Tuscaloosa High School - Black Warrior Yearbook (Tuscaloosa, AL)

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Tuscaloosa High School - Black Warrior Yearbook (Tuscaloosa, AL) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Cover

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A- M-A xg, .. 0... V- I WO, ff., Q xx qs H' i4 .Lf fiww QQ' KRW sw? i P ,I l ,WM f M:- fu' GSK rj ll A i ,,Qff'i,,7 Jin? 5:53, Rig, XML 5 A 'S an . si 1 . isa W jg fm! ' L LS' ,, , r J ff' im i A f if X ,af 1 1 ' Q f 1 , Xffx N, bk? fi, 5593 M X ffm any 5 ff xg wi wfqf W ph E, W N izfabxwbilgy ff! Oh f rf A' 5 'Lf 11" 17 . Y 5' , ' ff fx A ' V a I' x YV V: W fr! ff 'ff""T'LA ' '-'xy "" ' .,-N, My P' , ' ix w Q N 5' + N . W V KJ? A . . 'NIR el' nm B., J- lb Q21 l K X ' LMC, T321 ,MA X5 . Lk' 2 M WNL J Jxhxy aff? ' W , Nha I , of ff ,lp X53 ff., .E 6' l in fy, J 1,4 1 H Sf if M, pgs 1 S., fi ' a Q W ,L flap? if , A gi C351 3 'lm , . , 12? M. 523, QE 1 70 Q1 f .T .V.. egf: 'A' ' ' ff""'- "-- L ' QQ "-, '9 iw ,sf fQ -1-iffwh was saws- Q w ww M Mi W? UU Wi fl fp U25 1 JV R r flif it I Qfx . ,X xx W W! Y. XJJK N Ki: he 11, QL 9 ' K J gf ' ,X :X 'jf " W '53 !Uf'Lf'V1fj fm I 1 if x A U ,ff 'A x 'M mf I 'fkfglgxx Nil' f if if ly K' JDJ J V Mf if f W fg Q 1 Y j 5 L! AJ' THE BLACK WARRIOR CONTENTS ATB TUSCALOOSA HICH SCHOOL TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA 1957 E T Constructed an 1954 the expan slve school plant located on 15th Street and 10th Avenue In Tusca Ioosa thus year has completed Its second year of occupatuon as Tus caloosa Hugh School Wuth a faculty of 61 and a stu dent body ot 1400 Tuscaloosa Hugh School IS the largest school un the Tuscaloosa clty schools sys tem Tuscaloosa situated on the south bank of the Black Warraor Rnver rs the largest town In West Alabama wnth a 1950 population of 46 396 T H S operates tive days a week on a 7hour day 815 to 315 for 9 months September 11 to May 30 Most students attend sux 57 minute classes durung the day May commencement h I maxed the successful 1956 57 school year wnth a graduatung class ot some 240 Senlors baddung fare well to thexr alma mater ot the last tour years STOP IF HIS IS GOING TO BE A YEARBOOK IT HAS TO HAVE A THEME WHERE IS IT? Although an lncreaslngly great r percentage ot rnstructuon us besng done un such places as fhernustry labs Home Ec lcltchens lndustrlal sho and Vrsualiuds audmtan ums the classroom remauns the great nnstututnon ot puubluc educa tlon Whale students receive P E training rn the gymnas um Drivers Training an an automobale and the core of all students eJucatnon ts the classroom Whereas centurces ago the class room was formal education today tts shore of the work ns augmented by traunung from other tac lttues de signed to teach the so called trtlls of educatton and the vocatlonal traunung only recently added to hugh school curnculum The advance ot a specaluzed age has fanled to change the use fulness of the heavy duty NOVl4llWQ me tum at cducatton thc chrol classroom . , S ps! , - . , Q . . . i . , research instruction in the library, . . , I . cl' - , t. J 5 1 Q Whnle Urdergolrtg Q process ot such groytty os educottor hugh srhool students remom remarkably t theorted urrepresstble ond ewlne ont us only yml C v Or ly rtomemtortly doomed durmg t e deny by rrtehory pussoges term pops rs ortcl f ols they bow Cr pick vytl oll the rodmmce ond ertthus Gsm of thetr oge for sports events pep rolltfs or tolont shows urtderstc Wd the r 'zy muy lop Qotweruttott of tougl wow tor o brtet t r Q Corus owl osptrowohs ot thts wtpredtcto age the p oblem of exoctly what mokes youth ttclc rt ty VCIYVUHW on etgrholly umortswered questton 4 . V . W L k , V, . -L . lgh- , ' ' , w r J 1 'H ut, W 1 ' h ' , , , 2 , th , ' e rt J f 1 t t 1 ' i- Whert the spirtt of this unioue nge gtyes vyuy to the mctturuty ol cxclulthoocl, we doubtless will toll to 1 "C c 'er-r Ao ' ff l985 Altl r ' we we ore expertertctrtg the irt 1 I ' ble M.. Wg? 0. 4 ' 4 " 11 ' wa 5224, , W fi' .35 A , , . ,vffigfgg ' 1 ay., n V f 9 D QA L Ji 'il- S 'XSEX ,gjx ' 'HQ-w - f I 'dh- mlb CITY BOARD OF EDUCATION Dr, Harvey Nelson has completed has ttrst year as Superintendent ot Tuscaloosa City Schools after com- ing here from C1 srntilar position with the Huntsville City Schools System, Tuscaloosans have found Dr. Nelson to be a dedicated man whose lovial, good- natured manner pleasantly conceals the weight of the burden ot such a responslble position. Abovel Th Tuscaloosa Ctty Board of Edu cotton planners a d bunlders on whose forestght our educatton depends rvey Nlson Mrs R H Rtchardson Ju Reuben Wrtgnt Mr Harry Prttchett and M R H avus No Plcfured M Paul Burnurn lRtgh0j Dr Nelsons Staff Seated Mrs Ruth Slnepherd School Lunch Supervtsor Mrs Ruth S Vwrtght Secretary Mrs Geraldtne Tuob Machlne erator Ms Elrrtla Glenn Ctercal Asstst t Ms Norene Hulsey Veterans Secretay Dr H D Nelson Superurvenaent Mss Su e Mae Srntth O' tce Manager Mrs Houston Luc a S.loe v sor ot lp C Q Not Puctured M essfe Tawe B ueere s osemaf JJ e .J Kat fn n Scl-cc 7 l ' . . . the n ' ' ' - Dr. Ha e , . . , dge , ' F. , . D I. Y ' 1 Y, . Op , r . r , ' r an g lnstructton. Standing: H M Lyda, Busrness As- Sifilffj T D Ut:.,r Adult Edu ator ,uoerwsor ' : rs B f ,' ll oo .-'z Mr. R -e 'xfn l, School N rse, Mrs hrt . TJ Y, r l Nair: PABLE FRIENDLY ADMINISTRATI successful yea r Mr J R Puttard o capable understandung admunustrotou us ompletung hus suxth year as pruncupal of our school plant Thus year he has served as Presudent ot the Alabama Hugh School Pruncupals Assocuotuon For thus 'ob well done we are even more p oud of hm as our chuef exe ut e M Harold E Greer formerly an algebra teacher was promoted uru 1954 to full the newly created posutuon of Assustant Pruncupal Although hes a rugg d worker students most often thunk of hum as a fusherrnaru huntcu basketball enthusuast and all around sportsman 8 Runnung a school of 1400 students requures much admunustrotuve skull We are grateful to our ad munustratuon whose efforts have made 1956 57 a lleftt Mr Puttard enuoys G laugh wuth former student Duck Prude Coach Hender son and Doc Blanchard after the Home comung pep rally One doesnt have to look for to fund such evudence that Mr Pttard entoys hus assocuatuon wuth T H S faculty and students MRS VERNA BARDON Secretory to The Prlncvpol PERSONNEL THE CENTRAL OFFICE The office IS fhe nervecenter of the schools operahon here phone calls are handled schedules arranged grades recorded money depos :Ted infer com announcements frcnsmmed and busmess negohated MRS BESSIE LEWIS Bookkeeper MR FRED WILLIAMSON Gondor-ce Counselor MR TENNIS JACKSON Buuldnng Engmeer D TO STUDEN -EF NRS LESLIE ELMORE Presndent of Alabamas fcrst Parent Teacher Student Assocuatuon T S A EXECUTIVE BOARD Row 1 M J R Pnttard Mrs Leslle Elmore 0 Longford Row 2 Mrs Norman Bassett Mrs W J Ttdmore Mrs James Snow Mrs M H Wnlbourne Mrs James Holladay Mrs Judson Dovtlung M1 James Nlsbtt Mrs Charles Stapp Row 3 Mrs E J Condon Mary Alva Bassett Sandra Elmore June Lassuter Wanda Muller Margaret Palmer Sandra Palmer Shtrley Deerman Jerrt Head Pat Jones Mary Ann Gruffnn Row 4 Johnny Kowalsku Sandra Stull Robun Swarm Mrs Norman Ream Mr A J Kowalskt Janet Sherer Mlxson Vubbart Mrs Chester Walker Mrs John I M Charles Stapp Mrs Peabody Maytneld Mrs K rl Perknns Mrs D Woodward Mrs James Coleman Ms D n Grntftn Mrs A L Kropp J Having students as members at the Parent Teacher Assoctatlon was a new experuence for the Tuscaloosa Hugh School P T A lt was decided by a P T A commuttee that the students me-mbershnp tee would be twenty hve cents per year Students were placed on cornmuttees wlth adult members ot the P T A and the organtzatuon became the states turst Parent Teacher Student Assocuatton The recreation nnghts whuch the P T S A sponsored following several of the tootball games thus season proved to be a tremendous success Wtth the luke box blaring and a coke machtne nearby everyone enloyed and apprecuated the tune hosputalsty of the P T S A The January Busfness Meetnng Mrs Elmore conducts The Four Hearts Quartet teaturung Johnny Elvls the electron ot a cornmtttee to norntnate otftcers tor Kowalskt entertatn the P T S A at the November T957 58 meetnng 10 P.T.A. OPENS OORS A TS P.- .- . , - 1 r .,.' , . ' , R b ,,y. A A J A A A f ' T f r '. 4 Q' ff 1 Red, r. , . , . G ' , . . M. y , r . o , . . . , r. .,", psy Q4 1, L, , ,Q ' ' yf M 1 , M w 4 'BM ' h '2'Z:pfC-iz-F 4 f ',,n.1,, A,., W v fQ,,,W,,.M A f CAST YOUR VOTE Dfxvfo ,WN afu4mmw f, , 3' K COLEMAN MCCOY AND BARRINGER SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS llMMY COLEMAN AARY LOU BARRWGER LARRY MCCOY Presadent Secretory Vtce Presudent HOMEROOM PRESIDENTS CAboveJ Morgue Rodgers Donold Beck Jo Wnllus Bor boro Greene Second Row Lorry McCoy Jrrnrny Cole mon Dowd Clernrnons Bob l-lelnts Wmner of thnrd ploce honors The T956 Semor Class Home coming Floot Forguve our tontous our of superlorutyl To be o sensor ot lost represents tour yeors ot constont study ond hord work Although we wrll wrute only o srnoll p o of T l-l S htstory our rnernorues of T H S would full poges ond poges Thot long stondung cornplount S nlors should t un the front of e stall gnnntng ot the senror boys who only see theur rungs donglung trorn o chotn oround o femunune neclc The prom we goye lost 'Vloy betng honored ot the prom thus yeor the wonderful sensor pucnuc ond oll the excnternent of specuol events ore ntemorues thot ore perntonently etched Now we groduote leovung to others the hopes ond osprrotuons of late ot T H I I , 4"f,, V. f l ! ! 41" , . gr og . . . ' , ' , . . ,R ' , " e ' si ' th oudltoriurn, Mrs. Cory," hos never been won. We're , , tr - , ' 3 ' ' A t , , ' - l - t , , ELECTED OFFICERS OF SENIOR CLASS HUGH ABERNATHY: Regular Schedule . CLARENCE ADAIR: D. O. Club CHARLES ADAMS: Science Clubg Chief Assistant to Building Engineer RAYMOND AKINS D O Club MELBA ANN ALBRIGHT Band B W Business Staff BETTY ALLEN Transferred to T H S B W Business Staff Spanish Club Secretary Vice President Home room Health Assistant DAVID ALLEN D O Club Fire Brigade BARBARA JEAN ANDREWS French Club Beta Club Red Cross Council Student Council Drives Commit tee Junior Talent Show Beauty Walk F H A Honor Society Secretary Vice President Homeroom Student Mimeographer LORRAINE NANCY ARMSTRONG Beta Club Bear Facts Assistant Edu tor Editor Latin Club Junior Talent Show Secre tary Vice Presudent Homeroom Honor Society Graduation Speaker Yybxx N... TOMMY ARMSTRONG Mixed Chorus Band Drum Mayor B W Favorite Male Beauty Wa Fire Brigade Junior Talent Show President Homeroom Junior Class Spirit Track lRlS AVERETTE Club F N JEANETTE AVERETTE D O Club F N A MARY SUE AVERY Cheerleader Secretary Class tary Leaders Club Red Cross Council Committee Member P T S A Tri Hi Y B W Business Staff Junior Talent Show Mixed Chorus Honor Society Secretary Beta Club Homecoming Team Sponsor DON BAILEY Safety Patrol Red Letter Club Baseball AllCounty Football MARTHA JO BAILEY Spanish Club TriHiY Chaplain Beta Club F H A Honor Society Junior Talent Show Vice President Secretary Homeroom Greasepainters Senior Ring Committee Winner Birmingham PH Oratorical Contest JANELLE BAIRD Beta Club Student Council Tr atn ub T A Honor Society Frenc Cu B VV Editorial aff BETTY BALL Beta Club Tri Hi Y Treasurer Spanish Club Student Council Honor Society Leaders Club Secretiry Monitor Junior Talent Show Spanish Teachers of America Achievement Award JACK BALL Fire Brigade Trade School 13 1 ' 1 1 ' ' 1 - ' f . 2 1 1 5 1 ' 1 1 - - -1 1 1 1 1 I 2 ' 1 V 1 ' '- 4 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 ' 1 + 5 l I r ' 1 - 1 ' 1 ll41 ' 1 A ' 1 ' 1 ' 1 1 , . . .2 V Z D. O. 1 . . A. , . : ,' I 2 1 1 1 tl President, Secretary, Homeroom, French Club, Secre- 1 1 '1 , .- .- . .1 - - 1 . . I 1 ' 1 7 I- 1 l 1 f 5 . . .1 ' 1 U I x A y My ' A 'h 1 I 1 A 1. I ' 1 L , l1 Q1 I . I 1 ' 1 1 li l- Hi-Yg L i CI , F. . .1 ' g h l bg . . I I Sl : '1 '2 1 1 l 1 WE PRESENTED HOLLYWOOD SYB'L BOWLES D O Cl b SAXON BOYD M chanical Drawing Club Fire Br gade Spanish Club BARBARA BRAGO Beta Club Square Darce Club Honor Society ALLENE BRYANT D O Club F H A RENNA BLJCKINGHAM Leaders Club Red Cross Council Tri Hi Y Junior Talent Show French Club Beauty Walk Guidance Assistant Oreasepainters President Ten Little Indians Our Town Student Director B W Business Staff Captains Sponsor Homecoming Secretary Homeroom Second Mixed Chorus MARY CAROLYN BURCHFIELD Latin Club Red Cross Council French Club Office Runner Greasepainters Song of Bernadette T HiY Hcnor Society Junior Talent Show Mixed Chorus- B. W. Business Staff' Beta Club P,-T.-S,A. Crmmitteut President Homeroom. JESSIE FRANK BUTLER: Fire Brigade- 4-H Club JOHNNY CAMP: D. O. Clubi Fire Brigades Student Ccuncil RACHEL CAMPBELL: French Club- Oreasupafnters, B. W. Business Staff- Tri-Hi-Y Junior Talent Show, Monitor, Office Runner, Secre- tary, Homerocm. DONNA BANKS F H A F N A Library As sistant NED BARNES Mixed Chorus Vice President Mechanical Drawing Club Junior Talent Show Baseball Four Hearts Quartet Fire Brigade All State Chorus MARY LOU BARRINGER Honor Society President Beta Club Tri Hi Y Presi dent Chaplain Junior Talent Show French Club Vice President Secretary Class Bla lc Warrior Fa vorite Mixed Chorus Secretary Mss Citiz nship Student Council All Stat Chorus Greasepainters President Chaplain Homeroom Graduation Speaker DONALD BECK Transferred to T H S Junior Talent Show President Horneroom WlLLlAM BECK Transferred to T H S D O Club MAURICE BELL Band Lyre Club High Hats Me chanical Drawing Club Fire Brigade Junior Talent Show Drives Committee WIMBRETH PARK BIGGS F H A F N A Spa ish Club Red Cross Council President Junior Ta en Show Office Runner Monitor lnterClub Council LOIS BLAKE Band Assistant Librarian Lyre Club F T A President F N A Health Assistant Office Runner Tri HIY Red Cross Council Drives Committee Student Mimeographer Junior Talent Show Chaplain Homerocm lnter Club Council BOBBY BOSCH Regular Schedule PRODUCTION FOR TALENT SHOW REXANN CANNON Cheerleader Beauty Walk Honor Society Junior Talent Show Beta Club French Club Monitor Student Council Chaplain Home room Or asepainters Mxed Chorus Librarian TOM CAPLES Protection Club Science Club M chonical Drawing Club 4 H Club CHARLES CARVER Science Club French Club Football Pro icction Club TOMMY CHERONES JI? HIY Vice Presid t Science Club Junior Talent Show Fire Brigade Art C ub JOYCE CHRISTIAN Beta Club Honor Society Tri HIY Latin Club Greasepainters Student Mimeogropher B VV Busiress Stott ArtClub DAVID CLEMMONS Mechanical Drawing Club Pres: dent Junior Talent Show Band Lyre Club Fire Brigade President Vice President Hom room Black Warrior Favorite President Class TOM CLINTON Basketball Track Fire Brigade Student Council Junior Talent Show Mechanical Drawing Club Square Dance Club DAVID COCHRANE Fire Brigade Football Manager Grease-painters Our Town Secretary Hom room Junior Talent Show Male Beauty Walk Tennis HELEN COLBURN Junior Ta ent Show F T A Secretary Drives Committee Mixed Chorus JIMMY COLEMAN: Buta Club President, Honor Society' Senior Class President President Vice Presi- dent Homeroom- Drives Committee' IntervCIub Counf cil- Fire Brigade Captain, Student Council Honorary Membe - Goltg Red Letter Club, Junior Talent Show- Sports Editor, Black Warrior, Black Warrior Favorite RONALD COLLU vt: Spanish Club- Mechanical Drawing Club- Fire Brigadeg Monitor, Bandg Junic, aent Show- i e-Preudent, Hom room, -ie. A Fair Second Place, Physics Group Award CAMILLE' OvlPTONg Honor Socis: y, Buta Club, J - r Talent h wp Mixod Churu, Chaplain, Home ocnr Roh' Rah' for Loosal A typical scene on o Friday morning in the gym during the toll a group of band members providing music for a pep rally wi! .R HARD WORK AND GOOD TIMES GlORlA CONAVVAY Mlxed Cl'torus D O Club J ce Pre tdent Clwaplaun Homeroom ALICIA FAYE CONVVILL Band .luntor Talent Sbow F T A Vrce Presldent Beauty Walk BETTY COOPER Greasepatnters Dnves Cornmtttee Red Cross Councul nrc Talent Slwow B W Bustness Staff Tr 4 .fron cr Otttce Runner Gold Key Award rn Art A Club Secretary F T A BETTY COR4 4 H Club F N A Monitor Health Asst tar Clwcrus 'Vlusrc CAROL JEANETTE CO 4 nlcncr Soclety Band Lyre Club F H A F lN A Healtn Assrs ant TOMMY CORK lunl Talent Show Wrrter Greasepaunters Vxce Pres dent Treasure Honteroom Fnre Brugade Bear Facts Staff Band Lyre Club All State Bond Tune tcpper Dnves Cornmrttee Scrence Farr Honorable N ntrcn Crernustry Group Award M RIE COVERT Trarsterred to T H S M RILYN FAYE COX Cltorus Music F H A D O Club Pres dent Student Councul Inter Club Counctl Se r tary Horneroont Monutor ROGER CRSWELL Foctball Track Junuor Talent Show Secretary Vtce Presldent Homeroom Prolectton Club Red Letter Club Monutor Safety Patrol Flre Br gade Drlyes Ccmmlttee JOAN CLJLWELL F H A HENRY B CUXANA NGS Basketball Football Gall Junuor Talent Sltow Frre Brtgade Monttor Band AUBREY DAWS Ftre Brrgadu Vrce Prestdent Homeroorn ' the mann entrance lobby The favornte gathertng place of students durmg the morning break RESULT IN PRIZE-WINNING FLOAT BOBBY DAVIS: Student Councilg Hi-Y, 4-H Clubg President, Vice President, Homeroomg Trackg Safety Patrolg Fire Brigade, P.-T,-S. A. Committee Member CYNTHIA DAVIS: F, N, A., Greasepainters, Mixed Chorus President Vice President S cretary Homeroorn Latin Club Ped Cross Council Drives Committee Science Club Beauty Walk Student Council JACKIE DAVIS D O Club Junior Talent Show Beauty Walk Beta Club Honor Society Square Dance Club Secretary Secretary Chaplain I-Iomeroom JOE DAVIS Mechanrcal Drawing Club JIMMY DeLOACH Fire Brigade Mechanical Drawing Club Juntor Talent Show LINDA DISNEY Spanish Club Greasepainters F H A Vice Pres dent TrIHnY Red Cross Council Office Runner Junior Talent Show E DONALD EADS Mixed Chorus D O CI b BETTY LOU EATMAN F H A BOBBY EVANS Band President Student Council Prestdent Vice Presldent Hcmeroom Senior Ring Committee 3 I I SHIRLIE FAIRCHILD F H A Library Assistant ROBERTA FARR F H A D O Club JOYCE FINE ALLEN Correspondence Manager Bear Fo ts ELEANOR FAYE FORD Greasepainters Beauty Wak B W Business Staff Tri HIY F H A tor Male Beauty Walk Fire Brigade DENNY RAY FRYE Mechanical Drawing Club Art Club Gold Key Award In Art VV N FULOVIAM D O Club F N A D N FLJLLER Greasepainters Spanish Club HIY Fre Br gade BILL GANDRUD Science Club Picsident Black Warrior Editor Honor Socnety Beta uv S udent Council I7 . i ' 1 2 . I . . . ' . A , I y I 5 . . ., ' I- . : I j , . U k I r I J I 4, I Q . . I I I' U' I - - ' Q Q. HARVEY FRETWELL1 Band, Assistant Manager, Moni- Im. 9 . . " ' IA 1 , . I . . , .I I , xg 1 O 1 5 . I . 2' ll f fy f Wa SENIORS HONORED AT ANNUAL Senior members of the bond 1957. and .LL 'wat swf f 'qgfwwjgywrat Hwy 4, ,egg my ,N M - A. fhfwffwffw A NANCY GEORGE Latin Club F H A Scaence Club Tru Hu Y Monltor B W Business Staff Camera Cub PETTUS GEWIN Band Lyre Club Prolectlon Club Ftre Brugade Science Club WHITFIELD GIBBONS Transferred to T H S S :ence Club Monutor Sclence Farr Fnrst Place B ology lndnvndual Award Honor Society BARBARA JEAN GLOVER Head Cheerleader Homecom ng Queen .Iunuor Talent Show Black War rlor Favor te Monrtor Leaders Club Greasepalnters Se retary Treasurer Class Red Cross Councll Sec retary Horn room Ftre Prevention Theme Contest Winner EDDE GOINS D O Club HIY Chaplan Homeroom Frre Brlgade HELEN GOODMAN D O Club F H A MIKE GRAHAM Beta Club Scuence Club Honor Socnety Student Councul HIY Vuce Presudent Home room DAN GRAY Student Council Spanrsh Club Beta Club Honor Socnety Vnce Presudent Horneroom Monutor D O Club Sensor Rang Com mxttee VVYNELL GRAY Beta Club Honor Socrety Spanush Club Latun Club F T A Ba d President Horneroom Mnxed Chorus Honor Soclety BARBARA GREEN Presrdent Chaplaan Homeroom A D O JIMMIE ANN GREENE F H A Offnce Runner Greasepalnters TERRY GREENE Fare Brugade Vlce Presldent Horn room Baseball JUNIOR SENIOR ALFRED DURAL GUY D O Club JAMES ALTON GUY President Homeroom Beto Club Honor Socuety D O Club Junior Talent Show Drives Commltlee French Club OAIL ANN HALL Lyre Club All State Bond Bond Lrbroruon Tru Hu Y Fr rch Club B W Buslness Stoll Secretory Home rocrn DONALD HALLMAN D O Club Fare Brlgode Greosepolnters STANCEL HALLMAN Art Club Vuce Pressdent Boslcetboll Fare Preventson Poster Contest Winner MYRA HAMBY F T A leode s Club B W Busuness Stott Lubrory Assxstont NANCY HANKS F H A Muxed Chorus Monitor ALLISON HARDY D O Club Vlce Presudent Presldent Home-room Fnre Brlgode WOOD ROW HARDY D O Club MrRTlN HARORAVE T nsferred to T H S Me honucol Drowlng Club Fnre Brngode Prolectlon Club Sclence Club JIMMY HARGROVE D O Club Fare Brlgod SARA NELL HART LEY Red Cross Councll Chorus Musuc F H A Heo th Asslstont B Vv Business Stoll JEN LLE HEAD Honor Socuety French Club T H4 Y Llbrory Assustont Red Cross Council N NCY HEATH Honor Socuety Beto Club Vice Pr sdewt Secretory H rneroorn F T A TrnHnY rflonl cr French Club BOB HELMS Footboll Truck Red Letter Club Mechonlcol Drowung Club Vrce Presldent Fire Brngdde Vuce President Home room CAROLINE SUE HERlTAC5E F H A F N A Vce Presndent Tn Hu Y Sponnsh Club Red Cross Councul Ouldonce Asslstont Junior Tolent Show B W Buss ness Stoll Monitor HAROLD HESTER Flre Bri gode Vlce Presndent Horneroonn LEWIS HICK MAN Mnxed Chorus Flre Brrgode PROM IN MAY 'Z' - I 1 I I I - 1 I 1 5 : : - 2 1 1 - - 2 6 C I Q . . Q , ' 1 - - 1 I , , 1 , , Y 5 1 : . . g r I . U , . , , . . , . : . . . g 5 : . . , g , , : VO . . , g L 1 I 5 I , . ' ' Q 7 - 'B . , , . . ., ,W ,,.,.,, 1 1 , - 5 - . - Qff " . ' , L : 5 1 Fl- l Q f f . . - O I V 1 I A. 'Q v I 1 F 1 1 -0 I - . 1: - - 1 A K 7 . 1 , 1 - 1 I 1 1 ' I , 1 1 ' I , . . 5 . , ., I I ' ' 2 I Q ' 2 5 . . - 1 , 5 . . . 5 ' '- 1 1 . . . - I . n . . W 1 . WE SWIM, SUN, SING, SWING If all ln October the Beat Facts sponsored cn s hool wade ele tnon In the rntdst of the lO56 Presudentual election campaugns of Dwnght Eisenhower and Adlau Stev nson Students registered pald a fave cent poll tax and cast th lr votes rn he stud nt actuvutres room DUDLEY HILL Fsre Brigade Trade School JANE HINDERER Student Council Tr1HuY French Club Gutdance Asslstant SALLY RUTH Warrior Favorite Spanush Club President Student Counctl Dnves Cornmtttee Beta Club Treasurer Juntor Talent Show Red Cross Council Office Runner Inter Club Councul Honor Soctety WAYNE HOFSTADTER Regular Schedule lVlAROlE HOGGLE Ivlonltor Chorus Muslc DENNY HOLLYHAND Fare Brlgade Chorus lvlustc BETTY JO HOUSE Band Lyre Club F H A ANNETTE HUBBARD Homecornlng Maud .lunuor Talent Show Bear Facts Buslness Manager Vtce Pr sud nt Homeroom Beauty Walk Monitor Student lvlurneagrapher JEANETTE HUBBARD Treas urer Homeroom Guidance Ass stant 20 , Xa Y .f L AS 5 ' , c - ' c' ' ' . . . . 9. . f S . ,. I TO4. HlNTONf President, Secretary, Homeroom, Black ' 2 ' ' z , z B' Q ' Q I . , ' . I AND SWAY AT SENIOR PICNIC The annual band banquet was held an re school cafeteria on the evenung of Jan ll Mr Wnlluam B rryman Chentrstry teacher s rvecl as nt 1 ter of cerernontes band rn rn bers presented clnrector Cl tton Hurt r wrtn a hugh ttclel ty record player DOl?lS HUBBNRD D O CI b F'ATRlClf- JOHN HUEY Carnera Club Spanrsn Club Tr HIY H LILLIF LOUlSE HLJMPHRIES Beta C ub Honor Scc ery Student Counczl Scrence Club Secretary F T f Monutor Othce Runner UND-x INORAM Honor Socrety Beta Club Secre tary French Club Vt e Presndent Latan Club Mon rtcr State French Contest Thrrd Pace JOE lx! Y Junror Ta ent Show Football Fare Brrgade 11 r cl to T H DON JAMES French u fnt an Ftre Brrga M UEJ fES Pesrclent Vlce Pres: ent url r Sensor P ont Contnnttee eta c Soc ety Drlves Ccmrnrttee Grease DC nt Hr B W Busrness Staff Monror EFRLE JOHNSON Band ence Cu tt Club Junror Ta n D w on rnrttee l 1 'SOM ucl J n og e A 211 21 . ,X . . I l . . . ' ' e , ' , e cs S ' g r e - : . 3 ,f f . . aff? A Qgffg 'I 1 , . U A T A A , A , T : Q , l' ' F T t lr. . H 1 l 1 Y 1 A: ' , . A . I . I F ti Y X , , 'C 4 : l 5 - . I U ' . 1 1 A E 2 ' ' l - Q 2 I ' 1 Trr :ste re , . S. 1 Club, S' cl: Ccunc": T ' de MLRTH' S ' 1 r , cl , Hcrrfrocstf, Student Councrlg Mwed Chorus, Junior Tafat Snow, J to - , ' r Q B C.ub, Hon r T, 5 F ' 1 - rx' ersg Trl- 3Yg . . r 5 't Q French Club : g Lyra Club, Sc.s , Cl b, Lc tn C 5 ' le t Sho.-. Ffonrtcrg Hr-Y, ri es C 1 ' N FQ-ll-'ES JO. lko F l St ect ' 'r e 'aph '. 192, 'Y ' ' HQ af FOUR YEAR BAND MEMBERS R BILLY JOHNSTON AIlCounty Football Baseball Red Letter Club WILLIAM E JONES JR Prolectnon Club Mechanical Drawung Club Fare Brngade JUDY JONES Red Cross Councll B W Buslness Statt Oftuce Runner Secretary Chaplain Homeroom Band Tn HIY French Club Student Mnmeographer PATRICIA ANNE JONES Vnce President Home room Band Momtor Junnor Talent Show French Club Tn HIY B W Busnness Staff Student Mnmeo grapher Drlves Comrnuttee Ottnce Runner BETTY JORDAN Camera Club Secretary Spanush Club French Club Oreasepannters Ottuce Runner Tn Hu Y Gundance Assnstant AUBREY RAY KELLY Junsar Talent Show Mnxed Chorus Fare Brigade JAMES KICKER D O Club Flre Bngade Grease pannters CLIFFORD KIRK Presldent Vuce Presldent Homeroorn Beta Club Honor Socsety Me channcal Drawnng Club BETTY LAKE Pres: dent Homeroom Tru Hu Y French Club Junnor Talent Show Grease-pannters Chorus Music Monitor D O Club Druves Commuttee HERSHEL LAKE Basketball Red Letter Club Student Councnl Assrstant Sports Edntor Black War rnor AIlCounty Basketball JAMIE LAN CASTER D O Club Art Achievement Award ROB LANGFORD All State Band Scnence Club Vlce Presndent Student Councnl Vnce Presrdent Presndent Beta Club Honor Society Band Vece President Class Junuor Talent Show KLAUS LALIER French Club Mechanical Drawnnq Club Tenms Prolectuon Club Fire Brugade ARTHUR LAYCOCK Regular Schedule PATRICIA LEAVELLE Junlor Talent Show F T A Mrxed Chorus Beauty Walk F N A Guldance As snstant WILMER LEE JR D O Club Fare Brrgade SARAH KELLY LEOPARD Red Cross Council Secre tary Monntor Junnor Talent Show B W Edntorual Statt Spamsh Club Greasepannters Trl HI Y Lnbrary Assustant Chaplaun Homeroom WILEY LEWIS Presndent Homeroom Band Fire Bngade Lyre Club GRADUATE IN BAND UNIFORMS The Sensor Class was well repres nted IU thls bevy ot b autres partnclpotung IH the annual Beauty Walk on the evenung of February 8 CHARLES LEWIS D O Club Reporter Football Monutor President Horneroom CHARLOTTE A LEWIS Band Assistant Llbrarlan All State Chorus Spanlsh Club Greasepannters Monlor Chaplarn Homeroom Lyre Club F N A Science u F GENE LOFTIS Student Councnl Football Vlce Presldent Hom roorn Junlor Talent Show Mechanical Drawang Club Fore Brrgade CLIFTON DEREK LOGAN Progectuon Club Junuor Talent Show Frre Brlgade Vnce Presndent Treasurer Homeroom LEE S LOGAN D O Club NAOMI LOVVERY F H A Art Club D O Club Cateterra Assustant JOE ANN LUKER Red Cross Councll Momtor Beta Club Latnn Club Soanush Club Drnves Com rnnttee Treasurer Home-room Spanlsh Teachers of Amerlca Ach evement Award Honor Socrety Sc: nce Four Second Place Blology lndlvldual Award SANDRA LUXICH Junior Talent Show B W Edt torual Staff French Club F H A Drlves Committee T A Mon: MARY JANE MACKEY Red Cross Councll F N A Bond Lyre Club Gund once Assrstant I , ' e I . . , f , , , A 5 1 I ' . I . I . -5 . I I I I I Cl b, . H. A. . I I I V I - , 1 z , , 2 . . .5 p . . g - z z , 1 , 1 - z , z : . , D , , V , I . g . . - F, , .5 tor I I v ' -I I I ' OUR CLASS PROPHECY, WILL, AND POEM The conference room tound many and varred uses clurtng the year Here Student Councnl Vlce Presudent Kowalskn Iett Treasurer Vnbbart rnght and representa tnves Yeargen and Graham standnng use at as a center ot operatton tor the Beauty Walk tlcket sellang carnpagtn In February BOBBY MARTIN Regular Schedule MAXINE MASSEY Red Cross Councrl Chaplatn Homeroom F N A Health Asslstant F H A Tru Ht Y DON MAUGHN Vnce Presndent Home rocrn Fare Brugade Monltor VIRGINIA M CALL TrlHlY Latln Club French Club S cretary State French Clubs Secretary Jumor Taeftt Show Honor Society Vtce Prestdent Beta Club Leaders Club Greas pannters Song ot Berna dette Bear Facts Staff B W Edntortal Buslness Drives Cornmrttee Student Council Vtce President Treasurer Homeroom LARRY MCCOY Foot ball Captann Baseball Basketball All State Foot ball AlICounty Luneman of the Year Honorable Mentuon All Southern .lunuor Talent Show President Hcmeroorn Red Letter Club Black Warrlor Favorite Vc Presndent Class Fnre Brtgade HERBERT McDANIEL Ftre Brtgade Mechanncal Drawmg Club PEGGY MILLER D O CI b F N A WANDA MILLER MIssT H S Leaders Club Spamsh Club Secretary Junnor Talent Show Monutor Cheer leader Red Cross Council Homecomnng Maud Mixed Chorus Chorus Mustc Prestdent Blaclc Warrior Faycrtte Vnce Presndent Secretary Homeroom RAYBURN MOORE Regular Schedule 24 . N . X . I : 'Q ' I , S z , 1 ' , U . . . . I . l . Q I' . H I - "2 z - . ' A , ' Stattsg F. H. A., Secretaryg Black Warrior Favorite, 1 ' 2 ' ' , F D , ' . . h ' V f 1 : . . U 5 . . . , , I I . . i . 1 li ' ' 2 ' : ' I A 5 ' ' A 1 A ' , , - Our own bandmaster Clnff Hurter at the annual band banquet In the school cafeterla EVELYN LEE NAPPIER Honor Society Beta Club F N A Transfer ORENE NEWSOME Transferred to T H S BRONNIE EDWARD NICHOLS JR Band Lyre Club Basketball Golf Fure Brugade Vnce Presndent Home room SANDRA PALMER Honor Socrety Beta Club Vuce President Greasepaunters Treasurer Song of Berna dette Our Town Black Warrnor Favorute l955 Runner Up Muss T H S Latun Club Jumor Talent Show Assocnate Editor Black Warrior Vice Pres: dent Secretary Homeroom Leaders Club Sensor Rrng Commtttee P T S A Committee Member Stu dent Council Bear Facts Staff HAROLD JEROME PANABAKER JR Band Lyre Club M channcal Drawsng Club Flre Brigade Monltor Pro Iectlon Club Scnence Faar Second Place Physics Group Award JACKIE PEARSON Junior Talent Show Monntor Tru Hu Y Office Runne Vrce Presldent Homeroom JOHN PEARSON Mecltanucal Drawing Club Vnce Presvdent Homeroom Fur Brigade GAIL RUTH PERKINS Tr :HI Y Secretary F H A Presudent Beta Club Honor Soclety Spansslw Club Chaplazn Presudent Clrtaplaln Homeroom Red Cross Councal Momtor Junlor Tal nt Shaw JAMES ROLAND PERKINS Transferred to T H S Amateur Raduo Club Prolectuan Club Flre Brngade ww' I I Wglfw ITH TH! M1 145554 MIXED EMOTIONS FELT BY M f A2 ina .ff R ,.. HARLES POTTS Football Track Baseball D O Club OERRY OLJARLES Basketball Red Ltter Club Fire Brigade Mixed Chorus Junior Talent Show BILLY JOE RAY Regular Schedule !vILLlAiV TOMVIY RAY Regular Schedule CAROLYN RAYFIELD Mixed Chorus F H A Jun or Talent Show Oreasepaunt rs Vice President Horne room Latin Club Spanish Club Honor Society Beta lub Tri Hi Y Beauty Walk Red Cross Council Miss A B W Business BARBARA JEAN REED Art Club President Tri HIY Publicity Chairman Bear Facts Junior Talent Show Grease painters Our Town Science Club Inter Club Council President Secretary Home-room D O Club Chaplain Drives Committee JULIAN REED Band Lyre Club Junior Talent Show Secretary Horneroom Fire Brigade CLEMMIE NAN REID Band Lyre Club Honor So ciety Beta Club F T A Business Staff Manager Black Warrior BETH RICHARDSON Honor Society Beta Club Secretary Honieroom Tri HIY Grea epainters Junior Talent Show Office Runner B VV Business Stall Leaders Club Drives Committee Monitor ERFRED RICHARDSON Band Lyre Club vle chanical Drawing Club Secretary Horneroom MARY JEAN RICHARDSON F H A Chorus Music SARAH RILEY F H A ELIZABETH ANN ROBERTSON Honor Society Beta Club F H A Red Cross Council Latin Club B W Business Staff Science Club Chaplain Horne room JIMMY LEE ROBINSON Fire Brigade MARGUERITE RODOERS Honor Society Beta Club Student Council Secretary Maiorette Junior Talent Snow Latin Club Tnl-liY Greasepainters Red Cross COUFICII President Vice President Home room ROBERT RUCKER1 Football- Red Letter Club- Stu- dent Council JIMMY RYAN1 Beta Club- Mechanical Drawing Club MARY CATH- ER NE RYAN: Red Cross Council- Spanish Club- T - Hi-Y- Healtn Assistant. SENIORS ON LAST SCHOOL DAY RAYMOND SALYERf Transferred to T. H. S., Foot- ball, Basketball, Mechanical Drawing Club GLORIA SENNA1 Art Club, Junior Talent Show, Spanish Clubg Greasepainters, B. W. Business Staff- Tri-I-li-Y, Gold Key Award in Art, Monitor, Chaplain 1 1 Homeroom STAFFORD SHEALY: D. O. Club. JIMMY SHELTON: Mechanical Drawing Clubg Greasepainters Our Town HiY Fire Brigade Amateur Radio Club MILDRED SHIGLEY r nsferred to T H S T A Spanish WILLIAM CARLOS SHOWS Football Red Letter Club Baseball D O Club Y SIGLER D O Club F N MARTHA ANNE SKINNER D O Club Camera Club Bear Facts Staff Chorus Music BARBARA SMITH Band D O Club F N A fn. 1 6 14 OWEN SMITH Mixed Chorus Malorette F T A Junior Talent Show Library Assistant HELEN SM Tl-I F H A RAMONA SMITH F N A President Bear Facts Staff Red Cross Council Junior Talent Show Monitor Inter Club Council Office Runner Spanish Club Health Assistant DORIS SNODDY F H A D O Club Libray Assistant JUANITA SPENCER Maiorette Chaplain Horneroorn F H A Junior Talent Show LARRY SPENCER Football Track D O Cub JACKIE SPRINGER Band Lyre Club Red Crass Committee LINDA SPRUIELL Student Coun cil Beauty Walk Guidance Assistant Science Club VICTOR STARK Band Lyre Club Science Club Monitor Ta . . ., F. . .5 ' Club . 'L - I : . ' 3 " L ' 2, MAR 2 . . I . .A. . V- . I at . mg? V Ni is I 4 l : . . . , 1 , . ., ,I 4 I A 1 I 1 V 2 : . . .g . . g I I' I . . , , . . I I l , , Council, Monitor, Spanish Clubg F. T. A, Drives i ' f Q Q 2 I I ' . .5 , A Y I 27 SENIORS PROUDLY ACCEPT DIPLOMAS VXILLCDDENE STEFEEN Honor S CI ty B ta Club acid Lyr Cl b Clarinet Quartet Nfledal VXnnner H1 Y Ce Club itt uh N A Fea r Ed or B dr act CK T ' PT Harcr I y Q Q C b vcr a M l State Band unetcppers yr C LD e r a Secreta cmerocrn p nr t Cl b St d t C Jun Talent Shov J -lNNY SJ l P Jururr ett Sncv Blaclc vfarrrr v C E C Brrga L Club ur Club oo a Baslc tba base a Presld nt Hom room Presraent Class ROBERT SWEENEY Bard Spanr lw Club GAYLE TAYLOR Cam ra Club French Club Mixed Chorus All State Chorus BETSY THOMAS Honor Society Beta Club Greasepalnters Our Hearts Were Young and Gay Song of B rnadette Secretary Hornerocm Ped Cross Council Presudert Junior Talent Show Tn Hr Y Vice Presnd nt Frewch Club President Winner in Fire Prevention Theme Contest Monitor SHIRLEY ANN TUCKEP Honor Society B ta Club B au a H A President lC Pres dent liter Club Council Health Assistant MIXSON VIBBART Science Club President Vic Presidert Class Junlcr Talent Shcvx B W Edutorlal Stall Student Cfuncrl Treasurer Hon r Society Beta tug Back Vlarri r Eaycrrte P T Mernber SUE lVlCDANlEL VICE E H A D O Club Secretary Secretary Hameroom Drives Contntlttee ! UBPEY VlCK Eoctball Mechanical Drawing Club Fare Brigade Science Club DOWNEY WALKER Band Lyre Club Junior Talent Show Fire Brngad PUEUS H WALKER Honor Society ca Club Junior Tae t Stow Eire Bri ad attn Club Camera Club Hi Y 1414 I' 1 28 The editors not editing. AT SPRING GRADUATION EXERCISES Preparatlon of the Senior Class float for the Homecomsng parade f R HA La TRIEVE Wf-LL CE Honor Society to I on re C u ll State Ban F H Ot tc Rur or Se retory Hcmeroom Nonttor NOLLY LEIOH WATSON r rsterred to T H O I Runner Monutor Ltbrary Assustant Junror tent Stu vv A Trl HIY B W Bustness lllLUA Llf5xI.Lx!' Xl JE VER Stu EFI Com Il Cltaploun Horneroom D O Club ELOISE WELLS Tn Ht Y Bear Facts Stall Mon: r Drnes Comnuttee Greasepaunters Latin Cub Leaae s C'ub Band Malorette Junnor Talent Show Red Crc s Council Beauty Walk GUY HIIEHEAD Scuence Club Band Monitor Fare Drgade ROGERS WHITEHEAD Honor S ctety B ta Club Sctence Club Junxor Talent Show Monitor BERNICE WHITTEN Honor Soctety Beta Club Mx d Cborus PAT WHITTINOTON F N A R d Cross Councul PATRICIA WILDER Honor Some y Beta Club Band Lyre Club All State Band H Y Latun OINEN WILLIAMS Vnce Presudent Secretary H meroorn F H A Latin Club F T A Mont or Oreasepaanters Red Cross Councul REBECCA JOSERHINE WILLIS Matore te Black Warnor Fa vorrte Latin Club Student Council Rresldent Vlce Rresuden Homeroom Beauty Walk Junior Talent Sltovv Monttor Offuce Runner BETTY JANE WILSON Honor Socnety Beta Club Latnn Cub Student Mtrneograplter F T A Leaders Club MAX WILSON Transf rred to T H S Band Lyre Club All Sta e Band Foctball Red Let er Club Art Club Nechamcal Drawtng Club Flre Br gacl Safety Patrol Orchestra TOMMY WOOD Regular Schedule SANDRA WOODWARD Transferred to T H S Junlor Talent Show Grease patnters Secretary B W Bustness Staff Bear Facts Staff Student Mum ographer JAMES E WRENN Sc ence Club Momtor Sctence Fatt Furst Place Physlography lnduvudual Award STEVE WYATT D O Club Vac Pre :dent Homeroom Monltor AGNES MARIE YEAT N F H A Square Dance Club F N A B Bustness Staff Health Asststant BOB YODER JR Honor Soc: ty B ta Club Foot ball Red Letter Club Ftre Brigade Track Vlce Prestaent Homeroom KAREN YOUNG Student Councnl Vtce Prestdent Homeroom B W Bustness Staff Greaseoalnters Junlor Talent Show Song ot Bernadette KAY ZEAN I nch Club Latin Club T HIY B W Busrnf Stall Junuor Talent Show F H A H alth Asslstant Vice President Hornerocrn HERCHEL OWENS D O Club A Club Fire Brtgade SENIORS NOT PICTU RED LINDA BROWN Regular Schedule .IUDSON DOWLING Ftre Brngade Presldent Homeroom Baseball Golf Drnves Com mnttee Momtor BOBBY HANNAH D O Club Fotball WALLACE LEE HENDERSON D O Club Fare Brtgade TROY JONES Regular Schedule JOHN KEENE Fare Brlgade Juntor Talent Show Drives Commtttee Vnce Prestdent Homeroom Black Warrnor Favorute Sclence Fanr Furst Place JIMMY MADISON Mtxed Chorus JAMES PHILLIP MITCHELL Regular Schedule BILLY JOE OLIVER Flre Brngade Art Club Vtce Presndent Homeroom Drnves Com mtttee HOWARD RAIFORD Trade School LAVELLE STOCKS Health Assistant PHILLIP CLAY WEIR Transtered to T H S, Monitor SHELBY DEAN WHEAT Regular Schedule EARL WHITE Mixed Chorus 30 OUTSTANDING SENIORS t Q Benng o wheel on the campus doesnt destroy some students hurmltty MIXSON VIBBART ns one of these rore examples As treosurer of the Student C uncml he hos token on octlve port an the work of thot orgomzotlon os presrdent of the Sclence Club lte hos copobly us serted leodershlp In one of the schools most octtve clubs Our Mass Cvtnzenshnp MARY LOU BAR RINGER hos mode on envloble record of cess du vng ner ur eors I school lnfroxed by her electron os presl dent of the Honor Soclety Wth o level! force ond o good notured spurt Nory Lou n OUV O lnlon W dCSel'VeS 9 Tl G Most Llcely to Succeed , : 'ZW , ov-"' if! ' ,nv- T udttlonolly one ot the lwondsornest b s tn h I ss ths yeors presldent ol the Senlor Closs lS no exceptuon Smlllng qunclc wrtted JIMMY COLEMAN hos served os sports edltor of the Block Worrnor ond pres dent of the Beto Club In oddttlon to vesng on student he hos plc e otboll d golf to complete o we voutd d school ffm ref' s ctttzen of T H S ROB LA te en' wtt nd olwczys octve A stud ous scfertce student BILL GAN FORD wo alerted p estdent ot the Student BET Y THOMAS o osx m Q sp rg clfter O v QOVOUS C 1 er G tlcl on G 6. YOU rn ff ern st l octr mes he hos occerted posuttons or d S Ulf Q Sclence Cluo Inte Church Youth 4 t Exoorcrs rout sv Students nf l 'nd n wne of the fomltor ye ow 5 s f rnvn le 31 DRUD n s ent l ur feo tqkunj on cctuv 1 me 1 Q ,. e lOOut r te Ae tmgl' S time f nt P onc hos le ded the p eporo n the l957 Block Wcrruor He wrls p e tm' to repr nt ls rv' C e Stl. en' C un n NIORS ODUCE TALE JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS tw!! A9 FRANK KENDALL PATSY HOWARD DON DOLLAR Vlce Presudent Secretary President HOMEROOM PRESIDENTS Requured sablects lrlce Amerrcan I-lustory Geometry Physucs and Amencan Ltterature prepare the Junuor Class scholastlcally for Chemistry Trrgonometry P O D and Sensor Englush In leadershup and plarn hard work the Talent Show and Prom prepared thls class forthe frurts of theur toll an thelr Sentor year betng guests at the Prom and reaching the much awauted nught when they are stars at graduatron exerclses e I Frank Ken a Ne O gan Wh tney Echols Row 2 Buddy Camp bell Bobby Woodman Serlng Anders Don Dollar lRlghtI JUNIOR TALENT SHOW MATERIAL The Four Hearts and accompan ment Marbury Smth drums Frank en all rs tenor Jerry IX bar tone Ma garet Palmer Johnny Kowalsk second tenor Ned Barnes bass J mmy Ande son p ano Smrth and Anderson are also members of the I-hgh Hats see page 93 J U P R N T ' - J T if Q Xu I I if M ff 'Tj if I I I f l 54 f I , 2 ff 'MW I J 5 J 4' X 4- gli, I Q- sr, P I 3, I I 31 H .2 ' . f ' .' - w .. Xxtmyy E H , rf Qt? I :'- M., ' a I if I I I r Q I IL ft -Row 1: d II, 'IM f. - It D I A a I l I 5 l K d , flltl il 2 N , I : V E x , I E xy, SHOW, FINANCE JR.-SR. PROM hnfsm NCHARD R w T Jum parvum :roy ay BeYTy Holladuy Barbara Rankin James Lu Whwtney Echols Row 2 rsa Wntcrs Sandra Pearson Ruth Brook y enry Mar Russe Courson or H rmon Crm! NL Smfherm n CTaode n A stan Row 3 Na we Event! Sanara :an O Judy Bagw VI Bonnnz, Snyder Iv 1r a Tompkins Frank AITU1 Row 4 Davxd UH xan Clay Bxsrop Mrchael Canavan Ray ant, n ram owe!! BIT Goodwrn J hnny Harrnf Buddy Busby BISHOP-Row T: Krfy RCMVC15, Ka'n Terr M:C3'., Rarrona Meadows Arvada Camry .Terr-e Head, Nancy Meyer, Row 2: Bxiiy Mack Brown, Mary Kwrk, E1Ten Cloudus, Boobwe Barlow, George james New! Wood, Row 3: Melvrn Harman, Wayne Greenhafv Mane Peexs, Peggy Kempgens Marrna Ne' Hurt, Sara F':1nugan. Phu! Harr-S, Jorn K'0pac, Rwcnard Hayes, Row 4: Wayne Gun Jay Gray, Bdly Pope, Larry Hodges, Bobby Hohnan, Marsha!! Hagler, Johnny Rudd, Billy Nance, Charles Smith, Mwntcr Afevander Huber! McDan:ei BART R w T nrJ D11 L1 Cooper DJre Condon Ann Dee Row 2 a P Orr HUH av CJ J BJrfcr1 Gai M nr nf' De if FJ Jaw' Mn J McCr rnnon F'1ye Tr rr R w 3 Jrrrr 1 5 ll CY If 'TU 'T wanATer1 '1ayMhrJY JL-ySs Susan Sc ern! Row oopv Evans a Ile f-you R ihar 1. man Torn psied cw 5 f-or ag 1 Srow JUNIDRS M. WILLIAMS-Row li Peggy Darnell Carolyn Lee, Betty Jo Gewrn, Gayle Ba'- fon, Sondc Elrnore, Row 2: Joyce Mc, Collurn, Brllre Malone, Martha Bolton, Patsy Sumner, Jo Del Laney, June Lassiter, Row 3: Ray Blasrnglm, Faye Roberts, Kay Ed- wards, Martha Faulkner, Jarnes O'BryOrlt, Tornrny Srrnpson, Edward Ktrk, Row 4: Tom Drckman, David Tucker, Gary Zuiderhoek, Chester Walker, Otto Hallman, Buddy Cornobel' Allen Langford, Harold Givens s CE Row I Harrrett Booth a Sue Srnrth Joyce Welch Lucy Minot Marcra Mathews Betty Brewer Carolyn Avery Row 2 Joan Latrmer Treva Barley Brenda Beeson Susan Abell Judy Rhodes Paul Robertson Joe Adams Ken Knrkley Row 3 Mary Albrtght Jrmmy Orr John Langford John Bowers Johnny Mack Hutt Buddy B own Davrd Deese Row 4 Dar Morgan Larry Phxllrps Bobby Woodman G orge Tottel Gary Jackson Jerry Hogan Ja rv Boyd Davd Hassell John Brrttgrn , I. D O D E JUNIORS Row 'l Bar ara Pearson Mary Alice Braslleld Hazel Marte- Lttrell Margaret Swanger Lorene Johnson Mary Jo Green Row 2 Ruby Nell Harper Theresa Blanchard Hazel Perry Dranne Parker Pat Jackson Glen Wtlson Wood Louuse Sanford Ann Anderson Row 3 Thomas Lancaster Joe Keller Davrd Howell Brlly Johnson Joe Johnson Alfred Lewns Buddy Carter Kung Trdmore Row 4 Johnny Gllllland Btlly Cook Rayburn Gray Jerry Calwell Jtmrny Darnell Edward Hosmer Davrd Janes Fred Skelton Bobby Whntley Davld Hayes 'I Ar A NG The rock and r J nor Class presents 1- portrayed by Johnny SMITH Row I Jn vw dd 4a R , Bucky Tum 5 sc d r fx Hden Lemdms Em.: mf . Row 1 feqgf Fc15ls, Lnda Perk ns ":'i:' " J'1f"ff Clarkson, Peggy ' ,-,v V '1r, V. Nsgr, Row 35 Circ! Aw- M J-Y, M-sR "1 'f' f, Lmdcx Lim 5' EV, - V 11" 2 GW' CSF, Row 4: Sewi- ',,,-,, .L V, ,. , ,-,- nf, , .. . , Jn, BN' ,Mo - V , , A ,, . ..sQ: .1 ' ' 'Jr Bonn, P-cg' 2"- sgg Q S':f'r, r JUNIORS NTON R w 1 ur D C rgwn Chg lone F vu Hee 0 SHO Q1 C LeCrOy ow Annette umm C1 ol ff Q sy ow :rd P Ms user w cr rw v ow 3 R owe R 1, mba J 'WWW wo sx J cw w 4 D H1 WG d TFC: 1 L, dv P Clements T v w, Mooe 0 0 y FQ d PAN MA NK 'Yu UNIDRS PHY ROW ll C VOVLS rt n 'ew l v n B t y No Jw d w za e JS Faye K R and Shel y Dean Wheat Bertha Wes Sar n Row nan a ley an T omas nes n A r ue san ash r a l DesRoc Ann Marte er K ye G een Row 4 L on Sn w rown any enn r 15 S erm Ar' ers Wayne Hoggle Edd e Balmer :mes J Jer Mu rt I James Guvaer on B lly R Jon Travis MCCU y VALLE Row l Luty Caldwe Elatne Gorrnson Ruth Anne Rockwell Bev erly Brown Margaret Palmer .loan Steven son Helen L Smtth Sara Ashcroft Row 2 Sonlua Waste Gall Phares Dlane Musko Sandy Stull Juamta Smutln Sue Vtck Joyce Burkhalter Row 3 Sue Thugpen Earlene Owen, Betty Allen, Ken Kmcatd, James Lucky, George Parker, Hodo Strickland, Ma: Price, Row 4: Velan Gray, Rufus Mosely, Jimmy Anderson, Marbury Smutlm, C'ester Brunner, Leon Morrtson, Joe Carter, lm Latham, John Scnoel Jarnmte Johnston, THE LINEUP DOWNEY NVEASEL WALKER JUDSON FROG DOWLING DAVID ROACH COCHRANE JlM!vtY RAT LOGAN HERSHEL SNAKE LAKE ROBERT RABBIT RUCKER DAN SOLJIRREL GRAY RONALD MOLE COLLUM SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS DAVID YEARGEN MFRJORIE MEREDITH LARRY SHAFFER Vuce Pre-sudenf Secretory Presvdem n NROW1 Ly Momwe uv my 'V Core ,fw Gone Arm Four Robm ow T UL xrv s on R fr 'TW f G WU HOMEROOM PRESIDENTS ES w I P y BUNJCF ow Jrcf F W J, E cow w ci A rv Sw G ru d rm Edmond nn QLJHHS NM Kuyg Armsrrong B undo U 5 Mo Y Mon Hubrcnrd V' 37 X i 'R'gh : Bal Suu! , R F CL - ills., 5-1 Aft, , Swuww, R 25 r J! Lf Q' , egg! '.'cC'c1",' 5' 'v' 9 X FIN - R0 5 K-nh'-rum fum RwUv1'Ki ., : 1 A , V4 ' I Ve? Q W' N son Yvo rc -Won, e , w 1 J "' 5 fl A e I - 4 y X S , "Af ' f f 'N A f R 2: W 5 W, S A Q : I Kwdd, Lmdcm 'Nuonfn 1 'Q Q ' , ' , Nf' 1 - Huw 51-fzfrwce K. -3, Swszy Camp 4 QEN, Ro 3: Bw?-f Pwfwd, Tonwfvr PIU 1 Clif H' 'le ,dd-f 'Huw Gfzwi EIN' 1' Jzbfn S ', R0 43 A-Nrgd Xl2'N-efv New 'A ' GTM Gym? P:Du N el H, V T d"Q'a S K P Vw Y.f.f-n..w- Fv,.vW.f." Cfvf, Vqw 1 I A 1 i I H,,dc wi '30, SOPH PARSONS-Row l: Jo Ann Hafmlton, Becky Welch, Locllle Cloudus, Vaodrne Johnson, Jerry Hllbish, Jlrnmy Harmon, Row 2: Sandra Rivers, Carolyn Garrett, Clazr Brown, Linda Fowler, Charles Pinck- ney, Cecll Etherldge, Joe Lake, Larry MC- Cookf Row 3: Delores Johnson, Sarah Rich- ardson, Sandra Mlfchell, Virglnla Nix, Judith McBrayer, Wayne Kyzer, John Sparks, Ronrne Rodgers, Row 4: Mrkala Engel, Manwe Hurnphrres, Bobby Barley, NOVEMBER 9 The Hugh Hats a 10 man combo of Sophs and Jun nors mode thenr school dance debut at the l956 Homecoming dance CLARK Row 'I Helen Champagne Barbara Pool Beverly Olryer Mary J Vall Robert Hartley Row 2 Davld Nnx Lulu McKlnley Pamella .lo McGee Bootsey Randall Martha Tldwell Brenda Kyzer Lllllon McCoy Edgar Beauchamp Peyton Ta or Row 3 John Hanby Henruetta Newton rudss Smlth Doug Blelc er Robert Newton Chcfrles Mcllannel Robert Rawlns James Parker Row 4 Maryln Tont Bull Lampkm Jerry Vyorsham John G rnble Je ry Bell Tommy Wood Jae Cooper Jerry Parsons, Gerald Prltchett, Raymond Guy, Donald Falgout, Macy Chrishan, Ralph Newton. SOPHS C, E. WILLIAMS - Row lr Susorl VVofO, 'Au' C AfO'l'gC'T'Q"f, Lindo kocxwon, Po' Moya, Bevrrc Morvnfvg, Comllo Moylleld, Row 2: A-,nn Bono, Pool we Sanford, Patsy Cowan, Gefoidme Htnwofd, Ann Dcvls, Judy Jorfvszn Aww Fon Row 3: Linda Sffwd- rijo Vwfy .fn Boker, Albert Biuvvvire 'H TO""vy Svewirl, Blll lldfY'OV9 Row 4: Jwfei Lcle Power, Don Hodge- Flwchc' Booo, Roy VVllson, Phnllip Ed- 'vowds Dow Hoffws, Coley Arnold 'Mo BEAR VS TORNADO The Home coming story as depncfed by Vhe Sophomore Class float P PATTON Row 1 Lyror B omcofvb D othy f on 5 Jorres Bfwglmmon Bubba Deese Do Jones Row 2 John Wayne M-:Cc 3 oo C1 Ho B fl Hazel Hardy Pe y ow 3 ardo Pvrm Fl ron Nc Pm Grcslum Dov A p ll Johnny Cobb oc A o f Row 4 Bo Cy rl lc' '. no My Cl- . . ..,- , ll .vfxfry f-lil ' ' N: cw my f Cho' es Do '-J ix" ous SOPHS BOX-Row 1: Betty Whtte, Llnda Ford, Carolyn Cork, Geneva Lowery, John Bran- ton, Row 2: Mary Frances Borough, Betty Jean Ranford, Virginia Rayfteld, Charlotte Stanforth, George Greene, Joann Fields, Row 3: Charles Davis, Joe Stewart, Jerry Simpson, Pat Murphy, Sam Frncher, Billy McDaniel, Bill Wrlghtg Row 4: Jerry Wil- llcms, Gerald Douglas, Handley Bush, Larry Shaffer, John Hayworth, Gerald Lawrence, Jimmy Park. 41" adti HITEN Row 'I Wanda Pearson Joyce Lawson Lnnda Hall Judy Buford Johnny Faster Row 2 Robin Swarm Joanne Bon ham Cecelia James Patrlcra Anders Mar tha Lou Sherrrll Row 3 Elmer Smlth Betty Rrchardson Frances Carter Charlre Pat Senna Art Ruggles Buddy Krkland John McGehee Blly Hoggle Row 4 Pnl M Collum Bully Henderson Houston Snrpes Mlke Straughn Wayne Wtllrams Vwlrllrarn K Hnnton Edward Grnffun Larry Welch Students who were absent when home room pictures were made Row l Rachel e s aly Lake Judy Wesley Faye r wn R w 2 Jo Ann Austnn Caro n Ballard Ruby McChesnle Evelyn Lake Row 3 Harold Riley Jerry Brown Robert Sexton 40 R PATTON Row l Pa rrcua Ann Cork Sassy Barger Betty Bruce Mlllle Card Row 2 Larry McCook Mary Nell Johnson Janeen Chadwick Marilyn Carter Elrzabeth Coleman Clarr Brown Jon Bur roughs Row 3 Bo Wnlbourne Bobby Nrchals Larry Freeman Davtd Barrmger Harold Spencer Lamar Jones Row 4 Don Carver Bully Morrow Jlm Waldrop Bully Dowling Gordon Mlller Rodger Bonner Buddy Copeland Jnmmy Gewnn SOPHS BE YHILL-Row I: Kay Robertson, Karen Cook Mary Hortleyg Row 2: Mar- 'Orwe Meredith, Peggy Townsend, Virgrnla Gray, Em ly Colernang Row 3: Sarah Mayo, n a Harless, ue ree, B'll'e Grace Snoddy, Johnnie Dean Lemonis, Raw 4: Carolyn Lake, Tressre Guy, Gera d'n. O'Bryant, Charlotte Grrflrn, Glenda Moore BURNS Rowl Mona Chrustran Nell Eatman Ellen Edwards Martha Cook Row 2 Martha Carol Channell Charlotte Barger Gayle Crow Dranne DesRochers Amanda Denson Row 3 Wanda Barley Glenda James Jean Glover Charlotte Patron Lourse Shuttlesworth Row 4 Frances Hughes Evadean Hayes Sue Bur rage Patsy Hannah Shelby Pearson SOPHS McGRAW- Row lr Danny Tucker, Peggy Harvey, Peggy Foster, Leah Payne, Mary McCool, Buren Bailey, Linda Caldwell, Row 2: Robert Allen, Linda Davis, Martha Mize, Sue Colburn, Pat White, Charlotte Long- stong Row 3: Gail Wilson, Gene Faulkner, Allan Jones, Billy Richards, Al Boyd, Mike Lawrence, David Lambert, Peggy Latham, Row 41 Howard Oliver, Bobby Janes, Andy Mathews, Joe Lake, James Calwell, Jimmy Nisbet, Ed Pickens, John Roberts, Sonny Reed. LYONS Row l Betsy Boyer Leavelle Hall Sylvia Palmer Gayle Snow Nedra Burroughs Row 2 Jeanette Riley Paulo Thomas Carole Edwards Gloria Church Carolyn Bambarger Marva Marqua Bar bara Casson Row 3 Vaudine Sanford Nel line Goree Beverly Holliman Linda Camp bel Joe Gillis Tommy Norris Nke Mc Crory Edde Faulkner Row 4 Richard F rney Jimmy Phillips W C Ramsey Bill Moseley Frank Spell Danny Miller Elmo R ley Tommy .lo Woods TIDWELL Rowl Sandra lngiarr Char lotte Thomas Faye Bragg Peggy Skelton e Cl ton ow 2 Maiy Elizae unkn Miivic Ruth Campbcl Patricia Quarles Lucy McBi de Nancy Wood Pa Flood Hllard Wood Henry Ledbetter Row 3 Carolyn Carson Patsy Lowery y Grff 1 Thomas Pate Don Elmore Jimny Hawk ns Jerry Baird Sorrell Lanier Row 4 Jn Hallman Edward Hedrick Milton Marcum Thomas Callahan Pat Stephens Melvin McDaniel Stanley Bush Joe Brown Duckworth rw FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS 50" 'Ks-., 'Cl 'A JOHN SCI-ILJSTER MARY ANN GRIFFIN JERRY BEARD Vrce Presudenr Secretary Presldenr HOMEROOM PRESIDENTS Rnghvj Row I Martha Robertson Mar a Hacks Janet Sherer Row 2 I-Ienr Shrgley BIIIy Day Harry Wrughf Row 3 B II Musko James Bennett John Schuster J rry Carpenter B-4 Marsha Nowell Carol MAY Row 'I 'QI 43 xr 19 OBryan7 Jmrme Kemp PrnscIIIa Woods WIIey Bobo Row 2 Barbara Espey Loss Arrmgton Parrncna Horns Hank Crisp Jlm Coughhn Coy Hosmer Tommy Guyer Row 3 Dot Turmpseed Jean Harvey Anna Povlov Joyce Madnson Lucnlle Brunner LII an Boofhe Harry Wrnghr Lewns Bosfuck w 4 e y Beard Emc Huten Ro err cI'eII n MII BIIy Stokes James Lee Culwell Jam Johnson Crawford Babb Bobby Joe Kelley TOWNES Row l Sybul McGulre Jerry s Robert Ferguson Don Keller Mt e Stark James Falls Barbara Ntt hell Row 2 Sara Lancaster Jlmrnle Sums Carolyn Weaver Martha Walker Eluzabeth Lee Jon Zeonoh Anne Hays McCrary Carole Gab son Row 3 Dan Stone Rnchard Genn Elzabeth Vonderpoal Betty Jean Cook El zaberh Tudmore Tommy Robertson Lame Anderson Row 4 Jlmrny Burns Roger Lovelace Kenny Gooden Joe Dean Brntt Col 'non Bobby Bush Bob Crane Lanny Payne FRUSH VAUGHN Row l Kay Trdrnore Char lle Grohan Jerorne Duke Don Krncard Ma tha Rotert on Row 2 A G Leave e Norrnan Baker Bobby Holfson E fly Ya Barbara Cork Carolyn Busby Sue Alex onder Row 3 Kay Janes Sarah Moody Fellclo Mullentx Allce XNU d Mgrlgn Mg Danlel Jane Browmng Faye Sngely June Massey Row 4 Glenn McDullte James J C son Blly Srnnth Larry llollaqe Jam r Cunnn am dy Tdwell h lg-y A C Jo Al I Clary Nelbq Jrr TARLETON Row 1 Judy Kurkley Karen Woolley Sherla Noble Jurnmy Owens John Sc uster Row 2 Marte Fnts Johanna Nucol Dottle Carter Carolyn Walker Alene Elmore Clolre Caldwell Row 3 Shirley Malone Mary McGehee Joyce Allen Sue l-loots Annette Jones Johnny Robnnsan Mrke Woodward Row 4 Theo Hellums Romford Daffron Lonnle Shattuck Davud Booth Douglas Sewell Curry Callahan FRUSH HORNE Row 1 Sandra Haress R Decca Gadds Pat McKenzue Ann Tenny san Foy Damtntck Charlene Stms Row 2 Dana Sanford Gayle Adams Mary Brady Brenda Haan Martlyn Stakes llte Dean Marcarn ow 3 Lnda Essay Mar s Jaan Hayns Geradtne Vaughn Ltnda Dent Betty Jo Srnelley AMS Row 'I J ne Ph :ps At At htsan Sharon Gas? Barbara Wtnters se o n n orrts Row Charlotte Jones Sherry Taylor Dorothy Wacker Mary Varner McCall Vtrgtma Davls Row 3 Geraldme Fulghatrn Evelyn Hague Betty Latham Blanche Tarnnpse d Sylvta Rayman Nye FORD Row 'I Hertdree Klepac Edward Cloudus Llonel Luxtch Larry Davus Jerry ru In Pat Engllsh Row 2 Pat Trou Betty Whtte Barbara Sellers Marsha A ams Lnda Hardtn Pat Murp ree Sondra O Neal Row 3 Shrrley Ray Grover Daniel Dan Robertson Thomas Heath Mary Holladay Mary Alva Bassett Row 4 Ray Speed Wntan Patterson Buddy Han son Jerry Carpenter Clyde Evans Varley Mason FROSH CHRISTIAN-Row 1: t5c':g::':: Qzfe-C Caron" Lee Ccryet Ju-we .cry E3 We Rcfafoscw Putsy Atdrtdgc Row 2: E 2:- cettw Swcfvg, Neltc Jurw t'tf:'G,,', T'-2 Nc Joyce tfosmer, Peggy Burn, S' fte, Crocker, Scndy Scotty Row 31 A L Kfcs Robert Etttott, Doug Gro-QQ, Fiztyvsrd Jctwstorx Joe Eggs, Jofves Ef"f"'so" .ewes Ftecfvcf, Dudtey Htggtrwtzcwgw, Row Henry Shtgfey, Home Guy' Gf-:fge Kms" James A Pcfncvv Rorzeft Kwtc, umm, Swetfcv, .Jack McCclturv Ruhr Lcfo 'Mc'- stctl Naftcwe 'Q NTRELL Row 1 Su Cu e ec Jtmmy ur ey Comm Peo fov ot Gray Row 2 Betty Arm Norttwcutt SHO on Vtfgoyer Judy Tucku Mary Bed Some Arune A ery Ann Moms Corot R yrsd ow 3 Andy Mcmess Pont Ntmetl rw ur' mes ttc Derorctw JW Q or Gov Row 4 e tr Q HTF 0 "Hin NCE Row 1 t more t 1 osm tm ott Row 2 Vkfootbrught Arm Avery 'Vt say Forchfnd Bovboro Muxttowe E td e V Brtde Env ly tmpson Luol 1. tn ow Th GS rdy Mu do Blgtu Ccttol E Q Dorts Broselton Chmtottc C o 5 Mo Aww Grtt n Afery Re, m Juonttu Jolwmon Row Jurves Bullock Troy Massey Donn, .Jon b Tommy Burns Larry Phtlpot Tomrvy Moorc Sonny Whtte Rowdy Toffd LINS Row 1 Jan Speed Ann Dayls Sandra Nrchols Frank Bruce Joseph Rualo Row 2 Margaret Perry .lo Ann Smelley Narnlyn Robertson Ann Harper Jrmmue Nell Hallman Janet Sherer Row 3 Shrrley Deerman Barbara Powell Sandra McDanlel Ann Grammar Patrrcua Ruark Hank Black Row 4 .Jummy Lrltle Kenneth Lambert Ronnne Hogan Davud Howard De Campbell Freddy Flermng Erma Arnold 0040 FROSH CASEY-Row lr Ma Olrver, Cnarke Abbott Flay Hagen Row 2: Wanda Parnarn, Jesse Huglnes, Caro. Averew Trolrerf Row 3: Sosa Langford Jan-es Had Pann e 'f.','avl, Jefff Qu Row 4: Leonard Hwsl, bourne Lee. Clarence N Baka, Jarves Rofnlnger, Rcvrs GJ, 'yn Tuba, Doaglas Charles Plowrnan, Carol Than-pson, Mae Bryant, Joyce Par Moses, Nancy Trarler, Bradley son, Grbzon Clark, sey, Ma'y Nornang Harry Lynch, Mel- rckels, J', Charles George Folgnam, DAVIDSON Row l Ja Ell n MCCIU lcy Becky Card Mayl n George Barbara Lake Emly Ha, S June Bladburn Row 2 en as El znbptlr B ooglwton ar ar f f' Ca a A ex ra lone Sr der Bo by Mor an w 3 a Pennf No ce r rrr Grry Co morn oy E A n n -v e P Bu ow 4 B v e B lly .lon wmy Ma 3 n B lly Marr y Jack WI on Haz l Boyd Mary Lee 'arson FROS PA EN Row 'I Ge cl Y Q P Row 2 S r' Row 3 o n N P Row l U Q LACKEY Row l Fred Homner Donny Doclwry Glorlo Wrlglwv Fonnle Lou Alanna Jlnvrny Fklgn Jury Grllfln Row 2 Angelo Poclr N.: we Rutledge Helen Lntrell Peggy Swmdle Mo ron Srnlflw Roso Knox Ellwotf Paulo Roberts Row 3 Sedello Slwcrpe Jonlce Stocks Corolyn Phllllps Bull Mlsko Donald Ashcroft Perry Ann McCown Tony 'Nngglns Row 4 Jerry Thweott Alvun Do rdeon Joe Sk nna Wayne S ngley Don NuJd9x Rams Tll ry Fronk Ml? lwell KENEY Row l Glenn R,u1 Jerr l l v S EI Bo yon Row 2 Be w Belsner Hormel Doyls Llndfx Srnuth Jlrnnm. Taylor Jlmrme Kernp Porsy Brown Jeczn Walker Row 3 Jornes Bennett Robert Green Donno l-lnmllton ocml Wells Qtly Burclwflfld Po ol Lynda Greene Joyce VV lder Row 4 Glenn Mlllrr Wrlllom Drummond Hownll Jackson Maurice Grader Charles Hurst Rayburn Payne Myrlln Knight Jerry Sanders uw if ,bww ,., . .,,, ,W ,, ,gf ' 4 W Mm , Jam e , 152 1 5 2 Lim , M 5 f? A ,wwmaum W ,ai an R f"'W'wi , Kirk, -1' fun! N C TIRE THS POPUL ON UND Wigan um- T7 CZ? MISS JOY BOX AB Bw MISS ANNA BROWN MRS EVELYN VIBBART MRS LOUISE HARDEN mtnghom Southern M A U o A the guy congen o standby of Sensor l Engl h the Tr Hx U copcm L C1 wt n undy ng th rst for mort Ld tcnt on o A o us Instructor o n d AB MA classroom chompton book revnewer wuth the most wldely publucuzed closses nn lkes o spend tnfrequent letsure ttrm reodtnq U of A the copo e understondmg co ordnnotor ot the yolummous work t th Block Wcrnor ond Jun lor Talent Show two of the rnobt frustrotmq sponsorshtps on the faculty o 0 tecc er versutlle of nncesstty she ts ed upon to teoch wndest possuble tonga of Eng vels ot S Fre mon ngltsh on Sensor Engltsh From Mndsummer Nughts Dream to Macbeth, ond from odverbs to odverbnol cxdlectuves the four yeor tourney an Englnsh steodt'y somettmes unsteoduly ts eventuolly completed Our Englnsh courses In clude grommor theme wrtttng poetry short stones ploys ond even hustory "-t lg. O A Wm Betty Cooper manages a weak smnle to conceal her muxed emotnons upon receuv mg cs new study sheet Thus as he most dvshnctuvely dnf ferent and wndely publncnzed phase of Sensor Englash Wayne Greenhaw arrwes ot the clnmux of many hours of readlng thmkmg wntung re wrmng and memonzmg the deluvery of has ook report to on uttentuve Junnor Englnsh class NFLUENCE OF ENGLISH DEPARTME X.- MRS MURIAL WILLIAMS o A Junlor Fngllslt teacher wha thus year sponsorshlp durlng cz frnan crl she proved er 1 lltles t leadershnp l mg the B F through successful y ar 1' 5.1 PADEN College Freshman Engllsh teacher n MRS BETTY Howard of school she entoys musnc on collects chlrwo pates SOPHOMORI: MISS PEARL PATTON o the dean ol the T H S faculty unoftn longest record of teochlng of onyone presently on our la ulty -Q, rRughtD Freshman Englrsh stu dents spend consnderable tnme dna grommung sentences as an and to better understandmg of sentence structure FRESHMAN MRS MARTHA LACKEY o Q only newcomer to the Enqltsh a welcome addutuon to one of our most outstand ng lac ulty departments lleftj I come not to prause Caesar but to bury hum So spoke Mark Antony rn Caesars funeral orataon accordmg to Shakespeare and so speak our Sophomore Englrsh students when recmng memory pas sages from the Shakespearean tragedy Julrus Caesar I . - ' -q I I "sm lb f f Q i ' of MA., u. fA.- BA,' A ee Ara., u fA,- 2 Bs, MA, u. f A V-the , 1 I . 5 fnlwertted the Bear Facts ner second year here -out ctolly -Miss Patton has the Department faculty thus year ctal sis- h ,cl ' I , i - f b l' ' a ' by : . QU d . , a K R. s p ,Q V l f fa ...X X I 3 PERHAPS MAKING HISTORY . . . 3 HISTORY TEACHERS Mr Matt Clmton Mr Fred Wulluamson Mass Katne Lee Smnth Mr James Parsons Mrs Lols Vaughn Whether your Interests Ile In Mau vulla Yorktown or Constantmople the T H S Hlstory Department offers a course that wall Interest you The menu consrsts of Alabama Hrstory American Hrstory World History Cuvlcs an Problems of Democracy .W hw Mr Clinton conductlng his Alabama Has tory class Matt a wndely recognized authonty on thus sublect I5 a Past President of the Tuscaloosa Classroom Teachers Assn lI.eItJ After burning the mldmght all pooped P O D students hand nn thenr fmlshed prolects ln Mrs Cary s first period 52 u - I . I U . . 1 . . . ' ' I l . I , . . . , Q 4 , f , . . I . , , ' ' d 'ww !' fl Q V' iv 5, 1 K I , eww' .3 1 V' I 5 5 t 3 CY ' , - - -. ' I -If H . . ' r . . ' . . . , l Q L 2 - . . . .I . . . I I. , . . TL 1 . ...AS WE LEARN i HISTORY TEACHERS Mass Tenme Davtdson Mr Robert Spence Mrs Loulse Cary Mr Frank Kendall Mass Edna Earle Mullins -I din .J Mtss Davudson helps prepare Jumors for future ctttzenshtp most any Amertcan Hts tory duplomat could explaln to you terms such as shtrtsleeve dlplomacy watchful wanting trustbusttng Rlgllfl students sublectuve prolects and oral reports an these e 91 as Mrs Vaughns Freshman Cnvncs take stock of themselves through protects 53 iiildf' Every tudent must Take three of the ftve courses offered 9th grade Ctvtcs l th grade American Hts tory and l2th grade P O D The entire north sude ol The butldtng upstatrs ts under the ownershtp of the l-'tstory Department I Q Q , . at ' 1, - :I ' , . ' A s ,lf A E.. Q' ' . ' 0 f A X 3 ' , X I . 4 i 4'.4 3. ,i 7 R - - N , 4, It . ie ENCE INTERE SOARS 47' 1 ff' Wi ff Q-.. ,2 fr HTH MRS CORNELIA MAY Auburn amtople member of t e Scrence Departments young guard Ie n er sec a y a I room 2 ach Na w as Sc nce RALPH MURPHY o A our eay go prpe mo In p s st In hIs second year w the ScIence Dept s C posttmes are p O , and brccdna tror M S RUBY PATTON M U A the modest sumtn standard ot the Sc rce Dept a capable ard expemenced teacher and fr cn to the tudents WT Y? MRS FRANCES LYONS O A B400 an General Sctence teacher who Is capobly succeedmg Mr Krnbrough she emoys Ia ID ertor decora Ing and clerIcal work CHEMISTRY PHYSICS Hs far as school classvycrlq lS concerned lab vorlc IW Chemtstry ntght be desc Ibed as The Most Dangerous Game Rtchard Connell newer wrote a short story about our ChemIstry classes but lyt Berryman could well wrtte one about hrs unexpected expert nces du rg hrs hrst two years ot teachrng the course x I giflm lr., ln addItIon to bemg Intro duced to the peruodlc chart of the atoms, chemustry stu dents become famIlIar wIth the techmcal language of a vastly Important scIence whIch many of the students wtll pursue IH college 54 Ints year PhysIcs retaIned the dtstrnctlon at betwg the most masculrne Scrence course offered Three gIrls surytvea It last year and thIs ear the ratuo IS 66 2' Ralph s baIsterous boys master Ohms Law vectors resonators S equal V2 at squared and many other technIcal sublects dealmg wIth Apphed Mathemahcs as JovIal IrrepressIble physncs students especually enloy the lIgl-Iter sIde of the course In thIs case they take great dehght In the operahon of Mr Murpl1y's lnVlnCIbl6 blow gun V 'cw tml . . . ' If-W-'13 r , . , .4 , fn uw. 6 MI ,gif I . A . I f. I , ., 1 f " I , , . '..' ' f xxx! L . I , r r ,fr . If rg ,A I: S . '5 " 'F' I J we' yt? I I v........,.. " M . ' 3' if I fi .af . N y. I I S l-'41, - ' .F I D r Q43-J' 5 I, . Y' .gl :Al 1 "" , -1 VI! If r 7- rt. sim . - MR. ff IS - . - BS.,A. P. l, .Ala.v B.S., MA., U. t .- M', .of .- , BS., U. f ,- ' I gy d ' h s V Ing -s . lc' g was g ' ' " hy :I ' et . f . "-whl i h - th ' .iht ' . - ' mu- nd e r 'n 32, she fav 'te . h - true I-.d . s sc p' no, ' f ' y. te es I th as ell togract' D I fr U . ' , ' I te Ical ltsh y 'r ' 1' - r' " ' I I' In I I ' I IH - I I ' I Y I - - I If 1 ,I - 'rv ,' ' 'l I I f r . 'e Irtef Q ' I I V KI 2 I 4 S xi N. f . 1 QI II I... . .A T. If I 9- 'I 'is ' c 7 X- 1 I IJ 0 COURSES MRS NORMA PIERCE BS Blue Nountoln ol egc e ounta n Ml s Ur r-3 organtzcr who won re spect lost year for leodlng o f300rnllc tleld trrp to ol: Rldge Tenn ho by hortcultur ragaawmw-1 an 'wtf MR WILLIAM BERRYMAN ot a r 1 cn rr' O CBS TJ 5 'lne Bur c acne surnn 5 relaxotlon r hunt n and worlmng ,nth gun W r J'W'3"7" pubs nab sf' i- MRS SARAH BLAKENEY o one two cfvcorners to e c cm ulty n ar ond the tlrst occupa of prolect room Q36 rolses tlowe 5 TS o hobby BIOLOGY Such Words os conller lterblvorct stimulus and nucleolus are part ot the everyday language ot Sophomore Buology students l-lere luture botonlcts zoologusts ar cl uncleclclecls lnegln to reclluze the cornplexuty ot the eortlws pattern of lute Qur reorly new burlclrng s neat controlled greenhouse IS the prlde ot Cl well equlpped Blology Section notocllorcl SCIENCE lrcsltnten are Introduced to the T l"l S Science Dcpartrnent through a lull credrt course ID General crenc ot cr lnglwcr level than the 8th gra c ursf ct wc orne na e will Cl tcccl Gel erol Science tlnlshlng tts Second Qucccsslul yeor ollcrs upperclclssmen an oppor tunlty to vncreuse tlwcur knowledge of the physical sclences naman li- Each brology student be comes acquamted wrth an everchangmg second world which performs on the stage of the mncroscope the hasnt tool of many scuences 62744 f 2 Freshmen who take gen eral sctence began scratching the surface of classrtred knowledge lt ls the s'u dents who fumsh thus cours wrth renewed enthuslasm that become tomarrow s screntnsts 55 1 1 1 MONEY ORDERS TO HYPERBOLIC FUNCTIONS 4131? g-f If ever a sign ot desperation has come from any where we believe it con be traced to some kind ot mathematics class Perhaps the discouraged person would be a Freshman lust beginning algebra Sophomores introduced to the unknowns x y and z the lrst time will loudly cornpaln Pane geometry is a Juniors worry it seems that even being supplied with the answers doesnt help much But the Seniors who have continued In math really have top priority in the mourning department they must choose such delights as Advanced Algebra Solid Geometry and Trigonometry lUpper Leftj First semester Freshmen Math students are broken In to hugh school math by learning to properly write money orders and checks These students are taking a test of their progress in this study Center Leltj ix with help on two th ro calls Plane Geometry classes are answered by confessions of students about their success with the previous night's assignment. Due to Miss Gulley's trusting nature, these confessions are unusually honest. flower Leftl-Mrs. Marion Smith aids Trig students in their quest to make the slide rule an instrument of great helpfulness. After a few months' experience, the Hslipstick boys" take great pride in brandishing these ingenious devices in other classes. 56 " w MATHEMATICS TEACHERS Mrs C E Williams Mrs Anne Townes, Mrs. Marion Smith, Miss Rubye Gulley, Mrs. Carolyn Casey for f' ' , ' l ' . l Q - "S' ' " - e Il of E PANOL FRANCAIS LANGUAGE TEACHERS Mrs Julra Tndwell French Mrs Olwsa Funes Lahn Mrs Margarna del Valle Spamsh Whether you take o language or not youll soon learn that Buenos Dnos Parlez vous Francals and Huc hoec hoc are all dolly conversation pneces Lotln scholars learn the customs of Rome ID Caesars day os well os nts language Caesar Homer ond Ulysses are Introduced ln the second year course A dehnute advantage that the Spamsh students have as the fact that theur teacher ss from a Spanish speaking country They learn the grammar and vo cobulory plus th slmlloraty between the Spanish In two years of French students take vocabulary tests learn to read French and speak at fluently and even sung songs' lUpper Rnghtj The names of stars and consfellahons are evndences that Latm stall luves today thus theme was the sublecf for o bullehn board dnsplay nn the Lafm room thus November lCen1er Rlghl, John Bowers gets a pounfer from vlvaclous Mrs Tndwell Thus year she became French teacher after servnng las? year as a study hall supervusor lower Rrghtl Ms del Valle loans a Spamsh class conluganng u verb orally Emphasis ns placed on the correct pronunceahon of all Spamsh words dealt wnh ln thas two year course 5 I - . ' ' , 1 - I , ,, . ,, H - 1, , , , , 9 . . . . people and us. , I , L ' '- f. ' ' ' Il in COMMERCIAL TRAINS SECRETARIES . . . MRS. ELOISE HALE -B S, M A., U Ol A. fan ardent worker who has become a stionghclcl at Our Commer- rxal Dept - the unsung heroine: at the vital wueklx bullet n cwne Tuscaloosas tiist lady MRS. JUARINE VAN TAS- SEL-B,S,, M.A, U ol A. typing teacher who bf:- MISS MARION MCGRAW B S, U of A. announced MRS. KATHRYN CLARK - BS, U at Tenn., Knoxville, Tennessee, MA., U. of A - active, dynamic, shorthand teacher and sponsor ot the resignation on December I8 rtttq-i teaching lf- years at as a result at last sum'ner's T l-' S 'left Our szhoal Na-,oralty elf-ction f enyoys system ta take a position 'n active, expanding Beta Club rr-ad.ng, cooking, growing Camrnerse out Ol the state tlowois fam 0600000000 tAboveW - Hiyig iy6yi"-Mrs. Hcle's coll helps Typing I students put rhythm in the long reach to the top row of keys. Should one wander into the east wing ot the building, downstairs, he would haye no doubts as to the department that occupies the six rooms on the left side ot the corridor. The Commercial Department and the clacking at 30 type- Writers in busy room lO9 are as inseparable as Mrs. Clark and her shorthand dictation stopewatch. Courses ottered 'his year were Business Law, Bookkeeping, Short- hand, General Business Training, and Typing, 41 1 fl DUSTRIAL TRAINS MACHINISTS , A. r MRS. ADDIE HITEN - B.S. U. of A. --- joined tlte trial Department faculty last year as Crafts teac likes to grow flowers hobby. MR. ARTHUR OLSON- Indus- BS., Des Moines University Des Moines, Iowa, MA, U. of A,-came ta T. H. S, in l952 from .luniar High where he taught Boys' Phys- cal Eclefinds pleasure in woodworking. her f as a MR. BILLY HENDERSON - B.S, U al A ff Driwois Training instructor w l' 3 gli: Gi , gg Q fix ' . if et ik 554 W ... - ! W 5 if: fgsl 7' T , A .f Q 5 A f . 3 M MR, TOM DANNER - B S U af A gi T H S alum nus wlno returnea this yea to nele coach fre foatoal ,atned our faculty in l95O was an AllvSautl1ern foatoall player for the Citadel in V947 - hobbies are fishing and officiating team and take tne papuln Mr, Basltell's place in fre lndustral Department tAbovel -Mrs, Hiten's 2nd period Crafts students busily at work securing a table top with clamps while the glue dries. Wnettte' you sounds of saws, tng you to get offered by our Drlrers Training mentals of safe Case, you may in the extreme Crafts and one balance of the r ears are being filled with ene multiple latnes and planers, or a gruft voice tell- in tlte left lane, you are taking a course lndustrial Department. ln the latter case, , Mr, l-lendvson is feacltzng you tlte funda- driying tltrouglt experience, in tlte former be in Mr, OIson's Industrial Arts Ill class western end of our sprawling building. class af Mecnanical Drawing make up the Departments courses. CULTURE INSPIRED BY ARTS DEPARTMENT . ' C3 N "' 11,1 I x , MRS, KATHRYN CHRIS- TIAN A B, B.S, U ot A Chorus Music instructor and director ol the Mixed Chorus whom we welcome tack to the T H S loculty filter lfy- ye-ral years absence- MRS. SONYA CANTRELL- B S, U ot A. -- Speech and Drarnatics teacher with one ot the biggest sponsorship headaches on the faculty the Greasepainters -v this is he' sc-cond year ot T. H S up-nn---1 60 MRS. MARGIE FORD- BS, Texas Wesleyan Cole lege - gay, petite Art teacher and Art Club spun- for who ioined the faculty this yearf her favorite pas- ttrres are painting and read- in Cftertng a workshop to rival Rent brandts the vvelleautpped Art De partment enables students to dabble hnaer painting or really s ow off their talent by painting portraits At Homecoming the Queens float is created bythe capable hands of these students Step tnstdel Youll Whitt the srnel of paint and youll notice the sign on the storeroom door that says lt you have no business in here get ou l Chorus Music Speech I and ll and Dramattcs are also offered by the Arts Department as non academic electives tAbovel A lone student in the Art room durtng the break receives constructive criticism from Mrs Ford lBelawj A good speaker can keep an audience completely at ease th s ts one of the goals of Mrs Cantrell s Speech students Q I , . . . H 2 In A . lt ' 1 .I , I , . ly . . I T," . - i . ,::-E:.. V, . 3 SWEET AROMAS FROM HOME EC DEPARTMENT MRS MARTHA ADAMS teacher wuth the longest rec or ot servuce ol onvone un thus e ortment s Adorns thot we ded Cote the l957 Block Worruor 'W' 15mg-mpnuumw 'W E MRS DOROTHY BURNS vo o o the proud owner of o new suburbon home un wh Ch she vvull truly b cole to proctuce w ot sne p aches un the wo o honne rnolcung Gettung o good stort towords home nuokung these gurls tokung Home Eco nomucs l ll ond Ill ore tought by Mrs Adoms Muss Berryhull Mrs Burns ond Mrs Horn Theur trounung unc udes coolcung sewung decorotung ond leornung Clothung desugns ln the mod ern spocuous rooms these gurls hove sewung mochunes lorge tcubles three woy murrors stoves ond even complete locrlutues for woshung the durty dushes' A rnuch commented on feoture of the Home Econornucs deportment us the bulletun boord whuch us decoroted by the students Both teochers ond gurls ore uustly proud ol ut' Socuol educotuon us offered to boys os well os gurls We'd soy these boys should prove to be good rnorruoge ruslcs, gurls, they olso leorn to cook ond sew' Above The lurst thung one thanks of when the words Home Ec' are mentuoned us usuolly cookung Thats precusely what these three future home-makers ore doung Below Many dulferent tasks ore under token by Socuol Ed students as shown by thus gotherung of boys durung second peruod Q 2""' 'l"""5luP' MRS VIVIAN HORNE corner thus yeor who cause Of her enthusuosrn for ond knowledge of her sub ec esugns cot es sell turn '- MISS LOLA BERRYHILL the everexpondung Future l-lomemokers f Ameruco Club who noturolly spends le sure tunue reodung or sewung onother newcorne tn s veor -MWA 3:32, W my , X V - my A V WL , J .qffig A I yy K 4 'X L if 4 3 . 5- f A , 3 l Q ' V. .. Iw i.: A r f E if ' ' if . , 4' 7 l ' 'dz ' ., w , E 4 4, lu' , I B.S, U. of A. - Home EQ B S, Alo. College, Monte- BS., A, U. of A. A new- B.S., U. of A. - sponsor of , - ll , Al . - , be- - d l I Q ' ' d pr - it ls to u ' u v M' 3 , e ' " h u t, d ' l h for he' u ' ' tous . ' . ' re " v f her ln spare e. - r 4, 4 . g l 1 1 - I . . ' ' ' ' I . ,l I I xi r - f 1 ' ' . . rf , u ,f up 1 . . . V? '! ' , .X 61 PHYSICAL EDUCATION PROGRAM k MR WALTER BLANCHARD a yersatr e ally assumed courageously e npopulur tok Q ereerng home games durrng lsasketball season oc n o s sport esoecra hunfrng Physucol rducotton rs cm famrluor term l-l S students one hall cre ot lt rs redurred of all students eyery year durrng hugh school Thus meons that about one holt of the student body yrslts the Physrcal Educotlon De portment every day Durrng the course ofthe y ar boys engcxg an all malor sports and volley boll track tumblung and for some an hours rnstructuon rn bovylung MISS CHARLOTTE BISHOP AA Gulf Park Colege the rumor member of T H s E faculty w n oys p ayrng budge spore t VTE MRS BERNICE CLINTON BS Umverstty of Texas S P E lnstructor wrt on apprecratron for folk danc g orgonrzed the Square Dance Club last year and co porsors t wrth Mr a sons thus year res: ix4 'gy MR TOM TARLETON BS Llvlngston Stote Teach B team basketball coach h 5 second year as P tnstructor busrly workrng toward hs Ph D rn Educatron en oys fushung readrng and sports Abovet Srt ups" done regularly as part of the calrsthemcs workout help to keep stomach muscles In shape throughout the year lLeftJ Volley ball games supervused by the class Instructor or a Physrcal Ed mayor from the Unrversnty promote o sense of teamwork V, 4.3 ' . iq , Q Q I' . ' , A IA l f' A A is 1 5 in .1 W , BS., U. I A.- 'I f , ., l , i . ' , . ., " r P. E. rnstructo' who occasion- Gulfport, Miss., B S., U. of A Austnn, Texas-experienced ers' College, M.A., U. of A. ' . get f . , 'h M 1' ff th u r s f ref- Sf g:rls' P. . ho ' - in l . E e: l l ' rn in A N ' ' fr ' y s, lly -s r r ' . P r- e i ' A , ' , to T. . . Q r dir X . . . . - . S X . Q - l -H ' - 62 ETTED BY LARGE GYMNASI 'Hwy 3,02 'Uv The gymnasuum may be du vuded by means of a foldung partntuon lbetween sets ot bleachers ln background nn to two sectuons one tor gurls P E the other tor boys Each sectson has suttnclent space tor three halt court basket ball games or two halt court games and two volleyball games Fo pep rallnes or varstty basketball games dozen sets of bleachers can be pulled out from the wall leavxng a large basketball court wlth a spectator copac tty ot l2OO When you add dances to these actlvntnes the gymnostum becomes a pretty busy p ace dunng the school year Gnrs are glven unstructlon basketball lrughtj softball archery olleyball golf tumblmg square dancmg and even a short course IH football! V' ED 63 f',,w IN CLASS AND ON- THE-JOB: D.O.-D.E. MR CHARLES HORTON B S o no O co or t nator th year after beung wtth the Math Deportment foculty for two ears s or smart at cat tkes to hunt ond I roses MRS BETTY SIMPSON Jo ksonvtlle State Tea hers College U o long ttme co or t nator of Dtstrlbutlve Educatton en oys cooktng sewtng growtng MR AUBREY BARDON B A Centenary College of La Shreve rt La AA A O peruenced D O co ordnnator and D O Club sponsor wnth on oppre taton for borlners op quartet sun :ng Students who moy be truly spoken of as work These students are employed by Tuscaloosa :ng 'rhetr way through hugh school are port of bustness estaloltshments which co operate wtth our our Dtyerstfted Occupatlons Dtstrtbuttve Educa three copoble co ordtnators In carrying out thus hon progrom untque program The doy of busy D O ond D E students begins wnth four morning classes one I O room In thus ca Mr Borden s room T14 64 After lunch they leave the school ond report to thelr places of work for the after n on here D E stu nt Murnlyn Cox an Louis Wnesel s Department Store Rrghtt LIBRARY ASSISTANTS Mrs Martm Gwen Smrth Carolyn Roylleld Shirley Fa-rchtld Molly Watson Mrs Howard Myra Homby BRARY D SHRI MRS MATHILDE MARTIN Umon Umverstty Jac san Tenn MA ea body College Nashvtlle skllled llbrartan who capably han les the work of the l brary together wth Mrs Howard MR DAVID CAMPBELL B Btrmtngharn Southern Co leae study hall dt ectar and w y humortst who tn hs own words Supervtses A hal at Darwtn s prtnctple at e u a the ftt es MRS ADNA HOWARD a at on e lttera e class ed tn the ltbra as becomes evsdent to any Mrs Howard seems to have y b ok brary MRS Bll.l.lE MURPHREE Peabody College Nashvtlle Tenn study al dtrector who has held that posmon snnce It was created paytng pnano and tenms wt sp I detre o travel Spacious and beaututul wrth an atmos phere conducive to reading and studyung rnformatuon the Library Department us one that we show proudly to vlsutors Well stocked shelves provcde books whrch supplement textbook Busy students IH s udy halls adlacent to the mann lubrary study or gaze wusttully out the wundows at the busy world passnng by on a crowded thoroughfare The Lubrary became the resting place for the replicas ot tarnous documents of U S hlstory known as The Freedom Shrine Thus hnstortcal display ts a generous gttt to our school from the local Exchange Club lor whuch we are tndeed grateful 65 LI RECEIVES FREE OM NE -AB.: ' ' ' , A .,- - ,Y AB, 4M.A,, U of A, i B A., I k , .g . ., P A l J f 'r the uth rty th - , .A h l , ' 3 r , ' 5 tu' tt: ' ry ' d i- daily application tn the study student seeking information, last school year - enioys 't l ' ' , l ' ' ' th s rvtv I of 't t." read ever a in the Il- 'th a ec'al s' t . 6 . I Q I 1 1 l r Y . BA ND WINS SUPERIOR RATING A MLN I 5 A uw 66 MR CLIFTON HURTER Bond Director AH of Tuscolfzcsm ls proud of Jw T. H S. "LEfTNe fv'Mc'w Dollof Band" Jv w its snappy, drfwrlf QMWNS, preirse 'O Trams, cwd spgievrz Music Lmde' 'Mei C 5 QMS dmrecfryw gf '." "UM" Www' N 96-QIECC V"fl"f'-'TQ Lgmd WRU Ir, ' IIIGIOVQIIQS MINI iI'ur' IIIQIIQV TOIIIHIY Three QCHUGS ou' of Town. A VN G IA L F- P 'v' T Cok I 3 n JLower Left - BARITONES: B Lcrwgik BONGQ -' BASSES: H SUV- B Chris' ,am D g 'If -' ' "r , -K Lew 5 strong perfcrwgci uf szx Home govws f I uUpper Left!-PERCUSSION: 52 fwmcbgu B Abovef - OFFICERS. ,-'-xssisrum Manage' F MSN, Pres deff Bobby Evawi, Monc- Swfwszr 'Upper Righty W Lzbrczricf ' Aga: 'f-' wr L:"x':m MIS Blake . 1TQf,fL"3 :mid :,c:" CIFJUTCC .fc pf1'11,iQ: Iwi! 1 comccff 4 'f fin' 7' Cf " 1111: Cl fvwe ' '? f' 'ig l',':' 'i QQUTES' ,,,,, ,Q ,,.,+ ,,,.,,d , , V, .J,.,, ' 2'2" WJ DRUM MAJOR MAJORETTES-Row 1 ' Row 2. , S S Q.' Row 3 +4 ' , E 91'-5 Row 4. i ' 1 S P 'inf . J," Rztgwz 7 ,f .ffl l' W 4 f s ,I A 4 f f , I ' ' 1 aj , ,wg?1,'Zf'g: , M I, f if , , ,.--436 ,Q-'ff if 67 CKSON SUCCEEDS EVANS AS Upper Lefty TROMBONES Row cm cr e D H Jgenbot am Pu kens t c J Recd D Clemmons E Thom Above! FRENCH HORNS E Rcbardson C vVaIker R Langford P S Sm I1 Ort January IDtrt band members yoted Gary Jackson bartd pre-stdertt for 195758 succeeding tlrtls years prestdemt Bobby Evans A week ot Iwara campaugnmg was cllmaxed by the eIecttorw on Thursday lCenter Lefty SAXOPHONES ow 'I P ses S WtI on B J Ratford Jae Stewart w 2 D r Jac rt E Jotwrt II.ower Leftt TRUMPETS Row 'I D Year n D a-'ftpIeII A orwvtIl L BIake C Gray w b R Sext rt J CIemertts B Exams Row weII See B W vw NA e B Brown C av 68 u - . I: M Ist-wc, . r, It , E. ': pRow 2: D M II -r, . H , , . as I , , . It I - . R : Mo , s , . . ' , , Ro 1 Vy'aIke , G. kso , son, Jack Stewart, R. Mosely Baritone Sox . ga , C ,3 , C - , , Lee, V fp RO 2: .1. Vtfught, D. SaII.va'1 J Cob , c , , . r f 3: H Frm , H Pdwobaker, F. ff Il . ood- rrc. , t B II . , . D ts. I I BAND PRES IDENT FOR 1957-58 Above rl um b crm N E4 co n Seffen olfo clam e er Rvghm om oboe C Arey .ns cow A Dev of ossoow 4-'I J , fr uv rf mrwoorwcor OT 19- oc HUA Bcmquff on Frwdcy U ff m the school ccwefe Fo lofvmg Ur' Tim offxcers for 57 8 P snkwr Gixry Jackson Manager Wm mmf Le f'SS!SfClHTr'VClVW1 f Mike frfrC Lwbmrwcm Rcmofwo Ve-od ows f-Qsusfom Lubrormon Lmdo HO enfer Rlghl ES R w za Ho ow V' wf Owe! I V CLARINETS Row 1 f Y ow Nc Row 3-E ' "rich nfs, fi Q ALTH ROOM SERV CE AFFECTS MA Mrs Jeanette Kelley school nurse for the past two years earned a BA degree from Stanford UNIVEYSITY Stanford California In addition to her danly rout ne work she cxdmnmstered several school wade health programs mcluclnng Salk polnomyelntns nnoculatnons THE HEALTH ROOM Practucally everyone ho had some occasuon to be a recipient ol one of nts many servuces Whether for typhoid o polno shots dental check up or caring for a wound resultmg from an a rclent neary all T H S students are grateful for a modern health room The most welcome lnnovatlon thus year IS an ambutrous school wade program of free pollo shots maugurated by Mrs Kelley HEALTH ROOM ASSISTANTS ' 154 :C Row T1 B. Cork, C Hubbard, K McCoy, R Smith, K. Zeonah, J, Welch, M. Yeatmon, Row 2: Mrs Kelley, S. Tucker, M C, Ryon, B. Allen L. Stocks, S Elmore 70 -- M WH., W f Af'-'S' -' ,' . ,,.,-W4-'fi V 1 V 1, ocpkq. ilytu:-:,::::',,,f', ua", 40" 0 'IFN' 'IW' ... -Q -M ng 4, Q Q gm vffv J' , u ,c , , 1 nNY.i's' ' 'Ui' ,Qin A I -H 1: A 315 "" J-' , Ylfzfgiiia qgqk , - ,iii .V f ' is In ' , 1-,-1. X "3 h' 3'fQf5 . Y , -- ' I knaamn w ff, M ,. ' ,112 .. . -' .-f- '- I , V .- ' Mxws v A- i nk f f:-1- 2 'ff swam , ' I K ieqzstut - w"f,"7' ' " . g I 1 .:':: ' .. 'f-' 4 gl z N ln fztrgxv ' Y ' .,ixa1311r'a . 12 Tgsqxggig ., -, .':'. if ' 4- ug, A I1 2, K ., gg :V W-gf-,fifwf , K , fl G 5'-24-2'f2ff 6 4 mf' W I rfgf? V lRlghtj V956 S G A ELECUONS candudotes seated campotgn mort agers standung SECRETARY Jod Y Farrls and Morgue Rodgers Jtmmy Gewtn and Martorte Meredtth Har mon Van Busklrk and Tommy Cork and Vrgtnna McCall VICE PRESIDENCY Buddy Greer a d n Johnny Kowalslu Bully McGulre and Mtnter Alexander PRESIDENICY D vtd Clernmons and Jtmmy Coleman M uxson Vnbbart and Rob Langford Robln Swarm LANGFORD KOW The Student Councul governing or o Q ntzatton of the student body consusts ofa presudent vtce prestdent and secretary elected by the students o treasurer appomted by the otftlcers three faculty advisers ond one representative from each homeroom The Councul supervtses all l-lomecomtng acttvuttes sponsors the annual Beauty Walk to Fnd Mtss THS and serves as o means of solvtng student problems throughout the entire school year President Langford ond Vuce Prestdent Kowalslct represented Our Council at the Southern Assoclotuon of Student Councils con ventton ln Tuls Olrl o ohoma thus year 'L Q prestdent of the l956 57 Student Councll eftl Rob Langford eosy-gom Q93 ALSKI REPRESENT JOHNNY KOWALSKI Vuce Presndent lLeftl The Wheels pause a moment to engoy the W h armt of a heater whale mokmg the rounds on shnvery 400 homecomlng eve Representnng the St d u ent Councnl Langford Stanton Kawalskn Vtbbart and Bowers vtsnted the construction sttes ol floats benng pre pared for Fridays parade to check progress and guve counsel 72 S.G.A. AT TULSA CONVENTION MARGUERITE RODGERS MIXSON WBBART Secretory Treasurer lRlgh1J REPRESENTATIVES Row 1 M Mere worn Q r on Zeo H mon J D Loney Row 3 D Bercow J Bo rd ourq mon r Burre McColl Row 4 E Pnckens W Wllluoms B Brown S G r nn T Moore M A ezor- e CLef9j REPRESENTATIVES Rowl Treasurer Vubborf Vice Presldent Kowolskl President Long ford Secretory Rodgers Rw 2 B Olrv A P vov F Broslwer K Klncoud T Alexander C Abbott Row 3 L Sfondrudge L Shuttlesworih Mayo D Howell Gunsberg R w 4 J S wort T Clnn on J Sparks B Gondrud M Grader , Y . o I: . 'er, , ol , . , . ' ', . , , S. ',.v',H.'l-,cal YE , . ' T , . , . , - dith, B. Holicdoy, M. Forehond, K. Jones. 'Row 2: ,t R. S ', A. C my, T. Jod , J. noh, S. i , . . . : . , . i , K, Y S. Deer , J. Nrol, V. l, V r R Mmzlqn . 1 dnl. V 73 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY The National Honor Society is entirely an honor, not a service, organization. Being a member of the Honor Society is the greatest honor obtainable in high school. The upper tive per cent of the Junior Class scholastically and seniors with a 2.5 average are admitted. The objectives ofthe Honor Society are leadership, service, character, and. scholarship. Miss Anna Brown is sponsor ot the local chapter. Minter Alexander Betty Ball Rexann Cannon Jackie Davis Barbara Andrews Barbara Bragg Joyce Christian Bill Gandrud Lorraine Armstrong Betsey Brown Jimmy Coleman Whitfield Gibbons Martha Jo Bailey Buddy Brown Camille Compton Mike Graham Janelle Baird Carolyn Burchheld Carol Cork Dan Gray 74 Joy Gray Wynell Gray Wayne Gum Jimmy Guy Robert Harrison Janelle Head Lillie Humphries Nancy Heath Linda Ingram Sally Hinton Martha Sue James Betty Holladay Tate Jordan 65' if iam .y 4 5 1 . sw M. fs 'W M 'Ai W W wi . ,z M, WX Q52 W w2?g2f - 'C 9 145 XM av be ff , , S , ,, M ., l My y W fm 4 1 1 in .wi . W 9 ,ww W 4, Lf ., I THS BETAS PASS CENTURY MARK lTop of Pagel Row I Treasurer Hnnton Secretary Ingram Vuce Presldent Palmer Presndent Coleman Row 2 Rnchards Davts Armstrong Steffen McCollum Humphrtes Chrtsttan Marcum Row 3 Thomas Brown Holladoy Nappler Henry Shotts Raylteld Palmer Cannon Jordan Row 4 Turmpseed lace Heath Condon Thomas Row 5 Steven son Compton Tucker Retd Lanier Mltchell Brooks Row 6 Woodman Kowalskn Brown Homan Harrns Gray Alexander Morgan Yoder IRughtD Row 1 Kark Whntehead Seebeck Fnnnell Kendall Schembs Wnlder McCoy Row 2 Jackson Mosely Anderson Johnston Stewart Perkuns Rodgers Baird Read Porter Lan y Row 3 Gandrud Snow Pavlov Har rnson Walker Woodward Mantel Wnnters Barley Abell Long James Avery Barrtnger Row 4 Tunstall Langford Walker Toffel Vlbbart Gum Essary Sumner Bragg Taylor Whltten LeCroy Rtchardson McCall Hurt Burchfleld lNot Plcturedl Ball Graham D Gray W Gray Guy Andrews Ryan Rockwell Lewns The Natuonal Beta Club ts a non secret achlevernentservlce organnzatnon for students ot sensor hugh schools Its purpose es the promotuon of honesty servtce and leadershnp Junnors and Sensors manntatntng a 25 average and the upper fave percent of the Sophomore Class are tapped for membershlp Alter the lnductlon of Sophomores thus year the membership of our local chapter passed IOO Servnces of the club Include the pnntrng ot the Red Book and the Student Dtrectory and the sponsorshup ol the annual l-lallovveen party The hugh point of the years actlvtttes vvas the state Beta Club conventton an Bur mtngham on March 8 and 9 fleftl Mrs Clark Presldenf Coleman and Treasurer Hinton plan the dtstrlbutlon of Student Drectorles on December 'I8 76 5 . . . I . . . I . D Still, Tompkins, Wilson, Luker, Robertson, Wal- MRS KATHPYN CLARK Beta Club Sponso GREASEPAINTERS GAIN TREMENDOUS SUPPORT To act or not to act-it makes no difference in the Greasepainters. You may show your talent by painting scen- ery, collecting props, or building sets, as well as acting. Prornpters, directors, and make-up committees form another phase of putting on our plays. Sponsored by Mrs, Sonya Cantrell, and headed by Renna Buckingham, president, the Oreasepainters present a play every year. Other officers are: Anne Hulsey, vice-president, Sandra Woodward secretary and Sandra Palm er treasurer The support given this organization by its 86 members is evidence of much dramatic interest in the school lUpper Righty Row 'I S Woodward Sece tary S Palmer Treasurer R Buckingham Presi nt A Hu e Vice Presi ent R w 2 B o n n D sne L Perkins M Marqua J Tuc er Mayfield M ark ow Tro er nton P V Burrell S Moody A Horner Newton A Avery C Reynolds Row 4 ntel J Oi er T Cor C Smithcrman H Booth enter Righti R w 1 Mrs C ntrell B or rris ra in r Bru e Brown L Davis Row 2 F K rkland M Holladay ark i Tay or Jo oth J Walker Row 3 L Hodges I Hur A Smelley M Tompkins V Nass ngill J Owens w S Sno B Tuns B Pitta s r r rn R e Anderson rriS Ca wr Row ea Hirn A N w 3 P v i J A w 4 M J l dt? 5 ls y, - CJ f : O : J lt - so . l.. i y, . , , . k , C. ' , . St , R 3: S. ft , K. Hi , . Reid, , - , , . 5 , H , . , 5 1 M. Ma . N:col, H. Black, H. lv , k, KC 4 J - o . a . C k, A. Mo , D. G y. B W te s, B. c , P. r . I I l 1 - 1 P. Ru , E Strong, L. Srn'th, J l , C. Bo , . z z . , . st, Jo J Falls, Ro 4: J. . w, tall, ' rd. M. Hick, L. Essa y, P. G esha . J. e d, J. iLower Right, - Row I: B Brown. C A fuett. K. No , P Woods, C ldt ill, 2: J Z nah. F Dom n :k L EVWQICEEM, D 1 ltcn. M Griffin, B Becca R Ha'l, Ro : E Hayes K ,ores 'J ts B Cooper. C Rixyl-e d. V Rnyleld, A Re " J Bl"3:-'n. B Jtcnell, R0 5 I-dr 'rs R Herrfzzn B Lockarci D Fuller K Yz,n'3 J Rnoaes P Tfzua R Lo'd I' ,fx JV X ,A if MARSHAL HAGLER ANNETTE HUBBARD JOYCE FINE JOAN LATIMER Sports Editor Business Manager Exchange Manager Editorials Editor Right' - LORRAINE ARMSTRONG Editor-in-Chief 'E js The Usual rnonetary appropriations for g the Bear Facts, our tour-page newspaper, 'Ui were cut from the school budget this year because of a laclc of lands. The answer to the problem created by this action lay in moneysraising activities, which tbe compe- tent editors, adviser, and stalt planned dur- ing the course ot the year. A , Righti - Organization, planning, and much of the worlm was done in the 2nd period Journalism class which met every day in room 2l7. Here, Hagler and Armstrong lead the discussion, Mrs. Murial Williams, capable faculty adviser for the Bear Facts stall. 78 s, 'ffl URS VERY TRU THE MRS VIBBART RUTH BROOKS BILL GANDRUD NAN REID MISS GULLEY Advnser Assustant Edator Edutor Busmess Manager Advuser ED STAFFERS Maryorne Meredtth Susan Schembs Maroc Tompkins James Reed Cecelra Sntpe Margte Mantel Bully Day ED STAFFERS: Janelle Baird, Myra Hamby, Panthea Reid, Gary Jackson Marie Veatman, Molly Watson, Joyce Christian, Nancy George. ED STAFFERS: Sandra Woodward, Barbara McCIusky, Betty Holladay, Susan Ward, Ucyd Garrison, Patsy McKenzie, Betty Burcnfie-Nd, Tote Jordan, Hershel Lake. 80 BLACK WARRIOR STAFF 111 is 5 Qi JIMMY COLEMAN SANDRA PALMER HERSHEL LAKE ANNE HUlSEY Sports Editor Associate Editor Assistant Sports Editor Student Photographer The Block Worrlor ts o 200 page blend of the talents of some 35 students and 2 teachers and rs made posstble by the sellnng abnltty of another 55 students of the Bustness Staff The Assustant Edrtor ts chosen on the basns of proven abtltty tn the lOth grade After serving through the llth grade In thus capactty the Assrstant Edntor becomes Edttor rn has or her Senior year Each year the Bustness staffer who sells the most ads becomes the Busnness Manager for the followung year The Assocuate Edltor Sports Editor and speclal as ststonts are appotnted each year by the Editor The edntors ptctured above who meet every day durnng second pernod tn room 2l4 the eltte ctrcle bear the responsn btltty for meettng deadlunes supervrsung staff work and marntatnmg good rela tlons wtth the school BUSINESS STAFF ovet R w l an o Lewts M Rodgers N Red Manager yes es uslcy R w 2 Co man t A z rt Chur o ke A hr ht J Dov 5 Row ow Sears teld V R yfteld Royfne M f eld Row 4 J Zeanch S Ray 0 op r e t, ow v ct N rev w 2 B Brcw Jdcvs G w 4: N W 4 J 'Xl C M V! rt E Robertson M Ve tr' NJ Gec ge Our two Hu Y orgamza tnons under the ausplces of the local Young Mens Chrtsttan Association set forth examples of Chrus tvan character The Am bassador Hn Y ns open to students of all classes whale the Delta HIY or g ntzed last year group of Sophomores Officers attended the state conference IH Bes semer at whlch TrlHtY Prestdent Lunda Caldwell was elected chaplain of the state organuzatuon S ALPHA PRESIDE Arms Bowers Row 2 J Adams J Lake J Essary Row 3 R Guy J Johnston T Dtckman DELTA HI Y Row 1 Treasurer Oltver Vuce President Allen President Beau champ Chaplain Gewln Secre tar Baernstem Row 2 M Lawrence J Scott J Hanby C Pnnckney D Hodge Row 3 J Lake L McCook J Stewart G Faulkner 82 T H T R I - H I - Y N T . . . . I Q? V I f ' I N -:ff .- v I 'Kr a ' , ,is a A . J . . - 2 5 tl . - - - ffm. 3 ' - J' ' ' . . I x 8 ' V t 5 Q lt s f' - ff AMBASSADOR HI-Y- Row 'la Secretary-Treasurer Guin, Vice-President Reed, President Pavlov, Sergeant-ab ' , - ttz, f ' ' I - W A 1 T 3 ECTED CHAPLAIN FOR STATE The Alpha and Beta Tri-Hi-Y's, active Christian service groups for gi'lS, undertake several school and community proiects each year. The familiar voice of a T. H. S. student over the inter-corn every Monday morning is that of a Tri-Hi-Y member giving the special vveekly devoe tional Christmas baskets and a studentaathored devotional book are other Tri Hi Y prolects lAboveJ ALPHA TRI HI Y Row I A President Barrmger Vice President Thomas Secreta y Perkins Treasurer Rodgers Row ri i Heat in erer P Reid Row 3 R Meadow Wilder P Huey B Jordan B Woo ward M Mantel Row 4 B McClusky B aper M Tompkins J Head J e fi A TRI HI Y R w re id ante h ar n ri ta d r sd d Treasar retary ow 2 0 U M Nofvel G l'lOwJr G Cr' J w 4 M H n Morrow s well Sponso 83 Q E - . fr 5 K iw ft , 2: J, Ch 'st an, IJ. Welch, N. lh, J I H d , . g : . 5, A ' 1 P , . , . , . d- : Co , ' ' , f ' , Bdird 3 I 'L f - BET - - . o If 1' ce- - ' Q., P ,s ent St ' rt , Ch Jl.i S " r dge, ' ' 'i,', I-' P e i ent Cal well, er Rsvtord, Se:- "V"1l'A J ' l"lGll, R : B Gliv,r, .l. Phillpi, " ,-V . v fl, Q P R ark, If Ra-ylield, Row 3: J E M:- fff' Clcsky I, " CI, wld ' ' 4 . M F Deroose, Ro 1 A orvei A ' N efry L Dc t, M i, Mr Tid- ing Diversified Occupations or Dis- The D O Club float was one of the smallest yet most impres sive floats in the Homecoming parade lt was awarded second D.O. CLUB FLOAT TAKES f. 2nd PLACE A Senior student with good grades and a definite financial need may be the lucky recipient ot the SlOO D. O. Scholarship at graduation time. This splendid proiect is a service ot our D. O. Club each year. The Club is composed of Juniors and Seniors tak- trikiutive Education. Row l: L. Johnson Brastield, B. Greene, Row 2: D. Howell, A. H. Perry, M. Skinner, Harper, G. W. Wood, Lancaster, R. Gray, J, M. Swanger, M. A. G. Conway, S. Vice, Hardy, H. M. Littrell, T. Blanchard, R. N. Row 3: W. Hardy, T. Kicker, J. Darnell, E. Hosmer, D, Jones, Mr. Bardon, Sponsor, Row 4: J. Calwell, J. Gilliland, B. Cook, J. Camp, R. Akins, H. Owen, D, Gray, D. Eads, J. Johnson, S. Shealy, B. Whitley. place w l A D Hubb R ddy i s Ro 2 D Par Jackson B Pearson B Lake M San ard A Anderson M J Green w 3 B on Gu n ei Tidm re Lewis L Lo an S Vvyott Row 4 D Hallman J Hargrove Guy F Skelton B Carter D Ha W Henderson SPANISH CLUB DOUBLES IN SIZE The spgt-.sit Club, vyhtch nos doubled in membership within the last year, is open to all students studying Spanish, lts primary purpose is to give practice in the use of the language and put it into use through activities and programs For example, at the Christntag nieeting familiar carols are sung and the story of the Nativity is told in Spanish. The otli- cers are Jo Del Laney, president, Emily Coleman, vice-president, Betty Allen, secretary, Anne Dee, trosurer. Row I: L Fowler, M L Sherrill, D DesRocher5, B Bullock, .l Burroughs, C Brown, W Gray Mrs del Valle, Sponsor, Row 2: P Huey, B gordart, J Bagwell, M Montel, J. Smith, S Bay, A Quarles, Row 3: M. L. Boker, B McCluslny, P Douser, C Stantorth, l, Hurst, D Johnson, L MCK nley, Row 41 A Dee, L Lewis, M R Cour- son, J D, Laney, A, McCrimmort, B. Allen, J Chadwick, M. Carter. As colorful as the activities o the Spanish Club he TOP theme was carried out a whirl un Home coming Parade w I or p G a a ever on Ingram w 2 B r ole C Lake ow f- Ptto r G O Bryon! T u w 4 B u R Collurrt S Art wi B Johnson FUTURE UBS H RL FHA The Future Homemakers of Ameruca consnsts prmcnpally ot Home Economlcs enthuslasts with an olovlous goal tor the tuture By membership ln the F H A tuture homemakers garn extra preparedness In that held through Informative programs and much knowledge through temlnlne tellowshlp Commumty servuce pro' e s ot the F H A make thus ar e organnzatuon even more apprecnated H lUpper Leftj Row 1 S Moore M Nowell Klepac J Ballard M House M Bo on w 2 J Parham A Den on L Fow er Pearson B Qandall B Searcy G Crowe Row 3 C Gray C Lake M Carter M Engel Word P Po Ro l well G U am Hogue C Goins Todd G P k ns M J Bos lCenter Leftj Row 1 M Moman N Et m n P Harris B Welch P Harvey Row 2 man S Tucker R Swalm Row 3 L rr e Bras er B Folgou E Nap I r N M Evere L Drsney Row arham G arnes a r Carson C Carson H Boyd OFFICE RUNNERS These gurls spend a full pernod an the oftuce frve days a week checking students an onswermg telephones and gathering absentee slaps from doors qll over the bunldnng The work nn volved IH thas electnve subuect us otten strenuous but It provides famnlnaruza from wnth ottuce routme ower Leftj w I L Blake T Jar u Hu on R Smith L Hump res R w 2 J Jones B Cooper M Wallace B r an W Blggs R w 3 A Gree e Rlchardson C Burchfveld G Perklns L Dnsney I I C ct ' , . . ' l g at T. . S. H. , . , . ,V I. lf Ro 1 , , . s , . l , S. A. l . Fells, C. A rterp I 4: JL Td , . F lgh , E. ' , . ' , J, , . er i , , 'ley. - : . , . o - a , . ' , . , . 1 : J. Walker, C. Bambarger, J, Burkhalter, B. L. Eat , , . ' g : . Mc- B 'd , F. I-1 , , t, . p'e , M . Hurt, . lt, . ' 1 4: W. P , . J , C. B llc d, M, l.. lL - Ro : . , . dan, J. Wills, S. 'nt , . ' , . hi , o z . , . , . , , Jo d , . ' 5 Ao : J, n , B. EPARE OR S WO PNA r 5 ho a e prolessuon or nursing enlov the lellovv ship of The Future Nurses ol I-KHCHCCI club lmorrnlng programs aaa to rneur lcnovvreclae of The professlon Sponsor the oraanuzcmon rs the sc woo nurse Mrs Jeanetle Kelley ow l or M ne J Parworn Pres den? Sm fh Vlce Presldenl Herrtage M eafrnon Row 2 Mrs Kel ey Sponsor Coleman M Montel G Fulgharn W Bnggs S Tuclce FTA The occupallonal preference ol gurls an the Fufure Teachers of Arneruco ns obvious Th y revusut local elen enrary schools lrorn which they graduated several years before To observe Them or I l w as as lnn Teachers rather than stud nts w T W ray orvwl B c S rlnger Row 2 M Walson G Snnlh M Shlglev S Colburn Row 3 C Watson M A ell N oth Leave e Row 4 Van Tassel Sponsor B Cooper J B rd H u n B J Wrlson 'V' Horn MIMEOGRAPHERS These gurus have become farnrllar wlfh The rnnrneographung and duplucat rng machlnes In room lOo through experaence and offer fhelr serv ces lo any Teacher wnh a slencul to be run off durlng lhelr sludv hall perlod Row 1 nson J C s VT P V765 w 2 o wa K Huboo a I l U G: l W h ve an interest rn a .I -V lor ' ' ' l l R : B C lc, B. alo , r l , Y g V : . l , lg El ' . e ' ' 1 in a "flee-nf lgl T - p' ' g Ro : . G , A. C 'll, L lak 1, J. p ' g 1 . , , . ow ,L . He JP. 1 ll., L. Mrs. , f . . al , , Colb r , . . l br, : F Joh , B J NN .sof J hr' - ho . J Jones. L Blok., A. Hubbard P J: , Ro : S 'No d rd. J. Fee 'A Com". B ff-rdrews M J Maeev B . Home J S CLU THUSIASM REFLEC SCIE CE CLUB Scnence students from all four classes compose the Van de Graff Scvence Club a chapter member of the Alabama Junlor Academy of Scuence and the Sclence Clubs of Amer :ca Meeting tame us 730 every Tuesday nnght room 2I2 of the Unrversttys Physncs Bunldtng Rugrd at tendance requnrements for prospectnve members lceep total membership dovvn to w I Pa Ree Bowers E Coleman M Mantel A Hulsey Row 2 T Caples C Adams Sec Treas Red V Ray I J Bonham A Rug es R Whltehead Row 3 P Flood McCoy W Glb ons Cerones Jr J Anderson B Gandrud Vrce Presldent Snow Row 4 Mr Murphy Sponsor I-Iarrnson R Langford Whntehead Presldent Vlbbart Tunstall R Mosely M ar grave ECHAIXIICAL DRAWING CL B Club ns composed of the students ID Mr Danners fourth perlod Mechanlcal Drawnng class The M D Club prndes IISGII on 'benng the only student organxza tnon In the school to meet for an hour every school day whuch Indeed It does fourth peruod Monday through Friday l l Row 'I Treasurer Lauer Vrce Presrdent Helms Prestdent Clemmons Secretary Romford J Pearson Row 2 Smeg D a es w c G Lo IS R Sa r McDarnel J avts C Krrlc Mr Donner Sponsor Row 4 J DeLoach R Collum M Be T Clln on B Jones E Rr hatdson M Hargrove 88 T H B S ' E N T S 35. Ro : I. vlov, J. d, J. l , ' .- I It , . ' Q f'eld, . , . gl , JJ , I , T b- , Tl h , ,, . , . R, I' . I , GI B. I . , . H 1 The Mechanical Drawing ' I N. B I , . R. Frye,!S. Boyd, M. Wilson, IJ. Shelton, T. C pl 5 Ro 3: A. Vi lc, . ftt , , lye H, , , 1. ,. ,.Il,.'t, CLASSROOM-INSPIRED INTERESTS Rowl S Hallman B Tudmore D Carver L Hodges D Nux D R Frye Row 2 C Edwards G Colvnn S Burger B Snyder L Hodges D Nottlngham T Davus G Skelton B Cooper Mrs Ford Sponsor ii w I .1 Wrnght W Gunn Logan r R Crlswell P Gewln Row M onrel M Hargrove llen A ggles D e B Janes M Ba on Mr Mu phy Spansa R w 3 K Lauer E Boker enn nge H03 nn W H ggl Row Mosr y E Thornas T apl s J Mor ar' 89 RT CLUB The Arr Club, sponsor of culture at T. H. S., Consists of Art students who have a special in- terest in that field. Slu- denfs doing meritorious work a re rewarded with the much sought after gold key Mrs Ford Took The helm of the club wlth compe fence thus year as Yhenr hrs? new sponsor many years PROJ ECTIO CLB Prolectuon Club mem bers are always pre pared To give up theur stu y hall perrod t operate the motion plc ture progector for a class In the vnsual ands audltornum Thus servnce lS The purpose of the Prolecfson Club For the second year the club ns ably co ardnnated by Mr Ralph Murphy I TER-CLUB CDUNCIL The Inter-Club Council consists ot presidents of school organizations who represent the interests oi their respective groups at l. C. C. meet- ings. M. Cox D. O. Club, L. Caldwell Tri- Hi-Y , S, Tucker F. H. A. , W. Biggs e Cross Council- Standing- L. Shaffer Sopho- more Class D o or unior ass Beard Frcshman Class President Kowalski rxed Chorus l avlov HIY R Sm: e J D Lan I onish Club R Guy square Dance Club i ,F Y 1 FRE CH CLUB Entering a float in the Hornecorning parade and serving as secretary ot the Circle de Francais are new activi ties for the French Club this year One of the highlights of the year was the dinner grven n October at which such French food as tricasseed chicken French green oeans potatoes gratin and cherry lubilee for dessert was served Officers ot the club are Betsy Thomas president Linda ln grarn vice president Virginia Mc Call secretary and Richard Herman treasurer ovel Row l n o a Baird B Brown N Heath J Bowers Row 2 ompkins J ea Burc ie am V Raytield Row 3 A W le aughn H Riey Standrd R S m in e owl Row l Bruce MIS Tidwe onsor V McCall B Thomas L Ingta rdan Row 2 Hin cr S Wa Falgout B Woodward P Reid R Herman w 3 J es Dun i B Ran o Crowe G James B Beeson Row 4 oy P Jnes B Allen P Gres rn W Guin C Walker D James LATIN CL B Eccel Venlte ad Clrculum Latlnam hode Thus summons tamlllar to all Latln students may be found ID room 2l2 on the day ol a Latin Club meet :ng ln response some 50 to 75 Latln I and ll students pour Into the small audltorlum shortly after the end of the school day These well organlzed rt etungs last from 3l5 until O and are held about once a month The Latln Club was organlzed at T H S last year under the lea er shnp of Mrs Ollvla Flnes Latln teacher an Sensor Latrn ll students n w graduated Abovel Row 1 Secretary Colburn Vnce Presrdent Crurch Presldent Campbell Row 2 M M redltr Turnlpseed M Adams M Forehand ary B Wech Row N lce u rk Muze M COO Thomas M rtts J Sherer F LeCroy ow Turnspseed B Searcy C Jam N' oay Burre J Zeana M G tln w 'rr urn R D Rober on H Crt af Sno Below Rowe Gear e ur awson mr Cr D Jones Row 2 P An rs J Mc c A McCown A Avery Hqp C Walker W Ste en J w Har' lton N C Bu OW 4 l T RED CROSS CDU CIL Egqn ngweraonr teacher seleus one studert fron- his or her horne- room to serve on the Red Cross Councll The Council undertakes communrty seryrce protects, Row 'lz L Hall, L Blake, R Srnlth, J Burroughs, V Raytreldg Row 2: B Cooper, C Herrtage, Vuce-Presldent Tldmore, S Mrtchell, G Howard, S. Mayog Row 3: G Fulghorrr, J Tucker, G. O'Bryant, B Prttard, Pr:-s -vw' Brags C Mayfleld MRS CHRISTIAN RETURNS MIXED CHORUS Rowl Pamnlra Jo MQGLQ Cynthra D416 Mary Ann Smrth Bertha Mannrnq Bolalure Bratton Wanda Mrller Roxanne Cannon Pat Leayfllg Sally Lalq Mrs Krthryn Chrrstran Charlotte Langston Glorra Wrrght Lrnda Hardrn Nedra Burroughs Angelo Canty Carolyn Raylrcld Vyyngllr Gray Mary Bea Stone Row 2 Peggy Latharn Bernrce Whrtten Eleanor Shorts Drone C ndorr L da Lan Lr Mrry Lou E r nr Margaret Palmer Lucy Caldwell Cgcrlra James Shrrlcy Ray Srssy Albrrg t Patsy Grrflrn Barbara McClu lxy Row 3 N d Bar U Jerry N Dovrd Barrrngcr Jerald Douglas Brlly Morrow RIC or es Alan Jones Johnny Kavyallr Howard Olry r Frank Kendall Gayle Taylor Patsy Holt Martha Sue James Anne say Row 4 Tommy A rn hong Eal h l'lulJ6r Davrs Lewrs Hclrman Houston Snrpes Gerry Quarles Ken Krncor L rry Freeman Clarlcs Pr Lkney Cr ll Compton Gwen Smrth Wanda Fondren Nancy Hanks In addrtron to therr annual Cl rrstmas and Sprrng concerts the Mrxed Chorus thus year made appear ances before the Exchange Club Wesley Foundatrort Junror and Senror l-lrgh School assemblres and P Every year much trme rs spent rn preporatron for the Chorrsters partrcrpatron rn the Drstrrct Festryal ot Lrvrngstort and the State Festryal at the Unryersrty From thrs Compe trtron certarn students are chosen to partrcrpote rn the All State Chorus at the Unr versrty rn March llef?l Rexann Cwnrton Lrbrar ran Ne Barne fue Presrdent JC ry Nrx Puplrrrty Drrector Eleanor O ts V' y Kovwa srcr Pres Cer 5 o X L L rt 92 STUDENTS SWING AND SWAY TO MUSIC OF HI-I The High Hats, a dance band composed of three saxophones, Two trumpets, two frambaneg drums, and piano, have played many local engagements since Ther arganizafion in the Surnrner af 1955. Their varied rhyihins are gained Through foilowing both "stack" arrangements and those created by merr- bers af the band iLefYi MARBURY SMITH Bond Manager and Drummer IRIQIII MELVIN STANFORTH B055 and JIMMY ANDERSON Plano THE BRASS EDWARD THOMAS MIKE LAWRENCE JOHNNY CLEMENTS BOBBY WOODMAN 93 THE SAXOPHO E SECTIO RUFUS MOSELEY GARY JACKSON ALBERT BAERNSTEIN IJ--'WM T I i Q , I 3 T' W 2,5 , , 3 T! SECTIO ,ii E Q I A ix , , A I G IDANCE AND AGRICULTURE 4 H CLUB e GMS U Under we S omsorshfp of lvm Comp we No Q V0 ram QT VFOPV y J LJ 1 dem. fs rm of C. f C1 Q Bb mprf f C f-Q ' Qme Demorwv 1 ,r FCIQVT yet w 1 G OW v n ow rn J ' C K Row WS lr! GUIDANCE ASSISTANTS use Tude fs www W Wwliuomsou mm me romme offmm mor O ' Q QCWOO N N estolivshed J :dance vce ocw T dem Com MOUTH Q ex y C 1 J wp? '5 wc J C 1 r sfmg YQYTQVS cmd suvmg os Vecep roms! m The gmdkmcg offuce Tley er form prQ1UxCoUy ol routmc office C OW e-xo pt Pmmdlmg other Qtudcwfs personal ecards eow1 w I W V7 Hrmcmge B Jovduvv J Bowers Th ' 4-H Ci! D ls ff p ' ' ,. C J ' y, Th p Q 1 1 "fl :Yeefwc-5 is be GUY Q Q X011 Tn ,, or ccckwj O :'o1?1i'wQ by 1 V rg' ' 'De 16:01 Qswsfcrm H R - CUEAB ' W . I. f f- Ro 1 N7 B3 'c" M Hausa, C - w Q R 2: Banff' Cow BL W cf g 3: M Cr:"xrfMU May SrL:"e:", C O Bfy: T H NT.-nzv U11 S lm. vj, ff. f ' I ' A -- ' k 4 ,h, - + Vs 'el- ' cu, T'S'2'i . E V 5 U - r " C, period few ic y To frlmf pcm We. , Typi: -5 fren HS, Cd- d C I K3 v , , r' X' f 1 ' . w p , ' ' ' ' h ,S 'B I - Ro 1 J H "ch 1- z S Pcrxzperviwwmfv, A Bryfmt, J H..,DiDLi'd, Ro 2: J Amicfso C 'c DANCING AND PHOTOGRAPHY CAM ERA CLU B Ardent shutterbugs have the advant age of getttng darkroom expertence by mernbershtp rn the Camera Club The tn ts sefnnd year undef e sponsorshtp ot Mr Murphy thtb w'I W Gut T Caples Row G Colvrn M Bolton Mr Murphy Sponsor Not P ured E K Tc M Mont I J Bu 0 SQUARE DANCE CLUB Members ot the Square Dance Club spend thetr btweekly meettngs Iearntng new dances a relattvely young s tn tts secon y ar at CBeIowJ Row I Secretary Notce Presudent Guy Vuce Prestdent Strong Row 2 F Bragg cott M E Wat tns M Bo on P Ruor etsner J to w Mrs Cltnton s ortsor B Bragg M Yeotmon B Hock o es H Block M Porsons co sponsor uc er G Greene T Chnton J W Mc o V Mctssrngtll 95 club is ' . 't ow. , th 1R'g -Ro : . 'n, . 5 2: V id I :A tr J 6, I. f rd, club, it i ' ' d e T. H. S. s, s' , , . L4 , .I It , '. Q k, B' B ' , . Ell ttp Ro 3: . ' , Co- P 1 - , . , V , M. St k , . , r. , A 5 D. T k , . , . ' , . C y, , , Y MAIDS .IANITOR AND COOKS The Black Warrnor pays Tnbme To Twenty enghT hard worlang unduvuduals our mauds Tannors and cooks The cleanliness of The barld :ng and The wellprepared meals served un The calelerua are Tesnmonuals To Thelr com pel nce and dnlngence MAIDS AND JANITORS Row 1 Laulse Rogers Rubell Yares Row 2 r ssle Whlte A ne Bell Danle dw 1 :aa Gro enreld W: Tam COOKS Row I Rebecca Moss Mlnnne Thomas Cora Bell Muller Bessue Mae Jones Gracue Lee Lnlly Anme Gracie Lllly Wullne Cody Row 2 James Banks Marne Mae Woods Sallie Games Earlune Blounr l COOKS Row 1 Thelma Clay Mary Wallace Lula Mae Washnngton Ada Bell Muller Pocahontas McAlpnne Alla Mae Jones l"lenrTeTTa Walters Row 2 Mary Emma Harrus Margle Paynes Saunlcnefta Freeman Pauline Steward 96 I S I 5 4 T . - : my T ,T n' T ' 4 I T - T ' f , . 1 N A T e , n T l, l ' W' ls U V l de ff ' , ll " L Harrisg Row 3: l. D. Allen. , i K 5 .1 , ,M GI? ' T T A , Tse ' 'T' FETERIA OFFERS W D R VARIE Under tne progressuve management of Mrs Joe Gardner the cafeterta conttnued to expand nts rnenu this year The modern elaborate latchen tn nts second year of use rs enablnng the cofeterta personnel to offer an unp efeden' a te , o The popular thtrty cent lunch planned each day lor weeks In advance by Mrs Gardner Includes a Chance between tvvo meats tvvo out of three vegetables evther a roll brscutt muffln or bread a half :nt of rntllc and dessert And wuth musnc over the unter cont durung lunch turne no wonder T l-l S students stay strong and healthyl lAboveJ The cafeternc s mastermmds Mrs Mller Mrs Barnes and the manager Mrs Gardner Mrs Gardner a Umversuty of Ten ness e Jraduate holds a Dtetenc Certltncate from Montel ore Hospltal nn New York Cnty lRrghtJ Servtng beguns every day wlth 3rd perlod study hall students and continues for arly 1 o hours unttl students n the as shtft have been served by about 1 I5 A HEARTY WELCOME TO NEWCOME RS u ents who transferred to T H thus year rorn another locale Row 'l Mardo Bleter Tennessee Helen Champogne Msstsstppt Pexgay Harvey Carrollton Ala Vaudlne Johnson Georgta Mtkala Engel Copenhagen Denmark Row 2 Jlrnmte Johnston South Carolnnal Buddy Phtllps Flornda Davld Lambert Tennessee 'Kazan 7 O behalf of the T H S tu dent body the Black Warrior extends a hearty welcome to o r tr wsle studen s thus a And of course' Irrepressnble George James from Scarsdole New York The B W Staff pays trubute to Calvun Hannah the veteran photographer for the Block Warnor T us year Colvm u has usual superlatuve work wxth 1 pnotch efflcnency whose ununhublted personalnty won hum wtdespread fame at T H S 98 F If A T U R If S NMI' if Q4 :xv Y V- 5' . is T531 lor Vgvff JJ H ABQITBS E WAN My uf M Jgjfgf Xfwyyymvyk sa' G' lf M L fs X X xx ,UC Y' 52, figs 54 DAVID CLEMMONS Sensor Class JOHN LANGFORD Jumor Class ' 1 ss v ' V Q1 E s x X J s ,a Ki fx 1 N-4 f X 1 ,RJ . 1 ,K - NJ? J - . x '- X N V NP f ' - is . if y , 'JJ' '..x:fj X x?" "5 ' Q' L k J DNN. L' -X ,Q ' D 'Q f' , 5 V -,A I ix-xx-L-, ' K J A 1' Q7 Z J , 1,11 ' qs , -J ' wx-QU .' , fn' '- A ' ,E . X x V gk J fs X 5 X4 'kr f ' T' Q tv X X ' -AJ X. Y . J fy N A Vu 1 Lv s 1 s . :sf J' , - Ar L' - Y. V U 4 XX Q My x P- fi sl 'X,ll'Jk, X. JK' s A 'J v an, ' J wg! J Y 'ij JJ' X. I H . JERRY BEARD Freshman Class BOYS KAY HINTON Sophomore Class SENIUR MARY LOU BARRINGER ond JIMMY COLEMAN Most Likely to Succeed Q 155559 I 5 nd DAVID PAT CK CQSOL? k5endI.eSI Ji JDM NDA MILLER and LARRY MCCOY M Best All Around 'ffsi N 108 'YY W, I Q - '- if L ,lg lv ' i I 5 1 X vxff,b9' C ed xi A' I , j 'III 51536, . ff A I A A 91 . A-kj A ix A - -WJ A Y V 3 .. AJ f- I, FAVORITES SALLY HINTON on TOMMY ARMSTRONG I Most Popular j I4 I I If ? 109 VIRGINIA MCCALL on ROB LANG-FORD Most Dependable BETTY HOLLADAY on JOHNNY KOWALSKI Mos? Dependable Frlendllesf Lf f Zalfci J,-C-44-vsi JUNIOR PATSY HOWARD Gnd FRANK KENDALL J ffwf 'Z L4 ,Lf M? Wd HO f.. Y? ,Ffa xl.,-A Li A Q- ' - 44-Jiffyn . , wx - ?i77T'w V t . . -'-'V E M2 35-Y . M5255 fw ,ij 7 , 57f.f,1f.,,4f, ,Q ff fl I W! 'I - ,Lf J!! - L4 -4.:'K-J 'c ' - 4 ' Z! f . ' K I V7 , ,f A -,-?,,44,, . 7 iff, I . 14'fLg4 C1-ng, . J-- ff 1 ' A. ' X , , . - , U,- ,f V'-' .W 'ff ff, '- f-a-L4-f,Ll' - 6 t, ," "cL.f641:--1331! A ,- , 2 f , 1 , 'pid , ff I-svn A Q ,fy-Q I , Q A S FAVQRITES J WMA fy Wh fgjf W JO DEL LANEY cn Zwwpylfg if ff Y MM ff' SU COLBURN and DAVID YEARGAN Friendliesf SOPHGMORE GAYLE SNOW ond JOE LAKE Most Populc FAVORITES MARJORIE MEREDITH an LARRY SHAFFER Most Dependable jr 'F L HAZEL HARDY ond MILTON MARCUM Besf All-Around FRESH MAN MISSY FOREHAND and TOMMY ALEXANDER Most Popular GLENDA SKELTON on JOHNNY SCHUSTER d Best All-Around H4 MARY ANN GRIFFIN on BRITT COLEMAN Mosf Dependable FAVGRITES EDWINA MCBRIDE on BILLY DAY Frlendllest Y 25 d L25 LLL Li d 115 BEARS PPLE OVER PANA Wrth the slogan Topple Over Panama rn mmnd T l-l S ers began l-lomecomung Day T956 wtth an en thustasttc pep rally IH the gymnasnum durtng actuvuty perlod The slogan used as the theme tor all l-lomecomtng acttyrty had been selected the week before by a Student Counctl commnt tee A school wade electron chose the Queen and her two Mards he runners up In te ba otng e udentnty of the Queen lvlauds Cap taln s Sponsor and Team Sponsor was not revealed untul they were Intro duced by thenr escorts at the pep ra y lUpper leftl B25 AM Couch Swede Kendall presides over the Homecomlng pep rally nn the gymnasuum wuth the student body and vlsntmg alumm nn attendance lCenter Leftl 845 AM The pep rally ns over and the students have filed out but the Queen her court and escorts must remaun to pose for puctures lLower Leftj 1130 PM Students and alumm dance away the waning moments of Homecommg day at the annual Homecoming dance In the school gymnaslum MA" .I ' l WT - ' h llit. Th ll. R U H ECOMI About ten percent of the students were excused from school after the pep rally to put fmrshung touches on floats for the afternoon s parade or to decorate the gymnasuum for the eve nlng s dance The parade was composed of the band twelve floats and sux cars The Iudges of float competutuon chosen by the Student Council offncers awarded flrst place to the Ivlrxed Chorus be low second place to the D O Club pa e 84 and thtrd place to he Sensor Class page l2 The Bears came through that nlght wrth a 25 6 wan over the Hurrlcanes of Panama Cnty Fla t Hlgh School to wrap up an unbeaten season and provucle a great climax to Homecom Ing 956 lUpper Rsghtl The Queen and her court are presented at the Homecomung dance Team Sponsor Mary Sue Avery Maud Annette Hubbard Queen Barbara Glover Mold Wanda Muller Captam s Sponsor Renna Buck Ingham lcelttef Rlghtl The Queen and her Molds rude the beautiful float constructed for the occasuon by the Art Club lLower Rlghtl The wnnner of float compe trtton In the Homecommg parade the Mixed Chorus float fgigmi 1 e Q 4 if Q ff THE B W SALUTES MR DAVID MARXER Orchestra Conductor THE TUSCALOOSA HIGH SCHOOL ORCHESTRA A welcome addition to our music department this year has been our first allstring orchestra Members practiced together daily in the band room under the direction of Mr David Marxer Members and their regular instruments are as follows Violin Jimmy Little Lanny Payne Katherine Ann Richardson Dot Turnipseed Marie Covert Frances Blaclcerby and Tommy Robertson Viola John Schoel and Perry Ann McCown Cello Arthur Ruggles Bass Vlol Max Wilson and Pettus Gewin MISS HELEN LEMONIS Runnerlup in the Beauty Walk to select Miss T.H,S. for 1957 1957 SCIENCE FAIR PARTICIPANTS Below is a scene on the auditorium stage as it appeared on Feb 6 in the midst of the 3rd annual THS Science Fair At right in the picture are four of the five individual first place winners. Bill Gandrud, Physics, Whitfield Gibbons, Biology- Jimmy Wrenn, Physiography, Phil Harris, Engineering, not pictured is Bob Yoder, Chemistry. Harris, a Junior, was the only one of the five not a member of the Senior Class. 'II9 MEMORABLE EVENTS THE JUNIOR TALENT SHOW March 1 Guve me room lots of room where the wuld coyo es howl A chorus lune of Junuor beautues dance to the Hugh Hats arrangement of Dont Fence Me In Thus chorus lune was one of three that hughlughted the bug Junror Class productuon buult around a curcus theme 120 The annual faculty student basketball game was held durung actuvuty peruod un the gymnasuum un January Led by Asst Pruncu pal Harold Dead Eye Greer who gathered 20 pounts the faculty won by a score of 55 5l Representung the students was the Freshman Team led un scorung by Jerry Beard wuth T4 pounts Vuctoruous Faculty Team labove leftu Kneelung James Parsons Socual Studues teacher Cluff Hurter Band Durector Walter Doc Blanchard Physucal Ed lrustructor Harold Greer Asst Pruncupal Standung Tom Tarleton Physucal Ed lnstructor Charles Horton DO Co ordunator Fred Wulluamson Guudance Counselor Bully Henderson Bas ketball Coach Tennus Jackson Buuldung Enguneer Tom Danner Industrual Arts Teacher Not puctured Wulluam Berryman Chemistry Teacher On Jan T7 the Bear Facts matched a team of gurl students wuth a team composed of I4 female members of the faculty Play ung by specual basketball rules the women facultys team repeated the feat performed by the men only two weeks before by de featung the students Thus event was a furst for THS thus year and ut provuded the Bear Facts wuth much needed funds Women Facultys Cagers lcenter left Seated Mrs Martha Adams Mrs C E Vtfulluams Kneelung Mrs Margue Ford Mrs Julua Tudwell Mrs Carolyn Casey Mrs Betty Paden Mrs Elouse Hale Standung Mrs Bullue Murphree Mrs Dorothy Burns Mrs Norma Puerce Mrs Vuvuan Horne Mrs Murual Wulluams Mrs Martha Lackey Muss Charlotte Bushop 1 . u V 1 1 I I 1 I ll ll ' 1 - 1 , . . - 1 - I 1 - - ' 1 1 1 1 ' I 1 1 1 . 1 , 1 I ' ' Il ' Il . . . , I 'X -T 1' . , . . . 5 ' 1 . , . , . 1 ' I - 1 - 1 . , . , . 1 - 1 11 - 1 1 4 , 11 I . . . . - 1 11 1 11 - - f 9 my W, Wixa Q. 4-v4 7 THE COACHING STAFF QAbove I.9IIIfFVCll1I4 "Swede" Kendall: Athletic Director, Fleacl Football and Traclc Coach fAbove Rightj e Billy Henderson- Flead Basketball a n cl Assistant Football Coaclt. CLeftD -- T O nt Tarleton: Fl ead Baseball and Assistant Football Coach, fRightJ H Tom Donner: Assistant Football Coach and Assistant Track Coach. FOOTBALL MIGHTY BEARS FINISH UNDEFEATED RED LETTER CLUB fRightJ-Row 'ln Billy Nance, Charles Davis, Bob Yoder, Tommy Moore, Larry McCoy, Van Allen, Roger Criswell, Brother Harris, Row 2: Milton Marcum, Handley Bush, Sonny Shows, Robert Rucker, Ken Kincaid, David Patrick, Charlie Seebeck, Frank Kendall, Doug- las Bleicher, Row 3: Wayrie Kyzer, Bill Mulyihill, Jimmy Latham, Bronnie Nichols, John Schoel, George latte-l, Richard Herman, Woolsey E i n n el l, l-lershel Lalfe, Ingram Culvyell. RICHARD HERMAN and FRANK KEND!-XLL Managers TOMMY MOORE and INORAM CULWELL Bears' Scoring Punch SEASON WITH IMPRESSIVE 8-0-1 RECORD , , arm JOHNSTON V FULlbock DON BAILEY End GRADUATING LARRY MCCOY Guard BOB I-1ELMb Guard IVLMPX WILSON Tcmk 'fx'-'NNY SUVNER F Hb k SONNY SHONNS Guard BENIQRS A Era?-27 "nf-1'--'gf A M A ,, H, ,,4g,,,QfA--'7' ROGER QRISWELL ff? "X kv Y Quarterback L. ,,.1,,Q.. Cy' '12, J, k,vC,,,a,Lka,.gQ"j: 4 -IL. 1., U BOB YODER, Tackle CHARLES POTTS, Haifback DAVID PATRICK Cerner BOBBY HANNAH, Halfback .j di! ..,, 4' 1 if Q M if 431 .3 xx, Vi 'du ...Z 'X BEARS 7 HOLT 0 wa lf vls I shown IH er ce ttng J Holt pass as the Bears opened th season Nth a vuctory ofcr the Ironnqen A blocked punt by o er C rswe an recovery tn the end zone by Hand ley Bush proved to be the drller ence The Bears rnoved the ball wr l, Du' 1 f f 'of OOM to adnt' rstfr the crtfg punch 19 CHEERLEADERS Furs! Row Jo Del Laney Patsy Howard Barbara Glover Head Cheerleader Mary Sue Avery Second Row Bcotsey Randall Hazel Hardy Rexann Cannon Margaret Palmer Gayle Snow Wanda Mlller BEARS 20 DECATUR 7 Van Allen Jerry Colwell and Bully Johnston were the rnost suc cesslul backs for the Bears IH thenr 207 vnctory over Decatur Larry vlcCoy played a Q eat garn both on oltense and as a lunebacker t rs Jerry Colvve ra rn around 'ef end for valuable yard age l ll fl 1 K ' , , fn -VA tr- r fri A- , ' A f K, V 4' , x 1 K r 2 , 'Q as ' ir G' . - E1 S 2 X 5 r" ' 'A .1 I- I' . F. f"-J in . A LP K X y . . -, W fl ' , f V J l fl S 4 ' , l ,LP rn, r If . V , ,, , U 1 :Q -, S, Wag, Il? , 1 re 5 3 f' . f- . Q T? -5, W by , f, y N ,- l fn.. , ,, ,-, "'- ,P Elhvcf ' I , fl Q,-K Q ,r- C. , E E . A 3 C1 P A -- A 3 l AE I . . ' f WL, f 'ls :X II.: if I A , ' yr, lk SQL 4 f fl I lx ' Y tk- I 'l S if AJ A , 'E J ff' 1" :AA'4N-- - I 1 , 'N lf 5' T f Qs I I 5 F f y f l , r e At lef ' ll c' Q Cl VJS Da 'S T - F5 E ' t I e W i 7-O R go r' K ll d O 127 BILIY NANCE Tockie VAN ALLEN Hcwlfbock INORAM QULWELL Quorterbock JIMMY LATHAM rw .-6-1 WOOLSEY FINNELL Holfbcnck TOMMY MOORE Cemer JERRY COLVVELL Holfbcck HANDLEY BUSH End GEORGE TOFFEL Tocklc BROTHER HARRIS Guard SENIOR LARRY McCOY JUNIOR VAN ALLEN MAKE AAA SCHOOLS ALL STATE JOHN SCHOEL Tackle MILTON MARCUM End if mn CHARLES DAVIS HoIIbock r, 2 V , y gf rr I A ' 9' If? - . if' f 1 yan' 1 1 J 1 I I - I .. 1 , f , IV: I f""", ,gywq , , , I , 1 I 5 Xa 'ic I Head Basketball Coach Bully Henderson lleftj and B Team Coach Tom Tarleton Joe Brown Duckworth Manager An rnexperlenced Bear cage aulntet wuth only one returnung letterrhan playef' a tough 28 game schedule lrcludlng four tournaments emergrng wuth a d able l2 l6 record The schools lndlyrdual scorrng record for one game Sl durlng the Fayette lnyrtatronal Tournament when torward Hershel Lake hut to 35 pounts against Fayette an a losnng cause Next years team losrng only one hrst stranger Lake by graduatlon wrth rncreased experrence and rw ore herght should be a team to watch ln 'ne Sth Dlstruct T956 57 BASKETBALL SCORES THS THS York Ense THS ot Fayette lnvntatnonal Tourney T H S T H S Scottsboro Fayette THS THS THS THS THS THS Wlnheld York County Hugh Woodlawn Selma Lanner Blue Gray Tournament THS THS Rot E ee Shades Valley County Tournament THS THS THS THS THS THS THS THS THS THS THS THS Hot Gorgas County Hugh Phrlllps Hot Walker C Lonler County Hugh Fayette Walker C Woodlawn Clanton Fufth Dustruct Tournament THS THS BASKETBALL 4 Mnnor Va ey l . . . 7 . I , I ire lf, . . , , V . , ........,,........... 5l ,...,............... 50 ................,..., 62 ly ..,.............. H54 ,, ..... ................, 6 O HI ................... .42 ..................... 39 .............. ..6O ..................... 47 ,............... ..6O ..................... 4l 46 ..,..........,..,.... 63 .......... ........., . 5l A l ..................... 39 .. l ............... , ..... 45 ' ,. ....... ............... 4 8 ' T.H.S. .........,........... 38 Lanier ..... . ...............,..... 40 b. .L .. ,V .. .....,. .....,........ . 52 .........,........... 46 l ..... .. J ..................... 58 , ' ., ..................... 33 ' x ,, .... ....,...,......,.. 6 9 7 .. ....... ..........,..., 5 l l .... f ..................... 60 o.. ..................... 72 ' .. .... ........,......... 3 6 ' . ..,..,.........,..,.. 36 , ................,.,.. 6l o.. ...... ............... 6 9 .. ....,................ 48 ', ........,............ 7 ' ' .... .......,......... 5 l 10,195 lI.r . .,o1vJllf9-"9-'vfg' bQ, ,AJZLJLL MQW! QAJQQAM vudpblf , lofi wgwa Qg:JcQx7JvwMfZ'Q0. R,g 0 ,dnfmfvgff PWD !64V,.ffgA 4, W JZ QM 23555: 2215? M JL, ,wwcgcw 7 STERLING ANDERS HERSHEL LAKE Ce T .IUNIORS DOMINA CAGE FIVE WITH S I gAndesshoot f the Be He shel Lake C443 f Ilo s he s ot JOHN ROBERTS F d 132 WOOLSEY FINNELL G 0 d KEN KINCAID JOHN LANGFORD Guard Guard STARTERS ANDERS KINCAID FINNELL Hershel Lake scores agamst Holt In the opening round of the County Tournament as John Langford C225 looks on BRONNIE NICHOLS Forward 13,2 DON DOLLAR Guard CHARLIE SEEBECK GERRY QUARLES Guard Center TOM CLINTON Forward Anders Langford 122D and Roberts One of the greatest thorns In the season was the reboundmg ability 134 of Anders Lake and Roberts in a nnad scramble lor the ball. side of the opposition during the BILLY JOHNSTON LARRY MCCOY Outheld Catcher NINE RETURNING BASEBALL LETTERMEN Coach Tom Tarleton has nine returnlng letter Larry McCoy Johnny Sumner and Brlly John men from last years successful baseball team ston constrtute a murderers row of heavy Prospects for the comung year are good hrttung whale nnhelders Ken Krncand and Woolsey Funnell should be the nucleus of a strong defense if JOHNNY SUMNER Flrst Base DON BAILEY Outheld 5 fu 7 tx VT V D Qi , ,gh in ff J I gr I .1 V V M . Y y V? V.Vr,VV , rg U ,I y. , yy J .Y Q ly Al Lll' Q. ' I - H - T 'l 3 KEN KING!-XID ShorTsTop WOOLSEY FINNELL Second Bose WAYNE KYZER Outfield JIMMY BROWN, Pnfcher CHARLIE SEEBECK, Pitcher CINDERMEN AIM FOR TOP STATE HONORS QP J-uz, 0 gn-.us Q +A' Von Allen Our Track Team STaTe Champuons un l955 and second un The sTaTe lasT year us lookung Torvvard To a very successful season Because of The follow ung unduvudual prospecTs The Team has hugh hopes of Takung The STaTe Champuonshup Thus year Roger Cruswell was TursT un The sTaTe un The mule IasT year and should do The same Thus year Cul well placung second un The hugh hurdles and fuTTh un The low hurdles lasT year wull be hard To beaT Nance afTer placung second un The duscus IasT year wu agaun be Tryung for op honors Allen sTrong conTender for TursT un The lOO yard dash ln adduTuon To These ouTsTandung unduvuduals our Track Team TeaTures several fasT relay Teams The T T-l S cundermen wull be headung Tor The sTaTe meeT Thus spruno WuTh a well rounded Team and hugh hopes of becomung sTaTe champuons 137 Bully Nance Ingram Culwell WJYAIU 'M Roger Criswell Charles Davis 138 TENNIS Our 55 56 Tennis Team finished with a Credirable 77 record last year Tvvo r Turning leifermen Kendall and Mulvihill provide expeciahon of a good learn This year Tvvo new additions To The learn are Cochrane and Lauer QAbove Leftj Frank Kendall CBelow Lefil David Cochrane lAbove Rightj Klaus Lauer CBelow Righty - Bill Mulvihill. TENNIS TEAM CBelowD - David Cochrane, Bill Mulvihill, Klaus Lauer, Frank Kendall. S., T40 5 4 3 S N ul un Ii h 96000 Sq F t F10 S ace Appreciate Your Potronoge ALLEN 81 .IEMISDN GUMPANY HARDWARE Established in 1883 142 lf. 557.4 'f l Lg.g331'rf:-, if 51-217 f -1-112 T155 gi. Aegfifgifle A dj ,mae u',,f.:.z' . enfmggggi..1I..'a:fff' if . Q , .a.::ii::::::: '1 -em .L "1" ,- yr , - 1 A -W-, . Y "I, A .-A, N.: , uare ee ' or p We P U G ' S P L A C E "Goan THINGS TO EAT" ioo UNIVERSITY AVENUE PHONE 8-5325 TUSCALOOSA MARBLE WORKS GREENSBORO AVENUE THOMAS JEWELRY O Art Carved Diamonds I Longines Watches O Sterling Silver I Bulova Watches lChina 2117 Broad Phone Pl. 8-2460 YOUR DEALER TUCKER MOTOR Ro ona Meado s Tuscaloosa OMPLIMENTS OF DOLPH RAYFIELD FLOORING COMPANY O K BARBER SHOP cii oieEENsBoi2o AVENUE PHONE PL 8 2271 m w " C 'The individual pictures in this sect'o are of the members of the Business Sta IICLUSIVI TATUM PONTIAC CO 4. URY Di! QEANIN6 8I6 Greensboro Avenue BARKSDALE 81 SONS Cleaners TuscALoosA ALABAMA 2293 Sth Sm' Phone 8 2588 Tuscaloosa Ala Your Holne SCENIC WALLPAPER RESIDENTIAL LIGHTING Dwoslun Bnrge Seabrook Globe LIgI1+oIIer Progress F1112 fznfsi III Ilallpapez dcizqrzeri O7 ff 111111111 JI msn 1111 xom 1101111 nom 11111111 IIo11r111 111 Trarlzlzonal 0111111 1111111111111 I l111f1'1111I111 119 1111210 121111111112 T 1 11,1 9 I S1111 f1111111l1l11Is I 1211 JI II111ts11111I Yrmzns 1 COLE UPPLY COMPA Y 520 22ncI AVENUE YOUR DEPENDABLE SOURCE OF SUPPLY Tuscaloosa, Alabama Telephone PL 2 742I TWIN SEAM MINING COMPANY Flrsf Nononol Bonk BL1IIdIng Phone PL 47766 144 For That DIFFERENT Look For ' , A ' ' ' ' f ' 14 ji rn f frmzj 111111111 in Yfllfl I 11 . A ' " III " -Cf' j1r11"f" "1 I II' .1 - ' ,f V? I. Cy. I ' V' f nj ,fix 4 UI WIP ' 'A Q . , ' Ijgl ling' J. M. BURCHFIELD and SONS 2500 4th Street Phone PL 8-3654 TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Compliments of ARMISTEAD BROTHERS S U P E R MA R K E T 3618 9th St Eost SERVING EAST TUSCALOOSA FOR OVER 20 YEARS Phones PL 8 8678 PL 8 8679 Carolyn Walker DRUID FURNITURE COMPANY Ho e of Qualty Fu nture RADIOS Sf? STOVES 'fs' FINE FURNITURE if REFRIGERATORS COLEMAN INSURANCE AGENCY REAL ESTATE LOANS BONDS J K COLEMAN L T WINTERS MRS M B oe-SROCHERS Realtors 414 22 AVENUE M5 PHONE PL4 4486 " m i ri " PL 4,7574 TLJSCALOOSA, ALABAMA 2215 - 6th Stre o o YOUR FRANCHISED DEALER TUSCALOOSA HOME FURNISHINGS Aur Condmoned for Your Comfort KANORA DRIVE IN On Burmlnghorn Hughwoy US II 6 Mules Eos of Tuscolooso Phone PL 2 7308 Owned ond Operofed by John ond KouIo Korres FRIENDLIEST THEATRE E THE MARYJANE SHOP THE LATEST IN FASHIONS AND AC ESSORIES I 408 Unxverslfy Avenue fl Home of Chorcool Broiled Sfeoks TUSCAIOOSAIS - T H D R U I D . . , ' T Kay Jones Cloverdale Gulf Service Station SAM CONAWAY Dealer Hackberry Lane 81 15th St Tuscaloosa a COME TO COOKS FOR W I h F A ON CREDIT AT NO EXTRA COST COOK S JEWELERS bose N ONE PLACE ON You ll Find All of The BY YOU OF YOU FOR YOU THE TUSCALOOSA NEWS SERVING THIS COMMUNITY FOR OVER I35 YEARS 147 O O , AI I O Nationally Famous ac es I Registered Lovebright Diamonds O Finest Jewelry C Gifts or II Occasions I reensboro Avenue l L Y , . O L P GULF SERVICE STATION I Wo hung C Polishing I405 Unrversuty Avenue Duol PL 4 9440 GRADUATING SENIORS Hove Your Duplomos And Pncfures Frcumed by LITTLE GALLERY IOI4 8th Avenue Behind The Corner Drug CHARLES TEMERSON SONS Gloria Church GERTRUDE'S For Finer Flowers IOI2 Hockberry Lone TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Phone PL 2 5506 COMPLIMENTS OF LITTLE COOK KEE 4I4 23rd Ave IQI7 Brood C U ' S S ' - - Th I Waxing O Lubricofion To The Graduates .... . . . our congratulations To you on The completion of your high school educa lion and best wishes To each of you to the Future To The Undergraduates and Faculty... we pledge you our conrlnued nn Terest IU your school achymes Gulf States Paper Corporation And ICS Sales Dlvlslon E Z Opener Bag Company Tuscaloosa Alabama TUSCALOOSA DRUG COMPANY oEoPoE mytola PRESCRIPTION sPEclAusTs ol7 o Pho PL 8 36 DUCKWORTH MORRIS INSURANCE AGENCY fos l8o7 248 dSr c bo 149 I C l - I reensboro Aye. ne -28 West Alobonwos Qlclesr ond lorgest lnsuronce Agency Con inu u Agency Soryice Since 20 roo tree Tus olooso, Ala ma COMPLIMENTS OF PARKVIEW PURE PEP 1501 HAQKBERRY LANE INSURANCE REAL ESTATE J. H. FITTS JR., AGENCY QIO3 BROAD TELEPHONE PL 8-3548 MISS ALABAMA FASHIONS IOIO 8IIw Avenue PRESCRIPTIONS FILLED DISTINCTIVE EYE WEAR MASONIC BUILDING DIAL PL 8 884I STRICKLAND AMBULANCE COMPANY 150 TUSCALOOSA OPTICAL DISPENSARY TUSCALOOSA FURNITURE CO. COMPLETE HOME FURNISHING 2223 6111 Street Phone PLozc1 21515 G M POWELL pl e Ts LAYCOCK and POWELL CONSTRUCTION CO MAX LAYCOCK ALSTON CURRY AGENCY 4166 19 A . Ph PL 8-O-455 W f FARRIS - FAULKNER PL 4-7566 B A. Cv. FARRIS J. C. FAULKNER T H E D O G H O U S E DIXIES FASTEST CURB SERVICE Where The Students Meet To Eot REAL PIT BARBECUE AVERETTE RADIO COMPANY Your ADMIRAL Deoler 724 22nd Avenue Phone PL 2 4233 DOYlE S BAKERY We Specloluze PARTY WEDDING AND BIRTHDAY CAKES TO ORDER CONGRATULATIONS GEORGE M VAN TASSEL Coll PL 2 2611 604 22nd Ave MAYOF HOWARD BUSINESS SUPPLY CO. 2426 8th Street 'I52 I ' ' In SENIORS or '57 OWEN MEREDITH 81 SONS I N s U R A N C E PROPERTY MANAGEMENT REAL ESTATE r ' Q Tuscolooso Snce T898 I8I8 Brood Sfreef Pho e PL8 3344 R. J. ROMAINE CONCRETE COMPANY STEPS - PORCI-IES SIDEVVALKS - CURBING IOOI 32nd A enue TuscoIooso Alobomo ALABAMA APOTHECARY on PEYTONS DRUG STORE PRESCRIPTIONS RUSSELL S LEE CO ED BEAUTY FLOOR 81 TILE COMPANY SP ALL TYPES OF FLOOR 80 loth Sf t AND WALL COVERING PL 4288 CITY SHOPPING CENTER D I PL 8 28oI Se vm T V n - 1 s.. d For SA N We ecioIize in 5 ree I Phone io - PAUL KUYKENDALL OIL COMPANY Suppliers of Smclcur Products Goodyeor T1res Tubes Boffernes ESIER H0 522 Greensboro Avenue AIR CONDITIONED ROOMS COFFEE SHOP DINING ROOM BANOUET PARTY MEETING ROOMS Convennenf Porksng In Heorf of Downtown Tuscolooso T54 'W Tuscolooso, Alo bo mo Betty Cooper MCL 'T TEL ALWAYS REACH FOR The New Improved my was mwmuaxv vssaegkm 3 5 A 9 ma' S mu we wma Spiga The Bread You Need For Energy HARDINS BAKERY Comphmenfs of DUGIN S SHOE STORE WE DELIVER H 81 W DRUG COMPANY ALSTON B1111D1NG PHONE PL 3 3611 MOVIES ARE BETTER THAN EVER SO MAKE A DATE AND COME OFTEN D A L E D R I V E I N GPEENSBQPO ROAD 155 PHONE PL 4 5I97 ,. 'I' 3.-- , I ' I , ,- .4 :-:- 2:-:1, 'I-:3:F" 5 "" x ' . 12 - . " - - 'ffff.'.bEf'f:'if'Ef15r-:EY':3'f:' , -- -'F ' 553:15-.. - ' Yay, I'-Q5 1:1-5-11 V- HI---P:':rsfqf-rf.'-.fm-41:--'-2- , ,4:rf,. - :.:.-:-..,:g+sP-' :12:':?'x-ff-- ' ' ' - ', . ' ,A 95:-fig: X':3:f,-.Q -'gJ-'7:f:-"'f'Ek:f:f:f:I5:f:5:.g:f '4S?ftg.A:-.1134 -':513'Q:-,:,:f:f:!g:ffS:E:t1:Q?::3f:Ig:HryQ313Sg:f:.!-A, ' , .fp - - .,. -f5.:..:.:.:.,:,3,v5:.A 4-f.,.,.-,,,,.:.:.,,-f.f.: f-15.5-:.g -. " . , ' f .-5:-g:f:f:'5'iiN-:., ': , . 'if' if f. ' 12' -:f:Z'1EwS:f:':f,'f':"Q, ji'.5,g:f.'.'!5. 'qtffiffkgv - , . . P. 1 . " ': ,. my :O wc- x61329515ffffffffffiirifffrffifiril " ici92g:,x:s,.,,:g:,..,- ,-::g:::, - :.- A. 1 9, .::1q:,:':',',:1.-fry-rgrggzlgq3:-:Q:f:-:r::g:-:g:hr:.g:-ng:-Q,:::,:A:q:5-1-:qszhff4:1 2, -- ' f ifrfr. .l.,.' 'f553?f5: -3' T- ,qi-''+P'-:fxq:-'Jgq:v:QI,f5 ,- Q:-. ' xx ., :Ig'g'-rf' -5,':f' ' 'f '-: ' . 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V f'N '14 C9157 SOUTHERN BEl.l TELEPHONE AND TELEGRAPH COMPANY 156 'N c, fy E Say If Wnh Flowers From THE BLOSSOM SHOPPE Day PL 4 4792 Night PL 2 5554 2406 Broad Street Tuscaloosa Ala Turkey Johnson Insurance Patsy Howard ALSTON BUILDING We Arm To Shoot Stralght Good Mears CANNON S MARKET Fancy Meats and Grocerues Frozen Foods I4OO TENTH STREET PHONE PL 8 3656 WE DELIVER T57 Auto - Life - Fire I I-INDY'5 KYLE OFFICE A 81 W ROOT BEER DRIVE IN 1812 I-Iackberry Lane S U P P L Y 521 25th Avenue Office Furniture And Equipment Beverly Oliver GATES 81 COMPANY rosa 29 YEARS TUSCALOOSA S QUALITY CLEANERS LARY 8. WALDROP Jewelers 84 Opticians Diamonds Watches Expert Repairing Broad Street Tuscaloosa AIa 2220 Broad TUSCALOOSA O e Block F om e Flag Pole Established 1885 Sl THERES N0 PLACE LIKE HOME 158 I Phone PL 8-0401 o 1 ' -7: n r sr ll I ,I Th ' PE'l'E'S UAFE TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA 159 'Ex 59- TIME. Q f 5 ? 5 51010 if fif DRINKS y,SUNDRIES 1-USCALOQAA. ALA VISITQIIIUEN Q S W S PRINTERS 410 24th Avenue phone PL 2 3045 Alnce Afchuson TUSCALOOSA ALABAMA New IW mmawmg away: gui? FAULKNER MCTOR CO NEW cmd USED CARS LOCAL Gnd NATIONWIDE TRAILERS 26OI QTI1 QT e I TL, cclooso Aloborwo PI'o'1e PL 8 3054 I nf, ,. ,, ,,,W4.wunMmwf,Wf,,M I ,, ,V ,,,, , ,V f nw,-' " W' , ,1f"'1f' ,fT",1:'f -. . 7, ,Ak V M ,4f. . , ,f f.- Aja,-..,,i M , 'h fy ' A w ' gi ,iwigif ' , , ' ,M i , , 'fix ULF ,"M,. Hn ' L . ' wf1?? f:,.', ,'I"'f' 'f -. -, Y, J , 7442 A., 1, 1 V ,gyi-M I, g f , I f ' I 7 f '99 ' f, , - f I M WWI It I ,,,, -A ,:,.,,7zy,-.mLW,J6gg,,q.g-M E ,-,gffwff xl f . wy ff ,A 3 f, . A W -Y Y f la- 5 WF aamwawxigifiw' I- A- V 1, 21 if 'i , "V MA: A '7,Lf f "?: ' AJ' 4 I, 42554, :.. gs-jo,..-.g.,:j,-'wa'-.,f-fr 3 nf- 1" +A ,riff A. f,, MW.-pw - ' ,Mp K-,AML 'W fy? ' flfgfw,-,M U - 422, 1 A Hi.:-Ez. - '.1" 4: g. 1 ' ff, ., -' ww .QQ -A41f,,.ma. . , bg Q V' -. A ' A ,, I - ' '-W: n - V I' e I 'S , ll I I ' COMPUMENTS 0"'fI'1CLLI WEST ALABAMA FURNITURE COMPANY 2220 S-xfh Street umm. Qwmxguix-L-c9.xbv1w. Phones PL 4 4681 PL 8 5609 CREA IVE PHGTOGRAPHY4 Bs wx Qmiho AAPLMW UNIVERSITY CLEANERS L U S T HAS A NEW LOOK 6 Times Cleaner OUR NEW ADDRESS MW PW' 1915 Slxth Street I8IO Hockberry Lone TUSCALOOSA ALABAMA Branch Branch 7IO 32 Ave QQI2 8th Sfreef OF 81 XEML g. ' ,nm l , A - A mf , n 46 IG'S FOR EXPERT PHOTO FINISHING .... . . . . PRINTING - COPYING - ENLARGING Tuscaloosa Photo Service invites you to leave your film af one of their many dealers. ERY PRINT GUARANTE TUSCALOOSA PHOTO SERVICE Member Natnonal Photo Funushers and Dealers Assn Phone PL8 I25I Tuscaloosa Alabama AVERY S SUPER MARKET I3Oo Queen Cny Avenue Tuscaloosa Alabama 162 EV ED I fm: MsN's wsmz CIRCUS MINIT CAR WASH 4 BIRMINGHAM ROAD DIAL PL 2-8361 REX DRUG STORE IJOI University Avenue YOUR BAMA THEATRE Phone PL 8 5591 ENTERTAINMENT HAPPINESS ond FRIENDS CHURCH PLASTERING COMPANY PHONES PL -46l97 or PL 823lD 55 Cloverdale P O BOX 620 163 O9 "WHERE YOU FIND Gail Ann Hall WWL Q? JLII. Vm""'S,.U'fw VMZITWATTM 0 mans VM df N and COUNTRY UeyAe STEIN S SHOE SHOP SAFETY SERVICE FREE INSPECTION HOUSE S GARAGE 702 G MACKEY S GROCERY 23OI 7Th ST eef Phone PL8 3676 SOUTHERN TREE and LANDSCAPE CO G b R d Ph PL 8 5064 6 ' VC . . - i 1 '42 'WI O I T420 niv rsif v nue We are neither preacher nor, doctor, But we do a Iof of heeling and saving of soles. , Amen. I reensboro Ave. Nursery and Landscaping I L- V - ' oro oa one - MW TUSCALOOSAS COMPLETE ONE STOP FOOD STORES NO T No 2 Downtown Sfore Porkvlew CenTer 1924 oth ST eet 15Tn Street No 3 Meodoworook Shopping Cenfer 723 Horgrove Pood T65 JITNEY JUNGLE Compliments of TUSCALOOSA MOTOR EXPRESS H e O d d Ope oted O ot d S Sfo es G e I Of ces B m ghom o e OM U odSonsOnes T 81 M CAFETERIA 404 Greensboro Avenue TUSCALOOSA ALABAMA Marilyn Tubb Your Choice of Choice Food Compllmenfs of K0l WE FURNISH THE HOME i Phone PL4 4714 l S TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA TUSCALOOSA'S BEST DEPARTMENT STORE om - wne on r per e in even 1 en ro fi - ir in Ph ne Birmingham 3-3131 Tuscolooso PL 8.3323 Fosf Dep ndoble Service . . C rnmings n , w r . ,, . . ,, S 0 ' S TUSCALOOSA SMALL MOTORS Pho e PL 47352 167 9th Street Under Viaduct n - TUSCALOOSA S FINEST DEPARTMENT STORE BROAD STREET T TWENTY THIRD AVE BROWN MCRAE PHARMACY REXALL DEALER 2332 E 91h Street ALBERTA CITY Phone PL 8 8693 WE DELIVER BEBE JOYCE BEAUTY SALON Llsc Winters 2240 61h ST Duel PL 2 598I QOMPLIMENTS OF PAULS BARBER SHOP AUSTIN and ALSTON MOTOR COMPANY 2IOI 61h STREET USED CAR LOT 2020 6th STREET 'I68 O A - Flshmg 8K Hunting Supplies Day or Night di, Zfggf MACK s BAIT SHOP 811 13th Street Phone PL 46387 T H E RECORD SHOP Umversuty Ave it VISIT OUR NEWLY ond LARGER BOOK STORE SELL YOUR BOOKS TO us MALONES BOOK STORE Also Stote Textbook Depository For the Entlre Stote Phone PL 4 4233 807 10th Street T69 ffnt J I FINIILAY ELEUTRIC CUMPANY 2121 8111 Street Pho e PL 8 5132 R Q ALITY JAY 5 SANDY S MOTEL ICE CREAM 'Y A Alb Ab n - Emily Yaw F O U Insisf On I I 111 Universi venue T 1 1 " O omc1'sFimes1" HOME OF LVI W DAI Serving Tuscaloosa Over 30 Years GRADE A PASTEURIZED PRODUCTS 711 17111 Street Phone PL 4 7522 171 D E E R Y MODERN MILK PLANT ALABAMA BOOK STORE BOOKS SUPPLIES TEXTBOOKS FICTION IOII I5 Unlverslfy Avenue TUSCALOOSA ALABAMA THE CITY NATIONAL BANK OF TUSCALOOSA OFFICERS DIRECTORS J F ALSTON JR Presudenf GEORGE A LeMAISTRE Afforney ROBERT N ALSTON Vee Presudeni J F ALSTON JR Presldenf and Charrman of B ard ROBERT N ALSTON Execufrve Vice Presudenf FRANK S DANIEL Vuce Presudenf and Trusf OIT cer REUBEN H WRIGHT Clrclm Judge R H COCHRANE Vlce Presrdenf Inachve J Q AUSTIN Ausfm 8, Alsfon Mofof CO FRED L CRAFT Cashier J W THOMPSON Thompson Lumber Co C T HURT Assmam Cashler E H ALSTON Aushn 81 Alsfon Mofor Co HOWARD BIJRCHFIELD J M BurchfleIcI 31 Son J CLEMSON DUCKWORTH Furs? Federal Savings 81 Loan Assn JEWEL WISE Asszsfanf Cashuer Member FecIeroI Deposit Insuronce Corporohon Downtown ond I-Iockberry Bronch 172 I .. ,., . .i ' ' ' I .. . . . IT PAYS TO SHOP AT GRAYS MEN S SHOP TUSCALOOSAS FINEST' BROAD STREET Re to Hall AX LEA ER J SE 8, CAITQ S C 81 I DRUG COMPANY 5 Ce 35 416 Iofh ST E QTIW A e TUSCALOQSA ALABAMA S I2 JACKSON 0 Plumbmg 8. Heatmg Contractor JOHN W DILL GULF STATES PLUMBING 8. HEATING C0 DIAL PL 8 3252 QOOO 8th Street 173 1 1 .i C A R Y in I9 I229 University Avenue 7I4 I v nue . . , vvner Q COMPLIMENTS ALBERTA GROCERY TENNIS JACKSON ELECTRIC CO th I COMPLETE ELECTRIC SERVICE D I PL 2 4 2 TALL OIL od o u e e TIONA HE ODUCTS CO PORATI Post Off ce Bc 390 TUSCALOOSA ALABAMA I74 OF I6I3 I5 Sreef S dro Pearson IG ' 07 NIQIITS PL 4--4256 A Pr uc1 f So th rn Pin N A L S O U 'I' R N R O N I x url!" 1 V 44. -,1- f -V Y' Leading The parade . . , Like These T.I-I.S. IVIaIore'rTeS I957 MERCURY Tuscaloosa Lincoln Mercury Company The Home of Good Servsce FIRST QUALITY GAS AT LOW PRICE SNAPPY SERVICE CENTER FISH BAIT and SUPPLIES SCUTH SIDE DRUG STORE 2102 Greensboro Ave OWNER SAM MCGEE Phone PL 4 4741 Phone PL 4 9379 Tuscaloosa Alabama Bridge Ave 5th Street NORTHPORT ALABAMA The Store of Quality Phones PL 8 3236 PL 8 3433 Broad Street Tuscaloosa Alabama 176 P1111 PRESCRIPTIONS FAST-FREE DELIVERY DRUID DRUG COMPANY CENTRAL DRUG COMPANY 2315 BROAD 431 UNIVERSITY AVENUE CQMPLIMENTS CF WALKER MOTOR COMPANY QIO4 BROAD PHONE PL 2-3561 Always Ask For PE RRY'S O MILK ICE CREAM Phone PL 8 SSI7 Alabomcas Most Modern Dcury QI28 BROAD TRUST YOUR CLOTHES WITH A CLEANER WHO KNOWS GREEN And CORK CLEANERS TUSCALOOSA ALABAMA OSWALT ROGERS FURNITURE COMPANY 220 SEVEN'-I' TUSCALOOSA ALABAMA GREENSBORO ALABAMA I77 , . , 1 . lIC01lTf6ff1lS IIUTSUTZILZ St'7'L'Z'L't'H II4 wE5Ts1DE MARKET 'T 7 H STREET 5 REET rf-be-"-Owtww hum M33 """"x't'1r 3-LD-vu-wdu ago WW L..--....1.. gun-. meal ..xa.uo-H-B5-Go..-A. 'U-Juwoa. Q3 ER NM 'N "'w'N MNH FINE SHGES funn. L Mllier Cgpezlog Deliso Debs Old Molne Trotters Town ond Country Fredelle NATURAL GAS KINCAID FIELDS TH T V SERVICE COMPANY WONDER FUEL FOR R CA Soles 84 Service W i Q C 2236 oth Street Phon PL 2 5511 Alabama Gas Corp 5f"'tt,Ll.Et!.V5 178 w,sm.1-ANS, . JY ' 3, ' 'i .S .V-..,i. ' L 'U .lb 1 ' .J 4 .X M' 'M xt-.bkngs Q u I M A, Q WE V E T T s .lx V tk! gl aw.. 0 . ' I . ' 0 ' , ' 0 0 ' E I l . ' Cooking - a er Heatin - House Heat Q Refrigeration - Air onditioning EXPERIENCED CRAETSIVIEN SINCE I892 WE A T H E R F O R D PRINTING COMPANY Aba oePL2 SI AUTO PLATE GLASS CO QUALITY AND SERVICE FIRST PL 8 5449 A Lu COMPLIMENTS L l Adams Refrigeration 8. Electric Co. one PL 4 95oI I508 Greens oro ve Tuscaloosa ALBERTA STANDARD SERVICE STATION 91h Sfree TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Tuscaloosa, Ia ma Ph n -I I .Ian Zeanah H I' OF 25098 d ST 1 phomerog I Lee WllLlAM'S PHARMACY Tuscaloosa, Ia ama O O C I 2212 T Ph . b A . SSN? flIF9CR,f1IFT G1 '- f I, KI W BE VCDER LV f CESSNA Where To Cc: IIS pf Pl 4 6643 TUU N ,,g Nl N E , I - v III! D I x I If A I I2 , I COMIIIIJ , Juni pIM'rI'f'- nr LIVELY MUSIC SERVICE JUNIOR MISSES LADIES BALDWIN ond ACROSONIC PIANOS READY TO WEAR BAND INSTRUMENTS ACCESSORIES SHEET MUSIC ORGANS P A R K S H O P Porkvuew Center Phone PL 8 2694 2119 BROAD STREET C W LEWIS FURNITURE CO OF DEPENDABLE S E R V C E Betty Fczlgout HALE INSURANCE AGENCY 2110 7th STREET PHONE PL 80461 AVERY VENDING COMPANY TUSCALOOSA ALABAMA 181 I ,fe 51 YEARS I I , f u I I FOR COMPLETE BANKING SERVICE Vivre. We nl' nl I ::l:::ll ::-::---- ll"". ll dll".- I Brood and Greensboro Tuscaloosa Mom Avenue Northport THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF TUSCALOOSA ALABAMA Savings at QIVQCMJ Interest Bank Federal Deposit Insurance Member ot the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Member of Federal Reserve System Emily Hayes OPTICAL SERVICE CO I'I M SWAIN Optnclan Establ shed 1936 Presc pto Lobo afo I Len Grou d P esc pt ons FuIIed Fltted ID Latest Style Mo 1 2408 6th St DIAL PL 8 2810 t I NEW CARS USED CARS LANCASTER'S GARAGE Phone PL 8 OI86 2028 oth Street YOUR OLDSMOBILE DEALER ITS rw f- ggif rj ' I K!! VVVV ,XVVV f ' I 'Tl ' . T pl , S -- ml -I. , L ' 5 f ' Ie I ,'! N I E . ,I 'I I 11 , E 1 . III liliIIII.' I ri in r r'es s n r ri i ' ' ' un ings - McLester Hoe Bldg. fro fo ca m lowly sfafe p and gown is one of life's b. nggesi' sfeps 15 3 'M' W -.Q 40o,y,, lg Q R Ni R I. ZEIGLER, Nfaleers 0 Famous Se N xx f-fv' 'A "W K .-x4 06" X 2 Q 4 X , Q-I-L',,y.1-r , 7 .ax XX 9 raduate and Ines! in the world E with .,.. Q' A -X X all the 55 183 X W. B. DRAKE 8. SON PRINTERS Phone PL 4-7575 2119 9th Street LIPSEY-SCOTT DRY GOODS COMPANY WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTORS PIECE GOODS, MEN'S FURNISHINGS HOSIERY AND NOTIONS '25OO BROAD STREET TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Colmello Mayfield QUALITY SINCE 1904 FINCHER OZMENT JEWELERS 515 Greensboro Avenue Sporttng Goods Housewores ond Gttts Hordwore ond Tools Glndden Potnts Bunldsng Moteraols Piurnbmg ond Electrucoi Supplnes I OVIATT BOWERS COMPANY INC Tuscoloosos Modern Hordwore Store 2105 Second Street Phone PL 4 4426 FREE PARKING 184 23 l I I J 8. H EXCAVATING COMPANY 901 22nd Avenue TUSCALOOSA ALABAMA COMPLIMENTS OF UNION FURNITURE COMPANY 2104 GREENBORO AVENUE PHONE PL 44386 CCJMPLIMENTS OF NORTHINGTON LAUNDRY 8. DRY CLEANERS RIDE THE BUS AND SAVE DRUID CITY TRANSIT COMPANY 185 I A A ..nw ' COMPLIMENTS OF CAIN MACHINE COMPANY Truck Tronlers Monufocture Soles on on Bodies Service J M CAIN Owner UTH A TE NUFACTU RESIDENTIAI G E N E R AL BUSINESS CONTRACTORS INDUSTRIAL CALL FOR FREE ESTIMATES 2430 Greensboro Avenue Dol PLo o 8 9791 Complnrnenfs of TUSCALOOSA M 0 R 6 E N T H A U ' 5 HARDWARE COMPANY BYRON MCNEIL owne' PLENTY or PAPKNG SPACE Sooner or Lofer Your Fovonte Cleoner PARKVIEW CENTER ei ff' SO E S RN MA RING CORP. 0 COMMERCIAL TUSCALOOSA MOTOR CO INC I CHEVROLET ONLY AUTHORIZED CHEVROLET DEALERS DISPLAY THIS FAMOUS TRADEMARK QOOI Oth Street Phone PL 4 445I CONGRATULATIONS .IIIIIIIS FURNITURE CIIMPANY Frcmchused Deoler For Frlgldoare Products 24 I 8 Oth Street TU SCALOOSA ALABAMA Morthcu Nell Hurt BURNS TYPEWRITER EXCHANGE 525 25th Avenue TuscALOOsA, ALABAMA FRESH MEATS AND GROCERIES A. L. SHERRILL GROCERY tool 15th STREET WE DELIVER PHONE PL asoeo I, I i il .. . 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N E SLEEP N' EAT A1 S O H I T E L Joyce Chrlstlcm SNIPES BUSINESS MACHINES 2206 oth Street Phone PL 8 5160 AUTOMOTIVE PARTS COMPANY WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTORS COMPLETE MACHINE SHOP SERVICE MOTORS REBUILT THE CENTRAL FOUNDRY Communlty Service Poyroll Disbursement Tox Payments Supply Procurement Budgeted Contrabutuons by the QTDFNMPIZ IIXIITI :CTD Thus Communnty BOLSTER YOUR OPPORTUNITIES 'I91 . . . 0 I 0 0 0 ' ' Offxx.fnwx,7L 1lwLzUcJIiXIl.J of uybwfwwq' JW,..J?,a,e.4..d. JQLJLL Jer.. 042764555 MZQMZW m? 5,4 LMUIJ' wmi'i2wT,,i?,:,cif f'fZZ!T,5iM TUSCALOOSA BOTTLERS ASSOCIATION COCA COLA SEVEN UP DR PEPPER PEPSI COLA ROYAL CROWN I ,g.,,4g,.,g 6.4! .Qu-+-2. Ajfhdgwvmvzwfw, S I-I O U EVERYTHING MUSICAL INDEX TO ADVERTISERS 193 X X QQ fb M U I C S E ll" ll 0 I , f 'Y FI Exfi. E ' EE' ENT: ' lf QQYIQ 3,-'-"E7f A172 if ftfff . ENIJE ' I, 12.3 I' 1' ' Ii, E f In If ' . , I77 ' ' Iif , f ' ' ' I' : IC3 J -. 1 I73 I ' . ' I J- IEQ , I ' ' I47 1 I ' I' I, I53 ' I' 'j. IA15 'I 1' , .I-14 ' - 4 '. 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