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1' V ' . ., M, 1g3,,,,,-.,m,,y? , A .,..v. U I 1 . ww 'M' F? . . 94 ff- X r. 1' ,QQ JAN W l!f.MiJ-TESEF pre se ntswn fm n 0 51 E9FnEXi,2?:P ok recall the happy days more arly and have an everlasting mory of our days in T.H.S.-- The Editor XWQA1 XGJQUZM 2 , 53 'egg fl , l V 'I 'I' islmwx si W' Tuscumbia High School To our wonderful Mom and Dad who, through their effort and encourage- ment are helping us prepare for a better life through education, we dedicate this annual. 'i Grade School 3 Board of Trustees Dr. M. E. Humphreys, President George Barron, Member Ansel Pryor, Vice-President Garrett Berry, Member Herman Abbett, Secretary Frank Martin, Member Lucian Mace, Member The Annual Staff Sponsor---Mrs, Rose Rice Editor-in-Chief---Doris Hendry Business Manager -------- Patsy Reed Assistant Editor---Bonnie Carico Art Editor ------------ Donna Turner Advertising Staff ---- Danny Hasty, Mary Myers, Jack Lupardus, Elaine Caby, Billy Wright, Wanda Warreng Photographic Staff---Alta Tyler, Marie Wickham, Joan Witt, Coleen Clark, Darlene Albertson. 4 FACULTY ffivk ..,.....f--""""'-1 NSN xx? QU Uv A ,, 'X -Y S.- ,. - 751515 L' - 1 ' ,. K ' :fr V 7 "lN2,:f Z. E M - A . ' ' - ,- ', - . ' v ' rr' xX'E.,I'i"'- T5 3 fu : 1EI'Zgf :L 59k35nv E. F. BRUNNER Superintendent REX R. WYRICK ROBERT E' CREWS Coach, Mathematics Music, English. Social Studies ROBERT E. LEE Vocational Agriculture ROSE M. RICE GARDIE SWANSON Commerce, Librarian Grades LZ-3 JESSIE NIXDORF LUELLA CONDRA Grades 7-8 Grades 4-5-6 6 XIX .i4V Ji... ,,,,,.. -J'-'-+11 X. lj1,,rf,-?'1T.'Qh- v gfagfg,jff'j.gLa Q f'?'2f'-fgfH2- ' V ww Z y flfk .- ,I uu- 5 Seniors VERNEICE JUNE BEARD "You'll find this lass a friendly one She does her work and has some fun." PATSY JANE REED "A jolly girl and musical too: Our cheerleader helps both me and you." DANIAL LEE I-IASTY "I-Iandsome, popular, mischievous, gayg He keeps hearts a flutter from day to day." OTIS HAROLD MUSICK "Carefree, smiling and always gay Ready to help you in every way." ELOISE WOOD "Quiet, dignified, perfectly true Excels in all she attempts to to." MARIAN LEE KING "This carefree, spark- ling, smiling lass A credit to the Senior Class." DONNIE PAUL MYERS "An all round student whom everyone knows His talents are many as onward he goes." , .s sm .pd 5 r X 'sflliv 1 ' A 'K ' ,..fw 31 0 ' 1 D115 MAXINE HENDRY "A carefree girl with a hesrt-vermin' smile To tell all her virtues would take quite a while." BONNIE JEAN CARICO "A charming loyal little lass A credit to our Senior Class." GERALD WICKHAM "ln Math he is ever wise ln this world he is sure to rise." LEROY CECIL PATTERSON "As handsome a guy ss you'd expect to find He'll help you on when you're behind." EARLINE THOMSON "Always planning s helpful deed To help her friends who are in need." MARY FRANCES MYERS "She's small and mighy like a rose A fsct that everyone knows." RONALD E. McDONAl.D "l'le's handsome and yet I little "shy" To attract his eye , the girls all try." 9 NW mm f N Senior Class History In the fall of 1947, twenty-three Freshmen took their first big step in life. We were all scared, but now that we are graduating, we are glad that we had our eye on the goal and have kept climbing. The twenty-three members of this Freshman Class were as follows: ' June Beard, Bonnie Carico, Bonnie Burks, Barbara Burks, Dexter Burks, Betty Burris, Danny Hasty, Avis Helton, Harold Hill, Tennyson Jarrett, Robert Jones, Mariah King, Ronald McDonald, Donald Myers, Harold Musick, LeRoy Patterson, Patsy Reed, Earline Thomson, Gerald Wickham, Eloise Wood, Nancy Wood Omega Workman, and Velda Wright. Our group elected Robert Jones, President: Gerald Wickham, Vice-President: Barbara Burks, Secretary and Treasurer. Tennyson Jarrett and Omega Workman took the spotlight as candidates for the king and queen contest. ,Later in the year we welcomed to our class, Mary Myers, who came from our neighboring school at Iberia, and Doris Hendry who came from our nearby town of Waynesville. We then had a total of twenty-five Freshmen. During this Freshman year we presented the play entitled, "Coming Around the Mountain." Mrs. Hazel Smith kept this class under control. A smaller group consisting of nineteen returned to Dear Ole T.H.S. in 1948, to begin year two in our upward climb. The members leaving us were: Barbara Burks who moved to Illinois: Robert Jones who went to Osage: Velda Wright who was lost in the Sea of Matrimony, and Harold Hill and Nancy Wood who left us dur- ing the summer. Omega Workman left us after about a month's stay with us--thus leaving us a total of eighteen Sophomores. Class officers for this year included President, Gerald Wickham: Vice-President, Marian King: Secretary and Treasurer, Omega Workman: and Reporter, Patsy Reed. After Omega Workman left us her vacancy was filled by Avis Helton. During our Sophomore year Mary Myers and Marian King had the honor of being chosen as cheerleaders. Our king and queen contestants were Marian King and Danny Hasty. Mrs. Ruth Barron sponsored our class this year. 1949-'50 was our busiest year, but we had seventeen jolly Juniors to take care of the task. We lost Tennyson Jarrett this year. Officials steering this group con- sisted of the following: President, Marian King: Vice-President, Mary Myers: Secretary and Treasurer, Bonnie Carico: Reporter, Danny Hasty, and Bulldog, Gerald Wickham. This year Mary Myers and Bonnie Carico were chosen as cheer- leaders. We had three members of the Girls' Basketball Team. These three were Marian King, Eloise Wood, and Bonnie Burks. Doris Hendry, Bonnie Carico, June Beard and Patsy Reed were substitutes. For the Boys' Team we had Don Myers, Otis Musick and Dexter Burks on the "A" Team and Ronald McDonald, LeRoy Patterson and Danny Hasty as substitutes. Our Junior Class play was "Bessie the Bandit's Beautiful Baby". Three of our class members fPatsy Reed, Bonnie Carico, Gerald Wickham, were members of the Junior-Senior Play--"The Haunted Chair". The Junior -Senior Banquet, which we had been working for and the Seniors had been waiting for, took place at Campbell's Lake House. This year Mrs. Fancher kept us on the right road. ln September, 1950, we began our last year at T.H.S. Patsy Reed presided over the fifteen returning students: with Eloise Wood, Vice-President: Bonnie Carico, Secretary and Treasurer: and Mary Myers, Sergeant-at-Arms. Missing members were Avis Helton and Bonnie Burks who were lost in the Sea of Matrimony. Patsy Reed represented our class as one of the four cheerleaders. Donald Myers and Patsy Reed represented our group as king and queen candidates. Our Senior play entitled "Which Shall, He Marry" was presented in February. Rex Wyrick sponsored this never-to-be-forgotten Class of 1951. 10 Class Will We, the Senior Class of l95l of Tuscumbia High School, of the County of Miller, and of the State of Missouri, do hereby make, publish and declare this as our last and only will, revoking all wills heretofore made by us. We, being in sound mind after four strenuous years, will the personal qualities to our long suffering undergraduates To the janitor, all the paperwads, pencils, books, etc. left behind to burn. To Mrs. Rice, the Senior Class wills their ability to be happy, and also the ability to get the Annual out before the end of school. To Mr. Crews, all the tones, one-half steps, whole steps, and scales in music, and also all the noise made on the back row by the boys. To Mr. Wyrick, all the direct and indirect lights, and also all the old tennis shoes and basketball equipment and chewing gum left behind. To Mr. Brunner, we will all the manners he taught us in Today's Problems Class, and also the ability to keep a crew cut. To Mr. Lee, the Senior Class wills the field trips, shop work, and all he had taught them about soils. f To Howard Adcock, Donnie Myers wills his parking place at the gravel pile. To .Tack Lupardus, LeRoy Patterson wills his ability on the basketball team, and to Don Myers his parking place at Warren's. To Paul Lovell, Ronald McDonald wills his ability to get along with other people, and all his smartness in Health Class to Elaine Caby. To Harold Wickham, Dexter Burks wills his ability to flirt with all the girls. To Dorrell Wilson, Danny Hasty wills his ability to drive recklessly and wills Alta Tyler to Ronald McDonald. To Duaine Kallenbach, Otis Musick wills his ability to get along with girls. To Marge Humphreys, Mary Myers wills her big mouth and to Gaynelle Kallenbach her quiet ways. She also wills to Marie Wickham her backyard swing which was handeddown to her last year. To Darlene Albertson, Marian King wills her ability to get a man and keep him, which was willed to her last year, and to Marie Wickham she wills her ability to get along with the kids at school. To Kathleen Doherty, Doris Hendry wills her place on the basketball team, and to Elaine Caby her ability to get along with teachers. To Peggy Bilyeu, Patsy Reed wills her tennis shoes, and to Donna Turner her ability to make noise in study hall. To Kathryn Graham, June Beard wills her ability to play basketball, and to Jo Ann Beard her tennis shoes so she won't have to buy any. To Gaynelle Kallenbach, Eloise Wood wills her ability to play on the basketball team and to Dixie Sooter her singing ability. To Karen Fischer, Earline Thompson wills her fingernails and also to Gaynelle Kallenbach her ability to chew gum with her mouth closed. ln witness whereof, We, the Senior Class have set our hand and seal hereto this eighteenth day of May in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and fifty-one U95 ll. I 1 ' ll Senior Class Prophecy THE BIG ROAR EDITOR: DANNY HASTY Born to the former Miss Bonnie Carico were three little red-headed sailors. They were born at exactly 3:00 yesterday morning and all are doing fine, including their proud papa. Our local editor, Danny Hasty, has just returned from the Indianapolis Speedway where he won the National Championship for hot-rod racing. As most of us remem- ber, Danny's ability to turn corners on two wheels dates back to his high school days. Corning soon to the Metropolitan Opera House is Otisian Harolde Musick, the great tenor soloist. It is a well-known fact that this great singer got his start in the high school at'Tuscumbia, Missouri. Oddie, we knew you'd get something out of music class! A graduate of the Gooiey Grinders School of Painless Dental Surgery is Ronald McDonald, son of Mr. and Mrs. Roy McDonald of Ulman, Missouri. If the anesthetic isn't strong enough, Ronald, just give them a whiff of that perfume! Miss Patsy Reed, the well-known "Grand Ole Opry" star is home visiting her parents. She has just replaced the late Minnie Pearl. We have just received word that the famed engineer, Gerald Wickham, has com- pleted a Trans-Atlantic bridge from New York to Paris. Gerald is quoted as saying, ' "The strain and worry caused me to lose forty pounds." ' A new girls' physical education instructor, Miss Mary Myers, has been employed by our high school. Also a new boys' instructor, Mr. Jerry Setser has been employed Just can't keep those two apart! The former Miss Marian King and her small son, John, Jr., left home Thursday for Fort Intelligence, to be with the husband and father. Winner of the National Safety Council's Best Driver of the Year Contest is Miss Eloise Wood, an ambulance driver from the "Cure or Kill Hospital". Happy driving, Eloise! Madame Doris Hendrya, "The Big Roar" fashion coluxnnist, has just returned from New York, where she attended the previews of the latest Paris creations. "Woo, woo," says Miss Hendry. Dexter Burks, the great Historian, has just published a book entitled "Learn Arnerican History in Six Months." Professor Burks has a wide source of knowledge along this line. A noted lecturer and p-p-p-public s-s-s-speaker, Donald Myers, will give a lecture at the City Hall, Friday, .Tune 19. A large crowd is expected to attend as his subject, "Constructive Thinking Along Educational Lines," is an interesting one. Earline Thomson, often called "Annie Oakley, the Second", has won first prize in the annual Sportsman's Contest. She won this for her fine marksmanship with a I2-gage shotgun. Voted best housekeeper of the year by the Swishy Dish and Housekeeping Maga- zine is June Beard fAhartj. She was selected from numerous applicants. All that cooking practice at the carnival is helping you out now, isn't it, June? We are glad to see our town expanding. Among the new buildings taking shape is the Bue-pont Garage, owned by LeRoy Patterson and Sons. All those flat tires you fixed on lonely country roads late at night were good practice, LeRoy! 12 gll Qwmy .. ng, 4 A 5 S , fdf. a-if 3 Senior Whois' Who CLASS COLOR Red and White FLOWER Red Rose CLASS SONG Tune--Farewell to Thee Our high school days The parting hour has come so soon And we dream, while Of the four years we Chorus: swift the moments pass-- spent in T.H.S. MOTTO Not the end, but the beginning. have come to an end Farewell to thee, Farewell to thee: Our high school days have come to an end-- But we will hope for a brighter day to come, When we shall meet our friends again. We will miss the sports and the plays, And the parties, banquets, too All the sadness we cannot say-- As we bid farewell to you. I une Beard Ambition--Get Married Saying--"Well, good-nite! Dexter Burks Ambition--Get Married Saying--"I love you truly. Bonnie Carico Ambition--Be a Secretary Saying--"Gel-ly!" Danny Hasty Ambition--Get Rich Saying--"I don't know." Doris Hendry Ambition--Be a Secretary Saying - -' ' Pon-me -honor. ' Marian King Ambition--Get Married Saying--"No doubt." Ronald McDonald Ambition--Invent a Flying Saucer saying----on: shaun" Eloise Wood Ambition - -A W ave Saying--"Well--Well!" 14 Otis Musick Ambition--Get Married Saying--"Dad-gurn-it "' Donnie Myers Ambition--Go to Montana Saying--"Do tell!" Mary Myers Ambition--Be a Secretary Saying--"My Cow!" LeRoy Patterson Ambition--Get Married Saying--"No, Sir!" Patsy Reed Ambition--Be a Secretary Saying--"Well, I'll be!" Earline Thomson Ambition - -Photogr apher Saying--"Shuck5,." Gerald Wickham ' ' Ambition--Go to College Saying--"Oh, Yeah!" '75 wi iam s... J A 'Gil .Wk ini rm wil xx wx was une -nu . . 1 W I f .,r"r- xi ,N wif, ' 4f:Q t msgs 1-f1fQ ,v3Qg.A ', ff.. . U 5 'iff' 'i f 'Q . ' 2' i 1 ' ,g ,IL Q- p. P 1 , r A 4 ' -'-y. ,Q , . if 4. s .tg V, ,, s ,ing L:4'.','. . I' N K N' Lv . nd . . , W N Af 3 "' -1 A , E' M1 'VK W 3 'Q Y, N V A 8 Q 4 ,U A 1:3 if , Q' ' 'Nh '- 5 'Qu ' 15 Junior Class History Coming into a new and different environment that fall of September, 1948, seven- teen eager Freshmen entered the halls of T.H.S. After adapting ourselves to new conditions, we elected our class officers. They were as follows: Harold Wickham, President, Ima Brumley, Vice-President: Elaine Caby, Secretary-Treasurer: Wanda Warren, Reporter. Ima Brumley was chosen as candidate for queen, and James Shelton as candidate for king. About the middle of the school year Ima drop- ped out of the class: Wanda Warren took her place as candidate for queen. The class sponsor was Mrs. Ollie Atkinson. In the fall of 1949, nineteen students, -growing in importance, began another term at T.I'I.S. The following officers were chosen: Jim Keisker, Presidentg Wanda Warren, Vice-President, Alta Tyler, Secretary-Treasurer: Elaine Caby, Reporter. Again this year, Wanda Warren and James Shelton were our king and queen candi- dates. Two one-act plays were presented by the class: "A Date for Bobby Sox" and "The Little Red Schoolhouse." Mrs. Humphreys sponsored our activities during the year. Reduced to sixteen, this ambitious group entered T.H.S. in the fall of 1950 as Juniors. Finding that our responsibilities were greater, we inet the challenge and brought honors to the Junior Class. With the leadership of Alta Tyler as President, Elaine Caby as Vice-President, Wanda Warren as Secretary-Treasurer, and Patsy Beck as Reporter, we did well in many activities. The hustle of our group was amply demonstrated when, with much work and anxiety, Alta Tyler and Harold Wickham were crowned king and queen of the school at the school carnival. Our three-act play, "The Campbells Are Coming" was directed by Mr. R. Crews. Alta Tyler was chosen as a cheerleader, and several class members were on the basketball teams. One of the outstanding social events was the big "feed" sponsored by the Juniors at the Junior -Senior Banquet. This year our group was counseled by Mr. Robert Crews. Such a successful year in T.l-LS. predicts success for the future Seniors of 1951. Sophomore Class History ln the fall of 1949 twenty-seven timid and green Freshmen entered the halls of T.H.S. to begin our work for future careers. Out of the twenty-seven, Mary Warren was elected President, Rose McCoy, Vice:-President: Coleen Clark, Secretary- Treasurer: Darlene Albertson, Reporter: and Raymond Graves, Bulldog. We were proud of Mary Warren, who in her first year, made a substitute on the Girls' Basket- ball Team. Marie Wickham, Kathleen Doherty, Rose McCoy, and Dorothy McCaw1ey were chosen as Pep Squad leaders. Our king and queen candidates were Raymond Graves and Darlene Albertson. Our helpful sponsor was Mr. R. E. Lee. During the year the Sophomore Class had two plays, "Life O' The Party", and "Jerry Breaks A Date", under the direction of Mrs. Hazel Humphreys. On September 5, 1950, there were only twenty-two starting their Sophomore Year--with the loss of six and gain of one, Howard Adcock. For class officers we selected Mary Warren, President, Darlene Albertson, Vice-Presidentg Rose McCoy, Secretary and Treasurerg Coleen Clark, Reporterg James Clark, Sergeant-at-Arms. Marie Wickham and Howard Adcock were our queen and king candidates. Kathleen Doherty was elected as a member of the Pep Squad. Mrs. Rose Rice led us through this Sophomore year. 16 1, 'ii r-Qu. -... 'V 'Ki ,gg N 'S l!.f'l Juniors TOP ROW: Jack Lupardus, Billy Gene Wright, Duainc Kallenbach, Harold Wickham, James Shelton, Dorrell Wilson. SECOND ROW: Patsy Beck, Dixie Sooter, Elaine Caby, Marjorie Humphreys, Fern Wood. FIRST ROW, Alta Mae Tyler, Joyce Barron, Gaynelle Kallenbach, Wanda Warreri, Barbara Patferson. Sophomores TOP ROW: James Clark, Robert Jones, Raymond Graves, .Terry Wyrick, Howard Adcock, Paul Lovell, Gene Jones, James Vaughan. SECOND ROW: Coleen Clark, Kathryn Graham, Marie Wickham. Mary Warren, Rose McCoy, Karen Fischer, Nelda Helton, Donna Turner. FIRST ROW, Dorothy McCawley, Petty Bilyeu, Darlene Albertson, Kathleen Doherty, Wanda Burks, Jo Ann Beard. 17 Freshman Class History In September, 1950, fourteen Freshmen, four girls and ten boys, entered the portals of T.H.S., for a high school education. Five of us attended the Tuscumbia Grade Schoolg namely, Janet Hix, Dixie Burks, Ronald Swanson, Billy Berry, and Stanley Hill. The remaining nine came in from the surrounding country schools. To guide us on the untried paths this first year, we selected Dixie Burks, Presidentg Ronald Swanson, Vice-President: Marie Kallenbach, Secretary and Treasurerg Joan Witt, Reporter: John McNeely, Bulldog. Joan Witt and Donald Patterson were our queen and king candidates for the annual school carnival. In our school parade we had five small express wagons decorated with our class colors--black and yellow. Stanley Hilltand Ronald Swanson are our outstanding members in athletics. Our winner roast, held at Dog Creek, began the social "whirl" in T.H.S. We had a lot of fun and plenty of good things to eat. This Freshman Class sponsored by Mr. R. E. Lee, will be favorably heard from again. Eighth Grade Class History Some of us remember distinctly the scared group of boys and girls who started to school in Tuscumbia for the first time in September, 1943. This group consisted of three boys and four girls: namely, Bernard Lewis, James D. Winters, Gail Workman, Joan Blair, Jeanene Keeth, Billie Pryor, and Senah Shroyer. During our second year, 1944, Leroy Vaughan, Jerry Rowland, and Lloyd Berry were added to our little group. As third graders in 1945, we lost Bernard Lewis, James Winters, Joan Blair, and Jerry Rowland, but welcomed the enrollment of Warren Brumley. ln 1946, Kenneth Hawkin and Farris Wall joined our fourth grade class making a total of nine. Our fifth year, 1947, we lost Kenneth Hawkin and Farris Wall but were happy to have Kenneth Keeth join our happy group. One of the not-to--be-forgotten events of that year was the grade shcool Operetta, "The Children of Butter-Cup Commons' given April 30, 1948. The new faces that greeted us as sixth graders were: Betty Hendry and Mary Wood. Carolyn Jenkins entered December 13, 1948. Gail Workman moved to Eldon, January 3, 1949. We remember the "biased dignity" acquired upon leaving the grades and pass- ing into Junior High School in the fall of 1949. Mary Wood was absent from our roll call. Churchill Keeth entered September 19. The long-awaited eighth year finally rolled around with the following as mem- bers of the graduating class: J eanene Keeth, Billie M. Pryor, Senah, Shroyer, Lloyd Berry, Leroy Vaughan, Kenneth Keeth, Betty Hendry, Mary Wood, who came back with us this fall, Carolyn Jenkins, Churchill Keeth, and Patsy Adcock, who also enrolled in the fall term of 1950. Jeanene Keeth, Billie Pryor, and Senah Shroyer were the only three to complete their entire eight years here in the Tuscumbia Grade School. - This milestone which we have reached is a joy to our parents, teachbrs, and friends and a happy day for us. We are inspired and encouraged to go forward with our education in high school. Though we will never be assembled together again as we have been this past year, let us keep in mind what is expected of us: that possibly the greatest of all virtues is patriotism, which stands for peace among Nations and that when we salute the flag, as we have done these past eight years, let us firmly resolve that we shall do our share and be worthy to be called an American Citizen. 18 .,.,L. Y, f -ao-f ws.. T W inane-f ww- M- W., are-nf - ,,.,LA,,', "N, ,J ar ,ra W U -a .........,,,, C . -1 i - wk an 1 ' ' , - 5.4. .1 1 Freshmen W' . e,--..Lf" M ' '- 'vw X. THQX ML. - J. .,..., 38,1 ' . wer -3-iw.: AE." TOP ROW: Henry He-ldstab, Roy Bear, Ronald Swanson, John McNeely, Stanley Hill, Billy Berry, Frank Horton, Donald Thomson. FIRST ROW: Robert Kessler, Joan Witt, Janet Hix, Marie Kallenbach, Dixie Burks, Donald Patterson. --........ fs. ,QA .v -vu Grades 7-8 TOP ROW: John Jenkins, Eva Jo Matthews, Lloyd Berry, Kenneth Keeth, LeRoy Vaughan, Shirley Hill, Jerry Burks. SECOND ROW: Miss Jessie Nixdorf, Mary Wood, Senah Shroyer, Patsy Adcock, Billie Pryor, Betty Hendry, Lela Mae Berry. FIRST ROW: Shelby Keeth, Jeanne Keeth, Shirley Hunt, Betty Flaugher, Carolyn Jenkins. 19 Q , Qflsl in Grades 4-5-6 TOP ROW. Allan Burks, Ronald Hunt, James Abbett, Edwin Abbett, George Wright, Harold Hawk, Donald Slone, Clifford Hill, Dicky Hendry, Butch Hicks. SECOND ROW Miss-,Luella Condra, Karen Wyrick, Donnene Keeth, Ruth Wright, Mildred Matthews, Barbara Porter, Helen Albertson, Ruby Berry. FIRST ROW Nadine Keeth, Louise Keeth, Jane Jenkins, Wanda Albertson, Susan Humphreys. 'li ,Q , Q Q, '-'F 'll Grades I -3 TOP ROW. Joe Pryor, Morris Wilson, Mitchell Keeth, Richard Hill, Mike Lightfoot, Max Pryor, Dorsey Hammacker, Jim Pryor, Jerry Hawkins. SECOND ROW: Miss Gardie Swanson, Earl Wilson, Gene Hicks, Jerry Hicks, Mary Jenkins, Mary Robinett, Kay Wilson, Marjorie Robinett, Jo Ann Casey, Darrell Hunt, Bil1Condra, Arthur Jenkins. FIRST ROW: Janis Zimmerman, Anne Russell, Rose Marie Rice, Nancy Slone, Patsy Burks, Kathy Martin, Carolyn Barron. 0 20 'Z' VR Haw xy M ACTIVITIES Nff 2 favs? , :xl hx Rx 1? 5' ud"5 School Carnival Friday morning, October 27, 1950, we were all busy. The day of thebig parade and carnival had arrived! The Freshmen were working on their float in the work shop so that we would not see the work that they had done. The other members of the different' classes were decorating their floats out in front of the schoolhouse. The morning was spent in getting ready for the parade! Many people were on hand to see the parade. The Seniors-led the parade. Their king and queen, Donnie Myers and Patsy Reed, were on the wagon which was pulled by a tractor driven by Gerald Wickham. The Juniors were next in line with their king and queen, Harold Wickham and Alta Tyler, in the buggy drawn by two horses driven by Duaine Kallenbach. The Sophomore king and queen, Howard Adcock and Marie Wickham, were seated in the panel truck driven by Raymond Graves. The Freshmen used small express wagons. Their king and queen candi- dates were Donald Patterson and Joan Witt. Mr. R. E. Lee pulled Joan Witt in one wagon, and Stanley Hill pulled Donald Patterson in another wagon. Mrs. Ruth Abbott, sister of the former queenfLoisV Edwards,, took pictures of the entire parade. Many others took pictures. After the parade we all went to study hall where the teachers assigned us what stands to work in, and at what time we were to work. At seven o'clock the carnival was well on its way. Before long the gymnasium was full of people. The cake walk was one of the main activities. The cakes were gone by nine o'clock. The basketball fans of the town took many chances at the basketball throw. The lunch stand was in the agriculture room, where they had very good eats--THANKS to Danny Hasty! Some people spent part of the evening in the movie that was in the Sophomore home room. This picture was shown three times. After the show, there was dancing. It was soon getting time for the count of the votes for the kings and queens. For a time the Juniors U-Iarold Wickham and Alta Tyler, were ahead--but not for long--the Sophomores KHoward Adcock and Marie Wickham, were soon up with them, and at one time were ahead. Money came from all sides for both classes, but in the final count the Juniors won. The final count of the votes were as follows: Juniors QI-Iarold Wickham and Alta Tyler,, 5389 votesg Sophomores lHoward Adcock and Marie Wickham,, 3280 votes, Freshmen QDonald Patterson and Joan witty, ll68 votes: and Seniors lDonnie Myers and Patsy Reed,, 611 votes. At eleven o'clock the newly chosen king and queen, Harold and Alta, took the throne. This was the prettiest event of the evening. First, to begin the entrance, was Kathleen Doherty, the escort of the former queen, Lois Edwards, and Marjorie Humphreys, the pianist, who took their places. The march began with Arthur. Jenkins, who carried the King's crown, and Janis Zimmerman, who carried a bouquet of flowers for the new Queen, Alta Tyler. The Senior king QDonnie Myers, and queen fPatsy Reed, were next, followed by the Freshman king QDonald Patterson, and queen Uoan Witt,g and next in line was the Sophomore king U-Ioward Adcock, and queen fMarie Wickham,g which in turn were followed by the winning King fl-larold Wickham, and Queen fAlta Tyler,. Queen Lois was seated on the throne She crowned Alta, Queen, stepped down, and Queen Alta crowned Harold as King. Janis presented the Queen with a bouquet of flowers. After the coronation, the other kings and queens marched off the stage. Kathleen Doherty escorted retiring Queen Lois. Next, the prizes were given away. The door prize--a table lamp--was given to Donald Strange of Eldon. The next prize--an electric mixer--was won by Mrs. Jack Edwards. , A very enjoyable evening was had by all attending. Our school carnival of 1950 was a big success!! ZZ The Carnival Parade of 1950 JUNIORS i Jgfhx 4 -23-51, A ' FRESHNI EN GRDS SENIORS SOPHOM OR ES 4 wr JL nw-.4i,2r Q King and Queen Contestants Donnie Myers, Patsy Reed, fScniorsjg Howard Adcock, Marie Wickham, fSophomorcsl' H:-iroid Wickham, Alta Tyler, Uunxorsig Donald Patterson, Joan Witt, ilfreshmenl. RETIRING OUEEN LOIS EDWARDS CROWNING OUEEN ALTA TYLER Z4 Q mm 16 0-K 1. Christmas Musical Program The Christmas Musical Program was presented in the high school auditorium at 8:00 o'clock, December 18, l950. The students of the grade school and the girls of T.H.S. presented this program under the direction of Mr. Robert E. Crews. The auditorium was decorated by five Junior girls lPatsy Beck, Joyce Barron, Dixie Sooter, Gaynelle Kallenbach, and Marjorie Humphreys, with cedar boughs and red ribbons. The Christmas tree was beautifully decorated. The stage was dimly lit up with-blue lights. The grade school students wore dress clothes--the girls of T.H.S. wore formals The ushers were Marian King, Alta Tyler, Mary Myers, and Bonnie Carico. Narrator was Mary Warren, Pianist was Wanda Warren. The program was as follows: l. Jolly Old Saint Nicholas . Up on the House Top .... .... G rades l-2-3 Z. Deck the Hall The First Noel ................ .... G rades 4-5-6 3. Hark, The Herald Angels Sing O Little Town of Bethlehem- ........ ........ G rades 7-I 4. 0 Come, All Ye Faithful .............................. Girls' Glee Clul 5. I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day .............................. Trio QPatsy Reed, Kathleen Doherty, Rose McCoy, 6. Joy to the World ..................................... Girls' Glee Club 7. White Christmas ................. ...... P atsy Reed 8. Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer Marshmallow World ............................................ Duet lKathleen Doherty, Rose McCoy! 9. The Lord's Prayer .............................. Marjorie Humphreys 10. Silent Night .................................. ...... G irls' Glee Club Christmas Party On Friday afternoon, December ZZ, 1950, the students and teachers of T.H.S. gathered in the high school auditorium for our annual Christmas party. Patsy Reed sang "Marshmallow World" and "White Christmas." Mr. Robert E. Crews played several special numbers on the piano. Mr. Robert E. Lee gave us several selections on the harmonica. The group sang Christmas carols. Refreshments of pop and cookies were served. The exchanging of gifts was the climax of the party. Santa Claus was played by Mr. .Crews. His helpers were Howard Adcock and Danny Hasty. Santa Claus was very generous to the "A" Basketball Team --he searched away into his pack! Helper Danny Hasty presented the gift to Coach Wyrick, who in turn presented it to the team--a bottle of Hadacolf Santa Claus was also generous to all present. Everyone received nice gifts. Christmas cards were also delivered. The words, "Merry Christmas" and "Happy New Year" echoed through the auditorium. We all left--yes,' you've guessed it--looking forward to the holiday vacation beginning December ZZ, 1950, through January 1, 1951. 26 Ma Brannigan. . . . Catalpa Tapp. . . Berty Brannigan Dick Brannigan. Bildad Tapp .... Cyrus Scudder. . Jeffrey Scudder. Kaye Brannigan. Dramatics in the Lions THE CAMPBELLS ARE COMING QA Farce-Comedy In Three Acts, Presented by Junior Class January 18, 1951 . . . . . . . . the hillbilly servant. . . . . . . . . . . .Ma's younger granddaughter. . . .........Ma's grandson......... . . . . . . .Catalpa's father. . . . . . . . . . who wants to marry Ma. . . . .........hisnephew......... . . . . . . . . . . . Ma's elder granddaughter. . . . Kingston Campbell ............... Kaye's fiance ...... Mrs. Augusta Campbell ....... h is aristocratic mother. . . Synopsis of Scenes Den . . . Dixie Sooter . . . . who lives for her grandchildren . . . . . . . . . E1aineCaby Gaynelle Kallenbach . . . James Shelton . Dorrell Wilson . Jack Lupardus .....Bi11 wright . . . . . . .Joyce Barron Harold Wickham . . . Marjorie Humphreys The entire action of the play takes place in the living room of Ma Brannigan's home . Act I . . . About ten o'c1ock on a June morning Act ll . . . Two days later at eleven A.'M. Act Ill . . . A few minutes later WHICH SHALL HE MARRY QA Comedy In Three Acts, Presented by Senior Class February 16, 1951 . . . . the mother of the Randolph girls. . . Elaine Randolph. . . . . . . . . the beauty of the family .... . . Mrs. Randolph. . Sus an Randolph ...... . . . .the brains of the family. . . . Patience Randolph .... .... t he gooo angel of the family. . . Frankie Randolph. . . Mary Jane Randolph. . . . Magnolia ....... Mr. Hinman .... Dick Evans. . . . . . . . the athletic member. . . . . . . . the youngest and plainest. . . . . . . . . the colored cook. . . . . . ......the lawyer........ . . . an eligible young man. . . . Synopsis of Scenes 4 . . . Doris' Hendry . . . Patsy Reed . . . . .June Beard . . Bonnie Carico . . . Marian King . . . .Mary Myers Gerald Wickham . . . . Otis Musick . . . . Danny Hasty The entire action of the play takes place in the Virginia home of the Randolph's. Act I . . . The living room of the Randolph's home in Virginia Act II . . . The same as act I only two days later ' Act III . . . The same as previous acts only four days later 2.7 Vocational Agriculture Department The Tuscumbia Vocational Agriculture Department has an enrollment of thirty boys for the year 1950 and 1951. This number represents every class in the high school. The course of study for the boys enrolled in Vocational Agriculture is organized on a very practical basis. The Freshman Class spends the entire year studying the care and management of all the classes of farm animals found on farms in this area. The Sophomore year is devoted to the study of classes of farm animals that are not common in this area but are adapted to the area and should be raised here. The Sophomores also study soils and field crops from the cultural and conservation viewpoint. The Junior year is devoted to the study of feed requirements of the various classes of livestock and to the feeding qualities of the various feeds raised in this area. The Senior year is spent in tying the work of the previous three years into a sound farm-management course and in addition special emphasis is placed on the study of economics as it applies to farmers. Many people, especially olders farmers, are somewhat inclined to laugh at learning to farm by the book. However, most of the boys who take Vocational Agri- culture understand that scientific agriculture is merely a study and an understanding of the basic laws of nature. Other things being equal, an understanding of these basic laws can only result in a better farmer. Vocational Agriculture training in high schools is one of the best ways for the people in the United States to correct the farming methods of the farmers of this country, and no one will doubt that they should be changed when they hear a Vocational Agriculture student point out that within the last 150 years the farmers of this nation have ruined close to one-half the farm land in this country. They will be even more convinced, when they hear boys all over the country explain that this land, that has been ruined in so short a time, is the work of some ten-thousand years of nature. Vocational Agriculture students all over the land know that there is less than two acres of fertile land left for every man, woman and child in the United States The Vocational Agriculture students know many more things. They know that much feed is wasted on poorly-bred stock. They know that poor feeds and poor- feeding methods waste much feed every year. ln fact Vocational Agriculture stu- dents all over this country know that they--The Future Farmers of America--are going to have to farm scientifically if they are going to produce enough food in the years ahead, for the growing population of these United States. Ikikilfiklkiklklk Ouite a few boys from the Vocational Agriculture Department went to the American Royal in Kansas City, Missouri, October 2.0, 1950. As a group they were greatly impressed with the quality of exhibits. They were particularly impressed with the Angus exhibit of Penny and James. These animals were about as nearly perfect as any they saw. However, they are not plugging for Angus alone--for there were some nice Herefords and Shorthorns. The grand champion of the show was al-Iereford Steer. lt sold for 54.01 per pound. They didn't buy any of if--but if you want to see some hair from the Steer ask Raymond Graves to show you some hair from the "Gentleman" that brought over 54000. The boys are making plans to attend the dairy show this spring. Z8 A 'Sw TOP ROW: Donald Thomson, James Vaughan, Frank Horton, Billy Berry, Raymond Graves, Ronald Swanson, Paul Lovell, I-'errill Jones, Roy Bear, Robert Jones, Donald Patterson. SECOND ROW: James Clark, Henry Heldstab, Danny Hasty, James Shelton, LeRoy Patterson, Otis Musick, Howard Adcock, Stanley Hill, Jerry Wyrick, Duaine Kallenbach, John McNeely, Ronald McDonald, Robert Kessler. FIRST ROW: Mr. R. E. Lee, Dorrill Wilson, Billy Wright, Harold Wickham, Donnie Myers, Jack Lupardus f 'N z gi gay qlnwir K it s ' ' v fx 2 is 5 , 1 N E 5 ' I 1 5 4 Q V ' 'D XT is if f AQ 6, , If - , C C ' f k ,Ii - 15 X 29 X wx X Nw ,415 .fQf Q S QV! A Boom-a -lacka, B oom -a-lacka, School Song Our strong bonds can ne'er be broken, Formed in Tuscumbia High: For surpassing wealth unspoken, Sealed by friendship's tie. Chorus: . Tuscumbia High School, now and ever Deep graven on each heart, Shall be found unwavering, true--when We from life shall part. High School life at best is passing, Gliding swiftly by, Then let us pledge in work and deed--our Love for Tuscumbia High. Yells With a jim, jam, jurnping and ' Bow, wow, wow. Chick-a-lacka, Chick-a-lacka, a jumping jive, May the lions beat the other Chow, chow, chow, five. Rickety, Rackety, sis-boom-bah So step right up and truck on TUSCUMBIA HIGH SCHOOL down, RAH! RAH2 RAH! Come on boys, let's mow um 'V 4' 4' down. We've got a zoot suit with a 4' 4' 4' reet pleat: B-B -Bea, T-T -Tem And a red hot team that's hard Bea-tem to beatg Beatem. beatem, beatem. With a Hhighdy high" and a 4' 'I' 'l' "hoddy ho," We gonna win, win, Come on team let's go We gonna win, win, 4: 4: 4: We' gonna win, win, Locomotive, locomotive, now! steam, steam, steam. We gonna win, win, Horse and buggy, horse and We gonna win win, buggy, We gonna win win, Team, team, team, how! Who's team? Our team! E-A-S-Y EASY! We got the best team, 4' 'I' 4' YEA: 'rEAM': who ran, ran, nh, lions, 'O' 'O' 4' lions, We can do without our hats, Who rah, rah, rah, lions, We can do without our coats, lions, But we can't do without Who rah, rah, rah, lions. Our basketball coach. lions, YEA! REX! WHO-RAH-LIONS 4: 4: 4: wk an 4: Rah, Rah, Rah, Rah, Rah, Rah, Rah, Rah, Rah, Rah, Rah, Rah, Rah, Rah, Rah, 31 A basket, A basket, A basket boys, you make the basket We'11 make the noise. T H S. Cheerleaders Alta Tyler, Patsy Recd, Kathleen Doherty, Janet Hix O Tif.ff'f5.? x Girls' Basketball Team TOP ROW: Elaine Caby, Barbara Patterson, Mary Warren, Fern Wood, Wanda Warren: FIRST ROW: Doris Hendry, Marian King, Eloise Wood, Bonnie Carico, June Beard, Patsy Reed Marjorie Hlumphreys Qnot in picture:-I. 32 Boys' Bu.s'ketlu1lI "A " Team TOP ROW: LeRoy Patterson, Jcx ry Wyrick, Howard Adrock, Gerald Wickham, De-xler Burks FIRST ROW: Donnie Myers, Otis Musick, Danny Hasty, Ronald McDonald, James Shelton, Boys' Iiuskctlulll "B" VIVOUIII TOP ROW: James Vaughan, Raymond Graves. James Clark- FIRST ROW: Bully Wright, Ronald Swanson, Stanley Hull, Harold Wirkham, Duaine Kallrnbach. 33 -CX Q. -5? ' SCHOOL Ufbx Initiation Day September, 1950 This day was like all of T.H.S. initiation days! The Freshman boys ran through the belt line with Mr. Lee as leader. No one was hurt. Next came the lipstick. The girls put their jeans or skirts on backwards and wrong side out. Some of the boys had their shirts off. All the class was very nice looking in lipstick and shoepolish make-up. We all paraded through the CourtTl-louse, down the hill, and past the Post Office. We ran them up the hill. They were taken to study hall and asked the usual questions. --name? what school they came from? and some simple questions. The day ended with lipstick all over everyone because it was on everything the Freshmen touched. lklklk On January S, 1951, we initiated all of the Freshmen into the F.F.A. The meeting opened with the regular opening ceremony. All officers being at their stations--Donnie Myers at the flag, Harold Wickham at the picture of Washington, Rayrnond Graves at the plow, Mr. Lee at the owl, Jackie Lupardus at the ear of corn and Bill Wright at the Rising Sun. All business was taken care of before the initia- tion. The Greenhands to be came in blindfolded and with a green hand pinned on them. They recited the creed and were led in front of the officers where they were told what each symbol of the F.F.A. stood for. They were each presented with a Greenhand pin and the meeting was closed. Iklllik The Freshman Class went on a wiener roast at Dog Creek Bridge in September, 1950. Mr. Lee was their sponsor. They had wieners, marshmallows, potato chips, bread and soda pop. They played all kinds of clean games. All present had an enjoyable evening. January 15. Grade Cards February Z. Linn Game--There Assembly by Sophomore Talent Show and Two Short Movies at Night Junior Class Assembly Sophomore Play Movie and Assembly Ik 4: wk Second Semester School Calendar March 16. Senior Class Class Assembly Program 18. Junior Play 19. Belle Game--There Grade School 30. Mokane Game--Here Operetta April 13. Russellville Game--There 16. Senior Play 23. Pie Supper May 27. Freshman Assembly Program March 1. Girls' Tournament -- Belle First Night 12. Grade Cards Movie and Assembly Movie at Night Assembly and Movie Baccalaureate Junior and Senior Banquet Graduation The Chuckling Lions g The General Business Class was discussing their lesson that was assigned to be worked during the Thanksgiving vacation. Kathleen Doher : "After Thanks- giving l will have digestion." Rose McCoy: "You mean 'indiges- tion', don't you? " ln Sophomore English Class: Mr. Crews: "I once went to a show and sat through two and one -half hours of it and didn't remember a thing that happened." Raymond Graves: "Who were you with? " In General Science Class: Mr. Brunner: "Radar picks up trees sometimes." Jerry Wyrick: "What does it do with them? " Mr. Lee: "Susie, quit dropping that candy down my neck." James Shelton: "Is he getting on to you, Susie? " Susie Lee: "No, it's getting on him." Discussing the playing of games Dixie Sooter asked: "How do you play 'Puss in the Corner'? " Patsy Beck: "Sock 'em in the puss and stand 'em in the corner." Farmer fto new hired handl: "Where's that mule I told you to take out and have shod? " New Hand: "Did you say 'shod'? Ithought you said' 'shot'. I've just been burying her." "One of our little pigs was sick so l gave him some sugar." "Sugar--what for? " "For medicine, of course. Haven't you heard of sugar-cured hams? " The teacher was giving a lesson on 'snow'. "As you walk out on a cold winter day and look around, what do we see on every hand? " "Gloves," answered the redhaired boy in the rear seat. Discussing the use of horses in the school parade, Raymond Graves asked: "Have the horses got shoes on? " Paul Lovell: "No." Howard Adcock: "You mean they are barefooted? " Discussing the different con- cessions for the carnival, Howard Adcock said, "Let's have a basketball ring." Mr. Crews: "Oh, no, that's been suggested 999 times." Howard Adcock: "Then that makes a thousand." In Today's Problems Class Mr. Brunner asked: "Does worry cause grey hair? " Bonnie Carico: "No, if it did-- Mrs. Rice would be white-headed." At the Freshman picnic while playing the game 'coffeepot'--- Janet Hix: "What is a kiss like? " Ronald Swanson: "It's like electri- city running from a positive pole to a negative pole." In General Science Class: Mr. Brunner: "The best way to avoid lightning is to lay flat on the ground." Gene Jones: "You don't say!" "Tell the court how you came to take the car." "Well, the car was standing in front of the cemetery, so I thought the owner was dead." "How old is your son? " asked the visitor. "Well," replied the dad, "he's reach- ed that age when he thinks the most important thing to pass isn't his examination, but the car ahead." "Are you sure your folks know I'm coming home to dinner with you? " "They ought to--they argued with me a whole hour over it." "What's the penalty for bigamy? " "Two mothers-in-law." Tourist abroad fpointing to menul: "Waiter, bring me some of this." Waiter: "Sir, the orchestra is now playing it." Journeyman: "Didn't I tell you to notice when the glue boiled over. Apprentice: "I did: it was at 3 o'clock." ll Sergeant: "Why is it important not to lose your head in an attack? " Recruit: "Because that would leave no place to put the helmet." Old lady Qwitnessing tug-of war for the first timej: "Wouldn't it be simpler, dear, for them to get a knife and cut it? " Geology Professor: "What kind of rock is this? " Student: "Oh! I just take it for granite. " Patient fin doctor's waiting roomy: "How do you do? " Second Patient: "So, so. l'm aching from neuritis. " First Patient: "Glad to meet you. l'm Mendelbaum from Chicago." "Did you know Shakespeare de- voted one of his plays to a dog? " "No, which one? " "His play about Hamlet, the great Dane." Mother: "Why were you kept in after school today, Junior? " Junior: "The teacher told us to write an essay on 'The Results of Laziness' and I turned in a blank sheet of paper." "Why are the works on Chaucer and Dickens called classics?" "Because they are enough to make any class sick." One student: "I-low did your article on perpetual motion turn out? " Second student: "it's a suc- cess. Every time I give it to the teacher it always comes back." Officer Qvery angryl: "Not a man in this division will be given liberty this afternoon." Voice: "Give me liberty or give me death." Officer: "Who said that? " Voice: "Patrick Henry." "Do you know Lincoln's Gettysburg Address ? ' ' "No. I didn't know he lived there." He was earnestly but prosily orating at the audience. "I want reform: I want housing reform: I want educational reform: I want--" And said a bored voice in the audience: "Chloroform." J im: "Yep, the engagement is 4 off--she won't marry me." Joe: "Why's' that? Didn't you tell her about your rich uncle? " Jim: "I sure did. Now she's my aunt." Jones: "l've come to pay that bill l've owed you for so long. That letter you wrote me would get money out of a stone. How did you ever think it up? " Creditor: "I didn't. I selected the best parts from letters my son sends me from co11ege." Mother: "Another bite like that and you will have to leave the table. Hungry Boy: "Another bite like that and I'1l be through." Bookkeeper: "I'll have to have a raise. There are three other companies after me." Boss: "Is that so? What com- panies ? " Bookkeeper: "Light, phone, and water." Sign on the student's door: "If I am studying when you enter, wake me up." Teacher: "How many sexes are there? " Student: "Three. The male sex, the female sex, and the insects." 38 AU TQGRAPHS .3 J 4' W Q Z f I 1 L.....1--""'f M.. - it Q4 '4 WI! we BANK of TUSCUMBIA CAPITAL AND SURPLUS S5Q,000.00 MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM REMEMBER US WHEN YOU HAVE MONEY WE WILL REMEMBER YOU WHEN YOU HAVE NONE T USC UMBIA MISSOURI ii-. Mace Motor Co. SALES CHRYSLER -: PLYMOUTH SERVICE CASE FARM MACHINERY GENERAL AUTO REPAIRING . Bom: woax fow7,t4' LL : fltggtlfh . ' -L -- 7 Us 0:9 PHoNE zzez TUSCUMBIA Mlssounx I Eads Motor Co. Authorized Ford Sales and Service Distributors of Shell Products Iberia Missouri Phillips Funeral Home Mr. and Mrs. Louis Phillips I Ambulanc e Se rvic e Phone 5001 ' Eldon Missouri I 'I Pryor Novelty Co. Manufacturer and Distributor Novelties and Souvenirs Specializing in Aromatic Red Cedar Special Attention Given to All Mail Orders I Tuscumbia Missouri Buelwler Drug Store ' When Illness Gets Into Your Home, See Your I Doctor, Bring Your'Prescriptions To Us I A Complete Stock of Animal Remedies, Vaccine, Serums and All Other Biological Products A Complete Line of Cosmetics, All Popular Brands Mail and Phone Orders Promptly Filled Fountain Service Carl T. Buehler, Pharmacist Graduate Druggist Phone 9361 108 South Maple Eldon, Missouri L. E. Kallembach R. V. Wells KALLEMBACH 8: WELLS FOOD MARKET Plate Lunches - Sandwiches Cold Drinks - Groceries Tuscumbia Phone 2090 Missouri CAMPBELL 'S LAKE HOUSE Restaurant - Auto Court - Shagbark Room Good Food - Pleasant Surroundings - Reasonable Prices J. A. Campbell - Wm. J. Campbell Phone 2861 Lake Ozark Missouri ANCHOR MILLING COMPANY, INC. Tuscumbia Missouri Home Appliances Johnson Motors DEWEY E. KALLEMBACH Frigidaire Sales and Service Phone Zl Tuscumbia Missouri Compliments Of THE IBERIA SENTINEL Official Paper of Miller County Iberia Missouri KINDER'S Okley Kinder, Proprietor Groceries, Meats, Fruits And Vegetables Phone 47 Iberia Missouri HEDGE'S FUNERAL HOME Ambulance Service Anywhere Anytime Phone 9 Iberia, Missouri G. W. Adams F. L. Adams L. L. Adams ADAMS 8: SONS General Merchants Funeral Directors Ambulance Service Day Phone 74 I Night Phone 73 Iberia, -Missouri CONDRA'S BARBER SHOP Friendly Service "Free Fishing Forecast" Wes C ondra, Proprietor Tuscumbia Missouri HAUDNST EINS ST ORE Groceries -:- Clothing - Hardware - Shoes Seed - Feeds - Electrical Appliances Phone 39 Tuscumbia Missouri Congratulations to The Tuscumbia High School And Class of '50 and '51 HILLCREST CAFE 81 GROCERY Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Abbett Congratulations to The Seniors of '50 and 'Sl ULMAN FARMERS EXCHANGE Dealers In Flour - Feeds - Salts - Fertilizer - Seeds - Groceries Buyers Of All Kinds- of Country Produce Abstracts of Title Furnished for All Land And Town Lots in Miller County "Be Sure You Own What You Think You Own" STILLWELL 8: STILLWELL Abstracters Tuscumbia Mis souri REEDS STORE OR DEPARTMENT STORE Ladies' Ready to Wear, Men's Wear Shoes and General Dry Goods Phone 44 Eldon Missouri SLONES FOOD LOCKER SYSTEM Groceries - Meats - Fish - Vegetables D-X - Gas - Oil A Well Stocked Food Locker Is Health Insurance For The Entire Family Lockers Available Now Mr. and Mrs. Denzil Slone Tuscumbia Missouri Congratulations to The Seniors of '51 TEMPKINS CHEVROLET COMPANY Chevrolet and Oldsmobile Sales and Service OK Used Cars Phone 6231 Eldon Missouri S CLARK BROTHERS I John Deere Farm Equipment Studebaker Cars and Trucks Sales and Service Eldon Missouri Congratulations THE MILLER COUNTY R1DGWAY'S Printing - Publishing "Distinctive Apparel For Lady and Miss" Eldon, Missouri Established 1883 Jac. W. Zimmerman, Publisher Phone 60 Tuscumbia, Missouri KEETH PRODUCE Dealers 'n Produce, Flour and Feeds Phone 68 Iberia. Missouri Compliments of C OUNTY C OLLECT OR And MAGISTRATE JUDGE Compliments of GLENN CASEY County Clerk ' And DONALD WILLIAMS Circuit Clerk and Recorder Compliments of A FRIEND E 3 a E 5 ms. H M -L ,nw ' rn :mn Y

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