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1987 f x , 1 "! M4 ' , ' y .I' . ff ; O P$1C Ell: 3 CHANGING TIMES m qu m 1801 Tuskawilla Road Oviedo, Florida 32765 humane D.?.u k ?.zaztnwn k .n. ". KL 5m Hm Atmx 1 Hi t b X L. J. M mxt Nnxtuu The theme for the Tuskawilla VNarriors' 1087 yearbook is Chanxing TiMeS. Just as the two aerial photOgraphs of TMS 0n the preceding page show changes from 10794087, other changes will also appear throushout this yearbook new prin- cipal, new teachers, staff members and students, new Tuskawilla sign and coat- of-arms. In order to carry out the theme, pictures relating to time have been scattered here and there Some are obvious pictures of watches like those above; others are more subtle. See if you can find the watchesl clocks, etc. that appeat on many of the pages. gas ,1 V x h Mr. Brewer, Principal. lRightl Mr. Brewer presents the School Spirit Trophy to Mr. Clark for Team 2.. l A yearbook is more than printed pages, clever sayings l and photographs. It is in a very real sense, a record of memories - your memories - the memories you hold both individually and in common as students of Tuskawilla Middle School. It is my sincere hope, as well as the hope of the faculty and administration that those memories are pleasant ones; ones which you will cherish throughout your life. It is our hope that your days here at Tuskawilla Middle School have been en- joyable as well as filled with learning and growth. You have received an education that will serve you well throughout your lives, and the memories within these pages will serve you in those quiet moments when you turn your thoughts back to your days spent with us. On behalf of the faculty and administration, I wish lyou health, happiness, and success throughout your ives. Cene Brewer R Principal . 4 . Mr. Baker, Assistant Principal, is an Advi- sor for the Student Council and is responsi- ble for student social activities, assignment of lockers, supervision of buses, the A.E. program and student discipline. Mr. Zcuh, Avistdnt Plinyipal, is ICsponsible for assisting thChCIs with instructional materials, scheduling field trips and othcx special events, dssixting with activities conducted by the school spirit committee, ovcxsccing plant and grounds maintenance, editing the school newsletter and annual report and assisting with the school yearbook. Uxbovd Dany, Kyle Mason, Rita Vandotmolon, Jenna Justak, Jen- ny Tclommc and Tammy Choice mlghn Mr VN'llliams and mem- bers of Team 4 with flags con- Hrudod by the students'. War rxghn er Jnsoph participating m thc fun ct n'Ki' .- i' -'N1:t limpii t'v' uli Iv.ii'.: J Hin- '1i!u!!ik' ii'H ttkltit'lttx . . . .; ii... 1 ti vmiiimii u... .ittmmrm unrit wtixtizn .IHti nu? tin hrip wt her '.'JT'.. tuiifutn .iriti uthv-r u-xrmh gain: titittiizk hm truitui .i xut uwftii .IHHUJ: IHh'IHJYIUHJl Lin lhrx' Hui hx'it hi '.I'. ',I.u! ,le'ivt'ilx' u. 1" l'vlk. ',"' " 'I' Ki 1L1! 1J'1'Jht thirtini N1' .Iil,: K " u vaxx 'n'i'v-tIHiHPQ Hi! i I K inJ ' '72," t Come one'. Come all to Tuskawil- la's International Fair Day! Each year students, teachers, and parents celebrate this annual event. Mem- bers of the community as. well As people from other countries are in- vited to participate in Fair Day by sharing their knowledge about var- ious countries of the world. Speak- ers present slides, show artifacts, posters, custumes, flags and other items of interest. Students enjoy the days activities by liatening and dancing to mU5iC from other lands. They and their parents also partici- pate in Fair Day by bringing in "special" foods which represent their own ethnic background, On Fair Day students receive passports which enable them to visit differ- ent countries. Each year the sev- enth graders look forward to be- coming, 'culturizedf' W'Mknxvi 91rvx9ma Wrnn'm leKlln Mnh' Rmvr and N.Halw Unvmgwun :Mmu rner lrnnnvr Nrnbfux Lrtnnnnn nni Nimnlu Brrndnn erxr ?..va errlws .md luurp'r' thaan IR.,;1"U lrnnu :nr;;.xt 1-" 0.: kn VH1 ? ! ' . fo-nn H2.1 r'. W'YM'L' am! lx'nn k-w'fr A---an lTup Hg'mp Shannnn KL Duvu'll and BnJgt'Hc Q annum- lAbmu kxhu Look .md khanh' Brown dvnb Mb knlimg nlth Tummy Hkbb and .Nhrk Rnu-n'twrg TIMES After visiting the Florida Medieval Fair in Sar- asota last spring, the sixth grade students in Team 3 organized their own Medieval times. They set up booths to display and sell their hand-made craft items created at home. Games of skill such as jousting ifalling off logy tug 0' war, chess match, checkers, archery, and cata- pult were enjoyed by the students. A King and Queen were chosen by their peers to rule over Medieval Day. Upper right: Ladies of the court enjoying the days events. Center: King, Bruce McClary and Queen, Shelby Shaffer, reign over the days festivities. Right: Carlos Murratti in his "timely" outfit. Far Right: Damon Moorman and Terry Durden in a "fight to the finish" joust- ing battle. Front Row 0. to R: Johnson, Lesley Bel Second Row iL to RI Spiliotis, Michelle 1 Third Row 0. to R DeeDee Banks, Ma: Back Row 0. to Ri: Gunderson, Tammy Billy Hall. MUSICAL MOMENTS Ftom Row tL to 10 Amy 59!, Chrixti Veltman, Lisa Teaton, Chrbline chanp, Karmcn Stuth-r Shannon Johnson. Lcsley Bellus, Sherwin Rudd, and Mrs. Mund, Saond Row tL lo Rj Jenny Barney, Amy LaYeHe, Jonna Ella, Kelly Harris, Mary Rozelle, Jenny Boxquu, Jenny Spillohs. Michelle Framrngo, and Chris Spacal. Third Row tL to EU Jennifer Gerber, Jennifer Herman, Knxten Loberg, LaLana Leaphan, Tamah Lalhuun. DeeDee Banks, Mark Rinenbcrg, Becky Bell, Danielle Mack, and Valene Warner Back Row tl. to m Barbie Markland, Lilly Chaves, Renila Hanley, Annette Shadcr, Kawy Springhan, Kelly Stillnderson Tammy MarH, Kim Momecalvo, Amy Mashburn, Shelby Shaffex, Missy Coto. Jamm Rxddle, and i y Hall From Row J to RI Erm Damn Tutu Pmtcr Courtney Furbmh Shannon Tuggly k nun fkiarxu k.."..ix 86136! 13ka Hax'nm Sonya Battic Son Baker! .mJ Mn Mund 5am; Rm d :0 R' LCQLC chmour! Angw Turner llcnnztcr Lc'rtn lgndg Bunk knq- r: K nu Jgnn: x T7 CY vafzv lzttnn L:n.iv 83:ng Mu'hdcl Culcman Tm": l'Lrthxllrr .m; Hmnv . Tiff: R"" l 3" R' 'L'nnLEM Hu'r'rxxrj kgntx' Bake: lKth Hthk Auturttn hmm; M.Jv .v FJTTTYW: DJ'NF 5.:rm.-; Finsiv MAhtilc H'nc M.1'n.'ndg 51n .mun Fran; Cunt; Ihnml lv'-x, '- '1 PNWH H51: karxm klngrt $711.21". ,1n.i RclthJ T.niur wm-. .-...-.-.. . - . ', .... 7.. .- .--.....M x IN TUNE WITH THE BEGINNER BAND - Gront row Stacee Worel, Laura Bowman, Lori Rou- sell, Cherilyn Amick, Jen- nifer Crefenhaus, Becka Hewett. and mm Matt Bowman, Billy Jemison, Brandon Pryor, David Ca- togni, Michael Faulkner, Scott Kumpf, Leslie Wat- son, Jonathan Richichi. 6rd row Donald Peterson Chris Pillmear, Andrea Hurst, Cheryl Comstock, Jennifer Peters, Susan O'Brien, Anthony Crund, Chris Smith, Angela Detwiler, Scott McClung, Tyler LaGrange. Back row To-oahn Le, Laura Partin, Paula Sullivan, Chris Brown, Peter Ellis, Scott Tubbs, Carrie Chambers, Christina DeJuan. mach Mr. Sauls. BECINNER BAND - Gront ADKNEDBANDJ roM T. Poulan J. Cromwell G. , l' ' ' we deSl Ouman, C. Bragg, E. Britton, N. D'F'WH'MC - Bsm Komne Johnson, . Desan, M. Doher, A. Doughty, J. . MzrtFedetsonjobenHer MacDowell, K. Knorst, S. Green, V . Am Adam Tolh, lulu L H. Christian, S. Becker, 5. Ficar- Otto. and row J. Barber, J. Wil- son, S. Cerb, K. Cogulsi, C. He- berling, J. Jenkins, K. McClomery, J. McHone, H. Ru- bin, 5. Mobley, M. Greenwald, B. Fowler, C. Williams, 54 Harbuck 0rd row J. Lewis, M. Taylor, J. Nobles, M. Knorst, B. Johnson, P. Irelan, P. Hawkshurst, J. Hall, B. Edwards, Mr. Sauls. mack mm D. Morgan, R. Westenberger, W. Hagan, A. Taylor, N. Rosenblatt, B. Meyers, C. Adams. 52cm Em Collier, Path BECINNER BAND - Orton: roM Sonya Black, Holly Davies, Miriam Diaz, Virginia Gunter, Carmen Hopkins, Heather Brown, Felice Weiner and row Joel Tynes, Ray Kimler, Joey Spivak, Greg Miller, Shannon Taylor, Mandy Kolb, Shannon McDowell, Patricia McDonough 0rd row Randy Singer Anthony Roy, Norman Gomez, Man Warren, Tom Stegeman, Philip Sipe, Frandsco Con- zalez, Jeff Portis, Kim Baggett. amp 1"!!! LuxJJnU' nunsrlnh Kin Ldzrxn U! p.134: N11 Haxnrss "'1 am;- Mr- hrrgury v thud' IL-y Lyml Khx Humbug LR! wakln' X1'x tJH'Jt'YU' 51'1"" ',J".' lNu1..iJ.:" :M'v 17 Amk'hran ' '.1.i-'r1!r J! fun. Ninn- ' NJ" .: -1' IyJIIj 'n '4!:' N1'- NmKhmn -' .1' ' rw; ' -':nJ1 '.!! gfxyl N1" Hin-lm .-. Mrs Havwn .r: . ' -1' H: m"; Hvurr - N1' Ihmjm-n gnu J, Fr Right: Peer Tutors, u. to Rt Chad Maggie, Jenna Justak, Mi- chelle Newell, Ernie Stavros, Samantha Ditges and Joelle Fries. Not Shown: Benjala Arnold. Below Left: Media Science Students, a. to Ry Erica Schmidt, Ginny Gunter, Jennifer McCartney, Robin Bryson, Stephanie Stanaland, Sherry Barber, and Kelly Ferguson. Below Right: Tuskawilla Newspaper Staff. Bottom LeftzTuskawilla Newspaper artist, Curtis Carrol. Bottom Right: Newspaper reporter, Hannah Hawkins interview- ing Susan Lindberg. IEGINNEK 11 3mm M, lolly Dim. Hal, Vimi' amen . rownW'u M Jotl 1'. mleLJM: liller, 5W W! K019 i cpowclL " CDonMF 1' ind.Y 5"! oxNorr-" men T5- . nip??? 1.. e1 .15? 1 L33" TEAM ONE GarretH Brandy Holly RichardE MistY Team One's curriculum has been en- hanced this year by many community resources. We have enjoyed a variety of guest speakers, field trips to Edith Bush '11 Theatre, Sea World and Lake Mills Park. MEI; Current events and career reports have 5311-531 also allowed us to confront life outside Amberl the classroom. We participated in school AzureDOI spirit events and won the Blue and Gold DanielleD1 trophy. All of these reasons truly con- vince the teachers and students that Team One is ah! . . . RichardE Plctured rlght: Gtandmgh Mrs. Campbell johnEbe - English, Mrs. Hagan - social studies; BnndonEdw hseatedh Mrs. Knight - math, Mrs. Saf- BmtEfstati ford - science. Jonathonf AndrewFa Felicia Abdelmessih $9?!" Charles Adams 535m: Tattum Allison S "3;. Scott Anderson um! W Jose Arana Tm F3! Noelia Arcarazo my Fm K x Tra F' Gregory Auman XX? ,-,, fie ne51 Joy Barber ? X SusanneF Nathan Becker Aim Ci Sara Becker hr?" Gogul: Michelle Berry 3W3 Gou John Black Sandi Gre Eric Bobier Mam" Caroline Bonesteel Greenwa Carrie Bossler Mithmcfego Jon Boston Robyn Cu Anthony Briante ff a Erin Britton Sckffxey H; WHalpe; Heather Brown ToddH Monica Brown SuSanammo Casey Cangialosi Ch'istOph arbu Michelle Carducci SharonerHan Kellie Cashion Pamka Hatch Tina Charest Smhm alheri Hebel'lil Scott Hedglin Richard Hoaja Jeffrey Hoffman Lisa Hoffman Melissa Holbrook Thomas Holcombe John Hopkins Michael Ims Peggy Irelan Jody Jenkins Bradley Johnson Joseph Johnson Michelle Katsanos Jimmy King Karen Knorst Michael Knorst Sarah Knowles Nicole Kulas Right: "Hi Mom!" Richie Lai Ashlie Larson Marney Leffert Daniel Lewis Jake Lewis Danny Logsdon William Loverich Jennifer MacDowell David Malys Cindy McDonough Jennifer McHone Lori MCKay Mia Merrill Barbara Meyers Cnogan Mitchell Stan MoHey Dnnlan Morgan Allmn Mmblmh RNIH LNXIH Il.-XM UNI 15 NL'MBLR ONLY II V k5 tr -E.?' .-L ww-.. x " I O o SIXTH GRADE - TEAM ONE IS NUMBER ONE! Matthew M. . .- . 7 . Warren . A . Michael Webb Felice Weiner Rob Westenberger Courtney Williams Jennifer Wilson x Rebecca Wissing "Science students watch Mr. Brewer shimmy up the flagpole." m x K .1 P . ' i I . i I ' J i .I I .1 - r k l I J 1' 1 . r I x .L' k -rlx!..l" Hr-I"r Rum I -,' N.In .r- HatthJ thnJ! Damn Ndxulnun Rux wagglnt lz-H Jrnnx KLnlhunr-I: .IIIJ N.HJL knnnlrx HIJL '"H Imlitmnx 1b.: 'Whapxxu RJHJUH Nlngl-I Jl Annuann Hnmh Jamm Mmm anL Hnunu anunw Nan Axhlrng Mumland Arum I.Wlnx hnstnphr: IJVIUI .Mnharl Iaylur Heather 'Hmsz vmhm Hunnlun Ar! . Inmalm dewn Iurnrr Jar: Iwnvw ermiju xJHVn'Hn 14m .dl-i'J"! IxJLJ X ,...I LA Maria Camacho Wayne Cannon Brenda Cara'rtini Matt Carr Heather Carzis DdVld Catogni Jason Cevelin Carrie Chambers Mike Coleman Cheryl Comstock Kathern Cox Maria Cuevas Marci Currans Melissa Dalton Jon Daniels Shannon Dann Richmond Davis Kelly Day Right: llAn ear for the timesw Christina Dejuan Noel Delaccrna Torrey Demps Erin Derion Angela thwiler Michele Dibari Robert LNLC 10H Dvlnack R050! Druw Perm Ullx hlhtuphc: Lngcrt Khnmeu-r ixumx Nummn ful u; 1X1lxb.ll.1!PlH-HVI Noun !!$ M: xm it"k'zw I WWJMi I . 1.0;! KMMM Hm' FR M "Team two comes through." That is our motto! Team two had a perfect 2 for 2 record on winning "Blue and Gold" spirit day when the other teams realized the fun in school spirit and gave them some stiff competition. Team two came through and won the trophy a third time and continued their winning ways by coming in first in the PTA membership drive and first for the orange and black spirit day on Halloween. Team two has a great bunch of motivated learners who show their school spirit in a winning way! Pictured left: Miss Secord - math, Mr. Clark - science, Mrs. Funk e social studies, Mrs. Boyette e English. Wendy Adams Kelly Anderson Deborah Andrews Linnette Asencio Scott Ball Nicole Banks Cynthia Bargar Cameron Barnes Sonja Battle Kristina Beckel Scott Beckett Linda Beede Jeffrey Berg Cindy Berger Christina Bernola Leslie Betancourt Eric Bickhart Melanie Bingham Nathan Bird Debbie Bowman Laura Bowman Matt Bowman Christopher Brown Adrian Bruins Telly Love Jeff Mandell Christopher Mamnelli Jessica McCall Scott McClung Kendra McClamery James McRay Gerard Merkler Parthina Mitchell Chad Murphy Lawrence Murphy Jay Norton Susan O Brien Kevin Pachler Kenny Page Joshua Pantke Laura Partin Greg Pearce Right: Mrs. Funk with Bobby Flint and Cameron Barnes. Jennifer Peters Donald Petemon Sonja Peterson Chris Pillmear Teresa Pinter Rebecca Powell Brandon Pryor Michelle Pummel Robert Ramin'z Cregorv Rcctor Jonathan Ruthichi Cindy Rina: Alex RIVCTA lexvn Rogvrx kunkvrlv Rooney Dana Roth 10H RUHHKDH Am'mn ' Rov Wu k4 W x :W' W k Bryan F0Wler Courtney FUrbUSh Molene Ceatherg GIEg Gladin Jason Glefke ChristOPhEr Gosline Amy GOWEr Jennifer CrefenhauS Anthony Grund Wllllam Hagan Terry HammOnS Michelle Harlan Jackie HaYnes Julie Hefke Jeremy HerShey Becca HeWett Carmen Hopkins Lanie Hopping Left: "Cupcake Party for winners Of Black and Orange Day" JEnnifer Hubbard Andrea Hurst Billy JemiSOn Eric JohnStOn Kristen JOneS Steven JOneS Tracy Kent Chester King Regan Kinngury Michael Knight Scott Kumpf Michael KutCher JaSOn I-aflamme TYIEr Lagrange TO-Oanh Le Jennifer Lehn Thania LiranZO Kerrie Litton TEAM THREE Team Three is the proud winner of the magazine sale. We celebrated with an ice cream sundae party. Team Three also won the Thanksgiving Canned Food Drive for the second year in a row. Now we have matching turkey trophies! Pictured right: Standing Mrs. Karrcs - math, Mr. Fedi - science; hseatedh Miss Hull .. social studies, Mrs. Har- rison -- English. Kim Baggett Alisha Balbinot Mark Bateson Sonya Black Carissa Bragg Bridgette Cannone Michelle Carbajal Christopher Carringer Frank Clark John Cromwell Shawn Dom Kellie Douthit Shawn Duvall Brian Effmn Jon Floyd Brian Centile Paul Clambalvo Norman Gomez Jonathan Hammond Thomax Hdumiller Lvnn Ivey F! 28 LA W ' Z? M g M WW MW , Jimmy SCaliSe Bryan SiEbert Malynda Simmons Christopher Smith Erik Smith Ginger Smith Laura Sneddon JenniEEr Sommers JOEy SPiVak Chrissy StaffOrd Amy Stokes Paula Sullivan Mandy SWift Rebecca Tay10r Kristin ThomPSOn Left: UTake two aspirin and call me in the morningn Donald TOth Scott Tubbs Shannon Tuggle ; Jeffrey Tufja Angie "111mgr ShaWn TYner JeSsiCa Valentin JOhn Waters Amanda Watson Leslie wat50n Kimberly White Benjamin Wiant Katie wirick Michelle wise StaCee worel Joanna Abbo't Matthew Baclar Bradley Barefoot Laune Basson Chris Bell Lesley Bellus Matthew Bird Cynthia Bryant Melissa Burbridge Robin Casebier Lillian Chaves Sean Condrey Christina Corliss Bill Curio Charity Cuskaden Holly Davis Mairym Diaz Nick Driver Right: "Victory is sweet" Jon Ellis Jackie Faith Michael Fogleman . Jonathan Frassetti ' Hank Griffin Reny Guirao Kelly Harris Stephanie Hoover Jeff Ivy Marla Kay Connie Kean Scott Kimbrough Ray Kimlor Shane Law Jcnmfcr Layton Alvx livesay Amy Locke Sarah Long EB :, Christine Johnson Kristin Jones Anita Jovic Kevin Justice Sara Kilkenney Mandi Kolb '07 9 J v x. 31:77 X when 1m Anthony Lauro Shannon Linsky Charell Lynn Shannon McDowell Amy McGuire Greg Miller John S. Mills Daniel Montalvo Natalie New David Oshel ' Stephen Perez Jaron Proulx Left: wack row Joe Vaught, Tom Haumiller, Miss Hull, J.R. McClary; Uront roM Shane McCourry, Charity Cuskaden. Trevor Pryce Angela Rodriquez Lisa Sadeek Ruth Schneider Keri Shahinian Bryan Spalding Kristin Stogner Mark Swasey Shannon Taylor Allison Thompson Matthew Warren Gary Williams x4 Jason Valkenburs Bonnie VanWormer Joseph Vaught Lori Venable Amy X'ogedmg Karen Watson Ray Welch Polly Whitehead Jennifer Yearick Mr. Brewer presenting the winning trophy to Mrs. Harrison for Team Three's successful canned food drive. -i ""ny5; WXXQH xv WW M J K W N1 W , 1 'V An '1 v y We, , . 4 'x W W wms L, W W 1 ,3'Aj. . g W'xt; " 9mm ,XW; ? xW; V; , , 4 WM W , w; WW 7;; 4M x . . . g . .N I - . o .. . . . co . I I0. 4 . C O I ' I . W . . . , , .0 , '1 $3, f: . . . . I o I' u I . I --- . O . 1 ' . C C u "' . . 'I . ' W . . . . . I - U I 0 . O o 0 Cl . . . Txna Coison Kari Corrbes Michelle Concialdi Heather Cooper Christian Cortw Missy Coto Eugene Crouch Brian Csercsevits David deJuan Monica Delon Kevin Eastman Sharon Eaton Jonna Ells Veronica Ely Billy Embach Erik Ettinger Kelly Faubel Kathie Finch Right: "No pain, no gain" Kim Formet Michelle Fraterrigo Brian Gallagher Melissa chell Jennifer Gerber Beth Cergick Tara Cillls Trina LiHls fmmiwn Gonzalez Mike Lulltk Kollv Cundormn Lisa Luthwr 1!?11.110 Hdlxx Hle Hall hHKCIHP Hall Drmw Hanulhm Amhm Hanm'ml k Rvmln Haul: v TEAM FOUR Team 4 is academics and quite a bit more. During the first nine weeks, students learned about a wide variety of career possibilities. The highlight of the second nine weeks was Health Week with many visitors speaking on health-related issues. The final event was an outdoor Odd-Olympics in which teams of stu- dents showed off their athletic fitness. April marked the International Fair. Students 1E! $2; learned about the geography, customs, history .441; ; and FOOD of nations around the world. A 54' :6"!ka ' .' win in the seventh grade Vocabulary Bowl and ' publication in PATCHWORK brought fame . WM ' w a h and glory to Team 4. Pictured left: Mrs. Scheidegg e science, Ms. Kononchuk - math, Mr. Williams - social studies, Mrs. Seyler e English. Ricky Adams Margaret Baker Shawn Balencie DeeDee Banks Matt Barker Sammy Barker Davy Blacketer Jennifer Bosquez Joella Bowden Dawson Brinkley Karin Brooker Charity Brown Becky Browning Cindy Caldwell Tamah Calhoun Craig Camus Brent Carpenter Erica Carr Curtis Carroll "The Hook" Ben Celones Perry Chiang Stephanie Chisholm Denise Christensen Jimmy Clayman Jackie McKinney Jason Mearns Danielle Meck Jennifer Mendoza Kim Montecalvo Carlos Morales Sally Moms Kelly Mullins Christy Murphy Corey Negron Bill Nelson Natalie Newberry Connie Nguyen Chris Norton Jeff Obos Brian Parker Laurenzo Pulido Dana Rawls Right: "We are a number one!" Christine Reparip Kim Richard Melissa Richardson Randy Richardson Jamie Riddle Shervin Rodd Robby Root Mary Rozelle Scott Rudolph Paul Sanchez Brian Scmon Amy Ser Marvin Shuwcts M'avn'k Smdair Jawn Sk.ff1ngton Chrh SpMal Scam Spamm Jenny Splhntn Chris Hay 185 Cheryl HicLin Mark Hendryx Jenny Herman Travis Hohmann Keith Holland Ward Holt Richard Hood Darcy Hughes Jennifer Hughes Tom Hundley J.J. Jameson Clint Jeckovich Aric Jennings Jeff Jeter Steve Joerger Korrine Johnson Shannon Johnson Left: "See, I did use a deodorant" Becky Keif Nicole Kelly Johnny King Jacob Koch Julia Lanzet Nick LaPorta Amy LaVelle Lalana Leaphart Brian Lee Kristen Loberg Cathy Lomness Keturah Lufcy Sean Markis Roxana Marrero Shannon Marshall Angie McClune Heather McDonald Shawn McGinnis TEAM Team 5, better known as the "Rowdies," dared to be different this year. They declared war on the other teams to prove that spirit on their team was alive. Throughout the year, they had guest speakers dealing with hurricanes, child abuse, genealogy and the Central Florida Blood Bank. Some special events were a field trip to see "En- core" at Tupperware and, of course, their third annual Interna- tional Fair Day. Mrs. Lovett and Mr. Griffin sposored Student Council for their third year. Mrs. Joseph and her students handled all the work for the school newspaper and Mrs. Holmes' students complet- ed formal research reports on Canada. Sigma finished first in the vocabulary bowl and many of our students participated in the Duke Talent Search. Student au- thors had their work published in PATCHWORK and the Tuskawilla Literary Magazine. Our students filmed original commercials. Who knows, maybe someone will make it to Hollywood! Pictured right: lstandingl Mrs. Joseph - English, Mrs. Holmes - social studies; lseatedl Mr. Griffin -e- math, Mrs. Lovett - science. Dale Adams Cherilyn Amick Seth Anthony Andy Avedisian Joey Avedisian Danny Baber Brynn Barnett Jenny Barney Dana Baron Gina Bernola Stacy Berns Devon Berry Mariane Biebel Alex Bogumil Leigh Bookbinder Becky Bowman Chad Bowman Jay Brinkley " 38 I M Lisa Starley Maggie Stecker Ahmed Stephens Ben Stern Robert Steward Karmen Stickler Andrea Teston Lisa Teston Ian Thomas Chelsea Thorpe Summer Tischer Meredith Toomes Kristie Toto Christina Veltman Valerie Warner ,. ... .V 7.77.4..-;-.--m.-w ,,, .. 4w .,... up... . . .ar -7 ' . Scott Hill Travis Hollman Diane Hroncich Wendy Irelan April Jackson Vallerie Jarvis Alyson Jefferson Brian Johnson Roger Johnson Tony Jones' Mark Jones Jason Jordan Joy Joseph Donald Kennedy Tanya King John Klenk Kelly Kobia Mike Kuhlmey Right: "Camera Shy" Tracy Kunzer Ted Lane Kim Lape Christen LeGrand Kieren Leslie Jason Lewis i Jenny Lewis Susannah Lindberg Leo Lorenz Diann Lowe Elizabeth Luka Carrie Lundin Free Manor Bob Martinez Lisa Mazzonetto Michael McCinn Christine McNurlan David Martens Brad Brown Jeff Budd David Cabello Anna Campbell Chad Campbell Tania Castelli Daniel Coats Robert Colbert Krista Cook Louis Correa Cathye Couillard Maria Cox Stephanie Daly Paul Davis Patricia Delacerna Luis Delgado Leanne Demetree Shannon Dorta Left: HTag Team Wrestling" Jennifer Ducker Fred Engel Diana Epps Maggie Escobar Emily Estes Cristine Faubel Christopher Felker Heather Flannery Craig Frisbie Delania Gable Jay Gentry Morris Gilbert Gregory Coins Brad Good Christina Croover Ginny Gunter Michele Harris Hannah Hawkins Bev Snider Chris Snipes Erin Soule Paul Spegele Dawn Spivey Susan Storms Gene Stout Brandon Thomas Gino Tommasello Ricardo Torrent Lena Tran J Roger Trizzino Jimmy Urichko Heather VanOrden George Vazquez Ted Voorhees Aaron Wadley Shannon Wagnor Scott Walker Erik Weiner Robin Wheeler Chrissy Wilson hank Mlgnunc April Minn Dcmw Molt Brmn Mame Blmn Mmblmh LHL Mata Caxdy Mntcn Callas Mumttl Nathan Muuonc Tommy NovaL Franghcxkd Oliver Susmita Pamhal Heather Paulson Geoffrey Perkins Mithelle Phillips. Carl Beede Pistor Alycia Preston Aaron Quinnan Left: 'lWinning is everything" Mike Raimondi Scott Reed Brian Reid Melanie Rhodes Taurus Roberts Jody Robertson Jenni Robinson Brion Rohrbacher Amin Saidi David Sandor Emily Sawyer Beth Schiemer WWW .. 2W Erica Schmidt Traci Scuro John Sefton Julia Singleton Vikki Sipps Lisa Smith , , - n .m. . WW4. mrN-I- u -- ' ... VW A "3" ' - " V Lisa Boatwright Grant Bowden Steven Bradley Bobby Bret Thomas Brooks Cheryl Brown Chris Brown Crystal Brown George Brown Angela Burch Julie Burnett Stephanie Bush Delia Calise Bridgette Campbell Far right: "Santa's Helpers?" Jessica Cardarelli Michelle Christopher Mike Coffin Dan Coleman ' Cara Collier Phillip Corbitt Barbara Correa Amy Cronk Scott Cross Charla Crowgey TEAM SIX SUPERSIX . . . The year of the mushroom! Queen of Tacky . . . Red and whlt.e carngtlons, ornaments on a paper tree . . . star-gazing on a planetarlum trlp and fond memories of "Psalm of Life." Pictured Left: banding Mr. Pickelsimer science, Mrs. Kanawati English; $eate$ Mrs. Lloyd - math, Mrs. Walton social studies. Dione Adams Jose Arias i Dawn Attleberger Lance Aycock Thalia Baleshta Kenneth Balog Betsy Barger Terry Bateson Matt Bell Janene Berns Shanna Bernstein Jeremy Berrong Brian Best Erica Bilsky Tammie Black Angela Jones Marc Katsanos Jennifer Kexf Holly Klein Jim Kokoszynski Lora Krauth Charles Lawrence W V John Llanio V I V '. v v V J W Phil Lovelady ' - v - W ?2: m , Thomas MacReynolds gm Chad Maggio Barbara Markland Amy Mashbum Sean Mason Far Right: "A good crop of mushrooms this yearV Randy Mathias Kristin McComber Robert Medlock Bradley Meier Eric Melendez Anita Mendoza Venus Mitchell Kellie Morris John Murphy Michael Murphy f - . WMum . WW V Kim: M W. KW 2m w MM WWW. ; .ii, WM M ,WM, ,Xxxz Michelle Nason Amy Nelson Jill Onest Chad Osburn Tonya Peterman Vincent Pezzullo Chris Poe Amy Rawls Derek Redwine Lorie Rosenstock Frank Sales Isaac Sanchez Dennis Schabilon Jawara Shelton Far Left: "Girls just wanna have fun!" Laura Shepherd Johnny Showers Keith Simmons Carol Singer Damian Smith Danyell Smith Kim mith Ashlee Spataro Kelley Szymanski aylor . Christina Thames Ryan Thomas Adam Toth Heather Watson Stephanie Watson Kacey Webb Brian Weber Laurie Williams AnnMarie Wiswell Danny Wonderlich James Woodmansee Chris Zalegowski TEAM SEVEN Something Special in 7" e Team 7's priority this year has been preparing for the assessment tests and high school. Both teacher.s and students have been putting in a lot of hard work on ba51c skills in math and English, on basic chemistry and physics principles in science, and on United States history in soc1al studies. Team 7 also discussed careers, which included posters, re- search, a career report, and a guest speaker. Mr. Jake Vest, a cartoonist from the Orlando Sentinel who draws the "That's Jake" cartoon, visited our pod, discussed his career and showed us how to draw "Jake." A trip to the Orlando Science Center provided extra insight into Mr. Cannarozzi's science lessons. Team 7's visit to Lake Howell High School helped us to get ready for the year ahead. Pictured Left: tStandingi Mr. Cannarozzi - science, Mrs. Pence - social studies; tseatedi Mrs. Colling - English, Mr. Lindley - mat . Jennifer Ahlschwede Todd Albers Laurie Amason Kimberly Andor Lisa Baggett Kevin Baker Sherry Barger Rebecca Bell Timothy Benjamin Jeffrey Billington Stephanie Bolton Laura Brandon Christina Brooker Gary Buffington Stephen Burson Bill Carringer Dawn Casebier Kari Castlen Stephanie Connex Michelle Cook Craig Cooper Shanley Cortez Kris Cruzada Jason Cuevas Ryan Dailey Robert Dann Anna Dees Andrew Depiro Lee Diaz Far Right: "Looking back in time." Beverly Dickerson Kimberly Dike Phil DiPaolo Diana Dobson Scott Dorman Landon Dunham Christopher Dunn Greg Eiermann Jessica Erker Kelley Ferguson Ma 4 . 7 5 , 5 0.7 x Bi, 2- R',;.,!r'-m , ,5 ii sCKCS ' 3M am"? :50sz A gunk MW 4 33W OkyuQ , . ,, a 1 Miner'fuca 7 gm awaeam andhr ngg-; m Vat; NOYman Forster Shawna Fowler Katrina Garrett Cheryl Cebell ROD Cedeon Tony Creenan Mike Culick Deanna Herb Mike Horine Chris Huffnagle Angela Hyman Jamie Jenkins Zeen Jones Far Left: "I think my finger is stuck." Jenna Justak Megan Kennedy Cheryl Krumweide Jennifer Laird Michelle Larsen Joe LevenSOn Cymhia Linnert Mike Lombardo Elizabeth L0pez Jahson Lufcy EIGHTH GRADE Chad Lykins Michael Malys Kirstin Mapes Denise Marino Kyle Mason Bruce McCalvin Michelle McClune Scott Mickenberg Sean Middleton Gary Miller Rebekah Moore Chris Morton Liza Nestle Michelle Newell Far Right: "Turned in their notebooks on time." Marilyn Nieves Chris North Kyle Noyes Eddie Oakes Michealla Palumbo W L; WK? , ,, II ,, W I , , , , WW9 , , , , ' I V , x Scott Pantke Matthew Parke Kim Perry Marcy Pojeta Kristen Porter SOMETHING SPECIAL IN 7 Jerry Power Keith Pryor Michael Ressa Mark Rittenberg Brian Schimmel Maggie Schneider Dean Schniepp Matt Singleton Eleanora Smith Krysten Smith Kacey Springhart Stephanie Stanaland Joseph Stauffer Melinda Stovin Far Left: 'The center of attention." Steven Strickland Omar Suazo Lisa Tope Kim Townsend Carmen Trainor Thien-Thij Tran Christopher Twyford Christine Vadala Rita Vandermolen Hector Venegas EIGHTH GRADE - SOMETHING SPECIAL IN 7 Brian Weatherby Tom Webb Diane Welson Tammie Wheeler Dawn Wilson Justin Yonker EAM EIGHT Blue and gold winner? No! Black and orange winner? No! Red and white winner? No! King and queen of tacky? Never! But, which team went on the most field trips ever? You guessed it, the "Great 8." Clearly, being on the floating team builds character. It's the desire to GO places, meet new people and experience new learning environments. And, it's the academic wherewithal to achieve. Great 8 students have broken all records when it comes to grade point averages. Whether it's Project Business, auctions for doughnuts, meeting face-to-face with a pharaoh, American au- thors at Tupperware, immigrant families in Winter Park or voting for Ron Howard as education commis- sioner, it has been a "groovy" year. The Great 8 has been home for some of the best memories of middle school. Semper excelsior! Mr. Harrison - social studies, Mrs. Stringer - sci- ence, Mrs. Litton - math, Mrs. Maijub - English. Benjala Arnold Melissa Arnold Gary Babb Michelle Balbinot Sherry Barber Donna Becker Johnna Bieloh Michael Black Vicky Braswell Rudy Brenes Andy Brooks Brian Brotherson Colby Brown Robin Bryson Gary Chisholm Brett Christensen Dean Christensen Lora Cotter Jason Counihan Jose Cuevas Kimberly Curran Jeffrey Davis Tricia DeFrates Tory Dempsey Gary Duncan Jennifer Eiermann Wendy Ettinger Gregg Garrison Scott Gearhart Shelley Glass 2 w W 2 VOW MXW , I xW Robbie Goiffs Laura Grant Susan Gross Justin Hammock Right: "What makes eight so great!" Quiya Hawkins Alison Hearne Robert Herod Randy Hickman Laura Iannelli M WM , WW ? 5.! Beth Jacobs Andrae Johnson Vicki Jones Andrew Kacso Craig Kimmel Richard Kling Lynn Kolb Lisa Lamb Arturo Liranzo Chris Littrell Mariselle Lugo Dimple Malik Angela Maurici ,V W V , .. ,, Kyle May w W 5 , . , ' , , 4 Jennifer McCartney .,,1 $ NW Antoinet McDonald WWW WWW x ; , , , , w Jennifer Mearns Mindy Meier Carlos Mendoza WW x , 4 ' W , W , W . , Left: "The pursuit of ?WW? W , C ' 3 knowledge. Mike Miller Dan Millitzer Michael Morin Chris Morrison Tony Morse Anne Murphy Mary Murphy Summer Murray Jennifer Myers Seth O'Steen w V m g n W E D A R G H T H m E Laura Otto Diana Parada Santos Pardo Elaine Parris Garrit Patti Darin Patton Matt Pedersen ' Tiffany Potter Niki Pennock Jorge Quinones Tanya Raviele Kate Raymon Kimberly Rendon Sean Ridley succeed in business by ll really trying. Paul Robinson Andrew Rodriguez Kim Rogers Vickki Ruskavich Berit Sauls Brian Scutero Diane Shields Nouman Siddiqui Stacy Smith Parker Snelson Ken Spearman Nick Spurlin Erica Stallworth Catherine Stober Theresa Stockdreher Cheri Stone Frank Szilogyi Casey Terrill Kevin Toto Leigh Turner Peter Velazquez Tina Wagers Terra Warner Brian Watson Michele Weinstein Cindy Wilson Jenny Winegar Cathedra Winston Jason Wood TEAM NINE 1 I The students in Miss Rahill's class have contributed much time and special effort to various class projects. During the solar eclipse, the students safely viewed the sun through eclipse viewers. Tray favors were made for the patients at Florida e Hospital during the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons. Seasonal 1t decorations and gifts have also been made. I A science unit on blindness was also interesting. Students read about Louis Braille, decoded a braille message, studied the eye, identified objects through the sense of touch and viewed the film, The Miracle Worker. A few field trips are planned for later in the year. ya; a 1.x: Right: Miss Rahill - E.H.S.C., Mrs. Winegar e instructional assis- tant. - Glenn Clark Jennifer Hyatt Beau Inman Curt Lange Adam Miller William Ramsey Stephen Roughgarden Shannon Senkovic Meredith Valiante K8 TIME OUT 513C Ii '2 l IO Mr. Hufford w industrial arts, Mrs. Rainey .. business 11, Mrs. Knowles w health P.E. coaches -- Mrs. Rabaja, Mrs. Senick, Mrs. Nave, ML I occupations, Mrs. Verkler -- Spanish. Oxford, Mr. Thomas. Mrs. Hurd v home economics, Mrs. Wolf - business I. Mrs. Campbell .., health, ML Wilcoxson w art. Mrs; Cc "- ...-.. - h - HA n ... SLD, Mrs. Buntz - T.E.P, Mrs. Smith v- E. H. Resource, Mrs. Castle -- alternative education Mr. Sauls - band, Mm Mund ... music. DuVaIl - instructional assistant, Mr. Blaney , - "1 Ma. Mrs. Senick,Mrs. Naw,Mr. ! l ' Mrs. Hall - media assistant, Mrs. Rush - - media specialist, Mrs. Fisher - media specialist. math lab, Mrs. Tabscott w reading lab. Mr. Griffin has been a teacher for five years, two years at Lake Highland Prep and three years at TMS. During his years at Tuskawilla, he has not only taught math on Team Five, but has also found the time to be advisor to the student coun- cil, co-Sponsor of the Int'l Fair Day, coach of the math team and teacher of computer math. Mr. Griffin is devoted to his students and tries to heip them in any way he can. For these reasons and many more, Mr. Griffin. is truly a "teacher for all times." WE CONGRAIULATE WALT GRIFFIN TEACHER OF THE YEAR Mrs, Ramgos ... 15.5.0. unnuacun Mr. Banks - maintenance, Mr. DeFrancesco - custodian, Mrs. Phelps -- custodian. Mrs. Ramos - 59.01.. teacher and some of her stuclents. Food Service'u Mrs.Benedetto, Mrs.Garnett, Mrs. Meier, Ms. Pinch,Mrs. Ott, Mrs. Westerfield. 7, ww ZWAW O X Custodians --v Mrs. Willingham, Mr. Wilhelm, Mr. Wiley, Mrs. Wiley. GOOD TIMES AT TMS Right: 00m Thien-Thij Tran, Carmen Trainer, Joanna Abbott, Berit Sauls, Mishealla Palumbo mottonu Marilyn Nieves, Ken Spearman, Erica Carr, Davy Blacketer, Brian Weatherby, Chris Porter. Above: Emily Sawyer runneruup, Michelle Christopher ... Queen of Tacky, Taurus Rob erts - King of Tacky, Shawn Balencie runm neruup. Right: Tuskawilla Middle School Band in San- ford Christmas Parade. C I O a O O l O O 0 Top left: Chrissy LeGrand and Sherry Barger dancing the night away. Top right: Garbage Pail kids. Above: "Can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street?" Far left: Soupy Sauls gets his annual pie in the face. Left: "The morning after." 1 ft". A TIME TO WIN The 1986-87 school year has been a winning year for Tuskawilla students. Team competitions and contests have created a winning spirit. In competie tion with other middle schools Tuskawilla stu- dents have shown courage, determination, and com- petitive spirit. This year the "Stars and Stripes," a 12 meter yacht, took back the "America's Cup" from the Australians. The American crew and skipper faced overwhelm- ing odds and showed the world that they were up to the ehallenge. You will be facing many Challenges in the years ahead. we hope that you will he up to the challenge and he able to face the fue ture as winnera'. The yearbook etatt, Mrs AmRhmn NIH R'lndherg hhx H'awun MI Zeulx ' d 1,3 . 7 h, A TIME TO WI The 1986-87 school year has been a winning year for Tuskawilla students. Team competitions and contests have created a winning spirit. In competi- tion with other middle ' schools Tuskawilla stu- dents have shown courage, determination, and com- petitive spirit. This year the "Stars and Stripes," 3 12 meter yacht, took back the "America's Cup" from the Australians. The American crew and skipper faced overwhelm- ing odds and showed the world that they were up to the challenge. You will be facing many challenges in the years ahead. We hope that you will be up to the challenge and be able to face the fu- ture as winners! The yearbook staff, Mrs. AmRhein Mrs. SandbefS Mrs. Wasson Mr. Zeuli p 17" P A a J Wu. 3:: $ 1' 'I 10er NS . 1! z u a, O 4s 43o duo: 0033 a a w 3 a a 0E5 0.8m: 43m .236: 003839 moon 46:92 I a 73936 $28. m. 00.2 wiox 4 ,5 lo 9;, . l 4+L .QJ 1v air '4 '. , r: l?" . 5 1;:2 ' :33 ' 'vi.

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