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Tuscaloosa High School - Black Warrior Yearbook (Tuscaloosa, AL) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Cover

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I, f A , ' -ag jnff,-iffy 'gjjjgi' ' mfg afcjfw fra 13 WLM, ,X Q ' ' jtwly . - JMMLVMWN . ,.,. ,FV , 95 Deslg n Fqg Learning- +f Sl 491: 'Q Jw i' IFJ' , L , Q if 4 ef J 'LUN W ffiyffw EAM I , pf' Lu ,MM in LM! .Z N .,xSVqXj"+ .jk Mg My JN JMB, 'Z if l ,lg QAJ6 is I Li . 7"Wjf1 Aff 'Q '-ff Q 1-fffy V p A 'W W LQ J ' .ff ' if ,an . nj? h jf! L ' X C an W - MP5 'M' W Jaw' axe " ff W ' V- ' I W X- Q, Q o ff .W VC jhffmga 0 . -My Wikia, W7 ' aw MN rxeww CN P 5 V f 2593346 ' EW sw M mi W' J ' of ., ,bf X ,AL5eff-7 V b friggi- fbi Q , Zimajff, 6 ffjw Z zfz,'m,y 'fffbfiy 'f?f'1f.fs:.a7, .Aw'ff'c'7"' Q'-div Y v - fi if 222 ff . , , o L , 3' We 5 L -,QJA045 tS,,...c5Q,, . l 5 vii 'Q' L L 9993 L L 0? , ' ' ii 5U"'U -A My l sl oi. aid' d thee mgle stately mansion, O my soul, 'E' " 1'-1 1 . . . V . .,- ws ' .- ---. Ffug 1, A l Q - up nf, H ll. N ,- V, Wu, 13,:.L, ' - V !-,. Q 1 1 I ,M-.U f m- Ay- - 3 1 F? --F'l,jj'7"'fl2.,-,5jg'9. -,N .1- , :2!'ws .35 . xg kZ,i..:,5 A , - qwlfgg gff- rx ug- Q , -1 N , -I ,A.l.3,,:.,5 My '-'if 1 , '53 '51 -'i!?ij", " -47-'Y ' 5- . fl ,- -- . 1.49 'fa:J,,4 '- iz I ..V li 1 - - av , AZ. L ' ' ' .. f ' 49 if Rl 'Q SO ' . 1 Q,,v,,o,g,,,QV LW Yiwu .Ill 5 i ' 5 - ll L WWW? Km WWF' QQNXQLA L As the swift seasons roll! ' - 1- . L th l - ' It cl t! eave y ow vau e pas Let each new temple, nobler than the last, y y' Mmny 1- ,Shut thee from heaven with a clome more vast, ,fo 0. X Tlll thou at length art free, g - ' Y -AM xi ' ' W Leaving thine outgrown shell by life's unresting sea! QJUJVU 2 Um 4 , -,aww ,ZF J... L. If Q,-eQ1 ,,,VQ,fmwf ' ::.- '-, jf ' 52. ,. - ' .' 'T' ' ' '- 71 Q - , :a'..a... 1 1 .- . fbi .-.-, 1-ang. .,., -' Q- . 1' , ,- li-4. QM,- I r 5 i 5 E 5 1 5 E 5 F 5 I E 5 I 2 I 5 l I F L 5 5 1 THE BLACK WARRIOR TUSGALOGSA HIGH SGHOGL TUSGALOGSA,ALABAMA PRESENTS DESIGN EGR LEARNING 1956 MA JANE PICKENS ..,.,...I..,,... Ed A RICIA VAN SCOY ..,..,,.,,.II GANDRUD .E.,,... LOUIS ANDERS ,...,.I. PRISCILLA WINSTON, , . DOROTHY SMITH ...... R TA HADLEY ..... MRS EVELYN VI A T MISS RUBYE GUL EY A d A Ed Sp cl B M B M Sp I A IyAd F IfyAd CONTENTS SCHOOL LIFE ....... . . .I2-99 ADMINISTRATION CLASSES ...,.. ACADEMIC DEPTS ORGANIZATIONS FEATU RES .... SPORTS ...... ADVERTISERS ...... . .,,.,.I.I4-I7 .. .... I8-53 ..,...I.,54-79 ...,..,.80-99 T00-I 25 I 26-I 43 I44-200 DEDICATION yi A53 'fb' if Q Q if .F -A., it is gi i 'I l"5.s'!'. ROBERT: The 1956 edition of the BLACK WARRIOR of Tus- caloosa High School is dedicated to the citizens of Tuscaloosa. These men and women of rare vision have untiringly planned and labored to make the dream of a magnificent high school building a glorious reality. in succeeding years hosts of students passing through these sacred halls will hold in grateful remembrance the efforts and generosity of our citizens in behalf of the education of the youth of Tuscaloosa. 3 F Kahn", M N A fx 1 5 ' X , kay! ' wb -drumm- f M .mvuai N A N ,, wi r , . A ,H 'B -m Em fs? wr- www-NNN X V I 1 85190: mi Ease? .Q asus ,gan . ,y,, -,,..A , -5- ' A y ff..,,Wwf 3, -'gag ,M 75, Q 59 Y I 12 Q xx gg-f an w .3 sf 'Em -Ht . vim' 'WF' H. W, MM -Rm ' .W f Y Q My .M r sf'-N W A x Z S 5 iiww ' 2 :WA . ifmgfgfww fi I x 3 Y 1 5 L ' - -'--W ,f 5 f-...... 'ff-7? WMM? N .v -H'-W. M. . - v-...ns M X ""M-...,,Q- 'z -j Y. I . r J' ' . 1 FC 'W K! ' , . 1 ,f K w .s 7 ? 4 1 JK' ' My P , 4 JW' V4 1 . 44 ,' it COMELLA: The arT sTudenTs really look busy, don'T They, Louis? LOUIS: They sure do. I know They musT en- joy using all The wonderful new TaciIiTies They have This year. COMELLA: Have you seen The kiTchen in The I-lame EC. deparfrne-nT? Any girl would be in- spired To Turn auf exceIIenT cooking. LOUIS: I dan'T suppose There would be a chance ol a sample, would There? COMELLA: No, IauT we'd beTTer hurry To lunch or we'II he IaTe for Tourth period. LOUIS: Yes, I always look forward To lunch period in our new caleferia. COMELLA: VViTh The wide choice of food and The pIeasanT surroundings I really haTe To leave once I begin eating. LOUIS: Me, Too unTiI abouT I12O-Then I sTarT Thinking aIoouT whaT happens To people who are IaTe To Miss Brown's English Class. JVVIWM J. 1 UMW! 'anus saggy.. """"r--- ' 1 n A hf,..?. J wmwif. I , , 1 ! 'J' ,1 , . I I lg is ii WP' MARY LOU: I guess you're really proud of that band room, aren'f you Larry? LARRY: l certainly am. lfs round shaped and raised levels make if one of the most modern paris of The building. MARY LOU: l Think our new gym deserves praise, Too. Basketball games seem so much bei- Ter played on The new court. The Gym is easily one of the mosr popular places in The school. LARRY: And don'i forget The library-one of the mosf attractive l've ever seen. The many win- dows all along the front wall add To The outside appearance of the building, Too. -so--w-XXX X 54.218 4 Nea army: .i - if Q . 2 .-,-, fs .. ..,.,. .. six 'isa if was img 1: Awami 'ww ,Q E L i i 33 f Dashin madly from one end of The Locker doors banging on a Friday a Ternoon . . . g building To The oTher To geT To class on Time . . . CourTing couples gazing soulfully aT each oTher, as if They were To be parTed for eTerniTy insfead of iusT one period . . . Office runners TroTTing Through The halls To pick up absenTee slips . . . "Miss Gulley, whaT did you say locus was'?' '... Pushing Throu h The halls in 5 sTiff peTTicoaTs . . . "Save me The lasT Two minuTes of class, please." , . . Q Scrimping and saving lunch money To buy oak Trees . . . Seniors in The lunch line cramrning spelling and sTudy sheeTs . . . Long afTernoons of Band pracTice. All This is T.H.S. School Life-sfudying, rornancing and laughing wiTh our friends and classmaTes will always be remembered by us our firsT year in The new school. X N School Life was WE ARE INDEBTED Tt We welcome Dr. Harvey Nelson to this city from a similar position with the schools in Huntsville. We believe Dr. Nelson will find Tuscaloosans interested in proper education of its youth and in the continued development of an out-standing city school system. At one of the final board meetings wi Dr. J. H. Hadley serving os superintende of Tuscaloosa Schools. We find Dr. Haclle Mr. Harry Pritchett, Mrs. R. H. Richardso Judge Feuben H. Wright, Mr. R. H. Dav and Mr. Paul Burnum. It is to the for sight of these dedicated men ancl womi that Tuscaloosa has one of the outstandir school systems of the state with adequa school facilities for the city's ever growil population. We ore indebted to this groi who have worked so tirelessly to secu this beautiful new building for us. FAREWELL TO DR. HADLEY In paying tribute to Dr. Hadley, we quote from the December 30, l955, issue of The Tuscaloosa News. "Resignation of City Schools Superintendent J. H. Hadley to accept a position as assistant to State Superintendent' of Education opens up a wider field of service for a man who has given unstintingly of his time and effort for the better- ment of education in Alabama. Since Dr. Hadley first took office as city school superintendent, growth has been the keyword for the school system. lt has been a period of unprecedented expansion for educational facilities in Tuscaloosa. We believe Dr. Hadley deserves much credit for the initiative and drive that has gone into the pro- gram for improving our schools here." Our principal, Mr. J. R. Pittard, in his new office. Much thought and planning went into moving into our new building, establishing new policies and coordinat- ing all of the activities of our school and Mr. Pittard has succeeded well in all of i these endeavors. l 4 l DUR ADMINISTRATION .. .s . -..Q - In Mr. Harold Greer, our assistant principal, we find a rare combination of disciplinarian and friend to the students, Attendance supervisor for our large high schoal is an important iob well done by Mr. Greer. "Our Miss Brooks" turned office secretary instead of school teacher is Mrs. Verna Borden, who is Mr. Pittard's secretary and arranger of schedules, A demon for work, Mrs. Bardon is the one to see if your schedule is to be changed. Our photographer was lucky to catch Mr, Tennis Jackson seated long enough to take his picture. Mr. Jackson, a trained engineer, is in charge of all school maintenance. ln a building as large and complex as ours, this requires an able iackvof-alletrades. Mrs. Bessie Mae Lewis, our bookkeeper, smiles ap- proval of her beautiful new office which is adjacent to the guidance suite, Mr. Greer's office and the central office. We are fortunate to have a person who com- bines efficiency with friendliness and helpfulness to stu- dents and teachers alike. PARENT - TEACHER ASSOCIATION OFFICERS: Mr. P. B. Rciiford, Treasurer, Mrs. Ferd Mitchell, Corresponding Secretary, Mrs. Karl Perkins, President, Mrs. John A. Still, Vice-President, Mrs. D. M. Woodward, Recording Secretary. EXECUTIVE BOARD: Mrs. Roy Smith, Mrs. Jack Willis, Mrs. T. J. Benninger, Mrs. Ferd Mitchell, Mrs. C. H. McCrimmon, Mrs. Karl Perkins, Mrs. D. M. Woodward, Mrs. Dan Miller, Mrs. Chester Walker, Mrs, Manley Hado, Mrs. E. H, Condon, Mr. P. B. Raiford. Tuscaloosa l-ligh School is fortunate in having an active and conscientious Parent- Teacher Association. The PTA's budget this year gave generous financial aid to the stu- dent health a n d welfare fund, utilized through our nurse, Mrs. Kelley, for the bene- fit of THS students, The money raised by the PTA barbecue last spring was used to furnish the women's faculty lounge in our new building. The PTA sponsored a Christ- mas dance in the gym, much of the credit for the success of this dance goes to the hard- working hospitality committee under Mrs. Luther Richardson. The members of the band will long be indebted to the PTA for helping to finance the annual band banquet as part of their program to support student activities. One of the most important and yet less obvious services of the PTA func- tioned continually through the school year in Mrs. T. J. Benninger's keeping the people of Tuscaloosa informed of school events through regular newspaper pub- licity. Under the able guidance of Mrs. Karl Perkins, PTA Presi- dent, the many phases of this or- ganization were coordinated in- to a working program th at greatly aided our design for learning both in and out of the classroom. PTA members enioying the fund raising Turkey Dinner. STUDE T COU CIL ROBERT BALLARD ROB LANGFORD PAT VAN SCOY President Vice-President Secretary Row l: Buddy Greer, Johnny McLaughlin, Pat Van Scoy, Rob Langford, Robert Ballard . . . Row 2: Bill Ganclrud. Louis Anders, Mary Ellen Lee, Alan Seigal, Jo Willis, Marilyn Cox . . , Row 3: Wanda Hulsart, Mixon Vibbart, Patricia Morris, Cornelia Pinclcney, Joyce Morrison, Dan Grey. Tuscaloosa High School has a STudent Coune cil which is an active, working organization. In our Tirst year in The new school their services have been invaluable in helping The administra- tion solve The problems which inevitably arose from The strangeness of a large, unfamiliar building. IT is The purpose of The Student Council always To Tully represent The student body and To serve as a bridge between The faculty and students. Homecoming, an annual event sponsored by The Student Council, was extremely successful This year, as was The Beauty Walk, another an- nual Council sponsored event, which is very popular wiTh The students. The oTTicers Tor This year are Robert Ballard, President, Rob Langford, Vice-President, Pat Van Scoy, Secretary, Johnny McLaughlin, Trea- surer, and Buddy Greer, Chaplain. The Council meets on alternate Monday mornings during activity period in The small auditorium. Row 'lz Jimmy Gewin, Don Hodge, Albert Baernstein, Edgar Beauchamp, Robin Swain . . . Row 2: Robert Allen, Carl Davis, Charlie Seebeclc, Tommy Moore, Julie McLll- vaine, Tate Jordan . . . Row 3: Patsy Howard, Robert Harrison, John Langford, Minter Alexander, Barbara Andrews, Betsey Brown, Virginia McCall . . . Row 4: Dan- ny Harris, John Hamby, Rex Ann Cannon, Marilyn Man- cill, Mary E. Dunkin, Jon Burroughs, Beverly Bullock, Ellen Edwards. FIRST SENIOR CLASS T As Freshman we hitched our wagon to a star, incident- ally we hit the moon. We excelled in the Sciences, the Arts, the Languages, the executive branch and the "official hall roamers club." Let it not be said that our class was one to pass up the pleasures of T.H.S., There were the Pep Rallies, the ten minute break between classes, and particularly the magnificent production displaying the Junior class's hidden talent. At the price of uncovering talent we were able to present the senior class with a won- derful prom. Among the most cherished memories of the seniors is "first word", ordering senior class rings, and Problems of Mrs. Cary. Through the eyes of this grad- uating class we would have made the star, if the moon hadn't been in the way! SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS: Top to Bottom-Buddy Greer, President, Johnny McLaughlin, Vice-President, Mary Jane Pickens, Secretary. SENIOR HOMEROOM PRESIDENTS: Jerry Manning, Susan Washburn, Margaret Ann Waller, "Toosie" Mustin, Mary Lynn Were ner, Nancy Reefer, Bill McGuire, Jody Far- ris, Mary Jane Pickens. Receiving the Senior rings is certainly one of the big events of the year. Here we see Billy signing for his ring, Mrs. Hard- en handing Larry his receipt, and Jeanefie ' admiring Marilyn's newly acquired ring. It isn't hard to tell that these are very proud Seniors. r s ATTEND NEW THS if C. W., Jack, Angela and Henriette are iust a few of our students who have en- ioyed the roomy lockers with individual combinations. KAREN ABELL Transferred to T, H. S., Spanish Club, Beta Club. PATRICIA ABERNATHY, "Pat" BLACK WARRIOR Business Staff, French Club, Art Club, Soph. Class, secretary-treasurer, Chaplain, Pres., Sec.-Treasurer ot Section, Jr. Talent Show, Ottice Runner, Mimeograph Ass't. BLACK WARRIOR Editorial Stott, Typist, BLACK WARRIOR Favorite. JOHNNY ADAMS Vice Pres. ot Section, Cheerleader, Fire Brigade, Pro- iection Club, Jr. Talent Show, Science Club, Mech. Drawing Club, Student Council. JAMES ALBRIGHT D. O. Club, Transferred to T. H. S. ROSALIND ALEXANDER Citizenship Club, Greasepainters, "Song ot Berna- dette", Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, F. T. A., BLACK WARRIOR Business Statf, Beta Club, Jr. Talent Show, Red Cross Council, Honor Society. LOUIS H. ANDERS Student Council, Basketball, Spanish Club, Jr. Talent Show, BLACK WARRIOR Editorial Staff, Sports Editor. JULIA ANDERSON D. O. Club, F. N. A. LINDA ARMISTEAD Beta Club, Honor Society, Mixed Chorus, Sec.-Treas., Treas. ot Section, Spanish Club, Drives Committee. NICK ARMSTRONG Monitor, Vice-Pres., Sec., of Section, Fire Brigade. THOMAS BAILEY Baseball, Fire Brigade, Mech. Drawing Club. CHARLES BALLARD Fire Brigade, Home Room Basketball. ROBERT BALLARD Pres., Vice-Pres. ot Student Body, Student Council, Honor Society, Beta Club, Mixed Chorus, All State Chorus, Proiection Club, 4-H Club, Mech. Drawing Club, BLACK WARRIOR Favorite, Outstanding Senior. 'I9 I 1 SE Charles, Judy, Susan, Bobby, Maeola, B bb T t d y, " u s", an Bill are about to leave he Senior picnic. Their smiles sh it'Il be loads of fun. IDRS JAMES BANKS Regular Schedule. JOE H. BANKS Mech. Drawing Club. DAVID BARNETT Homeroom Basketball, Health Assistant, Fire Brigade ANNE BARRETT 2nd Mixed Chorus, Spanish Club, F.N.A., D. O. Club FRED BARTON Mech. Drawing Club, Band, Football, Fire Brigade Proiection Club, Ambassador Hi-Y, D. O. Club. GLORIA LEE BATES Sec.-Treas. of Section, D. O. Club, Sec. SOPHIE MARIE BELL, "Suds" F.N.A. Club, Vice Pres., 4-H Club, Jr. Red Cross, Span- ish Club, Health Ass't, Jr. Talent Show, F.H.A., Treas. BLACK WARRIOR Business Staff. DAVID BENNETT Mech. Drawing Club. LONDA BENNETT 2nd Mixed Chorus, Mixed Chorus, Red Cross Council F.T.A., Health Ass't, Program Ch. of Section, Greasepainti ers, Honor Society. PATRICIA BONNER Transferred to T.H.S., Library Staff. .IEMISON OVIATT BOWERS, JR. Band, Monitor, Fire Brigade, French Club. GAIL BOWLES Transferred to T.H.S. Regular Schedule. 20 1 SE IO LARRY BOWMAN, "Bobo" Mixed Chorus, Student Director, All-State Chorus, Mu- sic Festival, Solo Winner, Band, Manager, All-State, Meda- list, Fire Brigade Pres., Vice Pres. of Section, Lyre Club, Stu- dent Council, Jr. Talent Show, Baseball, l-lomeroom Basket- ball, Drives Ch., Mech. Drawing Club, Pres. BILLY BOYD Ambassador Hi-Y, Jr. Talent Show, Homeroom Basket- ball, Basketball, Monitor, Mech. Drawing Club, Fire Bri gade, Red Letter Club, Pres., Vice-Pres. of Section. MARY LOU BOYLAN BLACK WARRIOR Business Statf, Jr. Talent Show, Al- pha Tri-Hi-Y, Health Ass't, F. N. A., Reporter, F.T.A., Sec. J. R. BREWER Fire Brigade. EUGENE BRITTAIN Art Club, Vice-Pres. of Section, Ambassador Hi-Y, Monitor, Jr. Talent Show, JEAN HARRIS BRITTAIN Alpha-Tri-Y, Spanish Club, Greasepainters, Red Cross Council, Mixed Chorus, Jr. Talent Show, Chaplain of Sec., F.H.A., President. PATSY BROWN Band, Librarian, All-State Band, Lyre Club, Student Council, Honor Society, Beta Club, Spanish Club, French Club, Tri-Hi-Y, Vice Pres., Youth Legislature, Mid-Ala. Con- ference, Secretory of Section. JOE BURNS, "Buck" All-State Football, All-County Lineman of the Year, Track, Red Letter Club, Honorable Mention, All American High School Football Team. BARBARA BURROUGHS Greasepainters, F.F.A., F.H.A., Spanish, Red Cross Council, Tri-Hi-Y, Monitor. FRANKIE BUTLER Regular Schedule. ALLEN CADDELL Fire Brigade, Mech. Drawing Club. CHARLES CARR Transferred to T. H. S., Band. 21 RS The band room and all of the other wonderful opportunities our new building offered bond students this year will never be forgotten by these Senior band mem- bers. ww S I I X As. IDRS HARRY CARVER D. O. Club, Spanish Club. CHARLES CHRISTOPHER Beta Club, Band, Basketball, Student Council, Monitor, Vice-Pres. Freshman Class, Tennis Team, Honor Society. ELAINE CLARKSON Greasepainters, Science Club, Beta Tri,l-li-Y, Biology Lab. Ass't, F.H.A., Drives Co. MAEOLA 'CLEMENTS Alpha Tri-Hi,Y, Sec., Red Cross Council, Science Club, Spanish Club, Beta Club, Drives Com., BLACK WARRIOR Business Staff, Jr. Talent Show, Greasepainters, Office Run- ner. VERNER LEE COLBURN Greasepainters, "Ten Little Indians" "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay", "Song of Bernadette", "Joan of Lor- raine", "Our Town", Hi-Y, Pres. of Sec., Fire Brigade. LEWIS COOK Band, Mixed Chorus, 4-H Club, Lyre Club, Fire Brigade. DON COMER Safety Patrol, Fire Brigade, Mech. Drawing Club, Hon- or Society. PATSY CRATON Spanish Club, Band, All-State Band, Lyre Club Office Runner, BLACK WARRIOR Business Staff, typist, Mimeo- graph Assistant. LEONARD DAVIS CULP Ambassador Hi-Y, Baseball, Basketball, Drives Chair- man, Vice-Pres. of Section, Red Letter Club, BLACK WAR- RIOR Favorite. MYRA ANNE CULWELL 2nd Mixed Chorus, F.H.A. JERRY DARNELL Regular Schedule. ANGELA DAVIS Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, Jr. Talent Show, Latin Club, F.H.A., Office Runner, Leaders' Club, 2nd Mixed Chorus. EARL DAVIS D. O. Club. CHARLOTTE DAVIS Vice-Pres. of Section, F. N. A. Club, D. O. Club. JAMES ROBERT DAVIS Red Letter Club, Co-Captain Football Team. JIMMY DAVIS Beta Club, Science Club, Pres. of Section, Mixed Chor, us, Boys' State, Drives Com., All-State Chorus, BLACK WAR- RIOR Business Staff, Honor Society. SHIRLEY DAVIS Red Cross Council, Sec. of Sec., Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, Band, Lyre Club, Office Runner. JACK DOLLAR Basketball, Baseball, Fire Brigade, Red Letter Club, Member of Alabama State Championship Basketball Team of '55. 22 Red Letter Club Football Fire Brigade AllCounty Band Mixed Chorus All State Mixed Chorus Grease- parnters Lyre Club Prolechon Club Fire Brigade Ambass- Greasepalnters Beauty Walk Jr Talent Show Fl-l.A., Reporter 2nd Mixed Chorus BLACK WARRIOR Business Band F T A Lyre Club Alpha Tri Hn Y Office Runner. Red Letter Club D O Club Fire Brigade Football, Red Cross Council F H A Chaplain of Section Band. IGRS HOMECOMING! One of the most citing events of the year for all THS dents. Here we see Joyce Morrison, Queen, iust before being presented to students at the big pep rally. Cun't fo our flowers, can we Joyce? SE .ww ,um . ffm" Iv .V.. Lz. . I K VIRGINIA FERGUSON Beta Club, F.H.A., Office Runner, Monitor, Red Cross Council, Sec., Honor Society. BARBARA DEAN FINCHER F. N. A., Transferred to T. H. S. MARY JO FISHER Transferred to T. H. S., F. H. A., Historian, Beta Club, Latin Club, Red Cross Council, Office Runner, Jr. Talent Show, Honor Society. MARY ANN FORD Office Runner, Greasepainter. BETTY JEAN FREE Sec., Treas. of Section, Spanish Club, F. N. A., Monitor. LOUISE GARDNER Science Club, Monitor. JOY GENTRY Greasepainters, "Ten Little lndians", F. T. A., Beauty Walk. PATRICIA LYNNE GIBSON Transferred to T. H. S., French Club, Greasepainters, Monitor, BLACK WARRIOR Business Staff, F. T. A., Vice- Pres. SHERRY GIBSON BLACK WARRIOR Favorite, Spanish Club, F.H.A., Vice- Pres. of Section, Greasepainters, 2nd Mixed Chorus, Office Runner, BLACK WARRIOR Business Staff, Monitor, Jr. Talent Show. IORS JACK ENGLEBERT D. O. Club, Brigade, Mech. Drawing Club. ROSEMARY EPPERSON Transferred to T. H. S., Beta Club, Honor Society. MARY ESSARY D. O. Club. SUE FAIR F. N. A., 2nd Mixed Chorus, Mixed Chorus, Health Ass't. ALICE WADE FAIRCLOTH Sec. of Section, Student Council, Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, Beta Club, BLACK WARRIOR Business Staff, Latin Club, Vice! Pres., Spanish Club, Greasepainters, Honor Society. C. W. FARMER Ambassador Hi-Y, sec.-Treas., Science Club, Grease- painters, "Our Town" BEAR FACTS Staff, Boys' State, Youth Legislature, DAR History Award, Mid-Ala. Conference, Beta Club, Monitor, Fire Brigade, Honor Society. JOE FARMER Ambassador Hi-Y, BEAR FACTS Staff, Monitor, 4-H Club, Fire Brigade, Ala. High School Press Association Con. JODY FARRIS 4-H Club, Pres., Inter-Club Council, Mixed Chorus, Pres., Sec. of Section, All State Chorus, 4-H Club County Council, Sec. MAXINE FAULKNER Leaders' Club, D. O. Club, Gold Key Art Award. 24 PAT GOODRICH Greasepainters, F.T.A., Vice-Pres. of Section, Trans- ferred to T. H. S. HAROLD EDWARD GREER, JR., "Buddy" Pres. of Sr. Class, Pres. of Jr. Class, Pres. of Section, Beta Club, Pres., State Beta Club, Vice Pres., Honor Society, rv ei. Band, Student Council, Chaplain, Jr. Talent Show, BLACK WARRIOR Favorite, Basketball, Tennis Team, Capt., Red Letter Club, Inter-Club Council, Outstanding Senior. JO ANN GRIFFIN Band, Lyre Club, Office Runner, Spanish Club. JOSEPHINE GRIST Library Staff, Transferred to T. H. S. FAYE GUIN Transferred to T. H. S. MIKE GUIN Fire Brigade, Spanish Club, Student Council, Jr Talent Show. MINNIE SUE GUY Second Mixed Chorus, F. H. A. CAROL HADLEY Transferred to T. H. S., F. H. A. HORACE HALL D. O. Club. BK R IDRS z . . 4 .. . tk ' . zf"3 1-,gm ,M -.. . W gal..- z' Fei f. tr . Y Rf in I 1 THOMAS HAMMACK, JR. Band, Proiection Club, Mech. Drawing Club. BOBBY HANNAH Band, Fire Brigade, Inter-Club Council, Recreation Com., Ch., BEAR FACTS, Jr. Talent Show, Greasepainters, Pres., "Joan of Lorraine", "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay", "Song of Bernadette", "Ten Little Indians", "Our Town", Spanish Club, Lyre Club. DICKIE HARMON Mixed Chorus, BLACK WARRIOR Favorite, Pres., Vice- Pres. of Section, Greasepainters, Jr. Talent Show, Football, Fire Brigade, All-State Chorus, Drives Com. BARBARA ANN HARTLEY Regular Schedule. PEGGY JANE HARTLEY F. N. A., F. H. A., Office Runner, Leaders' Club. JEANNETTE HAYES Greasepainters, Quill and Scroll, F. H. A., Office Run- ner, BEAR FACTS, Ass't Editor, Editor, BLACK WARRIOR Business Staff. JONI HAYNES Transferred to T. H. S., Red Cross Council, Vice Pres., Greasepainters, Tri-Hi-Y, F. F. A., Drives Com., Mixed Chor. RONALD ALLEN HENRY Hi-Y, 4-H Club, Treas. BUDDY HINTON Fire Brigade. 25 SE ELLEN HOLLINGSWORTH Regular Schedule. JAMES HOLLOMAN Projection Club, Mixed Chorus. VELMA MAY HOSEY Transferred to T. H. S., Band, Jr. Talent Show, Mixed Chorus, Drives Comm. JAMES HOWARD D. O. Club. MIKE HOWARD Transferred to T. H. S., Track, Football, Hi-Y, Red Let- ter Club, Jr. Talent Show. DIXIE ANN HOWELL Sec., Vice-Pres. of Section, Student Council, Red Cross Council, Mixed Chorus, Leaders' Club. BARBARA BULCHER HUDGINS Transferred to T. H. S., D. O. Club. WANDA HULSART Art Club, Vice-Pres., Merit Art Award, Science Club, Red Cross Council, Vice-Pres. of Section, Monitor, Student Council, Beta Club, Honor Society. HAYES HUTCHINS Pres. of Section, Proiection Club, Pres., Art Club, Jr. Talent Show, Inter-Club Council, Mech. Drawing Club, Fire Brigade. COMELLA HINTON Sec. of Section, Sec.-Treas. of Jr. Class, Greasepaint- ers, Spanish Club, Drives Comm., Jr. Talent Show, Monitor, F. H. A., Treas., Beta Club. HELEN KAREN HITEN French Club, Art Club, Band, Lyre Club, Greasepaint- ers. GENE HOCK Band, Projection Club, Mech. Drawing Club, Lyre Club. TOMMY HODGE Transferred to T. H. S., Pres. of Section, Ambassador Hi-Y, Greasepainters, Art Ass't. DEAN HODO D. O. Club. MIKE HODO Regular Schedule. SALLY ANN HOLIFIELD Vice-Pres., Sec., of Section, Soph. Class Pres., French Club, BEAR FACTS Staff, BLACK WARRIOR Business Staff, Monitor. ALBERT HOLLAND Transferred to T. H. S., Beta Club, Honor Society. ELEANOR HOLLEY, "El" F. N. A., BLACK WARRIOR Business Staff, Red Cross Council, Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, French Club, Greasepainters, F.H. A., Second Mixed Chorus, Leaders' Club, Science Club, Jr. Talent Show, "Textbook Suite", Drives Comm. Chaplain of Section, Health Ass't. 26 BILL JACKSON I U Band, All-State Band, Beta Club, Honor Society, Am- ateur Radio Club, Pres., Greasepainters, "Ten Little In- dians." CAROLYN JACKSON French Club, Office Runner, F. H. A., F. N. A., Pres. JAMES R. JACKSON, JR. D. O. Club. MARILYN JOINER Transferred to T. H. S., Beta Club, F. H. A. DORIS JOHNSON Regular Schedule. JO ANN JOHNSON Regular Schedule. MYRTIE LEE JOHNSON D. O. Club. DAVID JONES Regular Schedule. MARY ANNE JONES Mixed Chorus, D. O. Club, Science Club, BLACK WAR- RIOR Business Staff, Jr. Talent Show. JOHN KELLUM Regular Schedule. HENRIETTE KENDRICK Beta Club, Band, All State Band, Science Club, Treas. of Section, Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, County Council Rep., Delegate to Youth Legislature, Micl-Ala. Conference, BLACK WAR- RIOR Business Staff, BLACK WARRIOR Editorial Staff, Lyre Club, Monitor, Honor Society. BOB KEYS Hi-Y, Sec. Treas, of Section, Basketball, Red Letter Club, Spanish Club, Jr. Talent Show. SHIRLEY KORNEGAY Greasepainters, Office Runner, BLACK WARRIOR Fa- vorite, Beauty Walk. GAY LAKE, JR. Red Letter Club, Football, All-County, Basketball, Pres. Vice-Pres. of Section, French Club, Greasepainters, Inter- Club Council, BLACK WARRIOR Favorite, Hi-Y, Jr. Talent Show. HURDIS LAKE D. O. Club, Fire Brigade. PHIL LANCASTER Spanish Club, Greasepainters, "Our Town", Beta Club, Hi-Y. LYLE LANIER French Club, Greasepainters, Monitor, Tri-Hi-Y, Beauty Walk, Drives Com., 2nd Mixed Chorus. DODSON LATHAM Regular. Schedule 27 SE IORS SHIRLEY LAWLEY D. O. Club, F. H. A., Mixed Chorus. MARY ELLEN LEE Honor Society, Beta Club, Student Council, Mixed Chorus, Tri-Hi-Y, County Council Rep., Spanish Club, Sec., Office Runner. LAURA NEIL LEE Spanish Club, Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, Chaplain and Treas, BLACK WARRIOR Staff, Treas. of Section, Mime-ograph Ass't. SYLVIA LEE Library Staff, F. H. A. FAYE LEMLEY 2nd Mixed Chorus, D. O. Club. LARRY LEWIS Ambassador HEVY, BEAR FACTS Staff. BOBBIE LOGAN Beta Club, Mimeograph Ass't, F. N. A., D. O. Club. GARY LOPER, "Voopus" Greasepainters, "Song of Bernadette", Homecoming Comm., Fire Brigade, Monitor. MARGARET ANN LOVELACE Jr. Talent Show, Mimeographing Ass't., Office Runner, BLACK WARRIOR Editorial Staff, Copy Writer. BETTY JEAN LUKER BEAR FACTS, Staff, Sec. of Section, Beta Club, Grease- painters, F. H. A., F. T. A. MARILYN MANCILL Transferred to T. H ,. S., Greasepainters, Student Coun- cil, Monitor. VIRGINIA MANDERSON, "Tuts" Tri-Hi-Y, BLACK WARRIOR Business Staff, F. H. A., Cheerleader, Sec. of Section, 2nd Mixed Chorus, French Club, Sec., Jr. Talent Show, F. T. A. ROBERT MANESS Golf Team, Fire Brigade, Red Letter Club, Ambassador Hi-Y, Homeroom Basketball Team. JERRY MANNING Pres. of Section, D. O. Club. GUIL DE LA MENARDIERE Greasepainters, French Club. JAMES MASSEY Regular Schedule. JOANNE MAY Office Runner, Beta Tri-Hi-Y, Sec., Mixed Chorus, Greasepainters, "Song of Bernadette", All-State Chorus, "Text Book Suite", F. H. A. PATRICIA MAYERS, "Pat" Spanish Club, Greasepainters, Red Cross Council, Of- fice Runner, Jr. Talent Show, 2nd Mixed Chorus, F. H. A. 28 SE ID ROSALAND MCALISTER Greasepainters, F. N. A., Red Cross Council, Beta Club Health Ass't, BLACK WARRIOR Business Staff, Typist. PATSY SEXTON MCCOOL D. O. Club, Reporter. JUDITH MCCRACKEN BLACK WARRIOR Business Staff, Typist, F. T. A., Pres., Soc.-Treas., Leaders' Club, Reporter, Vice-Pres. of Section, Health Ass't, F. H. A., Inter-Club Council, F. N. A., Mimeo- graphing Ass't, Chaplain of Section, Beauty Walk. WAYNE HOWELL McDANIEL D. O. Club. PAUL R. MCELROY Student Council, Pres, of Section, D. O. Club. WILLIAM B. MCGUIRE Monitor, Fire Brigade, Jr. Talent Show, Head Baseball, Basketball, and Football Manager, Manager of State Champion Basketball Team '55, Red Letter Club, Treas., Pres, of Section. JOHNNY MCLAUGHLIN Beta Club, Treas. of Student Council, Vice-Pres. of Sr. Class, Vice-Pres. ot Jr. Class, Jr. Talent Show, Jr. Class Spirit, D. O, Club, Pres. of Section, BLACK WARRIOR Favo- rite, French Club, Boy's State, Drives Comm., Mixed Chorus, AII-State Chorus. BOBBIE JEAN MITCHELL Library Stall, Office Runner, F. H. A. FERD MITCHELL Pres. of Ala, Jr. Academy ot Science, Ambassador Hi-Y, Pres., Science Club, Vice-Pres., Pres., Greasepainters, "Joan ot Lorraine," "Our Town", Honor Society, Beta Club Poetry Avvard, 2nd Place, Beta Club, French Club, Treas., Band, Youth Legislature, Ch. of Ist place project in Ala. Jr. Academy of Science. HAROLD MONTGOMERY D. O. Club, Fire Brigade, Captain, Vice-Pres. ot Sec- tion. DONALD MOORE Ambassador Hi-Y, Football, 4-H Club. SUE MORGAN F. H. A. 1 29 RS OUR HARD WORKING EDITORS DO NOT ALWAYS WORK, OR SHOULD WE SAY, "THE EDITORS NOT EDITING." Ns z X : i fi , pew it . t s 2 , , m IDRS TOMMY MORGAN Fire Brigade. 'f PATRICIA MORRIS Transferred to T. H. S., Leaders' Club, Drives Co., Stu- dent Council, D. O. Club. - f-2': rr was JOYCE MORRISON W- .-:V Spanish Club, Pres., Beta Club, Vice-Pres., Secretary, Treasure ot Freshman Class, Student Council, Head Cheer- leader, BLACK WARRIOR Favorite, Homecoming Queen, if 2nd Mixed Chorus, Jr. Talent Show, Mimeograph Ass't, 2nd - Place Miss T. H. S. BETTY MULLENIX Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, Monitor, BLACK WARRIOR Business Staff. PRISCILLA MUSTIN, Toosie Beta Club, Art Club, Sec., Treas., Pres, Inter-Club Council, Art Ass't., Art Award, Certificate ot Merit, Drives Comm, Jr. Talent Show. LUTHER OSBORN Basketball, Baseball, Fire Brigade, Art Award, Gold .X Key. DOROTHY OSTYN Greasepainters, Guidance Ass't, Biology Lab, Ass't, Latin Club, MARGARET OWSLEY Sec. ot Section, Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, Art Club, Beta Club, 2nd Mixed Chorus, French Club, 3rd Place in Fire Preven- tion Theme Contest, Monitor, Greasepainters, "Our Town", BEAR FACTS Staff. . ....,,. BETTY OZMENT Spanish Club, BLACK WARRIOR Business Staff, F. H. A., Sec., Greasepainters, Amateur Radio Club, Sec.-Treas. BETTY PALMER Band, Lyre Club, Greasepainters, F. T. A., Treas., AIpha.Tri-I-li-Y, Art Award, Gold Key, JAMES PANNELL Transferred to T. H. S., Regular Schedule. JACKIE PATE 2nd Mixed Chorus, D, O. Club. WADE PENNINGTON D. O. Club. JUNE PHARES . Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, Greasepainters, Art Club, Office Run- ner. MARY JANE PICKENS BLACK WARRIOR, Favorite, Beauty Walk, Grease- painters, Band, Lyre Club, Medal Winner All-State Band, Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, Pres., French Club, Pres., Student Council, Beta Club, Honor Society, Pres. ot Section, Sec. of Sr. Class, Miss Citizenship, Jr. Talent Show, Youth Legislature, Quill and Scroll, Inter-Club Council, Sec. Ala High School Press Association, BLACK WARRIOR, Ass't Editor, Editor. CORNELIA PINCKNEY Sec., Pres., Vice-Pres., of Section, Student Council, BLACK WARRIOR Favorite, Drives Comm., Monitor, Spanish Club, Jr. Talent Show, Beauty Walk, Red Cross Council, BLACK WARRIOR Business Statt. BARBARA LYNN POWELL 5 Greasepainters, French Club, Mixed Chorus, 2nd Mix- ed Chorus. WILLIAM LARRY POWELL Band, Lyre Club, D. O. Club, Ambassador Hi-Y, Stu- dent Patrol, Red Cross Council, Science Club, French Club, Fire Brigade, Jr. Talent Show. 30 SE IDRS ROSALYN PULLEN Office Runner, F. H. A., 2nd Mixed Chorus, F. T. A, CLARENE PRYER Square Dance Club, Monitor, F. N. A., 2nd Mixed Chorus. MARGARET ANNE RAIFORD Beta Club, Student Council, Mixed Chorus, Librarian, Office Runner, Monitor, Vice-Pres. of Section, Recreation Co., Drives Co., Red Cross Council Treasurer. V . ANNETTE RANDALL Homecoming Maid, Cheerleader, BLACK WARRIOR Favorite, F.H.A., Vice Pres., Sec.-Treas. of Section, Jr. Talent Show, F. N. A., Sec., Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, BLACK WARRIOR Busi- ness Staff, Spanish Club, Health Ass't, 2nd Mixed Chorus, Miss Tuscaloosa High. NANCY REEFER Beta Club, Pres., Sec. of Section, D. O. Club. JEAN RENNER Transferred to T. H. S., French Club, Latin Club, Greasepainters, Homecoming Maid, Jr. Talent Show, Cheer- leader, BLACK WARRIOR Editorial Staff, Copy Writer. MARTHA ANN RICE Transferred to T. H. S., F. H. A., Perfect Attendance. JOE RIVES Football, Basketball, Track, Red Letter Club, State High Jump Champion, Fire Brigade. TOMMY ROBERTS as Student Council, Red Letter Club, Basketball, Track, 'ii Football, Captain, Latin Club, BLACK WARRIOR Favorite, GERALD RYAN 4-H Club, D. O. Club. SHELBY RYAN F. H. A., Mimeograph Ass't. HAROLD LEE SANDERS D. O. Club. WILMA SCOTT Jr. Talent Shaw, Health Ass't, Red Cross Council, Maior- ,Q my ette, Vice-Pres., Chaplain, Program Ch. of Section. ROBERT E. SHAFFER Mech. Drawing Club, Fire Brigade, Art Ass't. ,-. ,X GEORGE SHEFFIELD Program Co., Fire Brigade, Mech. Drawing Club. ALAN SIEGAL liz' V Pres. of Fresh. Class, Vice-Pres. of Soph. Class, Student Council, Honor Society, Beta Club, Band, Pres., Lyre Club, Guidance Ass't, BLACK WARRIOR Favorite. JAMES R. SIMPSON Fire Brigade, BLACK WARRIOR Favorite. CECIL A. SMALLEY, JR. Band, Lyre Club, Science Club, Mech. Drawing Club. 31 IDRS DOROTHY ANN SMITH, "Dot" Maiorette, Tri-Hi-Y, BLACK WARRIOR Business Co-Man- ager, BEAR FACTS Statt, Quill and Scroll, Jr. Talent Show, Greasepainters, F. H. A., Chorister. R. E. SMITH, JR. Latin Club, Pres., Honor Society, Vice-Pres., Quill and Scroll, Sec.-Treas, BEAR FACTS Statt, Ass't Business Man- ager, Honorary Corr. Editor, Jr. Talent Show, Science Club, 2nd Prize Biology Winner, State Science Club Con., Am- bassador Hi-Y, Band, Inter-Club Council, Greasepainters, Treas., "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay", "The Song of Bernadette", "Ten Little Indians", "Our Town". MARTHA SNIDER Honor Society, Beta Club, Treas., Ottice Runner, Health Ass't, Monitor, Leaders' Club, Sec. ot Section, F. N. A., Chaplain ot Section. CHARLES SNIPES Pres., Vice-Pres. of Section, All-State Band, Mixed Chorus, Vice-Pres., Lyre Club. FAYE SNODGRASS Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, Monitor, F. H. A. PATSY LOGAN SNYDER Transferred to T. H. S., Beauty Walk. JOHNNY SPEED D. O. Club. THOMAS SPENCER D. O. Club. RAY STACY Greasepainters, BLACK WARRIOR Photographer, Mech. Drawing Club, D. O. Club, Fire Brigade, Vice-Pres. of Sec. LYNNE STAPP Sec. of Section, Greasepainters, Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, F. H. A. Red Cross Council, F. T. A., Jr. Talent Show, Leaders' Club. SHIRLEY SUMNER Tri-Hi-Y, Vice-Pres. ot Section, Band, Monitor, Lyre Club, Jr. Talent Show. JOE TANNER Spanish Club, Mech. Drawing Club. JAMES TAYLOR Regular Schedule LAMAR THOMAS Transferred to T. H. S., Band. SARAH THOMAS BLACK WARRIOR Business Stott, BLACK WARRIOR Editorial Statf, Greasepainters, Sec. of Section, Beta Tri-Hi- Y, Jr. Talent Show, Art Club, Sec.-Treas., Art Award, Gold Key, Art Ass't. DAVID TIDWELL Red Letter Club, Football, Basketball, Fire Brigade, D. O. Club, Student Council. SUE TUBB Beta Club, F. N. A., Health Ass't, Monitor, Honor So- ciety, Sec.-Treas. DONNA TUCKER Greasepainters, "Song ot Bernadette", French Club, Art Club, Reporter, Art Award, Gold Key. 32 SE IDRS F. T. A., Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, Band, Lyre Club, All-State Band, Spanish Club. HARMON VAN BUSKIRK Quill and Scroll, BEAR FACTS, Sports Editor, Hi-Y, Chaplain, Recreation Comm., Ch., Sec.-Treas., Section, Jr. Talent Show, Greasepainters, "Our Town", Art Club, 4-H Club, Oratorical Contest, "Teens tor Polio", Chairman. DAVID VEAL Ambassador Hi-Y, Chaplain, Inter-Church Youth Coun- cil, Science Club, Greasepainters, Vice-Pres., "Joan of Lor- raine", "Our Town", "Our Hearts were Young and Gay", "Song ot Bernadette", "Ten Little Indians", Latin Club, Stu- dent Council, B'ham News Oratorical Contest, 3rd place District, Winner County "Voice of Democracy" Contest. MARGARET ANN WALLER Transferred to T, H. S., Beta Club, Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, Pres., Section, Greasepainters., Mixed Chorus, Beauty Walk, JACQUELINE TUCKER, "Jackie" BLACK WARRIOR Business Stott. Q MARY WARD F. H, A., French Club, Greasepainters, Monitor, F.T.A. SUSAN WASHBURN Band, Science Club, Sec.-Treas., Beta Club, Honor Society, Quill and Scroll, V.-Pres, Pres., Section, Grease- painters, "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay", BEAR FACTS 'F ' A ' Feature Editor, French Club. MARY LYNN WERNER Pres., Vice-Pres., Section, Beta Club, Tri-Hi-Y, Sec, Youth Legislature, Latin Club, Band, Mixed Chorus, Jr. " Talent Show, Lyre Club, BLACK WARRIOR Bus., Ed. Staff. BILLY HENRY WEST Band, Lyre Club, Qnd Mixed Chorus, Proiection Club, if Greasepainters. 1' VAN WHITEHEAD Mechanical Drawing Club, Fire Captain. CLAUDIA WHITLOCK Health Ass't, Library Staff, F.H.A., Mimeogroph Ass't, Monitor, French Club. BOB WILDER Trade School. JACQUELINE WILLIAMS Band, All State Band, Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, Jr. Talent Show, Red Cross Council, Beta Club, Honor Society, Youth Legis- Iature, Executive Sec. to the Gov., Guidance Ass't, Latin Club, Sec.-Treas., BLACK WARRIOR Editorial Staff, Copy- - writer, Sr. Grade Editor. EMILY WILLIAMSON l 51 Regular Schedule. I LOUISE CARLETON WINSLETT, "Sissy" 5... Honor Society, Beta Club, French Club, Vice Pres, II" ' lllt Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, Team Sponsor, Homecoming, BLACK WAR- ...,, RIOR Favorite, Pres., Sec. of Section, Tennis Club, Jr. Talent Show, Cheerleader, Drives Committee, Greasepainters. PRISCILLA WINSTON Honor Society, Pres., Beta Club, Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, Treas., French Club, Greasepainters, BLACK WARRIOR Favorite, BLACK WARRIOR Business Stott, Business Manager, Quill and Scroll, Pres., Pres. of Section, Jr. Talent Show, "Text- book Suite", Inter-Club Council. JOSEPH WOOD, "Joe" Band, All-State Band, Jr. Talent Show, Science Club, Mixed Chorus, Greasepainters, Proiection Club, French Club, Lyre Club, Fire Brigade, Oddwads, Tunetoppers, BLACK WAR- RIOR Business Staff, Vice-Pres. ot Section. WILLIAM WOOLBRIGHT D. O. Club. 6 SE IDRS ' iff! W . TOMMY WRENN Football, Track. CARROLL WRIGHT CAROLYN MARIE WRIGHT D. O. Club, F. H. A. SARA WYATT Greasepainters, Student Council, Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, President and County Representa- tive, Youth Legislature, Beta Club, Secretary, County Council, Treas., Inter-Club Council, BLACK WARRIOR Grade Editor, Honor Society, Outstanding Senior. JOAN YEAGER F. H. A., Student Council, F. N. A. JOSE BERTORELLI JOHN CHISM Regular schedule. FREDDY COONS Band. PAUL DAVIS . I V ' u . ' ' g Mixed Chorus, President, All State 5,3 . Chorus, Junior Talent Show, Fire Brigade. , , vnvl t' Y. , I ..,AV I DONALD ELLEDGE F Q il " g T. D. O. Club, Secretary-Treasurer of Sec- ' io n . . A I 3,41 .,'. .'.f : Mixed Chorus, President ot Section. I t ,,.. -' Hewitt Joi-iNsoN .X I In , E7 Mfg' A Mixed Chorus, President ot Section. X 3 I l l JACK LIVINGSTON Football, Basketball, Art Club, BLACK WARRIOR Favorite, Baseball, Fire Brigade, President of Section. CHARLES DAVIS Projection Club, Homeroom Basketball. PAT VAN SCOY Student Council, Sec., Greasepainters, Sec., "Song of Bernadette", "Our Town", Beta Club, Spanish Club, Red Cross Council, BLACK WARRIOR Editorial, Business Staff, Associate Editor, Spanish Medal, B'ham News Essay Contest, Guidance Ass't, Jr. Talent Show. IN MEMORIAM In memory of our classmate Billy Clay son of Mr. and Mrs. W. I. Clay, who died on December 9, I955. SENIORS NOT PICTURED HENRY EVANS: Football, Red Letter Club, Mech. Drawing Club. JAMES HAMBY: Mech. Drawing Club. WALLACE HOLLYHAND: Fire Brigade, Homeroom Basketball. BILLY RAY LAKE: Basketball, Football, Fire Brigade, Red Letter Club, Ambassador Hi-Y. JAMES MOSELEY: Regular Schedule. PEGGY WEAVER: Beta Club, Honor Society. SARA WYATT BUDDY GREER OU'STANDlNG SENIORS If MARY JANE PICKENS Mary Jane- is one of the busiest persons in our choal. Sho is a constant wonder to everyone as she toes about doing an excellent iob of being president if the French Club, Secretary of the Senior Class and ang-suffering editor of the BLACK WARRIOR. Mary ane is in both the Honor Society and the Beta Club, ind the Quill and Scroll. She is a past president of he Alpha Tri-Hi'Y, and has been elected the most lependable girl of her class and Miss Citizenship of ,HS by the teachers and students of the senior class. X charming, even-tempered person, Mary .lane is o oy to know. ROBERT BALLARD As president of the Student Council, Robert is widely respected and admired by the students of THS. He is a living example of the garden that he proposed in the l954 Student Council campaign: "turnip'f at every Student Council meeting, "lettuce" be faithful in our worlc and responsibilities, "squash" indifference to school problems, and plant "peas" of promptness and persistence for what is right. These Seniors were chosen by a committee of teachers who iudged them on service to the school, citizenship, and scholarship. HARMON VAN BUSKIRK The achievements of our favorite master of ceremonies, Harmon Van Buslcirlc, are imposing. A promoter of teenage recreation sponsored by P.T.A., M. C. for Junior Senior Prom, chairman Teen-agers Against Polio, Sports Editor for Bear Facts are a few of his important contributions to T.H.S. life, Enthusiastic, witty, gallant, Going places. That's our Harman. Sara is a very dependable person who is al- ways there doing her iob, as shown by her hard work as secretary of the Beta Club. In her iob as president of the Alpha Tri-Hi-Y, Sara's leadership, ability and her outstanding Christian character are much in evidence. She is o ready, willing, and able worker, and this coupled with her pleasing personality can al- ways be depended on to come through in any situation. Buddy might have gained the title of chief worrier had it been offered, yet he always has a smile for everyone. President of his class for the last two years, this tall, good-looking senior is president of the Beta Club, of which he is state vice-president, chaplain of the Student council, a member of the Honor Society, and plays on the Basketball team. In addition Buddy is outstanding as a leader in his church youth group. We feel that whatever field of work Buddy enters, he'll be tops! M' ilk JUNIOR HOMEROOM PRESIDENTS Behind the counter: Johnny Summer, Mar- gie Rodgers, Tommy Armstrong. In front: Clifford Kirk, Bobby Evans, Sally Hinton: Gail Perkins, Gene Tierce. IWyneIIe Gray absent when picture model In memory of our classmate ROBERT KENNETH "Ken" MORGAN son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Morgan, who died on March 15, 1956. M. WILLIAM-SR. II, Row I: Jo Willis, Donna Banks, Peggy Darnell, Doris Clary, Helen Smith. Row 2-Linda Disney, Sarah Kelly Leopard, Betty Cooper, Mary Catherine Ryan, Nancy George, Sylvia Pate, Carolyn Rayfieldf Rogers Whitehead. Row 3-Rayburn Moore, Harold Hester, Ronald Collum, Wiley Lewis, Julian Reed, Joe Davis, James Brown, Clifford Kirk .IUNIORS PRESENT FIRST TALEI Last year there were 290 "Jolly Juniors," and 300 this year. Looking back on the accomplishments of our class, we remember that working on our float meant days of fun and hectic last minutes in a frantic effort to finish it iust in time to win second place in the Homecoming Parade. The Junior Talent Show and the Prom are our big contributions to the school year. Working together as Juniors gives us a greater solidarity as Seniors. JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS MIXSON VIBBART ...,.,.......,.., Vice President JOHNNY SUMMER ,... . . ,President BARBARA GLOVER, .. . . .Secretary Q S 3 E i I ! ' I K"'FNi i The Junior Class Float won 2nd place in the Homecoming Parade. HOW ON NEW STAGE DEL VALLE SR, ll-Row l-Betty Jane Wilson, Orene Newson, Betty Cork, Jeanette Hubbard, Jackie Pearson, Hel- en Colburn, Eleanor Ford, Terry Gibson. Row 2-Bobby Davis, Dudley Hill, Barf bara Bragg, Caroline Heritage, Betsy Thomas, Beth Richardson, Gloria Senna, Billy Jones, David Bullock. Row 3-Gene Loftis, Denny Ray Frye, Gene Ray Crowe, Joe O'Bryant, Hubert Griffin, Tommy Armstrong, Aubrey Vick, Jimmy Ryan. M. W. CLINTON SR. ll-Raw T- Jim Woolbiiglit, Nancy Meredith, Wynell Glay. Gwen Sniith, Elizabeth Robertson, Juanita Spencer, Eloise Wells, Judy Jones, Robert Sweeney. Row 2-Robert Cussul, Harold Prinnbaker, Billie Davis, Margie Hoggle, Mary Jean Richardson, Betty Jo l-louse, Merida Lee, Bobby Bosch, Pettus Gewin. Raw 3-John McBrciycr, Danny Hollyhand, Jimmy Robinson, Jack Bell, Tommy Wood, Aub- rey Kelly, Dan Gray, Jimmy Shelton, M. W. Clinton Jam, :Nami NIC K. l.. SMITH SR. ll-Row l: Betty lou Eatrnan, Lorraine Armstrong, Sally Hinton, Rex Ann Cannon, Row 2- Lincla Brown, Gail Hall, Milclre-fl Slwigley, B1-cky lurnipsaecl, Patsy Killian, Pal Huey. Row 3-Dan Fuller, Ned Barnes, Jenolle l-lead, Janice Tltomas, .lo Ann Lula'-r, Vvliitlielcl Gibbons, l'l0vvarc.l Rai- lortl, Tommy Cork. Row 4-Earle Jaltnsan, Horslwl Lalce, Rob Langford, David Fuller, Guy Wliiteliermnl, Joe Ivey, David Clemmons, Gerry Quarles. Es s, 5 1 E BLANCHARD SR. Il-Row 'l-Mar- guerite Roclfiers, Sltirley Fairchild, JOyCO Clwristian, Doris Snoclcly, Annette Hula- barnl, Alicia Convvill. Row 2-Mike Graham, Jimmie Ann Green, Pat Jones, Linda Spraill, Marie Yuatrnan, Pat Loavelle, Molly Vvatson, Bill Gantliurl. Row 3-Troy Jones, Joltnny Camp, Gayle Taylor, Betty Ball, Shelby Dean Wheat, Maxine Massey, Tommy Cltcr- ones, Jack Stewart. Row 4-Herman Terrell, Lee Logan, Aubrey Davis, Ken Morgan, Williant Beck, Billy Joi: Oliver, Billy Johnston, Clwarles Boler , Anne, Mary Sue Lar ry, and Wanda work on a float for e Homecoming Parade IORS VIBBART SR. I Row 1-Linda ln- gram, Nancy Heath, Lillie Humphries, Marilyn Crowell, Tommy Ray. Row 2 gRufus Walker, Martha Sue James, Rita Hadley, Janelle Baird, Mary Jane Mackey, Roberta Farr. Row 3-Judson Dowling, Billy Partlow, Cynthia Davis, Carolyn Burchfield, Barbara Andrews, Mary Lou Barringer, Jimmy Coleman, Bobby Yoder. Row 4-Bubs Cummings, Downey Walker, John Pearson, Johnny Sumner, Tom Clinton, Jerome Brittian, Charles Carver, Wayne Stanton Those absent when section room pictures were made. Row I- Annc Mario Springer, Virginia Nix, Ja ne Davis, Margaret Pal- mer, Faye Brasher. Row 2-Vera Mae Baker, Sandra Brooks, Marcia Tompkins, Charles Smith. Raw 3 Mike Canavan, Frank Allen, Bob Helms, Neil Morgan, Bronnie Nichols 3 1 PIERCE SR. ll Row 'l-Jimmy Guy, Wciiidci, Miller, Jackie Davis, Shirley Tucker, Roland Perkins, John Keene. Row 2-Donald Br-ck, Ronna Bucking- ham, Betty Jordan, Jackie Springer, Hugh Abernathy. Row 3-James Hilvy, Barbara Glover, Martha Ja Bailey, Sis- ter McCall, Joyce Fine, Sara Hartley, Billy Jones. Row 4-Larry McCoy, Roger Criswell, Ed Love, Robert Rucker, Billy Joe Ray, Stafford Shealy, Tom Caplcs, Gene Tierce THE LINEUP Left to right: David Cochrane "Roach" Downey Walker "Weiscl" Charles Davis "Mule" Joe Tanner ,,APe,f Mike Guin "Oodles", "Bulldog" Bill McGuire "Mullet" Howard Raiford "Gopher" Judson Dowling "Frog" Hershel Lake "Snake" Dan Gray "Squirrel" HENDERSON SR. II Row 'l-Sandra Woodward, Francis Johnson, Karen Yoima, Rachel Cvxmplle-ll. Row 2:-- Jimmy Mltrhf-ll, Sarah Riley, Hilda Hallf man, Gail Pitkin'-., Jaan Calwell, Wim- lzreth Biggs, Mary Sue Avery, Mr. Hen- derson. Row 3-Vtfilliam Earl O'E-ryant, Wtiyiwcf Halstadtrrr, Terry Greene, Mar- tin Hargravrr, Mixson Vilqlaart, David Cochrane, Don Hoggle JU IO MURPHY SR. ll Row 1- Willodene Steffen, Lois Blake, Gull Menardiere, Sandra Palmer. Row 2-Saxon Boyd, Hubert McDaniel, Beth Woods, Sandra Luxich, Myra Hamby, Martha Wallace, Ramona Smith, Jane Hinderer. Row 3- James Kicker, Bobby Evans, Clemmie Nan Reid, Camille Compton, Mary Jane Johnson, Betty Lake, Nancy Hanks. Row 4-Mr, Murphy, Don James, Don Maughn, Derek Logan, Victor Stark, Bronnie Nichols, Robert Williamson, Donald Eads, Erfred Richardson, Dewey Bush. 1 'saizi H., wily? 'gs , F' -lf iw 'X 2553 HOMEROOM PRESIDENTS lseatedi Travis McCulley, Bobby Woodman, Gail Barton, Brenda Beason, Buddy Brown, George Tof- fel, Jimmy Anderson. fstandingi Hodo Strickland, Van Allen, Jerry Caldwell, Frank Ken- dall, George Parker. SOPHOMGREC The opening of school This year was different be- cause of our new surroundings. It was fun exploring the halls and finding new routes to our classes. We are sure we would have been lost at one time or another if it had not been for the Beta Club members who acted as guides. Our class float helped carry out the slogan of TNT for the homecoming parade. We all enioyed working on it, although we didn't win a prize. Mr. Willman, our guidance counselor, has given some programs on guidance in the small auditorium for most of the homerooms, They have benefited greatly from his help. The Three students representing The sophomore class as its officers are pictured on the left. Ifrom Top to bottoml Johnny Kowalski, president, Minter Alexander, vice-president, and Jo Del Laney, sec- retary-treasurer. We have Three-hundred seventy students and eleven homerooms working along with Mrs, Adams, our class sponsor. Cleftj Sophomore float depicts T.H.S. football power. ml? whiny ew -'awww me s i:w' imwmmvmfwwwfmwwv ,W--tw-f-f s-.www W-.M -v--MW-v ----V W BURNS SR. I- Row I: Gail Barton Sara Ashcroft, Jane Long, Lucy Minot. Row 2: Mary Wyatt, Jean Parham, Mary Alice Brasfield, Betsy Brown. Row 3: Peggy Sue Kempgens, Joyce Burk- halter, Judy Bagwell, Marie Peeks, Carolyn Ballard. IN SCHOOL ORGANIZATION' STEVENS SR. I Row I-Mrs, Stevens, Kathleen McCary, Helen Lemonis, Jerri Head, Shirley Gritfin. Row 2-Paul Robertson, Harriet Booth, Lorene John- son, Coy Watson, Kathryn Deorntan, Gail Phores, Mildred Chism, John Brit- tain. Row 3-Jornes Snow, Harold Giv- ens, Peggy Sims, Pat Jackson, Pat Holly- han, Pat Harmon, Jimmy Wise, Joe Kel- ler, Row 4iBilly Banks, William Quimby, Harold Riley, Tommy Moore, Jimmy Anderson, Buddy Campbell, Billy Christian, Hubert Davis. R. PATTON SR I-Row I: Jo Ann Newsome, Betty Woodward, Faye Kirk- land, Theresa Blanchard, Helen Louise Smith. Row 2: Jimmy Logan, Carolyn Lee, Margie Mantel, Barbara McClusky, Carolyn Avery, Sally Lake, Jay Gray. Row 3: Bobby Jennings, Catherine Jer- nigan, Louise Sanford, Bonnie Snyder, Ann Hulsey, Julie Mcllvaine Hoyt Nich- ols, Jerry Calwell. Row 4: Hoyt Gray, Bradley Lake, Ivan Pavlov, James Doug- las, Ray Lane, Leonard Hill, Dean Holder, Hubert McDaniel. SOPHOMORES TAKE ACTIVE PART DAVIS SR, 'I Row 'I-V1-ion Gmy, Butfy Hoilmiiiy, Simcirci PL-arson, Fwy Roiimtx, Briity Ami iiiuvyvv' ,lmm Siuvvii- sou, Clmiiwrtv Fifi-:min Jwiy Sh-qriil. Row 2: Ruin-it Hmiixuyi, Civ str-r Blum-V, Bmlmiii Siiiivri hum lixiiiiivr, Giolim Suilixim, Rim Biniiiiiiiiiv, Biily Bioiiw. Row 3: Kimi iiiiiiiuu, Liyyiird Kink, Pvqiiy fliiis, Anim Mifiiiimioii, Eiiiilie Ciiiiimii, Hovviiiii Nix, Bu-lily Blown. Row 4: Diiyiii Suilixwiiw, Biiixiwy Pugh, Clcili-ms ivoimiii, Alun Tuiiiipaw,-ii, ROiivif Funnix Jwiy' Fiiiliixs Hcigfin, Tlimmis Huiliws, Buiiciy Cuitf,-i', .loc Fuw Ivy. FINES SR. I-Row T: Bwvvrly Brown, Ciicuiiniiv Mimi Peggy Hcuwion, Pmisy Marquis, B4-Hy Jo G:-win, Alma Fnye Huriis. Row 2: Judy VVoslCy, Sonjiu Wpxito, Putsy Taylor, Eii-iiimr Filielefy, Mary Russ:-ll Coursoli, Ccxroic DPS Roclm-IQ, Sum Fliiiiigiiii, Duyid H0294-li. Row 3: Glvii VV, Wooil, lioyd Gunnison, Milly Kilii,Mn1iy Aliufiglif, Clciuriiun Ab- siou, Tummy Simpson, Junics O'Bry4m1. Row 4: Lvon Smith, Phil Huiris, David Yue-liiici, Edwmni Tiioiiinw, Cimilrbs See- lwnk, Jvssic Wiight, Edwurd Hosmer, Billy Janus, SGPHOIVIORES MCGRAW SR. I-Row la Lucy Cald- well, Susanna Block, Frances Exam, Mascata Mills, Doris Smith, Joyce Welch, Marie Everett, Joyce McCollum. Row 2: Larry Hodges, Brenda Beason, Carol Ann Porter, Judy Rhodes, Wanda Fondren, Charlotte Smitherman, Jua- nita Smith, Ben Burgin. Row 2: Ken Kirkley, Minter Alexander, Billy Pope, Jimmy Essary, Fred Skelton, Billy John- son, David Hayes. Row 4: John Kemp, Clay Bishop, Sterling Anders, Harold Moseley, Levvis Clifton, Jim Latham, David Tucker, Gone Lo Grone, P. PATTON SR. I-Row 1: Whitney Echols, Gail Heritage, Marcia Matthews, Mary Jo Green, Elizabeth Cloudus, Frank Kendall. Row 2: Gail Cook, Edna Wyatt, Sandy Still, Gloria Hall, Allene Bryant, Betty Falgout. Row 3: Woolsey Finnell, Carol Stevens, Linda Lanier, Jo Del Laney, Lisa Rose Winters, Ann Anderson, Ken Kincaid, Johnny Kowalski. Row 4: John Bowers, Roy- burn Gray, John Langford, Sidney Al- len, Chester Walker, Richard Herman, Wayne Greenhaw, Reggie Shamblin. Mrs. Del Valle pulls back her "blanket and reveals today's Spanish "queez. S0 Thought you would like to see a pic- ture of Miss Gulley lifting Von Allen, our "mighty mite" of football. PHO CRES BOX SR. I-Row 1: Von Allen, Mary Ann Mitchell, Mary Louise Smith, June Lassiter, Judy Sartain, Billy Henderson. Row 2: J. D. Orr, Sally Henry, Romano Meadows, Patsy Howard, Jean Hardy, Butch Constantine, James Lucky. Row 3: Jimmy Brown, Martha Faulkner, Mary Ashcroft, Pot McCoy, Sandra Sanford, Vernon Johnson. Row 4: Ray Moore, Brian Tunstall, Buddy Needly, James Johnston, Jimmy Wrenn, Ralph Cle- ments, Johnny Gillilond, Marshal Hag- ler. M. SMITH SR. 'l-Row 'l: Biliie Wii- Iinms, Eva Lee Mrirfuni, Angela Ccinty, Tote Jordan, Gail Colvin, Susan Abell, Row 2: Billy Ray Jones, Ruby Nell Hay- ser, Elimlwoth Aslnrfift, Elvcmor Shatts, Ruth Brooks, Gail Manning, Klaus Lauer Row 3: Duvirl Deesc, Tom Diclcnian, James Wi'ight, Martha Neil Hurt, Linda Perkins, Johnny Hammer, Billy Wyritt Rhone, Row 4: Edgerton Harris, Max Joiner, Marbury Smith, Loan Morrison, Bobby Wooclmrin, Jock Thompson, Eddie Baker, Melvin Homan, S0 HITEN SR. 'l-Row 1: Wallace Lee, Ja Ann Morrison, Patti Sue Smith, Joe Adams. Row 2: Richard Hayes, Bill Goodwin, Pantlwea Reid, Hazel Cole- man, Faye LeCroy, Martha Bolton, Lee Woodwcird. Row 3: Joe Carter, Jerry Booth, Johnnie Todd, Pat Sumner, Tra- vis McCulley, Ted Gurlerson, Tommy Ervin, Row 4: Jerry Boyd, Dan Mor- gan, Jolvnny Mack Hutt, Otto Hallman, Jimmy Martin. KLIDERER SR. l-Row 'l: Nancy Mey- er, Dot Vaughn, Joanna Davis, Cecelia Snipe, Dianne Condon. Row 2: Jimmy Caddis, Herbert Hubbard, Bertha Wes- ley, Sue Vick, Annette Sumner, Kay Green, Gary Zuiclerhook, Mac Price. Row 3: Joel Chandler, Otis Vail, Elizabeth Fuller, Dianne Brautigan, Bob- bie Barlow, Gordon Montgomery, Bo Fields, Row 4: Allen Langford, Ingram Culwell, Joe Johnson, Bobby Holman, Don Dollar, John Schoel, Rufus Mosely. PHO DRFS KIMBROUGH SR. I-Row 1: Sue Thigpen, Edna Ruth Hawthorne, Sherry Romaine, Sandra Elmore, Margaret Swanger, Shirley Ray. Row 2: Sara Bailey, Mary Lois Hill, Iris Averette, Anne Dee, Bonnie Hubbard, Mavis House, Isabel Hurst. Row 3: George Parker, David Jones, Jerry Skelton,'Ro- sa Mae Green, Evelyn Hamilton, Susan Schembs, James Lee. Row .4:. Alfred Lewis, David Howell, Jerry Nix, Gary Jackson, Bobby Whitley, Judson Ford, Bill Mulvihill. ' ' l fl ,X 1 FRESHIVIAN lllightl Freshman Homeroom Presi- clents: Gene Foullcner, Ed Pickens, Louise McKinley, Billy Davis, Milton Marcum, Kay Hinton, Reggie McCrcry, Pameliu .lo McGee, Marie Montgomery, Cecelia James. lAbove-1 The Freshman Class float por- traying the tiger at the mercy of the bear odds color to our homecoming parade. FRESHMEN CLASS OFFICERS 1From topl Corl Dovis, President, Robin Swoin, Vice-President, ond Lorry Shoeffer, Secretory - Treosurer, On the doy of September 12, 1955, the closs of '59 brought into the new building of 1,1-l.S. the lorg est freshmon closs in the history of the school, 417 pupils. This is on increose of twenty-three over lost yec1r's 394 pupils, We felt funny ond smoll when we wolked in the first doy, but now we hove found our woy oround ond we feel better. We ore very proud to be the first closs thot will complete four yeors in our new building. WATSON JR. Ill-Row 'Ia Barbara Pool, Peggy Foster, Mary Hartley, Anne Quarles. Row 2: Johnny Foster, S, A. Kidd, Camille Gray, Carole Edwards, Mamie Ruth Campbell, Frances Blocker- by, Shiann Johnson, Michael Lee, James Baughrnan. Row 3: Charles Mitchell, Gary Howard, Tommy Morris, Dan Har- ris, Joan Caldwell, Sandra Brown, Sor- rell Lanier, Bill Wright, Lamar Jones. Row 4: Dan Moore, Roy Lee, David Nix, Ronnie Rodgers, Jerry Parsons, Joe Stewart, Andy Chappell, Reggie MC- Crary. FRESHMAN CLASS LARGE' ADAMS JR. Ill-Row 'lf Johnnie Dean Lemonis, Maudine Horne, Patsy Lowery. Row 2: Betty Cooper, Marie Montgomery, Jean Glover, Sandra Mitchell. Row 3: Sarah Mayo, Gerall dine O'Bryant, Sherry Moore, Beatrice King, Sue Burrage We 'S MCLEOD JR. Ill-Row 'la Ellen Ed- wards, Barbara Harlcey, Jo Ann Fields, Hazel Hardy, Sue Free. Row 2: Ger- aldine Edmonds, Evadean Hayes, Louise McKinley, Margaret Marlowe, Leah Payne. Row 3: Lillian McCoy, Nelline Goree, Marie Hubbard, Pat Gresham, Sandra Ingram. N SCHOOL'S HISTORY Better late than never-- Tommy checks in through the office. 5-1 VAUGHN JR. lll-Row 'lz Betsy Bayer, Dcanne Davis, Dorothy Jones, Betty Bruce, Irene Duncan, Barbara Wyatt. Row 2: Lonia Wyers, Wanda Pearson, Pauline Sanford, Janeen Chadwick, Pamelia Jo McGee, Barbara Elmore, Ann Davis. Row 3: Melvin McDavis, Robert Haclo, Jeanette Taylor, Beverly Wilson, Rose Wheat, Mar- tha Lu Cook, Arthur Ruggles, Robert Sex- ton. Row 4: Bobby Jones, Henry Ledbet- ter, Melvin Britt, H. F, Tidmore, Ralph New- ton, Jimmy Gewin, James Parker, Grant Ezell. lmiiiiaton, Lintlri Tincilf- Pitt Vvfliitv, Wciync PADEN JR. Ill-Row 'l: MVS. Priilen, linclii Dciwif, Billie Gaim- Snoilily, Carolyn BtllttlDfll'QiVl, Marilyn Cintr-V, Vtiiinliiir- San lord, Ray llw. Row 2: Ronin-i Givi-iiw, Jo nnfx Hiziniltaii, Brrrtliti Manning, llvlvii Mosfs, 'liiif tt ltinriston Row 3: Cfliriilia Pat Svnnii, Eiiw-'iirl Rc-iitlnifi, Sylvia Piilinvr, June Kilwiiiils, Bwvi-ly Bnlloflx, Jutly Joliit- son, Jan Ptilnn-i', iiinnny lull- Row 4: W. Riini-my lirnnrny Bala-V, Jolinny Cli-nir-nts Clmili-N lvlcllioy, Jar: Brown Ducliwortli Kay Hinton, Eddie Faulkner, Aitliui' Voss, 1 FRESH NEW STUDENTS-Row 'l: Mary Jane Johnson, Helen Louise Smith, Rita Hadley, Sandra Woodward. Row 2: Susan Sch- embs, Barbara Sims, Martha Cook, Gail Crow, Carol Hadley. Row 3: Jimmy Mar- tin, Billy Ray Jones, Whitfield Gibbons, Douglas Blcichcr, Marvin Jones. HORTON JR, 'lil-Row in Betty Ann Chiistnin, Mona Christian, Pvggy Skelton, Jon Buironrglis. Patty O'Nc-al, Charlotte Langston, Sue Willicirits, Row 2: Elmo Riley, Noni Gray, Emily Colesman, Bootsey Ran- dall, Gloria Church, Lyncla Harlcss, Payton Taylor, Joe Sleinne-r, Mr. Horton. Row 3: Cliff Hoylo, Billy McDaniel, Frances Hughes, Yvonne Shf-lton, Judy Benninger, John l'luoyworth, Johnny Cobb, Row 4: Elmer Smith, AI Boycl, Jerry Worsham, James Culvvell, Roy Wilson, Ed Pickens, Danny Ford, Don Carver. STOGRIN JR. III-Row 1: Raymond Deese, Martha Channell, Sammy Hill. Row 2: Harold Wyatt, Pat Maye, Jeanell Riley, Lucille Clouclus, Patricia Ann Clark, Char- lott Stanford, Charles McDaniel. Row 3: Jerry Simpson, Camella Mayfield, Tressie Guy, Tommie Carol Singleton, Charlotte Thomas, Danny Miller. Row 4: Jorry Lynn Simpson, John Hanhy, Larry McCook, Billy Morrow, John Roberts, Billy Moscly, Wayne Kyzer, Gene Faulkner. FRESH TARLETON JR. Ill-Row 'lz Dan Smitli, Gnylu Snow, Kay Rolwarfson, Paula Tliomas, Gvlwya Lavvury, Carolyn Carla. Row 2: Danny Turlwi Judy Buford, Elizalaefli Cole- man Gi-ialdiiic Howard, Cliarloffe Arri- lmif, Tliomas Pate, Earl Roberts. Row 3: Cliailr-s Pimluwy, Ann MCClure, Pafsy Grif- fin, Rolwin Swain, Marflia McClf1ndon, Ann Fair Wiiyliri Willianis, Bobby Wright. Rcw 4: Tommy Wood, Fraud Spell, Milton Marcuin, Alfrr,-cl VVillctf, Ray Hill, Jerry Brown, Riclmrd Foirey, Handley Bush. R. WILLIAMS JR, lll1Row 1: Roberf Hartley, Douglas Bloiclier, Joyce Lawson, Alice Thomas, Linda Hull, Gail Crow, Sonny Reed, Row 2: Bill Tidmore, Ann Griffin, Ann Bobo, VVanda Usscry, Sur- Colburn, Hillard Wood, Joe Cooper. Row 3: Hous- fon Snipes, Paul Hulwluard, Doug More, Susan Ward, Linda Caldwell, Sandra Riv- ers, Gayle Wilson, Billy Hr-ndcrson, Row 4: Bobby Lana, Grrald Douqliis, Sam Finrlmr, Ralph Burt, Edgar Beauchamp, Phillip Mc- Collum, Edward Griffin. MAY JR. lll-Row lz Mcirflia Tirlwvll, Becky Nirlials, Virginia Gray, Foggy El- ledgc, Trudis Anne Sniitli. Row 2: Josie- plwinc Hall, Clair Brown, Boll Svrircy, Buffy Jo Riilmrdson, Linda Camplyr-ll, Sissy Camp- bell, Jirnniy Ticlice. Row 3: Gaargv Has- sell, Buddy Maman, Bo Willyruiiriiir, Lynn Hodges, Pmifiy Ann Lfiflirini Pat Murixliy, Jimmy Pliillips, Jininiy Dowlinq. Row 4: Raymond Guy, Bnlmluy Baile-y, Sonny Simon Tommy Howard, Clmrlf-s Vxflwitfinqion, Sfan- ley Bush, Jerry Bell, Jolwn Sparks. FRESHIVIA LYBRAND JR. ill-Row 1: Lucy McBride, Wanda Pennington, Mary Jo Vail, R. L. Johnson, Billy Dowling. Row 2: David Bailey, Barbara Carson, Beverly Oliver, Marva Marqua, Virginia Rayfield, Wanda Bailey, Dianne Des Rochers. Row 3: De- lores Johnson, Peggy McClure, Louise Shuttlesworth, Linda Weaver, Nancy Allen, John Gamble, Gerald Lawrence. Row 4: Howard Oliver, Albert Baernstein, Larry Welch, Pat Stevens, John McGehee, Larry Huetler, Jimmy Nesbit. DAVIDSON JR. III-Row 'l: Patricia An- ders, Martha Mize, Rita Smalley, Nedra Burroughs, Pat Quarles, Betty Jean Rai- ford. Row 2: Carolyn Garrett, Amanda Denson, Charlotte Barger, Martha Lou Sherrill, Patsy Hannah, Charlotte Patton, Billy Davis. Row 3: Robert Allen, Eddie Duke, Marvin Jones, Glenda James, Caro- lyn Lake, Joe Lake, Larry Freeman, Andy Mathews. Row 4: Charles Graves, Fletcher Bales, Gary Elder, Jimmy Hawkins, David Barringer, John McCoy, Buren Bailey. TOWNES JR. III-Row 'lz Catan Telloz, Kathy Parr, Millie Card, Leavelle Hall, Judith McBrayer, Betty Hisaw. Row 2: Cw- Iey Arnold, Jimmy Harmon, Nancy Wood, Emily Stephens, Barbara Johnson, Jahn Scott, Joe Gillis. Row 3: George Green, Thomas Callahan, Sandra Wilson, Linda Lockman, Barbara Sims, Loventrice Simpson, Mike Lawrence, Marvin Tant. Row 4: Carl Davis, Jerry Baird, David Yeargan, Robert Rawling, James Walker, Phillip Edmonds, Pat Flood, Robert Newton. FRESHIVIAN " Really, Mr. Greer, l was sick!" Getting that impx ant IX on the absentee ex- cuse-a ritual that goes on 9Ve'Y fT10ff1ing before school. CANTRELI. JR. lll-Row 'lr Joyce Stomp- ler, Bessie Mae Christian, Nancy Simpson, Ne-ll Eatman, Betty White. Row 2: Buddy Kirkland, Cecelia James, Mary Dunkin, Peg- gy Towrisand, Bobbie Braiton, Linda Ford, Mary Frances Dorrough, Carl Caddy. Row 3: James Lee Parker, James Reed, William Anderson, Sarah Richardson, Barbara Hog- gle, Buford Campbell, Chip Head, Don Elmore. Row 4: Allan Jones, Charles Ray, Houston Daniel, Billy Hoggle, Jimmy Os- born, Jimmie Holman, Charles Box, Charles C, Davis. 'Q if il s. ,. mf' f MULLINS JR. lll-Row 1: Mariorie Mere- dith, Karen Cook, Katherine Ann Richard- son, Faye Bragg, John Branton. Row 2: Don Hodge, Billy Lampkin, Joanne Bonham, Mamie Humphries, Dorothy Weaver. Row 3: Carl Decker, Harold Spencer, Jerry Hilbish, Betty Pittard, Linda Fowler, Mary Nell Johnson, Linda Standridge, Ronnie Narromore. Row 4: Jim Waldrop, Paul Marlowe, Kenneth Fretwell, Buddy Cope- land, Johnny Brown, Wade Green, Jerry Williams. ENGLISH DEPARTMEN Q' 4 was ENGLISH TEACHERS Mr Yewell l.yl.rand Mrs Muriol Williams Mrs Betty Paden, Anita, Sissy and Gene conjugate verbs Mrs. Williams' iunior English. ln our English department we ha eight full-time teachers with tive othc who also teach social studies ai languages. This required subject c tempts to teach students to use o language maturely, colortully, an tully. During the tour years a stude takes English he learns about the lite ature of the whole world. ln his freshman year, the stucle is introduced to Gunga Din by Kiplin and The Raven hy Poe, He studi an epic, l-lomer's Odyssey and rea Great Expectations by Charles Dickei The accent is on appreciation in t sophomore year. Contemporary aL hors and their vvorlcs aro combine with the olcler Writers, and stucler have a wealth ot literature to apprec ate. The highlights ot this most ii portant year are an introduction poetry, Julius Caesar hy Shakespear and a complete novel, George Elio' Silas Marner. Emphasis is placed on American l erature in the students junior yec Ho studies not only English but ali history as he learns of our country first literature lroin colonial time through the Vtfestern movement, to tl modern day. Short stories by suc celebrated authors as Jack Londc and O. Henry are read and a grei deal of time is spent on the poeti both ot the 19th century and ot th day. As the name of the junior Engli: book implies, Adventures in Americc Literature this year is really an at venture. Jay doesn't seem to mind having his ex- ercises corrected by Miss Beurden, Miss Box's student teacher in Sophomore Eng- limh .ARGEST AT T H S ENGLISH TEACHERS Miss Joy Box Miss Anna Brown Mrs Louise Harden and Miss Pearl Patton Mrs. Paden seems pleased with the beautiful new Freshman English book and so do her students. Much history is also learned in the tudent's senior year of English. The terature and history of England is tudied from the Anglo - Saxon period wrough the Elizabethan age, to this iodern age. A familiar sound from we vving vvhich is devoted to English ind languages might be the "double, louble, toil and trouble" from Mac- :eth or "To err is human, to forgive livine," a famous quotation from Alex- inder Pope. Students become good riends vvith Beowulf, Dickens, Chaucer, ind Browning. The seniors discover he wealth of enjoyment in English iterature and the knowledge gained vill go with them for many years. ln addition to these courses the cur- iculum offers General English, which 'oncentrates on grammar and the Jractical aspects of English. Tuscaloosa High School may well boast of its English faculty who have nore than TOO years combined teach- ng in this school. Our students enioy he reputation of being well-prepared or college or for any instance in which English is needed. Miss Brown explains the invasion of "Angle-land" by the ,lutes to Verner. Charles and Rosalind seem interested, but .L , , ,ns NEW BUILDING, SAME MATH PROBLEM MATH TEACHERS Mr Charles Horton Miss Rubye Gulley Mrs C E. Williams, Mrs. Mr. Horton helps Don, Raymond, and Barbara work their algebra problems in Freshman Math. Math is required for all Freshmen. The first 6 weeks is a review of the fundamentals of arithmetic and the rest of the year is beginning algebra. In first year algebra, the students become acquainted with algebraic fundamentals. They find that solving for unknowns and iuggling equations consume a great deal of time and study. In plane geometry, students find a great challenge in proving problems which don't always seem possible. Our own math wizard, Miss Rubye Gulley, is a patient friend in helping her class- es understand the many problems of this course. The students in the recently enlarged solid geometry class, open only to seniors, devote much of the class period to discussions of complicated problems in three dimensions. This study opens up vast new fields of thought for those students who wish to continue math through higher levels. Mrs. Marion Smith is our under- standing and willing instructor in the engrossing study of the various as- pects of trigonometry, also for seniors. Learning how to use a slide rule is easily one of the most fascinating parts of the course. Here we see four figures the solid geometry class made for a project. Miss Gulley is explaining an icosohedron. :H--,A-A up-, .A L, s,f,..f-- .LL ,LH LANGUAGES MAKE US WORLD MINDED LANGUAGE TEACHERS Mrs Lucille Stevens Fi nch Ms Ol via F es LL in Mrs Margarita del Valle Spanish lAt Rightl We learn our Spanish gram- mar by writing sentences on the board and having the class correct them. Here we see Max, Neil, Jo Del, Linda, and Ruth at the board. Students at Tuscaloosa High School are offered three languages: Latin, French, and Spanish. Latin students learn the grammar ot the language as well as the customs and habits of Roman lite. Second year Latin students read from famous Latin works and con- centrate onthe line points of grammar. French students learn, in addition to grammar, many things about the French people, their history, and their government. Because our instructor, Mrs. Stevens, has been to France sev- eral times, she is able to keep her students up to date on the French people and their customs. A great deal ot time is spent on learning to speak French fluently and understand if Spanish students work on conversa- tion before they attempt grammar. They have an advantage in that Mrs. del Valle is a native of Puerto Rico. Alter studying grammar, they begin reading and continue to improve their conversational ability. fAt Rightl Are Betty, Charles, and Betty J. planning c trip to France? MODERN FACILITIES HELI Mr. William Berryman, Mrs. Cornelia May and Miss Ruby Patton, our science teachers. This year the science department is in its glory. lt occupies an entire upstairs vving in our new building, aided by many modern ta- cilities including a greenhouse which is used iointly by the general science and biology classes. We are very fortunate to have tour , A -- sc -i t i A ., -Q, si it Cabovel Bobby, Whit, Clem, Billy, and Hershel seem satisfied by Mr. Murphy's explanation that the weight is inversely porportional to the distance. tat rightj Anita ioins Frank and .lerry in their apparent delight at the chore of dissecting a frog. ix new teachers in this department: Mr. Dan Kimbrough, Mrs. Cornelia May, Mr. William Berryman, and Mr. Ralph Murphy. Five courses are ottered. general science, biology, physics, advanced general science, and chemistry. The size of these classes attests to the tact that many ot our students are planning scientific careers in this time at shortage ot trained scientists. important undertakings in general science include individual proiects and the use at the University telescope during a study of astro- nomy. The tirst thing a biology student learns is to acquire a scientific approach to all prob- lems. The course involves a study ot plants and animals and how they attect our welfare. " 'mwtumwn A s so TRAIN FUTURE SCIENTISTS SCIENCE TEACHERS: Mr. Dan Kimbrough, Mr. Ralph Murphy a n d Mrs. Norma Pierce. Physics is the science that deals with matter in general. During the course of a year, Mr, Murphy's students learn to solve problems in- volving heat, energy, electricity, sound, light and mechanics through experimentation ancl applied mathematics. Under the supervision of Mr. Berryman, Chemistry students learn to balance equations, recognize substances by their properties, and foretell reactions. The course is taught to help fill the needs of those students going into scien- tific fields, but it is also of great value inldaily living. This is the first year that Advanced General Science has been offered at THS. Students learn about atomic energy through movies and by extensive reading in magazines and text books. Also in the course of study are astro- nomy, geology, meteorology and chemistry. I Cabovel Ray, Tommy and Sarah combine efforts in Advanced General Science to weigh a saturated solution. fat leftt Cornelia, Rosalind and Betty goin ex- perience by using the adequate facilities of our chemistry laboratory. THS HISTORY DEPARTMEN HISTORY TEACHERS-Miss Edna Mullins Mr E L Kleiderer Mrs Lois Vaughn, Mrs. ilefti Copies of "World Week" add an international flavor to a freshmen Civics class. Students ot THS ore required to toke three sociol studies courses. Fresh- mon civics gives the bdclcground, struc- ture, ond function of our government on three levels: notioncil, stote ond locol. In the American history closses the Junior student studies events which mork the development of this greot Americon democracy. Senior students in POD, Problems ot Democracy, by studying ond discussing the problems which toce eoch American citizen, ore tought to think seriously ot their re- sponsibility to their city, stcite, notion -and God, Klefti Mr. Matt Clinton shows a reason for concern about mental illness to Jody, Diane, and Ray-three of his 3rd period P.O.D. students. JFFERS FIVE COURSES HISTORY TEACHERS Mr Matt Clinton Miss Tennie Davidson Miss K L Smith Mr. Frank Kendall Mrs Beatrice Williams Mr. Kleiderer uses Scholastic News Map to illustrate World History lesson 2nd per iod. Alabama history and World History are electives and may be taken in any year, although they are usually taken by Sophomores. Mr. Matt Clinton, ci recognized authority on Alabama, teaches the interesting highlights of our state's history in this one semester course. This class is a fascinating study of Tuscaloosa's past as well as that of the entire state. World history be- comes alive by the use of maps, illu- strated lectures and movies, as taught by Miss K. L. Smith and Mr. E. L. Kleideror. The entire history department finds the facilities of the small auditorium of great advantage in the use of visual aids. With the aicl of his time line, Denny Frye explains the causes of the American Revolution to Miss Mullins' 4th period American History class. STUDENTS TRAINED FOR MECHANICAL AGE Mr. W. J. Boshell, llnclustrial Artsl Mr. Billy Henderson lDrivers Trainingl Mrs. Hollis Hiten lflroftsl Mr. Arthur Olson llndustriol Arts.l A new course at Tl-lS this year is a variable course in crafts offered to give students a chance to develop their talents in many types of handi- work. Ivlinor sewing such as embroidery, crochet- ing and knitting, especially appeals to the girls. Both boys and girls have found basket weaving interesting, along with work in leather, clay mold- ing, minor woodworks, printing block linoleum, rug weaving and metal work. Industrial Arts is a broad term describing a class where students learn to use metals, work with power tools in all types of wood work and train in the fundamentals of mechanical drawing, the reading of blue prints and in the elementary princ- iples of engineering. 80 per cent of the students in these classes, taught by Mr. Olson and Mr. Boshell, plan to be tradesman. The other QO per cent will find their knowledge gained here valuable in taking care of their own homes. For seven years Tl-lS has offered Driver's Training as an elective subject. This course, taught by Mr. Billy Henderson, is offered to students sixteen years of age or over who do not have their drivers license. Austin and Alston Motor Company of Tuscaloosa has furnished a beautiful T956 Dodge. Thirty-two students a semester, eight to a class, go out every other day in the car and gain actual experience by driving. The school has insurance covering all of the students and furnishes everything except the drivers permit, which the student must get for himself. Over the buzzing of the saws Mr. Olson can be heard NWN., Mr. Henderson shows Glen, Fay, Gail, and Jo that a giving instructions to future fradesmen. car really has a motor. Lf! COMMERCE IS BIG BUSINESS COMMERCIAL TEACHERS-Mrs. Jane Davis, Mrs, Eloise Hale, Mrs. Juarine Van Tassel, Miss Marion McGraw. The big new commercial department consists of two typing rooms, one for typing classes and one for shorthand transcript, a machine room with mimeograph and duplicating machines, plus the usual class rooms for shorthand, bookkeeping and general business classes. For the seven typing classes taught each day there are 36 new type- writers, much more room and better lighting. Mrs. Jane Davis and Miss Marion McGraw are new ad- ditions to our commercial staff. Shorthand is useful to our students who are entering the business world and to college entrants who use it in taking notes in their lecture classes. General business is the study of different aspects of business including banking, budgeting one's time and money, the meaning of credit, the under- standing of how insurance protects the individual and the structure and operation of our business system. Typing is practical as well as fun. Stu- dents in high school and college supplement their income with typing. In business law, rules con- cerning contracts, insurance, real property, bank- rupt estates and the enforcement of law are studied. Bookkeeping, another commercial sub- ject, teaches us how to keep books for a large or small business and how to revise the standard procedure to fit any type of business. ,.., .4 Students in Mrs. Van Tassel's typing class try their best to set a good pace during a timed writing. 1 Jo Anne and Barbara seem to be enioying their short- hand lesson under the direction of Mrs. Davis. ADEQUATE GYM FACILITIES ALLOI OUR INSTRUCTORS: Mr. Walter Blanchard, Mrs. Bernice Clinton, Coach Tom Tarle- ton, and Miss Charlotte Bishop. This year at T.H.S. Coach Tarleton and "Doc" Blanchard are in charge of the Boy's Physical Educa- fabovel "Open Wide" Coach Tarleton gives Robert his physical as Carroll waits for his turn. Csidej "Spike!" It's CI front row scramble for u hard return in this 3rd period valley ball duel. tion, with two classes each period. The gym which accomodates both boys and girls athletic and play activities, has dressing rooms and showers with in- dividual lockers and baskets. The boys' P. E. course includes many sports, such as football, basketball, softball, boxing, volley ball and track. All the boys receive instruction in the various sports and partici- pate in them. We are lucky to have student teachers at T.H.S. who have played varsity sports at the University ot Alabama. 'ELL - ROUNDED "PHYS. ED " PROGRAM Mrs. Clinton is shown in the correction gym leading the class in exercises Patty, Betty, Betsy, and Barbara show rare golf form. We are fortunate in having enlarg- ed gym facilities tor the girls. The statt has been increased to two full time instructors, each with their own separate sections. Each has a large shower and locker area, and basket room. In between there is a correc- tion gym used for tumbling and pos- ture correction exercises. One of the improvements this year is the large amount of ground space outside the building. lt allows the girls to have a better rounded scope of activities, including both golf and archery units. Here we see how the enlarged gym space allows several games to be going at ONCE. HOMEMAKING IN A MODERN SETTING Miss Sue McLeod, Mrs. W. F. Adams, Mrs. Dorothy Burns and Miss Marguerite Averette. One whole wing of our new building is occu- pied by Tuscaloosa High School's excellent Home Economics department. Girls may elect three years of Home Econo- mics, I, which is social education, Il, which is a 2-hour course, and III, which is advanced sewing and cooking. This department is a delight to the teachers and students alike, because of the large, airy rooms with their cheerful bright-colored walls and the modern equipment which includes ranges, sinks, and vast cabinet-storage space. Each of the two food labs is equipped with an automatic dish washer'and machines and dryers. In the sewing room each girl has individual plastic tote drawers where she keeps all of her equipment, In average size classes each girl has a sewing machine. There are large cutting tables for cutting garments. A three way mirror allows girls to fit dresses they are making. An out standing feature of this section is the living room which is completely furnished, even to the fireplace and rugs. Here girls are trained in graceful living and the fundamentals of house- keeping. The first course in home ec., social education, is offered to both boys and girls. They alternate cooking and sewing all year, and learn to cook many fancy dishes. The boys social education class is much the same as the girl's. Social educa- tion is a valuable course that no student should miss. NMNQW . E . Girls in Home Ec. enioy modern equipment. D. O. PROVES EXPERIENCE BEST TEACHER D. O. cmd D. E. INSTRUCTORS. Mr. M. H. Sherer, Mrs. Betty Simpson, and Mr. Aubrey Ba rdon. Mr. Sherer helps Jimmy Howard and Anne Barrett with their work. The purpose ot the Diversified Occupation Pro- gram is to train students in their chosen vocations or occupations in order that they may graduate from high school prepared to fallow this trade, This is done through on the job training in the business estab- lishments in Tuscaloosa who cooperate with the school in this program. Each student who is a part ot this program automatically becomes a member of the D. O. Club. James Dunn-Student and Mr. Marshall Fields-Trainer at Kincaid and Fields Radio Service. SPECIAL TALENTS DEVELOPED IN THE ARTS Mrs. Harriet Stogrin Art Mrs Bonnie Watson Chorus Music Mrs Sonya Cantrell Speech and Dramatics Mrs. Watson accompanies a chorus music group in the spacious room provided for these classes, Adjoining are practice rooms where individuals and small groups can proctice. Students may take up to tour years oi art. Fundamentals ot drawing and painting, experimenting with the dit- terent media, and in alternating years still-lite and figure-dravving are taught. The studio has equipment adaptable tor either easel or desk vvork. Tvvo of the conveniences are private lockers tor students and cabinets tor storage oi paper up to thirty inches large. Opening oft the studio is the ceramics room, which is being used novv tor a workroom. The next room is a stor- age room which is used tor paper cutting and the machine equipment. THS students may boast of their art department facilities. To learn to love to sing is one ot the main obiectives ot chorus music, an elective subject. The chorus music classes take part in the two annual concerts at Christmas and in the spring. Students who enroll tor speech, an elective, learn to prepare notes for a speech, speak with or vvithout notes, and take part in discussions and de- bates. A highlight of this course will be a onefact play produced by the dramatics class. Rufus, Donny, Raymond and Sandy get ,NU some help from Mrs. Stogrin on their color ...Al-.l-.... Us SAW T H S BAND MARCHES FORWARD W- W-we QL , " , ,, , , , , , ,,,, .. ,. . A , ..., --..,.V W v ,im g ..,. , - -, .. - e -' I L' . ,,L, ,, ., i . Q - Tig -K .lv 4: I ., ..., .M,...M,.W,....., --4' et ex Q Band Director-MR. CLIFF HURTER The Tl-iS Band now feels like "a million" with a new band shell for practices, lockers for safe storage of instruments, especially the 6 new basses bought this year, a musical library room and an office far "Cliff", a separate room for storage of uniforms during the summer and six practice rooms. No longer does the band practice drills and formations on the dusty football field, for now they enioy a paved area adiacent to the band room which is marked by yard lines like a football field, Dickie Doughty, drum maior, has led the band in performances in Decatur and Anniston and all home games. They have partici- pated in civic parades and a concert at the County Fair. In the State Band Contest, the THS Band made a fine showing under the capable direction of Cliff l-lurter. Members tried out and made all-state bands at the State Band Festival. So much interest has been shown this year in the band that enrollment has been almost doubled over the previous years, making it necessary for Cliff to train two bandsfa marching, and o second training band. Students who have the honor of playing in this band for 4 years treasure the privilege of being graduated in the beautiful red, white, and black band uniforms in place of the traditional white cap and gown. BAND OFFICERS-Patsy Brown, Librarian, Charles Snipes, Asst. Manager, Larry Bowman, Manager, Alan Seigol, President, look over our lockers in the band- room. I WS 1, wb. I 5 If E' wi- , . W , ..,. .. 'fb T U -1 'Nffx s . gf x us N E W ,JZ it t i K K M xv I ,Q 3322 C5 gg A F . an if I it I i 1 ' I 1 Lf' I ...Q gs, ,J IA., My fi CLARINET SECTION Klefl Io riglwll Row 1: Pol WilclPi', Pulsy CIUIOIW, Bvlly Jo HOUSE-, Cnrol Cork, Rllinoncx My-clovvs, lVll-l- bo Allvriglwt, Shirley Duvis, Jmlxif' Turku-ix Row 2: Judy Rlioclcs, Cin-inmiu Non Rf-id, Slvlrloy Swnnr-r, Be-Hy Pnlmw, Many .lunle Mmclwy, lolmnie Foy Ioclcl, Mlxry Allnigglml, Vvillodenc' Slvllvn, .lcukiv S,irimiL-i Row 3: Erfmd Ricluirdson, Clmiln-s S+-lilwcly Jolin Lrxnqlorfl, Brion Tunslivll, Dmvill Zmllnf-r, Albert Bog-rnslcin, Don Huizis, Bo Fm-lds, Billy We-sl. DRUM SECTION llefl Io righij Row I: David Sullivan, Wcillrxffr lofi, Ruy Moore, Bobby Hunnuli, lVlc,1lbUi'y Smlllw, Reggie Mc- Croiy. TRUMPET SECTION lleft to righil Row I: Alicio Convvill. Johnny Cobb, Roller? Sexton, David Yergon, Jolmny Clnmvnfs, Billy Purl- low, Lois Blake. Row 2: Carl Drnvis, Harold Ponobokcr, Bobby Evons, Buddy Brown, Freddy Coons, Jemison Bowers, Velon Gray. Row 3: Frank Spell, Maurice Bell, Harvey Fretwell, Bobby Woodman, Charles Corr, Charles Chrislopher, Alon Siegel. SAXOPHONE SECTION llefl fo rlgl1fJ Row l: Jo Ann Dunn, Downey Wolker, Rufus Mosely, Jo Stewcirt, Henriette Ken- drick, Row 2: Gene Faulkner, Gene Hock, Earl Jolinson, Jock Stewart, Helen Hiten MAJORETTES AND DRUM MAJOR flefl to rightj Row 1: Jucinitci Spencer, Eloise Wells, Jo Willis, Sherry Romoine, Joyce McCollum, Helen Lernonis. Row 2: Margie Rodgers, Soruli Ricliordson, Beverly Wilson, Dickie Doughty, Wilrno Scott, Ruth Brooks, Gwen Smith, Dot Smith, FRENCH HORN SECTION Cleft to rigllti Prittio Sue Smitli, Chester Wolker, Ferd Minlwll, Rob Longford, Tliornos Hammock, Moy Hosey 5'- i l gmygxwisvm -S .ll l l--M lil in ,J ..A,, .XL WL ' 4- , 2' l BA TROMBONE sEcTioN qui fagm, len fo righil David Clemmons, Danny Morgan, Ed Pickens, Charlotte Lewis, Mike Lawrence, Edward Thomas, Charles Snipes lcenterl Julian Reed ,-MMM X R BASS AND BARITONE SECTIONS Cubovel Row l: John Bowers, Liston Free, Cecil Smally, Bronnic Nichols, Louis Cook, Larry Bowman. Row 2: Max Wilson, Wiley Lewis, Bully Christian, Petlus Gerwin, Buddy Greer. 1 Qu N l... A 1 'J' 4 ,X,, Q A. l -1 ' " .-to iwphwm- FLUTE SECTIONS labove, lefl lo right bottoml Audrey Vick, Gail Hall, Martha Wrillcice, Linda Hall, John Scoit, Betty Hol- laday, Jo Ann Bonham, Sandra Ingram, Jo Anne Griffin. ' -W-ww-sm.,,.,,,,. . M H wi-Afmwwvgq, 79 ,uw MNA. umm., ., L- 5 l BASS CLARINETS, ALTO CLARINET, BASSOONS, AND OBOE Row 'l: Patsy Brown. Row 2: Lamar Thomas, Tom- my Cork, Mary Lynne Werner. Row 3: Gary Jackson, Mary Jane Pickens. NEW LIBRARY SUPERLATIVE IN BEAUTY LIBRARIANS-Mrs, Mothilde Martin, Mrs. Julia Tielwell, Mrs, Adna Howard, Mrs. Billie Murphree. 1 iobovel Library assistants: Pot Bonner, Frances Pope, Ellen Hollinsworth, Mrs. Mar- tin, Jo Grist, Mrs. Howard, Janelle Head, Bobbie Mitc- hell, Martha Wright, Doris Snoddy. fat rightl Larry, Ruth and Jerry are studying in the supervised study hall. Mrs. Ticlwell will be glad to help them with any problems they may encounter as they do their homework. Ch, there is such a contrast between our new library and the one in the old building! This year we have a library department consisting of a librarian's office, workrooni, a room for storage of periodicals, two confer- ence rooins and two large reading rooms, Another big difference this year is that students do not use the library as a study hall, for the two rooms on each side are used for this purpose. Because of this, Mrs. How- ard and Mrs. Martin are now free to help us find reading niaterial for either pleasure or reference work. Not only did the area in sguare feet increase, but also did the library staff. Our two new librarians are Mrs, Murphrec and Mrs. Tidwell, each in charge ol a reading rooni. wk? ,f -3 PEOPLE WHO MAKE OUR LIFE MORE COMFORTABLE, ORDERLY AND PLEASANT It's "hats oft" to our maids, ian- itors, and cooks, whose hard work deserves a debt of grati- tude from the students. Their cheertulness in the line of duty has won many friends among the student body. The maids and ianitors have done a wonderful iob in keeping this huge building "spic and span". Thanks, too, to our fine kitchen statt tor keep- ing us well ted throughout the entire school year, Hattie Euloonks, Claudio Rice, Des- sie Ash, James Banks, Ada Bell Mil- ler, Will Murphy, Charlotte Harres, Mary Cook, Willie Cody, SPACIOUS CAFETERIA ACCOMMODATES ALL STUDENTS A new modern kitchen, the latest equipment and an enlarged staff make it possible for the entire student body of T365 to be served lunch in 4 shifts in our new cafeteria. This is one of the most modern, up-to-date cafeterias and kitchens in this area with dishwasher, dispose-alls for gar- bage, a walk-in-cooler, a potato peeler, three hot water boosters, a meat slicer, six ovens, one steam cooker, a deep fat fryer, an T800 pound mixer, tile floor, all ranges vented to the outside, a dietician's office, three storage rooms, two cold water fountains in the cafeteria, two steam tables and two milk coolers. The cafeteria seats six hundred and twenty-four and has two serving lines. The students has a choice of a full lunch or a Id carte sandwiches, soups, salads, drinks, and desserts ata very nominal cost. Just out- side the cafeteria are 400 book shelves for students to leave their books while they eat. Music over the inter-com sys- tem adds to the enjoyment of having lunch in such pleas- ant surroundings. fRightJ Students choose from the variety of salads and pies at the end of the line. tRightJ The o Ia carte table: Here stu- dents select from a wide variety of sand- wiches, salads, soups, and desserts. lv 3 DFLQ fabovei ln our administration section is located a suite of offices set aside for the guidance services. Mr. Lee Willman, our guidance counselor stands out- side. Guidance Assistants, Linda Spruiell, Tat Buckingham, Jackie Williams, and Mary Ja e Jordan, Dot Osytn, Van Allen, Renna 'T ne Mackey. "HELP THE STUDENT HELP HIMSElF" Our Guidance Department, vvith lvir. Lee Vvillnian as advisor, at- tempts to give assistsance to students vvho have prolnlents which they would like help in solving. Seven student helpers chosen for their intelligence, appearance, clerical ability, and trustvvorthiness, make students and teachers alike feel at honte when they visit the guidance office. Mr. VVillntan's iob is to coordinate guidance activities in the hornerooni and classroom vvhere the bulk of the responsibility for guidance lies. l-lonierooin and classroom teachers and Ivlr. Vvillfnan render the follovving services: occupational and educational inforrnationg clerical services idental, ntedical and psychological, individual analysis itest- ingy iolo placement and followfup ito determine in vvhat area the school has been of service to the individual , counseling talking over and solving problenisl and orientation of new students, fat leftj Harmon is busy taking the Kuder- Preference T e s t, which shows him where his vo- cational interests lie. lat rightl Mr. Willman is shown giving personal help and scholarship in- formation to a student. .C Iobovel With a lrs Kelly takes ca EXPANDED FACILITIES SERVE HEALTH NEEDS The health section ot our building is extremely modern and up to date. All of the equipment is new and well used by the 30 to 35 people a day who need the services of the health room. Both the boys' side and the girls' side have new beds, bed spreads, drapes, and other items to make it look more ate tractive. Mrs. Kelley has her own private office where she helps many students with their problems, One of the big jobs that our Health department undertakes is the checking ot teeth and eyes ot Tl-l.S. students. We have many things to be proud ot in our new school, and certainly our health room is high on the list. i little dabbling of antiseptic, re of .Iohnny's eye cut. 5 sg 5 ibelowi HEALTH ASSISTANTS-Top Row: Don James, Rosalind McAlister, Londa Bennett, Eleanor Holley, Judith McCracken Martha Snider, David Barnett. Row 2: Maxine Massey, Sarah Hartley, Mary Lou Boylan Sophie Bell, Sue Tubb, Lois Blake. Row 3: Sue Fair, Annette Randall, Carol Cork. '93 N IHA INTEGRAL PARTS OF T. H. S. LIFE University students maioring in educa- tion are required to put in six weeks Time practice teaching under the supervision of a licensed Teacher. Each year T.H.S. receives 2 different groups of These edu- cation majors who remain here for almost a semester, practicing teaching, giving aid To our Teachers, and offering addition- al help to The students. Seated fRight to Leftj Shirley Sullivan, Betty Snoderly, Mrs. Williams, Julia Zeigler, Diana Luna, Martha Smith, Jo Smith, Flora Ann Bostick . . . Standing: Billy Crestraw, Neal Dollar, Jaliu L. Morris, Malcone McManus, These girls use their free period to mimegraph material which the teachers need for classes. We have a new duplicating machine, plus the mimeo- graph machine pictured here, which was new last year. The teachers and students alike are in- debted to these girls for the service they have con- tributed to the school, From left to right: Claudia Whitlock, Bobbie Logan, Pat Abernathy, Joyce Morrison, Judith McCracken, Patsy Craton, Laura Nell Lee, and Shelby Ryan. The job of office runner provides valuable ex- perience in office courtesy, keeping accurate re- cords, and in business procedures. ln our new building they walk many miles a day gathering absentee slips. Left to right, Row 'l: Margaret Raiford, Pat Abernathy, Maeola Clements, Jo Ann May, June Phares, Margaret Ann Lovelace, Patsy Craton . . . Row 2: Bobbie Mitchell, Jeanette Hayes, Mary Ann Ford, Shirley Kornegay, Mary Ellen Lee, Angela Davis, Virginia Ferguson, Pat Mayers . . . Row 3: Peggy Hartley, Carolyn Jackson, Jo Ann Griffin, Martha Snider, Rosalyn Pullen. f l "YOUR PASS, PLEASE" Harmon's signature gives Eleanor and Sue permission to continue on their way. MONITORS: Row l: Sherry Gibson, Virginia Ferguson, Sue Tubb, Peggy Darnell, Marilyn Mancill, Ramona Meadows, Betty Jean Free, Jackie Springer, Jackie Tucker . . . Row 2: Barbara Glover, Martha Sue James, Lyle Lanier, Nancy George, Martha Rice, Wanda Hulsart, Don Comer, Patsy Brown, Clarene Pyor . . . Row 3: John Kellum, Mike Canavan, Harold Panabaker, Mixson Vibbart, C. W, Farmer, Earle Johnson, R. E. Smith, Harvey Fretvvell, David Veal, Charles Christopher. MONITORS: Row l: Linda Ingram, Betsy Thomas, Eloise Wells, Sarah Leopard, Guil de Menordiere, Cor- nelia Pinckney, Henriette Kendrick . , . Row 2: Pat Janes, Mary Ward, Lynne Gibson, Rex Ann Can- nan, Margaret Raiford, Martha Snider, Joni Haynes, Joyce Morrison . . . Row 3: Lynne Stopp, Carol Haclley, Louise Gardner, Shirley Sumner, Charlotte Lewis, Gail Perkins, Gail Perkins, Mar- garet Owsley , , . Row 4: Nick Armstrong, Bill McGuire, Eugene Brittain, Billy Boyd, Don Maughn, Bobby Hannah Dan Gray, Joe Farmer, Harmon Van Buskirk, Bobby Pugh, This year, due to the vastness of our halls, it is necessary to have a monitor system. In various positions throughout the school halls, monitors, usually seniors and iuniors, are posted to check passes and keep the halls quiet, HO OR SOCIETY The Honor Society is entirely an honor, not a service, organization, Being a member of the Honor Society is the greatest honor obtainable in high school. The highest tive percent ot the Junior Class and all seniors with a 2.5 average are admitted. The objectives ot character, and scholarship. The sponsor is Miss Anna Brown. the Honor Society are: leadership, service, S. . ,,, ,A Rosalind Alexander Mary Lou Barringer Martha Snider Mary Sue Avery Loncla Bennett Charles Christopher Betty Ball Patsy Brown Jimmy Coleman Robert Ballard Carolyn Burchfield Don Comer Martha Jo Bailey Joyce Christian Jimmy Daivs Q0 Rosemary Epperson Alice Wade Faircloth C. W. Farmer Virginia Ferguson it .-s. 'S ii if Mary Jo Fisher Comella Hinton Bill Gandrud Albert Holland Wynelle Gray Wanda Hulsart Buddy Greer Linda lngram Nancy Heath Bill Jackson MISS ANNA BROWN Sponsor .. XXSAS tx ! . O s SF iii is ss M ri f - . ll its PRISCILLA WINSTON R. E. SMITH SUE TUBB President Vice-President Secretory Martl'1a Sue James MarilynJ0ir19r Henrietta Kendriclk Phillip Lancaster Lf W4 'nv Mary Ellen Lee FPrCl lViitCltCll Virginia McCall Joyce Morrison Priscilla Mustin Margaret Owsley Mary Jane Pickens Margaret Railord Alan Seigal Margaret Ann Waller Rogers Whitehead Lamar Tlwomas Susan Washburn Jaclcie Williams Patricia Van Scoy Peggy Weaver Louise Winslett Martha Wallace Mary Lynn Werner Sara Wyatt xi-tty BETA CLUB ' f . 1'1- Q "2QL 1 2 . , fr ,y :qq I , . , '- ' , -wln ,-3.1 , f 20.0, f '1" : ' . : S Y n nn J . X ...V:-" E' A K 5 f M' ' ., -f 1 :, 5 , r wx Q ,... , VQIQ , , is 'Lai' g ,:,,., . E - ,.,,-- r 'ig ., -,.. f Q., ,.,. L . K In . '-v, K Lv , XA MRS, MARION S Sponsor The purpose of the Beta Club is to promote the ideals ot honesty, service and lead- ership among high ndividual integrity and selfedependence are constantly stressed in Beta Club activities. Mem- bers of the Beta Club are chosen by their scholastic standing. The upper 5 per cent of the Soph, Class and those who have 2.5 average in the Junior and Senior classes. Some of the many activities at the Beta Club here at T, H. S. are the sponsoring of the Hallo- ween Dance, publishing of the "Red Book" and Student Directory. Our president Buddy Greer, will serve as Vice President of the Alabama Chapters at the convention. This year the Beta Club put on a skit in the Talent Show. . it if l W ,'5: I A S ,, K g 2 W J. , .X s ittt A r it r,tri ' , " ' I . g . X K B L0 ,." E Q fig. g a, : . A' H " 1 ., f -:-.--'. I: Ugg: . , ,L .. If V c or J "t' , A .ar, In J' Q . . we .K 'ln .Q J . V , . 5 ii wg .' A si J y Vri- S , y ' Qi ' , Q i'i QE , , ai A W , S x c ., . , r Y .-:'t, , . i x li l :asf 52 J i sris r rr rr sf Q . -V: . i n Aw,-: in -:--: : 0 zg, is Q 's ir -. " ' 'vl' -"' fi W iii' Q .f ' X ' 'F , it 't r .. - -we as r its r r ,A B fs A Row 'l: Karen Abel, Rosalind Alexander, Barbara Andrews, Lorraine Armstrong, Linda Armistead, Mary Sue Avery, Martha Jo Bailey . . . Row 2: Janelle Baird, Betty Ball, Robert Ballard, Mary Lou Barringer, Barbara Bragg, Patsy Brown, Carolyn Burchfield . . . Row 3: Joyce Christian, Charles Christopher, Maeola Clements, Jimmy Coleman, Camille Compton, Jackie Davis, Jimmy Davis . , . Row 4: Rosemary Epperson, Alice Wade Faircloth, C. W, Farmer, Virginia Ferguson, Mary Ja Fisher, Bill Gandrud, Mike Graham . . . Row 5: Dan Gray, Wynelle Gray, Jimmy Guy, Nancy Heath, Comella Hinton, Sally Hinton, Albert Holland . . . Row 6: Wanda Hulsart, Lillie Humphries, Linda Ingram, Bill Jackson, Martha Sue James . . . Row 7: Marilyn Joiner, Henriette Kendrick, Clifford Kirk, Phillip Lancaster, Rob Langford. N! 5 ss 9 Q lie M BUDDY GREER Yi ik .L 1 l Jovcs MORRISON President Vice-President . 5 ,L , S' ' ' SARA WYATT MARTHA SNIDER in A. ' I Secretary Treasurer ' "Let Us Lead By Serving Others" sf .X xl we l , s W .4 - R .X 3 X X if" Q -' X am si M W' X L Q X to X L 'N A we X st ,np A f- A5255 A Q ' 982 1 . 7 I. V3 sm fi 4 ...t Row 1: Mary Ellen Lee, Bobbie Logan, Betty Jean Luker, Jo Ann Luker, Ferd Mitchell, Priscilla Mustin . . . Row 2: Rosalind McAlister, Virginia McCall, Johnny McLaughlin, Margaret Owlsey, Sandra Palmer, Sylvia Pate . . . Row 3: Gail Perkins, Mary Jane Pickens, Margaret Raiford, Carolyn Rayfield, Clemmie Nan Reed, Nancy Reefer . . , Row 4: Beth Richardson, Elizabeth Robertson, Marguerite Rodgers, Jim Ryan, Alan Seigal, R, E, Smith . . , Row 5: Willodene Steffen, Jock Stewart, Betsy Thomas, Sue Tubb, Becky Turnipseed, Patricia Van Scoy, Mixson Vibbart . . , Row 6: Rufus Walker, Martha Wallace, Margaret Ann Waller, Susan Washburn, Peggy Weaver, Mary Lynn Werner, Roger Whitehead . , , Row 7: Bernice Whitten, Pat Wilder, Jackie Williams, Betty Jane Wilson, Louise Winslett, Priscilla Winston, Bobby Yoder. 'tl' 2 A I " ,t 41 .r I BLACK WARRIOR WINS SWEEPSTAKI MARY JANE PICKENS PRISCILLA WINSTON DOT SMITH Editor Business Manager Business Manager EXECUTIVE STAFF: Pat Van Scoy, Associcxte Eclitorg Mrs. Evelyn Vibbart, sponsorg Bill Gandrud, Assistant Editory Miss Rubye Gulley, Business Staff sponsorg Louis Anders. Sports Editor. RA The prodigious task oi creating the 19. BLACK VVARRIGR iell into the hancis of S student editors and one iaculty aclvisor, M Evelyn Vibbort, vvho has vvorried through h Tenth year cis counselor' for the stciii. The c managers of the Business Staii vvere Dot Smit an outstancling acl-seller, and Priscilla Wiiistc vvho represented the stciii in the ciciily stc meetings. Mary Jane Pickens, eclitor ancl c orciincitor oi all editorial staff vvork, set il policy for schedules anci vvork, Mary Jai chose as her chief assistant Pat Van Scoy, vvl had ci special talent ior copywriting cinci hcicl great knovvleclge oi school activities. Spoi Editor, Louis Anders, helcl dovvn the only spe iolized iob aniong the staii, being responsiln for keeping recorcis oi all sports activities ai seeing that his section contains a coinple coverage of T. H, S. athletics. Serving an a prenticeship under the title oi assistant Qditi this year vvas Bill Gcinclruci, vvlio vvill takeovi as editor in l957. Rita Hciclley, ci nevvcoiner T, H. S., conipletecl the seconcl period staff. At the left is shown the climax of Seve months oi horci work: the i955 BLAC WARRIOR stall accepts the Svveupstcikc award for the statcfs lies! yrarlnools at th Alcilvcima High School Press ASSOCILHIO convention banquet in Dvceinluer. The iiy beaming faces are those oi Mis. Vibbar Mary Jane Pickens: 1955 Fciitor, Cynthi Mclviillan, Priscilla Winsioii onci lviiss Ruby Gulley, ln oclclition to the stc1if's atiencling th state convention, Mary Jane represented i lost summer cit the National Scholost Press Association yearbook and ncvvspape workshop at the Conrad-Hilton Hotel i Chicago, From these came much assis once in the creotion of this, the 195 BLACK WARRIOR. AWARD AT A. H. S. P. A. ANNUAL CONVENTION TYPISTS: Judith McCracken, Pat Abernathy, Patsy Craton, Margaret Ann Lovelace. Not Pic- tured: Rosalind McAlistcr. COPY WRITERS Panthea Reed, Judy Jones, Susan Schernbs, Jean Ren- ner, Ruth Brooks, Betsy Thomas, Eleanor Shorts, Joyce Welch, Martha Tidwell, Henriette Kendrick, Rita Hadley, Michael Lee BUSINESS STAFF, Row 'l: Paula Thomas, Mary Ann Mitchell, Annette Randall, Margaret Ann Waller, Laura Nell Lee, Martha Mize, Patty O'Neal, Mariorie Meredith, Virginia Rayfield . . , Row 2: David Veal, Elizabeth Coleman, Sherry Gibson, Dianne Duncan, Kay Zeanah, Mar-oia Clr-ments, Patsy Howard, Linda Lewis, Marsha Matthews, "Cissy" James, Br-ll Searcy, Amanda Densan, Margie Rodgers, Butty Falriut, l-ir-nf riette Kendrick, Ruth Brooks . . . Row 3: Lynne Gibson, Mar- garet Palmer, Martha Sue James, Angela Davis, Rosalind Alexander, Renna Buckingham, Jufly Rhodes, Ramona Mr-a- dows, Sally Henry, Pat Jones, Jeanette Hayes, "Boatsio" Randall, Gloria Church, Carolyn Raylielcl, Cir-mmie Nan Reed, Anne Hulsey . . . Row 4: Eleanor Ford, Carol Ann Portrrr, Charlotte Lewis, Virginia McCall, Alice Wade Faircloth, Mary Lynn Werner, Jo Del Laney, Anita McCriinman, Martha Neil Hurt, Carol Stevens, Carolyn Burrhtif-ld, Linda Lanier, Betty Cooper, Karen Young, Carolyn Heritage. GRADE EDITORS and PHOTOGRAPHERS Seated: Anne l-lulsey, Sandra Palmer, Virginia Mc- Call, Sarah Leopard, Sarah Thomas, Jackie Williams, Sora Wyatt, Frances Exum, Gail Wilson, Standing: Gary Jackson, Reggie McCrary, Albert Baerstein. un- BEAR FACTS REPORTS SCHOOL NEWS if S Li il ' fu 'A "' 5 . y S , H r,. The BEAR FACTS is published six Times o yeor by The students inthe iournolism closs, which is under The supervision ot Mr. Yewell Lybrond. News events in The school ore covered by The reporters who ore os- J-1-c fAbovei BEAR FACTS EDITORS: Bcirboro Reed, Xrt, Annette Hubbard, Business, Suson Washburn, features, Mr. Yewell Lybrond, Sponsor, Jeanette -lciyes, Editor-in-Chief, Terry Gibson, Correspondence, Tornion Von Buslnirlc, Sports, Lorraine Armstrong, Xlews. TAT Rightl These girls loolc like they're having o party, but if you'll take cs second look you'll see thcy're busy getting the BEAR FACTS ready "to go to press." 4:4 xg W NX Y REPORTERS: Doi Smith, Doris Smith, Wciyne Greeriholl, Bobby Honnoh, Joe For- mer, Lorry Lewis. ..-rib" signed stories by The editors, ond ot The some Time given o deddline which must be met. Editor-in-Chief is Jeonette l-loyes, Suson Woshburn, Feoture Editor, Lorroine Armstrong, News Editor, Hormon Von Bus- kirlc, Sports Editor. Mr. Lybrond, vvho is experienced in nevvspoper reporting, teoches The students how big nevvspopers ore run, ond vvhot is expected of o pro- tessionol reporter. Under his supervision, BEAR FACTS reporters get voluoble experience tor o Tuture pro- fession in iournolism. REPORTERS: Willodene Steffen, Eloisf Wells, Ann Hulsey, Jo Ann Morrison, Mor- goret Ovvsley, Moc Price. 'fwrmxelr -kv-esa?a..hafQQ N T OUR CHORISTERS 2 l ,MV , Q ,i,, i f 'f-' gg -V"E' -A Row l: Mrs, Wcitson, Linda Armistead, Scilly Lake, Wanda Miller, Rex Ann Cannon, Margaret Ann Waller, Charlotte Lnwis, Johnny Kowalski, Dick Harmon, Frank Stovall, Ken Kincaid, Frank Kendall, Patsy Howard, Mary Sue Avery, Jane Davis, Barbara McClusky . . . Row 2: Bobbie Bratton, Diane Condon, Barbara Powell, Angela Canty, Margaret Palmer, Howard Oliver, Ken Morgan, Ronnie Freeman, Donald Facts, Gwen Smith, Patsy Gritten, Alice Thomas, Tate Jordan, Martha Sue James . . . Row 3: Jo Ann May, Carolyn Langston, Eleanor Shatts, Mary Lou Barringer, Ned Barnes, Jody Farris, Larry Bowman, Gene Tierce, Billy Davis, Chip Head, Gail Taylor, .lo Del Laney, Ann Hulsey, Pat McCoy . . . Row 4: Peggy Latham, Sue Fair, Mary Ellen Lee, Bernice Whitten, Linda Lanier, Reggie Shamblin, Charles Snipes, Paul Davis, Jimmy Holloman, Hewitt Johnson, Mar- garet Raiford, Dixie Howell, Camille Compton, Joni Haynes Members ot the Mixed Chorus are chosen in a series ot auditions and try-outs. This group sings tor MIXED CHORUS OFFICERS: CStanclingt Margaret Palmer, Li- brarian, Charles Snipes, Vice-President, Larry Bowman, Student director, Paul Davis, President, Gene Tierce, Host., Charlotte Lewis, Librarian. iSeatedD Mary Lou Barringer, Secretary, Mar- garet Raiford, Librarian. The Mixed Chorus is shown as they sing at one of their enqcqements before Tuscaloosa civic clubs. many churches, at banquets, and assemblies, and for many clubs. This year they were honored by being tele- vised on VVBIQ, Channel lO. During the Christmas season their annual concert was presented in the school auditorium, Mrs. Bonnie VVatson, the instruc- tor, leads the Mixed Chorus in its activities, lt is to her credit that THS has such a tine vocal group, dir Ee, AMBASSADOR Hl'Y-Qleft to rightj Row 1: Ivan Pavlov, C. W. Farmer, David Veal, Tommy Cherones, Fred Mitchell, Van Allen . . , Row 2: Jimmy Essary, Harmon Van Buskirk, R. E. Smith, Larry Lewis . . . Row 3: Wayne Gewin, Verner Colburn, Joe Farmer, Phillip Lancaster. DELTA HI-Y-ileft to rightl Row T: Danny Miller, David Yeargan, Ed Pickens, Roger Givens, Don Elmore, Joe Gillis, Carl Davis, Chip Head, Jimmy Gewin, Robert Allen, and Larry McCook. RR IDEALS AND PRACTICES OF HI The Hi-Y, an organization of the Y. M. C. A., has as its motto "Clean speech, Clean sports and Clean Scholarship." Its purpose is to create, maintain and extend throughout the home, school, and com- munity, high standards of Christian Char- acter. This year we have 2 Hi-Y Clubs- the Ambassador and the Delta Clubs. Membership in the Ambassador Hi-Y is open to boys in the Soph., Junior and Sr. Class. Mr. William Berryman is the spon- sor. The Delta Hi-Y is a new organization at T. H. S. being organized this year for Freshman boys, with Mr. Lee Wilman as sponsor. Both clubs, with the Tri-Hi-Y, helped collect and distribute baskets to needy families at Thanksgiving and Christmas, every Monday morning a devotional is given over the inter-com system in all homerooms. The boys of the Delta Hi-Y have been drawn closer together in fellowship on the several trips they made. At the first of the year they went down to Centerville and explored some caves there and also made a visit to the B. F. Goodrich Rubber Company plant here in Tuscaloosa, A hayride was held for the group and their dates at Y's Acres. URNISH PATTERN FOR CHRISTIAN LIVING The number of girls wishing to ioin the Alpha Tri-l-liAY this year was so great that it was necessary to form a new club for the Freshman and Sophomore girls, the Beta Tri- l-li-Y. The two clubs meet separately and have their own offices, but they work to- gether on special projects, At Thanksgiving the Tri-Hi-Y sponsored the collection of food in the homeroom, and with the help of the HifY distributed baskets to 49 needy families. Every other Monday morning a devotional is presented over the inter com system by a Tri-Hi-Y member. To begin Youth Week in Tuscaloosa, the Hi-Y and Tri-Hi-Y Clubs pre- sented an auditorium program on the week's theme "Our Citizenship Under Christ", with Rev. J. Will Ormond as speaker. Delegates were sent to the Mid-Alabama Conference held in Mobile in the spring and to Youth Legislature held in Montgomery in th e spring. An annual project is the publishing of a daily devotional book written by the stu- dents. To raise money for this book, a Sock- l-lop was held in the gym after the Walker County T. H. S, Basketball Game. ALPHA TRI-HI-Y-Row I: Margaret Waller, Willodene Stef- fen, Mary Lou Barringer, Chaplain, Mary Lynn Werner, Secretary, Sara Wyatt, President, Laura Nell Lee, Treasurer: Shirley Davis, Jane Hinderer . . , Row 2: Betty Lake, Jackie Williams, Judy Janes, Maeola Clements, Mary Lou Boylan, Marguerite Rodgers, Henriette Kendrick, Eloise Wells, Gail Hall . , . Row 3: Nancy George, Betty Cooper, Pat Janes, Sarah Leopard, Rosalind Alex- ander, Jackie Tucker, Mary Ellen Lee, Gail Perkins, Margaret Owsley, Bettye Palmer, Clemmie Nan Reed , , . Row 4: Mary Jane Pickens, Martha Jo Bailey, Jane Pickens, Martha Jo Bailey, Betty Jordan, Betty Ball, Betsy Thomas, Jo Ann Dunn, Lois Blake, Dot Smith, June Phares, Priscilla Winston, Carolyn Heritage, RO BETA TRI-HI-Y-Row I: Carol Ann Porter, Betty Holladay, President, Barbara McClusky, Judy Rhodes, Secretary, Carolyn Garrett . . . Row 2: Linda Hall, Lucy Caldwell, Patsy Howard, Betty Jean Raiford . . . Row 3: Sally Lake, Joan Stephenson, Barbara Elmore, Mariorie Mantle . . . Row 4: Carol Lee, Martha Neil Hurt, Linda Standridge, Linda Caldwell. D O CLUB HOST TO DISTRICT CONVENTION The main project ot the D. O, Club is t awarding ot a Sl00.00 scholarship to an o standing senior. The club featured an anni Employer-Employee Chicken Barb-B-Que. D trict and State Conventions Otter cornpetiti talents in such things as oratoricals, Mr. a Miss D. O,, skits, essays, and iob manuals. C Club this year was host to the District Convc tion and tor part ot the State activities, at t University ot Alabama, Swimming parties we teatured from time to time as part ot the rs recreational activities. TOP Row 1: Mrs. Simpson, Mary Essary, Patsy S McCool, Martha Skinner, Barbara Morrow, Jo Ani Weaver, Faye Lemley, Marilyn Morris, Doris Hubbard Jackie Pate, Dean Hodo . . . Row 2: Jerry Manning Wade Pennington, Gloria Bates, Marilyn Cox, Bai bara Hudgins, Larry Spencer, Thomas Spencer, Bill' Clay . . , Row 3: Wilma Lee, Johnny McLaughlin Harry Carver, Charles Lewis, David Patrick, Eldridgi Eacls, James Albright, Dural Guy . . . Not Pictured Woodrow Hardy, David Allen, Ruth Lowery. iMIDDLEJ Row T: William Woolbright, Donal: Flledge, Fdcly Gains, Patricia Morris, Jerry Darnell Clarence Adair . . . Row 2: Wallace Henderson Harold Montgomery, Johnny Speed, Donald Hallman Hershel Owens, Bobby Hannah, Samuel Dunn . . Rcw 3: Horace Hall, James Dunn, James Taylor Marvin Hagler, Jimmy Hargrove, Steve Wyatt, Ear Davis, Sonny Shows. QBOTTOMJ Row l: Emily Williamson, Jeanette Avere Helen Goodman, Barbara Smith, Anne Barrett, Sy Bowles, Maxine Faulkner, Mary Ann Jones, Jamie L caster , , . Row 2: Vivian Fulgham, Barbara Green, Glc Conway, Peggy Miller, Charlotte Davis, Carolyn Wrii Mary Sigler, Shirley Lawley . . . Row 3: Jimmy Fergus Paul McFlroy, Buddy Hinton, Harold Sanders, Larry Povi Hurdis Lake . . . Not Pictured: James Howard, Myrtie Johnson, Nancy Reefer, Charles Potts, Mary Sue McDar Julie Anderson. Ari active hard - working group, the Greasepainters aim is promoting an interest in drama, not only for those in the organ- ization, but for all the students at THS. To turther this aim, they produce two plays an- nually. Students learn all phases ol play production through actual practice, such as painting scenery, selling tickets, operating the complicated lighting equipment, and acting in the playsfa lot ot hard work, but a lot ot lun mixed in. The Greasepainters' plans include a tield trip to Birmingham to see a Broadway play being presented there, and a possible week- end trip to Gulf Shores. One of the oldest and largest organizations in school, the Greasepainters are proud ot their reputation for presenting outstanding dramatic produc- tions. The officers are Bobby Hannah, Pres- ident, David Veal, Vice-President, Pat Von- Scoy, Secretary, R. E. Smith, Treasurer. Greasepaintcrs ROW l: Bobby Hannah, Pat Van Slay, David Veal, R. E. Smith . . . ROW 2: Patricia Anders, Cecilia Snipes, Betty Falgout, Sandra Wood- ward, Rr-nna Burkingham, Marva Maraua, Dianne Duncan, linda Disney . . . ROW 3: Barbara Burroughs, Betsey Brown, Virginia Rayfielnl, Barbara Elmore, Sally Lala-, Sarah Thomas. Barbara Casson, Susanna Black, Mary Wrirrl . , , ROW 41 Panthoa Reid, Belle Searcy, Karen Young, Susan Washburn, Betty Jordan, Cornelia Mayfield, Sherry Gibson, Kay Green . . , ROW 5: Jimmy Shelton, Linda Lanier, Julie Mclllvaine, Ann Hulsey, Margaret Owsley, Susan Schembs, Bettye Pul- rncr, David Cochrane. A brief moment for fun and relaxation from prac- tice for the production of "Our Town". Greasepainters: Row li Paula Thomas, Lucy Cold- well, Pattie Goodrich, Margaret Waller, Jackie Wil- liams, linda Davis . . . Row 2: Eleanor Ford, Carol Ann Porter, Catherine Jernigan, Joy Gentry, Lynne Gibson, Carolyn Raylrc-ld, June Phares, Elizabeth Cole- man , . . Row 3: .loe Carter, Lynn Hodges, Marcia Tompkins, Pat Grcsharn, Betty Cooper, Carolyn Gar- rett, Linda Calrlvvell , . . Row 4: James Reed, Ferd Mitchvll, Vrvrner lee Colburn, Phillip Lancaster, Leon- ard Hill, Harold Riley, C. W. Farmer, James Show. GREASEPAINTERS 91 LITERARY ASPIRANTS AND "BIG WHEELS" QUILL and SCROLL Quill and Scroll is a National Journalism Honorary Society tor outstanding members ot the yearbook and newspaper statts. Harmon Van Buslsirk, Dot Smith, Susan Washburn, Priscilla Winston, Mary Jane Pickens, Jeanette Hayes, R. E. Smith. INTER-CLUB COUNCIL The inter-Club Council is made up ot the presidents ot all the school organizations. The vice-president ot the Student Council is automatically the president ot the Council. Its purpose is to coordinate the activities ot the organizations, so that they vvon't contlict, and also to share information about school activities in which they all take part. Jean Brittain, Bill Gandrucl, R. E. Smith, Priscilla Winston, Hayes Hutchins, Ferd Mitchell, Rob Langford, President, Johnny Sumner, Johnny Kowalski, Mary Jane Pickens, Sara Wyatt, Buddy Greer, Sally Hinton, Judith McCracken. RED CROSS COUNCIL Each homeroom sends a representative to the Red Cross Council. This year the group has tor its project the collecting of clothing tor tire victims in our city. Row T: Mary Ja Fisher, Jaclcie Williams, Virginia Ferguson, Betsy Thomas, Joni Haynes , . . Row 2: Bootsie Randall, Cecelia Snipes, Betty Falgut, Mamie Ruth Campbell, Joyce Burkhalter, Nedra Burroughs, Carolyn Lee, Tommy Laine, Comella Mayfield . . . Row 3: Wimbreth Biggs, Carolyn Rayfield, Susan Washburn, Rita Hadley, Betty Pittard, Pat McCoy, Janelle Head, Carol Ann Porter. THE SCIENCE Cl-UB THREE CLUBS UNDER SPONSORSHIP OF MR. MURPHY To increase knowledge of science, to pro- mote skill, understanding and service, to create friendship between students mutually interested in science, and to carry out the program of the Science Clubs of America: these are the aims of the Tuscaloosa High School Van de Graff Science Club. Members must maintain a C average in scientific sub- jects as well as have a special interest for this field. This year the Science Club began its second year under its new constitution. Ferd Mitchell, president of the Alabama Jun- ior Academy of Science, became the Club's first honorary member. The long-time members of the Club found it hard to grow accustomed to the change of meeting place from familiar room Q05 in the old high school to a classroom in the University physics Building. This year's evening programs included a field trip to the airport communications room, a demonstration of the club's own scientifically controlled tornado, and an ex- hibition of live reptiles. The year was clim- axed by a trip to the AJAS convention in Montevallo. Row l: Rob Langford, Bill Ganclrud, Susan Wash- burn, Forcl Mitchell . . . Row ll: Mr. Murphy, R. E. Smith, Charles Adams, Henriette Kendrick, Anne Hul- sey, Margie Mantel, Emily Coleman, Panthea Reid, Vir- ginia Rayfield, Paula Thomas, Barbara Reed, James Snow . . . Row Ill: Mike Graham, Tommy Cherones, Robert Harrison, Gary Jackson, Rufus Mosely, Brian Tunstall, John Charles Palmer, Louise Gardner, David Veal, Phil Lancaster. THE PROJECTION CLUB ln the new school we are fortunate to have the "small auditorium" in which to show films and slides. Many teachers find it profitable to use them as an aid in teach- ing. Any student who wishes to ioin the club may do so if he has a free period during the day. They are trained by Mr. Murphy and his assistants to run the proiectors expertly and are available to show movies at any period during the day. Besides being of service to the school, the Projection Club tnay also be of service to individual mem- bers, for this training may turn into a hobby or a vocation. Row l: Gene Hack, Ann Hulsey, Pettis Guin, F, Gray, Harold Spenser . . , Row ll: Wayne Guin, Har- old Ponobaker, Hayes Hutchins, Thomas Hammack, Martha Bolton, Mr. Murphy, Wayne Williams, Arthur Ruggles. THE CAMERA CLUB The Camera Club operates under the sponsorship of Mr. Ralph Murphy for the pur- pose of developing and maintaining interest, skills, and techniques in photography. This interest could lead to a vocation in the field of photography. Activities of the Camera Club include: learning how to take pictures, learning about the different chemicals used in devel- oping films and pictures, and darkroom tech- niques. The most interesting activity is the actual darkroom work where films are de- vplnmr-rl than nrintorl rwnrl onlnrr-:nfl f-seixxscsxs r f f Row l: Pat White, Jimmy Essary, Nancy George, Gail Colvin, Gayle Wilson Jay Gray, Martha McCIendon, Martha Bolton, John Hueyworth, Rufus Walker, Mr Murphy . . . Row 2: Wayne Guin, Raymond Guy, Charles McElroy. CLUBS PREPARE FOR FUTURE NURSES CLUB The Future Nurses Club is composed of girls interested in the nursing profession. Mrs. Jeanette Kelley, the school nurse, is ad- visor to this group. The officers of this year are Carolyn Jackson, President, Sophie Bell, Vice-President, Annette Randall, Secretary, Shirley Tucker, Reporter, Eleanor Holley, Program Chairman. The FNA participated in Homecoming parade by decorating a car. A trained nurse came from Druid City Hospital to speak tothe group. This year the club has selected new pins. Their future plans include a tour of Partlow State School. Row I: Willodene Stephen, Lois Blake, Carol Cork, Peggy Darnell. Row II: Donna Bank, Sophie Bell, Annette Randall, Ramona Smith, Sue Tubbs. Row II: Mrs. Kelley, Maxine Massey, Shirley Tucker, Charlotte Lewis, Cynthia Davis, Mary Jane Mackey. Row IV: Rosalind McAllister, Carolyn Jackson, Peggy Hartly, Eleanor Holley, Judy McCracken, Martha Snider. FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA This is the first year there have been two FHA clubs. The reason for this is that there were so many girls interested in joining that it was necessary to form another club. The sponsors are Mrs. Dorothy Burns, and Miss Marguerite Averett. The two clubs had a tea at the home of Jean Brittain to welcome new members. Mrs. Karl Perkins has met with both groups and discussed personal problems. At Christmas the FHA distributed baskets to needy families. Their future plans include a fashion show. Row I: Anne Dee, "Sister" McCall, Dot Smith, Gail Perkins, Sherry Gibson, Diane Duncan, Sophie Bell, Annette Randall. Row II: Barbara Rankin, Jeanette Hayes, Carla Barton, Martha Cook, Beverly Brown, Nedra Burroughs, Shirley Griffin, Joyce Welch, Carolyn Bamburger, Donna Banks, Betty Lou Eatman, Sue Williams, Lucy McBride. Row III: Jamie Clarkson, Bonnie Hub- bard, Josephine Hall, Jean Hardy, Lisa Rose Winters, Bootsey Randall, Sally Henry, Erlene Owens, Doris Johnson, Alicia Con- will, Rita Hadley, Carol Hadley, Angela Davis, Tala Curtis. ,Row IV: Mary Courson, Carolyn Heritage, Sandra Luxich, Judith Mc' Cracken, Bobbie Mitchell, Betty Richardson, Betty Jo House, Rosalyn Pullen, Carolyn Layfield, Becky Turnipseed, Barbara Andrews, Martha Nell Hurt. Row I: Patsy Howard, Eloise Wells, Mary Jo Fisher, Comella Hinton, Jean Brittain, Jo Ann May, Shirley Tucker, Gail Barton, Kaye Zeanah, Virginia Ferguson, Mavis House. Row II: Nell Eatmon, Mary Brasfield, Betsy Boyer, Dee Ann Davis, Nancy Simpson, Cecilia Snipes, Jean Parham, Harriet Booth, Pat Moyers, Martha Wallace, Doris Snoddy, Juanita Spencer, Patsy Clark, Betty Falgout. Row III: Sandra Rivers, Marie Peeks, Merita Lee, Roberta Farr, Eleanor Ford, Jimmy Ann Green, Mairlyn Crowell, Jean Yager, Shelby Ryan, Martha Bolton, Barbara F ........,. , Nancy George, Jeanette Tailor, Sara Hartley. Row IV: Claudine Abston, Peggy Falls, Wimbreth Biggs, Margaret Raiford, Audrey Eggers, Carolyn Jackson, Peggy Hartley, Judy Bagwell, Joyce Burkhalter Carolyn Ballard, Mary Ashcroft, Mary Jean Richard- son. Joan Caldwell. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA The F.T.A. is an organization ot students interested in become- ing teachers. Occasional visits are made to elementary schools for one tull day to enable club members to see elementary schools in action. This year their proiect is to plant a tree for our school. Mrs. Juarine Van Tassell is the advisor at the F.T.A., and the officers are: Judith McCrack- en, Pres, Lynne Gibson, Vice- Pres., Mary Lou Boylan, Sec., Betty Palmer, Treas. Row 'l: Lois Blake, Lillie Humphries, Bettye Palmer, Jackie Springer, Barbara Burroughs Judy McCracken, Lynne Gibson, Londo Bennett, Rosalind Alexander, Mary Lou Boylan Tuts Manclerson . . . Row Il: Mrs. Van Tassel, Bonnie Snyder, Rita Hadley, Margie Mantel Lynne Stapp, Ja Anne Dunn, Jackie Tucker, Pat Goodrich, Joy Gentry, Molly Watson Joni Haynes. THE SQUARE DANCE CLUB The Square Dance Club was organized tor the tirst time this year with thirty members. The purpose ofthe club is to learn new dances as well as to enjoy the old talk dances. The Club meets every other Monday night with Mrs. Bernice Clinton as sponsor, The officers are: Raymond Guy, Pres., Charles Box, Vice-Pres., Jackie Davis, Sec.-Treas. Row T: Yvonne Skelton, Marie Yeatman, Charles Box, Jackie Davis, Raymond Guy, Rita Smalley, Ronnie Narramore . . . Row 2: Charlene Pryor, Sylvia Palmer, Linda Harless, Virginia Gray, Larry Freeman, Faye Bragg, Margie Mantel . . . Row 3: Mrs, Clinton, Jimmy Hallman, Jerry Simpson, Catherine Jernigan, Torn Clinton, Barbara Bragg, Thomas Callahan, Melvin McDaniel. SAFETY PATROL The problems created by our large new parking lot, together with the many cars, bicycles and motor cycles, are courteously solved by those six boys who make up the Satety Patrol. David Hassell, Billy Christian, Leonard Hill, Jimmy Martin, Jimmy Harmon, Jesse Wright. - - - OTHER STUDENT INTERESTS 4-H CLUB Heads, Hands, Heart, Health This Chapter of the 4 l'l-ClUb won third place for a display of Alabama products at Tuscaloosa County Fair. Buddy Hubbard, Joe Keller, Billy Johnson, Joe Farmer, Nick Armstrong, Lewis Cook, Charles Cook, Frankie Butler. AMATEUR RADIO CLUB The Purpose ot the Amateur Radio Club lthe C.W. Bugsl is to get competent people interested in obtain- ing an amateur radio license. Code classes are held every Tuesday and Thursday morning at 7:30, using a code machine loaned by Ed Christopher. This is the only time they have to meet, and it really weeds out the folks who would iust "come along tor the ride." There are tour members who hold amateur licenses: Bill Jackson, K4AJG, John Palmer, KN4GKU, Brian Tunstall, KN4GHlNl, and Dick Doughty, KN4H- MQ. Officers are: Bill Jackson, Pres., Dick Doughty, Vice-Pres., and Betty Ozment, Sec.-Treas. Mr. Wil- liam Berryman is the Sponsor. Seated: Douglas Bleicker, James Snow, Dick Doughty, Betty Ozment . . . Standing: Buford Campbell, Mr. Berryman, Roland Perkins, Ray Moore, Lary McCook, Billy Paul Jackson, Arthur Ruggles. MECHANICAL DRAWING CLUB This club is composed of boys who are interested in increasing their knowledge of mechancial funda- mentals through drawing. Otticers. Larry Bowman, Pres., Thomas Bailey, Vice-Pres., Jack Englebert, Sec., George Sheffield, Treas., Mr. W. Boshell, Faculty Advisor. Row l: Ray Stacy, Phillip Lancaster, Charles Carr, Hayes Hutchins, Gene Hocks, Fred Barton, Cecil Smalley . . . Row ll: lvir. Boshell, Gay Lake, Don Comer, Thomas Bailey, Allen Cad- dell, Robert Ballard, Billy Boyd, George Sheffield, James Hamby, Larry Bowman . . . Row Ill: Joe Banks, Van Whitehead, John Kellum, Ed Love, Jack Englebert, Thomas Hammock, Johnny Adams, Joe Tanner, David Bennett, Linda Davis, Lynn Hodges, Vir ginia Nix, Betty Cork, Mrs. May, Bobbie Barlow, Sophie Bell, Ra mana Meadows, Gail Colvin Mary Albright, Carolyn Cork. GIRLS' 4-H CLUB The Girls' 4 H-Club is a new club formed this year, with Mrs. Cornelia May as sponsor. SPANISH CLUB The Spanish Club was formed to promote enioy- able forms of learning Spanish. The entire meeting is conducted in Spanish. This year the members made and sold Christmas corsages to obtain money to buy Spanish material for club programs, and to secure an oak tree for the campus. The officers are: Sally Hinton, Pres., Jo Del Laney, Vice-Pres., Wanda Miller, Sec., Anita McCrimmon, Treas., Gail Perkins, Chaplain. Row I: Mrs. del Valle, Sponsor, Joe Adams, Linda Disney, Carolyn Rayfield, Carolyn Lee, Jackie Springer, Barbara Mc- Clusky, Betty Holliday, Sara Bailey . . . Row Il: Mary Kathrine Ryan, Jo Ann Luker, Romona Smith, Wynell Gray, Susan Abell, Linda Lewis, Isabel Hurst, Charlotte Freeman, Lucy Caldwell, Sally Hinton, Wanda Miller, Comilla Hinton, Joyce Morrison . . . Row 3:, Karen Abell, Bonnie Snyder, Anne Hulsey, Ruth Brooks, Kay Green, Dianne Condon, Patty Sue Smith, Juanita Smith, Shirley Ray, Martha Jo Bailey, Joan Stevens, Margie Mantel . . . Row IV: Billie Ann Davis, Jo Del Laney, Anita McCrimmon, Jack Stewart, Joe Tanner, Leon Smith, Don Gray, John Klepac, Dan Fuller, Gail Perkins, Carolyn Heritage, Wimbreth Briggs, Betty Ball. FRENCH CLUB The French Club at T.H.S. was founded for the purpose of promoting student interest in the French language and its native land. Meetings are held monthly, at which the vice-president presents an in- formative program. This year the club is the state president of the Circle de francais, and the president of our local chapter will preside at the state conven- tion in Birmingham. This year the club had the honor of being the first school organization to plant an oak tree on the front lawn of our school. Row I: Ferd Mitchell, Treas., Mary Jane Pickens, Pres., Mary Sue Avery, Sec., 'Sissy" Winslett, Vice-Pres. . . . Row II: Mrs. Stevens, Sponsor, Gay Lake, Tate Jordan, Nancy Heath, Betty Woodward, Susanna Black, Nancy Meyer, Linda Ingram, Betty Jordan, Guil de Menardiere . . . Row III: Judy Jones, Jane Hind- erer, Sandra Luxich, Terry Gibson, Angela Canty, Brenda Beason, Pat McCoy, Gail Hall, Kay Zeanah . . . Row IV: Mary Lou Bar- ringer, Mary Ward, Lynn Gibson, Janelle Baird, Betsy Thomas, Renna Buckingham, Pat Jones, Martha Sue James, Gail Taylor, Priscilla Winston , . . Row 5: Helen Hiten, Jamelle Head, Marcia Tompkins, Virginia McCall, Charlie Seebeck, Don James, Richard Herman, Betty Lake, Carolyn Burchfield, Barbara Andrews. MANY STUDENTS ELECT LATIN AND ART ART CLUB The Art Club is made up of qualified members of The various art classes. These students work diligently, under the super- vision of its sponsor, Mrs. Harriet Stogrin. On many protects such as Christmas holiday decorations, the Queen's float for the home- coming parade, and decorations for various school functions, as well as Their own per- sonal works of art. Our Art Club is an or- ganization which has also succeeded in sponsoring informative a n d interesting ' 'N Row I: s. Stogrin, Toosie Mustin, Linda Perkins, Barbaisiy d, Sarah Thomas, Betty Cooper, Stancel Hallman, bba Deese, David Nix, Donald Carver. Row Il: e Phares, Dorothy Nottingham, Wanda Hulsart, HI len Hiten, Donna Tucker, Margaret Owsley, Tommy Cherones, Harmon Van Buskirk, Hayes Hutchins. x .ih speakers for its afternoon meetings. THE LATIN CLUB The Latin Club is new at T. H. S. this year. lt was formed to encourage interest in Latin, to give cultural service to the school, and to promote friendship between students mutually interested in Latin. The sponsor of the Latin Club is Mrs. Olivia Fines, our Latin Teacher. R. E. Smith is President, Alice Wade Faircloth is Vice-President, and Jackie Williams is Secretary-Treasurer. Row I: R. E. Smith, Alice Wade Faircloth, Jackie Williams. Row II: Ivan Pavlon, Mary Frances Dorough, Charlotte Allen, Patricia Clark, Millie Card, Jerrie Head, Mike Lee. Row III: Linda Camel, Gloria Church, Patricia Anders, Sylvia Pate, Willo- dene Steffen, Kay Zeanah, Patsy Howard, Carol des Rochers. Row IV: Sonya Waites, Elizabeth Robinson, Jo Ann Luker, Nancy George, linda Lanier, William Anderson, Sue Colburn, Rabin Swain, Tala Curtis. Row V: Howard Oliver, David Veal, Johnny lm vnllt, John Schoel, Roy Wilson, Jimmy Essery, Rufus Walker, Jay C,-my Tam Dickman. Row I: Lorraine Armstrong, Cecilia James, Belle Searcy, Camilla Mayfield, Cecilia Snipes, Eleanor Ruth Shots, Anne Dee, Betty Wilson. Row II: Eloise Wells, Margarite Rogers, Jo Willis, Patty O'Neal, Jo Ann Hamilton, Margaret Swanger, Panthea Reid. Row III: Joyce Christian, Gloria Sullivan, Elaine Garrison, Helen Lemonis, Mary Anne Mitchell, Betsy Brown, Linda Perkins, Wy- nell Gray, Linda Ingram. Row IV: Lisa Winters, Sandra Pearson, Pat Wilder, Lucy Minot, Mary Lynn Werner, Sandy Still, Mary Russell Crossin, Susan Schembs, Janelle Baird. Row V: Dot Winslet, "Sister" McCall, Angela Davis, Mary Jo Fisher, Char- lotte Smitherman. "FIRSTS" AT NEW T. H. S. Miss Box, in charge of the United Fund drive sponsored early in the year, admires one of posters used, together with representatives from the three winning home rooms: Patricia Morris, Mr. Bordon's room, Jimmy Coleman, Mrs. Vibbart's first place room, and Michael Lee, Mrs. Watson's room. i- il 'Y r C yi :mi rn W The first routine fire drill held in the new school sent stu- dents hurrying out- side in record time. OO Everyone needed directions on the first day of school in our new building, so members of the Beta Club served at information booths in the halls. Here Sara Wyatt, Maeola Clements and Pri- scilla Winston seem to enioy instructing James, Billy, Phil and Joe. x CABOVEB The Tuscaloosa High "Alma Mater" begins "Under neath the old oak trees"-but there were no oak trees at the new school. This tree, given by the French Club, was the first of many donated by dif- ferent school organizations. Mary Jane Pickens, Pres. of French Club, and Mrs. Lucile Stevens, sponsor, assisted in the of- ficial planting of the French Club Oak. WWA .,: wwf l The backstage tension of 67 beautiful girls in the Beauty Walk . . . checking shoes at the Sock Hop . . . working until the "wee hours" on Homecoming floats . . . the slippery dance floor . . . the finished production of "Lights, Cameras, Action!" . . . wigs and high-heeled shoes for our male beauty contestants . . . addressing invitations to the Junior-Senior Prom . . . washing robes for Honor Society induction . . . the exciting outcome of the favorites election . . . Our memories of this year's Special Events. X fag-41-. .. KX, .. Q L Lynx X gg x . ff - i,, A b K we is A Q is .X . A X, 2 I V ,. .4-f-SW A E A yi? K 'YA 'f 's . 35, W A' , M ,x K N I I ' Feature SHIRLEY KORNEGAY SENIOR BEAUTY 109 SENIOR FAVORITES DICK HARMON Mos1Hc1ndsome Boy in Senior Class 103 MARY JANE PICKENS ond ROBERT BALLARD Most Dependable SENIOI ANNETTE RANDALL Gnd JOHNNY MCLAUGHLIN Most Popular AT ABERNATHY cmd GAY LAKE Friendliest :AVORITES 'RISCILLA WINSTON Clnd BUDDY GREER Most Likely To Succeed MNMNNM 'v-.Nh-RN N' we SISSY WINSLETT and TOMMY RQBERTS Best All Around JUNIGR FAVURITES GENE TIERCE Most Handsome Boy in Junior Class 139+ - we W . i i ' X e Q ni 9' nm 'zt- 1- s his x 'I07 MARY LOU BARRINGER and ROB LANG-FORD Most Dependable JUNIOR FAVORITES SANDRA PALMER and DAVID PATRICK Friendliest SALLY HINTON clncI LARRY MCCOY Most Popular WANDA MILLER and JOHNNY SUMNER Best AII Around IO8 HELEN LEMONIS soPHoMoRE BEAUTY 109 RUTH BROOKS ond FRANK KENDALL rien ies sf Handsome Boy in Sophomore SOPHOMORE . 'fl Rbfdrdlpffv fl J-J'41,v""ff M ff' CI Lu-PW I JO DEL LANEY and JOHNNY KOWALSKI Mos? Popular 6 RUAJJLJ JQA FAVORITES W 4 4 ANNE DEE cmd MINTER ALEXANDER Most Dependable . Aff-f dll...-r'f ff7,:4'f'--4 K 4 QC- 1-Ami, A, lv . -414 H4 , ' I ' ff r TATE JGRDAN Gnd VAN ALLEN Best All Around Q 5 E 5 M r s 4 we EL 5 5 2 2 S BARBARA BRATTON FRESHMAN BEAUTY 119 KAY HINTON Most Handsome Boy in the Freshman Class FRESHMAN FAVORITES SUE COLBURN and DAVID YEARGAN Friendliest FRESHIVIA N FAVORITES IX MARJORIE MEREDITH and LARRY SHAFFER Most Dependable ROBIN SWAIN Gnd MILTON MARCUM Best AII Around I I I HBOOTSIEH RANDALL and BILLY DAVIS Most Popular X ii! X L 3 A , r k -fi!" "T H S T H S T0 THEE WE'LL E'ER BE TRUE" Who's the Homecoming Queen? Do you think we'll finish our float by parade time? Who do you have a date with tonight? Don't you want to buy a"Mum"? Only the Student Council Election Committee knows the outcome ot this election and the identity of the queen and her court until they are presented at the Pep rally the morning of the game, but everyone in the entire student body votes in the election of the Home- coming Queen and her court. The halls echo with such questions os those the week before the big game-- this year a victory over the Selma Tigersg TNT lTusca- loosa Nails Tigersi Classes and organizations vie with each other in depicting the slogan on the floats tor the parade. First, second, and third prizes tor floats went to Sr. Class, Jr. Class and Spanish Club respectively. The homecoming court in the tense moments before their pres entation to the student body at the Pep Rally. II teams return for homecom g Pep Rally From left to right: hn Henry Suther Darrel Fitts' yle Blagburn Conrad Wes- y Billy Henderson J P Chris- n Eddie Couyersg Clell Hob- Milliard Harding Charles elmsg Gordon Palmerp Jimmy Former captains of THS foot- : . w : ' I o 2 Q a umner. Studenis and teachers ulilxe enjoy Homecoming D c n c e sponsored by the Student Council. The Homecoming Dance, sponsored by e Student Council is a traditional affair, it this year it was very special because was the first dance held in the new frnnasium. Dancers slipped and slid to e music of the Capstoners tExplanation -an extra heavy coat ot dance wax as applied to protect the new tloor.l The Bears beat the Tigers! The dance tded too soon! A wonderful first Home- Jming in our new School. Our Homecoming Court-Helen Lemonis, Coptain's Sponsorp Jean Renner, Maidg J o y c e Morrison, Queeng Annette Rondoll, Mold: Sissy Winslett, Team Sponsor. :Ss 1- x Q MISS CITIZENSHIP MARY JANE PICKENS 'I'IR WE SALUTE: ,A Mr Bull Wagner Pres. Jr. Chamber of Commerce, which sponsored Fire Prevention Week, presents prize checks to Margaret Owsley, 2nd theme, JERRY NlX, 2nd Poster, LARRY HODGES, lst poster WAYNE GREENHALL, 3rd theme, BETSY THOMAS, lst theme. TEACHER HONORED Mr. Yewell Lybrand, Freshman English and Journalism teacher received a great honor during the B'ham Art Festival. He was awarded S100 first prize tor his short story, "Tell Me, Mr. Newman." GUIL DE l.A MENARDIERE proudly bears the second place medal won in the state French exams sponsored by the Alabama French Clubs. i awww H A V , Mx " . .,., ,.,. , ,.,L., x , ,..,.,. .. , ..., kk . 'A A w z bgefliaksfe. f .f1 sN3fx?14.q.gm5 ggwwff. :U SQ r Q -33 fe -fbsfx v-qw.-.1f'2Msgf3APwQQ3Rgg x W Q.. , we X 59511-p.ig,1Qa31zgs3xf, .K W , . Y if . M .,,,.Q w,,N x.q.,. 4 vs rf 331 K .w MISS TUSCALOOSA HIGH ANNETTE RANDALL 'IGH HIGHLIGHTS OF ENTERTAINMENT The Jr,-Sr. Prom is one of The exciting nighis of the yeor and one thu? we'Il be sure to remember. THS'S 3 TOP BEAUTIES- Joyce Morrison, runner-upg Ann etfe Randall, Miss THSg Rosemary Epperson, runner-up. ' -at The "iungle girls" from The Jun- ior Talent Show-one of 3 precision -step chorus lines. "OUR TOWN" The Greasepointers' tirst production of the year was the sparkling drama, "Our Town". Its timeless philosophy made it a smash hit on Broadway, and Tuscolooso students showed their good taste by taking "Our Town" to their hearts. Stork simplicity of scenery made it neces- sary for the audience to use their imagination. The stage was set with two trellises, two Tables and a few chairs and benches. These were supposed to represent the houses of the Gibbs tomily and the Webb tamily. During the entire ploy, the stage manager lounges about the stage, occasionally taking the part ot one ot the characters. The story is ci simple one, that of ci young boy and girl, who grew up, go to school together, and final- ly marry each other. One ot the most impres- sive parts ot "Our Town" is in the third oct, where Emily, ofter her death, goes back to re- live one day in her lite. Realizing that humans never live lite as they should, "every, every, minute," she is content to return to her grave after saying goodbye to such wonderful things as clocks ticking, hot baths, and her butternut tree. David Veal as the casual, matter-of-fact stage manager gave an excellent performance, carrying the play along and tying it together. Students at THS were charmed by the young, romantic leads, Pat Von Scoy and Bobby Hon- noh, because their lives and problems seemed so much like their own. Dr. and Mrs. Gibbs were well-portrayed by Verner Colburn and Pat Gresham, as were Editor and Mrs, Webb, por- trayed by Ferd Mitchel and Marsha Tompkins. These main characters were, in turn, supported by a well-suited cast who turned in o top-notch performance. KAT LEFT TOPJ Emily: "My isn't the moonli terrible? And choir practice going on. Qlisten h a moment, awedj I think, if you hold your brei you can hear the train all the way to Contoolu iGeorge holds his breath, leaning out of windt Hear it? George: H-m-m--What do you kno' KAT LEFT MIDDLEJ George: "Gee, I wish a person coulc get married without all that marching up and down." Mr. Webb: "Every man thot's eve lived has felt that way, George, but i hasn't been any use. lt's the women folk who've built up weddings, my boy For a while now the women have it al their own. .A man looks pretty small a a wedding, George. All those womer standing shoulder to shoulder, making sure that the knot's tied in a mighty public way." iAt Left Bottamj Emily: "Do any hu- man beings ever realize life while they live it-every, every minute?" "OUR MISS SUE" MISS McLEOD We do honor to Miss Sue McLeod for her many years ot service in our high school. Miss McLeod, who is retiring at the end of this school year, has been a "Tuscaloosa High School Emily Post" for many hun- dreds of boys who have been in her social education classes. Married men often return to her for favorite recipes used in high school days. Her artistry has been displayed in decorations for football and band banquets. Miss McLeod is our nomination for a tav- orite teacher, one interested in students and school activities, alive to civic needs, and tull of personal charm. Girls admiring the boys handiworlc! ln the Social Ed. Department football players turn the tables on the girls by making these-luncheon sets, pot holders and beautifully wrapped Christmas presents. rr.- W' 1 1 x K An annual affair with Miss Mcl.eod's social educa- tion classes-The Christmas tea this year saw Bell learcy and Jimmy Park serving punch to guests. it QAbovel These Advanced General Science students enioyed a trip to Oak Ridge, Tennessee, over the weekend of February 10. fRightJ "Smile, Sondra." On February 29, our annual "School Days" pictures were taken. lllightl: At 7:30 on the evening of March 8th the Honor Society Induction was held in the Small Auditorium. Atterward parents and inductees were honored at u re- ception held in the Home Ec. De- partment. CBelowD: Calvin Hannah, our patient, ingenious, photographer. The BLACK WARRIOR staff is in- debted to Calvin for the fine work he has done for us this year. as KALEIDOSCOPE O Beauty, grace, and poisel-these are the adiectives to describe our male beauty walk finalists, From left to right: Milton Marcum 3rd place, Cecil Smalley, 'lst place, Phil Harris, 2nd place, Harmon Van Buskirk, Master ol' rornmnnins' Kenneth FrPfwell Gnd l.Gt'l'V BOWHIOD fll'lClllSlS. 55 'f 'f x Q x 4 4 4 "lx 1 it 3 fi 'ar ' Qi iire?':Q 5 v ' gv xi www g xx A N- Q55 sf S . X A Ki, ' li ,3 N51 N X K N 1 R K :X . X EF - S N Si. ' 52 g fu X. bs Q ix X A, , -1 5 A 2 45 '31 il Q Q X6 E I X iv , S 61 35 D K s i XE as S ag Q Q K X X L! :Ny , :ff T331 Av' ' MQ 5 if nw -.af Y' 'fx W W Q5 W i ,i y i.: , Mg 2 ,V .,., f Qi' I eff u af MH K' 2 W' :swag 555 I i . ,,, , T S " a VWXS Q ? 'Ei J b fx, A K ,AOH .L O 3 Npf I 'Y 3'-K 7' 'SL xiii' ix A wif' CENTER-Coach Kendall-Head Football Coach and Athletic Director ABOVE LEFT- Coach Henderson-Assistant Football Coach and Head Basketball and Baseball Coach. ABOVE RIGHT-Coach Tarleton-Assistant Football Coach, RETURNING FOOTBALL LETTERMEN OFFER HOPE OF GOOD 1956 SEASON RIGHT-Billy McGuire-Head Manager of Football for past three years, Bill was as much a part of football as the players themselves. ABOVE The first string LEFT TO RIGHT, Gay Lake, Buck Burns Bo Dunn Jerry Douglas Larry McCoy, Robert Davis, Don Bailey Quarterback Billy Boyd Left Half, Tommy Roberts, Right Half Van Allen Fullbock Johnny Sumner. I 4 I nf' ' CHEERLEADERS From Left to Right, Bottom Row: "Tuts" Man- derson, Sissy Winslet, Mary Sue Avery, Annette Randall . . . Top Row: Jo Del Laney, Jean Renner, Joyce Morrison, Margaret Palmer, Rex Ann Cannon. Not Pictured is Barbara Glover Bums Gnd Allen THE HIGH AND THE MIGHTY RED LETTER CLUB. Left to right lst Row: Gay Lake, Milne Howard, Tommy Roberts, Van Allen, Billy Boyd, Frank Kendall, .lack Dollar, Bob Helms . . . 2nd Row: Arthur Laycock, Billy Johnson, Sonny Shows, Billy McGuire, Roger Criswell, Johnny Sumner . . . 3rd. Row: Don Bailey, Robert Davis, Harmon Van Buslcirk, Robert Rucker, Jerry Douglas, Butch Evans . . . 4th Row: Larry McCoy, Buck Burns, Jimmy Lemonis, Davis Culp, Billy Lake, Buddy Greer, Bob Keys, Joe Rives. f' HENRY EVANS-Tackle BILLY BOYD-Bock TOMMY ROBERTSYBQCIQ D E P A R T I N G S ROBERT DAVIS Tackle RIQIII: JOE RIVES End 130 MIKE HOWARD-Bock I. E T T E R M E N - -Ns :A JERRY DOUGLAS-Center ze? f L-My ' sul MQQ Leffz GAY LAKE End Right: BUCK BURNS Tackle 'IQ1 Piling Foes Up. BILLY JOI'IN5OINIfBc1ck II W , 513 R X, VAN ALLEN-Bock ROGER CRISWELL-Bock C O M I N G G R I D Shoestring Tackle X ,M ,l-,I INGRAM CULWELL-Bock JOHNNY SUMNER-Bock IRON STARS O BOBBY YODER-Tackle V Y Allen Seeks Passages ff ' Si.: , r lv? JERRY COLWELL-Bock Y ,,.f M Ya .l, Luk, 4.i.i,Q . Avia LARRY MCCOY-Guard DON BAILEY-End BEARS STOP HOLT 7-0 BOB HELMS-Guard A quarterback sneak by Boyd in first period puts Bears in tront and Lemonis Con- verted. Bears sparked through game by runs ot Roberts and Allen. DECATUR THUMPS BEARS 19-7 Backs Sumner and Roberts were outstanding. Roberts scored o Lemonis converted. POETS BEATS BEARS 7-6 Tuscaloosa Black Bears dominated play entirely, without luck win by l point. BRUINS, ETOWAH DRAW 20-20 Bruins sparked by running ot llB-pound Van Allen and the pa battled to 20-20 tie with Blue Devils. nly 'Loosa T-D and however, as Poets ssing ot Billy Boyd Hands up for the Big Payoff Q I 5:1 I 9 , SNK ww ff .f 1' 'g ix E 'Q Q VW' wil A ws gf M125 k, w S Qs 4 f .1 vy- 1 E w e :Fix 1'?:::wx:':: am. Q Q g be 1-S? X S via: W ec Q as Ai 5 is ,1gg',,gf1zf15y? 3, . Xiu v S 5 fn W COACHES TARLETON and HENDERSON. Coach Tarleton has done outstanding work with the BTeam this ear, while Henderson coached the varsity. Y York--4l Winfield-29 Ensley-3l Holt-60 Columbus-64 York-60 County High-4l Woodlawn-44 Selma-37 Lanier-58 Walker County-ol Blue Grey Tournament Selma-32 Lanier-56 Holt-33 Shades Valley-46 Phillips-44 County Tournament THS-35 " 5l ff 42 Il " 57 " 46 " 51 " 45 " 35 Il ll THS-35 " 42 " 55 'f 40 ll THS-35 " 50 II " 59 " 50 " 24 Il Il ll " 49 Gorgas-31 Holt-38 T. County High-42 Columbus--56 Lanier-43 Fayette-33 T.C.H.S.-45 Wood lawn-68 Walker Co.-5l West End-53 BASKETB Ll BILLY McGUlRE-Manager Billy, like his brother, has been a necces- sity to the team. This is his third year as head manager. B-Team Left to right, 1st row: Sterling Anders, Gerry Quarles, Don Dollar, John Langford, Woosely Finnel, Ken Kinkaid, Raymon Salyer, Johnny Sumner . . . 2nd. row: Bobby Pew, Tom Clinton, Charlie Seeback, David Fidler, David Howell, Don Morgan, Mike Canovan . . . 3rd row: Coach Tarleton, Liston Free, Reggie McCary, Gerald Douglas, John Sparks, Carl Davis, John Roberts, Milton Marcum. DAVIS CULP-Guard Whose bull? DEFENDING STATE CAGE CHAMPS Dolicxr jumps high for o rebound BUDDY GREER-Forword X TOMMY ROBERTS-Forword HERSHEL LAKE ONLY HERSHEL LAKE-Forward RETURNING LETTERMAN IN '57 LOUIS ANDERS-Forward BOB KEYS-Forwclrd RR 1 JACK DQLLAR7GUgy-d GAY LAKE-Guard ' JM f ,. AA ' , Af , , . l K , q x A , Cy Dollar scares against Gorgas BILLY LAKEfCen1er , -Q-1 '55 TRACK WINS STATE MEET Bob Helms and Ingram Culwell Finishing top in the state, and high point team in the Ala.-Ga. meet were the top achievements ot the 1955 Track Team. The team also won the Dothan in- vitational and Sectional Qualifying meet. The relay team composed of Gordon Pal- mer, Warren Flemming, Roger Criswell, and Darrell Fitts won top honors in the mile relay at the Alabama State Meet. Winning the 440, Darrell Fitts broke a ten year record. Joe Rives placed first in the state high lump. Roger Criswell plac- ed 2nd in the state mile and Marlin Moore placed second in the discus and shot. Back from last year to help out in '56 are Criswell, Allen, Helms, Culwell, Burns, Rives, and Howard. Roger Criswell and Van Allen Not pictured: Buck Burns, Mike Howard, and Joe Rives. ONLY TWO BASEBALL LETTERMEN RETURNING 'fi LLLS C l R8 9' A ' O Lf 1956 BASEBALL TEAM ROW 1: Johnny Sumnerg Larry McCoy, L, C. Osborng David Culp . . . ROW 2: Coach Billy Henderson, Jimmy Brown, Charlie See-beck, Woolsey Finnell, Coach Thomas Tarleron. DAvls CULP LARRY Mccov ' 1.11 Ready and Waiting "R CKET SQUAD" Our '54-'55 Tennis Team vvon six and losf seven matches. How- ever we will have a good team This year since we have lost only one player. Mr. Willman is faculty sponsor of The group. BUDDY GREER FRA 'IAQ NK KENDALL BILL MULVIHILI. DAVID FIDLER N., EW M. -my WN-V M...X,,x... . . '-A TW sf x. , . vw, Q ksg-'gggizqgcfn 'S .g,.y,5 if Sgnfs f s Q Q- xg :iid YN Q . .. Qx .QWQQ .Ai wx Y . - in W.. . 9 ' ffl - X QM., .v V yew- f . -mf ' V X . M 5. X . SXYSFXII Sify' Ng? . N .zgfgq .w-mx x '- an . ,ig1Xgi,SgX3, 5 f . , xx Xwx r X. ,iivyfx . -S' X . V . - x Q Wk A V . . Q 3 wk ll N- 5 X I 2 3 wi' N K ,E N iz L S N355 Q Q? x X 53? if , X fr . S, ,N 5523 A M. riff? JE '15 r 9' gfrlisuv . writ 5 Sf! 'gffffl ' Y 4 L ' 5? fl 14 'yy 9 W .s '.:, x A 54 gf F f 'Rf-if -1. , Ez 'W ,K , , li' s "' f MWWW Yllwlxh DRIAI .- alms 914333 -fa 'xx C C 'CDW ,fl 555 iklilfgi e Eiadhwhulw g551HlUlAlCl 55'S'5'5'??? M5555 !E!'!,?e ? 'P J'0'0'ovb::: : :N 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 11 11 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 11 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 11 1 1 1 11 1 1 11 11 11 1 1 1 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 L::: v--r---vv:o4-v -,l--T f T11 'i 11.115 'Y1' wf - V 1 :ii f-it-11:1 96,000 Square Feet Floor Space We Appreciate Your Potroncnge ALLEN 81 JEMISDN 00MPANY HARDWARE Established in lm -----f---- 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 53 '1 11 1 11 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 1-1 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 1 1 11 1 11 11 1 11 1 11 1 1 11 1 1 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 11 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 goof:-.:: - --A- ,,,,,,... .... , : ::::::::: ::::: A I COMPLIMENTS I O F :I Truck Trailers Manufacture, Sales and and 4: Bodies Service I J. M. CAIN, Owner :E tiff- Affffi 'J5::53::f:::::::55555555 ffffv ::::-1 1'::::::::::::::::::::::::::: I' I' Il :I :I :I 'I I :I :E ' IL Il 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I I, I, II II :I 'I :I :I E I :E I I I I 'I 'I 4 :I :I I, I, I 'I 'I 'I 1, I, I, :I ' N II II I, I I TUSCALOOSA. III 1, I Q: Q: I 2501 17th sneer II 'I I 'I 'I if I Phone PL 4-4542 I I GLOW CHURCH E555 A -'IIfffffffffffiffifffffffli 2555555555555- 1-:ffv :::::::::-::::::::::::::--:::: II KINCAID and FIELDS I I TELEVISION EQUIPMENT 'I 2221 - 7th STREET PHONE PL 2-5511 IL, A - A A - -x:,:,,,,,,,,,,:: vvv,, xx A..... - - - - i::::: ':::::::::: :::::-:::::::::: -:::::::: I fl BURNS TYPEWRITER EXCHANGE 1 'I 525 25th Avenue If TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Lx' --,,,x,,:,,,:-- --, L- -..,--- ,,,,,, -,,,,,,,, " The individual pictures in this section are of the members of the Business Staff. V... .... I. MILLER DELISO DEBS TOWN 81 COUNTRY IIIIIIIUSIII I QI I II I IIIII "" II- II! , L-lwgyft 3 1 'ff H19 In CAPEZIOS OLDMAINE TROTTERS CALIFORNIA COBBLERS -:::::::::- ::::::::0'Q0::: BROWN - MCRAE PHARMACY REXALL DEALER 2332 E. 9th Street ALBERTA CITY Phone PL 8-8693 WE DELIVER l. l. Adams Refrigeration 8. Electric Co. Phone PL 4-9561 I 508 Greensboro Ave. Tuscaloosa -lp f::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: --AA I CLEMMIE NAN REID 'I 1-:::::::::::::: A: ::::::::::::: We ore neither preocher nor, doctor, But we do cz Iot of heeling ond soving of soles. Amen. STEIN'S SHOE SHOP W J R D SINCE 1936 YOUR N B C Stotion Supporting The Community And Its Schools Always Ask For PE R RY'S C 15 I 1 MILK ICE CREAM V ,,,,,,,,,,,,, nj3333312Qigiiiiiigiiiiiiiiiiiiiioo g ii JAX CLEANERS g c:oMRuMENTs ' c A s H a. c A R R Y OF ' , 4 P Since 1935 1 i 1229 University Avenue ii i i 714 12Th Avenue L Eb s. R, iAo4soN, owner FURNITURE COMPANY QE -xiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiixx- 1 1' 1, if 5: YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD STORE Q mo Sim Sm, ALBERTA DRUG STORE r 'I ,, 1111 2301 Rm si., E - Phone PL 2-1554 If Phones PL 4-4681 - PL 8-5609 1151 1 IE I1 Alberto City, Tuscolooso 1 11 IL ...., ......v A :::-.J Lxx: ---- -- A-- Y:':'::::::::: ::::::::"::: Ecllw ll' H5 1 MEN'S WEAR 0--4-::::: :::: : :: : ::::::::::::::::::::::::::- Compliments of ' DUGlN'S SHOE STORE D P 4 P A I I I I i Compliments .of :I CENTRAL DRUG CO. M I S S A L A B A M A F A s H I o N s IOTO 8Th Avenue T ifififiiifiiiiifffffiffffifjffjfffijlfiifffifiiijliif:: 3 BURL QUINN HARDWARE AND SUPPLY COMPANY HARDWARE AND RESTAURANT SUPPLIES 2312 - 7th STREET PHONE PL 8-5881 4 w 4 1, ::::::::::::::::- ::::::::::::::::::::J'J 'N' -v--'-'---- "-------- T -1 Youia DEALER b g CONGRATULATIONS -- TUCKER MOTOR 5 P COMPANY ji IE JIIIIIES FURNITURE iz TuscaIOosa , :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: J :,: "FrancITised Dealer KIDD PHOTO SERVICE III For Frigidaire Products" IOI4 ISTIT Street 2418 61h Street Tuscaloosa, Alabama T, :I IE Qi gg TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA ff THOMAS KIDD Phone PL 2-1393 QE ff ff b'A::::::::::::: :::: ::::::::::2L:::' : -----v-v-vvv- vv-- ---------- ---------v --::::4-Q SAVE WITH TUSCALOOSA FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION MEMBER OF FEDERAL HOME LOAN BANK SYSTEM 527 23rd Avenue Phone PL 4-9540 TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA 'I 'I 'I I I I 'I 'I 'I 'I In -A--:vocal ON YGUR Mix . G RPTBNIIATI 0 N . W M , WW M WW M WMM ,W I W any ' fi ,ecmgc M66 .I,. Maw Wa? 1 V W 0 Q K - LEPHONE AND TELEGRAPH COM:PA ,f 2 XQ R. J. ROMAINE 1: fi CONCRETE COMPANY 3: 55 STEPS - PORCHES 5 SIDEWALKS - CURBWG EQEQ 1001 32nd Avenue Tuscolooso, Alcubomo 3, ELEANOR HOLLEY :: ::::::::::'::::::::::::::::lE E-::::::::::::::::::::::::::: HOWARD BUSINESS SUPPLY C0 ' r 0' ff: A - - -::::,::::::::::::: 3 1--- A---- ----- -A--A - - ---- 9- 'W' -"" """"- ""'-- - 4 H 4, OWEN MEREDITH 81 SONS I N S U R A N C E PROPERTY MANAGEMENT REAL ESTATE Serving Tuscolooso Since T898 5: EI T818 Brood Street Phone PL 8-3344 4 BOOTSEY RANDALL 1 Af: ::::::::::-::::: .S L' ':::::::::::::::::- J -x :::::::::::::::: r :f:::f:::::::::::: -v 5 W SS ,Af CRITERION P R I N T E R EE ri CLEANERS - DYERS - LAUNDERERS 410 24th Avenue " 'I ' open 24 Houfas Phone PL 2-3045 W 2201 71h sneer TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA TUSCALOOSA, AL AB AM A -,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, j lL,,,,:,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,::- TUSCALOOSA FURNITURE CO. coMPLETE Home FURNISHING 2223 - oth STreeT Phone - PLozo 2-T515 Coffee at any price 5 Avinnri Mono comnuv Your ADMIRAL Dealer P 'r 724 22nd Avenue Phone PL 2-4233 4+ 4+ 'I If -------------v--------------- vvvv '4..,.'ve'e",e,e,,,,e,,,,,,""',',, 4, ii CENTRAL gg s H o E s T o R E gg GOOD SHOES FOR THE gives you more it FAMILY Good Cups per pound Q: T I AI .I usco ooso, cs. L e.e, A BEST WISHES YELLOW FRONT STORES DRY GOODS - OROCERIES - SHOES LeT Us Sove You Money Wt::- :::::::::::::::::::::::::::: 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I I I I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I LDOJZIRQLI' ,5fl.I CREATIVE PHOTOGRAPHY Phone PL4-6746 G. I. - F. H.A. - HOME LOANS FIRST MORTGAGE COMPANY, INC. POI 22nd Avenue Tuscaloosa, Alabama I IE 1: I I I, 'I :E If 'I QI.. 'I 5 ' I' 3: :E ' .,' II I -ii 'I I, I, 'I I, 'I 9555225555::::::55:75::5:5::::::5:fi f::4::?55555::::::::::5:::7::::::::1, OPTICAL SERVICE CO. 'I I 'I ' H. L. SWAIN, Optician " Established I936 I Prescription Laboratories Lens Ground L Prescriptions Filled 'I I Fitted in Latest Style Mountings 2408 oth St. I 'I :I DIAL PL 8-2810 McLester Hotel Bldg. I, "L::::::::::::' Qiffffiiiffiffffl Tx::::::::::' I 'I I I I :g TuscALoosA's I I, 1: FRIENDLIEST I I 'I 1 THEATRE I I I 'I I I T H E D R U I D ., I, lg :I Lex: xxl Compliments of 5OUTH5'DE iii lANCASTER'S GARAGE AUTO 81 HOME 7 '. 5. 2028 saxfh sneer 5 U P P I-Y Q1 Qi TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA c:::::::::::::::::::::: ...,, , 'T Ili Il, 11, 11, 11, 2137 Greensboro Avenue ,E '1 1 11 1: tl I1 tl I Tuscolooso, Alobomo 1: gi 'I 1, 511: il 11 41 1 1 '1 1, 'U 1, --:::::::JLf:: ,,,, Lv: J v ::::::::::-::::::::f::::::::::::::::::::::::A--1 M DrP6PP Q me FRIENDLY '-PEPPER-UPPER" THAT NEVER LETS You DOWN! I 0- :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: A T "'A""""""A""A""""' A""""' 1 FIRST NATIONAL SERVICES INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING FACILITIES . . . SAVINGS DEPARTMENT COMMERCIAL ACCOUNTS TRUST DEPARTMENT COLLECTIONS SAFE DEPOSIT BOXES TRAVELER'S CHEOUES LOANS EXCHANGE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF TUSKAIOOSA, ALABAMA Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation I' "' "AA"" "" 'AAA' 'I T " "" """' VIRGINIA McCALL 4, :: ::,: J International Wallace Towle Gorham Lunt I TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Turkey Johnson Auto - Life - Fire Insurance ALSTON BUILDING R. I.. ZEIGLE from lowly s+a+e +0 cap and gown is one of life's biggesi' sfeps x. 'V xxi PN 43' I--Z' 5 375. f . e. fvffllbb is-bf N Nfaleers of Famous halsc:::: 'I 'I I I II I We Aim To Shoot - Good Meats - CANNON'S MARKET E Fancy Meots ond Groceries , Frozen Foods I4OO TENTH STREET I PHONE PL 8-3656 WE DELIVER 'EFE - " 1:11 I I CAROLINE HERITAGE 111: THE CORNER 'I 'I 'I 'I I, I IIE DRUG SUNDRIES 0 SODA FOUNTAIN 'I 'I 'I 'I If 8OI Tenth Street 'I 'I I I, :I TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA I I I ., : I, f -:: I I I , EE 1 Compliments E: of ggi nn. 1. P. Ammous' I I I 1: CHIROPRACTIC CLINIC I J Lf To The Graduates . . . . . . our congratulations to you on the completion of your high school educa- tion and best wishes to each of you for the future. To The Undergraduates and Faculty... . . . we pledge you our continued in- terest in your school activities. Gulf tates Paper Corporation And ICS Sales Division E-Z Opener Bag Company Tuscaloosa, Alabama f Y---- -v---vv..-... - .....v : ::::::---q f-:::::::: -:- 5 Y 5 Q 'I p , 2 n l lg ' n Q i n - N U W 'n 'i ll U U U 'i 'r K -.. li l, K ' hi K lil N L G- .....A. A-i1 ..A, ,A,,A-A Y-v-- - A --... ---- l - v--vv- --v--- --Y g f '---- ----v-- ---v- : : :::::::::::::: ll ll li li W NU Cloverdale Gulf Service EE Station il SAM coNAvvAY, Dealer ll Hackberry Lane 81 15th St. l' Tuscaloosa a 1, :i I , Ad HQ li I, W N IT PAYS TO SHOP AT oRAY's MENS sHoP TuscALoosA's Finest! j BROAD STREET M P' """ "'--- 4 J "":::' AAA' :::::::f' F "" """"""""" : :::: ff If if if come TO cooK's Fon . if T H E D 0 G H 0 U S E O Nationally Famous Watches EE Q Registered Lovebright Diamonds l: DlXlE'S FASTEST CURB SERVICE O Finest Jewelry 1: if ,E 0 Gifts For All Occasions fl Where The Students Eg ON CREDIT AT NO EXTRA COST , Meefrorof :El cooK's JEWELERS 5: 605 Greensboro Avenue IL .,,,,,,,,,,,,,::,,:,,,:::::::::::, J Lx: ::::,,,,,,,,,x,,,, ee lf"x:xx::::xJ"" ' ':"'x:: 'xx7l Vx: "" ::::::::::x::::x:' ' ' ' O: j: ,: 5: Compliments of l 1 1 r 1 l TE 5E TUSCALOOSA MOTOR 1, li n 1, lt '1 1, li lt ll l Q Home-Owned and Operated , 111, Operated in Seven States " Mwimmiff gum, 11 I1 General Offices - Birmingham 'T " " Phone 1, ' '1 lv Birmingham 3-3l3l Tuscaloosa Pl. 8-3323 ji :1 Fast Dependable Service , :1 :1 O. M. Cummings and Sons, Owners FJ: :::55:55:55:55:::::::::::::5::::::::::::::::3:55::5555::535::55 'T ll 1 li 1 THE CITY NATIONAL BANK OF TUSCMOOSA l 1, OFFICERS 1 ll J. F. Alston, Chairman of Board R. H. Cochrane, Vice-Pres. llnactivel ll J. F. Alston, Jr., President Fred L, Craft, Cashier 'i Robert N, Algtgn, Vice-Pres, C. T. I-lurt, COSl'ller 81 AUdllOI' 'l Frank S. Daniel, Executive M- H. UWUFYYWOIWCJ, Asst. CGSlWiBI' l' Vice-Pres. 81 Trust Officer. Miss Jewell Wise, Asst. Cashier lt li I: DIRECTORS 'i I ll E. H. Alston J. C. Austin George C. Spigener 1' J. F. Alston Howard Burchfield Moses A. Temerson 'l J. F. Alston, Jr. J. C. Duckworth Frank W. Thomas 11 Robert N, Alston George A. Lemaistre J. W. Thompson 1: Reuben H. Wright Dr. C. B. F. Young 'I 'I ll MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION 1 il l ft OLDEST BANK IN ALABAMA PHONE PL 4-4751 li 'n 4,::f: TUSCALOOSA 22 0 d 2 Bm' ssiabiashed was I Phone PL 8-O4OI - O 1 .t One Block From U , if sr H The Hog me mms N0 mc: un: nom: E I I DRUID CITY TRANSIT COMPANY vvv- .... vvvv - r----- --- SNIPES BUSINESS MACHINES 2206 oth Street Phone PL 8-5I6O Quality - Service Alubumu Apothecary 2nd Floor Fifst Notionol Bonk Building Tuscolooso, Alobomo Phone PL 2-5571 ----J-c-------------- --v- Q- ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::e:::::::::::::::- dp Qtstanding ! ! Like These T. H.S. Beauties i T , I9 5 6 M E n c u n Y ,y Tuscaloosa Lincoln-Mercury Company ".,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,, jlif.S.Tf'iff,?EEf',ffQfii'Q,,,,,,,,,,,:,,,,,:o , 3: E. C. Hunter, Jr. George T. Stephens 1: I: b HUNTER - STEPHENS X TV SERVICE if T304 University Avenue X Xi -4 ' 5, Phone PL 2-3452 - gi: J ' ' ADAMS AND BAKER, CONTRACTORS FIRST NATIONAL BANK TusCALoosA, ALABAMA L- J "The Store of Quality" Phortes PL 8-3236 - PL 8-3433 Brood Street, Tuscaloosa, Alobomc -a-4-,'.".',.,Q4,'."'.fA,',Q,0,,.'- - - - :::::::::: ,::::::,::,:,,,,, - .4 9- :::::::::::: :::::::::::::::::::: I In Fore QUALITY 1: lnsistOn If J A Y ' 5 ICE CREAM I .I "AIobomo's Finest" I, ' 4,l I AUTO PLATE GLASS co. EEI 1, In I I "QUALITY AND SERVICE FIRST" 4 I 2509 Brood Street Phone PL 8-5449 ' I Tuscolooso, Alobo mo I: MARGIE ROGERS I ::::':::::::::::::::: v'---v- J L' 2 2 2 2 1 1 2 2 1 fffff::::::::::::::::::- Plumbing 81 Heating Contractor JOHN W. DILL GULF STATES PLUMBING 8. HEATING CO. DIAL PL 8-3252 2000 Sth Street :::: :::4:::: fuer. :: :v 'I 'I 'I ' POP EXPERT PHOTO FINISHING . . 1: .... PRINTING - COPYING - ENLARGING , Tuscaloosa Photo Service invites you to leave your film at one of their many dealers. EVERY PRINT GUARANTEED TUSCALOOSA PHOTO SERVICE Member National Photo Finishers and Dealers Assn. , Phone PL 8-1251 Tuscaloosa, Alabama ixx: qv xxffx' xxxx' I . REX DRUG STORE ' 4II 1301 University Avenue ,, - 1 Phone PL 8-5591 1 if f I E1 I ii - I NORTHINGTON 1 I, ff! Laundry - Dry Cleaners I I E :E 1, DISCOUNT FOR JUDY RHODES I CASH 84 CARRY I 9' :::::-- J Q1 -::::::::::::::- : A A A A:::::::: A A A A A:::::::.ro-c:::::0'c: :::::::: SHOP AT JIT EY .IU GLE Downtown Store Porkview Center 1924 6th Street 15th Street A:::::: 3::::::::::::::t:::::::::::::::::::: 'I 'I 'I I I G 'I 'I I 'I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 'I 'I II 'I U II II I I II II CHARLES TENIERSON - s. I SONS I I I I I I I I F 'I I I I I I MARGARET ANN WALLER I I I I , I P ::::::- :: A:: Ju ::::::,:::::,:,,:,,:,, J r :::::f:::::::::: r :f:::::::::::::::::::::::: -I I L U S T I G ' S COMPLIMENTS HAS A NEW Loox OF 1 1 I I cum NEW ADDRESS WIllIAM'S PHARMACY I I 19' 5 Sm' Sffeef I I I TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA I f :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::9:::::::::- I SMITH BROTHERS MARKET UNIVERSITY AVENUE Phone PL 2-2546 TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA , mmxxgxxv xxxx- J I P O S E Y ' S SERVICE STATION I5OI Greensboro Avenue PLAZA 2-2833 ::::,,,:::::::::::::- "Soy It With Flowers" From THE BLOSSOM SHOPPE Doy PL 4-4792 Night PL 2-5554 Brood Street, Tuscolooso, Alo. -------------H--------------U .I o Complimems of LINDY'S A. 81 W. ROOT BEER DRIVE-IN ISI 2 I-Iockberry Lone FAULKNER MOTOR CO. NEW ond USED CARS - LOCAL ond NATIONWIDE TRAILERS 26OI Qfh Sfreef Tuscolooso, Alobomo Phone PL 8-3054 - Tpq- -:::TT 'I 'I FOR THE LIFE OF YOUR CAR ' CQMPUMENTS " - G0 ' OF ' GW I I I II ALBERTA GROCERY I Miller Oil Refinery " C O , " I ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::.II If-:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::- - .I ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: 'T I II I I I I I ALABAMA BOOK STORE ' BOOKS SUPPLIES TEXTBOOKS FICTION IOII I5 UTTIVSVSITY Avenue , :::::::: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: - 4 DRUID FURNITURE COMPANY ' "Home of Qualify Furniture" RADIOS iff STOVES 'fi' FINE FURNITURE if REFRIGERATORS PL 4-7574 TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA 22I5 - 6th Street ifffffffffffffffiffifffffffff:ff::::f::::::::::::::::::::::::::' J I TRUST YOUR CLOTHES WITH A CLEANER WHO KNOWS I GREEN And CORK CLEANERS In TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA 5555555535355 ""A'-"AA A"A 3 N "Build Wiih Briclgersn Bridgers Lumber and If Building Material Co. l If I RETAIL - WHOLESALE Phone PL 8-2550 2211 Greensboro ' EARRIS - EAULKNER I, l PAN - AM STATION 55 35 2001 Brood Street Q1 TuScALooSA, ALABAMA EE ' 551' PATSY HOWARD E qv ::::::::::::- IN ONE PLACE ONLY You'II Find All of The ' sv You - 0F You - Fon You l . l THE TUSCAl.00SA NEWS :P SERVING THIS COMMUNITY EOR OVER 135 YEARS Y 1 TALL OIL A product of Southern Pine NATIONAL SOUTHERN PRODUCTS CORP. Post Office Box 390 Tuscaloosa, Alabama v-Jc- ...v. vvvvv - ---v Q f 4: 4 4, I, .E 'I '4 11 I . I 4 ,, Comphmenfs 4 14 ll 4, :, I, , 54 14 of 4 I 4, 4, I4 '4 '4 II II 4, 4, I Tusc:ALoosA 'I RETAIL DRUGGISTS '4 4 'I I4 '4 '4 ' ASSOCIATION 'I 1, , 4 VIRGINIA RAYFIELD 4 -- A+----- A ------ .I L, STYLE CENTER WALL PAPER. PITTSBURGH 8. BENJ. MOORE PAINTS AMERICAN - STANDARD HEATING - PLUMBING GENERAL ELECTRIC CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS WESTINGHOUSE LIGHT BULBS PIPE - VALVES - EITTINGS COLE SUPPLY C0., INC. 520 - 22nd Avenue Phone PL 2-7421 r ---v----v--- r T 84 M CAFETERIA 404 Greensboro Avenue TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA "Your Choice of Choice Food" WE BUY, TRADE AND SELL LANCASTER FURNITURE ond TRANSFER CO. NEW AND USED FURNITURE Locol ond Long Disfonce Moving Phone PL 8-2763 O'CONNOR CONSTRUCTION COMPANY GENERAL CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRIAL COMMERCIAL- RESIDENTAL Phone PL 8-55II 2135 Greensboro Ave. 9. - - - -:::- -::::::::::: 4 :::::::::::::::::::::-,: 4 MCLESTEII IIIITEL AIR CONDITIONED ROOMS COFFEE SHOP - DINING ROOM BANOUET - PARTY - MEETING ROOMS Convenient Porking In Heorf of Downtown Tuscolooso SENIO R LIFE 1 WORD!" Th egg are fumili ar words Qo the "HRS ts of Miss Brown. English studen ...gg Fufu undef Ax ghemim' Sis: ' err , 7 Und Ymung guidance Mike, mix Q br . ew Mrs. COYY lead 9.0.0, classes- . , . ne og ner s o class duscussnon lf' 0 Sfuden' Plains an S PQY close algebra anemia Pfoblem I' as Mr, 5 . - ' math 175 0 ::::::::::o::o:::::40:::::::::: - -- --------+--- poo' ---- --ooA-- AVERY'S SUPER MARKET T306 Queen Cify Avenue Tuscaloosa, Alobomo -::::::::::::'0Q:::::::::::, --- ,,A """'I AUTOMOTIVE PARTS COMPANY WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTORS COMPLETE MACHINE SHOP SERVICE MOTORS REBUILT ,::":::::::,-4-,:::::::::::::: -, ,.,.... --- ......, 90,04-,-0--,,-q TENNIS JACKSO ELECTRIC CO. T613 I5TI1 Street COMPLETE ELECTRIC SERVICE Dion PL 2-4072 Nfghfs PL 4-4256 N ff I L11 f,. F Ifffffl H f'ty"fiu 55? 5 ISI 1 IQIQTQQIII uaul, gm BQ- ?I0ul5uuJTg55L1nC E II I1 ,ni "" i"I"EgElI- I ' ' 'i TUSCALOOSA'S BEST DEPARTMENT STORE 5 1 Church Plastering Co 55 CLOVERDALE - P. O. BOX 620 Phones PL 4-6197 or PL 8-2310 "There is No Substitute for GOOD PLASTERINGH 9. J fgng4:::.T J .' : ::::::::::: :::::::::::: 'I 'I I I II 'I 'I II II II 'I 'I ll II 'I II 'I 'I II I I II 'I lI 'I II 'I 'I ll 'I II 'I I I lI lI II 'I 'I 'I ll 'I II II 'I II 'I II 'I I I I I 'I ------v---- A-----A-.1 A THE ' LATEST IN EASHIONS T O W N a n d C O U N T R Y I42O University Avenue YOUR ALSTON-CURRY 'f BAMA THEATRE AGENCY II II General Insurance - Real Estate 4Io Greensboro Ave. Phone PL 8-0453 I "WHERE You FIND ff ENTERTAINMENT, HAPPINESS and gg FRIENDS" II b:::::: ::::::::: YTTTTTTTTTTTTTETTTTTTT::::::T::: I ALBERTA STANDARD I SERVICE STATION 22 I 2 9th Street EE TuScALooSA, ALABAMA II II I I Lf v v .'fA.f: :.- ::::::::: : ::::::: : : : :- RUSSELL L. LEE FLOOR 8I TILE COMPANY We Specialize in ALL TYPES OF FLOOR AND WALL COVERING For Free Estimates Dial PL 2-3422 'I I ' CURTIS BLOCK and SUPPLY Co., INC. LIGHT and HEAVY WEIGHT BUILDING BLOCKS READY MIX CONCRETE STEEL SASH BUILDING SUPPLIES 3112 15th Street Phone PL 8 8383 fs:-4-c I I I I , - 'I 'I I I L,-::::::Jc::::::::::::,-:J-: : ::::::,7-0-c::::- ::::::: ::: toooooooc:r::,-:roou::::::.f:::4-:::g::4, fp -t 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I I, I, I, 'I I 'I Compliments of I: ,ME I II I II SOK0l'S I I 'I 'I 'I I T' I I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I ,, we FURNISI-I THE Home I I, I, ' I, I, I, ,, I II I Phone PL 4-4714 'I 'I :I I, 'I I I, 'I 'I ' 'I 'I I: I, I, I I, , ,I ,, ' I 'I ' ' I I I I I TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA 'I 'I :I I PAULA THOMAS I 1' :E I,.:::: -::::::::::::: -:::,:::: J -::- ,ex :ffI:ffffxffxfff-fxffffffxxfffx :fx- 'I I I-IALE INSURANCE AGENCY II 2110 7th STREET PHONE PL 8-0461 I I BOB'S BARBER SHOP Just Like The Block Beors - - THE BEST L vvvv' --vi --"'vvvvY- v v'w'Y--- Y vrrwv 'vvv' Y ,,-,-J'J ::::::::::::::::::::::, ::::::::::,5 4,:: fic-t ...--. vvvvv- ---..--- A - ----- v..- : : - ::::::::::::::::::::::::::: DUCKWORTH M MORRIS INSURANCE AGENCY GENERAL INSURANCE RENTALS REAL ESTATE TU SCALOOSA ALABAMA ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::.': :ini :-4' f:: II I, I, I, 1, Compliments Il I1 I I I +I :I :I I of 'I 'I 4, 1, lITTlECO0K-KEEII 'I Ii 1, 1, 'I In 'I In LEVIINGE SCHOOL OF THE DANCE SOUTH'S FOREMOST ACROBATICS Tuscoloosci Birmingham I223 University Avenue I,-oooo4nc::::::: -:::::::: ::: J ve0oo0t:JO0f AAA' """""' f- 1 I 1 I 'I 'I 1 U 'I 'I 1 I U 'I 'I 1 'I I 'I I I I 1 M M 1 frgi, , I I TUSCALOOSA'S I FINEST I DEPARTMENT STORE 1 I BROAD STREET AT TWENTY-THIRD AVE. I 'Lffff' ffiffifffiffff ffffffffffffff: ' Qiiiiiifiiiiiifiiiiiiiiiiiffffffffg, Inn' -lyvvvvilvvvvvvvvvvnn-vvvvvv'I'ivvvvnnvvvvH-vvvvvvvvvvv---vvvvv I I 81 TIRE CO. lgig I I TIRES - BATTERIES I I I 'I M 'i Brood Street cmd 19th Avenue ., ., I Phone PL 8-2526 " lj I1 I 'I I I I I TLISCALooSA, ALABAMA 1, , 1: I I I 'I 2-::: J :f::- :::::::::::::::::::::::: qu I :H I A I I I, DOYLES BAKERY ,I We speciolize in 'I PARTY, WEDDING, AND I . BIRTHDAY CAKES a I - TO ORDER - ' 'lfff I I I I If can PL 2-QSII 604 22nd Ave. I Pm' ONEAL 1, I I t.::::::::::: :::::::::::::::::::: J L :::::::::::: J f::i ""' :::::::JffJ-'-A:-A-'f 'AAAA' '::::::::::::" -1 'I I1 Horry Pritchett Morlin Moore I I I f PRITCHETT-MOORE, INC. ' I REAL ESTATE - LOANS - RENTALS -GENERAL INSURANCE I 4 2200 BROAD STREET - 1 , Phone PL 4-444i 4, I, I I . you-on-:::r4----A 4-::: :: ::::: :::::::::::v v ::::: ---A--- - 1, """" ' ""' ' If UNIVERSITY CLEANERS 1' BRANCH MAIN PLANT BRANCH 710 32nd Avenue 1810 Hockberry Lone 2212 8th Street 1, "6 Times Cleaner" L-lv -3555555555555555f555:f555f5I553555ffffiffff. 5::' :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ":::::' ' if COLEMAN INSURANCE AGENCY 1 if REAL ESTATE LOANS BONDS ', J. K. COLEMAN - REALTORS - H. E. HAMNER Ll :,,, ,,,,,,,,: -::,,S-,:,,,,,:,.-,,:,,:,- C '-"-'A +:::o7 f:::: A: :- I 11 1 I 1, 11 'I I 11 I 1 'I , J. H. FITTS , 1 1 Agent 1 11 11 5: STANDARD OIL - COMPANY ', Tuscolooso, Alobomcx If EI J. H. Fiffs W. R. Woolen I LAURA NELL LEE 1 .... ..... - ,:--:--,--,--.'L, -,,,,-,-,,:, I STRICKLAND BROS. MACHINE CO. I ORNAMENTAL IRON 1: ' Columns L' ' Railings 2804 12111 STREET I, ' Furnifure Phone PL 8-2364 rv E UAF TE, PE E U MA N BA E A v AL A I T Y s E R I V N U SA' O SCALO Tu I: t - 4: Q'-v -,7 ll 0 0 'U 0 U 0 2 0 0 'D 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 IP 'P 0 'P 4+ 4I sr li 0 nr 0 0 0 ll 'P 0 0 0 lb 0 'I lb 0 'V 0 'P 0 0 0 0 0 U 0 ll ll 0 IP 0 1I 0 U IP 0 0 ll U IP IP U 0 0 'U 'P 0 1I 1I 0 0 IP 0 0 0 0 IP ll U 0 U 0 fl 6Q 0 0 0 0 0 0 lb i I 'I CCSSISEQTQTQQTSIQC' ,,' " I I' sENioRs or '56 GATES 8. COMPANY , J. HAL MCCALL FOR 29 YEARS i MAYOR TUSCALOOSNS QUALITY 1' CLEANERS W. B.DRAKE8.SON PRINTERS Phone PL 4-7575 2119 9th Street TUSCALOCSA MARBLE womcs oiaesmssoreo AVENUE CompIimentsOf K 'L' Jewelers 81 Opticians Diamonds - Watches TUSCAI-OOSA 4 Expert Repairing Brood Street Tuscaloosa, Ala il "Your Authorized' Chevrolet I H HA-jjzxlliijji 18' I Deoler" ,M M I I. I. E R E I ELECTRIC COMPANY 2001 6th Street Ii I Carrier Air Conditioners TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Oooht- ---- - J-oo-oc- - - - ::::,-:::: IOI8 15th Street TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA J ::::::::::::::::::::::::: A A F om CNWEN S 'YUICH NJA? Y I x X 4. ww W Sis WS? xldm , N . """""""----"'-----"'---v'--- ':::::::-,.,.,,,, SIIUTHEASTERN MANUFACTURING CIIIIPIIIIATIIIN GENERAL CONTRACTORS COMMERCIAL - RESIDENTIAL - BUSINESS - INDUSTRIAL CoII PL 8-279I For Free Esfimofes 2430 Greensboro Avenue TUSCALOCDSA, ALABAMA E55 SOUTH SIDE II D R U G s T o R E N ,, QIO2 Greensboro Ave. T, 1 15 :E Phone PL 4 4741 H5 I' I' Tuscolooso Alobomo I I I II Tl Nh T, 4, :::::::::: :::::::::::::::::::::: If ----v----- ------------- v .-.v'... nu I" 'I THE MARY JANE SHOP 'I I, IQ II nn ff QE THE LATEST IN If EE FAsH1oNs AND ACCESSORIES WN 1, 4, BETTY COOPER :I I408 Unnversnfy Ave 'I :::::::::::::::::::::f:::: 4 J I --A------A------ ..... ------------ v :::::::::::::: :::::::::::r:: :::::::::: ::::1-l':::: Have Coke THE PAUSE FOR Q 'Sill-Ill! IIC. U. l- FAI. Oll- THE PAUSE THAT REFRESHES :::::::::: :::::::: :::::::::::::::::,-::,:,::::::-,,t:::::::::::::::::-,OJ 'A' ""' ""A' """' "A""""' WF MACKEY'S GROCERY 23OI 7th Street Phone PL 8-3676 Ub::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: J F CHRYSLER - PLYMOUTH Soles ond Service RIGGS STEPHENSON MOTORS, INC. Bm SEARCY IQOO am sneer PL 4-669I Alwoys Ask For Southern Doiry's 111: MILK c.w.LEwIs Awoursfore - At Your Door :I 1' FURNITURE CQ, SOUTHERN DAIRY 5I YEARS Greensboro Roocl OF DEPENDABLE S E R V I C E PHONE PLAZA 8-5363 ::::: o-J lf- ::: -:::'::::'0Q' SHEET MUSIC BAND INSTRUMENTS PIANGS M IC IIIIU E ' "Everything Musical" 408 Greensboro Avenue TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Phone PL 2-IBI9 'W fN4,--,--0--- 'T 'T T 'T T T 'T 'T 'T I 'T I I 'T 'T I I 'T 'T 'T 'T 'T 'T 'T 'T 'T 'T 'T 'T 'T 'T 'T 'T T T I I I If BEVERLY OLIVER ,-,,,-,,vvvv----,--vv-:::::::::::-y FISHER BROS. LUMBER CO. ALL GRADES ARE LUMBER GUARANTEED 2617 GREENSBORO AVENUE F 'T 'T I I I I I I I I RALPH BOWEN AUTO - LIFE - FIRE INSURANCE First Notionol Bonk BuiIding 9 ::::::::::::::::::::::::: J L- J I I Hove A Refreshmg 1: L, lg I, ' I I 'I O O 0 2 S 4,3 4, I, Q " , 1 I I' ! , I Q 'f , I ., .L ' L-L In 'L Lv I I slzvm-ur sommc co. gg 'I 2255 I7HLSweet 5 u ROSALLND ALEXANDER 4 j I 1.5: ORANGE CRUSH GRAPICO I VPN' ffffffffffffffffffl .A.,.,A.A Prfffffffffffffftiggggggjggggjggjgji rv-,-- In Ir 'I I 'I 'I 'I """"""' "' 7 LI 'I RICHARDSON BUTANE GAS CO., INC. " GAS HEATING And COOKING PLANTS FOR HOMES OFF UTILITY LINES I ', Phone PL 2-4143 PM 0, BOX Q02 Ia TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA :l:::i:-v::::::::::::::i:::::::::::: ::::::::::::::: ly T""""""""""""HN " M ::N:"x" 7 I, I L L 1, , I ' MITCHELLS . TRU-VALUE ' If AWNLNG And SHADE COMPANY IIC 5 H 0 P 4, I Il, 8II - 23rd Avenue 222I Brood Street 'I I ., TLJSCALOOSA, ALABAMA 5: jf TLJSCALOOSA, ALABAMA I 'I :I ' 1:::: -:::--,,:,- IL I ------ A---A---- A A I I I . ------.roo4:v--v-vvvv.v-o'o'o-42-47-4-- 0 Community Service v Poyroll Disbursement ' Supply Procurement ' Tox Poyments - Budgeted Contributions by the STRONG INDUSTRIES I or THIS COMMUNITY I BOLSTER YOUR OPPORTUNITIES THE CENTRAL FIIUNIIRY UIIMPANY :::.foo-0-od: ::::- 'I 'u , P W W ' x WP U r P W REG. U.S. PAT. OFF. Kmart Schaffner 6: Marx Clothes ie s el C HE STORE FOR MEN SL BOYS 1, 1. 1, U I, H ,Q332233323LQQLLLLgiijijjijjjijijjjf ...v 4 , :z 5: SANDY'S MOTEL EE 3E H1 University Avenue EE Tuscolooso, Alobomo 4, w IQ lx,,,,ss,,,,,,,,,,:,,,,,,,,,, I1 I' l::f J. B. SUMNER Q5 QE GROCERIES Q, ff 1024 - 18th sneer CAROL sTEvENs if :T Phone PL 49625 ::::::: J ---- - --A-- --- J l i i l lT"" """""""' """"""""' ' ' it Sporting Goods Housewares and Gifts ' Hardware and Tools Glidden Paints Building Materials Plumbing and Electrical Supplies I .l. OVIATT BOWERS CUMPANY, INC. l "Tuscaloosa's Modern Hardware Store" 2105 Second Street Phone 4466 ll FREE PARKING giiif iiiiiiiifffffjjfiflffiiffffiffffflfffffijiiifiifi l l l READY-TO-WEAR at the Broad Street Phone PL 4-7601 Eliiiiiiiiiiiiiiii:: ,- ,, e, e - .... liiiliiiillilillllli T, 'i ll Compliments of 1 I 55 s u P P L Y li li li li li li 1, n li MORGENTHAU'Sll lf EE 521 25th Avenue BYRON Meissen, Owner " ' Sooner or Later Your Favorite Cleaner" ,I .I Office Furniture And Equipment I l,l::::: J 0 : J : ::::: :::::::::: :::::.r4-::::4-:::.v-ea CO-ED BEAUTY SALON 805 IOth Street Phone PL 4288 -----Q I, F ---A -'III Compliments of ARMISTEAD BROTHERS S U P E R MA R K E T 36I8 9th St., Eost SERVING EAST TUSCALOOSA FOR OVER 20 YEARS Phones PL 8-8678 - PL 8-8679 PAMELIA JO McGEE I, :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ,S GIBSON APPLIANCE CO Corner Brood Street ond 25th Ave. BENDIX HOME LAUNDRY KELVINATOR REFRIGERATORS Phone PL 2-I3I4 Tuscolooso, Alo --4L. ...v....v... .I NATURAL GAS The Wonder Fuel For COOKING - WATER HEATING - HOUSE HEATING REFRIGERATION - AIR CONDITIONING ALABAMA GAS CORPORATION f , ::::::::::::::::::::- f -v----------v ----v----- v - :::, I '1 10 gg Friendly, Courteous Service 1: 1: MITCHUM POULTRY ll 8. EGG COMPANY EVERY EGG GUARANTEED 3: 51 li li HU '1 ll Northport, Alobomo IE Il WU 1, l, :::::::::::::::::::: :JU -::::::::::::::::::: AU Compliments of fi fl 1 l 141 l 1 1, 1 I: fi 1, l 1, C9 dli UIERH 1 1 sntotiooonvio in lla, nalwm 4 2214121 :I :C 1 l 2310 sixth street EE EE Tuscolooso Phone PL 4-9224 if ll WCTORY CRW '1 :, -: :::, ::::::::: J - .--...v.. VISIT OUR NEWLY REMODELED AND LARGER BOOK STORE SELL YOUR BOOKS TO US MALONE'S BOOK STORE Also Stote Textbook Depository For the Entire Stote Tel. PL 4-4233 807 lOth Street ----.fc REACH Fon... ,L e The NEW iMPRovED . I I . T.. Q ,Eff .,,. :UZ 4' S fx-1:19, "1' t ' I ,IVI 1 .,:::A,'v " ' L . nib V' lllzbea I ee e A I ,...,A ltiv 75:1 .". A Q, V. , .i ' -'Vq T H E B R E A D Y o U gi I , 7 I 5 -Lg' I .,,.. . . .,,,i5 -If . 5 N E E D F O R E N E R G Y -Q' 3 A A--A I -A '-"l: f ..l4, ' :iiiiiiifliiffiiiiiijiifffiijifilA ,- S SllliiiillliiilliiililiSill I I LIVELY MUSIC SERVICE I GRAPUAUNG 5EN'0R5 :I , Hove Your Diplomas And BALDWIN ond ACROSONIC PIANOS EE pidures Framed by BAND INSTRUMENTS, ACCESSORIES 51 II The SHEET Music, oReANs f, I L I T T L E G A L L E R Y Parkview Center Phone PL 8-2694 IOM' 8th Avenue if 'I Behind the Corner Drug JL ,::,,,::,:,:- ::,,,:, J. M. BURCHFIELD and SONS 2500 4th Street Phone PL B-3654 TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA D e L O A C H MOTOR COMPANY I925 6th Street PL 8-O477 WILSON TEXACO SERVICE STATION ROAD SERVICE - WASHING LUBRICATION 2501 9th Sfreef PL 2-72II EXPERIENCED CRAFTSMEN SINCE I 892 WEATHERFORD I I PRINTING COMPANY Tuscolooso, Alobomo Phone PL 2-I5II -------------- -----------J -----------vv----v------v:::: A ,,,,,,,,,-,,, ,,,,,,,,, f---,---------------v-----::::: 4 SKY CHIEF GASOLINE TIRE CHIEF GASOLINE New cmd Improved HAVOLINE MOTOR OILS TEXACO MOTOR OILS "Let Us Morfak Your Car" TEXACO OIL CO. AMANDA DENSON 4 :f::::- J 5005, ,vvv , , v ,,.,.,.. .... - ........ - ::::::::::::v SOUTH HIGHLAND MOTEL AIR CONDITIONING - TELEPI-IONES - CAFE 24 - Hour Service U. S. 82 - 3 Miles South 3821 24th Avenue PL 8-2024 iliiiifiili n AAA- - A 'AAAA r PAUL KUYKENDALLIEE DRUID DRUG OIL COMPANY UNIVERSITY AVENUE Phone 4424 TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Suppliers of SITICLCILI' Products 'tg jjjjjjjj vvvv 5 SAFETY SERVICE Goodyeor Tires - Tubes Bofreries Tuscolooso, Alobo mo FREE INSPECTION HOUSE'S GARAGE 702 Greensboro Ave. TWIN SEAM MINING :if gggzf .f CCMPANY Phone PL 4-7766 T H E PHlFER'S Standard Service Station if if 1801 Broad Street R E C O R D S H O P University Ave. an I 1, Phone PL 4-9239 J Portraits by BUFCJRD vit COMMERCIAL il? PORTRAITS 2424 8th Street Dial PL 4-7550 4, J ffoowc::::- :::: ::: I FI nm I I I ELEUTRIU r 1111111111110 I I 1 1 011111111 Y IIIIII - 5 21218111 Sfreef WIIUIESUIE 11 . Groceries1E '1 1 Phone PL 8-5132 I ' I 1: I I I1 I 11 1, 1, X 15 I1 I1 II I1 I1 9:: :::::::::::::::::::::::J I"::::::: ':::::::::::::- J r: -+'-A'--- ----------A A '--A'--A ------'-'--' A-'- '----- 1 1 I 1 Q COLONIAL SCHOOL OF DANCING WE TURN YOUR DANCING PROBLEMS INTO DANCING PLEASURES: FOXTROT - WALTZ - RUMBA - MAMBO - TANGO II Phone PL 2-2514 I Tusc:ALoosA, ALABAMA 55 M5555 ::::::::::::fj 33555 7- 3:55, 555555 II 1'-1-:::: -A--- :::::-1 r::::fff::::fv - ::::::fff::ffffffff-'T' 1 11' ' 1 1 :E I 1 151 TATUM PONTIAC . I 1 s H A R P ' s C0 1 W MII if Swims We 110116 IIN I ' 816 Greensboro Avenue I I TuscALoosA, ALABAMA I1 Ig 1: IL 112: TuscALoosA, ALABAMA ' 2 131' II-OOO-O'4'::::- I- :::":"4 fgememdm pmaqan D Qwwfndw Wmaqcw 77 f2 panaqon l0llll lllllllllilllll oday are printers of the yearbook of your school. F Tomorrow as you seek your future in welll the Ill i professions, industry and commerce we 'G's.eg125u at Paragon hope to serve you with fftf' the essential Printing.and Lithography you will need in the pursuit of your career. Many of our best customers came to us through friendships formed around the annual planning table or from former grads like yourself who first saw our work in their annual. ,.' 'D -gil l 53 WLM Bm' WMM tri 2 aragun was - ' Morrreomenv, ALABAMA 1. M-....,,,.. K X V+! 0 . '.4,..--'WI-,, . ,wzsfsmf C sQ,g!37v'W ,NW Q A in M W"'l-wk . ' ' ' 'Jani .mlmilfs ':4:.x,7-t:xa4mlsm.3m.-. Jnewmmlua:u.n'z1N ,mf "ummm '1 " ' w WSW w'3i3'fig3Qt W W M9 jg figfwffii if eff QW! qyf Vp Q 5 . x 21 0' al WA S Q .. A . . '-fF' .'1 We-I wuffyx, f: A - - 'x v fs, J h ff , 4 . ' Qzffk 35:1 f"5f1152if 1,'r'1- ff' Tim: "kyi2..a2.' 5- S 'ff 5 . . . x s g 5 s , . . t 04041 Xlfxs! f-1 QPNO . Z2 1 W WJ55? 5 W Q, 9 LN jk5g3,V"fXirav,T5VU 6 long! AU! lf' l .- Aw UQ V JVXX A .X el VY Tgjjj - Qjf-X ALMA MATER Underneath The old oak frees Where the breezes sigh, Loveliesf of our memories, Tuscaloosa High. T.H.S., T.H.S., We are all for you. We will ever sing thy praisey To you we'll e'er be true. w

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