Tuscaloosa County High School - Tuscohi Yearbook (Northport, AL)

 - Class of 1961

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Tuscaloosa County High School - Tuscohi Yearbook (Northport, AL) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Cover

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I .I 1, ,. ,Vx 'W A' ' . , T-WY- 1 'T 1' Q' V H A r I' , ,M . 5. ' iv f Jig? g L . 1 -A - -. 1' - "H , ,Q in 5.5, E .-. ' .' 1' M' T W. . ', - .1 '. A. ' le. Q, W . . 1'3" Q A ig: W 75 , K. f.. Y 1 y, 4. uv e .' V..-A, Q1 . Z - I n swim f 0' 1 X ik .mn A nr A 'UF al A Q . N .-.4 Q13 uh 'Jn -f? ,Jw-'F Q T ' P- +I f N' -' i?-u k ' ,055 W4 . A Fy,6QQ?,,N,. Mg, ,-f, 4 3 ' -1 'L "T i,WSQ.2' fu' , V J Fm v Q af- g,,Q4ffz?g j J F' V' 5' 1 F 'Q-F A , ,Z fMf3 I .. 2 FIQEQZQ-Q 1, 1,4 g fwb' '92,-"1" ' Qi "K 15, :V ' -ff may ,, .'!!k . .'iF? ,JW 'ff' .A 1 J f 00504 0, 415 5 Ma sf ,WW 'gjffff 41 4 X I BVRW X ' - 4 Nv ff-1 'X T H E I96I TLISCGHI presents . . Tuscaloosa County High Northport, Alabama CLASSES W sg FEATURES PATHS THAT LEAD TO... ooo INSTRUCTION ACTIVITIES . SPORTS 3 I DEDICATION In an humble effort to show our appreciation and gratitude for your interest in our welfare, your support of our school and your many years of service at Tuscaloosa County High School, we give you the most precious gift We have to offer . . . the dedication of a year of work, a year of memories. May it be a memorial to your worthy aims and high endeavors. It is with love and admiration that we dedicate the 1961 TUSCOHI to you, MRS. LAURENE WILLIAMS. ADMINISTRATIO Principal DR. JOSEPH L. PETERSON . ff Q. - Q Ax In K... ,nf WQ5 . ' gf. is , Q51 L, Us A ,531 , sir . I . I 51 .Qi Q :J-:Wg Mwww -fa, at . Assistant Principal Secretary MR. JAMES A. SHEPHERD MRS. BENNIE LANEY FACULTY 1 os? PXYSWS 19 A Wie' 99:51 SCIENCE DEPA lift- Morton RTMENT FS. Frazer ENGLISH DEPARTMENT Mrs. Abernathy Mrs. Faucett Mrs. Aldredge Mrs. Darden Miss Pool Miss P. Neighbors ARXAN Lxiigxss Eames LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT Mrs. Agee M Mis' Haf8f0Ve J0hn Thomas X3 '90 4 -Q58 Gow' Qs- S23 S S kK'XS5S. .SX3i0 X599 90g,X2S sv' Q2 CX 15 23962 Qi VOCATIONAL DEPARTMENT Mr. DaviS 1i'IAEg?1i'ZOrriSOu CKIIVIMERCIAL DEPARTMENT Wh 1 rs. reer Mrs' a ey Mrs. Kyle is if W X SKK ijt -i GIRLS' PHYSICAL EDUCATION Mrs. Smith Mrs. Darden A, ,, BOYS' PHYSI C Coach MCK' AL EDUCATION H126 ac Thom Coach Williais f ws x ,,r., .. V, VM use mls was Q MW HM! mu s 'WI rg-3 X iw 5 mg, MUSIC Mr. Hennessy NMS President ' U jack Marler Vzfe Prefzdent jane Smelley jerry Avery joy Barringer Margaret Ann Barringer jimmy Booth Butch Christian Bebe Jan Davis Jeanna Kay Davis Randolph Freeman Dorothy Gettie Sara Nell jones Judy Hawthorne Linda Henderson DE T NCIL ,ri 'Eid si, 'fi . -75 2 " 4 . H .f Q 5 .W S' , , 'SH Q l1i7S'?Ki-L71-1'-f M mfr ,,., , ,sweeps srpxfliuw s' ,.,,f f ,- ws-zsugxyff-,,,, K ur- Wh: ig 5 if ,wx ' M? s .1 5 , ,Q .w - r - "., j , if L N . -,'. 3 - 1- -.,:.1s7g,z3a'.,ffif-, ' -msn , ' , , LMQ ' 'mf' y l '.-,' 9'-' 9 i Sponsor Miss R. Neighbors an if ,Q s i gk .X 5 up ' 1,13 . Heb- -tr' "" 3 ,, ,, A 4, joan Lowery E' 5- 'si ai., ,Q ,Q L L -A ' L Patsy Neighbors Montez Oliver Sefreffzry Lorraine Gann w-...y f' ' el? Qi 4 A um ll Sandra Hunter , , l w,,f vi 52:1 Odell Lowery -K, I 'Q QE, I gil, V M' X, mf jx Donald Simmons pf 13 Trefzfzzrer 'Timmy Rudd Ken Kennedy Nbr TZTD' Doris McGee ' .-1 fszeisfgsefof -, fsiiffwesvlsg- fi. . . .sv114.gvss2w ':?. fl- 1 .,'.Efis21?i-,r , , , . .-,1.-2-1 '- . ' ' x '.i?EI:,.ilf? - 3 . ' ESM? ' rss: . :,:l' Lett. ,us -ui . , ,. ,,,.. , ,.rf,.r. .. - ,y,rr1111lf111 . 1 6? - ' S?Ei35bi??ri575i i 1,:111z.1,y ' f 2,1:z,.sfs21f12vff"Www Q iw: Q21s?fssf14e27f3sg is X1 S Q lf Q Ji w.-.Q Ei? Q S li A Km K P Q Q N 3 5 vi R Q Sr, Q K t . J i.,, , U W i,.r W. f gk is M an J QS Ev 3, S Sew r fn ly l v S r yy ,E john Wilson ,- J- ' K. ,,.. Q it-f' rirry A 5. I Beverly Lett fi so as? 4 ,Ay Beth Moore Virginia Wilson BOARD OF EDUCATION R '.,'.:,H W: M el DR. W. W. ELLIOTT Superintendent of Education aff, TUSCALOOSA COUNTY BOARD OF EDUCATION Mr. H. H. Maxwell, Mr. john Foster, Mr. ll. H. Boteler, Mrs. Burroughs, Mr. Marshall Walker E 15421255iffP252-'wi'i52i"f wl',f?viff:T'f"' 4222- nf ' , 1?,LVJZ-Ai'lY-",e:QSf'55-'f,, SMR? if E! I I 4. 'HN as K I S A' ws' wwwm SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Prefidefzl-WA. D. Christain Vice Piwidemf-Sonny Wright Serreta1'y-Virginia Wilson Treafzzrer--johnny Kirkley MARY ADAMS National Honor Society, Beta Club, Pres. of Tri-Hi-Y, Sec, of Citizen- ship Club, Tuscohi Staff, Student Council, Spanish Club, G.A.A., Youth Legislature, National Hi-Y Congress, Patrols, 4-H Club, Li- brary Club, -Ir. Tri-Hi-Y, Jr. Citi- zenship Club, Office Asst. If I :mfr my wha! I think, why zhinlz il! GAY ASHCRAFT Business Manager of Tuscohi, Poster Club, Citizenship Club, 4-H Club, Tfl.Hl.Y, F.H.A. Neat, Jweet, und hard lo beat. GEORGE BALLARD Blue Letter Club, Citizenship Club, fl-H Club, F.F.A., Football, JETS. A football guard who hizr 'em hard. JEAN BARRINGER Citizenship Club, Tri-Hi-Y, Home- coming Maid, 4-H Club, F.H.A., G.A.A. A rare wilh all its Jweelelz lezwer unfolded. JAMES SEARCY BATTLE Track Manager, Blue Letter Club, 4-H Club. Why worry, lhe world goer ou just lhe mme. gurl li. Wt- ' 'M-. 1 , . 4-mmm, Q-sf' PAULETTE ADDKISON National Honor Society, Youth Legislature, 4-H Club, Beta Club, Citizenship Club, F,T.A,, Jr. Citi- zenship Club, Blue-White Staff, Tri-Hi-Y, Choral Club, F.H.A. I have heard of the lady and good word! uferzl ufilh her name. RAY ASHCRAFT Treas. of F.F.A., Citizenship Club, Football, 4-H Club, JETS. He roughl, and whirzled ur he wenz, for lurk of lhoughl. DORIS NELL BARRETT Beta Club, Future Nurses, 4-H Club, F.H.A. She? Jmall, lm: a roulhern draufl. D. D. BARTON V.-Pres. of National Honor So- ciety, Pres. of Beta Club, V.-Pres. of Student Council '59, Citizen- ship Club, Pres. of Hi-Y, Spanish Club, Blue Letter Club, Pres. of jr. High, Jr. Citizenship Club, Youth Legislature, Patrols, Foot- ball, JETS. I'm one of God'r great meng lake rare of me. HAROLD BIGHAM Citizenship Club, Hi-Y, Blue Let- ter Club, 4-H Club, Patrols, Bas- ketball, jr. Citizenship Club. I1 what rz lull mrm to ree the world. I3 JOE DOUGLAS BILLINGS Newer letr binzrelf be hurried or worried. ALEXZENE BOOTH Beta Club, Citizenship Club, Pa- trols, Pres. of Library Club, Tri- Hi-Y, Spanish Club, 4-H Club. Men, no: 7lI6'eI.fll7'6',l', have uluwyr been my mark. PATRENA JAYNE BOOTH Tri-Hi-Y, Poster Club, G.A.A., Citizenship Club, 4-H Club, Jr. Tri-Hi-Y, Library Club. Prelzy, rlaurzning, and awful Uifff lhe kind of girl you'd look at twice. SANDRA TOLER BOSWELL Reporter for F.H.A,, 4-H Club, Choral Club, Tri'Hi-Y, Miss F.H,A. Alternate, Phys. Ed. Asst. Preriour lining: ure not found in heupr. JOHN GREGORY BRADY, IH National Honor Society, Beta Club, Hi-Y, 4-H Club, V.-Pres. of Band, Blue-White Staff. Beller men lhilil I have lived bu! I .reriourly doubl ii. I4 avid, I 9.4. -ef' AUT JAMES BLAKNEY 4-H Club. Abrenl? Never. Gone forever, JAMES CLIFTON BOOTH Beta Club. Student Council, Citi- zenship Club, Blue-White Staff, Piitrols, 4-H Club. Il if II very bard undertaking lo reek lo plenre everybody. REBECCA JEAN BOOTH Poster Club, 4-H Club, F.H.A. Muy your purre dlwnyf be henry und your bear! ligbl. PEGGY JOAN BOX Beta Club, Citizenship Club, G.A.A., F.H.A., Thespian, Poster Club, Tri-Hi-Y, Jr. Citizenship Club. Her uoire wuf genlle and low- nn exrellenl thing in n woman. JACK BREWER Citizenship Club, 4-H Club. A new mil from an old wug. NELL ANITA BREWER Tri-Hi-Y, Poster Club, G.A.A., Citizenship Club, -l-H Club, Citizenship Club, Jr, Tri-Hi-Y. The great plefuure in life it doing wha! peaple My ual. JOHN ALLEN BROM Citizenship Club, Band, 4-H Club. Held first that zvbifb if good. LAVERN BROWN Quiei as lbe d.1y is long. JERRY A. BROWNING F.F.A., 4-H Club. Slrike while Ike iron if boi. BETTY JEAN BURROUGHS Beta Club, Blue-White Staff, F.H.A., Library Club, 4-H Club. May you never be weary in wel! doing. ALTON HILL BRIDGES Think of 615156 bw zrorie on. JAMES QSPIKEJ BROWN National Honor Society, Beta Club, Treus. of Citizenship Club, Youth Legislature, EEA., Chaplain of Hi-Y, Patruls, Tuscohi Stuff, Foot- ball. Boys' State, Spanish Club, Bzmtl, JETS, A Jborl .md !?tIl1KlI5'077ZL' brine, My word! It he ruze. REENA BROWN Blue-W'hite Staff, Library Club, Poster Club, F.H.A., 4-H Club. Wil! if pr1z1'w'. WAYNE BURKHALTER Be a Jffilfk f1.1ll,Q',' Jmrt mzzzellvfazg. JOHN BURROUGHS -1-H Club, D.O. I'd rather he right Ibm: Prefidezzl. I 5 J SAVANNAH CAROL BURROUGI-IS Citizenship Club, Spanish Club, Future Nurses, 4,1-I Club. I am ever merry when I bear merry murif. THOMAS HILLMAN CARVER Pres. Of EEA. Let uf emulate lair plaizz living, bit square dealing and lair level bead- ednen. EREDA CHANNELL Eclitor of Blue-White, Cheerleader, Tuscaloosa News Reporter, Quill and Scroll, Beta Club, Tri-Hi-Y, Citizenship Club, Jr. Tri-Hi-Y, Jr. Citizenship, 4-H Club, Office Asst., F.H.A., G.A.A. I don? believe in prinripal, but I do believe in irzlerefl. A. D. CHRISTIAN National Honor Society, Beta Club, Citizenship Club, Pres. of Senior Class, Hi-Y, Blue Letter Club, Basketball, Patrols, Spanish Club, Jr. Citizenship Club, Band. Ambition, Jpiril, loyalty, pep, bdr a guy thafr really bep! KENNETH CLARK Beta Club, Citizenship Club, Blue- White Staff, Hi-Y, JETS. Steady of limb, .ttroug of laeart, a man in earh and every part. I6 'HJ' ..L, . ia... -Wil .g at 4. I .si M I wi r JZ f 3 . ,i 'Sill' ' f- ' .sf ,zffiia nil , Q1 gg , ,,u.,f.1iff, J, , ' 1+ .4 -twin., .m I zz .....,, s tx R., ,, .mf ARCHIE CLARENCE CALHOUN Citizenship Club, Band, Tuscohi Staff, Band Asst., Jr. Citizenship Club. Somelimef I sl! and llaiuk and Jomelimer I fur! Jil. BILLY CHAMPION Manager of Track, Blue Letter Club, F.F.A., Student Asst. Blonde or brunelte, Jborz or fall, be ren a Jpriug lo mare them all. ALLEN CHASTINE Band. Come graduaziorz and match me from lhir homework. JOYCE OLENE CHRISTIAN Poster Club, Tri-I-Ii-Y. Round ber eyef, leer lrerser fell, whirl: were blocker, none rould tell. RANDOLPH I-I. CLARK 4-H Club. Every man for bimrelf. DORA PAULINE CLEMENTS National Honor Society, Beta Club, Bliie-White Staff. Band, Tri-Hi-Y, F.T.A., Library Club, Spanish Club, Poster Club, Citizenship Club, 4-H Club, jr. Citizenship Club. Virlue if bold and goodnefr never fearful. IANEY LA VERT COOLEY Band, Choral, Poster Club, Citi- zenship Club, Tri-Hi-Y, 4-H Club, F.H.A. Mufif bulb rburuzf lo Joolbe lbs mwge bezzfl, zo Joften rofk, or bend iz krlolfed ook. MARTHA CORK Tri-Hi-Y, Citizenship Club, Poster Club, G.A.A., 4-H Club, E.H.A., Phys. Ed. Asst. Future bride, DOIlkQ!:II,I pride. JUDY CRAWFORD Blue-White Staff, Treas. of Tri- Hi-Y. Beta Club, Citizenship Club, E.H,A., G.A.A., 4-H Club, Jr. Tri- Hi-Y, Jr. Citizenship Club. Sweel and rule, her aim: to Juil. WYNELLE FAYE CRISS Student Council, Citizenship Club, 4-H Club, Spanish Club, jr. Citi- zenship Club, Art Club, Band, Band Asst. She limi har life for one low. an ., QF rf- . N. " ' 195 , nv it fig' V 4 is A -ig A ' . Y My .W Arwen -. , - SYLVIA COLE Future Nurses. Nolbizzg is impoffible Io zz zviliirzg worker. VERA GLADYS COOPER Citizenship Club, F.H.A., 4-H Club, G.A.A. Ai1l'JIjJ' ready for 61 good time. DOROTHY COX Citizenship Club, F.H.A., Poster Club. I um 14 lm! I fuzz. SALENA MAE CRAWFORD Citizenship Club, 4-H Club, F.H.A., G,A.A. W'i!ia your quiet poise gou appear u biz modest. EVELYN ANN DAVIS Citizenship Club Spanish Club. Tri H1Y Band GAA. 4-H Club. ...,... g :PV 1 . ., Good fporl, fine tori. ul-.. I7 'IEANNA KAY DAVIS National Honor Society, Beta Club, Pres. of F.H.A., Student Council, Tri-Hi-Y, Citizenship Club, Tus- cohi Staff. Her quielnerr rpeuk: for ilrelf. WALTER DAVIS Citizenship Club, Football, 4-I-I Club. If if: nznn'r work, I'm only a hay. CECIL DEWEY The quiet lype derrriher Ceril, boy you'll want to know. ANNE DOCKERY Thespian, Tri-Hi-Y, Citizenship Club, 4-H Club. The her! drexfed girl in the renior clan, her fafhion dexign will not be Jurpaffed. DONALD EUGENE DOCKERY F.F.A., 4-H Club. He lake: life in hir erziy rlride. in A 125+ 'K'-'EY' wav as uw., 73 ,... ., I X ,,,. M ,H . C. kr. gpg 'uf 'hp' wa 5 W J1 . t , , X Q -. ar L QW' '12 V. fp-it N6 -.df RONNIE DAVIS Blue-White photographer. By the work we knew the work- man. EDNA GAYLE DEESE Citizenship Club, Poster Club, F.H.A., 4-H Club, jr. Tri-Hi-Y. Lei lhe world :way ar it will, rhe'll he guy and happy rzill, DORIS DICKSON Citizenship Club, Tri-Hi-Y, G.A.A., F.H.A., 4-H Club. Much .fludy ir wearinerr to the flerh. DANNY DOCKERY F.F.A., 4-H Club. Always jolly and quite rarefreef life may he dull hut never he. NELSON DOWDLE 4-H Club, Citizenship Club. Why work when you can Jleep. GAIL DUNKIN l:.H.A. Good fafe, full of grate. .BETTY JANE EDWARDS National Honor Society, Beta Club, Citizenship Club, Tri-Hi-Y, Jr. Cit- izenship Club, Tuscohi Staff, 4-H Club, jr. Tri-Hi-Y. Good fluff rho' nuff. NOBIE JONES EWING Spanish Club, Liliary Club, Tri- Hi-Y, Citizenship Club, 4-H Club. 'Tir betler zo lone one man lofi than to love lot! of men lftzle. NANCY ANN FINCH Cheerleader, Beta Club, Tri-Hi-Y, Citizenship Club, Spanish Club, G,A.A., Phys. Ed. Asst., 4-H Club. Like u glam of rlanmpagne, alufnyi linblzling over. GERALD GAST Pres. of Homeroom, Pres, of Band, Spanish Club, Choral Club, 4.1-1 Club, Citizenship Club, Hi-Y. Take e1'eryoody'f nclzfife, then do of you please. is-J M 4. 3'9" 'mv Dk ,W Wi .-q .-.1 ilv- i 1 - pi vi' . .-uf 55' Qi 15-W' ' -.et 9 is New .,4 gi. Hifi? ,Q Y , JOE DYER I-li-Y, Cadet Band, Varsity Band, Citizenship Club, Mixed Ensemble, Mixed Chorus, Blue-White Staff, Jr. Citizenship Club. l'm no! going fo kill nzyfelf study- ing ff I never die. WARREN ELMORE fl-H Club, EEA. You mn never Zell wlm! be'll do next, JERRY FIELDS Band. l'nz the only one of my kind. LORRAINE GANN Sec. of Student Council, Sec. of jr. Class, Homecoming Maid, National Honor Society, Pres. of F.T.A., Tri-Hi-Y, Beta Club, Spanish Club, Citizenship Club, Poster Club, G.A.A., 4-H Club. ll"illingne.v.r leodr fo the road of .mrre.fs. DOROTHY GEDDIE Student Council, Citizenship Club, Poster Club, Tri-Hi-Y, F.H.A., jr. Citizenship Club. I am Jborl and Jo if life. I9 HAZEL JANE GEDDIE Beta Club, Student Council, Citi- zenship Club, Tri-Hi-Y, F.H.A., 4-H Club, Jr. Citizenship Club. Sweez drenmr rome from ,izueet lhoughtx. JAMES VINCENT GLASS Spanish Club, Basketball, 4-H Club, Blue-White Staff. Beuvire-I may he fizmoizy yet. WILLIAM F. GOREE EFA.. fl-I-I Club. Silence ir tin exeelleni zhing. JESSIELINE GRAMMER Citizenship, 4-H Club. Quiel, hui admired. MARVIN DEAL GREGORY 4-H Club, EEA., Truck, Baseball. T1'0lI!?l6 .riff hir! lightly on hir Jhaulderr. 20 JOSEPH RICHARD GEER Sindy if n dreary thing, Jo why .rhould I do il? ROBERT DAVID GOODMAN D.O. Tenrherr and cla.m'00m5 are hir only ohjeelion I0 edumtion. ELNA ROSE GRAHAM Tri-Hi-Y, Poster Club, Thespian, Citizenship Club, Library Club, G.A.A., 4-H Club, F.H.A,, Jr. Tri- Hi-Y, Jr. Citizenship Laugh? Yer, why not? 'Tir belief than crying ez lol. ELSIE CAROLYN GRAY Poster Club, F.H.A., 4-H Club. Some people can? help being nice. ROY GRIFFIN Beta Club, Choral Club, Spanish Club, Hi-Y, Citizenship Club, Pres. of Tuscaloosa County Hi-Y Council, National Hi-Y Congress, Youth Legislature, All-State Choral, 4-H Club, Jr. Citizenship, Patrols, JETS. To .ring if hir Joul'J derire. VIRGINIA GUIN National Honor Society, Beta Club. Citizenship Club, Tri-Hi-Y, Band spanish Club, Jr, Citizenship Club: 4-H Club. Such zz ufhirlpool of fun and mix rlafef in ber bead. EMMA JEAN HAMNER Poster Club, 4-H Club, DO., F.I-I.A., Phys. Ed. Asst. ll70I'1'j' killf more people than bul- ly!!--ro zvlny worry? RAY HAMNER Blue Letter Club, F.F,A. Take good fare of me, good mm are rare. JIMMY HARBIN Grow old along willy me zloe ben if ye! 10 mme. JANE HASSELL Citizenship Club, 4-H Club. G01 bw' mare. JOSEPH HENRY GUTHRIE Beta Club, Spanish Club, Blue Let ter Club, Citizenship Club, Hi-Y Captain of Football Team. Allalefir, zrifly and full of fuzz He'J made a fiiefzd of ereryofle. LARRY HAMNER IWlJy woiry irlawz Jomeone will worry for you? SARA HAMNER Beta Club, F.I'I.A., 4-H Club, G.A.A. She I5 of mild 77lcIfZ7I61'.f and gefzlle bean. MARGARET HARLESS Poster Club, 4-H Club, F.H.A., Phys. Ed. Asst. Lzzuglaler if her but medirine JERRY HAWTHORNE F.F.A., Do., Track, 4-H Club. IW!!!-V and 1I'f.l'6' and zmry of women. 2I JUDY FAYE HAWTHORNE Student Council, Blue-XX'hite Staff, F.H.A.. Citizenship Club, 4-H Club, Tri-Hi-Y, jr. Citizenship Club. Talking it her joy. EDNA ALICE HENRY Citizenship Club, Choral Club, JETS. Alwayt happy, mfrfer md, jvrelfy Jmart, newer had. FAYE DRUCILLA HOBSON Citizenship Club, Beta Club, Tri- Hi-Y, 4-H Club, Bltie-White Staff, jr. Tri-Hi-Y, Jr, Citizenship Club, F.H.A. Do you tizhe Ihit mum-I do . I do . . , I do . . BEVERLY JANE HOLLINGSWORTH Citizenship Club, Thespian, Tri- Hi-Y, G.A.A., F.H.A., Jr. Citizen- ship, 4-H Club Alwuyt happy, never rad, ,rome limes naughty, but newer had. KATIE HOLLYHAN Beta Club, Spanish Club, Tri-Hi-Y, Library Club, 4-H Club, F.H.A. She doem't my mufh, hui .rhe'r zzlwayr lhere. 22 G3 of 'W' if' A 'W ig qi . 9 Si ,, N ' A xp " S5 ,,,, iiii - i C 4? are ii """"" 50" RACHEL ADELL HEATEN Tri-Hi-Y, Band, Citizenship Club, Thespian. Poster Club, F.H.A., Spanish Club, 4-H Club. She myr lillle hui think: lol. MARY JANE HERMAN National Honor Society, Sec. of Beta Club, Citizenship Club, Asst. Editor of Tuscohi, Tuscohi Maid, Youth Legislature, Tri-Hi-Y, G.A.A., F.T.A., Poster Club, Spanish Club, Office Asst., 4-H, jr. Tri-Hi-Y, jr, Citizenship. Bewfzref A pair of hfouuz eyef. MARY DORIS HOLCOMB F.H,A., 4-H Club, Poster Club, Tri-Hi-Y. No! 100 Jeriour, not loo guy, hu! a true hlue girl in every way. DOUGLAS HOLLOWAY National Honor Society, Beta Club, Citizenship Club, Blue Letter Club, Football, Track, Band, jr, Citizen- ship Club. My irzlerert if in fhe fulure hemufe Fm going lo spend lhe ren of my life Ihere. GERALD HOUSE Beta Club, Citizenship Club, Hi-Y, Blue Letter Club, Football, Basket- ball, Baseball, Spanish Club, 4-H Club, Patrol. Never hurry, never worry. DONALD HOWELL 4-H Club, Jr. Citizenship Club. He hnowr what ir whal. SALLY ANN HUNTER Beta Club, Tri-Hi-Y, Citizenship Club, 4-H Club, Jr. Citizenship Club, Office Asst., Monitor, Langhler, energy and pep, nenef quiel, Zhafr her rep. EARL HYDRICK National Honor Society, Beta Club, Citizenship Club, Blue Letter Club, Hi-Y, Football, Basketball. He who inrenzed work should have finirhed ii. KATHERINE GAYLE JACOBS Beta Club, Choral Club, Citizen- ship Club, Tri-Hi-Y, F.H.A., 4-H Club, Jr. Citizenship Club. Long hair, Lady fair. LINDA JOYCE JACOBS F.H.A., 4-H Club. A rweet, atlrarlioe hind of grace. JERRY HUNTER Sehool from 8:30 lo 3:00 hui hir- zory if made az nighl. BRUCE HUTCHINS Pres. of National Honor Society, Beta Club, Vice-Pres. of' Citizen- ship, Boys' State, Youth Legisla- ture. Basketball, Baseball, Blue Letter Club, Hi-Y, Patrols, Spanish Club, Vice-Pres. of Jr. High. I Jee hy zhe Jian' heir going lo do great lhingr. SHELBY JEAN HYSAW 4.H, E.H.A. Friendrhip - conrtrhip - love- znarriage. KENNETH DAYLE JACOBS Citizenship Club, F.H.A., 4-H Club, Jr. Citizenship Club. Wire if lhe man when having nolhing to Jay. PATRICIA NEAL JACOBS Poster Club, 4-H Club, Future Nurses. Laugh . . . I though! l'd die . . 23 PAULINE JACOBS Poster Club, 4-H Club, F.H.A., G.A.A., Phys, Ed. Asst. No wonder tetzfherk hair turm grey, I chatter all the dtzy-BOYS. MARY DELL KEITH Beta Club, Citizenship Club, Tri- Hi-Y, Thespian, F.T.A., F.H.A., 4-H Club, Jr. Citizenship Club, jf. Tri-Hi-Y, Office Asst. I truxt my dignity to hide my faults. KEN D. KENNEDY Student Council, Hi-Y, Citizenship Club. A girl'.r d girl hut d good rigor if a Jmohe. JOHN PARK KIRKLEY National Honor Society, Treas. of Senior Class, Vice-Pres. of Beta Club, Citizenship Club, Spanish Club, Patrol, Football, Track, Hi-Y, Blue Letter Club. Fart on feet and very Jweet. WILLA DEAN LAKE F.H.A., 4-H Club. Let me live in zz house hy the .ride of the road and he a friend to man. 24 JOHN P. JONES F.F.A., Bus Driver. Fm not lazy, Fm just raving it. FRANK KELLEY D.O. Here today, gone tomorrow. ROBERT KILGORE Student Council, Pres. of 4-H Club, Citizenship Club, Hi-Y, Basketball, Track, Thespian, Jr. Citizenship Club. If poiion irty failr, try hiitory. JANICE FAYE KYZER Beta Club, Citizenship Club, F.H.A., 4-H Club, Future Nurses. A mild and gentle rhararter. RICHARD LEAVELLE F,F.A., 4-H Club. Oh hum, thir day will alto pau. BASIL LEE Blue Letter Club, Basketball, Base- ball. Some think he ir barhful, but otherr doubt it. RONALD EUGENE LETT Citizenship Club, Band, Choral Club, 4-H Club, Track, Jr. Citizen- ship Club, Blue Letter Club. Life ir one rorztinuour bare-to eat, sleep, and Nothing more. HAROLD LEWIS Never crorrei a bridge till he getr there. F. MERITA LOWERY Pres. of Choral Club, Girls' En- semble, Mixed Ensemble, 4-H Club, Poster Club, Tri-Hi-Y, G.A.A,, Future Nurses, Beta Club. A fag for fare and a fig for woe. SYLVIA DIANE MANDERSON Citizenship Club, Tri-Hi-Y, Poster Club, Office Asst., G.A.A., Library Club, Spanish Club, Choral Club, Phys. Ed. Asst., Jr. Citizenship Club. Little I dream of rare ar onward I go. -Ni' RUTH LESLEY Beta Club, Citizenship Club, 4-H Club, G.A.A., F.H.A. fur! give me lime, F11 .thaw them. DAVID SHANER LEWIS National Honor Society, Beta Club, Citizenship Club, Hi-Y, Blue Let- ter Club, Spanish Club. The Jolemrr, the wire, they never live long, but I .rhall live forever! OLEN LITTLE He rtudier-yea!-but what about? ELIZABETH JANE LUNCEFORD Tri-Hi-Y, Citizenship Club, 4-H Club, F.H.A., G.A.A., Library Club, Spanish Club, Choral Club, Phys. Ed. Asst., Poster Club, jr. Citizenship Club. Merry ar the day ir long. JOHN HARDY MARLER, JR. Pres. of Student Council, Hi-Y, Pres. of Junior Class, Citizenship Club, Thespian, Choral Club, Span- ish Club, Tuscohi Board of Di- rectors, 4-H Club, Beta Club. A :lar in the Student Counrifs frown. 25 CATHERINE ANN MATTHEWS Beta Club, Citizenship Club, Tri- Hi-Y, Spanish Club, Band. Office Asst., Library Asst., Patrol, Jr. Cit- izenship Club, jr. Tri-Hi-Y. lWillin,qne.rJ ir the keynote to her surfers. EDNA BECK McCLOUD G.A.A., Phys, Ed, Asst., Tri-Hi-Y. -I-H Club, EI-I.A,, Citizenship Club. Life without nzirrhief ir not life at all. EARL MCDANIEL F,F.A. A quiet tongue .rhowf o wife head. MARY GAYLE MEGGS Citizenship Club, F.H.A., 4-H Club, Future Nurses, Poster Club, Jr. Citizenship Club. You fhould z1.i'jti1'e more tozzwrd letting your izhilitier he known. BRENDA MILLS Poster Club, 4-I-I Club, Future Nurses, G.A.A., Phys, Ed. Asst. She get! u'htzte1fer she goer after. 25 CAROLYN MAXWELL National Honor Society, Beta Club, Head Cheerleader, Citizenship Club, Tri-Hi-Y, Spanish Club, 4-H Club, Office Asst., Library Club, Phys. Ed. Asst., jr. Citizenship Club, Look jr. Tri-Hi-Y. out! here I come. ROBERT DAN MCCRACKEN Vice-Pres. of F,F.A., 4-H Club, Blue Letter Club, Track. Hold the fort, Fm coming. LINDA ELIZABETH McKNIGHT Citizenship Club, Tri-Hi-Y, 4-H Club, Library Club, Spanish Club, Jr. Citizenship Club, Thespian. The kind of girl it'J ll plefirure to know. RAY MILLER F.F,A,, 4-H Club, Citizenship Club, F.F.A., Student Asst. It'J hetler to he happy than uiife. ROBBIE MILLS F.F.A,, 4-H Club, F.F.A. Asst. Little but loud. CHARLES MITCHELL Beta Club, Band, Choral Club, Spanish Club. He if riffs who har plenly of friendf. LOWELL MONTGOMERY He worfllips fire day .rleep war invented. GENE T. MOORE Hi-Y, Citizenship Club, 4-H Club. No Jinner but certainly no faint. GAIL JEANETTE MORRIS National Honor Society, Beta Club, Band, Tri-Hi-Y, G.A.A., Citizen- ship, Jr. Citizenship Club, F.H,A. Speaking generally, .rlJe'J gillffilllj' Jpeaking. GASTON NICHOLS Band, Choral Club, Hi-Y, Spanish Club, Citizenship Club, "All- State" Band, 4-H Club, Jr. Citi- zenship Club, Hale and lrardy, alwayr lardy. .gs lls i ' tl 5' S A DOUGLAS MONTGOMERY Do. Club, 4.11 Club. The mold of manfr forlune if in lair own band. DON MOQDY 4-H Club, D.O. Club. If az firrt you don't sufreed, lry, lry again. SHIRLEY JEAN MORGAN Citizenship Club, Spanish Club, Poster Club, Tri-Hi-Y, 4-H Club, F.H.A., Jr. Citizenship Club. Wfilla my eyer wide open I'm dreaming. PATSY AILEEN NEIGHBORS Citizenship Club, F.H.A., Student Council, Vice-Pres, of G.A.A., 4-H Club, Vice-Pres. of Thespians, jr. Citizenship Club. The uforld .flpflldi afide Io let lfer fvarrg who know: uilaere the if going. SARAH PRISCILLA NICHOLS National Honor Society, Beta Club, Citizenship Club, Tri-Hi-Y, Youth Legislature, Poster Club, Spanish Club, G.A.A., F.T.A., 4-H Club, Office Asst., Phys. Ed. Asst, jr. Citizenship Club, jr. Tri-Hi-Y. Leave Jilenfe I0 lbe godr, I'm only human. 27 IIARRELL NOLAND Citizenship Club, Football, Spanish Club, -I-I-I Club, Poster Club. S0r111er or l.4Ier Ibe 7116112 who winr if Ike 1111111 zrfm lbfflref be mn. CLARA LOU O'l-IANLON Citizenship Club, F.I-LA., 4-H Club. Palienre If Ilve be,fI renzedy for erery l7'Ull!7f6f. VIRGINIA PAYE OWENS Citizenship Club, 4-H Club, F.H.A. LIfe'r I: joke. all 0Iber Ibingf Ion, I Il.f6'd In Ibinb 111. now I know. ROY PATE F.F,A., DO. Club, Track, 4-H Club, Football. He ir quiel, 12111 in Ibe rlfzrvroom he mn be fl rinl. DELORIUS ANNETTA QANITAJ PATTERSON Beta Club, Citizenship Club, Tri- Hi-Y, Drum Majorette, Band Sweetheart, Beauty XX'alk Winner, Fair Queen, Tuscohi Queen and Princess, Youth Legislature, Poster Club, Spanish Club, 4-H Club, Band Asst., Office Asst., Band. Preriour gIfI.r are zempped in mm!! jrzzrlerzgex. 28 1:-ual? df' fs? V' -qw 414 if pppp . . af ..,, . MARY JEAN NOLAND Citizenship Club, 4-H Club, F.I-LA., G.A.A., jr. Citizenship Club. To have fl friend if I0 be one. JANE MONESE O'NEAL National Honor Society, Head Cheerleader, Beta Club, Citizen- ship Club, Treas. of -4-H Club, G.A.A.. Poster Club, Tri-Hi-Y, Spanish Club, Youth Legislature, Office Asst., Jr. Tri-Hi-Y, jr. Citi- zenship Club. She Ir preriour Ilan! if Irueg ffl' flllf7'Jl,Q601l,l' the work .flae'lI do. CATHERINE PAPPAS fi-H Club. Spanish Club, Citizen- ship Club, Tri-Hi-Y, Poster Club, D.O. Club. She fear 61 merry smile, :Ind Jhe ufearf II every day. RUBYE CMISSYQ PATE G.A.A., F.H.A., Phys. Ed. Asst., 4-H Club, Poster Club Happy and cure, bu! newer bold, :lads fl friend at good as gold. JUDY PATTON Cheerleader, Tri-Hi-Y, G.A.A., Citizenship Club, Library Club, 4-H Club, Spanish Club, jr. Citi- zenship Club, jr. Tri-Hi-Y. She if rute and rery nrmll, but in her life Ibere ir room for all. LINDA SUE PAYNE Tri-Hi-Y, Citizenship Club, Li- brary Club, Spanish Club, G.A.A., Art Club, 4-H Club, Monitor, jr. Tri-Hi-Y. Her diiporilion if loving, hind, and true, and wilhout her, we wonder what we'd do. FAYE PEARSON 4-H Club, Art Club. A good nalured perfon is never out of place. DORIS NELL POOLE Tri-Hi-Y, 4-H Club, F.H.A., Citi- zenship Club, Poster Club. If: nire to he nalural when y0u're naturally nire. LOUISE CAMILLE POWELL Homecoming Queen, National Honor Society, Beta Club, Pres. of Citizenship Club, Sec. of Tri-Hi-Y, Girls' State, Poster Club, Spanish Club, 4-H Club, G.A.A., Youth Legislature, Patrol, Office Asst., Ir. Citizenship Club, Jr. Tri-Hi-Y. There if goodnen wherever :he goex, the path the tread: if like a rose. SHIRLEY PAYE PRICE National Honor Society, Beta Club, Citizenship Club. Forever mild and gentle in her wayx, Jhe'x a friend through the live-long day. 'L k,,' 'if i, .4 x ' ir "' A , ,g 3, . E1 . - ..- W W' U .z i CHARLOTTE PEARSON Citizenship Club, 4-H Club, F.H.A. Learn to lahor and zo wait. HAROLD PEARSON To worh or nor zo worh-zfhaz if the quertion. JEWEL DEAN POSEY Citizenship C l u b, Thespians, Poster Club, 4-H Club, F.H.A., Jr. Citizenship Club. Ever happy, never hlue, :he al- wayr ha: a rnzile for you. MARY ELLEN PREWITT Citizenship Club, Library Club, 4-H Club, F.H.A., Jr. Citizenship Club. To be Jweel wa: never fatal. 'IACQUELINE HALLMAN PRITCHETT National Honor Society, Beta Club, Citizenship Club, Tri-Hi-Y, 4-H Club, National 4-H Congress, Spanish Club, F.T.A., Office Asst., Library Asst., Poster Club, Patrol, Blue-White Staff, Choral Club, Band, jr. Citizenship Club, Jr. Tri-Hi-Y. She go! her man wilh no helping hand. 29 CHARLES RAMPACEK National Honor Society, Hi-Y, Spanish Club, Basketball. In all his flame! he'J a genius, and of hi: admirable ahility, we are mort envioux. MARY ANN ,RAWLINS 4-H Club, Tri-Hi-Y, Citizenship Club, G.A.A., Future Nurses. Live, Laugh, Loveg the1e'll come a time when you earz't. SHIRLEY MAE RICE Citizenship Club, Poster Club, F.H.A., 4-H Club, Jr. Citizenship Club. Her friendi there are many, her foe:-are there any? GENE ROBERTSON F.F,A., 4-H Club. It'J not what you dog ifx what you get away with. LEROY ROBERTSON F.F.A. A little zzonfeme now and then if relished hy the hext of men. 30 wwf' f my ,357 I ROBERT RAMSEY, JR. Citizenship Club, 4-H Club, Blue Letter Club, Baseball. Iurt ark me, CHARLYNE JAYNE RECK Tri-Hi-Y, Thespian, Poster Club, Band, Citizenship Club, 4-H Club, Ir. Tri-Hi-Y, Jr. Citizenship Club. Witty, lively, and full of furry talk the will to everyone. BILLY RIGSBY Art Club, 4-H Club. I dare do 'all that heromef a mart, who dares do more is none. JOHN ROBERTSON Tuscohi staff, Arr Club, JETS, 4-H Club. Herd: to love-Jweet mifery. LINDA ONITA ROBERTSON Citizenship Club, Future Nurses, F.H.A., 4-H Club, G.A.A. A .rweet and friendly xmile light: her fate. NICK ROULAINE He puts his worries in a ,bother with a hole in it. AUDREY AILEEN RUSHING Beta Club, Tri-Hi-Y, Cheerleader, Citizenship Club, Spanish Club, G.A.A., Poster Club, 4-H Club, Student Council, Patrol, Jr. Citi- zenship Club. A viuafious young lady who's full of pepg in cheering and danfing she's always in step. M. REBECCA SCRIVNER Citizenship Club, Tri-Hi-Y, Beta Club, 4-I-I Club, F.H.A., Office Asst., Jr. Citizenship Club. The voire with the smile wins. HAROLD WADE SEXTON 4-H Club. Thinking is an idle waste of time. REBA JG'-Y CE SHELTON Beta Club, Citizenship Club, Miss F.H.A., Sec. of F.H.A., jr. Tri- Hi-Y, 4-H Club, Choral Club, G.A.A., F.T.A. A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance. JAMES ROBERT RUDD Student Council, Hi-Y, Thespian, Citizenship Club, Choral Club, 4-I-I Club. He's nire-looking, he's willy, he's clever, he's sly,' an all-around fel- low, and a wonderful guy. RANDY SANFORD National Honor Society, Beta Club, Hi-Y, Band, Citizenship Club, Spanish Club, Patrol, 4-H Club Youth Legislature, JETS, jr. Citi- zenship Club. A right good fellow here you see, and one as friendly as can he. v DONALD CADE SEXTON 4-H Club, Football. l'1fe always doubled S0lomon's wisdom since I heard he had 700 wives. JOE ALLEN SHELBY, JR. Beta Club, Citizenship Club, 4-H Club, JETS, Jr. Citizenship Club, He loohs the world in the face and fears not any man. CATHERINE SHIRLEY Beta Club, F.H.A., Future Nurses "fx Amhition rules my mind, hut love reigns my hrain. 3 l JAMES GARY SHIRLEY D.O. Work if work and must he done,' neverihelefs, l'll have my fun. MICKEY SKIDMORE Citizenship Club, Spanish Club, Tri-Hi-Y, Tuscohi Staff, Blue- White Staff, Jr. Citizenship Club, 4-H Club. IVhat'J the we of worrying? IZ never war worlhwhile. VIOLA REMEA SMELLEY 4-H Club, F.H.A. When we are pleaied ourselves, we begin to please otherf. JAMES SMITH Blue Letter Club, Track. Trash :tar on the run. RAY SMITH Citizenship Club, Hi-Y, Student Council, Spanish Club, Band, All- State Choral, Choral Club, 4-H Club, jr. Citizenship Club. Why worry? Things are hound to happen anyway. 32 NELL SHIRLEY National Honor Society, Beta Club, Spanish Club, Tri-Hi-Y, 4-H Club, Citizenship Club, jr. Citizenship Club, jr. Tri-Hi-Y, Office Asst. The reward for a good deed is to have done it. TOMMY SMELLEY 4-H Club, F.F.A., Football. A: friendly a guy as you will ever find. HENRY SMITH 4-H Club, F.F.A. Eoerylhing earner to him who waitrf why hurry! Jo ANN SMITH Tri-Hi-Y, Citizenship Club, Stu- dent Council, 4-H Club, F.H.A., G,A.A,, F.T.A., Library Club, Jr. Citizenship Club, jr. Tri-Hi-Y, Of- fice Asst. Slow and .fleady winx the rare. WALTER RAY SMITH He take: life in his eaxy Jlride. JAMES SNIPES Citizenship Club, Football, Poster Club. Manu work wax never done,' why .rlarl it? LYNDA CAMILLE SPENCER Tri-Hi-Y, Citizenship Club, Library Club, F.H.A., 4-H Club, Jr. Citi- zenship Club. jolly, good-nalured, and full of pep. MARY SUE STONE National Honor Society, Beta Club, Spanish Club, Citizenship Club, F.T.A., 4-H Club, Jr. Citizenship Club. If you are ruled by mind, you are kind. JAMES STRICKLAND 4-H Club, D.O., Baseball. A man wills azz abundance of friendr and good qualifier. LARRY SULLIVAN Citizenship Club, Spanish Club, Thespian, Blue-White Staff, 4-H Club, JETS, Jr. Citizenship Club. Be wisely worldly, bu! not worldly wire. BOBBY SPENCER National Honor Society, Beta Club, Citizenship Club, 4-H Club, Span- ish Club, JETS, Track. Heb' up in lair rlafsef, be loaf read many books, but he doem'l rare for girls or their lookr, WAYNE STANLEY 4-H Club, JETS, Baseball, Alwayf jolly and quite rafefree.' life may be dull bu! never if he. MARTHA ELIZABETH STRAWBRIDGE Cheerleader, Beta Club, Student Council, Pres. of Tri-Hi-Y, Thes- pian, Citizenship Club, F.H.A. Eat, drink, and be merryg for fo- morrow you may die. WINFRED JACKSON STRICKLAND F.F,A., 4-H Club. Quiel perform are welfome every- wlaere. LUCY HYDRICK SWINEY Citizenship Club, Tri-Hi-Y, 4-H Club. Her julure is planned-third finger lefl lvand. 33 ROBERT AMON TAYLOR Citizenship Club, 4-H Club, F.F.A. Alwayr genuine, never rarelen or idle. DORIS PATRICIA THOMAS Editor of Tuscohi '61, Tri-Hi-Y, Citizenship Club, G.A.A., F.H.A., 4-H Club, Jr. Tri-Hi-Y, jf. cifi- zenship Club, Litlle and rule, willy and wire, xl:e'J really Jometlaing for Iver size. BOBBY TURNER Band, 4-H Club, Spanish Club. Dorff take life loo xeriourly, you'll never gel out of it alive anyway. i WAYNE TURNER 4-H Club. I'm not lazy, I'm jun raving my energy. JIMMY VAUGHN Student Council, Beta Club, 4-H Club, Spanish Club, Patrol, Base- ball, JETS, Citizenship Club. It'.r good to be merry and wire, if: good zo be honey! and frue. 34 -Q 2 -'::,"f SARA JO TAYLOR Beta Club, Tri-Hi-Y, Citizenship Club, G.A.A., Spanish Club, 4-H Club, Phys. Ed. Asst. Her paiienfe will aebieve more Iban her forfe. WANDA STANLEY TUNNELL F.H.A., 4-H Club, Spanish Club. She if :weeler llaan perfume ilxelf. JEANETTE TURNER F.H.A., 4-H Club, Tri-Hi-Y, Citi- zenship Club. A bil of Junyhine wrapped in tbif fair maiden. GRETCHEN ELVEA REE TYNER 4-H Club, F.H.A. Leifure if Jovereign blirr. DIANNE VICKERY Tri-Hi-Y, Citizenship Club, Poster Club, 4.11 Club, Band, F.T.A., F.H.A., D.O. Never idle a momeni, but thrifty and thoughtful of oflaerr. FRANK WALKER Beta Club. An bonerz and good mun if o cifi- zen of ibe world. JAMES GRANT WEBSTER National Honor Society, Beta Club, Citizenship Club, Hi-Y, Spanish Club, JETS, 4-H Club, Football. Blue Letter Club, Band, Tuscohi Staff, Choral Club, All-State Band. Ar bind or u bing on coronulion day. LARRY WIGGINS Blue Letter Club, F.F.A., Football. Wfell-timed silence bulb more elo- quenre :bun fpeerb. JAMES WILSON Citizenship Club, Student Council, 441-I Club. If miicbief admilr one lo beuuen, be ir well on bis wuy. THOMAS WALTON WRIGHT National Honor Society, Vice- Pres. of Senior Class, Beta Club, Citizenship Club, Co-Captain of Football Team, Blue Letter Club, Hi-Y, Youth Legislature, Spanish Club, Baseball, Patrol, 4-H Club, JETS, Jr. Citizenship Club. Il7irdom ir diffirult lo urquire, bard Zo founlerfeil und imporrible lo lore. ANNIE CAROL WARREN National Honor Society, Beta Club, Citizenship Club, Band, Majorette, Band Sweetheart Alternate, Tus- cohi Prinecss, Tri-Hi-Y, Youth Legislature, Student Council, Poster Club, Beauty Walk Winner '59, F.T.A., Spanish Club, 4-H Club, Office Asst., Teacher Asst., Patrol, Jr. Tri-Hi-Y. Sbe needr no! zo baue ber urmr rut off to be u Venus. EDITH DANNA WHITSON National Honor Society, Beta Club, Citizenship Cl u b, Tri-Hi-Y, G.A.A., Library Club, Spanish Club, 4-H Club, Jr. Tri-Hi-Y, Jr, Citizenship Club, Patrols. No! by words would I mube my life fumour, but by deedr. LINDA WIGGINS Citizenship Club, E.H.A., 4-H Club. A good bean if worzb gold. VIRGINIA WILSON Beta Club, Citizenship Club, 4-H Club, Spanish Club, Student Coun- cil, Sec. of Senior Class, Sec. of G.A.A,, Tri-Hi-Y. IVordr are mere bubbler of water, but deeds are dropr of gold. BOBBIE O'NEAL WYATT Beta Club, Band, Choral Club, Tri Hi-Y, Citizenship Club, 4-H Club F.T.A., Spanish Club, Office Asst., Patrol, Jr. Citizenship Club. Muric ir tbe uniuerrul luw of 771.5171- bind. 35 NEDRA ANN XVYATT Citizenship Club, 4-H Club, Tus- cohi Staff, G.A,A., Tri-Hi-Y, Poster Club, Phys. Ed. Asst., Jr. Citizenship Club. Full of life and lively fun, 4 friend and a pal lo every one. GEORGE FULGHAM DONALD HAMNER ARNOLD HODO BARBARA NELSON IRA SANDERS SENIORS NOT SHOWN His aim is success. A new tale from an old wag. Silence is an excellent thing. Your world consists of two, your husband and you One of the men who do big things in a quiet way. s 4 24,4 wffvf .- - ef? vi 'ffl 'X af 3 T4 2 ik, 7 'Q . 1--ff' ll M- 7 ' - 'W may AROUND SCHCOL 38 SCENES X M 'V Y w ith CLASSES .ILINIQRS SOPHS - FROSH .IU IORS! n-vi OFFICERS: Farl Maxwell, Treasurerg Gene Davis, Vice Presidentg Beverly Lett, Secretaryg Terry Beck, President. Lizzie Dell Atchison jerry Avery Sue Ballard Gary Barker Gayle Bigham Charlotte Boothe Milton Booth Johnny Bowen :tg w 14" Bill Adams Mary jim Alexander Don Allen Linda Barns Eugene Barron Terry Beck Toni Bell 'fl . Jimmy Chandler Ray Channel Thomas Gerald Christian Charlotte Brown Stanley Burns Lewis Brown George Buck Betty Burroughs Linda Cabiness Ruby Cain Calaine Carson Ann Camp Jerry Christian Eloise Clay Sherry Colburn Jacquline Cook Gene Davis Franklin Corbell Betty Criss J. C. Day jerry Appleby 'PBS af' Charles Dennis Linda Hampton Jerry Harbin Sandra Dunn Sallie Harless Mary Ward Eliott Betty Farley Shirley Fields Katie Lou Freeman Linda Gregg Sammy Hall Marilee Hallman James Harrold T. J- Hallman Bobby Jo Hamner Robert Hassell Ronnie Hamner Charles Henderson Louise Freeman Jerry Glover Carolyn Grammer Billy Johnston Betty jo jones Bob jones Nell Hines Larry Howell Andreia Holernan Betty Lou Hollyhan jimmy Hudson Tommy Hughes Terry Jackson Ronald johnson Wayne johnson Carolyn Jones Sylvia Jones Lloyd junkin Dean Kelly James Knight Patsy Kelly Doris Kilgore Howard Lavenski David Ledbetter Beverly Lett Leonard Neighbors Johnnie Newton us., Odell Lowery Daniel Nichols Mary Ann Lunsford Wanda Lynn Betty Malone Farl Maxwell fb ln!- Paul Meadows Willie jack Miles Linda Miller George Montgomery Betty Mills Margaret Moffit Elizabeth Nichols Lovie jane Otts Gloria Nix David McGraw Jean McKinley Julia McMillan David Sanders Scotty Sandford Frances Sartain Cltifa Parker Jeffy Raggdgle Hazel Peeks Janet POOVSY Raedean Redmond jo Ann Rice Jane Richardson jimmy Robertson David Roulaine Charlotte Shirley Paul Skelton Walter Skelton Harold Smalley Jane Smelley Linda Smalley Gene Smelley Brenda Smith Retha Smith Diane Snow John Walker Linda Walker Linda Spain Carolyn Watkins Lomax Spiller Faye Stanley Billy Stillwell Sare Stone Ruth Swartz Colin Tilley Troy Trimn James Weclgeworth Jeanette Tucker Carolyn Utley Katharyn Winters Olen Waldrop Rebecca Winters Dorthy Strickland Kathlene Sullvian Hilda Sumner Eugene Barrett Jimmy Barrett joy Barringer Robert Beck Douglas Bohanon 47 Eva Ann Booth Marine Booth Wade Booth Margaret Boswell Ollie Mae Boswell Sarah Boswell Billy Bradley Linda Broughten Bonny Brown Grover Camp jeralcline Brown Peggy Brown Terry Brown Shelby Camp Faye Burroughs Mary Carr Carolyn Bussey Larry Channell Linda Channell Butch Christian Billy Camp Douglas Christian Tommy Christian Beatrice Clements Bonnie Coker Sonny Coker johnny Colburn Cody Coleman Sylvia Collins johnny Cook ,, ,,,, , , Fred Glass Carole Glover Katherine Graham John Graham Dorothy Grammer 4-rf Ronny Edgeworth fb Roy Duncan Jeanne Dunn Linda Fowler Helen Crawford jimmy Crocker Aubrey Cunningham George Dewey Sarah Doss Sharon Evans Linda Doughty jimmy Duncan Ann Fields Earl Fleming Philip Cook Leroy Corbell Billie Cork Eloise Cox Ellen Crawford Ronnie Fowler Billy Fulgam jimmy Frazier Max Gibson jean Gilliland Richard Gilliland W, HQ' "4"..'N George Johnson Linda Johnson Mary Arm Johnson Mary johnson Lewis Jones in. 4,-.a 2 Qi Oscar jones Teddy Jones Allen Kelly Glenda Kelly Sarah Kelly Janet Kennedy Ray Kirkley Edna Kizzire ,QM Harold Lake E I Olivia Lake Polly Lindsey Linda Lathum joe Leatherwoocl Vlfglflla LEWIS Douglas MacAteer Faye Leslie Jeanette Loggins Linda Lewis joan Lowery if Sandra Madison jane McKinzey Celia Mims Phillip Mitchell Phyllis Mitchell Linda Moody Patricia Marshburn Barbara Matthews Randy McCrackin Doris McGee Carol Marcum Beth Moore Gary Moore Ronnie Moore Carolyn Montgomery Carolyn Morgan Linda Morrison Don Murphy Marilyn Murphy Cherry Nabors Billy Oswalt Mary Neighbors Skipper Nelson Harry Nichols Joyce Ousley Brenda Noland Rosemary Palmer Donna Norris Jerry Parker """-w Peggy Parker Wanda Parker ,nu-f" be George Norris Jack Parson Betty Pate Peggy Patterson Richard Pearson Robert Perdue Willy Perry James Plowman Everette Powell Josephine Powell Curtis Ramsey Linda Ray Johnny Roberts joe Robertson joe Robertson Harold Rushton Patricia Robertson Daniel Rogers Sharon Prewitt Michael Price Roy Pugh Ann Quimby Linda Rainey jerry Ross Patricia Russell Linda RU5hil'lg Allene Sanders Bob Shamblin Billy Shelby Jeanette Shelton johnny Shirley Tommy Simmons jackie Rushing Lynda Sanders Bennie Sealy Leon Sellers Jerry Sexton Bill Shamblin Nathan Sanders Dorthy Sanford 'KW Beverly Simpson jackie Simpson Bobby Skelton Noah Skelton Shelby Skelton lf' Linda Smalley Kay Smith Sandra Spencer Harold Springer an Virginia Trimm Betty Strickland Betty Taylor Dean Taylor Steve TUClC6I' Donald Taylor Wayne Turner Dwight Templeton Glenn Walker Minnie jo Walker Ann Vaughn Billy Thompson Minnie Pearl Walker Virginia Walters Billy Watkins Judith Wilburn Mike Wilburn john Wilson Billy Woodard jimmy Wright Charles Wyatt FRESHME HOMEROOM PRESIDENTS: Dale Brown, Frances Rice, Bob Williamson, Wanda Hannah, George Chism, Sara Nell Jones, Lynn Lanzoni. Www Foster Abernathy Jennie Adams Linda Adams jimmy Albright Roger Anders Kathleen Bagwell Margaret Barringer Betty Barrow Clayton Beck Lucy Beck Odis Beck David Bonner Mavis Bonner Betty Booth Linda Booth Douglas Boothe Billy Boswell Mary Brandon Sandra Brockfield Shirley Bruner Lynda Bunn Roger Bunn Brenda Burns Janice Burroughs Leslie Burroughs jimmy Broughton Dale Brown Nancy Brown Riley Brown Mary Frances Burroughs Robert Burroughs Milton Carr Gracie Carroll Laverne Channell Rendell Champion George Chism Carolyn Colburn Sam Collins Thomas Coley Bebe jan Davis john Davis Carolyn Dearman Nelson Deaver Judy Dunn Maxine Dunn Billy Cook Mike Cooke Vie Cooper Vaughn Cunningham Don Eads Randall Elliot Caraleen Falls john Farrow Judy Freeman Ann Faulker Ann Folly Shirley Fountaine Kenneth Fowler Carolyn Freeman Douglas Freeman Randolph Freeman Thomas Fullman Barbara Garner Harold Gregg Mike Griffen Dewey Hall Larry Hall I Raiford Harbin Sammy Harbin Judith Harkey Barbara Harland jerry Henry Ronald Hill Peggy Hinton Bonnie Holman Rex Gibson Ann Graham Glenda Grammer Barbara Gray Doris Gray jo Ann Gray Michael Hall Marie Hallman Wanda Hannah David Harbin George Harbin Mary Jane Harbin Barbara Hartley Buddy Harris Larry Harris David Hawthorne Linda Henderson Richard Henderson Cheryl Howard Charlotte Hubbard Cherry Hunt Edward Hysaw Phillip jinkins jerry Johnson Peggy Kennedy Lynn Lanzoni Brenda Leavelle Michael Legg joe Leslie Deayn Lindsey johnny Maddox Garry Marcum Wynness Marlar Lawana Martin Jo Ann Maxwell Kelvin Maxwell Martha Miles johnny Montgomery James Moore Larry Morris Tyrone Morris Mike Neal Richard Johnson Sue Johnson Sara jones Evelyn Keith Shirley Lockhart Martha Lord Clara Lowery Sandra Lownseed Howard McAlister Wayne McCullum jean McElroy Jeanette McLain Ginger Newton Sara Nichols Mickey Nix Ann Norwood Earl Park Dwight Parker Glendon Parker Robert Pate Marshall Presnall David Prichett Woodrow Prewitt Martha Racknell Doris Rogers Judy Sanders Kenneth Sanders Judy Sanford Jimmy Skelton Wayne Skelton Bobby Smith Darrell Snipes Larry O'Kelly Montez Oliver Doris Overton Frances Owens Jeanette Owens Patricia Pearson Raymond Perringer Doris Pinion Jerry Pinion Bill Pool Walter Powell George Rampacek Frances Reese Frances Rice Betty Robertson Shirley Robertson Tracy Roe Jimmie Sartain Ray Schofield Buford Scrivner Agnes Sellers Don Simmons Eugene Simpson James Snipes james Snow jerry Snow Elaine Spence Wayne Spence Thomas Squires Jeanette Stevens Neddie Stone Mary Frances Story Tommy Stickland Paul Strong Reagan Sutton Glenda Sumner Elaine Suttleworth Louis Swartz Shirley Taylor john Thomas Phillip Thomas Douglas Thomaston Larry Thrasher Rogene Tierce Hildred Turner Robert Turner Teddy Turner Carol Vaughn Lynne Vickery Lonnie Walker Ronnie Watkins Jerry Weaver Farley Webster Allene Wedgeworth Arnold Wedgeworth Patricia West Larry Wheat Vernon Williams Cheryl Williamson Bob Williamson Wayne Wilson Carolyn Winters Carolyn Wylle ,asv 3 ? -T ff! 4 I . . . 4 Q ab--.um A ,Www M km .VAM- 4- .:. M. ni x Q , " -9' af. ' .57 1, , f ln.-T1 ' ,W 'U A2 ' X 4 gy A , E, f "cn-.LJ Q ,, -U -' , "M - L ,A ,aw .Wai J. 'pg ' mn fe, t I . f ,y A My , V? U 1 ,Ka . ., f. . Wy f mv. 1, 4 mf , ' at ' Ji- ' , , 7 L. .M Ld FEATURES .W F 4 1 6l TUSCOHI QUEEN Miss Anita Patterson SCENES FROM THE I ' 'Q 0 1. 4 x 9' 'a 'B if 1' Q1 'B Qi j I96O TLISCOHI DANCE QUEEN ANITA PATTERSON Crowned by Tuscohi Editor PAT THOMAS TUSCOHI COURT Judy Wilburn, johnny Bowen, Pat Thomas, Leonard Neighbors Patrina Booth, Bobby Sellers, A. D. Christian, Anita Patterson Mary Ann Herman, Earl Hyclrick, Barbara Harland, Dale Brown Carolyn Utley, jerry Christian, Chris Smelly, Patty Davis MISS CCLINTY HIGH Carolyn Maxwell MR. COUNTY HIGH .lack Marler SENIOR HO'S WHO CUTEST Gerald House, Janice Kyzer I ED BEST DRLSS N MOST PQ oc Guthrie, Ann Dodxuy Jimmy Rudd PULAR ' Judy Patton in- MOS G T T BEST LOOKHE, mm Gfeseg Brad Y ALENTED MGSY Pate' D' D' a L Bobbie Wyatt MOST INTELLECTUAL Bobby Spencer, Mary Adams WT .FL MR. and MISS PERSONALITY A. D, Christian, Nancy Finch ROUND MOST LIK BEST Pdlfieda Chzmfwu Lorraine Gzmily To SUCCEED ikc Brown, , Charles Rampacek ATHLETIC' BFST MGST Sohnm' Kmdey Audrey kL1sh21AAjCERS " 7 gf Grr A Ann D35 XS Y F161 ds MOST FUN Patsy Neighbors, Leroy Robertson MOST DEPENDABLE Sonny Wright, Nell Sh' l lf ey BEST FIGURE Anita Patterson BEST PI-IYSIQUE Ken Kennedy F' QUIETEST Roy Pate, Jeanna Davis SENICR F VORITES David Lewis, Pauline Jacobs, George Ballard, Patrena Booth, Nick Roulaine, Ginny Guin, jimmy Webster, Annie Carol Warren. BBL tw L0 O CH WCW if BAND Anita Patterson BLUE-WHITE Judy Patton RH Reb A. 3 Shell-on A HOMECOMING CCLIRT OF I960 MAID Jean Barringer QUEEN Camille Powell jean Barringer, Camille Powell, Lorraine Gann jerry Hawthorne, Bruce Hutchins, Jack Marler MAID Lorraine Gann 96X BY: GTX S S X 2 :OX QU Kew Baukngei, Pxmixe Ca :ixe Pxdmxs, Xadixe Ymskiscxg. Xen amen, Psrfxm 'Q- S 3 Ymesso 9, ,WPS 5. Q 1 1 f -NW , W K X N5 ,UH Q Anita Patterson BE LITIE JEAN BARRINGER JENNY ADAMS if ANNIE CAROL WARREN JACKIE RUSHING AVGRITES JEAN MCKINLEY PEGGY KENNEDY EMMA JEAN HAMNER MISSY PATE AUDREY RUSHING 5, s , Y ll? M ISS CITIZFNSHIP Camille Powell 3' MR. CITIZENSHIP Bruce Hutchins M52 'fa 'f-MQ' IXCTX XT KES TLISCO HI STAFF ASSISTANT EDITOR Mary Ann Herman :lim K xx FEATURE EDITOR Julia McMillian ACTIVITY EDITOR Beth Moore EDITOR Pat Thomas SPORTS EDITOR Jane Smelley sg DES . YP1 . bw: v JW .fm , SPONSOR: Mrs, Greer ADVISOR: Mrs, Sowell Mr 4 ARTIST "' john Robertson KH 45 r - xx CLASS EDITORS Senior Ijdilwp' Mary Adams jwziw' Iidilurx Rebecca Winters Sophomore Ifdzlm-1 Linda Morrison Flliibfllrlli Edizm-5 Sue johnson ' , Y-'-Fi rm r r R ' - ,-+M99?i2l??d214 ff ' 4'-. K , Ojv T S' ' f171jD:1Rffe3Una I Gdra W!K3j,D , . FY 'V MU .urls BUSKNESS buxuskness 'MS'-' ba urls 'MQGQC3 B CMU x?Yk?2CX2c CaXhUUn' Aghcra Y- 8l ,wr v , Af PRESIDENT Bruce Hutchins Mary Adams Paulette Addlcison Gregg Brady james Brown A. D. Christian Pauline Clements Jeanna Davis Bettye Edwards Lorraine Gann Virginia Guin Mary Ann Herman Douglas I-Iollaway Earl Hydrick johnny Kirkley David Lewis Gail Morris Priscilla Nichols jane O'Neal Shirley Price Jackie Pritchett Charles Ranipacek Randy Sanford Nell Shirley Bobby Spencer Sue Stone Annie C. Warren jimmy Wfehster Danna Whitstvn Sonny Wfright 82 NATIONA HO CR SOCIETY Q VICE PRESIDENT D. D. Barton Q if-1 5 ., .fi X A frets' A if "Sz . +5 SPONSOR Miss Pauline Neighbors Ah- ,Mis Carolyn Maxwell '19' SECRETARY Camille Powell Qs ox 9-w M-. 422' .13- .xx 'Ak WD' 'SZ' l PRESIDENT D. D. Barton SCENES FROM THE INDUCTION Carolyn Maxwell, Lorraine Ganng Jane O'Neal, Bruce Hutchins. BETA CLUB -s., NEW MEMBERS flj Clay, Winters, Parker, Smith. Edwards, Patton, Nolan, Porter. C25 Smith, Nix, Lett, Sumner, Stone, Kelly, Smelley, Mills, Redmond. Burroughs, Rice. Q31 Barron, Glover, McKinley, Graham, Lowery, Dunn, McMillan, Barnes, Davis, Christian. HQ Avery, Rampacek, Waldrop, Sanders, McCracken, Marler, Neigh- bors, Chandler, Walker, Adams. OLD MEMBERS 111 Sanford, Vaughn, Christian, Morris, Scrivner, Lowery, Burroughs, Hunter, Addkison, Strawhridge, Kirkley, Guthrie. f2j Maxwell, Adams, Pritchett, Powell, Channell, Price, Barrett, Crawford, Brom, Finch, Booth, Shirley, O'Neal, Keith, Patterson, Brady, Lewis. C31 Hutchins, Box, Gann, Warren, Davis, Wyatt, Whitson, Matthews, Herman, Hydrick, Spenser. MJ Jacobs, Shelton, Geddie, Clements, Guin, Nichols, Wright. Q55 Kyzer, Stone, Booth, Wilson, Fowler, Rushing. Q61 Mitchell, Rampacelc, House, Clark. UQ Taylor, Lesley, 83 GEORGE WAS HI GTO SPOHSOI' CI-I-IZENSHIP Mrs. Rose Darden . K - - V h . I . , f- ., 1, A ,, . R f Q' ig ' We 1 f ' F' F' own , ' '. k ., k ' '1,,.,' .1 " 'wt . . .mmfwf , N :vt,,-msl'a-wwe M ' SENIORS ROW 1: Thomas, Keith, Morgan, Heaton, Spencer, Price, Morris, Wyatt, Matthews, Treas., Brown, Pres., Powell, V Pres., Hutchins, Sec., Adams: Pappas, Rushing, Patterson, Scrivner, Davis. ROW 2: Shelton, Vickery, Nichols, Crawford Hobson, Clements, Gann, Smith. Hunter, Nelson. Reck, Shirley, X5Uyatt, O'Hanlin, Jacobs, Brewer, Pritchett, Herman, Pat ton, Vfhitson, Finch. ROW 3: O'Neal, Warren, Edwards, Manderson, Stone, Maxwell, Hollingsworth, Addkison, Cal houn, Nichols, Clark, Kennedy, Moore, Brom, Marler, Wilson, Geddie, Deese, Neighbors, Booth, Henry, Lunceford jackson, Cooper, Dickson. ROW 4: Bigharn, Kirkley, Christian, Griffin, Smith, Holloway, Gast, Fields, Webster, Guthrie Davis, Lewis, Rampacek, House, Barton, Hydrick, Sanford Shelby, Booth, Ashcraft, Brewer. l i 43? W . . 1 - -Y -f mar. Q, , . , . . 1 -X rt-g, H. ,, R Q A , t , .. B311 afiraf' . -1 rfwskiz. ROW 1: Ballard, Mims, Hartley, McKinzey, Ray, McGee, Walker, johnson, Barringer, Moore, Parker, Dunn, Bur- roughs, Champion, Marshburn. ROW 2: Lynn, johnson, Carr, Newton, Lett, Bell, Alexander, McKinley, Dunn, Win- ters, Elliott, Broughton, Lake, Doughty, Rushing, Moody, Brown, Morrison, Neighbors, Patterson. ROW 3: Nabors, Bur- roughs, Lowery, Holloway, Criss, Barnes, Smith, Redmond, Lwery, Nix, Cook, Stone, Fowler, Kizzire, Clements, Hines, Nichols, Hunter, Matthews. ROW 4: Christian, Perdue, Avery, Beck, johnson, Wright, Glass, Coleman, Fields, Beck Adams, Waldrop, Bowers, Smelley, Cain, McMillan, Winters. 4 S - . . F A 1Q,.'f'jl' f r A ze W- 'meme' s GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATIO M Q11 P. Neighbors, P. Nichols, Pres., N. Finch, T. Smith, Sponsor. Q21 A. Vaughn, S. Dunn, J. McKinley, K. Graham, T. Hartley, N. Brewer, K. Winters, P. Box, E. Graham, E, Lunceford, P. Booth, D. Manderson. Q51 B. Smith, J. Tucker, C, Champion, M. johnson, R. Lesley, S. Taylor, N. Wyatt, J, Crawford, C. Maxwell, C. Brown, A. Davis, D. Dickson. Q41 Clements, R. Winters, P. Jacobs, S. Hamner, M. Keith, B. Kennedy, J. O'Neal, A. Holeman, R. Lowery, J, Smith. Q51 P. Kelley, W. Lynn, G. Cooper, B. Johnson, B. Hollingsworth, D. Whitson, L, Payne. ff. E 3 i E if S.O.S. No Loitering in Halls, Always Busy! if . r 1. . Freda Channell Editor Paulette Addkinson jimmy Booth BLUE WHITE STAFF Gregg Brady Pauline Clements ff n 2:55 3? a time new X Ruby Cain Ken Clark we i B f Joe DYef Sharon Evans Linda RQYC jo Anne Rice 86 Mrs. Greer Advifor I, , , J fa.. f - I W ' , ' W' ' ' Q' 'T kiiift + Roena Brown Betty Burroughs Judy Crawford Ronnie Davis jimmy Glass 7 , N M I jane Smelley Carolyn Utley Judy Hawthorne Edna McCloud Brenda Smith I-afl'Y 5U1liVaf1 SPONSOR Miss Pool ilzw' 9-v I . ,.., : . b . it ni I I l PILOT TRI-HI-Y V-M -ima A V, it C. ,, P . ff, 5,5 ,gg if 1:35. tg' 5 . W' -- .iz-3,1 iii. fi' ..t7i.,z::,g:'i ag 'A X g gg fazggffgistanf, ,ia i ,, .an Ma , K .it R.. 1 9 259' 5 Anita Patterson Camille Powell jackie Prichett jane Reck Q lv' 2? .. W a,,.. ,:.. z , " fe in S , My .YF 341 ,I 53 gi' i 'ff' will 2 , Nell Shirley Jo Ann Smith Annie Carol Warren R 4 .V we al W J Patrena Booth Freda Channell Judy Crawford - we W I ,gif '??""a-It . 4-,. Witt! Vw' l gf , in it fa M, I is ,V A .,.. A , V 'rf. l'l's I ','. ,,:.,,- i 1 sssles ,S lall eaa ' it , Ls,h1 itfggiiihii ' z ' .: l j x K L , in PRESIDENT Mary Adams Betty Edwards Lorraine Gann 1 Mary Ann Herman Mary Dell Keith l Catherine Matthews 3 Carolyn Maxwell l Linda McKnight Barbara Nelson Pricilla Nichols Jayne O'Neal 87 s KK-' -V:' ,ki,V,'.V 7 PRESIDENT Martha Strawbridge Ioyce Christian Pauline Clements Martha Cork Jeanna Kay Davis Ann Dockery Nancy Finch Elna Rose Graham Rachel Heaton Faye Hobson Sally Hunter Elizabeth Lunceford Diane Manderson Shirley Morgan Gayle Morris Judy Patton 88 LAMPLIGHTER TRI-HI-Y SPONSOR Mrs. Adams Paulette Addkison Peggy Box Nell Brewer Audrey Rushing Pat Thomas Dana Whitson FELLCWS H I P TRI-HI-Y SPONSOR PRESIDENT Mrs- Williams Raedean Redmon Mary jim Alexander A 3 is V lg' 115 W A I KN Linda Barnes LQ- A is Q Charlotte Brown 'iii' W ' K V ,- y Betty Jo Burroughs A VI A , ' C Linda Cabiness QA K Q. Q' X Sandra Dunn - --f1', av ' I, X 'lu Marry W. Elliott .r gl K I- in ' x ' Louise Freeman ' E' 1, Andrea Holeman Doris Kilgore Wanda Lynn Betty Malone Jean McKinley Julia McMillan '-3 X af yy v A, V,.q.: B ll fy I S x 9' fs- 5 A vw- V so-' 'Q 325 H.,-Q M, E it W 'M' A . V -'-.' , , , .., . 5 , U K H il 'I s fi ! xg' x Elizabeth Nichols JK ' r , . ' ki , j Gloria Nix ' 8 Q gy n my gn Charlotte Shirley " 4 ag in f ' r ,X jane Smelley -fm I - 7 N - Brenda Smith Ma :IIGAA 1 I " 1 Kg A A ' ' te r v. i t el f W l X yyry t l 4 - Diane Snow an - lj" 5- yr-. . A I Carolyn Utley ' V "" 'V ' V ,V Y ' V . --f Charlotte Winters '1,, 42 ll? r i W' A fl A Rebecca Winters 5' an " In AAr,,' " " :mfg yy a a i e if l . ri va Qs.- my LES AMIES TRI HI Y TR QHI PRESIDENT SPONSOR POIIY Lmd5C'Y Mrs Frazer joy Barringer Peggy Brown Carolyn Bussey Beatrice Clements Jeanne Dunn Bobbie Hagler Barbara Hill Mary Ann johnson janet Kennedy Barbara Matthews Doris McGee jane McKinzey Celia Mims Wfancla Parker 90 Linda Ray Jacky Rushing Minnie jo Walker Q efi K Y SPONSOR Mrs. Laney ALTRUI T my asm, , 95 ns- y AWS? ' 'W M W Wi' if of 4, 6, l ij .e ff- ig Z. gy Linda Brougthon Linda Fowler Olivia Lake Marilyn Murphy 91 it fs z Q FA 13- 0. ' ,A lf r' K I Mg -3 M H5 J iw f' Mary Carr Tina Hartley Linda Lewis Mary Neighbors TRI-HI-Y tl- --' 1 0 Carolyn Champion Ann Henderson joan Lowery Brenda Noland ann., Billie Cork Sandra Holloway Linda Moody Joyce Ousley Sandra Spencer sf sr fy Sandra Hunter Beth Moore Peggy Patterson Ann Vaughn PRESIDENT Linda Morrison PRESIDENT D. D. Barton PHI-ALPH HI-Y 15 'E' . -R, 'S a 'Q' l 5. 2- . ' i i Hy. gli il A -as E 1 1 V 2 .,. ""' ff :DL do L lt ig -5: 5? Aj da. . 2,4 W --- Ain- B. Adams J. Christian B. Hamncr Kirkley . Rampiicek J. C ,saw il Q- A Q X 1 N SPONSOR Mr, Charles Hollingshead 1 'S ' f f W ., W., I Q 3, 645. Si . Q, Ii .t t ski? ' - L ' 7,3 'Q Ai , ' 'br . R if 3 A Kyrk V A LTL? Vyyr .,g,x lim: ,. , D A 4 L fm A H. Bigham G. Brady S. Brown G. Davis G. Gast R. Griffin R. Hamner G. House B. Hutchins D. Lewis Marler F. Maxwell R. Sandford R. Smith J, Webster is i li 9' . -K 'Q' 5 ' 'fl' A. D. Christian J. Guthrie E. Hydrick G. Nichols S. Wright TLISCO HI-Y 1 I ROW li Cody Coleman, George johnson, Jimmy Wright, Presidentg Bill Shamblin. ROW 2: Fred Glass, Butch Christian, Bob Shamblin, Billy Wocndard. ROW 5: Robert Perdue, john Roberts, Bill Gray. ROW fl: Tommy Christian, Everette Powell. ART ,. 'Wulf V' A A,wT'7'fQff'A,p1,w' Q - E ,A eroy Corbell ,,,f7,f ' f 'F A fl ' Elois Cox ,gig y "VM 71"'f."f' I 1 . 44 4 ut A 1..:. ff, A M If .-.X to ma f"'fl 3 1 4 'Y-la - :.f,-1l,fQg,gtgff',- g,,1 iiifililvg'1T?i4f91g? '-e K tu.- 'Q 'l , ,Mwgl Uyx. - : zrsasizdxgf-ug I , liek 2 ,, :Wits .mem , f . .l,wNsHQqgs '. - -L ' li?iEE55f5 , f ,mg , . like me . Q 4 5-Mm my J' .3 fi' '2' .1 ' R sr ki" 5 .ut 1 'Z . if ' Nfl 'f A , . ' Qifi ADVISOR Mrs. Aldredge Faye Criss Linda Johnson Sandra Madison Betty Mills Shelby Skelton Linda Smalley Billy Rigsby john Roberts john Robertson john Wilscnn 93 PQSTER CLUB J. Cooley, J. Patton, N. Brewer, D. Geddie, J. Posey, S. Rice, P. Box, D. Vickery, K. Pappas, R Heaton, S. Morgan, A. Patterson. Q25 D. Manderson, P. Clements, B, Lanford, L. Gann, G. As- chraft, D. Holocomb, P. Jacobs, G. Meggs, D. Poole, N. Wyatt, R. Brown, A. Rushing. Q31 J Booth, A. C. Warren, P. Nichols, E. R. Graham, R. Hamner, T. Beck, J. Christian, E. J. Hamner E. Lunceford, M. Jackson, J. Reck, E. Gray, P. Booth. B. Mills, J. McMillan, S. Hunter, M. Neighbors, B. Kennedy, R. Cain, Bl. Moore. Q21 J. Lowery, V. Walters, L. Fowler, L, Barnes, H. Peeks, O. Lowery, J, McKinzey, B. Hagler. OFFICE ASSISTANTS . , ROW 1: Hyclrick, Scrivner, Patterson, Rushing, Powell, Nichols, Pritchett. ROW 2: Deese, Matthews. Dunn, Cork, Shirley, Hartley. ROW' 3: Nabors, Richardson, jones, Parker, McKinzey, Mrs. Laney. LIBR RY ASSISTAN S 1, 'qw ROW 1: Whitson, Hampton, Cox, Swartz. ROW 2: Clements, Farley, Hollyhan, Spencer, Prewitt. ROW 3: Ballard, Marshburn, Booth, Cabincss, Hassell, Morgan, Miss Barnes. 95 SPA ISH CLUBS FIRST YEAR MEMBERS ROW 1: Ousley, Murphy, Adams, Holley, Wylie, Lindsey. ROW 2: Fowler, Maxwell, Lanzoni, Al bright, Cook, Strong, Scrivner, Mrs. Agee. ROW 3: Pinion, West, Hunter, Matthews, Dunn, Noland Lewis, Price. ROW 4: Coleman, Sutton, Johnson, Rampacek, Williamson, Davis. ROW 5: Brown Crocker, Christian, Parks, Pool. SECOND YEAR MEMBERS ROW 1: Bell, Winters, Brown, Holman, Elliott, Burroughs, Fowler, Lett. ROW 2: Freeman, jones McKinley, Dunn, Utley, Carr, Holloway, Sutton, Mrs. Agee, ROVU 3: Poovey, Harold, Booth, Shamb- lin, Burroughs, Chris, Marshburn, Nichols. ROW 4: Chandler, Vaughn, Shamblin, Powell, Glass, Lavasky, Jackson. ROW 5: Wfright, Hamner, johnson, Beck. Christain, House. ' SPONSOR Miss Barnes Paulette Addkinson Linda Barnes Pauline Clements Mary Ann Herman Sandra Hunter Odell Lowery Carolyn Maxwell jane McKinzey Julia McMillan Beth Moore Gail Morris Sue Stone Brenda Smith jane Srnelley Jackie Pritchett Gloria Nix Barbara Nelson ' X . :aff '-: 5' . 'Vfi:f537fjDZif ' ,mf V-ge fwfgwfff -- FUTURE TEACHERS .r OF AMERICA 3:05 L 5H 's " ' " M ff' ?l2' rf. 1.5. I .hx r, an I ,HK 1 P .4 ' .. any as i Qi gf 2:5 Q as - V f ul.. It rirsengge-at wwsmwfaf qsswrgggfrisffsgfvifgfigegivmweQ ,, Q, isszerrm. 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Q35 Camp, Parker, Booth, Herring, Ballard, Simmons, Houston, McAteer. Q45 Leatherwood, Hall, Pritchett, O'Kelley, Ramsey, Rogers. F.H. . ROW 1: Quimby, Lynn, Hines, Booth, Skelton, Walker, Dunkin, Garner, Foley, Newton, Tucker ROW 2: Kelly, Latham, Hill, Coker, Murphy, Booth, Jacobs, Burroughs, Burroughs. ROW 5: Cal- houn, jacobs, Rainey, Dixson, Harless, Otts, Grammer, Strickland, Alligood, Henry, Sanford, Brandon Townsend, Miss Morrison. ROW 4: Jones, Booth, Kelly, Jacobs, Spain, Booth, Gray, Booth, jones Sanford, Stevens, Simson, Freeman, Burroughs. Grammer, Boone, Bunn, Patterson, Rushing, Hagler, Nichols, Brown, Reese, Burroughs, Henderson Walters, Glover, Lake, Powell, Sutton, Miss Alta Morrison. ROW 4: Sanders, Lavelle, Wilburn Morgan, Taylor, Fowler, Overton, Martin, Bracknell, Smith, Russell, Kizzire, Smith, Hollingsworth r s OFFICERS: Pres., Davis, Vice Pres., Broughton, Sec., Shelton, Treas., Miller, Reporter, Tolerg Par- liamentarian, Sartaing Song Leader, Neighbors. ROW 2: Davis, Shirley, Sartain, Vaughn, Simpson, Rice, Sumner, Alexander, Fields, Boswell, Vaughn, Graham, Tuner, Sumner, Shuttlesworth, ROW 3: 1 J I 5,731 'iw' 5 fr, 595141. 55-fu I A Q -Q 'N fif'f'g?'f"' 'fm 4'Q.:fY.,Qg,,,.' M Iwwi ff. aff. .fb .Riff 9TH GRADE P. Banks, A. Foley, C. Falls, Pres. P. West, Sec. B. Holman, Song Leader, P. Kennedy, W. Hannah V. Newton. SECOND ROW: M. Brandon, J. Stevens, F. Owens, B. Robertson, M. Miles, L Martin, E. Keith, M. Bonner, M. Burroughs, S. Robertson, D, Rogers. THIRD ROW: L. Beck C. Vaughn, Maxwell, M. Storey, B. Harland, C. Howard, M. Bracknell, S. Johnson, S. Nichols J. Owens, A. Faulkner, S. Townsend, C. Hunt, G. Sumner. FOURTH ROXW: S. Lockhart, J Sandford, J. Sartin, D. Overton, S. Barger, L. Booth, A. Vlfedgeworth, C. Colburn, N. Brown, A Graham, J. Freeman, M. Hallman, S. Fountains. D. Gray. A I00 . Q - f wk' .az N a+ N- ,.., 1 ., . gi' 1,1 10TH GRADE FIRST ROW: B. Moore. C. Champion, D. MeGee. Pres.. M. Walker, V. Pres.: J. McKinsey Sec., B. Clements, Reporter, M. Neighbors, Song Leader, L. Moody, L Doughty. SECOND ROW A. Henderson, P. Marshburn, F. Burroughs, J. Lowery, M. Carr, C. Bussey, L. Lewis, S. Spencer V, Trimm, T. Hartley, L. Fowler, F. Powell. THIRD ROW: E. Crawford, K. Graham, B, Hag ler, A. Vaughn, G. Smith, L. Ray, C. Glover, L. Broughton. P. Patterson, H. Crawford, J. Holley CLUBS 11TH GRADE M. A f. , K JWHMW H . fsisf., mx Wiyf if r - W'11f'.:Sr, -. . 5 .-W., U' 5 WMC' ' . ,"'Iqi't'1:-2+ . A ga f L. - if A. -fg1.2i'ie2fmff+1??isf fi 1- 1 -rf-rw V 1.1. L 5 ' Qfwmaiasasfffrrf- L. Spain, Sec.g J. McKinzey, Pres.g C. Brown, V. Pres. Q23 J. McMillian, R. Winters, K. Winters, J. Tucker. CSD D. Snow, C. Utley, W. Lynn. 12TH GRADE -nw Q "f ,Q 'ij' FIRST ROW: B. Hollingworthg P. Boothg J. O'Nealg C. Powellg C. Maxwell. SECOND ROXV: N. Brewerg L. Spencerg S. Price: N. Wyattsg S. Morgang W. Lalceg R. Browng J. Pritchettg B. Nelson. THIRD ROW: S. Riceg M. Keithg C. Burroughsg V. Owensg D. Dicksong J. Boothg S. Crawfordg J. Crawforclg M. Harlessg F. Hobson. IOI ADVISOR Mr. McCrary Lizzie Dell Actchinson Lewis Brown john Burroughs David Goodman Emma Jean Hamner joe Hughes Douglas Montgomery Catherine Pappas Roy Pate Gary Shirley Walter Skelton l02 THESPIANS V L, W' M4 Q rt, I Patsy Neighbors Cleta Parker Jewel Posey Jane Reck Jimmy Rudd Larry Sullivan Peggy Box Peggy Brown Ruby Cain jerry Christian Ann Dockery Mary Ward Elliott . K- Elna Rose Graham Rachel Heaton PRESIDENT Martha Strawbridge Beverly Hollingsworth Mary Ann johnson Mary Dell Keith Robert Kilgore- jack Marler Barbara Matthews jean McKinley WILDCAT MARCHING BAND BAND OFFICERS s.,.,,s.M,rs, Y M-'WM r--w-A-wmr,..,-fwyrs:-rf-K :::.,.:.ww-rf-1--.mzwww-Wim ,Mannion-n.sM.,....ww..mmaauui Prop Manager, Charles Mitchellg Vice President, Gregg Bradyg President, Gerald Gastg Business Manager, Randy Sanfordg Librarian, Brenda Smithg Secretary, Raedean Redemondg Treasurer, Mary Ward Elliotg Librarian, Mary jim Alexander. 104 TUSCALOOSA COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL CONCERT BAND DIRECTOR: K. K. Hennesy PICCOLO Cheryl Williamson FLUTES Mary Jim Alexander Brenda Smith Frances Rice Warriene Blackman Eb CLARINET Laurine Blackman Bb CLARINET Allan Brom Allen Chastine Janey Cooley Faye Criss Virginia Guin Linda Barnes Betty Criss Jean Gilliland Sandra Holloway Betty Taylor Jo Ann Maxwell Paul Strong Carolyn Wylie Brenda Avery Kaye Hughes Barbara Maxwell Carol Reese Dan Wicks Eb ALTO SAXOPHONES Gaston Nichols Eddie Finnell Diane Gladden Lenore Nichols Sandra Winters Josephine Webster Bb TENOR SAXOPHONES Raedean Redmond Jeanne Dunn A. I... Wilson Brenda Kizziah CORNETS Jerry Fields Charles Mitchell Randy Sanford Bobby Turner Wayne Barton Jimmy Crocker Jimmy Albright Billy Mills Pete Richardson Jody Willingham FRENCH HORN Rachel Heaten Jane Reck Eugene Barron Mary Ward Elliott TROMBONES Joe Doug Billings Gayle Morris Don Allen Johnny Bowen Jerry Christian Douglas Thomaston Mike Neal Regan Sutton BARITONES Troy Trimm George Chism BASSES Kenneth Fowler Everette Schofield BELL LYRE Bobbie Wyatt SNARE DRUM Gregg Brady Ray Smith Butch Christian Buford Scrivner TENOR DRUM Kelvin Maxwell Lynn Lanzoni Robert Pate Carol Beasley CYMBALS Donna Norris BASS DRUM Virginia Trimm COLOR GUARD A. D. Christian Roy Griffin Spike Brown Harold Bigham I05 MAJORETTE WANDA PARKER X SARAH ELLEN ELMORE BARBARA MATTHEWS POLLY SHIRLEY Head Mayorette ANITA PATTERSON Feature Twirler JACKIE CORK ANNIE CAROL WARREN I06 SHIRLEY CHRISTIAN Feature Twirler JACKIE RUSHING SOPRANO Linda Adams Charlotte Brown Carolyn Bussey Janey Cooley Andreia Holman Glenda Jocobs Sue Johnson Janet Kennedy Peggy Kennedy Doris McGee Celia Mims Linda Morrison Linda Ray Beverly Simpson Sandra Toler Judith Wilburn Bobbie Wyatt TEN OR Howard Bowers George Chism Kenneth Fowler Gary Griffin Olan Waldrop ALTO Betty Burroughs Mary Carr Mary Ward Elliott Judy Freeman Jean Gilliland Carole Glover Bobbie Hagler Wmda Sue Hannah Edna Henry Gayle Jacobs Rita Lowery Phyllis Mitchell Linda Moody Betty Robertson Reba Shelton BASS Phillip Cook Joe Dyer Roy Griffin Sammy Hall Jack Marler Charles Mitchell Gaston Nichols CHORAL CLUB President, Rita Loweryg Vice President, Bobbie Wyatt Secretary Celia Mimsg Treasurer, Mary Elliotg Publicity, Doris McGee Prop Manager Sammy Hallg Business Manager, Roy Griffing Librarians George Chism Phillip Cookg Prop Manager, Joe Dyer. CHEERLEADERS 1 , Q 1 A JEAN MCKINLEY Head Cheerleaders IAYNE O'NEAL CAROLYN MAXWELL AUDREY RUSHING ATHLETICS W wi Q , , J Lx jf? W'LA L of Lyn ' -N 1, I 960-6 I f Q1 Wi? if sill, 44 ai. x I -4153 "N-1--Q-wp-num Q 50 GTB LL' Ae-B SQQAE at 'Whig 'LS' 's Little S Wright, Higgins , W. Davis, 1960 FOOTBALL SQUAD: Baiiard, Barton, Booth, G. Davi , , . ' ' e Wiggins, Hallman, Hydrick, Kiridey, Guthrie, j. Wright, T W h T. Beck, Smith, Ham Ashcrait, Griffin. Srneiiey, Hous , hristian, Gibson, G. Christian. Brown, Maxwell, Hughes, Wedgewoxt , We , Hoiioway, Burhaiter, R. Beck, Anders. "' A FOOT BALL COAC HES: Williams, Mem HZCY, Tho maS, Durroh, Eubanks. Q Alternate Captain JOHNNY KIRKLFY bi, Captain IOI' GI 'THRIF COACH BILLY XWILLIAMS J, ,5 Foutball Coach ,342 1 . 1, w ,rw W fat' I Alternate Captain SONNY W'RIGH'l O M, , 'fm .M aff wif an mg P W, f., 43 A 5 xg I8 5 5 P95 Q , Q . i E H , ' X .J ' fy A ,Wifi-r ,Q S 'Z 'f QNNW. if-f' fa ali, we wg 'S g., ....,, gv f U in Y 'E 5- , yi. ' H55 ' " Off' E .K L i .. i ASKETB LL Captain: BRUCE HFTCHINS Left to right: A. D. Christian, Freddy Glass, Buddy Powell, Basil Lee, Terry Beck, ., ' AV i :. -.. yy -:., :ji 'X V E Ce y C5 ' 1 Harold Bighnm, Bruce Hutchins, George johnson, jimmy Wriglmt, Charles Rampacek. BnSllCTb3ll COMWAN ADR V NcKlNZEX GEORGE JCHNSON X X l BUDDY POWELL i '. " ' " o. Lf 5 ' ' ,12i , 4' A002031 IHHK QASQ 1 T112 ' S' O If I I ve A JIMMY WRIGHT N 9 :OOO FREDDY GLASS :"--- TER Y , BECK S BRUCE I I HUTCHINS L if Q V ':: ,I A YV, HAR D ' in BIGHAM I . x I L C .. ji? If 'A it .f-i" Vi A. D. if CHRISTIAN BASIL LEE M K "B" TEAM Left to right George Hunt, Robert Beck, 52? i 40 3 22 Q Mike Griffin, David Harbin, Billy O it R h i Pearson, R Gibson, Biii Pooie. Biii Adams, Ronny Moore. COACH MQKXNZEY -n'.f ' .OXO Q Ngbflg Q? f X Vx Vivf-4-Q f--if 'VQWWQWV OXQOWQKQXW f W ',fS'r'ZW .1 'M V i on J STATE CHAMPS ON OUR '61 TEAM Harold Bigham A. D. Christian Bruce Hutchins Earl Hytlrick Knot shown is Basil Leej LABAMA STATE BASKETB LL C AMPICNS - I96O Last year's team did 21 fine job, under the coaching of Adrian McKinzey. This is the first team at TCHS to win this title. Left to right, are: Coach McKinzey, joe Peterson, Roy Kelly, Harold Bigham, Buster Sullivan, Clark Boler, Bruce Hutchins, and Earl Hydrick. TRACICS STANDING: Billy Champion, Leroy Corbell, Richard Hulsey, Dan McCraken, james Smith, Ronnie Hamner, Paul Skelton, Stanley Burns, Billy Stillwell, and David Lewis. KNEELING. ' f ' A b acobs and Randy Gerald Parker, Billy Bradley, Vfayne McCullum, Harold Springer, u rey I , McCraken. fa 1 James Smith, Coach Eubanks, and Dan McCracken admire tro- phy won in State Cross-Country competition. T.C.H.S, placed second due to hard and concentrated efforts. I8 COACH E, F, EUBANKS I at CDUNU CUUNT3 V uoqf suraa comm PZUNTY 531871 FIRST ROW: Gary Barker, David Hawthorne, jimmy Robertson, Bobby Spencer, jimmy Olin Little, Gene Davis, Johnny Kirkley, Paul Skelton, Bobby Hamner, Farl Maxwell. SE ROW: David Lewis, Billy Champion, Ronnie Hamner, Dan McCracken, Harry Nichols, Burns, Richard Hulsey, Billy Stillwell, James Smith, Leroy Corbell, Gerald Parker, Ray Coach Eubanks. THIRD ROW: Ray Hamner, Tommy Simmons, Wayfne McCullum, Springer, Randy McCracken, Aubrey Jacobs, Billy Bradley, Ronald Gene Smelley, Glen Teddy Turner, Leonard Neighbors, WEIGHTMEN Farl Maxwell, Gene Smelley, and Ray Hamner. This is Ray's second year to throw discus. JN SPRINTERS Johnny Kirkley and Olin Little. Johnny competed last year in Alabama State competition in the 60, 100, and 220 yard dashes. He placed second in the 100 and took first in the 220, Olin also runs the 60, 100, and 220 yard dash. RELAY TEAM: David Hawthorne, Bobby Spencer, Paul Skelton, Johnny Kirkley, Gene Davis, jimmy Knight, Olin Little. COACH BILLY VUILLIAMS X ASEB LL . . . 7,4 ,' ,NV W M, W ,w'f?"1"f4 ,. A r ,. , , , 'W N n ,y,4""j .1 V' W mvkrr fr ' 1 l'I':."'-.rs-. " 11 an 'S 1 W -L' ' , 2, if LV J vi. 'sift 1 Robert Beck, Robert Ramsey. 11621 Q, ,'4,,a2g'1'e:1a-1 T-H .V A new 4 f-:Sf-'Yu '2"1'Fsff'f.m31, iffy' Pate, Perdue, Pool, Gibson, T. Christian, Vaughn, B, Christian, Brown, Glass, Shamblin, Coleman, Harbin, Griffin. I2l George Hunt, Gerald House. Jimmy XX'right. George johnson, Bruce Hutchins, Buddy Powell, iQ Ain 52" if 1 'an lu I T' 5 D P I 9' is 1 1 1 I D 1.1 i I I 5 l22 gunna: f Mg L. - BLUE LETTER CLUB - , ., on, feorge Johnson, David Lewis, Larry Wiggins, Ronnie Hammer, Bruce Hutchins, johnny Kirkley, D. D. Barton, Buddy Powell, Jimmy Wright, Freddy Glass, Dan McCracken, joe Higgins, George Hunt, A, D, Christian, Basil Lee, Terry Beck, james Wedgeworth, Douglas Holloway, Ronny Lett, Walter Davis, Robert Beck, jimmy Battle, Robert Ramsey, james Smith, George Ballard, Billy Champion. Ray Aslicraft, Earl Hydric, jerry Christian, Gerald House, Ray Hamner. Harold Bigham, Jimmy XX'elJster, joe Guthrie, Wade Booth, Tommy Christian. ALL-COUNTY FOOTBALL: loe Guthrie-johnny Kirkley M ,,,,p,,,.,,.,p-94090 PEAKING QF ii Wildcat Stem 'Y :oy Eayewc Xndoot SPURT S1 deal Coaches McKinzey, Eubanks, Thomas, and Williams. We are in- deed grateful for the competent assistance they have given our ath- letic department this year. Coach McKinzey is basketball coach, Coach Eubanks is track coach, Coach Williams, new to TCHS's staff this year, is football coach, and also baseball coach. Coach Thomas helps in the football de- partment. The track teams at TCHS have placed or taken honors in all meets and events participated in this year. Below are trackmen johnny Kirkley and Olin Little. The 1960 Football season proved to be quite exciting, as this action shot indicates. The team ended the season with a 2:7:1 record. 124 :arm .X.... I I ,L "-WWE ---' X .- . - : . -.- -. . . . m A ,.., . N 7 ' E sf' M fu - ,g.a, ,.: -, , W V A 2? fv J J f me f-Qwgvge.. lsfkw jf wg, 3 , Q. QM lf K fggixf ' A'-, A iw ' A , J' f? 4 1 5 2s?X"'?i?1,prww,5,We WM X 1 ' t ' i w if Y f fy P WF' ffm gmxfmi 555 Q32 Mg! ? Y ,pw A E, 5 Q W, PM , amz, T ,, W WW J fswfffiw, i X fazgm my P 52- af lg, If an 4,24 ' W B ' mx A Q 1 M sf M f A I if wifi ?,,M,W wx-mm? am? Q W W fri? W like LQ f 5133 Q' ,, . Y W A g F TWN, vw-oss iv gr? ff-1' -:..f1.r+, f W 'y?H""5 'GSQ bi, Www f --'- my ,---- mf MM m g My ,mf-L.,,.,, .. ,. L, - - ,.'. ,. .M ' mi J - M- ---1-v M - ' L A KW. K -'-' an vw 2 'W "" gf Q 135 L. .... , ..-., . ...,,,,-,, ..... ,,,,,, . ,.,k .,.,,,,,.,:,,,,,:rE1,,,,x , -,-.svii YW ?-3 --X- ' H SW55. Q: j . M,,' Q -1 '- -2 -'--X- ' N H ' W mmgff ,fix Q-Wwggmmg 5. , .1 m y Lk , ., 1 H Q' A G M , , M '- 1 - '25 1 -, 35625 , Af 5? , -1 f W ,ww W 3 T3 Q if J 3 1 i 1 ERTISEME 5 1' ,H ,... M . ' "" -- M 5' I 1 RAYMON S DEPARTMENT STORE 5I2 -23rd Av 8. TUSCALOOSA, ALA. PHONE PL 4-47I7 FINEST IN CLOTHING ANYWHERE TypewrH'ers TU CKER DRUID TYPEWRITER CO. MOTOR COMPANY 22I9 - 7+h Sfreef Phone TUSCALOOSA PL 2-8508 YOUI' Fl'IendIY FOI'd Dealer xc usive is ri u ors 24I4 B' CI SI"'ee+ E I D I b I TUSCALOOSDA, ALABAMA DOCTOR'S PHARMACY NORTHPORT, ALABAMA WEATHERFORD PRINTING COMPANY For +I'1e Finesi' in Prinfing Dial PLaza 2-I5II TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA HOLLEY 8: QUARLES Seeds, a Specialfy FLOUR-FEEDS-GROCERIES FERTILIZER PLaza 8-5328 424 Main Ave. NORTHPORT ALABAMA 883 ffl LTLZTI- -,'..f..lQ,,:ulvf1 Q L. ffli .. T+"l"1'- " Q .1 - 14255 7'7'i i1ll-'i ,.1.r,: .1i'j'f' ul .F' ,,' ' il ,.,. - f"" "Tl" 'Q JSI: 1'LLI1lg::i7 ala' - ' 'El i F r lllll - 2 in i Q. A , I , , , I L M '0Pl5A'Ald'l 96000 5QUAPl'!'t'!ffL0 Sporiing' Goods Kni+'I'ing Yarn and Supplies Household Equipmenl' Building and Mill Supplies 1' Accessories-Farm lmplemenls Au o and a Thousand Oiher Things ALLEN AND JEMISCN COMPANY HARDWARE TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA I9 gc-:ot wiolneo for cc wonderful suture! Southern gall ADAMS 5 81 IOC STORE NORTHPORT, ALABAMA Complimenfs of ALABAMA APOTHECARY Firsi' Naiional Bank TUSCALOOSA ALABAMA I PHILCO TV 8: RADIO . FURNITURE COMPANY Weshnghouse Elech-ical "Home of Qualify Furni'rure" APPHGWCGS Ph. 4-7574 22:5 e+h s+re 4I5 MAIN AVE., NORTHPORT, ALA. TUSCALOOSA, ALA. PERRY'S Milk Ice Cream 9XaS':xe5 O U C Q Pay 6 S Yo oieavf omg Wear U OPTICAL SERVICE 2I2I Broad S+. TUSCALOOSA, ALA. 49'I'LIZe Eyes Examined--Lenses DupIica+ecI Sew Glasses FiH'ed-Frames Repaired Sooner or Iafer your Iavorne cIeaner X ' in E? CompIimen+s CompIImenI5 of of TEMERsoN STEEL C- W- LEWIS WIRE HOUSE FINCHER 84 OZMENT JEWELRY CO. 5 I 5 Greensboro Ave. TUSCALOOSA, ALA. Phone PLaza 2-35II SO KOL'S Comple+e Home Furnishings Clolhing and Appliances 6I2 Greensboro Avenue TUSCALOOSA, ALA. Phone 47I7 I JEWEL BOX Tusca oosa's 504 G b A . Friendliesl' Thea+re J E TI:-ZEAzoOVe . . , wner Phone 8-3396 TUSCALOOSA, ALA "Down'rown" TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA d L ssse 1-isvmffxf jix Complimen'rs of ADRIANS DEPARTMENT STORE Corner Broad ancl 23rd Sis. The Friendly Sfore for Jrhe Girls Open a Teen Honor Accoun+ WESTERN AUTO 500 Main Avenue NORTHPORT, ALABAMA Phone PL 4-626I Meef Your Friends a+ ADAMS' DRUG STORE 430 Main Avenue NORTHPORT ALABAMA ll SQIAD c'x9Q!'b c'X9Ql'oCZ65c'x 9Q1'nc'X9 Q15 C'X9G1'oc'x9ll G ma . 4l1e2'ilLd LITTLE CIDWKEE 42 -' nfs mfs :wr acura " lGLJl.ZDGX2C.1DGX.3C.10GX.JQ2JC.1bGX.9C!66X..9C.IDGll "Two Places 1'o Serve You" BLACK, FRIEDMAN AND wlNsToN BE'-K HUDSON 508 Greensboro Avenue TUSCALOOSA ALABAMA TUSCALOOSA ALABAMA x cy b ' ' - " li A Sr ,T I-lg L im ' ' , ? 5 5 519 Comple+e Home Furnishings 2223 Six+h Sfreef TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA WIESEL COMPANY The Slore 'For Men and Boys PIZITZ Complimenls of Tuscaloosa's Newesl' and LOUIS WIESEL, INC Nicesl Deparlmenl Tuggaloogdg Beg+ Slore Deparlmenl Slore In Tuscaloosa County Nearly Everyone Reads THE TUSCALOOSA NEWS Wesl' Alabama's Favorile Family Newspaper Since I8l7 EXTRA l E 'r 1 - . .o,.V 1 ll ' TANNER BROS. Wholesale Fruils anal Vege+ables 23l2 4+l1 STREET, TUSCALOOSA, ALA. Phone PLaza 8-2892 Complimen+s lfllllls d S of bm ll Ulllfl BRowN's DEPARTMENT STORE TUSCALOOSA, ALABAMA Tuscaloosa's Finesf Food S+ores PIGGLY WIGGLY , J? The d' Two Slores lo Serve You ' 2305 6+h ST. UPTOWN l72l GREENSBORO AVE. SOUTHSIDE HOTEL-MOTEL TUSCALOOSA, ALA. slh nder fhe Direcfion of American Ho+els Corporalion l J. A. DUCKWORTH CHARLES MORRIS DUCKWORTH-MORRIS INSURANCE AGENCY General Insurance-Renfals Real Es+a+e TUSCALOOSA ALABAMA THE BLOSSOM SHOPPE DUGAN5 SHOE STORE "Your Friendly Floris+" 2308 Broad Shed Flowers for All Occasions TUSCALOOSA ALABAMA BROAD STREET TUSCALOOSA Day PL 4-4792 Nigl'1'l' PL 2-5554 L'lIWl"ll' EH 3 M E N 'S W E A R JAMES SPILLER, Owner GAS LANCASTER FURNITURE Fancy Groceries-Mea+s-Feed ,, , Gas and Oil More Furmfure for Your Money" Phone 2-2482 22 I 5 7+h S+ree+ TAYLORVILLE, ALABAMA PHONE 8-2763 TUSCALOOSA, ALA HAVERTY FURNITURE COMPANY 2220 Broad Sfreei' TUSCALOOSA ALABAMA Complimenfs Hom Complimenfs Wesl Alabama's Mosl' Complefe Flower and of Garden Cenlel' gaeizit llc - Fbwmlm al Leland Shopping Cen+er H Wes+ Phone PL 2-6562 lr , Ala. P.O. Box 335 TUSCALOOSA BOTTLE R'S ASSOCIATION Coco-Cola Pepsi-Cola Seven-Up Dr. Pepper Royal Crown Sunbeam hdmm HARDIN'S BAKERY R P C3315 Q PRESCRIPTION CENTRE "Your Professional Pharmacy" Phone PL 9-l52I 2802 I9+l'1 Ave. 9-l522 NORTHPORT TEN . ., N ASHV V X m0 I V No Fm Food... AMY EQE f EVERETTES FINE SHOES Broad S+ree1' TUSCALOOSA ALABAMA Wool, Flannel, Worslecl Suil' 529.95-538.95 Leland Cenler 9 AM.-9 P.M. FRANK CHAMBERS EDNGRAVING STEEL AND COPPER PLATE ENGRAVL-.RS COMPANY FA AX 2- EDDING INVITA I 505 SOUTH 263 SHQEET BIRMINGHAM 5, ALABAMA Complimenls THE MUSIC HOUSE 408 24 Ave.-Tuscaloosa BOB'S FOODLINER 300 I-5+h S+ree+ NORTHPORT, ALA. KYLE OFFICE SUPPLY CO. Office Supplies. All Chickens and Furnilure Meek Roas'rs and Prinfing Hams ruscALoosA, ALA. Complimenfs of T. R. TAYLOR DRUG CO. LIPSEY-SCOTI' 5I6 GREENSBORO AVE. Phone PL 8-2828 TUSCALOOSA. ALA. The Friendly Family Drug S+ore DRY GOODS CO. Wholesale Dis+ribu+ors Piece Goods Men's Furnishings Hosiery and Nofions 2500 Broad Sfreei' TUSCALOOSA. ALABAMA 1' 2l05 Main Ave. N. P. DRUID AWNING 81 METAL CO MAIN AVE.-Nokri-iPoRT, ALA. Aluminum Awnings-Marques-Carporis Screens and Ornamenfal Iron NO DOWN PAYMENT PL 9-2469 W. J. WINDLE PL 2-I924 SNAPSHOTS HL i Num-811 5 'Wwvar x W I I H91 I M,-, .. 1 .Q 'iz ., f N . .V In M Q, , l 5 I wg x gf 51 'I F4 'f l ' X ff , .... . ' r ,..,,MM...,., .,...........-......,n.. ef V . R q.:V, , f '- m si f .1UM.,5., 5? W M gl fgsfl.. f, QM:-I ,.-. 'lifnifilff ff uffuwk, . A, V .. if 5? 2 L G 5 5 gg 9 2 -an Sie: I Mg 5 -f ,N ,E T if 1 Jafmk-x: N, 'uh 'B z .-if f.'.'s.:x A , J f Q. " K Q. 5 .fr if -1 nf f' ,1 V .S Vain pain ff... wma' Hi l rs QSM 13. W 4 'K - V 1 f SCHOOL DAYS 1955 - '56 M ,. 'Y ,I we 3' ' iv .M ,nm Wuwk A 1 Q 'S ni 51 ,Q . 2 2 m , ' iLEVL V h Nw .M ' EX' Q M ,I i H "', Inv? ,." , Q? i -A 2' 5 6 if r" . Y' wi' Qklmteh States Qgjge iw, Vila W 'fl ' K wi . 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Suggestions in the Tuscaloosa County High School - Tuscohi Yearbook (Northport, AL) collection:

Tuscaloosa County High School - Tuscohi Yearbook (Northport, AL) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 1


Tuscaloosa County High School - Tuscohi Yearbook (Northport, AL) online yearbook collection, 1946 Edition, Page 1


Tuscaloosa County High School - Tuscohi Yearbook (Northport, AL) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


Tuscaloosa County High School - Tuscohi Yearbook (Northport, AL) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


Tuscaloosa County High School - Tuscohi Yearbook (Northport, AL) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Tuscaloosa County High School - Tuscohi Yearbook (Northport, AL) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


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