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h 44+ r 5 ? l I 4' I 1 N X Editor-in- Chief Sandy Horton Activities Editor Connie Dalton Photography Editors Kay Miller Janie Schlesinger Layout Editor Sharron Keeth Copy Editor Linda Pryor Advertising Editor Linda Wyrick Business Manager Debbie Edwards Class Editor Cathy Campbell Elementapf Editor Brenda Ahart Athletic Editors Ken Martin l Ronnie Clement Advisor Doris 1. Brooks Photographers Wright' s Studio - - Eldon Fine Arts Studio- -Sedalia Publisher American Yearbook Company Leojs Memories 1967 Tuscurnbia High School Tuscumbia, Missouri TABLE OF CONTENTS Page INTRODUCTION . . . . 1 1 ADMINISTRATION . . . . 7 ACTIVITIES .... . . 15 Annual Staff . . . . . 16 Student Council . . . , 18 Newspaper ..... . . I9 Lettermen's Club . . . . 20 Pep Club .... . 20 SPORTS. . . . . 21 ROYALTY . . . 31 SENIORS . ....... . 39 Senior Directory . . . . , 42 UNDERCLASSMEN . . . 49 JUNIOR HIGH . . . 55 A Activities . 56 I ELEMENTARY . . . 59 ' KINDERGARTEN ..... . es I TEACHERS' DIRECTORY . . . . . . 64 ADVERTISING . . . . . . . U 65 AUTOGRAPHS .. . 83 In Central Missouri amidst the Ozark Mountains lies the small, progressive community of Tuscurnbia This yearbook gives a pictorial story of our school and its contribution to tomorrow's scientists, teachers doctors, statesmen, and good citizens. We pause for a second to reflect on the scenes of the past year. There are memories of happy faces, work and play. Our record is written, and to the boosters of Tuscumbia High School, our yearbook, Leo's Memories, proudly presents . . . qflections QS School LW A ., ,- u-,-. Q if Camera Shy?'3 4' ' Y R' "Queen Barbara" 3 Juniors did it again! ! 'Z ll I ll AQI an HQ :li v 3525515 ,SHIRE . . .11'zQ'.' 1 l:,"f'i4 -:y.5,a- A:-igjfif' -:sfmiffid-iff 39114: 'fai1f,::s.w . ,bs-fr-,-. 14274 - ,'13:p'., 4-1 "t3,1-ag fu".-:eQ':,1ff'f'.' 5 , pg ,,., V -N -gamikx .V ,E ,Y-jgitelifk. -r. cf, , wg. -e: H Y 85- mf -- ,,- g,. -,uf - Nl- 14'--JG' ---. 19. 5. :Q - QW, NJ ' . ' ' ..: 11322: 'NS' . 'Yury' -- A ' af 1 fb . .. . 'Q A - t s: .J-fl'iiQQ7'f . -' R51 f .,-.iggzffkflf ' -. 4. Dennis shows us how to bat. Linda learning to type. Isn't dissecting fun'7'P ,NH-3 L+ Sing along with Sandy. m N , V' I . Q U V1- iv' W F ,. ' - 'fy NI 'X ' ..,g A h ,I-,Q :J::,.'Yf1. ' e -. 'i -.-:iff12f41'95k'- 'a,v'3'i H- L9 -"'.'b ' Y- 7'- .M in-.Q'149'-. A .vfw A .mx -f'1'b'-I'P. f 1 L " - Wha.t's so interesting ? ,nur 1 . 1 Betty the Pro! Congressman Ichord and Student Presidents. N ,-A t - x 5 if 53 I 155,45 ,, Studious Sharron. W 4.1 Seniors discuss serious problem. Connie seeks help with a problem. Betty wins Betty Crocker award. sms our to t i Elementary grades entertain the public with their annual Christmas program. Guest enjoy them selves at the Junior-Senior banquet Lonnie Phillips and Ken Martin portray one of the scenes from "It's a Great Life." X ,A r., x' , 5 Milli 4 .--9' Betty practices for a very impor- Larry and Sharron make final plans for a tant softball game. Friday night date. 6 nf A DMINIS THA TION pl I , N, 1, , w I Within these pages you will find a pictorial history of THS 1966-67. These pages will refresh your memory and gladden your heart in the years to come. My sincere appreciation goes to Miss Doris Brooks and her staff for providing this fine book. yi J MQW, CHARLES E . KENDRICK--SUPERINTENDENT Secretaries ii-L-. .al""'f NANCY CLARK BONNIE REDMOND a z-'- A151551 I I mm I, I MAX E. REDMOND- -PRINCIPAL This book is an example of the fine work and cooperation of our stu- dents at THS. It has been most grat- ifying to work with you the past year Vfflaga X Board QF Ea'ucatz'on Guzdance Department . iw FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: John McNee1y, Jim Skiles, Clyde L. Jenkins, Charles Kendrick, jack Edwards, Walter Gail Abbott, Colonel James Harrison. rf' 3 Doris J. Brooks WILLIAM FORMBY English--Social Studies MARY LOU BRAMER Home Economics--Art 7th 81 8th Grade Science DORIS JANE BROOKS Business - -Guidance DAVID HWANG Industrial Arts MAX REDMOND Coach - -Math Physical Education JUDITH MCGINNIS English- -Speech b i Alyifsaf' ,QV CLAUDE WHITED Math--Biology--jr . High Coach Teachers' Aids BACK ROW: Mrs. Elaine Pendleton, Mrs. Sue Hwang. FRONT ROW: Mrs. Sue Wyrick, Mrs. Kathleen Martin. I2 U . "Fantastic" "My scientists are killing me." fig m i Q -J ' x if hi sfo, , QL, i 'Z' u Here comes Mr. Redmond, Debbie." "Your grades aren't that bad, Billy "It's mine!" "just, watch ME, Son.' I3 9 x janitor F . "Andy Bi11" Hawken xv-L C' 001-cs Mrs. Doris Wyrick and Mrs . Carmen Thompson Bus Drivers Lloyd Slone, Berman Grant, and jack Hawken A C TI VI TIES i , Annual Staff EDITOR -IN -CHIEF - -ADVISER Sandy Horton - -Mis s Brooks ADVERTISING EDITOR--BUSINESS MANAGER Linda Wyrick- -Debbie Edwards The 1967 Leo's Memories didn't just happen but is the end results of hours of planning, work, sweat, laughs, frustration and satisfaction. The beginning of school last September marked the start of a ten-month responsibility for a very capable staff. The first major task was the budget Financing was insured with subscription sales, advertising sales, candy sales and a turkey dinner The staff was composed of members of the journalism class plus two interested sophomores. A11 of them gave of their time between homework and ballgames, plus many other activities, to produce this book for you. PHOTOGRAPHY EDITORS Kay Miller--Janie Schlesinger COPY- -LAYOUT - -ACTIVITIES EDITORS Linda Pryor- -Sharron Keeth- -Connie Dalton , , f , -I' X ,, A , I . , CLASS--ELEMENTARY EDITORS SPORTS EDITORS Cathy Campbell--Brenda Ahart Ken Martin--Ron Clem ent .Z Brenda uses exact measurement for Y headlines. Connie laughingly prepares script. Cathy asks advice about an ad. Members of staff decide which pictures to paste down. I7 Student Council 1 X .t 1 FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Sue Clement, Linda Wyrick, Judy Ahart, Debbie Edwards Ken Wyrick, Kay Miller, Alan Sullivan, Ron Clement, Ken Lee, Dennis Edwards, , johnny Shackelford. The student council works as a governing body for the best interests of the students and the school. It is composed of two members from each class, one member from the seventh grade and one member from the eighth grade, and a member from each special organization. One of the major fund-raising activities of the student council is the operation of the con- cession stand at home basketball games. This year the student council made possible a very enjoyable Halloween party for the student body and quite a lively Sadie HaWkin's Day. Also, they applied a substantial amount of money toward the purchase of new backboards. .Q V lv ,J Linda and Ken pop corn to sell during one of Our Student Council served pop on Sadie Hawkins Day. the home games. I8 The "Lions Tale" Stajjf BACK ROW: Pam Snodgrass, Linda Pryor, Sharron Keeth, Linda Wyrick, Judy Ahart, Debbie Edwards, Miss Brooks, Advisor. FRONT ROW: Connie Dalton, Jane Schle- singer, Cathy Campbell, Brenda Ahart, Sandy Horton, Kay Miller. Adding to the interesting and exciting activities of Tuscumbia High School is the Lion's Tale. In this newspaper appears information about the latest fads, interest, and student activities. The staff is composed of members of the journalism class and two sophomores. There are several complex steps in preparing the newspaper to the satisfaction of a very "sharp staff. This year an editor was chosen for each issue, giving several a chance to take charge. Each member was assigned a page. She was responsible for collecting the news, typing a rough draft, and the nerve wracking job of cutting the stencil. A great deal of out-of- class time was spent in producing the Lion's Tale for the students' enjoyment. Lax 19 Leitermenjs Club I5-4 'I' ,351 BACK ROW: Frankie Schlesinger, Steve Wyrick, Andrew Hawken, Bobbie Klug, Clayton Jenkins, Dallas Burks, John Shackelford. MIDDLE ROW: Richard Brumley, Mike Edwards, LeeRoy Phillips, Dennis Edwards, Lonnie Phillips, Manager. FRONT ROW: Coach Redmond, Ron Dalton, Ron Clement, Ken Martin, Larry Wyrick, Bob Shepherd. The Lz'0n's Roar BACK ROW: Connie Lee, Patsy Weitz, Pam Roark, Cindy Flaugher, Martha Hawken, Sandy Wilson. THIRD ROW: Pam Snodgrass, Sue Clement, Linda Wyrick, Connie Dalton, Charlotte Helton, Charlene Edwards. SECOND ROW: Joyce Horton, Barbara Edwards, Debbie Edwards, Sandy Horton, Terry Edwards. FIRST ROW: Jane Schlesinger, Sharron Keeth, Kay Miller. FRONT: Vicki Hensley, Lisa Dalton, Mascot. 20 SPOR TS n , H , - ,,a.,.,--,--- ' .4 . ' ' I . 16 n u I-1, e- ..,.. , . 711-Af. .. :iii-5,152 L-,- -inf.. ':,,,4 Ly- -ig-JI f Y L- 'dv--ii, 5 lisa-. Larry Wyrick, Kenny Lee, Dennis Edwards, Ken Martin, Romiie Clement, Mike Edwards, Frank Schles inger, and Coach Redmond. Mike Dalton, "Manager" The hustling Lions provided Tuscumbia fans with exciting basketball during the 1966-67 season. Despite the heartbreaking defeats, including six losses by a total of only 15 points, the season was brightened by exciting victories over Eugene, Cole Camp, Osage, Mokane, and New Bloomfield. Ron Clement, Larry Wyrick, Ken Martin, and Dennis Edwards will be lost through graduation, but returning with high hopes for a big 1967-68 season will be Ken Lee, Mike Edwards, and Frankie Schlesinger. 22 4 r r fs , ff' 1 S, arszt r r ' rf sr' y r - N Ken Martin CCA!! 3 Mike Edwards Y Frank Schlesinger C 0- Captazns Larry Wynck 4 K3 Ron Clement Ken Lee A -, 1 Dennis - Edwards 33 .,.v - J V3 , 'x fn, e , V A. -., -f . Y r Will he make it? Lose your gum, Ken? "AD BQQIS in Action Get it, Ron! R , Watch this one ff JJ B B925 in Action Jimmy shoots a lay-up. Get ready, boys! Ia' Jump high, Ronnie! 25 'BJ Team FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: l.eeRoy Plmillips, Jimmy Mace, Ronnie Dalton, Bobbie Klug, Andrew Hawkins, Coach Redmond, Steve Wyrick, Clayton Jenkins, Johnny Shackelford, Dallas Burks. Freshmen Team FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Coach Whited, Frankie Schlesinger, Bobbie Klug, Andrew Hawkins, Steve Wyrick, Johnny Shackelford, Clayton Jenkins, Dallas Burks. 26 Vezrsizfy Cheerleaders .ai FRONT ROW: Vicki Hensley, Sharron Keeth. MIDDLE ROW: Debbie Edwards, Sue Clement. BACK ROW: Linda Wyrick, Connie Dalton. "B" Team BACK ROW: Janie Schlesinger, Sandy Horton, Barbara Edwards. FRONT CENTER Kay Miller. 27 Baseball Team A. xv X 1 is Aff S s X ee L J - 4, ff, if uf' X if in ' 5' A lk. HH' 'iii V 5 f' A 3 BACK ROW: Johnny Shackelford, Coach Whited, Ken Martin, Ronnie Dalton, Dennis Edwards, Ronnie Clement, Ken Lee, LeeRoy Phillips, Coach Redmond, Larry Wyrick, FRONT ROW: Jimmy Mace, David Horton, Clayton Jenkins, Bob Klug, Mike Edwards, Frank Schlesinger, Bob Shepherd. Swball Team BACK ROW: Betty Halderrnan, Linda Wyrick, Charlene Edwards, Kay Miller, Jane Schlesinger, Connie Dalton, Sue Clement, Coach Redmond, FRONT ROW: Sandy Horton, Linda Wright, Judy Ahart, Debbie Edwards, Pam Snodgrass, Sharron Keeth, Vicki Hensley. 28 Vollgfball Team it C3 BACK ROW: Kay Miller, Coach Brooks. MIDDLE ROW: Vicki Hensley, Sandy Horton, Linda Wyrick, Betty Halderman. FRONT ROW: Pam Snodgrass, Judy Ahart, Charlotte Helton, Debbie Edwards. Track Team BACK ROW: Clayton jenkins, Frankie Schlesinger, Steve Wyrick, Andrew Hawken, Coach Redmond. MIDDLE ROW: Dallas Burks, Ron Clement, LeeRoy Phillips, Richard Brumley, Mike Edwards, Bob Shepherd. FRONT ROW: Ron Dalton, Bobbie Klug, john Shackelford, Larry Wyrick, Lonnie Phillips, Manager. 29 Cheerleaders in Action pail Q" ' ""'l v ROYALTY , . I A . A . w 4. .' , E ' A 1 N, V , tw. . . , 1. , - I V , Carnival King ana' Queen -4 -mx if JJ ueen Sanajz 7 X CC JJ King Lee RW N-I The 1966-67 Carnival proved to be very successful for all. The main event of the evening was the crowning of the King and Queen and Prince and Princess . The candidates for the event are chosen from each class and are then elected by a penny a vote the night of the King and Queen and Prince and Princess are revealed to all. This year's royalty was, King, LeeRoy Phillips, and Queen, Sandy Horton, members of the junior class . Prince and Princess were Mike Mc- Donald and Connie Lee, members of i the eighth grade class . As I'm sure we- all agree, the 1966 67 Carnival was one of the most suc- cessful at T.H.S. Princess Connie " "Prince" Mike Carnival Court FRONT ROW: Brenda Ahart, Laura White, Charlene Edwards, Betty Halderrnan, Sandy Horton, LeeRoy Phillips, Sherry Flaugher, Linda Wyrick, Sandy Wilson, Connie Lee. SECOND ROW: Sharron Keeth, Larry Wyrick, Angela Smith, 'Kenny Wyrick, BACK ROW: Mike McDonald, Jane Schlesinger, Dawn Hillhouse, Kay Miller, David Hawken. 33 the carnival. At the end of the evening FRESHMEN CANDIDATES SENIOR CANDIDATES Sherry Flaugher Betty Haldefman and and ' David Hawken La1'1'Y WYr1Ck "?" SOPHOMORE CANDIDATES Charlene Edwards and E 3, Dawn Hillhouse -1' - 1 ..--.-fl 1' ,anna A-A C' andlelzlghters gi 'Y T il A '4 BACK ROW: Kay Miller, Brenda Ahart, Angela Smith, Shar- PRINCE AND PRINCESS CANDIDATES ron Keeth. FRONT ROW: Linda Wyrick, Sandy Wilson, Janie Kenny Wyrick and Laura White Schlesinger . 34 Homecoming Queen V I I 2 1 I mf 4 a f N 1 4 1 1 I I J i Barbara 35 ..4' N x I . 5 ' A ttendants The coronation of Barbara Edwards as Tuscumbia's 1967 Homecoming Queen took place on February 10 during the half time of the homecoming game with the St. Elizabeth Hornets. Everyone, except the basketball boys and the coach, were held in suspense until the corona- tion. The candidates, Barbara Edwards, Charlotte Helton, and Sue Clement, were escorted to the center of the gymnasium by members of the basketball team . It g, Ls E Z lf . "Charlotte,' S"-E4 E17 K After the runner -ups were escorted to the stage, Barbara was presented a silver basketball on a matching chain by Larry Wyrick and was then escorted to her throne and given a dozen long- stemmed red roses along with her crown. "Queen Barbara" reigned over the remainder of the ballgame. 1 1 !fSueJJ A Sue fixes Barb's crown Captain presents necklace. l ' I .', Sweet Charlotte. Feet hurt, Sue? 37 1 , P gi Connie working hard. Ready to go? Reigning King and Queen Don't be nervous. Carnival Royalty SEN I ORS CLASS OFFICERS: Ronnie Clement, V-President: Ken Mar- RONALD KEITH CLEMENT tin, Presidentg Betty Halderman, Sec .-Treas. DENNIS JACK EDWARDS DAVID BERMAN GRANT BETTY JEAN HALDERMAN KENNETH JOE MARTIN 40 Q . LONNIE PAUL PHILLIPS LARRY GENE WYRICK Our pep club!! X YY A Gosh.. .!! Got something in your eye, Ron? la' Q f S What's on your mind, Dennis? Senior Directogf CLEMENT, RONALD KEITH Lettermen's Club 1,2,3,45 President Lettermen's Club 45 Student Council 45 Annual Staff 45 Class Officer 1,2,3,45 Librarian 3,45 Basketball 1,2,3,45 Baseball 1,2,3,45 Track 2,3,45 Junior-Senior Play 3,4. EDWARDS, DENNIS JACK Lettermen's Club l,2,3,45 Student Council 2,3,45 Annual Staff 35 Planned Progress 25 Class Officer 2,35 President 35 Basketball 2,3,45 Baseball 2,3,45 Track 45 Junior-Senior Play 3,45 Carnival Candidate 15 Salutatorian 4. GRANT, DAVID BERMAN Pilot Grove 15 Mexico 25 Pep Club 3,45 Treasurer Pep Club 4. I-IALDERMAN, BETTY JEAN School of the -Osage 25 Honor Roll 15 Pep Club 1,35 Class Officer 1,3,45 Softball 1,2,45 Track 3,45 Volleyball 1,3,45 Carnival Candidate 3,45.5Carnival Candlelighter 15 Homecoming Candidate 35 Junior-Senior Play 3,45 FHA 25 Betty Crocker Homemaker Award 4. MARTIN, KENNETH JOE Lettermen's Club l,2,3,45 Student Council 45 Annual Staff 45 Paper Staff 1,2,3,45 Editor Lion's Tale 45 Honor Roll 1,2,35 Class Officer 1,2,45 President 45 Basketball 1,2,3,45 Baseball 1,2, 3,45 Track 253,45 Carnival Candidate 25 Junior-Senior Play 3,45 Valedictorian 4. PHILLIPS, LONNIE Lettermen's Club 3,45 Pep Club 1,2,35 Class Officer 1,25 Junior-Senior Play, Stage Manager 3,45 Librarian 1,2,35 Basketball Manager 1,2,3,45 Baseball Manager 2,3,45 Track Manager 2,3. WYRICK, LARRY GENE Lettermen's Club 1,2,3,45 Paper Staff 3,45 Honor Roll 25 Class Officer 1,25 Basketball 1, 253,45 Baseball 1,2,3,45 Track 25 Carnival Candidate 3,45 Drafting, 2nd place rating. zmior-Senior Play ft 1' 5 W ,dkf .' -'f 'A f , ff I The cast for "It's a Great Life' takes time out to pose for a picture. 'UV if. 14' ' f'-7 .- V- A xg J' ,,5'f"i Y Y . K .1 q Dennis proposes to Betty in a scene from the play. 43 ff '.r '5 1-fix . n n ' i S I W I ' K 1 x f, Miss McGinnis, director, puts the final touches to the stage just before curtain time. GRP-M en bee MENU V Y-O Tomato wwe QI6XCOfl'l6-- - ----'f Y vesidem xl Xwvcaxion --f'- ----- W 1. Cbafles ileffdfich Cured H4111 wixb Yineawle Sauce OWXNEY- 0, 10 A 'Ydbme so me Senims --f- W. xt-me Redmond Y-oasm 'i oung, 'Yurhd Pr Acceptance '-'---- --f-- B em Bahlennan Baked Y omo S Seniof 'Nm ---- -f-- L on-nie Ybillips V bl S I ZW' 0 0' 4 aa cuss mopbm ------ --f- v. mama www X P-YPW me Remarks -f--f '--- N1 1. Xohn Ncxieelq R Coqee, 'Y ea, 01 N-ilk. Fmewetl -----f --f- S ,ard-3 Hatton W 44 Dang your stinkin hide. Now, try an 5 get away. S A Qi Bet'cha thought a girl like me cou1dn't read or write didn't ya? p,D Q, ww ie. LJ Who says we am dumb? The1'e's an old holler tree M , Down the road near me Where they lay off a gallon or two. I swear I missed my feller only this much. , 45 Seniors Receive S peeial Reeognizfion ul! 1, 15 1 I Dennis Edwards Salutatorian Ken Martin Valedictorian I I -.X X 1, ,I B ' l i L X Az sg A f-'CL Y , , , .A U, ' QM' I I fl B A i" f' nj: 5' lf B 1 . HEL. 4 -V Ronme Clement Most Valuable Baseball Player BGUY Haldefman Most Valuable Basketball Player Be'-TY Crocker Award Best All-around Athlete 46 Baccalaureate Service SUNDAY EVENING, May 14, 1967 Processional EIGHT O'CLOCK . . . . . . Frances Snodgrass Invocation . . . . Rev. Berman Grant Vocal Solo . "How Great Thou Art" . 1 . Judy Grant Baccalaureate Sermon . . Rev. Mark Sooter Benediction Recessional "We are . . . Rev. Berman Grant . . . Frances Snodgrass CLASS MOTTO on the tributary to success." CLASS FLOWER Roses CLASS COLORS Red and White Commencement Exercises FRIDAY EVENING, MAY 19, 1967 EIGHT O'CLOCK Processional ..... Invocation ...... Salutatory Address . Vocal Solo--"He" . Address ........ Associate Professor Presentation of Awards Valedictory Address . . . .Frances Snodgrass . . Rev. Berman Grant . . Dennis Edwards . .Judy Grant . . Dr. J. Ed Bennett Arkansas State U . . . Max E. Redmond Principal of T HS . . Ken Martin Presentation of 1967 Class ........... Charles Kendrick, Superintendent of THS Presentation of Diplomas . .john McNee1ey President of Board of Education Benediction . . . Rev. Berman Grant Recessional . . . . Frances Snodgrass Seven thoughtful Seniors . 2Q'ws1DsQgbDs'PoCD Dr. Bennett gives an inspiring message to the the Seniors. A proud mother congratulates her son. 48 Lonnie concentrates on keeping in step with the music. Betty, our only female graduate, takes her time walking back up the aisle. judy delivers a message in song. UNDER CLA SSMEN L sw, ,.1 .A 'H-' :nf-' "' ,N sua 1" f VAVQ "' ZLIZZOTS Class Officers Linda Prior--Secretary Ken Lee-President LeeRoy Phillips--Vice-President . rv w ., Brenda Ahart Richard Brumley Cathy Campbell Ronnie Dalton , -,L or N, r - 'R Connie Dalton Barbara Edwards Mike Edwards Charles Halderman 50 yr 4? ,, Sandy Horton Sharron Keeth , a- I , .gr , 'Cf' X Y 5 -: , W 3 - we 3: i fl. W 9' -N is ii 'f - WI Q he ' . LeRoy Phillips Linda Pryor 'U S T w . 1 " , 9-I ' .tl Kenny Lee Kay Miller mv Janie Schlesinger 6' e T Biuy wan .- ge Charlene Edwards Charlotte Helton bv-.YZ '-is Q , 'Vw l.: f N . ff 1' ' .A u 'N . X . ,Q , 1.1 David Horton Dorlas Roark Sophomores ,MVN ., m 'x 1 N 1 N P Linda Wyrick, Sec .-Treas .5 Debbie Ed- wards, Pres .3 Bob Shepherd, Reporterg Jim my Mace, V-Pres. ftn I li Dawn Hillhouse Jimmy Mace 1 W if we 5 - 1 Sammy Rush Bob Shepherd Linda Wyrick 52 l Debbie Edwards l la 1. if: A lb ll wf'w fe ,1Q1 Jerry Hawk Larry Matthews Phyllis Wilson 5?--as-up ,Q-H -j3ni7L""Q '4 hy... l',k,., I v,. . vga-- -. K' d ' at ,Q . I Bobby Ahart ig--T1' 'x W Beverly Elseman F reslzmen Class Officers Steven Wyrick--Treasurer Pam Snodgrass--Reporter Frank Schlesinger--V.-President Johnny Shackelford--President ' "' " 'TFETSI V ' . - I l' '-4, wnff' Judy Dallas Sue Ahart Burks Clem ent X .0 ' uv' 'I ,,,,vv Sherry Andrew David Flaugher Hawken Hawken 53 l i H-,QM - ' Q A xfi5',v':llI W Yi . la w f. Vicki Clayton Hensley Jenkins wma ' ' hivf JN lm S , Ronald ' ' Reed ji .E ' I, A ' Q 'TQ ' H na " 1 Johnny Shackelford Pam Snodgrass Jane Thompson 5 .a .wi N H, I , 1-:,. 'JW Q. J' Ill IL , if, I , P w ' ,bw ' Bobby Dale Jewell Klug Puckett Angela Smith Frank Schlesinger Steven Wyrick Linda Wright W JUNIOR HIGH amor Hzlglz Basketball Team BACK ROW: Roger Edwards, Manager, Donald Stark, Leslie Rob inett, Donald Horne, Coach Whited, Bobby Wright, Mike Dalton, Greg Snodgrass. FRONT ROW: Donald Edwards, Kenny Wyrick, Randy Graves, Mike McDonald, Alan Sullivan. unlor H iglz Cheerleaders BACK ROW: Martha Hawkes, Patsy Weitz, Sandy Wilson, Connie Lee, Cindy Flaugher. FRONT: Christine Abbett, Mascot, Pam Roark. V 56 Tommy Ash Jane Bilyeu Mike Dalton Roger Edwards Sarah Elseman Cindy Flaugher Martha Hawken Janie Hawk Donald Horne Willis Keeth Connie Lee Mike McDonald Dennis Phillips Pam Roark Greg Snodgrass Alan Sullivan Patsy Weitz Connie Wilson Sandy Wilson Donald Edwards -P 'v- X F 4 ' X lv -v Q C . , 1 . yuf,,,,, w x .e..,,g ., K.. l., A n" vwoxcuorx Q37 pg q , 0 'g'lt-ykfg we nvo' sv,-'n1,.n urcevot f 0 4,490 n 4. .4 1 Q n-av' C LASS OF FICERS Cindy Flaughter - -Treasurer Sara Elseman- -Reporter Pam Roark- -Secretary Connie Lee - -President Mike McDonald - -Vice -President ix l ,, 1 N ,-'vj' - -I-'f' 9' ll S Ne Xb , 'xl to lf l xl ' " 'Tia-T-Q, V f i h l Q Q 1 .5 f ,1 -An tif' :-112111, I N 'K QV V I, 'g ,- ' X ' "s P' 'v . .liiflvli .vu'I',4 "NLE- ' 'www w 1 H -' - ... uw--V ' 1 ,lil -' --" ' "1 -1 - - Y. . , 'N L' ' w i l - 5:-. X r a- 'er Bmw x if YN' Xi l rf' 'W .Q as-11 S P' 4 44 1 ,J fv- r f A0 A of yy '1 - "' l 3 -, 'K "et 2 . . ' Vx ' 1 5 -E :fn E-"4 4 ',,.L -1 ii " -, ,, , WU ., . W - E- li I yy W I' Jil I L D F nfl if - nn' 4 . xtif 57 st 1 it , Q-' -if J, , r 1 -.4 ff 'H M J -B Jam es Ash Mark Barnhart Joyce Horton Randy Keeth Pam Barnhart Johnny Mace Seventh Grade CLASS OFFICERS Randal Graves - -President Herbert Martin- -Vice -President Randy Keeth - -Secretary Terrie Edwards - -Treasurer jimmy Bell- -Reporter .F, ,5 U - A V r 7 ' 10515. I Jimmie Bell Herbert Martin Mattie Stark Donald Stark Kathy Wall Laura White Terry Edwards Randal Graves fl Leslie Robinett Steven Shackleford Bobbie Wright Kenny Wyrick GRA DE Sixth Grade 'W ,Ari L l my 't '- I1 , 5 v 'ls'-' A' ' . ' V uf' ' - E7 -vi' , , L .1 Layard Cross Debby Terry Sandy Bill Connie Leila Ahaxt Atwell Hendry Hensley Howard Jenkins , 'D JTST , L. -.fl ' ' .2 fl ' Fl 1 . E .. 5, L. . - if C 4. e-' L ,A .df 1. - E , -Q . . f.: , L -M. . 1 Y .E 4 Letha Debby Shiela Jay Paul Larry Paula Morehouse Roark Skiles Smith Sullivan Vanl-looser A K V V I I -AI VT, f , '5' V ,fi ,x g , A ,- ' ,V . ,. , ,i Y v - 1' 1 , , L . ' rf, . , - ,r . Ne , 0 1 x . N U , 5 ' v - ' ' ri W-.0 a X47 . we .4 M ,.,,V 5 1 r 1 A f 1 . 4"f"l. P " '- '1'-11. ':2Q:-':-'11.-3.51, 5 2 Sue Jarrett Lynette Bill Ronnie Iva Rhonda Mark Abbett Abbott Ahart Barnhart Caldwell Clement i W . y ' lf, , " 1 Q A, HL rl ' - XL- , .. x '1 ' I ' ' , 1 , wsggg -9 I 5 1 'X . w ' ' , Charles Marilyn Jolumy Danny John Bill Stephanie Flaugher Flaugher Graves Hawk Hawkin Hees Howard . 'S 1- ' r ' 1 ' ' '. If '- - J it 1 Q if '. f 4--if - if . 1 . . '.d4'- :J fi Q ' , - .' ' . - A ji ' :I , .,l, H, L , at nj V , .Nh l Ju: F' N . 'if' 5 "Q X.-if x fx kg. ... J A ' . T l 1- . W- f . - L ala! 21:5 Patricia James Carolyn Patrick D army Paul Debra Jackson Kelly Durham MacDonald Patterson Patterson Robinett W W yr -Ji .f- ' f - -1' , W e A t ' Y Y, ,h ' ' ' A I nl "hir A "2 .iff . ' -F1 " "" 1 5' ' , - in we 1,51 f Ill ' .- V 'N wr ' f' T' EM f".G' r r , Dorothy Jessie Richard Harold William Debra Danny Tommy Smith Stark Stark Stark White Wilson Wright 60 Q Connie Mace V f li'g Fl Ann Lee Wright 'fl ,. ,uv 'ci v. I . ,.x L 'f sm llfllllifli Timothy Elsernan .rs 4, L mtl 5 in M 61 ,xr 'S Loren Humphreys x James Skiles Karen Luttrell Fourth Grade A I A -M 1 .. . Q 15 V 4 Q ti ,. v L' J -, H .. I I rs ' fa lj fl 'T df f" 'M - A V L ' . L ' - 1' L ' L - N l I Jerry Billy Deborah Ricky Lllhzm Lane Ban-mart Burks Cross Clement f ig D-Y ,-l 3 'iw Mary Donna Jackie Sheron Hawken Hendry Hensley Horton , , ' , . A ' 1 fs' A , be - L 1 ' -e ::. -4 r if Qi v- l I Brenda Tommy Glenda Anthony Stark Snodgrass Tumer Wright E4 Q '- Nev .,- -- ,J V 'flwm . f Ire : 1'il1pi'l2lf32'S11?lim'f'a . - iq il Lv I u I hun A Th im' Grade Mary Gayla Cathy Esther Jarrett Ahart Burks Dalton . 4, 771 77735, l Y 5 , -YC , is l X l .U 1 NJ 'XX -f xr X l T ' .J Dale Sharla Regina Billy Jarrett Jarrett Kendrick Mace --f , - -. "ir " -,L . W W W by ,1. 1 , , 1 - 1' 3 ' ff 4 ,. bf .4 z Q , 4 -.rr-.IT e ' ' L91 .221 3 Max D. J. Jeanine Redmond Stone White nf Um-v ,Q .... - Q I " , v 1' lt ' ck P 1 -., Monty Robert Sandra Jimmy Graves Harrison Harrison Hawk M V 2 ar ,Q "I if J' X! ' ,, ' of veil . ff 'L . :V L x 'ff A 1 Deborah Kelvey Bryan Roger Patterson Patterson Patterson Stark 4 ---T3 q .Z ' 'ji-'T'r .. I it 5? ' I if , James Philip Deborah David Wright Wright Watts Winfrey 'ls r ' 1 y 9 s W -, - -RQ,-.., X "' ' ' Carolyn Gregory Guy Eastep Flaugher Jackson " Q L ,Q - I , 1- , Li , ' A 1 ijqli , , 4 Q. ' H AMD tariff, .31 Robert David Judy Morris Pendleton Rush 9 - ENN 1. fix rw H- Robert Lorraine Durham Tumer QMrs. jill McC1intic, second semester teacherg picture not avai1ab1e.J 61 Second Grade ii "Il -WTA ' , , 'G 2 "L", 3 294 ' Q7 L X f-1 , W rx if ' -1 f , ' t , x r js ir' ,, l 1 2 ' X A 5 - X Vw, Zena Barr Beverly Kitty Norris Mark Marsha Deborah Linda Phillip Ash BUYC11 Caldwell Clark Clark Cotten Durham Elseman , f -S 3, ' - "f 1-.ls I K 1 an . ' W 1 A. I W Y 5 'vrr ' ' ' fc- i 1 '. ,f-ff' rf' " ' ' ' ff W. El 415. .E Q- 1 v I -1. 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' l A ., . , 1 SlXX,'1'2'??ll.:l I ,, - - N sg 'V rf 'I 1 li' , M 1 i , fbi-.in -' l lr Paula Tim BC tty Ronnie D army Kathy Kenneth Morris Musick Musick Patterson Rush Schlesinger Skiles I H .. .L -f 1 -1 I, ,Q '-'H 'L ,. L'l',: .. , ii w x' I V R X I 1 - V W L V is il . , p , H.. I' 1 1,5 1--if 1 - ,f "ly wirfii E ,ff U ' Kenneth Michael Raymond Phillip Judy Tim Snodgrass Snodgrass Stark Smith Winters Tucker 62 Kindergarten r v 5 , .s ' , 1 Vivian Donald Brenda Sheri Christy Kendrick Abbott Ash Brookes Graves ,R h H a- - '- , f- 4 , L vr yr L, l ,Q . . is' ' 4'-1-KPN Victoria Phillip Patricia Darlene Cindy Kingery Lawson Martin Reischling Robinett l -, "'-'IW j?-g-Q' ' rl V 2 'i 1 ' .L .ik L-gt 5, V B Hn' E I 'M A --Y 1 it . 1, ' . .. ' . - , wi' rr" . 51 ...lg X X ,y -, V -Qin gg, 1" c 'I 'I bi fi -N . f 1 ' Ray Dean Rebecca Judie Daniel Monte Smith Snodgrass Stark Taylor Tucker li k l ,A ' 1 4 w"-f f .. Jffhrf T rl flrgh -1 - ,A f N E X 1-I - ul l! 5- 5 V4 Jack Thomas Mark Douglas Tommy Wright Wright Kessler Burks Bibbs . 'TDM 2 - e ef rw 5, , QM . l ' m W X Hr v Q ' l .Wy l JI' -iv V Q' -' ,- X , fl F' uw! 11' N .. Jenny Richard Graves Harrison ' ar r ' - 'fi ig, 1, 'V '. -it l A , Reginald David Rush Snelling x l V Q "V ull . in V 'F . Donald Ricky Turner White 63 Teachers' DZ.T6Cf07jl BARR, ZELLA Second Grade Iberia Junior College A.A. University of Missouri Lincoln University BRAMER, MARY LOU Art, Home Economics, Science Bachelor of Science Degree Northeast Missouri State College Central Missouri State College University of Missouri Seventh Grade Sponsor BROOKS, DORIS JANE Business, Guidance Bachelor of Science Degree Indiana Central College Master of Science Degree Indiana State University Yearbook, Newspaper, Cheerleader and Pep Club Sponsor Girl's Volleyball Coach Senior Class Sponsor CROSS, LAYARD Sixth Grade Life Teachers' Certificate Central Missouri State College FORMBY, WILLIAM English, History, Geography Chicago City College Bachelor of Arts Degree Arkansas State College Student Council Sponsor Freshmen Class Sponsor HWANG, DAVIS Industrial Arts Bachelor of Arts Degree Taiwan Normal University Master of Arts Degree Northeast Missouri State Teachers College, Eighth Grade Sponsor JARRETT, ESTHER Third Grade, First Semester Bachelor of Science in Education Cenu-al Missouri State College Bethany Nazarene College JARRETT, SUE Fifth Grade Bachelor of Science in Education Central Missouri State College KENDRICK, CHARLES E. Superintendent Bachelor of Science Master of Arts Degree Memphis State University Advanced Graduate Work University of Tennessee KENDRICK, VIVIAN JEAN Kindergarten, Remedial Reading Bachelor of Science Degree Arkansas State College LANE, LILLIAN L. Fourth Grade Southwest Baptist College Central Missouri State College Missouri University Lincoln University MCCLINTIC, JILL Third Grade, Second Semester Bachelor of Science in Education University of Missouri MCGINNIS, JUDITH KAY English, Speech Bachelor of Science Degree Lincoln University Advanced Study Lincoln University Sponsor Junior-Senior Play Cadet Girl Scout Leader Sophomore Class Sponsor REDMOND, MAX E. Principal, Coach, Math., Phys. Ed Bachelor of Science in Education Arkansas University Junior Class Sponsor SCHULTE, HAZEL First Grade Lincoln University University of Missouri WI-IITED, CLAUDE Biology, Math., Phys. Ed. Bachelor of Science- in Education Arkansas State University AD VER TISIN G Tuscumbia Remember You When You Have None ANY CF TU5eUMolA Bank of Tuscumbia Remember Us When You Have Money--We'Il Missouri Wright Studio NP, 'I N ' 1 Portraits with Personality Weddings--Children--Commercial Eldon, Mo. Mrs. John C. Wright Phone EX. 2-5341 BEST WISHES TO THE GRADUATING CLASS UREGAS Phone 493-2224 ' , 7 5 T -r ST. ELIZABETH T.V. 8g APPLIANCE Furniture for the Entire Home Sr. Elizabeth, Missouri COME IN TODAY ia Pryor Novelty Company , , yx , -,X I I fer ,ff A . W-...'.,..ns1awf... ' HSpecializing in Aromatic Red Cedar Phone EMpire 9-2355 Missou WRlGHT'S SERVICE, INC. CONOCO "Hottest Brand Going" Firestone and B. F. Goodrich Tires DRIVE-IN RESTAURANT EM 9-8893 Tuscumbia, Missouri American Bakeries Co. TAYSTEE COOK BOOK Bread Cakes 616 Boonville Ave.--Springfield, Mo. Phone UN 6-6616 A ENRICHED BREAD A 5 . -, -'VY . 4 .,-'A. .L 1 Q .I ' Anchor Milling Company Anchor Feeds--Hardware--Building Materials Eldon, Eugene, and Tuscumbia, Missouri Phone EM 9-2361 0 Kc R Poultry Company, Inc Fresh Ice Packed Fryer Chickens For the Best Dressed Poultry Phone EM 9-2359 Phone EM 9-2831 5' "The Home of Pasteurized Dairy Foods" GRADE A PASTEURIZED HOMOGENIZED MILK CENTRAL DAIRY s Lakeland Meat Company, Inc. A Complete Line of Restaurant and Institutional Meats Sea Food and Frozen Foods All Meats Government Inspected and Graded II8 Court--Phone 3I4-346-5853 8. 346-7233--Camdenton, Mo. 65020 -ff,f,,.f-a The Zlliller COMMQ7 qgfkQg " 'xx X' NN . Sign' I :JL X V. 11.1 an :- -rm...! - . Ji FIPS' li? Eli 2 . D X Official Paper! X D :XIQTJJER COUNTY Combining and Continuing T ,f Th D Tl'--Mr""", Miller County Autogram and The Miller County Sentinel pe f- fEsr. 18831 .lEst. 19055 Serving the People of Miller County and Their Interests 90+ STARK AGENCY YOUR HOME OWNED MONTGOMERY WARD STORE Phone EXpress 2-6551 Eldon, Missourn !'l!fER!?.E Burlingame Pontiac - Buick P0fVTlAC.. ' TX' on s"' --fx ' Buick E FE I I Pontiac Riviera Tempest --ff 'M Special GTO Buick 8 South Maple Eldon, Missouri Soles and Service New and Used Cars Areo Code 314 EXpress 2-5201 l Compliments of HILLCREST CAFE Qwhmux Mnunnn, . E ' E nloy e-i'?.' ,, BACKER'S POTATO CHIPS Central Missouri's Favorite Chip CRU Eldon, Missouri A MFA MS Ull'I'ICII'l, Missouri Gig Hardware 7F Fertilizers .. if , f EX 2 4815 Groceries and Feeds S 81 M SPORTS Other Stores Located at 2600055 Home Office 8. Warehouse Columbia--Springfield V Sedalia, Mo St. Joseph 0 DIV. OF S 8. M ATHLETIC GOODS 114 E. High Jefferson City, Mo. Ernie Jones Auto Sales Ernie Jones--Owner Highway 54 South Eldon, Missouri Plymouth, Imperial , A. iiwcigjga Rambler, Chrysler EX 2-5333 EX 2-5641 GMC Trucks, 2' Valiant Dodge Trucks 2 BLOCKS SOUTH OF DAM LAKE ozARK, Mo. CHICO'S "Home Cooked" Spaghetti Lake Ozark, M Choice Steaks O- f i I I DALTON 8. SONS MASONRY CONSTRUCTION ANN LEE'S Faminine Fashions Phone EX 2-6303 206 South Maple Eldon Missouri Tuscumbia EM 9-2862 - ,X j BANK OF EL I img- I 9 C I' I' '13, ,Nga omplmens ST. zsfffx- -A I of ELIZABETH xi Z vmx -4 Old Enough To Know-- Young Enough To Grow-- CARL'S SUPERMARKET Osage Beach, Missouri TOMPKINS CHEVROLET New and Used Cars BOB'S SERVICE STATION Tires--Tubes--Accessories EX 2'563I Hwy. 54--R.F.D. Eldon' Missoun If2 Mile South of Eldon, Missouri ff Nun Sgsms Phone--EXpress 2-4576 DUNSTAN DRUG CO. 6 ' Prescriptions THE LITTLE ANGEL SHOP COSVNGTICS Eldon Fulton Missouri Infant and Chil'dren's Wear l Veterinary Products IO8 South Maple Street Ph. EX. 2-546i--Eldon, Mo. DEFFENBA UGH OIL CO. Distributors Gas - Oil - Tires - Batteries and Accessories Phone EX 2-5283 olmuos I ' an 'fd WU get 59' Eldon Foodliner Every Day Low Prices Pius Top Value Stamps Eidon's Most Modern, and Complete Supermarket Open 7 Days a Week - rv it Flo ugher' s Grocery i i,i. V a 'QQEA f A CALHOON FURNITURE Furniture - Floor Coverings Luggage - Wallpaper Phone EX 2-4541 Eldon Missouri l.3,, 1-M mimi E Service Station Tuscumbia, Missouri Owner--Wade Fiougher Eldon Missouri EX 2- Charies J. Blum 205 South Maple 6565 BANK OF THE LAKE OF THE OZARKS A Progressive Bunk in c Progressive Area Gmwuufc 'f s' "- 5 oemosirs E 'Q UIIIEBQDIREID 6 ' na vnoviuioiuvui ' UINMIAGQCVGIIHI . . Lake Ozark Missouri KALLEN BACH'S FOOD MARKET! MISSOURI AQUARIUM Hwhere the fish eat from your handlu - - . . iv' , ruscumbia, Mo. Pl-.one EM 9 2391 r ,IM . -E , N, Largest private fresh water ' fi ne - - 'i'?gg.l1s'rQ4' Q-' aquarium in the United States 'lf-'4.g!.g5Qa:g:x' 0 ZZT' 'iii SKY LINE MOTEL iggfe? PAINT Por FIM!! Comfort 5fPYl5'f gay? Eldon, Mo. Sfffllfl you can afford x ' 5 15 Goon LUCK Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Atkinson mm ' ' L5 Lake Ozark Missouri I GRADUKHNG CLASS r IRWINS CLEANERS UREGAS Pickup and Delivery Fast and Prompt Service EX 2-539i QLJAlJ1'y S AND Envicif lYour Gasj Post Office Box IO 9 Eldon, Missouri Bulk and Bottled Gas For Home Your Heating and Air Conditioning Royal--Addo-X--Victor--R. C . Allen--Underwood Sales--Service--Rentals--New or Used CHECK OFFICE EQUIPMENT COMPANY I I7 East Miller Jefferson City, Mo. Phone: 635-7969 We Service What We Sell 16' 6,964.- 90 "4- uutllf, 0 wjf -" .sgnringhefal grocer gomloang '-.jm.- L 4, Wholesale Grocers if.-pei" 'Gif' 23 Main P.O. Box 229 Springfield, Missouri 65801 1 f Quality Groceries X. . Q, Shryack-Hurst Gro. Co. I 530 D State St S X X-X X-,Z 1 ' ' E ll ' Jefferson City, Mo. - X-If' nfs? Q- JACK SPRAT rooms Q 10,000 Items For Less! Compliments of 'XXXVX BANK OF ELDON OPIE' NTER ' Id "" Mo. mc. E on Ph guufusa-3872 2 .0 .- D. W. Opie Eugene, Mo. 65032 Eugrutulutiuns I vi. 'Q n 'lruv,,L ,avef "' Sunray Oil Company to the Graduating Class ' ' 9 Cltlzen S iw Commission Agents Bank of John McNeely--Bob Klug wwuuc Eldgn Phone Tuscumbia 1 c ,309 ' 5, EMpire 9-2560 2 3 9-2365 g oe-Posnrs Q '5 llllgwmgw 5 Service Station Q Al PROVIDEDINYMI Q ammo www Highway 54--Osage Beach, Mo. Bank of Friendly and Courteous Service Phone Day or Night ELDON SHOE STORE Ex. 2-4188 service "The Shoe Center" JOE E. BROWN Eldon, Missouri PLUMBING AND GAS SERVICE 'A Pump Repairs Eldon, Mo. SHEPHERD'S CREE MEE ,ig Eldon, Missouri 4 T M .F.A. CENTRAL COOPERATIVE M Eldon, Mo. - Q11-el ' 53? Q .Dauiry Supplies. 54 Grinding and Mixing 439 fl J' Feed, Produce, Seed Paint, Roofing and Wire 5 Qngruiuluiiuns to the graduating class ELDON DRUG CO. C. B. Whitney, Owner Cinch Ranch Box I16 - ELDON, MO. E. I. SCIIIIITE, owner Phones Town Office Ranch Office Residence EX 2-H630 EX 2-5535 EX 2-4970 ELDON MOTEL AND M F TEXACO SERVICE fx M F A Hwy. 54 and 52 South St, Elizabeth, Missouri Modern Cottages and Kitchenettes Hardware Jid and Anna Gensert Q5 Xoafeww F -'Nm in all ip ' IIIIPS Fertilizers Groceries and Feeds Compiimenfs of LEE MACE C o m p I i m e n t s of R I D G E W A Y ' S Eldon, Missouri Apparel For Ladies and Young Misses LLOYD H . ANDERSON Photographic Work of All Types fBicick 8. White, 810 S. Aurora Eldon, Mo. PHILLIPS FUNERAL HOME Since l906 Day Or Night Ambulance Service Call EX 2-5621 Ist and Oak Eldon, Mo. Compliments of -1. J .l...- 5 -4 - J.- J .I.- J J-Jn-L. A kt: A A kk A ic .'rv':h Jr ,c 1. k fr 1. A 1. . Compliments of ?1?v2:?:'rv':v?v'fv':vwrirvt K A Y ' S F U N E R A L H O M E ' 7'cv':1?v?:'rv'r:'r7?7'c7E:':7?7?:?v?:'r1?7'c1?9:1?7?v?7?7E:':1':7?v?7?:h?:': , B U D ,S C A F E Eld M. F. l,II11 on , I S SOLI I . 1 - 'W 'V 201 N Map e EX 2 5711 if' M, r "1 'Q 321':.'.e-f "' Y I Q53 A' Y L W -N 3 1 ef I, is E L D ON I g FURNITURE I COMPANY if ei V ' ., I"fW'FWFWNw .ai I 'tiff Giffjfjjzfzgff Eldon, Missouri ,I "1 4214! ' 'swf ' W QMEW r ' Daiiy Direct To Barnett--Brazito--Cole Cam P Etdon-+EtterviIIe--Mount Pieas Stover--Tuscumbia--VersaiIIe jsuinetrnuqu H 5 S MOTOR FREIGHT, INC. Eidon, Mo. Phone EX 2-53 I 5 Slit S FOUNTAIN MOTEL Room Phones Heated Pool 24 Air-Conditioned Units with Garages Located on U .S. 54 and State 52 in Eldon, Mo. Phone EX 2-5654 Compliments of DRIFTWOOD BOWL 8i RACEWAY Eldon, Missouri Air Conditioned 'i Television SHORELAND MOTEL Two Blocks from Bagnel Dam Lake Ozark, Missouri Phone--ENdicott 5-2345 KIRKWEG GARAGE Briggs Stratton Engines Pioneer Chainsaws Phone 493-2407--St.EI' b I1 1za et, Mo. MQ.. -AI I 'W G Zan., M TW - 23'-sw' s 1 1 E 2 9 M In v 1,-5. FORD TRI -COUNTY TRACTOR SALES Farm--Industrial Equipment Eldon, Missouri Phone EXpress 2-4937 Compliments of ELDON SKELGAS SERVICE Howard Scott-- Dean C Iawson "Service Is Our SpeciaIty" DON'S MARKET Groceries--Meats--Vegetables EMpire 9-2332 Tuscumbia, Missouri Compliments of ECKEN BERGER HARDWARE ' ' A Eldon Missouri NWI VT' I 6000. S - S ir - A IE we 3 W6 'Lx "iq ,gf i ,IQIN W III mo AMRKHT EQ ' I MFA INSURANCE COMPANIES f ,L MID-WAY BARBER sHoP f' .E L lim Robert--Glen ir -k ,qv I if f . I Q I - ' Twig? .5 -MA? II. X? . I f Pays To Look Well MEM INSURANCE Q.: PRATHER 31 SHACKLEFORD Tuscumbia, Mo. EM-9-2213 DOLBYS' MEAT PROCESSORS MCLAUGHLIN "The Very Best" Meats Cu stom P rocessing Freezer Lockers "On the Farm" Slaughtering EIdon, Missouri BIBLE STORE 408 South Maple Eldon, Mo. ,MIS fl IYIWI 'MQ V, SOUTHSlDE GROCERY l if, 4 r 11 Ax. AND 13'-W m P '-ffm' QQ SERVICE STATION Ms xx 'IFOROII EVANS Garland Adcock Y . . 1 9: l i'6ll5 TI.IScurnbIa MISSOLIVI rf '. I x X VW Qngrululuiiuns to the Mr ELDON GREENHOUSES 8 Mrs. Quentine Spencer graduating class 531 E. High St' IVY Phone EX 2-5173 SHELL SERVICE STATION SWT, Eldon' MO' , WWE S. ' V of Brice Flaugher eff'-in n -: gf fy, 'iI..5'1IIz 5 yi' Ili 'S Tuscumbia EX IIIM ML "'fJ.'T.7..'f1.- " N ' ,"1An.0'p BCOSTERS Harold Jones Rosanna Smith Ruth Setser Ina Johnston Archie Roark Genevieve Sullivan .lim McCall Byran Hix Wanda Wright Glenn Warren Collector's Office Kathryn Humphrey Dean Edwards Irwin Snodgrass Ella Swanson Bamber Wright A utogmlbhs if

Suggestions in the Tuscumbia High School - Memories Yearbook (Tuscumbia, MO) collection:

Tuscumbia High School - Memories Yearbook (Tuscumbia, MO) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


Tuscumbia High School - Memories Yearbook (Tuscumbia, MO) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


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Tuscumbia High School - Memories Yearbook (Tuscumbia, MO) online yearbook collection, 1968 Edition, Page 1


Tuscumbia High School - Memories Yearbook (Tuscumbia, MO) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 38

1967, pg 38

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