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Editor-infChief Sandy Horton A ctivities Editor Connie Dalton Charlene Edwards Photography Editors Kay Miller Sam Rush Layout Editor Janie Schlesinger Copy Editor Linda Pryor A d vertisin g Editor Linda Wyrick Business Manager Debbie Edwards Class Editors Cathy Campbell judy Ahart Elementary Editors Brenda Ahart Barbara Edwards Athletic Editors Sharron Keeth David Horton A d visor Doris I. Brooks Photographer Wright's Studio--Eldon Publisher American Yearbook Company LEO'S MEMORIES 1968 Tuscumbia High School Tuscumbia, Missouri TABLE OF INTRODUCTION . . ADMINISTRATION . . ACTIVITIES .... Annual Staff . . . Newspaper ..... Student Council . . Choir ........ Sadie Hawkin's Day . . Awards ....... SPORTS . . ROYALTY. . . SENIORS ....... Senior Directory . . UNDERCLASSMEN . . JUNIOR HIGH . . . ELEMENTARY . . KINDERGARTEN .... TEACHERS' DIRECTORY ADVERTISING. . . . AUTOGRAPHS . . . CONTENTS Page . . 1 . . 7 13 14 15 I6 17 18 19 . 21 27 35 38 . 45 . 49 . 53 . 57 58 . . 59 ..77 2 DEDICA TION TO 0 UR PARENTS We, the members of the staff of Leo's Memories, feel deeply honored to be able to dedicate this yearbook to the parents of this community. In this way, we hope to show them how much we appreciate the numerous favors they have donerfor us. We would like to thank them for passing the levies that enabled us to continue our studies here in the school we love. And, of course, we are grateful to the support they have shown at all times. There are not words enough to say "thank-you" in the true manner in which we feel, so as a token of our appreciation, we wish to dedicate the 1967-1968 Leo's Memories to you, the parents of this community. 3 "Get ready, Frank! Here it comes!!!" Shorter! Shorter! "If I could remember where the numbers are on this thing, I'd have it made." What kind of movies are you looking for, Janie? - if :Q-ns...-.:"T"" ,X 1' S, F A " 4 A ff ,, .., , , , I I- UH. .b v . ga! Y ,gg ,V A I,- 1 "I just came in to have a "man to man" talk with Mr. Troxell . " "If I get good enough on this guitar, I might join Lee Mace's show. " No, you can't go to the restroom." As you can see, Sammy enjoys speech class very much. Vicki, Sue, and Charlene are very con- S "Groovie " 5 "I wish we had some more stuff to carry! Don't you, Sue?" I 11 have four pieces of chicken, please. " ffl ' C25f'5r.-rag,-G I L.u,s.f.J.3 r "In case you didn't know, my name is harron and I'm a ENIOR!! "I wish school was out cerned about "Snuffy Smith" "I'm just counting these to 5 look busy. " Oh, those long Sunday nights! Who dropped the pin? One little, two little, three little icicles. " I hope it's not modest. Don't sneeze, Pam. Oh, dear, I've lost it again! ADMINISTRATIGN A good yearbook makes it possible to capture in pictures some of the pleasant memories you will come to treasure as time passes by. This excellent book created by Miss Brooks and her yearbook staff is no exception. I am sure that every- time you see this book, you will be tempted to pick it up, browse through it, and re-live the incidents recorded herein for your pleasure. The tremendous school spirit demonstrated by THS has made this 1967-1968 yearbook possible. Special thanks are due our adver- tisers for their financial support. May this co-operative influence survive to produce many more Yearbooks. ,MMM JWW7 SUPERINTENDENT-FRA NCIS M. TROXELL ADMINISTRA TION Success and hard work can be measured in many ways. I feel that both of these qualities are exemplified by this beautiful year- book. I hope that each of you will cherish this book as a lasting memory to the past year of 1967-1968. My sincere congratulations to Miss Brooks and the yearbook staff who applied tremendous time and ef- fort to bring this yearbook to us. I have enjoyed working with all my students at THS. I wish only the best in the future to all of you. PRINCIPAL-DA VID G. FOSTER EL. SECRETAR Y Nancy Clark GUIDANCE I H a AV 5 U ,I f ,mb -X TEA CHER'S AIDES Kathelene Martin, Nadine Troxell ji 1.3 R11 .1 . vi D W W Y A 5 7 T. , A -wise, ,N:A. ', , . I .Pl V Doris I. Brooks BOARD OF EDUCA TION Francis Troxell, john McNee1y, James Skiles, Walter Gail Abbott, Jim Wright, Eugene White. 9 FACULTY BP '! 'X QQ ' XQIV L- I tn mm' gk ff, I w lil DAVID FOSTER DALLAS WICKI-IAM Coach - -Science English - -Speech Principal DORIS 1. BROOKS BILLY SUE PITTRICH Business - -Guidance Home Economics - -Science I0 l WILLIAM FORMBY JOHN STARK English--Social Studies Mathematics TEA CHERS A T WORK SIT it n..4:X . , Il COOKS Carmen Thompson and Doris Wyrick I l Barcie Wright We want to thank these people for the fine job they have done of serving us this year. They have helped make our school year easier and better. Leland Stark I2 ' m . , 1 w BUS DRIVERS - a ll h K I 1 1 La Rue Rush, Berman Grant, and Jack Hawken. JA NITOR Andrew "Bi11" Hawken ACTIVITIES I SEATED: Charlotte Helton--Assistant Copy Editorg Janie Schlesinger--Layout Editor 3 Charlene Edwards-- Assistant Activities Editor. STANDING: Connie Dalton --Activities Editorg Linda Pryor--Copy Editor. Debbie Edwards-,Business Manager: Linda Wyrick - -Advertising Editorg Miss Brooks - - LEO'S MEMORIES STAFF Brenda Ahart--Elementary Editorg Cathy Kay Miller--Photography Editor: Sam Rush-- Campbell--Class Editorg Barbara Edwards- ASSiStaI1I Photography EditOr3 Sh2l1'1'0I1 Keeth Assistant Elementary Editorg Judy Ahart-- Sports Editorg David Horton CNot Pictured?- Assistant Class Editor. Assistant Sports Editor. I4 THE "LIONS TALE" STAFF STANDING: Barbara Edwards, Sandy Wilson, Charlene Edwards, Miss Brooks, Ad- viserg Linda Wyrick, Brenda Ahart, Sharron Keeth, Sue Clement, Linda Pryor, Judy Ahart, Sandy Horton, and Linda Wright. SITTING: Kay Miller, Cathy Campbell, Deb ble Edwards, Connie Dalton, Janie Schlesinger, David Horton, Sam Rush, and Char- lotte Helton not pictured. 3 y Sharron and Jane proofread stencil. Brenda corrects a mistake. I5 STUDENT COUNCIL STANDING: Kenny Wyrickg Alan Sullivang Mr. Foster, Sponsorg Ken Leeg jay Paul Smith. SEATED: Martha Hawkeng Angela Smithg Linda Wyrickg Kay Millerg Sue Clementg Sandy Hortong Mrs. Wickham, Sponsorg Bob Shepherdg Sammy Rush. LETTERMENQS CL UB BACK ROW: Bob Shepherdg David Hortong Bobby Klugg Frank Schlesinger 3 Steve Wyrick. SECOND ROW: Mr. Foster, Coachg John Shackelfordg Charles Haldermang Richard Brumleyg Clayton Jenkins. FRONT ROW: Sammy Rushg Lee Roy Phillipsg Mike Edwardsg Ron Daltong Ken Lee. I6 CHOIR Connie sings about when Greg our smallest she was a little girl. far mer Debbie , and Linda 'I " Brenda tells about the biggest Our favorite piano player, word she ever heard. FranCeS Linda announces the next number. 17 A special number by Judy, Connie, PW lending a helping hand, ' "Paw, I didn't mean to do it. " A D I E "It was hard, but we finally got 'em. " AD WA I ab, .X A ' I v Nei . 'I 1 .5 "She'11 be comin round the U mountain. H Purdiest gal 1n the Ozarks . ua "Didn't catch me. " N - ..-- .4 J, .. F' , Y ' ,"-5' , 4 A V , f ' r .X rg. , , I iff' ' f 12.431- -,, " qw . g me W .::::::r:Y 1-45552 -Jn. -. I., ' 5:5235 -214: - .ya-.:g:f 4' ,' Lug- Yr ,, 1 - 1 Q af , 4 , M mi?" 1" 729-3 ' I 1' 'cfC,1'4 t' ,. 7' 94:41 5-1 Q "f.,, L 'ff J Q . A l A Ken Lee congratulates Linda Wyrick as she receives her award. Linda P. presents Mr. Formby with the senior album. lg l N. 9 4 ,Jax AJ, Frank Schlesinger-- Best Field Goal Per- 'H-" centage and Best Re ' Linda W. --Most Valu- l bounder able Player in Softball. Lee Roy P. --Best Au- Q Around Athlete Award and Leading Scorer for ' Basketball Mike EdWardS--Free- Ken Lee--Free-Throw - ,- Throw Percentage Award Award GE? Athlete 20 fl ll T M M Left to Right: Randy Keeth--Managerg Richard Brumleyg Ronnie Daltong Mike Edwardsg Ken Leeg Charles Haldermang Lee Roy Phillipsg Frank Schlesingerg Clayton jenkinsg Steve Wyrickg John Shackelfordg Bobby Klugg Bob Shepherdg and David Foster - -Coach . The senior-laden Lions had little to cheer about during the l967-68 season. Despite the many losses suf- fered by the team, there were many bright spots. Lee Roy Phillips led the team scorers with 10 points per game average. Mike Edwards had the best free -throw percentage with an average of .6l. Another bright spot was Frank Schlesinger who led in re- bound and field goal percen- tages. Although six members will be lost to the team due to grad- uation, high hopes are in store as Frank Schlesinger, Bob Klug, john Shackleford, and Steve Wyrick will be returning next year, along with other promising sophomores and freshmen. 22 if 'I XX t l me 'tv' VARSITY cr Irs W CO-CAPTAINS FRANK SCI-ILESINGER , N CHARLES HALDERMAN LEE ROY PHILLIPS RONNIE DALTON MIKE EDWARDS RICHARD BRUMLEY 23 'B' TEAM BACK ROW: Randy Keeth, Manager, Willis Keeth, Alan Sullivan, Mike McDonald Donald Edwards, Roger Edwards, Coach Foster. FRONT ROW: Mike Dalton, Donald Horne, Greg Snodgrass . 24 VARSITY CHEERLEA DERS FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Debbie Edwards, Sue Clement, Vicki Hensley, Linda Wyrick, Judy Ahart, Sandy Horton. "B" TEA M CHEERLEA DERS BACK ROW: Martha Hawken, jane Bilyeu. FRONT ROW: Connie Lee, Pam Roark Sandy Wilson. 25 BASEBALL TEA M BACK ROW: Willis Keeth, Bobbie Klug, Mike McDonald, Roger Edwards, Alan Sulli- van. MIDDLE ROW: Coach Foster, Bob Shepherd, Clayton Jenkins, Steve Wyrick, Donald Edwards. FRONT ROW: Charles Halderman, Richard Brumley, LeeRoy Phillips, Frank Schlesinger, Mike Edwards, Greg Snodgrass. SOFTBALL TEA M W BACK ROW: Coach Foster, Pam Roark, Cindy Flaugher, Connie Lee. MIDDLE ROW: Debbie Edwards, Sharron Keeth, Sandy Horton, Sue Clement, Linda Wright. FRONT ROW: Pam Snodgrass, Vicki Hensley, Kay Miller, Linda Wyrick, Judy Ahart. 26 V W I W w W N X E I RGYALTY P 4 REIGNING PRINCE AND PRINCESS Bill Hensley and Debbie Roark The 1967-68 Carnival proved to be a very en- joyable evening. The main event of the evening was the crowning of the King and Queen and Prince and Princess. Two candidates are chosen from each class and are then elected by a penny a vote the night of the carnival. The royalty is not revealed until the end of the evening. Last year's King and Queen, Lee Roy Phillips and Sandy Horton, gave up their throne to Clay- ton Jenkins and Vicki Hensley. Followed by last year's Prince and Princess, Mike McDon- ald and Connie Lee presenting their crowns to Bill Hensley and Debbie Roark. The carnival is one of the main events of T.H.S. RETIRING RETIRING KING AND QUEEN PRINCE AND PRINCESS LeeRoy Phillips and Sandy Horton Mike McDonald and Connie Lee CARNIVAL COURT BACK ROW: Mike McDonald, Ricky Ferro, Roger Edwards, Mike Edwards, Sam Rush LeeRoy Phillips, Sandy Horton, Linda Wyrick, Brenda Ahart, Jane Bilyeu, Pam Barn- hart, Connie Lee. A N D L E L I T E R BACK ROW: Charlene Edwards, Bar- bara Edwards, Cathy Campbell, Cindy Flaugher. CENTER ROW: Pam Snod- grass, Judy Ahart, Pam Roark. FRONT ROW: Ann Wright, and Terry Edwards. 30 CARNIVAL CA NDIDA TES x , . w ' l 1 w L . M M Senior Candidates Junior Candidates Mike Edwards and Brenda Ahart Sammy Rush and Linda Wyrick 5- r . I -V Freshmen Candidates Eighth Grade Candidates Roger Edwards and Jane Bilyeu Ricky Ferro and Pam Barnhart 31 HUMECOMI G QUEEN "CONNIE" Connie Dalton, this year's homecoming queen, is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bill Dalton of Tuscumbia. Her Coronation marked the highlight of her high school years. A senior, Connie was a member of the annual staff and the newspaper staff her junior and senior years. As a freshman Connie was runner -up for homecoming queen. She was a cheerleader her freshman and jtuiior years, serving as a varsity cheerleader her junior year. We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Connie for receiving this honor. 32 1 ' . I 1 - 'Q wg,-as rf 0 . -,,...-9" Q. -,-If V10 W 1 " M3 Ks W Ez 2 'E fgf 1 P .I-. .Q- rw 4, 's- K4 1 5 if! . M- ml -5, y.,g ....... F .r. ,'1' Z , , "LINDA" Jane Bilyeu is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Bilyeu of Tuscumbia. jane, who is a freshman this year, represented her school and class as a "B" team cheerleader. We are proud to announce her as the first runner up. ATTE DAN S Linda Wyrick is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs . Gail Wyrick of Tuscumbia. Linda is a junior this year and her interests are wide and varied. She has been a member of the annual and newspaper staffs each of her three years in high school. Linda is vice-president of the Student Council and has been a member for three years. Her freshman year Linda was a "B" team cheerleader and during her sophomore and junior years she was an "A" team cheer- leader. Linda was named Most Valuable Volley- ball Player her sophomore year. We would like to say "Best Wishes" to a fine person. N-f "JANE" Sandy Horton, Reporter Linda Pryor, Secretary Ken Lee, President LeeRoy Phillips, V-Pres. Connie Dalton, Treasurer P Doris J. Brooks Sponsor Brenda Ahart Richard Brumley Cathy Cambell Connie Dalton Ronnie Dalton Barbara Edwards 36 Mike Edwards Charles I-Ialderman Sandy Horton Sharron Keeth Ken Lee Kay Miller LeeRoy Phillips Linda Pryor Janie Schlesinger 37 SENIOR DIRECTOR Y AHART, BRENDA Annual Staff 3, 43 Paper Staff 3, 43 Carnival Candi- date 43 Carnival Candlelighter 33 Typing I Award 23 Bookkeeping Award 43 junior-Senior Play 3, 4. BRUMLEY, RICHARD Lettermen's Club 2, 3, 43 Paper Staff 43 Pep Club 23 Class Officer 13 Basketball l, 43 Baseball 1, 3, 43 Track 33 junior -Senior Play 3. CAMPBELL, CATHY Annual Staff 3, 43 Paper Staff 3, 43 Softball 1, 23 Track 1, 23 Volleyball 1, 23 Carnival Candlelighter 43 junior -Senior Play 33 Librarian 4. DALTON, CONNIE Annual Staff 3, 43 Paper Staff 3, 43 Honor Roll 13 Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Class Officer 1, 3, 43 Softball 1, 2, 3, 43 Track 1, 23 Volleyball l, 2, 33 Cheerleader 1, 33 Carnival Candlelighter lg Homecoming Queen 43 Homecoming Candidate 1, 43 junior -Senior ,Play 4. DALTON, RONNIE Lettermen's Club 2, 3, 43 Student Council 13 Planned Progress 13 Class Officer--President 13 Basketball 2, 3, 43 Baseball 1, 3,43 Track 33 Junior-Senior Play 4. EDWARDS, BARBARA Annual Staff 43 Paper Staff 43 Pep Club 2, 3, 43 Cheer- leader 33 Carnival Candlelighter 43 Homecoming Queen 3. EDWARDS, MIKE Lettermen's Club 2, 3, 43 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Base- ball 1, 2, 3, 43 Track 2, 33 Carnival Candidate 43 Free -Throw Percentage Award 43 Junior -Senior Play 4. HALDERMAN, CHAR LES School of the Osage 1, 23 Lettermen's Club 43 Basket- ball 43 Baseball 3, 43 Track 1, 2. HORTON, SANDY Student Council 2, 43 Annual Staff --Editor -in-Chief 3, 43 Paper Staff 1, 2, 3, 43 Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Class Officer 1, 2, 43 President 23 Softball 1, 2, 3,43 Track 23 Volleyball l, 2, 3g Cheerleader 3, 43 Carnival 38 Queen 33 Carnival Candlelighter 23 Sophomore Pil- grimage 23 Citizenship Award 2, 33 English Award 33 junior -Senior Play 3, 4. KEETH, SHARRON Annual Staff 1, 23 Paper Staff 1, 2, 3, 43 Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Class Officer 1, 23 Softball 2, 3, 43 Volleyball 13 Cheerleader 1, 2, 33 Carnival Candlelighter 33 Junior Senior Play 3, 4. LEE, KENNETH Lettermen's Club 1, 2, 3, 43 President 43 Student Council 3, 43 Honor Roll 2, 33 Pep Club 13 Class Offi- cer 3, 43 President 43 Basketball 2, 3, 43 Baseball 2, 3, 43 Track 23 Carnival Candidate 23 Carnival King 23 Most Valuable Basketball Player Award 43 Math Award 1, 2, 3, 43 Industrial Arts Award 23 Free- Throw Award 33 Junior -Senior Play 43 Salutatorian 4 MILLER, KAY Student Council 1, 2, 3, 43 President 3, 43 Annual Staff 1, 3, 43 Paper Staff 1, 3, 43 Pep Club 1, 2, 33 President 33 Class Officer 1, 23 Softball 1, 2, 3, 43 Track 2, 33 Volleyball 2, 33 Cheerleader 1, 2, 33 Carnival Candle- lighter 1, 33 Most Valuable Softball Player Award 33 Best All-Around Girl Athlete 3, 43 Typing Award 23 Junior-Senior Class Play 3, 4. Pl-IILLIPS, LEE ROY Lettermen's Club 1,2, 3,42 Honor Roll 1, 2,35 Class Officer 3, 43 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 43 Track 1, 23 Carnival Candidate 33 Carnival King 33 Best All-Around Athlete Award 43 Leading Scorer for Basketball 43 junior -Senior Play 4. PRYOR, LINDA Annual Staff 3, 4g Paper Staff 2, 3, 43 Pep Club 1, 23 Class Officer 2, 3, 43 Softball 1, 23 Volleyball 1, 23 Cheerleader 23 Carnival Candidate 13 Homecoming Candidate 2. SCHLESINGER, JANIE Annual Staff 3, 43 Paper Staff 3, 43 Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 43 Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Class Officer 1,23 Softball 2, 3, 43 Volleyball 23 Cheerleader 33 Carnival Candle- lighter 33 Junior -Senior Play 33 D.A.R. Award 43 Valedictorian 4. JUNIOR AND SENIOR BA NQ UET 1 Y 39 APER SPONSOR Mrs. Wickham f lvl Q" 1,1 ,Ark -5 :gv A- 4,13 . . 214 f K I J f 1 5- ,,-.,. - M ag: ' -5 ' sgzf ig. 9' ' ,::jg:::g5'i. Sq ,. ,-.::-'.,-, 'M W +1 --- ...ga 4 :gil ,r -1-iq 1 .:.r..,.1- Inntufgg 42, -4' Y -- N . '12 Wh V if ff: A 1: 2 'zz' A -V '.3n.::.!..2u- ,s.......-...H ,:...m-.ny ...........- ,...,.., .... 'lIO0q4llulb4" gl -nun:-fn' -..........- lrllllurli Il' ..gg-- .. R.. Ill ull ,L ..... ..,3--.. .. .....v U ... .... ...V , .. ,,,:Nu. -un-nn ,,nnu. -an-.fan 1.,,vu-...na-gin lun.--u-.fun .r nn.-u' nu u Salutatory Address Ken Lee V GRA D UA TION . n - My ' Q ' ' I Dean of Men, SWBC, john Hartley 42 Valedictory Address Janie Schlesinger BA CCA LA UREA TE SER VICES SUNDAY EVENING, MAY 19, 1968 TUSCUMBIA CHRISTIAN CHU RCH Processional Invocation . Vocal Solo . Baccalaureat Benediction . Reces sional EIGHT O'CLOCK e Sermon Frances Snodgrass Sandy Horton "How Great Thou Art" Brenda Ahart Rev. A. L. Alexander Rev. Mark Sooter Frances Snodgrass CLASS MOTTO Enter to learng go forth to CLASS FLOWER Red Roses CLASS COLORS Red and White serve. " COMMENCEMENT EXERCISES TUESDAY EVENING, MAY 21, 1968 TUSCUMBIA HIGH SCHOOL AUDITORIUM EIGHT O'CLOCK Processional ,... . . .Frances Snodgrass Invocation .......... Rev. Berman Grant Salutatory Address ..... Kenneth Lee Vocal Solo--"Climb Ev'ry Mountain . . . Commencement Address . Presentation of Awards . . Valedictory Address . . . "Halls of Ivy" ........ Presentation of 1968 Class Presentation of Diplomas . School Song . . . Benediction. . . . Recessional 1 . . 43 Margaret Flaugher Dean john Hartley Dean of Men, Southwest Baptist College David Foster Principal of THS Janie Schlesinger Tuscumbia School Choir Directed by john W. Condra Francis Troxell Superintendent of THS jim Skiles President of Board of Education Graduates, Choir, and Audience Rev. Bob Bullard Frances Snodgrass Out for a joy ride. V Set 'em up! E Y ,el Boys, help Brenda off the bus. Connie catches her a hill fella. Down from the Hermit's Treehouse. Avg Its been a long day. UNDERCLASSMEN JUNIORS Debbie Edwards Dorlas Roark Charlotte Helton Sammv Rush Horton, Reporter I-Iillhouse , Sec. Rush, V. Pres Shepherd, Pres . Dawn I-Iillhouse Davld Horton Bob Shepherd Lmda WYI1Ck 46 ,. ,. x David Foster Sponsor Beverly Elseman Clayton Jenkins Pam Snodgrass Linda Wright SOPHOMORES Bobby Ahart Sherry Flaugher Judy Ahart Andrew Hawken .5 Marsha Beard David Hawken Rita Joiner Bob Klug Frank Schlesinger Dallas Burks X 44 uf" L lv , Y nt - ,- I - Sy X V by . Y Patti Hendricks John Shackelford Phyllis Wilson, Secretaryg Judy Ahart, Vice-Presi- dentg Linda Wright, Reporter: Sue Clement, Treas- urerg Angela Smith, President. 47 Sue Clement Vicki Hensley Angela Smith jayn Thompson Steven Wyrick FRESHMEN William Formby, Sponsorg Martha Hawken, Pres .5 Patsy Weitz, Sec. -Treas .3 Sandy Wil- son, Reporterg Greg Snodgrass, V-Pres. Tom jane Mike Ash Bilyeu Dalton Donald Roger Sara Edwards Edwards Elsernan ,,.F? 4? W i L i u i WI? Xl el Cindy Martha Barbara Donald Willis Flaugher Hawken Hendricks Horne Keeth A .YT L F, 1 , 4 '1 fb- l ' ' A y w m. , :u ' , i , lxklw ' W , W . l . Connie Mike Dennis Pam Greg Lee McDonald Phillips Roark Snodgrass jeff Alan S mith Sullivan X Patsy Connie Sandy Weitz Wilson Wilson 48 JUNIOR HIGH James Ash Randy Graves Donald Stark - -A , Mark Barnhart Joyce Horton xx I . Mattie Stark 'm . X Sex Pamela Barnhart Randy Keeth Kathy Wall EIGHTH GRA DE Herbert Martin, Vice-President Cathy Wall, Secretary Randy Graves, President Laura White, Treasurer Ricky Ferro, Reporter Jim Bell Terrie Edwards Rick Ferro ki? X ' w Herbert Martin Leslie Robinett Steven Shackleford Laura White Bobbie Wright Kenny Wyrick 50' 1. SEVENTH GRA DE Bill Hensley, President Leila jenkins, Treasurer Larry Sullivan, Reporter Ann Wright, Vice-President Sheila Skiles, Secretary Debby Ahart Bill Hensley Leila jenkins Mike Patterson Letha Moorehouse Debby Roark Sheila Skiles jay Paul Smith Larry Sullivan Paula Van Hooser Ann Wright 51 BASKETBALL TEAM BACK ROW: Coach Foster, Leslie Robinett, Bobbie Wright, Randy Graves, Kenny Wyrick, Ricky Ferro, Randy Keeth, Manager. FRONT ROW: Larry Sullivan, Her- CHEERLEADERS K BACK ROW: Terrie Edwards, Laura White, Debbie Roark. FRONT ROW: Cathy Wall, Debbie Ahart, Joyce Horton. 52 lll E 3 K SIXTH GRA DE QQ' " QVU' John W. Lynette Bill Ronnie Iva Rhonda ' Condra Abbett Abbott Ahart Barnhart Caldwell at I Mark Clemen .4 I , at :J 3 x f Y 5. if A Vf Charles Marilyn Johnny Danny john Bill James Patrick Flaugher Flaugher Graves Hawk Hawken Hees Kelly MacDonald , g t 4 'A 4 . Y? 'W Timothy Elseman I I I 'O - vi! ' - Danny Patte rs on 1 , it , 43' xv I I . Vw' ' . ,J N v dbz' Paul Debra james Dorothy Jessie Richard Debra Danny Tommy Patterson Robinett Skiles Smith Stark Stark White Wilson Wright V Y I "1 ' Y ' fx .'-Wi..-V V Judy -Q jerry P Denise Billy Ricky Debbie- Rusty Monty Bobby McGinnis Barnhart Beard Burks Clement Cross Ferro Graves Harrison tila . S fy 'W P f W' 5 T f .Sv " . i X. 1 - ' A ' if A, X12 " '1 .- 'I , :Q 0 jimmy Mary Billy jackie Sherry Iva Mary Debbie Kelvey Hawk Hawken Hendricks Hensley Horton Kelly Oligschlaeger Patterson Patterson R- Salim' , Q' R . I 1, 1 ,3 . I Tommy Brenda Roger Snodgrass Stark Stark Glenda Debbie Turner Watts 54 David Jimmy Winfrey Wright Philip Wright Tony Wright Lillian Lane ia N 1 Dale Jarrett f siie .xlfiv l Donald Stone F Linda Durham Bruce Patterson Francis Troxell FOUR TH GRADE 1, , ,TL J , T' 5 VJ ' gm . 'I '1 1 , L 1 Gregory F laughe r J Udy Rush GRA DE P riff 'iii ' f ' ' r. ' A 5 A 1 4, , y - ' J .::, J ' - Q 'if lie' V' Mary Gayla Cathy Robert Carolyn Maria Ahart Burks Dalton Durham Eastep Ferro .J A 1 , L .. , RE ' We 7 I Xy.l,.3: -I fl HJIRQ , Y f I it J- , fl? J . Sharla Billy Robert Bryan Dean David Jarrett Mace Morris Patterson Patterson Pendleton J K, THIRD -cf ' K' X. -L-' Lorraine Jeanine 'fu Turner White i Esther Beverly Kitty Mark Jarrett Ash Bilyeu Caldwell 'TCT J L W .ll-613 , ' ., in W 'J '21 ef -- Niall mt :Jr f"2jl-A f, Phillip Michael Ronald Cheryl Joseph Dawn Elseman Graves Halderman Hawken Hawk Helton , 'I 1 + P J S Q -gill! I, . P J Kenneth John Donna Tim June Patterson Patterson Pendleton Pryor Robinett 3, ix ini Harry William Macher Timothy Stark Stark Stone Wright Deborah C otten . 1 J Nl Leslie Van Hooser x P is i N 'E L N.. - Geraldine Stark x 1 1 , 1 1 'I' 5- Deborah Wyrick SECOND GRA DE 1 I ' , ij Ty t A 'g g , A F1-f 1 'G it f, 1 I ,. I 4 1- Av X i ' 'V ,J - . -f N' Y M. 'L' 'tg , w , , 5 ff: X Q f T 't "'?f 'Ll?'f Margaret Richard Earl Beth Susan Louie Becky Debbie Paula Cavanaugh Ahart Durham Ferro Hawk Hawken McNeely McNeely Morris 1 ,u a .1 ,sh L, .4 S g l ' 4. 5 1? ' .Tv r my ff A w.'fx-,e23fn2?',., 1. i it - -iitrfif - W, ' 1 -Q'-Igiwiziwsflaz Q +R If IA ,, E. , Timmy Ronnie Danny Kathy Kenneth Phillip Kenneth Michael Musick Patterson Rush Schlesinger Skiles Smith Snodgrass Snodgrass ip at 1' .T T il FIRST GRA DE H21 4. if TT PM 'TQ it 1 S , , l, 23", , ' - -- .. 1, 5 "" " A .I " Raymond Timmy Judy V .Q " 2? X' ' Stark Tucker Winters 'pr -' ' 5 fi I Hazel Donald Brenda Sheri Ricky Schulte Abbe-tt Ash Brockes Calton O . , Q 4? A Q" T 3? . -'SQL'-I I Y 2.,ft' A A ar? Tiny Christy Jenny Deitra Margaret Richard Mark Vicky Durham Graves Graves Helton Hood Harrison Kessler Kingery S ifijg' 3 w -QJTH-MN Q- g . .Tr vial ' ,ov - , XA' A ,x 1 A i - - '- Phil Patty Delores Cindy Reginald Ray David Becky Lawson Martin Reischling Robinett Rush Smith Snelling Snodgrass - . - my fr, 5,1 ' -'M V N ry J U ' -, - W ' :L r W - ' H N ., "" 5' , . .fri , 3 'gl,3i'3- I , 'i j .N KH- V. j U la 1 x T ' ' ' Mei it Te- Judy Monte Donald Ricky Rebecca Tony Jack Tommy Stark Tucker Turner White Wickham Wilson Wright Wright Sue Jarrett 5. 4. it Larry Durham P I 54 U. .,,.x ..'-.. V . . -1. :J nl Teresa Musick m .Q Leonard Watts KI DER GAR TEN 1 ' F:.1.1l' f 'W ln 1.33. .- WIA,- -, ' . ,Q -:qLL'gej'Ifx:f1'. '. -' TI?-'?9'i39" M :"Xm..::fs:i?': C hristy Mary Abbett Ash Raquel Ferro Dennis Patterson Mitchell Wright Jeff Flaugher -- ,I Gene Patterson 5? P-A all t Brenda Hamacher . v - H AF" .1 's l 1 l 1 J ., ,I-my t ' Y fir. Linda Patterson .V V1 at George Beard ,--1 Darin Helton 5 0 xx C. ., E Stephen Pendleton .- f .W at Mark Caldwell il P s Kimberly Helton 1 at , ' . wig It Dennis Stark H xl Q. I , X.. Vickie Cross Marsha Lawson Farron Stone E -F-1 ! 1, ' 1 A 57 TEA CHERS, DIRECTOR Y BROOKS, DORIS JANE Business, Guidance Bachelor of Science Degree Indiana Central College Master of Science Degree Indiana State University Advanced Study University of Colorado Southwest Missouri State College Yearbook, Newspaper, Cheerleader and Pep Club Sponsor Senior Class Sponsor CAVANAUGH, MARGARET Second Grade Bachelor of Science in Education Lincoln University CONDRA, JOHN W. Sixth Grade Bachelor of Arts in Christianity Southwest Baptist College Scoutrnaster FORMBY, WILLIAM English, History, Geography Chicago City College Bachelor of Arts Degree Arkansas State College Freshmen Class Sponsor FOSTER, DAVID Principal, Coach, Science, P.E. Bachelor of Science in Education Arkansas University Sophomore Class Sponsor JARRETT, ESTHER Third Grade Bachelor of Science in Education Central Missouri State College Bethany Nazarene College JARRETT, SUE Elementary Principal Kindergarten, Remedial Reading Bachelor of Science in Education Advanced Study Central Missouri State College LANE, LILLIAN L. Fourth Grade Southwest Baptist College Central Missouri State College University of Missouri Lincoln University MCGINNIS, JUDITH KAY Fifth Grade Bachelor of Science Degree Advanced Study Lincoln University Cadet Girl Scout Leader PITTRICH, BILLIE Science, Home Economics Bachelor of Science in Education Central Missouri State College Advanced Study University of Missouri Seventh Grade Sponsor SCHULTE, HAZEL First Grade Lincoln University University of Missouri STARK, JOHN W. Mathematics Lincoln University Eighth Grade Sponsor TROXELL, FRANCIS M. Superintendent lgclfelorg of Science Degree Northwest Missouri College Master of Science Degree University of Missouri Specialist Degree University of Nebraska WICKI-IAM, DALLAS L. English, Speech Bachelor of Arts Degree Rose Bruford Training College of Speech and Dramatics, London, England University of Missouri at Kansas City Sponsor Junior-Senior Play Student Council Sponsor Junior Class Sponsor ADVERTISING I 8 - ,E E 4 - fgj 9 l 3 Q-.2 Ii xii zi"fT""i .f"' . - r Tggiji , :V 1- 3 44 l f" -. ""'- -I, 1 .A if: T i 2 , . M .- K" f ' ',x -i V if 2 on H rm P4 E me m 5 I H Y QQ A he he 5. me 2 fu mu Furniture for the Entire Home St. Elizabeth, Missouri UREGAS Phone 493-2224 COME IN TODAY Tuscbmbia Pryor Novelty Company . . . .,- H..-nil., - "Specializing in Aromatic Red Cedar" Phone EMpire 9-2355 Missouri Remember You When You Have None xx 1 TU UPU Remeber Us When You Hove Money--We'll Bank of Tuscumbia Tuscumbicl Missouri WRIGHTS SER VICE, INC. CONOCO "Hottest Brand Going" Firestone and B.F. Goodrich Tires DRIVE-IN RESTAURANT EM 9-8893 TUSCUmbi0, Missouri 5p6ClAtTY Flaug'her's Grocery 1-3-1-53 'iz 8m Owner-- ' rnmlzgwpg SKY LINE MOTEL Service Station Wade F"'U9he' 5fP"'5 Tuscumbia, Missouri '5 Comfort You Can Afford Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Atkinson Lake Ozark Missouri SHELL SERVICE STATION M.F.A. CENTRAL COOPERATIVE 5 2 Brice Fiougher Tuscumbia EICIUYM M0- UALITDQ 09 AND " SERVICE WHEN Feed, Produce, Seed S toes, YOU NEED IT Paint, Roofing and Wire ERI' 5 Qngrutuluhnns to the Dairy Supplies graduating class Grinding and Mixing I me Vacancy PAINT POT """uiFiT -wave. Fine Foods ,,L,,iggggg5','..g.. g RANDLES COURT ipitlf' T132 in Steam Heat--Air Conditioned Eldon, Mo' 11,55 T:--3. Yiyiiiff, Room Telephones--TV I I , , ' "" .FM I5 Additional Units in Back milk! Good I-Uck , T"5r?5?d3'nc?3'53"' to the Completely Refrigerated -is ' Air Conditioned Grqduqi-ing Class 'Q 5 T.V. 8- Background Music in Each Room . U.S. Hwy. 54 Downtown Eldon, Mo. EX 2-5661 UREGAS BANK OF THE LAKE OF THE OZARKS sll5"'4N fYour Gasj 94 cc Post Office Box IO9 Eldon, Missouri BuIk'and Bottled Gas for Your Home Heating and Air Conditioning Q - e 'E 2 5, g oEPosTTs 3 75 IIIRIQQUIIBEIQ 6 V M PROVIDIDINTDU ci BRHKING DCT Of ISI! Lake Ozark Missouri A Progressive Bank in a Progressive Area Eldon Engruiuluiiuus to the Graduating Class s o Y C ztzzen S Ban k of U Eldon Foodliner 6,6 xi, uuctg Q . 6' 9 5 if 'Q S Every Day Low Prices ::::,2:'::ei:'-- ' P'US 'H' Top Value Stamps EIdon's Most Modern, and Complete Supermarket Bank of Friendly and Courteous Open 7 Days G Week Service ff... -I The XMIM County f?1f" "' X X X SEQ 1.1 x ' if U 0 ra m e n I ne 'N -.a A iw ' U JI erlplq' mllmsfwll I 3 XXX o1fzcfazPupef' I ,f MILLER COUNTY Combining and Continuing In K ,x The D I---""f Miller County Autogram and The Miller County Sentinel fix. CEst. 18831 fEsf. 19051 Serving the People of Miller County and Their Interests CHICO'S "Home Cooked" Spaghetti "Choice Steaks" Lake Ozark, Mo. M THE LITTLE ANGEL SHOP F Eldon Fulton A Missouri M St. Elizabeth, Missouri Hardware f Fertilizers Grocenes and Feeds Infant and Children's Wear Qnurutuluhuus ML Compliments of ELDON SKELGAS SERVICE 'O me Graduating Class ELDON DRUG CO. Howard Scott Dean Clawson "Service Is Our Specialty" C. B. Whitney, Owner BOB'S SERVICE STATION TOMPKINS CHEVROLET Tires--Tubes--Accessories V2 Mile South of Eldon, Missouri ll-75x y srri A? k Q, -,'r fx A AUT REPAIRS Hwy. 54--R.F.D. ." l' Phone--EXpress 2-4576 A I Q" X ' Jfaali BARBER SHOP Eldon Missouri 9 4 375 WA Y X wloo sxriu rwncurnne EX 2-6565 AIR counmonsn Charles J. Blum ww., 354 3, 5. Mm, noon. Mlssoum Phone Express 2-saoo 205 50Uil" Maple Compliments fl FWF 6 W of BUD'S CAFE "FORD" EVANS AEI l,I 'Lx F MQ Ii-"6 ni up - I. U' T Compliments of I' SOUTHSIDE GROCERY 'Ir'k'k'k'k'k'k'k'k'k'k'k1Ic'k'k9c'k'k9r'k KAY'S FUNERAL HOME i"k'k'k'k7E'k'k'k9fir'k'k'k'k9ti"k'k1Vr Eldon, Missouri W -. -STIAHU11 . .-.1 ' UI 4- . 10.1 .AV "nfs We -"-1 Q' a glfl .-I A - 1 I self' SERVICE STATION Garland Adcock . -V x- 5' 'Tp 1 -'13 'I 'J 'ff'-I I' hm. X Tuscumbia, Missouri f -' - 201 N. Maple EX 2-5711 ELDON "I, ' FURNITURE 511-Ll LI V' .-N... , A , mc COMP NY 157 ' : ' Eldon, Missouri KIRKWEG GARAGE ' -4 Briggs Stratton Engines Pioneer Chainscws Phone 493-2407--St. Elizabeth, Mo. W as . .3 i ff. 1. I ng I - A I!! IV L 5? DUNSTAN DRUG CO . Prescriptions Cosmetics Veterinary Products I08 South Maple Street Ph. EX. 2-5461--Eldon, Mo. BANK OF ST. ELIZABETH Old Enough To Know-- Young Enough To Grow-- PHILLIPS FUNERAL HOME MFA IN SURA NC E COMPANIES Day or Night Ambulance Service Since I906 t it wk II. S' l I ' Call EX 2-5621 ISI Gnd OGI4 Eldon, MO. PRATHER 81 SHACKLEFORD Tuscumbia, Mo. EM 9-22I3 , I Compliments of WOOD'S RADIO 8. TV SERVICE Eldon, Missouri RAY CAMPBELL Serving the Community's Insurance Needs Life--Hospitalization--Auto--Fire Eidon, Missouri 527 West 3rd Phone 392-5752 HEI DBREDER-MEYER AUTO SU PPLY COMPANY TUSCUMBIA BARBER SHOP Dial 636-7148 ses' Wishes 5I5 W. Dunklin 77' from Jefferson City, Missouri ff: Dial 392-4927 Tennyson Jarrett--Owner 4th 8. Oak F -4, Eldon, Missouri mf MARTIN TILE FINLEY-S LONGHORN CAFE HW 54 South Eldon Congratulations to the Graduating Class Phone 392-6250 Eldon Missouri DOLBYS' MEAT PROCESSORS LLOYD H. ANDERSON "The Very Best" Meats Photographic Work of All Types fBlc1ck Sr White? Custom Processing Freezer Lockers 810 5' Aurora "On the Farm" Slaughtering Eldon Mo Eldon, Missouri dy' JQQZZJ' ELDON GREEN HOUSES T R A C T 0 R Mr. 81 Mrs. Quentine Spencer 631 E. High St. Phone EX 2-5173 TRI-COUNTY TRACTOR SALES Q, Eldon, MO. Farm--Industrial Equipment 5,'5 ' 1123 it . . - N!! Eldon Missouri ' f 'V 2:9522- , Q. L 13 , . Phone EXpress 2-4937 ' b i ' Air Conditioned--Television SHEPHERD'S CREE MEE 5' SHORE'-AND MOTEL Eldon' MMSOUH Two Blocks from Bagnell Dam '0 Lake Ozark, Missouri ll Phone ENdicott 5-2345 'A C I ' Compliments 9, 6 ongfrsiigtlons opxpon ' of CO5 of' on Graduating Class . I "ma ' 3 """""u from ECKENBERGER HARDWARE EL RANCHO MOTEL ONE STOP Serzvucs Sk I Eldon' Missouri 60005 Eldon, Missouri X Q Compliments of RI DGWAYS "Distinctive Apparel for Lady and Miss" Eldon, Missouri Compliments ot OSAGE SAND AND GRAVEL CO. Tuscumbia, Missouri Ph. EX 2-4602 IO5 South Maple Eldon, Missouri BETTY'S INTERIOR DECORATING Custom Drapes Personal ized Service 2 A Lawn and Garden Equipment Plumbing Equipment Power Equipment Exercise Equipment Camping Equipment Invalid Needs LAKE RENTAL CENTER I Hwy. 54, East Osage Beach, Missouri Phone FI 8-2268 F fi ? Daily Direct to ii Barnett--Brazito--Cole Clamp R S -I-R CK E 'yi 5, 'Z 'I i Eldon--Etterville--Mount P easant U H U LIN Eigil Stover--Tuscumbia--VersaiIIes Tuscumbia, Missouri For AII Your Trucking Needs See Us Phone EM 9-2575 or EM 9-2618 Camdenton-- Lake Ozark--Osage Beach Qs,.vaiorq,,+ Sfnvicf WE HIY THE MARK H 8. S MOTOR FREIGHT, INC. Eldon, Missouri Phone EX 2-5315 R 8. R BARBER SHOP Eldon, Missouri Richard Roark--Owner 5 e I Compliments ot 7 BERYL'S BEAUTY SHOPPE Tuscumbia, Missouri DEFFENBA UGH OIL CO. L-Mi dv I zz: 1-' Q .. ,if ,, 1 t - YQ, - A '---f-- 1 CALHOON i i F U R NI TUR E Furniture--Floor Coverings Luggage--Wallpaper Distributors Gas--Oil--Tries--Batteries cmd Accessories Phone 392'454l Phone EX 2-5283 Eldon Missouri 'nf ygvll Q' D HANDS ft Ernie Jones A um Sales Highway 54 South Eldon, Missouri EX 2-5333 Imperial Plymouth I Rambler Chrysler Valiant GMC Trucks Dodge Trucks mom lll will SPRINGFIELD GROCER COMPANY Main P.O. Box 229 Springfield, Missouri 11 '-'v -aim, mime "ll- 'f x ' f ks ' Always Serve . . . YELLOW BONNET FINE FOODS "Famous for Qualify" DON'S MARKET Groceries--Meats--Vegetables EMpire 9-2332 Tuscumbia, Missouri ANN LEE'S Faminine Fashions 206 South Maple ,--J if . I Eldon Missouri . iifw , WU 2? Phone EX 2-6303 Compliments W of Eldon, Missouri BANK OF ELDON CRUMS CLEANERS EX 2-48i5 X Eldon, Mo. wif, MID-WAY BARBER SHOP ' fl M F Zi' 'Fu ' A fr' S MFA Robert--Glen ,Q 4 Ulman, Missouri Q 1 i l l Hardware X Fertilizers YW fy il Groceries and Feeds Pay To Look Well N 3 f1f. J1 V 8 5441 C0mPliments mwms CLEANERS J N 5-.in of Pickup and Delivery Fast and Prompt Service EX 2-5391 CLAYTON'S CAFE AND QUALITY sf vidf OSAGE D-X Telephone Fl 8-9955 Osage Beach, Mo. Skelly Service Goodyear Tires, Batteries, Accessories Washing, Motor Tune-Up, Lubrication Phone 314 EXpress 2-4111 2nd 8x Maple Eldon, Missouri MlLDRED'S BEAUTY SHOPPE Owned and Operated by Mrs. Mildred Bean Ulman, Missouri Phone 348-5278 Compliments of BILL'S TEXACO SERVICE Wrecker Service Night or Day 498-3559 Eugene, Mo. The Best in Home Cooked Foods. Dairy Out Service Broasted Chicken Compliments of HILLCREST CAFE AND CREE-MEE Ellis and Betty Smith Anchor Mifll'Hg Company Anchor Feeds--Hardware--Building Materials Eldon, Eugene, and Tuscumbia, Missouri Phone EM 9-2361 Wright Studio Portraits with Personality Weddings--Chi ldren--Commercial BEST WISHES TO THE GRADUATIN G CLASS Eldon, Mo. Mrs. John C. U +1 ci' 'I '9 - , F ii i Wright Phone EX . 2-5341 BurlingamePontiac-Buz'ck ' Powrmc.. y l Buick Pontiac Riviera Tempest Special GTO Buick 8 South Maple Eldon, Missouri Sales and Service New and Used Cars Area Code 314 EXpress 2-5201 STA RK A GENCY P21-ggi Cletis and Nancy Stark I Phone EXpress 2-6551 Eldon, Missouri W A R D S Mouvoomenv wnno H Call Us for Your Family Needs Ask How We Can Save Your 555 Congratulations from THE LION'S TALE STAFF Brenda Aharf Judy Ahart Cathy Campbell Sue Clement Connie Dalton Barbara Edwards Charlene Edwards Debbie Edwards Charlotte Helton David Horton Sandy Horton Sharron Keeth Kay Miller Linda Pryor Sammy Rush Janie Schlesinger John Shackelford Sandy Wilson Linda Wright Linda Wyrick Miss Brooks--Sponsor Grade A Pasteurized Homogenized Milk CENTRAL DAIRY "The Home of Posreurizecl Dairy Foods Royal--Addo-X--Vicror--R . C . Allen--Underwood Scles--Service--Rentals--New or Used CHECK OFFICE EQ UIPMENT C0 MPA N Y H5 Eclsr Miller Jefferson Cify, Mo. Phone 635-7969 We Service What We Sell .' 2,-'Qu . "-fgfn Compllmenis 'P -fr" of LA WSON-ROBINETT FEEDS INC. Tuscumbia, Missouri Telephone 369-2520 .15 ., 'G .R Q -R xi. ,', .qv Ill 'n flu Q5 . . . DOZING PROFESSIONALS Truman and Layne Helton brfagn, gg, Al? 51.64.- Phone 369-2685 Area Code 314 Tuscumbia, Missouri S-fi AT OUR WORK oo 1 6 , W CKEH POTATO CHIPS CIRCLE RANCH Box I26--Eldon, Mo. E. J. Schulte--Owner Phones Town Office--EX 2-4630 Ranch Office--EX 2-5535 Residence--EX 2-4970 ELDON SHOE STORE "The Shoe Center" Eldon, Missouri 10,000 Items for Less! SNODGRASS INSURANCE AGENCY ' Highway 52 Norfh Tuscumbio, Missouri opus' NTER INC- Telephones "Remember. . . Ph' 314x498-3872 EMp1reoi?-2327 If Yci:Sf3:.rjdIiIoI Eully D. W. Opie Eugene, Mo. 65032 EMplre 9-2338 It's Not Enough!" 5-Al Page and We'lI Be Lcsf BOOSTERS Mr. 8. Mrs. W. L. Thompson William Schwally Slcelly Station Snodgrass Men's Wear Corps Arvel Roth Locc-Wood Dock J. W. Stark Mrs. G. A. Berry Gladys Slone Mr. 8. Mrs. Isaac Wright Mr. 8. Mrs. Johnnie Stark Ray Barbarick Sanning's Appliance Western Auto Bill Barrett Marina Inn Howard Johnson's Restaurant Boots Motel Rebel Arcade CampbeII's Texaco Service Cooper-Liley Hardware Co. CrigIer's 66 Service G. R. Haynes Rosanna Smith Ruth Setser Roy Langenberg Mr. 8. Mrs. Roy E. Rush James I. Edwards Dean Edwards Harold Jones Ina Johnston Gerald Oligschlaeger Dorsey C. Grosvenor Bill Condra Betty Martin Kenny Lee 8g Sue Keeth Irvin Snodgrass Frank C. Martin Glen Warren Genevieve Sullivan Larry 8. Wanda Helton Archie Roark Gardie Swanson Mr. H. M. Swanson Ralph Martin Roger W. Stillwell Helen Lawson CoIIector's Office Wanda L. Wright Eldon T-V Service Victor Alpers Vincent Doerhoff Evelyn Humphrey Bonnett Construction Reed's Department Store V-E-T

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