, TUSTIN 242 For Campus or Career . . . Choose your wardrobe from Buffums ' Young California Shop, Varsity Shop, and Sun Charm Sportswear. Your assurance of fashion and quality at all times. Main at Tenth, Santa Ana 243 BANK OF AMERICA N. T. S. A. First and Newport Branch Larwin Square Tustin, California LI 4-3132 BANNER ' S SERVICE Mobilgas ' Mobiloil Mobil Products Operated as a Service Station not a filling station. Finest lubrication anywhere. Your automotive transmission, electrical, brake and powerplant needs given conscientious attention. Phone 544-5040 Located on Redhill Ave. at the Santa Ana Freeway Thrift-D-Lux Cleaners Largest in the West 610 S. " D " St. Tustin Square LI 4-6410 THE BOOKMARK Books, New, Used, Antiques, Paper Backs Art Supplies, Cards, Notes — Children ' s 500 " D " Street, Tustin ADAMS HARDWARE 12932 Newport Avenue Tustin Lincoln 4-0684 Open Sundays LES JOHNSON UNION OIL DEALER Minute Man Tires and Batteries 14011 Newport Ave. Tustin, California LI 4-6330 Free pick-up and delivery. Stamps. 1431 Lag una Road LI 4-7331 Rollin J. Mahoney Manager x u m NORTON CAMERA REPAIR SERVICE 1124 EAST FIRST ST SAMTA ANA, CALIF KImbrrly 2-8S29 ' FOR THE BEST TRESSED HEADS ' ' TRES BEAUTY SALON 550 " D " STREET TUSTIN LI 4-6120 Sue Edman and JoAnn Whitley receive expert service at Tres Beauty Salon. B PHIL STARKS SUPREMI STANDARD OIL PRODUCTS ATLAS TIRES BATTERIES ACCESSORIES TUNE-UP BRAKES 13052 Newport Avenue Tustin — LI 4-1132 1 1 26 South Grand Santa Ana, 547-4533 ;? ;? ffs ' Fun fo Be Nice fo Peop e ' COMPLETE PRESCRIPTION SERVICE • FREE PROMPT DELIVERY e I LI 4-6800 FULL LINE OF COSMETICS • HALLMARK GREETING CARDS • DRUGS • SUNDRIES • NOTIONS • CANDY • ICE CREAM ll • BOOKS • MAGAZINES I 24 HOUR PHOTO SERVICE] — LOCATED IN TUSTIN SQUARE — 710 SOUTH " D " ST. ■ TUSTIN • PLENTY FREE PARKING • SELLERS SHOES The friendly shop, where quality, fit, and service to the customer are important. 642 S. " D " Street Tustin Square Mr. Seller is certain to find a perfect fit for patron Mrs. Currier but whpn ' MH invnaiion ro orowbe Lamps of Elegance Lighting Fixtures Shades Accessory and Gift items BROWN ' S LAMPS ACCESSORIES Larwin Square 504 E. First Street, Tustin 544-4021 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF ' 63 PLAZA TV HI Fl TV RADIO Sales Service LI 4-3344 Larwin Square 526 E. First Street Shopping Center Tustin, California First Western Bank Trust Co. TUSTIN OFFICE 300 " D " St. Tustin, California Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation BARNEY VAL ' S SIGNAL SERVICE Complete Motor Service Wheel Alignment LI 4-4491 1001 Lag una Road QUALITY CLEANERS IN BY 10— OUT BY 5 17aifm QULLacjE. CUans-i 35 LAGUNA ROAD EXPERT ALTERATIONS — LAUNDRY RITEWAY CLEANERS ' Where Our Customers Send Their Friends ' Lincoln 4-6031 195 S. " D " St. LI 4-4343 Tustin FRENCHIES SERVICE MOBILGAS • MOBILOIL . MOBIL PRODUCTS S a H GREEN STAMPS 400 D STREET a MAIN TUSTIN, CALIF. PIERRE Lp SAOUT Telephone 544-5804 !) % s SUBTEEN AND JUNIOR SIZES S42 E. First St. Tustin, Calif. Lfncoln 4-3601 LEMON HEIGHTS DRUG 1 3022 Newport Ave. at Irvine Tustin, California LI 4-7490 Your Neighborhood Pharmacy Complete Drugstore Service Prescription Delivery " I need them all! " TUSTIN TASTEE FREEZ HAMBURGERS — HOT DOGS TUSTIN ' S FAVORITE SPOT FOR QUICK SNACKS Hail, hail, the gangs all here?? CARSON GOLDING SHELL SERVICE TIRES — BAHERIES - TUBES RECAPPING — LUBRICANTS WHEEL ALIGNMENT and BRAKE SERVICE 305 " D " Street LI 4-7650 Tustin Queenlsabella 6RAPEUUICE Pionoer Proctss Rttaint uTT " juicc o. asr ' Tires, tires everywhere, but where ' s one for me? ' - ' •§ X-i Tustin Savings AND LOAM ASSOCIATION ' 130 H Street, Tustii mm ' s. tfillifieuf Hat4u ate You always get a fair trade at Hahn ' s Hillview Hardware. Dale D. Hahn Miriam E. Hahn 1717 No Old Tustin Ave. Santa Ana, Calif Kl 7-4870 WALKER ' S MARKET 17TH AND TUSTIN l 7th and Tustin Kl 7-4119 Karen Babb and Meredith Smith received expert service at Wail ers Market 248 i ttet 6 . rtalr eJUeslan 13907 Tustin Ave. Kl 3-6335 Tustin, California " Don ' t mess up my hair! " says Glen Clark to Sue Stiles and Janie Campbell at Chefs Hair Design. 7oiVftJI ( M44Vt SPORTSWEAR 117 north glas5ell Orange, Calif. KE 8-1516 1732 No. Tustin Ave. Santa Ana, Calif. Kl 2-3245 If I buy this can I borrow your sweater? ' JC ennu J 17th and TUSTIN AVE. Kl. 2-9028 NOTE: During your vacation we will be open until midnight seven days a week Serving % LB. HAMBURGERS Va lb. TACOS - PIZZA FRENCH FRIES All these items served at the " LITTLE WHITE HUT " when ' PARK-N-EAT " Is closed. -.-11 HARDWARE .« •J ' l jgyy i t Park-N-Eat Little White Hut HILLVIEW NORGE Coin operated Laundry Cleaning VILLAGE 1729 Old Tustin Avenue (near Walker ' s Mkt.) Santo Ana, California Phone: 547-9990 Hours 9 to 9 Week Days Sundays 1 1 to 6 " Well, this is the latest fad anyway, " says Bob Skamnes as he goes into the dry cleaner. We Wire Flowers Hillview Flowers FOR ALL OCCASIONS BEAUTIFUL CORSAGES BETTE KLEIN JERRY KLEIN Bus. KImberly 3-0294 Res. KEIIogg 8-3326 1730 No. Tustin Just No. of 17th Santa Ana, Calif. ' Please! " ' 1806 No. Tustin Avenue " H tTfer-Tfo BTH oK astTTthT rOHN E. HENDERSON KiMBERLY 3-3218 Owner-Manager Santa Ana, California Quality Clothes — Friendly Service George lliff shows Jack Lewin one of the newest styles of sweaters at Hendersons shop for men. 250 - A 3FamiIu Krstauraitt - ' inp 3ln (ri]e 09l JVmerican (Erabition " featuring... • HOME COOKED MEALS • HOME BAKED PIES • DELUXE BURGERS Open 9 A.M.-9 P.M. • SANDWICHES Closed Sunday • STEAKS • SHRIMP 7 FOOD TO GO LI 4-7081 1111 LAGUNA RD. - TUSTIN JUST 5 MIN. EAST OF MOTEL — ONE BLOCK SOUTH OF NEWPORT BLVD. ivss, Margaret Pottenger 434 D St., Tustin Lincoln 4-4471 Pre-Ground-Hog-Day-Sale makes fashion news at the Jabberwocky. WATER COMMODITY Water for a bath. TUSTIN WATER WORKS 251 True friendship is a plant of slow growth and must undergo and withstand the shocks of adversity, before it is entitled to the appellation . . . George Washington 252 AUTOGRAPHS 25 3 Friendship is Love without his wings Byron 254 AUTOGRAPHS 255 To David Paul Waters ... . seem to give him back to thee, dear God, Who gavest him to us. Yet as thou didst not lose him in giving. So we have not lost him in his return For life is eternal; And love is immortal; And death is only a horizon; And a horizon is nothing save the limit of our sight ,.- ' " .

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