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Text from Pages 1 - 78 of the 1988 volume:

Hi E ' gil? in ' Uiqlon Of Soviet Socialist Republics Mongolian lepublic lf., ,Q ' 'V ' ' 6' saofoxw UN!! + hhczhlward IINUELBI! N 'lnnmm Aglstnqiag 1' 0 Guam' CAKOUNI O I I + I I I Alaska lhofsk 1 BeringSea 50' Oo. Q' Canada Q, X x xx A I .' 1 Nonm meme I : United States , B I I I I 'gi EE tfllidvay L ga Q + gl 4 'IC or CANCER ummm EI ' I S 'W 'Sl""'S-A I meme OCEAN I PIAILSIIAILISLANDS : unnsumns '. 1 1 I0 ,, '. I -'fa ' ' Golden Snenback I 1 I I I .1.....J,,...., Q CM' .-A-M c c 2 2 I' . - T HIOENIXISLANDS 'I' X ' I .- H gsTo""'A,M N X ' ' 29 MARCH UNDERWAY ., ':- -6, 42 1 1 05-00 APRIL PEARL HARBOR, HI I- -, . , 4 mms'-4"" X M 21 APRIL NAHA OKINAWA, JA ,Q 1 i'f'j""S" Us 25 APRIL POHANG, Rox Cm' 5" Q1 ?- ml N, wflrrvlslgww 26-29 APRIL PUSAN, ROK a. '53 4' , mgg. . 02 MAY KINDRED oK1NAWA, JA . , ' ' 09-05 MAY SOCEX ss-1 Mug-' + I 05 MAY RUGKNER BAY, JA -2 ' 09-19 MAY YoKoSUKA, JA S25 23926 MAY MAGTF 3-Ss 5. cg 04-08 JUNE SUBIC BAY, RP g 13-17 JUNE VALIENT USHER as-5 96005 , 5013111 pAQH-'IC 23 JUNE CTF 76 Change of 5 Command g 27-08 JULY SUEIC BAY, RP. 9 11-15 JULY HONG KONG ve" QA? 20-22 JULY KINDRED OKINAWA, JA .1 S 26 JULY NUMAZU, JA 1' , 1 29-30 JULY KINDRED OKINAWA, JA ,J 03-07 AUGUST 1NCHoN, ROK , 10 AUGUST S1-11MoNoSEK1 STRAITS ,' 12-29 AUGUST YoKoSUKA, JA ,f 19 AUGUST TUSoALooSA I I 1 I I O1 SEPTEMBER 14-15 SEPTEMBER 16-22 SEPTEMBER 23 SEPTEMBER Change of Command NAHA OKINAWA, JA PEARL HARBOR, HI TIGER CRUISE MOORED SAN DIEGO CH 74338 w A . V, , fl TUSCALOOSA IS SIXTH NEW DESIGN TANK Landing Ship to be delivered to the Navy by! Natlonal SItleel and Shlpbuildlng Company. This design represents a complete departure from previous concepts. e function of the traditional bow doors have been supplanted in the new ships by a huge thirty-five ton bow ramp supported by two outstretched derrick arms. The conventional flatbottomed hull has been replaced by a "destroyer-type" bow which will enable TUSCALOOSA to maintain speeds in excess of 20 knots and to operate with modern high-speed amphibious forces. Many innovations in ship design incorporated into TUSCALOOSA will help her crew fulfill many varied obligations to the Fleet. Predominant in the ship's design is the distinctive bow rampfderrick system. This sytem enables TUSCALOOSA to marry to causeways for unloading her payload or for direct ship-to-beach unloading. TUSCALOOSA is equipped with a "bow-thruster" or transversely mounted, variable-pitch propeller in the forward part of the hull, allowing intricate maneuvering of the vessel. The ship's two stacks are offset and of unequal size, thus allowing the quickest and most direct passage of exhaust gases from the engineering spaces to the atmosphere. In the space behind the stacks, a helicopter landing area is provided. For supplemental loading and offloading TUSCALOOSA can use the "tank" deck stern gate or the 10 ton booms over the cargo hatch. Ship's speed is controlled by a new advanced arrangement, control consoles are provided in two of the engineering spaces and on the bridge for control of shaft speed from any of these three locations. The six main diesel engines and twin variable-pitch screws are controlled by a sophisticated governor control system allowing the engines to operate efficiently at any given speed. USS TUSCALOOSA CLST-11875 is the second ship of the fleet to honor the city and county of Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Two ships of the name served the confederate navy during the Civil War. The first of these confederate ships was the Bark TUSCALOOSA, formerly Union Bark CONRAD captured by CSS ALABAMA in June, 1863. Her fighting days ended abruptly in December that year when she was seized by British authorities at Simonis Bay. The confederate Iron-Clad Ram launched at Selma, Alabama, in February, 1863 also bore the name TUSCALOOSA. A DEFENDER OF Mobile, Alabama until 12 April 1865, when that city fell to the Union Forces, she was scuttled to avoid capture. The original USS TUSCALOOSA in the United States Navy was a heavy cruiser QCA-375 built by New York Shipbuilding Company, Camden, New Jersey. She was commissioned 17 August 1934 in the Philadelphia Navy Yard. She was 558 feet long with a beam of 61 feet 9 inches and she displaced 9,375 tons. Her complement was 51 Officers and 700 men, she was armed with nine 8 inch .55 caliber guns. During World War II she served as a flag ship and saw action in both Europe and the Pacific. She was decommissioned in March 1959 as pictured below. The current USS TUSCALOOSA CLST-11871 was built by National Steel and Shipbuilding Company and was commissioned on 24 October 1970 at Long Beach Shipyard in Long Beach, California. She is designed to load, transport and land troops and their equipment in amphibious assault operations. During her eighteen years of service, TUSCALOOSA has made ten Western Pacific Deployments and has served in Amphibious Squadrons seven, five and one. TUSCALOOSA has participated in the evacua- tion of South Vietnam in 1975 and a multitude of Amphibious exercises including Beagle Dancer '73, Fortress Gale '79, Bell Volcano, Valiant Usher, Kerwal Blitz, Team Spirit and Quick J ab. She has visited such places as Numazu, Yokosuka, and Sasebo, Japan, Kaoh Siung and Keelung, Taiwan, Inchon, Pusan, Pohang and Chinhae, Korea, Mindord, Dumaghett, and Subic Bay, Phillippines, Phattaya Beach, Thai- land, Freemantle, Australia, Acapulco, Mexico, Belewan, Sumatra, Esquimalt, British Columbia, and Singapore. . During TUSCALOOSA'S distinguished history she gained the honor of being the first ship in the Paci-fic fleet to successfully pass a diesel operational propulsion plant examination QOPPEJ. TUSCALOOSA, was also the first U.S. Naval ship to visit the country of Bangladesh. Three weeks after returning from Westpace '85, the ship departed on a two month cruise to the Panama Canal, and escort vessel for the tow of EX-USS Nautilus on her historic last voyage from San Francisco to New Groton, Connecticut. Recently TUSCALOOSA completed drug interdiction operations in cooperation with the Coast Guard off the coast of Mexico. 2 5 5 The Ship's Insignia The insignia of the USS TUSCALOOSA incorporates the rich heritage of the city and county for which she is named, the proud history of the previous TUSCALOOSA, and the strength of the NavyfMarine Corps amphibious team. The black Indian figure is in honor of the city and county of Tuscaloosa which were named for the Choctaw Indian warrior, Tuscaloosa. Tusca- loosa means black warrior in Choctaw and the city is located on the Black Warrior River. The red cross on the white field is taken from the state flag of Alabama. The tusks on the sides of the emblem represent the former TUSCA- LOOSA CCA-371 which was affectionately known as "Tusky". The note "Extra Three Percent" is from that ship, and her reputation for meeting commitments by "can-do" spirit. The blue color is selected for the blue waters which will pass under the keel of the USS TUSCALOOSA during her lifetime. The red highlights the role of the Marines in the NavyfMarine Corps amphibious team. Commanding Officer 16 May 86-19 Aug 88 Commander H.C. Schlichting, Jr. Commander H. C. Schlichting, Jr., was born in New Braunfels, Texas, where he graduated from South West Texas State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Education. He received his commission in June of 1969, through the Reserve Officer Candidate CROC1 program, after spending six years enlisted service in the Naval Reserve from high school through college. CDR Schlichting has served on USS MUNSEE CATF 1071 and USS COCOPA QATF 1011 as Supply, Deck, Operations and Executive Officer. Following completion of Department Head School he served on USS CHARLES R. WARE CDD 8651 and USS ROBERT A. OWENS CDD 8271 as weapons Officer. Following a short tour at AFEES Houston, he reported for duty in the Amphibious Navy as Operations Officer on USS MOBILE KLKA 1151. He completed, a tour as Leadership Management and Education Training Instructor at the Basic Surface Warfare School in Coronado, California. While ashore, he earned a Master's degree in Business Administration from National University. He went back to sea as Executive Officer on board USS BRISTOL COUNTY CLST 11981. His next assignment was at the American Embassy, Nassau, Bahamas as the Naval Liaison Officer, and as the Department of Defense representative to the Bahamas, Turks and Caicos. Decorations worn by CDR Schlichting include the Joint Service Commendation Medal, Navy Commendation Mega? Navy Achievement Medal, Meritorious Unit Commendation, National Defense Medal, and Vietnam Service e a . CDR Schlichting is married to the former Janie Moeller of New Braunfels, Texas. They have two children, Trey, 17, Lennea, 16, are currently living in Chula Vista, California prior to their next move to Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Commanding Officer 19 Aug 88- Present Commander H. J. Gannon Commander Gannon graduated from the University of Maryland in June 1969, receiving a Bachelor of Science Degree in Industrial Engineering. He entered the Navy through the Reserve Officer Candidate QROCJ program, graduating from Officer Candidate School that October. His first assignment was as Gunnery Officer in USS HARLD J. ELLISON CDD 8641 from December 1969 until May 1972. Commander Gannon was then assigned to the Officer Promotions Branch, Bureau of Naval Personnel in Washington, D.C. and he earned a Master of Science degree in Computer Systems!Management Information Systems from American University. After completing the Surface Warfare Officer's School Department Head Course from January to July 1975, he served as Operations Officer in USS NEWMAN K. PERRY CDD 8835. From January 1977 until March 1980, he was an instructor at NROTC Unit, College of the Holy Cross, in Worcester, Massachusetts. Following training in the Split Tour Engineering Officer Course, he served as Engineer Officer in USS CANISTEO QAO 991 from August 1980 until May 1982. He was then assigned to the staff of the Supreme Allied Commander, Atlantic as the ADP Requirements Officer through September 1983. In November 1983, Commander Gannon reported aboard USS SHREVEPORT QLPD 125 as Executive Officer. He returned to Washington, D.C. in October 1985 for duty as the Plans and Programs Branch chief in the Information Technology Division, Directorate for Information and Resource Management, Organization of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. During this period, he earned a Master of Business Administration degree from Marymount University. Commander Gannon's awards include the Defense Meritorious Service Medal, Navy Commendation Medal, Navy Achievement Medal, and Meritorious Unit Citation. He is married to the former Susanne Nadine Frantz of East Rockaway, New York. They reside in San Diego, California with their daughters Colleen and Erin. Executive Officer Lieutenant Commander R.L. Alsbrooks Lieutenant Commander R. L. Alsbrooks was born in Birmingham, Alabama, where he graduated from the University of Ala- bama with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business. He received his commission in the Navy in August of 1973 through Offi- cer's Candidate School in Newport, Rhode Island. LCDR Alsbrooks has served on five ships including tours as Weapons Officer on the USS GRAND RAPIDS CPG 985 out of Naples, Italy, Combat Information Center Officer. on the USS JOSEPHUS DANIELS QCG 275 out of Norfolk, Virgin- ia, Weapons Officer on the USS BREW- TON IFF-10865 out of Pearl Harbor, HI, and First Lieutenant on the USS ST. LOUIS QLKA 1145 out of Sasebo, Japan. Decorations worn by LCDR Alsbrooks include two Navy Commendation Medals, the Humanitarian Service Medal, and Sea Service Ribbons for seven deployments. LCDR Alsbrooks is married to the for- mer Ada Pomare of Auckland, New Zea- land. Executive Officer Lieutenant Commander James T. Bryson I Lieutenant Commander Bryson graduated from the University of Central Florida in June of 1975 receiving a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science. He was commissioned an En- sign in April 1977 via Aviation Officer Candi- date School in Pensacola, Florida. Following tours of duty at NAS, Whiting Field, and NAS, Meridian, Lieutenant Commander Bryson was assigned to the Field Command Defense Nucle- ar Agency as a Weapons Logistic Officer from April 1978 to June of 1980. His first shipboard assignment was an Assis- tant Anti-Submarine Warfare Officer for USS MILLER CFF 10915 prior to attending Surface Warfare Officer School, and Division Officer School in August 1980. Following graduation from SWOSDOC in January 1981 he reported to USS WAINWRIGHT QCG 285 as Anti-Sub- marine Warfare Officer CASWO5. Upon completion of his tour in USS WAIN- WRIGHT CCG 285 he attended SWOS Depart- ment Head Course from August 1983 to Febru- ary 1984 where he was subsequently assigned to USS PAUL CFF 10805 as Operations Officer. Completing his tour in USS PAUL CFF 10805 in February 1986 he was assigned as Operations Officer in USS SPRUANCE QDD 19635 from March 1986 to January 1988. In April 1988 following training at Coronado, Amphibious Base and NETC Newport he re- ported aboard USS TUSCALOOSA CLST 11875 as Executive Officer. Lieutenant Commander Bryson's awards include the Navy Achieve- ment Medal, Navy Expeditionary Medal and the Sea Service Deployment Ribbon. He is married to the former Nancy Llewwllyn Izlar of Charleston, South Carolina. They re- side in Coronado, California with their two daughters, Olivia and Audrey. DEP RT E THE DS Q 4 ENGINEERING DECK LCDR KIRKLAND LT PARKER OPERATIONS LT CLINE 'fl SUPPLY EXECUTIVE LT SANTQS LT LESTER CHIEF PETTY OFFICER Master Chief Petty Officer Of The Command ENCMCSWJ G. WALLER Master Chief Waller started his Naval career April 1962 with Basic Training at RTC Great Lakes. He hails from Greenport Long Island, New York. Pre- vious duty stations are NAS Lakehurst, New J erseyg USS RANGER CCVA-615, USS CHICAGO CCG-111, SSC Great Lakes Ill., CRiv Ron 9 Riv Div 915, Repub- lic Vietnamg fRodman Naval Stationlg Panama Ca- nal Zoneg COMNAVSOCOM 15 N.D.g Panama Canal Zone, Naval Station, Norfolk VA., USS JOHN F. KENNEDY QCV-675, Recruit Training Command San Diego CA., Commission USS VALLEY FORGE CCG-501, SIMA San Diego CA. Reported aboard USS TUSCALOOSA CLST 11875 October 1987. He is married to Barbara J. Waller with their four children, Greg, Kevin, George Jr., and Lataya. ' nm.. 1 BMCSISWD MAXON RMCSCSWJ SWEM HMCSKSWJ FORSYTHE Wa SKCSKSWJ DAcU1soN ETCSQSWJ ALLEY DCCSCSWJ BUCKLEY FHM 4 MSCQSWJ BUTTONS ENCiSWJ BANKS EMCQSWJ MANALASTAS I gm MM 'lun GMCKSWJ WIDGREN ENCQSWJ SUNTHEIMER SMCCSWJ MILLS ' S3 gh nil f , f f I 2 OSCKSWJ MCCLAIN ENCCSWJ CANE PNCCSWJ WEATHERS H, ENCQSWP SOUTHARDS X M OPERATIUNS DEPARTMENT f Z ,i I RATIONS SPECIALIS i f 1 1 Q i I lg w I I 1 A 5.8 I 14 .i N H L l I I I 1 iq N-lf, R DIGMAN iff RM2 HOWELL LTJG PLUNKETT RM1 MCKINON RM2 ADAMS RMZQSWJ PERSONIUS Us mfr sd RM2 MCQUEGGE RM3 JOHNSON RM3 GALLANT 12 RM3 REED RM3 MCDANIELS RM3 LACY RM3 JOHNSON 'lm 511 161 av N Z Nz E E X if 5, RMSN POON RMSA MUELLER RMSA STARKE xx ...JV RMZQSWJ PERSONIUS REENLISTMENT CEREMONY Q s! gf SMZCSWJ LIKENS SM3 TSARDOULIAS SMSN SULLIVAN SMSN MCKENZIE SMHSWJ COPHER SM2 SILER OPER TIG PECI LI LTJG POINDEXTER OS2 HEAHL OS2 BLAIR OS3 PANZER 'ht 1 E 5 J , X! mf OS3 PAREDES OS3 LITTLE OSSN DOMINGUEZ OSSA MILLER We R?T Y fl ADVANCING IS A PROUD MOMENT. , Nx N Q.Q.Q1m x NJ iffff f gi. F RCN X .NN 'A'3,q.w,,. .:., N X ,s :Qi ,itfsxsx . -if K 5 Z Q Q4 . - '6- M A E' OSSA PERRY OSSA CLARK ' Y N! 4. ,, ELECTRO IC 4. C2-TJ TECH ICI K-5 f 9 Q, W ff ,Q if NSW, ENS VILLAFLOR ET1 SMITH ETQSCHERER4 ET3 WOLFF P' CONGRATULATIONS! wi! ET3 SPENCER ET3 HEATH ET3 KASPER -11 J A Z S o ' ' X Engineering Department 1 AI"- ENGINEMAN 'fa o on BOILER TECHNICIAN T' DAMAGE CONTROLMAN HULL TECHNICIAN 1 1 INTERIOR COMMUNICATIONS ELECTRICIAN MACHINERY REPAIRMAN ELECTRICIAN Q -DWI IO TASTES GREAT ""'J1 ' L..-f ' Q fix SV EN1 SPARHAWK LESS FILLING EN1 EN1 EN1 EN1 LT KIRK LEWEY NICKOLS HAYES PERDUN EN2 OCONNELL EN2 BOYLES HEADS, I WIN! BT2 MACKEY BT2 JOHNSON EN2 ENGEL EN2 SCADDEN 18 EN2 CARTER EN2 MCLAUGHLIN EN2 RUSSEL .K ,V f of , 7 Y xE!4 1 2425 EN2 RISSIE EN3 ELLIS EN3 NOEL EN3 WALLACE 1.1-QW ,, V! f 4 ,Va ,f s L 5 fa i Z I SAW THE WHOLE THING a-.84 lug V N9 - EN3 POSTLE EN3 PUCKETT EN3 GUIDRY EN3 REFFETT EN3 HOMER ENFN NEBEL ENFN BADANO EN3 MARTIN BT3 LAMOUREUX Y 5 QV X L L 4 EN3 GARCIA ,, M A FACE ONLY A SNIPE COULD LOVE ENFN MILL? FN LADIANA ENFN HOLMES JP-5 GANG OR THE CALIFORNIA RAISINS? I 'X 'M Y 3 ZS ENFA SOUTHARDS ENFN PERKINS ENFN PIZZUTO XXX ENFN MOSS ENFN BUNAO ENFN BYRANT ENFN LOCKHART W FN EDWARDS FA GINAN FN BLACKWELL BTFR HODGE I HAVE TO USE THE LITTLE BOYS ROOM ENFN BRODEUR ENFA CARTER x f Ewa E S S 2 QA NO MORE WORKING PARTIES STRIKE ONE, BUT WHERE'S THE BALL EN1? I I FN BECK YN3 WAKOLE FA JOHNSON FN BERG FN BROWN FN FLOWERS S S Q Qxr. RX i -Q . V... Xx.. ,..MNN,f ,. O , F .Qs A LTJG ANDERSON ENIKSWJ BIRETZ MRISCSWJ SPRINGER ENZQSWJ ALEXANDER EN2 CAMERON EN2 WIRE -DIVI IO ukwg 4 A N1 4 gal HARD AT WORK MR3 CECIL E73 CAMERON X Y 5 Y f fx if MRFN LANGER MRFN EMANS ENFA SCHMIDT X X L A X ,' i X wg iw, x , X4 A MUCH DESERVED AWARD -X Q NWA LTJ G WEEKS DCI ZIEGLER R-DIVI IO mi DCZKSWJ FOREMAN HT2 FISHER HT3 EGBERT X ' g ull V91 I9 E 3 M. , ,,,, ' 5 --Q-+o...., Q, , L 5, E ,ff 3 7 0. WIA MAIL CALL s f If QNX.. S A S Q N! JUST WHEN YOU THOUGHT IT WAS SAFE HT3 GARNER HTFN DAVALOS FN SMITH 5 ' E-DIVI IO ' l A ENS VINCENT EM1 MOENING EM2 ABOY EM3 DAVIS I Tiff, EM3 VADEN EM3 LATORRE EM3 ANDRADA EM3 OLEJNICZAK EM3 PANSACULA EM3 LADIANA EMFN MITROS ESWS CANDIDATE STUDY- ING HARD. IF YOU WANT TO MAKE CHIEF YOU HAVE TO KEEP MY COFFEE CUP FILLED. Nui TWIN S? l 9 f5 Z rv ICIQSWJ DERAMOS ICQKSWJ GALLEGOS ICQQSWJ CLEMONS IC2 SCHAUF BRACE FOR SHOCK! ""J ,, fww fwf I ,h., ww my ,ww - B' nr 3. I 'll wr IC3 WEBBER IC3 CURCIO IC3 LACK Deck Department Y! BEACH LANDING-NUMAZU JAPAN -- is eu Q3 kan. -.... . W 6 'anti' BO TSWAINM TE LTJ G HASSON Q '7' 1 Q- .M , AGA Q BM1 MADDOX --n.,,,g 'VI ri 'I 451 BM2 RANNIKKO BM2 MANASAN BM3 BAKER Bklsw ,ff f X x E mx Q FINE NAVY DAY MOORED KINRED JAPAN 4 FERRILL BM3 MCFARLAND BM3 ROBLES BM3 RAUSCH 32 BMSCSWJ S if yi SN MENDOZA SN CINCO SN EMANUS SN ROBLES SN GRIM SN SAN PEDRO ASNJATK0 SN HANNOR ,.. fy , 7 27 .L 7 7 A 277 GIMMIE THAT, IT'S MINE! 5 i Z FN HOLT SA FOUNTAIN SA D'ARCY SA DUNCAN SA ABENOJ AR THESE ARE MY COOKIES SA WINDHORST SN MCKNIGHT SN BAILY SR GRIMES 'ln ln 1 Y , X I1 P f 6 ' If OFFLOAD AT NUMAZU I THINK I'M GONNA BE SEA SICK QI" - II WW XIINISI M3 RAN , A A f le X X I Xi QI ' QI M Z" Mxwfwxiw y1:'gs:fwf"ifE,Q, I II X3,.,pqgXXII, U M-xI,X'5:, 1 I , 'K X I 4 Q 'I :xx ,K Qi I x. ,A In L, WHEN YOUR A CAPTAIN YOU CAN HAVE ONE OF THESE TOO! we :NI , , I III I ,ISI QIIQEXW I I A K I I X is K I III M1 I W" I --- r - xx ' -' I. I1'S'If2- qw -Ir :Q III -4. 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SN FINLAY IS PRAYING FOR RAIN UNNERSMATE N .1 x ,1 X s ll f 1 ff W4 un E . 1. ENS BURFORD GMGIQSWD GARDNER GMG2 WELSH X x , Q GMG3 BERRY GMGSN SAULS GMGSN MASLANKA GMGSA ROGERS -...nw-af wr' -v DEP RT EXEC TIVE T QUARTERMASTER YEOMAN PERSONNELMAN POSTAL CLERK NAVY COUNSELOR MASTER AT ARMS HOSPITAL CORPSMAN 36 4 i- NAVIG TIO fe-f.a.Rq iv THE LAUNDRY DIDN'T RETURN MY UNIFORM. QM1 CSWJ EVANS QM2 GLEASON I 2 QM3 ROGERS QMSN FINLAY QMSA THIVIERGE BUT WHERE IS THE COIN SLOT? if EXEC TIVE ENS WALL YN1 MARTIN PN3 BONOLIS YN3 HATFIELD DIVI I0 Hua 1' Y i, V1 QS I X 1 if .Q , .dad LAND AHOY! PNSA FROST SN BLACKBURN i :sq 1 S X 5 S 'Ma 4 -was -' YOU WANT IT WHEN? -ul!-, uf 9 S r a Z MA1 TOWLE NCIKSWJ KERR PC3 STATON PCSN MORGAN INN ill 37 HM2 HOLMES HM2 ILSEN HM3 AHLADIS uppl Department DISBURSING CLERK MESS SPECIALIST SHIP'S SERVICEMAN STORE KEEPER DKSN TADEO DKSN AUSTIN DKSR WILSON ENS DARR DK1 QSWJ MANUEL j I ,WW Q. ' ilngqf '4 we uf -ev 1 1'-9 1 Q 534 1- COME AND GET IT! MSSA THOMPKINS MSSR KING CURLY, LARRY AND MOE ' Nii- U9 SKI CSWJ ADAMOS SKI MOORE SK3 CONLEY SK3 JALIJALI R SK3 NIXON SK3 DEPLATA SK3 CARO Q , JH!! ,S I 5 .mn-gf Y QV X 5 fl ' 431 I ? ii!! digg- U ! i 'S E6 - QC '! Q We I I I x 3 TUSCLOOSA'S MINI MART y iq? SH1 CSWJ JONES SH2 CURRY SH3 FULTON SH3 RODRIGUEZ SH3 DIAZ SH3 FELLOWS SHSN ALLEGRE SHSA THOMPSON THE CREW T WGRK AN PLAY 1 4' ,vf wwf 'A' HAZE GRAY AND UNDERWAY WILL THE REAL QM PLEASE STAND 4. 4 2315 ? ,, , ' , W ml - 'f f. 5 ' , - f I f .-A.. 5 uf-.cf , ,V ,, "f f I X , 4,,,,: 7, 4 -ffm, W g ,g fl "" A 2 1.4, Af, 12" , 1 1 - "iz , f' 1 A 1 ,, V, W' ,V ,,,, ,VJ .x 15, H g :I ,f f . 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AIR OPS ONBOARD TUSCALOOSA anmnnmnswuwwww- ilW1!vMWl!n!lla0lllal!lUIlW fD0'W nuulumvunulannmnllllllw mullnlln1fgn lnlnlDllln i fpuxl9nQ Qnpnlllgunlnl qluinjit ggggnupqg-ganna? qnuunuluvquluulii quam-nulnlnnlnlvlvlllllli nnlunnnilgnmtt gyms!!! 89" unnluul"""' iii ll 1' 'nassaui' gunni- "'9 gnunldvl' -unnu10" nnuntlf' g ? ,-1101 quill!" ,-nal!!! 1411011 NNNw,,,,,.,nf-wr! v " ,E 5 4 USS TUSCALCCSA HCSTS CTF 76 CHANGE CF CCMMAND REAR ADMIRAL SMITH VICE ADMIRAL MILLER, REAR ADMIRAL CHASE 49 l L 1 I 'L EF'-2-' " Q PORT OF CALL OKI A MOORED AT KINRED, OKINAWA SN GRIMES FN EMANUS OKINAWA, OUR HOME AWAY FROM HOME PUSAN RGK i ,A.,.Jw.., , X . I A LOCAL MARKET YOKO UK JA A FAMILIAR SITE A LOCAL TEMPLE GUARDIAN ARASHI 0 J APA TUSCALOOSA'S SISTER CITY OUR GRACIOUS HOSTS UBIC BA RP i 7 S w A SUNSET ON SUBIC BAY T AT THE READY i L U , . f A , I 5 I 1 N e ! I 'CTHE PEARL GF THE ORIENTN HUNG KUNG X 1 VV- ", z qwx , HONG KONG HARBOR LIBERTY CALL, LIBERTY CALL NESTING ALONGSIDE USS ST LOUIS I IJ , I TYPICAL I-IYDROFOIL IN HONG KONG HARBOR PORTUGUESE MISSION ON ISLAND OF MACAU I CHO fSEOUL KOREA THE OLYMPIC RINGS V V HOSTS OF THE XXIVTH OLYMPIC GAMES THE INCHON LOCKS WELCOME TO KOREA THE OLYMPIC STADI- UM 4 THE SEOUL TOWER l ENS BURFORD SAID HIS TURTLE SOUP WAS SLIGHTLY UN DERCOOKED. USS TUSC LOOSA CL T-11875 CHANGE OF CUMMA . I . I 1 's u i I , wwf W 1 ' 4: VVV4 , I , 'U 11 V ? JP! .sy 'L ' ,V 1 Y, ,f eQff,- 2, 1 W ' , f ' 1 , ff x W''??ffig'f3??ff1V??3uf5 f"f'4?5" 'X X QQ nx , ll! I THE BENEDICTIQN CAPTAIN BARKER, GUEST SPEAKER 05" LCDR BRYSON CDR SCHLICHTING RECEIVING COMMISSIONING PEN NANT RENDERING HONORS VALIANT SHER 5 k M-QM nw-w l -ii., ,f LEAP FROGS WITH USS DULUTH ,jf , X N Xi lv 51-XM w , A .-wt, f 4 V 65 DUSK HELO OPS IN KINDRED FAST ROPE EXERCISE W--.xi WHERE'S THE TRACK? AAV QPS AT ORAWAN ESTP C'8H, GLANCE Jw: -q-Magi, EVER VIGILANT ALONG SIDE KINRED LST RAMP TANKS ON BOARD TUSCALOOSA RAMBO JONES! I KNOW THE BEACH IS OUT THERE SOMEWHERE i l 1 ws NW? x , X X X T W wc S f , - 1 Ly4' ,Q-. Ry? f X A SVQ. W f Sgf S 2 ff Tw N V4 f Q, J gx TIGER TEAM GURU 9 X W T c I l THE NEW STYLE? 1 1 1 ' X i 1 ,,, SR, ,, T A TI DID SOMEONE SAY JETTISON? l df y E ' 1 ff 5 'Nw NNN THE PLANE, THE PLANE WHITE BEACH PICNIC 1988 TIGERS WHAT DO YOU MEAN, NO SHIRT NO SERVICE? AS THE SUN SETS ONE LAST TIME ON WESTPAC "88" WE ALL ANXIOUSLY AWAITED REJOINING FAMILY AND FRIENDS. I' TAKING A SOFTBALL BREAK HOMECGMING PEARL HARBGRXSAN DIEGO Q 3 Y 1 Y A , ,Yi I fm N

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