Turpin High School - Cardinal Yearbook (Turpin, OK)

 - Class of 1959

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Turpin High School - Cardinal Yearbook (Turpin, OK) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 60 of the 1959 volume:

711 4 1 B 'Q l 1, ' ,N A ff ue' 1 ', ...,Zf,.i-f iff g ,- X I X THE CARDINAL We members of the Turpm Hrgh School Senror Class wrsh to dedrcate our 1959 Cardmal to the basketball and football teams of the year 1958 59 Wrth their sportsmanshrp, loyalty, and w1ll to w1n they have set rncreasmgly hrgh standards whtch future Cardrnals can set as theu goals Thrs year the football team was rated No 1 rn the state and won the Conference The grrls hrgh school basketball team won 17 stratght before they were beaten They won the1r Con ference, and the County, and P, A, M. C, Tourneys if f f fff ,ll X! 0 f' N MN ff 2 .X kk if . K sc .Fix Xxx , BOARD OF EDUCATION Congratulatlons to the Semors of 1959 and the Faculty for thls excellent portrayal of the 1958 1959 school year at Turpm SUPERINTENDENT S MESSAGE 3 ""'9hn9..f Congratulatrons to the Senlors of 59 for the pubhcatton of the Turprn Cardmal You are students today but tomorrow you wrll be among the leaders rn your home communrtres Whether youwlll succeed or fall rn llfe depends largely on how well you take advantage of the opportumtles offered you now and rn the future -JY E FACULTY A .- L'- rs if S4'5a'Q'f 55' 'Q C D-,f 'll-as un, H Pacfure o Available FACULTY MR. ELTON SHRYOCK Supermtendent MR. MAYNARD SMITH Prmclpal Sclence and Mathematxcs MR. BILL JACKSON Grade PIIHCIPSI Slxth MR. BILL DUNSWORTH Commerce MRS JANE MARR Enghsh and Speech MR. TED ALTMAN Coach Mechamcal Drawmg MRS CECIL SHRYOCK Home Economlcs MR. JOE SCHMIDT Muslc MISS NORMA McNATT Seventh and Exghth MRS GLADYS EAGAIx Flfth MRS MADA HAGAN Fourth MRS BETH JACKSON Thlrd MRS HAZEL HOUSTEN Second MRS ALMA HARTMAN Fust PAT WIENS Presxdent Class Offlcer 2 Basketball 4 Softball 1 Vocal Musrc 4 Pla s 2 Ban 4 Queeri Candrdate KAREN BENNETT Vrce Presldent Class Off1cer 2 Basketball 3 Softball 1 Vocal Musrc 4 Queen Candrdate 1 KAYE MYERS Secretary Treasurer Class Offxcer 2 Basketball 1 Softball 1 Vocal MUSIC 4 Pla s 2 T o 1 Ban 4 RICHARD DORMAN Football 2 Baseball 1 Vocal Musrc Pla s 2 y- d- Plays-2 Y- ri- d.. '-4 yn Band-4 FRED STAKER Football 4 Basketball 4 Baseball 1 Track 2 Vocal Musrc 2 Pla s 2 Ban 4 ARLENE WATKINS Basketball 4 Softball 1 Vocal Musrc 4 Plas 2 Class Offrcer 2 Cheerleader 2 Ban 4 Queen Candrdate 2 WALTER HILL Football 4 Basketball 4 Baseball 1 Track 1 VoclaMus1c 3 Pla s 2 Class Offrcer 2 Ban 2 DEE ANN HOLT Vocal Musrc 3 Pla s 2 Class Offlcer 1 Y- d- y-. d- Y.. d- Y-. CLARENCE COMBS Football 4 Basketball 2 Baseball 1 Track 2 Pla s 2 BETTY BARTEL Basketball 3 Softball Vocal Muslc 4 Pla s 2 Accompamst 4 LONNIE PARMELEE Football 3 Baseball 1 Vocal Muslc Pla s 2 Class Offlcer 1 Ban 2 IOLENE MARTENS Vocal Muslc 4 Pla s 2 ya -1 y- . Band-4 '-2 Y- . d- yn JUNIORS JUNIORS KERRY WHEELER Presxdent KATHRYN PLETT Secretary Treasurer CHARLES HUEBNER LAVERLE DIRKS DUANE PELTON JOE HINZ. RONNIE EDIGER IUNETTA PIRTLE JERRY KIRTON JIM UNRUH JIM SCHMIDT LYNN BOBBITT DEWAYNE WARD MAYNARD SMITH, Sponsor BILL FOSTER - ----- Vice President SOPHOIVIORES SOPHOMORES LAURETTE WIENS Presldent ANN MYERS Vrce Presxdent ADRIENNE LYNCH Secretary Treasurer Harold Isaac Myrna Wrtzke Duane Ratzlaff fx No Hide AVAILABLE gf' Sabi Barbara Welss Alfred Isaacs Myrtle Bobbltt Clrfford Dlck Judlth Moms oyce Young Denlce Schnerder Joe Schmrdt Sponsor FRESHNIEN 3. if I0 qi Absent PHOTO NOT AVAILAUII 'F' Cheryl Bennett President Philip Penner Vice President Connie Hagen Secretary Joan Dale Treasurer Keith Miller Cleve Moore Junior Butzine Mary Ann Schmidt Leland Lehnert B111 Holt Karen Martens Ken Matkm Jane Emrie Richard Pelton Janet Bobbitt B111 Cone Cecil Shryock ELEMENTARY Qi fl ,--., 3 Q " x Serena Matkrn Ronnie Moore Carl Wmdsor Carol Lou Hmz Rodger Wxlkerson John I-lolz Vrvlan Young Alan Young Eddxe Strrckland Beverly Evans Denms Loepp Max Ed xger Ella Mane Headrlck Doyle Buller Dan Duerson Roena Frsh Charles Butzrne Llla Epp Joan Mxller SEVENTH AND EIGHTH Joy Putle Bruce Foster Mary Ellen Dretrlck Jack Moms Nancy Staker Terry Niclieson Karen Sue Davis Fred Whittett Joyce Bobbitt Larry Smith Carol Weiss Danny Massie Stanley Epp Aaron Epp 'sd' 1 " 52 i 1 L 11 .1 I' :rl !' -1.1 .5f .- -r if tg gf, qs, ' 1. -, so . X .r- ,J -as? Randy Matkrn .X X 455 fill has FIFTH AND SIXTH Mrcheal Warner Robert Becker V1Ckl Jerrel Lonny Regret Mrke Smrth Norma Baylor Roger Dav1s Aaron Combs Deanne Matkrn Terry Hershey Jerry Evans Io Ann Prrtle Nerll Myers Brlly Moore Sharon Penner Wu' Gladys Eagan Merle Davls Teresa Desper Ora McCulley Ruth Whrttet Robert Dletrrck Bomta Smrth Jerry Becker Donna McAl1ster Ivan Epp Velda Patterson Davld Baylor Donna Faye Schmrdt Steven Strlckland Pamela Young Larry Nrckerson Barbara Strckler Mrcheal Jones Lynda Wllkerson Donald Parmelee B111 Jackson r m in 'Q 443' ii Y 7' , Beth Jackson Andy Carson Barbara Isaacs A-' ' .. ary ' Bobby Hagen Betty Martens Q 1 Lis M ,J ' 'f ' .KI-l':'U.g , , x . Roger Schultz - , Doris Foster ' B . Howard Epp , A 1 Pauline Kinney Robert Maschmeier Lora McCulley Douglas Ramey WS' Bruce Strckler Srd Holt '- Max Hulmg 1.4 THIRD AND FOURTH Mada Hagen Mlke Antrrm Alan Franz Melody Smrth Rodney Kay Ross Jamce Warner Paul Burnett Mane Staker Stephen I-leadrrck Lynda Pyle Larry Young Carolyn Engelman Gene Stoddard Sandra Hulmg 43.5, .Q Rodney Epp Della Jean Barr Dennls Larkm Sharon Koehn J Jrmmy Noble 1 ,0- Q, -Y '. qi W I .J . V - Q Q , R 5.14, ' . 3:3 R W 4.11 - lr I . ur ' Alvin Duerson Janice Ellexson Stanley Foster Jennifer Le Lynch Melvin Jay Combs Leta Engelman Delbert Fish Jo Nell Dunsworth Marlin Regier lo Ellen Duerson Larry Wiens Mary Ann Kuton Douglas Bryan Mrs Alma Lea Hartnam FIRST AND SECOND Barbara Desper Duane Headrick Carolyn Jean Wynn Jerry Davis Janell Pirtle Richard Isaacs Konnie Richardson Steven Franz Joan Noble James Duerson Teresa Matkrn Bob Stoddard Annetta Swan Terry Boese Mary Sue Burnett Clair McCulley Carolyn Wilkerson Ray Larkin Bonnie Butzine Mary Jones Mrs Hazel Housten .ii l X. ,Ur SENIOR HIGH FOOTBALL '17 "'7 SENIOR HIGH TRACK SENIOR HIGH BOYS BASKETBALL QUIK SENIOR HIGH GIRLS BASKETBALL JUNIOR HIGH BOYS JUNIOR HIGH GIRLS ACTIVITIES , 1,1 D G rls' Quartet HIGH SCHOOL BAND Y RHYTHM BAND Jumor Hlgh Sextette G1I'1S Trlo Semor I-hgh Cheerleaders Football Queen MARY ANN SCHMIDT BETTY BARTEL State Honor SOCICIY DEA N BA RTEL ARLENE WA TKINS LA VERLE DIRKS KATHRYN PLETT SPEECH .. ., fi, HOME EC III 1 tn in """+1. TYPING I CLASS GENERAL SCIENCE CLASS TJ aj . A J f' '-We 1, 4' Q V w PQ' XL' . Q -. V ,pg 1 gil SAUYE V ,,. -ini wut v. ug 5 , w,,, 7, Q 0 fi as N L 5 xg, 143' S ,,-xE XQIE 1 , 1 H X - , 4 AQ QV Surf if-J if I 8 If , I I .Q .Q ., S ,, . -5 . ,J MN., .X ,, .4 " 1 'f , 4:- f ' fi . I 1 1 XX .QR Vx xxx QR Mechamcal Draw1ng .-Xl CQ WARD BUSES Prov1de Greater Safety for Your Clnldren D1str1buted by TRADEWIND INDUSTRIES, INC Liberal Kansas Most Complete Alivnment Service ' A in the Southwest A PAUL HOOD BRAKE SERVICE - Owner LIBERAL SAFETY LANE Phone MA 4-2.804 1 Block West Liberal, Kansas 54 and 83 Jct BRYAN OIL CO 130 West Ash Pho MA 4 6280 Shamrock Petroleum Products Bryan O11 Co ffl Goodyear T1res Brvan O11 Co 142 138 West Ash Z4 Hour Servlce HODGES CANDY CO L1be ral Kans For Your COD.f6Ct1OHS Needs Phone No MA 4 4542 TURPIN TRUCK STOP Turpln Okla TURPIN CAFE Shamrock Products H1 Way 64 and 83 Wholesale and Retall 24 Hour Servlce Pho NA9 2352 MRS D W BAYLOR D W BAY LOR R D lolo Wkell-S g Le L o Q . . - . . . I . . . . , C . , O e 1 u a o Phllco MULLIN FURNITURE L1beral Kansas Speed Queen D1x1e Kroehler Slmmons MA1n 4 4372 Pa1nt and Wallpaper Call MA1n 4 3231 Featunng Seldlltz Lumlnall Dutch Boy The Complete Pamt Store PLATZ PAINT AND WALLPAPER Z5 W st SPANIOL MOTOR INC Your Frlendly Ford Dealer 1n L1beral Kansas 8 S. Kansas FAST JEWELRY Dlamonds and Watches Elg1n Longlnes Wlttnauer Use Our Easy Terms MA1n 4 3901 L1bera1 Vari-Crom Multicolor Paints , 1 I o HOME OIL COMPANY L1bera1 Kansas Mobll Gas Mobll O11 Mobll T1T6S Mobll Battenes Waslung and Greaslng Statlon No 1 Stat1on No Z 124 W Znd 54 H1 hway Bluebell Road NEWLIN CLEANERS 15 West Znd Llberal Kansas May We Help You? REMEMBER If You Dldn t Buy It at BROWN S FURNITURE You Probably Pa1d TOO MUCH 104 W Znd Llberal JOHNNY FETSCH MOTORS 15W F1rst Lxberal Kansas Rambler Sales and Serv1ce MA1n 4 3441 . 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WHITNEY GOLDEN SPREAD FURNITURE The Best 1n Furmture Wholesale Prlces New and Used Furmture Auct1ons Every Monday at 7 30 p m L1beral s F1rst D1scount House 702 So Kansas Ave Phone MA 4 5252 L1beral Kansas EXPLORATION Plays a Mayor Role m 'rhe Progres of +he Oul Indusrry and +he Nahon I EVP Z5 ovffqx We are proud 'ro have a per+ In +he Explorahon and Developmeni' Of +he Hugh Planns Area THGMAS 81 BREWER on and GAS COMPANY Glenn F Thomas George W Brewer JR I I I E Elevenfh MA 4 5700 at . , . . 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ART S DINER 707 S Kansas Good Food and Eff1c1ent Serv1ce' SMITH AND SON 423 West Sec MA 4 9974 L1beral Kansas DOUBLE 'O JACK 8: JILL FOOD MARKET Open Sundays 807 S Kansas EL KAN BARBER SHOP El Kan Shopp1ng Center L1bera1 Kansas Serv1ce W1th a Smlle A11' Cond1t1oned for Your Comfort 7 0 . ' 1 FOOD MARKET PHL GLASS 8: BODY SHOP 3335 Kansas L1be1-al Kansas Complete Glass and Body Serv1ce Phone MA 4 4432 Lemlng Peake L1beral Kans as ESQUIRE BARBER SHOP 317 South Kansas L1beral Kansas W1th Free Parklng Open8a m to5p m JIM SUTHERLAND LARRY PALMER MERIT RADIATOR SERVICE B1g or Small We FIX Them All 12 E Oak L1be1-al Kansas Phone MA 4 3542 VERN S SHOE REPAIR 7 South Kansas L1beral Kansas Step Llvely on New Heels Shoes That New Look Feel Better Improve Your Posture COMPLIMENTS OF BLAKEMORE BROTHERS IDEAL FOOD STORES No 3 422S Kansas N 2 6l5N Kansas MA 4 2701 Ma 4 2481 L1be ral Kansas 9 ! 2 1 n . , New Heels Give Your ! . - . O. - . 3 6 TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY 1 ,A s ,I I ,A a 'V

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