Turtle Lake High School - Turtle Yearbook (Turtle Lake, WI)

 - Class of 1950

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Turtle Lake High School - Turtle Yearbook (Turtle Lake, WI) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 72 of the 1950 volume:

XY WEEE ' 'gE9!fmH'2i5l!iE!dT.'i:JES1'I1A.Id!L'! 'i - . ,',LASEl'2'1.'!K3?I'.Z'.2f f'f'Ef"I? if Rjieff li Inf TURTLE 1949!-fI950 Published by the Seniors RTLE LAKE HIGH SCHO Turtle Lake, Wisconsin 1 5 IHI GYM Early in this school year construction of the gymnasiumwas begun. Throughout the re- mainder ofthe year we have watched the dream of many years developing into reality. Rising above prosaic brick and concrete, mud and steelwe have seen the vision of the completed building. The Schoo1Board in planning this gym has looked far into the future. It should serve the community and the countless students who will attend Turtle Lake school for many years to come. The Senior Class of 1950 feel honored in being the first class to graduate fromthis new addition to our school. Z 5.3152 ff? 2. qi 3, ' I J I '.uf'---N"f!21 P U'-11 ' 'f.-12 -3- -. -' 1'-J ' -'ae:f'41.' fa.. : 'a-:-I " ' ' . Im' -IQ.,-Q-1I- .um -r 11: . 1 g .-4 5 I 5-.I..--.I.I-I. .-.gf In .. -.III .,., .,, .I .. . .I.I I, I. 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'lc-7-11-.ii gg.-"5 I-,.1,:1.J-.-I-14" 'r-'1'v":-.1'-I:--2.11. pw -'.-1:-'---'-.-.Wm -'--:--.. r" N-23.11, -pf ..,. 49 L.. -,-. x .v.- -.-.f-H .--4'-M.-.f',..,. 1-... -.-fv.,- .-.Lf--,w.g...-rx -fa-J.-', .xl-r-71. fi. 1- L zu f,A.f..g,.f-I ... v 1.I...,I., ,-,km-.g..fI-...,I.I ., Ly, -..,..I- ..,-..-.+-.,:- 1 .:: . -.I -, ... .- x. -Q .an .-g- pf :p.,.I,,,...I 4-.ay--.. ,.x.,-r-Q..--I.I5..,y,.. :.+ .g. .1 .Iv.I., I- JM...-... . -xl .IJ-, .EN I-. . 1,f....... ,-.,.....,.I.-. --.-.I ..,.I. ..:.:I--..- ...-,-.I.q .- .I -I-.N . .cs -.ygcx-14. s,.2'.g.k.g. 4,5-1..'. -req .- gfg1'p1-K..-.., .:1,-.K Ia .:.- ,4.:-...-.v,..- .-Q.-.Kq:',t'k1,':g . - Pk,-'v -naw'-p -.-Q.. -5-1 .9--.e --an---mf.-.1--'Q-. .--I-J. :-.--y-.-- ..:.f-Q.. n-I.......I---.-rm.-2.-x-.,1 Q.:-. .-1. -.-.U----Q.-..f'f.a mqivp- .fu-!:.'-.'.E':-...5.5-fa--y'I-5:-1.-Sf-f.5'1.,W-,rg-.1f-,w-'1?-1.-1-'.j.'5-1-any-'Q ,rf-an .-.L.-,.-...-.-a'1.159?.I'r...:.x'f5'Gf.r'..,. 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T-r: I-..1. -rfzlf' 55 7 r11E'Z"li'-iff, .if-If .-.E-1 I: .. if 1- 11.23-if i.939LSi'E5fffL.mfi.. 3 ffffif-: ffX+f, . ff0X-2 10154, Q71-6 if F 32139 I 7 M 6 1 ga 9 L, mg "H X an --L --Q, B4 IW ? AIINIINISIRAHIIN LOUIS KING DIRECTOR IIIIAIIII III IIIIIITAIIII FRED QUADE CLERK CLIFFORD JENSON TREASURER P i gg. .lx ' 3 vi 'Q if wr, il' f 3.5-ixfi, S.. ag 5, 5 Y Y 3 ? f l ?f Ag We fi vi- Q 'Sw Ah Qfxf 45 N ' if At? Q gb S J :YK W M avi MARTHA NIHART MAJOR - BUSINESS EDUCATION, MINOR - ENGLISHQ B.S. IN EDUCATIONQ CENTRAL MISSOURI STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE. EDWARD K. THORSON BACHELOR BUSINESS ADMINISTRATIONQ UNIVERSITY or MINNESOTA. YS7 ELLEN SKOE MAJOR - ENGLISH, MAJOR - HISTORY: EAU CLAI STATE TEACHERS' COLLEGE. MARGARET SIRIANNI MAJOR - HOME ECONOMICSQ THE STNUT INSTITUTE. L... ll! law i i cl EVELYN KINGSBURY KINDERGARTENQ NORTHERN ILLINOIS STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE. LILLIAN NILSSEN GRADE lg RIVER FALLS STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE. HELEN WHITMORE GRADES 3 AND Ng EAU CLAIRE STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE. VELORES HANSON GRADES 6 AND Y: SUPERIOR STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE. sw in A-5' Q... YU' nf" gpm- ETHEL GRABER GRADES 2 AND 33 POLK COUNTY NORMAL MILDRED SPOONER GRADES U AND 5g RIVER FALLS STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE GRACE JOHNSON GRADES Y AND 83 SUPERIOR STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE ADAM SCHEIFER JANITOR 2 ff MRS. GAFFNEY YJ,,L-445 1 4, . 1 ' ., - I xii 0 L, B Q Taj' Q Z Cook BUS DRIVERS - BUSTER WARLUND, BuBSsE MILLER, CLARE GROSS, FREDDIE WARLUND. PATROL BOYS - DONALD MIKKELSON, GERALD GRAUNKE, LLOYD ANDERSON, RICHARD TUR- COTTE, RUSSELL GRAUNKE, f NQ F f, 4 - SINIURS JAMES DAVISON 'JIMH ATHLETIC MANAGER l,2g SENIOR CLAss PLAY 3: Nsws- REEL STAFF 3,Ug ANNUAL STAFF Hg BASKETBALL Up BASE- BALL M. nTHERE'S A LITTLE BIT OF BAD IN EVERY sooo BOY.u GERALDINE DOLD HJERRYH VICE-PRESIDENT I,2g NEWSREEL STAFF I,2g GLEE CLUB l,2,33 ANNUAL STAFF l,Mg BAND 2,Ug PROM QUEEN 35 HOMECOMING QUEEN CANDIDATE U. NA PLEASANT SMILE, A WINNING wAY, FULL OF PEP, THAT'S JERRY.n LORETTA EDER NTUDN HoT LUNCH SECRETARY 2g F.H.A. 3g GLEE CLUB I,35 ANNUAL STAFF hi QUEEN CANDIDATE N. HOH, DIVINE AM- BITIDN, TO DANCE AND DANCE.n GILMORE GOULET HGILH JUNIOR CLASS PLAY I,2,3: VIcE PRESIDENT U. WHAND- SOME IS AS HANDsoME DOES.n FREDRICK GRABER HFRITZH BASEBALL I,2,33 FOOTBALL 3,Ug F.F.A. I,2. uBLESSED IS THE MAN wHo WHEN HE HAS NOTHING T0 SAY KEEPS STlLL.n GERTRUDE GRETHEN UGERTIEH GLEE CLUB I,2,3,Mg TRIPLE TRIO 33 VICE PRESIDENT 35 GLEE CLUB PRESIDENT 3,Ug BAND 3,Mg BAND LIBRARIAN U3 NEWSREEL STAFF Ng ANNUAL STAFF U3 HoMEcoMING QUEEN U. WAN INNOCENT FACE BUT You NEVER CAN TELL.n vgw 12 MARCELLA HAMMER LIBRARY STAFF 3,Ug CLASS PLAY 35 NEVSREEL STAFF Up F.H.A. 3,U. HTHE MILDEST OF MANNERS, THE GENTLEST OF HEARTS.n THERESA HELLER HTRESEN GLEE CLUB I,2,33 LIBRARY STAFF Up CLASS PLAY 35 F.H.A. 3. HHER BROW IS wET WITH HONEST SWEAT, SHE JUST HAD HER ExcUSE SlGNED.n JOHN HELLIE HJACKU MIXED CHORUS li CLASS TREASURER I,3: F.F.A. QUARTET l,Ng BASKETBALL l,2,3,Mg BASEBALL l,2,3,Ng NEWSREEL STAFF 3,Ug MIXED QUARTET My CHEERLEADER 3,Ug F.F.A. PRESIDENT N. 'VARIETY IS THE SPICE OF LIFE. WHY TAKE oUT THE SAME GIRL TWlCE?n LLOYD HOFFMANN uBOBBn BASEBALL I,2,3,Ug CLASS PLAY 33 N-H 3: F.F.A. SECRETARY 2. NLET THE WORLD so AS IT MAY. l'LL TAKE IT ANYwAY.n WARREN KING BASKETBALL l,2,3,Ug BASEBALL I,2,3,N5 FOOTBALL 3,33 BAND I: CLASS SECRETARY kg F.F.A. l,2,3,U. 'A LITTLE BASHFUL BUT JUST AT TlMES.n LAVERA KOHN nLOVEYn CUMBERLAND l,23 F.H.A. 3g SECRETARY 3: HoMEcoMING QUEEN CANDIDATE N. WTHE ONLY IMPORTANT THINGS IN MY DREAMS, ARE SCHOOL WORK AND DoNALD.' 13 MNA N. ir .K., THOMAS JOHNSON HTOMMYN FOOTBALL 3,Hg BAND I,3,Ag CLASS PLAY 2g CLASS TREASURER U. NA SENSE OF HUMOR AND THE POWER TO LAUGH.u MARY ANN KRECKER HMYAH GLEE CLUB l,2,3,Ug VICE-PRESIDENT, GLEE CLUB Ag F.H.A. 35 LIBRARY CLUB 23 ANNUAL 3,U. HSHE LIVES A DATE TO DATE EXISTANCE.n ARLENE LEIZ NSHORTYH GLEE CLUB l,2,3,Ug F.H.A. 3g FoRENsIcS 3g QUARTET 35 HoMEcoMING QUEEN CANDIDATE A. HA SENIOR GIRL WITH QUIET WAYS, HER TYPE IS RARE. ll FRANCES LINDBERG HFRANNYH NEWSREEL STAFF I9 ANNUAL STAFF U3 LIBRARIAN 2j FLAG BEARER 3,Ug WARM LUNCH, SECRETARY 3,Mg JR. CLASS PLAY 3g F.H.A. 3. HMY SPARKLE IS A REFLECTION FROM MY RING.n DOROTHY LUDKE HDOTSYH GLEE CLUB 33 F.H.A. 3,A3 F.H.A. TREASURER U5 AN- NUAL STAFF A. NHER WAYS ARE WAYS or PLEASANTNESS.n DONALD MAGNUSON UMAGGIEH F.F.A. l,2g F.F.A. OFFICER 33 SPORT MANAGER 3,U. NI STAND ON THE BRINK or A GREAT CAREER, WILL SOME- ONE PUSH ME OFF?H 14 JAMES MARSKE HJIMMYH F.F.A. I,2,3,Hg BASEBALL I,2,3,N. HQUIET AND RESERVED.n LAURA MCCUSKY A DATA, A DANCA, OUT LATA, A QUIzzA, No PASSA, GEE WHIZZA. BETTY MERLE HBETSH BAND 2,3,Ug GLEE CLUB l,2,3g CHEERLEADER 3,Ng MAJORETTE 25 BATON SOLO 35 ANNUAL STAFF Ng NEWSREEL STAFF 33 F.H.A. 3,H. , ALWAYS HER TURN.n HNEVER TALKS OUT OF TURN' ITIS GEORGE MORGAN BASEBALL 3,Ug F.F.A. U3 MIXED CHORUS I3 NEWSREEL STAFF 2,3,U5 BAND 2: LIBRARY 3. NHEIS ALWAYS AT HIS BEST WHEN HE'S BEING A coNSTANT PEST.n DUANE ORN BASKETBALL l,2,3,Ug BASEBALL l,2,3,Ng FOOTBALL 3,Ug FORENSICS 3,Ng CLASS TREASURER 25 CLASS PLAY, STAGE MIXED CHORUS I3 NEWSRELL STAFF MANAGER 3,Ug DUET My 3,Ug ANNUAL STAFF U3 F.F.A. I: LIBRARY CLUB 3' BAND I Y I,2,3,N. 'ALL GREAT MEN DIE SDMETIME. COME TO THINK OF IT, I DONIT FEEL So NELL MYSELF.n CONRAD PEARSON HSNODPSH F-F.A. l,2,3,Ug CLASS PRESIDENT M. UA PURPOSE FIRM IS EQUAL TO THE DEED.n 15 ARNOLD PEER UARNYH BASKETBALL I,2,3,Ng BASEBALL I,2,3,Ng FOOTBALL I,2,3,Ug PRoN KING 35 CLASS PRESIDENT l,3: F.F.A. I, 2,Us F.F.A. VIcE-PRESIDENT U3 ANNUAL STAFF U5 T. CLUB l,2,3. nl ACT LIKE AN ANGEL--wHEN IIN ASLEEP.n DUWAYNE PETERSON RBLIXH FOOTBALL I,2,3,Hg BASKETBALL I,2,3,Ng BASEBALL I, 2,3,U5 F.F.A. TREASURER lg F.F.A. SECRETARY My T. CLUB l,2,3g PRESIDENT 25 BAND Ig ANNUAL STAFF Hg F. F.A. I,2,3,H. WHE HASN'T A CARE, HEIS NOT IN A HURRY, HIS ONE GIRL IS HIS ONLY WORRY.n DORLEEN SPLATT GLEE CLUB 25 JUNIOR CLASS PLAY 31 ANNUAL STAFF U5 F.H.A. 3. NJUST BEING HAPPY AND CAREFREE IS LOTS OF FUN.n EDWARD SPOONER 'EDU F.F.A. I,2g BAND 2,3,U. nSEEN BUT NoT OFTEN HEARD.n DONNA STEFFEN BARRGN lg WARM LUNCH TREASURER 25 CLASS PLAY 35 F.H.A. 3g KITCHEN 3g GLEE CLUB 35 TRIPLE TRIo 33 OFFICE SECRETARY Ng ANNUAL STAFF U5 NEVSREEL STAFF H. nA PLEASANT SECRETARY, AND PROPER Too, HER SMILE IS NICE ENOUGH FOR TWO.n DORMAN TARMAN BASKETBALL I,2g BASEBALL lg FOOTBALL 33 F.F.A. I. . 2. nTHE GOOD DIE YOUNG, so WHY SHOULD I VORRY?n 16 JACK TORNIO UENJOY YOURSELF :S MY MOTTO.H GENEIVIEVE VAN CAUTEREN F.H.A. 3149 FLAG BEARER 2,333 LIBRARY 2,39 HOT LUNCH SECRETARY 3,U. NGOQD NATURE is Gooo COMPANY.n DOROTHY YESKE GLEE CLUB l,2,3,1T. "IN CLASSROOM OR IN HALL, A WELCOME SMILE SHE HAS FOR ALL.n RUTH WRIGHT GLEE CLUB 2,35 JUNIOR CLASS PLAY 35 KITCHEN 2,3,Ug F.H.A. 3g ANNUAL 3,M. NLIFE WITHOUT LAUGHING WOULD BE A DREARY BLANK.n BONNIE ZEROTH GLEE CLUB l,2,35 LIBRARY 3,145 F.H.A. 3,l4g CLASS PLAY 3. WSHE CAN BE cHARAcTER1zED URALLY NICE'.n IN TWO woRDs 'NAT- 17 SEATED: SECRETARY - WARREN KING, TREASURER - TOMMY JOHNSON STANDING: VICE PRESIDENT - GILMORE GOULET, PRESIDENT - CONRAD PEARsoN. Sl Illll MASS HISHIIIY One September morning in '46 a timid looking group of boys and girls climbed aboard T.L.H.S. fora flight which has lasted four years. It has been an interesting and educa- tional trip. Our first flight took us through many new and varied experiences. We all had to become used to being called "underclassmen." We hadn't travelled very far before the "Sophs" gave us an initiation party. Although we were told to be preparedfor anything no one became air sick and everyone had a good time. We had just become used to our first flight when our pilot, Captain Gates, announced there would be a three month's delay. New passengers took our place and we were moved to a space re- served for Sophomores. After three months we were back waiting tickets in hand, as the pilot explained that our group would now be called the Junior Class. We were allowed aboard and were soon flying into another year. As we gathered together we discovered the going had been to rough for some and they had bailed out. Others decided they would change their course and parachuted to new landing fields. We felt very happy as we thought of all the pleasant things lying ahead of us. Soon Miss Skoe, the hostess, began picking out individuals to star ina play. Our play "Aunt Susie Shoots the Works" was given for the en- joyment ofthe other passengers and for financ- ing our Prom. We chose a fellow passenger, Arnold Peer, to be Prom King. This part of our flight was memorable. The fall ofSeptember '49 we started on the last lap of our flight. More passengers were taken aboard but we discovered at each stop some were let off. As we received the title Senior and our beautiful class rings, we began to realize this really was the last lap. In No- vember Lieutenant Wyrnan came aboard and told us to smile prettily while he took our pic- tures. Later we receivedthese pictures , to send to our relatives, another indication that we soon would be leaving the T.L.H.S. flight. Our Senior Class play was given in the Spring. We are all very proud of one important item, the new hanger, fknown to some as a gyml. We have seen the plans for this new hanger grow over the years and finally the structure itself is being built. We are very proud of being the first class to graduate from it. Even with this honor many of us wish our pilot would say "A three month's delay" instead of "All out for your individual flights." 18 F L R I Af 5,4604 Wfa-v-' 4Afd :.'-.dado ff 4 92:0 f, ,H P 0 2 50.2 00 Q' MEA' X I A-1459 ,CS-:st vs dc',,,, - F E """ J, ' I I I 1 I l 'Z J D . X '..l:l!' 4 -li. l l f -Q 1 fi ' U l 1 .wus J c Q 1 K A KQ? K. za!! XS X, Df -ig?- ,- L2-,T .......-- UNDERGHAUS' i On the 29th of Augustthere were thirty-nine ingenious, or- derly, and respectable Juniors entering Turtle Lake High SchooL T?ns year as upperclassrnen they will be takinga more active part in school activities. Among these are presendng the class play, sponsoring the pronm and ordering their rings. They are all looking forward to becorning seniors. N JERRY COLBUR , -LAVXLLA SPLETT , - ERSON T - LLA AND ESHDEN ,LOUE GER VICE PR . - ' JAMES DA-NN' SEQRETARY' ' - ' RER- ' TREASU PRESNDENT' ' ROW lg MELVIN STEFFEN, LOUELLA ANDERSON, LAVILLA SPLETT, LETLA SPLETT, BARBARA LEISZ, SHIRLEY NORDIN, GLORIA ARMSTRONG P , ATRICIA BLECHINGER, MARDELL FREDRICK, ARDETH DOLD. ROW Eg MISS NIHART, EVELYN WANZONG, FRANCES GRETHEN, GAYLE PETERSON, DONNA SCHRAMSKI, NANCY ANDERSON, JERRY COLBURN, RAYMOND MULLER, PATRICIA HANSON, HELEN VAN CAUTEREN, LEONARD HERVAS, ROGER HEPPNER, ORVTLLE KOSER, MRS. SIRIANNI. ROW 3: DORIS KOHN, LEATRICE FKEDRICK, HAZEL MEWES, RODNEY BOROWSKI, MARLENE NELSON, KAY GAMACHE, BETTY MOLLS, JAMES DANNIGER JO ANN MI , LLER, MARGARET PARRY, RONALD FORTMEYER, MARLENE DIETRICH, LEONA DIERS, LESTER BERTSTROM. - A-A Q L Z0 W l JOHN MARTIN LONELL WOHLK LOUIS HELLER, GLEN WRIGHT, ERVIN DOSTER, SHELDON RO : , , TARMAN DON LAHTI, ARTHUR KERN, RUTH ERICKSON, DONNA MILLS, GILLIAN OSTERMANN, LOUISE , E ROW 2 DONALD BUSSEWITZ JACK BEECROFT, JOE PEICHEL, NICK POPOE, ROBERT GRETH N. : , NANZONG ROBERT FREDRICK, FERN TESSLING, ROSALIE WANZONG, MARGARET NIESEN, LOI5 . MARLENE WENZEL JANICE MILLER LARRY GLAUDITZ, LEONARD FREITAG, MYRON HOFFMANN, , , ELFERS RICHARD JANSEN, DANIEL BIRD, THOMAS GABASTA. ROW 3: NICK CORDES, ALLEN , AND DEAN MEWES BETTY PETERSON EILEEN OSTERMANN, JEAN PABST, MABEL BERGSTROM, TOSL I I , J HNSON, EDWARD LUDKE, CAROL HAN- GEORGE ANN MARSRE, GERALD RUFF, CARL MOLLS, LARRY o soN, DONALD MORGAN, DOROTHY BECRER. PRESID ENT SECRET ' ' - . . VI ARY AND TREA . ' . L CE PRESIDENT SURER I 1 .LOwELL WOHLK ' ' ' - . ' ' OUIS HEL K ' . , A'-LE LER I N TOSLAND The forty-eight sophomores make up an important part of the student body of T.L.H.S. Without the sophomores who would strug- gle through algebra every day, who would perpetrate the whispering list and who would spread good will and humor to the students? Yes, we are a group who can pride ourselves not so much on our scholastic achievement or our' athletic heroes but just our ability to be a pleasant group. During the school year the class of '52 has properly initiated the class of '53, atraditional cer- emony here at T.L.H.S. During our remaining two years we hope to perform suc- cessfully the duties bestowed on us as students. 21 K as I PII llll IIA MS 03 ANNIIM SMH ROW lg JERRY COLBURN, BETTY MERLI-:, GERTRUDE GRETHEN, MARY ANN KRECKER, Jo ANN MILLER, DQNNA STEFFEN, DUANE ORN. ROW 2: JIMMY DAVISON, RUTH WRIGHT, GERALDINE DOLD, LORETTA EDER, DORLEEN SPLATT, DOROTHY LUDKE, JANICE MILLER, FRANCES LINDBERG, DONNA SCI-IRANSKI, MISS NII-IART. One of the most important organizations in school is the Annual Staff. Early in the year the members were selected. They chose Myers 81 Co. Inc., to publish their annual.Working and planning started immediately. By the end of January the greater part of the work had been completed. Construction of the new gym and Creamery, and other problems gave us a race againsttime, and in some cases the race was lost. New words were added to our vocabulary and new meanings were added for others, for ex- ample, "deadline," "dummy," "copy," l'multiple." Now that the work is being completed the staff sincerely hopes they have succeeded in giving an accurate picture of the year 1949-50, to be enjoyed in years to come. Editor ,.... . Mary Ann Krecker Assistant Editor . . . Jo Ann Miller Senior Historian. . . . Ruth Wright Junior Historian. . . . Donna Schramski Sophomore Historian . . . .Janice Miller Freshman Historian . . . Richard Perrin Artist .................... Jerry Colburn Pictures ...... Betty Merle, Geraldine Dold, Gertrude Grethen Comments Sr Sayings .............. Donna Steffen Sports ............. Duwayne Peterson, Arnold Peer Typists . . . .Dorleen Splatt, Frances Lindberg, Dorothy Ludke Advertising. . . . . Duane Orn, Jimmy Davison, Loretta Eder 22 EWSRIH SEATED: JERRY COLBURN, EILEEN OSTERMANN, FERN DIETRICI-I, JACK HELI.IE, LOUELLA ANDERSON, Mlss NIHART, DuANE ORN. STANDING: MARGARET PARRY, MARCELLA HAMMER, PATRICIA HANSON, LESTER BERGSTROM, KAY GAMACHE, GEORGE MORGAN, JIMMY DAvIsoN, JOANN MILLER, DONNA STEFFEN, PATRICIA BLECHINGER, MARLENE DIETRICH, LEoNA DIERS, GERTIE GRETHEN. Our School Paper The Newsreel in published monthly. It contains all the latest news in fashions, sports, school activities, and class gossip. The paper has illustrations pertaining to many of the articles, and shows the fine workmanship of the students this year. Our Editor, .Tack Hellie, has done an unusually excellent job. Start- ing with a staff lacking in experience he has consistently shown improve- ment in each edition. Much credit also is due our assistant editor, Louella Anderson. I QEIX 2.3 HIESHMA MASS HISHIHY On the morning of August 29, a.grOup Offortybeudldered-look- ing boys and girls entered'Turtle Lake High School. First 'of all we were spilt into two groups. No one knew just what to do first, but after a few days, we were straightened out and after that eVeryUnng went as rouhne. We were initiated by the Sopho- rnore Class later butfortunately we aM survived. Ldost of us enjoy participating in the school activities. We are all looking forward to next year when we will be Sohpo- nnores. QQ? 4 IAM OLSON LL . . WLOHN STEFFEN VKCE PRESHUENT ' U .RICHARD WNG PRESI SECRE NT-"' DE R.- 1ARY -TREASURE ROW l: WILBUR WILLIAMS, NORMAN POTVIN, ANN HERVAS, DORTHEA MIKKELSON, WILLIAM OLSON, MAURICE SPOONER, JOHN ERNEST, RICHARD PERRIN, WILLIAM REDDIG, CAROLINE STAUNER, FERN DIETRICH, VERNON HERPNER. ROW 2: MR. CROWELL, JEAN HUGHES, SHIRLEY SCHRAGE, LORETTA WEISE, JOHN STEFEEN, CHARLES HARD, ILA MAE HAASE, MARGIE JANSEN, WILBERT BECKER, BURKE MARSKE, HERMAN GROEHLER, CECIL SPOONER, ROSE TURCOTT, JANE PAGEL, BERNICE TOGERSON, ARDITH WUORENMA, MR. KINGSBURY. ROW 3: ARNOLD SCHEPS, EUGENE POSY, DARRELL PETERSON, FRANK PEIOHEL, JANICE FOUST, GERTRUDE HAMMER, EDNA BECKER, MARION GASPER, BERNICE BARR, JERRY JOHNSON, LAURIN LEISZ, GERALD EDER, BERNARD KUNKEL, VERNON KUNKEL, VIRGIL HAASE, RONALD ZEROTH, RICHARD KING. A fQ .. at A I I 1 Z4 9? .4 F -ws A , W Y 1g ' Wh N un- I g k K I Ili ' I lla l . 'QNUXZ Qx ' ' Q V , if Of W W f 09 AIIIIVIIIES la.HI17!11l ' , W.RwwAfNmigRmIrm3m Li 2: ROW I: ARDETH DOLD, ILA MAE HAASE, EILEEN ZEROIH, .... .H GLADYS GOULET, RICHARD KING, DONALD MIKKELSON, JOHN JOHNSON, YVONNE UOLD, ., LH, GERTRUDE GRETHAN, BETTY MERLE, GERALDINE DOLD, LESTER GERGSTROM, EDwARD SPOONER, GERALD GRAUNKE. RON 3: MARGARET PARRY, BETTY PETERSON, ANN LANGE, DOUGLAS CRONR, DONNA SCHRAMASKI, JOANN MILLER, FERN DIETRICH, EILEEN KLOQKEMAN, GAYLE PETERSON, MAEEL BERGSTROM, WILBUR MR. SMITH. ROW U: RUSSELL GRAUNKE, ANNABELLE PETERSON, JANE PAGEL, JANICE MILLER, N CAOTEREN, NANCY ANDERSON, DARRELL PETERSON. FREDRICK, E ORN, HELEN VA EUGEN E POSY , DUAN EILEEN ZE ROTH MAR , LYS HEPPNER, ARDETH DOLD P ' ATSY SCHRA MSN , ILA MAE HAASE Z6 BA D The instrumental Music Department is under the direction of Bandmaster Dale D. Smith. The main activity of the band again this year has been the continuation of train- ing of instrumental beginners. New players must continue constantly to keep coming in- to the organization or the organization will never be able to survive the loss of students these past few years. This year the Concert 8: Marching Band has made several public appearances which MAJUH The Marching Band Senior Majorette is Ardeth Dold. The Junior Baton Twirlers in- c1udedMarlys Heppner, Eileen Zeroth, Patsy Schramski, and Idla Mae I-Iaase. The Junior Band has twenty-three mem- included all of the home football games where they displayed marching routines in recog- nition of both schools participating. All half- time maneuvers included spiral formations, bicycle formations, school letter formations, and several novelty numbers. The band played for the Annual Creamery dinner, the Junior Class Play, Pre-tournament concert andat the close of the school year, partici- pated inthe Rice Lake Music Festivalwhere many solo and ensemble groups did very well. IITES bers to date and has been playing quite well the past two years. The Junior Band has lost four members who moved to other cities. The Junior Band Majorette is Jean Miller. 'ull iw "" 'wsu ' s E5h':2'+rGg. ' an Z7 f L ,, Wir, , K , .,m,G.,,w,i mwwiwwmwmil Iriimi fff-ERI '?igSii:egz2fs:g:qs: I . :ef Q2 gg' XL I Aa- In .O,A,wwgL,,f,: - gy: .. , ,K 7 M.i.M in ROW I: BARBARA LEIsz, JEAN HUGHES, KAY GAMACHE, MARDELL FREDRICK, FRANCES GRETHEN, JANE PAGEL, FERN DIETRICH, EVELYN WANZONG, LouIsE GRETHEN, ROSALEE WANZONG, FERN TESSLING. ROW 2: MARGARET PARRY, ANN HERvAs, ILA MAE HAASE, GERTRUDE GRETHEN, MARY ANN KRECKER, MARLENE DIETRICH, DONNA SCHRAMSKI, JOANN MILLER, NANCY ANDERSON, LEONA DIERS, DOROTHY YESRE, ARLENE LEISZ. ROW 3: MR. SMITH, JANIcE MILLER, SHIRLEY NORDIN, ARDETH DOLD, BETTY MOLLS, GEORGE ANN MARSKE, MARGIE JANSEN, LORETTA WEISE, DORTHEA MIKKELSEN, JAN- ICE FousT, GERTRUDE HAMMER, MARLENE NELSON, HAZEL MEwEs, DORIS KOHN, LEATRICE FREDRICK. llllf lllllll Mr. Dale Smith ledthe girls Glee Club through many hours of enjoyment. They participated in the Christmas program, spring contest, and District Music Tournament at Rice Lake, April ZZ. sf "5"Sf'-.55 iz' 4 "SR E-'g p' BONNIE ZEROTH, lIBRAIlY Clllll - E+-m1451431 : ':. - . 'PNJTQM5 sQQ?EgE3 ',' ', ,J ,ihm ,tis M., The Library Club of this school was first or- ganized in 1947 under Miss Janice Johnson. It is the duty and responsibility of each and every Li- brarian to serve the student body and faculty in the best way possible. The librarians also assist in the preparation of all the new books for the grade and high school libraries. Miss Skoe, the head of the organization, assists the librarians with ma- terial and advice as needed. NEW BOOKS ADDED THIS YEAR Reader Digest Books, Magnificent Obsession, Only the Stars are Neutral, Blue Water Man, Scudda-hoo Scudda-hay, Chippeway Captive, The Young Craftsmen. MARCELLA HAMMER, GAYLE PETERSON, EVELYN WANZONG, NICK PoPoE DONNA MILLS THERESA HELLER, Miss SKOE, SEATED. 29 An F H A Club was ROW I BARBARA LEISZ, ILA MAE HAASE, JANICE FOUST, NRDETH DoLn, DONNA ScHRAMsKn, MARLENE DIETRICH DOROTHY LUDKE, JANE PAGEL, GERTRUDE HAMMER, DORTHEA MIKKELSON. ROW 2 FRANCES LINDBERG, MARGIE JANSEN, GENEVIEVE VAN CAUTEREN, SHIRLEY NORDTN, GAYLE PETERSON, MARCELLA HAMMER, JEAN HUGHES, BONNIE ZEROTH, SHIRLEY SCHRAGE, MAR- GARET PARRY MARDELL FREDRICK, BETTY MERLE, ANN HERvAs, MRS. SIRIANNI. SHIRLY NORDIN . DOROTHY LUDKE . . DONNA SCHRAMSKI ARDETH DOLD . . . . BARBARA LExSz . . . . . . organizedthis year for the girls in the Home Eco- nomics classes. There are twenty-two members in our club. Our colors are Red and White and for our flower we have the Red Rose. The red rose is syrnbolic of vi- brant glowing health, a necessary attribute for happiness and efficiency in home and group life. We have the motto which expresses the pur- pose of the organization. This Motto is: "TOWARD NEW HORIZONS." PARLIMENTARIAN . . .TREASURER . . .PRESIDENT VICE PRESIDENT . . .HISTORIAN NX SEATED: TREASURER, JIMMY DANNIGERQ REPORTER, JERRY COLBURN3 PRESI DENT, JACKIE HELLIE. STANDING: VICE PRESIDENT, ARNOLD PEER, SEC RETARY, DUWAYNE PETERSONQ SENTINEL, LOUIS HELLERJ SPONSOR, MR PEDERSON. The Turtle Lake Chapter ofthe Future Farmers was or- ganizedand receivedits Char- ter on March 21,194O, with an enrollment of forty members. This year sixty-four agricul- ture studentsjoinedthe Future Farmers Chapter of Turtle Lake. There are thirty-three Green Hands, thirty-one Chap- ter Farmers, and one State Farmer, Weldon Fredrick. Lloyd Hoffmann and Jackie Hellie are qualifiedto become State Farmers, and hope to receive their degrees in the spring of this year. Some of the activities for this year were: enteraining the F.H.A. at a square dance, or- ganizing a quartet, attending the State Convention, and, in the spring, a Camping trip, which ended the activities for the year. ROW I: LARRY JOHNSON, VIRGIL HAASE, GERALD JOHNSON, BURKE MARSKE, CECIL SPOONER, WILBERT BECKER, RICHARD KING, MAURICE SPOONER, JOHN ERNST, MERLIN STRENKE, GERALD EDER, CHARLES HARD, VERNON HEPPNER. ROW 2: JACK BEECROFT, DEAN MEwEs, CARL MOLLS, EDWARD LUDKE, CHARLES JOHNSON, DARREL PETERSON, VERNON KUNKEL, LAURIN LEISZ, RONALD ZEROTH, GEORGE MORGAN, NORMAN POTVIN, ARNOLD SCHEPS. ROW 3: JOHN MARTIN, LARRY GLAU' BITZ, DONALD BUSSEWITZ, JIMMY DANNIGER, ORTNIN SPLETT, DANIEL BIRD, JACKIE HELLIE, ARTHUR KERN, JOE PEICHEL, NICKIE CORDES, EUGENE POSEY, WILLIAM OLSON, JOHN STEFFEN. ROW U: MR. PEDERSON, ALAN RUFF, MYRON ELFERS, WILLIAM REDDIG, RICHARD PERRIN, IRVIN DOSTER, RONALD FORTMEYER, GLEN WRIGHT, LESTER BERGSTROM, ROBERT FREDRICK, MELVIN STEF- FEN, LOUIS HELLER, NICK POPOE. TOP ROW: DON LAHTI, LONELL WOHLK, JERRY COLEURN, ROGER HEPPNER, LLOYD HOFFMANN, DUWAYNE PETERSON, ARNOLD PEER, LEONARD HERVAS, ORVILLE KOSER, JAMES MARSKE, CONRAD PEARSON. 31 .Ill lllll MASS PlAY ROW l: ARDETH DOLD, PATRICIA BLEcHINGER, LEONA DIERS, LEILA SPLETT, LAVILLA SPLETT, BETTY MOLLS. ROW 2: LEONARD FREITAG, JAMES DANNIGER, ROBERT WANZONG, LOWELL WOHLK, Dom LAHTI RONALD FORTMEYER, ROBERT FREDRICK, ORTWIN SPLETT, MISS SKOE. The Junior Class presented the play, "The Doctor in Spite of Himself," on January 27, 1950. The orginal play was written by Moliere in France, during the .I seventeenth century, for the sole purpose of enter- taining. This was a modern adaptation by Barnard Hewitt. Members of the cast were: Sganarelle, a woodcutter . Martine, his wife . . . . Robert, a neighbor . . . Geronte, a wealthy man . Valere, servant to Geronte . Lucas, servant to Geronte. . Jacqueline, Lucas' wife. . . Lucinde, Geronte's daughter . . Leandre, in love with Lucinde . Thibaut, an old man .... Perrin, his son. . . 1 u Q a o - I n I - . 1 1 - . . Lowell Wohlk . . Ardeth Dold . . .Timmy Danniger . Robert Fredrick . . . Ortwin Splett . Ronald Fortrneyer Patricia B le chinge r . . . Leona Diers . . . Don Lahti . . Robert Wanzong . . Leonard Freitag Maids .... . Betty Molls, Leila Splett, LaVilla Splett .32 S, ii E 1 Q. , xf J . 1 fr 'Q' ww fy . G' ' -Q A s 'N 9-,Jax gag.-'ygf SMAll HIW IHIMHI lllllllllllllillll lllIlllllllIlllIllll Presentedby ,xy 1 Senior Class of '49 ' CAST Joe Stanford - A breezy young playwright . . . .Elmer Splett Mr. Lloyd - The mysterious guest . . . . . Russell Baker Betty Braxton - Young owner of the hotel . . . Mary Ann Jansen Sly Perkins - Village Constable ...... . . Jerry Colburn Bud Williams - Village Mechanic ....... . Jimmie Davison Sarah Higgins - The spinster, maid of all work . . . Maxine Glinski Morton Kindall - The village miser ........ Weldon Kingsbury Miss Gates - Another mysterious guest . . . . .June Humphrey Jane Hastings - The village banker's daughter. . . Joretta Splatt The Senior Class of 49 presenteda delightful and humorous play the "SmallTown Romeo" on the 5th of May at the Community Hall. Joe Stanford, a young writer of plays, went to Rushville in search of a plot for his new play. He stayed at a hotel run by Betty Braxton and found all the things he needed for his plot - a mortgage, a mystery, a ghost, a jewel theif, and a trailing detective. In his willingness to help Betty he found the play writing itself. The humor is furnished by Betty Braxton, Sly Perkins, and Bud Williams. Joe found a solution to the mystery by uncovering the villainy of the town-miser and the other two guests. 34 W 4 I 457 xv Y 4iig?i ll! f' s55,alr,y.b Gail lm .. if B'--f U 2-'f'-SP SPURTS HIIHBMI ROW I: LEONARD HERvAs, U5, BACK: Louis HELLER, 1+2, END, LOWELL WOHLK, 314, TACKLEQ ARNOLD PEER, 36, BACK5 DUWAYNE PETERsoN, 7-ill, END2 DUANE ORN, 143, BACKQ FRED GRABER, 35, TACKLEQ ROGER HEPPNER, 31, TACKLEQ WARREN KlNG, UO, END. ROW 2: LEROY KINGSBURYZ DONALD MAGNUSONQ ENOCH CORDES, 31, ENDS JOHN STEFFEN, U2, BACKQ DON LAHTI, 38, CENTERQ JERRY COLBURN, Nl, BACK, ROBERT FREDRICRS, U6, TACKLEQ MELVIN STEFFEN, 33, ENDQ RODNEY BOROWSKI, 32, TACKLEQ ROBERT WANZONGQ JIMMY DANNIGER - MANAGER, COACH - DEAN W. CRowELL. ROW 3: CARL MOLLs, 3, BACK: NORMAN POTVIN, 749, TACKELQ LARRY GLAUBITZ, 58,TAClfLEg CHARLES HARD, U8, BACK? DARRELL PETERSON, 50, TACKLEQ JOSEPH PIECHEL, ll-2,TACKLEj RICHARD PERRIN 7-Ill, CENTER, EUGENE POSEY, UO, BACKQ FRANCES PEICHEL, 59, TACKLEQ BILLY OLSON, U5, END. The "49" Turtle Lake football team got off to a ve ry good start by beating New Auburn Z5-O for the first game. The next game was played with Clear Lake which was our first loss game. In this game we were very unfor- tunate to lose our center Tom Johnson, be- cause of a broken leg. For our third game the Cameron Comets came to Turtle Lake. It was our first happy 15-13 win game brought us "win" list when home game. It was a very for the "Turtles." Our next another score to put on the we defeated Bruce. ln this ffqn game we lost another player, DuWayne Peterson. After winning these, luck began to change. We went to Chetek and lost our second game of the season, 21-6. Then came the game that everybody was waiting for, our "Homecoming," which we lost 13-7. This seemedto be our toughest game. For our last game Clayton came to play on our field and we defeated them 13-6. This was the last game for six lettermen and we will have nine lettermen back for next year. 411' ,Q lp We I r s 11 gli' 4 s wg ff 1 , .15 ', 4 :7 A, 5 .. , ff f 3 6 A -pg . 5 gg. ..-f eras- - 'fm as 'rv .647 .4711 -:' ,,g-5: 43f:131'."3af ""v' Ji? - V 1 4' fs-, ,--,- 'T' .- A-"ZA" T., ' 1 1"1,'h, -:ig ,. Q' ,Al ' 4,1-.. - ,yv ,f A .3 I-14,5 LJ gwgwh Q- f-,.. , ,. . 1 I 4 ff! if 5:-1-9"'.1-3 7 ' f ' 'Elf ' , -4 4 '. '--- f a- ' r .,' 1-,.T'g..5 ,, x .f af. 3 3 li, 31:1 .ij X ,. .' , K I .R Cie-f ff-' R' 1 ' ,,,2, 5r,. X,g4.,lTAx 339 f 5 , .1' ,, ,' . Ffa' r M : ,- ,f',,f.- I., 5 I -7, 3' 4 - v -.,' ,I V -4:- V H' jf T-,' gf. . yfh. by - .A ,pf ,U Q 'A' ' -..-fu Mawr" Q Y' A , , , -,. 'jiri-F41 7 A ' -' aff. V N 1.-gg: , V 'H-111 '- '-'N ah A AR U s L L . L , Q , ri,-1--. f, J 3 J, .1 R 3-5. gg. 2 5 I 5 ,qg-Si t . ,fa J' M ,1 J W QL i?v' 4 - ri ' BASKHIlAll FIRST ROW: WARREN KING, GUARDS DUANE ORN, FORWARDQ ARNOLD PEER, FORWARDQ JACKIE HELLQE l GUARD. SECOND ROW: CoAcH CROWELL, Louis HELLER, FORWARD: JERRY COLBURN, CENTERS RAY- MOND MULLER, CENTERQ DUWAYNE PETERSON, CENTERg LEONARD HERvAs, GUARDQ NICKIE CORDES, FORWARD: MANAGER - RODNEY BoROwsKl. First call for basketball material brought out about thirty men. In the first game of the season the Turtles lost to Chetek by a score of 57 to 16. Frequent fouling enabling the Chetek boys to outscore us. Against the Clear Lake Warriors, Turtle Lake lost by a score of 36 to 12. The next game we played was Clayton and we again came out on the short end at the score. We were defeated by a score of 44 to 24. We then met the Shell Lake Lakers and with a close fought game we again fell down by a score of 34 to 40. Other games played before the end of the year were with Clear Lake, Chetek, Clayton, Shell Lake, Prairie Farm, and Wayerhauser. A. I" 1752. I ,ft 07 .wQyi5,gJ:r A , 5, .Q 37 3' ,. i f. Waite Y Arnol n Kang ,Q A Peer Duane Orn Raymond Muller Leonard Hervas BASHIAH ROW l: JACK HELLIE, BLIX PETERSON, ARNIE PEER, LOUIE HELLER, JERRY COLBURN, LEONARD HER- vAs, ROGER HEPPNER, DUANE ORN, LLOYD HQFFMANN, WARREN KING. ROW 2: MR. KINGSBURY, EDDIE LUDKE, JOE PIEGHEI., MELVIN STEFFEN, LOWELL WOHLK, DON LAHTI, Bos WANZONG, BOB FREDRICKS, GEORGE MORGAN, NICKIE CORDES, CARL MOLLS, COACH - CROWELL, MANAGER - JIM DANNIGER. Turtle Lake looks forward to agood baseball sea- son. We have seven lettermen returning from last year's team. They are as follows: Leonard Hervas, Arnold Peer, DuWayne Peterson, Duane Orn, Nick Cordes, Roger Heppner, Jack Hellie. ,fx If ' Xl' . U55-if .iii . X Gag, A G ' ,-4' A -1-W : . " -'- ,mu ' 39 IIHHIHIAIIIRS JANICE MILLER, BETTY MERLE, JACKIE HELLIE, AND DONNA SCHRAMSKI . The Cheerleaders did a good job all year long creating a fine spirit among the student body and cheering the boys. Since Jack!-lellie participatedin Basketball and Baseball he was unable to help lead the cheering during the Basketball and Baseball seasons. Queen Candidate Float Red and White Float Winning Float l 4 0 HIIMHIIIMI li Turtle Lake started the Homecoming for 1949 on the afternoon of Friday, October 28. The parade started at two o'clock fromthe school house with the band leading it. The prize winning floats were: Lake Theater, first, Sophomore class, second, Fourth and Fifth Grade, third. ln the evening we played Shell Lake. During the hald, the band entertained with some fine rrmaneuvers. At the end of the game the score was Shell Lake-135 Turtle Lake-7. Shortly after the game the usual Homecoming dance was held with Don Lamourex's orchestra furnishing the music. Five lovely girls had been choosen from the Senior class as queen candidates. They were Geraldine Dold, Loretta Eder, Gertrude Grethen, Lavera Kohn, and Arlene Leisz. No one knew who was the queen until eleven o'clock when the secret was revealed. Surely no one was disappointed to find it Gertrude Grethen. She was crowned by DuWayne Peterson. Then she and her escort, Bill Barnes, led the grand march. A large number of the student body, the teachers, and a considerable number of alumni were present to help make a very Successful hcnmecoming. QUEEN GERTIE GRETHEN KING BILL BARNES ARLENE Lsnsz, GERALDINE DOLD, GERT1E GRETHEN, LORETTA EDER, AND LAVERA KOHN. JERRY COLBURN, ARNOLD PEER, BILL BARNES, JERRY ERICKSON, AND DONALD SCHRAMSKI. Yu? 9 1 YQ CY' Q QP Ji? QE, X561 A ge? I 'J M4 Q 1 Af f I ark X-1 ,it H is 11 Eileen Osterrnan Duane O1-n Roger and Vernon Heppner Eunice and Donna Schramski Nancy Anderson Marlene Wenzel Ann Hervas Peaney and Betty Ed Ludke Nick Cordes JoAnn and Janice Miller Nm. ,www Wk e,,:,-:sm-2-:fem--':.:fz:' b " . 4 .:r"5"3 :ft- , F ug Waiting for the bus Sophomore float Mabel Bergstrom Duke's Mixture Lloyd and Vernon Hoffman Queen's float Arnie Ott Gerry Dold Arnie Peer Miss Skoe Miss Nihart Mr. Gates Mya and Betts Mr. Kingsbury and Ann . "No Bull" says Mr. Pederson 44 .vm ,Q .--.., 1. XR, fkkiglf , ax.- 'ii il all V . fl L f. If A-.' . Q ' if S ., A . ie ' ' 19. Ardith and Billy Donna Steffen Ray Muller Sylvia and Betty Merle Gerry and Donna Janice and June Leila and LaVil1a Splett Janice, JoAnn, and Swede Arno Ott Arlene, Tud, Arlene, and Donna and Ardith LaVil1a Laura, Archie, and Beef 45 Duane QKWGE UP X i 45 1 .7 W dy ff H V is O A Ar on M G J A, AIIVHHISINIS 0 QSLQ LAKE COX CREAMERY ASS'N Your Co-Operative Creamery Guarantees You Highest Prices For Your Grade A 8: B Milk High Quality Milk High Quality Milkwill command higher prices in the future than in the past, due to increasing high stand- ards by various Local and Federal Boards of Health. Turtle Lake, Wisconsin BANK OF TURTLE LAKE Saving s Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Deposit QUADE'S DRUG STORE Drugs Sundries Greeting Cards We Are As Close As Your Telephone Call Us Often Courteous Service Always Sick Room Supplies Pre scriptions Sjfragseris mxeurolef Garage 3.1269 G31-fiom Sefjce' ming ' Lfelcfing -4 Qufo Repairing Plwne X501 fnfrfle LEAKG NURIHUESTEHN SWK UHNK RIMENH NEMBER9 nr FEDERHL DEPUBIT INSURHNEE CURPURHTIDN ffurfle Ford Sa les Cars Xfhdfs 5 , Serucce Phone 3501 ffurfle LaKc DINING ROLLER 'WD Snmrws DHNCING PHONE Qifq QLMENH TURTLE LHKE TIIHES The C ommunity Newspaper Publishes more news of this community than ANY other newspaper in the world. Maintains astaff of 16 news correspondents in nearly all parts of the area. THE TIMES Want Ad Section is the community mar- ket place for exchange of small articles, etc. "Read It In The Times' xX Dick Jol'ms0n'.S Shoe epair- Br-ing 'H1em ing!-Q, Take Hwem ou.+p like new -Emile Lake, Wisconsin We Wish +0 -thank 'Hue Acivervtiser-S For Helping Make, THESBOGK possibfa 7' 4 fnkQWuwrQ glad SZ Ellie? COTTIPZCQC ""' FOOJ " Marxcif Bly HU Your Needs Under One Roof Phone - q QKJVNS Lake -I Uisconsm H.Ll HLLX mwmirun Y INMHHY Panos L. nav Bonus 1uRnf Lnmz Lnscnwsne Communlg Baxery Breed X Pasfries -"-f4"--"-:- Evunfaih Service -ff- Phone 4701-1+ TUVQS..-Lake U2??6,ffn i 4 'HFWSUN3 CLUUER mam FRESH L UURED '1EHT 5 QUALITY GFIUCERIE5 EHUIN HHNSUN, PROP rumua mxf uuscuusm Puma wr Gomaew Besf Uishes mass df,5U H. Hedfer, Prop. Phone Xb Turfle laxe Uisnnnsin BEN HDRKUN STURE I HCDMPLETE LINE GENERHL MEREHHNDVJE TURTLE LHKE UISCUNSIN BEN BURKON, PROP. NOP+k6Pn CO. S-LOVES Feeds, Seeds, Flour, Rope. and Twine, Elech-ic. Fences, 3Pou.H'r-y Remedies and Supplies Banner' CHICKS Almeria Wisconsin Cornwall gl S+cLry Hardware Hardware-We have H' Elecfrical Supplies- plumbing Phdhe -I-U.Y'+IB Lake Congv-a:l'i.do.+ions +o-H-me Class oF 15.0 Benois Ni+e Specializing n'n'H1e. Befff' F0055 and Liquor-.S On Highway gan 63 Tu.r'He Lake Wiscons n LARSON'S GENERAL STORE Groceries Meats Produce Dry Goods Phone 19-1 Almena Wisconsin JACK SPRAT FOOD STORE Fancy Groceries and Meats I. F. Pimple, Proprietor Phone 8-20 Almena, Wisconsin TURTLE LAKE MEDICAL CARE A. C. Halburg, M. D. Phone 8002 Turtle Lake Wisconsin TED 'S BAR Ted Carter, Proprietor Turtle Lake, Wisconsin NEW COMMERCIAL HOTEL - CAFE A. J. Perrault, Proprietor Turtle Lake, Wisconsin WANNER HARDWARE C. .T. Wanner, Proprietor General Hardware, Heating and Plumbing Monarch Ranges-Majestic -Star-Quick Meal Range Philco Radios - Electric Lighting, Etc. Maytag Washers Tin Shop in Connection Ahnena Wisconsin T. D. BERNIER INSURANCE AGENCY Will Insure Anything Insurable Life - Fire - Health - Automobile A Premium Will Not 'Break' You - A Loss May! Turtle Lake, Wisconsin Turtle Lake TELEPHONE COM PAN Y Bud Prosser OLIVER SALES AND SERVICE A T URT LE LAKE IM PLEMENT Ed and Bruno Leisz - Proprietors Compliments of MELBY AND BLAZEK Milk Hauling Turtle Lake Wisconsin Congratulations to the Seniors OLCOTT LUMBER COMPANY Turtle Lake Wisconsin Congratulations to the Class of 1950 WALLY'S BAR AND CAFE Almena, Wisconsin - For the Best Seating, Comfort, and Motion Picture Entertainment THE NEW LAKE THEATER Mr. and Mrs. Bruce J. Waters Turtle Lake Wisconsin M I K E M E R LE Livestock Hauling to South St. Paul for Almena - Poskin Shipping Ass'n. You Call - I Haul Best Wishes to the Class of '50 Phone 43-3 Wisconsin DAIRYMEN'S INN for Refreshments, Lunches, or Bus Tickets Highway 8 Turtle Lake Wisconsin C LYDE SPOONER BILL STEFFEN Gas g, Oil Milk 8: Feed Hauling Lubrication 8: Accessories Phone 7410 Route 8 Almena Turtle Lake Wisconsin DIC K BUNKER 'S Mobile Gas, Oil Washing, Lubrication, Accessories HARRY'S SERVICE Harry Skrupky Be Sure With PURE Pure Oil Products Minnows Route 8 and 63 Route 8 and 63 Turtle Lake Wisconsin Turtle Lake Wisconsin ERWIN LAWRENCE Highest Quality Milk Phone 82 Turtle Lake WiSC01'1SiI1 RONALD J. BEECROFT General Hauling Phone 10-6 Almena Wisconsin AUGUST OSTERMANN 81 SONS Gravel Sand 81 Custom Hauling Phone 4-Z5 Alrnena Wisconsin C. F. BEECROFT Kodak Films, Stationery School Supplies, Toilet Articles Courteous Service Always Phone 8-1 Almena TURTLE LAKE BARBER SHOP "Bob, the Barber' Expert Shaves X: Hair Cuts UP-TOWN SERVICE CO-OP Gas 8: Oil Phone 12-5 Alrnena, Best Wishes to the Class of HAROLD GRABER Milk Hauling Turtle Lake , Wisconsin HERB JOHNSON Radio and Television Sales and Service Turtle Lake , Wisconsin ALMENA GARAGE F rank Gaspe r Washing , Lubrication, Acce ssorie s Pure Oil Products Be Sure With PURE Almena, Wisconsin Compliments of ARNIE'S BAR WM. KOSER General Repair Work Phone 8-Z8 Almena, Wisconsin FIRST in Quality FIRST in Service Complete Line Of MOBILE PRODUCTS Ries Mobile Service Phone Z4-1 Almena, Wisconsin BARRON CLINIC Barron, Wisconsin Dr. G. A. Fostvedt, M. D. Dr. Lucille Radke, M. D. Office Hours: 9-12 a.m. and 1-4 p.m. And by Appointment ALMENA BODY SHOP SCHMIDT and SCI-IILKE Body and Fender Repairing Glass and Painting MYERASQ QYEARBOOKS MYERS AND C0 INC TOPEKA KANSAS 'iskvkgfaiknfirliil-!E':-ilvitx-T .A .Miki1fiisi..A".EiP'LiQ5m5ci52iKif-HFQTMEHE' A ' li-30 5318161-,EEi.1wkf-3nkmJiiiK5c55i": Y... . ,,,,..,-alkl.. .. Q VY, ,.,, .pk ' L+x':x,' h,-,- ' r 1, . ' 'gig' , -. - rm' FW., T-Sv' V --1 :.:fL22,,f5i' - .1 . 5 gy ,R g. 1 ,A ' -v , If-4s:zf--nf-fs-W fr.. Jflii-L,,,' NJ: ,My -b . Q H - -. ,:':' '

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