Tuscaloosa High School - Black Warrior Yearbook (Tuscaloosa, AL)

 - Class of 1931

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Tuscaloosa High School - Black Warrior Yearbook (Tuscaloosa, AL) online yearbook collection, 1931 Edition, Cover

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-4 '..?-3 ..-.Vg w f .-. ,--4255? ' " 4 ff I ,f.,.,: . 1 . :J f uf. J, ...,- ,ff S55-1 ,ni .Q 44 'iv 'Z L!-J . , -ff, , f..-,sl in gifx L-.. '.'.,. ' -ff -I' .ff :- , -. ,gm ,fy A fp.-5- V,,,. , ,, Jw?-gy XF:-S QQ '-Q .4- -A- QA .1 ' 114,- xq. ' ,el x . J -9 N, 1 X. N-. W 15' . Q . .,T .1 -.Nu as fp -' N' 1 " ,A ff. X . -. c Ng, .4.- ,Qs .:. x Vx w. A J " RQ.. t X, . .Jn-W: k f W- muff , X 4- vs" 54' 'even- 1 I fit: vfyixx X K . . 631-Qf ' - , 4:-'Liv-1 3-' ' E 4, .' ':-L " ' - ' ' K '.- T. ffffg, T f 1 . ,Q - 4. ..us.fTi ' --fbi 4. ,gif JA .-.w,T- ., .fi TQ?-'. -521. . v ,..u-:- - 1 ' -, fini. " 4-,Q4-gl? ', f.f3.:-'All' .1 fx -f -- -.. - sv , .4 X-1-lg: ' 5.11- .-I5 1 7 T---- V--. , J' .' -2.-k .1 "R, 2: wx -x, xx "+A H ' '- N. if NFRESHNAN CLASS." Va wiv '1 Vwusfff Hn- Lje QHQL runncuw-, C rclqeslva. gg. g -.571 .zz - r' A. : . - 4 un. 'y wr L 'N , ff., . . +f W A lk, rf, ,. , V' u if r 1 Jr- Qld. X f. gf, -. , 4 ' ., 'js' 1 Q' 'fu 4' f 1 , -W-if ' . W ' uw. -' ,F-L . it' J , .. v JW .- , , I , . ,: X. 4 1 'gt M -Q ,-gil - , , 'M 3 ' ' figs." . . , M. -, - ' f " ri u it gf -fin' " A ' ' ' ,fy .- ' -' zz Qig75'2.i,ffx5,' .. f . 4' lv T239 4' "' " . F41 1 i W . fm " 4 s ,E x. . if A J n Q P- , R . WV I . ,. . 1 .1 - Q, 14 ' 'I D, . 1 . V 'pl ' 1 4 . . . . Vg I ... 1 f, 4,' - 'S . ' v- .Q . .- V . P D W .L - 5... I. I . Q . if ...L vp 1 f-' , H Fl' Q "W .. if A.. .sf pw . N' if W. ,sk A' In 1' 1 'Q f J.: Ml, L qt lg.. A N- I if ' Y x K ,L g U 8, ,Q -' 'V -- W " . H M 7 ,N : Z Z' SV .V fl h. Nl, ' ,I ',g,.,..,' + 1 F. 1 u., ,MQ .sf A.. .- 4 -gr.-,,.v, l 1 .. kr 9 I ' ' Q as . W 5 fi if ' ' 'H x . Q4 .ah S -A ns- . 4 ' 0: it mah: 5 . ff. .v . 12 , ' il at G . ...M 0 -, , fix 3,9137 . -M Af F .JV ' 5' 1 J, . ...M ' -f 4 ' 3, .1 ,. wwf 'P 5' W' F21 W N--an "u 0 g ,xy 41'-in Y 'x 3 4 . - fu ..x , , " If ,K I if k 1 ' F ' ,KILYT ' . V ' F ' --4 .sq 1' '1aif:-f-- D -QV ' . . ' W5 'vis .4 .1 b X R .V .,,,.3+: Q inn. .fa . . W AA ' , ' 'ia I PN 'Q w F -up Q ff . if A"5"3' .- ..x ..f.,v"., ' . 4 -E '51-94 '1i'.2', ' -'V ., ,' 'Z' -. i":.qi?V'lA ,a r - 5" 1 Qi F5 by . ' 1 . bl ., .I ,M jc' -, .' I ,-- I . ,V .A ' .. ,g. ' 'wg - Jr' ' n s?"::Q' .:i "z .MA 1 1 '1 W 9391. 1 , .Jf'-vi"-':'f"'r' ' ' 5, 1 X. 42--, :. j. ,- ' 6 9' . - 5 . '--.3mn.ai' .. . -1 , .. ,. if-ul Q, QXKK M5969 '-Q z FE 53 730, ff? Vubllshei B5 siuggnfs of TUSCRLUUSH HIEH SC!-IUUZ. TUSCHLUUSH, HMZMXVH 41 1 1 11 1111 1 1 11 1. ' 1 111 111'l-1- ' 111' 1" 1 1111 "f11 111'W1 1 .11 1 1 '1 11111911 .' 11 1 1 XX 1 1 ' vw 1 1 1 lv 'W1' "1 f .- 1 1 , , XXX 11 xi W .1131 1 11, XXX 1 ,, ' 1v'11"'1i1 11' 1' 1 11, X 1 X-11 ' H 'J1' 111111 ' f'1111:' . 1 - X 1, 1 1111111111-11, 1,,,11- 1 1 11 ' 1 4 11 1 111,1'1,1J111 1 1-111Q"'1Q11L,:1 " " 1difW'5'11iF 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 ,, ' ,g1J,X1Xg"115i3 ,1.11- .15 ,HX 1- 1 ' ' '11 1 1',,..71F. 1 'JM 1 " .41 1 o o o o o o o 0 0 oo o o o o o f 0 0 ,X 11p15,,Xf31X 'f'1 1XXXg11XXXQfj 511-5X1 XXX' XXXX1111X,XX, 11X1 X 1X . 11 " 1 1 ,111 M1111 1111113-fihgf1'1,5111, 11,11q115'1HQf1Nrw1W""lf'211 X XXX X X X 1 11X A :Xie-gXXXX,2XX11,,1qXX,!61,,f1111X 1, M11 11, 1111, X ,X "v1:,XXX.xA11' " 'X-1511? XX111 31111 in ,X HT X' ' 1 1 COPYRIG 1 .X -111111 'SNL MW 1 X 5.11111 ' 11 X1 0 . BARBARA WAY 1 . , 1 "1l ,g111u,1 Eaaemn-cmf1 11 1 1 , " M11 1,11 1 - 1 ' jrmhz Mrzr-2 Q1 1 , 11103151 Baum MGMIU' 1 11 11 .611 ' 1 1 1 1 11 11' oooooo o ooooooo o 0O X 1 1 ' .f "11111 X . 1' .1 X1 ' XX X.X11 X' X1 11 1. 1 ,1 1 X X 11 4 1 XX X X111 1 11111 WE11111111 7 4' '1 1"5 1' ' - 11 .1 31 1 .171 T31 1 1111 ' .1511 1. 1,X,1X,'X1'11' 1 112' 1 1 11 2' :11'1 ' ,1 ' ' 1 'T 11 1'1.,112f'j ,'-111W 1111111 1 1 1 1' 1XfX11X1Y1W 1:1: 511- 1 1 ' 1, 11,11 1 , 111 1 1 X 1 1 112 J . X LXXX1X11 1 1 11 X1. 5 J. I 111 X1' '-1 '- 5 I K , M f 1 3 In h UL , h Il A S Q Y 1 rl 143 , 2 4 w Q V ' 4 f V , 0 4 ' 4 I , 4 w x '48- am N 2' W' M n -u i -k 1 r. 1 0000000 000000000 6 1 Q ,Qi iv 1 4 . The purpose of th1s book iso too create a picture of the happy school fife, so that at least H shadow of it will remain m the memory. 'diways 'v oooooooqoobooooooooooo . tr Q: . V .Aq--' 'l- W, L M 1 -. SZ Y , .am " ' mr . , . .f iff 5 W- v, f . awp , ,A f J. -1 v if' . 1 If V, . n 'F j .L -H r ga-v , M .gg ' 1 -G ,J " ww- ".! ' ', ag , ' ' 'xg ' ?T, ,QMQEQ fissllgfbfxiw M ww W' , o 341 3 aveoffnw - ,g i t . or 1 7,1 7 , L r If ' Q, 1 .MW . A '5 00000 0 'Ie ' X96D'e' Ooo oooooo Dedication Realizing that her ex- emplary character and generous cooperation have given us a permanent in- cate this edition of THE BLACK WARRIOR to our beloved friend and teacher, - Miss EMMA DoNoHo 3 A o O O 0 O 0 0 O 0 5 u 1 u I O spiratlon toward high 1deals, we gratefully dedl- 2 3 O 0 O 0 O 0 0 0 0 O O O 0 0 0 0 O .hx ,' win ,. " 1' 'TL ix, ...1..... . I n 4 M f if ff ,f - gk X X f i ,, ,Q L R l'Usc.xl,rms,-x Slcmolz Iilflll SCH ORDER OF BIDDKS 11 -i1 i, X ' F"-1 Q-11 H f ,M if 3,335 .F -nu. N w X 5 1 X n 1 I i .K 0 K 4 i I 5 I I i il 'x :Q il W W N X ,N M . 3 Wu Q, i V . 2 11 5 1 1 E E 1 1 II' B-- I ,...E?L ,A GA ,M El: 'lf ' I Q , -.:.f Y W L . if if ...1 I RCC fx., x MR. J. M. BURNETTE Superilztcndent MISS CLARA VERNER Priufipal MRS. E. D. TIIAMES English MISS CLAUDE BURTON Ass't P?'iHl'ff7II! MISS LIZZIE R. PENN English RIISS HELEN AICGIFFERT .k1Gfl'lCl1It1f1.C'S MISS FRANCES THOMAS English MRS. XV. A. GRAY fUl1lhl'1lIHfI.CS MISS PEARL PATTON Frczzflz MISS EVELYN ASHLEY Latin MISS LILLIAN FINNELL Spanish MR. NIATT CLINTON History MR. EDWIN WORD History . ' 'ff 1 J , 1 I A, I V. A 3 gf I In ff? I I ,W I T ig-'- i2A.3:" 1. -Ilfgtf, .-. 1 tl. wr- . 11: U. 1. rc 'ig JQ. 3"4oL sf N -6+ rw-, fl .gg Y ': .1 A 53 7 5141- 4 . . , -5 J - Zn . . , f . .,l Q .vw A r"' 53 milfs- a gg' Y1' 'ei f wifi? Cl ' J. 'V NVIGPJ 1 1 it 4? 11 Q 5,11 C7 45 kg N 4.2 'N '1fy,.... 5 ...san Vis? ,. M155 EMMA DoNoHo Clzcuzistry M155 Rum' PATTON f'lzysirs M155 JOYCE MCEI.wA1N Iinnkkrwizzg M155 XVENA BIORROW Sfmzngrczfvlzy M155 PEARL THOMAS Home Ecmzonzics MR. E. C. SCALES Vocations MR5. VERNER GREGORY Home Economics MISS RAY JEARNBERG Vocations MISS MARY' MERLE WARD Physica! Education COACH AL CLEMEN5 .Pl1j'.Y1'L'ClI Education MISS FANNIE SCHMITT Librarian MISS STELLA HARRIS Music MISS HAZEL PRIEST Officz' Sfzfnographer 'O P ul". AF . fe 6. i 1 ,w 1 'w 1 4 .1 I 1: L' ' L' U- ru g: Evf vi- 1, !1'1- '- l!1 ', -Q ' I- ' I 'S' 'I ' 1 -' ! - - Q 1 l .1-I 1 I 1 1: w I'111' I I 1 1 - . ,., 1 1111 4 1'1 ' .-1 1 1 'I- 1 'S 'rr fx L I I . WI. .1 , 'Id im 12 ll. 1 1 ' J- -H -11. "",1' "1j1.1" 'fv 1 1 I1 ll! 5b'1..f1 1, 1 E. 51- 1 - ' ' "TE . W 5'9" '1 ' ' :. I ', P 1 1 1 I 11- 1, 11.11 1 r-si-L: , ..I M1111 vii? 1 1.21, '. ii- 1" '- 11,41 1-aw 131' JA---1531 .'l1.JQ,5L . , , ,.. . 1 . . 'g,,. ,-.- qv, ' ' ' ' ' ,s1-.,-in f.1f:- ."'n :', - ',-fr, I1 W ?A .2 I. .. Y .1, n ,J . .11 1-algal-:QQ.ff'1I:f -1155" 1.1 ' 15111v'1.i'1.--.g'--YT . '-T ..' VI ' ., " '-'.I 1' ET'-'lrjjlgf' ",'11 .r4, f.-'ff ix ui-.Af 5 - 1 ,:'l1.jz ' 5:5 -4183. grif., .Ml w K " 1 Hi' 1 1 I, 1 1 I I . 1 1 - 1 5' , .1:' ' 1 1 . If I-lx 1 - 1- I - 'F I 1 " 1 1 Q-. Hr 1 I gg, J 1 I 11 . . I' ru 111-ein'-'. ' - 1 -1 ' fm'-4 -A 1 - . 1. 1- n L:- Jr AE '1 lt, u fl . 1 I 5:5- 2 " 45 .i1'iF.'1L' 1' E+-.-- , . .-J ,1 ,ff ' 5: 1.05 ,1 -, - -lug, 1 ' ' 'viii F ff' -. f- - 1. gf .1 4. 1. 1 ' . "L V ua-,QQ 1- 5. .A .11 11.5 1 11'-1 1,1 'I' A ' .- ig 2 'If H! :S E '3 ly Y ff" 'T-11'5'1 5"3' . v - - --1: ' . A -4 fi 1. "ef'J'J . . 2, :Q ' 'Q' 1 - 1 X . , I . fr? I ' H:- : ' .2 'I JI I' 'l Sa' FI' ., . 11 111. fmfzilzje' -1 .- ,J-Ili. qgfzcf. - .. - - 1 Q, 1s 51' 1 1 -U V! 14.79 : if 1 1 k 11 , 1 5 4!1 4 I 1,,1 'U -1' 1 Il 11 1-111 H1 A1 'f' 1551? ...ug mi N' SENMJIIRS u W ' 1 qw , 4 Y ,J , X I X F-QL , ' W N N A 1 1 , N. 1, Un , , ' H' 1 "J 9. ,N Q' mn' ' -Uv y' ,MMU , QI, .N "J M 'X ul, s 'H , fix!! -Q, .,, Jf!?ggl-, VH., A, mm, ww 'pl X! 1 nf vw rn 11 7 1 wif .PN M N Y lm. J lm 1 1, Q6 mo 3 mo - V13? 'P' WVHITNEY ECHOLS .. BARBARA WAY .... MARY PRUITT ..... -IIMMIE GREGG ........A MAUDE CLAY LITTLE PAULINE BELL .......T EVELYN CARLTON ..... Senior Ufficers ..............President .........Vice-President ..............Secretary .............Treasurer ............Prophet .................Poet .T.......Hist0rian I ROBFRT ALLISON The mmzi to do, the soul to dare." ice President Henry VV. Grady Uebating Society. WILDA HoLsRooK Amzans Where oh where can Hfilda be found? Doun 1n Matts room nosin' around." Kipling Literary Society: MASK TWA 6 ffff, 730 "' H3 LILT I 'XN XLEYANDER Ambition rules my brain, "I ha1'f'n't but I0 e rmgns ln my heart." llalrie l tteiary Sucietyg Olym- Kipling KATHLEEN APPLEYARD found him- yet, but I'm .vtzlll looking." Literary Societyg plan Club Commercial Commercial Club: Ramb- Lluh X Honor Roll. lers: O ffice Runner '29- '3U' Los Astros '28-'29: Don Quijoteg Basketball Team '29-'30g Ili-Life Staffg Girls' VVelfare Club. MAI Dk XT EYANIDER Gmzerallx spealing, she is gnncmllx speaking," Reporter ot Ixiplmg Literary Kipling qocxety 31 Vice-President Commercial Club '29-'SOL Ramblers Girls' NVelfare Clux Ililife Staff: Don r JIXIMIE .XVERY "H'lu'n wanted, shelv usually 1 's in " ' Ill s g. Literary Society: Treasurer Home Economics Club: Vllelfare Society, FRANK BAKER "How vain 'without the merit is the name." Los Astrosg Don Quijoteg Henry VV. Grady Debating Society. BETTY BAKER "Who, not being a god, can hope to lim' long years of bliss unbroken?" Entre Nous Clubg Barrie Lit- erary Societyg Ramblers m ian Club President Club '30, Oly D : Rambler s Club '29-'30g Welfare Club: Secretary R O F. BJ Black Warrior Staff. X 'l.30"l'l3l PAULINE BELL "If Pauline were as large as she is good, A circus tent niiglit make lzer a rloak and hood." Olympian Club: Kipling Lit- erary Society: Section Usher IIA: Class Poet '30g Class Historian '29: Welfare S0- ciety: Home Economics Club: Hi-Life Staff: Poet Senior Class '31. SARA JOY BELL "Her eye.: as star.: of twilight fair Like twiliglitlr too her dusley hair." Kipling Literary Society: Los Astros: Don Quijote: Treas- urer Dou Quijote '30: Wel- fare Society: Hi-Life Staff: Home Economics Club: President 11.Xg R. O. F. B. EUGENE HOLES "Books! 'Tis a dull and end- less strife." Sports Editor Hi-Life and Black Warrior '3l: Pro- gram Committee Robert E. Lee '3O: President Don Quijote '30: "A" Honor Roll '303 Track Manager: Los Astros Club: Member of Band. ETHELYN BOMAR "Etl1elyn'.v originality, like lzer lvcrsonality, Makes her a pleasing reality." Kipling Literary S-ocietyg Los Astros: Program Commit- tee and Reporter of Don Quijoteg Rambler's Com- mittee and Reporter of Don Quijote: Rambler's Club: Home Economics Club: R. O. F. B.: Devo- tional Leader 12B: Welfare Society: Black Warrior Staff. BILLY BONDS "Words to combat ill befit the brave." NV. H. O.: Robert E, Lee De- bating Society: Treasurer 12B. ALEX AND'ER BOOTHE "All I ask is to be let alone." Los Astros: Robert E. Lee Debating Society: Choral Club: Don Quijote. MARY HOYDEN "One of the few girls that no one know: anything mean about." Chairman Program Committee Kipling Literary Society: Program Committee Olym- pian Club: Hi-Life Staff: Member of Band: Welfare Society: Rambler's Club. CHARLES BRIDGES "ClzarIes'5 good 'zguares find a ready market." Los Astros: Forum Debating Soleiety: Don Quijote: Foot- ,a . :tl X, 750' 'Lil EVELYN CARLTON "I'1n a manlmter, but the Bible Jays, 'Lam' your enemies."' Kipling Literary Society: Troubadours '29-'30: Class Basketball Team: Hi-Life S-taff: Black YVarrior Staff '29-'30: Welfare Society: Program Committee Olym' pian Club: Physical Edu- cation Clnlil Historian Senior Class '31. ERNEST XY. COLLINS "Must I sluflv! Gm. what cr rvastr of time." Manager lfowtlxall Team 'ZR- 'Z9: junior Maimgcr Foot- ball Team '37-'ESQ Red Let- ter Club: Presivlent VVe Will Clulv 'SUI Basketball: Cheer Leader: Entre Nous: Treasurer Section Room '28: President Forum Ile- liating Society. NERISSA CROSS "Studiou.v, talkutivw, and al- ways guy." Treasurer Lanier Literary Society: Basketball: Ram- hler's Club: Captain Ram- bler's Basketball Team: Don Quiiote: Beauty and linafz 10C '29-'3ll: R. O. 1: BRONVN CRIIZIES " 'Short but swectf rays Jimmie." Los Astros: Don Quijote: Henry VV. Grady Debating Society. WHITNEY ECHOLS 'Admired bi' all, but 'done tookf " President Senior Class '29- '30-'31: President Forum '29-'30: President Section '29-'30-'3l: President Red Letter Club: Alternate Cap- tain Football Team '29-'30: Captain Football Team '31: Most Popular Boy in High School '29-'30: Forum Pro- gram Committee: Baseball '27-'28: Los Astros: Don Qnijote. JACK FINCHER M',01llll71if :drool br' ti lrore without the girls! I'd quit." Robert E. Lee lfelwating So' ciety: lion Quijote: Foot- ball. BEN FULLER "He stars not only in foot- ball, but also in the hearts of girls. " Robert E. Lee Debating So- ciety: Gorgas Science Club: Track: Basketball: Football '29-'30: Varsity Football '30-'3l. J I M MIE GREGG "The thing I my I know," Secretary Forum Debating Society: Treasurer Senior Class: Section Usher: Vice- President 11A: Vice-Presi- dent Junior Class '30: Science Club. ' L... 1: ff? ..- J . 1 FRANCES HAMILTON "Of all the 'words of tongue or lien, i'il'll?ll'l'5 likes the little word. lblEN." Vice-President Lanier Liter- ary Societyg VVelfare So- ciety. PAULINE HARDIN "lfVhat ir good rvc will give heed that it 1:14131 be lasting." "A" Honor Roll: Kipling Literary Societyg Welfare Societyg Los Astrusg Don Quijoteg Hi-Life Staffg Commercial Club. EU HARRIS l'Hop11y-go-lucky, from care I'm freeg Nothing in this ole' 'world bothers me." Secretary Henry VV. Grady Debating Societyg Program Committee Science Clubg T. H. S. Band: Goat Fresh- man Class '29g Trouba- duurs '28-'291 Program Committee Commercial Club. RICHARD IIERMAN "Thou must he envied if thou 'wilt be great." Science Clubg Los Astrosg Vice-President Don Quijote '3Ug Sports Editor Black VVarrior: Robert E. Lee Debating Societyg R. O. F. B. KIRKWOOD HERRIN "Stretch riot henreforth thy .sovereign might Beyond the bounds of reason and of right." IIi-Life Staffg Forum Debat- ing Societyg Science Club. MARY HINTON "Independent as fi queen of old, but handsomely tall, with a heart of gold." Commercial Club: Constitu- tional Committee Barrie Literary Society '30g Re- porter ancl Social Commit- tee Barrie Literary S-ocietyg Rasketballg Rau1bler's Club: VVelfare Societyg Don Qui- jote. MARY HORNBERGER "Be calm and keef' thy joy in nice bounds." Hi-Life Staffg Kipling Liter- ary Societyg Olympian Clubg Ra1ubler's Club. ELIZABETH HOVVARD "She who serve.: well and rpeakx not, merit: more than they who clamor loudest at the door." Kipling Literary Societyg Commercial Clutyg Don Quijoteg Troubadours '28, '29g Hi-Life Staff: Physi- cal Education Clubg Usher '29-'30. kpitli I 'l.30'lCl3l NELLIE JONES "A girl of a lifetime." Kipling Literary Society: Commercial Club: House- keeper '30: Los Astros: Don Quijote: Welfare So- ciety. PAULINE JONES- "In Pauline? soul burns the flame of genius: In her heart, lore of her many friends." Kipling Literary Society: Class Basketball Team: Science Club: Los Astros: Don Quijote: Welfare Club: Physical Education Club: Chairman Program Com- mittee and Reporter Com- mercial Club. HELEN KANE "Young in years, but in sage council old." Van Dyke Literary Society: Vice-President Honor So- ciety: Welfare Society: Secretary-Treasurer Los As- tros: Program Committee Los Astros and Don Qui- jote: Reporter Commercial Club: Hi-Life Staff: "A" Honor Roll: Secretary Iun- ior Class: Black Warrior Staff. HELEN KELLER "Sweet personality: full of rascality.5' Kipling Literary Society: Olympian Club: Commer- cial Club: Black Warrior Staff: Class Basketball: Basketball '29-'30: Troubl- dours: Welfare Club: Phy- sical Education Club: Hi- Life Staff: R. O. F. B. ROBERT LEE "A wovtlry bearer of a great name." Science Club: Henry W. Grady Debating Society: Treasurer Henry W. Grady Debating Society '30: Busi- ness Staff Hi-Life '28-'29: Troubadours: Los Astros: Don Quijote: Track Squad '29-'30, MAUDE CLAY LITTLE "Wisdom is the conqueror of fortune." President Honor Society: Pro- gram Committee Olympian Club: Vice-President and Reporter Rambler's Club: Chairman Program Commit- tee Van Dyke Literary So- ciety: Black .XVarr1or Staff '29-'30: Hi-Life Staff: "A" Honor Roll: R. O. F. Basketball: Prophet Senior Class. GERTRUDE MCCONNELL "If silence is golden, we won- der 'why somebody dae.vn't steal Gertrude." Commercial Club: Welfare Society: Physical Educa- tion Club. REBERTA MCCOWN "You can live without music or art, but you can"t meet Roberta without losing your heart." President Commercial Club: Black Warrior Staff '29- '30: Kipling Literary So- ciety: Reporter Section '28- '29: Class Volleyball Team: Class Basketball Team: Physical Education Club. 'I 0' Cl3l JIMMIE MIZE "Speak the truth plainly if thou canst not pleasantly." Pres. IOAQ Treas. 10th Grade: Asst. Cheer Leader '29: Head Cheer Leader '29- l30-'31: Pres. 11A: Hi-Life Staff: Vice-Pres. Robert E. Lee Debating Society '29- '30: Pres. Robert E, Lee Debating Society '31: Asst. Business Mgr. Black War- rior '30: Business Mgr. Black Warrior '3l: NVe Will Club: Track Team: Don Quijote: Pres. 1213. DEN MOORE "Laughing has a catching sound, Thaf: why we like Ben around." Commercial Club: Forum De- bating Society. BARRY NICHOLLS 'A ship should not sail on a vingle anchor, nor life on a single hope." Robert E. Lee Debating So- ciety: W. H. O. RICHARD PALMER 'A creature not too bright or good for linman natnrelv daily food." R. O. F. B.: Don Quijote: Los Astros: Forum Debat- ing Society: Science Club: Joke Editor Black Warrior. CATHERINE PARKER "PVishing answer.: no nLan's prayers." Kipling Literary Society: Secretary Los Astros: Wel- fare Society: Basketball. IZROUGHTON PARK "I stand on the brink of a grrat can-er,' won't somebody push me off:"' Forum Debating Society: Don Quijote: Los Astros: As- sistant Manager Football Team '28-'29: Manager Football Team '30-'31: President Section '29g Trou- badoursg Red Letter Club. CAREY PATTERSON "Big, a good fellow, and jollyj Carey has no time to be melancholy." President Junior Class: Edi- tor Hi-Life: President Sec- tion: Vice-President Section '30: President Henry W. Grady Debating Society Track: Olympian Club: R. O. F. B.: Treasurer Olym- pian Club '30: President Student Council. LOUISE PHILLIPS "We'11e learned that the num- ber of inclzes yon're tall has nothing to do with your heart at all." Pres. Constitutional Commit- tee: Inner Council Physi- cal Education Club: Vice- Pres. Section '30: Secy. Kipling Literary Society: Olympian Club: Trouba- dours: Hi-Life Staff: Bas- ketball Reserves '29: Class Basketball Team '29-'30-'31: Capt. Class llasketball Team '30: Class Volleyball Team '29-'30-'3l: Capt. and Mgr. Class Volleyball Team '30: School Letter in Physical Education '29: State Letter ' in Physical Education '30: W:-lf1re Club: Black War- rior Staff 'ZS-'29-'30-'3l. 6 X ...nu- MARY PITTMAN "Fife dozft know why we like you, arcefit bvrairre yoifre yon." Van Dyke Literary Society: Science Club: Welfare Club. MA RY PRUITT "So fair .vlig is, if tlmt mine eyes be true." President Van llyke Literary Society: Vice-President En- tre Nous: Secretary 1213: Secretary Serior Class: VVeIfare Society: Reporter Olympian Club: Iilack VVarrior Staff '30: Section Chairman '30: HivLife Staff. ALYCE REID' "Kindly in heart, in ward sincere. A stranger to grief and fear." Lanier Literary Society: VVel- fere Society: Commercial Club. ' EUGENE RICE "Wlzenei'cr work and play collide, Seize Play and put colil zvorle aside." Hi-Life Staff: President Hen- ry W. Grady Debating Society: Gorgas Science Club: Football: Don Qui- jote: Class Historian '30. CLYDE RILEY I .rtmlies 'wlmn I liar to,' sleeps most all the time, I duiit gin' a doggone if this .vim iion't never shine." Secretary 1014: Trouhadours: Secretary Science Club: Forum Debating Society: lion Quijote: Secretary and Treasurer Section '30. RICHARD SCH Xl ITZ "Came wlnzt mme may, Time and lmin' run through the vougllesi day." Rell Letter Club '39-'30-'3l: Robert E. Lee Debating Society: .Xggassiz Biology Club '28: Treas. Robert E. Lee Debating Society '30: Sec. Section: Vice-Pres. Red Letter Club '3O: Don Quijote: Los Astros: Foot- ball: Rasketball: Track: Troubailours: Hi-Life Staff: Black VVarrior Staff '29, VVINONA SKINNER "How skilled in each oivliging art, The mildcst mamier and gent- lext limit." Rambler's Club: President Mark Twain Literary So- ciety: Olympian Club: Wel- fare Society: "A" Honor Roll: Black Warrior Staff '30: Ili-Life Staff. JANETTE SMITH "Her smile, her speech, her winning zvay 'za'l1'i1e.f all the little boys' time away." Yan Dyke Literary Society: Commercial Club: Welfare Club: Science Club. ,,-...uun.:-A--3--LJ-i-I-L-item:-e h-I , EK i4.iA PX !?'If,x' i750 .-n itljl SARA TAYLOR "I slmulil likg to .Svc thc man I 'zwoulil fruuiixc to lore, lmnor, and olveyf' Harrie Literary Societyg Mfel- farc Society: Entre Nous Flub: Home ECOH!J!'I1lCS Club. M AR Y 1" RAN ll 'l' l I DXYELL "I roulri ln' lvettrr if I riolllii, But iI'.r mighty Ioizarovzr bc- ing good." Olympian Club: liiplirg Lit- erary Society: Trouba- floors: Ramblcfs Club: Class llzisketlzzill Team: Ili- Life Staffg VVelfare Clubg Office Runner: Program fiommittee Kipling Literary Society. I MARY TI M MONS- 'lllcn do fall you fair, mul you do credit it." Kipling Literary Society: lin- tre Nous: Los .Xstrosg Ubn Quijote: VVe1fare Societyg Ranibler's Club. CHARLES VVAITES "Good nature and good .rwzse are uxzmlly vrmifvauionsf' Los .Xstrosg Henry W. Grady Debating Society: Science Clubg R. O. F. ll. l2.XRlLXR,X NYAY "M'i.wlom ri'1111i1'v.v to know tim mzztlcr 'iL'f'H.ll E:lito1'-in-Chief lilack XVar- riur: Pres. Kipling Literary Society 'l9- 30. .111 Sec. IIo"or Societyg Ili-Life Staff: XviCL"Pl't'fs. S-enior flassg Vice-Pres. 1213: Re- porter 1lAg "A" Ilunor Roll: ll. A. R. .Xwzircl in llistoryg Typewriting Rcp- rcsentative '30: Program Cunrnittee Kipling Literary Society '29-'30: Asst. Erlitm' lilnck YVarri0r '29-'30, TEM PLE XY! LL I .X M SON "'.S'v1f dorm is :veil II'UI1C.' .rays Tmnfrlzf' Rolpert E. Lee Debating So- cietyg llzisketball Team fX'arFityl '30: l7outlJz1ll'l'Eau'ig Scicncc Club: lion Quijoteg Los Astros: Reporter Ruh- ert E. Lee Debating So- ciety: Statistitizni of Tenth tlrarlc. RALPH VVIl.l.I.XMS "Counts ten brfarc carl: sen- tence and nzfrm' isszws a sin'- riol edition lu'tfocmz." Henry VV. Grady Debating Societyg Don Quijme: Los Astros: Troubailoursg R. 0. lf. Ii.g Track. MEREDITII XVILS-ON "1'r'r fiom' my duty: who dorm' do 7lI0l'!'.'U. Henry VV. Grady Debating Sociftyg Football. D 1 4 ---I-r m R -t., .. .ia ,.... lm.-...l il. amp! 1' .f Wy Dnwfygirgrwr. W--L-v,r,.,?,.,W,. ,,.f!..ww,,.,,,'-.,,w,,,,.i,w7,., .,- Rf. .i ' f T. T. , Q ' " F 'Il , I A me - lcl3l 7' ff' "f 0 RICHARD BOYD "I am not proud, this I know, I'm not of the common crowd." Forum Debating Society 3 Trackg Football. J. L. CARVER "If he will, he will, and you can depend on it,- If he won't he won't, and there's an end of it." Los Astrosg Don Quijoteg Henry W. Grady Debating Societyg Troubadoursg Football '30. . MALCOLM COMER "I t is easy to drift, but it takes manhood to steer upstream." Forum Debating Societyg Footballg President Section '29g Treasurer Junior Classg Red Letter Clubg Secretary and Treasurer Red Letter Clubg Treasurer IZA3 Track Squadg Troubadours. l EUGENE FLOYD "I hope the best." Henry W. Grady Debating Society. HENRY HERMAN "He's full of pep and fun And liked by everyone." Forum Debating Societyg Los Astrosg Don Quijoteg Treasurer of Section '30g l Boy's Chorus ,29g Football '29. PAUL LEWIS "T, H. 5. loves a man's man and a sportsman true,- So she pins a coveted 'T' on you." Henry W. Grady Debating Societyg Choral Club '28. CLIFTON LOGAN "A four-letter man is enough said." Forum Debating Societyg Treasurer Forumg Basketballg Captain Basketball Team '29, '30, '31 3 Red Letter Club '27-'3lg Track Team. LLOYD ROBERTS O "Fm not on the roll of common men." Forum Debating Society g Footballg W. H. O. ' CARL HERZOG "There is shown the master mind." ED ERNEST "Ed eats for pleasure and works for measure." Football Squad '28-'31g Basketball '29-'31g Chairman Program Committee Forum Debating Societyg Science Clubg Red Letter Club '29-'31. l 9 A --f. s - , VT .ali A 'liiiiith Y ll A L, W: , ,, i ill: 1" N' l l i i i ll gkly' Wlxiw "IWW - it 1 it '-i w - N -7. .1 'lluLI'h:Wg..."' ':l . fnMML:,M.lWl it " "" ' ' ' ' ' "'- " Y Y' ' A' ' " 4 - f "1 '- 'Y 1' i w l ' A me - mn 7' I -Af? !r . 'i G 0 Senior Class Poem ' v GRADUATION Graduation is coming, The spirifs in the air,' Graduation is coming, ' Signs of it everywhere. Dignified seniors all around, An invitation here and there 5 Serious teachers looking down, Graduation is very near. Graduation is towing Despite all the facts Of failure and hard luck ' And trying to struggle back. Graduation is coming, Prayers have been said: Bays and girls all excited, Are hurrying on ahead. Pwnmz BELL, Class Poet f' '., .T e , ' .rf f 3 an i . 1 .- x 9 .r ' 1 ig: 1 a,.,.3 Kill' v- 'Lui .. ,A ,pw , , .A .-.ZA , Ll i 1 ,gg , Q 4, f 3 S4Wf" ': Wi ' 7 "7 U: 'L X I " 21 ' Q S' " ' Q we fs me - me 'P History Of Class '31 "'Tis greatly 'wise to talk with our past ho-nrs, And ask them what report they bore in heaven."-EDWARD YOUNG. It wOn't be long now. Soon Our dearest hopes will be realized. At last we are the dignified seniors Of T. H. S., ready to climb for higher honors. When we entered T. H. S. three short years ago, little did we realize that time would fly so quickly. Now that the day when we leave high school is rapidly drawing near, we dread to see it come. With Our star athletes-Comer, Fuller, Echols, Roberts, Schmitz and Williamson, with our honor students-Barbara Way, Maude Clay Little, and Helen Kane, with our journalists-Lee and Patterson, we feel, as we look over these, that our efforts have not been wholly in vain. We wish to thank Our excellent faculty for their great patience and inspiring help during the whole of Our high school career. Our fellow students and the P. T. A. are also due thanks for their kind sym- pathy and aid in our attempts to reach our goal. . "How blessings brighten as they take their flight."-EDWARD YOUNG. The class Of '31 will do their best as to upholding this, with these blessings, the standards of T. H. S., wherever they may be in life. "I cannot but remember such thin s were J That were most precious to me."-SHAKESPEARE. EVELYN CARLTON, Historian. I A ..1,,,swat- ati- M' ' . rf' ,Ja foo A l'130"l'l3l W Senior' Class Prophecy Hello, Barbara, this is Maude Clay. VVell, how's the old bareback rider? Aren't you even afraid you'll fall? You aren't? You brave thing. Yes, I haveibeen back about a month. VVhat? Well, my last husband was a princeg at least they called him one. But really, my dear, he was as poor as a one-egg cake. I just could not stand the strain a day longer. I can hardly realize that it is twenty years since we left T. H. S. Have you heard about Carey Patterson and Robert Lee? They were running a political paper in Turkeyg but when the opposing party came in, they were beheaded. Very sad indeed! Jack Fincher has a factory in Paris for manufacturing Seventeenth Century furniture. Mary Frank Tidwell is his designer. Ralph Willianis is the sales agent for the African department. Imagine my embarrassment when I saw Richard Schmitz and Pauline Bell throwing victrola records at each other right up in New York. But then I saw that it was only a movie advertisement. Reberta McCown and Mary Ivey Pittman featured as the "Zippity-Zip" sisters. Looking on an adjacent billboard, I saw that Elizabeth Howard and Alexander Booth were playing in "Macbeth," directed by Helen Keller. The witch dances were under the direction of Dick Boyd. Meredith Wilson and Henry Herman are stokers on the HJ. L. Carver." Yes, it is named for our old classmate. You know, he writes love lyrics now. Alyce Reid, Frank Baker and Nerissa Cross enlisted as nurses at Bryce's Hospital last month. They have not been seen since. It is reported that they are kept in close confinement. A Ernest Collins, Ben Fuller, and Malcolm Comer are leading members of the chain gang. This is the first time they have had steady work in years. They must be doing well. Billy Bonds is in jail for a breach of promise suit. The accusation was made by Jimmie Avery. , Ethelyn Bomar has gone into retirement because the modern fashions are so shocking to her. X,Ptf,K WAR0! 0 fs mo - H31 W Charles Bridges and Eugene Floyd are in jail for running an illegal broker's business. I was awfully surprised to see that Carl Herzog was the jailor. Eugene Rice is the world's greatest orator. Ed Harris is known far and near as a specialist in teething babies. .Maude Alexander is his nurse-not personal nurse, of courseg I mean the one who runs his office. Nellie jones, also, is a great doctor. Her chief patient now is Charles Waites, who failed in an attempt to fly to the moon. His! nurses are Catherine Parker and Betty Bradford. Mary Pruitt is the new physical education teacher at T. H. S., and Helen Kane is teaching domestic science. Lloyd Roberts has decided to "play that way" for a change. Clyde Riley is running a chiropractic shop. His employees are 'Gertrude McConnell and Pauline Hardin. V Lillian Alexander and Mary Hornberger work in Jimmie Mize's laundry shop. A Pauline jones could not 'decide between a football star and a sailor, so she now washes windows in Robert Allison's new forty-story office building. Kathleen Appleyard is the new Secretary of War. Her confidential secretary is Louise Phillips. Richard Herman recently won the endurance contest for winding clocks. Sara joy Bell is the only woman driver in the bus-line from Tuscaloosa to Fayette. Janette Smith and Sara Taylor are working in the paper mill. Ed Ernest and Paul Lewis are playing professional football. Broughton Park, the manager, is very good. If his team does not win, he argues with the umpire until the victory is given him. Richard Palmer owns an orangade factory and employs Barry Nicholls to pick the seeds from the juice. ' ' nm -.. .. ,,rrni'll'l?'l EK W taxa A800 A V130-1931 7' Wilda Anders is in a hospital to get a treatment for St. Vitus Dance. Jimmy Gregg has gotten the contract for drawing Mutt and Jeff. Eugene Boles poses as Jeff and Clifton Logan as Mutt. Kirkwood Herrin is training fleas to be both graceful and tactful. His press agent is Evelyn Carlton. Winona Skinner coaches the animals for Aesopis Fables. Temple VVilliamson makes his living by smiling in tooth paste advertisements. Mary Boyden has become rich from the sale of her Latin jokes. Frances Hamilton and Betty Baker have reformed and have become nuns in a French convent. Mary Hinton and Ben Moore run a beauty parlor near the M. 8z O. depot, where they specialize in straightening negro hair. In Brown Cribb's barber shop, Whitney Echols is chief shoe-shinerg quite distinguished of our old president! Well, a few are in jail, fewer still in religious activities. Not so bad, on the whole, is it? Hope I'll see you soon. Goodbye. MAUDE CLAY LITTLE, Prophet. I Q, we A mo- H31 'P Class Will We, the class of nineteen hundred thirty-one, having plumed our wings for higher flight, relative to our departure from this favored institution, being in full possession of normal minds, common sense, and understanding, do frame and pub- lish this, our last will and testament. First. To the juniors we leave our privilege of first place in the lunch line. Second. To the Freshmen we leave our privilege of running in the halls. Third. We leave the faculty with sighs of relief Qfrom the facultyj. Fourth. The individuals of the class grant and bequeath the following: Kathleen Appleyard wills her ability to giggle at precisely the wrong moment to anyone who is inclined that way. Lillian Alexander leaves her curly hair to Elizabeth Cribbs. Maude Alexander leaves her unfinished sentences to Charles Davis. Dick Boyd wills his genius for dancingito Jennie Mayes. Alexander Boothe leaves without anyone knowing he has been here. Evelyn Carlton wills her sarcasm to Erma Ashley. Nerissa Cross wills her husband to Jessie Thomas. Ernest Collins leaves anything to anyone who can get it before he does. J. L. Carver wills his big feet to Adelaide McQueen. Malcolm Comer wills his dignity to Richard Fant, realizing that he is in need of it. Whitney Echols wills his red hair to Grace Maxwell. He thought she might need it. Ben Fuller leaves his many passes to those poor overworked boys who must have their day of f . ,lt is the wish of jack Fincher that Bernice Bagwell be the heir to his skill in asking foolish questions. Ed Harris wills his graceful figure to Beatrice Appleyard. Henry Herman wills his ability for avoiding work to Annie Corinne Gewin. Elizabeth Howard leaves her nonchalance to Virgil McKinley. Frances Hamilton wills her style of hair dressing to Lois Kane. Mary Hinton leaves her desire for managing people to Rose Lamb. . f-H--in .- , 17 CK w Qgxipi A800 A mo-mr W Pauline Jones bequeaths a nice new loaf of bread to Herbert Patton. Look out, Herbert, it might come through the air. Helen Keller wills her vast knowledge to Sue Turner. . Paul Lewis leaves athletics to get on as well as it can without him. Robert Lee leaves the good will of his teachers to james Davis. Clifton Logan wills his embarrassment to Tim Barrenger. Reberta McCown leaves the library to anyone who needs it. Gertrude McConnell leaves her gift for making friends to VVilbur Ward. Meredith VVilson wills his glasses to Mary Bingham. Broughton Park leaves his flaire for getting in trouble to Carrie Shirley. Carey Patterson leaves a school full of heatbroken girls-Ruthless Boy! Louise Phillips wills to any incoming frosh her ability to like the same boy all through high school. Mary Pittman leaves to 'cuperate from the after effects of various chemistry grades. Clyde Riley wills his love for sleep to Katherine Horton, hoping that she will enjoy it as much as he did. Eugene Rice wills his love of history to Addie Williamson. Alyce Reid wills her love of men to Margaret Hinton. Richard Schmitz graduated before he could leave a single thing. Janette Smith wills Barbara Coleman her pet comb on the condition that Barbara arrange her hair in a similar way. Mary Frank Tidwell leaves that nervous feeling in Miss Ashley's class to Lucy Richardson. Sarah Taylor wills her round shoulders to Sarah Gilbert. Ralph Williams wills his hatred of the world to Bonita Todd. Robert Allison wills that school-girl complexion to Margaret Denny. Wilda Anders wills her go-hither frigid eye to Charlotte Teas-'Nuff said. jimmy Avery wills her privilege of flirting with all the boys to Marie Drolet. Betty Baker leaves her loud voice to Charles Reid. Pauline Bell leaves her lady-like manners to Margaret VVallace. Sara Joy Bell wills her attempts at being wild to Mary Tabb Lancaster, hoping that Miss Lancaster will be more successful than Miss Bell was. .29 ex, NK WARM 0 K l'lJ0"'l'i3l 77 Ethelyn Bomar bequeaths her high heels to Miss Ward. Eugene Boles wills all his excessive noise to the band. Billy Bonds wills his power over women to Merriman Freeman. Mary Boyden leaves her whoopee socks to Miss Finnell. it Charles Bridges leaves his talent for charming snakes to Frances Lloyd. Brown Cribbs leaves his quietness to Helen Morganthau. Eugene Floyd wills his chewing gum to Miss Claude. Jimmie Gregg leaves his vulgarity to Lillie Atkinson. Pauline Hardin wills her curls to Ben Wooten. Richard Herman wills his monkey face to Diana Deason. Kirkwood Herrin wills his egotism to Willard Livingston. Mary Hornberger says she's awfully sorry, but she hasn't anything to will. Helen Kane leaves her old typing papers jointly to Miss Morrow and Miss McElwain. Jimmie Mize leaves Mary Foster Csoft music and sobsj. Ben Moore wills "those blue pants" to Barbara Smith. V Barry Nicholls bequeaths the old line to Frank Fitts. Look out for fish. Richard Palmer wills his nickname, "Metty," to Bill Newman. Katherine Parker wills her dark beauty to Bill Allison. Mary Pruitt leaves her popularity to Elizabeth Hardin. Lloyd Roberts leaves his country ways to Virginia Young. Winona Skinner wills her stubbornness to Aleck. Mary Timmons wills her dislike of the rain to Marie Huff. Charles Waites says he won't will anything, so that's that. Temple Williamson leaves his little brother to the wiles of Tuscaloosa High's wicked women. . Carl Herzog wills his evolution reminder to Elizabeth Standifer. Ed Ernest wills his drawling voice to Bonnie Kirkland. Frank Baker bequeaths his timidity to Mrs. Thames. Maude Clay Little and Barbara Way leave through the back door. i. rt' , T. ..... n wk l' -N l 1 H ..... . .rn-..2' .... g 1.3.54 .,,. ...Qi-. ,,1,j:,, 1 I A' 'f:"5"f """' if ry? A gigiwf-, jj, WS' ' Bv"G ESMD xj .25 Yi JUINWIRS 5 N -r .x- ' 14, PNK WH L 3,400 A l'I30"'H3! W 'E s 1 3 A E. 3 ,E if 5 3 he 25 E 1 'A 5? 5 Junior Class Officers ED TURNER ................................................................,................. ........... P reszdeut CHARLOTTE TEAS ..... ............. V zce-Preszdent BERNICE BAGWELL .. .........,... Secretary JIMMIE HAYGOOD ...... .........,,.Treasure1 VERG11. MCKINLEY, JR. .....,. ,,.,.,. A ............H1storian '11 1 Q A' 'Q 7:5 .....Poet MARY BINGHAM ' I 'x 1 f-5. -QA, 4 53,13 if Aw -3:g,,,Gh,hA I JM, ,-Y, A H H A. :Lf CPNCK Wflff A 0,0 A V130--was 'P Junior MDA Top Row-Reading from left to right- CLAKEY BELL, GUY TAYLOR, JOHN ANDERS, BUCK PERSONS, FRANK JOYNER, CLYDE THOMPSON, 'iRED" CVLEMENTS, C. W. TUCKER, FRANK BRADY, RICHARD NEELY. Second Row- MARY WILLIE ELLIOT, ODELLE LOGAN, PAULINE EILLIOT, ESTELLE LOGAN, JAURINE BERRY, CLARA KYSER, ERMA ASHLE.Y, ELEANOR TAYLOR, MYRA JOHNSON. Third Row- CARRIE BELL, LOIS ELROD, DAISY KYSER, ,ANNIE RUTH TWALONE, MILDRED STONE, LOLA BAXLEY, NELL JOYNER, GLADYS RAY, GENIE LAMB, LOUISE JACKSON. ' .......-,....3LI .. , ,. E xl'-XQK 0 A l'l.30"ICl3I 77 ERMA ASHLEY r S "Erma seems to take things as they co-me her way. She is easy going and nothing seems to unnerw her." Barrie Literary Society. JOHN IANDERS "One of the best all-round boys of the classf' Henry XV. Grady Debating Societyg Don Qui jote. LOLA BAXLEY "She has a sweet personality, and is full of rascalityf' Secretary Lanier Literary Societyg R. O. F. B.g Treasurer Section Roomg Black Warrior Siaffg Hi-Life Staff. CARRIE BELL "Kindness adds sweetness to ez.ferything." Mark Twain Literary Societyg Home Economics Clubg Monitor Section Room. CLAKEY BELL "Friendly, generons, good-naturedf' President Section '30g Science Clubg Henry VV. Grady Debating Society, R. O. F. B.g Hi-Life Staffg Student Council. JUARINE BERRY NA dainty maiden in whose eyes Rippling laughter seems to rise." Lanier Literary Society. TIM BARRINGER ' "H e never crosses a bridge till he gets there, and then he seems in no hurry." FRANK BRADY "H e is full of fun, always around pestering everyone." ROBERT CAIN "Robert is an all-round good scout." Treasurer Henry W. Grady Debating Societyg Vice-President Section. RAIFORD uRED,, CLEMENTS "Ashes to ashes, sand to sand, If you want a sweet fvapa, get a football man." Robert E. Lee Debating Societyg Red Letter Club. ..IIIf:pq,,.,.. W, ,.,. ,,, ,,,m.,,,B,,I. li .I ,, ..,'im: Im" Irhwz I I . 1' s I I 0 K l'730""l'i3I 77 Lois ELROD "Lois is a trne, sincere friend to everyone." Lanier Literary Society, Don Quijote. PAULINE ELLIOT "Modesty has more charms than beauty." ' Barrie Literary Societyg Don Quijote. MARY WILLIE ELLIOT "Talking she knew not why and cared not." Barrie Literary Society. FRANK JOYNER "Girl shy." , Robert E. Lee Debating Societyg Entre Nousg Red Letter Club. NELL JOYNER v . "Nell is like a ray of sunshine in our midst. She lives to make the world brighter and her friends happier." , Treasurer Barrie Literary Societyg Vice-President Barrie, Entre Nousg R. O. F. B.g Black Warrior Staff 3 Secretary Section Room. , Louise JACKSON "Happy, jolly, and good-naItnred." Lanier Literary Societyg Hi-Life Staff. MYRA JOHNSON I L "I simply say that she is good and possesses every requisite of womanhood. IfVhen that is said, why, what remains?" ' Barrie Literary Society 5 Commerce Clubg Secretary Section. CLARA KYzER "A sweeter girl I never knew, And this is said by more tha-n few." Barrie Literary Society. DAISY KYzER "Patience and gentleness is power." Mark Twain Literary Society. GENIE LAMB , I.:-:iam "If a maid be yonng and fair, she has the gift to printpqf' Barrie Literary Societyg Welfare Clubg Commerce Club: Rambler's Club. "'x'i' mf "fi , ,II . .V Q --,L I 5133 , 'ua - . 3 M, .If ,,,I:: Wf, xl I N Y I ,N V. I QI . Y I ' ,I,IAI, II- , y U n -' HI- 1. L .:,.g Y ,L I - W ' .Zu sf ACK wg at ' X' Rafe A mo- was 'P' ESTELLE LOGAN "lust the kind of girl that will do anything for you." Barrie Literary Societyg Don Quijoteg School Letterg Basketball Squad. ODELLE LOGAN "Not only a friend in need, but a friend indeed." Barrie Literary Societyg Don Quijoteg School Letterg Basketball Squad. RUTH MALONE "Eternal sunshine rests upon her head." RICHARD NEELY "Mischiezxous and good-natnredf' BUCK PERSONS "Dignified and self-possessed, . Quiet inen are always best." Cheer Leaderg Robert E. Lee Debating Societyg R. O. F. B. 3 Black Warrior Staf f. GLADYS RAY "H er lips are curved with laughter, And her eyes are sweet with joy." Mark Twain Literary Societyg Olympian Club. MILDRED STONE "Her eyes are the horne of silent thought." Mark Twain Literary Societylg Don Quijote. ELEANOR TAYLOR "She is so quiet, we hardly know she's here." Welfare Clubg Barrie Literary Society. GUY TAYLOR 'Silence and Guy, so they tell, Get on together exceedingly well." Underwood Debating Society. C. W. TUCKER 'IWe like you because yon are you." Henry W. Grady Debating Societyg Vice-President Sectiong R. O. F. B. CLYDE THOMPSON 4 "A good friend to have." Henry VV. Grady Debating Societyg Don Quijoteg R. O. F. B. Gr' 'fav 'K 'ISU " 5535 'Q Junior M413 Top Row-Rvadifzg frauz Irfi to right- BILLIE PHIFER, BEN HILL FREEMAN, XYARIJ MCFARLAND, THEODORE LOWERY, ROBERT MERCER, CHARLES DAVIS. OAKLEY PARK, CLIFFORD CONOWAY, FRANK TERRY. ' Serond Row- Third JOE PEGUES, DAVID READ, IRENE CARR, BERTHA GUINN, LUCILLE EATMAN, OPAL CALHOUN, BILL ALLISON, FRANK MIXSON, LEON PHILLIPS. Row- MARX' STALLWORTII, FRANCES SMITH, ELOISE DICKERT, LILLIE ATKINSON, ELIZABETH CRIBBS, NIDA LOUISE SCHMITZ, ROSE LAMB, MARY ,LOUISE NIACKERETH, BERNICE VVALLACE. CK W N i730 " lftfil W BILL ALLISON f'Silence is inore eloquent than words." . ' R. O. F. B.g Henry W. Grady Debating Society, Don Quijote. LILLIE LEE ATKINSON "A sunny disposition is better than gold." "A" Honor Roll, Black Warrior Staffg Reporter Entre Nousg Vice- 4 President 10Bg Vice-President Barrie Literary Society '3Og Chairman Pro- gram Committee Barrie Literary Society '3lg RamlIler'S Club. BERNICE BAGWELL "He saw her charming, but he saw not half." Most Beautiful Girl in T. H. S. OPAL CALHOUN "'Tenipest in a teapot." Secretary Barrie Literary Society '30. IRENE CARR , "'If silence was gold, Irene would be 24 carat." Barrie Literary Society. ELIZABETH CRIBBS "Her looks do argue her replete with modesty." Entre Nousg Reporter Barrie Literary Society '30, CLIFFORD CONOWAY "He hath a plentiful lack of wit." Henry W. Grady Debating Society. CHARLES DAVIS "A man outstanding and not outspoken." Robert E. Lee Debating Society. ELOISE DICKERT C "Sweet, gentle, and shy like a violet." Mark Twain Literary Society. LUCILLE EATMAN "The good I stand on is my truth and honesty." Physical Education Clubg Secretary Section 11Bg Rambler's Clubg Don Quijoteg "A" Honor Rollg Home Economics Clubg Treasurer Spanish Class. Kipling Literary Societyg Secretary Don Quijoteg Secretary Junior Classg Vice-President 1lBg Secretary IOBQ VVelfare Societyg Rambler'S Clubg Welfare Societyg Commercial Clubg President Barrie Literary Societyg A XJRSK 9 0 fs l't30"' Hs: 'P LoU1sE EDGELL "W hat my tongue dares not that will my heart say." Lanier Literary Society. BEN HILL FREEMAN "Life is but a little span, Out of 'it get all you can." Footballg Don Quijote g Forum Debating Society g Treasurer Section. BERTHA GUINN "Where words are scarce, they are seldom spent in vain." Barrie Literary Societyg Olympian Club. ESTHER ISRAEL "True in word and tried in deed." Entre Nousg Olympian Clubg Mark Twain Literary Society. RosE LAMB ' "Her locks outshlne the sun." "A" Honor Rollg Ramb1er's Clubg Barrie Literary Society. THEODORE LOWERY "All is not gospel that comes from his mouth." Henry W. Grady Debating Societyg Don Quijote. MARX' LOUISE MACKERETH "H er lips are curved with laughter, and her eyes are sweet 'with joy." Ramb1er's Clubg Vice-President Home Economics Clubg Reporter Lanier Literary Society. WARD MCFARLAND "Nobody loves a fat man." R. O. F. Hi-Life Staff 3 Forum Debating Society. ROBERT MERCER "Swift and sure, he moves toward the cafeteria." R. O. F. B.g Olympian Clubg Henry VV. Grady Debating Society. FRANK! lVI1xsoN "Intellectual, hard working, ready for fung It's enough to say 'Our hearts he's wonf " L Robert E. Lee Debating Societyg Section President 10B and 11Bg Presi- dent Don Quijote '30-'31 g High-Y Clubg Black Warrior Staffg "A" Honor Rollg President Spanish Class. L it " ' "' fl- ' it L it ' ' ' Q, '?'o A me - l'l3I 'P OAKLEY PARK "A face with gladness ozferspreadf' Footballg Robert E. Lee Debating Societyg VV. H. O. Club. JOE PEGUES "Happy am I, from care I am free. Whey can't they all be as happy as I?" Henry VV. Grady Debating Societyg R. O. F. B. BILLY PHIFER "A safe companion and an easy friendf' Football '29-'31g Forum Debating Societyg Don Quijote. LEON PHILLIPS NA mere child out in this cold world without a nurse." Henry W. Grady Debating Societyg R. O. F. B. ROBERT RAGLAND "Dreams are the children of an idle brain." Forum Debating Societyg Hi-Life Staff. DAVID REED "The earth hath bubbles as the water has, and this is one of thcmf Robert F.. Lee Debating Societyg Entre Nousg WV. H. O. FRANCES SMITH 'The purest treasure moral tim-es afford is spotless reputation." NVelfare Societyg Treasurer Rambler's Clubg President Barrie Literary Society '29 and '3Og "A" Honor Rollg Olympian Clubg Commercial Club. NIDA LOUISE SCI-IMITZ "In our chimney of love she's one of the bricks." Ramb1er's Clubg President Domestic Science Club '31g Home Economics Club. MARY STALLWORTH ' "Such is your coqnette who can-'t say 'No' and won't say 'Yesf " Barrie Literary Society g Entre Nous Club. FRANK TERRY "Work newer did him any harm." BERNICE VVALLACE ' 'II newer knew so young a body with so old cz head." Domestic Science Clubg Mark Twain Literary Societyg Don Quijote Club. - 3 Junior JUMC Top Row-Reading from left to right- EARLE EBERSOLE, BILLY HANSFORII, MIKE SHIRLEY, ED TURNER, JIMMIE HAYGOOIJ4, THOMAS ALLEN. Second Row- CHARLES INGRAM, HAL MCC'UI.LOUGII, TOM DOMINICK, VVALLACE GRIF- FIN, CJLIN ADAMS, THERON WEST, BILL NEWMAN, MARION MULLINS, HARRY WRIGHT. Third Row- NELL HAMNER, ELEANOR KEEINE, LOIS KANE, JENNIE MAYES, ANNIE CORINNE GEWINV, NIADELINE BESANT, BEATRICE APPLEYARD, MARIE HUFF, JEAN ROBERTSON, JESSIE THOMAS, ELIzAIBETH POWELL. ,II Kish. CK WA Q nb ffqfo fs 1730 - NSI 77 OLIN ADAMS "If silence were golden, Olin would be Ioo per cent brass." Forum Debating Societyg Don Quijoteg R. O. F. B.g Section Treasurer. THOMAS ALLEN "Slow but sure." Henry VV. Grady Debating Societyg R. O. F. B. BEATRICE APPLEYARD "Vamp 16741, 'Honeyf " Barrie Literary Societyg Commercial Clubg VVelfare Societyg Treasurer Barrie Literary Society '31. MADELINE BESANT "When we think of Madeline, we think of Fort Deposit." Barrie Literary Societyg Entre Nousg VVelfare Society. ToM DOMINICK "Has more friends than Solomon had wives." Red Cross Representativeg Assistant Business Manager Black Warriorg Hi-Y Clubg Vice-President Don Quijote Clubg V ice-President Robert E. Lee Debating Societyg Treasurer Hi-Y Club. EARLE EBERSOLE "Congenial and jolly." Forum Debating Societyg Hi-Y Clubg High School Bandg R. O. F. B. ANNIE CORINNE GEWIN "In gentle looks and talents rare None can surpass and few compare." Vice-President Kipling Literary Societyg Olympian Club 3 Historian Fresh- man Class '3Og Secretary and Treasurer Section '29-'31g Black Warrior Staff '29-'3lg R. O. F. B.g Assistant Editor Black Warriorg Entre Nousg We VVill Clubg Hi-Life Staff. WALLACE GRIFFIN "Our ladies' man." Forum Debating Societyg W. H. O. Clubg Don Quijote. i NELL HALINER "Life is too short to worry." Mark Twain Literary Society 3 Domestic Science Club. BILLY HANSFORD ' . "Oh.' I have so many girls." S Forum Debating Society. 1. 1- .ii J.-wcgwqtvfil-.R W ii x,PX-K WAR Q, R R 'lfo A mo - ms: W JIMMIE HAYGOOD "Always looking for trouble." g Robert E. Lee Debating Society g R. O. F. B.g Olympian Club 5 W. H. O. MARIE HUFF "Little but loud." Lanier Literary Society. CHARLES INGRAM "Says little and thinks lots." Olympian Clubg Forum Debating Societyg Black Warrior Staff '3O' R. O. F. B. Lo1s KANE - "Watch that field, Lois." . Van Dyke Literary Societyg Entre Nous 5 Welfare Society 5 Hi-Life Staff 5 Black Warrior Staff. ELEANOR KEENE "Not one word does she utter." Barrie Literary Societyg Welfare Society. JENNIE MAYES "Where's my new literature book ?" Ramb1er's Clubg Barrie Literary Societyg Olympian Clubg Welfare Societyg Secretary Barrie Literary Society '31. HAL MCCULLOUGH X "Where is Hal now?" Forum Debating Societyg Don Quijoteg Footballg High School Band. MARION MULLINS "A perfect student except for his grades." Henry W. Grady Debating Societyg Don Quijote 5 R. O. F. B. BILLVNEWMAN ' "Why girls leave home." Forum Debating Societyg Science Clubg R. O. F. B. ' ELIZABETH POWELL "May all her years be happy ones." Barrie Literary Societyg Commercial Clubg Welfare Society. JEAN ROBERTSON "A new, faithful student." Mark Twain Literary Society. . .,4 In ,W!.,w,3. - i. . .H A .h up '- 1 ,-. E N at- V12 .a,.auuaL..f..an.n,.giiu amilm smmmmum. A""'ilf1lr!' V' .. .-. fu '-"1 ..:qwmff-ng.:-vrwf-Rf' 'll21"Y3"":'?",irZ. x.Pi5K WAR' 9, e 049 13 me - HSI 7' jnssrn THOMAS W "A friend to all." ' ' Home 'Economics Clubg Barrie Literary Societyg Hi-Life Staffg R. O. F. B.g Rambler's Club. ' MIKE SHIRLEY "Popular with everyone." President Freshman Class '30g President Section 10Cg Henry W. Grady Debating Society. EDWARD TURNER "God'.v gift to women." ' Robert E. Lee Debating Societyg Olympian Clubg R. O. F. B.g Vice- President Freshman Class '30g President junior Class '31g President Sec- tion 11Cg Football. R THERON WEST y ' ' "Our blushing Theron." Forum Debating Societyg Olympian Clubg R. O. F. B. in WYATT Woon "Quiet and peaceful." Forum Debating Society. HARRY WRIGHT f i "Loved by many, admired by all." - Robert E. Lee Debating Societyg Entre Nousg R. O. F. B. KERM11- EVANS "Life is but a little span, Out of it get all you can." I 71' ,IJ - -V 4- - .- ' vt .V-Sag .Lg 1 A I f - ' . . ur-hd.nl.u1m.-. Lf ' QQ If K V130 "' , WB! Junior MDD Top Row-Reading from left to right- CLIFF ATKINSON, VERGIL MCKINI,EY', WILLIAM DEAL, RUSSELL LANCAS- TER, TAYLOR DRIVER, HUB ANDREWS, WILBUR VVARD. CARL STRINGEELLOW, THOMAS B. SIMPSON. Second Row- Third KATHERINE HORTON, BARBARA DAVIS, NINA ROSS SEARCY, MARY EMILY MAXWELL, TWARGARET DENNY, KATHLEEN GULLEY, FRANCES LLOYD, IMOGENE CI-IATFIELD, ELLEN GREENWOODA, MAURINE PARTRICH, CHAR- LOTTE TEAS, GRACE MAXWELL. Row- ELIZABETH HILBISH, ADELAIDE NICQUEEN, SUE TURNER, ELIZABETH STANDIFER, TILLIE WALKER, MAEDELLI GOODSON, MARY FOSTER, MARY H. BINGHAM, DIANA DEASON, KATHLEEN COLLINS, MARY BURNETT, MARY CHAMP PICKENS. QE' 'lfo fs mo- mr 7' HUBNEIR ANDREWS "Y ou can live 'without music, you can live without art, But you cau't meet Hurb without losiug your heart." Secretary Section l1Dg Footballg Basketball 3 Robert E. Lee Debating Society. CLIFF ATKINSON "While I live, I crow." A Robert E. Lee Debating Societyg Don Quijoteg Treasurer Section Room '30g VV. H. O. MARY H. BINGHAM "She reminds us of -valentines, perfume, music and mignouettef' Vice-President Van Dyke Literary Societyg Hi-Life Staffg President 10A '30g Olympian Clubg R. O. F. B.g Welfare Societyg Vice-President Section 11Dg Rambler's Clubg "A" Honor Roll. MARY BURNETT' "Life without mischief is uot life." Van Dyke Literary Societyg Welfare Societyg Don Quijoteg R. O. F. B.g P. E. G. Club. I IMOGENE CHATFIELD "Cougeuial and jolly are the adjectives that describe her best." "Au Honor Rollg Kipling Literary Society 5 Chairman Program Committee Entre Nous Clubg R. O. F. B.g Welfare Societyg Hi-Life Staffg Black Warrior Staff g Captain Tenth Grade Basketball Team '30g Rambler's Club 5 School Letter in Physical Educationg Secretary P. E. G. Club. KATHLEEN COLLINS "When iu doubt, giggle." Van Dyke Literary Societyg Don Quijoteg Vllelfare Societyg Hi-Life Staffg Reporter Don Quijote. BARBARA DAVIS "Sweet is her nature, sweet is her faceg Dear in our hearts she holds a place." Kipling Literary Societyg Welfare Societyg Entre Nous Clubg Olympian Clubg R. O. F. B. WILLIAM DEAL "The bigger they are, tlze harder they fall !" Robert F.. Lee Debating Societyg Entre Nousg Football. 9 'lfo A l'I.'50"'lCl3l We DIANA DEASON "She studies-yeah, but what about?" V D ke Literary Societyg Welfare Societyg R. O. F. B.g Hi-Life Staffg an y Black Warrior Staff '30g Olympian Clubg Entre Nous Club. MARGARET DENNY "I had rather make tetramethyl dramiclobinzophenone chloride than eat." C011 yeah?j Treasurer Kipling Literary Societyg Hi-Life Staffg Olympian Clubg Wel- ' ' B. fare Societyg Treasurer Section llD, R. O. F. TAYLOR DRIVER 1 "Why bny 'em when I can bum 'em?" Don Qui jote. MARY ADAIR FOSTER "Mary has a charming smile, Keeps it with her all the while." c Secretary and Treasurer Van Dyke Literary Societyg Secretary Freshman Class '30g Olympian Clubg R. O. F. B.g Welfare Societyg P. E. G. Clubg "A" Honor Roll. MAEDELL GOODSON "A modern Cleopatra." Van Dyke Literary Societyg Welfare Societyg Treasurer Don Quijoteg Vice-President Spanish Class 5 Section Beauty. ELLEN GREENWOOD "Ellen and Paul, so they tell, Get on together exceedingly well." Kipling Literary Societyg Welfare Societyg Entre Nous Clubg Secretary Section 'SOQ R. O. F. B. KATHLEEN GULLEY "Senorita's I nspirationf' Kipling Literary Societyg Don Quijoteg Welfare Societyg Basketball. ELIZABETH HILBISH "Fm little, but Fm all here." T Mark Twain Literary Society g R. O. F. B. g Hi-Life Staff 3 Welfare Society: i Don Qui jote. Q KATHERINE HORTON "I am resolved to grow fa T ' t School Letter in Physical t and look young till forty." Educationg Rambler's Clubg Tenth Grade Basketball Team , ' ' ' ' E. G. Club. Olympian Club, Vice-President P. .. 4,.....E. Van Dyke Literary Societyg Welfare Socie yg '30' R. O. F. B.: f A mo- Hs: 'P 5' "" 0 RUSSELL LANCASTER "Bunk-The answer to a maiden's prayer." Robert E. Lee Debating Societyg Basketballg Junior Manager Football Teamg Vice-President 10A '3O. FRANCES LLOYD "Witty, Vlfinsorfrze, and Wise." "A" Honor Rollg Kipling Literary Societyg Welfare Societyg Olympian Clubg Entre Nous Clubg R. O. F. B. GRACE MAXWELL "Grace in motion, Grace in Hfl'11fLL',' Yours will be a life of fame." Kipling Literary Societyg Basketball Team g Welfare Society 5 Program Committee Olympian Club 3 Hi-Life Staffg Rambler's Clubg School Letter in Physical Educationg Treasurer P. E. G. Clubg R. O. F. B. MARY EMILY MAXWELL "Lots of pep and plenty of mind, As true a friend you'Il ever find." Kipling Literary Societyg WVelfare Societyg Olympian Clubg Entre Nousg Basketballg R. O. F. B. For MCCRAW "Woman is man's bread of life,' I'm getting hungry." Red Letter Clubg Footballg Basketballg Sergeant-at-Arms Robert E. Lee Debating Societyg Track. VERGIL MCKINLEY "I f at first you don't succeed, keep on sucking until you do suck seed." Robert E. Lee Debating Society 5 T. H. S. Band 5 Science Clubg Poet Fresh- man Class X305 Poet junior Class. ADELAIDE LTCQUEEN "A mighty huntress, and her prey is man." Van Dyke Literary Society g Entre Nous 5, Usher '30g Olympian Clubg Most Popular Girl 10A '3Og Welfare Society. MAURINE PARTRICH "Every gate is thronged with suitors, All the markets overflow." President Lanier Literary Societyg R. O. F. B.g Welfare Societyg Science Club. v MPNVK WHR0! Q, 0 fs l'l30"l't3l 7' MARX' CHAMP PICKENS "An apt leader of her gang, Chuck full of pep and slang!" Welfare Societyg President Section llDg Black Warrior Staff '30 g Hi-Life Staff g Olympian Clubg Entre Nousg Basketballg R. O. F. B. NINA Ross SEARCY "She's true and genuine and likes heaps of fun." Kipling Literary Society g Olympian Club g Welfare Society. THOMAS BROWNIBRIDGE SIMPSON "I am a pretty, handsome boy, fust out to be a lady's toy." Robert E. Lee Debating Societyg Section's Most Popular Boy '30 5 T. H. S. Band. ELIZABETH STANDIFER 5' .Y Mr. "W hy gentlemen prefer blondes." Van Dyke Literary Society 5 VVelfare Society. CARL STRINGFELLOW "A key that will unlock the fairest heart." Robert E. Lee Debating Societyg Footballg Secretary Freshman Class '303 T. H. S. Bandg Basketballg Entre Nous. CHARLOTTE TEAS "Fair and gracious is she, And a breaker of hearts 'will be." "A" Honor Rollg Kipling Literary Societyg Welfare Societyg Vice-Presi- dent Junior Classg Ramblerls Clubg Olympian Clubg Entre Nous Clubg Hi-Life Staffg R. O. F. B.g Black W'arriOr Staff. SUE DALTON TURNER "Of beautiful eyes and coal black hair, S he certainly has received her share." Chairman Entre Nous Clubg Van Dyke Literary Societyg Welfare Societyg R. O. F. B. TILLIE WALKER "Life is but a little span, Out of it get all you can." Kipling Literary Societyg Don Quijoteg NVelfare Societyg Rambler's Club. VVILBUR VV ARD "To rest is to rust. Just 'watch my dust !" Vice-President Forum Debating' Societyg Treasurer Entre Nous Clubg VV. H. O. ln 4 .: Af- ' . L A ...A......,... ,......i,- .- .... 6x PKK R67 0 A me -1113: W Junior Class Poem V In early September we would hasten, Our new, unseen books to christen,' But all our lzigh spirit, our toil broke, And all that was left was a wisp of hope. We'd open a book to settle at question, But all we could find was another congestion. And when we thought we had drawn a conclusion, Vlfe were disgusted to discover another confusion. Such is this life. Aw! what a shaine- Yet we know not whoin to blaine, And all this hearsay of high school glory Is beginning to look like "just another sad story." But things are beginning to change their courseg life know not from what source. We're coming to have a greater arnbition, And each new day sees another addition. Before us downs a brighter day Like springtime in early May. 'Tis graduation! glorious graduation! making itself known And next year it will be ours, yes, all our own. VERGIL IWICKINLEY, Class Poet. I 0 K l'I30"'l'l3I 77 Junior Class History The junior class of Tuscaloosa High School survived its freshman year and is now starting on that perilous journey toward graduation. In athletics we have outclassed all competitors for the last two years. We, the juniors, have furnished as many, if not more, men in athletic lines than all the rest of the classes. Boast, why yes, we will boast of these meng they are the most honorable, the cleanest bunch that ever entered the athletic field. Physically they are all men, and this has been proved by the games played this year. It is needless to mention the names of all our athletic men. They are known through all the South for their football history of nineteen twenty-nine and nine- teen thirty as the ones who won the championship of the state. In all the societies and clubs you will find the leading members and officers are members of the junior class. On, brave people, room for the junior classg watch them go forward. But why brag when our deeds stand out to show our words? People, the time has come when we must pass, on to the top of the mound, where we are called seniors, and we hope to meet these loyal members of the junior class as loyal seniors next year. MARY BINGHAM, Class Historian. I . L ' " A A . '- 1 '1.3i 'gAg,,.'i,ggg, L" i n ga -.:' ,'l,, t1', QW". -i k -i. . . . , I - Ill - ' E :.i5f .LY,:i Q 'f i ' E.. ' I HRESHNEN CK W QQJMPX Aefff Q, 0 A l'l30"lfI3l W Freshmen Class Officers JERRY CAMPBELL .......,.................,...................,., President PERRY HUGHES ..... ....,.... V ice-President ROBERT BELL ............. .....,........,....... S ecretary JAMES DAVIS ................. ................... T reasurer DOROTHY NELSON .......................,. Poet HERBERT SPIVACK ..,........... Historian V UNK 'S 730' ff13f I Freshmen JUUIQA Top ROTC'-Rfdtfillg from lvft to right- HERBERT PATTON, BEN XVOOTEN, ROY XYOODS, DAVID VVARNER, JEWEL LAKE, AUBREY TOVVNSENIJ, FRANK TVIULLINS, SIMS TVIOODY, CHARLES REED. Second Row- Third MCLESTER SNOW, HEYWOOD SKINNER, EDVVARD JENKINS, HOY HAMIL- TON, SUE YOUNG NICCLURE, CARRIE SHIRLEY, MARY LONDON POU, MARY TABD LANCASTER, ANTOINETTE SWIM, BONITA TODD, MCCORKLE MOODY, TOM VVARD, XVILLARD LIVINGSTON. Row- ELIZABETH SMITH, BARBARA SMITH, LUCY RICHARDSON, LILLIAN HAR- GROVE, VVILLIE REE HOBSON, JULIA ELLEN POWERS, MILDRED FLOYD, MARGARET VVALLACE, AUDREY WARREN, EDNA THOMPSON, VIRGINIA YOUNG, FRANCES POSS. ig 2 W., -fy- I ex PKK WA A 0 A mo-ms: MILDRED FLOYD "Thought is the seed of action." Mark Twain Literary Society. LILLIAN EHARGROVE "A soft answer tnrneth away wrath." Mark Twain Literary Society. WILLIE REE HOBSON "A merry heart goes all the day." Mark Twain Literary Society. EDWIN JENKINS 77 "Consider the lillies of the fieldg they toil not, neither do they spin." Underwood Debating Society. MARY TABB LANCASTER "H er voice is ever soft and low,' an nnnsnal thing in woman." g Van Dyke LiteraryNSocietyg P. E. G. Clubg Black VVarrior Staff. JEWEL LAKE "Spreading himself like a green bay tree." Underwood Debating Society. LUXIE LANGSTON "M y man's as true as steel." Grady Debating Society. WILLARD LIVINGSTON "Smooth runs the water where the brook is deep." Robert E. Lee Debating Societyg Vice-President Section. SUE YOUNG MCCLURE i "Wisdom giveth life to them that have it." Kipling Literary Society. MCCORKLE Moonv "It is not good that man should be alone." Robert E. Lee Debating Societyg W. H. O. SIMS Moomf "Herein lies wisdom." Robert E. Lee Debating Society. FRANK MULLINS "The secret of success is constant work." Underwood Debating Society. 5' ' ' - D MACK Q10 K V730 "' H31 JOHN THOMAS PAGE "Not too sober, not too gay,' but a real good fellow in ezfery way." Underwood Debating Society. HERBERT PATTON "A proper boy so we shall see." Forum Debating Societyg Hi-Life Staff. FRANCES Poss "H er ways are ways of pleasantness, and all her paths are peace." Lanier Literary Society. JULIA ELLEN POWERS "Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art than Romeo?" Van Dyke Literary Society. MARY LONDON POU "Sweet are the pleasures that to avernal belong." Van Dyke Literary Societyg Hi-Life Staff g Ramb1er's Club. , CHARLES REED "The glass of fashion, the mould of form, the observed of all observers." Robert E. Lee Debating Society. LUCY RICHARDSON "H er pleasure is her power to charm." Van Dyke Literary Society. CARRIE SHIRLEY "H er heart is as true as steel." Van Dyke Literary Societyg Hi-Life Staff g Rambler's Clubg Program Committee P. E. G. Club. HEYWOOD SKINNER "Why should a man, whose blood is warm within, sit like his grandsire cnt in alabaster?" Underwood Debating Society. ELIZABETH SMITH "The best way to have friends is to be one." Van Dyke Literary Society. BARBARA SMITH "PV here there's a will there's a way." Van Dyke Literary Society. MCLESTER SNOW "Behold! How great a matter a little fire can kindle." Robert E. Lee Debating Society. kiwi . -.1 f M CK W Q,X,PN Affqfo K l'l30 "' l'l3I 77 ANTOINETTE SWIM "They can conquer who believe they can." Lanier Literary Society. EDNA THOMPSON "A companion that is cheerful is worth gold." Mark Twain Literary Societyg Spanish Club. BONITA TODD "As full of spirit as the month of May." Kipling Literary Societyg P. E. G. Club. AUBREY TOWNSEND "Fm sure eare's an enemy to life." Underwod Debating Society. MARIETTA WHWALEY "All must be in earnest in a world like ours." Lanier Literary Society. MARGARET WALLACE "Genius points the way, but labor does the work." Kipling Literary Societyg Hi-Life Staff. TOM VVARD "The sleep of a laboring man is sweet." Robert E. Lee Debating Societyg President Section. DAVID WARNER "Of books there is no end, and much study is a weariness of the flesh Forum Debating Society. AUDREY WARREN "Softly speak and sweetly smile." Barrie Literary Society 5 Spanish Club. ROY WOODS "I dare do all that may become a man." Underwood Debating Society." BEN WOUTEN "Who niixed reason with pleasure and wisdom with mirth." Forum Debating Societyg Black Warrior Staffg Hi-Life Staff. VIRGINIA YOUNG "Beauty from order springs." Lanier Literary Society. HUBERT CLEMENTS "A kind friend to all." ' ' Footballg Robert E. Lee Debating Society. X'Pxf,K WHR0! 1 Freshmen 10413 Top R0'zc'-Reading from left to right- A. L. MCDUEE, MILTON MONTGOMERY, WILLIE BELL, JOHN A. BURROUGHS, JERRY CAMPBELL, MARION EARL GRANT, ORIAN TABB, ROBERT BELL, PERRY HUGHES, DELMAR WILLIAMSON, WILSON PATTON, DOUGLAS STEWART, EWING OWEN, CRIM BELL. Second Row- Third C. P. WHITE, FRED SCHOEL, JOHNNIE HINTON, MURRAY DAY, FRANK FITTS, EARNEST VVILLIAMS, BUSTER HUBBARD, FLOYD CULBERSON, HILYARD REID, JAMES STOREY, JAMES FLVANS, ROBERT YODER. Row- BUENA MOORE, HATTIE MAE NELSON, LOUISE WILLIAMS, NELLIE STEP- HENS, LOUISE BICGUIRE, MAXINE VVALKER, LUCILLE PRICE, MARTHA SMITH, ATIIALEA XVOOD, DOROTHY HOPPER. XJXLK WAR0! 0 A me - N31 7' ROBERT BELL "H e is not lacking in friends nor in honorsf' Robert E. Lee Debating Societyg W. H. O. Clubg Class Secretary. CRIM BELL "Says little and does less." Underwood Debating Society. FLOYD CULBERSON "A silent, shy, and peace-loving boy." Underwood Debating Society. MURRAY' DAY "Always seems busier than he is." Grady Debating Society. JAMES EVANS 'tHe thinks more than he talks." Underwood Debating Society. FRANK FITTS "A nervous wreck is Mrs. Gray's algebra exams." Underwood Debating Society. DOROTHY HOPPER "A quiet and friendly girl." Mark Twain Literary Society. -IOHNNIE HINTON "Sometimes Johnnie sits and thinks, and sometimes he just sits." Underwood Debating Society. LUCILLE PRICE "Is she not more than painting can express or youthful poets fancy when they love?" Van Dyke Literary Society. MARTHA SMITH "She's something sterling that will stay when gold and silver pass away." Lanier Literary Societyg Black VVarriOr Staff. DOUGLAS STEWART "I t takes brains to be a fool."' Underwood Debating Society. C. P. VVHITE "To rest is to rust, ' lust 'wateh my dust." Forum Debating Society . BUSTER HUBBARD t "Life is too short for sorrow." Forum Debating Society. PERRY HUGHES - "In everything he's np to par,'J But in football he is a star." A .Footballg Robert E. Lee Debating Societyg Vice-President Freshman Class. 6xvPySK RG! 0 A me-mul 7' LOUISE MCGUIRE "Her kindness, smiles, and good cheer Will carry her through many a year." Kipling Literary Society. ATHALEA WOOD "Such a girl makes many friends but no enemies." Mark Twain Literary Society. LOUISE WILLIAMS "S he thinks while others talk." Lanier Literary Society. WILLIE BELL "H e studies, yeah! But what about?" Underwood Debating Society. JOHN A. BURROUGHS "M any tongues his praises sing." Underwood Debating Society. JERRY CAMPBELL "H e came, he saw, he conquered." President Freshman Class, Vice-President Section 1OBg Robert E. Lee Debating Society. JAMES DAVIS "S hall I , waiting in despair, Die because a woman's fair?" Grady Debating Society. MARION EARL GRANT "To say well is good, but to do well is better." Robert E. Lee Debating Society. EWING OWEN "True friends are blessings." Football 5 Underwood Debating Society. A. L. MCDUFE "A pushing man always gets ahead in this world, so does a cabbage." Forum Debating Society. RICHARD RIALONE "An all-round fellow and a good student." BUENA MOORE "Quality is better than quantity." Mark Twain Literary Society. WILSON PATTON I ' "Don't let your education interfere with your good time." Forum Debating Society. X HILYARD REID "Says the right thing in the wrong place." Underwood Debating Society. -.7-ywv-pg-1-9-ivy-1 1-Yr?-,.f1-prawn, ..-f-:-vw.yaifi-.grigvzi-avg-:f.:wri'su11:gnp5AnF - XJKCK, i 0 NELLIE STEVENS "Another victim of vanity." Mark Twain Literary Society. FRED SHOEL A "A man of few words." -Underwood Debating Society. JAMES STOREY "He knows what he learns." Black Warrior Staffg Grady Debating Society. OREAN TABB "I f ignorance were bliss, Orean would be blisteredf' Forum Debating Society. MILTON MONTGOMERY . X "He has the graces which render a man's societies dear to women Forum Debating Society. HATTIE MAE NELSON . ' "It's nice to be natural when yoifre naturally nice." Lanier Literary Society. DELMAR WILLIAMSON "A good name is better than great riches." Robert E. Lee Debating Society. ERNEST WILLIAMS "His joys are as deep as the oceans, His troubles are as light as foam." Robert E. Lee Debating Society. MAXINE WALKER "There's gold in her heart as well as her hair." Barrie Literary Society. ROBERT YODER ' "There's mischief in every good man." Grady Debating Society. I Km'jiHIi5ii1iir1m5E,Yuflf-'-I L ,. ww-sw! mv K l'l30"l'i3I 7 I '7J0'lci3l Freshmen JUUMC Top Row--Reading from loft to right- THOMAS POWELL, CHARLES BALL, EUGENE BRIDGES, THOMAS LEE BEAU- CIIAMP, ARTHUR ANDREWS, VVALKER CLEMENTS, BRYANT CULBERSON, JAMES BAGWELL, NORMAN LE MAISTRE, TOMMIE CHERONIES, CHARLES BRYAN. Second Row- Third JAMES FARR BEASON, MERRIMAN FREEMAN, BILL CANTY, BERTRAM BANK, RUBY DAVENPORT, SARA GILBERT, ADBIE WILLIAMSON, ANICE SATTER- WHITE, EMMIE DERAMUS, LUCILLE ROYCROFT, CADDIE BELL, JAMES DAVIS, JAMES' CAIN. Row- KATHLEEN KING, UDESS PENNINGTON, RUBY XXVYATT, ANNALEE BRITTAIN, ROZENA SEVIER, SARAH VVILLIAMS, ANNIE POWELL, ELIZABETH NORRIS, DAPHNE ABSTON, ANNIE MAE STEPHENS, DOROTHY SUTHER, BONNY KIRKLAND, FRANCES SEALE. CKW ix l'l30"I'I3I 7' ARTHUR ANDREWS ff He leads the cl ass-alphabetically." Underwood Debating Society. DAPHNE ABSTON "All blondes are not dizzy." Mark Twain Literary Society. CADDIE BELL "She has what it takes to get on the Honor Roll." Barrie Literary Society. TOM BEAUCHAMP Though he's b een praised, his hat yet fits." Underwood Debating Society. EUGENE BRIDGES i "He wears species to suit his eyes, he'd never wear them to look wise Underwood Debating Society. CHARLES BRYAN "Ready of wit, long of tongue, Short of statue, and full of funf' Underwood Debating Society. JAMES FARR BEASON H e's so small he could sit on a dime and have nine cents change." Underwood Debating Societyg Cafeteria Service. JAMES BAGWELL "All great men are dead, and Fm not feeling so very well myself." Underwood Debating Society. BERT BANKS A "One reason why all the girls attend football games." Underwood Debating Societyg Football. FRED BARRINGER . "Ambition is no cure for love-'eh Annie?" Football. CHARLES BALL n "N ow and then he has a bright thought--now and then-yes." ANNALEE BRITTAIN A "Whether I get there or not, I 'll be on my way." Mark Twain Literary Society. ' BILL CANTY "He hasn't been with us long, but we've found out his tr Underwood Debating Society. BRYAN ue blue nature. T CULBERSON "God made him, therefore let him pass for a boy." Underwood Debating Society. in . . --V1-5-MVK:--E --I. - l 0 A mo-' l'l3I 'P JAMES CAIN "The empty 'vessel makes the greatest sound." Underwood Debating Society. TOMMIE CHERONIES "Here's to Tommie, so full of chatter, talks lots, says nothing-what does it matter?" Underwood Debating Society. WALKER CLEMENTS "Let others do the laboring and I'll do the rest." Robert E. Lee Debating Society. EMMIE DERAMUS "H er sweet disposition has won her many friends." RUBY DAVENPORT "Rubies are valuable and especially this kind." Kipling Literary Societyg Section Secretary. MERRIMAN FREEMAN "Oh, why do they all pick on me?" Underwood Debating Society. SARAH GILBERT "It's natural to be nice when you are naturally nice." I Kipling Literary Societyg Olympian Club, Section Presidentg Black War- rior Staff g Welfare Societyg Student Council. BONNIE KIRKLAND 1 "There is nothing impossible to her, who tries." Van Dyke Literary Society. KATHLEEN KING "S he has to stand twice to make a shadow." Lanier Literary Society. NORMAN LE MAISTRE "Tall men are like tall houses, usually roughly built in the upper story." Underwood Debating Society. ELIzABETH NORRIS "Oh say, where's my compact?" Mark Twain Literary Society. UDESS PENNINGTON l "There's a little mischief in every good little girl." Barrie Literary Society. ANNIE POWELL "lust four small letters describe her thoughts-F-R-E-D." Lanier Literary Society. . emlw XJXCK 0 A H30 - l'l3I 7' THOMAS POWELL "I f brightness is a germ, then Thomas is perfectly immune." Underwood Debating Society. LUCILLE ROYCROFT i "No sweeter girl, no better sport upon this earth could we import." Lanier Literary Society. ANICE SATTERWHITE "She isn't a 'Comedy of Errors' nor 'A Midsummefs Night Dreamf but take her 'As You Like I t,' and she's just what she seems." Van Dyke Literary Societyg Black Warrior Staff g Olympian Clubsg Welfare Society. FRANCES SEALE "If curls will get you there, she's gone." Barrie Literary Society. RozENA SEVIER "Ambition rules her brain, lozfe her hearty she can't expect us to mention R i-ii!! Lanier Literary Societyg Section Vice-President. DOROTHY SUTHER "A self starter, not a crank." Lanier Literary Society. ADDIE WILLIAMSON "S peaking generally, she's generally speaking." Kipling Literary Societyg Section Secretary. SARAH WILLIAMS "The deed I intend to do, but what as yet I know not." Lanier Literary Society. RUBY WYATT "Think a lot and build a. home on it." Barrie Literary Society. ANNIE MAE STEPHENS "Annie Mae is good, sweet, and kind, With cheerful mien and happy mindfj Mark Twain Literary Society. . L f 'f.30"'lq3l Freshmen JUUVD T011 Row-Reading from left to right- GRAY BICKLEIY, EUGENE BOWMAN, CLAYTON BLONDHEIM, RAYMOND BLONDHEIM, GEORGE BEAR, HAROLD BAKER, JAMES, BRADFORD, JOHN BEN BOMAR, LESTER BRIDGES, JOHN BEALE, EILBERT LEE DODSON, RALPH BAKER. Second Row- Third MARGARET HINTON, STELLA RUTH JOHNSON, ESSIE LEE JONES, MILDRED HARAN, CVORNELIA APPLEYARD, ELIZABETH BARKSDALEI, MARGARET RICE, EUNICE HAYES, ELEANOR BOWERS, ELLA MAE CHANNEL, ALYCE CHAPMAN. Row- CLARA JONES, FRANCES APPLEX'ARD, ANNIE LAURA TAYLOR, ELIZABETH HARDIN, MAXIBEL DAVIS, DIXIE MYRLE MILLS, BARBARA COLEMAN, JOHNNIE SUE NIARLAR, JESSIE AVERY, JEWEL GRANT, BEBE ALBRIGHT. GX' NK wagfff t 0 R l'l30"'lcl3I 77 BEBE ALBRIGHT "Her 'voice is ever soft and low." Hi-Life Staffg Lanier Literary Society. CORNELIA APPLEX'ARD "Cornelia is a blond, but oh how she likes those brunettes." Lanier Literary Society. FRANCES APPLEYARD "If cars went as fast as Frances's tongue, we would think nothing of going two hundred miles an hour." Kipling Literary Society. ji-:ssnz AVERY "She has a way of her own that has gained many friends." Mark Twain Literary Society. RALPH BAKER "Size doesn't mean much." Underwood Debating Society. HAROLD BAKER "He always seems busier than he really is." Robert E. Lee Debating Societyg Section Vice-Presidentg Football. ELIZABETH BARKSDALE "Her friendliness is C01'llLlgl01lSf,Y Lanier Literary Society. GEORGE BEAR "A quiet tongue shows a wise headf' Underwood Debating Societyg Football. JOHN BEALLE -"A boy of few words, but we co.u'ldn't do without him." Robert E. Lee Debating Society. GRAY BICKLEY "Gray is not very quiet' but seerns to get along alright." Forum Debating Society. CLAYTON BLONDHEIM "W e could not do without hirn."' Underwood Debating Society. RAYMOND BLONDHEIM "Of ladies he is shy, though nobody knows why." Underwood Debating Society. 0 R l'130"I'l3I 77 JOHN BEN BOMAR "He's got 'IT,' but 'IT' don't do him no good.' " Robert E. Lee Debating Societyg Football. ELEANORE BOWERS "A sweeter maid I never knew, s And that is said by more than few." Lanier Literary Society. JAMES BRADFORD "Where would we find a better sport than James?" Robert E. Lee Debating Society. EUGENE BOWMAN "We can't find anything against him, so he must be all right." ELLA MAE CHANNEL 4 "Another one of those ambitions girls." Lanier Literary Society. BARBARA COLEMAN "She has the mildest of manners and the gentlest of hearts." Lanier Literary Society. MAXIBEL DAVIS "Her face, figure, and pleasing way makes her more popular every day." - Van Dyke Literary Societyg Section Secretaryg Black VVarrior Staff. ELBERT LEE DODSON "One reason why girls leave home." Forum Debating Societyg Football. MILDRED HARAN "She would talk the horns off a goat." Lanier Literary Society. ELIZABETH HARDIN "Another one of those blond beauties." Kipling Literary Society. EUNICE HAYES "A bluff, or an effortg she gets there." Lanier Literary Society. -JNIARGARET HINTON "Margaret personifies personality and pep." I Van Dyke Literary Societyg Section Presidentg Black Warrior Staff R. O. F. B. HL. 1. -.l Lai xp.CK R! J 0 K l'l30"I'l3I 77 STELLA RUTH JOHNSON "Full of pep and fun, liked by every one." Barrie Literary Society. CLARA JONES "She is sweet as she is pretty." Mark Twain Literary Society. ESSIE LEE JoNES "H er smile is irresistable." Mark Twain Literary Society. JOHNNIE SUE MARLAR "Her smiling face makes the world a happier place." Lanier Literary Society. - DIXIE MYRL MILLS "Congenial and energetic describes Dixie." Barrie Literary Society. MARGARET: RICE "Brown eyes plus brown hair equals brunette beauty." Van Dyke Literary Society. ANNIE LAURIE TAYLOR "The reason for her many friends is that she is a friend Barrie Literary Society. ALYCE CHAPMAN "To know her is to love her, and everybody knows her. Lanier Literary Society. LESTER BRIDGES "Studious and quiet and a perfect gentleman." Underwood Debating Societyg R. O. F. B. JEWEL GRANT "H er name describes her well. S he's a 'lewel'." Lanier Literary Society. I gy PNCK RR! Freshmen MME Top Rofw-Reading from left to 7"l'gllf-- HAI.BERT TIIURMAN, JAMES ROGERS, NEWTON PEARSON, RAY GRIFFIN, ALLEN ROGERS, XV. S. GREGORY, E. J. FINNELL, CHARLES HEWITT, LEON GUINN, JAMES PARK, JOE SHEPHERD, HERBERT SPIVACK. Second Row- Third RICHARD FANTV, CLYDE RUMSEY, CHLOTS TOWNSEND, GEORGIA PARK, AMANDA JONES, HELEN MORGENTHAU, BESSIE MAE WOOD, CAROLYN LAWLESS, ANNIE GRACE HICKS, MARY DAWSON MAxWELL, JULIUS GREY, ROBERT HARBOUR. Row- MARIE LIPSCOMB, ELIZABETH NORTONJ, MARIE DROLET, JEAN NICOL, RUTH ELLEN MORGAN, KATHERINE SHIRLEY, EILEEN SPILLER, DOROTHY NELSON, IDA STRICKLAND, LE.vERTA MCCOWN, PHYLLIS CRANSTON, ALICE BLA- SINGAME. XJKYK WAR8! Q70 R H30 " lCl3I ALICE BALSINGAME "Alice of wonderland, and T. H. S ." Van Dyke Literary Societyg R. O. F. B. PHYLLIS CRANSTON "She's new, but we like her." Mark Twain Literary Society. MARIE DROLET "A girl who is athletic as well as studiousf' R. O. F. B.g Hi-Life Staff g Kipling Literary Societyg Welfare Societyg Girl Scout. RICHARD FANT "Fifteen for 'Tootsie'." Cheerleader. E. J. FINNELL "I f quietness were sand, he would be a desert." Robert E. Lee Debating Society. W. S. GREGORY "I t doesn't pay to worry, things are bound to happen anyway." Forum Debating Society. JULIUS GREY I "A quiet fellow, who looks after his own affairs and leaves others alone.' RAxg GRIFFIN "Somebody everybody likes." Robert E. Lee Debating Society 5 R. O. F. B. LEON GUINN . "Fm a handsome, loving boy, just fit to be a lady's toy." Vice-President Grady Debating Societyg R. O. F. B. ROBERT HARBOUR "H e always has a good time-he generally passes." Grady Debating Society. CHARLES IFIEWITT - "'Balboa,' Bessenieifs gift to T. H. S ." Robert Lee Debating Society. ANNIE GRACE HICKS "A very healthy and robust young lady." Mark Twain Literary Society. AMANDA JONES "If it takes hzughter to get there, she's been gone." Welfare Societyg Van Dyke Literary Societyg R. O. F. B.g Treasurer of Section. V MPXCK K l'l30"lfl3l CAROLYN LAWLESS "C, L.-cute and lovely." '71 .. Lhvqs 0 '79 Vice-President Domestic Science Clubg Lanier Literary Society. MARIE LIPSCOMR "The smartest fresh 'woman in class." Welfare Societyg Girl Scout 5 Van Dyke Literary Society. MARY DAWSON MAXWELL "Think a lot, and build a house on it." Van Dyke Literary Society. LEVERTA MCCOWN "S mall, quiet, and attractive are the only three adjectives needed to describe her." Welfare Societyg Kipling Literary Society. RUTH ELLEN MORGAN "Just as cute as she looks." Welfare Societyg Black Warrior Staffg Van Dyke Literary Society. HELEN MORGENTHAU "Talk, talk, and more talk, that's H elenf' Welfare Societyg Hi-Life Staff g R. O. F. B.g Lanier Literary Society. DOROTHY NELSON "A poetress in the making." Welfare Society g Lanier Literary Society. JEAN NICOL "Venus' latest rival." Van Dyke Literary Society. ELIzABETH NORTON "Just good-natured 'Liz'." Lanier Literary Society. JAMES PARK "James would rather argue with a teacher than eat fwhen he isn't hungryjv. Forum Debating Society. GEORGIA PARKS "Hove she can play a piano!" Lanier Literary Society. NEWTON PEARSON "The 'world's next champion tap dancer." Underwood Debating Society. ALLEN ROGERS "First verse: 'Where's my better half? " Underwood Debating Society. ' srl- . .... .2 ...vn- avPgf.K WAR0! 0 A mo -H31 'P JAMES ROGERS "Second verse: 'Ditto'." Underwood Debating Society. CLYDE RUMSEY "Clyde is a perfect student, except for his grades." Secretary of Sectiong Grady Debating Societyg R. O. F. B. JOE SHEPHERD' "This is the second football player by this name, let as hope that he will equal his predecessor." Footballg Forum Debating Societyg Section President. KATHERINE SHIRLEY ' "The secret sorrow of more than one boy." Van Dyke Literary Societyg Secretary of Sectiong R. O. F. B. EILEEN SPILLER " 'Brown eyes are nice to ha've,' says Eileen." Barrie Literary Society. IDA STRICKLAND "I da will some day make an ideal old maid." Lanier Literary Society. HERBERT SPIVACH "Professor Spinach." Forum Debating Society. HALBERT THURMOND "Has more month than anything else." Forum Debating Society. CHLOIS TOWNSEND "Life is but a little span, Out of it get all you can." Forum Debating Society. BEss1E MAE WOOD "Friendship is her motto." Mark Twain Literary Society. I in ' ' 1, N ' i ' 0 A mo- was W Freshmen Class Poem V The upper classmen look down On this great- freshman class, They're surprised at ns, W e're breaking through with a crash. N 0 longer w.e're green As when school first begun. Strange things we've seen, And Oh! Boy! what fun! And through the halls, too, ' Of dear 'ole T. H. S. Oar names seem to be linked Along with the rest. W e're not crying for help As higher we soar,' We're climbing each step Then longing for more. When time rolls around, As it always must be, These freshmen will be happy seniors- The class of '33. DOROTHY NELSON, Class Poet I ' 1 he , W! T . 4 , A in H -flu 1 wwswma ua 14.1 W H ' ' 1' ' x'PtY.K WAR 0,0 A l'l30"'l'l3l W Freshmen Class History On the morn of September 8, 1930, we proudly approached Senior High School. We were happy in the thought that we were actually members of this, the highest peak of public school education. Upon nearing our longed for destination we were surprised to see the upper classmen strolling around the grounds with planks and shingles in their hands. Suddenly all of our beautiful dreams were scattered by a most thorough and severe "ratting." Soon, however, the "ratting" ceased, and we became full fledged members of Senior High School. During the first month of school we were dazzled by society meetings, class elections, etc. This did not last long, however, because we were brought back to stern reality by the first monthly exams and were impressed by the necessity of attending to our work. The second month brought great joy in football games, dances, and other affairs of a like nature. For perhaps the first time we really experienced the true happiness of being in Senior High. True it is that our enthusiasm was somewhat dampened by the fact that report cards were issued for the first quarter. We began the second quarter full of pep and were determined to make it as successful as the first. We did our part in Red Cross work and helped to fill Thanksgiving baskets for the poor. Individually and collectively I am sure that we, the freshman class of 1930, consider our first year in Senior High School a complete and decided success. ' HERBERT SPIVACK, Class Historian. I I ff' N IX , 1 , x f,X f -1 v xi' ..-.--.- .... ....-.......--.-..--W.. x FEA! K 1 5 5 J X! 12 lu r V 4 r e 1 I ! i jx IN 5 1 I ix if i l QI C 2 5 'vi w-, --mu: V-1, , V ' V, V H . , , l .., , ' -I -'Af f J .V ,f Q' .s ' , J, ... F. - . A 1, 2 lv ' 5 a 11-vs, 3? -V4.1 , if '. T'- ,A-f, ,, : - -- - -V h - 1 , gg- 'nik-f?1??'Hf'?,'5 nf, V . iff ' ,ff'E?:f , ,jfz -Jr -.V .MV w. WL ,.I ' L EIN'-'.' 5.2 "V" ps- I' 'X .Y iwrsk Y M, 457 . . 1, -5 x-,Ji A 54 -,snlxg-si-1 1 -: -gf: '.:. ,vi p-- . ,1,,1 ,mp 5 ' ,UIQ ,fy-,wg--A J, T 15 . .'+i1'fTai2'?"",i. ' I 5 ,,,.l' -13' tif, , ' 1 ,,.,1N. zzz, 4 . u -. "Y- ... 'iw Q. Al' '- ' . P!! Q Q." ,Q ,C I fi' 1' . 's J L, 5 ' LQ 'If ,. .Fi , 44' '- 4 , ,c , ' . ..JL - ' '1 '..n' 4 . ,sf 4.3591 . iw ,,S,,,4-we. A " ' :'4l."'N nv I I Q-il' Q11 F, 'Q Ur - sr - LL, .. Q ..,, ,. ,- ., -f ' ' : .X H,".5i ,W7'j," Q' .' '- ' - ' 1" -'S , k 1 " 4 52-1 "ff':1f'f V"-:fi 'KJ' 4, .EL . - M ...IQ lf? -ff' ..' ' --."- ff ,Pg -1 1" ',"- , , 41 f1'f,. -S' 765111. L' ' .' V-. ' 'f. ,R . ' lr J - .ag -'I' a.-',,- ,f.f -,-g-- , - . My 4' "T iff: 1' ' ' wt' v ff 1-'rf' : . 55.5. v1g,,rVI-.F E. ,Mg t n 5 1 Y M . V . . , 3:-',?1Fef,,"J,'13-Q31 ,Q ' ' f1,Lu',1 ', Q, , -- ..r '-"..x -2. N a.":. , 1 ' E ' ' - 21111 5":,-11? ' ,' : E", ,Wy-I4 T' -Q." ' , ' 1' 3 "JVM A ' 53, ' 1 .s-wg-1' " ' ' ' P ' L- ku. 4 Y," 64,1 ' 4, ' 1a'.'fQ.f ' : - J ,1'-e."'.""-' .- VH! " -lg rf.. Ji, T -Av, 'Q .11 ,, U fffx 'l-51"-ff. V --A -T uf: .-,Q ' I laf"',- 1' ', "vi-'lf E'L:.,-,"- ,- ,...o,1. ' .-5 E' -.J ' Li 'f- . I? -,lah qs," ,,1L-fx 1" ' ',,-Tw 1 ' YE -7 4 'J fi37"gLi w iii, h -I J Ill.. I 1 ,Qf,"QL,,'fJl1' 31 V211 , j ' '1,"'Jt11E K Y 1' t ', mu' . ' 1 W .fi ' ,fl . ff' . ,. -- .- ,L . A T ,L 4 If . 9 ' ' U. . ,fl E 'auf 5 . L. ,, ' . 1 . , J A u r :A'.',g , l I ,. -. . "' ' -i n 1 M -ullffil Hamm' vl V 1 ., JL ' 'Q 'V' vu! I. Q.. I 'kiwi u MI, w r ,qu ,E ' Al '4-if u4,5.1 ,. ., 5, F ' i ,.,,W ' .ii uv .L , 1 IR Ii wuun I I 1-'RRI N , .1lm1u.wr lilclcxlclc l5Ar'zwIc1.l. uf Bfflllffflff Girl B1l.1.x' Boxns, Jlanayw' MARY PRUITT Most Popular Girl -IUIMIE RIIZIZ 11171151 lyflfllflll' Boy IHARRY NIL'lIllI.I,S. Jllllltlfffl' l li I Y i H if .L r g 1 N 4 . p , , , J 2 1 !r A W I I li , mms i , it u V i i K I: ,, N 1 1 r ,1 P h 1' a Z , w Yi ' I w W iw il i E I s gp1 -gl E ' 1 mu- , f' ' r: . Q 5-I, . V YQHT' . I' ' --1 I-ffff' ' Ei , -'ff ' -'W w 'I'-I ' ',1'. . giI3,l:fI, " , L5 vs,-bi-1, " I I ':, 'qmg I , . . Y g.3.'. 1. v n '-3, M' .Lie I-I iw ,-flI.-I ' "-f' TE 411 ,. ITS P? ws fr "4--V' ' - V I1- 4 -.iff - -f II, ., . . H35f5gf ' II is L wif' ff-fj!4'7i. L ' -f 1 , M dgm, LL 'nr'-JL 'I f..,JI,LIIII ' f ' ", f' 1' 'l . 'Li kfuu I,.IEIT,f .-im w.: - 'QI V H, I wIzf.w 5' I ' 'f 'Win :tin S HT-jig 7. I, 93, M.-1-.N H - '-w.-3..f.x,,.,g - .X u IL i3lL'F'e'j' , .fi nw." I H I "1 P . --" ' ww 'Mgt ' 5 ' If .- l I' . :' I . i' 'III-.' , +, f-fffj ff 1. ,,...-if I II -CIE ,,, g ,T .N I ll, I .II fi I w A I . 12' rn 1'u m . J N' R ? " wJ -F 1. ,gf ' ' Ex -d mai .1 v fI?1 l gkqnoln ww ' L-LY! IM .- .1 ! .I 1 " . if - MIL.. ,U .l LLIIIQQ' 5 wg I II il HL l WILL Id L tl 'i T Q1 1 o ',' H U Q 1. 5 aft., , -I. .X -rn- L 4 fi. ,-Is' 'III1 A -' ar.. rn ' -. ". A' , Iz4x:J2fa if 1 lj .H F' 7 J A -. -F -UW .'1 J .-V1' n ' . 1 gl Q .',igI Il.I .gag III 1 4. ---rw -' .IIQII I, w '- fr , -, , X5 5: 'Q' -I .1q,jI I ' if , rf l - - Q.-5 ' 4 -'- . I ,L I T' . ,I ' ff-' 'Q :IV 1 11 I E II I,. I '?Fq4mw:1 V A' Xin ,- X:-".i+l1'h, I IIITI If if-.3 Q I IQ .,I L .L 'ff 45: , I U 1'I .T z V Q ' w - YIIIII' -QI I' 5' . 1 'I' lr- f -,- A . . ' lf' I ? ,I , A , . , . "' ' 1 '- I . 1.5 I 1" 9' 'H I ,I ' hi - fd' ' 'a foo A mo- fist W rf' xx Jig lt Kipling Literary Society BARBARA WAX' .,......,............,. ,,,,,,.. ...,,... ....,.. ...,.,.,,...... P 1 ' 0 sidcnt ANNIE CORINNE GEWIN ,.... ........ L 'ice-Presideazvt PAULINE BELL ....,..,........ ........... S em-etary MARGARET DENNY ..... ......,... T reasurm' MAUDE ALEXANDER ....... .,.,......... .....,.,...,..,.....,,4,,.,,,........,...................................,........,........, R e porter The Kipling Literary Society had a very successful year, filled with many victorious basketball games with other societiesg at beautiful dance, given at the end of the football seasong interesting programsg alld we took part in several school campaigns. Miss Frances Thomas became new faculty advisor for the society, succeeding Miss Frances Denny. As- , Jo., A V130 ffsr 73 Van Dyke Literary Society MARY PRUIT1' ....,....,.. ...,,...,Y,,,....,A.........,,............,.,.,,,..,.,.,,.,.....,...,........,..,...,.,...AA...,...... P resident lVlARY BINGHAM ,....,... .......,.,,........, 1 f'icc-President MARY ADAIR FOSTER ,.... .,,.,.., S efrclary-Treasurer MARY CHAMP P1c'KENs .,...,.......,.,........ Reporter MISS EMM DONOHU ...... ,.,...,...,.,Y.,,,..........Y7.....,.,.....,...Y,.,.,.,............................. F arulty Ad-visor The Van Dyke Literary Society has thirty-seven members. This year's program is centered on the study of the world's great artists. After the football game with Anniston High we had a beautiful dance 011 the stage. ww QW 'l'?fr,0 fx l'730"'Ifi3! W Lanier Literary Soeiiety AIAURINE PARTRICK ........,.,...,,........,,......,.,.........,.........................,.....,., ....... ....,...,........ P r esident FRANCES HAMILTON .,....,. .,..... D 'ice-President LOLA BAXLEY .....,,.....,, .,..,.,.,...,,,.,.. ...,r,.,..,,,.,,,,,,,.., S e cretary N ERISSA CROSS ............. .....,................,........,.,.........,...,,...,. T rcasurer FRANCES HAMILTON ..,......... .,...... C hairman of Program Committee MISS HELEN AICGIFFERT ,,.,............,...,................,...........,,.......,..........,,.,.......,.,......L... Faculty Advisor The Laniers have had a most successful year under the guidance of Miss Helen McGiffert. The programs have been interesting, as well as instructive, American and English writers having been studied., Several basketball games were also played with other clubs in school. EK W e QMP' Afffffo 'N 750 " f :Lil Barrie Literary Society OPKXL CALHOUN .Y..., ...... .,,.. ,..... ...,...,......... P r e s ident NELI. JOYNER ...,.,.,.,.. ....... I fice-President JENNIE MAYES ............A .A... Q .,....., S ecretary BEATRICE 1AtPPI.EYAllD ...., ......,......,.. T reasurer MARY PIINTON ....,...,,,, ......,........,...... R efworter Miss MCELWAIN .. ,,... ,,....,.,.... ...,........,,............. ........ F a culty Advisor The Barrie Society has a membership of thirty-five. Miss joyce McElwain' was chosen as faculty advisor, and under her splendid super- vision the society is studying "Southern Prose and Poetry." The year boo-k contains a number of interesting as well as instructive programs, and this promises to be one of the most successful seasons the Barrie Society has ever had. mi EKW gtk 'qflblffo A I'i30"lC13l W Entre Nous Club BARBARA VVAY ,..A.. .....................,..,. P resident MARY PRUITT ...,.... . ...,....,,,,........ Vice-President WILBUR WARD ........,... ........,. S errctary'-Treastzrer LILLIE ATKINSON .............,................,.........,...,.,.......,.....,..,..........,.........................,...............,... Reporter The Entre Nous Club for 1930-31, under the direction of Miss Pearl Patton, has been most successful. The meetings have been held at the homes of the different members. The nature of the programs has been to stimulate interest in the study of French. One of our speakers was a native Frenchman. Some social life has been enjoyed along with the pro-grams. SK W Qgivpi Remo 0"v Mark Twain Literary Society WINONA SKINNER .....,. .....,......,,...................... P resident PHYLLIS CRANSTON ...,., .......... V ice-President CLARA JONES ..........,...... ..........., S ecretary EL1zABETH HILBISI1 ....... ............. v ..Treasurer MILDRED STONE .......,...,....... ............,......... R eporter Miss LIzz1E REED PENN- ..........,.............,....,.,,.,,...,,..................... Faculty Advisor Our programs have been very interesting this year, consisting chiefly of facts about the lives and Works of American writers.. Foremost in this work is Samuel L. Clemens, who bears the name of our club. We have had a very successful term under the supervision of Miss Penn, our faculty advisor. I I SK w gtk Affff QQ 0 A mo-:fist W Robert lE. lLee Debating Society JIMMIE M1215 ......,.. ....,.. .,............................ P 1' csident TOM DOMINICK ....... .............. V ice-President BILL BONDS ........,...,.. .A.,,... S ccrctary-T1'easurer VIRGIL MCKINLEX' ..... ........,............... R eporfer MRS. E. D. THAMES ,,,,.........,......,...................................,.e......,.... Faculty Advisor The Robert E. Lee Debating Society has fulfilled the prediction made by its predecessors that it would have a good year. The annual dance exceeded all expectations, and we are looking forward to the same success in all our contests with our rival, the Forum. With the aid of our faculty advisor, Mrs. Thames, we hope to bring this year to the highest point attainable for a debating organization. ' X 'VPSK 0 Forum Debating Society ERNEST COLLINS ....,..v..w...,.......,.,..,.,................................,.,.A..............,.... President BILL VVARD .,....,..., ....,.,. V ice-President JIMMIE GREGG ...... .,,LL.. .,..,L..LL.......v,..... S e cretary CLIFTON LOGAN ,......... ,.,...., ,,.................,...................... T 1' easurer VVARD TNICFARLAND ..A,.., ......... C lzairmau of Program Committee MATT CLINTON ..,...,........... ....... ..,......,.....,.................... F a cztlty Advisor The year of 1930-31 has been a very successful one for the Forum. Our programs have been especially good, due to the cooperation of the members and the aid of our faculty advisor. This year our candidate received the title of "Miss T. H. S.," which is a very great honor for the society. I EK W fx H30 I'i3I 70 Henry W. Grady Debating Society EUGENE RICE .....,,.............E,.V...,........,,......,...........,................ ....,............ P resident ROBERT ALLISON .,.,.........E....................................... .........,. V ice-President En HARRIS ........,...............,..,...................................,.... ........................ S ecretary ROBERT ALLISON, EUGENE RICE, BROWN CRIBBS ..,............. Program Committee Mlss VENA LIORROW .....,...............,...................,.......,........,..,...... Faculty Advisor The Henry VV. Grady Debating Society was organized last year, and since that time We have had many very interesting debates on a variety of subjects. We have enjoyed several talks by prominent men of the city this year. Our new members show very good prospects of developing into de- baters, and we feel confident that they will do so. X s x,PN5K WAR QQ, 'Ivo A mo :fm 'P Underwood Debating Society N EWTON PEARSON ....,... ...... ......... - .................................. P r esident JOHN ANDERS .....,..,,.,...,.... ......... V ice-President RAYMOND BLONDHEIM .V.... ,,..... ...........,.,........ S e cretary .IOHNN113 HINTON .,.....,.. .,.........,.,.....,,......,.,.,.w,...,...... T reasurer MERRIMAN FREEMAN ,....... 5 .,.....,....,........,............. C1ll1il'111Clll Program Committee The Club was organized September 8, 1930. It is composed only of the freshman class and was organized for those that are no-t in any other club. I fffo K 1750 "' lclfil W Domi Quiijote Club FRANK BIIXSON ,,,, ....,. ,..... ,............ E I P residente Ton DoM1NicK ......, ....... E I Vice-Presidente BERNICE BAGWELL ...... .............. L cz Secretaria BIAEDELL GOODSON ..... ,...,.,.A .... ........A,..,..,..,. ...,..... L a T e sarem Morro: Hoy, Manana no. Coi.oRs: Rojo y oro. FLowER: La violeta. Second year students of Spanish compose the Don Quijote Club. The programs have been varied. There have been talks, papers, and discussions on phrases pertaining to Spain and Spanish America. Native Spaniards have given interesting and informational talks. Spanish stories have been drama- tized, which has proved to be helpful to the student in their using the language. Miss Lillian Finnell, the teacher of Spanish, is the faculty advisor. She has been the means of inspiring in her pupils a love for the Spanish language. 6X,PxY.K WA 0! 30" Los Astros Club FRANK BRADY .................,..4............4..........,..................... ............. P resident HELEN MORGENTHAU .....,., ....... V ice-President SARAH WILLIAMS .VV.,.A, ...,........ S ecretary ERNEST WILLIAMS ........ ..,......,..... T reasurer Miss LILLIAN FINNELL .....,....,....,,.,..,.,,........,...............,....,..,...... Faculty Advisor Morro: El trabajo bace la vida agradable. CoLoRs: Green and white. FLOWER: Cactus. The Los Astros Club membership is taken from the pupils of the first year Spanish classes. Club meetings have been held bi-monthly. Talks, papers, and articles have been used to increase the club members' knowledge of Spanish influence in the New VVorld. Dramatization of Spanish stories has been very profitable and enjoyable. . , E-shes., ... ill ' . ixliw J ,easy ' 0 it -1 - f ,t ff M50 ' frm 70 Red Letter Cllulb XVHITNEY EcHoLs ,,,, ...,,....,.... P resident VIIMMY HAYGOOD .... ..,...........,..... V irc'-President MALCOLM COMER ..... ..... . ......... Sl'f'7'C'ffII'yC1l1d Trf'as1n'c'r The Red Letter Club is an inspiration to all boys of Tuscaloosa High School. However, all boys are not awarded letters. A standard is maintained by Coach Clemens. In order to receive a letter and membership to the club, the boys have had to come up to this standard. Cleanliness, sportsmanship, ability to cooperate, and, of course, the way the boys play the game of football, are considered before a letter is awarded. The Red Letter Club was an honor guest at a banquet given by the Junior Chamber of Commerce. They have also been guests at other social functions. After all letters were awarded, Mr. C. B. Grimes gave each man a pass that was good for all shows for a period of one month. The Red Letter Club on the whole has had a very successful year. fs mo- me W The We Will Club ERNEST COLLINS ...... ...............,,. P resident Jllll MIE Mrzra ....,....A...7Y......,....7l..,..............ll...A...l...............Aw.......... 4.Vice-Pmsidmzt The VVe VVill Club was organized in 1925 for the purpose of encourag- ing students in helping with athletics. Some important duties of the club are to entertain visiting teams and support our own athletic organizations as much as possible. Under the direction of Coach Clemens the club has developed very inuch. I GXJXCK WAR0! 0 0 ll-lliellliiilfe Staff CAREY PATTERSON ......................................................... ...................,.,.. E ditor CHARLOTTE TEAS, MARY LONDON POU .,...., ...... ......., A s sisfanf Editors CLAKEY BELL ..........,,..........,...................... ,.................,..... B zzsiazenrs Manager BIARY BURNETT ..,......,........ ....... 1 4s.visfa11f Blzsiness Mallager Miss FANNIE SCHMITT .............,...........................,....................., Faculty Advisor The Hi-Life was discontinued with the December issue last year, because of financial conditions. This year, however, by an arrangement with the Merchant's Bureau, the paper was allowed a certain per cent of revenue from advertising. The remaining money was to be taken from the student activity fee, and with the very hearty cooperation of the merchanstts who have ad- vertised in our columns the finances for the Hi-Life have not been lacking. The editorial staff, handicapped by inexperience, showed remarkable in- terest and adaptabilityg and as a result, the issues up to the present time have been very good. The officers for next year will be: Charlotte Teas, Editorg Mary London Pou, Assistant Editor: and Mary Burnett, Business Manager. K W The Student Council CAREY PATTERSON ...... ..... ...... ..,.......,..... P r e sidcnt .IIMMIE MizE .............,. .,..,........... V ice-President KIARGARET HINTON .....,,..., ................. ..,......,.,..,..... S ecretary-Treasurer' The Student Council consists of the Presidents of all the section rooms and is for the promotion of greater unity and understanding between students and teachers. It is to enable the students and faculty to discuss and consider all problems that arise among the students. I -:Ewa Q an A t.wiliil'ff iff xi h 1 x 1.4 L 'N J f 2, n ' f , fitzzertst if xi ,f 3fQrE!.Q 'J 'Le , fn? if ,Mx .t I :,,,,-. gains Qi 5 if All gn' U-M. :L 2 Yliwv n u v a .1 L.,- I .J Ulfifiee Runners Every year a certain number of students are elected from the school to help in the office. The duties of an office runner are to collect the ab- sentee slips the period he is assigned, take notices and announcements, and help locate students that are not present in class. They also answer the tele- phone and act as ushers to visitors. Office runners are a great aid to the school. X X4Pxf.K 50" 3 Honor Society The Druid Chapter of the National Honor Society is one of which Tuscaloosa .High School is very proud. It was installed in Tuscaloosa High School in 1923 for the recognition of scholarship, leadership, character, and service. The members are chosen by the entire faculty, not more than five per cent of the junior class and not more than ten per cent of the senior class being elected. The symbol of the society is the torch, which lights the way to higher ideals. Senior members this year, elected in 1930, are: Maude Clay Little, President, Helen Kane, Vice-President, and Barbara VVay, Secretary. The Treasurer, always elected from the faculty, is Matt Clinton. Other faculty advisors are: Miss'Fannie Schmitt, Miss Ruby Patton, and Miss Emma Donoho. 4- .1 . . NN 1 H1 - k ' . , Aurrfmnkrmns 'WI W 1 K. X w M! W ya N . 4 ,-1- ?"-- r 1- Tsglflf T ? HE I! IQ " + 'Q U I vu , Nw A w ' 1 n Q n ' - w x 45- E-w --H, o In me -- , 3.4: If 1' ,-.I "-' D. ,.r 4, 5.4 - All . . xg-'N -'1 . . Au. F 1- ll- ,911 , EY? T-l4,ob5fff A 1531 '. ' 'L I, ,'.'-'.' Tiff J", ,,""'f:-.'2- hi -i ' .1-,. -i . g FE: :li .' 1' , .--X ..f,1.'1 Q31-',f . ' f 'H11Jw'i"1- A.-nm., hs L-W v-TE.DL , . A 'INT' -Lf. ..- . 4- 'La 'L' .-11. Y . 5- .. .HV Lg- J, 1, 'fu , ,- ' - 'if -Jia!-1 Q.-mv: 'In- H gg. J". HF ' nf lui -yu, 15:15 A. "in: . - '34 'y Eifi'-.f..' jg-,E 2 f s- q,:.:1Jf'J',11'afI'L'fq-.-' 41 - . 'N f---br Q' -H. ,Ir-.H qv, .'w WZ. - N '- :: s -We-v Q um-Q - UL x-Qi' g-i SJ' x '+I' 5" N 25, 3 wx ' 1 ' -- : V' N !,Y.',xv-!.?' ' f'23 ?w51 ' wa l SK w out "MO A l'l30"'l'i3I 'P Football At A Glance As years roll on, Tuscaloosa High's football teams continue to set a record which is unsurpassed by any high school team in America-for the past six sea- sons not knowing what defeat is by an Alabama team and only one defeat, the protested game with Tech High in Atlanta. Coach Al Clemens, succeeding Coach Paul Burnam, at the beginning of the season was faced with several obstacles: he succeeded one who had produced five championship teams, and the, lack of experienced material made the hopes for an undefeated team gloomy. Wliere there is a will there is a way, and we give him a hand for producing a championship team from a bunch of boys who had never played football before. The opener' was with the lronmen from Holt, Alabama, on September 26, who were defeated by one touchdown. The eleven were inexperienced and nearly defeated themselves. The penalties amounted to eighty yards, and the contest was played under the big lights. Fuller interrupted a pass and ran sixty yards for the only touchdown. A team playing like that certainly was doomed for defeat sooner or later. In the second game, on October 3, which was also played at night, the team looked like the Bear elevens of old. Thomasville was defeated, 27 to O, and Tuscaloosa's aerial game was marvelous. The backs and linemen clicked together and Roberts plowed the Aggie's line to shreds. T The heavy Lineville aggregation was trounced to the tune of a 70 to O score under cover of the night on October 10. A book could be written on the scoring of this game, and Comer got away for four extra long runs all good for six points apiece, behind perfect interference, and the entire game was dominated with excellent blocking. McCraw also made four touchdowns. On October 17 the Anniston eleven journeyed to Tuscaloosa for the first afternoon game. The Bears again showed lack of coordination, and the backs continually ran into their interference. The visitors barely lost, 7 to O, and they had a strong line. Roberts made the touchdown after Williamson and Stringfellow had placed the oval on the seven-yard line. The Bears packed their moleskins and journeyed to Atlanta to play Tech High on October 24. The eleven were outweighed considerably, and the victors played.two ineligible men according to the Alabama Athletic Association rules. The final score was 39 to O. The eleven played a fine game considering their opponents. The game was protested, but nothing was done about it. Again the Bears played on a foreign field and tamed the Jefferson County Wildcats with a 53 to 0 score on October 31, in Birmingham. The eleven, being pi -A',s,,in,, il ."s?'..: rl: .4 fm - ' --- X A mo-Hs: 'P xp,t.K ff' 'f 0 used to big men fin the Tech High gamej ran all over the light line of the losers. The second team played nearly half the game, and quarterback Williamson showed a pair of fleet heels, galloping over the enemy goal four times. On November 7 the County High Wildcats emerged from their den in Northport and crossed the river to have its annual bloody struggle with the Bears from Tuscaloosa High. The game was a struggle, as the Bears' were off form and lacked team work, but they were able to push over three counters. After a week of rain the eleven played the heavy Sylacauga team on a field of mud and in a downpour of rain, Friday, November 14. The Bears charged harder, and the backs ran better than in any other game they played. This victory gave them the state crown, and the final score was 32 to 0, and no school in the state crossed their goal line. The tall and heavy Yellow Jackets from Memphis breezed into the city November 21, being city champions of Memphis. The most beautiful passing that the Bears have ever done and beautiful punting enabled them to overwhelm the visitors, 32 to 6. Williamson opened up a bag of tricks and was continually on the receiving end of Roberts aerials, showing the Memphis boys how to return punts. All the line was starring, and Comer's punts were the longest of the season. Thus Coach Al Clemen's first and most successful season as tutor of the famous Tuscaloosa High eleven came to a close. I EK W QMB 'qfffff 'X l'i30" cl3! Football Squad Top Row-Reading from left fo right- COACH AI, CLEMENS, BILLY PHIFER, EUGENE FLOYD, CLIFTON LOGAN, ED ERNEST, PAUL LEWIS, RAIFORD CLEMENTS, LLOYD ROBERTS, FRED BARRINGER, MALCOLIVI COMER, RUSSEL LANDCASTER, ASS'T COACH CLINTON. Svcoud Row- Third BROUGHTON PARK, HUB ANDREWS, GEORGE BEAR, HAROLD BAKER, JIMMY HAYGOOD, HUBERT CLEMENTS, KERMIT EVANS, ED TURNER, TEMPLE WILLIAMSON, JACK FINCHER. Row- SIMS TVIOODY, RICHARD SCHMITZ, BEN FULLER, CARL STRINGEELLOW, FOI MCCRAW, WHITNEY ECIIOLS, JOE SHEPHERD, PERRY HUGHES, FRANK TERRY, VVILBUR WARD. NK 'l30""l"i3I COACH Ai, CLEMENS Tuscaloosa students and fans certainly take their hats off to him. He took a green bunch of players and whipped them into state champions. His winning personality and clean sportsmanship enabled him to get along with the players better than any other tutor. A V CAPTAIN VVHITNEY EcHoLs The spirit to do is the spirit to win. This fighting end has along with this determin- ation and grit, which was an inspiration to his team mates. A V RAIFORD CLEMENTS In every game of the season 'iRed" 'has been the center of comment. He is one of the best centers the Black Bears have ever had. He is also- a member of the All-State team and captain-elect of next year. I 6X,P62K i 0 K H30 BILLY PHIFER Although Bill is not above the average in weight, he is one of the hardest birds to handle. He broke many smashes on his side of the line and was a good defensive player, All-State. A V JACK FINCHER He is an excellent guard, although play- ing his first year. He played good, con-, sistent football all the year and proved to be one of the mainstays of the line. A V I PAUL LEWIS Like a ball from a cannon he never stopped until he got his man, and he went through the opposing line to block many a punt. gi filer! 0 A F150 - :fm 'P RICHARD SCH M1Tz He knew something about the fundamen- tals of the game and put them to practical use. A V A CLIFTON LOGAN Another one of the finds by Coach Clemens. Besides tackling the ball-car- rier, he dumped his interference, and he had plenty of fight. 1 A V ED TURNER The opponents lack two yards for' first downs: they are going to try an end run. But they made a mistake, the back ran around Ed's end, and, of course, he was stopped for a yard loss. This boy could pull passes out of the ozone going and coming. 6 f? A I730' 1613! 7' EUGENE FLOYD Despite his lack of experience he dis- played one of the hest defensive games of any lineman this year and broke up many a play through his side of the line. X Xf FRED BARRINGER An' experienced lineman who helped stop many an enemy drive through his side of the line and should be a great help to the Bear cause next season. .X V jr M M Y HAYGOOD Clements seems to have been Jimmy's "Jonah" this session, but he played won- derful ball while he was in the fray. He's a great prospect for next season though. 6 0,0 A V130 '- H31 7' LLOYD ROBERTS One of the most versatile fullbacks that ever donned a Bear uniform. He paved roads for fellow backs, backed the line up like a stone wall, was the hardest tackler seen on Vandegraff field this season, and was a human pile-driver that tore enemy lines to bits. All-State. A V TEMPLE VV 1LL1AMsoN He is the kind of quarterback that is not made but born. The smartest field general in the state and an authority on broken field running. All-State. A V For MCCRAW 0116 of the smallest men on the squad but not the easiest to be stopped. He is one o-f the hardest hitting backs on the team and showed up in all the games. 6 ff, A l'730"' H31 'P MALCOLM COMER Playing three years on Tuscaloosa Higlfs team, he has always done his best. He was the Beans stellar-half-back and one of the main-stays on the team. A V CARL STRINGFELLOW A little, reliable halfback who knew what to do and when. Next season develop into a sweet football player. A X, HUBERT CLEMENTS The swiftest running back on and he could dodge tacklers with the dex- terity o-f a veteran. he should the squad, 0 fo 750' F131 BEN FULLER O rare Ben Fuller! What Jonson was to drama Fuller was as much or more to the Bears. VVhat more can be said? X V X JOE SHEPHERD Playing his first year, Joe has shown many points of ball-carrying, a hard worker who will mean much to the "Champs" next year. N V BROUG HTON PARK Always doing what he was asked by the players and keeping their equipment in first class condition were two of the reasons why Broughton was such a good manager. X Qi V130 Cheerleaders Tuscaloosa High School cannot do without her cheerleaders. They keep up the pep of the school and make us have a hilarious time at football games. Jimmie Mize is the head cheerleader and is ably assisted hy Rainey Collins, Tommie Simpson and Richard Fant. V 0 A mo - I"l3I W R. o. lF, B.. y The Royal Order of Fence Bouncers was organized in 1928. Each year they have proven themselves most useful by guarding fences at football games, ushering, selling programs, etc. WFor their untiring services they were rewarded this year by admission ' to the annual banquet for the football boys. Thus they have prospered and will continue to grow in the fame of T. H. S. V ,, Mi.-W. ...uni-.-4m.z4f--.r-4l..m.la. :uw 'tlffafo fs mo-ms: 'P Basketball lVhen Coach Clemens issued his call for the first basketball practice for the 1931 season, thirty-five candidates reported, among them were three letter 1116112 McCraw, Collins, and Captain Logan. The team is built around Logan, who is one of the steadiest players ever to don a uniform of T. H. S. The quintet is a member of the city league and are second in the standing, winning all games except one at the time of this writing. XYhen the season first opened, the lack of coordination on the defense was plainly shown. Steady practice relieved this, and the only defeat so far is the loss to the strong and experienced Holt five. Coach has a good list of substitutes, and there is always a large crowd of students out to see each game. There are ten men on the squad : Clifton Logan, Raiford Clements. Hubert Clements, Collins, McC'raw, Moody, Haygood, 'W ood, Culberson, Townsend, and student manager Tommy Simpson. I 1 cvs f'?f 0 Alb NVQ- H31 79 . .J 6X'Pxl',K A H30-r C131 '79 P. lEt CG.. Club LOUISE PHILLIPS ...,.... ..............,. P resident KTXTHERINE HORTON ...,.. ......... I fire-President IMOUENE CHATFIELD ,..,.. ........,... S ccrctary GR.5CE 1XIAxwELL ................,. AA...... T reasurcr MARY TABB LANCASTER ...............,.,...,..AA......,................,.,.................,..,....,..........,......,....,...... Reporter The P. E. G. Club was organized in the fall of the year for the purpose of encourag- ing athletics among the girls of T. H. S. It is divided into the Iun'er Council and the Outer Council. The Inner Council is composed of those girls who have made school and state letters, The Outer Council is composed of all girls interested in physical education or working for letters. SNAl'sHcn's QS, fo A me - :fm W THE BLACK VVARRIOR STAFF BARBARA W AY .... 6 0,0 30"I'13l 7' The Staff ...........Editor-in-Chief JIMMIE M1215 ,,,,.,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,, ................... B nsiness Manager ANNIE CORINNE GEWIN .... ......................... A ssistarlt Editor TOM DOMINICK .,,,,,.,.,.,, ....... A ssistont Business Manager EUGENE BOLES ,,.,,,, .......................... S ports Editor RICHARD HERMAN .... Assistant Sports Editor RICHARD PALMER ..... HELEN KELLER ..,.... LOUISE PHILLIPS ....... WILDA ANDERS ........ ETHELYN BOMAR ...... LOLA BAXLEY ......... NELL JOYNER I.......,. LILLTE ATKINSON ...... FRANK MIxON ........ LOTS KANE .,.............. I. HARRY WRIGHT ............. IMOGENE CHATFIELD ...... CHARLOTTE TEAS .....,...... MARY TABB LANCASTER BEN VVOOTEN ............,......, MARTHA SMITH .... JAMES STOREY SARA GILBERT ............... ANICE SATTERWHITE .,,... MARGARET HINTON .,,,. MAXIBEL DAVIS .......... E. I. FINNELL .................. RUTH ELLEN MORGAN . .......................foke Editor .........Section Editor .........Section Editor .......Section Editor .........5fection Editor .........Section Editor .........Section Editor ..........S'ection Editor .........Section Editor .........Section Editor .........Section Editor .........Section Editor ........Section Editor ........,S'ection Editor .........Section Editor .........Section Editor .........Section Editor .........Section Editor .........Section Editor ........Section Editor ..,......Section Editor .........S'ection Editor ,........Section Editor I i. EKW 45A,PN 4qfn652? A l730"'l'i3! 7' Jokes MISS MCGIEEERT: "Jack, what are you doing ?" JACK FINCHER: "Nothing, do you want me to stop ?" QQQ RAINEY: "Did you fillyour date last night ?" CAREY: "Well, I hope sog she ate everything in sight." QQQ If Kathleen is an Appleyard, is Broughton a Park? If David can Read, cn Harry VV right? If Jewel is a Lake, will Antoinette Swim? If Nerissa is Cross, is Sims Moody? If Bessie Mae is Wood, is Mildred Stone? X If C. P. is White, is Julius Grey? If Betty is a Baker, is Sara a Taylor? If there is a storm, will Robert come to Harbour? If Irene is a Carr, will Taylor Driver? QQQ NERISSA: "D0n't you love me more than the price of a frigidaire ?" JAMES: "Sure, That's why I want to keep you and let the frigidaire go." QQQ They were on a hike, and Brown was getting a kick out of mountain climb- ing. Coming back from a particularly hazardous climb, he met Jimmie Avery, who exclaimed frantically: "Oh! Brown, I'm so glad you got safely off those moun- tains. We heard that some darned idiot hadl fallen off a cliff, and I felt sure it was you." Q Q Qt WILDA: "Why did Pauline Jones stop singing in the choir?" A NE HI: "She was absent one Sunday and the congregation thought that the organ had been repaired." Q Q Q Bill Newman says that the heighth of despair is to have to take a subject over and hear the teacher crack the same jokes. QQQ NIRS. GRAY Cpreparing to explain a propositionjz "Now watch the board while I go through it." Q Q Q MAUDE CLAY f to occulistjz "I've broken my glasses. Do I have to be ex- amined all over again ?" OCCULIST: "No, just your eyes." Q Q Q MARY BOYDEN: "I think nothing of studying five hours a day." MAUDE ALEXANDER: "I don't think so much of it myself." EK W 'qjffqf 9 0 3 me - :fm 7' 06,5 .ZZ-.a.fzr'. SNAPSHOTS XJXCK WAR0! A 0 is l'730"lfl3I 77 Jokes MATT: "The doctor told me that if I didn't stop smoking I would be feeble minded." BRIGHT STUDENT: "Well, why didn't you ?" QQQ MISS P. THOMAS Qmaking an announcement in chapelj: "Will all sewing girls who are making towels for the cafeteria please hand them in on Monday, as we will need them for lunch ?" Q Q Q , Janette Smith says the reason love is intoxicating is because it is made in the still of night. P ' Q Q Q ' "Hullo! Bought a base horn ?" "Naw, borrowed it from Ward McFarland." "But you can't play it." "Neither can he while I've got it." Q Q Q ETHELYN BOMAR Qin cafeteriajl: "I'll have some chicken croquetsf' CLAKEY BELL: "Do you want the ones made of pork or the ones made from hash ?" QQQ ' "So I ask you, how much longer are you going to put up with this hobohum ?" cried Spivack in a debate. "You've got just five minutes more," said the chairman. Q Q Q And then there is the absent-minded student who in the cafeteria puts his tray on the able and drops his plate on the floor. ' qw qw 4: Be it ever so homely, there's no face like your own. Q Q Q Dear Editor: , Can you help me with my arithmetic problems? If it takes. a man with no arms half an hour to pick up a sack of sugar, how long does it take Whitney Echols to say goodbye to Mary Pruitt? If a ton of coal weighs two thousand pounds, what does the candy man across the street weigh? BILLY BoNDs. Answer: The first one it too deep for us, but I think that probably the candy man weighs candy. Am I not right? Q Q Q ADVICE TO NEXT YEAR'S BLACK WARRIOR STAFF 1. Don't take the job at all. . 2. Employ half a dozen photographers and a weather prophet. 3. I-Iave all Joke contributions written on tissue paper so that you can see through them. ' 4. Leave town immediately after publication of the Black Warrior. - . V --Yi- A H:-Q, I- A L X., . g gw - M , fi ,- '- 5.-f 4 'gif QL. 'WC 5.. LEM k M fi- .. f W'-in 5 ff - ,f-. ... PN, f 9 T I I s , ,f 4, WQJRQ -j ,QF . N55 ,fr - ga.. M.: . V'- M..-1, " .ff-A. rw k' 4 -xl N 'sig '-..-4' :.f.j2i fifilifjgv- ws 'qwzfgp' lyk 7641-w .6026 SNAPSHOTS . .Akin .a4A .nf CII !! Qlll' 11 Q . ,- ,A , .TI - X I I-I .IS I-..I QI.-. 5 ' .. ,I I f'S" 1-if ffl! A I In ' "'-' I AE-.' E ,.II I ff, nd-I I SQ u. 'WN f 'Q' H 'lr F ' 1iT'T??54'? Fr "LN . I... If I, I - I . 1 ul N", I-W 1 -. '-vi 'lf' I1l'.,I I51 -:I l- ' ' ' -A ' , . .IL-'--,I -LL' 5 2"1i f -, -UIJIL II IJ- Y If I " ."J5W'F.?: v -. II.-T .II .II QI i 'FEV'-w 'Ei'-' . -I-I' if JQI'-31: i R. In II.IgIw4-ju-I. JIM, ig .l'-'-'- -J I 'J 1 5 v f5'if..fi'7'h5?'lf 44-1 1.1.4 w 'ww' ..l ir T .1 ,few u.:- -m 1 J 'Q .1 ,yy -HIE :Ig ii P.. v IQI .icq I VZ. ,J Lily 2 ' - E f, 1? ' ' Nw ' 53" .- 1W'if'5l15" x.-' "!'- I J - I t - -- ' -- , 5.21.5 "1I'.gILIl--.1 1. "'IIiv- '44-.4-12-15: ii!,:5N'f-'ugkfnj L' , L- -I -El , 1, . 1 .uf H - . 11,91 1 - if - .- 1 '-21 . - ' " n' , va--V Q 5.5 ,gpg .I I H?L2T X Fei- 121: ..-'J.rI"-,Fi E' J. SAP. -+1 -W1-f fF5.+I "Til 1 xl 54 rf,-fy. - J I' in mn.-TE' 'I5,1',I V ' ' 7"t".", 'hx - I Jw M.. - w 1 -I-I-. Fit? .J -fi nu I X 31,3 In-AEEHII yI, w Q II.,.:,.I?II.IIIIq I III,pg,IiII:p.,,.. 1.1-'g"2f:F1Pg . -- ,IIPII Y, IIII rg -ij . -,V - I., l?-.I-.3.-.- "L-.I.:e Ig "- fI,g' 'ft-QIW '- fi- 'F' ' .. n,"-K' -, 3',,ff9J-'-EWlg"' 'N ml iff :1,E"7'II: -.557 ' "'S!,a'15 ' '-. 'fi V' -.-.' 411--P f."'f 1 , , - . ,L - - . . '1' -' - 'I"2J 'FFT g - miilif A Biff- " f 'j,' 'TLT1 '. . -I-.- I- , .. ' nf- 1 If ' -fm ,-'4'T14ifF!.- -" 3' f.w,,,fg "1 ,' '. :PF .' - 1-3. . Qi 'r ' 4 ?e"'.:-- , -' f.,1,..g.I 13-II. I' -,L - Z -, f ' -if-if-.f5Qt'g," .5211 M'g9f-4"1- 'fx n . . 1, -I - I , :.,,g". -:Er a I, Uni.-E 1, III.ijIgw ,XIII Ig J,IgI,II-gi.. ,I IL ,- 1- ' I Y- -4 '-,-It-.:., I-., ., W. :f"'m. . .'ILEII F.: 3I"I,l.!,j-'S QUE I: IRI-,I.5IIEI-L.j'i LQHI -gf fi. -Jw -f. . F ,Ar ',lL-f1QNl'gI'l1g,,InLiii : fl,fiII.:.I '. . vw-I-.1-I if .ie :rear :Q-' I jlII-In ff".II' T?-'I I? ff?-LE-If min-- FUII---fk -M, .-A 1- I--PTI.-.III-,mir ez .,4,,f fr C' '1 II -., . I, hm, .- H : ' r-'Q - Q --f' 'I ' 51' 4 -. , ' uf, jffrgI.EIIQ.- .I.g--,LIfIg'II-I I " .',Qt"i'-M ' ' lg f"f',kn-, g1,,gII-'gg--.I - -I K -. .F-.--.I-If-1. EI-I - I 'z' - 1. :"- '- y .- I, ., I I I xi .Il--Q41 . ,,r:I'.I ,If .U 13. I 'fx -,- ' 1 . .,. .--- .,,.' -.N nf in 'fr :L n ,. .II -'K . r x r . 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BREAD 2 Q O 2 2 I For 2 2 A Healthy Body 0 O Z Phone 450 3 0 2 2 241 7 Broad Street Q 2 2 0 O O 0 O 0 O 0 O O 2 v OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Kg 0000000470000000000000000000 00000000000000000000S5 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 000000 QQ 0 000 0000000000000000 X 4 0000000000000000000000000 00 000000000000 MERIDITH-MOODY INSURANCE AGENCY General Insurance and Loans DUCKWORTH-MORRIS INS. AGENCY GENERAL INSURANCE LOANS Phone I38 2I2 Broad Street Phone 9BI Tuscaloosa 00000 N5 i Q i I I '-4, fc i i i 0 ui O N NI A N G E L Incorporated Misses and Womens Apparel C0llI'f7Il.llICllfS 00000000 C. W. LEWIS FURNITURE COMPANY 25 Years of Satisfaction 00000000000000000 Home of Naticlnally Furniture If If s IJGd1.IlDl'Zl'U9-I'I01d s Has If WARD DRUG . Tuscaloosa IVIehIin-Francis Bacon Pianos 0000 00 000000000000 00 Better Foods-Lower Prices Store No. I-Phone I440 CHARLES BLACK store No' 2-phone 320 "University Shop 0 the South" CLARENCE SAUNDERS STORES Smart Styled Clothes for University and High School Men 00 0000 526 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 o 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 QE KK O00000000000000O0000000000000000000000000000000000000 W PK . o 2 mm 2 2 FOI' O 3 GENERAL TIRES 2 3 GOOD GULF GASOLINE at 2 O OVIATT BOWERS . . jg 2 Jewelers and Optlcxans O 2 Expert Repairing and Optical Service 2 2 6th Street 22nd Avenue 2 Z Phone 302 3 2 2 o o 3 3 3 3 3 3 2: PACKARD - OAKLAND - PONTIAC E 0 GRAHAM O WOCO PEP 0 K, f MAXWELL BROTHERS 3 2 M mgl: I MOTOR CO. 2 2 otor ue DEALERS and SERVICE E Z Phones 5 and 1835 0 O mm 2 2 o o X o 0 o o O o O o O o O o 2 o O o o O sawawa-0-fe-0-oS:S:so-o-fo l'k'k'k'N""'l""'l""l' Q I2 2 O o O o 2 The most complete Reacly-to- 5 3 PRIDE ICE' CREAM Wear Millinery, Shoe ancl Piece 3 3 Pasteurized for Your Goods Departments in Tuscaloosa 2 E Healtlfs Sake 3 2 Grade "A" Pasteurizecl is Your We Invite your patronage E 5 l'lealth's Safest Insurance Styles of Today with a touch 2 X PERRY CREAIVIERY CO., Of TOUIOUOW 2 0 lncorporated O O H ll Z O 2 Phone 1350 P ZIT 3 Q Tuscaloosa :: :: Alabama 2 3 2 O o O o 0 o o NMNQMNQN ,,.,,,,,.,,.,....,.. 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A NATIONAL BANK FOR SAVINGS .... 3 0 Z 0 0 2 3 3 OON SAVINGS 0 5 Z 3 0 0 3 Member of Federal Reserve System 3 3 3 0 0 0 0 Z A A 3 0 O 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 O O 0 O O 0 0 0 O 0 0 0 0 0 E N HARRIS-HAMNER CO. 3 3 STYLE OUTFITTERS 3 2 for 2 E Style-Wise llgllglx Silgzol Students E One 5 PRINTING co. 3 3 Z X 3 Commerclal Z E - 25 0 Prmters Q 3 X O 0 3 Tuscaloosa, Alabama 2 3 ARTISTIC ENGRAVING 2 3 EXPERT REPAIRING g 3 521 Greensboro Ave. Phone IZ9 3 0 """"""" O 0 O 0 ,,,,,, 0 O . O O O gg v gggg5000OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO'OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO 000000003 1. 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Suggestions in the Tuscaloosa High School - Black Warrior Yearbook (Tuscaloosa, AL) collection:

Tuscaloosa High School - Black Warrior Yearbook (Tuscaloosa, AL) online yearbook collection, 1934 Edition, Page 1


Tuscaloosa High School - Black Warrior Yearbook (Tuscaloosa, AL) online yearbook collection, 1935 Edition, Page 1


Tuscaloosa High School - Black Warrior Yearbook (Tuscaloosa, AL) online yearbook collection, 1936 Edition, Page 1


Tuscaloosa High School - Black Warrior Yearbook (Tuscaloosa, AL) online yearbook collection, 1937 Edition, Page 1


Tuscaloosa High School - Black Warrior Yearbook (Tuscaloosa, AL) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Page 1


Tuscaloosa High School - Black Warrior Yearbook (Tuscaloosa, AL) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 1


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