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Tuscaloosa High School - Black Warrior Yearbook (Tuscaloosa, AL) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Cover

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Q1 515304 2 11? ogy , Q , , ,y , 1 A 1 S M W. . a 5551? 8 hRY cTg7 i KJ? 'X' .' 'at m f? 0, ' SN MH' V' VDLy 0'4V2W gx y P Qsfgwi fplzgm N "5 f 6 Svc Q M5650 q0 JA Q 693 02.9 QNHOALWQ' 1 IQJHULI ' V' Wixwsw ' 15' 5045 7 TQ Ei? X? E - . 3 P U WXS-K J' CL. Nw? QA.:-RER Md fo Udwpng Giinw Ok - ? ,f i,5 H5 b, AWUWJUW4 bhndUw - , Ollgfnfygj hump Q WM Lgfcm. loulimaf :nw H4'U flf3 nwruefmluz 1 wuuzs ,mM911m l M W ffUvvnh0aT3M4 l.l11'k', if of My WJ! M7 HN ' J I QW .if QQQQQW EQ liiw is xiwwm giiffifgigbigfgif Y xx Eli 3 53 L n . 1? ug bgisw at 5 ai' Q 'li P " , A, K my Vk,.- k Q afiff sE3i9iij V L i + Q' ,: ,X ,,A, ,A.. QQ , V , .,A,f A1V.1,. , ,,.., , L www evl ffl wf S B A? p q ' f ig F . W x N .nb 'Q V 1 1 x 'K -' " f Mic-fisfvftf ' , Lf , ., ,mir 1 -gilvefiwvf - 'Jirg,,1,' mehr'-visit? rszfrftt-"::z? 'K r .mr - , me 5 W- X ' YI , If cf, My V f f 1 f guy, f , as Q ,,y V' MP4, 44' .If -J, 5,1 ' gf it , f ',' Vila- af ,. awe,-',,. N if .jf 5 'bfi f jun? V Qjxfy j W ,fi , , Hfesitate for a moment. Behold a flag...a ty' H-Q-'ffm' c' A !,'i-if j"'1'jFfjl7'1f - ,fi 577 ,fi ,J-W,ff,,,5'111"ff' . r A 7, fcJf+"ff 1- ff--f'f..igf fwa 'ri ' nation...and a way of life: a banner proud i ,gf , , , , 'fwfr 115, ,fl fl.. Zl' and breeze-lifted, not lust cloth loomed by -1 fd "r , 1 i ff ,. M1145 if' . . ff t Q . gf rt ,human hands, but a lofty dream woven into ,5cw,,.g" It . enduring textile by human souls who would be' N fi, v- ,:. 1 Ap 133,12 free. is .- ,P A it A ,puff 2 s ,Fw H We if fly?" -f fa" 1-'gfi'f5r1' f.1- :jfffffff -- A f I 'X ef, 1 V f ' ,M fu,-f.fL,-f -f 'M '- I - if C' if.-mfflfggi' f ' l ,, f X ,Y Gaze...ancffsee..,.Bo Scouts with ardent y tyse gf' i I 1 ' V . l gf! y 'kl, ,w g A faces led in alle iance, men in white I 4, y X, P 9 Q I, smocks who work in laboratories, farmers with hard, toil-broken hands waiting in line to vote, f j or a student when he first learns the meaning ,,4gQzf' , X394 of integrity and self-respect. A if if I! flied' isil QFQS1 WSWS , :saggy As il in solufe Io ihe University of Alabama' s addilion of 12,000 new seals Io Denny Stadium, the Crimson Tide gridclers have become NUM- BER ONE in ihe nalion. T.H.S. Black Bears are proud Io play lheir home games here in one of ihe liner stadiums in lhe naiion. New this year, a parking lol lhal holds 150 cars bears mule leslimony lo the growih of lhe machine nge-T.H.S. sfudenls no longer walk lo school l41 Tuscaloosa High School embarks on its second half-century in l962. The past fifty years have brought with them more prog- ress than the preceding five centuries, and this breathtakingly swift alteration bewilders many people. True, modern life poses many new and unusual problems, but there is nothing to be gained by fearing them. Change is the one inevitable forcep nothing is one moment exactly as it was the second before lt is far better that it works in the way of progress and improvement rather than re- gression. Let us prepare now to serve our country and ourselves in the years to come Let us step forward with the hope and confi- dence personified in President Kennedy's "New Frontier." Neither rain, nor split shifts, nor rotted hair that flopped dumpens the enthusiasm of the second shift Freshmen 5z1'H?59'Li5LtaT-'hwirfv-3632-1?WSr:,9123595skW?si'?R'SEKZ3Hf:Ei'iuibxl Students and teachers of Tuscaloosa High School have learned to take pleasure in a wide variety of things. They enioy dances and planned activities connected with the school, and take advantage of the many plays, concerts, and other fine programs available to people living in a university town. The simplest things de- light them, the first flutter ot snowflakes, or Christmas carols piped into classrooms over the intercom. Here in their leisure time the true living, breathing spirit ot Tuscaloosa High School is captured. Cheerleaders posed on a iungle gym, in a public park adiacent to the campus ol T.H.S., are honored by the BLACK WARRIOR lor the important port they have played in our school lite. Assistant Principal Gallman makes an excellent target for a snowball inthe unexpected January snowstorm greeted gleefully by students and toachers?? With 925 boys and 945 girls, this situation does not happen often a girl surrounded by baysl 6 A suppressed desire is linally realized by fhese Lalin Club members who view lhe world lrom lhis vantage poinf-lhe ledge of our building. Work on Homecoming adivijies, as well as lhe lun parl, will be remem- bered londly by Senior girls, who in lhe lulure grow naslalgic aboui high h . sc ool days Junior Talenl Show brings lorih a slrange and inleresling assorlmeni of falenl. Here, "Bo Diddley's Chillun" are ready lo go on siage. Civic-minded band members provide music lorihededicaiion ol a new suburban posl office, an evidence ol the lanfaslic growfh ol our Iown, Tuscaloosa. l71 ln addition to many "lust for fun " activities, pupils engage in an amazing multitude of proiects, both personal and civic. Modern youth has expanded his influence into fields which no one ever before dreamed could be affected, except by adults. Young people work together with their elders in an attempt to improve the-conditions, social, eco- nomical, and political, of country and community. An intriguing and informative program was written and presented to the student body by Bob Johnston,Ann Newman, Donna Iverson, Hanl: Herrod, and Fran Vining during American Education Week. Jean Henderson and 0. K. Bryant experiment with one of T.H.S.'s newly installed paper machines. This book exhibit, found in the library, provided an excellent oppor- tunity to become acquainted with newly published books. ' l9l Curriculum Knowledge must grow like a plant. Parents and teachers may sow the seed and provide a favorable climate for growth There must be quiet periods of study in which it can take root and put forth the first delicate tendrils. Then the shoot must mature and be strengthened by experience with others, and finally bear fruit in capable, practical experience and the acceptance of responsibility. li0l sz mix ws .N an 'V ,K ,af fM""wx s a 1 i'f?zf1 ? 7 . if UM ff , y ,ii 1 'V g Board Directs Community? Largest Enterprise Dr. H. D. Nelson, Superintendent ot Tuscaloosa City Schools. Americans have always believed education to be necessary tosounddemocraticgovernment. This conviction has inspired us to develop a vast system of public schools. From the standpoint of capital investment, funds spent in current opera- tions and the number of people participating, the school is often The communiTy's largest single enterprise. ln addition, the schools are entrusted with a taskofdeveloping Americdsmostvaluable resource-its children and youth. Responsibility for directing and managing this great and impor- tant institution belongs to the local Board of Education. This volunteer group devotes its talent, time, and energy to the task of providing educa- tional opportunities for all children. No group has served with greater distinction. Tuscaloosa City Board ol Education members are Mr. Henry Min, Mr. George Shirley, Mr. Harry Pritchett, Mr. Paul Burnum,and Mrs. R. H . Richardson. P.T.S.A . Assists in Community? Largest Enterprise "The youth of today will shape the world ot tomorrow..." the theme for the Tuscaloosa High School Parent-Teacher-Student Association was carried out with a program consisting of a stu- dent panel - Wayne Shaffer, Margaret Partlow, Ralph Quarles, and Beppy Forehand. The panel presented an interesting discussion of this theme to an audience of P.T.S.A. members at one of the Tuesday night meetings. At another meeting, parents were given the opportunity to visit their children's teachers and tour the school. The Mixed Choir sang at the December meeting, providing Christmas cheer and Yuletide spirit. At a spring meeting, the P.T.S.A. was challenged to improve the local school system. The P.T.S.A. beams proudly over the success of the school dances and parties which have been conducted under their supervision. For the out- standing behavior of the students at these func- tions, the P.T.S.A. commends Tuscaloosa High School. This year Mr. Tim Parker has served as President of the Parent-Teacher-Student Association. P.T.S.A. Executive Board members are Mrs. David Partlow, Mrs. Parker, Mn, Roy Adams, Mrs. Julius Payne, and Wayne Shatter. Mr. Robert Price, Mrs. Young Booxer, Mr. Tim Parker, Mrs. James Nisbet, li3i Administration Fits Double-Shift Exponent of President Kennedy's physical titness program, expert basketball player, Mr. Greer is the capable Principal of Tuscaloosa High School. He is fortunate to have Mr. Gallman as AssistantPrincipal. Mr. Upchurch, the Guidance Counselor, has been particularly helpful in vocational counseling to Seniors and guidance in selecting colleges. Mr. Harold E. Greer, Principal of Tuscaloosa High School. Assistant Principal Guidance Counselor ll4l MR. THURMAN L. GALLMAN MR. JOHNNY UPCHURCH into Already Crowded T.H.S. Schedule MRS. VERNA BARDON Secretary MRS. BESSIE MAE LEWIS Bookkeeper MRS. MILDRED GABLE Registrar School secretary and processor of the masses of correspondence that arrive at T.H.S. daily is Mrs. Bardon. She also aids with the task of setting up the hundreds of schedules, all different, that are necessary for the open- ing of school each year. Mrs. Bessie Mae Lewis, our bookkeeper, keeps straight the financial intri- cacies of T.H.S. She gives courteous assistance to struggling club treosurers, and smilingly vends bluebooks and other supplies since the closing ofthe school store. Mrs. Gable, office assistant and registrar, helps with the co-ordination of the whole office. She handles the fine points of credits and transcripts, which are so vital to the academic future of the students. The combination of students dedicated to taking care of the building and the efficient staff directed by Mr, Jackson keeps our building beautiful. lt is an open testimonial to the skill ofMrs. Gardner and her staff that students of T.H.S. do not complain about the food, butinstead grumble that their lunch periods are too late and too short. Always on hand with an aspirin, a band-aid, oracomforting word is Mrs. Giles, our school nurse. MR. TENNIS JACKSON Building Engineer MRS. ALTHEA GARDNER lunchroom Manager MRS. JANIE GILES School Nurse E151 Library Displays Publishers' Book Exhibit MRS. ADNA HOWARD Librarian MRS. MARY ELLA TERRILL Librarian One of the most attractive and spacious rooms in the school is the library. lt contains a wide selection of fiction, reference books, and period- icals for the use of the students. Always on hand to aid them isa staff of courteous and well-informed librarians and assistants. On either side of the library are reading rooms in which study halls are conducted seven periods a day. MRS. MARY DALE SANFORD Librarian A typical T.H.S. Study Hall. Here students study for tests, do homework, or read. libl English Department Acquires Seven New Teachers lt would be a lonely world, indeed, without language. Each rnan would be the center of his own silent universe, a prisoner of his own thoughts. Our Language Depart- ment equips us to practice with the greatest possible skill the fine art of communication. l MRS. El.lSE ALEXANDER Words, words, wordsl Junior Ann Medders is found al lhe dictionary Sr. I English looking up fhe spelling and vocabulary words so much a part of all Forensic League T.H.S. English courses. MRS. BETTY BOOTH MISS ANNA BROWN English teacher Mrs. Alexander is served Jr. III English Sr.Ill English at a faculty lea by sludenl hosless Susan Jr. Red Cross Senior Class Heller. ll7l English Department Has Most Teachers MR. WILLIAM ELLIOTT Sr. I English Sophomore Class Mas. SARAH LAWSON Jr. in English MRS. LOUISE HARDEN MRS. JUNE HILL Sr. lll English lr. lll English The basis for understanding is a thorough knowledge of our own language. English is required for tour years at Tuscaloosa High School. Students build a firm foundation in grammar and composition, as well as sampling some ot the world's greatest literature. This common literature is perhaps this country' s strongest link to America's mother civilization, England. America can profit much from this contact with an older, more stable culture. Each year new ideas and methods of teaching are introduced into the English Department. More emphasis is being placed upon original writing,and class members are encouraged to participate in various activities such as debating, oral interpretations, and essay contests. MISS FAY LITTLE Sr. l English MRS. JANICE RANKIN MRS. WYNELLE BURROUGHS Jr. Ill English, Speech Sr. l, ll English Greasepuinters T131 Language Department 0 fers First French III Course MRS. MARGARET RUTLEDGE MRS. EVELYN VIBBART Jr. Ill English, Journalism Sr. Ill English BEAR FACTS BLACK WARRIOR In the way of modern language, French and Spanish are offered to our students. Their awareness of the importance of these subiects was indi- cated by their mushrooming enrollments. Mrs. Busby ioined Mrs. Terry in teaching French, and Mrs. del Valle welcomed Mrs. Lackey to the Spanish Department. A full two semesters of audio-oral work in the new language laboratory were provided this year. Also for the first timea special advanced class of French was offered to interested pupils. This course delves more deeply into the literature of France, its history, geography, and current events. MRS. MARTHA LACKEY Sr. ll English, Spanish MRS. MARGARITA del VALLE Spanish Spanish Club Bulllight posters intrigue Spanish students Alice Crume, Diane Harris, Non Taylor, Bill Shamblin, and James Brock. ll9l Language Lab Utilizes Machine Age Technique Cooperation on the part of students, townspeople, and the tederal government secured an Sl l,OOO lan- guage lab for Tuscaloosa High School. Installed the last semester of the '60-'6l school year, it has pro- vided an enriched program for the language depart- ment. MRS. BESSE TERRY French French Club MRS. SANDRA BUSBY Sr. II English, French Learning by speaking and hearing ratherthan read- ing is emphasized in modern language courses ot study. High school students attempt to duplicate dialogues spoken by people whose native language is French or Spanish. The resultisa newcrop of Americans who can meet the challenge ot newtrontiers by being able to speak the languages of other peoples. French Ill students, intent on listening, improve their " parloz-vous francais." l20l i Language Department Offers First Latin IV Course Groups contribute to individual and cooperative worlm. Latin lll students divide one-hundred-line translations lor luster reading. Latin, our only classical language, is taught by Mrs. Fines and Mrs. Little. First year Latin students mainly concentrate on grammar, but begin Caesar's COMMENTARIES ON THE GALLIC WARS in Latin Il. For the most advanced course, Vergil's AENEID andthe writings of Cicero are alternated annually to provide four years of the language. Much is taught of the culture, religion, and philosophy of the ancients,and aclearer perspective is gained of modern times. Not only is the ancient world explored but also the culture of the world of today: art, books, colleges, travel-these constitute a few of the areas examined in the comprehensive Latin courses offered at T.H.S. MRS. OLIVIA FINES Latin Junior Classical League MRS. IRENE LITTLE MRS. MARTHA D. ADAMS MRS. LOUISE CARY Latin, World History Civics Problems of Democracy National Honor Society L 21 l Student Council Lives of the Great, Events 0 the Past MR. MATT CLINTON MISS TENNIE DAVIDSON MRS. PATRICIA DENNIS Problems of Democracy, Alabama Hislory American Hislory American Hislory, Algebra I Junior Hislorical Sociely Freshman Class Junior Class MR. WALTER LIVERMAN Economics Language, malh, science, and technical skills all whirl inlo focus in Social Studies. There, ii is The general, The sweeping view thai counis.The world, past or present, is a broad living stage wherealllhese influences and forces blend Iogelher lo shape Ihe desfinies of The nations. MRS. SARAH OGLESBY Alabama Hislory, Sr. I English Nineleenlh century lronliers explored by Lewis and Clark offer a challenge Io Iwenlielh cenlury sludenls Shirley Bailes and Mike Bingham. l22l Furnish Guides for the New Frontier All Freshmen are required to take a full year's course in Civics. They are thus introduced at the beginning of their academic life at T.H.S. to the working of the American government ofthe local, state, and national level. Problems ofDemocracy, a course required of all Seniors, expands this foundation, as well as supplying units in family relations, and studying in depth the social make-up of modern America. Economics, Geography, World History, Ala- bama History, and American History are taught. Only American History is required. ln spite of this fact, all of these classes have very large en- rollments. ln all of the Social Studies courses, the past, the physical features of the world, and current events in these fast-moving times are stressed. Because of this, the Social Studies Department is one of our most vital. Periodicals provide analyses ot world situations tor P.O.D. students, who must learn to understand the reasons lor the problems being laced by all nations. MRS. CHARLENE PATRICK World History MRS. LETITIA ROBERTS MISS KATIE LEE SMITH MR. JAMES THOMPSON Civics American History, World History American History, Geography l23l Machines Must Be Manned by Mathematicians MRS. LOIS VAUGHAN Problems ot Democracy As language is the foundation for human relations, so math is the base on which our modern science is laid. Students reach out tentative fingers toward new concepts and ideas, guided by the ablefaculty of the Math Department. Four new teacher replacements have brought a variety of methods to the teaching techniques employed by veteran faculty members. Improving scores of Seniors taking College Board math exams testify to the adequacy ot the courses offered and the instruction given in the Math Department. MR. EDWARD WOOD Civic! MRS. STEVANA AUSBAN Jr. Il Moth, Gen. Science Plane Geometry students Janet Arey and Danny Langford seem to be attempting to draw a triangle witha protractor.Miu Gulley will soon straight- en them outl i241 ,, J Seniors Actually READ Math Books! Trig sludenh Eddie Ford, Marilyn Palmer, Carl Albrighhand Charles Chrislian examine materials in T.H.S.'s line Math Library as lhey begin research lor their reporls. MRS. ADELLE DOWDY Jr. Ill Malh, Adv. Malh MRS. FRANCES FOSTER Algebra ll MISS RUBYE GULLEV Plane Geamelry BLACK WARRIOR Business Slall Algebra I sludenls Alton Penz, Jim Newman, and Shep Park help Mrs. Williams assemble mufh equipmenl boughl with lederal funds. E251 Mathematl cs and Science MRS. CHARLOTTE HAMNER MRS. KATHARINE HODGIN MISS HENRIETTE KENDRICK Jr. Ill Math MRS. ELLA PIERCE Algebra I, ll, Jr. Ill Math Algebra I, ll Algebra I. Plane Geometry Today, as never before, science assumes a place of maximum importance in our world. Dedicated men over the globe tirelessly search the mysteries of the universe, pursue new methods of defending their countries, as well as attempting to improve and preserve human life. The Science Department offers a varied and challenging four years to fledgling scientists, who study the ex- periments of the past and begin their own exploration. MRS. MARION SMITH Sr. Math, Algebra Il Mu Alpha Theta A ,im , hu MRS. CLARA WILLIAMS MRS. BETTIE BOUNDS Algebra I Biology I26l Attract Bright T.H S Students MR. CHARLES FINDLAV MRS. .IANIE INGRAM MRS FRANCES LYONS Gen. Science, Adv. Chemistry Biology Gen. Science Science Club An overall scientific background is provided in General Science and Advanced General Science. One credit in natural science is necessary for graduation. To fulfill this requirement many students take Biology. This course embraces all aspects of plantand animal life on our planet. Students who wish to probe more deeply go on to Physics and Chemistry, where they study the changes and combi- nations of matter and energy. Q,-Anus: ,.. lc? ,MLK C'07m'L to 'Lavg 43""""'A S"U'k'9'L'- Mnioiuv VM-17 4-rw.oLla..,p Cp -A,.,,,. A704 f.,c.,,pez.,, Abmk a..t.,, 'Li-211-64 --f,J'i-d! Qdvd- 'n,k4sJ'Z Will it explode?? Not with Senior scientists Paula Gray, Bill Minges, Devi Cork, and Sonny Standridge mixing itl -""" Commercial, Home EC, and V.I.E. MR. JAMES BEDINGFIELD MRS. SARAH BLAKENEY MRS. l.UCll.l.E LUNDY Typing I, Business Law, Typing I, Shorthand I, ll Bookkeeping, Business Law General Business The worlds of science and letters have reached the Threshold of new frontiers, and the world of business has moved right along with them. T.l-l.S.'s Commercial Department helps pre- pare those of her students who are business-minded to take their places in this fast-moving world. General Business and Business Law are offered to the busi- ness leaders of tomorrowg future accountants learn about keep- ing books correctly: future secretaries study typing and short- hand. MRS. JUARINE VAN TASSEI. Typing l, ll F.T.A. Business students Linda Longford and Dinah Hull prepare uniniormaiive display. MRS. NELL WATSON General Business l28l Provide Practical Courses Vocational and Industrial Education isa government-sponsored program to aid students by training them in certain iobs. These iobs include many trades and also many phases of selling. Many of the students remain inthese labs, or similar ones, after gradua- tion. Some students even work their way through college in V.l.E. iobs. V.l.E. students usually go to school in the morning tor a halt day and then go to their iobs in the afternoon, however, some work in the morning and goto school in the afternoon. An important proiect of this department is its annual college scholarship for a worthy V.l.E. student. The basis of American power and genius lies in the American home. To the purpose of making the home a safer and better place, tothe production offiner, stronger American home-makers, the Home Economics Department is dedicated. Even in a let- propelled world people still have to eat. Girls in Miss Liles's classes acquire skill in preparing both practical every day meals and delectable party fare. They learn the essentials of etiquette and hygiene, and gain experience in sewing and child care. MR. PAT WALLACE V.I,E. MR. AUBREV BARDON V.l.E. V.l.E. Club MR. M. H. SHERER V.l.E. V.l.E. Club MISS BELVA LILES Home Economics V.l.E. Club F.H.A. l29l Gym Classes Stress Physical Fitness President Kennedy has stressed the importance of physical fitness in the New Frontier. Physical educa- tion helps our three upper classes build sound bodies to house their expanding intellects. Both boys and girls participate in a widely varied program of activities and sports, indoors and out. They learn the importance of sportsmanship and character as well as skill. This year it became impossible, unfortunately, because of our new split shifts, to provide physical education for our Freshmen. However, the Y.M.C.A. gives fully ac- credited courses in physical education for them. A mighty leopl These boys are trying their skill at the broad iump. MR. WALTER BLANCHARD Physical Education Freeming weather doesn' t late T.H.S.' erll Thele girls are keeping warm by playing a rousing game ot soccer. l30l Driver Training Teaches Automobile Safety Under the watchlul eye ol Coach Henderson, these girls are becoming ex- pert drivers. Ours is a fast-moving society in a strictly automotive sense as well as in a larger, more general sense. Carsare becoming increasingly indispensable, therefore, it has become increasingly necessary for everyone to be a good driver. T.H.S.'s Driver Training program is aimed at training its participants to be the best possible drivers. Five periods a day the Training car pulls out with Coach Henderson and a lull load ot eager students. While learning to drive by driv- ing, the students also learn the principles of highway courtesy and safety. MRS. BERNICE CLINTON Physical Education MRS. SANDRA COLE Physical Education Cheerleaders MR. BILLY HENDERSON MR. TOM TARLETON MR. ClAUDE CRANFORD Driver Training Civics Civia Football Basketball Bdlilwll l3ll Art and Crafts Stimulate Artistic Minds MR. TOM DANNER Industrial Arts I, II Mech. Drawing, Track MRS. NINA GESSLER So much emphasis is placed upon science, math, and courses that can be practically applied today that we tend to pass over as insignificant the creative mind. It is in our artand crafts classes that such talents are encouraged. Students experiment with char- coal, water colors, ink, oils, clay, plaster, and a variety of materials. They learn to use their hands with skill, and they produce a wide assortment of obiects, some iust for fun, some extremely practical. Skillful hands are also trained in Industrial Arts classes. Here boys work with machine tools and make useful objects of wood and metal. Future architects and engineers learntheartofdrafting in Mechani- cal Drawing. Their skills with rule andcompassare developed under the guidance of Coach Danner. CMH, Barbara Brasiield, larry Hollis, Brady Franklin, and Earnestine Barludale are completing their 'newspaper monsters' in a Crafts class. i321 Industrial Arts, Mechanical Drawing Also Offered Arfisls Roy Harris, Carolyn Darden, and Jan Calhoun add lhe finishing Iouches lo lheir maslerpiec MR. GARY KERR MR. MARION PIERSON MRS. JANE KIMBALL Arl I, ll, III, Sr. Il English lnduslrlal Arls I, ll Rerlwdlfll Ari Club l33l Mixed Choir and Girls' Choir Give Row 'l: Paula Gray, Joy Grigg, PatWhite, Sheila Terrill, Sue Ann Wilbourne, Martha Maylield, Carole Jones, Jean Fielder, Margo Bulord, Rebecca Wright, Martha Essary, Karen Allen, Carol Tatum, Dale Christian, Sara Duren, Nancy Quinn, Julie Deal. Row 2: Gail Lee, Delane Fitts, Fran Vining, Anne Cleino, Gwen Sikes, Charlotte McEachin, Alice Ann Duncan, Lenn Bomar, Lulu Black, Alice Hamilton, Becky Glenn, Rosemary Rankin, Martha Slringlellow, Penny Wilson, Ann Hewitt, Anne Nichols, Tuscaloosa High School's chorus music department has long been known as one of the finest in the state. lt is composed of three different choral groups - Chorus Music I, Girls' Choir, and Mixed Choir. Chorus Musicl is composed of first year choir students who are iust learning to sing. Girls' Choir is the next step in a music student's chorus career. This group is more advanced and, as can be interred from the name, is solely for girls. The ambition of each chorus student is to belong to the Glenda Brewer. Row 3: Sonny Standridge, Ed Warren, Henry Herman, Dan Cole, Wayne Baughman, Don Johnson, Joel Latham, Ray Ballard, Pat Hays, Bruce Jones, Mike Bingham, Andy Barger, Robert Bagley, Suzanne Still, Donna Dockery. Row 4: Jimmy Head, Ronald Spence, Bill Barringer, Richard Thomason, Dan McClusky, Jerry Kuykendall, Rusty Dockery,Mike English, Jimmy Caruthers, Danny Brown, David Hardin, Jimmy Stringer, Vhyne Shaller, Tippy Armstrong. l Mixed Choir, the ultimateofachievementinchoralsinging. This year the group presented its annual Christmas con- cert with the Band. It also gave a Spring Concert and programs for several city organizations. Membership, in the Mixed Choir is based upon audition. This is the reason that T.H.S.'s chorus was given a "supe- rior" rating in last year' s State Music Festival. It is quite an honor to belong to this group and proudly wear the traditional Mixed Choir robe. Mixed Choir officers, lound sitting on the piano, are Fran Vining, Jimmy Caruthers, Suzanne Still, Rebecca Wright, Henry Herman, and Andy Barger. MR. GENE BLACK Chorus Music I, Girls' Choir, Mixed Choir T341 Christmas Concert with the Band ZND PERIOD GIRLS' CHORUS, Row l: Lynette Bostick, Judy Tullos, Shirley Christ, Gloria Hempstead, Patsy Bryan, Mary Ann Wiggins, Kay Livingston, Libby McCracken, Diane Stansell,CherylHunter,Terria Wood, Emalyn Savage, Jan Disney, ,Row 2: Annette Tesney, Jackie Meadows, Patricia Gwin, Linda Beams, Gail Mizell, Jean Nisbet, Linda Ledbetter, Alice Hollings- worth, Kay Parker, Elizabeth Northrop, Marian Wilson, Annette Swanson. Margaret Lindsey, Lynn Falgout, Row 3: Regina Kinsaul, Martha Weeks, Diane Hodo, Martha Bennett, Joyce Tyler, Lavinia Hellums, Dinah Hall, Charlotte Perry, Sharon Compton, Rebecca Rhodes, Sara Grittin, Laurene Lewis, Row 4: Janet Welton, Sandra Stewart, Sandra Ray, Kathy Sherer, Fern Niehuss, Ann Banks, Betty Moore, Kay Koeppel, Connie Strickland, Carol Hughes, Nina Beth Parker, Nancy Wright. 3RD PERIOD GIRLS' CHORUS, Row l: Sandra William- son, Jane Lawrence, Kyra Jones, Evelyn Raiford, Ann Richardson, Sandra Burell, Mary Etheridge, Marsha Singleton, Judy Crowder, Carolyn Latham, Margaret Krupp, Row 2: Nancy Yarbrough, Julia Emerson, Sharon Reynolds, Linda Armstrong, Diane West, Shirley Hayes, Ann Trawick, Mary Berthe, Nancy Hahn, Row 3: Gerlon Redding, Mary Jane Giles, Barbara Summerlin, Louise Moody, Gayle Hayes, Judy Davidson, Linda Langford, Peggy Nuckols, Rebecca Vail, Row 4: Joyce Lancaster, Cheryl Reynolds, Laura Stringtellow, Alice Parker, Alice Crume, Martha Standridge, Cheryl Hildreth, Carolyn Reim, Fay Mc- Bryde, Sandra Meggs. l35l 6 Music Under the Stars' Is l MR. TOMMY HAMNER ALICE HAMILTON Band Director Band Sweetheart The Tuscaloosa High School Band is an or- ganization of I36 talented students who de- vote more than fifteen hours each week to practice during marching season, and five hours a week, excluding the band period, in concert season. It is quite well known as one of the finest bands in the state and has won many awards and recognitions for its per- formances. In marching season, the Black Bear Band de- votes its entire time to working up halftime shows for Tuscaloosa's football games. The weekly display consists of a drill, several formations, and, ofcourse, appropriate music. Some of this season's themes were "Mr. Lucky," a tribute to Hammerstein, and tele- vision shows. As far as the concert band is concerned, it is second to none. The Christmas Concert, given with the Chorus Music Department for the first time, was a tremendous success. Tuscaloosa High was honored at the band's Spring Concert with the presence and per- formance of the well-known trumpeter Don Jacoby. Row l: Carol Pennington, Nan Taylor, Shirley Davis, Cherry Kendrick, Judy Smith, Marilyn Northcutty Row 2: Reedie Guy, Karen Meyer, Denny Greene, Kathie Hopkins, Judy Nisbet, Linda Tidmore, Gene Scott: Row 3: Carl Albright, Sonny Hinton, Preston Hayes, John Hewett, Billy Ray, Danny Langford, Billy Davis, James Hankins, Bob Mantel, Richilrd NlUSSi: Row 4: Marian Pearson, Sally Langston, Woody Latham, Ruth Walker, Marie Hedrick, Jessica Frazier, Shirley Bennett, Martha Rice, Carolyn Clarke, Joan Crawford, Gayle Ashley, Catherine Wurm,Sondra Tucker, Anita Stabler, Bobby Gilmore: Row 5: Joe Brown, Wayne Rutledge, Jimmy Wilder, Bobby Walker, Larry Cobb, Barry Still, Sue Parker, Rebecca Springfield: Standing: Jackie Sims, Foss Smith, Mike Vaughn, Howard Bassett, Poodgie Poole, Johnny Johns, Jim Brown, Bill Bowman. Innovation 0 T.H.S. Band Every year T.H.S. has been well-represented at the All-State Band Festival, but this year the band members really outdid themselves. Black Bear musicians won twenty-two places and eight alternate places in the All-State bands. This is more than any other Alabama high school has ever won. One thing of which the band is especially proud is the success of its summer concert series. Free, outdoor concerts were presented in East- wood Park every Friday night for nine weeks. This type of program was completely new to Tuscaloosa, and the band gained much public intere5iC1nd favor. Outside of school, the band has represented the school, the city, the county, and even the state in many ceremonial capacities. Ithas played before almost every kind of civic and local group, and has been asked to perform at dedications, charity shows, and for many other worthwhile protects. T.H.S. Ba nd otticers shown with two of Don Jacoby' s record albums are Bill Bowman. assistant manager, Linda Tidmore, assistantlibrarian, Ronnie Latham, manager, Mr. Hamner, and Richard Hamner, president. Not present is Carol McCracken, librarian. Row 'la Ginger James, Judy Pugh, Patti Hicks, Diane Harris, Diane Watson Mary Ann McDaniel, Row 2: Julia Brown, Betty Jane Hall,Carol McCracken Mary Helen Roberts, Mitzi Marsh, Janet Arey, Ann Lee, Mary Beth Wear Row 3: -Bobby Wilson, Doris Callahan, Beverly Hanes, Marilyn Palmer Susan Nealens, Pat Westbrook, Joe Lary, Tommy Wear, Ann Seebeckp Row 4: Lonnie Cox, Christy Raitord, Rene Chabannes, David Harden I Roger Williams, Richard Hamner, Steve Patrick, Ronnie Epperson, Donald Palmer. Al Caddisg Row 5: Rubye Taylor, Mickey Gewin, Jimmy Caruthers, Mickey Smith, Jerry Humphries, George Stabler, Ronald Kyzer, Ray Ballard, Ronnie Latham, Bob Gribbin, Rick Moman, Kendall Clark, Paul Spell, Donald Kyzer, Allan Foltsp Standing: John Cruse, Andy Smith, Vence Rollins, Bobby Turner, Jimmy Adams, Ronnie Collier. l37l Row l: Jane Davis, Carole Gilmore, Pat McGlamery, Linda Lawrence, Row 2: Annette Cabiness, Ernesline Dunn, Judy Bailey, Don Hunkins, Margaret Jones, Dodie Pritchett, Judy Williams, Roberta Ford, Row 3: Linda Carpenter, Mary Johnson, Jackie Norris, Andy Barnes, Truman Smilh, James Siakem, Mike McDuflie, Danny Smith, Sylvia livermang Frosh and Tw A one-word description of the Freshman Band might well be "transitional," This band provides a link, so to speak, between the Junior High Band and the Black Bear Band. Indeed, the band's primary purpose is to prepare its members to loin The Band. The Freshmen are given much individual help so that they can more T.H.S. Maioreftes, Row l: Mary Ann McDaniel, Judy Pugh, Marilyn Norfhcutt, Diane Harris, Ginger James, Diane Watson: Row 2: Cherry Raw 4: Brenda Burnette, Judy Vaughn, Jonathan Hayes, Carol Sulher, Billie Jo Seale, Susan Rice, Chrisli Popp, Carolyn Tisdale, Carlos Tisdale, Joe Williams, David Massengale, Jimmy Cox, David Brown, Standing: lloyd Wagner, Hal Williams, Barbara Espey, Jerry Snipes,Tony Smalley, Buddy Seay, Jerald Ramsey, Danny Buford, Billy Avery, Jerry Flummer. elv e Twirlers easily learn band techniques and improve their musician- ship as much as possible. Unfortunately, because of the difficulties brought on by the split-shift, many Freshmen have been unable to continue in band, thus depleting what would ordinarily be swelling ranks. Kendrick, Judy Smith, Nan Taylor, Shirley Davis, Palfi Hicks, Carol Penninglon. Cherry Kendrick, Judy Smith, Nan Taylor, Shirley Davis, Patti Hicks, Pennington, Diane Watson, and Mary Ann McDaniel show off their red Ginger James, Diane Harris, Judy Pugh, Marilyn Norlhcutt, Carol and white winter outfits. ff. f . V , f. A Aicl Bandis Appeal t Marching in front of the T.l'l.S. Band are twelve prancing maiorettes. Referred to as "streamlined strutters" by the radio announcers, these girls endeavor to add glam- our to the half-time shows of the football games and the parades. The maiorettes worked hard during the summer on twirling routines, strutting, and drill patterns. Six of the girls attended twirling camp at the University of Mississippi and received an interesting and fun-filled week of expert instruction from nationally known baton- twirling champions. This year the maiorettes have taken a new interest in twirling competition. Several of the girls entered state contests, and have become members of the National Baton Twirlers' Association. During concert season the moiorettes are transformed into charming usherettes who collect tickets, distribute programs, and cordially greet the band patrons. Drum Mnior...Vence Rollins Study or gossip-a good place to find either is the haunt of all good little maiorettes, the hall outside the band room. 391 Ca eteria Serves Food for the Inner Man or Girlj Lovolla Thompson, Ivory Johnson, Samiianotta Froomun, Rosa Ryan, Elzio Rogers, Willie Cody, Elilvbith I-UCJIIY. KUJTC Whitl. Alma TCYl0l'- The school cafeteria provides a pleasant meeting place and a pause for relaxation in the demanding schedule of a school day. Students partake of nourishment while enioying an opportunity to chat with friends or look over their notes before an exam.The cafeteria offers an amazing variety of foods from a hot nutrition-packed plate lunch to hot dogs, chili, and ice cream lthose ever-present staples in the ordinary teenager' s dietl. This year the cafeteria serves principally the three upper classes due to the regrettable split shift situation. Though many of the morning or afternoon Freshmen eat at school, still the cafeteria is less crowded than it has been in years, and serves for perhaps the first time the capacity of students for which it was originally built. Sally Gaines, Arles Johnson, Nancy Warren, Edith Fisher, Mary Willis Smith, Nannie Elliot, Cora Miller, Adu Bell Hewitt, Ella James, Johnnie Lee Thomas, Hula Gaines. l40l Building Custodians Are Important Part Wading? Actually, ii' s all part ol illo job. Janitors Harvey Swindle and .lamps Plylar on repairing a clogged drain alior ons ol Tuscaloosa' s ' monsoonsf The appearance of a school building greatly influences the personality of its whole student body. Tuscaloosa High School is an excellent example of the good condition in which an ef- ficient maintenance staff, plus student coopera- tion, can keep a new building. T.H.S. students seldom realize the tremendous amount of work that goes into the maintenance of the building. The vast network of wiring, the heating system, the plumbing system, thousands of desk tops to be waxed, hundreds of square feet of tile floor to be kept clean and sparkling- the task seems overwhelming. Mr. Jackson, the building engineer, ianitors Harvey Swindle and James Plylar, and the staff of maids are always on hand to help with any special iobs, as well as completing their routine tasks. Tuscaloosa High School' s maids are Rosella Sianclley. Millie Carrington, Gertrude Washington, and Anna Bolle Eaion. l41l Clubs Individuals have always been drawn to those who share common interests with them. ln a school, a club augments various courses of study. It provides an opportunity for its members to explore wider fields of study, to go one step farther than the required. Many serve the school in protects of different kinds, and render invaluable help to themselves, faculty, and administration. l42l i itilrii 'iq-tial 5 Hmm fag? sp X "fu, uf- ww w ., .SQ 2?-H X, 5573 Q? 1? f 2 'MAMA . Q ifwwflzmw' .. D. ww 21 M Q , ,,V. ,Y - ,Q-,arlu .Q 11,1 MQNf3Q5sg,g,,-ff-513 ' -5,4 L, -lnfnfw -,WNFR Student Teachers and Future Teachers STUDENT TEACHERS: Row 'l: Miss Laura Langley, Miss Pafricia Long, Miss Ellen Crawford, Mrs. Jane Jones, Mrs. Linda Crawey, Mrs. Carol Whitehead. Row 2: Mr. Richard Gilchrisf, Mr. Rudolph Cain. STudenT Teachers enTer our school sysTem near The beginning of each semesTer. Some of Them remain aT school for Two periods, oThers remain Tor Three periods. The sTudenT Teachers begin by spending several weeks in observaTion of The Teacher To whom They have been assigned: Then They are gradually worked inTo The full Teaching program of The class. During The semesTer ThaT The Teachers are wiTh The school, They Take pC1rTir1 school TuncTions, acTiviTies, club meeTings, TaculTy meefings, P.T.S.A., and all The oTher aspecTs of sTuclenT life. The lnTerclub Council is ci school club wiTh a very eliTe membership. Only Those people who are presidenTs of school aTTlliaTed clubs may be members. This organiza- Tion suggesTs ways in which The sTudenT acTiviTies may be regulaTed. A poinT sysTem has been seT up and is gov- erned by The Council so ThaT more sTudenTs may have a balanced exTra-curricular life. The lnTerclub Council is a coniuncTion of The T.H.S. clubs which helps Them run smooThly and noT conflicT. INTERCLUB COUNCIL: Row 1: Mary Jo Jernigan, Beppy Forehand, Wynne Alexander, Ann HewiTT. Row 2: Richard Snow, Ralph Quarles, Tom Hocker, Wayne Shaffer, Charles B. ChrisTian. I44 l Will Alleviate Teacher Shortage F.T.A. CLUB: Row 'lz Betty Hayes, Amelia Kyle, Sandra Debter, Mary Ann McDaniel. Row 2: Julia Ann Brown, Diane Dowdy, Linda Beams, Carole L. Deal, Sharon Schembs, Mary Frances Fields, Eleanor Boykin, Nancy Roberson. Row 3: Joyce Hamrick, Martha Cafe Middendorf, Glenda LaGrone, Mary .lane Giles, Carol Strickland, Doris Bell, Eleanor Clinton, Patsy Bruce, Beverly Calhoun. Row 4: Judy Davis, Lynnette Bostick, Shirley Worsham, Kay Squires, Marilyn Palmer, Julie Deal, Anne Nichols, Joy Grigg, Susan Nelson, .lan Calhoun. The Future Teachers of America is a club composed of students interested in teaching as a profession. Guest speakers are often invited to speak to the members about teaching, its problems and its rewards. One par- ticularly interesting speaker was a T.H.S. student teacher, Miss Langley, who spoke on study and various phases of university life. Another program was on teaching machines and their use for drill work with the student. Five F.T.A. members attended the state convention held in Montgomery at the Hotel Whitley on January Chaplain Jan Calhoun Reporter-Historian ' Annette Tesney Secretary-Treasurer Julie Deal Vice-President Joy Grigg President Beverly Calhoun 5-6. Mary Frances Fields, Diane Dowdy, Doris Bell, .lan Calhoun, and Beverly Calhoun attended, chaperoned by Mrs. Calhoun, One ot the activities of the club this year was to send welcoming notes to the student teachers at the begin- ning ot each semester. "Teachers' Appreciation Day" was observed by the presentation of apples to each teacher. The F.T.A. showed its gratitude for the fine T.H.S. teachers by placing cookies in the teacher's lounge during the year. l45l Future Homemukers Entertain Faculty F.H.A. CLUB: Row 1: Joan Davis, Linda Walker, Barbara Dean, Odessia Hammonds, Margie Jones, Joan Walker, Rochelle Janes, Sue Foster, Brenda Howard, Brenda Jones, Row 2: Nancy Brown, Sandra Edgeworth, Helen Reed, Linda Welch, Glenda Floyd, Anne Faircloth, Lolly Ray, Jo Ann Lancaster, Dorothy Corder, Scarlett Broughton: Row 3: Betty Vaughn, Elaine Fender, Ramona Gibson, Sharon Faulkner, Sarah Stough, Linda Howard, Marsha Kirkley, Dale Weaver, Barbara Miller, Charlotte Robertson, Linda Rominger: Row 4: Alice Redding, Lynn Burgin, Peggy Franklin, Mary Emily Clark, Betty Johnson, Glenda Harless, Jeneva Bush, Jewel Richardson, Leona Bishop, Carol Culwell, Sharon Bagwell, Dora Snipes, Jennifer Hartley. The Future Homemakers of America for girls in the Home Economics department adds much enjoyment and information to their field of study. Before school was out for Christmas vacation, the girls in Home Ec entertained their parents and the faculty of T.H.S. with a party. They served coffee and tea with light, delicious pastries and cookies, fes- tively decorated to create o holiday mood. The major money-making project of the year has been the sale of cook books, the profits going to the improvement of the Home Economics department. As a service project the F.H.A. members have dressed Christmas dolls for children of the school for blind and deaf in Talladega. Programs have been held on the foods, furniture and clothes of European and Scandinavian countries. Dr. Coleman and Dr. Roland from the University of Ala- bama came to speak to the group on dating and family relationships. This year the F.H.A. has been more industrious than ever before. The girls of first year Home Economics work toward their Junior Homemaker degree. If girls desire to continue in Home Ec after the first year, they are eligible to work for their Chapter and State Home- makers degrees. To achieve these degrees, F.H.A. members must memorize the F.H.A. Creed, and com- plete projects pertaining to the home, school and community. F.H.A. CLUB: Row l: Bettey Wheeler, Charlotte Parris, Dody Welborn, Faye Weaver: Row 2: Annette Summers, Beverly Phillips, Diane Mat- thews, Joyce Haverick, Edna Vines, Ellen Lewis, Sarah Hinton, Louise Besant, Celeste Upchurch, Mary Charles Wright, Barbara Adams: Row 3: Charlotte Ashcroft, Deloris Shaffer, Beth Humphreys, Martha Hargrove, Peggy Nuckols, Sandra Pater, Pene Wilson, Martha Rice, Ivy Baker, Wanda Dunn, Beppy Forehand, Betty Jo Moseley, Row 4: Betty Moore, Joyce Taylor, Nellie Martin, Peggy Sue Wilson, Patricia Allen, Margaret Lee, Clementine Marcum, Jan Moore, Pat Roberts, Judy Green, Dianne Wurm, Doris Bell. l46l and Parents at Christmas Party F.H.A. CLUB: Row 'l: Mary Kay Crawford, Claudia Smith, Sarah Ann Cork, Katrina Pate, Janet Morgan, Modell Butler, Donnetto Bolton, Harriett Brunton, raw 2: Gerlon Redding, Rubye Johnson, Dian Rainer, Terry Brown, Linda Nelson, Anne Kilgrow, Gail Colee, Kay Lowery, Gale Sharp, row 3: Carolyn Hartman, Wanda Davis, Whitney Menning, Carol Copeland, Myrial Bridgers, Bootsie Clark, Yalonda Dun- can, Susan Heller, Brenda Cabaniss, Gail Carlsen, Mary Lou Nolen, row 4: Elizabeth Brewer, Kay Jernigan, Susan Holloman, Gloria Lowe, Pat Welch, Brenda Rhone, Jennifer Williams, Carol Harrison, Patricia Lee, Carolyn Clarke, Shirley Bennett, Sandra Owens, Brenda Fleenor. The Health Careers Club of Tuscaloosa Senior High School was organized in October, 1961. The club is opened to girls and boys interested in any phase of health work. The officers are Al Caddis, president, Donna Pierce, vice-president, Emma Kay Guin, secretary, and Sherry Lawrence, treasurer. The club is sponsored by the Woman's Auxiliary to the Tuscaloosa County Medical Society. Mrs. Sam Davis, Jr., Health Careers Chairman for the Tuscaloosa County, and Mrs. James C. Guin, Jr., Health Careers Chairman for Alabama, represent the group in work- ing with the students, along with Mrs. Janie Giles, school nurse, and Mrs. Truman Daniel, Public Health Nurse. The purpose of this club is to encourage and guide young people into the health field, help them find a career that will be interesting and satisfying to them, and make information available so that their high school background will help prepare them for their chosen career. During the year there have been guest speakers from various health professions. A tour of Druid City Hospital and the Tuscaloosa County Health Depart- ment has been planned. Time will also be devoted to work in developing the personality and improving appearance since health careers involve working with people and winning their confidence and friend- ship. HEALTH CAREERS CLUB: Row l: Mrs. James C. Guin, sponsor. Billy Manderson, Charlotte Edgeworth, Janice Hardy, Beverly Philer, Kay Perkins, Kathy Hopkins, Charlie Orr, Janie H. Giles, R.N., sponsor: Row 2: Mary Ann McDaniel, Patty Nottingham, Patsy Zeanah, Evelyn Raiford, Linda Smitherman, Louise Hodo, Sarah Ann Wade, Gayle Ashley, Sandra Gleisberg, Mary Jane Giles, Row 3: Ann Wedgeworth, Cynthia Smith,Donna Pierce, Sammie Jean Ryan, Karen Allen, Becky Rhodes, Judy Cayley, Becky Springfield, Ellen Mitchell, Glenda LaGrone, Delane Fitts, Ann Winters: Row 4: Diane Hodo, Cail Colee, Anne Overall, Pamela Mitchell, Diane West, Emma Kay Guin, Mary Gamble, Brenda Booch, Janice Corkren, Carol Caldwell, Cheryl Bowman, Pat Burnett, Estes Hayes. l47l Forensic League and Greasepainters FORENSIC LEAGUE: Row i: Dorothy Lowery, Betty Baucom, Mary Elliot, Nancy Roberson, Pat Roberts, Glenda LaGrone, Robert Bagley. Row 2: Fran Vining, Ann Newman, Gene Henderson, John Cruse, Bob Hopper, Tom Ashby, Larry Beatus. Row 3: Pene Wilson, Mary Tillatson, Vicki Earnest, Carolyn Tucker, Charles B. Christian, Frank Greer, Richard Snow, Walter Larson, Ronald Davis. Row 4: Marian Wilson, William Allen, Jim Newman, Richard Rhone, Tom Hocker, Jon Rey Sullivan, Mike Howington, Pettus Randall, Mrs. Alexander, sponsor. Tom Hocker and Nancy Roberson, skilled debaters, prepare for their next tilt. The Forensic League participates in the Alabama Forensic Tournament held each spring at the Univer- sity of Alabama. The events include a series of de- bates, oral interpretation, extemporaneous speak- ing, and after-dinnerspeaking.Theschooltournoment is held in December. Students are encouraged to participate in speaking and writing activities. Through the Forensic League, students may continue their development in self-directed study, organizing materials, debating, writing, speaking, and reading poetry. In the competition at the University last season, our debate team won nine ottwelve debates. David Smith received a superior rating in debating, and Tom Ashby won a superior in oral interpreta- tion. Pettus Randall achieved first place in the county and district BIRMINGHAM NEWS Oratorical Con- tests. Ann Newman received second place award in oral interpretation at Howard. Dating or debating? Which is the topic oi this discussion among Pettus Randall, Tom Ashby, and Ann Newman? All are contest winners for the Forensic League. 3 fx Provide Outlets for Talented Students Billy Ray and Greg Congleton take care of the lights backstage. The skillful hands of Pat Roberts apply stage make-up to Carolyn Tucker. Sally Johnson, William Allen and Debbie Herring are the actors in the Play "Mr. Vincent." During this year the Greasepainters have sponsored an eight weeks course in make-up under the direction of Pat Roberts, and a party was held at the Y.M.C.A. The Greasepainters have planned and sponsored a Speech ll play, a school-wide oratorical contest, a talent festival, a special program by lvlr. Elliot, and a party honoring the new ofiicers for the year T962-63. The members of the club have special programs for the meetings as well as workshops such as the one on acting directed by Greg Congleton. The members of the club have special programs tor the meetings as well as workshops such as the one on acting directed by Greg Congleton. GREASEPAINTERS: Row l: Pat Roberts, historian, Gregory C. Congleton, vice-president, Mrs. Janice Rankin, sponsor: Richard Snow, presi- dent, Nancy Roberson, treasurer, Sally Johnson, secretary. Row 2: Charlotte Perry, Nancy Hahn, Jane Lawrence, Rosemary Rankin, Debbie Herring, Ann Newman, Mary Tillotson, Barbara Miller, Pam Butler, Carolyn Tucker, Vicki Earnest, Bootsie Clark, Paula White, Janice Corkren. Row 3: Gene Bush, Terry Walker, Jim Newman, Jim laMoreaux, Ralph Hayden, Joe Wood, Billy Ray, Richard Rhone, Larry Beatus, Walter Larson, Tom Ashby, Mike English. Row 4: Sue McCracken, Connie Clark, Virginia Sutley, Judy Lindsey, Anita Hailey, Margaret Brasfield, Fran Vining, Kyra Lee Jones, Mary Bama Farr, Susan Giles, Brenda Rhone, Mary Kay Crawford, Sandra Tapscott, Susan Nelson, Yalonda Duncan, Susan Heller, Glenda LaGrone. Latin Club The Junior Classical League has a membership ol almost two hundred per- sons interested in the Latin language and the classics. Some ot the cIub's projects this year are curtains to darken the Latin room tor the showing of films, exhibits for the display case, reproductions of sculpture and art obiects, plaques for the Latin Club medal and contest winners, and shrubbery for the school grounds. Serving as otticers are: Charles B. Christian, president, Mary Elliot, lst vice- president, Jan Calhoun, 2nd vice-presi- dent, Mary Tillotson, secretary-treasurer, Sheila Terrill, state 2nd vice-president. The club has done much to promote in- terest in the Latin language and heighten Tuscaloosa High School's awareness ot ' ' the classics. Each spring the Junior Classical League The an obieds ,,,,e,es, omcem holds a Latin Banquet. Members wear Mary Elliot, Charles B,Chri51iqn Roman dress and are served by willing and Jan Calhoun. slaves. This banquet marks the climax ot Latin Week. Classics are promoted throughout the school and community by means ot posters and exhibits. Another annual event is the ldes of March com- memoration ot Caesar's death. The T.H.S. Latin Club always has ci large number of representatives at the State Convention. A T.H.S. student has been the State Myth- ology Champion for two years. This year "But Mrs- Finest they did'1'YSef1d the school champion is Whitney Menning. the head-" 5l"ellC' Tefflll and At each monthly meeting, interesting M"'Y Tlllolson nollce 'he loss' programs are presented. Some of this year's programs have been Roman cha- rades, several plays and skits, and talks and a contest on constellations. LATIN CLUB: Row 1: Merilyn Mangum, Fred Nicol, John Spence, Debby Herring, Rita Ezell, Nancy O'Brien, Judy Galloway, Elizabeth Woolen, Jane Barr, Amalie Buck. Row 2: Nancy Richardson, Andy Jackson, Becky Welton, Judy Lavell, Beth Gamble, Mary Carol Williams, Barbara Brooks, Joan Curry, Mary Dana Pierce, Kay Catrino. Row 3: Dean Kirkpatrick, Lynda O'Neil, Sylvia Crew, Suzan Woods, Susan Neale, Jackie Hatmaker, Linda Grimes, Christine Rickett, Phebe Thomas, Julia Ann Brown, Anne Gibbons, Ann Fitts. Row 4: Ellen Boozer, Dennis Stanard, Cary Williams, Ronny Collier, Stan Hammock, Larry Beatus, Walter Larson, Bob Pritchett, James Bohli, David Ashton, Larry Davis. l50i Heightens Interest in Classics LATIN CLUB: Row 'l: Mike Alexander, Dee Martenson, Don Mills, Jerry Hubbard, Richard Snow, Johnny Beauchamp, Jimmy Duren, Jim Newman, David Penz, Bill Watson, Ken Palmer. Row 2: Allen Cochrane, Tom Patton, Jimmy Wilder, Eugene Poole, Jon Sasser, Charles Pointer, Ronnie Hoggle, Alton Penz, Richard H, Rosenfeld, Marty Van Tassel, Joe Sullivan. Row 3: Charles Glisson, John Pancake, Robert Gilmore, Hardy McCollum, Luis Ramirez, Catherine Wurm, Linda Dockery, Judy Beal, Mary Hughsan, Sandra Tapscott, Sherrie Lawrence. Row 4: Ronny Epperson, Barbara Adams, Carolyn Revin, Alice Baernstein, Mary Kate Meredith, Anita Stabler, Barbara Miller, Elaine Alexander, Linda Reid, Linda Campbell, Pamela Paul, Diane Waldrop. Row 5: Pat Roberts, Cheryl Hunter, Sandra Gleisberg, Janet Mate, Beth Campbell, Carol Harrison, Melinda Ralston, Judy Bleier, Brenda Dockery, Patsy Whatley, Ginny Parker, Marsha Britt. LATIN CLUB: Row 1: Bill Scott, Vence Rollins, Billy Ball, Roy Harris, Gene Scott, Bob Gribbin, John Cruse, Roger Williams, Richard Summer- ville, Jon Rey Sullivan, Allen Folts, Barry Still, Pettus Randall, Richard Massi, Bill Woodley, Charles B. Christian, Ronald Davis, Tom Hacker. Row 2: Betty Hayes, Marcia Owens, Janet Welton, Martha Bennett, Mary Tillotson, Whitney Menning, Wynne Alexander, Kay Koeppel, Carolyn Darden, Amelia Kyle. Row 3: Anne Tillotson, Sheila Terrill, Joyce Tyler, Jessica Patterson, Marsha Patterson, Nancy Roberson, Alice Ann Duncan, Margaret Partlow, Mitzi Brown, Mary Jane Matthews, Wanda Davis, Katie Lou Pritchett, Kathy Sherer, Louise Besant, Dale Christian, Dorothy Echols. Row 4: Kat Pritchett, Ann Newman, Sarah Gay Edwards, Donna Daffron, Jan Calhoun, Anne Trawick, Louise Moody, Judy Waugh, Pamela Mitchell, Betty Baucom, Kay Jernigan, Susan Holloman, Rickie Winstead, Connie Strickland, Linda Smitherman, Barbara Cox. Row 5: Mary Elliot, Glenda Brewer, Phyllis Lawrence, Jane Collins, Teresa Taylor, Diane Dowdy, Vicki Earnest, Ann Banks, Alice LaMaistre, Beverly Hawley, Katherine Doster, Libby Gray, Linda Armstrong, Ann Lee, Abigail Toffel, Jackie Weston, Norma Lancaster, Cheryl Hildreth, Beth Falls. l5ll Mexico Intrigues Spanish Club SPANISH CLUB: Row T: Joe Lary, Fred White, Freddy Swanson, Jimmy Wilson, Barney Boeder, John Webster. Row 2: Louise Besont, Frans Phillips, Patsy Bryan, Dorothy Lowery, Diane Harris, Joan Crawford, Barbara Summerlin, Belly Jane Hall, Emalyn Savage. Row 3: Judy Cayley, Anita Mclntosh, Bobbie Summer, Anne Kilgrow, Judy Pugh, Shirley Worsham, Charlotte Rice, Jimmie Ellen Black, Nan Taylor. Row 4: Deloris Shaffer, Charlotte Perry, Lolly Ray, Anita Harley, Shirley Hayes, Judy Green, Kay Squires, Linda Nelson, Peggy Hall, Nancy Quinn. Row 5: James Taylor, Tom Ashby, Pete Clark, Bill Shamblin, Danny McCraw, Bill Barringer, Danny Langford, Al Mather. Spanish Club ollicers, Jay Lord, Estes Hayes, Mary Jo Jernigan, Cam and Ronald Kyzor investigate the articles in a Spanish magazine. The Spanish Club, one of our school's many large and active organizations, boasted l8O members this year. This club is interested in serving the school and learning about the Spanish-speaking people and their countries. Entertaining programs have been presented at each monthly meeting followed by a social hour. The members have seen slides of Mexico and Spain and heard talks about the people and customs of these countries. Foreign students from the University ot Alabama have visited the meetings and spoken about their native lands. Prelly Senorita, Diane Neely, is the Spanish Club beauly. l52l 4 SPANISH CLUB: Row 'I: Jimmy Gilliland, Donald Kyzer, Jim Herman, Jim Bowman, Hugh Keller, Buddy Norris, Skip Nowell, Bob Richardson. Row 2: David Hamrick, Steve Strickland, David McDaniel, Roy Adams, Richard Corder, Frank Greer, David Miller, Sammy Maze, Chris Curtis, Billy Ray. Row 3: Alice Crume, Grace Blankenship, Betty Lee, Gloria Collins, Laura Sue Stringfellow, Carolyn Clarke, Mary Mitchell, Kaye Earnhardt, Ellen Mitchell, Margareta del Valle, sponsor, Row 4: Barbara Brasfield, Lynda Williams, Shirley Christ, Cheryl Reynolds, Brantly Cochrane, Martha Raye Springer, Sue Ellen Griffin, Rebecca Wright, Cory Blumenfeld, Martha Mayfield, Sally Johnson. Row 5: Diana Cook, Sara Jane Brookever, Gail Scott, Ann Medders, Sharon Faulkner, Carol Copeland, Myrial Bridgers, Rosemary Rankin, Dianne Neely, Evelyn Raiford, Lynette Bostick, Joyce Wheeler. Row 6: Brenda Rhone, Carol Culwell, Annette Walker, Sue Beard, Carolyn Fairchild, Terry Baucom, Carol Hughes, Alice Parker, Ginger Willoughby, Cathy Dent, Dianne Wurm, Judy Davis, Marian Wilson, Doris Bell, Mary Jane Giles. The club members learned songs in Spanish and en- style. This year's fiesta was held in a big open area, ioyed singing them. They are proud to report that they decorated festively with crepe paper, lanterns, and won first place in the club division of the Homecoming even a pinota la paper rnache animal filled with candy, parade. gum, and lots of "goodies"l, The next year's officers were officially announced, Spanish gameswere played, The main project of this year was the improvement and everyone had a good time. of the language lab, where several new tapes and a magnetic eraser have been purchased. Officers for this year were Mary Jo Jernigan, presi- Each year is climaxed with a fiesta in true Spanish denll 'lay Lord' vice-president' Estes Hayes' secreloryl Ronald Kyzer, treasurer, and Cam Canty, historian. SPANISH CLUB: Row 1: Mickey Gewin, Jack Kidd, Ronald Kyzer, Gary Petry, Louis Graham, Glenn Bowen, Peter M. Geolese, Mike Hayes. Row 2: Ricky Clawson, Ronnie Ezell, Jerry Kuykendall, Mike Stephens, Jay Lord, Kendall Clarke, Don Barksdale, Buddy Edwards, George Styles, Ralph Quarles, Ed McTyre, Margarita del Valle, sponsor, Imelda Ford, Estes Hayes, Patsy Bruce, Mary Anne Wiggins, Mary Elizabeth Gravlett, Ann Richardson, Ashley Smith, Clifton Harris, Sarah Hinton, Nina Beth Parker, Didi Fletcher, Judy Deason, Barbara Gibson. Row 4: Camilla Canty, Katherine Doster, Betty Vines, Patsy Zeanah, Sue Sharp, Lana Johnson, Linda Blackwell, Bonnie Davis, Susan Woodley, Martha Brown, Jinx Sandusky, Jane Banks. Row 5: Rubye Taylor, Carolyn Snipes, Becky Bailey, Jane Adams, Linda Skinner, Karen Boozer, Diane Stansell, Barbara Sewell, Ann Drummond, Patty Savage, Susan Jackson, Karen Allen, Row 6: Mary Charles Wright, Mary Jo Jernigan, Dorothy Hood, Shirley Brown, Heidi Hoyt, DeLane Fitts, Marcia Colburn, Helen Harris, Beverly Henderson, Jean Armstrong, Becky Spring- field. Glenda LaGrone, Jackie Weston, Ann Patton. FRENCH CLUB OFFICERS: Diane Davis, historian: Susan Rose, state president: Ann Hewitt, president, Jessica Patterson, chaplain: Anne Cleino, lst vice-president: Theresa Abrams corresponding secretary: Janet Arey, treasurer, Beverly Calhoun, recording secretary Robin McCrory, 2nd vice-president. Quelle Belle...Joy Booth, the French Club Made- moiselle. French Club Holds State Presidency The French Club has always been one of Tuscaloosa High School's most worthwhile organizations because ot its varied program of activities and service projects. Each member ofthe French club is both activeand interested, The meeting of the state organization each year is always wellattended by T.H.S.club members. Susan Rose, l96O-6l Le Cercle Francais presi- dent, served as acting president this year tor the state organization of French clubs. Le Cercle Francais supports an orphaned French girl, Danielle Sanchez, and at present is beginning a scholarship fund for her. The club sponsors an annual Halloween carnival, goes caroling at Christmas, sends Christmas cards to the teachers, and plans entertainment for foreign students at the University of Ala- bama. Tuscaloosa High's language lab, purchased in l96l, is shared by both Spanish and French classes. The French Club buys tapesand equip- ment for the language laboratory. Ann Banks, Harvest Queen, reigned over the Halloween Carnival. Wilbourne. Row 2: Carolyn Gutherie, Mary Beth Wear, Anne Nichols, Sue Hartlev. Ann Hewitt. SOCIETE HONORAIRE de FRANCAIS: Row l: Robin McCrory, Betty Hayes, Betty Pritchett, Sue Ann J w? ,5 55 :"""1f't?" " R :semi Holaday, Charles B. Christian, Phil LaMoreaux, Allen Terry, Jon Rey Sullivan, David Wade. Row 3: Royce Woodley, Ann Seebeck, Janet Welton, Camilla Livingston, Glennice McNeil, Anne Cleino, Katie Pritchett, Susan Swaim, Betty Pritchett, Mary Berthe. Row 4: Susan Rose, Cherry Kendrick, Wynne Alexander, Ann Hewitt, Sue Hartley, Anne Nichols, Joy Grigg, Diane Davis, Rudy Shurett, Betty Waugh. Row 5: Becky Glenn, Carolyn Guthrie, Beverly Calhoun, Marilyn Palmer, Mitsi March, Sarah Garner, Susan Giles, Janet Arey, Jessica Patterson, Ruth Walker, Martha Stringfellow, Carole Jones. Row 6: Charlotte McEachin, Sheila Terrill, Robin McCrcry, Theresa Abrams, Merle Griffin, Sammie Jean Ryan, Mary Beth Wear, Susan Neale, Kathy Fleming, Margaret Pow, Donna Pierce, Sarah Ann Wade. --- - ---- ----. --Q-------. --- - -.-, .. V Wayne Armstrong, Pete Covert, Whitney Menning, Beverly Hanes. Row 3: Howard Bassett, Warren Duncan, John Boschung, Netta Holley, Vera Montgomery, Rickie Winstead. FRENCH CLUB: Row l: June Carver, Shirley Zanthes, Sally Hinton, Jane Mills, Butch Elkins, Betty Baucom, Joy Booth, Nancy Wright, Elizabeth Northrop, Marilyn Northcutt, Sissy Herrod, Mary Stewart, Danna Iverson, Evelyn Raiford, Gayle Ashley. Row 2: Ronny Collier, Foss Smith, Larry Beatus, Marion Pearson, Claude Hinton, Edna Vines, Judy Tullos, Yalonda Duncan, Martha Standridge, Linda Beams, Julia Emerson, Patricia White, Ann Winters, Cary Christian, Rene Chabannes. Row 3: Richard Thompson, John Hewitt, Tom Ingram, Dennis Holcomb, Regene Newsom, Margaret Cooper, Shirley Bailes, Betsy Hoole, Carol Tatum, Terria Wood, Sally Kirk, Dianne West, Don Palmer, Woody Latham, John Walker. Row 4: Barbara Stakem, Ellen Lewis, Jan Moore, Pam Butler, Carol Curry, Brenda McMillian, Gay Ray, Carole Deal, Faye Davis, Margaret Ingram, Phyllis Reese, Emma Kay Guin, DeLaney Holaday, Roy Harris, Mark Reynolds. l i ig V.I.E. Club Helps Students President Scott Skelton demonstrates the intricacies of auto- mobile mechanics. Vice-president Eddie Fisher carves a succulent roast. V.l.E. CLUB: Row 1: Billy Ray Hocutt, Jack Green. Row 2: Kenneth Broughton, Buddy Buck, David Crawford, Larry Daniel, George Williams, Roy LaGrone, Matthew Mason, Johnny Williamson, Victor Spradley, Alfred Rice. Row 3: Rachel Rice, Kate Buck, Sue Ramsey, Laura O'Bryant, Marilyn Lee, Mary Ann Snider, Christene Cargile, Elaine Skelton, Cecilia Nevin, Jean Fielder, Carolyn Belcher, Sheila Stephens, Beverly Slayton, Judy Osborn. Row 4: Ann Smith, Charlotte Vick, Katheryn Garner, Louise Stone, Jean Smathers, Sara Allen, Susie Morgan, Bernece Hocutt, Barbara Prince, Henry Morris, Shirley Lowery, Sharon Spence, Betty McDaniel, Margie Duncan, Nancy Jones. Row 5: Charlotte Bailey, Ann Lord, Faye Griltin, Karl Squires, William Scott Skelton, Louie Lewis, Arthur Lake, Bill Elledge, Billy Halgan, Charles Bracknell, James Elmore, Michael Nix, Louise Lewis, Charles Ray, M. H. Hoyle, Wesley Pike. Row 6: Beverly Stripling, Sarah Peters, Marinell Webster, Donna Avery, Bobby Wyatt, Norman Mize, Mike Meadows, Rex Heacock, Pat Calobrese, Jerry Akins, Johnny Dedeaux, Danny Burrage, Jimmy Hollingsworth, Eddie Fisher, Shannon Smith, Robert McDaniel, Allen Heard. Penetrate the Vocational World Reporter Louise Lewis, treasurer Arthur Lake and secretary Laura 0' Bryant are photographed ai their on-the-job training. The V.l.E. Club is made up of approximately eighty-five students and three class rooms. lts main purpose is to train students in the field or occupation they enioy best. Regular monthly meetings are held in which all businesstransactions take place. The schedule of l96l-62 was as follows: A Mum Sale for the Homecoming game was held under the direction of the Mum Committee: Eddie Fisher, Arthur Lake, Scott Skelton, Laura O' Bryant, Louise Lewis, and Christine Carlile. An annual Christmas party for members and their dates and an employer-employee dinner at Mound State Park in Moundville, Alabama, were the principal social events. The club has one proiect every year, this year it was to help some worthy student outside the vocational club with a 5250 scholarship. Proceeds from theMum Sale made up the scholar- ship. The district convention was held in Birmingham. T.H.S. has two district officers: Louise Stone, treasurerg and Louise Lewis, secretary. The State Convention held in April was in Tuscaloosa. The T.H.S. club is fortunate enough to have a state officer also, Louise Lewis, secretary. Local officers were elected at the close of school by the Junior class club members. l57l Able Assistants LIBRARY ASSISTANTS: Row l: Royce Woodley, Margaret Pow, Carolyn Tucker, Jessica Patterson. Row 2: Betty Pritchett, Robin McCrory, Pam Mitchell, Beverly Calhoun. A large group of students trained by faculty librarians assist in the school library. These girls learn much about library science and render invaluable aid to the perma- nent library staff in serving the expanding student body. They perform such tasks as reading shelves, carding books, checking out magazines and books, dusting, and so on. ln the course of a school day many little errands of indefinite nature arise. The office runners tie up these little "loose ends", as well as perform their regular duties of collecting attendance slips, and delivering notices. Mrs. Bardon grades the office runners for their services and a full credit for a non-academic is received forthe course. OFFICE RUNNERS: Row l: Glennice McNeil, Cynthia Smith, Louise Jones, Bonnie Davis, .lane Price, Pinkie Tuck- er, Sandra Debter. Row 2: Charlene Clary, Saroiane Garner, James Kincaid, Brenda Stewart, Susan Mize, Sharon Schembs. Row 3: Mary George Hinton, LindaJohnson,Donna Pierce, Jean Armstrong, Charlotte Christ, Marilyn Palmer. Aid in Four Areas STUDENT SECRETARIES: Row 'l: Terry Brown, Carolyn Gutherie, Lyn Riden. Row 2: Vicki Harless, Mary Frances Fields, Rudy Shurett. Handling the problems of the student body is atre- mendous iob. Mr. Upchurch is fortunate to have the assistance of an able group of girls who serve in the guidance office for one period of each day. They perform various services such as typing reports, doing many kinds of filing, grading tests, and processing the endless data that goes through the guidance office. A machine room is located in the east end of school. This is the office of the student secretaries. Each one remains there a period every day to type ond'operate the duplicator. The individual teacher may find these girls on duty at any time to assist them in mimeograph- ing tests, study sheets, and to do other clericalwork. GUIDANCE ASSISTANTS: Judy Horton, Nancy Roberson, Theresa Abrams, Elaine Kelly, Mary Ann McDaniel. Staff Attends BEAR FACTS stall and sponsors enioy the windy delights ol Chicago' s Wqfgsm Grant Park. "Enter at your own risk- every- thing is goingwrongtodayn reads the sign over the door to the iournalism class. This may de- scribe some of the days spent in this class but certainly not all ot them. Through BEAR FACTS the students ot journalism have gained knowledge about the me- chanics of newspapers and about writing for publication. Pam Mitchell, Billie Blair, and Billy Allen handle the lectures, editorials and busi- ness angles. The BEAR FACTS staff, consisting ot six editors and nineteen staff members, is constantly try- ing to improve the quality of the news they print. They have attended two conferences this year. One of these was in Chicago, lllinois and the other at the University of Alabama. Bob Johnston, sports editor who has gained experience with BEAR FACTS and local newspapers, and Chris Christian crop a football picture. N.S.P.A. Chicago Convention The perfect angle is the reason BEAR FACTS photographer, Chris Christian, must turn contortionist with his camera. Business manager Patty Dameron and Chris go over the day's receipts for the sale of BEAR FACTS. When a BEAR FACTS rolls oft the press and into the hands of the waiting T.H.S. students, few realize the long, intricate process this paper has been through in the making. The starting point of any newspaper is always "getting the facts." Included in the subiects cov- ered tor each issue is a full report ot sports activities, school and student news, feature stories, and the inter- esting and informative editorials. After the reporter has learned all the facts of the event, he then has to set this story down on paper in an interesting manner. The story must then be approved by the editors and sent to the printers. There it is set up on long sheets called "galieys" with other stories for the issue. These are then sent back to the editors and they cut out the stories and place them on a blank sheet of paper the size of the actual page, in the order which they are to appear. These pages are then taken back to the printer who wiii set in the pictures and print the paper, then return it to the school tor distribution. The process at the printer's takes two weeks. The staff members bundle the papers and give them out to the eagerly awaiting students. Amid muddled desks, papers, and old editions, iournolism students work diligently to meet their deadline. f:us W 1- iasim tz:Uw1Vy Black Warrior How familiar are the faces offriendsandteachers, the corridors and classrooms of Tuscaloosa High School, the million and one factors that makeup the life of a student. Yet a few years will pass and the memory will dim. The staff of the BLACK WARRIOR attempts to capture, in printed words and pictures, the elusive character of the school and its student body - to record in black and white the things that make i962 a year unlike any that ever went before it. To accomplish this purpose, the staff willingly accepts the responsibility and hard workthatputting together an annual entails. A book is produced that, while conforming to the standards of leading rating services, is a truthful mirror of this youth, this year, this time of life. V f Betty Hayes, editor of the BLACK WARRIOR, and Mrs. Evelyn Vibbart, spon- sor, utilize national rating services, consult magazines which otier advice on yearbook procedure, and examine All-American yearbooks for the latest Che,-ry Kendrick, business manager, and Pqm Mitghellmssislqnt yearbook developments. business manager, post signs to boost sales of the BLACK WARRIOR. Susan Jackson, Senior editor, Anne Tillotson, copy editor, and Patti Hicks, assistant editor, pose brightly before the impressive trophies won by the BLACK WARRIOR over the years, Be ins Second Hal -Centur Mary Ellioll,DaleChrislian, Barbara Brooks, and Phoebe Thomas aid lhe stall by supplying information abou? lheir class aclivilles. " No, ihis onel l'm in if," Pele Fosler, assislanl sporls edilor, and Susan Mize, sporls edilor, are frying Io choose piclures lor fheir seclion. 'ww-s...,,, R ,,,.,,,...Q-0-rw Margarei Partlow, associale edilor, and Mary Jo Jernigan, grade edilor, exclaim: "Piclures, picfures everywhere, bu! noi a one idenliliecll" Ronald Davis and Gus Roberlson, BLACK WARRIOR pholog- raphers, appear on lhe olher side ol lhe camera. Athlete Heads Student Government STUDENT COUNCIL: Row 1: Ted Williams, George Fletcher, Ralph Quarles, Beppy Forehand, Pettus Randall, Gary Mattison, Jon Rey Sullivan. Row 2: Mary Jo Jernigan, Bess Whitfield, Carol Pennington, Brantley Cochrane, Sue Ann Wilbourne, Rebecca Wright, Christene Cargile, Alice Ann Duncan, Lenn Bomar, Lu Lu Black. Row 3: Richard Humner, Jimmy Wyatt, Gary Byrd, Don Barksdale, Ronnie Ezell, Scotty Hughes, Tim Parker, Eddie Bleier, Tommy Nicol. Students get their first experience of self-government through the Student Council. Each homeroom has its own representative, who has the right to present his homeroom's opinions on any important matter around school, and to vote on all issues. Each representative has an alternate. ln the spring, excitement runs high during campaign week, as new officers are elected. The eager politicians and their managers gain experience in campaigning and public relations. Some learn how to be good losers, others, sportsmanlike winners and re- sponsible officers. The new officers are sent to the Ala- bama State Government Association Convention at the end of each school year. The Student Council has sponsored many valuable proiects around the school with the funds raised by the Homecoming Dance and the Beauty Walk. One of the most important proiects is the presentation of two scholar- ships of two hundred dollars each to deserving seniors. This year secretary Beppy Forehand has distributed mimeographed minutes of each Student Council meet- ing to the homerooms so that they will be sure to receive a full report of what went on in the meetings. President Ralph Quarles is not only an outstanding student but he was one of the Black Bears ofthe T.l'l.S. football team. This young man is the center of attraction, on the football team as well as in the student body. STUDENT COUNCIL: Row 1: Faye Davis, Margaret Ingram, Sue Cannon, Libby McCracken, Jane Mills. Row 2: Brenda Dockery, Judy Bleier, Pat Roberts, Donna Iverson, Mary Tillotson, Betty Jane Hall, Louellen Slact, Joy Booth, Beth Cowden. Row 3: Rickie Winstead, Louise Moody, Marcia Owens, Ann Banks, Warren Day, Marty Van Tassel. Row 4: Reggie Lancaster, Bob Gribbin, Eugene Poole, Joel Latham, Barry Walker, Carl Faulkner, Skip Cannon, Tom Patton, Roy Adams. Key Club Accents Service KEY CLUB OFFICERS AND SWEETHEART: Tommy Nicol, president who holds the ollice of secretary ol the State Key Club: Richard Hamner, 2nd vice-president: Jean Nisbet, sweetheart: Jay Lord, chaplain: Wayne Shailer, secretary: and Pettus Randall, lst vice-president who holds the office of irusiee ol Key Club lniernaiional. During this past summer, many Tuscaloosa Key Club members went to Philadelphia forthe International Con- vention. The Key Club held the Freshmen Orientation to help Freshmen get acquainted with the school, this in- cluded the " sock hop" in the school gym.The club helped in the state wide Cerebral Palsy drive and raised 5T7,000.00. lt has been awarded a plaque by Parent's Magazine for outstanding service in the community. The Key Club has presented a magic show with "Willard the Wizard" in the high school auditorium. A candle show, the next project, brought recognition from the town as well as the satisfaction of making good as a community proiect. During the Alabama football season the club undertook the iob of helping with the stadium parking. Having built up the treasury to a substantial amount the Key Club donated 5100.00 to the high school library for new books. A clothes drive for the Salvation Army for Christmas, along with manning a booth at Leland Shopping Center was accomplished. The funds from the second Key Note party went toward a scholarship, the club sent a dele- gation to the state convention held in Mobile this year and plans to send many members tothe International Con- vention in California. The Key Club has inducted tive new members, William Tucker, Jon Ray Sullivan, Warren Day, and Wilbur Manderson. KEY CLUB: Row 1: Pollus Randall, Jon Rey Sullivan, William Tucker, Jean Nisbei, Tommy Nicol, Roger Williams, Ed Pickett. Row 2: Jack Jackson, Hal Rankin, Rex Zeanah, Wilbur Manderson, Billy Manderson, John Caldwell. Row 3: Roy Harris, Aubrey Dominick, Wayne Shailer, Phil LaMareaux, Warren Day, Jay lord. Row 4: Jimmy Stringer, Eddie Bleier, lim Parker, Richard Hamner, John Pickens, Carl Albright, John Holaday. Cheerleaders Arouse Excitement And Pep Mrs. Sandra Cole, sponsor, and head cheerleader, Lyn Riden, radiate the school spirit provided by the cheerleaders. Practice, practice and more practice dominates the life of the T.H.S. cheerleader. They begin working to- gether immediately after tryouts in the spring and learn new cheers and stunts. The cheerleaders compete against other schools in the Cheerleader Clinic held atthe University otAlabama every August, preceding the All-Star games. Cheering at football and basketball games plus sel- ling shakers to avid T.H.S.fans are the iobs well done by this group. The cheerleaders represent the school wherever they go, they have done a grand iob of maintaining the reputation of the school and arousing the interest ofthe students. Pep rallies are held preceding the football games to let our boys know we are behind them all the way. The cheerleaders have held several "color days", in which all T.H.S. students wore the school colors, red and black, to bolster morale. The cheerleaders are a necessity to keep the spirit ot the school and the spirit of the team skyrocketed. CHEERLEADERS: Head Cheerleader, Lyn Riden, Mahaska Rainey, Katie Lou Pritchett, Beppy Forehand, Susan Swaim, Jean Nisbet, Lulu Black, Margaret Partlow, Alice Ann Duncan, Glennice McNeil. "Rah Rah for 'l.oosa" Provides an ex plosive entrance for the cheerleaders Rol-l-l-l-l-l Ba ndages! JUNIOR RED CROSS: Row 'l: Carole Gilmore, Mary Johnson, Andy Card, Mary Ann McDaniel, Roger Williams, Row 2: James Atwood, Linda Yarbrough, Patsy Whatley, Bettie Jo Mosely, Phyllis Griffin, Pat Ward, Row 3: Mrs. Booth, Carol Nevatnak, Gay Ray, Estela Riley, Ann Newman, Shirley Morgan. This year the Junior Red Cross, sponsored by Mrs. Booth, has participated in a large number of worthwhile projects. Some of these proiects were working with the Veterans Hospital stall, making party favors and giving parties for various local hospitals, sending packages overseas, and helping with school and community drives. The club is composed of homeroom representatives under the leadership of the officers tor this year. They are: president, Mary Ann McDaniel, vice-president, Billie Blair, secretary, Kay Livingston, and treasurer, James Attwood. The spirit of a school is gauged by its students' reaction to its spectator sports. It they greet their team's failures and successes with an equal roar of encouragement, one can be certain that they are on the ball. The Pep Squad learns all of the new "yells" with the cheerleaders, and sitting in a group at football and basketball games, spearheads the cheering of all the Tuscaloosa High fans. Special buses are usually provided to transport the Pep Squad to out-of-town games to work up enthusiasm and bolster the morale of our team when it is playing in strange surroundings. This year's Pep Squad president is Rebecca Wright. The sounds of the swelling voices of the Pep Squad are literally "heard 'round the world." Qiifaif MQXDWF' '45 5151- fn! ' liiiiil.-ASLuli.S.B?J.3fsws.? .,. Lettermen Make Athletic Honor Club The Red Letter Club is an honorary organization made up of the Tuscaloosa High School boys who have earned letters in the sports offered. Being a letterman makes a boy eligible to wear the black " letter sweater" upon which he proudly displays his red letter. Football, basketball, baseball, track, swimming, golf and tennis are all represented by a symbol.The symbol of the particular sport in which a boy has lettered RED LETTER CLUB: Row l: Henry Grady Herrod, Scotty Hughes, Bobby Porter, Jon Rey Sullivan, Gary "Guido" Mattisen: Raw 2: George Fletcher, Pettus Randall, John Rickett: Row 3: Lester Davis, Eddie Ford, Ralph Quarles, Jerry McClure: Row 4: Jimmy Stringer, William Tucker, Bobby Chris- tian: Row 5: Ted Williams, Joe Simon, Dwain Winstead, Jimmy Campbell: Row 6: Don Hallmark, Jay Smith, Gary Byrd, John Caldwell, Don Barksdale. occupies a small space on the red T, while the year of graduation and stripes for the year in school the letter was obtained are on the sleeve. Tuscaloosa boys are proud of their membership in the Red Letter Club because it is a form of recognition of their athletic prowess. The certificate of award for lettering reads, "For outstanding and dedicated per- formance in the field of sports." T681 RED LETTER CLUB: Row 1: O. K. Bryant, Roger Williams, Eddie Glenn, Billy Rucker, Sonny Logan: Row 2: FrankJoyner, Eddie Hinton, Tim Parker, Jack Jackson: Row 3: David Miller, Eddie Bleier, Stuart Strong, John Pickens: Row 4: Foss Smith, David H ard en, Bob John- ston, Charles Estes, Charles Orr. allaie Pareev Enhances School Gym The first activity of the Art Club this year was decorating the school gym for the Home- coming dance. lt was trans- formed into a sidewalk cafe in Paris with iron-grill furni- ture, colorful awnings and picturesque scenery. Each year this organization is responsible for the stage decorations of the beauty walk. This year the theme "A Star is Born" was carried out through a background of misty clouds and twinkling stars, sprinkled among traces of blue sky. The flowing gowns of T.H.S. beauties high- lighted this fantasy. Carolyn Darden, Joe Wood, Beth Cowden and Judy Vanderpool inspect the painting by B dS 'th,AtClb 'd t. The third project of the oy ml r U ples' en year was creating the deco- rations to develope the theme for the Junior-Senior Prom held in the spring. ART CLUB: Row I: Roy Harris, Charles Glisson, Mark Reynolds, Bill Woodley, Row 2: Mary Berthe, Carolyn Stewart, Judy Vanderpool, De- laney Holaday, Dianne Neely, Dole Christian, Patsy Whatleyg Row 3: Annette Walker, Diane Dowdy, Jan Calhoun, Carolyn Darden, Libby Gray, Susan Heller, Dianne Barringer, Didi Fletcher, Lucy Brooks, Row 4: Allen Apperson, Boyd Smith, Mike Williams, Chip Haring, Buddy Norris, Joe Wood, Charles Kiker, Richard Reeves. Univac Calculates or Math Club Mu Alpha Theta members Wynne Alexander, Ed McTyre and Theresa Abrams receive information about this great computer from Dr. Charles Seebeck, while sponsor Mrs. Marion Smith looks on. The Tuscaloosa High School chapter of Mu Alpha Theta, the national high school and junior college mathe- matics honorary, is composed of iuniors and seniors in their third or fourth year of college preparatory math who have maintained an outstanding scholastic record throughout high school. Each fall membership invitations are extended to all qualified students who indicate an interest in ioining the club. This year the club has continued its practice of having programs given by the members on subjects which are not covered in a high school math course. Members chosen to give programs spend much time on research, using books from the math library, bought by the Math Club. This year the club was privileged to have Dr. Charles Seebeck, who demonstrated the University of Alabama computing laboratory. Students found this fascinating machine not only calculated difficult prob- lems, but if fed certain data it could produce pictures of Alfred E. Newman. The main proiect of the club this year has been buying books to add to the math library. Money for these books comes from funds matched by the federal government and from membership dues. MATH CLUB: Row 'lz Bill Shamblin, Roger Williams, Charles Reach, Ronny Reed, Richard Summerville, Bob Worthy, Eddie Bleier, Row 2: James Kincaid, Sammy Maze, David Miller, Joe Anders, Mary Helen Roberts, Nina Beth Parker, Judy Pugh, Sandra Debter, Ann Seebeck, Reedie Guy, Betty Hayes, Row 3: Marsha Patterson, Jessica Patterson, Margaret Lindsey, Terry Baucom, Wynne Alexander, Ann Hewitt, Nancy Roberson, Billy Ray, Estes Hayes, Richard Hamner, Mrs. Smith, sponsor, Row 4: Billy Ball, Eleanor Clinton, Rubye Taylor, Amelia Kyle, Sheila Terrill, Paula Gray, Julie Deal, Theresa Abrams, Mike Howington, Diane Harris, Louise Jones, Susan Jackson, Row 5: Denny Green, Jackie Weston, Ann Newman, Mary Jo Jernigan, Abigail Totfel, Ann lee, Ernie Houck, Wayne Shaffer, Tom Hocker, Janet Arey, Sally Langston, Ronnie Latham. MATH CLUB: Row l: Sharon Foster, Martha Mayfield, Joyce Tyler, Teresa Taylor, Sarah Gay Edwards, Kathy Hopkins, Anne Overall, Margie Nuckols, Carole Jones, Pamela Mitchell, Jerri Burnette, Lu lu Black, Row 2: Vence Rollins, Billie Blair, Mitzi Marsh, Sarah Jane Garner, Susan Neale, Susan Swaim, Lenn Bomar, Mary Beth Wear, Margaret Partlow, Becky Rhodes, Karen Allen, Glenda LaGrone: Row 3: Ronald Kyzer, John Cruse, James Wade, Marion Pearson, Fred White,Carol Curry, Didi Fletcher, Katie Pritchett, Robin McCrory, Jon Rey Sullivan, Jane Adams, Beverly Calhoun, Marilyn Palmer: Row 4: Donald Kyzer, Danny Langford, George Styles, Mike Meadows, Ed McTyre, Mark Reynolds, William Parr, David Harden, Jimmy Stringer, Jay Lord, Carl Albright, Jimmy Wyatt, Dorothy Echols, Dora Jane Collins, Charles B. Christian. 660ne Picture is Worth a Thousand Words 9 Members of the Projection Club are trained to operate motion picture, slide, opaque, and filmstrip projectors. They serve their school by showing films in the small auditorium and in various classrooms. Language and social studies courses are especially enriched by the use ofthe great variety of films available through the University. The science department has enjoyed many science films including the Bell Telephone series of hour long programs and many of those by Walt Disney. Projectioners are not required to leave classes, but they voluntarily give up their study hall period to work with the projectors. Because of the services of the Projection Club, it is possible for our students to enjoy the visual aids provided in the wide range of movies. PROJECTION CLUB: Row 'l: Donald Turner, Richard Caldwell, David Driscoll, Sammy Seales, Bill Minges: Row 2: Billy Hogue, Mike Canty, James Kelton, Mickey Latham, Denny Evans, Bill Andress: Row 3: Jack Sanders, Brady Knight, Lamar Junkins, Harold Guy, Don Hallmark, Wayne Etheridge, Larry Hansford: Row 4: Larry Jones, Frank Greer, Danny Patrick, Bobby Spencer, Curtis Fleming, Mike Williams, J. W. Arendole, Jeff Tidmore: Row 5: Mike Johnson, Joe Jordan, Donnie Grenhaw, George Falgout, Bob Andress, Richard McCook, Dwayne Beams, John ny Harris: standing: Mr. Findlay: Row 6: Clarance Brooks, Trellis Stokes, Timmy Keith. Honor Society is Entertained by Corners The Honor Society establishes for its membership Theresa Abrams Beverly Calhoun Bonnie Davis Carl Albright Christine Cargile Julie Deal Wynne Alexander Charles B. Christian Sandra Debter Lulu Black Charles M. Christian Dorothy Echols Paul Bryant Ann Cleino Toppy Findlay Jeri Burnett Eleanor Clinton Beppy Forehand a high set of principles. It seeks to build for them personal ethics and a realistic sense of values. This year Dr. and Mrs. Paul Garner, parents ofa Chapter member, entertained the group at an ele- gant banquet at the Indian Hills Country Club. After dinner, the president of the University ot Alabama, together with other faculty members ot this institution, spoke to the guests about the im- portance ot goals in lite. Saraiane Garner Reedie Guy Tom Herndon Eddie Glenn Richard Hamner Thomas Hocker Paula Gray Terry Harless Kathy Hopkins Joy Grigg Sue Hartley Mike Howington Carolyn Gutherie Betty Hayes Susan Jackson Miss lrene Little Wayne Shatter Ann Hewitt Anne Nichols W - 'Www' ..A.A.. , .,., n r ""' """' Spa so ' P r es id e nt v my ' 5 im 5 "1-1, I ggi? :Eg-' N f fl ,gfg 4 I.: Vice- Pres :dent ets' A' 5 ' fqfgrk f ' S e c r eta ry Mary Jo Jernigan Glenda LaGrone Ronald Latham Jay Lord William Manderson Robin McCrory Patricia Nottingham Nancy Roberson Jon Rey Sullivan Mary Beth Wear Mary Ann McDaniel Margaret Partlow George Stabler Richard Summerville Sue Ann Wilbourne Charlotte Mciachin Jessica Patterson Suzanne Still Susan Swaim Mary Evans Williams Glennico McNeill Betty Pritchett Martha Stringlellow Anne Tillotson Roger Williams Ed McTyre Katie l.ou Pritchett Anne Stuckey Carolyn Tucker Royce Woodley Y Clubs Furnish School 1 HI-Y-INTERCLUB COUNCIL: row l: Jim LaMoreaux, Billy Allen, Jim Newman, row 2: Carol Hughes, Susan Mize, Patti Hicks, Susan Jack son, Nancy Quinn, Linda Reid, Mary Tillotsonp row 3: Fran Vining, Mr. Jim Ensign, Frank Greer. The Hi-Y-Tri-Hi-Y lnterclub Council, a recent organ- ization at T.H.S. is composed of the presidents from each Hi-Y and Tri-Hi-Y, and it regulates the activities of the clubs. It has been an annual proiect to collect money from each homeroom and prepare Thanksgiving baskets for the less fortunate. This year, with co-operation from students, the Council was able to provide twenty-three Thanksgiving baskets to those in need. Money was left over to help the maids and ianitors have a merry Christmas. At the end of the year, the Council sponsors a money- raising project to give a scholarship to a boy or girl going into Hi-Y Christian Service. This year the Council delivers a devotional over the intercom each Monday morning. The Chaplain of the Council sees that a member provides the school with thoughts and worship to begin each week. iK ALPHA TRI-HI-Y: Row l: Sandy West, Sandra Debtor, Alice Hamilton: Row 2: Eleanor Boy- kin, Carolyn Guthrie, Sharon Schambs, Sara Duron, Row 3: Susan Swaim, Cynthia Smith, Mory Both Wear. Suzanne Still, Fran Vining: Row 4: Julie Dool, Mary Jo Jernigan, Robin McCrory, Jean Armstrong, Surah Gornar. Qisdiiik eii sit A 5 44 in Y- A 1 Devo tion als Each Week ALPHA SIGMA CHI TRI-HI-Y: Row 'l: Libby Gray, Anne Tra- wick, Beverly Hanes, Elizabeth Northrop, Cheryl Hildreth: Row 2: Paula White, Katherine Dos- ter, Gail Mizell, Norma Lan- caster, Carol Copeland, Cheryl Hunter, Linda Armstrong: Row 3: Patsy Smith, Mary Tillotson, Myrial Bridgers, Kay Jernigan, Rickie Winstead, Linda Nelson, Rosemary Rankin. Hi-Y and Tri-Hi-Y clubs are active or- ganizations which help one make friends and deepen and enrich friendship as well as work with others in service pro- iects, parties, trips, sports, and other Christian activities. Each Hi-Y or Tri-Hi-Y club is a part ot the Tuscaloosa Y.M.C.A. and is attiliated with the National Hi-Y Fellowship of the United States and the World's Alliance ot Y.M.C.A.'s in seventy- eight countries throughout the tree world. The national purpose of the Hi-Y and Tri-Hi-Y is: "To create, maintain and ex- tend throughout the home, school, and community, high standards of Christian character." The clubs also have obiectives that each member does his best to live up to. These obiectives are stated in the platform: "Clean speech, clean sports- manship, 'clean scholarship and clean living." AMBASSADOR HI-Y: Row 'I: Clyde Davis, Breck Barnes, John Caldwell, Sammy Maze, Billy Ray: Row 2: Carey Jordan, Sturart Strong, Billy Davis, Frank Joyner, Ronald Kyzer: Row 3: Hugh Keller, Ricky Clawson, Billy Ball, Barney Boeder, David Harden, Donald Kyzer. BETA TRI-HI-Y: Row 'la Diane Harris, Jean Nisbet, Judy Nisbet, Patti Hicks, Alice Ann Duncan, Christy Raiford, Row 2: Linda Tidmore, Anne Faircloth, Martha Brown, Betsy Hoole, Jackie Weston, Cary Christian: Row 3: Pamela Mitchell, Joyce Tyler, Merl Griffin, Jane Adams, Susan Giles, Sharon Reynolds: Row 4: Gail Scott, Ann lee, DeLane Fitts, Jane Collins, Ann Newman. Youth Legislature Trains BLACK BEAR Hl-Y: Row 'l: Lonnie Cox, Richard McCook, Jim LaMoreaux, Eugene Poole, Dan McClusky, Row 2: Tom Ashby, Bob Pritchett, Dennis Stanard, Jon Sasser, Tom Ingram. Delegates from the Hi-Y and Tri-Hi- Y clubs travel to Montgomery, Ala- bama, to take part in the Annual Alabama Y.M.C.A. Youth Legislature. Delegates have to meet certain re- quirements to qualify. Each must be an active member in his Hi-Y club with at least eighty-tive per cent attendance and no indebtedness to the club. The delegates are required to write their own bills. Perhaps the most important requirement is attending Pre-Legisla- tive Training held at the University ot Alabama. There Senator Ryan de Graftenried spoke on problems of the state which may be solved by legis- lation. There were workshops to ac- quaint Hi-Y'ers with legislation and forms to follow when writing a bill and a "mock" session was held. Bills have BLACK WARRIOR HI-Y: Row 'l: Roger Williams, Allen Folts, Billy Allen: row 2: Marion . ' been written and mailed to the central Pearson, Phil LaMoreaux, Jay Lord, Charles B. Christian: row 3: Henry Herman, Jimmy Townsend, Aubrey Dominick, Al Mather: row 4: David Cork, Paul Rose, John Ollrlce in Montgomery Wlfllcll clssembles Rickett, Carl Albright, Jeff Thompson. them Und returns "bill bO0k5H Con' taining copies of all the bills. The delegates investigate other bills as well as their own for "good points" and "bad points" to discuss. CHIRCO HI-Y: row 1: Frank Greer, Greg Congleton, Richard Massi, William Allen: Row 2: Howard Bassett, Charles Kiker, Ronny Epperson, Richard Snowy Row 3: Ralph Hayden, George Burgess, Don Johnson, Pete Clark, James O'Neal, Jimmy Adams, Jimmy Vanderpool. , if . :ini ,,, Hi-Y Members in Government DELTA TRI-HI-Y:Row 1: Nancy Roberson, Nina Beth Parker, Rebecca WrightgRow 2: Alice Le Maistre, Diane Stansell, Didi Fletcher, Kyra Lee Jones, Row 3: Brantly Cochrane, Nancy Quinn, Estes Hayes, Camilla Canty, Martha Raye Springer. Once in Montgomery, the Hi-Y'ers became a junior state government. They proceed exactly like the actual state legislature. Bills are passed, bills are defeated and some bills never get out of the committee. Some bills that pass Youth Legislature and are considered excellent, continue to be considered in the State Legislature. Everyone that attends Youth Legisla- ture has a lot of fun and acquires knowledge about the state govern- ment. KAPPA TRI-HI-Y: Row 'l: Charlene Clary, Lenn Bomar, Diane Davis, Mary Evans Williams, Row 2: Kay Grafton, Helen Nelson, Sue Ann Wilbourne, Susan Mize, Cherry Kendrick, Betty Waugh, Row 3: Jerri Burnnett, Cynthia Park, Betty Williams, Mary Frances Fields, Royce Woodley, Bess Whitfield. FRESHMAN HI-Y: ROW 'l: Deigh Harden, John Dodson Row 2 Jay Fletcher Bill Taylor Jim Newman Steve Cox Dwight Richardson Row 3: Allen Cochrane, Roy Adams, Lambert Payne Bill Watson Spence Boyd H1-Y Brmgs Dr. Gladden or Guidance Dr. James Gladden visited Tuscaloosa and addressed the Hi-Y and Tri-Hi-Y clubs of Tuscaloosa County on February T9, 20, and 21. Dr. Gladden is President of the Blue Ridge Assembly and formerly head of the Family Life Department at the University of Kentucky. The Hi-Y and Tri-Hi-Y members were privileged to hear Dr. Glad- den speak on "Preparation for Marriage". After his speech, thought questions were presented for discussion. Out of necessity these ioint meetings of the clubs were limited strictly to Hi-Y and Tri-Hi-Y members. Another very interesting speaker was Mr. Don Rickett. SIGMA TRI-HI-Y: Row 1: Gena Bridgers, Juliette Gewin, Jane Price, Bernice Hocutt, Terry Brown, Brenda Stewart, Lulu Black, Row 2: Celeste Upchurch, Stella Olson, Anne Stuckey, Betty Pritchett, Charlotte Lamb, Susan Jackson, Row 3: Mary Farr, Charlotte McEachin, Anne Over- all, Bonnie Davis, Pinkie Tucker, Linda Fri- day, Louise Jones, Carol Clements. In the week preceding the Seminar for Survival held at the University of Alabama, he came to the Y and dis- cussed the Communist threat and how we can combat it. Each year the Hi-Y Calendar of Activities is not only full of interesting and beneficial speakers, but the Y provides enriching activities for the young people. The County Hi-Y, Tri-Hi-Y Officers Retreat, District Conference, District Pre-Legislative Training Session, Alabama Youth Legislature7County Christian Emphasis Retreat and Blue Ridge Hi-Y and Tri-Hi-Y Congress in Blue Ridge, North Carolina are all a part of the Y.M.C.A. program. TRI THETA TRI-HI-Y: Row 'l: Susan Holloman, Charlotte Rice, Mary Carol Williams, Jan Disney, Mary Jane Mathews, Judy Waugh, Libby McCracken, Mitzi Brown, Row 2: Sissy Herrod, Louise Moody, Kathy Sherer, Nancy Wright, Cherry Chancy, Terria Wood, Martha Bennett Row 3: Nancy Haring, Ann Banks, Kat Pritchett, Kay Koeppel, Carol Hughes, Connie Strickland, Netta Holley, Whitney Menning, Wanda Davis, Not shown: Nan Taylor, Gene Henderson, Marcia Owens, Alice Crume. i781 ALPHA OMEGA TRI-HI-Y: row 'l: Jane Mills, Clifton Harris, Amalie Buck, Pat McGlamery, Becky Welton, Linda Reid, row 2: Shelly Bur- nette, Carol Gilmore, Beth Cowden, Mary Dona Pierce, Billy Jo Seal, Leska Turner, Christine Rickett, Linda Turner, Louise Shepherd, Ellen Boozer, Sissy Platt. CHI-KAPPA-CHI TRI-Hl-Y: row 'l: Donna Miller, Alice Baernstein, Merwin Davis, Judy Galloway, Shirley Zanthos, Carolyn Nevin, Merilyn Mangum, Jane Barr, Elizabeth Woollen, Barbara Brooks, row 2: Jane Banks, Mary Kate Meridith, Margaret Whitfield, Heidi Hoyt, Susan Onley, Ann Patton, Phoebe Thomas, Eleanor Loughboro, Linda Lawrence, Nancy Richardson, June Carver. GAMMA DELTA TRI-HI-Y: Row 'lz Lana Johnson, Trudi Nelson, Martha Williams, Susan Rice, Lynn Vail, Beverly Evin- rude, Phyllis Reese, Row 2: Judy Williams, Tommis Sue White, Patty Savage, Deloris Madison, Elaine Alexander, Raye Holloman, Row 3: Lynda O'Neill, Patricia Newton, Rosemary Houck, Sarah Jane Brookover, Reita Stone. l79l Sports There is a ioy in pitting one's own strength against an opponent that only athletes know. Who else can feel so strongly the wonder of victory achieved, i partly or solely by their own i stamina and coordination, who else the disappointment, and yet hope for the future, after a defeat. Perseverence, honor, and good sportsmanship essential to a free society, are often learned on the athletic field. i801 a Bears Mark Season i NUMBER I COACHING STAFF IN ALABAMA - Standing, left to right: Tom Tarleton, Head Coach Bill Henderson, Tom Danner. Kneeling: Pete Pearson, Claude Cranford. The rugged Bruins of T.H.S., playing the toughest schedule in history, finished the l96i season with a respectable 7-3 record. The Bears, combining atre- mendous defense with a balanced offense, finished in the state's top ten after being rated number one for a time. lniuries to key personnel kept Coach Bill Henderson's boys from going further. As usual, how- ever, the Bears dominated the county, with one-sided victories over Holt and County High. Buddy Edwards, Hank Herrocl, Jimmy Wyatt, Bobby Christian, Lester Davis, and John Rickett made the All-County Team, while Wyatt was a first team All-State selection. Rickett, ioined by Ralph Quarles and Bobby Porter, neither of whom was picked All-County, was All-State Honor- able Mention. For his outstanding play against Bessemer, Porter was the BIRMINGHAM POST- HERALD' S " Back of the Week." BLACK BEARS VARSITY Row I-l to r: Barksdale, Smith, B. Tucker, Rickett, Wyatt, Cannon, McClure, Marlowe, Byrd. Row 2: W. Tucker, Simon, Fletcher, Harris, Stringer, Head, Edwards, L. Davis, Brown. Row 3: Haring, H. Davis, R. Herrod, Logan, Ezell, Dominick, Caldwell, Quarles, Ford, Williams, D. Winstead, Allen, Hallmark, Campbell. Row 4: Randall, Armstrong, C.Winstead, Porter, Hughes, Sullivan Archibald, Springfield, Styles, Mattison, Christian, Foster. l82l Bruins 27 I3 27 20 27 O l3 4l O 34 Holt Lanier Bessemer Anniston Woodlawn Robert E. Lee Pensacola County High Ensley Phillips ,iff Record With I t W 1 , F Nj ui X f !, ,JTN Opponents O O O I9 7 7 I4 6 7 O OUR STUDENT MANAGERS...Knooling: Ed Willmon, Bill Etheridge. Standing: Richard McCook, Jimmy Campbell, Jim Bowman. OUR CHEERl.EADERS...Loit to Right - Glennice McNeill, Margaret Partlow, Alice Ann Duncan, Katie Pritchett, Susan Swaim, Lyn Ridon, Jean Nisbet, and Lulu Black, pay tribute to the BLACK BEARS. l83l Bears Grab Upener 27-0 Teams anxiously waich as official measure shows Bearsinches short of a first down. The Black Bears, '6l edition, opened with a con- vincing victory over our county rivals,theHoltlronmen. Fullback Joe Simon led the parade with a pair of T.D.'s, one on a 46 yard run. William Tuckerand Bobby Porter had one tally each. Tucker led the rusherswith 83 yards in ll carries. Hank Herrod, Lester Davis, and Willie Wyatt, stood out on defense. The Lanier Poets came into Denny Stadium boasting the state's best passer, Ashby Cook, and one ofthe state' s best runners, Jim Scott. Both were stopped cold by a tremendous Bear defensive unit led again by Herrod, Davis, Wyatt, Jimmy Stringer, and Buddy Edwards. The offense, with Bobby Christian scoring the first T.D. on a 22 yard scamper, and Porter taking number 2 over from l7 yards out, gained 2l9 yards. Christian led the rushers with 86 yards. EDWARDS - i Vx Guard Q L 9 . g Eigggggg - ' ,,,,, J MN? HERROD - Guard RANDALL- Guard WYATT - Tackle STRINGER - Tackle McCl.URE - Tackle and Trample Co-Captain "Molly" Christian churn: for big yardage in victory over Sidney Lanier. PORTER - Poets 13-0 The Bears burst into the state spotlight with a shat- tering 27-O victory over highly regarded Bessemer. Magnificent line and downfield blocking, led by Hank Herrod, Ralph Quarles, John Rickett, and Lester Davis, made possible the 320 yards gained on the ground. These same boys, along with Dwain Winsteod, Jon Rey Sullivan, Ted Williams, and tall Billy Hogue held Bessemer to T83 yards. Bobby Porter scored the first T.D. from 45 yards out, Jim Marlowe went 26 onthe next, Bobby Christian sped I3 for the third, and Davis rammed the last over from 2 yards. Buddy Edwards kicked 3 P.A.T.' s. A hard earned fourth victory was awarded the Bears in Anniston. Anniston scored first, but Porter hauled the kick-off back 82 yards to tie it up,and Buddy Edward's P.A.T. proved the final margin of victory, as it put us ahead, 7-6. The Bulldogs came back to go ahead I3-7, but four minutes later, Bobby Christian swept left end for 75 yards and a touchdown. An interception by Joe Simon set up the final Bear tally, and Porter sneaked it over. Anniston scored once more, but the extra point attempt failed, and Bears were voted the number I team in Alabama. Back MARLOWE Back SULLIVAN - Back MATTISON - Back SIMON - Back DAVIS - Back is ,. sk .. Bruins Trounce Arch- Rival Bears and Wildcats mix il up over lallon T.H.S. back .lim Marlowe. The mighty Bears rolled over victim number five as Woodlawn was downed, 27-7. On the first series of downs, a Porter to Christian pass was good for 69 yards and a 6-O lead. Woodlawn then scored, but the Bears countered as Tucker scored twice, and John Rickett once, on a spectacular pass from Porter. The Bruin iuggernaut rolled up 379 yards total offense. The defense was superlative, as usual, with Ted Williams, Buddy Edwards, John Rickett, and Willie Wyatt smothering Colonel backs all night. A head-on collision for state honors before l4,000 in Montgomery's Crampton Bowl matched the Black Bears and Generals. The only score came on a fake field goal and pass to give Lee a 7-O lead. The Bears failed to score on two occasions deep in Lee territory. The loss, first of the season, was nothing to be ashamed of. The defense, led by John Rickett, Hank Herrod, and Willie Wyatt did a great iob of containing Lee's baclcfield, supposedly the State's best. Porter led the T.l-l,S. ground gainers with 45 yards. QUARLES - Cenlor FLETCHER - Back CHRISTIAN Back HUGHES - Back TUCKER - Back WINSTEAD Back l l l Win Over Bessemer 27-0 A steamroller offensive plus a stonewall defense gave the firedup Bears an easy victory over the out- classed Wildcats from County High. Bear backs stam- peded for 283 yards rushing as compared to 27 for County High. Little Scotty Hughes, l38-pound senior, gained lO2 yards, the most gained by a Bear all season, to lead rushers. He also tallied one T.D. on one of the season's best runs. Lester Davis, thefull- back, rammed one over, and Bobby Porter carried two across. Great blocking by center Ralph Quarles, guard Buddy Edwards, and tackle Willie Wyatt opened huge paths for the Bear ball-carriers. The defense, led by stalwart "All-State" Wyatt and the rest, racked up two touchdowns as guard Pettus Randall raced in with a blocked punt, and John Rickett carried a recovered fumble over for six points. Edwards kicked five extra points. Highly-rated Ensley handed the Bears a third loss of the season to the tune of 7-O. lnabattle ofthe defenses, the Bears battled on even terms until the fourth quarter when a Sinquefield pass found lngle over the T.H.S. goal. William Tucker led Bear ground gainers with 28 yards on 7 rushers. Bobby Christian has 22 on 7. The Bears were outgained ll3to l73. The usual group stood out for the Bear defense. Gary Mattison's punt returns were the highlights of the night for T.H.S. Elected permanent Captains for 1962 are lleft to Rightl Ralph Quarles, Bobby Christian, and Jimmy Wyatt. The mighty Bears, in one of their best showings of the season, pounded the Raiders for 458 yards total offense. The scoring parade found five Bears scoring, two coming on Porter's pin-point passing. Christian went 80 yards for the first score, Tucker smashed over from the one for the second, a Porter pass on 4th down went to iunior end Don Barksdale, who swiveled 54 yards for the score. A second pass went to big John Rickett, who made a diving catch on the goal line. On the final play of the game, star safety Jon Rey Sullivan playing quarterback, found a hole and raced 65 yards for the final '6l tally. This was a fitting finale for a great Bearteam. RICKETT - End FORD - End HARRIS - End Football Players Display Glamour NO WONDER WE HAVE GOOD SPIRIT WITH SUCH GLAMOUR LEADING CHEERS FOR US.LeIHo Righf: Johnny Townsend, Bob Boshell, Billy Blakney, Donny Hannah, Joe Barion, H. C. Chris Curfis. FOOTBALL TEAMS TRAVELED IN STYLE THIS YEAR WITH NEW BLACK BLAZERS. LeII I0 RigI1I: "Guido" MUIIISOHH' Henny" Tucker,"WiIIIe" Boys pIay hosf Ior parenis cIIer Homecoming Pep Rally, where moih WycM, Ted Williams, "Rabbi " Herrod. ers and Iafhers were honored. ISBI A Forehand Does it Again at Homecoming TUSCALOOSA BEAUTIES AND THEIR ESCORTS POSE BEFORE THE GAME Lett to Right: Diane Davis, Maid: Tim Parker: Boppy Forehand Queen Paul Bryant Mary Ann McDaniel Maid Wayne Shatter: Robin McCrory. Captain Sponsor: Charles Orr Susan Swnlm Team Sponsor Ernie Houck, Katie Pritchett, Captain Sponsor: Billy Manderson. A heartbreaking loss added to the chill of this cold, windy homecoming at T.H.S. The Bears scored first on a blocked punt by Willie Wyatt early in the game. The vital P.A.T. was missed, and this proved diastrous. Pensacola roared back, repeatedly going for vital yardage to take 7-6, then l4-6 leads. Two iniuries in the first half severely hampered the Bruin defense. Outstanding guard-linebacker Hank Herrod suffered a broken leg and linebacker Joe Simon was struck in the face and had to be given several stitches in the mouth during halftime. D' The Bears came to life in the fourth quarter. Led by the running of Scotty Hughes and the blocking of Ralph Quarles, the Bears put on an 89 yard drive for the score. A great catch of a Marlowe pass by Don Barksdale set up Bobby Christian's TD. drive of one yard. A new star was found in Gary Mattison whose punt returns, along with the running of Hughes, were the high lights of an otherwise disappointing evening. Massive Black Bear on senior lloat prepares to detonate Tigers. Smiling Boppy escorted by Paul Bryant walks between lanes ol kneeling malorettes to be crowned l89l Black Bears'Win 95 Out of 102 Top Row: L. to R. Bill Alread, John Pickens, Timmy Parker, Ernie Houck, Earl Compton, Paul Bryant. Bottom Row: L. lo R. Ronnie Franklin, Eddie Hinton, Douglas l-lollyhand, Tommy Kendall, Jim Marlowe, Charlie Orr. Columbus Fifth District Clanton Minor Shades Valley County Tournament , CO'-mlY l'll9l" 58 Hewitt Trussville l'l0ll 7l Walker County Shades Valley Tournament 45 Ensley T0""0ni 74 ' Shades Valley Selma Lanier Walker COUMY State Tournament Holt Woodlawn Escambia Selma Tuscaloosa County 66 Opelika Holl 54 Oxford .lohn Carrol 46 Decatur Woodlawn 8l Shades Valley Tuscaloosa County Carbon Hill Winfield Shades Valley Selma Lanier Robert E. Lee Woodlawn Lanier 901 ,, s A? Q , N an W as ji Q 3 my N . , A. kg? nie: 'fwficiiiiiii '4 Q6 if f iz., fig, ,ifwllgg 'W' it 4 ,M fi 5 3 M 5 If- Q X U x QQ f Q - "" if is , ii 1 ..,. 'Ev S SEI ft -E 1-'M?.fg WEP' , , , M. V.P. 's Are Introduced Here Row l: Gaius Whilfield, Jimmy Boleler, Dennis Holcomb, Randy Walker, Al Kincaid. Row 2: Coach Pierson, Tom Pallan, Roberl Radclill, Greg Horn, Daniel Cummings, Jim Bowman lManagerl. Nol piclured:Alberl Hallman, Skip Laney, Jon Sasser, Alan Goode, Lonnie Minor. Big Tim Parker lels lly for Iwo poinls againsl Selma John Pickens goes high againsl Selma as Houck wafches. Ernie Houck waits for lhe rebound fha? didn' 1 come. 4 Parker and Houck -- All-Tourneyg All-State Bill Alread keeps the game ball after victory and Parker follows. Tim Parker draws a foul against Valley in Consolation game. The Bears, rated as the number I team in the Fifth District Tourney, lost no time in proving that fact. They rolled over Hewitt-Trussville, Walker County, Ensley, and Shades Valley to claim the championship and the right to defend their state championship. At the State Tournament, the Bears were among the favorites. This placed the team under great pressure. ln addition, the Bruins were in the tougher bracket. Despite these handicaps, Opelika was swamped 66 to 34, Oxford was beaten in a hard fought 54 to 47 game. Then came Decatur. The tall, tough boysfrom the North, victors over highly rated Butler of Huntsville, proved to be a little too much for the Bears that Saturday. Coach Tarleton' s quintet was not up to its regular form, and the Raiders quickly ran up a big lead, then held off tremendous Bear comeback efforts to win 48 to 46. Ernie Houck, Bill Alread, and Timmy Parker shone high- Iy in a losing cause. In the consolation game against Shades Valley, the Bruins cut loose and floored the Mounties by an 81 to 55 count. Every Bear player scored. Parker led the pointmakers with 20, while Earl Compton supported with l5. After the game, Parker and Houck were named to the All-Tournament team. The Birmingham POST-HERALD picked Parker first team All-State in class 4-A, Houck on the second team, and John Pickens Honorable Mention. Houck put it up lor 2 points against Opelika. Exciting Bears Draw SRO Crowds Cheerleaders were " up in The air" about the wins of the Qournamenf. All-Sklie Tim Parker shows his form in defending Cl Red Raider. Parker and Hguck bafile Shades Valley piayers for a rebound TRACK, '61-'62, Row 'lz Bill Watson, Bill Minges, George Fletcher, Gary Mattison, Scotty Hughes, Charles Estes: Row 2: Jimmy Herman, Billy Rucker, Warren Day, Joe Anders, Jimmy Head, John Caldwell, Ed Pickett, Row 3: Coach Donner, Eddie Bleier, Wayne Porter, Jon Rey Sullivan, Wallace Thompson, Bill Barringer, Johnny Harris, Bobby Porter. Cindermen Place in 5th District Coach Danner is predicting a fairly successful track relay lost two seniors last year, Donaldson and Town- season this year. Bobby Porter, our only pole vaulter, send, but Charles Estes and Gary Mattison returned. is expected to lump close to twelve feet. Last year our Our mile relay won the Fifth District last year and is 440 relay team came in third in the Fifth District but hoping to do the same this year! did not place in the state meet in Auburn. The 440 "Tuscaloosa's finest," Bobby Porter shows excellent form as he vaults at the University track. Gary Mattison and the ever-present Bobby Porter fire off the starting block en route to track honors for T.H.S. - 2 is I 2 . .M...e.........s..M...A......a......i. Eddie Bleier, one of the state' s best hurdlers, shows his winning form. Junior weightman Sonny Logan heaves the discus record distances They also came in third in the state. We have only discus and the shot put. We have had only one meet one weight man, Sonny Logon, who should do well this year in Montgomery. Jon Rey Sullivan won the this year though he is only a iunior. He throws the point for us by coming in fourth in the half-mile run. The relay team ot Charles Estes, Jon Rey Sullivan, Johnny Harris and John Caldwell practice passing the baton. Swimming Expands Athletic Program Bear record holders, Pete Foster, 400 yd. freestyle, and O. K. Bryant, 'lOO yard brecststroke. The swimming team, led by Coach Gene Newsom, is defending state champion. lt placed fourth in Southeastern High School Championships. Pete Foster and O. K. Bryant are defending state champions in the 400 yard freestyle and lOO yard breaststroke. Returning lettermen are Frank Adams, O. K. Bryant, Rickey Clavvson, Pete Foster, David Miller, Stuart Bruin swim coach, Gene Newsom, Strong' cmd Roger Wlllloms' inspires the team with his beaming countenance and glowing smile. 57012 Cl1GmPi0nS, '60-'61, Row ll F- B- Mllfksf CUl'flS SBUY, Roger Williams, O. K. Bryant, Bob Gribloin, Cary Williams, Dave Miller, David Williams, Row 2: Grover Miles, Bob Johnston, Bill Jordan, Stuart Strong, Rickey Clowson, Joe Williams. l98l Bruin tanlrmen stretch out at swim practice. Left to Right: F. B. Marks, Rickey Clawson, and David Miller. Coach Cranford Becomes Baseball Coach The Black Bear Baseball team will begin rebuilding this year under a new coach, Buddy Cranford. The Bruins finished last year with a disappointing l8 and 4 record. Their only losses were to Lanier, RobertE, Lee, Gordo and Calera. The Bears lost the entire starting infield and two of the starting outfield from last year's team. Seven lettermen return this year in what could be. a surprising year. Returning in the outfield are Bobby Christian, Bobby Porter and Joe Simon. Porter led last year's team with a .479 batting average. Eddie Glenn returns to help the infield, while Don Barksdale and David Harden return as pitchers. The catching spot is filled most admirably by Ronnie Franklin. With a few breaks,this Black Bearteam could go along way in state competition this year. Bear diamond stars David Harden, Joe Simon, Don Barksdale, Bobby Porter, Bobby Christian, Eddie Hinton, and Ronnie Franklin pose with Coach Cranford. x X it X if Gollers expected to shine lor T.H.S. this year are left to right Row l: Shep Park, Skip Laney, Row 2: Billy Manderson, Wilbur Manderson, Donnie Greenhaw, Tommy Nichol. X. X .Oi A NV X My Q we X This year's gol team will be one of the best in the state tournament. T.H.S. was rated no. l in this tourna- ment last year. Returning lettermen are Billy Manderson, Wilbur Manderson, and Donnie Greenhow. Wilbur was one of Alabama's representatives to the International Jay- cees' Golf Tournament in Denver, Colorado, this year. Hopetuls for this year's team are Billy Manderson, Wilbur Manderson, Donnie Greenhaw, Tommy Nichol, Shep Park, Tom Patton, Skip Laney, Rex Zeanah, and Ed McTyre, a top Tennessee golfer before coming here. Minor Sports Get Major Attention The T.H.S. tennis team, consisting of John Pickens, Jack Jackson, Tommy Kendall, Foss Smith, Bill Sham- blin, Joe Anders and Tommy McMullen is one ofthe South' s best, Last year they completely dominated the state high school tournament at Sylacauga, Alabama, and won the southern high school tournamentatChattanooga, Tennessee, as well as all in-state dual meets. This year, they are planning matches with Athens High School and Westminister Prep School ot Georgia, Baylor Prep School of Chattanooga, Meridian High School of Mississippi, Anniston High School from Alabama, the University of Alabama's Freshman team, and several iunior colleges within the state. With four returning lettermen, we expect our netters to do even better in the coming year. TOO High school tennis champions ol Alabama: Row 1: Joe Anders, Jack Jackson, Foss Smith: Row 2: John Pickens, Tommy Kendall, Bill Shamblin. " We may look silly, but let's see you try it." The Physical Education class is literally mad about the coordination exercise Flip, or Fracture ? In accordancewith the emphasis placed on physicalfitness by PresidentKennedy, the Tuscaloosa High School Athletic De- partment for girls has instituted a well- rounded program of exercising, competi- tive sports, dancing and gymnastics. The gymnastics include tumbling and co-or- dination stunts. These keep muscles in tone and help the T.H.S. girls develop poise and balance. The stunts are difficult and often dan- gerousg however, the physical education instructors take every precaution to pre- vent a classroom casualty. The student in gymnastics is able to tell by hergrade how she compares with her classmatesg and from an lnternational Muscular Co- ordination Exercise sheisabletosee how she rates in the world. Hence, T.H.S. girls are repudiating the ignominy of the "Flabby American." Ricky Winstead and lriend...no, he didn't come from the P.E. Depart- ment. Many T.H.S. students enioy horseback riding. Mary Kato Moridith is up in the our over her IIOII classmates " To be or not to be a headsland that is the question posed by Ann Banks Senior Billy Munderson demonslrales a hold lor freshman golfers. Candid Camera Catches Cuties Track leam members and cheerleaders lake lime oui lo pursue lheir ' 'lavoriie ndivily HJ" Bolle? in buskelball? Tim Parker demonslrales some Black Bear fancy loolwork. Features Fair faces . .. fine athletes . .. scholarship winners... leaders ofa class... These are individuals who stand out. Their distinctions are varied, elusive qualities assimilated from a gesture, a sincere smile, a special tone of voice, These are the traits that set them apo rt. or an ability for hard work. liO41 'Sr N061 Miss Tuscaloosa High... Susan Holloman -x 1 A Q xx, Q .,,- Q, ,. Y wg f W wc Sime- . V . , H A , .:....,.,.b.: wmv r x 'iff '25 , 1 A Y -vw V ,L 1 , ffw fi 2925. 5 ,Q J 05 '5?fQX ' - ' if Q Q , ' . ,' , 3 5, 9 if fs n w ,-,why .Z-N yn., j f, 7 5 , K Q3 , , ef - VY Most Handsome... William Tucker iO9 SENIOR FA VORITES Bes t All-A round... Margaret Partlow and Jimmy Stringer Most Popular... Beppy Forehand and Bobby Christian -w'--:-7-v-vw--,f-w--'v.M--- ---:jf-fygg-Gv v "'v"-'- - W -,, -.- W-. ,... .j,.K:,- ,,,, ,-. ..,..'7-YN-'nm ...,,.?qi.,i-l,Q . ,i,. Junior Beauty... Estes Hayes 11101 JUNIOR FAVORITES Mos t. Pop ular... Alice Ann Duncan ond Hc1nkHerrod Best All-A round... Nancy Quinn and John Caldwell ,6c11aTA..R13fEU1': ' 7L.Jt6f-vii-f faaJJw Bijujmvwfgawv. dwdhdf c4,L..a..4,eL Mo t Handsome... Ronnie Ezell lllll 1 ing' Sophomore Beauty Joy Booth w 1 1 I lIl21 Most Handsome S OPH OM ORE FA VORI TES MN I W O15 9" 9 lbw! 06 N a A Ni I V CJ GAA-V,,V Best All-Around... Marsha Owens and Tommy Kendall Skip Cannon Most Pop ular... Ann Banks and Warren Day Freshman Beauty Mary Kate Meredith Most Popular... Jane Banks and Payne Wright Bes t All-A round... Johnny Beauchamp and Linda Reed F RESHMAN FA VORI TES Most Handsome. Wayne Wright Variety 0 Awards Attest Lf 571 Miss Ciiizenship...Ma rgare1 Parilow Alice for Governorl Boys' Stale delegaies Wayne Shaffer and Tim Parker help Girls' Slaie delegafe Alice Hamilion wiih her campaign. Seniors chosen Io afiend Ihe Alabama Indusirial Associaiion' s banquei Mary Ann McDaniel, Cari Albrighi, Reedie Guy, Richard Hamner, Mike are Belly Hayes,Wynne Alexander, Ann Hewih, Mary Beih Wear, Theresa Howinglon, Paul Bryani, Richard Summerville, Chris Christian, George Abrams, Suzanne Slill, Robin McCrary, Anne Nichols, Nancy Roberson, Siabler, Tom Hocker, and Wayne Shaffer. ll161 . . . . l to the Dwersl lcatwn of Interests Tuscaloosa Counly Hi-Y candidales lor offices in lhe Youlh legislalure are Suzanne Slill, Nancy Quinn, Mary Jo Jernigan, Lulu Black, Alice Hamilfon, Frank Greer, Billy Allen, Billy Ray, Bob Johnslon, and Bill Shamblin lCounly Highl. Winners ol lhe Fire Prevenlion Posler and Essay Confesls are Mary Berlhe, Louise Lewis, Jeri Burnelle, Boyd Smith, ond Mary Tillofson. KEY Club Sweelhearlmloan Nisbel llI71 and Miss V.l.E .... Christine Cargile and Gene Bush cholarship, Beaut , Music, Mary Bella Wear and Richard Hamner, oulslanding members ol Ohe Black Bear Band,were chosen lo play in the Universily ol Alabama Symphony Orchestra' s concerllealuring Alabama high school soloisls. T.H.S. welcomes Miss Ellen Crawlerd fCivicsj and Mrs. Viella Beal lBiologyj lo lhe lacully. Belly Hayes, Editor ol lhe '62 B.W,, Don Slrong fMichiganl, and Mary Ann Shackley fOhiol are being given a lew poinlers in year- book planning by Mr. Dave Sprey, lacully member of lhe summer Communicalion Arls Inslilule af Michigan Sfale University. Meri? Scholarship Finalisls lrom T.H.S. are Theresa Abrams,Wynne Richard Summerville, Chris Chrislian, and Jimmy Slringer Alexander, Belly Hayes, Nancy Roberson, Tom Hacker, Reedie Guy, Sports- We Salute Them All! T.H.S.'ers holding slale offices are Susan Rose, French Club Presi- Prggidgm, Sugqn Gilqg, Hi.Y Sggrgfgry, qnd Lguige Lewis, V,I.E, denl, Sheila Terrill, JCL 2nd Vice-President, John Caldwell, Hi-V Secretary, O. K. Bryanl, sfafe l00 yard breaslslroke record holder: Don Barksdale, BIRMINGHAM NEWS All-Slar Baseball Team: Jimmy Wyalf, Foolball All-American: Tim Parker, Mosl Valuable Player in lour baskelball lournamenlsg Bobby Porler, BIRMINGHAM POST HERALD' S " Back ol lhe Week" 5 Pele Fosler, holder ol The stale record lor lhe 400 yard lree slyle. Andy Turk, from Gainesville, Georgia, presidenl ol Key Club lnlernalional, is welcomed lo T.H.S. by Key Clubbers Tommy Nicol and Tim Parker. We s lll91 Mary Ann McDaniel, one ol T.H.S.'s beaulilul maioreffes, was seleded runner up in lhe slalewide Miss Maiorelle con tes! in Monlgomery. Classes Names and faces . .. they ore the basic elements ofa school, the foundation stones on whom the responsibility of self-government rests. Good stones they are, shaped and fitted for their places by skilled masons. They will serve well, each bearing his allotted burden. The foundation is very sound and steady. l l MQ ' ef fi 'ga N ,SQ 'z Q W 4 "V" 9' mr,zfwmv,wf-M-Jwmwimmwff, . ,...1Af.m:f-, gssezrf ,yfx qw: ,. 1 , x -A ' T55-"L,-:Q ,x,, R . W A A WEEE f. 3 x-gf, f fy, .1 V wg" 4 . ,fx 5 Miss 5' wh, X ,Q 'Q zwygfkf, - "vs, f - Perched atop a shining "bug", the Junior class officers for l96l-62 are John Pickens, Vice-President, Nancy Quinn, Secretary, and Ronnie Ezell, President Class o 1963 The Bear Facts said, "Can you imagine...the Juniors being first in anything?" Evidently they were not referring tothe spirited junior class at Tuscaloosa High. This year the class officers, Ronnie Ezell, John Pickens, and Nancy Quinn were responsible for producing the Junior Talent Show of l962. With such an abundance of extroverts, how could the Juniors miss? They succeded in raising the money neces- sary for the Junior-Senior Prom, which is given annually to honor the graduating class. Mrs. Vibbart, Mrs. Dennis, and Mr. Blanchard were class sponsors. Thoughts ot college and vocations prodcled Juniors toward harder studying and were ever-present reminders ofthe places youth will hold in America in the not-too-distanttuture. Adams, Jane Adams, Larry Allen, Karen Allen, Richard Alreod, William Anders, Joe Apperson, Kenneth Arey, Janet Armstrong, John Averette, William Bailes, Shirley Bailey, Bruce Bailey, Rebecca Bailey, Sara Ball, Billy Barger, Andy Barladale, Don Barnett, Clyde Barnett, James Barton, Joe Bingham, Michael Blair, Billie Blankenship, Grace Blumenfeld, Cory Baeder, Barney Bosch, Brenda Bostick, William Bowman, Bill Branscemb, Lamar Brock. William Brook, Clarence Broughton, Kenneth l T221 Brown, Mack Brown, Marlha Ann Bruce, Palricia Buck, Charles Buck, Kale Buford, Sarah Burke, Harold Burrage, Danny Burrell, Sandra Burl, Melba Jean Bush, Eugene Byrd, Gary Caldwell, John Caldwell, Richard Campbell, Janice Canfy, Camilla Cardinal, Roberl Carler, Joann Covert, Pelerson Chrislian, Cary Chunn, Brenda Clarke, Kendall Cobble, James Cochran, Branlley Collins, Jane Dora Collins, Jane Evon Complon, Earl Complon, Sharon Cook, Diana Cook, Mackay Cook, Yvonne Cooper, Jackie Crues, John Curry, Carol Curlis, Chris Dallron, Donna Domeron, Palricia Daniel, l.arry Daniel, Mary Davidson, Judifh Davis, Anna Davis, John Davis, William Dean, Inez Dean, Thomas Dobbins, Jane Dodge, William Duncan, Alice Ann Dulfon, Peler Earnhardl, Kaye Edgeworfh, Grace Edwards, Sara Elam, Billy Joe Ellioll, Glenda EllioH, Mary Elmore, James Essary, Marlha Esles, Carole Elheridge, Mary Everelie, Robert Exell, Ronnie Fairclalh, Anne Farley, Judifh Farr, Mary Bama 66 0 e e e e 0 Thzrd an uantzty-First ln uallty 11231 Vibbart, Dennis, uD0c,, Sponsor Energetic ,lu lI241 niors Fielder, Jean Fincher, James Fisher, Mary Fills, Delano Fleming, Curlis Fleming, Kalhy Flelcher, Didi Ford, Imelda Fosler, Pele Fosler, Ronald Fosler, Sharon Frazier, Jessica Frelwell, Richard Gamble, Mary Garner, Sara Gary, Richard Gaul, David Gewin, Michael Gibson, Barbara Giles, Susan Gilliland, James Glaze, Jerry Glendenning, Su Glenn, Rebecca Granf, Bobby Gravlee, Mary Gresham, James Griflin. Janel Griffin, Merle Griffin, Sue Gumprechl, Nancy Guy, Harold Guy, Wesley Gwin, Palricia Hall, Dinah Hall, Peggy Hallmark, Donald Hannah, Donny Hannah, Sherell Hargle, Phillip Harris, Diane Harris, Roy Hayes, Esles Hayes, Joseph Hays, Lawrence Hayes, Pal Hayes, Preslon Heacock, Rex Hedrick, Marie Hempslead, Gloria Herrod, Hank Hiclu, Palfi l-lill Wanda Hinlon, Claude Hinlon, Sarah Hisey, John Hifson, Gail Hix, Jon Hocull, Billy Ray Holsleller, Alan Hoggle, Milne Hoggle, Thomas Holder, Jan Hollingsworlh, Faye JUNIOR CLASS SPONSORS AND HOMEROOM PRESIDENTS Row l Mr Blanchard Ann Newman Becky Glenn Paulette McGahey, Diane Harris. Row 2: Mrs. Dennis, Mrs.Vibbart John Caldwell Foss Smith John Wayne Armstrong Billy Davis. Hollingsworth, James Hollis, Larry Hollyhand, Douglas Holmes, Terry Hoole, Betsey Horton, Judy House, Orma n, Jr. Howell, Cyrus Humphries, Jerry Hutt, Joe Lee Ingram, Rebecca Jackson, Jack Johnson, Marilyn Johnson, Sally Jones, Cheryl Jones, James Jones, Kyra Lee Jones, Nancy Jordan, Carey Junlxins, Lamar Keller, Hugh Kelley, Jerry Kellum, Kenneth Kent, Linda Kidd, Jack Knight, Brady Knoblocli, Mabel Koster, James Kuykendall, Jerry Kyle, Amelia Kyxer, Donald Kyxer, Ronald La Grone, Roy Lalxe, Betty Langford, Danny Langford, Linda Langston, Sally Laurence, Phyllis Lawley, Gerald Ledbetter, Linda 125 Energetic Juniors Sturdy Sportsmen ll261 Lee, Ann Lee, Gail Le Maistre, Alice LeRoy, Robert lindsey, Margaret Lockhart, Michael Logan, James Lowery, Shirley McAdams, Sandra McCarter, Sarah McCracken, Ray McCraw, Robert McCullough, Richard McDaniel, Paul McGahey, Paulette McMinn, Jan McMullen, Tommy Mantel, Robert Marlowe, James Mason, Mathew Mather, Alexander Mattson, Charles Mayfield, Martha Maze, Sammy Meadows, Lane Meadows, Mike Medders, Ann Meyer, Karen Miller, David Mitchell, Bonnie Mitchell, Ellen Mitchell, Lewis Mitchell, Pamela Mile, Norman Montgomery, Vera Moore, Diane Moore, Rufus Morris, George Nealeans, Susan Neely, Diane Nelson, Jean , Nevin, William Newman, Ann Newman, Roger Niehuss, Fern W Nisbet, Jean l Nishet, Judith l Noland, Annette Norris, Kevin Nowell, William O' Neil, Jack Owens, Jean Parker, Nina Beth Parr, William Patterson, Marsha Pearson, Marion Pearson, Virginia Pennington, Carol Pennington, Virginia Peters, Sarah Phillips, Kenneth Pickens, John Pickett, Ed Pool, Donald Pugh, Judith Pylon, Susan A Quinn, Nancy Railord, Christie Railord, Evelyn Randall, Pettus Ray, William Reed, John Reynolds, David Reynolds, Mark Reynoldl, Sharon Rhodes, Rebecca Rice, Rachel Richardson, Ann Roberts, Mary Halen Rollins, Vincent Rose, Paul Ryan, Sammio Jean Sandusky, Jinx Scott, Bill Scott, Gail Seals, Sammy Soobeclx, Ann Shamblin, Bill Shamblin, Robert Sharp, Sue Shopherd, Alston Sillu, Gwen Simon, Joe Simi, Jackie Skelton, Rebecca Skinner, Linda Smith, Jerry Smith, Joe Smith, Julia Smith, Lawrence Snipes, Betty Jo Snipes, Carolyn Sparlu, Dorothy Sparlu, Judith These girls have no trouble snoring lotter swoators from Rod Lottor Club lollows The determined loam ol lunlor cuties are Kay Earnhardt, Cam Canty, Estes Hayos, Nancy Quinn lconter Brantly Cochrane Forn Nlehuls and I Sally Johnson. - .: ,eu ,1- -wr I -5 gfbi , E .,,., an -'T xv l l27 l Juniors Finish Class Float! Spell, Paul Spence, Ronald Spradley, Vicior Springer, Ma riha Raye Springfield, Rebecca Slobler, Anita Frances Slallings, Linda Slansell, Diane Slephens, Mille Slewarl, Dennis Slewarl, Ma rfha Slewa rl, Ma ry Siocks, Trellis Slrickland, Carol Ann Slyles, George Sultiennik, Carol Sullivan, Leo Sumner, Bobby Swail, Clark Swindle, Clarence Taylor, Rubye Faye Taylor, Teresa Terrill, Sheila Tharin, Theodore Thigpen, Douglas Thomason, Richard Thompson, Richard Tidmore, Judy Tidmore, Linda Tollel, Abigail Tubbs, Shirley Tucker, Linda Tucker, Ralph Turner, Donald Tyler, Joyce Vick, Charlohe Vines, Belly Wade, James Walker, Mary Louise Wallers, Charles Wallers, Gary Waliers, Palricia Walson, Jimalyne Walls, James Webster, Marinell Welch, Lanny Wellon, Jane! Weston, Jackie Wheal, Graham Wheal, Joyce While, Fred While, Jean Wiggins, Mary Anne Wilkins, Jerry Williams, George Williams, Johnny Williams, Michael Williams, Ted Winborne, Edward Winslead, Dwaine Woodley, Susan Worlhy, Robert Wrighl, Mary Charles Wrighi, Rebecca I1281 l Sophs Witness Alma Mater's Growth Abernathy, Jimmy Acre, Joe Adams, Barbara Adams, Frank Adams, James Adams, Kenneth Aldridge, Joe Alexander, George W. Alexander, William Alexander, Michael Allen, Clyde Allen, David Houston Allen, David Wayne Allen, Johnny Allen, Patricia Allen, William Anderson, Gary Andress, William Archibald, Dwayne Arendale, J. W. Armstrong, Linda Armstrong, Tippy Ashby, Thomas Ashcroft, Charlotte Ashley, Gayle Askew, Anne Bagley, Robert Bagwell, Sharon Baker, Ivy Banks, Ann Banks, Dale Barksdale,Earnestine " Underneath the old oak trees" ...so begins our Alma Mater. Jay Smith, Dale Christian, and Warren Day, Sophomore class president, secretary, and vice-president could be chuckling over the size of this particular " old oak tree." It is typical of the ones scattered around our new fl955i campus. 5 5 I 3 22 2. N291 Black, Elliot, Little, Ogles li301 Barnett, Larry Barringer, Bill Bassett, Howard Bates, Betty Baucom, Betty Baughman, Wayne Beadle, Jackie Beams, Dwayne Beams, Linda Beard, Sue Beatus, Larry Beck, Leroy Bell, Doris Bennett, Martha Bennett, Pat Bennett, Shirley Besant, Louise Bishop, Leona Bill, Judy Billings, Phil Black, Jimmie Ellen Boclin, Steve Booth, Joy Boothe, William Boozer, Karen Bostick, Lynette Boteler, Jimmy Branton, Harriet Braslield, Barbara Braslield, Margaret Brewer, Glenda Bridgers, Myrial Brock, Jim Brooks, Lucy Broughton, Scarlett Brown, Joe Harvey Brown, Julia Ann Brown, Patsy Bryant, O. K. Burgess, George Burleson, Danny Busby, Betty Sue Bush, Jeneva Butler, Pam Caddie, Al Calhoun, Jan Cannon, Skip Carr, Mike Cayley, Judy Chabannes, Rene Chadwick, Roy Mi ke Champion, Clifton Leon Chaney, Cherry Christ, Shirley Christian, Dale Clark, Camille Clark, Carolyn Clark, Connie Clark, Ma ry Emily Clement, Kathy Clilton, Robert Coatney, Sam Cobb, Larry Colee, Gail Congleton, Gregory Cooper, Margaret Copeland, Carol Corder, Dorolhy Corkren, Janice Cox, Barbara Cox, Kennelh Cox, Lonnie Crawford, Joan Crawford, Mary Crow, Roberl Crowder, Judy Crume, Alice Culwell, Carol Cunningham, Dan Darden, Carolyn Davidson, Michael Davis, Chris Davis, Gary Davis, Harold Davis, Jerry Davis, Judy Davis, Ronald Davis, Shirley Davis, Wanda Davis, Warren Day, Warren Dean, Billy Decker, Ga ry del Gallo, Linda Denl, Kalhy Dickey, Johnny Dill, Donald Disney, Jan Dosfer, Kalherine Douglas, Chrislian Dowdy, Diane Duncan, Carl Duncan, Warren Duncan, Valonda Dunn, Wanda Eady, Linda Earnesl, Vicki Edmonds, Kay Emerson, Julia English, Mike Epperson, Ronny Elheridge, Wayne Evans, Denny Evans, Jerry Faber, John Falgoul, Jimmy Falgoul, Lynn Falls, Elixbelh Faulkner, Carl Faulkner, Sharon Floyd, Glenda Franklin, Brady Franklin, Peggy Anne Frefwell, Bobby Ray Garner, Tom Giles, Mary Jane Gilmore, Roberl Gleisberg, Sandra New Sophomore Section Teachers Ii3I1 Q: , E 2 5 1- I Iggy " 5' v me ax I We M Q as .:.: III ,5 , J ..kv I I I . fx' Smith, Day, Christian Lead IIIIIII iJ,....M Q " Y :si --V1 16 , ' I 1 , . A --'- - . - K , I . ,U .,,'. K ' Q V My i ' I I EQ QWJ ffif "".:f .2 if Zaggg . , I . 53 My wg .,: I llll , , I I I f "" Z' "V' J fsf ' l29e,. V? - if '1:-, J '1 1 Iqn r 9 J ff - M 7? if "" . ..., -I xl IIIIIIIQI A ICIIIII' .:,, II, I c 'I JI if ' Q. ,QA -I - I .W ,.,. . ,gl I, W , ,II f -I II I I H , , Hifi "'- 25' " ' M 2 .W 1? . A :V who so J omgJ ,fi I I I II I ' ' 5 ' if L CII, , J, I sv . I ,v IX .,.III5, I g f J., E J ...zf 5 'W' 2 A I r 1I 'I fa x, 1. . fqwgg 'SI I f, - ,,a f ri "'-' 21:i-i:- 1 : 1 g "'a ' " D E A. '---' I II A:-' A ,lf15k.,.,.Q-are ., f J G -E3 . . QQQ5 .L ' M' Il' - "a' ' -J A 1 ig Q K im, l ll321 Gliuon, Charles Goodwin, David Goodwin, Tom Sraham, Douglas Granl, Jack Gray, Elizabelh Green, Judy Greene, Mary Ellen Greer, Frank Gribbin, Bob Griffin, Ann Griffin, Genavive Griffin, Sara Guin, Emma Kay Guin, Tommy Guthrie, Paul Guyer, Donald Guyer, Ronald Hahn, Gary Hahn, Nancy Hailey, Anila Hall, Belly Jane Hallman, Albert Hamillon, Daniel Hamiler, Bill Hammonds, Oddesia Hanes, Beverly Hardy, Janice Hargrove, Ma rlha Haring, Nancy Harless, Glenda Harless, Ronnie Harless, Tim Harrell, Edwin Harris, Larry Harrison, Carol Harrison, Ernest Harlley, Jennifer Hartman, Tom Haxsel, Alice Hawley, Beverley Hayden, Ralph Hayes, Gayle Hayes, Jerry Hayes, Shirley Hedrick, Gilbert Heller, Susan Hellums, Lavinia Henderson, Gene Herndon, Jack Herring, Deborah Herrod, Sissy Hewill, John Hickey, Ruby Hildrelh, Cheryl Hill, Janice Hodo, Diane Hoggle. Olen Holaday, Delaney Holcomb, Dennis Holcomb, Sandra Holley, Nella Hollingswarfh, Alice Holloman, Susan Sophomore Class Spunky and spirited, yet often serious and sedatewere the Sopho- mores during the school year of l96l-62. Two accomplishments caused special pride amongthe Sophomores. One was their beautiful float built for homecoming, stuffed with colored crepe paper and mounted on a flat-bed truck. Itcarried out the theme Tuscaloosa Nails Tigers by showing a Pensacola Tiger nailed over a goal post. The Sophomores were the top class at T.H.S. in the United Fund drive. Competition runs high among classes trying to go lOO76first. Mrs. Fines, Mrs. Bounds, and Mr. Elliot served as class sponsors. Aware of America's need for solid citizens, the Sophomores look ahead with determination. Holloway, Valcus Hopkins, Lucy Hopper, Robert Horton, Connie Hosmer, Floyd Houston, William Howton, Thomas Hughes, Carol Humphreys, Elisabeth Hunter, Cheryl Hunter, Milne Ingram, Thomas Iverson, Donna Jackson, James Ray Jacobs, Carole Jernigan, Kay James, Kenneth Johnson, Don Johnson, John Carroll Johnson, linda Johnson, Terry Jones, Brenda Jones, Bruce Jones, George Jones, Larry Jones, Margie Jordan, Robert Kendall, Tommy Key, Richard Kilmer, Charles Kilgrow, Anne King, James D. li331 Q i I SOPHOMORE SECTION PRESIDENTS ANDSPONSORS.Row l: Libby Gray, Kay Jernigan, Dale Christian. Row 2: Wilbur Manderson, Miha Riley, Ronald Davis. Row 3: Mr. Elliot. Mrs. Fines. 2 2 5 3 E 5 e . 2 E 2 5 . , E Q . , 1 E 2 , 5 X 2 E i Logged in Thanksgiving Drive ll341 Hamrick, Joyce Kinsoul, Regina Kirk, Sally Kirkland, Donald Kirkley, Marsha Koch, Charlotte Koeppel, Kay Krupp, Margaret Clark, Pete LaMoreaux, Jim Lancaster, JoAnn Lancaster, Norma Lancaster, Reggie Laney, Skip Larson, Walter Lary, Joe Latham, Carolyn Latham, Joel Latham, Mickey Latham, Woodrow Latner, Calvin Lawrence, Jane Lawrence, Sherrie Lawson, Stewart Lee, Charles Lee, Linda Lee, Margaret Lee, Patricia Lewis, Ellen Lewis, Jerome Lewis, Laurene Lewis, Ronnie Lindsey, Judith Lindsey, Richard Livingston, Kay Lockman, Oliver Lowe, Gloria Lowery, Dorothy Lumpkin, Shirley Lyons, Thomas McBryde, Fay McCarter, Thomas McClusky, Dan McCook, Richard McCracken, Joy McCracken, Libby McCraw, Daniel McDaniel, Virginia Mclntosh, Anita Maharry, Paul Manderson, Wilbur Marable, Bill Marcum, Vernon Marks, F. B. Marlow, Kenneth Martin, Stanley Massi, Richard Mathews, Mary Jane Meade, Butch Meadows, Jackie Meggs, Sandra Menning, Whitney Miller, Barbara Minges, Eddie Minor, Lonnie Milchell, Rodney Mizell, Gail Mizell, Gary Moman, Richard Monlgomery, David Monlgomery, Eddie Moody, Louise Moore, Belly Moore, .lan Morgan, Shirley Moseley, Belly Jo Murphree, Roger Nelson, linda Nelson, Susan Norris, George Norlhcull, Marilyn Norlhrop, Elizabelh Novalnak, Carol Nuckols, Peggy O' Neal, James Lee Oswall, Gwen Overlon, Gayle Owens, Marcia Palmer, Donald Palmer, Robert Parham, Blanlon Park, Shep Parker, Alice Parker, Kay Parker, Sue Parris, Charlohe Parlrich, Danny Paler, Sandra Jane ,Palriclp Slephen Patrick. Bill Pallerson, Mickey Payne, Richard Pearce, David Pearson, Sammy Penninglon, Linda Perkins, Kay Perkins, Lenwood Perry, Charlolle Phillips, Frans Pike, Frances Ploll, John Poole, Eugene Pope, Eloise Porler, Wayne Price, Mary Jane Prilchell, Kalhleen Prilchell, Roberl Proclor, louise Pugh, Rennie Raab, Donald Rankin, Rosemary Ray, Laura Ray, Sandra Redding, Gerlon Reed, Helen Reim, Carolyn Reynolds, Cheryl Rhone, Brenda Led in United Fund Drive Il351 Sophomores Sparkle " Oh, you really shouldn'l have," say Seniors Eddie Glenn and John Rickell. Sophomores Belly Dales and Milli Brown, laifhlully abiding by the rigid rules ol Twirp Season, lreal the boys lo orange drink alhr school. l1361 Rhone, Richard Rice, Charlolle Rice, Mariha Richardson, Bob Richardson, John Riley, Michael Roberts, Patricia Robertson, Charlohe Rominger, Linda Rulledge, Wayne Sahm, Thomas Sanders, Jack Sanlard, John Sasser, Jon Savage, Emalyne Schoel, Rebecca Scoh, Chales Eugene Seay, Wm. Curlis Shaller, Deloris Sherer, Kalhy Sims, Belly Marie Singlelon, Marsha Sllellon, Bobby Joe Skellon, Roger Slacl, Louellen Smclley, William Smilh, Jay Smilh, Palsy Smilherman, Linda Snider, Barbara Snipes, Dora Snow, Richard Sommers, Annelle Squires, Kay Slakem, Ba..'lsu.':A Slandard, Dennis ' Slondridge, Marlha Slewarl, Carolyn Slewarl, Sandra Slill, Barry Slone, Carolyn Slrickland, Connie Slringlellow, Laura Sluckey, Eddie Slyes, Belly Sullivan, Loo Summerlin, Barbara Swanson, Annelle Swanson, Freddie Tapscoll, Sandra Talum, Carol Taylor, Hoyl Taylor, James Taylor, Linda Taylor, Nan Taylor, Richard Tesney, Annelle Tidmore, Jeff Tidmore, Bill Tillolson, Mary Timmerman, Jim Townsend, John Trowick, Anne Trimm, Wayne Truhell, Gary Tubbs, Charles Tucker, Benny Tucker, Sondra Tullos, Judy Turner, Larry Urban, Rene Vail, Rebecca Vail, Sarah Vanderpool, James Vaughn, Belly Jane Vines, Edna Wade, David Walker, Annelle Vlllker, Barry Walker, Randy Walker, Linda Marie Walker, Terry Kirk Walker, Tommy Walker, William Robe Ward, Pal Walson, Dianne Waugh, Judilh Wear, Tommy Weaver, Dale Webxler, John Welch, Linda Welch, Pal Weller, Vivian Wesl, Marsha Diane Wheal, Connie While, Mary Ann rl Suddenly Sagacious I:l371 Soph Ann Banks Harvest Queen While, Pat White, Paula Whiting, Franklin Wilder, James Williams, Lynda Williams, Mary Carol Williamson, Joe Williamson, Sandra Willoughby, Ginger Wilson, Barbara Wilson, Bernarr Wilson, James Henry Wilson, James Stanley Wilson. Marian Wilson, Penelope Wilson, Robert Winslead, Charles Winslead, Rickey Winters, Priscilla Wood, Stephen Wood, Terria Woodley, Bill Woods, Joe Woolley, Edward Worsham, Shirley Wright, Nancy Wurm, Catherine Wurm, Diane Varborough, Nancy Verby, Mary Vow, lack " Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil." Are T.H.S. students really this virtuous? Actually...Well, these students are watching a science program in the auditorium given by General Motors. li381 Freshmen Show Spirit, Support School Achterhol, Gary Adams, Roy Adkinson, Kaye Aldrich, James Alexander, Elaine Allen, Gilbert Allen, James Allen, Troy Alford, Janice Armingeon, Carlene Armstead, Jeanie Armstrong, Joe Ashcralt, Gloria Ashton, David Atchenson, Denny Atwood, James Avery, Billy Baernstein, Alice Baker, Joe Baker, Margie Bailey, Judy Baird, Kay Bales, Allen Ballard, Gary Bane, Barbara Banks, Jane Banks, Nancy Bardon, Jim Barksdale, Josephine Barksdale, Larry Barnes, Andy Barnett, Patricia Barr, Jane Barringer, Diane Fishbaugh, Jimmy Boyliss, Martha Beard, Danny Beauchamp, Johnny Beck, Barbara Beck, Robert Some Freshman favorites selected by class members head the Freshman section of the homecoming parade Other class members proudly pull their "float" through downtown Tuscaloosa ll391 Freshmen Rise to Occasion Freshman bays eagerly await the return to earth of a class member at the V.M.C.A. The "V" offered its facilities la any freshman desiring ia participate in a physical educaiian course. Because of the number of students in the freshman class, it was necessary to place them on two shifts, morning and afternoon. Remembering that even last year T.H.S. was crowded with homerooms in the library and Iunchroom, the Freshmen realized that 600 more new students would be too much. The question among all students has been which shift is the most desirable, the morning shift whose students are out at noon, or the afternoon shift whose students can sleep late every morning. The Freshmen have found both good and bad points for each shift, but have overlooked the bad points and pushed on with the process of learning which they feel is a privi- lege to them under any circumstances. 11401 Berfhold, Ann Blackwell, Linda Bleier, Judy Bohli, James Bolin, Polly Ann Boling, Allen Bolton, Danneite Boozer, Ellen Boschung, John Bowen, Glenn Bowman, Jim Boyd, Janice Boyd, Spence Bradshaw, Chuck Brunton, Richard Brasher, Larry Brewer, Caroline Britt, Marsha Briiiain, Lucy Brooliover, Sara Broolu, Barbara Broughton, James Brown, Benie Brown, David Brown, Gail Brown, John Brown, Nancy Buck, Amalie Buford, Danny Burchfield, Herman Burgan, Lyn Burnelie, Brenda Freshman girls participated in a swimming class at the Y.M.C.A. Here an instructor demonstrates lor them. Burnette, Shelly Burrage, Sheila Burrage, Clarence Burns, Joe Burroughs, Carl Bush, Billy Butler, Moclell Cabiness, Annette Cabinen, Brenda Caldwell, Beth Callahan, Roe Ann Campbell, Linda Cannon, Steve Cannon, Sue Caplu, Bruce Card, Margaret Carlson, Gail Carpenter, James Carpenter, Linda Carroll, John Carver, James Carver, June Calrino, Kay Chancey, Donna Chandler, Linda Chandler, Steven Channel, Alan Channel, Truman Clements, Randy Cochrane, Allen Colburn, Billy Colburn, Marcia Hurdle Hardships of Split Shift Since P.E. courses were not offered to Freshmen at school, buses transported them from school to the Y.M.C.A. for fun and recreation every day. Due to the split shift also, the Freshmen had a dif- ficult time voting on school business and never did elect class officers. At homecoming it looked as if they would be left out because of the difficulty of communi- cating between shifts. But school spirit won out, and they were able to muster up their own class float to compete with the upperclassmen. Having learned the ropes, the Freshmen predict that high school will be as prosperous and fruitful for them as it has been for all other young Americans eager to learn and serve their country. li4l1 Honor Society Honors F rosh ll421 Colo, Tommy Collins, Gloria Cook, Larry Cordor, Richard Cork, Sarah Cowdon, Both Cox, Jimmy Cox, Slove Cozarl, Molba Cozarl, Roborf Crano, Susan Crawford, Jackie Crow, Sylvia Crulcher, Nina Culp, Howard Culver, Janice Cummings, Daniol Cummings, Richard Curry, Joan Dallron, Dennis Daniols, Tommy Darcy, Holon Davidson, Richard Davis, Carolyn Davis, Dickie Davis, Faye Davis, James Davis, Jane Davis, Janice Davis, Joan Davis, Larry Davis, Larry Davis, Merwin Dean, Barbara DeArman, Ed Deason, Judy DesRoches, Jim Dickey, Lorella Deal, Bill Deal, Carole Dockory, Brenda Dockory, Donna Dockory, Linda Dockory, Linda Dodson, John Donaldson, Konnolh Dow, Mary Ellon Drummond, Ann Dunkin, Charlolle Dunn, Bohy Dunn, Ernoslino Duponl, Rosalind Duron, Jimmy Earl, Torry Earnosl, Jorry Edgeworth, Sandra Edmonds, Lawson Edwards, Roborla Elam, Wayno Eldridgo, Joanoffe Eloy, Judy Elkins, Bulch Elkins, Jano Elhoridgo, Bill Etheridge, Marilyn Espey, Barbara Everitte, Retha Evinrude, Beverly Ezell, Rita Ezell, Susan Fair, Stan Falls. Frank Faucett, Jimmy Feld, L. B. Fender, Elaine Fields. Barbara File, Freddy Fincher, Carol Finnell, Steve Fisher, Brenda Fisher, Ethel Fitts, Ann Fitzgerald, Jane Flummer, Jerry Flanigan, John Fleenar, Brenda Fleming, Charles Fletcher, Jay Fonclren, Patricia Ford, Mike Ford, Roberta Foster, Mary Sue Franklin, Rebecca Freeman, Charles Freeman, Oscar Frost, Ann Gaddis, Judy Galloway, Judy Gamble, Elizabeth Garcia, Lillian Garner, Manley Gibson, Ramona Giles, Jerry Gilliland, Mary Gilmer, Carol Gilmore, Diane Tisdale, Carlos Givens, Jean Goode, Allan Graham, Lewis Greathouse, Keith Green, Ross Griffin, Jackie Griffin Kenneth Griffin Phyllis Grillin Ronnie Grimes, Linda Groshe, Pete Guin, Mary Guy, Ross Guy, Wanda Hallmark, William Hamilton, Clarissa Hamm, Billy Hamm, Delores Hammock, Stan Hammonds, Janice Hamner, Gary Sock Hop in September Il431 N0 F rosh Class 0 lcers FRESHMAN SECTION PRESIDENTS AND SPONSOR. Row l: Johnny Jacobs, Mike Ford, Larry Voil, Gaius Whillield. Row 2: Larry Davis, Alice Baernslein, Sally Hinlon, Gail Roberls, Miss Davidson, Jim Newman. 11441 Hamncr, 'led Hamricll, Daniel Hanby, David Hanluin, Dan Hanslord, Connie Harden, Deigh Hardy, Thomas Hargrove, Daniel Harris, Cliflon Harris, Helen Harris, Phillip Harrison, Elizabeth Harlley, Michael Harlnan, Carolyn Hastings, Ma rlha Halmaller, Jackie Hayes, Jonathan Hendarson, Beverly Hcnline, Jae Honline, Sara Herman, Jim Herndon, Tamsey Hilablar, Larry Highsaw, Mary Hinlon, Sally Hoggle, Billy Hoggle, Ronnie Hague, Lane Holcomb, Daniel Holloman, Faye Hood, Dorolhy Hopkins, Palsy Horn, Greg Houck, Rose Mary Howard, Brenda Howell, Glenn Howard, Linda Howlon, David Hoyt, Heidi Hubbard, Jerry Hubberl, Helen Hubberl, Joyce Hughes, Lennis Hughey, Greg Hunler, William Hulchins, Mildred Hyche, Joel Ingram, Margo ref Jackson, Andrew Jackson, Judy Jacobs, John Jerald, Truman Jeler, Sherry Ann Johnson, Glenda Johnson, Johnny Johnson, Mary Johnson, Lana Johnson, Rubye Jones, Ann Jones Barbara Jones, Mike Jones, Rachelle Jones, Ronald Joyner, Carol Junkins, Joseph Keller, Dorothy Kelly, Allen Kilgore, Ky Kincaid, Al Kincaid, William King, Linda Kirby, Joyce Kirk, John Kirlupalrick, Dean Koslar, Reber? Krup, Don Kuhns. Buddy LaFoy, Wayne Lake, Joan Lake, Jerry Lamb, Jean Lamon, Mike Lancasler, Jo Ann Lalham, Gerald Lalner, Lasler Lawrence, Donald Lawrence, Johnny Lawrence, Linda Lawson, William Leavell, Judy Lee, Belly Lee, Richard Leigh, Bob Lewis, Judy Lindsay, Linda Liverman, Silvia Section Officers Lead N451 Romance Languages ffered l1461 Lockard, Greg Logan, Carl Lallar, Mitchell Loughborough, Eleanor Lowe, Genene Lowery, Dexter McCain, Patricia McCary, John McCollum, Hardin McDaniel, David McDaniel, Gayle McDaniel,Wanda McDultie, Mike McGahey, James McGee, David McGlamery, Patricia Mclntosh, Glenn Mclntyre, Kenneth McJenlxins, Jimmy McLaughlin, Jimmy McMillan, Brenda M1:Tyre, Robert Maddox, Richard Madison, Delores Mate, Janet Mallory, Barbara Malone, Norma Jean Mangum, Marilyn Markam, Judy Markam, Larry Marlowe, Patricia Martan, Charles Marteson, De Mason, James Massy, Jerry Mathews. Melvin Mattson, Natalie Meade, Viclxy Meany, Michael Meggs, Martha Meredith, Mary Kate Miller, Bill Miller, Buddy Miller, Donna Sue Mills, Donald Mills, Jane Mitchell, Ferrell Mitchell, Mary Mohan, Percy Montgomery, Charlotte Montgomery, Donna Morgan, Janet Morgan, Martha Morris, Leslie Morrison, John Mouchette, Regina Nelson, Trudi Netto, Annette Nevin, Carolyn Newman, Frank Newman, .lim Newman, Tony Newsom, Regena Newton, Patricia Nichols, Bill Noland, Phillip Nolan, Mary Lou Norris, Jackie Norris, Ronnie Norlhcutl, Carolyn Nuckols, Jackie 0' Brien, Nancy O' Bryanf, Peggy Odum, James Ogilvie, Ray Oliver, Jackie O' Neal, Linda Onley, Susan Orr, Pele Orr, Richard Osborn, Davis Osborne, Thomas Osburn, Vlhldo Owen, Bill Owens, Sandra Palmer, Ken Pancake, John Parham, Glenn Parker, Bill Parker, Johnny Parker, Virginia Parrolf, Sue Parsons, Ray Pale, Jerry Pale, Kalrina Pale, Mavis Pale, Roberl Paherson, Leroy Paffon, Ann Fallon, Tom Paul, Pamela Payne, Lamberl Pearson, New! Pens, Allon Penx, David Permenler, Larry Pelree, Cary Pelree, Gary Phillips, Cynlhia Phillips, Sian Pierce, Ernest Pierce, Mary Dana Ploll, Sissy Pointer, Charles Popp, Christi Price, Billy , Prilcheil, Doloris Proclor, Rachael Pryor, James Pyles, Charles Quilliams, Roy Radcliff, Robert Railord, Jo Ann Rainer, Diane Ralston, Melinda Ramirez, Luis Ramsey, Gerald Randolph, Kalhy First Time to Freshmen I new 4 147 sy- Freshmen Follow in '62 l1481 Rawlins, Linda Ray, Gay Redding, Ruby Reese, Phyllis Reid, Linda Reynolds, Judy Reynolds, Judy Rice, Susan Richardson, Dwighl Richardson, Nancy Riclcell, Christine Ricldes, Wayne Riley, Eslela Roberls, Billy Roberls, Gail Roberlson, Jane Roddy, Sally Rosenfeld, Richard Ross, Edgar Ross, Johnny Rumsey, Barry Rylee, Thomas Sams, Larry Sanders, Ralph Savage, Palricia Seale, Billy Jo Sewell, Barbara Sexlon, Tommy Sharp, Gail Shepherd, Louise Shirley, Belly Rulh Shirley, Michael Sikes, Johnny Simmons, Carolyn Slade, Connie Smalley, Tony Smelley, Palsy Smilh, Ashley Smilh, Belly Smilh Claudia Smilh Danny Smilh David Smilh Donald Smilh Kalherine Smilh, Margie Smilh, Sara Ann Smilh, Tony Smilh, Truman Smilhson, Linda Snipes, Jerry Snow, Richard Sparks, Madison Sparks, Phyllis Spearman, Barbara Spencer, John Spradley, Ellery Slakem, James Slapp, Lauralee Slone, Relia Slough, Sarah Slrickland, Ann Slrickland, Carolyn Slriclxlen, Sleve Sullivan, Daylon T.H.S. Leaders in '65 Sullivan, Kay Sulher, Carol Swindler, Lorene Whinery,Dwighl Taylor, Joyce Taylor, William Terrell, Mary Thomas, Bruce Thomas, Donna Thomas, Phoebe Thompson, Wallace Tidmore, Ferrell Tilley, Royal Tilley, Virginia Tillman, Judy Tisdale, Carolyn Troller, Courlney Tucker, Joe Turner, Lesko Turner, Linda Turner, Milte Twomey, Kennelh Vail, Lillian Vanderpool, Judy Van Tassel, George, M Vaughn, Judy Veslal, Jack Vining, Tanamara Voil, Larry Wagner, Lloyd Wakefield, Rebecca Walby, Terry These Freshman homeroom presidenls are flrom leflj Elizabelh Woolen, Lana Johnson, Trudi Nelson, Donna Thomas, Ellen Boozer, Charles Fleming, Greg Hughey, and Jerry Farmer. They have been responsible lor fransacling business in lheir seclions lhis school year. if-x l49 A Year to Remember... ll501 Waldrop, Diane Waldrop, Wayne Walker, David Walker, Joan Walker, John Wallier, John Warbinglon, Larry Ward, Mike Warren, Edward Walson, William Walls, Karen Weaver, David Weaver, Faye Weaver, Kyle Wedgeworlh, Ronnie Weelrs, Nancy Wellon, Rebecca Wesley, James Whalley, Palsy Wheal, Ray Wheal, William Wheeler, Belly Wheeler, Joyce While, Kennelh While, Marvin While, Tommie Sue Whillield, Gaius Whillield, Margarel Wiggins, Margarel Wiggins, Sandra Wilkins, Charles Williams, Cary Williams, David Williams, Hal Williams, Jennifer Williams, Joe Williams, Johnny Williams, Judy Williams, Klinner Williams, Marlha Williamson, David Willman, Ed Wilson, Jane Wilson, Johnny Wood, James Wood, Sharon Woods, Gary Woods, Nedra Woods, Susan Woolen, Elizabelh Worlhinglon, Vlhnda Wrighl, Brenda Wrighl, Payne Wrighl, Wayne Wurm, Gary Wyall, Belly Wyall, Kurry Yarbrough, Linda Vounlxin, Billy Zanlhas, Shirley With a comical resemblance to the Lilliputians following Gulliver, Freshmen eagerly anticipate an orientation tour led by upperclassman Hank Herrod. Hank is living proof of what a year or two of healthy T.H.S. life will do for a person Below are pictures Freshmen. Barton, Barbara Booth, Sarah Dockery, Rusty Weeks, Martha Nell Wyatt, Bobby Zeanah, Patsy Zeanah, Rex Clark, Zelma Fairchild, Carolyn Grammer, Mike Mclntyre, Agnes Spencer, Bobby Walker, Bobby Walker, John Wyatt, William Brown, Shirley Price, Thomas Whitley, Donald Ray Wingard, William T.H.S. welcomed William S. Fegan in l962. He has been a civics teacher replacing Mr.Wood since the first part of February. Mr. Fegan previously taught in North Carolina and Pennsylvania, and is a past director ofthe Tusca- loosa Junior Theatre. A bs entees of those absent when the first class pictures were made. The first row is Juniors, the second, Sophomores and the third 4, I 151 l Open good nature...vivacious and fun-loving,..e nt h u s ia s m for many proiects...head cheerleoder...Cap- tain's sponsor for Homecoming... personality and intellect combined... active participant in church youth group...Kotie Pritchett. Faculty Selects Uutstanding Hardworking...dependable..looked upon as a student leacler...Secretary- treasurer of the Key Club...Sopho- more, Freshman Class President... Vice-president at the Student Coun- cil...President of the Honor Society ...winner of the Elks' Club Leader- ship Scholarship...Wayne Shatter. Peppy personality...a dynamo of energy...ardent worker for Y.M.C.A. ...District Hi-Y Secretary...State Hi-Y Council...National Hi-Y Congress Secretary...Youth Legislature...All- State Choir...Cheerleader...Spanish Club President...Elks' Club Leader- ship Scholarship winner...Lulu Black. S. Warm friendlinessmhelpful and sincere...many activities, curricular and extra-curricular...student ot Latin and French...Secretary-treasurer of the Junior Classical League...keen interest in higher math...President ot the Math Club...Wynne Alexander. A gentle voice...quiet sense of hu- mor...capable student...avid sports enthusiast...Secretary-treasurer ot the Science CIub...Treasurer of the French Club...Latin Medal winner... Editor-in-Chief of l962 BLACK WAR- RlOR...Betty Hayes. JUNIOR 'fi-EAN! I tml. sind' 5o9""llmn,w NW2 3HZ!15Siz2i?.451Rs.,WEf SWSSQZJQGEH F """' 'i' ww wi M 1 ss mimwiw wt1sm Seniors - Two Boys - Eight Girls Excellent scholar...participant in many school activities...a beautiful voice...Mixed Chorus soloist...deep interest in science and the classics ...Junior Classical League President ...Dorothy Echols. Independent spirit...irrepressible sense of humor...courteous and co- operative...State Secretary of Junior Classical Leogue...Class officer for tour years...D.A.R. Citizenship Girl ...Associate Editor ot l962 BLACK WARRlOR...Ma rgaret Partlow. Always ready with a smile...faith- ful student...member ot the French Honor Societymoutstanding musi- cian...All-State Band Medolist...All- State Orchestra...UA Orchestra solo- ist...Stote Band Festival winner... Mary Beth Wear. A strong leader...trustworthy...a fine athlete and a good student... Red Letter Club...Spanish Club... President of the Student Council... Ralph Quarles. Wide field of interestsmknowledge of literature, French, Spanish... Secretary of the French CIub...Secre- tary-treasurer of the Math Club... service keynotes her nature...Guid- ance assistant...Student Council... Theresa Abrams, .....a.-m 's Qsfs9f::QCe Seniors Four years may seem a short time in comparison to a lifetime, but in modern society this span can be vital, especially when it bridges the gulf between the end of childhood and the beginning of ma- turity as the Seniors' career at Tuscaloosa High School has done for them. The unformed character and nebulous personality of students are pressed into shape by discipline they experience, real free- dom, and an awakening awareness of things be- yond their own small spheres. The Senior Class of 1962 has seen many things in the past four years, wonders never before be- held on earth . . . and horrors. They have seen the heaviest snowfall in twenty years, the hundredth birthday of the Civil War, and the introduction of the split shift in Tuscaloosa. In this nation, they have beheld a double precedent set with a Roman Catholic and also the youngest duly elected presi- dent in history, John Fitzgerald Kennedy. He intro- duced a new age with "New Frontier," while wife Jacqueline set the style for a generation of women. Industry boomed and labor struck, yet U. S. pros- perity was the greatest ever. But across the ocean a wall went up in Berlin, and at our threshold Cuba hoisted a red banner. The Russians resumed nuclear testing and beat the U. S. by a few months in launching an astronaut. Yes, exciting years that challenge the class of '62 to new achievement in the future. THERESA ABRAMS: Merit Scholarship Semi-Finalist, Honor Society, French Club, Sec., French I Medal, Spanish Club, Math Club, Sec.-Treas., Sigma Tri-Hi-Y, Chaplain, F.T.A., Guidance Assistant, A.l.A. Convention, Ring Comm., Student Council .,.. ' CHARLOTTE ADAIR: F.T.A., Science Fair, Pep Squad, Sigma Tri-Hi-Y, Red Cross, P.T.S.A .... GAYLE ADAMS: Red Cross, Pep Squad, Science Fair, P.T.S.A., Health Careers Club. JERRY AKINS: V.I.E. Club, Football, Mum Comm .... CARL ALBRIGHT, Band, Assistant Mgr., Lyre Club, Home- room, Pres., Student Council, Math Club, Honor Society, Latin Club, Black Warrior Hi-Y, V.-P., Golf Club, Key Club, international, State Convention .... WYNNE ALEXANDER: Honor Society, Merit Scholarship Semi-Finalist, National Science Fair, Math Club, Pres., Latin Club, Sec.-Treas., Stu- dent Council, Homeroom, Pres., lnter-Club Council, Science Club, Sec., French Club, Greasepainters, Sigma Tri-Hi-Y, Sec.-Treas., A.l.A. Convention. li54l 1962... SARA ALLEN: Homeroom Pres., Sigma Tri-Hi-Y Sec., V.l.E. Club, F.l-LA., Spanish Club, Mum Comm .... WILLIAM ALLEN: Bear Facts, News Editor, Black Warrior Hi-Y V.-P,, Pres., French Club, Projection Club, Homeroom Treas., Hi-Y, Tri-Hi-Y County Council, Youth Legislature...LYNN ALSO- BROOK: Latin Club. GAIL ANDERSON: Homeroom, Chaplain, Sec., Jr. Red Cross, Spanish Club, F.H.A., Monitor, Student Council, Bear Facts Staff, Sigma Tri-Hi-Y...ROBERT ANDRESS: Trans- ter to T.H.S., Projection Club, Mechanical Drawing Club, P.T.S.A .... ALLEN APPERSON: Art Club, Fire Brigade, Base- ball, Prom Comm. JEAN ARMSTRONG: Transfer to T.H.S., Spanish Club, Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, F.T.A., Office Runner, Pep Squad, Latin Club...WlLDA ATCHlSON: Jr. Red Cross, F.H.A., Home- room Chaplain, Sec., P.T.S.A., Tri-Hi-Y...DONNA AVERY: F. H. A., Jr. Red Cross, Science Fair, V.l.E. Club. CHARLOTTE BAILEY: V.I.E. Club, Girls' Choir, Science Fair, Mum Comm .... RAY BALLARD: Student Council, Home- room Chaplain, Latin Club, Band, Lyre Club, Mixed Chorus, All-State Chorus, Math Club, Fire Brigade, Float Comm .... BRECK BARNES: Ambassador Hi-Y, Football, Pep Squad, Mechanical Drawing Club. TERESA BAUCOM: French Club, Math Club, Spanish Club, Jr, Talent Show, Pep Squad, Girls' Choir, P.T.S.A ,... RICHARD BEAUCHAMP: Art Club, French Club Sgt.-at-Arms, V.I.E. Club, Homeroom Pres., Prom Comm., French Club Carnival, Float Comm., Jr. Talent Show...JOHN BECK: Science Fair. CAROLYN BELCHER: V.l.E. Club, Pep Squad, Homeroom Sec., Jr. Red Cross, Mum Comm .... MARY BERTHE: Regular Schedule...CLYDE BIGGS: Proiection Club, Band, Fire Bri- gade, Homeroom Sec. lI55l Ven ture PRISCILLA BLACK "LULU": B.W. Favorite, Jr. Class V.-P., Spanish Club Pres., Hi-Y Inter-Club Council Sec., Beta Tri-Hi-Y Pres., Alpha Tri-Hi-Y Parliamentarian, Cheerleader, National Hi-Y Congress, National Hi-Y Council, Math Club, Student Council, Honor Society, Youth Legislature Photographer, Beauty Walk, Jr. Talent Show, State Hi-Y Council, District Hi-Y Sec., All-State Choir, Science Fair, 3rd Place...BILL BLAKENEY: Homeroom Pres., Sec., Jr. Talent Show, Band, Fire Beigade, Homecoming Comm .... EDWIN BLEIER: Latin Club, Math Club, Key Club, Student Council, Homeroom Pres., V.-P., Red Letter Club, Track. LISA BOLTON: Band, Jr. Talent Show, Homeroom Chaplain, V.-P., Lyre Club, Sigma Tri-l-Ii-Y, Student Council, Latin Club... LENN BOMAR: Latin Club, Math Club, Student Council, Homeroom Pres., V.-P., Sec., Kappa Tri-Hi-Y Sec., V.-P., Health Careers Club, Beauty Walk, Band Sweetheart Con- test, National Hi-Y Congress, Mixed Chorus, Jr. Talent Show, Pep Squad, P.E. Council...SHARON BOOTH: F.H.A., Student Council, Homeroom Sec., Band Sweetheart Contest, P.T.S.A., Pep Squad, Science Fair, B.W. Business Staff. BOB BOSHELL: Fire Brigade, Jr. Talent Show, Student Council, P.T.S.A., Science Fair, Black Warrior Hi-Y, Art Club, Invitations Comm .... CHERYL BOWMAN: F.T.A., Health Careers Club, Spanish Club, Science Fair, Homeroom Pres., Monitor, Math Club, Pep Squad...ELEANOR BOYKIN: Beauty Walk, Spanish Club, Beta Tri-Hi-Y Sgt.-at-Arms, Alpha Tri-Hi- Y Treas., Girls' Choir, F.T.A., B. W. Business Staff, Jr. Red Cross, Pep Squad, Hi-Y Inter-Club Council, Student Council, Jr. Talent Show, Science Fair. CHARLES BRACKNELL: V.I.E. Club, Football, Track, Fire Brigade, Mum Comm .... EUGENIA BRIDGES: Art Club, Sigma Tri-Hi-Y, Jr. Talent Show, B.W. Business Staff, Pep Squad, Monitor, Science Fair...JOHN D. BROWN: Band. DANNY BROWN: Football, Mixed Chorus, Baseball, Home- room Pres., Prom Comm., Ring, Invitation Comm., Red Let- ter Club, IOO Mile Club, Jr. Talent Show, Science Fair...TERRY BROWN: Homeroom V.-P., Chaplain, Spanish Club, Sigma Tri-Hi-Y, F.H.A., Science Fair, Pep Squad, Student Sec., Jr. Red Cross...PAUL BRYANT: Honor Society, Student Council Treas., Homeroom Pres., Basketball, Monitor, Sports Editor, I96l BLACK WARRIOR, Hi-Y, Sports P.A. Announcer. PAT BURNETT: Homeroom Chaplain, Sec., Jr. Red Cross, Sigma Tri-Hi-Y, Health Careers Club, B.W. Business Staff, Science Fair...JERRI BURNETTE, Transfer to T.H.S., Spanish Club, Math Club, Kappa Tri-Hi-Y, Honor Society, Beauty Walk, Ring Comm .... PATRICK CALABRESE: Fire Brigade, V.I.E. Club, Mum Comm., Science Fair, Ring Comm., Homeroom Sec., Chaplain. 1561 A field... During the Thanksgiving holidays, eight members of the Bear Facts Staff were privileged to attend the National Scholastic Press Association Conference at Chicago's Conrad Hilton Hotel. After arriving in Chicago, the staff announced its presence at the Conrad Hilton and immediately began making ac- quaintances. Twenty-six states were represented at the conference, all stayed in the 3,000 room Conrad Hilton. The Conference's purpose was to acquaint high school journalists with better technique for high school papers and yearbooks. Between the informa- tive lectures, time was spent sightseeing in Chicago, "the Windy City." A Here in "the Windy City" are senior Billy Allen, Pete Clark, Pam Mitchell, Norma Lancaster, Shirley Christ, Emma Kay Guin, Bob Hopper, and Sam Cooper. BEVERLY CALHOUN: French Club Chaplain, Sec., Mod- ern Language Dept., Executive Board, F.T.A. Pres., V.-P., Inter-Club Council, Science Fair, 2nd Place, Honor Society, Math Club, Lib. Staff, Pep Squad .... DORIS CALLAHAN: Tri-Hi-Y, Band, Homeroom Sec., Student Council, Science Fair, Jr. Red Cross, P.T.S.A .... JOHN CAMMACK: Band, Fair Brigade, Jr. Red Cross, Hi-Y, Science Fair, Monitor. DIANE CAMPBELL: Homeroom Chaplain, Monitor, F.H.A,, Pep Squad, Sigma Tri-Hi-Y, Science Fair, P.T.S.A .... JIMMY CAMPBELL, Football, Basketball Mgr., Red Letter Club, Homeroom Officer, P.T.S.A., Fire Brigade, Science Fair .... MIKE CANTY: Transfer to T.H.S., Monitor, Proiec- tion Club, Homeroom Officer, Student Council. MERITA CAPPS: Science Fair, F.H.A., Band Sweetheart Contest, Spanish Club, Jr. Talent Show .... CHRISTINE CARGILE: Homeroom Chaplain, V.-P., Science Fair, F.H.A., Spanish Club, Student Council, V.l.E. Club, Mum Comm., Bear Facts Staff, Jr. Talent Show .... JIMMY CARUTHERS: Science Fair, Baseball, Band, Lyre Club, Mixed Chorus V.-P., French Club. CLAUDIA CHERMOCK: Regular Schedule .... CHAR- LOTTE CHRIST: Greasepainters, Debate Club, Latin Club, Art Club, Jr. Red Cross, B.W. Business Staff, Delta Tri-Hi-Y. . . . CHARLES B. CHRISTIAN: Mixed Chorus Pres., V.-P., All- State Chorus, Latin Club Pres., French Club, Math Club, Black Warrior Hi-Y, Forensic League, Science Club, Jr. Tal- ent Show, Mixed Chorus Ensemble, Freshman Orientation Comm., Inter-Club Council, Float Comm., Fire Brigade, Science Fair. I Slave Over CHARLES M. CHRISTIAN: Band, Lyre Club, Band An- nouncer, All-State Band, Bel Aires, Dixie Dreamers, Merit Scholarship Semi-Finalist, Honor Society, Latin Club, Am- bassador Hi-Y, Bear Facts Photographer, Math Club, Science Club...BOBBY CHRISTIAN: Homeroom Pres., V.-P., Ring Comm., B.W. Favorite, Football, Game Capt., Float Comm., Red Letter Club, Baseball, Track, IOO Mile Club... CHARLENE CLARY: Homeroom Officer, Cheerleader, Pep Squad, F.H.A. Sec., Spanish Club, Jr. Talent Show, Science Fair, Kappa Tri-Hi-Y Sgt.-at-Arms, Office Runner, Monitor, RICKEY CLAWSON: Red Letter Club, Spanish Club, State Champion Relay Swimming Team, Science Fair, Ambassa- dor Hi-Y, Monitor..,ANNE CLEINO: Latin Club, State Pres., French Club V.-P., Student Council, Homeroom V.-P., Mixed Chorus, All-State Orchestra Medal Winner, Grease- painters, Honor Society, French Merit Certificate Winner, Choral Ensemble, Ring Comm., Band Sweetheart Contest, Pep Squad, Jr. Talent Show, Science Fair...CAROL CLEM- ENT: F.H.A., Sigma Tri-Hi-Y, P.T.S.A., Jr. Red Cross, Greasepainters, Monitor. JOHNNY CLEMENTS: Spanish Club, Mechanical Draw- ing Club, Historical Society, Science Fair, Jr. Talent Show, Fire Brigade, Football, Black Warrior Hi-Y, Prom Comm .... MARY CLEMENTS: Girls' Choir, P.T.S.A., Homeroom Chap- lain, Science Fair, Tri-Hi-Y...ELEANOR CLINTON: Student Council, F.T.A,, French Club, Jr. Talent Show, Math Club, P.T.S.A. Recreation Comm. DON COLE: Regular Schedule...RONALD COLLIER: Latin Club, French Club, Dixie Dreamers, Bel Aire Mgr., Band, All-State Band, Lyre Club, Projection Club, Judo Club... KEITH COMER: Fire Brigade, P.T.S.A. SAM CONOWAY: Science Fair, Homeroom Chaplain, Fire Brigade, Pep Squad, Monitor, Art Club, P.T.S.A .... PEGGY COOK: Regular Schedule...SAM COOPER: Bear Facts Staff, Transfer to T.H.S. with Basketball, Jet Club, Golf Team, Annual Staff, School Paper. DAVID CORK: Basketball, Baseball, Band, Homeroom V.-P., Sec., Black Warrior Hi-Y, Science Fair, Football, Am- bassador Hi-Y...DAVID CRAWFORD: V.l.E. Club, Science Fair...EDWARD CRENSHAW: French Club, Float Comm., Bear Facts Staff, Modern Language Dept., Executive Board, Science Fair, Warrior Skin Divers. 158 1 Slide Rules... DOROTHY CROWNOVER: F.H.A .... JAMES DARNELL: Baseball, Basketball, Science Fair, Fire Brigade, Band, Homeroom Pres .... BONNIE DAVIS: Sigma Tri-Hi-Y Sec., Sgt.-at-Arms, Float Comm., Volleyball Team, Spanish Club, Jr. Talent Show, Band, Office Runner, Pep Squad, Home- room Sec. . CLYDE DAVIS: Ambassador Hi-Y, Monitor, Band, P.T.S.A., Science Fair...DIANE DAVIS: B.W. Favorite, Home- coming Maid, Jr. Talent Show, Queen of Hearts Contest, Band Sweetheart Contest, Homeroom V.-P., Sec., Student Council, French Club Historian, Reporter, Art Club, Kappa Tri-Hi-Y, Jr. Red Cross, Key Club Sweetheart, West Ala. Art Show, Honorable Mention, Homecoming Comm .... LESTER DAVIS: Transfer to T.H.S., B.W. Favorite, Student Council, Football, Basketball, Baseball, Track, Science Club, Proiection Club, Red Letter Club, Homeroom V.-P., Pres., Weight Lifting Club, Black Warrior Hi-Y, Jr. Talent Show. JULIE DEAL: Greasepainters, Pep Squad, Latin Club, Mixed Chorus, Band Sweetheart Contest, Choral Ensemble, Homeroom Sec., Chaplain, Beauty Walk, F.T.A. Sec., Treas., Honor Society, Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, Math Club, Science Fair...SANDRA DEBTER: Math Club, Honor Society, F.T.A., Pep Squad, Latin Club, Science Fair, Greasepainters, Alpha Tri-Hi-Y...JOHNNY DEDEAUX: Fire Brigade, V.l.E. Club, Mechanical Drawing Club, Proiection Club, Ring Comm., Science Fair, Homeroom Chaplain. SHIRLEY DICKEY: F.H.A., Science Fair, Spanish Club, F.T.A., P.T.S.A ..... AUBREY DOMINICK: Homeroom Pres., V.-P., Key Club, Football, Black Warrior Hi-Y Treas., Pro- iection Club, Fire Brigade...MARGIE DUNCAN: Beauty Walk, Band Sweetheart '61, Spanish Club, F.H.A., V.l.E, Club, Sigma Tri-Hi-Y, Jr. Red Cross, Homeroom V.-P. SARA DUREN: Student Council, Homeroom Pres., V.-P., Sec., Delta Tri-Hi-Y, Beta Tri-Hi-Y, Alpha Tri-Hi-Y Sec., French Club, Pep Squad, Science Fair, Mixed Chorus, Band, Ring Comm., Invitation Cornm.,'Lyre Club, Hi-Y, Tri- Hi-Y County CounciI...HENRY EARNEST: Regular Schedule ...CHARLES EBERSOLE: Band, P.T.S.A. DOROTHY ECHOLS: Latin Club Pres., Math Club, Jr. Red Cross, French Club, Science Fair, Inter-Club Council, Honor Society, Mixed Chorus, Jr. Talent Show, Historical Society, Volleyball Team...CHARLOTTE EDGEWORTH: Jr. Red Cross, Health Careers Club...HERBERT EDMONDS: Regular Schedule. I 159 Capture How would you like to be followed by the police in unmarked cars for two months? Whether you like the idea or not-it may be happening to youl The Pilot Club of Tuscaloosa presents Safe Driver's Awards throughout the year to high school seniors. Students are checked during the months before the awards are to be mode until a particular boy and girl are selected to receive them. Captain Darnell is pictured here pre- senting awards to Jimmy Caruthers and Mary Frances Fields as Mrs. Arnell Grace, President of the Pilot Club, looks on. Other seniors not pictured who have won the award are Susan Swaim and John Rickett. CRAWFORD EDWARDS "BUDDY": Homeroom Sec., Foot- ball, Game Capt., Baseball, Red Letter Club, Science Fair, Spanish Club, Fire Brigade .... WILLIAM ELLEDGE: Regular Schedule .... CHARLES ESTES: Track, Red Letter Club, Float Comm., Fire Brigade, Science Fair. THOMAS EVANS: V.I.E. Club, Mum Comm., Student Council, Float Comm .... GEORGE FALGOUT: Football, Mixed Chorus, Projection Club, Science Fair, Fire Brigade. . . . MARY FRANCES FIELDS: Band, Beta Tri-Hi-Y, Kappa Tri-Hi-Y, French Club, Student Council, B.W. Business Staff, Beauty Walk, F.T.A., Pep Squad, Student Sec., Jr. Talent Show, Science Fair, Modern Language Dept., Executive Board. GERALDINE FINDLAY "TOPPY": Homeroom Sec., Pres., Beauty Walk, Band, Sr. Homecoming Sponsor, Projection Club Sweetheart, Science Fair, 3rd Place, Honor Society, Spanish Club, Jr. Talent Show .... JAMES FISCHELLI: Foot- ball, Fire Brigade, Science Fair, P.T.S.A .... EDDIE FISHER: V.l.E. Club V.-P., Spanish Club, Fire Brigade, Student Coun- cil, Science Fair, Science Club, Homeroom Pres., Mum Comm. GEORGE FLETCHER: Football, Historical Society, Track, Red Letter Club, Spanish Club, Student Council, Fire Bri- gade, Transfer to T.H.S. with Varsity Club, South Eastern Science Fair, All-State Chorus, Dramatic Club, "Oklahoma," "Carousel," "Anything Goes." . . , ALLEN FOLTS: Science Club, Latin Club, Band, Lyre Club, Hi-Y, Jr. Talent Show, Float Comm., Dixie Dreamers, Bel Aires .... EDDIE FORD: Red Letter Club, Football, Baseball, Track, Latin Club, Sci- ence Fair, Fire Brigade, Homeroom Pres., V.-P. 1601 Safe-Driving Awards ELIZABETH FOREHAND "BEPPY": Student Council Sec., F.H.A. Pres., French Club, Art Club, P.E. Council, Homeroom Pres., Homecoming Queen, Cheerleader, B.W. Favorite, Queen of Hearts, Band Sweetheart Contest, Jr. Talent Show, Pep Squad, Inter-Club Council .... BETTY FORT: Delta Tri- Hi-Y, Girls' Choir, V.I.E. Club, Science Fair, Office Runner. . . . RONNIE FRANKLIN: Red Letter Club, Baseball, Basket- ball, Black Warrior Hi-Y, Fire Brigade, Homeroom V.-P., Science Fair. LINDA FRIDAY: Band Sweetheart Contest, Sigma Tri-Hi-Y, Girls' Choir .... KATHRYN GARNER: Transfer to T.H.S., F.H.A. V.-P., Mixed Chorus, V.l.E. Club .... SARAH JANE GARNER: French Club, Greasepainters, Pep Squad, Mon- itor, Math Club, F.H.A., Bear Facts Staff, Office Runner, Alpha Tri-Hi-Y Sgt.-at-Arms, Homeroom V.-P., Sec., Honor Society. WILLIAM GARRISON: Transfer to T.H.S, with 4-H Club, Science Club, Science Fair, ist Place, Regional Science Fair, Annual Staff Photographer, Boys' State .... JULIETTE GEWIN: Delta Tri-Hi-Y, Sigma Tri-Hi-Y, Pep Squad, F.H.A., Science Fair, Girls' Choir, Art Club .... EDWARD GLENN: Homeroom V.-P., Pres., Black Warrior Hi-Y, French Club, Math Club, Monitor, Science Fair, Honor Society, Jr. Talent Show, Baseball, Red Letter Club, Float Comm., Ring, Invita- tion Comm., Fire Brigade. SUSAN GOODWIN: Transfer to T.H.S .... KAY GRAF- TON: Transfer to T.H.S., B.W. Business Staff, Band Sweet- heart Contest, Kappa Tri-Hi-Y ..,. PAULA GRAY: Honor Society, Latin Club V.-P., F.H.A., Pep Squad, Math Club, Mixed Chorus, Greasepainters, Tri-Hi-Y. DENNY GREEN: Band, Bel Aires, Spanish Club, Math Club, Jr. Talent Show .... JACK GREEN: V.l.E. Club, Foot- ball, Track, Fire Brigade, Lyre Club, Science Fair ..,. MARY GREEN: Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, Spanish Club, Bear Facts Staff, Health Careers Club, Pep Squad, Science Fair, Art Club, P.T.S.A. DONNIE GREENHAW: Golf Team, Proiection Club, Red Letter Club, Fire Brigade, Art Club, Football .... FAYE GRIF- FIN: F.H.A., Health Careers Club, F.T.A., Jr. Red Cross, Science Fair, V.l.E. Club .... JOY GRIGG: French Club, Mixed Chorus, F.T.A. V.-P., Sec., Treas., All-State Chorus, Jr. Talent Show, Beauty Walk, Band Sweetheart Contest- B.W. Business Staff. N611 Reveren ce Red, White , ROBERT GROW: Transfer to T.H.S .... CAROLYN GUTHRIE Student Council, Homeroom Sec., French Club, Frenclr Honor Society, Art Club Sec., B.W. Business Staff, Ring Comm., Student Sec., Jr. Talent Show, Band Sweetheart Contest, Pep Squad, Beta Tri-Hi-Y Historian, Alpha Tri-Hi-Y ...REEDIE GUY: Transfer to T.H.S., Science Club V.-P., Span- ish Club, Math Club, Honor Society, National Merit Semi, Finalist, Band, All-State Band, Bel Aires, Lyre Club, Science Fair, Ring Comm. JOEL GUYER: Track, P.T.S.A., Fire Brigade, Science Fair, Monitor...RANDY HAILEY: Jr. Talent Show, Science Fair, Fire Brigade, P.T.S.A .... JERRY HALLMAN: Science Fair Fire Brigade, P.T.S.A. THOMAS HAMBY: Science Fair, P.T.S.A., Fire Brigade.. ALICE HAMILTON: Band Sweetheart, '62, Mixed Chorus Invitation Comm., Girls' State, Pep Squad, Spanish Clul Photographer, Beta Tri-Hi-Y V.-P., Alpha Tri-Hi-Y V.-P. Hi-Y, Tri-Hi-Y County Council Chaplain, National Hi-Y Con gress, National Hi-Y Council, Youth Legislature, Jr. Talen Show, Science Fair, Homeroom Chaplain, Bel Aire Trio.. RICHARD HAMNER: Band Pres., Mgr., Lyre Club, All-State Band, U.A. Orchestra Soloist, Band, Math Club, Scienci Club Pres., Latin Club State Chaplain, Student Council Homeroom Pres., Honor Society, Science Fair, Ist Place Key Club V.-P., Bel Aires, Jr. Class Pres., Sophomore Freshman Class V.-P., Ring Comm., A.l.A. Convention. JAMES HANKINS: Band, Mechanical Drawing Club, Lyr- Club, Science Fair, Fire Brigade...LARRY HANSFORD: Prc iection Club, Science Fair, Fire Brigade, Football, Pei Squad, P.T.S.A .... DAVID HARDEN: Math Club, Latin Clulc Ambassador Hi-Y, Lyre Club, Baseball, Student Counci Homeroom Pres., V.-P., IOO Mile Club, Red Letter Cluk Science Fair, Band, Mixed Chorus, All-State Chorus, SL perior Quartet, Proiection Club, Ring Comm., Track. HARRY HARING "CHlP": Art Club, Spanish Club, Scienc Fair, Fire Brigade, Projection Club, Homeroom V.-P .... TERR' HARLESS: Band Sweetheart Contest, Homeroom V.-P., Pres Chaplain, F.H.A., Math Club, Spanish Club, Monitor, Ji Red Cross, Health Careers Club, BW. Business Statt. VICKI HARLESS: Homeroom Sec., Chaplain, Science Faii F.H.A., Student Sec. JOHNNY HARRIS, IOO Mile Club, Track, Football, Base ball, Red Letter Club, Black Warrior Hi-Y Chaplain, Home room V.-P., Sec., Latin Club, Fire Brigade, Student Counci Projection Club, Science Fair, Historical Society, Ring Comn ...SUE HARTLEY: French Club, French Honor Society Treas Science Fair, F.H.A., Sigma Tri-Hi-Y, Pep Squad...WILLIAI HARTLEY: Science Fair, Homeroom V.-P., Baseball, Fir Brigade, Historical Society, Monitor, Black Warrior Hi-Y. and Blue... The teenager today is regarded by many people as a vain complacent weak- ling: a sort of parasite satisfied with the status quo and content to cor: along on the labor of the former generation. Noth- ing could be farther from the truth than this false impression engendered by the minority and applied to the whole. Young people in the "New Frontier" are forced to maturity and responsibility earlier than those of the past few decades, iust as youths on the old frontier were. However, today the news media and the widespread system of communications rather than back breaking labor and rigorous physical hardship bring a young person to awareness of a world trembling before a constant peril and suffering from disease or want. Many teenagers have risen to the occasion giving generously of their time and labor in order to pull their own weight in society. They serve on many worthwhile proiects in the com- munify of The some time gaining Valuable Preparing to raise the United States flag are Eddie Glenn Richard Summer experience in Working with Their fellow ville and Sarah Jane Garner members of the National Honor Society mon. This is one of the many services the Honor Society provides T H S BETTY HAYES: Latin Club, Latin Medal, F.T.A., Science Club Sec., Treas., French Club Treas., French Honor So- ciety, Math Club, Honor Society, Homeroom Pres., State Mythology Contest Winner, National Merit Scholarship Semi-Finalist, Editor, i962 BLACK WARRIOR, Ring Comm., A.l.A. Convention .... DOUGLAS HAYWORTH: Regular Schedule .... JAMES HEAD: Football, Track, Mixed Chorus, Fire Brigade, Red Letter Club, Black Warrior Hi-Y, Warrior Skin Divers, Projection Club, Student Council, Science Fair, Class Floats Comm., Jr. Talent Show, TOO Mile Club. ALLEN HEARD: V.l.E. Club, Science Club, Fire Brigade . . . HENRY HERMAN: Black Warrior Hi-Y, Student Council, Homeroom V.-P., Mixed Chorus Pres., Librarian, Projection Club, Historical Society, Fire Brigade, Pep Squad, Inter- Club Council, Science Fair, Jr. Talent Show .... THOMAS HERNDON: Honor Society, Transfer to T.H.S. with Masque and Gavel Club, Class Pres., Latin Club, Student Council, Football, Baseball, Letterman's Club, Tennis. JAMES HERRING: Football, Baseball .... FAYE HESTER: Science Fair, Girls' Choir, Pep Squad, Volleyball Team, B.W. Business Staff, P.T.S.A .... ANN HEWlTT: Honor Society V.-P., Beta Tri-Hi-Y, Science Club, Math Club, Stu- dent Council, Inter-Club Council, Girls' Choir, Mixed Chorus, French Club Pres., Sec., French Honor Society, Modern Language Dept., Executive Board, A.l.A. Convention, Re- gional Science Fair, Flag Custodian. T 163 Solve Pro blems JOE HIGGINBOTHAM: Band, Spanish Club, Homeroom V.-P., Sec., Proiection Club, Fire Brigade, Black Warrior Hi-Y, Pep Squad, Jr. Talent Show...EDDIE HINTON: Foot' ball, Basketball, Baseball Mgr., Mixed Chorus, Science Fair, Jr. Talent Show, Red Letter Club, Protection Club...LARRY HINTON: Science Fair, P.T.S.A., Fire Brigade, Jr. Talent Show. MARY GEORGE HINTON: Homeroom V.-P., Sec., F.H.A. Pres., Spanish Club, Jr. Red Cross, Student Council, Science Fair, Pep Squad, Jr. Talent Show, Float Comm., Beauty Walk, Office Runner...TOM HOCKER: Transfer to T.H.S., Forensic League Pres., Science Club Treas., Math Club, Latin Club, Honor Society, Inter-Club Council, National Merit Semi-Finalist, Ring Comm., A.l.A. Convention...BER- NICE HOCUTT: V.l.E. Club, Sigma Tri-Hi-Y, Pep Squad, Volleyball Team, Science Fair, Homeroom Sec., B. W. Bus- iness Staff, Mum Comm., Jr. Red Cross, F.H.A., Jr. Talent Show, Miss V.I.E. Contest. CHERYL HODGES: Art Club, Art Assistant...LOUISE HODO: Sigma Tri-Hi-Y, Spanish Club, Bear Facts Staff, B.W. Business Staff, Health Careers Club, Science Fair, Pep Squad, Greasepainters...ROBERT HOGGLE: Regular Sched- ule. BILLY HOGUE: Projection Club, Football, Baseball, Science Fair, Basketball, Fire Brigade, Volleyball Team... JOHN HOLADAY: State Art Club Pres., Math Club, French Club, Science Club, Latin Club Historian, Homeroom Pres., Student Council, Key Club...JAMES HOLLINGSWORTH: V.l.E. Club, Football, Fire Brigade, Science Fair, Proiection Club, Homeroom V.-P. ANITA HOLMES: Tri-Hi-Y, F.H.A., Health Careers Club, P.T.S.A., Jr. Red Cross, Homeroom Chaplain...KATHY HOPKINS: Transfer to T.H.S., Band, Volleyball Team, Math Club, Health Careers Club, Jr. Red Cross...ERNIE HOUCK: Basketball, Red Letter Club, Spanish Club, Math Club, Stu- dent Council, Ambassador Hi-Y, Homeroom V.-P., Baseball Capt., Fire Brigade. SHIRLEY HOWARD: Pep Squad, Mum Comm., V.l.E. Club, P.T.S.A., Jr. Red Cross...CATHY HOWELL: Transfer to T.H.S., Pep Squad, Sigma Tri-Hi-Y, French Club...MIKE HOWINGTON: Latin Club, Forensic League, Honor Society, Math Club, Fire Brigade, Homeroom Pres. lI641 0 Democracy... HILBURN HOYLE: Football, Basketball, V,l.E. Club, Science Fair, Fire Brigade...NORRIS HUGHES: Science Fair, Volleyball Team, Football, Basketball, Fire Brigade... SCOTTY HUGHES: Football, Game Capt., Track, Baseball, Red Letter Club, Jr. Talent Show, Fire Brigade, Student Council, B. W. Favorite, IOO Mile Club, "Mr, Sophomore", Science Fair, Projection Club, Homeroom Pres. BILLY HULGAN: V.l.E. Club, State Contest Winner... JEFF HOUSTON: Transfer to T.H.S .... SUSAN JACKSON: Honor Society, Band Sweetheart Contest, Spanish Club, Regional Science Fair, Student Council, Sigma Tri-Hi-Y Pres., Youth Legislature, Math Club, Hi-Y, Tri-Hi-Y County Council, Homeroom Sec., Chaplain, Hi-Y Inter-Club Coun- cil, Beauty Walk, "Hi-Y'er ot the Month", Senior Editor, T962 BLACK WARRIOR, Jr. Talent Show, Spanish Assistant. CHARLES JACOBS: Regular Schedule...SARAH JAGLO- WICZ: Transfer to T.H.S., F.H.A .... GINGER JAMES: Maior- ette, Jr. Red Cross, Student Council, Homeroom Sec., Chap- lain, Jr. Talent Show, Science Fair, Beauty Walk, Sigma Tri-Hi-Y. MARY JO JERNIGAN: Beta Tri-Hi-Y Sec., Homeroom Chaplain, Student Council, Pep Squad Pres., Spanish Club Pres., Alpha Tri-Hi-Y Chaplain, Volleyball Team, Math Club, Latin Club, Jr. Talent Show, Prom Comm., Inter-Club Council, State Hi-Y Council, Youth Legislature, National Hi-Y Congress, Hi-Y, Tri-Hi-Y County Council Pres., V.-P., Science Fair, Grade Editor, T962 BLACK WARRIOR, "Hi-Y'er of the Month"...JOHNNY JOHNS: Regular Schedule... BARBARA JOHNSON: Science Fair, F.H.A., Monitor. JO ANN JOHNSON: Transfer to T.H.S., F.H.A .... LINDA JOHNSON: F.H.A., Pep Squad, P.T.S.A .... MIKE JOHNSON: Projection Club V.-P., Fire Brigade, Art Club, Homeroom V.-P., Jr. Talent Show, Science Fair, Volleyball Team. JAMES ROBERT JOHNSON: Band, Homeroom V.-P,, Student CounciI...ROBERT JOHNSON: Ambassador Hi-Y Pres., V.-P., Chaplain, Swimming Team, National Hi-Y Con- gress, State, District Hi-Y V.-P., Bear Facts Sports Editor, Homeroom V.-P., Black Warrior Hi-Y Pres., Youth Legisla- ture...LOUISE JONES: Spanish Club, Science Fair, F.H.A., Sigma Tri-Hi,Y Treas., Hi-Y, Tri-Hi-Y County Council, Math Club, Ottice Runner, Jr. Talent Show, Float Comm., Home- room Chaplain. N651 Help Bama During the University of Alabama home games this year, the Key Club of T.H.S., in co-operation with the Tuscaloosa Chamber of Commerce, provided a shuttlebus service between the T.H.S. parking lot and the Denny stadium. This service helped reduce greatly the traffic around the stadium both before and after the football games. The club hired a number of buses, depending upon the importance of the games. Each car of people paid one dollar for the parking of the car and transportation to the game. The service was so profit- able this year that the club hopes to continue it next year and the years to come. Escorting fans to the bus in the picture are John Holaday, Aubrey Domi- nick, and Roger Williams. MARIE JONES: Jr. Red Cross, Pep Squad .... ROGER JONES: Band .... BILLY JORDAN: Swimming Team, Am- bassador Hi-Y, Science Fair. JOE JORDAN: Proiectlon Club .... FRANK JOYNER: Ambassador Hi-Y Chaplain, Baseball, Red Letter Club .... FRED KELLER: Transfer to T.H.S., Talent Festival. ELAINE KELLEY: Pep Squad, Guidance Assistant, F.l'i.A., Science Fair .... JAMES KELTON: Football, Fire Brigade, Projection Club, Historical Society, Science Fair, Jr. Talent Show, Homeroom Chaplain .... CHERRY KENDRICK: Majorette, Cheerleader, Business Manager, I962 BLACK WARRIOR, Student Council, Spanish Club, Library Stott, Kappa Tri-Hi-Y Sec., Beauty Walk, Bear Facts Stott, Jr. Talent Show, French Club. NANCY KETCHUM, Transfer to T.H.S., Pep Squad, Health Careers Club, Science Fair, P.T.S.A., I-Iomeroom Chaplain. . . . JAMES KINCAID: Office Runner, Track, Ambassador Hi-Y, Math Club, P.T.S.A .... BARBARA BANKS KNIGHT: Greasepainters, Jr. Talent Show, Girls' Choir, Homeroom V.-P., Chaplain, Black Warrior Business Staff, Science Fair, Office Runner, Jr. Red Cross, Student Council. 1661 Fans Board Bus... GLENDA LA GRONE: Greasepainters, Math Club, Honor Society, F.T.A., Spanish Club, B.W. Business Staff, Debate Club, Science Fair, Health Careers Club...ARTHUR LAKE: V.I.E. Club Treas., Homeroom V.-P., Fire Brigade, Mum Comm., Ring Comm .... JANE LAKE: V.I.E. Club, F.H.A., Pep Squad. ROBERT LAKE: Science Fair, Historical Society, Proiection Club, Monitor, P.T.S.A .... CHARLOTTE LAMB: Spanish Club, Sigma Tri-Hi-Y V.-P., Science Fair, Pep Squad, Jr. Talent Show, Bear Facts Staff, Monitor, Float Comm .... PHIL LAMO- REAUX: Key Club, Ambassador Hi-Y, Black Warrior Hi-Y V.-P., French Club, Transfer to T.H.S. with Baseball, Chess Club. JOYCE LANCASTER: Transfer to T.H.S., Pep Squad, F.H.A., P.T.S.A .... RONNIE LATHAM: Band Mgr., French Club, Regional Science Fair Winner, All-State Band, Math Club...JEANETTE LAWRENCE: F.T.A., Jr. Red Cross, P.T.S.A., Pep Squad. MARILYN LEE: V.l.E. Club, F.H.A .... LOUIE LEWIS: V.l.E. Club, Science Fair, Lyre Club, Homeroom V.-P., Chaplain, Mum Comm., Fire Brigade...LOUISE LEWIS: Freshman Ori- entation Comm., Mixed Chorus, Debate Club, Pep Squad, Greasepainters, Sigma Tri-Hi-Y, B.W. Business Staff, V.I.E. Club Reporter, West Central Dist. Sec., State Sec., Mum Comm., Lyre Club, Ring Comm., County, City Fire Preven- tion Theme Winner, "Miss V.I.E. of the Month", Miss V.I.E. Contest. CAMILLA LIVINGSTON: Transfer to T.H.S., Latin Club, French Club, F.H.A., Homeroom Sec., Monitor, Float Comm., P.T.S.A .... DANNY LIVINGSTON: Science Fair, P.T.S.A .... JUDI LOLLAR: Transfer to T.H.S., Greasepainters, Jr. Talent Show, Pep Squad, F.H.A., Jr. Red Cross. ANN LORD: Regular Schedule...JAY LORD: Key Club Chaplain, Spanish Club V.-P., Math Club, Black Warrior Hi-Y, Student Council, Greasepainters, Monitor, Homeroom Pres., Tennis, Fire Brigade, Float Comm .... JUDY LOGAN: Pep Squad, Jr. Talent Show, Volleyball Team, Sigma Tri-Hi-Y, Science Fair, lI67l Marvel at BILLY MANDERSON: Student Council, Homeroom Pres., V.-P., Football, Key Club, Golt Team, Red Letter Club, Ring Comm., Honor Society, Health Careers Club, Black War- rior Hi-Y...CLEMENTlNE MARCUM: Monitor, F.H.A., P.T.S.A. ...MITZI MARSH: Band, Lyre Club, Regional Science Fair, Science Club, Math Club, French Club, Homeroom Sec., Treas., Chaplain, Pep Squad, Jr. Red Cross, Jr. Talent Show. NELLIE MARTIN: Regular ScheduIe...REBA MASSEY: F.H.A., Homeroom Chaplain, Science Fair, Volleyball Team, P.T.S.A., Jr. Red Cross, Monitor...ROBERT MATHIS: Transfer to T.H.S., Historical Society, Judo Club V.-P., Instructor, State Judo Champion, Southeastern, South Atlantic, Southern Judo Tournament, Judo Brown Belt, French Club, Lab Assistant, Fire Brigade, Science Fair. DIANA MATTHEWS: F.H.A., P.T.S.A .... GARY MATTISON: Football, Game Capt., Track, Baseball, Red Letter Club, Fire Brigade, Black Warrior Hi-Y, Student Council, Home- room V.-P., Pres., IOO Mile Club, Jr. Red Cross, Judo Team, Jr. Talent Show, Science Fair, Monitor...ROSEMARY MAY: Pep Squad, Science Fair, Greasepainters, Jr. Red Cross, F.T.A., Volleyball Team. DENNIS MCCLENNY: Regular Schedule...JERRY Mc- CLURE: Football, Game Capt., Track, Red Letter Club, Fire Brigade, Black Warrior Hi-Y, Student Council, Homeroom Chaplain, V.-P., IOO Mile Club, Judo Team, Jr. Red Cross, Science Fair, Jr. Talent Show, Projection Club...CAROL Mc- CRACKEN: Beauty Walk, Lyre Club, Band Librarian, Asst. Librarian, Science Fair, Student Council, Sigma Tri-Hi-Y, Homeroom V.-P., Treas., Sec., Chaplain, Pep Squad, Span- ish Club, Jr. Talent Show. SUE MCCRACKEN: Pep Squad, Greasepainters "Sparkin," "Three's a Crowd", Science Fair, Jr. Red Cross, Math Club, B. W. Business Staff, F.T.A., Volleyball Team, Historical Society...BlLL MCCRORY: Student Council, Homeroom Pres., V.-P., Jr. Talent Show, Football, Track, Ambassador Hi-Y, Ring Comm., Science Fair, Black Warrior Hi-Y, IOO Mile Club...ROBIN MCCRORY: French Club V.-P., Pep Squad Reporter, Beta Tri-Hi-Y Reporter, Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, French Honor Society, Math Club, Honor Society, Homeroom Pres., Treas., Ring, Invitation Comm., Lib. Statt, F.H.A., A.I.A. Convention, Student Council, Jr. Talent Show, Band Sweetheart Contest, Homecoming Capt. Sponsor, B. W. Business Statt, Beauty Walk. BETTY MCDANIEL: Regular Schedule...MARY ANN Mc- DANIEL: Maiorette, 2nd Place Ala. Contest, Homecoming Maid, Historical Society Pres., Homeroom Sec., Treas., Chaplain, B'ham News Oratorical Contest, 2nd Place, Regional Science Fair, 3rd Place, Student Council, B. W. Business Statt, Beta Tri-Hi-Y, Youth Legislature, Beauty Walk, Greasepainters, Debate Club, Spanish Club, F.T.A., A.l.A. Convention, Guidance Assistant, Math Club, Jr. Red Cross Pres., Honor Society Chaplain...ROBERT MCDANIEL: V.I.E., Fire Brigade, Science Fair. lI68l Macbeth... CHARLOTTE MCEACHIN: Greasepainters, "The Whole Town's Talking", Forensic League, Sigma Tri-Hi-Y Chaplain, Student Council, Jr. Talent Show, F.T.A., Mixed Chorus, Jr. Red Cross, Spanish Club, French Club...GLENNICE Mc- NEILL: French Club, Cheerleader, F.H.A., Homeroom V.-P., Sec., Chaplain, Beauty Walk, Student Council, B. W. Fa- vorite, F.T.A., Kappa Tri-Hi-Y Treas., Jr. Talent Show, Home- coming Comm., Jr. Red Cross, B. W. Business Staff, Office Runner...ED MCTYRE: Honor Society, Spanish Club, Math Club V.-P. DONALD MEDDERS: Student Council, Art Club, Home- room Treas., Sec .... MARTHA MIDDENDORF: F.T.A., Art Club, Transfer to T.H.S. with 4-H Club V.-P., Mixed Chorus, Jr. Achievement Sec., Treas., Miss Jr. Achievement, Girls' Chorus, Girls' Quartet, Student Council Reporter, French Club, F.H.A., Beauty Walk, School Annual Picture Editor, Band...DON MILES: Black Warrior Hi-Y Sec., Treas., Home- room V.-P., Jr. Talent Show, Track, Spanish Club, P.T.S.A. BILL MINGES: Band, Lyre Club, Track, Red Letter Club, Homeroom V.-P., All-State Band, IOO Mile Club, Proiection Club, Fire Brigade, Science Fair, Transfer to T.H.S. with Track, Football, "C" Club, Choir, S.A.C., Basketball... SUSAN MIZE: Latin Club, Beauty Walk, Office Runner, Kappa Tri-Hi-Y Pres., Sec., Treas., Hi-Y lnter-Club Council Sec., Homeroom V.-P., Jr. Talent Show, Bear Facts Staff, Sports Editor, I962 BLACK WARRIOR, Jr. Red Cross, Ring, Invitation Comm., Youth Legislature, Band Sweetheart Con- test, Senior Homecoming Sponsor...HENRY MORRIS: Science Fair, Fire Brigade, Homeroom Chaplain, V.I.E. Club. SUSIE MORGAN: V.l.E. Club, Pep Squad, Homeroom Chaplain, Sec .... DON MURRELL: Transfer to T.H.S .... JOHN MURRELL: Transfer to T.H.S. SUSAN NEALE: Art Club, Math Club, French Club, Latin Club, Homeroom Sec., Homecoming Dance Comm., Prom Comm., Jr. Talent Show Decoration Comm .... HELEN NEL- SON: Transfer to T.H.S., Beauty Walk, Kappa Tri-Hi-Y Chaplain, P.T.S.A .... CECILIA NEVIN, Sigma Tri-Hi-Y, V.l.E. Club Reporter, Mum Comm., Homeroom Chaplain, Bear Facts Staff. ANNE NICHOLS: French Club, Girls' Choir, Mixed Cho- rus, F.T.A., Honor Society Sec., Treas., B.W. Business Staff, Jr. Talent Show, Pep Squad, Jr. Red Cross, Homeroom Chaplain, Student Council, A.l.A. Convention, Band Sweet- heart Contest, Science Fair, Math Club, French Honor So- ciety, Beta Tri-Hi-Y, Historical Society...TOMMY NICOL: Key Club Board Member, V.-P., Pres., District Key Club Sec., Treas,, Sr. Class V.-P., T.A,P. County Chairman, Homeroom Pres., V.-P., Student Council, Golf Team, Basketball, Black Warrior Hi-Y, B.W. Favorite, Homecoming Comm., Prom Comm., Mixed Chorus, All-State Chorus...GROVER NILES: Transfer to T.H.S. with German Club, Ski Club, Swimming Club, Football, Gymnastic Club, Guilding Comm. Ii69I Scan MICHAEL NIX: V.I.E. Club, Fire Brigade... PATTY NOT- TINGHAM: B.W. Business Staff, Sigma Tri-Hi-Y, Health Careers Club, Homeroom V.-P., Science Fair, Pep Squad, Spanish Club, Greasepainters...MARJORIE NUCKOLS: Math Club, Girls' Choir, P.T.S.A. TOMMY NUCKOLS: Football, Track, Swimming, Ambas- sador Hi-Y, Homeroom V.-P., Student Council, Projection Club, Fire Brigade...LAURA O'BRYANT: Jr. Red Cross, V.l.E. Club, lvlum Comm., Homeroom V.-P., Student Council... STELLA OLSON: Homeroom V.-P., Chaplain, Science Fair, Debate Club, Sigma Tri-Hi-Y Sgt.-at-Arms, Sec., Pres., Beauty Walk, F.T.A., Hi-Y Inter-Club Council, Volleyball Team, Spanish Club Historian, Bear Facts Staff, Youth Leg- islature, Pep Squad. CHARLES ORR: Basketball, Student Council, French Club Sgt.-at-Arms, Science Fair, Homeroom Pres .... JUDY OS- BORN: V.l.E. Club, F.H.A., Student Council...ANNE OVER- ALL: Band, Lyre Club, Spanish Club, Sigma Tri-Hi-Y, Youth Legislature, Health Careers Club, Math Club, Science Fair Winner, Greasepainters. MARILYN PALMER: Math Club, Homeroom Chaplain, Jr. Talent Show, Office Runner, F.T.A., French Club, Band, Lyre Club, All-State Band...CYNTHIA PARK: F.H.A., Span- ish Club, Beauty Walk, Jr. Sweetheart, Kappa Tri-Hi-Y, Homeroom V.-P., Band Sweetheart Contest, B. W. Business Statt..,TIM PARKER: Key Club Board Member, Student Council, Homeroom Pres., V.-P., Sec., Spanish Club, Bas- ketball, Football, Tennis, Track, Red Letter Club, Boys' State, T.A.P. Advisor, Warrior Skin Divers, Ambassador Hi-Y, Ring Comm., Freshman Orientation Comm., Band. MARGARET PARTLOW: Honor Society, Class Sec., Miss Citizenship, Jr. Talent Show, Latin Club, State Sec., As- sociate Editor, I962 BLACK WARRIOR, Math Club, Home- room Sec., Cheerleader, B. W. Favorite, Student Council, Beauty Walk, French Club, Art Club...JESSICA PATTER- SON: Honor Society, Math Club, Latin Club, French Club Chaplain, Historical Society, Jr. Red Cross...JACK PEEKS: Greasepainters, "The Christmas Carol," "Sparkin." CHARLES PERKINS: V.l.E. Club, Mum Comm., Band... REESE PHIFER: Homeroom Chaplain, Math Club, Science Fair, Fire Brigade, P.T.S.A., Science Club, Football... BEVERLY PHILLIPS: F.H.A., P.T.S.A. F1701 Skies... The Tuscaloosa Squadron ot the Civil Air Patrol, ot which several high school students are members, was commissioned in the early titties. At one time it was the number two squadron in the nation in size and etliciency. This year the squadron participated in practice search missions and sent cadets to Maxwell Air Force Base for a summer encampment where they received a week of military living, flying jets and attending classes on the study ot rockets and weap- ons. ln December the squadron received a Unit Cita- tion trom national headquarters tor work on their new building. This squadron is one at the best in the Alabama wing. i " 4 Fi N fi 1' U Edward Crenshaw, a member of the Cadet Squadron of the Civil Air Patrol, ioins in youths' preparedness to preserve our nation's security. JO ANN PHILLIPS: Student Council, Homeroom Sec., Chaplain, F.H.A., Science Fair .... ROSS PHILLIPS: Band, P.T.S.A .... DONNA PIERCE: Transfer to T.H.S., Health Careers Club V.-P., French Club, Pep Squad, F.H.A., OFHce Runner, Girls' Choir, Science Fair, Beauty Walk. BOBBY PORTER: Football, Game Capt., Track, Baseball, Projection Club, Red Letter Club, State "Back of the Week", Homeroom Pres., V.-P., Chaplain, Student Council, Jr. Talent Show, B.W. Favorite, Swimming, Homecoming Comm., All- State Football, Honorable Mention .... MARGARET POW: Latin Club, French Club, Science Club, F.H.A., Math Club, Jr. Red Cross, Lib. Stott, Bear Facts Stott, B.W. Business Stott .... JANE PRICE: Homeroom V.-P., Sec., Treas., Sigma Tri-Hi-Y Treas., V.-P., Historian, Reporter, F.H.A. V+P., Par- liamentarian, Spanish Club, Pep Squad, Jr. Red Cross, Student Council, Jr. Talent Show, Youth Legislature, OFFice Runner, Science Fair. BARBARA PRINCE: F.H.A., Mum Comm., V.I.E. Club .... BETTY PRITCHETT: F.H.A., Greasepainters, Forensic League Sec., Student Council, Youth Legislature, Honor Society, Pep Squad, French Honor Society, B.W. Business Staff, Jr. Talent Show, French Club, Math Club, Inter-Club Council, Jr. Red Cross, Sigma Tri-Hi-Y Sec., V.-P., Lib. Stott. . . . KATIE LOU PRITCHETT: Head Cheerleader, Honor Society, Latin Club, Math Club, French Club, Pep Squad, B.W. Favorite, Beauty Walk, Ring, Invitation Comm., Homecom- ing Capt. Sponsor, Homeroom Pres., V.-P., Sec., Jr. Talent Show, Jr. Red Cross, Homecoming Comm. li7I1 Hos ted by Juniors RALPH QUARLES: Student Council Pres., Football, Red Letter Club, Basketball, Baseball, Spanish Club...MAHASKA RAINEY: Cheerleader, French Club, F.H.A., Kappa Tri-Hi-Y V.-P., Pep Squad, Homeroom Officer, Student Council, Jr. Talent Show...SUE RAMSEY: V.l.E. Club, F.H.A., Science Fair, Pep Squad, Mum Comm. HOWELL RANKIN: Key Club, Ambassador Hi-Y, Swim- ming, Basketball, Science Fair, P.T.S.A ..., CHARLES RAY: V.I.E. Club...CHARLES REACH: Math Club, Band, Fire Brig- ade, P.T.S.A., Mechanical Drawing Club. RONALD REED: Band, Math Club, P.T.S.A., Float Comm. ...RICHARD REEVES: Science Club, Art Club, Prom Comm., Jr. Talent Show Comm., Homecoming Comm., Science Fair ...ALFRED RICE: V.l.E. Club. JEWEL RICHARDSON: Regular Schedule...JOHN RICK- ETT: Homeroom Pres., Jr. Talent Show, Football, Game Capt., Baseball, Basketball, Black Warrior Hi-Y V.-P., Pilot Club Driving Contest Winner, Science Fair, Red Letter Club, Fire Brigade, All-County Football, Honorable Men- tion All-State FootbaII...LYN RIDEN: Head Cheerleader, Student Council, Pep Squad, Spanish Club, Homeroom Pres., V.-P., F.H.A., Student Sec., Science Fair, Jr. Talent Show, Jr. Red Cross, Tri-I-li-Y. NANCY ROBERSON: Forensic League V.-P., Howard Tournament 3rd Place, State Extemporaneous Speaking Winner, Business Manager, I96I BLACK WARRIOR, Math Club, Honor Society, National Merit Semi-finalist, F.T.A., Latin Club, Science Club, Greasepainters Treas, Pep Squad, Guidance Assistant, Delta Tri-Hi-Y...ANNE ROBERTS: Latin Club, Sigma Tri-Hi-Y Pres., V.-P., Homeroom Sec., F.T.A., Pep Squad, Inter-Club Council, Bear Facts Staff Reporter, Corresponding Editor, B. W. Business Staff, P.E. Council, Jr. Red Cross, Science Fair, Youth Legislature...JAMES ROBERTSON: Science Fair, Ambassador Hi-Y, Proiection Club, Fire Brigade, Monitor, P.T.S.A. SUSAN ROSE: French Club Pres., State French Club Fed- eration Pres., Miss T.H.S., I96I, Homecoming Team Spon- sor, French Club Mademoiselle, Modern Language Dept., Executive Board, All-Star Sponsor, Mixed Chorus, Inter- Club Council, Jr. Talent Show...BILLY RUCKER: Football, Track, Red Letter Club, Baseball...SHARON SCHEMBS: De- bate Club Sec., Science Club, Greasepainters, B. W. Busi- ness Staff, F.T.A., Latin Club, Monitor, Office Runner, Pep Squad, Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, Jr. Talent Show, Science Fair. II72:I at Annual Prom... JOE SCHMITT: Homeroom Pres., Ambassador Hi-Y, Bas- ketball, Mechanical Drawing Club, Art Club, Pep Squad, Football, Float Comm., Prom Comm., Jr. Talent Show, Science Club, Fire Brigade, Jr. Red Cross, Historical So- ciety, Swimming...WAYNE SHAFFER: Sophomore, Freshman Class Pres., Student Council V.-P., B.W. Favorite, Red Book Comm., P.E. Council, Inter-Club Council Pres., Math Club, French Club, Key Club Sec., Treas., Homeroom Pres., P.T.S.A. 3rd V.-P., Recreation Comm., Honor Society Pres., Mixed Chorus, Boys' State, Historical Society Sgt.-at-Arms, Science Fair, A.I.A. Convention, Jr. Talent Show...BEN ANN SHELTON: Girls' Chorus, Transfer to T.H.S. with Concert Chorus, F.H.A., Basketball Team, Glee Club, Office As- sistant. RUDY SHURETT: Latin Club, French Club, Homeroom V.-P., Sec., Chaplain, F.H.A. V.-P., Jr. Talent Show, Kappa Tri-Hi-Y Sgt.-at-Arms, Student Sec., Pep Squad, Science Fair, Jr. Red Cross...ELAINE SKELTON: V.I.E. Club, Choral Music...SCOTT SKELTON: V.l.E. Club Pres., Homeroom Pres., Fire Brigade, Ring Comm., Mum Comm. BEVERLY SLAYTON: V.I.E. CIub...JEAN SMATHERS: V.I.E. Club...ANDREW SMITH: Band, Proiection Club, P.E. Council, Bel Aires. ANN SMITH: V.I.E. Club, Office Runner...BOYD SMITH: Art Club Pres., National Scholastic Art Award Winner, Homeroom V.-P., Red Book Artist...CYNTHIA SMITH: F.H.A., Beta Tri-Hi-Y, Alpha Tri'Hi-Y, Youth Legislature, Pep Squad, Latin Club, Homeroom Sec., Health Careers Club, Office Runner, Jr. Talent Show, Prom Comm., B. W. Business Staff, National Hi-Y Congress, Band Sweetheart Contest, Science Fair. MARCELINE SMITH: Homeroom Sec., Jr. Red Cross, Spanish Club, F.H.A. Pres., Science Fair...MICKEY SMITH: Band, Homeroom Pres., Mechanical Drawing Club, P.T.S.A., Ambassador Hi-Y, Monitor, Fire Brigade, Historical So- ciety...SHANNON SMITH: V.l.E. Club, Science Fair, Fire Brigade, Homeroom V.-P. MARY ANN SNIDER: V.I.E. Club, Art Club, Science Fair, Jr. Red Cross, Mum Comm., Homeroom Chaplain, F.H.A., Pep Squad, Tri-Hi-Y,..SHARON SPENCE, Transfer to T.H.S., F.T.A., Greasepciinters, Sigma Tri-Hi-Y, Youth Legislature, Jr. Talent Show, French Club, V.I.E. Club, Mum Comm., Pep Squad, Girls' Choir, BW. Business Staff, Miss V.I.E. Contest...LENDlE SPRINGFIELD: Football. I 173 Peddle Parched Peanuts... More than one hundred T.H.S. stu- dents have sold peanuts for the benefit of Partlow State School dur- ing Mentally Retarded Week in Alabama. Seniors Terry Brown and Carolyn Guthrie are pictured here as they make a sale to one of our local citizens. Profits from the sale, supervised locally by the Tuscaloosa Civitan Club, will go to aid the mentally retarded. GEORGE STABLER: Band, Transfer to T.H.S. with All-State Band, Beta Club, Annual Staff, Baseball, Basketball, School Paper Staff .... LARRY STALLINGS: Student Council, Home- room V.-P., Chaplain, Projection Club, Basketball, Monitor, Science Club, Fire Brigade .... HENRY STANDRIDGE: Mixed Chorus, All-State Chorus, T.H.S. Trio, Baseball, Basketball, Homeroom V.-P., Historical Society, Fire Brigade, Judo Team. CHARLES STAPP "CHUCK": Homeroom V.-P., Football. . . . BETTYE STEELE: Pep Squad, F.H.A., Jr. Red Cross. . . . SHELIA STEPHENS: V.l.E. Club, Lib. Staff, Band, Jr. Red Cross, Pep Squad. BRENDA STEWART: Band, Beauty Walk, B.W. Business Staff, Health Careers Club, Science Fair, Oltice Runner, Pep Squad, Sigma Tri-Hi-Y .... SUZANNE STILL: Student Coun- cil, Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, Beta Tri-Hi-Y Treas., Latin Club, Mixed Chorus Sec., Lib., Science Fair, Pep Squad, Jr. Talent Show, All-State Chorus, Jr. Red Cross, Hi-Y, Tri-Hi-Y County Coun- cil Sec., Band Sweetheart Contest, Youth Legislature, Honor Society, Volleyball Team .... LOUISE STONE: F.H.A., Homeroom Sec., Treas., V.l.E. Club District Treas. 1741 Trick or Treat for UNICEF "Trick or Treat" is the annual cry on October 3'Ist, yet this year our seniors collected money inste-ad of treats 'for UNICEF lUnited Nations International Childrens' Emergency Fundl. This campaign was sponsored by our local UCYM, Unit- ed Christian Youth Move- ment. T.H.S. students met at local churches and di- vided into groups to cover their district. The money gained for this cause was over eight hundred dollars, which will be sent overseas to help underprivileged children. David Harden, Mary Jo Jernigan and Suzanne Still are shown here as they collect money from Mrs. Lanny Payne. JIMMY STRINGER: Sr. Class Pres., B.W. Favorite, Foot- ball, Game Capt., Key Club, Math Club, Student Council, National Merit Semi-Finalist, Mixed Chorus, Red Letter Club, Jr. Talent Show, Ring, Invitation Comm., Homeroom Pres., lOO Mile Club .... MARTHA STRINGFELLOW: Science Club, Sigma Tri-Hi-Y, Science Fair, Girls' Chorus, Mixed Chorus, French Club, Honor Society, Math Club .... BEVERLY STRIPLING: V.l.E. Club, F.H.A., Sigma Tri-Hi-Y, Spanish Club, Student Council, .lr. Red Cross, Miss V.l.E. Contest. STUART STRONG: Swimming, Team Capt., Red Letter Club, Spanish Club, Greasepainters, Ambassador Hi-Y Sec., Fire Brigade, Bear Facts StaFf, Prom Comm .... ANNE STUCKEY: Spanish Club, Science Fair, Sigma Tri-Hi-Y, Home- room Chaplain, Student Council, F.H.A., Bear Facts Staff, Band Sweetheart Contest, Ring Comm .... JON REY SULLI- VAN: Math Club, Latin Club Consul, French Club, Key Club, Historical Society V.-P., Red Letter Club, IOO Mile Club, Football, Game Capt., Track, All-State, Cross County Team, Baseball, Honor Society, Fire Brigade, Forensic League, Student Council, Ambassador Hi-Y, Homeroom Pres., V.-P., Mechanical Drawing Club, Youth Legislature, Ring Comm., Flag Custodian, Monitor. RICHARD SUMMERVILLE: Homeroom V.-P., Latin Club, French Club, Math Club, Science Club, Honor Society, Re- gional Science Fair Winner, Merit Scholarship Semi-Finalist. . . . VIRGINIA SUTLEY: Greasepainters, Transfer to T.H.S. with Team Club, School Paper Typist, Girls' Athletic Assoc., Tennis Club, French Club .... SUSAN SWAIM: Latin Club, Maiorette, Science Fair, French Club, Honor Society, Beta Tri-Hi-Y, Alpha Tri-Hi-Y Treas., V.-P., Chaplain, Hi-Y State Chaplain, Jr. Talent Show, Student Council, Cheerleader, Math Club, Homecoming Team Sponsor, Beauty Walk, Pilot Club Driving Contest Winner, P.E. Council. - I 175 Build Firs t- DONALD TAYLOR: Mechanical Drawing Club, P. E. Council...RONALD TAYLOR: Band, Monitor...A. G. TERRELL: Regular Schedule. ALLEN TERRY: French Club, Black Warrior Hi-Y Sec., Pep Squad, Homeroom V.-P., Monitor, Science Fair, Jr. Red Cross, Hi-Y lnter-Club Council...JEFF THOMPSON: Jr. Red Cross, Fire Brigade, Swimming, Baseball, Football, Home- room Officer, Black Warrior Hi-Y, Greasepainters, Histori- cal Society, Art Club...ANNE TILLOTSON: Latin Club, French Club, Student Council, Honor Society, Copy Editor, 1962 BLACK WARRIOR. BILL TOWNSEND: Monitor...JAMES TOWNSEND: Black Warrior Hi-Y, Football, Fire Brigade, Homeroom V.-P., Historical Society...CAROLYN TUCKER: Beta Tri-Hi-Y, Span- ish Club, F.H.A., Greasepainters, Forensic League, Lib. Staff, Historical Society. STEVE ANNA TUCKER "PlNKlE": Spanish Club, F.l'l.A., Sigma Tri-Hi-Y Chaplain, Band Sweetheart Contest, Home- room Sec., Treas., Chaplain, Science Fair, Jr. Talent Show, Pep Squad, Float Comm., Office Runner, Hi-Y, Tri-Hi-Y County Council...WILLIAM TUCKER: Student Council, Home- room Pres., V.-P., B.W. Favorite, Football, Basketball, Track, Red Letter Club, TOO Mile Club, Key Club, Weight- lifting Club...FRANKlE TURNER: Transfer to T.H.S. CHARLOTTE UNDERWOOD: Pep Squad, F.H.A .... CE- LESTE UPCHURCH: F.H.A. Historian, Pep Squad, Sigma Tri- Hi-Y, Science Fair, Homeroom Sec., B.W. Business Staff, Jr. Red Cross...MIKE VAUGHN: Band, Hi-Y, Fire Brigade, P.T.S.A. MELVIN VINE5: Monitor, Football, Track, Homeroom V.-P., Student Council, Fire Brigade...FRANCES VINING: Transfer to T.H.S., Beta Tri-Hi-Y V.-P., Alpha Tri-Hi-Y Pres., Hi-Y Inter-Club Council Pres., Spanish Club, Mixed Chorus Reporter, Jr. Talent Show, Beauty Walk, Forensic League Treas., Greasepainters, Pep Squad, Student Council... SARAH ANN WADE: F.H.A. Treas., French Club, Home- room Officer, Health Careers Club, Historical Society Sec., Jr. Talent Show, Science Fair. tml Place Float... ANN WALKER: Pep Squad...RUTH WALKER: Band, Stu- dent Council, Beauty Walk, Homeroom Sec., Lyre Club, French CIub...WILSON WALTERS: Regular Schedule. BETTY WAUGH: French Club, Monitor, Kappa Tri-Hi-Y Sgt.-at-Arms, Pep Squad, Jr. Talent Show, F.H.A., Student Council, Modern Language Dept., Executive Board, Science Fair, Homeroom V.-P., Sec., Jr. Red Cross, Beauty Walk, Beta Tri-Hi-Y V.-P .... MARY BETH WEAR: Band, Student Council, Beauty Walk, Homeroom Sec., Lyre Club, French Club, All-State Orchestra, U.A. Orchestra, U.A. Orchestra Soloist, National French Contest Winner, French Honor Society, Math Club, Honor Society, Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, Ring Comm., State Band Festival Winner, A.I.A. Convention... ANN WEDGEWORTH: Homeroom Treas., F.H.A., Jr. Red Cross, Student Council, Health Careers Club. LINDA WEDGEWORTH: Homeroom Pres., Sec., Student Council, Pep Squad, Kappa Tri-Hi-Y, Science Fair, Beauty Walk, Band Sweetheart Contest, F.H.A. V.-P., French Club, Jr. Talent Show, Bear Facts Staff, Modern Language Dept., Executive Board, Volleyball Team...LaDORA WELBORN: F.H.A .... SANDRA WEST: Homeroom V.-P., Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, Transfer to T.H.S. with Cheerleader, Pep Squad, Verse Choir, Jr. Red Cross, School Chorus, School Play. GLORIA WHITE: Transfer to T.H.S., F.H.A .... BESS WHIT- FIELD: B.W. Favorite, Bear Facts Staff Sweetheart, Student Council, French Club, Modern Language Dept., Executive Board, Beauty Walk, Band Sweetheart Contest, Ring Comm., Jr. Talent Show, Homeroom V.-P., Sec., Pep Squad, Beta Tri-Hi-Y, Kappa Tri-I-Ii-Y, Monitor, F.H.A. V.-P., Volley- ball Team, P. E. CounciI...SUE ANN WILBOURNE: French Club, Math Club, Science Fair Winner, Honor Society, French Honor Society, Volleyball Team, Jr. Talent Show, B.W. Business Staff, Fair Queen Contest, Beauty Walk, Band Sweetheart Contest, Prom Comm., Homecoming Comm., Mixed Chorus, Trio Sextet, Bel Aires Soloist, Ring Comm., Homeroom V.-P., Sec., Chaplain, Beta Tri-Hi-Y, Pep Squad. BETTY WILLIAMS: Kappa Tri-Hi-Y, Ring, Invitation Comm., F.T.A., F.H.A., Science Fair, Pep Squad, Homeroom V.-P., Sec., Student Council, Beauty Walk, Band Sweetheart Con- test, Volleyball Team, Monitor, Bear Facts Stott, P. E. Coun- cil, Jr. Talent Show...JAMES S. WILLIAMS: Art Club, Hi-Y, Fire Brigade, Science Fair...MARY EVANS WILLIAMS: Beta Tri-Hi-Y, Kappa Tri-Hi-Y, F.H.A., Spanish Club, Modern Language Dept., Executive Board, Pep Squad, Science Fair, Spanish Assistant, B.W. Business Staff, Girls' Chorus, Vol- leyball Team. ROGER WILLIAMS: Key Club, Band, Lyre Club, State Music Festival Medal Winner, Swimming Team Capt., State Champion, Red Letter Club, Black Warrior Hi-Y, Jr. Talent Show, Science Fair, Ring Comm., Math Club, Fire Brigade, I-lomeroom Pres., V.-P., Sec., Treas., Latin Club Consul, Latin III Triumph, Jr. Red Cross...PULLEN WILLIAMSON: Band, Monitor...PEGGY SUE WILSON: F.H.A., Pep Squad, Jr. Red Cross, Science Fair. L I77 Say Good-By Teens Against Polio is the teen- age branch of the March of Dimes. Its purpose is to collect funds to com- bat arthritis and crippling birth de- fects. As in March of Dimes work, each county in Alabama has a county chairman and an assistant chairman. Each T.A.P. chairman works with individual teen-agers and with teen-age organizations to raise the money. Different means of collecting the money include road- blocks, crutch sales, basketball games between teachers and stu- dents, bowling tournaments and passing a hat at a public event, such as a high school basketball game. T.A.P. gives the teen-ager the opportunity to get out and take an active part in halting arthritis and birth defects. Teens are marching again for polio under the direction of Tommy Nicol, County TA P Chairman Clubs and organizations of the school have assisted Tommy LINDA WOOD: Regular Schedule .,.. ROYCE WOOD- LEY: French Club, Latin Club, Beta Tri-Hi-Y, Student Council, Bear Facts Staff, Lib. Staff, Monitor, Jr. Talent Show, Volley- ball Team, Homeroom V.-P., Sec., Pep Squad, Kappa Tri- Hi-Y V.-P., Band Sweetheart Contest, Beauty Walk .... MORRIS WOOLLEY: Football, Track, Fire Brigade, Proiection Club. ELOISE WYATT: F.H.A., Science Fair, Monitor, P.T.S.A., Jr. Red Cross, Volleyball Team, Homeroom Chaplain .... JIMMY WYATT: Student Council, Math Club, Red Letter Club, Football, Game Capt., All-County Football, Science Fair, Fire Brigade, Baseball .... ROBERT WYATT: Art Club, Proiection Club, Ambassador Hi-Y, Art Assistant, Pep Squad. SARAH WYATT: Science Fair, Homeroom Sec., Pep Squad, Jr. Red Cross, P.T.S.A .... BRENDA YERBY: F.H.A, Jr. Red Cross, Homeroom Chaplain, P.T.S.A li781 The editors not editing?l Yes, the BLACK WARRIOR staff is caught in the midst ol its wild celebration of the completion of most ol the annual. The book closes-the sights and sounds of l96l-62 die away. The BLACK WARRIOR staff for their tireless work, we thank you. To Miss Rubye Gulley forher capable handling of BLACK WARRIOR finances go our immeasurable thanks. Those who excused us from their classes and suffered a million inconveniences for our sake, we thank you teachers of Tuscaloosa High School. To the student body who provided us with our material, we say thanks. For his patient co-operation and invaluable assistance, we thank our photographer Gus Robinson. Our printers Paragon Press, we thank you. To the merchants and businessmen ofTuscaloosa, our patrons, who made our book possible, we give our thanks. Last, we thank Mr. John F. Kennedy, whose code of patriotism inspired our theme. - The Editors I T79 Il -Y-I 4 4 I Advertisements From the earliest days of this nation, America's economic system has been based on tree enterprise. Each man can, it he has the ability, become the owner ot his own business Stitt competition insures high quality tor most products and stabilizes their price ranges. Advertising sparks and sustains this lite-giving competition. On the following pages, merchants and businessmen, patrons of the BLACK WARRIOR, are presented. . 'ff ?"'Is.1 Ri 5' Q QQ iff? WW? 33. Q53 xl Ashley Smifh, Margaret Whifflelcl ALLEN 81 JEMISCDN CCMPANY HARDWARE established in 1883 ALBERTA DRUG STORE Your Neighborhood Drug Store Phone 752-T554 23Ol 9th ST., E. Alberto City Tuscolooso SPILLER FIELD 81 GARDEN Phone 759-4276 Bee Supplies, Seed, Fertilizers, Herbicides, Bedding Plonts, Tools, Feeds, Insecticides, Fungicides ond Biologicols. 2504 Seventh St. Tuscolooso, Alobomo Open AM' i' CHERRY KENDRICK i 1:00 O'CIock PM. Business Mcmoger 'Denotes members of Business SMR. OSWALT-ROGERS FURNITURE COMPANY 2207 7th Street Tuscaloosa, Al "Courteous Personal Service" TUSCALOOSA BUSINESS MACHINE 6lI 22nd Avenue BARKSDALE 81 SONS CLEANERS "I-lome at Better Cleaning' 2223 Eighth sweet Phone 758-2588 Your Smith-Corona Portable Dealer STElN'S FAMOUS MAKE SHOES Men, Women and Children SHOES 35 Percent and More Savings STEIN'S SHOE STORE 2320-oth STREET Tuscaloosa, Alabama ARMISTEAD BROTHERS For All Your School Needs Shop MARKET G. c. MURPHY co. "We Deliver" Phone 758-8678 Leland Center , I Open 9 A.M. to 9 P.M. 36l8 Birmingham I-lgwy. M d Y th S T d on a ru a ur ay EXPERT REPAIR PIZITZ RV! ...Ol EDDIE'S ELECTRIC 97" TuscaIoosa's Newest Motor Revvinding 84 And Nicesf Industrial Supplies I4I9 22nd Ave. Depa rtment Store 752-3593 AUDIO HOUSE Across from Sears Ancl AUDIO HOUSE ANNEX l223 University Ave. Largest Record Selection In Town H. M. Swaim, Optician OPTICAL SERVICE CO. Tuscaloosa, Alabama 2428 6th Street 'A' PAM MITCHELL 15:5:s:s:2:a:5:2:5:5:i:5:if2QigEg 758-QSIO Assistant Business Manager Compliments of IE IEEIEEEQZI Q - w a . . .-,.,: 1:,..Q,Ig: -.:g,: -EEE Mr. and Mrs. Wood J v I IIIIIZI H zl. Of 2 A , I' TASTEE FREEZE Y tiss DELUX CLEANERS A LICIZI I Am CW I 4'I' H AV 'S I. iIi'4' iiiiiiii' ii" I iii RUSSEL s. LEE FLooR ' , AND TILE co., :Nc E- PX' A"' Q f-nf 'fi Tl A S-W Terrazzo 0 Ceramic Tile o Carpets ll ,:-.'., g T All Types of Floor Covering City Shopping Center 758-2861 V l032-I5tI'i Street 758-2862 Tuscaloosa, Alabama THE BANK wiw Olb Erablllon. AND New ldeaS alional Bank of 3,,M,,,m DOWNTOWN NORTHPORT ALBERTA PARKVIEW TUSCALOOSA WELDING CO. 2308 2nd Street Phone 758-5296 Tuscaloosa, Alabama MINING CO. Charles G. Cardinal Phone 752-2012 FIRST NATIONAL BANK Bill Clements Welding and General Machine Work Phone PL. 4-7766 Homelite Chain Saws Pumps Generators MEET YOUR FRIENDS AT THE Pete Foster, Mary Helen Roberts, Carol Pennington, Skip Cannon, Ted Williams, Patti Hicks, John Rickett, Charlotte Rice, Mary Carol Williams, Mitzi Brown PUTT PUTT GOLF COURSE l XX I ll America s Finest And SOUTHLAND DRIVE-IN Curb Service-Hickory Smoked BBQ See Your HCUSHMAN MOTOR SCOOTERSH Next Door to Putt Putt B'Ham Hiway ll - Tuscaloosa, Alabama 1 if 0 I LAIRE CALDWELL il scHooL or ' DANCING 1400 - 10111 Ave. Phone 752-3681 Tuscaloosa, Ala. Classical Ballet, Modern Toe, Tap, Acrobaiics, Baron Modern Jazz, Musical Comedy, Character Dancing and Ballroom 1280 SOOO WATTS on ABC Your Dial Serving West Alabama and East Mississippi PARK HUP 21 19 Broad Cynthia Park and Sue Ann Wilbourne FINDLAY ELECTRIC COMPANY 2121 8th Street Phone 758-5132 FARRIS - FAULKNER Westinghouse R. C. A. ADMIRAL Phone 754-7566 1925 Brood ST. J. C. Foulkner Tuscolooso, Alo. dl' SUSAN NELSON J. K. Colemon Luloi C. Borton o 2 olziwh 4 ? COLEMAN BOOK STQRE INSURANCE AGENCY 414-22nd Ave. and Phone 754-4486 W. R. Alexonder GIFT SHOP Lewis T. Winters Jomes K. Colemon Estoblished 1898 B651 Wishes 1 from 1915 Sixth St. Tuscolooso, Alo. We welcome you ond R' ' S Ambulonce COUPTY congrotulote you Service COVOUGV iygnew xew --' -. 7 HALF LAMPLIGHTER INSURANCE AGENCY For Fine Foods in o plecisont 2110 7th St. Phone 758-0461 Visit the otmosphere Birminghom Highwoy TUSCALOOSA DRUG CO. - George Toylor - Prescription Speciolists 617 Greensboro Ave. Ph. 758-2836 ALBERTA GULF "Your Super Service Station" BRUCE WEST, owner 2330 Eost 9th St. Ph: PL. 2-308 Tuscolooso, Alobcimo Serving Eost Tuscolooso EXPERT 'REPAI ,IE-Rvlcs-..... BURCHFIELD HOTEL JOE MOTT'S GAR Visit Our Coffee Shop- 316 Greensboro Ave. 2 AGE 8' i BODY SHOP 4 Hour Wrecker Service phone 758-2778 We Speciolize in Heovy Equipment 1328 45th Ave., Eost Tuscolooso, Alobomci WT -2152, F 5-ilififilfzsfo LM i'h. vile Q.!1-011.39-3? 151 r' Tuscaloosa, Ala. BY LENOX Best Wishes to the Closs of '62! ALBERTA GROCERY CO. 2305 9th Eost OFFICE SUPPLY CO' USINCE 1929" Tuscaloosa, Alabama 0 Office Furniture 0 Safes 81 Fireproof Files 0 Filing Equipment 0 Office Supplies 521 25th Ave. Phone 758-5573 'A' MARY KATE MEREDITH GRAPHIC ll Tuscaloosa County's Home Newspaper" Subscribe Now Only S3 A Year GRAY'S MEN'S SHOP Featuring McGregor-Arrow-Sportswear Curlee 8 Don Richards-Clothing 2307 Broad Street Phone 758-5086 1,7 X ' 5,0-I WITH 5? no , X ,gg NAMES MORGENTHAU S PARKVIEW DRUGS 6lO Parkview Center Tuscaloosa, Alabama Sanitone Dry Cleaning Sooner or Later Your Favorite Cleaners Nw e for the tastiest treat in town' TRY TH! "ALL AMERICAN" a f-sr rf - J Vg l .J','fwf..wuv"""'v,,'!'r3,-1 'J' ' , -if 'QIZQ1 ' Q lr ,7 1001, PURE BEEF HAMBURGER GOLDEN FRENCH FRIES OLD-FASHIONED SHAKE Before or after the ball game . . . or for a tasty snack anytime . . . bring your date to McDonald's. Enjoy the goodness of McDonald's Hamburgers made of 10076 pure beef, government inspected and ground fresh daily. They're served hot off the grill on toasted bun. Here at McDonald's you get fast, cheerful, courteous service . . . plenty of parking . . . no car hops . . . no tipping . . . the tastiest food in town at prices that please. look for the golden arches , E naldtlk S S gl!!! I!! Tuscaloosa, Alabama WHITELS APPLIANCE COMPANY 1820 Brood Phone 759-4256 Best Wishes! from RAYMON'S DEPT. STORE ir REBECCA WRIGHT COLE SUPPLY Sue Ann 54 BROWN - McRAE PHARMACY Rexall Dealer 2332 East 9th Street Alberta City Phone 758-8693 We Deliver GAS APPLIANCES BUILT-IN RANGES ES 73 - RANO Y - REFRIGERATORS - WATER HEATERS - AIR CONDITIONING 65. ..,. L- R HEATING A1464-900 - OUTDOOR GAS LIGHTING I824 Broad ' DRYERS DI I A 759-2501 A L A B A AAA WS CORPORATION LIBERTY NATIONAL LIFE INSURANCE IPO4 Broad Clyde Daniel- District Manager SOUTHSIDE AUTO AND HOME SUPPLY B. F. Goodrich AUTOMOTIVE PARTS COMPANY WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTORS Complete Machine Shop Service Motors Rebuilt Best Wishes Class of '62 from PARKER TOWING CO. AL ESTATE Ti , wn our wn ome" -rf-E ff STE: X E E I "O Y O H - WANNA MORROW REALTY CO. Builders and Developers Phone 759-578I Always Ask For PERRY'S O MILK ICE CREAM CLEANERS "6 Times Cleo ner' UNIVERSITY DRY CLEANING COMPLETE LAUNDRY SERVICE P 'A' MARY HELEN ROBERTS 675577.11 Z I I8IO Hockberry Lone f 3115 8th Sf. I I I 5 MITCHELL'S fl I .75 AWNING 81 SHADE CO. Burglar Bars- venefaon Blinds P. o. BOX 391 TUSCQIOOSQ, AIO. "The Very Finesi for People Who Sove" L. L. ADAMS REFRIGERATION TUSCALOOSA FEDERAL 8 ELECTRIC CO. SAVINGS 81 LOAN ASSOCIATION Heor Pump Air Conditioning L. L. Aoloms, Owner IIOI Greensboro Ave. ISO8 Greensboro Ave. Tuscolooso, AIo. For The Lofesf in Styles Visit 5 . m'1xlUf, MISS ALABAMA FASHIONS R' I IOIO-8th Ave. S Phone 754-7554 SUPER MARKET Helen S. Fowler I306 Queen Cify I OPEN FINE Maris we AR MIDNIGHT Congrotulotions Seniors! BROWN'S DEPARTMENT STORE 2329 Brood Street Tuscolooso, Alobcimo i' CAROL PENNINGTON IOO5 7th Avenue PLaza 4-6746 Ricks Sf Sons Hardware ALBERTA CITY ' Across From Alberto Fire Stotion 2116 9th Street Eost Telephone 752-8155 Tuscolooso, Alobomo Visit Our Gift Department MA LON i COK To E RE BOOZER MOTOR COMPANY l4Ol Greensboro Ave. - Phone 759-4233 Left to Right: Bess Whitfield, Betty Williams, ond Lenn Bomor - Fronchised Deolers For Mercedes Benz, Triumph, Fiof, B. M. C. -Complete Soles, Service ond Ports- PEYTON'S DRUG STORE 421 E. 15th Street Phone 752-3536 1181" TIRE COMPANY Sincloir Products - Accessories 1901 Brood Street Tuscoloosci, Alcibomo Phone 758-2526 Henry A. Toylor, Monoger 'A' DIANE HARRIS THE CENTRAL FOUNDRY ' Community Service 0 Poyroll Disbursement v Tox Poyments v Supply Procurement 0 Budgeted Contributions by the Strong Industries of This Community BOLSTER YOUR OPPORTUNITIES Left to Right: Rebecca Wright, Diane StanseII, Susan Woodley, and Skip Cannon CONGRATULATIONS TO THE I96I SENIOR CLASS OF T.H.S. COMPLIMENTS OF STANSELL PONTIAC-CADILLAC INC. 2115 I5Th sf. EF'1NE' ... E fl?'O0'DSg...-'3-'..-:'.. MORRlSON'S 'fmtyixiill .Nik -Cb ' CAFETERIA QI 1 V On Thursday Nite Family Nite - Free Desserts, Baloons for the Children, Along with Family Nite Specials. DeBARDELEBEN COAL CCRP By-Product Division Holt, Alabama iiusii iiiiisi NELL AND FRANK MARLOW M - Conn, Leblanc 84 Holton Instruments Hammond Organs-Kimball Pianos -Gibson and Fencler Guitars- - Record Players - - Tuscaloosa's Most Complete Record Bar- "Everything Musical" 1 'ii Service for the South 74 X xx X HODO ELECTRIC CO. Licensed and Bonded Electricians 24 Springbrook Residential, Commercial and Domestic Wiring CHEERLEADERS OF 1962! Top: Glennice McNeill, Jean Nesbif. Middle: Margaret Partlow, Lulu Black, Head Cheerleader, Lyn Riden. Malwaska Rainey and Alice Ann Duncan ' is P CC .95 gluergdocly .JLlalalag. D M Congratulations Seniors! ity atiunal ank Bottom: Beppy Forehand, Susan Swaim, BRYANT'S SERVICE STATION Tenth Street ond Greensboro Avenue Phone 758-3923 CHARLES TEMERSON AND SONS Tuscolooso, Alobomo iv ASHLEY SMITH TUSCALOOSA BOTTLERS ASSOCIATION BETTER MEALS BUILD BETTER FAMILIES BOTTLED CARBONATED BEVERAGES BUILD BETTER MEALS Dr. Pepper Pepsi Colo Coco Colo Royol Crown Seven Up TELEPHONE PLAZA 2-0382 THE WAYSIDE STORE WITH THE PERSONAL TOUCI' E owlw-xm ruiaixiitumz Cofyiwxixiv , 1725 Ninth Street, Ecist 0 P. O. Box 17. Opposite Portlow Stote School Tuscolooso, Alcibomo J 9 CZ? GN-9 - ci H ...Q - L SAY IT WITH FLOWERS from THE BLOSSOM SHOPPE Your Friendly Florist Doy 754-4792 2406 Brood St. Night 752-5554 Toys Housewares and Gitts Hardware and Tools Glidden Paints Building Materials Plumbing and Electrical Supplies J. OVIATT BOWERS COQMPANY, INC. "Your Friendly Hordwore Store" 2105 Second Street FREE PARKING Phone 754-4466 TUSCALOOSA MARBLE COMPANY GREENSBORO AVENUE 501 - 15th Street TUSCALOOSA, ALA. THE Snffewffv-W1LuAMs Co. PAINTS. VARNISHES. LACQUERS. LEADQ. OILS. ENAMEI-5: BRIJSHES AND PAINTERS' SPECIALTIES son -15TH sms:-:'r TUSCALOOSA. ALA. SOUTHSIDE 0 1 9631136 CLEANERS LAUNDRY 12OO Hargrove Rd. Tuscaloosa, Alabama SERVICE ls What We Give ALBERTA PLUMBING COMPANY "Radio Dispatched Service Trucks" 24 HOUR SERVICE ' Phone PL 2-0471 Tuscaloosa, Alabama 'A' REBECCA RHODES jar every QW you cAoo5e wifA fiwle . . . Lf EIQCAQI' gd Ozmenf Le your guiJe! McPHERSON'S Quick Pic-Up 1509 Hargrove Road KEYS Piece Goods, Drapery and Upholstery KEYS' FABRIC SHOP 2314 7th Street Phone 752-7318 WEST ALABAMA FURNITURE CO. 22I9 oth Street- 754-4681 FURNITURE New 81 Used Bought - Sold - Traded "See Us For Low Prices" THE PLAZA BEAUTY SALON I43I-C Hackberry Lane "Creative" Advanced Hair Stylists LIPSEY - SCOTT DRY GOODS CO. Wholesale Distributors Piece Goods, Hosiery and Notions 2500 Broad Street Tuscaloosa, Alabama STOP TO EAT AT THE . . . CHICK - N - TREAT Xa- RESTAURANT ' 509 Fifteenth St. lAcross from Searsl Phone 752-3259-Tuscaloosa, Alabama TUSCALOOSA HALL OPTICAL DISPENSARY MOTOR CO, Phone 758-8841 IIO Bridge Avenue Northport, Alabama IOI Masonic Building Tuscaloosa, Alabama PRESCRIPTION OPTICIANS R. R. H n coNtAct LENS O all Res' 758 532' LENSES DUPLICATED Wner W. Troy Anders G. M. IBIIII Anders M.: Has.: JI ' If? GUTHRIE - BARTON NURSERY, INC. Complete Landscape Service Old B'Ham Highway W. B. DRAKE Bi SON, PRINTERS 2I I9 9th Street Phone 754-7575 Q Y! 5' Rf?-2 ' E1 EDWARDS - T Xxfiv INSURANCE 2030 9th Street Tuscolooso, Alobomo 2 0 N E- STOP 2 Courflteous Scrvmce 5' CLOVERDALE - 2 , ' GULF STATION v-Q3 D Som Conwoy, Deoler r Hockberry Lone Q31 k r 8 MS, QQ -ksue ANN WILBOURNE Phone 758-9632 " ,, John Rickett, Mary Helen Roberts, Ted Willioms, Donny Brown, Corol Pennington, Potti Hicks, Pete Foster, Skip Cannon. PENNINGTON TRANSFER 81 STORAGE Locol SQ Long Distonce Moving MILL END FABRIC Congrotulotions Closs Dropery - Upholstery 0 of 1962 Piece-Goods, Notions 2307 oth Street Phone 559-5393 Piggly-WiggIy 84 Western Auto City S Cloud W. Dent, Jr., Pres. MACK'S BAIT SHOP RIGGS STEPHENSON MOTCRS INC. 813 I3th street Phone 7520611 IQOO Sixth Street N-,NDA PL. 4-6387 'ff A " Q 4 ' , -fl IKXI THOMPSON 1. R. TAYLOR 8 DRUGS 5I6 Greensboro Avenue Phone 758-2828 RHoDEs at MCLEOD B TW, h LEASING CO., INC. Ph 553-3272 DUGIN'S SHOE STORE U. S. II By-Poss Tuscolooso, Aloloomo Roy W. Rhodes Wiley J. McLeod DIXIE AIR, INC. Van De Graft Field P. O. Box 92I Tuscaloosa, Alabama Cessna Sales and Service Flight Instruction Graduating Seniors Have Your Diplomas Framed by THE LITTLE GALLERY IOIo 8th Ave. Behind The Corner Drug See Our Antiques! f SUSAN WOODLEY BAMA REXALL DRUG I 201 University Phone 758-5531 DeLUXE CLEANERS "Home ot Good Cleaning" 2IO9 9th Street East Alberta City Mary Alma 84 Ed Wood Best Wishes from MGTOR SUPPLY CO., INC. I4II 23rd Avenue Tuscaloosa, Alabama Lfflneasgssav-'ff 1199, 'L65L'i9ff TNI LLOYD WOOD CONSTRUCTION CO i' GLENDA LA G ALABAMA TIRE COMPANY Tuscoloosds Finest Open A Teen Honor Account i' PATTY NOTTINGHAM STRINGFELLOW'S GARAGE Generol Auto Repoiring Broke Service Wheel Alignment ond Bcilcincing 4II Horgrove Rood Phone 752-II7I Tuscolooso, Alo. FIELDS T. V. HEADQUARTERS" RADIO I T. V. "Color" HI-FI 0 STEREO 222I 71h Street Tuscolooso, Alobomoi Morsholl Fields George Fields EVERETT'S Home of Copezids Cooch 84 Four ond Cover Girl Robin McCrory GFI Jimmy Wyoff Best Wishes! wEArHERFoRD PRINTING Co., INC. rom Commercial Printing Since 1892 Tuscolooso Phone 752-i511 Alobomo Gave g MUSIC SERVICE EveryThing for The Band and Orchesfra Cable Pianos and Lowrey Organs Marion 84 Bob Murray PARKVIEW CENTER Tuscaloosa, Alabama Phone 758-2694 f SAMMIE JEAN RYAN Chuck Sfapp 'iBc-:ot wioheo for cc wonderful suture! K ' 4.1! 43' C' X S.- . Nl A ff . m d? lu fl'-X 2 ' C9 .1 x ff X S X N ' J 1 X , X- ,R f A ,xldf ff X X X l'r's vourzs wlTH Svufhefn lALSTQl1TZ QURR ' SNIPES Business Machines Company 2200 Sixth Sfreer Tuscaloosa, Alabama Your Typewriter Headquarrers i' JUDY GALLOWAY cuzcus QSM? " .AZQT ,, MINIT eslzfasii w louis ' CAR WASH Tuscoloosds Best 409 Bfhom Rd' ' DEPARTMENT STORE Tuscaloosa, Alabama TUSCALOOSA'S BEST For Betrer Moving DEPARTMENT STORE BOLTQN , ADAIR TRANSFER CC. can 752-2504 gui iccc X lflx QQ q i "An E or fha I-1QTE"51' NEWS' X r""' Read X' x 4 THE Tuscfxioosfa Z NEWS E Q f Vvesf Alabamds Family X-C f Newspaper 2001 oth Phone 7.52-5531 L. to R.: CFron1J Diane Sfansell, Rebecca Wright, lBackD Susan Woodley, Skip Cannon. TUSCALOOSA MOTOR CO. I 17 Greensboro Ave., 754-4451 CAIN STEEL and SUPPLY COMPANY Worehouse Steel O Distributors C Fobricotors Phone PLozo 4-4751 Tuscolooso, Alobomo 'A' BETTY PRITCHETT FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS 81 LOAN ASSOCIATION Y., MAIN OFFICE 2202 BROAD Soving Center of West Alobomd' Il I fs I :tg t,Q1I.lTELt!-I.Jk Ei' A PARKVIEW SAVINGS 423 15th TU SCALOOSA, ALABAMA "PersonoI Insuronce Service Since I898" OWEN MEREDITH 81 SONS I8I8 Brood Street Phone 758-3344 WILLCUTT'S CONCRETE BLOCKS Diol 752-0661 MANUFACTURING 81 BUILDING COMPANY IQOI I9Th Avenue, Eos' Town s. COUNTRY CTC u .I ,xx Ay f xfxx A' f JJ A f f 2 zfffw NOTTINGHAM - SWS, Inc Phone 759-1233 315 GRE TTNH' h 8.Pt Z h y omgom osy eono P fh B Ft COMPLIMENTS OF GULF STATES PAPER COMPANY DRUID TYPEWRITER CO., INC. 2219 7th St. Phone 752-8508 Tuscolooso Alobomo Exclusive LL Distributor Soles 0 Service Supplies I Rentols Portobles 0 Monuols 0 Electrics New ond Used Stondcird Duplicotor Roy Fox Photo Copier 'A' PAULETTE McGAHEY DUCKWORTH-MORRIS INSURANCE AGENCY Continuous Agency Service "Since 1867" 2204 Brood Street Tuscolooso, Alobomoi Phone 758-8643 Congrotulotions To The Closs of Tuscolooso High - 1962 PARKVIEW BEAUTY SHOP Phone 754-4526 TUCKER MOTOR CO. "Your Friendly Ford Deoler" Phone 752-2501 2414 Brood Street HARDIN'S BAKERY 57 Yecrs o RIDE THE BUS AND SAVE DRUID CITY TRANSIT CO. 1536 25th Ave. ADE'S MOTOR CO. A. F. Foulkner, owner IQOO Greensboro Ave. NEW AND USED CARS Phone 752-0341 IQOO Greensboro Ave KINCAID James D. Kincaid Owner Television Service Company T. V. 0 STEREO 0 RADIO Sales anol Service 620 Parkview Center Phone 752-551 i James Kincaid Judy Horton, Betty McDaniei 4115-24th Avenue U Tuscaloosa, Alabama OVERHAUUNG We Specialize in Automatic Transmissions and Auto Repairs Garage Phone 758-8602 Res. Phone 752-2300 Lett to right: Ralph Quarles, William Tucker, Eddie Ford. DOWNTOWN MOTOR CO. 2008 8th Street, Just West of the High Rent District BROWN 81 SULLIVAN SERVICE STATION 32lO 9th St. 752-8212 Washing I gi ,',, Tire Repair Lubricating STANDARD Polishing Road Oil CIWOUQS Waxing Service CA N N - M A R K E T A R I3 T 84 S C Gene Hunfer Joyce Hole HUNTER 81 HALE TELEVISION SERVICE I703 I-Iockberry Lone Phone 7542-6772 yI Jeon Hunter William IBIIIJ F h Soph, ros . O BAMA TIN SHOP 2009 26th Avenue Tuscaloosa, Alabama Phone 752-7363 American Standard Heating 81 Air Conditioning Roofing Gutters 81 Awnings Left to right: Tim Parker, Eddie Hinton, Bill Alread, Mr. Temple Williamson. TOWN 81 CAMPUS MEN'S WEAR 1303 UNIVERSITY AVE. 2 E D . H Y Q Trust Your Clothes with a Cleaner Who Knows! CCRK CLEANERS Tuscaloosa Alabama 88 U-DRIVE IT CO., INC. NAnoNAL CAR RENTALS Auto 8g Truck Renting and Leasing 524 25th Avenue Tuscaloosa, Ala. .C Ph. 754-4488 'A' ANN NEWMAN N E W C A R S Left to right: Jo Ann Lancaster and Norma Lancaster. LANCASTER'S GARAGE "Your Oldsmobile Dealer" ROGRESS ONESTY MAGINATION EARNING LIFE IDEAS You can't sit on the lid of progress. If you do, you will be blown to pieces. -Henry Kaiser There is no twilight zone of honesty in business-a thing is right or it's wrong -it's black or it's white. -John F. Dodae The very core of peace and love is imagination. All altruism springs from putting yourself in the other person's place. -Harry E. Fosdick The man who graduates today and stops learning tomorrow is uneducated the day after. -Newton D. Baker The real test in golf and in life is not in keeping out of the rough, but in getting out after we are in. -John H. Moore, D.D. Nothing is more profitable for all levels of our life than nutritious ideas. -Henry Ford lt's Performance that counts. Phllll s 66 ERFORMANCE - ' 'P The big shots are only the little shots who keep shooting S -ciifamphef Morley 155' WMIWYQIIQ 7Z3fC00fl2ff! . PHILLIPS Arlington 66 204 E. Hargrove Leon Jones, Dealer Claymont 66 2lOO I5th, East Bill Brown, Dealer Cottondale 66 U.S. II By-pass Aubrey Rice, Dealer Druid Garden 66 925 Hargrove Road Forest Lake 66 32 I5th St, Jack Butler, Dealer Holiday 66 at Holiday Inn Gilbert Patterson, Dealer Queen City 66 IOth and Queen City Buddy Williams, Dealer Skyland Park 66 at Skyland Park Rondell Smith, Dealer Staftord 66 2300 9th St. Bill Prewitt, Dealer University 66 I IOI University Ave. Karl Krusmarck, Dealer Wilson Tire 66 500 IOth St., E. Clair Wilson, Dealer West Plaza 66 Hwy. I I, South E. O. Jones, Dealer Distributed by ARMSTRONG OIL CO., INC. Tuscaloosa, Alabama BAMA CLEANERS 2420 am sf. Phone 754-4388 and TUSCALOOSA STEAM LAUNDRY QOOI 26Th Ave. Phone 754-471 I RADIO ACTIVE IN WEST ALABAMA nl v El mah I fri,-fiifgll gl 495' Q M I ' :S ' fn 'Q I ,5!mL lg X SR' .: L 2" POST OFFICE BOX II2 0 TUSCALOOSA. ALABAMA i JANET AREY X The GE Appliances W H In The Home Economics 7 lf Q Deparlmenfs Are Exchanged Annually Through Courtesy TELEVISION 724 22nd Ave. Tuscaloosa, Alabama VVHOLESALE SEAFOODS AND NIEATS FROZEN FOODS 7f-Q f , ' f Ju! IF IT SVVINIS VVE HAVE 24 EIGHTEENTH STRE PHONE PLAZA B 335 of T. H. F. Nriiiff qgfjl N I ,ff L: l rumen : rrumcr' aznvmsn,----m Phon04-6611 l GUS ROBINSON' PHOTOGRAPHY Portroits Thot Remember - os the Yeors Go By 1406 University Avenue-Diol 759-5309 Linolo Blockvvell 758-8892 CURTIS CONCRETE -0 PRODUCTS INC. Complete Concrete Products Co. 3112 15th St. Tuscoloosc, Ala. P. O. Box 922 Best Wishes! from EASTWOOD PARK MOTOR SUPPLY CO., INC. 1411 23rd Avenue Tusccxlooso, Alobomo MOTORS 1615 Hoclcloerry Lone Phone 752-1981 "Finest Used Cors ln Town" "McGregor" Sportswear "Arrow ShirTs" "Swank" "Wings" "Paris" SCHWEITZER'S Men's Wear 2 Entroncesz G'boro ond 6Th ST. GXenn3Ce Mc fflqr Pofief BobbY Mm, Jo Jefni Near 9 Q n Dec 1952 WYnne Arewnde' Ernie Hou Ck lNDEX OF ADVERTISERS Adams, L. L. ..., . .196 Druid Typewriter Co.. . . . Ade's Motor Co.. . . . . .221 Duckworth - Morris. . . . Adrian's .......,.... , , .211 Dugin's Shoe Store. . . . Alobomo GCS Corp.. H , ,194 Earl's Studio. . . . . . . . . Alabama Tire Co. .,.. . .210 Eastwood MOTOI' CON A - - Aiberfc Drug 4AlA.' , ,183 Eddie's Electric Co.. . . Alberta Grocery ..,. . .190 EdW0fClS UWSUFGUCS 4--4- V Alberta Gulf ....... . . .190 "33" - U - Drive - lf, - - - Alberta Plumbing ..,. . . .205 "8l" Tife C0-A . - . i - - - Allen 8t Jemison .... . .182 EVGVGTVS --.4---- - Armistead Brothers ,... . . .184 Farris - F0Ull4f19"- - - - Armstrong Oil Co. .... . . .228 FleldS' T-V- ---- - V - - - Art's Char House ..... . .204 Fincher 8s Gzmenlt - r - Audio House "', ' . ,185 Findley Electric Co.. . . Auston-Curry ..... . . .215 Fifsf Fedefvl 50Vln954 - 4 - Automotive Parts ..... 194 Fl"5l N9ll9f"0l Bank- ' - - Avery's .......... . .196 G. C. Murphy Co.. . . . Bama Cleaners .... . .229 Graphic ........... . Bama Rexall ...,... . .209 Gray's Men's Shop. . . . Bama Tin Shop ....... , .225 Gulf States Paper. . . . Barksdale Cleaners ....... ..184 Gus Robinson ......... . Black, Friedman 81 Winston .... . . .196 Guthrie-Barton Nursery. . Blossom Shoppe .......... H204 Hale Insurance ........ . Bolton-Adair ...... ..215 Hall Motor Co. .... .. Boozer Motor Co. .... . .198 Hardin's Bakery. . . . . Bowers, J. Oviatt ..... M204 Haverty's ....... . Bowman Furniture ..... . .204 Hodo Electric .... . Brown's Dept. Store ..... . .197 Horton's Garage. . . . Brown - McRae ........ . . .194 Hunter 84 Hale. . . . , Brown 8. Sullivan ....... . .223 Jewel Box ........ . Bryant's Service Station ,.... . . .203 Joe Mott's Garage. . . . Burchfield Hotel ....,.... . . . 190 Key's ........ . . . Cain Steel 8. Supply .... . . .217 Kincaid T.V. .... . . . . Cannon's Market ..... . .224 Kyle Office Supply. . . , Central Foundry .....,.... . .199 Lamplighter ........ . Charles Temerson 81 Sons. . . .203 Lancaster's Garage. . . . . Cherry's .............. . .195 Leland Lanes .......... . Chick - n - Treat ....... ...206 Liberty National Life Ins. Circus Minit Car Wash .... . .215 Lipsey Scott .......... . City National Bank. . . . . .202 Little Cook-kee. . . . Cloverdale Gulf ..... , .207 Little Gallery .... . Cole Supply ......... H193 Lively Music .......... . Coleman Insurance .... . .189 Lloyd Wood Construction Cork Cleaners ...... . .227 Lustig's ............. . Curtis Concrete ...... . .230 Louis Wiesel Inc.. . . . Debardeleben Coal ..,. . .201 Mack's Bait Shop .... . Deluxe Cleaners .... . .209 Malone's Book Store. . . . Delview Dairy .... . .226 McDonald's ....... . Dixie Air lnc. ...... . . .209 McPherson's ..... , . . . Dixie Steel .......... . .212 Mill End Fabric ....... . Downtown Motor Co.. . . . .223 Miss Alabama Fashions. . W. B. Drake 81 Son .... . .206 Mitchell Awnings ...... . Druid City Transit .... . .221 Morgenthau's . . . , Morrison's ...... ..... Morrow Real Estate. ..,. Motor Supply Company. .,.. . . . G. C. Murphy Company ..... . . . Music House, ........... . . . Northington Laundry.. Nottingham S.W.S.. . . . Optical Service .... Oswalt - Rogers .... Owen Meredith .... Park Shop ....... Parker Towing .,.. Parkview Beauty .... Parkview Drug ....,... Pennington Transfer . . . . . . . . Perry's Creamery ..... Peyton's Drug Store ..... . . . Pizitz ......,....... Plaza Beauty .... Putt Putt .......... Raymon's ......,...... , ......... . . . Rhodes 8K McLeod Leasing Company. . . . . . . . Rick 81 Son's Hardware ............ .. . Riggs Stephenson Motor Russell Lee Floor ....... ................. Schweitzer's ............,................. Sharp's Fish .................. . . ..'. . . . . Sherwin-Williams Company ,.... .........,... 1 Snipes .......................,.... . . . . Southern Bell .....,..... ....... , . . . . Southside Auto ...... trlit TLAW Qlpyyly LM twill Southside Cleaners ..... Spiller Feed ......,.... Stansell Pontiac-Cadillac Stein's Shoes .......... R. T. Strickland ,...... Stringfellow's Garage. . Tastee Freeze ........ T. R. Taylor Drug .... Tompson 84 Swaim ,.... Town 8. Campus ...... Town 81 Country ....,,. Tucker Motor Company, Tuscaloosa Bottlers ..... Tuscaloosa Business Machine Tuscaloosa Drug Company Tuscaloosa Federal ..... Tuscaloosa Home Furniture Tuscaloosa Marble ..... Tuscaloosa Motor Company Tuscaloosa News. . . . . . Tuscaloosa Optical Service Tuscaloosa Welding Company Twin Seam Mining Company University Cleaners .... W.A.C.T. ........... . Weatherford Printing. . . West Alabama Furniture White Appliance ...... Wilcutte's Construction. . Wiesel Company ..... W.N.P.T. ....... . -A- Abrams, Theresa ,. . , 54, 55, 59, 70, 72, 118, 153, Adair, Charlotte ................,. Adams, Gayle .,...,..............., Akins, Jerry . ,.....,. . .,........ 56, Albright, Carl .... 25, 36, 65, 71, 72, 116, Alexander, Wynne ..,..... 44, 51, 55, 72, 116, 118,152, 154, Allen, Marion Allen, Sara .......,....... . 56, Allen, William ..., 60, 74, 76, 117, 155, Alsobrook, Lynn .,.,,...........,.,. Anderson, Gail ,... .,.........,. , . . ,. Andress, Robert . . , ...,... 71, Apperson, Allen .. ,....,.., 69, Armstrong, Jean .. 53, 58, 74, Atchison, Wilda . , ..........,.,. . , Avery, Donna Nell ,..........,.,., 56, --B-- Bailey, Charlotte . .,,..,... ,..,. 5 6, Ballard, Ray .... ..... . .. 34, 37, Barnes, Breck ...... ...... 7 5, Baucom, Teresa ,.., . . . , . 53, 70, Beauchamp, Richard .. .,.,.. 55, Beck, John ., ...,.. ............... Belcher, Carolyn , .....,,......,... 56, Berthe, Mary 35, 55, 69, 117, Biggs, Clyde . . . ..,....,,..... . . . . Black, Priscilla . .,... 34, 64, 66, 71, 72, 83, 117, 152, Blakeney, William .............. 88, Bleier, Edwin .... 64, 65, 68, 70, 96, 97, Bolton, Lisa .....,....,,.....,...... Bomar, Lenn .,.. 34, 64, 71, 77, 156, 198, Booth, Sharon .....,.............,.. Boshell, Robert . .,....,.,,.,..... 88, Bowman, Cheryl .. ...... 47, Boykin, Eleanor .. .. 45, 74, Bracknell, Charles .. .,.. 56, Bridgers, Eugenia .. ...... 78, Brown, Daniel ,. ,...... 34, 156, Brown, John .. ,.........,.,.. 36, Brown, Teresa ...,.. 47, 59, 78, 156, Bryant, Paul ,..... 72, 89, 90, 92, 116, Burnett, Patricia ......,.,,...,.,,. 47, Burnette, Jeri . .,,.... 71, 72, 77, 117, .C- Calabrese, Patrick ,.....,,........ 56, Calhoun, Beverly . , 45, 54, 55, 58, 71, 72, Callahan, Doris ...,........,..... 37, Cammack, John .,..,..,.,,......... Campbell, Diane ,.. ....,... .... Campbell, James .... 68, 82, 83, Canty, Michael . , . .,......... 71, Capps, Merita ..,. .........,....... Cargile, Christine .... 56, 64, 72, 117, Caruthers, James ..,...,. 34, 37, 157, Chermock, Claudia Christ, Charlotte .. Christian, Charles B. Christian, Robert Clary, Charlene .. Clawson, Rickey . , , Cleino, Anne .,.. Clement, Carol . , . . . Clements, Johnny . , . Clements, Mary .. Clinton, Eleanor ., Cole, Donald .,.. Collier, Ronald Comer, Keith .,.. Conoway, Samuel Cook, Peggy ,. Cooper, Sam Cork, David ....,. Crawford, David Crenshaw, Edward Crownover, Dorothy . .......,... 58, 25,44,48, 51, 55, 71, 72, 76, Christian, Charles M. 60, 61, 72, 118, 68, 82, 85, 99,109, 53,75,98,99, 34, 54, 55, 72, ,....,....78, 45,70,72, 34, .. 37, 50, 55, . ist, 27, 76, 56, 55, 158, 1 16, 154 154 154 154 76, 154 70, 231 155 157 155 155 155 155 155 155 155 155 1 55 155 1 55 1 55 155 155 155 155 78, 1 56 156 156 1 56 231 1 56 1 56 1 56 1 56 156 1 56 207 1 56 174 156 156 156 156 157 157 157 157 157 157 157 157 160 157 157 50, 157 1 16, 158 87, 158 158 158 158 158 158 158 158 158 158 158 158 158 158 158 158 171 159 SENlORS -D.. Darnell, James ..,.,......,..,....,., Davis, Bonnie .... 53, 58, 72, 78, Davis, Clyde ..,. 75, Davis, Diane ...,.... 54, 55, 89, 108, Davis, Lester ..,.... 68, 82, de la Menardiere, Richard Deal, Julie ..,... Debter, Sandra .... 34, 45, 70, 72, 74, 45, 58, 70, 72, 74, Dedeaux, Johnny .,......,....... 56, Dickey, Shirley . . .....,,....... . . Dominick, Aubrey .,.. 65, 76, 82, 159, Duncan, Margie , .,..,.....,...... 56, Duren, Sara , .... ,.......... 3 4, 74, Earnest, Henry ,.... Ebersole, Charles .. Echols, Dorothy .,..,. 51, 71, 72, 153, Herring, James Hester, Faye ,. ,..,. ........... . . Hewitt, Ann ...,.... 34, 44, 54, 55, 70 116 Higginbotham, Joe ...,,.......,..... Hinton, Edward ..,. 68, 90, 92, 99, Hinton, Larry ...,. Hinton, Mary George 164, 153, 1 f Edgeworth, Charlotte .........,.. 47, Edmonds, Herbert ....,.....,....,.. Edwards, Crawford "Buddy" .... 53, 82, Elledge, William ................ 56, Estes, Charles ..........,. 68, 96, 97, Evans, Thomas .........,.,....,,.... -F- Falgout, George ................ 71, Fields, Mary Frances ..,. 45, 59, 77, Findlay, Toppy ..... ........ 7 2, Fischelli, James . . ..,.... .... . . Fisher, Eddie .... ,........... 5 6, Fletcher, George .... 64, 68, 82, 96, Folts, Allen ....,.....,... 37, 51, 76, Ford, Eddie ..,....... 25, 68, 82, 160, Forehand, Elizabeth ,.,... 44, 46, 64, 66, 89, 107, 109, Fo rt, Betty .,...,. Franklin, Ronnie .,.. Friday, Linda ...,.. Garner, Kathryn Garner, Sarah Jane Garrison, Billy .. Gewin, Juliette ..,. Glenn, Edward ,.,. . Goodwin, Susan .. Grafton, Kay . .. Gray, Paula .. Green, Denson .. Green, Jack .... Green, Mary ...,. Greenhaw, Donnie . . Griffin, Faye ,.... Grigg, Joyce ..,. Grow, Robert .. .,, 66321, '64, 78, -G- 55,5B,71 74,1615 . ea, 72, 136, 161, ffffffffffffflrr, 27, 34, 7o,72, ......,,.36,70, , .,....... 56, . .,.,... f'ii,'i66, 56, 72, . .. 34, 45, 55, Hocker, Thomas ,...,,., 44, 48, 51, 70 116, 118 Hocutt, Bernice . . . ,...,, 56, 78, Hodges, Cheryl . . ..... , . Hoda, Louise ...,, .... 4 7, Hoggle, Robert . . ,... ..... . . Hague, William ...,. .......... 7 1, Holoday, John .......... 55, 65, 164, Hollingsworth, James ..,.....,... 56, Holmes, Anita ..........,....,...... Hopkins, Katherine .,.. 36, 47, 71, 72, Houck, Ernie .,.. 70, 89, 90, 91, 92, 164, Houston, Jeff .....,...,.,.....,..., Howard, Shirley .,.,......,...,..... Howell, Catherine ....,............. Howington, Michael .... 48, 70, 72, 116, Hoyle, Hilburn ..,. -. ,........... 56, Hughes, Norris . . ....,........ . . Hughes, Scotty ...,,... 64, 68, 82, 96, Hulgan, William .,................ 56, -J.. Jackson, Susan .... 53, 62, 70, 72, 74, 78, Jacobs, Charles ...,................ Jaglowicz, Sally . . ..,......,... , . James, Ginger ............ 37, 38, 39, Jernigan, Mary Jo .... 44, 53, 63, 64, 73, 74, 117, 165, 175, Johns, Johnny .....,......,..,.. 36, Johnson, Barbara .... ..... Johnson, Betty ,....... .... Johnson, James Robert . . . . . , Johnson, Jo Ann ..... ....... Johnson, Linda .......,......,.,, 58, Johnson, Michael . ,....,,,.,.,... 71, Johnston, Robert .... 9, 60, 68, 98, 117, Jones, Louise ,,., ,...... 5 8, 70, 77, Jones, Marie . . ..,...... . . Jones, Roger ,... ....,..... Jordan, Joe ..., 71, Jordan, William ,.....,.. ....... 9 8, Joyner, Frank ....,,,.....,... 68, 75, -K- Keller, Fred .. ....,. .,.., . . Kelley, Elaine ,. ....,.,.. 59, Keltan, James .... ....,...... 7 1, Guthrie, Carolyn ...... 54, 55, 59, 72, 162, Guy, Reedie ...... 36, 70, 72, 116, 118, Guyer, Joel .. ..,........,,..... .. -H- Hailey, Randall . ,.....,,.. .. Hallman, Jerry .... .,.,. ...,. . . Hamby, Thomas . . ...,...... . . Hamilton, Alice .. 8, 34, 36, , ms, 117, Hamner, Richard .. . ,. 37, 64, 65, 70, 116, 118, Hankins, James .,. Hansford, Larry ,. . Harden, David ,... Haring, Harry ... Harless, Terry .. Harless, Vicki .. Harris, Johnny .,.. Hartley, Sue ....,. Hartley, William Hayes, Betty . , . . , 36, 71, 34, 37, 68, 71 99, 162i 69,82, ..... .72, . 71, 82, 96, 97, 54,55,72, 45, 51, 54, 62, 72, 116, 118, 152, Hayworth, Douglas ............ , ..... Head, James ....,. Heard, Allen .... Herman, Henry ..... Herndon, Thomas ,. , 34, 82, 96, 34, 56, 76, 72, Kendrick, Cherry ,... Ketchum, Nancy .. Kincaid, James ..,......... Knight, Barbara ..,. LaGrone, Glenda .,.. Arthur . . . Jane . . . Robert ..... Lamb, Charlotte ..., Lamoreaux, Phillip Lancaster, Joyce Lake, Lake, Lake, Latham, Ronnie ,.... Lawrence, Jeanette Lee, Marilyn ..,.., .. , 36, 38, 39, 55 77, 166, 58, 70, 166, -L- 45, 47, 48, 49, 53 73 167 sfsf 57, . '5s','55, 1.j'37,'7o, Lewis, Louis ., ............ ,,..., Lewis, Louise ........ Livingston, Camilla Livingston, Daniel ., Logan, Judith .,.. Lollar, Julia .. 56, 57, 1 17, 1 78, 76, 35, 73, 56, 56, 1 9, 55, Lord, Ann ,, .....,....,.., .. Lord, Jay ......,. Manderson, William Marcum, Clementine 53, 65, 71, 73, -M.. 47, 65, 100, 'J .t 'Q,gr,5g Marsh, Margaret Martin, Nellie .... 56, 76, 73, 103, 46, 71 , 46, , 1 Rankin, Howell . Massey, Rebel Mathes, Robert .... Matthews, Diana ................ 46, Mattison, Gary .,.. May, Rosemary 64, 68, 82, 88, 96, Medders, Donald ,.... .,..... Middendorf, Martha . . ..,..., 45, Miles, Don .,.............,...,.,.. Minges, William ..,....... 27, 71, 96, Mize, Susan ...... Morgan, Susie ., Morris, Henry . . . Murrell, Donald ., Murrell, John .,.. McClenny, Dennis Robertson, James .... 8, 58, 63, 74, 77, McClure, Jerry .... .. 68, 82, McCracken, Carol . . . ......,... . 37, McCracken, Sue ., ...,......,. 49, McCrory, Robin .. . .. . 54, 55, 58, 71, 74, 89, 116, 168, McCrory, William ., ............. . McDaniel, Betty .,.......,.. 56, 168, McDaniel, Mary Ann .... 37, 38, 39, 45, 59, 67, 73, 89, 116, 119, McDaniel, Robert .....,..,...,... 56, McEachin, Charlotte .... 34, 55, 73, 78, McNeill, Glennice . . , 55, 58, 66, 73, 83, McTyre, Edward ...,,... 53, 70, 71, .-N.. 64, 65, 68, 89, Neale, Susan Nelson, Helen , . ,. Nevins, Cecelia .. 5O,55, 71, 77, 169, 73, Pike, Wesley .. Porter, Bobby .. Pow, Margaret Price, Jane .... Prince, Barbara . . , . . Pritchett, Betty ...... Pritchett, Katie ,.,,. -Q- Quarles, Ralph ..... Rainey, Mahaska Ramsey, Sue ....., Ray, Charles Reach, Charles Reed, Ronald Reeves, Richard , Rice, Alfred ..,... , Richardson, Jewel Richardson, Joe Rickett, John ,... Riden, Lyn .......,. Roberson, Nancy Roberts, Anne , ...,..... ,. 1 f Nichols, Anne .. 34, 45, 54, 55, 116 Nicol, Thomas .... 64, 65, 100, 119, 169 Niles, Grover .........,..., , , . . ,. 98, Nix, Michael ..,..,... ..,....... 5 6, Nottingham, Patricia .... 47, 78, 170, Nuckols, Mariarie .,...........,,. 71, Nuckols, Thomas .................... .Q-. O'Bryant, Laura .............. 56, 57, Olson, Stella ..,......,...,,..... 78, Orr, Charles ,..... 47, 68, 89, 90, 91, Osborn, Julia , .... , .,..........., 56, Overall, Ann ....... 47, 71, 78, ..p.. Palmer, Marilyn . . 25, 37, 45, 55, 58, 71, Park, Cynthia ,.......... 77, 170, Parker, Timothy ..,...., Rose, Susan .... Rucker, William . Savage, John Schembs, Sharon Schmitt, Joe . , . Shaffer, Wayne , Shelton, Ben Ann Shurett, Rudy . , . Skelton, Elaine . Skelton, Scott . , Slayton, Beverly Smathers, Jean . . . . Q ' '65,' 'aff bb, 119 , 171, 55, sa, 5s,7a, 54, 55, 58, 73, 78, . 51, 55, 66 71, 83, 89, 152, . 44, 53, 64, 68, 87, 153, 172, -R.. ...66, .. .,.56, .. 65, .. 56, .. 70, ,. 70, .. 69, 56, 68, 76, 82, 160, 172, 187, 59, 66, 83, . 45, 48, 49, 51, 70, 73, 77, 54, 55, 119, 172, 68,96, -5.. . ..,. 45, 58, 74, . 8, 13, 34, 44, 65 72, 89, 116, 152: 55, 58, 56, .. 56, 56, .. 56, Stringfellow, Martha ....., 34, 55, 73, Stripling, Beverly 56, Strong, Stuart .... ..... 6 8, 75, 98, Stuckey, Anne .......,....., 73, 78, Sullivan, Jon Rey .. 48 51 55 64 65 51, 75, 75, ai, 96l 97: Summerville, Richard 51, 70, 73, 118, 163, Sutley, Virqinia .,,. ..,.,...... 4 9, Swaim, . .... 55, 66, 71, 73, 83, 89, 160, ..1'.... Taylor, Donald ......,. . . Taylor, Ronnie .. Terrell, A. G. ., Terry, Allen ..,,,. 116,118, 122, 172, Thompson, Jeff .. Tillotson, Anne 76, 51, 63, 73, Townsend, James ....,.. 76, 88, Townsend, William ............,..... Tucker, Carolyn .... 48, 49, 58, 73, Tucker, "Pinkie" ..,...,.,... 58, 78, Tucker, William . . 65, 68, 82, 88, 109, 176, Tucker, Frank .......,........ , . . . . . -U.. Underwood, Charlotte .... ........ Upchurch, Celeste ............ 46, 78, -V. Vaughn, Michael ,. , ,. .,.,...,... 36, Vines, Melvin ....,..............,.. Vining, Frances .... 8, 9, 34, 48, 74, -W.. Wade, Sarah Ann ,.,... 47, 55, Walker, Anne .... ...... 6 9, Walker, Ruth ,,. . . . 36, 55, Walters, Wilson . . .,..,..,..,... . . Waugh, Betty .......... , ....... 55, Wear, Mary Beth ..,. 37, 54, 55, 71, 73 1l6,118,153, Wedgeworth, Ann .,..,.,....,.. 47, Wedgeworth, Linda .. ..., .. Welborn, Ladora . . . . .. 46, West, Sandra . . . , ,..,, . . . 74, White, Gloria ....., ............. 64, 77, 177, Whitfield, Eilzabeth Wilbourne, Sue Ann .... 34, 54, 64, 73 177, 188, 193 Williams, Betty ............ 77, 177, Williams, James S. ...... .,...,. . Williams, James Thomas Williams, Mary Evans .,...... 73, 77, 65 67 Williams, Roger ...... 37, 51 , , , f 91,92, 103, 116, 119, 170, Partlow, Margaret .... 51, 63, 66, 71, 83, 109, 116, 153, 154, Patterson, Jessica . . 51, 54, 55, 58, 70, 73, Patterson, Patricia Peeks, Jack , . .,........,.......... . Perkins, Charles . . . . . Perryman, Sue Phifer, Reese .,. ..... Phillips, Beverly . , . . .. 46, Phillips, Jo Ann ,. .........,. .. Phillips, Ross ... ....,,.... .... Pierce, Donna .. 47, 55, 58, Smith, Andrew . .... 37, Smith, Ann ..,. ..,... 5 6, smith, Boyd ,. 69, 117, Smith, Cynthia .,... .. 47, 58, 74, Smith, Marceline ........... Smith, Michael . ..... 37, Smith, Shannon . . , . . 56, Snider, May Ann , . . 56, Spence, Sharon ..., ...... 56, Springfield, Lendie , . . ...,.,. . 82, Stabler, George .......... 37, 73, 116, Stallings, Larry ,.,,.....,...,......., Standridge, Henry "Sonny" . . . . . 27, 34, Stapp, Charles ..,...,.. .. 174, Steele, Bettye ....,.... ....... Stephens, Sheila . .,.......,..... 56, Stewart, Brenda ......,.,... 58, 78, Still, Suzanne ,. .. 34, 73, 74, 116, 174 I Stone, Louise .... ..........., 5 6, Stringer, James .. .. 34, 65, 68, 71, 109, 118, 154 JUNIORS Bailey, Sara ......,...........,.,. Ball, William ..,,.,. ., Barger, Andrew ...., .. 51, 70, 75, 34, Williamson, Pullen Wilson, Peggy ...... Wood, Linda .... Woodley, Royce .. Wooley, Morris , . Wyatt, Eloise . . Wyatt, James .. Wyatt, Robert Wyatt, Sarah ,...,. Yerby, Brenda ,. .A-. Adams, Jane .... .....,. 5 3, 71, 75, Adams, Larry ... .........,,. .... Allen, Karen .. 34, 47, 53, 71, Allen, Richard ..,..........,.... 82, Alread, William ..,.,. 90, 91, 92, 122, Anders, Joe ..,...,,,.,. 55, 70, 100, Apperson, Kenneth Arey, Janet .... 24, 37, 54, 55, 70, 122, Armstrong, John ,...... . 55, 82, 122, Averette, William ...,.....,,......... Bailes, Shirley , . . Bailey, Bruce . . . Bailey, Rebecca . . -5. 22,55, Hfslsl, Barksdale, Donald Barnett, Clyde Barnett, James .. Barton, Barbara Barton, Joe ,,,.. Bingham, Michael Blair, Billie ...,.. Blankenship, Grace Blumenfeld, Cory . Boeder, Barney .. Booth, Sarah 53, 64, 68, 99,119, 88, 22, 34, 60,71, ,,..53, 53, 75, 70, 73, 76, 98, 166 46, f '55,' '58, 73, 97, ., 64, 71, 82, 87, 1 19,178 .Y- Bosch, Brenda ,... . . . 47, Bostick, William . . ........ . . Bowman, William . . . . . . 36, 37, Branscomb, Lamar ,. ...... . . Brock, William ..,.. ,,,,... Brook, Clarence ....,, , , . 71, Broughton, Kenneth , . . . . , 56, Brown, Mack ...,... Brown, Martha , . . Bruce, Patricia .. Bryan, Carol Buck, Charles . , . Buck, Kate .,.,.. Buford, Margo ,. Burke, Harold , . , 82, 53, 75, .. 45, 53, 56, 56, 34, Burrage, Daniel Burrell, Sandra .. 35, Burt, Melba Jean . 56, 75,114, Bush, Eugene .,. . . .. 49, 117, Byrd, Gary .....,........ 64, 68, 82, -C- Caldwell, John .,,. 65, 68, 75, 82, 96, 111, 119, 123 Caldwell, Richard .. . Campbell, Janice .. .. Canty, Camilla .. .,. Cardinal, Robert .. ., Carter, Joann .... Cavert, Peterson . . Christian, Cary ,. Chunn, Brenda ,. , Clarke, Kendall ... ..... Cobble, James ........... 71, 53, 77, 123, . 55, ,. 55, 75, 37,53, Cochrane, Brantley ..,. 53, 64, 77, 123, Collins, Jane D. Collins, Jane E. Compton, Earl ,. , Compton, Sharon' ., Cook, Diana .... 51, 71, 75, 35, 53, Gaut, David ....., Gewin, Michael .. Gibson, Barbara ., Giles, Susan ,... Gilliland, James . Glaze, Jerry Glendenning, Sue Glenn, Rebecca Grant, Bobby Gravlee, Mary Eliz. Gresham, James . Griffin, Janet Griffin, Merle ,.... Griffin, Sue Ellen Gumprecht, Nancy Guy, Harold ,...,. Guy, Wesley Gwin, Patricia Hall, Dinah .....,. Hall, Peggy ..... Hallmark, Donald Hannah, Donald . Hannah, Sherrell . 49, 55, 75, Cook, Mackey . , . Cooke, Yvonne .. Cooper, Jackie .. Cruse, John ..... Curry, Carol ,.,. Curtis, Christopher Daffron, Donna ,, Dameron, Patricia 37, 48, 51, 71, 55, 71, .. 53, 60, 61, 88, -D- 61, Hargle, Phillip Harris Diane . . Harris Roy ....... Hayes, Estes .... 47 Hayes, Jody .,.,.. Hayes, Michael Hayes, Pat ...... Hayes, Preston . , . 75, 124, 33, 51, 55, 65, 69, , 53, 70, 77, 110, 124 37,53, 119, .. 34, 55, 124, 53, 55, 75, -H.. 53, . ....., 28, 35, ll 1fi55,'71,"s'2', 88, 19, 37, 38, 39, 1 Daniel, Larry ,..... Daniel, Mary .... Davidson, Judith . . . Davis, Anna ...,, . . Davis, John .., ... Davis, William . . , 56, 155, ' 55, '75,' 125, Dean, lnez ..,. . . , Dean, Thomas .,... Dobbins, Jane ...... Dockery, Ed "Rusty" .. Dodge, William ..... . , , Driscoll, David ....,,.,,.. Duncan, Alice Ann .,.. 34 Dutton, Peter ....,. ..,..., -E.. Earnhardt, Kaye ......., Edgeworth, Grace . . ,. Edwards, Sarah Gay .. Elam, Billy Joe Elam, Carolyn Elliott, Glenda . ..., , fax, 51 , 64, 66 83 53, 123, 51, 71, Elliott, Mary ,.,. 48, 50, 51, 63, Elmore, James ., , .,. Essary, Martha ...... Estes, Carole , .,,... . 56, 34, Etheridge, Mary Ruth ....... ,.... 3 5, Everett, Robert ..,...,..., Ezell, Ronnie .... 53, 64, 82, 111, 122, 1 1 Hays, Lawrence . . Heacock, Rex .... Hedrick, Marie ..,... Hempstead, Gloria .. Herrod, Henry ...,... Hicks, Patricia 37 Hill, Wanda .,.,..... Hinton, Claude "Sonny" Hinton, Sarah ,...... Hisey, John ... ... Hitson, Gail . .. Hix, Jon ........ Hocutt, Billy Ray .. Hofstetter, Alan Hoggle, Mike Hoggle, Thomas Holder, Jan ......... Hollingsworth, Faye , , . Hollingsworth, James . Hollis, Larry ......... Hollyhand, Douglas Hoole, Elizabeth Horton, Judy ...,. House, Orman Howell, Cyrus Humphries, Jerry ,.,.. 56, 36, 35, 9, 55, 82, 111,124 aa, 39, 62, 74, 124,187 .. .. 36, 55, .. 46, 53, ,f.'55, .. ' '..,b. dz ,. 90, 92, 55, 75, 59, 125, .. .,.37, Faircloth, Anne .....,..,..,.. Farley, Judith Farr, Mary Bama Ferguson, Gerald Fielder, Jean ..... Fincher, James ., Fisher, Mary ., Fitts, Delane . .. Fleming, Curtis .. Fleming, Kathy ,. Fletcher, Doris .,...... Ford, Imelda .... Foster, Pete .. 63, 53, 82, 98,119,124, -F.. 46,75, 114, 49, 78, .. 34, 56, ,. 34, 47, 53, 75, 71, 55, 53, 69, 71, 77, Foster, Ronald .........,.....,.,..,. 187, Hutt, Joe Lee ..,,,...... ..,.. ..1... lngram, Rebecca .......,...,........ -J... Jackson, Jack .....,.. 55, 65, 68, 100, Johnson, Marilyn .,..,......,....., Johnson, Sally .,... ,, 49, 53, 125, Jones, Cheryl ,. 34, 55, 71, Jones, James .. . ,.,.,.. . . . . Jones, Kyra 35, 50, 77, Jones, Nancy ..,. ...... 5 6, Jorda n, Carey . Foster, Sharon .............. 55, 71, Frazier, Jessica .. Fretwell, Richard -G- Gamble, Mary .. Garner, Sara . , . Gary, Richard . , . 36, ,..47, 1 Junkins, Lamar .........,.. 71, , -K- Keller, Hugh .. .... .. 53, 75, Kelley,Jerry ., Kellum, Kenneth .. .... ., Kent, Linda Kidd, Jack ,.., .. . 53, Knight, Brady .... . .. 71 Knoblock, Mabel . . .... . . Koster, James ...... ....,.... Kuykendall, Jerry . . . . . 34, 53, 124 124 124 124 124 124 124 125 124 124 124 124 124 124 124 124 124 124 124 124 124 124 124 124 70, 125 124 127 124 53 124 124 124 124 124 124 ea, 151 75, 207 124 124 124 124 124 124 124 124 124 124 124 124 125 125 125 125 222 125 125 125 125 125 125 125 127 125 125 125 125 125 125 125 125 125 125 125 125 125 125 125 Kyle, Amelia 45, 51, Kyzer, Donald ... .,. 37, 53, 71, 75, Kyzer, Ronald ..,,...... 37, 53, 71, 75, -L- LaGrone, Roy .... ...,. ...,.., 5 6 , Lake, Betty ..... . . ......... , , Langford, Danny 24, 36, 71, Langford, Linda .,...,.. 28, 35, Langston, Sally ..., 36, 55, 70, Lawley, Gerald Lawrence, Phyllis .,.,.,.... . 51, Ledbetter, Linda ......,.,,..,,.. Lee, Ann ...,... 37, 51, 70, 75, Lee, Gail ..... ...... ,..,., 3 4 , Lee, Patricia LeMaistre, Alice . . . . . . 51, 77, LeRoy, Robert ...... .......... Lindsey, Margaret 35, 70, Lockhart, Michael .... ..,,..... , . Logan, James "Sonny'f .... 68, 82, 97, Lovelady, William Lowery, Shirley ....,.,... ,..... 5 6, Lucky, Charles ..M.. Montel, Robert .,,.,.....,... 12, 36 Marlowe, James .,,. 82, 86, 90, 91, 92, Mason, Mathew 56, Mather, Alexander .. Mattison, Charles Mayfield, Martha Maze, Sammy ..... Meadows, Lane . Meadows, Michael 75, sh, '53,'71, ,, 53, 70, 75, f 1. f ' 55 71, Medders, Ann ..... ..,,...,., 1 7, 53, Meyer, Karen ,.,...,...,... 36, Miller, David ..,..... 53, 68, 70, 98, 99, Mitchell, Bonnie Mitchell, Ellen .......,,. 47, 53, Mitchell, Louise Mitchell, Pamela 71, 75, , .,..,.,, 56, Mize, Norman .... Montgomery, Vera . , . 55, ., ,. 47, 51, 58, 60, 126, Moore, Diane ... ... Moore, Rufus . . . . . . Morris, George , , . . . . McAdams, Sandra . , . . . McCarter, Sarah . . . . . McCracken, Ray . . , , . McCraw, Robert ,... .... , . . McCullough, Richard , . ....... . . McGahey, Paulette , , , . . 125, 126, McMinn, Jan .,......... ..,...... McMullen, Tommy ......... .... . ,. -N- Nealeans, Susan .. ............ 37, Neeley, Dianne ......... 53, 69, Nelson, Jean .... ..,.. 7 8, 110, 122, Nevin, William . ,.,......,.,....., ,, Newman, Ann .... 9, 48, 49, 51, 67, 75, 125, 126, Newman, Roger .................... Niehuss, Fern ., 35, 55, 126, Nisbet, Jean . . . . ,,.. 8, 35, 65, 75, 83, 117, Nisbet, Judith .. 36, 75, Noland, Annette ......,,,. Norris, Jack Nowell, William .,,......... .. 53, -Q- O'Neil, Jack .... ..,.., . ,. Owens, Jean ..,.....,,.........,.... .-p.. Parker, Nina Beth ,..... 35, 53, 70, 77, Parr, William .........,......,... 71, Patterson, Marsha .......... 51, 70, Pearson, Marion ...... 36, 55, 71, 76, Pearson, Virginia ,,.......,.,...... Pennington, Carol .. .. 36, 38, 39, , 126, 187, Pennington, Virginia ... , .... . . .. Peters, Sarah ....,...... ,.... 5 6, Phillips, Kenneth ......,.....,..,.,.. Pickens, John 65, 68, 90, 91, 125 125 125 125 125 125 125 125 1 25 35 1 26 1 26 126 126 126 126 126 126 55 126 126 126 126 126 126 126 126 126 126 126 126 126 62, 157 126 126 126 126 126 126 126 126 126 126 220 126 126 126 126 126 126 70, 227 126 127 66, 126 126 126 126 126 126 126 126 126 126 126 64, 207 126 126 126 92, 76, Allen, Pickett, Edward .... . . . Pool, Donald .... . , . , , 100, 122 .... 65, 96, 70, 34, 74, 77, 117 122 1 Pugh, Judy .... ...., 3 7, 38, 39, Pyles, Susan .......... -Q- Quinn, Nancy ......,,.. -R- Raitord, Christine ....... Raiford, Evelyn . Randall Pettus ,... Reed, John .,...,...... Reynolds, David Reynolds, Mark .... Reynolds, Sharon .. .. Rhodes, Rebecca .. .. Rice, Rachel ...... Richardson, Ann .,... Roberts, Mary Helen ...., Rollins, Vencent ,. .,., 37, Rose, Ryan, Paul ............ Sammie Jean ..... -5- Sandusky, Jinx . Scott, Scott, Gail ..,. William ... Seals, Sammy . , Seebeck, Ann .,,. Shamblin, Robert .. Shamblin, William ., Sharp, Sue .,..,,. Shepherd, Alston .. Si kes, Gwen ,.., . Simon, Joe ,... Sims, Jackson . . . Skelton, Rebecca .. Skinner, Linda .. . Smith, Foss .... , .. 36, Smith, Jerry Smith, Joe ., .. -A- Abernathy, James ...... Acre, Joseph Allen Adams, Barbara . . . Adams, Franklin Adams, James ,.. Adams, Kenneth ., Aldridge, Joe .....,.... Alexander, George ..,.,. Alexander, William Michael Alexander, Michael Gene Allen, Clyde ,......,.,. . Allen, David Houston Allen, David Wayne . . . Allen, John Thomas .,.. Allen, Patricia ..,... .. William ...., 37, 75, 35,47,53,55, , 48, 51, 64, 65, 68, 82, Ray, William ,... 36, 49, 53, 70, 75, 117, . 55, 69, . . . 35, 35, 47, 35, 37, 71, 75, 71 , 56, 53, 70, 187, 195 39, 51, 71, . .,... 75, 47, 55, 127, 53, .. 53, 75, . ,...,, 51, 71, 37, 55, 70, 19,1 76,' 106, 53, Aff.'f.f lah, 58, az, 99, 35, 55, 58, 100, H1446, '51, . f f l:17,'75, .. 48, 49, Anderson, Gary Andress, William .... Archibald, Dwayne Arendale, James .. Armstrong, Linda . . . Armstrong, Tippy . , Ashby, Thomas ..... , . Ashcroft, Charlotte Ashley, Gayle .......... Askew, Laura Anne -B- Bagley, Robert ......... Bagwell, Sharon ..,..... Baker, ivy ....,......., 35, 51, lie, 49, '35,' 47, . ., 34, Banks, Ann .... 35, 51, 54, 64, 101, Banks, Dale . .,..........,...,.. . Barksdale, Earnestine Barnett, Larry ....., .......... Barringer, William .. ...,,. 34, Bassett, Howard . . . .. 36, 55, 46, 71, 82, 71, 75, 34, 76, 46, 55, 48, 46, 46, 1 13, si, 95 75, Smith, Julia .,... Smith, Lawrence Snipes, Betty Jo .. Snipes, Carolyn ..., Sparks, Dorothy Sparks, Judith Spell, Paul Spence, Ronald ....... Spradley, Victor ...,. Springer, Martha Raye Springfield, Rebecca Squires, Karl ..... Stabler, Anita . . . . . . Stallings, Linda ..,... Stansell, Diane .... Stephens, Michael ...,. Stewart, Dennis Stewart, Martha .. Stewart, Mary . . . Stokes, Trellis . . . , , Strickland, Carol ,. Styles, George . . . Sukiennik, Carol .. Sullivan, Leo ..., Sumner, Bobby . .. Swail, Clark ........ Swindle, Clarence Taylor, Rubye , . . Taylor, Teresa . . . Terrill, Sheila . ,. Tharin, Ted ...... Thigpen, Douglas , . , . Thomason, Richard ,. . Thompson, Richard Tidmore, Judy .,.. Tidmore, Linda . , . Toftel, Abigail .. Tubbs, Shirley . . . Tucker, Joe Tucker, Linda . . . Tucker, Ralph . . . .. 36, 38, 39, "ifff'5aQ, 2757, 34, .. ,. .,... 56, 77, 53, 36, 47, 53, 36, 51, 53, 77, 128, 200, 53, 71, 53, 71, 82, -T- 37, 53, 70, , ..... 51, 71, 34, 50, 51, 70,119 ,.f521, 55, Q 1 1755, 57,'75, .. 51, 70, SOPHOMORES Bates, Bette , .,.. ..,.. 130, Baucom, Elizabeth .,...... 48, 51, 55, Ba ughma n, Wayne Beadle, Jack ..... Beal, Judy ...,.. Beams, Dwayne . . , . Beams, Linda .... Beard, Sue .....,., Beasley, Donald Beatus, Larry ..,. Beck, Leroy Bell, Doris ...... Bennett, Martha ., Bennett, Patricia Bennett, Shirley Besant, Louise . ,. Bill, Judy ..... Billings, Phil ..... Bishop, Leona ....... Black, Jimmy Ellen .. Bodin, Steven ,..., , . Booth, Joyce ,. . . . . Boothe, William Boozer, Karen Bostick, Lynette Boteler, James Boyd, Elizabeth Branton, Harriett .. Brasfield, Barbara ., Brasfield, Margaret . . Brewer, Glenda . ,. Bridgers, Myrial . ,. Brock, James .... Brook, Lucy ,..... Brooks, Louie Broughton, Scarlett Brown, Joe ...,..... 34, 35,45,55, 53, 48, 49, 50, 55, fff '45, '45,' '53, 35, 51, "f35,Qi7, 45, 51, 46, 54, 55, 64, 112, 53, 35, 45, 53, . ,..... 93, 47, 32, 53, 49,55, 34, 47, 51, 47, 53, 75, 19, 69, 36, Turner, Donald ,... 71, Tyler, Joyce ,...... 35, 51, 71, 75, -V- Vick, Charlotte . . . . . 56, Vines, Betty , . . . . . . . . 53, -W- Wade, James ..,....... ,.. 71, Walker, Mary .... ...., Walters, Charles . . . . . Walters, Gary , . . . . . Walters, Patricia . . . . . Watson, Jimalyne . . . , Watts, James ...... , . . Webster, Marinell . . .. . . Weeks, Martha . . , . ,,.. . . 35, Welch, Lanny ,... ..,.....,., Welton, Janet ..... ,. 35, 51, 55, Westbrook, Patricia ,...... . . , . . Weston, Jacqueline . 51, 70, 75, Wheat, Graham ,. . ..... .,..., Wheat, Joyce ...... . . , Wheatley, Donald White, Fred ...... . . , 71, White, Jean .,.... Wiggins, Mary Anne Wilkins, Jerry ,..,.... Williams, George .. Williams, Michael , Williams, Ted ,..,. Williamson, Johnny Winborne, Edward ,. .. Winstead, Dwain . , Woodley, Susan . . Worthy, Robert ..., Wright, Mary Charles . Wright, Rebecca .. Wyatt, Bobby ..,.. Zeanah, Patsy .. , Zeanah, Rex Brown, Julia Ann ., Brown, Mitzi .,... Brown, Patsy .,... Burgess, George .. Burleson, Danny Ray Busby, Betty ...... Bush, Jeneva ,..,, . . . Butler, Pamela ....... -C- Caddis, Al .............. ff.ff'A9, 1155, ' 53, 69, 71, ., 64, 68, 82, 128,187 ...,.. 56, 82, 53, 128, 200, 70, , . . . . , 46, 53, . 34, 53, 64, 128, 193, 200 56, ., 47,53, 151, 65, . . . 37, 45, 50, .. 51, 136, 35, 76, 82, Calhoun, Jan .,.... 33, 45, 50, 51, 69, Cannon, Skip .... 64, 82, 113, 130, 200, 207 Carr, Michael .,. .......... .,.. Cayley, Judy ....... ...... 4 7, Chabannes, Rene ,. .. 37, 55, Chadwick, Roy Mike . , . .... . . . . Champion, Leon ..,.,. ...,...... Chancy, Cherry .. .......,... .. Christ, Shirley ., 35, 53, 130, Christian, Dale .. 34, 51, 63, 129, 130, Cl1fiSfiGI1, Douglas .. ..,,.,,..... l. Clarke, Carolyn .. 36, 47, 53, Clark, Camille .... Clark, Constance Clark, Emily ,... Clark, Peter ,... Clark, Zelma .,,.., Clement, Kathryn .... Clifton, Robert .... Coatney, Sammy .. Cobb, Larry ........ Colee, Norma Gail Congleton, Greg . . . Cooper, Margaret . . . 47, 49, .,....49, 76, 36, ....47, 49, 76, 55, 1 f 46, 55, 37, Copeland, Carol . . . Corder, Dorothy Corkren, Janice . . . Cox, Barbara ..,. Cox, Kenneth Cox, Lonnie .....,. Crawford, Joan ,,., Crawford, Mary , . . Crow, Robert Crowder, Judy .. Crume, Alice ,... Culwell, Carol ......... Cunningham, Dan ...D- Darden, Carolyn ....... Davidson, Michael 47, 53, 'fif'47, 37 47, '16, ss, 46 33, 51, Griffin, Sara ....., Guin, Emma Kay Guin, Tommy Guthrie, Paul 35, 47,55,l32, Guyer, Donald .,..,...,,.. . , . Guyer, Ronald ....,,,...,... . . . -H- Hahn, Gary Hahn, Nancy .. Hailey, Anita ,,.. Hall, Betty Jane ,. Hallman, Albert Hamilton, Daniel .. Hamiter, William .... Hammonds, Odessia . . . Hamrick, Joyce ,.... Hanes, Beverly ..... Hardy, Janice ..,... Hargrove, Martha .. Haring, Nancy .... Harless, Glenda . . , Harless, Ronald Harless, Timothy ,. Harrell, Edwin Harris, Larry ...,. Davis, Christopher Davis, Gary . , . , , . Davis, Harold .,.. , , . Davis Jerry . , . ....... . , , . Davis Judy .... .,..... 4 5, Davis, Ronald 48, 51, 63, Davis Shirley . . . . . . 36, 38, Davis Wanda ... ... ....., 47, Davis, Warren ,. ......... . Day, Warren ...... 64, 65, 96, 113, Dean, Billy ,.. ........,... ..., Decker, Gary ... ,.., Del Gatto, Linda .. Dent, Cathy ..,... Dickey, Johnny Dostor, Katherine . . . . 55, Earnest, Genella Dill, Donald ..,..... Disney, Janell ,. ,,.... Donaldson, Jessie Ray Douglas, Christian Dowdy, Diane Duncan, Carl ..,. Duncan, Warren . ,, Duncan, Yalonda Dunn, Wanda .....,. Eady, Linda ......., 51, 35, ,, 45, 51, ,. '47,' 46,' Harrison, Carol .. . Harrison, Earnest Hartley, Jennifer ...,, Hartman, Melvin Thomas Harvey, James Hassel, Alice .....,... Hawley, Beverly ., Hayden, Ralph .. Hayes, Gayle .... Hayes, Jerry . . . Hayes, Shirley .. Hedrick, Gilbert .. Heller, Susan .,.. Hellums, Lavinia , . . Henderson, Gene ., Herndon, Jack ...... Herring, Deborah ,. , Herrod, Suzanne .. Earnest, Vicki .... Edmonds, Kay Emerson, Julia . ,,.. L f., 35,' U English, Michael . . . Epperson, Ronald .,,. Etheridge, Wayne . . . 71, Evans, Denny .....,..., ..,... Evans, Jerry .....,,...... . . , -F- Faber, John ......,..,. . . . Fairchild, Carolyn . ,... Falgout, James ,... . . Falgout, Lynn .... Falls, Elizabeth .. ... Faulkner, Carl ... ,... Faulkner, Sharon .. Fife, Glenda Faye Floyd, Glenda ..,. .. Franklin, Brady .... . . . ,. 46, Franklin, Peggy .......... , ,. Fretwell, Bobby Ray ........ -G- Garner, Thomas ........,..,...,,.., Giles, Mary Jane .35, 45, 47, Gilmore, Robert ..... ..,..... 3 6, Gleisberg, Sandra . , , ...... 47, Glisson, Charles . .. . ,. 51, Goodwin, David . . . .,,. . , . . Goodwin, Tom ....,..,. Graham, Douglas . ,,,.... . Grammer, Michael Doyle ............ Grant, Jack ,. .,,............,,. . Gray, Elizabeth ..,. ... 51, 69, 75, Green, Judith ....... . .,....... , Greene, Mary Ellen .,.,.......... Greer, Franklin ....,... 48, 53, 71, ..,48,49 34, 37,5l, Hewitt, Hickey, John .... Ruby Hildreth, Cheryl ..,. Hill, Janice ..,.. Hodo, Diane ,. . , Hoggle, Olen ....,. Holaday, Delaney Holcomb, Dennis ....,. Holcomb, Sandra Gail . Holley, Netta ..,...,. Hollingsworth, Alice . . . i..f'35,i'49, ,.....49, ,, 37, 64, ..., 46, 45 ..37, 55, 75, 47, 46, '45, f '47,' si, '46, .. 59,7e, ,....35, Hffss, ' 47,421 '66, ,. 49, 50, .. 36, 55, Ties, 51775, "ff'ss,'47, '.'ss,'699, 55, 93, 35, Holloman, Susan .... 47, 51, 106, Holloway, Valcus . , .......,.. , Holmes, Jerry ... ...... .... Hopkins, Lucy ... ...,,.. .. . . Hopper, Robert . . . , . 48, 132, Howell, Janet Horton, Connie . . . . . Hosmer, Floyd . . , . , , Houston, William . . ......,. . . Howton, Thomas . . .,....... . . Hughes, Carol ..... ...... 3 5, 53, 74, Humphries, Beth . .,... ......., 4 6, Hunter, Cheryl ,. .. 51, 75, 133, Hunter, Michael ....,.....,......... .4- lngram, Thomas .,,,.... . . . 55, 76, Iverson, Donna , .....,,.. .. 55, 64, .-1- Jackson, James Ray ...., . , . Jacobs, Carole , ...... .......... James, Kenneth ... .....,. .. ,. Jernigan, Kay . Johnson, Don .......... Johnson, Johnson, Linda .,.,... Johnson, Terry . John Carroll ... Gribbin, Robert ,..... 37, 51, 64, Griffin, Ann , ..... ...... ,..,, . . Griffin, Geneviere Jones, Brenda . . . Jones, Bruce . , . Jones, George . . . Jones, Larry . . . 47, 51, 75, 34, 76, ,fA4Qs, 34, ffri, Jones, Margie ..,...,.. Jordan, Robert .,..,.... -K. Keith, James .,........ Kendall, Tommy ,.., 90, 6 ' ' A ' ' ' ' H Kennedy, Paul Key, Richard .., .,,., Kiker, Charles .. Kilgrow, Anne .. King, James .,.. Kinsoul, Regina .... Kirby, Billy ..... Kirk, Sally .......,, Kirkland, Donald .... Kirkley, Marsha . . . Koch, Charlotte Koeppel, Kay .......... Krupp, Margaret ...,... -L- LaClair, Thomas ..,.... 1, 92, 100, "'fi'5b, .. ff '55,' .. 35, LaMoreaux, Jim ...,......,. 55, 74 Lancaster, Jo Ann ,...... Lancaster, Norma .... 51 Lancaster, Reginald ,,,.. Laney, Malcolm .... Larson, Walter . ,. Lary, Joe ......, Latham Carolyn , . Latham, Joel .,.., Latham, Latham, Mickey , . . Woody . . . Latner, Calvin Lawrence, Jane ..... Lawrence, Sherrie Lawson, Stewart ., Lee, Lee, Lee, Lee, Charles .... Linda ...... Margaret . . Patricia . . . Lewis, Ellen Lewis , Jerome Lewis, Laurene ,. Lewis, Ronald Lindsey, Judith ,. Lindsey, Richard .. Livingston, Kay ,... Lockman, Oliver .. Lowe, Gloria ,... Lowery, Dorothy ,. Lumpkin, Shirley ....... Lyons, Thomas ......... .-M- Manderson, Wilbur ..,... , 75, 134, f f f' 46, 49, V. .341 '36, Q65, .ff'46f 65, 100, Marable, William ,.......,.. ,,.. . Marcum, Vernon .. Marks, Floyd ..,..,, Marlowe, Kenneth .. Martin, Stanley Massey, Faye Massi, Richard ........ Mathews, Mary Jane McBryde, Fay ....,.... McCarter, Thomas .. McClusky, Daniel McCook, Richard ....... .. 98, 36,5l, . 71, 76, McCollum, Harry ...,............ McCracken, Elizabeth .... McCracken, Joy ...... McCracken, Ray McCraw, Danny .. McDaniel, Virginia .. Mclntosh, Anita . . . Mclntyre, Agnes ,. Meade, Robert ..., Meadows, Jackie . . . Meggs, Sandra . . . 35, Meharrey, Paul ..,, ......,... Menning, Whitney . . . Miller, Barbara ... .. Minges, Edwin ...,.. Minor, Lonnie ..,....., Mitchell, Murry Rodney . Mizell, Gail ..,..,..... Mizel l, Gary ., 47, 51, .. 46, 49, Winstead, Charles 82, Moman, Richard . . , . . Montgomery, David .. Montgomery, Edward ,. Moody, Louise ..,.... Moore, Elizabeth . . . Moore, Janice Morgan, Shirley Mosley, Betty Jo 35,51,64 35,46, 46,55, 67, 67, Murphree, Roger ..,..... . .,..... . Murphy, Donald -N- f Nelson, Linda ...,....... .... 4 7, 75, Nelson, Susan ..,...... Norris, "Buddy" George 45,49, 53, 69, Northcutt, Marilyn .... 36, 38, 39, 55, Northrop, Elizabeth ..,... 35, 55, 75, Novatnak, Carol ................ 67, Nuckols, Peggy ...,.......... 35, 46, -Q.. O'Neal, James , ..... , .... ,... 7 6, Oswalt, Gwen .,.. ........ ....... Overton, Gayle .,,.... Owens, Marcia .......,.. 51, 64, 113, -p- Palmer, Donald ........ Palmer, Robert .. Parham, Blanton Park, Shep .,.... Parker, Alice Parker, Kay .... Parker, Sue ...,.., Parris, Charlotte Partrich, Daniel . ,. Pater, Sandra ., Patrick, Stephen Patrick, William .,... Patterson, Michael Payne, Richard . ,.... Pearce, David Wayne .. Pearson, Sammy ..... Pennington, Linda Perkins, Kay ....... Perkins, Lenwood . . . Perry, Charlotte ., Phillips, Frans .. Pike, Frances .. Plott, John ... ,. Poole, Eugene . . . . . Pope, Eloise .... . . Porter, Wayne . . , Price, Mary Jane . . . Pritchett, Kathleen . . Pritchett, Robert . . . Proctor, Louise .,.. . . . Pugh, Ronald .. ,.... 37,55, .. 25, 100, 35, 53, ...., 35, 36, 46, ,. 71, 46, 37, ...'fQi7, 35,49, 35, '51,' 19575, 51, .. 50, 76, -R- Raab, Donald .,,...,......,.,....,. Rankin, Rosemary ..,... Ray, Laura Lee . . . . . Ray, Sandra ...,. Redding, Gerlon .... Reed, Helen ,.... Reim, Carolyn ..,... Reynolds, Cheryl Rhone, Brenda .,.. Rhone, Richard Rice, Charlotte Rice, Martha ,.,... Richardson, Johnny Richardson, Robert ..,. 34, 49, 53, 75, 46, 35, 35,47, 46, 35,51 35, 53, 47,49,53 48, 49, , .... 136, 36, 46, 'ffss -A- Achterhot, Gary ,,........,......... Adams, Roy ..,... Adkinson, Kaye .. Aldrich, James .. Alexander, Elaine .. Allen, Gilbert ,. Allen, James Allen, Troy ..,.... Alltord, Janis ....... Armingeon, Carlene 53, 64, 77, 51, 79, Riley, Michael .......,. Roberts, Patricia .... 46, 48, 49, 51, Robertson, Charlotte . . . Rutledge, Wayne ..,... Rominger, Linda ..,... 133, 46, ,.36, -5... Sahm, Thomas ..,.... Sanders, Jack Sanford, John Sasser, Jon ...... Savage, Emalyn Schoel, Rebecca Scott, Eugene ,... Seay, Curtis Shaffer, Deloris Sherer, Kathleen .. Sims, Betty ...... Singleton, Marsha .. Skelton, Bobby Joe Skelton, Larry Skelton, Rodger Slact, Louellen Smelley, William ..... Smith, Autry Smith, James Donald . . Smith, Patsy ........ Smitherman, Linda Snider, Barbara ..... Snipes, Dora . ,........ Snow, Richard .... 44 Sommers, Annette .... Spencer, Robert . . . . , Squires, Kay ..... Stakem, Barbara Stanard, Dennis ....., Standridge, Martha .... Stewart, Mary Carolyn Stewart, Sandra ,.,.. Still, Barry .......... Stone, Andrew Stone, Carolyn ....,.. Strickland, Connie .... Stringtellow, Laura Sue Stuckey, Edward ..... Styles, Betty ...,..... Sullivan, Joe H. ,... Summerlin, Barbara .. Swanson, Annette ,,.. Swanson, Fred ....... -T Tapscott, Sandra ..... Tatum, Carol ......,. Taylor, Hoyt Lewis Taylor, James ..... Taylor, Linda .,.. Taylor, Nan .,.. . . Taylor, Richard . . . Tesney, Annette . . I , Tidmore, Jeff ..... Tidmore, William ... Tillotson, Mary . . . .. Timmerman, James Tobias, Linda Townsend, John .. Trawick, Ann .,,... Trimm, John Wayne . . Truhett, Gary ,.... Tubbs, Charles . . . 71, ,.A.'.'5i,'76, 35, ., '.'.l fslsfsi, 98, 46, .,35,51, "lids, 64, 68, 82, 129, 75, 47,51, 46, 48, 49, 51, 76, 46, 45, 55, 50,76, 35, 55, . 55, 69, 35, 36,51, .... 35, 51, 35 . . ..,. , 53, f .Q f f '51, 35, , .. 35, .. 49, 51, 34,55, . 19, 36, 38, 39, fff Ssfxs, 71, l f f f 143, '46, '56, 64, 74, 75, 117 , ','.' '35, ' si ,' '75, FRESHMEN Armistead, Jeanne Armstrong, Joe ......,, Ashcroft, Gloria Ashton, David .,,.. Atchenson, Denny Atwood, James ....,. .I .V ,l , .5.0., . .. 67, Avery, William .........,,....... 38, B- 51, 79, 139, Bailey, Judy ,.., . . . Baernstein, Alice .,,.. Baird, Kaye .. 38, 64, Tucker, Benny . . . Tucker, Tullos, Sandra . , . Judy .,.. Turner, Larry .. Turner, Robert ....., -U Urban, Rene Charlene ..,.. -V Vail, Rebecca ....... Vail, Sarah .......,. 82 36, .. 35,55, 35, Vanderpool, James . . . . . . . 76, Vaughn, Betty ,.,.., .... ...., 4 6 , Vines, Edna , ...,. ,,...... . . 46, 55, -W- Wade, David ......,. .... 5 5, Walker, Annette . . . . . , . 53, Walker, Barry .. . ,.. 64, Walker, John ... .... 55, Walker, Linda . . . . . . 46, Walker, Randy Walker , Terry ...,... Walker, Thomas ..,.. Walker, William Robert Ward, Patricia ...... Watson, Dianne Waugh, Judith .. Wear, Tommy Weaver, Dale . . . We bste r, John .. Welch, Linda ..... Welch, Patricia . . . Weller, Vivian ., West, Diane Wheat, Connie . . . White, Mary ,. White, Patricia . . . White, Paula ..... Whiting, Franklin .. Wilder, James ....... Williams, Lynda ...... William s, Mary Carol . Williamson, Joe .,,.. Williamson, Sandra .. Willoughby, Ginger ., Wilson, Barbara Wilson, Bernard ..... Wilson, Henry James . Wilson, James ....... Wilson, Marion .,,. Wilson, Penelope . . , Wilson, Robert ..... Winstead, Fredrica Winters, Ann ,.., Winters, Pricilla .. . Wood, Stephen .. Wood, Terria .... Woodley, William .. Woolley, Edward . . . Woods, Joe ..,.., Worsham, Shirley ,. Wright, Nancy Wurm, Catherine .. Wurm, Diane ........ Wyatt, William ,..... -Y Yarbrough, Nancy Yerby, Mary ....,..... Yow, Emerson Baker, Joseph . . . Baker, Margie . . . Bales, Allen ..,.. Ballard, Gary . . . Bane, Barbara . . . Banks, Frieda 93, 49, 37, aa, ao, .,.... 51, 37, .. 46, 46, 47, ' '35,' '47,' 55, '.,i'34,l55, 49,75, fffflsdfsi, ......53, . ., 50, 138, 53, 35, 48, 53, 34, 46, 48, 37, 51,55, 64 101 .ffflir 35,55, 51,69, f 49, '64 45, ...35,55, ,..36,51, ...46,53, Banks, Jane ,,.. ,... 5 3, 79, 115, Banks, Nancy ..,.. Bardon, James ....., Barksdale, Josephine . Barksdale, Larry ...., 1 1 Guy, Ross ....... Barnes, Andrew . . . Barnett, Patricia .. Barr, Jane ,,.,.. Barringer, Diane ., Beard, Danny ., .... Beauchamp, Johnny . . . , Beck, Barbara .,.... Beck, Robert ,..,.. Berthold, Ann Blackwell, Linda . . . . . Bleier, Judy ..,. Bohli, James ... Bolin, Polly ... Boling, Allen ,..., . ... Bolton, Donnette ,. Boozer,. Ellen .... Boschung, John ,. Bowman, James . . . Bowen, Glen .... Boyd, Janice , . , Boyd, Spence .... Boyliss, Martha Bradshaw, Chuck , . Branton, Richard .. Brasher, Larry . . . Brewer, Carolyn ., Britt, Marsha ,. . , ,. Brittain, Lucy . ..,.. Brookover, Saraia ne Brooks, Barbara ,.,. . , Broughton, James ..,. . Brown, Beniamin ,. Brown, David ,... Brown, Gail Brown, John . , . Brown, Nancy Brown, Shirley .. Buck, Amalie ..,.. Buford, Danny ....,. Burchfield, Herman Burgan, Lyn .,.... Burnette, Brenda ., Burnette, Shelly .. Burrage, Clarence Burrage, Sheila ,, Burgin, Brenda Burns, Joe ,...,. Burroughs, Carl , Bush, Billy ,..... Butler, Modell ............ Cabaniss, Annette Cabiness, Brenda . .. Caldwell, Beth ...... Callahan, Roe Ann Campbell, Linda . Cannon, Steve .. . Cannon, Sue Copies, Bruce Card, Andy ..... Card, Margaret Carlson, Gail ...,. Carpenter, James Carpenter, Linda .. Carroll, John ,... Carver, James Carver, June .. Catrino, Kay ..,. Chancey, Donna . Chandler, Linda . . Chandler, Stephen Channell, Alan ,.. Channell, Truman Clements, Randy . Cochrane, Allen . Colburn, Billy . , , Colburn, Marcia , Cole, Tommy .... Collins, Gloria .. Cook, Larry ..... Corder, Richard . Cork, Sarah .... Cowde n, Beth Cox, James ., 50, ,53,i .. 51, 50, 79, l40 53, 83, ..'.'.'5SQ' 50, 63, . f '56, .. 64, .. 55, 1 ff5'iQ' 64, 69, Cox, Steve Cozart, Melba . . . Cozart, Robert ,. Crane, Susan ,.. Crawford, Jackie .. Crew, Sylvia .... Crutcher, Nina . . . Culp, Howard . . . Culver, Janice ,... Cummings, Daniel .. Cummings, Richard . Curry, Joan ....... -D... Daffron, Dennis Daniels, Tommy Darcey, Helen .,.. Davidson, Richard . Davis Carolyn ,... Davis Faye ,.... Davis, James . . . Davis, Jane ,.,.. Davis, Janice Davis, Joan Davis, Larry . .. Davis, Larry . . . Davis, Merwin Davis, Richard Deal, Carole .. Deal, William Dean Barbara ..., De Arman, Edwin Deason, Judy , ..,. Des Roches, James . Dickey, Loretta .,.. Dockery, Brenda , . . Dockery, Donna .. Dockery, Linda .. Dockery, Linda ..,. Dodson, John ...... Donaldson, Kenneth Dow, Mary Ellen .. Drummond, Ann ., Dunkin, Charlotte . Dunn, Betty Jean . . . Dunn, Ernestine .... Du Pont, Rosalind . Duren, James ...,.. -E- Earl, Terrell .... Earnest, Jerry ..... Edgeworth, Sandra . Edmonds, Lawson , . . Edwards, Roberta . Elam, Wayne ..., Eldridge, Jeanette . Eley, Judy .....,., Elkins, Jane .....,. Elkins, Michael "Butchl'A H i H MSS, .ffsdf .isp . .Msn Espey, Barbara . .,.... .. Etheridge, Marilyn . Etheridge, William . Evans, Larry ....., Everett, Retha ..., Evinrude, Beverly , . . . , Ezell, Rita .........,.... . . Ezell, Susan ,.,.,.. -F- Fair, Stan ..... Falls, Frank ...... Faucett, James ,... Farmer, Jerry Feld, Louis Fender, Elaine .. Fields, Barbara Fife, Frederick Fincher, Carole Finnell, Stephen Fishbaugh, James ,. . Fisher, Brenda ,.,, Fisher, Ethel .,... Fitts, Ann ........ Fitzgerald, Jane .. Flanigan, John Fleenor, Brenda ,. Fleming, Charles Fletcher, Jack Flummer, Jerry .. Fondren, Patricia . Ford, Michael .. . Ford, Roberta Foster, Mary Sue Franklin, Joe Franklin, Thomas Franklin, Rebecca ,.,. Freeman, Betty Freeman, Charles . Freeman, Oscar . Frost, Ann .,.... Gaddis, Judeth .. Galloway, Judith Gamble, Elizabeth Garcia, Lillian .. . Garner, Manley . Gibbons, Ann ...,. Gibson, Ramona . Giles, Jerry ..,,. Gilliland, Mary . Gilmore, Carol . . . Gilmore, Diane . Givens, Jean .... Goode, Allen . . . Graham, Louis ...,, Greathouser, Keith Green, Ross ..... Griffin, Jackie .. Griffin, Kenneth . Griffin, Phyllis .... Griffin, Ronald . . Grimes, Linda . , . Groshe, Peter . . . Guin, Mary Ann . Guy, Wanda Hallmark, William Hamilton, Clarissa Hamm, Billy ..... Hamm, Delores Hammock, Stanley Hammonds, Janice Hamner, Gary Hamner, Theodore Hamrick, Daniel . Hanby, David Hankins, Donald . Hansford, Connie . Hansford, Jackie Harden, Deigh .. Hardy, Thomas .... Hargrove, Daniel , Harris, Clifton , . . Harris, Helen ,. Harris, Pete Harris, Phillip Harrison, Elizabeth Hartley, Michael . Hartman, Carolyn Hastings, Martha . Hatmaker, Jackie Hayes, Jonathan . Henderson, Beverly Henline, Joe Henline, Sara Herman, James .. Herndon, Tamsey Hibbler, Larry Highsaw, Mary .. Hinton, Sally .... Hoggle, Ronald .. Hoggle, William . Hog ue, La ne ...... Holcomb, Daniel , Holloman, Faye . Hood, Dorothy . . . Hopkins, Patricia . Horn, Gregory . . , , Houck, Rose Mary ,.50, ska, '67 .fssf Lyles, Ba rba ra Howard, Brenda Howard, Linda Howell, Glenn .... Howton, David ..., Hoyt, Heidi ..... Hubbard, Jerry . . . Hubbert, Helen Hubbert, Joyce .... Hughes, Lennis .... Hughey, Greg ,... Hunter, William ,... Hutchins, Mildred Hyche, Joel ....... Ingram, Margaret Jackson, Andrew , . . . Jackson, Judith .. Jacobs, John Jerald, Truman .... Jeter, Sherry .,... , Johnson, Glenda Johnson, John .,., Johnson, Lana ., Johnson, Mary .,., Johnson, Rubye Jones, Ann ,.... Jones, Barbara ., Jones, Margaret Jones, Michael .... Jones, Rochelle Jones, Ronald ,. Joyner, Carol ...... Junkins, Joseph .,........ Keller, Dorothy ,.,... Kelly, Allen ..,. Kilgore, Walter .. Kincaid, Alan .. Kincaid, William .. King, Linda ,.., Kirby, Joyce .... Kirk, John ........ Kirkpatrick, Dean . . . Koster, Robert .... Krup, Donald .. Kuhns, Buddy ..,.... LaFoy, Wayne . . Lake, Jean . . . Lake, Jerry . . , Lamb, Jean .,.... Lamon, Michael .. Lancaster, Jo Ann Latham, Gerald .. Latner, Lester ...... Lawrence, Donald Lawrence, John ., Lawrence, Linda . . . Lawson, William .. Leavell, Judy Lee, Betty ..., Lee, Richard . ,. Leigh, Robert Lewis, Judy .... Lindsey, Linda ., Liverman, Sylvia Lockard, Gregory Logan, Carl ......... Lollar, Mitchell ....,.. Loughborough, Eleanor Lowe, Genene ....... Lowery, Dexter .... Maddox, Richard Madison, Deloris Mallory, Barbara Malone, Norma .. Mangum, Merilyn Mann, Robert Marcum, Larry .... Markham, Judy .. Marlowe, Patricia Marteson, De ..... 46,1 46, 46, 753, 79 51 fills, ., 145, 55, 64, , . . 50, 544, l V ss, '79,' 145, . ,.., . . 38, 67 47, 46, . Rial, 50, 38, 79, fffsbl 53, nfss, ..f'7b, 79, 50, 79, 51 1 f 145 145 145 145 145 145 145 145 145 149 224 145 145 145 145 145 145 145 145 145 145 149 145 145 145 145 38 145 146 145 145 145 145 145 145 145 145 145 145 145 145 145 145 145 145 145 145 145 145 227 145 145 145 145 145 145 145 145 145 145 145 145 145 146 146 146 146 146 146 146 146 146 146 146 146 146 146 146 Martin, Charles .. Mason, James ....,. Massengale, David .. Massey, Jerry .... Mate, Janet ....... Mathews, Melvin . . , Mattson, Natalie Meade, Vicky .,.. .51, Meaney, Michael ...., ,,,. . ..,.,. , . Meggs, Martha ....,...,......,....., Meredith, Mary Kate .... 51, 79, 114, Miller, Donna Sue .,,. .......... 7 9, Miller, Lewis .,.,.. Miller, William ..,. Mills, Donald Mills, Jane ,..., Mitchell, Ferrell .. Mitchell, Mary .,... Mahon, Percy ....... Montgomery, Charles Montgomery, Donna .. Morgan, Janet ..... Morgan, Martha .... Morris, Leslie .... Morrison, Gerald Morrison, John ,.... Mouchette, Regina McCain, Patricia .,.. McCary, John ...... McCollum, Hardin .. McDaniel, David McDaniel, Gayle ..., McDaniel, Wanda .. McDuffie, Michael . . . McGahey, James . . . McGee, David ..,.., McGlamery, Patricia .. Mclntosh, Glenn .... Mclntyre, Kenneth ., McJenkins, James .. McLaughlin, James McMillian, Brenda . ..... .. 51, .. 55, 64, 79, '53, fi l '58, . . f '38,' 717, McTy re, Robe rt ,......,,. ........ ...N- Nelson, Trudi .. . . . . Netto, Annette .... Nevin, Carolyn .. Newman, Frank ., Newman, James ... .,.. Newman, Tony ..,. Newsom, Regena Newton, Patricia Nichols, William ., Nicol, Fred ...., Noland, Phillip .. Nolen, Mary ..... Norris, Jackson . . . Norris, Ronald .,.. Northcutt, Carolyn ...... 79, 146, 79, 25, 48, 49, 51 77, 144: 55, 79, ,f1'217, ...38, Nuckols, Jacqueline , ........ .... ...Oi O'Brien, Nancy .,......... . . , 50, O'Bryant, Peggy .... Odum, James .,.... Ogilvie, Raymond . . , Oliver, Jackie .... O'Neil, Lynda . ,. Onley, Susan .. Orr, Pete Orr, Richard ,. . . Osborn, Davis ...,.. Osborne, Thomas . , , Osburn, Waldo . . ,. Owen, William ,... .... 50,79, 79, Owens, Sandra ......,.... 47, -p- Palmer, Kenneth ......... .... Pancake, John .. ... Parham, Glenn .... Parker, John Parker, Virginia ... Parker, William .. . Parrott, Sue .... 51, 51, 55, Parsons, Ray . . . Pate, Bobby .. Pate, Terry . . . Pate, Katrina .. Pate, Mavis .... Patterson, Leroy . . Patton, Ann ..... . . . Patton, Thomas . , . . . Paul, Pamela .... Payne, Lambert . . . Pearson, Newt ,... Penz, Alton ..., Penz, David ,,.... Permenter, Larry Petry, Cary ...... Petry, Gary ,.,. Phillips, Cynthia ., Phillips, Stanley .. Pierce, Ernest ..,... Pierce, Mary Dana .... Platt, Linda ,.,.., Pointer, Charles , . . Popp, Christi .... Price, Thomas ,. Price, William .,.. Pritchett, Doloris Proctor, Rachel ., Pryor, James ..,. .... Pyles, Charles .......... -Q- Quilliams, Roy , ..,,.,.. . ..R.. Radcliff, Robert ..,..... Raiford, .lo Ann ....... Rainer, Diane .,.. Ralston, Melinda Ramirez, Luis ..,.... Ramsey, Gerald , , . .. Randolph, Katherine Rawlins, Linda .,,.. Roy, Gay Nell Redding, Alice ... ... Redding, Ruby ..,. ...., Reid, Linda .,.,. ..., 5 1 Reese, Phyllis .,,.. ...,. Reynolds, Judith . . . , . Reynolds, Judy .,.. Rice, Susan ,........, Richardson, Dwight Richardson, Nancy Rickett, Christine Rickles, Wayne .... Riley, Estela .... Roberts, Gail .,... Roberts, William .,.. Robertson, Jane .... Roddy, Sally .,..,... Rosenfeld, Richard Ross, Edgar ....... Ross, Johnny Rumsey, Barry ., .... .. Rylee, Thomas ........., -S- Sams, Larry ............ Sanders, Ralph .... ..... Savage, Patricia Seale, Billy Jo .,,. Seay, William Sewell, Barbara . . . Sexton, Thomas ,. Sharp, Gail ....., Shepherd, Louise Shirley, Betty .,,. Shirley, Michael ,. 51, Sikes, John Simmons, Carolyn .. Slade, Connie Smalley, Toney Smelley, Patsy Smith Anthony Smith Ashley Smith Betty ,.,. Smith, Claudia Smith, Danny 47, f f f f isa, 747 si, 64, 93, 51, 77, Qfbsfsil , .,.. 51, . '53, 50,79, 79, 51 38, fab, 93, .f'2i7, 51, 51, , . . 38, f lssf 67, 747 757, tis, 55, 79, 38,79 77, .. 50, 79, .. 50, 79, 67, .. 144, f's5,'79, 38,79 ll '... ...,SS '47, 79, 38, ". 53,4 145, 47, 38, 7 7 r Smith, David .. Smith, Donald . .. Smith, Katherine . Smith, Margie . .. Smith, Sara Ann . Smith, Truman Smithson, Linda .. Snipes, Jerald ,.. Snow, Richard . . . Sparks, Madison . Sparks, Phyllis . .. Spearman, Barbara . ..,38, Spencer, John ,...... . . . 50, Spradley, Ellery . Stakem, James . . , Stapp, Lauralee . Steward, Mary Stewart, Richard Stone, Reita .,.. Stough, Strickla Strickla Strickle Sarah .. nd, Ann nd, Carolyn n, Steve . Sullivan, Dayton , Sullivan, Kay 79, 46, .,..45, ,. .. 53, Suther, Carol .......,... .. 38, Swindle, Lorene . .... . Taylor, Joyce .... ...,. . . . 46, Taylor, William .... . . . 77, Terrett, Mary . . . . . . . . Thomas, Bruce .,. ,...... Thomas, Donna . . ...... . . Thomas, Phoebe .. 50, 63, Thompson, Wallace . . . . . , . 96, Tidmore, Ferrell . Tilley, Royal ...... Tilley, Virginia .. Tillman, Judy ,.. I X' Tucker, Joseph ,. Turner, Lesko .,.. Turner, Linda ..... Turner, Michael Twomey, Kenneth .. 79 .V- Vail, Lillian ....... Vanderpool, Judy .. Van Tassel, Marty . Vaughn, Judith Vestal, Jack ...... Vining, Tanamara . Voit, Larry ....... ....79 .... .69, .. ...5l,64, 38, .W- Wagner, Lloyd ,... Wakefield, Rebecca Walby, Terry ..... Waldrop, Diane .. Waldrop, Wayne .. Walker, David .... Walker, Joan .... Walker, John Walker, John .... ..,38, 51, Warbington, Larry .. Ward, Mike ...,.. Warren, Edward .. Watson, William .. Watts, Karen Weaver, David .. 34, .. 51, 77, White, Kenneth ,.., White, Marvin ..... White, Tommie Sue Whitfield, Gaius Whitley, Donald Ray Whitfield, Margaret Wiggins, Margaret . Wiggins, Sandra Wilkins, Charles .. Williams, Cary Williams, David .. Williams, Harold .. Williams, Jennifer .. Williams, Joe ..... Williams, Johnny .... Williams, Judy .... Williams, Klinner .... Williams, Martha .. Williams, Walker Weaver, Faye ....... .... 4 6 Weaver, Kyle ,..,. Wedgeworth, Ronald Weeks, Helen Weeks, Nancy Welton, Rebecca .. Wesley, James .... Whatley, Patricia .. Wheat, Ray ...... Wheat, William f 56,4 79, .. ...5l,67,69 Williamson, David . Willmon, Ed .... Wilson, Jane Wilson, Johnny .... Wingard, William .. Wood, James Wood, Sharon .. Woods, Gary Woods, Nedra .. Woods, Susan .,.... .... Woolen, Elizabeth . Worthington, Wanda Wright, Brenda Wright, Payne Wright, Wayne . Wurm, Gary ... Wyatt, Betty . . . Wyatt, Kurry ...,. .Y- Yarbrough, Linda ., -Z- Tisdale, Carlos . . . , . 38, Wheeler, Betty Ruth . , . . . . 46, Younkin, William , Tisdale, Carolyn . , . .,,. 38, Wheeler, Joyce .,.. , . . 53, Trotter, Courtney .... ..... W hinery, Dwight . . . , , . . , Zanthos, Shirley . , . 4 ' X x . 1 ft S lj 'pl A X If , ' a v ,. 9 , ff , U L I . L' , ' QQ . JJ 4 Q 'X f N f I A , K bg 1, , . 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Suggestions in the Tuscaloosa High School - Black Warrior Yearbook (Tuscaloosa, AL) collection:

Tuscaloosa High School - Black Warrior Yearbook (Tuscaloosa, AL) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


Tuscaloosa High School - Black Warrior Yearbook (Tuscaloosa, AL) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Tuscaloosa High School - Black Warrior Yearbook (Tuscaloosa, AL) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Tuscaloosa High School - Black Warrior Yearbook (Tuscaloosa, AL) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Tuscaloosa High School - Black Warrior Yearbook (Tuscaloosa, AL) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


Tuscaloosa High School - Black Warrior Yearbook (Tuscaloosa, AL) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


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