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Tuskegee High School - Tuskala Yearbook (Tuskegee, AL) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Cover

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TU S KALA HC ,Di fir InaPE5l?aIa,Oienic Idea, for Uweme Up and werif. ECJLJCOVS Hbld Bi Pow-wow 'lil Lwflecwej Em! ju LK 0 now. 3 If -v,v', "" f 3 ' if MRS. MARY KATE LAWRENCE ln recognition and sincere appreciation of many years of friendliness and service to the students of Tuskegee High School, rlie 1963 edition of THE TUSKALA is lovingly dedicated to Mrs. Lawrence l2l W Y if H, wc, The Senior Class of 1963 Tuskegee High School Tuskegee, Alabama Mr. E. W. Wadsworth Principal Dear Seniors: On the fortieth anniversary of the publication of your student annual, The Tuskala, I extend warm greetings and congratulations for a job well done, Over the years The Tuskala has been primarily the results and efforts of the Senior Class, and the unselfish devotion of the senior class sponsor, without whose help and guidance it could not have been done, As you leave Tuskegee High School may I leave with you the admoni- tion and advice of a very wise king, King Solomon, the son of David, who said in his proverbs, "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction, " "My son, hear the instruction of thy father, and forsake not the law of thy mother: For they shall be an ornament of grace unto thy head, and chains about thy neck," "My son, forget not my law, but let thine heart keep my command- ments: For length of days, and long life, and peace, shall they add to thee. " "Let not mercy and truth forsake thee: bind them about thy neck: write them upon the table of thine heart: So shalt thou find favour and good understanding in the sight of God and man," These truths I leave with you to remember in the years ahead, Yours very sincerely, Z L11 Alfa, E, W, Wadsworth, Principal EWW:o I 3 l M X vi ., V . r.: Mr. Arthur Coker Eighth Grade Hotneroom Mrs. Dorothy Akin Seventh Grade Homerooni Mr. Robert C. Edwards Mrs. Margaret Varner Band Library N"'-fwanngrf Miss Lucy OSIC1' Miss Sara Webb Sixth Grade Fifth Grade ...MMM Mrs. Jackie Norman Seventh Grade Homeroorn Mrs. Essie Oswalt Secretary Mrs. Martha Oliver Fifth Grade -1v- v 'QW . WTSW' W...-af' Mrs. Freida Yoncze Coach Par Duke Mrs. Linda Gibson Senior Class Sponsor Senior Class Sponsor Junior Class Sponsor QW" WN Mr. Joe Jennings Mrs. Mary L. Preer Coach Herb McGee Junior Class Sponsor Tenth Grade Honierooni Tenth Grade Homeroom 56" if av- ' 5 if 1 f 5, f X M1-S. La Rue Willianus MIS, Margaret Fuller M185 Gloria I. POYICISI' Ninth Grade Homeroom Ninth Grade Homeroom Eighth Grade Horneroorn Mrs. Daisy Sheppard Mrs. Elizabeth Dyson Mrs. Carolyn Duke Fourth Grade Fourth Grade Third Grade Miss Rose Hurt Mrs. Grace Harrison Mrs. Frances Heard Third Grade Second Grade Second Grade Mrs. Virginis Harrison First Grade 6 1 Mrs. Lorine Campbell First Grade SE I ORS ., T, W'f1""'f1f JOSEPH EDWARD BRASWELL "The essence of genius is in knowing what to overlook. " Sr. Class President: Boys States Student Councils Asst. Business Manager, Tuskalas All-State Band, 3 yrs. Who's Who. M. GEORGE WAYNE FORTNER "A man creates his own destiny" Football: Beta Clubs Vice-Pres- ident Sr. Class: Jr. 84 Sr. Plays: CHARLOTTE REBECCA WALTER "Do your best today, and you'll have no regrets tomorrow. Sr. Class Secretary: FHA Pres- ident, 2 yrs.g Student of the Monthg Who's Who: Tuskala Staff, ...nuHflm ww! 1' fm JOHN THOMAS DYSON SANDRA DICKERSON BEASLEY "Kites rise highest against the "lt costs too much to frown: so wind--not with it." smile!" Sr. Class Treasurer? Tuskala Staffg Jr. 81 Sr. Playss Who's Whog Band, 8 yrs. 8 I GAY BOWERS "You cannot do a kindness too soon, because you never know how soon it will be too late." Sr. 8LJr. Cheerleaderg Co- editor of Tuskalag Student Councils Beta Club: "T" Club. 1 ,. DORTHORY ALICE BRYANT "To err is human: to forgive divine. " Parliamentarian of FHA: Beta Club: Secretary of Library Club? Who's Who: Jr. Play. FAYE DIXON "No one is fit to give orders, until he has learned to take them." 4-H: FHA: Who's Who. W JAMES GARY COOPER JAMES STEVEN COOPER "The one certain way of making "To have a friend is to be a things worse than they are is friend. " saying that they are worse than Footballg FFA: 4-H9 Who's they are." Who. NELLIE DOBBS NANCY ETHEL FISHER "Live a good Christian life on "Advice is seldom welcome. earth and all the joys of Heaven Those who need it most like will be yours. " it least." Beta Clubg FHA: Who's Whos Bandg Choralg FHA: FTAQ Sr. Honor Society: 4-H. Play. l9l , mmsmww' Na"'if EDWARD MAXON GREEN IRENE HUDDLESTON HOWARD LANIER JONES "Good things come in small "The only gift worth giving "They also serve who only packages. Y' is a portion of thyself. " Stu- stand and wait. " FFAQ Beta Clubs "T" Club: dent Council: Betty Crocker Co-Business Manager of the 4-H Club. HOIUCITIHPUFIQ Awards Class Tuskalaz Beta Clubs Jr. Play Favorite 7th llth gradesg Who's Who. Vice-President of Jr. Class: Beta Club. DIANE SPRATLIN KIRK BRENDA YVETTE LAMBERT FREDDIE JOSEPH LEDBETTER "You only get out of life what "One true friend is worth more "The only thing you have to you put in it. " than all the treasures in the fear is fear itself." Vice-President 85 Secretary- WO1'1d. H 4'HS FFA? II. 35 SI. Plays: Treasurer of FHAQ Vice-presp Beta Club: Student Council: Tattler Staff. dent of 4-H3 Jr. Play: Choral: Ir- gl Sr- Plays: WhO'S WhO9 Beta Club, FHA Secretary, fl0l 'T ' LINDA SUE MCLEAN "The world is full of willing people: some willing to work, the rest willing to let them." Vice-President, Beta Club: Co-Editor of Tuskala: Student Council: Band, T yrs.: FHA. ,-J' WALTER FRANK PORTER "lt matters not how a man died, but rather, how he lived." Vice-President Student Coun- cil: Jr. -Sr. Flay: Tuskala Staff: Beta Club: Club. If-' MAIXHE DOW DELL MORGAN "Always happy, never sad, a little naughty but never bad." FHA: 4-H: Future Nurses: Who's Who. SHARON PETTYIOHN "Make the best of every- thing, and think the best of everybody. " Majoretteg Band: Tuskala Staff: Beta Club: FHA. ALLAN DUNCAN SEGREST "When we are planning for posterity we ought to remem- ber that virtue is not heredi- tary." FTA: Jr. Play: Tuskala Staff: Who's Who. llll BILLY HUGH SELMAN "Do not let go. Hard work, sweat, and determination makes a man." "T" Club President: Most Valuable Player award: Student of the Month: North-South all star game. sy' vnu "'1'1 ff 'wwf "'T'-H-f-'If SYLVIA TALEEDA SHARPE "Success is getting what you wants happiness is wanting what you get. " Beta Clubs Sr. Drum Iviajoretteg Band, 7 yrss Vice-President of FTA: Tuskala Staff. w..,.,,rX" MNH' CHARLOTTE ANN SISTRUNK "Life is what you make it." FHA, 4 yrs.: 4-H Club? FDNA Club: Who's Who: Cvovernor's Inaugural Parade, 2 yrs. W 'Q BENJAMIN BARNETT SPRATLING, III "We need greater virtue to sustain good fortune than bad. " Lt. Gov., Boys States Secretary of Ag., Boys Nation: Vice-Presi- dent, Student Council: All State Band: Vice-President, State 4-I-I Club and National 4-H Club. -ei' JAMES VENSON STILLWELL WILLIAM FRANKLIN TALLY DORIS PATRICIA TAYLOR "It is better to sleep on what you "You live only once. " "The easiest person to deceive intend doing than to stay awake FFA5 Library Clubg 4-H Club. is one's own self." over what you have done. " Sr. Head Cheerleader: Jr. :SL FFA: 4-I-I Club: Who's Whos Sr. Plays: Beta Club: Student Jr. :EL Sr. Plays. Councils Tuskala Staff. Il2l 1 FRANCES LOUISE WADSWORTH "No one needs a smile as much as he who has none to give." President, Student Council: Girl Stateg Beta Club: "Miss Homecomingn: D.A. R. Good Citizenship Girl. Iwvwfr' ff! ls.. MARY ANNE YARBROUGH "You are richer today if you have laughed often, forgiven someone, made a new friend and put others first. " Beta Clubs 4-H3 Future Nurses: Who's Who: FHA. Adu-n 1 EDWARD WILLCOXON "He has achieved success who has lived well, loved much, and laughed often. " Basketball: FFA: 4-H9 MYF. RUNS. , -ei' 'rf""""""' aqui 'gall' 'hand' RICHARD WALKER, IR. "To handle yourself, use your heads to handle others, use your heart. " FFA? 4-H. SARA LAVINIA TYSON MICHAEL ROLAND TERRY WILLIAM BERRY WILLIS "Im easy to get down, but "What is life without love." "Thinking is like loving and harder to get up." FFA9 4-I-I: Library Club, Sr. dying. Each of us must do it "T"-Club: FHAQ Cheerleader: 3: Jr- P1HyS- fOr hi1'HSS1f- " 4-H. FFA: 4-H5 Who's Who. ""'T'-.T' 1' 1' vr 11'-HQ CLASS HISTORY The history of the class of 1963 in some ways resembles a long trip or journey. With your per- mission I will review the trip taken by the seniors on a bus called the T. H. S. EXPRESS. If we look closely we can see a line of 3l young passengers waiting for their tickets to the big CITY OF KNOWLEDGE. They are as follows: EDWARD ERASWELL, ALICE BRYANT, GARY COOPER, STEVE COOPER, FAYE DIXON, NELLIE DOBBS, JOHN DYSON, NANCY FISHER, WAYNE FORTNER, RENI I-IUDDLESTON, HOWARD JONES, DIANNE KIRK, BRENDA LAMBERT, LINDA MCLEAN, MAMIE MORGAN, SHARON PETTYJOHN, FRANK PORTER, ALLAN SEGREST, BILLY SELMAN, TALEEDA SHARPE, CHARLOTTE SISTRUNK, PATSY TAYLOR, MICHAEL TERRY, LAVINIA TYSON, FRANCES LOUISE WADSWORTH, CHARLOTTE WALTERS, EDWARD WILLCOXON, BERRY WILLIS, MARY ANNE YARBROUGI-I, and BUNNY SPRATLING. As these scared passengers boarded the bus, they became very excited about the first stop that they would make at Harrisonville in Cambell County. It seemed as though none in the entire 31 had ever made a trip like this before, and naturally they didn't know what to expect. But, by the time they reached the second town, Herdville in Anderson County, they had begun to get a very vivid picture of the entire trip. It was while they were in this second town that they picked up a new passenger, GAY BOWERS. At the next town, Hurtville in Howe County, they received another new passenger, JIMMY STILLWELL but lost NELLIE DOBBS, who got on another bus. At the fourth stop, Sheppard City in Oster County, FREDDIE LEDBETTER boarded their bus. When they reached Webbville in Varner County, the fifth stop, they unfortunately lost HOWARD JONES, but at their sixth town, Thomasville in Cosby County, they were joined by JIMMY GREEN. After touring the sixth city the passengers were treated to festivities by the owners and operators of the bus, and were reminded that they had already com- pleted half of their trip. They had such a long rest at the previous city that they decided not to stop in the seventh city, but when they did stop at the eighth one, DIANNE KIRK stepped off, and HOWARD JONES stepped back on. At their ninth stop, Freshmanville, NELLIE DOBBS and DIANNE KIRK decided to join them again. At the tenth city, Sophomoreville, they gained RICHARD WALKER and once again lost NELLIE DOBBS. Before reaching the final stop they picked up SANDRA BEASLEY, FRANKLIN TALLY, and NELLIE DOBBS. If we look closely once again, we can see the bus approaching its destination, the CITY OF KNOWLEDGE. All of the passengers will in a very short time leave the T.H. S. EXPRESS, never again to take a tour on her. Their futures have in some ways been shaped by this bus, but once they complete their trip, their destinies in the CITY OF KNOWLEDGE will be shaped by themselves. N41 mere 'Yrwvfw' """'f THE LAST WILL A D TE TAME T CF THE SENICR CLASS We, the members of the Senior Class of 1963, being of sound uiind and body, do hereby make, publish, and declare this to be our cherished Last Will and Testament. We, the Senior Class, do bequeath the following to the individual underclassmeng We leave our kind, kind heart and sympathetic ways to Coach Duke, to pass on to next year's coach, in hopes that the boys engaged in next year's P.E. class will survive. We do bequeath the facu1ty's kind ways and patience toward us to next year's Senior Class. We bequeath the Seniors' appreciation to the faculty and to Mr. Wadsworth for the understanding, friendship, patience and willingness to help. I, Gary Cooper, leave my ability to play the guitar to Dennis Morgan so that it, along with his singing ability, will help him in becoming another Elvis. I, Brenda Lambert, do bequeath my ability to get into trouble and still be innocent to Tom Preer and Jeff Gregg. I, Linda McLean, do with great sincerity bequeath my ability to flirt with Senior boys to Brenda Parnell. I, Wayne Fortner, leave my nickname "Red" to Sam Noblin. He fits! l I, Jimmy Stillwell, leave my stage name "Sundown" to Bob T. in hopes that he may be a star one day. I, Sandra Beasley, bequeath my ability to get a man without drowning him in tears to Loyce Carroll. I, Jimmy Green, leave my "hopes" of growing up to John Riley Willis. I, Frank Porter, being of very sober mind, do hereby and forthwith bequeath my love of mathematics to Tom Preer. I, J. T. Dyson, leave my music ability to Goofy Davis, Ramrod Cannon and Egor Parker, to be divided equally. I, Edward Willcoxon, leave my ability to keep a Chevrolet running to John Riley Willis, Randy Coley, and Paul Godfrey. I, Sharon Pettyjohn, do bequeath my ability to stick to one boy more than three days to Gloria Knight. I, Freddie Ledbetter, leave my ability to study hard and get out of school to Donald Martin, in hopes that he'l1 finish next year. I, Edward Btaswell, bequeath the athletic ability left to me by Joe Slaton, who received it from Michael Johnson, to Eddie Raymon. I, Howard Lanier Jones, do bequeath to any young man who wants it, Lake Martin, and I hope that it will be as fruitful to him as it was to me. I, Renni Huddleston, leave my title "Most Popular Girl" in the Senior Class to Jane Hornsby, in the hope that she will cherish it as much as I did. I, Charlotte Sistrunk, leave my friendly personality and happy disposition to Joyce Youngblood. I, Faye Dixon, leave my natural blonde hair to Lillian McFarland in hopes that hers will never fade away. I, Allan Segrest, bequeath my position as assistant principal to Pete Johnson in hopes that he can do a better job than l did. I, Ricky Walker, bequeath my ability to shoot "snooker" to Wayne Mcfjlendon, in hopes that his nickname "Fish" will soon be forgotten. I, Gay Bowers, do bequeath my love for Linda McLean to Brenda Parnell. I, Mamie Morgan, bequeath my ability to be cool, calm and collected around boys to Lillian McFarland. I, Mary Anne Yarbrough, do bequeath my ability to be quiet, at times, to Patricia Weaver. I, Steve CCrashj Cooper, leave my unability to break jaws to Brownie Sides, in hopes that he won't break anybody else's. I, Berry Willis, leave my ability to sing to Charles Roy Russell so he won't have to whistle all the tinie. I, Franklin Tally, leave one can of Prince Albert to be placed in the trophy case in memory of Frazier Hearn who is no longer with us. I, Michael Terry, do leave my ability to hold on to the steering wheel to Billy Glass in high hopes that he will make it across Perry's Bridge safely I, Nancy Fisher, do bequeath my old fashioned ways of being myself to Kathy Varner. I, Alice Bryant, leave Mrs. Yonce to the Junior Class, in hopes that they get by with more than we did. I, Diane Spratlin Kirk, bequeath my diploma to Becky Benson in case she doesn't get hers. I, Billy Selman, bequeath a portion of my English knowledge to David Jenkins so that he may graduate next year. I, Taleeda Sharpe, seeing that all else has failed, do with sympathy leave my music ability to Jean Hall. I, Nellie Dobbs, leave my title of "Quietest" to Dorothy Payne, in hopes that she will one day quieten down. I, Charlotte Walters, bequeath my natural, friendly smile for everybody to Joyce Youngblood. I, Benjamin Barnett Spratling, III, leave my very best cow halter to Pete Johnson or Roland Vaughn, whoever shows the Grand Champion in the world renound Roba International Livestock Exposition. I, Frances Louise Wadsworth, bequeath to Judy Johnson my "giggly gavel" as representative of the high office she has attained. I, Lavinia Tyson, leave my ability as cheerleader to Sandra Sistrunk hoping that she will enjoy being a cheerleader as much as I have. I, Patsy Taylor, leave my ability to cheer one entire football game without combing my hair once to Jean Echols. For the Last Will and Testament today, we, the Senior Class, would like to leave to the Junior Class our title "Dignified Seniors." A PRCPH ECY F0 While riding home one afternoon after school, I noticed a trailer on the side of the road. A large sign out front proclaimed the following: "Madam Lucifer--Knows All, Hears All, Tells All." I suddenly decided that it would be fun to have Madam Lucifer tell me her version of what the Seniors would be doing 20 years from now. So here are the predictions of my far-seeing friend as to what my classmates and l would be doing in the year 1983. 1. Gay Bowers is now employed at the Gay-Love Department store owned by Phil Godfrey and managed by Tommy Bradley. 2. Frank Porter is having to work very hard these days so he can pay alimony to Brenda and support his present wife, Linda McLean. He has a part-time job as a Fuller-brush man and he's really enjoying his work. 3. Taleeda Sharpe has invented a new dance called "The Charles Bell Stomp." lt's done with the accompaniment of "many little Bells. " 4. Admiral Howard L. Jones was lost at sea when he tried to water-ski behind his submarine. The sea will never be the same again. 5. Diane Spratlin Kirk, whose husband is President of the Better Plumbing Bureau, is at home busily producing numerous little pipes and corks. 6. Wayne Fortner is now Chief Grocery Sacker at the ASLP. He was finally promoted when Charlie Bell retired at the age of 103. 7. Patsy Taylor has been working at the Big Bear for "Evers and Evers and Evers." 8. Ricky Walker is running for Governor of Alabama. He finally graduated from the John Patterson Trade School and insists he has all the qualifications. 9. "Crash" Cooper is one of Ricky's biggest supporters. He's also running for Lt. Governor. "Crash" is a little late in getting started on his political career, because he has been busy completing his education. 10. Gary Cooper has signed a new contract as "boss guitar" with George Daughtery's Combo. They travel around with Ricky and Crash helping them get votes. 11. Frances Louise Wadsworth, having finally decided between her Andys', is contentedly milking cows and feeding chickens in the big metropolis of Roba, Alabama. 12. Jimmy Stillwell is in New Guinea trying to sell false teeth to the cannibals. 13. Brenda Lambert, better known as "Big-Un, " is still trying to improve her figure by riding bicycles down to the Pike with Tom-Tom and Greff. 14. Bunny Spratling and Jean finally got back together and they're declaring to everyone they meet that the second honeymoon is much more romantic than the first. 15. Sharon Pettyjohn is running for State Senator. One of the main policies in her platform is the entire abolishment of all roads leading from Tuskegee to Roba and Tallassee. 16. Edward Willcoxon is the top scientist in the country. He became famous with his two great in- ventions: instant cars and instant girls. 17. Nancy Fisher has started her own baseball team, the Roger-Dodgers. Their home base is Notasulga and its rumored they even get free publicity in the "big" Tuskegee News. 18 Edward Braswell is busy writing books. His latest is Simple Rules for the Young Man on His First ' Date or in other words How Not to Fall Off a Girl's Front Porch After Kissing Her Good Night. ll6l E SENICR CLASS 19. Mary Ann Yarbrough has created quite a problem at St. Maggie's. It seems every time she walks down the hall all the men patients' temperatures go up 10 degrees. 20. Allan Segrest finally got to be principal at T.H.S. He's really doing a fine job and has added several new courses. One of them is "I-low To Succeed After Trying For 20 Years." 21. Freddie Ledbetter has settled down to one girl, Gloria Knight, and they run the Dari-Delite, which was left to Gloria by a former owner. 22. Alice Bryant is in the courts in a big legal hassle. It's rumored she tried to put out her own line of "Bobbie Brooks. " 23. Lavinia Tyson is now Middle-Weight Champion of the World. It seems she won her title protecting "a certain boy" from a few of his fans. 24. Michael Terry graduated from the John Patterson Trade School with a degree in hair dressing. He devotes most of his time to keeping Lillian's hair its "natural" color, so that now her hairdresser will be the "only" one that knows. - 25. Faye Dixon has replaced Dale Evans as the "Queen of the West. " They say she's mobbed by her many male fans every time she steps out of her mansion in her hip-slung riding pants. 26. John Dyson, having finally discovered girls, is trying to get Gay Bowers to leave her job at the Gay- Love Dept. store and come to work at Lakeview as his private grease monkey. 27. Mamie Morgan, after all these years, still hasn't gotten over her crush on Billy Selman. So now, she runs the "Little Texas Spinster's Club" where all the girls at T.H. S. that had crushes on "Our Hand- some Guy" go to live with precious memories. 28. Jimmy Green married Shirley Owens and they have a vegetable garden in Roba where they're raising spinach, turnips, and other "Greens. " 29. Charlotte Walters and Calvin Sears finally got married. At first they said they were going -to wait until he was 21, then it was 31, then 41 and so on for many years. But they finally made it and the lovely "old" couple have gone to the Golden Age Rest Home in Montgomery for a long, leisurely honeymoon. 30. Franklin Tally is still piping sunlight in to the natives at Society Hill. 31. Sandra Beasley is the typical housewife and is very busy bringing up all her little "Beasley's Blessings. 32. Berry Willis is the new singing idol of the nation. He got his start on "Rocking With the Deuce", a variety show in Columbus, Georgia. 33. Linda McLean, better known as "Lip, " "Poopsie, " and "Picklepuss, " after chasing Hamp Boles, Thomas Lawrence, Frank Porter and Heaven-Knows-Who-Else, finally caught Frank and persuaded him to marry her. 34. Charlotte Sistrunk is serving a long sentence in jail for bigamy. They say when she couldn't make up her mind between Charles Russell and Donald Martin, she just married both of them. 35. Nellie Dobbs is a missionary somewhere in South Africa and is busy teaching the natives the ancient dance rituals of the Baptists. 36. Billy Selman, famous for his great atheletic career at T.H. S. , is now chief water boy and assistant bat boy for the Tuskegee Institute Golden Tigers. 37. Reni Huddleston had her classmates worried for a long time: she just never seemed to get over the fact that Donnie married someone else. But Jim, Cooter, and Richard have helped her snap back and she's now her happy self in Panama City running Reni's Roost, a nice family-type resturant. I don't know if any of these predictions will come true, maybe we'd better hope some of them don't. But, nevertheless, I do hope that the next 20 years will bring much luck, happiness and the best of every- thing possible to each and every member of the Senior Class of 1963. I 17 1 In Wi, . 3 f Sw 5:1 E I A ,E 2 XE E S 'U --" -,g, ' ,: --.E.:. 5 : ff. Q Y 7 b nk .E.,..- 'Nqr-v , ,115 ggwfleim ,A 3 .ff k f K ..... I 1 5 5 M W is CL Es-'5 Es W ..-YT , MY ,AWK K .wb Becky Benson Charles Brown Y 'Wea ,mi f?'1i ev? nipv, -prewar f if ,ow v ry? . . f www- -un-sv M ips.,-Q M ? , -Q :-" ll , In W if uw., H g,L. I' ,Jw x f 1 E201 -1-rn-'wr-1-r--Q J B if pw will 3,9 ,w tr cl 'D .lf iii :.: in '1': J -. .., Q V "". B is Q , ' JU IO Loyce Carroll Richard Carr Lillian Chadwicl Randy Coley Jean Echols Julie Edwards Janet Finney Mike Gates Alice Godfrey Jeff Gregg Jean Hall Betty Hearn Jane Hornsby David Jenkins Floyd Johnson Judy Johnson Pete Johnson Gloria Knight Bob Lawler Donald Martin ILASS vv-rv w- -ww, v- vw --f W- 442. f ayne McClendon pi r ff, ,gl if, "" y Maclrarland ye Miller IH Noblin xrl Owens enda Parnell nm Preer die Raymon zarles Russell oyd Russell anne Sears awnie Sides nrinda Smith y Thompson larlotte Tyson thy Varner va Jean Vaughan e Whatley in Riley Willis :ce Youngblood ,413 Q yn L - 5,-Q3 fic fxw, Rai Q l V, -fvf' Q. '23 is-w '- Clifford May gf. n ,W i a: QV ,A f I I 3' 4,1 fr-'-1 -ri ji W' 'Q LA b ' I WM W7 R y H, Msg 4' fl 'Tk' if r 'Ts 1'w"' W? n.1 55543 .WM f'-nv.. "l"""""P Barbara Beasley Ronnie Boles xv-vim' 'W-prwfvvwvqg ,wen i 'ET WWF 'ur' 1 'H-1-vw' -1'-!"""U TE TI Martha Brown Esther Bufford Lonnie Mel Craft Grady Davis Nancy Jenkins George Jones Ray Kelly Dan Nelson Rishay Oliver Wanda Richards Connie Robinson Helen Robertson Sherry Ruff Jimmy Sadler Conda Tally Roland Vaughan Rebecca Wadsworth Herman Watts Jimmy Wilson Margaret Young RADE Stanley Baker Dorothy Bazzel Linda Bowers Nancy Brown Bennie Cole Martha Cox Butch Elkins Paul Godfrey Wayne Green Wyolene Hickman Roger Hornsby Johnny Johnston Neal Kelly Larry Kilpatrick Linda Kirk Glenn Parker Margaret Perry Linda Phillips Linda Randall Bill Rhodes John Segrest Janice Taylor Tommy Wadsworth qPa1Iicia Weaver PDQ Rush Akin ft wg!! War ,nv- I7 IW' j at N, O fan. J avi Q i n A : Safes A . g, ,gift ff -are y-Ni ml X 3 'W' ad" x J 553 5 if K r .ALM ,W NINTI Tommy Boshell Martha Bradley Majorie Chadwick Pat Chadwick Tommy Davis Sara Edwards Stacy Elkins Billy Glass Dennis Hodges Shirley Holt Nigel Hornsby A. J. Kilpatrick Clare Kilpatrick Wayne Kirk Lillian McFarland David Owens Bobby Payne Hunter Reynolds Teresa Sadler Wayne Scott Roy Tyson Crystelle Vaughan Jimmy Wadsworth Elaine Waters Geraldine William 1'-.RADE Arnold Boles David Broach Grace Callaway Rita Cooper Dorothy Edwards Preston Griggs Olin Lee Hanvey Jeanie Haywood Jerry Hughes Nancy Jackson Dianne Miller Robert McLendon Shirley Owens Dorothy Payne Carolyn Scott Andy Sharpe Sandra Sistrunk Ricky Spratlin Ronnie Whatley Steve Woodall Susan Alley fha N10-M. 4513 N-q.Q.,,mW D3,V1d Bram, EIGHTI- Bruce Bufford Bobby Daughtry Roy Edwards Joe Gibson Hilma Goggans Bill Gregg Gerald Hearn William Hearn Dean Hornsby Danny I ones Gary McGa11iard Betty Morgan Gloria Ray Gordon Russell Frank Smith Opal Spratlin Donnie Tally Lana Taylor Horace Tyson Sam Whatley Not Pictured: Kenneth Roberts Shirlene Payne vi 7., -v----,.- GRA D E Nea Bake, Leanne Bledsoe Bill Braswell Robert Carroll Jimmy Cohn David Floyd Glenda Flurry Lamar Godwin Barbara Holt Susan Hornsby Tommy Jackson Mike Jenkins John Kelly Joe McFerrin John Mims Dorothy Richards George Robinson Mab Segrest Steve Segrest Roger Stuart Jonnie Tally Thomas Tyson Doug Walters Larry Wilson Ann Wadsworth Cindy Yonce sag.. .Lf vi-mg. "75- fd""'P Agp! 'mm-...W -1'5" J at 390' War 41-v Gerard Boles qu V -Y J- -L H 1 W- SEVE T lun inviiuau-v 'fer Wav Nannette Bufford Sandy Cannon Gary Darby Dorothy Duncan Steve Groce Al Huddleston Melanie Jenkins Carey King Charlotte Phillips Dianne Raines Carol Spratlin Cynthia Tyson Robert Tyson Martha Ann Wall Roger Watts Connie Yarbroug Not Pictured: Billy Vail SRA DE Larry Floyd Bonnie Grigg Wayne Groce Linda Jackson Bobby Kelly Neal Parker Susan Perry Lenora Phillip Nancy Sizemore Ruth Sprarling Susan Terry Rodney Ward Nor Pictured: Mike Wilson Joe Cox -vw,,,.--,--vwwsv--v Johnny Adams Patsy Barfield Tom C. Brown 'VW 'ms' :Cl ,pam 'Qvw J FX, 4 APN! WN, K1 'Q WWW P' Q""""r'-1 d1""n. silk F12 lm. 'is f 'h1hunm,,,w-Q. S Y ,avr me 3 'Q t 1 ' k 5 5 ' 2 M y A Q ,L -g::.:gf5. ,. , 4-fa ' 55? p T 755' , ff JW 'f'4Hm53J A af is Us Q6 MQ 1 ,Qs Q WF TL -4, q 75 A' W , ' , ' V" at hw, 7 ,. ws 7 W V5 ba' ,, ., ' V 'Am lf! Q 'mr f ,Q I mn Q 12' il an 9 f -451 EIEIVIE W7-KRYH -Y-f'1v' --- -r-ng-N..--'WI-gr f--.fppw ELEMENTARY ACTIVITIES Wmmwf---- ----- H.-.ww-W-Aww, ,fwmwwl-1 wi Hur I -N faqrv .. gjrigfggggemf SIXTH GRADE MW: its Suzanne Bledsoe ,W-..,A SO! -1-N. diff QQ ...aus "1 'Q 2 'fam all '41""'n ' ,Je ,B ....,... f""s Ninn. Obi Maura- " htm.. fvfwi 'Huw-me We MWWQN pl Uwe- "Que MQ Billy Boles Joy Bufford Gayle Casaday Ronnie Cooper Vernon Cooper Eddie Cox Renee Daniel Susie Lee Daniel Ralph Dyson Phyllis Ehrhardt Larry Flurry Linda Hickman Linda Howard Wallace Jones Marty Mangham Roy McGhar David Payne Ralph Ray Linda Reynolds Patricia Segrest Elizabeth Scott Earl Smith Rebecca Smith Carrie Spratlin Debra Steinberg Tina Thompson Wanda Ward Nell Woodall Paula Woodall Pete Yonce Not Pictured: Bobby Floyd Betty Sue Payne Ricky Board William Durham Noel Gibson Linda Hearn Pat Hornsby George Huskey Teresa Jenkins Tony Jones Van Kilpatrick Nita King Sarah Kirk Timothy Lawler Rene Ledbetter Eddie Martin Frank McWhorter Georgann Oliver Samuel Owens Allene Parker Susan Reynolds Jimmy Sanders Donna Sue Scott Steve Segrest Bonnie Sizemore David Smith James Spratlin Tim Thompson Ann Tucker Randy Turner Ronald Tyson Wade Whatley Marianne Willial Not Pictured: Shirley Richards Billy Houchens SRADE :ky Cavender ,chele Coley Mard Corbitt Niliam Daughtry 1 Flowers niele Funderhurk tti Gantt izky Godwin len Grant ly Hornsby rvid Johnson rry Kelly rrolyn Kilpatrick :ne Ledbetter lomas Mangum :rry Matheny anette Morgan Lthy Overton :borah Raines ,ncy Rhodes :hard Rush rolyn Rutherford rnne Sego rdean Spratlin ryl Torbert nald Tyson .nk Wadsworth .rilyn Williams 71 Wright arlotte Vaughan t Pictured: vid Mordan Lnda Payne nis Segrest y Sides 1-v11r1vv'r'r1r1v'wr3r -vp-'qgarwv wlr 13 mv if David Ashworth --.M ... :Q 'Nano ri WHGWY C' 40 an in 'fw- w'i"3u. -is A 4-na., . 'Wi 'wwiwrb If N---. Q, E fm .M rx W tszrtsf Q lad vi' .11 4"""'y tv-New ""-x W-rr "" " Y. M ff- maiiig 'f'si P ' Gigiszffsizir 335 sei . K .- "" " was x, 5 . .1 ll" ia. 4i0"'Qx ,W dp., fi 41- ,Q 41 'nw 'Www-mfg' 'ln FOUR Brenda Baker Sharon Beasley Ted Britt Lee Bufford Patsy Coggins Elaine Durham Harry Edwards Jerry Floyd Carolyn Flurry Martha Hickman James Hodges Mike Huddleston Ann Johnston Jimmy Marshall Debbie Martin Dee Dee Radford Dallas Segrest Linda Spratlin Bill Spratlin Daryl Steinberg Brenda Ware Larry Watts Lance Whatley Queenie Yarbroug Not Pictured: Paul Barrow BRADE Cherry Cheshire Danny Daniel Leigh Daniel Marcia Freeman Chris Glass Earl Hickman Sarah Hodges Alethea Holub Wayne Hornsby Johnny Johnson Donna Kirk Andy Mangum Burley McGal1iard Barbara Payne Harriet Sanford Linda Segrest Sara Spratling Wiley Spratlin Michael Thompson Judy Wilson THIRI Ann Cooper Charles Corbitt Dianne Daniel Sara Edwards Pam Gantt Mike Hornsby Susan Hornsby Jeffrey Jenkins Mike Kelly Mike Mangum Larry Mirns Toni Morrison Linda Oden Lisa Phillips Elizabeth Rutherf Dewey Segrest Charlotte Smith Robert Spratlin June Thompson i Mickey Tyson ERADE Mike Carroll Rebecca Goggans Donna Kay Cox Jane Daniel Shirley Floyd Wyatt Godfrey Sharon Hearn Bill Johnson Stanley Kirk Joyce Ledbetter Denise Lynn Johnny Lee McGhar Alita Neudecker Richard Ann Ray Larry Sanders Wayne Segrest Tawana Sizemore Sarah Spratling Phil Story fLee Tucker Not Pictured: Don Morgan lr rx 9 .ow tx g, . J' , J 7 43: Www. 'Nw-,,,..p Atvifh-. wav llH"I'iu 'fd'-drwew w-7 I SECON Cliff Akin Wayne Barrett Mike Britt Shirley Cheshire Gerry Daniel Susan Kay Davis Nancy Ehrhardt Wayne Floyd David Funderburk Gloria Grigg Sammy Harris Laura Jones Debra Kirk Mike Patrick Johnny Sanders Stanley Segrest Teresa Spratlin Ellis Story Janice Torbert Howard Wadswortl Not Pictured: John Baker Ladene Mangum Martin Norwood Melissa Cavender Tommy Coggins Ronnie Daughtry Scott Davis Calvin Grant Cindy Jenkins Larry Martin Marion McGhar Theresa Oswalt Connie Rush David Sellers Aileen Spratlin Earl Story Kathy Thompson Cindy Wadsworth Mike Wright Not Pictured: Russell Hass Dana Hughes Chesten Felsher W vvf -- -pri- """"hl"" .fd- 'ind' Susan Boles g 'K we-wa ,CV 'iff 1-61 'ive ?CuaD"" ff' y..,,,f Y ta 1? 'Gi we-aw. 2? 'Hu-'ar' '-wa-...QSM .410-W M0 9 11" ,a FIRS Ricky Casaday Ricky Cooper Beth Crawford Dennis Daniel Bill Freeman David Freeman Tony Jernigan Laura Jordan Daphine Lynn Arthur Marshall Denice Martin Pamela Miller Rondall Pain Randall Quick Bonnie Robertson Mitzie Sears Mark Sistrunk Johnny Smith Henry Spratlin Janice Turner Alfred Wallace Betty Wallace Ricky Word Joanna Youngblood Not Pictured: Gail Holt Jack McDonald David Tyson SRADE lonnie Durham Carolyn Edwards like Elkins David Hodges Iurtis Jones ,en Kirk lrnold Lawler Dennis Mangham Eheryl Matheney ,ip Morgan like Pattillo hel ba Parker heila Phillips loyd Richards ohby Saddler tanley Sistrunk obert Smith ee Spratlin Pianne Thompson uby Yarbrough ot Pictured: rrnes Huskey obert Floyd Raybon HJ 'W .465-U vlriv Xiu Wmzxaw ,wx ,,.n""' is lag? 'Tl Ni 'W 'i' 3 Y all Qi DRWGKNIZATIUNS STUDENT COUNCIL Nlvwwfwrv- w4""'h-Q--v I I 'm'. r fi.M':W:snn.g, ,f:saw wuWgH::T q:5mmmf., STUDENT COUNCIL SPONSOR AND OFFICERS 'q"vr1'r" S-1-vp'-www:-:Y - 11-1" ' ' W' BETA CLUB Q ll' '-J ,SY B V,Y, iv A f BETA CLUB SPONSOR AND OFFICERS 2 Mg 5 .-, TUSKALA TAFF ,W 3 F n 4.2. h 3 k TS 'f LUB --PQ' so M ff tb vi fx'Kl y ,. Q ,V 254' 3: I wr A ,. , f nk Y i481 A .,,,,..f FL M' -1, ,, , , . sal, , gf ,QW x Qu 'K , 2, 'aww' 3 '1 v , "' 4 A -vu-rf v' ' ' 'W Y" -r "Y VY" 'Y' MARCHING BAND CONCERT BAND kv! 'tr 'T' v Trqf "v"' " "'v"'1 BAND DIRECTOR DRUM SECTION S A mf . .-vH BRASS SECTION nf--q. 6 1 N-,N f . g. Q, V. J , , ly, Q Q.: ji ,1 f 'f Y-vvv - v1-,r- 17,7 -v - vw v REED SECTIO milf 1 Q 7 I sw f., fe , L ' w. 'fav b :Q 'iff '45 W , ka wA',6...,M gms ,Liv 'X Y , .1 - 'Jf,G'W'N ' ' ,. 'ug , q ,T , ,,,s.w 1 , , 3, 5 . y k 2 ' , ,, .Sk M? ,., , V, 1 35 1 4,3 IJ, A I wx gk R 2 af I JT' fg:g15g :,1zr"'W2" ""!'W"'XlHlL m 'N if.xi5:+g,if-fff:N11SwG6ffinfi1fems.famw:gy?f,g,w:,a",iLgQ,,Q-2:, f 4' ' Af' j:,,:'-s zifri.E'i.:.i:g,:':55,ii:.::::2.,'..:..'.,."Z,"" W, f Mfe:f4,i:,q:Lf1b. fggwgf W, M ggi' tw N,,! W fF""9F2y K f f y Q K ff X QLQTSSFKESY 'S Wfiqilffmi ilififl w ffmwgif gg gf: Snr? : :YT 1 , 133313225 .wiyxjsgizgiyjaQ:g:g,5g'i lg, ,:QfigiE32g.EE':gv53a574E35:LM M L iiiifjyfl ' - Y A A 'l?2Sz5??,3?'i::W3?i::,a'' '54 K-ff1:?f2S?liKff-li?5fi?4577- Qqgifrgeqf-",g15 ' ' 7 1 Q ' "1 ' X' ' ' 3 ' -.'s . 3, s '1 x 352. if 'X ff , f' H x , V 1 Fa? fiiiki' 'fm . .X B BA' .uv ,wg Q, 1' 1 , Q . .a. 'Q ' , , of lmigm'3F's,a if H f g1fa'M,- -f' N ' "iv , gr, , , , Q, mieiafli ,. . . i!w.x5EA -lfifivean ffgeln M f' 535 ' 11' -F'T?"'-"W"WQ" MAJORETTE Q T.-ff .,A.: P -.q, :,::, I I . ' . r ff' Mi ,- 4 4 'QQ' I, Ei? ,Aj Al sy' . , 1 TALEEDA SHARPE SHARON PETTYIOHN ff'- '5-E A I, X Rx' u 3 Yr N K 4 i Q 5 ., .F '- . 'W IEANE HALL NANCY BROWN I 52 1 w-'Q F. T.A qv X! gl K O0 F. T. A. OFFICERS I - Y -v Y F. H.A 'I' "Y ff "!Y7l"" ii I-541 F. H. A. OFFICERS 'FT' 'Y' 7 "' W' " YF' F. F.A I Il l ,1ff.,-l' '1A WC 'ws F FFFFFF ' E: I ll E M5 f' j-My l 55 1 F. F. A. OFFICERS ' IJBRARY CLUB GWR? 441 BOY? 441 ATHLETICS TUSKEGEE IN DIANS I962 CAPTAINS: Selman, Johnson, McLendon and Coach Pat Duke I 58 J --W wvvpvq w- -r 'I-gy' - - Y f -- -Y- SENIOR FOOTBALL PLAYERS -'43 ' , ,Y CAPTAIN BILLY SELMAN BUNNY 5pRATL1NG Q E, U, , . 5 2 :P E -142 11' ' vw, - -R:mF+i.'fi'. I. -'-' g :WWE i.,,d i.E-w-u."'f'...a I I W 5' WAYNE FORTNER JIMMY GREEN I 59 1 ar My K 2 1 L . L Brownie Sides Tommy Wadsworth Larry Kilpatrick Kenny Roberts Tackle Tackle Tackle Tackle Bunny Spratling Lamar Godwin Jimmy Wadsworth Guard Guard Guard 1. Wetumpka lost 19-7 2. LaFayette lost 13-6 3. Reeltown won 13-1f 4. Eclectic won 26-O 5. Woodland lost 34-1 Larry Wilson Lee Whatley Guard Guard ,...,M' ,.3"' fs " . g uf :-. T J 4 . "t .321 Wmwk... . - , --' ' ,f l gqiiak as i N M "'- A . T WEL .1 ,LQi7ffftgiir'rfiii L T N ,Om - fn 'K Benny Cole Mike Wilson Wayne McLendon John Segrest Guard Guard l 60 1 Right-Half Left-Half SCC M5555 ' , J ' 'i a 'z ig mf QM Q55 . g f, '- ', 4 gg: V Q I ' X 1, 1943525 X Z A J rf J rrr W f v -J J 'Q ,. . -' W-vmjlkfl I I Dan Nelson Robert MCLendon Ray Kelly David Blanton End End End Quarterback Jimmy Wilson Quarterback E S Smith Station lost 7-6 Union Springs tie l3-13 Ramer lost 27-24 Wadley won 40-13 Notasulga lost 27-0 ff? Ronny Boles Pete Johnson Center Center I I Wayne Fortner Roland Vaughan Full-Back Full-Back Rush Akin Jimmy Green Billy Selman David Jenkins Left-Half Right-Half I 61 1 Left-Half Right-Half x 1 i 3 3 a 3 1 1 5 3 rf 3 Brenda Parnell ean Eamon Gay Bowers Judy Johnson Patsy Taylor La Vim a TYSO11 Diane Sears 9 5, E. A. C. CONFERENCE RUNNER-UP "A" TEAM W. McLendon, F. Thonipson, T. Wadsworth, D. Nelson, Coach McGee, H. Watts, S. Noblin, C Brown, D. Jenkins. KNEELING: Capt. Billy Salman I "B" TEAM BACK: M. Wilson, Mgr., R. Akin, J. Wilson, B. Sides, R. McLendon, Coach McGee. FRONT: B Elkins, D. Jones, L. Godwin, G. Jones, J. Segrest, H. Tyson, Mgr. Foy Thompson Dan Nelson Wayne lxlcLendon Charles Brown Capt. Billy Selman Herman Watts Sam Noblin David Jenkins Tommy Wadsworth WE THEY WE 50 Beauregard 41 54 72 Hurtsboro 61 68 74 Shorter 66 66 56 Notasulga 72 58 E. A.C. TOURNEY 53 60 Reeltown 37 45 38 Notasulga 37 43 72 Goodwater 49 48 66 Rockford 68 WE THEY WE Notasulga Inv. Tour. 48 46 Hackneyville 48 92 Fourth District Tour. 50 644 Reeltown 58 76 48 Hurtsboro 42 63 64 Notasulga 56 60 44 Rockford 45 55 72 i641 Sniith's Station Notasulga Shorter Reeltown Catholic Chavala U nion Springs Beauregard Reeltown Chavala Wetumpka S1nith's Station Hurtsboro Wetumpka U nion Springs Catholic THEY 27 72 54 39 42 32 57 52 THEY 41 47 48 60 57 62 52 59 JR. CHEERLE DER Susan Alley, Lana Taylor, Nannette Buford, Stacey lillcins Ulead Cheerleaderj, Charlotte Phillips Crate Calloway, Martha Bradley. R BASEB LL TEAM BACK ROW: R. Akin, D. Jenkins, C. Brown, R. McLendon, D. Nelson, B. Sides, B. Selman, H Watts J. Wilson, W. MeLendon, Coach McGee. FRONT ROW: T. Brown, Mgr., G. McGalliard, G. Jones W Scott, H. Reynolds, D. Broacfh, M. Wilson, T. Boshell, R. Tyson, R. Watts, Mgr. l. Union Springs 2. Chavala 3. Hurtsboro 4. Smith Station 5. Beauregard 6. Auburn here here there there there here lost won won lost won won sCoREs l 65 l Chavala Beauregard Auburn Hurtsboro Union Springs Smith Station there here there here there here won won lost won lost lost 'Z Ai? X M V M. pm-f Ga 'ilk J wa Y? r K Nw, .9 5 '1 3fE55iE'Kfi W 'W"WHvr' -F-,Y ni, Tr, I5 'U 7' vi ' v.. FEATURES B WHO'S ,ba 1 xL"Qgftj5u MOST HANDSOME PRETTIEST Billy Selman Taleeda Sharpe ef- WITTIEST Charlotte Sistrunk Jinnny Stillwell I 68 WHO MOST DEPENDABLE Allan Segrest Alice Bryant Kula MOST POPULAR 1 Wayne Fortner Rennie Huddleston WHO'S WHO H MOST TALENTED MOST VERSATILE Gary Cooper Mary Anne Yarbrough Howard Jones Rennie Huddleston QUIETEST MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Steve Cooper Nellie Dobbs I 69 1 Linda McLean Edward Braswell x- H -+11 WHCTS WHO A-in Wk O As in 4 'S' NIGEST BOY SWEETEST GIRL Jimmy Green Gay Bowers FRlENDL1ES'i' john Dyson Brenda IJLIIIIIUCII I NEATEST Berry Willis Mary Amie Yarbrough CUTEST O I Frank Porter Charlotte Walters W "" 'Y WHO'S WHO gNW"H , , sgcjiy MOST ATHLETIC Billy Selman Marnie Morgan MOST INTELLECTUAL Edward Braswell Nellie Dobbs I hm I ., , N ws. ....,, , M af fgwx 44 if-1 iw ff A s of BEST DRESSED Taleeda Sharpe Berry Willis BEST ALL AROUND 71 1 Wayne Fortuer Frances Louise Wadsworth WHO'S WHO ,ww ' .-:, f- . 'TL " ,- -sgigk 0 .M-xv,f A X -'fr-M. 3: 'ffl f vnu"-' A I 'JJIKN -I b-K It iff f. ", x "Q-' +L fbi , .ll . K-: , . I , X 'E-:R gt ' I MOST AIXIBITIOUS BIOS-In SCHOOL SIJIRII' Bunny Spratling Franc-ce Xxkulswortll FIHUIQ PUFTCT VQISX Taylor ff' 'M MOST ORIGINAL I 72 1 MOST TALKATIVE Edward Willcoxcn Brenda IJSIIIIUCII Jinnny Stillwell Faye Dixon -1-1 'P' "" CLASS CDFFICER 7th GRADE President--Linda Jackson, Vice President-- Charlotte Phillips. Secretary-Treasureru Sandy Cannon. fiv15"'ll!IlY'f!'fF4N wif 9th GRADE President--Andy Sharpe. Vice President-- Carolyn Scott. Secretary-Treasurer-- Diane Miller. llth GRADE President--Kathy Varner. Vice President-- Jean Hall. Secretary--Jean Echols. Treas- -- I I 7 urer Faye Miller. 1.. fvfiwuivb :ww 1.2 aa ai WN? Sth GRADE President--Mah Segrest. Vice President-- Laniar Godwin. Secretary-Treasnrer-- Larry Wilson. E 5 . 10th GRADE President--Linda Phillips. Vice President-- Larry Kilpatrick. Secretary-Treasurern Martha Brown. if l is if 12th GRA DE President--Edward Braswell. Vice President-- Wayne Fortner. Secretary--Charlotte Walters. Treasurer--John Dyson. C ASS AVORITE iti V SEVENTH GRADE EIGHTH GRA DE Wayne Groce Charlotte Phillips Kenny Roberts Dorothy Richards NINTH GRADE Nigel Hornsby Lillian lylvFarland -if it TENTH GRADE ELEVENTH GRADE Herman Watts Nancy Brown I 74 1 Jeff Gregg Judy Johnson MISS TUSKALA CLASS BE UTIES Nancy Brown Grace Callaway SOPHOMORE FRESHMAN ' N- . ., '-'- 9 my 1 Jean Hall Jane Hornsby JUNIOR I 76 1 JUNIOR CLASS BEAUTIES 5' . . i, .xgilw , Y -". r .' ii i Lillian McFarland Reni Huddlestou SENIOR FRESHMAN Linda Phillips SOPHOMORE I 77 1 SENIOR Taleeda Sharpe CLASS BE UTIES Sandra Sistrunk Frances Louise Wadsworth FRESHMAN SENIOR ,. ..,? ..s.,,g x W Q .3 r 'Sf A -sv-...I . Qi A I f 'I .1 Q, " fy'-f , "' 'ffl' if W ., "" x Rebecca Wadsworth Charlotte Walters soPHoMoRE I 78 J SENIOR Z 1 Q 1. "VT'P"""TW" STUDENT OF THE MONTH SEPTEMBER Frances Wadsworth NOVEMBER Billy Selman JANUARY Patsy Taylor M ARCH Charlotte Walters APRIL Gay Bowers OCTOBER Bunny Spratling DECEMBER Edward Braswell FEBRUARY Allan Segrest APRIL Linda McLean MAY Jimmy Green HO CRS RENI HUDDLESTON CHARLOTTE WALTERS BUNNY SPRATLING Typing Award Commercial Award American Legion Award 'glut rm JIMMY GREEN PATSY TAYLOR Agriculture Award Sappho Award Z2 sf 22 -S 1 CHARLES RUSSELL John Phillip Sousa Award -.Lx EDWARD BRASWELL BRENDA LAMBERT Band Medal English Award Chemistry Award American Legion Award I 80 I FRANCES WADSWORTH American Legion Award Student Council Award D. A. R. Good Citizenship Gil AEIVHIES vw-?'4n-v--"W,1Y'i'pVil!' wifi-W HOMECCMING DAY SNAPSHOTS . MISS HGMECOMING Miss Frances Louise Wadsworth H SENIOR PLAY I84 CHEAPER BY THE DGZEN Mr. Gilbreth --------------- Bunny Spratling Mrs. Gilbreth ---- --- F ' 'Q Wadsworth Part of their dozen: Ernestine ------ --- Frank -------- --- Jackie ---- --- Dan ---- --- Bill --- --- Fred -- Anne --- --- Martha ----- --- Mrs. Fitzgerald --- --- Dr. Burton ------ --- Joe Scales ----- --- Miss Brill --- --- Larry ------ --- Llfl Edwa, ,sv all Jimmy ew, V' Jimmy Stillwell Michael Terry Freddie Ledbetter Charlotte Walters Patsy Taylor Nancy Fisher John Dyson Frank Porter Brenda Lambert Wayne Former JU ICR PLAY Margaret Tennyson Jackie Tennyson Rhodora Roger Tennyson Walter P. Leatherby Daniel Tennyson Arthur Barnard Miss Baker Linda Barnard Jeannie Wilson Aloysius fPuffy Witomski Carla Carlson A policeman Dr. Hockhorst Von Barf Miss Booth THE PERFECT IDIOT CAST H351 Judy Johnson Tom Preer Dorinda Smith Pete Johnson Sam Noblin David Jenkins Eddie Raymon Julie Edwards Joyce Youngblood Jane Hornsby Brownie Sides Jeane Hall John Riley Willis Foy Thompson Charlotte Tyson 1' --I' Rl JUNIOR SENIOR PROM K M 'H , if WYE' 4332. "wi WW 9 ,gg T.., 'Q' ' 'Tk' ' CASSD Y 771 1 .- -A f- Q ,, , ..,..,. ,. Q I yr W ,, I C . , "' ,FA X . nv' . A " -W ?' , M. ff - vw. I 'nl A y In ,ff ww. 1 ,N 4 U . , we g ie s. i? ' Q av 'WWE ms? xx. 'iii-sk ln , iz -Sri 'W , 'F' AnvERT'5ER5 M'-'I I I ' l N--I Y--' W--J ' TY' 'I' F " ' Congratulations To the Senior Class of 1963 The City of Tuskegee Mayor HOWARD RUTHERFORD Councilmen WM, FOY THOMPSON L. M, GREGG JAMES L, BRASWELL, JR, JOHN L, SIDES DR, T, R, LUMPKIN Secretary - Treasurer J, W, ROSS Chief of Police O, L, HODNETT Superintendent, Water Works C, H, BELL Superintendent, Light Department J, COLEY JONES Recorder and City Attorney HARRY D. RAYMON w-fwftwwe H J.. RASWELL MOTOR CO BRASWELL MOTOR COMPANY Joe Braswell Chevrolet Sales and Service "For that Jet Smooth Ride" Chevrolet -- Chevy Il Job Master Trucks -- Corvair Maple Street Tuskegee, Alabama Phone 727-3300 Ufll0!.l. Aannaug, . -ww -any -Y 1. .1 1 ,Y 3 Congratulations to the Seniors of 1963 CITY BANK OF TUSKEGEE We are a member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation .,,. fr -- T- W v-W vw -Y' v ALABAMA EXCHANGE BANK Member of Federal Reserve System and Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, "We welcome accounts from people of all ages" Tuskegee, Alabama ' """" 'ir-'rr' -up-v,Q"1y-rwr LAKEVIEW TRUCK STOP 81 CAFE W "' 'TV' TW ' T 'TTY V' "' 7' " PO' RlCHARO'S CORNER GROCERY "Fine Food" Hickory Smoked Bar-B-Q L' Edd Sanford skegee, Alabam 3 STORY , EOUIPMENT COMPANY TUSKEGEE NEWS N ISI Ph 727-3020 International Trucks Farmall Tractors cCormick-Deer g Farm Equipmen 8 f HARRIS HOTEL H Southglvlain Street TUSKEGEE FARM IMPLEMENT CO. Compliments 1. H. Rrvuutns Tuskegee, Alabama -'rv 1-1-+ 1 CONGRA TULATIONS TUSKALA STAFF MACON COUNTY BOARD OF REVENUE E C LASLIE Ch C A I-IUDD ESTON SR F CONYERS THOMPSON JOI-INT DYSON V N' GUTHRIE 'J' ,T ----""""-'QI-EE Q TORCH CAFE AND TRUCK STOP 727-2820 Tuskegee, LEWIS DRUG CO. Ala p , 1 'na 33251, 1, f fw 6, X A K in Compliments of W. T. WADSWORTH AMERICAN OIL COMPANY 'FW' 'TWT'-'HY Compliments SLATON'S SERVICE STATION AMERICAN GASOLINE Phone 727-3530 Tuskegee HlLL'S HARDWARE and MACON HARDWARE BROWN'S DRY GOODS Dry Goods and Ready-to-Wear Phone 727-2760 Tuskegee, Alabama H. A. VAUGHAN SEED CO. Seeds, Baby Chicks, Garden Tools, Flower Bulbs, Stock Powders Phone 727-3680 Tuskegee JA.,-qN.,, ,if J, w xx ' Qin!" ' xi --v W4 ix,-'Bain Q 3 lf hi 'why J, , .. M ,, WW? 'WI L. ML Y 13 rA 'wr We ., A 45 35, 3 3 119 ww , .,.: 2 , ,. .. 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Boles, Broker Phone 727-0240 Tuskegee, Alabama Compliments of MACK'S GRDCERY Phone 727-2370 Tuskegee, Alabama Compliments of FRIENDS -svryg-fyyxiu' ":Ymf'wn-1-1Q'1'1v"" EDWARD'S MOTOR COMPANY F HIE ,' .Pwr I f ,ffff gf., Q-1 ff. R . . . I since 1915 yr' Office and Sales - Phone 727-1350 Parts and Service - Phone 727-1351 Tuskegee, Alabama DANIEL'S CLOTHING "Quality wear for People who care" On the S quare Phone 727-3240 Tuskegee, Alabama PRITCHETT PONTIAC AND CADILLAC, INC. TEMPEST 3 Phone 727-2150 Tuskegee, Alabama l'0fVTl4I', TUSKEGEE AUTO PARTS H. C. Allen Phone 727-2550 Tuskegee, Alabama 'F' 'PEB' DRAKE FORD INSURANCE AGENCY Floyd Forman, Prop. 216 North Main Tuskegee, Alabama BEST WISHESI -Compliments- ALABAMA GAS CORP. 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TAYLOR 1 + - Easy Terms Low Prices SKINNER'S FURNITURE l Cotton Company S R E Where Good Furniture ls Not Expensive Tuskegee Alabama Phone 727-1560 Tuskegee, Ala Notasulga, Alabama T l ...., I C l l T U S KEG EE l LUMBER CO. Building Material Everything from Foundation to Roof Phone 727-3500 Tuskegee, Alabama The W. A. MAY 81 GREEN if TINY TOT WILLIAM VARNER INDEPENDENT TUSKEGEE AUTO REPAIR LIFE INSURANCE -Comp1imer1ts- P E T T Y .I 0 H N FULLER'S GROCERY ELECTRIC COMPANY ALL's wsu THAT ENDS wsu X w ,Z 4, , .W A ..-1,-,,..3,,.qW 1 A We ,Vw nm . i- N L+ .Q , Bu 2... ' lx tp. 'Y . , M, W .'aeii'ff - + f 3 . 3,-A, Q 'sf Q -g . Q .fi 28 ' 41 .,..,5,-..?M,,,9,Q ,,,,,,. ., ,,.,. ,,,,A,,q,,,,.f, ..., WT.. V ..Y., .. ,,,k , ,, K - if 1- fifg. . ' 1 . . .. .. ' Y 1 PM if ,ii-,.. ,, , Lui-.,,. , my . 21 il? As.-:vQ1upn".1ln.r-r-wo-fv.us4-,-.a-oa.:--- A , A X vp - 1 X . 5 PARAG N PRESS Wu' T547 N4"f-W, f TH o .Qs .I -T ' , Heb g f. "' A ff'j2.':!V. -.Q 1 , ,. , 34 ADAMS AVENUE , MONTGOMERY, ALA.

Suggestions in the Tuskegee High School - Tuskala Yearbook (Tuskegee, AL) collection:

Tuskegee High School - Tuskala Yearbook (Tuskegee, AL) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 89

1963, pg 89

Tuskegee High School - Tuskala Yearbook (Tuskegee, AL) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 30

1963, pg 30

Tuskegee High School - Tuskala Yearbook (Tuskegee, AL) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 90

1963, pg 90

Tuskegee High School - Tuskala Yearbook (Tuskegee, AL) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 8

1963, pg 8

Tuskegee High School - Tuskala Yearbook (Tuskegee, AL) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 41

1963, pg 41

Tuskegee High School - Tuskala Yearbook (Tuskegee, AL) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 5

1963, pg 5

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