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Tuscaloosa High School - Black Warrior Yearbook (Tuscaloosa, AL) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Cover

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,gf 52 Ji' -X 42 E N ' f 49 xg, ul 05, W- ,GY wavy ,Q , ff, vw V 2 ,,,.L W 142' Q fx . . ge I .G fngikr 5. . : ' fm Af 1411.-' Ram" 2 f .V .--...g--. - Q 5 r. M .gy g,-- 1 J 'I . 11.9 1' "'k . I mf T ia QS' . ' Q , f. i , w 'K 2' ' '93 - 5- 1 H 'N' " n"' +- 45 nf- , .-Q...- s.. 1 My Blfwk Wawim 1954 a yeafaflf WMWW 7u4wha4a Jlayh 7u4oa1oo4a, Nladvna west the cookie fire surges e boys IS IS xy:-w , 5. , GMM. Qwzfwm .I x ' Q . ' . X , TCNTE, mme ,M ' TUSQIIBSQ Hou IQ 'Q E 'sv QQ sw 3, X..-. V Nd x W? K l . X QM K if NA. 'O J ,lgiw aff 73 Q M, Am ,. N ox I g my Hot chocolate, count-tlambean iars, throwing darts at the grinning caricatures, cornstallu stacked in the corner of the gym, the dimly-lighted fortune-teller's booth, coconut cakes, won in the cokewalk-. The gay faces here reflect the fun that prevailed at the Beta Club Halloween party. ' fx -mm l sf? 1. . if . e -lJYa:,-1-S'-::,.-r.. ' i I: W. 23.421-."'?Avif.:i1 JR- 5' if ,hui i . ',Q"X. M V-I-C-T-O-R-Y-Will we win it? t rnin to conduct Homecoming assembly, coffee served Former bootball stars re u g by the Student Council to old grads who greet friends and former teachers, clubs working an their floats, cheerleaders in white outfits selling shakers or leading 'A ' tain and co-coptoin introduce our lovely rafter-rousing yells an Pep Rally. Out cop queen, maids, and sponsors. Christmas carols, silver Christmas tree, the Copstoners, cookies and punch, Bunny Hop. Mexican Hut Dance, red velvet dresses, rhine- q stones, bow ties- All of these add up to the first Christmas dance held by the P. T. A. 4546 W '11 xik Bond members mal: e up such a big happy family anyway. Their annual banquet only helps to increase this feeling of oneness. This year Mr. Roberts yas the genial, witty Master of ceremonies and Miss Em Donoha the honor guest. New officers come in for their share of congratulations, the ever beloved Bodie beams proudly at his prodigiel, and the food prepared by home ec. students all add up to the bond banquet. "ugh sw 15,5 uld eatest elegies? Sho I wonder if she'll give us the four gr study this valance table? My P. O. D, notes must be here but can't find them .... This typical last minute crammina characterizes many of us during exams. The Seniors linish Mid-terms with a feeling at relief as they are the lost exams before college days. "Diamonds Are Chorus girls doing A Girl's Best Friend", iitterbugers, American soldiers in Paris, torch singers bathed in blue lights, Sena- nd friend doing a I Sv tor Claghorn a comedy act, smiling chorines, all made up the cast ol "East Atlantic", a mu ented by the Junior Class. i sical comedy pres .X , Four years ago the Junior Class originated a talent show to raise money for financing the Jr.-Sr. Prom. Since then this has become an an- nal event providing enioyment and t rs and performers. I fun for specta o S is ,mi ,I Q Q WSW N :sig X 4 1 i a 53 far if Qi iii, '9 f z X ,M 5 'I gem! . , ka , . A " U , r. 50" Az ' Q, s 'x W1 I ' 35 4 Lovely gowns, excited squeols, the prancing gait ol mannequins, all to, gether weave an evening of high im- portance in our book f o T. H. Sfs exciting events. A large appreciative audience composed at proud parents, friends, and le'low students views the annual beauty wall: wh' h ' rc is sponsored by the Student Council B , eautiful girls entered by section rooms and clubs contend for the hona i r 0 being Miss Tuscaloosa High. Play practice every night, costumes dug from an old trunlr, music themes ar- ranged to suit the play, rocks and boulders made from wood and paper for the scenery, go into the lin' h ' is ed production of a Grease- painter play. The Spring production was "Song of Bernadette." The play was the dramatic story of the F rench peasant girl who be- came a saint. X 91 + i ts 1. A 1 3 Q55-EW ll: Q c ' X S55 x a of-gm .6 , i J . the -, W . ' ' . 'M' . q Mor--monrh of Senior Picnic, Senior Class Day, Prom. sun-back dresses, crew rws, and me crrsvol and dosrribuiion of the BLACK wARRxOR accornoaniea by the annual exchange of books loc autographing. Soon our yearbaoks are liberally wrinkled wivh phrases and signavures inscribed by lriends and reochers Graduation- Proud parents waich their daughrer or son svea forward ra receive his diploma. We Seniors have a dull ache in our hearrs when we realize Qhar 'his is rhe last. We lnnow that high school days are over when rhe principal gives us o hearry hand' shake, The gay graduation parries make us forge! Vhe ache in our hearis and quickly replace Qhe senvimenfal feeling with a gleeful happy anvicipafion. 1 X, NIM fi ' Y fi- ,gg',Q,-ff'5"'? -fx ., 'Q ,Y Qifgh, ' K wkixili f ' ,H ff? w 1 -fi 4, is r ii, a R 9 'SK 1 ,A . ff ,HJ ,LN ' .XX 1 Qi S, if A , X ' ff f I? xg!! ., -1 iff i if , rr L? i 5 'Y s 'W X Q 5 'A fri Fi .,i: - . GMM ..: X. WF' ..xL A QW-36 W' -MS. K N .X wxiww Xw.. 'M MX, 'QW VA .XM wry Qi N- ,FN .X If xv m w 4 R. Wa X .- Q 1 ,se xg: --ww . Q -su - if gf .J t X I? --K 9 ,, , X3 wr f a5 iLw??tWf2, , fy . . 9' ij 'X K Wx -..- A new high school building for white students and one for colored are being built to be ready for occupancy for the i954- 55 term. The people of Tuscaloosa re- cently approved a bond issue to provide one and a halt million dollars-for completion ot these high schools and much needed ad- ditions to the over crowded grammer schools of the city. A new Stafford school on Fifteenth Street will replace the old building to which so many thousands of students have gone to school through the years. Tuscaloosa with a new hotel, a new hos- pital, new high and elementary schools is keeping opace with the best in the nation. Mr. J. R. Pittard-principal of Tuscaloosa High, Kind, courteous, and understanding, Mr. J. R. Pittard is indeed concerned about each student. With this year's students grading them- selves in citizenship, Mr. Pittard has shown his emphasis on stu- dent guidance. With us now for three years, we all appreci- ate his interest in us and his ability to see our point of view. Mrs. Bessie Mae lewis, our school's bookkeeper, is a most cooperative and patient person. It was recently found that an average amount of S360 a day posses through her office. Although this amount, including fees, salaries, lunch money, and school supplies, makes Mrs. Lewis a truly busy person, she is always happy to help any one of us. Mrs. Verna Bardon, Mr. Pittard's efficient and smiling secretory, is a well known friend of all connected with T. H. S. Her many jobs, including making schedules, keeping student's records, and getting out school announcements and bulletins, are done with such ease that Mrs. lardon is known by all as an authority an managing a school office. The City Board of Education Mr. Hurry Pritchett, Mrs. R. H. Richardson, Dr. J. H. Had ley, Judge Reuben H. Wright, Mr. R. H. Davis, Mr. Paul lurnum Consulting architects, planning to spend school monies wisely, giving unselfishly of their time to the youth of this city backing the administration and teachers of our system are iobs filled by these civic minded citizens. Dr. J. H. Hadley-Superintendent of City Schools. With the great building program in full swing Dr. Hadley has a tremendous task ahead. His progressive and efficient manner of administration has drown the admiration of all. He carries the message of Tuscaloosa Schools to the public ef- fectively. The P. T. A., under the efficient leadership of Mrs. Mem Tierce, has had splendid attend- ance in l953-54. Both fathers and mothers come to the interesting hour long meetings which take care of business, problems common to parents and teachers of teenagers. Buying two coffee urns for use in entertaining large groups, sponsoring recreation nights for high school groups, and assisting in bringing Mrs. Grace Sloan Overton, nationally knovvn author- ity, to deliver lectures for teen-agers are major proiects for the year. RIGHT-Mrs. Mem Tierce, president of the P.T.A. For the second year a tea honoring the faculty has been given by the P. T. A. in the spacious and beautiful home of Mrs. Mem Tierce. These teachers and P. T. A. members enjoy refreshments at the tea. P. T, A. Executive nomo Row l - Mrs. Karl Perkins, Mrs. Manley Hodo, Mrs. E.. S. Harris, Mrs. H. H. Washburn, Dr. R. B. Scott, Mrs. Mem Tierce. Row 2 - Mr. Oviatt Bowers, Mr. B. C. Palmer, Mrs. John Anders, Mr. Mrs. B. C. Palmer, Mrs. John Anders, Mr. J. R. Pittard, Row 3 - Mrs. Norman Lan- caster, Mr. l.. C. Conant, Mrs. L. C. 'Con- ant, Mrs. Gordon Langford, Mrs. Kenneth Coons, Mrs. Oviutt Bowers. ii l Yffw 1 w X . gm S 'B it gg fr 1 X 1 lllll We Seniors have had a wonder- ful and exciting year. Remember the metal rings that measure Senior fingers for class rings, fussing about the flower on the commencement invitation, reioicing after midterms because they're our last exams, receiving the Gideon Bibles, and reading all sorts of pamphlets on colleges? SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS DAVID JAMES ..,...., President DON DaLEE ...,.. V. President MARY CATHERINE HATCHETT Sec. JOHN ABERNATHY Fire Brigade, All State Band. TOMMY ADAMS Mixed Chorus, "Pirates of Penzance", "'Textbooh Suite", Junior Talent Show, Science Club, Fire Brigade, Secretary of Homeroom, High School Recreation Committee, Hi-Y. MARY .lO ANDERS Citizenship Club, Honor Society, Latin Club, Student Council, Tri-Hi-Y, President, Inter-club Council, "Textbook Suite", Junior Talent Show, Black Warrior Business Staff, Beta Club, French Club, Youth Legislature, Peo Squad, Mid-Alabama Hi-Y Con- ference. SHIRLEY ANDREWS Vice-President, President, Secretary, Treasurer ol Section, Bloch Warrior Typist, Tri-Hi-Y, Vice-President, F. H. A., Citizenship Club, Beta Club, Honor Society,, Secretary, Office Runner. BARBARA ARCHER Citizenship Club, French Club, Tri-Hi-Y. MARY ANNE BAILEY Youth Legislature, Pep Squad, Citizenship Club, D. O. Club, Student Council, F. H. A., Tri-Hi-Y, Secretary, Spanish Club. TED BAILEY Vice-President of Section, Fire Brigade EMILY BAKER President of Section, Student Council, Beta Club, Art Club, Tri-Hi-Y, Black Warrior Business Staff, Junior Talent Show, Youth Legislature, Secretary of Section, Recreational Night planning Committee, Tri-Hi-Y, County Council Representative, Honor Society. GAYLE BAKER Transferred to T. H. S., Tri-Hi-Y, Treas. of Section, Leaders Club, Tennis Team, Quill and Scroll, Citizenship Club, Blach Warrior Business Staff, Assistant Business Manager. JEAN BAKER F. T. A., Pep Squad, F. H. A., Spanish Club, Tri-Hi-Y. GLADYS BARBER Greasepainters, Tri-Hi-Y, Citizenship Club, Red Cross, D. O., Student Council. , HORTON BARNES Football, Baseball, Manager, Basketball, Manager, Red Letter These Seniors serve as presidents of the Senior section rooms. With them is Miss Anna Brown, Senior class sponsor. ROW i-Carolyn Langston, Emily Baker, Miss Brown. ROW 2-Don Dalee, Jimmy Wood- ward, Edlyne Morris, Clyde Colburn. a DONALD BARTON Sec. of Class, President of Homeroom, Band, All State Band. THOMAS BEATTY THOMAS BECKHAM D. O. Club KENNETH BELL Latin Club, Hi-Y, Vice President of Homeroom, Mixed Chorus "Text Book Suite", Science Club, Grease Pointers, "Dear Ruth", "Our Hearts were Young and Gay", Song of Ber- nadette", Junior Talent Show, Tennis Team, Fire Brigade, Winner Civitan Orotorical Contest. GEORGE BILBREY Student Council, Greasepainters, "Little Women", "Joan af Loraine", "Our Hearts were Young and Gay", Bond, Vice President of Homeroom, Science Club, Citizenship Club, Monitor DANNY BOLTON High School Recreation Board, "Text Book Suite", Fire Brigade JIMMY BOONE Science Club, Black Warrior Stott, Fire Brigade, Junior Talent Show, Spanish Club, Quill and Scroll, Beta Club. EMILY BRAZEAL Junior Red Cross, President, Vice-President, Mixed Chorus Secretary and Treasurer, "Pirates of Penzance", "Text Booll Suite", All State Chorus, Greasepainters, Inter Club Council, Leaders' Club, Vice President Drivers Committee, Pep Squad. DORIS BROUGHTON D. o., F. H. A., r. T. A. BUDDY BROWN Vice-President, President of Section, D. O. Club, Cheerleader. NICK BROWN Fire Brigade. BETTY BRYANT Regular Schedule l0ll LUCY CALDWELL Secretary ot Section: French Club: Band: F. N. A., President D. O. Club JAMES CAMPBELL Fire Brigade: Band: Football: D. O. Club. EUGENE CARPENTER Art Club: Fire Brigade. CLARA SUE CAUSEY Tri-Hi-Y: F. H. A.: Citizenship Club: D. O. Club. BILL CRISTENBERRY Beta Club: Hi-Y: Art Club. CLYDE COLBURN Vice-President of Homeroom: Vice-President of D. O. Club. VICTOR COLEMAN Fire Brigade: D. O.: Favorite. BUSTER COLLINS Transferred to T. H. S. CHARLES COLLINS Hi-Y: Fire Brigade: French Club: Bear Facts and Black War- rior Photographer: Monitor: Library Staff. ROGER COMER Beta Club, Treasurer: Latin Club, Junior Talent Show: Honor Society. HARRIET CONANT Band: Mixed Chorus: Latin Club: Beta Club: All State Band Medal winner: "Pirates of Penzance": "Text Book Suite": All State Orchestra: Honor Society. MURIAL CORK Section Treasurer, Pep Squad: F. H. A.: F. T. A.: Citizenship Club: D. O. Club, Miss D. 0. of Alabama ANN CRUME Honor Society: Band: Librarian: All State Band: Spanish Club: Treasurer Science Club: Beta Club: Black Warrior Business Staff: Lyre Club. MARGARET CRUSE Vice-President of Section: Spanish Club, Vice-Pres.: Student Council: F. T. A.: Second Mixed Chorus: Band: All State Band: Citizenship Club: Honor Society: Beta Club: Office Runner: Medal Winner All State Band. DON DaLEE Football: Jr. Talent Show: Red Letter Club: Class Treasurer: Favorite: Sec. of Class: Track: Vice-Pres. of Class: Section Officer BOBBY DANIEL Band, All State Band, 4-H Club, French Club. MARY DAVIS Tri-Hi-Y: D. E. Club: Citizenship Club. CECILLE HUNTER Tri-Hi-Y: Citizenship Club: F. H. A. MANOELLE de Ia MENARDIERE President ot Section: Citizenship Club: French Club: Tennis Club: Delegate To French Convention. JEROLYN DOCKERY Red Cross Council: Black Warrior Business Statt: Tri-Hi-Y: Secretary: F. H. A.: Library. SHIRLEY DONALDSON Regular Schedule GEORGE DOWNING Transfer T. H. S.: Boys State: Mixed Chorus, President. VIRGINIA DUCKWORTH Greasepainters: Treasurer Section: F. T. A.: Tri'Hi-Y: Chaplain Lctin Club: Red Cross Council Senior Grade Editor: Junior Talent Show: Pep Squad: Second Mixed Chorus. CAROL FAYE DUNCAN Tri-Hi-Y: F. 1. A.: Historian. THOMAS DUNCAN Band: Fire Brigade: All State Band. JOE ELLEDGE 4-H Club: Fire Brigade. BETTY ELLIOTT Band: Citizenship Club: Tri-Hi-Y: Beta Club: Youth Legislature: Honor Society. ELEANOR ELLIS Secretary of Homeroom: Tri-Hi-Y: D. O. Club, Student Council: F. N. A.: Red Cross Council: F. H. A. ELISE FAIRCLOTH Student Council: Beta Club: Secretary ol Section: Citizenship Club: Junior Talent Show: Black Warrior Business Staff: Tri- Hi-Y: Greasepainters: Leaders Club: F. T. A., Vice-President: Art Club, Gold Key: Honor Society. RUTH FALGOUT Citizenship Club: D. O. Club: Junior led Cross: F. H. A. NEWCOMERS TO T. H. S.-ROW I: Sarah Margaret Elam, Martha Ray, Donnie Shirley, Vicki Gonzales, Sandra Luxich, Sondrio Garner, Nancy Robinson, Evelyn Ramsay, Mary Jo Box, Ada Huff, Eddy Goins. ROW 2: Willodene Steffen, Syvilla Oswalt, Mary Styles, Jamie Lancaster, La- Rue Sanders, Alice Jones, Sally Jo Nash, Martha Greene, Helen Henderson, Nancy Miller, Bobby lee, Ann Herbert, Jerri Haught, Judy Edmonds, Lamar Thomas, Al. bert Holland, Ivan Sanders. By the happy expressions on these stu- dent's faces, they must have made an A on their spelling today. William lcolzs a little doubtful. Illll WAYLON FIELDS D. O. Club. BARBARA ANN FISHER F. H. A.: Citizenship Club: Tri-Hi-Y: Library Staff. BETTY FLANNIGAN D. O. Club: Future Nurses: F. H. A. DICK FOWLER Vice-President of Section: Student Council: Junior Talent Show: Fire Brigade: Vice-President: Mixed Chorus. WILLIAM FOWLER BETTY FRANKLIN F. H. A.: D. O. GLENDA FREE President of Section: Beta Club: F. T. A.: Band: All State Band: Spanish Club: Office Runner: Honor Society. KAY FREEMAN D. o. Club: r. H. A. THAD GARN ER Proiection Club VIVA GARRETT Transferred to T. H. S.: Office Runner: Junior Talent Show: Mixed Chorus: Maiorette. ELIZABETH GILLILAND F. T. A.: Health Room Assistant: Citizenship Club. JUNE GILREATH Citizenship Club: F. T. A.: Monitor: Junior Talent Show: Sec- retary-Treasurer of Section: Majorette: Office Runner: Rod Cross. Citizenship Club: KATHRYN GREEN Transferred to T. H. S.: Tri-Hi-Y: F. T A MARTHA GREEN Transferred to T. H. S.: "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay Greasepainters. MARY LOUISE GREEN Citizenship Club: Spanish Club: Beta Club: Honor Society JUNE GREEN D. o. Club: F. N. A. HORACE GULLEDGE Proiection Club: D. O. Club Presiden BONNIE GUY Mixed Chorus: F. H. A. MARY LOUISE HALL ASA HAMNER Regular Schedule SARAH HANNAH F. H. A. BOB HARDEMAN D. O. Club: Student Council HARRIETT HASTY Honor Society: Beta Club: Greasepainters Black Warrior Staff, Bear Facts Staff. MARY CATHERINE HATCHETT President and Vice-President of Section: Student Council Citizenship Club: French Club: Monitor: Jr Talent Show Sec.-Treas. ol Class: Beta Club, Honor Society HELEN HENDERSON' Transferred to T. H. S. '53. EUGENE HERREN Hi-Y: Band. GILBERT HICKS HOWARD HINDERER land. JIMMY HINTON Co-Captain of Football Team: Red Letter Club Track LOU HINTON Sec.-Treas. of Section: President of Section Cheerleader French Club: Art Club: Vice-President: Citizenship Club Class Favorite: Junior Talent Show: Red Cross Council Beta Club: Spanish Club A picture that is becoming traditional. The editors not editingl llili SUE HINTON Student Council: Vice-President Section: Citizenship Club: Leoder's Club: French Club: Cheerleader: Favorite MARTHA HITEN Band: Lyre Club: Citizenship Club: Spanish Club: Fire Brigade: Red Cross Council: Office Runner. ROLLIE LEE HODO D. O. Club: F. N. A.: Health Room Assistant. BETTY LOUISE HOFFMAN Mixed Chorus: Beta Club: Citizenship Club: Quill and Scroll: Science Club: Greasepainters, Secretary: "Bishop's Mantle": "Little Women": "Song of Bernadette": Favorite: Red Cross Cou-ncil: Black Warrior Staff: Homecoming Maid: Secretary of Section: Honor Society. WAYNE HOGGLE D. O. Club: Fire Brigade. JANIE HOLLINGSWORTH Regular Schedule JANICE HOMAN Citizenship Club: Tri-Hi-Y: Monitor: Office Runner: F. T. A.: Red Cross Council: Student Council: Junior Talent Show: Maiorette. , LIBBY HORNE F. H. A.: Citizenship Club: F. N. A.: Red Cross Council: Tri- Hi-Y: D. O. Club. DELORES HOWARD Tri-Hi-Y: Citizenship Club: Pep Squad: Mixed Chorus. GWEN HOWELL F. T. A. Spanish Club: F. H. A.: Pep Squad: Mixed Chorus. FAYE HUBBARD ELIZABETH HUDSON D. O. Club: Citizenship Club. BETTY SUE HUGHES F. T. A.: Office Runner: Asst. and Business Mgr. of Bear Facts: Cheerleader: Junior Talent Show: Favorite: Citizenship Club. DOROTHY HUGHES F. H. A.: Tri-Hi-Y: F. N. A.: Citizenship Club: D. O. Club: Fire Brigade. JOYCE HUGHES Band: F. H. A.: Black Warrior Business and Editorial Staff: F. T. A.: Monitor: Office Runner: Citizenship Club: Tri-Hi-Y. JOANNE HUNT Transferred to T. H. S.: Favorite: "Miss F. H. A.": Junior' Talent Show: F. H. A.: Citizenship Club: F. T. A.: Office Run- ner: Captain's Sponsor Homecoming. SHELLIE INZER Sec.-Treas. and Vice-President of Class: President and Vice- President of Section: Latin Club: Fire Brigade: Band, Manager: All-State Band: Proiection Club: Bay's State: Favorite: Science Club: Hi-Y: President. JEAN JACKSON Band: Spanish Club: D. O. Club: F. N. A.: Basket Girl: Fire Brigade. DAVID JAMES President of Class: President of Section: "Confederates": Band: Mixed Chorus: "Pirates of Penzance": Favorite: Fire Brigade: Junior Talent Shaw. ARMISTED JENKINS lDobieJ Transferred to T. H. S.: "Clementine": "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay": Greasepainters: Science Club: Fire Brigade: Tennis Team: Projection Club. CLARENCE JOHNSON Fire Brigade: Hi-Y: Football: Basketball. JERRY JOHNSON football, Ha.Y, o. o. Club. GAIL JOHNSON French Club, Beta Club, Greasepainters, Tri-Hi-Y, Secretary of Section, Health Room Assistant, F. T. A., Citizenship Club, latin Club, Black Warrior Business Staff. JAMES JOINER Band, Mixed Chorus, "Textbook Suite", Fire Brigade As a means of finance for the Beta Club and as a help for students, the Student Directory was printed and sold. This di- rectory contains the names, addresses, and phone numbers of all the students in school. Addressing Christmas Cards and phoning for various club meetings are a few of the things made easier by this guide. Here two students buy the directories from Beta Club members. li BETTY JONES F. N. A., Sec.-Treas, Jr. Red' Cross, Leader's Club, F. H. A., D. O. Club, Health Room Assistant, Second Mixed Chorus, Tri-Hi-Y, Basket Girl. BUDDY KENNEDY Spanish Club, Fire Brigode, Favorite, Hi-Y. ALDENE KIMQBRELL Band, Fire Brigade, Second Mixed Chorus, Proiection Club. MARY JULIA KNIGHT Tri-Hi-Y, Vice-President, Youth Legislature Delegate Hi-Y Con- vention, Beta Club, Office Runner, Art Club, Sec.-Treos., Citizenship Club, Black Warrior Staff, Latin Club, Grease- pointers, F. T. A., Mixed Chorus, "Pirates of Pinzance", "Text- book Suite", Winner in American Legion Essay Contest, Honor Society. JERRY LANCASTER Band, Asst. Manager, Science Club, Hi-Y, Fire Brigade PAT LANCASTER F. T. A., Tri-Hi-Y, Junior Red Cross, Beta Club, Library Staff, . .Honor Society.. . YVONNE LAKE D. O. Club, F. H. A. CAROLYN1 LANGSTON Beta Club, Vice-President, Honor Society, President of Section. NANEITA LEACH Honor Society, Beta Club, French Club, Latin Club, Quill and Scroll, Tri-Hi-Y, Student Council, Art Club, Secretary, Art Editor Black Warrior, County Fair Art Award, Winner Fire Prevention Theme and Poster Contest, Treasurer Class, Jr. Talent Show, Favorite, Miss T. H. S., Homecoming Queen, BETTIE GRACE LEE Honor Society, Vice-President, Beta Club, Art Club, Sec.-Treas. and' President, Tri-Hi-Y, Chaplain, Student Council. MARGARET LEE Beta Club, Student Council, Greosepainters, "Clementine", D. E. Club, President Section, Girls' State, Honor Society. HANK LELAND Football Manager, Hi-Y, Spanish Club, Fire Brigade, Junior Talent Show. JACK LEWIS Fire Brigade, D. O. Club. PAT LEWIS Beta Club, Black Warrior Staff, Bear Facts Staff, Quill and Scroll, Citizenship Club. JOE LOFTIS Proiection Club, Fire Brigade, Mixed Chorus. EUGENE LOPER Art Club, Red Letter Club, Fire Brigade, Baseball Team. BARBARA ANN LOWERY Transferred to Tf H. S. JOAN MACKEY F. T. A., Spanish Club, Office Runner, Monitor, F. H. A., Favorite, Tri-Hi-Y, Homecoming Maid, Cheerleader, Junior Talent Show, Greasepointers, Citizenship Club. RACHEL MASSEY Transferred to T. H. S.: F. H. A.: Mixed Chorus: Monitor: 4-H Club: D. O. Club. FOSTER MATTHEWS Spanish Club: Fire Brigade. RUTH MCCARY F. H. A. MARTHA MCCOLLUM library Staff: Leaders' Club: F. H. A.: Maiorette: Fire Brigade: Citizenship Club: Pep Squad: Office Runner. KATHERINE MCGEE D. O. Club. JEAN McILVAINE Band: Science Club: Spanish Club. JIMMY MILLS D. O. Club: Citizenship Club: Pep Squad: Fire Brigade: 'Second' Mixed Chorus. SUE MITCHELL Greasepainters, Vice-President. Treasure: Tri-HifY: Citizenship Club: Secretary of Section: Spanish Club: Pep Squad: Nurse's Assistant. JOAN MONTGOMERY Beta Club: Science Club: Red Cross Council: Student Council: Section Vice-President, President: Greasepainters: Pep Squad: Black Warrior Editorial Staff: Citizenship Club: Drives Chair- man Section: Honor Society. JOE MONTGOMERY D. O. Club: Hi-Y: Fire Brigade. DAVID MOORE Football: Library Staff: D. O. Club. MARY ELLEN MOORE F. H. A.: D. o. Club. CHARLES MORGAN Mixed Chorus: Fire Brigade. LOUISE MOREMAN Mixed Chorus: "Textbook Suite": "'Pirates of Penzance": Citizenship Club: Black Warrior Business Staff: F. H. A.: Tri-Hi-Y: F. N. A.: D. O. Club BETTY MORRIS Leaders Club: Pep Squad: F. H. A.: Citizenship Club: Mixed Chorus. DONALD MORRIS Regular Schedule EDLYNE MORRIS Basketball: Fire Brigade: Junior Talent Show: President, Vice- President of Section.- 0 This picture is from a scene in "Our Hearts Were Young And Gay," a hilarious Greasepainter production. Frances Segler as Emk Kimbrough is decending from a top bu on a Transatlantic ocean liner. THOMAS MORTON Student Council: Basketball Manager: Hi-Y: Spanish Club. FRANCES MOSES Band, President: Tri-Hi-Y, Vice-President: Vice President Sec- tion: French Club: F. T. A.: Student: Black Warrior Business and Editorial Staff. ANN MULVIHILL Beta Club: Secretory: Science Club: Tri-Hi-Y: Quill and Scroll: Greasepointers: French Club: Bear Facts: Citizenship Club: Honor Society. MELBA NELSON D. O. Club. LIBBY OLSON Head Cheerleader: Homecoming Team Sponsor: President, F. T. A.: Junior Talent Show: Section Secretary: Leaders Club: Red Cross Council: Inter-Club Council: Office Runner: Monitor: Pep Squad: "Text Book Suite". SYVILLA OSWALT Glee Club: F. H. A.: 4-H Club. ROYCE PATTERSON Baseball: Proiection Club: Fire Brigade. JACK PATTON Regular Schedule CHARLES PAYNE Mixed Chorus. DAVID PENNINGTON Fire Brigade: Proiection Club. KARL PERKINS French Club: Red Letter Club: Hi-Y: Football, Assistant Sport Editor. ANNIE MARY PHIFER Band: Tri-Hi-Y, Secretary: President, Vice-President, Secretary of Section: Junior Talent Show: Beta Club, Chaplain: Honor Society: French Club: Citizenship Club. JIM PIERCE Beta Club: Hi-Y Chaplain: Student Council: Science Club: Fire Brigade: Transfer to T. H. S.: Honor Society. DONALD PREWITT Regular Schedule. GAYLE PRITCHETT Regular Schedule. ROSE MARIE PRICE D. O.: F. T. A.: Tri-Hi-Y: F. N. A.: Beta Club: Science Club: Citizenship Club: Honor Society. DAVID QUINN Fire Brigade. JIMMY RAY Regular Schedule. BETTY JO REYNOLDS Beta Club: Mixed Chorus: Student Director of Mixed Chorus: Honor Society. ANN RICHARDSON President of Beta Club: Honor Society: Tri-Hi-Y, President, Chaplain, and County Council Representative: Miss Citizenship: F. T. A.: Black Warrior Business Staff: Citizenship Club: Latin Club: Leaders Club: President of Section: Youth Legisla- ture: Secretary of Student Council: Office Runner: Inter-Club Council: Jr. Talent Show: County Council Vice President: Greasepainters. ELEANOR RILEY F. H. A., Secretary: Bear Facts: Spanish Club: Tri-Hi-Y, Treasurer. DICKIE ROBERTS Vice-President and Secretary of Section: Fire Brigade: D. O. Club. HARRIET ROGERS Band: All-State Band Medalist: Greasepainters: Citizenship Club: Tri-Hi-Y: Black Warrior Business Staff: F. T. A.: Junior Talent Show: Honor Society. LARRY ROGERS Fire Brigade: Red' Letter Club. PEGGY ROGERS Citizenship Club: Student Council: Leaders' Club: Tri-Hi-Y: Jr. Red Cross: F. N. A.: D. O. Club: "Miss D. O." DON RUGGLES President, Vice-President of Class: President, Vice President of Section: Hi-Y, Vice-President. Hi-Y Youth and Government Favorite: Fire Brigade: Transferred to T. H. S. LYDIA MAE RYAN Citizenship Club: Leaders' Club: F. N. A.: Second Mixed Chorus: F. H. A.: Maiorette, Runner-up in Miss F. H. A. GENE SAVAGE Latin Club: Mixed Chorus: "Pirates of Pinzance": Tuscaloosa Singers: Greasepainters: "Little Women": "The Bishop's Mantle": Favorite: Beta Club: Jr. Talent Show: Science Club, State President: Hi-Y: Student Council, Vice-President and President. 'NAN SCHAEFFER Beta Club, French Club, Latin Club, Quill and Scroll, Pres- ident: Tri-Hi-Y, Student Council, Art Club-Vice President, As- sistant Editor and Editor of Biack Warrior, County Fair Art Award, Gold Key in National Art Contest, Fire Prevention Poster Award, Jr. Talent Show, Favorite, Transferred to T. H. S., Greasepainters, Honor Society. if .,., it li Grade Editor of Black Warrior Pep Squad: Red Cross Council: Drives Committee: Jr. Talent Show: Citizenship Club: Spanish Club: F. T. A., Sec.-Treas.: Winner in Local, District, and State B'ham News Oratorical Contest: Office Runner: lnter- club Council: Greasepainters, President: "Clementine": "Hap- py Journey": "Brilliant Performance": "Joan of Lorraine": "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay": "Song of Bernadette": Mixed Chorus: State Chorus: "Pirates of Pinzance": BEN TOM SELMAN Band: Science Club: Fire Brigade: Vice-President of Section JACQUELINE SENNA Uackiel Black Warrior Business and Editorial Staffs: Bear Facts: Greasepainters: Tri-Hi-Y: Latin Club: Citizenship Club: Jr. Talent Show. FRANCES SEGLER ELEANOR GAY SHERRY Student Council: Favorite: Tri-Hi-Y: F. T. A.: Cheerleader: Greasepainters: "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay": Office Runner: Art Club: French Club: Black Warrior Staff: President of Section. DONALD SHIRLEY Transferred to T. H. S. EMERTHA POUNDERS SHIRLEY Beta Club: F. H. A.: F. N. A: D. O. Club Honor Society. MARGARET ANN SHOTTS Mixed Chorus: F. T. A.: Leaders' Club: Student Council: Mon- itor: Greasepainters: Pep Squad: Second Mixed Chorus: Sec- retary of Section: Citizenship Club: Honor Society. RUTH SIEGAL Bond: Greasepainters: Spanish Club: F. T. A: Second Mixed Chorus. JOYCE SKELTON D. O. Club: Office Runner: F. H. A.: F. T. A. RETHA SMALLEY Tri-Hi-Y: F. H. A.: Citizenship Club: Vice-President of Section: Red Cross Council. JUDITH SNYDER KATHLEEN SPENCER Band: Red Cross Council: Citizenship Club: Lyre Club. SANDRA STEVENS French Club: Fire Brigade: Section Officer: Citizenship Club: Tri-Hi-Y: Jr. Talent Show: Office Runner: Health Room As- sistant: Red Cross Council. LOUIS STRINGER D. O. Club. NEDRIA STRINGER Beta Club: Tri-Hi-Y, Treasurer, President: Youth Legislature Award Winner: Student Council: F. T. A.: Leader' Club Sec- ond Mixed Chorus: Red Cross Council: Inter-Club Council: Honor Society. LOIS STUCKI D. O. Club: Transferred to T. H. S. MARGARET SULLIVAN Beta Club: President, Sec.-Treas. of Section: Jr. Talent Show: Citizenship Club: F. H. A.: Leaders' Club: F. T. A.: Black War- rior Business and Editorial Staff: Drives Committee: Spanish Club: Monitor: Honor Society. MIKE THOMAS Football Manager: Red Letter Club: Hi-Y: Baseball: Track: Football: Black Warrior Staff: Jr. Talent Show: Fire Brigqdg French Club: State Photograph Awards, L A MEM TIERCE Jr. Talent Show: Black Warrior Photographer: Vice-President of Section: Vice-President of Projection Club: Citizenship Club. NITA TODD Greasepainters: Tri-Hi-Y: Black Warrior Business Staff: All- State Band Medal Winner: Youth Legislature: Jr. Talent Show: Tri-Hi-Y Conference: Lyre Club: Band: Officer Section. BONNIE TOMMIE Beta Club: F. H. A.: Citizenship Club: Health Assistant: Black Warrior Typist: Second Mixed Chorus: Pep Squad: Student School Secretary. SALLY TRAWICK Science Club, Sec.'Treas.: French Club, Sec.-Treas.: Bear Facts Editor: Beta Club: Honor Society: President: Student Council: Favorite: Greasepainters: Quill and Scroll. GAY NELL TUCKER Tri-Hi-Y Citizenship Club: Junior Red Cross: D. O.: Vice President of Section: Mixed Chorus: "Pirates of Pinzance": "Textbook Suite": F. N. A.: Band: F. H. A.: Drives Committee: Monitor. JO ANNE USSERY F. H. A.: Spanish Club: Second Mixed Chorus. DAVID VAUGHN Football: Basketball: Track: D. O. Club: Boys' State JACK WALDROP Hi-Y: Spanish Club: Officer of Section: Jr. Talent Show. JOANNE WALLACE land: F. H. A.: Treasurer: D. O. Club: Tri-Hi-Y: Citizenship Club: Beta Club: Junior Red Crass. WILLIAM WESLEY land: Spanish Club: Projection Club, President: D. O. Club: Fire Brigade. NANCY WEST Tri-Hi-Y: Citizenship Club: Greasepainters: Black Warrior Typist: Red Cross Council, President and Sec.-Treas.: Second Mixed Chorus: Sec.-Treas. of Section: Office Runner: Inter- Club Council: Drives Committee: Pep Squad: Student School Secretary: F. T. A. WILLIAM WHITE D. O. Club: Football. Coach Henderson holds a white rabbit, similar to the one that brought us so much luck in the Phillip's game. The rabbit was given to the team as a mascot by the Tuscaloosa News. Tri- Hi-Y: Sec. of Library Staff: Citizenship Club: Transfer to T H S MARGARET WIGGINS LOIS WHITNEY Red Cross Council: Drives Committee: Science Club: Citizen- ship Club, Leaders Club: Tri-Hi-Y: Beta Club: French Club: Secretary of Homeroom: Honor Society. CAROLYN WILSON Greasepainters: Spanish Club: Citizenship Club: Office Run- ner. JAMES WILSON LYNN WILSON DIANE WOOD Citizenship Club: Spanish Club: F. T. A.: Leaders Club: Health Room Assistant: F. N. A. WILMA WOODS Transferred to T. H. S. BASCOM WOODWARD Monitor: Fire Brigade: Band: All-State Band: Junior Talent Show. JIMMY WOODWARD President Freshman and Junior Class: President of Homeroom: Red Letter Club: Class Favorite: Jr. Talent Show: Captain Football Team: Baseball: Basketball: Beta Club: Honor Society. JEWEL WOOLEY Science Club: Student Council: D. O. Club: F. T. A.: Sec.- Treas. of Section: President Stamp Club: Bear Facts Typist: Reporter. JANE WRIGHT Mixed Chorus Accompanist: "Pirate of Penzance": "Text Book Suite": Beta Club: Honor Society: Art Club: State Solo Concert: Citizenship Club: F. H. A.: Sec. and Treas. of Home- room. SENIORS NOT PICTURED DORA BALLARD CHARLES BARFIELD VIRGINIA BREWER CHARLES FARLEY ARCHIE MCDANIEL HARRY SCOTT EUGENE SEALES REX WARD DAVID WEEMS 'l' TA Ill Illll DAVID JAMES Trumpeteer, wit, popular fellow, a good presi- denl of the Senior Class. David has become a real part of our high school. ANNIE MARY PHIFER An outstanding person in scholarship, a leader in band activities. We shull always remember Annie Mary's beautiful devotionals in section room and in assembly. ANN RICHARDSON She's our Miss Capable of 1954. Ann has been a leader in the Book Exchange sponsored by the Student Council, the Student Directory, and the devotional booklet by the Tri-Hi-Y-all new and helpful to us at T. H. S. GENE SAVAGE Capable president of our Student Council, Gene has presided well at assemblies and planned with vision with our student governing group. He's also tall, dark, and handsome. AQHERS' IEEIRSETIN u TALE 'I' IIIIW I JUNIIIR PIIIIJECT JUNIOR OFFICERS BILLY SHAMBLIN ...,.....,....,.,.. President GORDON PALMER .... ....,... V ice President JOHNNY LEMONIS . . . .,,, Secretary-Treasurer SR. ll-I-SMITH. Row One: Bobbie Ausmus, Patricia Canavan, Jane Bonner, Jerry Balmer, Drucilla Christian, Margaret Ann Avery, Kay Copeland, Marion Coffee, Sylvia Bailey, Mallory Bratton . . . Row Two: Orrin Barrett, Miss Smith, Audie Burt, Violet Barton, Betty Ashcroft, Mary Jo Box, Frances Barnes, Marcia Burroughs, Shirley Brashears . . . Row Three: Billy Andrews, Bobby Christian, Charles Bowling, Lovell Brown, Jimmy Cotton, Jim Cain, Jeff Coleman, Gene Beard, Sonny Brasher, Frank Campbell. SR. II-2-P. PATTON. Row One: Judy Forsyth, Jeanne Elliott, Fay Farris, Barbara Gibson, Anne Fair, Estelle Gardner . . . Row Two: Billie Sue Deal, Saundria Garner, Barbara Elkins, Nancy Davis . . . Row Three: Freddy Glover, Dan Durham, Ben Crane, Sammy Dickson, Don Curry, John Fincher, Darrell Fitts . . . Row Four: Charles Finley, Rollo Green, Dickie Edwards, Earle Gardner, Steve Flood, Richard Doughty, Billy Eubanks, Don Cowan. JU Illli JUNIOR SECTION ROOM OFFICERS Row One: Mr. Hampion, Clara Lawrence, Sue Townsend, Mary Ann Oliver, Kay Copelundr Ce' lesfe Davis, Don Curry. ,rw SR Il-3-VIBBART. Raw One: Mary Alice Hoais, Ann Herberf, Frances Hill, Sue Hamner, Jeri Haughl, Peggy Helm, Lilsbye Hurt, Elaine Jones, Barbara Ann Harrison, Ola Humphries . . . Row Two: Ray Heasleif, Jimmy Jones, David Jones, Otis Henderson, Charlotte Hannah, Charles Jordan, Betty Harbin, Hczel Harkey, Ruih Hall, Nancy Green, Shirley Hughes . . . Raw Three: Edward Kemp, Raiford Hicks, Cecil Hussey, Charles Kirk, David Jackson, Joe Hunl, Harold Hodges, Polly Henderson, Sonny Hewiff. ian-LW: SR. II-4-R. PATTON. Row One: Jo Ann Lacks, Neva Mclnfosh, Barbara Mifchell, Nancy Kosfer, Palsy Jones, Clara Lawrence, Shirley Monigomery, Anna Long, Mary McCary . . . Row Two: Tennett Lee, Allen Maitox, Marlin Moore, Johnny lemonis, Mary Mills, Bonnie Lowe, Bonnie Sue Lake, Sally Jo Nash, Ann Minot . . . Row Three: Cynfhia McMillan, Larry Lewis, James Massey, Dan McCoy, Bobby Murphee, John Leopard, Herbert McCrimmon, James Mayers, Alton McCollum, Nancy Miller. A y l l x -'K . K 1 T A " lik K SR. ll-5-HAMPTON. Row One: Peggy Shows, La Rue Sanderson, Ann Palmer, Nancy Robertson, Marilyn Smith, "Boo" Pritchett, Gladys Palmer, Marla Stephenson, Celia Orr, Joan Price . . . Raw Two: Mr. Hampton, Gordon Palmer, Billy Shamblin, Sandra Smith, Rosa Partlow, Sissie Seeley, Mary Ann Oliver, Frankie O'Neal, La Nell Osborne, Battle Searcy, Bob Scott . . . Row Three: Louis Rubio, Douglas Pearson, Gene Sims, Ted Ramspeck, Dick Pride, Mike Quarles, Roger Scarbrough, Gaylon Parnell,,Melvin Stanforth, Bill Ramsden, Herbert Quinn. P1 ff.. SR. ll-6-BLANCHARD. Row One: Martha Ann Vail, Sheila Elmore, Jan Wicker, Yvonne Tirey, Betty .lane York, Shelby Woley, Connie Sue Tidwell, Gracie Welch, Elfzabeth Wilson . . . Row Two: Bill Stone, Vickie Gonzalez, Mary Stiles, Charles Tucker, Earl Bolles, Sue Townsend, Gay Townsend, Sue Summerhill, A, G. Smith, Rayburn Toler . . . Row Three: Fred Bolling, Billy Weaver, John Swanger, Phil Zuiderhock, Don Tucker, Butch Swindle, Sidney Tarwater, Harmon Van Buskirk, George Walker, Bobby Wood, Wayne Styres, Hubert Tunnell. SR. ll--7-HUEY. Row One: Ann Cobble, Kay Craton, Shelby Darnell, FCYG Cff-lion: lfild Faye Willmen, -lafllle 5Cl'00ifCY, Celeste Davis, Betty Anderson . . . Row Two: Bryan Cox, Kenneth Shirley, Reginald Logan, Jimmy Lee, Jimmy Lynn. IIINIGDC ADF HOSTS AT IIlNIf1D-ClNIf1D DDGM J 5 X SOPHS FIRST T0 PRESENT LIBRARY PROGRAM SOPHOMORE OFFICERS PAT ABERNATHY . .. Secretary-Treasurer SALLIE HOLIFIELD ., .. .Pfesidenf ALAN SIEGAL .. ., Vice President SR. l-1-ADAMS. 'Raw One: Norma Nell Avery, Carol Adams, Linda Armsfrong, Londa Bennett, Julia Anderson, Gail Bowles, Roberla Banlls, Tommy Nell Banks . . , Row Two: Larry Bowman, Louie Anders, Gloria Bates, Mary Lou Boylan, Kay Bounds, Rosalind Alexander, Ann Barre1f, Jemison Bowers, Nick Armsirong . . . Row Three: Larry Bohler, James Abernathy, Thomas Bailey, Robert Ballard, David Barneti, Johnny Adams, Billy Boyd, Joe Banks, Teddy Joe Bearden, Mrs. W. F. Adams. xxx? SR. I-2-ROBERTSON. Row One: Palsy Brown, Maeola Clements, Adele Carpenler, Shirley Buch, Peggy Brown, Barbara Burroughs, Jane! Caldwell, Elaine Clarkson . . . Row Two: Don Comer, Charles Chrsilopher, Verner Lee Colburn, Harry Carver, Howard Burroughs, Allen Cadell, Eugene Britton, John Chism, Frankie Builer . . . Row Three: Edgar Braddock, Jerry Darnell, Ken Buchanan, Jack Carmichael, Freddy Coons. 0Pll0M0llE 3' SR. I-4-AVERETTE: Row One: Fay Fincher, Myra Hill, Betty Jean Free, Mary Jo Fisher, Virginia Ferguson, Jeanette Hayes, Louise Gardner . . . Row Two: Horace Hall, Sue Guy, Sarah Graham, Ann Hartley, Mary Ann Ford, Jo Ann Griffin, Sarah Garrison, Sherry Gibson, Camella Hinton, Jean Harris, Petrus Guin . . . Row Three: Thomas Henderson, Thomas Ham- mock, Buddy Greer, Bobby Hannah, Dickie Harmon, Mike Guin, James Homby, Jerry Grey, Albert Franklin. SOPHOMORE SECTION ROOM PRESIDENTS Row One: Toosie Mustin, Barbara Ta- tum, Priscilla Winston, Cornelia Pinkney . . . Row Two: Mrs. Hardin, Hayes Hutchins, Verner Lee Colburn, Joe Reeves. .ls Jing... if 'Q' x. 'Q jj SR. l-3-McLEOD. Row One: Frances Duncan, Sarah Elam, Patricia Davis, Maxine Faulkner, Mary Essery, Shirley Davis, Diane Duncan, Alice Wade Faircloth, Angela Davis . . . Row Two: Jimmy Davis, Jerry Douglas, Joe Farmer, C. W. Farmer, .lack Dollar, Jack Englebert, Donald Elledge . . . Row Three: Butch Evans, Robert Davis, Elderidge Eacls, Sam Dunn. 0Pll0MllllE b -is S' -eau SR. I-5-CLARK. Row One: Martha Johnson, Jo Ann Johnson, Carolyn Jackson, Ellen Hollinsworth, Eleanor Holley, Sally Ann Holifielcl, Goynell Hosmer, May Hosey . . . Row Two: Dean Hodo, Ado Huff, Dixie Howell, Henriette Kendrick, Betty Hutchinson, Lois Jones, Doris Johnson, Shirley Kornegay, Marilyn Joiner, Charlotte Kilmer, Albert Holland . . . Row Three: Jimmy Howard, Don Hoggle, Hayes Hutchins, Jimmy Holloman, Jimmy Jackson, Bob Meys, Gene Hack, Hewitt Johnson, Wallace Hollyhond, Danny Killian, John Hosmer, Billy Paul Jackson. STUDENTS NOT PRESENT FOR SEC- TION ROOM PICTURES-Row One: Martha Evans, Judy Edmonds, Donnie Shirley, Shirley Averett, Myra Ann Coldwell, Jackie Davis, Lily Humphries . . . Row Two: Lewis Cook, Dennis Co- niff, R. E. Smith, James Simpson, Billy Clay, Fred Barton, Paul Davis, Jimmy Simpson, Dan Lott, Jerome Brittoin, Do- vis Clup, Jody Farris, Johnny Adams. xr i ri, .Ex SR. l-6-HARDEN. Row One: Betty Jean Tucker, Margaret Ann Love, Mary McDaniel, Fay Lemly, Bobbie logon, Jeanette Locks, Jo Ann May . . . Row Two: Patricia Moyers, Virginia Monderson, Louise McCar1er, Sylvia Lee, Mary Ellen Lee, laura Nell Lee, Rosalind McAllister, Judy McCracken . . . Row Three: Robert Moines, Jack Livingston, Pat Lovelace, Bobby Martin, Phillip Lancaster, Wayne McDaniel, Don Lott, Billy lake, Jimmy Lemonis. -Qu me . 5 3:06, .5 'lll'llllMllllE .4d:- 5 'T ,!"'?Q" - ur '- iv: t Q ' WTC YFKQK F?E?"L , xi' M 'SV iw ,,"i'f'f V, R SR. I-7-SIMS. Row One: Jaclxie Pate, Evelyn Masely, Patricia Morris, Bobby Mitchell, Betty Palmer, June Phares, Mary Ann Palton, Margaret Owlsley . . . Row Two: L. C. Osborn, Nell Pearson, Betty Jo Mullinix, Joyce Morrison, Priscilla Mustin, Betty Ozment, Betty Pate, Ronald Nix . . . Row Three: Tommy Morgan, Don Moore, Johnny Mclaughlin, Wade Pennington, Paul McElroy, Harold Montgomery, Fred Mitchell, John Penton, Tommy Overall, Bill McGuire. The Future Homemalcers Homecoming Float , K . M 1 K : Each person gave a toy for admission to the Beta Club J 4 M' 1 QA Hallowe'en party. The toys were for needy children. we ' +5 SR. l-8-O'STEEN. Row One: Doris Robinson, Shelby Ryan, Clorine Pryer, Shirley Rose, Frances Phillips, Evelyn H. Ramsey . . . Row Two: Barbara Powell, Patricia Randle, Palsy Sexton, Annette Randall, Cornelia Pincllney, Mary Jane Pickens, Rosalyn Pullen, Margaret Raiford, Nancy Reefer, Robert Sides . . . Row Three: Allen Seigal, Tommy Roberts, Larry Powell, Bobby Shaffer, Ray Scoggins, Billy Robertson, Jimmy Robinson, Rotha Shields, Gerald Ryan, Joe Reeves, George Sheffield... IIPIIIIMIIRE tw-Sai 'r iv SR, I-9-M. WILLIAMS. Row One: Pat Van Scoy, Martha Snider, Jacllie Tucker, Dot Smith, Sarah Thomas, Sue Stricll- land . . . Row Two: David Tidwell, Janice Smith, Shirley Sumner, Faye Snodgrass, Sue Tubb, Ruth Taylor, Dorothy Sturcli- C 'I S ll R w Three Thomas S encer, James Taylor, Jerry Spencer, Lamar Thomas, vant, Lynne Stapp, Barbara Tatum, ec: ma ey . . . o : p Joe Tanner, Jimmy Tullos, Johnny Speed, Ray M. Stacy, David Veal, Charles Snipes. Here is the 6:30 A.M. Pep Rally before the Panama City Game. Cheerleaders and bond were in full swing. Many students braved the cold to give the football team a hearty send-off to Panama City, Florida. SR. I-IO-BOX. Row One: Rebecca Woods, Mary Lynn Werner, Louise Winslett, Jacquelin Williams, Susan Washburn, Claudia Whitlock . . . Row Two: Melvin Watkins, Emily Williamson, Peggy Weaver, Margaret Ann Waller, Priscilla Winston, Martha Wright, Ruth Wheat, Larry Wright . . . Row Three: Harold Younger, Whitehead, Penn Wilson, William Woolbright, Tommy Wood, Terry Wright. Earl White, Tommy Wrenn, Billy West, Van' FRESHMAN CLASS LARGEST IN HISTORY OF SCHOOL BARBARA GLOVER . ., Treasurer CAROLYN MCGRAW . , . DAVID CLEMMONS . . . MARY LOU BARRINGER . Vice Secretary President President as JR. lll-l-DAVIDSON. Roni One: Linda Beasley, Mary Bailey, Glenda Anthony, Sybil Bowles, Betty Ball, Martha Jo Bailey, Wimbreth Biggs . . . Row Two: Donna Banks, Janelle Baird, Jeanette Averette, Mary Lau Barringer, Barbara Andrews Mary Sue Avery, Betty Ashcroft, Iris Averette . . . Row Three: Martha Beck, Lois Blake, Lorraine Armstrong, Melbq Albright Raymond Akins . . . Row Four: Ken Austin, Ned Barnett, David Allen, Don Bailey, Marlin Allen, Don Barber, Charles Boler Maurice Bell, Charles Adams, Bobby Bosch, Clarence Adair, Jack Ball. AA JR. Ill-2-M. SMITH. Row One: Rachel Campbell, Renna Buckingham, Carolyn Burchfield, Linda Brown, Barbara Bragg, Bobbie Channell, Melba Christian, Mary Cargile, Helen Colburn, Faye Christian , . . Row'Two: Tom Caples, Carol Bush, RexAnn Cannon, Judy Burton, Laura Fay Bryant, Camille Compton, Gloria Conaway, David Cochran, Biily Carroll, Jim my Coleman . . . Row Three: Bob Charters, Dewey Bush, David Clemmons, James Brown, Johnny Camp, Tommy Cherones, Tom my Clinton, Patton Brown, Jim Pat Caldwell, Billy Jack Burns, Charles Carver, Mrs. Marion Smith. FRE HME lN THE FOOBALL BUS-These players seem lo be camera shy. They are on their way lo the Woodlawn Game. i JR. Ill-3-M. CLINTON. Row One: Lula M. Durman, Joan Culwell, Linda Disney, Cynlhia Davis, Marilyn Cox, Belly Cooper, Belly L. Ealmen, Peggy Darnell . . . Raw Two: Bruce Dew, Corene Dockery, Pal Curran, Belly Cork, Barbara Cowan, Alicia Conwell, Carol Cork, Peggy Champion, Gaile la Mendardiere, Judson Dowling, M. W. Clinton . . . Row Three: Bobby Davis, Warren Darcy, Roger Chrisswell, Donald Eads, James Cormany, Joe Davis, Thomas Elliol, Aubrey Davis, Dickie Doughly, Tommy Cork. JR. Ill-4-BULLOCK. Row One: Billy Gandrud, Wynell Gray, Shirley Fairchild, Mary Rulh Glaze, Joyce Fine, Terry Gibson, Helen Goodman, Mrs. Bullock . . . Row Two: Billy Franklin, Nancy George, Roberla Farr, Eleanor Ford, Barbara Greene, Bar- bara Glover, Sandra Evans, Dora Graham, Jerry Green . . . Row Three: David Fidler, Denny Ray Frye, Oneal Golden, Lanny Freeman, Terry Greene, Pallus Gewin, Eddie Goins, Dural Guy, Jimmy Guy, Bobby Evans, Harvey Frelwell . . . Row Four: Darrel Evans, Dan Fuller, Mike Graham. FRE HME JR. lll-5-WILLMAN. Row One: Myra Hamby, Doris Hubbard, Sally Hinton, Betty Jo House, Sora Hartly, Gail Anne Hall . . . Row Two: Wallace Henderson, Jane Hinderer, Carolyn Heritage, Nancy Heath, Hilda Hallman, Eorline Hassell, Margie Hoggle, Gladys Hill, Donald Hallman . . . Row Three: Dudley Hill, Woodrow Harty, Harold Hamilton, Robert Hall, Robert Harbor, Thomas Hemphifl, Stancle Hallman, Bob Helms, Jimmy Hargrove. JR. lll-6-LEWIS. Row One: Pat Jones, Shirley Jones, Betty Jane Jordan, Linda Ingram, Judy Jones . , . Row Two: Earl Johnson, Mr. lewis, Mary Ann Jones, Jeanette Hubbard, Annette Kilgore, Norma Jean Kelly Brittain, Chester Hughes . . . Row Three: Billy Jones, Rayford Kelfy, Don James, Biily Johnson, Jimmy Feiguson, Roy Johnson, James Kicker. FRESHMEN SECTION ROOM PRESIDENTS Row One: Judson Dowling, Larry McCoy, Robert Rucker, John Sumner . . . Row Two: Carolyn Burchfield, Martha Sue James, James Guy, Gene Tierce, Sally Hinton, Mary lou Barringer, Mr. Bill Lewis. FRE HME JR. Ill-7-HERMAN. Row One: Dale Lee, Jean Marlow, Merida Lee, Margie Logan, Jo Ann Lucirer, Sandra Luxich, Jamie Lancaster . . . Row Two: Mrs. Herman, Patricia Leavelle, Shirley Lawley, .loan Laine, Ruih Lowery, Sarah Leopard, Beffy Lake, Mary Jane Mackey . . . Row Three: Wiley Lewis, Gene Loffis, Sieve Lynch, Charles Lewis, Derek logon, Rob Langford, James Ledbeher, Jimmy- Miichell, -Bobby Lancaster. 1 ' JR. Ill-8-HENDERSON. Row One: Dorofhy Osiyn, Virginia McColl, Maxine Massey, Wanda Miller, Carolyn Mc- Graw, Marilyn Morris, Nelda June Mills . . . Row Two: Herky McDaniel, Jimmy O'Bryan0, Lucie Mafiuk, Maxine Massey, Sue McDaniel, Marilyn Maxwell, Audrey McCollum, Belfy Moss, Ann Morris, Peggy Miller, Theodore McMinn . . . Row Three: Billy Oliver, Kenneth Morgan, Don Maughan, Bronnie Nichols, Larry McCoy, John McBrayn, Rayburn Moore, William Earl O'Bryant, Joe O'Bryanf, Bobby Owen, Hershill Owen. il The Tune-Toppers provide gay music for the school dances in the sym- A N. , ei cs.ni.,.::.ew awbviv- JR. Ill-9-STRICKLAND. Row One: Sarah Riley, Carolyn Rayfield, Sandra Palmer, Marguerite Rodgers, Beth Richard- son, Jackie Pearson, Nan Reid, Martha Roth, Ruth Porter . . . Row Two: Mrs. Strickland, Barbara Reed, Sylvia Pate, Jerry Quarles, Mary Gene Richardson, Gail Perkins, Elizabeth Robertson, Mable Jane Reed . . . Row Three: Billy Joe Ray, Erferd Richardson, Charles Potts, Robert Rucker, John Pearson, David Patrick, David Possen, Billy Partlow, Harold Panabaker, Tom- my Ray. JR IH-10-VAN TASSEL, Row One: Jerry Saylor, Victor Stark, Sandra Sanders, Gwen Smith, Barbara Smith, Linda 5 ell' Helen Smith Lovell Stocks Willodene Stelfen . . . Row Twa: Gloria Senna, Jack Stewart, Johnny Sumner, St0lf0fd Shrlil ,Doris Shoddyi Jackie Spfiflqefi MUVY Sigleff G0Yle TCYl0" lvun Sanders ' ' ' Row Three: Martha Styles' Ramona Smithjl Sonny Shows, 'Carl Smith, Wayne Stanton, Larry Spencer, Herman Terrel, Mrs. Van TCS5El- JR. Ill-ll-GAYLOR Row One Pot Whittin d S bl T i - : g on, y i yner, Shelby Cean Wheat, Janice Thomas, Betty Jane Wilson , . . Row Twoi Guy Whitehead, Pat Wilder, Shirley Tucker, Marie Yeatman, Kay Zeanah, Karen Young, Martha Wallace . . . Row Three: Alice Jones, Rebecca Jo Willis, Gwen Williams, Audrey vifk, Betty Thomas, Eloise Wells . . . Row Four: Downey Walker, Bernice Whitten, Kath ' W'll' ' ' ' W 'me I IUFHSOY1, Carolyn Wright, Gene Tlerce, Aubrey Vick, Mixson Vibbart, Bob Yoder, Steve yatt. 01111 J M Y-3,-v -an We were glad fo see our alumna reiurn on Homecoming Day Coffee and coolues were served af the Tea In rho library fs Te" We will remember Frances ond Gay in fheir flap- per costumes of "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay." Beta members served 1101 clwocolole af the Hallo- we'en party. , Q-ff" is An exciting even? - the Bela Club laps Juniors vm and Seniors at 1l1eir fall tapping ceremony. Aw! 7.0, J Q,- GOVERNMENT, CURRENT EVENTS, HISTORY History Teachers - Mr. Matt Clinton, Miss Tennie Davidson, Mrs. Polly Herman Our Problems of Democracy classes study mental health and make field trips to the state mental institution here in Tuscaloosa. After studying crime, an afternoon was spent viewing a murder trial in the county courthouse. In World History nervous students give current event reports and connect present day happenings with occurrences in civilizations of the past. MODERN AND ANCIENT SOCIAL STUDIES What were the problems facing the South during Reconstruction Days? Did the Fourteenth Amend- ment anticipote non-segregation? These are questions which we discuss in American History. Our school is affiliated with CEP., Citi- zens Education Proiect, which encourages linking real lite situations with textbook studies. The Social Studies Department has put much emphasis on the value of examin- ing local institutions, as the conditions of our own town serve as a kind ot pattern of national problems. Social Studies Mentors - Mrs, Harold Cary, Miss Katie Smith LITERATURE OF MANY NATIONS, READING AND 'RITING, T H S English teachers Miss Anna Brown Miss Pearl Patton Mrs. J. C. Vibbart. Since the maiority of our graduates attend college, our English courses provide on ex- cellent background with grammar, spelling, themes, book reports, term papers, English and American literature, and the literature of the world. Here in Mrs. Hardin's General English seniors practice the art of writing a business letter. SPELLING-ENGLISH, A REQUIRED SUBJE-CT Miss Joy Box, Mrs. Muriel Williams, Mrs. Beverly Strickland Encounter with folk bollods, Poe's rhymes, contemporary poetry introduces high school students To significant lyrics in Americon literature, These Juniors pore over some old English ballads. "Double, double toil ond trouble Fire Burn and cauldron bubble." The Senior closs studies the disinte- gration of on otherwise noble chorocter under the influence of overwhelming om- bition-Mocbeth. Memory possoges ond parophrasing are ci vitdl port of this study. This studenf gives a somewhat gleeful portrayal of Lady Macbetl1's sleepwalking scene. we cAN ELECT THREEN FOREIGN LANGUAGES... Our language teachers - Mr. Hamilton Hampton, Mrs. Alton O'Steen, Miss Lucy Robertson. Our Spanish Department welcomes a new leader, Mr. Hampton, Espanel Students achieve a speaking and reading knowledge of the language. The Spanish Club, besides learning the customs of other countries through tun and parties, Spanish style, takes charge of our auditorium program on Pan-American day, Miss Lucy Robertson iniects a vibrancy in- to Latin rarely found in this "dead" langu- age. Electing Latin is popular in T.H.S, for us who plan to become doctors, who want a foundation tar the study of the Romance languages, and who wish a bet- ter understanding ot our own English language. SPANISH CLUB Row One: Mary Ann Oliver, Drucilla Christian, Jean Elliot, Margaret Pritchett, Patsy Brown . . . Row Two: Ann Palmer, Glenda Free, Ruthie Siegel, Margaret Cruise, Maeola Clements, Cornella Hinton, Nell Pearson, Betty Jean Free . . . Row Three: Jo Ann Lacks, Jeanette Lacks, Jean Balmer, Neva Mctntosh, Mary Ellen lee, Eleanor Riley, Annette Randall, Alice Wade Faircloth . . . Row Four: Mr. Hampton, Freddie Coons, Mike Guin, Peggy Helm, Tommy Henderson, Lewis Anders. A-.nf FRENCH, SPANISH, OR LATIN FRENCH CLUB. Row One: Rosa Partlow, Virginia Manderson, Ola Humphries, Libby Hurt, Mary Louise Green Mary Mills, Caroline Seeley, Patsy Brown, Eleanor Holley . . . Row Two: Nan Schaeffer, Gay Nell Howmer, Gail Johnstdn Kay Copeland, Barbara Harrison, Susan Washburn, Sally Hollifield, Frances Moses . . . Row Three: Mrs. O'Steen, Manoelle de la Marnardie, Jo Frances Caldwell, Sallie Trawick, Carolyn Jackson, Naneita Leach, Claudia Whitlock, Lyle Lanier Barbara Powell, Margaret Owsley, Ann Herbert, Donna Tucker, Janet Baird, Melvin Stanforth, Charles Collins, Karl Perkiris, Bobby ga""ec! - - ' ROW FOUYI GUY Sherry, Mary Catherine Hatchett, John McLaughlin, Clay Douglas, Mike Quarles, Ben Crain, on urry. Under M..- r4obertson's watchful eye we erase our fumbled pencil notes written above Latin stories in preparation for a test. With Madame O'Steen's expert guidance first and second year students have attained a fluency in conversational French. Beginning French students marvel at the ease with which the advanced classes ask and answer questions, en Francais. In our new texts, Parlez-vous Francais and Oui, Je Parle Francais, we read la lecture on French customs, oddities of native dress, geography, monuments, and historic places in France. French Club activities include the traditional carol singing at Christmas. Their float in the Homecoming parade pictured Jeanne D'Arc. ' " 'As 4" fi W'-M 1 Sf X 'fe k K If Q S Lf 'M ' x A" frvv,fisyw. rv , Nm :M :M ..,.,..... , wig in A ,W Y . x I N 4- ,wh k k X " 5 f 1 ' ' g 5- Ts-Y' X S 'K' A X WW ' 3 Q 5 5 -'Q H- MA A My H' 5 " ., I 5 Zsf ' .Ll gm'-V ,.., , , ,Q eff My ' 5 X wi-f Q, l , Q - JW N sig? 'S I , i if ,- S Lf xi fav 5 4 'Q 5 Kihiii it 'QM 33, 3 b W, , A , 1 ff 420 M,,,T9 , ff C, ww : EQ as W 4-...N 5 BTH AUT WE ADD Mathematicians - Mrs. To subtract we addl and to add we sub- tractl The head gets dizzy with strange new rules hut it's fun to Work with geometry toolsl These seniors work their trig on the board. All of the 350 freshmen are required to take general math. The freshmen here get n graphic illustration of indirect measurement. C. E. Williams, Mrs. Marion Smith A ll'l'll Alill WE ll'l'll1lU'l' Miss Gulley's plane students are busy with "given-prove-proof." Mr. Greer illustrates a speed problem to two algebra students. The math department in T. H. S. has expanded in the last few years and now offers courses to fit the basic needs of all students. Some will buy or sell or handle investments. Others will become scientists, architects or engineers. Some will cools, mix formulas for babies and manage a house. Whether the future need is arithmetic for simple computation, algebra solutions of business and scientific formulas or the application of indirect measurement processes, the math student of T. H. S. has opportunity to get the facts. E. Greer and Mrs. Elizabeth Bullock Gulley, Mr. H. Miss Rubye HOME ECONOMICS HELPS KEEP Our Home Ec. Faculty - Mrs. W. F. Adams, Miss Marguerite Averette, Miss Dorothy Barratt, Miss Sue McLeod. For the tirst time adults and high school students last summer had the opportunity of attending classes taught by Misses Averett and Barrett in interior deco- rating and slip cover making. With early marriages in vogue the practical knowledge gained in food, clothing, childcare are important to many T.H.S. students. This happy student sews a fine seam in boy's social education F. H. A. G. Welch, S. Hamner, M. Ward, A. Huff, B. Burroughs, J. Lake, D. Banks, B. Davis, B. Pate, J. Johnson, S. An- drews, C. Hannah, P. Hen- derson, J. Hayes, M. Roth, B. lowe, C. Rayfield, D. Clary, B, Ashcrafi, B. Eal- man, P, Jones, B. Mitchel, M. Culwell, E. Clemenis, S. Nash, M. Fisher, J. Culwell, G. Perkins, M. Cox, M. La- gan, S, Wheat, D. Robinson, R. Porter, E. Riley, M. Sulli- van, S. Fairchild, M. Styres, l. Ryan, R. Smalley, S. Bucher M. Johnson, E. Clark- son, L. Jones, B. Hulchinson, S. Jones, J. Smilh, S. Evans, C. Duncan, R. Jackson, J Wallace, M. McCoy, D Smith. "THE HOME FIRES BURNING" F 1 u ure Homemalrers of On ieacher Appreciation Day Home Ec. siudenls pu! small packets of cookies in the ieachers' boxes. A '- merlcd annual' 40 ,.w-""" 2 gi Y Observe U week devoied fo homemoking Ocrivitieg These siudenfs experimen? with color fo find a suiiable shade for this individual. SPEECH, DRAMATIC5, AND ART CLASSES Two plays and a modern dance show are the main yearly productions of the Greascpainters, who believe "the play's the thing." Here is a scene from the first play of the year, "Our Hearts Were Young and' Gay." The play depicted the escapades of two flappers of the roaring twenties. GREASEPAINTERS. Row One: T. Sue Mitchell, 2. Judy Forsythe, 3. Sandra Smith, 4. Rosa Partlow, 5. Elizabeth Ann Hurt, 6. Drucilla Christian . . . Row Two: T, Frances Segler, 2. Betty Louise Hoffman, 3. Susan Washburn, 4, Gay Townsend, 5. Sarah Thomas, 6. Jean Elliot, 7. Frankie O'Neal, 8. Rosalind Alexander . . . Row Three: l. Rosalind McAlister, 2. Nita Todd, 3. Charlotte Hannah, 4. Ruth Hall, 5. Peggy Shows, 6. Jo Ann Lacks, 7. Harriet Rodgers, 8. Priscilla Winston, 9. Eleanor Holly . . . Row Four: l. Roy Jones, 2. Jeanette Lacks, 3. Sue Townsend, 4. Sue Hamner, 5. Jackie Senna, 6. Ann Herbert, 7, Gay Sherry, 8. Joan Mackey, 9. Mary Jane Pickens, 10. Gladys Barber, ll. Elaine Jones . . . Row Five: l. Bobby Hannah, 2. David Veal, 3. Verna Colburn, 4. George Bilbrey, 5. Kenneth Bell, 6. Dobie Jenkens, 7. Carolyn Wilson, 8. Martha Greene. Over a two year period, en- rollment in the speech depart- ment has almost doubled. Re- alizing the need for practice in public speaking, we relate stories, debate, discuss and study voice and diction in courses oi- fered by Mr. Bill Lewis and this department. BRIGHTEN OUR SCHOOL LIFE The Art room is nlwctys ct beehive of activity. Mctior and minor students are given problems on colon, prooortion, composition technique and per- spective to solye with the ccipuble Cl5SlSlLlY1fE? of Mrs, Eugene Stogrin. In addition to lerirning the basic fundumentols of art, this yecir T.H,S. rirtists helped the school and community by creating the Senior High display used in the Tuscaloosa County Fair. Besides decorating the queens flocit at Home- coming, the Art Club has had many speakers to talk on ceramics, wciter color techniques and sculpture. ART CLUB. Row One, Front: Nan Schaeffer, l.ou Hinton, Mary .lulia Knight, Naneita leach, Jane Wright, Elaine Jones . . . Row Two: Pat Abernathy, Donna Tucker, Wanda Hulsart, Bettie Grace Lee, Lucie Matuirk, Ola Humphries, Emily Baker . . . Row Three: Mrs. Stogrin, Eugene Britlain, Sidney Tarwater, Hayes Hutghins, Ruben Scott, Bill Christenberry, Eugene Loper, Sammy Dickson, Melvin Stanforth, Harold Hodges. Faculty for Culture - Miss Earlene Decker, Mr. Bill lewis, Mrs. Eugene Stogrin. CHORUS CAROLS AT CONCERT This year our singers, under the direction of Miss Decker, presented various seasonal assembly pro- grams: a spring concert, spring festival and the musi- Cal program at graduation. i953 was also the first year our choral group recorded for cz local radio station, The Christmas spirit portrayed in music is pre- sented in the T.H.S. auditorium. '. ",,.- s T 5 i ,. . E-,- , ,: :-, . . ,, l--' E V ef, . .5 . X - gi s Y 1 1,3 - fi J 1 g 3 ., i ,"'T wi C t ' ,, , Q e 'F 'L ' is vt 4 A on Q .N 1 M 9' lv' Y Q 3 W K Q a r 1 rf Y I ' 1 A casual moment finds our songsters trying some impromptu harmonizing. Meng, MIXED CHORUS. Raw One: Miss Decker, Margaret Ann Shotts, Jerry Baker, Marsha Burroughs, Frances Barnes, Betty Louise Hoffman, Connie Sue Tidwell, Mary lou Barringer, Dixie Howell, Charlotte lewis, Viva Gar- ret, Barbara Elkins, May Hosie, Harriet Conant . . . Row Two: Betty Jo Reynolds, Marilyn Smith, Emily Bra- zeal, Jane Wright, Martha Sue James, Barbara Powell . . . Third Row: Jackie Pate, Margaret Raiford, Rexanne Cannon, Janet Caldwell, Mary Julia Knight, Martha Evans, Jo Ann May, Sandra Smith, Jane Bonner, Joanne Hassel, Roy Jones . . . Fourth Row: Charles Morgan, Jerry Quarles, Gaylon Parnell, Tommy Adams, Charles Findley, Jimmy Davis, Ken Bell, Dick Fowler, Hewitt Johnson, Lgry Wright, Terry Wright. ABLE SECRETARIES AND BOOKKEEPERS TRAINED HERE Practice malces perfect for eighteen commercial students acting as secretaries for busy teachers who need typing, cutting stencils, or mimeographing done. Six typewriters have been added to our limited number of machines. Enrollment in bookkeeping classes has increased from 20 to lO2 this year and two full sections of business law are offered both semesters in contrast with one section for one semester in the previous years. Over the shoulder of a youthful bookkeeper, we see careful and neat work of accounting, sell, Mrs. Kathryn Clark. shorthand class. Those who prepare us for the business world - Mr. M. L Roberts, Mrs. Juarine Van Tas Below we see a typical typing class A student clocks her classmate in the INDUSTRIAL ARTS STRESSES THE PRACTICAL Through Industrial Arts our boys are introduced into different fields of industry. Under the general shop division they make five proiects during the year requiring the use of different machines and tools. By experimenting in many various trades such as welding, electricity, radio, etc., they are able to determine what work they are best suited for. Since many of our graduates enter engi- neering school, the me- chanical drawing course taught by Mr. Newsome is a must for prospective engineers. Mr. Aubrey Bardon, D.O., and Mr. James Newson, our industrial arts teacher, Mr. A. C. Olson, Industrial Arts, was absent for this pic- ture. THE LIBRARY PROMOTES GOOD READING AND STUDY HABITS LIBRARY CLUB. Row One: Barbara Fisher, Jerolyn Dockery, Mrs. Howard, Mrs. DeLoach, Patricia Lancaster . . . Row Two: Janet Baird, Lynn Wilson. Unusually good student librarians are learning the care and handling of books while they are helping Mrs. Deloach and Mrs. Howard. Opportunity to study is provided for many students in the library and balcony study hall. These students are studying for their six weeks tests. Our capable librarians Mrs. Adna Howard' and Mrs Mathilde DeLouch. FIT IS VALUABLE ALL OUR LIVES T.H.S. Physical Education Teachers and our Coaches - Mr. Walter Blanchard, Mrs. Bernice Clinton, Coach Billy Henderson, Coach Frank Kendall. The Section Room basketball tournament, spon- sored by the boys physical education department, will consist of a single elimination tournament this year. More students and more home rooms made this necessary. The upper classmen traditionally are more in- terested in the tournament, in which a trophy will, be awarded the winner this year. The boys make volleyball a strenuous and fast- moving game. Exercise keeps the boys in shape for actual games. These muddy boys have had a sixth period football work out. -up wr .wil THESE STUDENTS WORK AND ATTEND SCHOOL Under public supervision and control, ninety Juniors and Seniors have the opportunity in the Diversified Occupations and Distributive Education Programs to get started on their life's work before leaving school. The students take three required academic subjects and ninety minutes of related instruction at school and then train on the fob for halt a day. A minimum at fifteen hours per school week in training on the fob is required. D.E. STUDENTS. Row One: Louise Moreman, Celeste Davis, Mary Davis, Ann Cobble . . . Row Two: Shelby Darnell, Yvonne Lake, Lois Stucki, Betty June Anderson . .. Row Three: Rollie Hodo, Kathryn Sheffield, Muriel Cork, Mary Ann Bailey . . . Row Four: Buddy Brown, Waylen Fields, Jim- my Sumner, Rex Ward . . . Row Five: William Wesley, Jackson Lewis, Jimmy Lynn, James Wilson, Bubber Logan. l l Those who help us to learn business - Mrs. Betty Huey, Mr. M. H. Sherer. Mr. Aubrey Bar- don, another instructor, is pic- ' tured on page 64. D.O. STUDENTS. Row One, Front: Faye Wil- man, Virginia Falgout, Ruth Folgout, Billie Jane Lewis, Jeanette McDaniel, Mary Virginia Averette, Margaret Thompson, Doris Broughton . . . Row Two: Emertha Hobson, Faye Craton, Charles Cum- mings, Joyce Crowell, Jackie Shaffer, Rose Price, Lucy Caldwell, Burma Moore, Betty Jones, Gladys Barber, Eleanor Ellis, Betty Flanigan, Mary Ellen Moore . . . Raw Three: Doris Burns, Joanne Wal- lace, Peggy Rogers, Sue Smelley, Libby Horne, Kay Freeman, Gay Tucker, Dot Hughes, June Green, Betty Franklin, Clara Sue Causey, Sarah Nix, Jean Jackson . . . Row Four: Clyde Colburn, Horace Gulledge, Gilbert Hicks, Delmer Johnson, Victor Coleman, Charles Baker, James Henry Low- ery, Kenneth Shirley, Lee Wyres . . . Row Five: David Moore, Mr. Bardon, Joe Ballard, Joe Mont- gomery, William White, Oscar McAllistor, Thomas Beckham, Charles South, Charles Nolan, Bob Hardeman, Eugene Seals, Wayne Hoggle. OFFICE RUNNERS Row One: Sandra Smith, Glenda Free, Mar- garet Cruse, Lou Hinton . . . Row Two: Frances Segler, Joanne Hunt, Janice Homan, Nita Todd . . . Row Three: Joan Mackey, Shirley Andrews, Mary Julia Knight, Viva Garret, Joyce Hughes, Joyce Skelton . . . Row Four: Nancy West, Martha Hiten, Sondra Stevens, Gay Sherry, Pat Canavan, Libby Olson, Carolyn Wilson. These indespensables keep the office running smoothly. They keep records on absentee: and tardiox, answer the telephone and run errands from the office. WE SALUTE... i STUDENT TEACHERS With the University of Alabama here in Tuscaloosa, T.H.S. is fortunate to have stu- dent teachers in various departments. These teachers serve an apprenticeship for six weeks. ' do MIKE THOMAS Our thanks go to Mike Thomas, our very efficient student photographer, versatile enough to engage in sports while he was taking pictures for us. OUR STUDENT COUNCIL Under the capable leadership of these officers the Student Council has accomplished a varied number of projects. lt is composed of representa- tives from every homeroom with the officers elected by the entire student body. Gene Savage, Bobby Wood, Ann Richardson, President Vice President Secretary 1953-54 was the first year that plans for a student book exchange were completed. The ex- change offered cheaper and better books to the students. These students choose their textbooks and buy them ot this exchange. The Freshman Orientation program was directed by the Student Council, Ushers in halls and in- formation booths helped freshmen and newcomers. Sruoim Couiicii. Every year T.H.S. goes all out for cam- paigns for Student Council Officers. Post- ers ure splashed throughout the school. Souvenirs of every description of every kind are handed out to the student body. When the campaign speeches by the con- didates and their managers ore over, the decision is up to the Student Body. i V CANDIDATES AND MANAGERS. Row One: Gene Savage, Jimmy Woodward, Bob- by Woods, Ann Richardson, Mallory Bratton, Battle Searcy . . . Row 2: Harry Pritchett, Charles Helms, Don Ruggles, Mark Mathis, Susan O'Steen, Bill Holley. THE DEMOCRATIC WAY THE STUDENT COUNCIL Row One: Ann Richardson, Naneita Leach, Betty Ball, Karen Young, Pat Curran . . . Row Two: Gene Savage, Charlotte Hannah, Mary Ann Oliver, Sara Wyatt, Mary Ann Bailey, Mary Ellen Lee, Lillie Humphries, Emily Baker . . . Row Three: Johnny McLaughlin, Pat Van Scoy, Sallie Trawick, Wanda Hulsart . . . Row Four: Mrs. Cary, Bobby Wood, Mrs. Bullock, Nan Schaeffer, Jeff Coleman, Jimmy Woodward, Buddy Greer, Jim Cald- well, Battle Searcy, Billy Partlow, Gene Loftis, Jock Stewart, Billy Gandrud, Mallory Bratton, Nancy Koster, George Walker, Charles Christopher, Alice W. Faircloth, Robert Ballard. The council helped the Beta Club publish the Redbook which is a guide especially to our fresh- men and new students. The climax of Homecoming - the dance. Here our queen and court hold reign over the festivities and dance. The Student Council headed the parade, dG"'Ce Und auditorium program welcoming the Alumni. A tea was held in the library after the Pep Rally for Alumni and teachers. V WE ARE AMONG THE FEW HIGH FUTURE NURSES OF AMERICA Row One: Belly Jones, Willoclene Sief fen, Patricia Leavelle, Dorothy Hughes, lib by Horn, Rubye Febler, Rollie Hodo, Mary Alice Hoois . . . Row Two: Jo Ann Lulier, Belly Flanigan, Louise Moreman, Eleanor Ellis, Jo Ann Johnson, Mariha Johnson, Mary Calherine Sieglar, June Greene Lydia Ryan. SCHOOLS IN STATE WITH FULL TIME NURSE Those who Iceep us healthy -- Mrs. Ernest Fehler, nurse, Mrs. J. B. Barnes, cafeteria manager. Welcome Io Mrs. Fehler-with us for the first Iime ihis year. P"--9 HEALTH ASSISTANTS Row One: Cleo Gilliland, Bonnie Tommie, Di- ane Wood, Fay Farris, Gail Johnson, Rollie Hodo, Lunell Osborn, Mary Alice Hoofs. L ,min 1... THOSE WHO SERVE US ARE OUR FRIENDS Our Cooks - Charlotte Harris, leolu Pearson, Claudia Anderson, Willie Coddy. Maids and :lonitors - Annie Bell la- vender, Joe Tresxie White. We are indebted to Mrs. Barnes and her stoff who provide our daily lunch. Lunch tickets ore sold ot the beginning of the day for 3Oc. The l2:4O bell hos rung ond the lunch rush is onl Peples, Viola de Grafenreid, Lunch is served cafeteria style. We receive o well-bolonced meol including vegetobles, fruit, meot and 0 holf pint of milk. IT'S FUN AND ,WORK TO' GRADE EDITORS. Row One: Carolyn McGraw, Pat lewis, Mary Ann Oliver, Virginia Duckworth. This year for the first time almost all of the pictures in the year boolc have been done by student photogra- phers 7 Mike Thomas and his assistant Ray Stacy. The dedication of the annual, a very high honor in our opinion, is decided upon by both staffs. BLACK WARRIOR EDITORIAL STAFF. Row One: Mary Lynn Werner, Mary Julia Knight, Jackie Senna, Battle 59"-VCY, Joyce Hughes, Margaret Sullivan. Our editors serve o year's apprenticeship os assistant editor, consequently the rather large job of editing a high school annual is not an un- familiar one, Seniors are traditionally editors, while Juniors serve as assistant editors. The en- tire editorial staff is chosen on the basis of try- outs. One period a dciy is devoted to Black Warrior work by the sponsor and editors. EDITORS. Row One: Mrs. J. C. Vibbart, Span- scr, Nan Schaeffer, Editor . . . Row Two Cynthia 4McMiIlan, Assistant Editor, Betty Louise Hoffman, Associate Editor. SPORTS EDITORS AND PHOTOGRAPHERS. -ll"""Y 50002, Ray Stacey, George Walker, Mem Tierce. PLAN AND EXECUTE A YEARBOOK ta TYPISTS. Row One: Nancy West, Joann Montgomery . . . Row Two: ibby Hurt. BLACK WARRIOR BUSINESS STAFF. Row One: Gail John- ston, Joyce Hughes, Priscilla: Winston, Janice Smith, Mary Julia Knight, Jean Elliott, Sue Hamner . . . Row Two: Frances Moses, Dat Smith, Maola Clements, Sue Striclcland, Annette Randall, Alice Wade Faircloth, Virginia Manderson. BUSINESS STAFF. Row One: Margaret Sullivan, Judy For- sythe, Ann Richardson, Kay Copeland, Ann Herbert, Rosalind Alexander, Sally Holifield . . . Row Two: Mary Lynn Werner, Sara Thomas, Peggy Helm, Sissy Seeley, Kay Bounds, Rosa Part- low, Sophie Bell. BUSINESS STAFF SPONSOR AND MANAGERS. Mary Ann Oliver, Miss Rubye Gulley, Gayle Baker. The Blacll Warrior is financed entirely by the sale of yearbooks to more than half the student body and ads sold to cooperative local merchants. Its business staff consists of students who sell ads amounting to at least S50.00. The best sales- man is the manager, who prepares the ad copy for publication, presides over staff meetings, and plans a sales campaign, PRIZEWINNING STAFF AND SCHOOL PAPER BEAR FACTS STAFF. Douglas Pearson, Pa lewis, Battle Searcy, Betty Sue Hughes, Ann Mul vihill, Mr. Robert Sims, advisor, Sally Trawick editor. The Bear Facts is produced completely by students from story assignment to printer. lt publishes only facts and unbiased opinion. Six papers are published each school year, The Bear Facts won a Quill and Scroll international first place award and the Alabama High School Press Association Class A first place award. A new method for selection of staff positions has been devised. Instead of the editor choosing the next editor, several people try out for the position. These people hold various cssistant editorships and work for the top position. The assistants take care of news assignments, make-up, rewriting, and assist the editor in any way possible. BEAR FACTS STAFF, Row One: 'l.Robert Sides, 2. Ola Humphries, 3. Celia Orr, 4. Charles Collins, 5. George Walken. 6. Harriett Hasty, 7. Eleanor Riley. SERVICE ORGANIZATIONS PROJECTION COMMITTEE. Row One: Mr. Sims, sponsor, William Wesley, Shelley Inlet' fSE0l0dl , . . Row Two: fstandingl Pot lovelass, Charles Jordan, Ronald Nix, Mim Tierce, Thomas Ham- mock, Dickie Doughty, Robert Ballad, Jim Pat Caldwell . . . Row Three: Thad Garner, Robert Sides, Hayes Hutchins, Our Projection Committee runs the school's movie proiectar and thus insures audio visual aid. 4 i DRIVES COMMITTEE. Row One: Judy Burton, Martha Sue James, Sally Hinton, Nancy West, Frances Segler . . . Row Two: Mary Ann Oliver, Priscilla Mustin, Cornelia Pinckney, Celeste Davis, Emily Brazeal . . . Row Three: Linda Armstead, Jimmy Guy, Hayes Hutchins, Hewitt Johnson . . . Row Four: Dan Curry, Emily Baker, Cstandingi Mrs. Clark. ' These competent students conduct the two cam- paigns which take care of the half dozen drives to which the school gives. FIRE BRIGADE. Row One: Theodore Minn, Larry McCoy, Darrell Fitts, Dobie Jenkins, James Wilson, Larry Rogers, Robert Harbour, Dickie Doughty, Harold Hester, Ronald Nix . . . Rcw Two: Bill Stone, Richard Doughty, Raifard Hicks, Waylon Fields, Danny Bol- ton, Louie Anders, Doug Pearson, Sonny Brasher, Earl Garner, Charles Findlay, Jimmy Mills . . . Row Three: Ronnie Nichols, Donald Morris, Clay Douglas, Thomas Bailey, Shellie Inzer, Jerry Lancaster, Wayne McDaniel , . . Row Four: Foster Matthews, Sammy Dickson, David Jones, Ben Tom Selman, John Lepard, Harry Carver, David Barnett, Frank Campbell, Hank Leland . . . Row Five: Jack Carrnichel, Fred Barton, Joe Paul Ellis, Don Maugn, Toms my Adams, Herbert Quinn, Don Ruggles, David James, Edlynne Morris, Hank Leland, Dean Kimbrell. AN ASSORTMENT or VALUABLE cLuBs AT T.H.SQ r:9"" a X 3 J ' C. Qc.: - V-L' NM: RED CROSS COUNCIL. Row One: 'I. Retha Smalley, 2. Ronda Benett, 3. Sarah Nell Hartley, 4. Don Comer . . . Row Two: I, Nancy West, 2. Martha Evans, 3. Frances Seigler, 4. Joan Montgomery . . . Row Three: I. Sarah Leopard, 2. Emily Brazeal, 3. Priscilla Mustin, 4. Rosalind McAllister, 5. Martha Jo Bailey . . . Row Four: I. Betty Thomas, 2. Jean Harris, 3. Polly Hender- son, 4. Neva Mclntosh. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA. In fore- ground: June Gilreath, Joanne Hunt, Janice H0- man . . . Raw One: Libby Olson, Ann Richard- son, Harriet Rodgers, Mary Julia Knight, Neva Mc- Intyre, Martha Evans, Elise Faircloth . . . Row Two: Betty Sue Hughes, Joan Mackay, Ruthie Siegel, Jeanette Lacks, Margaret Cruse, Glenda Free, Frances Seigler, Virginia Duckworth. 4-H CLUB. Row One: Jody Farris, Robert , Buddy Greer . . . Row Two: Joe Hunt, Jimmy Ryan, Harold Hodges, Harmon Van Bus- Icirk . . . Row Three: Miss Ruby Patton, Roy Jones . . . Standing: Billy Weaver. INTER-CLUB COUNCIL. Row One: Ann Richard- son, Betty Grace Lee, Libby Olson, Nancy West, Charlotte Hannah . . . Row Two: Bobby Wood, Nedria Stringer, Sally Trowick, Libby Hurt, Don Curry, Gene Savage. ':..,, ...... -. Kat 'Xa- .L Q2 41, .sl HI-Y'S BUILD CHRISTIAN CHARACTER Both Tri-Hi-Y and Hi-Y participated in the Mid4Alabama Hi-Y Conference in December. The conference was held in Tuscaloosa because our Bobby Wood is State Hi-Y President. In the spring delegates from both groups will go to the Ala- bama Youth Legislature in Montgomery. Both groups cooperated to prepare and distribute Thanksgiving food baskets. STATESMAN HI-Y. Row One: Tommy Adams, Jack Waldrop, Jim Pierce, Shellie lnzer, President . . . Row Two: Karl Perkins, Gene Savage, Don Rugglei- BETA TRI-Hl-Y. Row One: Jo F. Caldwell, Marla Stephenson, Mary Ann Oliver, Judy Forsythe, Charlotte Hannah, Mary E. Lee . . . Row Two: Carolyn Raifield, Betty Cooper, Marguerite Rodgers, Carolyn Burchfield, Virginia McCall, Elaine Clark- son, Ann Herbert, Kay Bounds, Virginia Duckworth, Emily Baker . . . Row Three: Nedria Stringer, Marry Ann Bailey, Martha Sue James, Beth Richardson, Gayle Baker, Annie Mary Phifer, Gail Johnson, Mary Lou Barringer . . . Row Four: Nita Tod, Kay Copeland, Rosa Partlow, Sandra Smith, Rosalind Jack- son, Frankie O'Neal . . . Row Five: Neva Mclntosh, Betty York, Nancy West, Eleanor Riley, Ja Ann Lacks, Glee Baker. ALPHA TRI-HI-Y, Row One: Jo A. May, Betty G. Lee, Mary J. Knight, Elise Fcircloth, Libby Hurt, Carol F. Duncan . . . Row Two: Jean Harris, Sarah Thomas, Laura N. Lee, Alice Jones, Sarah Wyatt, Eleanor Holley . . . Row Three: Miss Lucy Robert- son, Jackie Senna, Betty Elliot, Pat Curran, Henriette Kendrick, Sissy Winslett, Mary l. Werner, Gail Hall, Jane'le Baird . . . Row Four: Ann Richardson, Maola Clements, Gay Townsend, Patsy Brown, Margaret R. Waller, Mallory Bratton, Virginia Manderson, Annette Randall, Jerolyn Dockery . . . Row Five: Jerry Baker, Alice W. Faircloth, Mary J, Pickens, Priscifla Win- ston, Jeri Haught, Janet Baird. AMBASSADOR HI-Y. Row One: Mr. Willmon, Herbert Quinn, Bobby Wood, President: Charles Kirk, Harmon Van Buskirk . . . Row Two: George Walker, John Pearson, Jimmy Cain, Bill Weaver, Sammy Dickson, Sonny Hewitt, Jack Carmichael. BETA GL B "Let us lead by serving others," the motto of the Beta Club, has truly been carried out by the Betos this year. The club has published the Red Book, the Student Directory, held c Halloween party, attended the State Beta Club Convention, and topped new members twice this year. MRS. CLARK Beta Club Sponsor ROW lr MCIYY Jo Afldifif 5hlfl0Y AHJYOWS, UOMDY AUSNWS Margaret Ann Avery ROW 2 Janet Baird Emil Boher, 1 . : 1 Y FYUHCGS BGYNBS JimWlY Boone- Row 32 Milfiltll BOYYDUQHS, Mallory Bratton, Marian Coffee, Jo Frances Caldwell, Bill Christen- berry. ROW 4: Druscilla Christen, Harriett Conant, Kay Copeland, Ben Crane, Ann Crume. ROW 5: Margaret Cruse, Don CUNY, BBNY Ddvii, 5GmmY Dickson. Dickie Edwards. ROW 6: Betty Elliott, Elise Faircloth, Judy Forsyth, Glenda Free, Estelle Gdfdfwf, l-DIS Wl1i"1GY- ROW 71 MUYY l-00550 GWBH, Mdry louise Hall, Barbara Ann Harrison, Harriett Hasty, Mary Catherine Hatchett, Polly Henderson. MISS ANNA BROWN Honor Society Sponsor H0 Encouraging Freshmen students to improve their grades was a major project of the Honor Society this year. This encouragement was provided through posters placed in Freshmen classrooms, and through the awarding of ci trophy to the section room which showed the greatest grade pro- gress. Being tapped for and initiated into the Honor Society remains the high point in the high school career ot a stu- dent who excels in scholarship, character, and leadership. ROW 1: Mary Jo Anders, Emily Boker, Mallory Bratton, Patsy Jones. ROW 2: Jo Frances Coldwell, Roger Comer Harriett Conant, Margaret Cruse. ROW 3: Sammy Dickson, Betty Elliott, Elise Fairclotlu, Glenda Free. ROW 4: Mary Louise Green Mary Louise Hall, Harriett Hasty. ROW 5: Mary Catherine Hutcllett, Betty Louise Hoffman, Ola Humphries. ROW 6: Gail Johnston, Mary Julia Knight, Pat Lancaster. MR. BODIE HINTON Our beloved Bandmoster BAND OFFICERS SHELLY INZER ........,...,.. FRANCES MOSES .. .. . . , ANNE CRUME ...... .,. .. JERRY LANCASTER , . . . . ,Asst. Manager President Librarian Manager Maiorettes Jo Willis, Janice Homan, Dru- cilla Christian, Sissie Seeiy, Lydia Ryan, Gay Nell Town- send, June Gilreath, Nancy McArthur, Dot Smith, Veva Garrett, Cynthia McMillan, Drum Muior, Tennent Lee. BAND SENIORS- Top of T: Lydia Ryan, Margaret Cruse, Bobby Daniel, Shelly Inzer, James Joiner, Buddy Hinderer Bascom Woodward, Donald Barton, Jerry Lancaster, Johnny Abernathy, Harriett Rogers, Martha Hiton, Thomas Duncan, George Bilbrey, Aldean Kimbrel, Veva Garrett. Back to Front: Glenda Free, Eugene Herren, Annie Mary Phifer, Betty Elliott, Anne Crume, Nita Todd, .lean Mcllvaine, Joanne Wallace, Frances Moses, Ruthis Siegal, Kathleen Spencer, David James, June Gilreath, Janice Homang itf BASE, BARITONES and FRENCH HORNS Row 1-Donald Barton, Lewis Cook, larry Bowman, Row 2- Nita Todd, Glenda Free, Billy Paul Jacllson, Ferd Mitchell, George Langford, Thomas Hammock, Row 3- Buddy Hinderer, larry Powell, Bascom Woodward, Don Tucker, Johnny Aber- nathy, Eugene Herron. Go, go, go bussie, bussie . . . you goofed . . . picl: up ya leet and don't tall over 'em . . . Ya lool: sleepy, whatsamatter? Don't lille to :ome to school at 7:30 o. m.? . . . Shut up you Goggle Eyed Mongolian . . . Here comes the old man . . . these noises, not translated here in the language of the loymen, are the everyday vocabulary of our band members. While they cut up and have piles of fun the accomplishments of this group make T. H. S. most proud. Last summer the band went to Chicago to partake in the International Lions Club Convention as a representative from Alabama. Money was raised for this trip by the l.ion's Club of Tuscaloosa and the band selling light bulbs. ln Chicago the band won titth place in the nation. New uniforms were bought at the beginning of the school year by the Board ot Education. The money left over from the Chicago trip was also used to help pay for them. An invitation to perform at the Blue-Grey game in Montgomery was accepted and the band gave the annual spring concert. TROMBONE SECTION Butch Swindle, Charlotte Lewis, Bobby Daniel, Anne Crume, David Clemmons, Charles Snipes, James Joiner, Hugh Abernathy FLUTES Joanne Wallace, Polly Hender- son, Susan Washburn, Jean Mc- llvaine, Martha Wallace, Gail Hall, JoAnne Griffin, Mallory Bratton, Jo Frances Caldwell, Betty Davis. 52 Y H 2 Wifi I ' eg' We is fy Ei ST if S Q M , Wk X K k -X 4? iv wi xv nf A N 'M x if V H lf LHJ1 1 5 Aww 26 .MY M.--.Nt i V Jjypff ' f 5550 if' 4: ,uw '- 451, W Ya my OTHER ORGANIZATIONS The newly organized safety patrol may save the lite of some high school student. Since our campus and school are on o busy street, the patrol warns motorists and pedestrians of the need tor caution and care. Freshmen and sophomore boys under the supervision of Mr. Newsome worlx in the morning, at noon, and after school of each school day at this important lab. Feeling the need of a iournalism club to provide fellowship and assistance in cooperative undertakings for the staffs of the two high school publications BEAR FACTS and BLACK WARRIOR, the students engaged in this work have reactivated a chapter of Quill and Scroll. Mr John Luskin of the University of Alabama iaurn- olism department was honored by having the local chapter named for him. Cam- bining business and social meetings have been both profitable and entertaining. QUILL AND SCROLL MEMBERS First Row: Betty Louise Hoffman, Nan- eita Leach, Nan Schaeffer, Sallie Trawicli, Gayle Baker. Second Row: Celia Orr, Cynthia Mc- Millian, Don Curry, Mary Ann Oliver, Jimmy Boone, Battle Searcy, George Walker, Ola Humphries, Ann Mulvahill, Pat Lewis. Drivers Training courses taught in our high school may be responsible for the fewer accidents reported by the National Safety Council. In the Dodge with dual control, Mr. Henderson's students devote cl period each day to this important study. We are cerioinly proud ol Ohese siudenfs who won ihe American Legion Confesf. Their Essays on "Our Consfifutionn were chosen as laesf. Mary Julia Knight, 2nd place winner, Elise Fairclorh, lst Place winner, Lois Whitney, 3rd place. Elise also won counly and disiricl awards on her essay. THESE WERE HONORED These are Ohe convesrs in the Miss F. H. . Conresi. Sealed lei? ia righf are ihe winners-21 place, Rosalin Jackson, lsi place, Carolyn Ra field, 3rd place, Lydia Ryan. Back Row-Sue Hamner, Joan lake, Shirli Jones, Sandra Evans, Polly Henderson, Morgar Sullivan, Belly Davis, Charloiie Hannah. The Tuscaloosa Civifan Club honored Mr. Ma Clinlon, social srudies feacher, for fhe devofio of his eniire aduli life to 'he education of :sh denis of Tuscaloosa. Mr. Clinion was presernew a resolulion which gave him special recognifior A0 fhe presenlation were-Mr. J. R. Piiiarc Miss Earline Decker, Gene Savage, Presidenf c Sfudenf Body, Mr. Clinion and Civiliian E. Skidmore. We wish io recognize here our fine lusfrial aris Oeacher, Mr. A, C. Olson. 5 l UQ bs. o was sick when foculiy pictures were de. w x Above-Karl Perkins Righi-Gay Sherry ,Sys ,. We don't iniend fo magnify the bad luck of our fellow sfudenfs and Oeachers by showing ihree of our fuvorife people in hospifcl beds-Karl Perkins, Gay Sherry, Mr. Olson. Insiead, we want io show the good neighborliness and sympathy of our siudenis who visit friends in the beoufiful new Druid Ciiy Hospital of which Tus- caloosa is proud. 'W b ?,2QeYfi3 e-Y? , , .,.. .A 23 ',- S. 1 fl? fy? 4 I 5 .J-p , gzifif, -Z-7" Q A ZW . " ,J A Q1 i . ,M . ,.f- ii "N 'Q ,, ff- 1 ,- 'jx - A 4 -' 1 '44-. , "il -"- - ff 'V7' "- '53 Q3 - A F-,f U. , , 'Y . , , . ' ' -- 2 '. V ,-1 -1 " '., . , . v ff. ,-- ff 4' .,,,f,3,'.' . ' 21- ' -- f .sf ,J Ln'-'r' 5 f ,.'- ' V - ,. , H rw, . -. b ., J Q ,, , ,F A' -A W: f- .si "N sur. , 'TY' V mana W . pray . .M 5 QQ Nh' -1, ww Q 35 0la44ma'e4 DEPENDABLE SENIORS SALLIE TRAWICK GENE SAVAGE FRIENDLY SENIORS NANEITA LEACH VICTOR COLEMAN POPULAR SENIORS BETTY SUE HUGHES DON DALEE BEST ALL-ROUND SENIORS NAN SCHAEFFER JIMMY WOODWARD fa 'ks 'Q .W 33,14 QQ' DEPENDABLE JUNIORS MALLORY BRATTON BILL STONE If My ig 4 E BEST ALL-ROUND JUNIORS CHARLOTTE HANNAH JIMMY SUMMER L FRIENDLY JUNIORS T JUDY FORSYTH WARREN FLEMING POPULAR JUNIORS ROSA PARTLOW MARLIN MOORE 1 FRIENDLY SOPHOMORES CORNELIA PICKNEY JOHNNY McLAUGHLIN DEPENDABLE SOPHOMORES BARBARA TATUM ALAN SIEGAL , 'W It-all 1. 55" .. X H ar DEPENDABLE FRESHMEN MARY LOU BARRINGER MIXSON VIBBART A BEST ALL-ROUND SOPHOMORES SISSY WINSLETT TOMMY ROBERTS POPULAR SOPHOMORES PAT ABERNATHY JACK LIVINGSTON FRIENDLY FRESHMEN VIRGINIA McCALL ROB LANGFORD , if fl? '. 54,4 f z ,M J. W v ' xy , kd POPULAR FRESHMEN BARBARA GLOVER DAVID CLEMMONS Q BEST ALL-ROUND FRESHMEN CAROLYN BURCHFIELD LARRY MCCOY 24 '31 II II bait" I. "' x I .aff 0 wk- N 4 x .,f M HOMECOMING QUEEN MISS NANEITA LEACH My 5 Ib X, Mal R, 4 ., R Q45 W. k I "f3W'Qf - 33q,,,4, !Q"Q, a . wg, Xi fx N N SK N fx, b X' S? wi 5-iffrvi-w .. Q 4' v ,Q Qww, .. , SENIOR BEAUTY MISS BETTY HOFFMAN JUNIOR BEAUTY MISS MARGARET AVERY SOPHOMORE BEAUTY MISS SHIRLEY KORNEGAY FRESHMAN BEAUTY MISS CAROLYN MCGRAW MISS CETIZENISHIP ANN RICHARDSON AWARD WINNER Miss Em Donoha was honor guest at the annual band banquet. She was presented with a lovely silver dish and her praises were extolled by Toastmaster M. L. Roberts, band members, and guests attending. We are glad this splendid tribute was given to a lovely person and a great teacher. her selection. this group. Mr. and Miss D. O., chosen by students in Distributive Education and Diversified Occupations to represent them at the state convention. Peggy Rogers and Victor Cole- man are both outstanding students among Miss F. H. A. is selected from students in home economics who are members of Future Home- makers of America. Girls are graded on beauty, poise, personality, and grooming. A teacher committee consisting ot Mrs. Adams, Miss Bax, Mrs. Vibbart, and Mr. Roberts selected Carolyn Raytield as Miss F. H. A. Lucy Caldwell was chosen runner-up in the beauty walk. Lucy is a senior and is shown here at the triumphant moment of HANDSOME BOYS SENIOR DON RUGGLES JUNIOR GENE BEARD sk N. .nf i w'3QHxQj1pf2A Qs Rt , Q .se PF' E N, x X X '+ x 35 -FB 1 X gb HN 3 ,I mu , ,MQ . v ,ff . 710 S , ...N .Y W Pi if K 4 .I:1:f,E?E2 .x 'Qui .S pam J 3' 243552 'Q - wt fix .Q ww 1 m .il 1 if ,.. ga Q 4,3 , . 1+ 1 3 . W... .,X, , if li H Z, AN S+ A 'V 'li 0 . 1 " - Q W Q Y 4 , I 1. ' Q :Xiu Q Q X . .X 'K VX , Q' 'b w' V w N Q AMX 0 xx , R, . - K' SQ R 'Wi' X X K E QQ I 1 J X' Qx k"f X'- w 4 2 yi K iw-Q Q5 f 43 + 5 FM .Q rg, X- ' VQNS mt x FUUTBALL COACH KENDALL COACH HENDERSON it MANAGERS L. fo R. Jimmy Coleman, James Simpson, David Cochrane Bobby Yoder, Billy McQuire '53 and '54 Foolboll Capfuins L, To R. Jim Woodward, Gordon Palmer, Jim Hinlonf Jim SUWWCV- RED LETTER CLUB Isl Row-B. McGuire, H. Barnes, F. Glover, D. DaLee, D. Pride O. Henderson, J. Lemonis, J. Hinton, M. Thomas, B. Boyd, M. Moore, 2nd Row-J. Sumner, D. Vaughn, B. Eubanlss, E. Morris, J. Woodward, CHEERLEADERS s. shqmbnn, R. Davis, J. Brasher, a, Evans, F. Campbell, D. nm, L- lo R- hon' R0W"J'-'mn MUCHYI libby Olson, Marla 5'9Pl19"S0fl, K. Perkins, 3rd Row-D. Culp, J. Coleman, W. Fleming, D. Cowan, Burk ROW-B00 Pfildielf, GUY 5l'e""Yf Johnny Adamif JUYCS MOYYJSON, R. Bridges, l.. McCoy, B. Harrison, J. Janes, L. Rogers, S. Dunn, B. Rose Parlow EL. Burns, G. Palmer, G. Beard. 9 J gigs w M 'W k,5f 6 S9 , M' R59-5 in gawk: ii Q4 Q Q13 Y' AX - . 3. v 3' fx 4 f -iw f Sie " 5 'wiv A11 w lggssii A X raw Mfg A 'L' , 'im Mwvw ' XswweI?f1'. , 24, ,W 4. N, N NW ky imma? R A5 Q " A A fw - A ,J ' X X inf' X XX -1. 5 if eww ,fwm 'Q Q ff Y. L W . :.- sn 2,535 5 439 if ,E . f Q ww' As fx 'N ,gf 49, af J 4 A-fwuaQilIimyb x 5 :Six N553 4 M , was ., , ..,.. lx ':.:.E:4 Q ?K2w,1"' Q . .ggs- ,W 5 fx my X I x L x vw. Q w.. NNN fw ww . fa 3 , A . aws, -V wr SSS' -...V . vu. A 'X 'S' saw A f J,1,,,,,m.Q 511 , ,, fy ,H qi ,1 L 5' ,. A11 aw ,-A .12 . A V , .M wmfpfrzgq - ,gigsffg-,,v 1' 3x1'1.pma"f'fv g'fv.w..gSLg,M I fi--'1'::f 'X gm!-A ,"'2ag,,,'Q aff, N- A .1 fi-W saw' ti'-41 '7 f-' . 445251 -Am .f.i'Z"-"5'2faL, -4jA.'i in 3444, Xg"f:f'..f3- , X '-V Q vu- .J ww 'f'-2, 4. ',,, .N ,' g,,W ,MS,.7,gq.fN.x. L M , 4 v ' . ' ' ' ' L. B' L , ' , ' 3 1 f I Q .Mg -.1 lx v v N Wh Q. P. 2 sl M Q X x X f .. - Q A. Q EYWQQF M xfqmuti , gf .,A., L? iiffwzlieig N Qfgg if , K S 4 A-xx , MQ - . X N Ay , K Ax, 'x -V M ' A. 2?,.g-J K, "M,'3'wmiix N FQ 3' f ' as . , .x ,F . .Y ,.,., Y A M- 9 PAW 'W' V x. as 19 'N QR XJ ' Q I ' X J , 2 4 wwszm, X? x Q 9 X, N, is r VK Qi X 2 Front Row Left To Right-L. Rogers, M. Moore, G. Beard, C. Perkins, J. Lemonis, D. Cowan, J. Hinton, R. Davis, J. Sumner J. Woodard, G. Palmer, D. Vaughan, L. Rubio, F. Campbell Second Row Left to Right-W. Fleming, D. DaLee, O. Henderson, D. Durham, H. Barnes, J. Livingston, J. Jones D. Fitts, M. Thomas, B. Burns, R. Bridges, H. Evans, S. Dunn Third Row Left to Right-Coach Kendall, T. Roberts, B. Boyd, J. Sumner, S. Brashers, F. Glover, J. Elledge, J. Lemonls J. Douglas, J. Howard, C. Carver, J. Coleman, B. Helms, B. Helms, B. Davis, Coach Henderson SUMMARIES Bears Turn Back Phillips 'I2-6 The Bears tallied their tirst score on a twenty yard pass from Gordon Palmer to Gene Beard. In the last sixty-tive seconds of the game, Wood- ward grabbed a fumble ana raced seventy yards tor the winning touchdown. Tuscaloosa Roars over Holt 47-0 This game was led by the fierce line play of Hinton and Perkins. Outstanding backtield men were Palmer, Thomas, Woodward, and Rubio. Beard converted for tive extra points. Powerful Lanier Topples 'Loosa 25-7 This was more than oi defeat tor T. H. S., for Sumner was lost for the season with a broken arm. The tirst halt was a seven to seven deadlock, but Lanier came back with three touchdowns in the last halt to win the ball game. Bears Upset Woodlawn 20-6 Tuscaloosa's casualty list was increased as Karl Perkins was lost for the remainder of the season with a broken leg. Woodward kicking and the Bear's heads up defensive play enabled Vaughn, Palmer and Moore to score our three touchdowns. Beard converted twice. Ensley Tops Bears 25-21 This game was highlighted by the long runs of Palmer, Woodward, and Dalee. The 'Loosa line throttled three Yellow Jacket drives within their own ten yard line. Ensley recovered a Bear fumble in the last seconds of the game and raced for the winning touchdown. Black Bears Crumble Selma 28-0 Long runs by Fleming, Woodward, and Palmer were the center ot attraction for this game. Beard kicked four extra points. Cats Tame Bears 20-2 This was a heartbreaker, as 'Loosa lost the ball game as well as the county title. 'Loosa "Crashes Over Deshler" 19-'I3 Before a highspirited homecoming crowd the Bears came from behind to beat Tuscumbia. Bay High Takes Bears 'I2-7 A second quarter pass from Palmer to Beard put the Bears in front seven to six at the halt. In the last half Panama City powered their way through the Bear line for the winning touchdown. BA KETBALL Coach Billy Henderson Managers Billy McGuire, Horfon Barnes S TEAM-lst Row, I. to r.: Billy Eubanlms, Jimmy Brasher, Billy Shamblin, Gordon Palmer, Dick Pride. 2nd Row: Edlyne Morris, Gene Beard, Jimmy Woodward, Alan Muhox. 3rd Row: Coach Henderson, David Vaughn, Sonny Hewelf, Ward Penningion, Gayland Parnell, Billy lalze, Jimmy Sumner, ,595 mimi fqi X X X -X aw X f WN Q x :T 5 K R. X H S A X XX 'Qs Y JR X ik if I 1 X Y , ,.,,. M 'Z' 3 it 2 x Q :,: ',..A:.:, 3 K' ,ay N, K, ,.,. ,K X x Q If 'P 2 Q' ' -s , 134' ' as if ,vii 11 . A K 5 5 W 'sc f xx " 1 wk F Eg lg Q A is L XT.:-X Mm 0 X M S l, .,L' .E , Q ' 3 , 6 1' ig N? X W Q. A , A 4 E' fi ,W m ww 4 a . , . if xl 5 xi wg K m K J .. Yi . ix A 7 IEV I ,Q als' Zak wt, 'i Q Q. E. ,A am mf M ix si W. ., 55 e 4 ff :SML ,gw?g, ' 12,74 M E225 if kg Q53 W 553' Q EQ f xi 5 QE 9 Q TW. Si -,Q 'y wb f fem. Jw, Wi' ni ff l? .. 5? I ix SSH BA EBALL BASEBALL 'lst Row-L. To I. Sam Hamner, Jimmy Brasher, Billy Eubonhs, Larry Lewis, Earl Garner, Davis Culp, 2nd Row- Gordon Polmer, Eugene lopor, Charles Finley, James Hommonds, Jimmy Woodward, 3rd Row--Manager Billy McGuire, Johnny Upchurch, Paul Morrispn, Jeff Qploman, and Couch Henderson. TRACK L. To R. Marlin Moore, Don Dalee, Jimmy Hinton, and David Vaughn. These teams contribute to our athletic prowess. Our book goes to press before the GOLF L. to R.-Jack Maness, Jack Cum- mings, Diclz Pride, and Billy Sham- blin. season for these sports begin. TENNIS L. To R. lst Row-Hank Leland, Emily Baker, Manoella de la Men- adier, Gayle de la Menadier, Louise Winslett, Gayle Baker, Dobie Jen- lmins. 2nd Row-Dick Pride, Buddy Greer, David Gentry, Kenneth Bell, Mike Quarles, and Billy Eubanlu. 0m i ,QW .X ,fXQg--x X. N1 fQXXNQiQ:ifX3b W "-kx'+S5,Mg,.,. ' A F X x x X Q,-'cf-sig:-154: ww HN-A::fA:,:f wwQ.r-:,,,:wS-.w-.- KY , -uk W . Q .X .ww .f-, .vwx-gQ , . X f-, -qw N13 9--W-+1,'wi'::,g4,Q:,g+,. w- Q5Z"'wm1-Tl' R'-.J -'w -' " " . Q, 'W'f?'f"I.f"'h"'N' - :-5r4..q My X, N xfgysxs -I 'I 'I 1, 'I I 1 QI gl I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I 1 'I :I 1 1 'I I 1 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 1 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 4 1 I 'I 'I 'I I 'I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 1 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I 'I 5. 'I 'I 'I 'I 4 TI 4 I 'I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 1 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 1 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 1 'I 'I 'I 1 I I 1 'I 'I I 'I I 'I 'I 'I 'I I I 'I 'I I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 1 1 1 1 3- 'Q 'L I il-"' :ua llCllllIiD,1'9 i ?'7"1 1 51p ' I mia, -h "-5:Z' V- 132 -I A fe- fc, .I--"U", f-- -"0 I IN: fkee 96,000 Square Feet Floor Space We Appreciate Your Potroncuge ALLEN 81 JEMISON GDMPANY HARDWARE auuifuea in ma - ------o-c---- PIANOS Ti, ' 9 Gulbransen 9 Jesse French 9 Janssen 1with organol l.-11-ii-1 Wurlitzer L Spinette Organs Fine used Steinway - Grands - ' We buy, sell, rent, tune, l trade in, rebuild, 8- relir1iSl1 pianos ot all kinds - Wfiffefi Guarantee. 1 'i 11 11 1 ll l 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 'I 1 1 1 1 li 11 11 'i 'i 'i 'I 11 1i li li 1 l RAlFORD'S E, I' l , gf' Dial 3044 125 2509 Broad sf. 'I Mm ANN eww l 1a 'i ,- ----------+-- -.s 1,::- - -----A-+---- -- TUSCALOOSA'S FINEST DEPARTMENT STORE BROAD STREET AT TWENTY-THIRD AVE. 9:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: GATES AND COMPANY For 28 Years Tuscaloosa's Quality Cleaners Q4-AA -----' +A-A-A - --A--L ------ -- 'P l l 'i li ln '1 li li In 1 l 1 1 1 'i 'i 1a 11 li J "Say lt With Flowers" From THE Bl0SSOM SHOPPE "Your Friendly Florist" Day Phone 4563 Night Phone 3672 Broad Street, Tuscaloosa, Ala. ' The individual portraits in this section are of f he members of the BLACK WARRIOR Business Staff. f A ---A----- A ++-A-- ---- :I ' YOSR QIIISQIQIQIQAIZIQQR'LSEQSLQQILLR'QLRIQIOR 1, TUSCALOOSA ENGRAVING COMPANY, INCORPORATED I " 2318 41h STREET PHONE SMS I TTfjjjijfjffijiijiiiiifijf ijjfjjf A iiifiijj. jjfjifjjfijfjl 1' DUGlN'S SHOE STORE :I ., 2508 BROAD STREET " ,x,,,,,,,,:,,,:,lijiiiiiiirigiiiiiiiix i, i Iii! I 2 1 It gPlQOUlS IIIC 3' if-Qiocvkxiiijf 3 'H Q 4 TUSCALOOSA'S BEST DEPARTMENT STORE I, ........ ......... -A..-.- GAYLE BAKER T tl LIVELY MUSIC SERVICE EE BALDWIN and ACROSONIC PIANOS 41 :g BAND INSTRUMENTS, ACCESSORIES :E SI-IEET MUSIC If Parkview Center Phone 8-2694 i::::::::::::::- :::::::::::: SL WILLlAM'S PHARMACY 1928 Brood Street v-uuuqp-v- A-:oc-A-A -A-,,:--,,. "' "-- ::::,r.4-:::: A SALUTE TO EVERY SENIOR 'W 11 EWTO llllll . LUMBER Cll. WHOLESALERS :1 2510 G'boro Avenue Phone' 4763 -- --...... ...... - ffff::f: :' fff- ::::fj 'H' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' """"? 5' : '::::x:x:::xx::x:' fx? l' ll 1: . Turkey Johnson , II ' EE Auto - Life - Fire 1 EE Insurance 1 ll ' ALSTON BUILDING 1: T I:::::::::::::: 1, 1, ff 5 Quality - Service 1, 1, QQ gi Alabama Apothecary 1, EE 2nd Floor First National Bank Q Ei Building 4, Tuscaloosa, Alabama lb KAY COPELAND Phone 4966 :::::::::- JL' ::::: J::::: , -:ff-,.,,.,.E MAYERS FOOD STORE L' GROCERIES and MEATS FRUITS and VEGETABLES I Phone 3497 :I 300 9th Street If A::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: V 55:55:55:35:55:55::5:55::f?::55555: I I FIRST NATIONAL SERVICES INCLUDE 1 THE FOLLOWING FACILITIES . . . 1 SAVINGS DEPARTMENT COMMERCIAL ACCOUNTS I TRUST DEPARTMENT COLLECTIONS SAFE DEPOSIT BOXES TRAVELER'S CHEQUES LOANS EXCHANGE I I FIRST NATl0NAl BANK OF I TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA l Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation ll Iv vvvvv --vvv---......., f ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::' ::::::::::::::::: 1 TUSCALOUSA LIBRARY BINDERY I I Clakey Bell, Owner I I "Library Binding A Specialty" I 2l22 Broad Street I "BOUND TO PLEASE" lv - -::::::::::::,:::,: 'I f--- -- -- -A I 4, I :I II ' ,I International Lennox Q .v-.- vv----- v - ---- ------ "" -------- ---- --" ' :I :I Wallace Franciscan I 4: ' Towle Haviland I I Gorham Syracuse I Lunt II II 1' sg I db If 4, 4, 4, 4, l, I: TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA I I, I, 4,:::::::::::::: ---------- ::::::::: 'I F:::::::::::::: ::::::::: PRITCHETT - MOORE INC. 'I REAL ESTATE - LOANS if I RENTALS - GENERAL INSURANCE II , IQ 1, 527 3rd Avenue I FRAN Moses I phone 4441 'I Harry Pritchett Marlin Moore 'Q A 'fffffffffffffffff ffffffffffffff. 4 STYLE CENTER WALL PAPER. 1 PITTSBURGH s. EENI. MOORE PAINTS AMERICAN - STANDARD ,' HEATING - PLUMBING GENERAL ELECTRIC CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS WESTINGHOUSE LIGHT BULBS PIPE - VALVES - FITTINGS 3 COLE SUPPLY C0.,INC. 520 - 22nd Ave. Phone 2-2525 ., ,:,:- 4 COME TO COOK'S FOR . Q Nationally Famous Watches Q Registered Lovebright Diamonds Q Finest Jewelry O Gifts For All Occasions ON CREDIT AT NO EXTRA COST COOK'S JEWELERS 605 Greensboro Avenue ANNETTE RANDALL 32l I 9th Street BRITTAN CLOTHING CO. 2213 Broad St. Where you will always find better clothes for less Complete .line of Men's Clothing 8- furnishings Brown-McRae Pharmacy REXALL DEALER 2332 E. 9th St. Alberta City Phone 88693 Wont A Good Plumber? DIAL 88792 Q. J. Moses, Owner ALBERTA PLUMBING AND HEATING SERVICE F 'P FUN! 'P' o "Nav 0 Pilfif a .4 his . , , so V 5 A. k W ...W ssl .MWQK Goodyeor Tires Pure Tires Botteries Bicycles Outboo rd Motors Auto Accessories Rodios THE PURE 0IL C0. 18 Q W B. DRAKE 8. SON PRINTERS Phone 3243 2119 9th Street IN ONE PLACE ONLY You'II Find All of The BY YOU - OF YOU - FOR YOU 0 THE TUSCAIOOSA NEWS SERVING THIS COMMUNITY FOR OVER 135 YEARS AA-AAAA,,,,A---------------.t------------ COMPLIMENTS OF DEAL IUMBER COMPANY "lt Poys to DEAL with DEAL" Munn-nu + 1 It 1 f :L I t I A 1: Best Wnshes! 1 'I 'I suLuvAN amen snorj fi City Hall Building I ll 'r I v- ,,.,,,,,,,,, ::::: :nNQvof:::::::::::::::::::::- :::::5 Always Ask For Y'S PERR ' MILK ICE CREAM fy f -:::::::::::::::::::: I1 1 I, 1' I1 'I I1 I Compliments of I II I 'I 'I I1 I1 I1 s o K o L ' s 5,1 we FURNISH THE HOME I Phone 4714 TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA I1 I, I, It 1 1, 1 '1 1 1 ELISE FAIRCLOTH 1 1 , 1 - - J 4, CURTIS BLOCK and SUPPLY CO., INC. LIGHT ond HEAVY WEIGHT BUILDING BLOCKS READY MIX CONCRETE - STEEL SASH BUILDING SUPPLIES 3II2 I5fh Sfreef Phone 88383 ALBERTA GROCERY CO. ALBERTA CITY OWEN MEREDITH 8 SOIIS INSURANCE SINCE 1898 I8I8 Brood Street Phone 4471 5"""'E,LII.E,.I."5 RICHARD II IIIIII . Wholesale Groceries JUDY FORSYTH . f..5:5S?1!?'2rf1 'Em -v:"' if Ilq N., R E A C H F O R . . E- , ' .T I Q N V. I qvnz A - The NEW IMPROVED I IUE R If IUIRA I . , R A A If -- X "::::' Q lllvijr llz. ' f"" 1 I I , f A un am W ,fffnij qq,' .-z5Q-Ei I- gg! QE ' f sf . ,gn '.,. '- gl JK T H E B R E A D Y O U , :1: gg -". ., 1 L will -.,,,i1A' .4 A ::::.l :, I N E E D F O R E N E R G Y .E IIE I . R A L P H B O W E N qt AUTO - LIFE - FIRE I: INSURANCE 1, First Nofionol Bonk Building :E' EARL STUDIOS CREATIVE PORTRAITS RosA rARTLow 5, 1 Phone 6746 F 'r 1 4 NEW and USED AUTO PARTS WARRIOR AUTO PARTS COMPANY AP 'r r 5: Phone 3538 Northporf, Alabama 'l0'I Bridge Ave. Efjjf. fffffffffilfff ::fffffffffijjiff:, ::jffffffffff: Il 2' B u R L Q U I N N HARDWARE and SUPPLY COMPANY 1, 2312 -- 71h Sireef Phone 5881 'E 'jijffjiffffjiiijii ., T flii:fli1iiii if C 1 Compliments of 52 3 'I CHARLES TEMERSON EE Y 3' 55 sous CAROLYN SEELEY 1, 1 . ,,,,::,m,,,,,,,,,,:,,4 l,:,,,:,,,,,,,,,, ,xx 1. ..........................A.......... A ..... POWELL PAWN SHOP JAMES T. POWELL 624 23rd Avenue Phone 4176 E TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA :Q iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii , LET US BE YOUR HEAD MAN ' BOB'S BARBER SHOP 1 Cr Visit Our Newly Remodeled And Larger Book Store. Sell Your Books to Us . MALO E' TEL. 4233 807 10th Street MEET THE GANG AT... QUEEN UITY DRUG PHONE 3421 IOO4 QUEEN CITY AVENUE I 4 I IT,,-v--vvv""" ' I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I P I l I :I 1 1. I :I I 'I 'I P 'I :I I 4 'I 'I I 'I 1 P V 1 P 4 4 4 1 I 1 I I I 1 I :I I 4 l P 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 4 :I I 'I :I I 'I :I I 'I :I 'I :I I 4 I 'I 'I 'I :I I :I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I :I I 'I 'I I 'I 'I I 'I 1 4 1 I :I 'I 1 I I 1 I I 4 'I 'I 'I P I 'I 51 1 4 I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I I 1 P 1 4 Gm I'afula1ions ,ay I 1 'V X Ox JM Q15 7 IIS" ' II I .V 'ff'-A , ,yplgt-at I,!. - 'Adi W1 , f sII',IgII"1,I 1 Z3 I .314 .N L. ,. I xl' J I. -Ii rIIA'LwIIII - ' W ff y JdlPwQ QF Y, III' ,gin ' 'I W4 wk I-C1 fr' I, l K ,laik 'nfl' 'XT ' "'I ,IlI'II L j IIIQFIILII f 'I I A 3 -,II 'II 'ulyr I'.I' I Nw! " '1"',I" 'I'I1"I' " I, WI ' "' gm I I III' V II, SIA' 'A' I""' 1' f Aw w I Ny IM I' N .v . 4 5. 52 15's if M 9,215 . V AQKQU ' ,.a,..U51rf-5 ' eg? . -2911 I ' I 9 ...-" In K ,..,.. ,- I , . 4 ,nf is X 57' 9' Q via IX 1 ' ' x N I ' nl' ' X Y A . ' -gi ,-J, 1151 23 4. ' 1 f ff 4 I ' ' 1' ' 52 - I 1 -f i f 'I 3,5 , 4 " , N., SEASONED TO PLEASE SAUSAGE Z' BMQLQMKS ,QQQMWI CUNEYS in f.04293. Tas X ' N35 7 szssmER-SELMA-TuscALoosA 'J 1 TUSCALOUKA. AIA. SELMA, ALA. IUSIMII. AIA. DELIVERED mesa DAILY FROM ' for 1 Quality Printing 1 ' ' 21511 Since 1892 - Weatherford Printing Co 2114 Brood St. TuscaIoosa,- Alabama H . V . M I LLS FINE MEATS and GROCERIES 1124 17th St. Phone 9208 N ITA TODD WE 'I' ALABAMA FUR ITURE-C0. 2220 6th Street Phone 4681 - 5609 LITTLE COOK-KEE 414 23rd Ave. Phone 8-1311 ALSTON - CURRY AGENCY General Insurance - Real Estate 416 Greensboro Avenue Phone 8-0453 ::::::::::::: ::::::::::::: 41 f BOOK STORE GIFT SHOP Q 9 517-19 23rd Avenue TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS OF '54 J. HAL MCCALL MAYOR -:- J CENTRAL SHOE STORE c-ooo SHOES FOR THE FAMILY TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA DUCKWORTH - MORRIS INSURANCE AGENCY GENERAL INSURANCE RENTALS - REAL ESTATE TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA :::::::p::::.f:::::q::::::::::::::: OPTICAL SERVICE CO. H. L. SWAIN, Optician Established 1936 Prescription Laboratories Lens Ground Prescriptions Filled Fitted in Latest Style Mountings 2408 6th St. DIAL 8-2810 Mclester Hotel Bldg. ::- J JL- 41 I I Ir T In 'I Ir It J 'T It In I1 In ::::::::::::: : : :: q::::::::::::::: :::::: ::: : ::::::::::::: :::::::::: -J '7 WALKER-HUEY SPORTING GOODS COMPANY 2105 BROAD STREET ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT TOYS I PHONE 8-2819 I I I I I It 'T J THE MARY JANE SHOP FOR THE LATEST IN FASHIONS ond ACCESSORIES I408 University Ave. Phone 6086 R A Y M O N ' S "VISIT OUR SECOND-FLOOR COLLEGE SHOP" 6th STREET and 23rd AVENUE I, I, ' ' ' v - Qlllllllf ' 6,YTQQQQQE-QQQQQQQQQ:::::::::::::::::- ig I :EI GIBSON APPLIANCE CO lANCASTER'S GARAGE 2: 1: If Corner Brood Street ond 25th Ave. I 2028 SW SUPP' ., ., BENDIX HOME LAUNDRY 'I 'I TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA 1:11 KELVINATOR REERIOERATORS II II Phone 3248 Tuscolooso, AIO I, I, bfi!!! vvvv-----vvvv v---- 3 2::::::::::::: ---' ::::::::::::::: f '-" """"'-"'A AAAAAAA 5 5 555355555555:::::::::::::::::: COLEMAN INSURANCE AGENCY REAL ESTATE LOANS BONDS I. K. COLEMAN - REALTORS - H. E. HAMNER MCLE TER IIIITEL BANQUET ROOMS FOR PARTIES FROM 25 TO 200 tA--- AA- -A------ ---- I HALE INSURANCE AGENCY 518 GREENSBORO AVENUE PHONE 8-2563 - 2-4051 v - - - -- - - - - - - - - - - - - - v v v :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::, ,X - - - - v - - - - - - - - v - v - - - - - ::::::::::::::::::: ::::::::::::::: 4, J. B. HELM FURNITURE COMPANY I 2209 - 6th STREET TUSCALOOSA, PHONE 82523 I I ALABAMA -------------------- v-v-vv---- -e----------- ---- 4 -rr O. K. BARBER SHOP 611 Greensboro Avenue Phone 8-2271 TUSACLOOSA, ALABAMA ARLINGTON SUNDRIES HARGROVE ROAD Phone 4426 :::: ::::::::::::::::::::: AJ If 1, 1, 4 hh fmmusow APPLIANCE uommv 'I 2110 Brood Street - Pho. 3550 fi "Look to Hotpoint for the Finest I: First" "We Service Whot We SeII" MAYTAG WASHERS SYLVANIA T.V. I ---A--+---- .1 KINCAID and FIELDS TELEVISION EQUIPMENT 2221 - 7th STREET PHONE 23082 ---------------------------------------------------------------- 4 RICHARD HERMAN oRocERY coMPANY ' 2201 - 11th STREET TUSCALOOSA, PHONE 82061 ALABAMA 1 I G ::::::::::::::::- ::::::::::: J Dickie Robevts Dick Fowler ,,, Wadi ywv.-S Gloria Senna W e Wow. own 9 - , .r - Q -' X i -, f k gm. X" .- 1, 1-5 - ,Q Gnu Richardson Diane Wood Bobby fjodcv, martin moore. Cmnette Randall w-ff' Q10 Wiley Lewis, David Cochrane 27 is 11 5'-VN 6 gqa .9 THE PAUSE THAT REFRESHES . . . THE PAUSE FOR . . . CIICA UULA BUTTLING C0 2301 8th Sfreef Phone 3404 9 I I I Y -v.-- 5 fI- 55555 I ' Fon EXPERT PHOTO FINISHING .... . . PRINTING - COPYING - ENLARGING I 1' Tuscaloosa Photo Service invites you to leave your film at one of their ' many dealers. 'y EVERY PRINT GUARANTEED I I TUSCALOOSA PHOTO SERVICE tl Member National Photo Finishers and Dealers Assn. I Phone 8-1251 Tuscaloosa, Alabama I AAE, Q I-II." -, I- '- II I I T I II II I- I USCG 0050 UI' Wife l 'I " Com an ' I P V I I I It I, I, I Il BROAD STREET I' I I I Lxii- I I ' I I: I' I' I I I H KI W I I I I I I D R U G C 0 . I I I 1, 1 I I ussv Hum' L ll exxx, TRADE AT TAYLOR'S . . . . . . A GOOD DRUG STORE Drugs - Drinks - Fine Toilet Goods Prescriptions A Specialty T. -R. TAYLOR DRUG COMPANY TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA MONTGOMERY WOODWORKS Ed Montgomery E. W. McDow Diol 6417 T033 Kicker Rood THE GREAT ATLANTIC In PACIFIC TEA CO. I I I I I I W I N Y. -V. . up.-v U Im "I FOR THE LATEST IN FASHIONS U M II I U U I I I nk SEE . .. I EE MARY B. COCHRANE " I I AT . . . II I 420 University Avenue Vx:x:xx:x:::::::::x::::::::::::''xx::::x: :::::::x' Q: ADAMS and BAKER, CONTRACTORS I FIRST NATIONAL BANK TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA 9 -::::::-:::::::: :::::::::::::::::: :::::::::: A 1, , F I TTS I SMITH BROTHERS' YELLOW CABS I I M A R K E T 1 4 RADIO DISPATCHED I: I 'I 24-HOUR SERVICE 7I2 - 12th Ave. Phone 22546 EI Phone 3636 xxx: x:ffff:x:ffxx::fx:::x3 L:f:::::ffffffffffffffff:: - 1 r::::: ::::::::':::::::::::::::::::: """' ' """"' " I DRUID FURNITURE COMPANY I' "Home of Quality Furniture" ' RADIOS 'Cr STOVES iff FINE FURNITURE 'mfr REFRIGERATORS , Phone 7574 TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA 2215 - 6th Street L -::::::::::::.b:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::f:::::::::::::::::::: ------ -v--J-oo-41 WALTER MlTCHELL'S AWNING COMPANY 8ll - 23rd Ave. Phone 8-2505 AWNINGS TARPAULINS VENETIAN BLINDS BURGLAR BARS A::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::- J KA llllll Featuring Charcoal Broiled Steaks - Cooked the KANORA way. JOHN P. KATROS SAYS: "For Sandwiches or Steaks come ,nvff to fl, , Q Open 7 days Vlzu 1 a week - B'ham Phone Highway ll 9428 l l SUE HAMNER Cloverdale Gulf Service Station SAM CONAWAY, Dealer Hackberry Lane 81 l5th St. Tusca loosa, Ala. SANDY'S MOTEL I l l University Avenue Tuscaloosa, Alabama We-are neither preacher nor, doctor, But we do a lot of heeling and saving of soles. Amen. STEIN'S SHOE SHOP ------ ------ -c------ --- f "'-- v ------ - ---v- ---::.1ro E 1 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I wart Schaffner Sc Marx Clothes el C E STORE FOR MEN Sc BOYS 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I i'ffff:'- - ffffffffffff fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffjf, A PHIFER'S STANDARD SERVICE STATION 1801 BROAD STREET PHONE 9239 41 TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA , iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiijiiiiijxx , :::x::xxxiiiiiiiix ' 1, YOU'RE AT YOUR BEST . . . ' 'I WHEN YOU LOOK YOUR BEST . . . I' CAMPUS TOGS SUITS EOR THE YOUNG MAN 121 QE BLACK, FRIEDMAN and E' 'I Phone 5591 QE TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA 1121 L, -----vv - ---v--- vv..-. : ::::::::::::L L. ::::::::::::::::::::::::::: REX DRUG STORE 1301 University Avenue f:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ::::::::::::: ' GREEN and coax CLEANERS MIRRA-CLEAN D ::::::::::::::::::: J WHERE HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS MEET . . . AVERY' J. M. BURCHFIELD and SONS 2500 4th Street Phone 3654 TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Plumbing 8. Heotung Contractor JOHN W. DILL GULF STATES PLUMBING 8. HEATING CO. 4, 1, DIAL 3252 2000 8th Street -:::::x::: xx:::::::::::::xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, 4 , ,xxxx xx Nx,xxxxxxxxxxx, 1 :I Hove A Refreshing 23' 11 Q 2 X E2 " ,I ' 0 11 Q! 9 1:21 1 X PUG s PLACE11 EL "GOOD THINGS TO EAT" 1000 Univers'ty A ' 1 1 seven-ur aommc co. Phone 5325 251 2255 17th sneer 1 ORANGE CRUSH GRAPICO - -xx :xxx .IIl':::::::::::::::::: xxx.-xxx I TUSCALOOSA FURNITURE CO. COMPLETE HOME FURNISHING 2223 6th Street Phone 21515 JACK 0 ST D10 "TuscoIooso's Home of Glomour Photogrophy Phone 22605 6 231-4k Brood Straight We Aim To Shoot - Good Meofs - CANNON'S MARKET Foncy Meots ond Groceries Frozen Foods 1400 TENTH STREET Phones 3565 - 3657 WE DELIVER I' 5 CAIN MACHINE COMPANY TRUCK TRAILERS ond BODIES MANUFACTURE, SALES ond SERVICE , J. M. CAIN, Owner g,.- -A-- -----A--------------- ----- f-04-::::::::::: :::: A:::::::::::::::::- ::::q::::- Ii I: I 'I 1nc,4 ucnr-i mv I .OUTSTAND NG . . . LKE THE BLACK BEAR BAND . . . TU IIALIIII A LINCIILN-MIIIICURY CII. r ....-..... ............... - .......,... - ........ - .....v-.- - -- It Compliments of I. I IMORGENTHAU S II QQ avreom MCNEIL, owner I II "Sooner or Loter Your Favorite Cleaner" :I I I I I CRYSTAL LAUNDRY I I D R Y C L E A N E R S 42I University Avenue Phone 4476 TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA 'I Ii lr J In-::::::::::::::- -::::::::: J vv---v v.., ---J4---,--:::: 'FT -- lt lr 'I , IILARYawALnnoP rf, NI I 1' Jewelers 81 Opticians R E Ml E l I 'E Diamonds - Watches ' , 1, I Expert Repairing X Broad Street Tuscaloosa, Ala. PIZI Z ll Ph Broad Street, Store of Quality" one 3236 - 3433 Tuscaloosa, Alabama FRED ROBERTSON PURE PEP NO. 2 7OI GREENSBORO AVENUE - PHONE 476I TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Want A Good Plumber? DIAL 88792 It 'I lr li I I TUSCALOOSA MOTOR ' 5 EXPRESS "P 'I In 'I 'I 4 I all , I Home-Owned and Operated Q. J. Moses, Owner ' Operated in Seven States 1 General Offices - Birmingham h Phone I 23 ' ' Birming am 3-3131 Tusca oosa 33 Fast Dependable Service ll O. M. Cummings and Sons, Owners 4, 1, ll ln : :::::::::::::::::::::J lv-:::::::::::::::::::::: ::::: AUTOMOTI VE PARTS COMPANY WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTORS COMPLETE MACHINE SHOP SERVICE MOTORS REBUILT 0 A---+---- -----A------- -------A--- we +-+----A-- 5250.00 - UP THOMAS JEWELRY CO. Since 1936 YOUR NBC STATION SUPPORTING I the 5, COMMUNITY and its SCHOOLS SOUTHERN DAIRY Grade "A" Dairy Products Foxtrot Waltz Swing Charleston Rhumba Tango Samba Mambo ' s 2-25I I We turn your Dancing Problems into OF - Form Your own Groups - 0000000000: -A-- .ro4-A" ----- ' Ziff x W L :E x Q. -Q ..,,.W,,y if B +9 . A is qw ' W,,.v.w we 'Sm A in: ,' ,A wvfbfgffgw mokaiwe WW' as .Y wi 5, .wsxif :aa-215:-1 -. wwwx-Q3 -gwfffiwvkj ' ' is Sin sk :Lil H-XQW . i XX s X X 2 W w N N QRS- X 1 ix N Q X X, Q A Q: W-Q M- Q qnyb, ghxffci sown QM 'vhebe 9 df! lv Fiqh q Pfd 0? so I one! he S nq? 0 Boys Q1 :gm 'GZ W'-sv esp Cf: fe .905 rfst 'has Q CZ on Ligue nog lp! ,,,,,,---,,-4s4-,----,,-----,-.vo-oo-7f-v----------v:::::::::::::::::::: -1 ul 3 I iiff CO-ED BEAUTY BARKSDALE 82 SUNS' SALON CLEANERS 1 1, 805 Tom sneer P " Phone 4288 -A' LUSTERWAY 0- J "I gi QI YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD STORE Ph 8-2588 r: :E T if ALBERTA DRUG STORE QE EE 2301 9-fh sf. E. - Phone 2-1554 2223 Eighth sfreef " ,, 1: Alberta City, Tuscoloosv EE EE RIDE THE BUS AND SAVE IIRUID CITY TRANSIT UUMPANY Downtown Store Parkview Center Store 1924 6Th Street 15th Streer FOR SHOPPING CONVENIENCE?IT'S YOUR.. SUPER JITNEYJUNGLE MARKET ::::o4-:::: A: FI I1L1-IY ELEUTRII1 CIIMPA Y 2121 8th Street Phone 5132 '1 A AJ :L -Q 50.004-:::: 1: " I1 '1 '1 11 1 1 "Q, DR. 1. P. Ammons' I1 I1 11 :11 11 I1 " CHIROPRACTIC CLINIC I1 '1 1 1 ,1 ' 1 1 1 I1 1 if T 11 I1 I1 I1 ,111 Avsnnrz RADIO COMPANY 11 1 1 1, 1 1, 1 1 "1 Your ADMIRAL Deoler :E1 E1 1: 724 22nd Ave. Phone 24233 , 1 I1 1 1 - 1' ----.-..--... ....v...,.,,, ,,,,,, , ,xvk AAAA - 1 I1 51 1 J. B. SUMNER 11. 11 oRoCER1Es 11 1, 1, 1024 - 18111 sneer E11 111 1 1, Phone 9625 1, 11 1, 1, lift ...., xiiiiiiim ffggl--- Sporting Goods Hordwore ond Tools Building Moferiols J. OVIATT BOWE Housevvores ond Gifts Glidden Points Plumbing ond Elecfricol Supplies RS COMPANY, INC. "TuscoIooso's Modern Hordwore Store" 2105 Second Street Phone 4466 FREE PARKING '----oA--- TWI EAM MINING CII. PHONE 7763 --- --.-- .wg-----A I PEGGY HELM TANNEII BRUTIIEII WHOLESALE FRUITS ond VEGETABLES 23 I 2 4Th Sireei Phones: 8-2891 8-2892 7803 DRUID DRUG CO. Across from University Hospifol TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA ------------A- -----A----4 TATUM PONTIAC CO. 8I6 Greensboro Avenue TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA I Z W ga 04, 'QB Q x 5 N C' Wt, , 40 Uqn F . Q K Q-tu Q 7,2 .Z Pol C QW ,, Q - 59 .'............ 'f " oooo R v I' NX 60,7 f4V8l7fj1.f 4 Q JSE 0' ""' 0...................... . ookgf, 9 Y 'D 5, Li 0 re ,D V GRC, , rZySZfOg2fl.. D :N ' '51 is C656 Cf, ZQAA In Any Language. . . A Job with SOUTHERN BELL Means a Good Future! SOUTHERN BELL TELEPHONE AND TELEGRA I-I COMPANY ALABAMA H0011 STURE 1011-15 University Avenue .Ac-------v--iv- SHEET MUSIC BAND INSTRUMENTS P H I L L I P 9 S PIANOS MUSIU 11011811 "Everything Musical" 408 Greensboro Avenue TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Phone 2-1819 RESTAURANT "Tuscaloosa's Newest and Finest" Visit Our Mognolio Room 211 University Avenue Phone 2-2214 Q 1:11 Congrotulotions Seniors Of '54 I I Misses ond Lodies :I :I I I I Reody to Weor 1: :I H. A. I 'I 'I ot the I 1' , I , INSURANCE AGENCY I P A R K S I'I 0 I' 5: ,I I I I I Brood Street I I I E: 1: 5I6 U2 Greensboro Ave. Phone 8-8373 Ii -:::lI II-::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: I' ' Tx? Tx: :x I 'I 'I I I I I TUSCALOOSA'S I I' I 'I 'I I 'I 'I I FRIENDLIEST 1:2 S. H. KRESS 81 CO. I 'I I I 'I 'I , THEATRE I I : :I 1: 5c, 'I0c, 25c STORE I I 'I I T H E D R u I D 5' ' I 5' "WATCH KRESS WINDOWS" I I II I, I, I, Ir ::J Ir:::: ::: T- - - -::::: -::- II I I I I I The Cit National Bank III Tuscaloosa I I ' o F F I c E R s ., J. F. ALSTON, JR., President FRED L. CRAFT, Coshier 'I ROBERT N. ALSTON, Vice President C. T. HURT, Cashier 81 Auditor FRANK S. DANIEL, Exec. Vice Pres. M. H. THURMOND, Ass't. Coshier , 8- Trust Officer MISS JEWEL WISE, Ass't. Cashier " R. H. COCHRANE, Vice Pres. Ilncctivel MRS. MARY GREY COOPER, Ass't. Coshier 'I D I R E C T O R S It E. H. ALsToIsI J. C. DUCKWORTH I J. F. ALSTON, JR. GEORGE A. LEMAISTRE 'I ROBERT N. ALSTON J. W. THOMPSON :I J. C. AUSTIN REUBEN H. WRIGHT If HOWARD BURCHFIELD I 'I :I MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION :I OLDEST BANK IN ALABAMA PHONE 4751 L- ----------------A --- -A-----A....... ..... ............... A - - F ' "" A ' F - - - - - - - - :::::::::::::::::::::3 9: T' I II II II Y o u R QI QI II II BAMA THEATRE gfgf "WHERE You FIND if SE ENTERTAINMENT, HAPPINESS and EE TE II I FRIENDS" 1: II II II BRIDGERS LUMBER cmd BUILDING MATERIAL COMPANY "Build with Bridgers" WEST COAST LUMBER 2211 GREENSBORO AVENUE PHONE 8-2211 50 YEARS OF DEPENDABLE SERVICE I1.W. LEWI FURNITURE CIIMPIINY CENTRAL DRUG COMPANY 2315 Brood Street From Woods to Goods - Quality Counts We Believe That: By owning well managed timberlands, By promoting conservation on private lands, By maintaining deliveries of raw materials, AND By manufacturing "Quality Counts" Products, We Contribute to the maintenance of a well-balanced Community. l' LF 'MTE PAPER C0llPllllA'l'l0i Manufacturers of "Quality Counts" PAPER BAGS, WRAPPINGS, AND BUTCHER PAPER TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA nf' .mx A ,pw -Q w .W Q Wil? situ, -im 1 R Ky X 'F fs 'ia' fl WH Tuscvlooscl Senior N150 Hifg, had C W1

Suggestions in the Tuscaloosa High School - Black Warrior Yearbook (Tuscaloosa, AL) collection:

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