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Turtle Creek High School - Memories Yearbook (Turtle Creek, PA) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Cover

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4, X I fjjjj JF ,.wu.,oC 4 jLf.f-f67o,,daMdAUvlan:J1 wwf W W ww, Q A M E 1 pw X SYM' N1 Q18 XS W QD ff J N 0 WWW Q-if j! " A Y -,A nn 4 A- V-V . .fl 1 ' , r' - J ' 5 b V -Y Y A Y f if Q tp, 70 1 Wi f " JVDL 5' J f the QD ,L SIQV ' t , T' ,- A I , .J V 9 kr ' V' J fbi? . x XMWBQ1 ' km if W P ' is AQ db' X K linux' again ka , nb, 0 xo ,u ' . . S N f X V :, i,fN m 1 lf' J B 3 X xr V A' A w iff FW J w w ff , 2 QL Q, N wL5.2f g f 3Ww55f Mk 5 f,.' Jff"f x , Q Q .4ffiU J ' bi , 15 x 2 f W X 91 fb VI My if KJ ix ,WN . 7 A 3 F, if ' . 'I x ? 'Rw ' 4 Womhffj hu .Vhkk L, ' H ez: 3 fx SY . 'XM ' vw JJ D! f 3 Q N' K ms? X IQ k , jg X95 ff 0 fv X Q V VV H W Q - 0 1 4: qs Q 9 Q5 3 104' QE if ffiw f-0 X Xywf J yfpfzfi' f df! 'T 4-'1"'f 'X' z EM' K M X X9 0 LJ W vm x Wm kfcf IE foppwbwj W Mr Q W WSE? GO A xf 'I' J Vx I ' uf' L zY..!.. 'ff , ',f vu: f Xiu fy ZAAI i Jfff? b , f I fl, V , FN Nfl- ' A ,JJ ' f"' AW JV ,X w- 4 xl 5 Q Ji 5 - if 1 rv' Af if gf gb u g . 'lf' 1 QL" L1 f 1 I, "' , ' JM- U ' 57 ff X 5 , ' A fu, 1 ST X I L - 7, g . . xx H. N y. fs Ay, ,X ,Af Y J X12 ,IA xi W K 1 ff ' I 1 p"Uhj'5 i jj K T . N , x 9' X, ' , AJ ,uf ,QfLiJ f XX? j A X XX N Q9 'W 'C fi 9 AFJ . 'Q -, 1 I , K5 Q X M25 1041 X X W J 1 V r if ,- PF A f- lvl fx xl , dl ff," 1 A fx . f4ff,f',f 4,1 L" .pb ' M?-pf V Y A V! by H IQ fi XX vjxvxfk Ili! Cb f M' Q' Qlfzf , V7 .U ff f 4 E ' ov x ij., K ff NI!! I , 7 . .yxxx ffvfd U5' JJ x N, X 'W 5.-Q-3 ' Jo . q - I 1 if 77 'dvi , W" X f v 2 1 lb: Y 1 s v A f ' r Q , 3 L. 14 ma Mater Hall Alma Mater we r1se 1n song to thee Thy sons and daughters we are proud to be Strong are the t1es that bmd our hearts to T C Hlgh sky Proudly we hold the colors up for all to see The royal blue and Whlte for truth and loyalty We ll honor thee unt1l our days on earth are o er But Alma Mater wlll l1ve on forever more We'11 stand and sing her praises to the ? Q! 4 '5 FE 'Y : 5 1 51 EL ,f 'LFE Q.- -.....,, Md. QQ :J F' .H-J -I We divide the Century with: ..- I New T es 50 Compiled by the Members of the Senior Class . . . of . . . Turtle Creek High School . . . of . . . Turtle Creek, Pennsylvania List of Annual Board Editor-in-Chief .,.4,,.. ., .A.,A.,4,,...,4 ..,..... Sylvia Ardisson Associate Editors ...A Ruth Shultz, Sally Evashavik Business Manager... ,s...s s.......,..,l,.,.4...... ........,. J o hn Skvarla Assistant Business Managers ..t.......,,.........,.....,,..,....... Hollerman, June Pape Senior Picture Editors .. .,.,.. ,. t,,...,.,.t...,......... Mary Hill Associates ,t.,,...t.. Agnes Bercik, Doris McCabe, Lorraine Lenguel Group Pictures ,.... ..,... .....,. M a ureen DeVincenzo, Eleanor Sable, Jean Rodgers, Ethel Emanuel Page Arrangement .....,. ...,... ..... . . ,..........,., E va Staub, Jane Richardson, Edith Caprara, Gloria Povanda Sports ..........,...... ,. .Ronald Harper, Al Franci Art Editor .......,. . . ...,..,,,.......,,..,,.....,.,. Alice Lesnick To These Belong the Responsibility For This Book First rou' flefi to riglztfr Agnes Bercik. Alice Lesnick. Maureen DeVincenzo, Sylvia Ardisson. Sally Evashavik. Ruth Shultz. Ethel Emanuel. Second row: June Pape-. Eleanor Sable. Jean Rodgers, Jane- Richardson, Mr. Carmack, Eva Staub, Mary Hill. Doris My-Cabo, Lorrainf- Lenguol. Third rout Gl--ria Povanda, Al Franci. John Skvarla, Ronald Harper. Harry Hollerman, Edith Caprara. .Zmmf Q 4 XDJB - VVhose PILIIIISS appeal on this and the folloumg pages For the1r unceasmg patlence For the1r WllllI1gI18SS to help us prepare for our llfe s work For the1r cheerful acceptance of the tasks wlth whlch we burdened them For their readmess to teach us the democratlc way to better CltlZ6HSh1p And above all for thelr deep understandmg of and sympathy for us and our problems We the Members of the Class of 1950 affection ately dedlcate thlS volume to 1744, Qt. 1 Iflp 3 m r6llllll""v 1 llrlinn m COME lIlEZZ5ClllHlEll2f53 s....J V ' 1 5 5 1 f 1 a ' "luv num. y Y - I , . . . ' ,I ll . I -fe. - X x 5' E. ff' Q 2 h fffffnh.. 4 . Q '15 r Qrwwffgzh ' ll Q ' 4, l 0, Q T 1. n A rw X 4, N ,, , p 1 3 9 - '. Q aff 1 5, N ,xr 35 W T11 A V1 nf f 1711fr.1,f14...1 . 1.4 1 f'1l1.f111Ifll'.fll?', lf51WKlIlo5l1lll'lf I f1fl6'I1l 11 1'1.1a 1 111,111 LIU Q ' l-V , ' ,MK "" ' ' ',"f v f I 'W , 1. 4 V, 1 "' .'-. E 1-M Q5 2 I I ."A Ralph Hughes F. L. Hazelton Thomas Pryde Robert Aird Robert Carmack John Carthew Ralph Fife Carol Good John Gehrett Peter Blackwood Grace Knabe Charles Cooper Ruth Brown 'Q ,r ff ay 2 - ew -4-za-' The ,iii 1 y 2' 4 r y 9 I V if Jean Hadfield Gladys Hensell Sylvia Jamison Vivian Argilan Jas. Kelly William Lazaro Elmer Lewis William Lewis Robert Livengood Mabel Lowman George Eisaman Paul Shultz Catherine Harper '19 aye, I-lx' 'Us 1 als Qfv JWV erm 573-31 N 1 I 4 I rv -0 I1 1 I I V Y ,Q . L S, . 5' 9 1 I , s ., ' 9 Q . f 'S A Q f . Z I 1 ' 'x ., 3 -A: 1 ? , - in f G .A X Y KA- i,- .X , N f ' Q. ,, lf 1 1 f f ff? , A, 2 , F. V 9 Y 2 ., Jia ' , u . -M ' ,, L54 3 a 'X ,va " f Q 'W A ff' ,I 4 A 1 W' . 0 fi .. ' .- , ' ' , F! b . ..., ff 'jg riff A , , ? , Y . , , ,Q ' Q 'iw' ir . , ' ' i 2 ' , ' , fs 5 f , h ' L i I Q 1 4, K J I 'f If , V. , M Q f 1' g, ' 1 ey, n ,V i ,5 ' 4 L, ' I . A K-X 5 , .4 - C Vx iv I Q- ' K I ,., 5 -Q. 41 1 L ' W , +53 4 W, ' xx . 1 PX-wihiqg 'H' V ,, 5 IA! , i . x .Iii Z V ' W-, K I Y V Frzulk .Ir'C11l- 11- mx lil- un--r' XI'1ll1lr:xy' lizu ry Mx -lmwls N-,llxv lllmtx'-lim Fin sl- V BI -Lf-:un An Imsm-usiu It, A. Hzmmminu' Xmzx Sxx':n.s-11. lim--Ili Sl'-i:l1Il141ln. list--11:1 SI'-wxnl Nluruzn-Nl Slfxx':ul Um Xvllimllll .llfhn 'IMII'-llz. ll-WI'-'II Putt'-rsxfn limb'-1 XVzus11:. Ii--:hut Ziswkkzm Upon the shoulders of these men rests the enormous responsibility of running our schools M1 Alu Jones Mr James Watson Mr. Franklin Byers Mr Charles Fngulsku The Board of Education Mr. Wm. Thompson Meet Uur Administrative Leaders U ,J Mrs. Carol Good, ScY'r1'ta1'y 5 2 5 i Mr. Ralph C. Hughes, Supcrvisinzyg Prim-ipul Mr. Thomas Pryde, VvOC'l'lf'tUlI1lIIMl'l'f'fUI' Mrs. Grace Knabe, S!'f'l'!'fll7'.Il Mr'.F. Lloyd Hazelton. Prinwiprzl Go' Conquer lf ye can, but wm or lose, Be each, pray God, the gentleman 610.5 1950 Our Senior LEO VEYCHECK, our class president, hails fron' "The Project" and belongs to the vocational machine shop. He is crazy about sports, all kinds. and likes to listen to Bill Stern on the radio. ROBERT BLASKO, He hopes some day to be a tool maker. I-Ie likes Gary Cooper and buxom Jane Russell in the movies. He is a very personable lad and has been chosen president of his class two years. our vice-president, hails from "The Project." He also is from the vocational machine shop and wants some day to be a tool and die worker. Although he looks anything but husky, he is one of the fast- est men on the basketball team and made the first squad easily. Though he is no crooner him- self. he likes Bing Crosby on the radio. Robert has a host of staunch friends. ELEANOR CHACKAN, our secretary. hails from Tur- tle Creek. She is in the home economics class and would like eventually to be a dress de- signer. Eleanor likes her school. likes to dance, in fact. likes every- thing. It would be hard to find a happier disposition. Class Leaders ROBERTA SHEARER, the president of the student council, is the live wire of the school. She comes from Turtle Creek Borough. She gave end- less study of ways and means to improve our school. Roberta likes physical educa- tion. her gym teacher being her special pal. Someday she hopes to be a teacher of physical education. Things were never dull when Roberta was around. We SYLVIA ARDISSON, the editor of the year book, is a personality our school is proud to acknowledge. She is from Patton Township. Gentle and kind. she never speaks ill of anyone. In the preparatory course she sailed in to math and chemistry and names them her favorite subjects. She hopes some day to be a teacher. ! .My ,fi LOIS COLE, the chairman of the senior activities committee, is from Patton Township. A leader in school affairs, her advice was sought in many matters concerning her school. She is in the preparatory course and hopes some day to be a receptionist. She enjoyed supervising school activities and was ex- ceedingly popular among her classmates. 13 Our Own Hall Of Fame Selected by popular vote of the Senior Class ALICE LESNICK, the prettiest girl JOHN SKVARLA the boy most likely to succeed . WILLIAM WALSH, the handns-omest gy the girl most likely to succe and the girl who did the rn for her class ROBERTA SHEARER, 4 0 DAVE RIDGEWAY, the boy who did most for his class MAUREEN DeVINCENZO the best dancer JANET SHUBERT, the friendliest girl A'-.axgrfdf HENRY BANKS, the friendliest boy ROBERT HOPBELL. the best dancer JOHN BORDOGNA the best athlete Youth of Today .' .l iv' Leaders Tomorrow .' LOIS ADAMS Chorus Ambition Office worker Enjoys: A ball game Pet Peeve: Conceited people Right at the top of the list we ' who is worthy to present: Lois head any list ROBERT ALLEN Ears Basketball and baseball I man, Assembly play. o bfcomi a profos J etter Ambition 1 T sional athlete Enjoys: Dancinb iwork Ta ranyy a 'fwhi on the basketball floor and a uhiz with the ladies, especially one Pet Peeve: Hom SYLVIA ARDISSON Annual Edigo Senior play Diogenes Minstrel Assem Play Junior Actiutles Comm tee Play Prompter News Sta Ambition A tea Enjoy s Dancing cher Pet Peue Missing the bus ttmq out ONT A leader in pu leader n book in fact a year many thin Us HENRY BANKS 'fPumpy-Ji k" Track, Intramural Sports. Ambition: An airplane mec orts. Enjoys: Atl sp tting up ea Pet Peeve: Ge W1 sw-, hanic. r '. in the class had No other boys for making a better facility friends. MARY BARGA ter NLDBG. AS- Section Boos . ' Fashion Show,' 1 sembly Play. ttendance Junior Year Perfect A Activities Committee. She has so many traits we couldn t possi them all. 18 reliable bly name CLARA ADAMSON Blondie 'T'KP Chorus Fashion Show Rifle Club Ambition Pruate Secrctary Enjoxs Reading work Pet Peexe Night cheerful Clara is aluays newer sau her gloomy BILL ANDERSON ' Stinky Football 3 Years Basketball Track Intramural Sports Per iclis Assembly Play Am nte ur L joys Shining thf fax Pun inh La it Stm bition Rs staura He says he hates his nick name so do we for really he is rather eueet Just ask a certain air VINCENT BALOK Football Intramural Sports, Soccer Chorus Minstrel Senior Ilglay Junior Play Sophomore aw Ambition Formstry Enjoys Sports P t Pun Big tinu GlIlS Here is a reliable young man: just write to ue for a reference. GLENN BANKSON F o o t b al l , Intramural Sports, Sophomore Play, Section Booster. Ambition: Engineering. door Sports. one, always happy. If you dont know him let us introduce him a nice fellow to know. Enjoys: Out Pvt Pez V+ Z N LOIS BEATTY Diobenes. Ambition: To run a business. Enjoys: Wo an . N' ffhtwork. hard worker in school an ou of school yet nerer too bus to be friendly. Pvt P He-ve: lb rking in a restaur- d IU RAY BELIN 'fwlinll Bu0S 1 Ambxtmn l ndr-rtaklz varknng' thr Llrls OPAL BEIGHLEY Ornhsstra Chorus Mmstrfl Sf-c tmn Booster News Staff J Cyrus Club DYIXIIIL Banrl TKP Ambition S41 rotary Fnym Q R?8dlDg P t Pl v sm Homf work Enjoys: S1 nnultor lI s t but OK for wr ff B Rather quu' LEWIS BELL "Lew Intramural Sports Ambition: To manage a stun Enjoys: Eatmg A brzght smile a bright man ner' when he comes zn It s luke some one turning on the lights AGNES BERCIK A gg e Chorus Annual Club TKP Afllblflflll Nursxn, Fnjoy -1 Rc admg. P Pun Mun drlwrs they come any num than rt If she ue har en t found them 11 BOB BIS SE LL Class Offlcn r Arnbltlon Undeudul Engms Rfadmg Pot Prowx Bono ll You dont hale to talk tur k owe uhat key to Robert he n you mean before you start wnalrty Board Usher alv. ax s th' tv f per Lots of artznty lo lots' of friends VID BELL f'Scotty Basketball Intramural Sports Manager Basketball Soccer Or rhvstra Chorus Mlnstrvl Rec Math Club Assembly Play Jr Cxucs Club Ambxtlon Draftsman Enyoys Playing Pet Pee-ye Gettlng up early t of schoo Dme got a lot ou th has muszc ms athletws u 1 and hrs geometry Basketball JO AN BENTLEY Jo l Chorus Soctmn Booster Jumor TC Club Actu 1t1r s Commlttef- Hlflv Club Ambltlon Stenographer Enjoy s Dancmg Pft Peeu Snooty people es snappy manner Snappy ey carroty hanr Um m m' BRUCE BERRY AIIlb1tl0l'l M3ChlhlSt. Enjoys Glrls Pft Poem Teachers' Iles the "berr1es" SHIRLEY MAE Fu zze BLAIR RUTH BODEN Boots Chorus Sophomore Play A srrnblx Play hfvns Sta 'NLDBG A lhlllflll T' vmrk 1 houfa. VS stun fn C t ,. pn P t P fu Hlstorx She rl be so nuff to zum! hmm n B nd NI 1 n s tr f 1 Attvndancwv Help' r D1 batlng Club Sfhnior Commlttf-e Color ACIIHIIIG Guard Years Pr-rfffct Attend- anr f G A A Arnbltlon Sfcrwtary Enjoys Dancmg Pt Pww Pfoplf who never snn Shrrley uas aluays proud of TC Hlyh limi ylad to help her srhool ROBERT HA Bob RRY BLASKO Rlfl1 T1 am Stud111t Cou11c1l Class Off11'11 Bask1 tball Golf QF1 am Stag1 Cr1 w S1 111or Act If 111 s Commlttoe Soctxon Boostor Ambltlon Tool and dm maker EnJo5 s Basketball Pet Peexe Iwone falwax s happsj Here we present the Veep of the vlass noteworthy to say the least JOHN BORDOGNA Roadhouse goothall Bask1 tball Ba,s1 ball aptam Football A551IIIbl5 Plax Ambltlon T1 ml 1 ax bu., 11111 football I' IIJOW N Dd111 llll. 0 P111 IN11111 The 0'lll9fIl7'lfI my athletf of th: class one who Ines and dreams football ED BOYLE IIltI'8.lIlUI al S portu Sou 1 t1o1 Bo t os1r Tumbhng., T1an1 Alllbltlflll T111 Nas 5 Enjox S Sports P P1 1 11 BU. Shotw A uood fmnse of humm easy to art alonu 1mth PHYLLIS BROOKS Phyl CIIIITUN AQWIIIIIJIN Sl 11111St 11111 Strol IV1ll'lStIll Solo1st JUIIIOI Plax A111b1t1o11 T11t1a1l1 I'11Jo1Q BKIXXIIIII-, P0 P0111 Thus 1 vxh11tak1 l1f1 too s1 rloualx Here 19 the "1 I la 11,10 can put arrow a sono Lena Hmm' look to your l aurels ' ANNA PEARL BROWER Slzm TKP Club AHIIJIUOII INUFSIIIL, Fn P 301 s Sowmg, et P0011 N1g.l1tvs ork Anna grms shows her pearly teeth, and needs nothmq more li JOSEPH MICHAEL BODNER B1 Intra nl L11u1111l mural Sports Studr- AIIIIJIIIOII Explorcr P11-1118 Q W1 1gl1t llftlllf., P1 11 School If he Meps on hell be able t l1ft tl pmno just luke a DONNA BOWEN Ill t ra '11 u ral Sports Mmstrcl Bmd OILI11 stra Asst mbly Play S1 Illfll Actlx 11105 Commlttee G A A INLDBG An1b1t11111 Oral II1g11111st I1 113111 Q Dancln, fx N1 I rr rs ll 111rl uho rould h found at neru vrhool artnzty thc uanzew the !'07lf'PTt9 the fianrf s the partrrv wherm er thfrf 1lI'7f jun :md thznus riomy BILL BRANNIGAN Flannel' IIIIIAIIIUI ll Sportfz A111l11t11111 A MAKIIIIIISK l'l1,j41NS W11rkn11,, 1111 1am t 1 u11a brll rs muah and rfudu tukus ll LS I 11111 CI AY BROSIUS Mort Illll 1111u1al Spoxh A111l11t1o11 To 1lr111 artru1k Ifnjoxa Po1k1t B1ll1a11'l4 1 t ball 1 It pm 111 urll rue nf Ju-rt m 1111111111111 trurk but H11 hufrfrvl 1 1 road uf ll 110117 ANNA BRUNNER rr Peanuts 111 ux 111 M1 1 Stlllllltlllllrl Plax Asse mblx Play Usher Club Junmr Act111t1es COYY'lYl1lt t 1 Fashmn Slum DILJHIDIS Alllklltlflll A1rl1n1 IIoqt1 QS Lnjox s DHIICIIIE., P P1111 Shtlik offs Annu u :th the snappy dark eyes ulwuyf: awake to whatw an nu on round about EUGENE BURIK Football Section Booster Ambltnon Play football Enyoys Tho radno Pct Prose Gettmg up 1n the A'VI Eugene ns our hlgh stepping tuustma turning hall back DOLORES BURRELLI Dcr' TC Club Ambltlon S1 cretarx vsoxk Enyoys Readmg, Pet Peexe Nlghtwork on vseek ends Dolores should make a qu1et efjzclent addztzon to any ones offwe force HELEN BUSIJA Chorus Mmstrel TKP Club Ambition Toachmg Enjoys Danunf. Pet Peeu Nary a one Helen's partwular gang l ways messes her when shes not around She must ha1e "some thang " EDITH CAPRARA Ed1e Annual Board ll Clues Club Rifle Club TKP Club Ambxtlon UlldPClfl4 d 1' nyoy s Colloctxng., books P4 t Poem Clllldlilll 51 more Edzth enjoyed wrztmg to am ous TC graduates Her collec lion of matures ol such persons started mn Pwture Honor Roll MARGARET CARL P any Assembly Play Jr CHILS Club Amb1llOn Alrlllll Hostess Enjoys Sowing, Pet Pecw Snooty poopll Margaret lakes to lmten Vaughn Monroe so do all othe romantically anclmed larlaes I 'G T 1 LaVERNE BURK Burk1e J Assembly Play Ambltlon Comptomftr-r Opera Ol' Enjoys Collectmgz plctures Pet Peewe Nosex people LaVernel1kes partles an act shes the llje of the party ANTHONY BUSIJ A Intramural Sports Ambltlon Yet to be decided Enyoys Relaxatlon Pet Peeye Concelted glrls Anthony lzkes Superman ls wt because he 18 Superman hlmself? GEORGE CACKOVIC Covad Ambition Fly mg Enyoys Collectmg. Indlan arrow leads Pet Peeve Early arlslng Georae's manner as very unas summg but he gets around all rwht HAROLD CAPRARA Youldo Basketball Golf Stago Crfvl Ambntlon A golf proffsslonal Fnjoys Makin, a scrap book of famous people Pet Peeye Glgglx people Harold sunngs a mean golf r-lub and wzth us he rates above par JOHN CARMICHAEL Sunshme JJ Inuamural Sports Mmstrel Ambltlon The Nayy Enjoys The mouos P+ t Pm X6 Math Not so large but 0 boy 'VI111str1l Stu1l111tCou11f1l S111 mr APIIXIIIIS C111 S Am L11Jox s DBIICIII P P1 4 H111111 A 1191171 of bcrlutu 111111 1 fOIflE'7 1111111111111 'll 1111111111 111 1 1 111 111411 1 1 St GER F1111 thall I11t1a11111ralS1m1ts Stu 1 1 vlllllll a C1 vs llll llll Art1x1t11Q C 11111111111 A tu I' 1111 SXX1111111 P411 NANCY CARTER Fzrf ball ' 14.1us S11pl1111111111 P ANS4111 hlx Plan H1fl1 Tca111 A 1111111111 S 111 an I-113111 Q Skatm, P 1X1 1 J la 1 1 ll zmlrlnt 1 I huvn l1111r ELEANOR CHACKAN Gluck Class Off114 1' U xml Chorus Stud4 nt C11u1101l R1 fr1 shmvnt Squad Asae mblx Plax IN1v1 s Staff Jumox Aot1x1t14s Comlmt t 1 D111g,en1s Fasluon Shove A111h1t1o11 D14 as D Slhllf 1 l..11J11xs C11ok111p. and bakma P INUI11 11 ll 1 IHVVHIII 1 Il s II 8111111111 spmklts MARY CHARLTON 111111tt1 4 IN4 ws taff b1tlOIl Stfnographmr S vsmk 1 3111 DON CHRISTOPHER Clzwefu S11111 is S111 1 A L1 Slll hook P4 H411114 vw 111 z111t11 runs 111019 ALD R COLBERT Jrrru 111111111tt41 1111 ch llllf 111 S 111111 F1I7'L1b0d'U 1111111 11111 u 1 u I I7 llfll 1 aw' is 161 4011 JOANN NB J! Chmus AQ'-1111blx Plax Amb1t1o11 To tak1 11 fasx Enjmc H P t 1a1l111,.. P1111 Crack111,, ,um Not so nuwf bv? c v around CHUCK CH "T1'a,ppe1" Football Intra ectlon Booster Ambxtlon Agnculture LIIJOQ s Trappmg P1tPf1'-14 B111 and strong and the LA RUE CHERRY Ch Lou O11h1stra Chorus N No Para P4 fm Attendanrf Alph a D1-lta P1 Ambltlon S1-cretary Emoxs Babs s1tt1ng Pet Pe-me In ht The kmd of owl unth 'llfhlfh youd like to spht a double chocolate malted OLIVE ANN Choqq M111str1l Solmat Stud111t Cou11 111 Fashxon Show Alllbltllbll Adx OTIISIHL, Enjovl P t P Marx s lunch fu Nmle W 11011 shew arounrl that y0'lI, fmrl 91611 710180 can be pleasant CHARLES COBLER Chuck Stag Cr: v Sonxor A1111 1111 Q on1n11tto11 Ambltmn NIac'h1111st P x1 N11111 Enjox Q Dam mg A group loader some day mark our 11 owl? Lucky pool shots g work on tho onlx nlght out CHURCHFIELD E CASLEY 1 what Ilou knou that sh AMBERS mural Soccer As sombly Plax Semor ACf.lY1tl9S ommxttee S fond of grvat outdoors mas Staff ws Edxtor 2 Y L EDW Track Tc-am Ambition: To ral Enjoys: Drumming ARD COLDITZ Bzg Ed sf rar-1 horses on the piano ch make up Pet Peeve: Too mu this lad. Bug and huv y liable "Big Ed" is a good name fo ' k and re LOIS COLE Student Council. Junior Play Assembly Play, Cheer leader Senior Activities Committee News Staff, Junior Activities Committee Diogenes Ambition Receptionist Enjoys Dancing Missing buss s Efficiency personified quiet and courteous, these are the characteristics of Lois Pet Peevi TOM CONKLIN Intramural Sports chimst tmg guns Shots 11 qo lucky Ambition: Ma Enjoys Collfc Pet Peeye Big Carefree and happ JAMES CORTAZZO Bam eball Intramural Sp Bas sembly Play Ambition To traxel orts As P cket Billiards Enjoys 0 Y Pet Peey e Boy are you lazy Well take Jam Just as he is a good guy WAYNE CRAIG Intramural Sports Assembly Play two yaars pu rf: ct attc nd ance Ambition Photography Enjoys Snonzing Pet Pwu Those ultra long skirts Dont be fooled by look un has eye the sleepy DONALD E COLE Duck' morts Intramural S1 Ambition To own a coniectlon 1 TX 9t0I'l Enjoys Sluping., P t Pun Make up work my sessions Don hated morn e was meant for sleep that tim Lots of pep all afternoon COLEMAN RICHARD Dick" amur'tl 'sports tion Lndfmdod Fnjoxs Any kind of sports me Getting up in the Intl Ambi Pet Po morning Pleasant to meet pleasan knmr DOLORES CONROY Dee' tvso yi 819 pf r G A A Ambition Airlin Fnjoys Svs imminf., e Hostess P t P1 4 x Nightwork tto Sophomore Play Usher Club fmt attendance Pleasant and aqreeable yes ri we know lerday today an 'ommrou BEN COSTABILE Ambition A surwyor E ox s Hunting YU ar won't PotP1me When his c Bcn li 'he man Ambition House ws iff- I' njox s Lists nlnp., t music t P i 'lass Ha tl attain early Already sie unfe Dear Me' Honn vt ork ed her HAZEL CROFT run km the hm outdoors a dreamy' on Fri- ambition n house- PHIL CULOTTA lf T1 ann Arnbxtxon Tool maknr Enjoxs Pocket Bllhards Pet Pee-we Gettmg razzed about thf ladles Dlslakes to be razzed but look at the ual? of h 18 haw the knot zn hxs tae the out of his jacket No uonder the larlzes look twzrf GORDON CUMMING Chorus Sophomor- Plas Senlor Play Rlflf Club Alllbltlllll Airplane pllot Enjoxs St"lIIlp Colllctm P t P eu fzfttlllr, up farly Thzs 1 and Presto' a screen test pwtue to Hollywool JEAN DALTON Dolly Jea Student Councll S 0 ph om 0 r ax Jumor CIXICS Club L A1nb1t1on Trawel Fnjoxs Snoomng Pet Pun Show offs Jean blushes prettll y whe you compllment her In fart rt fun to watrh her blush GEORGETTE DA VIA George Chorus Mlnstrel Student Coun l C Llbrary Asslstant News Staff lNews Edltor A Capella Cholr Perf Attendance onf soar Alpha Delta P1 Ambxtlon RECEptlOHlSt Enjoxs Trawehng Pet Pfue Gum crackers A lot of pep and energy en yoymy lzfe to the fullest MAURLEN DeVINCENZO Intramural Sports Mlnstrol .Tumor Play Semor Play A sfrnbly Play Annual Board Sen 1or Actlutles Commlttee News Staff .Tumor Actnxtms Commlt tee GAA NLDBG Ambltlon To be vsealthx Emoss Dancmg Pet Pees Wrll you eier forget Mau reen m the senlor play ze: Jorgeous auburn hazr ln a tzuht knot her spznster dress and THF BED DIDA 'I' FALL DOWA! Q Cleanlng house RITA MARIE CUPAK Chorus Attf nflanc. Ilelpfr Sophomore Plax lmvw Staff Ambltmn Offlca work Fnjoxs Sewing Pft Pun Sour people Rzta her fathers przde and my Some day she'll manaqe the offzce JANET B CYPHERT :HR J: OSU, Chorus MlllStT0l Aqqfllllllk Plax Fashion Show Ambltlon Bfautx Opt latm Lnjox s Taking pwturl s Pct Pmxe Borm, classrooms UHIZQSZUIIIYIII and fnendly HARRY F DAVENPORT Hap' Intramural Sports Mmstrel Ref' Math Club Sophomors Play Rlflm Club Ambltlon To spread th: bospel Fnjoxs Teachmg a Blble Class Pct P fu Vulgar language Harry rs the serious member of the l c ass he enjoys' hrs' Blhle and lzzs church DAVE DAVIES Bones Football Intramural Shorts Chorus Sophomore Play Ju my Plas Sernor Plax Aswfnvhlx Pl ax SPCIIOH Booster Ambltlon Ax latlon Enjox s Sports Pet Peme Snobbxsh people Tall and ranqy Da1e especml ly lzked to strut acros s the vlnue nz firmnatlc make bellele LAVINIA DI FRANGO Amb1t1on Secrwtarlal Work Enjox Q Eatlng P+t P1 ex + None Somebodys front offwe uzll some dau be brzqhter for her presence D L DI PRITER Rick" Football. Trac-k. Minstrel Sopl omorf- Play. S4-nior Play, Ass:-m bly Play, Usher Club, P1-riclr-s mist' r url humming. RICHA R l Ambition: A m Enjoys: Whistling ar a tum-. Pc-t Pm-vo: Discourtl-ous people Rick seems so utterly rurrfrel you are, astrmished to find out how serious lu' is "underneath ' TOMMASO JOHN J. DI "Jay Jay" Intramural Sportq Sutter Ambition Thr Nam Enjoys The IIIUXNS 0 Walking, rl mystermus Dark an 'wonder what has thinking Pet PMN DOROTHY DOWNEY Dot" Minstrel. Studrnt Council Sen ' "'ti1-S Committee News lor Actin Staff. T.C Club Ambition St1nop.,raph4 r Dam mg Enjoys : ' ' 't for 1 Penn Hating., to Wdl Hull It UH' 1l01.L had more of The kim! of uirl ue uwh we GIL DOYLE Guz Tlatk Intramural Sporte Ambition Diesel TlLhl1lLldll Emma Danrlng Pet Peew' Getting up farlx ho liked to A friendly lellou u be uhere there is a qonrl time BILL DROZNEK Droz Ambition Niachiniet timl En, Pe: xr Drawing.. elafsfi Pet His shop mates all hneu lin as kind and courteous ow Lviiuri I v RA DINOCENZO Sandy las Usher Clu SAND AGS' mhlt P li TKP Ambition St Q re tal 3 Pnjmw Thf YYIOXIOS bbing P U, P fu Sc ru Flashing black eyes and a hrorul smile DOROTHY DOMIN Dottu' Nimstrtl G A A Diogenes Ambition 1Nurse wimming 1N1g'lltWOFk uho knows no Enjoys S Pt t Pom e A hustler rourarfement 18 PAUL DOWN EY ' Pablo Sports Football Intramural Rifle Club Tum Senior Play blmi, Tram Soccer Ambition Phy s If nJo5s Hunting et people Paul as happzest when there as 1 zolent physmcal action all around him Ed Teacher and fishing Pe t P4 me Qul LD DROSKE RONA roprietor of a Ambition The p store Fnjms Working on a car t cards Pft Pfrxv Repor Ronald 19 so boyish m appear- ance it surprzses you to find out hm: mature he is EDWARDS ommittee. JAMES Senior Actnitir-s C Ambition Undncided ral Lnjmi Lifn in gene Pot P mr 'Noni' orkera on f the better u: nitteeg One 0 the senior actllitzes comn Ima no rliscourayement. JAMES ELDER "Jun my 1 Ialllllfdl S p 111 1 N1111st11l N1 uQ Staff Alllhltlfill Journal1Q111 F njox s Sleopmg P1 t P1-11 1 hone Pvrfect auburn ha1r and hfalthy blufsh ETHEL RUTH EMANUEL Mmstrel Attendancv H1 lper An nual Board Sectlon Boostfr Tumor CIXICS Club R1fl1 Tram T C Club Alpha Delta P1 Ambxtlon Stcnographor If 111oxQ Plaxmg, tho mano Pet P11 xo N1ghtvx0rk Aa steady 11.5 thc clock and absolutely relmblr JANET FERGUSON Gxrls Basketball ASQPIIIIJIN Plax AIIlblt1Ol'l Secrotarv Ln3mQ Playmg th1 1118.110 P1 t P1 mo Homc work An athletw ll'lTl that 11111111111 ll!'t1'lE' games and Qpmte KENNETH FISHER Ken C l'1QQ OfflClI Slllflillt 01111111 Afllbltlflll Sal11Qma11 l'n1nQ Dancmg Pct P6-exe Gvttmg, up Tall dark handsome and 1eru 1ery mysterzous VIRGINIA FISHER Gmny Lxbrars ASQISIBJXI Ass1 mblx Plas Nfvxs Staff Jumor A1t1x1 t11Q Committee AIIlbltl0H PIIXHI1 S4CIOIHlX EnJoxQ Dancmg Pot PM-u Tardx people Some rlay she urll epread zer Q11'nsh1ne 111 a bly buQznesQ rf we BETTY ELKIN Bet f AA A 1 11111 Il B1n1kk11p1 l' 1131.1 Q HZIQIIIK flovu rw P11 x D1Qhr-s A dvlrcxous snule and a sunny 1i1s1ws1t111n SALLY EVASHAVIK Cl111ruQ IVIIDSITPI Lxbrarx A blstant Sophomorp Plas Jumor Plax Sen1orP1aw Annual Board Usher Club News Staff Novi Edltor Alpha Dc-lta P1 Alllblllllll NUISIHH I njm 1: Mona s l t P Homvvsork Sally uas alu ays busy bust llnll about 1n numerous a1't111 trfw 7llfl1n'IIIlI lmrvelf usvful JOSEPH FERRI Joe Intranmural Sportq Sturir-nt Cuuu l S11't1on Booster AITlbltl0Il To own a busmess Emox Q Drawmg P t P111 Homevsork W1 71111 Pnt any doubt 171 the world about Iovs 91100699 171 the busmfes uorlrl VIRGINIA MARIE FISHER Gmnu A111l11t11111 lN11rQ111 P njox Portlan 11111111111 x T.-111 x 111 11 0 lady need sau LOIS FITZGERALD llll P 1 S1 mor A1t1x1 ll COIIIHHII1 1 Dmgf ne Q Anlhltlon A1rlm1 HoQteQe Enjm Q D1 ':l,.,lllllL and makm 1loth1 Q P Xl Nom alxxaxQha11x Ilappmesv personrhed happy t be al11e happ b t y a ou sn many frmnrieh :ps Kespecnallu mwj Enjoy s Slngmg Pct Pt-me Noxsy people Chuck 18 Mr k d makmg the school he wor e thmuv 11 ork Ambltxon The Enjoys Datmg t P+ t Pe e 1. e Homework where you'll fmd Dwk CHARLES V FORD Chuck' t df-nt Councxl Stage Crew S u . Dance Disc Jockey Ambltlon Elf ctrlclan " Fm:1t" All mer RICHARD FOX Dwk' Marmes he ladles Whereuer the fun that's AL FRANCI A 1 lor Actn 1t1es Annual Board Jun Committee Pencles Ambltlon Bunldmg Contractor Enjoys Dancmg Pet Pu-w Bs-mg broke Al was cheerful and Joy and busu all the t1rne 0148 BILL FREE "Trouble Intramural Sports Ambntlon A contractor Enjoy s Takmg moy nes Pet Peew School There are lots of thmgs that B111 lzked better than school but here he n ready to qraduate LOIS A FRY Chorus Assembly Play U Club Ambxtxon Uncertam Collectmg reclpes sher Enjoys Pet Pr-me None Loss luke? to took unusual with a me things and seu hand take notxce Mr Future Hu vband ROBERT GAILEY Bob Assn mbly Soloist Alllbl Enjo txon Artist ss Playmg tht piano Pet P1 eye Book Reports m So enjoy llll ewhat on the artrstnc szde my zlrawmg photograph and pmno playmg ANTHONY J GARBIN Tony ntramural Sports Stage Crew R1 le C ub 1b1t1on Tool maker joys Basketball t Pr-eye Sllly glrls Tony take-1 lzfe serlously DONALD GARDNER Don' mbltlon Electrlclan njoys Model alrplam building Who knous? Some day Don oclel planes to Pvt Pa uc Loafmg u zll turn from rn real plane? and buzld a beauty JOSEPH M GAZICA Joe' Ambltlon To bw wealthy Enjoys LfDCkSHlltll1IIK P t Pun Nlghtwork loe I9 1ery qulet but stall ualerv run 1eru reru deep LA VEPNE GEYER Vern fmbly Play Jumor CIXICS Club TKP JJ Chorus Ass Ambltmn Sf cn tary hnjm Q R4 adlng P t Pun Conceltfd pfoplo unto A secretary one look those eyuz and the boss uxll for- uet uhnt he's ductatmq GLORIA GILES Blondte' Assembly Play One yo attend ar pexfert ance Ambltlon Workm 1 g lll a depart nent store Enjoys Collecting DICKUFPS Pet Peeye Concexted people If Pretty sharp" 18 Glo HERBERT GOOD H erk RICH Football Intramural Sports As sen bly Play Ambltlon To coavh L oys Hs rl Pe Pr on P1 ople back football L who talk Good luck to the future roarh at Notre Dame DOROTHY GRACE ' Dot L1brary Asslstant P the Amb resxdent oi Lxbrary Club ltlon A housowf me En Pet Pe-me E A fazthful hel Ambltlon Tr Enjoy s Hun Pet Peeye Robert liked many thm ter than CARLA Fashxon Sh Ambxtlon Enjoys Pet Peey e Rattlmg' mow 16' Dt mty and modesty are two eacce lent urtues Joys Swunmmg ngllsh per so relmablef ROBERT Homemakmg GP OVE Sammy uck drlyer tmg None gs b school but who doesn GUTHRIE ow Housewlfe 7,1 GEO I sher Club Ambxtlon Sn 1-retary Enjoys RP8lllIl 3' P1 t Pm eye Con Georgia knows food about lt MARTHA GO Cookie" Choxus Asslmbly Play Ambxtlon UlldtCldPd lnnjm s R4 alllllg' P t P4 1 ye Gosslp W'hen Martha s your f you 1 e Men riot .sornethmrl you' sure of LA VERN Chorus Assembly sololst Soph omort Play Assembly Play News Staff News Edxtor E GROSS Alllblt10ll Secretary Enjoys P e plano P t P no Homework LaVernf, ls' the lzttle yzrl from away up on the hzll top who as always the same and tops m dw position lay mg th RGIA GLUNT cc xted people w school 18 where your fnends are at least that' one thma 1 RZYNSKI d papers m a Football Track BOB GUTSHALL Gutch Sophomore Pla Y Ambltlon Teachmg Enyoy s H Pit Puye T lS llttle brother bone No member of the s uad worked any harder for mc ory Sueh perstze1am'e 19 uwn h our! rl to MELVA HALL 'V+ yxs Staff Al'llbltlO Enjoy s R n Secretary eadmg and sewmg Pet Peoxc Talkatne people We knou that Mella would enhanre any offrce HELEN HALL Fashion Show Ambition Tel. h EnJoys Bowling Pit Peet f Conceit The girl p onf operator with those beautiful 'liquul eyes HARRY Senior Activities Committa Math Club Ambition Undr-cuivd 1- njoy s Bowling, Pe t Peet e hone P ilied ne eau Hurry "ruffled atience person HARRY Ambitm HARTMAN n Undecided Enjoy s R+ laxmg P. t Pei x e Science Harrys blush ones him healthy ulou DOROTHY HENKEL Suzi Senior Activities Committee NLDBG, Section 'J Booster. L .Q-mbly' Play. Ambition: Secretary. Enjoys: Ri-ading. Pet P:-Q-ve.: Moody' pfople, There is something steady a I'0l'kH about Dorothy. MARY L. Lefty' HILL Chorus, Assembly Play, Annual Board, Junior Activities Com- mittw-, TKP Club. Ambition: Stf-nographer, Enjoys: Dancing. swimming. Pi-t Pe-1-Vo-I COTlCf'iI. When you yire Mary a job to do it's done. HARPER r- Rec H91 67' JOHN HAMILTON Jack Baskftball Baaeball S1 mor Ac itiw C4 Sc ction Boostfi lmxys Staff Novus Fdi Inf' A nliition Sports uint- r I- nyoys Baa' hall Pl X Tl 11 nlcknanif Ham 'noni Tall and ranyu Haflu for 117111 x1o1t any time RONALD HARPER Ronnie Football Intramural Sports De bati Chorus Afssimbly Soloist infxtnl N mv-tril 1 ld man Sopliomois Play Junior Play Sinior Play Assembly Play An nual Board S1 ation Booster Nevis Staff Rifli Team Junior Artnitui Com mittee Socrvr Piricles Ambition Lawyer Enyiys Cimping, Pi t Peeye None falway s happyl With, so many actiutzes how rlzd Ronnie 81 er make Qurh aoori marks' DOLORES HEASLEY Dee Xssf mbly Soloist Minstrel At andanu Ili lm r Stag.: Crf W Awsmmbly Play Si mor Actiutieq Cfhllllllltlft J u n 1 o r Actlutieq Cornmittci Riflc Club G A A Ambition Cnil Sfrxicf- '4 njoy s Dancing. 't I 1-V01 Sno . Dolores rolls her eyes and muxrulinf' hearts beat faster. MORGAN HEZLEP H ezzy Orc-hestra, Pr-rf:-ct Attendance thr f-1- yf-ars. Rifle Club Band. .Allllbltlilllf Sf-if-ntist. Enji 1 Pliotog.,raphy'. A Af'- 1 Silly' gir S. illuslr gives people like Mor- nrm a happy frame nf mmri. ZANE HINKLE Intramural Sports. Ambition: Marhinist, Enjoys: Basketball. I"-t IH---vw: None. Ilvrf' is a yn-oup leader in the malcznyl. 29 THO Student Council Perfe t c Atten ance three years xmbltlon Undecided Enjoys Reading Pct Peue None A future draftsm an ready for steady work HARRY HOLLERMAN Chorus Assembly Soloist Min strel Soloist An nual Board Senior AC'.lNlt1F'S Committee Dancm Disc Jockey Ambition Raising dogs Enjoys Collecting. records and stamps Pet Peru- Quiet people Here 18 one boy who could g to the do s and lrke at Harrys beautm ul dogs are has favorite frzends BOB HOPBELL Pzezef' Flootgall Basketball Intramur ports Soccer Assembl Play Srnior Actiuties Commit 04 MAS CARL HITRIK Ambition Coaching Enjovs Sports Pet P1 ue G1 ttmg up early Anythmq that looks lzke football or a basketball fr e nnply n ramen Bob ROBERT W. HORVATH Bob Chorus Rec Mt , . a h. Club. Soph- omor . ' s Play. Usher Club. Ambition: Business. Enjoyszl Tropical fish, Pet Peeve' D' . omg the Sunday dishes. Bob has a certain dry humor that is very contagious. JANET HOWELL Library Assistant, Sophomore Play' Senior Activities Commit tee Usher Cl , uh. News Staffi News Editor, Majorette, NLDBG. Ambition: Teaching. Enjoys: Reading. Pet Peeve: Nightwork. Steady as a rock is Janet. 'W MAUREEN HOFER Maur' Sophomore Play TKP Club Ambition Office Work Lnjoys Going places Pvt Peeye Bad Sports Maureen as wade eyed uuth tomshment that llfe can be so wonderful ANNE I-IOMEWODD Anme Ambition Receptionist Fnjoy s Reading Pet Peewe Sophomores Anne likes Borzs Karloff and mlfsteri es though shes not so mysterious herself THOMAS HORNE Tom Basketball Baseball Football Ambition To take it easy Enjoy s Sports Pet P1 exe Newer thought of anv No wonder Tom wants to take 1t easy he threw every ounce of his energy into much loved sports. MARGARET HOTSUR Margie Senior Activities Committee, Usher Club. Ambition: Airline Hostess. Enjoys: Collecting pictures. Pet Peeve: Conceit. It was nice to have some one as reliable as Margaret around. THOMAS IRELAND ffm-mf' Ambition: Traveling Salesman. Enjoys: Movies. Pet Pveve: None. lVavy hair d , goo complexion, good look. 9. Ummh! JOAN JACKSON Clwvrlf-arlv-r fciilitalllf. Mnwtrf S11pl111n11+rv Play. Aiflvlllhlj' Play Ding:-'nr-S. Onf' Yr-ar P1-rfm-t 1f'nfla11r'1-, Faflhifvll Shnw Amhiti11111 Dr SILIIIIIL Hlljtryif Musu A 1 id ll ,. Pvt P1-1-V1-2 Nlllll Orw, txro, tl1r1'C. 011 lvhll are 11,0 for Awszrvr' 111111, 11111 f' fl leader. MONA LEE JONES ' Jonrwnc An1bit11n1 U11111tf1111 Enjoys : R1-ad111p. PM P0911-: gh 1 W socks rene and qum p t 1111! III' Se pool ELMO JOHNSON Jr truvk Alllbllllbll Dru 111 4 11211111511 Dr111111. P111 N11111 1 llll firm rom fill t 1 is what f"lIl7'lL!'lf"l'I IU hlmo DONALD JONES Don . '11Slr1-I. S84-mb 3' 'lay - ' ' A' ivitil-S Cllllllllitfl' -. ' -1111111 Boosts-r. Intramural Sp111'ts1. Ambitinn: Trax-1 l. F11jr1yS: Slf-r-p. - 1-'-: 5.1111-. njn ws mas .' says f 1' h . Dorf! let him fnol ynug slrfpinyl. l1r's 1r1rIf' azrrlkff. TOM JORDAN Scmny 1thall. Trar-k. I11tra111u1' Spf-rts. Sfuffvllf C11u11f-il. 1l1iti1111. D'1-ss-I Il'l'lllllC' 11. E11J11ys: Dam-ing. - Pf'1'X'f'1 N111111. ellou' who knmrs Ask any f hlfllv-h?'S O.K. M JENKINS B1 VNILLIA 1l11t11111 1 I s Il1111t1 F at Ill 1 1: ll ILTI 111111101111 I fl 1 I ll Srrl tfst HX RAYMOND JONES uB1Ll'k1l F1111tl1f1ll Sr1111r Slu4i111t Coun A111b1t1r1n El1ct11c1a11 ox Q Sportfx P1111 Won11 ll A uhzrlumrl that rould tear 611111111111 the 019110911111 team E115 NCE L JOHNSTON Puzzy rts A-w1111blw I11t1a111ural S1111 ax lqh11 Club Dann 1411 b Im ka X filfll C CLARE lllltllvll TI1 A11 F1111 I 111111-1 D111111 11. P S11ul111H1 1 1 though lcry verzmw mznrifrl lcon It H9 o 1111 uouldnt n jllllll JAMES JOHNSON 'fJay-Jay ' Stud 'nt Cr1u111'il. ka-1'. A111hiti1111: I'11rl1-rta 'UVQ ' Ci!'lS, E1 ,.. - 1111--' 1 -"ir S. , Illay Amb1ti1n1: L rzrlvrtfzkrr Il 1-1 szu-rrfxs any :my IlVIlfl'7'fllkf'S. LORRAINE JL NGO Faslvif Il Sh1v1'. 1l'11ti1 11: T1'a1'1-i11- . , E111 ysi -1- ' - fr' urvs ' 111111' A Sl' S 1 N11111-. ll'E'll-fTlll'6'lf'll lruly, inllf ,uw IJ rl WAYNE KAPPEL "Wieners" Intramural Sports. Ambition: Machinist. Enjoys: Collectin Put Per-ye Getting up early g guns. O Kappel's 0 K wtth a Koppel and a Koppel K MARION DOLORES KARLOCK Dolly Ambition A good houscwife PHIOXS Collecting. pictures Pft Prue Gettint. up early Someday sl e ll h I qoorl housewife w1th u home tl ' Dale' GENEVIEVE KE LI Y Genny TKP Ambition T bscomf u nuiw noys 1 ortlnp. my IUUJKTHDIIW Pet Pun Writing, tlnnio'-1 IV1HI eyes that smile, too NORMA JEAN KNOPP Tootsze Minstrel Office Help.: Ass: in bly Play S1 mor Aetlutiv s Nfvm Staff Senior Aetlylties Commit ter Junior ACtlWltlPS Comnnt te: Rifle Club Diogsnxs TKP Ambition Secrc tarlal Work P11108 s Dancing Pr t P1 c u Concom d in oplt A future secretary Iwow u e ask you Wh at boss could look at her and concentrate' WALTER KRAEER Ch ester' Intramural Sports Sou Ambition Just to be a sum Fnjoys Making, monu Pet Pom f Sc-icnce Hell qet alrmq just mark our words WENCEL KAREIS "Skinny" Track, Minstrel. Ambition A draftsman Enjoys Bowling Pet Peeye Women He ll be a good draftsman and drau a good pay DONALD WILLIAM KEBBLE Ambition A forest ranger Enjoys Collfctmg guns Pet Peew A car that won t run Strmrlht mi a die and 1PTy sturdy DOLORES KLINGENSMITH Puflds' Intramural Sp o rts Prompter Junior Play Junior Actn ltxes Committee G A A T KP Senior At-tnities Committee Ambition Retail buyer Enjoys R1 admg magazines Pun Fitting, up in hc morning One of our leaders and a leader m her qany DOLORES KOBIELUS Dodo Chorus Assembly Play Usher Club Junior Actnitles Commit tee Fashion Show TKP Ambition Traxel Enjoys Dancing Pat Peeye Cracking gum A good sport and a ready friend MELROSE KUTH Me Chorus Sophomore Play A sembly Play Senior Actnitxes Committee Fashion Show TKP Ambition A telephone operator EnJoys Drawing Pct Ptexe Gossip A future telephone operator hers the mace with u smile HARRY LAKIN Shorty Ambition Machinist Enjoys Stamp collecting Pet Peeve Going hungry 'Im Just Wald About Harry DON LAWSON I n t ra m u r al Sports Student Council Ambition Drafting Enjoys Girls Pet Peewe Conceited girls He's happy go lucky and easy to know DAVID A LEEDS Cookie J Intramural Sports Senior Play Assembly Play Ambition Restaurant business Enjoys Skating Pet Peewe None He likes dramatzcs he likes ladzes Presto Hollywood' CAROLINE LEGGE Carol" Chorus, Minstrel. Ambition: Clerical worker. Enjoys: Collecting, colognt bottles. Pet Peeve: Bookkeeping. Take Me Back Back Back to Caroline. PETER LEINAS Pe te Intramural Sports, Sophomore Play Pericles. Ambition: Lawyer. Enjoys: Sports. Pet Peevei Nightwork. Some day in his pockets the money wil jingle. ANDY LAURITO Flip ' Ambition Auator Enjoys Reading Pet Peeve Ill say With the eyes that "look right through you BILL LEDGER Curley Football Basketball Intramural Sports Soccer Orchestra Stu dent Council 'K Years Perfect tendance Senior Activities Ambition Doctor Enjoys Sports Pet Peeve Gabbmg women .A fellow who enjoys efv thing sports music student leadership For him we prophesy a rich future ROBERT LEES Bob Band Orchestra Rifle Team Ambition A dental technician Enjoys Dancing Pet Peeve Too much make up Natural curly hair natural talent rn short a natural LORRAIN E LENGUEL Lulu Library Assistant Annual Board, TKP. Ambition: Teaching. Enjoys: Sewing. Pet Peeve: None. Slippin Arou d school so ycntle and quiet. ALICE LESNICK Intramural Sports, Band - chtstra Minstrel Student Coun- c'l, So homore Play Junior Play, enior Pla Assembly Play. Cheer lea e r Annual Board News Staff Junior Ac- tivities Committee NLDBG. Ambition: Commercial Advertis- ing. Enjoys: The piano. Pet Peeve: Having to hurry. "A Pretty Girl Is Like A M elody". MARY A LINSENBIGLER F3.Shl0Il Show A Fmoys Dancmg Pet Peese None Here mt ls' The rome wlth smile' FRANK LUCAS Luka Stud: nt Counul lxlllblllflll MdLllllllSt mnmw Q Bovs Img Pot Plow Womon Queshmz Wlll we 1 em! mbrr Fr R an Answer UHuh DONNA MAINS Swtmn Boostmr Jumor CIYICS Club TC Club Alpha Drlta P1 Amb1t1or1 NVo1k1ng ln an off1ce Plt mbltlon Tvleplmom Operator Porn Homtwolk Rather tmy but oh my ROSE MARINGO Alllbltlflll Prnatc Sscrstarw rnjoys Wr1t1n,, lmttnrs Pot Pour Cllquom Row Pnjoys shorthand sho should make a qood secretary JOHN MARTIN Jark Orrhebtla B a n d Intramulal Sports Ambltlon Tho busmves world Enjows Play mg tho trumpet Pot Pooxf Homework John may seem qmet but he oops to town on has horn vfv"XQ,-5455 g DONALD LORESKI Don Orchestra Band Sta f B 1 g am Mmwtrel Mlnstrol Sol t 01s Rc-ft 'VIatl1 Club Rlfle Tc-am AHlblt1OIl Busmess Enjos s Model Bljlldlllg Pc t Primo Workmg after school Offsprmy of a muswal jarmly and son of a local model expert Don should make good m hm ambltzon or hw hobby KATHERYN MAGURSKY Katz 'Vl11st1fl Llbrary ASSlSt8.llt Sophomore Play Assembly Plax Usher Club Fashxon Show Amb1t1o11 Houscw1ff- Enjoys Square Dancmg, Pot Peewe Nothmg Kathoryn l 1 k P x t r roll rf thmqs for her hopo flu st Nm: 11 hal ran that moan WILLIAM MARCOZ Sf-ct1on Booster Amb1t1on Draftmg nnjoys Peadlng Pot Pomr Nonv Ball 19 falthful to tasks vmrled lum ALOIS MARRACCINI Tut Anb1t1o11 To makt monu muox s Sleepmg 1 Pxfxt Gott111,, up 111 1 mornmg Larefrrs as the day 19 lo nu Ihat s Alozs WAYNE MATHE YS Matv Football Basketball Tramk tramural Sports Pcrlclos Ambltlon The Nan EIIJOQS Sports P1 t Pun B152 Shots Just let lfVaync be uhfrc' ther! me lots of sports and he Q 'www . H JJ J ' 2 ' . - - . - . I ' ' ' V ' fl 1 .V : ' , . , 'L' . ' 1, .. l I nl ,II A , I I I , , XX 3 . 3 -2. f I I. ' ' I ' . , ' . N I 1' " . .In ' : - ! I I A I . I ' I ' 3, I if , .- 1 ' 1' lov, Y It ,V ' I I I gr I l A S M R.. ." , ' "I - , V - , 5 l. 1 uBilZu - A if - 1 Enjoys: Slooping. I I I H urn' 1 - 1 D ' 1 . . . , , . 1 ,, 'ez .. I ' '. ' . as I I I In JJ '3 ' 1 ' -f 1 1 . 1 ' 1 ,QI -1 1 5-,I ' 1 ' ' I 1 -,IYI . K '1 ' . , ' ' ' ' K' " 11 P-t fl--: '-f ' tl .I , I . I, . 1 V I I -I I. 9 , 5 , - I E ' 3 1 , al' I K! I JJ Q j .. l ' , . , ' . 111- . . I . ' V , ' I, .. , . . I I U A . . I , I I - 1 ' 1 . , ' . 1 ' T I 1 7 , fII3 54 . NICK MATEJEVICH Section Officu r, Intramural Sports, Assembly Play Ambition: Uncertain Enjoys: Pocket billiards Pet Per-ve: Silly people Nwk ss full of pep he frets around, believe me' SHIRLEY MATTHIAS Squirt Minstrel, Student Council, O ' 'brary Assistant fice Helper, Li So homore Play Assembly Pla Us er Club Junior Actisities Committee Ambition A house Enjoys Dancing wife rent people rless and vo Pet Peet e Indlffe So frank and lea friendly RICHARD MCCLELLAND Megellanv Intramural Sports Ambition To own a business Fnjog s Basketball Pet Pee-we Losing an argument table as a rompan Very accep ion and friend CECIL McDUNN Mac' Intramural Sports Ambition To deliver m d sleeping. il Enjoys: Eating an Pet Peeve: Pin-setting. Give him a job to do and will be done. GLORIA MCLAUGHLIN ssistant. Assembly Play. News Staff. cretary and doctor s Library A Ambition: Se receptionist, Enjoys: Needlework. the feet Pvt Pvvvvi Tapping when reading. Gloria Hallelujah! what a girl! Q K' JOSEPH P MATTEO Joe ts Senior Actin Intramural Spor ties Committu Rifle Club Ambition T -:ill modal rail road supplies Enjoys Music Pet Peeve Westerns The vocataonal eontrzbutnon to the qood lookere DORIS MCCABE Dor Chorus Assfmbly Play Annual Board TKP GAA Ambition Secretary Enjoys Swimming cited people ark Dor' Pet Peeve Conc As gay as a I PAUL McCULLOUGH "Town Talk' Basmball Student Council Sec tion Booster One Year Perfect Attendance Amtution T driw- a bread truc Enjoys the radio Pet P4 ew e Noni t and unassummq but Quie good quy to know Liste ning. to ll ROBERT MCLAUGHLIN Bob Track Intramural S orts Three Years Perfect Atten ance Soph- omore Play Usher Club Section Booster News Staff Ambition: Journalism. Enjoys: Sleeping. eve: Chiselers. Bob would hate been in every activity i they would just let him. He ikes to do things. Pet Pe JANET McMINN Jan lub. Minstrel, T.C. C ercial Artist. Ambition: Comm Enjoys: Ice Skating. Pet Pecve: Concc-it. Sincerity marks h er ellorts. JOHN MCTEIR Mztch ltxamuxal Spot 'NI anager 1' oothall Al'!lblllUll Tht Nayy Lnjoys Loafing Pet Peeye Report Cards In ram and 'mud d an foq John fazthfully serz d ff the team zt-r manager GEORGE MESSINEO Bananas Football Basketball Intl amux Sports Ambition Lnde c lde cl hnvoys Read1n,, books Puya ye on Gforqr was a scrappy play! 1 the fzcld why couldnt h rut up on tune' JOAN MILLER In Student COUHCII Soph o o rv Play .Tumor Play Asst mbl Play Senlor Actly ltlos Commit tee Ne ws Staff Dlogcnes Alllbltltlll Lndfcldc d P t Pun Mlssmg buses .berwua minded alu aus earnest aln ays rellable RICHARD MILLER Lard Football Baseball Intramural Sports Soccer Chorus Soph omorc Play Jumor Play Sunni Play Assembly Play Alllbltlflll Undeclds d Enjoys Eyerythlng and fury body Pat Peeye lNary a one Who wtll B1 er forget Richard and h1s plrklev m the Senior Play? WAYNE H MUIR Flash ' Football Baseball Manager Or Llwutra Band Sophnmfm Play Dance- Dxsc Jockey Ambltlon Electrlcal Engmf er Enjoys Play mg hockey Pvt Pr-ey e Work Another Ianthful manager I JOAN MEANOR Chorus Fashion Show 'tmbltlon Undecmdfld Enjoy s Dates P t Pun Stuck up people 'Pretty sharp that Q Joan ELMER MILLER Assembly Play Section Booster Alllblllllll Auto meohamr- Enjoy s Datmg P t Puyc Lone L-,lmtr lzked the great outdoors bfltrr than school but hffre he IS rs wnzor RONALD J MILLER Ron Football Capt Jumor Varslty Rc Math Club Sophomore Play Assembly Play Jr ClYlCq Club Alllhltlllll Stats Trooper P njoys GIFIQ I t P eye Snobblsh People Bm and strong he enlmtw your r'onf1dence ARDATH L MOORE llflf Team GAA Ambition To wrlte Enjoys Pamtmg P t P ey: Nlghtwork Ardath uants to urzte may her typeu rlter get hot' JANE MUNDY Alllhltlllll Stenographer lnjoys Collutmg thlngs from XHFIUUS places P t Pun Concented people Aluays the same Mundy Tuesday or any other day I na ' ll i I X , I I .1 - I. S. A lr ' ' 3 t . V I ' ' : ' . , , M l. .wg " " . X ' 1 JV J E K , . , . . . ', r .. 3 ' 1 5 Ji , 5 . II Q . X , ' , -- 'al jg I . ' ' : , ., l f 1 - . . - ' ' 1 1 I ' tr M . h h P.-1 'rl 'Anrpf-11-. A g V , , , ,, , x A 1 n :T K I rn " J , ' ' - if JJ ., - ' Y' , 31 4-g A ' , V . , ' 'r ', ' , -'V K 1 bv v, ' v , ' - - ' , ' t ' ' 1 X . Enjoys : Dancing. 1 3 i A -' Q- 'e'1: ' ' . 42 "' ""'5 V X V ', ' - ' ,I vi .' in '. h . , f '- - , l , , cr U - , ' ' K 1' . Y. . V - . h ' t , . . . .'. f .' .'- 1 ' ' , . 1 . 5 I G 1 - -xr: 4 A I sl ' ' ,Z . . ' ,., .- 4. ,ty-.Z ' I . I . 1 Q. .A A . . v , I X A 7 ' h ' ' 1 Y 4' ' I ,V -K . . - AA I G 1 . ' ' 3 - . . .- , C R. I it h y , , I . . I A 4' li ,hz V . I ' ,' : ," V Q 5 7 , . . , . , , .. ,. i . OND MURRAY Rifle RAYM B00 Minstrel, News Staff To-ani, Ambition: Salesman Enjoys: Collecting colns Pet Peeve. Getting up early Ray has a keen sense of hu mor. He enjoys life thoroughly ARTHUR NAYLOR Artt Ambition: Farming Enjoys: Golf Art comes from a large fam ilyg that's why he's self-reliant ANGELINE NESE Ang TKP Club. ' ' nice A Nese that I9 1er11 ES NICHOLS Jimmy Intramural Sports Sopho Play Rifle Club hemist JAM YTIOYQ Ambition C Enjoys Sports Pet Peeye English Well remember Jammu after hes forgotten us lon q DONALD NIST 'Don Don left us early to enter the lneld ol business His ambition hum to night school for took needed crerlzt-r JOSEPH MUSKOVAC JOHN f'Musky" Base-ball. Intramural Sports, As- sembly Play. Ambition: A milk route. ancmg Long skirts Pet Peeye when he We ne1 er saw John wasnt perfectly calm and col lected Enjoys D D NEDROW E y ball ELWOO Track JV Foot U certain ball Washing t thats El Ambitlon n Enjoy s Foot Pet Peue dlSh6S Solemn and qule wood NEWMAN BETTY JEAN Bets" Asst nibly Sol o 1 s t Asst mbly' Play Chur Ltader Senior Ac- llS1tllS Fashion Show Ambitlon Housewife Enjoys Swimming, P P :us Snooty plopls A snappy cheer leader oner- floumq with Mm and iztallty. NE NIEHL Rifle Team. MARLE lr CINICS Club TC Club Ambition Hou E oys Drlymg TIJ Pft Pune Rami days 3, I spite ol recurring tllnes l merlastinyly n Marlene 1 emumer rhrerful se wife A JEAN OTTO BARBAR Barb Chorus NI in s t r el Assembly' Play Ushe r Club Fashion Show Ambition Lunch room lding model planes En ms Bui P t Pu ses. lu Boring., das lou otto Annu Barbara: - pun no less ED OWENS KKEddyJJ Football, Rifle Team. Ambition: Relaxing. Enjoys: Collecting photographs. Pet Peeve: "Girls", tAEd liked dancing and a good ime he nei er mzssed a party LAWRENCE PALADINE Larry Football Asse-mblx Play Rec Math Club Ambition Ovw ning a sportm F. goods ston Enjoys Dnann soft muslr Pct Pe1s1 School Imagine big Larry enjoying dreamy soft music the boy must be romantic BETTY LOUISE PEPPLER Betts Chorus. Ambition Undecided Enioys The radio P t Pun Laziness She hurrzes about always full of pep BERNARD PIVIROTTI Ambition Auto Mechanic Enjoys Escaping school o any Bernard enjoyed has coop work more than school but hrs bud dles missed ham those ueeks LA VERNE POPOVICH Junior Activities Committf Dlogenes Ambition Office practice Enjoys Roller skating Pet Peew None LaVerne got lots of iotes f the prettiest owl in the class No wonder! MILO PAICH "Miken Ambition: To r1-lax. Enjoys: Wrecking his car. Pet Peevf-: Making up work. Milo likes to kid people but underneath hes pretty serious JUNE PAPE 11 Junze Intramural Sports Sophomon Plax Senior Plas Annual Board N1 ws Staff R1fl+ Club INLDBG Ambition Interior Duorating, Fnjoys DHDPIII, P11 XI Haxm, to ual June neqlfrtfd nn tasks P1911 11 hen they 'uns unfzlfasant JOSEPH PETRAS Joe Section Booster Rifle Club Ambition Electrician Enjoys Photography P1 1 Xl Bono lor' ts 'fimred for artirm RONNIE PLASKON Ambition Chemistrx P1t Poms Washmb dishes Ronnie was partlcularly mcf to hate around always nz a flood humor WILLIAM POPPA Wzll Ambition Shop work Fnjms R1 stmg Pct Pee-xv lN0n1 Lots of friends had 'zll 1- I . , - h . ' JJ cc J: QW A i i 1 ' ' Z " ,', S ii.. , Q Pvt ..v.: . Y' .-- Y 'L It J, KI 7, - - - .J " x: f '. U . Pvt ' . , -, ,, . A AK ' ' : X V . K. ' ,v 7 - ' - v : ' I A ' Enjoys: Reading. Pet Peevo: Never thought f L V' A 3 "5 ' U ' -- . A 1 k A I Y ullq 77 I . 1 , : -A V . 1 , .Q ' , 5 , ig. ' ' . . ,. , . W fr ' 1: . . J ' j 1 it ' . 4 ll' . . I ' .A . or Q? . px. GLORIA MARIE PROVANDA G 0 Annual Board, Jr. CIYIIF Club lliflv' Tvam. T C. Club Alnbitinn Nl.H'Qlll,. Enjoys: Coll:-ctim: plrturl Pvt P m-4f vs-t Nona "I drm't want to gf! ucll, I fith a beautiful nurse in lore 11 LA VERNE PRINGLE Twm Chorus. Fashion Shmx Arnbitinn: Housn-wiff Enjoys Datlnpt Pvt Pvvvv. IV, Hwavni What if you can't tell em apart when both of them are acceptable ARLENE PURDY Chnrus DICJL1 ne S Eninys: CI'00Il1I.1Il2.. Axnhitmn Unurtaxn ' -t Ps- -v L: C0nL+1t+d hm S A purdy mce glrl and purriy too lforyire the pun! EDVW ARD REID Eddie Ru 'Hath Club AlTlblf.l0I'l The Nan Enjm Q Dan: ln.. Pnl nwl IN Eddie' lzkrs tn ri :hu llllfl V! thm H1 hrs hfart CATHERINE RASPOLIC th' ru'- lhlllllll Offn vu, UXQ at P P np: that nakt Cathermc as our vecretaru non that I8 a provpect that plfasfs nf' NE PRINGLE LA VO 'fBlondy" Chorus Fashion Shnw. Ahlbltl0Yl Traxel Enjoys Datlng Pet Pun Cracking.. gum The other one of the famous HAHIY PUCKETT RENATTA Cree Assexnblv Chorus 'Vhnstrel Plas News Staff TKP Amhltmn Music Teathrr Enjoys Playmg the plano Pet P6-eve Crenatfa as true blue her frzends wzll touch for that Show offs ROBERT RAMSEY Bob Fuotball Intramural Sports J tball Rxfle Club Soccer V Foo Ambltlon Draftlng s Trapplng Pr-t Peewe None Robert lakes to yo tra pmg Watch out girls that he oesnt trap your heart Enjoy DONNA REI-IAK Studf-nt Council Candy Stand, Awfmblx Plas Dlogenfs Gym vxlnbltlon Ambltmn Iiousw u lfe rmg Pun P 0 f n 1 1 51' m morf than they ara the She ualks u orlfl unafraid Lnjnxs Dan erect and faces AUDREY REL SCH Shorty Q Pl8X Ookka Lp: r S1 lphnznur Amhltlnn B Reading Enjm Q azx cnxnf dn-s. Pvt PM-wa Cr Pcrmzt us to rush ln and say Aurlzey IY OK THOMAS RICHARDS Teddy Intramural Sports Ambltmn Trawel Fnjoys Sports Pet Peexc English Teddy wants to tra 1el Wc lzene hell tr avel far JE 'J arms Chorus Mmstrel Off AN ANN RICHARDSON ICP Helper Sophomore play Assembly Play Annual Board Jr CIXICS Club F8Shl0ll Sh ow TC Club Ambltlon Secretary Fnjoys Dancmg Pit Prev Some day Jean wlll be uable t he boss wlll wonde he not along w1thout her Ignorant people 90 ull r how JEAN RODGERS Rod q ' Attendance Hel ptr Llbrary As slstant Annual Board Ishl Club S ectlon Booster lN eva s Staff NLDBG G A A AUlb1tlOIl Stenographer Enjoys Dancmg Pvt Peue Snobblsl leanme wlth the d 1 pc opll ark brown hmr and the wmsome mannrr RAI PH ROSEMARY That 9 Lzfe Intramural Sport: Studn nt Councll Ambltlon Machlmst Enjoys Sports Pet Peexe To b f- calls d Llttlm Boy it aut Ham e ' Rosemary that's fo1 remem hranee We ll remember Ralph DAN ROSSETTI 'Ifrack Intramural Sport s Stu ent Councll Rlfle Club Senior Actlutles Commxttu Ambltxon Elf ctr 101811 Enjoy s Eatlng' Pet Pom e Women Dan ls the sophrstwated lad with dark eyes and dark um hair CV 1 MARIE RICHARDS Ch Rec Math Club News Staff News Edxtor orus Assembly Soloxst Afllbltltlll Teaching Enjoy S Music P4 t PQ ey e Nom Mane -rates A s m her studres md A plus an the estlmatmn of those who know her DAVID FORRESTER RIDGEWAY "Ish Kabb bl Chorus MlDStFPI Attendance Helper Office Helper Lunch Room Helper Refreshment Squad Candy Stand Assembly Play Usher Club Dance Dxsc Jockey Sectlon Booster News Staff Jumor Actxvmes Commlt tu Mall Carrier One Year Per fe ct Attendance Ambltlon To own a busmess Enjoys Tmkermg Pet Peewe Snow at a football game Anythmg added here would be superfluous Every lzme there was work to do they shoved tl onto Dave JOAN ROSEN Rosey Chorus Debatm g Club Rec Math Club News Edltor J Culcs Club Ambltlon To go into bu Enjoys Readmg Pet Peeye S1114 A busy llne Was Joan rehablef' Ask any one especaall th y e News Staff and thezr sponsor WILLIAM ROSIPAL Bucky Intramural Sports Senxor Actnn tus Commlttee S ectlon Booster Ambltlon Auatxon pllot Enjoys Sparklng the xzxrls Pft Peru Maklng up back work Nm er still a mmute that was Wrllmm Hell be on the go 1 tzl he turns up hls toes EDWARD G RUBASH Jr Amb n attl nd ant xtlon Gas statlo Enjoys Collectmg old guns Pet Peeye Nxght work Ed checked no school actua hes but that d ' oesn t mean no aenon You always knew when he was around DOLORES RUSCH Chorus Ambition To join the Waxes Dancing ye Boring classes Dolores ulth her ponse and grace lakes dancing and eve mnrfs of fun Enjoys Pet Pet FRANCES SAGE Frzt Intramural Sports, Minstrel Senior Play, Cheer-leader, News Staff, Junior Activities Commit g1v,bPrompter Junior Play, T.C u Ambition: Office vsork Enjoys : Collecting snapshots Pet Pceve: Searching for lost articles Frances carefree and Jolly and lots of fun GAIL SAUERS Gayn Chorus Ambition Office worker Enjoys Reading Washing dishes A lzttle on the qulet slde m chool but don't Pft Pu:-we worry shel g HERMAN SCHADE Babe ericles Senior Activi ties Committee 0 own a business Minstrel P Ambition T Enjoy s Economics Pet Peese Math te a boy a sltck Babes qui dresser and a sulell fellow DOLORES JEAN SCHILDKAMP Dee Minstrel Sophomore Play somblx Play Usher Club On Year Perfect Attendance Rifle Club GAA ition To trawl all ox world er the Amh Fnjoxs Reading Zane Grey P t P in Cracking gum When Dolores goes a trazel he hopes to do we hope any as s she uont forget us ELEAN OR SABLE Sable" Minstrel Attendance Helper O ficz Htlper Assembly Play A nual Board Rifle Club Ambition To trayel Enjoys Collecting picture post virds Ptt Plum People combing their han in an mating plact Eleanor ts as faithful as the l a s does a little clock She a w y more than ts expected of her GEORGE SAMUELS Sam Football Intramural Sports Ambition To take it easy s Senior Science Enjoy cexe None he lowes them Pct P a Sam 'neter loses a sort of quiet rllymty JEAN ANN SCALLY Jeanme Ambition To color photos Enjoys Reading Peeye To be called a P4 bleached blonde 'll Look at her zcture and you agree Cheerfu ' I-IEFFLER Sophomore Play News Staff News Editor Rifle Club Alpha Delta P1 bition Office work PAULINE T SC Am Enjoy s Reading Pet Peewe Nagging people Some people are cheerful to day grumpy tomorrow Pauline is aluays the same cheerful SCHMITT BETTY JANE Blondze ' Ptrfect attendance sex en years Ambition Business Enjoys Listening to the radio rk Ptt Pine Light wo Sem en years perfect attend ance thats how steady she is ,.- ,. ,, A ., l '1 1 A , I ' A V . If ' . . f- . Z . . y I , 1 ' . n, . . -' : ' . 1 A 1 , ,- . .' ' 'K A. ' 2 -Ve: ' ' - ' ' - ' m ' x Al ' ,JJ , ' li :J . Y 1 - ' v . Q A t . . 1 A ' : , ' V ll. : . It In . - 1 , . . f ' . ,fa . ' . 1: 5 A ' ' 5 - ' . ' , rr ' J: , , . . . . i it : and about s , 'Q f . I ,' 'l et along. - ' Q V Y , ? I .J A A 3 rr 11 ' . ' . 1 . . .- ' . . . h V Q ' ' , . . , I . . I I n . If JJ ' 7 ' , . ', As- ' A ' . , .f l ' I .. ft , l e ff , ' ,' : ' - '. 'h Fl: ' Y . .1 - - V' 0 p . - .2 ' I , ', l ' I , . , '. , . , . , SHIRLEY SEIGH S hurl Chorufl MIHBITPI News Staff TKP Ambltlon Alrlmn Hostew Enjoy s Dancing Pot PM-xv Nonv Good gradfs quut dwnxtu aewrod surcess DONALD F SEKERKA Lzqlztnmq ' Amhxtlon Malllllllqt A loyal 'mpportn nl T I Ihqh 171 mory artzntu BETTY SELEPEC Al11hltl0Il Amr Hoqteis 17111055 Colloctmg Records Pft Poms- f'0qSlDlllg Glrls TVfth 500 owls lwke Betty 111 Ihw plave would he pfrfvct IDA MAE SHAW Eawlnon Show Ambition Ilouwmufl Injms Dates Pot P cm e School ,We can see Ida now 1 ze head 1 a qreat household EDWIN M SHILKO Chook Intramural Sports Debating Club Rlflv T am Alllhlilflll Tho armx FIIJUWQ lluntlnfz and f1shn1,., N- P rx mp. um mmmnz: I' dwun take s nothzng for arontui QI u 10 qot to s lou ham ,f ANN SEKELY Sekely Chnrud Ambition Dncortaln Pnjoyl Slumnp, P f l Snootx poupls' IIN F7lthllYIll?IN. mmplu buhblee o1Pr DON SELEPEC Ambltlon Drumg, a truvk Fnjmo Pockot bllllllldi P: 1 u lxone ll hen Dm: drum hrs bm trurk mfr thc 4111111 IIHIIITIIIIIY will ht' rfmlmhrr us' ROBERT SEPCIC Bob Pe rfoct Aitllld3.IlC1 A'-N mhlg Plax P1 uclw fx Ambxtmn Ull00Ftdlll Enjoyo Dancmf. Po Prev 'Nom Boblv aluaye Ln ULF' center I the' crowd 11 hon thvrf S' fun mound ROBERTA SHEARER Bert 17lI'll4 '-txa Stude nt COUHCll A Q. mblx Play Jr CHIC? C u P A A .Iunmr Avtlutle s Com llllttll NLDBG Amhltmn Dfntal Assmtaut n ova Th' lst Pun A mosex loc tl ll hen Robnta s around thlngs hrum to hum JANET SI-IUBERT Shu 'ulllitftl Attf ndanm Hn lper S+-mor Actnxtws Comnutton D 1 ,c n Alllbltlfill Huum vb lfa Enjm s FISIIHIK Pr! Pr IUC 1 It doesnt takr Iona to fmd 1 y sl P um zlfrtfd 0 frunrllust mr! an tho rlues fu P+ opla with 4 gn I RUTH SHULTZ Shultzie l Library A Chorus, Minstre, sistant, Sophomore Play, Junior Play, Senior Play. Annual Board News Staff, News Editor, Alpha Delta Pi Ambition: Nursing Enjoys: Piano yes Timid writing When Ruth becomes a nurse we won't want to get well Pct Pee JOHN SKVARLA Johnny Intramural S p o r t s , Annual Board, Senior Activities, News Staff, Junior Activities Commit tee, Tumbling Team Pericles Ambition Engineering Enjoys: Swimming Pet Pecve: Giggly girls cutwe maybe Our future exe some day a millionaire GLADYS SMITH Usher Club, News Staff, Rec Math Club Two Years Perfect Atte ndance Ambition Pharmacy Enjoys Photography Pat Peue None Gladys may seem bashfu :sled she can stand dont be m up wzth the best of them l but WILLIAM SMITH Wzll Sophomore Play Junior Play Sf nior Activities Commlttfe Usher Club Section Booster e One Year Perfect Attendanc Ambition T1 aching Enjoys Collecting picture post cards Pet Peeye None William uould like t be a teacher We think he uould be honorable arlditzon to an hon an ored profession JOHN SMITH ' Smztty Sf r tion Booster Ambition Lndecided Enjoy s Dravs ing Ps t Peet 0 English 'John Smith a common e but a zery uncommon na rn ad 4 may KATHLEEN SKINNER "Dolly" Chorus Office Helper Assembly Play Ambition Typist Enjoys Art Pit Peese Disordered lockers d to be Kathleen seems so gla at bag wonderful alive an a gre world PATRICIA SMELTZ Smellze Fashion Show Ambition To tray el Enjoys Collecting souy enirs hat fib Pet Peeye People t Patricia 18 so anxious t travel that she draws maps or Voyage Patricia fun Bon NANCY SMITH Chorus Library Assistant Sop omore Play News Staff Junior Activities Committee D1of.,enes TC Club Ambition Retailing, ewelry alled Smythe Nancy likes retailing Here 18 is wzshzng her the lnggest job m the bzggest store in the bw gest town h Enjoys Costume j Pet Peue To be c HENRY SMITH Smztty Ambition Machinist Enjoys Shows Pet Pveye None lVe u1sh for Smttty h s own shop and to to oun 1 build great things therein o chance MARGARET SPADARO Margze Ambition Telf phone opuator. kating School When Marque becomes a telc- uell listen lor phone operator that zozce uith a smile Enjoys S Pvt P me WILLIAM SPEELMAN B1 Slllfilllf Councxl Rifle Team Section Booster Perlclcs Ambltxon To be wealthx EnJo5s Huntmg Pr-t Peew Unfrlendly people A sewn of one of the best known famlhes zn the Valley huts farr to enhance the name ARLENE STARKEY Fashlon Show Ambltlon Housf-wlfe Enjoys Danclng Pet Pe-exe Gettlng up ln the morning Arlene enjoys homemakzng someone some day wzll flnd her to he a cond housewife SHIRLEY STEWART Shzrl Fashxon Show Amb1t1on Housewxfe Enxoys Collectmg thmgs Pet Peexe Crowded stores Shwley 'lull make a good home for some one we F1 en knou 1: hom DONALD SWIGERT Swag Student Councll Assembly Pla Semor ACtlY1t19S News Staff Rlfle Team Track Intramural Sports Perxcles Ambxtlon Arch1tect Emoys Basketball Pet Pease Nlghtwork on dance lllghT.S Here ls a real class leader who tned hw hand at many thmgs JAMES R THOMAS Jzm Intramural Sports Rec Matlx Club Ambltlon Busmess man Enjoxs Plaslng thf accordion Pet Peexe Gettlng up ln the mornmg Jzm wzll end up ownmg hls oun business some day walt and see 44 RUTH STARKEY ' Poochze Faslnon Show Ambltlon A housewxfe EnJoxs Sleepmg Pet Peexe Crowded moues Ruth s sunny dusposltzon spreads 61 eryuhere EVA MAE STAUB Red Studn nt Council Annual Board News Staff News Ed1tor Jr Somor ACtlW1f.lCS COYIllTllft00 CIXICS Club TC Club Ambltxon bf cn tarw Enjoss Slvung Pet Puxe 1N1r,htvu0rk Em ze actzuty personmed Shes mterested zu everythmr and ezeryone MERLE SVOBODA Ss nun Actultns Commlttoe Alllbltl0I1 To ovsn a business P1 t Pm me None There ave lots of thmgs Merle lzkes more than school neyer Lheless here he 18 'ready to rnariuate ARTHUR TACKER Art' Football Intramural Sports sm n1bl5 Plax Rlfle Team Alllblt1OIl U!ldeC1d6d Engoxs Sleepmg Ptt Peexe Gettmg up Arthur says that he l1kes best to sleep We neuer found hlm anufhmff but uzde awake PHYLLIS THOMAS Sophomoxe Plax Alllbltl0Il IIOUS6W1f6 Fnjoxs Wrltxng letters Pot Pun None A lady of consequence that uzll be Phyllzs some day fr 'nu I . ,, 4' ' I, , . . 1. KA' II 1 l v ' ' - ' ' ' - 'l V, v ' xi- : "rr V I 1 ,' I rr ' :J ll' - 'l ' I . ' ' : ' ' . A A . - Enjoys: English CTU . . . X , - 1 l .' : . . In I J. , , . Q. , , , I ' l 1. 1 lf JI . I , , AS- , , ' ' I . 1 ' 1 ' . If ' JJ . . , , 5 A ' 1' v . . . ' STANLEY THOMAS 'Jume Football, Intramural Sports Manager Football. Three Years Perfect Attendance worker Ambition: Iron Enjoys: Eating, Pet Peeve: The fair sex Stanley has a cfrtam earnest ness that impresses you JACK TOBIN Toby Football, Intramural Sport Rifle Club S1-ction Boost'-r Ambition: A mechanic Enjoys: Datxs Pet Peewe Giddg ,,irs Tall dark and you uhat knou WILLIAM J VALENTINE Va Pfrflct Attvnriantf Ona Yvai Ambition Public Accountant Fnjoys Mmns Pu 4 is Sr hool Val would lik! to uork 'uzth figures Bruno around your 1n come tax LEO VEYCHEK Class Offiur Football Basknt ball Track Student Council Disc Jockex Rufio Team Danco Junior ACtlYltll'S Committoe Ambition Toolmaker Enjoy s Baskf tball Po Puxf- Silly ,,1rs r 19 our prcnrne wry quiet He e but iery efficient BILLY WALSH Knobby Football Trafk Intramural Sports Minstrel Sophomore Plax Sf mor Actnitics Commit tee Pr rich s Ambition Tho Nan Enjoxs Football Pun on' 'nts 1 bodx Here is his picture not only flood looking but a smell auy T? FRAN TIPPING Tzp otcwr Tumbling Team Ambition Und- c lded njox s Sports t Pu lNig..htvlo1k Trp is for all sport a bundle enfrqy DOROTHY TRAICHEFF Toot? aslnon Show Ambition A good housewife Enjoys Collecting pictures rk Ozvrflouznq uxth good humor Pt t Pt 4 xc Wo PETE VERSINO Ambition Undturled I njog Q I' u rx thing 4 Pu Ba lIl,., ix ed shop Pets fr so quiet you may not knou hun Get acquainted DOI ORES WALTERS "Lucky Sophoniorf PlaS TKP Amlntion S+ cretarx hovss Snobbxsh gli' s I njops S t P n 1 rrellrnt secretary soon he rradu for frmneonf' ASHABAUGH HARRY W ll ashie Tratk Intramural Sports Tumb- lxn Tlam Ambition To b conn famous njox fl Sim ping t P. tw English Wavhze aluays uear-1 that broad qrln PHYLLIS WATSON Phyllm left us early we uere all so sorr y not to haze her uzth us to the end DONALD WESSLING Boo' Stag.. Cifw Danm Disc Jockm Ambition Wa lrlm r Eiljox s Drnxnp., Pe P4 Q xx Sflellll Donald 1 nfd all mer the buildmq frxzna things that needed fwmq HAROLD N WHEELE Sonny R Intramural Sports Sophomore Play Ambition Tho Nas 3. Enjoys Ddllflllg. t P mm Shop Anrhorv Awfzall Bon Voyaqe and all that wort of thznq to a future Vary man FRANCES LOUISE W ILK H um phr y Chr rus Ambition Se crotars Enjm Q S+ wing In Lim o f A capable :url ul m can work and wmlc and uuutlunq NORMA JEAN VVILLN "Rusty' ER Diu,,m'1lPS, Alpha Delta Pi, Ambition: Air Host-rss. F1 'oysi Svwin . - v - ' A: Nihht Wm' . ay she' A y 1iyz" ' wr fzcfzuv. HELEN WERTZ 'Pmky Fashion Show Junior Activities Commlttm Ambition Intmrior Dtcorator Enjovl Collecting Seashells Pet Poms Concfit Heen is fn shes never grumpy AUDREY JEAN W Shorty ' HATLEY Chorus Ambition Sc cr: tary Enjoy 'H Swimming P t Pun Concmt Juvt but oh boy' a little' bundle ROBERT WHITEMAN fa' 0 Intramural Sports Ambition Drafting Enjoy S Dancing Pot Pc ow Smoking., W1 d lzkc to prophecy that Robert wzll yo lar in hw chown field JAMES WILLIAMSON Yukon Intramural S ports Rifle Team Sophomor e Plax Assemblx Play Junior Actnitifs Committee Porlclfi Amb E ition Che-mistrx njoys Hunting, and Fishing P t Plum Girls Biff Jim ready A , and reliable always the same always cheer- ll . DONALD WINGARD Don Hiflw- Club. Ambition: Farmin . Enjoys: Taxide-rmy. P- Plc-W: "Girls", IIe're's a z'lmn-rut young man with a most promising future. JANET YOUNG Jan Chorus. Sophomore Play Civics Club, T.C. Club Ambition: Secretary Enjoys: Dancing so Gossip Pct Poo a fmorzle with her Jan 98 yang, NANCY WOOD Weeds' Diogenvs Ambition Teaching Enjoys Bowling P f- I P "Woods emo elnf' calm Viracious 19 the umrl shf' gets around MARGIE TRE1-'AK rrMaTy Jr 'lv came to us ln thc r year Mau.. nndrlll of th: sa mo ilfflcult thing to mak4 mia It s a 1 nl w fulnrls and new ass: ilrms so nwdr graduatlrm At Swlssiall High sh: was a majorfttf and band mem ln r nnmhfr of the Y Tvvns glad vac had the VVe 14- chance to know Margu WINTERBOTTOM EULALIA Lala Assn mhlx Soloist Librarx Assistant Ambition Au: sun Fnjoym Rv 1flm,.. Pe P1 s w Conn' ite d Boy s Qulct and gentle nm er uffzea MAS WOODWARD THO Woody Intrqrnural Sports Intramur al Council Ambition Und. 1 lded 1 njoys D1 IWIIII., cartoons Pc hon: lVooriy was crazy about basketball DONALD ZISCHKAU Cue 'wlmstrfl Sophomoro Play Asslmbly Play Riflo Team Pcrlclcs Ambition Fore sti y Fnjoys Rifle- shootlnh Pet Pe-me Nahgmg Sellmu papers ul the Wes- tmqhoufn qutf while we all snoozerl aawrrfw lot of crcdlt -filffi V .. rf ,U :QQ , rx U . ' ' ff . Jr, ' f . 2 . ., . 1 A .. I . ,. U V , , . . ,.. . F, ' f' ' . t uf I xr . 1 A . . - . . . 4 . , 5 L . . - .3 . .' , - 4 - Y ,. Q I 5 U 7 ' fl J! . . . ,Z ' V ' - ' A v' H':B",., ld Aq"3 'g'f, . I P.-t 't'Vl'Z ' H. , , . r WX ' rr .u 4 A . i , , 1 . I . ' . . tr , . . , . . ' A Y . lr f' I ' 1 v ' I f 1 ' The Senior Actwztzes Committee First row lleft to mghtl Joe Matteo Betty Newman Jo Ann Bentley Dorothy Henkel Eve Staub Janet Shubert Lols Cole Dolores K11Hg6DSmlth Donna Bowen Dolores Heasley Margaret Hotsur James Edwards Second row Chas Cobler Robt Hopbell Janet Howell Mary Charlton Shlrley Bla1r Melrose Kuth Lols Fltzgerald Norma Knopp Maureen De Vmcenzo Joan Mlller Dorothy Downey Harry Harper Thwd row W1ll1am Walsh Herman Schade Chas Chambers Don Wlngart Jack Hamllton Wm Ledger Wllllam ROSIPHI Harry Hartman Wxlham Smlth Donald Jones Merle Svoboda John Skvarla Harry Hollerman if aQ.PfQnvR.9n Th1s volume of the Memor1es costs the semor class more than tW1C6 as much as the selhng pr1ce It IS the Sen1or ACt1V1t16S Commlttee that steps mto the plcture 1n the effort to ralse the money, not only for the year book but for the May Queen s Court, the semor recept1on, and decoratlons at commencement Members of the act1v1t1es commlttee serve as tlcket takers at the dances, check room attendants, decoratmg commlttees, etc LOIS Cole was the chalrman of thls commlttee for the class of 1950 Almost S2500 was ralsed by VHFIOUS means mcludmg the sale of the year book ltself u 0 s o 0 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 - - ' - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 - 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 4 1 1 1 1 . ' ' ll ' !Y ' , . . 7 6 E55 QS XX Dk Fa fvwlllllaaiillff' WKlklllllllnrlllUHWQgwX il EP I Yssf'-K - 'Q X f ,, . A 'fu H 1 1 + A 1 nh! N' X-X ,W If J - . I J 5- The Junior Class Leaders President: George Cifra Vice president: Ray Udavchek Secretary: Nancy Jo Liston Adv1lser.' Mr. John Tortella Junior Actlvltles Committee Fzrst row rleft to rzyhtl Dorothy Kllckovlch Nancy Strommen Dolly Tarbuck Patty Walsh Barbara Stewart Nancy Jo Llston Sandra H111 Suzanne Holschuer Shlrley Cunnlngham Marlene LBSDICR Evelyn Gehrett Anne Altchxson Llllxan Staub Ann Popovxch Srcond row Audrey Wlnner Florence Vhlson Janet Mlller Mary Kruppa Jean Forsythe Dorls Fayad Odell Addleman Pat Wess Joan Slmon Dolly Brown Mamlyn Treser M1ldred Morosm1 Gladys Poss Bernadlne R1ChaFdS Brooks Mary Dannels Betty James Helen Glunt Barbara Hannll Frances Aglettl Fourth row Pete Payne Eugene Whalen Joanne Zlfaras Helen Roslpal Roberta Popxnchak Mo a Gxlhum Clarmssw Sanderson Marlene Holmes Poselle Dxnzeo Helen Montgomery Barbara Daykon Don Steyyart Boyd Swartz Fzfth row George Clfra John Yates Reg1S VValton Glenn Myers Leo Flynm V 1ll1am Brown Barvy Basel Rlchard Tutlch Ray Udavchek James Moran . . . . . . l . . 1. . . Y , y Y v . y . y Y . V . y . y if I by ' y V' V ' Y Av 1 V - V v ' L, Y Y , ' Y Dv 1 ' v Y , ' ' 'Y , L ' Third row: Mary Ann Suleky, Bernice Manalovich, Helen Yurigan, Rose Majeski, Dolores Strenko, Betty F A , ll- C , , VA. . U y ', ,v 1 ' ,VA ' Y ' - Y A x. V .y :Y "' ' V , .,... , , ' ' V N. y . 11A Mrs MCMUFI ay rs! rm flfft to rm Nanfx StI'OHlIll+ll Clara Caxnta Had flllllt DPISIIIHFI Florence Smul7ensk1 Slllallllf Hnl1Qcl1uPr Sandra H111 Nanu Jw Llqtllll -Kudrex Wlllllff Nanfx GlJfPflHlHll xlllfll ri WI1lY'flQIY'll qfI'fl7llf rou IHIINQ Balogh Flurfncv Xhleon Janet WIIIIPI' 'llarx Kxuppa Jean Forsxthe Hrs NILWIUIFZQ DOTIQ Faxarl Odell Addlemcn Rowe Nlarze SXKTIII Pafllfld VMQQ J: C11111 Tlmfi rou. Stephen Zauasky Boyd Sxxa1t7 Dale Chman Jack ZZilllIlllkl91 Rubs XX l1lSllCf' Xhllard Bmun Duane 154111 Im Callm Cforge Clfxa nfx Lm 1r Allen Pm: UI Dlfk XX atwu 11B MISS E Stevwalt If 1111 11144 1. Ln 111 Pa1ba1 1 Steual Phxlhs Cmtalm Im elyn Gehrett Sindr 1 Su-ape Ioan Slmon Bettx WllQ4Ill Llllldll Bom Gladxs Gll't0ll 1 1 111 P1rlg.,11 Sefmzri ron Robert Karels Ralph Suxsshelm Delnora NICKIIIIIPS Ba1bara Daykon Margaret Breeden NI1ss E Stewart Xnne AIICIIISOII Ba1bara Hamlll Helen Glunt Thmnafi Morgan F gene VX halen Tlznfi ron G11 nn Mxers Edgar Legex Pelrx Talarkmc Regls Walton John Yates Yxlllldlll Ker1 Barn Basel James X illlltlllfi Hubert Hamer John Mui I1 rn H111-cersf111 Cllftord Iwon 11C MISS Hadfield x l lm NI ll ll 111 LlNIl1Lk Bc ttx Bouma 'Wellle Xililllvlll Petts J111k11er Mary Dan nf la Ennlx 'lILFadflen Allw ne Allen F1 ancef. Xgzlu tt1 96001111 7014 Dan Clugston Charles Dlllon Slurlex Drxburgh Dorothw Kllckmlch M1511 Hadfield Carole Bankson Shlrley Cunmngham 'wX1ll1am Andereon Fred Crltflth Tlufl mu Thomaq XlKt0I'l3 Jac DCXlll+ Ralph Dan11an1 Donald D1Sa11ta Charles Cm le Blame Daughe rtx Harold H-mard Hmsard Lang Nello Con tlrh Hales Hakanln Janus P41111 F1 f - f Qhtj: . '. ' " ' -, V 11- ' z. 4 , . ' ' h fri XVI, , . 2 '2 Y ' ' , A lj 'Xl , ' 't' '. " Snyrlvr, .luv '1 , 11. Frrxl mu' flffl 1 htj: Fr: " iill, , ' ' 'z ' 'L Ali P32111 ll-1', J-va 1' f ' ray. - ' , . , Ju- lin, . 1 'U' " 2 1 , ,j . I"lI'.'f roll' llfff II HHS 1 ' ' 'I 1 1D Mr Mxchaels Fzrst rou, flej! to rzqhtl Eugene Crowle Russell Harvveg Peter Pay ne Jack 'VIahan John Rob erts Mr Michaels Ted Ferguson Ernll Wagner Jack Rosemary John Thomas Wllllam Cole Suomi rou Harry Federonka Lovell Gonano Wayne Blotzer Albert Janzeof irlfw Q lll R Nlllllllll If ax fhak Donald DIAFUH Charles Mc Clxntomk Don Rn hm Leo Flx nn Don HPqklll Alllllll George Thzrrl rou James Shubert XX 11118111 Dunn Earl Palnter Jerry 'Nlarchxtello Alun Struxrf Jamfs Moran Richard TUt1Cll Frfd Dfrrloek Pobert Proxe Earl Jatkson Charlcs Shlelris Donald Craham Thomas O Brien 1 1E Mr Carthew Fzrsf row fleft tn rzqlztj Joan Socn Donna KaSpIlSlIl Marlon Lau son Bf atrlce McDunn Ine7 Kuhns Jean Montgomery Margaret Lynch Allce Luffe Lo1s Saalmger Ioanne Me-keel Roselle Dnweo gllllllfl :ou fxllllld Lang, Lxlllan Haskln Shuley 'VIxllQr Mildred Slstarellx Mr Car Ann Popoueh Llllxan Staub Thzrrl row Stella Dottaxlano Mary IWIQFIIHO Bernarilns Rmharfis BPTHICG Mfanalo nth He lf n Yurlgan Joanne Zafaras Ro-'-me Mary Rush: Marlene Holmes Camle Nauman 'Norma Krantz 11F Mxss M Stewart Fnst rou fleft to Huh!! Helen Roslpal Elsie Broun Donna Luther Frxeda. Kublx Wlarllwn Treser Nhss NI Stewart Clar1ssa Sanderson Joanne Prosser Dolores Strenko Hflen Alello Jean Frltz S'rr'on1l rm: Pos: NI11 ski DUIOIFQ Tahak Dolores NlfCartne3 Reba Woodward Jar quellne Aglxettl Gladys Ross Rosf Self-pvc '-Iargarft Suleky Pita Al0fkllFWXlUl Shlrles Koda Thxrfl mu N ona ,rl num Kat If nn Haube -Xfllllf Churchtifld Edlth NILXXIIIIAFIIQ Xlargaret Lord Bettx Brooks Dorf-en Lawson Margaret Ramsf-X Shlrlex Saxman Catherine Goloble Ch: l v zoriy. aj 71 '- l ' - , , ' 'Q '. 1 ', . - thew. Betty James, Helen Crothers, .I f"lI' , ' l lf 1. 1 1G Mlss Graham Fzrst rou Kleft to rrqhtj Bettw Starkes NI8I'lOIl Bauer Joan Kane Frances Cuffaro Mars Ga71ca Wire Kelstfr Lols Jessop Shlrley Hughe Bettx Hanlfx Ruth Fresch Suomi roll uglnla Enyeart Norma Spadaro 'llargartt Hum Bftty Young, V1n .nt O Donoxan Fxelyn McDonald Bettx Cx ph: rt Dolores Tarbuck Josephlne Bonefaclch Thzrd Tou Donald Stamford Harwew Thurston Joseph NK hlteman George YVh1teman Xhlllam Thornton Robert Yearsley limes Vkatson Rlchard W1lson 11H Mr Patterson F11 st mu llfft to 'rmhtj 'Nhchael Genchur Eldon OHara Robert W1tTe1r Carl Jones Earl Conkl1n Robert Mungall John Potochnxk Iarnes Roland Second 7011 Paul Bench Placid Larouere John Mulr James M1ll1r Mr Patterson Yxllllillll Miller Walter Jackson lost ph Toncuh Guugt Chalrnfrs I I L1 1 1+ ss tr Plnllp Quinn Jitk Ztfaras LaVergns Gardner Harold Greene James Bentlex Hovu ard NI1ller Robe xt Ruslnko 111 Mr McCutcheon Illl Pax Sangelo Tanns Bcthunt lulldll Kurutz Rlthard Cook James Crouse Ross Palermo Tack Heasley Sfrrmrl lou Plnl Scott Mlke Nlartlnell Don Buflo 'Nlr WIcCutcheon Jcrry Smlth Don Stewart Don Zak Robert Plance Tl nd ron Louis Bovxflfn Lawrence Connolly 14 us M uak Don Iicohf- I rk 11111113 K+ nm H1112 un Ron 14 ut V' . ' - A V , l A' I 1' - ' ' . 1 ' ' l ' , 'I'I11r'r '1i'lI'.' .lZ1ll1t'S McTeir, Thomas Connolly, Ii: l JI i argl - ', ' ' ' , 2 ' First roll' flffft to ht!! 1' ' , ' X' ll': .' zz' , .1 - . 21- Tl z 1 lth J l st . :li l'z ' Alkzl. We are Sopohmores we are new here but we catch on fast Although we got lost maybe the first day or two we know our way around now and how We hate to seem concelted but we can t help wonderlng how T C H S ever got along wlthout us Wxthout us the sen1or and Jumor dances and the senlor and Jumor plays would have flopped for we supported them wonderfully We even showed some of those upper class people up by staging our own Snow Ball dance wlth kmg queen throne and all the trapplngs Ilene Urban was our queen and Wm Ardlsson our klng We also put on our own play a humdlnger wlth the title "A Date W1th Judy " Say hello to the Sophomore Officers Prcszdent Henry Caprara Sponsov MISS Hadfield Secretary Kathleen Yakm As school cltxzens we know how to elect offlcers Handsome Henry Caprara was elected presldent Wm Rodella our V108 presldent and Kathleen Yakln our secre tary Now where could you find a better set of officers' When the cheerleaders give the slgnal more H0156 comes from the sophomore klds than all the rest put together Not only do our boys find places on all varslty teams but many Junlors and senlors do better be cause sophomore glrls make eyes at them On the followlng pages are plctures of sophomores Cast your eyes on these groups If you ever saw better looking people we ask you, "Where"" Vice President. .............,,....,, Bill Rodella 1 , ' ' 1 ' 1 ' . , , 7 . ll 17 l ' 3 7 ' ll . - Y? 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Y ! 10A MISS Hensell F1-st 1 ll 111 t 111 rw 1 Enlxn 11111111 Robe-rta Kavser Loretta Plpplll Barbara Nlch ols Patrlcla Zeolla Nlavls Nlartxn Shlrlex Domln Velma Chambers A1111 Sauers Fran ces Baudcr Juan Stepp Joanne Kllllfi qffllllli 11111 R11 11ar1l D1 Tfllft D 0 n al d S1h11dkan1p John D Stefano E1111 ry DIXUII Jane VS 11son N111-Q HFIISQ 11 X1rg1n1a CvllllhCI' R11-Q1 11 Frx C,1ra111 Galllc D11111111 Cffifllll Charles Uber P11111rt NIl1ll1111lk 1111 P IN I1s11k P11 h'1r1l Dr11sk1 Tlll1ll1d5 J 11ks1111 Tl1I1IlldQ H41 1 1 11111 r D 11 Tf lllllll k 111111 N1111111 111g.11111111up.11 1111111 P1t1 S 1111 11 N llS1 1 B Rode 1 X 111 10B M15 Algllan 111 11 I 111 r111 J111111 B11111n'111 VK ynetle Xllllklllll RfJSllla LHUTIKO Kax Fu1111n11 r Kathleen Y a k 1 11 Ilrlll Kelly Wlargm Connahan C1t111 11111 Paladln M o Il 1 c a Z 1h1111hak Janet Koda Ruth FlSlll 1 1111111 SLhak1 911111111 11111 L1 on Shmorhun Robert Strom Illt 11 Charles Tursky Vlfgll San1buL11 Margar1t Slrns Mrs Argllan Dldlla VUKITIIF C111'tor11 C'11x A1114 Fllgllqilll R11h'1r1l ipuk V11l111n1 Fr1t1 'I I1 17 1l T011 sk1 Waxne McK1nn1y Charles F1 rgusun R11na111H1ath Rob frt TllITllllliI1l1 John Alnettl L10nard Yusko James Kukurln Mfrle Sh1e1ds RlCh ard Marshall Edward Ar1n1t Cll'l1l6S Gref 11 W1111.f1111 Ta11'1k 10C Mr Elmer L9WlS F11st ron fleft to 1'111hU 11111 St1 11111 11 N 1111111 111 1 N1N L 1 11 '1 111111 111 1 ,, S XX 11 9 B11 1111111 1 R11h.1r11 Nlalllk Rlchard Van S1 1111111111111 XK1111am AFdl'lQO11 I1 1111 ar11 Lockard Norma Smllll J111111 Stusart Joe Paxlakouch E11111w L1 111.1111 John Jackson 81111 rt F11111 H1111 rm H1111s Cdllldlil N1111 Mlele Podnex Bmw ll Paul Carnnch a 1 D1VS ax llf Pyles RlCh3Fd NI1111 Ronald N11 1 rs Ronald 'Nax lor James D1ss0 Lee Hll1klP Eugene Kuzner 'NX 11 11.-1111 H'lll1S6 5 John Currx i .' 111 1 'f 'A ht .' 1 ' I V 1 AA -- . 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X Ulf 1 qfjlflilll 1011 I-1 wh 11 1 I 1 NI1 11 11111s11 11m N111 1 Q ll 11111 Ku 111s 1 1 I 111x 11 1 s X l I 1 '-I1 A 111 111 h 11111 l1 111111 1 '11 1 g N ll 101 M11 McLean -' Q 'iff : ,: ' " .21 lil" Y11tz5..'..A.-1 . 1 1' '. 11" .1 11".'l':1'lXY".'. S 1111 '11 ,-- .: I ' ,11411-' VV:1lk '1 :Yi . 1 '111 '. 'I'l1i1'd 1' w .' C -' 1' -'1s'y1 :11 .1': -Q ii '1'111 1111s . 11-ex. ' - '111 1- 10.1 M1 F1'i'1111'1n 1111 D 1 1 S1111 1 1 ll 1 1 A VU J 111 1111111 .I 11111 Q XI1Cdu + x X 1 W +1 P S1 1'1111fQ 1 11 P1111 41IX CII A I1 ll 7 F' ms S Ik I I I 111111 glllllh XXI lm H 11111 L1 XI: 'XI111111 P11114 rt T 1k11 X Ill 11111 Pftor 1 Nlxfm P11111 rt L 1' H! Sophomore Candlds '35 19 s x 59 3. In ' 2 A Y' 4 L,-,f, .. 0 , . 1 . l mf' 4, 2 . Q 'U' .V 1 .H 4 l Q . I - Z M ' L1 I Q 3' "vs , nf 5 4, i 'Wg if 4 M ivwwvfavil- +m., f M' f ku- ...M WZ gd i Kill RS Fe nf? .,lll lg fu' VX R Q if AL fivifie The C rowning Event of the Year WE DEDICATE A STADIUM On the afternoon of September 17, 1949, the students, alumni, faculty, and townspeople all joined in the dedication of our new stadium. A parade of floats and bands preceded a game scheduled with Wilmerdlng friendly rivals s1nce the establishment of Westinghouse Memorial Hlgh School 1n that borough Built at a cost of S250 O00 our stadium one of the largest most modern and beautiful in Western Pennsylvania w1ll seat comfortably 9200 spectators There are up to the minute rest rooms dresslng rooms news and broadcasting booths and flood hghts The speech of presentation was given by Dr Ledger the President of the Board of Education 'M 1-Zi? 9 9 7 9 7 r ' ' ' 1 r , . . , I 325' I . I 5 ' 4 , ' . J 3 , lg . . Iv ' I 1 ,'. .5 , ' I A ffr' N 1 - Q. .J -' 4 1 'x it . ' ., , l s K 1 .flip K , ' "l,'lx'x2 x., .rv ' qi a I Q . 1 , We Are Very Proud of It' Our Stadium 6 The Band Assists ln Dedication Dr Ledger The Announcer ,Q A A Frzendly Plane F Iles Over From Thus August Assemblage, The Student Council, Come Suggestions For School Improvement, Crystalllzatlon of School lnzons, and Planning of School Actzvztzes First mu flefl to rzyhtf Reba Eleanor Chackan Shmrley Patsy Kay Roberta Shearer Presldent Wir Wm LUIS Cole Sacretarx LQSHICK Donna Seeond ron Charles Ford Josnph Bodner VlCt0T Bearlngu' Lestrr Walker Yxonnc Fox Anne AltChlSOH Joanne Shwffler Raxmomi Jums Don Greene George Clfra Ralph I lQ1IIl3.I'X Clark Yutzm Thrrd rm: N rlf N114 ll Darrell Hunter Paul Iilllf,blO0Ill .Iamfs Blnuu Earl Pamtfr Merle Shlelds Wxlllam Lui r Dun Jawlw Thomas II1tI'lCk Ronald Paxelka Hubert Blaslw Don SWILHFI That Wonderful Dlnner . . . . . O . . . . . . p . . . r 'X ' ' ,x '.v 'Q 5 1' 1 ' - 1 '1 A f Y . S N' l J lf, , 4 fy? . I-I z " if - F h we 9 , . Rchak, 'Georgette Daifia. A W. l ' N l V M 1 ' 7:l'i'.l'--, - , 'f , ' ' -,l ' , " ' :ffm ' .. - ' . ' . ' , 'f . J. I- uf N 1 if Hurrah For the Booster! First run' flffl In 1'1y1I1!1.' 14111111 1-'l111:11111w1. Il411111:1 N1:1i11S, R-1:4--llv Uiiizw-. 1,4115 1l1'H11u 114114-11 l421Xl'SIII1. It-'Sinn Lau- rifrv. Patty f'11:11111141'1:1111. S1I11'1'B A111141-. 3111411141 Pfltm-1111ik. Mary' Rziruzis. rrfmri rm:-5 D4111z1141 S11X1l"1', Elmfr Mi114-1'. I'I11:4111f Burik. D4111:-1141 Jfiiiws. 4111111 H-11111-15. .Izmir M1114-1'. XVIII Nlarw-z, D1'ITI S14-wart. D4-11:-1141 Staiiifiwri. H1111-1't. Rraniriii 1. Third ro1r:Da14-.14-11115. FI1114-ry Dir-RS4111. .Juni--S X'Zi1l'l1t1I1f'. .lamis Alfillii.. 'll--1111 Bzmksi-11. 11411141141 11:-11'1w4'1'. P1111 Quinn. Emlkry L'1112i1l1. D4111 D'fSa11la. Evlwarfi Briylw. Here Is Your Program, Str' There Are Two Seats On the Left Lady' The Ushers Club ffl! X X 1 I 111111 11 41 1 4 4 11 ilrlex T'14111i1 4112 211.14 dll x X artha NI4Ca'-ki 4 711111 A41f1111S- 11 Picharfi D1P1'1t41 1rd rm 44 11 11 4 r rv x 1 L 4 1 1111 qlll 4 111 111112 1 1 1 - , u Fixx! run 111 H 141 --Iliff 11-14-11 151114 nik. Mz11'::11"L 1If11s111'. Kzij F111'-111141. A1111- Ri' -1', S11 '1-1 R1z1tI11i:1S, Luis J4-an Drish. Mrs. ,-Xl'll112111, N 1'111:1 L:11l114. Lois J411111st4+11. B+f'11:av11111 l'M:111:1111k, .11-2111 114141541-1's. 314111411 Z:11111'- 4-11:-xk. G1-4i1'giu. G 1111. rrmzn' row: D4-14-iws Kid'--1111s. 31114111-11 114114-S1111. ,X114"' Luft". Sally I111t4'11--sim. 511111 A1111 IQFIIPIUQI. .Iz1114-I M111+'1'. S1' Q- 1 1 'S DV'-' F 1- JP' Fw1'Sgt11--. ,IN ' , - ',i"4-, H'z1t1'14'44 M-L 1. N4-11i4' A s- . C1 Th' 1441114-1't 3I4'I.:111:111i11. Fi'-1 G1'iI'1'it11. C12 -4-1114 .1411 181111. .Iz14-k C14-1141--114111. X':111f'1'f L4't11:u11. 1l411wt H1- 'at1. 41- F147111. A111 ' G04-1'g4'. B111 . 1111. .I:1'k C1 L1'4111:11'41 1141-xl' ski. The Stage Crew THE UNSEEN GROUP THAT WORKS BACK OF THE SCENES .,.-r""" Seated Harold Caprara Donald Wesslmg Mlke Palermo Standmq Mr Charlton Charles Cobler Ros Palermo Charles Ford Robt Blasko Jack Heasley Dlck Caveek Ralph Sw1sQhelm The Lunch Room Helpers Carol Bankson, David Ridgeway, Inez Kuhns. Curtain Time . . . The Senior Play Left to right: Vincent Balok, Donald Wingard, Sally Evashavik, Paul Downey, Charles Chambers, Alice Lesnick, Ruth Shultz, David Leeds, Dick DiPriter, Ronald Harper, Richard Miller, David Davies, Gordon Cumming, Francss Sage, Nancy Wood, Dolores Klingensmith, Sylvia Ardisson, Maureen DeVincenzo "A Young Man's Fancy" This was a sparkling comedy of youth in a summer camp that romped through three acts of side-splitting situations. One of the best plays ever given in Turtle Creek High, it held the attention of three audiences, junior high, senior high, and adults. The love interest was carried by Ronald Harper and Alice Lesnick, camp counsellors. There was never a dull moment when Richard Miller, David Davies, Dick DiPriter, and David Leeds were on the stage. Frances Sage played the "little brat." Maureen DeVincenzo and Sylvia Ardisson played charac- ter parts as did Gordon Cumming, the spoiled darling of pampering parents, Vincent Balok and Sally Evashavik. Nancy Wood, Lois Fitzgerald, Dolores Klingensmith, Ruth Shultz, Donald Wingart, Paul Downey, and Chas. Chambers all made valuable contributions. Miss Speelman Play Director The Junior Play Seated llfft to riyhtl: Joe Calley, Alice Bauder, Rose Majeski Tom Morgan Carol Bankson .lanet Miller Nancy Jo Liston, Madeline Deisinger, Joan Ridgeway. Sl'PO7ll1RlI1L7.' James Kracsun, Anne Aitchison, Clarissa Sanderson Dick Snyder Dale Chovan Allen Proctor, Dolores McCartney, Odeil, Addleman, Evelyn Cehrett Betty Brooks "It's a Date" This hilarious comedy of youth and laughter was presented by the juniors on the evening of March first. There never was a play presented in this school where the cast fit their parts better. The atmosphere of youth filled the entire performance and most of the cast simply had to play them- selves. All of the humor and tragedy of first dates were portrayed. Playing the parts of young folks in the play were Janet Miller lpictured to the rightl, Dick Snyder and Carole Bankson. The talkative ones were Dolores McCartney and Madeline Deisinger. Dale Chovan was the football hero. Rose Majeski and Tom Morgan were the scamps. Alice Bauder and Joe Calley were the father and mother, Betty Brooks being the hilarious maid. Odeil Addleman and Joan Ridgeway were memebrs of the dark secret club. Nancy Jo Liston was the siren and Allen Proctor her private property. The play was directed by Mrs. Mabel Low- man, the art work supervised by Mr. Tortella and the stage setting built under the direction of Mr. Charlton. i My' I-' u-0441 :S rv 011 HI' rs: 5 I' HC Moo Ce Joy 53 +2.21 Q4-3 W6 ' as 4-v 9,65 QD .-Q U2 .-G v-4 u-4 u-1 e y Theresa Cal o Morgan Hez ep CD O y Kay A k ats Jh Q3 en Yur gan Leonard Yus -24 r-1 Cd 3 rn fo CQ ees, Robert L obert R yon 6 Shapiro. 3.111 W tt B0 H8 H1 al' reak C Jh r-1 The H :gh Steppers MAJ ORETTES Left to Mght Carol Todd Shlrley Flsher Patty Matheys LOIS Sadler Sharon Sanderson Elleen Harmuth Joyce Mooney LOUISG McK1nney Audrey McFarland Here Comes the Band KC ' - Q! Head Majofrette: Patsy Kaye. The Mixed Chorus First row: 1117! to rirlhtf-Luis Drish L111'1-tta Campo Virginia Ginther Mildrr-11 M111'11Fini Nancy Strommr-11 Enulx McFadden athl1111 Sk1111111 11111 CaS111 Mar 41111 'XTAS111 V1 111111 Cham 111 .1111 t 11119 11111 'VI1ll11 A11111 A1t1h1Q1111 B1tt1 B11111 Q 10111111 mu 1 fl S u11S L111 .1 Kul11a1 Bett1 Bfalllll 4111 Anlilld 11f11l'1 u11 ll II 111 '1 -1 S 1 1 11 1111 s 'XI11r'1l11T 1 C 1111 C11 11.1 A 1111 k1 111111 S015 Ca111l1111 ,., O 13 1 1 FIHIIIYS Ap, ll 111 P111 1112 B11111 Q I :rd T071 FI11111 01111111 1111111 Nliilldll D Wltt tt1 KRSIVIISIII E1111 Br11l1 S11 11 11Ql1a11it 1111 1111111 I1 1a11 TUV 1111 D15 1111 1 R 1 ll P1111 Sl111'l11 Hart1r L41 U4 Ch 111111111 Sv111g11 D 11111 LK1111111 XI 111 'XI'1IX D.11111 nurth 1111 1 1 B 11111 1 D1 i D111 S Blf1111 Dau 11 1 111 r 111ath II1111 Q 11 11 P 11 ax Lxnch The Glrls Chorus 111111111 '1111 ll 1111 1 I 111 ll dl KIIHI 1 11 11-111111 '1 1 50111111 run n 11 A111r1111S1 1 111 1 X111 I1 111 f1l11111k L11111.1 NL111 DdXl'S A1111 1111 N112 11 1 1 11 frm 111 11 S 1 .11111 '1 11 1 S111 1 1111 1 S 111 111rth 11111 ' 1 1 1 1 1111 1 11111 1 11 111111 '1 1 1 N dl 1 N1 111 1 ll 1111111 11 11 1 1 1111 1 1 1 151 TIS X1 .111 1 11 S IPFIIQI 111 Sca Nh 11 11 P IH 'I XTZITLHT fSS3Ylf3I'2 12111111 I ll gl Bf1rh.11rQ 0111 Janft Y111111 Sh1rl11 S11 I1 C11 natta P111 kftl Ian1t I'a1 1111 Smfnlh mu Cathor1nr Gf1Iob1c Elf.-m111' Chavkan Jane Rfnda Clara A1lan1Q111 111211111 S1'h11flff1 Cm 1 V11rall P11 .1 D11 h11r1Z'l1 HOP Starku SIIIFIPX F11 K 1- ' .1111 11 I- ' b1,,J" AS1-'-.',.I. 1: - ' S' ' 111-11-11 Bus'ja, Ali'- a 1 '-tt' '. '. j ':.:' . G11 'Z 1. L '-1 - BI: 'I' D I ' . 1 ' , L:11'-1'111- 1I"SS, " 411' Y' ' '11, Sl" "fb, ' ' - L1""'1-. 1.1 B-ighlelj, ' "l' 'VI' 1 "2 12 11-"' . . 1- 'A .Pa ,' ' S , ".'Il 1 '11-k. li'l G1' , ' . C. '. G1 MPI K1 . L1 Ol "k, L1 is G1'111111. ':1tl1-"111' 1 .ii11. ' '. ' I - l'l'I'5'. S " ' -, Jlblll 1'11S ll M' . 11' 1 1:11'11:11'1is, , . ' 1115. F' 'f '. 1111711-1'lz1 P111-111111111-Q, Alicw 21 i-'. Hz1'111-1', :1'i1 . B1-ll. J ' 1-'ty. H1 H1 " . z I111Il1'1'11.:111, Cham Sl'11li:. G111'l1- 1' - P j1115,,aA'fi1-1- 11, 111- j , , ,V I0 -4 J f , 4 K K I I V ' S H - 1 . J 4 T ' Q K' "' .-' B11 'I ' C k. Luis S1111-1'. S111 '1 S' 11-1' 111. FW'-'if "Ulf-' ShiI'l1'Y Mi1l"1'. El:1i1- IIz1111'111'k, Juan CaS11-y. Kz1t11l1'1111 SkiIll1l'l'. Mz11'p:211'1-1 Es1111'iz111 G1-111-1'i 11'1- Sc' tt. .T . - .I 1k--1-l. S' H1-lv Ar--1 lax SI1i1'11-1' . ' ' Mapfj' C2111-. H1-l--11 VV1-grzj B111'1i ii111 Ch' 2 ' . ' ' . ' : ' "1- 1- 1 AJS-1i,1. 'I'l1'r1 '11112' Cath- A -1 Rug llll. Bl"'I'lj' D:1.'l1. Sallj I!11t1'his1111. Cl' ' 1-ll. K 11115. J11-'1-1- "llj BH " 'Il Ham 111. 1111111 11' 'ak F1 ' 1.1111 B11Ft1-111, L11's F111-. Aly' - xxlllil. N1 St1'11111111-11. B1 'I' " G11---11. .Ia'p:'- .I' 111 Flf 'fix-' Eilw' Z' 'V -'RBI Pljl 'H B'111kS. JUL111 M1' 111. I.z11'--111- 1'1'i11g:l1. M1li'1-11 M11'."111 D11 .1'C' ,1-. D111 11: D' ' Jw: - lly, S1. I -111-q B11 lj 1112. 1 -11 D411 , . ' -1' 'r'1'11. f 1 . I il he night shall be filled wlth music and the cares that mfest the d away stea .Y tl sllen and bs Ya A the CIS ts ten lf cl the I fo Il h THE ORCHESTRA C fford Cox Dona d Lucas Wm Fr tz 3H1 Barbara H artz rdj-Boyd Sw Cd h.'fS O If Rut ett Ag FHHCSS F rnorhun Sh COD L CF U1 Fu co ay K tt fi Pa ' 'y, Chester he C UC aR ez ep Dona d Stewart oresk', Morgan James Bott Rober Vett h I ees rt Robe es Parfitt har C Jackson hn Extra' Extra' All the Latest News' THE NEWS STAFF Fzrst Row flsjt to rzqhtl Sally Evashavrk LaRue Cherrx Ruth Shultz Georgette DaV1a Janet Howell Joan Rosen Marre Rrchards Paulme Scheffler Eva Staub LaVerne Gross Ruth Boden Crenatta Puckett Shrrlex Sergh Second Rou Helen Yurrgan Opal Berghlew Gladys Smrth Marx Anne Kruppa Janet Mrller Dorm Faxad Jean Forsxthe Joan Mrller June Pape Alrce Lesnrck Dolores Klrngensmrth Frantrs Sage Barbara Daxkon Bettx Brooks Rrta Alecknewrth Mr Cooper Th1TIfR!Jll Vrrglnra Frsher Norma Knopp Dorothy Downex Evelxn Brodrrck Joanne Scheffler Boyd Swartz Donald Swrgart Jack Hamrlton Ronald Harper Lore Cole Sxlvra Ardrsson Sandra Hrll Nancx Jo Lrston Suzanne Holschuer The News Edltors Seated Mr Cooper Paulrne Scheffler Laxerne Gross Rfflllftlllil Janet Howell Georgette DaV1a Ruth Shultz Joan Rosen Jack Hamrlton Marre Rmhards Exa Staub LaRue Cherrx Sallx Exashaxrk 0 n 0 . Q Q. . D V . I' . . ' v .v 1 1 v 1 u V V V V v . ' K' - V .1 v . V 1 - 7 V , . . '. . v . 1 v v 1 v ' . V V . A ' V . V . v r - - . -U .X . . . ' I V Y Y . f. . V V A , , - V V , V y 1 V f 1 , - 1 V . ' ' ' Q . . , , . V - . . . " L 4- V . V V V V V .v . ' How We Enjoy Our Lzbrary Llbrary Helpers wst ron rlrjt to nuhtf N1 xx nu anus ft x P rtln fl my rf 1. ,nj Hup. td' fx Urs Kfxstvx Nlfxrjuru Ca 35 Nlarthx 'NIcCaQk11 1 Hn nv Durnthx Gr Lv cond row L ull: Lauutu I1 n Fmsxth. 'thnx Kruppd ,Ianni Xml 1 1 lg llx Anna II4,n11vwmi D010 rd ron C ml+ Naumm ' xh'ua Dax knn llllm axman H 'r 4 C1414 I I llldlll B1 tix O Kffwfm B0 x fvuma Samixx Sump: Plflh tl B 1 VN Q hem r '-1uh'- 1 lull th lllIl15NHf 'NIWQ Graha Book Repor s" . . . 4.. . , 1- : A H L J. .Sw B. tl' Q ' ap' B,,1i ,: C,I,v: -' ,S . .k A A , ' ' I -, . 1 . 1 ,, '-, .Izu iw- x' -, ' j a". Sr J u" - " . . 'zz -. . ' . . . ' v-'. rwnf- 'f- ' - ' . res Brower, Milrirf-mi Potlwlmnik, Doris Fayafl, linsina Lauritu. Ihi 21' - .' 1 . La' 1" . Sl" S .' ' . 1-If-n hasilvz l, ' " l'z ' . ' ,' ' ' H tt B , ' 'z ' -. liz: -- 1 1-V-ri1i,:1-. .hy '-'.t-- . :titutix : r "nz 1- ' . Le ' my CC t Presenting: The Social Clubs PERICLES CLUB Fzrst ron Glenn Bankson Rlchald M1l1er Vhl ham Ledger Charles Chambere Bob Sepmu John Skxaxla Donald Zlschkau Ronald Harper Herman Schade Pete Lemas Al Francl D10k D1Pr1ter Thzrd mu Mr Lazaro W m Anderson Jas Vhlhameon Nlck Nlatejexlch VS 1ll1am Vkalsh XX ax ne Mathex Q Diogenes Club 4 Af Perzcl es Club DIOGENES CLUB Fust fm: Janet Qhubert Lms Fltzgerald Nancx Vlood Sxlxla Ardlsson Dorothx DOl7llIl Low Cole Anna Blunner Nanu Smlth Eleanor Chackan mm! mu LAXCIIIE' Pupcxull Mlene Purdx .Ioar Nllllel Lols Belttx 111111 rm Joan Some Dollx Brcxxn Pat W ese bhulex Cunnlngham Nancx Jo L1ston Marlene Holmee Bernadme Rmhards Dolores Strenko Fourth mu Marx Kruppa Nancx Strommen Anne A1tChlQOH Joan Rldgevsax Donna Luther Dollx Tarbuck Delnora McK1nnex Anne Popouch if' Lf , ,-'J O f ' ,, . . ,, 'Y' ' L V A h A ' - ,' ' 1 ' ' '. ' v V ,' 'As v ' 'K Swami mu.: wvimam Speelman' Don Swigmil Norma lKnopp, .Joan Jackson, Norma Vhllner. , ' . . ', s 2 v 1 ' .', ,, . . , . , , . 1 ' '1 ' , A' x ' , ., 'I K P CLUB :rs ron Dolores XX alters Melrose Kuth Crenatta Puckett Shlrlex Selgh Anna Brower Dolores Klmgensmxth Clara Adamson Lorrame Ienguel Sumul rou Mus Jamlson Dons McCabe Maxx Hlll Norma Knopp IaX erne We-ur Opal Pelghlek Agnes BQ rm lk 1111111 rou Genulexe Ktllx Dolores Kobellus Sandra Dmnocenzo Nlaurecn Hoftr Helzn Puslja Angelme Xcsc T. C. Club T K P Club T C CLUB First rou Dolores Burrelll Janet ioung Doro thx Downex Exa Staub Frances Sage Nanu Smxth M155 Monferdo Suomi ron Janet MCLIIHU Jo Ann Bentlex Jane Rlchardson Gloria Poxanda Ethel Emanuel Iuther Sandra Hull 'Vancx Jo Ixston Posfllc Dmzco lwurth mu Rxta Aluknevuth Carol Bankson Ann A1tch1son I1ll1an Staub Joanne Zafaras Barbara Daxkon . . . . . ' - ' v A' ' l', ' . - . . 'h' , A . b , - , I ' A 4 U' - , J ' ' . ' I. , A' ' 'Q 'r , 'Q ' .X ' ' 1- Third rout' Joan Soc-ie, Joann Prosser, Donna .L 'V 1 lj,' J- - . ,': Q. , + , , . . A NLDBG CLUB Fist mu Ivomthx Henkel Juno Pape Donna Bowen Ruth Boden Robelta ghClICI Maureen Dexlntenzo Alxce Ieanlck Janet Howell Marx Bargas qffllllfl mu NIH lxnab Pattx Vkaleh Balham Stevsalt Suaanne Holtscheul Marlene Lesmck lxan Boxa Audrex KX1n'1er :rd mu Mms Hadfleld Ruth Bostedo Mau Ann Reed Janet Plcl lame Horne Vkxnette Deuncenzo Shxrlex Fmhel Carol Todd Pa tx Mathew Pltex Ku Alpha Delta Pi ALPHA DELTA PI Fzrst lou Georgette D1V1a Ruth Shultz Ethel Ruth Fmanuel LaVerne Grows Paullne Stheffler Nolma Wlllner Nancx Carter Donna Mams Qfroml mu Carol Bankson Gladys Ross LaPue Wlnner Helen Glunt T1 1111 :ru Janet Mlller Joann Zafaras Bernlce 'vlanalouch Patrlcla Vleas Anne A1tCh1SOH Barbara Hamxll Sandra 'HillT Janet Mlller, Jean Forsythe. Lili Chen.,-V MTS, Argilan' Sa1i5' Ev,QShavik,YAudrey Club NLDBG Club THE GAL zrst mu Dolores Heaslex Dorothx Don11n Dolores Klmgensmlth Maureen DlYlHC nzo Donna Bovxen Dorm NIcCab Shulex Blau Jean Rodgers .S rum! mu Ardath Nlooxe Bett Flkln Puth Janet Shubert Roberta Shearer Hurd ruu Puth Bostulo Joann P111ss11 H11 1 Hos1pal Ahce Bauder Anne AllChlSflIl S111 i1 1 Lee H111 Wanu Jo LISIUH Janne Hmm History Hobby Club A THE HISTORY HOBBY CLUB F lst mu Iorna Nlae Dans Marx Anne Se1he1 Barba a SIQXKAII Pat VR ash Joan H axn Nlarx Gazua Bexexlx Homa S M1141 llil Pax Ieeeeph Pubelt Nlulloolx .Ifhn '11 llson Iraznell Hunter lX Ill 'NI1lx1111 x e ' 1 1 C ri 1 1111 ll za1r1 1 1 If llll es mfr L 111f11hu11 l 1 1111 1' Podellli 1 W. , A .V rv. A v L .'r ' ri . f . , ' . . ev' 1 -'L 1 Shultz, Maureen Hufer, Dolores Sillllllkkllllll. 'keg .fr Ayn ghfrall if H1 Qikluf .' ' - ' l ' ' , g - , - g - 1- 1 Th ' 'f ur' NIP, La ' , Hllif -11 - FI'l'l'l, . 1 ' , , '- -, ' - , jg 1 4 Yat If 1 S -h ' , Pau M: Il I, B .l Beauty on Parade 'NG The Queen of the May Anxiety Personified 4651 l Hmm- Round about e May Pole Jane Newyahr the May Queen . U JN Abd 'ibm-f Q XM!E,.. 2, ul' O P ug 1.0 fi "5 1950 A YEAR OP WELL EADNEX3 FAME IN , 1 W ffzlefm e fought the d fightg e finished the rseg e kept the th. I YM J A Ure S your S6 choo hese t ai ro G-VU GJ DD GJ cdr-4 O 015 G-Us O D,-4-I ,-Q 5-'QQ CD Us U1 ce C6 CVS bb CI' M Chard R B Harper Cha bers O U2 OU ch R S0l'l 2 5-4 .-C1 Z 'U GJ Ex ,gc cd U O -Q .D S-4 LD cm .-C1 'U Gi B wi So E-4 QD O O V1 ey HS r k "3 rn .ci O .M P1 Q-3 'p if an ce Dag ww Em F nu-1 mg -YR , '19 - 'Z N an S 3: wo"-' Vu N CS O .22 U s.4'7s" Tu-5 Q 'E Q 'C 30,-15 3 HES Q 2 5 Z m U ffmggh. ' :QE -QM Q' N to E s.. E5-20" .Q " owes QWD35, B SQ: M cd Q ul H Mk H agbm 25,2530 " cv f :s4Pf-EEN Q .v-1q,Q Q 'Sis B H 3Cl'f,f,d ugh 553 f EwE8 Z ... aacdho-1 Z 25-4a-4 Qlmd s ease 3 . FCA :Gm ,Q ,:: x .H 2 0221 fr' 3 P-aovwcu pf. " -O A ,TP ,IIIIE4 U OPUZD cd ,.: 'Ds-U75 H2152 ---1 E EO: DSECB U 5 CI+"u2Q4 Q Q Q wwwno ggm QEWQE v OU . Pgpgw 5' ggor-aw aims 2 'S s-. -Q - Occ,-35:- Civ LL. E N Q Di can Z E Us..UE,gf'2::EO ' 5335 Eg 'SQQS Ln. Egg 63232 T' Dfw md I., Q - DQV2 25 2 QB N .gQE"" f'5s..?'E-4-Vi I: ws? fl' ECW!! E SES'-E5 PZ ., 5 " - 3 ' O -Egg e 5 'Eiga S- - -05:1 . .,, E W E ro 1 'W' ws 'fc 1 ' UWN I OTR ----A--wM-- ,A YD M. .. , ,f . I A ,- P ' 1 4 ,' .X. g - I ' fn "HEL .-we , fs -f ' . 5 ,,', ' . , ' I ,V ' ' A , A' , " A X 3. Q ' ef J 1 l A ' ff 4 5. 1 ' 1, A X ' I r . A ' . ' : V a .+ Q A 4 t. 3 Kai? 35 , V Q 5. - 5 I 4 I A 'f ' ' . gg f' "Q, g 1 Ai 1 ' W 1 Y Q 5' 4 ii: if Q Q 21 ' ? 2 2 5 ,, ' 4 Q 4 Q f fri, , " x'Z,,?f 'Y ' 5, 2 z W. g , Y .f -.:,+ ,fg2m. I . I A Q, A f ,J 1 K . 4 : 1' 3 r 2' M' W. Y- g 'J I r i . f r ' I 5 ff -23" ' A--A '- Y 5 . ., Ab , O, .fu-f 10.4 ,P f' -X ,,.Q jQ i x I 1 -4. 5 ' -5 - L 'A 4- 4 ,,3' 'ii V 'N 'Hx Four Aces Nw? fm' 86 and Four Klngs One, Two, Three, Four Five, Six, Seven, Ezght i ' ,, -S Who Are We For 4 .MTQQ M o o s Y . ' its Who Do We Appreciate: P S , Il 1 -mm I Our -in 'N W ' ii nuff 7 . Cheerleaders - 2 ' v ' ' - IQ 4 b ' '. . A ,IIA fa-' ,- A 1 S f ,Q 6 A -ng Y- K A 'I 5 Q D' 6 .em ! One, Two, Three, Four, Who Are We For Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Who Do We Appreciate: Lrft to right: Joan Jackson, Shirley Cun- ningham, Joanne Prosser, Marlene Lesnick, Betty Newman, Lois Cole, Frances Sage, Alice Lesnick. Beat Scott! 8 Cheer and Cheer and Cheer Y. And Then 8 Ye 'Q Some More.' Here IS a hard to beat" gang that gave them all a run for their money' Fzref row John Bordogna VVavne Mathews Thomas Horne Jack Hamllton Wlllxam Ledger Bob Allen Harold Caprara Bob Blasko S11 ond rrm Dfuld Bell rmfn lGeorge Cxfra Wello Contuh Wlll Bro Wlleon he Vale t S Tops ln Coaches Wm Lazaro Paul Shultz Robt Llvengood ' cc He- r: . " , '. , ' , . '- , ' wn, Rivhard Tutich, DeWayne I , . . ,. n ine, Chas. Dillon. I SL I , X X, s D XX V- cf as ' . x , K, XY gk W The Basketball Squad Plctured above IS the entlre basketball squad In add1t1on to those llSt6d on the opposlte page the followmg are members of the squad Thzrrl row fleft to nghtj Mr Lazaro Jack Schake Mgr Jas Kukurm Dan Schlldkamp Howard Wxlson Chas Coyle Rxchard Marshall Ronald Snyder Jas Musxlek W1ll1am Hroba Paul Mamon Leonard Yuske Th1S year s squad had an excellent rec ord In the iight every mlnute of the game we were nearer the sectlon champlonshlp than the scores would 1nd1cate Our boys lost to the league leaders Rankm Hlgh School ln two of the wlldest and most excltlng games ever played at home or abroad In both games our team was 1n the lead unt1l last mmutes of play 1n the home game we were ahead Wlth only SIX seconds to play The 1950 squad needs to be ashamed of nothmg Fourth rcrw: John Aliyetti, Chas. Green, Carmin Aiello, Dave Johns, Joe Pavlakovic, Wm. Rodella, :S C ' v ' v The Big-Leaguers of the Future Front C left to rzghtj Jack Rosemary Andy Loehr Tony Caprara Chuch W1111s Bob Schwaderer B111 Zupon Leonard Custer John Muskovac Ralph Rosemary Second row standmg Paul McCullough Don Kennell Bud McCabe Jack Hamllton Mr Flfe Don Yusko Wxll Brown Zeke M111er George Clfra J1m BOtt1 Wayne Mulr Winged Mercury Had Nothing on These' Fwst row Joseph DeStefano Kenneth Heasley Wm Mock James Henderson Ralph Damlanl James Jlnkner Frank Grammer John Thomas Robert McLaugh11n Pete DeN11lo Chas Kennedy Tom Jordan W ncelKare1s Rlchard DePr1ter Second rou Mr C Boone Mr F E Lewls Don Swlgart Ed Coldtlz Joe Harkas Leo Veychek Thomas OBr1en Ralph Swlsshelm Wm Walsh John Macheslc Wayne Matheys Don Tutlch Henry Banks FFHDCIS Legge Tom V1ctor1a Wm Pr1n James Ottavlan Robert Chontos Bus Drxver W 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - Q . . ' ' ' ' 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 - Q n " a A .1 ..----i tv ..,,,, 1 5 C . 1 . ,, , C x' I4 , ' Vs , ,er I a , . v ., , k .. - lv, '- ' 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 . . . , . , , ., , . Q Q . . . 1 . . . , . . . , , , , , . . . 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 - Sock Em, Soccer Team' Fzrst row C left to rzghtj John MaCh1SlC D1ck Grove Davld Davles Vm cent Balok Mlchael Estoclan Harry Laughery Lawrence Patchel Francxs Tlppmg Second row D1ck Sekerka James Pyles Mgr James Tlppmg Frank Stlrone Wm Ledger Don Tutxch Rlchard Tutxch Gene Gardner Myron Elder Joe Karels Raymond Jones Coach Llvengood No Dubs Here The Golf Team Mike Palermo, Rob't Blasko, Mr. Watson, Harold Caprara, Ray Udavchek Sadie H awklns Smartzes Q Q CC ' 72 'Qui E' f' I ff: i. 'fs- N Q, 'IE K, if Brea? 1' , A3A"' 'Q ' WW LU " Ai 5512-'Y' I 'V ,L -A l X A Semor Remmlsces My IS that the long speech' Why do they have to have commencement speeches? Why dont they Just glve us the dlploma and say goodbye Hot too so close you can hardly breathe Gee when we were sophs we used to won der what went on 1n the mlnds of the seniors at commencement Now w know ltS the heat' Sophs were we ever sophs? That was ages ago Boy d1d we take the lI'lltl3.tl0I1S and stuff then' Come to thlnk of lt we were pretty green at that always runnlng around the halls and gettlng lost and never dolng our plane as we were sup posed to do But d1d we have the good klds 1n that class' Ken Flsher our presldent and Leo Veychek our V106 presldent and Eleanor Chacken our secretary Lots of athletes too l1ke Bxll Ledger John Bordogna and Gut shall Boy dxd they bump some of those hlgher class men around They soon knew that we weren t Just a bunch of stragglers comm 1n We were hot stuff The Sophomore play was a honey too and the Mlnstrel why we sophs stole the show Of course we lmproved as we became JllI1lOl'S put on a neat pollsh l1ke apples at a county fa1r We selected Leo Vey chek our prexy and Eleanor Chacken our Veep w1th Roberta Shearer our secretary Agaln the blg guys that called themselves senlors were knocked around by our Jumor athletes who were really on the ball The Junlor play Dear Ruth was the talk of the town and the prom say do you re member that n1ght" How we danced through our very best nylons and couldn t even hear the teachers when our names were called next day we were so sleepy Heavens the home work remember' Algebra physlcs and shorthand Then we were senxors Now that was the real tlme of our llves We were so lmportant that our chests stuck right out Seems like lt Just flew past Flrst we dedlcated a blg new stadlum the finest 1n the dlstrlct Then we sponsored the best serles of dances yet wlth Sadle HaWklnS the belle of the ball Trlg really got us and the smells that came from Room 201 were so dreadful that only Mr Cooper lmmumzed by years of exper1ence could stand them Leo Vey chek Bob Blasko and Eleanor Chackan captured the class offlces agam As presldent of the student Councll R berta Shearer dld a swell Job Kept everybody awake Mr Carmack as our sponsor garnered ln the sheckels by the basketfuls Our semor play was tops A Young Man s Fancy now wasn t that a scream Remember Ron me Harper as the great lover and the BED THAT WOULDN T FALL DOWN' WOW' W1ll anyone forget how Stlnky Anderson garnered eleven polnts ln slx mlnutes on the basketball floor and how we lost to Rankln ln the last ten seconds and crled all the way home Clubs proms dates assemblles some dumb and some great all flowed past llke a great rlver Now It IS golng to be sad to say good bye Some more tears wlll flow a lot of happmess wxll come We should have a rosy future w1th all the experlences behlnd us That llttle old sheepskm that I get the l1tt1e sheep will never mlss but xt w1ll always be the greatest thmg ln my lxfe Every tlme I look at xt Ill remember the wonderful years at TC Hlgh RUTH SHULTZ U l O , . . , . . . , ' 1 1 . . . , , , - . . . , 1 u ' , u . . . , 1 . . , . . . . . . . . , . , , . , . ' 1 ' 1 1 1 . . . , 0- - 1 1 1 , ' ' ' 1 1 ' , . ' - 1 1 ' - u 1 lf 1 1 ' ' Y - 1 . , . ' ' 1 1 ' , - 1 ' . sa - 11 1 1 . I ' ' ' ' . ' ' ' 1 1 1 1 7 . - , n . . ' 1 Y Q ' 7 u YY l . . 1 , 1 1 . . . . , , . , , , Q , ' . . . . , The Class of 1950 wishes to acknowledge with thanks the generous help gn en by the sponsors listed below Without the financial donations gnen by these cure mnuied persons this iolume could not be publish d A Sz J Confectionery 211 Braddock Avenue Beadling Motor Company 917 Lynn Avenue Broff s Jewelers 621 Penn Avenue Sam Bova Shoe Repair 812 Grant Street Bailey s Barber Shop 279 Braddock Avenue 1201 Maple Avenue Broff s Jewelers 621 Penn Avenue Brown s Barber Shop Penn Avenue B111 s Bowling Alleys Monroeville Avenue Calllgeros Barber Shop Monroeville Avenue Cunningham Auto Sales Monroeville Avenue Carlton s Men s Store 514 Penn Avenue Vic Caruso Confectionery 1131! Monroeville Avenue L. B. Coleman Insurance 625 Penn Avenue Coney Island Lunch 657 Braddock Avenue Diamond Taxicab Company 108 Monroeville Avenue J. Dvoravic Grocery Airbrake Avenue Duncan Grocery 122 Brown Avenue Esman s Auto Stores 6 4 Penn Avenue Faller Brothers Furniture 529 Penn Avenue Fink's Restaurant 1307 Airbrake Avenue 1. Fineman 8: Company 530 Penn Avenue Ferri Brothers Penn 8: Monroeville G11 s Style Shop Penn Averue Mae Gerdwin Beauty Shop Penn Avenue Giant Eagle Market 518 Penn Avenue Gray 8z Duquette Plumbers 283 Braddock Avenue Hahn s Furniture 902 Penn Avenue Haldie s Market 014 Lal imer Avenue Benny Hirsch Garage 409 Penn Avenue Harrys Shoe Shine 411 Penn Avenue Hodgsons Flower Shop 2 Isaly s 22 Jack s 75 Jobe s John s 04 Klein s 500 Knabe 04 Monroeville Avenue Dairy Store Penn Avenue Penn Avenue Funeral Home Church Street Drug Store Penn Avenue Men s Store Penn Avenue Brothers Feed Store Grant Street John Kukurin Monroeville and Sycamore Lew s Men s Store 622 Penn Avenue Liberty Market 50312 Penn Avenue Loreski's Music Store 514 Lottie 524 Lyon s 204 Penn Avenue Dress Shop Penn Avenue Barber Shop Braddock Avenue McCoy Brothers Bus Line 1421 Monroeville Avenue McClintock Lumber Company 1320 Lynn Avenue McDonald's Realty Company 516 Penn Avenue SPONSORS . . , , . l Y . , 1 ' Bill's Dairy Store F' ' 4 , . n ' ' . , . . - 1 9 ' . , 1 ' - 5 n Y V - 62' v 1 ' 123 2 - 5 U Y 2 Y 2 Y Phyllis McCrum Beauty Shop 519 Locust Street Mary's Dairy Penn 8: Grant Mandel s 61 1 Penn Avenue Mannlngs Service Station Penn Avenue 8: Grant Street Metzger s Children s Store 616 Penn Avenue Milton Shoe Store Penn Avenue Mrazs Drug Store 703 Penn Avenue The G C Murphy Company Penn Avenue O Neill s Dry Goods Store Penn Avenue Olympic Theater Penn Avenue Palmer Brothers Food Market 614 Locust Street Ph ll s BarBQ 702 Penn Avenue Pontiac Engraving Company Chicago Ill Pullen s Drug Store 501 Penn Avenue Red Front Grocery 1207 Maple Avenue 512 Penn Avenue Ridgeway Service Station Hunter 8: Union Street Rutter Brothers Lumber Company 1001 Airbrake Avenue Scally s Cleanlng Shop Monroeville Avenue Schwartz Hardware Company 010 Penn Avenue R E Soles Garage 217 Braddock Avenue Ralph Seneff Real Estate 904 Penn Avenue Andrew Shogan s Market 1001 Maple Avenue Smittys Barber Shop Maple 8: Locust Street Speelman s Restaurant o19 Penn Avenue SPONSORS Stadium Grill 925 Monroeville Avenue Star Printing Company Grant Street Straw s General Store 1111 Maple Avenue Struble 8: Riley Company 1 5 Grant Street Tippy Walker Cleaning Company 614 Penn Avenue Trax Service Station Sycamore 8: Monroeville Tri Boro Sales 8: Service 237 Monroeville Avenue Trevaskis Real Estate Company 50 Turtle 4 Turtle 26 Valley Penn Avenue Creek Weldmg Shop Penn Avenue Creek Auto Parts Braddock Ax enue Auto Sales Brown Avenue Extension Valley Cash Feed Store 1211 Airblake Avenue Valley Hardware Co o06 Penn Avenue Venice Restaurant 1201 Airbrake Avenue Valley Dairy Company 629 Braddock Avenue Veterans of Foreign Wars 912 Penn Avenue Vics Motor, Inc Middle 8: Th rd Wilmezdmg Vukmirs Service Station Monroeville Rd Patton Twp Watts Brothers Tool Works 760 Aiibiake Avenue Wilmerding Mission Orangt Bottling Co 754 Aubrake Avenue Whitehead Hardware Company 900 Penn Avenue Windsor Youth Center 522 Penn Avenue Wmdsor Stores Inc 337 Penn Avenue The Women s Club of Turtle Creek Tom Zafaras 411 Penn Avenue l 1 . , . . . 1 , . , . . , . . 8 , . , . 27 . , 9 , ' v , . R. 8: A. Restaurant ' , I -, V . a , :" - v , 7 The Last Wall and Testament At th1s the turnlng pomt of the Twen t1eth Century we the members of the Senlor Class of Turtle Creek Hlgh School belng las lt IS generally supposedl of sound mmd and clear memory do hereby declare and establlsh th1s as our Last Wxll and Testament ln manner and form to W1 I To the Board of Educatlon we leave the task of preparmg our school for the Year of Evaluatlon w1th a heart felt prayer that the scatterlng of much palnt and the swmgmg of many mops shall not have been 1n valn and that we pass wlth flylng colors II To the faculty we leave those l1ttle blue cards whxch we were some tlmes afraxd to take home and our for glveness for all the nlght work they heaped upon us III To Mr Carmack our class ad vlser we leave the rubber stamp worn bare by contact wlth many hands at dances a left over box of corn meal and our gratltude for h1s help ln class affalrs In add1t1on we would leave h1m a b1g fluffy plllow for under hls Santa su1t that he may have less trouble 1n next years Chrxstmas assembly IV To MISS Swanson our Engllsh teacher we leave the ever puzzlmg ques txons upon Hamlet and our 1nvest1 gatlve themes over whlch we labored so long V To Mr Gehrett our electrlc shop teacher we leave our condolences at the loss of so many llve wlres VI To Mr Zlschkau we leave a brok en sllde rule a couple of beat up sol1d books and our slncere thanks to a teacher that was never too tlred or too busy to glve us extra help when we needed lt VII To Mr Cooper our chemistry teacher we leave our gorgeously spotted plastlc aprons some very foul odors and a fervent hope that next years semors can handle H2 S04 wlthout burnmg thexr fingers To hxm also we leave a smlle to match the twlnkle 1n hlS eye VIII To Mrs Harper our school nurse we leave the el1x1r of l1fe to rev1ve the thousands who plead for excuses to go home to enjoy the softness of thexr beds IX To the Junlors we leave old text books broken penclls and our front row seats' ln assembly Indlvldually and collectively Frances Sage leaves her dra matlc ab1l1ty to Tom Morgan Maureen DeV1ncenzo leaves her grace on the dance floor to Barbara Stewart Roberta Shearer leaves her apt ness as a school leader to Ann A1tch1son Allce Lesnlck leaves her knack of wearing beautiful clothes to Sandra H111 B111 Walsh leaves hlS black curly halr and good looks to any Junlor boy lucky enough to have them John Bordogna leaves h1s gr1d 1ron adeptness to George Cxfra Dorothy Downey leaves her per sonallty and sweet manner to Ann Popovlch Ronald Harper leaves h1s 1ntel hgence and hlgh marks to any Junior who IS w1ll1ng to work hard to emulate h1m XI We do hereby constltute and ap polnt the Class of 1951 as the executors of thls our Last W1ll and Testament wltness whereof we have afflxed our hand and seal th1s 2nd day of June 1n the year of Our Lord Nmeteen Hundred and Flfty lS1gnedJ Sylvxa Ardlsson lseall . 7 Y 7 - , . Y ' V Y 7 Y X 1 1 . I 3. ' ll' !! ' , - C. ' . . , ' ! 9 ' Y d. ' ' Y Y h . Y l . . . . . e' 7 . ' Q . , f. - ' ll Pi ' ' ' ' g , . ' a . Q . . , S h. - ll ' ' Y ' ll YV ' ' Y Q - 1 ll ' H an vv - ' , ' , 1n u u , I ' D 7 ! ! W f WVWQLJ WM Q . iff f ixfX X sf? :P MW ff' X-ZX' O EL, X Qmjwdiw X 74 Vy f1! U f' Q , f H f ' r Z , 'Vi ' 7 I N ti if 5? E Q Qu XX I H' 'W ' X . -V .1 ivy VX I X 'X A -X fwvk li XX 'X JD Xxx X ' rgxxw' XXQ , H, 4 N fx! - , ' V 3 , ' J? W5 ' I ' f Q x Z? E f, ff Q. V dn I 1 5 - - xx A . - . t 4l.,' ' ' Q4 x K. - X. V 'V jf If ff fr ' V V - A 1 ff"'X! AX !H 'X T Q 2 "M Nu I3 fb in f ' L f ,K, ,l Q V Q TA . 1 lklwv rg wiv it 1 if . X 'V in 1 ,I 'N X' N f " J rg? bf 'A 'X X N1 V1 Q. Qi J K J YYAS ,xx X ix ' X W1 -v' '75 QQ -R xi '

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