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1 :Pai E17f':f?'Zf7f57a- 'lf THE TIQDIAN PUBLISHED BY SENIOR CLASS TURTLE LAKE HIGH SCHOQL TURTLE LAKE NGRTHLDAKOTA 0 Xa. 1 .lf L , a n ' 1 a 3117 JL N375 ,a H v an gp Eagles iff Q xf A X 5 f ,M 1 5 ffl or .,.- -v, , K ,..-.. .1 . Ll... ... Activities Editor LuElla Grosz Assistant Virginia Sellon Senior Class Editor Lillian Yesenko Assistant Arlene Schumacher fl ag X Ati fig , f a.n, ggi 4 for ANNUAL STAFF 'WHB III E A Photography John Hawley Assistant Gerald Walcker bports Editor Meinhardt Flemmcr Assistants Norman Schlafmann Alvin Dale Schock Editor in Chief Loretta Grosz Assistant James Sellon Art Editor Ruth Preisinger Assistant Ardella Schon .JS Business Manager Alfred Schock Assistant Richard Huston Class Reporter Barbara Harmon Assistant Doris Keck . jvc Jake Schlafmann Jerold Hanson, Pres. Julius Haas I Board of Education Geo. L. Falkenstein, Sup't. .5 Virn A. McElwain Principal k Band VWEYMQ ' . ,.N x "",1' Q if--K -G hu YW 5 L60I1aI'd W5-Ck Leona Anderson Roy Hovey COHCU English R Music Veteranus Ag Social Studies Q SV, e ce wh a r X H X '7 G 1,1:: o'oo gig X J.. 'FK' G fab. di' , x"'? ' gif! ! . ,G d " w G My ' G Q G 41, NmmJa Qt G Emily Englund 2 d lst Grade n Grade Miranda Mehrer Helen Lynne 6th 5 Bth Grades Lillian McLaughlin Sth Grade -if Eloise Fischer nth Grade X Betty Vander Vorste 3rd Grade Agnes Heckler 7th Grade 5 x Q r X E ?"' v,' ,n' I! 'J Y ,tfllu L' ,QB Alfred Schock g'Yj Class President 3-A Vice President l Trojan Staff M Chorus 1-2-3-A Mixed Chorus 1-2-3-M Boy's Quartette 3-L Class Play 3 King Candidate 3 Basketball l-2-3-M Football Captain M ,... Football 1-2-3-A Alfred Schock, President ' ss fficers Senior Cla O Richard Huston, Treas. Mr. McElwain, Advisor James Sellon, V. Pres. Alfred Schock, Pres. Lillian Yesenko, Sec. 15" James Sellon Vice President R' h d H st T 1 , 1C ar u on, reaslrer Class Vice President 3-A Student Mgr, 2 Student Council 5 Football A Trojan Staff M Carnival King A Basketball l-2-3-U Football 2-3-A Basketball Captain Basketball Co-Capt Second All County Football Team 3 LL ain 2-3 Lillian Yesenko, Secretary 6 Class Treas. A Boy's State 2 Trojan Staff M Chorus L-2-3-M Pep Club 2-3-M Class Treas. 2- Queen Candidate Class Secretary Office Typist M Class Play 3 Trojan Staff M 2 2 Alvin Schock Class Play 3 Chorus 1 Ardella Schon Chorus 1-2-3-M Pep Club 1-2-3-LL Librarian M Grade Reporter M Barbara Harmon Chorus 1-5-Q F H A 1-2 Pep Club 3-Q Cheerleader 1 Trojan Staff A Mixed Chorus 3-Q Class Play 3 John Hawley Trojan Staff M Student Council M Meinhardt Flemmer Trojan Staff Q Football 2-A Class Play 3 Chorus 1-2-3-u Boy's State 3 Arlene Schumacher Chorus l-2-3-U Cheer Leader M Pep Club 1-2-3'U Lp-H Club 1-2-3-LL Ruth Preisinger Chorus 1-2-3-A Trojan Staff L Class Play 3 Pep Club l-2-A Rueben Berget Chorus 2-3-A Mixed Chorus 2-3-M Class Play 3 5 ll Ni 5 554' Luella Grosz Chorus 1-2-3-A Pep Club l-2-3-M Trojan Staff A Class Play 3 Pep Club Treas. Office Typist Queen Candidate Grade Reporter COLORS ,...-- lr LL Loretta Grosz Chorus 1-2-3-Q Trojan Staff A Class Play 3 Librarian 1-2-3 Student Council 1 0 Pep Club l-2-3- Lunchroom Bkkg. 3 M Girls State 3 MOTTO FLOWER -,....- ,,,.--Y ff,-,,l. 9 -,....-.- H1s1'g2Y.f Q Q aali, We, the :raduating class of 1952, wish to present to you at this time a syno- psis of our trials and tribulations up to this time. Most of us started school in about LVQO. we managed to get through the first eight years despite the usual difficulties.Such as sickness and keeping the teach- er after school now and then. After overcoming these difficulties we were ready to enter high school. During the Freshman year there were twenty-six of us including the following: Alfred Schock, James Sellon, Loretta Grosz, Luella Grosz, Lillian Schlaht, Ruth Preisinger, Rueben Bergit, Richard Huston, Meinhardt Flemmer, Ardella Schon,Arlene Schumacher, Alvin Schock, John Hawley, Clinton Jesser, Raymond Sanderson, Kenneth Sandberg, Oscar Corum, Gordon Torkelson, Donald Belsheim, Meinhart Schock, Laura Kvale, Leona Presser,Arliss Ockert,Ann Sandberg,Delano Repnow, and Richard Heinle. In our sophmore year Lillian Yesenko joined our class and the following left: Kenneth Sandberg,Oscar Corum, Gordon Torkelson, Donald Belsheim, Meinhardt bchock, Lillian Schlaht, and Laura Kvale, leavin At the beginning of our junior year class. Clinton Jesser, Richard Heinle, total number was now 15. At the beginning of our Senior Year lies Ockert, Delano Repnow, Wesley Helm, left with lk members. I James Sellon and Richard Huston att Ruth Preisinger went to Otis Uistri years of high school were spent at Turtl Alfred Schock went to Turtle Lake remainder of his grade school was spent of high school were attended at Turtle L Loretta Grosz attended schodlat Lak g our class with l9 students. Barbara Harmon and Wesley Helm joined our Ann Sandberg, and Leona Presser left. Our we lost four more members, including: Ar- and Raymond Sanderson. Our class was then ended all 12 years at Turtle Lake. ct foO for her first eight years. Her four e Lake. Public school for his first 5 years. The at wise School District?36. All four years ake. e Margaret Districtyoh for her first eight years and then came to Turtle Lake for her high school. Meinhardt Flemmer received the firs 522 and came to Turtle Lake for his four Lillian Yesenko wentto Nelson Distr Her first year of high school was spent ing three years at Turtle Lake. John Hawley went to Rueter schoolfl were spent in Turtle Lake. t eight years of his education at New Home years of high school. ict?67 for ha-first eight years of school. at Benedict, North Dakota, and the remain- for his first 6 years of school. The rest Arlene Schumacher went to school in Turtle Lake for her first grade. Her se- cond through the fifth grades were spent years at Turtle Lake. Alvin Schock attended his first se rict WBA. His high school was spent in Luella Grosz went to Lake Margaret school at Palmburg F66 for the remaining for her four years of high school. Barbara Harmon attended Otis Distri to Velva for her first two years of hig Turtle Lake. Rueben Bergit receivedhis gradescho in Seattle, Washington,and the remaining- ven years of school at Lake Margaret Dist- Turtle Lake. for her first year of school, she attended seven years, then she came to Turtle Lake ct WSC for her first eight years. She went h school. She finished h h l t her hig sc oo a ol education at Crooked Lake Districtf 26 He came to Turtle Lake for his high school. Ardella Schon went to Holmes consol Her sixth grade she spent at Mercer and 353. Her eighth grade and high school e Our first important class activity edy, entitled, nThanks Honey.n On May 1, 1951 we gave a banquet fo Day theme. idated District 653 for again her seventh grade her first 5 years. at Holmes District ducation she received at Turtle Lake. was our Junior Class Play,a three-act com- r the Senior Class of 1951. We had a May I0 was WH-gf i X - - We, the graduating Seniors of '52, of the institution of secondary education, known as Turtle Lake High School, being of sound mind and memory do hereby make, ordain, publish,and declare this to be our last will and testament, to the undeci- ded, unprepared lower classmen of the Turtle Lake High School. RICHARD HUSTON wills his position as left-end on the football team to MARJEAN BROWN in hopes that she will be of benefit to the Trojan football squad. RICHARD wills his dark beard to JAMES SCWWMAGHER to go with his blonde hair. ARLENE SCHUVACHER wills her job at the cafe to GLORIA PETERSON so Gloria can meet a variety of the opposite sex. ARLENE wills her long claws to DARLENE LIND- TEIGEN to complete her ll!! personality. VEINHARDT FLEMMER wills his ability to talk during school time and not get caught to RICHARD GOVEN. MEINHARDT wills his soft and timid laugh to JEANNE FIS- CHER in hopes that she will use it as often as he did. LORETTA GROSZ wills to RANONA KVAMME all her debates she had with Mr. Wick,so they get settled. LORETTA wills to MIKE GUTENSOHN her ability to stay in her desk in the assembly so he won't wear a teacher out. LILLIAN, ARDELLA, and ARLENE will an alarm clock to DORIS KECK, we sincerely hope that she will put it to better use than they did, especially in getting tosc- hool on time in the morning. ARDELLA SCHON wills her height to LOIS BERGO so she won't feel so self cons- ious at certain times. ALVIN SCHOCK wills his ability to go down town during school hours without - getting caught to ARYCLE BORG. ALVIN wills his masculine build to AHART HOFER. RUTH PREISINGER wills her ability to argue "Present-Day-Problems" to HENRY BIBELHEIMER. RUTH wills her ability to mind her own business to CLARICE OCKERT. ALFRED AND JIM will to the rest of the basketball boys their calm,easy going manner in the dressing room before a game. LUELLA GROSZ wills her job in the office to LOIS OLSON, so Lois won't have to work so hard to find out the latest happenings. LUELLA wills her forward position on the "Phy Ed" basketball team to EARL ALEXANDER. JAAES SELLCN wills his Mercury to MR. WICK so he won't have to worry abgut u1e Chevy starting and being late for a game. ARLENE wills her ability to go steady to DELTON HOFER. LILLIAN YESENKO wills her graceful step to LAVERNE HAAS. LILLIAN wills her old comic books to LARRY LEVI to make sure his supply lasts over the next school year. JAMES SELLON wills his basketball jersey number 26 to LOIS BERGO so the fu- ture Seniors can take first place in the girls basketball tournament next year. JAMES wills DARLENE to EARL ALEXANDER for safe keeping next year. ARDELLA SCHON wills her glasses to MYRON CARR so he won't overlook the finer things in life. ARDELLA wills her ability as grade reporter to the future report- ers so Clarice won't have to tell tell everyone how to do it. RUEBEN, MEINHARDT, and JOHN will their ability to mix chemicals and still be around to tell about it, to MR. FALKENSTEIN. LUELLA wills to MARJORIE LOVE some thread and a needle, so she won't have to come to school with an l5-inch slit in the back of her skirt. LUELLA wills her genuine and warm-hearted smile to ARDITH BEGGS to replace her sober expression. RICHARD wills his job in the lunchroom to NORMAN SCHLAWNANN in hopes thatrun- ning down town after groceries will keep him in shape. ALFRED SCHOCK wills his left half back position on the football team to JN ES SCHUMACHER so that Turtle Lake will keep its winning ways in football. 11 ALVIN SCHOCK wills his '28 Pontiac to DONNA BRAUN so she can get to Butte when she wants to. LORETTA GROSZ wills to RICHARD GOVEN her ability to get along with the telchr ers, especially in the assembly. LORETTA wills her smiling disposition to GERALD PRESSER so it will stay in school. ARLENE wills her dancing ability to BERNICE SCHAUER, whom we feel is so bad- ly in need of it. ALVIN his ability to argue to DONAVAN LELM. BARBARA HARMON wills her ability to control her temper to VIRGINIA SELLON. BARBARA wills her remarkable ability to remember names to VERDEEN BERGO, so she won't feel embarrassed when the occasion arises. JAMES wills his red hair to LOIS OLSON so she can put it to good use in her arguments. MEINHARDT wills his cowboy boots to MARJEAN BROWN, since she is so short. LORETTA wills her long locks to RUSSELL STADLER. JOHN HAWLEY wills his bow ties to DOROTHY BIBLEHEIMER. JOHN wills his at- tractive figure to FRANCES REMMEN. BARBARA wills her chewing gum to BERNICE SCHAUER. BARBARA wills to JERRY PRESSER and ROSCOE GOVEN her keen eyesight, so they can tell the difference between the men's and women's ? ? ? ? ? LILLIAN wills her position as class secretary to MARDELL SCHLICKENMAYER, so Mardell can put her shorthand ability to good use. JOHN wills his cowboy boots to DONNA LINDER to complete her cowgirl ensemble. RUEBEN wills his athletic ability to GERALD WALCKER. ALFRED wills his handsome and gracious character to JAMES FREBORG SJJim will appear more attractive to the opposite SSX. LUELLA wills her natural blond curls to KEITH NELSON. LILLIAN wills some bobby pins to JACKIE LAKADUK, to hold down his H Toni H, permanent. The Senior girls will their ability to get along with their classmates umthe Junior girls. The Senior boys will the Hawley residence to the Junior boys, so they, tocan raise cane after school like the Seniors did. The Senior's will to the Sophmore's the inability to do our work, tardiness, forged excuses, chewing gum, and anything which may prove of no value to them. The Senior girls will their ability to judge good color combinations to the Freshmen girls, in hopes that the Freshmen will forget their flashy colors. To the freshmen, we also will our exciting experiences as Seniors. In Witness whereof, we.have hereunto subscribed our name and declared this to be our last will and testament. The Seniors of Turtle Lake High School ,-V ' f N. Sli' QT A' 0 5 11? X f f 2 of , f N' " m president" N1 JJ Alfred 3' N75 ' N gals! Ae XXN V E7-s 18 R fx -75" wax . KN X 27" "" . V .Qc . J J.. . ,J . K X 0,90 . .- t v 5? ff: X? 7 r -53' .l-' T. D- ' ' -f 1 'W -. ' " -' - ,jy I- f . ' . V . 12 S gy OPHECY' Q CLASS PR f - if --LV-to oooo As I was walking to work one bright and sunny morning in 1962 at New York Citg a messenger boy approached me and asked if my name was Barbara Harmon. I told him that it was and he immediately handed me a telegram from Fresno,California. I hur- riedly tore it open, wondering who it could be from and what about. In a few mo- ments I found that it was from a friend of mine, Ruth Preisinger, who was employed as a secretary at a large firm there, asking me if I could take leave for a--while and visit her. She said that she may have a story for me. I, being a reporter was naturally quite curious, also anxious for the vacation. I called my boss at theof- fice of the New York Times and he said to go ahead. I decided to take my time tra- veling as I wanted to enjoy the trip. I was scheduled to leave on the Northern Pacific in about 2 hours. As I pack- ed a few things I stopped to turn on the television set. A ball game was being dm- yed between the New York Yankees and the Philadelphia Phillies. Just as I was about to switch to a different station I heard the announcer say, next batter Alvin Dale Schock, who plays centerfield for the Yanks. I was amazed because even though liv- ing in New York, I had not known this. I listened and watched carefully. Strike one---way out in the field. He got to first, second, third and home. He had made a home run and I felt really proud of him. A glance at the clock then showed me that it was time to leave for thestation. I soon stepped on the train and went whizzing on through much beautiful scenerymur til we made our first stop, which was at Pittsburgh,Pennsylvania. As Iwas getting off the train I saw a girl in a Wac's uniform getting on. Looking more closely I, recognized Ardella Schon. She told me that she was still in training and that she liked the work very much. She was now on her way to the West Coast for more train ing. Feeling very happy that I'd met her I walked down the street into the nearest drugstore to the phone to call my friend,Lillian Yesenko, who was a fashion editor for the Seventeen magazine. She told me that she was not too busy and asked me to come and see her for awhile. I did and we talked over old times until it was soon time for my train to leave. Lil said that she'd walk to the station with me. As we were waiting, a poor bum came up to us and asked us for a dime so that hecould buy a cup of coffee. I exclaimed, why, Jack Hawley, by this time he fished out his glasses. He told us that he'd been a bum ever since he was out of high school. We gave him a dime and then he sauntered off. Just about then I heard the conductor shout,"All Aboard" so I rushed into the train. I found a comfortable seat and pick- ed up a magazine. As I was looking very intently at it, I felt a tap on my should- er and someone said "Hi". I turned around and looked into the face of Loretta Grosz I went back to where she was sitting, took a seat beside her and started talking. Loretta was travelling to the slum district of Chicago as a social worker.She said that she really felt like she was doing a worth-while job, spreading the gospel to the poor and unchurched. Our next stop was at Chicago so I bid Loretta good-bye and once more left the train for a town in which I thought I knew no-one. As I walked down the street, I kept my eyes open for a hotel. I had to find one as my next train wasn't leaving until 10:30 the following morning. As I was waiting in the luxurious lobby of a hotel I had located, I picked up the evening paper and glanced through it. As I turned the next page, I saw an art- icle headed, Richard Huston, Chicago Millionaire, back from vacation. I was quite surprised to see this and I decided to look him up the following morning. I asked a policemen to direct me to the home of the Chicago Millionaire and I soon found myself in a very exquisite home in the suburbs of Chicago. Richard se- emed very happy and told me all about his good luck with North Dakota oil. I left Chicago the next morning feeling very lucky to have met so many of my classmates. I3 I was getting quite tired when the train stopped at stopped outside of a small drugstore I caught sight of a and rabbit tails and a uJust Marriedn, sign. Then I saw the bride be, but Luella Grosz. I stopped and talked to Kansas City, Kansas. As I car decorated with thicans the couple and who should them for a-while. Luella, looking very happy, told me that she and her husband were honey-mooning in Kansas, but planned on making their home in Turtle Lake. They asked me to come to lunch with them, so we walked into the drugstore for lunch and whom should wesee butMdn- hardt Flemmer standing at the counter. After he had greeted us he told us that ne was a scientist, working on a wonderful cure for one of America's dreaded disease. He then said, goodbye, because he had to hurry off as his scientist friendfs were waiting for him to help them on an experiment they were about to conduct. I said goodbye and left, for it was time for me to continue with my journey. The conductor told me that the next stop was at Jackson Lake, Wyoming. I gazed out the window and saw a large ranch. It was then I remembered that this must be Jim Sellon's ranch, as I'd heard that he had a ranch near Jackson Lake, Wyoming. As we came closer I saw the large sign that read, nSellon's Double Bar Ranch.n I knew I couldn't miss this opportunity to see Jim so I asked the conductor to do me a fava' and drop me off here. This he did and I walked up the path to the huge house and rang the doorbell. To my surprise the quite surprised also, told me that he himself, then appeared, looking about cutest little redheads I'd ever seen, was foreman the same as door was opened by Alfred Schock. Alfred, here on Jim's ranch. The rancher ever. Behind him were four of Us looking just like Jim. As I looked around at the very luxurious furnishings, Jim smiled and told me that he had profited quite- a bit on his thousand head of full-bred cattle. I told the boys that I didn't have very long to stay, but I was really pleased that I had had a chance to come and mn them. At this Jim said that his private airplane would take me to my destination s which I told him was at Cheyenne to meet my train. After a very ride, I was once more on my way home. Pleasant air-plane The next stop was at Salt Lake, Utah. Taking a taxi to a hotel we ran into a dog catcner's cab causing a slight smash-up and catcher step out of the cab who should it be, but good laugh at our strange meeting he told me that was married and had two lovely children. The next morning the train left for my final After what seemed an eternity I was finally there Lo and Behold Hueben Berget. he was living as I saw the dog When we'd had a in Salt Lake City, destination, Fresno, California. and in a cab headed for Ruth's house. She told me that my trip had taken so long that she hardly expected me any more. That evening, she suggested that we go to the nDomen Ballrooms,there was to be a dancing act that starred Arlene Schumacher. Arlene was wonderful, after her act was finished, we went back-stage to see the star in person. She was the same gay Arlene, Just as friendly as ever. After a few days of being with Ruth my vacation was over and I realized that I would have to get back and on the job. At home my boss asked me if I had enjoyed the trip and I told nim of the good fortune and strange co-incidence of seeing all my classmates of n52n in this ghgpt while. ,- K'- f"""'N -' at 4 0 X,. -yr .yd iiiggk. 47 f - .GXXN 5f5g ,IQ , fo-I - A Z, J'4? XXX ','f x F' X tj 'f 04 QW Xx,g . 3509 sl,-3+ K -X Meinnar-dt X' 0 4,5 5' it ,llhsar " , V f 'ij A , .sff JWYC7 1952 ixxiiifiigi .K , T W 2 .f 1 - 1lGa1 S ll In this roster of girls Loretta is first, She may not be best, but she isn't the worst. Then comes Arlene, a waitress right now, We think she'll nlook aheadn and advance somehow. with her sense of humor, we find Lillian, She should have no trouble catching a man. Next comes Luella, a fashion plate on feet, You can bet when you see her that she's always neat. Barbara is next in this line up of gals, when she leaves this school she'll leave plenty of p Ruth is next, she's the quiet, shy sort. She never says much, but we know she's a good sport. Ardella is last, the smallest one, You know, if you've met her, that she's lots of fun. II Guys H First is Mac, our advisor so stern, His job is simple, just help us to learn. Alfred is next in this roster of boys, He's our class president by popular choice. After Alf comes Jim, our basketball star, He's everyone's palg we think he'll go far. Then comes Richard, the clown of the class, what he wants to know is, nwill I pass?n I guess I had better put Rueben in here, He's a real nice guy and we all hold him dear. Alvin is next, we think he'll go places, If he drives his old car he'll come home with braces I had better put Meinhardt in here pretty soon, He's our mad scientist, wants to fly to the moon. Last is the poet, thats me Jack, If all goes well I won't be back. I5 Kjglvfiflkmw W 2 AUTQ7 GYAPH 5 Mlm -J x .J gi' wk in V 665525, UWM my CQ,.,,Z,f QWVAL ,Q MMM-CMM mi aw 0 MHGWXMM ff! . 'V' ' 1 , ff' 1 , f f, A . ,Mud J A" . , y1, ,C,,i? "AM , 16 UYU A 'LWSTQ 5... Norman Schlafmann Class President w-. ,.,. iq'.dp s,k K x of , 5, , Q James Frebergi ,tal X l l Jean Fischer ? ST k'A, 43? if algal fQf.,1 H e ' " : e mi ,A Q l 3 Msg, n 1 7 .fir Gerald Presser Vice President Lois Beryo Secretary I JUNIO12 2 Darlene Lindteiqe Gerald Walcker 6 fs. awf Y1 Keith Nelson Gloria Peterson .X vi r 'E9f? . Larry Levi x 'mg if , g ' s. 5 if A ls . . , 9' .Mk .1gMQl Romona Kvmmne 2 v8 fy' ' ff? H5 yi L fx f' fs ' 1:1 ,MX -. N R if im 518 J 1 em ug Q QT -u ge X Ahart Hofer A Ah lkg L .5 I 'iQ ' x L . . , .,.. ..-...,.,....,., Russell Stadler Treasurer -qu- 'AUX Doris Keck A XM "'. P 'I , ug 1 YK Wil. .' ' , L' 5, -Q Ura,-,:, t ' xl X 4'wtA 0 '. f L yhXeQ3Afx I lx? 1 ,Q ju. A . . A Q xl Ag' . 1 - r'-15.111 at Richard Goven . N t . .X ,K .xb- E E he 'rg , E P A QI x'X. 'Q' Frances Remmen I 3 f 598 'N .P 9 sS'F? 'f S fa, sf 3 Henry Bibelheimer Virginia Sell-on Earl A1exandeI. f- .....M...J.4.i Bernice Schauer if ' , if, 1 1 9 5' 1 7 Apdith Beggg Lavern Haas -'lim-A at . vi v w , 1' 5 4 ,iigfj rwwewweagafeekf' Nweemewes -3,if2?z.Si,f:4 ' 4' SVQN M: fsvw , 5 . -. E : " - w 'WN new W . ilwiwn 5 , M Q . ff if Myron Carr Verdean Bergo Donovan Lglm Arlyce Borg Don-ng M., Braun Dalton Hofer Lois Olson I8 chenmayer James her Marjean Brown Clarice Ockert Joan Schu acher ff... I Alfred Ber o 'T W. f 7!'1F tv . 5. S oyce amen Sec.-Treaa. Class President Vi0e'Pre3iggnt 'l SOPHO 0125 I u 4555531 li X ,Q 6 ' '3' 5' "' sr' as 'A' . 1? Qs:'E Winv xy, X ' , v 5? r a x XA 6 gg Q. yii Q1 Xu ,ff 5 Byron Zingg DeLores Fuellor Ll-Try Crawford , r., Donna Lindaru Irvin Fiedler Anderson 'Q' Q 1 i , ,Er E Nxr j in , 1 xx A 5 gg.. A Q 4 3 Jackie Lakoduk Helen Waloker I9 Russell Grabinger Jo wiiggo wf :ff -f-Q gigiis MM P1, 4? GkQ 9 LL"' Q 'H-U ahxgasa 1 5 fo www? . aww Mx2,wwTwH If if - A ,J 55 Q , ,f 3 J H 5 m y ,S Mu xv? of :rg 2 Naldean Borg I Gordon Bergo Doro thy Bibelhe imer F' K -k':- K wi ' ' K f - . . X Q Q' '2z,ggt,, , X F 'T ,-hyjsgh 3 ff 5 if . 1, 1.,, . I 3,3 s 4 A V... I , 1 f . . .5 . 3 ru! Dean Hallam Doris Heinle William Presser ...qv-.,, . ff 4 'X 3 F M W iii W1 . . , . ,m p ,mi 'Tf4gEZ5?1595 Q if .X X5 W , K 0, James Fandrick Janice Sackman Patsy Gutensohn e ! 3 5 .. I Q , s Ockert o iQmmHpW5Qi f 'ogYfQo 2 ogfog ' Mary Lou Harmon ' N -S-- fwfiio Wggi 'l1F1foHQ'E?f?? Aooo oooo k.,-,k . is , A 1 UmVA: . i ,'.. ' W A Richard Nathan Rolette Lelm 20 . 'mx E 1 1 . 4 file d l H A X 5 s F Gordon Schlafmann Class President N! ' .af ' ' .449 F LA ,.... X .. .................. Gary Falkenstein Vice President Secretary k Treas t FRESTHNEN 7 :f55:fr E " ,wb , ..:'. X i , i ............AA.v,..,,-, ...NL Maureen Nelson Kenneth Grabinger no , 2 we gc 159 5 ikf W Q 1 be t 5 Wilbert Fueller Delvera Fueller ' rf r Y'-an tt , .fNQyji tg gag? , W PS' Q w fy , .. Marla Gaye Ockert Leonard Klain Charles Beriet 21 Qgsmtf A N' W N . X 'w :E Har ' I wx: f ' X ,, r .rjwf 3 Florine Schumacher Ag" Richard Klain L ,. QS of Claudia Crouse fmm5M ff 2 2' wwiw gag? W xr , AGS 3, f an N , 5 -2 if . gm .-Q Q 4 1 if K mfg: .F Carol GOVGU Ronald Freberg Marjorie Love E E Q- in A-digg Wa i? a a o ,ooo Jsaf 'iggfii "o' 5S55f 2 N M , I Virgil Walcker Doris Rath Dale Hallan Q ai' R1 ' ww .ri k HV .V R f! iik . k 5 ,Y Q 4 6.5! . A Jyfikqf. . um A x if 91" 5 ,f gga +o?giV 1 og fghr K' i a?Q a?agg of ,gs gl If i y MM i A , .o 4, . Loretta Schock Duane Kerzmann Harland Hofer Viola Walcker Mlm 'Nw M 'hyd N kf ms? 1 1 eo M 'iwnralf YA N'-A Alvina Grosz Eleanor Corum Patty Hanson Carolyen Lindteigen 22 -........ Bottom:Eve1yn Huston,Bonnie Freberg,Mary C1asson,Mary Boger,Joyce Lindteigen,Pau1ine B1umhagen,Jeanette Schock,Jerry Gutensohn, Second: Miss Lynne,Wayne Lindteigen,G1en Hanson,Dona1d Bauer,Byron Lindteigen, Franklin Phi1brick,Dona1d K1inger,A1bert Schadler Bottomzlla Mae Gutensohn,Shir1ey Lindteigen,Caro1 Crawford,De1oris Arne, Beverly Grabinger,Louise wa1cker,Mar1ene Sohad1er,Jean Volitarsky, Second: Mrs. Heok1er,Duane Huaton,Bobert Fandrick,Verna Bentz,Vera Bentz,Mar11yn Ne1son,Rona1d Sohlafmann, ThirdxJames He1m,Lester Lakaduk,Gera1d Anderson, Duane wa1cker,Fredrick F1scher,Rodney Hofer 23 Bottom:Lil1ian Schock,Wanda Boger,Ann Falkenste1n,Loetta Renfrow,JoAnn Miller,Wanda Schlickenmeyer, Second:Miss Lynne,Richard Belsheim,Ear1 Goven,O'Dean Remmen,Doug1as Hanson,G1en Lelm,Les1ie Crawford, Third: Rodney Hofer,Gary Borg,Jackie Heinle,Vernon Keel,Gary Levi,Dona1d Kerzman I Q a Bottom:Edith Hanson,Diane Mitchel1,Prisci1la Hanson,Donna Lindteigen, JoAnn Sundby,Ruby Jean Schock,Claudette Zwicker,Phy1lis Schell, Second: Miss McLaugh1in,Arde1la Mi1ler,Mar1o Le1m,Russe11 Ne1son,Char1es Phil- brick,Richard B1umhagen,Duane Thei1en,G1en Freberg, Third:Car1 Hanson, Bruce Bergo,Tommy Gunderson,Virgi1 Bentz,Rodney Hanson,Vernon Ockert, Ronald waltz,Gene McKeeff,Dickie Gutensohn 24 Bottom:June Kerzman,Louise Helm,Janet Bauer,Donen Sorenson,Phyl1is Engberg,Dar1ene HcKeeff,Ramona Hein1e,Ethe1 Schook,Jerriann Hofer, Second:Miss Fischer,Leon Anderson,Larry Renfrow,Sharon Ni11er,Marion Bauer,Peggy Be1sheim,Linda Anderson,Robert Crouse,Ted6y Klungvedt, Jerome Reiser, Third:Russe11 Gesse1e,Raymond Haas,Donald Huston, Robert Boger,Bruce Sche11,Burnette Koebernick,Loran Corum, Gary Schlaht,Harold Kittler Bottom:Sharon Sch1afmann,Mary Ann Arne,Kath1een Virtz,Sharon Klungvedt, Arlene Hanson.Louise Hanson,Shir1ey Kem it,Betty'Schad1er, Second:Mrs. Vander Vorste,Vernon Ky11ingstad,Sandra Freberg,Sandra Ockert,Meri1yn Erdman,Leatrice Renfrow,Ro11inda Reich,Roger VanHorn, Third:David Se1tveit,Jerry Gunderson,Da1an McKeeff,Duane Mi1ler,Edwin Simonson, Charles Gutensohn,Curtis Rath 25 if N J 44 'Nl b rj .4 N .J J il Il D ,.f Bottom:Jarvis Sch1afmann,Bonita Franke,Joan Hanson,G1oria Schock,C1audia VenHorn,Deanne Zinther,Bonnie Gartner,Mar1ys Koebernick, Second:A1an Sundpy,EQaine Mitchell,Berneice McKeeff,Ana Hein1e,Sandra O1son,Jeffery Herr1ng,hart1n Schock, Third:Joseph Gottsoha1,Rona1d Bauer,Darrel1 Hanson, Lee Peterson,Curtis Hanson,Rona1d Zwicker Mrs, Englund, teacher Sf! I 1 ii I BottomzAnna Peterson,Barbara Mi11er,Dar1ene Soh1ickenmeyer,Mar1ys Schock, Susan Ste1ter,Bever1y Simonson,Terry Sackman,Cary1 Sch1afmann,G1oria Helm, Irene Helm, SecondzMiss Mehrer,Mari1yn Haas,LeeAnn Ky11ingstad,Betty Engberg,Virginia Phi1brick,Diane Rath,Bonnie Sch1afmann,Vio1et McKeeff, Third:Jerry Mi11er,Joe1 Gutensohn,Me1vin Bauer,Leo Hoffer,Me1vin Huston 26 'W if .ff 1,4 'fl If M rlflglllll 6' I 'I j ylfrfl, dv ', 'III 'If . " f 1 I ,. yi Gr' ul 1 1 ',r fl' U Iflfll, qo.f,'f, 1 I Il, f I J .I Q ll 0 4 If 'n' f fl 'AI If I X X 'Inf ' v f - 'Hg' I . 'I . '7,' f , r "' E 14: - 4 '75, W 1 ' u ' f 'aff f ,Q "T, A .f Ja" 'ik ,if ,' Z va!!! Y Iv i ' J: uf" 1 1-- 10 'nh , ,1- ' ,f my - - X ff 1' - ' Nbffi A ,,d , ,Q , L ,I 1 I I, l Ng f' url" I' U -3 '.: 'iff UI I ,fu - , .fum .355 JJ," 1' nuff ' fv",'! 'G'::,"f,l 0.5, ..v. 'f 'I M .,, 1 1 X W 'W H F In If aff ' gjjlffi-j5:: -::- - is If fl :Lies-r - -45:11 - Q I ' l 'ilfif 55321552 " I Fig-1:55 '!f,v' ': f 'I W l If I 11' Left to Right lst row, Gerald PresserCclar1netJ, Jean Fischerfclarinetl, Patsy Gutensohn fclarinetl, Verna Bentzfclarinetl, Clarice Ockertfbass druml, Rodney Hofer Eclarinetl, Billy Presserfclarinetl, Micky Falkensteiniflutel, Doris Keck flute . 2nd row, Verdean Bergofsnare druml, Myron CarriTenor Saxj, Doris RathQAlto saxj, Delores FuellerlTenor Saxl, Patty HansonfAlto Saxl, Gloria Peterson Cclarinetl, Ronald SchlafmannCCornetl, Donald KlingerfTrumpetD, Jimmie Fre- borgCTrumpetD, Keith Ne1sonlCornetJ, Lavern HaasCTrumpetJ, Lois BergofDrumJ 3rd row, Gordon Sch1afmannlTenor saxl, Lois OlsonKAlto saxb, James Fandrick fMellophoneJ, Glenn LelmCMel1ophoneD, Vernon Kee1CMe1lophoneJ, Fredrick Fischerlbass hornl, Norman SchlafmannfTrombonel, Gordon BergoITromboneJ, Ardith BeggsCTrombonel. hth row, Rolett LelmCBaritoneJ, Douglas HansonCBaritoneJ, Alfred BergolBar1 tonel, Delton HoferCBaritoneD, Larry LeviKBassD, Gary FalkensteinCTromboneJ Glenn HansonCTrombonel, Janice SackmanCGlockenspielJ, . Virn A. McEwa1n. Director -DJJ, 'Qi A-IETQT JJ, K VIA JA Xkx Q QQ, YQ ykffpelf fl A 1 X ' J if-'yr-N '?kciQ-,gil A D TRIPLE TRIO Patsy Gutensohn, Lois Bergo, Verdeen Bergo, Joyce James, Janice Sackman, Ramona Kvamme, Frances Remmen, Jeanne Fischer, Ardith Beggs. GIRL CHORUS left to right: Arlyce Borg, Patty Hanson, Loretta Grosz, Eleanor Corum, Harmon, Marla Gaye Ockert, De1Vera Fueller, Alvina Grosz, Helen Walcker, lcker, Doris Rath, Joyce James, Clarice Ockert, Ruth Preisinger, Gloria 9 Miss Anderson, Lois Olson, Naldean Borg, Marjorie Love, Claudia Crouse, Schon, Irene Anderson, Virginia Sellon, Luella Grosz, Darlene Lindteigen, Schauer, Romona Kvamme, Doris Keck, Donna Braun, Lois Bergog Ardith Beggs, Mardell Schlickenmeyer, Carolyn Lindteigen, Maureen Nelson Schock, Delores Fueller, Doris Hienle, Joan Schumacher, Frances Remmen, Bafoara Harmon, Carol Goven, Patsy Gutensohng Mtn row, Verdeen Bergo, Florine Schumacher, Marjean Brown, Donna Linder, Arlene Schumacher, Janice Sackman, Dorothy Bibelheimer, Jeanne Fischer, Lillian Ygsanko, lst row, Mary Lou Viola Wa Peterson 2nd row, Ardella Bernice 3rd row, Loretta 28 9 BOYS CHORUS Front row, left to right: Miss Anderson, Meinhardt Flemmer, Alfred Schock, Wil- bert Fueller, Donavan Lelm, Keith Nelson, Gerald Walcker, Byron Zingg, Rolett Lelm, Ronald Freborg, Virgil Walcker. Middle row, Billy Presser, Alfred Bergo, Gerald Presser, Earl Alexander, Gary Falkenstein, LaVern Haas, Delton Hofer, Norman Schlafmann, Russell Stadler, Gor- don Schlafmann, Gordon Bergo, Richard Klain. Back row, Mike Gutensohn, Richard Nathan, Jimmie Schumacher, Ervin Feldler, Rus- sell Grabinger, Myron Carr, Kenneth Grabinger, Leonard Klain. MIXED CHCRUS First row, left to right: Miss Anderson, Frances Remmen, Gloria Peterson, Joan Schumacher, Darlene Lindteigen, Bernice Schauer, Jeanne Fic First row, left to right: Miss Anderson, Frances Remmen, Gloria Peterson, Joan Schumacher, Darlene Lindteigen, Bernice Schauer, Jean Fischer, Arlyce Borg, Lois Olson, Joyce James, Mary Lou Harmon, Barbara Harmon, Patsy Gutensohn. Middle row, Rueben Berget, Keith Nelson, Alfred Bergo, Gerald Presser, Verdeen Bergo, LaVern Haas, Lois Bergo, Janice Sackman, Dorothy Bibelheimer, Ardith Beggs, Clarice Ockert. Back row, Gordon Schlafmann, Gary Falkenstein, Wilbert Fueller, Dalton Hofer, Al- fred Schock, Norman Schlafmann, Russell Stadler, Gerald Walcker, Gordon Bergo. 29 'hunt' High School Junior Class Alfred Schock Gordon Schlafmann LaVern Haas Keith Nelson Delton Hofer Norman Schlafmann Delton Hofer Norman Schlafmann PEP CLUB Cheerleaders: Verdeen Bergo, Carol Goven, Patsy Gutensohn, Arlene Schumacher. lst row, Patty Hanson, Loretta Grosz, Eleanor Corum, Mary Lou Harmon, Marla Gaye Ockert, DelVera Fueller, Alvina Grosz, Helen Walcker, Viola Walcker, Doris Rath, Joyce James, Clarice Ockert, Ruth Preisinger. 2nd row, Miss Anderson, Lois Olson, Naldean Borg, Marjorie Love, Claudia Crouse, Ardella Schon, Irene Anderson, Virginia Sellon, Luella Grosz, Darlene Lindteigen, Bernice Schauer, Romona Kvamme, Doris Keck, Miss Fischer. 3rd row, Ardith Boggs, Mardell Schlickenmeyer, Carolyn Lindteigen, Maureen Nelson Loretta Schock, Delores Fueller, Doris Hienle, Joan Schumacher, Frances Remmen, Barbara Harmon, Donna Braun, Lois Bergo. hth row, Joan Schumacher, Marjean Brown, Donna Linder, Janice Sackman, Dorothy Bibelheimer. Jeanne Fischer, Lillian Yesenko. 30 D Left to Right Arlene Schumacher, Carol Goven, Patsy Gutensohn, Verdeen Bergo. CHEER LEADERS Left to Right Joan Schumacher, Claudia Crouse, Lois Olson. Mrs. Hilda Felland, Dietician Ed Rath, Ts'T2i1'1tGY1HNCfJ EUMUSCP NNNNNN X X 31 Tnree S 9.9 M JH 021 1 E Norman ,ul i Who's guilty? Q D Q .V jueens Joyce and Egg' Q if 58 BUSY Aids . I .H -ifo" f-5 I 3-... oi vff Cuties oh,,., C ..5:.xkz L gnuulnimu llEi5JUNB' H - C .uhm w,.q ' 'gg . ag I Ill? . ll! IHEEWIE Elll 2 wwwt kv NKIA 1 X ., K , X1lJ: 5' f hlnoip Cosa .fB?'1i! S z K J' ilu P, 'J If ll x Q l M ..f 'MQ A Ill j!! M Pudgy jp ,, Stuck-up! '76 UN amos and King Joel , my ,S Russ and Jerry JP. Class Play Whois .i:,,o, ' J 3 ik X. - Q 4 3 Champ Ln. 1 Oo La La Prowosing Patty? What 9 mess ju Caught you Soups OH False Alarm X X 2 "'- , d t work x :mul Har a gi S: Kgs vw A ilomance g .'f' g f ' Q N V, Zifxfg Bathing Beauty o QEa"S Now who is it? Handsomes HM, I Bi C , V A .. W 4 if I f75f "f75'a2, ,iff 141' 1 'l" ll ,f f164cff"' L fffff' X . ' "" - ow' , lf' if , ,qv I l', H W lf' xc: J fi! . U f,, -..l il ,- A b 0' , wg , ' ,.' 1,1 '1 A,.-- ' , j lb If f 2 f f If ,f' H M f 9' , K ,1 4.13:-Q for . X Q' I , Z Q ff! 3555" gif --Ps-, A I All: -'I2::s:g::x "'3T s. E f ' I 1 07" 'iifggi ff 0' 5 9 :,E .F 5 2 i s i -Q. Y K J 3 in ' ' . VlA.., E- sil A K V a it X G t 't Pass Al 1 f e storm e 1 CMH be or J1m,coaf.h,A1 L . if S.-Q .1 - . nf .iii EQ . t 'E Q .L K i 4 . I 3. l , ., - ,rs . ' fig mi. '3 5,-.,, 0 J s ' .. s .: f'1-.f':WA: ::W'f if - -ii'2': 1 X N , . Q Q sk . I? A R QQM.. X. . ,Ns Q ' . 1 si' Russ ta? i Q " :: I ... il N 3 5 1... p ,,- - , Hurrs-HP . ' . ' U ' . e , Garrison Wins McLean . . , , In 'lemon 'Opener from Trojans Turtle Lake Upsets McLEAN STANDINGS Riverdale ........... 2 0 1.000 Elbowoodx .....2 0 1.000 Garrison . . . . .... 1 0 1.000 Wilton . . 1 .... ...., 1 1 .500 'rurue Lake z .333 Washburn .... .. .... 1 2 .333 Underwood 3 .000 ' Special to The Tribune , GAREISON-Garrlson's Troopers irolled fn its first McLean county ioonference football victory here Friday night as it scored a 44-7 win over Turtle Lake. - , The game was a feature of the dedication of .new football lights here. ' ' Coach Al Keck's squad rolled up Wperiod leads of- 6-0, 25-0 and 37-0 'in notching the win that put it in fthe undefeated bracket with River- dale and Elbowoods. i Elmer fBudl Keclgrbrother of Al, i paced the winners with three touch- downs. Ernie Sayler, Lee Robinson! iBob Putz and Harold Krausert iecored the other Garrison touch- 'downs. ' i Alfreia Schock went over for 'Turtle ke's fourth quarter mark- BI. icards 'Drop Game To Turtle Lake i In the opening game of the foot- 'ball season Friday afternoon of last week, Woznk:k's Wash-burn Cardinals lost to the Turtle Lake Trojans by a score of 7-0. I Turtle Lake Shuts Out Underwood UNDERWOOD-The visiting Turtle Lake Trojans white- washed Underwood, 21-O, here Friday afternoon. The win moved Turtle Lake I3-23 into third place in the Mc- Lean County conference ahead of Garrison C2-25 which dropped a game to Charging and Co. at Elbowoods. Pacing the visitors' attack was the passing and running of Al- fred Schock, a senior who scored once, passed for another tally and set up the third marker. After a scoreless first quarter Schock ploughed over right tack- le from the three. Norman Schlafmann dived over from the two for the second 'touchdown minutes later. The pass from Schock to Jim Sellon was com- plete for the extra point. Schock fired a 20 yard aerial to LaVerne Haas in the end zone if for the final TD in the third i quarter. The Trojans picked up their final two points when Un- derwood fumbled in their own end zone, recovering but being downed for a safety. Loft haltbaick Alfred Schoclrs VDO-yard reverse l'n the first quar- ter was the only touchdown made. .Fullback Norman Schlafmann add- ed the extra point with an end run. Jim and A1 Al and Len iwflbowoocls, Special to The Tribune " TURTLE LAKE - Turtle Lake istruck through the air for a pair of itouchdowns here Friday to upset an Iillbowoods eleven that was minus ,ite we back, Arnold Charging. 1 'The score was 14-'Z for Coach jlleonard Wlck's' Trojans in the Mc- Lean county football game. Charging, who paced the Warriors to three :tn-ight con- ference vlcwrles, dislocated e i couple of toes last week against Underwood. He is expected to be back in the lineup soon. I Turtle Lakes winning pass com- bination was Alfred smack w .nm .3ellon: The duo collaborated hor- a touchdown in the first period, the play covering 35 yards. Schick went wide on a lateral to get the extra point. ' It was the same combination that 1 set up the second touchdown in the isecond quarter. Schock plowed over i Q f . 14 io7 from the 9 after his 30-yard pass to Sellon set up the marker. A Schock to Sellon pass was good for the extra point. Turtle Lake dominated play in the first half, getting seven of its nine flrst downs in the first two periods. Elbowoods b took over in the second half but was able to score only one touchdown and that with about two minutes left ln the fourth x QUll1Cl'. Leonard Eagle plunged over for the touchdown from the 2 and Al- 'fred Cross scored the extra point. Elbowoods piled up nine first downs in the game, six in the second half. 'McLEAN STANDINGS I. Pct. 1.ooo . w I mvsrasil- , ....... 5 o sibawwis , .....,. 4 1 .soo 0 . 'rm-ue Lake ...... 3 z .soo l Garrison .......,. z 2 .soo wimm ........,.. z z ,mo . wmrbum . ...... 1 5 .167 1 .ooo Underwood ...... 0 5 i Riverdale, G alns 27-6 pi Win Over Turfle Lake E McLEAN STANDINGS i " W L Pct. . Riverdale . .......... 2 0 1.000 1 lvilton ...... . . . . .1 0 1.000 Elbmmods . . . . . . . . . .1 0 1.000 Turtle Lake . . , ..... 1 l .500 Garrison . . 1 . X. . . . .0 0 .000 Washburn ....,..... 0 2 .000 Underwood .......,.. 0 2 .000 ' Special to The Tribune TURTLE LAKE. - Riverda1e's .Knights racked up their second, ,McLean county conference football ivictory . here Fridayh smashing :Turtle Lake, 27-6. , Coach Leo Stumpf's eleven rolled I itll 33 I up period leads of 7-0, 13-0 and 13-0 in handing Turtle Lake its first loss ot the season. The Tro- jans won their opener from Wash- burn, 7-0, Robin Parke, speedy Riverdale halfback, scored three of four touchdowns for Riverdale. Gene Launt went over for the other one. Riverdale rolled up 12 first clowns and held Turtle Lake without a' first down until the fourth quarter. 3 Turtle Lake took to the air then and.rol1ed up three first downs be- fore pushing over its touchdownf Alfred Schock passed to Jim Sei-i Ions for the marker. I Wu.. Front row, left to right: James Sellon, Harland Hofer, Alfred Bergo, Russell d S hl f Ahart Hofer Richard Huston. gZ2i1igw,GiEVZ?n gaag,mg2?ald Walcker, german Schlafmann, Alfred Schock. ,YBALL ' I V '24 W f f The Turtle Lake Trojans ended a fairly successful season with a record of three wins and two losses. The season got off to a good start when the Trojans defeated Washburn in the Opening game 7-O. In the second game the Trojans were defeated by the Riverdale Knights who went on t0 win the county championship. The most disastrous defeat was suffered at the hands of the Garrison Tr- oopers in the third game. The Erojans pulled the upset of the year by defeating a strong Elbowoods team l -7. In the fifth and last game of the season the Trojans had their way when they rolled over the Underwood Comets 21-O. tg The Graduating Seniors 1291, gdtwpdw Jim Sellon Alfred Schock d gb -PIC X009 50' Richard Houston Meinhardt Flemmer 'let vga on QL 34 Front row, left to right: James Sellon, LaVern Haas, Russell Stadler, Alfred Schock, Gerald Walcker, Norman Schlafmann, Richard Huston. Middle row, Leonard Wick, Coachg Harland Hofer, Alfred Bergo, Meinhardt Flemmer, Ahart Hofer, Gerald Presser, Gordon Schlafmann, Mike Gutensohn, Student manager. Back row, Carlisle Ockert, Gordon Bergo, Larry Levi, Jimmie Freborg, Gary Falk- enstein, Billy Presser, Jimmie Schumacher, Earl Alexander. Games and Scores Washburn here Sept. ln --- Turtle Lake 7 Opponent Riverdale here Sept 21 --- Turtle Lake 6 Opponent Garrison there Sept 28 --- Turtle Lake 7 Opponent Elbowoods here Oct. 12 --- Turtle Lake 14 Opponent Underwood there Oct. 21 --- Turtle Lake 21 Opponent Coach Len wick .S i s I H O T l s 36 Front Row: left to right--Gary Falkenstein, Norman Schlarmann, Alfred Schock, James Sellon, Captain, LaVern Haas, Gerald Presser, Gordon Schlafmann, Back Howg left to right--Coach Len Wick, Caryle Ockert, Russell Grabinger, Donovan Lelm, Russell dtadler, Gerald Walcker GASKE TBAL Lf 55 Captain Mike Gutensohn Student Manager X wi' ...4-if at Len Wick Coach TURTLE LAKE TOPS WILTON T0 GAIN TIE FOR FIFTH Special to The Tribune TURTLE LAKE A Turtle Lake scored a 58-4-8 win over Wilton here Friday night to gain a tie with the Miners for fifth place in the McLean county conference. Both hold 4-8 records. The game Tuesday completed their regular Schedules. Turtle Lake jumped ahead right at the start as it held period leads Of 15-4, 32-17 and 51-32. Jim Sellon counted 26 points to pace the winners, Bob Ulrich net- ted 11 for Wilton. The summary: ft pf T. Lake fs: Wilton fz 't pf Sr-hook 7 2 2 A. H'uzak 5 0 1 N.S'fmann 2 0 5 Andrusak 1 2 5 Ealldstlnc fl 1 3 L, Easton 1 2 2 Presser 3 0 3 Ulrich 4 3 3 Sellon 10 6 1 B. Easton 0 4 1 G. S'l'mann 0 0 0 M. H'uzak 1 0 0 Haas 2 0 2 Ozust 5 1 4 Freeburg 0 1 0 Engstrom 0 2 0 Lelm 0 0 1 Y- 2 UOIHIS 17 14 16 Totals 24 10 17 TURTLE LAKE EDGES UNDERWOOD IN OVERTIME Special to The Tribune TURTLE LAKE - Lavem Haas fliprpcd in the only basket scored in an overtime period here Tuesday night as Turtle Lake nlprped Under- wood, 36-34. in a McLean county conference basketball game. Wilton led 19-15 and 29-25 at the second and third periods after an 11-11 first quarter. The score was tied at 34-all at the end of the regulation playing time. Jim Sellon led Turtle Lake with 13 points. Johnny Busch rolled up 16 for Underwood. The summary: T'ur.Lakc IL: ft pf Unlwood fe ft pf Svhorlc 1 2 0 Miller 0 1 3 N.S'fr1an1n 4 1 4 Swanson 0 0 1 Hans .2 0 4 Anderson 1 1 5 SC-Hon S fl 5 VVHKP 3 1 4 Presser 1 1 O Busch 7 2 5 G.S'fmann 0 1 2 Goefhnlne 1 0 1 Falldstc-in 1 0 3 Vnn'helde 2 1 4 'VOLFIIW 14 818 Totals 14 628 f' 'Fl' LaVern H. Jary TROJANS OPPONENTS TROJANS OPPONENTS 55 ........ Butte ----------- 47 55 -------- Garrison -------- 56 49 -------- Independents ---- 48 54 -------- Washburn -------- 55 57 -------- Riverdale ------- 41 47 -------- Underwood ------- 45 62 -------- McClusky -------- 49 45 -------- Coleharbor ------ 29 41 .....--- Butte ----------- eo 42 -------- Wilton ---------- 44 51 -------- Garrison -------- 68 60 -------- Mercer """"" 52 45 -------- Mercer ---------- 25 57 -------- Washburn -------- 67 40 -------- Riverdale ------- 57 40 -------- Elbowoods ------- 70 56 -------- Underwood ------- 54 58 -------- WiltOY1 """"" 48 55 -------- Elbowoods ------- 80 C60 ------- - McCluSky """" 39 49 -- Co. Tour. Mercer ------ 29 47 --Dist. Tour. Elbowoods -- 57 42 -- Co. Tour. Elbowoods ---- 52 45 --Dist. Tour. Underwood -- 19 52 -- Co. Tour. Butte ------- 42 40 --Dist. Tour. Wilton ----- 44 58 -- Co. Tour. Underwood --- 59 Norman S. Donovan L. Alfred S. Jerry P. TURTLE LAKE SCORES 60-32 WTN OVER MERCER Special to The 'Tribune TURTLE LAKE-'Ilhe Turtle Lake Trojans rolled over Mefrce-r, 60-32. in a non-conference basketball game here Friday night. Turtle Lake was led by Jim Sel- lon and Norman Schllalm-an with 16 and 15 points respectively as it 'posted period margins of 14-8, 27-16 and 41-25. Gene Singer scored 14 for Mercer. The summary: Willon Club Beals Turtle lake, 44-42 Special to The Tribune WXLTON - Wilton pulled out a narrow 44-42 victmy over 'Turtle Lake here Monday night in a Mc- Lean county conference basketball game. The Miners led 8-7 and 35-33 at the first and third quarters but trailed 19-23 to Turtle Lake at half- F. Lake T41 ft p-f Mvrcor in ft pf . SI.SchlaI'n 7 1 2SChell 0 1 5 Mme. I - j :chock 5 1 0 G.Slnszer ss 2 0 Bob Ulrich hit 18 points to pace Haas 1 0 Blflsfhvr ZZ 3 5 me Winners. A1 Sqhock Scored 17 Iellon 5 6 4StmblC 1 1 4 f Turtle Lake Presser 2 1 3F,Kl1ne 2 1 2 01' Q 3.Sch1a'!'n 2 0 11-tckmvan 0 1 0 The summery, Falkens'n 1 0 1 - - Wilton tx: fr MT- Lake fi! ff vf Dckert o 0 2 Totals 12 816 A, wzak 2 1 1Sollon 3 2 3 itadler 1. 1 0 I-Lnzstrom 0 1 155-hor-k - J 2 Lelm 1 0 1 Andrusak 5 1 Zlrresser 0 0 1 -- -f 'A M. l-Vzak 0 0 1 N, 5'mann 6 1 3 Totals 25 10 17 Ozust 2 1 1 G, S'mann 0 0 1 B. Easton '2 0 1K'stein 1 0 3 Ulrich 9 0 3 Ai- Fotals '20 4 11 Totals 18 6 13 JGPTX W- The Turtle Lake Trojans ended a fairly successful season with ll wins and lo losses including the tournaments. ln the County Tournament the Trojans GJISBDCU the Mercer Bison by a score of 49-29. They lost to a fast Elbowoods team by a score of 56-42. Then the Trojans lost again to the Butte Spartans 42-52. ln the final game that the Trojans played in the tournament they lost to the Underwood Comets in a very close game my a score of 58-59. ln the District Tournament held at Riverdale the Trojms played the hlbowoods Warriors in the first game and held them down until the last two minutes of the game. when the Warriors broke loose to win by a score of 47-07. ln the second the Trojans whipped the Underwood Comets by a score of 45-19. .ln the Consolation Championship game the Trojans were defeated by the Wilton Miners 44-40. lt was a slow game to start with becoming more interesting as the game progressed. Wilton lad throughout the first half with the Trojans ahead for only a snort time in une second half. The outcome was in question till the very end. Gordon S. Russell L. Carlisle O. 1 n , -3- Left to Right: Russell Grabinger, James Freborg, Richard Nathan, Gordon Bergo, Rolette Lelm, Alfred Bergo, Henry Bibelheimer, Harlin Hofer, Len Wick, Coach - Squad B-SQUAD OPPONENTS 28 .......------- -- McC1uSky -----------"""' ' 17 25 .........------- Riverdale ------------ -' 24 31 .......--------- Underwood ------------------ 15 18 ...------- ----- Elbowoods ----------""'-" 27 27 ......---------- Underwood ----------------" 59 52 ....-.-- ---- Elbowoods ---- ---- -----" ' 44 55 -.-------------- Wilton ---------'-""""" 20 28 ..-------------- McC1uSky -------- --'-'-"' 55 The E-Squad put in e lot of hard work and got little glory. It is from this group that our future players are drafted so a share of credit at least should go to this team. There should be a scramble for positions next year. The B-Squad ended their season with 3 wins and 5 losses. The first game and th l, t a ' ' e as g me of the season were played with McClusKy with each team a victor of one game. 40 Bottom How: Jerry Gutensohn, Duwayne Wacker, O'Dean Remmen, Glenn Hanson, Ronald Schlafmann:Back How: Len Wick, Coach, Dickie Gutensohn, Rodney Hofer, Glen Lelm, Do1g1as Hanson, Ronald waltz Grade Team GRADES OPPONENTS GRADES OPPONENTS 23 15 13 37 -------- BUttS ----------- ---- --- Garrison -------- 17 -------- Riverdale ------- 22 18 -------- Washburn -------- 57 15 ----- -- Butte ----------- 23 22 -------- Coleharbor ------ lu 12 -------- Garrison -------- L8 15 ---- -- Wilton -.... -- 30 18 -------- Mercer ---------- 21 19 ---- -- Washburn -- --- 61 20 -------- Hurdsfield ------ 31 15 -------- Underwood ------- 2 17 -------- Mercer ---------- 23 21 -------- Mercer ---------- 2 Grade Cheerleaders: 11a Gutensohn, Louise Walcker, Jeanette Schock, Ann balkenstein 5 - K 04 E 3 5 ' . x are to is .1 1 . 1 91. g -,xi-A x Q i K . 1: , . X E xi f V17 WG! QQ54 ING' . WWW 1 "', 'HI' A If U Save Food Store Benderls Barber Shop Red Owl qaasvs Store L1erboe's Insurance Economy Meat Market n's Cafe and Hote1 Ted's bervlce Station le store xxx , Lake Theatre W. L. Brsun Insurance Turtle Lake Motor Company Equity Lumber Yard , if First State Bank Farmers Union . tx., ' lllllll ' , . ...... llll Ill.. N Turtle Leke Drug Bentz Lend Company H928 Implement W. vb Equity Elev. R Trad. Co. Turtle Lake Electric AfTSWWmw S, Ocoident Elevator N I i Q 4.x lie- Skogmos John Deere 5 Eqqip. Zwicker Motor Company Turtle Lake Cleaners 'lg'- Chapman Hardware Hanson Hardware 5 Y K McLean Dairy Co-op Doctor Heinzeroth 1 I ww f I p Arroormboewf Q- M-.. Q F-mi gf H ff Q! G ef: WE WISH TO TAKE THIS OPPORTUNITY TO - .52 THANK ALL OF THE BUSINESSMEN WHO HELPED US TO MAKE THIS TROJAN YEARBOOK A SUCCESS. THE SENIOR CLASS OF TURTLE LAKE HIGH 44 1 7 51- 17552,

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