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Tuscaloosa High School - Black Warrior Yearbook (Tuscaloosa, AL) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Cover

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?Mv'W'f 5 X V VX W KU Q QW N mum Gzpmwli ff waglwgym 2 Af Qi YWZQQZHMZA 033, if if :5'I.z.1fzse.meZ44e.Q ff-fwmmm' M ARMS JWSHQ My W QQ Wim wsu Q1-sew w 151120, W7 jQ4f' f ww qgwmfyfwf AL BW my PWR fffwazqg 5 MQ bv . W! W ' Sf' X? Q Q 2:4 jk A X45 MX? 9,W' Z ZL,j,,zf' . X M ' ""9"' XMI! mf "fn-"' ci Q Jf W I ,W 6 , .f '- ,li ll Ill rfx 5 , X ,M ' x "L at N A J' Wx. m ... .1 Y 4 v ,.ww"" 1 4 I X, z :YY sisg S f I ' 14: 4 A . lil Q ? .-'JJ Q 455159 N! 195' , Q "!,,,..! H , . K' ,A 4,253 Z' qi-,-L-gofif --give' E PO RTRAY US Another year has slapped up behund us covered our eyes and gently turned us around to face the future We look back on I949 wnth fond memorves tor It was a happy year We have trned to catch thls happuness In the I949 Black Warruor so that un later years when you pzck up thus chronicle It wlll be luke an old friend wnth whom you may snt down and recall people you knew and things you dad way back In the year when Harry Truman was elected presndent The New Look with nts short hour and long skirts was accepted by T H S gurls Homecomnng was dedncated to our beloved Pat ton Sisters and newest of all to T H S TWIRP season ITIWS Woman IS Requested To PCIYI was observed Thus Annual Falls Into The Dnvnsuons Of LIFE WITH GRADS THE BUSY LIFE DOGS LIFE LUNDERGRADSI THE BOLD LIFE LIFE WITH BEAUTY CCDNVHSN Knowing when fo go to lunch . . . halls between classes . . . D. O. hours . . . lines in cafeterio . . . Judy Bell's driving . . . whether the new Stude- bakers are going or coming . . . Mrs. RidIey's job . . . where Miss Gulley's pencil disappears To . . . I. Q. tests . . . vhe mix-ups during Twirp Sea- son . . . Harriet Levins' shorthand . . . why Granny gives homework over the holidays. Confusin'? l'll savl ,W -sw 53, I Jiri., , Qs. 1-gig ,ff-'R ' lt's all very plain, or is They have those "Why Did I Wait Till Now To Study?" blues. olde Home wow '44 ...-+..,,q Q , ?L"'f'f . - 1, 1 ff' k -'--v--..,.,,,.w av- 'K J, I' f .Q f A J I I ' A 29 4 I A vi ll , er 228 ,,, QQ, N gffaf gi-'F Jr , X 'fyuu gy, - , a if ' 1- 'Y V ,-.. m il wwgi' f", A f XR? 55 H :r' 1fwf x- .fgfwaff 1. ,. N M2 av fwfg f'.""'7"1?3J"ZLff-"TWF5'f55m151'iPV3fx5?f:fW'sL?ff'1-4f'uf' ' 19512: T35 Af 5 i ' fgf,fQQ,,,,,4 LA5:??6? 77 K' "Gary ? ii AN- 5 R6 nf A ' X I r " 'NN ,i-PIM, 'IAP' 3. 4. 5-""""' 1--up u ' f af 427215 v , QQQS9' We Were No ' 6' Or, fl, G sf 6054 in 1? -5 ook M701 Wwe . l ll now! Wade Savage's ability to fall out of his chair every day in Bible Class . . . Mr. Roberts' age . . . Cynthia Young's walk . . . The mike falling clown when Mr. Newell spoke in assembly . . . any "normal" school day . . . Mr. Kendall and his famous jokes . . . Number of people married during Christmas . . . The "Hi-Life" assembly program . . . PNXQSXN JP' Jw wi,5k.' .- X 9,1 3-be ! 4' , Y ff ,, 79. 7? 4 Aj Q w, . Y " 3.5 Fifa Am . . ,313 1' 7 74-L21 M. .. Q M. 3 :gs 13152553 Q X 1 5' 'X Hia Q, Y W., - QM- J 1 3641 1 5 wiifw. , fa. sf 'Mp fi fm 1 .W ,M rx Q, ff z J , I 1 K Alf.: -I V' mzflfb 529' aa 16 . 'X -fx Av ? f Q- gs- Looks as if Daisy Moe finally got her mon! W 2 Two Please' Twurp Style zzzzzzz S GCDZIN ff 5 1' Y . '75 ' Q , e fr 'if e 3 x fi 3 eg at ff 4 lthpp tthbfofusl fam Ill'-i""'l"" fn DEDICATICN BECAUSE he is friendly, patient, demo- cratic, and sincerely interested in our wel- are BECAUSE he seeks the best for us and inspires us to be our best selves BECAUSE we are his children oo We affectionately dedicate the 1949 BLACK VVARRlOR to MR C EWELL The Newell Family Mrs Newell Jcltnny Janice Mr Newell and Frank J t , X 9 ' . . I y ' ll 4 Il t I 'E x 0 0 Q ' i ' I I ' I ' I I 4' lf? , Ext! ,'. . ,f . 1 - is ' 'sh' .4 Q It V , 'A x X ' ,N Q s. s- rl , A val! 'W-X Y L , "Virginia, go call Judson again!" . . . "Mrs, Vibbart, Judson isn't here yet!" . . . sq- "Don't tcrget, football pictures Friday if it doesn't rain!" . . . "Hand that copy in tomorrow!" . . . Worry, worry-sleepless nights tor the Editor and Adviser . . . and then, "Oh, groan, only one week until deadline!" But we emerge from the chaos with only a tew gray hairs and wrinkles to the worse, and adding up all the fun and unforgettable experiences we have had, we all agree, "It was worth it." You R TRULY, BELOW: Typists Buna Mae Stokes and Cleo Lamb work hand in hand with Copy Editor Sue Scott and Copy Writers Emily Zetterlot, Joe Abbott, Eugenia Yeuell, Jane Maxwell, Fred Fisher, and Virginia Fountain. ABOVE: Mrs. Vibbart and Assistant Editor Virginia Hamner look on while Grade Editors Shirley Murphree, Margaret Gross, Hilary Horton, Betty Austin, Molly Cobb, Martha Norton, Patty Pearson, and Sylvia Walker are engrossed in their work. BELOW: Sports Editor Phil Phillips, assisted by Donnie Lou Hallman, Don Phillips, Lloyd Boker, and Chorlotte Temerson, has given his touch to the Sports Section. BELOW: To the Art Staff we are indebted for the Art work which appears in this volume. Left to right: Peter Thomas, John Straub, Caroline McNeal, Violet Hanks, Mrs. Sto- grin, and Anne Ross. 5 ...an- .iw Ads ads ads Get those ads business staff Miss Galley l lust havent had time You understand homework football games dates book reports exams Walk a k walk Buy an ad? You ve always bought We re counting on you Worry nurry sell sell Anyway we made it The lessons we have learned about financing a big enterprise have been invaluable over their art Billy Coans and Billy Prout Business Manager Th nevxly organized photography statf casts a critical eye Left to right Jimmy Robinson John Stracb Lynn Terry Poole Mi s Gulley with Ann Thomas Business Manager and Champ Ad Sellers Letitia Gibson Lloyd Baker Charles LaFrance and Patsy Price checks success of advertising campaign mid..-.aw-A -.L BUSINESS STAFF First Row. Thayer, Tyler, MGlOW3, 5'9Pl"9n5f Gibson. Second Row: Purse, Price, Bronscomb, Thomas. Third Row: Baker, L. Lancaster, Burnum Mancil, Dominey, Gross, Jackson. Fourth Row: Abbott, M. Lancaster, Kizzire L. Sandusky, Deal, Downing, Matthews Springer. Filth Row: LaFrance, Searcy, Austin, Apple- yard, Scott, Pack, Mancil, Brazeal, Allen Miss Gulley. K 'x Ti F 11 L 1 L I 1 ' I 11- D . , A , . . . . . . . . . I , , .,.. " -f".l:' H A is TI I E I ANN THoMAs C A ' ' C ' 's. V , x , fi Y 5 . ' I ' 17, NWT' 0 Mrs. R. H. Richardson, Mr. Reuben Wright, Mr. Harry Prichett, Dr. J. H. Hadley, Madison Board of Education meet- ing. These members have provided ords in Schools. Mr. J. the only 1,8 Dr. Hadley is recognized as one ot the outstand- ing school. superintendents in the state. In addition to doing many tine things for the schools of Tusca- loosa, he is serving on several important state com- mittees, including: Chairman, State Committee on Teacher Education and Professional Standards, Presi- dent, Alabama Division of Administration and Supervision, Member ol Executive Committee, Ala- bama Education Association ot School Administrators, Member, Alabama Committee on Courses ot Study, Member, Board of Managers, Alabama Congress of Parents and Teachers. Mr. G o r d a n attend a City for high stand- Tuscaloosa City A. Duckworth is member absent. Dr. Hadley's staff treading from left to right: Mrs. Ruth Shepherd, Lunchroom Supervisor, Mrs. Virginia B. Davis, Clerical Assistant, Miss Clara L. Verner, Director of Guidance Service, Mrs. Houston L. Lucia, Supervisor ot Instruction, Dr. Hadley, Mrs. Jesse C. Maxwell, Attending Supervisor, Mr. Cecil I. Tucker, Supervisor of School Plant Operation and Maintenance, Mrs. Bessye Tidwell, Secretary-Boolv keeper, and Miss Susie Mae Smith, Secretary-Business Manager. TR Tl N.,- -my lili- -m..,l, i P.-T. A. EXECUTIVE BOARD With the largest budget in the history of P.-T. A. this organization has provided for the football and band banquets, contributed to the operation of the health room, given class parties, contributed to a student health pro- ln terms of service Mrs. Ridley rates as a Junior because she has been with us three years. She is Mr. Newell's "Girl Friday," super- visor of office runners, handler of credits. An imposing list for such a small lady, isn't it? .Y , I gram, given scholarships, enriched the social life through dances, square dances, hobby and talent shows, and open house. Friedman, Mrs. T. H. McNeal, Mrs. L. C. Conant Mrs George Howard, Mrs. Fred Maxwell, Mr. M Clinton, Mrs. B. M. Murphree, Mrs. E. C. Wright Mrs Mrs. C. W. Gross, Mrs. T. R. Mayes, Mrs Ben Selman, and Mrs. W. B. Jones. Just being Mr. Robert's cousin is recommendation enough for Mrs. Jones, who is our new boolclceeper. Keeping the finances of the various clubs 'as well as .. school administration requires the ability of a finan- ' cial wizard. X I I f 1 f Efficiency, firmness, decisiveness, friendliness, en thusiasm-Mr. Newell possesses all of these qualities 3 rf 19" Www? FQ' Ox QQ' pq fl" fa STU DENTS' PETS . MRS. W. F. ADAMS Girls' Social Education Offlce Fxlung MISS EVELYN ASHLEY Latln World History Sponsors Latin Club MISS JOYCE BAXTER Lnbrarlan Co Sponsor ol Labrary Staff MRS PAUL BROCK Englnsh and Mathematics MISS ANNA BROWN English Chairman of Assembly Programs MRS HAROLDJ CARY Amerucan Htstory Clvucs Sponsors Student Councnl and H1 Y MRS BERNICE CLINTON Gnrls Physlcal Educataon Sponsors Leaders Club MR M W CLINTON Social Studles Sponsors Cltlzenshup Club MISS TENNIE DAVIDSON Cnvncs MISS EMMIE L DONOHO Chemnstry and Science Sponsors Scnence Club MRS ARTHUR GILCHRIST JR Home Economncs SponsorsF H A MISS VELMA GOODGAME English MRS W A GRAY Algebra and Solld Geometry MISS RUBYE GULLEY Geometry and Alegbra Sponsors Honor Soclety and BLACK WARRIOR Buslness Staff MR WILBUR HINTON Band THEY TEACH US . . MRS. EDITH HOOTEN Chorus Music Directs Glee Club MRS LOUISE HUBBS Mathematics Science MISS DOROTHY JAMES Home Economics Co Sponsors F H A and Red Cross Councul Q.-rf MR FRANK KENDALL Clvxcs Head Coach ad' MISS BESSIE MAE LANKFORD Dlstrlbutnve Education Sponsors D O Club MR WHEELER LEETH Drlvlng Basketball and Baseball Coach MRS WHEELER LEETH Spamsh Sponsors Spanish Club MR H M LYDA Industrnal Arts MR E K MANNING Physlcal Education MRS MARY SUE MCGARITY Lubrarnan Heads Llbrary Staff MISS SUE MCLEOD Boys Social Educatuon Sponsors B P W Club MISS LAURA NEWELL Mathematics Sponsors Beta Club MISS PEARL PATTON French Engllsh 4' Sponsors French Club MISS RUBY PATTON Scuence MRS FRANK PERRYMAN Commerclal Sublects 'Yr Sponsors Cheerleaders Co Sponsor of Beta Club and Hn Lufe W if' ...gy THEY COUNSEL US 'T K wary' U--G' 'G MR M L ROBERTS JR Commercual Subqects Sponsors H1 Lafe MRS MARIANA T ROSS Dramatrcs Speech Sponsors Greasepamters MR M H SHERER Duversrfled Occupations Sponsors D O Club MISS KATIE LEE SMITH English Sponsors Alpha Trl HI Y MRS TROY SPRINGER Blb e MRS HARRIET STOGRIN r Sponsors BLACK WARRIOR Art Sta MR T D UTLEY Drversrfred Occupations MRS J C VIBBART Englrsh Sponsor BLACK WARRIOR Edltorual MRS C E WILLIAMS Mathematrcs Sponsors Beta Tr: Hr Y MR SEYMOUR N WOLEN Photography Staff STUDE T COUNCIL The Student Council with the help of Mrs. Cary, the sponsor, deserves high praise for a splendid job. At their weekly meetings this governing body has planned the installation of hall monitors, the raising of funds for scholarships ond other needs of the school, and directed the Homecoming festivities. ,Q-. STUDENT COUNCIL Left to right: Davenport, Wright Thayer, Deal, Flowers, Abbott, Phil lips, LaFrance, Poole, Thomas, Wall Standing, left: Jamison, Hay Lawley. Standing, right: Hughes, Telle Spigener. ' Front to back: Murphree, Penfield Young, Brasher, Hobson. It seems as if being president of the T.H.S. student body runs in the Phillips family When Ellis stepped out of the presidency he X left some mighty big shoes to f u brother Phil came in, and we think it's a draw as to who did a better job. President Phillips, Secretary Julia Hobson, Vice President Joe Abbott, and Treasurer Charles Jamison do "heap big business" when they get together. H 1 His :fir Q have TEACHERS I THE MAKI G . .. DR. JOHN R. MCLURE PROF. RALPH W. COWART PROF. ROBERT C. HAMMOCK Dean of the College of Education Assistant Dean of College Education Assistant Professor of Education Former Director of Student Director of Student Teaching Teaching Student Hlll Teochers- Fall Quarter in-J Tuscaloosa Senior High is the laboratory of these students. Teaching in a supervised situation is the climax of their education courses at the University of Alabama. ABOVE: Student teaching seems to be o pleasant experience. I 5. X X LEFT: Both the students and student teachers benefit from the close relationship during an entire quarter. TUDE TEACHER , ,, Student Teachers- Winter Quarter LWAYS CD THE JOB Q. Everyone likes Mrs. Barnes not only be- cause she feeds us but because she is one of those "special" people in whom we find a sympathetic listener to all our troubles. RIGHT: The students af T. H. S. played Santa Claus to Nathan in o big way this year. He smilingly accepts his motor bike Christmas present. RIGHT: Lucile Richardson, Sally Lark, and Annie Bell Lavender keep the halls and classrooms spic and span. BELOW: Good cooks with good dispositions. Beatrice Cullens, Willie Cody, Leola Anderson, Claudia Anderson, Naomi Hall, Charlotte Miller. W Q S summit glint! QV WE LIKE T0 REMEMBER . . . ff' 4 Henry Wood, introduced by Steve Hunter, giving o speech at the football banquet on "Why I Chose This Girl To Take to the Banquet." l Our beloved Patton sisters honored by the Band at Homecoming. Two large hearts were formed while Miss Pearl and Miss Ruby were escorted to the center of each heart by Phil Phillips and Mickey Donaldson. After presenting them with flowers, the band played "Two Loves Have l." Square dancing in the gym. Here W5 "Birdie in the Cage." THE RT -N NER 22 19' Caught nn the unaccustomed act of loofmg the Semor Class Ofhcers Vrce Presrdent Cynthra Young Presldent Jack Lynn and Secretary Treasurer Sue Scott Just a handful we were back un 46 but as a vnvacuous group we made up for the lack of numbers wrth our varued rnterests and capacmes Bemg the smallest class to graduate In many years ns a doubtful dustmctuon but our lnmnted srze has made for unusually close cooperation As .lumors we gave the furst Junior Semor prom whnch we belueve wull become an annual T H S affaur We have Increased from flfty seven freshmen to seventy fuve semors Several of our classmates have entered T H S from many states of the Umon California Oklahoma Texas Pennsylvanla Ohuo Nevada and Floruda Tuscaloosa Hugh School we are grateful to you for our vrvnd and colorful school days V, I 1- , Q 't 'l ,R XX l x . l . N NA ' Q L . 2' Vx X X- , N P ' 4. 0 . " 4 x I N - '- v ' f.-FLQ-.33w1f.'. ' . .-f, Txltf, . , . . 1 1 . . I I . . ' . . . ' , , , . . . . . . . ' : ' A , , , ' , I I ' , . nu 4 A A - "-W ' w, f ' V' l, W 'W Hhs., ' 21.5 Q M 1 f " A 'P V. I W , ' ' A ' 'is 'O tt ' 'KP Q f+ ""'Ma:Q - - , -fc' A ,gp 'gm He L, .., -y-.M L I Y f I, A .K ,W .Q -... , W . ffm. ,f ' ' " A 4 'f"w..u"' 4 .W f 'Qu . ,I ' ' 1 Q' f Y 5 f' f E .N K J ,N J g ,. . ff . A "-' ,, Q - ' 1 , . ' L 'x 2 - 5 f . 'rn , , - , va - K Y 0 k 1 , V ggi , fx M , - -- " . ....,k.',- , f' M 1 Yi 1 W M M ' 3 - , .. , . R , I f i .I xv Q 8 ey , Q " , . . ,Q X - N. A t W , U , Q -gf I, 5. W f' Q 3 f' 33" ' 4, 2' Q Y -0" xx , ' , , ff Y X ...W4 ' , 4' .W A Q .1 3 E ,J , 1... Q an fini A 5 ' , f. 2 . ' Qu " o' - ' if -ni ' 1 f 4, , 'f gr ' ' t W QA Q M 5 , My 3 A , . 4. is , .gg 3 3 gg 1, Wx Q1 A Q , Q K T Q, d ,f w,f. g X I I ., , 9 A .x bg Q N- sf I .-.-..-..-.. f Q ' Hunan. ,. . , , P VR " I ff , Q xg a.-.2 ff' 1 'M 5 L, 6 ,.,,,, t i i -mio 3 " 13535, N g i My WN ivza' K K, QM EJ -2 i.h ::g::': I Wm I :fe WLM Gmail ig Q E1 Q56 Boys and grls fnd typ ng a very useful course for both vocatonal purposes and personal convenience -'sf wet!! I XX vtgkj APPLEYARD BETTYE The only way to keep from getting your dates mixed is to get married Secretary Treasurer of Section Freshman year F H A Junior Year Leaders Club 49 HxLrfe d 49 IB AUSTIN BETTY Can I ever bid these lays farewell? Secretary of Section 47 French Club 47 48 Vice President of Student Council 48 Honor Society 48 49 Secretary Treasurer 49 Beta Club 48 49 Greasepainters 48 49 B P W 48 49 Vice Pres: dent 48 Hi Life Business Manager 49 Assistant 48 Black Warrior Ed Staff 47 48 49 Tri Hi Y 48 49 Treasurer 49 Science Club 49 WhosWho 49 BALL JIMMIE No game dance or funeral is com plete without Jimmie R BASING R DORRIE If you hitch your wagon to a star you cannot fail Beta Club 47 48 49 Citizen ship Club 46 47 Secretary Treasurer 46 President of Section 46 Music Club 47 48 Greasepainters BELL JUDY This gals a high born lady Tru Hi Y 48 49 Spanish Club 48 49 B P W 49 Grease p inters 49 I P O BENNETT EDWARD He toots a mean Trombone BISHOP JERRY Happy am I from all lm fee C BOOTH MILLARD It was roses roses all the way Club 48 49 CROWDER ROY- Grin and Win! I-F Il-B DOMINEY DIANE- What men dare I dare. Band 47- '-Hi-Y - I-li-Life Ed. a 48 49- Beta Club 48 49 Reporter 48 Secretary 49- Office Runner 49- Pep Squad 48 49- Black Warrior Business Staff 49- Greasepainters 49. DRAKE BOBBY- Curling locks are rather to be chosen than great riche-. D. O. Club 46 47 8 49- Devotional Committee 49- Hi-Life Art Editor 49 Business Staff 49. -A - EARGLE DOLAN-- He has a smile good for admis- sion anywhere. Beta Club 48 49- Latin Club 481 Science Club 48 49 Vice-President 48 President 49- Glee Club 47 48- Boys Vocal Ensemble 47 - Hi-Y 7 . - "lSee ad section for Senior Synonyms I and II which explain key numbers following senior picturesl. Our Ideal Boy Would Be One Who: Had the height of Ed Wright Had the hair of Billy Lovett Had the nose of Charles Jamison Had the eyes of Sidney Snyder Had the laugh of Jerry Bishop Had the disposition of Jack McCutchen Could play the piano like Leon Gentry Had the smile of Fred Fisher Could play basketball like Nathan Long Had the "style" of Phil Phillips FISHER, FRED-"Good sense and good nature are never separated." "Black Warrior" Business Staff '49, "Black Warrior" Photography Staff '49, "Black Warrior" Sports Staff '49, I-D, ll-T FONDREN, WYNEMA-"To help another she'd give her all." Grease- painters '49, I-E, Q GENTRY, LEON-" 'Tis my talent to conceal my thought." Beta Club '48, '49, Hi-Y '47, '48 '49, Band '48, '49, Greasepainters '49, "Twig of Thorn" '47, Glee Club '47, '48, '49, Boys' Vocal Ensemble '47, '48, Latin Club '48, '49, Pep Squad '47, Who's Who '49, ll-T, X HANKS, VIOLET-"She would be a fit subiect for any artist." Secretary of Section '46, Spanish Club '46, Beta Club '46, '47, '48, '49, Red Cross Council '49, F. H. A. '48, '49, B. P. W. '49, Vice-President '49, Beauty Walk '48, Library Staff '48, '49, Office Runner '49, Tri-Hi-Y '46, '47, Glee Club '46, '47. l-G, U HAYWOOD, JIMMY-"Anyone who doesn't know Jimmy must be deaf, dumb, and blind." l-F, ll-M HERREN, BOBBY-"Easy come, easy go." I-P, ll-F HITT, ADDIE SUE-"It's always time for fun." I-P, ll-Y HOLIFIELD, BROOKS-"Let the world slide." I-F, II-S HOLLIS, MARTHA ANN-"Let's have a good time, girls, we'll soon be gone." "Hi-Life" Business Staff '47, '48, '49, "Black Warrior" Business Staff '47, '48, Tri-Hi-Y '47 '48, '49, F. H. A. '48, '49, Pep Squad '47, '48 '49, ll-F, L HOMAN, BILLIE JEAN-"A light heart lives forever." Red Cross Council '47, Tri-Hi-Y '47, '48, '49, "Black Warrior" Staff '47, F. H. A. '48, Citi- zenship Club '48, D. O. Club '49, Pep Squad '47. l-P, S HORTON, HILARY-"Her eyes are blue as the dome above." Editor of "Hi-Life" '49, Assistant Editor '48, Honor Society '48, '49, President '49, Red Cross Council '47, '48, Vice-President of Junior Class '48, Vice-Presi- dent of Section '48, B. P. W. '48, '49, French Club '48, '49, Secretary '48. l-Y, ll-U INGRAM, KATHARINE-"May the best you wish for be the worst you get." Greasepainters '49, Citizenship Club '49, F. H. A. '49. l-Q, ll-P i ese g rls know the value of be ng able to ke ther o clothes if Q3 id, pdf? EM 1 V .-af' , JAVIISON CHARLES Oh dear I wish the g ls wouldnt look at me President of Junior Class 48 Student Council 48 49 Treasurer 49 HiY 48 President of Section 49 Chief of Fire Brigade 49 O Club 49 IH JEFFREY KATE Oh What a pol was Kate' Lead ers Club 47 Library Staff 49 President 49 Office unner 49 Glee Club 47 IP KEMP DOROTHY Sweetness and goodness in her person shone KEY DOROTHY The sun envies her hair Student Council 47 Glee Club 47 Accompanist 47 Pres: dent of Section 47 F H A 47 Beta Club 48 49 Spanish Club 48 49 Secretary 49 Black War rior Business Staff 49 Office Runner 49 LAMB CLEO As to pep shes it Pep Squad 47 F H A 47 D O Club 48 49 Secretary Treasurer 49 Office Runner 49 Black Warrior Typist 49 LAMPKIN CHARLES- Three-fifths of him genius and two-fifths sheer fudge. Latin Club 47- Band 47 48- Science Club 49. I-F W LEE PEGGY- Sincerity is her middle name. I-J S LESLIE CECIL- Never let your studies interfere with your high school education. lTransferred from Ramsey High Schooll Camera Club- Latin Club- cience Club. -K LEWIS PATRICIA ANN- Those dark eyes-so dark and deep. Band 47 48 49- F. H. A. 48 Reporter 4 - D. O. Club 49- Pep Squad 47. II-G M LOMAS MAX- With valleys of eternal babble. -W - LONG HILDA- If she has any fault she has left in doubt. - LONG WYMAN NATHAN- Always happy always iolly never sad or melancholy. Basketball Letterman 4 49- Library Staff 49. - - See ad section for Senior Synonyms I and ll which explain key numbers following senior picturesl. Our ldeal Girl Would be One Who: Had the height of Hilary Horton Had the hair of Dorothy Key Had the eyes of Bettye Appleyard Had the nose of .loan Marshburn Had the complexion of Betty Austin Had the personality of Betty Jane McLendon Had the good-nature of Kate Jeffrey Had the artistic ability of Violet Hanks LOVETT, BILLY-"l am very fond of the company of the ladies." Student Council '46. ll-L, M LYNN, JACK-"For he's a jolly good fellow." President of Senior Class '49, President of Section '49, Red Letter Club, Hi-Y '48, '49, D. E. Club '49, "Black Warrior" Ed. Staff '49. ll-C, S MARSHBURN, JOAN-"She is gentle, she is shy, but there's mischief in her eye." F. H. A. '47, '48, '49, Library Staff '48, '49. II-C, F MCADORY, WlLLlAM-"Why all this work and worry?" l-R, ll-K MCCUTCHEN, JACK-"Who said I shouldn't talk?" "Hi-Life" Editorial Staff '49. I-R, ll-J MCLENDON, BETTY JANE-"The men call her sweet." Il-D, L MCNEAL, CAROLINE-"The flower of meekness on a stem of grace." F. H. A. '46, Office Runner '49, Red Cross Council '49, "Black Warrior" Art Staff '49, Art Editor'49, TrifHi-Y '48, '49, Greasepainters '49, Library Staff '49. II-A, Q MILES, VAUDINE-"A friend to all who know her." iTransferred from Gorgas High School? F.H.A. '48, Tri-Hi-Y '48, Greasepainters '49. I-S, II-N MOORE, ANN-"A woman's heart like a moon is always changing, but like the moon there's always a man in it." Spanish Club '46, '47, "Birming- ham News" County Oratorical Contest Winner '46, American Legion Dis- trict Oratorical Contest Winner '47, Cheerleader '47, ll-L, V PHILLIPS, PHIL-"All the great men are dying-l don't feel well myself." Student Body President '49, Cheerleader '47, '48, Head Cheerleader '48, Hi-Y '46, '47, '48, '49, "Black Warrior" Staff '48 ,'49, Sports Editor '49, Who's Who '46, '47, '49, "Hi-Life" Staff '48, '49, Feature Editor '49, President of Section '46, President of Freshman Class '46, I-H, U SAVAGE, WADE-"For every subject he has a comment." Greasepainters '46, '47, '48, '49, President '49, Science Club '48, '49, Treasurer '48, Vice-President '49, Glee Club '47, '48, '49, "Return Engagement," "Twig of Thorn" '47, "Seven Sisters" '48, Christmas Pageant '46, Civitan Ora- torical Contest '46. ll-M, W SCOTT, SUE-"So much in so little room." Beta Club '48, '49, Secretary of Senior Class, Secretary of Section '48, '49, Greasepainters '49, Home- coming Queen '49, "Black Warrior" Copy Editor '49, F. H. A. '48, '49, Tri-Hi-Y '48, '49, B. P. W. '49, Alternate Cheerleader '48, '49, Office Runner '49, Who's Who '47, "Hi-Life" Reporter '48, President of Section '47, Glee Club '46. l-S, II-L Many practical problems are taken up in Social Studies. w"f IORS "SMITH, JIMMY-"All the world loves a lover." Greasepainters '47, '48, '49, Science Club '47, '48, Secretary '48, Glee Club '47, '48, Library Staff '48, '49, ll-F, V SNYDER, SIDNEY-"Pleased with a rattle and tickled with a straw." Science Club '49, Vice-President of Section '47, '48. I-H, II-T STRAUB, JOHN-"What a terrible thing this learning is!" "Black Warrior" Art Staff '49, "Black Warrior" Photography Staff '49, Greasepainters '48. I-L, U WILLIAMS, GEORGE-"The world knows little of its greatest men." II-B, N WRIGHT, CYNTHIA H.-"Her path seems gay with flowers and sunshine." R. O. F. B. '47, Library Staff '47, '48, Alpha Tri-Hi-Y '47, '48, '49, "Black Warrior" Business Staff '48, "Hi-Life Editorial Staff '48, Business Staff '48, Leaders' Club '49, F. H. A. '47, '48, '49, Secretary '49, Pep Squad '47, '48, Secretary of Sec- tion '48, '49, Glee Club '47, Red Cross Council '47, I-P, V WRIGHT, ED-"Sunshine and good humor all the world over." Basketball '46, '47, Football '47, '48, Track '48, Office Runner '49, Vice-President of Sec- tion '49, "Hi-Life" Editorial Staff '49, I-D, H WRIGHT, JEANNE-"A kind heart is a fountain of gladness." French Club '48, Tri-Hi-Y '48, '49, Office Runner '49, Science Club '49, ll-F, P WYATT, ANN-"None know her but to love her, none name her but to praise." Glee Club '46, '47, '48, Ensemble '48, Vice-Pre-sident,of Sophomore Class '47, Beta Club '48, '49, Spanish Club '49, Science Club '49, "Hi-Life" Editorial Staff '49, Tri- Hi-Y '49, "Miss Citizenship" '49, I-D, U YOUNG, CYNTHIA SUE-"When I leave who will take my place?" Editor-in-Chief of "BIack Warrior" '49, Assistant Editor '48, Vice-President of Senior Class '49, Secretary-Treasurer of Junior Class '48, Honor Society '48, '49, Vice-President '49, Beta Club '48, '49, Tri-Hi-Y '47, '48, '49, President of Alpha Chapter '49, Vice-President '48, B. P. W. '48, '49, President '48, Spanish Club '47, President '47, WhO's Who '49, I-T, Z "ISee ad section for Senior Synonyms I and II which explain key numbers following senior picturesl. fn MEMORI QR 4 In memory of Paul Robertson a member of the Class of 1949 thus page ns deducated wnth the respect and af fectnon of those who feel the posslng of a beautiful lute Durnng has years rn Tuscaloosa Hugh School P l au won for himself a warm place ln the hearts of has fellow students He has been greatly mnssed by has Black Bear team mates with h w om he would have played football this year Bug Red wall always remain as a most beloved fflend In OUI' m6fTlOI'IeS gt 3 . n I - 1 . 11 - H - - ,cm .-qv, THE HOSPIT L ROOM Almost everyone will agree that the hospital room is one of the most cheerful rooms in school. With its bright curtains and pleasant surroundings it makes us feel good lust to peek in. Patient Mrs. Dodd, "the woman in white," efficiently takes care of broken fingers, sees that we're not running a temperature or sitting in a draft, and sends us home when we have the sniffles as port of her many duties. Hilary Horton, Judy Bell, Margaret Gross, Sarah Gilliland, Jane Bryant, and Anne Ross help her keep records and assist with various tasks. As far as we can see, there is only one thing wrong with the hospital roomHit sometimes proves so attractive that students would rather stay in there than in class! "Patient" Margaret Gross should recover soon with all the attention she is receiving from hospital room helpers Jane Bryant, Sarah Gilli- land, Anne Ross, Hilary Horton, and digg., Judy Bell. ,aux fx" .jv- k L- No, Leslie Dearth didn't acci- ffl dentally run into a steam roller! Ati- He is merely helping to demonstrate the efficiency of the girls. Don Jackson's broken arm is real. P' 4: f 23 is ,-. . if fa.,- X Sli' HMJ'-gk M-A f- nnl?' ITW 'TBEL G CDW. ,-u... an Neath the clock nn th otfnce stands Presndent Jerry Belk wnth Secretary Treasurer Margaret Gross and Vrce Presndent Ann Thomas Just as a four act play reaches nts cllmax un the thlrd act so does a hugh school career attaun nts make out lunlor year ruch an accomplishments lnduvadualuty ornglnalnty surplus energy these words are perhaps the most descriptive of the class of 270 freshles who entered the strange hall, and rooms of T H S back nn T947 Green? Of coursc Subdued and meek rn manner at hrst we quuckly learned the do s and don ts of hugh school lute and added a few dos of our own ln our sophomore year we Increased un wusdom as un age and the next scene portrays us as the famous lunnor class The curtasn falls the last act not to be revealed untul next year .2 A.NA l l V if X U , , 5 . . . I climax in the iunior year. Realizing the importance of this fact, we, the class of 1950, have striven to A ' ' ' .ll - I I.l Il I ll . ' ' ' I ll I ll I , , SEN OR Il-I Jerry Belk Presudent Joe B Abbott Vuce Pres Charlotte Allen Secretary Lloyd Baker Treasurer First Row Brozeale Bucha nan Belk Allen Abbott Baker Barton Boyd Second Row M Brown Caf fee Barksdale Albrnght Barger Cannon Blalr Third Row Amberson Atkins Brownell Brown Bridges Carroll Beck Fourth Row Campbell Baker Austin Barter Miss Smnth Burchfleld SENIOR ll 2 Pat Davenport Presndent M J Falgout Vvce Pres Pat Cook Secretary Douglas DaLee Treasurer Fnrst Row Folgout DeLoach DaLee Cook Davenport Duckworth cond Row Conaway Cobb Collms Champagne Dearth Cranford Thar Row Clary Fukes Cummings Donaldson Frtts Dickens L S ia: is, 55 E 75 5 fQv4 5 E !'...lL.... U SENIOR ll-6 Don Phillips ....,.. President Virginia Scott ...., Vice-Pres. Jeannine Richardson .. Sec. Treas. First Row: Selman, J. Searcy, Scott, Richardson, C. Rowe, D. Phillips, Prout, Perrigan. Second Row: Robinson, Poole, R. Pate, Partrich, J. Powell, D. Searcy, G. Sanders. Third Row: J. Sanders, Mc- Pherson, Roulaine, B. Pate, Rice, Ryan, C. Powell. Fourth Row: B. Sartain, Ro- berts, Peaton, Pike, Price, L. Sartain, Sexton, Phares. SENIOR Il-7 Royce Telle ,..,... President JoAnne Sorrell .... Vice-Pres. Annie R. Smalley Sec.-Treas. First Row: Simpson, Spradley, Sullivan, A. R. Smalley, Sorrell, Telle. Second Row. Shamblin, Stall- worth, Stephens, Smith Sumner, Snow, J. Smalley. Third Row: Smart, Snyder, J Smith,'Stokes, Thweat, Tay- lor. Fourth Row: Standifer, Phil- lips, Smelley, T h o m a s Rowe, Temerson. r 1 L2 5 use lil PW' Win If J ffl, SENIOR Il-8 Sarah Wall ..,.. President Henry Wood ...., Vice-Pres. Eugene Wright , . ,Secretary Connie Wright . , .Treasurer First Row: Whitson, Wilson, West, C. Wright, Wall, B. Wright, Wood. Second Row: Vail, Webster, Yeuell, Winston, Walker Watkins. Third Rowflidwell, Tucker, F. White, Wilson, Townsend Mrs. Leeth. Fourth Row: Tidmore, C. White, Taylor, Wheeler. lfP'S J 1 1 BETWEE 'K-mc 'nd Secretary-Treasurer Elaine Smith, President Jimmy Walker, and Vice-President Roland Skelton conduct a class meeting. So we returned in September minus last year's greeness, plus a strange, newly acquired sophis- tication, to find ourselves sophomores. There are many faces missing around us, but we find ourselves welcoming new ones. We, the class of '51, must prepare ourselves in high school days that we may be capable of taking our places in this atomic age. "We're pulling together, Achieving our goal Sophomore honor we'll uphold!" Q : HA A EFF SENIOR I-I Betty Brasher ..., President C. B. Burroughs. . .Vice-Pres. Peggy Burks ..., Sec.-Treas. First Row: Banks, Brasher, Bonner, Albright, J. L. Burchfield, Bloom, Brough- ton, Brennan, Burks. Second Row: Brazil, C. Blan- kenship, Booth, R. Brown, Breland, W. Brown, Ash- craft, J. Bryant. Third Row: S. Bryant, Boler, Busby, Averette, Ball, Arm- strong, Buckley, Ford. Fourth Row: Mrs. Adams, Berryhill, C. B. Burroughs, M. Brown, D. Burroughs, J. Blankenship, Barnes, An- derson, C. Burroughs. SENIOR l-2 Walter Flowers President Barbara Cline Vice-Pres, Molly Cobb Sec.-Treas. First Row: Corley, Coffee, F. Fields, Cline, F l e mi n g Fancher, Fincher, Etheridge. Deslattes, A, Clements. Second Row: Bonham, Fish- er, A. Fields, Christopher, J, A. Davis, Farmer, Cool- ey, J. Davis, Clarlc, Miss McLeod. Third Row: Carpenter, Cole- rnan, Chastine, Cobb, Campbell, Evans, Coons, Cannon, J. Davis, Callahan, J. Clements. Fourth Row: Flowers, Chris- tian, Edris, Farabee, Fitts, Cooper, Donner. SENIOR l-3 JoAnn Fulmer . President Cecil Ingram .. Vice-Pres. Margaret Fowler .Sec.-Treas. First Row: Fulrner, Hosmer, Gray, Green, Frazer, .lor- dan, J. Hughes, Horton. Second Row: Harrison, Hinton, Gibson, R. Hamner, Ho- ward, Holitield, Jackson, Mrs. Gilchrist. Third Row: B. Harnner, Hicks, Fowler, V, Hughes, Hub- bard, Goldtarb, Glass, Garrison. Fourth Row. Foster, Ingram, Hobson, R. Johnson, D. Hughes, Ford, Hill, Gaddis, J. Johnson. SENIOR l-4 'Nilliom Lawley, .. President Joyce Leeth ,... Vice-Pres. Virginia Mayer Sec.-Treas. First Row. Mancil, Matthews M. Lancaster, Kizzire, Kir- by, Mayers, Lee, G. Law- rence, Littlefield. Second Row: M. Lake, M. Lewis, F. Lewis, Kennedy, E. Martin, Kidd, Lackey, J. Martin, Livingston. Third Row: Killian, Latham, L. Lancaster, LaCour, Leeth, Lawley, Madison, Kizzer, Mrs. Perryrnan. Fourth Row: F. Lawrence, J. Lewis, Kelly, O. Lewis, B. Lewis, A. Lake, Lunceford Key, Land, Kirk. 1 1 we I I X ff' f y I gms yuh? -F' ,f ls IMI! ,num -.4 W4 ........,...,, f.A..... l it im Ili un 1:-'F if-6 45 5 2 lm'-' "1 I Q I ,' 1 'rl -4 SENIOR I-5 Marcia Pentield .. President Jere Murphree . Vice-Pres. Mary A. Park.. Sec.-Treas. First Row: Morgan, McGraw, Pierson, McKee, Patrick, Pack, O'Hara, Nelson, Park. Second Row: Morris, Moore, J. Noland, Murphree, Mills, Pennington, Price, Pentield, Norton. Third Row: McDaniel, Nix, E. McBride, Prickett, Nunn, Pope, Morrison, Pate. Fourth Row: Mrs. Williams, Mullins, Prince, C. Nolen, Propst, L. McBride. SENIOR I-6 Malcolm Self ,.... President John Richardson ,,Vice-Pres. Gene Ross .,..,. Sec.-Treas. First Row: E. Smith, Reynolds, Roulaine, Springer, Siegal, T. Smith, Sumner, Rester, Sharp. Second Row: Mrs. Vibbart, Reeves, A. Ross, Reynolds, Scott, I. Smith, G. Ross, J. Snider, Sessions, Snead. Third Row: E. Snyder, Rooney, Sartain, Spruill, Spencer, H. Ryan, L. Ryan, R. Skel- ton, Smallwood, Sullivan, Houston. Fourth Row: Shenk, Quarles, Stewart, Richardson, D. Smith, Quimby, O. Skelton, Sullivan. SENIOR I-7 Lois Thayer ,..,.., President Jewel Tucker . .. Vice-Pres. Oliver Waddell Sec.-Treas. First Row: Wall, B. Wood Yeatman, Wheat, L. Wilson K. Wyatt, Mrs. Ross. Second Row: M. Taylor, M. Wilson, White, Weaver Tyler, Wells, Thayer, Wil- mon. Third Row: Wright, Wheeler Wilson, Tucker, Trawick, M. Thomas, Waters, Waddell. Fourth Row: C. Wood, Walk- er, W. Wyatt, Wallace, H. Thomas, Tritt, Townsend Tant. . 1 I 1 1 1 EW ACES MT! li! Class September 7, 1948, is a date that the Class of '52 will always remember, for it was the day we entered T. H. S. argl started on our road to fame. The dignified seniors shook their heads ominously, and the Scphs tried To look wise and superior but tailed-miserably. The Juniors watched anxiously for tear that we should fall over the banisters in our excitement, True, 'tis said that Freshmen get shorter every year and seem to increase in numbers, but after all you have to start at the bottom to get to the top. JUNlOR lll-l """' Tommy Belk . President l Heber Caddell .. Vice-Pres. ' Blanche Condon. Secretary 5 Greta Cash ., Treasurer 5-Ju-I First Row: Adams, Branscomb, Burlces, Baker, Bostwick, .- Colb u rn, Brown, Curry K Beck, Beatty. . T, ,T Second Row: Condon, Chap in, Bramlett, N. Campbell Channell, Booth, Carroll Basinger, Belk. Third Row: Burnum, Burns Cash, Caddell, Collough Bowman, G. Campbell, Burchfield, Craton, Coop- er. Fourth Row: J. Campbell, Christian,1Cork, Appleyard, Clements, Anderson, Bry- ant. J , f 1 Jack Poole , . , . . .President Betty Ann Baker ..... Sec.-Treas. Fred Hughes. .,,.. Vice-President The "Big Wheels" of the Freshman Fi 5-it 'ii .ef X JUNIOR III 3 Fred Hughes President Peggy Inzer Vice Pres Lee Hurst Sec Treas First Row Horne Henderson Hulsey Hou-e Hughes Hart ey Henry R. uy Hannah Harris. Second Row: Hutchins, Inzer Hassell, Hicks, R. A. Hitt R. T. Hitt, Hadley, Hatchett M. A. Howell. Third Row. J. Hall, C. Hitt, Huffman, A. R. Hurst, Her- rin, B. J. Howell, M. Hall, Howard. 1 1 1 JUNIOR III-2 Joanne Deal .. . President Charles Deerman Vice-Pres. Curtis Green . Sec.-Treas. First Row: Green, Davidson, Eargle, Grace, Deal, Grant, Elliott, Finkley, Gilbreath, Elledge, Franks. Second Row. Fuller, Daffron, Gibson, Davis, Evans, Flow- ers, Fletcher, Findlay, H. Flanigan, Richards. Third Row. Farris, Graham, H. Flanigan, Garner, Ed- monds, Fuller, Grist, Ford, Friedman Downey Foun- tain Fourth Row Deerman Gaston, Dunn Guy Holtzclaw, Gregory if ""'1 4 Fourth Row: Mrs. Hubbs, L. Hurst, C. Hill, C. L. Hill, Hagler, Holifield, Hopper. Ei' 1 X . N an hi E! we JUNIOR III-4 Charles LaFrance President William Logan ..Vice-Pres. Tommie Lewis .. Secretary Jim Kirby ..... . . .Treasurer Firts Row: LaFrance, J. Kirk, Lee, Kirby, Lake, King Kincaid, B. Jackson, Law- rence, T. L. Lewis, Kent. Second Row. Kirkly, Landrum Laney, Lampkin, Key, Lamb Johnson, Keel, Kelly. Third Row: Jones, LeCroy, Lo- gan, Ladiner, Leslie, Jor- dan, T. Lewis, Looney James. Fourth Row: Mr. Clinton, Lan- caster, J. M. Kirk, Levens Long, Johnson. 1 1 1 1 1 1 .,-, ,i,f!!i' . 1 1 f . jf JUNIOR lll-6 George Spigener, .President Jack Poole . Vic.e-President Mignonne Skelton Sec.-Treas. First Row: Spigener, Robert- son, D. Sims, Roebuck Poole, Robinson, Skinner, Richardson, R o s e n t e I d Prout. Second Row: Postle, Skelton Sandusky, Reeves, Scott Pope, Smith, S a n d e r s Spencer. Third Row: Mr. Leeth, J. I-I Price, Rouse, Pierson, P. Price, Powell, Springfield D. Smith, Purser. Fourth Row: Smillie, Simpson Pugh, B. Sims, Purse, D. Sims, K. Smith. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 JUNIOR Ill-5 James Lucas President Jane Maxwell .. Vice-Pres. M. McConnell .. Sec.-Treas. First Row. Miss Davidson, R. Mills, Patrick, A. Maxwell, B. Mills, Morris, Masur, Medlin, lucas, E. Nix, Second Row: McBride, Pate, Narramore, Mayes, Mo- lone, Pearson, McLaughlin, Morgan, G. Morrison. Third Row: McBrayer, Moore, Noland, J. Morrison, 3. Maxwell, McConnell, Mans- field, Mallette, Mcinderson. Fourth Row: Oliver, McOell, Norris, Nelson, McCarter, R. Nix, Nations, Metcalf Nuckols, Phcires. 1 ,Tl i J ii u-no JUNIOR III-7 Peter Thomas ..... President Mary A. Whetstone. ,V-Pres. Dot Webster .,,.. Secretory Billie J. Whedbee .Treasurer First Row: Doris Thrower, Whedbee, Whetstone, D Thomas, Weaver, J. Thomp- son, Wells, Waters, Storey Woll. Second Row: S. Walker, Zet- terlof, Patsy Walker, Webs- ter, L. Townsend, S. Wheot, P. Townsend, Peggy Wol- ker, Weems, I. Thomas. Third Row: Wotkin, Tucker l.. Wheat, Stephens, Yon Dorothy Thrower, Wyatt, Yaw, D. Walker, Mr. Ro- berts. Fourth Row: Thaxton, R. Townsend, Williams, Wil- liamson, W. Townsend, Steele, Taylor Woodman, P. Thomas, N. Thompson. 1 1 1 5 M . sg, ...RX A34 Q ., r I . , . A Q ,swf NW S' x Q N . 3, wa.. 'ffm K 1551: 1 . as Img 5 ' 4 lx-2-' IYIVH H7077 f W pf' 1098611108111 .IHIVIIUIV 1 .ANU DN" mmf Hoamnl ,0'1 Ei ff ,X 4 X6 P 131005 N G ,QXTOIV The "smooth" romontic: type BUDDY GADDIS Radium Sophomore Sweetheo rf PEGGY BU RKS 'n ' Hmm A Dream Walking CURTIS GREEN Idol of the Freshman Girls RICHARD NIX M44 7a4caface4a Jzqfz RH ETF REFVES nfl 5 Q! ! .91 ez .i f . . " ,L t 5' ' Ctr sv -5.2, ilfa , f 'xii ' ' f A 4 Q is 1 Agggt. -Lxitf-11-.. 51 M. C. Mort Granas presents runner-up, Virginia Scott. g .9331 " 'JM?t."f ' F, 'ir Phil Phillips does the honors at the Eeauty Walk as he presents flowers from the Student Council to Rheta Reaves and Virginia Scott. Zero hour nears tor these airls as they await their turn to go on stage 1071 4 ml, li Kw- ,is 3,24 Queen me ,cz QW SUE SCOTT, HOMECGMING QUEEN Gfldkw 761 MISS CITIZENSHIP, ANN VVYATT x '- X '-:,-- X LAND . BE51 All .lloseuv 'WSW A 'llxpS an Phxl PW :mow MOST FLIRTATIOUS JoAnn Sorrell ond Millard Hardin - ul .vol I-Q, - f 1 ll l EEO SUCC- Lncew To Gen1fY M051 and ke'-DY' CY nihla Young ABOVE REPRESENTAUVE Elaine Smith and Leonard Trowick TUDE TS DISTINCTIO wav .. fi of A xi Y, 6155 X96 MOST POPULAR Emma lou Borfon and Steve Hunter FRIENDLY Doi Websfer and Charles Deerman 1 VAX 6,0 1: 1 Sr I if 9' .x I , ,,.. ' I 6 Ou 0 vm We Xe .ve MOM Sodew Rep . Mono' on- Psusqinnchord Bun BWV bv W d escorie JU IOR-SENIOR PROM The Prom is one of the most Iookedlforward-to occasions of the year for the Seniors and Juniors. It was instituted at T. H. S. last year with the P.-T. A. cooperating with the Junior Class in honoring the Seniors and pro- mises to become an annual affair. The lead-out, announcement of the Junior and Senior class spirits, and a floor show were high lights of the dance. Sue Scott, who led the dance, with Senior Class Presigent, Jack Lynn. -fo 0 9000, n SON A,,,, 1,079 S14 S' 31,6 H u,,,er , oonm If J The Spiriv of the Senior Class, Charles Jamison, shakes hands with Junior Clcss Spirit, Betsy Hobson, offer presenting her with cop and gown in traditional ceremony. ,f fl If olfey 5 'O be P i vm THE WINNAHSI . w une xc' W' . 51, rS GX 'KC ri Wo Woke u. 1 1 pd ' QUW' M1195 fx rC111',4fCUx C QV O Page CN'-nm oi' 5' If D' rx ,, -I RIGHT: Mr. Darrell Hollemofi cf the Chamber cf Commerce crwords prrzes 70 Marr-:an Lmlefrerd, hrs! 1 pfrze winner rr. me Frre Prevermon comer convesfg 'forolme McNeal, 1 se-cond prrzu wwrver, Potty Peofson, ' seccrwd prrze wlrmer in the essay corwfesip Gnd Jfmr: Maxwell, hrs! prrze winner. X I I hwy. O Cd News if s..,.m I - 5uc1,f5 9071-,Uv fur D, L Sq Jrf O 'my M, ond refute fC"Orjrf,l Inner nf ,, W""Wef colufff B""""vf I ' Mor- 9,007 -. 1 N , ell "I ,. iggwii ' .QF ,Al " '3lff.r Q E 'ff' S .- M -...xx ,.' , gm 'I 9. I Z ' 1 '7!w B 46 3 5 MISS NEWELL, Sponsor Joe Boone Abbott Betty Austin Dorrie Basinger Laura Sue Coffee THE BETA The Tuscaloosa Chapter of the Nationa' Beta Club, which was organized last year stands for honor and achievement. The mem- bers live up to their slogan, "Let Us Lead By Serving Others," as shown by their enthusiasm and hard work in carrying out their service proiects. This year they have started re- search on the possibility of publishing a school directory next year. I My 5 Pat Davenport Leon Gentry Diane Dominey Joyce Hoguewood Dolan Eargle Violet Hanks Charles Harper Julia Hobson Tommy J. Henderson Don Jackson DLUB The members receive a copy of the Beta Journal every month, which encourages them to write articles and poems for publication. Each spring the club eagerly looks forward to the Beta Club State Convention, which is held in Birm- ingham. A talent show, banquet, and dance are special features of the week-end occasion. Election of state officers is also held at that time. Mary Killian Jeannine Richardson Eddie .lean Selman Freda Maxwell Sue Scott Charlotte Temerson Della K. Peaton Duke Searcy Ann Thomas I i l MRS. PERRYMAN, Co-Sponsor Margaret Ann Wilson Connie Wright Ann Wyatt Cynthia Young Ng N Q-DB . . 2 .,. Y .,. I is si Jane Judice Dorothy Key Y HO OR SOCIETY MISS RU BYE G ULLEij Sponsor ln February, 21 outstanding stu- dents possessing in the highest cle- gree the qualities of character, scholarship, leadership, and ser- vice were tapped for membership in the National Honor Society in an impressive ceremony, Assistant Dean of Students James Foy, the guest speaker, stressed the value of the character traits which Honor Society emphasizes. Ted Austin Dolan Eargle Leon Gentry Virginia Hamne Violet Hanks Don Jackson Warren Jonei Jane Judice Mary Killian vs I' ..... 3. A ' s Cleo Lamb Freda Maxwell Vaudine Miles Duke Searcy Eddie Jean Selman Charlotte Temerson Hilary Horton Cynthia Young BGTYY Austin President Vice-President Secretary-Treawfef 1 'X' .J 411 ' f I 8 'S' . 3 5 4 W F Q J- ' ' -32 Ann Moore Jeannine Richardson Margaret Ann Wilson Connie Wright Sue Scott Ann Wyatt HI-YA DT A council of all the Hi-Y and Tri-Hi-Y Clubs in the county was organized in De- cember, and the clubs worked together to prepare for the Mid-Alabama Conference, which was held here March 4 and 5. Plans were mode to send two delegates from each chapter to the "Youth In Government" pro- gram in Montgomery, where they learned legislation by being legislators. ALPHA TRI-HI-Y First Row: Green, Robinson, Partrich, Cook, Maxwell, Young, Judice, Murphree, Leeth. HI-Y Second Row: Sullivan, Stollworth, Hood Wright, Ingrum, Kyle, Haguewood, Mc Neal, Kizzire. Third Row. Gibson, Spradley, Hobson, Har- E grove, Lowery, Dominey, Catfee, Miss E A Smith, M. Lancaster. Fourth Row: Mancil, L. Lancaster, Bell, Hin- ton, Brasher, Cobb, Vail, Wilson, Sum- ner, Collins. BETA TRI-HI-Y First Row: Murphree, Hallman, Thomas, Sel- man, Austin, Mayers, Hardy, Killian. Second Row: Norton Simpson, Hollis, Ho: mon, S. Scott, P. Scott V. Hughes, J. Hughes, Mancil. Third Row: Gross, Champagne, Temer- son, Mackereth, Mar- lowe, Hobson, Park, Penfield, Price. Fourth Row: Mrs. Wil- liams, Yeuell, Lollar, Wells, Smith, Franks, Hewitt, Richardson. .-g -M7 sl .- iff il BEEF? F' SIE? F Ili Er--i Eg 5 M.. 1:--.--ply' RI-HI- 11 In ll .-...... Ili Ill -nf- ,,,,,.., W. i -3 Mmm s ii I lb! I www L Ill I ... 2 First Row. Hendricks, Littlefield Wall, H. Herren, Boker, Wright Lawley, Shenk, Pearson, McKee Second Row: Phillips, Spencer Lewis, Reynolds, Hitt, Harper Jones, Skelton, Nunn. Third Row: Duckworth, Lawrence DaLee, Clark, Cannon, Breland Clements, Skinner, Flowers Thomas. Fourth Row. Abbott, B. Herren, Mul lins, Fitts, Rowe, Sullivan, Prince Fifth Row: Austin, Gentry, Bryant Sims, Lynn, Searcy. Assistant Editor Esther Mackereth with Editor Hilary Horton and Mrs. Perryman. E TRA. Yes, extra-special is what the "Hi-Lifes" have been this year. Hilary Horton and the Editorial Staff have burned mid-night oil writing gay articles and catchy poetry for the paper, which is read enthusiastically by the student body. Mr. Roberts and Mrs. Perryman, faculty advisers, have "advised" with good results. But wait! Without the ads the paper couIdn't be published. Every month Betty Austin and the busy Business Staff sell ads .to pay the printer. The staff believes that they have more fun working on the paper than the students have reading it. Sy , Betty Austin, Business Manager, Mr, Roberts, and Charles Harper, Assistant Manager. BUSINESS STAFF First Row: Burks, Scott, Mancil, Latham, Matthews, Austin, Harper. Second Row: M. Lancaster, L. Lancaster, Kirby, Kizzire, Prickett, Gross, Mayers. EDITORIAL STAFF X fx ,Al .... vxf. sv'-..:'f-sr.-'-212 1'-H' -. First Row: Fountain, Lollar, Hewett, E. Wright, Mack- ereth, B. Wright, Drake, McCutchen. Second Row: J. Burchfield, Propst, Dominey, W. Burchfield, Appleyard, Fowler, Yeuell, Austin, Horton, Plowden, Hanks, Walker, Channell, John- SIOI1. u E5 5. M We A - , M.. Y ...ra--4" I.Kl,,,,, The D O program trams students nn a trade so that they may graduate from Hugh School prepared to follow thus trade In maknng a lnvung The program also ands by gnvnng on the lob experience those stu dents who desire to enroll In college In eng: neerung and commercual courses Three hours must be spent dolly on the 'ob and one class period darly ln related study The employer pays the trainee on the same basls that he would pay any other untralned employee Peruoduc ratses are glven to the student as hus progress IUSTITIGS LUBS Offncers of the D O Club are Olwer May Presndent Peggy Lee VncePresudent Cleo Lamb SecretoryTreasurer and Mass Lankford Sponsor Flrst Row Homan Lamb Conaway Levuns Sumner McAdory Amber son Crowder BELOW Fnrst Row Smalley Whutson Bar ton Thwectt Tanner Second Row Smuth Booth Hargrove Lee Steven Jackson Vaul Sartam Thurd Row Campbell Lewis Herren Hob son Fourth Row Jamnson Phcres Mnss Lonkford Second Row May Fuller Smelley Wallace Hardnn Stokes Moseley Smart Thurd Row Delbrndge Rnce Stone Lewus Sknnner Hudgnns Town send C Clary Fourth Row Prnce McVay Lake Whnte Smalley Herndon DoLee Fufth Row Tnnsley Sums Ryan Powell Thomas Hobson McLaughlin Gulledge Sortam - Nw- '-wr ,-1:1 UBJE T CLUBS vf SCIENCE CLUB The Scrence Club develops apprecuatnon of the umportance of sclence rn the everyday life of nts members by enablmg them to ex perrment and construct through In creased knowledge of science Left to raght Mr endon Cooper Jackson Trowuck Lam km Coons Snyder Hen drrcks Eargle Savage Shenk Farrabee Not Prctured Hatchett Sums Albrrght B Austun T Austrn Hacks Nunn Ross Wright Baker Wyatt Bennett Hutt an-ulbnnuq p-a-an--qi -menu., :ISU in IE Ili Ili -18889: FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA A clever Sadue Hawkuns dance was sponsored by the members of the F H A this year F1rstRow Howell Corley Baker Fountann Holmes Snmpson Hubbard Wrrght Bar ger Jackson Gnbson Sullnvan Sanders Flemnng Second Row Lewus Scott Ross Patrick Nelson Spradley Lawrence Henderson Grlluland Avery Cork Lancaster Lv Third Row James Whetstone Wells Gar rrson Grbson Moore Morgan Latham Knzzure Leeth Webster Fourth Row Ellnat Pack Pearson David son Daffron Boler Davus Barclay Kyzer Busby Fields Wyatt Ftfth Row Lewts Hardy Ktrby Lackey Mass James Ashcroft Hamner Martm l - 0 F on f H -"' M- 'Ma-wc. ,, , L, , . ,, In ,r..-,.,, . . . 8 2 , , , , , I I I I ' ' . . ' I I I I I .9 ' - ' 5 I 1 1 1 2 , , f , I 1 I I l ' s nngston, Kelly. Z I I I ' , . , , , ,J : , , , - V f , , , 1 , f , , V I I I ' an . . 1 I- r I I I I I I ' , , , , - 5 1 r 1 I . I ' I I I I , , , , - FRENCH CLUB The purpose of the French Club IS to encourage the students an thenr study of the French language and the French people Flrst Row Allen Brazeale Cobb Second Row Colluns Champagne Lollar Yeuell Thrrd Row Kullnan Payne Chapin Juclnce Webster Mancul Hallman Fourth Row Belk Smnth Buchanan Forney Coffee A Horton Henderson lngrum Pike Kyle Fifth Row Standmg Brownell Mulllns H Horton Mackereth Hardy SPANISH CLUB The Spamsh Club seeks to pro mote friendly relations wuth tts Spamsh speakmg Amigos through correspondence and personal con TGC? Flrst Row Robmson Walson Maxwell Hughes Hamner Hobson Key West Fzelds Smlth Second Row Selman Wrnght Nolan M hews Sullwan Murphree Thurston E Martm J Martun Wheeler Third Row Brown Ternerson Howard Hughes Laney Searcy Jackson L Hen dncks Wyatt Mrs Leeth Hubbard Fourth Row Reynolds Fulmer Barnes Brasher Peaton Marlowe Sampson Spradley Tompson Flfth Row Cannon Rooney Lawrence Self Nunn Spencer Saegal Lewus Edrns a l LATIN CLUB The Latnn Clubs programs have centered around Roman mythology thus year thus creatnng a back ground of culture In our lives Fnrst Row Tyler Moyers Second Row Cook Reeves Prnce Burks Abbott Powell Mancnl Ruchardson Green Mnss Ashley Thnrd Row M Thomas Norton Thayer OSteen Stallworth Penfneld Bndges Jackson Fourth Row A Thomas Gross Sanders Fnfth Row Flowers Manderson Trawnck Evans Prance Wulson Not Pictured Duckworth Franks Harper Jones Smuth Burnum Shamblm Aus- tm lnzer 'HHH wif I 2 A I ,rv Q-' 7 : , , . ' . 1 1 1 1 ' 1 E1 " 1 1 1 1 1 1, 1, 1 1 - F I I I I 1 - 1 1 1 , . 1 7 1 1 ' 1 1 1 ,Y 'F 3 A A it J 1 1 I - - : , . 1 I I I 1 , 1 1 1 1 , . , . . 1 1 1 1 : . , , . Q . I , Y- - 1 1 1 V I I ' . X Y 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , . 1-'T , vb '1 .11 X WW , 6 in - . . . . 4 , -I - - 11 - 11 1 . - U VTX, . .' 114 , 1 A l- , 1 , ' , - - ' ' If fu.. - 1 1 1 t yum, ,, 1 1 1 1 1 W1 1, g, A Az, , . 1 , , ' a 1 1 1 1 Ul' ' f,- 1 1 1 1 1 . 9 , ' . . , Q J 1 - 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 I I I I ' ' 1 1 - 1 A 3 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , 1 . 5 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 PEECH DEP RTME T Once the smell of Greasepaint enters one's system, he never loses his love of the theater. This theatrical group of ours, the Grease- painters, under the supervision of Mrs. Ross has had a most productive year. Many plays have been done for home room programs, assem- blies have been made interesting with gay comedies, radio programs broadcast, the Christmas Cantata acted--these have been some of the outstanding activities engaged in by our dramatic organization. or, K! ' "Night of 4 1 LEFT "A Sunny Morning" with Julia Hobson, Judy Bell, and Leslie Dearth. 'ww A QQQ89 THE GREASEPAINTERS First Row: Fondren, J. Murphree, Thayer, Austin, F Maxwell, Savage, Selman, Tyler, Mills, Moyers O'Sfeen. Second Row: Dominey, Yeuell, Reeves, Noland, Mate Thews, A. Mancil, Hardy, J. Hughes, V. Hughes Pack, J. Mancil, Lamb, Thomas, A. Maxwell. Third Row: Hobson, Thompson, Burnum, Malone Friedman, Purse, Stallworth, S. Murphree, Caf- fee, Roulaine, Ingram, Harnner. Fourth Row: Miles, Davenport, Basinger, LaFrance, Holy Memories" .119 i : 4 , -'x J.. 1 I 4 .fi f'Q ' I ffl. nh .,, I f fy I Brown, Searcy, Smith, Gentry, Pearson, Dearfh Wilson, Bryant, Morris, Harrison, Thomas, Reynolds Broadcast over WJRD 1 TUSCALOOSA HIGH SCHOOL BAND First Row: Robinson, Jackson, Wilson, Johnson, Boyd, P. Lewis, Hallman, Grist. Second Row: Telle, McGraw, Baker, Wells, Abbott, Armstrong, Evans, Parks, Henderson Third Row: Hinton, Hadley, Hendricks, Roberts, Smalley, Fancher, Brown, Smith, M Hughes, La Cour, J. Hughes. Fourth Row: Shenk, Gaston, Fincher, Hitt, Kyle, Pike, Temerson, Maxwell, McConnell Lunsford, Albright. Fifth Row: Green, Morrison, Hartley, Flowers, Martin, Ashcroft, Thomas, lnzer, J Murphree, Barnes. Sixth Row: Evans, Stephens, Gilbreath, Leeth, Bonner, Gentry, McKee, Cook, S. Murphree Hurst, Spencer. Seventh Row: Herren, Woodman, Hachett, Hobson, DaLee, Berryhill, Lawrence, Hassell Eighth Row: R. Townsend, Campbell, Bennett, W. Townsend, Morris, Thurston. Ninth Row: Walker, Waters, J. Lewis, Thaxton. THEY' E GCT WH T IT TAKES Spectators from all over the state have cheered our Tuscaloosa Band in their eye-catching uniforms of red and white headed by Harry Grist and the high strutting maiorettes as they performed at the football games. Directed by "Bodie" Hinton, the musical members have added to the glitter of our school. Long will we remember their rendition of the "St. Louis Blues March." A T21 Q' if ,, lxkx 'N' 5- They always loolc as if they had iust stepped out of a band box-Harry and his "Harem." Jean Robinson, Billie Faye Wilson, Dannie Lou Hallman, Harry Grist, Ann Boyd, Pat Lewis, Martha Johnson, and Peggy Jackson. Dirge, ffqn C OI' aeod' arofyn Ie" H. Pike 'mon' 1 Qnd ' Bqnd P Q MQnO9er Dreslderrf on Jqcksg-71arlo,,e T, ll' emefson f libro Our band, one of the brightest spots in the Christmas Carni- The Alma Mater always brings reverent attention "Under- val parade, rounds the flag pole on Broad Street. hedth The Old Ock Trees." laiiiiiiilisii ' fifgiji NLOCA COLOR" The drummers are the "big noise" of our band. Marshall Wells, Marian McGraw, Joe Boone Abbott, Walter Browne, Johnny Armstrong, Melvin Smalley N. X X I X V l 5' Ax si Flutisis Mary Angelyn Park, John.Evans, f .leon Bonham, Tommie Jean Henderson, ' and Diane O'Hara are wider awake than they look. The feminine member of This trom- bone group surely is pretty. Oh, yes, there are six others too-all male. Left to right: Gene Morris,,Cary Find- lay, Wayne Townsend, Betsy Hobson, Douglas DaLee, Edward Bennett, and Grady Campbell lfn 7ke coNcERT BA mm agfwfg www' in rm .4 E During Concert Season the band plays a wude variety of muslc rn order to develop music appre cnatron They play everythung from 'azz to church musrc Boogae Wocgoe to chorals In the annual bond concert held IH Burmnngham the concert band has receuved excellent rotlng tor the past two years The quallty ot theur musuc has been helped by the addition ot such Instruments as the oboe bas soon alto clarnnet and baritone saxophone last year At the band banquet the followung otfrcers were elected to serve during the 49 50 season Caro yn Pnke Presldent Douglas Dalee Manager Thurston Townsend Assrstant Monaaer and Tommue Jean Henderson Lrbrarnan Q ' 1 of fr-91 Qu ' - s1.:.aa112f1--1-wr :stem HI. ' 'i'5'??5Em:f?E m1zf!s'!f2e:2':ffs .. ,if-f.: . 3.71221 :z1f:z,. L: Ezl "" if' ess ff:i2Exs?rfff'f"i'5 ...zfsiifeilefg 9 1, vw . ., ,, . . . - T fl 'N uf- ff-.--wah W ' f' ' AL 4: . I - , , - . . . , , I 1 F f I 1 ,,, 2 , . LEON GENTRY, Accompanist BOYS' GLEE CLUB First Row: Gentry, Wood, Bridges, Had- ley, Bostwick, Etheridge, Bloom, Mrs. Hcoten. Second Row: Miller, Thaxton, Clements, Appleyard, Leopard, Quimby. Third Row: DaLee, Foster, Herndon, Baker, Wallace. Fourth Row: Donaldson, Livingston, Johns- ton. GIRLS' GLEE CLUB First Row: Searcy, .l. Moncil, Patrick, Hul- sey, A. Mancil, Mrs. Hooten. Second Row: Bryant, McBride, Thompson, Sullivan, Hassell, Kent. Third Row: Green, Miranda, Pate, Hicks, O'Steen. Fourth Row: Burke, Champagne, Chastane, Fountain, Campbell, Ross. Fifth Row: Scott, Reynolds, Fulmer, Gar- rison, Dawning, Tucker. Sixth Row: Payne, Blankenship, Webster, Collins, Lollar, Thrower, Richardson, Lewis. THE OT BLE For us the Glee Clubs have given an assembly program ot semi- popular songs in November and a beautiful Christmas Cantata, which was presented iointly with the Speech Department. The Glee Clubs have made many appearances this year-not only as one big chorus but also as small ensembles taken from the group. Included in their performances were a broadcast from the University Radio Station, participation in the Christmas Carnival fes- tivities at the Bama Theater, and assistance with a radio show broadcast statewide by the University Extension Division at Christmas. HW 5 cl' 'ELSE SERVIC awry unhefns W cLu BS 2 MOTION PICTURE COMMITTEE The Mofuon Plcfure Commutfee renders the school servuce by pro vndlng entertamment and educahon Through films The members of the Commntfee are Austxn Clements Wllluam Shenk Charles Harper and Warren Jones s of 'Sl I feet sk. LIBRARY STAFF The Library Assustants help the Inbrarlans by keepung the desk checkmg the roll and performung many Important tasks whach help to keep the llbrary runnxng smoothly Farsi Row Fnkes Long Second Row Buchanan H!! Gray Waters Jeffrey Smith Murphree Marshburn Hanks Yeuell Mc B :de I so---.- .7 am. Bmw --4 '8"?"tt K F' TWA' eil Ill EW if OFFICE RUNNERS The Offuce Runners help In the office by preparnng lunch trckets answering the tele phone checklng the roll and typung records These boys and gvrls are selected from the most alert and depend able students IH school Flrst Row Levnns Lamb Sc t J Wrrght Key Damlney Second Row Bell Lowery Ingrum Juduce Gross Third Row Brazeale Hanks Mac kereth McNeal Maxwell Fourth Row E Wrnght Hubbard Abbott Temerson Baker FIRE BRIGADE The Flre Brlgade coope rates with the Tuscaloosa Fare Department ID conductlng monthly ture drllls Kneelung Bloom Pearson Roe buck Calhoun Standnng Bishop Farrns Baker Asslstant Chnef Gray Chrrstuan Hamner Appleyard D a n n e r Futts Lancaster Fnre Bngade Chnef Charles Jamnson Luwley Storey DaLee Tucker Farrabee Harper CITIZENSHIP CLUB The Cntuzenshup Club stu dues types of natuonal state, and crty government and trnes to promote good cm zenshlp throughout the school Frrst Row Horton Yaw Austm Gross Morrus Malls Second Row Pearson Maxwell Tucker McLaughlm Campbell Pate Thrrd Row Clunton OSteen Mor gan Ingram Webster Murphree Propst Fourth Row Averette Norrus Rou lame Mallette Reynolds RED CROSS COUNCIL The purpose of the Red Cross Council IS to make others happy Thus year they have gnven programs for veterans and made favors for them The members are Carolyn Green Frank Mulls Vnolet Hanks Glyms Hewett Jean Franks and Lounse Boler B P W VOCATIONAL GUIDANCE CLUB The B PW has presented an IH terestlng assembly program spon sored a clothmg drnve and glven a delughtful tea for new members thus year Fnrst Row Glass Buchanan Green Horton Davns Second Row Mnss McLeod J Murphree Haguewood Hammer Hrnton Allen Mackereth Selman Thomas S Murph ree lngrum Third Row Caffee Austun Knlllan Mc Lendon Young Judlce wg JE 'Ri The Studlous l'Pl Sensor Is Why so glum, churn? oo ih ? H an s I I .......,.,- v-asv' 1 4 if fy - -.M if .SSA zgiqm How to Druve Sofely Looking For Something? f f ll' 1 Ill h Q1 I f in HI wi id Aj- Q vol, fxifj, .3 fi - W , -If ","""'W7 V 7 - W I Y . , . . A , , -M ,,,,.....,,, .h xx innlsw Music-tf'-H-vallrup-4i"""" 'W """"""' PQ Grin and weor it Birds-eye View ar Q 4' 5 fi if fi. M fr iff! 25 Q imig fi...-Y wiv' 'fisif if 95 .J Q? 5 4 ' 1 7fze new Lage fn! J, ACC ATHLETICS RED LETTER CLUB The members of the Red Letter Club make their letters in football, basketball, and base- ball. First Row: Tinsley, Lynn, Hunter, Smalley, Cran- ford, Wood, Donner, Wyatt, Lomas, Wallace, Second Row: Sexton, Hay, Lawley, Johnson, Hobson, Duckworth ln ram Del- f Q 1 bridge, Wheeler, Moyers. Third Row: Hardin, McLaugh- lin, Long, Belk, Burroughs, Sharp, Barksdale, Skin- ner, Wright, Lewis. nu -Ili- l llf sl llll ii 5 rs' ,, WSE, Fel a h Wise, Barton, ming iieldl or ol ammo Lou ve PU' eveployed ,on horncn Moseley, Fcxgouxfha he ,com P wegkhef ,,kAonl1 d M. ,l. - herevefq mane' whim il-150' Nelsovgoncxdsonl -og Bear spirit w 0 Hof Y' 4 keY MQW' Nm le MK' we Beiw y, P00 j CoffY Bucklexwicjnto helP'n9 lo o ihetl HOMECCDMI G - - - '49 STYLE Sponsors and Escorts: Clara Nell Albright, Phil Phillips, "Queen" Sue Scott, Jerry Belk, Betsy Hobson, and Reuben Sexton. RIGHT: Another kind of team doing their part to make Homecoming a success. This was Homecoming! Delirious excitement filled the air. Old T. H. S. hardly recognized itself all wrap- ped up in red and black crepe paper as it welcomed alumni and former Black Bears, who recalled Bear victories of years ago. At last it was game time, and still another victory was ours. The climax of the evening was the annual Homecoming Dance with the football players taking part in the lead-outf -lb Sue Scott, escorted by Black Bear Jack Lynn, leads the Homecoming Dance. Betty Appleyard, elected by the student body as the Queen's Maid, with escort Joy Appleyard. WE POI T WITH PRIDE Portrat of two happy men Coaches Leeth and Kendall For the 48 season the Black Bears were under the coaching of Frank Swede Kendall for the third consecutive year He was assisted by Wheel r Leeth and Bear Gunning The Bears proved their ability by opening then season with a I2 2 victory over a favored Alice ville team They emphasized their ability by rolling over Woodlawn for an I87 victory Our team suffered their only defeat of the year when they lost to the Lanier Poets by a score of I9 2 The Bruins took their first step toward the county championship by defeating Holt wlth a well earned score of 206 The following week witness d the crushing of our age old rival the County ed the county championship but also obtained revenge forthe defeat they received from the Wildcats during the 47 season Our team took to the road the following week and proved their worth on foreign fields by a score of 34 6 over the Selma Tigers Next on the schedule was a highly favored U M S team from Mobile The Bears thrilled their fans by upsetting their opponents to the tune of a 42 O victory Tlne Tuscaloosa huqh team dusappolnted a revenge seeking Deshler team by handing them a I5 I3 defeat on a ram soaked field IU Tuscumbla The Csvnl War was refought and the victory fell into the hands of the South when Tuscaloosa was invaded by o St Louis team University Cnty High After a hard fought game the Bruins closed their season by handing this favored team a 40 20 defeat After the close of the season Captain Clell Hobson triple threat left halfback received honor by being placed on the All State and All Southern Teams Under the leadership of Millard Hardin next years captain the 49 Bear team expects to make another such praise worthy record l l i S - . . . . .F - - 1 . v - High "Wildcats" by o score of 40-6. In handing the "Wildcats" their defeat the Bears not only cinch- rim - , Q Y Q 27 674 id P72 ss in M 1 44.51, 47 11 50 '- f f bf' M4 -aff 430 Q4 E3 I' fx , ' ., w . a , x 'N Q-A Wm , ' va as 1- 22 ,EW fl' ,ww f X Q -'H .s f f w fe, my I 4 .K 9 4 Q f I , , 3' , S v DV. '67 ' wamswfzr, I V134 Rf: , W. , x J, , ,, ,V . , 5514 5, ,W 2 " .-,A ,L w 2-rw-t qw. cf, BEARS Ingram, pushing through with the pigskin. Jock Lynn-Left Guard Paul Moyers-Center "Cue Boll" Ralph McLoughlin-End Charles Skinner-Center l1BUd1l - -sr. . 3 ,gf 'f ,.. ' 2-.2Q,','Qg: " 438 K' A "RED LETTER" DY 5, lt seems that each year the annual football ban- quet is more fun. Handpainted portraits of our foot- ball heroes done by the Art Department, delicious food cooked and served by the Social Education and Home Economics Departments, a clever toastmaster, Lamar Branscomb, all made this function outstand- ing. Johnny Duckworth was a "rhyming" master of ceremonies who introduced the very talented per- forming initiates. Dr. Sam B. Hay explained a fath- er's fidgets on the night of the big game. Captain Clell Hobson's introduction of next year's captain, Millard Hardin, was the climax of the evening. Congratulations to Millard Hardin, Captain-Elect, from Clell Hobson, '49 Captain. X 'S X AQ ABOVE: Can it be a lullabye that these boys are singing as part of their Red Letter Club initiation? At any rate it seems to be putting them ta sleepl f' hir.. The decorations were beautiful, the food was good, and the company was delight- , ful. , x L fra,-,xi , 4 gf? l' F 4 g v.Q"A-1 X U . KW Ks gn , fr-ff 'igxf f 525 it! ..,.,, .: MW .k,,.,. . 2 int x A nuff. A F' . ,Z ,,w.g,,,. Vw X .fy X- I i ' 2? --1 I S5 THS THS THS THS THS THS THS THS THS THS THS THS THS THS THS THS THS - ...enum , VARSITY TEAM Frst Row Crcnfod I gram Seto Hu ter Ba ksdale Second Row Hordn Lo g Smalley Kelley Belk SCORES Berry West Blocton Lomer Hot County Hugh Fayette Woodlawn Bessemer Ho t Phollups Berry County Hugh Selma Bessemer Fayette Ramsay Phullrps Ma ogers Blly Sharp and Max Lomas manage basketball equp ent I .N ,.,....25 ....22 '.......28 l.........l9 '...,.23 .......2l .....32 ......39 l.......29 " .......6l ,......47 f ',..,31 .......4l ......38 ....,.23 ......36 GL MAZONS ABOVE: Archery looks soooo eosy when it is proc- ticed with good form. These girls know how it's done. BELOW: Poised for oction, these bosketeers develop strong bodies while enioying the sport. Left to right: Borboro Christopher, Lillion Wilson, Fronk Mills, Dorphine Nelson, Jewell Tucker, Ruby Tyler. IN ACTI ABOVE: In good spirit the of volley boll. BELOW: With perfect coordino THE LEADERS' CLUB Kneeling: B. Webster, D. Webster, Hardy, Brown, Nelson. Standing: Holifield, Wright, Mills, Lollar, Rester, Marlowe, Fowler, Zetterlof, Norris Tyler, Lewis, Smith, Wilson, Morgan, Branscomb, Ford The purpose of the Leaders' Club is to oromote good sportsmanshi l d h' n p, ea ers ip, and to acquire the skills of the d'ff I erent games played. These girls look as if they would be at home on any green. girls battle in an exciting game Leftt ' hz L ' ' tion the girls form a geometric de- sign. o rig t ons Thayer, Peggy Burks, Ann Fields, Sarah Wall, Rosetta Christian, Mary Ann Brazeale, Mary Nell Buckley. I 'I 'I 'r 'I 'r 'r 'I 'I 'w 'I 4 4 4a 'I 'r 'I I tr 4 'I In I 'r 'I 'r 'u 'r 'u 'r 'I :I tr r 1 'I 'I 'r 'I 'I in gl 'I 4 I Ieee , , f:,e-g .-,. I-.:,, I 4-'-f y ,..,..,5If 9: ,gg-3 : I-..1...,..IiCZ1EI.T 21.L'.:,1.3fs . . ..s,,.!..I:- ge .- 5 il". .: .,.".v:: I-I.. ,.....! nm-um4 nnumm -..m:.mI , .I k fm In ,ig f I I 4 Ill! ' Y i TAL--' -lil., A-1'-'fa-'-'-i,-"' - Ki9 -vl' I "' "' . 4 I . A 'W I 1' rf' RJ A 4 ig-fe 14, y 'W' 5: ,I Y ' , n n I -. , , , ,x X -1" ff u " ' ' ' I 1 H cf - 'Y 4 '- ' ',,i.n "I 4 3 1 ' - I':'-,., 'm',.L-fl'4,--e!-'f55'.I5fI!2-.I-1 III ' '-11.2.-I4en' i 'I g 5 .1 'gp 'yiffflfgg-gn ,,.-.,-14' 1' 1 .- ,'-1 4 T - -' I- 71 -1---1-1 :.:.Qf1- -L"x'ff,a2fgi-414:I':i71 Ti fi I 5 411' wi s YE ! lg P T H Q , H.-I f5 .5if .1i h I' ,II I A ., .M I 'WJ W Y V - ,b 4-.nun-nulntilll Annum:-1 1? F- """'J' Ak 43 ' U 1 .. ' ll, X..- -9 '- ' 'v I W, K ff ,,, -....-.,...f.......-,...,.. 86000 SOUAFEFIITFLOOR SPACE We Appreciate Your Patronage ALLEN 81 JEMISON COMPANY H A R D W A R E Establushed nn 1883 4 'I 4, - 4 4 gi 'I 'r 3 'I 'I 'r 1' r 3 4 'I 4 fgememim pafzaqan D Qememim pmagan D Qememim pafzaqcm Yllllll GlllllllllTl0 oday .lvwe are printers of the yearbook of your school Tomorrow as you seek your future in Q5'EJD the professions industry and commerce llmill-.f. we U'llll'llll at Paragon hope to serve you with ffft the essential Printing and Lithography dy, you will need in the pursuit of your career y d dth t l are Ghz aragnn ress x f 3 fi, Q Q O CF s I In l. ' f, 9 'i A ni Hr: is V ' -QU 9 Man of our best customers came to us through frien ships formed aroun e annual planning able or from former grads like yourself who first saw our work in their annual. I Q? ' s l . 3 ' Z - ' fi? I 5521, I -1- -355 ' ' 'S ... Cf-" 1: ' -Ill ' I" ii -2,-r wi .. w-1 I ll -'- A f i rq, "-NI CONCRATULATIONS 3 ,Q SENIORS V W BAILES PORTRAIT STUDIO I I25 University Ave Phone 4022 COMPLIMENTS DEAL LUMBER COMPANY PERRY CREAMERY COMPANY Inc TUSCALOQSAS MOST MODERN DAIRY PLANT We Invite You To Vlslt US CRADE A MILK PASTEURIZED AND PRIDE ICE CREAM HAVE BEEN TI-IE BEST FOR YEARS 9 ,JEI-I: Q I I .nv . OF I o Y Cl ' ' ' ll ll YY -i 'E fr I O 3 .flfifff X1 , RECORDS TEXTBOOKS FOUNTAIN PENS NEWEST FICTION SCHOOL SUPPLIES IEWELRY COMPLETE CAMERA DEPARTMENT ALABAMA BOOK STORE ION 1015 UnIverSItyAverIue Somethmg New Every Day " tand by for refreshment You trust Its quallty When youre doing your bit on any job pause and turn to refreshment right out of the bottle. Ice-cold Coca-Cola A moment for ice-cold Coca-Cola is a little minute long enough for a bug rest. COCA COLA BOTTLING COMPANY TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA S T N IME L ompof C ACE P G Pu 25 53 me Pho T EA O T NCS I H T D O O C 9 Menu afy 57 A :Vt Un O1 lo , A. 1a . - up .A 0 . A 0 Av 1: - " 0 'T II A 0 - 0 -A 0 A 0 A' 0 A' 0 " 0 " ll A' Il A 0 -v 0 - 0 A u A' 0 A' 0 A' 0 AT 0 ' 0 -' 0 - o A. 0 - 0 -A 0 A 0 A' I! A 0 " 0 Av 0 A' 0 - 0 -' 0 -' 0 - 0 - 0 A 0 A' 0 " 0 " II A TI A 0 -A 0 .A 0 A 0 A' 0 " 0 -' 0 A' o -' 0 -' U -' 11 1l A' 0 A' 0 " 0 " 0 " o -' 0 -' 0 0 0 0 1: 0 ' 0 'JA 0 " U A' 1: -' ll ' 1: 11-A' A Salute to One of Amerlca s Finest Educahonal Facllltles NATIONAL SOUTHERN PRODUCTS CORPORATION 12TH AVENUE at 14TH STREET TUSCALOOSA ALABAMA . , . . 1 ' 6 Xl y QW' 7 M f X A if X Wrlr 4030 N jr I ASAKX M 2 f YQ X r Md' :Lumina Um X XV Q if Lf f gr rl Nm diy ww .uw rv A A, ,, Viz? rw A Y, I Ill' V772 :gy 7 mix ffie AF? 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' I ' A, uf ... 1, u ,. , -L I 0 MALO Il' S The one stop book and supply store FOR ALL SCHOOL NEEDS Malone s us the offlclal agency for the State Book Depository Thus means that all books are avaliable only at Malone s SOUTH S LARGEST WHOLESALER OE NEW AND USED BOOKS We can use all books for cash when you have flnlshed with hen MALONE' S BOOK STORE 807 l0Tl-l STREET Everythnng for the l-lngh School Student , . . . . . - 1 1 . . . 4- l U - A H COMPLIMENTS CAIN MACHINE COMPANY Trucks Trallers Manufacture Sales an an Bodnes Servuce I M CAIN Owner STAUFFER MEANS RESEARCH IN BEAUTY Crnrs Wanta rustle those stags out of the Iune9 We can show you how the easy STAUFFER way No drugs No duet No electnclty Phone tor FREE demonstration STAUFFER SYSTEM Fora rIcuRE coNTRoL Phone 9562 Parkvlew Center CITY NATIONAL BANK OF TU SCALOOSA OFFICERS I F ALSTON Chaurman ot Board HOWARD E HAMNER Cashuer I F ALSTON IR Presudent C T HURT Assnstant Cashler R H COCHRANE Vlce Presldent FRED L CRAFT Assrstant Cashser ROBERT N ALSTON Vlce President E H Alston I F Aston I F Alston Ir Robert N Alston I C Austm DIRECTORS Howard BurchfleId R H Cochrane Frank Fltts De Vane K Iones H E Newton George Splegener Moses A Temerson I W Thompson Reuben H Wright Dr C B F Young Frank W Thomas MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION OLDEST BANK IN ALABAMA PHONE 4751 of 'I... Compliments of S. H. KRESS 81 C0 REAL ESTATE Sc IOC QSCSTORE 'NSU RANCE WATCH KRESS WINDOWS FIRST NATIONAL SERVICES INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING FACILITIES COMMERCIAL ACCOUNTS COLLECTIONS TRAVELER S CI-IEQUES EXCHANGE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF TUSCALOOSA ALABAMA Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporatlon ell For Less Comowxtotatuoms QRADUATFS BURCHFIELD COFFEE SHOP Located no Burctmtueld Hotel Phone 2778 PHONE 5743 Compllments of MANGEL S EEMININE APPAREL L U S T I G S 23l8 Broad Street Tuscaloosa Alabama Styles of Today Wuth a Touch of Tomorrow PIZ TUSCALOOSA ALABAMA PHONE 3236 PHONE 3433 , 4.. x'A'A'A'A'A'-:2'A'A'A'ATATA:'A'A'AN'A'A'A'A'A'A'A'A'A'T'-'A'A'7I lfA'-'A'Ax'A'A'A'A'A'A'A'A'A'A'A'A'TA'-'A'A'A'A'A'A'T'-'A'T'A'A'A'A'A' ln lr l' l' qv tr I I 1 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -.-.- -.-.-.-.-.-.-.-1 l-,zz-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.+.A.-,-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.A.-.-.-.A.-.-:v-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-, 4 4 - 1 a F CONGRATULATIONS Graduates of 49 CENTRAL FOUN DRY COMPANY SEWELL HARDWARE COMPANY IOE SEWELL 22l8 Broad Street Phone 2896 Sporrmg C-oods House Furmshungs Radlos Tuscaloosa Ala Lowe Bros Paints TUSCALOOSA LIBRARY BINDERY CLAKEY BELL owner LIBRARY Bluoluos A SPECIALTY BOUND TO PLEASE 22l2 Broad Street Dual 2204 Tuscaloosa Alabama B . FF q c ll 3 , . . n 11 n 1 COMPLIMENTS U C E T T I Compliments of Comp 'ments of REYNOLDS Mu.uNG co U""0"' FURN'TURE Thanks for Listening O R T G R A N THE PLATTER PARADE A COMPLETE ONE STOP FOOD STORE T5 COMPLETE DEPARTMENTS COMPLETE SODA FOUNTAIN AND LUNCHEONETTE my T Parkung on four sudes Home owned and home 0 Cfrade A sanltatuon operated Fnendlnness from Lowest pnces every everyone of our staff da o Year round arr condmonmg Easy to fund what you want T306 Queen Cnty Ave of F A B R 0 T H E R S 'EEYYYTYTETTTTTTZETYYITTTZYYijjji- f M A S R ,.. Q51 . , ,. . . Y on COMPLI MENTS OF COLE SUPPLY COMPANY INC Where you ll fund Wallpaper By Such Famous Names as York Varlar Anstocrat and United Paints by Pittsburgh and Benjamin Moore AMERICAN STANDARD HEATING 6 PLUMBING S20 22nd Avenue Tuscaloosa Alabama Phone 5561 FRED ROBERTSON S PURE PEP No 2 24 HOUR WRECKER SERVICE Rught Across from Court House SALES SERVICE CONGRATULATIONS to SENIORS TUSCALOOSA LINCOLN MERCURY CO Greensboro Ave at I Ith St Phone 6136 THE HOME OF GOOD SERVICE , I , . I l ' - Y v'v'v'-Av'-A-'-'-'-T-Av'-v'v'-'-'-Av'v'v'v'v'-A-'Y'-'v'vAv'-A-Av'-Av'-Av'v'v'v'-'53-'v'-A--Av'-'-'f'v'f'v'-'v'v'v'v'-Av'Y'-'-Av'-'-A-'-Av'-A-'v'-'-'v'v'-Av'v vAvAv'-'-'-'vAv'-'v'v'-'v'v'-Av'v'vA-'-Av'-'-'-A-A-'vAv'v'v'v'-A-Av'-A-A-'v'v'vAvAJv'wAvAv'v'-Av'vAv'vAvAvAv'v'-'v'v'-A-A-'-'v'-A-Av'vA-Av'-Av'vTv'-A-'-A-Av'-A I I o ' 0 I I I D DUGIN S Compluments of SHOE STORE ROSENFELD PAPER CO FURNITURE CO 45 YEARS DEPENDABLE SERVICE GOODS 409 Greensboro Ave Behrnd Fnrst Natl Bank If IfS for sportsmen we have It Tuscaloosa s est One Prlce Department Store I .-.fu-:v ::.-.n-::::A.-:::. : ::.- v.-::. :: -.-v-.-::. ::. :v :::::::::::- ' 4 :::::-:rv :::. ::'-:. ::':-A--2' 1:- 4' 'I :' "' 4' 'P 4' ' ' 'P P 4 , P 4 4 4 , , 4 P P P 4 , I 4 4 4 P 4 'P ' ' 4' 4, ,P 4 'P 'P Q , 4 4 4 4, 4' 4 P P ,P 4 , ,P 4, 4, P 4' 'P 4' ', 4, :P 4: :P 4: :, 4, ,P 4, ,P 4, ,, :, 4: :P 4' ', 4' ,P 4, P 4' ', 4' ,P 1 ' 4 P P :, 4: 1, ,P 4, 4, ' 4 P n 4' 'P 'P :, fi ,: 1, . ,P 4, 4, P 4 P 4' 4, 4, 4, ,P 4, ,P 4, 4 1' 4: :P 2 4: 'P 'I P 4 , 4, 4 1, 4: :P . 1: :P :I 4 P :P 4: :P 9, ,. 1: :P :P gf Ig gl IP 4: 4: 4: :P 4: "" :f1: 1: " : 4' 'P 4' 'P 5 'P 4, P 4 P 4 , 4 , 'P 4' 4, 4' 4' 4: :P 4: L :P 4: 4: 4 P 4 P 4 .g 4, 4g vs ,, 1, P 'P 4' 'P 4' 'P " 4, ,P 4, ,, 4 4' 4, ,P 4, 0 , ,' ,' 4 P 4 'P 4' 4' 4' 'P 4' 'P 4' 4' 4: :P 4: :, 4: 4: 4 P 4 P 4 4 4: 7' :P 4: 'P 4' 4' 4, ,P 4, 4, 4' 4' 4, ,P 4, 'P 4' 4' 'P 4' 'P 1' ': 4: :P 4: :P 4: :P 'P 4: :, 41-.-::.-.-.-. --.-:.:::- ve-:: -:. :: -::::x Q-::::. :::::' ---- A --2 '-rrvvv' 2'-'ff-"4 ', 4' 'rf sr"-1 'f-'-'-"-1 " -'-'-A-'-' -'-' 'ff-'-'4' 4'-'-'- 'J-'ff v-"2" ff- '-' '-'- '-'- U"-'-'-' 4 P 4 " P P P 4: 1' 4: f' 1' 1' 'P 4' 'P 4' 4' 4: 4 P 4 P P 4: :P 4: :P :P 4, ,P 4, ,P ,P , 4, ,P 4, n ,P ,P ,P 'P 4' 'P 4' 4' 4: 4 P 4 P P P 4 P 4 4 4, :P 4: :P 4: 4: 1, .g 1, .g 1 4, 1, ,P :P 4: :P : in 4: 4: 4: 4: :P 4: -4 :P :P :P 4 P 4 . P P ' 4: :P 4: . O :P :P :P 4 P 4 , P P P 4: :P 4: Z :P :P :P 4 P 4 P P P 4: :, 4: - :P :P :P :P I 4: :P m 4: 4: ' 4: 4: :P 4: :P :P :P P Ig - :I Ig , VI ji :I 3, 'P - 4: :P , 1 4: 4: 4: 'P 4, ,P 3 " 4, 4, 4, ', 4 P O 4 4 4, :P 4: :P -4: 4: 1, . 4: :P 4: 7' :P :P ,P 'P 4' 'P ' 4' 4' 4' 'P 4' 'P ' 4' 4' 4' P 4 1 ,P ,, ,P 4 4, 4' P P P P 4 P 4, 4 4, 'P 4' 'P Z 4 4' 4, 4 , 4 P P , P 4 P 1 4 4 P 4 P P ,P 'I 1' 'I 1' 1' 4' 4 P 4 Compliments of Compliments of LARY 81 WALDROP ALSTON INSURANCE COMPANY 2310 BROAD STREET PHONE 2323 COMPLIMENTS OF McLESTER HOTEL BANQUET ROOMS FOR PARTIES FROM 25 to IOO Compliments of H F TIDMORE C B CRIMES QUALITY MEATS and GROCERIES fo' the BAMA I DRUID 220 Ilth Street RITZ 4 Pl rfb P45 Htl O O . . I 1 I 1 1 ln Our Business We Come Clean TU SCALOOSA STEAM LAUN DRY A R P 2634 l8th ST Telephones 7843 6175 lAlvlES F lllmmlel SHARPE Owner lF lT SWIMS WE HAVE IT SEA FOODS MEATS ALBERTA DRUG CO YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD STORE Phone 4373 Alberta Cnty Tuscaloosa Ala PRESCRIPTIONS COOK S JEWELERS 605 Greensboro Ave Tuscaloosa Ala DIAMONDS WATCHES GIFTS Watch and jewelry Repaunng Hart Schaffner 8: Marx Clothes THE STORE FOR MEN Sc BOYS H E s H E ' s c,.,. , c,c,s li O COMPLIMENTS cLE TUSCALOOSA S REALLY NEW DEPARTMENT STORE BROAD STREET AT TWENTY THIRD AVE COMPLIMENTS OF NUCKOLS PLUMBING 81 HEATING C0 3022 6TH STREET PHONE OOOO BARKSDALE 8. SONS CLEANERS HOME OF BETTER CLEANING PHONE 2588 2223 EIC-HTH STREET COMPLIMFNTS S 0 K 0 L S WE FURNISH THE HOME An CLOTHE THE FAMILY Phone 47I4 Tuscaloosa Alabama .XT of M L L A N ' S 0 ' OF d ,,.,.,.,.,,,,.,-S-,,,-,-,-,-,-f,-,-.-,-.-,AS-,-.-.-.-.-,-.A.-,-,-,S-J. ,-,-.1-.2-:.-.--.-.-.-.-.-.-v-.-.-.-.-.-.A.-.-.-.-v-v-.-.-.-.-.-,-.-.-.-,-f.-.-.-,Av v-fS------f-------A-----:----2-S--fv--v---------f 'I-'ff-'-'-'f-'-'-'-'-'-'v1'-'v'-'-A-'-A-'-'-'-A-A-'-'-1'-'-'-'-'-'-A-'-A-'ff-'-' PHIFER'S STANDARD SERVICE STATION STANDARD 0 Polishing I OIL . Lubncanon MEANEY S FLOWERS PRODUCTS ' WIHSITIVIS "The I-Iome of Floral Perfection" ATLAS TIRES BATTERIES Phone 5330 IOO9 Umv Ave ACCESSORIES Courte-ous Careful Servlce I8OI Broad Dual 9339 Graduates are always Students at thenr Best HARDIN"S Butter Krust IS always Bread at Its Best WEATHERFORD PRINTING C0 EVERGREEN GROCERY STAPLE G FANCY CROCERIES Esfabllshed In I895 COUNTRY pRODUCE COMPLETE PRINTING SERVICE H05 13th St phone 5983 Telephone 5738 95Il Tuscaloosa Ala I 'I 4' - - I: . , 1 ' 4 I I: . " I I . . . . . 'f -'ff-'-'-A-as-of-A-'-'-'ff-'-'-'-A-A-A---'-'-'f-of-of-A-A-A-A-'ff-A-av'-A-an f-A-of-'-'-'ff-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'ff-'-a-'-a-a-'-a-'-'-Af'-'-"'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-' 1, 4: Ig 'I II C I 'I 'I 4: - . 4 I - I I - I 'I TANNER BROTHERS WHOLESALE FRUITS and VEGETABLES 2312 4th Street PHONE 2891 2892 We Speclaluze In GOOD THINGS TO EAT MACKEY GROCERY COMPANY Phone 3675 2301 7th Street Complnments of HOTEL BURCHFIELD EUROPEAN PLAN TUSCALOOSA ALABAMA R A I F 0 R D S 617 GREENSBORO AVENUE Musncal Headquarters SWEET MUSIC OF ALL KINDS REEDS STRINGS AND ACCESSORIES PIANOS RADIOS PHONOGRAPHS Featuring BALDWIN PIANOS G E PRODUCTS I 4' 4 1' If 4: 1, 1 1' 4' I I . . i I n I Cornpluments of REX PHARMACY MEET YOUR FRIENDS CENTRAL DRUG COMPANY QUALITY SERVICE Broad Street Phone 3373 USTES GIBSON TIRE COMPANY BENDIX HOME LAUNDRY KELVINATOR REFRICERATORS SIO 2Ist Ave Phone 3248 WHEN Hunan 'nr-uzsm men 5115 t'To ,4- 6' are L ,fd J' DR PEPPER BOTTLING CO TUSCALOOSA Congratulations Sensors of 49 H A EDWARDS INSURANCE AGENCY 5I6W Greensboro Avenue Phone 4764 When It Comes from Us Its Right FREEMAN DRUG CO Pa rkvrew Center Phone 4740 Tuscaloosa I 4 I If . +I 1' :I 4: . 1: fl tr 4 I :f 5: 1' 'I -.-.-.-.A.-.2-,Av-.A.-.-,e.-.-.-.-.1-.-,-.-.A.-SA.:-.-.-f.-.-.-.-.-.A.-.2-.-.-f.'H.-.1-.-,-.-.A.A.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-,-,A.-.-.-,-,-.Af.-.-.-.-.-.-.-,A,-.-.-.-.-.A.-.A.-.-.- J- .-::::::::::::::.-:::.-:::::.-.-::::::.-:-.-:rv-:vi, I:-:.-:.-.-::::::.-:v-.+:::.-.-.-::::.-::::.+::::.-:rv-::::: 1: I, 1, 1, . A , , , , E 4 X . . A 0 s ,M H A , - ', I a ., 1, 1, I. Q V :I 4' P' I II ' gl if I g ' , f 1: 1: I ,, 1, ,K , , ., 9 L I, ' I' 'I 1 1 I ' ' ' -1' 2 'I 1: f Q .--:L ' 3 ey . 1f-'-'ff-'-'f-'-'-'-A-A-A'off-'-'ff-Af-A-'-A-'-'-'-'-Aff-'-'-A-'-'-'-'of-'-'-A ' - 'I 4 'I 'I f 'I 'I 4, I, 4, 1, . , . I I ' Ig Ig ' I I FINDLEY ELECTRIC COMPANY ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS P H O N E S DAY 5132 NIGHT 4249 2121 Eughth Street Tuscaloosa Alabama CONGRATULATIONS SEN IORS of Class 49 TUSCALOOSA N EWS ABERNATHY GROCERY FRESH MEATS STAPLE AND FANCY CROCERIES IOIO Queen Cuty Avenue Phone 3371 3372 WE NEVEP SLEEP A Phone Call Brlngs Us On the Run' PHONE 3636 FITTS YELLOW CABS DAY AND NIGHT SERVICE H ICH SCHOOL STUDENTS Make Our Style Store Your Clothlng Headquarters BLACK FRIEDMAN WINSTON C L or HIE R s COIVIPLIMENTS CHAS TEMERSON and SONS :J -v-- --f v---------- --v-vffvf-- ----v f-W ---- -5 :Ti--W-ff-f-'v'--v'-'-'-'-':-'-'-'.'.'-v'fWf-iff-ff----f--- tl 4' I I :I I I 'I 'I I II I' 'I 'I ' 'I 'I 'I I 'I I T. -. " 4, ,,v.v.'.'.'.'.'.v.v.v.'.v.'.'.','.:v.:v.v,'.'.'.v.'.'.'.'.v.v,va.v.v.v,v.'.'.-vw.-.'. Ig .f.-S-.-.-.A.-.A.-.-.Ax.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-,-.-.A.Av-Y-f,.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-S-S-S-S-.-.-. 'I 4' 4' , 'I 4, ' 'I lI 1 'A' 4: ' . A,-,1-,-.-,-,-,A,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-LA.-.-:::.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-V-.-.-.'::.--4 J-.-,-,-,-,-::,-,-.-.-.-.-,-.+,-.-v-.-,-,-:,-.-,-,-.Av-.-:.-.-:v-v-v-.-,-,-,-,A.-.-. I I 4 . . . 'I 4 'I 4' Il I' 4: 4: 1, O 4 1, 'I , 8- WRDS F O R D R U G S East of Sears On Szxth St BELL AUTO PARTS COMPANY Telephone 7561 NORTH PORT ALABAMA Motor Rebullders Automotive Machine Work Crankshaft Reground Auto Parts 8 Accessories R TIRES BATTERIES Phone 2526 Broad St and I9th Ave GIBSON TIRE CO Appllance Dept BENDIX KELVINATOR WASHERS REFRIGERATORS IRONERS RANGES DRYERS FREEZERS LANE TILE 81 MARBLE CO TILE MARBLE and FLOOR COVERING CONTRACTORS Pa rkvnew Center I'5th St OWEN MEREDITH 81 SONS INSURANCE PROPERTY MANAGEMENT MORTGAGE LOANS REAL ESTATE 2213 Broad St Tuscaloosa Ala A ' IL ,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,AY-,-,-,-,Av-,-,-v-,-:,-,-,-v-:,-v-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-v-,Av-,A,A,A,-,-,-,-,-,-,A,A,-,-,-,-v-,-,-,-f,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,Aff,-,-,-,-,-,-.-.-.-::::.' 'K I ' ' 8 'I ' ' I I E C O o """"''""""""-A"ff"""""""""ff"""'A:-"""""""""" 4""""""""""""-""""'""""""""""""""""""""'A"""""'A I :I 1, 'I :I I I' 'I 1' 'I ' 0 1' 'I I 4, 'I 'I 0 1, 'I 'I 'I a 4, U ' 1 T-vvvv'--'Y'v-v'vw-vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv-vvv 5 1: 4: 'I 'I 1, 1, -- 4, 1, 4 4' :I I 'I 'I T I I I I' I' 1' I 1' 'I 4 I 'V I ', I , 1 , :P 'I , , . 4I 'I 1' 'I 'I 'I - A - A AAAAAAA -A--A AAAAA- -AAAAA A AA--A-A-A-A A 4 ,,A,A,. A A -A.---A,, A AAA., A :',::v.v.'.v.'.v.v.'.:-.'.v.'.v.'. MEET THE CROWD lUST LIKE THE BLACK BEARS HINTON DRUGS CoSMETlCS A DRUGS BOBS B RBER SHOP DELICIOUS SANDWICHES Phone 7363 lOO4 Queen Cnty Ave Always gnvung Its eSt CLOSE TO SCHOOLS Sportlng Goods Household Supplues C Lldden Paints Tnmz Wall Paper Hand and Delta Power Tools EleCtnC and Cas Appluances J OVIATT BOWERS CO INC 2105 2nd Street Phone 4466 Plenty ot Parlclng Space with No Time Llmlt PULLEN MOTOR CAR COMPANY SALES and SERVICE 527 22nd Ave Phone 3183 RAYMON'S A SQUARE DEAL SINCE l9l5 6th Street and 23rd Avenue at ll ' 555i , TH! O O '71 Ili' lf, B I O' I , I B U l C K AUTOMOTIVE PARTS COMPANY WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTORS COMPLETE MACHINE SHOP SERVICE MOTORS REBUILT Compluments of CO ED BEAUTY SALONE Across from ACS Statxon SOUTH SIDE DRUG 2204 Greensboro Ave AUSTIN 8. ALSTON MOTOR COMPANY Dodge Plymouth Cars and Trucks Phone 4434 Tuscaloosa Ala FAMOUS ART CARVED DIAMONDS THOMAS JEWELRY 2II7 Broad Phone 2460 Compliments of PURE PEP COMPANY 726 C boro Ave Phone 2821 CUSHMAN MOTOR SCOOTERS Mercury Outboard Motors RIDE TO SCHOOL CUSHMAN MOTOR SCOOTER SALES 1922 Broad Street Tuscaloosa Ala Tel 81666 Complrments of SMITH BROTHERS MARKET I I :I 1' ' I :I P .'.v.v.-.v.'.'.v.v.-.Y.v.v.v.-.'.'.-.'.v.'.v.v.'.'.v.,v.v.v.v.'.v.v.v.v.-.wx.,.'.v. ,rv.v.v.v.'.'.'.-.W.v.Y.v.v.v.-Y.,,.,.,.v-,-,-v.,-v-,-,-,-,-,-,A,-.-.-,-,-,-,-,-,-.-. 1 - 1 I I: :- I I 1' :I I - ' I I I I I . I 1 I 4 II 4 I I 1, 4 .-.v.v.'.v.Y.v.v.v.'.'.'.v.wx.v.v.v.v.v.'.'.'.v.v.v.v.v.-.v.v.'.v.v.v.v.v.v.'.v.'.v.v 3.,.v-,-,-,Av-,-,-,-,-ve,-,-I,-SA,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-.-.-,-,-,-ff.-,-.-.-.-.-.-.-f.-. '.'.'A'.'.'.v.v.v.'.'.'A'-Y-v-v-v-v.v.v.'.v.'-'.v.-A-.'-v-'A'-'-v-v-Y-v-v--v-'Av-Y-v-'P -,+,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,Av-.-.-.A.-.-.-.-.-.-.'.-.'.'. - -..-. - :v-v v I I - 'I I - - 4, 'I sir COMPLIMENTS WEST ALABAMA FURNITURE COMPANY 2220 Srxth Street Complrments of BOB S RESTAURANT Next to Kress THE GnAY's MEN's snor 'Incorporated SPORTSWEAR HEADQUARTERS McLester Corner Compllments of T R TAYLOR DRUG COMPANY Harry Pntchett Marlin Moore PRITCHETT MOORE INC REAL ESTATE LOANS RENTALS GENERAL INSURANCE 527 23rd Ave Phone 37Ol COMPLI VIENTS STEIN S SHOE SHOP 2326 6th Street Phone 3986 Duckworth Morrns Insurance Agency GENERAL INSURANCE RENTALS LOANS REAL ESTATE Tuscaloosa Ala OF 1 I O O -.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.A,-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-,-.-.-J.-v-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-,-,-,-,,-J. 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Electric Co Phone 9561 508 Greensboro Ave Tuscaloosa FIVE POINTS SERVICE STATION 1500 Greensboro Ave P E Payne O F N Ijljljjijjjjjljjjjjijjjljjjijijljljjjijljijjjjjj1jjjjjijijljljljijjjijijji'' QQ M PL ETIE S E RV I C E .,.,-,T,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,.,-,.,.,.,.,.,.,...,.,.,-,-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.L IA.-.-.-.-.-.-.A.-v-.-.-.-.-.-.-v-.-.-v-v-v-ff'--v-v-v-Y-v-fv--------- E A T T SANDUSKY S BOARDING HOUSE Home of Good Food l200 8th Street jimmy Sandusky Owner Gompllments of YELLOW FRONT STORES DRY GOODS SHOES GROGERIES Compliments of C0mplIm8I'lTS of MORGENTHAU S THE JEWEL BOX Byron lvlcNerl Owner 504 Greensboro Ave Sooner or Later Your Favonte Cleaner LANCASTER S GARAGE Harry Prntchett Marlun Moore Sales oLosrv1oBlLE sefvrce PRITCHETT MOORE INC General Auto and Truck Repairs Real Estate Loans Rentals 2028 Sixth Street Phone 36l5 General Insurance Tuscaloosa Alabama 527 23rd Avenue Sheatter Pen and Pencll Sets Hallmark Graduatlon Cards Complnments of WEATHERFORD OFFICE SUPPLY CO 21 24 Broad Street Phone 2636 Tuscaloosa Alabama REX CLEANERS .L All -V-A--A-A-A-2'-'-'-'-'-A---'::::::v-'-f-A-Af:-2'-'-':--'ff-'-1'-'-'ff-'-'-'-A-A:::::.-:::::::::::::::.-ff-A-'-A-A-Av'-2'-'-'-'-A-A-'-2 lr 1a '1 A in 1: I 1 :I - ' ,P 1 ,r J-.-.-.-,-.-.-::.-:.-:.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.1A:::::::::.-::---.-:-:----:-A::-A--A::.-.-.-Y-.-.-:.-.-.-.-.-:.-:.-.-.-.-::::.-:v-:::::.-::::. 4-fili-v'v','v'v',A,A,A,A,A,A,A,AvA,',',',',A,'vA.-,AvA.',Av'-Av-v'-'v'v-.AvA-A-AvAvAvAvAv'fv-'Av'-'.A.A,A,Avi-,A.A.A,Av',',',','v',',',',',',A,'.'v',A.',',-,A,',',A,','v','.T,A-A 'l :1 ' 5 1 i- -1 tl In ,LA,-,-,A,-,'.-,A,-,A,A,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-vA,-,-,-,-5,-,-,-,Av-.-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-,-.-,A.'.-.'.'.'.A.-.-.-.'.-.-.A.'.'.'.'.'.-.'.'.-.-,-,-,-.'.'.'.'.'.'v'v'v'v-v'.'.'.'.'.'v'v'-A-'v'v f 1 P 11 'u 'r 1, . y . 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Suggestions in the Tuscaloosa High School - Black Warrior Yearbook (Tuscaloosa, AL) collection:

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