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763 SENIUR GLASS of TUSKEGEE INSTITUTE presents 1954 TUSKEANA G Editor ,ff"ghBELroN T 'ef RAND E 1011 DAY ROBERT L. NICHOLSON Business Manager HENS CHARLES STEP ef Adver1isif19 Monug 'mins CARRIE TODD Stuff T ist 1954 TUSKEANA TAFF AT Treasurer Literary Editor TODD, CURTIS, PIPPEN, PATTERSON AND BELTON WHRK AUTHOR PATTOW Subscription Manager MARYLEE RAY CHARLES TROUT Staff Typist Advisor Jngglv. W 5 V E'?596+m, CS Our thoughts, os we Xeoye these so-:red hohs ond hohowed grounds where Tuskegee tnstttute h gtyen us onother 'otrth ond hos been o hoyen tor our hungry souts, ore rtch ond yorted, proyocottye ond sttrnutottng. The toy ot hte coupted wtth the weh rounded expertences gotned here ore on tntegrote port ot us. We wth chertsh these schoot doys. Thts edttton ot the Tuskeono, then, rnust serve to recopture these expertences, rerntnd us ot our oc- quotntonces, ond preserye rnuch ot those thtngs whtch ore so deor to us. No doubt, os we turn eoch poge, rnernortes ot those chertshed rnornents wth hh our heorts ond enrtch our hyes. For you, deor Nrno Meter, our ordent oroyers we rotse. Moy the trotntng ond tntehectuot otrnosphere you hoye proytded tor us rettect gtory ond honor on your otreody renowned norne ond resutt tn wtsdorn tor us os we 'oreotc rontcs to turther the progress ot rnontdrnd ond to deyetop oursetyes to our tuhest potenttot. El MMM W,-mfm ,W L L ,ifmmxy 1 'L W- ' "3 Q . ir Q X J., Tw.. 1- ' Ye R.- ,mflwp THE SENIOR CLASS proudly dedicates the 1954 edition of "TUSKEANA" to LUTHER HILTON FOSTER Fourth President of Tuskegee Institute We are indeed proud ot the manner in which you have served us your first year as president of Tuskegee Institute. We realize that your are faced with many new responsibilities and that your iob is a difficult one. Because of your unusual capabilities, your strong sense ot reality, your sympathetic understanding ot student problems, your patience and leniency, and from our past experience with you, we feel that you are doing, and will continue to do, an excellent iob. For the courage to accept these responsibilities and for the manner in which you are challenging them, we, the Senior Class ot I954, have'chosen to pay you tribute. V, V. 5 FACULTY AND STAFF The First Teacher DR. BOGKER T. WASHINGTON H E Readnng across the top from left to right Mr John H Smzth Alumnn Secretary Mrs Lllllan Harvey Dean School of Nurslng Education Mr Wlllsam E Brunson Head Department of Com merclal Duetetlcs Mr S E Walker Head English Department Mr Wullaam Hunter School of Education Mrs Hattue West Dean of Women Left Center Mr Guy Tramell Mechanical Industries Right Center Mr Robert D Read Chairman DIVISION of General Studies Reading across the bottom from left to rlght Dr T S Wulluams Dean of School of Vetern nary Medlcme Dr Alonzo Davss Dean of School of Educatnon Dr Wulllam C Curtis Dean of School of Engrneerlng Mr Charles G Gomllllon Dean of Students Mr Morteza Sprague Llbrarlan Mr Wrlllam L Dawson Head of Musuc Department awxyVoesae f :sa.:.:.4-g4,-t K-N f -6 I CLASSES GWENDOLYN F. MARTINEZ Secrefcry CLAS JAMES C. JACKSON Presiden? S UFFICER LANGSTON C. BANNISTER Vice-President CHARLES STEPHENS Treasurer BANNISTER, LANGSTON C. Omega Psi Phi, Arnold Air Society, Junior Counselor, Campus Digest, Chapel Ush- ers, Y. M. C. A., U. M. C. BARNETT, RUBYE A. MOST LIKEABLE Jackie Herman - Langston Bannister BELTON, DEVAUGHN E. aLAcK, GAMALIEL Alpha Phi Alpha, Beta Kappa Phi Beta Sigma. Chi, Tuskeana, Little The- atre, Alpha Phi Omega. Cibus Club, Y. W. C. A. BASSA, REGINALD BATTLE, VERNETTA BELFIELD, CLIFFORD BELFIELD, WENDELL O. American Veterinary Medical Association lStudent Chap- terl, Alpha Phi Alpha. BOOTON, RAELLA D. Alpha Kappa Alpha, Chi Eta Phi. BENTLEY, HARRIET G. i f BUNTON, BILLIE R. BRYANT, ULYSSES E. Phi Bela Sigma, R, O. T. C. Officers Club, Senior Sunday School. CHANDLER, BESSIE M. Alphcu Kappa Alpha, C. D. Club, Y. VV. C. A., Social Sluclies Club. CHISHOLM, LORRAlNE Alpha Kappa Alpha. CLARK, JIMMY l.. Baseball Team, Physical Edu- cation Club, R. O. T. C. Of- ficers' Club. COLEMAN, IDA BUTLER, ANN BYRD, RUTH Y. VV. C. A., A. W. S. MOST WHIMSICAL Roello Boofon - Fronk Bannister COLLINS, ALFRED DICKERSON, MILDRED i 122: ,,.E.:g:'5 ' a:-:... . ' .iii w i M ' I' ' .: ,gg ., 'ga:g..e:g.. A ' - , -l-' . . ..:fi:2 .. . gfjj-"f'3:.:,gEj'E: 2::Sf2?5g?ii' ifi- 1 .- i ' Tiilff il - l -"' i -. H .V ..f ,i .L .. . - 4 4... .iL"H:fi'zQm.f Z :f:'1-2' 1 .-:.g::,zg. gfzfgig f'f1'lsi: " . r .. ,r Mgegzif . ' Q' . 'f 9.13 i5i5'1:W3ii'l:?2L1Z. V Wliili . ' 12753 iii?" 322:21 Qggggigiazrilfgiwi i' -sgzzi'-ffflglczf. H1551 . S z 5 Eiigigvggggiiiggl . , :273j15,g::.:?1l S11Af1g1 i me wxE:iZ1.S3z,f1 2g . .'.a:.L..wQSi:: ..,...L ,, gi - :fri 1, Eu ifZ:1 :.s2 J Mm-:gf:E: -' gflfzsipizr lzislfgg in L3 Mfw':::.f::':::zi:,fe' m .Q li L.: f .w'::,1..,M. H :Y 5 A 3. gymggg g m 512: .. .. ,.,. ..... . , .. .. .. .. .. . .. . Z SZ E xl H I CKS GIPSON ERNEST James Jackson Carolyn Kung KG pc Alpha Ps Whos GARLAND, NORMAN GILLESPIE FRED D GAILLARD DONALD HAYDEN, CHARLIE HARDING, EFFIE IRBY, HOWARD JACKSON, ALICE JACKSON, INEZ A. W. S. JACKSON, JAMES C. Alpha Phi Alpha, Who's Who, Alpha Phi Omega, Se- nior Sunday School, Y. M. C. A., Fire Squad, N. A. A. C. P., Student Faculty Coun- cil, Campus Digest, Tuskeana, R. O. T. C. Officers' Club. HENRY, LILLIE P. HILL, ONEDIA E. chi Em Phi MOST SOPHISTICATED Cynthia Glover - James Wallace mfs, CEOLA JOHNSON, MABEL M. 5-33S1Z.R' QG.:v5 JOHNSON, NANCY JONES, WILLIAM A. JORDAN, IDA Alpha Kappa Alpha, Y. W. American Veterinary Medical C. A., Little Theatre. Association iStudent Chap- Terl. KIMBROUGH, FRANK LAND, HAZEL Zeta Phi Beta. l.ARA,ROSA M. Delta Sigma Theta, Who's terbury Club, Junior Coun- selor, N. A. A. C. P., Beta MOST DIPLOMATIC MAfg5gfLjQ',-E B. ary Dillingham - Micheal Thomas LATIMER, LOUISE c. LEWIS, VIRGINIA MANLGAULT, MARSHALL Who, Alpha Kappa Mu, Can- ? S wk MCCREE, EMMA J. YLW. c. A., cha Eta Phi. MARTINEZ, GWENDOLYN F. Alpha Kappa Alpha, Who's Who, F. T. A., Y. W. C. A., Newman Club, N.A.A.C.P., Junior Counselor, Campus Digest. MYHAND, MARY V. Zeia Phi Beta, Alpha Kappa Mu, Wl'1O's Who, Y. W. C. A., A. W. S., Home Economics Club, Junior Counselors. MCLAURIN, SIDNEY Phi Beta Sigma BIRT, ROSSETTA NIX, ESSIE MITCHELL, CARY, JR. MOfON. RICHARD C. D. Club. Phi Beia Sigma, N. F A Ag. Forum. MOST DEVOTED COUPLE Millie Singleton - Clarence Williams Alpha Kappa Alpha, Alpha Kappa Mu, Who's Who, Siu- dent Faculty Council. PATTERSON, CAROLE T. PATTERSON, CORA K. PETERSON, LILLIAN L. PICKENS, GRANT PIPPIN, RANDALL Beta Kappa Chi, Y. W. C. A., Tuskeana, Campus Digest, In- Junior CounseIor, Senior Sun- stitute Band, U. M. C. day School, A. W. S. PUGH, HERBERT, JR. Institute Band. RAMSEY, MARGARET .-44" . AN'-.J REED, HENRY H. Kappa Alpha Psi, Institute Band. BIGGEST CONSUMER OF FOODS fMixed Vegetables, Arthur Parton STEWARD, LEON ROME, WILLIAM P. Y. M. C. A., Arnold Air Sa- ciety, R. O. T. C. Officers' , , Club, N. A. A. C. P. SEALS, LURLENE SINGLETON, MILLIE P. TARVER, THELMA L. STEPHENS, CHARLES E. Tuskeana, Phy. Ed. Club, Campus Digest, Who's Who, Junior Counselor, Band, Siu- deni Rec. Com. THOMAS, MICHAEL THWEATT, MILDRED O. TILGHMAN, RAYMOND TODD, CARRIE E. L. M. Alpha Kappa Alpha, Alpha Kappa Mu, Who's Who, F. T. A., Junior Counselor, Tus- keana, Campus Digest, Y. W. C. A., Little Theatre, Social Studies, A. W. S. WEBBER, LANXTER D. WILLIAM, C. DePRlEST Beta Kappa Chi, American Veterinary Association iStu- dent Chapterl, Omega Psi Phi. SCHOOL DISC JOCKEY Charles E. Stephens BROWN, WILLIAM WALKER, CLADIUS D Omega Psi Phi, Campus gest, Who's Who. Di- I L I I WILLIAM, CLARENCE WILSON, PAUL WOODS, l.aVERNE ZETA Phi Beta, Phys. Ed. Club, A. W. S. MARABLE, RUFUS STEPHENS, MARGARET CLARK, EUNICESTINE Alpha Kappa Alpha, Alpha Kappa Mu, Wha's Who, F. T. A., Y. W. C. A., Little Theatre, Social Studies Club, A. W. S. KYSER, LILLIE M. HORN DILLINGHAM, MARY V. Delta Sigma Theta. MCCLENDON, JOHNNIE MARSHALL, BEULAH MCNEAL, CORINE 'T"" M Nz 25 ff ,W ff' If PATTON, ARTHUR Omega Psi Phi MOST BUSINESS LIKE Charles E Stephens Nancy P. Johnson WILLIAMS MOBILE WALKER, KENNETH WASHINGTON, DELORES LEWIS, LOUISE WYNN, JOSEPH BURNS, JULIA Alpha Kappa Alpha, C D INILLIAVS, GRACE JACKSON, ANN A :ii-1 Q A 3 LEONARDS, LEON MCCALPINE, HENRY DERBIGNY, MARY C. Alpha Kappa Alpha, F. T. CULVER, JAMES Phi Beta Sigma. CASSON, ROOSEVELT Alpha Phi Alpha, F. T. A. HATCH ER, JOSEPHINE NICHOLSON, ROBERT RACHAEL, CHARLES BEST DRESSED Clarnce Henderson Norman Garland PLAXICO EUGENE WHITE JOHN H S' BURKE, KREDRICK JAMES, FRANK BUTLER, JESSIE J. Omega Psi Phi. ATKINS, MINERVA WILSON, JANET I , ROLLE, GLORIA MOST INTELLECTUAL Minevo Atkins - Wolfer Evans Alpha Kappa Alpha. KING, MARSHALL LLIAMS, THOMASINE SAUNDERS, TITUS WALKER, JOHNNIE KING, CHARLIE GILESPIE, FRED MYHAND, MARY HENDERSON CLARICE WELCH, WM. G. BUTLER, OSCAR MOST REVERENT JEFFRIES, ROLAND Joe Weems LEGREE, J055pH THOMAS, MICHEAL AU-EN' EDGAR BRUNDIDGE, WILLIE COLVIN, MAURICE HARRIS, WILMA HICKS, OTIS HUDSON, SHERROD HILL, CHARLES BAFFOON Elberf Williams OLIVER, Docus ROBINSON, OSWALD STRAINES, WILLIE snzouo, FREDDIE J,-If 4 , f W 1 Junior ,- , gl xf y'4 'v 'mfg .l.fX:g'x1.z I, 5, f'- if ff! .4,4 JS, n?1h'ZT'.'f ' Q x-jab! Q' 9 44, f N X fl- .- ff jliux' l 5 j 41 YJ C9 'F ffm " d hllgnir X . . if 0-fwfy Q " LZ! AYWIW I' W w Jf'f ' 4.yf,?:J X - .. mi -:fi ws X Q .. gg 1 . ix ,D5 A. I X . :E f '19 Plz! wr Q if QX gf X ,N 70 mu.-. K y - ' ELVINQ HUBBARD Vice-President MARVIN WALKER Porlicmentorion UNIUR CLASS ARTHUR SEAVELLA President SARAH MYERS Secretory SYLVESTER JOHNSON Treasurer TUSllilEGlElE'XS CREED 0 WE BELIEVE IN THE DIGNITY OF LABOR "We shall prosper in proportion as we learn to dignify and glorify labor and put brains and skill into the common occupations of life." 0 WE BELIEVE IN DOING WHAT WE DO WELL "The man who has learned to do something better than anyone else, has learned to do a common thing in an uncommon manner, is the man who has a power and influence that no adverse circumstances can take from him." 0 WE BELIEVE IN THE POWER OF EDUCATION "Ignorance is not a cure for anything." "There is no defense or security for any of us except in the highest intelligence and development of all." 9 WE BELIEVE IN THE LIFE OF SERVICE "The only thing worth living for is the lifting up of our fellowmen" . . . "The greatest thing you can learn is the lesson of brotherly love, of use- fulness, and of charity." 9 WE BELIEVE IN THE SPIRIT OF COOPERATION BETWVEEN ALL INDIVIDUALS AND GROUPS "Cast down your bucket where you are. Cast it down in making friends in every honorable way, of the people of all races by whom you are surrounded." 9 WE BELIEVE IN FITTING ALL MEN TO EXERCISE THE RESPONSIBILITIES OF AMERICAN CITIZENSHIP "It is important and right that all privileges of the law be ours, but it is vastly more important that we be prepared for the exercise of these privi- leges" . . . "Let the very best educational opportunities be provided for both races, and add to this the enactment of an election law that shall be incapable of unjust discrimination, at the same time providing that in proportion as the ignorant secure education, property and character, they will be given the rights of citizenship.""' 'Quotation from Up From Slaveryg julia P. Skinner, One Hundred Selected Sayings of Booker T. Washington, and Scott and Stowe, Booker T. Washington, Builder of a Civili- zation. TUSIIEIIEE INSTITUTE A TECHNICAL AND PROFESSIONAL COLLEGE Master's Degree i n AGRICULTURE, CHEMISTRY, EDUCATION, and HOME ECONOMICS Doctor's Degree i n VETERINARY MEDICINE Graduate Certification i n HOSPITAL DIETETICS Bachelor's Degree i n AGRICULTURE HOME ECONOMICS COMMERCIAL DIETETICS INSTITUTION MANAGEMENT EDUCATION ' MECHANICAL INDUSTRIES ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING NURSING PHYSICAL EDUCATION Diplomas and Certificates in Trades Vocational Rehabilitation Courses Registration T954-55 FIRST SEMESTER - SEPTEMBER 25 SECOND SEMESTER - JANUARY 29 Reserve Officers Training Corps Army and Air Force Carver Foundation Research Fellowships Scholarships and Self-Help Available 'LUTHER H. FOSTER, President For further information, write THE REGISTRAR, Tuskegee Institute, Alabama KEII Il I 'I'I'I' 'IIE WHITE HALL, SENIOR GIRLS DORMITORY CHALLENGE This nation cmd the world need an ever-increasing number of young people trained in the professional and technical fields. You will need a college education to quolify. OBJECTIVES Tuskegee Institute has always stressed high scholastic achievement and sound training. Its over- oll program is designed to prepare students to meet the demands of o continually changing society. INVITATION We invite you to become a member of our stu- dent body. We believe that you will enioy campus life at this institution. Here learning may be ochieved in o wholesome environment with a friendly faculty ond student body. Jaffe A-D vi, ' 11 I 214+ if ' .... URGANIZATIUNS al Reading from left to right Kneeling: Robert Williams, Lawrence Willis, Eliezer Hermandey, Whitford Dawkins, Othello Curry, Wendell Belfield, Darrell Roney, Ellis Hall, William Jones, Lanxter Webber, Fredrick Burke, Rodney Grass, Paul Taylor, Clifford Belfield, Thomas Reid, Asuza lbeauwchi, Louis Singleton . . . Second Row Standing: Donald Wilson, Raymond Adams, William Dudley, Edward Pyatt, Denver Pursons, Raleigh Allen, Laval Cathran, George Harris, O'Neal Jones, Dr. George Cooper lad- visorl, Maxwell Henry, Allison McCottry, Frazier Hemphill, Joseph Jones, Mathew Jenkins, Sidney Mil- burn, Otis Hicks, John White, Ptolmey Reid, Thomas Gibson, James Allen . . . Third Row Standing: Marvin Downs, Gordan Smith, Curtis Norris, Lawrence Williams, Gordon Henderson, Ora Alston, Joseph Bell, Marshall King, Roland Jeffries. AMERICA VETERI ARY MEDICAL ASSOCIA'l'lll W OFFICERS THELMA NEAL President ETTA MARSHALL Vice-President ARGAR ET CARSTARPHEN Secretory OFFICERS JOHN E. SMITH President ALICE MOGRE Vice-President ELIZA WOODLEY Secretory MATT WARD Treasurer YIIUNII WIIME CHRI TIA ASSIICIATIO OFFICERS GLORIA M. ROLLE . . .... . . President BEATRICE ROBINSON . . Vice-President THELMA NEAL . . . . . Secretory KATHERINE TURNER . . . . Treasurer CARRIE M. TODD . . Porliomentorion MRS. WEBSTER . . . . Advisor YIIU GME ' CIIIII TIA ASSOCIA'l'I0 ELVIN HUBBARD . DAVID L. SMITH . BOLIVER L. GRAHAM CALVIN SWARTZ . ARTHUR C. PATTON COLBERT SEWARD . OFFICERS . . . President . Vice-President . . Secretory Assistant Secretory . . Treasurer . Chaplain II TA IIAPPA CIII BETA KAPPA CHI HONORARY SCIENTIFIC SOCIETY FIRST ROW, left to right: Paul Taylor, Lillian Paterson, Joseph Fuller, Louis Cason, Michael Thomas, Lola Carter, Rondell Rhodes . . . SECOND ROW: Howard Carter, Joseph Saunders, William Hunter, George Cooper, Lanxfer Wedder, DeVaughn Belton . . . THIRD ROW: Myrtle Turner, Dawson Deese, Lavaniel Henderson, Edward Belton, James Rhone, Norma Gaillard, Clarence Mason, Caselle Knox, John Moore. LITTLE THEATER PLEDGE GROUP: First Row: Rosemarie Duncan, Joan Watson, Deloris Powers, Betty Gaines . . . Second Row: Thomas Martin, Velma Blackwell, Audrey Walker, Jacquelyn Ashe, Joseph Spaulding . . . Third Row: Willie Paschal, Dorothy Barnes, Eula Jones, Gwendolyn Ashe. OFFICERS EDWARD DeVAUGHN BELTON President NANCY P. JOHNSON Secretary MR. SAUNDERS E. WALKER Advisor SEATED, left to right: Mr. Saunders, E. Walker, Josephine Hatcher, Nancy Johnson, E. DeVaughn Belton , . . FIRST ROW, Standing: Ocie Marsh, Hugh Barrington, Carrie Todd, Leon Garrett, Johnnie Lockett, William Trout . . . SECOND ROW, Standing: Eunicestine Clark, Mary Foster, Deloris Clark, lsaac Curtis, TUBE 'I' FACUL Y COU CIL BACK ROW, left to right: Kenneth Walker, J. J. Flood, James C. Jackson, John Smith, Guy H. Tram- mell, Claudius Walker, Matt Ward, Isaac Curtis, David Smith, Luther Noland . , . FRONT ROW: Helen Moore, Rosemarie Duncan, Richie Coleman, Daniel Wynn, Arthur Scavella, Carole Patterson, Elizabeth Wright, Hattie S. West, Charles Stephens. 1 OFFICERS JOE DAVID WILSON . . EARLINE KING . . RUBY MIMS . . . LULA WILLIAMS . JOHN BROWN . KATIE WILLIAMS . I MYRDIA FLEMING . I I DEAN I-IATTIE w..,WMMi X . President Vice-President . Secretory . Assisto nt Secretory . Treasurer . Assistant CI1c1pIcin I ADVISORS S. WEST MRS. D. D. TRADER MISS VARNER . Choploin vw-wwmnmwn ft A I, ,. -I-, I 'V ' I. fr , . ff 't" W, I K, i X wg , K Y . AY SUH00L R n K xx IIPIIIIMIIIIE U IIAY CIIIIIIL OFFICERS GARLAND A. SMITH . . . . . . President MATT WARD . . . . Vice-President JEAN ROBINSON . . Secretary RUFUS WILLIAMS . . Treasurer HIRAM SIMS . . . Chaplain gf, . I I OFFICERS KENNETH R. WALKER President DAVID SMITH Vice-President ERNESTINE GROOMES Secretary LUTHER NOLAN T Treasurer DR. R. A. MUNDAY Advisor AISS BETTY WASHINGTON "Miss Agriculture" II IIIII U IIAY UIIIIIIL From left to right: James C. Jackson President Roosevelt Casson Treasurer Gamaliel -Black Edgar McNeal Cora Patterson Harvey Westbrook Mary L. Wilson Dorcus Penn William N. Dudley Lillian L. Paterson Assistant Secretary Otis Hicks Johnnie M. McClindon Alice E. Moore Secretary Ulysses E. Bryant James W. Bryant Verdell Miller Colbert Seward Not Shown: Earnest Gibson Vice-President Mr. C. G. Gomillion Mrs. Phillips AGRIIIULT IIE FIIII M vi? WW 9. .eg X05 . ,CW GiAU2rW0f-W' ,SAAC CURTIS CHARLES E. STEPHENS Associate Editor BUSUWGSS Mcmoger 'Y Wm Y M V gxxxm We WW Qi W CHARLES E. TROUT Advisor JOSEPH C. SAUNDERS Exchange Editor We swf? E25-" rt'T...m 'si .4 Lswis 'iiiaisrei DAVID SMITH Make-Up Editor Managing Editor JIMMIE FEARS Advertising Manager DQBVAUGHN BELTON V Fashion Editor CARRIE TODD BOLIVAR GRAHAM Literary Editor Circulation Manager E i S J PEIISIII G RIFLE MILITARY ,FIIAT II I'I'Y FRONT ROW: Fred Brown, James Glenn, James Hardy, William Peterson, Johnny Carter, James Tyson Ross Harrison . . . SECOND ROW: Ben C. Winslow, Nathaniel Taylor, Lloyd White, Calvin Swartz James Smith, James Eaves . . . THIRD ROW: Russell McBee, Jackson Thompson, Bernard Meacham Kenneth Mainance, Everett Mitchell, James Sirleaf. MARY MYHAND AND ELLIS HALL RIDES THE HOME ECONOMIC FLOAT IN THE HOMECOMING PARADE miss OFFICERS MARY V. MYHAND . . . . . President FLORIZELL COOKE . . . Vice-President MILDRED THOMPSON X . . . Secretory A.A. . Pictured from Left to Right: Edward C. Werner, Willie J. Davis, Melvin Vinson, Willie C. Wilson Curtis Trabue, Fred Gillespie, Arthur Patton, John E. Smith 1Commanderi, Hugh Barrington, Donald Gil liard, Roland Wilson, Boykin Gartrell, Joseph Wynn, William Thorpe, Sylvester Johnson, Clarence John SOD. WHII' WH CHAPEL FIRST ROW: Jacquelyn Herman Robert Nicholson Gloria Rolle Kenneth Walker Gwendolyn Martinez Langston Bannister Eunestine Clark SECOND ROW: Joseph Saunders Carrie Todd Ernest Gibson Carrie Hayes Charles Stephens Carrie Land James Jackson THIRD ROW: Walter Evans Rosa L. Crumes Arthur Patton Mary Myhand Claudius Walker Carol Patterson Authur Scavella OFFICERS QRLAN P, HAYES President WILLIE J. DAVIS Secretary VX 811 Holrglesxdeni lce'p'Sl-ZQSPE f7f ALTON DAVENPORT E , RAY PIPPEN Band Master JOE SAUNDERS ' Business Manager Secretary T FRONT ROW: Humphrey Peterson, Irvin Smith, Robert Stallworth, Leroy Jenkins, Charles Taylor, Al- fred Miller, Charles Hawkins . . . SECOND ROW: Otis Tarkington, Andrew Key, Sylvester Hixon, Willipm Thorpe, Billye Matthews, Francis Weatherspoon, Quincie Naylor, Marvin Walker, Columbus Williams. Chester Fredd, Joseph Saunders, Charles Stephens, Marva Forbes, Edward Buflord, Naomi Neftles Joseph Legree. KEGEE BA ll brim WW - - FRONT ROW: Henry Reed, Thaddeus Curry, Fallon Heliton, Ralph White, George Pugh, Jerry Means, Edgar McNeil , . , BACK ROW: Randall Pippen, Melvin Fussell, Herndon Show, Boykin Garfrell. WILLIE WILSON . I , WILLIE WILSON CARY MITCHEL PresIdenI CARY MITCHEL . . . Vice-President EDGAR ALLEN . . Business BESSIE CHANDLER . . . MATHEW THOMPSON . . SHERRON HUDSON . . GLORIA HAWKINS SHERRON HUDSON WALTER JACKSON ELLA LOGAN BLANCHARD ROBINSON ROBERT SMITH ROOSEVELT STEWARD JOHNNIE WALKER Mcmoger Secretory Treasurer Reporter ERNEST BURRELL xxx EDGAR ALLEN O DELORES BUTLER WENDELL BOSWELL WILLIS CONE GEORGE HATCHET THE EWMA UL B xx X xxx Mmfqywkbi M xx? -,X li Y WE' 'W FRONT ROW, Left to Right: BACK ROW, Left to Right: Joseph Pratt Warren Bridges Bobbie Randolph Norma Fields Willie Paschal Rigo Garcia Joseph Sampson James Cox George Hatchet Ronald Reddick Melvin Riley Burton Smith Jacquelyn Herman Cornelius Polk Thomas Martin, Vice-President Father Marchese, Chaplain Gwendolyn Martinez, President Ruth Adams, Advisor Euradell Branssard Theodore Polk James Perry Marvin Magrueder THE I TIT TE Clllllll FIRST ROW: Lucille Jones, Bernice Bush, Letitia Smith, BeAlba Walker, Cathryn Herron, Cynthia Glo- ver, William L. Dawson, Director, Mildred Campbell, Orpha Cooke, Barbara Maddox, Ann Fisher, Mary Derbigny, Dorthea Heath . . . SECOND ROW: Donald Gillard, Myrdia Fleming, Jean Davis, Ruth Davis, Ernestine Grooms, Naomi Nettles, Gloria Hawkins, Eurrie Lindsey, Ann Moore, Mattie Washington, Maxine Robinson, Lola Houston, Aileen Mims, Leon Donaldson . . . THIRD ROW: Clarice Henderson, Cathrilla Sampson, Margaret Carstarpher, Doris Jones, Ernestine Carter, Joann Brown, Marilyn Barton, Dorothy Rountree, Bessie Stockard, Bettye Asberry, Autherine Hinson, Mary Wilson . . . BACK ROW: Garland Smith, Arthur Shaw, Cornelous Blount, Edward Werner, Major Jones, Robert Tinsley, Titus Saun- ders, Hugh Barrington, Duane Jackson, Calvin Swartz, Thomas Withers, Sherron Hudson, Booker Wilson, Rufus Williams, James Wallace. ALPHA KAPPA MU CAROLE T. PATTERSON President ROSA LARA Secretory-Treasurer EUNICESTINE QLARK DR. I. A. DERBIGNY Assistant Secretory-Treasurer A Advisor ORLAN HAYES WALTER EVANS CARRIE M. TODD ARTHUR SCAVELLA U ITED E ' C0 GHESS OFFICERS ERNEST GIBSON . . . . . . President KENNETH R, WALKER . . Vice-President TITUS SAUNDERS . . . . Secretory ' CORNELIUS BLOUNT . . Treosurer MR. J. J. FLOOD . . , Advisor IIE EIIIIL IILUIII IASSIICIIVIIIII THEODORE T. GREEN J. HENRY SMITH President Executive Secretary Chicago, Illinois Tuskegee Institute, Alabama LOCATION OF TUSKEGEE CLUBS NORTH EASTERN REGION Hayneville Natchez Mobile Quitman NEW YORK: . Montgomery Vicksburg New York City O eliko Buffalo p OKLAHOMA: Newark, N, J, Egmge Oklahoma City Philadelphia, Pa. Shorter-Waugh MU5l409ee Washington, D. C. Talladega TUISU Tuscaloosa NORTH CAROLINA Tuskegee Ingfifufe Durham ILLINOIS: ARKANSAS: Winston-Salem Chicago Little Rock SOUTH CAROLINA: Rockford Pirie Bluff Andersgn INDIANA: FLORIDA: Columbm Gary Jacksonville TENNESSEE: IUCIIUWPOIIS Marianna Chattanooga OHIO. Pensacola Memphis Cincinnati Tampa Nashville Cleveland GEORGIA: TEXAS: Columbus Atlanta Austin DOYTOH h Columbus Beaumont DeII'IOI', . DOHC Wilwaukee, Forf Svorfh PlII5bUVQl'lf PO- Lexlngfn Galveston Louis, MO. Loulsvl e Housfon LOUISIANA, San Antonio SOUTHERN REGION Baron Rouge ALABAMA. Grambling WESTERN REGION . ' Minden Ann'5i0n CALIFORNIA- . . N Ol ' B'fm'f1Ql1Om ew recms San Francisco COITICISH MISSISSIPPI: IBQY Areql Evefgfeen AICOFH Los Angeles Florence Meridian All Tuskegeans are expected to ciffiliate with some local Tuskegee Club. Graduates are authorized to organize Local Tuskegee Clubs wherever there are five or more Tuskegeans residing provided no Tuskegee Club already exists. For information: Write the Executive Secretary, Tuskegee Institute, Alabama. Q95 ow I sawn ef mr term mea rr rr , 3.52 A SDAQI ' ' 0' 0 1 ,X ,.-nigasfi 'SSXTQAEW' 39 4 , -J P'-'U D71 . QV, N Nqr x' ' ax. , ,4 lil Oi QUIZ l'l00Z.0l"'JQ- -QUYQIR? 0 Zbl"UZCO'1'l1l'al l'OlPl"3ilN'l'-ffl! 1- BJBH I- 5 9AYs 15,5931 R"Ms.oF ew Mawr it it W ' PROJ ECT IN DIA I 953 New Y, 'A UCLA-Tuskegee Institute Good-Will Tour of Indion Universities ond Colleges and Pcirticipotion in Village' M Work Projects. 'fillrfxy ' The team with Madras Coliege Collegiuns Joseph C. Sounders os he 'fours Indio with eleven co-eds of the University of Coiiiornio ot Los Angeles ond two adult odvisors, Miss A. C. Guenther cmd Mr, R. Joffie. A Hindu Temple at New Dehli :AJ f gSI1'Y0FC,4L ' II' AWE IEW QI aggNIXE1:L', -' ' ., Li. .Q 'WYZQWIIIIIIIIPJ I-iii' if one Moana oF o my IIIS , , , 41 Los ANGELES MN" A? CLASS WILL Lorene Yvonne Folsom I, Lorene Yvonne, will to my two roommates, Catherine Smith and Silvia Price, my pleasing personal- ity and sweet disposition. May they use it well in dealing with their fellowmen. I, Mildred T. Dickerson, will my many friends an ability to "get along" with others to Minnie Bump- ers Allen and Jean Banks. Address: 628 Grays Drive, Bessemer, Alabama. I, Martha Dudley, will my pretty legs to Kaye Francis Adams. Address: IIB Russell Street, Eufaula, Alabama. I, Mary Dillingham, will to Ernestine Byrd my hips and legs. Address: l5l3 Pine Avenue, Anniston, Alabama. I, Lillie P. McCree, will to Priscilla Lewis my neat and becoming hair styles. I, Jean Butler, bequeath my friendliness and crudeness to Helen Huchinson and my cool wicked living to Gladys Ruth Floyd. To Earlene Fox my attitude toward life and love of preliminary things. Ad- dress: 704 Oak Street, Waycross, Georgia. I, Mamie Brown, will my athletic ability to Annie Florence Gordon and Bessie A. F. Stockard. I, Walter H. Evans, do will some of my possessions to the following persons: To Don Winslow Griffin, I will my ability to think, to learn, and to act in a gentlemanly manner: To Deloris Carter, I will all of my old examination papers: To Dixon, I will my coaching ability: and To Allen Williams, I will my old coat. I, Julia M. Burns, will to Earlene my lovely room in Tantum Hall, to Mary Pullam my round fat cheeks, and to Lou Ira Tyres by big bright Chinese eyes. I, LaVerne Woods, do bequeath my ability to play guard on the basketball team to Annie Laurie Fransis. I, Kenneth Roy Walker, hereby will and bequeath the following: To Cornelius Blount my position as president of the Agriculture Forum: To David Smith position of co-chairman of the Student Faculty Council: and to all others who hold the offices that I did, efficient service. I, Charles E. Stephens, will Joe Wilson my ability to think and reason without putting too much self into it, and my ability in reaching the highest goal as Disc Jockey and contributing to the music booth. I, Lillie I-ienry, do hereby will to Gloria Kyle my beautiful smile and pleasing personality. I, Margaret Ramsey, do hereby will to Sylvia lshell my ability to hold onto my property. I, Norman "Slim" Garland do hereby will to all the fellows my ability to be sharp and cool at the same time. I, Edgar F. Allen, do will my diplomatic personality to Charlie Weems, my coolness to Willie James Wil- son, my position in the C. D. Club as Chairman of the planning committee to Tommie Shortt. I, Clarence Williams, will to Amos Terry my physique. I, Millie Rena Singleton, will to Eliza Woodley my ability to have a different escort every Saturday. I, Raymond J. Tilghman, will my position as Sports Editor of the Campus Digest and Tuskeana to Leroy Burton and Howard Mills. To Rigoberto Garcia, I will my position as Battalion Commander of the Infantry R. O. T. C., and to Emma Thomas, my last name. I, Carolyn King, do hereby bequeath to Letitia Smith my ability to wear the white suit, step high, and well represent the "Skegee Maiorettesf' I, Janet Wilson, do hereby will to Levelma McKinney my room in Tantum Hall, to BeAlva Walker my position in the personnel office, and to my sister, Jean, the ability to "battle-out" four years of college. ' , I, Joe Weems, hereby, upon my departure from Tuskegee, leave my ability to make the infielders look good, with spectacular catches on Ist base, to Joe Trawick. I, Jimmy Clark, bequeath that ferocious baseball swing of mine, to Robert Cooper, and ny "dove", Oscar Coleman. ' I, Johnnie F. Carter will my battalion executive position to Ross Harrison, and my love to Sarah McDuffie. I, Eunicestine Clark, will to any iunior who lives in the community the ability to meet a 9 o'clock on time. f? GREEKS AND SWEETHEARTS OFFICERS Iseated from left to rightj BASILEUS . . . Eunicestine Clark ANTI-BASILEUS . . Nancy P. Johnson GRAMMATEUS . . Eula M. Jones EPISTOLEUS ..... Gloria M. Rolle STANDING from left to right: Thomasine Williams, Gwendolyn Martinez, Evelyn Kennedy, Arvell Myricks, Lou Ira Tyues, Sarah White, Maxine Robinson, Barbara NOT SHOWN: Betty Clark, Bessie Chandler, Mary C. Derbigny, Barbara LaValle, Bloneva Wil- liams, Kathryn Martin. IVY LEAF CLUB SEATED left to right: Bobbie J, Grayson, Presi dent, Hazel Bryant, Secretary, Georgia Lewis, Treas urer . . . STANDING: Etta Marshall, Reporter, Gladyce Floyd, Inell Callihan, Betty Wilson. 'TAMIOCHUS . . . Minnie Bumpers PARLIAMENTARIAN . . Carrie B. Hayes DEAN OF PLEDGES . . Carrie M. Todd "MISS A. K. A.' '... L. Gwendolyn Ashe Raella Booton, Carole Patterson, Beulah Roberston, Marietta White, Marylee Ray, Lorraine Chisholm Dunn, Lula Kemp, Julia Burns, Enid Beale. 1 ALPHA PIII ALPHA BOYKIN GARTRELL ERNEST GIBSON OFFICERS JOSEPH JONES . . . . . . President JOSEPH C. SAUNDERS . Vice-Presidenf CORNELIUS BLUNT . . . Secretory WILLIAM THORPE . . , Treasurer JAMES C. JACKSON . . Deon of Pledges DeVAUGI'IN BELTON . . Pcmrlicxmenmriom MEMBERS NOT SHOWN JOSEPH A. JONES LEON BOWLES JAMES A. SIMPSON KENNETH JACKSON CONNIE MILLER CORNELIUS BLOUNT WILLIAM H. THORPE JOHN SPIKNER WILLIAM H. HART STEVE LATIMER PETER JOSEPH JOHNNIE LAW JAMES JACKSON WENDELL BELFIELD ROBERT SMITH CLIFFORD BELFIELD LEROY JENKINS JULIES WASHINGTON CHARLES POWELL JOSEPH SAUNDERS DeVAUGHN BELTON LEWIS DRISKELL WILLIE RICHARDS AMOS TERRY DAWSON DEESE MISS ALPHA CAROLE PATTERSON IIELT IG ATII 'I' STANDING, Left to Right: Jackie Herman, Corrie Boyd, Aldean Smith, Letitia Smith, Rosa Lara, Ann Dumas . , . SECOND ROW: Mary Dillingham, Erma Washington, Clarice Henderson, Cynthia Glover, Minevo Atkins, BeAlva Walker . , . SITTING: Bettye Washington, Richie Coleman, Gwendolyn Storrs . , . OFFICERS: Clarice Henderson, President: Cynthia Glover, Vice-President . . . NOT SHOWN: Mary Jordan, Secretary, Wilma Harris, Treasurer. UMEGA P I PHI FRA'l'ERr ITY FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Algernon O. Boddie, Irvin W. Fuller, Luther L. Nolen, Garland A. Smith, Her- man Mullins, David L. Smith, Marvin L. Walker, James Gilchrist, Jimmie S. Fears, Babe R. Sanders, Charles K. Green, Arthur C. Patton, Claudius D. Walker, Orlan P. Hayes, Arthur J. Scavella, Bolivar L. Graham, Aaron W. Smith, Matt R. Ward, Hiram L. Sims, Randolph Cooke, James A. Walker, Leander J. Roberts, Langston C. Bannister . . . NOT ON PICTURE: Frederick Ratclitt, Henry A. McAlpine, Clifford Dudley, Frederick Burke, Lionel P. Anderson, Felton Hilton, James Hines, Emory McClinton, Willie A. Miller, Joseph E. Spaulding. MISS OMEGA CLARICE HENDERSON WWW 1 ffm V flvlrim f' 5 S A Miwllllf, .MVR nQV53i,,iff'Ufff94UL "'fL1WQ," R i A OFFICERS R L NICHOLSON Polemorch ALLEN WILLIAMS V' e Polemor h ERNEST GIBSON JAMES REDDICK HENRY REED CHARLES LAWSON H' forion VERNON BETHEA A D f Pledg V MISS KAPPA ANN FISHER MISS SCROLER HELEN SAUNDERS if Q O 1 N -' f f i AUTIVITIES v- 7- ,fs Jiifmm BASK TBALL VICYWII P- gxvwxs .HOUSQ CRES N51 wi F OH, NO YOU DON'Tll lT'S A SAD STORY RIGHT NOW!! S CARBOR r Dmv OR LAYUP ING IN cawhe' LsoN COLEMAN 'fshofguwf wlllbq M Ac e F N. pol" . Unyqik lrebolle, " .-:-.: V' . f A LA V 5: A Loox AT me DIAMOPiID ousxens or f54 W2 A- . W A. f.' '1'A. ,AA gi f A A A A A:': ' " ' .1 ' "" 'A A . J Ag ...,A. if T135 A A . A ' 'Q f QXQSHXSFF M5556 wma sifms . Y 1 K ,M e 9 F551 zmihm H Hmm ur A W in uuluu -I uqlu ' ' . W h Q '--' .fm .:. I51:jgz:g-15' 1:4535 7 ,:f51"Q2i, 'fini ,1 ': " 9 .. - 5122 SEQ ' 'fl 1 Af f Sw V' ' ' Af' """: V.-V If ' M JlMMy UC OVER ff IT cemef ol3eldClARK DONALD GREEN SENIORS QEEM5, CLARK er lnfielder GREEN' fi A A.V. A f . mxggx 3 5 D, 55 ,:. ,E 1? 'P S 'Q .1 If sig' wx S' A I' " 3 9 X E Q ew 4 , Q , T ,, may in M X A s"'K A 9 liz XQ sl A A T' V . 'f WN X 91851 Asvva-'iff 33135524 U ' :CPM M Vlwiif . fl I -+ wigs.: :A J ,J A - 'f wifi ETA bf' PM gp-. W .3 W"'x"." LQEAQA' 'Y X ,qf V 3? f 4 - ,V V K af: --5,32 -. .' .. -A A 4 '- I - , ,I x .A I Y 37 I M K in , '1., , A . W ' N' "I JUST MUST TAKE A MISS N. C. JACKSON AND A GROUP OF "WOWS" INSTRUCTOR JACKSON, D. HICKMAN, R. WILSO AUDREY, R. DAVIS DIP." ROYELLA BOOTON THE WATER LOOKS INVITINGI CURTIS, TILGHMAN, "PIP" SURROUND- ED BY PULCHRITUDE "WANTA SWIM WITH ME?" BERNICE BUSH 5 E' Fi' I weetheart iff - , Q. ,iiffe - v , wl.",f " , f .Q 5 7' Q K, ,' ff gf gfzr , ,. 1 Z W? f 41 : !,,,' . Q, W ml' X 1-2. 1 5 fy! xl M 5 RQSX1 ' T '- f R f NX 1 lg 1, i s X Bxffklf - 1' I f K 5' ' Y NY x f, -uu4I"' XXX fig ,fs ' is X ff X w x RR- -X- MISS TUSKEGEE JACKIE HERMAN MISS TUSKEANA JGAN WATSON 1, . . Y .?gi 5 - A f 3 5 5 3 'S fi 9 3 ,S 2 2 2 2 E S if E MISS SENIOR JULIA SMITH 1 F , , , W., . .. ,, , ,WM WMMMM A.,, , ..W,,..W.....M,, .M.WwW.M..,,,. WMM., x,,, WW,W.W.h.WYw kwmwwww-www R QYSECAL EDUCATION LeVERN WOODS 5 ,1 fs E fi ia 'H A, " gg -fl . . ,Q X W, 4 :I ,ul 5546. guy xf A. .ai ' 1 T K X Q' :g k E5 ' X x f Wligzhii NWS ' .P ,2Z,j?' 4 K Swim if-'ii ' ww-mvww .fi Q56 IQ," 3 w. W fu 4 .,.., .. -iz., uw 2 ,Q Y ., "3 ' if . Miss C. D. f ' My A Le-VADA McGLORIE Q Q , 2? Aqiv Q A Q '- ' ' f fy? ' -F' .A:' 1' 5? E 5 Q 2 3 11 5 5 E' 2 9: :5 S F nap ho ZZ' -A F 'nfyni Q N 'J' f N W X Q x f Xxx vig xx X 5 XXX Nw x x w SAX SB I XX ' x X . fi: A 5 A 3555 M-.N -Vmksmww M, N53 ??2f??fLff 'ff ? ,., I .wifmm efxlkwg v ww ,, H 3 Q f ti s Wm- .' ' , 3 a, v Ti? ' fv"'h-A A ,, . - .... V 15" Q 1-M ' Q ' L, J' x' f ,fl 923 it 1' Q 1 1' WX xr -1 'H +V K M.. f b , ff ' - I- i k 4- A f3S'SQ" 4 'as f J Q 3 as Y 4 .ag .J 5 -' Lx X '-1 X 1 3, K.: Wi . ..,,,. , .. . ' " " 3 Q f av. " f - - AV. ir 1 5 K ,S 1 is me H ' ? I? 43' 4 2" 5 ,uf 'H aww E3 .lf V, ' m ' , S 5 i' ' Q Nfxf ,gg W 2. .,., 'A W ' ,, ,..,..,4V,,kM Jn ? f K? S ff, 3 lzs-"Vai 4 suv' isfi ff W f 5 .. nf . 4 M .,.. A W? 52212-sf I 5 W fp 1 , 26 ' 251,12 -Q . , 5 if 5 . : E3 A -, . V A 5 5 5 gp x ff A ' jvc '- t 4 3 H X if Qiggggiafwi w mill V 27 Q was iw 4 W Q M 3 aww up ,S if 2 5 .Muffy ,Egg f me. shsfxswsasgz WS ff, Q. ' ,, ...,.,., .. w N . ,, . wx . .,... 4 Ei, .gin .f. ,.,. N Q :.h..:...:q ....,. : ,, W M4 - W rg ' "W -f2'::fff-1:" ff :'-::g: 1:-::.. :'g. .:::f:::'-4:g:fg:::Q qlaq : .,.,. I r ,Q L gig H fviflhiistiiki 'A ,QM """ vw ""? gW'? 3' ' W .Q Mx 55 :M If Qs? E y w y gi?i3g5Q3f5f5g5g,1g:13 ' , ., k'f.Xg NQI- I an 1, r .,.:.wr-aw.ww, E? muff? K - L HWWN 'Wwf5Q"f+: 1 ww ' . V. 7' 0 --..h 2 W , ,..6 ,,vwK Q ,Ak, ...H A 1 "K , " -V : hssxmfw Q .. . '2 ' .ai 1 .. wMfm.,M,, A .5 7 , , '- E 1-M-M - f r ' i?gliQZL"1sS2.3m M we .. V. A ' iii S 2 53555 X af 1 , Q? N is Q v Si Q-A 5' Q 4 Q15 x xx x SJQQQL '- " ,Q ,V , Um 1w m A ,ff --,---- THE S. E. MASSENGILL COMPANY BRISTOL, TENNESSEE MAKERS OF FINE PRESCRIPTION SPECIALTIES COMPLIMENTS OF The Montgomery RetaiI Furniture Dealers Assn. "Happiness Begins At Home" COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND f 5 SUNDAGLQANNEP I PEACHES g. hi- M A K E EVERY MEAL A SUNDAY DINNER SCHLOSS 8. KAHN QUALITY Fooo FOR 83 YEARS L- .,,,,,,,,,,,A, A..... ........ - - A INGRAM'S BAKERY The Home Of Better Bread And Cakes OPELIKA, ALABAMA ORNAMENTAL AND MISCELLANEOUS IRON STRUCTURAL STEEL, FIRE ESCAPES, STAIRWAYS. HAWKINS IRON CO., INC. 3I5 North 4th St. IP. O. Box 67Ol Birmingham, Alabama Charles F. Rittenhouse And Company BOSTON, MASS. NEW YORK, N. Y. MANCHESTER, N. Y. FANNIN'S AMAN'swoRLo HART SCHAFFNER 8. MARX CLOTHES Montgomery, Alqbgmq Specializing In the Complete Equipping of Physicians Offices and Hospitals Also A Complete Line Of Sick Room Necessities ls Available At Both Of Our Stores DURR SURGICAL SUPPLY COMPANY 228 Commerce St. 627 S. 20th Street Montgomery, Ala. Birmingham, Ala. ALABAMA EXCHANGE BANK CHECKING 81 SAVINGS ACCOUNTS APPRECIATED MERCANTILE PAPER COMPANY Office Outfitters Stationers - Printers Duplicating Machines 8tSupplies "Dictaphone Electronic Dictation Doubles your Ability to get Things Done" Phone 8341 Montgomery, Ala. Compliments Of CITY BANK OF TUSKEGEE :::::::,.' T 'T 'T If P I I 0 0 0 0 0 'T If T 0 'T 'T I I 0 1 I 'T 0 1- TAYLOR'S GROCERY 81 MARKET EVERYTHING IN FINE FOODS Some Location tor 33 Yeors The Oldest Grocery Store in Tuskegee Under Some Ownership F--v-v - ---v --vv vv-- T I "FROM A FRIEND" DECORATIONS PARTY FAVORS SERPENTINE FLAGS HAT CHECKS TICKETS NOVELTY 8. TOY CO. 205 Commerce Montgomery, Alo. HILL'S SHOE STORE Tuskegee's Exclusive Shoe Store ALL NATIONALLY ADVERTISED Tuskegee, Alu. Phone T520 "Commercial Stationers" OFFICE SUPPLIES OFFICE FURNITURE GOLDBLATT TOOL COMPANY I9lO Wcllnut Street KANSAS CITY 8, MISSOURI - -----.-- - -----.--..-...-....AA.. -4 AA' A'-"A---AAA----A---AAA--- -----4, COMPLIMENTS OF W E S T E RN A U T O TUSKEGEE ALABAMA V I 0 'T 1 I 'T U I I 'I N 0 N Lf GULF STATES SALES CORP. BIRMINGHAM MOBILE T T A--A-----A-----A----A--A---J COMPLIMENTS OF K E E V E R S TUSKEGEE, ALABAMA F 'T T T 1 1 1 'T 'T N 'I 'T lr T I I ASKFOR LAY'S POTATO -CHIPS FRITOS CORNETTS f-'::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: 'T I 1 I T 0 0 'T 'I N 1 T U 'T lv 'T' 'T 'T 1 T I T I T 'T 0 I T 'T 1,- LOVETT S FLOWERS Fon ALL OCCASIONS FUNERAL DESIGNS CUT FLOWERS CORSAGES POT PLANTS BEDDING PLANTS BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA MUSIC MANUSCRIPT REPRODUCTIONS Exclusive Hinging Service of Books, Sheet Music, MSS. THE KAYSER MUSIC BINDING Established T928 Box 237 Wilmette, Illinois 0 0 0 'I U M 0 'T 1 METCALF'S SPORT SHOP I2I4 Brocdwoy COLUMBUS, GEORGIA hfztiiikf W SAVE MORE- HAVE MORE FUN- I f1 U1 I I .E s. I U--- --.. ........... ........... L---- ...- uccess to the class of '54 O V ' x Z F 1 AELIKA C6eA-COLA aornmc COMPANY, iNC D- Qememfam pmaqcufz D fgememdm pmaqcm D Qememdm pafmqcm Yllllll lllllllllllTlll Xlllllff oday Sbgwe are printers of the yearbook of your school. Tomorrow as you seek your future in the Ill , . . 1 A professions, lndustry and commerce A-llljllllfgs. . we at Paragon hope to serve you with the essential Printing and Lithography you will need in the pursuit of your career. Many of our best customers came to us through friendships formed around the annual planning table or from former grads like yourself who first saw our work in their annual. I ff? , 25132 aragun ress 'l I A " MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA

Suggestions in the Tuskegee Institute - Tuskeana Yearbook (Montgomery, AL) collection:

Tuskegee Institute - Tuskeana Yearbook (Montgomery, AL) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 56

1954, pg 56

Tuskegee Institute - Tuskeana Yearbook (Montgomery, AL) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 82

1954, pg 82

Tuskegee Institute - Tuskeana Yearbook (Montgomery, AL) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 75

1954, pg 75

Tuskegee Institute - Tuskeana Yearbook (Montgomery, AL) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 55

1954, pg 55

Tuskegee Institute - Tuskeana Yearbook (Montgomery, AL) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 65

1954, pg 65

Tuskegee Institute - Tuskeana Yearbook (Montgomery, AL) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 58

1954, pg 58

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