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 - Class of 1932

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Z WW '- X? x., 0,4- ds, ll 'I X . -. V ! JY Wi X -ix 1,4 1 X " If 7-f.: X! ils. I If f' A r ' E ' v"i f I :"':Ff nr " f L A I , . v V, , I x ,. ff f, X 'Vvf ' ' ff .4 ' 1 I A A 5 f xv " ,,.,,G:5i I ' -' lmirxllg 1' wg X if. ' V ' 1 I X ,ff 11,6 X' L' . 1, 1 ' A '.?'- f ' -. "fn I H -4211 --5'-lv , The Audlon Edded ano Publ1sLed by me STUDENT BODf Tustm Union Hugh SC'1ool as 932 California I ii I I . , . Il Q , , , E TL Hn I ' ' ' I my I FOREWCRD NCTHER YEFR has passed -A year whuch n d oar mg leaves rnernorues fha? never fade Mernorr s of hmes weh sp T 1+ Tush H gh Scnool -To rhe Senrors rr represenfs a year T Y amph The sum fora' of four years of school ng wS re-presenred n r r oraduahon e mrh +he roy 'rhar narnahy acfonnpanmes such succes Co nes sorrow Sorrow or rne necessary for oreamnq rhe hes whuch bound hern +o rhe Slruoenr Body for Pour Fasi usaorearrng ,ears 'To Th resr of rhe sfu denrs rr has oeen a year of accornohshrnenr A year wn eh rs our a sreo nearer 'rhf uhrnafe ooal of we I o fne aeur + as n 1 yer xr ren he e ns e n + e srude s or or in rney vn N e rrsr an deaPs or eoucahow rnaf Th oossessen rs as oeen n U y b oouruno fads an rhouqhrs lnro rnrnds wen oweh' on e roo+baWl V d or on ne oeach w o s a GJ n ey hue n sa ce Jed'7 -To all of us + e oas year as een ore rn wnrch our meer enfes hive een o W I fn ed lnar we no nov when wor 'e+ ohy began lAno+nc year has oassed , fn"WEf33gir 37 '14-'M ff ff :fff "ww iam P R .., Q9 K.-1 X N -1, Xxi 3 5 X' Rug , ...a,"e W MQ Kxxx rf' ' 12? X Z' X , '. n' , E ex ff , ,. ' V . .. 'e ' ,- en C 'n E ' r. ' , ' or 'rif r. , . ' . F ' , l he? J ' , Y r -' , ' 1 - ' 5 r. . . , .y ,Z . X ,-I4 J ,Y'f. T '-5 Yy,i.h bQCcX3frI'1 fhwhf +I 'J hav r HN d I s A mf' Mb, W rhf I, X. CX M fh Chf E F F '. ' ney N F T. Them h. ' ,, a diffc W' 'o 'NJ d ' ' ' wi EQ ' , rh F le! . +1 ' . Bur h h U s N, haf in ,f of 'Q ef Q , h- r ,, h b I ' 'A ,. 7 -V ,C o s e'l-, Iv ' K' did r I. ff A k gf oh' and f ,. ,' -r 'pf X , . 17 ri! 1 inn" .ll A g H 27 V -I ' ii. J .N 7 C- r ' ., 7 ,ff " Wy y ,N s ,, I , 0 ,V , fx ff . ," 1' 2,' '1 1- 1- ' fP'3r WH' we , Q17 -' -v-' j 1. Q Q - X f'E.,, I, f 2:4 a -and f- jg," ,ef sa -1 "ea ' r K - , ""f,."' .11-,N ,,- . - , X 1 . g Q4 ' r -XA Q--of 2. Q es 'fx - ""'2"f?" 'T',gs liege 'ffefxg P N one if - Q' ' f 'fix if ,X-few -as IX, v xx s' 1.- '-Q 2- fx-: , -,S X i fgff ' Dedication S lhus yearbook as In realdy an accounf for lhe mosl' par? of fhe achvnhes of 'rhe class of 32 af IS only flllnng +ha'r 'fhe deducahon be rn some way connecfed wufh rha+ class The presenl Sensors ave oeen no+ed rnroughoul 'rhenr nuqh school careers as oruglnal full of pep and capable of cooperarnng when fhe occasion demanded I+ nafural fha? lhey should dedzcalfe fheur year bood ro a persona who rep resenfs +he same qualnnes -Therefore 1 ns +o Muss May Rose Borum fha? +he Audlon of i932 us respecrfully deducafed Mass Borum has been symbolic of The advance made un lhe las+ few years IU Tushn Everyone knowing her cannol help rnarvelung al her vufallly No maller whal happens she us always of 'rhe same unruffled calrn I+ ns an nnspurahon for s+uden'rs +o work under such a 'reacher Mrss Borum as more lhan a feacher fo her s'ruden+s she us a leader And where she leads 1+ ns a pleasure +o follow ksgkl I I h 4 I . 5. ' . . ' ' . is X V - 1 .+ f . ORDER OF BOOKS BOOK ADM NISTRATION O1 C LASSES QI ACTIVITIES O1 ATHLETICS O4 SCHOOL LIFE Memoriam N JULY 4 I93l Be Mcrakarnu was drowned near Laouna Beach wh1Ie bafhunq Everyone who remernoers B nny one once know ng 'urn coufd orqef hlm IeeIs Tushn 5 Ioss deepIy For when Benny 'eff us he derarfed wwfh hrs cheerIuI snnule has oIeas ng ways and has game pe sonaIa+v whucn had oeen 1 reaIu+y For such a Io Q Mme and which ns now buf a nnernory Ye-I :I ns a memory which we lJus+ oefore Chrusfrnas on Decennber 20 I93I Tushn Iosr ahofhe orwgh+ s+ar an her Irrnarhenr of s+uden'fs Leda Greenwood who wouId have qraduafed n I9 4 enoe her srruggle aqamns+ dwsea e Iusf as s a Iwvec HIways Thwnk ng of her e ow be nqs I nq 3 We of dom for ofher oossessod of fhe herowsrn fha? only Ihose of Irue cha acfer I6 I Inq a d yung as Goo ma e ery e o us and due B OK I - - - B OK Il - - - B OK V - - - B OK V - - - , , nnj, I .' lx ' ' h. Q ' . e , and no Feel can never grow dim, buf Encrease.In IoriIIIance as Ihe year roII by. , 3 . My , V A . P r I I 1 3 I 5 I ' ' ' 5 ' I he ms' I-C fll arm Ca Img hax 'l'v'I I 'n d I , oray , y v on I so ITve Qur Alma Mater ADMINISTRATION LECE r v .uf f.x flYHl.."X r'I'ftf7L' f "fN- " 'f' ff.wl1f1f,J JH, Ulf IurH,!f,'f fflrll V l.,flHn wh f. f!l1"lNf ff ffl, . z 1 .,f M11-'f fm QJJ f'f, ,f X lm . zu 'Ji lf fx. .lJffff,nf,f1 ,",y f,'f,'f1 f ff 1 , A ,, ffl' f,l1'J, l!ff,'fx A J mwfflfx ffff' fx AIM I flu H, x X f,','f H , WJ 1"l1,' fu X CH: iw . f f' " '1' f.1"f11r 1 "mx in ' ffm lfwf ff' ff .'f1'v fm ' f 'f ' Ulf fflw , Q11 ffl ffl 'U-XX if .. fu u f I1 ' If' y .'f.f Mlzfl M 'mf fm mmf, H 1 ffm' fy, !f,r nur, ,'Zffl ff, ff, BEJOK I 4 Hejgifai- -4' ufff I 4' M T' STOP' LOCK' 31' ss LISTEN' fwxn. I Z XJ"Y: Slop Ded you ever drnve an 'rhe ram and nohce lhal Jrhe ram drops seemed 'ro be comlng foward you no maller which Nay you +urned7 Cbvuously rain crops can nol' be comung from all dnrechons al' one 'fume If you would know lhe lrulh as 'fo lhelr movemenl you musl slop Elumunale all olher movemenl and lhe lrulh S evudenl Are you losl7 Slop and gel your bearings Are vou on lhe wrong road7 Slop and conslder for hs only lhe 'fool who goelh and knows nol' whI+her he goelh I Look Do you always lrusl your own eyes7 l have laved many monlhs on lhe deserl and IU +ha+ 'fume have seen numerous mnrages and have olaunly seen many 'fhnngs Jrhal had no real exnslence Many prospeclors have been lured +o lheur dealh by lhe vasuon ol wafer lhal did nol exnsl Would you be sure lo see lrulv lhen 'rake pa ns lo look al' all sides Be nol sahslned wslh one chance glance Look from dnclerenl angles Gel lhe olher fellow s vnewponnl lesl a mirage deceive you I Lrsfen Would you prolnl by 'rhe expervence of o+hers'7 Then slop your cha++er and luslen And whale you are luslenlng do a llllle lhmkung There are mounlauns vhere lhe crags wall send back ones spoken words once Jrwnce even hall a dozen limes If lhe orugunal words were false lhe echoes no maller how many hmes repealed wall be lusl as false Repehhon does nor eslablush 'rrulh New her us I+ always fhe loudesl vonce 1. lha+ brmgs l'he mosl valu -s X 'nu' able message Cllen hs 'rhe shll small voice wulh ,ax .gi .Sha 1 lh as our lru s guce I Slop Look Lus J' A A amy' L! jg len Avaluable warning al ,yr-A J 'rhe Raulroad Crossing a If fi valuable warnmg al any hme n a speed mad so clef Slop and lhunk l o' and lhlnk luslen and Think ff' +ha'r you may enloy +he 5? ..A4,P Y liner lhungs ol life dlxf "' 3-53 P' zgffffv' :Q ' 1747 v: P M , ref , tr. Y i Xiu? hm, ?':': I ' 15,2 ..x, ..,,-.V 4 - R E ,M ' 'A - K f' 'brig X - , V.,4Lg v Y, -2, -, ,. ,f K. .J , , 1, , 1 1 ' I -'F5' I S y ,,f,,i,. ,, , 33' -JE' 5 , gtg 5: 7' 1 , , J. ' . .f 1 5 4 ,14 -w - z iw 1,41 c A ' ol 4 Ls 1-4 , 3 fa, re 41 " Q' - .f I 0 I G 555' ,, 2 P E .lu .XA if 1 il I 2' ' , I - o .lk-,,.,. if . .R L I - 1 . 4. J, I , S ' ,figs , , fi-12" ' 'i .J f - '7 L 1 - A' ,-' 1 L I .P E li, 1 f' . E, ,fr rf , " l If l. 5 5 . ' 7 fy,-' lf' , X . . 'lf . . . - . I v G , . . , . ' . ' I . . ' . ,. ., . . . , M I . . . . . - In . , . . . . . , . -1. l I I D V I ,Lv .fu.L,,MR - - f ' Nl ' . K' .1 , . "9 7 .42 1' W MN' 4 .. . ' . .. . li 4 nf .nn Wx Y. X - "um . 1, , ,Ig , A V , 1. V V , . , ,fp fy, gl' ,MM W Q? ,U Us af 6+ ff , ff L 'e il . - - '- "V-1,51 Af 'ff' ' 'fe ' --vid .. Az, Y' I ' . , . .. - . , , 5 l ,4 In v . . fi-Q H-X f lv, ...u.p:f.. ,-3 -'f .ji ,ff ' , l '. , , .T ff.. . . .Q , - fs - 1 ' s- . ' , - - r . f ' --2. , R' ' . ' ' .o .: .. I ,I f--JL Y . .. G f'3',',- ,.,: -V l . - Lf A I9 THE AUDION 32 Too Row May Geerv1eaf Arr Reber? Kor Enqhh Mafhemafmcs Emma C Dafmeman Home Econormgs :rrvesf R Byrne Cofrwrwercfm Ahce P Maxsorw Endnsh Physical Educafwon c w me w s ay cr' w ups Lafm May Rose Boruvf Drama cs n rsh her Byr e Sfudy 'vnrd Row I P Vrvcerwf L Hurvedorw H11 A e CYara Macc ber Eno! SH :eo w P rn r sh Florence Lno om Herve Eccn 'rv Cwarwe C Q d fuel P ra e A Srufs Maw ao V e ou M use News ui Kye e Mary M V v L1 YI! I I - , r 25 5 ' , D sei no RQ -EH! K. Daly., sperm: Mfr R B rd bww . ' -r r V f r E qN' ' Es? F. r' Hair T" ' -Elsre C. HM' Bicicgy E"glF5,' Y . . 'S cry, 'rw' 'ics' fr . Fcuvrf Row-Pau! W. Coburn, Ir'dusrrIaN Arfst Sfeiua F. Yocurru Mafrwermafics GHS Afrvefrcs' Errma B. H' V, Vie r' bpal, Errgli 7 1 I 'bs , Q Eze' , s , Vrscce 4' ue r' Arfs. 'TTI' RCw+6 Q . U 5 , effefiis S:7e":e' 7 I h J. Col Boys' PL'ys7caW E' Ca'7c"' 5 4 S'ec - M 1:4 Ge-:fee J. W Sder: ' Q e M' 255. THE AUDION DEPARTMENTAL ENGLISH Four courses oT hugh school and col lege preparaTory Englush are TaughT aT TusTun Muss Emma I-Iueld us The head OT The deparTmenT and has as her assusT anTs Muss I'-lull Mr RoberT KorTT Muss Clara Macomber Muss Polly Maxson and Muss May Rose Borum SCIENCE The scuence deparTmenT headed by Mr George J Kyle us made up oT Buology Physucs and ChemusTry Muss Elsue I-Iull also has several classes n Buology and ChemusTry Muss Grace ShulTs duvudes her Tume beTween Geom eTry and General Scuence SHOPS TusTIn s Shop DeparTmenT consusTs oT Machune Shop AuTo Shop and Aur plane Shop TaughT by Mr Chas Brusco Mechanucal drawung wood shop under Mr Paul Colburn and Mr RoberT KorTT MUSIC I-IusTory and appre uaTuon P no I and II anc orchesTra TaughT by Muss Mary McVey and vouce TuTored by Muss Madge STephens and pruvaTe lessons on The organ compruse The Musuc DeparT menT aT TusTun I-Iugh PHYSICAL EDUCATION In The deparTmenT oT physucal educa Tuon Mr Cole us The curecTor oT physucal educaTuon Tor boys and Muss Maxson gur s urec or Mr Kor I-IumesTon M Byrne and Mr Blee were oTher Teachers There us a large gymnasuum beauTuTul swummung pool oo DOMESTIC SCIENCE Muss Elorence Lundblom and Muss Emma Danneman are The urusTrucTors oT sewung and coolcung MATHEMATICS The subuecTs presenTed In The MaThe maTucs DeparTmenT oT whuch Muss Yocum us The head are general maThe maTucs algebra I and II plane and solud geomeTry and TrugonomeTry Muss Yo cum Muss ShuITs and Mr KorTT are The Teachers COMMERCIAL Mr Byrne us The head oT The Com mercual DeparTmenT whuch Includes Typung boolclceepung and shorThand all TaughT by Mr Byrne Puns and cerTuTu caTes are awarded Tor e1cepTuonaI speed un Typung counTung and speed Dra maTuc conTesTs oTTer opporTunuTues oT excellence un sTenography DRAMA Muss Borum us The head and The Teach er OT The DramaTucs DeparTmenT whuch oTTers drama To Junuors and Senuors All phases oT The arT are sTudued an annual 3acT play us presenTed by members oT The drama class and one acT plays are prepared regularly Tor raduo broadcasTs assemblues varueTy programs and unyu TaTuonaIs SOCIAL SCIENCE Thus deparTmenT Includes Economucs TaughT by Mr VuncenT I-IumesTon and Socual Problems I and II TaughT by Muss Madge STephens APT The ArT DeparTmenT oT TusTun oTTers weavung Toolung meTaI worlc and regu I arT I and II Muss May Green eaT us The Teacher and head oT The deparT me-nT LANGUAGES Mrs Elsue K Daly heads The language deparTmenT whuch Includes college pre paraTory Spanush I II and III TaughT by Mrs Daly hugh school Spanush I II and III under Mr James Blee and aTun I and II dIrecTed by Mrs Roy o d Phull ps ,lg f T ' , , , . I n I f .A - V ' I - compIeTes The daparTmenT. ' 1 ' c' ' , Ia I , I ' . . I- . T . I . I I I T ,' ' , ar , . I The ' I' d' T . . TTA Mr. - , r. . I A ' 1, ' . I I I n - Y I- - - - . 1 . 1 . 1 I L 1 ' ' . B n . , . . I . IIYI THE SPlR'T OF THE WEST Student Body Officers Top Ro Clyde Becker parlxamenfar an Znd semesfer Joyce Bro n secrelary 2nd semesfer Joe Barnet? pres: denl lsf semesfer Eelyn Furfsch secrelary Is? semesler Sharpless Hnckman parllamenlanan Isl semesfer Mlddle Row Jnmmy Torrens alhlehc manager Charles Ynser ace presudenf 2nd semesfer Elmer Oslerman presudenf Znd semester Donald Brown :ce presndenl Isl semester Max ne Sforey forensuc manager Boffom Row Ed Hobarl song leader Isl semester Julnan Hayes yell leader Ralph Welzel lreasurer Wlllard Courlney yell leader Pncfure omlffed Nelson Rogers song leader Znd semesler STUDENT BODY NTEREST un lhe achvuhes of lhe sludenl body was aroused 'rhls year when an excuhng poluhcal campaugn was held preceding +he elechon of lhe sludenl body ollhcers Thus was 'rhe larsl hme nn lhe hlslory of 'rhe school lhal such a carnpanqn had been held al Tushn and lnleresl ran hugh -The four candndales for 'rhe olhce of presudenl chose campaugn managers from 'rhe Broadcasfer slahf The managers fn booshng lhenr candldales covered The walls and blaclcboards wnlh sngns adverlusnng +he good qualnhes of 'rhe aspuranls lo off ce Tags and blollers were guven oul and a special edlhon ol lhe Broadcasler and a scandal sheel were publlshed lo raise enlhusuasm The day before lhe ele hon The presudenlval candxdales and lheur managers gave shorl campaugn speeches an lhe assembly -The resull of lhe campaign was very sallslaclory 'rhe larqesl number ol volers ever lo lurn our al a sludenl body elechon goung lo lhe polls lhe ned day Eeghly fave per cenl' of lhe school were lhere vohng eslablushlng a remarkable record Besides 'rhe record number of volers all buf snxly hve of lhe sludenl body paid fheur dues nn order lo vole and lo parhcupale ln lhe achvnhes of The school ll3l . 32 K gg ,. A I- 1 4 W- . ' 5. : W. . I . '- . I V . . I . . - - . . :U X .v - . : . . : .v -I . : I , . . - . . : . : . : . . : , , . , . . .. . I . . P. . . . . T . .c , . , . . , . A Corner Qf the Ma1r1XN1ng CLASSES LECE 1 IX? ff.f.,'1', f f, ' jff, ff 'flu' f' 1, ,,. w A f 'f', M f 19, l' X, nf ' fl ,I f .ffm . fn I 'f. yu ff Mlm f f wx 1 , 1 , " Tr! V A X fr- , YW. H f'fvf.f1. , fl f jfgf ' 1 fff' 'f www f ,f M ' fm Mg," ',fJ,',f " 3 X 1 f X "lm fu A 15 . f X, 1, V, , Vw ,Ag ffl in 11.1 fv 'H f 'pl , fff f f 2D0n Hall BOOK ll Arundell Robert Sweet IS revenge-especnal ly to women Pres Class 2 Vce Pres I Scholarshnp clety I 2 Pre Pres Hokurns Club 4 Foot 4 Letterrnans Club Sec reas 4 Spanlsh u Hokurns Club Audlon 4 Barnett Joseph Everythrng he does well and he does everything Pres Vuce Pres Sec Stu nt Bdy 3 4 Edlor Broadcaster and Audnon 4 Pes Class 3 Vlce res Honor Socnety 2 Master Ceremonnes J S Ban quet 3 Scholarshup Society B Foo Oratorncal Contest 3 4 The Lnon and the Mouse enrod Assust us: ness Manager Audlon and Broadcaster 3 Asslst Edu tor Broadcaster 3 4 Latnn Cub 2 Soamsh Club 3 Hokurns 3 Benton Dean A boy of cheerful yester days and confudent t morrows A Football 3 4 Junuor Class Pres 3 Stu dent Body Vnce Pres 3 Master Ceremonnes Frosh Receptron 4 Peg O My Heart 4 I-lokums4 CIID 3 4 Lettermans Club 3 Sensor Class Parua mentarran 4 Transfer Chaf 3 Drama a Y ram Best Floyd I-Ins fingers nurnble and has brain quick Carroll Elleen She IS pretty to walk with w y t a w an pleasant too to thunk on Penrod P O My eart Musnc emory I-to urns Glee Club I 3 Gnrls League Otfncer 3 Collins Louis Well warrant hlm a good fellow B et ball I Operetta I Foorball B Basketball B Track Operetta 2 A Basketball 3 A Track 3 A Baseball 3 Jumor Play J A Football 4 A Basket 4 A ack 4 A ball 4 Letterman s Club 4 fly HQ UBI Beckman Leo A man who tackles a task and does what you ask Radlo technrclan 3 4 I In Stage Cew 3 Becker Clyde Forever qulet and good na ured was he otball 3 4 ketball 2 3 Swlmrmnq 3 Ochestra I 2 3 Le r man s Club Penrod Parllamentarlan Broadcaster Best Eugene Going strong fo a new comer Brader Josephme On woman s rlqhts her will I5 bent our charming Glrls League President tered from S A l930 Bas all 2 3 4 Volley seball 2 3 A 3 4 Pres Girls Glee Club Pr s Gnrls Leaqu Vnce Pres Class 4 Audlon enrod Hulda o o and 2 Belle of a a Count and e Coed 4 Carlson Vernon An athlete today yester day and forever A foot 2 4 B basket A 4 Glee Vice P es Pres 4 Ooeretta 2 4 Clrp 3 4 Letlermans Club 2 Crandall Mary Elysabeth For out boardnnq she won e race n F holds a place Basketball nms 2 4 Hocke r G 4 Class Pres 2 Audlon Z 4 Hon ceety I 2 4 Span ub 2 3 F Seal Bearer May Fete Downing Garold Hell be a rmrusrer some da because he as qunef way Baskelball Fo a 4 Tr ub 2 Club 3 Drennan Ralph A youfh lhere was of ouuer was a slu enl o od books and days A Fool o ll 3 Swlmmlno 3 pan Club 2 Baseball 4 Schol Socuery Erramuspe Grace My lonque wlrhm my lps I relqn for who Talks musf 7 k nn v Spanush ub Glee u Counl and 'rhe Co ed 4 Ferry Jean Carefree characleruzes her acfly B kelball I eyba'I I 2 Swlmrnl Penro Spams up l La C Slale Typrng Conlesl 2 Frsher Alla She has a masters rouch on fhe plano Vlce res A A 4 and Treas Hokurns Club Par na rnenrrlan Grrls League 4 Tr as Class 4 Vlce Pres Spanish Club 3 Audlon 3 Broadcasler 3 Peg O My earl enrod Sky Tram 4 Operelfa I ball o eyball l ckey 2 3 T 4 Muslc Memory Conlesl 2 Honor Soc: 'ry Gardner Aphua Salence ns more eloouenl Ihan words Entered l93l anlsh Club G A Dorrell Mary Louise An enlhusrashc gurl wulh a cheerful drsposulnon fered from Ash Grove Hugh School 4 Mrsscurl Broadcaster Staff Orches fra Glee Club Erchezahar Marcy une? and rnodesl nn ever work Often seen buf sel dom heard Spanish Club Glee Club 4 Counl and the Co ed Fa rnsworlh Elmer Forever qulel and good nalured was h oys Glee Pres 4 Operella 2 B Baske ball A all 3 4 A enms 4 Lellermen s Club 4 Boys Glee Pre Fmch Dan A lnfrle nonserse now and en I r I b e besl of men Enlered from Sanla Ana Soph year S age Crew 2 3 Junior lay Penrod T ck 2 Foofball 3 Audnon Slafl 4 Honor Soclely 4 Furfsch Evelyn al s alure mall n lrarne fhouqh small she be she as real qarne Bas all 2 3 Baseball 2 Vo eyball 2 3 4 Hockey 4 e 2 Spamsh Club 3 Pes A A Glee Club Pr e Belle of Bagdad 3 The Counl and The Co ed Gordon Ralph True lo hrs word has work an ls frren s Radio Announcer Enlered from A Hall Don nner n no sam perhaps But well the very besl of chaos Penrod Hokums 3 Llghfweughl olball 2 3 oadcasler Slaff 3 4 Audlon Broad casfer Bervefll 3 Audnon Sl 4 Spanish Club 4 Class Treasurer 3 Hafch Nod Hrs eyes and hls manners bespeak ambuhon Secre 1 l Treasurer I e s 2 Ba elball 4 Foolball Hobarl Edward 5 man Wha a geles Hugh l930 A Fool a Song Lea er 3 Broadcasler 4 Horton Earle A dashlng llann who s true Suaye and seek played foolball loo foo ball 2 3 4 A lrack 2 4 Basebal 4 Le r mans Club Spanush Club 4 Hokums Cu Sensor Play Peg O My Heart 4 Drama Play Sky T In 4 Johnson Mlldrod Work d f sh nkes lhem bolh Enfered S A Junlor Hugh B Baskelball lndoor 4 Hockey Hokums 4 Broadcasler 4 S Tram 4 Klrk Wllluam When pleasure and duly cas er u smash Class Yell Leader l 2 Lellermans Club 4 nnls 2 3 C Tra Broadcaster Slaff 4 Span Club 2 Sllfll- l l Handy Bruce Hs lnmbs were cast an a many mold For hardy sporls or conlesf bold Foolball 2 3 4 Baskerball 2 Swlmmnng I 2 Pa menfaruan Class 4 Lefler mans Club 3 4 Capfaun Swnmmnng 3 4 Hackman Sharploss He lells you flally wha? mrnd Radlo nouncer 4 Parllamenlarlan 4 The Broadcasler 2 3 4 Edlfor nn Chlef 4 Hokums u 2 3 P 4 r nn and Mouse 4 Holmes Kalhleen Always merry never glum ful chum Audlon Sraff 4 Broadcaster Sfaff 4 Jumor Play 3 Belle of Bagdad 3 G-urls League Assemblles 2 3 May Fefe 3 Bas 1 Spams Cu Lahn Club 2 3 4 Hokums Illmgsworlh Blanche And a merry laugh had she Enlered San Bernar duno l929 Baskefball 2 4 Hockey 2 4 Volleyball 2 Baseball 2 3 4 Sw rnnng 4 Hokums 4 G A A 4 Spanlsh Club 2 3 4 Kellams Wllda Nolhlng great was ever achneved wllhoul' enlhu slasm G A A Spannh u 2 3 Glee Club l Broadcaster Staff 3 May e I 3 Hokums l Pres Sec Treas Tenmsl ball 4 Hockey2 3 4 Layton Francis Men of few words are lhe besl men after all Spannsh u 4 o ums Broadcaster 3 4 Penrod enlered S A 3 I .il QQ ifc. C -?d slsl so .C all la. 32 " 7' 77 7' ' " 1 ' ' " 'm - 6 N 7 fl A- 7' 'i"'?t'i 1 ' . -J ,, No Isl or ' f 5 'I ' . - 1 , FO .. I I Br I, 3 " I 'I I , 5 rlia- aff : 4 ' I . . I -. 7 I I . - his ' is. I an- ary 3 3 Vic - 3 I ' Pre. , 33 sk I, 2, 3 , , 3 3, 1 4. I ' I 1 ' Cl b , , 4, arl. 3 Pen- od "L'o the rm :SI a , r I I l man- Enlefed from I-05 Ana makes a briqhhand cheer- b ng I d 1 ' : - ' . : z ke - ball lg 'h l b 4: I' vi I l . . l - - ' 3 . A - , - - l , . I - . ' ' . - ' 3, 3 I g. ne- 4-. 1 - - - 'm' 3, , 1 ' I lv 4: ' I I - - - ra' " .I an un- e l' ' I - 4: 'I 43 Cl b , 3 , 43 -' ky ' I" . I Fel , 5 I YIce- 2, af'-1: Blake: I' 1, 2, af I h-l d ly go lo A ' . U Cl b , H k I 3, 4, Tb L , .41 ck 12 . .' I I ish , 3, 4. ' 2C Lelhy Marlon lrks sneaks ac s ,l.sr as she oughl Basket HO ec Treas I-Io ums V955 Lll'llOl' 555 P rlrod 3 The Llon n e Mouse 3 Sky Tram anlsh Club La 1 ub 7 Honor Soc: 'fy 4 Audlon 4 Llpplncoll Calherlne omg her e I day Helplnq and hoplnq alonq lhe way Basketball Moulion Louise Of horses she knows mos? Spanish Club Pres 4 Vlce Pres Senlor Class4 Audlon Rep Senior Class 4 Par Ilarnenfarlan Girls Leaque 4 Indoor Baseball 3 as kelball 4 Volleyball Capl aseball 4 Sky ral Dlrecfor Peg O Hear? 4 Hokums 4 I-lon or Soclely 4 Oslerman Elmer H ls a scholar among al efes and an alh ele among schilars Foolball 3 4 Baseball 3 4 Sfu ent Body Pres 4 Assoclale Ed lfor Broadcasfer 4 Parl Hokums4 Penrod eq O My Hear? Sky Traln 4 Class Parllamenlarlan I Spanish Club Lellermans ub Clp Honor So clefy 4 Pierce Franklin He has done much in mu- ' s in ma other fields. C baskelbal ' i l' - 2 sl-,amish Club. Rhodes Bealrice Ouef, scholarly and stead! . Glee Club , , g Honor Sociely 43 Orchestra , , , 45 Latin Clu 3 Music Memary 33 Swim- m'ng l. Lindsey Jack Whaf sfronq man can hold his swllf fool back Class res Span: Cu L ermans Club 2 3 4 e Pres 3 Pes 4 3 4 B Foolball I A ol 3 4 A Baskef al 2 Baseball 3 4 A Track 4 N1cLauqhlan Frances She has a haopy feaslnq dlsposlllon Glr s G ee ub Vo ereflas I 2 3 e- l 2 3 Spanish C Te 3 C r s Plays I Nunan Grace Nolhlng IS greal enouqh lo worry about Lalln Club 2 Holrums Club Parham Ardllh She I5 a gay and buoyant splrll who does a mulll lude of 'fhlnqs and does fhern we Bas efball I ckey 2 4 C nrlls 3 4 oor ay efe 2 Dio enes Looks for a Secre far Sec of Class 4 G A A 2 3 4 Spanish Cub Pollard Gerirude A good lady-wise and virtuous. Rice, Harvey l Ihink he would nol' wish himself anywhere buf where h is. I I9 .Al 91 use as C C C , ef e C+- 1 I ru l srl-3 'Ihf , , - I , ' gall l, 2, 35 ckey 2, I P H, I: I 'Sh 'I b 2: .- . k 33 I S . . -. 1 , J ' Cl 33 Vic - . , r . pFCIlp " " ' a : : 0 - me 3" Q " ball 2, , 3 ball 43 Sp ' 4, +I, 3, 4, B Baskefb I l, 3 A CI .3 4- ViCb:Dl-ff . : . e 5 . , . . . - , Di I bs, day -by . .. .i. ' V' A -, Cl I, 2, 33 cal 43 Ig Volleyball l. 232 g - . T 2, 3, 41 I hnis Q h isl- ma , 2, 3, 4. .I - '. I l' - l, 5 I 3. : : B - 4, B I g " T 'l': 4, ' " ' My e ' l ' l hl l " '. l, 2, 3, 4, askelball l, 2, ll- 'y , . : . 1, d 2, 3, 4, Volleyball l, 2, 3, V . I - 4, Ho , 3, 7 lass H UI H - Te ' , Q lnd l, 2, 3, I I H. H I H 4, M F , 3g " ' q- ? . ', ' .7 y": . t , :I . QI : I' :' - 2,'3,'4.' ' ' sac as well a ny 'I l B baseball 2 Pal 3 las? l 3 4 l 2 3 b 2 e l Scott Marguente We luke her for what she efball I Volleyball 3 4 Hockey 2 A 4 Span Club 2 3 4 Broadcaster Audnon Benefit program 4 Fete I 2 4 G ee Club 2 3 4 s Chrnstmas Program 2 3 4 Operetla 2 3 4 Smnth Alnce Though all that I can do as nothnng worth snnce that my pemlence comes after all nmplormg pardon Bas all I 3 4 Volley 4 Hock oor ball Sparush Club 4 G A A Latin Clu Stevenson Elmer In all moods whether grave or mellow we all can see hes a muschrevous fellow Entered from Pomona Stone Loss A fun lover who IS a wn ty provider ot fun Basket 4 Volley H or I A 4 Secretary Gurls League anugh y Fete I no e es Looks for a U tary e O Heart Tedford Dorothy ely gurl of fun hair ns gold spun from the sun etball eyball Z 3 4 Tennls Y n oor I A Pre 4 Vnce 3 Girls League Vice Pres a res C ass Secretary 2 Honor So CI y Latnn Club 2 ec y F te I no enes Looks for a Secre tary 4 Ulrach Kenneth In all moods whether grave or mellow we all can ee hes a rnuschnevous fellow ll lg I22l Silver Wllllam Give evcryman thnne ear but few thy volce Span C u b Lettermans ub Basketball Dl C A4 Football B3 ack B3 A 4 Baseball Smuth James H rs satusfned wrth hum se wlmmmg 2 ck 4 Indoor Stone Evelyn Wlth a heart as good s o ketball Peggy and the Pirate eyball I 2 4 Base al Ho G 3 4 Spanush u 3 4 Treasurer G A ay Fete I Taylor Vnrgmla A very nntereslunq luttle lass A brown eyed mem ber of our class Torrens Jimmy An has heart outran has footsteps and he .ourneyed without resting Athletnc Manager 4 Spanush Club 2 3 4 Swnmrmng 3 Bro cl caster 4 Watanukn Hanako Her thoughts are kind her actnons tollow sunt tered from Puente Unnon A A 4 C Treasurer 4 Honor cuety 4 Walden Marlon The frlex-ds rhou has? a lhelr adophon med gran p lherr' lo lhy soul w h hoops of sleel Baskelball o ey a Hockey 2 Ooerelfa ay ere Worfhy Velda Shes modes? any and bllhe as shes bonny Wnnlerbourne Wmslon e can nol know e wor :nos of hug mlnd Enlered from Denver Col 4 B s Man Broadcasler Coleman Lorena We cannol know her lrue Qualmes Chap y enlered lro'n 4 ?l luv I2 I23 Wefzel Ralph Tha? one may srnlle and le V B efball 2 3 4 Baseball 3 4 Lellerrnans Club 4 S anush Club 3 4 Tre s r of Cass Treasurer 2 Dnoqenes Looks for a Secrelary 4 Vlce Pres of Class 3 Hon Socuely 2 Whllehead Hazel er qolly and full of n eady lo Ioke w n one G A A s elball I 4 all 4 I-locke seball Morris Ralph Shorl' of sfalure he was bu slrong and alh eluc Fnlered from Santa Ana 3 C up Lellerrnan s ub I-Iokurns Operelfa 4 Bas e all Foot all 4 Track 4 Indoor 4 Wilson James Parker IS as full of valor as klndness Pres Sensor Class Vice Pres 2 Parllam I lan 2 3 Hokurns I e res Broadcas er Alon234BoysGe Club I Forenslcs4 Socneles a mas 2 Peqqy an he :ra e e O My Hearl 4 The Show Shop e Sky Tram THE AUDION TOP ROW Edmund Marrrner Merrll Smnnqlon Charles Krser Mrldred Ware Claudra Tumllnson Murrel Lamberl Ray Mennes Donald Frank Carl Smrlh Norman Walson Rachel Weaver Mrldred Haskoll Arden Murray Ida Marne Swarh SECOND ROW Lesfer Collrns Ernesl Arnell Rall Sam Hughes Frances Gllberl Norman Fulmer Yehve Blank Gerlrude Mangold Marlorre Hlnd Claudine Kidd Mane Krahnke Marne Walerman Marlorle McDonald Helen Bennelf Marlorle Buflon Rulh Johnson Lols Krser 3RD ROW DOWN Mass Yocum Roberl Parry Norman Brown Al Parr Donald Grrsel Elrnor Hlnchman Marlone Knox Maxine Sforey Caro Cogan Julran Hayes Jean Purpus Helen Campbell Al ce Pannell Dorolhy Robinson 4TH ROW DOWN Ted Mclnleer Mr s c bun 'lon Brown 7ororhy Mel on Lu y Aherr Ros La Porlo Maxine Hazen Rufh Woodward Calhenne cn Creed Wal's M ldrcd Thompson George P dr Charl s Fralh r W lard Coar ney Flrsr Semesler Pufh Shrffler Donald Frank Marlone Hlnd Carl Smllh Merrule Srmrnglon Jullan Hayes JUNIOR CLASS Vuce Presrdenl Secrelary Treasurer Parlramenlaruan Yell Leader Second Semesler Alberl Parr Rulh Woodward Marlorre Hmd Donald Frank Donald Brown HE Junuor Class enlerecl school +hus year wnh huqh hopes ancl ambnhons lo malce l-llslory nn lhe life ol Tushn -We slarled our by havung lhe besl boolh and selling more 'rhan any olher class on 'rhe mghl of lhe saclc rush -Then Came lhe Junior play Bully a hxlaraous comedy pul on by members ol lhe class and clurecled by lvllss May Rose Borum ll was sand lo have been one ol lhe besl ever given al Tushn The leads were lalcen by Wnllard Courlney and Claudia Tumllnson lThe May Brealclasl given by lhe Seniors proved lo be a very oulslandung and successful evenl We enloyed nl very much -Toward lhe close ol lhe year we reoald lhe Sensors by enlerlaunung lhem al a delaghllul Junior Semor banquel -Our annual pxcmc was held al' Camp Baldy Counseled and advlsed by our beloved class advnsers Mass Slella Yocum and Mr Paul Colburn we look back wnlh pleasure and happy memories upon lhe year when we were Jumors al T U H S l24l E" ' f 'WN l N? . 'fl ' -' I f A "' . A n f W - , 'f , 1 . , T 2 - . I E . I I . ' . ' ' . . I . I . . . . . ' , . ' T r I I I I . . . . . . I I I I ' . T I I 1 . . . . . . . , W I- Z I rf 5 ua . I 1 . 1 - - . A . - . - 1. - . . . F :ol f . , P ., - a 'as, : J, EI - f . s ' ...,.. ,,,... ....... P residenf ..,,,...,. ........,.... J ulian Hayes . . ., . . . ll u ll - . I V F . - I- - I. - - l . 1 T - . . .. - 1. THE SPIRIT OF THE WEST e as as so -IL so as or -32 TOP ROW MarIorIe Reeday Dorolhy Cranford Marlone Newcomb Edgar Panlrey Roberl Thompson Bob Adams Carl Alluson Wlllard Slearns LouIs Ebel John Marshall Eugene Spessard Howard Spangler Norman Mennes Bob Smllh George Bronner John Sauers .lack Runells Slanley Wilson Eleanor Lelhy Hazelbelle Comer SECOND ROW-Genevleve Eushs Sophle Padlas PaulIne Swaln Donna Boorh Jane? Slmpson Helen Furgason Audrey Pneper Rulh Cawihon Martha Sfanley Berry Pernn Marlone Gowan Lucnle Grnsef Dorofhy WIIson Ida Alder man Barbara Carvarh Mary Bell Sherndan Mary Hmchman Marlon Carson BeH'y Sealy Ellzabefh Wassum LoIs Murray THIRD ROW Rnchard Whnle VIrgInIa Lawrence Wllma Haich Calherme Cook lla Goff Joyce Brown Olnve Mennes Barbara McCar1er Gladys Berkhenmer RuIh Boslel LoIs Dervneler Vrrgmla Garmoe Dorolhy Hurler Irene Lawrence Muldred Cowen Alfa May Te'er Mary LagIer Ida Gnffirh Rosamond Jones Kay Reed BOTTOM ROW Howard WIlson Huberf Plefy Bud Jones Raymond Wlllflhg Peler Plumb John Haskell Loren Page PhIl Holmer Davld Forney Carl Blaylock Leslne Pollard Nelson Roqers Arihur Nlsson Floyd Curl Waller Snmbaugh Jack Chambers RIchard Showaller SOPHOMORE CLASS Flrsl SemesIer Second Semesler Edgar Pankey PresIden1 Carl Allnson Audrey Pneper VIce Presldenl lda Grlffifh Joyce Brown Secrelary Vnrgmla Lawrence Davad Forney Treasurer Davld Forney Ida Gnffith ParlIamenIarIan Edgar Panlrey Ralph Eadas Serqeani af Arms Vncfor Dehrouwer James WIIIIS RIce Yell Leader Belly Perrm Bob Adams AudIon Represenlahve Bob Adams AST year as Freshmen Ihe fIrsI achvury of our class In Tushn I-hgh was lhe Fresh men Recephon whuch wIll long be remembered by all of us The annual Freshmen Sophomore sackrush was our nex'r publuc appearance lAf+er we became ac oualnfed wI'rh each ofher and Miss Emma B Hneld our class advlsor had laughr us somefhlng of Parllamenfary Law we elecfed our ollhcers As we were so lale In elechng Ihem 'rhe same ofhcers served Ihroughouf +he year l Cupvd s Duary lhe scandal sheer whnch was publushed by our class when Freshmen was a success -Thus year as Sophomores under Ihe leadershup of our class advusors Muss May Rose Borum and Mr Vuncenl' L I-lumesfon and our class presndenls Edgar Panlcey and Carl Alluson we have passed anofher very successful year The Sack Rush whlch revnved lhe bonhre and added 'fhe publuc address sysrem was very Infereshng I25l I 1 I I I I I I . I I I I s I . I I I , I I . I I . I I ' I I I I l I I I I I I I I I ' I I I I I I I . - ' I I I . I I I I I I I I I I I A I ' - I I A I I - 1 I I I I I I I I I I - I - I I -I I I - I I - ' , I I I I , . - - II - I - II , .. I I , I I I - - I I I I I I I , I THE AUDION TOP ROW Lawrence Hackelf Dean Francls Roberl Spray Curhs Burns Edsel Blerbower Wesley Ulrnch Waller Delirouwer Waller Slulsman Ralph Kldd Helen Glllespne Lella Dozner Madelme DeBrouwer Margaret Peacock Helen Marshall Dorothy Grlesl Marlorne Huflon SECOND ROW Harry Slanley Ellsworfh Teler Mary Barlh olomew Wnmfred Bouchard Lois Garbormo Audrey Benlamm Llllnan Lmker lola Ebel Marlene Gnsel Dons Pnce Thora Francns Marqorle Schooley Belly Boosey June Balzer Selsu Yoshida Grace Ellen Swarlz Tsuyako Walanukl Beverly Bennefl THIRD ROW Raymond Carney Eslher Jauregul Mary Knoche Alberla Hoover Charlofle Colby Emery Hubbard Hazel Barker Dorolhy Doughly Vurglma Lmker Phyllis Hall Marque Blackefer Janef Smulh Madelme McKmghl Eumce Labrow Vuolef Chruslenson Evelyn Reed Genevleve Bowen Loss Alslol Irene Puely Deldee Mxckelwalle Eloise Walker BOTTOM ROW Franklin McMichael Eugene Chullenden Donald Halford Graham Hudson Horace Plumb Roberl Peacock Glen Duamond Ernesl Kerr Wulluam Shleldg Jeff Ruchards Roberl Holmes Dale Ferguson Reynold Bullock Donald Watson Bruce Mayhugh David Monahan FRESHMAN CLASS Presldenl Orville Skldmore Secrelary Bruce Mayhuqh Advnsors Mlss Emma B Hleld Mr Charles C Brlsco Snalches From a Freshman s Diary I I4 93 We came lo hugh school for 'rhe hrsl lime loday quule bewul dered and exculed I Sep? 25 l93l The upperclassmen slarled lorlurung us loday lhe worsl parl bemg lomghl when we had lo do many queer lhlngs and were nearly bealen lo a pulp by lhe sensors huge paddles -Ocl 9 I93l Our umhahon was lopped ohf by a sack rush ronaghl wnlh lhe sophomores We had a boolh along wnlh The resl of The classes and sold pop and popsncles -Nov I9 I93l The freshmen I.oys made a good showmg by having I4 men on 'rhe Cee loolball leam Don r-lollord Lecnl Boosey Orvulle Slcldmore Roberl Holmes Dean Francus Curhs Burns John Sauers Carl Benson Wesley Ulrich and Floyd I-lorlon They played lhe hnal dame loday -Jan 9 l932 Today our class wenl lo lhe mounlauns lor a pucmc un lhe snow We were lhe hrsl class allowed lo go 'ro lhe hugh mounlauns for a pncmc lWe 'rhunlc we have a good class anc we hope rl wlll Improve I I I9 . vice-Presildelnff.'f'1f Iff'1f' 'I .... Q 'Qf.ff1f'f1 .... Jeff Richards ll I ' ll Sep. , I I: ' ' ' , ' '- v ' n ' ll. Ill T 1 : .P I - . . T 26 THE SPIRIT OF TI-IE WEST ALUMNI I93I LUMN I93O ALUMN I929 Z' X X THE AUDION V VV if A f 3. '- f, , if . ' f - ' ' 5, . . , rf ,,V . V, ,. Q V. g., , '- 'J 9' Vu' ' r. ', V " 'V . -.fr V z. ' , , ,VV i Q ,V f , V ' X' V 1:24 S. A . V A V .VV, Vl.,,,. N, I E , V, , , V ' ' r 1' .f Y , J Vp' ,Yx,,.V Yi ' ' '- -' fkhfif ' W. 'K V VH ,. , SV ,mV A K' '. , 2 ,F Mp, '4 ' ' S ' Jw"-V ' 'K ': ' f' 'A f 'i S.fX., C, l V - . C, A, , ff. f, VV VLVV V f V , , I, V , I ' ' 7 x ' f- . fx. ,. V T ' '.'1v"v':. 3 , i , ' fx I ff - ' 'Mr ., , VV, . ' ' ' vw rf ' ' ' Z' ' LM. i V V 'V ,, 44 -, 4 , ,. . . 1 . 1 1, . . .V ' Y' Q' , M 1" 1 P . ' . V 4 V g ., .J ' N fx "' f f 'L 1 L THE SPIRIT OF THE WEST ALUMN I928 1 E. ,, A. Y4 1 ,. n11,.,, 11,,, Q, ,.. ,. ,. 1 F 9- 1 wt ' ', -5'1"-"N- . , V A, W, , 1 , I f 1" f ' A 1, Y : .' .' 1 ' " '- : ' 1 1, 1', '1 , ,Z 11 L' ' 1 1 ,E . T1":' 1' '31 K ': T11 'f , , ., Y .1 , , -JIM. 3' . ,,,1A '- V1 " ' 2' " 1 ' 1 , , . ., L , ,, , X21 MU -'A ., , E1 V ' v 1 , 11 1, I -, , I . ,ij 1 ' 11 ,, I 1: 1 'T 1. ' ' 4 " 1Tf4,f1f1 C 'T , ,, T 'ti--' If - '- "1 " L A, K4"1'1-J '.Af"'i' if- '- f'1f':" Af' 1511 C,'f':- EJ1 3.1" J 'EVG "": 1"-gif' ffQ""X1 'r' 2, ix 7-'A."r rl'-"1 Ge' 3 1 F 1-:ff G1'11:': H1131 1. E ' fx, 1 1 'E 1 1 '1 YF," 11- " T1 ' . :I1 ' . 1' ., fv1'f:-- E-' E -3 EC, E fx' ': E'-f 'Q 'V' '1':, 21: .I V-V' ir- -- 3 ,I ,I , 1i.,. -r, T., ' Emp- 11 1 ' AA I 1 T A , :-' -' -" , '-1H1'f ,111 . V I , , v I KI- 1 .1 I, 'A Industrial Arts Building ACTIVITIES LECE 7lllzX ' N ffl H1 , y 'flu Y I1: 1 .1111 fp, www fm 'i,, 1 x 'A ', I',' ', f f'f', ' f', f I 7,1 ffq' ffl, ff,1,w,,w Il, ,f.xfm.,' ","..' X 1 lf 'x gf f 111 , ffff 'ww ff. A ff f If- fb, f 41 f , ,Rf ff., , 'nf ' fl ,u 1: ffl X , , f ff, ft, 1 ,f hh! -ffwf'-f.fJU. ll If ,fu 1 ",'n,l'1 I 1' ffm: flf f, f '1 f ' f , iff BOOK III IQ THE AUDION THE AUDION TOF ROW Josephune Brader Gnrls Sporls Editor Louuse Vloulfon Senior Represenlahve Dan Funch Phofographer Claudna Tumlunson Junnor Represenlahve SECOND ROW Marlon Lenhy Soclely Edulor James Wilson Business Manager Joe Darnell Edlfor Don Hall Ar+ Fdulor THIRD ROW Roberi Arundel! Boys Sporfs Ed-tor Juluan Hayes Assnslanl Business Manager Mary Crandall Assuslanl Edllor Kalhleen Holmes Calendar BOTTOM ROW Mass Grace Shulls Advusor Bob Adams Sophomore Represenlahve Bonme Kuser Alumm Ednlor Charlolfe Colby Freshman Represenlahve U4 mi r will A, 5 Q' l . l an up l THE SPIRIT OF THE VVEST 32 TOP ROW-Jlmmle Torrens Curculahon Is? sem Clyde Becker Bus Man 2nd sem Jullan Hayes Assnsi Bus Man Wlnsfon Wmlerbourne Bus Man Isl sem Elmer Oslerman Assssl Ed Isl sem SECOND ROW Aphua Gardner Sharpless Hnckman Ed Isl sem Mlss Emma B Hueld Advisor Joseph Barneff Ed 2nd sem Mlldred Arundell Boys Sporfs Isf sem Wulluam Kirk Exchange Isl sem FOURTH ROW Mary Louise Dorrell Don Hall Assnsl Ed Ist s m Marlorle Hand Girls Sporfs ls? sem Marlorne Knox Exchange 2nd sem FIFTH ROW Gerlrude Mangold Glrls Sporfs 2nd sem Edward Hobarr Caro Coqan Elinor Hunchman Cnrculahon 2nd sem Maxnne Sforey Assnsi Ed 2nd sem 35 I Johnson., THIRD Row-Nolmanb Wafson,.IAssisl. Ed. 2nd sem.gIKafhIeen' Holmes, Feafure Ed. 2nd semlq Robert THE AUDION G A A Presoden? Dorolhy Tedford Vuce P es den Alfa Flsher Secrefar Marlorle Hand Treasu E elyn SIone Ad Isors Mass Yocum Muss Maxson Wulhun lve y ars lhe gurls ol Tuuslun I-I gh have pul lhe Gurls Alhleluc Assocualuon cn lhe map The Charler was drawn uo n I977 fvulh lhe gurls lhal were lhen e uguble as charler members Sunce lhen lne G A A has grown unlo an acluve and unlluenlual vrganuzaluon -The purpose ol lhe G A A us lo arouse unleresl un gurls alhlelucs and help lo eslablush coooeraluon among lhe gurls -An evenl whuch us Ioolced lor vuard lo by lhe gurls and varsuly loolball men us lhe loolball banquel whuch us slagecl x lhe gurls un honor ol loolball season -Concuucung lhe year lhe G A A has a vrelc end parly al Laguna Beach whuch us enuoyeo very much THE CLIP Aboul lhe grealesl honor lhal can be guven lo anyone un alhlelucs un Tuslun l uoh us rremoershup un ue C up wh cn was organuzed several years ago bv lvlr Don Urunslcull a lormer lacully member The rules regarduno eugubululy lo he Clup are 5 I Any men ber ol any alhleluc leam represenlung he T U I-I S who shall un any game or conlesl show lhal he us possessed ol and us usung Tl-IE FIGHTING SPIRIT -2 Any member ol any alhlelc l am who shaul do some oulslandung leal whuch v Il add lo lhe glory ano renown ol T I, I-I S -3 Any sludenl or lacully member l e order -4 A lvo lh rds vole ol lhe members un school shall be reguured lor Iccluon I Muss Slella Y cum and Mr Ralph W I3 II Cole are lhe lacuuly acvusors or The Clup Members ol The Clup now n school are Ivluss Slella Yocum Coach FSII Cole Dean Berulon Vernon Carlson Jaclc Lundsey Vurgunua Lawrence Belly Coc I-I ry cnlee Evelyn Furl cle Elmer Oslerman Calherune Pence Pa ph I crrus lderberl Lawrence Dorolhy Cranlord and George Paduas THE LETTERMEN S CLUB P e5ld9nI Jack Lundsey V e P es de I Har y Mclnieer Secrefary Treasure Roberl Arundelu Ad sor Coach Bu'l Cole The I llermen s Club an organuzaluon ol varsuly Ieller wunners was lormed n IQ75 and al presenl has ofer I6O m moers among sludenls and alumnu The ollucers are elecled al lne lursl mee-lung ol each year and serve lor lwo semeslers -The oug evenl ol lhe I93I 32 school year was lhe annual Falhers and Sons Banguel and ulualuon held Aorul 8 al lhe I-I qh School The suxleen uncomung Iellermen lurnushec lhe enlerlaunmenl lor lhe evenung un adduluon lo lhe lunal unvulaluon ceremonues held un lhe gym belore lhe banqu l The pruncupal speakers ol lhe evenung uncluded Dulch Wulcox Duclc Barbr and Tay Brown all ol U S C Coach Bull Coolc ol qanla Ana J C and Tex Oluver ol lhe Sanla Ana Poly I-Iugh GISO spolce bruelly uaeu I9 ' r I I I I, . , ' Y . . . fef . V v' , . ' , ' w N . I K X. . I. . K . , . . . . K . . . . K l . T T I . . . . . . . , J. On u. u , . . If W I . . . , I .4.-1' . K I - - ilu K-,I'!d' I I M ' I . , . J I . . 1 A ' l .... u , ' . . , .. u. T I . y . . I . X , , u e . I.: I . I. . . . .gr oulslder, who shall by soeclal devollon or supoorl ol sludenl aclivilies, deserve r .. .f f E ' ' Q 1 . h - O ' Q uu lu 1 u l - I ' . . ' I ' , , NIL, .ar- lvl I r, ' u, , ' , . I. A . . .fu 1 , u , . I r ' ' ic r I n r . y ' vI . '. -Q , I . . 5 . . I .L u X e ' - '. A , . . . , . ' . . Inf' ' I ' , u I- . ' ' ' ' I II ll ' ' I 4 THE SPIRIT OF THE WEST THE AUDION HONOR SOCIETY Roberl Arundell Presldenl Marlon Lelhy MBYIOH Lelhy Vlce Presldenl Evelyn Furlsch Marlorle Hlnd Secrefary and Treasurer Genevleve Euslls ln addlllon lo lhe many lorch plns grven oul lor semesler ellglblllly ln lhe SOCIGTY lhls year llle membershlp owns and seals were awarded lo Marlon Lelhy and Mary Elysabelh Crandall senlors lor SIX semesler ol scholasllc worlc -The Tuslln Chapler Number 92 senl lour members lo lhe annual scholarshlp convenllon soulhern branch held lhls year al Sanla Monlca Calllornla ln addlllon lo havlng represenlallon ln meellngs ol lhe counly soclely IU whlch Tuslln holds lwo olllces vlce presldenl Maxlne Slorey and secrelary Mary Ely abelh Crandall I Sludenls havlng been on lhe SOCIETY a semesler were leled al Mr Means collage al lhe close ol lhe year as guesls ol Mr and Mrs Means and Mlss l-lleld -Members Carl Alllson Joe Barnell ACSVIG Bowden Kalherlne Cook Mary E Crandall Clenevleve EUSTIS Alla Flsher Evelyn Furlsch Lucllle Grlsel Mlldred l-laslcell Marlon Lelhy Gerlrude Mangold Arden Murray Elmer Oslerman Edgar Panlcey Bealrlce Rhodes Elolse Wallcer Mlldred Ware Ralph Welzel Dorolhy Tedlord THE HOKUMS Under lhe guldance ol Mlss May Pose Borum lhe l-lolqums Club meels lwlce a weelc durlng soeclal class QGFIOOS Only sophomores lunlors and sen ors may loln hls organlzallon To become a regular member one rrlusl earn lwenly polnls by d lng somelh ng lhal perlalns lo drama Unlll lhal llme he IS only an assoclale member Those who ID llme recelve one hundred polnls are glven lwo Iewels as a peclal reward Eundamenlals ol lhe slaoe such as VOICE panlomlme and commedla dell arle are lracllced by lhe memoers THE STAGE CREW Techn cal Dlreclo C Br Manager Leo Bacllman Asslslanf Manager Creed Walls Carpenle Hymen Bro n Eleclrlclan Jack Conner Asslslanl Eleclr clan Charles Crumley Prop Manager Vernon Comer Flymen ohn uanlels Rlchard Showalter Radlo Techncan Herbert La rence Grlps B d Jones Harold Ha ley The Slage Crew allhougn smaller lh n lasl year hf s one some rer drlcably good worlc The boys have worlfeo hard and de erve a greal deal ol credll lor whal lhey have done They worlced belore and aller school and durlng lhelr sludy perlod lo lurn oul under lhe dlrecllon ol Mr Charles C Brlsco some very llne sels -They bulll els lor lhe Chrlslmas Program lhe l-lolrums lnvllallonal Program lhe JUDIOF Class Play lhe Senlor Class Play lhe Oper lla and lhe Drama Class Play The oulslandlng els produced by lhe Slage Crew lhls year were lor lhe JUOIOF Class Play Bllly and lhe Drama Class Play Sky Traln As all scenes lor Bllly loolc place on lhe declc ol a sleamshlp bound lor Havana lhe sel d d nol have lo be moved Everyone ld lhal lhe sleamshlp crealed by lhe Crew loolced lusl lllce a real shlp Reallsllc FIVGTS were palnled on lhe shlp so as lo malce ll look lllce lron Al lhe llme lhls was wrlllen Slcy Traln had nol been produced bul oromlsed lo be as good as or beller n I e sel or c c la fas o lly prolly The whole Operella foolc place n a garden one acl was ln lhe day llme and one al nlghl The nlghl scene was wcr ed oul bear lu' l I9 , T' C . . i 1 . 1 ' l 1 1 E 1 . + 1 . . I . O. i E . 1 . .V . . The llrsl meelln ol ever monlh is one in which buslness allairs are allended lo. Q Y . - . ' l , , ' l J N, . I A r . . C. . lsco ' l ' Q' ' l a T , ' w ' u I w , , ' l a f , 1 rl . nf l ,I C . . A D ' . 3 ll ' II Il ' II I I ' , - l , ' II ' Il A X l ' I are "BilIyj' Th l +r T opal esp ala . A i 1 A ' ' ' . ' . ' K l a :ll 'IfHE smmr OWF THE wesr I Q! '43 Y E z ll ,S l'L,sL Ls as H as TIIIEAUIHQILLL- SOCIETY P T A RECEPTION AI Ihe P T A recephon held In Ihe calelerua on Seplember 24 Ihe Ieachers were unlroduced Io Ihe parenls A unique Iealure of Ihe program was Ihe lnuhahon ol' Ihe new public address syslem Mr Means spealcung over II from Ihe olzhce Musnc was furnished by Ihe Sluduo Slrung uarlel from Laguna Beach personnel ol which was Cxalherune Pence Macauley Rapp Maruone MacDonald and Josephune I-Illls Mrs Mary Roberlson The Iourlh Duslrucl Presudenl of Ihe P T A gave a Iallc Mar IOFIG Gowan from Laguna Beach and Emma Wulluams from Tushn enlerlauned wllh r adlngs FRESHMEN RECEPTION The Ereshmen were duly Inuhaled on Erlday Seplember 25 al 7 30 Dean Benlon acled as masler ol ceremonues aided by Ralph Morris and Elmer Oslerman The freshues Ioolc Ihexr Inuhaluon Iulce sporls whuch made us welcome Ihem more hearluly Io Tuslln I-Iugh Refreshmenls were served un Ihe caleferua FACULTY PICNIC On Ihe evenung ol Sepfember I7 Ihe lacully galhered al I-Iewes Parlc lor a pncnur supper A delxcvous supper was served and ullerwards golf was engoyed HI JINKS The gurls ol Tuslun I-Iagh galhered lor Iheur annual parly lhe evenlng of Oclober I2 In Ihe Gymna num The upperclass glrls had dales wulh Ihe freshman glrls vames readnngs and vocal selechons enlerfauned Ihe gurls The evenmng ended w Ih relreshmenls consushng of pumplcln ple and cder GIRLS LEAGUE TEA The Girls leaoue gave a charming 'rea lor Ihe molhers on Wednesday Eeb ruary IO au' 3 ocloclc In Ihe dunung room The enlerlalnmenl consusled of numbers c r ed oul and relreshrnenls wer prepared by lhe advanced coolc ng class The Gurls League IS an organxzaluon of which every gurl al Tushn Hugh IS a ruember I Each year a lea as grven for Ihe molhers and an assembly us sponsored one ol Ihe varuous ways ol ralsmng money Thus year nowexer Ihe largesl under I Icing was Ihe I-Iamburger Sland whuch was enhrely In charge of Ihe g rls The land was dusconlunued In Ihe lasl guarler ol school b cause ol Ihe decrease In sales 'O1CIcers of Ihe Glrls League are as lollows Eursl ua 'fer res denl Josephmne I3 ader Vuce presndenl Dorolhy Tedfo d Secre+ax Calherruo Perce Treasurer Mar no ue I-Innd Parluamenlaruan Alla Eush r Qecond uarler PresIoen+ Evelyn Eurlsch Vlce oresudenl Marlorle lahnd Secrelary Los Elone Treasurer Carner ne Pence Parlnarruenfarlan Louise Moullon . . . A . I ' I ' ' I . I by Tuslln sludenls and a special number by Margarel Rusl. The Valenfine Theme was a rl I e s I . 'I Q . . D , I , I U .I . . I I I as - . ' . f I - 6 ' , ' , ' A - J I . S ' ' ' , . e I ' . T. ' ' I ' 1 ' Q r 1 P F , ' ,T Q ' - I , r 7 , , rf, I , I T , - ' V ' p ' ' - ' e . s z ' ' I, 7 . i . . . . ,A Y I K 7 X I 3 T THE SPIRIT OF THE WEST 32 G A A BANOUET The G A A gurls were hosTesses To members oT The VarsuTy TooTball Team on Fruday evenung November 20 The Tables were cleverly decoraTed wuTh goal posTs aT each end The menu cards were TooTball shoes The Team was enTerTauned by The unuTuaTes To The G A A Mr Means Mr Cole and Ivluss Yocum gave shorT Tallcs The Team oresenTed Mr Cole wuTh a pa r oT golT shoes HOKUMS INVITATIONAL PROGRAM The Slave The Brunlc oT Sulence He Saud and She Saud hIappuness and Three Pulls un a BoTTle were The Tuve unusual one acT plays presenTed aT The second uruvuTaTuonal program gven by The Ielolcums on February I2 aT 3 ocloclc un The audu Toruum STuclenTs Trom oTher schools Truends and parenTs unTeresTed un drama aTTended LETTERM EN S BANOUET The L TTermens Club ba'uqueT was held n The caTeTerua Aprul 8 The maun pealcer was DuTch Wulcox secreTary oT alumnu assocuaTuon U S C QTher spealcers were Tay Brown capTarn elecT oT U S C TooTball Team and Duclc Barber naTuonaI broad lump champuon oT The ame school The enTerTaunmenT wus Turnushed by The LerTermen unuTuaTes MAY BREAKFAST In The early mornung oT May 4 we Tound The senuors achng as hosTs To The uunuor class and The acully aT The May BrealcTasT Flowers un gay oroTusuon carrued ouT The Qlymp c Theme aT Thus sparkl ng YJ JUNIOR AND SENIOR BANOUET Tum Iv Theme The uunuor senuor oangu T occasuonecl The assemblage oT members T The sen or and Iunvor classes and The T1 ul y aT To mal dunner Theme Toas s 'nonu and aoove all The company gaThered There maoe u an evenT long To be remembereo lv hose who aTTended PRESS CONVENTION The deuegaTes To The Press Convenhon on March I8 were welcomed by M Mean Mr Luncoln STeTTe s addressed The convenhon un The mo fu ng Tollowed oy r und Table duscussuon ATTer lun h was serxed In The gfmnasuum Copy a one T play d e Ted by Mu s May Rose Borum was presenTed n The uo Toruum John Iv1cGroarTy was The pealcer oT The 1TTernoon Pol owung he bu ness meeT ng and cl cTuon T oT' ce s The swummrng oool was ooene To The delegaTes . ' I . I u. .u u .... . .u . . .. .u . u. - 1 V I l 1 ' u I ' I e u u . . . S ' . C . I A . . . . . l . . . , . . u u f uaur. Wlfh Travagllnfs CaTe In TUG' I-loTel Laguna pleasingly decoraTed To carry ouT a ' ef, u. , ' ' ' 7 ' ' e ' o I I ' ' ' , , . fc T ' r ' . , T, , - , Au V I W u 'L l y I r su T V. I ' r. . S. . ' n A ' ' fu 5. , ' ' o ' ' s. c 9 f ' u T ' " -- ac lr c u 's I a 'Y 7 . S. S cu . A' L. EI I fue ' o. T' f ' ' d , THE AUDION USIC HE musuc deparlmenl gave uls hrsl mauor performance on December I8 There was lhe appealung slory ol Chruslmas un songs and a play Why lhe Chumes Rang guven by 'rhe rwo glee clubs and lhe vocal class The I-lalleluuah Chorus un ulself won much prause 'The second was Jrhe operella The Counl and lhe Co ed modern un slory and un sellung guven on 'rhe nughl of Aprul I5 In lhus amusung porlrayal of college lufe Evelyn Furlsch as lhe daughler of lhe presudenl and Ruchard ufhule as a college sludenl were lhe leadung characlers Olhers un lhe operella were Ruchard Showaller as lhe college presudenl Phyllus Hall as hus wule Janel Sumpson as lhe house molher and Orvulle Slcudmore and Lous Murray as Ihe young lovers I Be sudes lhese 'lhere have been many TIFYTSS when parl or all of lhe musuc deparlmenl has auded un olher performances such as programs guven on 'rhe raduo for lhe Broad casler be-nehl' and lhe Press Convenluon MEMBERS OF MUSIC DEPARTMENT lPucIure af rughll TOP ROW Munoru Kusuda Vernon Comer Roberl Walkuns Orvulle Sludmore Muss Slephens Dean Francus Vuclor Bull Cook Louus Colluns Wullard Slearns SECOND ROW Charles Pralher Ralph Eades Vernon Carlson Nelson Rogers Ellsworlh Teler Ralph Kudd Juluan Hayes Ruchard Showaller Howard Gould FIRST ROW Bud Jones Leroy Sears Ralph Morrus Davud Monahan Ed Panlcey Roberl Holmes Jack Chambers Elmer Farnsworfh Elmer Slephenson TOP ROW Alla Mae Teler Mary Shepard Muldred Cowan Phyllus Hall Muss Slephens Madelune McKnuqhI Belly Cook Josephune Brader Audrey Benuamun THIRD ROW Madelune De Brouwer Berlha Belle Smulh Maruorue Newcomb Bealruce Rhodes Lous Murray Aluce Pannell Dorolhy Robunson Lous Kuser Paulune Evans SECOND ROW Dorolhy Mellon Vurgunua Lunker Marque Blackeler Marguerule Scoll Janel Sumpson Maruorue Gowan Rosamond lones Audrey Pueper Grace Erramuspe Mary Elchelahar Evelyn Furlsch Maruan Carson FIRST ROW Rose La Porlo Kay Reed Irene Puely Maruorue Bullon Lous Courlney Halmar Forresl Grace Thomas Mary Louuse Dorrell Belly Boosey THIRD ROW Roberl Parry Bealruce Rhodes Carl Alluson John Haskell Harold Hawley Franklun McMuchaeI Bruce Mayhuqh Arden Murray SECOND ROW Wullard Courlney Louuse Dorrell Ruchard Showaller Ralph Kudd Donald Walson Elmer Stephenson Donald Grusel Muss McVey FIRST ROW Muldren Haskell Genevueve Bowen Phul Homer Davud Monahan Barbara Lamberl Glen Duamond Emery Hubbard Dorofhy Doughly H21 I9 . . . . ,, . . Il ' l lll ' ll . . . ., ., . . . . . . . . .u . . . De Brouwer, Dan Holfordl mmm ROWLFIoyd Curl, Sfanley Wilson, Dicll wuma, Biuu sluieuds, Rouen' Spray, ' . l THE SPIRIT OF THE WEST Q5 3133 --.fi IL!-L.k'Qx4 All! THE AUDION DRAMA RAMA un TusTun I-lugh School reached new heughTs Thus year wuTh The presenTa Tuon oT Three very enTerTaunung and well acued plays The Senuor Junuor and Drama Class Plays and numerous one acT plays I The Junuor Play Bully was a ruoTous comedy Concernung The loves oT a TooTball player Bully I-largrave who goes o Havana To regaun hug healTh aTTer beung unuurecl un a game and losung Tour OT hus upper TeeTh On shupboard he Tunds BeaTruCe Sloan The gurl wuTh whom he us un love A hularuous suTuaTuon sprungs up when Bully loses hus Talse TeeTh and sTeals Mrs I-lar grave s uppers The uunTanglung OT Thus Trouble unvolves many corruucal happenungs I The Senuor Play Peg o My T-learT was a luvely sTory cenTerung abouT The Troubles OT a wealThy Englush Tamuly who lose Theur TorTune and are compelled To br ng up a wullTul Amerucan gurl wuTh an lrush brogue and Temper ATTer geTTung unTo many Trou ples and guarrels wuTh The ChuQhesTer Tamuly Peg The Amerucan nuece Tunds happuness un The love oT a young Englushman I The Drama Class Play The Sky Traun was a Thrullung mysTery play havung as uTs seTTung The passenger comparTmenT oT a guanT du gubue are Two represenTaTuves oT opposung Tunancual TacTuons represenTung labor and capuTal one oT whom us carryung umporTanT papers Two unTended murders and a Cup posed drownung when The wealThy capuTalusT us pushed OTT The shup make a compluCaTed ploT whuch us unraveled wuTh a er es oT sTrange happenungs Sarnua Blaur Larry Henley Gerson Slade Gernuce Ashley Mrs Ashley Jason Pennypacker Dennuson Wolff CAS Peq O Connell Sur Gerald Adaur Mrs Chuchesfer EThel ChuchesTer Alaruc Chuchesfer Monlgomery Hawks Bully Hargrave Beafruce Sloan Mrs Sloan Mr Hargrave Mrs Hargrave Sam Euslace CAST OF THE Marlon Leuhy Dean Benfon Elmer Osferman Maxune STorey Alla Fusher Norman Walson Charles Kuser OF THE SENIOR Euleen Carroll Dean Benlon Alfa Fusher Maruon Leuhy James Parker Wulson Elmer Osierman DRAMA CLASS PLAY PLAY Lawlor Leslue Rawson Harfugan Capfaun Munor Nuia Enud Travers PEG O MY HEART ChrusTuan Bren? BenneTI' Jarvus Muchael 6 CAST OF THE JUNIOR PLAY BILLY Wullard Courlruey Claudua Tumlunson Rufh Shuffler Francus Gulberl Helen Benneff Norman Walson 441 Capfaun Boalswaun Doctor Saulor Sleward Slewardess Earle Horfon James Wulson Ralph Morrus eo Bachman Muldred Johnson Louuse MoulI'on Earl Horlon Lous Slone Kennefh Ulruch Bobby Moulfon Faqs Handy Merrull Sumunqlon Juluan Hayes Donald Grusel Charles Kuser Sam Huqhes Eluruor Hunchman I9 I ' I T 1 A Il I T Il ' ' . . . y i Hn, . M. , . . ' ' ' P1 -. THE SPIRIT OF THE WEST Q'-"I 4, xv' A .. admin I Nl ,XQM For Exercise and Play 16, I i K, ,V V Ly--W,-5: 'f' .. ... .1 "' "' xg 13 ,, .mx ff ,g,, . ,, ,- . 1 173 Ig, , .A + 5 ,fi M- I 'I11 A ,' S , Li . Mi 'mf' E3fi1Vm2 I Q N- A J nl 1 f A sf QQN, Q Y A W 4 . ,,, ' " " ' A'fM'!1'1ww-4 4 - - . ' . 1' f, , ,W-4--V--f - ' H VM, A ,mi ' " snwkfk .-hi, f M 3 1, :A 'rf H3515 'li '4 ""' W 4' Att, W A " if' 1 A" W. ,.v 'CQ 1 ,, W 4 , K , :SA " .. ,...f 31135, K 4 p A, ru: I fi-QZSZX . Q -' 1 4 x. ATHLETICS LECE l .W ', lf, ffzw ,I1 f 114 ,V -M' fluff Xfwwf fl, x fflk ' 1 ' "ffl ,V , V f f f. X f X ffl 'ff . 1 Xwfu' "lf ,lf 3, , 1,5 f, ., 1 4 1 1 N f I , , ,wx f f ,fl X, ,I U J I I ff HAL BOOK IV THE AUDION FOOTBALL LTI-TOUGH sTarTlng ouT The season wlTh promlse oT a powerTul wsnnang Team Coach Coles Farmer varsuTy squad meT wuTh reverse aTTer reverse wlnnung one and Tying one game ouT oT nlne sTarTs and Taulang To wan a league game I spuTe oT The Tallure To wan games lusTrn always had a Taghhng Team on The Tleld and The opponenTs always earned Thenr VICTOFIGS some oT Them close hearT breaking aTTarrs Tor The Farmers were losT In The lasT Tew mrnuTes OT play -The leTTermen RoberT Arundell ErnesT ArneTT Clyde Becker Dean BenTon ForresT BrayTon Don Brown VcTor DeBrouwer Bruce I-Iandv Earle I-lorTon Lee Jordan Vernon Carlson Louis Collins Jack Lrndsey Harry lvIcInTeer Ralph Morris Elmer OsTerman Wrlson Seacord Leroy Sears Wlllam Silver Carl SmnTh I-Toward Spangler lTusTun O Dow ney O In The opening game oT The season TusTnn was held To a scoreless Tue w1Th Dow ney Through Tarlure To score when un poslT1on The backheld Tore OTT plenTy oT yard age also looking well on de-Tense whale The lughT Farmer lune showed consuderable speed and T:ghT lTusTvn 6 CheTTey 72 CompleTely ouTwenghed and ouTToughT The ded game Bull Silver saved The Colemen Trom compIeTe ann1h1laTuon when he nTercepTed a ChaTTey pass and galloped 96 yards Tor The lone TusTun Touchdown oT The day IU The lasT Tew mmuTes oT The game -Tushn 6 SanTa Ana I4--In Thus oame The lasT prachce game oT The season The Farmers showed more TnghT and snap Than In previous games BoTh The SannT Touchdowns came ID The TnrsT haIT wuTh Ilndsey going over The g al lane en The Thlrd period on a pass Tor TusTun s Tally lTusT1n O Garden Grove 6 A Tlghhng Garden Grove squad upseT The Farmer varsnTy In The league opener 60 alThough ouTpIayed by The TusTun Team Garden Grove made Thenr Touchdown In The second pernod aTTer a blocked TusTun unT and alThough desperaTely TrghTung Thenr way near The goal line several Times The Farmers were never qurTe able To score lTusTnn 7 Anahenm 20 All champuon Imp hopes were blasTed by The Anaheim CoIonusTs by a score oT 20 7 WuTh The excephon oT Two long passes whnch neTTed Anaheum Two Touchdowns The game was close and well played ThroughouT TusTnns Touchdown cornxng an The Thrrd quarTer To Iowung a powerTuI drrve down The Tleld wlTh T-IorTon packing The ball -TusTln O Orance I3 AIThough bowvng I3 O beTore The Orange Team Tushn s Tnghhng Farmers cave The PanThers a real scare holdlng Them 60 unTul The lasT Tew m1nuTes oT The game and ThreaTen1ng To score several Trmes only To be Torced back Trom The goal Ivne by penalTues and vnTercepTed passes -Tushn I2 Brea Olvnda I4-InabnlnTy To converT cosT The Farmers a vucTory nn The Brea Ollnda game The closesT oT The season whuch TusTrn losT on a lasT rnunuTe Touchdown by Brea aTTer Ieadnng all during The sec ond halT .Tushn I4 NewporT I-larbor O ln whaT was luTTle more Than a IlghT work ol.T The TusTln vars1Ty deTeaTed NewporT I-Iarbor l4O Tanally breaking The losing Treak which had clung To Them all season Everybody on The squad saw acTuon wnTh 1he excepTlon oT a Tew crupples -TusTrn O I-IunTlngTon Beach I9 l-IunTnngTon Beach passes were The downTaII oT The Farmers In The Trnal game oT The l93l season played aT I-IunTungTon Beach I-IunTungTon Beach scoring Twece IU The second quarTer and once IU The Third whule holding The Colemen scoreless l50I I9 F giNg+ W .f gig inn W 1 1 V 1 1 . I l n Farmers wenT down To a 32,6 deTeaT aT The hands oT The ChaTTey Tigers in a 'ones Si . . . . . . I g. 1 I O 1 . 1 1 I 1 I THE SPIRIT OF THE WEST THE AUDION BEE FOOTBALL FTnTshTng Tn Thard place The Ius Tn Bee TooTball squad TuTored by Coach Byrne von Three games losT one and TTed Two Tor The pesT re ord Tor a Bee Team IU years The Team always showed olenTy oT TohT and spTrTT accordmq To Coach Byrne and always deserved To wTn The Farmer lTghTweTghTs sTarTed ouT The season wTnnTno 7 O over CapTsTrano and Two weelcs laTer ToughT TT ouT To a OO Tle wTh Anaheum 4lThough boTh Teams ree ed orT olen y oT varc age due To The excelTenT deTen e on boTh sides They were unable To score Losung To Grange T2 O Theur only deTeaT oT sea OP The I-arm pr1cT lf passeo ouT oT The chompuons T TcTure s game was Tollowed by a 7 6 VTCTOVV ov r Brea OI nda a supposedly sTronger Team d a 6 6 TTe wTTh T-1unTTngTon Beach Topp ng OTI The season wTTh an overwhelmunq d Tea+ oT NewporT T-T rbor 260 -The leTTermen George Bronner T-TerberT DeT l y Garold Dowmng WTllTam l-Toward Uouou Perrm T-TursT Sears AlberT Parr Ned T-laTch Charles KISGF KenneTh UlrTch JeTT Rrchards 'owell SummerseTT DalTon Young CEE FOOTBALL FooTba'l ChampTons usTTn T-Tghs TTrsT' These lTTTle Farmers pounded Theur way To The TTTle wTTh overvhelmmo physT al as well as moral vTcTorTes The Cees always drove hard aT The TTrsT and TU mosT oT Theur games Touchc ovns were scored Tn The TTrsT quarTer TusTTn s lnaclcTeld was comprTsed oT shTTTy runners smashung plungers an hard hTTTTng blockers whale The lune always played a bang up game on The deTense and a hard hTTTTng one on The oTTense 'The prause ThaT can be guven Coach KorTT IS unlTmTTed He made pol shed men ouT oT nTne Treshmen leTTermen and wTTh unTTrTng eTTorTs gave The resT oT The Team none oT whuch had played more Than one year oT hTgh school TooTball a greaT deal UT new Technuque ThaT won The champuon hTp 'Coach KorTT used Roclcnes Tdeas Tn plays AlThough he dTd noT use The Roclcne shTTT he used KnuTe s Toea oT decepTTon and speed Nearly halT oT The plays vere reverses one quarTer oT Them passes and The resT quarTerbaclc snealcs and lune lunges -T.JsTTn scoreo 87 poTnTs agaTnsT opposung Teams whule They were only cored on ID conTerence baTTles by Two poTnTs lLeTTermen are The Tollowmg WTllTam Baclcman Lyle Baker T-Tervey Bardsley Carl Ben on CurTTs Burns WalTer O Brouwer Dean FrancTs Juuan Hayes T-loyd T-TorTon CT orqe Paduas Jaclc Runnels John Sauers Orvulle Slwdmore We lev Ulrnch 'ConTerence Games TusTTn I9 varden Grove O TusTTn O Anahe m 2 TusTTn 7 Orange O TusTTn 27 Brea Ohma O TT TTn I9 T-TunTTngTon Beach O TUSTTU ZT NewporT Harbor O . . . . . - J. , TT T ' 'T . , ' T ' T c ' T . T . .. . T' T I T T . J T . J - , T ' I 1' L .l ' . T T J T T . T J T . . T . T . A . . +-D C T- on .f-ATX T , . . T - . TT, s T, . Tas! r TT,T.TI Q . ll'1I . - l T- 9 - T , .X T . . , . . . . G51 - , T E T T T T9 T X 6 , Y . i J , - ,D . .. . T., T T T J T T . . . ,T , T, T. T , . . I T . . T . . . T . T l . . . . . . . T. T, T T, f T J! - T . . . T . - T . . T . . T . T . M l T d . T T . T, T - T , TT T T - T. T . . . 9 . . T .T . T . T . T . . . . D . ' S- . I T T T T 5 T T . T. T- . ,D T T T T 9 . T , T , S T . Z , ,K - . . - . - . . K, I X T T l T T T T 7 ' T .S I T ' ' T I . THE SPIRIT OF THE WEST THE AUDION BASKETBALL LTI-IOUGFI noT guuTe up To The par excellence oT The I93O and I93I cham pnonshnp Teams Coach Bull Coles varsuTy basIceTbaII squad enloyed a Tarrly successTuI year durang The I932 season one oT The mosT Torrud Tn Orange I ague h1sTory UpseT Tollowed upseT wnTh Orange on Top OT The plle aT The Trnlsh aIThough There was noT an undeTeaTed Team leTT -The TnrsT upseT oT The season came when IITTle Cap-nsTrano handed The I-armer varsuTy a 20 I3 deTeaT aT CapusTrano TusTsns TTrsT league deTeaT snnce The I929 season However The TusTunuTes came Jack un The nexT Two games clnclcung aImosT perTecTIy To swamp Garden Grove 28 IB and Anahelm 2I I4 The Tloorworlc and ceTense oT The Team was The mann eaTure oT The Two games especually In The IaTTer when The ColonusTs were held To Two lone held goals during The evening DespuTe a spuruTed Iasf quarTer rally which neTTed Them Ten pounTs aTTer a slow and ununTeresTung sTruggle Tor The TnrsT Three v rnods The Farmers were deTeaTed by Orange 24 I7 Thereby passung ouT oT The champuonshup race Tushn s Thurd and lasT deTeaT oT The season came aT The hands oT Brea Olinda aT Brea wnTh The WuldcaTs mnnung 23 I9 aTTer Ieadlng The enTlre TreTch wuTh The excephon OT The TursT quarTer Leacung Trom sTarT To Tlnlsh uslng every man on The bench TusTun Trummed TIunTungTon Beach 24 I4 ID STanley gymna sum The Farmers led I5 To I aT The haIT and The Oilers were only able To score gaunsT TusTrn subs Rolling up a score oT 37 20 over INIewporT I-Iarbor The TusTun varslTy ended The I932 basIceTbaII season IH a Three cornered Tre Tor Thlrd place wITh Anaheum and Brea Olmda -The LeTTermen Jack Lnndsey Ralph Morrus Elmer FarnsworTh Wilson Seacord Ralph WeTzeI I-lerberT Lawrence Leroy Sears Elmer OsTerman Louis Collrns BEE BASKETBALL Never Iosnng or wnnn ng a game by more Than Three or Tour pounTs Coach FrnesT Byrnes Bee basIceTbaII Team wenT Through Their schedule To Tunush wTh a :nOO percenTage IH close TasT games packed wrTh Thrllls Tor The specTaTors ATTer cl Teahng Garden Grove I7 I5 ID The season opener The Farmers were Torced To TorTeuT Through an lnellguble plaver Anaheum and Orange were mowed down con secuhvely by The TusTun nglrTweughTs wTTh r spec Tve cores OT I7 I3 and 2122 Iosnng To Brea Ollnda The Tollo vmg wee-I4 I8 I5 One oT The cIosesT games ever played In STanIey Gymnaslum was played The Tollowung w elc when I-'IunTungTon Beach managed To nose ouT Th F rmer by an II 'O co ATTer Thus narrow deTeaT The Bees came baclc an The Tnnal game oT The season To edge ouT NewporT I-Iarbor IB I7 In The I-Iarbor gym !The IeTTermen George Padlas Ned I-laTch Charles Klser AIberT Rose Merrill SumungTon JeFT R chards FII worTh TeTer Garold Downung Ken neTh Ulrlch RoberT Spray Wa'Ter Ilmbaugh CEE BASKETBALL The TusTTn Cees Tnnrshed Tne comcerence narrowly mussung The champnon hnp Bv wlnnung Theur lasT game The Bleemen Tled Tor TIrsT pace wurh Anahcm Orange and Garden Grove 'The LTghTues were beaTen only by Orange anc I-IunTlngTon Beach ouTclas :ng The resT oT Thelr conTesTanTs usually by a large margln Coach Blee was pleased especnally wITh Their sporTsmanIrIce aTTTTude ID boTh wmnnng and Ioslng Theur baTTles Members oT The squad were Balmer Coolc Francls I-IorTon r-Tayes Runne'Is Sauers Plumb and Manager Panlcey DEE BASKETBALL ouqh Ths y ars D Tea more ga a mos o e ames e co e usT es e ea e T e rT league :name o The sea o T Ga den Gro e nn ng basImeT o s aneously Th The end ng h sTIe Members oT Coach e on s n e oc TTe o D e T54 I9 e . . V . . . . I . , . ' . 7 . . I L . . . L . . . ze ' .. - I I I 1 1 g . I F . L . I. . . . 68 . . . . - V . . . I . I . . . . . I ,I ' I' I 'M I - 9 T' S. - 1- , . . . S I I . e a s s ' -. s re. ' . . I I ' . - ,T I I -. - S . ' . - T I I - - . .. .. . . , . . . . , . 7 S . - ' I In , I' ' I. , T S. l T I . AlTh I e I ee m losT mes Th n They won, T T Th g T wer I se. The IITTI T inIT wer oeT T d IIYI2 In h TI s 1 , A T s n a r v . The WT T was made alm sT IrhulT wl I w I . r-Tum sT ' Team were I-loITord Ulrich Adams, Sfa I y Peac lc, Chl n er and eTw Iler. I THE SPIRIT OF THE WEST All Tlme M1 e l20 yd 72 d Broad 1 Tushn Hlqh School T ack and Fneld Records TRACK E dash dash FUD run hugh hurdles hugh hurdles ump Huqh yurnp Po e ault D nscus Sho? pul 880 yd relay Record sec sec sec m 3 4 mm 496 sec I54 ec 24 8 sec f l035 l l07 H 72 lmun 364 c Holder R Hmd D Plumb D Plumb L Mclnhre Er an Walluns lm Pralf Ph Ne m Phnl Newman E H d Henr L nqe Leo Bachman Hugh LeBard C arles Craffs I'-1or'lon Sear ley Parr THE AUDION Crum Year 92 l9'30 9 6 93 99 93 9 6 9 93 lTl-l supposedly lullle malerual 'ro bu1ld a slrong lrack leam Coach Vuncenl l-lumeslon succeeded In develop1ng one olTusl1n l-lrgh s slrongesl lrack squads sn years Allhough nor wnnnung any meels The leam placec well nn every one enlered loppnng olll lhe season by laknng second nn lhe annual Orange League rrack and held rneel wnlh lwo school records gonng by lhe boards as lhe Tuslunvles puled up 26' 2 pornls Leo Bachman broke hls own polevaull record by vaullmg IO lf 9 1n wulh a he lor lhnrd place ID lhe evenl and Tushn s relay leam composed ol Parr Crumley ears and Llorlon look lhe lwo lap evenl ln l 364 breakung lhe old record held by ol suhlcuenl malerual dld nol go lar lhus year allhough several 1nd1v1dual slars were d veloped The Bee 'ream was malerually weakened by lhe loss of Al Parr sprunler and broadlumper who was moved up lo slrenglhen 'rhe varslly squad The Leller men Gapl Arundell Backman D Brown Lours Colluns V DeBrouwer Lawrence Lnndsey l-l lvlclnleer Seacord Sears K Ulruch E l-lorlon Parr and Clyde Becker ra1ner -Bee Lellermen Downnng Prancus Holmer F l-lorlon Lumbaugh Nnsson Paduas Page Ruchards Skudmore Snnnlh Slearns Spray -Gee Lellermen DeBrouwer l-lollord Plumb Slanley Lllruch Mayhugh Season s Resulls Inlerclass Jun 76V7 Sen b4V1 Soph 54'f2 Fresh 48'f1 Hunhnglon Beach 59 Tusln 54 Anaheum 64 Tushn 49 Orange bl Tushn 52 Ne DOT' Harbor 57 3 Tushn 55 Quadrangle Meer Newporf 45 Brea 38V1 Tushn 30V1 Garden Gro e 28 Orange League Meet Newpori 33 Tushn 26'f1 Hunhngfon Beach and Garden Gro e 23 Orange l5 Anahenm l2V1 Brea Ollnda 9 TENNIS SWIMMING Fnough Candudales for lhe Tennls Team reporled lo Coach Roberl Korrl lo make nearly lwo lull Teams A+ lhe hme lhus was wrullen lhe leam had plaved only one malch an whuch lhey were delealecl by Garden Grove 20 :a The Schedule for lhe season us as follows Aprnl 29 Garden Grove 'rhere May 6 Anaheum here lflay 7 Counly Sungles al Anahelm M y I3 Brea here lvlay I4 Gounly Dou DIES al Newporl May l9 and 20 Grange lnvulahonal lvlay 2l Newporl lhere June 3 Orange here June 4 Soulhern Calulornua Tournamenl al Pullerlon Those who came our for Tennns were Parnsworfh Forney Gould Adams l-lolmer Smurh Jnsson Peacock Brown Plumb Holmes l-ludson l-lawley Spray When lhls book wenl To press only aboul hall of lhe swummung season was over buf so lar lhe leam han' done very well un pasl meels Under lhe able coachung ol Mr Paul W Colburn lhe Team successfully bear Newporl l-larbor and Brea Olunda They losl on Sensor Dufch Day lo Anaheum -The le-am so Tar seems well balanced rn lhar all 'rhe evenls are COVYTQGFGTIVSIY slrong The relay especlally IS favored lo lake lhe counly meel lo oe held al Tuslnn May 30 l932 The Cees have me slrongesl Team Tusnn has ever produced Up lo dale hey have won every league meer by a large margun I Lalesl bullelun declares lhal +he varsnly and Gees won lhe counly champuonshup S61 I9 . . Ev nf l00 yd. I0.2 . A ' . 2921 . l 9 220 yd. 22.3 . , , . 440 yd. 53.4 . , ' I 2 880 yd. 2 in. sec. v' ' I 0 - 'I . ' . . . K' mo . . . s . il W an 1931 ' 0 v . . . ' 1931 ' , ' ZI ff. I in. , in I2 ' ' ' 5 l. f ln. rf A I O l Y l0 f. 9 ln. l 32 ' . 9 in. l92 44 f. ln. h I 26 . ' . . se . ' , 5' . I 2 . . . . , l . . . , . S , , ' l ' 2 . ' ' I l C, l-llnd, Arundell, l-lorlon and Newman. I Bee and Gee lrack squads, due 'ro lack G 0 . V . L . T . . l I l l . . I I - . , . 3 . , . 1 ' , l 3 ' . ' 2 . ' : w 'Q ' 13. - I , ' I . v . T' I I I . V I . . , I Y , , 1 , 'l-. . , . . - ' ' . a - , . - - , . . I ' - 1 1 Il YI 1 l ' 4 l . 4 . . THE SPIRIT OF THE WEST THE AUDION GIRLS SPGRTS ITI-I more gurls ouT Tor sporTs co educaTuonal aThleTucs seT a new and unprece denTed record Tor The year lSrarcely wauTung Tor The gurls The seTTle down To The school rouTune Muss STeIla Yocum and Ivluss Aluce Maxson ussued The TursT call Tor baskeTball WuTh snappy pracTuces The gurls were soon ready Tor The nTer class games The mosT e1cuTung game was The Tunal game beTween The Junuors and Senuors wuTh The Junuors Tunally deTeaTung The Senuors wunnung The champuonshup 'Thus year Tor The TursT Tume each class has been able To have a TursT and second Team The champuonshuuo oT The second Team wenT To The senuor BaskeTball Teams ThaT wenT To playdav broughT home Three vucTorues The Treshmen beung The only ones who were deTeaTed -Volley ball was a beTTer success Than uT has been Tor a long Tume The gurls puT more TughTung sp ruT unTo Theur play ATTer Two or Three weeks oT pracTuce The unTer class games sTarTed endung wuTh The senuors un The lead Volley ball playday was held aT Garden Grove -The Tume ThaT The gurls play The besT and The hardesT us The hockey se hockey season proved To be very successTul The Junuors and Senuors Tued The Tunal game The Tued game gave The champuonshup To The Junuors AIThough The Sen ors hadnT been deTeaTed Th had Tued ano er game A Team ThaT us goung To wun many champuon hup us The Sophomore They have The keen SparTan TughTung spuruT whuch makes a Tune Team The Freshmen ason AI hough raun held up 3 ll if much oT The pracTuce Tme wuTh a Tew more years T pracTuce wull also be beTTer prepared All The Teams won aT play day I lndoor baseball has uusT begun so uT us hard To Tell The uT come The unsTrucTor lvluss Polly Ivlaxson reporTs ThaT There us very good maTerual Tor a successTul season -The Gurls swum mung alThough noT very Tar advanced us comung along The Tunal swummung meeT has noT yeT been held buT we have a chance To make a Top place un uT In The TursT meeT The Team made several TursT places un duvung .As a whole The gurls sporTs have been very successTul The Gurls AThleTuc AssocuaTuon us much larger Thus shows ThaT more unTeresT un gurls sporTs us beung Taken 'Tennus us anoTher sporT abouT whuch we cannol' wruTe whaT The conclusuon wull be Each year class Teams are chosen and They play unTer class games A school Team us also chosen In The prevuous year Tennus un TusTun has ranked very hugh We have hugh hopes ThaT They wull brung home The honors Thus year -The Gurls oT Tu Tun are very TorTunaTe un havung a gurl un aThleTucs ThaT They can look up To as an example Thus young lady us Evelyn FurTsch Muss FurTsch us Traunung under Coach T-'umesTon I-Tummy To enTer The Olympucs Evelyn e'uTers all The soorTs ThaT she can and TghTs unTul The Tunush I LasT summer she Took second place un The NaTuonal Beung fery modesT she never leTs many know abouT uT Evelyn has made The 50 yard dash un 6 seconds TlaT unoTTucualIy Tumed and we are sure she wull do uusT as well un The Olyrnpucs I59I . . Y - . . , , , . . . S. . I , I ' I I I u ' . T ' ' .E , . ' ' 0 . . . 5 ir 'f t g 'TV K 34" Q6 I '-f"f2,. ' . ,T g .T Y' ' ' yvmhgg g , ' U, ' . 1 My , , - . . O i u sf, I 5-6, . . ey ' Th ' I " " . . 5? A ' ' . ff- 1 . ' Y ff-T-ff we S I I . T ' ,: ' 'V VTT' T .u .r"'- ', 'J' F . . . . . Vyfggr A, . . ' x .sf ' ' . u u . . . . . . . I n . . .... . .. ,. . . . . N . u I T 1 I I THE SPIRIT OF THE WEST BASKETBALL SENIORS Dorolhy Tedlord Mary Cran dall Alla Flsher Loulse Moullon Josephrne Brader Ardulh Parham Wllda Kellams Evelyn Slone Marguerule Scoll Hazel Whlfe nead Aluce Smflh Evelyn Furlsch Loss Slone JUNIORS Marlorle I-land Belly Cook Helen Bennell Calherlne Pence Rulh Woodward Rachel Weaver Muriel Lamberl Claudua Turnlm Son SOPI-IOMORES Helen Furqason Vurgmua Law rence Dorolhy Cranford Irene Lawrence Joyce Brown elly Perrm Wnlma Halch Dorolhy Graham Ifalherme Cool: Elnza belh Wassum FRESHMEN Beverly Bennell Halmar For resl Vurqnnla Lxnlcer Belly Boosey Deldee Mncklewaale Irene Plely Marlorle Hullon Madelnne Mc Kmqhl Eunnce Labrow Marqare Peacock Grace Ellen Swarlz Janel Smulh Jean Purpus, Gerlrude Mangold, , , B ' I L THE AUDION HOCKEY SENIORS Top Row Josephxne Brader ry Candall Alfa F s Blanche Illmgsworfh Dorofhy Ted ford Wllda Kellams Hazel Whlie head Bofforn Row Marquerlfe Scofi' Alrce Smdh Mildred Johnson Loss Sfone Edllh Parham Evelyn Slone Evelyn Furlsch JUNIOPS Helen Bennefl Belly Cook Mnldred Ware Alrce Pannell Ca o Coqan Yellve Blank Peggy Beck Marlorve Hind Jean Purpus Boffom Row Lucy Ahern Mu Caudua Turnllnson L us Klser Rulh Woodward Cafherrne Pence and Gerlrude Mangold SOPI-IOMORES Top Row Paul1ne Swann Helen Ferguson Vrrqrnra Lawrence Joyce Brown Wnlrna I-Ialch Mary Hrnch man Barbara Cravalh Elizabeth Wassum Boffom Row Marlha Slanley Ida Grrfhfh lla GOFF Irene Law rence Kafherune Cook Mary Belle Sherldan Sophie Padnas FRESI-IMEN Top Row Helen Marshall Margorne I-Iuffon Madelrne Mc K I hr Iola Ebel Janel Smrfh Deldee Muckelwalle Irene Plely Ollom Row Llewellyn Alen Thora Francvs Margaref Peacock unuce Labrow Grace en Swarlz Ma r , I he r, riel Lambert Rachel Weaver, I ' ' , o' ' . . ng I X . W B : I , E ' - Ell THE SPIRIT OF THE WEST INDOOR SENIOR TEAM Top Row Frances McLaughlln Loss Sfone Aluce Srnufh Hazel Whufehead Evelyn Stone Ardulh Parham Mnldred Johnson Evelyr Eurfsch Borrom Row Josephlne Bracler Blanche Illnnqsworfh Paul me Evans Lounse Moullon Doro Ihy Tedford Mary Crandall JUNIOR TEAM 0 Row a x I I-Iazen Jeanne Purpu Rachel Weaver Claudsa Turnlunson Gerlrud Mangold Ruth Woodward Mu ruel Lamberf Lois Knser Bollorn Row Alice Pannell Belly Coolc Muldrecl Ware Marlorle I-Imd Lucy Ahern Yefnve Blank Cafh rrne Pence Helen Benneff SOPHOMORE TEAM Top Row Mary Belle Sherndan Barbara Cravafh Irene Lawrence Olnve Mennes Joyce Brown Au drey Pneper Vrrgnnua Lawrence Dorofhy Wnson Boflom Row Helen Furguson Paullne Swann Elnzaloefh Wassum Wnlma I-larch Ida Grlllllh lla Goff Sophie Pad nas Kafherune Cool: FRESI-IMAN TEAM Top Row Berry Boosey Janer Srnulh Phyllns Hall Eunice Labrow Marlorne I-Iulfon Boffom Row M a d e I I n e McKmghI Marlorne Bac efer Irene Pnefy De ee Muclclewaufe Beverly Bennefr Mar qaref Peacoclr I6 Tp -M 'ne I Ik I ' , Id I THE AUDION l621 RABE LYLE STUDIG Hugh Class PHUTOCRAPHY 3 p 950 SANTA ANA CALIF C'FlC!AL PHOTOGR PHER Sp B 'ld' 3 T I h The Patno SCHOCL LIFE :ffl f,X flf, LECE 711 1 1 mmf' fpg, in fx' ykf1I' 1 V ffff ffm f,, flx fr 1 1 , fl!! f,f X 1' 'ff' ff 'K' If , lf X , In ' ' If ', 1 nr, N . ' f . , . lu, " ffff' ,,' f, ,MX ,, mf, 1, , 'X mm 'f xy' ff, ,UH xrmr 1 fl JU If ' Jw ff: ,' ' XML!!! . -..ffl ' 'f 0 f U11 uf f H ff. . 1, 1 ' ' 1 f , rf was aw HX BOOK V if 'X X -23a 'Nxt-1? I ' .rw-" . .gtg Xbix ' -' Q' A X3 - 14 as . 4 ..,, N I ' L 1 .1 l fmlvd -4335 .- Q 1 1' .AA W :UL .mf--' -gm ' .fd . ,IZ . 'X .,,,- ff, . 4 I Z' SepIember I4 5eoIember I7 Sepember 24 Our paren SepIember 25 Freshue re THE AUDION CALE DAR Thus calendar wll serve you All Ihe whsle you Iuve By brnnglng baclm Ihe round ups We Tushn sIudenIs gave School sIarIed Teachers oIcnIc P T A Teacher recepIIon Is ge' acquaunled wIIh Ihe Iea hers whI h Is always bad' Poofball game wIIh Downey Her scoreless Ie eo Ion aI 7 30 P M They were well received 1usI aslr I eml Qclober I WaIIon League Assembly All learned Ihe IruIh bouI Iobacro Ihouqh we heard II be ora Iober 2 PooIbaII wIIh Ch IIee I-lere Tuoers oown Farmers 32 Io 6 c o er 2 FooIoaII vIIIh C7haIIey Iflere rmers hold SaInIs Io S c rush aI 7 30 P M The Sophomores bes Ihe F eshues 8 Io 6 As an exIra IeaIure Ih re was a IhIrIy four IooI bonIIre er I2 Exefuhve se reI1ry Iound r and leader oI Ihe PaIhIInders or Amervca R ad ng Iho PrIce T os o LI e as Ine subIecI oI hIs InIeresI g speech o er I4 anIsh Club uncheon oo nfse e Iooer I6 F oIbaI wIIh and aI Garden Grove Came home de eaIed 6 Io O 22 pIan ones r a I Ian Ien cen' ay assem I r Mean ooI ver nervous and excIIed when CapIa1n Jones med I' culfs hs I o er 23 l:ooIbalI wI h Anahe m I-Iere arnners ope asIed e rs I-lIJInIcs A gay IIme was hao by all ho aIIen e QcIober 28 Commercual Classes assembly II yas very InIeresIIng and well puI OcIober 29 John T Mzller RddIO Broadcas+ asse'nbIy Mr MIIler spoke on Socual Problems I ober 30 l:ooIbaII aT Orange P rrner spIrlI hown In I3 0 oe eal ovember 4 Dr Thomas spealc on Germany Io a sembly Irs swrnnmlng FTI GI November 5 vovember 6 7 30 P M Iovember uvember November End November was ovember November November I I I JunIor Play ad assembly PooIbaIl wIIh Brea Ollnda here S ore I4 I2 Vie osI unIor play I A roI I-IonesIy II was Iceen Rernem er7 ArmIsIIce Day A holiday OI ourse you remember IhaII Mme Grey Levmne assembly A program every one oI us enloyed Poofball aI I-lunIIngIorI Beach Score I9 0 LosI agarn I quarIer And whocl of Ihough' II I I6 LecIure on AsIronorny more InIeresIIng than youd expecI Really' 7 Senror and Junuor Play ay I9 DeserI PIcIure BGGUIITUI paInIIng wIIh lIghI on I ern 20 FooIbaI aI NewporI I-larbor Fac1baIlBanqueI caIeIerIa 545 BroadcasIer BeneIII 745 November Decem ber December December December December December Z6 27 Thanlcsguvung VacaIIonI And were we 1hankIul7 3 DocIor Owmgs Raduo Assembly DocIor Russell R5dIO Assembly II P T A Kommunny Kapers Grammar School 7 45 PM ChrIsImas Program T U H S AudIIorIum 745 P M I7 Annual BaslceIbaII TournamenI aI I-lunIIngIon Beach TusI1n place I7 January4 ChrIsImas Vacahon January 5 F1rsI SIudenI Body meeIIng of second quarIer Sanfa Claus cerIaInIy was Inberal wIIh hus IeaIher IaclceIs January Bfllldfy January January GUUBFY 7 AdverIIsemenI of Chandron assembly 8 BaslceIbaII wIIh CapIsIrano TusIIn I3 CapnsIrano 20 I3 Grrls League meeIIng 1210 I2 30 noon I4-Chandron assembly Fafhers Banque? aI 6 30 PM I5 Baslcefball Garden Grove I-Iere T sIIn 28 G G s second Radno assembly Cameron Eecl: of New Yorlr SIoclc Exchange lanuary I9 Elechon day' More sIudenIs voIe Ihan ever before Elmer OsIerman elecfed presrdenf January 2I J SmIIh Dameron assembly We Ind e are IusI lllce a pxece of clay I-low Iuerce II was a good assembly Ihough Ianuary 22 BasIreIbalI games wIIh Anaherms As and Bs Ihere Cs and D s here January 27 Assembly for George Washanglon s annnversary January 28 29 uarIerIy exams End of Second uarIer I69l I9 Wi g V if - I ' .C Z, ff I I Q . I c II : . . ' -I h. I. 7 , a I K' I. . I I 'd Q I ' I ,. O' , 4 I a .. . OI el I- .L ' I , .I . Pa I ,, I4 6. a lc- : . . I lr I . . oaab 2.1. P. wfaqw o.c,s. ,I ' I 5 If . II I Q . ' I . II e' II . I a I II we I I I IIn ,I. QcI b -'SD I I' . El T r hi II, was pros nII Oc I - o I I . I , . I I ' . Odober -Ca I I T. J .I J ., M g'cI . A - p bl f. M . 5 , ' I I ' 9 ,Ig I In I ha . Oil b - 'III I . , F I ' h s bl . Scar , 20-7, GII 3 ' . 7:30 P.M. . V I ' I w d d. ' - . ' . ' II ' ' I on. Qcf i I I . a I I I s III I I - I I . N - . s s . G' I I I ' e , I' -- I - ' I I . c - . , I . : . . J I , IIB'lIyI'.- I - I f , 4 b . I II- I I -- I . C , . N4 I2- . I . I . 37 I . - . I . o ,Irs . I I ' . II v I I I . . III I 1 I I CJ . - . A . , . S . . h I I Io- - ' .I - I5-I I' I , . .I . . ' ' I, Q . I. 'bi A- . V . I bn' - - . 7 I J I - - I . . U ' I, I I. Ie. II. - . I I . 1 w I I I I , - do . ' Q THE SPIRIT OF THE WEST Ar THE AUD ON - I w ., A ,,, .. ,. 4 V' 'fu' 1 1 ' " fm 1 ' I 1 ' , 'f ' V! V W 'X W. , UL, , w r Ay f": , w , 7 .f.f', . ' 'n --f W. .1 I W - V, fr . v ' CY , ' ' V! Lv ' . 'N , ,. , Wolfer Printing and Photo Engraving Co W I O COMPLETE Om INSURANCE NWC QC QD OQTWEAR LLES O INSURE 'N LAGUNA BEACH SURE INSURANCE DRY FQQDS and MEN S Sl-IOP N Q Y Los Angeles Engraving Company M EES I O I 1 9 School Annual Division 4i6 al Slreel Phone IRini+y l5 I , ' ES EA 7 b Q .1 f A li' . 1 J' I A L IN Ill We ' Ffxuffln, Sxnlfa Am LEADING c MPANIES I , ,J g C , III IJ V Il rr pl IJ EI I A S RALPH I M O O ' nCQ 710 Orin Main SH Pluone 452 Sanfa Ana, Calif. ,. S, Cf Ei. . . ' A if if C1 'l. Audion Enqravin 5 b I22O sole PRCSQQC' E326 Spalding Athletic Goods EIIII Tennis Rackets Baseball Goods Golf Equrpment EIU V C WALKER W I SANTA ANA CALIFORNIA P Virginia I3arkCardens FLOWER SI-IOP Tustin Hardware General Hardware Paints and Plumbing A LDM 5034 S 7716, Food Shop LAG NA BEACH Citizens Bank of Laguna Beach I-I EL I3 I: U L N If S S Is the Spirit of This Institution ' ' 554 arlc Ave. Telephone 230 Laquna Beach, California ' MRS. E. M, HANDY C K 14. C I FI FQMI Th , 6 d +' FI v DI' 7 0 A. . ER AN, Prop. QI9 cs FourIh SL- Phone SIB Ph e T 'I' C l'f ' . , "We oIici+ Y B ' T I- I1 I, 3 V I , I II If f7'f + OUR PROFESSIONAL FRIENDS + + mmett Raitt M D Physlclan 81 Surgeon Bus SAN A ANA OFFICE HOURS O12 2 5 M P IONES Offce 206 R sdence 2 Fl gql ii +1 K 1 I-X 4 "Na 4, ' Vincent P Carroll Osfeopafhlc Physncnan LAGLNA BEACH OFF ce I7 Re Beach aguna each ospltal 472C5I B B MASON T Dr David R Hoffman D D S Laguna Be ch DR J EARL REPINE DENTIST 23 L I73 Go E I ' ' f K -IN, ,f -1 Q1 3I I I1 ST. I I xx El III . ' va c C? 1- . ,. Y f, Q s-gn .I , C x I H .Q i I - ' I J, .Jin V ,bg . ' - ' v 'J - X4 P , X f - , gl X- .5 I. AM. SR. X ,f -aa 9 I 1 , Evornngs By Appoinfmenf j f r - Xi I e I 2II TGI. IOII Laguna - enneyre Sveef TGIZ I - S. Redden Pnyskhn unc Surmocr' . O 9 O 7 egfa Afenue 5, Oss:s"e "9 Pas' Ouce I-2. IO7 Lacuna Beazn THE AUDION limi -1-J-4 Q .QQ flex ,L -on SW 2 M V' rf In -mx 1 asf! s lac. XJ. manga ali ev,- ug, V 4.4912 '74 Personal Service wal' Frlendly Economy EIU DEI Wlnblglers FJNERAL HOME Tel 60 W PARK S TEXACO SERVICE Courfeous AHen+lon ca EI rs real Sn 6 WHITSON LUMBER COMPANY LUMBER SASH AND DOORS CEMENT MILL WORK fjffffffffx 6147, 'Xl Ecre-mosl For 40 Yea ccou f ec + Wffflw Pxe ld ut EXPERIENCE Sclwoo' Embl ms Graduarlon Ammom em l he T V Allen f J J WE V19 AND STAIIONI I ' E , ll ' ll Pr l SL Q-l , 'lu +7 Awefue Th r : l W . 507 K Ma' S2 Serbs Ace C1 E" ' SW'--1' Tulfin TE. 5038 Y I f', I, f V? S l 1jfZ1'V7'l1 ."lf'V"'l"Vl:f71 If xJ'?f".,'4f E . X, YQ- 2 fl Nuff: 706 . Oflll Mm W 1' 3 ' lf' Our Own DUlGl"3 L KC me ' N 'C GEOS F X i-f:17ff L ': Stff' Yif .Og 'xrfmclfe if-3 les?" " A A W. rwum VG ,WEE .QE I: ,rw 1 . .EE Qmrxr- Cilmfg Og' E: Z EI A n ancy F1 S re arial Traininq H D Civil Service A Of' rf Nlrliv- 'mn ALI 1' 'E E,.,.,- An, Tw, E ff D , - A A A ATX ,EACTUEME C lrf,Y"""' ' '1 I. ' ' 'CW' f LQ, f I LQ 1 J - ..--. . Lui rl' , -f .: E ,,. . 5 8 , , . , , , , Remember MQDES The Junior Sensor Banque? and me good fumes Elinor Hutchings LAGUNA BEACH TRAVACLINI S PHONE uso LAGUNA BEACH Roy W Peacock REALTOR AND INSURANCE TeIepI1one 229 for Reservahons Ig dq XX ZTFX. ,f :J I I QQQ LAGUNA BEACH BALI RO M G E THOMPSON SELLS THE BEST TO BE HAD IN REAL ESTATE AND wknes INSURANCE COVERIING EVERY LEGITIMATE RISK ses HIM AT e B + s LAGUNA BEACH I76 af C .I I-I'qIw y TI ph 4I I 45,- O U III ' P BI . Lag-,U B I1 V, If A XX If, 1, I I f ,f-"" , ,.:?I:J :iv--' Jrl,-ff A f , ff X . 'I 0 ' , Q "'I ' ' I A . ' 1 lb 4 i A- 0 nu I 2 . ,V , ' '.. V - 0 . -1 ' . M ,. , Q 4 ' ., E? v 7 v v Y A O O u "Th I1 Th ' Differenfu 226F +A Tlph I9 I The First National Bank of Tustin 4' J INTEREST On Savings Accounts TUSTIN CALIFORNIA GIFTS For Graduation Tne MCS? Lasting Gift I AI' Is Jewel y WATCHES RINGS, FOUNTAIN PENS Gifts That Last I-Iibbet Jewelry Co. CHAS ARTZ BLUE AND WHITE STORES TUSTIN T e IRVINE STORE HORACE MUNGER PROPRIETOR IRVINE CALIFORNIA MILK CREAM B U T T E R BUTTERMILK COTTAGE CHEESE CHOCOLATE MALT MILK n 1:1 Preferred Products u u Telephone 237 Excelsior Creamery Co 926 Ea f F sf Si eef Sant I77 Q III III D U O 0 U U U U "Carers Io Tustin Hi" s ir r A C I"fo ' I 1 I The -47 YEARS IRVINE OF SERVICE STATION E. L. DIETRICH SERVICE GAS-OIL-TIRES-GREASING IR INE, C LIFORNIA 9 8 IRVINE GARAGE First National Bank E R THOMAS SANTA ANA CALIFORNIX I VINE C LIFORNIA Smzlh G fulhzll FUNERAL DIRECTORS Th Th ' . , A I F I 'M I--Iqgrw Efzadw V a Ava, CeIIIQ'nIa IeIepIwfme 204 GIVE YOUR CLOTHES A TREAT Crawford! EROCK SI-IOP Orr rhe Highway . 'ee TLJSTIN ' m IIIIII IIIIJ FOR EXPERT SERVICE SEND THEM TO THE Tustin D y Cleaners AND TAILORS Easr Man Poe G A YOUNG Ga age Sporhng Goods Goodyear Trres Rad os 5033 J THE MODEL LAUNDRY 5 Te ph This cover on I'I1e I932 AUDION IS BY Weber McCrea Co E Q 5 Aqr C J SI I 252 O O r . ' . . ' I ' r "E p r+ S 'ce" 550 I hm 5043 PM f ' TMI' C 'I- ll ' ' ll Sanfa Ana 901 Ear Eifrh Ie one IQ4 - o 42' if 'ree' L52 rr es,-H Higroa 'mb-mad VA.. "' ww 5. . 3? igf I W Ma 1,5195-55:1 Lux 'PK K M is f , m'k W M f X 'Q J gf, Adlos, Amigo A 'rw ' 11, ' M - zS:.f.L1f - - '.::-sf 1 '. " I -,'f'?",i4fik: - Ky -'I ,'A'?5?""f11f" 'V .i'-Mgr' may , 9 1' Q., p ' ,,. 'VJJ ,. , A , f 5-1. 25... ' :,. -ri? 'r"'2"'X ,. ,- C 1, , fa Ji A f Y 1 J 1'i1 : 5.fi'57 j' fe" A ' "gi" P -if -1 f 'U ,fji,J4:JaL., f.f L,-2,ffC-"3 fm . '-r-.55-5. . :1,:7?iY':jl" -,QI '.'5,j. V .I .1 I 'A v.. -, 'QI j ,f . gm. A ,gg A-,X - . I, Hu. -5 ,L , 'f " . Pj? , 1 , , , ' f"Q3f,"T" 'a -1 ' ' '-fb ' ' ' E41 . 'LA 4 ., . 1 2 if . iw- V x ge- 'L , ' . fm . 5,-.HE 'g-53 WL.,-, . 1. A .i 1 -.-M. ,. F ll , 1 ll

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