Turtle Creek High School - Memories Yearbook (Turtle Creek, PA)

 - Class of 1951

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Turtle Creek High School - Memories Yearbook (Turtle Creek, PA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Cover

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1 an f 1 Que vvq 'XXX wo? if 1 XXX gy x, u ,M W' 'A xxk-af Nr f 6 I MM 56 - 1 -1 vi r NZ af. 1 X- -' Q 1-, . e ,s Fjf A, -ff' - 2 9 . f xx . ay in ,',3-,ap wg-, aff: A . if : ' f ' ' ' Ji A ir- U i V ,, , 9 1 -'P f A f , ' 1 ' 1--f f Q ff f X K ' C ' V ' A jf: i Z X Q .:- - . .- X Q V. T! X ,xx ' X rx I 1 . SQ X P 2 'V 1 ' ,. 'ff I . , . Q' J P if - - .lf A ' 41- vw' -.I -X' -, I ,L lv ..v XV, A' .f f f' X " fif H' V V f' f ff Laid-, 1' ' 5f-rf' ' Lkwgfyzi 4 1 5 .1 , 13 3 - X I ' - A531 -1 JJ I .fflxl J' y .' 'fl V P! L' X is ey . f V ' if y 4' l p 0 - X V51 ,ff 1 1 jf 'I' 1- I ,I I , Q ,.. Ahljlfp x 1 w 1- uf Q ,if N yi Q' V gf M- 4. 5 .fi K V :R j jf" N XY A I .ji ii X E Aff , ,. iff?" 1- - ,- - 'H , QT' f 11 1 , ,Q Y U A f- L '- ,rfwfr 1 Q N AL mx X.: ' Xhvf' -Xj XTX' X4 xiii: X -, -' Jil ' f , Q X ., 1 1 rf A - Qs fx f - N - 4 7. 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Crux 45: 'U-4'vuL4,-4.A,.,ZiMJL 6 JN-Lf5!t,l-f-,LJ fkwcc zo-n,,,,f Aliiqlj l1,ow.J j 4 69256,-4 M NJ LcPvv1,0,-L j Lv.,f,U,N,,,,.,f ,5,4.,q,,,,,4 I U-J Lx-..,.,,N 104421, -f " Y -116,4 ' I af V 5 A '- 4 I f 1 ,' . l IJ L fi I f L' V - I , I 5 1Af,.f,v' Y .VA " 2 V I , ' I ." ' 4 1 A N 1 . , f Z fn, I f ,l J kg' fl! - ,fr -rf' P , 6 l , , J . f' X ,ff .fi- x X, J' , J, 0 S X X fij 'fffy 'I f 'V f 1 I y . , ' , ,- L . x4 , LA' , I, , I J bbfo ff ' x' it Il! A, , ' ,' I - 5 .1 l NX, N I D W ' , J nf Llfwfff foci, f ' A I L '! . c. -A f J 4 ' ' A C X ' f . , " 4 , .x 1 f ns ' '1 , , M, ' Lf . I, if ' 1 , X 1, . 1 A: 1 N I , ' ' Y, , , - fl, , . L 'VV , ' , x ' 5 . 5' D Q 1' 9 4 I , .V li J 1' ' A X r iw AX It 19 f. 0 I 9' ' H - S ll ! x Fw ' Af' ' ! P , 3 v j . Q X ' , , . I Lt Q. N: x 1 ' Y , ,N ' ' I I , . x L J ., L , ' W D I , xj ' ' JM X lr- , ,V XJ X 1 Qlffl OP! Q5 Mkfj, 7 ff QZF4' f,"f J 1ffVf Maw! W MMW MJWQWJCML MQML l'h1s volume has been complled as a falthful record ot the student 3CtlV1t16S 1n Turtle Creek Hlgh School durlng the school year 1950 51 and as a plcture album of the groups of people that part1c1pated 1n these act1v1t1es The lovmg labor expended 1n 1tS preparatlon Wlll not have been 1n va1n lf 1n the years to come th1s record br1ngs pleasure to 1ts owner whose s1gnature appears below pewmffsfk f 1' V. u rj' Turtle Creek, Pennsylvan1a'K,1 ' ' O VI r L ' A I 1 1 ,av 1 1 nc r"f K ,ff I , lr I tv ,J I .1 X" 4 A f J 1 I 1 X f , u 1 , ' 1, ,- ALI is , I .. 1 .1 fkl VZ, 1, X " f 1. 1 1 ' J . 9 I J V J" , 'I . I. f QQA I, A. v f , , , ., 14 , , 1 , f ' .I , I 1 f 1,f,f. ' ' ,f,, .1 ami. 1- , 1,1 4 D . , f ,A 1 cy Qji ff., f" 'fY""'1 fyjgf' ' X. I! 5 r 9 P- . R, IJ ' ' , V 1- ,, f A 1, JK 1,11 if fjll IMI flu' . F r ' ' 5 ' ,L 41.1 -' " 5 - U- fl J' , .'-1 '. 2 0 ' f '5. -L X I' H114-fa-fix, I . - V .' 1 ,, A ' h l IJ , ,1 11,9 - 1,167 ll V' 1 lffgy, 1"Ll, A 0 P'- fflm I lxlfl I+, 5 - f 11 ' ' . Y 1 . I 1 I 1' I if ' . ff' 1 J il f f 1 Kill 17 f ' '73 ' U '1 if " 1 Nw! wx' J 'X '1 ' I!! , ff' .ff , ', f- I ' ff fr - , ff 1 1 1 ,I lo W0 ,. I' ' 1 . .1 , ,Q Q N . W 1 'f ,,-, Q - 'A ' ' . . ' . ' , . ' ,ff 'YL ' A I, JL r X . - ' -55 f 1 1 14- y 4 . . . . . . J 1 I 1 1 . 1 : " 1 f ' . , 1 1 0 I -f -X f 'q 1 A' t 1 , nf, . ' .px . J. v , x X Y M " N , V Q 75' C? ' ' gi if T ,- ., - v 6 J, a., Qxfftfjj X fW4 N5 Z' Z X I ini 'x xm X x X f J' JJ ff FFIQX7 ? - L Y x A I O1 K f I l V 1 ,I x U an , jw I f , ,' '25 LMLI Ls 7 X l V, I 1 Y nf J X , J nv, 1 1, I xl N! SJ 1 ' Cm x W ' s 9 ,Er N X fy r ' 1" 1 - '. . u L' JU n I . ,I X NN Q - 1' . ' ,, E fxs IX - xi .', , kvx is K X XJ 'F L' P' '. ' J" x -P x 'Q ' K ' B? '-'A , . l r X 'X X3 V ' A I N A Xt .v f , P ff' ,xy X . N f I s .X K-C Xp? ' ,f XE 7 3 ' NJ N ,VY 'X . . T f Qb Y ' , . I N " .ENLNN y xx ,, . 5 X ' 2 xi X x N f A ' , X xg X4 ', x ff N ix JN ,N xv 1 , X A , D if f' . ' .. . 1 3 L mx J W ' V I, ' X Xxx x A Q ' 'Qi 1 5 ,fu XV N. H J X A s N' K JA j ' A 'V R ' 4 r ' f, ,H ,I WI 'V N U " ' f ' r, - w X ,X . ' - - F' l N ' X , h I c - - . NX 'YS X ' ' V , my x . N x, X y ' ' . .' ' x A R ' 1 - X' 3 '5 . p n t 1 I I I l h l - ,' ,. - I W x " , . , ' I ' - X 1 4 'X 1 F 4 N f 1 Pb' 1 - ' I A ' , GFX I l,f ' TI' I pf! ,gg J I' X A! ffl fl ff! ff! JJ' ff aff!!! ji ,M TH! JIIIIDR Cl S TURTH' CREEK HIGH CIIOOL TURTLE CRIEK PA J N kf Y jp J I .4 1 J 1 K 1 Rx? 'ly Y I J' x .1 f . ' x X W l , f I I I ' I , V ' .A I 3 f r f- f I' fix Sy , J 1 - '- . Q1 u ff ', - , nfiyx ' ff ' -,--. ' -I f f ll! 2' U ld " X f C f' 7 I M f .I 1 .v , I I I II .. ! I ,, I, I II 1 I 312 ' " - ' ' ff 5 , f u f,.,' ' 1 v -L, -4 ' 1 , 1 XKJ J f ' 1 I I , .7 I I , s I C pf .,- - 'N - - nv v 4 ,.. ' ' --M ,- - ll .., ,' .-.- 3- -5- .,, V - Y f p-' 4 " -- :za ' 'T 5' f "sg: ---1--: l 1?t:-.inns ' .. ,, .6 IJ: u nv 3, . Fi :I in I as ml ll: nn fn H! I!! :II :Ii gig 5:5 5:3 gg' ggi I J V Ll in ng ia: ::: ::: 1 - -- - I - - - , . f .. I I nl w r in' :sa :sa --v ':: zz: in -- "f .1 "' 1:1 ze ..: 3: an 1: f 1 ' - QL' ili III in nu un :H Ill L-22" I lu ll' ug an In un ll ' l u Ill Z, , I I I IH. HI' 'F' . 1' 'F ll! 51 :.'aa:: 1-.:::5 :n::: ::: T 5E1.:pi :es :: ::: zz: au :as I ,,, ' .' . I ,II I I, tj- 21' ' I ..-I .. II. .. E n "'s""' "' LJ V 5 , I ' , .- .. ll I J 9 Q Q, ' I f Q I I .1 . :L .1 I Ii, A ,I f j,3,!-fig ' I v- .5 I .. 4 ,- .f Q ,"?jwZ"9::L 5 A' X , V A"" ' " v W ' ,xy-W. r ff "' ' I x . ., , I -f I fc ' I 'Z' -fl H I .- , I K- Iii' Il- 1,1 5 1 f 'va -V Q. ' A ' - x . I gf" v ' ? I X' .1 4 7 . ' ' 1 f ' X' I F' xg' A , ,"f'kf!-f "Ajax ff f f V g , , 4 . I, jf, . ' - If , II, .xy I . ' , I HII ! JI! rf II!!! III 1,1 I, I 1 . - Cf f ff f K gg f 4 1- , ,ff mf 1 II ,II I: I If.. I, ,u ffl I '. x 1' ' ' f - v ' If N' ' ' f . , 4 11- ' fl -' fy 'N ' . . P 5 f 1 " f 1 - - ,E ,, 4 f :L , 1 . - LL ' f f - In I " x- 3 I K ' '-iff 'J' I' jjj ' 1' aff' . ,Tw QIDI I I x X XI ','1 . , ' I pix f f A yf X' I v Oy J 0 L' f QN I V 4 IH' ,P I I ' 'J' I J' X ' I . - I J ' I " xi -.1J4 LIJ ,,,,fJ AAI' nff.!4.ff' xl fl., Af'J ,yy 110-.ed K -' 7 J A The Pace 1.4 vt ,,, f zLl"f Of I ,,,,,f ,f 1 L . - rg 13,1 V 1:1 i ,J iff -4 1.1, , A l . .1 ' , -f 1 L 4 4 ' '.l,.1 ' 1' I1 I' , 1 J , . I " ,i I I' Q . , ,f-1'-f Fx-"' ' 'I 'Q 1- x, 1 I I, v - J I ' 4 ,f ff.,-'f...'41 " ' ' ' f V' ff ' e ev e " f ,1 I I v.xZs4,!l"'-'4N4fv' -AJC P 11, ,,,-, ,, f ,, " sf., ,f " ,td , rv, ' f,k , 1 4 X ,f I ' :,"1.' ' 5' ' , x ' 1. 1 x,J,-H f f , NI ' ,L ,,,fcf' 'V' af , 7' ix ' A fv V7 , y . ,I X, - rf' fl I xx' A-IA-"-X., . ' , f ff-4 A ." '4 " Q' r Z' ,' -' 2,1 I 41 ' .,t,.. 4 v-1 N x1 2 N, ,.,N.,4 ff ' 1- .ypfff ' - M-' f"' ., -ff ' ...K ' XV .' f It h J It 61.1, X ' D . '71 I Y-'O I ' Q 1 ' ' IA. 'D 3 ' f' - ' f D . . ' ,. f xA , I I, Af-1.- l.1,f4f M ' 4 1" X' If C ,f 4 X, in ly , ,f,,f sn. X A . , gf C ' A' ,, ,If f f '7 f , J -'41 A V ' ' ff! ' f s K P, I ff I -x, I' A .4 L , y 4 f 1! I ' L 1 v X 1 Dedzcatzon Remembermg the thrllls and wholesome entertamment of the football field the bas ketball court the dlamond and the track and mlndful of the manv after school hours spent by certam members of our faculty IH the mterest of students of Turtle Creek H1gh School we affectlonately dedlcate the MCMOFIGS of 1951 t Our Coaches Mr OSSIC Rometo who Wlth the asslstance of Mr W1ll1am Lewis Mr Harry Mlchaels Mr Robert Llvengood and Mr Joe Borovlck bullt a great football team Mr Joe Borovxck who coached our baseball team Mr Paul Shultz who as had many years 1th the basketball team Mr Ben Robertson, who so ably led our boys ln track U . I I , - 1 y v x . ' . ' ' KC 1 7, , O . , , . , . , . . , . x . I X - 1 W . The Annual Board FM-.wr Row: Lois Saalingcr. Helen Crothers, Evelyn Gehrett. Florence- Wilson. Janet Miller, Mary Kruppa. Nancy .Io Liston. Odeil Addleman. Lillian Staub.Sandra Hill. Srronrl Rout' Dolly Brown, Margaret Lynch, Alice Luffe, Eugene Whalen, Archie Howard. Boyd Swartz, Mr. Carmark. .lark Zammikiel. Chas. Shields. Dolores McCartney. Reba, vvoorlwarrl. Anne Popovivh. bf" Eflilor-H1-Ul1iff.' Jane-t Mille-r. A.w.wf'ir1tf ElIlfIII'.S.' Mary Ann KI'llIlIl2l. lfliuiw-iin'v Wilson. Husirumv Mr1n:1y1fr.' Charles Shields. A.wsof'ir1fr Af1ll?lfIjIl'I'S.' Helen C'rotlici'w, Lois Saalingvr, Senior pivturf ulitnrs.' Anne Popovich. Lillian Staub. Ofleil Addleman. Group pirfurr f11itrn's.' Suzanne Holzsvhuer, Nanry Jo Liston, Sandra Hill. Cumlirl Pivturr Eflilors: Clarissa Sanderson, Evelyn Gehrett. Betty Brooks. Art Erlitnr: Dolly Brown. Assoriatr.' Jack Zanunikiel. Payee Arranyffnzent: Dolores McCartney. Reba XVoodwartl. Alice Luffe. Margaret Lynch. Sports Ezlitoiw' Archie Howard. Boyd Swartz. Eugene XYhalen. The Admmzstratzon Mr Ralph C Hughes Supermsmg Prmczpal N ,jf M1 M17 Mr F Loyd Hazelton Prmczpal Mrs Grayce Knabc Secretary M1 Andrew Steranka Vocatwnal Dwcator f ' 1 If I nf if 'Q' '55 C fi. v A VI The Board of Educatzon L ff In nah! M1 Franklxn Byers 'VI Charles Flgulskl Dr Wllllam Ledger pre 91 firm Mr Robert Watson Secreta y Mr Wm Thompson Mr Alvv Jones Mr The Staff of the Memor1es of 1951 wlsh to express thelr apprecla tlon of the lnterest 1n the welfare of the boys and glrls of our communltv and of the many hours spent 1n conslderatlon of ways and means to 1m proxe our school and of the unselfish QCFVICC rendered by our school board whlle we were mdklng our long Journey thlough 19 years f school l1fe iiiillli P11553 . f .' '. A L , 1 r. . ' , ', , ' ' , 1. '- , . ,. . Dan VVelshons. AA ' VY ' ' ' , . s y u 1 ' y , , . - 1 v ' . ' ' - 1 , - H . -Y O The Faculty F 71' Q ILL! I A , Farsi Row Arne Swanson N61116 Monfredo Ruth Brown Margaret Stem Ann Pascaslo L1111an Hawklns Scrond Row Mab l Lowman Vlvlan Argllan Estella Stewart Jean Hadfleld Sslua Jamlson Gladys Hen se Eleanor McMurray Elsaman Scco ul Rou Harold SIQIDHIIIOIIN Robert Alrd Frank McCutcheon James Kellx John Carthevs Elmer Lewls Thzr1lRou Robert Derflmger Chester McLean I-Iarrx MlCh361S Robert Watson R A Rammmg John Tor tella i - ll, '. I I First Roux' Ossie Rometo, Robert Carmack, William Lewis. Loyd Hazelton. Robert Patterson. George f ,' enior Tomorrow Yesterday Cunss LEADERS ' it 'ff XXX ' E. . ' 1 - X, . gk ,W 5 I 1 R 1 G' C' O-P 4 ces 'fe., Q0 0 9 04 'Y I ' 'lv fr 430. Q 0 'Q la c6"4f ,Q '4- nrgq 11 rl 190 111111, 91111111 311 km mx 1-11111-M111-11 with Ill claw xu org1 l 1 nt uk x Ll LL 1 xuknl 111 1111111 with Ins 1'l11w 1 nn -Xltchlsun elented senutux bx P1 lf11ge11111o111y. il le111iv1' in Ovfwx ph1 1 anet Nllller selected 1 eclltol or the xeaxbook bevzuxse of the fact thu 1 1 11nat1a1d of XKOIR ind exceedmglx caxeful or detfuls. onn.1 Iuther chosen acuutle-. commmttee Lhaumam 11111-111191 of 1101 111 f 1 zpywdbd THE HALL ,KRW Sandra Lee Hz!! Don Dua 22 fo. Ba b OVC WU' f The prefffeffjfrf Thefrfcndl esf bvy 7116 64-Sf da WCC ,llfx F gl I4 'famc-5 c571Ul'CYf Ucffy Brooks Hfc Hmyne. I 9 7flC handsomccf boy fire frfcndlfesf yn! The besf Q' race ' W Av , , - .. - ZX , . I 1 if 1, . f 5' ' , . 1 Y F j 155 Z n Y ' 7 W i V K I 'D T an 1 . , E VV 1 T f ' v, Q 5 .. fa h ' ' ' -A -' A V1 4' ' -174 A 4 A A A A AY 4 4 - 21 Q , a f Of FAME ,fx XXV ,Qin Alecknewffh James Eofff f7o.sf Melf f sa c d Nosffficbf fo succe XXJX G e orye Czfra 7-flebesf fifkf fe Selected by Boyd Swa Yfz Anne Alfchlson 0 J sf f his cl ss D11 m sf for her clas 5 O 'N 8 .D D 40 i A A Ar, AAS 0 C ee ea" 6 4' f ' ' 'A Y Y Popular Wie "S, A K Q 'x. ' . . q , is A A' 4 ' 'A ' ' 'L " A " T I mo or a 0 'Q - , 4 v all D' W 'Q 8 The Candid Camera Finds Seniors In Many Places And Many Activites Moment For Those Who Want to Learn Never a Dull Nellle Adamson Nell Turtle Creek Serrlor Act Commlttee JUIIIOI Art C0mmltt89 Usher Club Llbrary Helper News Staff Rlfle Club Ambltlon An artlst Enjoys Art classes DlSllkeS The lack of a lunch room The same smlle always cyen yyln n servlng ln the monotonous old dance check room whlch she dld often Frances Agllettl Fran WIIKIDS Townshlp Orchestra 12? Chorus Q21 Sololst rrr Assembly Ambrtlon Arr hostess Enjoys Muslc Dlsllkes lNothrng or no one We especlally llked It when her nlmble fingers flew over the plano keyboard Helen Alello Stmkze Turtle Creek Fashloll Show Q35 Ambltlon Seamstress Enjoys Danclng Dlsllkes No one Dont eyen look at her lllCkll8l"ll8 her personallty has sweet fragrance Anne Altchlsolr Elc Turtle Creek Chorus 121 Jurrlor Play Assernbly leader Assembly play Student Councll Q31 Class OHICQY' SQIIIOX ACtlWltl9S Commlttee Junlor Actly lti8S COmmlttE8 Offlce Helper Dlogenes T C Club Alpha Delta Pl C21 GAL Mlrlstrel One Years Perfect Attendance Ambltlon Stenographel Enjoys WOTklHg wlth Hlld for other students DISIIKQS I'IyDOCI'll9S Anythlng sald here about Anne would be superfluous she worked QIIIIDIV tlrelessly for her class and school Allyne Allen Chwkze Turtle Creek Chorus C23 Senlor Play Assembly Play Ambltlon Elementary sr hool teach Enjoys The football season DISllkPS Haylng to hurry A real tWlHkle ln her eye 18 ml' Elf' tif Odell Addlemarl Tur tle Creek Sfllllbl Play Junlor Play Sopho lrlore Play Assembly Play Junlor Actlyltles Commlttu Annual Board News Staff GAL Anlbltlon Mlsslon teacher Enjoys Play rehearsals Dlsllkes No one Cllaracter lS the word Odell IS as steady as a rock arld our prlde and joy Jacquellne Agllettl Jacklc Turtle Creek Fashlon Shoyy C21 Junlor Actlyltles Comnrlttee Lrbrary Helper Offrce Helper Attandance Helper Arnbltlon Housewlfe Enjoys Teachers wlth a sense of humor Dlsllkes Gettlng up rn the nlorll lll .IHCQUQIIHPH llrterest ln school af f3lTS never ceased Gerald Alrgood Palttlll Townshlp T 1 boy who especlally llked lt when he could serve lll cooperatlye work lll a garage Rlta Aleeknewlth Rl!" Turtle Creek lyryys Staff T C Club Taught CAL Dancers for Assembly Ambrtlon Prlma Ballerlna Enjoys Teachlng danclng Dlsllkes Intol rant people Meet our ballet star she floats through the alr Wlth the greatest of ease Wllllam Anderson North Versalllrs Soeur Rrfle Club Anrbltlon To oyyrl a buslrress Enjoys Lurch hour Dlsllkes Talkatlye glIlS I'he better you learned to knoyy lrlrn the better you learned to llke rlrn Wllham Anger "BNI Turtle Creek Baseball t2J Basketball Manager Intra mural Sports Ambxtlon Pro Baseball Enjoys Athletlcs D1sl1kes Engllsh classes There were lots of things B111 liked better than school especlally f there was fun ITIVOIYPI1 Carole Lee Bankson "Red Turtle Creek Semor Play Jumor Play Assembly Play Senior Activities Commlttee News Staff T C Club Alpha Delta Pi GAL Lunch room Helper 435 Ambxtion To make people happy Enjoys Class plays Dzsllkes No one Such glorlous auburn haxr no won der she got so many votes for the prettlest girl in the class Ahce Bauder Joy Patton Townshxp Chorus Q21 Jumor Play Assemblv Play News Staff GAL Ambntnon Teachmg Enjoys Football seasons Dlsllkes Gettmg up m the mornmg You may thmk she s qulet but want untll you know her better Paul Bench Turtle Creek Football 121 Basketball Baseball 121 Intramural Sports Student Councll Pep Meeting Stunt Ambmon Mechamc Enjoys Football Dlsllkes Bee Boppers Paul 1s our sturdv bug chesterl he man J mes Bethune Balloon' Turtle Creek Intra mural Sports Sectnon Booster Ambntlon Draftsman Enjoys Football games Dlshkes No one Enjoys eserythmg especnalls annual trips to Florida l' James Balogh "Jim North Versallles Ambition Mxlitary Instructor Enjoys Gym Dislikes Nothing 5-Iappy go luckv and carefree that s lm Barry Basel Barrel' Turtle Creek Football 131 Basketball Baseball Intra mural Sports Ambition To be a football coach Enjoys Craduatlon time Dislikes Geetlng up ln the A M So big so strong so calm Cee whlz' Manon Bayer Turtle Creek 'vlarion le ft us early ln her semor year we wish her 1 le best of luck James Bently 'fJzm Turtle Crsek Student Councll Ambltlon To take lt easy Enjoys Study hall Dlsllkes Not certain Jim always stood up for T and all that It means Wayne Blotzer Patton Townshnp Intra mural Sports Ambltion Dlesel engmfer Enjoys Machme shop Dnsllkes Nnght work As a semor he put awax much mis rlnef and grew up 19 Josephine Bonefacxch J Turtle Cr: ek Ambxtlon UlldSC1d9d Enjoys Football game Q Dlsllkes Nothlng H re IS a loyal motel who WGS always for the huns tmnl Bettv Jane Bouma ' Betsy Turtle Creek Llbrarw Helps! 133 H1111 Club Ambltlon Nursmg Enjovs Pep ralhes Dlsllkcs Home work lthful to old T 1 sh' 'llxvns had a good txme Louxs Bowden "Lou North Versaxlles Rlfle Club AIIlblf.l0ll R8d10 repaxrman Enjoys Shop Dlsllkes Stubborn glrls Some day hell mstall som new teleuslon srt B tty DeLores Brooks "Satchel North Vs rsallles Chorus 133 Assembly Sololst Jumor Play Assembly Play Junlor Actnltles Commltten Annual Board News Edltor News Staff Attend ance Helper Offlce Helper Debate Club 121 Ambxtzon Hospxtal Dletlclan Enjoys Commercial work Dxsllkes H8V1Hg to stav at home She smllrs from ean to ear from morn t1l mght Wxllard Brown "W1ll Turtle Creek Football 133 Baseball 123 Basket ball 133 Soccer 123 Sophomore Play Jumor ACtlVltl6S Commxttee Ambltlon Not certam Enjoys Sports Dlsllkes Be Boppers One of the hardest plawrs and most popular members of the foot hall team 20 James Bottl "Jam B " Turtle Creek Baseball 123 Intramural Sports Band 133 Orchestra 123 Concert Soloist State Forensle Contest Wnn ner Class Officer mbltlon Playing ln a name and Enjoys Plawmg baseball Dnsllkes Nlght work The sweetest trumpet thls side f heawn L1ll1an Bova L11 Turtle Creek Fashlon Show 123 NLDBG Club Ambmon Beautlclan Enjoys Gym Dlsllkes Teasmg She seams always astomshed that the would mn be so wonderful Margaret Breedon "Marge Patton Township Chorus 123 Fashxon Show Llbrarj Helper News Staff Attendance Helper 133 Rltle Club Assembly Leader Ambxtlon Designer Enjoys The 3 30 bell Dxshkes Car trouble She alwaxs liked to partlelpatf ll school 8.CtlVlll4q Elsxe Brown ' Dolly Turtle Creek Senlor Actlvxtxes Commxttee Junlor Actlvltles Commlttee Annual Board glgtlmt for Stage Crew Dl0g6llPQ Ambltxon Fashxon lllustrator Dnslxkes Hard tests Enjoys Dances Talented ln art she wlll go far m a career lf some handsome guy doesnt stfal her Donald J Buflo "Buff Turtle Creek Golf Team Intramural Sports Semor Actlvltles Commxttee Ambxtlon To be ln business Enjoys The mterval between classes DlSllklS Engllsh class Enjoyed everything m sehnnl par tlfularlj the dats oft' Joseph Calley Gandz Turtle Creek Football 421 Reserve Basketba Track 123 Soccer 123 Intramural Sports Jumor Play Junlor Actn mes Commltee News Staff Tum bhng Club 125 Ambltl0H Research scientist Enjoys Sports Dlsllkes Bxg Vlfheels Kind of quiet hut alwaxs relmhle Clara Patrncma Cavoto Clara Patty Patton Township Usher Club Llbrary Helper Ambmon Nursmg Enjoys Hlstory class Dnslxkes Tardy people We know that shed make a good nurse Here s suuess to her nn any profession Arlme Churchfleld Churrhze North Versanlles Student Council Attendance Helper Ambltlon Secretary Enjoys Pep meetlngs Dxslnkes Stuck up people She has that twinkle ln her eye that hetokens a sensf of humor Joe Cnma Turtle Creek Soccer t3J Intra mural Sports 123 Ambition Engineer Enjoys Soccer Dlslnkes Nothing Easy gonng east to know easy to get along with Earl Conkhn, Jr Chesterv Turtle Creek Ambltlon Auto mechamc Enjoys Auto shop Dnsllkes W altmg 'Nleet one of the auto shops prulo and joys Rlchard Caveek Dzck ' Wllklns TOWHShlD Intra mural Sports Stage Crew Ambmon To own a busmess Enjoys Worklng on the stage Dislikes Class rooms Dlck enjoyed hnmself most when h was up to hxs ears ln stage work especlallx If this got him out of class Dale Chovan "Gork' Turtle Creek Baseball 121 Intramural Sports 431 Senior Play Junlor Plav As sembly Play Q45 Ambltlon Dentlst Enjoys Trxg Class Dlsllke Bug Wheels Ta dark and xou know what' George Clf ra Turtle Creek Football C35 Basketball 431 Cap tam Football Assembly Leader Student Councxl Class fhcer 137 .Tumor ACtlVltl9S Committee Per lC es Ambltlon Forestry Enjoys Sports Dlsllkes Talkatlve glrls Anythln sald here IS sun ly super uous s fall 1 he Rook of f lhralter W1ll1am Cole B111 Turtle Creek Intra mural Sports Ambltlon Undecided Enjoys Sports Dislikes School Such rosy cheeks such personality O K glrls' Lawrence Connolly Larry' Turtle Creek Intra mural Sports Dance Dlsc Jockey Student Councll Rifle Club Ambntlon To play baseball Enjoys Electric shop Dlsllkes Blg Shots He lxked to be where the lights were low the muslc was sweet and the crowd haung a good mme 21 Thomas Connolly Turtle Creek Hes glad hes a senror and glad he has so many friends Rrchard Cook Rwh North Versarlles Intra mural Sports 121 Class Offr cer Tumblmg Team Ambltlon Pattern maker Enjoys Grrls Drslrkes Smokmg Meet a sweet eookra Helen Crothers "Farmer Patton Townshlp Chorus Annual Board TKP Club Ambrtron Secretarial work Enjoys Football season Dlsllkes People vrho dont ay therr dues on trme A deflnlte efflcrencx rn her whole manner we rrotreed Eugene Croyle Turtle Creek Ambltron Store keeper Enjoys Shop work Drslrkes Getting up rn he morn mg Stull water runs deep Shlrley Cunnrngham Turtle Creek Cheer Leader 121 Semor Play Fashlon Show Pep Meetmg Sklt Senlor Actnltles Commrttee .Tumor Actxvltles Commrttee Drogenee Club Ambrtron Uncertarn Enjoys Dances Drslrkes Unfrrendly people When Shrrlex vsalks rn rts lrke someone turning on the lrzhts 22 's..i Nello Contrch Chalfant Basketball Baseball 12? Illlfa mural Sports Ambrtron Uncertaln Enjoxs Baseball D1slrk4s Stuck up people Nello lrkes lots of aetrxrty and lots of sports Charles Coyle "Chuck Patton Tounshrp Irrtra mural Sports Ambrtron The Nan Enjoy Basketball Drsllkes Tall tales We belrsxe that when the gomg rs rough Chuck xxlll he right there on the ob James Crouse "Goosey Patton Townshrp Intra mural Sports Stage Crew Ambrtlon Electrrcran Enjovs Shop work Drslrkes Hrs nrckname He max be quret but mee to know Francrs Cuffara "Fran Turtle Creek Anrbrtron Secretary Lrrjoxs Football season Drslrkfs Concelted people Dark lralr dark exes hrrght smrle' Mary Elrzabeth Dannels Patton Townshlp Chorus Q35 Senror Actrvrtres Com mittee Jumor Actrutles Committee Usher Club 133 News Staff 121 GAL 121 Rltle Club Trlal Edrtor Girls Basketball Anrbrtron Nursrng Enjoys Frrends Drslrkes No one So cheerful and hrrglrt her heart mffnls to illlg Blame Daugherty Doc' Turtle Creek Track 123 Intramural Sports Band 12? Chorus 123 Usher Club News Staff Rltle Club Ambxtlon Sales englneer Enjoys Work Dxshkes Sophomores Doc liked hls school days espe cially those extra curncular actxv 1 les Madellne Delsmger Cookze Patton Townshlp Senior Play Junlor Play Sopho more Play Assembly Leader Semor Actlvltles C o m m I t t e e Library Helper Ambltlon Dress deslgnmg Enjoys Boys Dislxkes Classes She sklps about as though she hadn t a care m the world James Devme Jun Turtle Creek Intra mural Sports 123 Amb1tlOn Electrical tester Enjoys Interval between classts Dlsllkes Women drlvers Too too dlVlYl8 mst ask a certam lady Roselle Dmzeo Rec W llklllS Township Lhoxus 121 Junxor ACIINIUSS Com mittee Section Booster T C Club Ambltlon Receptlomst Enjoys Dances Dlslnkes To be teased about freck es She got so many votes for pret txest glrl that we had to count them twxce Stella Dottavlano Shorty' NS llkms Townshlp Chorus Sectlon Booster Ambltxon Stenographer Enjoss Football games Dnslxkes Crackmg knuckles Dark and pretty and sort of mys terxous Barbara Daykon Deacon Patton Townshlp Chorus Assemblx Leader Pep meetmg Sklt Student Council Junior Actlvltles Library Helper News Editor News Staff T C Club Ambition Nurslng Enjoys Working on school news paper DISIIKCS NOthlHg Barbara worked hard ln extra cur rlcular actlvxtles as well as m the class room and deserves a lot of credlt Bled Derdock Duke Turtle Creek Footb All 123 Soccer 131 Intra mural Sports 131 Sectxon Booster Ambntlon The Navy Enjoys Sports Dlslxkes Chemlstrs One of the best known m football Duke was well liked at T C Charles Dlllon Chuck Turtle Creek Football 121 Basketball 135 Soccer 123 Intramural Sports Student Councll Sectxon Booster Ambition To own a busmrss Enjoys Sports Dlsllkes Be Boppers Chuck didnt look so husky but boy when you came against htm ln sports you knew it' D n Dlsanta Spaghettz' Whlkms Townshlp Football 127 Sectxon Booster Ambition Florlst Enjoys Football Dlsllkes Be Boppers Here IS the future leadmg clown in Rlngllng Brothers practicing now all of the tlme Wlllxam E Dunn Bzll Patton Townshxp Ambition M8ChlHlSt Enjoy s Shop Dxslnkes Work To know hum better was to like him better 23 Vrrgrnra. Enyeart Gznycr' Turtle Creek Fashron Show Ambltron Beautrcran Enjoys Art Class Dislikes Readrng She slrpped around so quretlx you scarcely knew she was about Ted Ferguson Fergre' Patton Towrrshrp Socur 13? Ambltron Machrnrst Enjoys Swrmmrng Drsllkes Cracking gum OK Fergre we re wrth you krd' Leo Flynn Turtle Creek Senror Aetrvrtres Commrttee Junror Actrvrtres Commrttee Usher Club 421 News Edrtor Nr ws Staff 137 Ambition To work for the Statr Game Commission Enjoys The 3 30 bell DlSllk8S Getting up rn the morn rn Look out' Theres a mrschrevous gleam rn hrs eye Better watch out' Ruth 1' reseh Turtlt Cretk Anrbrtron Uncertarn Enjoys Study hall Drsllkes Nothrng Fresh as a darsy and just trnn Mary Ann Gazrca Turtle Creek Alllblllklll Urrcertarrr Enjoys Football games DISIIKGS Unfarrness She is so calm and collected and unexcrted always Z4 21410 Dorrs Elarne Fayad Fattee Turtle Creek Junror Actrvltres Committee Usher Club C33 Lrbrary Helper Q33 News Edrtor News Staff 123 TKP Club Ambrtron Secretary Enjoy s Dancrng Drsllkes Nebby people She dld a whale of a lot of uork for the News whrle the rest of us were gallrx antrng Eugene Fern Rock m711klIlS Towrrshrp Football 13 Soccer 127 Intra nrural Sports Rrfle Club Ambltron Serrrce statron proprre or Enjoys Dar ces Drslrkes Corny jokes Alvsays loyal to T C and every srngle one of rts actnrtres Jean Carol Forsythe Jeanna," Turtle Creek Chorus 121 Student Councrl Junror Actrsitres Commrttee Usher Club 13D Lrbrary Helper 12? NPWS Ed! tor News Saff 127 NLDBG Sec rc-tary Student Councrl Ambltron Nursrng Enjoys Frrends Drsllkes N0 one Here rs a grrl of sterlrng Lharaettr just ask us for a reference LaVergne Gardner Gummu Patton Towrrslrrp Manager Football Intra mural Sports Student Councrl Sectron Booster Anrbltrorr Corrstructlorr worker Enjoys Lookrng fo a grrl Drsllkes Stayrng home at nrght Gris along OK so dont worry Mary Evelyn Gehrett Eue' Turtle Creek Serrror Play Junror Play Assembly Plax Junror Actnrtres Commrttee Annual Board News Staff Offrce Helper Ambltron 'ylursrng Enjoys Trrg Class Drsllkes Stuck up people She lrked us so well she couldnt lease us and we return the affec ron Mnchael Genchur Turtle Creek Mlke s a guy who ll get along some how or other even when the going IS rough Mona Lee G1ll1um Turtle Creek Chorus Senior Play Fashion Show Smgor Actnltles Commxtte TKP u Ambltxon Secretary Enjoys Dancing Dlsllkes Bug Wheels Chatter chatter chatter but neyer monotonous for she has the latest news Lowell Gonano Patton Townshlp Chorus Ambltxon Uncertaln Enjoys Week ends Dnsllkes Uncertaln Tall dark handsome and very mysterlous Harold Greene .Sonny Tultle Creek Alllbllltlll Ms chanlc Enjoys Swlmmmg Dlslxkes UllCPFt8lH A good lookmg guy who made llttle hmarts beat faster Robert Grove Bob Patton Township Dance Disc Jockey Ambltlon Success Enjoys Swxmmmg Dlsllkes Dxrty desks He llked to laugh and joke espe clally at the dances 9' 1 r hur K George "Art Patton Townshlp Soccer Intramural Sports Usher Club Ambntlon To collect unemployment compensation Enjoys Lunch hour Dlslnkes School School IS when your fI'l+'llIlS are that s one good thmg about lt Helen Glunt Glunt' Turtle Creek Band Q39 Orchestra 133 Chorus Junlor Actnltles Cornmlttu Alpha Delta Phl Ambltlon Uncertam Enjoys Band Dlsllkes Snobblsh people The warmth m hmx heart ltfltets IU her countenance Donald Graham Dem Patton Townshxp Intra mural Sports Ambltmn Machmlst Enjoys Pep meetxngs Dlsllkes Losmg football games Lots of the old T C pep ln Dons make up Furl Milton Gflfflth Grlff Turtle Creek Uslnl Club Q31 M1llStltl Amblllon To work Ill the VS est mghouse Enjoys se-mor math Dxslxkee Dont get around much any more Always glad t be of lnlp xxl thue l5 a job to be done Wesley I-Iakanen Hatch! Turtle Creek Intra mural Sports Ambltxon Commerclal artlst Enjoys Art classes Dxsllkes Sen-nee class W esley Now theres my boy' Pop ular wxth the whole gang Z5 Barbara Hamill "Bobba" Turtle Creek Band 131. Orchestra 127. Sophomore Play, Assembly Play. Senior Activ- ities Committee. Junior Activities Committee, News Editor. News Staff 121. Office Helper, Alpha Delta Pi Dxbate Club Ambition Uncertain Enjoxs Vt orkrng on the newspayer Dislikes Homework A shnnng disposition got hr shiny sparkler for Chrrstrnas Inst look at the actrxrtrrs list Russell Harvey Stmgn Turtle Creek Track 121 Intra mural Sports Ambition Machinist Enjoys Sports Dislikes Getting up in the nrorn mg We ll remember Russell exen after he s forgotten us J ack Heasle y Turtle Creek Football Q23 Soccer C33 Intra mural Sports Sta e Crew 133 Rifle Club Tumbling eam Be still mx heart' thats what the little girls sas' Donald I-leskrn Patton Townshlp Intra rrrural Sports Ambition To be rn a. rodro Enjoxs Machine shop Dislikes School The country air of Patton Toxsrrshrp gave him such pink cheeks Marlene Holmes Sal" Patton Township Junior Actnrtres Commrtter Drog enes Ambition Receptionist Enjoys Dances Dislikes Moody pfople So gentle and qurft and so nite tu come honee to 26 can .fvZ'iNxN.6si Betty Hanley Turtle Creek We were sorrv to lose Bcttv. who rnoud away before the year s end She would haxe looked good rn our Commencement procession Lillian Haskrn Honey Patton Township Chorus Ambition Secretary Enjoys Basketball games Drslrkes Sloppy dressers If you re askin vsell recomrnend Mrss Haskrn' Margaret Hellll Patton Twp The lady from Home Ec that wrll make someone a good wife someday, Sandra Lee Hrll Turtle Creek Intramural Sports Senior Plax Sophomore Plat Junlor Actnrtres Cornmrttee Annual Board News Edrtor News Staff C31 T C Club NLDBG GAL Minstrel Ambition Nursing 'Enjoys Football games D slrkes Big Wheels Shc s not only pretty slits swtll Suzanne Holzschuer Sueze ' Turtle Creek Orchestra t3J Band 431 Sophomore Play Assembly Play Junior Ac trxrtres Committee Annual Board Section Booster News Editor hevfs Staff NLDBG Ambrtron Journalism Enjoys Pep meetings Dislikes Sarcastrc people Suzanne rs our ideal when rt comes to personality plus actrvrty double olus and not a trace of meanness Harold Howard "Archze Patton Townshlp Soccer 421 Band Assembl Leader Student Councll Annua Board Tumblmg Team 423 Ambmon To be the captaln of my own shlp Enjoys Soccer Dlsllkes To be called a sllmey hmey Archle came over from Englan and ln two years was more Amer: can than the Washington Monu ment Earl Jackson Turtle Creek Football 127 Intramural Sports Soccer 127 Jumor Actlvltxes Com mxttee Tumblmg Team Ambltlon Merchant Enjoys Football Dlsllkes Enghsh Sports thats what he likes any thmg that has I6 al 8ftl0Il Don Jacobs Jake Turtle Creek Intramural Sports Dance Disc Jockey Ambltlon To take lt easy Enjoys Shop Dlsllkes Glrls We knew hum best as the man who lan the records at our dances Betty James "Jess1e Wllkms Township Chorus t2l Jumor Actlvltles Com mlttee Library Helper TKP Club Ambltlon Office worker Enjoys Dances Dlslxkes Homework Jessle James will hold xou up and steal your heart Betty J mkner YVIHKHIS Township Usher Club Llbrary Helper Rlfle Club Ambltlon A1r hostess Enjoys Rlta Hayworth Dlshkes Not mentioned She always seems so slmere Shlrley Anne Hughes 'Shorty Turtle Creek Chorus Fashlon Show 121 Ambition Housewlfe Enjoys The 3 30 bell Dlsllkes Gettmg up ln the mormng She mentlons her ambltlon housewife we wlsh for her a good husband Walter Jackson "Green Hornet' Turtle Creek Dance Disc Jockey Ambltlon Body and fender repair Enjoys Swlmmmg Dlslxkes Glddy gurls The green hornet bu77es around with great actlvxty R1chard J ahn Patton Townshlp That tall lanky ftllow who came a long dlstance to school and then grmned cheerfully as though t were ll0thlllg May he hate a long long rest' Albert Janzef Straw Wllkms Townshlp Intra mural Sports Ambition Tool and dle maker Enjoys The 3 30 bell Dlsllkes Gomg to class That sparkle In his eyes denotes mischief Joan Johnson Patton Township Joan left us early ln her senior war we mush her uek 27 Carl Jones Turtle Crew k Intra mural Sports Student Coun l Serrror Attnrtres Conrnnttrr Sectrorr Booster AITlblllOll Auto rnechanrc Enjoys Days off Dlslrkes Grrls A rellable felloxr alxvrxs xxrllrng -1 ha helpful Robert Karers Vlmrbrr Chalfant Coll' t2l Ambrtron Une: rtarn Enjoys Football games Drslrkts lNot nrentroned Chalfants tontrrbutron t our 1 parade June Kemp Embfr Patton Toxwnshrp Assemblx Leader News Stalf 125 Ambltron Nursrng Enjoys Chemistry experrments D1sl1kes Catty people June s Q xpt rrerrces another school madt her llke T C all the more We rs glad she ram: Wrllram O Kerr "Flare top Turtle Creek Football C23 Soccer t2J Intra mural Sports t3J Student Councrl Junror Actlvrtres Commrttee Senior Actrw rtres Commrttee Pep Mtetrng Skrt Ambrtron Farmer Enjoys Sports Drslrkes Bee boppere The red hatred flash that explodrtl tht Her or Ill the g lots hlrngcnsmlth Patton Tovtnshlp Ambltrorr A housevtrfe Enjoys Ofrrct practrcr Drslrkes Dx ed harr ad tt nrret xt-11 lore 4 L u rom- d 28 Joan Kane "Shorty North Vtrsarlleu Ambrtron Housevsrfe Enjoys Drrvrng Drslrkes Berng called sugar cane Nexertheless shes a sweet sugar cane Donna Kasprrsm Nor th Versarlles Cheer Leader Sectron Boowtrr GAL 123 Ambrtron Prrvate secretarx Lrkes Pep meetmgs Drslrkes Homework Meet the bundle of energy from our ther r leader squad Charles Kennedy Chuek Turtle Creek Football Track Track Captarn Football Manager Intra mural Sports AIYlb1l.1Oll M8Chlll1St Enjoys Sports Drsllkes School Here 15 one of those farthful man agtrs that work xsrthout glorx Dorothy Khckovrch Turtle Creek Ambltron To take a long rest Enjoys AllNlhlllg that pertarned to football Drslrkes Show offs Why take lrfe too serrou-zlx L t s hate fun Shrrley Koda "Sh11l Turtle Creek Chorus Assembly Play Lrhrary Helper Ambrtron Office work Enjoxs Football games Drslrkes Bossx people She seems shy when you first meet er u t dr nt he decenee Norma Jean Krantz "Norm ' North Versarlles Ambltron Prrvate secretar 5 Enjoys Pep meetrngs Drslrkes Homework A capable glrl who can work and smrle and ewervthrng Frreda M Kublr Chalfant Senror Play Ambrtron Ofhce work Enjoys Pep meetrngs Dislikes Waltmg for buses A member of a famous Clralfant famrly who upheld the good rep of her brothers and sisters Glorra Lang Patton Townshrp Chorus Rifle Club Mlnstrel Ambrtlon Secretary Enjoys Minstrel Drslikes Snobbrsh people Patton Township buses brrrrg rn lots of line people 'mrong thenr Glorra Placld Larouere Muscles Turtle Creek Intra mural Sports Ambrtron To take rt easy Enjoys Days off Drsllkes Shop Placrd means p awful rrr th s ruse It means actnrtx Doreen Lawson "Sal Turtle Creek Sectron Booster Attendance Helper Ambltxon Secretarral work Enjoys Days oft' Drslrkes Important people The brg buss wrll some day apprr rlate Doreen mark our words Mary Ann Kruppa Turtle Creek Junior Actlvltres Commlttee Annual Board Usher Club 133 Lrbrary Helper 121 News Edrtor News Staff Dlogenes Perfect Attendance Ill Minstrel Ambrtron Undecxded Enjoys Football games Drslrkes Nlghtwork Good looks loyalty to school and frrends a wrllrng ess t un W hat more do von xvrnt Mrlan Kurutz Chalfarrt Intra mural Sports Ambrtlon Machrnrst Enjoys Shop Drsllkes Nlghtwork So boyish untll he became a senior and then suddenly he herame a man Howard Lang Patton Townshrp Chorus 131 Solorst rn Assembly nd Concert Forenslc League Con est Student Counerl News Staff Ambrtron Uncertarn Enjoys School actrvltles Drslrkes Not mentroned Not only a srnger of talfnt but an fvecutrxe of abrlrtx Lucra I aurrto "Lu ' Turtle Creek Chorus Lrbrary Helper TKP Club Ambrtxon Undecrded Enjoys Study DQIIOGS Dlsllkes People wrth no sense of humor Lucia enjoyed lrfe to the fullest always good humored Marlon Lawson North Versallles Ambltlon Undeclded Errjoxs Offrce practrce Drslrkes No one She came down from the hrlls f North Vfrsarlles to wrrr our hearts 29 Marlene Lesnlck Turtle Creek Chfer Leader 125 Senlor Play Sophomore Pla Assembly Play Student Councl Senior Attlyltltfi Committee Junlor Attnltns Com mlttee Nuns Staff Offlu Hvlpol NLDBG 'Vhnstrel Ambition Undeclded Enjoys Trng Dlsllkes hothmg Please jom us m locomotnf for our cheer leader captaln 'NT A R I F' IN F' Rah Andy Loehr Tux tle Creek Football 135 Basketball Baseball f3D Intramural Sports S1 mm Attnltles Committee Jumor Actu ltles Committee Pcrlcles Alllblll0Il To coach football Enjoys Football DlSllklS Be boppers let em come rough or gentle A ry will handle em Rolf Lotz Eager Bemer' VK llklns Townshlp Golf Intramural Sports Sopho more Play Prompter Ambitxon Undeclded Enjoys School DISIIKPS Breaklng a pencil pmnt xn a est You would nt xej guess by the eepy look Ill s e th'l P 1 xx hui Allce A Luffe 'AZZ11 Wllkms Townshxp Chorus 133 Annual Board Usher Club Attendance Helper 123 Offlce Helper 123 TKP Perfect Attend ance 421 Ambxtxon Secretary Enjoys MacBeth DlSllk6S Homeyw ork An earnest efflclent young ladx as the hoss will tlnd out smna 4'1y Margaret Lynch Mm North Versallles Chorus Annual Board Attendance Helper OfflC8 Helper TKP Club Ambltxon Secretary Enjoys Typmg DISIIKES Tvso faced people How could the boss lm-k at Mar Bare! and fonfrntlate' 30 Nancy Jo Llston "Jo Turtle Creek Sr mor Play Jumor Play So ho more Play Student Councll lass Offlcer Junlor ACtlYltlPS Comnnt tff Annual Board News Staff 13? Dlogems T C Club GAL Ambxtlon Buyer Enjoys Football games DlSllk9S People yxlth no sense of humor Here xs our nomination fox a gre at gal one of the frjendlxest ln srhonl Barbara Luck1mCh "Bar VK llklns Township Ambltlon Ste nographer Enjoys Class plays Dxsllk s Snooty people O e yslo js always loyal frundw Donna Luther "Qu6eme Turtle Creek Student Councxl Senlor Actnxtxes Committee Junnor Actlyltles Com mlttee Section Booster Dlogenes T C Club Rlfle Club Alllbltlflll Uncertaln Enjoys Football games Dlsllkes Not stated Hor name IQ on the llsts f nmnx many artlxltns Chfford Lyon Chalfant Soccer 121 Amb1t1on Lndrcxded Enjoys Pep meetings Dnshkes Suence class Nleat as '1 pm and pretty shawn James McCauley North Versa1lles Ambxtlon Commerclal artlst Enjoys Art classes Dlsllkes Uncertam Inn moyed up a year by gmng to lll ht srhool tha s ambition or ull Dolores Marie McCartney Tex Patton Township Senior Play Junior Plai Annual gimagd Attfndance Helper Q23 Hifi' u Ambition Model Enjoys Fellows Dislikes Untruthful people She s so prettw it takes your breath away Beatrice MLDunn Bea Turtle Ciitk Ushtr Club Ambition Cleitcal vsorkti Enjoys Jeanne Cram Dislikes Being called Beauty So quiet so capable Delnoia McKinney Patton Township Lhoius 123 Diogenes C21 Ambition Nursing Enjoys Driving Dislikes Getting up in thi llltlllllllf., ways o ular with hi n friends and boys too J' nes McTier "Zuyyicr Turtle Creek 'I rack. Soccer, Football M Student Council. Section Ambition: Operating a Y Enjoys: Vlatching the girls. Dislikes: Watching the team lost. The boy who never was tired serv- ing the teams as manager. Rose Majeski Chalfant Lhorus 123. Senior Play. Junior Play. Student Council. Senior - tivities Committee. Junior Activities Committee. Library Helper 127, TKP Club. Minstrel. Ambition: Office work. Enjoys: Fellow students. Dislikes: Nothing. A bundle of energy, never still. Charles McClintock Chuck' Turtle Creek Rlfie Club Ambition Unde aided Enjoys Dismissal Dislikes Know it ails Chuck got most of his joj fiom his hobbies He blushed beautifully when jou noticed them Emily McFadden Em Turtle C14 ek Chorus Ambition Undecided Enjoys Holidavs Dislikes Chemistiy Pleasant to meet plwasant to know Robert McTeu Turtle Cn ek li Vaisitx Football Football Man agen Intra mural Spoits Student Council Section Booster Ambition To take it easy Enjoys Days off Dislikes Girls He enjoxed working for his school hdith McWilliams "Edie" North Vvrsaillss Ambition: To take it easy. Enjoys: Pep meetings. Dislikes: Uncertain. May she have a good long rest uni lots of money. Berniece Manalovich "Boots" Turtle Creek Senior Activiites Committee Junior Activities Committee. News Staff, TKP Club. Alpha Delta Phi 123. Ambition: To work in an office, Enjoys: Cutting classes from the schedule. Dislikes: "Big Wheels." One of the staunch members of the Activities Committee, never afraid of work. 31 Jerry Clay Marchitello "March" Turtle Creek Track 125 Intramural Sports Section Booster Ambition Tool and die maker Enjoys Intra mural sports Dislikes No one Always laughing and joking nuer grouchy M1Chael J Martrnell Jr Mike Turtle Creek Track Intra mural Sports Student Council Senior Actrxrtres Com mittee Ambrtmn Electrical rngrrrefr Enjoys All sports Dislikes People that ask questions and then won t behewe the answers One of the steadrest and most rell able bojs in the school Mary Mer lrno Turtle Creek TKP Club Ambrtron To travel Enjoys Lunch hour gossip Dlslrkes Grouchw persons She has a sweet and gentle rnrnner never brusque James C Miller Jim Turtle Creek Arnbrtron Mr chanrc Enjoys Sw rmmrng Dislikes English class Some day he vsrll own a busrrns- mark our words Shirley Ann Miller Sim' Turtle Cr etk Chorus Christmas Cantata Ambition Secretary Enjoys Shorthand class Dislikes Nrghtv. ork She looks at you and you know she can be trusted 32 Don Martin "Chuck" Patton Township Intra-inural Sports 125, Senior' Pla '. Senior Activities Committee Rr 1 Clu Ambition Undecided Enjoys Swimming Dislikes No one The leading part rn tht plax future Barrjmore Jo Anne Mekeel J Patton Township Chorus 121 TKP Clnb Arnbrtron Secretary Enjoys Pep meetings Dislikes Untrdx people Thrre are some peoplc who r always sunny Jo Anne IS ons Howard Miller Turtle Creek Always eddy to take ern as thu tome Janet Miller Turtle Creek Senior Play Jumor Play Asstrnblj Play Junior Actnrtres Committee Editor the Annual Lrbrar Helptr 127 News Editor News taff 131 Attendance Helper Alpha Delta Pr INLDBG Perfect Attendance ill Minstrel Usher Club 133 Arnbrtlon Secretary Enjoss Football ganrts Dislikes Having to hurrs xer tried c f 41lXlllg jus oo r lrst of actnrties arn su xx hat I mean William Miller Turtle Creek erm are lots of things ln lr ec better than school but hm stuck right wrth it Helen Jean Montgomery "Pmky Turtle Creek Band 121 Orchestra Fashion Show Junior Activities Committee Ambition Private secretary Enjoys Shorthand class Dislikes Unfriendly people Helen always loved T C a l a it stands for Tom Morgan "Mor " Patton Township Soccer Intramural Sports Soloist in Assembly Senior Play Junior Play Sophomore Play Pep Meeting Skit Minstrel Ambition The stage Enjoys The class plays Dislikes Concerted girls Will we ever forget how we enjoyed Tom everytime he appeared on the stage a natural born Thespran John Thomas Mullin Muon Turtle Cretk Football Q21 Soccer C23 Kill: Club Ambition Machinist Enjoys Football Dislikes English As funny as a comic strip charac ter as happy go lucky as they make them Carole Ann Nauman bmzlea Patton Township Llrorus Ushrr Club Library Htlptr News Staff Rifle Club Girls Bas ketball Ambition Undecided Enjoy s Spanish Dislikes Nrghtu or k The girl with thi swut ixprissron in htr ace Elden OHara Jr Bmlbram Turtle Creek Track Soccer Track Nlanagir Intra mural Sports Student Council Senior Actntres Committee Section Booster Ambition To sleep Enjoys. Girls. Dislikes: Teachers. The Vocational Department's con- tribution to school spirit. any J m Moran 'Red Turtle Creek Football 121 Soccer Intra rnural Sports Junior Actrirtres Committee Section Booster Ambition Bricklayer Enjoys Life in general Dislikes People with no pep Red hair a healthy blush bu. Whiz' Mildred E Morosini Smtz Patton Tow nshrp Chorus 127 Junior Actnitres Corn mlttff Usher Club Q33 TKP Club Ambition Teacher Enjoys Football Dislikes Homework Her friends enjoyrd her so rnucli Robert R Mungall Bob North Versailles Arnbrtron Auto mechanic Enjoys Shop Dislikes English V115 quiet but a nice guy Thomas O Brien Wilkins Toxxnslirp 'I rack 123 Ambition Lndctrded Enjoys Lunch hour Dislrk. fa Homework vu re Qurprrst d intl row ions lllllldhll hr Earl Painter Patton Tow nshrp Baseball Student Council Ambition College Enjoys Holidays Dislikes No one Its a long trip to school when he missed the bus, but he had to get there somehow. 33 Ross Palermo Vif rlkrns Tow nshrp Golf Team 131 Stage Crew Ambition Electrician Enjoys Lrfe back stage Dislikes No one Vkhat will they do on the stage when he is gone' Ron Pavelka Duc lc U Chalfant Student Council Ambition Draftsman Enjoys Swimming Dislikes Nothing A person newer regrets being loyal to his friends Bob Plance W rlkrns Tow nshrp Anrbrtrorr Electrician Enjoys Being excused from shop to work Dislikes Teachers Bob will be glad when hes gone from here we wont John B Potochnrk Ponoch Patton Township Irrtra mural Sports Q23 Assembly Leader Student Council Sectrorr Booster Ambition Mechanic Enjoys The last day of school Drslrkes Trying to stay rn school One thing about school you re friends are there Joanne Prosser J Chalfant Cheer Leader 421, Qerrior Play, Senior Activities Committee, T. C. Club 127 GAL. Ambition: Undecided. Enjoys: Lots of activity. Dislikes: Sophomores. She liked to work for her school and to be with her friends. 34 Roberta Paprnchak Bobble Patton Towrrshrp Chorus Jurrror Actrxrtres Commit tee Library Helper TKP Club Anrbrtron Secretary Enjoys Football games Dislikes Book reports Roberta. really liked school and exerythrng rn rt but you couldnt gut her to admit rt Pete Payne Turtle Creek Chorus Assembly Play Junior Actrsrtres Committee Histor y Hob by Club Minstrel Ambition To study music Enjoy s Dances Dislikes Ladv drryers The Fred Astarrr of the Creekers Ann Popovrch Nlrlkrrrs 'lownshrp Fashron Show unror Actixltrws Committee Annual Board Drog cries Ambition Office work Enjoys School dances Dislikes To diagram sentences Just about as sweet and kind as xou ll Gnd them Allen Proctor Al Patton Township Baseball rr ra rrrural bpor s Chorus 631 S1 rrror Play Junior Play Sophomore Plax Assembly Play Senior Actrrrtres Commrttec Section Booster News Staff Ambrtrorr To play professional baseball Enjoys Baseball Dislikes Nothing Nye know no mc w lrr had a br t imc he enjoyed ererrthrng and ritrxone Phil Quinn Turtle Creek Irrtr'a-rrrural Sports. Usher' Llub. Section Booster. Ambition: To be a "Big VVhr-fl." Enjoyst "TroubIe. Dislikes: VValking. Yever worked too hard or played too hard: he should live a long life. Margaret Ramsey Maggie Turtl+ Creek Office Helper Ambition Bookkeepf r Enjoys Football games Dislikes Concelted peopls Some day she ll be an expert office isorkfr walt and see Ralph L Ressler Arm rest" Patton Tow nshlp Intramural Sports Student Coun c Ambition Mechanic Enjoys Swimming' Dislikes Nothing Why worry about srhool life s too short' Joan Ridgeway Al Patton Township Chorus Junior Play Fashion Show Assembly Play News Staff Diog enes GAL Minstrel Amateur Hour Ambition Reporter Enjoys The Minstrel Dislikes Snobblsh people A talented mimic Remember wht she did Al Iolson in pantomime James Anthony Roland J zmmy Turtle Creek Ambition Auto mechanic Enjoys Auto shop Dislikes Waiting 'vlaybe someday he ll own a body op and our busts tenders Helen Rosipal Patton Township Intra-mural Sports, Chorus, Sopho- more Play, Fashion Show, Senior Activities Committee, Junior Activi- ties Committee, Annual Board. Library Helper, Attendance Helper. Office Helper, TKP Club, GAL Club. Ambition: To cook and sew. Enjoys: Swimming. Dislikes: Being ealle d '1 dishwate-I blonde. Helen was always glad to be bus '. especially with extra-r-urricular af- airs. :J Don Rehm Money Turtle Creek Band Q33 Orchestra V31 Stage Band Minstrel Ambition Salesman Enjoys Girls Dislike s Cold weather He toots a real clarinet or sax or what have you Bernadme Richards "Bltmd1e' Turtle Creek Fashion Show Junior Activities Committee Diogenes History Hobby Club Ambition Receptionist Enjoys Driving Dislikes Getting up in winter Such goldfn hair such a pleasant smile bf still mx heart John Roberts Turtle Creek Intra mural Sports 133 Ambition Undecided Enjoys Intra mural basketball con tests Dislikc s English John was in his element in scrappv basketball game I ack Rosemary Turtle Creek Baseball 439 Band 133 Orchestra Ambition Uncertain Enjoys Phil Harris and Alice Fay Dislikes lNothlng Gem Krupa look to your laurels Gladys Ross Churchill Boro Junior Activities Committee. Ambition: Uncertain. Enjoys: Study hall. Dislikes: Conceited. persons. She has a sweet and gentle manner that never intrudes. 35 R se Mary Rushe "Rosie Patton Township Choru- Ambitlon Beauticlan Enjoys Math class Dislikes Smoking and drinking Meet a bundle of energy from out ln the countrw Lois Saalmger Patton Township Chorus Student Council Annual Board TKP Club Ambition Private secretary Enjoys The dances Dislikes People who cant take 1 Joke Lots of 7lD and we do mean 7 I l Ray Sangelo "Sanur Wilkins Township Student Council Senior Actnitles gimgmittee Section Booster Rifle u Ambition To own a business Enjoys Assemblies Dislikes Getting up in the morning A nice guy good lookmg too How about it gals' Phil Scott "Scotty Turtle Creek Rlfle Club Tumbling Team Ambition Drafting Enjoys Dances Dislikes Nothing Nothing ever worries Scottx xerx much Charles Shields Turtle Creek Senior Play Business Manager of the Annual. Chuck was not afraid to work over- time in school and out. '36 1- Robert Rusmko "Baldy Turtle Creek Intra mural Sports Ambition Mechanic Enjoys Days off Dislikes Girls Rather quiet until you know him and then o my Clarissa Sanderson "Crm Turtle Creek Band Senior Play Junior Play Junior Activities Committee Annual Board Ambition Stenographer Enjoys Extra curricular 8CtlYltlPQ Dislikes Stuck up people We were surely glad to see Clarissa come baok after her illness vs needed her pep and energy Shirley Saxman Turtle Creek Majorette Fashion Show 421 Senior Act1v1t1es Committee Library Help er 121 Attendance Helper Ambition Undecided Enjoys The band Dislikes Stuck up people Sh: speaks gently she acts gentlx a xerv gentle lady Rose Mary Selepec North Versailles Ambition Secretary Enjoys Study hall Dislikes Nothing Lots of qualities to recommend her James Shubert "Jim Wilkins Township Golf Team Section Booster, Rifle Club. Ambition: Professional golfer. Enjoys: Football games. Dislikes: Night work. A good-looking guy that will gc places, Joan Simon Chalfant Borough Senior Activities Committee Tumor Actnit es Committee Ambition Stenographer Emoys Dances Dislikes Nothing We would like to have her as our stenographer and secretary i il prohahly propose Jerry Smith "Smitty" Turtle Creek Intra mural Sports Ambition Uncertain Enjoys Shop D1 likes Being broke Ieriy can speak right up 'ind tell xou what he thinks Richard Snyder "Dick Patton Township Soccer 125 Senior Play Junior Play Sophomore Play Pep Meet ing Skit Ambition Uncertain Enjoys Basketball Dislike Late busses Dick is a hustler and can suielx get things done Donald Stamford Don Turtlo Creek Intramural Sports f3l Student Council Section Booster Ambition Tool and die maker EnJoys Sports Dislikes Classes Vile pro hesy that Don will go 'i in his r- nsfn Held Lillian Staub Lil Wilkins Township Senior Play, Fashion Show. A - sembly Play. Junior Activities Committee, Annual Board, T. C. Club. GAL. Ambition: Secretary. Enjoys: Dances. Dislikes: Missing Buses. She'd be so nice to come home to: in fact we'il run 'ill the way home. Mildred Sistarelli Millie Turtle Creek History hobbi Club Ambition Bookkeeper Enjoys Senior English Dislikes Getting up in the morning Mildred worked hard in school and out of school but was never too busv to he friendlx FlorenCe A Smulczenski Flo Patton Township Sophomore Play Ambition Nursing Enjoys Class plays Dislikes Dishes She casts her eyfs in your direction and your heart skips a h+at Joan Socie "Joanne Turtle Cre ek Section Booster News Staff Diog enes C25 T C Club Rifle Club Ambition Undecided Enjoys Football games Dislikes Homework Joans sunnx disposition spreads ewrywhere Betty Louise Starkey Turtli Creek Majorette Fashion Show Ambition Housewife Enjoys Pep meetings Dislikes School Vie can usualme Betts somedai cooking delicious n fals for sol e lucky man Barbara Stewart Barlrle Turtle Creek Cheer leader. Student Council. Sophomore Play. Senior Activities Committee, Junior Activities Com- mittee, Section Booster. NLDBG. GAL. Ambition: Merchandising. Enjoys: Pep meetings. Dislikes: Nothing. Give us Guy Lombardo. the lights low, and Barbara to dance with. and we-'ll ask for nothing more, 37 Donald Stewart Don! Turtle Creek Band 133 Orchestra 123 Section Booster Perfect Attendance Q13 Ambitxon Musician Enjoys The band Dislikes Ad lxbers Don has chosen the music field the lired Waring of the next gener a ion Nancy Lee Strommen Turtle Creek Chorus Junior Activities Commit tee News Staff Diogenes Ambition Undecided Enjoys Bemg a senior Dislikes Homework Nancys pleasant smile will always pull her through Maryann Sulecky Mud Patton Township Student Council Junior Activities Committee Attendance Helper Of hce Helper TKP Club Ambltxon The a1r force Enjoys Bemg a senior Dislikes Snobs Give her a horse to ride and a garden to hoe and shell always be happv R se Marie Swartz "Rome Turtle Creek Ambition Nursing Enjoys Dances Dislikes Writing compositions I dont want to get vsell Im love with a beautiful nurse Sandra Swope Turtle Creek Chorus C37 Junior Activities Com- mittee, Library Helper, Ambition: Nursing. Two nurses-to-be in this column. Let's all get appendicitis and enjoy ourselves! 38 Dolores Strenko "Dee Turtle Creek Chorus Fashion Show Senior AL tnltles Committee Junior ACllYltl6'l Committee Library Helper News Staff Attendance Helper Dlogenes Ambition Office vnork Enjoss Football games Dislikes Waiting for people Carefret jolly and overflowing with good humoi Alvin Struiff Bzg Turtle Creek Soccer 131 Ambition Undecided Enjoys Football games Dlsllke s Be boppers Big and jolly and easy knovs Boyd M Swartz Bw Turtle Creek Band 137 Orchestra 123 Concert Soloist Senior Play Sophomore Play Assembly Leader Assemblv Play Juniox Activities Commlttee Annual Board News Staff Stage Band Business Manager T C News Ambition Undecided Enjoys Working Junior Chamber of Commrrce Dislikes T4 achers Hn re IS a real class leader who IIPXPI got discouraged doing things for T C High Ralph Swlsshelm Turtle Creek Stage Crevs Extremely quiet even when called upon to recite hut a hard worker on the stage Dolores Tabak Dotty' Chalfant Borough Chorus, Section Booster, TKP Club. Ambition: Housewife. Enjoys: Gym and swimming. Dislikes: Nothing. Never quiet, never a dull moment. Perry E. Talackin "Pep" Turtle Creek Track. Intra-mural Sports. Ambition: Cook. Enjoys: Lunch hour. Dislikes English Especially at home on the dance floor with a girl in his arms John H Thomas 'Johnny Patton Township Track 131 Intramural Sports Senior Play Student Council gengror Activities Committee News a Ambition Undecided Enjoys Study halls Dislikes Bee Boppers He seems so reckless and ravefrae that you are astounded to find him serious Harvey B Thurston Thurbergef' Turtle Creek Intra mural Sports Ambition Machinist Enjoys Shop Dislikes School Hed rather do lots of things than go to school but here he 15 ready to graduate Marilyn Ruth Trescz Turtle Creek Fashion Show Semoi Actnlties Committee TKP Club Ambition Housex in Enjoys Pep memtlngs D slikes Taldy pmopla The golden hanfd ladx with inn ugox and utalitj Ray Udavchak H ilkins Township Football 123 Golf 433 Intramural Sports Class Otficex 121 Junior Ac tnities Committee Section Booster Ambition Forestry Enjoy s Sports Dislikes Bee Boppt rs Big strong and one we relied on sn school to get things done Jack Thomas "Perky" Patton Township Intra-mural Sports, Band. Orches- tra, Drum Major, Sophomore Play. Senior Activities Committee, Section Booster. Ambition: Electrician. Enjoys Band Dislikes Waiting for girls When he led the band as the drum major all the girls looked at him and fornot the music William Thornton Bzll Turtle Creek Track Soccer Intramural Sports Ambition Drne trailer truck Enjoys Swimming Dislikzs Nothing He liked to dance he liked fun ln liked lots of things but not school Joseph Toncich Fore st Hills lit Uuns hu miles on the strest car because he liked us so much Dick Tutich Little Toot Wilkins Township Football Ui Basketball Ui Sotur til Intramural Sports Assemblx Leader Studtnt Council Junior glctiutus Committee Pep Meeting 1 Ambition Bach: lor Enjoy s Sports Dlslikf +1 Be Boppm rs Tha tallest box in the class and ont of the most reliable Jim Valentine Turtle Cree k Football U7 Basketball H7 Stu dent Council Junior Actnities Committee Section Booster Ambition Football coach Enjoys Sports Dislikes Bee Boppers When sports are there you ll flnd Jim 39 Emil Wagner Cowboy Patton Township Assembly L1 ader Rlfls T1 am Band Ambition Minister Enjoys Art Class Dishkes Lady drlyers Can a fellow enjoy hh and still be serious" Emil can' Regis Walton Ball Turtlr Cruk Football Intra mural Sports Junior Actnities Committu Pericles Ambition To own a bank Enjoys Dismissal Bell Dislikes Stuck up girls He hated to get up in the morn mg but did he cnjoy the eyenmg Joseph L Watson Dum Tuxtlf Crmtk Track Soccer Baskttball Mana,.tr Intra mural Sports Pmriclts Ambltlon Undecided Enjoys Basketball Dislikes English Maybe you think he s quiet That s because you don t know hlm Eugene T Whalen Bu 1 TUItll Cruk Basmball Intramural Spoits Ju mor Actlyities Committme Annual Board News Editor Neyys Staff Volley Ball Ambition Sporfswriter Enjoys Football hohdays Dislikes Getting u in tl1 nnnn mg A loyal Cruker ln foloyu tcam yylnnymr tlny yunt Joseph Whiteman Turtln Cruk Ambition: Machinist. Enjoys: Machine shop. Dislikes: Nothing. The other twin: we can't tell him from the other one. either. 40 Patricia Walsh Pat Turtle Creek Fashion Show Assembly Play Stu dent Council Senior Artnitles Com mittee Junior ACtlYltl6'S Comrmttcm NLDBG Ambition Undecided Enjoy s Dances Dislikes Home work She loyes music and dancin, She knows ey cry neyy record that comts ou James Watson Jumbo Patton Township Inna mural Sports Studcnt Cuun eil :title Club Ambition Machlnlst Enjoys History Dislikes None always happy Giye the boy a hand hes always happy Patricia Wess Pat Turtle Creak Senior Actnities Commlttu Junun Actiylties Committee News Staff 121 DlOb0ll0S Alpha Delta P1 GAL Ambition Beautlcian Enjoys Friends Dislikes People who are late she has those eyes that look right through you and makf your heart skip a bcat Robe: t Whisnex W ally TU! tlt CI 4 1 k Assy mbly sklt Ambition Spreadlnb happmcss Enjoys Lots of thlngs Dislikes A flat wallet Ill is lnadsd in thc right dnnctxon George Whiteman Turtle Crt ek Ambition: Machinist. Enjoys: Machine Shop. Dislikes: Smoking. One of the famous twins. If you can't tell them apart, neither can we. n Gerald Wllkerson Jr rry Turtle Creek Dr n t bf deer uve fl by tl at ar away look ln his eu lu knows whats going on Duane Wllson "Shorty" Chalfant Football C23 Basketball HD Ambltlon Football roach Enjoy s Sports Dxshkes Nothing In future years whrn T C needs a new basketball coach It wlll most or-rtalnly bf Duane Rlchard Wllson Pee Wee" Turtle Creek Ambntnon Mechamc Enjoys Machmc Shop Dushkt s Nothmg Not so well known oxrfy to '1 f+w loyal frrends R ba Jeanne Woodward Reeb Turtle Creek Chorus VO Solonst Concert Stu dent Councll Annual Board At tendance Helptr Rifle Club Ambmon Smglng Enjoys The chorus Dlsllkf s None It we had two hundred gurls llko Reba the plar-P would b+ pfrfovt Betty W1l11ams Young Lou Patton Townshlp Ambltlon The Alr Corps Enjoys Home Ec Dlshkes Gum crackers A good sense of humor and no afraid to let you knoyy It Betty Ann Wllson Turtle Crv 1 k Fashlon Show t2l S nur 1 Comnntlu LlbF3fX Ilelpf Atl' nd ce Il: lpfr Alllbltlllll Alr host' Lnjoys Days off Dxsllkf s Homework f 5 ntmnsfly tfllglffl I nn tha s going on arrun f Florence Wllson Flo Tultlf Creek Bind Ml Orthn stra f2J Chorus Assembly Sololst Assfmbly Play IUIIIUI Artlyltu s Cillllflllttfl Annual Board Ushf r Club Library lla lpfr M vu btafl' 12h Att- nwlanr. H1 lpn r 0 lm Il Ipr TKI' Club f"l ln utrfl Alllblllilll MUWIP tv '1f her F njoy s Sports Dlshkfs No one I rs s a g.,1rl that gnc-Q rysryo +1 of h r Zlttltltlt-'S yxholf hrartld sup port fun sr-hool Audrey Wlnner Patton Townshlp Iunlor A c t 1 y 1 t 1 f in Committee NLDBG Ambition Sf cr. t'1ry P njoys Pooplo Dlgllkl s Grumpy ps ople Audrey will surlly he a pre tty Swv T1 tary Don t you thmk John Yates Be Wllkms TUWHSIIID Football Travk PQTIPIPQ Prasulf Illstory hobby Club Ambltxon A tram llIl,., buyer Enjoys Lunch hour lslkes Slly ,,n fl yy ll a ways nmlmbsr Tu n his nt: r st n sports Bl rl I9 a nty to rnakw flu n s Helen Mae Yurlgan Turth Cruk Band 123 S1 mor ACIIXIIIPS Commlt tae Junior ACUXIIIFQ Comnnttee Nfyyls Staft Hb TKP Club Mm stro Ambltmn Sec-rf tary If njoy s Dances Dxslnkn s Stuck up pl oplf n was always Q ,, at to e a ul on lu lnlp lll flaw 'IFUXI 41 Jack Zafaras f!Dukr" Turth- Cr'-1-k Intru-mural Sports. Ambition: Stutf- Pulirn. Eiijnys: Gund-limkiiig girls, Di:4likw'S: Englisli, Ili' gre-1-ts his frit-mls with Il smil-f nf !'Hlltl'lllYT14'lll. John Zammikiel "Jark"' Turtle- Crm-k Aimuul Bharti, N1-wS Etiitur, N1-ws Staff. liitln- Cluh. Amliitiuii: IIIIHIF-lI'lI1l fl4'Sl5.llll'I', Enjnys: Flyinpx. A future- artist in th-- mnkinu. NVhh kiwws huw fziiiu-iw! I Ralph Stubbs Turtlfl Crfwk Joanne Zafaras "Jo" Turtlf- Cr:-1'-k Sf-niur Af-tivitif-S Clvmriiitlvv. .Iuninr Af-tivitit-S Cuixiiiiitt--1-. N1-ws Staff 0 t-I. T. C. Club. Alpha Dvltu Pi 423. Anihitiwni Truw-ling: Sal:-sman. Iiiijnysz Fmithzill gram'-S, Disliki-sz Cum-.-iti-rl pt-nplf-. Shi- spukv right up wht-ii Illlyllllf' sliirxwi nur Svlim-l. Steve Zawasky "Pip" North V4-rsailln-S Amhitimi' Gov:-riiin:-tit wurkvr. lilljuysi Swimming. Dislikf-S: Bunk rs-warts, Thr- last fill our list, till' fur from llll' l4'3Sf. Ralph iw-juinml his frlrnim' Svliunl- hiatt-s aftvi- st-vvral yvars in tht- wilwi and wmvly lN1'st. Hr' tunk up vxavtly wlwiw- hr- lvft off in matiy t'ri+-mlsliips. Hi- SUl'lllS glaf l in bf' ahh- In grafluatv with T.C.'s CluSS of 1951. anal wr-'rv glad to haw- him with us. Looking Backward MLMORIES 1940 First grade We were six years old as our tearful mothers sent us off to school A few of us were tearful too But we had our reward when we learned to read and write our names George Clfra looked nice in his Buster Brown collar 1941 Second grade Our first taste of flash cards and water colors Dolly Brown made some of the quaint est smears you ever saw Dick Tutlch recited Jack and J111 went up Oak H1ll on Frlday afternoon Uncle Sam went to war 1942-Third grade Exposed to higher arithmetic and geography Rolf Lotz our mathematlcs whiz learned how to do double gozmta 11 gozmta 99 12 gozmta 84 1943-Fourth grade We were busy with war stamps and scrap drives Don DlSanta first learned to clown Got sent to the offlce of patrolmen belts and badges Nancy Jo Llston learned how to shop for sup per after school and bring home the right change Ray Udas chek brought a red apple to the teacher and a lace edged hanky for Christmas 1940-Sixth grade Arm movements in writing Ann AltChlS0n started being helpful by washing the blackboards for her teacher Regis Walton started com mg in late 1946-Seventh grade JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL""' Gee Wh1ZZ How time es' Some of us had to ride the bus to school for the first time Lots of new kids We went from room to room wh1le the teachers stayed put W were growing up VE Day was an nounced Maybe the war would soon be over No more air raid drllls 1947 Eighth grade We had our first taste of the social whirl Dances and parties in the gym Junior high basket ball and Junior varsity football As semblles Our own cheer leaders Sub jects getting harder and harder Lots of trips to the office Patty Walsh first began to make eyes at the boys Barbara Stewart was the belle of the dances 1948-Nmth grade We were big shots now The l1ttle seventh graders looked up to us with envy We would soon graduate and move to the big school Anne Popovlch was elected May Queen Swell movies in assembly Sandra Hull suddenly became a young lady and so so beautiful' Paul Bench s big shoulders sprouted Jim McT1er began a long long service as team manager 1949 Tenth grade Sophomores SENIOR HIGH at last So many new faces Buses commg in from Patton Lmhart Wilkins Churchlll Long hikes down from Oak Hill Strange faces from away up by Pitcairn We were scared We got lost Machinery whlrrmg in Vocational A huge gym A SWIMMING POOL Confusion finally turnmg 1nto orderlmess as days went by Our family was headed by George Clfra James Botti Nancy Jo Llston and Mlss Had field Nancy Jo Llston Donna Luther Mary Arm Sulecky Arlene Churchfield Howard Lang Eldon OHara Chuck Dlllon Blll Kerr Jlm Valentine and Bob McT1er got on Student Councll We had a party of our own We got on the news staff we got in the band and choruses we were library helpers We had our own class play Football bas ketball Wednesday night dances We belonged 19:10 Eleventh grade Juniors George and Nancy Jo still headed our family with Ray Udax chek added along with Mr Torfella our sponsor The semi formal was the stepping stone to the Prom the object of our ant1c1pat1on Jim Botti won the State Forensic with his trumpet Howard Lang found he had a wonderful voice WE HELPED DEDICATE A STADIUM We had a great play It s a Date starring Janet I , , . . . 4- ' ' ' ' 44 . H , . . H . V! ' at rs ' I . ' , tt I . 1 1 , . . ' H ' ' , . ' ! Q 4 I ' u Q o . y l . , . . . Y u ' ax - , . , ' . . . . . . l , , , i . Y . . y . I . 1944-Fifth grade . . . How proud we were ' i ' l i Q . , ' i 1 1 9 ' - ' 9 7 ' 1 n . Y , ! ! ' ' ' 9 l ! . ' , s . , . Q y - . ' I . I ! . ' , . fli . ' - . u -H e ' ' v ' . - - 0 , . . . . , . . 1 - . - KK 7 71 . ' . ' 1 y Miller and Tom Morgan Carol Bankson had her second year as a lunch room helper Agaln you could find us 1n everythmg Clfra Basel Tutlch Loehr Udavchek Bench and Brown were the mamstays ln football Marlene Lesnlck Shlrley Cunningham and Joanne Pros ser were made cheerleaders Clubs 1n1t1at1ons Sadle Hawkms dances w1ld pep meetlngs wllder basketball games A glorlous Junlor prom and we stayed up most of the nlght 1951 Twelfth grade SENIORS We have arrlved we are the monarchs of all we survey the whole world w1ll soon be at our feet Falthful old George IS agam presldent Udavchek VICE presldent and Ann Altchlson sec retary Janet Muller was made edltor of the Annual Donna Luther was chalr man of the Act VIIIBS Commlttee We enter the mysterlous realms of chem lstry and economlcs We had our plc Lookzng Forward HUGE SUCCILSSLS AND The Academy Award has been presented the mad fool He says It was h1s CHSICSI role to date Secretary of the Treasury Boyd Swartz completed a detalled plan by the use of hlgher mathematlcs whereby the dollar IS more evenly dlstrxbuted lPut 50c 1n each pocketl Mona Glllmm has a pet shop stocked Wlth rare s1ng1ng blrds If you come around shell glV8 you the b1rd Helen Crothers llkes her Job as secretary but made a sllght error when her boss told her to lnvest some money and she put lt ln her vest Lols Saahnger hkes her secretarlal pOS1 tlon to John L Lewls s1tt1ng on h1s lap as usual Don Jacobs has reahzed h1s amb1t1on to be an electrlclan and shocks the world every day w1th h1s domgs Dr Joe Calley has recently opened h1S chemlstry shop and 1n h1s wmdow hangs the Slgn We dlspense w1th Accuracy tures taken and ln school tlme George Clfra ran the length of the field agalnst New Castle Jack Thomas led the band as drum major The senlor play Spr1ngt1me for Patsy was a howllng success starrmg Madeline Delslnger and Tom Morgan agam We had a blg snow wxth no school for a week Mike Palermo headed the stage crew Sandra was elected the prettxest g1rl m the class Betty Brooks the frlendllest Jlm McT1er served h1s fourth year as a manager We started another Mmstrel with Boyd Swartz and Ann Altchlson push1ng lt Marlene captamed the cheer leaders GAL put on a show Fashlon show as usual Dorls Fayad headed the News w1th lots of help from Barbara Hamill and Barbara Daykon PRFCIOUS MEMORIES' 'I C Hlgh we came to you we have worked for you we have been you 1961 Tenth Anmversary WE OWIL IT ALL TO T C HIGH Mary Dannels has a Job at Hxghland Park Larl Painter was ln college when he eloped He put the heart before the course Hakanen Talackme and Builo were Just commg out of the dance studlo where they teach Perry sald Its rammg cats and dogs Wesley Sald Don t I know It I Just stepped 1nto a poodle Fred Derdock owns h1s own laundry He never has any neglected accounts If people owe hlm money he puts too much starch ln thelr collars When Don Stewart the famous mlnd reader announced he was comlng to Turtle Creek Dolly Brown the fashlon lllustrator hfted her brush and Sald I predlct hell starve to death Lllllan Bova l1v1ng 1n Florlda has a Job peellng oranges Its no skln off her nose' Jolm Thomas manager of the local five and dlme called Doctor Whlsner to be cured of snorlng I even wake myself up he compla1ned In that case sleep ln another room sa1d Dr Whlsner . 1 . . , . . . , , . , , . i . y , u ' ' rv ' 9 7 ' I 1 j - a Q , . n . I 7 ' , . ! I ' 1 . . . . . . y i i 1 9 ' , ! . ' 1 . . . . , . 1 . l n s 1 y 1 . ' , . I O I U-.-W . 1 . to Don DiSanta for his performance of Zoo. Dannel's in the lions' den. . P , , 1 v - , . , - D ' - . ' KK 1 ' ' . , , ' YY ' ll 9 ' 1 ' . ' ' n . . . , , 4 7 l , . . . . . , y . . . . I y 9 . ' ' J Y . . . . . ,, .- ' 2 , g . ,, . . . . , , I W ll ' 1 Y! . . . . . . 7 . . l . 9 . , , . ' ' xx H ' 9 - 3 . . . . . . ,, ' lf ' ' l! ' . ll Y ! ' 7 YI ' YY ' ' . , . . Betty Brooks st1ll taklng care of llttle brothers and slsters called Dr Tutlch and sald her 11ttle brother had swallow ed a fountaln pen Doc Tutlch Sald I ll come rlght away What are you domg ln the meant1me" Uslng a pencll Bernlece Manalovlch and Helen Yurlgan the lnterlor decorators say that thls year they are combatmg gloom by hangmg brlght curta1ns Keeplng the1r ch1ntz up' Alnce Lulfe and Margaret Lynch have been experlmentlng w1th blrds They have crossed a homlng plgeon wlth a woodpecker so that the blrd not only dellvers the message but knocks on the door Joe Cnma Just held hlS tenth k1d up wh1le the preacher baptlzed It He has come to be known as The Father of Waters Eugene Ferrl has become famous deslgn mg boats at New York They call them Ferrl Boats Don Heskms boss was very unhappy when he came to work late The boss Sald You should have been here at elght Why what happened? said Don Roselle Dmzeo head of the Natlonal Hope Chest Un1on has declared a Natlonal Fall ln Love Week Chuck Dlllon the Ir1sh cop was wheellng a homeless baby toward the pollce sta tlon Eugene Croyle who operates the tumble bug called out What s the k1d done" Mlss Daykon the Chemlstry speclallst was asked what happens when a body IS xmmersed ln water She qulckly re pl1ed The phone rings' Nello Contlch the veterlnarlan IS treat mg a slck horse for Bull Dunn the Ranch owner The horse wouldn t eat ln the day tlme Now he IS s1tt1ng up wlth hls nlghtmare Dr Don Martm the surgeon operated on Jo Ann Mekeel the model He dlscov ered that h1s glove was II11SSlI1g Jo Ann IS not one to spare expense she gave hun the money to buy a new palr Alvm Stfllln and John Mullln the natxon ally famous clowns have added Frances Agllettl the p1an1st to the1r act Any thlng for a laugh Barry Basel has earned a medal for hon esty He has worked ten years m a bath house and never took one Carol Bankson has gone and done It She put bananas 1n a refrlgerator Playboy Archie Howard used to ralse horses Now he has gone to the dogs When Andy Loehr a carpenter com pla1ned to Jlm Valentine the archltect that the heads were on the wrong end of the nalls Jlm Sald They re for the other wall Joe Toncnch IS an under sea dlver Hes determined to see lf those fountam pens Wrlte under water Congressman Blll Thomton IS a busy man He lnvented a nolsy breakfast food that not only wakes hlm up lt reads the paper to hlm Marilyn Treser IS worklng ln a Jewelry store She strlngs beans Albert Janzef the noted economlst de fines ahmony as the hlgh cost of leav Pat Wess has been chosen Queen of the Indxan Reservatlons Ugh' Joe and Jlm Watson thirty fourth cous IHS have gone on a trlp to Afrlca to hunt wlld geese Bet that s a wxld goose chase Pat Walsh has completed another tour of 1C8 skatmg 1n Europe She always was a gay blade Pete Pay ne IS maklng headllnes ln PHFIS He IS Henrl the hare dresser Whoever trled to dress a rabblt except Phll Qumn the hunter Ray Sangelo the boxer says Never h1t a man when hes down he mlght get up agaln James Shubert owns a chlcken farm He s another good egg George Clfra the professlonal tlddly wmks champlon says he always sleeps w1th rocks ln hls bed Solld comfort says he Roberta Paplnchak and Dolores Strenko are on a canoe tr1p around the world When they return they plan to learn to swlm . . . . . . . . ' - Y 9 1 ' . . . . ' . ' ' , Q v ' ' . . . U , . - 1 - ' n U ' ' H ' l . . . . 7 . , . . . . . . . . - . u Y 9 . . . . . . . . , , ' ' - as v , r yr 1 . . . , I i u n Q . . . . 0 A 44 n . . ' N ' ' Y H , U . . . . . ' y 1 v ' . . U . - u s ' in " ' n 44 N ' gl' . , . I a . . , . . . . , ' ' Y 1 KK ' sv , , , ' . . . . . 9 v - 9 u v - - 1 x H V . . . . . Q . . . . . . , 7 1 . w , 0 ' ' - ac - ' v 1 v - as - u v , - v - , - n . . . . , 1 v ' ' ' . ' n , . v ' , . , - . x ' ' ' u ' uv 1 ' 7 - 1 1 , ' 9 - ' . v . . Florence Smulzcenskl has a new Job Wlth the Ink Spots After each song she hands them a blotter When Duck Snyder went 1nto the bank to take out some money teller Don Stam ford sald Sorry your w1fe beat you to the draw Mlldred Slstarelll the fashlon expert says There ll be l1tt1e change 1n men s pockets th1s year Shlrley was seen talklng to Don Rehm lately She was overheard to say Here s your sax man Wlllard Brown the llght we1ght boxer sald he had Joe LEWIS worrled 1n exhl b1t1on rounds He thought he had kllled me saxd W1l1 Frieda Kubll skater 1n a professlonal rmk was offered a seat on the bus by Leo Flynn always a gentleman N thank you sald Frleda I m t1red of slttlng Evelyn Gehrett went to the doctor about her husbands nervousness Dr Lowell Gonano the chlropodlst sald H needs rest and qulet and he handed her some pllls When does he take them? asked Evelyn Hc doesnt you do responded Lowell Jas Bottl Sald the other dav Im a smash h1t w1th my trumpet Durlng my solo I had them glued to thelr seats Not a bad ldea sald Dale Chovan the theater manager Anne AltChlSOH the well known column 1St says Fellas don t marry a g1rl who looks senslble because a senslble gxrl has more sense than to look senslble Lmll Wagner the boy who was always well dressed now owns h1S own ta1lor shop but dont let h1m pull the wool over your eyes Dr Wnlllam Anger the prosperous den t1st w1th a golf bag thrown over h1s arm Sald over the phone No more appolntments I have elghteen cav1t1es to fill today Bernadxne Rlchards works 1n a stock broker s Off1Ce and sends her boss tem perature up every day Florence Wilson a chef at the Waldorf has tested her reclpe for a cake that IS guaranteed for 11fe You should l1ve so long' Ray Udax chek has worked hlmself up to the presidency of the Kraft Corpora t1on He IS now known as The Blg Cheese Head Dons Fayad the cub reporter v1s1ted Jlm Bethune the soda Jerk at Sun Drug She sald she hated to see others get all the scoops Tom Morgan the great actor 1S now a member of the Lambs Club He has organlzed h1s own fleece clrcus Dolores Tabak ought to make a good accountant because she knows how to take compound mterest I hope shes not caught wlth lt SONG HITS RFVIVPD IN 1961 Odell Addleman Don t Ever Change Wayne Blotzer A1nt Mlsbehavln Jerry Wllkerson Put Your Dreams Away Al1ce Bauder Sweet Llttle Al1ce Blue Gown Frances Cuifalo Dark Eyes Rlta Alecknewlth Dance Ballerlna Dance Regis Walton Three O clock 1n the Morning Marlene Lesmck Sophlstlcated Lady Barbara Stewart I ve Got Rhythm Mary Merlmo Mary s a Grand Old Name Dolores McCartney I m Breathless Donna Luther Dearly Beloved Ann Popovlch I Stlll Feel the Same About You Lllllan Staub And Then My Heart Stood St11l Allen Proctor The Rovln Klnd Margaret Helm Peg O My Heart Arllne Churchiield All the Thlngs You Are Shlrley Cunnmgham Sugar Sweet Nladelme Delsmger My Heart Crles For You Suzanne Holzschuer Let Me Call You Sweetheart Mary Kruppa Oh You Beautlful D011 Reba Woodvw ard Joanne Zafaras Ends Wlth You Ra1nbow Gal It All Beglns and . . . . 1 1 1 . . - 7 7 1 1 ' . U . , 1 1 ' 11 . . - . . , 9 Y U 1 ' ' 1 , 1 1 . ' 19 . . . . . ' 1 . as 1 11 I l 1 ' . . . . . ! 1 . . . . . 1 u - J J . . H . - - u 1 11 11 ' ' . . . . , . u ' 1 ' ' 111 . . . . . . . . ! 1 ' an , . . . H 77 , . 0 . 11 ' ' n 1 ' 1 ' 1 ' 44 ' ' ' ' 11 . . . - 77 aa 11 , - . . . . . . . H Y. . H - 1 1 1 e ' ' ' ' Y 7 - 1, 97 , . ' at - ' K4 1 ' 11 is 1 . . . . ' ' 1 ' 11 11 . , . ' L4 ' ' 11 , , M , . . . . ' 1 - - . u 1 11 ' 11 - ' an 1 11 an ' 11 ' . 5 1 U 1 11 . . as 19 , - ' 44 1 - . N - 1 1 . . . . . . H 1 . ' 11 . 0 0 an - 11 1 - . 1 ' ' u - 1 ' 11 , . . . . 1 ' ' , Y ' u 1 11 ' 1 an ' 1 1 11 1. , ' 0 1 ' ' 14 71 ' U . . . . 7 1 . . . . . . . U - , 1 . - . yy 11 an . . . 0 u c YY 1 ' 1 . al ' 11 . . 1 1 , an ' 11 . . H . ' 11 JOHN HANCOCK Nellle Adamson Odell Addleman Jacquehne Agl1ett1 Helen A1ello Gerald Alrgood Rhoda Allen Wllllam Anderson James Balogh James Bentlv J osephlne Bonefaclch Betty Bouma Louls Bowden Margaret Breeden Rlchard Caveek Clara Cavoto W11l1am Cole Earl Conklln Lawrence Connelly Nello Contlch Thomas Connolly George Cook Charles Coyle James Crouse Blame Daugherty James Devme Stella Dottavlano V1rg1n1a Enyeart Theadore Ferguson Jean Forsythe LaVergne Gardner Mary Gazlca Mlchael Genchur Arthur George Helen Glunt Donald Graham Harold Greene Fred Grlfflth Robert Grove Russell Harve Lllllan Haskm Jack Heasley Marlene Holmes Shxrley Hughes Earl Jackson Walter Jackson Rlchard Jahn Betty James Betty Jmkner Carl Jones Joan Kane Robert Karexs Donna Kasprlsxn June Kemp Charles Kennedy Dorothy Kllckovlch LOIS Klmgensmlth Shlrley Koda Norma Krantz M1lan Kurutz Glorla Lang llivre Prophecy NOTED FOR Quzetness Grggles Inquzsztweness Frzendlzness Good looks Cuteness Kzddzng the people Indzjference Wtnd blown curls Drgnzty Love of horses Courtesy Interest zn surroundznqs Gettzng out of class Fast talkzng Rosy cheeks Broad grm Gentle manner Sharp basketball Easy gozng Srmplzczty Self assurance Gymnastzcs Wwe cracks Lady s man Flashing black eyes Quzetness Personahty Steadzness Happy go lucky Calmness Dzgnzty Comzng late Quzet charm Wavy hazr Charm Fazthfulness Crackzng jokes Patzence Aboundzng health Good looks Bezng so sweet Contagzous gzggle Vzczous tackles Vztalzty Indzjference Wholesomeness Dreamy eyes Soberness Pertness Always explazmnq Overflofwmg pep Knowrng thzngs Being on the Job Gettmg out of scrapes Gettzng acquaznted Bashfulness Gettzng thzngs done Suddenly growznq up Capabzlztzes PROBABLY WILL BE Carmval hawker Laughmg lady at Kennywood Lady d6teCtlV6 FBI Blushlng brlde Breaklng hearts Makmg some guy happy Washlngton lobbylst Nxght Janltor at the morgue Trymg to choose a wlfe Rhumba Queen at Vogue Terrace Bare back rlder Ambassador to Luxembourg Forelady at a laundry Professor at Yale Gargllng alphabet soup Guzzlmg Hadacol Doorman at Mary s Lunch The llfe of the party Tlddly Wmks Champ Chemlst m a powder works Master of Ceremonles Henpecked husband Strong man at the circus St1l1 makln them Opemng a charm school Lady welder Champlon hog caller Father of ten kldS T1ght rope walker Makln eyes at gals Elevator glrl ln the Emplre State Host at the Stork Club Smashlng alarm clocks Tram announcer Umon Depot Turklsh bath attendant Modelmg for Flntex Marry1ng for love Mllkman Proprletor of a hot dog stand Queen of the Apple Blossoms Matmee 1dol at the Caslno Twlstln em round her finger Makmg some guy happy Croquet champ Animal trainer Takmg a post graduate The perfect housewlfe Marrled to a bus drlver Father of trlplets Ralsln Kane Informatlon clerk Unlon Statlon Undertaker s asslstant Vacuum cleaner saleslady Deck hand on a rlver boat Channel swlmmer S1tt1n on top of the world End lady ln a mmstrel Sausage stuffer for Swlfts Expert soda Jerk L1on tamer 1n a clrcus Ruth Fresh Trimness Modeling bubble baths , . . Y ' , ' more Prophecy JOHN HANCOCK NOTED FOR Placxd Larouere Lucia Laurlto Doreen Lawson Barbara Luckxmch Cllfford Lyon Charles McCl1ntock Beatrlce McDunn Emlly McFadden Delnora McK1nney Edlth McW1ll1ams Rose MaJ8Skl Jerry Marchltello Mlchael Martlnell Howard M11ler James M11ler Shlrley Mlller W1ll1am Mlller Helen Montgomery James Moran Mlldred MOFISIHI Robert Mungall Carole Nauman Thomas O Brlen Ronald Pavelka Robert Plance John Potochmk Margaret Ramsey Joan Rldgeway John Roberts James Roland Jack Rosemary Helen ROSIPHI Gladys Ross Rose Rushe Robert Rusmko Clarlssa Sanderson Phlllp Scott Rose Selepec Charles Shlelds Joan Slmon Jerry Smlth Joan Socxe Betty Starkey Nancy Strommen Rose Swartz Ralph SW1SShelm Sandra Swope W1ll1am Thornton Harvey Thurston Eugene Whalen George Whlteman Joseph Whlteman Betty W1lson Duane W1lson Rlchard W1lson Audrey Wlnner John Yates Betty Young Jack Zafaras Stephen Zawasky Gentleness Sweetness Bruskness Self assurance Good looks Model planes Good hemtedness Pozse Flashlng smile Sly glances School zzp Cracklng wkes Relzabzlzty Auburn halr Knowzng what s what Destrabzlzty Dozng hrs job Loyalty to T C Healthy blush Loyalty to frzends Shyness Sweetness Smzlzng Irzsh Eyes Star draftsman Flrm chzn Wzse look Open countenance Pantomzmes Gettmg around Fzndlng thlngs out Brazns School spzrzt Gentle manner Lots of pep Takzng lzfe as tt comes Energy Always ready Pretty eyes 0jj'lczou.s'ness Self assurance Prwle of the Electrzc shop Shortness Cookln and sewzn Wznsomeness Good dzsposztzon Bashfulness Powe Wolf call Eager beaver School spzmt Twzn Other twzn Gentleness Basketball whtz Relzabultu Frzendlzness Being late Deszre to please Cheerfulness Pleasant manner PROBABLY WILL BE Grabbmg rlngs on a merry go round Candy taster at Dlmlmgs Demonstrator at Murphy s Cookln and scrubbm Stand ln for Gable Rad10 announcer The Off1C6 darllng Trolley car operator Spreadmg happmess G Woman Eatmg Wheatles Mortlclan Mattress tester Another Skelton Pol1t1c1an Lady barber Managlng Kennywood Sendmg her klds there Marrymg for money Lady wrestler Auctloneer Soup taster at He1nz Pawn broker Desxgnlng hen houses Announcer at a flea clrcus Talkmg to dames Slren of the beach Professlonal Juggler Good Humor Man Flrst asslstant on a garbage Sell1ng Fuller Brushes T C s pr1de and Joy Gypsy fortune teller Ralslng the dlckens Natlonal League umplre Peanut vendor Wltch doctor Masked marvel on telev1s1on Ownlng a fleet of yachts In the soclal whlrl Readlng gas meters Marr1ed to a slx footer Happlly hltched Chaufferlng a cook stove Lady taX1 drlver Hlgh school prmclpal Snake charmer Stlll whlstlmg Man on the flymg trapeze Teachlng at Scott Gettlng confused Gettmg us confused A blushlng brlde R1d1ng to the hounds Motorman Settmg the world afire Bugler ln the Navy Rleasmg her hubby Head usher at the Roxy Breakmg hearts truck Ralph RGSSISI' Restlessnness I Flag-pole sitter n , 0 J 1 U - We Are Juniors .' Rosina Laurito, Secretary Henry Caprara, Vice Prcfsidczzt Patsy Kaye, President Kathleen Yakin, Treasurer How swiftly the years fly! It seems only yesterday that we were little unsophisticated sophomores, so frightened on our first days of school and so sure of ourselves as time went on. Vivid still are the remembrances of our Snow Ball with Ilene Urban as our queen and Wm. Ardisson our king and of that great play, "A Date with Judy." Henry Caprara was our president, William Rodella, our vice-president and Kathleen Yakin, our secretary. Miss Hadfield led us through a lively and successful year. Much more vivid. however, are our remembrances of this. our junior year. We broke all precedents by electing, for the first time in the history of our school, a girl for our presi- dent. It is Patsy Kaye, whose personality led to her election, and we have never regretted our choice. Henry Caprara, our football hero. was elected vice-president, and Rosina Laurito and Kathleen Yakin, secretary and treasurer, respectively. Our play, "We Shook the Family Tree." again showed that we were tops in showman- ship and the Wednesday night dances that we took over in the second semester hummecl right along. Look at the lists of the band, the orchestra, the majorettes, and the teams, and you will find the names of members of our class are to be found in abundance everywhere. We're proud to be members of the class of 1952. Sect1on 11A Mrs McMurra5 Fnrst run rlfft to rufhtl D rrulhw T l1 11 m p Q ll Ba1hara IN11 hola Norma J1 an Snnth Jllallllf Supp A1111 Sawra Shu x 'Vl1ll1r ShlY'lf'X Donnn nu 1tta Plllplll Roh1 rta Kax S4 r Jrqcv 'NIQO1115 Shlrlfy Cjmshaxflt Ruth Saul Proud ron L1 onard Yuqko Wlllldlll AlfllQ 'non Jack Bovsman R11ha1ri D1 Torr1 Darlene Johnaton 'VIN Nic Murrax Wx m tte D1 Vllllf nm Paul Nlanmn L1 onard f10I'lNIl'4kl Ruswll Snxdu John Malllfrll Thzrd row IN Bl IImkl1 Cha1l1 11 F1 rpuwn lack Currs John Suvnalt Ralph 11 lllfl Emorx DlXllll Ii11ha11l Y1 Ill k Rub1 rt Mullonlx Alt Rui SeLt1on 11B M1ss Hadf1eld Fnsl mu fleft to nqhtl Jane Ann VVIIQUII V1I2.lllld Gill tl 11 V1 lma Cl1a111b1 rw Hoslna Laurlto Shnlex Thnmaa AI'l4ll4 B 1 Il t l Marjoru C11nna1an Pa QX Ziillla Eulxn P11n1,l1 Smmui 'mu +1al1i frdlllfk B1 t 1 Ma1 Xiu'-ll Monna Zahormhak L11 lx ll K1llx Fulcornvr R11l1ardDr11'4k1 Rob ert Mart1llo Thzrd rou V1r,.1l Samburo Alh11t Cmmn '4k1 Walur Moor1 Jr h11 P l11Q Chfford Cox John Alnf-tu John 1St1 A F1r11 L1111 Shmorhun Da11L1l ludlilll Sectxon 11C M1 Mmhaels First mu flvft in zmhtl 1rna1l1tt1 Gr or 1 I11 n bux a .I X11 S1alls Maxx Ann Warn11 u11 111 Martm Sl11rl1 x liar 11 'me t ax lor ax ltlll 11 H I1 K UI, 41 11 Judll H1 alll Serrmri ron Ralph Dallfllalll Arthul Dauml John NIBIUFIHO Eduard Humon Rodne x Bovl on Nhldre fl L11 org.. 'llr NIICIIRPIQ Rav F1 lton 1Na11cx 11110 Carm111 A1 11 Charh x Cn 1 ll Jack Ford Thzrd row John Jarkqon Lorman Dauglu ll hau,.h Ronald Naxlor W1ll1am Tahak Robert Zfllr rs Wann Gux aux John Carr Franua Wxlk Donald Marks Ronald Smdfr lV1ll1am Ramsm G1nr Glrton 1 ,' Q. fl , ' ' ' IW A . in . R, . 1 L - S ': F 1' , I g ' . '- - ' 11'I'. . 1-'. X ' .. S' 1 ,. yi D 'V n y v Lb- . V 1. h- -' 1 .- G1- '- w. -lg -- ,1. Miss Ilafmf-111. Patty GM-.-, Kap: K A- I h ' xl 1 lx lx '5- D1 lfano. l. J- i'.' -,1 B. .. .gg - wk, .1. 1 T 5 , 1111 f 111 -1 11. Pat ' 11- '-"1-. Jani" II I'lll', ' Y' 1' . .1 '1-11 . 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G1-111-1'i1-11 S1' , 1' 1-1- ' " .k'. L 1 .' . . . D1 I11 ' Y1-1 'hElI1. S11' ' 1-5' Am- 11' 1-. 1- ' - , ' . 1- '- 1-rlg Da Q . S11"11-j ' -. 11 A11 -' K L' 1 .I '. 1 A - l A .- - . 1-1'. G11-1111 M 1.', 11,1- 1 k. 1:11 1: -' 11111. 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C Richard Bartulskl, Secretary Are Michael Porado Vzce Preszdent Sophomores .' Robert Hamill, Preszdent Excerpts from a Dlary Dear Diary September 5 1950 Today I had my ilrst day at high school' Gee was I scared I got lost two or three times and those big semors made un of me Some of them are very nice looking though so are some of the boys in my report room I thmk Im going to like Pugh school Dear Diary September 19 1950 Today we elected officers Robert Hamill Mike Porado and Dick Bartulskn I thmk all of them are real sweet I thmk school IS just swell now that I know so many people I met Jackie Robson and Dick Koats the kids with so many A s How do people get so smart? Dear Diary September 20 1950 I went to a Wednesday night dance tonight my first one and did I have fun There were more sophomores there than members of any other class Dear Diary September 22 1950 be able to sleep I g'uess Ill Just stay awake and thmk of all the good times I m having at T C High I was surprised to see so many Sophomores on the squad and in the band We did most of the yelling too Dear Diary January 11 1951 We had our Snow Ball tonight Rita Hearn was our Snow Queen and handsome Joe Pic1 was the King I had the best time m my life' The gym surely looked nice I saw Norma Zivkovich Joan Mandel and lots of other kids working on It all afternoon Dear Diary January 12 1951 Cheer leaders were elected todas Alice Parks Marlene Tuma and Nancv Geyer were chosen I envy them Dear Dlary January 13 1951 Lots of Sophomores are going to be ln the Minstrel lots of them are in the orchestra and chorus too Now I can hardlv wait to tu out fox the Sophomore plav We have a swell class don t you thmk so dear Diarw " Good night now MAMIF I . . . , an . . I went to my first football game tonight. It was so exciting that I know I won't Sectlon 10A MISS Hensell Farvt rrnl llvft to Tlllhff Puth Wllkf r'-on Marl1114 IN hfl Roh' rta Rohlnson Cath' Fllll Mc Caffe rlx a ll 11111 Hhmw ha1t 3.11114 ann Dorot x O Rourkv Ixanm 5 Craxg Eunul BI'lllllUW Nlargaret Edwauls frond rou Gr orgf Pwr: Xllllllk Garrx L14-11 ard Ronald Pa,1 Patrlma Jurl cu l1 Allm Parks M1ss Hfnswll Nancx Wmnfr Barbara Zlsmhkau Lawrv 1101 Flu 111111 Danwl Mlllcl G-or,P Blasko Thzrrl rou Jos PICI Gan Bfurld P Robfrt Stlrone Jar k M1CarthX Charlf '4 Cutshall Barn Zwrhkau St ph. Il 'Wllllf' Vvlllldlll M 41B Jack K1 ll 4 a Wllllam W1 tus 'Vath'111 n 1'4flll'll4 Sectlon 10B Mrs Argxlan Fzrst rou lleft to 'rmhtj Ga1l Dopnor Norma Burkhardt Cora Rodbors Sallw W111ga1cl nttx Lan, Pe,,,,y Ann BTHIOX Darlfnf- lllllll' Sallx Wood Jan: 'VIaLu1r Connn Knabo S61 ond 7014 .I nu s 'VI 1 n ll 1 s Bob Samsa Thomas Worrall G orbs Ord Audrax 'VlfFarland EYPIWII Kclly M1s Ar,.1la11 Margaret Kutwl Lo1s Rnd Barbara Mlllr-r W1l ham Saxman Iamns Maha 1 Huh llll Stanlfw 7 hlrd TOM R1 IS Dalton Robo rt Potoclmlk Vlnwnt lm sv Thomas Buckm ham Franus Hanna Rlchard Svpclc Jam: s D4 glau Tod Kfill drlch Donald M1 gahan Rlrhanl Bartulsk1 Dann I Shlflft Sectlon 10C Mr Elmer Lewxs Fwvt mu rleft to rzqhtl lNo1n1a Z1YkHXlfll Joan 'Vlanrlfl C1a1111a1n1 Tpka lMll11 Bma Lwl1a Staub Pat 'vlfanor Marx Ytllllall Pfgp C1111a Dorm Nlll 11 Gfraldmf Thompson Sfrmzrl ww Jamkw Preston Chuck V1ctor1a Lawns Carrara Louls R100 C4-'Cllla Shelbx Mr LQ WIS Marlan Ed vsards WIC Caruso Walter Mlllwr Fr4d Haxton Jo: Zlschkara Thzrzl rou Hob II K' rr Ixan Sablfl Eddw W1ll1a111s B1ll Turek Rlvhard Coat' s Hu l1 Gallaghor Flux d 'N xl1n,. Don Sabllnskx Char! s Q multi Tllillllqgl Puls A ' . if 1 . 1 ',. . I ' C tl - ' 1 '. C ' ' I I 11 S , h b' ' , ' . V - ' ' - . - , f 1 , . Sf -: . U ,. 5 . ' V - uw . . .- 1 4 1 ' u' ' ' 1' I .N , ,V U k A n ' 4 ' 1 .11 4 Cr V 1' . , .. . 1 .' , A," , W' ' A ' v ' '. 3- .-M 3 1 . l ll. ' ' 1 I . . . lim lpn-rs, Fra-ul l':. . -. Ux v. Y ' 1 ' . B. v rr' mo'u' ' ' 1 v' 1 f 1 ' 1 a -' 1 ' . - ' , I' fi" , '.. U' , 1' , .' . ' I vu 1 ' rr- . , . , v ' A ' 'I ' . A ' . I , ' . Q. ' v, ' , . ' .w U .rr - ' 'B A '.- "'. ' I ' . . V " - ,,, , . ' - '-- FZ 1 .' .'o- " U, ' , ,', , ok .l ., , f. bectlon 10D Mrs Lowman Fzrsl mu llvft to nqlztl Sandra Carmlchdv I Gran ThomaG Ch a rl 1 t1 W1 Qtf II fl t h I 4 1 n II411I'IlIX JUG' p Illlf Bnnacu Dnrotln BaIlaQ Niartha Zahnrfhak Em1lx P. hak J' an Wmklf 1 Srrnnrl rou LNG Nlfhnl 'Nanml 'NILW1Il1t-11112 Xlamno Br1ckI+-I Jmu Enum- 'Nlrfw IAWXYIIKII Shula Nash 'War Ifnv 'I1rI'Ihr Dnlurfs S1 lIId.II5 1 'NIar1u11 Ban frmt hlrll uni fnurw Burk 111 1.1 Id n 11rI1x YIIIUI 1 tx Nulrvm Ivan Stark Glwna WIINHII TI1 'Ga Naxlor Janet Nlfrhn Sectlon 10E Mls Kelster Frm! ro.: ar1+ R nw nbdx 1 Duns 1Il Dnrls IIIIUHUPII llldIIII4 rnndk DI X1 18 I.-1111 Phl put Id ll t Turnk 1 L dha Dmw Ruttu Sfmnri row Wlllldfll Shap1ro I lrharfi Ln' .fmax Gr rrx R+ ui Shlrh x W1l I1an1'4 LaRue Luth' r Mrk K4 IQ tw r INLU11 I G1IQn11 Huw Cdnxphf Il IIIIIII Buttl Hurd rou Ro :rt Ham1lI 11111 Ovu IIN R1charfI R1 hm Tlmmas Swnde k arrx Calle x D nd R4 I li 0+ Patakx Wllllalll WI1CI4arX Iam' Q Grow Rubs rt D1Pr1t. r Jnhn Sw tar: Ill 56111011 10F M1 s Kerr Ilj I1 I JI III! I I mmm ll 0 111'-a A11 flmd D 12111, 1 Lum V21 IQ Xhu WIIQUII ufmd mu XIII N II uf-s 1 am: nnpp +1-111111 'N 11s Q Iv IF lIIlrl P .1 4111. LUN 'IIaru'1kfr Chfford Nlartm lmd rou bxlwfltfr Tllonupmm S Thompson Jew. fed NMQI x Dunn Vhlham Csphort R1b1rt NILBFIIIP Frank D1F1an,.u Rub e1t Sartam FFZIIKIN Flallkflblli Q - . '. ' ' .. D,.- ,, lv I '. Ei . K' - - - - . - I' - '14 AW I V l A, . A l , .l M - -A 1 1 15.-', A J- - ,-14. D I 1, ' , D '-'tl' I 'rg Ar. SI' S ' . B-tg '. l , I f- 5, . UI,- M '- I 1: - 'Qgw '. Ma-- Nff' . .' , . ' - II " ' , II:-If-11 .' - 'I , .'1 - ' , .I1-z11n1- ' " ' , 1" ' '-1-11- Magc D2iII.IIl'1S, Pz1t DlPW'lI4'j', Cari bl ' . J I '- :. II A' a" -- . J !'wl7'Sf run' llrfl lo 1' A l1U.' AI' '-- III pl -Il. EIII-11 K 11. livr- :Ii' - AWII , Th-'-J I'-'I-tti. TI1- ' I-L' --If -, "lI'.,. S . - -.. Al " .Iill - ', li Pz1lz1'i11w. El ' - K . EI- ' 1 Iy 1 ':. Mr.. ' -' . Virgz' " I' f- z L T " ': ',".' - . yIvia11 4 . -.- R- , 1 -1 '13 -4 E Q 4 U ' , , 4, , s y f-nf, 3 W P 1 X x:fg . 4 Q I lg 'VIA gi 5 , J, mt' Y 3, 'rm A Sfzff- 'il 'A 5 "' 5 3 -,f ge 'Hx 2 a 11 fi . N ff.,-1 .Q ' . ' nm X. Al 9 1- .Q fb , ? E4d,g,1g,.v x 1 I ,' 0' Y 2 4 I. 1' 2 M Q 4, X-wif. YS ' A , ff - . - i ' wx Q -F". gp, :xi , 'ix' K A ' 1- -J... A5 6 A 'K ""' 1 w if 15 'S n 13 , V Q., W A. W A V my f -'S W 5 gf .js is ' + M ' 'rf 1: fi' A uit " 7 fy l Q: I N f 7 k ', if -YW 'F '-'T "f-fi ' ff , J' .jf , gay- A Q .K '. W :E 'af :IJ 2 ' ' 5 if fx U ,x , ,,, . . , , lf., Q 4- im -6. ff :gg Q J ff- , X L J ' I Q i 4 'Q if ' "'- A -' ' " no wif is A "" - 5. AQ Q K 8 v Q but' ' . M QE. , , V , . , Q 11 ' 'ff 3 f A 'Q 5 fbi ' , ' ' Z 1 Q 0 .. - 5 Q if -1 . W Q L06-i Xu- .37 2,4 K 1?-4 . ,. in 5 Tl g jf ? vgfklffg, L 1 'ZW 515' ' , gli' w QA 'Q +22 :S W 1 yy iq ,, 3 Sf 3 As I S V I stiff X, T gl M gi! ,, 4 4 ' - C. 4 4 , 5 at , f Q V Mm 'hw Section 10J Mr. Eisaman First mu' fleft to rightj: Nancy Eld. Madf-lin Fricnd. Dor- aw- Sliivvly, Yvonnp Mullanvy. Lorrainv McWilliams. L o r 1- t t a Dan'-Si, Margrarf-t Hams'-5: Swvnzd 1ow: Ronald Schmidt, Allan Kaniinsky, Kay Yutzy, Howard Johnson, Jo- sf-ph Russo, Mr, Eisaman. John Maciuppa. T li o ma S Fiorf-ntino, N o r man Kflnnwrly. VV i l l ia rn Krantz. Third 7'0'lL'.' Thworlfm- Ivanco. Walt.-r R4-1-S.-, Gilbe-rt Ellwnod, Harry Mr'Cur-fly, Tlionms Pa-ppv-r, Jann-S Harp:-r, John Mclntyrw, Hay Damifro, l-ionalfi Brammn-ll, Walt'-r Mf'Cas. ki'-. Section 10K Mr. McLean First row flrfft to riyhtlf William R+-uscli, Anthony Hihir: Jann-:4 Wally, Mr. Mr-L+-an, Dale llow.-, Jos.-ph M4-rlin. Jac-k Suivli. Sfcond row: Donald Dvvr. Clarvnce' Worrall, .losf-ph Stre-nko, Robert Pow+-ll, Josvpl1LuCaS. Thirrl row: Donald Luzauif-r, Jac-k B4-ntl.-y. .Ianivs Roman:-lli, Charl.-s Bl-lisky. .lamvs Taylor, Donald Ickf-S. of :Z ALMA MA TER Ha11 Alma Mater we r1se 1n song to thee Thy sons and daughters we are proud to be Strong are the txes that bmd our hearts to T C H1gh Proudly we hold the colors up for all to see The royal blue and Whlte for truth and loyalty We 11 honor thee unt11 our days on earth are o er But Alma Mater w1l1 llve on forever more We'l1 stand and sing her praises to the sky. 146 fi ifieA 5. Busy people ale always happy people On the followmg pages are p1ctu1 ed those aCt1V1t16S that are so much a part of hfe ln Turtle Creek Hlgh and the people who partlclpate ln them 3 Senior Activities Committee A ClHl.iI'lll4lll.' Donna Luther. First row: John Thomas, Shirley Saxnian, Betty XVilson. Barbara Hamill. Helen Rosipal. Szroizd mir: Andy Loehr, Helen Yurigan, Rose Majeski. Madeline Deisinger. 'I'Iiir11 row: VVilliam Kerr. Allen Proctor. Joanne Zafaras. Joan Simon. Dolores Strenko. Fourth rout' Jack Thomas. Bernice Manalovich. Shirley Cunningham. Patricia VVess. Fifth row: Don Martin. Marilyn Treser. Patsy Walsh. Marlene Lesnick. Sixth row! Anne Aitchison. Joanne Prosser. Mary Dannels. Barbara Stewart. Carol Bankson, Nellie Adamson. On Ihr' irull: Don Jacobs. Mike Martinell. Leo Flynn. Eldon O'Hara, This is the group of loyal senior class members that put across the many ac- tivities of the Class of 1951. These are the people that planned the work, sold the tickets, decorated the gym, manned the check room and doors at the dances, and did the many and various other tasks that were assigned to them. Of course some did more than othersg this is human and natural, but all enjoyed the associations and friendships that began and ripened as their last year in high school together rolled by. The Junior A-ctivities Committee First row: Margaret Maier. Marion Harper. Janet Taylor. Ruth Bostedo. Margaret Simms. Patsy Kaye. Shirley Cox. Patty Bowers. Joyce Syoboda. Jane Wilson. Alice VVidney. Bar- bara Malinowski. Patsy Brady. Cecilia Costello, Valera Stanley, Loretta Kuzner, Louise VVilliamson. Kathryn Rogulin. Barbara Bender. Joan Hearn. Janet Pici. Joan Spivak. Joanne Straley. Marian DeVVitt. Srwnul rouf: Shirley Harter. Rosina Laurito. Margaret Estocin. Evelyn Pringle. Dorothy Semi-. Lorna Davies. Anna Mae Kibbler. Marjorie Conahan. Patsy Zeolla. Margaret Brannigan. Shirley Ambroe. Martha McCaskie. Janice Horne. Pat Chamberlain. Shirley Domin. Shir- ley Fisher. Wynette Devincenzo. Roberta Kayser. Shirley Groshardt. Lois Green. Third Roux' Monica Zahorchak. Catherine Paladin. Gloria Chamberlain. Louetta Pippin. Betty May Rush. Irene Kelly. Kathleen Yakin. Ileen Urban. Carol Todd. Dorothy Lucas. Louis McKinney. Helen Wegrzynek. Linda Pape. Evelyn Brodrick. Top rout' Henry Caprara. Ronald Naylor. Paul Manion. John Aliyetti. Clifford Cox. Jack Man' ion. John DeStefano. Jim Kukerin. Paul Carmichael. Russel Fry. Jim Musilek. Don Schild- kamp, Emery Dixon, Merle Shields, Emery Letham, C7125 GY. This large committee lists those who are anxious to serve the junior class in its affairs. The most important event is the junior prom, which takes much work and planning. The juniors take over the Wednesday evening dances the second semester and, of course, the play is the thing of great importance. From the experience gained in service on this committee comes v al u a bl e knowledge to be used in handling senior class affairs next year. Student Council Fnst row fleft to rzqhtj Rlchard Tutlch Mr W1ll1am Lewls Anne Axtchlson Rlchard Bartol Skl John Schake Second row Charles D1llon Paul Bench James Watson Ralph Ressler Donald Stamford Tlurd row M1ke Martlnell Rlchard Wendel Wllharn Ardlsson Joe Lucas Henry Caprara Archxe Howard Lo1s W1ll1s Fomfh row Wanda Mae Leeds Madellne Frlend Roberta Robmson Peggy Wlley bara Day kon Jamce Horne Mary Lou Rhoda Pat Meanor Jean Stark CWF5 Once a week the above group meets under the leadershxp of Mr Wllllalll LGWIS thexr sponsor, and Ray Udavchek thelr presldent, and c 0 n s 1 d e r s many thxngs that concern the welfare of Turtle Creek Hlgh School boys and glrls Chlef among these matters are the assemblles and pep meetlngs These all requlre thought and plannlng In addltlon, the student councll plans the hand book glven to 1ncom1ng sophomores and finances 1tS pubhcatlon More than once xts representatlves have appeared before the school board w1th 1tS requests and suggestlons and many tlmes have presented matters to the admlnlstratlon .- .I In . . , n . . . Y . . , . v Top row: Barbara Malinowski. Rosina Laurito, Pat Dovsmey, Patsy Kaye, Dorothy Lucas. Bar- K B gl N1 y ! The News Staff Fuvt mu, lleft to rzqhtf Nlarx Kruppa Janet Miller Doris Faxad Mr Deirlinger Barbara Daxkon Bettx Brooks Sandra Lee Hill Sermul um Don Martin John Thomaa Ruaeell Frxe John Z8.Y'IlfY1lklB1 Blaine Daughertx Ieo Flxnn Regis Dalton Dannx Miller Allen Proctor Eugene Vkhalen 11:1 1. mm Ann Kibbler Joanne Zafaras Helen Yurigan Mary Dannela L3!O1WHllI'll'1Il Nfmcx Stioni men Evelyn Gehiett Odell Addleman Nantw Jo Liston Ilene Kelli I Vlfll r 1 Margaret Conahan Pattx Zeolla Rosina Iaurito Ilene Urban Mauxis M irtin Imtliu Stevens F'1fi'h mu Joan Manrlel 'Nellie Adameon Marlene Nebel Calol Bankeon Audrex NItFailancl Fw lm Kellx Bettx ling, Barbaia Miller 'NI nu Cr ig Florence Wilon J it Wilson Eunice Primloxx Dorotlix Olfoiiilu The News Edztors at Work This is how an issue growe I -lmufzzl thf table Im A 1 :sf Barbaia Dax kon Doris Fax ad Nh' Uerflinger Sandra Hill Blaine Daughtitx John Zammikiel Ieo Flxnn Bettx Brool S P ll ene XX halen Nliix hu ppw J'lnet Miller .l . . 7 'I I. A, bv ' V V 'b lv ' A Q ' F' Y . tv .Y 1 I V . A 1 1 fi 'T' . ..- ' ' V I ' V -ly L' "' - A C ' C .lv - . fn ' '0'l'.' 'V , A' , T' . ' , ' , 2' , 1, 1 Lotz, Alice Bauder, Loretta Pippin, Kathleen Yakin, Martha MCCaskie, Shirley Domin, Jane I ' '.' , , A' h , , 1 . , ' , , l' A ' ' ' , 4 ' '- j" V' .2 T. ' ' ' ', i a "ai, ' ' " ,Q ., :ii 1 " .f , 1'4 ', ' -' ' L ' ' . LJ. . ' ' ' 1' f ' 4' , j , ' tr, Z gf ' , i z " 7 I 1 , 1 . ' ' iii in x I R If , ,.. "V33BUibw,g L y. ' , 1 v 30 -Wei? ' W' 50' ,L ,7,,,,., A gn :fr g ,x WJ, 1 I , Z J . I .j ' " Jlxlft ' ,L 1 I , sr f X fxct iff If I . , . 'Q' 7 .x ' 1' 5 f . ff A1 eff: iz if!! Y E - .- ...i.. V -.. -.......... .....,. -...- 1 J 1 vm -so ' ' T A 1 My 'rf - f ,Quit ffffia It lk xi Q! 1' I 'x -if '. 1 -A K . .rn-X! . u X ,K . Q, A X X V X - .XXX l 'Ns x s 1 Q 1 5 ?---3 xx I '- " ' " " X' hs Q' ' ., ' is 44X ZQZV if 6:23712 1 .L X. i--..... - . ,..,....-.------ .. ., . in, gb fiflx SAG ,NSF- ni 52 The Band mqj Patty Brady Joyce Mooney Sh r ey M er Peggy Dryburgh Sharon San Ik fr 7' Fr? al' M nney cK useM odd T F0 C eys Math tty P S IJO CFSOH r ey McK nney Audrey McFar and garet S eber ng Sh r ey Saxman F orence W son Ethe G unt Joan Pa mer R chard P azza M ke Lennox Csmtcdj drr Sf Barbara Ha James Bott John A yett ncent Nese He en G unt Robert Marte o Iv 3.11 A bert Ertm C BS L ay yR 6 m Hez ep Rona d R 3 W CFS Ze rt Robe ng K ck Sab e He e 1 Montgomery Ches OX ord C I' 31" In Rose Jack nedy ell K 3.11 ITI OI' erN M a o Dar ene Jean M er Mar e Shmorhun ter Parfitt Susan Ho zschuer Margaret S ms Janet Wetzo ancy Saveker Char es Sanderson C ar ssa Sanderson Leonard Yusko Patsy Kaye John Preston Joyce W son W am Saxman Dave Bur Carm ne Bott W am Boot John Jackson Leon Shmorhun Robert Strommen Don Stewart Gar Boyd Swartz 8 Ed Ondreak 3.I'0 rtzC mF 8 W Lucas OH D F0 Shap am W tt rfi Pa Char es dge CI' SV 51723. nP 'i .of mr ,11 ' 'l' m .' , , i l ill , , - d s , i' Sadler, Shirley Fisher, a , a l , Lo i i , - i li , i 1 , Shi l i , 1 . i 'con nr . .' l il , l l , l , i i , i , Vi . , 1 1 , ll , li i, i, mill, Ja i , ll , illi l , l ill , i , 1 , an l . l 1 . Third row: Jack Thomas, Blaine Daugherty, Helen Yurigan, Richard McCoy, Lois Stewart, Teresa C ll , l ill , , y, Diana Vukmi , Cliff , - , I , i , g, ill , i , N , l , 1 i , , . Top row: i i, illi i, , il , illi , - r lli, , , , , , y B i , l , illi i , , illi i , l , - wi i , . The Orchestra The first semi-circle: Leon Shmorhun. Ruth Saul. Joan Miller. Shirley Myers. Yvonne Mullaney. Second semi-circle: Clifford Cox. Kay Fulcomer. Boyd Swartz. Barbara Hamill. Diana Vnkmir. Margaret Sims. Suzanne Holzschuer. Don Stewart. Don Rehm. Third semi-circle: William Russell. Edna Arnold. YVilliam Fritz. John Preston. William Saxman. Bob Zeller, Vincent Nese, Helen Glunt, John Aliyetti. James Botti. Frances Aglietti. Car- mine Botti, William Shapiro, Gary Beverage, Charles Parfitt, Jghn Jacksgn, Standing: Geraldine Thompson. Robert Strommen, Gloria Chamberlain, Ivan Sble, Norman Kennedy. Jack Rosemary. Florence Wilson. Mr. Blackwood. director. mfs wr Especially at holiday time does the orchestra really shine. Each year in as- sembly the Christmas program of the orchestra is outstanding. The plays also are enhanced by orchestral overtures and interludes. Best of all the benefits of the orchestra are those that come to the perform- ers. The opportunities to know and play good music and the friendships formed among the players are priceless. u 5 . X I I fx Q.. R ' uvwg M HN v jx.. WI:-I I ' A M- , V--was wi 4,Ti?lfQ, AKA ,-f A-I -n 'gg T ,-, ,,i 9 flf5i ',i 1 U gg :if , .A . W7 ,i.'f'? '-Q K v B .,,.-.',-S vmfr X ' I "Www M In W ' A K V an KK if gfff'l ' ff V V ,. - Vs.: 64 :1 W im - H . '. f df m V' 1 vga " - V f i fwf QV, M. . .f ., nf- :ff H - .Q T fra? .4 I K 7 I ggfwb 1 h , A W5 5 5 .,wu...if4 MVN W , , ,Q 4, i-9 P ,P ,wx ,!.wf,,ff- fi s f ,.. ,,,-.-. -H1--' , V Aj, V . I , H ,V , m ' ' f W 42 Ak, is qA.w f V I , A ' , . :xv A ,.l34,a, ? N A , 25,5535 - - 'S ' . y f ' , The Cake eaters The American Legion Award The Lunch Room fTra1mng table for future athletesj ,-l to Dr. W. W. Lantz Semor Play Flfxt mu Sandra Hlll Shlrlex Cunnlngham Dolores MCCHIKHQX Nancx Jo Ilgtflll 1Vl3d9llIlS D6lQlllg'Cl Marlene Iesnlck All Ile Allen Nlona Gllllllm Carole Balllfson Odell Addleman 'iumul ww Boxd Swalt7 Dale Choxan Frleda Kubll Exelxn Gehrett Joannt 1108881 Donald lwilllll Jfl let Mlllel Illllan Qtallb Rose Mageskl Clarlssa Qandfl on Iohn rFl'lOlll"lS Pom Morgan ml If Allen Ploctol Rllhqlil gl'lXllE'l Charles Qhlelds NK? Swv? Sprzngtlme For Pa s On November 17 1950 under the dlrectlon of Mrs Mabel Lowman the senlors pre sented the hllarlous comedy Sprlngtlme for Patsy Fllled Wlth the Splflt of youth the play was admll ably sulted to the age and temperament of an unusually able cast WlthOUt doubt the veteran performer ln class plays and mlnstrels Tom Morgan was the star of the cast He wlth Odell Addleman were the brats Madellne D61S1Hg9F played the tltle role and led the audlence through a SCFISS of harrowlng youthful experlences and vlclssl tudes untll lt was left breathless Who can forget the southern drawl of Dolores McCartney ' Donald Martln also acqultted hlmself IH a most credltable manner The evenlng was featured also by orchestral numbers under the dlrectlon of Mr Peter Blackwood The scenery and stage crew were ln charge of Mr John Tortella and Mr Jack Charlton The cast and the student asslstants are plctured above . , ' ,- , 3' ,l , l ' ., . . l. . . . .' ' v 'Dl .1 I - ' l 1 . j .. ' . 1 , j , 2 .. , . 1 , cl A '- 4' I' K - .' '- -,. p. "fl - . :fl I ' . T11 ', "f lr: ' ' '. " 1 . U' '. , . ' . ' ,. K I' J N1 KC ' ' t 97 1 l - v ' y . . H . . ,, . . . . . , . Y , . . . 7 Y . , . . . .. . . . Jumor Play W 1 we 752 Ifrrst Ron Patsy Kaye Shrrley Domrn Margaret brms Patsy Balok Ilene Urban Mrss Hadfreld Vkynette Drnnocenzo Janet Pru Drana Vukmrr Arlene Bentley Roberta Kayser Suomi Ron Ilona Strawn Marx Ann Reed Ruth Saul Ronald Snyder Norman lmrrghenbrugh Jrm Mll9ll8k Don Schrldkampe Fmery Dixon Wm Ardrsson Merle Shrelds Clrif Cox John Alrxettr Shrrley Thomas Betty Rush Irene Kellx We Shook the Famrly Tree lhere was .r shower of laughs when the Junror class shook the famrlx tree on Jarru ary 31 1951 the rarnrest evenmg rn many a moon It was a brrght comedy played lrke a house aflre The actron was raprd the roles engagrng and the lrnes often uproarrous Wrth all sorts of adventures and escapades the cast kept the family tree aqurver It was a fumrv famrly storv wrth an amusmg feelrng for the less rmportant but more lrght hearted thmgs rn lrfe The characters were V1V1d and ahve There was attractrve Hrldegarde, played by Ilene Urban. who nearlv turned the town upslde down when she decrded she no longer wanted to be a wall flower Bobby, the older brother wrth a passron for flshrng was played by Emery Drxon Patsv Balogh and James Musrlek played typrcal Amerrcan parents bewrldered by therr offsprmg Numerous other parts were played wrth zest by some of the most promrnent members of the Junror class as evrdenced by the lrst of names rn the captron of the prcture above Mrss Jean Hadfield. the Jumor class sponsor, drrected the play wif The Stage Crew Left to rwht Mr Tortella Ross Palermo Ralph Swlsshelm Rlchard Caveek Mlke Palermo Fred Pasquale Glenn Moos Jack Heasley Fommy Florentlno Ross Palermo Robert Brammel fM1ssmq from the picture Mr Charlton no sponsor! CW W5 are many hours of work for Wh1Ch far too little credlt IS glven Under the dlrectlon of Mr John Tortella the art teacher and Mr Jack Charlton cus todlan the stage work was carrled on ln a very eff1c1ent manner thls year The settmgs for the senlor play were unusually beautlful and requlred hours of con structlon and palntmg The boys best sulted for such work are those who llke to bulld thlngs and see plans unfold as the work progresses These boys must accept the fact that many hours after school are requlred to complete the varlous projects ' ' . ' .' . , r-c . K I' gl X1 Back of every performance on our stage, whether in class play, minstrel or assembly, - . 1 v ' v ' , . 4. 'l ,Q fs 7 ll.I 1 V- IC ' V, ,Air 11.9, ,,, - H j,,l,, A vp -.,, ,, L W 'V 'L 4 , , "'Y, 3' y. Q, gf. ,Q -of 1 ,5 L f - x 'f 4? 79. M 'Hat 4-'4"'fP,.5f.1.,'W9 I Ifg 'QQ . mf. I h ' 'PI J 'N 1 ' vw fy' 7' ff ,4 , , ff' ' ,f 1 ygf 3, Q r I' Q11 'sly 'mv 4 -ay H no if 41 Q S' -',f:Q,4j.fy-I f ws' 1 5 V' 5 - . I K WHVAW O 4 ' la' V ls" an ff A-W n aw -A -ff Q un ' rx! sfif, A 'f,"" ' '-"A-9 H. QQQH H -""J'T.. x4 ' ' 'f'N V " -'X P' 1 1 .rw L 4 .. N I f P B 1 -BFA ,gipf 1+ l ' D if 1 'iv .' fm 'x -.2441 'F""'Mt up i' f ,,., 'swf ' 1 g""m . - A, J 1 I ' I5 +4-L Usher Club Fmst mu flzff to rzqhtl Hope Starkex Charmell Kuhns Ceulla Costella Helen Wegrzsnek Tneresa Allxettl Cora Rogers V1rt1n1a Perconl Nell e Adamson Marx Dannels Gall Dap ner Dorls Houston Audrey McFarland Roberta Robmson Srcond row Kathrxn Rogu11n Lo1s Jean Dr1sh Dorothx Thompson Lo1s J o h n sto n Thomas Bucklngham Floxd 'Nlexhng Mrs Arg1lan Jack Currx Fred Grxffxth Evelvn Kellx Janet M1ller Marx Kluppa Dorls Fax ad Jean For5S the Poplnchak Shxrlex Thomas Leo Flxnn Dmloxe Brower Ilten Urban Monlca Zahorchak Irene Kellx Ann Klbbler A1100 Vhdnex Carol Naumfm FANS Dfw? When the play has been rehearsed the scenery constructed and the t1Ck9tS dlstrlbuted the Usher Club goes lnto actlon ThlS club takes complete charge of acceptlng tlCk6tS at the door seatmg patrons and g1v1ng out programs Thelr work has addltlonal lmporta nce When the parents and frlends of per formers come lnto the audltorxum the first persons that they see are the ushers Whose brlght smlles and cheerful demeanor do much to start the evenlng s adven ture 1n the rlght d1rect1on ' . . , 'A -. lv' a A.. V ' ' ' Q- V I I v A 7 ' v 5. . 1 l V- 4 U u , '1 ' v 1 ' v Y Y . Y . 7 - ' Thirrl rout' Jean Schreiber. Audrey Beyler. Alice Luffe. Shirley Smith. Beverly Homa. Valeria ' n ' " ' - Iv . lv ' i: - S 1 v . 1 x V ' u I K 'K I' I N1 Y I Y A ' , . . Y Y . . 1 . , u Two Servi-ce Groups THE LUNCH ROOM HELPERS DONALD GROOM CAROLE BANIKSON These two helpers under the d1rect1on of Mr Paul Shultz, Work each day at the lunch hour behlnd the counter Thelrs IS a thankless task for lxnes of boys and glrls deslrous of belng served lmmedlatelv llne up at the wlndow and yell for SCTVICC It IS surprlslng how cheerful the helpers are under the clrcumstances Carol Bankson has served 1n th1s capac1ty for all three years of her hlgh school attendance THE SECTION BOOSTERS Fzrst rou Rlta Alecknew1th Marx Ann Reed Glorla Chambellaxn Ileen Urban Dolores Tabak Donna Luther Vlrgmla Placone Bernadme Trapana Alberta Saxman Jean Wxnkler Second rou Louxs RICCO Sonnx P101 Vmcent Nese James Bethune Emory D1xon Don Lucas Robert Bram mel Ted Ferguson Charles Breeze Yhzzd lou James Shubert Pcnald Snyder Ed Arnnt James Moran Jtux ,NId1Lll1l.9llU John Potothmtlx , A , , , . . . . . ' i v . -. , 1 Y r' v7 ' 1 -- y , 1 v v v v y 1' ' ' ' " w ., v y ' . ' ' ' 1 1 - ". . .. ,, , ' . - .. ,.., ,..' K . ',. . , v 1 , y v N A . The Library Helpers Fzrst row fleft to rzghti Gladys Ross Jane Stevens Sh1r1ey Koda Patt1 Jur1c1ch Mrs Kelster Evelyn Kelly Janet Merhn Jeanne Gaha Joanne Qtepp Second ww Naom1 MCW11llamS Nellle Adamson Betts J1nkner Loms Jessop Betty Bouma Dorothy Harper Rose MaJesk1 Dorls Rutter Dolores Strenko Irene Kelly Roberta Papmchak Blanche eook Patty Grove Mlldred George Dorls Fayad CWMS Serv? The Lxbrary helpers are a group of young ladles who asslst Mrs Kelster ln the work of the llblary Thls work conslsts of checklng ln books, cauylng ovel due S11pS about the bulldlng, and tracing lost books The rnost fun ln the work IS the tr1mm1ng of bulletln boards and d1splay cases Undoubtedly l1brar1ans of the future are ln the maklng among the helpers plctured above Third row: Janet Koda. Carole Nauman. Lois Johnston, Jean Schreiber. V ale ria Papinchak. 3 C Fun on Wednesday Nights! Dlogenes TK P The Drogenes Club Fzfst row lleft fo rzahtl Donna Luther Joan Socre Shulex Cunnmgham Dollv Tarbuck Anne Axtchlson N ncy Jo Llston 'vlarlene Holmes Nancy Strommen Mary Ann Kruppa Second rou 'Sh1rlex Domrn Bettv Mae Rush Dolores Strenko Dolly Brown Ann Popovrch Joan Rxdge was Pat Wess Delnora McKmney Bernardrne Rrrhards Jane Ann Wrlson Patty Lou Kasprrsrn Thzrrl rou, Dorothx Gunsallus Shxrley Groshardt Rose Sxderovrch Iouetta Pnppln Roberta Kaxser Joxre Moonex Glorxa Chamberlam Bernrce Czekaj Dorothx Lucas Loretta Kuzner bhrrlev Drmuzxo Louxse MCKIHHSQ 'lhzs IS our of the oldest rlubs ln thr srhool and has brrn rn rzzstrnrr sznrr Mzss Hollzrlau oraanz rrl zt bark zn 1930 Orzrfznally thr rlub was oraam rrl tr rrmzbmr thr study of hzstoru with tnps fr: :arrows points of hzstorzcal zntr rest ln and about the dzstrzrt As tune went on the club roar frnrrl ztsrlf :mth the 'IlllH1!LljP'Ill67lt of sorlal affazrs for :ts numbers and lhrzr frzenrls a furmtzon that van br' zrrzf zmportant lll a srhool of thzs sz r For mana Urars zt sponsorrrl the srmz formal rlanrw rn Januar 11 one of th mos! unprntrmt sorlal affairs rn thr sr'hool Ihr rlrrh is fr mprnrrrllu umlrv Ihr sprnzsrnshm of Mr ami Mrs nrsrhkrnr C4165 S-Xu? The T C Club First row rlrft to 1zal1t1 L1ll1an Staub Anne Altchrson .Ioan Socne Poselle Drnzeo Carole Bankson Joanne Zafaras Donna Luther Nanu Jo Lrston Sandra Lee H111 R1t'1 Aleknewxth Joanne Prosser Barbara Daw kon Miss Wonfrcdo Margaret Rebar Momca Zahorchak Lourse NICIQUIHGX Jamce Horne Pat Chamberlain Joan Hearn fhzs rlub unrlrr the rlzrrrtmn of Mzss Monfnrlo has banrlrrl toqr thrr a numbrr rfnls Il ho hazr s If F rlr palposr 19 lzkr thr Drnarnrs rhlr lu to lnopr rlu oraanz r anrl ranu out rr ralrnrlaz of soraal rzrnts r nmus lfIOIlS of 'rsr rlulz hr attzarf rl thr atfrhfron of Ihr uholr srhaol CUNK5 S-'YY-42 TKP Club First you Lols Saelmger Dolores Tabak Rose Majeskl Helen Rosrpal Nlornr Kranz Mona Gllhum Marrlxn Treser Bettx James Seconrl rou Marx Merlmo Helen Crothers MarNannSuleckx Mrss Jamxson Helen Xuugan Bermce Mana lovxch Dous Fayad Tl ml you Joanne Mekeel Alrte Luffe Roberta Pop nc-hal. Margaret Lwnch Florence Vvrlson Thr smzlfs on th ar'rs o tlr mr: ons of thr 'IKP Club shoun on the parfr opposztr are rlzarartrrzstzr of the lL!0'Lbfl1 purpose of the rlub to halr aoorl fun Althozulh not nearly as Irma establzshrrr' as llr DIYIIIFIIFS Ihr TKP makes up lll prp what fhr 11 lark Ill Urals of rexzstrnrr . s' 4 ' I v 1 1 v h v U ' ' r .' ' , , f. . ': . 1 V. ' , r I Q ". ' ' -. ' 1' ' 1 f ,V . ' 1 7 'V I Q , l I 4 1 f ' ' V r V - ' f- , . -. .. ' . . . 11' . 'X I' sl N1 . . ' . ' ' .' l 4 - ' , I. . h . 1 A 1 . . r v '. 'l' I . , A , ' 1 - , . , ' 7 Sr'r'onrI row: Kathryn Rogulin. Patsy Zeolla. Jane Wilson. Bernadine Chabanik. Ann Kibbler, Louetta Pippin. "' 'K. . , ,. , ' ,.' 'U .. V.. l . . .. of 1 ' " I'f'I'-Il mur'h Ihr' namr' int!" '.st.s. ' h " ' 1. ' ' ' ' A ' '.. Th ' hilr " .- initir ' .- ' t.1 '. r ' .s lrrr ' ,- r' x , - ' ' 'X I' ul Nu ' Q . .-. 'S ' .Y ' . x v K ' K, 'v A B' ' A .Z L . ' ' - Q 7.. , ' ' ' . , .' ' ' ' Y -' ' . ' - '.' ' rf .- f zv 'il' f ' .- ' . l f f- Vw 4:-. 25 j--3.g. ..,-.,: in- -,n.:vn:?I"1u:sn?r. :za:E.5.".5'E"1f.:1,3.f:':E"E1'1'f ..af.,.! -fa Eu? flhxlx I ' Aw? 1 I 21 J 1 1 Q ,, The GA L Club I'1s'1 Helen Roslpal Donna Kasprlsln Dolls Brown Jamte Horne Barbara Stewart bandla H111 Nano JoL1ston Mars Dannels Allce Bauder Joan Rxogewas bfroml Rou Norma Zlskowth ghll'l0X Domm Peggy Edwards L1ll1an Staub Odell Xddleman Carole Bank son Pat XX exsi Norma Jeesop Geraldln Cook Shules Msers Patty LouKaspr1s1n Tlzzul :ou Xarts Geyer Madelme Frxend Betts Mae Rush Ruth Bostedo Roberta Kayser Mlss Anne Pas taslo Joste Moones rmelsn Kells Barbara Nlcholb Theresa Allyettl Dorothw Senet 7111s club thf name of 14 huh IS made up of thg mztzals of Gzrl.s llllllfltll Ifaqzu uns ozqunz ml as Ihr numf zmplzrs partzfularlu for thosr qzrls who Zozo sports Not only rlo H1111 wlzolrlzfartfrlly bulk all of the regularly establzshefl sportmq nfnts HI Ihr sfhool culrmlar by thur fnttfnrlanrr and thezr zoczferous' fheermfj but they sunk mu mfmzs of lettmu off rnfrqzj by then' members Thfy swzm toqrthfr flame to rffthfr and follou all than oumnustzr I7ll67'fSf6 together Sw Nu? Slgma Slgma Ph: F sl lou Rosma Iauuto Betts Mae Rush Ilene Urban Irene Kelly Joanne Shefflel Jtnc Stevens Catheune Paladm Momut Ztholchak Kathleen Yakln 'lhzs IS Ihr nfufst rlub zu Ihr vhool orffam 111 mst tlzzs zum umlfr H11 sponsor ship of Mrs Anfzlan Fzumls HI rlass 1oom and srhool Ilff th: Sr quls half Olljllnl 111 rc rluh ll zfh pznposf s nzzuh tlzf slum as thf othfr S'0IIfll r 1 s S-YYJ2 NLDBGClub Fzrst row Pat VV'1lsh Audrex XX ll1llCl Illlxan Boxa Jean Caxol Foxsx the M ulene Lesmuk buzanne Holz schuer Sandra H111 Balbaxa Stewart Janet Mlllex Second row Patss Kaye VV mette De-Vlncenzo Carole Todd Srules Fxsher Nlals -Xnn Reed Pattx Mathess Ruth Bostedo Jamce Horne Janet P1c1 Thml ro Ennls Rehak Norma ZlXlx0X1Cll Loletta DBIIGSI 'N nes Crzug Xsonne Niullanes Jean Stark .Ioan Handel Lols Reed Peggx Edssaxds pg f-llb 5 1 4 f 1 o srl I nm: ben fan: nz 103 The llllll1llllflllS has tht same numbrr of nwmbc rs nmc .senior :mu jzouons and nmz sophomozes . . 'i 'out f ' . ' '.' '.' . A' , " . ' ' S ' , " " A v , , .. . ' v v' x ' v ' ' ' ' 1 'I 1 . . . . , K .. , . , . - . ' ' . V . ' . ' ' . , , ' ' I ' ' '.' .Y .. ' ' ' . I A - ' . . - .' V I. ' .' H .' v. v " v v v ' fw ' 7 ' v ' s ' V V ., Y . . 1 r ' Y 7 .l ' , ' - '. . '- ':,g '. . V. N 1 fy V . H I. . ' .' - . 3 ll ' I ' 1' 4 h 1 I .ll ' , ' . . ' 1 1 A l I fi I ' . . . I. K ' A , , l h Q ' I.. ,I ' N , , Y 71 , , . ' . ,' . . ' s ' ls . l 'X I: ul N- . . . Sfrcoml row: Grace Worrell. Alberta Garafola. Ruth Saul. Margaret Sims. Mrs. Argilan. Diana Vukmir. 2 " ' ' . ' -. z 'r . ' ' . 'K I: ul N- . . . . . 1 I V v ' K , I 1 V Q. . l. N, , V ' Y' . 1 A. ' .A ...A . , I. A. ' ' lr: .,' - " . ' '. fa ,' ' - " . ' - Thl' 1 is thf' sc'1'oml oldest 1'.str1lIisl1r1 'lul in ur . zool. Ill " -1 ' ' 1 Ulfl 'zwl ' .'2. ' - - A.- .' ' . 1 -- ' ' . r ' ' s. A 'img' 82 That Candid Camera Tells the Truth! ,Gr ji' 83 Q. .. 1 -:LQ 'E '-vvgfg 7580 'vm EE ,M L1 121' - Athletics We present herewlth another member of the Hall of Fame of the Class of 1951 GEORGE CIFRA elected by popular vote as the outstandlng athlete of the Class of 1951 Georges selectlon was practxcally unanl mous George was the member of the football team for three years belng co captaln w1th Wlllard Brown 1n h1s senlor year He was a member of the basketball team also for three years and an outstandlng performer In add1t1on to these attalnments he lS presldent of hls class and a member of the student councll MR ROBERT AIRD Mr Robert Alrd IS the faculty manager of athlet1cs IH Turtle Creek High School A t1reless worker Mr Alrd has tle thankless Job of keeplng the athletlc machlnery well olled and runn ng smoothly He handles all t1CK8tS and accountlng the tlcket takers and ushers the contact Wlth other schools the arrangements for the sumrffer camp the procurement of off1c1als the newspaper contacts and the many many other tasks that are a part of athletlc contests H1s day IS constantly xnterrupted by the Jangllng of hlS telephone and the recelv mg of lmportant correspondence . , . . . , - v 1 7 XT u . . f, , . 1' 1 A . . I . Y . - Y V y U v 'v Y . . K 1 I I' . l l 1 . X The Football Squad James McT er R chard Robert Brammel Char es Green Bob Mu ooly Charles D on Dona d D Santa Fzrst Ron eTorre C ark Yutzy George C fra Dona d Sch ldkamp Lester Wa ker Joe P cl Fred Derdock W ard Brown Andy Loehr Sf co d ro Kerr A Ferd Char es Kennedy davchek Pau Bench B Edd Mr Rometo coach J m Grace Joe Ca ey Wm Nebe Barry Basel R chard Tut ch J m Va ent ne O Thzrd Rode a Jack Bowman Mr Lews asszstmt coach rmtB r-4 v-4 211111811 anaqrfr WL IJ f roach 099 9111 Jack Ford Mr M chae s aprara C enry H H9 Mu John Jackson I 431' F OH 31 M ck Ja ' .2 vi 'U .- 15 ... QE - rn v- .-1 2 ' ., 3 M 2 .C E : Gi -- .:, '5 'T A .1 F .-- ?zYI S-4,-1 , O E .,.. Bl.-1 - 5 . .H M 'a 1-4 r D f : 2 - E , .H E -1 . 2- " J I . lil 9' g C :H K 6 : -H , - lg .,.. 4 '1' A .. n-'11 A , : , - ' v-4 K W U E P11 F ' ,A , ... 4 . .K Q' 'Oi M ,, s 5 .,.. -ez gi E , .. ' M 4.H : . .. ' s.. D ,, 2 'XD 'rr 1,4 Q f' A A Q C 'Z '4-' L ' Z - - R c X Fr. J , ,W N The Creekers Left to rzqht Wrllard Brown Barry Basel, Ray Udavchek Rrchard Tutrch James Valentrne Jas Grace Andy Loehr Bafkfield Chas Drllon George Crfra Paul Bench AlFerd1 Pl.-ryrng under Ossre Rometos co.-rthmg for the first trme Turtle Creek Hrghs football team comprled 'rn admnable ret ord of sx wms three losses and one tle The hope of an undefeated season was rudelx rolted when our boxs dropped the first game to Central Catholrc The next four games were all victories for Turtle Creek It was at Munhall that Turtle Creek was elrmmated from the W PI A L by a 14 0 score Wrns over Braddock and Clarrton and a tre with Scott were follow ed bs a decrsrve defeat by New Castle Things to be remembered The drrung rarnstorm at Scott Hrgh George Crfras erghtx fixe ward return of a krck off for 1 touchdown agunst New Castle touthdown agarnst Clanton The goal llne stand agamst Stott George Cfra and Andx Loehr x rt awarded first strlng berths on the All VS PIAL Team whrle Tutrch recerxed honorable mentron The team deserxes great credrt for a fine season under a new coach and a new sx stem Record Central Cath Penn Hrgh Jeannette Frfth Aw enue XX rlkmsbur g Nlunhall Braddock Clanton Scott New Castle TCHS Managers Chas Kennedv Jas McT1er Mac Hrnkle Don Schlldkarnp . '. l 1 I v v ' v M' A' ,' ff i. , , , .' ,' . ' . ' A ' ' . . Bob Br'ammel's eighty yard run for an . i ,. -V . x.0,, . . .... 13 ' . 14 " 14 A 0 'A 14 8 . . .. 19 - , 7 . .O . . A, ' T " ' ' 6 . , . " 0 . 14 ' ' " 33 ' 19 ' 25 ' ' 13 " 0 0 ' 6 t' ' ' 44 SIU-W 'Q Q 'EW 6 aa. 5 3 d ar K ' K' . fa! my M, , Q . Q ff' fA!' 4 I QQ? M 4 ybl 6 1 ff R4 - 50 fri! 5 N 3, 5 vxjkahli ' .- I s 3 X L if z. yi .V ll If I tn. 6, "Zvi 'f A Xa " 4 5 . K vagina' Vx' , Eli.. wir . A Q '91 . A-1-+... fb 1-. - .L ' ,' Q , it , Q? QQ! fffr W A W ' ,, ,. za, W as a . q ' K f l ' , ' 43 sz . W. "" P 4. , UR A Q 1 . Q pST' AJ., as , J 1 gg! ' i 'IN' -5, 5' Xa -. Q , S V V f - .fr-, - , x 5 , ' ' ' ' 'T lx 1, J' . M ' J . 1 M' A' f' 1' if + 9 9 , f 1 5" , x 'lf L S- .sy fha, I 1 -cg 'Jw Q ff ' Biflglif- , wh ,H . .3 Q Cheer Leaders Front mu Pat Chamberlam Jane W lson Marlene Iesnlrk Donna Kaspusxn Srvonrl mu Pattx Lou Kasprl ln Barbara Stewart Joanne PFOSSCI Shlrlex Cunmng, ham Mayorettes F1rsf rou Marx Ann Selber Carole Todd Patsx Bradx Patsx Kaxe Shlrlex Flsher Second mu LOUISE LTCK1DD6X Shlrlex N1CK1DH9X Jong Mounex Audlex NIcFa1lanc1 Shulex Saxman IIIIIII :ru Iols Sadlel Sharon Sandel on Shulex NI1l1e1 Peggx DIXDUIEII - ' . , i . A . . " . " ' . X ,YZ N Patty Mafheys. l A A K A The Basketball Squad Front row flrff to rrqhtf Jrhn Schake Manaber Wrllrard Brown George Crfra Duane Xlrlaon Charlea Coxle Nello Contrch Charles Drllon Joe NVrtqon Qrronrl nm John Owerw Paul Mrnron John Kukurrn Fd Armrt Wrllram Roclellfr Paul Rmgbloom Frank Mclntx re Thur' lou, Charlee Shultz Albert Sekelx Garx Rerd Frefforx Caprara John NrcCarthx 'Vlrke Poraclo L rrw Kerr Bob Strrone Buster Cortazzo The 1930 51 season rn basketball met urth a varrety ot luck and experrenees The sprrrt and morale of the team never faltered the hnal scores lett much to be desrred The pre league serson was, sporled bx the lack of practrce clue to the brg snovx A slow start was the natural result There was olentv of excrtement rn the league games 'rlthough the team was pestered Wrth the last mrnute changes rn Qcores that seemed to leave them on the short end As thrs rssue of Nlenrorres xx ent to press the onlx league gfrme on the wxrr srcle xvrs that xx tk Br rdclork Ther are excellent proqpects for next wen Q ' . . h r I , . I I . X I, ' . ' ' v r v . v ' v Y '. ' . , K , . . , 1 . L . ., A f , , 4 , 1 , , '. . .. , . , ' .V f. . . , ' . . . , . 1 , K , J I., Q , r H , A , 8. , V . V L . . -I A. -. . . Y . . .' . . , . 'r' .. . r ., " K v. B. J. . - .1 K , . r Q S ' . ' ' . 1- .' rr Y , Y. v 4 Z C '1 .' 4 'R r 'i ' . .S . . P . N. . V 2 .- Baseball Team 1950 F1fStT011, ,hm Cortazzo B111 Anger Andy Loehr George Cxfra John Muskovac Nello Contlch Allen Proctol Ralph Rosemaly Sfroml row Mr Borov1ck Merle Svboda Jack Rosemary Rxchard McClelland Harry Hartman Bll77X Whalen John Ahvettl Bob Martello Paul McCullough Tlmrrl vow Paul Bench Carmen A1ello Don Stamford J1m Bottl Glenn Walters Bob Allen Dall Choven Earl Pamter Wavne Mun' The Track Team of 1950 Fzrst row Pobert Hammer Bruce Berry Tom Conklm Tom Vlctorla Mac Hmkle Second row Tom Horne B111 Ledger Dlck D1Pr1ter 'Wavne Mathews B111 Walsh VVenc1l Kare1s Ed d1e Coldltz Henry Banks Don Wlngard Thzrd row Mr Boone Stanlev Thomas Ray Jones Dave D'1v1es Tom Woodward Merle Shxelds Chuck Kennedy George Merslno Bob Zellers Mr Robertson Fourth row Don Zlschkau Dlck Malhk Tom OBr1en Jas Muselxk Al Perch John D1Tomaf-.so Im Callex Ronnle Harper Don Svugart Bob Brammel John Thomas . . . v - V - v v , . . ' v ' 1 V ,, f . . ,, , . I- , K - ,.. , . - . , ' .' V - " 1 . y ,. V ' w - N- v 1 v v - , . . . . . , Y . . . - . Q 1 1 L A . , V v - . . . v I V . 1 . . ,V - v l . . , . . . . , . . i -. . 4 I - , , , . , , ., ,. V '. . 'I . . Soccer Team of 1950 F1 st row Wm Kerr Walter Kraeer Wesley Hakanen Fran Tlpplng Ed Dovle Bucky Balok Fred Derdock Richard DeTorre Joe Clma Serena row Mr Livengood Ray Jones Dave Bell B111 Ledger D1ck Tutlch Paul Downev Will Brown John Mullm Bill Anderson Pete Lemas Ihml rww Don Chrlstopher Bob Brammell Emory Letham Dave Davles John D1Tommaso Ronnie Harpel Joe Callex Earl Jackson D1ck Snvder Chas Greene Eugene Ferrl Last year the H1gh School Soccer Team enjoyed a falrly good season under the capable hands of coach L1vengood As usual the equipment was furmshed by the team ltself through funds obtamed by sponsoring mOVl6S and basketball games Th1S money enabled them to buy thelr shoes socks and sweaters and stlll enough left for them to fall back on ln case lt was needed Although we d1d not w1n too many games we had the d1s1nct1on of placmg four men on the ALL STAR team Whlch played the college ALL STARS t Brldgevllle Stadium Th1S was qulte an honor for the school as well as the Soccer Team as Soccer IS a falrly new sport m the Valley and our players really had to put out 1n order to stand up to the superlor brand of ball played by the other teams 1n the WPIA L who play Soccer the year round After loslng the first game Wlth Snow den by a 6 0 score our boys settled down to play a pleasmg brand of ball Monessen Brldgevllle South Fayette and Snowden tall strong contenders for the WPIAL tltlel were glven tough 0ppOS1t1OI1 by the Creekers but as usual experlence told the final story and we came out on the short end of the stlck Our final game of the season played at KlSk1 Prep found our boys the vlctors by a deserving 2 1 margin Most of the members of the team have graduated leavmg five lettermen and a good selectlon of experlenced sophomores to carry on next year Our team w1ll also be strengthened by players Just entermg Hlgh School from W1lk1ns Townshlp and Patton Altogether Mr L1vengood should have a good nucleus to bu1ld h1s team around We are sure that our team w1ll glV8 a good account of ltself 'rn I . . , . . . I . j . ' ,V v 4' . v Y Y I . I lu l u ' ' '. ' - 4 . , . ' ' 1 . . , V 9 , . . . . . v 9 9 ' v - ' KK VY ' Y AK YY a ' 1 Y Y . . . . ., - The Court of the May Queen 1950 HOVN ARD LANG JANET SHUBERT Ihr M1111 Qufrvz , y , Solnis! The May Pole Dance Crownlng The Queen Of May 5-s..-.-44 Trumpeters Ylne mimi trel SFOMAOFA McClintock Lumber Company 1320 LYNN AVENUE Turtle Creek Mr Charles McClintock Umon High Class of 1925 .lobe s Funeral Home G t St Faller Bros Furnlture Pullen s Drug Store 529 P 501 P Mandel s Star Prlntlng Co McCoy Bros Bus Llne Valley Auto Sales 1421 M l A , , 123 ran reet ' 9 enn Avenue enn Avenue , 0 0 611 Penn Avenue Grant Street onroevl le venue Brown Avenue Extension ANTON S IIRILL Penn Awenue AXTON S I'II'T SHOP 513 Penn Ax enue ISI' ADLINC 'VIOTOR IOMPANY 917 Lynn Aven e III ATTII' S RP STALRANT Wrllram Penn Hrghxxay ROIPS SERVII F STATION Momoevrlle 8: Sycamore BROFF S JI' WX FLI' RS 621 Perm Axenue ISROVNS BARBFR SHOP Penn Axenue BII LS DAIRY STORI' 1201 Maple Avenue BII L S BOW LING ALLI4 YS Monroevrlle Avenue I ALLIGI' RO S BARRI' R SHOP Monroexrlle Avenue I ARI'AI'NA'S Penn Axenue I AROTHI' R S I ROI I- RY Penn Avenue IUNNINI HAM AUTO SAII+S CAP SARS GRILL 701 Penn Ave rue IARLTON S 'VII4 N'S STORI- 514 Penn Avenue I If IULI' MAN lnsuranu- 625 Penn Avenue I ONIW ISI AND LUNI H 654 Braddock Avenue IJIAWIOND TAXII AB IONIPANY 108 Monroevrlle I DVORAX II I ROI I4 RY Anbrake Avenue IJUNI AN GROI If RY 122 Br ovxn Avenue PSNIAN S AUTO STORIS 624 Penn Avenue I HNIWIAN 8 IONIPANY 5 0 Penn Avenue I'I'RRI BROTHERS Penn 8: Monroevrlle III S STYLI1 SHOP Penn Avenue MAF GP RDW IN BP AUTY SHOP Penn Avenue GIANT FAGLF 'IIARILIT 518 Penn Avenue GRAY K DUQUETTIH Plumbers 283 Braddock Avenue HAHN S FLRNITURI' STORI 902 Penn Avenue HALDII ,S MARRPT 544 Larrmer Avenue HODI SON S FLOVIIR SHOP 129 Monroevrlle Avenue HORNI 8 HORNP, Real Pslale 101 Church Street ISAIY S DAIRY STORI 522 Penn Axenue JAI IL S 625 Penn Ax enue JLNNY 85 JOI' S Frurt Sz Potterx Route 22 Wrllram Penn Hrghxxay JOHN S DRUG STORI 504 Penn Avenue ILLI IN'S 'III'N S STORI4 500 Penn Avenue 204 Grant Street JOHN KUKURIN Dlstrlbutor Monr oevrlle 8: Sycamore ILATII' 'S NIARIXI' T 1625 Beech Street LI4 W,S NIIUVS STORI' 622 Penn Axenue LIBI+ RTY IIARILI' T 5031 Penn Ax enue LORI' NA S I ONI'I4I TIONI- RX 113 Monroexrlle Axenue LORPSILIS 'IILSII STORI- 514 Penn Axenue LOTTII' S DRI SS SHOP 524 Penn Avenre LYON S BARBER SHOP 204 Braddock Ax enue 'IIAJI STII GARDI' NS Old Vhlham Penn Hrghxxay 'II 81 I NIOTORS Mrddle 8: Thrrd Axenue Vkrlmerdrng . ,,, , 7 , , 11 - I 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 1. I L, I L AA Ji A I . 1 1 1 , r A9 .u , I .,I .I I I 1 1. 1. .,. , . I I . 1. 7 L X A L A I 4 . . 1 1. 1 ,I I-I I I . 1 1 1 . II .,I I 1 ' 1. ., 1 L 'L A L ' , '1 11 1 ' , I A J I ,I I AI .11 . 1 . 1 I ,I , . I I 1 . 1 . I,,. ' A L I . I ,I I I 1 1 . 1 . ' 1 ws ' . ' ' 1 1 . 1 N ' 1 ' 1 Y L I,I I I I . . 1 . . ,I I .I 4 A L 1 AA 4 'A L 1 1 . . 1 I ,I I II 1 11. I 1 L AAL - - - IxN1AI'iI'BROTHIrR l'I'I'D IORI' Monroevrlle 8: Sycamore l 1 A 5 44 5 A I J , r 1 I ,I I I I I ' 41 L 1 41 L L A 1 1.11 1 1 1 ' . . 1. . 1 1 , , 1 1 1 .1 11 . . 1 . ,, , H , 1 1 . 1 1 -I I -I 1 1 1 .A 1 11 -5 ' ' V' II ,I I IIII II 7 1 . 1 . 11 11 ,u 1 I 11 ' ' ' ' ' III,I TI I I I 1. . 1 I. 1 . 1 11 11 I - I .,I I ,, .,, , ,, AL 2.1 1 ALX L L AL ' . Q N I I. I v I I l . 1. 1 1 1 rx ' Y 141 A L 1 1 1. 1 1 . . Y" ' v Y JI L AL 1 11 L 1' '. v Y' I' ' v NIARY S DAIRY Penn Sz Grant NIANNING SLRW IfE STATION Penn Avenue 8: Grant Street NIFTIGI R S I HILDRENS STORE 616 Penn Avenue HILTON SHOE STORE Penn Avenue NIONROE VILLE ERUIT MARKET Old Wllllam Penn Hxghway NIRA7 S DRUG STORE 703 Penn Avenue The G 4 NIURPHY IOMPANY Penn Avenue NE W DE AI RE STAURANT 208 Braddock Avenue NE LIS FRILL 118 Church Stleet O'NEILL,S DRY FOODS STORE Penn Avenue ,I A ORR IONIPANY 609 Penn Avenue PALTVIE R RROTHE RS GROCE RY PFNN CASH MARKE T Penn Avenue PHIL'S BAR B Q 702 Penn Avenue PONTIAI ENFRAWINI fONIPANX Chltago Ill RLD FRONT NIARRET 1207 Maple Avenue R 8 A RISTAURANT 012 Penn Avenue RIDGEXX AY SE RN If E STATION Hunter 8: Umon Stxeet RITIE L S Momoevllle Ax enue RUTTFR BROTHERS LUNIBER LO 1001 A11 bz ake Ax enue SALAMON'S MARRET VVIIIIHTH Penn Hlghxxay Route 22 SCAI LY S I LE ANINF SHOP Momoevnlle Axenue Sl HW ART! HARDW ARE. CONIPANX 010 Penn Avenue R E SOLI S GARAGE 211 Braddock Avenue ANDRFW SHOGANS NIARRET 1501 N aple Ax nue SPE ELNIAN S RILSTAURANT C19 P nn Avenue STADILNI IRILL 9 'J Nlomoevxlle Avenue STRAXX S FENERAL STORE 1111 M11 Jle Avenue STRLBLF 81 RILEY IONIPANY 110 G ant Street TRI BORO SALES 81 SE RYHF 237 Momoev111e Avenue TURTLI' CREEK AUTO PARTS 200 Braddock Avenue TLRTLE FREEI1 WLLDING SHOP 14 Penn Axenue VALLI Y IASH EEFD STORE 1211 Aub ake Avenue W AI LI Y IIARDXX ARE lOWIPANX 600 P nn Axenue VE Nl! E RI STAURANT 1201 A11 bl ake Avenue VALI I Y I LFANE RS 8 TAILORS 14 Penn Axenue W ALLEY DAIRY IONIPANY 0 9 Braddock Avenue VETERANS OE EOREIIN V1 ARS 912 Penn Axenue VINCLNTS BEAUTY SALON Penn Axerue VG ATTS BROTHERS TOOI WORRS 760 A11 brake Avenue Veil NIE RDINI' NIISSION ORANl E IIOTTI INF I ONIPANY 154 Aubrx e Avenue WINDSOR YOUTH IENTER 'J 2 Penn Axenue WINDSOR STORI S Im 53 P nn Ax enue THE Vs ONIEN S C LLB OE TURTLE I RE ER THE NIIS IAE ARAS 411 Penn Axenue TONI YAFARAS 622 Penn Ax enue ,1 1 1 411 1 I 11 1 1.1 11 1 11 1 11 v 11 1 1 ' ' ' "7' ' 11 1 11 1 1 11 ' 4 ' ' S " 1 11 'C' 1 11! -,1 1'1 1 ' ' ' ' "' ' ' 1 111 1 1 1. l 49 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 C 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 1.1 . 7 . 1.11 1 11,1 111 1 1 1 1 1 111 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 A 1 1 1 1 1 1 , 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ,1 1 1 - 1 41 1 1 1' ' 1 11 11 1 1 - x AL L1 11 1 1 1 1 A . 0 A01 1 I I 11 1 1 11 11 1 1 11 1 P 1 1 1 11 1 1 .J ' A 1 wir '1 ' 1 11 1, A- 1 1 1 1 4, ' 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 111 11 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 .11 11 1 1 11 I J A 1 1 A 1 1 11 P v .1. 1 1 1 9 1 11 11 1 4 1 11 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 A A 1 AJ ' I 614 Locust Stleet , , , , , 4 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 J 1 C ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . . "H 1 1 1 11 1 11 1 1 1 11 -1 1 1 1 111 11 1 1 1 , ,. 1 11 1 .. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 ' 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 X 11 1 4 Y. ,, 1 1 1 - 1 71' n A 1 A 11 1 ' . 4 '1 1 1 1. 11 1 1 -1 1 1 X 11 1 -11 11 1 11 1 11 L .1 11 11- 11 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 111 1 1 111 1 1 1 ' . -- '. .l. 1 1 111 1 1,1 11 1 1 11. , 11 1 1 11 1 - ' ' T2 1 1 1 ..-1 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11, 1 '11 r 7 8 v 1 1 11 , 11 11,1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . 11 1 1 .. . 1 1 1 111 1 1 1 11 1 ,1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1f 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 111 11 1. 1 11 . 11 11 1 1 - 1 -1 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 1. 1 11 1 11 In 1 The Last Wall and Testament WE the members of the Sen1or Class of Turtle Creek Hlgh School OfflC1311y known as The Class of 1951 bemg of sound m1nd and memory do hereby make publlsh and declare thls to be our Last W1ll and Testa ment revoklng herewlth any wllls hereto fore made by us to w1t I To the Honorable School Board we leave our heart felt appreclatlon of k1nd watchfulness over our welfare thereby makmg our school years the happlest of our l1ves II To the Faculty we leave our lastmg gratltude for the1r help not only m our studles but 1n such affalrs as our Mmstrel whlch though lt was a headache to them was a brlght spot 1n our school l1fe We W1Sh them the fulfilment of that hope that sprlngs eternal for better classes to follow lwhlch of course 1S 1mposs1bleJ III To Mr Carmack our class advlser we leave the left over commencement an nouncements the mghtmare of Wondermg 1f the Annual materlal w1ll be 1n before the deadl1ne and the grantmg of h1S wlsh for a fine school camera whlch he has always wanted IV To Mr Derfhnger we leave the broken test tubes the stench of HZSO4 the tests Wlth unknown formulae and the hope that everythmg IS now queer V To M1ss Monfredo and Mrs Brown we leave our thanks for guldance of our commerc1al students and for thelr loyalty to us as students 1n a great school VI To Mr Zlschkau we leave a few torn and tattered SO11d books the mys terlous sllde rule whlch only he under stands and our smcerest thanks to a teacher that treated us as senlors and was never too tlred or too busy to glve us extra help when we needed It VII To M1ss Swanson and M1ss Jam xson our Engllsh teachers we leave our apprec1at1on of the efforts to lmprove our grammar and mcrease our vocabularles not to mentlon also the explanatlon of why we were to be or not to be VIII To Mr Kelly our auto shop teacher we leave the rear bumper that dropped off our car the O11 from our crank case and a couple of dollars for the parts we Swlped IX To the llttle Sophomores we leave the pr1v1lege of growxng up to be worthy upper classmen To our coaches we leave all the luck 1n the world XI Indlvldually and collectlvely Tom Morgan leaves h1s actlng ab1l1ty to Jlm MUS118k Marlene Lesmck leaves her vlm vlgor and v1tal1ty as a cheer leader to Jane Anne Wllson George C1fra leaves hxs football prowess to Al Ferdl Ann A1tch1son leaves her aptltude IH school leadershlp to Patsy Kaye Joanne Zafaras leaves her ab1l1ty to wear beautlful clothes to Shlr ley F1sher Dorls Fayad leaves the newspa per w1th 1tS Joys and headaches to any Junlor who IS w1ll1ng to work hard to make lt a success taglous glggles to Mary Ann Selber Barbara Stewart leaves her grace 1n dancmg to Patty Matheys her ease 1n swlmmmg to Jan1ce Horne J1m Shubert leaves hls good looks to Don Schlldkamp Don D1santa leaves h1s clownlng to Emery Dlckson Ross Palermo leaves the stage to some w1ll1ng soul who w1ll work nlght and day w1th llttle glory l .Dlck Tl.lt1Ch leaves hls towerlng helght to any Junlor that w1ll as he d1d eat Grow Pup every meal XII We do hereby constltute and ap polnt the Junlor Class herelnafter known as the Class of 1952 as executors of th1s our Last Wlll and Testament ln wltness whereof we the Class of 1951 3fflX our name and seal thls second day of June 1n the Year of our Lord Nlneteen Hundred and Flfty One The Class of 1951 1Seall V ' - i .. 1 ' ' ' ' Y' , - X. . . . - 0 7 - . , : . . . h . 1 1 1 au - . . 1 ' . 1 b' 1 1 1 , . v I ' 1 1 1, 1 .1 1 , 1 Y 1 1 1 7 1 :X 1 Y dl 1 1 1 1 1 1 el ' l 7 7 ' . . ' ' 9 I r ' ' . . ' f' ' - 1 , 1 1 1 . . A 1 l . ' g. Odeil Addleman leaves her con- - 3 Y I 1 f h. KK ' ' YY , , . h, 1 1 1 , 1 . . ir . . ll ' Y! 1 ' 1 1 1 , - . ' - ' k. , . . . H ' Y? . . , . ' . , ' , , 1 1 , 1 . 1 . 1 ' I n . I ' ll YY ' . l . 7 . 3 D . I 1 , 1 , 1 y . 1 ' - Y k 1 ,' f- z'7 I ,- I I , 01 A , . X , fb ni f 1' f V f Nl ' .f , V iw' I Af A WFUJV- WuN JaL!,T"AIk .l fl!!! 'WYE 515050 'nl fyfl wif f,Q , K 'gif' QQ ffyfga il, ,fir Z 4154414 Vcfcfffnz f X 16" ,n.,,v M,-42!""L 74 Q' 'I LI Gun, .Z fgf L, 41 ffl ag ff- if SJ N 2,1 ji' ffx ,wffww iw up B--aa 4 4 if i, T , Q, A -k 1 I ,Aix -AA A J, 'A A .j -ev' A A N. f rx, ., ' A .11 A 5 A ' f ' Ai . A . K, . J' A X 4 A 5 3: ,V V. - I . , A . AA- A B , , V: X X5 sxzi' yy, .QV -lm . Nl A- 'lz--.., ,AAN xi, AA -A Xe-A Q- 4' ' 'tl 54' ' -, A . 1 1: ,A A .A ,3 ' A, - AA .Q 3 x A x Nw-A' .A XV g. F. U05 f A . ' 'H L A . . I E -Q. A ., -X Af., A A1 5 I L19 pil'-og '. - X4 QA I . 3 . ' A 1 ' ,I-10' ' Q-N1-vu h 'L qu W A Ag A A , A, Ak - QA A A FX g F X A A :X S AA A, . Ai 'Z I on '?'- .f 'X' " KX fx Q B. 'N 413 rjx V ' A " ' I hx' by P1 is g X W 2. qi , f 4 A XA A A , ' ii V 4' L5 'F f A AAA ' A A ' A wlx fix . N TA A PX- Q B 1 1, , A f ' 'S - A 1 ,fi A A I ' -A -, . w- , , YK N X H 1 I M Lx: A N,-A 1 . " . A . 1 ,Ars is fi a S A MN X wx f' ' ' , ', - , - '- A . - N- " rl' 'f, ' ' fx ' X' .., -: ft 1 NN ' 'L 'A' -x ' A . Y ' , -Q P. X 2 D '- ' A 1 v X . ' A A - Q " A Q ' f 1 K, . RA: A xA - 'Ari A Q A ,A xxx '--1 A ' T- , K -. A X X 'gf I L mg N . A .X ' ,A - A XX AAN . . X N. . ,XA A A -A f -X1 f 1 Q ' , 1 ' 'P X, KA f X f - A f- 3 Q- -23 1 rf- A ' X - Q-wi , r X , x 2 C - P? ' AQ ,f , 5- - .- A , Af: . f 4' -- V ' - . 'Q , 1 f- bio ' x - Af' - X 'N X it A A, - as AA L , V 1 . v. A' A x.,...Q I lv 9 z xA 11 'VC A '11 ,, yy 5x ' -ia ' . X E it A 4. . 1 L A, f N ff ' - QA s 1 L ,A -A 1, 1 f J x QA lf f A f 2+ f fi- I N. f x w - , N f 1 WX: , 'f' . fr- 'FX N S X 'Nf . X 'r AA .' AA ci , Ai Q1 ' A? r , ,Ax 1 M' f A 5? 1? - A A A N . ' ,. Nw ' A 1 ' A .A AAAAAA A , ' A Y wr -A Q A , A A L , 1 Mp, A N kg 'N ' ,A sf' 'NX X A V ' I .A 1' X I A N "U I ', ' ' I' X ' ' Q - f' . ,--- x, mx ' ' xi I ' ' , A1 ,' A A AAAAAA A ug AA I 1 5 1- ', " A ' A :NA Q , A g , ,A 'V A A - WA ' 6' . R A5 A WN " X - EM 'Ax x , A 1 4 -A1 AA 43 - Q 0 -s A ' 'A ' 1 ' 2 ' ' '. ' Q' . ' 1 Q 5 V S A A " I 3 4 A' 4 V , ' 4 ' M 1 N ' ' f - - ..: ' -' A , ' , -A - X r .Y ', A 1 IA - A I 5 A , A, f , Q A A , ' , mA, 'K k w g . - A . -J V ' A M :N K ' A, x 'Vt ' 4 ,A x 4 5 ' X A A X " , . f' X A ' 1 . 1 In J . .. f. .,.. - , .D V 1 ' S' ' Ml 0 'c u- fp A "ww - 'Q Nl f-4Jfg35'?'5 .AP ' . p .Q-ff' W fx ,T1:.Q.E7f 7 ' . , 1 -i4-' ' . 3 .fi .A A "A H' ' r .- " V , 'af H-" .1 h' f' xl-f ' ,. L fi-,J - A '49 fi. Ni 'Q' "1 5 if A A -EYE" -"f'V.' .," 1 ,- ' 7, f- ' . Agf It f ?l L" i"5'J.i ' 2 12 " " v: -'xl Y Qt"lki"' x Sikxff i H X M f,,,A yamkgyi .xx-3-.f a if ,rf f Aft AA I f :U-5' Af ki ln A AU Kgs? ' , 1 IAA I f If ?-:Y M 'S' X ax W1

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