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THE TURTLE Nineteen Hundred and Forty-Eight Published by the Students of THE TURTLE LAKE HIGH SCHOOL 1 I 1 Hlmm POXLX-X if "'j7'-lily wil' :Wli -7 1 N-s JL IUXWIQL in If 1 .il -V 'FW Aiflfir .. f Irfgl'-Ji xl-7 L!-5, LY- E51-.L saoyi if J f Q' I f"'X -- xx 1-1 ' 11- Vx- Z? - ,-N spcfx xi 51-YN4ff.AJNe X , r 4 Mlfx A . , Q W f Q , XXQ-k ,Af -f' , . I x ,MX Lf SX! m .Q J - 'N , . rf, V . FN-1 fx 'Kp-"--" , N-L.: ,Kala fbtix N 2: K 1, f Ai UQ E 2 ,fgj 'Wf'.Jfz'X'Q1 f f -fwfx. 5V,f4L gigxu , . Adam Scheifer, Janitor DEDICATION The Senior Class of 1948 dedicates ' this annual to our janitor, Adam Scheifer, in appreciation of his care for our comfort and well -being. His many years of service have made him a well-loved friend of all. w I + W WM. L. GATES Principal La Crosse State Teachers' College SCHOOL BOARD President ---- Mr. L. A. King Treasurer --- Mrs. W, L, Metsker Clerk -------- Mrs. Edward Gaffney OPPOR TUNITY Opportunity--this word of eleven letters is used much in our everyday life. Have you ever stopped to think of what a wonderful word it is? lt is not a word for a few chosen ones, but it is a word for all. Anyone who just has the will-power to do so has a chance for opportunity. No, opportunity is not a chance, it is the result of applying oneself, of hard work and the willpower to continue when others give up. We have all heard an older person say, "lf I only had another chance," or "If I had my life to live over again." We listen to them but we do not stop to think that in a few years we may very easily be the one to say this same thing, and it is a very needless thing to say. Now, we, as Seniors, have a great opportunity, for we are just starting our life "on our own". We have all had dreams, and hoped for things we want of life and now we must realize that only we, ourselves, can make those hopes and dreams come true. True, life is not a bed of roses, but we can never say we did not succeed because we did not have the opportunity and even if we do not fulfill our goal completely, we will not look back on our life and think of it as a failure. To the under classmen we can give a word of advice. Make the most of your school days, make the most of your classes, and get all you can from them. And. also, make the most of the fun and your friends. Have a good time during school days. This is the greatest way to make for a lasting foundation upon which to build your life. In Americas, this land of plenty, where all men are created equal, any man has the opportunity to go to school and to go on to college if he so wishes. We have an op- portunity to live our own lives and no one is standing above us to tell us what we can do and what we cannot do. While over half the world is starving and in misery we live in comfort in a land of plenty. We can laugh while much of the world is sorrowful. It is up to us, who have the opportunity. to open those doors of opportunity for many others. Yes, it may be hard work and many will get discouraged. Yet, we may some day look at a man or woman who has had a good job and a happy life, and we may call him lucky: No, he is notlucky--for all have an equhl chance, but this man has made the most of his opportunities. You may say, that is all very well, but that has nothing to do with me. I am doing my best. Stop and think: have you really done your best? Can you look back on your short span of life with no regret? Can you say to yourself honestly: I have done my best? The few that can answer these questions truthfully are those who will be a success in the future. ?' nuamlmm If 1 'Il AH 'I -I -. . 2QQfWi1f ,433 '35, .sf . .1L',,fb,',r:4: xv' lg 1 -4 45.10 'Wk f , h . . fbi fx II X J.. w,r, . NQX 5 fwj Jr 'i?aT f xx ' 15 ,. L T Y 1 'Wi' AC U ' fx F u' I , 'D I' 'QIX7 -..-un' MARJOR IE BIDWELL Major - - - -Home Economics The Scout Institute EDWARD GRESCHNER B. E. Degree Agriculture River Falla State Teachers' College BERTHA MAY HUEY Major ---- English Minor ---- History Commercial Eau Claire State Teachers' College LA ROY KINGSBURY Physical Education Social Science Western Kentucky Teachers' College ml fi as Sf' A OLAF C. PEDERSON LQJOI' ---- Agriculture Mi-hor ---- Education River Falls State Teachers? College IRENE RUF Maj or ---- English Minor ---- History Superior State Teachers' College WALLACE SAP? Maj or ---- Mus ic Minor ---- English Missouri University DORIS FLOTTUM Kindergarten Primary River Falls State Teachers' College ALICE E. MCCORMICK Grade 1 Eau Claire State Teachers' College ETHEL GR ABER Grades 2 and 3 Polk County Normal 'IFB i Am' EUNICE PIT ZR ICK Grades 4 and 5 Barron County Normal GRACE JOHNSON Grades 5 and 6 Superior State Teachers' College VELORES I-IANSON Grades 'I and B Superior State Teachers' College .. y:i Q 'x exixxiu ,Fx .-5.15 .,J ,fn -sq , isiixx 'lx' X I Mn A' X ,Xl , 1.4'.P'!-W, 1, pu. -v M 1 1 V nf y. 1.-,, glgffffk. ' ' ' p , i rI ??" ' 1 x ','. .1 L, g, qu..-T' .V K ., I . : FR AN CIS ANDER SON ' 'Swa de ' ' Football 1-2-3 -4 Basketball 2-3 -4 Baseball 2-3-4 Class Pres. 4 F. F. A. 1-Z Annual Staff 4 "Where thera's smoke there's fire - -" WILLIAM BARNES l O O Football 1-2-3-4 Basketball 1-2 -3 -4 Baseball l-2 -3 -4 Class Pres. 3 Boys' Chorus l Letterman's Club 3-4 Annual Staff 4 Prom King 3 "First comes athletics! then girls - hmmmmmff' DELOR ES BARR Came from Frederic 4 Ncwsreel Staff 4 "Short in size. but brirnmlng with pep." OTTO BECKER Moat. ll F. F, A, l-Z-3-4 "A good worker, s good sport, and an all around good fellow." R OBER T BER GLUND ueobn Boys' Chorus l-2 Mixed Chorus l-2 Class Play 3 "Oh Gosh! l wish l could make a hit." EDWARD BCR KON "Boodle" Basketball l-2 -3 -4 Baseball l-2 -3 -4 Band 1-2 -3 -4 Drum Major 4 Library Club 1-Z Annual Staff 3-4 Newsreel Staff l-Z-3-4 Class Play 2 Forensics 1-Z-3-4 4-H l-2 "At witty sayings he is clever, But does he atop or pause!! No. never." LOR ETTA COR DES "Cordy" Class Vice Pres. 4 Class Treas. .2 Band l -Z-3 -4 Glee Club 1-Z-3-4 Nflxed Chorus 1-Z-3 Prom Queen 2 Library Club 2 Newsreel Stal! 4 Annual Sta!! 4 "For her--true love ls smooth." THERESE DAVISON "Tele" Class Sec. 3 Band l-Z-3'-4 Glee Club l-2-3-4 Mixed Chorus l-2-3 Clarinet Duet 3 Letterman's Club 4 Library Club 2-3 Annual Staff 4 Newsreel Sta!! l-Z-3-4 Class Play 3 Forensics 3-4 "A career woman thru and thru, one that makes money too." GORDON DEGOLIER Clcordy 1 C Football 3-4 Basketball 2-3-4 Baseball l-Z-3 -4 Class Traas. 4 F. F. A. l-Z-4 F, F. A. Vlce Pres. 2 F. F. A. Treas. 4 Annual Sta!! 4 "Being too ambitious detsriarates the mind is my conclusion." PEARL EDER "Pearlle" Class Sec. 4 Glas Club l-2 Hoxnecoming Queen 4 "Not all pearls are found in oysters." AR 'rx-run F1-:IDT "Butz" Football 1-Z-3-4 Basketball l F, F. A. I-Z-3-4 "No matter how hard l try, l flnd school not my ideal of work." JOANN GALL "Little Gall" Class Sec. 2 Class Treas. 3 Band Z -3 -4 Glee Club l-Z-3-4 Mixed Chorus 1-Z-3 Sax Solo 4 Library Club Z-3 Annual Staff 4 Newsreel 4 Class Play 3 Forensics 3-4 Cheerleader Z-3 -4 "I love them all--- girls that is!" GLOR lA HAR T I -Dunk v . Class Trsas. I Band l-Z -3 -4 Glee Club I-1-3-4 Mixed Chorus I-2-3 l.etterman's Club 3-4 Annual Sta!! 4 Newsreel Sta!! l-Z-3-4 Class Play 3 Forensics 3-4 Cheerleading l-2 -3-4 "No matter where you look, she's the only one ol her kind." PAUL HELLER ..M.n-- Football l -Z-3 -4 Baseball l-Z -3-4 Class Vice Pres. 1 hdxed Chorus 3 . F, A,1-Z F. F. A, Treas. Z Letterman's Club 3-4 Letterman's Club OH. 3-4 Annual Stall 4 Class Play 3-4 "The presidential seat needs ingenious men like Roosevelt. Trurnan or me ANTON KANTKE .--I-onyu F. F. A, l-Z-3-4 Class Play 3 "l'm not afraid of work: I can lle down beside it and go th sleep. as ELOISE KING ' 'Elols ey" Class Pres. 1 Class Vice Pres. 3 Band 1-2-3-4 Glee Club l-Z-3-4 Annual 4 Newsreel Staff 3-4 Class Play 3 Forensics 3-4 Prom Queen 3 "A girl sincere, A girl true blue, O! her sweet king You" find but !ew." GLORIA LEVIN usinedn Glee Club l-Z-3-4 Mixed Chorus 1-2 Library Club 3 Office Sec. 4 "She'i good at writing letters ---for the principal." DALE MAGNUSON umnsglen Football Z-3 -4 Baaeball l-2-3-4 "l'll leave big foot- prints in the sand of time." DDLOR ES MOR GAN npidu Glee Club 4 Annual Staff 4 Newsreel Stat! 4 "A good student, a good worker, and a good friend." LAURIE ANNE NUESSE Ill-'orryii Clans Vice Pres. 2 Band Z-3 -4 Glee Club l-Z-3 -4 Mixed Chorus 1-Z-3 Newsreel Staff Z-3 -4 Annual Staff 3 -4 Annual Sta!! Editor 4 Letterman's Club 3-4 Letterman's Club Sec. 3-4 Class Play 3 Forensics Z-3 -4 "lvl nice to be natural, when you're naturally nice." BEVER LY OLSON ' 'Bubbles ' ' Class Pres. Z Band l-Z-3-4 Mixed Chorus l-Z-3 Newsreel Sta!! 3-4 Annual 3-4 PHYLLIS ORN "Phyll" Class Sec. l Band 1-Z-3-4 Mixed Chorus 1-Z-3 Vocal Tournament Solo 1 -Z -3 -4 Trio 3 Dismissal Pianist l-2-3 -4 Lettex-man's Club 4 Annual Staff 4 Foreasics 4 "She aings her way into your heart" KEITH OTT .-Ott.. Came from Cumberland 3 Football 3 -4 Basketball 3 -4 Lettermaxfs Club 3-4 "I learn the hard way." ALONZO PEER "Big Peer" Football Z-3-4 Basketball l-2-3 -4 Baseball l-Z-3-4 lAfterman's Club 3-4 F. F. A. l-Z-3-4 "As a pitcher he knows how to handle the curvea MARY JANE PIITILRSON llnmii Band I -Z-3 -4 Chnarlnadh. l-2 -3 -4 Clarinet Duct 3 "Tho pulp al absence ar removed by lotion." DOUGLAS POTVN nDou'u CIIIK from Nlilvluknc Z F. F. A. l-2-3-4 "ll ln has thc lysed in lik he has in A car. he'll go pineal." LBROY RUF! uaL..nQ Cams Iran Barra 4 F. F. A. DELORES SCHAFFER llromll Glue Club l-Z-3 Navlrael Sh!! 4 Annual Stn!! 4 Librarian 3 "The T. L. boys are good and sweat: Butllnve uwthar that cuff be belt." LORRAINE STEGLICH "Steggie ' ' "She'l not A flower: She'l not Q pearl: She's just u noble All around girl." JOE SUENNEN ..-,ben F. F. A, 1-2-3-4 Cllls play 3 "Exercise 1 I peeled an ormge for break- Inst." DELGILS VDIK Anand Su!! 4 "s0llQl'l in the khlhll with ----- not Dba!" SENIOR CLASS HISTORY Early in September, 1944, a large group of greenhorns mounted the escalators just inside the consolidated Institution of learning of Turtle Lake, to ride and climb from IGNORANCE to INTELLIGENCE. Many of us will have to admit that we weren't very well educated along some lines when we arrived thus far. So along with our teachers we began to climb the long, hard, but famous and worthwhile four -year period. This also brought along many happy and adventurous events which will aid us, and give us L pleasant thoughts in later life. Of these events we can begin in our very first year when the class of '47 so gracefully bestowed on us their type of initiation. Many of us had very embarrassing situations to undergo. Why I remember as plainly as though it were only several days ago, when l sat so gently on Mr. Gates' lap with a baby bonnet on my head, wrapped up in a baby blanket and drank out of a bottle. QThe bottle had only water in itj. When we began our career we were forty in number, but before the first semester was over, we had already lost Kenneth Krecker and Kenneth Steglich. The latter took up studies with Uncle Sam. After making some blundering errors we finally earned our first 3-month vacation. After being forced out of our homes and into school buses many of us returned to Turtle Lake to see if it were really possible to acquire an education. Although we failed to see.the'faces thatlwere missing, namely those of Russell Kittelson, Vincent Posey, and Martin Scheps, we did see some faces that were new to some of us. These were those of Gordon Anderson, and Joyce Henning. Later in the year Douglas Potvin began his climb at our great Turtle Lake. We then had an enrollment of 39 students. During this year, we had the enjoyment of initiating the class of '49. The magazine sale became an important eventin 'our climb and several of our greenhorns were playing on athletic teams. Others were taking part in forensics. At the close of our second year, we gaze around to see that Milton Ostermann, Gordon Anderson, and Calvin Peters were no longer with us. Mr. Gates finally decided that we had worked hard enough to deserve a vacation, so we went home to have three free meals a day with our parents for three months. In the fall of '46, we received a two -week extension of our vacation without even coming to school. This was due to the Polio epidemic. When we finally did begin our third year's climb, we noticed the not-too-familiar faces of Betty Buckley, J' oe Suennen, Arthur Feidt, and Pearl Eder among us. The latter three were formerly of the class of '47, but due to various reasons returned again to seek an education. Later in the year Keith Ott came here instead of going to Cumberland. Although we saw some new students, we missed Joyce Henning, James Klingelhoets, and Howard West. We were becoming very popular this year with our class play which broke all former records in gross income. Later in the year, we put across a'very successful prom, in which Billy Barnes was king and his queen was Eloise King. This year we also see Phyllis Orn taking active part in soloing vocally, and several others taking active part in band. Many of our boys took important parts on our athletic teams. Our not- too -large class of '48 was becoming important in its school career. At daily roll call, we were told to drop the names of Betty Buckley, Jerry Borowski, Faye Brunberg, and Alvin Ostermann because they had withdrawn. Before the year was up we also had put in a fairly large order for class rings. So the current was once again shut off on the escalators and we took another three -month vacation. When we returned again in the fall of '47, we were sorry to hear that one of our friends and classmates had had a serious accident and wouldn't be able to attend school this year. This was Ervin Nickell and we wish him-' all the luck inthe world. f Senior Class History - Continued. ' Coming in for the last flight of stairs on our escalators, there seems to be a few who could not finish with our class. They were Arthur Splatt, .Toy Swensen, and Russell Baker. We had a good football team this year, because we defeated Clayton 54-0. We also came close to the championship by winning 6 games, tieing 1, and losing 1. The game that we lost was the Cameron game with a score of 13 to 19. On October 31, we had a very successful homecoming with five of our lovely girls as candidates for queen. They were, Loretta Cordes, Pearl Eder, JoAnn Gall, Eloise King, and Mary Jane Peterson. After defeating Bruce in a football game by a score of 14-6, nearly all of us went down to the Community Hall to see Pearl Eder crowned as Queen. Up to the present date, we have very high hopes for our basketball team. Probably if the boys keep up the good work they will come as close as we did in football or maybe even closer than we did last year. One of our favorite classmates, Billy Barnes, was chosen "All-Star" backfield man for this year. He also has been chosen on the "All-Star" team for two years. We plan to put on a record-breaking play sometime in May. Although we had a large class in the fall, we shall still have a larger class because LeRoy Ruff and Delores Barr joined us very early in the fall. So let us all try to get our studies, and above all to get along with our teachers. fit should be worth it, kidsfj New that we are getting a little more mature, we can begin to realize what Mr. Gates has always told us in his morning and noon pep talks. That we would only get out of our education what we put into it. He also gave many other admonitious topics on which we could put hours of thought. Now we are waiting for Mr. Gates to say, "Farewell, my children, and may all your troubles be little ones." BANQUET SPONSORED BY BUSINESS NIEN On Tuesday evening, December Z, the business men of Turtle Lake sponsored a banquet for the High School football team. The banquet was at the C. O. F, Hall and serving were the ladies of St. Ann's Society. Short talks were given by several business men. Mr. R. E. Peterson, Master of Ceremonies, gave a speech on cooper- ation of teams. Each player rose, gave his name and position. This banquet was greatly appreciated by the boys and was thoroughly enjoyed by all who attended. X 'X Q1 -..-i - N ROW 1: ROW 2: ROW 3: JUNIOR CLASS Dorothea Wanzong, Gloria Fredrick, Marvin Dietrich, Donald Schramski, Clarence Colburn, Weldon Fredrick, Rosemarie Schoenecker, Bernice Becker, Mary Ann Jansen, Rodney Anderson. Mrs. Bidwell, Richard Hammer, Carole Wilton, Roberta Meyers, Norma Ruff, Gerald Raffesburger, Weldon Kingsbury, Elmer Splett, Joseph Kumbhra, Robert Stroschien, Marjorie Hart. Gladys Wagner, Harriet Levings, Marlyce Groehler, Sylvia Merle, Ardis Olson, Carol Gaffney, Elaine Lanti, Maxine Glinski, Carol Gamache, Philip Klinglehoets, Lillian Ruff, June Humphrey. JUNIOR CLASS HISTOR Y In the fall of 1945 the stork left 36 bundles of joy in the cradles of Turtle Lake High School. After being nursed along through our first spills, we finally learned our firsti words. A few of us died in infancy while others crept along toward the higher things in life. It was also in this year that we were weaned from our bottles and proceeded with not quite so many foolish questions. In the beginning of our sophomore year there was that dreaded polio epidemic and our mothers didn't want us to come in contact with the other boys and girls so we rested for two more weeks before starting off to school. You can imagine the excited, or should I say frightened, looks on our faces when we stepped into world history class to say nothing of algebra. Yes, we needed rechanging and guiding by our mother faculty many times. During this year we grew stronger and some of our class members partic- ipated in sports. We also found some of our baby voices maturing enough to make a place for themselves in glee club. Some of us grew strong enough to even participate in band. We learned more and more about words so we could even take part in the annual declamation contest. And now, this, our junior year, we were grown up enough to present our class play, "The Harvest Queen," in December. We now feel grown up enough to prepare our- selves for that wonderful event, the Junior Prom. Our class president selected to reign over the affair is Clarence Colburn. To assist him with class .affairs until that time we chose Donald Schramski, Russell Baker, and Weldon Fredricks. We hope that by next year we shall be ready to leave our cradles and face the world ourselves. Juniors, Don't forget: Rodney Anderson--Nurse in the Cumberland Hospital. Bernice Becker - -Chemistry. Clarence Colburn--The day of the Shell Lake basketball game. Marvin Dietrich--Whispering list. Gloria Fredrick--Your competition for Eddie. Weldon Fredrick--That little Freshman. Carol Garrney--"Yah", Carol Gamache --Your highland fling. Maxine Glinski- -Your poetry. Marlyce Groehler --Amery. Margie Hart--Humming in shorthand class. Richard Hammer--Your merry Oldsmobile. June Humphrey--Albert. Mary Ann Jansen--Borrowing hand lotion. Weldon Kingsbury-- That crust. Philip Klingelhoets - -Your de clam. Joseph Kumera--Laura. Elaine Lahti - -Almena bus. Harriet Levings - -The Navy. Sylvia Merle--Our prom. Roberta Meyer--Those bus rides. Ardis Olson--"Boodie". Gerald Raffelsberger--Skinny. Lillian Ruff--Dates with Freddy. Norma Ruff--First day of school. Rosemarie Schoenecker--Typing partner. Donald Schramski--Typing I. Elmer Splett--Another break for Papa. Robert Strohschein--Rides with Weldon. Gladys Wagner--Mrs. Gaffney. Dorothea Wanzong- -Kitchen. Carole Wilton--That bright green car. ROW l: ROW Z: ROW 3: SOPHOMORE CLASS Ruth Wright, Dorman Tarman, Arnold Ott. Warren King, DuWayne Peterson, Duwayne Orn, Laura McCuskey, Geraldine Dold, Fred Graber, Marcella Hammer. Mr. Pederson, Dorlene Splatt. Mary Ann Krecker, Edward Spooner, Arnold Peer, Therese Heller, Larraine Muller, Joe Stimel, Thomas Johnson, Lloyd Hoffman, Dean Barnes, Donald Magnuson, James Davison, Arlene Leisz. Jack Hellie, Conrad Pearson, George Morgan, Dorothy Yeske, Loretta Eder, Arlene Steglich, Bonnie Zeroth, Ervin Doster, Gilmore Goulet, Genevieve Van Cauteren, Gertrude Grethen, Betty Merle, James Marske, Rose Mary Thomas. Not in picture are--Allen Wendel, Donna Steffin, Francis Lindberg Dorothy Ludke, Faith Meagher. FRESHMAN CLASS HISTOR Y On the sunny morning of September Z, 1947, a group of very intelligent looking boys and girls entered the Turtle Lake High School. After a few ribs from the upper classmen, our classes began. Our first two class periods were taken up by Agriculture for the boys and Home Economics for the girls. These classes passed very quickly with the help of Ramona Diers and Mr. Pederson. Classes were passed and we found that we had time to study if you can. At eleven o'clock we found ourselves face to face with Mr. Gates. We were told that this was General Science class. We were given our books along with some rules about chewing gum and whispering. After that, the 11:45 bellrang and we found that it was time to eat our lunch. At 12:45 classes were again resumed, After one hour of freedom, we found it hard to get busy, but nevertheless, we passed into the assembly room again. There we waited for Mr. Kingsbury to conduct our civics class. After that we were under Mrs. Ruf's care. We received our next day's assignment in English and so from 2:30 to 4:00 we had time to do homework. Week after week went by and then initiation came up. Wasn't so bad was it, kids? Talk of the party cooled down and things resumed their natural order. We all enjoyed going and listening to the University Numbers as well as the football and basketball games. , We all have high hopes for next year and are waiting patiently. SOPHOMORE CLASS HISTORY The year nineteen hundred and forty-six. found forty -five intelligent looking Freshmen entering Turtle Lake High School. Early that year we were very sorry to lose a very dear classmate, Freddie Nieman. Later, Rose Mary Thomas joined our class. We again return to school with more ambition than ever and now as sophomores, we are permitted to sit in the assembly. We are sorry to say that we have lost three more members of our class, Lloyd Potvin, Charles Kittelson, and Darlene Nickell, but we have gained another new 'member who is Allen Wendell. We have chosen for our class officers, the following: DuWayne Peterson ---- President Geraldine Dold -------- V ice President Laura McCuskey ------ Secretary Duane Orn ------------ T reasurer !0ur Initiation Party Committee: provided a quite a humorous evening on November 21, 1947. Each one did his part well, and I'm sure we all had a good time as well as a good lunch. We now have an enrollment of forty -two members, and hope we will all be together to enjoy the rest of our high school days. ' FRESHMAN CLASS ROW 1,: Lester Bergstrom, Frances Grethen, Leonard Hervis, Nancy Anderson, Luella Anderson, Patricia Blechinger, Donna Schramski, Mardell Fredrick. ROW 2: Miss Huey, Leona Diers, Gloria Armstrong, Shirley Nordeen, J'oAnn Miller, Gayle Peterson, Barbara Leisz, Evelyn Wanzong, Irene Henning, Jerry Colburn Gail Potvin, Ardith Dold, Kay Gamache, Marlene Dietrich. ROW 3: Mr. Kingsbury, Doris Kahn, Marlene Nelson, Hazel Mewes, Melvin Steffin, Reinhold Koenig, Roger Vink, Raymond Muller, Orville Koser, Roger Heppner, Patricia Bowers, Helen Van Cauteren, Betty Molls. ' A 5 X Al' NEWSREELSTAFF ANNUALSTAFF NEWSREEL STAFF FIRSTROW: Delores Schaffer, Carol Gamache, DuWayne Orn, Edward Borkon, Ardis Olson, Gloria Hart, Laurie Nuesse. SECOND ROW: Miss Huey, J'oAnn Miller, Roberta Meyers, Weldon Kingsbury, Jo Ann Gall, Carol Wilton, Maxine Glinski, Carol Gaffney. ' THIRD ROW: Delores Barr, Eloise King, Dolores Morgan, Therese Davison, Loretta Cordes, Beverley Olson, Geraldine Dold, Jimmy Davison. ANNUAL STAFF FIRST ROW: June Humphrey. Gloria Hart, Therese Davison, Laurie Nuesse, Mary Ann Jansen, Edward Borkon, Paul Heller, Francis Anderson SECOND ROW: Carol Gamache, Delores Schaffer, Evelyn Wanzong, Io Ann Gall, Bill Barnes, Roberta Meyers, Eloise King, Gloria Frederick, Genevieve Van Cauteran, Miss Huey. THIRD ROW: Maxine Glinski, Elaine Lahti, Delores Vink, Gordon DeGolier, Phyllis Orn, Loretta Cordes, Beverly Olson, Delores Morgan. LETTER MAN'S CLUB ROW 1: Weldon Fredrick, Paul Heller, Laurie Ann Nuesse, Bill Barnes, Gordon DeGolier, Marvin Dietrich, Rodney Anderson. ROW 2: Mr. Kingsbury, Alonzo Peer, Edward Borkon, Dale Magnuson, DuWayne Peterson, Clarence Colburn, Arthur Feidt. ROW 3: Carol Gaffney, Arldis Olson, Mary Jane Peterson, Arnold Peer, Phyllis Orn Gloria Hart, Therese Davison. LETTER MAN'S CLUB The Letterman's Club was organized in the fall of '47 by lettermen and Coach LaRoy Kingsbury. It was organized for several reasons: First, to create an interest between high school students and the Alumni. Second, to assist in supervision of the school. Third, it is to get the student's ideas and viewpoints on ways of the school. The requirements are: You must have a letter. You must have a "C" average or better. No senior to be elected to office. Accomplishments: Detention List--Students being punished for whis- pering, etc. doing school work rather than non- valuable work. The ideas brought up by students are discussed and if agreed upon the approach committee takes the problems and ideas to Mr. Gates. This committee consists of: Bill Barnes. Marty Braem Paul Heller Gordon Anderson Officers at present are: President ------ ---- B ill Barnes Vice President ------ Gordon DeGolier Secretary ------ ---- L aurie Ann Nuesse Treasurer-U ---- P aul Heller F. F. A. Across---Otto Becker, Lloyd Hoffman, Weldon Kingsbury, De Golier, Tony Kantke, Mr. Pederson. The officers elected for 1947 and 1948 are President - - - Vice Pres. Secretary - - - Treasurer Reporter - Sentinel -- Advis or ----- - -Otto Becker - -Tony Kantke - Lloyd Hoffman ----Gordon De Golier - ---Weldon Kingsbury ----Jerry Colburn - -Mr. Pederson Jerry Colburn, Gordon F. F. A. Thirty-seven agriculture students joined the Future Farmers Chapter of the Turtle Lake High School for the 1947 -48 school year. The local chapter received its charter nine years ago and has been an active chapter ever since. The Future Farmers Chapter is a National organization and includes Puerto Rico and Hawaii. The Future Farmers Chapter includes in its training, leadership and character development, sportsmanship, cooperation, service, thrift, scholar ship, improved agriculture, organized recreation, citizenship and patriotism. The Greenhand and Chapter Farmer Degree members were presented with their degree pins for outstanding work. The chapter plans on ending the school year with a tour or camping trip. BAND GLEE CLUB GLEE CLUB FIRST ROW: Mr. Sapp, Ardis Olson, Irene Henning, Evelyn Wonzong, Mardell Fredrick, Bonnie Zeroth, Mary Ann Krecker, Gladys Wagner, Laura McCuskey, Geraldine Dold, Jo Ann Miller, Gertrude Grethen, Kay Gamache, Leatrice Fredrick, Arlene Leisz. ' SECOND ROW: Frances Grethen, Marlene Nelson, Gloria Levine, Ruth Wright, Gloria I-Iart, Laurie Ann Nuesse, Beverly Olson, Eloise'Klng, Loretta Cordea, Ardeth Dold, Nancy Anderson, Marlene Dietrich, Marlys Groehler, Dolores Morgan. THIRD ROW: Donna Schramski, Marjorie Hart, Therese Davison, Therese Heller, Elaine Lahti, Bernice Becker, Lorraine Mueller, Phyllis Orn, Jo Ann Gall, Sylvia Merle, Betty Merle. The glee club has put on performances this year, at which they did very well. On Armistice Day they sang, "Keep the Home Fires Burning," and at the Christmas Program they sang, "Jesus, Joy of Man's Desiring," and "Adoration," by Bach. We have also learned some novelty numbers so our work would not get too monotonous We are now planning for the music festival which will be held at Rice Lake in the Spring. Along with the glee club there will be some smaller groups, too. BAND FIRST ROW: Evelyn Wonzong, Gerald Graunke, Richard King, Duane Orn, Laurie Ann Nuesse, Phyllis Orn, Gloria Hart, Carol Jean Gaffney, Kathleen Gaffney, Gladys Goulet, Michael Tima. SECOND ROW: Edward Borkon, Carole Wilton, Gayle Peterson, Fern Dietrich, JoAnn Miller, Marjorie Hart, Donna Schramski, Mary Jane Peterson, Therese Davison, Loretta Cordes, Eloise King, Beverly Olson, Jane Pagel, Marlene Dietrich, Betty Merle, June Humphrey. THIRD ROW: Ardeth Dold, Ardis Olson, Janice Miller, Gloria Fredrick, Jo Ann Gall, Rodney Anderson, George Morgan, Annabelle Peterson, Betty . Peterson, Nancy Anderson, Michael Tima, Mr. Sapp, Director. Under the supervision of W, A, Sapp, our new band director, the band started off the new school year by preparing for the Homecoming Events. This included PTAC- ticing maneuvers and new pieces. In the afternoon of October 31, our Homecoming Day, the band took part in the afternoon parade and that evening performed several maneuvers during the half of the football gaxne. It also has played at the Junior Class Play and is now preparing for the Music Festival at Rice Lake. Several members of the band are planning on taking solos and duets. FORENSICS FIRST ROW: Laurie Nuesse, Gloria Hart, Eloise King SECOND ROW: Paul Heller, Edward Borkon. SOLOISTS Mary Jane Peterson, Phyllis Orn, Therese Davison LIBRARY CLUB d d Miss Janice Johnson In its The Library Club was first organize un er . membership are the librarians, Roberta Meyer, Frances Lindberg, Maxine Glinski, Faith Meagher, and Weldon Kingsbury. At the beginning of our school year several shipments of new books were re- lib i s to catalog these various books and send ceived. It was the duty of the rar an them to the grade libraries for distribution. Some of the new books for the high school are: In Forensics, we had a very successful year. The winners in were: They were Expendable Centennial Summer Yankee Hobo In The Orient Three Mustangeers An Old Fashioned Girl The Flying Yorkshireman Pinocchio The Best American Short Stories Dr. Christian's Office Wuthering Heights Two Years Before the Mast Jane Eyre Mitchell--Pioneer of Air Power FOR ENSICS First Row--Laurie Ann Nuesse, Gloria Hart, Eloise King. Second Row--Paul Heller and Edward Borkon. the local contest Oratory--Edward Borkon, first: Laurie Ann Nuesse, second. Serious Declamatory--Gloria Hart, first: Eloise King, second. Humorous Declamatory--Victory Emigh, first: Paul Heller, second Extemporaneous Speaking- -Marty Braem. At the elimination contest, Edward Borkon, Paul Heller, Victor Emigh, and Marty Braem received "A" ratings. At the District Contest at Riiver Falls, Edward Borkon received an "A" rating and was the first student from Turtle Lake ever to go to the State Contest held at Madison. JUNIOR CLASS PLAY - 1946 JUNIOR CLASS PLAY - 1947 JUNIOR CLASS PLAY-'46 On December ll, 1946, the junior class presented their annual class play, "Judy Pulls The Curtain". The story concerned a group of teenagers and their efforts to become famous actresses and writers. The cast was as follows: Bill Martin--An easy-going, witty young man of 17---Gilmore Goulet. Lucy Martin--A spoiled but lovable girl of sixteen who has ambitions for a career on Broadway---Betty Buckley, Ann Travis--An aspiring young playwright who hopes that she will someday replace William Shakespeare---Laurie Nuesse. -Tall, slender, and pretty. She is firmly confident that she will become a famous actress---Joyce Sohr. A meek, retiring sort of fellow---Jerry Borowski. -A cheery lad who never seems to let anything get him down---Bob Berglund. A rough, uncouth fellow who pretends to be a movie producer-- Paul Heller. J Mrs. Travis--Pretty and affectionate but rather inclined to be over dramatic - - -Gloria Hart. Judy Travis- Jack Stevens - - Johnny Blair - Joe Sydney-- - Professor Travis ------- Miss Sloan- - - An intelligent, meek and cautious man---J' oe Suennen. "The woman from the press,"---JoAnn Gall. -Another stagestruck, young girl---Eloise King. Martha's twin who is equally determined to have a stage Martha Cook-- Sue Cook ------ career - - -Therese Davison. The play was presented to a full house with the total returns amounting to 5176, the largest amount ever taken in on a class play. The play was presented under the direction of Miss Janice Johnson. JUNIOR CLASS PLAY-'47 Cast: Carol Gamache--Mrs. Doty--An energetic woman of forty-seven who dramatizes each and every situation. Mary Ann Jansen--Laura--the spoiled darling. Her mother's pet: she is beautiful, but cold and haughty. June Humphrey---Marion--pretty, unspoiled and entirely wrapped up in her household life. Carole Wilton ---- Myra--an ex-'schoolteacher of forty -five with a dominant manner and an even disposition. Carol Gaffney ---- substitute for Sylvia Merle--Jenny--a good-natured maid of Norwegian extraction. Elmer Splett---Preston--the father. He is robust and ordinarily mild tempered. Gilmore Goulet---Hubert--the oldest'son. A witty talker with "ideas" for making money. Tommy Johnson---Buck--the youngest son. Thoughtless and full of fun and given to speaking his own rnind. Paul Heller---Donald Young--an athletic individual of twenty with quiet manne and a 'bashful sort of a, grin. Tony Kantke---'William Roberts--a diamond in the rough.' A man to which people took an instant liking. Summary: This play concerns a typical small town family whose oldest daughter is chosen queen of the Harvest Festical. Rain spoils the parade, the queen catches a cold, but all t-irna out well in the end. IS PROM KING ANG QUEEN B111 Barnes and Eloise King Home CQMING CANDIDATES Mary !mc,Pcterloa, Io Ann Gull Loretta Cordel, and Eloise King. "THE STARDUST PR OM' ' The junior class presented their annual Junior Prom on April 1947. King Bill Barnes and his Queen, Eloise King, reigned over the evening's fe stivitie s . The juniors chose "STARDUST" as the theme for this gala occasion. The Cornrnunity Hall where the event was held, was decorated in blue and white White lattice -work decorated with vines of pink roses graced the walls. The music of the "Blackhawks" lent the crowning touch to this perfect evening. This was one of the best attended affairs of the school year, HOME .COMING Traveling! Trips! Yes, that was what we decided to do the latter part of October. So, after a great deal of preparation and planning we finally took off to the Big City of Turtle Lake, and when we arrived here on the 30th of October, we found the whole town buzzing about some great event that was about to take place. After listening to a great deal of conversation, we found out they were starting their Homecoming Festivities that night. Everyone was welcome so at eight o'c1ock, we joined the rest of the people who had gathered at the school house, to hear the band play, and listen to the talks given by some of the former athletes of T. L. H. S. Our own players were present to give talks also. A snake dance then proceeded down through the town led by our cheerleaders. After this, the bonfire was lighted and the usual amount of cheers were given again. Finding out that the main events would take place the next day, everyone decided to go home about ten-thirty. The next afternoon a parade of floats proceeded down town led by the American Legion and the band. Prizes were given to the Red and White Store, F. F, A, and the Freshman Class for presenting the bestfloats although there were many other good ones. That evening we folmd ourselves at the football field listening to the band. At eight o'clock the big game between Bruce and Turtle Lake began. It was a scoreless tie at the half when the band did their maneuvering. After this entertainment was over our boys came back and won the garne 14-6. After the game, in the town hall, we found things going in full swing with music being furnished by the Black Hawk orchestra. Soon we spied five girls in formals and after inquiring we found that they were candidates for Home Coming Queen. At eleven o'clock we found out that Pearl Eder had been chosen queen. It was indeed a lovely sight when she and her four attendants, Loretta Cordes, J'oAnn Gall, Eloise King, and Mary 'Jane Peterson led the grand march which was the high light of the evening. The dance drew to a close with everyone satisfied with the enjoyment they had. f 4 ff K Qfl gsm Mk A 4.19 FOOTBALL Representatives For A11 -Star Team B111 Barnes Weldon Fredrick ENDS: GUARDS: CENTERS: BACKS: COACHS: PR INCIPAL: TEAMS Prairie Farm Shell Lake Clayton Cameron Chetek New Auburn Bruce Clear Lake FOOTBALL TEAM Leonard Hervas - - - Melvin Steffen ----- Donald Schramski-- Arnold Peer ------- DuWayne Peterson - Gordon DeGolier ----- Roger Heppner ----- Francis Anderson - - Arthur Feidt ------- Richard Hammer - -- Gerald Raffesberger Weldon Fredricks - - R odney Ander s on ---- Marvin Dietrick ---- Dale Magnuson - - - Paul Heller- - - Alonzo Peer ------- Clarence Colburn -- Bill Barnes ------- Mr. Kingsbury lvir. Pederson Mr. Gates SCORE 0 18 0 19 12 13 6 6 60194719 Turtle Turtle Turtle Turtle Turtle Turtle Turtle Turtle Turtle 1145 ----1149 ----H47 ----qsz H54 ----H59 Q43 4156 1146 4151 4140 ----qso ----qsa 1 A --- H57 ----H48 --- 1'4Z --- l'58 --- H41 --- H44 Lake SCORE Lake 40 Lake Z0 Lake 54 Lake 13 Lake 12 Lake 19 Lake 14 Lake 2.0 -- 9-5 1 ,P 1 ,U 1 ,u 'r I 'r IP Coach LaR oy Kingsbury in his seventh year as Turtle Lake's football coach brought his team into 3rd place with 6 wins, ,l tie, and l lost which is a great im provement over last year. Turtle Lake is set for another big year, when 6 lettermen will return for the 1948 season. BASKETBALL wsf CHEER LEADER S Gloria Hart, Jo Ann Gall, Mary Jane Peterson, Sylvia Merle FOR WARDS2 CENTER: GUARDS: COACH: MANAGER 2 BASKET BALL Edward Box-kon ---- Clarence Colburn ---- Arnold Peer ------ Francis Anderson ---- William Barnes -- Weldon Fredrick - DuWayne Peterson Rodney Anderson ---- Gordon DeGo1ier -- Alonzo Peer ------ Duane Orn -- Mr. Kingsbury James Davison 1 I -- Q7 -- can ---4111+ K9 'n -- I -- 463, --- 11211 my -- 1313 ---qsir ---q-43, -- 4-qu The season record for this year in the Lakeland Conference was as follows: TEAM Chetek Weyerhauser Clayton Shell Lake Balsam Lake Clear Lake Balsam Lake TEAM Prairie Farm Chetek Clayton Shell Lake Prairie Farm Clear Lake Town Team SCORE 35 22 Z3 37 40 32 36 SCORE 31 42 37 54 Z6 22 25 The Turtle Lake High School Basketball Team enjoyed one of its most successful seasons this year. TURTLE LAKE SCORE Turtle Lake 18 Turtle Lake 29 Turtle Lake 33 Turtle Lake 30 Turtle Lake 33 Turtle Lake 31 Turtle Lake 38 TURTLE LAKE SCORE Turtle Lake 34 Turtle Lake 37 Turtle Lake 48 Turtle Lake Z4 Turtle Lake 33 Turtle Lake 19 Turtle Lake 35 With the tough competition the team has faced this year, they did very well in winning 8 of their 17 game schedule including the tournament. Turtle Lake entered the Sub. District Tournament at Cameron on Wednesday, February 18. In the first game Cameron defeated Turtle Lake 54-26. Turtle Lake just cou1dn't get going and lost to a strong Cameron quintet which went on to take first place in the Sub. District Tournament, ln the second game the "Turtles" rolled up their largest score as they defeated Draper 59-30. Turtle Lake took an early lead of 12-3, but the lead was cut to a 25-15 half time score. In the third quarter, three of the starting five fouled out of the game, but the substitutes played a good game, along with the other two boys, to win the game. Turtle Lake entered the Shell Lake district tournament on Saturday night to play Minong for Consolation Honors. After a hard-fought game Minong defeated Turtle Lake by a score of 48-30. This game was the last high school basketball game for five seniors. They are: Edward Borkon William Barnes Gordon DeGo1ier Alonzo Peer Francis Anderson Prospects for next year's team look very well. Some of the underclassmen who have been doing good work are: Clarence Colburn Weldon Fredrick Rodney Anderson DuWayne Peterson Duane Orn Arnold Peer 1 All the boys worked together, in victory and defeat, and they feel they have had a successful season. We are very happy to know our new electric scoreboard has arrived and will be ready for use at the games next year, BASEBALL ROW 1: Edward Borkon, Gorden DeGolier, Bill Barnes, DuWayne Peterson, Rodney Anderson, Paul Heller. ROW Z: Mr. Kingsbury, Mr. Pederson, Arthur Fiedt, Alonzo Peer, Clarence Colburn, Weldon Frederick, Dale Magnuson, Gerald Raffelsberger, Arnold Peer, Francis Anderson, Jimmy Davison. ROW 3: Duane Orn, Jackie Hellie, Leonard Hervis, Richard Hammer, Marvin Dietrich Donald Schramski, Tony Kantke. The baseball team Jackie Hellie ------- BASEBALL of 1948 consists of the following boys 49 Dale Magnuson - - - Leonard Hervas ---- 45 Gerald Raffesberger Richard Hammer ---- 51 Arnold Peer ------ Marvin Dietrich ---- -57 Francis Anderson- Donald Schramski - - -47 Edward Borkon - - - Tony Kantke ------- 24 Gordon DeGolier - - Arthur Feidt ------- Alonzo Peer ------ Clarence Colburn - - - Weldon Fredrick 46 --ss 41 so Bill Barnes ------ DuWayne Peterson R odney Ander s on - Paul Heller ------- Manager ----- James Davison Arno Ott Coaches ----- Mr. Kingsbury Mr. Pederson Turtle Lake looks forward to a fine season in baseball-'this spring with seven veterans back from last year's team. They are as follows: Alonzo Peer, Weldon Fredricks, Arnold Peer, DuWayne Peterson, Bill Barnes, Gordon DeGolier, Rodney Anderson. These men have a lot of experience from last year games, and also from the baseball and softball which they all played through the summer months. We hope to better our last year's season which was one conference and one non-conference loss, along with six victories. There is a good number of substitutes coming up that will play in the season to come. a ?f?E':2'fL WALSWORTH L.n.f.q..,.1..-4 A so-me by WALSWGRTM BROTHERS Mufqlmp, Mo . U 5, K N-I 4' , JP' as 1, v Y 1 M Y rl ww V!! N -L . ,. .- - ,. ,,,., ,, Q QE: ' Ill! NX IWW ff E T Z lf' "5-.-f1 1H'51' .' M -' - .4 "' - -'z -1: - '---Er fl 1 29145 11- WL, Q- - a .. 51-11 . - 'F 'f - ia EE ' -EF U1 Y x 'hah ' 'N ,f . -5-'1-f.:- i .mm . .- J.efi1 -Sg- i' ' 1- k .t fi .- PT- K 7' -' ' ' -111 ,WL '-" 'AQ' ' 111 ii gf Q NW 1.1 ie. gf? :E - S,."ns. y S 2 fx 15, , ' 'L L. ,iw ' - 1 - 'I 1113.1 'N . 4 112 112 2211. 4. i .:1'."21'.1'1.1E E3 Q . 5 1:1 I 111: ,xggagaht ,: V.-v,.'-. Q JJ., ..1'.g'.Z2 11 I 1 11 1 132 12 A IX- ,. -3' - 11 -- .' - 1' - 1Z.- 12 12,.'v'gf152.2fA--Q5 cj '4- 1z - .:. 1: - 1' . -1 .. mfg fm.,-21.. 17-Q Q' -- .:' -1' 1- 1' - zz 2- -:1- :zz SE ,ga 122-.3115 QQ 1: Q21 :QQ -22, 55235 .,, 3'5q,l X-1',:11,1:1'-21' 1 H: -11 1:12:11 2:1 ' ..- .- ' . -' .- " --' .--' PRX' XL :S-'Z K:,12:'j2f'-1 21: 332 113 1:13 zzz- 11- -g1.- -' :1.i.,,'1.. 'ag' ' 2ze1'-- 122 112.1112 ... ,, U 43:-:AT 1gj,,'g'. . 1 -.3 V, LW251 - .. f 32342,- 'f 'iliivifz ' 4 --f yf? QM iii K A A H , - Q, 1 X E , 4 N' n QQ' Y 'Wt I , , . :J 'F vga. Ill an vu 7'-He ,, -we hiv ' ,Q L..-wwf" 1. Laurie Ann Nuesse. 2.. Seniors in 3rd grade. 3. Billy Barnes. 4. Robert Berglund. 5. "Swede". ' 6. Phyllis Orn and teacher. 7. Seniors ln Sth grade, 8. Iinlrny D., Gloria H., Margie H.. and Therese D. 9. JoAnn Gall fBaby Sitterl. rg--nk ar 1 4'-P0 .,. 'xr ' .en-.. u 4. Nav 91 - ',. Now We Graduate-'44, Carol Gamache. Bernice Becker. Arno Ott. Keith Ott. "Boodie" Borkon. Betty Merle. Irvin and Dorlene S. Eloise King. ll A A f , .gy If I Q? in 1? B ' if 1 ix, , 'f Lf 6. wl f 4-Sf, Lin- Y J' Wrf Q Raw 'ui X wall' I. ,L H ' - QT "W ' ' ' AAV f4 js! if I 5 :g.n.' ., ,.1 iff ' v' 5 1 'il ' . . 7 1 Y . . ' B , J-H V 4 rfgff e ' .3 if 5 - ,jr-' If 1- ', 'J Q fi fx, n nn '5 h f Q , ',-T V rl I , - dv' 1 9' 'ff W. . Q D F 'fi ' db Wi-'35 Twins ? ? ? Hot Dog!! Whet's so interesting, huh? 7 Dance, Ballerina, Dance. Smile pretty, girls! Pals! Resting, Gloria? ? ? Dolores and Jenny. "Margie pushed me!" The whole gang. Went e push? ? ? "Lonely Little Petunia" Nice view! L. H. M. Whistle bait! Duck. Gilff 4135i sa' ,M f eff' if an-M' 0 z. 'T' Club Float. On parade!! Flottum'a prize winning floay At eaaeff F, F. A, Float. "Queen Pearl" The Prom o! '47, "Short subject!" Gigglesff Spectators. "Coach", 1 M W ' , w W f I f A in Y. 04" Ulf SCENES FROM THE FACULTY BASKETBALL GAIVIE RP.. lk . 3:5543 S fix-PQ.. f 1 7:1-ll Q 54 Y 'a -- , , 'Q fx . 2 .5 - ," K, 'T r Hfif- .C,. ., A ,S xi fi ' . '-Yvf' ff 5 3' J 1.2-4, 'ff di.-.Q wi MRS. GAFFNEY OUR HOT LUNCH COOK 4 A ,,ql , 3 '- ' C K' -, Q v cv-K' cv? aff can VI YOUR CO-OPERATIVE CREAMERY Guarantees You The Highest Prices For Your Grade A 8: B Milk HIGH QUALITY MILK High Quality Milk will command higher prices in the future than it has in the past, due to increasing high standards by various Local and Federal Boards of Health. This will be true, whether you sell us or another dairy plant. Highest Quality Milk is the result of clean cows, clean barns, clean milk houses and utensils, and of proper cooling. Turtle Lake Co-ep Creamer Assn '7 The -IWIIITWQS T HE COMMUNITY NEWSPAPER. Publishes more news of this community than ANY other newspaper in the world. lvlaintains a staff of 16 news correspondents in nearly all parts of the area, THE TIMES saves its readers thousands of dollars by its timely advertising for the community merchants to their customers. THE TIMES Want Ad section is the cornmunity market place for exchange of small articles, etc. It has grown from a few ads to nearly a full page each week. THE TIMES gives the best Sports Coverage of the community each and every week. "READ IT IN THE TI1vIES" Corn all HEilI'dXA are HARDWARE - ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES -- PLUMBING Telephone 41 Hardware - We Have It Turtle Lake Wisconsin Bank of Turtle Lake MEMBER OF FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION 55,000 Maximum Insurance For Each Depositor Turtle Lake Motor Co. Ford Car s And Trucks FROZEN FOOD LOC KERS 1 Sales And Service L. S. Warland Phone 3801 Quality And Economy Go Hand In Hand When You Buy At The Red 84 White Store Arnold Flottum, Proprietor Turtle Lake, Phone No. 9 Wisconsin Congratulations To The Class Of '48 A. 0. Blix The Quality Store Since 1904 Congratulations To The Class Of '48 From The Lawrence Dairy ll Ben Borkon Store "Where Highest Quality Is Linked With Lowest Prices." A Complete Line Of General Merchandise Shoes And Rubbers - Clothing - Groceries Four and Feed. FONGRATULATIONSf To The Class Of 1948 And To All The Students Of The Turtle Lake School BRUCE J. WATERS Village President BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF '48 Harold Graber MILK HAULING Phone 408 Turtle Lake Wisconsin l 9 Drugs And Sundries, Sick Room Supplies Prescriptions Carefully Compounded At All Hours. Greeting Cards For All Occasions, We Are As Near To You As Your Telephone. Call Us Often, Courteous Service Always. OUADE'S DRUG STORE TURTLE LAKE CO-OP STORE For Quality Merchandise At A Saving Modern Self Service Or Friendly Clerk Service As You Wish. Buy Co-Op And Save. Phone 30 FISCHER HARDWARE CO. General Hardware, Paints, Furniture, Oils, Stoves And Ranges ALVIN FISCHER - Proprietor Turtle Lake Wisconsin The Home Of Quality Foods Meals - Sandwiches Ice Cream BENT 'S CAFE Phone 8008 CONGRATULATIONS SENIOR CLASS OF '48 From THE MAYOR AND VILLAGE BOARD Turtle Lake Wisconsin COMPLIMENTS OF ERV LAWERENCE MILK ROUTE TURTLE LAKE TELEPHONE COMPANY BOB PROSSER Bring Your Friends To SHORTY BARR'S For Refreshments, Lunches, Or Bus Tickets JOHN STRASSER Garage and Trucking Service Turtle Lake Wisconsin Congratulations To The Seniors OLCOTT LUMBER CO. Turtle Lake Wisconsin Oliver Sales and Service TURTLE LAKE IMPLEMENT Ed and Eruno Leisz - PI'0P1'iBt01'5 Best Of Luck To The Class Of 1948 ELLENSON FURNITURE CO. Complete Home Furnishers Electrical Appliances - Bottle Gas Turtle Lake Cumberland T. D. BERNIER INSURANCE AGENCY Will Insure Anything Insurable Life - Fire - Health - Automobile A Premium will not "Br'eak" you-a loss may! Turtle Lake Wisconsin NEW COMMERCIAL HOTEL-CAFE A. J. PERRAULT - Proprietor Turtle Lake Wisconsin DR. D. A. O'BRIAN Dentist Turtle Lake Wisconsin BENO'S NITE CLUB Specializing in The Best Foods and Liquors On Highways 8 And 63 Turtle Lake Wisconsin HERB JOHNSON Radio and Electronic Appliances Radios - Appliances - Petroleum Products Surveying - Drafting - Car Accessories Batteries - Tires' Sales and Service Turtle Lake Wisconsin HOME APPLIANCE CO. Coolerator Electric Refrigerators - Ice Refrigerators Home and Farm Freezers Turtle Lake Wisconsin TURTLE LAKE MEAT MARKET Complete Line Of Fresh and Cured Meats Quality Groceries Phone 64 A. M. Shipshock - Proprietor CONGRATULATIONS TO SENIOR CLASS OF 1948 FROM HENRY LEISZ OIL BULK DEALER THE TURTLE TAVERN Arnold Larson, Operator E. H. PAGEL TURTLE LAKE DRAY Turtle Lake, Wisconsin Compliments Of MERLE METSKERS STATION Standard Oil Products Turtle Lake, Wisconsin CUSTOM BODY WORKS Auto Body And Fender Repair Painting Phone 10 Turtle Lake, Wisconsin HARRY 'S SERVICE Harry Skrupky Washing Lubrication - Accessories Pure Oil Products Be Sure With Pure Route 8 and 63 Turtle Lake, Wisconsin Compliments Of A. L. ANDERSON Mobilgas And Mobiloili Agent Phone Z 9 O4 Compliments Of K. W. BAKER, M. D. Office In Residence Upstairs Turtle Lake, Wisconsin BUNKER'S SERVICE Mobilgas - Mobiloil Car Washing - Greasing Located On Highway 8 and 63 Phone 78 , 7- .m-,.- .m--,.. '-- Q 1 ....,fn-1 ,vm In-f-num-fi, 7 BEN SC HRAIXIISKI COMPLIMENTS General Farm Hauling OF A Milk And School Bus I Service FRIEND '11'u'r Lle Lake , Wisconsin WE WISH TO THANK THE ADVERTISERS FOR HELPING MAKE THIS BOOK POSSIBLE.

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