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ff Wgfwfi Wfjiw fflj :ff 1' 'fifty W 1 'I 1 Swv? Q fl 4:5 A Z Q., 4 41 l I , .ig r af- ,,, ,l jg, ' " -gn .. X ff ,V . ,.e.7. - X , H I V yi V- V :I , . L f? :I 4-T fi: x 1 ' ' - V. ,' j K X . 1, 0 "Q ' , - M V N ' f -,P -, , .. 'Inf ' 'K'-' ij X ' 1 fa M ' f-'y',-.- .f,,-' ' x 4. .. .,. , " ,' ' ,f,',f , f ., , p - f. 4,4 . t ,4f , N 4 f 2 J ya!-l,,,.37L ,' - - 5 J V. -A - i ,.v,f s, - .L Y.: fx ' 1 ' A ,ff 5 ' 'fy " g A -' ,X K 4- fnfr K - , 1 X 4 , X ..,Q- I ., J . ' . 1 ' 2 'H ' , " Y i ', 1' 'X f - I Ei. ' x . Nh X , . ,iv ., 1 ' ad Q- If-"" .F it pa- .N .Q g Tl-IE AUDICDN ANNUAL PUBLICATIOI ST DH S TNI C 93 TUSTIN UNICDN I-HGH SCI-IOQL TUE If , CALIF RVHA AUDION A-a , S jaw Dedication TC one who has always wullmgly anded 'rhe s+uden'rs In plowrng Jrhrouqh daffnculhes has helped +hem choose only +he more desur able fhlngs fo sow In Jrhe held of school lnfe one who has wa+ched wnfh mferesl' 'lhe growung of +he school and nfs :deals and ye? who fakes bul' a modesf share of The glories of 'rhe harvesl' we dedlcafe 'the Audlon of Nmefeen hundred and Thnrfy lhree Clarence Bowman reglslrar by s+a'l'von exlends has services for +he convemence of Those around hum from subsfduhng for feachers +o druvmg fhe school buses when necessary A fruend of all he deserves all fha? can be Saud of a faufhfal and conslanfly relnable farm nand l 1933 I r rv-:jj-1 g7U:b-I1 . o I - 4 I 1 1 l I - . A mmm - c NO an oo DP C C O Z FUI-i Z7Uj:-I1 I Q HE A Word From The Editor NCE agaan The Farmers have compleled a year of bounhful harvesl' Perhaps 'rhe held has been rock hlled al hmes buf lhe Farmers only plowed deeper and harder fo affam fheur goal Yef 'rhere has been play wu+h labor fhe combunahon forming a school hcnpafed The facully has guven a wrllnng hand fo guide fhe forces whnch have drlven us onward Toward our goal On Jrhe held fraclc and an 'rhe classrooms +he Farmers have proved +hemselves wor+hy of Phe praise which ac ompannes lrue sporlsmanshlp 'W E R S year which will long be remembered by lhe sfudenls who have par- y . . I C . I . . l l AUDION A 1933 Message From The Principal HEN man began fo emerge from among 'rhe olher ammals nn The dum duslanf pas? one of has chief ands was a hard crooked slack The specfacular advance of man may be measured by vars ous yard shclcs buf +he gradual developmenl of 'rhe plow from lhe prumuhve shclc +o 'rhe modern lraclor drawn deep culllng gang plow as as accurale as any School days lhe sprung hme of life are lhe nalural plowing days days fhal should be dedlcaled +0 laynng foundahons lo preparing lhe soul for +he sowing Thai' vs fo follow Then lhe birds are smgmg 'rhen Mofher Earlh ns mellow and workable fhen obsfacles are +he leasl' and possnble resulls are fhe grealesl' Pu+ all fhe ophmusm and enfhusrasm of youlh unlo +he plowmg +he preparahon malung a 'lhorough 'ob of nf 'rhaf you may lafer come regorcung brnngnng your sheaves wnlh you rT1I-4 U77Ur1'lZ7Uj:'I'1 . , . , -'I -' .. I -I - -I ' I' ' ,. . . . . ,, I . . : . .' O31 IIOIIINC 1 I 1 1 1 1 11m 11 11111 L7 1 1 I 1 1 11711115 11111 I 1111 1101110115 ll 1 1 ll 1 Il 1 1 vuffrsf 111 l11111csI 11 71414 1 ge 1 c 11111 ' 1 1 L ILLY 1 1 1111 1011111 71 111111111 1 1 Q 1 11 165 7111171 71 1 L 11111 If lf thc 111911111 tu 1 I1 1 I 11 t 0 our M 11 1111 If11 I 111710, 1111411 1111 pnpand V1I1 I 111c I 1 1111 I1 uzcfv th 111 an I 11111 0 IM' 111111 16 orc 111 111 116 71 I I 0 11117 I7 tr 1 f110111u V 1r1I 1 f 1111f 111 I7 1 1 J 7 7 Y 1 ' J. I 1 6.111 11111' .br fI7'11 11 11111111 U'1'1'l11 111111 111' 1-1 11111 111 1"A,.11'c 11 f111111d11I1 71 .1111 1111 1' Ut. E 1,1k1'11111'. 51111 I"111'111", 11,1 116 611115 17111 1110 YC171 111 Y C1113 A. ' fl' '11 11 1 1 ficf F 111 111'1"1 , 'f 1171, A 17117 1 ' ' 1 11 ',f. x15 II1' 1' 11131111 p11 411 1116 1? f'1'111 I77'L"' 1 If "1"s. 1176 7 ' " 111fy 111111 I1g11l1'111 1111 14111511 11p1111 2,70 HPUIY 111111 11111 E r1n"'111lt1 I111' f11"t of v1'1111111 11-fc, Q f"111' ilk f ' If ' 116111 1111ljI lu' x1 l77'tPkL'7l 1111 111' f11'5I I' '. n, 'LV 'Hg 1 of 1' zfc 103' 11115 c1c'11fa e r f fa' . 1 cf 'lm , 111' 1' 1 1. I 'l 1 fn' In 15 111 114' fc C L g ' C . U' 1 111' 111.5 f l 111 rf 1' . I 9' 1 11111 '11111 111' fi ld V1 lc ll' i, " ,pw 11 1110 mv ' Q' lc IVUI. I933 DI ' IN MEMORIAM NORMA FULMER rl I I9I5 Oc+oberI5 vw I LI "TLV 1,1 Car Io I C P e wo? vwacms Tw ughc er rF L 37 Jul.. 1 H A LI C 'N I I I N Ap 'I , - , I932 W I'IHI IIIIQFY I 3 I.. 1 ffazaec awe ly "I, IaII IJSLM , SL Im, cf I1 r rw ' I QWQQWUI, are izuigeops slnf-Ms. - fo Ll' me T "I"'9SE, Fry reMa'v1m3Ie couracf- .mc dweoffulmess wa. I-I 'V',"I'If'Ifj 'fs J, IIWTIK3 aroww Iv, IWE1 MISS I1 53' E "JV" WAI V0 fi VIH' 'PA' I"'ff'k In OU 9335, C , . 4 , . X f x','. Q' 1 , a-z J,-I we. I: A I2 IVI E I2 I I II ..- .. DP C 2 0 Z 'O co STUDENT BODY OFFICERS TOP ROW lLeft to Rrqhtl Betty Cook secretary Ist semester Edgar Panlrey vnce presrdent Ist semester Charles Kuser presrdent lst semester Norman Watson presudent 2nd semester parhamentanan Ist semester Da nd Forney :ce presrdent 2nd semester Catherme Pence secretary 2nd semester BOTTOM ROW lLett to rqhtl Donald Holford yell leader Ist and 2nd semesters Lucy Ahern treasurer lst semester Donald Frank parlramentanan 2nd semester Charles Forbes treasurer 2nd semester Betty Perrn song leader lst and 2nd semester Francis Gllbert yell leader lst and Znd semesters Student Body ACfIVlflCS Over tour hundred strong the Farmer student body has completed the year In traumph The tradntnonal hugh standung ot the school has been upheld and perhaps a precedent set tor the coming years tor trme alone can tell The enthusuasm and splret ot the student body was tlrst witnessed at the Freshman Reception the trrst the begmmng ot the student co operatron whnch lasted throughout the entire term Rube Day was decided upon rather unexpectedly thus year but wnth only one day In whrch to prepare tor It the students responded wnth enthusnasm and made a success ot the event The sensor class upholding tradntuon won the Rube Day plaque whnch IS awarded annually to the class having the highest percentage ot members dressed appropraately tor the occaszon The ent: e student body was host to the parents ot Tustm hugh school pupuls on Aprnl twenty erghth The students have backed their athletac teams admlrably whether they have stood un vnctory or deteat They have entered unto socual actnvutres wuth a decuded mcrease un whole heartedness ot sparnt They have supported the student body ottrcers theur chosen leaders wnth co operatron and nn turn the student ottucers have executed the school attaurs In an ettlcnent manner The team work of the students and thenr attutude toward Tustm Hugh can best be expressed nn a tew words trom one ot the school songs We wall stand tor her united r1'1I-4 370111 . - 8 -I A4 D A 0 . ' i 4' - 2 ' I - -H - n . :C ' ' 3 u . . 0 -, 'Ili - 4 . . O - .I 3 , O -H . ' , -+- . ' " 3- . . 'D . I . -- N4 ,, CD - QI - I 7 . . -4 -- . - 3- . , I , u CD - . -' . Q - 4 . ' '- . . Q - -. - ' 3 ' ' . '4' , . . ' . . 03 e , -1 O . -+- . . . ' 0 --. . 2- - , . : '-4 . . 4 ' --Q-' -- , . ' C - - 'I . ' 2. . V, I , 3' . CD .. ': . Q- I " ' .' CD l W 3 -4- -. CD ' . r 7 .. - -o- - - 9. -- ' - , . 3 .- - 3 KD ' . r 3 U- ,- - C' . --Q- 3 ' nr I ' QL . t l . 8- . ..- -O ..x U'77Ul'T'l A -g NO U3 FUI-4 gxzjrvw 1171- as - AUDION The Faculty ROBERT KORFF Baker Unlversuly A B Englnsh and malhemallcs Teacher Llghl welghl' Teams coach Fave years al Tushn CLARA MACOMBER Umversuly of Calnforma al' Berkeley B S Englnsh Teacher Eleven years al Tushn VINCENT LEEDS HUMESTON Pomona College B A Head of hlslory deparfmenl and alhlehcs mslruclor Seven years a+ Tushn STELLA Yocum U S C A B Head of malhemahcs deparfmenl Gnrls afhlehc Tnsfruclor Eleven years al Tuslun Nine years al' Tushn SECOND Row ELSTE K DALY Slanford Unuverslfy Spamsh Teacher and head of language deparl mem' Seven years a+ Tushn RALPH W COLeU S C Coach and dureclor ol boys physucal educahon Sx years a+ Tushn FLORENCE AGNES LINDBLOM Unuversnly of Wusconsan B S Head of home economncs depar'rmen+ ETgh+ years al Tuslln ERNEST ROY BYRNE Idaho Umversuly S B Head of commercnal deparfmenf Lnghl welghl Teams coach Four years al Tuslun ELSIE C HULL C lumbla N Y M S Teacher lonology Englush and chemnslry Three years al Tushn I O l I E ' . R . . -E . ' ' ' S . . CHARLES CHESTER Bmsco-Pomona College, B. A. Head of induslrial ar+s depar+men+. . . . . ' ' ' ' . l . ,- o ' , . ., . . ' . ' ' . aAUDION f A "f'334'+"i 1141 1933 The Faculty PAUL WILLIS COLBURN Pomona College A B Teacher of lndusfrual Arls SwImmIng Coach Four years al Tushn MARY MCVEY Norfh Dalcola A B M A Teacher of musuc and dIrec+or of orcheslra Three years al Tushn MAY Rose Bonum U C L A and U S C B A and M A Teacher of Enghsh and head of dramahcs deparlmenl' Fuve years al Tushn MARGARET RUDGE WILSON STEPHENS L A Sfafe Normal Head of musIc deparlmenl dlreclor of Boys and GIrls Glee Clubs and leacher of SocIal problems Eleven years al Tushn chemIsl'ry and bIology feacher Eleven years a+ Tushn SECOND Row MAY GREENLEAF Head of arf cleparfmenf Seven years al' Tushn ALICE PAULINE MAXSON U C L A B A Englush and physucal educahon feacher gIrls alhlehc coach Two years af Tusl'In JAMES HOWARD BLEE Umversnfy of Calnlornua B A Teacher of hnslory general scuence and Spannsh Three years af Tushn ESTI-IER FELTON BYRNE U S C M A Sludy hall Lahn Three years a+ Tushn GRACE A SHULTS Pomona College B A M A Malhemahcs leacher SIX years al' Tushn l GEORGE JEROME KYLE-Dennison Universify, Ohio, A. B. Head of science deparlmenf, - ., - ll I 6 ua np DP C C Q Z VUI-I Zwbw Literary IOOfB4L1' ltfu zpuf gmt Szmzce C rl rz cg Ir uma ay 1 ootlmzl O jzmrlers tfnu mu 17156 771 171 nas fmt 41 wrt: lc The vzrfutztzln nay mm Iln play non 411114 upon t 4 ugh! bln In If ilu mm tfmt nav rm Hflnrz all 0 a fuddcrz a llwumrla' wuz Ran ma' lump cf un mc Dum dropt I ilu nz n dmpz :funn Y 11:77 fad as ma' could lc Win 71 mddcnfx fl 5016 dzd breal The bone belmzgca' to me Plm a lsr pfay plax a ter plax W1 rtruc nor breath nor motmn 41 Icffc' ar a painted :flip upon tfvc' palnftd ocean filv' CH :day ul71t 1111100 5 I uzffvra' tim! 1 un cf ad fu I fum' ufnrlna' rzgfnt 171 mx trzf 5 Lina' frosxca' our Loaf mftcad Pa141Mart1rz 36 AAA FRIENDS Frzcnds are przrvless pearls to me IV1fhOllf tlncm zl noula' surely be 4 1011013 norla' zn nfvzflv t0 lwe I' r to zen v md tfmughtf 114 cv nc' F :ends ne ham some fld and mu To tlvcm ne alum! should be truc To tu! a mend nh 71 Q cr 171 donut TH1 YPIRII' OF TUSTIN I-IIFH Tuftm ur nm If prom' 0 fuer H155 Ili nnmv ffl 6425 coufa' ln Starke to If 3 lluc tcncfmr and fflcdcrztf nfl do nlmt tlvew can I Hake l14stzr1H1g17alr1 fat happy clan lor ulmt Inu ilu 11111114 our Tuslnz 11185 I tflx y ll nfll curcfy lncar flue reply If fluff 7 111 5,171 It 115 HC7ldf ana'115 I nr tin' fUHlf7LTf'fIU7l that lv1m1'v N5 as unc ,USUN QYUNX 121117 fbi' l707107.f 5,76 gdlflf EYKT, TCG? 11111 xlcer H1 fu as flu DZOIHIIKIIIIS ana' clear as the 5 9 15 the lmnar and spzrzt 0 our Tustzn Hzglv Anna Mav Archer 36 SYUDH H411 Our windy 1711115 1 :mm place In ufufla nc nt and study 1176 loo tfmmgfw 519. or sm en books find then our mmds get muddy 'Vcxt uc 50126 a magazzne 4nd read 10111 ront to back 5 Ct uf do not real: C Plan nzmfn 0 the ffsxon uc C Ilen nc rc mzlznfg down the ball llmt pcrmds gone L67 lop firm' now our 1055011 5 unprepared nzl lveour U And 51111 ll I5 a me la' pfafc In ufnflv nc CIITCUHI and sd 'Utfnoulgll the fvssunx go 1u1a'0r1e nxt asl or lnfp nncn down ana' out 1,715 room Ill nc er orget Barbara Ixzsfr mlarjorze Kemon 36 I 2 i ! v W I J r A 4 5 k ' 1 1 4 , Ukfi , 0 ff Z .Ni C, ' V ' ' k 1 ' 1 g f 'w . , Glmff 1 "Vfr 1,7"f' ' 'G' Wvlc ' , szl, 'tu ', ' V 'I , , ,- HU , H ,. . .J Vg . 'I A H f X U T U ' , . L . U' - "S V fn' I I 'r' , ' , ' Em, 4 ' 5 1 c ' ' g ,. . I V W. 1 . I . . 1. K 7 : In C ' 'I I Y' find glraiglntnuy tlvmugfu tmulvle she always .fy 1 ,. k' ff f: ff' O , Mf 1 E . . u' f f. ' L fc - R , ,CC ' -1 f lu . fA, . . 'c'cf Q , X! -H ' , . ' 4 ' V '. IQ , - f 1, FJVA . '. . A A ' I F , A, f f J ' ' f f la le. i ' -l I A v 1 - 1 yn, f ny 1 AQ, ff' db ,Q L, V-'fm If S" . ,flu "F" fl I t. s 1. I I v V. . , 0 , I 'V 6 xy - I , I , , 1 ,f ' . f 'f , AUDION The Freshman Class TOP ROW Sam Marchanl' Cleo Sfone Domlmc Erramuspe Glen Wnley Claude Mellon Hurshel Parnell Warren Schooley Lewus Wlllbrandf Charles Mueller Hldeo Mera Drennan Ahern Harold Maflhews Joe Slmrngfon Hugh Plumb Richard Phrllups SECOND ROW Florence Buchhelm Tamako Kalhara Viola Lmkey Elnzabelh Rool Anna May Archer Fred Brock Howard Sanders Paul Marhn Orln Smllh Rrchard Nlsson Barbara Jemson Ellzabelh McKnnley Evangeline Plely Merle Swlngle Mary Keahy Emd Benlon Genevieve Kang Phyllis Smulh Dorolhy Thompson Lorrame Eckles Ilene Marshall THIRD ROW Irene Swann Mollne Swann Yaeko Okubo Marlone Kenyon Elame McReyno ds Helen Parry Eleanor Cogan Marlan Baxfer Barbara Kuser Emerald Cardlel Hazel Brown Pearl Worlhy Dorolhy Lamb Marne Reed Zelma Marshall Laura Boyd Alma Wrlluams Helen Collms Consfance Lobo Mary Pafford Grace Changala Beverly Blshop FOURTH ROW Barbara Reed June Storey Rena Hurley Arlhena Adams Gene Murray Manan Murray Deonlsia Cardrel Maxine Smllh Beverly Wilbur June Wilson Marlorle Blakeney Lucllle Shaw Maxme Haynes Vnrglma Penqulle FIFTH ROW George Riddell Frank Mlfchell Don Kennedy Herberf Walker Donn Har? Lesler Bowman Roberf Pankey Leo Crawford Harry Brown Douglas Leonard Charles .ludkrns Bradford Collnns Edward Bnslow Edgar Cox Joe Groly BOTTOM ROW Wllham MacArthur Merrlll Allrson Lewns Tadlock Roberf Mllllngs Onn Robbms Merle Worthy Wnlluam Schlosser Day Tawney Davnd Day Roberl Thompson James Thompson Kennelh Nosler Roy Seeman Mlllord Dahl CLASS OFFICERS George Riddell Presndenl Roberl Pankey Treasurer June Slorey Secrelary Leo Crawford and Deomsna Cardlel Yell Leaders Lesler Bowman Audlon Represenlahve Class Advnsers Mass Emma B Hueld Mr Charles Brlsco I-IE CLASS ol 36 composed of one hundred rhnrly sux sludenls enlered Tushn lull ol hope and delermxnahon They were ready +0 do lheur parl an malong lhe school lhe besl' rn lhe counlry Allhough delealed In 'rhe saclc rush by lheur opponenls The sophomores lhey came oul' of nl' wrlh a repulallon of good sporlsmanshlp The class meehngs held for lhe purpose of elechng class ofhcers were carried oul' In orderly slyle by lhe lemporary chairmen George Ruddell was eleclecl presldenl for lhe fnrsl' semesler wulh Charles Mueller as vlce presndenl Of lhe one hundred 'rhlrly sux freshmen lorly fave were from Laguna 'ren from lrvlne seven from EI Toro lorly lhree from Tushn and seven from varlous olher places Three gurls and lhree boys won places on lhe honor roll lhe hrsr quarler Ten freshmen boys were members of lhe Boys Glee Club Wllh hugh hopes 'rhe freshmen class slrove lor a grealer slandung un 'lhe Tushn l-lugh School I3 14733 I T FUI-4 U77Ul'1'IZ7Uj:-v-1 I' -- -. .- .a "' I . 0 I n N ' . 5' C . .1 , - ."5 2.5 Z' - 522525 I.-,. .' '- , ' 5,7555 -- . . . 252535 .- " I . . H5525 -- ' ,- ,-25552 , '- ' . , :.:5: . .-. .- - use - ., 3 . , 0 .- 3 - 1-- , 'g 2- t-. l ' , ' '- I ' Q. - '- ' ...... 'I. T be A A 7 Alf fee D sssss -sigh AUDION 'I933 A-sei e e 3 3 u H11-I Varsity Football I-IE varsuTy TooToall Team oT I932, alThough one oT The heavuesT TasTesT and poTen Tually sTronges un The chron cles oT The school husTory suTTered almosT an exacT repluca oT The unTorTunaTe pasT season Thus years eleven was a TughTung sTrong group buT Ta led To huT uTs sTr de The comparaTuvely shorT Tume Nhuch hedges un The TooTbaIl season Unluke gruduror Teams oT prevuous seasons Thus years pugskun eleven losT The games by close TughT scores hardly bow ng To uTs opponenTs Th year s club losT Tuve oT Theur league games Tued The season opener and closed umpress uvely by rouTung NewporT Harbor TusTun O Downey O The unexperuenced TusTun Tearn ouTgauned a much smaller Downey squad un The openuno Tray oT The season aT Downey The TusTun oTTense TuncTuoned smooThly buT lacked The scorung punch aT The opporTune Tume Thus wcs no a league game buT uT has been played every season unTul uT has become a Tradu Tuon beTween The Two schools TusTun 6 Garden Grove I3 A sensaT onal backfueld coupled wuTh an eTTucuenT lune Trupped TusTun un The league opener aT home A pass Tued The score Tor TusTun un The second quarTer aTTer The ArgonauTs had scored un The TursT quarTer AnoTher pass un The Tunal peruod won The game Tor Garden Grove The game was very close and exceedungly well conTesTed Trom The sTarTung whusTIe Several Tumes durung The game The Farmers knocked aT The ArgonauT goal lune buT lacked The punch To cross uT TusTun O Anaheum I3 A shorT bobbung pass demoraluzed The TusTun eleven un The game agaunsT whaT Turned ouT To be The champuon ColonusTs The Farmers ToughT hard buT made very Tew yards The ColonusT eleven was very powerTuI and held every Farmer ThrusT un check A scorung and deTensuve machune well deservung The champuonshup made up a well balanced Team TusTun O Orange I3 Orange scored Twuce un The second quarTer on a lengThy druve and a long run TusTun s passes worked nucely buT They Tauled To go when The Team approached The goal The Colemen worked hard To wuru The game buT dud well To hold The PanThers To a low score TusTun 6 Brea Olunda I3 FughTung mad and sTungung Trom Tormer deTeaTs The Tullers almosT upseT The apple carT To wun Trom The runner up Team To The pennanT TuTIe ATTer leadung Tor mosT of The game as a resuIT oT an unTercepTed Brea pass a lasT half rally mpped TusTuns hopes A pass and a reTurn oT a punT made The B ea scores TusTun O I'TunTungTon Beach 6 I'IuTTur-g Theur sTrude and playung TasT smarT TooTball The Ranchers almosT compensaTed Tor Theur varuous losses Thus game one oT The besT played by The Farmers Thus season was a scoreless Tue Tor Three quarTers The Oulers Tunally made a Touchdown aTTer a scorung druve TusTun 20 NewporT Harbor 7 Runnung wuld un The lasT game TusTun was The compleTe masTer oT The younger Saulors scorung easuly AlmosT all The players saw acTuon un Thus game Headwork blockung and unTerTereruce were all nearly perTecT un Thus wund up conTesT V2-S55 an EI' Q 'SHPE f' I4 M . u I V , 1 I '- T ' + ' . Q I ' T ' . N . h I . X , . . ' 2 I V I yn . . X . . 1 , .V . u u Tu . . , u , I . I9 , . . . . Y I T I . . I . . . . . , , , . u L I 1 I. . - - I , . X - . I . . . . , . . . , . . - u , . . . . . . - . - - I T ' I . u Y' . - - . u - u , . I ' I , . - . . ,L a f I Q . F T I . W I ,u -,B n I - -. , , u so s 14, g .N u 3 - lu I .,-v ,',9', ,, TQ, N X " vlul u , V se , .- If Q,-:un -be .4 Hu XINM1-uk, i ff ,n fu-,glbu l wuu 'Hmm " fxxblflk lllh-ll v- uuuwimu lll """'T"' ..u I ., ulxlfkrgll' u3ju'q.uu"y1,'. Null Nu 'r 6, l l l I T T s A U D I Q N f? 1 aaiiir S aaaflxa or ff YZ?" . eff-- THESQUAD TOP ROW Lefi ro rlghf Alllson half Arneff half Bell Iackle Bronner cenfer Brown rackle Cavallu end SECOND ROW Crumley half DeBrouwer guard Duamond guard Francis quar+er half Hayes full Howard ha THIRD ROW Kuser half H Mclnreer full T Mclnfeer manager Coach BII Cole McMuchaeI end Nrsson and FIFTH ROW Seacord guard half Shne'ds guard Sheperd fackle Snmmgkan guard Smnfh guard Wrlson guard SIXTH ROW Spray cenfer Summerseh +ackIe Teier end Wafson manager Whnre end Spangler end Young and 1933 PHI-I g7Ujr-11 T' ,a O C :H I -1 ' 1 I 7' ' - au- .. I I 2 U 1, . I m . 9: - . n- - Y' n .. ' : I .. QI 1 . . .g .. . 2 1, . m - .. Q., in I .. - .C m . - 1 fl . I .. " 'U - .. m - -1 f . " n 0 I . -f 4, 1 . .1 -u - fs Q .. 2. .. -: . 0 ,, : .. a. ' .iq ' n ':' .. 3' - Q . Q, .. ."' " . . ' n : 3 . n. I 5 .. o .. " In n -. -In - .. ' . 'Z I . n -- I I - P . . U1 :TA A Ale, 4 wmmgwjsw r-r-11-I AUDION B and C Football BEE FOOTBALL The Tusfnn nnfermeduafe feam sfarfed Ihe season under fuII sfeam wnfh no refurnang Ieffermen and nnne ensugn winners from Iasf years champuon Cee squad They waded fhrough Garden Grove I2 O IU The fursf game wufh a Iughf defense Anahesm solved Tushn s rugged defense I2 O In fhe nexf game They also suffered sef backs from Orange I3 6 Brea Ohnda I8 O and Newporf I-Iarbor I4 I3 The Bees smashed fhe I-Iunfungfon Beach Onlers I2 7 fnnlshlng hed for fourfh pIace Mr Roberf Korff Bee coach sfafed fhaf he fhoughf fhe Bee feam showed excephonaI flghf cIoseIy confeshng all games BEE SCORES Tushn Tushn Tushn Tushn Tusfln Garden Grove O Anahenm I Orange I Brea Ohnda I Newporf Harbor CEE FOOTBALL The Cees faughf by Coach Ernesf Byrne ended up In fhe ceIIar of fhe Orange League The nnexpernenced babes of Tushn suffered defeaf affer defeaf fhus season buf managed fo he fhe Garden Grove 'ughfues 6 6 Tushn Tushn Tushn Tusfnn Tushn Tusfm I6 CEE SCORES Garden Grove 6 Anahenm Orange Brea Ohnda Hunflngfon Beach Newporf Harbor DR RAITT Looking for all fhe worId Iuke a full ack humself Dr G Emmeff Rauff school physucnan us a famnl ar sughf on The players bench af every foofball game WI+h has bag af has snde he sufs nn readiness fo dash ouf onfo I'he fleld af fhe shghfesf mdncafuon of mishap or unlury whefher fo a member of our own or fhe vusnfmg feam A+ fhe begnnnnng of fhe sporfs season all candndafes for fhe feams bofh boys and gurIs are given a fhorough physlcaI examnnafuon by Dr Rauff fo defermnne fhenr fufness fo enfer safeIy Info rigorous exercnse Lafer every sfud enf In schooI us Irkewuse checked up 1933 11+ Mae eeelaf ee as 3 I II 'I 5 . . . . . I ' ' - ' . - I . I . I I ' I2 ..........,.. ...... ' O ..............,.......... ' 2 ' 6 .................,.,...... 3 ' O ...................... - I 8 Tusfin I2 ...,.... ........ I-I unfingfon Beach 7 ' I3 .,.,,....,........ I4 ' 6 ..,...........,,.... ' O ......................... ' 47 I O .......,......,........... I3 ' 7 ,..,..,..........,.... - ' 38 ' O .,.....,......... ' I3 ' 7 .................. I3 . . lb 'A U D I Q Nr f ?- T, 1 , , 'Tgi+2,f25"i , , - Qi' -- if 'IST33 'l l, BEE TEAM TOP ROW Roberf Korff coach Charles Forbes Merle Grusef Wnllard Slearns Lvle Baker Wesley Ulruch Curhs Burns Graham Hudson Paul Brock FRONT ROW Floyd Horlon Loren Page John Sauers Bob Forbes ack Runnells CEE TEAM TOP ROW John Haskell wafer boy Harry Sfarley Waller DeBrouwer Paul Marhn Reber? Larfm James Thompson Kenrh Tanflmger Er le Byr e coach SECOND ROW Louns Wullbrandl' Harold Marfhews Hudeo Mere Eugene Chlflenden Roberl Peacock Louns Tadlock Edsel Bnerbower FRONT ROW Ernest Kerr Warren Schooley Donald Holford Merle Worlhy Charles Mueller W , l T l A l l l l l l l l . 1 4 l X iii y Ed BrisfowTMinoru Kusuda. SECOND ROW-Edgar Cox, Billf Backman, Herbert-Walker, 'James Sherman: I . l. ",,n.,, :PI l' ' - .'. I" 'I . - - - l7 1933 AUDION Girls Basketball N unusually keen compeTuTuon was TelT Thus year beTwee The gurls baskeTball Teams Leadung up To The nughT game Two unTerclass rounds were held The uunuors Took The TursT round wunnung The TursT uunuor senuor game by one pounT The maun evenT oT The gurls baskeTball season The nughT games whuch were held Thus year on November TenTh To decude The champuonshup was looked Torward To by The whole school and The large crowd whuch aTTended was auduence To a TasT and Thrullung game beTween The uunuors and senuors ATTer a hard baTTle The senuors won over The lunuors ThurTeen To Ten and The sophomores over The Treshmen ThurTy Tour To eughT Playday was held aT FullerTo'u on November TuTTeenTh and sevenTeenTh The uunuors were unTorTunaTe unasmuch oS nearly one halT oT Theur Team was ull wuTh The Tlu and were unable To go To playoay The senuor Team was The only one whuch came home vucToruou They won over The HunTu'ugTon Beach senuors ThurTy one To TwenTy Two The lunuor were beaTen by The lunuors of Orange Twelve To ThurTy one The sophomores held The sophomore Team Trorn NewporT To a nuneTeen To nuneTeen Tue and The Treshmen Team was deTeaTed by The Orange Treshmen eughT To TwenTy Three The Iunuors new suuTs of brown and or ange added color To The games wuTh The senuors wearung Theur green suuTs oT lasT year The sophomores and Treshmen have colored blouses and can look Torward To Tull colored suuTs when They b come upper classmen Muss Yocum and Muss Maxson wull meruT a greaT deal out creduT Tor coachung The Teams Tor They worked hard Tryung To produce Teamwork Muss Yocum coached Th uunuo s and senuors and Muss Maxson The freshmen and sophomores Because oT The large TurnouT Tor pracTuce Thus year each class was able To have a second Team also The senuors were champuons oT The second Teams round oT games ln adduTuon To The regular unTerclass games Two nughT encounTers were held wuTh The women s nughT gym class Team The school Team playung un These games was composed oT members oT boTh The uunuor and senuor suxes buT despuTe The naTural ruvalry beTween The Two classes The Team worked wuTh cooperaTuon ThroughouT boTh encounTers The lasT game was held aTTer hockey pracTuce had begun and The sTamuna oT The sTudenTs Team showed marked umprovemenT The lune ups Tor The Teams were as Tollows Top Row senuors Muruel LamberT Rachel Weaver BeTTy Cook Claudua Tumlunson RuTh Woodward BoTTom Row GerTrude Mangold Marlorue Hund CaTh erune Pence YeTuve Blank Tow Row uunuors Eleanor Leuhy Helen Furgason Vurgunua Lawrence BoTTom Row EluzabeTh Wassum Irene Lawrence Joyce Brown BeTTy Perrun Top Row sopnomores Lo ene Krahnke Madelune DeBrouwer Eunuce LaBrow Helen Marshall BoTTom Row MargareT Peacock Thelma Dulls Deldee MuckelwauT Beverly BenneTT Top Row Treshmen Barbara Kuser Laura Boyd Enud BenTon Merle Swungle Maruan BaxTer BoTTom Row Deonusua Carduel Elaune McReynolds Vurgunua Car son, Helen Parry I 8 ' 9 . -l v l- I 4: ' .. .' '- ' I .I '... . i u' u-f T ' . T 3 ,f . u' u-4 . T ALIDICINI 1933 I 9 T H E F A I2 M E I2 S I M II II I I 1933 AUDION Muslcal Organizations THE emrs eras cLus The Gurls Glee Club ol IO33 has been parhcularly oulslandmg lor ITS whole hearled enlhusIasm and helpfulness In aIdIng sludenl body GCTIVITISS Throughoul The year Il has aIded lhe school wIlh VGFIOUS programs and benehl enlerlammenls Durnng Chrnslmas week an assembly program was guven by lhe combIned glee clubs and vocal class The I-Iallelulah Chorus was repealed as In 'rhe precedung year Chnsrmas carols were Iomed In by lhe enlnre sludenl body Annually an operella IS presenled The club GSSISTS In malcwng Baccalaureale and Gradualnon beauhlul and ImpressIve wulh selecluons of songs They are called on lo enlerlaun al' P T A meelungs school assemblues and programs and oulsnde allanrs TheIr socxal GCTIVITISS consIsl' ol a luncheon gnven each monlh Al lhe end ol each year The combnned boys and grls glee clubs hold a luncheon MIss Madge Slephens leacher and dIreclor has al all hmes been wulnng lo cooperale wnlh lhe school In preparnng programs TOP ROW-June WIlson Alene Coleman Marnan Carson Irene Lawrence Dons Pnce Audrey PIeper Molene Swann Eslher Jauregul SECOND ROW Rulh Johnson LoIs KIser MadelIne McKnIgh'l Wmrfred Bouchard Lols Murray Naorm Harrns Grace Thomas MIss Madge Slephens darecfor Ida Marne Swarlz Marlorue Blakeney THIRD ROW Bertha Belle Smnfh Eluzabelh Wassum Muldred Cowan Alla Mae Teler Rulh Cawlhon CIaudIne KIdd Evangelme PIe?y Merle Swmgle EnId Benlon VIrgInIa PenquIIe Beverly BIs'1op FOURTH ROW Donna Marne Reed TH E ORCH ESTRA For Tushn l-hgh School sludenls expressIon IS gIven lo famous musvcal lalenls lhrough lhe orcheslra The performers on lhe slnnged and wInd Inslrumenls who could now have lhe opporlumly lo play alone can lnnd on oullel lor +heIr lalenls IH combmahon wIlh olhers Thar lhls nas proved 'lo be a suc ess In she advancemenl o lhe musIcal educaluon lor lhe members ol lhe orcheslra IS due ro lhe splendId cooperahon belween lhe players and lheur comoelenl leader Mnss Mary McVey They gave excellenl prools ol lheIr slcIlI al 'lhe Iunvor play and rendered a perlorm ance hnghly aooreclaled by lheIr audIence al lhe operella TOP ROW Dorofhy Doughly Audrey Preper Arden Murray LorraIne Ebel Rrchard Showalrer John Haskell PhIl Homer Roberf Thompson Ralph Kudd MIss Mary McVey durecfor FRONT ROW Genevxeve Bowen LoIs Alsfof Emery Hubbard Harold Curry Donald Grlsel Bruce Mayhugh Kennelh Nosler James Thompson THE BOYS GLEE CLUB I lhmlc lhe Boys Glee Club of lhns year has accomplmshed more and has been more achve lhan any Glee Club we have had here lor a Iong lume Thal IS whal MIss Madge Slephens head of Tushn l-ugh s musuc deparlmenl and dlreclor ol lhe Glee Clubs sand of lhIs years Boys Glee Club As In lhe pasl pol luclc leeds were held every monlh and acfordlrg lo MISS Slephens Inleresl In lhem seemed lo grow al each luncheon The unnlorms whI're swealers and whIle panls were purchased by lhe school lhus year whIch has never been done belcre bul lor whIch Muss Slephens has been worlnng lor a long hme TOP ROW Cleo Slone Lesler Bowman Edsel Brerbower Warren Schooley BIII Cook Harold Mallhews Roberl Pankey DIck PhIllIps Don Holford SECOND ROW MIHOTU Kusuda Roy Yorba Lewus Wrllbrandf Hugh Plumb Edgar Pankey Dean FrancIs Ernesl' Arnell James Sherman George P6dIBS THIRD ROW Ruchard Showalfer Franklnn McMIchael Ellsworlh Teler Robert Spray Ralph Eades Wyall Hawley Nelson Rogers Gerald Weslon MIss Madge Slephens dIreclor FRONT ROW PhIl Homer Loren Page Orm Srmlh John Sauers Donald Brown Marhn Jones John Marshall RIchard WhI1e DavId Day I o l I I I 1 I Q I I . , Boolh, Lloyd Sievers, Vlolef Chrislensen: Irene Swain,' Lucy Ahern, Rose Lo Porlo, Dorolhy Mellon, Helen Furgason, . . . I . . C . 4 I . . . . I I ' ' I ' - . ' - III - I - I - I 20 - - - AUD Ofx. Q 9569 QB Q 'Q' Q if T71 g'f.t4fjff'L,1m'fLfJ'Lf:M' 4 .x YO Lil OJ PHI-4 ZWDW1 Q H. A Q j vi! E X I - V -Q, . Y . L ,, . ' f -, fs! ' I A 'E' X - 9 . h, A 1 f Q "'T . ' b A M sexi -L f J! . Q4 ' V 'w , P- ' s P, m AP - N fl 4 X ' Kg., ,, ' .0 'W W 1 A . . nl 'A Al ns XA h K r- Cx ' 7 IFQQJ, I XM ' ' V I I N Y .. X , V , F f , . . ,IL , L xx 121. I - ev 'f h M 4, K- W Vx 1 , N' , g I' J. ' 'A J, X - il., ' f4x " ' , - f ' y I A ' "' .. I .A 5, pe ff: 4 4 XL. 3 4 ' X I 'R - , 1 , I F W . I . . V M NY , Q A' ' ' " " ' A' Afjmli gnygf-11 Llp ALTLA AMAA Q ' M AA 1933 AUDION Lair C H ns ff gpg In Hayes -fy e J -Donald .Bran Kfifg Cobb Y so Y. P0111 'D.,.'Br Mmfylellc Slrernlu Z UI. an-I Sill: Y Ch ri-sksf MQCWK M5344 'DenG'rTas1f fl N! NM w H' l : IN DAYS GONE BY Mzxme, Hazen Lscsl 'Boo se.-9 Mgqgrh Kngg 22 1 1 --' W' 4' W- Y --ii' , ,T gy' "4 'iwjg 'Y YY, i I A A "'A Q izg 1 Q5 , , 1, rr . , gf, ,y a i 7, , Q J-U, i xl "' ' "' U c In l ,L ' I if T i ,E o e ff A WW' F , A 1 R is . g M -'sm Q X E, K ., 4 f- s E 1 , ' R .A 1 . 5 l - A N .M n. 2 ocun .1,- . s-is . 5352 z , I ' i e .' . ' n. W5 h K' ' NN. A ,f ' ' z V W in I . n e epl epl Sepl Sepl Sepl Sepl' Ocl' Ocl Ocl Oc Nov Nov Nov Nov Nov Nov Nov Nov Nov Nov Nov Nov The Year So Far Sep+ember nune fo November 'rwenly four Reg slrahon day Everyone greehng everyone else l.o+s ol new sluden s Freshnes no ooubl Schoo slarrs Ev ryone glad 7 lo gel baclc lo lhe old grlnd Ereshnes dumb bul lhals nolhund nevx Everyone changrng has schedule Ereshues worse lhan usual They II learn Presldenl Cha les K ser preslded over hrs? Sludenl Body meehng Plans made lor Fresh e Recephoh Beware Freshlesl Freshman Recephon Ereshues were well welcomeo n proper sye Good sporls lhese Freshues Box Socnal pul on by Audson Slall Lols ol lun Everyone enloyed ul Prachce game a+ Downey Scoreless he Beller Iuclc nexl hme Eoolball here wulh Garden Grove I. agaln I3 6 Nol so bad so good Junior Pay Assembly The Kel and The Kanary Bond Spoolcs n every lhlng Eoolball al Anahe m They won I7 O Oh well' We re shll roolung for you leaml Freshmen elecl class oll cers George Rlddell s pres denl Eoolball here wulh Orarge They won I36 We cul up a good fgI'r Assembly lallc by Doclor Weslcoll Very unlereshng Eoolball game al Brea Oll da We came oul on lhe small end o a I3 6 score Spanlsn Clup luncheon uy paeno S Sl sen Assembly slcul Tor Oh Kay BAYSIGFIOUS I+ plays havoc wllh characlers Play prornlses lo be oooo Eoolball here wrlh Elanhnglon Beach They won 60 Well do beller nexl lime Junuor Play Oh Kay E Panlcey and lvl Gowan have leads Good play Enloyed by all 9 O uarlerly lesls Everyone forgels everylhlng he ever lnnew 24 Eoolball here wnlh Newporl I-Iarbor We won 20 7 Beller Iale lhan never Gnrls nrgh+ baslcelball games Senrors and sophs vnclonous Vacahon Arrnnshce Day Parenls Vnsuhng Day Broadcasler Slalf presenls Copy lor assembly Grls I-II Jnnlcs Good prograrr Everyone enloyed herself T U I-I S delegales go lo Press Convenhon al' Los Angeles I-Iugh School Delegales also go lo G A E Convenhon al Pasadena Mass Bealruce Woodward gave a lallc on heallh Told us how 'ro avoxd having 'ruberculos s Eoolball Banguel G A A pledges pul on very unlereshng program Engoyable hrne had by every one who allended Coaches Byrne and lforff enlerla n leams al dinner an Irvnne Parlc 27 Thanlcsglvung Vacahon Eve yo e erqoyeo nlmsell eahng lurlcey 23 DP C C Q .Z 3 on co WI-I U17Ur'rni7Uja-r-I GI S pl. 9- I ' . .' I . 4. smze 1' 1.3 '. ' s .l3- ' ' ' ' '. ' . ' . I .I4- ' f 1 ' ' ' . 1 , ' I. , ' . I na- j . ' - W Is + I . I .22- ' I . . ' A I .235 ' . A ' . I . 7- ' , . osl ', -. 'nor . 13- ' I , A . ' ,' 1 W . 14- f' 1 . X , ,-. . ' ' ' od. 20- ' ' I 2 . " 1 1 .. I. ZI- ' ' I . y , - , I .' anyway. oe, 27- I I . ' ' . Ocl. 28- f A 'n . T ,2e,A" I' .M 'I , if. or, . 4- ,I ' T ". . I F. ' . .I -Q' . ' . I no- ' A . , -. . .une ' . ' ' I -. ' ' . 17- . ma- 1 ' ' . .Q ' I . . 19- .... ' ' . .22- ' T' I I' ' . ' ' .23- .Q . . , ' ' . 1935 ALDION SOIJUNF 31 11 'L 1 I1 ft 111111t111g 11 47 LL 111 ff rum 1 1 1 1 ' 11 1 1 1 11111 fm 11 111711 1 HL! IN L 11 1111 I 1111 1 1 H1111 11 11 11 1 1111 1 f III 111711 I11 11 '1 111 5 I? 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XII ' N11 :.f1.'1171 11 zff pr cfzr' H11' f111vl 11-1: 5111 1f 1:11 f ' T t"1,11' 1'f11'1'f1. 11' fcff 111'11'11f1l1'. fit it 1,11 mxk H p,f111'f1 1'111j1'1111fv LsT:x7VT 1111111111 111 ' ' , 5 71 E 1ff fm 51'f11111f 1 'ffm 1 l' of tfn' 1'1,111'1'vf r1'1'!f11' :ff 1,1111 ,715 1 1 lf' wwf 'l7iL'!7 F 111 f1!1"11, 111771 1 rvlgf f,7l, A 11 f. f ' F 1111- A 1111 111," 1'11111111'f1111 11 511 "wr-f111 1111 15 , 1711, R A1711 1 I." Ifbx' , f KA 111111111 111111. f'11I 11f1'11 lf11' .1'1'1'1111cf 51111 f11ru'111a' F 11111 M11 111A f1.1111111'1'f. 'l'l11' 1'f1:f,f uf 1111- F2 f11 f1'11f11111' f11' 1'1'f 19- ' 11' ' f S nf 1f1' big' JI1 12' ' ' 1111, ' ,J H11' 17,111111'r,1" 1111 ', I I' fu 111 In , ' 1" uf fc A fl' 11f,f 11f f -11 'l11l 1 A1111 111- 1.1. . 11' f7'V7I1 f11' 14 Q of '1 'f1 1 1 n'f1fe., ' Tf111 ,', lk 1 ,. 'Af' 1l- z J 'rift ' 1 1. ll'-Y 1 1 cry, ,re up- .1'11' f, 1 P1rj1f11 11 Y' . f' 11' fv 6 1,111 ' 11111 111 it1111. Tl " J " I um 111 1lq'1 f1' 111 f1z1,r11'111 1111 f11' V TY of fl'7' 111If.111k:'7'i 11X 11 'lf lf' 1 11765. 'H11' 11111 V215 fun' f11'1'11 111 1j1f't1'1f. 11 AML 'I 1 1 1 AUDION l l "Wi: il f' 'riiiigj Y W , "'5 f ll! l2ig7fili14,,,,,l A U D l 0 N Tustin Union Hugh School Campus ADE mor beauhlul This year by bordering of pune +rees on +he held and Improved by lhe adduhon 'fo 'rhe mam buuldnng lhe campus has formed 'rhe oleasanf background 'ro many days of school Isle Exfendung ofer an area of +wen+y acres The campus f Tushn Unnon Hugh School will be remembered by +he sludenfs as 'rhe place where lhe hours of you+h were spenf nn labor sporl and pleasure r X. , , l Q 4 r l ' j l T H b E F , A . R M E . X R S ! l I I i G A. . . . 1 M , y . u. , u r y ' . ' N , o 1 . l I I l . l l ll, lf UE ll l 26 - - - ill ll AUDION Message From The Vice Principal LL +ha+ a rnan honesHy sfnves fo be as weH as wha? he achueves defermmes has worH1 declared +he poef Roberf Brown :ng A+ mhod some may enflun mumc some m ad some n mechamcs some In househofd arfs some ID sporis ofhers nn fhe academ c s+udles Buf only +hose who earnesfly fry fo reach a goal unwprovlrg over each prevnous record are +nHy reachnng a sfandard 1933 ITII-4 g7Ujr'r1 1 1 5 I p w 4 1 d 1 ' U A - W l 'l933a4s-mee ef me S- S as ..:AuDI0Ne rl The Audlon l AUDION STAFF TOT ROW Marlorre Gowan Junror Edrtor James Parker Wrlson Alumnr Editor Marrorre Hand Sensor Edrtor Lester Bowman Freshman Edrtor Helen Marshall Sophomore Edrtor SECOND ROW Norman Watson Boys Sport Edrtor Mrldred Ware Edrtorrn Chnef Jullan Hayes Busrness Manager Claudra Tumlrnson Assrstant Edrtor THIRD ROW Ida Alderman Calendar Charles Krser Photography Editor Katt-errne Cook Grrls Sport Edltor Robet Adams Assrstant Busrness Manager BOTTOM ROW Howard Wnlson Art Edrtor Mrss Grace Shults Advrser Wr'Iard Stearns Assrstant Photography Edrtor Maxrne Storey .aocnety Editor Edgar Pankey Crrcul tron Manager 28 ll il T l-l E F A R lvl E I2 S 'l V l lr Nl l l ll rl l l A U D I O Njg,ii"i'i"' ' "7" Qfsfillil' -, s, lie, "TA ""' 7 'nil The Broadcaster BROADCASTER STAFF TOP ROW Marlorre Gowan reporter Harold Curry reporter Ruth Johnson reporter Mary Hrnchman reporter Carl Blaylock reporter Paul Benton reporter SECOND ROW Mary Belle Sherrdan Girls Sports Il Semester Arthur Nnsson Assrstant Busrness Manager II Semester Stanley Wnlson Exchange I Assnstunt Edrtor II Carl Allnson Assrstant Edrtor II Semester Wrllard Stearns Boys Sports II Semester THIRD ROW Advrser Norman Watson Edltornn Chref I Semester Edgar Pankey Business Manager I Semester FOURTH ROW Joyce Brown Grrls Sports I Semester Francis Gnlbert Busrness Manager II Semester Juluan Hayes Assocrate Edrtor I Semester George Bronner B.: mess Manager I and II Yetlve Blank Curculatlon Il Semester FIFTH ROW Peter Plumb Exchange II Semester Ida Grrtfrth Feature Edntor II Semester Caro Cogan Feature Edrtor I Semester Mrldred Ware Clrculatuon Manager I Semester Robert Adams reporter BOTTOM ROW Norman Mennes reporter Eleanor Lerhy reporter Janet Sampson reporter Jeanne Purpus reporter Audrey Preper reporter Robert Smnth reporter 9 1933 I l l l ITII-4 g7Ujw11 0 , :' .' W '1 . 'I 0 ..m ' EL ur U -2 .. I I as . 0 , , I . . .A- I . 3 .. ' .' 1 J' . - .W . . - ,Q .. .. -V 'B . 0 ' . .. . -. s 'll' .'I A' .. I Z' ' - 2 .. 5- . ' ' 0 ' A UW - - .. vw. 0" . ---3 - Z4 -, . . . - J, .. , 3 . m ' " 2 . E, -. 0 .. .. ., m. ,. o. .. , I . . 0 l ..-I 1 I 5- m o.. . 2 . . .- 0 gl . - ' O . ' 2: N .nr -... I . , -' I : I 3 - . , r I -I I , - -. T ro 2 . . .. P-I . . A S SS'FTS'fS'S- '4'uf4S fha, 4- aaasascfypgw-l -- A Mft M 1933 AUDION "'?lM-mf-. ily Q arm 61-117101 Qrw,. F CA lx-rs Sm: UQ rgJ Wlilaes 'P T' " ' V i J I ' ' , i . Q Ida r gr . T A H -' ' E ,V F A R M E I R P S J , ' ofa-nrj F 7 Wi ' . 4 - q - 1 at xy V' A Fht am V X 1. A . r k "A U D I Q -Q H ' ' ' ,y1fijfT'1?f1,,fe ,,,Q"fffffff- The Sophomores SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Bruce Mayhugh Presldenf Jeff Rnchards Ellsworlh Teler Vnce Pres denl Marqarel Peacock Bob Peacock Treasurer Bob Forbes Charlofle Colby Secretary Eloise Walker Seargenl al Arms Dean Francus Class Advlsers Mnss Polly Maxson Mr Ernesl Byrne HIS year, 'rhe sophomores compleled a very happy and successful year al Tushn Hugh School They slarled lhns year by elechng Mr Ernesl' Byrne and Miss Polly Maxson for lhe class advnsers ano Bruce Mayhuqh for class presudenl They emerged vlclorrous from lhe annual sackrush early In lhe school year and helped make money by sellnng candy Laler lhey helped show lhe freshmen whal hugh school was luke by means of lhe Freshman Recephon The sophomore class chose lo go for lhe class pncmc lo lce House Canyon where everyone had a fune hme Sophomore boys who recenved varsuly loolball lellers were Roberl Spray Jeff Rvcharcls Franklun McMlchael Bull Shlelds Dean Francns and Ellsworlh Teler One of lhe boys Dean Francns was admnlled 'ro 'rhe Clnp They were also well repre senled an lhe Honor Socuely orcheslra and Hokums where lhe mernbers held nmporl an- poslhons They have lrled lheur besl +o make Ihe school beller and a school 'ro be proud of TOP ROW ILeII fo nghrl Roberl Spray Ellsworlh Teler Franklm McMichael Dean Francis Harry Slanley Edsel Buerbower Waller DeBrouwer Charles Morns Bull Shuelds Ralph Kidd Wanlfred Bouchard Dorofhy Grlsel Carolyn Huber Selsu Yoshida Tsuyako Wafanuln Arlene Daniels SECOND ROW Glen Dlamond Donald Holford Bob Holmes Roberr Flenscher Bob Peacock Helen Marshall Eumce LaBrow Llewellyn Allen Margarel Peacock Marlorle Hullon Elolse Walker Madelme McKmghf Leora Chambers THIRD ROW Eslhar Jauregul Mr Byrne Irene Thompson Iola Ebel Jean Thurston Dons Pnce Helen Tncky Came Knmball June Balzer Mary Shepherd Berfha Belle Smulh Lorene Krahnlre Wnmfred Rlckman Madeline DeBrouwer Irene Plery Deldee Muckelwall Lnllnan Lunker Alberfa Hoover Mass Maxson FOURTH ROW Lola Truran Mary Barfholomew Marlorle Grusel Belly Boosey Thora Francis Marlorle Schooley Lols Alsrol Genevneve Bowen Beverly Bennel Grace Ellen Swarlz Vnolel Chnslensen Evelyn Read Mary Knocke Lerla Dozler Emery Hubbard Anna Sufherland Audrey Benlamm BOTTOM ROW Bully Backman Curhs Burns Roberl Lalhn Bruce Mayhuqh Donald Wafson Frank Oslrander Carl Hawkms WyaH' Hawley Munoru Kusuda Ernesl Kerr Bob Forbes Wesley Ulrnch SOPHOMORES NOT IN PICTURE Lyle Baker Carl Benson Lecnl Boosey Eugene Chnflenden Charlofle Colby Dorolhy Doughly Ralph Eades Helen Gnllespue Earl Handley Phnl Homer Asfor Harlman Floyd Horlon Mildred Lamb Vlrgmla Lmlwf John Marshall Oakes Newcomb James Rnce Jeff Richards Orvulle Sludmore Marlon Sfroup Waller Sfulsman Lowell Summersell Roberl Walkms Raymond Whnhnq Charles Forbes David Lloyd Pa? Rnley Norman Wagoner TQ33 rl ll li ll l -l ll nl l Tl ill lv ll l T l l-l I E F A . . R ' B.'. s.'.'.'.'.l,'.'. .,.,,... Q Q ...." ,..'I' . - R s u - l . 1 . ' .' ' . M - - - - T . ' i . "- ' I '- -. i U ---3l H ll N AUDICDN Clubs HOKUMS The l-lolcums Club The drarnahc organ zaTron oT TusTln under The dnrechon OT lvluss lvlay Rose Borum dramahcs lnsTrucTor held :Ts meehng Twnce a week during specual class period PanTomume and Comedua del ArTe were done and plays and shows duscussed Durnng The TursT parT oT The year The Holcums Club sponsored an lnvlTaTlonal Program Several oT The besT one acT plays were selecTed Tor Thus program and placed under sTudenT durecTuon A pounT sysTem rs used To deTermnne The awards oT a member PounTs are earned by Talcung parT1n any school acTlvnTy connecTed waTh dramahcs The Typung oT manuscrupTs wardrobe duTues play wrnhng and The dnrechng oT plays are also a means oT pornT earning When a member has recerved TwenTy Tnve po1nTs he vs enTuTled To The club pvn The maslc and guard Any addnhonal pounTs enTuTle The owner To lewels Tor The pun and guard OTTucers are elecTed semesTerly Francis Grlberl' Presndenf Elmer Osierman Maxnne Sforey Vlce Presudenf Edgar Pankey Claudia T mlmson Secrefary Grace Thomas Norman Wafson Parlnamenfanan Ida Gruffufh THE STAGE CREW The cuTTung oT expenses by The school board hanoncapped The sTage crew Thus oT Tormer seTs as The crew was noT allowed exoenduTures Tor new maTerlals l"lowever Inasmuch as Two Thurds oT The members were exp rlenced un The work The crew made The mosToT1Tshandrcap The crew under The dlrechon of lvlr Charles C Brlsco meT during The specnal class perlod Worlc on Tne produchons was done aT Thrs Tame beTore and aTTer school and aT Times ourang The day The sTage crew Thls year buulT seTs Tor The TaculTy play The Iunuor play The Iunuo pay assembly The ChrnsTmas pro gram The l-lolcums lnvuTaTuonal program The sensor play The Glee Club opereTTa and The drama class play THE CREW TOP ROW Rlchard Sho alfer Maffhe Truran Jack Connor Harold Ha ley MarTn Jones Arfhur Curry SECOND ROW Edgar Cox John Sauers Mr Charles Brnsco fechmcal dlrecfor Vernon Comer John Daniels SPANISH CLUB Carl Alllson Presldenf PeTer Plumb Davud Fornev Vice Presldenf Loss Kuser Hazelbelle Comer SecreTary and Treasurer Maxme Sforey The purpose oT The Spanlsh Club rs Tor muTual enTerTarnmenT and The cr ahon oT enThusuasm and nnTeresT n Spanlsh Perhaps The prurne mohve us The encourage menT OT conversahon un ThaT language AT The luncheons which are gnven abouT every sux weelcs he members Try To creaTe The Spanish aTmosphe e by The conversa Tron food and programs Occaslonally an ouTsuoe soealcer g ves a shorT Tall: abou subIecTs connecTed w:Th Spanrsh AT Th end oT The year The Thlrd year sTudenTs usualy presenT a Spams play uslng aporoorlaT co Tumes and oroperTy I . . I . S . S I I U ' A F T . , , T year. The sTage seTTlngs Tor The dlTTerenT producTlons were builT enTIrely Trom parTs 1 . I v 9 - - ' . T . - ' . I I .I . I I . '- l . I . T . . T . . I . . I I I . I - ' w I w I I w I T I . . . I . S . , . I . . . . I I ' , T , , ' ' r - . I . . T I I re T ' f T. f 'T ' li M ' l 1: c A T I V , , c I. 3? .. - - DP C if Q Z H J X1 H U ES Lu uv rv-II-4 KRD:-v1 l '14 .' 4 ' .. - ' - 6 S4 Y-: ' ' i.7 tx I ' W" . QL 1 I in 1, 'Six . - -' f 4 V I .1 L . x 2 x , , ii, h ,X ,, ' ff " ' I'-,A I h K' in Y I ' ' I , , 1 - Q V . , 1 A " 1 R Y , . R' 1 1 W - ' 4 N4 ' 'F A 1 P ' , I 1' 4 ' ' , : V , V I, ' . 1 V -'N , LN: . ,-gvfwl i , ,I A LD7Ur'I'1 X 1933 ie, aafelri- A Q-ef "l7 flfifx um u o N Basketball UFFERING a Treak season Coach Coles varsuTy baskeTbaII squad Turned un a TughTung record buT Tauled To come up To The record seT by The champuonshup I930 and I93I guunTeTs The race was a ha+ one wuTh CapusTrano Tunally landung on Top because oT The new rulung aIThough havung The same number oT games won and losT as Orange The Farmers ouTcIassed Garden G ove 30 22 un Theur TursT league game oT The I932 season The coordunaTuon was raTher rough and boTh Teams dus played early season Torm AgaunsT Anaheum The men from TusTun were aT Theur peak The passung and Tloorwork beung nearly perTecT The score 30 33 un The besT game OT The season Tense and hugh sTrung The Purple and Gold quunTeT losT a hearT breaker To Orange Through ThaT unborn unabuIuTy oT TusTun To geT sTarTed The score was 25 I5 TusTun dropped The nexT game To Brea Olunda s WuIdcaTs aTTer Lawrence was reTured wuTh an unuury durung hus lasT hugh school game The WuIdcaTs wenT wuld un The IasT haIT To wun The varsuTy goT oTT nucely To wun The I'TunTungTon Beach game 27 I9 The whole Team cluckung smooThIy The NewporT Harbor quunTeT was beaTen 26 I8 as The Farmers rolled un easuly The Tunal game was losT To CapusTrano aTTer The Farmers had held The MussuonuTes To a I I II score un The TursT half TusTun s I933 eduTuon was Tued Tor TourTh wuTh I'IunTungTon Beach un The Tunal league sTandungs VARSITY s s A KETBALL LINEUP Coach Cole W Lmba gh E A neTf W Seacod E Tefer C Kuser T McInTeer aihlehc manager Pad as G ro e J Hayes D Fra cus N Ro e BEE BASKETBALL Thus year s Bee Team wull go down un The record books wuTh The TuTIe The TughTung Farmers AIThough Coach Byrnes hoopsTers suTTered Three seTbacks and wound up The season un Thurd place They never losT a game by more Than Tour pounTs STarT ung raTher slowly Garden Grove won The TursT league encounTer aTTer a see saw game by one pounT 2I To 20 In The nexT conTesT The uITumaTe champuons Anaheum Turned back The TusTunuTes I7 To I4 Through TusTun s unabuIuTy To huT The baskeT The weughT Team Trom TusTun eased un a 40 3I wunner over O ange un a very TasT game In The wanung seconds oT play The Tullers won a 2I To 20 Tracas Trom Brea Olunda I-IunTungTon Beach Tell beTore The boys Trom home un The lasT munuTe oT play I7 I6 wuTh greaTIy umprovcd co ordunaTuon The Purple and Gold meT Theur WaTerIoo aT The hands oT The Ne-wporT Harbor Saulors 2I I7 Tor Theur worsT deTeaT oT The season I I The Tunal whusTle Tound Anaheum Ieadung The pack wuTh sux vucTorues and one seT back I'IunTungTon Beach was second and TusTun Tued Tor Thurd wuTh NewporT I-Iarbor BEE BASKETBALL LINEUP Fo be e o By UI Fo K a Rchad D Was CEE BASKETBALL Faulung To wun games early un The season cosT TusTun s Tlashy Cee class Team Theur chance Tor The pennanT Coach Jummue Blees Tuny ToTs had IoTs oT speed and accuracy buT could noT Tund Themselves early un The season Scores TusTun I6 Garden Grove I9 TusTun I0 Anahem 23 Tus un I2 Orange 29 TusTun I5 Brea Olunda I7 TusTun I6 I-IunTungTor Beach 9 DEE BASKETBALL TusTuns mucroscopu Team walked oTT wuTh The TursT game oT The season Trom Garden Grove I3 To 8 buT was unable To repeaT uTs vucTory un The remaunung con TesTs The Team played nucely consuderung The uruerperuence T all Dee Teams volunTeered lTs coach VuncenT I-uumesTon Scores TusTun 5 Anahem 2l TusTun 7 Orange 23 TusTun TorTeuTed To Brea Olunda TusTun 9 I'IunTurgTon Beach IO 54 IIAII ' - F - . . . . , - . . - , , . i u , . r , . r , . , . ' , . , ' G. i , . B nn r, K. Dills, . , . n ' , . q rs. . Q . . - . r . l ' I T I In The Tinal game oT The year "Byrne's Bees" ran rough-shod over CapisTrano, 3I To C. . r sl J. Runnells, M. Grisef, 6. Ridd II, D. Kennedy, W. C ok, Coach rne, W. rich, B, rbes, M. usuda, J. S uers, J. E r s, . Ton. . . . X . . . . - I . - . ' It . u' g . I - .I , I r . . I I . u . .C -N - I . ' O ' . I . I - ' I j D , u 1 , I 'I ' . : . V . I A L, D L C N i 4 4 i T933 Jig fl IEW E 1: f' ,Sv Y Q M1 ' A 4, f . ,X T H E ' F A R M 3 E R 4 , S , X , X K P gl E gj , l . - I J" 1 .X A 1 l sf.. -p Q I: 1 I. II 7933 I I II FUI 5703911 I f ree Aumlom Girls' Sports voLLEYBALL Volleyball oraclfce was slarled alnnosl Irnmedlalely aller baslfelball playday. Allhough volleyball IS a mInor sporl many g rls lurned oul oul lor lhe aller school praclnce Because lhe volleyball sea on was Inlerrupled by Chrlslmas vacalIon llne gIrIs had lo worlc hard IU order lo be prepared lor prayday Pl yday lor lhe lunlors and senuors was held on January I7 a Orange Due lo lhe heavy rauns lhe sopho more and lreshrnemblayday was poslponed lrom Jan ary I9 unlIl January 27 All leams mel deleal allhough lhey played good games The semors were delealed by Grange lhe Iumors losl lo Eullerlon lhe sophomore Irsr and second learns losl lo Garden Grove and Newporl respeclIvely and lhe lreshmen were delealed by Orange The Inlerclass games were played lrom January 9 o I9 lhe L.nIors lalmng lhe champuonslnp Sensors and Jumors Top Row V rgIna Lawrence Rulh Woodward Calherlne Pence I-lelen Bennell Gerlrude Mangold MurIeI Lamberl I-lelen Eergason Second row Kvlly Coolc Lols Murray EIInor I-lnnchman Belly Coolc Muldred Ware Rulh Slulsman Marlorue I-land Yelrve Banlc Irene Lawren e Eleanor Lelhy Bollom row Yulcvye Kvlasalcu Elvzabelh Wassum Barbara Cravalh Vary I-llnchman Joyce Brown Mary Belle Snerudan Dorolhy Cranlord Barbara McCarler Sophomores and Freshmen Top row June Wulson Maruan Baxler Deonlsua CardIel EIaIne McReynoIds I-lelen Parry Lorraune Cox Laurus Adams Barbara Klser Genevleve Kung Laura Boyd Evangelme Pvely Second row Lorene Krahnlce June Balzer Evelyn Reed Vlolel Chnslensen lvladelme DeB ouwer Dorolhy Grusel Helen Marshall Lullsan Lunlcer WInIlred Bouchard End Benlon Belsu Yoshuda ThIrd row Vnrgunla Llnlcer Eunuce LaB ovx Grace Ellen Swarlz Beverly Bennell Deldee MIclceIwaIl Margarel Peacoclc Ma lorue I-lullon Mademne McKnIghl Llewellyn Allen Bol om row LucIIle Shaw WInIlred Rvclcman Arra aulherland Audrey Benlamn GIRLS SWIMMING Everf year sw m'nIro ecorn ng a more pobu r soorl 'Ihs year lhe grrls slarled oraclIcIrIo loolh ech h oerIod and aller school lor lhe brg meel whuch was neld al Sanla Ana on November rnnlh th schoos whIch parllclpaled In lhe meel were we e Eullerlon Sanla A a Anahc rn arc, Tu l In he meel he gurls enlere o e ol lwo dIvIsIons lhe no s aro e ors omprsmg lhe ubper dIvIsIon and lhe lreshmen ind sophorno lhe lower duvson I l r' l olf s c nd bl ce al lhe m l Eullerlon lIrsl and Sanla s conles s are th bac slrol4e 25 far oo row L 'I oow a nern ce e y Seey EIn I re o Bollorr Rcx WInI re lo rox vIa re I E mce La row o 1 AnahoIm lolrl The evenls In whuc e ya d brewsl slrore 25 yard oasn sudo slroke 25 yard :lash slve 50 yard dash lee slyle lhe relay and dIVl I-I nchman AJo y B 'Tl n I3 lo 36 I I, I I, I . I I . . . I . s . . I I , I - I . . I I c ' . 5 . L A I , I I . ' I I u ' , W: 1 . . X V y. , I . X . A T V ix . . 1 . . I I ' I I - -I I I I I A I I I I I , , I , c , . : , 5- I I I 'I I , . X . I . . . . I I - I I I I yl I I . I I F I I I I 3 . I . . N I II I V . . Z . . . 1 - r 'I I I Q D I . r' ' I , I' ' , I . l : ' I I ' I A I ll C I I I I - Iy ' I . I I Is b I A- I la X I. I ' I I A J Il' I4 I I I I I I I I I X, . T N . . . I . -I I . e I I r , I .n , I -I ,' II S In. I l ,l ' d n I ,I :,II Agape Q I. rea I I, I I." 7? . us'I. o e c I ee , , , I. . I . I . . I , I Ana lrnr , fro 4 n. h lh gIrI l :fe 25 r Q f I , I I ' I '., I I lc I , I fi dash lree ,I , I I I r A, If ' 'ng. I X ': uc7lle Sigel, RMI We .I ard, C l' I e Pen , B ll I , I' or I I. 're erfarnr lca Sri? I'n, Anna Sui ran . I , ' 'l d R7cIc a , au'a Ben- r, lvTa'y Hnchman. Is yce B fwn, 'I riof I-Inc J ' B . AJDIQN 1933 PHI-1 Uvmmimjr-n T7 . I A 4 44 I I i .1 k "4 N N If Kg , . X , 4 , , Av -T A , ' N"A' . ' , , U , . 5 Q I, N, M . FQ. 'Q -1. . ,L it Y' 'Arr' I , , u l I L FDI-4 I I I II, 'I 'I I AUDION Social Events Of The First Semester THE PRES:-:MAN RECEPTION Wuth Julian Hayes as master ot ceremonies and mne sensors to baclc hum up the Preshue Receptuon h Id Frudaf September I6 was acclarmed the Iuveluest and most amusmg ever helo at Tustnn Snx Japanese gurls dressed In thezr natrve costumes started the program wnth sungang In Japanese and dancing Paddling paper tights shoe scrambles tsh worms and nursmg bottles musncal numbers ot all Iunds clever traclcs and embarrassmg situations amused the audience and proclanmed the trosh vuctums ot Tustm Hugh Follownng the reception :ce cold watermelon was served rn the cateterla WnthJuI1an Hayes Francns Gvlbert Charles Knser and Norman Watson as auctuoneers a box lunch social held rn the nature ot an auction was pronounced a huge success by those who partucnpated ID the patao at noon September 28 Sponsor ed by the Auduon statt and the tnrst ot :ts Iund ever held at Tustm the auctuon caused a good deal ot Interest and erthusuasm among the students SOPHOMORE FRESHMEN JUBILEE The sophomores beat the trosh by a score ot II to 9 at the annual sack rush held on the tootball teld the evenung ot October 7 A serpentine around the huge bon ture a student body booth and a tug o war won by the trosh 3O were other teatures ot thus successtul tootball rally Much prarse was g ven to Norman Watson chaurman ot the lubllee commlttee tor the splendid amusements planned JUNIOR PAY ASSEMBLY Featurnng The Ket and the Kanary Bold a humorous melodrama wrntten and dnrected by Ivlarlorle Gowan the Junuor Pay Assembly was presented Thursday October I3 Willard Stearns acted as master ot ceremonies and James Sherman hrs helper entertauned wuth wrse cracks The Harmony Four completed the pro gram whuch was recenved enthusuastucally by the aud ence JUNIOR PLAY Over tour hundred people declared the rumor play Oh Kay presented Friday nught November 4 a splendld success Wuth leads taken by Marlorne Gowan Edgar Panlcey Ivlarlorue Newcomb and Norman Ivlennes the play was acclaumed humorous and mysteraous by the large audnence COPY Tustin was host to approximately thurty eught mothers and tathers who visited classes and attended the one act play Copy presented by the Broadcaster statt Thursday November I7 A short P T A meetmg was held IH the cateterua at three ocloclc and the Grrls Glee Club entertamed wuth muslcal selectlons FOOTBALL BANOUET The combined 6 A A and varsury tootball men, numbernng seventy tive, attend ed the annual G A A dmner gnven an honor ot the varslty Wednesday evenung November 23 An entertamnng program was presented atter the banquet Dean Ilrancns was elected caotaln ot next year's tootball team 38 T' T ':?' ,Q,fi', ' T 'iii' W T T Y 7 ii? Y 'f3?if Q" at ?fQT"i'Ttiffl 'QQ II t BOX SOCIAL I1 ' I I , ., V . - . - I . f I 5 . ' ' t ' I A Ll D l G N f ,L 1 OV GC GC GC an GU GD GH an GD 5l'l BFI GF! an BH 6 G 9 G 6 G e lvlar lvlar lvlar 'Vlar 'Vlar lvlar 'vlar 'vlar lvlar Aer Abr Second And Third Quarters November lwenly eughl' fo April seven Assembly lallc and puclure on oreservung and prolecllng lhe foresl by lvlr l-lodson loresl ranoer Keen assembly Vocal Chruslmas program during chorls hour Comblned Glee Clubs sang lhe l-lallelulah Chorus Girls League meelung Freshmen gurls presenled a Chrlslmas play Very good lo Jan 3 Chrnslmas vacahon School agaln l-low we love to gel baclc lo lhe old gr nd' Sludenl body meelung hom naluons lor sludenl bodv ollncers lor ner semesler Baslcelball al Garden Grove We won 30 22 Lel s lceep ll up Gnrls League meellng Anahelm Gnrls League presenled a very enlerlaun ng progr Geollrey Morgan spolce IF assembly aboul The Man Ahead Somelhung lo lhunlc aboul Baslcelball here wllh Anaheun- We came oul on lhe large end ol a 30 23 score Here s hoping 'lhe boys vvlll bring home lhe bacon Eleclnon ol sludenl body olhcers for second semesler Norman Walson IS new prexy Baslcelball al Orange Our llrsl deleal 25 30 l-lope well wan ne-xl lame 26 lo 27 Semesler exams Ol course everyone gol all A s '7 27 Baslcelball here wllh Brea Olvnda They won 33 23 Beller luck nexl' lame 28 Seniors wenl lo Foresl Home on senlor plcn c Lols ol snow and lols ol lun 2 Rev l'lydanus ol lhe Tusln Pr soyrerlan church spolce lo sludenl body 3-Junlors wenl' lo lvlounl Baldy lvlore lunl Baslcelball wllh Newoorl l-larbor l-l rayl We won 26 I8 Bug Broadcasler prevlevv Clara Bow lvlae Vwesl n everybody lnslallaluon ol new sluoenl body oll ce s and oresenlallon ol school lelle Baslcelball here vvlh Caolslrano They won 26 20 Sorry we dldnl w ln our lasl game lnlerclass lraclc meer Sensors won wllh Al Parr hugh polnl' man Ssudenl body pano ama plc+ure l-lobe ll wlll be good Scandal shee Darlno scanda unearlhed Scandalousl Assemoly lallq by a man lrom Boelng aur school Plclures loo News nolel Norman VVaJ'son snoo s F ancls Culberll Bul don l worry on lor lhe senlor play slql Slyle ilk lor gurls by lvl s Ca e ol Bu oc B g earllguake Senior C ay oosloored +o I9 Sprlng vacalon l-laslen d bf earlhgualce School agaln Ev ryone nerfous and expecl ng m gualc s ungelsrl d r re ly ee nlor play slcll lrsl 1 vv d Then a un lvVhal nex S nor pay he Wloow l re n Fran s G be and Clauoua un son loolc leads Good p af rr good arnng Opergllg Bellg Q Ccplglrer' lvlir' Of G 'NACO Pali! and P Lldfd Sl'1OWGll6 lead ng Good muslc Rube day Even The lea hers en ered lnlo lne lun As embly IH lhe mor lng Lols ol lun Shorry Smllh Cano om A ane m reserl d mus cal brogram Adverluse mem lor counly lrack m e 39 ..x , XO OJ UU PHI-4 37029-11 ' ' A 'T1 1'11'1'r'l'r'1'r11-1C-L.C.L L. C. C. C-l. Q.L.Q U U . . . ..... . , QT QTSTFYSTQTFV .... .... . , y TTT TTBLTTT lJTTTTTlTl3lluTJTTTTTlTT'lTlTT? , ls . -. T mg? -'F Y ' ' . T A N: ,.. W X4 A A . I l. 1 A A . 1: 4 - ' . 3 - l 5 .-4. - ' ' K A -o-., ,q-IEQRDV-.1 T' T . . K . T -' A -TT, ' T ' ' I AI' , l' Q 5' : ' 5- -A' - -' . . , .I ,ALO , . I . nm O -TTS JV r .4 T. 4 ' ,' . .F A? ' cv TI cj f - TTT' - ' -I T . T' A Y n . 1' ' TT . 6 M T TJ' Q' CD ST TT cb C '- TT T . T T T' T ' T T A mg- T g 4 ' .h . cn- .4 U ' . U T -T L+-TT , T.. 'X an T T . ' T T L1 . '1 , A . " " .T ' 5 - T ,TQTT -, ' T T ' ' 1 I T . ' 1 na -J T T' X ' ' T . Q -fi A , cT' I A ' ', - ' - T o . ' -, , . 1 - 1 E5 X. . -. - , m A go, P I .A t .LI f-Q - . . 6. Q T ' S-' f I: . ' T T- -.- ' U' T: ' . . -Q .. A ' A- . I I T . n -4 - U I l ' - M -I . . I . A T 'P s -13' if 3' :Z . . . . ' 3 . T ,. . , , icadmmm ,L,, ,Lasse , aes, .,. 1 CRO!! INF P 1 Il 1 1c1157fI71A1f 111 1 1 iff? 11 1 f' 1 1 1 T ' 11 11 ' 1 1 V101 VL 7 1 I 1 1 11 I1 1 f1 I U71 'IL 1 I 1111 f 1 1 Y 7 Y Y I A I if 11.111171 ffl Il'v'I1f7 L'71'!V HW' f1 xX7:,1f:k f111f1fv 111115-11 ff'1' 5g1'11111114q. 111'11'111111111f11114fy. 11' IK ffm' 111111111 111 11f111f' 1f1 1111 111 11.111 13.11 !.1:1:1'11f 11 -f11'1111'1' f1'11.'f11f1f 111 ffm' 1.11111 1,' 11f'11-f. .11.'1f f11'1'1'1f1'1f fm j,11111',:f1f1' pf11 11.3 .111 A -,111111Q X111111111. ff 7'ffflIAQ 111 3111111 A M11 1 ' 1' 'p 1' J 1111 uf .1 11111x1',ff:11 f1,11w1',sl. '11'1- c111z111tq 55.111111 1. 'If 11,1 1111' 111tqf1 f,111f. 11 f1'1j1'111 l'l 1zf11'f1 111 f1'11- 1 ff 11111111111 111' 'p11'11fJ1111 1111fX. 11111. ,f1'11r111l 1171. 1112-11 f 1 111111111 1111111111111 f11K4f11'1 1f111' tf1111'1' 1111 1111,1fw f'f'1fL'f.' 111 ff'1lf1 1111fx' 1111' 1111111 . 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They have been steadily preparing for lhe responsibility of perpelualing lhe ideals of sportsmanship, scholarship and high moral srandards for which lhe sen'ors ha re always stood Now lhey stand on +he threshold ol lheur sen or year ll I the feeling among the srudenls and teachers lhar lhe class ol 34 is particularly well equipped Since the time the members entered as freshmen they have been oulslanding in lhe essenhals ol leader ship cihzenship and en+husiasm ll is a class which has ol all hmes co operated wllh Hrs leaders in a spirn' ol helpfulness Irs members are characlerized by their whole hearled support of school achvllies The years al Tushn can be likened lo a relay race ll is a race that is long and perperual marlced by sleady improvemenl The seniors have run lhe course, with a splrlr of victory The rumors musr receive lhe baron, and in rhelr lurn run rhe dilliculr course I+ is believed by all lhose concerned +ha'r fhe class ol 54 will carry on wirh slcill and enlhusiasm TIDI' I saw the sea at eventrde The glzntzng golden Waves uould rzde Down along the golden tide On and on they seemed to glrde Lrke that lovely placid sea IF I WERE YOU I you were me and I were you Its wondrous thxngs We both would do You might dzscard my raunent gay, What you call work I might call play Are my thoughts upon my heart 4nd still you would be you A joy to me As the sea I you nere me and I were you Though dz erent eyes one truth ned see, Our dr ferent prayers ned raise to God Yours rom a lower IVIme rom a elod And stzll I nfuld be me I san the sea at rnxdmght The nares llattalzons silver hae Lzke tortured thzrzgs upon a Wrac 'Ihe tide was earrred hack Bae along the sand strenn track Yo my thoughts lze turlrulent upon my heart Mary Belle Sheridan 34 Restless as the stormy trac , Bae to haunt me hae l Marjorie Gowan 34 JUNIOR CLASS ROW Rooerr Adarrs Ida A oe rrun A ale Allan r iso er o r Blaylock Gla 5 Berknelmer Do na Booth SECOND ROW Ceorqc Brorner Joyce Brovr Jack Campbell Jack Chambers Haze be e Correr Jarl Conner Katharine Coos Ruth Ca 'fhor ll'llRD ROW Manor Carson Do othv Cran K W David Forre el Furqas r Vlrqmia G rrroe lla Golf Marlorle Gownan Ida Griffith Lucille G-rise o askell FlFTl-l R W a s H chm Do olhf Hutler Rosarnon ores Marti Jones Yulclye Kifasa I 'r re Lawrerce Virg J Lawren e Eearor Le h SlXTH ROVV Waller Limbaugh Barbara MrCarter Norman es ovs u r rorie ew A l ur Niss r r Wage Sophie Padias SEVENTH ROW Edgar anne Betty Perrlr Douglas u rev Pieper Huber P Uv eler lum Les li' Polla Cl Nelson Ro ers HTH ROW Dav J S oerd Mar uioa a 3 c off' Sievors Jar l Simpson Ro r How rc r W a learrg NlN H R W Pa line wal Robert C Thornpsor E za elh Wassc ewar V! so r iver K e Rebel Wal in 42 7 i . is ' . - - .A - il il - ll - is E 1 f ' . . . , . R Y 'ff I ' ' . i i , l li- y f ' i 'r . L ' A . 4 ' 7 . . , TOP A - r if , J w sor, Cal All' r, Paua Ee l r Ca ' . dy lord, Barbara Cralvaww Harold Carry! ilticlcr DeBrouNe', Louis Ste, Yann Eqage Genevieve Euslisl FOURTH 'O f i l , H es o ' ' ' L ' A l ' ' , ' A l. J hr H . O vm r if ar, f ,l , a J H In , ' ' kf el . ' iff ce 4 i ,f. f ' l, . , lvlerr , L ' M r a, Ma ' ' N zornb r h l' o, Lc er , ' ' . - F ' ,' ' A , Pcrrir A d i . ' if , P P' 2, r y q . E16 - " rf: , . Belle SH' ny Rich r' Sh walter, L Q ' le ' , bel P. Smith a 4 Scarqey I r': S - , T O - ,ui S 'r, , , i b rv l-l cl r, Slade, Wisc , Lil,iar Kiss, Ol' lif X r lc' 5. FUI-4 m7or1'1ZxJj:-11 I 43 ED C Q2 O Z H 1 M U M W1 . - M N AUDION School Groups HONOR SOCIETY ANY adduTuonal members have been guven golden Torches The symbol oT mcu bershup To The Scholarshup SocueTf aT TusTun Hugh Thus year DelegaTes were senT lasT Tall To The counTy meeTuno held aT SanTa Ana The members reporhng The SanTa Anans To be good hosTs ln Aprul The souThern branch of The CaluTornua chap Ters held Theur meeTung un Pomona where members accompanued by lvluss Emma B Hueld advuser aTTended The busuness meeTung was held un The mornung aTTer whuch dunner dancung and a lawn TeTe were enuoyed The sorung convenTuon oT The counTy ChapTers meT aT TusTun Bruce lvlayhugh was elecTed presudenT Tor The comung year The delegaTes aduourned To The caTeTerua where dunner and a shorT program were enloyed The drama class oT TusTun presenTed The ValuanT un The auduToruum aTTer The meal More general unTeresT has been shown Thus year Toward The honor socueTy Than un any oTher year un The husTory oT ChapTer 92 Edgar Pankey Presudenl Bruce Mayhugh Carl Alluson Vuce Presudenf Muldred Ware Elouse Walker Secrefary MargareT Peacock GIRLS LEAGUE Ably guuded by CaTherune Pence un The TursT semesTer and YeTuve Blanlc un The second The Gurls League plowed sowed and grew reapung many beneTuTs Trom Tlneur varuous meeTungs socual gaTherungs and convenTuons ThroughouT The year The Hu Junx held un The gym on November I8 un The Torm oT a munuaTure curcus sTarTed Tne year gauly and enabled The gurls To become beTTer acquaunTed wuTh each orher ThroughouT The year convenhons held aT Eagle Roclc Orange John lvluur Technucal Hugh School un Pasadena and FullerTon were aTTended by oTTucers out The League and uTs advuser lvluss STella Yocum lvluss Yocum enTerTauned The ouTgoung and ungoung oTTucers aT her home wuTh a waTTle supper on The evenung oT February I5 Those who aTTended declared The evenung very enloyable and successful Brungung To TusTun gurls The laTesT un sprung Tashuons Mrs Enud Case oT Bullock s spoke To The gurls on correcT and smarT cloThes un a specual assembly on March 9 W Th YeTuve Blank presudenT as hosTess TusTun gurls were hosT To The moThers aT a Tea held un The caTeTerua on The aTTernoon oT May I8 OFFICERS TOP ROW Claudua Tumlunson parluameniaruan fursl' semesfer STella Yocum ad user Joyce Brown secrefary second semesler Marlorue Hund Treasurer fursf semesfer Ida Gruffufh parluamenfaruan second semesfer Vurgunua La rence secrelary fursr semesTer BOTTOM ROW Lucy Ahern Treasurer second semesfer Mary Belle Sherudan vxce presudenf second semesfer Yeh e Blank presudenT second semesfer Cafher ne Pence presudenf fursf semesfer RuTh Woodward vuce presudenT fursT semesler FARM HANDS Playung an unassumung ouT necessary parT un The everyday school luTe oT The Farmers The s hool employees carry on Tl eur vuorlc compeTenTly Theur servuces srnooThung ouT The rougher places are apprecuaTed by The Farmer s udenT body TOP ROW Mr D shman I uc man Mr McChesney Fau Al on Jummue Craffs Mr Fox us Leo M llungs School Carpenter School Palnfer s Dr er and Carefakers Assusfanl' Assusfanf Mechanuc Manager of Grounds and Buuldlngs D e Assuslanl on Grounds School Eleclrucuan SECOND ROW Mr Morrs Bus Dru er and School Mechanuc H I S h I N Mrs o mes c oo urse Mrs Eusf s Cafeler a Manager Mrs Crafts Mrs Fred Craffs Gymnasuurn Carefaker Ph lups Cafeler a Assusfanf I au I. X . . . , . J 4 u u . u u - , , , . A , u - - uu . uu . . . I . . . . . I I I I I ' u u - . . . . . . I - . . X . . . . , , , . u u u , . L . . . . u . , . u . . I . . . u l , , . . , - . . , u - . . I . . . : l V. : ' : . 2 , , 1 w I . . if I . I - . . : V u I I u I I ' ll ll . . . . . l - 1 , C y T ' u . , . . L , , u . Mr. R Ir . . V . i A 'V ' . Bu uv - . i I ' I IIS , , , . I' , I ' ' . . B' riv r, ' T I . . . A U D l Q N ?75 4 f 71933 wa y: 1 1 1: T H E F A R M E R S W H W W my 1, - W W ix - , , 45 ! ALJDIQN Track ROBABLY lhe grealesl achnevemenl ol lhus year s lrack leam under lhe lulelage ol Coach Vlncenl Humeslon known more commonly among lhe sludenls as I'Iummy was lhe smashnng ol y lwo all counly records and lhe uncldenlal sellnng ol lwo new hugh scnool records AI Parr cap Z. laln ol lhe learn sprlnler and Ioroadlumper leap ed lwfenly one leel nlne and one guarler Inches o eslablush a new all lnme Orange Counly record In lhe Orange Counly lrack meel In lhe same f Z X I meel Kennelh Dslls vaulled eleven leel sux Inches lo sel anolher school and counly record The relay leam hung up a new record and pelormed s nsaluonally nn all meels lhe leam conslslung ol Forbes Thus comlounallon look larsl In lhe Brea relays second an lhe Long Beach relays and lursl QN In lhe Soulhern Counlues conlesl COT ores 64 I 2 Freshmen 62 I 2 Junoors 55 League Brea Olunda 33 Hunlunglon Beach 30 Tuslun 23 Garden Grove 2I C ange 20 Anaheurn 8 and Ncwporl I-Iarpor 8 lnlerclass Senlors 74 Sophom Anahelm 59 Tuslnn 54 uadrangle Brea Ollnda 40 Tu lar- 34 I 2 Garden Grove 34 I2 Newoorl I-Iarbor 28 Orange 73 Tuslun 40 SWIMMING Swammmg lusl grew By leaps and loo nds nl has become one ol lhe loremosl sporls a Tuslun Hlgh Coach Paul Colburn had a learn lhus year lhal was slrong IU ev ry deparlmenl More meels were held and grealer lnleresl was shown an lhus soorl lhan ever belore Thlrly elghl men lhe Iargesl swummung leam In school huslory comprused lhe lurnoul and lhe counly lille was raled a loss up belween Tuslun I93l champions and Irlunlnnglon Beach Tuslnn won praclnce meels over Brea Ollnda Newporl Harbor and Anaheim They Io l meels wulh lhe slrong Sanla Ana nalalors and lwo wulh l'lunlunglon Beach The Farmer swimmers paddled lo an excullng second place an lhe counly swlmmung meel al I-Iunlunglon Beach wnlh lhe Hunlunglon Beach nalalors laklng sl Iaure s Class A School Re d Iey I b ees? sfroke ee e e Relay 46 93 9 9 3 Wag Ha dy Wago e ra Handy Wals Bronner S more Frank YDWI1 Tsh Po 232H nl lo 9 259 65 4 I 44 234 257l Beach I '1 ' I K ' I XX . A L fl 'rf vw vu' - I re.. K J J If y I . . . if l l W 'I W if - A I I 4 f. 2. 'W T f . . ' - - .- , h , We X - . - . 1 ' 4 x ' , L . ' . I- fs avg? J . ' . Xl III if , I . X Q "' ' f Q 1 . 'I I T90 5 fl I "' AI Barr, Ernie Arnell, Don Brown, and Charles W 7 Y! A Xi ., 7 1 . . . . . . f . . X MJ H . I I . I I . . . S e s . . . r' A 3 . O : A ' - , s '. - , ' - , I I . . . . u . D . . . , ' . s ' . . llr . I . cor s: oner Med re ay . ., ,,,,. l933 Frank 2:25 u 'n o I Brown : u ing n 50 yd. , . ...I 3 Brown .. , . . .2 .2 220 yd. .,.. l93I . n ,. , Z. 440 yd. ,,,I93I Brown 2 0 I00 yd. back slroke , . . ..I 33 , n r . . ., . lZ2 IOO yd. r ..l933 ,. F nk . . :2 . I00 yd. fr slyle ,. .. ...l93l . . . . l:06 Individual m dl y . , ..l 33 . on , .. I: . . , . . I9 3 kid , , ., I . B AUDION ,,g,1Q33 -47 I ! T H E F A R M E I2 S W N 1933 ALIDION Hockey CCKEY was more successTJ han usa I Thus year oue o CaIuTornua s sunshune ano clear sk es IT rauned ver IuTTue durung hockey season and The games were run oTT on schedule Early un The year whule The gurls were sTuII pracTucung volleyball hockey pracTuce durung eughTh oeruod was beg Jn Th s exTra pracTuce came un handv laTer on when hockey pracTuce was held .up on accousn oT The earThquake Regular prachce aTTer school was sTarTed The TursT of Feoruary CaoTauns wer chosen aTTer Two or Three pracTuces The senuors eIecTeo Rachel NVeaver The uunuors chose Eluza heTh Wassum Llewellyn Allen headed The sophomores and The Treshmen eIecTed 'une STorey ATTer a monTh OT pra Tuce The unT rclass games began The TursT round c unTercIass games was schedule as Tollovs March 7 Senuors vs Sophomores March Junuors fs Freshmen March 9 Senuors vs Freshmen M rh I4 Junuors vs Sophomores March I5 Sen o s vs Junuors March I6 Qophomo es vs Freshmen The uunuors won T om all o uheur opponenTs The TursT round and won one and Tued Two The second round Thus Tak no The champ onshup The senuors were second wunnuno rearly all Theur gam s buT gong own To deTeaT under The uunuors The Treshmen and sophomores Tued Tor Thurd and TourTh places The uunuor Team played boTh The Teshmen and sophomore Teanns of SanTa Ana Junuor College or' March 27 The hugh chool Team deTeaTed Tne Treshmeru oT The 'unuor College Team 2 To I and Tued The oohomore Team I To I Playday was held aT I-lunT n Tofu Beach Thus year on Aprul II and I2 The senuors won Trom Fullerfan 3 To I The uunuors Tued Gard n G ove I To I The sophomores were deTeaTed by I-lunTungTon Beach I To O and The Treshmen Tued Garden Grove I T I AIThough Thus was Th Tosh s TursT aTTempT hockey They deTeaTed The ophomores un o unTerclass oarue All Team showed The pep and acTuon ThaT c shnguushes hockey as one oT The mosT popular sporTs among The gurls Senuors Top row I-le en BenneTT YeTuve Blank Muldred Vufare Maruorue Flund Aluce Fannell CaTherune Pence Ger .ude Mangold BoTTom row Lucy Ahern Murueu Lamberu BeTTy Cook Rachel Weaver RuTh Woodward Lous Kus r Maxune I-Iazen Junuors Top row Ia GoTT Vurgun a Lawrence Do oThf CranTord Barbara CravaTh Ida GuTTuTh Luculle GruseT Yukuy KuTasaku Second row EIuzabeTh Wassum Barbara McCarTer KuTTy Cook .vophue Paouas Paulune Swaun I-lelen Furgason BoTTom row I-Iazelbelle Comer Joyce Brown Irene Lawrence Mary I-lunchman Eueanor Leuhy Sophomores Top row Vurgunua Lunker Tho a Francus Madelu e DeBrouwer Lorene Krahnke L Iluan Lunker WunuTred Ruckman Anna SuTherIand Audrey Benuamun I-lelen Marshall BoTTom row Maruorue I-luTTon Llewellyn Allen Funuce LaBrow Grace Ellen SwarTz Beverly BenneTT MargareT Peaco k SeTsu Yoshuda Freshmen Too row 'Jne Wulson Lu Ile Shaw Merle Swungle June STorey Deonusua r el BoT nn I-leue D r Ba oara Kser Maruon Baader Flaune Mcllexno s Genev eve Kung 48 ,g . , L .f .. . u lu 'S I I. ' , . ' Y I I . I E . . , .u 'T . . . . , . u e V T T s 7 . , . . . . u c . c , e .u . . :- . u L I HT.. 8 ' u ac ,... .... ,. . .. fr ci. . I . .. , ,. .u ,. ug WJ . , J . . . . .. G, u'C . r u ' . u u T . C , . . - .,, c, , , C , p e r 3 u -. . u L O. 9 T . GI ', s ' um. 5 . ' u s u I Q . L ' ., , , .ru . . , u u fu 4 . 9. - . I - u u ' u V' T u u V I u 9 - f u . K. . ,. -. . I . , . I . F w. .G X I u u - u u - : , X u . u T, 4 . c, -. zo' , cu . . u Cadu. To row: nuarv. Fu 1 , u M 1 ldu I I AUDICN 1933 -J X01 .ii lx! llul X LX Q WI 1955 A REAPIN F T 4 11 In tfnf' wan IY the rm g I Jc 418171 111 1 lmfv tfn armu almuzv fm 041 dxf M1111 bl! 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The' LM rv firzzvfwzf. flu' wa' IVIY mm: L d L ', 1-ll 7 fu 1' " r. ALJDIQN -- -1953 PHI-4 570391 E R S 93 AUDION WI-4 lu ll 'u u u u ll u u ll ll l ll l u u OJ lul rl ' . u u I , . . . l I I ' " ' , - '. l I I- . I' ' I . V ,N . 4 ul ' lu - - . ". . - Q - ' . 'E-..f - l . . . . - 5 I - - s-fs. . ' . l . . , . I l . ' . ' ' 2 :J l . ' ' I . 2-."' - , - - . . 3 . I. 1, 5 , . . I 4, . i X . - - . ' u - u . - , 1 ifii ll - 3--.- u - . " I. lf -,, -I . -. A A . . . . -u ,E : l lu . -. , ' . . -"" l 225112 . - ' , 333:iI u' . ' . . ' Z I . . t-0 W , - . - 5235.3 ll . - . ' . - - g ::., 1 - .Q -. uu . - . . ' ' J: ll . . . gm I o ul . I , - Q 5.2 , . . - .,. -. , ... u'.' .2 I ' E nest Arnelf Albe 1' Parr Hele Be neff e Bla M Id ed Wa e The Sensor Class SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Pres denl V ce Pres den! Secrefa y T eas e Pa I ameniar an Yell Leader Albe l P Le e C ll s Ma e Slorey Do ald Grusef D ald Fr nk HE class of 33 has profufably funushed ufs four years growfh af Tusfun Hugh The members began fheur preparafuon for growfh upon fheur fremblung enfrance unfo Tusfun Unuon l'lugh School as freshmen wufh hopes hugh They had faufh fhaf fhey would affaun fheur ambufuons l-lavung munds fhaf awaufed culfuvafuon fhey began fheur plowung 'rhaf would reap fhe harvesf un fufure years The usual recepfuon and saclc rush were gone fhrough followed by successful affempfs af sfudy As freshmen fhey were fond of sporfs full of enfhusuasm and dusplayed peppy schoou spuruf Af +he end of fhe freshman year fhe ground had been plowed and fhe seed was ready fo be planfed The sowung began un fhe sophomore year The scholasfuc record was hugh fhe class feams spu ufed and fhe p cnuc af Camp Baldy enuoyable The seeds were sown and fhey really began fo luve ur' fhe uunuor year ln fhem was seen nof only growfh n knowledge of boolcs buf umprovemenf un cufuzenshup They gauned much pleasure fhrough numerous acfuvufues uncludung havung fhe besf boofh and sellung more +han any ofher class on fhe nughf of fhe saclc rush Sporfs fhe May Breakfasf and Junuor Senuor Banguef were also enuoyed They learned lessons un culfure and were well ready fo reap fhe harvesf un fhe senuor year Thus fhey have done The reapung began by fhe senuors havung charge of fhe freshue unufuafuon and fhey saw fhaf fhe freshues were properly unufuafed A hularuous fume was had al fhe senuor pucnuc held af Foresf l-lome A Wudow un Green fhe class play was well receuved as was fhe May Breakfasf wufh ufs decorafuve lvlaypoles and May baslcefs The senuors looked forward fo fhe Junuor Senuor Banguef as well as counfless olher affaurs whuch made fheur lasf monfh af school one round of happu ness The class as a whole has done excepfuonally well un scholarshup Nof as undu vuduals perhaps buf fhe average of fhe class has been very hugh ln sporfs lunes The group has been spurufed They fave falcen delughf un furfherung fhe unferesfs of fhe school The senuor class wushes fo express fheur apprecuafuon fo fhe class advusers Muss Emma l-lueld un fhe freshman year lvlr Ernesf R Byrne when fhey were sopho mores and Mr Paul Colburn un fhe uunuor and senuor years Above all fhe class holds un memory Muss Sfella Yccum who has been fhe unfumafe counsellor and fruend of fhe class for fhe pasf fhree years The class of 33 leaves wufh fhe fu ure classes whaf uf has learned Sef your ambufuons on a seemungly umpossuble goal and realuzung fhaf duscouragemenf offen comes have faufh and hope rhaf fhrough earnesf efforf fhe hughesf level may be reached " lvlaruorue l-lund 52 LUCY AHERN Lrt hcr go chore :lu Iuli .rho .ull fuxd brantx and 'uorth It IJ Ill hcr Characfcr Born Calyf Mayor nn hlslory commercyal work Baskelball 3 4 Volleyba 4 Ho ums A 4 Gyrls League Treas e s of Capnslrano S Treas 4 Fo ks REDMOND BARN ETT Hr knru uhat LLUJ 'uhat Born Calnf Mayor yn rnalhe 'nahcs scuence Re enfered 4 Class Parl I Class Vnce Pres ass res 2 Spams Club 2 HELEN BENNETT A .vznccrr aorkrr and an mdcfyrndrnt sprakcr Born Calyf Mayor In has ory Spanysl-I Baskefball 3 Volley H ckey 3 4 n or I 3 Hokums Span s ub ec y Wndow In Green Torch bearers G A 3 4 C Sec 4 Bells of Capyslrano ee Sec 4 Peace I uve Unfo You ACEVIA BOWDEN Prvsrr c thzs fyrrsan for .vnrh xhv 15 natmc modcst fazthful noblr Iranqml Born Arkansas Mayor In Span Is Voleyball 2 Hockey Indoor 2 May Fele 2 Schol S clely 2 3 Spanush Club 2 NORMAN BROWN or a uor y nc rr can' orn New York M yor n rnalhemahcs hysfory C Basketball 2 Class Treas 2 CARO COGAN Frrrrdmglx url! rrad orn Callf M yor yn lan u a es Iusfory Hockey I 2 3 v Fe-le I 2 Lal C b y ums 2 3 VERNON COMER I do lot lxkz' 10 studs Born Washynglon M or s oD el all I ack B Bas e 3 Trac 3 4 Sla ew 2 3 ERNEST ARNETT II har clsc can jay b but dzffnsmg Joy Born Idaho Mayor yn scyerce Shoo Enlered from Wylrmng on oo ball as etball 3 4 A Trac A BasebaIl3 4 Class Pes G e V e Pres 4 e Pres 4 Lelferrnan 3 4 Pres Leflermens Club 4 Bells of Capnslrano up PEGGY BECK Sho speak: her mmd frankb Born Calyl Mayor In scrence mafhemahcs Volleyball 3 4 H ckey 3 4 Baskefball 3 4 A A YETIVE BLANK Iluflymvss IJ a perfume on L uno pour nthrrs uzthuut getting a yn: dropr yoursel orn Calyf Mayor In Ian u ages socyal scnence Baskel 4 ball ckey 2 3 T nnys or 2 3 M F e yn Club I Cass reas 4 Cnr r Broadcasler 4 Hokums Spar-Ish Club 4 G Lea ue Pres DONALD BROWN Thrrr .r hourstv man hand and good fellow :har rn Ihcr Born Arkansas Mayor In hysr ory mafhernalncs oc F of a yrnrnmg I 2 Tra ass Yell eader I as Presydenl' 2 T e Belle I a dad S Vc Pr Bells of Capyslrano Leffer rn n 3 4 I HELEN CAMPBELL Tha! :hr 1: gcntcrl and doth grntlc drvdv Born Callf Mayor yn Spanysh annsh Club 2 3 LESTER COLLINS Sfwakzng .nlrnre is bd In than .rrrxrclrss :rrrrh orn Calyf Mayor yn so malhemahcs Class Vnce Pres: den? 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III 58--- AUDION Cslerman Elhel Marrued To Fosler Pralher Page John Reporled luvnng IH Iowa Pralher Fosler Marrued Elhel Osler man Presron Cecul Lrvung an Eagle Rock marrned Runard Edrfh Mrs J Thompson re porled luvung un Oklahoma Ross Lulu Marrned Runnells Berl Deceased Runnells Hugh Married lavung un Or ange Sears Lucille Mrs Wulluam Tndball lv ng an Sanla Ana Smulh Maruan Mrs Charles Hull llvung IH Tushn Slanley Marlan Employed ln denhsls off ce an Sanla Ana Thorman Ida Mrs James McCullah ol Tushn Ur Eluzabelh Mrs Leland Funley lv lng un Sanla Ana Welse Carl Work1ng al Newoorl Wesl Leo Married Mabel Gardner luvlng an Irv e Wnnlerbourne John Workzng ln Tushn marrued Hell' Hayden Llvung In Tushn Harkleroad Harry Luvlng an Tushn CLASS OF I926 Beard Paul Sourhern Counhes Ga Company Brown Rulh Mrs Charles Crafls Cornelius Maxlne Lvvung al home Cralrs Charles Married Rulh Brown lnvung al Caplslrano Smulh Evere++ Workang Smurh Graeme Worklng Summers Gladys A+ home Swarlz Srella Thorman Charles Reporled llvlng Berkeley Vance Louuse Sanla Ana Fnnance Co llvung nn Tushn Whlre Celeshne Luvvng nn Los Ange les married Crawford John Marrled Roxnna Huff man ranch ng Roy Josephvne Home an Tusrn Crawford Thomas Workung Farnsworlh Alberl Ranchsng Harrus Ruchard Working Dunsfan Frances A+ home Edmunds Marlorue Mrs Clvfford Cole of Sanra Ana Ferrell Garland Workung Pomona graduare Fneld Lydaa A+ home lulorung Pomo na graduafe Moullon Charlorle Ms Marhns Po mona graduare Jerome Ben Workung Palmer Eluzaberh Mrs Don Park o Sanra Ana Sears Leofa Orange Co Tulle Co Smulh Everel+ Nursery busuness Mclnryre Lon Trucknng Park Don Marrued Elzabelh Palmer lvng ln Sarla Ana CLASS OF I927 Arlz Louuse A+ home Barr Clark Workrng Laguna Bowman Curhss Workung Browne Charlorre Mrs MauruceGuyer Carson Merle Mrs Waller Hunrley Coffman Leonard Married Marlorle Crawford Coffman Ray Workung an Orange Condra Alma Workung af Woolworlhs un Sanla Ana Covell Beulah Ar home Crawford Dudley Working for Tushn Halls Cvlrus Assoc ahon Curl Kennerh S A Edson Royce Taylors Ice Planl Ellrorl' Grace A+ home Evans Helen Working Farnsworrh Cecvl Workung Grusel Loulse Married luvungal Berke e Hannaford Rurh Mrs Alberr Farns worlh Hnd Russell Working Isch Barbara Deceased Lewis Charles Englneer for Merro polnlan Wa e Aqueducr lessup Ca+hernne Fnlshed al' U C Married working To 59 ..x NO U1 LU FUI--l 3712321 lll . 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A. . ll H 1933 Johnson Edulh A+ home Truscolr Lnndsey A lend ng college In Soulh Dakola McDonald Olga A+ home McDougall Alfce Alrencllng Mon mou+h Unuversrly IH lllurols Newman John Married Rulh Tanlllng Graduale of Pomona College Melslnger Herberl Working Messenger Dons Mrs Cecul Suddaby Pralher Alnce Mrs Alice Bernhardl of Complon Prnlchard Charlolle Mrs John Taylor Ross Chrns+e Mrs Burne++ Laine operales beauly shop Rxlner Elmer Working Rogers Evelyn Working nn Sanra Ana Sangsfer Margor Sears Juanrla Mrs Erol l-lunl lrvung Suddaby Cecnl Marrned Dons Messen ger employed wllh Smarl and Emal Tanllunger Rulh Mrs John Newman Taylor John Marrned Charlolle Prnlch ard lavlng rn Sanla Ana Wyne Vuvnenne Subshlule leacher Wvlluams Berfha M rrned luv ng San+a Ana CLASS OF I928 Adams Charles Workung ID Tushn Ahern Dorolhy Business College nn Sanla Ana Benner Ilene Married lvvlng an Sanla Ana Caldwell Charlofle Reporled wnlh Eanchon and Marco Caverly Elorence Married lfvrng IH Laguna Chambers Alfred M rrued luv ng England Chapman Roberl Working for rhe Soulhern Calul Edison Co Cole Cordelia Marrned and luv ng Sanra Ana Cook Leona Marrned Crawford William Working ln Tushn Danskrn Roberl Working In los Ange Dunkun Marshall Allendnng Oregon Slafe Colleoe Eo d Richard Married and worksng rn Sanla Ana 60 AUDION Garlock Della Teachxng IH lhe easl Glddxrgs Jean Redlands Unnversufy Goff Dorus A+ home Grnfhrh George Allendung U S C l-lall Harold Marrved and luvrng near Sanla Ana l-larkleroad Vlfulluam Luvnng In Tushn Haynes Ernesl Working ID Laguna l-lolmes Herberf Luvmg nn Tushn l-lorfon Banche Married and hvnng In Sanla Ana l-lunlley Waller Marrled and lnvnng nn Tushn Johnson l-lazel Lnndsey Marshall Arlendsng Chahfey Junmor College Malone Richard Allendlng S A J C Marruol Wyomla Married Marsh Marlon Married Mclnleer Adelberl Workung IH Tushn Muller l-larry Marrved lrvung ID Tushn Parks James Worknng an Sanla Ana Parry Edward Worklng In Laguna Procror Louuse Marrred Pyarl Mildred Marrred llvnng rn Sanla Ana Ramsey Eva Teachung musuc un Sanra Ana Read Eleano Lrvnng 10 Orange Robunson Ellzal3e+h Llvmg In Tushn Roehm Ellzabelh Worklng IH bank In Sama Ana Scoll' Clair Shnfller Susan Marrned Silver Mary Jean Arlendlng S A J C Snrder Mvrxam Married Spicer Ida Marrred Slaples Mildred Waller Rulh Unnversuly of Arizona X!a+knns Marlorle CLASS OF l929 Arundell Alvln Al' home ID Sanla Ana worknng Buce Erancls Worknng Brunsknll Malo Washlnglon Umversnly Carney Evelyn A+ home In Tushn Carroll Mollue Mrs Wulluam McBride of l-lunhngfon Beach Clark Harvey Workrng Covern Kalhleen Workung al Laguna 10 oakery l ll ll J . J l ' .EE I V ,J "- - . Q e er. . , D. . D . ls '. 1 ' ' ' - li ' - ' ' . .. . l I I . Lad , . - ' ll . ' vi o . E I T , - . 1 , - . l-I near Modeslo. McDonald, Edirh-Whilrier College. F .I V . .D Il I T 1 . l.. 1 A . - ' ' - . W . R : ,. . . ' . R . I E " , - a ' 7 'I in . R u Y 3- . . . S . l L , .L . A J f A A l l - a 7 I In I f . . 1 I .4 . ' .I in V .i . V T A les. I CM E - ,I 'A . " .' A ,- r A - H Hall Harold hfarrled gan Eslher Llvlng VN Laguna Egan Frances Worlclng on H zel U C Eorney Vrglrla Marrled lo fhe R v L-loward Nason Gray Carnerlne Mrs Powell Wesl ol El Toro Hall Eldwln WOFIDQ H ndrlclcs Helen Worlclng ID rhe Sanla Ana cou + house Hlnd Edwln Allendlng lhe Unlverslly of Redlands lsch Mary Llvlng al home ln Laguna Jlmenez Mlcaela Kenron Ellen Charlolle Marrled Leonard George A+ nome worlclng Mangold Helen A+ home Marshall Louella Afrendlng U S C Marshall Roberl LIVIUQ al Laguna Mlddlelon Arvllla A+ home Parham Cecyl Mrs Levl Sears PGFKS Er nces T U H S o ce Pence Mlldred Worlclng for Laguna Beach Waler Company Rlely Samuel Redlands Unlverslly Dreble James D6VlS College Rddell Harold Worlclng ID Laguna Ross Leonard A++endlng Davls Agrl cullural College Samuelson Mlrlam S A J C Scoll Gerald Sears Levl Marrled Cecyl Parham Sears Paul Agrlcullural School sfudenr Smllh Don Vlforlclng for Edlson Co Smllh Dorolhy Mrs Don Wllcox of Laguna Spray June Employed n lhe Sanla Elrslr Nallonal Banlc S+one Currls Marrled Loyce Shllfler Taylor Jullelle Marrled ery Edward Employed as boolclreeo er marrled Walceham Huberl Al' home n Tuslln Ware Verna Mrs Harry Mlller Wesl' Arlerla Nurse a+ Long Beach Hosollal Wlnlsler Elmer Whl ler lrene Marrled Whlle Thoburn Worlclng KD Tuslln Wlllams Emma Cn vaudevllle lour CLASS OF I930 Ahern Dwlghl Worlclng for lrvlne en L na Aller- Rose Worlqlng Arundell Marlorle Cumnoclr ScLool Los Angeles Berlrhelmer Rosswell S A J C Bowen Wrlghl Worlclng ln balcery Bowman D nald S A J C Bowman nces S A J Bowman rfln S A Warlclns Evln U u ns Marlorl A Cheney Edra Mrs Arlhur Glllesple Hunrlnglon Beach Welzel Hlldred Mrs Nell Selby ol Sanra Ana Clanlon Evelyn Worlclng Cochran Roberl Worklng marrled Cochran Valmer Worlclng lns Rulh S A Coolc Jaclc Worlclng a+ home Comer Loralnne Mrs Jaclc Casey Sanla Ana Webber Joe ln DUSIUSSS Crawlord Janel Worlclng al home Crawford N1Vlllam VVOFRIHQ Dunham Holmes Worlclng Farrar John A+ school Eerrey Carollne U S C Trlclcey Lloyd Tuslln Thursron V rg nla AT home Golf VIV6 A+ home Gough James ln U S Marlne Co Gould John Alfendlng Unlverslry of CGlIlOFDIG al Berlceley Greene AVICS Mrs Marlon Dunn Tusrln 6FlS6l' Harold Worlclng Grlsel Helen Mrs Joshua Lorlcn Tuslln Helm Valera Marrled Johnson A'nza S A J C Johnson Donal Playlnq for Sea rle baseball +eam ln Paclflc Coasr league Jo nson Slanlev S A J C l Henry S lange Henry Marrled one daughrer llv no n Sanla Ana L Bard Grace B ble lns+l+u+e Los An ge es Leonard Ralph WOFklUQ DP C. C G Z I-3 co os WI-l C0701-l'1g7Ujr-11 El if. -' I Us -C... ' - . All , or -S. A. J. C. Ell, s -. .L.A. -- .-' I l, I ' e. I I I l I -II I I I ,I L- -I. . . . I I - I , O - .... I '- k' I ,Era -. . .C. l 9 ' I L ' " ,Ma '-. .J.C. l , I ', r'- .S. C. - I '- ' ' ' Br, ' 'e-S. .J.C. l I im ' CoIl',' s-.Cucf . l 'Qi-. I ' . ll l i - . of ', a W- .... ffl. - I I .E , - 'I ' I .I l it - I l H A - . ' 1' ' I Q.-' , I I, -+ ' fps. , - l ' la G ' - . . - -I I I I 7 ' . - d' h, l I - I II . .. JII I - K'rlc, -.A. J. C. l .I i 4 . .' V' ---ol l 1933 J l Marshall Charl s Woodbury Busvness College Mason Nadene S A J C McDonald Neva Nurses lraunung a Rzversude McDougall David A Muddleron Marsh Marrued Thompson Florence Mrs Boo Marhn of Tushn Plumb Don Pomona Coll Pyke Audrey A+ home Cheney William Avuafor Warner Vnrganua S A J C Runnells Gerald Worklng Sanborn Hesler Workung oca beaury school Seacord Emmelr Workung Sears Demarns Now an Tushn S+anley Florence Occfdenral College Sfearns Claur Reporled worknng nn Oregon Taylor Marlon ln Tushn workung Thomas Dale A+ home Gnvens Jack Fulmer Kennelh Commercual arhsl CLASS OF I93l lson Paul Working a+T U H Anderson Eugene Allendung Chaffef Junior College Archer Ray Sludenr al S A J C Bolyard Glenn S A J C Borchard Alfred Worklng on farher ranch Borc ard Aluce S A J C ras G y S A Chrnsfensen H rold S A J C Clark Fayel' Ranchlng Caldwell Wulluam Laguna office Co an Vrrgrma S A J C Collar Belh Fullerlon J C Coney Lcnus S A J C Cooper Fred Working Craffs Joe Workung Crawford Kennelh Chahfey J C Frances S A J DeBrouwer Evelyn Working In L A Dehfley Myrfle Deceased April I933 rs Glenn S A J Fnckas Helen Mrs Sheldon Smnh o Newporl' ALlDlON Fowler Dolly Mae Mrs Ray Ssmpson of Sanfa Ana Francls Cloy Mlssuonary work un Pulls burgh Gray Cary Taknng nursung course al Orange Counly hospnlal Greenwood Chas Sophomore al Sran ford Unlverslfy :ser Ph lap S A H rper ldus S A J C Harris Roberf Worklng Hendrfcks Marfha S A J C Hand Carl Redlands Unuversufy Holmes Harry Working a+ Carrers Grocery Tushn Herzog Rulh Repor+ed lnvmg In +he asr lrwun Merle Worklng J nes Rachel S A J C er Bonnie S A J Labrucherle Marne Bookkeeper Sanfa Ana Bookslore Leonard William S A J C ege Mason Dorolhy S A J C McDonald Alma Workung a+ home McDonald Vera Takung nursing course In Rnverslde McKinney Bernice Mrs Marsh Middle lon San+a Ar-a Newcomb Slanley Working Newman Phnllp Sophomore a+ Pomona College P nnell Jack S A J C and working Pence Maman Clerknng ar grocery un Laguna Penman Dorofhy Sophomore af Po mona College Rrrner Horace S A J C Robb Vurgunna Engaged +o be marrved 'ro John Taylor Rogers Edwin Working Runnells Eva Marrned lo Clarence Wafkuns Laguna Sears Horace Worknng Shields Sadie Redlands Unnvers+y Shower Carl Worknng Skudmore Don Worklng S angler Harold S A J C S+afford Evelyn Mrs Duck Anoersor Sanla Ana l ll: ll 1. ll l yy I , 9 - I , G , ' gl ,' ' -s. .J. c. 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V D .I - . . ll ' - ' F ' - ' ' l ll my 62 - - - 'rl l AUDICDN 1933 Slone Ervun Married and lnvung an Los Angeles Slaples Gould Worknng Tanlllnger Norma Mrs Clarence Sor enson Radcliffe College Mass T ery l-lenry S A J C Tawney James S A J C Thompson Juanula lvlarrved Truckey Thelma Teachlng dancing Vance Charlolle Eullerlon J C Weiss Rulh A+ home Welzel Charles Worknng Wrllebrandl lvlargarel' Af home Williams Nodean ln olhce ol Sanla Ana Laundry l"lenry Elmer Working l-lenry Allred Working Thompson Vernon CLASS OF I932 Arundell Roberl Allendung S A J C Bachman Leo Workung al Bachman Garage Sanla Ana Barnell' Joseph Pomona College Becker Clyde Llvung al home Benlon Dean Former S A J C slud enlr now working al home Besl Eugene Lnvnng nn Sanla Ana nn Sanfa Ana Brader Josephlne Nurses lralnung n San Drego Carroll Eileen ' uvlng al home an Sarla Ana Carlson Vernon Working Collins Louis Working Crandal lvlary E Pomona College Downnng G rold S A J C Dorrell lvlary Louise Luvung un Mlssou Drennan Ralph Reporled workuno n norlhern Calulorma Elchezahar Marcy A+ home Erramuspe Grace A+ home Earnsworlh Elmer Allendung Buslnes College Eerrey Jean U S C IC Dan S A er Alla S A Eurlsch Evelyn S A J C Gardner Aphua Unuversuly ol Arizona vordon Ralph Calfornla Sweel Shoo ln Sanla Ana Pl n y B ce S A J C Hall Don Ahendrrg Pasadena Jun or College rlalch Ned Unlversuly of Calllornua al Berkeley l-lrckman Sharples Pomona College l'lobar+ Edward Wnlh Fanchon and Marco Los Angeles Homes Kalhleen S A J C l-lorlon Earle Luvlng a+ home worlcnng Illlngsworlh Blanche Luvnng al Bug Bear Johnson lvluldreo S A J C Kellams Walda Busuness College slud Knrk Wnlluam Allendrng S A J C Laylon Erancls L ylvlaruon SAJC Lundsey Jack Challey S A J C Lnppuncoll Carherune A+ home McLaughlan Frances A+ home nn guna Moullon Louuse Pomona College Nunan Grace Married Oslerman Elmer Posl graduale al T l-l Par am Ardulh S A J C Prerce Eranklln A+ home Po lard Gerlrude S A J C Rlce l-larvey Lrvung al home Scoll lvlarguerule lvlrs Wylre ol G r den Grove :ver William S A J C Srnrlh Alnce A+ home Smulh James Pasadena J C Slevenson Elmer Workung an San Pedro Slone Evelyn Worknng Slone Loss Working T or Vurglnla S A J C Tedlord Dorolhy S A J C Torrens James S A J C Uruch Kennelh E rmer S A J C sludenl novv worklng Walanukn l-lanako Busuness College Walden Marlon A+ home Welzel Ralph Buslness College Worlhy Velda Whalehead Hazel Workung Wunferbourne Wlnslon Reporled lv mg IH Arkansas Morrs Ralph Worklng Coleman Lorena VVnlson James Parker Pomona College hi , l - .... ' ' ' i- . ' . ' I 1 . . . l I, -. .... T . ' - T- . ' en'l'. I - js f - eih ,' ' -. . . . ' I Z 7 La. ,' -E ' . ' u, . s. ' Besl, Eloyd-Worklng al lhe EI Rey Cale Rhodes, Bealriceflvlarried. I . eh. . . V V . . .Z . . . ' ' a .... l '- ' - . , ' - ' ' ' ' ri. ayl , ' ' ' - . . . . , -I , l ' , V -I o 1 1 n .... Eish , - . . J. C. ' . - ' - , - .... ' . A - l ' c ,' j 5 ' ' 3, - ' ' . a. d , ru .... ' . I - .. .. .. 63 THE CAST 193 3 AUDION Drama THE .lunuorz PLAY OH KAY The lunlor crass bresenled as lhelr annual play This year Oh Kay The slory olrl who solved a very lnleres Ing mysrery Many comucal lncldenls lhroughoul e ay added lo mls worlh ll was very much enloved by all who saw ll and lived uo l he slandard ser by lormer rumor classes THE CAST Kay Wrllus the gurl detechve Marlorue Gowan Gram Pembroke Marlorne Newcomb Gramp Pembroke Norman Mennes Arr Whnlman Edgar Pankey Edufh Whufman Ida Alderman Mrs Whnlman Luculle Gruse? Capraln Whulman Black Terror Allce Borden Jum Hayes Fred Alden Sfudenl Dlrecfor THE DRAMA CLASS PLAY Willard Slearns Nelson Rogers Eleanor Lelhy Pefer Plumb Slanley Wnlson Audrey Pueper There beung such a large number In lhe Drama class lhls year and due lo lhe ar lhal all members musl lalcr parl an lheur annual play a shorl once acl a olks was presenred as a curlaln ralser lo lhe mann lhree acl play The Torch l'e-arers Torchbearers was a hllarlous comedy depnchng The baclqslage scene o olay being pul on by a grouL ol amaleur aclors Everylhung nmaglnable happened N on lhe whole The play was a huge success THE CHARACTERS Mrs Rllfer Arden Murray Florence McCrlckeH Lols Murray Rlller Elmer Oslerman Mr Huxley Hosserro se Francis Gllberl Mrs Pomuneln Marrorle Gowan Mr Spnndler Sianley Wnlson Mrs e Jane? Simpson M Twnller Gerald Weslon enny The maid Lols Klser Teduy Edgar Pankey Folks porlrayed lhe We ol sumole counlry folk and proved lo be very wel re 'rhe coslurnes belng efoeclallv elfechve THE CAST Mrs Abel Grace Thomas nel Peler Edgar Pankey Ezra Charles Crumle Mrs Elsworlh Lady Bollornworlhy Eleanor Lelhy Mrs raf Claudna Tumlmson Mrs Mo an Rachel Weaver Grand mofher Rufh Johnson Dorofhy Robinson Lucy Ahern THE SENIOR PLAY A WIDOW IN GREEN AQGIHST many odds havlr-g ro be poslponed a weelc because ol' lhe earlhqualce curlann rose on +he Wldow ln Green 'rhe senlor play on March lwenly lourlln elghl ocloclc The play belng very dulferenl from any prevlously glven al Tushn as received very well and was acclanmeo as one ol lhe besl ever presenled al lhl ool Hugh comedy was prevalenr lhroughoul and many laughs were enloyed by were 'rhere Anqeluca Lady Rumley Henry UE The Harkness Glrl The Whlfford Boy 6 Elinor Hnnchman Helen Bennefl Norman Wafson Claudna Tumlmson Arden Murray Gerald Weslon Tommy Shannon Mr Heddlely Francis Gllberf Charles Kuser Mrs J Slephen Van Shlddnford Grace Thomai Louise Mrs Ll y Srudenl Dlrecfor Claudune Kidd Rachel Weaver Lols Klser ll lr ,Q ll . . J X . . I V ., Oy 6 J. . i. I . I . . . HW 1, A L . . ll ' ll . ' . .,,, . , .... ' ' ' ., , . , ' l, ll E a V ' o . ' ' ' l, F and lhe audience was lcepl roaring wllh laughler. All parls were ably porlrayed. A an . R . . E Mr.. I IU. .. I A . Q 5 .I A I R ,. . FII U U' . r.. '. . S , H A I . .. ll I A N l"-d, ' sy , ' V ' . l, . T I . I , . T . ' :fl ' . A ..",,,,. . '. ll ll II ll ' All ,AL 1 l :T . ,, ' . I a' ' ' . , ' ' , ' T ' ' ill vf ' ' ' ' l '5 ,l sch . 'J , , , ' al' , vfro . l S . . : ' A Q l I . . L . ' A 'ddz L . . 4 - - .. AUDION 1 14? ,1933 65 T I-I E F A R M E R S W K, W N U I 193 u PHI-I 370321 3 agile ,, s,2ee,a iii gfifll, ,ffffk U D I Q Ni Athletuc Organizations Lerreuzmerus cuus Presudent Ernest Arnett Secretary Treasurer Wilson Seacord Vuce Presudent Wulson Seacord Advuser Ralph W Cole Every wunner ot a varsuty athletuc letter ot Tustun l'Iugh becomes a member ot the Lettermen s Club whuch was organuzed un I925 At present the lust ot members uncludes approxumately two hundred alumnu and students The ottucers are elected at the turst ot the year and the tern' ot servutude us two semesters The outstandung event ot the actuvuty us the banquet held tor the tathers and sons whuch us held every year Thus year the banquet was held on Aprul twenty turst at the hugh school The twenty one uncomung Iettermen endured the unutuatuon and banquet The prnncupal speakers ot the evenung were Dray Wulluams Steve Wycott Don Plumb 30 and Phul Newman 3I TOP ROW-George Paduas Merrull Sumungton Albert Parr Wulluam Howard Bull Cole Elmer Osterman Ellsworth Teter Phul Homer Robert Adams MIDDLE ROW Dean Francus George Bronner Franklun McMuchael Donald Frank Carl Smuth Nelson Rogers Edgar Pankey Jeff Ruchards BOTTOM ROW Harry Mclnteer Vuctor DeBrouwer Davud Forney Juluan Hayes Donald Brown Wulson Seacord Ernest Arnett THE CLIP An organuzatuon peculuar to Tustun alone and wholly representatuve ot the out s an ung Tustun spurut us the Clup Several years ago Mr Don Brunslcull tormer taculty member tormed the club and ut has thruved and grown un the years ot uts practucal exustence Membershup us awarded to students who dusplay outstandung school spurut on the athletuc tueld A two tnurds vote ot the members un school us requured tor admuttance to the organuzatuon Each year the members enuoy a pucnuc or a uourney to the snow Thus year the members enuoyed a wuenue balce at Corona Del Mar tor theur socual tunctuon Muss Stella Yocum and Mr Ralph W Bull Cole are the taculty advusers The members I-larry Mclnteer Bull Cole advuser Charles Crumley George Paduas Donald Brown Elmer Osterman Wulson Seacord Ernest Arnett Dorothy Crantord Betty Coolc Muss Stella Yocum advuser Maruorue l-Iund Ruth Woodward Catherune Pence GAA Vuce Presudent Rachel Weaver Secretary Claudua Tumlunson T VI n L e reasurer rqu ua awrenc Ad users Muss Stella Yocum Mlss Polly Maxson Thus year the Gurls Athletuc Assocuatuon achueved new heughts More unterest n gurls sports and actuvutues was talcen more gurls came out tor sports more spurut and pep prevauled Such us th purpose ot the G A A to arouse enthusuasm un gurls athletucs and to establush cooperatuon among the gurls An event consudered ot great umportance ourung the year was the varsuty tootball banquet guven by the G A A un honor ot the varsuty tootball men The banquet thus year proved to be one ot the most successtul ever guven Toward the close ot the year a house party was held at Laguna Beach at whuch tume several gurls were unutuated unto the athletuc organuzatuon In order to become a member ot the G A A a gurl must have earned three hundred and tutty pounts un varuous sports At the tume she becomes a member she receuves an emblem atter whuch she receuves a large letter T upon obtaunung eught hundred pounts Wuth each addutuonal two hundred pounts each member receuves a purple star TOP ROW Helen Furgason Los Kser Muruel Lambert Eluzabeth Wassum Ace ua Bowden Irene La rence Ruth Johnson Margaret Peacock SECOND ROW Muss Yocum Katherune Cook Betty Cook Dorothy Cranford Muldred Ware Helen Bennett Maruorue Hund Aluce Smuth Mary Hunchman Muss Maxson THIRD ROW Vurgunua La rence Gertrude Mangold Sophue Paduas Paulune Swaun 66 uu 'u yt l l l ,u I yi ,.,. ,, ., .,.. . 1 . . . . . III , u . . . . I' u . ui - . . l n u, . . . ' - , , ll I . V . . ' . I ' . . . . . . T .' . ul . . . ' , ul u u . . r u I - .- I - 4 -. ' . ' - - z W . . . - I . Jr . .. I . .. . H. I . I a . . I .I . '. . . . . T . 'I . . lg E . . ' . . ., . ,, ug . ' , ., . .1 1 . . 1 . I u uu . . , , . 4 ' , I u I I uu I ' VI . . . xl President ,, .,.,,,.,... ....,, ....,... .... , . . Mariorie Hind lug .,.. . ' ' ' v' .....,.... , ,,.., ' , ' 3 . u . . . I . I . . 'I ' . ' e . . .. ' ' V . I . . I . lu Ny . . . ul . . , ' ' . lug . . . .. uu . . . . . I Q 1 - I , I i , ' . ' , V' . W . ug . - - . . . .- . I . . - - -. 1 W I I . . I . .. u I A U DI Q N , , " V jjQ2lifl'3W' Y FUI-4 mmmgnjow I i i I Q I , I 67 1933 AUDICDN Girls Baseball IRLS baseball oracTuce under Tne ourecTuon oT Muss Polly Maxson was begun The muddle oT AOFII AIThough pracTuce was held regularly uT was hard Tor The gurls To seTTIe down and wolc due To ar eoudemuc whuch was sbreaduno rapudly aT ThaT Tume namely rung Tever ATTer several weelcs pracTuce unTercIass games were olayed The schedule oT games was as Tollows May Sensors vs Freshmen May Sophornores vs Junuo s May Sophomores vs Senuors Junuors vs Freshmen May Junuors vs Senuors lvlay 24 Sophomores vs Freshmen AIThough Thus us The IasT soorT OT The year The gurls really played some excuTung games The Treshmen have had prevuous experuence un Thus game and The compeTuTuon was Iceener Than un oTher sporTs TusTun I-Iugh was hosT To The members oT The gurls baseball Teams oT Orange CounTy May 27 and 25 he evenT beung The baseball uolavday Thus us The TursT Tume TusTun has had a playday Tor The ourls un a mauor sporT alThough The gurls counTy swummung meeT was held here one year Schools havung Teams parTucupaTung un Thus playday were I-IunTungTon Beach Carden Grove Brea Olunda Orange NewporT I-Iarbor SanTa Ana FuIIerTon and Anaheum TENNIS Tennus us The only sporT Tor gurls whuch has a school Team For some reason Tennus usually has IuTTle aTTenTuon oaud To uT buT Thus year an unusually Iarge number oT gurls Turned ouT Tor pracTuces The schools of Orange counTy were duvuded unTo Two leagues Thus year The buoger and sTronger schools were puT un one league and The smaller schools un The oTher As TusTuns Taurer sex has been raTher successful un Tennus Tor The pasT Tew years TusTun was pu.T un vIuTh The sTronger schools The gurls TursT game on Ivlay 2 agaunsT Orange was a pracTuce game as Orange us noT un The league TusTun Toolc every ma+ch excepT TursT sungles Theur TursT league game was held on May 4 wuTh SanTa Ana AIThough The gurls Tough hard SanTa Ana won The maTch TusTun Talcung only Thurd and TourTh sungles On May II and I8 TusTun compeTed agaunsT Anaheum and FuIIerTon respecTuveIy Muss Yocum coach oT The gurls school Tennus Team always had an encouragung word Tor The gurls aTTer a TournamenT wheTher They won or IosT 68 ' D u . , ,. . . u ' ' rl 1 . . . . . I V J , u, sp . A , V I5 , ...,.,............ ' . , I6 ......,..,..,,... . 'r I7 ..... ......,..... . ' 22 ..,..,..,...,........ ' . ' , . - . . . . , L A. IN ' I 4 1 4 I ., ,u I I . .1 ' ' ' . A . , T J .I . . I . l. , . , . in I I . I . . . ' , . I u AUDIGN ' 'lfi1933 69 'V 1 , W . L WT , H , 3 E F 1 A 5 ' f' R 2 ' X Y . M E R 5 X 4 I l X Xi H M I , . 2 I.: . A J l P.: , - 1 T933 ALIDION Indoor Baseball ANDIDATFS enough lo lorm lour comple e leams reporled lo Coach BIII Cole a malerlal lor lhe Indoor baseball nIne Several years ago Orange league schools abandoned lhe hard baIl lype a d lor lhe pasl lhree years have played Indoor ball saId lo be lasler and more Inlereslmg ThIs year also lhe B leam was dropped lrom lhe schedule allhough Tushn formed one leam and played several unollIcIal conlesls provIng very successful n mosl ol lheIr venlures Maklng up hIs oullll chIelly lrom young and Irexpenenced players wlh very lew members ol lasl years Orange league champIonshIp cI.Ib Coach Cole rounded lhe leam INTO shape a nl aller lhe lIrsl lwo allaIrs lney rapIdIy became a league lhreal Two capable pIlchers WIIson Seacord league leader and Ed Br slow promIsIng youngsler chalked up lheIr share ol wIns The InlIeId was buIll cl' elly a ound George PadIas lhIrd base and Dean FrancIs second wllh George B orner lIrsl base and Chuck Forbes shorl slop conlrIbulIng soark Ing nefv lalenl The slrong oullIeId consIsled ol Bob Forbes Ellsworlh Teler Ernue Arrell and Johnme Sauers Coach Errne Byrne p Ioled lh Irregular wno won games lrom Garden Grove AnaheIm and Brea Ollmdd droomng a close one lo Orange Scores Tuslm O Ga der Grove 5 The Farm rs used bolh Seacord and Bnslow In lhIs lIll FaIlure ol Tusl n s sluggers lo collocl nIls eary In lhe season cosl lhem lhe VICIOFY Hodgson A go aul sIbmarIner held TuslIn lo lwo bIngIes TuslIn 3 AnaheIm 5 Breaks and hard luck learned up lo lose lhIs one lor lhe home lown boys Seacord worked ellecl vely oopos ng I-lennIng of lhe Colomsls TuslIn 5 Orange 3 Th Farmers bofnoarded Slmchheld ol lhe Panlhers one ol lhe Iasl llmgers In lhe garr lo mn lhIs lealure SeacoId allowed lhe Orangemen nIne hnls and lanned n ne men TuslIn 9 Brea OlInda O InspIred by lhe llawless hurIIng ol WIIson Seacord lhe Colemen blanked lhe WIlocals louch ng Iohrson lor lourleen hIls Seacord slruck oul sevenleen men reachIng a bInnacIe ol lame INDOOR BASEBALL LINEUPS TOP ROW Coach BIII Cole Ho ard WIIson Lyle Baker Bob Forbes Dean FrancIs Ells ofh Teler Norman Wasfon SECOND ROW Wulson Seacord Jeff Rlchards Charles Forbes Roberf Walk ns Ernest Arnelf George Paduas THIRD ROW Harry Sranley Douglas PerrIn Ed Bnslow TOP ROW Glen Damond WIlIIam Howard Merle Gnsef Waller LImbaugh Lo ell S mmerseff HIdeo Mera BOTTOM ROW John Sa ers Roberl Holmes Coach Ernesr Byrne Waller DeBrou er Donald Holford Robert Smllh Mlnoru Kusuda Roberl' Parry Harold Malfhews TENNIS Young yel lasl and sur Iclenlly erpemenced IS a lIllIng descrIplIon ol lhe lennIs leam Coach Roberl Korlls nelmen were unlorlunale In losIng some malches by close scores bul allogelher lhey had nolhIng lo apoIogIze lor Members enlered lhe counly lournamenl and advanced Inlo lne second round belore meelung deleal The leam durIng mosl ol lhe sesslons was DavId Forney lIrsl sIngIes Roberl Peacock second sIngles PhII l'lomer lhIrd smgles Aslor I'Iarlman and l'Iugh Plumb lourlh sIngIes The doubles learns were Idoward Gould and Gerald Weslon llrsl' doubles and Roberl Spray and Arlhur INIsson second doubles Resulls The nelmen Ivon a p aclc malch wlh l'lunlInglon Beach League Garden Grove I5 TuslIn IO AnaheIm 25 TuslInO Orange I8 TuslIn 7 Brea OIInda I3 Tusl n I2 one sel malches played In lhe laller TOP ROW Juhan Hayes Gerald Weslon Norman Walson Roberl Spray Arlhur Nsson Da Id Forney SECOND ROW Asfor Harlman BIII Pepper Hugh Plumb Robert Peacock PhII Homer Ho ard Gould II .II I l F . . . I . I - o I . I ' FI I , I , , . . . ,I I. I . , I , I , . - : I . . . , . I I , II . . I I I . FT. I . I I I I 'I I I . I II I r f, I . . r . - I I I I I I I . . y. X , . , W I . , , I , I I . II I II - - I I I I.e 5, I . I. . , - , M, I . 47 I Y' y Q I I , I . I ., . I I I as . , r fi 1 , , . , . . . 1 I Q . . . I , I I I . . Q I . . , . o . I , . . A X. . A .c,, . . I I ' Q I I I . I . . -I I O I . , I . . T 1 W 1 I I r W r 1 - - ' I . ...- I I . - , , . - I I .. ' . l . ' W U I . I i u I l r W I I l I . I . . I I 4 I . I I . I . I , I . I I 3 I I I I I -UI I I . , f I 1 I I ,. ' , I r I e ., I I ., I I ' -I I I I I ' - ' I I 'l -I -I I I I I I ' I I V - - , W . f ,f'i"'if1Q33 ffl QQ S45 TWIN 1 Q i 5 in +5 I J E ll 3 R ' f M .7 A E A jk: ' F X V' f - 1 , y f X ix! g', t if NL! I df i P Q9 ix 6 ar K1 , f 1 J I X5 , 'V . ' Y ' fi' ' 2 ,- ,E . V if 5 K 51, A AUDION Social Events Of The Second Semester HoKuMs INVITATIONAL The annual I-lolums 'wlfafuonal Program neld lzrrday affernoon January 20 wa vlewed ano declared very successful by fhe record auol nce arferdnng Fave o ea play were pre enfed dnrecfed by Barbara Douglas Dorofhy Robrn Claudla Tumllnson and Eleanor Lenny respecfuvely and were supervused by Mnss May Rose Borum drama :cs lnsfrurro The plays were of dufferenf fypes fhe fufles bezng The Recfor Glorla Mundi The Vallanf Overfones and Jazz and Mlnuef SENIOR PICNIC Th rfy seven enlors loarney d fo Foresf Home for fheur lasf class pncnnc Safurday .January 30 ana er,oved sledd ng fobogannsng and hlnng wfh fave feef of snow on fhe ground Tne class are dunne af fhe caoun of fhe parenfs of Marlorue Knox a d procIa med ffe fro he mo successful held durnng fhenr years af Iusfun Hugh JUNIOR PICNIC Ice I-louse Canyon was fhe scene of fhe Iunlor class snow parfy celebraf d by ap roxnmafely fzffy lun or Saf rd y Feoruary 4 The flass accompanled by Mass Esre K I-lull Mr Vrncenf I-I nnesfon and Mr James Blee spenf fhe day hulcnng fooogannnnq ana oanclng al hr lodge and en oyed a ho lunch alcen wnfh fhem RUBE DAY oung and old ancuen and modern hucky and eleganf Al varefe cosfumes classed as ubes ha acfer and orugnralfy Vlrfh Redmond Barneff as ceremonies fhe assembly and program were declared e cpfonallf successful SCHOLARSHIP BANQUET Tusfln was hosf fo approxurnafely sevenfy fave guesfs af a banquef and meefung of fhe Orange Comfy Scholarsh p Qoceefy D1Sfr4cf4 on Pxprul I8 Bruce Mayhugh of Tusfln was elecfed presudenf of fhe orgamzahon af flnrs meefmg The drama class presenfed The Valnanf n fhe audrfor um affer fhe banquef held nn fhe cafe ferla had been enloyed MAY BREAKFAST Gay sprung clorhes fragranf flowers May poles and a brlghf blue slcy provnded a dellghffu' afmosphere for fhe annual May Brealcfasf gven by fhe senror class for fhe lunlors May 3 In fhe cafe1erra Al Parr sensor class presndenf oresnded as foasfmasfer and The reoly fo hu welcome was made by Brll Sfearns lunuor presldenf An unusual and much applauded enf rfannmenf was presenfed consushno of a snappy falk by Mr Paul Colburn senror class adv se xylophone solos by Mrs Roberf Korff a vocal solo bv Marlene McDonald and praro solos by I-loward Goulo M s G L uslus coolc was highly commended for fhe splendld menu conszsfung of oral ce JI e c nnamon rolls crambl d eogs pork paffues fr ed pofafoes coffee and chocolafe a d sfrawberry shorf calce JUNIOR SENIOR BANOUET Gary decorafed nn colors appropruafe fo fhe marme fheme fhe rumors and s nlors gafhereo formally af fhe laouna hofel Wednesday evening June 7 and cn yed a delucrous meal fo +he rune of Cally I-loldens orchesfra Edga Panlcey aoly performed as masfer or ceremor es and fhe program was accla med perfecf bv upper classmen I J' r .r ' '- . I ' , ' , . , ,. , . . f s fl ' e . . n - cl' P s s , ' . ' ion, V Ly. . H, K V . q . . V I V 5 . . y Xe . . . V , V , ,Z I X E 1 . I I . 1. . , . r l , . . . : . 4 4 V , n T r I f . sf ' ' T ' ' I , , . ' , ' ' , e .. f o ' ' I ' I s ru a 1. ' . - , ' ' y - . V' A 1 1 ' ' I - -V - I - I I , . 1 l It . +r 2 g 4' X y X A + . . Y , , ' 'l' , ' 1 '. l 7 I s of people mef ai' fhe annual Rube Day held April 4. Prizes were awarded for fhe be-sf , r , c f , . r .' 'r I . ' ,- :nasfer of ' , ,rife I .' I I I - I I T ' . , . I ' 1 .S L I X . X 1 . . . D e . A V I . . J , ' , ' E r, . . . . , . y r . r E . f - , ' I . . N11 il .C I T . s ' e . . l . . -I . e ' ' , - J - , ' r . - ,fl . I . I I . Y' I I , , f . . ,- , , , I I 72 .. - - r Pprll Aoru Apr: May May May May X5 lvlay lvlay May Vlay llay lvlay May Jane J The Year Ends Aprul Ten fo June 9 ssembly O al Q gmr ng lfwo on Ween Pay C e en e b Amd c sla a Day J nc w Assembly preserled by Analelm sludenl body Falrer Takes a l"land Assembly fall by Wlber C TJpoer abou Mex co and Cuba Very mleresl ng Parenls vsulmo ca, lvks an program by gurnle of O o ls of Mrs use May Brealclasl txcellem :ood good p ogram and everyone lnao a marvelous lsnne Gnrls lennrs leam payed al Sanfa Ana We los dropp ng four ou? ol sux malclnes S A J C assembly Lvood one acl play iooll lunal cs Indoor baseball wilw Brea Clunda Tlne Farmers won 9 lo fx Glrls lennls lournamerl W llw Caplslrano al Caors rano Glrls lennus lournamenl vvllln Fullerlon Indoor baseball wllw l-lunlmglon Beach Counly swummlng meel al l-lun lnglon Beacln Sclwolarslwup soclely beach barly al Anallelm La dung Glrls lndoor playday al 'lusl n lvlollwers Tea sbonsoreo by Glrls League curls vndoor playday a+ Tuslnn 29 30 Vacaluon Senlor dllclu day Baccalaureale Junvor Senlor Banouer al lagwa Holel S ell me enloyem my v r, 53 Gradualuon an cabs and gowns on llwe ouldoor laoe Fa l lsnorl sp aler of llue evenung 73 1933 m7UV"'Z7UDP"1 WI-4 AllDlCN Y , ,, ,, P-sill I3-A 1 . lilo lei' J C li l. l rs 'dly In ll. . ' I4-T g . u l rs on. an 20-1 A my ' se . l + 1 . ' 'l27- ' wlc-' ' + .v' l, ' 3- , F. , , r ,, I lp Q l ' I' ll , . -5 y lI-- .... . . A ,- cl I l . V l. - ' . - lb- ' l ' 1 '- 'L . N y ll'--- ' l ' I . I8- I ' , . May IQ- ' ' , V . 22- ' ' ' P V . 23- ' ll l. i Z4-f l l ' Y . V 257-,M 1 D . X , I ' 3l- ' ' , . ' 4- . Jne 7'-' ' - ' 4.1 , . w 'l "l eevone. W Jane ff- ' ' X s J. er" '.e:, QQ V 1933: L LAC Auolom Sponsors Of The Audlon BUSINESS FIRMS Tushn E M CARTER GROCERY D Sfreef I-TTBBET JEWELRY COMPANY T30 Easf Mann S+ree+ TI'-TE TIP TOP Mrs LuTTy Msller T U I-I S CAEETERIA M 5 E L Eusfns TSO EasT Maxn S reeT UTT JUICE COMPANY T93 Easf Mann STree+ TUSTIN DRUG COMPANY N E Corner Mam and D Sfreefs G A YOUNG Sporfmq Goods Garage T65 Wesf Mam STreeT PARK S SERVICE E rsT STreeT af Tusfm Avenue .TOT-IN E PIEPER FEED STORE D STreeT FIRST NATIONAL BANK OE TUSTIN Corner Ma n and D S+ree+s TUSTIN HARDWARE COMPANY Mann STree+ BECKER S GARAGE Eursf aT C STreeT CRAWFORD S EROCK ST-IOP D STreeT JEROME KTDD S GARAGE Tursf a MounTam Vuew Drive I T L A RIET-IL MEAT MARKET D STree+ CI-IARLES O ARTZ IBO Wesf Mam Sfreef TUSTIN GARAGE D Sfreef aT STXITW WT-IITSON LUMBER COMPANY Corner E:rs+ and D Sfreefs T-TARRY LAWRENCE BARBER ST-IOP Elrsf Sfreef Earsf and Ne-wporT Road Sanfa Ana VANDERMAST S Incorporafed Eourfh and Broadway VIC WALKER Sporfmg Goods 324 Wesf EourTT1 Sfre-ef STEIN S oT course 307 Wesf EourTT1 Sfreef and I IB Easf Eourfh STree+ EXCELSTOR CREAMERY COMPANY 926 Eas+ Errsf Slrreef GILBERT WESTON STEARNS Inc EIecTruCaT Confracfors 609 Easf Eourfh STree+ NEWCOMBS GOOD ST-IOES III Wesf Eour+T1 Sfreef Laguna Beach W G SCHMELZEL Laguna Boof Shop BOBS CUT RATE DRUG STORE T85 SouTT1 Coasf BouTevarcI BENTON S GOODTE SI-IOP TT TT TT TT . . . ' . . . ' ' T . I I . TT .... D TTT r. . . ' T-T ' + ' E F ' , A T2 M , , - . E . R . . I vi 5 ' , T . T T I I - T? , TT I I T T - ' T ' I TL TT ' TT ' TT , 74 - - - ALIDION 1933 Sponsors Of The Audlon SANITARY BARBER SHOP J VV eal II pays Io loolc well JIRGINIA PARK GARDEN Ms E M -Iandy J E BLAKENEY Independenl Grocery THE MAD HATTEP LAGUNA BEACH DRY GOODS COMPANY Sluarl Avus Prop CITIZEN S BANK of LAGUNA BEACH THE FOOD SHOP THE LAGUNA BEACH HARDWARE COMPANY Messrs Shields and Galoway Prop A G MUIVIIVIY Phlco and General Eleclrlc Raduos BOIHPMLY JEWELRY STORE GradLahon Walches RAIN S MARKET In Conhnenlal Slore LAGUNA HOTEL DINING ROOM AND COFFEE SHOP THE 'AGUNA BEACH BALLROOM JVAIT STEIN S SERVICE STATION HENRY FITTINGS BARBER SHOP ELINOR HUTCHINGS Modes T'-IE RAINBOW STYLE SHOPPE I4 Sou h Coas+ Boulevard LAGUNA BEACH CLEANERS Mall Malcolm Prop 240 Eoresl Avenue Telephone 28 RAITTS DAIRY STORE Malls and Mull: Shalces our Specually ZJI Fores+ Avenue THF LAGUNA ICE COMPANY A Laguna Made Producl Ed Parry 28 Harold Reed Phone PROFESSIONAL MEN DR CHESTER A DAY D D S TLshn Calnfornua THE LAGUNA BEACH HOSPITAL B B Mason M DR J EARL REPINE D D S Laguna Beach CGIITOVHIG 'VIR ROY PEACOCK Laguna Beach Callo nxa DR A A W'GHTMAN M D Telephone 70 Blshop Buuldlng laguna Beacn C Informa DR PAUL D CONOVER Phys Clan Osleoparh and Surgeon ORGANIZATIONS TUSTIN PYTHIAN SISTERS TUSTIN LODGE No 85 KNIGHTS OF PYTHIAS 'AGUNA BEACH ROTARY CLUB TUSTIN HIGH PARENT TEACHERS ASSOCIATION AGUNA BEACH CHRISTIAN FNIDEAVOR SOCIETY I . I. N , , X lf- I I . . J r . . . I ' ' I . , . I I ' ' J Dr. . . , . D. . . L , . . . . ' , 5. I N I Reallor and Insuror, ., . . N 3 F' T I . . . I I. , . . . . . . . I A ll I Ru 1 E. , o I ,, , I l L. I I L 7 I4 L , I, LI ll 1fj33?A 1 A ze: A A T. HAUDTOH Creators Of The Book Rabe Lyle plwotograplmy HIGH CLASS PHOTOGRAPHY O r a Rlwolograoluers Or Jrlwe Auo On Tcleorwone 950 SOJ qeon Barldr SGVTTG na Ca liornna A Steele C9 lvlclnnls printers Tne Newesl Types for your Personal Slarronery Weddrng Annou Cernenls ar Books Law Brucls Office Forms and Sralnonery l2I SOUTH OLIVE STREET ORANGE TELEPHONE 707 Auduon Enqrav ngs by 3lO EAST FOURTH STREET TELEPHONE I883 SANTA ANA CALIFORNIA Our COvers Were Made Ly Henderson Cover Company HENDERSON OOVER OO 443 Soullw San Pedro Slre + LO Angeles Calrlornra lr l rua e A r w vwg T. T se ' ll T . . H E I F l Ye T w T ' I ' N A R . , M O E R s Santa Ana Engraving Company i 'T J ' Tl l ll ri J TT T T T rl i ll 76 - - - lg AUTOGRAPHS AUTCDGRAPI-IS G EMMETT RAITT M D PHYSICIAN A ND SURGEON FE T 'uf :L': '-ifqr' Lf . . , . . E ET- E' 'f-'QA LZ' School Song rz t w 1 v an we O1 nd th 'fr at u rld pens 111 e t W1 1 um mszmx an zz za mn! u l rn mth nf L f U uv nz :fn xr gfum y nr mum nnur gun, In tfv bmrtf 4 zll ulvo fave r 1 wzntzgu sh v uw: MV! M 1 4 4 ml H74 Y Q 1 1 W V .V ff r L z Sh vnu M ww 4 L11 17211 Ill 11 naw fv ff V ur Ca 1117 wr Q 1 Il nm an rn 1111111 nz Xl mv Hz! u p HC 1 1 nur snr r t num rs luvlm 5 qaznz nr nz 1 www 14 4 U ll zcpfv fa' fv 1 14 lv ftarz ar A p IUHIZJYTLKI LT n frtfn mum I r fzcftzn I rzmrz Hzqk Sfvoof v 7 za n f In W -n VVIM' XT IU' X If ,Chl I 1 fd? A C A C' U 'U V , IVE wif! lyk ' "r :lr 1' U r fy v 'if fell x' p 1 Fu ur '14 ,I 1151 L 'nu :Ind 1' 'f tl " C 1 rf L ' ' bf! Fu :UIQ LL" U ,J . Tu! fl ffzmgfv nfl! czfzauyr fmt' f fu. 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