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E ,gf V1 . ,,-. 1 x . . ' 1' 1 - 1 . I 1 M-1 11. Nj-wg' .A Z ' 1 - - 1 .. :- .1 . . 1 -si-214.11 1 '11 1 .4 1 1 V 11" 11. ,1 .1 flag. A., . 1. A .- 1 1 14 . ' .151 , I 1 .yu iv 5.-1 .1,., iff, 35, .Q il. pb: , 'F .. L . .gf-4' ix -4 ' . . ii , ' ' VA1. ' 1' -, .,, . ,. ' .113 52" JQBELL .1 , 1, . 1 2 1. 1' 1 'L " 1 ' s . , X . J U fr' . .V 1 1 'P . ' " QI - 1 ' 1 ' :fs 1-1 3 ' Lgff?5f'h4E?1 'i ., L! mgzfl' .511 . 1.u . 1, A 1 V r ' 4' '.'f'L" ' ' ' .1 f- . 131, 111 , - M Q - 111 uf V1 H, ' 1. -1 - ' fi 'NJ fu. W 'ff' ' '- ' 1'J . , , Q A' -1,-.1,,, .1- -I. , 1 - 31. - '- -Q1 . . 1 ,5 .Q In .--,. -1 ,1 Hs. 1. - . 4 1 9 A .l,'...- VL 2 .r- . ' 1 e-1 .' ,1 +1 Q.. . ,-, ,'1V".' .wg : ",. . .1 ' 1 '17 5' " ,. i'71':'f.-,- ' . k 1 . .1 ,gui -LA! 11 Y l -N , 'f1T,'Jl.1'Q:':1 51, - , 11- , 1' . j ig., ls' 'l 'J , r - 1' ' 'f - n . - X 4 1 1- ' KH. . 1 mf: f,. ' A H1 "J -.zip ' J. I-. .1-5' 1- .V -1-I ,X V , j "fi 1 .- uf. 1 ' 5 21 , --1 1 4 , 1-fm.. . ,.A '1'-. 1 - 1. . .g. -fx: 1 .1,, T 'fl A . 1 ll' 1 .. 3 ' V ' Y, v 1. . 1?f- ' ' ' ' N3 ' ,J aww ' ' ' - 1 ' . 1 A - . 1 1 1'.. ' gif". 'L 3-,g5!3.". 'i' ' -. ' J'- '--. V ' 1' 4 .'-'e'-2 . .' 1 1. 51- fr K L 2511- 1. .I .1 iff., - ' 1 ' ' .' , Q , '- ' kf .fvi'3'1'fx 1 V - '4.,g.1gf' - 'a . . ' 4171 :--- 1 Sv ' 1 V 'ffl Q .. I 1 Q1 I J L., . 4 9 1 1 1 U -.10 , .1 , .. - Q X ,H-A1-W 1- 211-Q V. H h V . ,f , ,I 1 ' x 1 4 'I .'a11Q 1 : . 1' A ' 'E-I ' V Y", . u,- . F. I J I uv' 1 Q lv I wx' ' , 1.1 1 - - ,.3, ' 5' g" ' - ' ' . ' Q ' '1J1v11f".,f- 1 L ' 1 . , -11 ' . P281 1 1 '. , 1 '5 , .1 f 4 .Q'He11P 13.5 Q - 1 13. X 11 1-.1-'Q :,.i,,e1g 2 tg I ' -A 1 . , ' , Q' ',x .- fi , .111 fa' I 'I' ' . . - . . ' 1 1 1 1:11 -1 5 J ' ,m Q ' 1 . A K - 1 .4,. . 4 , . ,l 3,11 ,Q-113174 , ', . , 1 . - 1 VAGI1 7-143' 'X-'T-s 2, -- . . Q H 11 ' '. 'Q ', 1 ' A ' 4 ' ' ' - -1 3, ' 1, -A V I . ,,1,: V Q I,-, ie 11 5 1 1 0. ' - 1' - 1.1 ' . ' . -. '1 1 E I . K if E x. .41 . 1 1 E 1 TI ' qs. x 1 .1 1 , .H V . , .. E . I X QM .111 11 '11 15 -A ' .1 L, 1' -3 ,,- A . . !5IfET'21iSi:-it ' . 1 1 rg X E -1lg"skQ,131Qnk111 . ' ' ' 1 . A 1 a1s.ff1??i .sf 1 ' .- - . ng' 5. 4 ' ' 1- .' ' 'L' , . ' .'.-fx-7.?i'.. 1152-gg: 15 - - ' 1 ,,, -21 rwf.,'F' 1' ,- sq ,' 73, .-Q1 . ., .. -11 Aj Ay 1 1.1-1 2- , 11,k131.q1.1, --51--..pl--,.11..111. g . 1 A 1, -- q -1 .- . . ,"f.-11vf'f,3 1, .11 me ' 1 1 .6 -- " 1 1 1' "F fr- ':" .-'1-w1,, 1,351 '- .1 1.-1 I -1'-111:,,1. 11 -. 1: .- 1 - -1, ' " 1111 . K ,.:-gr .. .s.1,,:v1 9 1I,:1,'.,L,A -5' 11gi55.,:V1.5 5- 21:51:95 12,155 15' 515 1185 if fi? 11.6-if if .5 Uxigvf fi ,Z,111"fT?E1 +1 I-2-.r .15 1 1 w. E W.. . ,A. mu' '-AK. :- 1 ..1. ...,. ,.f A 1 11- , r 1, ' 1 5. .115-, 1 1 1 ' 1 Z 1 ' 7 -f J" 4. LF14. . ., 1. '1f:!':T-'Lf , ,?g-i5'f1f - .i1 Lg-1 '41,-, ' -IEQQ --952 r 14... .- ' 4.1 ,. .-.'l!..'1,-L,Q'?1,:1.4-iwmf.-1 ,. 1..1 -1.1.-,.1n,1 N .1 4 ' I . ff' -5- 'r'111' 1 1 1' ' . 'w 1 5 ' 1: .. . , 1 1 P fp. N -1 w ,.t 1 4 " 1' ' , ' '.E1F? ".1-.1:.c' L y'ff'f., 'G. x m -Q 5 -- 1 in .4 - . H 1' fx 5 ' 1,1 ' ', .1 ' 15 i1'X'S-3- 1111. .M . lm 11 , - , 1 Q. 4.111 1- 1 ' if r .3 1 e v , 11... 4 1 :1 V - 17... 161,--Iv. 1 . .. . ,t v - tag" I +1 .r LL' . ,i 1.5335 43 :.1 51.1 1 1.1' -'11"..: 15.9 iff 0 ' Eu' lt dllHl'1N'll.l Slim! 1, Mm-mr' TYILRQIEIV! ' ' THE TURTLE Nineteen Hundred and Forty-Nine ANNUAL STAFF Editor ........... Assistant Editor . . . Senior Reporter . . . Junior Reporter .... Sophomore Reporter Freshman Reporter . . . Pictures Comments 8: Sayings . . . . . . Spoz-ts............... Typists . . Mary Ann Jansen Mary Ann Krecker , . Harriet Levings . . . . . Ruth Wright . Donna Schramski . . . . . Janice Miller . . .Carol Gaffney .Tune Humphrey Sylvia Merle . . . . . . Ardis Olson Rodney Anderson Clarence Colburn . Thel.ma Lee Joretta Splett Rosemarie Schoenecker Advertising . . . . . . . . . Business Manager . . Adviser Published by the Students of TURTLE LAKE HIGH SCHOOL 1 Elaine Lahti Gloria Fredrick Margie Hart Bernice Becker . Joseph Kuxnhera .. Miss Huey 1 . Uur dflma Mater falrol 5054 Z AS WE TI-HNKETH This intense respectful statement has come down through the ages, "As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he." This saying is still as true to- day as when it was stated, for training ourselves to think right is a phase which is very important to our educational process. lf we want to be an upright person and live and act uprightly, we must then, think upright, clean, and wholesome thoughts. To be happy, pleasant, and successful, we must think happy, pleasant, and successful thoughts. Your thinking along these lines will have a fixed influence on your character. , Character is what we are: reputation is what people think we are. As Abe Lincoln so appropriately said, "You can fool some of the people all of the time and all the people some of the time, but you can't fool all the people all the time." Strong character is having the courage to fight for what we believe to be right, even if we must stand a-lone to do it. Think clean thoughts. Our surroundings and associates influence us, therefore, we should avoid associates whose minds are filled with unclean thoughts, and whose speech is punctuated with filthy language Think courageous thoughts, if you want to be brave and courageous. Believe in yourself and the principles and ideals that you have set for your living standards. Think successful thoughts. A per son who continually thinks of failure is more likely to miss his opportunities for success. Think happy thoughts. Don't let sad, discouraging, or depressing thoughts weigh you down. Learn to make the best of disturbing situations and look for the cheerful things around you. Build your life with courageous, cheerful, and successful thoughts to as sure your success and happiness. 3 FX EDI ATION ' 1 MISS BERT!-IA HUEY DEDICATION Respectfully, and with gratitude, we dedicate our 1949 Annual to you, Min Huey. This little book is our thanks, and appreciation for yum- friendihip and help during then past tour years. 5 -qw 'Q e U! g. M V' sig 'Y -I , , E . ., N'-if Lkfg-5'ff4f19".i '. ' 5 ' 5 V 1 'N H ., I, 1' .A-4 "' ,xl .--5, 193, 03' , n h- , A A 11f,',.H Z" " "' :HU-.'.-'-',..Qmf'f TA" -1 V ' 6 ' ,, , QM -If te: MNH., L -v.1'.A..' 1 ' - ,.a.- .,.-. fi- ,wr h 21.5,-je 35 V-L2 351 .4. F' HF y 2, 'F E , y it ,M-H vi + Ei fi '42 V, - a . 4 -eff 'J A FX FACULTY r Q' L W. L. GATES, PRIIUIPAL B. .S. Degree - Ls Grosse State Teachers' College CHARLES BERTPIIAUME IR. Mejer- - - aclence' Miner- - - Languages llsu Clnlre State Teachers' College EDWARD GRESCHNER B. B. Degree Agriculture River Fells State Teachers' College BERTHA MAY HUEY Mejor- - - English Minor- - - History Eau Claire State Teachers' College Commercial College Diploma -1 ,- ,- -1,-V. 9 :S , ,L,,. LARO! KINGSBURY Phylldsl Education Secisl Science ' Western Ksmncky Teachers' Qgllege OLAF C. PEDERSON llsjet- - - Agriculture Blau- - - lk-lucetlon River' Fells Sesto '1'eeclxii5i"'College- ELLEN SKOE Mejor- - - English Mejor- - - His-tory Eeu Clelre State Teechers' College DOLORES STARY Mejor- - - Home Economic The Stout Institute D118 ILOTTUII Prhuy lhn Falls Sak Tllthln' Colligo A182 B ISU!!! Cub I In Chin lie 'ranchers' Collhp 3114333 Qtblzmds PdkCc.mty lfklnll HELEN WHITKORE Grulu 3 usd 4 En Ghho State Tcneherl' College EUNICE PITZRICK Qdu 4 and 5 Into: Getty Normal VQCSIDXII Qilif hadnt!!! 'nannvconpp GRACE IO!-DION Quin 7 i 8 Squier Udo 'rnehon' Collage DALE D. SMITH Mqjlt- - - Huis Education mmap - - English Mae Phill Collage fT RODNEY ANDERSON IlRodll Football 1, Z, 3, 4 Basketball 1, Z, 3, 4 Baseball 1. 2, 3, 4 Band 1. 2, 3. 4 Qlll-rtet 2 Vlce-President F.F.A. If you have brains, why empty them ? " RUSSELL! BAKER "Russ" Football Class Secretary Class President "Night ends the day- so they say." BERNICE BECKER Glee Club l, Z, Mixed Chorus Library Club Z, Annual Staff News:-eel Staff F.H.A. "Little giggles into blg laughs grow." CLARENCE COLBURN ' 'Corby' ' Entered from St. Paul 3 Class President 3 Prom King 3 Football 3, 4 Basketball 3, 4 Baseball 3, 4 T Club 3 F.F.A. 3. 4 Class Treasurer 4 Newsreel Staff 4 Annual Staff 4 "lf athletics were music, he'd be a whole brass band." ,fir 10 MARVIN DIETRICH Band 1 Basketball l, Z Baseball l, Z, 3 Football Z, 3, 4 F.F.A. l "The best way to lengthen one's day ls to steal a few hours from the night." GLORIA FREDRICK Glee Club lo 2 Band In zl 30 4 FJLA. Vice-President 4 Annual Staff 3, 4 "When love and duty clash, let duty go to smash." WELDEN FREDRICK llnuckll Football 1. Z. 3- 4 Basketball 1, Z, 3, 4 Baseball 1. 2. 3. 4 T Club Zn 3 F.F.A. 1. 2- 3- 4 Class Treasurer 3 Class Vice-President 4 " If you want to be rich. then be rich. it's easier than getting rich." CAROL GAFFNEY Band l, 2, 3, 4 Glas Club l, Z Class Play 3 Newsreel Staff l. 2, 3, 4 Annual Staff 4 Soloist 3, 4 'l' Club Z, 3, 4 Library Club l, Z "lt laughter is lnfectlous, let this disease swamp us all. MAXINE GLINSKI sumickeyn Glee Club 1, Z, 3 Band 1, Z Annual Staff 3 News:-eel Staff 3 Forensics 3, 4 Library Club 3, 4 "Her brow ls wet with honest sweat--she just had her excuse signed." RICHARD HAMMER Football l, Z, 3, 4 Basketball l, 2 F .F .A. 1. Z, 3, 4 Baseball l, 2 Quartet 2 "Why let school inter- fere with your education." MARIORIE HART llmugieii Library Club 1, Z Glee Club 1. 2, 3 Band 11 zu 39 4 Annual Staff 4 Newsreel Staff 4 Homecoming Queen 4 "She's our darling scat- terbrain." I UNE HUMPHREY Majorette l, Z, 3. 4 Glee Club if 2 Library Club 1. 2 Clase Vlce-President 2 Class Play 3 Forensics 3 Annual Staff 3: 4 Newsreel Staff 3. 4 "'l'here's two people ' full of devlltry and she ls 'both of them." MARY ANN IANSEN Class Treasurer l Class Secretary 2 Glee Club 1 FJ-LA. President 4 Annual Editor 4 Glass Play 3 "She came, she saw, and she's still look- ing them over." WELDON KINGSBURY uumnguyen Newsreel Staff l. 2. 3. 4 F.F.A. Reporter 2, 3 FIA. President 4 Annual Staff 4 "lf a line were crook- ed, he'd argue lt straight." PHILIP KLINGELHOETS FJ'-A. 1, 2. 3, 4 "School breaks up my day ao." JOSEPH KUMHERA Entered from Barron 3 Annual Sta!! 4 "He knows all he tells, but be cloesn't tell all he knows." v 1 ll ELAINE LAHTI Class Secretary Glee Club Z. Mixed Chorus Annual Staff 3, Newsreel Staff Homecoming Queen Candidate F.H.A. "Why worry about to- morrow--it never comes." THELMA LEE Entered from Forreston, Ill. Newsreel Staff Annual Staff Homecoming Queen Candidate Class Secretary "The best things come in small packages." HARRIETT LEVINGS usplttyn Glee Club Annual Staff Library Club Forensics "To her--a glrll' best friend ls her horse." S YLVIA MERLE USVI-- Glee Club 1, 2. Cheerleader 3, Class Play Newsreel Staff Annual Staff Homecoming Queen Candidate Library Club 1, "Fun is the spice of life and I like plenty of seasoning." ROBERTA MEYER Entered from Central 2 Annual Staff 3 Newsreel Staff 3 4-H 3. 4 4-H Treasurer 2 Library Club 3 Kitchen Z Office Secretary 4 "Silence ls seldom." ARDIS OLSON F .H.A. Officer 4 Glee Club l, Z, 3 Forensics l, 3 Band l, Z, 3, 4 Class Treasurer Z Newsreel Staff 3, 4 Annual Staff 4 'l' Club 2, 3 Flute Duet Z Library Club Z Mlxed Chorus 2 "Doing the unexpected at the unexpected." GERALD RAFFESBERGER F.F.A. 1. Z. 3. 4 Football 3 Baseball 3 "Teachers may change their opinion. but I'll keep mine." LILLIAN RUFF "Lu" Entered from Barron 3 Homecoming Queen Candidate 4 "ln school she's quiet and demure, but out of school we're not so sure." NORMA RUFF tl ' A ELMER SPLETT 3 'V Entered from Barron Newsreel Staff F I-LA. "She ls likeable and lookable." ROSEMARIE SCHOENECKER "Rosle" Annual Staff Newsreel Staff F H.A. Treasurer "What can you expect of a day that starts out by getting up in the morning." DONALD SCHRAMSKI "Don" F F.A. . . Basketball Vice-President F ootball "The sun gives light by day--I give it by night." IORETTA SPLATT "Jets" Entered from Barron Glee Club Newsreel Staff Annual Staff "The high school days have their delights . but may cgn't compare with high school nlghts.' Entered from St. Paul Z ' Basketball 2, 3, 4 gif, F.r.A. 3. 4 Class Play 3 "There's a llttle bit of bad in every good little boy." ROBERT STROHSCHEIN F.F.A. 1, Z, 4 Basketball 1 "The world knows nothing of its greatest men," GLAD YS WAGNER Glee Club l, Z, 3, 4 Kitchen 1. Z, 3. 4 FJ-LA. 4 4-H 1. 3. 4 4-H Secretary 4 Library Club 4 "She can put two and two together and get six." DOROTI-IEA WANZONG Glee Club 1, Z Kitchen Z, 3. 4 "Quiet ln appearance with motives unknown." CAROLE WILTON Majorette 1, Z Major 3, 4 Class Play 3 Newsreel 3 F.H.A. 4 "There's two sides to every question--my lidlfllld the wrong aide." MOTTO: Love, Labor, and Laugh COLORS: Blue and Silver FLOWER: The Rose aural of education LOUIS KING, Director FRED QUADE, Clerk MRS. W. L. METSKER, Treasurer B 14 SENIOR C LASS HISTORY In the fall of 1945, the 1949 class was assembled for the first time. We were all a little apprehensive as to what to expect from upper classmen and faculty. Several of us dropped by the wayside, while the rest continued on toward their goal. At the end of our freshman year, we all felt as though we were veteran high school students, who had found our place in old Turtle Lake High. As our Sophomore year convened, we made fine progress. On our shoulders felllthe responsibility to initiating the freshmen. Audrey Brunber g left our group by moving away: but Roberta Meyer came to take over her seat. Maxine Glinske joined us this year also. Now we were juniors. Thoughts of the prom and class play kept us pretty busy. Our class play was a grand success and our prom turned out to be a good undertaking and we managed to come out on top. Clarence Colburn joined our class, and the March wind blew Thelma Lee into our midst. Elmer Splatt, re- joined our group which. he had left during his freshman year. Rosemarie S., Joseph K., Norma and Lillian Ruff, also put in their appearances. Now, at last, our pictures in this book fill the spaces occupied by the seniors last year. Yea, we are seniors. The excitment of our pictures! The hurry and skurry of announcements! And now, we proudly flash our class rings. Yes, this is an exciting year. .Toretta Splatt will continue on her journey of education with us. Marlyce G., and Carol Gamache are not with us as they have left the road of education to embark upon the ship of matrimony. Now as graduation day draws nigh, we await with flutter- ing heart and trembling hands, the scroll which signifies we are cast upon the sea of life, to find at last our home, a quiet cove, nestled before the hills, behind the endless waves of time. GOOD-B YE TURTLE LAKE Our caps and gowns we lay aside As out on the waves of the world we ride Leaving the rooms we know so well Out to barter, buy and sell. Hoping of life to find the best, Giving and taking along with the rest. Thanking God who from all things flow As on our laborious way we go. Farewell, Farewell, to Turtle Lake Our leaves of you we now partake Good-bye, good-bye, as we go our way To Laugh and Labor our lives away. By--Patty Levings 15 I 1 UNDERGRADS funior flax funior Clan Pfay 17 JUNIOR CLASS HISTORY On a bright September morning in 1945, a group of anxious Cadets en- listed at Fort Turtle Lake. In due time we went through the process of initiation and discovered it wasn't too bad. We finished our fir st year with highihopes for the coming years. h After three months' shore leave we returned to Fort Turtle Lake as Petty Officers, Third Class. When roll call had been taken we found our ranks were decreased by three, but later on we were fortunate to gain two new ship- mates. The 50th Battalion returned to the fort to find we had been promoted again to Petty' 0ffiC91'S. Second Class. The 50th Battalion put on a play to raise funds for our Prom. "Aunt Susie Shoots the Works," our play, broke all previous records in gross receipts which were Sl76.75. We chose Arnold Peer for commander of our battalion for the night of the prom. We hope we shall be at Fort Turtle next year and that we will be promoted to Petty Officers, First Class Commanding Officers President..............................ArnoldPeer Vice-President . . . . . . . . Gertrude Grethen Secretary . .. .......Lavera. Kohn Treasurer . . . . . Jackie Hellie Left to Right Row I: Ruth Wright, Gertrude Grethen, Dorothy Ludke, Donna Steffen, Laura McCusky, Marcella Hammer, Theresa Heller, Dorleen Splatt, Betty Merle, Bonnie Zerath, Geraldine Dold, Tommy Johnson. Row Il: Mrs. Stary, Donald Magnuson, Warren King, Arnold Peer, Gilmore Goulet, James Marske, Dorman Tarmen, Lloyd Hoffman, Du Wayne Peterson, Joseph Stimel, Duane Orn, George Morgan. Row III: , Jirnmy Davison, Arleen Liesz, Loretta Eder, Freddie Graber, Jackie Hellie, Edward Spooner, Arno Ott, Dorothy Yeske, Mary Ann Kercker, Conrad Pearson, Lavera Kohn, Genevieve Van Carteren, Arlene Steglich, Frances Lindberg. JUNIOR CLASS PLAY Standing: , Frances Lindberg, Joseph Stimel, Lloyd Hoffman, Gilmore Goulet, Ortwin Splett, Miss Skoe. Seated: Dorleen Splatt, Ruth Wright, Theresa Heller, Donna Steffen, Bonnie Zerath, Marcella Hammer. 18 Cast: Aunt Susie Stowe Joy Herbert . . . Scarlet Deane . . Laura Dawson . . Madame Zola....... JUNIOR CLASS PLAY '48 Mrs. Edward Dunning . . . Portia Lark . . . . Omar Graves . . . La. Salle J' ohnson Johnny Rogers . . . Slick Coneway . . . , Donna Steffen . . . Bonnie Zeroth Frances Lindberg Marcella Hammer . . . . Dorleen Splatt . . . Ruth Wright . . Theresa Heller . . . .Lloyd Hoffman . . . . Ortwin Splett . . . Gilmore Goulet .......J'oe Stimel The Junior Class of '48 presented the play, "Aunt Susie Shoots the Works", at the Village Hall the 8th of December. This play is full of mystery and excitment. Lights keep flashing off and on, mysterious screams and sounds are heard Aunt Susie is an old maid who inherits a. sausage factory. She believes all men are "reptiles", until she eats love lozenges, and meets Omar Graves. Two Negro characters add hurnor to the play. Everything turns out well for everyone except the two criminals. 19 Sophomore Clan gr-ealzman Claw SOPHOMORE HISTORY The year nineteen hundred and forty-seven found thirty-nine intelligent looking draftees entering Fort Turtle Lake. During our boot training two of our buddies dropped from our ranks but two more joined us to fill their places. After a well-earned leave we returned to the fort and now as Petty Officers, Third Class, we are permitted to move into the barracks with the superior officers We were joined by six new petty officers this year. Our initiation party committee provided quite a humorous evening on November 7, 1948, Each one did his part well, and we all had a good time and a bountiful lunch. Well, here's hoping that all 42 of us will be back as Petty Officers, Second Class, to finish our course together. The Class Officers President ....... .................... ..... J' e rry Colburn Vice-President .... .... D onna Schramski Secretary ....... . . . Margaret Parry Treasurer . . . .... Roger Heppner Left to Right Row I: Patricia Hanson, Frances Grethen, Patricia Blechinger, Ardeth Dold, Gloria Armstrong, Kay Gamache, Gayle Potvin, Charles Treague, Ray- mond Muller, Luella Anderson, LaVil1a Splatt, Leila Splatt, Row II: Mr. Pederson, Rodney Borrowski, Ronald Fortmeyer, Helen Van Cautern, Lawrence Henning, Richard Smith, Jerry Colburn, Orville Koser, Roger Heppner, Leonard Hervas, Melvin Steffen, Lester Bergstrom, Jimmy Danniger. Row III: Leona Diers, Marlene Dietrich, Leatrice Fredrick, Doris Kohn, Betty Molls, Gayle Peterson, Shirley Nordin, Mardell Fredrick, Donna Schramski, Nancy Anderson, Peggy Parry, Barbara Liesz, Patty Bowers, Evelyn Wanzong, Hazel Mewes, Marlene Nelson, JoAnn Miller. Z1 FRESHMAN CLASS HISTORY On the morning of August 30, 1948, over fifty inductees started their boot training at Fort Turtle Lake. We went through the routine of getting our equipment and obtaining sufficient information as to when we would have our mental and phys- ical training. We were divided into two groups so our 52nd Battalion was split up temporarily for about nine months. After a few days of the usual confusion we found our schedules were so arranged that our commanding officers were as follows: Captains, Kingsbury, Berthiaume, Pederson, Stary and Skoe and Admiral Gates. We also discovered that at Fort Turtle Lake there was quite a different kind of mess hall. During this year we have had good days and bad. Some of the bad ones were when our superior officers took to ribbing us. The worst was one evening when we were called to a party strangely na.med "Initiation," We found out what it was all about as have all the sailors before us, We found that some of the "dressed up" sailors walking around were all belonging to the 49th Battalion and they were all Petty Officers, Fir st Class which, we hope to be some day. During our boot training some of our buddies have fallen out of ranks. Some to find jobs at home and some to be transferred to other stations. We have had some transfers come to Fort Turtle Lake, too. When our boot training is over and after a ninety-day furlough we hope to come back to Fort Turtle Lake and join the ranks with the title of Petty Officer, Second Class. Left to Right Row I: Donna Mae Mills, Ruth Erickson, Delores Kittleson, Lillian Ostermann, Janice Miller, Eileen ostermann, Bettie Peterson, Margaret Neison, Rosalie Wanzong Dorothy Becker, Lois Hoffman, Fern Tessling, Marlene Wenzel. Row II: Mr. Kingsbury, Nickie Popo, Glenn Wright, Sheldon Tarman, Allen Tosland, Donald Istel, Bob Fredrick, Louie Heller, Harvey Quale, Don Lahti, Joe Franzen, Arthur Kern, Richard Jansen, Robert Wanzong, Myron Elfers, John Martin, Jackie Beecroft, Frank Ruff, Miss Huey. Row III: Donald Bussewitz, Gerlad Ru.ff, Carl Molls, Larry Johnson, Edward Ludke, Richard Lucevansky, George Ann Mar ske, Mabel Bergstrom, Nickie Cordes, Lowell Wohlk, Dean Mewes, Larry Glaubitz, Joe Piechel, Leonard Frietag, Daniel Bird, Jean Pabst, Ortwin Splatt, Charles Johnson, Donald Morgan. Z Z W Kane! Juajorellw BAND FRONT ROW: Russell Graunke, Annabelle Peterson. ROW ONE: JoAnn Miller, Margie Hart, Donna Schramski, Fern Dietrich, Janice Miller, Jane Pagel, Ardis Olson, Gerald Graunke, Richard King, Kathleen Gaffney, Carol Gaffney. ROW TWO: Eileen Kluckeman, Gayle Peterson, Douglas Cronk, Ann Lange, Rodney Anderson, Gloria Fredrick, Darrell Peterson, Helen Van Cauteren, Nancy And- erson, Micheal Tema, Billy Tema, Gladys Goulet, Donald Michelson. STANDING: Frances Lindberg, Mr. Smith, Gertrude Grethen, Betty Merle, Lloyd Anderson, Marlene Dietrich. Geraldine Dold, Genevieve Van Cauteren. The band is under the direction of Mr. Dale D. Smith and consists of thirty-nine members ranging from the sixth grade to the Seniors. We have been building our band music library all year and before the end of school we expect to have fifty pieces of music. We palyed at all football games. For the homecoming game we performed field maneuvers making various formations and a salute to the opposing New Auburn team. March 5, we played for the Creamery dinner in the New Lake Theatre, For this occasion, we learned several old-fashioned German Songs and various new band marches and overtures. In return for our playing we received our dinner and a check for 525. which we will use for a picnic or something later on. The Music Festival was held May 7, in Rice Lake, Wisconsin. We marched in the parade in the afternoon. Twenty-one ba.nd members participated in solo, duet, trio, and ensemble groups. The new Bell Lyre was purchased by the band mothers during the middle of the season and this is a great asset to our musical organization. MAJ' ORET.'1'ES .Tune Humphrey, Carol Wilton, Ardeth Dold. We have two Senior Majorettes and a Drum Major. They participated in the home- coming maneuvers and added greatly to the organization by twirling when the band played and marched. e The two Senior twirlers are awaiting the arrival of new uniforms of white, which the band mothers have purchased. The Drum Major and one of the Senior Majorettes gave a solo at the Music Festival, and both received high ratings. 25 glee aux, eSJoloi.4l4 Z 6 GLEE CLUB Under the leadership of Miss Alice McCormick, the girls' Glee Club has spent many pleasant, hours preparing for the Armistice Day and Christmas Pro- grams, and Spring contest. On April 23, they will have participated in the District Music Tournament at Rice Lake. Besides their regular Glee Club work the following girls have been mem- bers of trios, quartets and duets: JoAnn Miller, Janice Miller, Doris Kohn, Evelyn Wanzong, Patricia Han- son, Helen Van Cauteren, Mardell Fredrick, Margaret Parry, Leona Diers, Nancy Anderson, Donna Steffen, Joretta Splatt, Gertrude Grethen, Arlene Leisz, Loretta Eder, and Marlene Dietrich. Four of the girls are preparing solos: Doris Kohn, Evelyn Wanzong, Marlene Nelson and Patricia Hanson. Left to Right Row I: Leona Diers, Marlene Nelson, Fern Tessling, Joretta Splatt, Geraldine Dold, Marlene Dietrich, Loretta Eder, Dorothy Yeske, Harriett Levings, Hazel Mewes, Arlene Steglich, Arlene Liesz. Row II: Doris Kohn, Leatrice Fredrick, Sylvia Merle, Barbara Leisz, Shirley Nordin, Gladys Wagner, Rosalie Wanzong, Margaret Neison, Gertrude Grethen,, Mary Ann Krsecker, Kay Gamache, Evelyn Wanzong, Janice Miller, JoAnn Miller. Row III: Betty Merle, Bonnie Zeroth, Ruth Erickson, Nancy Anderson, Ruth Wright, Patricia Hanson, Donna. Steffen, Frances Grethen, Mardell Fredrick, Lillian Ostermann, Dona Schramski, Ardeth Dold, Margaret Parry, Dorothy Ludke, George Ann Marske. SOLOISTS Each year at the Rice Lake Music Festival, a few of our 5e1qg01'5 instru- mentalists take solos, duets, or ensembles, and each year a few are successful enough to receive an "A" rating. Last spring these people all received an "A" rating. Joan and Janice Miller played a clarinet and flute duet. Carole Wilton participated with a baton solo. Carol Gaffney played a cornet solo. We hope to have many success- ful people at our tournament this spring. Left to Right Janice Miller, Carole Wilton, Carol Gaffney, JoAnn Miller. Z7 Uffice alsaemblg Jveuureel Staff Zine Zurtlen Staff NEWSREEL STAFF Left to Right Seated: George Ann Marske, Duane Orn, Luella Ander son, Sylvia Merle, Margie Hart, Joretta Splatt, Janice Miller, June Humphrey. Standing: George Morgan, Jimmy Davison, Thelma Lee, Bernice Becker, Elaine Lahti, Weldon Kingsbury, Betty Merle, Clarence Colburn, Rosemarie Schoenecker, Norma Ruff, Carol Gaffney, Jackie Hellie, Ardis Olson, Miss Huey. The Newsreel Staff, is one of the busiest organizations in school. They furnish the student body with the school gossip, latest fashions, sports, reviews, and other topics of the day, at least once a month. This group has functioned very successfully this year and the presses have been rolling quite regularly. They hope to carry on their good work for the remainder of the year and satisfy their readers. "THE TURTLE" STAFF Left to Right Seated: Thelma Lee, Bernice Becker, Elaine Lahti, Mary Ann Krecker, Mary Ann Jansen, Joretta Splatt, Rosemarie Schoenecker, Gloria Fredrick, Miss Huey. Standing: Clarence Colburn, Harriett Levings, Ruth Wright, Margie Hart, Dona Schramski, Joseph Kumhera, Sylvia Merle, Carol Gaffney, Rodney Anderson, June Humphrey, Ardis Olson. Janice Miller. 30 Zyping Room library TYPING ROOM This picture depicts the busiest room in our school. The equipment we have is modern and in good condition. If we had a few more typewriters and a little more space, it would help to hurry production on our Annual and the News- reel, which originate here. The typists furnish programs for class plays, mus- ic concerts etc. Besides these extra-curricular activities there is a class in this room nearly every period of the day. ln these classes we learn how to correctly write business letters, invoices, and other office forms. It is truly a scene of ac- tivity every minute of the school day. LIBRARY CLUB It is the duty and responsibility of the librarians to maintain the normal functions of the library during all periods of the day. They also assist in the prep- aration of all new books for the gnade and high school libraries. The purpose of these librarians is to serve you, the students and faculty of this school, is what- ever way best meets your problems and desires. Business and social meetings are held occasionally. NEW BOOKS Historic Midwest Houses Music for Fun Enough and to Spare The Early Worm Four Years in Paradise The Silent War Under a Lucky Star Another Claudia Doctors Anonymous Here is Your War Aviation Encyclopedia LIBRARIANS Sitting from left to right: .Toe Stimel, Duane Orn, Miss Skoe, Marcella Manner, Gladys Wagner. Standing. from left to right: Weldom Kingsbury, Bonnie Zeroth, Maxine Glinski, Patricia Hanson, Patricia Bowers, Marlene Dietrich. 32 uiure Nomemakers of afmeri guture garmerd of almerica 33 F. H. A. F. H. A. Officers and Adviser: Mary Ann Jansen, Gloria Fredrick, Betty Merle, Rosemarie Schoenecker, Evelyn Wonzang, Donna Schramski, and Ardis Olson. Our Chapter adviser is Mrs. Stary of the Home Economics Department. We have organized an F. H. A. Club for the students enrolled in Home Eco nomics classes. There are thirty-six in our club. Our colors are Red and White and for our flower we have the Red Rose. The red rose is syrnbolic of vibrant, glowing health, a necessary attribute for happiness and efficiency in home and group life. We have a motto which expresses the purpose of the organization. This Motto is' "Toward New Horizons" Some of our activities for the year including making Home-coming float are: joint party with F. F. A., putting on. Civic Club dinner, Initiation, Rally at New Richmond, Demonstration Contest, and attending State Convention. Left to Right Sitting: Betty Mer1e,Rosemarie Schoenecker, Mary Ann Jansen, Gloria Fredrick, Mrs. Stary, Donna Schramski. Standing: Evelyn Wanzong, Ardis Olson. F. F. A. This year's F, F. A. officers were nominated and elected as follows Left to Right r Iimxny Danniger . . . . . . Sentinel Clarence Colburn .... ...... R eporter Elmer Splett ..... .... S ecretary Rodney Anderson . . . Vice President Weldon Kingsbury . . . ....... President DonaldMagnuson...................................Treasurer The F. F. A. had sixty-one members in its organization this year. We held our Chapter and Green-hand initiation, in which thirty-thr ee Green-hand degrees were awarded and six Chapter Farmer Degrees. There has been a lot of work done in the shop this year such as repairing machinery, we have repaired a corn-binder, two discs and a few motors. We are also building a hay-rack and bug. The F. F. A. had some interesting activities this year such as: The Officers' meeting at Osceola, the camping trip last suznmer up to Copper Falls, a sleigh-ride party for the F. H. A. and then we had a speaking and quartet con- test which was held here at Turtle Lake. 34 Q gh ,J I gorendicfl Ss.. EDWARD BORKON ARDIS OLSON LEONA DIERS O un lOl' I'0l11 'Qu J 1' CORONATION mm: AND QUEEN 3 5 FORENSICS Under the supervision of Mrs. Ruf the 1948 Forensic contest came to a successful climax when Edward Borkon received an "A" rating with his non-original oration, "If People Can Wage A War," which was given at the Wisconsin High School State Speech Contest held at East High School in Madison. In the contest held at Tu.rt1e1Lake the judge made the following decisions: Oration--Edward Borkon, First: Phyllis Orn, second Serious Declamation--Ardis Olson, first: Leona Diers second. Humorous Declamation--Carol Gamache, fir st: Paul Heller, second. These people then participated in the elimination contest held at Turtle Lake. Edward Borkon and Carol Gamache received "A" ratings which made them eligible for the District Contest held at River Falls. Edward received his "A" rating there and went to Madison. JUNIOR PROM "MELODY LANE" We enter through a garden of hollyhocks, open the little white picket gate and come upon a lovely fairyland of melody and song. We wander over to the wishing well to wish upon our lucky star. On our way we pass the lovely refreshment stand and quench our thirst. We come upon the orchestra pit, situated behind the picket fence and accented by the silhoueted dancing couple. Under the canopy of blue and white streamers couples dance to the music of the Black Hawks Orchestra. We waltz through a garden of sweet peas and stop to admire the multi- colored ballons in the center of the room. As the evening wears on we feel the need to visit the powder room and find it decorated in pink and white. The orchestra strikes the opening notes of the Grand March and all eyes are turned upon the king, Clarence Colburn, and his lovely queen, Therese Davison. Crowning honors are bestowed upon them by the former king and queen, Bill Barnes and Eloise King. We join in with the couples for the Grand March and dance to the lingering notes of the orchestra. Upon leaving we take one last glance at our Melody Lane and wistfully depart. 36 A X goolball .Homecoming Le ft to Right KF ir st Rowj 1'43 Ib Duane Orn H4213 Louis Heller V AA50 1'57 A A A A Ii Weldon Fredricks Ii Marvin Dietrich l'45D Leonard Hervas l'58Ib Clarence Colburn 1'52D Arnold Peer H5313 Rodney Anderson A A Co 1'54Ib Du Wayne Peterson l'Second Rowj ach La Roy Kingsbury 1:5913 Fred Graber Y L47 l'5l I b A A U44 V56 A 4140 1'49 L A jr Richard smith It Richard Hamrner 1'41:P Lowell Wohlk 1'46Ib Donald Schramski IP Thomas Johnson fb Robert Wanzong fi Warren King It Robert Fredricks l'48IP Rodney Borowski Mr. Gates Mr. Pederson lfThird Row, Jimmy Danniger Joseph Piechel Don Lahti Sheldon Tarman Charles Treague Roger Heppner Jerry Colburn Harvey Quale Enoch Cordes Richard Lucivansky Donald Magnuson Turtle Lake Score Turtle Lake 2145 Turtle Lake KO, Turtle Lake 154, Turtle Lake Q71 Turtle Lake 113, Turtle Lake KO, Turtle Lake 112, F OOTBALL FOOTBALL SC ORES Opponent Clear Lake Chetek New Auburn Shell Lake Cameron Bruce Clayton fmanager j fmanager 'D Qbacklb Qendll ftacklell Qc enter fb fbackli fbackli fbackh ftacklelb fendli Qtackle' fcenter Qtackleli ftackleib fendfi P ,P IA 1 A fcenter ftack1e'l A fendlb Ktacklej ftacklel A fbackir ftacklelb ftackle'b lcenter ,I Qtacklell qbackw qbackln qbackln fbackli A 1 A Score Ao 03? ce: usa czsa 4317 C137 The football team started out the season by winning over Clear Lake 14-0, but lost the next three games until playing New Auburn which was the Homecoming game. With a few bad breaks we lost the last two putting us in fourth place with two wins, five defeats. There will be six lettermen return-- ing for the 1949 and 1950 season. 39 HOMECOMING Homecoming activities started off this year on Thursday evening, October 21, 1948. The Snake dance was the fir st event of the evening, after which the band played and we heard speeches from former athletes from Turtle Lake High School, members of the faculty, and members of the present football squad. After the speeches the huge bonfire was lighted and around it we had a "Pep fest" in which the cheerleaders and faculty members participated in leading the yells. On Friday afternoon we had our parade of floats led by the band. The three prize-winning floats were: first, Red and White: second, .Tunior Class: and third, the Sophomore Class. Friday night was the big gaxne. We played New Auburn and defeated them 57-7. The band gave field maneuvers at the half. The events of the evening ended with the dance. At 11:00 the queen, whose identity had been kept secret until that time, was crowned by the football captain, Clarence Colburn. The candidates for queen were, Margie Hart, Elaine Lahti, Thelma Lee, Sylvia Merle and Lillian Ruff. The queen for the 1948 Homecoming was Margie Hart. The grand march was led by the queen and her escort, Gihnore Goulet. We all considered our Homecoming very successful this year. A large ma- jority of the student body and members of the aluznni attended and everyone had a good time. Left to Right Attendants: Elaine Lahti, Sylvia Merle ' Queen: Margie Hart Attendants: Lillian Ruff , Thelma Lee. 40 Basketball LAST-MINUTE ADVICE 41 1 BASKETBALL SCORES 1 Y 1 Turtle Lake Scores Teams Score Turtle Lake 1,181 Weyerheauser 1251 Turtle Lake H321 Chetek 1,511 Turtle Lake Q391 Prairie Farm 113219 Turtle Lake Q201 Shell Lake V341 Turtle Lake QZ41 Clear Lake Q321 Second Half 'rurue L55 41363 chetek 11559 Turtle Lake QZ81 Prairie Farm Q471 Turtle Lake QI91 Clayton QI81 Turtle Lake V351 New Auburn QZI1 Turtle Lake Q191 Shell Lake QZ71 Turtle Lake Q201 Clear Lake Q381 Tournament Turtle Lake Q341 New Auburn Q441 Turtle Lake Q321 Prairie Farm Q351 Guards Clarence Colburn Q81 Rodney Anderson Q31 Warren King Q71 Jackie Hellie Q51 Center Weldon Fredrick QIZ1 Du Wayne PetersonQ61 Forward Arnold Peer Q91 Duane Orn Q41 Enock Cordes Ql01 Leonard Hervas Ql11 Left to Right Row I--Jimmy Danniger, Arnold Perr, Duane Orn, Clarence Colburn, Rodney Anderson, Weldon Fredrick, Donald Magnuson. Row ll--Coach Kingsbury, Warren King, Nicky Cordes, Du Wayne Peterson, Leonard Hervas, Jackie Hellie, Mr. Gates. Turtle Lake entered the Lake Land Conference Tournament on February 15, playing New Auburn for the fir st game. Turtle Lake playing a hard fought game but lost to them by a score of 34 to 44. Turtle Lake ended their basketball season when they played with Prairie Farm to see who would enter the Consolation. This garne was a close game all the way. But with a few bad breaks Prairie Farm won by three points. The score was 32 to 35. 42 Be ore Uhe game FOR WARD ' 4. 1 CENTER F OR WARD GUARD 43 GU AR Jfaaeball Clneerleaclera Left to Right FIRST ROW: 1581 Jimmy Danniger 1501 Clarence Colburn 1451 Leonard Hervas 1521 Arnold Peer 1531 Rodney Ander son 1541 Du Wayne Peterson 1591 Jackie Hellie 1491 Louis Heller 1431 Duane Orn SECOND ROW: La Roy Kingsbury Fred Graber 1401 Warren King 1511 Richard Harnmer Sheldon Tarman 1561 Robert Wanzong 1471 Richard Smith 1441 Tommy Johnson 1571 Marvin Dietrich 1461 Donald Schraxnski 1481 Roger Heppner Enoch Cordes Richard Lucivansky Donald Magnuson BASEBALL Turtle Lake looks forward to a good baseball season We have five members of last year's team back, they are as follows Arnold Peer, Du Wayne Peter son, Clarence Colburn, Rodney Anderson, and Weldon Fredrick. These men are experienced from last year and the softball which they played through the summer months. We hope to tie last year's record with no defeats C HEERLEADERS Sylvia Merle, Jackie Hellie Betty Merle 45 Q I A --' I I VIVVVVVVVV VVVIV VL , VVV ' ' "'f:fs:,sf'5" !:Vf'ffsff21355.15ffV.VVsS5s'ff3sVV11. - 11 .V .- ,,,,, VV.VV,.VV:V,V,VVVV ' Vgessiff fV'5fV1VJ .,,, ,V 1f,. V :V fV.VVf -,,:V A H' -VVV"'.1,V5lbLsss'WVVVV. ,::, VVVV..VVV1V V fff'1fVVsVSffV, fVf5f!1'?5f?E'5f '5iV 5-'Vffsf-.I If "I .... wi! VV. . .V,,,,.V, .,.VV7V7 V.:VfVV, V VVVVVV V-, ,V,,. ,VV,,,VV ,, 5gsgV V,V.VfVV '-VVUVVVVVII 'VV-SJ: '."f-25+ ' V V, I 7 I I In I, V9 H V1'1l ,,1VVV V V 1' 'I' EVVVVV ,ff 1 , VV I I V A X VV 1 .V Q3 VV 3 X K V11 ,Xe K V V V of 'Sz .ffrfil H iz'-:': "2 . Vi VV I ,1 V", VV" ' ' VVVVV' ' V1I"' VH' VV1' 2 V IV ' I, VV I N I 1 11 IV V1 , N V V V VV ,f,"'V' V V W", V' 'VI aw V, V ,V V, V VVVV ,Y VW, VVVV1VV,1V V V1 v ,V VV , I VVVVV W V,1VV If I V 1 :IVV V" VV ,Q V, 'V IIV' V hfll' LV ' V I V' VVVV I V ' ffl? S,,VVV "V 1 ' V1 ' 1 I I 'V ,VV I I VI III: V VVVYV U jf, V V V YV III VVV Vl VV V ul 1 f ' V V ,V ff VV V V V , 1 , f V ' V V X If V V V , 'V V I f F I, 1 V 1 V VI V V V fgg- is SC OO FUN L S HOUECOMING SNAPSHOTS Queen Candidates Ford Float Sophomore Float Queen "Max-gie"1 Veterans' Float Flotiurn's Float Junior Float F. F. A. Float Big four! M-E-N? 7 ? 47 w..,Nw , eg, Jimmie Marlene Wenzel Just Kids! Jerry Russell Ardeth Little girls, once! Dorleen and Joretta Getting pickled Jack and Julius Nan and Betty Twins Donna Elaine Merle sisters JoAnn, Janice, Margie Seniors in Bth grade -.Mya-. Glamour girl One of the talking people "Mickey" Office gm Nan vicious 48 WK" f 49' Bifocnla Heavy load Sweaters Cute dog Seventh Heaven Teacher's pest Pals! This side up-side down Teacher A lot of bull Helen Four Stooges Twins Slippery? Down Among the Shelterlng Palms Cadillac To be or not to be '49 19. Warm day! ZQ, Warmer day! I 21. Happy ZZ. Pop! Z3. Beno'l Nite Club Z4. Christmas Tea MRS. GAFENEY AND HER ASSISTANTS ! ADAM SCHEIFER, Janitor 50 ,ff +i FN AUTOGRAPHS BH-M 1 'EIIE' 5 XT fN Your Co-Operative Creamery Guarantees You The Highest Prices For Your Grade A 8: B Milk High Quality Milk 'll mmand higher prices in the future than High Quality Milk wi co it has in the past, due to increasing high standards by various Local and Federal Boards of Health, This will be true, whether you sell us or another dairy plant. Highest Quality Milk is the ' ' h s and result of clean cows, clean barns, clean milking ouse utensils, and of proper cooling. Turtle Luke Co-op., Creamery Ass'n. Turtle Lake, Wisconsin Cornwoll 81 Story Hordwore HARDWARE-ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES-PLUMBING HARDWARE - WE HAVE IT PHONE 41 TURTLE LAKE, WISCONSIN Turtle Loke Motor Co. FORD CARS SALES AND AND TRUCKS SERVICE FROZEN FOOD LOCKERS L, S, WARLAND PHONE 3801 TURTLE LAKE, WISCONSIN Northwestern Stote Bonk CUMBERLAND ALMENA MEMBER OF FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION The Times THE COMMUNITY NEWSPAPER Publishes more news of this commimity than ANY other news- paper in the world. Maintains a staff of 16 news correspondents in nearly all parts of the area. THE TIMES saves its readers thousands of dollars by its timely advertising for the community merchants to their cus- tomers. THE TIMES Want Ad Section is the community market place for exchange of small articles, etc. It has grown from a few ads to nearly a full page each week. ' THE TIMES gives the best Sports Coverage of the community each and every week. "READ IT INHTHE TINIES" Bunk of Turtle Lake MEMBER OF FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION 55,000 MAXIMUM INSURANCE FOR EACH DEPOSITOR Compliments of DICK J'OHNSON'S SHOE REPAIR SHOP Our Specialty Invisible Half Soleing on Ladies and Mens' Dress Shoes "Bring Them In OLD, Take Them Out Like NEW" Turtle Lake, Wisconsin Bring Your Friends to SHORTY BARR'S For Refreshments, Lunches, Or Bus Tickets Turtle Lake Wisconsin Congratulations to the Class of '49 . O. Blix The Quality Store Since 1904 Turtle Lake Wisconsin Best Wishes Class of '49 Turtle Lake WiSC011Si1'1 orthern Supply Co. Stores Feeds, Seeds, Flour, Rope and Twine, Electric Fences Poultry Remedies and Supplies Banner Chicks Almena Wisconsin 1 1 I m . Flottum's Red 84 hite Store Complete Food Market "Buy All Your Food Needs Under One Roof" Phone 9 Turtle Lake, Wisconsin Ben Borkon Store "Where Highest Quality Is Linked With Lowest Prices" A Complete Line of General Merchandise Shoes and Rubbers - Clothing - Groceries Flour and Feed Turtle Lake Wisconsin Best Wishes To the Class of 1949 from The Wishing ell Inn Bottle Beer - Meals - Soft Drinks - Lunches Ice Cream and Groceries Mr. and Mrs. Ted Hughes Turtle Lake Wisconsin 1 it If 1 NEW COMMERCIAL HOTEL-CAFE A. J'.Perrau1t, Proprietor Turtle Lake, Wisconsin DR. D.A. O'BRIAN Dentist Turtle Lake, Wisconsin T.D, BERNIER INSURANCE AGENCY Will Insure Anything Insurable Life - Fire - Health - Automobile A Premium Will Not "Break" You - A Loss May! Turtle Lake, Wisconsin The Home of Quality Foods Meals - Sandwiches Ice Cream B E N T 'S C A F E Phone 3003 Turtle Lake, Wisconsin w l L 1 l WANNER HARDWARE C., J, Wanner, Proprietor General Hardware, Heating and Plumbing Monarch Ranges-Hinman Milkers-Barn Fixtures-Quick Meal Range Philco Radios-Electric Lighting, Etc, Maytag Washers Tin Shop in Connection Almena Wisconsin QUADE'S DRUG STORE Drugs and Sundries, Sick Room Supplies Prescriptions Carefully Compounded at All Hours Greeting Cards For All Occasions We Are as Near to You as Your Telephone Call us Often Courteous Service Always TURTLE LAKE CO-OP STORE For Quality Merchandise at a Saving Modern Self Service or Friendly Clerk Service as You Wish Buy Co-Op and Save Phone 30 JOHN STRASSER Garage and Trucking Service Turtle Lake Wisconsin Turt1eLake TELEPHONE COMPANY Bob Prosser TURTLE LAKE MEAT MARKET Complete Line of Fresh and Cured Meats Quality Groceries Irwin Hanson, Proprietor Phone 64 Turtle Lake, Wisconsin Compliments of MELBY AND BLAZEK Milk Hauling Turtle Lake Wisconsin Congratulations to the Seniors OLCOTT LUMBER COMPANY Turtle Lake Wisconsin Congratulations to the Class of 1949 WALLY'S BAR AND CAFE Almena, Wisconsin Compliments of I. F. PIMPLE .TACK SPRAT FOOD STORE Fancy Groceries and Meats Phone 8-20 Almena, Wisconsin Best Wishes of ERNIE LARSON'S STORE Groceries - Meats - Produce - Dry Goods Phone 19-1 Almena, Wisconsin Best of Luck to the Class of 1949 ELLENSON FURNITURE COMPANY "The Store For Homes" Complete Home Furnishings Electrical Appliances - Bottled Gas Turtle Lake Wisconsin Cumberland Oliver Sales and Service TURTLE LAKE IMPLEMENT Ed and Bruno Leisz - Proprietors BENO'S NITE CLUB Specializing in the Best Foods and Liquors On Highways 8 and 63 Turtle Lake Wisconsin For The Best Seating, Comfort and Motion Picture Entertainment THE NEW LAKE THEATRE Mr. and Mrs. Bruce J. Waters Turtle Lake Wisconsin Compliments of CUSTOM BODY WORKS K. W. BAKER M.D. Auto Body and Fender Repair Office in Residence Painting Up Stairs Phone 10 Turtle Lake, Wisconsin Turtle Lake, Wisconsin RED OWL AGENCY General Merchandise Proprietor-Peter Eidahl Phone 11-1 Almena, Wisconsin Compliments of BEECROFT STORE C. F. Beecroft Home Drugs, Cosmetics and Complete School Supplies Phone 8-1 Almena, Wisconsin Compliments Of ARNIE'S BAR Arnold Larson, Proprietor HERB JOHNSON Radio and Television Sales and Service Turtle Lake, Wisconsin Best Wishes to The Class of '49 HAROLD GRABER Milk Hauling Phone 408 Turtle Lake, Wisconsin Compliments of RAINBOW BAR Andy Quale, Proprietor Turtle Lake, Wisconsin E. H. PAGEL Turtle Lake Dray Turtle Lake, Wisconsin Compliments of ERVIN LAURANCE Turtle Lake, Wisconsin HARRY's SERVICE Compliments of Haffv 5k1'uPkY A. L. ANDERSON Washing, Lubrication, Accessories Mbbilgas and Mobiloil ' Pure Oil Products Be Sure With Pure Agent Route 8 and 63 Turtle Lake, Wisconsin Phone 89 Compliments of A FRIEND WE WISH TO THANK THE ADVERTISERS FOR HELPING MAKE THIS BOOK POSSIBLE , in sv ' 1 1 w w , 1 '-' x 4 nv- 4 ka a.., " , ' +- 51 . 5 1f,.eQf'3 i

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