Tuscaloosa High School - Black Warrior Yearbook (Tuscaloosa, AL)

 - Class of 1938

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Tuscaloosa High School - Black Warrior Yearbook (Tuscaloosa, AL) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 136 of the 1938 volume:

Q2 'E' F gf? 5, if L A as 1:1"?gf,g,f.f, use agwzx, v . . ,.',S.g,fa, ,f . 4' 51 ivg- M ,.f.,, Y: Jfgiffw 1 , 'fpffiiwad - '- xi" , ' ggafxfff ggfzfeggfjiggndiqa -Y, Aw It T4 Y 'X' 'EQ'?!+fi?fi?w'iif'2lwf-E '- df fwqxsm I A f4f13fgf1z'ifl'Qrg5Q54i5f1,? 5:45-31 2: ' 5 " -f-K, . V1 "a.',,,f',. ,h rv I 1 Jig, HA A 'X W Q- Wm- ' fi s Q- ' figsd 1QziQ::.1g,', , 5 S . nsrronn 'ro BLACK WARRIOR :BP 33 '31 x . 79474 Qffklmd JMmm,,,.Q,, Qwmb FD RE NDI? N 1 may, 29565 iiestiie lfwsfibbzf - 5 to Tiixsm- ,Et .Glszv LTGUQQMQQ, .Lia grew 552332332 fgilzwazggqiz 532,553 '1'X face Q. f :S .!.f's:?2w?:11?f2f1:sf SMH" wish pmzrl -wfzgzif.-or-fmt ww 5235, 012:15 3+1s3s:Q,rztfiQsQt:iiz:s as mfr ,. far? fm C34Km5f2iC1l7Lc'SffZII153'y, EQ amz' sims? , Alwcf' volume Z3,2?w'33? gmzef sittin steps, 4.5213 let tivo wir- A f feast 0? this rifzumsaal U2'ffr:w,gz:es"' . S H 1:12229 f?ec,izf'1?fsgf Iifgfzetwr' aww 'zf hiv W 4 We iff M. ff, Vila' .?f07'?Ifi?,', az' V ,-'i 57550 M W L, J, W? ffssif N il, avffari ' "wif ,:1Q"f1jxfJ4" ' E335 ",wroar Qlfw Y ,. ." mqfzi ' 1 Tiana Tow, J .zfhwf ,. ..,, Giga Dedication WITH A DEEP FEELING OF GRATITUDE FOR HIS MANY SERVICES TO THE STU- DENT BODY, WE AFFECTIONATELY AND RESPECTFULLY DEDICATE THIS, OUR 1938 BLACK WARRIOR, TQ DR. H. G. DOWLIN6. DR. H. 6. DOWLING IN MEMORIAM "Thy day without a cloud hath passed, And thou wert lovely to the last." Betty Moody Anderson Greenwood no 'Vivo W ,Z fw"3'f:5"2 QW, W9 EMM? 62 vzffbfagy' Registrar RUBY MULLENIX C l erk MOZELLE K. BAILEY Englixh Department MRS. E. D. THAMES-Head MISS ELIZABETH ROSE MISS JEWEL ECHOLS MRS. JAMES DOSTER MR. JOHNSTON PARR Latin Department MISS EVELYN ASHLEY French Department MISS PEARL PATTON History Department MR. MATT CLINTON-Head MISS LOUISE PHIFER MISS PEARL PATTON MISS EVELYN ASHLEY Algebra MISS RUBY GULLEY Senior Algebra MRS. W. A. GRAY Geometry MISS HELEN MCGIFFERT-H Biology MISS RUBY PATTON Chemistry MISS EM DONOHO Commercial Department MISS VENA MORROW FACULTY Superintendent DR. HERNDON G. DOWLING ead Page Eight , f . . ., - X at g f' I .3 .... . W , . fm.. M V ., K, 11...-1 . .. Jie. K. . ,- Q.: i t I Q., 2 - . ....., I . ., .I af t - X. ' I A S I If M I.. I' . . if f". . gg .A .7 13 , ' 1 H :Ti 1 . .-:, 1 I 5 , .'.f ' ,5 VQV, I I A I .,f,. A . k, ..r,. - " -." . I I A "" I 5 . I il.. I R First Row: Gulley, R. Patton, Rose. If? Second Row: Donoho, Morrow, Payne, McDavitt. 'ET Third Row: McLeod, Clark, Roberts, Butler. 'ik Fourth Row: Raines, Brucler, Blackshear, Urley. Principal MISS CLARA VERNER Secretary to Superinlemlent MISS CLAUDE BURTON First Row: Mullenix, Bailey, Schmitt, Daffron. 73' Second Row: Thames, Doster, Echols, Parr. 1? Third Row: Ashley, P. Patton, Clinton Phifer. ,. ww 1' " EA . X fm' A -if -i h ,T In : yi all A2 iii. ,Q :, Mx V 1 .3. 1 ,., ,-.., , 'i,f I i f' 3.5 5' ' I . f . , Page Nine l Bookkeeping MISS MYRTLE PAYNE Stenograpby MISS IRMA B. McDAVITT MISS VENA MORROW Typewriting MISS VENA MORROW Home Economic.: MISS MARGARET CAMPBELL MRS. H. G. DOWLING MISS SUE MCLEOD Manual Training MR. HARLAN CLARK-Head MR. CHARLES EBERSOLE MR. JAMES STRICKLAND Glee Club MISS ELIZABETH ROBERTS Band MR. CARLTON BUTLER Dramatics MR. VINCENT RAINS Art MR. KARL BRUDER Physical Educalion MISS BERNICE BLACKSHEAR Coach MR. I-IILMON HOLLEY-Head MR. JIM RADFORD Coordinator MR. T. D. UTLEY Head BY WAY OF EXPLANATION In view of the superior intellect of the graduating class, and because of the great services it has rendered to Tuscaloosa High, the staff has seen fit to divert from the traditional and present each member of the Senior Class with an hon orary degree. These degrees may be deciphered by consulting the accompanying table. A-Able B-Beautiful C-Chivalrous D-Durable E-Energetic F-Fun-loving G-Gracious H-Happy-go-lucky I-Intelligent J -J OHV K-Kindly L-Lovable M-Musical KEY TO LETTERS N-Nifty O-O. K. P-Popular Q-Quaint R-Reliable S-Sensible T-Tactful U-Understanding V-Versatile W-Willing X-X-citing Y-Youthful Z-Zealous Page Ten ., Q ,a3,5g,3,gg5q,i, J Wfigzx QLWSQ if af W' Q Tm ., 1, X-'gig s , vAz'i!?v,,f . i . ,, V,-,?1.'jiLf-1 1 . 5 .rg -ff ffaigg-fikg. ' ' r . . A fffif' 221+ -A31 A v :lil N: V, QQ 2 wfaiziaggffszfgffxf 4 'as , - - . 'ff ' exif-mimi-'-51 :f4ggQg,Q., 53, fqf,,3,Q,-.-,,x. -X Q N- -Jffym . . V ' W ii?"?31R-BQQQEQ' sw", , ' ' - Krgxfguiwzlyg 1 - ' V , XE M g, A X Q fr N .M , A, K, N :Jffs,,,,,M ,. . .. W 4, 4 -f 1 gf 0100. G Hwolassdl tmemb,-:ad fu Jffmft MM -mf ers hall ae ,,,, b 1168 fell UW'P new wh f-ff,Q" Hgflf u0w SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS President LOUISE CHRISTIAN Vice-President RUFUS DEAL Secretary JEAN PRATER Treasurer BILL ECI-IOLS Page Twelve SENIOR CLASS POEM Is this the end of our goal, Wrapped up so tight and neat? Did we not rack our very soul, Requirements here to meet? We traced the earth worm to his lair, The bugs and beetles, too, The classics made us tear our hairy And what did history do? Success will come to some we know, Who work and work some more, But not to those who fail to grow, And wait upon the shore. We've reached the saddest time of all, To say good-bye, dear friendsg Whether you rise up high or fall, We'll love you 'to the end. MARGIE CAPPS, Class Poet ' Page Thirteen RUTH ABERNATHY I. A. R. Service Clubg French Clulvg Commercial Clubg Glee Clubg National Honor Societyg Black Warrior Staff. HARRIET ATTVVOOD Q. L. A. Honor Societyg Treasurer of Commercial Cluhg Service Clubg O. G. A.g Pep Squad. SELDEN BAILEY P. D. O. Council Memberg Cheer Leacl- erg Drum Majorg French Clubg Section Vice-Presiclenrg Section Presidentg Greasepaintersg Biology Club. RUSSELL BAXLEY A. D. G. Biology Clubg O. G. A.g Banclg Science Cluhg Camera Club. JOHN BONNEAU J. W. C. Greasepaintersg R. O. F. B.g Debaters. Page Fourteen DOROTHY ALEXANDER Office Runnerg Vice-President of Commercial Clubg Home Eco- nomics Cluhg O. G. A.g Grease- paincersg R. O. F. B.g Service Clulag HieLife Staffg Girls' Tennis Club. RUTH AVERY M. R. G. Pep Squadg Commercial Cluhg Service Clubg O. G. A.g Ester- broolcg R. O. F. B.g Business Staff of Hi-Life. BILLY BARKSDALE K. W. F. Banclg Science Clubg Camera Club. BILLY BLAN D I. T. W. Science Clubg Hi-Yg Stamp Clubg French Clubg Bandg Tennis Clulsg Camera Clubg Service Clubg Greasepainrers. DOROTHY BOSWELL J. D. K. French Clubg Glee Clulng Com- mercial Clubg Home Economics Clubg Pep Squad. MAXINE HAZEL BRYANT W. U. L. Glee Clubg Commercial Clubg Pep Squad. MARCELLE CAIN H. O. V. Commercial Clubg Glee Clubg Pep Squad '35-'363 Public Finance Club. ' ROBERT CARDINAL A. R. S. Biology Clubg Glee Clubg Ser- vice Clubg Football Squad. LOUISE CHRISTIAN B. V. G. Presidentof Senior Classg Hon- or Societyg President of Senior Sectiong Business Manager of Hi- Lifeg Student Councilg Editorial Staff of Black Warriorg Business Staff of Black Warriorg Jennie Brown Clubg Glee Clubg Office Runnerg Service Clubg Home Eco- nomics Clubg French Clubg Artg Latin Club. CATHERINE COOPER N. K. L. Service Clubg Commercial Clubg Home Economics Clubg Jenny Brown Clubg Glee Clubg O. G. A.g Hi-Life Staff. s l i Page Fifteen MARY E. CABANISS F. J. E. Biology Clubg Home Economics Clubg Commercial Clubg Glee Clubg Pep Squadg French Clubg O. G. A.g Service Club. MARGIE CAPPS P. B. H. Glee Clubg Editorial Staff of Black Warriorg Class Poetg Home Economics Clubg Camera Clubg Pep Squad. RUTH CHANNELL A. R. S. Hi-Life Staffg Black Warrior Business Societyg National Honor Societyg Service Clubg O. G. A.g R. O. F. B.g French Clubg Com- mercial Clubg Greasepaintersg Stu- dent Council. CAROLYN coopen J. o. Q. Service Clubg Commercial Clubg Home Economics Clubg Jenny Brown Clubg Glee Clubg O. G. A.g Esterbroolcg Hi-Life Stffg President of Junior Sectiong Black Warrior Typing Staff. MARIE CORK K. E. H. H i-Life Staffg Glee Clubg Com- mercial Clubg Pep Squadg Physi- cal Education Club. SAM DARDEN V. I. N. National Honor Societyg Senior Editor of Black Warriorg Business Staff of Hi-Lifeg President and Vice-President of Science Clubg Secretary-Treasurer of Latin Clubg President Biology Clubg R. O. F. B.g Service Clubg Greasepaintersg Student Councilg Boys' Hi-Y. HERNDON DOWLING, JR. V. G. I. Science Clubg Glee Clubg Biol- ogy Clubg Stamp Clubg R. O. F. B. MARY DUNCAN L. U. O. Commercial Club. JANEOLA EATMAN J. A. I. Home Economics Clubg Glee Club. WANDA ELAM A. I. R. Home Economics Clubg Com- mercial Clubg Biology Clubg Phys- ical Education Clubg Service Club. - 'ii' I ' S 5 .. .... , ,Q 1 H . fi 325 , Ei 45 99' Page Sixteen DOROTHY DAVENPORT O. U. L. Glee Clubg Commercial Clubg Pep Squadg Treasurer of Senior Section. FREDERICK DUNCAN A. E. M. Bandg French Clubg Science Clubg National Honor Societyg Service Club. ROY DUN HAM E. J. X. Banclg Glee Clubg Service Clubg Baslcetballg Biology Club. BILL ECHOLS P. O. R. President Hi-Yg Science Clubg Stamp Clubg Baslcetballg Student Councilg Hi-Life Staff. JANIE ELLIS A. O. S. Vice-President of Section Roomg Stamp Clubg Home Economics Club. LAURIE ERNST I. R. N. Glee Clubg Hi-Life Staffg Greasepaintersg Black WdfYf01 Staffg Section Officerg Stamp Clubg French Clubg Library Staffg Service Clubg R. O. F. B.g Stu- dent Councilg Art Club. BOBBIE FLEETWOOD H. F. Q. Vice-President, Secretary Art Clubg Vice-Presiclent Jenny Brown Clubg Black lVd77iO7 Staffg Hi-Life Staffg Office Runnerg Stamp Clubg French Clubg Pep Squaclg Service Club. HARRIET GIBBONS J. F. E. Pep Squaclg Secretary of Com- mercial Clubg Science Clubg Sec- tion Presiclentg Student Councilg R. O. F. B4 Glee Clubg Physical Education Clubg Stamp Club. MARION GRAVES J. A. L. Black Vlfarrior Business Staff, Managerg Student- Councilg Biol- ogy Clubg Pep Stguaclg Glee Clubg Honor Societyg Latin Clubg Hi- Life Staffg Dramatic Clubg Jennie Brown Clubg French Club. WANDA RUTH GRIST H. E. V. Glee Club. Page Seventeen CATHERINE ESSARY C. O. N. R. O. F. B.g Pep Squatlg De- baters Clubg Physical Education Club. IRENE GADDY F. A. K. Science Clubg Biology Clubg Glee Club. JIMMIE GIBBONS E. H. F. Art Clubg Recl Letter Clubg Black Warrior Art Staffg Ala- bama Map Workersg Football Squad. ROY GREENE C. U. K. Commercial Clubg O. G. A.g Red Letter Clubg Baseballg Ser- vice Clubg R. O. F. B. KATHRYN GUYER O. V. H. French Club. ANN LEAI-I HANNAH A. I. S. R. O. F. B.g Greasepainters. KATHRYN HARRIS W. E. B. French Clubg Art Clubg Giee Clubg Greasepainrersg Black War' rior Staffg Hi-Life Staffg Home Economics Clubg Science -Clubg Stamp Clubg R. O. F. B.g Pep Squadg Student Councilg Jennie Brown Clubg Service Clubg Library Assistantg English Club. SARA BROWN HAYES S. I. R. Science Clubg Home Economics Clubg R. O. F. B.g Art Clubg O. G. A.g Service Club. CARLON HOCUTT W. C. S. Greasepaintersg Science Clubg Black Warrior Staff. NETTIE MAE I-IUST I. L. S. Service Clubg Home Economics Club. Page Eighteen EDNA HARDIN Q. D. V. Home Economics Clubg Glee Club. CHARLOTTE HAYES B. E. L. Hi-Life Staffg Black Warrior Staffg Treasurer of Speech Clubg Office Runnerg Service Clubg De- baters: Reporter of French Club Hg Glee Club. GERALDINE HEWETT R. E. X. Hi-Life Staffg Secretary of French Clubg Home Economics Clubg English Clubg Service Clubg Physical Education Clubg Pep Squadg O. G. A.g Esterbrook. LEE HOOPER N. E. O. Stamp Clubg Camera Club. GLENNIS HUTCHINS J. E. L. Vice-President of Greasepaint- ersg Service Clubg Office Runnerg Pep Squadg Commercial Clubg English Clubg Physical Education Clubg O. G. A.3 Esterbroolc. BOBBIE JEAN INGRAM F. H. G. President of Home Economics Clubg O. G. A.g Esterbrookg Ser- vice Clubg Commercial Clulng Science Clubg Band. LAURENS IRVING ISRAEL F. E. N. Stamp Clubg Debatersg French Clubg Bandg Science Clubg Grease- painters. MARGIE JONES M. L. E. Treasurer of Sectiong Vice-Pres- ident of Home Economics Clubg Pep Squaclg Bandg National Hon- or Societyg Science Club. MARGARET KING P. I. G. French Clubg Latin Clubg Vice- President Section Roomg Treas- urer Student Councilg National Honor Societyg Commercial Clubg Service Clubg Office Runnerg Lat- in Clubg Secretary-Treasurer of Junior Classg Science Club. BENNIE LANGSTON F. H. O. French Clubg Science Clubg Home Economics Clubg Bandg Student Councilg Treasurer Sec- tion Roomg Football. Page Nineteen ROBERT IRVIN C. E. F. Camera Clubg Tennis Clubg Commercial Clubg Stamp Clubg Service Clubg Science Clubg Bandg O. G. A.g Esterhroolc. SAM JACKSON Y, F. H. Stamp Clubg R. O. F. B.g Art Clubg Black Warrior Staff. NASH JONES H. E. J. R. O. F. B. JAMES KYZERN D. R. I. Honor Societyg French Clubg Home Economics Clubg Science Clubg Bandg President of Student Councilg President of Sectiong Hi- Yg State Band. MARIAN LEE L. Z. U. Commercial Clubg Home Eco- nomics Clubg Pep Squad. MAXINE LEMMOND Q. Y. W. Biology Clubg Jenny Brown Clubg Glee Clubg Stamp Clubg Student Councilg Office Runner. JAMES LEWIS H. E. D. Banclg Science Clubg Biology Club. HUGHES LOGAN K. R. A. BARNES V. MASSINGILL G. W. R. Library Staffg French Clubg Greasepaintersg Glee Clubg Ser- vice Clubg Black Warrior Business Staffg R. O. F. BJ Science Club. FLOYD MCCONNELL Y. Z. F. Band. Page Twenty E. L. LEWIS A. I. C. Science Clubg National Honor Society. LAMAE LIVINGSTON G. K. L. Glee Clubg Home Economics Clubg Commercial Clubg Science Club. HELEN MALONE Glee Club. THOMAS MAXWELL P. A. E. Red Letter Clubg Science Clubg Vice-Presiclent of Freshman Sec- tiong Treasurer of Junior Sectiong Football Letterg Basketball Letterg Captain of '38 Basketball Team. JANET MCMAHON E. I. R. National Honor Societyg Science Clubg Black Warrior Staffg Hi- Life Staffg Library Assistantg Lat' in Clubg President of Greasepaint- ersg Student Councilg Home Eco' nomics Clubg Service Club. MYRTLE MCNAIR L. R. U. Commercial Clubg Home Eco- nomics Clubg Typing Staff of Black Warriorg O. G. A.g Ester' brook. JOHN MOORE I. E. R. Student Councilg President of Freshman and Junior Sectiong Vice-President of Sectiong Nation- al Honor Societyg Stamp Club '35g Boys' Hi-Y '36g Secretatry '37g Science Clubg Greasepaintersg Latin Club ,36. TOM MOSELY C. V. J. Stamp Clubg Art Clubg Black lVarrior Art Staffg Biology Clubg French Club. ELIZABETH NELSON E. U. 1. Glee Clubg R. O. F. B.g O. G. A.g Service Clubg Commercial Clubg Hi-Life Staff. DORIS OZIER E. K. W. Pep Squadg Library Assistantg Home Economics Club. ai' Page Twenty-one MARY FRANCES MEIGS W. R. K. Student Council '37g Stamp Clubg Service Clubg Physical Edu- cation Clubg Tennis Clubg Section Runner. MILDRED MOORE F. V. X. Cheer Leaclerg Service Clubg Black Warrior Staffg Girls' Jennie Brown Clubg Glee Clubg Office Runner. LOUISE MULLINS R. J. U. Pep Squadg Commercial Clubg Home Economics Clubg Science Clubg Service Club. MILDRED NELSON E. O. W. Pep Squaclg Commercial Clubg Black Warrior Staff. CHRISTINE PARKER S. I. U. Commercial Clubg Pep Squadg Girls' Scout Clubg Letter Clubg Tennis Clubg Leader Club. MARY LOIS PATTERSON I. W. J. Black Warrior Staffg Hi-Life Staffg Commercial Clubg Service Clubg Girls' Scout Clubg Tennis Clubg O. G. A.g Secretary of Sec- tiong R. O. F. B. WALTON PHILLIPS R. S. J. Commercial Clubg O. G. A. JEAN PRATER I. L. P. National Honor Societyg Presi- dent of Commercial Clubg Home Economics Clubg Pep Squaclg Jen- nie Brown Clubg Hi-Life Staffg Black Warrior Staffg President of Sectiong Service Clubg O. G. A.g Student Councilg Library Assist- antg Secretary-Treasurer of Fresh- man Classg President of Junior Classg Secretary of Senior Class. BILL RENDLEMAN J. W. I. R. O. F. B.g Glee Clubg Secre- tary-Treasurer of Sectiong Black Warrior Staff. SARA BLANCHE ROGERS F. W. X. Black Warrior Staffg Glee Clubg Home Economics Clubg Commer- cial Clubg Senior Class Historiang Dramatics Club. Page Twenty-two JULIA PERKINS P. R. L. Latin Clubg President of Art Clubg National Honor Societyg French Clubg Secretary of Student Councilg Secretary of Sectiong Pep ,Squadg Jennie Brown Clubg Ser- vice Clubg Black Warrior Staffg Science Clubg Glee Club. EDGAR PORTER T. J. W. Football Squadg French Club. VENOA RAGLAND R. K. S. Debaters Clubg Commercial Clubg O. G. A. CLARA ROBERTSON R. K. J. Black Warrior Staffg Service Clubg Library Staffg Greasepaint- ersg Pep Squadg O. G. A.g Com- mercial Clubg Debaters. VIRGINIA RYAN F. E. H. Glce Clubg Office Runnerg R. O. F. B.g Vice-President of Phys- ical Education Club. SUSIE LEE SAVAGE A. L. W. Glee Clubg French Club. MARY EMILY SEARCY M. H. W. Editor of Black Warriorg Pres- ident of the Jennie Brown Clulng French Clubg Bandg Office Run- nerg National Honor Societyg Ser- vice Clubg Hi-Life Staffg Science Clubg Vice-President of Student Councilg Secretary of Camera Clubg Greasepaincers. ETHEL SMALLWOOD X. W. D. Service Clubg Home Economics Clubg Pep Squadg Glee Clubg R. O. F. B.g Physical Education Clubg Hi-Life Staff. JEWEL SPRADLEY B. R. V. Vice-President of Sectiong Stu- dent Councilg Treasurer of Sec- tiong Glee Clubg Home Econo- mics Club. RALPH STE'W ART F. H. R. Glee Clubg Science Club. Page Twenty-three JOE SEARCY F. W. E. Hi-Yg Art Clubg Vice-President of Section. JACK SHARMAN I. R. P. National Honor Societyg Bandg Hi-Y. ' WILLIAM SNOW F. E. S. Black Warrior Sports Editorg Greasepaintersg Debatersg Stamp Clubg Science Clubg Tennis Club. JUANITA STAGGERS G. W. N. Commercial Clulog Pep Squadg Service Clnb. MARTHA EARLE STRAIN K. A. 1. Pep Squadg Speech Cluhg Home Economics Clubg Greasepaintersg Physical Education Clubg Safety Club. KATI-IRYN STRICKLAND Y. G. U. Student Councilg Commercial Clubg R. O. F. B. SYLVA TANT S. R. L. Commercial Clubg Glee Clubg Service Club. MILDRED TI-IIELE L. W. O. Glee Clubg Commercial Clubg Secretary of Section 3Gg Service Clubg O. G. A. WILL TOM THOMSON I. F. W. KELLY TUCKER C. K. W. Page Twenty-four ELIZABETH SUTI-IER F. D. 1. Home Economics Clubg Physical Education Clubg Glee Clubg Girl Scoutsg Pep Squadg R. O. F. B. MADISON TERRY I. F. W. Red Letter Clubg Football Teamg President of Section 31:5 Member of Student Council. SARA THOMSON B. P. G. Commercial Clubg Hi-Lifeg Stu- dent Councilg Section Room Pres- identg O. G. A.g President of Freshman Sectiong Secretary of Junior Section. MINNIE LEE TIDMORE T. B. V. National Honor Societyg Com- mercial Clubg Home Economics Clubg Pep Squadg Girls' Jennie Brown Clubg Hi-Lifeg Typing Ed- itor of Black Warriorg Biology Club ,365 Vice-President of Senior Sectiong Service Clubg O. G. A.g Esterbroolcg Student Councilg Phys- ical Education Club. JEWEL WALKER T. G. K. Dramatic Clubg Science Clubg Service Club. FRED WELLS A. S. K. Bandg Glee Club. HELEN WILSON U. Y. G. Blafk Warrior Business Staffg Hi-Life Staffg Stamp Clubg Glee Clubg Pep Squaclg Greasepaintersg Home Economics Clubg Science Clubg Office Runnerg Service Club. VICTOR WINSTON R. F. W. President of Stamp Clubg Bi- ology Clubg Camera Clubg Grease- paintersg Black Warriorg Junior Editor '37g Library Assisrantg Ser- vice Club. NOREEN YEARGIN E. F. G. Physical Education Clubg Biol' ogy Club. Page Twenty-five JIMMY WILLIAMS P. O. Z. JIMMIE B. WINDHAM K. W. L. Home Economics Clubg Glee Clubg Service Club. GARLAND WOOD V. I. S. Student Council '363 Biology Clubg Stamp Club Presidentg Na- tional Honor Societyg Latin Clubg R. O. F. B.g Library Assistant 375 Debarersg Glee Clubg Dramatic Clubg Science Clubg French Ig Service Club. JOSEPH WHEELER YERBY E. M. W. Section Runnerg Glee Clubg Service Clubg R. O. F. B.g Sci- ence Clubg Student Librariang Stamp Clubg Camera Clubg Speech Club. SENIORS WHO HAVE NOT HAD THEIR PICTURES MADE DAVID RAYMON F. U. N. MARION ROGERS O. M. W. MARGARET RUSHING H. D. W. LLOYD SMALLEY K. J. W. BONNIE MAE SMART I. V. D. ANNIE LEE STRICKLAND N. W. J. JACK SUTHER M. H. J. GEORGE SWINDLE S. W. J. EVERETTE TEAGUE E. L. W. CARL TESCH H. O. J. HOSMER FARR O. H. A. ERNEST FEHLER C. O. N. OWEN GIVENS T. E. I. ANN GODFREY M. E. F. WILBUR HINTON M. A, I. HENRY HARRIS W. E. B. ELIZABETH INGRAM H. E. J. ERNEST GIRLINGHOUSE N. O. P. EDGAR JOHNSON I. C. S. SAMMIE LOUISE KELBURN U. A. W. JAMES KINCAID R. O. A. THOMAS LAKE I. K. O. BENJAMIN LANNING F. A. V. EURL LAWLEY H. N. W. SAM LEMAISTRE E. S. I. MABEL MAHAN A. R. S. OWEN MCDONALD R. F. S. FLOYD MEDLIN Y. z. F. O'NEAL LOGAN L. J. N. ROBERT MCLEOD U. E. S. EDGAR MILLS H. M. Q. Page Twenty-xix JACK MILLS x. M. H. GRACE MITCHELL G. O. U. LEVERT MORRISON E. R. T. CLEMENT MORRISON S. T. R. BILLY NICHOLS F. H. A. DANIEL NOLAND R. T. S. LOUISE PARKER S. 1. U. DAVID PARTLOW M. C. P. FRANCES QUINN W. V. T. ELIZABETH BOWERS D. O. L. LORENE BOYD L. D. Q. ETHEL CHAMPAGNE G. Y. x. LIGE CUNNINGHAM A. D. R. RUFUL DEAL K. F. P. LOUISE DE VASHER F. K. x. BILLY DRAKE G. K. C. JOE DUNCAN O. L. F. MAZIE CURL B. L. U. RICHARD BELL S. K. A. ISABELLE HAGMIRE L. K. U. FRED THEROUX F. O. H. JAMES THORNTON H. U. F. FRED THORNTON O. x. F. JIMMY VAIL I. H. F. JAMES WALLS F. X. A. GLADYS WARREN 1. U. R. HAROLD WILLIAMS H. F. X. GRIGGSBY WRIGHT I. V. H. RALPH BOLEN H. U. F. FLETCHER BOLES V. O. G. KATHERINE NEW A. K. O. CLASS PROPHECY A quick flash startled me as I was listening to my radio one cold, bleak day in the winter of 1948. I was greatly surprised, for I recognized none other than the voice of an old school chum, Henry "Hank" Harris, beginning his daily news broadcast. After listen- ing to his program, I began thinking of the where-abouts of the rest of the T. H. S. Seniors of '38. I have kept close tab on many of them. Wanda Ree Elam is a "prim,' old maid. Her contribution to the TUSCALOOSA NEWS is a daily article, "Advice to Housewives." Tappy Harris, Dixie Massingill, Laurie Ernst, and Glennis Hutchins are in iNew York, seeking their fortunes on Broadway. Please don't be surprised to see them timidly returning to Tuscaloosa to enter Janet McMahon's "School of Cultured Acting." O'Neal Logan is in Hollywood being sued by a dozen actresses for breach of promise. Richard Bell is rushing all over the continent making campaign speeches for Marian Graves, the United States' first woman candidate for President. Ned Sparks' place on the screen is being filled by Roy Dunham. He's doing right well in those gangster parts. David Partlow and Jimmy Williams are campaigning against each other for the office of mayor of Northport. Maxine Lemmond, Sara Thomson, and Marjorie Capps, three very attractive ladies, have been very much disappointed in some love affair, so they have become nuns, and devote their entire time to silent meditation. The people of Tuscaloosa are quite excited because of the "Crimson Tide's,' eighth trip to the Rose Bowl. Coach Thomas Maxwell seems to be doing a wonderful job this year. Some of his star men are joe Echols, "Boots" Terry, Fletcher Boles, and Rufus Deal. I wonder why they are still in college. It might be that they have to pass a certain amount of subjects before becoming eligible for graduation. The big lawyer of Tuscaloosa is John Moore, and his stenographers are Sylvia Tant and Mildred Thiele. At present he is in court working on the divorce case of Carl Tesch and ...........,........,, . Among those in the jury stand are Mary E. Cabaniss, Billy Bland, Janie Ellis, Owen Givens, Sam Le Maistre, Floyd Medlin, and Thomas Lake. The fashionable stylists of the East are Julia Perkins and Bobbie Fleetwood. The famous farms of the South are owned by James Thornton, Roy Green, W. G. Thrower, and Kelly Tucker. Jean Prater has recently taken over the job of the high school principal. Some of the members of the faculty are: Ruth Channell, French Department, Jewell Walker, Speech Department, Minnie Lee Tidmore, Commercial Departmentg Sara Brown Hayes, Physical Education Department, Emily Searcy, History Department and faculty adviser of the "Black Warrior", and Garland Wood, Science Department. Fred Duncan is a well-known doctor of the South. His best known patients are Edgar Mills, Ralph Stewart, Edward Pittman, and Ralph Bolen, who suffer from "spring feveri' the whole year round. Marie Cork, Marcelle Cain, and Wanda Ruth Grist have recently opened a knitting department. They've been doing exceedingly well except for two men who insist on learn- ing how to knit in order to pass the time away while their wives are working. These men are Laurene Israel and Sam Jackson. Page Twenty-seven The national auto race, which is held every year, is to be on March 10, 1948. Two of the contestants will be Lee Hooper and Bill Echols. Harriet and Jimmy Gibbons, better known as the Gibbons pair, are playing in "One Man's Family," now showing at the 'Bama Theatre. Louise Christian, the famous opera singer, is on the stage this week on Broadway. Her accompanist is Anne Godfrey, known all over the world as a renowned violinist. Carolyn and Catherine Cooper have just finished a book telling how to study, but it hasn't been successful in T. H. S. The churches of Tuscaloosa have employed Elizabeth Bowers, Helen Wilson, Nettie Mae Hust, Ruth Abernathy, Margaret Cartledge, and Dorothy Boswell to sing at the Feeble-Minded Home on Sunday afternoons. Ruth Avery, Harriet Attwood, Grace Mitchell, and Dorothy Alexander, better known as the Girls' Quartet, are employed to sing at the Veterans' Hospital on Wednesday nights. Ruth is also the accompanist. Ernest Girlinghouse has become a hermit in the mountains of South Carolina. ' Elizabeth Suther havin beat Noreen Year in last week in the cham ionshi swimmin H ,I g A g , , U P P g tournament, is now being proclaimed the world's new swimming champion. Mrs. Kathryn Guyer De Mont, a wealthy millionaire widow, has done very much for the sanitary conditions of Tuscaloosa. Kathryn Strickland handles all of her business affairs. Doris Ozier is serving as an assistant librarian. Herndon Dowling has just returned from Africa, where he discovered fifty new types of reptiles, insects, mammals, etc. John Bonneau has returned to Central America and entered the banana trade. Louise De Vasher, Mary Duncan, Betty Evans, and Hazel Bryant, once well-known T. H. S. belles, are now housewives, they live side by side and exchange gossip over their backyard fences. Victor Winston, editor of the TUSCALOOSA NEWS, has become dissatisfied with his staff and has hired a new one. Sam Darden is the new sports editor, and William Snow has taken the job of proof-reader. Billy Drake draws all the cartoons. The operators of the new beauty parlor in Tuscaloosa are Dorothy Davenport, Jane Ola Eatman, Irene Gaddy, Edris Fowler, Katherine Essary, and Anna Leah Hannah. They specialize in manicuring the finger nails of the best-dressed men in town. Some of their favorite customers are Robert Cardinal, Billy Barksdale, Jimmy Vail, Nash Jones, and Owen McDonald. James Walls is still soda-jerking at Taylor's Drug Store. Last week his boss raised his salary to four dollars a week for inventing a new kind of soda. Although it does add two pounds a week to Gladys Warren's weight, she still insists on having one a day. Annie Lee Strickland is employed as pianist for the W. R. D. lunch-hour program. On Mondays and Wednesdays she accompanies the Sumter Farm Trio, "Millie" Moore, Blanche Rogers, and Geraldine Hewett. Page Twenty-eight The McLester Hotel, with its new managers, Eurl Lawley and Billy Nichols, has become quite up-to-date lately. It has recently hired several hotel hostesses. Some of them are Edna Hardin, Margaret King, and Bobbie Jean Ingram. The hotel dietitian is Mary Frances Meigs. Helen Malone, Marion Lee, Venora Ragland, Louise Parker, and Myrtle McNair are serving as waitresses. Tom Mosely, the head janitor. has had a cut in his salary because of the damage he has done to the walls of the hotel by drawing pictures on them during his spare moments. His assistant janitors are Everett Teague, Will Tom Thomp- son, Edgar Porter, james Lewis, and Walton Phillips. The clerks are: night clerk, Griggsby Wright, and day clerk, Levert Morrison. Fred Wells, Robert Irvin, and Lige Cunningham, the bell-boys, are being reported much too often for winking at the good-looking females who enter the hotel. The guests of the hotel are being entertained each night by a beautiful, soprano voice belonging to Elizabeth Nelson, who is now touring the country accompanied by her manager and secretary, Mary Lois Patterson. Joe Duncan is the chief ice man of Tuscaloosa, but he is not a very successful one, be- cause of his susceptibility to soft glances. At one look, his heart will melt and the ice with it. The city fire department crew includes Russell Baxley, Ernest Fehler, Benny Langston, James Kincaid, E. L. Lewis, Daniel Noland, Floyd McConnell, and Hughes Logan. The fire chief, Jack Mills, is the main reason for the crew's being late to all the fires, because of his tendency to stop along the way and have a little chat with some lady friend. Edgar johnson has just completed a book that he has been working on for several years. It is rapidly gaining favor in all parts of the United States. Mabel Mahan, Margaret Rushing, Virginia Ryan, and Ethel Smallwood have ventured into different hospitals in the United States. They are serving as nurses, with hopes of falling in love with some good looking internes. Jack Sharman and james Kyzer are the two who are causing so much trouble among the nurses at the Druid City Hospital. Christine Parker, Mildred Nelson, Bonnie Mae Smart, Juanita Staggers, Martha Earl Strain, and Jimmie B. Windham have formed an "Ole Maid's Aid Clubf' One of the first victims is George Swindle. Lamae Livingston, noted for her original recipes, has received several prizes awarded by the "Good Housekeeping Institute," The great swing band, with a very famous pianist, Wilbur Hinton, is striving for a colossal success under the management of Bill Rendleman and Ben Lanning. It is especially noted for its blues' singer, Louise Mullins. Marion Rogers has recently opened a dancing school. Her assistants are Susie Lee Savage, Jewell Spradley, and Frances Quinn. Some of my school mates have become quite successful, which makes me very proud to say that I once knew them, but, regardless of the life they are leading, there's still a place in my heart for each one. Because of their presence, the school years of '36, '37, and '38 have left a happy memory, and oftentimes a longing to turn back the pages of time. CHARLOTTE HAYES, Class Prophet. Page Tivewtynzine HISTORY OF THE CLASS OF '38 Ir is not a dream. We are now seniors with all the privileges and everything that goes with being seniors. We have reached the third and last round of the "ladder of knowledge" in high school, and yet we feel we are only just beginning. We entered upon our high school career "with fear and trembling," but we emerge from it with great poise of mind, our polar extremities crammed with knowledge. We are now ready to sally forth into a beautiful world that our elders tell us is a delusion and a snare. Not all of our valuable time has been spent in pursuit of serious duties. Occasionally the girls of our class have flirted in the most alluring manner, and some of our boys have made Romeo pale to insignificance. The Senior Class is very proud of its athletic record this year. I am sure our football boys who are graduating will be missed by the Black Bear squad of next year. Even if we did lose a few games, we showed real sportsmanship. Three of our cheerleaders belong to our graduating class. Our school had more "pep" in 1937-38 than eve! before, and a great deal of this enthusiasm is due to the seniors. Plays have been staged by Mr. Vincent Raines, director of Dramatic Art, and what could we do without our band, which is under the direction of Mr. Carleton Butler? Miss Elizabeth Roberts has shown her great ability as a leader of the Glee Club. There have been many new additions to the faculty during this, our senior year-Miss Campbell, Mr. Clark, Mrs. Doster, Mr. Ebersole, Mr. Strickland, and Miss Echols. We are very glad indeed to' have Mrs. Gray back with us again after a half-year absence. We wish to extend our many thanks to all the teachers of T. H. S. for their willing service, and we wish to assure Senior High of our faithfulness and loyalty for all time. We have struggled and toiled for our diplomas, but as time draws near for us to re- ceive those cherished sheepskins, we realize how hard it is for us to part from our dear school. BLANCHE ROGERS, Historian. Page Thirty THE SENIOR WILL We, the Senior Class of Tuscaloosa Senior High School, County of Tuscaloosa, State of Alabama, being pronounced sounder in body than in mind, do make this our last will and testament: To whom it may concern: Anyone receiving any displeasing item will please let Mary Ellen Phifer, head of the Complaint Department, know. To our principal, Miss Clara Verner, we will and bequeath our fondest recollections of our four years under her guidance. We would like to have her forget our faults and re- member only our good intentions. To our coach, Hillmon I-Iolley, we will and bequeath our many thanks for making our football and basketball season such a great success. To the faculty as a whole, we do will and bequeath our hearty appreciaton of all they have done for us, and we do hope they won't think too'harshly of us for all the pranks we played and all the brownosing that we carried on. Individually and collectively: I, Mildred Moore, do will and bequeath my petite personality to Pete Miles. I, Maxine Lemmond, do will and bequeath my ability to chew gum to Ann McGee, hoping she will learn to pop it in my approved manner. I, Joe Echols, do will and bequeath my captainship of the football team to Rufus Deal, hoping he will continue to hit that line as hard as I know he can. I, Jimmy Williams, do will and bequeath my kinky hair to Owen Wilson. I, Tom Mosely, do will and bequeath my artistic ability to jean Moore. I, William Snow, do will and bequeath my practical jokes to Thomas Albright. We, Garland Wood and Herndon Dowling, jr., do will and bequeath our many snakes to Harold Owen and Jack Nuckols, hoping they won't get bit. I, Bill Echols, leave my best girl to Parker Mackey, with too many regrets. I, Bobbie Fleetwood, do will and bequeath my many swains to Virginia Head. I, Marian Graves, do will and bequeath my level business head to Marian Stewart. I, Billy Bland, do will and bequeath my clarinet to Davis Overton. I, Selden Bailey, do will and bequeath my ability to strut and lead the band to some unknown strutter, hoping he gets a tall hat. I, Emily Searcy, do will and bequeath my friendliness to Martha Patton. I, James Kyzer, do will and bequeath the responsibility of the presidency of the student body to Bill Wertz. We, the members of the fourth period Boys' Social Problems Class, do will and be- queath our white mice to next year's Social Problem's Class. fSomebody had certainly bet- ter help the poor boys and pity the ratsj. I, Jack Sharman, do will and bequeath my basketball ability to Kermit Davis. Page Thirty-one I, Margaret King, do will and bequeath my position of treasurer of the Student Council to Dorothy Blackman. I, Jean Prater, do will and bequeath my student position of secretary to Mary Lemont. I, Julia Perkins, do will and bequeath my big brown eyes to Annalee Fitts. I, David Raymon, leave the Rayrnon tradition to be carried on by my brother, Harold. I, Victor Winston, do will and bequeath my generosity to Jimmy Swain. I, Richard Bell, do will and bequeath my oratorical ability to David McGiffert. I, Thomas Maxwell, do will and bequeath my height to Sam Taylor, hoping he won't have to stoop at every door he comes to. I, David Partlow, do will and bequeath my yen for swing music to Billy Bates. I, Blanche Rogers, do will and bequeath my auburn locks to Polly Ann Drew, without the nickname, "Red.,' I, Charlotte I-Iayes, do will and bequeath my beauty to Mary George Adams. I, Sam Darden, do will and bequeath my candid camera to Marvin Reuben. I, Sara Thomson, do will and bequeath to my little pal, Lois Dearman, all my clothes, which we often swap. I, Marian Rogers, do will and bequeath my sweet disposition to Ruth Moorer, whom, I'm sure, can easily keep it that way. I, Minnie Lee Tidmore, do will and bequeath my good grades to Julia Ravenel Morris. I, John Moore, leave my brother, Tom, to uphold the Moore tradition-I hope, I hope, I hope. I, Margie Capps, do will and bequeath my readiness to smile to Mary Morris. I, Tappy Harris, do will and bequeath my cute personality to Edith Lloyd. I, Sam LeMaistre, do will and bequeath my good looks to Roy Woodley. I, O'Neal Logan, do will and bequeath my carefree nature to Lyman Ernst. I, Louise Christian, do will and bequeath my ability to charm the football players to anyone who can get them, hoping she will be as successful as I. Unto the undignified and childlike group of juniors, we pass down the proverbial dig- nity, the leadership, the atmosphere of learning, and Macbetfv. We, the seniors, do earnestly and sincerely hope that, upon assumption of our role, the juniors may realize their responsi- bility in preserving these attributes and behave themselves accordingly. THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1938 By MARY ELLEN P1-UFER, fzmior and Lawyer for the Senior Class. Witnessed by: Officers of Senior Class Page Thirty-two fn' ' 1 JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS President ROBERT ADAMS Vice-President WILLARD HALCOMB Secretary BILLY AUSTIN Treasurer BILLY JONES Page Tlvirly-four 9, 1 f ul Y 9552565 . JUNIORS SECTION ZA-P. PATTON First Row: Mauveline Byars, Jeannie Clarke, Frances Connaughton, Lucy Bates, Mary Armstrong, Betty Booth. T55 Second Row: Murial Brittain, Margaret Blonclheim, Margie Astroth, Mary George Adams. Third Row: Sam Beatty, Jim Cobb, W. Culberson, Wilda Christianson, Dorothy Blaclc- mon. '53 Fourth Row: Clifton Ballard, Breeman Ainsworth, James Copelancl, Rush Barlcsdale, Billie Bates, T. S. Camps, Austin Abernathy. Absent-Robert Adams, Katherine Armstrong, Bill Austin, Horace Ball, Mary Norma Bishop, Jimmy Blackmon, Juanita Bowerman, Charles Britt, Elizabeth Brown, .Charles Burns, Jack Chappell. OFFICERS President . . . . . . Rossnr ADAMS Vice-President . . VIRGINIA BARR Secretary , . . . JIMMY BLACKMON Treasurer . DoRo'rHY BLACKMON Page Tfvirfy-fiafe JUNIORS SECTION 2B-PI-IIFER First Row: Virginia Findley, Lois Dearman, Margaret Ellis, Frank Eclwls, John Duggar, Mary Jean Cummings, Mary Nell Eacles. ik' Second Row: Byron Gaines, John Floyd, M. P. Griffin, Nell Greg- ory, Julia Gray. if Third Row: Ross Deloney, Furniss Dow, Sara Joy Elam, Louise Fikes, Jean Freiley. Absent-Walter Daflin, Kermit Davis, Hugh Duncan, joe Echols, Lyman Ernst, Berry Evans, Frank Fair, John Fike, Helen Fisher, Annalee Firrs, Eclris Fowler, Scott Gay, Marshall Gentry, Elizabeth Green. OFFICERS President . . . . . . joe Ecl-1oLs Vice-President .. . , FRANK Ecx-1oLs Secretary-Treasurer . . ANNALEE Frrrs Page Thirty-six .ani 3,5195 H we Bi fi H ' if-39? ir 76" 4' J' JUNIORS SECTION ZC-GULLEY First Row: Helen jeffrey, Margaret Holloman, Virginia Head, Frances Hardin, Marie Haigler, Mil- dred Haygoocl. 755' Second Row: Lowell Hardin, Brooks Higginbotham, Elizabeth Kizzire, Robert Har- din, Elizabeth Ingram, Henry Hobson. iff Third Row: Henry Ivie, Willard Halcomb, Andie Kersh. Absent-John Elliot Hardin, Joe Hendrix, Kathleen Hendrix, Carol Hinton, Maribel Holley, Eu- gene Hunter, Cecil jackson, Sam Jackson, Billie Jones, James Jones, Barbara Ann Jones, Wenola jones, Thomas Kidburn. OFFICERS President . . . . . . WILLARD I-IoLcoMa Vice-President . . JOHN E, HARDIN Secretary-Treasurer . . . BILLIE JONES Page Thirty-seven 2 JUNIORS SECTION ZD-R. PATTON First Row: William Lary, Lucile Ingram, Mary Martha Miles, June McVay, Margaret McLeod, Cecil McAllister. Y Second Row: William Marable, Champ Lewis, Virginia Koster, Annie Etta Lewis. 55? Third Row: James Lancaster, Bill Koeppel, Wilson McCrory, O. D. Lawrence. Absent-Howard Lafoy, Mary Lamont, Willie Faye Lane, Helen Langston, Mary Lawley, Edith Lloyd, Parker Mackey, James Mashburn, David McGiffert, Ann McGee, Mildred McNair. OFFICERS Prexident . . ..... . DAVID MCGIFFERT Vice-President . . PARKER MACKEY Secretary and Treasurer . MARY LAMONT ,, , t "" , ,r, L 3 x , ....., H ,V M .-neva? LJ 7if7Wmf ' i KH' Q cf - rr i i -r W' M1- a,-5: r f'r':1? L- Q as 5, Page Thirty-eight -i -.1..y,...... 5 . In mfg NG JUNIORS SECTION 2E-MORROW First Row: Frances Patterson, Emma Lou Moss, Lois Mitchell, Ernestine Mercier, Martha Powe, Mary Morris, Julia R. Morris, ir Serond Row: Mary Gray Porter, Marie Poe, Trudie Mullenix, Margaret Oliver, Martha Patton, Nellie Powell, Mary Ellen Phifer. 'ff Third' Row: Herman Noland, Davis Overton, Roy Nelson, Harold Owen, Billy Mills, johnny Porter, Troy Nolen. Fourth Row: Bob Perdue, Jack Nuclcols, George Parks, Norman Mize. Absent-Truett Mills, Tom Moore, Louise North, Wallace Phillips, Evelyn Murphy, Bob Porter. OFFICERS President . . ..... . HAROLD OWENS Vice-President . . TRUET1' Mn.Ls Secretary . . . . TOM MOORE Treaxurer . . TRUDIE MULLENXX Page Thirty-nine JUNIORS SECTION ZF-MCDAVITT First Row: Myrtis Stone, Lottie Roberts, Frances Rice, Marian Stewart, Virginia Pridmore, Frances Sullivan. if Second Row: Maude Sumner, Nlargie Stallworth, Mildred Tant, Eleanor Sullivan, Ro- berta Richardson, Marie Smelley, Katherine Spencer, Mary Robertson. Yi? Third Row: Robert Sullivan, Wimberly Reynolds, Gilbert Rhodes, Eugene Price, Banks Quarles, Sam Taylor, Harry Price, Worth Ross. Absent-Dorothy Quarles, Sara Robertson, Charlie Rumsey, Dodd Sellers, Lewis Sharman, Robert Spencer, Frances Sullivan, Jimmie Swain, Lawrence Taylor, Hubert Taylor. OFFICERS President . . . . . , . Wonru Ross Vice-President , . ELEANOR SULLIVAN Secretary-Treasurer . VIRGINIA PRIDMORE -..-M., who ll 99 Page Forty it W5 JUNIORS SECTION 2G-DAFFRON First Row: Katherine Tesch, Mary Jane Wilson, Mary Thames, Mildred Weaver, Floy Nell Terry. 75? Second Row: Kenneth White, Frank Wilson, Robert Underwood, Bill Wertz, James Ward, Winston Way. 'Q Third Row: Paul Tidwell, Roy Woodley, Beasor Walker, Clyde Tillery, Owen Wilson, Ralph Terry, T. Tillery. Absent-Sara Tinsley, Douglas Tucker, Eugenia Tucker, Doyle Utley, George Watson, Jack What- ley, Audrey Wooldridge, Helen Wright. OFFICERS Preyident . . .... . . BILL Wenrz Vice-President . . HELEN WRIGHT Secretary . . MARY JANE WILSON Treayurer . . MARY T1-:AMES Page Forty-one FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Page For President ELOISE HICKS Vice-Presid ent MARIAN AVERY Secretary BILLY JAMISON Treasurer JEANNE HOLLEY r .ey 5 - FRESHMEN SECTION IA-ASHLEY First Row: Carolyn Abernathy, Cathleen Burkhalter, Lorraine Barr, Mary Helen Chappell, Dorothy Burroughs, Florrine Clark, Margie Clayton, 3 Second Row: Bessie Will Carpenter, Amy Jean Barlcs- dale, Marian Attwoocl, Juanita Boyd. '53 Third ROW: G. E. Bailey, john Burnum, Marian Avery, Mattie Andrews, Lottie Adams, Dorothy Williams, Barbara Carlson. 71? Fourlfv Row: W. Atchison, junius Adams, Robert Chancey, Mason Cleere, Rodger Apperson, Peyton Alexander, Charles Ains- I worth, James Channell, Eugene Barlow. Absent-Thomas Albright, Winsley Bates, Willis Biclgoocl, Nlargaret Bidgoocl, Margaret Belcher, Thomas Bowerman, W. B. Burroughs, Wyatt Caruthers, Rick Clary. OFFICERS President . . . . . . WILLIS BIDGOOD Vice-President . . . . JOHN BURNUM Secrelary and Treasurer ...THOMAS ALBRIGHT Page Forty-five -rr-v-w M F R E S H M E N SECTION IB-PARR First Row: Ambrose Duggar, Ellis Conner, George Fehler, Henry De Vasher, Mary Easterling, Vir- ginia Duncan. 5? Second Row: Jean Crenshaw, Polly Ann Drew, Nina Deese, Louise Cummings, Imo- gene Colson, June Cox, Grace Ellis. 73' Third Row: Betty Englelnert, Louise Glass, Hester Faulkner, Betty Goode, Grace Goode. Yi? Fourth Row: Gus Elliott, John Echols, Blake Godfrey, Wilson Durham Howard Gibbons, Teddy Cone, Leo Colburn. Absent-Jacqueline Bennett, Margaret Bell Darden, Clara Lou Davis, Sara Davis, B. C. Driskill, Rebekah Dumas, Joe Eatman, Hafner Evans, Margaret Fair. OFFICERS President . . ..... . POLLY ANN DREW Vice-Prexident . . . . Louise GLASS Secretary ana' Treasurer , AMBROSE DUGGAR iii ,ng emu ' i ll ' - We sea-.Wm Page Forty-six 7 ' mam. 5, , .1 ..,,, FRESHMEN SECTION IC-MISS MCLEOD First Row: Ruth Harris, Nina Herndon, Kathleen Hoggle, Jane Gulledge, Jeanne Holley, Julia Grace, Nell Higginbotham. 537 Second Row: Mollie Haley, Eloise Hicks, Gloria Hanson, Mary Snow Hubbard, Jimmy Hinton, Eugene Gray, Aline House. Third Row.: Margaret Hamby, Edward Greene, Bon- ham Hubbard, Jimmy Holley, Billy Hulnbert. iT Fourth Row: Edward Gresham, T. Hqvper, Doug- las Hendrix, Vfallacc Hobson. Absent-james Hartley, Douglas I-Ierrien, William Hoggle, Pat Hughes, Kathleen Gray, Winifred Hamilton, Lois Harris, Sara Hughes. OFFICERS President . . .... . Eroisls Hxcxs Vice-President . . . MOLLIE HALEY Secretary . . , . . 4 PAT HUGHES Treamrcr . MARY SNow HUBBARD Page Forty-.reven FRESHMEN SECTION ID-ECI-IOLS First Row: Lucia Jones, Margaret Hutchins, Jessica Hunter, Shirley Kartzinel, Martha Kincaid, Sara Nell Kirchings. ii Second Row: Richard Lewis, Jean Moore, Janice Johnson, Ruth Moorer, Margie Mayneld, Sara Hyche, Billy Jamison, Nellie Johnson, Raymon I-lust. if Third Row: E. S. Jackson, Frances Koster, L. B. Hutchins, Hal Jones, Gene Jacobs, Forest Marlowe, Ernest Morrison. 3? Fourth Row: Allen Johnson, Ethan Kirlcley, Sam Hunt, Frank Little, Melvin Johnson, Joe Morrow, Ira Lewis. Absent-Ruby Mashlnurn, A. D. Lancaster. OFFICERS President . . . . . . JANICE JoHNsoN Vice-President . . BILLY JAMISON Secretary . . . FRANK LITTLE Treasurer . HAL JONES M E I' l ll I Page Forty-eight I I l .El I lM FRESHMEN SECTION IE-CAMPBELL Firrt Row: Jack Panabalcer, John Parker, Bobby New, Frances Ray, Mary Elizabeth Nealeans, Ruth Pruett. 5? Second Row: Charles Reynolds, Elizabeth Ray, Dorothy Patton, Imogene Schuyler, Mary Lee Partrich, Anne Lou Patterson. T3 Third Row: Elbert McCracken, Mary Rohrer, Dorothy McLane, Harold Raymond, Annie Mae Rawlins, Gena Grace Phillips. Tl? Fourth Row: Robert Pearson, Roy McNeal, Marvin Reuben, Jaclc Penton, James Savage, Robert Oliver. Absent-J. D. Robertson, Rex Oliver, Thomas Posey, jean O'Gwymn, Lucille Norris. OFFICERS President . . . . . , DOROTHY PATTON Vice-President . . MARY LEE PARTRICI-I Secretary . . J. D. RoBERTsoN Treasurer , IMOGENE SCHUYLER Page Fortyenine FRESHMEN SECTION IF-GRAY First Row: Lenora Stein, Nancy Stallworth, Elaine Sullivan, Opal Tucker, Lois Thornton, Mary Ellen Spain, T. A. Thweat. Tl? Second Row: Alfred Valli, Joe Sewell, Margaret Shirley, James Wright, Keith Ticlwell, Nell Strickland, Beth Snyder. vb Third Row: Jimmy Watson, Robert Tubln, George Wooley, Harvey Smith, Sammy Swinclle, Nlargaret Woocl, Jessie Mae Tillery. if Fonrtlz Row: George Taylor, James Watson, Billy Williams, Noah Smalley, Bacon Shelton. Absent-William Seale, Truman Wood, E. J. Theroux, Betty Turner, Imogene Wright. OFFICERS Prexident . . . . . . . JOE SEWELL Vice-President . . Lois THORNTON Secretary . . BETTY TURNER ..Trea.vurer . . JAMES WRIGHT 1 , I ll I' ' WI ll 'HN-1-4 T, M, , Page F i fly My J! QW 51113 ,5..f ,,.i., , 6, Quf 15 ,A . -,. M u ,, . , , if fi ' f ?f 5LW""i f j-' Aff w a g ' f Ag 7 vi.. M - - ' AM COACHES COACH HILMON HOLLEY Finishing his fifth year as head coach at Tuscaloosa High School, Coach Hilmon Holley has again proved himself to be one of the most versatile and competent coaches in the state. His football teams have always been a power among the high schools, and he has acquired a fine basketball record for himself and his teams. He has dropped baseball this season because of lack of interest on the part of the students. Honesty and fair play on the playing field, as well as in his daily life, have always been policies of Coach Holley. ASSISTANT COACH JIM RADFORD One of the chief necessities of a football squad is a good line coach. Tuscaloosa is very fortunate indeed in having Coach Jim Radford, former University of Alabama player, in this position. Spending all of his time with the line, he has developed one of the strongest forward walls in the State, and two of his boys have been given Q'All-State" honors. Tusca- loosa lines have always been noted for their speed, strategy, and fight. This year's line was no exception. MR. MATTHEW W. CLINTON This year, as many years before, "Matt" ,., iii I has taken a leading role in the athletic de- i' e 5 partment. His interest in athletics prevailed more than ever this year because of the fine p ip? spirit shown by the players. He scheduled iiis ' vi worthy opponents that drew the largest crowds in the history of Tuscaloosa High School. The L, crowds which attended these games were kept 5 orderly by the R. O. F. B. Club, which was . Ailv organized by Matt Clinton several years ago. I He has become an honorary member of the i I Red Letter Club because of his conscientious aid given them. Page Fifty-two With such capable leaders as Co-Captains Robert Adams and joe Echols, there is no wonder the Blaclc Bears had such fine team- work and sportsmanship behind their plays. 5 1 i SCHEDULE The 1937 Black Bears, though not having as clean a slate as the 1936 State Champions, proved themselves to be a threat in the state. Having the hardest schedule of any Bear eleven in history, the 1937 team went to work with determination, and, by spending many hard sessions in practice under the guidance of Coaches Holley and Radford, they soon developed into championship calibre. Playing hard, clean, head's-up football, the Black Bears of 1937, as all Bear teams before them, again finished their season with a splendid record. After three weeks of strenuous practice, Tuscaloosa met the Holt High eleven on Van de Graaff Field and defeated them by the score of 40-6. Holt was expected to be more or less of a warm-up game, but the Bears gave an impressive showing in their win. Starring at right halfback, U1-los" Farr scored 14 points in the first half while Holt was unable to Nlaxwell and Deal, Allastate Black Bear Representatives Page Fifty-three even penetrate Bear territory. In the second half, Deal, Suther, and Partlow took turns in scoring, with Partlow scoring touchdowns on two beautiful runs. Clements, fullback, was the star for Holt and accounted for Holt's lone touchdown late in the fourth quarter. The Tuscaloosa players kept their slate clean by defeating M-:Gill Institute of Mobile in a very closely fought battle, with McGill having the edge in first downs. After a tight first quarter, Jack Suther intercepted a pass for the Bears, and a touchdown march was started from midfield. Echols passed to Maxwell for 25 yards on the first play. Suther then plowed off tackle for 24 yards before being stopped right on the pay-off strip. The next play Suther hit right tackle for the score, and Deal converted to make the score stand at 7-0. In the second half, Tuscaloosa staved off rally after rally and kept the opponents from scoring. The final score was 7-0. The only defeat of che season last year was handed the Bears by Columbus High, Co- lumbus, Mississippi, and the Tuscaloosa team was out to avenge that loss this year. Shortly after the game started, Propst, Columbus end, nailed Hosmer Farr behind the goal for a safety and two points. The Bears came back strong in the second quarter, and, in a brilliant touchdown march featured by two beautiful end-around plays, Echols broke through from the two-yard line. Deal kicked the extra point. Tuscaloosa came out fast in the second half and scored in the early part of the third quarter with Echols again carrying the ball. The generals made their other score in the fourth quarter on a twenty-five yard pass and were on the verge of scoring again when the gun sounded. The score at the end of the game was 14-0. After winning three straight games, the Tuscaloosa Black Bears hit the lowest point in the season when they bowed to the mighty Northport Wildcats from across the river. This is the first time Northport has won since the two schools have been playing each other. In the first quarter the Bears battled down to scoring positions three times, but just didn,t have what it takes to push it over. In the second quarter Bill Christian, Nortliport fullback, began a one-man march up the field, and scored from the three-yard line. The second half found Tuscaloosa filling the air with passes in a desperate attempt to overtake the Wildcats, lead. Echols was on the sending end of some beautiful passes, but the ends just couldn't get their fingers on the ball. Page Fifty-four Maxwell and Deal, All-State Black Bear Representatives The next week the Bears, coming out of their slump, defeated Gadsden High by the impressive score of 33-6. In this game, featured by the excellent play of the Tuscaloosa line, Echols and Farr sparked their team to victory. Gadsden's only score came late in the last quarter against the Tuscaloosa second string. David Partlow, regular quarterback, was kept out of this game because of a broken shoulder. After five hard games Coach Holley sent his charges against jones Valley, a rest game. Jones Valley's entire team played a fine game, but they were hopelessly outclassed by the power and speed of the Black Bears. Many of the substitutes got a chance to show their calibre in this game, but Farr and Suther were the leaders in the attack. Deal and Maxwell were the standouts in the line. The final score was 32-6. Having rested up for two weeks, the Black Bears started on a trip that carried them farther away from home than any other Tuscaloosa team has ever gone. Their destination was Miami, where they met the Miami Stingarees, and were handed their worst defeat of the year. A victory was hard to expect against a team that outweighed the Bears fifteen pounds per man. Miami scored once in the first quarter, once in the second, and twice in the third. A trip-tired Black Bear team put up a splendid fight, but they lacked the weight to stop the Miami power drives. In the fourth quarter the Bears put on some steamg and, in- spired by a beautiful end-around by Maxwell to the one-yard line, the Tuscaloosa High team pushed across their lone score. When the clouds rolled away from the battle field, the score remained Miami-26, Tuscaloosa-7. Page Fifty-Jive fri?" ' - iii i lf! WH Ea H , L., 1 j.LI.Q,,EQ,. ww -g Square Adams, David Partlow, Jack Suther On Legion Field Ramsey Tech of Birmingham thoroughly outclassed a crippled bunch of Black Bears from Tuscaloosa. Thomas Maxwell and Rufus Deal, Tuscaloosa's two "All- Statesf' were both injured and were unable to play in the game. The whole Ramsey line played an excellent game, and Heyward Allen starred in their baclcfield. In the first quarter a punting duel was staged, but the first play of the second quarter gave the Rams a score. The third quarter was all Ramsey, and they scored twice. In the fourth a whole new Ram team went in, and they battled the Bears on even terms. The final score was I9-O. The Tuscaloosa players finished the hardest schedule in their history by defeating the Poets from Sidney Lanier of Montgomery. In the hardest-fought game of the year, the Bears wound up a good year by scoring in the second quarter and then defending their lead. Sidney Lanier rushed out and pushed over a score in the first quarter, but their at- tempt at conversion was blocked by Walter Daffin, Tuscaloosa center. In the second quar- ter the Bears scored on a long determined drive, and Deal's conversion was good. The score at the half stood at 7-6. The second half was scoreless, but the Poets came close in the last minute of play. The splendid line play of the Bears gave the high school a victory on Homecoming Day to round out a 'well-balanced season. Page Fifty-Six FOOTBALL SCORES Tuscaloosa 40 Holt Tuscaloosa 7 McGill Tuscaloosa 14 Columbus High Tuscaloosa 0 County High Tuscaloosa 33 Gadsden Tuscaloosa 32 Jones Valley Tuscaloosa 7 Miami Tuscaloosa 0 Ramsey Tuscaloosa 7 Sidney Lanier . 6 Here 0 Here 9 Here 7 Here 6 Here 6 Here 26 Miami 19 Birmingham 6 Here These three boys-Square Adams, guardg David Partlow, quarter, and Jack Suther fullback, have been the basis for the morale of the team this year. They stuck to it to the end and had what it took to put a good job over. Jr-e Page Fifty-seven Echols, Plosmer Farr, Kermit Davis f' . X12 ,-umm Page Fifty-eight ,A . A .A f ax ,. X fx f 3 N - x M 'z ei ' 1 K ,SSH fl 1 , 4 fl' flfr 5' V X Adams Deal Daflin Echols Partlow Maxwell Farr Davis Terry Gibbons Williams Surher Mills Boles Tucker Jones Burns Page Fifty-nine PLAYERS RCBERT ADAMS - Co-Captain - Last RUFUS DEAL-All State-Although year "Square" was kept out most of the season because of a broken leg. This year, as Co-Captain, he led his men to many a victory with his speed, strategy, and pep. The opponents al- ways found his position filled with one hundred and eighty pounds of fighting football power. FLETCHER BOLES-Fletcher will be re- membered as one of the best backfield players ever connected with Tuscaloosa High. He will be missed next year. CHARLES BURNS-Charles, the heav- iest man on the team, played where he was needed most. He was a hard man to get by, and he was noted for his ability to "dish-it-out." WALTER DAFEIN-Playing his first year on the team, Walter proved to be one of the best centers Holley has ever coached. His spiritx always kept up the morale of the team. Ar the football banquet he was elected alter- nate-captain for next year. KERMIT DAVES-Holley expected great things out of Kermit this year, and he was more than pleased. Kermit al- ways proved a thorn in the opponents' "bed of roses." His ability to catch passes was shown many times. Page Sixty a leg in- When an of yards, end from "Rufe" was handicapped by jury, he filled his position. opponent needed a couple he went around the opposite Deal. Rufus returns next season as Captain. JOE ECHOLS - Co-Captain- Dummy, playing his third year on the team, proved to be one of the best field gen- erals the Black Bears have ever had. His specialty was backing up the line, and his tackles always stuck. He usu- ally led the ball-carriers and cleared out the holes for them. In addition to all this, he threw the passes and ran with the ball equally as well as he threw it. His shoes will be hard to fill next year. HOSMER FARR-'QHOSD will go down in the annals of Tuscaloosa High football as the champion punter of all time. His deadly coffin-corner kicks pulled many games out of the fire. He also proved to be one of the most valuable broken-field runners of the year. An- other like him will be hard to find. JIMMY GIBBONS-Jimmy was another new man, but a good one. His strength in the line broke up many plays, and he could always be depended upon. PLAYERS BILLY JONES-Playing his second year on the team, Billy helped make the center of the line a stone wall. THOMAS MAXWELL-All-State-All Southern-"Buckshot," during all his days in high school, has been noted for his clean, hard football. His tackles are deadly and his famous end-around play gained many yards into enemy territory. Maxwell, the brightest foot- ball prospect Tuscaloosa High School has ever sent to the University of Ala- bama, is the Black Bears, future "All- American." TRUETT MILLS-Playing his first year on the team, Truett was always ready to "mix-it-upn with the opponent. He returns next year to fight for the back- field position. DAVID PARTLOW-One of the lightest men on the squad, "Dave" proved him- self a scrappy fighter, and his speed always gave the opponents fits. His bad shoulder kept him out of four of the games, but he made up for lost time in the others. He will be lost by graduation. JACK SUTI-IER-"Hog-jawn could hit a brick wall and go on through. He never failed to produce the goods when he was called on. He also backed up the line efficiently, and the opponents knew when he had hit them. He returns next year to lighten the prob- lems of Coach Holley. MADISON TERRY-"Boots," the light- est man on the team, developed into a fighting guard, and his continual chatter helped the spirit of the team. Holley is already looking for someone to take Boots' place because he will not come back next year DOUGLAS TUCKER-Overcoming lack of weight and experience with plenty of fight, Douglas played his first year on the team. He will be welcomed back next year. HAROLD WILLIAMS-Power is Har- old's middle name, and he was the fifth man in most of the opponents' backfield. Rare was the day when a play went through his hole. He will not return next year. MARSHALL GENTRY - Manager-A good team always needs a good train- er, and the Black Bears certainly did have a splendid one in Marshall Gen- try for the last season. His help in keeping the equipment in top condi- tion won high praise from Holley as well as from the boys on the team. Page Sixty-one BASKETBALL JACK SHARMAN - Forward - Jack, a swell transfer from the North, devel- oped into one of the most popular players on the squad. His speed and lceen eye soon put him on top in scor- ing. THOMAS IVIAXXWELL-Guard--"Buck shot" played a "Bang-up" game at guard, and his fine defensive worlc broke up many scoring plays of the op- ponents. His steady game inspired the team to many victories, and he was one of the high scorers of the sea- son. BILLY JONES-Guard-Billy always played a steady game. His ability to stick to a man kept the opponent out of his territory many times. FLETCHER BOLES-Forward-Fletcher gave a good account of himself at for- word, and when he turned the ball loose, it usually went through the hoop or to one of his teammates. RUFUS DEAL,-Guard-Playing his first year on the team, "Rufe', was one of the most consistent players on the squad, and his playing was one of the factors of the good season. WALTER DAFFIN--Center-The tallest man on the squad, Walter led the team in chalking up the most points during the season, and his splendid work in defense often kept the op- ponents from scoring. . t - F1 ri-- i t Q Page Sixty-two BILL ECHOLS-Forward - Overcoming laclc of experience, Bill came to the front as a player and turned in some swell performances. JACK PENTON-Guard-Jack, playing his first year for the Black Bears, proved to be of great value to the team and promises to be good material in future years. GEORGE WATSON-Forward-George, overcoming the handicap of being the smallest man on the squad, soon show- ed himself to be a mighty dependable scorer, and his passes always found their mark. JOE MORROW-Guard-Although this is the first year Joe has played with Tuscaloosa High, he shows signs of being a future star, and Holley ex- pects a good player in him next year. KERMIT DAVIS-Guard-Kermit, play- ing his second year on the team, could always be counted on, and rarely did an opponent score over his position. RALPH STEWART-Manager -- Much of the success of a basketball team is due to its management and training. Stewart was a very able manager, and the equipment was always in tip-top shape. Many of the victories were due to Stewart,s conscientious worlc. 4, y,Mf PLAYERS ww, Y'-ski. U x 2, ,im , f-'L ,, 4 Wi? W' if -.f, .A ,,.. , A , ., s ug, , ,, .. - f ' 'if - . -ef AM M-if, .t .F ,L ,ai:fJ?i i - -ig Page Sixty-three -36 Tuscaloosa Tuscaloosa Tuscaloosa Tuscaloosa Tuscaloosa Tuscaloosa Tuscaloosa Tuscaloosa Tuscaloosa Tuscaloosa Tuscaloosa Tuscaloosa Tuscaloosa Tuscaloosa BASKETBALL SCORES REGULAR sEAsoN 29 Woodlawn 18 Pell City 18 Columbus 15 Holt 22 Bessemer 14 Moundville 26 Gorgas 21 Northport 14 Holt 13 Woodlawn 21 Northport COUNTY TOURNAMENT 28 Northport 12 Gorgas DISTRICT TOURNAMENT 13 Corner Page Sixty-four f 'f l1'?fLf'Qi:?5.., iiieiffff. - M: ' fj wg- f ,Q -5 mf' regxqiwi h .Q Lfizmgx' J-1 'A Y' 'M 5512 mf ,- " 'f,fi'..?m'i 'iuf5w"5?V wiv' A ff?w1v5f ' EAR Y We khe All enlbfl - 561110 SCXI liao that H1 if 'f A Q.: w, www ., . v'?F'f?'W 5151- ff ima' if 'Q ik sf , ui, - sz Ear L33 aw 'Ei Y, ff' .Wi feta ,.,.,. g wg .PTFE 71 51" Ez? .fiiga :sk- ' .- gig? Most Beautiful Girl CHARLOTTE HAYES WM Z. , , 'fzh ivffffff f ,, :Q ' 1 Xi ,f ' T W5 I ff 1 V f f X ff f f , X M ' Most Popufar oy ROBERT ADAMS W ,..,.,., . .,,.,....... V.. LOUISE CHRISTIAN Q, ,,, Q35 l A jig FA vo I2 IT E 5 gg MARY GEORGE ADAMS - ALFRED VALK Q MARY LAMONT MOLLIE HALEY - SELDEN BAILEY 1Y1 ly!! H 'TRW uisnaxifse :rv 1 Qing ga , M.s , ,, 'j:.5j:i FEW :iii ' sf 5 5 M, A , W., QS . --S, ww.- 3 'QE ,hm f .cg gi , ,Awf- -..r K QW.-fu ,mf WHA .-5, EZ Q f A , 3 E N ,E by ., . ,sg a : ,,,,, f W ,.... -A , , xl ,. M V f X W Wan? a ,"g'.Sz gs" 4' 1 3? .- ,gt ,, 1 Si 5 u, 7- L 7 Ika T f' yw.f ' W 'S . ffw? ,F 11. ,,.. r yn 1 , NW V 5 W gif . wk 'fgaf' 'f ' 7, ' - r, SK :ki f i Af m if - ang A g . A3 i ' L , Q. gi l l 'i fiy . K" ' z '-w-M, Num. Us-hh' -WM ,.. ,M ww f '15, Si if 'G-Q. i ...MT ,,. twig! ' EDITORIAL STAFF OF THE BLACK WARRIOR Editor . Assistant Editor and Editor-ele MARY ELLEN PHIFER Senior Editor SAM DARDEN Junior Editor MARY LAMONT Freshman Editor JOE SEWELL Art Editor JULIA PERKINS A ssistants LUCIA JONES JIMMIE GIBBONS JACK MILLS JEAN MOORE Art Prophet CHARLOTTE HAYES Writer of the IViII MARY ELLEN PI-IIFER Poet MARGIE CAPPS Historian BLANCI-IE ROGERS Joke Editor SELDEN BAILEY EDITOR SEARCY BUSINESS MAN 'H , EMILY SEARCY ct for ,39 . ,, N ,J Km, V 1 1 ,- t :W , A ' 'SSM A . . 'K a-Tam. , rmrv' . P, .. If f I I l? Cup won by the Blank Warrior Staff of 1936-'37 for the nzost outstanding Year Book for a school of this size in the State. Sports Editor WILLIAM SNOW Photographer SAM DARDEN Section Editors LOUISE CHRISTIAN KATHRYN HARRIS JANET MCMAHON JEAN PRATER MARIAN ROGERS VICTOR WINSTON Typing Editor MINNIE LEE TIDMORE AGER GRAVES Typing Assistants RUTH ABERNATI-IY CAROLYN COOPER MYRTLE MCNAIR MILDRED NELSON I LOIS PATTERSON JEAN PRATER CLARA ROBERTSON 1-'Nei Facufty Adviser MISS ELIZABETH ROSE Page Seventy-eight , BUSINESS STAFF OF THE BLACK WARRIOR Buriness Manager . Faculty Adviser MISS RUBYE GULLEY Businesx Marzager for Next Year J. D. ROBERTSON is - .V F " f ' I ' 2565 4 ? 4- if W 3 .' Z A 5: " "' 9' "1 M :ei '- .,.I . ' A ' ,F 'I ' L , fr ff' Q I Hb Mr F' mm I " -' x' :WE -, 1-A5-.iff ' an I A' :Q L 1 -uv' !, 'xt V .V .,: N . ' 25- Q A,e . f-, - ::-uhh ., , i, A :Inf .J H g ,.,, , , H 1. ' mg. O ' i5x. ig f - me 1 -I 1 + 2 we f fy 'Y '5-352 1 'l f' ' 1, xi 'QA ' 3 ' QI My ,, ' Q5 -,"' l-K ' '. Q-1513 f'Wv'Z ff I V 1 . I I I eeeeeS,e I ,. if fi ' 1 , , - -, ff" .gk ' 3 M 1 f A 1 C ff if , f 9,41 I Ez ,I .- if: +1 Q T38 mm A A11 ma Ae- 'ma I I if I I- I - , -- . , . A , C f eeee 1 3, 4 V A if H F I -'P .' 1 ' ff . -an gf , if , '- . an I W Sw- 5 if 5' , , :' - L . F ,. 3' R. 'I , . 5 .F 1 ' I-A E 15- ' 'Aw 1 v- i 'f , . we 9' . Q1 'III -is Page Seventy-nine , MARIAN GRAVES Advertising Solicitors JAMES WRIGHT RUTH CHANNELL LOUISE CHRISTIAN LAURIE ERNST LYMAN ERNST VIRGINIA FINDLEY BOBBIE FLEETWOOD VIRGINIA HEAD SAM JACKSON LUCIA JONES MARY LAMONT DIXIE MASSINGILL DOROTHY MCLANE MILDRED MOORE JULIA R. MORRIS MARY MORRIS JULIA PERKINS CLARA ROBERTSON VICTOR WINSTON lnftructor , W gif we -gfigai, ,, "" Q2iii?fi-aSi21'1ie'gill-" 3 ii :" , ,w,, Z PU 73 :P 'FU F' CU W Cf U ffl W 'U 733g 3332. gaps gig-5 Ah. .g. N 51 -o E'-. 'Ti .L-14 'U ,Q 3' ,Q 2 ,cn -I rn m, .g. VIZ ZE:v'E' 3' Er' PE ru 4-:mm 'Ugwn 00:25 g0rnZ h1Uu1m WE SALUTE The Art Staff for its outstanding work and cooperation in drawing the division pages for this annual. And also the Art Club for the progressive work it is doing in beautifying the school. Page Eighty ART DEPARTMENT fi A SK is ' .lm 7 First Row: Martha Powe, Virginia Priclmore, Imogene Schuyler, Marian Graves, Julia Perkins, Bobbie Fleetwood, .lean Moore. 'fi Second Row: Lottie Roberts, Annie Etta Lewis, Kathryn Harris, Janie Ellis, Louise Christian, Sara Brown Hayes, Laurie Ernst. iii' Third Row: Sam jackson, Tom Mosely, Jimmy Swain, Davis Overton, Pat Hughes, Jack Panabalcer. 'fl Fourth Row: Sam LeMaistre, Joe Searcy, Ed- gar Johnson, Jimmy Gibbons, Jack Mills. Page Eighty-one DRAMATIC TWELFTH NIGHT" MR. VINCENT RAINES Inxtructor i i 2 ii ' fc it I Q 1 2 . 1 E . E 2 ' R. i f V A i " ' X... 7" if "4 ' ft . 1' HTWELFTH NIGHT" By William Shakespeare Given December 6, 7, 8, 1937 Viola . . . . . . Marian Stewart Olvia .... . . Charlotte Hayes Maria ...... Glennis Hutchins Ladies in Waiting ,...... Edith Lloyd, Polly Ann Drew Dulce Orsino ..... Carlon Hocutt Sir Toby Belch .... D. Robertson Sir Andrew Aguechcelc . . . Sam Darden The Clown ,.,.. Garland Wood Sebastian . . , . Willam Snow Malvolio . . , . Henry Harris Sea Captain .... Ernest Girlinghouse Antonio .,.... Truman Wood Pages . . Thomas Albright, Willis Bidgood "FLY AWAY HOME" By Dorothy Bennett Given May 2 and 3, 1938 Harmen Masters Linda Masters Corey Masters Buff Masters James Masters Nan Masters . Penny . . . johnny Heming Armand Sloan . . . Tinka Collingshy Maria , , . Gabriel . . . Taxi Driver Page Eighty-two . Lyman Ernst Glennis Hutchins . O7Neal Logan . Joyce Herndon . Richard Bell .Charlotte Hayes . Kathryn Harris Griggsby Wright . Carlon Hocutt . Mary Lamont Dorothy Blaclcmon . Truman Wood Levert Morrison CAST OF PLAYS UTI-IE IMPORTANCE OF BEING EARNESTU By Oscar Wilde Given October 25 and 26, 1937 Algernon Moncrieff . . . Selden Bailey Jack Worthington . . . O,Neal Logan Cecily Cardew .,... Mary Lamont Hon. Gwendolyn Fairfax . . Anne Godfrey Lady Bracknell .,.. Janet McMahon Miss Prism ..... Kathryn Harris The Rev. Dr. Chasuble . . 1. D. Robertson Lane ..,.... Griggsby Wright Merriman . . Charles Britt GREASEPAINTERS Prexident . . . JANET MCMA!-1oN Vice-President . . GLENNIS I-IUTCHINS Secretary . . . , MARY LAMONT Treasurer . . . . CHARLOTTE HAYES FIRST ROW: Ernst, Walker, Sullivan, Wilson, La- mont, Hayes, Lloyd, Phifer, Green. iff SECOND ROW: Harris, Searcy, McMahon, Hutchins, Robert- son, Bonneau, Britt, Glass, Robertson. ii? THIRD ROW: Massingell, Owen. Stewart, Ray, Blackmon, Patton, Overton. if FOURTH ROW: Albright, Bai- ley, Darden, Israel, Grace, Vginston, Snow, Ernst, Wood, Bidgood. si? FIFTH OW: Girlinghouse, Mackey, Wright, Reuben, Hocutt, Wood, Channell, Bland. run! ,P EES 5 Page Eighty-llvree iii GLEE CLUB MISS ELIZABETH ROBERTS Director GIRLS' GLEE CLUB FIRST ROW: Englebert, Thornton, Gaddy, Windham, Cork, Spradley, Harris, Moore, Rogers. YL? SEC- OND ROW: Ernst, Capps, Warren, Thiele, Astroth, Rumsey, Tant. Champagne, Blackman. 11? THIRD ROW: Abernathy, Cooper, Christianson, Massingill, sk FOURTH ROW: Spain, Hyehe, Pruett, Hardin. Williams, Connoughton, Langston, Patterson. si FIFTH ROW: Smart, Nelson, Boswell, Davenport, J. Morris, M. Morris, Richardson, Hanson. if SIXTH ROW: Wilson, Cummings, Cooper, Livingston, Pat- ton, Rogers, Oliver. iy SEVENTH ROW: Christian, Smallwood, Rushing, Gregory, Cain, Head, Perkins. E """ l i Qian, 5457+ rr Page Eighty-four S a ' f V, " N M" 1 ' .... FL Q, R- s of BOYS' GLEE CLUB FIRST ROUW: Stewart, Yerby, Colburn, Duncan, Griffin, Cardinal, Lancaster. sk SECOND ROW: Beatty. Bailey, KOEDDGII, Quarles, Echols, Kilburn, Vail. if THIRD ROW: Cleere, Gibbons, Godfrey, Dlef, Remlleman, Sharman, Johnson, Bell. FOURTH ROW: Evans, Kincaid, Parker, Dowling, Cobb. AS WE GO TO PRESS Gilbert and Sullivarfs TRIAL BY JURY To be given May 10, 1938 CAST Judge . . . . . Sam Beatty Plaintiff . . . . . Louise Christian Defendant .,... , Blake Godfrey Counsel for the Plaintiff . . . Jim Colnln Usher .... . . . Bill Rendelman Foreman of the Jury ...........,..,.. . . joe Yerby Also Clioruses of Jurymen, Bridesmaids, and Spectators Mr. Carlton Butler will direct the orchestra, which will consist of some of his band members, with Ann Godfrey, Julia Perkins, Marion Rogers, and Emily Searcy furnishing the string section. Bill Wertz will be the accompanist. Page Eighty-fave a. hwy Mn. CARLTON BUTLER FIRST ROW: Irvin, Sharman, Abernathy, Taylor, Bland, Cobb Wergz, Overton. 'ik SECOND ROW: Porter, Duncan, McLeod Dunham, Langston, Camps, Ward. Q THIRD ROW: Conner Medlin, Israel, McCrory, Kyzer, Lanning, Barksdale, Searcy Jones, Ingram, Butler. i7 FOURTH ROW: Robertson, Lewis Duncan, Baxley, Barksdale, Hinton. Ierllf THE BAND v-ww - 'RW EIS sf' - h W I-H ill hh llymflfff Page Eighty-:ix I BAND ROLL Cornet: JACK SHARMAN ROBERT IRVIN ELLIS CONNER MARY GRAY PORTER ROBERT MCLEOD JOE DUNCAN FLOYD MEDLIN SAM TAYLOR AUSTIN ABERNATHY BILL KOEPPEL LAURENS ISRAEL WILSON MCCRORY Clarinet: BILL BLAND JIM COBB BILL WERTZ DAVIS OVERTON BOBBIE JEAN INGRAM MARJORIE JONES GRACE GOODE FRANCES SULLIVAN IMOGENE BARKSDALE E. S. JACKSON Trombone: . FRED DUNCAN JAMES LEWIS RUSSEL BAXLEY RALPH BOLEN Baxeg WILBUR I-IINTON J. D. ROBERTSON Baritone JAMES KYZER Flute EMILY SEARCY Saxophone RUSH BARKSDALE French H orn BILL BARKSDALE Page E i girly-:even sf 'ual 1 lf' MMBL NCCLLX1 A ,J s pl 3 HONORSOCETY OLD MEMBERS OF THE HONOR SOCIETY Louise Christian, Sam Darden, Marian Graves, Margaret King, John Moore, Julia Perkins, Jean Prater Emily Searcy, Minnie Lee Tidmore, J. Garland WO0d. Page Eighty-eight DRUID CHAPTER NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY The motto of the Druid Chapter of the National Honor Society is "Light Is the Symbol of Truth", its emblem is the flaming torch, its colors are blue and flame yellow. All these symbolize the bearing of light into dark places. Members are chosen from the Junior and Senior classes by the faculty. Eligibility is based on character, scholarship, leadership, and service. Old members of the chapter are: Louise Christian, Sam Darden, Marian Graves, Margaret King, John Moore, Julia Perkins, jean Prater, Emily Searcy, Minnie Lee Tidmore, J. Garland Wood. Members tapped March 11, 1938, are: Seniors: Ruth Abernathy, Harriet Attwood, Ruth Chan- nell, Frederick Duncan, Laurie Ernst, Wilbur Hinton, Edgar Johnson, Margie jones, James Kyzer, Thomas Lake, Sam LeMaistre, E. L. Lewis, janet McMahon, Billy Nichols, Jack Sharman, Griggsby Wright. Juniors: James Trotter Cobb, June McVay, Julia R. Nlorris, Mary M. Morris, Harold Owen, Mary Ellen Phifer, Martha Powe, Marian Stewart, Bill Wertz. FIRST ROW: Abernathy, Attwood, Channell, Duncan, Ernst. ii' SECOND ROW: Jones, Kyzer, Lewis McMahon, Sharman. - ii ' 5' f - fiifwzfi. . , ,Vg ,,,t U , p , at -, V- .. " "I . x 5 ' ,W ' 53 1' ff ' t ,is A Wu V . .. ,. ,,.. rmzjwi .,.,.,. H, s N as 1 1 K it ie, J . L .H 5 f fs at V5 W l .,. ro Q ' i as v x' Q sn, is D! M...- f T ' if: f, V ' f ' - ' I V ,A we . Q rg, , , ' , -' 'tt Das- ,,,,. 's i .-.sgfiibif ' ' "1 . . A Eg, f K Q s l! -of 1 A ,es 1 ,yi K7 Page Eighty-nine '54 TEH ti if ' ff? FIRST ROW: Hewett, Tidmore, Patterson, Smallwood, Christian, Stewart, Gregory, McVay, Richardson. ik SECOND ROW: Channell, Lewis, Cooper, Nelson, Cooper, Tesch, Reuben, Robertson. il? THIRD ROW: McMahon, Holley, Powe, Avery, Hayes, Lamont, Rushing, Alexander, Thompson, Prater. sir FOURTH ROW: Searcy, Perkins, Fleetwood, McGee, Fitts, Patton, Head, Wilson, Ernst. iff FIFTH ROW: Taylor, Darden. New members, not pictured-Langston, Underwood, Phifer. HI-LIFE STAFF EDITORIAL STAFF Typifff JEAN PRATER Editor SARA THOMPSON MARIAN STEWART GAROLYN COOPER Reporters GERALDINE HEWITT JANET MCMAHON ELIZABETH NELSON J. D' ROBERTSON ETHEL SMALLWOOD MARVIN REUBEN MARGARET RUSHING ROBERT UNDERWOOD RUTH CHANNELL QAKQSYPEEEEEQSZIQFER MINNIE LEE TIDMORE MARTHA POWE BUSINESS STAFF O NEAL LOGAN SAM TAYLOR JEANNE I-IOLLEY Businexs Manager LOUISE CHRISTIAN Feature Writers Sglicgfon- LAURIE ERNST SAM DARDEN BOBBIE FLEFTWOOD DOROTHY ALEXANDER CATHERINE COOPER RUTH AVERY NELL GREGORY JULIA PERKINS HELEN LANGSTON VIRGINIA HEAD ANNE MOGEE Cvpwfddfff ANNIE ETTA LEWIS MARY LAMONT MARTHA PATTON CHARLOTTE HAYES ANNALEE FITTS I MARIE CORK Hfadwflffff KATHERINE TESCH EMILY SEARCY Q JUNE MCVAY Faculty Advzser HELEN WILSON MISS FANNIE SCI-IMITT Page Ninety It I ......,. FIRST ROW: Moore, Higqinbotham, Dumas, Watson, Sewell, Britt, K X I li , we o BIOLOGY CLUB Jones, Herndon, Glass, Elam, Ellis, Williams, Cumming. if SECOND ROW Findley, Goode, Mashburn, Dease, Booth, Blackman. iff THIRD ROW: Bailey Fehler, Jamison, Albright. fl? FOURTH ROW: Godfrey, Durham, Johnson, T11 lery, Bates, Bidgood, Burnum. The officers are: Wilson Durham, President, George Fehler, Vice-President, and Nina Herndon, Sec retery-Treasurer. :na an F? . ,nf I DEBATERS' CLUB FIRST ROW: Bonneau, Walker, Stewart, Lamont, Sewell, Robertson, Kartzinel. il? SECOND ROW Hayes, Stem, Glass, Phifer, Ray, Hunter. ii? THIRD ROW: Bidgood, Snow, Robertson, Ragland, Dease The officers are: Mary Ellen Phifer, President: Henry Davis, Vice-President: John Bonneau, Sec- retary, and Willis Bidgood, Treasurer. Page Ninety-one .Sea FRENCH I CLUB re - gif f ,gg f ': :f. fix: FIRST ROW: M. Morris, J. Morris, Pridmore, Powe, Stewart, Bates, Dearman, Lloyd. iv SECOND ROW Holley, Richardson, McVay, Patton, Astroth, Phifer. Q THIRD ROW: Blondheim, Mercier, Oliver fl? FOURTH ROW: Ward, Wertz, Underwood, Wood, Mills. 3? FIFTH ROW: Way, Halcomb, Noland The officers are: Bill Wertz, President: Garland Wood, Vice-President: Julia R. Morris, Secretary and Marian Stewart, Treasurer. V 4 f":'v "" 9'Q1:?f.,B27 ' ifiikg W. I :fa FRENCH II CLUB FIRST ROW: Guyer, Hayes, Searcy, Hewett, Boswell. if SECOND ROW: King, Hanson, Tesch, Channel! Koster, Christianson, Eatman. il? THIRD ROW: Teague, Marable, Bland, Cunningham, Bell, Rendleman ik FOURTH RONV: Cobb, Porter. Absent-Christian, Graves, Langston, Godfrey, Lanning. The officers are: Marian Graves, President: Ann Godfrey, Vice-President, Geraldine Hewett, Sec retary: and Margaret King, Treasurer. Page Ninety-two . - -......1.,... D fr,-Qu C2 . 1 'ima' 'X A' -1 BOYS' HI-Y FIRST ROW: Lancaster, McGiffert, Echols, Wertz, Cone, Fehler, Austin. il? SECOND ROW: Darden Sewell, Echols, Searcy, Ross, Cobb. i? THIRD ROW: Sharman, Moore, Bland, Wright, Kyzer. The officers are: Bill Echols, President, David McGiffert, Vice-President: and John Moore, Secretary page Ninety-three f., HOME ECONOMICS CLUB FIRST ROW: Christian, Jones, Cooper, Capps, Boyd, Mullins, Corlc, House, Schuyler. SL? SECOND ROW: Livingston, Patton, Weaver, Hardin, Lee, Warren, Curl, North, Rushing, Smallwood. ik THIRD ROW: McGee, Grace, Hewett, Tidmore, Brown, Ozier, Hust, Gibbons, Suther, Hunter. sir FOURTH ROW: Boswell, Alexander, Hayes. si' FIFTH ROW: Spradley, Tucker, Barr, Adams, Brittain, Astroth, Gray McNair, Kartzinel, Ellis, Hg SIXTH ROW: Thornton, Windham. Emzlebert, Hicks, Lamont, Patton Rogers, M. Armstrong, K. Armstrong, Elam, Haigler. The officers are: Bobbie Jean Ingram, President: Margie Jones, Vice-President: Mary Lamont, Sec- retary, and Glennis Hutchins, Treasurer. Page Ninety-four , , J his SHS me ,-L, ff LATIN CLUB FIRST ROW: Moorer, Perkins, Shirley, Rogers, R. Morris, M. Morris. if SECOND ROW: Glass, Bhlfer, DYGW, King, 0'Gwynn, Smart. 547 THIRD ROW: Robertson. Goode, Porter, Grace, Gray, Mash- burn, Spain. if FOURTH ROW: Bidgood, Johnson, Burnum. The officers are: Julia Perkins, President: Willis Bidgood, Vice-President: and Margaret King, Secretary and Treasurer. fin. Fa. JENNIE BROWN CLUB FIRST ROW: Miles, Richardson. aff SECOND ROW: Tidmore, McVay, Findley. sf? THIRD ROW: Moore, Prater. if FOURTH ROW: Cooper, Lemmond. ik FIFTH ROW: Cooper, Astroth, Harris, Searcy, Patton. Absent-Perkins, Graves, Fleetwood, Christian. The ofhcers are: Emily Searcy, President: Robbie Fleetwood, Vice-President: and Catherine Cooper, Secretary. Page N inety- five MORROW COMMERCIAL CLUB The Morrow Commercial Club officers are: Jean Prater, Presidentg Dorothy Alexander, Vice- Presidentg Carolyn Cooper, Secretary: and Harrietf. Attwood, Treasurer. rl :Q 'f u......-..,y B KSETE ....,.,,, ,,,, X ,Q . HEI 'B if S T. H. S. BUSINESS CLUB The officers of the T. H. S, Business Club are: Eleanor Sullivan, Presidentg Harriet Gibbons, Sec- retaryg and Murial Brittain, Treasurer, Page Ninety-six ' ' L1 v ., LIBRARIANS FIRST ROW: Britt, Stewart, Ernst. -ff SECOND ROW: Winston McMahon, Massingill, Ozier, Robert- son, Yerby. -iz THIRD ROW: Harris, Glass, Astroth. .K Q 4. is -.Nad OFFICE RUNNERS FIRST ROW: Bishop, Hayes, Moore, Searcy. 112 SECOND ROW: Bates, Greene, Lemmond, Hutchins Alexander, THIRD ROW: M. Morris, R. Morris, Richardson, Rogers. Absent : Christian, Fleetwood. Page Ninety-seven M"'Z 'if 'LW' ., , . -1 W E PEP SQUAD LEADERS-Molly Haley, Selden Bailey, David Raymnn. Mildred Moore. FIRST ROW: Stein, Attwood, Adams, Nelson, Ozier, Pruett. if? SECOND ROW: Mitchell, Clark, Eades, Englebert, Thornton, Duncan, Johnson. 5? THIRD ROW: Lee, Adams, Lamont, Patton, Ray. 'gg FOURTH ROW: Avery, Weaver, Davis. RED LETTER MEN LEADERS-Square Adams, Joe Echols, Thomas Maxwell, Rufus Deal. FIRST ROW: Jones, Mills, Gibbons, Suther. 543 SECOND ROW: Green, Oliver, Burns, Phillips, Partlow Page Ninety-eight I, SCIENCE CLUB FIRST ROW: Massingill, Murphy, Langston, Ernst, McMahon, Searcy, Graves, Fleetwood, Dow. iff SECOND ROW: Harris, Porter, Jones, Livingston, Mullins, Reynolds, Wertz, Rhodes. fy THIRD ROW: VVard, McCrory, Nichols, Irvin, Bland, VVood, Cobb, Echols, Yerby, Baxley. '17 FOURTH ROW: Camps, Owen, Duncan, Wright, Dowling, Lewis, Israel, Snow, Hinton, Lewis. if FIFTH ROW: Halcomb, Cun- ningham, Moore, Givens, Moore, Hocutt, LeMaistre, Kyzer, Langston, Lake. The officers are: Sam Darden, President, Bill Wertz, Vice-President, and John Moore, Secretary and Treasurer. I V H 'I' L " ' -L , I 'S H f-35 milf-K M R.O. F. B. FIRST ROW: Avery, Spencer, Weaver, Dearman, Hanson, Bishop, Hutchins, Fike. sir SECOND ROW: Alexander, Powell, Hayes, Hannah, Essary, Rogers, Richardson, Albright. 52? THIRD ROW: Patterson, Nelson, Gibbons, Stewart, Ryan, Suther, Nichols, Wood, Bidgood, Cone, Burnum, Massingill. FOURTH ROW: Wright, Swindle, Ernst. Jackson, Darden, Yerby, Bonneau. FIFTH ROW: Walls, Jones, Johnson, Strickland, Little, Lary, Lewis, Oliver, Greene, Johnson, Dowling. Page Ninety-nine im .EM , ri I E ., 49 . a,,,,f?25 STAMP CLUB FIRST ROW: Lancaster, Connoughton, Pridmore, Roberts, Lewis, Ellis, Irvin. if SECOND ROW: Dowling, Medlin, Underwood, Wood, Bidgood, Kilburn, Ernst. 'ik THIRD ROW: Bland, Jackson, Echols, Hooper, Winston, Lary. 7 lim- - is! , Bl .M STUDENT COUNCIL FIRST ROW: Tucker, Moorer, Drew, Glass, Hicks, Hanson, Robertson, Sewell, Burnum, Bidgood. Sir SECOND ROW: Partrich, Dearman, McVay, Patton, Haygood, Bishop, Blackman, Phifer, Wright, Cone. rf? THIRD ROW: Hubbard, Woodley, McMahon, Lamont, King, Ross, Owen, Wertz, Holcomb. sir FOURTH ROW: Walls, Tidmore, Searcy, Gregory, Gibbons, Deloney, Moore. -il: FIFTH ROW: Swindle, Christian, Thompson, Strickland, Moore. sf? SIXTH ROW: Eehols, Patterson, Taylor, Prater, LeMaistre, Langston. The officers are: James Kyzer, President: Emily Searcy, Vice-President: Julia Perkins, Secretary, and Margaret King, Treasurer. Page One Hundred LIST OF ADVERTISERS Alabama Gas Co. Allen 86 Jemison Austin Motor Co. Avery Food Store Bama Cash Grocery Co. 'Bama, Druid and Ritz Theatres Birmingham Engraving Co. Barnes 86 Norris Gin The Battery Shop Black, Friedman, Winstons, Bridgers-Tidwell Lumber Co. Brown's Dollar Store Burchlield Hotel Burchiield 86 Son Cain Machine Shop Canty's Garage Carter Grocery Store Central Drug Co. Christian 86 Son City Furniture Co. City National Bank Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Cole Supply Co. Coley Grocery Store Criterion Cleaners Crystal Laundry Cummings Service Station Davis-Leach Drug Co. Deal Lumber Co. Delview Dairy Dixie Coaches Doctor Pepper Bottling Co. Druid Drug Co. Duckworth-Morris Insurance Dugin's Shoe Store "SI" Tire Co. Ellcs Oil Co. Electric Service Co. Fincher 8t Ozment Jewelry Co. The First National Bank Fisher Bros. Lumber Co. Gates Sc Co. Gulf Refining Co. H. W. Drug Co. Hardirfs Bakery Harper Lumber Co. Hildreth Printing Co. Hutchins Bros. Grovery Co. House,s Garage Jones' Studio Kyle Office Supply Co. Lancaster Garage Co. Lane Tile 86 Marble Co. Lary at Kennedy Lewis Furniture Co. Local Finance Co. Lustig's Maclcey's Grocery Store Marshall, Jordan, Keith Mathis-Jones McGiffert Fruit Co. McLane Secretarial School McLester Hotel Meany's Flowers Meredith at Son Optical Service Co. Palais Royal Perry Creamery Co. Pizitz Pizitz Beauty Salon Powder Puff Beauty Shoppe Powe's Brownbilt Shoe Store Pug's Place Pure Process Ice Makers Raiford'S Raymon Department Store Riverview-Chambers Coal Co. Rogers Plumbing 85 Heating Co Sears, Roebuclc and Co. Sewell Hardware Co. The Shamrock Slcelton's Gun 81 Key Shop The Smoke House Solcol Brothers South Side Drug Store Southern Dairy Farm Southern Furniture Co. Spradley Cycle Shop Tatum Drug Co. Tuclcer Motor Co. Tuscaloosa Flower Shop Tuscaloosa Motor Co. Tuscaloosa Printing Co. University Candy Co. University Supply Store Ward Drug Co. Weatherford Printing Co. Wiesel Co. Wiesel Department Store Wilson Studio Uiiioii of Barber Shops czffzoniza Um cqcfuazfiaaza 4 .3' M" . ,- ..,,v , , 3: Q f 1 ,-1" , , ,fy 7? 4'4" J ff' 1' if 'rv' 2' " 571 , - 4' f Sf as f 5 ' .I ,J -6 4' " .. .63 ai f 5 Qi J Q, Af is il J 5 . , tx., 5, As, A fagb X X fx. 4 s ", . 72 1 A: .' a - af vw' .ff J if A its 'K' ff :ft 5- 2-1 1 E 2 ff ,ni figsf .- ra' ,f ff , ,rv Jw if vi? -S ff?-J Eff" rv Q' -w' Sf' fx. is if 555,41 923353 ,315 ' .vf if lf' if? gf 'M 4 .,' ,E ,ff-gr 4 if ' 5 :" if if 5 Lai if . x if 4,4 Jag J-V, -1 s 4' 'f A cf f me Q9 'f 47' -friw 7 1:2454- 1 ,ftff - i V' -2 ., .5 54" J' fe' 'Q ef' 11:5 .nf -' , f Eg 5 A 2? 2 ' . ,A .5 we tl ,4 gl -fl: ,L JE' -I FOR TI-IE FUTURE there were not a difference in quality...an extra value...in Paragon-Printed Annualsmwould so many customers have stayed with us for periods of ten.. .twelve . . . Hfteen consecutive years? Ghz aragun reefs Tioneer Cprinlers of School and College Qflnnuals I4 Adams Avenue Montgomery, Alabama OVER 55 YEARS OF SERVICE TO T. I-I. S. STUDENTS Qjooffiaff anlgaafiefliaff maze goin,- Baaafiaff fzfczbueu woze gfou.si,-- BE golf get out of cscoffarzcf-H was co-operating with the Tuscaloosa City Board of Education, Tuscaloosa High School officials and its students, who have known this store as Tuscaloosa's leading one for Athletic Equipment and Hardware of every kind. Now, more than ever, you can choose from its stocks- Home and Cluh House Furnishings, Chinaware, Glassware, Radios, and Knitting Materials it ALLEN AND JEMISON COMPANY Over a Half-Century of Service 1883 1938 5: ::::::::::::::i ::::-QT T:::v- ::: SOUTHERN l ii It 1: Cole Supply Co., Ltd. FURNITURE CO. 1, Ig COMPLETE QI gl PAINTS HOME FURNITURE ll PLUMBING S1 HEATING 2210 sixth street I Il SUPPLIES EASY TERMS 520 22nd Ave. Telephone 1178 H -,,:,,:,,:::,,,,,,:,l l:,,,,::,:::,- -Mann H: I-IE,D RISE TO TI-IE OCCASION "You sit down on all my jokes," complained Henry. "I wouldn't if they had a point to them," snapped Bobbie. ?..BW. Compliments of BAMA CASH GROCERY CC. FANCY GROCERIES FRESH MEATS Phone 525 We Deliver :: -::, :l: I vvvvf-I lllQll1iT:::: ::::::: ::: 1, 1, ll l P CLOTHING AND ll 1' DRUID DRUG CO. 1, 1 ACCESSORIES ll Across from 1 1, ln 'I For ffvf Young M471 Druid City Hospital '1 lr Phone 491 Tuscaloosa 5: 1: ,, -,,,,,,, ,,, -,,,,,,,,,j1L,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,:,, ,,::::, Bill Echols: "You say if I stand on my head the blood will run to my head and kill me. Wliy won't it run to my feet when I stand on them?" Billy Jones: 'lYour feet aren't emptyf' BW SPRADLEY CYCLE COMPANY GENERAL REPAIRING-WE USE NEW PARTS U. S. TIRES AND TUBES 2319 Seventh Street 'J 'Av-:.-:.-::::::::::::v :::::.,x::::::: -. .. 4 1 -'afm -:X-1 --.- , :..,i:u.12,,aa,.m l5g4 K' , MZ! ,' i ' EE j L as 9 EoE ELEVEN YEARS - THE BEST PLACE IN TUSCALOOSA TO SHOP QF' '1 L 1 I 1 I1 ' m 'ZZ' ff l i - . - L, , 'EA. fi1i:iin.n,',if" '2' fWll ,,fm.ii , gf! la, A mnemgg g, 3 il? .1., Womens and Childrens Apparel MILLINERY, SHOES Novelties, Accessories Linens, Fabrics, Bedding Cosmetics, Luggage, Hosiery LQUIS WIESEL, Inc. r -W -HM tene: I' QI I I Preserve Your Ideas I I C. W. LEWIS I I I I FURNITURE CQ. Keep your ideals paramount! It pays A in the battle of life! 34 Years of Dependable Service 111 4, 4, ' HOME FURNISHINGS Faith in the ideal of quality has cn- I ahled this institution to grow for 38 TUSCHIOOS-47 Ala- I II years. It has paid us because now more I Q::,,:,- :: than ever people lcnow that any product f:::"::' ::: I I, hearing the Hardin name is paramount I in quality and deliciousnessl I II IMURYFARM In I, y Greensboro Road HARDIN S BAKERY 1: I 'I ' Y! A TUSCALOOSA INSTITUTION I AH Cream ICC C'ed"1 RoR ss YEARS I lg DAIRY PRODUCTS II IifIIf::i:':::::'::::::::::J L:::::':::::::::: ::: TUSCALOOSA PRINTING CO. COMMERCIAL PRINTERS AND STATIONERS W. R. Browning and Everette L. Tucker 2205 Sixth Street Phone Ill :A A,:::::,-l:,ll' 11 -ZLQQLY E-,lQ::,- ::::A:::::: :::v II Flowvers "There,s a small 20-foot elm in the Ip I, south grounds planted by Theodore Roosevelt. They say he got the acorn I: :I from a tree IH Russia, which grew from I 4 'I I an acorn sent there from Mount Vernon. THE HIGHEST I, I, -The Times. I, 1, QUALITY AND STYLE You can,t heat those Roosevelts. 1, 1, I Phone 2312 1009 University I I -BW? I ......... -- mx: LANCASTEIVS GARAGE GENERAL AUTO REPAIRING OLDSMOBILES SALES AND SERVICE phone 984 2028 Sixth Street ::: :.-::- .-::.-::: ::: -::::-q Q-::: Your Patronage will be appreciated Call on us whenever Cash is needed LOCAL FINANCE COMPANY 307-309 First National Bank Biulding PHONE 726 HI-STUDENTS Stop at TATUIVI DRUG CO. Phone 234 - ---0.r:'::: -- -:::,::: There are two insults which no hu- man being will endure: the assertion that he hasn,t a sense of humor, and the doubly impertinent assertion that he has never lcnown trouble.-Sinclair Lewis, "Main Street." ,BW-Q ::: --::::---'------- - v - - - - - Q- - - ::Q'::"":::::- M. L. COLEY FANCY GRocER1Es AND MEATS WE DELIVER Phone 1070 1301 Queen City Ave. -::v ::::,:::::::: +::: - PRIDE ICE CREAM SWEET CREAM BUTTER GRADE "AU PASTEURIZED MILK Protected with Seal-Kaps PERRY CREAMERY COMPANY, Inc. Telephone 1350 Telephone 1350 ----,--------A----- A- ---v ----,,--,,----o--::':: Headquarters FOR LATEST POPULAR SHEET MUSIC AND TEACHERS' MUSIC See the New PIANETTES AND MUSETTES fNew Style Pianos, 4 1 -Also- Stewart-Wfarner Radios and Electrical Refrigerators, Etc. Raiford Stores, Inc. :::::Q:::-'.r-:::- :::::::::: Richard Halliburton, author of "The Royal Road to Romance" and other tra- vel books, has written "Richard Halli- burton's Boolc of lVlarvels", which his publisher, Bobbs Merrill, describes as his "first book for juvenilesf,-The W'orfd-Telegram. Answer: Somebody's lost count. BROVVN'S DOLLAR STORE 2329 BROAD STREET TELEPHONE 532 :::::::::::::::::::::: :::::::::0::: : : : : r: : :: : ::::: :::., Duckworth-Morris Insurance Agency GENERAL INSURANCE-LOANS Telephone 138 Tuscaloosa, Ala. :LQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQDI alllgygflllll vlivlllv Qlll-' 'QQ' CANTY'S il fl 4 'Wrecker Service janet lVlc,lVIahon: "Nobody loves me :I anymore. Im going out, clig worms, eat GA? SND OIL 'em and die a miserable death." T RAGE 1,1, Uptown Station-2404 Broad Street, Emily Searcy: "Eat 21 frizzly one phone 1088 1: and he tickled to clenthf, 1, I University Station-1312 University iBW'-' I Avenue. Phone 861 ,:, -,, ,,, ,,,, ,,:,j 2c,,,,, .T FIRST NATIONAL SERVICES INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING FACILITIES: Commercial Accounts Savings Department Collections Trust Department Travelers Cheques Safe Deposit Boxes Exchange Loans F ... 3 V i nf-'EX .2 lwember of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK Of Tuzlcaloosa, Alabama --------- .... ----::::::::' THE LITERARY VETERAN The yearls sensational success was "Gone with the Wind,,, by Margaret Mitchell, a Southern belle before, dur- ing, and after the Civil War. ..BW... 1 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I I 'I ----- AA--J FOR SCHOOL JEWELRY ..QR- FOR GIFTS See FINCHER 85 OZMENT JEWELRY CO. - - - :::,::.-: -::- THE PHOTOGRAPHIC WORK FOR THIS ANNUAL WAS DONE BY JONES' STUDIO Tuscaloosa, Alabama DEAL LUIVIBER CO. LUMBER BUILDERS' SUPPLIES FLINKOTE ROOFING DUPONT PAINT , Ii 2, 4, , I, I, 4, 4, 4, I, 4' I' I I 'I I I 4 'I I, 4, 'I I 4, 'I 4, 4, 4, 4, I, 4, I, :, , I 4 4 A lecture is the process by which the notes of the professor become the notes of the student, without passing through the minds of either.-Prof. Rathbun, Law, Stanford University. EBW... 1416 Phone 1417 I: I: I I ::::::::e:::::::: -::::::: l,:::: :::::::: ::: H. gl W. DRUG CO. PHONE 84 Alston Building '7 F' 1, I, 4, 4 'I I 4,:, 4I 'I I I I, 4, I 'I I 'l 'I I, :, I I I ,, 4 I I 'I I 'I 4, 4, :I :I I I I 'I I 'I 4I 'I J Lf King of Motor Fuel WOCO PEP CO, OF TUSCALOOSA DELVIEW DAIRY . ' 9 I 'i GRADE "A" PASTEURIZED AND A GOQD FOR-LIFE, RAW DAIRY PRODUCTS 5g Qualify f1,1 If same Always EE Phone 13 - .....A................ -------,----- -- --------,A-A--,,,::,:::,::,,,::',,,,,, ------ -,--v0-vo-------- ----- MODERN ENGLISH The young lady was shopping for delicacies. "Is that the head cheese over there?,' she asked. "No, ma'am,,' replied the clerk, "the hoss ain't inf' -BW-.,... ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::',::,:::::::::::::::::::: --- ------'0'f::':::::::f:::::0:::::'0Q0::vJ:J::::J' Fancy Meats and Groceries AVERY'S FOOD STORE 2318 Sixth Street Phone 72 MCLANE SECRETARIAL SCHOOL 212-13-I4-I5-I6 Masonic Building Tuscaloosa, Alabama NVE OFFER STANDARD BUSINESS COURSES AND SPECIALIZE IN SECRETARIAL TRAINING SCI-IOLARSHIPS OR MONTHLY RATES Phone 1015 ::::::,:::'::::: ::::v,::+f:::::avvv::::::: ,::::::::::::::,'::':::::::v I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I ll 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I -I '7 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I I I A 1 I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I I .S -1 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I 'I 'I 'I 'I I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I Q fvxx :xxsf-Gi5Eif,E:E13Ef:E:Fx' F: SEARS SPORTING EQUIPMENT Sears, Roebuck and Co.. ,f:fIfIffffIff Iff,i:ffffffff 1 fiiiiiiiliiiiiiiiil11iiii:ii 1: If WARD,S ig lg Invites you to vist them in their Karl Bruder fin classj: "Wl1at are NEW HIQIOME ylou cjoing over there? Learning any- ' t in 'H ' 41 li g' NICLESTER CORNER -I k Mill l UO: t ln h We hope that you will like our new :1 :1 ac S' 1, no' JUS lstenmg quarters 1: I0 you." 51 1: -BW1 WARD DRUG CO. 1I 1 ' i Established 1905 :1 ::: -::::::f:::::'::":::::fl Lee:::-f:-:::'::,::-:::,::,, WILSONPS STUDIO PORTRAITS SZOM 23rCl Avenue ENLARGEMENTS Over Crane Gro HAND PAINTING cery Company ALL WORK GUARANTEED ::::::::::::::::::::::::fy f':::::,::::::::,::::::: - -::.. 1 1 NN ii hi ii Patient: "Is my mouth open wide 1: EI'l0llgll?U 1 1 Dentist: "Oh yes, Madallll I have fl' ii decidecl to stand on the outside while pulling your teethf, : hi 1 1 --BW-- 1: 1: in I1 I1 11 --------------------,------ UN - ---- ---- v v--- - ----- -----vo1 ,::,,:,-,:,,,,,,, ,,::::-,,: 1 1 HUTCHINS EROS. l 1' GEQCEEY Co. "HOME OF FANCY 1 Ni 11 hi ii ii 11 11 ii 11 1 1 WESTERN MEATSU : :I l i '1 1305 Eighth Sf. Phone 238 :I :I 1: 1: Si U- ---- 91.1 Did You Mention Eats? Thick Sizzling Steaks Chicken Tetrazzini Chop Suey Chow Mein Dainty Fruit Plates Luscious Pies- These will delight you at the MCLESTER CAFE ,-::- :::,::: ::, "Say It Wilfv Flowers" TUSCALOOSA FLOWER SHOP Mrs. M. Rogers, Proprietor FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS Day Phone 712 Tuscaloosa Night Phone 425 -llliiiiiiiiijifiiiifiiiiiiiifliiiliiiiiliifiiiiliiflll' 4+ 'r I' I1 1, 1 Boy: "I want some winter under- SERVICE STATION 1:11 wearf' 1 WOCO-PEP PRODUCTS 3+ Salesman: 'QI-Iow long?" I GOODYEAR TIRES Boy: "I-Iow long? I C1on't Want to U DRIVE-ITS, rent themg I want to buy them." 2202 Broad Street Ig .1 Phone 652 1' BW 4 11 J Wu 'r ii A -ifiii ............. Qffff ffffffffffffffffffffff, v ff' CARTER'S GROCERY AND MARKET PHONE YOUR ORDERS WE DELIVER 2308 7th Street Phone 2072 ------A-- ---, CITY NATIONAL BANK OF TUSCALOOSA QHPPUXX E E E I. , ,...... .5 , E ' ELEM MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Oldest Bank in Alabama PHONE 98 PI-IONE 99 Travel by Bus ECONOMICAL, CONVENIENT SAFE EFFICIENT DRIVERS Daily Schedules Between Mobile and Florence via Tuscaloosa DIXIE COACHES Sam Darden: "I don't know the meaning of fear." Marion Rogers: "Well, I wou1dn't let a little word lilce tliat stump meg loolc it up in the dictionaryf' .-EW... ---0--, vvvv ::- Established 1892 WEATHERFORD PRINTING COMPANY COMMERCIAL PRINTERS 2114-18 Broad Street Tuscaloosa, Alabama Faq? NO. 1 AND 2 "GOOD THINGS TO EATA' OR LISTENING TO AMOS AN, ANDY "Doctor, how are my cl1ar1ces?', asked Millie anxiously on coming out from under Sfllef. "Oh, pretty goodf' replied the doctor cheerfully, "but I wouldn't start reading any continued stories." l.BW.l AAAQ'-K6kA:::: v -A -AAA--- Compliments of UNIVERSITY CANDY CO. 707 Greensboro Ave. Tuscaloosafs only exclusive Candy Store --v---------:::::.':.- Compliments of CRITERION CLEANERS 2219 Stix Street PHONE 2161 J. F. Newton, Owner ---.' 5 I I 1 'P lr 'I l I CENTRAL I 55 CITY 5: 'U lr li DRUG COMPANY :gg FURNITURE CO. I 1 1 EASTMAN'S KODAKS :E :E I DRUGS I I 2 Doors west of Post Offlce lf I TOILETRIES gf gl :I Phone H0 2315 Broad Street COMPLETE IQIGME FURNITURE -::::::::':::- A::: u:::::::::::::'::::::: :::j 121 ,,1,-,,,,,,,,, ?,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,ng 'C +I 'I 1+ 1 :I 'I 1: I First Boy: "They laughed when I sat down at the pianof, ml 1: S and B n NWI W 1:12 FURNITURE ef OV' 'Y' :I 1: CLOTHING :I 1 I First Boy: 'QI had forgotten the stOOl.', RADIOS 1 1 -BW? ,E Tuscaloosa, Alabama 1 :E 1: If ll iii, jiiiiiiilgfll, ' ' P Compliments of P CAIN'S MACHINE SHOP I: 1 MANUFACTURERS AND REPAIRS 1: Phone 5 2 -,,,,, ,:,::::::::::::.-::::::::::::':::::::::: ::-,I xx :::::::':::'::"':::7 l'HHHH::HN 'HJ HJ? 12 2: I PIZITZ fl ll COMPLAINS BULLET JUST tl l I 151: MISSED HIM .1 GSTYLES OF TODAY 'g I: l I -Headline in the Escondido fCalif.l WITH A TQUCH Times-Advocate. ll 9 - - W 4, I, Theres no satxsfyxng some people. 1, 1 OF TOMORROW" 221: :E I P D- ,H -,:,ll,,,,,,,,:,---,,,- -M Ml ::' '::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::' ::: 'Z . 1 1 B 1 I Powe s Brown ,Rf Shoe Store 3: P BUSTER BROWN AND BROWN BILT :1 P SHOES SHOES I: -AA- ----A------ --A-- ::::::::::::: :::q FOR YOUR SPORTING GOODS Come to the SEWELL HARDWARE COMPANY Here You,ll Find BASKETBALL, SOFT BALL, FOOTBALL, BASEBALL EQUIPMENT SEVVELL HARDWARE COMPANY Phones 406-407 TTTTTTTTTT TTTT TTTTTTTTTQDDDZ:,,Q11ifiZZl Qiiiif 1: Ig '1 '1 " l' -. T54 ii Deg Inspector: uDoes your dog have X' Underwood 'F 'P 1' r' 1 1 ICEHSCS Typwwitel-5 Boy: l'Yes, sir. l-lels just coverecl T T ,b ,I with tl'lEITl.,, TTT phone 611 'I 'b 1, 1, --BW? V ' ' 1:5 Kyle Ofnce Supply Co. 1 1 li ::::'::::::::::::::::::::::J anfe:-:::':::::::'::::::::::: OWEN MEREDITH 82 SONS Insurance PROPERTY MANAGEMENT-MORTGAGE LOANS- REAL ESTATE 2212 Broad Street QTTT ,QffffTTl,TfjlllllfTTiii2lZiTililiiiiiiiiifliilif '1 '1 1, 1, 1: I: Student: "Mother, is it true that CC1'1'1p1l1'1'1G1'1tS Of sheep are the dumbest animals?" 1 1 1 1 :E Motlmer fabsent-minclecllyj: "Yes, my 1, 1, l ln." THE SMOKE HOUSE ft fl rm P P l' l' --BW+ I l Phone 1413 ji 31 A A +A............A........ l i,Huge:::::,:::,,x:-::x Barnes Sz Norris Gin CSL Warehouse Company Have the Latest Approved Gin in Tuscaloosa County WE BUY YOUR SEED COTTON AND COTTON SEED On the North Bank of the Black Warrior River 00--- ----------- EYE PI-IYSICIANS' PRESCRIPTIONS FILLED WITH SPEED AND ACCURACY Note: If you do not know an eye physician we will gladly supply a list OPTICAL SERVICE COMPANY I-I. L. Swain, Prescription-Optician 1VIcLester Hotel Building - A :::::::::::: -::: ::::., Compliments of MARSHALL, JORDAN SL KEITH WHOLESALE FRUITS AND PRODUCE Bell Phones 152-153 2500-2302 Fourth Street iiiiiiiiiifiiiiiiii' , - Diii?:iiiliiiClifliiiiiiiiiiiiili' I 1+ SOMEBODY'S LosT COUNT 1, y I . :I :1 Dear Voice of Experience: R,1VQI'V1GXN'-ChaIHbeI'S 1: I would like to know if there is 1: 4: money buried in front of the kitchen CQQLI CO, :1 :I door on the land I sold. There were 1: large rocks where I think the money J. M- Wesley, Manager is. I had the rocks removed, but I have I: l: never dug to see if the money IS there. HIGH GRADE RED ASH COAL Ii I: ,, . M1 Og, 1, 1, Letter to the Voice of Experience , 2215 8th Street phone 291 ll in the Brockton fMass.j Enterprise. 11 :I Answer: "I-low did you ever get up 1: li enough energy to write a letter? :::f::::::":':::::-'::::::::-1 ::::::::::::::::::::::::::: SKELTON'S GUN Sz KEY SHOP EXPERT REPAIRING AUTO GLIDE SALES AND SERVICE 2321 Seventh Street Tuscaloosa HOTEL BURCHFIELD SPRINKLER SYSTEM CAFE IN CONNECTION A- - v .... v - - Q- A A A A A",::A0':::::: A A:vA::'4, 04' '04 ',',," "'.,,.,vA",' 'pax'-.1 Walter Dafhn: "You've got more money Q'Hog,' Suther: I'l"Ial Hal I,m broke." than brainsf, II I I Walter Daffm: "That's what I know. .,..BW..-.- :gig V: xl L -LQ QI Lg: ll We are now located in the new Compliments of gi CITY HALL BUILDING 5: Visit Our New and Modern DUGINS DRUG STORE 1' Curb Service For You SHOE STORE I: Phone 107 I II I Davis-Leach Drug Co. -:ff :::::::::::::::::: Lf -f::::::::-:::::::::::::::: WE SPECIALIZE IN GOOD THINGS TO EAT OUR STORE IS AS CLOSE AS YOUR PHONE MACKEY GROCERY COMPANY A - - A A A, A A A' A A A A A A A4::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ::: A A A A A:::::::::.-:::::::::::::- - :::::::::::::0:::: -:: FLATTERING TI-IE JUDGE "A, D., the jury finds you guiltyf' announced the judge. "What have you to say?', "Oh, that's all right, Judgef' I know you,re too intelligent to he influenced hy what they sayf' ,.,BW,T IiiffZjjjjjjL,i,..,,.. lifj',Li,- Hx: :iii I I 'I 'I ICE CREAM ? ? fl :I I :C GATES 85 COMPANY I I OPEN ALL NIGHT 1: 5: II I CLEANERS AND DYERS it it 1, 1, Pure Process Ice Makers 1: 1: Phone 13 40 Bottom of River Hill I II In 1, 1, -:: -':::l 2- ::: ::- ,--- When You "Dress Up" REMEMBER, BLACK'S HAVE SOLD QUALITY CLOTHES FOR A GENERATION Our Policy Assures You Utmost Value for Your Money BLACKFRIEDMAN- WINSTON CLOTHIERS 506 Greensboro Avenue Christian Sz Son GENERAL MERCHANTS Northport, Alabama Phones 185-1855 Compliments of TUSCALOOSA MOTOR COMPANY for Economical Transportation J-IE.. Authorized Chevrolet SALES AND SERVICE 2001-6:11 St. 767-Phones--268 ,',--.,4---QQ--.,'---,---v-v- fTwo fathers discussing their sons, First Father: "My boy, James, is so lazy he wants to open an ice factory in Alaslcaf, Second Father: "Wl1y, man, Harry is so lazy, he'cl like to get a job as lnoolc- keeper for your sonf' -..BW.. -'--,-----,--,------------ :::::::"::::::::::-':::::,v just to Remind You, That We Waxit Your Printing It Will Pay You to Telephone 15 TI-IAT'S US! HILDRETH PRINTING COMPANY School and Commercial Printing 2323 Seventh St. Tuscaloosa, Ala. QQ rv -,.------------ ----,,,:: Jimmy Vail: "Thatls a poor blade youlve got on your safety razor, Ernest." Ernest Girlinghouse: "Well, it was good enough for my father, and it's good enough for me ' HBWM. -7 S s 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 5 S 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I U l 'I 'I I J '7 S 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I 'I 'I 'I :I I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I I 'I 'I 5 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 9 5 S 'I 'I 'I 'I 2 5 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I 'I ,,,,,,,,,,,, L, Compliments MATHIS-JONES MORTUARY AMBULANCE Phone 250 04':::4::,:::: -::::::::::::: A - - ::::4-:::::::o v::::::::::J I WTTTEREE 'MoToE' 'o6Mi5ATi13E" SERVICE SALES 'Iuscaloosa ,, ,,,,,,, :jijfff:iiiii,- Diff 11 I l FINE DIAMONDS UP-TO-DATE PANCAKE 1 1 ll I'Can you tell me what a waffle is, Rgajmmblg P3565 tDummy'? aslcecl Miss McLeod. 1, 1, ll "Yes'm, it,s a pancake with a non- gz E sl-:id treaclf, replied "Dummy" 1, 1, JEWELERS AND OPTICIANS -"BW- 1 I :E :E ::: -::::::':::::::::::::::J Lf -A-+-A-':::::::-':::::":":: ff: ROGERS PLUMBING AND HEATING GO. 2127 8th Street DAY AND NIGHT SERVICE 4 4 I Day 507 Phone Night 2337 'iiiiiifjliiifiiffifffffffffiQil,,,iifiiiiiillliiiiiiiiii '1 1 1: Ig 1 1 Sister: "XVl1y you little insect, you THE PAUSE THAT REFRESI-IES 1 know what I'd lilce to do to you?" 1, 1 6 Little Brother: :'Yea, I lcnow. But l. ,Q 1 1 - you ca11't, 'cause I've hidden the Flin" '1 41 25' I g, --BW---- Eg Eg y se... 1 1 1- - ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,- xx, .. va,- I, 1, :H::HH::HHHH:- :HM '1 .rfr:zf? gg 7: Zlgx irff WE'RE ALI. EXCITED 'I bf r ABOUT oUR fi h , 1 ,l ' NEW THEATRE I: l 'I' X 1 11 , Tuscaloofa Institutions l' 1, 1, 1 1, 41 'BAMA RITZ l' l if 5: Coca-Cola Bottlmg Co. DRUID Ig 1 1, 11 Tuscaloosa, Ala. T-, -,,,,,,,,, -,,,llL U ,,,,,,,,,, T, M STUDENTS For Clean, White Shirts For Well Pressed Skirts For Quality Dry Cleaning IWW gm' TUSCALOOSA, ALA. Phone 2202 423-27University Ave. T. H. S. SKWEATER EMBLEMS 25c UNIVERSITY SUPPLY STORE 781 Phone 2469 : Arr- -:::':::: ::::-Z Efff:::::::::::r:::::::::::: 1' ll 12 l BUT HARD TO GO THROUGH ELKS OIL COMPANY I1 11 I li "Wl1at do you thinlc of our staclium?,' SUPER SHELL GASOLINE 1: If asked Jack- 11 "It is certainly wonderfulf, said Dot, AND "and now I would like to go through GOLDEN SHELL MOTOR OILS the curriculurrt. They say you have a 1, 1, fine one here. 1: 1: H, -,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,l l:,:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,- ,, POPULAR PRICED READY-TO-WEAR AND SHOES FOR HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS RAYlVION'S DEPARTMENT STORE Phone 1283 ::,:'vv v :,:::.f, Y-,,---' ....-- ------v- 1, 1, II I ' I Teacher: uAre you the teacher of this ,I I I class?', 1 1 , Nl We. sm Boy: "N-N-No-s-sir. 1 I im I? 1 . 1 1 - - 1 Teacher: uThen clonlt act like a driv- ,: S' , l . . . ,, 1, 1, Ness eling idiot. 1, 1, In IP 1, 1, --BW1 'u IP II 1, 1, 'I A - -::.-:::::::::::::J I e-:::,,,,,,,,,::::,:::::::: I "1l6'usE5 k5'X1i'A65E"iim"" TUSCALOOSAIS MOST COMPLETE AUTOMOBILE REPAIR SHOP We have a Complete Motor Tune Up Department 404 Greensboro Avenue Bridgers Lumber, Building Material Co. RETAIL LUMBER BUILDING MATERIAL QUALITY PLUS SUDDEN SERVICE Phone 2027 T' ' ' "TM: Hx? fun: T 'NHT : br :I I Compliments LUSTIGKS ,z 1: uh I: I1 J. IVI. BURCHFIELD 11 IS YOUR I '1 gk 63 SCDIJ BOOK STORE AND GIFT SHOP WHOLESALE GROCERS I I Ig Ig 2502-4-6-8 517-19 Twenty-third Avenue Phones 364-341 Dear Miss Blake: My friend aslcs up. Am I hurting his feelings? Question and Silly! Of course not! me out ancl I agree, but I never show Brown Eyes. answer column in the Daily News. Compliments of THE BATTERY SHOP "Double Check Serviceu 2327 7th Street :::: A: 1 f li A A A A A, ------ -, ---- :::::::: 'u lr li r ,Q LA FISHER BROS. LUMBER COMPANY Near A. G. S. Depot Buy All Kinds HARDWOOD LOGS ,::: AA::::,':::,'::.,..-::::- A A A ----A---- :: A A A -::vA::':::::- ::::::::::::::- A: Girl: "I have an idea.', Boy: "Be good to it, because it,s in a strange place." lBW.l jack Sharman: "The doctor says he will remove my appendix for Sl200.,' Julia Perkins: "Oh, Jack, I'd much rather have a new car.', BW A A A A A ::::::.-::::::: A ::::::.-,::.A- A::: Compliments of AUSTIN MOTOR COMPANY DODGE-PLYNIOUTH DEALERS Tuscaloosa, Alabama A A A A - A A A - A.,:,-::::::::::::::::::::::.':::::: :::::::::: Boy: 'QI put my whole mind in this poemll' Girl: UI see it's in blank verse ..BW1. Girl: "Where,d all these grapes ,round here come from?,' Rufus Deal: 'QThem's not grapes, thcm's eyehallsf' ..BW.... ALABAMA GAS COMPANY 2216 Broad Street S04 Phon ::::::::::A.,:::- A:::::: A Av Wm. B. MCGIFFERT WHOLESALE FRUITS AND PRoDUCE Phone 56 2300 4th Street Tuscaloosa, Alabama Compliments of SOUTH SIDE DRUG COMPANY 2204 Greensboro Avenue Tuscaloosa, Ala. - - A -::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::':- KELVINATOR SALES AND SERVICE ELECTRICAL CONTRACTING AND GENERAL REPAIRS Qffice Phone 1366 Night 3038-J or 2675-W 2119 Broad Street ELECTRIC SERVICE COMPANY WHAT DID SHE MEAN? "I tore up the sonnet I wrote 1ast week," said jack. "Tore it up," exc1aimed his source of inspiration, "Why, that was the best thing you ever did!" .-..iBW.ii STATIONERS FOR YOUR SENIOR CLASS WEDDING INVITATIONS CALLING CARDS DANCE BIDS BUSINESS STATIONERY BIRMINGHAM ENGRAVING CO., Inc. Across from Redmont 1-1ote1 Birmingham, Alabama i1ii:iiiifiil,, , , '.iif33iiDii11iiiil- :if 51 1 Mary Lamont: "Yes, when I came out, the audience sat there open-mouth- edln D tl :E if SHOPS OF TUSCA- jimmy Williams: "Oh, nonsense, they never yawn all at oncef' 1+ 1' 1: 1: University Barber Shop -Bwi O. K. Barber Shop 1, . . 1, lg Su111van Barber Shop Ojifi '::' ::::fiEEiiiiiiii?, Bob Barber Shop 1: 1V1c1.ester Barber Shop SOUTHQS Broadway Barber Shop O Co11ins Barber Shop M ST Kir1c,s Barber Shop 1 MODERN 1: 1'Iamby's Barber Shop BEAUTY " ' . 11 Patronize Your SALON 1 1: p 3 1: ADVERTISERS Pizitz Beauty Salon :g 3: -,:- ,:::, :::E ?,:::- ,,,,,,,::,:,::: :: I ll Il Use TILE to ENJOY BILLIARDS 1: MODERNIZE - - 1 1 at Estimates Gladly Furnished ln ll THE SHAMROCK " " - fl fl Lane T1le Sz Marble Co. I I Free Billiard Lessons 605 22nd Ave' Phone 289 II II 'I 4+ 1ii::: A-E:iiifffi --AT:" 'TTQE MAYBE I-IIS SHOES SQUEAK The prospective tenant was undergoing a catechism at the hands of the landlord. "Have you any children?" he was asked. UNO? "Any dog, cat, or canary bird?,' "Piano, loud speaker or phonograph'?,' "No,,' replied the prospective tenant timidly, ubut I have a fountain pen that scratches a littlef' -?BWl- "When does a book become a classic?" asked Mrs. Thames. , "When people who haven't read it begin to say they have," replied janet brightly. PALAIS ROYAL EXCLUSIVE WOMENIS APPAREL 2309 Broad Street Tuscaloosa, Alabama fijf:::::Tjff:TTT::' ,fi??liiiiii,f:iTTiif::iiiiif:fif I I 4, 'I A PER LUMBER CO. " " H R 3: 5: POWDER PUFF I I WHCLESALE BEAUTY SHOPPE AND RETAIL LUMBER It It A A 1: Located on 6th Floor of First National 1: Bank Building 1, 1, Phone 755 Northport For Appointment Phone 1013 II I -,:' ,::4 ,,.,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,::::,,, A Q , 5 5 5 1 'J Mi PS7 iw 3. 2 , if 42 x Q , - ffimwmkk :aQ'MwSfQfL'w4.:4.s-men v.w,..u .wx-ff..',wws:..,,.,,Ls-, 0:1113 , -fr.. Q. :wwff1i.gqsfgfrf?74"1:5Y.s.viv-maiiiswvmml

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