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A . Wx I , 1 V.v'vV . Q3 - .4, If wx . L JJ! f' J 5 . I ,.- 1, 'S ' ink! 3 Y I U il! w ,X fx' O 8,3 J N ri , 1 1 9 I , V , . ui 4 - , X -yi , V f F-5" " af I ff E f f 'I V ,W . f ,f A - .. 1 'L , . K ' ' 7- Ex f Q fs, X 4' 'J mx ,JK , 'W ,esp N 'E' . X I 'U t 'Nj - ' ef' ,I ' 7' uf' 9' ' . K Q -I 0 Q, fs 'Y J 1 ,Y A A A P I . W , , XM f iv ' N . X F- ' 1 - x' 'R K. it A K N X ,V ' A - 11 '- A Y 'K I X Q-E xx , 'Vi XV ' Q I ' F f j, ' X4 ' Y -Xb , I I ., 5 1 ' Y X' X i ' N sl X H f , ,V X 5 VA 'f Q V X 'xr . , Q N V X, 'Q Ji 5 "' QE, , ' , Lf' f X' FJ ff X N I N . K K I y K I XJ ., xy X W ' F X WJ f 1 I ' 'N ,X A -'N 4' N- kf fl' , N 5 1 Q0 4-1 ' , A x f ' . 5 N' I ' , 4' x film 'S' W 'N li f H -J Q ' X' 4' I N N x C 2 X M, V A. X X x 'mv A - " ' . Q . : N Xb f 1 5, ,fl V 1 1 I nd 4 , V rl-JW ' f r 1 ' 1 .1 1A N4 r V! I 5 f D , ,j' 1 W Y 9 J Wx J V K ' ia E if QE? LJ J Xa E Q55 5 X P .TN E qi Q INTL ,yy Lv 7 JJ if X ' ,fg Q18 ff My 'U L i f ' R W4 ' 04' 3A 1 V fx. J .l XV - , Y " -WV Xa L W ' f W XM? M yyffy GHZ UL L fe jyk ,'?j f'i'J fy I l x ll X O Vx ! I Q 1 4 J' E cv 69 M W , Off Yu, 'Vi fiyj. Klfj 1 In M, W Ufjx Y 344 ,f I Tx V25 V My 1 Alu X Xa V 5- ' Q j Ah - SX JB EY 'U dj lx A. If A -.x. Y X Qmxx 4""J' . -lv 'f If W 5 5 S3 R' k 5 ' R R1 -- KE X ' "' J . X - 29 'ti " . 'wx '- Q , bg is SJ xx is SQ 'gig Q2 X-3 .XX ,X x - x m fix - .V, X .F lx t V-if Q15 I i B U , X5 gi X K ' ii Q2 Q A My f 5 55? Q- Jw? 643!+.LZf.21 'fff f 1 '- J , ' Q V A . . 4 . - f ,s f , 'Nl fi? . nv X 'J 1' ' I f - -9 V' ,, f - ' ' , . - , I L - 0 ', , ' Q x U N ' N X A 4 .Ku f A r f , ' xx x ,.'N -'V' 3. Qxxjixixxix fl: P .4 ,f ,Dwf -Q V gfvfqf if .f""f 2? ,fff I 4 Mmm Sf V The Cherlsllecl Propert f y " ,f my K , 3 xl y , 1 ,P-if I , , ' fx f X ' ff, if I 5 f , v X V , I 1 ' . f - . , -1 'T' - f 4 - V Zyl K N 4 - , X ts -. 'N x 14,0 ' X, l, , . J I 4. .V ,I N lf! - Is X X x all I A -. fl j 1' ff 'I Q - xi 'K ,ffl , f . m . U ffl li L 1 fiilfii- . '1 9 ' -11-J. 5-ixhlv 2 'J A 14' IL, 15 I I J P f -F 15? ff X . " K , I X vi . - Q X 0 .f W . . . f -yfw 1 O 4 f, 12.1 -Ggf ' IL 351 f I , .hw wks, FN A1 ' 5 ' I ' ' f I ".A VI X1 ' A - - f by Q Qff , 1 I 7 Xxx 'W V l Y g , ' , . 5 XM? BX, k - ' 'S I 1 HIHEW , .. ,J f A 4 '4 g ,QW ' Q63 ,, Q ,, , , , A - , .1 f ' venmwf fm ' . vmfxxiil! Vg WW , N-, 4 1 ,mfg-,Qg. vm-M uhllnhu-I -may M' - fy P' K -- ,, vw-.rf-!,..m Mauna' 4 ' gzifizgig 'W iff:gJ-1-'STH W'-1.,, 'L I r - a.-cus..-...z .SQ -1 ,M .. : 7 Liv 1? -V Q 12- 'M 1 rar. Q. ?1QiY"?' f. r- . fs ak 4- t ...-.., V A in MQ, -.,, ,rp , ! ww ,,,,,1,,,-H. 3-.MM , if -2 'S fi-E?:Hi-5557-5 w as AQ. -2'-1-A324 ig 5 q:,:2-5:1231-ww Sf Qi' , ,Z f. L+ 'ir-1 ,. ,, 3 x-431-'.vZ5v.'i1g4:,j A:-V--,av ,i v ' gi f :r +wwf ,FZ ' t'fw'1M"5+1 ,9"5f L' , - I W ,ii-+w'9?':1'?ff ,Q . . ,. - Lx, '14 ,, vu -W--jg-. pre.. '- ' Q in "fi?'5Q az' '-12 , Lsfieaez' " ' "QM:-ff-f:':f '-mf ,M 7 ' 'Q , Gif-NE. ,W ' 1? 5, . , Baa Q lv E "'4:'E5 ? 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Lggfgszi Q Nzsv "Mr ff!!! fWii27WMk iifwga- My M1 1, Wg o- ' 'if 4,5L' 3i?ff nfk , um 0 emcn em M f17LA Ct gd .gpdeflf f 1,44 CML JJ 9 J Fai, xJX Wx Memoraes of 1952 , K pub11shed by the Senxor Class of Turtle Creek Pennsylvanla X Turtle C1 een Hlgh School Yi 3 O fb ff? E . Q 1 l'4,x',l'lI r .X Ill, rf! H ' f. , I .- ' 'ri K 5 l 5 . ' 175- . 8 ,IV QL ft X 'W' L0 6' 1 . '. ll "' 4 IA! ll 1 4 f gym lx!" V Tj Ox 1 XL1 ix ,Lvl V bl ZA. X J XXX 1 " ' . ' ' 4 5 . W' V if a a i 15. N XL M x. ,K 1 K . Y I , X yi - I , Ill' 'I v J Q' X ' ,I K, I 4 - 1 ,1 . XJ ' .1 , f , U t 4 3 f' A' ' Y- H X xb J . X W P ' - . . xx 5 Y ' ' X ' V' 1 f.,' A I I K xi J I K y f 'gh I x X kd xy f ' - - ' ' 'X , Mx . Sxxxx X. K 1 , sxx EJ F N R J xx. Q Q s X , Xl L E ,X fp KX ' K-x vu X 5 ey .V W ', J . 'fy I 'B L ' , . S22 +W1 ' -cf ,wp .-pf: 'E' t ' 'Q V R ,X Q J! j ' -Q 'V ' Ll- XXVVN ' ' A . XS' N ,fa r fx L- Iv' il '11 Y ' .I A of -Q X .L 9 A JJ ff xy 11' 5 L i 'JK t F X' N ,V ' 1. rf: . f,X fy Ll' - V " X-'X V QTL f , 1 ' 'iq u NW' , -xl . ' , 4 E Wffil ,f Y xxid. 'A 1 Q ' , X , l . . Q V V ,' -4' Q, , J A I' A , . f ' I . A , N , K fl , V ' f..j -- 1' 1' I ?f ,1f5, V+ f X - A ' ,H Qfbuf Y 1 . 1 t ' 1 . rl' , r 'I .1 ' I ' J ex . 1 I ' .4 . , 1 I . I . ' I x 1 4' W X I ' l 1 . -11 I F ll ' f 2 ' 1 J J ,. , X X 1 J ' x I, J K , , , lf I iecbca fion Remembermg hxs cheerful dlS pos1t1on h1s broad grm and the twlnkle ln h1s eye Remembermg h1S patlence and understandmg 1n the class room Rememberlng the long hours spent after school Wlth the boys on the team and h1S lnterest ln the Youth Center Remembermg also h1S unflagg 1n devotlon to Turtle Creek Hlgh IS Alma Mater We the Class of 1952 are proud to dedlcate th1S volume of Mem orles to Mr Harry Mlchaels I' 1 ff? The Annual Board Fnsf 11110 Barbaxa Nlihfllg Shnlew Hartex Rae Felton Kalhlecn Y'1k1n Ilene Kellx M'uJo110 Fonnahan IlJILltdKll71l9I Ma1th1MnCaekxe Fvelxn Prmgle Sflllllll row Margaut Fstoun Shnlex Domm Lnuetta P1pp1n Dorothx hnnsillns Ruth Bnstuln lblmfx Vuknnr IlPnL Ullman Margaret Rebfn Ruth 'iaul A1111 5111018 Imnsf vlllllfunsrm 111 1 lmn Inms Rube l Qtrmnrnen Mmlf- Sl 1zl1ls Russo F1 lflll III Clmf Iune Kellx A9s11f11zt1 f1l1t111s Kathleen Yakm NIHIJOIX Cunnah ln Busnlf xx 1111111111111 'Welle Shlvlcls Ass111 11111 x Russell F1 X ilnrlex Donnn Inuettfi Plppln 1:1111 ll 1 111 'Vlarg llt 1 4 Sllll1lflN Hlllh Silll Fxelxn Pun, Nlaxhiut Fstoun I ffl llk IJ Ass111111t1 s Baxbal 1 N11 mls Dlana Vukmn 111111 llfflllf 1111111 Nlaltha 1 lx 11 4 s If 111r1 1 Domthx Gunwllns Ruth Boqtedo P 111 111111111111111 I Lmetta KllZD9l Lmnsn XX1ll1amN11n -xlll e Qanexs fl 1 fl R10 l'el.11n S uelx H 1111 111tx 1111 Inn Inn X nb xl Stmmm 1 1 l l ,'.'. . U- . -1 '. F, '.4.1 . .' ' , V, C " - I 4-1, 'H -'I , 'z :.',,,' ", ."' ' .' ' '1 ,S " , ' " ', ' ', ' I' f' sz .' 1 , 'z . Thi' 11111: 1 '. -1' . ' , 4 I In ll Fry, 11' '-' - ' .' 'X 4' 47 I -K - 4 S1 ' ' pi1'f1lI'f' l'l . ' ' '2 "1 Ii0l1: I' . sn " S. 1' A' " "lv 1 'vt '- ,S V Grmll l1i1-1111-11 l'l111'.' Ile' 1 I7 'l an C11 1 ' 1' ' ' ' r: . ' M -C: ik' 1 . .wwf -' ' I' 31 4' Il. " A ll .' ' ' AV! l'! :Iwi 1 1 1' Sh' ' j 214 X' S11 .' 1 l't 1'.w.' 1' . '35 li 1-' Q' ' M Mr. Ralph C. Hughes. our Supervising Principal, busy with affairs of a large school system, does not have the opportunity for close contact with us as do our other admin- istrators. Nevertheless, the Class of 1952 realizes that it may turn to him for helpful advice at any time and knows that his best efforts are being used in our interests. Mr. Allan Behler came to Turtle Creek High School in 1925 as one of the youngest teachers ever to be employed in our school district. After serving first as a commercial instructor, later as principal of junior high, he came to us this year as our high school principal. Because of his knowledge of every phase of our school system, it was not dif- ficult for him to assume his new duties. His influence upon our school has been excellent. We welcome him to our happy family. Mr. Andrew Steranka. known better to the boys of our school, because of his association with the Vocational Department, heads the interesting work shops. It is his task to oversee the courses in auto shop, machine shop, electric shop and drafting. Those of us who have seen him stepping vigorously around our building, with his great physique, worthy of a football star, have noted that his big smile is quite heart- warming, and that his energetic manner displays a ten- dency to get things done and done quickly. The Board of Education Amuml th: fublf fzlmkzczsw M1 Dan VKelshonQ Mr Frank Bxem VI Charles P1 ulslu In Wm ledger FA F5 The membels ot the Boald of Education bpend minv IIOLIIS Ulllxldtlllli, the lllf1111tC numbel of d6t311S that ale the concexn of oul school C1lStl1Ct Thex glue then tlme unself xbhly ex CI11I1g aftel 6V6I1lI1g The Class of 1952 wlshes to exp1ess 1tS gzatltude to these m9mbGIS fox then c mumtw SSIXICE Om . . . . ."., A .D ' 5' A, ' -, .,' A In . . -. "A: -.-" .4 ' A 4 , . pr1.vi1if'J1f. Mr. Robert Watson, Sfl'7'fffl7'A1l. Mr. Alvy Jones, Dr, XV, XY. Lnntz, Mr, T. A, Strmnlnen K P gl N.. . v 1 s yn JJ X The Faculty I ns! 1 Ju Gladxs Hensell Anne Pdscaslo Ruth Brown Honore Bell Shuqlex Mason Suomi IOM Nellle Monflello Lllhan Mlllex Mabel Lowman Elelnol MCMUIIZN Malgdxet Stem Katherme KennedX XX ll1am Lewis Allen Behler Andrew Stezanka Henrw Campoll Fust :rm fsfatfrlf Frederick LEWIS Second mu Ossxe Rometo Jame5Kel1x Frank McCutcheon Lows M6lOCChl 1-Iarrx Mlchaels John Tortella Harold Sle1ghtholm George Elsaman Arthul Leone Thml mu John Carrhew Pete! Blackwood Chester McLean Robelt And Robert Watson Robelt Deffllflgel R1chard Rammmg Pubelt Z1schkau Rob t CBIIUEICR .L X N xx--.h X X x J X , J f ,P Jjr' v rf , ,".l. .1 ... .vs y 1 5' Y y Y v ' .V . .V. - XJ- ' A - Q ' ' ' .Y ' 2 . .Q -V, . . . ' ' y Third rmv: Ann Swanson, Esiella Stewart, Sylvia Jamison, Catheru Harper. . l P ' . . . . , . ' 1' Y, ' ' . y 1 v ' ' v ' 1 v V , , ' . vv' ' 'B A ', h, ' ' 4 --U '- I A Y - 4 Q ' l I , v y ' .41- 15? It is with considerable pride that we present herewith the leaders of the Class of 1952. All of these have been hustlers, and, thanks to the cooperation of the Activities Committee and the Annual Board, our class has attained an enviable record for getting things done. Patsy Kaye, president of the Class of 1952, has the honor of being the first of her sex to be elected senior class president. Patsy has been a leader in many ways. As head majorette she was away up in front of the band. She served on both the junior and senior activities committees. She is also an active member of the NLDBG club. William Rodella has twice been elected a class officer. Bill is a pretty smooth ath- lete, and his first love is sports, he having won letters in basketball and baseball as well as in football. He has also appeared dra- matically in the sophomore play and in assembly per- formances. He is now our vice presi- dent. Rosina Laurito, secretary, has been a class officer for two years. She is also pres- ident of the student council, a member of the senior activ- ities committee, and is cer- tainly one of the outstanding leaders of our school. She has been deeply inter- ested in the T. C. High News and hopes someday to be a journalist. Rosina is never too busy to lend a helping hand. Kathleen Yakin, the class treasurer, has also established a precedent by being the first elected treasurer of a senior class in our school. She has been a class officer for three years. As Associate Editor of the Annual, and News Edi- tor, she has obtained a lot of journalistic experience. She likes best to toss a basketball around in a fast contest. She is a member of the Sigma Sigma Phi club. Irene Kelly, editor of the Annual, has a list of activi- ties a mile long. Her chief interests have been journal- istic. She has served as an usher, a library helper, a member of the debating team, a member of the junior ac- tivities committee and a mem- ber of the Sigma Sigma Phi club. UW JU0, ff A 4 of Ja? The Candid Camera is turned on Seniors as they are at work Carmcn Aiello "Jock" Wilkins Twp. Football letterman. Baseball squad. Assembly play. Pep-meeting skit. Ambition: Barber. Enjoys most: Sports. Pct peeve: Drunks. Vl'hen Jock enters, the party's a SIICPPSS. Shirley Ambroe Turtle Creek Section Booster. Junior activities committee, Chorus. Ambition: Comptometrist. Enjoys most: Dancing. Pet per-ve: Getting up early. Her bright smile makes any room SPPHI f'ht'Cl'y. Rita. Ardisson "Rcc" Turtle Creek Minstrel. Fashion show, Lunch rooni helper 131. Office helper, Intra- mural sports, Orion Club. Ambition: Telephone operator. Enjoys most: Dancing. Pet peeve: Conceited people. She reminds us of that popular song "Dark Eyes." Helen Arendas " Tiny" Monroeville Chorus. Ambition: Undecided. Enjoys most: Dane ng. Pet peeve: Conteited people. Quiet. pretty, and so, so mysterious. Marion A1'n0ld "Murncy:" - Turtle Creek .lunior activities committee. Fashion show 137. Ambition: Undecided. Enjoys most: Listening to records. Pet peeye: Gossips. Neyer a dull moment when she's around. John E. Aliyetti Turtle Creek Baseball letterman. Intra-mural sports 131. Section booster. Senior activities committee, Minstrel 423. Assembly play, Pep meeting skit, News staff, Sophomore play pub- licity, Junior play publicity and stage manager. Senior play pub- licity. Ambition: Pro-baseball. Enjoys most: Listening to jazz. Pet peeve: Show-offs. Anything he boosts. takes new life. He's our public-relatlons engineer. Thomas J. Andreas "Tom" Turtle Creek Ambition: Engineer. Enjoys most: Girls. Pet ref-ve: Show-offs. Very quiet, that is until you know him. William Ardisson "Bill" Salem Twp. Student Council, Senior activities committee, Play assistant 131. Min- strel, Assembly play, Pep-nieeting: skit. Ambition: To own a business. Enjoys most: Dancing. Pet peeve: Girls who smoke. IIe's got looks: he can dance: what else can a girl ask for? Ed Armit "Big Ed" VVilkins Twp. Football letterman. Basketball let- terman. Soccer letterman. Football co-captain. Intra-mural team, Sec- tion booster. Pet peeve: Beeboppers. Why do girls' hearts skip a bent Herr-'s the answer: Eddie. Dave Bailie "Buddy" Turtle Creek J.V. football manager, lllinstrel. Ambition: To graduate. Enjoys most: Sleeping. Pet peeve: Teachers. Dave? had lots of friends in his S9Ctl n. Jean Barley Bubbles Turtle Creek Fa'-rhron Qhovs Usher staff Offue hvlper Skating club Phr Kappa Drlta Nrwman Club Amhrtron Stem graphs r I-ngoyw moat Skating P t peru Conurted people She tame to us as a Sf mor and took us hx qtorm so prettx and you should we her Skate Pete Bar bor North Versarlles ootball squad 127 Baseball letter Trark letterman Intramural Amhrtron Lonqtruttron worker Pnjoxa most Baifball I Loud rnoutha TC haw mur me-en Pete wearing 1 frox 1 Frances Bauder Fran Monroexrlle Intramural aports Mmstrel News staff Orron club Ambrtron Home economrw trac her Lnjoye moat Swlmmrng P t pure Snobbrsh people Tum to her srhool and frrenrie that 1: Frarrreq 31 J fl, pg A74 Margery Bender Dztty Turtle Creek Intramural basketball Attendanc. pr Orron 0 Amhrtrorr Houaewufe Errjose mo-rt Svvrmmmg p on Cata rr rs efferweu Arlene Bentley Red Turtle Creek Iumor play Sophomore plax Ambrtron Srcrrtarx Enjoxa mo-at Datea Pet peexew Bad tempered people ur a dull moms nt xx hen 14 ladx sxrth her gorgeoua auburn halr rr: around Patrrera Balok Patsy Turtle Crrek Iunlor play Sophomor. pln Play assrstant Orron club Ambrtmn .Iournalrwm Enjoys most Summer ramatrorrs Pet peexe Stuck up peopl. Her gentle manner would mrlt xour heart Shuley Barone Hot Rnd Turtle Crrek Chorus Intramural eporte Ambrtron To own .1 Porrtrrr Enjovs moqt Drrrrrrp. a. rar Pet peer' Impatrr nt propls Os of the reasone mln 'klral-4 -:tore rf: popular Szhn works t sr: Vrctlor Bear rnger Vcc Turtle Crfek Football manager 123 btudent Councrl 12 Mmstrel Av-rnrnhly play Varsrtx club Ambrtlmr Elf ctronrrq errg,nr1 1 r Pet pure Kllljoya Bubblmg our vrrth p p and rn. x he enjovs lrff to the utmout Barbara Bender Barb Turtle Cruk Junior actrxltrea committee 1 tendancr commrttu Att. rr l r helper Orron Club AITlblll0ll Lndcrrdul Enjoy: most Thr radro I pau XXorkrnf., nt 'md ae :za ntl rml Marv Lrllran Brrchall Jurldze North Veraarllee Fashron Qhosx Chorufl Grrls hrs ketball team Ambrtron Hour: rs rfe Enjms most Dancrnf' Pet peexe Gofwrpa Mary can take thmga as ru ro T C will mrsa her' ' nl U V ' ' lr v .sr r 'L ' ' " .V ' ' ' '. 1 - 1 v ' ' : - - , ' ' : '. . I ' 't . 1 ' , ' : ' '- -' ' 1. . -1: . .' I I I ' 3 . r 5. QL Q ,V z V ' h D ' ' 1 nl 'I , - f -Y - ' V1 L i .' .' , . . -I I ' I ' ' ' ' . ' . - . ' . . . Pvt rn-4-W-3 - -. A ' nf f ., ' ' . " .. '. "' . ' A 'p :L . , hw., z ' vr. . .. U ' ' " " T" " 5 , ' ':. -': . .. Z tl ugly. ' ' ' , ' Enjoys most: Havmg fun. r- ' -' f . I H, ' . -. V r I r ' -, . . I l b v. V ,. . . .rg-.' F '- ax , If J fy V 5 ! . n . IJ ,, , lr ' U ' ' -x x Q Q 4 , -v- -,B . ' ... gt. - 'I , " . ' 11. . lint. lr.-I .--. - lub, . l ' ' ' ' : L .' l . . ' . i I, I ' in 5 : ,' ' ' . 'L : X i . ' Pvt 1- - ' -: -. mm l . -05 ' ' fl H " hllllltll' '. ' ' " . "Ill, Qu' 1 I . L r ,. as H I: ,- , .. JJ . ' ' ' .r - ,xr Ne ' -' ' - ' th'- Y ' - N' " . ' . ' ' A - tl ' mv. Theresa Bodner Therese Wxlkms Tvyp Fashnon show UD Orlon Club Ambltlon Seamstress Enjoys most Wests rn moymfs Pet peeye None We can count on Theresas success ln any field she choosfs Rodney Bowen "Rod" North Versallles Football squad Baseball squad Mmstrel Assembly play Ambltlon The nayy Enjoys most Llstenmg to muslc Pet peeye People steppmg on hrs shoes If you hear howls of laughtnr around Itodneys probably there Patrlcla Brady Turtle Cruk Junior actlyltxes COIl'lI'l'llttQl Major ette f27 Ambxtlon Housewlfe Enjoys most Dancmg Pet peeve Concelted people So happy when she stepped h1gh wxth the band playmg Betty Brannlgan Betts" North Versa1llcs Jumol actlyltxes committee Chorus Ambltlon Undeclded Enjoys most Swlmnllng Pet peeye Gettlng up early A ,,lrl of sterlm,, character just ask her lrlends Dolores Jean Brower Der Wllklns Tyyp Basketball squad Fashlon shoyy Usher staff Lxbrary helper Chorus Ambltlon Houseyufe Enjoys Good txmrs Pet peeye Workmg on Saturdays Those bug brown eyes just look right through you Don t try to fool her 18 Ruth Bostedo Monroeyxlle Assrnlbly leader Pep meetm, sklt Annual board Attendance helper Chorus NLDBG KU GAL UD AITlbltl0Il Stenographer Enjoy s Gomg steady Pet peeu Blg shots What a gay and pretty housewmfe shell make for some lucky fellow John Bowman "Jack' Turtle Creek Football squad Q25 Letterman Intra mural team Ambltlon To go to college Enjoys most Sports partlclpatlon Pet pee'-ye Big Wheels A success ln football a surcfss ln school John wlll go far Robert L Brammell R MOIIFOOYIIIP Football lftterman Track lrttm :man Soccer letterman Section booster Stage crryv Varsity club Ambition To see the world Enjoys most Sports Pet peeye Unfrxendly people Bob was yoted Mr Football be cause ht can really tear a lme to bits Evelvn Brodr1ck Ete Turtle Creek Junlor actlyltles commlttee Mm strel Assembly play Pep meetmg sk1t News staff C25 Chorus Ambltlon Secretary Enjoys most Dancmg Pet peeye Haymg to walt Eyelyn rolls those big eyes and plesto NOUIC on her slde Davxd Burnelh Wxlkms Tyyp Student council Band 121 Ambxtlon Machinist Enjoys 'nost Spaghettl Pet peeye Women drlyers Meet a swell yocatlonal Pat Byers "Blond1e Turtle Creek Intra mural team Mmstrfl JUIIIUI' atlutlfs 4 0YIlll1lttPP Att+ ndanrf helper Ambltlon Undecldecl EnJovs most Dancmg Pct pee-xe Ge-ttmg up ln the morn mg If Pat be-comes a secretary how rould the boss ronrfntratr 4 Henry Caprara Hen Wnlkms Twp Football squad HP Lfttfrman 127 Class offxcer C23 Student councll Jurgor actnltxes commlttee Varsltx clu Ambltlon The naxy Pet pfexe Loslng games Our blg strong handsome HGIHY Paul Carmxchael Turtlr Cruk Intramural team Class offxcer Sfmor 3.Cl.lXltlfS Lommlttef Junior actlutles commlttee Assembly plax Afflblflflll Draftsman Enjoys Dancmg Pet peexe Workmg Thls IS our llght hearted bm with the wan han and a knack for wm mug frlends Mlchael Castagnero Mzke 'vionroew llle Sectlon offlcer Ambltlon Draftsman EnJoys most Dancmg Pet peexe Workmg 'Vhkm ns rvadx and ablf to meet a sltuatlons Glorla Chamberlam Turtle Creek Mmstrel 'Vhnstrel sololst Orchestra Rl Chorus Rl Section booster Junxor actu mes commlttep Attend ance helper Ambxtlon Secretary Enjoxs most Muslc Gloria has such a sweet PX IGSSIOII D on her fac she d melt th. hardest hear! I Patty Glorla Loretta Campo Turtlf Creek Intla mural team 'VImstr4l Fasluon shovs Offu-e hr lpn-r Chorus Concf-rt sulolst Ambltxon Telephone operator I njox s Sports P+ t peexf Domg the dlshes LfJlltl.3 had so much t sas xt was fun haxm, ln r amunrl Dolores Carmlchael Do Turtle Creek Fdilllllll show Ambxtlon Sfcntarx Enjoxs most Football games Pr t pe ev Nebbg people Damtx and so petltf John Call Kzddy Turtlt Cru k Intla mural tm am Alllbltlfill Takmg lt easy Fujoxs most Baseball P t D4 FY Long. sklrts blg 1 s tall a so dark Bettur look out n Bernadme Chabamk Bfrme North V+rsa1lles S4 mor '1r'tn1t1+s mommlttu Jumox d.lllXlll6S itllllnlltltt Usher staff O lu h l,1+I Attfndancf h+ er Chorus Ambltlon To trawl Fnjms most Dantmg P P1 1 x Unfrlendly pr up 0 1 o s r t Q home tfam soc-lf 4 ouslx los. or flr w Patty Chambellam 'Pat' Cheerlnadrr 121 SQCIIOII booster Juruor act1x1t1es CUlll!lllttF'9 Mmstrel .issenlblx hader FaShl0n shove TC c ub Ambxtlon Secrl tarx Enjox s most Dancmg P: t pw x e Max onnaxse A Hash uf mnergx and splrlt she was one nf our best che er leaders 19 Velma Chambers Wllkms Twp Mlnstrel Chorus l lj PQ rf: ct attend ance 4.31 AmbltlOll Nurse En-105s fnost Poller skatmg Pmt peext Trlg dont want to ,et well Im ln lost wlth a blautlful nurse Marjorle May Connahan Mary e Tultle Creek Junlor -il,l.lSltltS commlttff Senior play Ntws sdltor News staff 123 Mlnstrml Assoelatr annual edltor Pep meftmg sklt Ambxtxon Nurse En-logs most Danclng Pft pe eu Waxtlng for peoplt Xwlth good looks hxgh standards and a true COIISCIGIIUOUSIIPSS shes our prize pupll Cecllla Costello ' Cel Wllkms Twp Intra mural tr am Jumor actlutles Ambltlon Costume dfslgncr Fnjoys most Dorxs Day s records Pet peue Study halls W1th a flaxr for drawmg and a good sense of humor she ll make her vxaw all llght Je ry Cuifaro "Dan Turtle Creek Ambltlon Tool maker Enjoxs most Frankle Lane Pet peexe Loafers Right to the pomt with no foolish ness that s Jerry Bermce Czekaj "Brunka North Versallles Sf mor actnltnes commlttee Jumor aetnltn s LUII'll'fllttPP Llbrarv helper Offlce helper Dnogenes club Glrls baskftball A!'llb1tl0H Comptometer operator Enjoys Dances Pet peewe Blg Wheels Hr re IS a ,,1rl who liked to work partlcularly m extra currxcular en deaxors Shf was happlest when she was dfeoratmg the gxm or en gagcd m a smnlar task May Closson 'Mabelu MOHTOLSIIIE Junlor 3CtHlll6S C0l'I'lITlltt1l Fashion show Usher staff Ambltlon To traxel Enjoys most Dancmg, Pet peewe Concelte d people She spoke her mmd on all occa sions but newer brtragfd a frlend shlp Blanche Cook Honey Monroex llle Fashlon show Ushtr staff Llbrarx helper Chorus Ambltlon HOUSEWlf1 EnJoys most Rolh r skatmg Pet peexe Blg tlmf glrls We vush her good luck and happx times m her ambltlon Chfford Cox "Clif Turtle Crm ek Chalrman senior aCtlYltl9S commlt tee Junlor 3CtlYlf.liS commnttex Semor play Jumor play Sopho more play Mmstrel Mmstrel Solo lst Assembly play Assembly lea der Pep meetmg sklt News staff Band HJ Orchestra U1 DlStTlCt orchestra Ambltlon Orchestra leader Enjoys most Playing muslc Pet peexe Bleached hanr Thls fellow had hls finger IH ewerg ple that was baked m 'I' C tflgura tnely speakmg that :sl Jack Curry Ha Senior 3CtlYltlCS commlttee Mm strel Assembly play Pep meetmg sklt Usher staff Ambltxon Game Commlsslonrr Enjoys most Bemg alne Pet peexe None He was rough and ready untll he met a certain glrl Meet a perfeet Gentleman Margaret D Alessandro Margw' Wllkms Twp Chorus C31 Ambition Stenographer Emoys nost Baseball season Pet peexe Homework We beluu shf ll make good ln her ehosfn profession vuthout a doubt f 1" I 4 1 1 - , I . ' ' I A. ' ' : ' Y. ' ' . I - ' . r : ' 1 - . h 'l' 4 I ' V ul Z ' ' ' ' - . V . ' . AK ,i II ff 71 ' . . ' V- ' , - , , ' ' l K ' ' Y 'v A l ' V . 4 ' I A ' ' . ,A x ' , ' ' Z 1 ' an - lx I - . I . x x '4' ' ' A A V. l ' ' ' IJ , ' ' I I2 . . . ,. . V - , I ' ' V' ' 1 ' 1, - I I . . v. . v ' 1 V ' - committee, Usher staff, Art club. - . " . ' J A ' 3 ' ' . . . ' . ' : ' . . Y . . ' ' - - ff ,I I. ll t ' , 1 ' . . . Z . . h D .., . . . ,, , .L ' .' ' , . ' ' 4 ' U ' " x . . , , ln 'A U1 V . D - - - x 1 2 . . ' a' ' Q 1 - ' I ' I ' '-. 1 . .' 1 ' - ' I . ' 1' I Beverly Dash Bet Monroew ille Chorus Ambition Secretary Enjoys most Listening to record ings P t pfue Cracking gum Her name de notes pep and speed That s xuctly what she has N lman Daughenbaugh Doc Wilkins Twp Intra mural games Senior play Junior play Intra mural team Sen lor play Junior play Ambition Chemical engineer Enjoys most Sports P t pen Homework A wry serious minded lad with sun success ahead Lorna Mae Davis Doom?" Turtle Creek Junior activities committee News staff History Hobby club Ambition Stenographer Enjoys most Football games P t pun Unfriendly people Very friendly and true as steel Richard DeTorre "Det Wilkins Twp. Football lettermen, Football squad fill, Soccer squad 137, Soccer letter- man, Intra-mural team. Minstrel, P4 p-mee ting skit, Varsity club. Ambition: Airline pilot. Enjoys: Hockey games. Pet pe-eve: "Big Wheels". He was happiest in sports: all kinds. Marion Dewitt Turtle Creek Marion's marriage meant that she left us at the end of the first semester. Our best wishes for much happiness go with her. Zola Dash Blondie" Monrocx illf Attendance helper Ambition Undecided Enjoys 'nost Wrestling Pet peeye Driving A blond beauty with strength ant stature Arthur Daum 'Ar Monroenlle Intra mural team Minstrel Ambition Big pay little work Enjoys most Hunting Pet peeve Conceited people He had such nice pink cheeks especiallly when he blushed Iohn De Stefano Turtle Creek Track squad Junior activities com mittee Minstrel Assembly play Chess club Ambition Undecided Enjoys most Football games Pet peeve None John could be depended upon t stick up for old Alma Mater W ynette DeVincenzo Turtle Creek Junior activities committee, Senior play, Junior play, Play assistant, Minstrel, Pep-meeting skit. NLDBL, club CD. Ambition: To be a Wave. Enjoys most: Dancing. Pet peeve: Getting up in the morn- in . She could wear clothes like tha best New York model and still ln- friendly to 1vsryone. Shirley Dimuzio 'Muzffiev Wilkins Twp. Minstrel, Assembly play. Pep-meet- ing skit, Fashion show, Dlogenes club. Ambition: Undecided. Enjoys most: Dancing. Pet peeve: Moody people. Those liquid eyes that melt your heart. Jxm Dlsso Wxlkxns Twp Ambltlon Undecxdo d Enjoys Drnlng Pet peexe Nom We know hell be glad wha n schot IS ovfr but h+ dnl haw fun Shxrley Domm ' Shzrl Monroes llle Semor actlutus committee Junxor alctlvltles commlttee Senior plax Play asslstant Jumor play Soph omore play Mnnstrfl Assembl play Assembly lrader Pep meetlng, skit News editor News stan' An nual board GAL Dl0gfYltS 123 Ambltlon RtllgltlUS educatlon dl rector Enjoys most Danrlng Pet peeve No mall Zlp pep whlzz and all other words that mean aetlon Rlohard Droske "Dmk" Monroew 1lle Soccer squad Semor play Play sxstant Pep meetmg skxt Ambxtxon Undeclded Emoys most Anythxng Pet peeve Nlght work A frlendly way wlth everyone exceptmons Margaret Ann Estocm "Muff Turtle Cree k Jumor 3.CllXlllf'S committee Mm strel I'8Shl0ll show t2l Annual board Attendancc hrlpxr Chorus GAL Ambltlon Model EnJoys Vxslts Pet peeve None S l ely that vu ll Ill 4 her Rae Felton J l U Monroeulle Annual board Stage artlst Attend ance helper Glrls basketball Ambltlon Comptometer operator Emoys most Drawmg Pet peele Cones lted D1 ople She 113115 from the country uhfrf the great outdoors made hfr happx 22 Emery Dxxon Doc Monroex xlle Football squad Ill Trark squad 12? Track managnr Intra mural tw 'nn Slltlflll Boostf r S1 mor attnx ws lfllllllll ll Junlor actnltles ronmnttu S. mor plax Tumor plax Sophomore plat Minstrel Ps p mu ting sklt Ambition To ovln a buslne ss Fnlox s Girls pw P- romu bl at nt fafifr of :lass actn rs t ul ak- n l ft 1 Lols Jean Drlsh Chalfant NIlIl9'.l41 Chorus Swnlor antxutus Llllllllllttlt Junlor HCUXIUQS Oomnnt t 1 bshnr staff Attondanu hflpu Chorus Orlon elub Ambltlon Sa on tary Fngm s most Rolla r skat1n,., Pl t pn ew Snobs A wlsp of a glrl thl pl rsonlflratlon rf lam fulness Peggy Dryburgh Wllkms Twp Sfttmn booster Semor actnxtles eommltttf Minstrel Asscmbly play Plp meetlng sklt Fashion show Offlce nelper Attendance helper Band C27 Chorus C23 Concert and assfmbly sololst Majorettf UD AYYlbltlOH Muslc Enjoys most Lots of frunds P1 t peru Unrs asonabll people H41 xolm thrllll rl us until we could :rw Al Ferdl Lhalfant Borough Football lf ttf rman ill Track squad 125 Track lltterman Intra mural tl am ill NIlIlSlI'll 123 Varsltx club Arnbltlon Colle 5.1 football Fnjms most Sports P pus Guls who think lex II llktd sports and he liked e la ns Hs ll alvtaxs pt alo g Alex Ferguson f'F'erg1e" Turtle Creek Ambxtlon Lots of monew Enloxs most Gxrls pr B1,., Whse-ls W1 ut alonh flllk wxth nm and e ot a nn, hn vslth us Charles Ferguson Churk Turtle Cree k Intra nrural team Sophomore play Pep meeting skit Ambition Lndecrded Enjoys Lrfe Pet peeye Nothing' H4 speaks and yu stop to lrstr Ruth Fisher North Versailles Ambition Interior decorator Enjoys Haxrng fun Pet peeye Unfrrendlr people She loves T C and all rt stands or Ralph Folrno Turtle Crerk Amhrtron Undecided Enjoys Manx things Pet peeve Alviars rn a good humor The boy who knorr-x all the ansyu rs Russell Frv Russ Turtlr Creek Basr ball squad Intramural team td! Junior actrrr tres committee Plar assistant 'Nurs editor News staft 127 Annual board -kmbrtron Building contractor Enjoys most Baseball P t pun Cratkrng gum oy ru ll airs ns rrnrnn Gerald Gallik 'Jerry" Monros villr In ra-mural team l2l. Nlinstrel. News staff, Library helper, H.H.C. Ambition: Country doctor. Enjoys: Money. Pet peeve: "Big Wheels." XVhen things are rough, Jerry always has a solution. 'Wulf' Donald Fisher "Squz.sher" Forest Hrlls Track squad Intra mural team Ambition to be rrch Enjoys most Girls Pet peeye School Goes like a whrzz on hrs motorcycle Shirley Fisher Turtle Creek Student Councrl Senior actnrtres committee Junior activities commit tee Minstrel Attendance helper Band 141 NLDBG club Ambrtron To succeed Enjoys most Dancing Pet peeye Cracking gum Such a graceful dancer and such a sn rle ' Jack Ford Turtle Creek Football squad Track squad Intra mural team Ambrtron To be a mrllronarre Enjoys most Sports Pet peexe school Plentv of personality when you ge beyond hrs bashfulness Kay June Fulcomer 0 Turtle Creek Orrhstra 139 Usher staff Orron club Ambrtron Concert pranrst Enjoys most Listening to music Pet peere Chrldrsh people r skill on he r 1 acc rn pained by a srnrlr Alberta Garafola f'Gar Turtle Creek Fashion show. Chorus. Sigma Sigma Phi club, Intra-mural sports. Ambition: Bookkeeper. Enjoys most: Reading. Pet pu-ve: Unfriendly' people. So frank and friendly, she loves shorthand. 23 Anthony Garafola 'fTo'ny Monroeville Ambition To ovsn a business Enyoys most Vacations Pet peexe Poor sportsmanship He likes that green Dodge Mildred George "Mid Monroevllle Library helper Ambition Bookkeeper Enjoxs most Dancing Vilth eyes that smile at exeryone Virginia Ginther 'Ginny Wilkins Twp Minstrel News staff Ushfr staff Orion club Ambition Nurse EnJoxs Trawlmg, Pet peeve Getting up late She doesnt talk unless she really mas something to sav Leonard Gorzynski Turtle Creek Intra-mural team, Usher staff, Chess club. Ambition: Electrical engineer. Enjoys most: Sports. Pet peeve: None. Leonard likes to work, provided ' isn't in school. Clara Graham Claire Monrotville Boro Library helper. Ambition: Secretary. Enjoys most: Skating. Pet peeve: People who are never on time. The gal with the wavy hair. Give her a job and presto! it's done. Bernadette George Bert Monroex ille Fashion show 121 Ambition Seamstress Enjows most Dancing Pet peese Conceited people A sure success in home making young men please take notice Patti George Clin Turtle Creek Minstrel 131 Fashion show Usher staff Junior red cross Ambition House wx ife Enjoys most Mario Lan7a Pet peeve Conceited people So nice to hate around Uhuh Albelt Gorzvnski Turtle Crew k Intxa muial team Ambition Electrical engmur EnJovs most Baseball Pet peeve Show offs If we could tell him from his brother me d say this is the quilt one James Grace Monro: ville Football letterman. Soccer lettsr- man, Co-captain, Intra-mural team. Student Council. Senior activitims committee. Ambition: Undecided. Enjoys: Sports. Pmt peeve: None. What would T.C. have done with- out this towering he-man. A gre at athlete. Charles Green Chuck North Versailles Football letterman. Soccfr squad. Intra-mural team. Ambition: To graduate. Enjoys: Swimming. Pet peeve: English class. His smile is especially for thc ladies. Donald E Green "Don Monroenlle Soccer squad Intra mural team Section officer Student council Ambition Undecided Enjoys most Drnmg Pet peeve lNone The boy from drafting that has the bright brown eyes that take every thing William Gregory H erk' Monroevllle Ambition Machinist Enjoys most Swlmmlllg Pet peese Talkatne people Small in stature due for large success Donald Groom "Don" Monroevllle Semor play News staff Lunch room helper Chess club Debating club Ambition Mission doctor Enjoys most Arguments Pet peeve Grinds Lets give him the nickname The Bram Robert Gross Bob North Versailles Ambition Undecided Enjoys most Driving Pet peese Sunday drners A long walk from the hilltop hu newer too tired for a smile Dolothy Gunsallus Dottte Monroex ille Intramural sports Nhnstrel Pep meeting skit News staff Annual board Diogenes club Ambition Nursing Enjoys most Talking Pet peese Vlaitmg for someone Dot we call her with her raushmg smile and rawen hair Lois Green "Lu" Nlonroeville Semor activities committee Junior BCIIYIIIES committee Fashion shou 123 Intra mural sports GAL club Ambition Secretary Enjoys most Swimming Pet peeve Carrots She slips around wry quietly glad to xolunteer for tough jobs Gary Grlffith Grzf Monroev :llc Ambition Draftsman Enjoys Looking at girls Pet peeve Cheap people A broad smile that is full of mis chief he likes to kid you Shirley Groshardt S hzrlu Chalfant Junior activities committee Sc mor play Sophomore play Plax assist ant Minstrel Pep meeting skit Usher staff Chorus 137 Diogenes club 131 Enjojs most Talking Pet peeve Waiting lor people Blue eyes and law en hair com plexion of pc ac he s and cre am Wow' Patricia Grove Pat Monroew ille Library helper Ambition Housewife Enjoxs most Dancing Pet peews Big shots Always wrappmd up in a book me gets a lot of 1ov in life Richard Guthrie Dick" Monroeulle Semor activites committee Dance disc Jockey Amb1t1on Electrician Enjoys most Swimming Pet peewe Math A xery uncommon lad with plenty of efficiency .u . K I v . 7 - I - g . ' in ' ', ' Q: ' ' KI J . . H . I, . Y. 1 ' u ' ' v . v ' v ' I I . - I . ' Ambition: Airline hostess. v - . in 2 : I . . ,, A - v ' ' - ' ' 5 1 n u ' ' If JJ fi ll 4 1 V ' K V V , ' . . tl . If ' J! . . ,, . William C Guthrie Guff Wrlkrns Twp Seetron Boostrr D nu drsr Jorkrx Ambition Undurdfd Enjoys most Svsrrnnnn P t pun Hard trmns Some call ll1HlBlll some tuff sorn. id: call nm tops Jean Hall Wrlkrns Tw p Fashron show Pr rff ct att: ndante Ambition Sr 1 rr tarx Enjoys 'nost Reading, Pet pun Conctrtrd proph A cute lrttlr g.,1rl with lots of ,.rg.,,l and a ,,r1at big, smrlf Marion Hancock Turtle Creek Y teens Ambition Q-ecretary Enjoys Swimming Pet peeve Getting .ip ln the A 'NI Marian moved to T C rn the middle of her senior yrar Alrnady she BELONGS Thomas Harper Ionr' North Xersarllu. Ambition To bt suuessful EnJoys most Svnnnrnng Pet peeve VVork Tom has a hapm drsposrtron fact we nexer saw him xxhfn h wasn t smrhng Joseph Hatok "Joe Chalfarrt Borough Golf team 421. Ambition: Draftsman, Enjoys most: Drafting, Pet peeve: Chemistry. A little shy, but with a twinkle- in his eye. 26 Wayne E Guyaux Turth Creek Intra mural tearrr Arnbrtron To be successful Enjoys most Study halls Pet pure Vacation home work VM rruer knew whether to pro nounce the X rn hrs name or not Were sun of the Guy he s OK Elsie Handock L Turtle Creek Chorus 435 Arnbrtron Secretarx Enjows nrost Sports Pet peexe Homework Elsn s good rn hm r studies and 2004 to her friends Marion Harper "Turtle" Turtle Creek Minstrel Chorus Junior aetnltres tommrttee Fashion show Ambition To travel EnJoys Swrmmrng Pet peewe Show offs Full to owerflowrng with charrn Shrrks Harter Slml Nlonroex rlle Junror HLUNIIIPS cornrnrttu Xnnurl board Chorus Arnbrtron Setretary Enjoys most Art Pet peeie Snobs She rs aluaw happiest when slr s drawing Joan Hearn Joaniei' Turtle Creek Junior activities committee, T.C. club, History hobby club. Ambition: Secretary. Enjoys most: Dancing. Pet peeve: Television. A neat appearance-always dressed in the best of taste. Lee I-Ixnkle "Mac" Turtle Creek Football squad Q31 Lette rman Track letterman 121 Intra mural team Varsity club Ambltlon To graduate Enjoys most Football Pet peeve Snobs Mac IS very consclentlous and al ways trles very hard ln exerythmg Beverly Homa "Bev" Turtle Creek Mxnstrel News staff Usher staff C33 Library helper Chorus Hrs tory hobby club Chess club Ambition To travel Enjoys Popular muslc Pet peeve Teachers who thmk they are the only ones to gave mghtwork If you want to hate a lot of fun Just stay around Beverly Fred Horvath Chalfant Ambltxon Undecided Enjoys most Drlvmg Pet peewe Washing dishes Steady as a rock and rnght u there xn has grades Sally Hutchlson Monroevnlle Assembly play Usher staff Llbxary helper Chorus C23 Ambntlon Housewife Enjoys Swimming Pet pee-we Snobblsh people She 'nes out with many glggles but we don t mmd she s our friend Vlctor Jacko Vw' Turtle Creek Amb1t1on Mechanic Enyoys most Hobbies Pet peewe Hot headed people You may not notlce hxm hes so quiet but hes right up there L Rxta. Htrschblel Turtle Creek Fashion show 123 Chorus Orion club Amb1t1on Undecxded Enjoys most The 3 30 bell Pet peese Havmg to hurry She has that certam qulet modesty that betokens character Janlce Hor ne "Peanuts Student council Senior actnxties Commlttee Assembly play Assem bly leadu Pep meeting skit Lib rary helper GAL HJ NLDBG til T C 127 Aquatlc show AlTlblIlOIl Office worker Enjoys most Swlmmmg Pet peexe Snobblsh people Boy' Can she swim She s our own Esther Wnlhams W 1lI1a.m Hroba, Zzppo Chalfant Intra mural team Ambltl0ll Auto mechanic Emoys most Hunting and nShlIlg Pet pee-xe None Such mm blond halr and such gen tleness Darrell Hunter "Dnbble Chalfant Tzamk letterman Intla mural team 'Student councxl Senlox play Mm strel Pep meetmg sklt News staff Hnstnry hobby club Gvm club Chess club Debate club Ambxtxon Che-mast Enjoys most Playxng the piano Pet peue Bores Always has hls lessons always wery actin John Jackson "Jac Turtle Creek Mmstrel Band 121 Orchestra Amb1t1on To drne a Cadlllac E'.nJoys Drlymg Pet peexe Sllly glrls John likes lots of things better than school but who doesn t 27 Thomas Jackson "Tom' Turtle Creek Ambmon Draftsman Enjoys 'nost Huntlng and flshxng P t 1 ut Chemistry Jackson has long been an xmportant nama around our school not the hast of the m IS Tom Lols Johnston 'Lo ' Turtle Creek Fashxon show 127 Ushrr staff Llblary Htlpxr Alllbltlllll Se amstress Enjoys most Dancmg P t pun Mirror watchf rs So kmd and generous a good wxfe for somtont som: day Patty Lou Kasprlsm 'fPatty North Versaxlles Chl Q rlead1 r 427 Minstrel Assembly play Pep meeting slut Offlce lu lps r Chorus Dlogenr s 423 GAL Ambltlon Office work Ptt prev Losmg a football gamz Patty Lou walked by and Zmg vunt the strings of my heart Roberta Kayser Bobble Lou Sophomore play Junlor actn1t1es committee Play asslstant Mmstrel Pf p meeting sklt Chorus C25 Dxog enfs GAL HJ Junxor Red Cross Ambltlon Commerclal artist Enjoys most Sports Pft ptexe Stuck up people Bobby has always been so helpful wie YI glad she belonged to our c ass Irene Kelly Turtle Creek Play assistant News edxtor News staff 121 Annual edntor Annual board Llbrary helper 12? Slgma Slgma Ph1 Q25 Debate club Ushers club Sectlon offlcer Ambltl0D Undeclded Enjoys most Talkmg Ptt peeu People who can t laugh Irfne nexer lured of sersmg her school Darlene Johnson Nnrth Versaxlles Attendance helper Chorus Q25 Ambition Undecxded Enjoys most Skatmg Pet peexe None O e of I' C s most attractne blonds quut but oh my' Shlrley Jones Shwl Turtle Creek Fashxon show L 1 b r a r y helper Chorus Ambxtxon Smgtr Enjoys most Workmg ln the 08110 Pet peeu Boys A special helper to our 811111110 manager well all mlss hnr whfn sh: s gone Patrxcla Kaye 'Patsy Turtle Creek Class officer 121 Student councll C29 Semor actnutles C0mmlttQL Junior actxvltles committee Mm strel Assembly play Assembly leader Pep meetlng sklt Band UD Head Majorette HJ NLDBG Enjoys most Danclng Pet peewe Waxtmg for people Our pretty hugh steppmg head majoretts was a lsader m eury thmg Evelyn Kelly 11' North Versaxlles Usher staff Llbrary helper GAL 123 Orlon club Ambntnon Secretary Enjoys most Swlmmlng Pet peeye Concelted people A loyal CAL and a great gal Ann Klbbler Butch" Monroes nlle Intramural team captam Jumor actxutles commxttee Mlnstrel A sembly uader Fashlon show News staff Usher staff 4'-ll Offlce helper Hb T C club Maypole dance Ambltlon Waafs Enjoys most Swlmmmg Pet peexe Stuffy people Well place our money on her success J Q- 'wt -11 ' 'I ' 1 ' ' ' . 3 ' n , ' . .' ' ' , A , ' KK ' IJ - ' ., , - . cn, ' - . ' ' . ' v ' 1 x Q . . . V I . D ' - ' ' F . '. O Vx- , ,. ..-. , . V , , . . . , Y 3 ' ' . ' - ' ' I JJ ' ' PJ . ' ' ' ' . : , 1.41. . , 'A , . , Enjgys most: Dancing. Ambition: Secretary. . l -.3 ' t. ' : ' . , .1 - yn v 2 ' V. K- ' v I , , ' - ' I 1 1 ' 'x '- ll ' JJ Y' . . v. . HE J ' v V . v I v ' x . ' ' ' - 1 A ' . 4 A ' ' ' ' 1 v ' 1 U' Y . , ' KK '. Y - . "' ', ' , ' , s- - . . v Y V ' , I ' ' ' ' 1 'li 7 ' I , , 1-A vu . R nald King Ron" Ambition To build his oxen ear Enjows most Drrirng P pine Cr A xerx quiet box hut a wry steadx lille James Kukurrn Cookie Turtle Creek Basketball squad 121 Intramural team Section booster Jurrror aetrs rtres eornrnrttee Pep rneetrng skrt orus Home nn 1 Arnhrtron Business lfnjoxs rno'-it Sports Pet peer. B wheel girls Yau ll n xer haw a dull rrronre t ren xou hrie Irnr arounr Loretta. Kuznar Tennessee" North Versailles Junior aetrirtres eomrnrttee Mm strel Fashion slime Annual hoard Chorus Droge ne Q Arnbrtron Seerm tan Enjoxs most Dancing, peru Big uhee s t Q ity Xlll"lUIll4 t 'll 4b 1 No.ma LaRue 'R Turtle- Creek Usher staff. Ambition: House-wife. Enjoys most: Swimrning. P t pe-ev-1 "Ca ty" people. -Spoke-rr, iw' y, 1 -'-' rlulll th:1t's Norrna. Ray Leseck Turtle Creek Intra-mural team. Baird 135, Orches- tra. History-hobby club, Chess club. Ambition: Airplane pilot. Enjoys most: Math class, Pet peeve: Smoking and drinking. Ray was always inte-re-str-d in his school and sr-e-rrrod In find much joy ' J--in-' he-' . Janet Koda Jan T rtle Cre k Play assistant Peprneetrng skit News staff Lrhrarx helper Ambition Nurse Enjoys most Danrrnr., Pet peers Bossx people A other one of our quiet girls eicce pt when xou knot rer Eugene Kuzner Gene Turtle Clerk Intra mural te arn Minstrel Anrlirtron Unde tid: d Enjoys Playing the harrnonrr r Pet peeu Bad sportsmanship Bn: and tall and stalwart RobertA Larouere Bob' Turtle Creek Ambition Isalw manage r Enjovs most Girls Pet peeie betting hands dirty XX hen Isaly s know l n as tell l Illdlll tl tha rerrl rnrna e Rosina Laurito Rosieiv Class 0ffiC6r f2l. Section booster, Student council 121. Officer ell, Senior activities committee. Junior activities committee, Pep mee-ting skit, News editor, News staff 133, Annual board, Library he-lpe-r, Junior play assistant. Girls' basket- bfxlfi GAI, Sigma Sigma Phi, Chess e- u . Ambition: Journalist. Enjoys most: Te-le-vision. ' Rain. earior- . grea tha os 'VVIH ' ". Thomas Letcher Monroeville An auto shop boy with a ,' -r take things apart to see what makes tht-rn tick. Emery Letham "Em" Turtle Cree k Football squad 123 Letterman ell SOCCLI squad 123 Sllll0ll boostel Semor actlyltlls eommlttev Junlor 8CtlSlll0S C0l'lllTlltf.t4 Mlllqtfll Tumbllng team Ambltlon Publlc re latlons nlan Enjoys lnost All sports Pet peeye Wlse guys A huge physlque but as entle n lanlb off the playlng, fle Esther Lotz WllklllS Twp News staff 125 Library helper Chess club Ambltlon The Alr Forte Enjoys lllOSt People Pet pe eye Homework The very embodlment of qulet -ffl clency Dorothy Lucas Luke Chalf ant Student councll Junlor aCt1X1tltS commlttee Play asslstant Mmstrel Assembly play Pep meetlng sklt News staff Dlogenes Q23 Intra mural sports Ambltlon Commerclal artlst Enjoys nost Sports Pet peeve Freckles If any glrl ln our cass veas any more popular than she yy dont know who lt lS Loulse McKlnney Lou Turtle Creek Junlor d.CtlXltl0S commlttee Mln strel Senlor play Assembly play Fashlon show Majorette Dl0g4Hl4 T C club Ambltlon Undecided Enjoys most Danclng Pet peeve Waltlng for buses She llked to be up front ln eyery thlng not only ln the band but lll her class Harold McMunn "Mack North Huntlngton Twp Ambltlon Machlnlst Enjoys lnost Swlmmlllg Pet peeve Cranks The more you learn to know hlm the more he lmpresses you 30 'fy Ed Lockard Turtle Creek Ambltlflll Trayellng Salesman Enjoys most Trayel P t pee Cars that stall To see lnm blush you would thlnk llllll blashful get hlm started and he wlll haye plenty to say Don Lucas Smzley Turtle Creek Intra mural sports U3 Sectlon booster lunlor actlyltle-s commlt tee Assembly play Annual edltor Annual board Band U3 Orchestra Ambltlon Jet pllot ,Enjoys most Eatln, P t peeye Work He ls so bOylSll frank and open lll s manner Vlartha McCask1e Turtle Creek Junlor actlyltles commlttee Soph omore play Mlnstrel Pep meetlng Sklt News staff Annual edltor Usher staff Llbrary helper Attend ance helper Amhlt10H Secretary Enjoys lnost Danclng Pet peeye None The glrl wlth a host of fl'l0Ildq and absolutely no enemles Wayne McKlnney Turtle Creek Se lll0T play Play asslstant Assem bly play News staff Assembly solo s Ambltlon To go to college Enjoys lnost Wednesday Illglll dances Pet peeye Snooty glrls Ile astonlshed us with hls stage elanclllg dblllly y t hes a real he man Bob Maoherosky Clark" Turtle Creek Sophomore band manager Ambltlon To own a grocery store Enjoys lnost Baseball Pet beeye Clgarettes Bob got along syyell yylth the boys ln hls sllop Margaret Marer "Maryre Senior actlvltres commrttee Junror actnrttes commrttee Fashron show 133 Chorus 633 Intra mural sports Glrls basketball Ambrtron Secretary Enjoys most Swrmmmg Pet peeve Bees She has good looks and a very earnest manner two sery desrrable r-haracterrstrcs B rbara. Malmowskr Barb Turtle Creek Student councrl Jumor actnrtres commlttee Mrnstrel Fashron show Onons Ambrtron Undecrded Enyoys most Musrc Pet peeve Brg wheels She smrles broadly and ser ms t rncllrde eyeryone ln her frrendshrp crrc e Jack Mamon "Sr Sr Turtle Creek Football squad 131 Intramural sports Football letterman Junror actrvrtres commlttee Varsrty club History hobby club Ambrtron To go to college EnJoys most Sports Pet peeve Brg wheels Jack was happiest where there were sports and lots of actron Rlchard Marshall Marsh me llo Chalfant Basketball squad Intra mural tram captam Ambltron Engrneer Enjoys most Basketball Pet peeve Nrght work hounds Chalfants contrrbutron to the ro of good fellows Robert E Martello Mart Turtle Creek Baseball squad 1 J Lettrrman Intra mural team Mmstrel 12 'lrimstrel soloist Pep meetmg skrt Band C25 Orchestra concert solorst Assembly solorst Perrcles Ambrtron To go to college Enjoys most The trumpet Pet peeye Be boppers Yo! so brg and tall as athletes usualh come but he made hlm self known John Marormo "Joe Banana-8' Turtle Creek Senror aCtlVltlCS committee Ambltron Machrnist Enyoys most Basketball Pet peeve The faculty So norsy you always knew he was around but so relrable that the glass would have been lost wlthout rm Danny Mamrose North Versarlles Ambrtron To be a mrllronarre Enjoys most Swrmmrng Pet peeve Walkrng rn the ram yVe suspect that Danny sxrll attaln hrs ambrtron and make a mrlllon Paul Manron Turtle Creek Basketball squad 131 Letterman Sectron booster Jumor actrvltles commrttec Varsrty club History hobby club Ambrtlon Undecrded Enjoys most Buymg clothes Pet peeve Yum yums The lrttle fellow that sparked the basketball team and even pepped up hrs classroom Don Marks Dzng' Turtle Creek Ambrtron To trasel Enyovs most Sleeprng Pet peexe Work Rather quiet In a frrendly sort manner Betty Jane Martm Bets" Wrlkrns Twp Fashion show Q21 Office helper Ambrtlon Undecrded Enjoys most Skatrng Pet peewe Vvartrng for people Sparklrng eyes and plenty of Z1 she was one of the cutest girls n the class 31 Lurene Martin "Took ' Wilkins Twp Choi us Ambition Housr wif: Enjoys Horseback riding, P t pfcu Know it alls School was not at all her fayorlte place to bm mxcm pt that hfr friends wit all tiere Pat Mathews Turtlc Creqk Minstrel Minstril soloist Fashion show Asstmbly soloist 125 Major fttn HJ NLDBG Ui GAL 113 Ambition To bm a dancer Enjoys most Dancing of course P t pun Getting up in the morn in.. As a tap dancm r she has no pctr As a frn nd sht was OK Ruth Miller Monroey 1lle Usher staff Library helptr Ambition Missionary Enjoys most The last day of school Pet pceye Gossip Inclmrd to be bashful but w didn t mind Glenn J. Moos 'Hucku Wilkins Twp. Intra-niur'1l team. Minstrel. Sta, crevi. dance disc jockey. Golf 123. junior red cross. Ambition: Electrical tester. Enjoys most: Relaxing.. P t pie' : Homework. The pillar of strength in the eh- - tric shop and anywherr else around the school that thinds nn eded fixing. Ronald Mulkerin Turtle Crm ek Intra-mural 133. Ambition: To be a millionaire. Enjoys most: Spending money. Pet peeve: English classes. L+-t us introduce you to a good "kid". Mavis Martin ' Connie Monroe y ille Minstrel Assembly play P p mr-ft ing skit News staff Ambition Teacher Enjoys most Sports Pet peeu Coneritrd peopli She was a ring., sidn fan at x TC eyent Joan Miller Joam Churchill Boro Fashion show 125 Chorus C33 Ambition Housewife Enjoys most Music Pet peeye School When you know Joan you haye sa Joyce Mooney Turtle Creek Minstrel Majorettf Diobenes GAL Ambition Model Enjoys most Dancinh Pet peeye Two faced people She had a ct rtam quiet dignity that brought confidence Richard Mori "Rich Turtle Cr: ek Ambition: Draftsman. Enjoys most: Lookinh at girls. Pit per ve: Tm achers. As full of mischief as could -g nnve r a 'lull moment. Bob Mullooly Lcc Turtle Creek Football squad, Intra-mural team. Ambition: A tinancial genius. Enjoys most: Spending money. Pet peeve: Monday' mornings. Dark eyes flashed from the "map of Ireland". u-H, Jrm Musrlek Moos' Turtle Creek Football squad 121 Letterman Baseball letterman Track letterman 131 Intramural team Student LUUIICII Senror actnrtres commrttee Junror actrxrtres commrttee Senror plaj Junror plaw Sophomore play Nlrnstrel Nlrnstrel soloist Assembly play Assembly leader Pep meetrng skrt Vars tx club Perfect attend ance ill Ambrtrorr Archrtert Enjoys most Dancrne' P t pe re Grddx grrls Eurxtrme you turned around you url sw Irnr busy at somethrn Ronald Naylor Ron Turtlm Creek lunror artrxltres committee Senror plax Mrnstrel Pep meet ng skrt Assnrbly solorst Anrbrtron To be chref cook and bottle washer Enjoxs most Dancrng Pet peese Moody people Wrll we eur forget how he used to utter bug at the Wednesday dances B rbara Ann Nrchols Barbzeu 'vlonroeyrlle Cheerlxadsr Annual board Office hflper Attendance helper GAL 121 T L club Ambrtron Unce rtarn Enjoys Lrfe to the fullest Pet peeve None We ll ut thrs oun lady rn a hall D Y E of fame all our own she has every thing JJ Catherrne Paladrn Kztty North Versarlles benror actnrtres eomnrrttee Junror actrxrtres commrttee Senror play Wlrnstrel Srgma Srgnra Phr club Ambrtron Actress Enjoxs most Drama Pet prev Losrng thrngs remerrrber best how she loud to p rforrn rn dramatrcs Lmda Pape Lynn' Turtle Creek Iunror attnrtres committee Fashrorr show NLDBG club Ambrtron Offrce work Enjoxs most DBIICIIIZ Pet peexe Concerted people A true blue frlend and lots un to hare around John Ronald Myers Mousr" Turtle Creek Intra mural team Nlrnstrel Ambltron Petroleum engrneer Enjoys most Relaxrng Pet peexe Homework A fellow who wasn t afraid to say w hat he thought Wrllram Nebel Bzll Monr nes rlle Football squad Ambrtron Draftsman Enjoxs most Grrls Pet peewe hemrstry Tall and handsome he llked ewerj thrng but school Betty OKeefe Betsz' Mon roex rlle Senror play Llbrary helper Ambrtron Rehabrlltatron work Enjoys most Skatrng Pet peeve YVa1trng A leader rn every sense of the word Mrcha lA Palermo Mzkf Xhlkrns Fwp Xarsrtx football Corajrtaln man.r,.or Intramural tram Stay ew cr+w l18dvT Dance use jockm Golf team 121 Senror act nrtns commrttu Varsrtx club Ambrtron Elecrrcran Enjows most Stage work Pet prev Theorx We cant rnragrne what the stage rnanage r wrll do wrthout hrm rr rr xear tr ro rv Charles Par irtt Chuck Turtle Creek Intramural team Nlrnstrel Pand 121 Orchestra C21 Ambrtron Draftsman Enjoys most Daxs oft Pet peexe Concerted women This rs the twrn that was rn the musrc actrutres or io we haw hrm confused wrth hrs brother who rs also musrcal ' ' AK ,' - f ' ' ' - ' rr , r ' . ' . r ' v ' , ' . . , ' A .' . A I ' v ' ' ' - - - rv- 1 ' e ew: ' ,' ' . 1-0 ll Dv- , ' ' . . : 5.2. tl lf' , - ' rr ' 11 - v . - . . 11 - , V' v - v, ' . at n ' ll ' r ' ," r rr 'J rl xl 2' ' I 1' ' r, . N ' ,U t. . .' ' -A ' " ' ' . V ' Y . . ' .ll'. - I' . -" I I . 4 . I . rr r l . r ' . r. ' L . Y. l. ' h '. ' .i' V I CI" ' CU. W ' ' '. ' 11: . ' . . ' . ' ' , ' '. . ' A ' - A r ' , -V - ' " ' r ' wr' ' - I r 1 ' ' ' L .. ' e ' - ' - . ' ' " - 4 - , . K . f v ' . , .4 ,' - -I H , I' l ' n 1. .' 14 YJ - .r x -4 - . A ' .L v . ,- ' - ' , - of f ' ' " ' , 1 ' ' ' Chester Parfitt Ches Turtlc Creek Intra mural team Studtnt eounul Band 123 Orchsstra C21 Ambition Radio ttChf'llC13ll Enjoys most AllXlhlllg Pet peeye None The other one of the tvxms What dlfference does lt mak: when NH liked them both J1m Peppler ' Jamo Monroeulle Intra muralteam12l St l booster Ambition Contractor Enjoys most Huntmg Pet puxe Sully girls As a bulldrr he ll bulld a stanmax to fame John Ja Peters Jay MOIIIOGXIIIG Track squad Chmss club Llbraxx helper Ambltlon Chemlcal englneer Enjoys most Swlmmmg Pet peexe Smoking and dflllklflb A boy with ldeals and Wllllng to lne up to them Louetta Plppm Monroe x 1lle Junlor actlutxes commxttu Senmx play Mmstrel Assembly play Pqp meetmg slut News staff Annual Board Attendance helper Dm,fn1s club TC club Ambltlon To be nappy Fnyoys most Haung fun Pet peeye PPQSlUl1StQ Dark mysterious eus that lookt d rxght through you and a vunsomt ness you couldn t msc-apt John Pnbllovlc Pc bs Monrot x nlle Ambxtlon To trawl Enjoys most Sl: epmg Pet peeye Work Virv steady and urx qulet 34 Joseph Pavlakovlc 'Bobo Chalfant F o o t b al l Letterman Basketball squad Intra mural team Sectxon booster Ambltxon To be rlch Enjoys most Coffee Pet pu eu Gettmg up early Bobo was one of the best knovln boys lll tht class eyery one seemed to know and like lnm Betty Pertmacl Pert Turtlm Creek Llhxary helpzr Chorus Q29 Ambxtmn Stcretary Enjoys most Sports P t pun School work She llked to be where th: ro was nxcltz me nt at a ,,ame at the mon: Q or anywhere Tanet P101 Jan Turtlf Cretk Intra mural team S1 mor actlutu 51 comnnttee Junlor 8.Cf.lYltlES commlt tt Jumor play Sophomore play Minstrel Assembly play Attendance helper NLDBG Club AIllbltl0H Axrhne hostess Fnjoys most Dancmg P t pfue Concuted people Gypsy dark eyes and a certam a trartnf mystcrlousncss Mlldred Potocmk Mnlhe Wxlklns Twp S1ltl0ll booster Fashion shovs L1 brary helper Al1lbltl0fl Commerclal artist Fnjoys most Jltter bugglng Pat pfexe Gcttmb up for school She almost decxded to lean us then changed lur mmd We re glad she 4' lt Evelyn Prmgle E1 Turtle Creek lllllrl aetnltles committee Minstrel Fauhlon show 121 Annual board Oiflce htlpe r Hb Attendance helps: Anlbltlllll II0l1SflK1f6 Fnyoys most Room 111 P t pus Bemg annoyed m art cl s H: rt 15 our nomlnatlon for the best futun yuh for somf lucky guy Dewayne Pyles Turtle Creek Intra mural team Pe p meetlng skxt Amblll0ll To get out of sehool Enjoys most Loahng Pet peexe Glggls gnls That wave ln hls halr and look hls eye were really something Wllllam Ramsey Bzll North Versallles Minstrel Ambltlon Draftsman Enjoys most Money Pet peovo Nothing A group leader some day lll the blgest dxawlng mom at Westxng house Mary Anne Reed Turtle Creek Sectlon boostex Senlor actxutles committee Senmr play Sophomore play Play assistant Pep meeting skit Lunch loom helper NLDBG 133 Gxrls basketball Ambltlon Nurse Enjoys most Dancing Pet peeve Two faced people She could be found whexexer then was fun at dances at games e xeryw here Paul Rmgbloom fRmq Turtle Creek Basketball squad 421 Ambition Mllllonane Enjoxs most Money Pet peexe Yum Yums His one big thrlll was hasknthall where he shone hrlghtlj B111 Rodella W zll VN llkms Twp Football squad 123 Letterman Basketball squad 131 Letterman 127 Baseball letterman Class ol'f1 cer 121 Senior actnmes commmttee Sophomore play Assembly plaj Pep meetmg sklt Annual board VBFSIIQ club Ambltlon To go to college Enjojs most Sports Pet peese Bug wheels Twice the class showed how much tlex llked lnm bx ellctln hmm to office Francis Quinn Turtle Creek Band manager Ambntlon To be hls own boss Enjoys most Dancing Pvt peeve Flat tlres Three years seemed a long tlme to 1i'ranfns but somehow he stuck 1 ou Margtret Rebar 'Margze Wllkms Twp Student councll Assembly play Pep meeting skit News staff Q21 Annual board T C club Chess club Ambxtlon Nursmg Enjoys most Danclng Pet peeve Gettlng up ln the morn mg A plllar of strength ln exery jour nalxstlc HCUYIIY Jane Renda VVllklllS Twp Section offxcer Chorus U7 Perfect attendance Q37 Ambltlon Seeretarj Enjoys most Weekends Pet peeve Homework She could alwavs be found her place and on tlme Vial y Lou Roda Nor th Ve rsallles Student counul Assembly leader Pdihlllll show Oxlon club Anlbltlon Bookkeepel Enjoys most Danemg Pet pee ve Getting up lll the morn nn She- opened he r ex es wide as though astonished at llfe Q expenences Kathlrene Roguhn Kath" Chalfant JUIIIOI' 8CtlYlll6-,S committee Mm strel News staff Usher staff T C club Chess club Ambltlon Secretary Enjoxs most Llstemng to muslc Pet peewe People who brag She was very quxet but xou found hex Ill lots of activltxes 35 Edward A Rumon "Professor" Chalfant Senior play Mlnstrel Asscmblw plax Chess club Ambntlon Busmess manage Enjoxs nost Talkmg to teachers Pet peese- B1,., whee ls Conducts himself ve 1th dlgnlty alwaxs V1rgl1Sambuco Sam Wllkms Twp Football squad Intramural team Se ctxon Booster Mxnstrel Golf team Alllbltl0ll Ease mones Enjoxs most Dxeamy musle P t peel Worklng me elax the leaeler of '1 n name hand Ahte Sauers Al' Wllklllq Twp Annual Board Chorus Ambltlon Nurse Fnjoys most DFlYlIlg P t peex Waslwu g, dxshes A smlle that melts xour heart and A flalr for wearmg, pre ttx clothes Joyce Mae Scally Jay Monroeulle Faslnon hovs Chorus 125 Craft elub Afllbltlflll Offxce clerk I'nJoxs most Smlmmmb P t peew Grunpx people Conslde rable mlSChlPf m her nature IS lnelelen hx her qulet ellgnttx Joanne Scheffer Jo North Versanlles Student council Fashlon show 1Neves staff Chorus Perfect attend anee 131 Sigma Sigma Phl club Amlntlon Se crctarlal work Fnjens most Liste nmg to the radlo P t peex Crackxng gum Some day the boss w1ll h larl for her efflele ncy Bettv Mae Rush Bets ' Monroe-ulle Jumor 8CllXltltS commlttee Plax asslstant Mlnstrel sololst Assemblx plax Assembly leader Pe mmeetlnp. skxt Attendance helper Oxe-hestra Dxogenes club 121 GAL 121 Sigma Slgma Phu club 123 Ambltlon Phy slcal E ei 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plax Minstrel Assembly Dlax News staff Reserxe basket bal Ambltlon I nde euele ei Erjoxs most Hollelaxq P t p ex Work v onlx anelsome l t nltell it 1 ' Q A v 1 ln' . mx A -1 ' ' 1 ' -r. ' ' . ' '- : . 2 ' 1 . ' ' z ' ' ' 1 I ' I 'U' 1 ' x . 5 x 1 ' . , , ngo... Wh ' 1 e-, . - gc me-r one pry? . . H ,, . .. , 1 I . , l '- .. '-- - e::l. 1 I l I , A . ,, ll -0- ' P t li ' 1 ' 't-" ' me-' be-. Sf, . l l . I pg . X A . ' l ,- . -. ,. , ' P e 1 M y li ' I! ' , AA J n f ' ' : 1. - - . 1. , . , J ' 7 t '- Enjoys most: Friendly pe-onle-. 1' "'l'1 . 1' x'. , v,. ' - I ' ,' ' V , 1 , . ' " ' n' .. . lv X '- gy - ' , ee e v if ll ' U. U l - ' 0 7 ' - ' A - ' e ' ' - ' ' - ' . - . -. ' . f. ' - " h ' 'I I .' 3 'h I cr- '. . 5 ' .- ,. ll-.1 ' - I 1 1 I ' E ' e - ' ' ' A if l . ,. .. K' . e ' V' ' . W, .,,: v . ' ' " 't'-'.'f, e ' L-e. ' An J! il JI A . S I , v. , ' . Q e, - ' ' ' ' ' ' 5 - ' , Y K' 'K . - , ' " . 1 ' A ' X ' . 1- - . ' ' - Y t ' l ,. HW.: 4 1 . , . 1' Q : ' ' . .' " " 3 ' e- H 'e-: . Net ' 4' ll . '. 111 ' - igefnl, Elrk Sejko 'fAl North Versarlles Intra mural team Assembly play Ambrtron Machmrst njoys most Football Pet peeye Brg trme girls Just when you thrnk hes too bash ful to say anythrng he opens up and expounds yyrsrlom Dorothy M Senrc Turtle Creek Jurrror aetryrtres comrnrttee GAL Ambrtron Physrcal education teacher Enjoys most Sports Pet peeye None She rooted hard for the home te am rnd neyer mlssfd 'y Earnf Leon Shmorhun 'Jr Shmoe Turtle Creek Intra mural 131 Mrnstrel meetrng skrt News edrtor News staff Band 131 Orchestra 131 Chess ub Hrstory Hobby club Perfect attendance 131 Ambrtron Musreran Enjoys most Surprrsr s ht peeye Jaz7 One of the most rellable boys rn tlr+ class We hope he comes bark as a teacher some day Mary Ann Sreber "Seabzscurt' Wrlkrrrs Twp Mrrrstrel Assembly ay I lllfftlllg' skrt Fashrorr s ow Major :ttf 121 Hrstory Hobby elub Ambrtrorr Modf lrng Enjoys most Eye ry body ey f ry thing Pet peeye Nothmg A cute lrttle hrgh stepper rn P rrrajorette group Jrm Smrth Snrrtty' Turtle Creek Basball squad 121 Letterman 111 Intra mural team 121 Ambrtron Pro baseball Pet peeye Poolroonr loafers Quite a lad rf you ll take our yvord for rt John Sellman Whrtey Turtle Creek Intra rrrural team Sectron booster Assembly play Ambltron To leaye the Vocatronal Department Enjoys most Syyrmmrng Pet peeye Undfcrded What a combination brrglrt yes and curly blond harr Me le Shrelds Mfrt" Turtle Crt r Football squad 121 Letternrarr Track squad 131 Letterman Intra mural team Student councrl Jumor actryrtres commrttee Jumor play Sophomore play Play assrstant Mrnstrel Assembly play Assembly leader Pep meeting skrt News staff Annual board Band 131 Or chestra Drum major Debate club Varsrty club Perfect attendance Ambrtron Electrrcal engine er Enjoys most Athletrcs Pet pf eye Nothrng This lad rs srmply loaded yyrtlr school splrrt To hlnr TC rs tops Rose Srdorovrch Rosle Chalfant Sectron booster Student councrl Junror actryrtres committee Senror play Mrnstrel Assembly play Ptp club Ambrtrorr Stenographer Enjoys most Drryrnr, Pet peeye Brg yyheels H0519 has such a cheerful smrle arrr such yyrnnrng ways M rgaret R Srms Maqqe Turtle Creek Jurrror actrvrties committee Play assrstant 131 Prpmeetrng skrt 'Vtvys edrtor Band 131 Orchest 1 131 Srgma Srgma club Chess club Jurrror Red Cross councrl Ambrtron Musrc teacher Enjoys most Talkrng Pet peeye Rain Such vyonderful porse able handle any situatron partrc ularly rr Norma Jean Smlth Norm" Turtle Creek Fashion showy 121 Lrbrary helper Office helper Ambrtron Undecided Enjoys most Dancrng Pet peeye ly artrng for people So good natured and anrcrous please KI ' if ' ' 1: E ' 5 . .2 . ' . . I I , 1 A . I Y - an , ..k 121. ' ' ' ' - - . r . -' A 1 ' 1 ' 411- ' ' A ' K I! ' ' ' ' Ka' ,' JJ I- ' , ' ' . Pep- . I l. ' ' 'Y . ' ' ' meeting skitl 'Chorus 131. Diogerres ,I M . .' i. Q 1 ' 1 ' . . ' y r av ' la' ,E JJ . . . , ' K K ' I ., t I El , fep' , . , ' l ' ' I . Qt H' V ' ' ' . ' ' th , A A 4' ' , tu in "r 'gf' ' ' ' ' ' :A ' I . KA ' . ' 'v I . ' . In B111 Smxth "Sm1tty Turtle Creek Ambxtxon Undecnded Enjoys Runnmg around Pet peeye Staymg home at mght Blll llkes to be where there s lots of fun Edward Soltls Chalfant Intra mural tm am Ambxtlon Electrlclan Enjoys most Teachers Ed dxdn t hke school too wrll but he ll get along V lera Mae Stanley Val" Monroevllle Junlor actn mes COmmltt69 Fashlon show Ambition Seamstress Enjoys most Sewlng Pet pee-we Tests Always a mxsehlenous twmkle her eye Joann Stepp ' Jo Turtle Creek Play assxstant Mmstrel Pep meet mg sklt Lxbrary helper Ambition Interior decorator Enjoys most Dancmg Pet peese None A personahty that sparkles You can t ey er forget her John Stewart Monroevllle Ambltlon Undeclded Enjoys Life ln general Pet peeve None So qunet and sell' assured donald Snyder Turtle Creek ntra mural team Ambltlon Undecided Enjoys most Sleepmg Pet Peexe QUIPQ pl ase Ronalds chlerful ,rm spreads all ou r his face Joan Mary Spxvak "Joanne North Versanlles Tumor aCf.lXltlPS committee Play asslstant Minstrel Assembly play Orlon club Assfmbly Soloist mbltlon TSDISI ' Enjoys S1ng.,1ng Pat peeu Unfrundly people hes always rlght there t l f u 1-Iope Starkey Turtle Crer k Intra mulal tc am Studi nt COUHCII Senlor dCt1Xltl9S commlttee Mm strel Assembly leader Pep meetmg sk1t Fash1on show Usher staff HJ Lxbrary helpcr Ofhce helper At tendance lflper 125 Chorus V33 Ambltlon To be presldent of We st xnghouse Enjoys most Playing basketball Pet pun Waltmb for someone So frlcndly newr afrald to express an honest opxnlon Jane Stevens "Jame Monroeulle Play asslstant Assembly play News staff Llbrary helper Chorus 123 Assembly soloxst Slgma Slgma Phx club Chl ss club Perfect attendancl AIllbltlOll Plano teacher Fmoys most MUSIC Pct peue Nom Good things come ln small packagts Tlns httle auburn halred lass is no lxef ptlon J Ann Straley Jo Wxlkms Twp Jumor actxutles committee FBSIIIOXI show Attendance helper Chorus Ambltlon Secretary Enjoys most Collecting souyemrs Pet peexe Shov. offs Jo Ann tomes Fl ht In the polnt and thfrf s no foolm, Dona Lee Strawn Dorm Nlon roex 1111 Senior actnrties ronrrnittfr assistant Pc p meeting skit Nw us stafl Ambition Ste nographf r Enjoys most Dancing. Pet peexe Non. quiet in llldlllltl furythnrg Irene Suvak Dolly XX llkllli Twp Perfect attendance VZ? Ambition Office work Enjows most Traxellrng Pet peexe Housexwork A che rful hello that fclrow. the corridors William Tabak Bill Chalfant tllllll at VI rrstrzl 1 tl skit News staff 121 Ambition Professional eornrdran Fnloys most Talking to girls e peew The xx 4o for girls wats a cut up n i Ferdinand Testi XX ilkrns Tu p Ambition R duo technuiin Enjoxs most Surnnnrn e peeu B ing grun ,. time sunny drspos tion that nrust lrrx torne right from the Old Countrx Robert Tomlinson "Br " Penn Twp. Ambition: Captain in the N'rvg. Enjoys: Pretty girls. Pet peeve: English. +- ,ives you a quizzival -'ani--. and you dare not deceive him. Robe t Strommen "Bob" Turtle Creek Senior play Minstrel Annual board Band V31 Orchestra 137 Chess club Debate club Senior play public t5 Ambition Engineer Enjms nrost Being a senior Pet peew Not a thing LM know hell be a success o rn rttwr what fitld he chooses Joyce Svoboda Joy' Wilkins Twp Iunror attlwrtles committee Stadium isher Ambition Office work Enjoys most Driving Pet pefvf Homework Oxer flowrng with fun ready for anwthlng Janet Taylor W rlkrns Twp lunnr utnlties committee Chorus H1 Girls basketball Ambition Airline hostess Fnloys most Roller skating Pvt peeu Loud people lots of friends gathtr around u 5 la es Bon Thokar Toke Nlonr oei rlle ootlulll squad Ambition Draftsman Lnloxs most Loafing Pet peeu Stuck up girls X big strong he man from tht gn outdoors Shirley L- Thomas "Shir Turtle Creek Senior' play, Junior' pay. Usher staff 121, Chorus. Ambition: Dress drsigne r. Enjoys rnost: Sewing. Pet pu-ve: None. She always volunteered for those hard tasks others shunned. 39 fl' Dorofhv Thompson Dot Monrofullf Assmmbls laarlnr News staff Usher staff PTA Babx sitter Al'llblll0ll llousr-vslfr' Ifmoss most Dancing P t 1 1 Nnghtwork ller tuburn halr framed lowlx 'UW Charles Uber Bud Monrom x lllf Intramural tr am Amhltlon T Idlql b4 Qf cattle Enjoxs most Iluntxng., P pu Q u Stumk up xr s W4 can su Bud now f0ll0WlIlg ns ambition and rldm thf range Rlchard Vanbohermbeck Tubbu' Monroex llln Stud: nt xouncll Sf mol aCt1N xtles rommlttu Plax asslstant Minstrel Pv p nu Q Illlf., sknt Ass: mblx SOl0lqt A1l'lbltl0U MBCIIIHISI EnJo3s most Svlllllllllllf. Pet pceu Flat tlres Hfaps of fun and bubbling mer wlth nnsehuf Dlana D Vukmxr Dummy" North VffS81ll6S Tvxp S1 H101 actnltles commlttu Senlol plax .Tumor plaw Sophomore plax Pvp mutmg skxt News staff An nual board Office helper Band H5 Orch1stra Q23 Sigma Sigma Phl club Debate club Chess club Ambition Prlxatm secretarx Enjoxs Playing the plano P t prexe Inconslderate people Diana was a lradmr tn exerx xxax H mu: tlrmd sxrumb Glenn D Walters Buck Nlonroes xlle Bas- ball squad Intra mural tc am Ambltlol Mfchamr' EnJoxs most A tertaln blfl Pft pveu C1 arcttes Easx to know and easy to under stand J1m Tramor Cake Turtle Cre ek Ambltlon Machlnlst Enjoys most Sports Pet peuf Nobody and llfbthllli. M et a fellow with DIdCUl3lX no faults Ilene Urban Turtle Cree k Scctmn Booster Junior attnltns eomnnttel Jumor plax Mlnstrel Ascmblw plax News mdntnr lvvw staff Annual board Chorus HD Slgma Slgma Phx club Intra mural basketball Ambltlon Work with anrlnn Fnjoss most Sports Pet pun B4 mg., teaw fl about din mg An cagur workrr for T C ln mam lllllq of cndmaxor U Marlo Versmo Lzttle Pete Monroeullo AlIlblf.l0ll To suecmd Enjoys most Huntmg., Put Peew Poor losers A sunny dlsposltlon as you soon found out Shlrlex Walschott Sh1rl" Nlorth Versallles Ox lon dub Ambltlon Stenographn EnJo3s most Swimming Pet peexe Bemg teased Tha cute blond that come down n hull from lNorth Versallloe Gayle Warner Turtle Creek Intra mural te am 42? Chorus Ambltlon Undeclded EnJo5s 'nost Danclng Pet peew Bug wheels H llked t be when the llghts were dlm and the muslc dreamx Helen Vlegxzynek Hyehza North Ve rsanlles Juxno utnltle s eomnntte e Fashlon show Lshe r staff Library helper Chorus Ambltlon To work for the FBI Fnjoys 'nost Dflllllg P t peese Unfrlendly penn' ooter for the me te eye ry ,ame at hom JF away When She bets marrle-d maybe well b lble to sp ll her name Gladys Wentroble 'Mamze Turtle Creek llllllfll' ICUYIIIQS commlttee Ambltlon Secretary Enjoys most Offlce practice Pet peeye Gflttlllf., up IH the morn mg The best thlng about school IS the dlsrnlssal hell when you can be wlth friends Albert Wlkberg Alma Turtle Creek Ahlbltlfjll Unde cxded Fnjoy s most Play mg, baseball Pet pee-ye School He was qulet until you got hlm started then he would open up Loulse Wllhamson W eeew Turtle Creek -Illllllll' actnltnes eomnnttee Fa-'eh lon show 123 Annual board Ambltlon Housewife Enjoys most Art elasss Pet Peese Bem, annoyed by cer tam boys We can see by her sunny dxsposl txon why she alreaely has a sparkler on that certam finger B111 Wllson "Willy Turtle Creek Chess club AHlbltlOD C1111 engmeer Enjoys most Loafing Pet Peeye People who worn We llke to see this blond boy blush the color seemed so healthy looklnc, Kathlem e Wentroble Kathy Wllklllq Twp OllUll club Ambltlon To traxel Enjoys most SW1mm1Hg Pet peeye 'VIean TIISIJOSIXIOIIS T lle te lnr friends to the ye y ast Ahce LDUISS Wldney Al Monroeulle Junior l.CtlYltllS eommltte Ushe staff U1 AI'llbltl0l'l Nurse Enjoys most Swxmmmg Pet peeye Nothmg You thouhht she was qulet untll she got up front to say thlngs R6,g'lS Wllk Wemleln Monroe y alle Football squad Enjoys most Loaflnt, Pct peeye Enghsh The only tllllll., Regls liked about school IS the swell kids there Jane Ann WIISOH Wllklns Twp Head cheerleader Cheerleader 125 Junxor actxvltles committee Mm strel News edltor News staff 121 Dnogenes 121 T C club Pep meet mg leader Ambxtlon Journalnsm Enjoys most Cheermg for the team Pet pe-exe None Words of descrxptnon fall us Just glance lboyc and at our Hall of Fame Evelyn M Wood Wnlkms Twp Ambntmn Mxssxonary Enjoys most Readme, Pet pee-we None Thls IS a 'ne mbel of a fannly whose name IS famous m TC Exelyns one of the best Y . Ae ' JJ 5 C I If U .rII.I..I I . II . - 5. ..-.I '. 1 I5I ' I . ..'. I A I A r In-1 'am at I . ...-U I ., .I 1- , 1 . -'-rI'l'. cyl ' I - . v' 9 Z , P' ' .. e -H - '. ' ' .. 11 , . . ' r ' , - I ' I U. . . V ' . U' 'x ' ,- f .. V . ' u I! e" ' j ' Ambition: Navy. 1 ' I ' ' . - , . S, l v ' ' v 1 ' I I . ' 1' ' - ' - le 'ms' 1: I I . e ,I .l l ' I ' 1 1 ' ' I A ' x - . ' -.- ' er -l - . l ' I ' 3 I I , U I eeEl.v x x I - , I : '. .. I .I. . ' ' : x ' VI , .2 , , . . I I .I ' lm ' f I 1 I ' ' ' . . ' ' ' U. ' Grace Worrall Turtle Cre e k Intramural team Faslnon show Chorus Sigma Slgma Phl club Ambltlon To own a store Enjoys enost Basketball Pet peewe Home work Always calm neser excited always around when needed e Dolores Yelochan "Do North Veersaxlles Twp Orlon club Glrls basketball Ambltlon Prnatee secretare Enjoys Readme., Pet peese Always happy By her own admxssxon she nas happv dlSDOSlll0ll Leonard Yusko ' Len Turtle Crek Basketball manager Band color guard AIllb1tl0Il Aw lator Enjoys most Sports Pet peevc Homework Tall and handsome h d our band ln the color guard Momca Zahorchak M o Chalfant Senior actlwltles committee-e Jumor actnltles rommlttee Mmstre Pe p meetmg sknt Ne ves staff llshel staff 123 Jumor Red Cross Ambltlon Nurse Enjoys most Musnc Pet peewe Onlons She got lots of jox out of me many 8CtlVltl6S she se reed xn re P tr1c1a Zeolla Patsy Monroenlle Jumor 'lCtlVltlPS commntteee C club Ambltxon Faslnon designer Enjoys most Dancmg Pet peexe Stuck up people The cutest dark ej ed bundle f charm ln the lot 42 Kathleen Yakm Kathee Turtle Creek Cass offleer lil Semor aetnltles eommlttee .lumen aetnltles eomnnt e lx ves eelltol News staff t2l Ann al board Sigma S1f,ma Phl elub 127 Girls basketball ltl0ll Uneleeleleel 'Fnjoxs most Basketball P t pee Spaghe ttl and me atballs She yeas a class le aelet who hael the nple te c nflde nee f IX s u e nt and sexy teach r Rlch nd Yemck Deck Ambltlem Unknown Enjoxs most Popular reeoxele- l e School Some das we ll he ar from Richard as he makes hls mark m the veorlel Clark D Yutzy Monroe w elle Football squad 425 Soccer squad Intramural team Sectlon booster Student councll Usher staff Jumor Red Cross AYllbltl0l1 Farmer Enjoxs most Fowl hunting P t peexe Pool sportsmanshlp He droxe elaxlj from the great ou eors vellete e t John Zack Bo" 'Worth Vorsallles Twp Ambxtxon To get out of school Fnjoxs most The 4 '30 bell P t 1 ee Ce rtam teachers m llkeel tr b w1t1 the llo s Dont bother hlm with school Robert Zellers Bob Traek squad Manager Pop mee-tmg sket Band i2l Orchestra 123 AHllJllllJll Muslclan Enjoxs most SWlIl'll'Yllllg Pet peese NlglltWOFk T e last name on the llst but by no means last ln our frlendshlp lest Two New Arrivals wlth the Second Semester JOHN HANCOCK Carmme Alello John Al1yett1 Shlrley Ambroe Thomas Andreas Rlta Ardlsson Wlllxam Ardlsson Helen Arendas Ed Armlt Marlon Arnold Dave Balley Jean Balley Patrlcla Balok Pete Barbor Shlrlev Barone Frances Baudez VIC Bearlnger Barbara Bender Margery Bender Arlene Bentley Mary Blrchall Theresa Bodnel Ruth Bostedo Rodney Bowen John Bowman Patrxcla Brady Robert Brammell Betty Brannlgan Evelyn Brodrlck Dolores Brower Tom Fabyamc ll a I 9 The C7444 NOTFD FOR .Such mee pznk rhceks Speeches Qmet Chaim Retfrmg natme Dark eyes bomal graces Self assurance Good looks Nozsc Pleasant manners Roller skatmq queetmss qmzplzmtu flood htm frdnf ss C ood housekecpmq Heal tu manner Om of our look allhes The other one Perf manner Basketball Seuznq Spnahtlzness Wlse Cracks love of snorts 7lI617ChlllQ u 1th the band Mr Football Trlmness Charm Qzaef dzanzty Mr Paul McCand1ess who came to us as a new Chemlstry teacher ucceedmg Mr Derilxnger 1es1gned Pro luecq PROBABLY WILL BE Makmg some heart go pltty pat Champlon hog caller Demonstrator at Murphy s Llfe of the party Readmg palms for sllver MOI't1ClaH Vacuum cleaner saleslady Modehng Arrow shlrts Lady bus drlver Father of trlplets Cuttlng capers at the Roxy Manager of Dlmllngs N1ght Jamtor at the morgue Lady taxl drlver Pamtlng the town red Announcer at the tovsn meetln Ladv barber At the other cha1r Chaufferlng a cook stove Lady wrestler Pleaslng her hubby B1 eaklng many hearts St1l1 makmg them Deck hand on a rlver boat T1ghtrope walker Floor walker at Kaufmann s Floor lady at G1mbels The perfect housewlfe Llon tamer at the clrcus . . 1 1 Tur +A Crm-ek ,, Tlnmlas lI'21llSff'l'I'l-'fl to us from St. Thomas High Scllmvl in Brarlfimtk. ' His prows-ss on the fli mnnrl has V. pr:-1,-1-11:-rl him. ' ' Hr- is a we-lr-orxw ariflition to the 7 Lflhilllllllllff class fn' l 52. ' X 1 K Y S . . . Y, . ' I J I I . . , i I . . I y I - . - . . ' . - . . ' , . . . , . . . ,V , . . J . . y i . 1 1 Q 7 4 . - k A . ' I - w - w ,int ' ' - . . I I I . , I M. . J A ' . . 1 v V. E. I . 7 A . V More Prvplaecy JOHN HANCOCK Davld Burrelll Pat Byels Loretta Campo Henry Caprara Dolores Carmlchael Paul Carmlchael John Carr Mlchael Castagnero Bernadlne Chabanlk GIOPI3 Chamberlaln Patty Chamberlaln Velma Chambers May Closson Marjorle Connahan Blanch Cook Cec1l1a Costello Cllfford Cox Jerry Cuffaro Jack Curry Bernlce Czekaj Margaret D Alessandro Beverly Dash Zola Dash Norman Daughenbaugh Arthur Daum Lorna Mae Davls John DeStefano Rlchard DeTorre Wvnette DeV1ncenzo Shlrley D1muz1o James Dlsso Emory Dlxon Shlrlev Domln Lols Jean Dr1sh Rlchard Droskc Peggv Dryburgh Margaret Ann Estocm Al Ferdl Rae Felton Alex Fer uson Charles Ferguson Donald Flsher Ruth P lsher Shlrley F1shc1 Ralph Folmo Jack Ford Russell Frv Kay Fulcomer Gerald Galllk Anthony Garafolo Alberta Garafolo Bernadette George M1ldred George Pattl George Vlrglnla Glnther Albert Gorzynskl Leonard Gorzynskx James Grace Clara Graham Charles Creen N OTED FOR Belng always ready Gorgeous blond hazr 1 Personalzty Przmness Wavy blond hazr Hts great hezght Loyalty to hzs frzends School spzmt Sweetness Cuteness Wznsomeness Speakzng rtght out Ejfflczency Enjoyzng school Cookzn and sewzn Ojfzczousness Being happy go lucky Love of the out doors Flashzng personalzty Self control Wholesomeness POPPWQ Off Betng always ready Makznq hrs way about Cute glances Talkzng out load Potse Beautzful clothes Cute manner Hard luck Bezng a good guy Fast talkznq Sweet as suqar Frzendlzness Gorgeous vozce That certazn somethz I Sparkzn the laazc Artwtu' talent Steadzness Self assurance Smale Loyalty to frzends Danczng grace Blaster Uncle Henry OK kfd Muszczarashzp Retfrmq nature Dzgmty Fraczousness Brusque manner Patzence Bezng true to a certam boy Easy gomg Falthulness Takzng a rest Vzclous blockzng Pleasant manner That satzsfied expresszon PROBABLY WILL BE The man on the flymg trapeze Hostess at the Stork Club Turnlng the world upslde down Sell1ng Fuller brushes A blushmg br1de Readlng gas meters S1tt1n on top of the world Peanut vendor Sendmg her kxds to T C Soup taster at Hemz Tw1st1n em round her finger Slren of the beach Lady detectlve Rhumba queen Snake charmer Maklng some guy happy Presldent of the U S A Proprletor of a shootlng gallery Flag pole sltter Marrylng for love Adored by her hubby The OfflC8 darlmg Ra1s1ng the dlckens Auctloneer Pawn broker Capturlng a handsome hubby Income tax collector Profess1onal Juggler Openlng a charm school Elevator glrl at the Emplre State Bulldlng Organ grmder ln Central Park Captam of a tugboat Tobacco auct1oneer Lady welder Chlef clerk ln the complamt department Dlva at the Met MOdBl1Hg mmk coats at Rosenbaum s Stlll trvmg Pallltlllg the clouds wlth sunshme Makmg eyes at gals Brlngln em back alne Hen peeked husband Maklng more friends Slmgm hash at a dmer Hlgh man on a totem pole Deep sea dlver Short order cook at the Whlte Tower Playing a harp m heaven Matlnee 1dol at the Casmo Trafflc cop at Port Perrv Undertaker s asslstant Rxdlng the trams at Kxddvland Modelllng bubble baths Queen of the apple Blossoms Chlef bottle washer at Valley Dalry Llghthouse keeper at Kennvwood lake Cowhand on a dude ranch Head usher at the Frederlck Mother of a large famlly Croquet champ I Z.p . . L . . . . , . . . , , , . . . A, . ,I . ' 4 . . I 1 . , . - . . , , U . . I I " . . . . . ,I . 'fl . . , -- I . . ,U 1 1 . Q 8 . . f .. OI . . H I 0. 1 v y . , . - ,. . . . - . . I . I . . . , . . I . . . ' I . I I . . I I . I - K' .V - - - I 4. . . . . . . I . n l ' v ol v 1 , . More Prophecy JOHN HANCOCK Donald G1 een LOIS Green W1ll1am Gregory Gary Gr1ff1th Donald Groom Shlrley Groshardt Robert Gross Patrlcla Grove Dorothy Gunsallus Rlchard Guthrle Wm Guthrle Wayne Guyaux Jean Hall Elsle Hancock Marlan Hancock Marlon Harper Thomas Harper Shlrley Harter Joseph Hatok Joan Hearn Lee Hlnkle Rlta Hlrschblel Beverly Homa Jamce Horne Fred Horvath Wllllam Hroba Darrell Hunter Sally Hutchlson Vlctor Jacko John Jackson Darlene Johnson Lo1s Johnston Shu ley Jones Patty Lou KHSQFISIH Pat11c1a Kaye Roberta Kavser Evelyn Kelly Irene Kelly Ann Klbbler Ronald Klng Janet Koda James Kukurm Loretta Kuznal Fugene Kurner Robert Larourele Norma LaRue Rosma Laurlto Ray Leseck Emery Letham Esther Lotz Ed Lockard Don Lucas Dorothy Lucas Martha MCCHSKIC Loulse McK1nney Wayne McK1nney Harold McMunn Bob Macherosky Malgaret Maler N OTED FOR Love for teachers Fazthfulness to tasks Retzrzng nature Fusszn around The brazn Devastatznq beauty Comzng zn late Pfrtzence Unbounded enthuslasm Electrzc shop asszgnments Sure shot Ifwznq for the present Brusqueness T1 ue frzendshzp New England accent Bezng just herself Happy go lucky Drawzng Bashfulness Attractweness That healthy blush Gentle as a lamb Dzstznctwe pozse Suzmmzng Vztalzty Watchzng the clock Bezng an earnest Gwldzness Hobbzes Adorznq school Statuesque manner Bundle of energy Asszstzng the faculty Cuteness Everythzng School support Pleasant expresszon Edztorzal abzlzty Tryzna hard The old zzpperoo Dellqhtful manner Hustle flee Whz Tall dlqnzty Suarthy myster Il Day dreammq Leadershzp Earnestness Szmplzczty Quzet effzczency Complete independence Broad grm Pep Popularzty Struttzn uzth the band Dancznq Slzppzn around auzetly The bored expresszon Domg the job well PROBABLY WILL BE Hlgh school prlncxpal Owner of a cham of five and dlmes Auctloneer on the Boardwalk Water bov for a clrcus elephant Pushmg Bnnstem off h1s throne Queen of the Rose Tournament Bustln ala m clocks A second Betty Crocker Sellmg refrlgerators to Esklmos Runnm the hot seat at the state pen Txddlyvunks champlon Fllpplll flapjacks ln Gammon s wmdow Forelady 1n a bomber plant Drlvmg a trolley car Presxdlng over a Boston tea party Sellmg souvenlrs at Nlagara Falls Father of ten k1dS Queen of Greenwlch Vlllage Makmg eyes at the gals Wearlng dlamonds and mink Marrylng ID haste Spreadmg happlness R3.lSlIlg chlckens on the farm Olympic champ Turklsh bath attendant Full of new 1d6aS A hen peeked husband Steady as a rock Buxldlng hobby horses Truant offlcer Shlmmv dancer at the Roxy Marrymt, a m1ll1ona1re Asslstant to the asslstant manager Marrymg the boss Your guess IS as good as ours Advertlsmg manager of Eddle s Lunch Happlly hltched Columnlst on the Bmgvxlle Bugle Shopkeeper on the Avenue Keeper of the monkeys at the zoo Torch smger at Rambow Gardens Selllng sur lamps on the Sahara The most popular gal ln the county Head Jockey at the Kentucky Derby Gypsy rover Falllnb m love wlth love Iromng shlrts for her true lover Selllng popcorn 1n the lobby Clgar store Indlan Ladv senator at Washmgton Drlvlng a hot rod for pleasure AdV9I'tlSlIlg Ipana Stuffmg, OIIVBS at Helnz s Hostes on a trans Atlantlc hel1ocopter Struttmg w1th her one and only Successor to Fred Astalre Carmval hawker R,3.1SlIlg' ca1n Chlef buyer for Joe Horne a 1 1 l , ' B . W . ",. . . . . ' - 9 r , , n I n I I , X . ' . '. . . , , 9 n , n Q ' 1 . , . . . Thomas Jackson That 1.157186 look Talking to daII16S , A I V h ." ot . . . . . . , - 1 'zzl ' I A .1 - , , ., I 1 u K u on a u . r . . , 1 . I. sg - . . . - 3 . Q more Prophecy JOHN HANCOCK John M8.l0Fln0 Barbara Malmowskl Danny Mamrose Jack Mamon Paul Mamon Rlchard Marshall Don Marks Robert Martello Betty Jane Martm Lurene Martm Mavls Martm Pat Matheys Joan Mlller Ruth Mxller Joyce Mooney Glenn Moos Rlchard Morx Ronald Mulkerm Bob Mullooly Jlm Musllek Ronald Myers Ronald Naylor W11l1am Nebel Barbara Ann Nlchols Betty O Keefe Catherme Paladm Lmda Pape Charles Parfitt Chester Parfitt Joseph Pavlakovlc James Peppler Betty Pertlnacx John Peters Janet P1c1 Louetta Plppln Mlldred Potocmk John Pr1b1lov1c Evelyn Prmgle DeWayne Pyles Francls Qumn W1ll1am Ramsey Margaret Rebar Mary Anne Reed Jane Renda Paul Rmgbloom Mary Lou Roda Wllllam Rodella Katherlne Rogulm Edward Rumon Betty Mae Rush Vlrgll Sambuco Sharon Sanderson Ahce Sauers Ruth Saul Joyce Scally John Schake Joanne Scheffler Donald Schlldkamp Ellk Segko 46 NOTED FOR Nozse Cheerfulness We ve yet to dwscover Blockzng and tacklzng Basketball zzp Comzng and golng at wzll Sayzng very llttle Handlzng the ball Those jlashzng eyes Love for school Sure fire spmt Llghtnzng taps Trustworthzness Her blushes Dzgnzty and pozse Stage crew work Mlsehzef Hzs Irlsh manners Mzndzng hts own buszness Ojfwzousness Self satzsfactaon Jttter bugqzng Indljjferenee Lots of thlngs Dramatzc talent Interest ln the stage Zzp and energy One of our twzns The other twzn Hullabaloo Many thongs Dazntzness Tall dzgnzty Those dark eyes More dark eyes Fondness for school Qulet manner Pleasant dzsposmon Sly glances Scholarly manners Curly blond hazr Journallsm A good sport Steadzness Basketball Those great btg eyes Popularzty Deszre to 'please Professor Makzng thzngs hum Muszctanshzp Putterzng around Trlmness Statelzness Glorwus hazr Managerlal efforts Those lzttle nzcettes Good looks Szlence PROBABLY WILL BE Calllng bmgo numbers at Boosters Honeymoomng 1n Bermuda Wall Street banker Runmng a bulldozer A WhlZZ on any court Soda Jerk at the Sun Drug Saymg I do before the parson Cavortlng at Forbes Fleld Uslng them to conquer hearts Teachlng klds every day Jo1n1ng the mad whlrl of l1fe Mak1ng the b1g txme Full of the fun of l1v1ng Happy wlth her SIX k1ds Torch slnger 1n a sldewalk cafe Swlnglng a TV camera Selllng plnk lemonade at Rmgllng Brothers Ralslng more sons of Erln Ownlng h1s own buslness The head cop at Port Perry Mattress tester 1n Fallel s wlndow Instructor at the St VltUS Dance Hall Graduate of the College of Hard Knocks Head over heels 1n love Stand ln for Howdy Doody Ethel Barrymore the second Laugh1ng lady at Kennywood Father of trlplets Runnlng h1S brother a race Tram announcer at Unlon Depot Buck prlvate 1n the rear rank Inspectlng lngots at Bessemer Furnace Wlndow washer at Phlpps Conservatory Fortune teller at the Gypsv tea room Strummln a gultar ln a balcony Taklng a post graduate Ch1ef l1on keeper at the zoo Ch1ef mate ln a shmy bungalow Rldlng to the hounds College professor of phllosophy Movie heart breaker Fashlon edxtor of the Bmgwllle Bugle Marrled to the home run kmg Stargazer at the Planetarlum Masked marvel of TV Lady detectlve Stand ll'1 for Gable Taffy puller at Anton s On the staff at Port Perry College Ambassadress extraordmary at the UN The Paul Whlteman of the Atomlc Age Stuffmg pork chops at the R8zA Modellng house dresses for her hubby Prexv of a woman s college Demonstratmg Drene shampoo Head usher at the Roxy Spreadmg happmess Marrylng for monev Showlng tourlsts the Sphlnx Michael Palermo Stage crew leader Window trimmer for Pinky's Pool Room 1 n ' , U More Prophecy JOHN HANCOCK John Sellman Dorothy Semc Merle Shlelds Leon Shmorhun Rose Sldorovlch Mary Ann Selber Margaret Slms Jlm Smlth Norma Jean Smlth B111 Smlth Ronald Snyder Edward Soltxs .loan Splvak Valera Stanley Hope Starkey Joann Stepp Jane Stevens John Stewart Jo Ann Straley Donna Lee Strawn Robert Strommen Irene Suvak Joyce Svboda W1ll1am Rabak Janet Taylor Ferdmand Testa Bob Thokar Shlrley Thomas Dorothy Thompson Jlm Tramor Charles Uber Ilene Urban Rlchard Van Schermbeck MRTIO Verslno Dlana Vukm1r Shlrley Walschott Glenn Walters Gayle Warner Helen Wegrzynek Gladys Wentroble Kathleen Wentroble Al1ce Wldney Albert Wlkberg Regis Wxlk Loulse Wllhamson Jane Ann Wllson B111 Wnlson Evelyn Wood Grace Worrall Kathleen Yak1n Dolores Yelochan Rlchard Yemck Leonard Yusko Clark Yutzy Monlca Zahorchak John Zack Patrlcla Zeolla Robert Zellers N OTED FOR Lady kzller Loyalty to TC Hustle and bustle Determznatzon Anlmatzon Attractweness Quzet charm Handling the ball Those slow smiles Fzndzng thzngs out Szncerzty M oseyzng around Hearty manner Sprzghtlzness Gzrls basketball Vwaczty Przmness Never a worr Dozng what she s Ejfectweness Stalwart dzgnzty Chatter Gzggles Clownzng Bezng so sweet Sunny dzsposztzon Aboundzng health Pztchzng ln to work Wzsdom Knowznq how to do zt Fondness for the outdoors School endeavor Good nature Kzddzng The thzngs that count Her prettzness Inojlensweness You name tt Name we can t spell Self assurance Loyalty to a frzend Self confidence Devotzon to has studzes Regularity of attendance Blushzng brzde Leadzn cheers Peaches and C7 eam Devoutness Placzd countenance Too many thzngs to count H appzness Razszn g cam Decorum Monroefuzlle s outdoor man 'l Makzn tracks at 3 30 Zowze Sweet muszc PROBABLY WILL BE Stlll slaylng them Sendmg all sxx klds there Ownmg a fleet of yachts Concertmelster of the Phllharmomc Pleasxng her hubby Star of the Folhes of 1960 The parson s wlfe Big league umplre Soup taster at HGIHZ Pawnbroker Blushlngly say1ng I do Cllmblng poles for Duquesne Llght Eating Wheatles dally Cornmandmg offlcer 1n a un1t kltchen The whlrlwlnd of the court Snake charmer ln a carnlval Dean of women at Penn State Stevedore on a towboat Tellmg people what to do G Woman Dean of Tm Pan Alley Garglmg alphabet soup Lnd lady ln a mmstrel Undertaker Dlpplng chocolates for D1ml1ng s Fxrst asslstant on a garbage truck Skl champ at Sun Valley The Kate Smlth of our generatlon The perfect housewlfe Marrylng a senslble gal Huntmg gold 1n Alaska Edltor of Ladles Home Journal Takmg a honeymoon 1n a traller Sausage stuffer for Swlft s Proprletress of a strmg of custard stands Settled for llfe ln a five room flat Group leader at the Electrlc Chlef attendant ln a Turklsh bath Mrs John Smlth Tlghtrope walker Lady corporal ln WAACS Makmg speeches on TV Professor of Engllsh at PCW Sultan of large harem Frymg bacon and eggs each AM Hog caller on a dude ranch Announcer at a flea clrcus Teachmg the heathen nn South Afrlca Proprletress of a hot dog stand Chxef operator at a kltchen slnk Turnlng dark clouds to sllver Ralslng klds Drum major 1n a harmonlca band F1x1n flats at the corner garage Settmg the world afire Vocatlonal Dlrector at TC Hlgh M3,ITlCd to an adormg husband Swlngmg a mean baton 31 . ' I ' told Robert Tomlinson Blushjng freely Corporal in the Horse Marines . ' Z7' . , ' . . . 5. ,P 'iz 'Em , 5, Q-ML? - J 51 Q VU-7 'ffff " A ,304 4, Q . -5 i. 1 -4 4 ' Wt! ' I , : , ' Q gf ,,?fExM R E .-'A .N-5 - ' ! ,Q . 1 " . i W I n . x., '? NNI, W N 'Q W. fa ,wtf eflflelfll l"6U'lCQ5 by Margle Connahan Kathleen Yakm Irene Kelly Ah to be a sophomore again w1th all of the happv school experlences yet ahead Our first days ln T C Hlgh how thrllled we were and yet how frlghtened There was the 301 of meetlng new frlends gettlng to know people from other dlstrlcts w1th other experlences to tell about We carefully selected our first set of offlcers Henry Caprara pres1dent B111 Rodella vlce pres1dent Kathleen Yakm secretary Then the soclal whlrl began We falthfully attended the Wednesday nlght dances and agreed they were slmply wonderful We had our own affalr the Snow Ball w1th Ilene Urban our Snow Queen and W1ll1am Ardlsson our Klng Our play A Date Wlth Judy was ter FIHC wlth Shlrley Dom1n as Judy and Charles Ferguson as OOg16 Of course we had many representatlves on every team so that when we cheered for dear Alma Mater we were also cheer1ng for certam famous sophomore performers on grld 1ron court and dlamond Tlme flew by on wlngs and then we were Junlors' As we look back we wonder just where our Jumor year went to Of course we were no longer new We knew our way around and how' We were gettlng used to the unpre dlctable happenlngs of senlor hlgh There were of course plles and plles of homework and how we struggled through them We always felt 1n between we weren t new and weren t ready to graduate We felt exceedmgly 1mportant Of course the b1g event was the Junlor Prom 1ts success depended entlrely upon us We had a number of mnovatlons ln the matter of makmg money One of them was the Heart Hop We were one hundred per cent back of the mmstrel and contrlbuted much to ltS orlglnahty We beheve our play We Shook the Famxly Tree the best one of the year No less a famous personalxty than Thomas Carlyn played the muslc for our prom held at the Hotel Webster Hall ln Oakland Even as we danced the evemng out we reallzed we were soon finlshlng the year out and would be at last Senlors' It was a good thlng that we had had a good summer s rest for actlvltles commenced lmmedlately Flrst we allowed Patsy Kaye to break some kmd of record by electmg her the first g1rl pres1dent ln T C s hlstory B111 Rodella was elected vlce pres1dent Kathleen Yakm treasurer and Roslna L3UP1tO secretary The last named was also elected pres1dent of student councll Irene Kelly was named edltor of the Annual and Cllfford Cox and John Allyettl co chalrmen of the act1v1t1es commlttee In add1t1on to football plcture taklng and semor sponsored dances we had our great senlor play Shootln Hlgh Who w1ll ever for get Professor Rumen? Our Chrlstmas dance Vled wlth the Hallowe en masquerade as the most memorable event Both of them were huge successes T C Hlgh News got a scoop on the pubhcatlon of the Hall of Fame wh1ch was hlgh llghted by the chomce of Patty Lou Kasprlsln as the prettlest glrl and Ed Arm1t as the handsomest boy Our own Jane Ann Wllson captalned the cheer leaders and Margaret Slms the band Altogether permlt us to say that unforgettable days sllpped rapldly by and before we knew It almost we were Graduates' . . 1 ' I 1 , - . . . . . . X 1 7 Y l 7 ' s v - ' I I . . . . U . ,, s - ' v , ' . I 7 y - , , . T . . ' I I I n' ,H V v ' I , . as ay ' ' . . . . . H . ,, . . , ' 7 ' I . , . . . I ' . . . ' y I I ' ' ' v 1 ' ' Cl ' I ' II ' y 1 ' ' . . . , , - . , . , T . The Last Will and Testament WE the members of the Senlor Class of Turtle Creek Hlgh School 0ff1Cla11y known as The Class of 1952 belng of sup posedly sound mlnd and clear memory do hereby declare and establlsh th1s as our Last Will and Testament declarmg vold any former w1ll made by us 1n manner and form to Wlt I To the Board of Educatlon we g1VC our Thanks for mvaluable SCFVICCS ren dered II To the Faculty we leave our gratl tude for all of thelr help and guldance we also leave our forglveness for the nlght work and those grades that appeared on the l1ttle blue cards III To Mr Carmack our class advlsor we leave the worrles of taklng orders for plctures name cards announcements and finally the huge task of maklng the books balance We also leave a brand new senlor class wlth all of lts Joys and trlb ulatlons of scales that won t Welgh and Room 201 the source of all of those foul smells that managed to escape Into the hall and nelgh borlng rooms V To Mlss Monfredo and Mrs Brown we leave the typewrlters comptometers shorthand books and most of all our s1n cere gratltude for all the guldance shown to our commerclal department VI To Mlss Swanson and LIISS J amlson we leave a lot of worn and much used Engllsh books and also offer our slncere thanks for the effort to lmprove our gram mar and vocabulary VII To Mr Zlschkau who trled to prepare us for college we leave our worn and tattered trlg and so11d books the green blackboard and 'Ill of our appre clatlon for treatlng us as Senlors VIII To M1 Steranka we leave the vocatlonal department w1th all of ltS prob lems and hope that he can answer all of them as he has before IX To the Sophomores we leave the responslbllxty of becomlng worthy upper classmen X To the Jumors we leave a lot of worn books and the prlvxlege of occupy1ng the front rows ln the audltorlum Indlvldually and collectxvely Emery Dlxon leaves h1s knack of ad llblng to anyone who has h1s thesplan ab1l1ty The Edltors of the paper leave one typewrlter two bottles of glue and one blg fat eraser to any one who can handle the responsl blllty of the TC H S News Don Groom leaves h1s lntelllgence to B111 Myers Dlnk Droske leaves h1s frlendll ness to anyone who has the qual lficatlons to recelve lt James Grace leaves h1s football ab1l1ty to the sllppery eel Joe PICI Let Audrey McFarland LOIS Reed or one of those other Jun1or hust lers scramble for the leadershlp of our own Rosma Laurlto Cllfford Cox leaves h1s leadershlp to Tom Swlsdak s1nce both of these gentlemen revel ln hard work Patsy Kaye leaves her popularlty to Norma Z1Vk0VlCh Ed Armlt leaves h1s good looks to whomever the choosey JUIIIOI' las S188 may elect when that lmpor tant electlon takes place Wynette DeV1ncenzo leaves to Joan Mandel her excellent taste ln apparel Shlrley Flsher surrenders her Jlt ter bugglng crown to Thelma Delslnger Last but not least Johnny Manor mo leaves hlS nolse to none other than Fred Pasquale who can hold h1s own ln any meetlng of the clowns XII We the Class of 1952 do hereby constltute and appo1nt the Jun1or Class hereafter known as the Class of 1953 the executors of this our Last Wlll and Testa ment ln WIUICSS whereof we have afflxed our hand and seal on the 29th day of May ln the Year of our Lord Nmeteen Hundred and Flfty Two fS1gnedJ Irene Kelly lSeal1 Y . XI. . . , : ! 1 . ' , a. . ' xc ' ' n ' . ' . b, ' 1 , l - v l U V ' ' - . . .... 1 , C. . . . . ' ' d. Ll ' rv - - '- ' ac nr ' e. ' ' ' ' KK ' !! I I 1 , 1 , 1 1 7 v . ' f. 2 , , ll 79 - IV. To Mr. McCandless we leave a pair g' . . , 7 7 , ' ' ' h. ' l v '. 1 i. ' ' I ku . . .. - tt ' YI ' ll ' U! 1. , , - . - li I1 R. . I . , - . I ' ! ! 9 I . .. v . - , . . . Happy Ending ifgzfrf' 52 Alma Mater Hail, Alma Mater, we rise in song to thee, Thy sons and daughters we are proud to beg Strong are the ties that bind our hearts to T. C We'l1 stand and sing her praises to the sky. Proudly we hold the colors up for all to seep The royal blue and White for truth and loyalty We'll honor thee until our days on earth are o'er, But Alma Mater will live on forever more. High Classes Q' SSL XX.. 15M if Junior Class Officers Secretary: Audrey McFarland Preswlent: Robert Hamill Vice P7'6S'idG'I'tt.' Mike Porado Ad1nLser.' Mr. Tortella Treasw er Pat Meanor Audrey McFarland Robert Hamlll Mlke Porado M1 Toxtella Pat Meanor It s fun to be a Junlor Now that we know our way around we really feel that we belong So many of our classmates have been selected for the varslty football basketball cheerleaders etc that every tlme we look around us we see our very best frxends promlnent ln some actlvlty We mxssed a sophomore play but our Junlor play J unlor Prom was a hum dlnger and we even beat the senlors ln the SIZE of our audlences Our prom b1dS fa1r to be the greatest yet and our lnltlatlng a Varlety Show helps us to set a precedent m T C annals We hope to have a nest egg of money that wlll make our Memorles of 1953 the best ew er to be produced 1 1 v - v -N 15 v xg , . v , v . L . ' ' an ' xv - 1 1 3 1 , . . . . , u H ' as - vs , Segtlon 11A Mxs N11 N11111211 lst 11111 111 111 N1 dlp.. 1 1111111 11 D1111s 11us11 1 1 PH! 1101111 11111 411111 1 11 P111 S 1k S1 1 1 Y 111 11s 11 1141 S11111 F 111k D1F11111 11181 I N 71111111 1 I 11 11111 1111111 11 1 N X SeC11on 11B Nhss Bell 18111111 1111 1111 V111111 1111111 1 P 111111'-k N -.1 11 11 Ill 1s1 11 111 C 1111111 111 11111 111 I 11141 111 1 1 1 111 '11111111'- 11N 11111 11 1 X11 1 111C 1 111 1 111 I 21, 811111111 HL Nixss 216111-111 1111 1 11 XX 1 11 1 11 11 1 111111 111 1111 N I C 1111 B11 1111111 SdX11l1I1 J.1111 N V1 a1l1 11111111 111 P 111 1111111.11 1 IX H1111 111 k 1 Nldx D111111 'X111112111 P 1 1 11 111 111111 111 XX1111d111 111 1111111 1 1 N111 1X 11111 F 11111 1 111 1 11 11 11 11 11.1111 1 11111 Fix- ' '1I1flt111',l11l: A1'1- 1':11'ks. S11i1'l111' M1-11-11 .'z111'1' C1""', 1111111-1'1 111111l111, Mrs. M '- M 1ii1'11111'11 S1-1'i1'. H J 111. N -l1i1- B11 11. Gail D1-1 -1'. C11' ' Vi'1 1'iz1. 1I4'Il1'j' f 'kt Ja- 1 11-1'1111a11. 1i1'11a1'1 V1- 12111. L1 111-1111. M: '11'111- N--111-1. "1 ' 11, rg ' -1 211. 1111111111 Sa .111111 1'1'1-111111. '11 ' 'I1'.A J11s111111 S1 "'11k1, .Ins--1111 Pi". 11i1'11111'11 11--11111. 11111111111 P1'--111111z1. 1:11111-1'1 S111'11111', 131111111-s G 511111. D1 1 1i11111s1-1, F11.'11 N1-1'1i11p4. Ii1111111'1 P111111-111111. 11111111111 S1111li11f 1111111-'l S11i111-1, Fi ' 'flrft 111 Ml' N11 " 1-1', 11111-Iy11 K1-111'.J11111' M". 1i1'11Z11'41 .1 ' 3 1, 1119: B1-11, I. 1115 1':11'1':11'z1. Cha' 1111111 T1-pk1-. .I--1'1'1' '1'11111111.'111. Da ' --111- Mi1l1'1'. S1'1'111 1'1111': 11' ' 1' B11 '. T1-11 K1 1'i11k. T11 J11'.' . .1111111 A121 1111, Vi' Cz11'1S11. 1'111111i-- K111111-, 111111' LQ1 11111. xV1111!1I11 1t11ss1-11. .Iz11111's Thirrl 1'1111': G:1I'3'B1-1'1-1'i11:--. l"'1'J111I'lQ M1'I 1,'1'11. B' Zis1-11k:111. D: '1- 111-1-11. S11-1111111 . 111: .1111'k . ' 111111. C111 '1-S S1'111111x. T11111 B11 'k' p:1l2111l. 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Class admser Mr Leone Vzce President Wm Wehmer Secretary Babe Caprara We looked forward many years to belng a part of Turtle Creek Hlgh School and here we are We were pretty much frlghtened the flrst dav or two, but soon learned to f1nd our way around We honestly belleve that we have one of the best classes ln senxor hlgh, and the best sophomore class yet to enter Mr Leone, our advlser, IS newer even than we are, and yet he has taken the rems to glllde our group so that we have great plans ahead Chooslng B111 VCCHIS as our Snow Kmg and Mary Borelll as our Queen, presentlng Audrey Pepper and Joann Strawn as our "Bl1nd Daters," show that we are "on the ball " At the tlme of th1s Wrltlng plans for a sophomore play are ln the makmg Treasurer: Bette J ane Stewart -fini? X 'K P E if Nu 2 Y Sectlon 10A Mme Hensell rst IIIU 111!! 11111 V511 1111 111-'-111 1 n11 F121 1- 181 '1 1ss 111s1 11 111 11 1-1111 I-1.1 It arr J11111 O 1111111111 1 1 V11111a111S becond 11111 Ht 111 '111 1 ' N 11 P111ll111'- 1 N 11 X11 R111 1 1 111 lI1N 111 1 D 1 I1 a1111 11111- A1l111111 1 11111 T11111 1 B Xl 11 T 1111 11111 11a111 1 Il 11111 111 ri 11 1 111 I1 C111 ll N1 as11.1111k V111111111 B11-111 1 11111 Wllllilll A11 1 W1ss 11 Sectlon 10B Ml s Maeon st 7011 flfft tu 11111 r11111 L 1111111 A111111111t11 1 u1111 Kat11111111 411111111 11 11 1 1- 351111 1 1 1 as u1111 1 1 D111111 Nancx Knuth Sc 1 and 111111 1ra Sl111I'S Ka 11111111 F11lt1111 L111-1 Y1 dI'Sl4 1 Jam 1 W1t11 B1111 11 113111111115 Ja1 1 1111111111 Sus11 M111-Q J 411 N111111ls P111l111 Mash-1 R11111 It B11,.11-A Tlurd frm 111r,1 M1T1 1 Al C111 1 T11111 1sk111 1111114111 L1ttl1j11h11 1 111111 C alla, 1 1 114 S a1 ll' 11111- 11 UI 1 I 1-rt Mraz I 1 ll -1 Man 11 Sectlon 10C M1 FI6dF1L1i I CWIS FlT9fT01l llfft to 1111l1t1 A11g1 la Kauta1a-1 1111 S4111 1 Jo Ann St1a1111 E1111l C.1111.11d M1 1v11S 111 1 T111 11114 11g1-r J 211111 11sN 1 Yak111 SPz'1mfl 1011 Wllllam H111 Il 111111 Allll K11ut11 1r11 1 C111l111'- Lllllid Gll1lSJ1 E1Lab1-th Pald11111 S 111 1 K1HHPN D111 t 11 1 VS df1SV111I' h 'vlarlanna Ja1 kS11l1 A 111 1 Lm art Ia111111 111 L11r1 ta T1bb111Q A1111r1 1 Sll1d'Hl111l Cath 111 11 A 1 1 111 L11 Th1rd nm 111611111 64116111411 1 I11 on Ronald D11 k P 111411 1111 I1 1 11 1 1 D1111 1 rawm r L1111111 K I11s1 1111 215111 1 Cha111-. 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XV1Il1:1111 If.-11-VS1111, ,I1..A R111I:1, Secuon 10G Mr Lazam :xl 7141 1 dl 11 dlX .1 41111 A1111.1111 111 111 S 1111 1111 11s 111111 11 'N 1 111111 11411111 N141 111 Suxak A111 r1x 11 1 B.1111 'X11Ca1 11 91111111 11111 13111111 11k11 I1 'X 1 .I:3.1111 Pu1111111l A5111 H M41 k LAU11 1 '11111 1 D11 1111 S T11111aS11 I11a111a S1111111 S11 111111811 1 M1111 1'111 C1111111a11 .1111 B.11t111xk1 If XA 11 1 W1l1'- T 1111 1111 111h11 SI1Xf1t1 1111111 T1 sta I1 0111 LBYIX M1D111111ug,11 'V1.11tx S1111111f. R11b11t Yu'-k11 G11-1,1111 11113 C S J 1 P 1 VVM111 1V11W1l1111111w 1111111 X 11111 'N 11111.1n D111I Secuon 10H Mr M61OCCh1 Fwst mu lleft to rwhtl Javk S11ub1rt Est111-1 W1ya11t E1s11 1101113111111 G111r1a Bono M1 111111111111 D1J1t1F1S Du11ck Marlf-111 1 1-1 C1111I1T11 Wlt D411 Br11v111 S111 111111 mu 1 I1 Ja1111s B11 1 bara Hllllla Martha Szalanczx C1 C1 11a Barb1-1 Josu- 11 1110511 D11r1s MapQton1 17181101111 G1l11un1 Wa1t11' I41I1'1bdf"kF'1 C1111n T11 Q1-1 Jallll Q K1 II I'I1111I 11111 u h Ja1 ks Barn M41 111 11,111 ha11 Ta11ff R11 11.11111 Ch.11111a 12111111111 K11111111 Harm W1 l'31II1d D1111a11i 0111111111111 G111rg1 Ka11.,a 111 11 L1 Q R 1 1 l 1 1 k L1 11 1 1 B 1 1211111 N 1 Sut on 101 Mr' Slelghtholm Ist Tllll flfft to T111 111K F1 1111 1 N111111 B11w111 11 113111 V11111s M1 11g11th111111 41111 K3Id11Q S1111 1 1111 11111111 111 Sflllllll Illll 1.111114 611111111 Ellla 11111 114 N1 1 'N d.hl11l S0501 G111111 D111121111 F1a1111'4 Thomas D1111111s 111111111 1,1 111,111.11 D1-N11111 Aud11x 111111111 'I'1111111a ,.,. FQ 11 Pl.-11111 Thnrl lllll Vkax 111 P 1 S1111 131111111 P13110 P1111 11 P1 ll Qt11-1 S111 r111a11 C1111 1114111 Daud Douglaw Sta1111x P 11141113 Ruhard Holt M1111a11 PP111l11l1l8.k R11b1 rt 'NIOLax A11 11 vs A111111Q1111 Rax11111nd 1-Jk11 A1111 N11111QS X VV111ld111 gllllll Fi rmr flrfi 111 1111: 1ii'h' '11 Duyt 11. M' .I'11- K11' -. ' , - - F11- 14'l', 11' 2 -5' F 'A IN 1. I -t . .Ia'1: 1- " - D1", - , 1 ' '11- - " , 1 Pri 5:1-. ' . - 11 ' '- S11 . 1-11-11 .I:1::11-1', - 1 ' 1'., U -. '11- , ' '-ii: . ' 1- ', I ' -. 1- 4" .21 Elf- 11' 1' 111, - -.1- - , j " : '. ll'- S11- '-ns, T1-1 ' 11" ' V: . j -'. Mi - - . 7 '1-11 E I , , l A . C31 'z ' 1, 11-111'g.:1- L1-1 11, 111'111'S' V113 , .'1 ' ' g1-. M'11 -. 'a --7 - 1'. -'11 J11- 1 -ini11g1-1x 1 'Id'1', VVYII, Casley, Con11i1- C1'oy11-, Bar- II. 1: '-31111, ' ' 't' 1 t , ,. ,-K ,nz R11-' -.1111-k. 1b-1' B-'ky, .1z11- -1-. J 1111 S '11wu1111, 1C11g1-111- 111f1-1', i1l'1'.' 1 ' 1.'k' Fi ' ' ' 'I Htl! Na ' '1- 1, " a , Wil ' -- '. S1 -' . K' ' ' ,, 1' ' 13' S1-1 ' - -1-1', D1 ' 4' 111 111-11. B -' " '- " -1'. 1 - Ii 1 - .1-111 .1- " -h . -. -- -- M1- E: , - 11.-UU-.L ..t1 51- v H- 1 I Is., ,..' 1 1' ' ,A11 L 1 1 -' "Aw ' '- C11' ' . 'A " 1 '- 1111z1l. Sectlon 10.1 Mr Elsaxman First 'rrnl llfft to rrqhtl Carmvlla Niargmttl Xllglllld Luk ta xll 'vlan B rrsll1 N11 IDIS-'I Il A111 SeurQ Lll1.111 P11111 suh Phxllw Poi'-1ttl Qrrnnd ron 'llarllwn Stahl: Kd1tl1l1 1 ll D mn: 1 Illllan Planlukl Ruth Pmlmll I dura Stow Lmf ltd Tllllllldg Lllllan Gabrn l Cathe llllt I-l111xf1t 'lhzrd 1-ou Iarne-S Cf11111vllw Rlilldlll D fnrlen tlll Grmc-1 Dun fs .In 111 DfWalt William VK ehnnr Dnndlrl Ruvmh Richard Wallx K 1111etl1 Ffrg11w11 D url C1111 hm Scctxon 10K M1 Mflcfm 111 SwlQQl11l111 I 1 11111 Monm 'VII M I1411 1111 11th Jun Ds Tl141r11f1S l l111 H HN Qrrond ron salt Rh1111 11114111 IH nm Comm F' ank X 41111111 1 Jn-mph HPIIIIAII R1 1111 kl111g'111 Nllllth P1cl1a1d F11 l1lQ hnd 1 zu 111 K xwer Fmlllx fll ll X Unk Ernwl Xew-els XXIII Dun Xlbflt XIHIHQ b' -. . ,' u - '. . t - ma. rj i" 1- A 1 L lv. ' 1 r - 1.1 - 1 V D' ' , El i -r, l L - ' I ' - - ' ,. 1 1 - , a " I- ' 2 First rmr flfft to rryhtif Dr - . 11-e1'g4v Alblillllllll. T '. , . '. r' 1 -' , R1 l 1 'I Sn' , - .11 1111- l' 1. Hj ' '. D ' L1-'.'t111-1: T ' r " 1 ' -l . . - - , 11 -- " - - 1' '- -1 D1 aj, 1 . " ' I"1'I"ll. . lax C . K ' - ' . : W1 -J vu . A s. Y fi.p"'l qs af- 'np ,Af I' . 9 an ,F fL,, ACTIVITIQL, A I I if R- Felt. n ,-1.-,ti 7 l tg? gf if. x x The Senior Actlvltzes Committee First row Shlrlev Domln Lois Green Margaret Maier Charles Ferguson Jonh Aliwetti Clifford Cox Janet Picl Shirley Fisher Dona Strawn Sf1'01111ro'w Lois Drish Hope Starkew P6ggV Drvbuxgh Janice Horne Catherine Paladin Donald Gioom Dorothy Lucas Monica Zahorchak Bernic Czekaj Marx Ann Reed Bernadme Chabamk Maiorino Jack Cuirx Leon Shmoihun James Musilek William Aidisson C555 Swv! Three cheers foi the Semor Activities Committee' The ambltious looking group pic tured above, Work together for the social events of the senior class not to mention the matters of financmg all class projects They see to it that there are decoratlons orchestra and refresh ments Solemn meetings are held before each important occasion Fun and compamonship are the predominatmg factors in all gatherings of thls group, whether in meetings or in work sessions Belng the senior class adviser Mr Carmack assumes the leadership Clifford Cox and John Aliyetti were the co chalrmen . . . . . i , 4 ' . p I y ' v . v v 1 .v . I 1 v l 7 1 X- Y l 1 Third rowr Emery Dixon, Paul Carmichael, Emery Letham, James Grace, Richard Guthrie, John ' . .VY 1 1 4 Y I ' I . 'X I' ul X1 . Y N 1 'W . , y , ' . , . . Jumor Actlvltles Commzttee Fzret row Ilenox Stammer Marlene Tuma L1bby M11e1 Evelyn Kelly Audrey McFarland Bob Hamlll Wanda Leeds Pat Meanor Dorothy ORou1 ke Pat Jurlclch Nozma Burkhart Second row Charma1ne Tepke Jackxe Robson Mad lme Frlend Mane Rosenbayger Jean Stark Jean Schrelbez M1 Tortella Valerla Papmchak Margaret Kutzel Betty Nedrow Mlldxed Free Glorla Wllson Alxce Parks Thml row Geraldme Alello Shulex Meyer Theresa Naylor Thelma D6lSlHg8l Dolores Bock Bobby Norma Zlvkovlch Margaret Ramsey Fourth row Fled Pasquale W1111am Saxman Ruth Bartulskl Tom D-ucklngham W1ll1am McC1eary Don Ramsey R11.ha1dSepc1c Barry Zxschkau Rudy Kardos Tom Swlsdalt Andx Blasko LCUIS Rxco Jack Speelman The Jumor Actlvltxes Lommlttee, under the leadershlp of the Junlor Class Advlser, Mr John Tortella has VHYIOUS dutles, thelr chlef one belng the plannmg of the Junlor Prom Members ale appolnted to make 1nqu1r1es about orchestra, dlnners, and locatlons Durlng the second semester th1S commlttee takes over the runnlng of the regular Wed nesday evenlng dances The proflt from these dances, the Jumor play, and other events help pay the cost of the prom The senlors congratulate the members of thls year s comrnxttee upon thelr energy Robinson, Doris Houston, Lois Reed, Elaine Knopp., Peggy Edwards, Peggy Vliley, Cora Rodgers, :K If gui N.- . , , . . , . The Student Council Front row foffzccrsl Rosma Laur1to Mr Wm Levus James Grace Rose SldOIOVlCh On strps next to ral fsenzorsl Hope Starkey Joan Scheffler V1ctor Bearmger John Schake Rmch Van Schermbeck James Mus1lek Chester Parfltt Rxchard Morl Tom F1orent1no Mlke Palermo Second row on steps Immors Wanda Leeds Thelma D6lSlHg6I Audxev McFarland Pat Meanor Mane Rosenbayger Gary Bexerldge Francls McIntyre Ivan Sable Clelland Marv Bo re1l1 Gertrude Tubbs Margnerlte Duscoll Dolores Dur1ck Stanrlmq Ernest B1 eeden Calole Kardos You are asked to glance above at one of the most lmportant groups 1n our school The Student COLLHCII IS responslble for the crystallzatlon of much of the student op1n1on Meetmg once a week the group dlscusses many phases of school l1fe espec1ally ln the llght of maklng xmprovements When a dec1s1on IS reached the adm1n1st1at1on lS constlted, and a sympathetlc hearmg IS always assured Th1s year the councll has been responslble for the sophomore handbook, the rnormng devotlonal perlods, the plannmg of assembly programs the arrangmg of pep meet mgs, and the corrldor suggestlon box Sfilfftll on wall: rlvft to right! fsophomores! Emil Capara, Tom Heasley, Pat McCartney, Joan Mc- . v ' Y 4 . . 'T . . . . . Y - The News Staff First row: Leon Shmorhun, Majorie Connahan, Jane NVilson, Ilene Urban, Kathleen Yakin, Mr, Derflinger, Clifford Cox, Irene Kelly, Margaret Sims, Rosina Laurito, Russell Fry Sfruml ruiv: Loretta Yakin, Mary Anne Knuth, Joyce Young, Theresa Naylor, Roberta Robinson, Peggy Cima, Monica Zahorchak, Xfm. Tahak, Don Schildkamp, Frances Baudcr, Audrey McFarland, Dot Lucas, Mary Burrelli, Joyce Mervash, Janet Koda, Dorothy O'Rourke Third row: Katherine Rogulin, Ann Kibbler, Evelyn Kelly, Esther Lotz, Evelyn Brodrick, Louetta Pippin, Wayne McKinney, Don Graom, Beverly Homa, Lorna Davis, Martha McCaskie, Dona Strawn Foiirth rmr: Alice XVi1son, l.iela Staub, Charmaine Tepke, Marlene Tuma, Janet XVetzig, Alice Parks, Jane Mazeur, Peggy Wiley, Nancy Craig, Norma Zivkovic-h Ilene Urban, Mr. Derflingei Jane Ann Wilson, Irene Kelly, Rosina Laurito, Kathleen Yakin, Margaret Sims, Margie Conna- han, Shirley Domin, Russell Fry, Leon Shmirhun. The News Editors Pictured herewith are the hardworking members of the editorial staff, those persons that "sweat out" each issue. These people, not only plan each issue, but make all as- signments, try to get them all in on time, read the proof, and finally distribute and sell the copies. It is hard, soul-trying work, but intensely interesting to future would-be journalists. 69 Sh r ey F sher Dar ene M er Theresa Ca o Tom D nzeo D ck McCoy B y Patty Matheys Caro Todd F st rou afl John Presto1 Car Ondrak Patsy Kaye Edw n P azza Tom Mooney E do Todd L Saxman ott B me o Sano Lou se McK nney Peggy Dryburgh Sh I ey M er M dred Stewart Nancy Savecke abr e Sharon Sanderson Patr c a Br ldy Carm ne Bott Ja Reed Audrey McFar and Charma ne Tepke nd rox Sf Jack John A yett Robert Ze ers y Gary Bever dge Do ma d Lucas Joyce W son Joe Ne ona d Lake Sh r ey MCK nney Ronn e Loehr Joan Pa mer K ng Patsy Sc rp Ray Leseck Ron R ey R chard P azza Joyce Mooney Roberta Rob nson y be James W son Norman Kennedy Dana Leonard Y1 sko Jane Mazeur Rose M er Robert Grammer ukm r C fford Cox Max Danne s Robert Strornmen Leon Shmorhun Janet Wetz g Margaret S ms Mar e hmorhun Margot e E senberg Jeanne M er A bert Ertman Eve yn Ke y George Pe evuzn ...I ' 11 "" I -.-. 114 --a ""' ... in ... ,, ,x I-4 -rd "- I11 ... .... , r-4 ' P4 .,-4 .,-r ... U-1 "" ... ,,, - 10 ... . ... .-. ,... M -"4 -1 v-4 r C .. v .,.4 1-1 I11 .. - .... .-. l1l - L. CQ v-4 l1l 'L H U 'I-1 Q ,, L' .. up-1 U-1 .-. .-. I11 , ,H "' : 2 n .,-4 'P4 .,.. - hr v-4 I11 Q, 'F' l1l I11 on 'I-I Q " , ' ' v-1 U11 5 ... .-. - 111 "4 , .,.. I11 - ,ffl ' --r1 LI ,z ,. .,. .., as 'T' - "" ,M rn .H Q .-. - ... 57.1 C .-I 41 ... -1, .... . .-. , . 1-3 s-. ,T C-5 -. ... P cc: CD oc 2 2 P A U2 Sf X 'N - P' Q. Qs f - .N V . 'X J '--N: Q x' ? 'X ' - ' ly! IX Xf?'t'f," a if 'f' , '1H4,,'?"il 14. taxi' 'U ., 1fA 3' -ig- ' . L- ' ,W If , .9 .. .W 'X V Q. .Apts 3 ef. as? A .-S f t A :Q I N X by , as . 1. 1 f - Q Vs' .1 1 Y. 1255 "if ' J 0 2 ' ' 3.11 W' Yf J 43, q 1 'K l 4- I Y . V jx' A 'N l fr 1 mi +1 ' ' ' J 1 The Orchestra Thr first se 1111 Mrrlf' rlfft to rzqhtl Leon Schmorhum Ruth Saul Esther Vkxant Chffold Cox Darlene lVI1lle1 Shnlex 'vI1ller Dora Sellers Thr scform Sf 1111 rzrclr Kax Fulcomex W1ll1an1 Russell John PIBWLOH W 1ll1am Bott1 Don Lucas Gerry Thompson Jeanne M1lle1 Janet Wetz1g Margaret Sxms Tom DIHZBO The1esa Callo Vlaxne McXJ1ll1ams Thelma Ge1ge1 Third mu ron Ifjt! Do1othy Wadsworth Edna Arnold Vxllllcllll Saxman Edvum Pxazza Call Ondreak Fourth 1011 H11 7ll1llfl Gary Bexeudge Caxmln Bott Wllllam VValters Sfflllfililfl fleff to 11111111 Gloxla Chamberlam RObPlI Stlolrlnen Bette Niae Rush Audlex NIL Falland Fxelxn Kellx Max Dannels Jane Nlazeul N11 Blackwood NI1ld1ed Stevkalt ZWF5 Swv-Q GIVE a blg hand to th1s hearty g1Ol1p' Mr Blackwood and hls charges are always on hand to furn1sh the mus1c for our plays mlnstrels and other 1mportant events ln school l1fe Our Group made a name for 1tself thxs year by playmg hosts to the Western D1s tF1Ct Muslc Festlval P1cked members of our own orgamzatlon Jolned W1th others from all on er the western area to render some wonderful rnus1c Th1S expemence none of us Wlll forget , , '- ' '. , ' A V ' YAv l ' . V Third row ron riyflzlfs Alex. Russell, Patsy Scarp, Bob Zellers, John Aliyetti , t. .' ." V, . h V A V ...As- K I' J N, , . D - The Chorus vrvt 11111 ll 1 t D Nlllll 1 1111 lldll 1 1 1 11 ll 11 Q 1s1 1 10111111 11111 1 1 1 ll S1 I4 dll 11111 D1 s IX 111 'ithu 1 llfd rod llq C1 1 1 1 a a ll 'Il N 1 111 F1 1111 1111 1rl11 K 1sha11it 1 ll P II a11 DI tta Dan Nl Pat1111.1 I lt 1 1 I1 mu S1111 1 N 11111.11 B1 k111 dl Ph1l1111lt dl 1 1 ll 1 1-S11 X 1111 1 1111a s1 N Xal 11.1 Pap1111hak 1rU1 lllll 1r 1 11111 A 1- 11s 1 N 1 1 x lfI1f7I roll 1111tl11 II ph dl ld FXSII ll lllla sa111 11 S 1 a1l1a11 H1111141 1 IX s Thl111a L IX L1u1s 1l ll C' 1 Ch1I111 Iliff! II lll 11111 Pll W Ill 11111 1 Ill A B Our Girls Chorus We would wlllmgly put our chorus up for comparlson w1th any ln our d1str1ct, except that we need the mterest of more boys 1n the choral muslc of our school These glrls have lots of fun meetmg together and Slllglllg Chrlstmas and Easter are both made bmghter by thexr efforts Who w1ll forget the carollmg 1n the corrldors a part of the Chrlstmas Splflt llfl our school Mr Blackwood lS then' dlrector N. f F1 ' .lm 1 H1-111111, V1-111111 f'l1z1111l1111's, NIz1'p4z11'1- 'Alv-s.'z1 1, .111 MilI1-1: lW2l"' lIa'11-1'. J:1111-t 'l':11'l111'. Vi 'p:i11iz1 GlIltlll'l', Kat! -1'1-111- 101141111 . L i. .I1-:111 D1".'l. Jiill' St111'1-115. S' ' ': Ma'p:a1'11t Nl2llf'l'. B-ttj l'1"I'11u1'. li11.'- Sid1'11'i1'l1, C':1tl11'1'i1111l1'ul211li11. II1-111-l'1'l1' ,L1': M2111 z1'iS. P1-ggy Dfh uh. .I11:111 S11i1'z1k, lI11111- , ' 'k-11 Tl' H: L11 V1-1-11, B1-'1-1'l1' llllllii, li11l11-'t K yS1'l'. Sh"l111' Th1111.', D11l11'1-s B1'1 '1-1', 'z '11s B11 1-11 Sh' 111. ' . EI111-iu Cl1a11l1-1'lai11. .ita 11 '1. Fourti row: Ma:-gun-t liu111s111'. M:-11'l--11-1 M111-Ell111s1-, El--a11111' SI2iIIlIll1'l'. Doris M1111-11 D1111a fi41llll+'l'. Lois l:l'4'll. 1 'v' ' fm". " . 111" 'i 'l1. FY! ': l"r',' S111i111, AH ' 1 11- 11141. J-11- ' . M' 'i1- Gi111'u11'tli, Jz1'11 -'li11 R1l,.' ll, fa NVi111-Ar. P1-:gy C' ' . D111'is Il11u:t111. L11i.' VVillis. 'A 1-"' ' ' ' ' . S1 ' Sh' I1-j Millf-12 JBYIG' II1"l tk. p:111-.' G",1-', Sheila Nash. C1--1-lia B411'l1111', Nan-1' F11,-, J--:111 L1'11:1':11'. SP" . 'J D1 ' h' 111 1-ll, M' 'tl' B ,' , V'.1:' ' C1.t l"l-. Ani' 1- '1-rs, B ' ' 'z ', J11j1'11 hI""il.'ll. 1- ' 1-gnu Ma 1 ':1- Bi-'1ii11g1-1'. Maw- 1- Miller, ,a1'1l ' 'aI. Ei! 'lll',' J: 1- D1 . H1-l--11 li1-il:'k1'. .Ian--I '1-tziz. Mil '111 1'11lIi11s, Fr: 'lllv' 4lill'u111. Sh""5' F1-llius. I-Ifln' 1-lin. . ' 1 The Senior Play I ft In nqhi Jane Stex ens Kathuene Roguhn Rxchard Droske Darrell Hunter Ca. herme Palad n Wllllam AIGISSOH James Musehk Wayne McK1nney Cllfford Cox Robert Strommen Betty OKeefe Norman Dau henbau h Wxnette DeV1ncenzo Don Sch1ldkamp Wllllam Tabak Ed Rumon Margxe Connahan Loumse McKmne'. Pose Suiorovrch Louetta P1pp1n Marv Ann Reed Emory Dlxon Dlana Vukmu Shlrlex Groshaldt Don bloom Margaret Sums Dorothy Lucas Shnlex Thomas Z'AK"5 Swv? Shootzn H ugh Thls play was a hllarlous comedy centered around the hopes and dreams of a young glrl and the colossal ldea of sendlng a rocket to the moon The llsteners could scarcely tell Whether they enjoyed more the humor of the play ltself or the ad l1bb1ng of the characters Don Schlldkamp and Wynette DGVIHCGDZO held the love mterest, Whlle Eddle Rumon, the famous professor, supplled the greatest number of laughs Thanks to the quxck thmklng of Emery Dlxon, the act1on was kept smoothlv runmng throughout the play Very lmportant parts were asslgned to Cather1ne Paladm, Darrell Hunter, and Norman Daughenbaugh The Teen Age Fan Club ln the play, led by thelr sponsor, D1ana Vukmlr, brought 1nto the l1mel1ght some very well know characters ln our class, LOUISE McK1nney, Louetta P1pp1n, Mary Ann Reed, Rose Sldorovlch, and Margle Connahan B111 Tabak, Don Groom, Bob Strommen, and Ronald Naylor contrlbuted greatly as pollcemen and reporters The play was under the d1rect1on of Mrs Lowman, the scenery and stage work bemg under the Jomt d1rect1on of Mr Tortella and Mr Challton . ! ' 3 f K 7 Q ,- ' ft ll 'T Q Q li l N t ' V J l lt 'M - ' - 1 , -'f-H1 11 9 , pa , f ei? ' 13 . f th I, ,. B x R 1 V K ' ' Y ' Y . 7 - V I .Y Y 1 l ' A A', s I l , . ' v '. v H - v .'v 'K I' J X- !! ' ! ' !7 L - n The J umor Play Seated Ilfft to rwhtl Suc EIIZCUS Martha Zahorchack Ba1bar'1 M1ller P62381 Edwalds Dorothy ORourke Marlene Nebel Audrev McFarland Charmame Tepkc Lo1s Feed Standmu Peggy C1ma poomptfr M818 Jane Yerman promptfr Ross Campbell R1cha1d Seput R1chard Greenawav B111 Mevers Max Dannel Ruth W1lkerson Bettv NGGIOW Mrs Mason dm: tor John Owens B111 McClea11 staqf manaqfr Dan Shxflet sound :guts Saw? J unzor Prom What better t1tle could be found for a 1un1or play and what mateual would stz 1ke the fancy of hlgh school boys and glrls any more than those whlch appeared 1n thls gleat play There was round after round of laughter Who could forget Max Dannels and h1S get up and the surprlsed k1SS whlch he gave Charmame The gowns of Sue Ehzeus Martha Zahor chak Peggy Edwards Dorothy ORourke Marlene Nebel and Lo1s Reed not to mentlon the wavy locks of Rlchard Greenaway and B111 Myers gave Hollywood touch to the appear ance Character parts were played by Ruth Wllkerson and Betty Nedrow Thanks to the efforts not only of Mrs Mason the dlrector and a hard workmg cast but to a large number of workers that took care of publ1c1ty as well as propertles the productlon was a huge success a , " , . 1 ' 1 I 1 1 .v 1 , . . , , , K , , , . N ' . ' . ,. ., . 1 '. . .'1 -. , , l Y , ., 1 . , ' , ' . .1 ' ., . . 4.,.- ,1 . 1 D1 ' 1 , 1 1- 1 1 ' 1 ., A -,. l' .'. ,U ".' Cx A J N1 ll ' 91 . . . . . v ' AA 7' . , ' , . . Y J 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 The Stage Crew Lrft to rzrfht Mr Charlton Glenn Moos Mike Palermo Tom Heaslex Mrs Lowman C'X"f'5 S-rw? Thls 1s one of the best and hardest workmg OlgaI'llZ21t1OI1S Ill our school 'VII John Tor tella and Mr Charlton share the respons1b1l1ty of ox erseemg the actlutles of a group of boys shown aboxe These are the unsung heroes of p actlcally every aud1to11um actn 1ty that goes on ln the school not only daytlme assemblles and pep meetlngs but also plays IH the evenlngs In fact the boys are called upon to help when outslde orgamzatlons need them The staff of the 1952 Annual salutes the h1rd wolkmg behmd the scenes boys the stage crew 5 41 . ,' - 4 Y 'N I ul Y .N . . 4 gi.. - '. r ' ' ' . , , . , . L - - - , The Drwer tmmmq Car Thr qO1lh0771Ul! P01121 T111 NUIIIIIHHOIK Snow hmq and Quran 1 URW g,-f Things We Remember Thf Ffstu nl 01101118 1Qr"'R Irrldf 1 s XJ: I e N 'TP 1 '.' Wigs: ' I L , , e - be . ., ' L ' lj" ' RN . W--'fir 'W ' ,233 ' X - rv ' - -. g f- ,F h 7 K . My 5 - In ,,.1. ., . rl M , .,- ' 7 -f ' .5 ' -q I V X , yt 2? Q X Af k si' Q' .qi , . L l ' H ' x X , Y '-' X, ' U Senior Ushers Mae Closson Blanche Cook Bexerlx Honia Jean Bailex The Sectlon Boosters Iwzst :ou Don Schildkamp EITIQIX Dixon Carol Todd Gloria Chambeilam Peggx Dlxburgh John Sellnian Paul Manion Billx Johnston Peppler John Zak Fred Pasquale Marlene Tuma Cora Rodgers Thzrrl rou Shirlex Fritz Amx Sexers Lxnne Vhndhorst Robext Smith Luthex Davison Viilliam Veems Paul Post Shlrlex Miller Gloria Borio Alice Ken 'I 1 y ' v " V r . 1 . . l l l" ' -fr A v I., V 1 1 4' I A 1 1 .' If 1 ' 1 Second row: Carmine Botti, Dorothy O'Rourke, Tommy Fiorentino, Clyde Guthrie. James Kukurin, James 1 1 x 1 4 - If ' .. ' 1 ' 1 1 . Y' 1 ' . 1' Y' ' ' " a Y , 'x . Y Y v v I .V ' Y ' b 1 A '- The Lzbrary Helpers left to rzuht Miss Kennedx Jean Galia Shirley Smith Eleanor 'Vlxers Mazgaiet These are our library helpers Their activities include everything from stamping books to decorating bulletin boards These girls whose task it is to keep the books in order are gaming valuable experience that should stand them in good stead in the future years The Lunch Room Staff Lfft to rmht Esther Plantz Rita Aidisson, Don Gioom JI .N .I ...' lv, , l , . A' . , A -' ., ' ' Ramsey, Shirley VVilliams, Nancy Gilson, William Casley ' Y l N i Sadir' Hmrkins: Patty Lou Kasprisin Lil AIn1f'1'.' Wm. Fritz The Blznd Date The partners are choben A tax: to the door Enjoying the show Thr' qzrls Audrey Pepper Joann Strawn t The boys: Ed Armit, Don Schildkamp 7 , R 5 'W9'AQ,Q. - aw 1-, '1 za-.33 5 zf' ,Q -ef-39' .. 'T"' .M I xy' vii 23331 gnnv' A A' .."' , ' as 'll J 95-'GQ' Z' Sf- 'J 6? 0 ,Ky ui. is K r Q ss , ,ya-5 E' -5 . in -. 4- ,' 1 -+s:fv ,054 ,,q. ' 4, 7 Q. A 1 A -1 n ,M , K r , ' I tiff.. x Z , L . 1 un, .5 7 55 if, ,LQ N-23 , rn 1. V , 'P' 0.95. f ., -K AWG fr -W f 72" V t , We Wm The Aquatic Show of 1951 N ul: I nt 111111 o pnul Ilwnna Kasprlsm Namx Jo Luton Immthx Sum fl ml 1 1 Ptggx Fdvu llCi'w Jeux Look Ruth Bostejo fm D11 Hlll bonu! Pattx Ion Ka pusm Norma Zn kovlth Helen Rrmpal B xelxn Kcllx kalbu 1 1N1choIs Jamu Home Bettx Rush Qhulex Domm I sl In Bobbx Kaxsu .lout Moonex Malx Dannels Alice Bauclm 'Vladelme Fzxend Balbala Stewart Qlmlex Mmm 'Vhss Paw asm Nmu CQXCI The Western Dzstrlct Orchestra Festival The trumpetev s The Solozst Roselle Dlnzeo There she goes Here she comes Ahhhh! The May Queen The May Queen s Court CW F5 The Tradztzonal May Pole Dance ! Halloween The flFSt blg nance of the usual Wednesday evenmg serles IS the Hallo we en Dance ThlS occaslon catches the mtelest of many students Ghosts goblms clowns tramps and beautlful ladles promenade gym and corrldors Prlzes are offel ed for xarlous types of student mgenulty Tne prlze wlnners are shown 1n the lower p1cture . . , , - v 1 L . ' . y ' 1 I . . . ATB I-QTICS The Cheerleaders Jane Ann Wllson Pat Chambellaln Nancy Gexer Marlene Tuma Alxee Parke Barbara Nlchols Jamce Home Patty I ou Kaqpusm l 1471? Za Tv: " . 1 . ' , . . ' . . . 1 1 Y , A 1 Y ' Y , , I . . . , L 5555 ' fini . 222' ' ' ffvikf . I, I ,fi A . X A , 1 4 'i if 7 iff Zfifi W M4152 f , egg 4, hi' '47 91 451 uwfa If l af'-q 'xrvA"f1-" W U' . A.:, 3 git Q r es-5 5341, ig. v e V 1- ,sf X Q- l , QR X ?.ffP,? in 'Kh A x S Q VT! Q 5 N The Football Squad UCI iii- qui Swami lv- Q.-X 'FTW' ,A 9' U7 1' 'fff Andy B asko Jack Bowman Robert Bramme Carmen Cortazzo Tom Heas ey R chard De'o re rst rou hard Bartl sk Em Caprara Henry Caprara Mac H nk e Mr Rometo coach Sm-ond rou W am McC eary Robert Ham armen A e 0 James Banda Bernard Conno y Bob Potoch Letham James Grace 'VIer e Sh e ds Larr err Jack Man on W am Turek Ed Arm t James Deg au V c Bear nger Mr K otz asszstant coac Schu tz W am Vc Caruso James Mus ek A Ferd Harry Ca ey Bob Thokar Char es h You I' aprara Robert St rone Joseph P c ode a M ke Porado Gregory I f n . n 6 IQ 0 , A 'ELA 1 'gi,i Q 5 my Spf ' ' IN! , -I' . 5, . K ' fm. - Q 4 , h V-,x .w- Q' f-9, 1 W Q in . 1 0 A. ,, A , " ,mga 'Q' 'Pi ,x H Q nk' . , in !,flf. tA fff , f Q W. . KA' Q,-' -A ff? v 9 .al-. " .' W. H 1. 'A 1 ga, Rf ' mmol. T fi ' 1 -x r A xl 5 , gf ' I XJ 1 Y ' 'f ' "1 - JJ, W 1 I - 4 .- D . 1 . -A' kit. ' ,v K , J' ',v Z " .1 Q 'gp' Igxf 1 in 17,1 b 'ir ' 'Q xx 1 - ri , ak, The Rom of the Crowd The Coaches Mr' Melocchl Mr Klotz Head Coaeh Ossle Rometo Tr ns: Moment? If s a Toss up K 'r 27 .. 7. l - Football Seniors Ed Armit, Jack Manion, Merle Shields, Emery Letham, James GTHCG, Wm. ROd61la. Bob ThOk21I'. JHS. Musilek, Al Fer-di, Jock Aiello, Mac Hinkle, Jack Bowman, Henry Caprara, Richard DeTorre. Bob Brammell, U5 QL The 1951 Creeker team was much better than its record seems to indicate. It was slow to roll in the Iirst few games, losing to a powerful Central Catholic aggregation 21 to 0 in the Hrst game and a heart-breaking 7 to 0 in the second. When Jeannette left our stadium the next week, they had a total of 19 points while our boys still held the goose-egg. It took the Rankin game to loosen the boys and give them the much-needed confidence Rankin succumbed to the tune of 20 to 6. From this point the Creekers showed steady improvement, leaving a favored Wilkinsburg team standing in the drizzling rain with a measly 6 points to our 13. Munhall was true to form as a sure winner when it trounced us 14 to 0, but the boys snapped back to beat a traditional enemy of great power, New Castle by 2 touchowns, or prac- tically that, for New Castle slipped in an undeserved touchdown just as the half ended. Clair- ton then fell before the local attack 20 to 13 and the next Friday night Scott, the arch-enemy went down 19 to 6 amid cheers, rain and snow. In spite of an earnest drive with the motto, "Let's Beat McKeesport," the Turtle Creek season seemed to end with Scott. Our team folded in the second half to lose the final game 39 to 12. , Ai -'1,wu ,fqf ,' 2 ' f3'zf3a w 3JH 'W' vw .X ., , ...!...x ., ' :,,!4!.'.Mf' ., 'fi Q 0 , sf, gi "7 x, i, .ig wx? "Eff 4:5 V H11 ,QV Q V . . ' l ,, ,X ' I 'R s f "' Q? , 4, ,fr 5, V ,ws , ., if wx, i QSIYQQQAEF Qmjmgiizk U Qt' '-'Lf' 'Q , 3 11.7 if N1 - NEW' in +1 1 3 5 1 S' 4.4 5 sv. gf 'iff . -5,4-fgx. Q n LM K . Qx -K ,-If .4 'Leap 2- D The Baseball Team of 1951 Fnst ww Jack Rosemalx Larry Connelly Wlllxam Anger Dale Chovan Pa 11 Bench Andv Ioehr James Bottl Don Stanford 3110111170117 M1 Rometo mwh Donald Freto W1l11am Rodella George Clfla Jack Hamllton Don Schlldkamp Farl Palnter Rodnex Bowen 1111111 1 u John Bowman James Smxth Allen Pxoctor Don Sablmekx Daml Shlflet Gam Ref-rl Ruwell Fm Carmen Alello The Track Team of 1951 Qtuone Al Fezdl LOUIS Rlco Noxman Kennedx Qfffnnl ron N11 Klotz 0011011 Joe Callex Rolf Lotz Barn Basel Rlchald Tutlch Jamei Valentme Ialrx Ken XX1llB1oxn II I 11114 Ronald Bxammell Andx Blasko Bob Brammell Eugene CIOXIG Chfuleq Kennedx N111 I-Imkle Ruosell Harxex John Mullme Elden OHa1a Robert LILTIGI N 11 111 Illlfllll Jamee Nlusllek l rv '. .07 7: ' , Y ' ' ,' ' ' v 4 ' . F lv' .Q . ' .lv V l First 1'r11r: John Peters, Barry Zischkau Harry Calley, Richard Bartulski, Merle Shields, Robert 4 'I V 4' " .' 'L . A fr -"- Ll ' b ,-.,,., ,- .- .. , -L L 1 -v v Q '1 I . i a ! 1 i 1 N N r i The T C Club First rom Cathexlne Rogulm Jane Ann Wllson Barbara Nlchols Pat Chamberlam Louise MCKIHHGY Louetta Pippin Joan H aln Suomi row Thelma Delilflgel Martha Zahorchak Patw Zeolla Janice Horne Ann K1bb1er Momma Zahoxchak Elame Knopp Eumce Brlmlow Barbara Stxoschem M ss Monfxedo The T C Club is one of a number of social clubs in our school It con sists of a group of an ls who hold meetings at the homes of the members purely for their own enioyment Pat Chamberlain is president, Patsy surer Miss Monfredo is the populai sponsor of the club S'-1-YW? The G A L Club First mu Betty Rush Balbna Nichols Pattx Lou Kasprnsm Janice Horne Robe1taKaxse1 Patty Mathexs Dorothy Semc Suomi rou Roslna Laurxto 'whnley D1muz1o Ruth Bostedo Joyce Mooney Evelvn Kellw LOIS Green Margaret Estocm Shulex Domm 7111111 row NOIUIB, Znkoxich Peggv Edwalds Ahce Parks Madellne Friend Jackie Robson Mallene Tuma Nanu Gexei Jezrv Cook Theresa Aliyettl Shuley Mexei Fonith mu Nancx Robbins loxce Melxash Shnlex McKumex Joan Nichols Bette Jane Stew:-ut The G A L club representing the girls athletic league, under thc direction of Miss Ann Pascasio, is a group of line uire girls particularly interested in sports. The high-lights of their club program are the Gym Ervhibition and the Aquatic Shoui both annual events to shou the skills and talents of the members. The club has certain definite qualifications for memberships, among them the ability to swim and a deep interest in all sports. The membership is particularly loyal. Ihirrl rou' Rita Hearn, Roberta Robinson, Ellen Knopp Alice Parks, Jean Stark, Lila Staub, Nancy Geyer Zeolla, vice president, Louise McKinney, secretary, and Joan Hearn, trea- 'N I: ul N1 X' 1 - ' I I L ,l l I K , I w N if xo 98 Slgma Sigma Ph: Club Fzrst row Joann Schefflex Bettw Mae Rush Margaret Slms Roszna Laurxto MODICH Zahorchak Grace XVorra1l Jane Stexens Srfoml mu Kathleen Yakm Puth Saul Cathelme Paladm Mis Mason Dlana Vukmu Irene Kelly Ilene Ulbfm Alberta Galafola Ihzrrl rua Maxx Yelman Peghx Wllu B'1lb'1ld Mlllel Dozothx Blllrls Beckx Pellskx txlldleh 'McFarland Fxelxn Kellx Iols Reed Dolls Houston Nelhe Bova Illa Stfulb Peggy Cvna The Sigma Szqma P111 club zs a lame one under the sponsorship of Mrs Mason It numbers mann of thf best class leadershzp ln :ts member shzp Lzke several other clubs zn .school .Swma Szqma PM has no other avowed purpose than fnfutaznment their meefznqs bema full of fun spzmt and qood u Ill Fee? S-YW2 Jumor Red Cross Sch elber Suomi mu No mx Cole Helen Klbhlex qhllOl'1 Sand Non Momm Zwhoxchak Vvlllllnl MtC1eaxx Loretta Mlllel Betty M1lne Phxlhs Rossettx Lalene Mdrtm Thzrzl mu Alex Xhlson Rlchazd Bartulskl Geolge Colbert Ruhard Sepclc Carmme A1ello Glenn Moos Jfe Pnlal-couch B111 Busch Stanlex Penkoxa Pat Dounex Wxlham Hezlep The Junzor Rfd Cross nas mst orqanz ed dunnq the present sehool year A mplesenfafwe nas scleetccl from eaeh sectzon to attend the meet mas and help to early out the various proyeffs of thzs new 07l1!1ll'l'3'lltlOll The proyects are assigned by thf Piftsburqh Offzce ofthe Jnmor Red Gloss P701fCl'S such as eollef tina books for soldzfrs- u mppzna gzfts for soldzezs etc have been farmed out The pleszdent is Roberta Kaysei seevetaru Margaret Suns heaszuer bzll MeCleafy . . . 'A "A lv .Y v ' i ' t Y ' V A I I h 1 , , . 7.. ' ' u L1 ' .' ' ' .hx . S Y ' ' .Y . ,v AYXA' Av, 1 4. , .r.' A' , - , 1- C , lv 44 . , - f , 1 ' ' ' . - 1 f L f f 'l 1 .f 'X f , ' l . V. I . I 4 l 1. - V . , , 1 K , D . I. V 1. 'N I sl N1 . First row: Peggy Edwards, Ruth Bosteclo, Bobbie Kayser, Miss Jamison, Margaret Sims, Pattie George, Jean S, :A ' . " r z , ', ' V, , z' sz , ". 1 'r , ' 'z - ' ' . .J l " K ' ' . . . B 'v - , v ' . . ' ' ' ' Q ' I ' L , . . - A V Q 'Z -,- n I - ' , , ' , ' L , I w ,- ' fl l x I 1 m u ' v - v 1 1- . w ' ,u 4 ' ' . . ' 1 V 1 ' . ' . . . If v gif 61 ,V 'j',!, 4 I UKFUAQDYEQ '?.-:5f""' -1r-- " !!'5t 1-. Y E i Q , xv. A , N 22 Pj: . X 4 X 5 , RX ulfjfffgi .R x . K 5, 'ifi X M -aw fig '+ I .5 02' .I ,gr fr ff ff 'iz at The Dlogenes Club Fzrst row Dot Lucas Sh1rley D1muz1o Rose S1dorov1ch Loulse McK1nney Second row Joyce Mooney Roberta Kayser Shlrley Groshaldt Louetta Pxppm Glorta Chamberlaln Bernxce Czekaj Betty Mae Rush Dorothy Gunsallus Loretta Kuzner Jane Wllson Sh1r1ey Domm Betty Lou Kaspx 1s1n Thu-fl row Margaret Kutzel 'Vl11dred Free Marlene Tuma Nancy Geyer Theresa Ahyettl Betty POp0VlCh Maw Jane Yerman Josephme Bonaccl Martha Zahorchak Cora. Rodgers Eumce Brxmlow Fourth row Mr Zlschkau Patty Meanor Jackle Rob on Elaine Knopp Shuley Mever Kathleen Hemettw Dzogenes, one of the oldest and most deszrable clubs an the school has Mr and Mrs Herbert Zzschkau as zts sponsors The gzrls get together for all sorts of fan sessnons, zncladtng pajama partzes, bake sales, and pzcnlcs Thezr most zrnportant socfal ajfazr 'LS the semz formal dance held 'lil mwl annter The gzrls feel that they make frzendshlps that last a lzfetzme ln thezr close club assoczatwns S-Y W2 The NLDBG Club Fzrst row Patty Matheys Janxce Horne Patsy Kaye Shlrley Fxshez Wynette DeV1ncenzo Marv Ann Reed Lmda Pape Janet P101 Ruth Bostedo Sfocnd rou Emlly Rehak Dorothy ORourke Nancy Cralg Joan Mandel Jean Stark Lols Reed Peggy Edwards Loretta Danesl Norma ZlVk0V1Ch lhzrd row Adrmenne Mvexs Agnes Malek Nancy Robbms Kathleen Downey Shlrley McK1nnev Doloxes Duuck Nancy H111 Bette Jane Stewart Annette Mlele Thzs club, oraanzzed foo the mutual enjoyment of all the members, dzffcrs someu hat from the othe1 s 'ln that the membershzp as lzmzted to fnzne glrls from each cla ss Each row pzctared opposite represents a class mem bershzp When a member wzthdraws from school, another LS lmmedzately chosen tn her place, as happened thw year when Lfanda Pape was chosen to replace a member uho wzthdrea ffom school There are not many ynth drawals for the member sh1p is very loyal to both club and school 0 , , , . . - .- y , . y v . , y , v ' ll I I . v I I . v 1 Y Y - . ' ' -Q ' 'u . y ' ' Y ' v 3 1 I , I ,I I l I I I I - -x 15 ul Nr - f , l , 1 . 1 . . - . ,. ' 1 - - , ' - y a , , , 1 . 7 Y ' ,,. ' . ' . . . ' ' ' . Y I V Y .V ' b. V . . . 1 - . ,, , , , . - s I v V . ., ' v ,Q . ' - J " - up Orzons A Fzrst mu P1t1 Arcimmn X1.f11x lou Roda Ba1'ba1a Bender Loretta Campo Mlss Bell Jom Spnak Peggw X'IcFeelx S :mul 1 1 FY1111 XXent1f111le 'ihulex XXa1SLhott Margaret Nffbel Dorxace Shwelx 11rrl mu orma for X1111 X Cmtmzo Jane Stu' Ce11111 Bf11ho1 .Ivan C111fol1 Aurlzvx SHITIQOU ThLl111 1 I ako nurtll mn IX 1 1 Ixrupp Im Bf11t11lsk1 Xian A1111 Knuth Nmu Knuth S111I1CX Shun Barbara 51111111 4f thr fzme of year 11 hc n zmtmtzons unc 10111 much 111 cmdcncf and 171111111 mmf qzzls than would br, chosen for membcmhzps we rf dcszrous of bflmzqnzq mu nrurst fvarhmds MMS B611 and 11199 Kmmcdy 0100111 ed fun 11111 zluhs fhf Owmzs A and B T11 o zlzlhs urn I?lI!S'Qll711 bfmusf fhrrf un: fm 111011 111115 umshmq It 12111 Hmm mu :lub muld hlllldlf' Thrsf flubs mf przmfrwlzf soma: 111 mlfzur Pl zfh H11 HII7711lf'7Sh'l,p mrzlnbzzfzrzrf fo Hun 111111 fHV1llS!77L!IIt and sm ml 1 1111 1 1111111111 III' bun 1 f1r1111I1f lmml and full of grutzfudc to thc ncu trarhms wzllmq to 11111 H1111 tmzf to spfnlsmsnzp The Orton Club B nxt 14111 ,,1 1 Q 1 1 ix 11111 1 x Iac-1111041 1' 111411 XI111n11xxs1 Dolurf-S 0111111 N L 1 11111 ll t1LX 11 ,, 11 1 11SL1114 1118 ,I0111 I-11111111 11111 lllll 111111 X 11111 Idlltl Pl1l11lO1lZ X1a11'x11 Nmull I101oLhx XX 111sxu11111 Ims T1bbe11s .IG-an 4111111111111 11 mx C111 - cc :Q 1 ' I'. Ivr, ,Ul.I. I I ' . I I '. I. v I . I II A' I .I. . If Tl' ' N T 11, 1 1'0I' I 'z' . ".. 'Nz " ', ' 11 'z 2. , .' . . F ' X121 .2l111 71 .. I' " .' ', A ' , .vi , .q " I' 1' " ', ' 0 IY' 1 " ' 1 . ' .' " 1' ff T Thr 'i11c'f'11tiw' for belonging being so sfrmzg, thr' membership havr 1 1 ,IT . , , ' ,, . I X 1 I,' ', ' cc is F ' V11'ff'11'11 131111111-1', 1':X'11Xl1 Kflly, P1 Lg B'1 1'. M145 ' ij, ,z1' ' 'z 1 1 ' '.'c1, : Y01 ' 2 I F1'a11uv: 51111111111 Sf -1 -nr: A111 1"111'11-, .X11'1 X'.'11so11. R111 1-I' '11'11, C111'111 Ii21l'1 Lois I11is11, Putty .I111'i1-11-11, 1 "1"l ' Xvi Z VI1.-I IS, .' ' 1 'i . . .V " . ' I' vi .' ' ' , . A Q, ' C11' 1 ' 2' , S11' '1 ' 111181 Lf' ,Z ofx, Ak' .5 il ,fa The Varsity Club Fust ,ou Carmlne Mello John Bowman Charles Green Rnhaxd DeTo11e VlltOI Beaunger Mar Hmkle Henry Caprara Robert Blammell Sfeond rem, Ed Armlt Emexx Letham Jack Mamon James Glace Don Sehxlclkamp Robert Thokar Verle Ch1elds Al F8ldl Vhlham Rodella James Nlusllek Thzrd rom Larrx Ken Haxrx C'1llex Barry Zlschkal Glenn Nloos Nhke Palermo Rlchard Batrulsku Andx Blasko Paul Vlamon John Schake The Varsity Club zs our neu est club orqanz atzon mqanzeed under the sponsolshzp of Mr Ossze Rometo All of the rlub members have earned vmszty lrttfrs zn some sport hence the name Vmszty The pw pose of the Club zs to help razse the money fm varsity sufatezs and to piomote bettrz zelatzonshzp betu een the students and athlr tr s Thr presz dent of thr Klub zs M6111 Qhzelcls thf wee pffsulrnt Robrlt Bmmnzell The Chess Club and rrlorhuzsa monml Ihr tuhlff Fmery Ietham Don Pimsex NIon1c'1 Zahoxchik Katherene ollllfl Bexerlx Homa Fsthel Lotz Floxd Nexlmff Jane Stuens N1'11g'11et Slms Ed Rumon Rax Leseck John Petexs Wm Saxman Don G1oom Nflllldlllfj Robelt D8Pllf6I XII Zlschkau Wm XX lson Leon ghlllfllllllll Wm Hezlep Nhke Tallxf Hugh Jackson Rosma Lauuto Ted Ixanko 4s the name zmplzes the Chess Club nas for med foz those znter ested U1 oeenpuznq then .Spfllf tm e espemallzf at the noon hour zczth the zntrzeaelcs of Chess The Club has been hampeled by the Iaek of snjfzezent numbef of boafd sfts Those uho Zzke Chess find Cl qfrat msrznatzon III 1 1 C7 U plazf of the game I I I I 4 , v I A . 1 'lbs , 1' , ' Il., ' - ' I lr. v, and the Sf'f'7'f'fflVU-fl'FflSllI'f'l'. Jas. Mnsilek. ROV ', 'X -4- ' , X -"UD, X " -4 -, , 106 Q 107 -.ik fj"?-Zwwl ffuzvfhcum Q, Ziyvmwngwwcw MMM WMQ K K Wa? ifdffff V X E Y W Ljbufw-M w5Wf V2 J 9 'Q ma www wr Cv wmfwl XX X, ,QV fa fm M561 ,, N +1 mfg qw Q,,,,,J1Q4oa1f"' W N, 21Lii1qi'42v. ima! W MMT? 2 Q .iff my W mil QR if W KJZZAWQZ' L 03, Mfff Qigufwg 5 M wr. 5,5 11 pf A!f1,f7ffyw,,,,J 76 f,Zf'Q LVH0 M SW liiihx 41-M 194 ,J 'Jig' Qjbtxxx M4 M ff A Q0 71 M ff Tw" Mig bxvi LM W' ff WW, ,N ,M UW JAX Wb,1fy?T MVK 01 fP,wfNQ cM9f""" J' 2 Ml PWWM' W w Www f xv-4"" 56 YMQQ,-D jf JP' ,601- f 'L'6"l QAM' fd aw! 0 ffjf7ff'f7l,4f . - 5 3 , I Ml 2 ' 1 Q , rg .1'g' , I - L ,L K GMX F lfif , ' Y . W, 4 A "Mi 'Z K LI' Y fvuf .1 If , , , . gy , I . V " 'ufmf , - xg ' Rf V E47 N Kqgm y V ,Y-lv I .g'Y X J 'Ll' Kpf Xp ff .' J vA?,,, aa, g ,,f V 1 U A'f' -Q xfff , M ,X . Ov W4 .fuufa U SQ ,V . 9 W W N G Yfyfp '61 f ,r W 0 ' . U i -'LL af? 1- -F M I A' xqiip xovnrx ,H ! X 7, . V,-'LKB Q: ,DOO "'C""3 Q I A4 yi' J ' Fc: f 'J I4 M ' , 3 -f Y , , f ' r f X 7401. o X X llxr 4 , If 013, f F ' f ,X M f ff , 5 -51 gf, rs :rv I - Q, I Lf V if af' ' l .A I ,P zfwgfnw , 6 I, MM 77 ,NX 71 A f f If f 'f 1- 1 HYW " XX? ,PJ fe ' J A ' f ' " ' M H W' f' 2 Q OJ Q i 311 5 Q 1 .L ! . A A V C, , Af' , vm MJ lj ' 'i Rx F K I ' ' f' ' ,Ms WM I M L -f , ,D Z' f - 2 H09 , A 9 if If f ltr kf ff1.A1:.afMQf:.,2f ,yf L xg , QM Cyl,, f' 1 25 wk' 121' JM 'fa . fl ' 0. f . 3,1-f' 1, ' I V , 7 XPS A J. X5 , , f 3 .E . ' 1, r f ff ' , A Wg? f U V U11 J . V if 67' UU' zlfsfvl - .J I5 71 ififm' ' ' f f Nth slain? D ,mf 76 7 O MMA T Q f DL r , 5 'L 1 , ., 3 Id M 5 J G , ff-1 ki? lg ff' w, UL 108 J lfl 0gIf'6Ll0 if 100 Lf' L . . f ' ,- 1 , K A I f , v ff , N , 5 1 , V , x S,20M.60l'A McClintock Lumber Co. Lumber and Mlllwork 1320 Lvnn Avenue Turtle Creek Pa .lobe Funeral Home G t t Faller Brothers Furmture Pullen s Drug Store 5 9 P 501 P Mandels Star Prmtmg Company McCoy Bus LIIICS Valley Auto Sales 14 1 WI O , 0 123 ran S reet ' 7 2 enn Avenue enn Avenue I I 611 Penn Avenue Grant Street I 2 . onroeville Avenue Brown Avenue Extension . 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