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4 mUS ' tiovMqk th yeat 1 PE KE-TUK turners: fallr high school I TURNPIKE ROAD 1 Montague MA. 01351 413 863-9155 il ij |4 CPUIEE i WPOUGH m YE API 1987 Table Of Contents Dedication 3 The Cruise 4 Part-Time Jobs 6 The Prom 8 Music And Movies 10 Lockers And Halls 12 Hang-Outs 14 Cafe Study 16 Seniors 17 Juniors 45 Sophomores 52 Freshmen 58 Academics 65 Activities 71 Sports 81 Advertisements 113 2 Table Of Contents We were told that dedications are out-dated and no longer popular, but when we thought about our class and a certain person that has helped us, we felt we had no choice but to dedicate our yearbook to her. Mrs. Judy Brenner has been our class advisor for 4 years. She took the job not knowing exactly what it entailed, but has grown with us to become our leader and our friend. From our sophomore year when she ran our Gong Show in the midst of her own personal problems, to helping us put on one of the best proms in our school ' s history, she has always stuck by us. Now she is topping our 4 years off with a cruise to Bermuda. Because of all she has done for us, the Class of 1987 thanks her, loves her and dedicates their 1987 yearbook to Mrs. Judy Brenner. Putting on our annual Gong Show, planning for the cruise, going to Riverside and Hampton Beach, planning for and attending the Prom, and selling chocolate Santas, Gummi Bears, Easter chocolates, etc. to finance your projects; these have all been the obvious parts of our four years together. But really these four years have been made up of long talks, benevolent nagging, hard work and plenty of laughter. We have all worked hard to make the class of 1987 a success. The real success is measured by the changes, the growth and the maturity that has occurred since you tried to build your 8 foot tall M M as Freshmen. You have become a group of energetic and talented young adults that I enjoy and respect. It has been my pleasure to be your advisor for the past four years, and it will be with pride and with tears that I will congratulate you on your Graduation Day. I will miss your smiling faces! Love, Judy Brenner Dedication 3 The Senior class of 1987 will be going on an extraordinary class trip this year. They will be taking a 5 day, 4 night cruise to Bermuda on the spectacular SS Galileo. Eighty percent of the class are expected to be going, while an unfortunate 20 percent will be staying home. The trip will take place between May 31 AND June 4. The class will be home just in time for Awards Night on June 5, and Graduation, which will be held on June 6. A survey was taken among the Senior class to see how they were paying for the trip and what they were looking forward to the most about the cruise. Markovvski and Filanowski, our original class hams, kissing up to the camera. 4 Cruise Chris and Shawn show us their shorts. Nice legs, hus? The whole crew cheering Bill and Jeff on. Linda and Tibbetts are ready for some fun in the sun!! Cruise 5 ■fwnat What are you looking forward to the most? 32% Meet new people. 23% Get away and relax. 16% Good time with friends. 12% Fun in the sun. 9% See Bermuda. 4% Good food. 4% Get out of school. How did you come up with the $$$$$$$$$$$ 77% Work now or over summer. 23% Received from parents. 2% Received from grandparents. Bill Leh and Jeff George taking the plunge. Amy, is this some new kind of dance? ROYAL OARIBBEArJ 1UB3335J V. Our school has many students who are em- ployed. In September a survey was taken on jobs. There were 87 Ju- niors and 65 Seniors who completed the sur- vey. Of those surveyed 64% had jobs. More Sen- iors are employed than juniors; 78% to 54%. Out of all the working students, there were 55 different places of em- ployment. The Turners Falls IGA employs the most students while Burger King and the Farren Hospital employ the second highest amount. The most com- mon job for students is cashiering at fast food restaurants or in grocery and retail stores. Trans- portation is fairly easy for Seniors, 31 drive themselves to work . . A few (3) get rides with parents, 5 with friends. Good thing the machine gives the correct change! 7 have other means and only 3 have to walk. The Juniors don ' t drive as much; only 10 do. They do a lot more walking; 15. There are also a lot of them who depend on parents; 18. Four go with friends and 5 find other ways. The Seniors seem to like their jobs more than the Juniors; 60% said they did to 46% of the Juniors. On the whole, most students do enjoy work. Only 15% of the Seniors and 22% of the Juniors stated they did not like their jobs. Oth- er comments were it ' s okay, sort of, and some- times. The average rate of pay for everyone was $3.87 per hour. The average for the Seniors was $4.07 an hour and for the Juniors it was $3.68 an hour. Burger King wants you! 6 Jobs It was here a minute ago! Bring your bottles to Glenn! That Burger King smile! Jobs 7 McDonalds today tomorrow. I shouldn ' t have put the eggs in the bottom! ; the world You want it where? Is it closing time yet? The Class Of 1987 Prom The Class of 1987 held their Junior-Senior Prom at Wiggins Tavern-Hotel Northampton. It was on a Saturday night, May 10th, 1986. The theme for the prom was “This Could Be The Night " by Loverboy. The ballroom was decorated with streamers, flowers, and balloons. A dinner of either Roast Beef or Baked Stuffed Filet of Sole was served to everybody. Then after dinner there was music by Trace until 12:00 A.M. A total of about 80 couples attended the prom. It was a great success! 8 Prom What people liked most about the prom. Date Friends - 23% Music Dancing - 20% Dressing Up - 14% Food - 14% Nice Place - 6% The Ride - 6% Everything - 3% Michelle and Chris, Steve and Jill, Ken, Jim and E.J. The Sights And Sounds Every high school stu- dent ' s dream is to skip school and do whatever he or she wants, and this was proved by the popularity of Ferris Bueller ' s Day Off. It also brought about a surge of popularity for the old Beatles song " Twist and Shout. " The connection be- tween music and movies was also shown with " Who Made Who, " a release from AC DC which was from the movie Maximum Over- drive, and " The Glory of Love " from Karate Kid. The variety of what was watched and listened to was tremendous. The mov- ies ranged from the roman- Kelly s favorite movie was Stand By Me Barb prefers to read the book than see the movie TOP 10 MOVIES OF 1986 1 Ferris Bueller ' s Day Off 2 Stand by Me 3 Top Gun 4 The Fly 5 Aliens 6 About Last Night 7 Karate Kid II 8 Chainsaw Masacre II 9 Maximum Overdrive 10 Friday the 13th part IV Jason Live tic Top Gun, to the nostal- gic Standv By Me. to the grotesque Chainsaw Mas- sacre. The music varied from the gentle " Friends and Lovers " to the dance beat of " Nasty " and the rock of " Who Made Who. " There was, to say the least, something for everyone. Kims favorite song was " You Give Love a Bad Name " 10 Movies Music ll Jon tind Brad t.how off the latest concert shirts TOP 10 SONGS OF 1986 1 Twist and Shout 2 Who Made Who 3 The Glory of Love 4 You Give Love a Bad Name 5 Walk This Way 6 Yankee Rose 7 Take My Breath Away 8 Dreams 9 Friends and Lovers 10 Nasty Shelly gives Sharon a listen of Twist and Shout ' Carrie listens to Dokken while she does her work Lockers And Halls There are two popular ways in which the students express their special per- sonalities. As we all know, the students like to hang out at their lockers in the halls of the school, during lunch. This is where every- one comes together to so- cialize. Some tell jokes or just joke around. . Some talk to their friends about what happened during the day or what ' s going to hap- pen that weekend. In these halls the stu- dents express themselves through their lockers. Some have pictures of their friends, girlfriends, boy- friends, TV stars, etc. The words and phrases that they clipped out of maga- zines, also expresses the students unique personal- ities. 12 Lockers Plan ahead. Lunch, here or there! Hang-Outs We deserve a break today! Hang-Outs 14 Saturday night live! Hang-Outs 15 Cafe Study hveiyone ' igns in with Mis. Giiard for study. Ron Rowe pioves some do study. Kimmer Shuianwliite and Julie Godzinslsi think about studying. Some don’t even pretend to study. Some make it look good from a distance. Maureen Mankowsky contemplates escape. Cafe Study 16 S5?6 Jear TFH3, We’ve had so much | fun here. We can ' t 1 believe that it ' s all ' coming to an end. We ' dl-f always have lots of good I memories. But there ' s 1 always next year to look 4 forward to a new adven- ;; ture : = POSUCARD JdlreiS on 28066 0 Love , -fhe Hass Of 8? niet I. ' Ci ' j3a TINA MARIE AVERY Montague City November 11, 1969 ' nutaah, really? Tina s goal is to attend and graduate from college, become suc- cessful, and live in a beach house. Likes: roses, 7 16 85, horseback riding, going to the beach, pastels, Niki ' s car, making up. Dislikes: loud people, breaking up, and Jason ' s exs. " You may forget with whom you laugh, but you never forget with whom you cry. " RUSS ALLEN BAKER Turners Falls January 29, 1968 " hows life? " Russ ' s goal is to be the best at what he does in life. Likes: Dawn 2-14- 86, Tammy Lee, " The Ultimate Sin " , The Dallas Cowboys, Bon Jovi, football, Lita Ford, Fridays in Mrs. Lemays room, and blondes. Dislikes: Narks, the opera, and sitting around. " Who cares about that stuff! " EDWIN JOHN BANASH Jr. Turners Falls January 15, 1986 " get a clue! " Squeege ' s goal is to find out if the Navy is more than just a job. Likes: football. Pink Floyd, skiing, the beach, quarters, Nantucket, waterbeds. Quiz- mo ' s Alg. 11 class, being independent. Dislikes: losing, being bored, getting caught, and telephone poles on Country Rd. " You can lead a horse to water . . but a pencil must be lead. THERESA LYNN BARBER Montague March 23, 1969 " that ' s gross! " Spacy Tracy ' s goal is to work in the computer field, and live a long happy life. Likes Franz, talks w Wheeze, 5 17 85, driving fast, one Fiero, sleeping in. Skunk ' s laugh. Dislikes: fake people, getting busted, cold hands, being sad, people who nag, bad moods. " Make love not war, it ' s not easy to re- cite, but it don ' t mean a damn unless we ' re gonna fight. " -Madonna MICHAEL SCOTT BARTLETT Gill July 7, 1969 " hey, ya know what? " S ' s goal is to be successful and rich. Likes: being w Di, playing drums. Rush, Gumby, Porsche 911, Boston. Dislikes: a certain pickle factory, Jocks being bored, Menudo and broken drumsticks and Menudo. " If you love something set it free. If it doesn ' t come back, hunt it down and kill it. " FRED BEZIO Montague October 13, 1969 " listen son! " Freddie s goal is to find a special person and be happy. Likes: B.K., Luigi, 5 9 86, the const.. Slat, Snapp, ZZ Top, 007, Jake, Blues, 11 22 85, walk- mans, Happy Meals. Dislikes: final ex- ams, Jr. High people, leaving my friends and certain people of all classes. Two who walk a road together walk farther than someone alone. " 18 DAVID F. BOGUSZ Turners Falls December 25, 1969 " ruts up? " Dave ' s goal is to be rich and live an easy life. Luces: ' 86 football sea- son, linebacker, the Barn, AC DC, Ca- maro ' s Trim, partying w the gang, " 69 " . Dislikes: Greenfield, Ware, Mustangs, having no money, getting up early, and Bobs laziness. " That which doesn ' t kill us, makes us stronger. " T.C. PHILIP ANDREW BRENNER JR. Montague May 13, 1969 " uh-oh . . I ' m in BIG trouble! " Phil ' s goal is to make it through college, get a job, and be successful. Likes: weekends, Kris H, good times, 10 26 85, 1 19 86, Rush Journey, the beach. Dislikes: Mon- day mornings, saying good-bye, liars, homework, and stuck-up people. " You live to be successful, but you should en- joy it along the way. " KIM MARIE BRUNELLE Turners Falls April 24, 1969 " can 1 have a hug? " Kimmie ' s goal is to find her goal. Likes: 7 1 84 quarters w KC, PB, and JJ, summer of ' 85, " Tim Jurek ' s Favor ' s " first room on the left!, secret loves, cubby holes, the box, hugs. Dislikes: 2 86, secrets, getting shot at, the " Porcelain God " , Highlana Ave, and waiting. " Everyone has to believe in something and I believe I ' ll have another beer! " P. Burek HEATHER LEAH BYRD Montague September 10, 1969 " it ' s the cutest! " Heath ' s goal is to be happy and rich. Likes: long talks w Terri at 3am, pink roses, summer of 86, 9 27 86, and M.Rd. Dislikes: OPC, fighting w friends, reading yellow pages in the kitchen waiting, and 9 1 86. " It ' s better to try to fly and fall then never to try at all. " ROBERT FRANCIS CAOUETTE Turners Falls January 14, 1969 " where ' s the trim? " Bob ' s goal is to be as big as Arnold Schwartzenagger. Likes: 86 football season, the beach, 69, Mineral Rd. W someone special, AC DC, Pink Floyd, talking wallets. Dislikes: losing Daves ' laziness, Sunday mornings, Porp ' s Bellows, love indeed is everything yet is nothing. " STEVEN JOHN CAREY . Turners Falls May 1, 1968 Breznev ' s goal is to go where no man has gone before. Likes: Jill, late nights w Mike c, cards, ZZ Top, nights out w the boys, and a certain teacher. Dislikes: Porps and Jill ' s driving, Bob ' s picking of the ear. " Said you ain ' t seen nothing till you ' re down on a muffin and you shouldn ' t be changing you ways " -Aero- smith 19 KELLY ANN CASEY Turners Falls December 19, 1969 " I have no idea! " Kel ' s goal is to share love, happiness, and wealth w someone special (PB). Likes: Peter, The Box, 11 2 84, ouarters w KB and JJ, ML, TP, Beer- wolf RD., the " guys " , ZZ Top, Kid. Dis- likes: waiting, favorites. Case and Z ' s 84 lynching, users, fighting, certain people and getting caught. " The time to be hap- py is now. The place to be happy is away from here! " CHARLENE M. CARPENTER Erving February 24, 1986 " 1 don ' t get it! " Skunks goal is to be a truck driver. Likes: a certain someone, 9 6 86, talking w Sunni, Journey, Zep- plin, Garfield, and being my own self. Dislikes: 9 16 86, nosey people, getting caught and lying. " Let success go to your heart and not to your head " -R.S. CHARLES STANLEY COLEVA Turners Falls March 23, 1969 " well hey! " Chewy ' s goal is to work rest and play till his dying day. Likes: N.E. sport teams. Sat. nights, hanging around, girls, 3 23, sports, volleyball team. Dis- likes: Fords, obnoxious or bossy people, getting up for school. Sept., losing and homework. " Never play leapfrog with a unicorn. " DINA MARIE COSTA Turners Falls May 11, 1969 " shook-shook " Roochie Roo ' s goal is to be happy and successful at whatever she does. Likes: 737, snowstorms, whistling Boog ' s, RM 125, the fort crew, laughing, spacing and concerts. Dislikes: barefeet, busted parties, winston runs, fog, people who hurt little kids, toughies. " Yes, there are 2 paths you can go by, but in the long run, there ' s still time to change the road your on " -Led Zepplin LEANNE SUSAN CHAGNON Turners Falls August 8, 1969 " where ' s the doctor? . Slap " Leabo ' s goal is to find her goal. Likes: DM, Ninja, Interceptor, Polo, family, roses, " The Doctor " , and Mickey Mouse. Dis- likes: choppers, 6 6 84, 5 10 86, rumors, nosey people, pizza, school, Rick ' s hand- cuffs and cliffs. " What you have to do is put aside those who don ' t deserve your love and fight for those you really love you " ERIN CROMACK Montague April 10, 1969 " that ' s life " Crow ' s goal is to run a day care center and be happy w Eric. Likes: Eric, 9 21 84, 7 25 86, the Big E, certain camping trip, my nickname, weekends, unicorns, lobster, the ocean, M M ' s, friends, football games and roses. Dis- likes: 3 14 86, gym, skiing, green opals, fighting reject stickers, a dance, and nav- ing no $$. " Reach for the best that ' s in you " 20 LINDA MARIE DAGILUS Montague Autust 14, 1969 " shore! " Lin ' s goal is to make massive amounts of money! " Likes: Chris 4 23 86, Strawberry Quenchettes, swimming, 10 6 84, summer, being tan, the Huke Lau, long talks w Allen, roses and X- mas. Dislikes; regrets, rain, losing, wait- ing, and Highland Ave. " If 1 wanna get crazy sometimes, It s all- right-it ' s my life and 1 play to win- " - Morris Day SHAWN T. DENKIEWICZ Turners Falls March 22, 1969 " it go " Shawn ' s goal is to find his goal. Likes: chutes, hacking, stealing apples, 4x4 ' s, parties, DJ ' s party and Art I. Dis- likes: the course, circle drill and super snake. CHRISTOPHER E. DEMARS Gill April 11, 1969 " ah man " Crow ' s goal is to be rich and successful. Likes: Europe 86, soccer, beat- ing Tech, racing, choutes, winning, scor- ing, Jarod ' s voice, DJ ' s party and Chevy ' s. Dislikes: circle drill, losing bad, missing easy goals, Spanish, sulkers, Caron the Fritz and Fords. " You ' re never alone with a schizophrenia. " KENNETH PAUL DESO Erving May 17, 1969 " hey! " Ken ' s goal is to be happy and successful in whatever he does. Likes: weekends, sleeping late, fishing. Porch- es, snowstorms, parties, walking in the forest. Booster Day, dances, vacations, beaches, 5 10 86 and cheerful people. Dislikes: school pizza, snobs, boredom, waying good-bye, homework, a teacher " Remember yesterday, dream of tomor- row, but live for today. " DORREEN A. DEMARS Gill April 11, 1969 I luv it " Dori ' s goal is to win megabucks and live like no one has before. Likes: yo not ai, cubby hole at Moore ' s Motel, Frog pond, our mousehole, Roner, 1 18 86, 10 6 84, red Porsche, gauge in the cucha- munga, and Celtics. Dislikes: " psych! " . Highland Ave., Porcelain God, waiting, lies, the morning after, 4 17 86, and the boat. " The love that lasts the longest is the love that is never returned. TODD M. CZERNICH Millers Falls July 1, 1969 " thanks " Z ' s goal is to become rich and successful. Likes: being w Marcy, 9 27 85, Dynastar skis, ZZ Top, Luigim Snapp ' s class, Fridays, Camaros, pizza, popcicles, and Boston. Dislikes: girls w braces, Mondays, Greenfield, Ford Rang- ers, stickyfloors, rug burns and the pick- le factory. " Youth is a time for pleasure. " 21 GERALD A. DOBOSZ Turners Falls July 15, 1969 " upset? Ya just a tad! " Germo ' s goal is to attend a prestigious college, get a wife, and own a condo in CA. Likes: Oklaho- ma, " The Boz " , Nights w the guys, 6 10 85, 10 11 85, 3 1 86, Dokken, Larry Byrd, Rocky, Chicago Bears, Dick Vitale, talking w Bim and JT. Dislikes: Bees, Frisbee w Hack, Nantucket, 9 27 82, 12 27 85, 9 9 86, being tickled, losing, wet jeans, and getting caught cutting at lunch. " Bathing is a lonely business ex- cept for fish. " Dudley Moore CHRISTOPHER J. FlLANOWSKl Montague City August 16, 1969 " that ' s enough to tick the good humor man off " Uno ' s goal is to join the service and retire at 39. Likes: football, T-day 84, winning, ZZ Top, beautiful girls, 87, Slattery ' s classes. Dislikes: having no clue, losing to Gfld., locking keys in his car, the prom, " Happiness is like a but- tefly if you chase it its just out of reach. Where if you sit down quietly it may enlighten upon you. LISA JEAN EMERY Gill August 29, 1969 " just kidden! " Emma ' s goal is to go to college and visit Australia, Likes: Tom- my, 9 1 86, Goofy, roses, pizza, BB, Li- lacs, Diana Ross, the beach, the Ocean. Dislikes " 86 " fair, not being w Tommy, Steve ' s singing, and late people. " I put no restrictions upon my thought, for 1 have an open mind, a free will, a warm heart, and a desire to learn of life and its beauty. KIMBERLY S. FOLEY Montague November 11, 1969 " 1 luv it " Kim ' s goal is to be happy and successful. Likes: parties w Dori being w friends, snowstorms, 9 20 86, BA LP w Z. Frog Pond, our own mouse hole, 11 10 85, 5 10 86, 8 24 86, gauge in the cuchamugga. Dislikes: being lonely, fighting, saying goodbye, " whatever " , 3 11, 9 4 86, waiting, the waterpipe, get- ting lost in N.H. " Enjoy the little things in life for one day you may look back and realize they were the big thing. NICOLE MARIE EMOND Millers Falls February 2, 1969 Niki ' s goal is to lead a long, happy life in whatever she does. Likes: John, 5 2 86, Mustangs, spending money going out w friends, roses, sleeping late, week- ends, surprises. Dislikes: UMass on 5 4 86, " whatever " , curfews, people who in- terfere, waiting, saying good-bye, mak- ing the wrong decisions. " Happiness isn ' t something you remember, it ' s something you experience. KERRYANN FORTIN Turners Falls April 1, 1969 " psych! " Kerry ' s goal is to find her goal. Likes: Tim, 4 6 86, 68 Mustangs the mousehole, canoeing, camping w the crew, summer of 85, 5 10 86, the night before. Dislikes: the morning after, FK bridge, headaches, being late, my birth- date, arguing, Soquets nill " If endings symbolize beginnings, shouldn ' t the goodbye ' s be easier to say? " 22 JASON B. FOWLER Gill October 14, 1969 " what ' s going down? " Jason ' s goal is to become a state policeman. Likes: 69 Ca- maros, 66 Chevelles, Mad Max, intercep- tors, Aerosmith, Atlanta Falcons, en- duro, Marc ' s parties, and trouble. Dis- likes: Food Mart, Fords, John ' s Volvo, rainydays, school, work. KELLY ANN GRAVES Erving October 4, 1969 " no the other left! " Kel ' s goal is to live a long, successful life full of smiles, laugh- ter, and love. Likes: camping w Doreen, long talks, hugs, having the greatest friends, writing notes, summer of 86, v- ball, b-ball. Dislikes: being ignored, green bomber, some nights at Doreens, saying good-bye, pickles. " Only as far as we seek can we go; only as much as we dream can we be. " DOREEN L. FOSTER Montague Center June 28, 1969 " hey babe " Dodi ' s goal is to be success- ful and live a long life w Paul. Likes: Paul, 5 27 86, 7 13 86, Mr. Boston, Maine, seals. Motley Crue, Hampton Beach, graduation, Montague Plains, " Him " . Dislikes: busy signals, two-faced people, IGA, green, and being poor. MICHAEL S. GOVE Turners Falls January 17, 1969 " what ' s up? " Gove ' s goal is to be suc- cessful in life. Likes: ZZ Top, parties, hunting, fishing, being w friends, and summer of ' 86. Dislikes: being broke, stuck up people, homework. " Courage is a good word. It has a ring. It has a sub- stance that other people, who have none, urge you to have when all is lost. JEFFERY GEORGE KAREN ALL HILLMAN Turners Falls March 28, 1969 " what ever " Karen ' s goal is to be the best she can be. Likes: teddy bears, bunnies, 9 23 85, a certain someone, Bryan Ad- ams, sleepin late. Bon Jovi. Dislikes: liv- er, 9 21 86, cold mornings, getting up early, snobs, a certain group of people, " once in your life you will find someone who will turn your world around; bring you up when you feeling down-Bryan Adams 23 FRANZ ERIK HOFF Erving October 24, 1968 " What the . . . ? " Snarf ' s goal is to play his guitar on the MTV and spend the rest of his time with you know who. Likes: TRACY, 5 17 86, a three letter word, curvy roads, heavy metal, two cer- tain Saturday nights, my guitar, ears. Dislikes: Sunday drivers, being pissed, bum weekends, BC, and Ducks. " . . children of tomorrow live in the tears that fall today . . " JOSEPH JAMES JANIKAS Turners Falls July 26, 1969 " Are we having fun yet? " Giddy ' s goal is to make it through college and live an exciting life. Likes: ZZTop, money. New England teams, bacon double cheesebur- gers, quads, and sleeping late. Dislikes: rude and obnoxious people, broken col- lar bones, Monday mornings, loud- mouths, and " I would rather sit on a pumkin and have it all to myself than be crowded on a velvet cush ion. -Henry Da- vid Thoreau DENNIS MICHAEL HOLMES Turners Falls July 16, 1969 What ' s up? " Likes: basketball, week- ends, vacation. Dislikes: baseball, bossy people. BETHANN ROSE KACZENSKI Millers Falls October 28, 1969 Eddie ' s goal is to find someone loving. Likes: Iron Maiden (Eddie), loud music, drawing, 6 29 86, a warm fire, caring people, Tom Petty, Bon Jovi, Tae Kwon Do. Dislikes: snobs, the cold, users, school, Duran, Duran, work 9 13 86, " And man we ' ve never had the real thing, but sometimes we ' d kiss back when we didn ' t understand what we were caught up in " -Tom Petty ANDREW W. JACKMAN Turners Falls April 22, 1969 Uh Oh We re in big trouble now! " Hack s goal is to win a Grammy for pro- duction. Likes: the Celtics, Dominique Wilkins, Dokken, the Caddy, nights w Vince and the boys, golf, rides with Frank, ultimate frisbee w Ger, Dislikes: equipment failures, Ron ' s fish, mail- boxes, moody folks, injuries, and snow- banks. " A flute without a hole is not a flute but a doughnut without a hole is a danish " -Chevy Chase CARRIE ANN KELLY Turners Falls June 26, 1969 Carrie ' s goal is to live life to the fullest and be nappy. Likes: mom, a certain someone, cruising the strip w Niki, act- ing stupid w Dina, long talks w Mike, long weekends, sleeping late. Dislikes: Ames, working weekends, rainy nights, rumors, being hurried, goodbyes, sum- mer of 86. " Look ahead instead of behind you because your future is more impor- tant than your past. " 24 BARBARA ANN KOZMA Gill January 7, 19t 9 " what?! " Barb ' s goal is to be good in whatever she does. Likes: books, nice people, Garfield, Lasagna, loud music, writing, sleep, laughter. Big Macs, the color black and to be different. Dislikes: snobs, bad grades, bad losers, rain, the cold, being ignored. " Make it a point to do something every day that you don ' t want to do. " MICHELLE JANE LAMBERT Turners Falls June 1, 1969 " oh well, that ' s life! " Shell ' s goal is to live a happy and successful life. Likes: talks w Kristen, summer of 86 w DL,T5,BC and KR, minigolfing w KG,AS + DT, diamonds. Di ikes: rainy days, working Sundays, being left out, fighting w friends, waiting. " Our memories of yesterday will last a life- time, someday we ll find these are the best of times. " -Styx LINDA LEE LAPINSKI Turners Falls March 21, 1969 " why? " Linda ' s goal is to marry Pete and have alot of money. Likes: " Pete, 77, quiet moments, 11 13 85, The Bonfire, Cubby, Summer of 86, cool breezes, smurfs, Hampton Beach, a special talk on 10 26 85, Jr. Year. Dislikes: 10 24 85, bad news, final exams, school, snow being bored goodbyes. " First love is like a dream forgotton; The words it speaks are never forgotton. " WILLIAM MAX LEH Montague Center August 26, 1969 " you don ' t have a clue? " Wild Bill ' s goal is to be rich and famous or poor and unknown. Likes: SB, 9 19 86, football, skiing, ZZ Top, racing w Ed 3, work- ing hard, high revs loud exhaust, crui- sin, trem. Dislikes: people w no clue, losing, liars, arguments, private jokes. " The dictionary is the only place you will find success before work. TEMPLE ANNETTE LEIGHTON Turners Falls September 28, 1969 " oh no! My car died again. " Tally ' s goal is to ski in Switzerland and enjoy life. Likes: skiing, friends, foxy guys, zebra gum, making money. Dislikes: her car breaking down, wiping out, losing mon- ey, " If I could leave time in a bottle the first thing that I ' d like to do is save every day until eternity passes away then I would spend it with you. " Jim Croche DARREN MICHAEL LENOIS Turners Falls August 22, 1969 " that ' s it! " Porps ' goal is to become Hugh Heffners successor. Likes: ZZ Top, skiing, 4 17 86, Uno ' s pizza palace. Mustangs, Hampton Beach, cruising. Dislikes: picket fences, IGA, porcelin God, narks, senior pictures, cafe study. " Not drunk is he who from the floor can rise and still drink one more. " 25 MAURICE A. LESSARD Erving August 4, 1969 Mooses goal is to be a millionaire. Likes: Chevy ' s, D.J. ' s party, Saturday nights. Dislikes: flat tires. Fords, pigs, being carded, and falling off of Chadies car. CHERYL MAILLOUX MAUREEN ANNE MANKOWSKY Turners Falls August 27, 1969 " why?! " Reenie ' s goal is to find everlast- ing happiness and someday be wealthy enough to ow n a grand piano. Likes: Tre- vor, smiling faces, pink roses, 3 8 86, music, the beach, winning, 10 6 84, rain, sad movies. Dislikes: being woken up, 3 22 86, getting caught, goodbyes, 7 29 86. " Your only obligation in any lifetime is to be true to yourself. " Mom STEVE D. MAYHEW Erving September 15, 1969 " what ' s your biff? " Steve ' s goal is to build his own house and be very rich and happy. Likes: Neysa, 5 4 86, money, his car. Dislikes: squares, being told what to do, slow drivers. " Those wno do it do it with pride. Those who don ' t wish they tried. " -D.J.T. CHRISTOPHER J. MARKOWSKI Turners Falls September 1, 1969 " life ' s a beach then you drown. " Her- man ' s goal is to be healthy, wealthy and wise. Likes: football, 58, ZZ Top, Van Halen, skiing. The Pats, Celtics, the Hulkster, sleeping late, Uno ' s pizza pal- ace, T-day 84. Dislikes: Gfld losing, waiting T-day 85, the hill, tires, quads 59, having no clue. " When angry count to four, when very angry swear. " Mark Twain. TIMOTHY S. MOORE Turners Falls August 8, 1968 " imagine that. " Tim ' s goal is to be suc- cessful in his own business. Likes: Ker- ry, 4 6 86, skiing, 9 28 86, our own mousehole, 5 10 86, muskies motel, 36, the circle. Dislikes: L7 ' s, 5 10 85, problems, getting up early, being sur- prised, zits, his hair. " Poor man wants to be rich, rich man wants to be king, king ain ' t satisfied til he rules over everyth- ing. " The Boss 26 DIANA MICHELLE MUNIZ Millers Falls April 5, 1969 " God bless you " Deedee ' s goal is to be happy with herself. Likes: P.R., good friends, quiet talks, a certain senior. Dis- likes; being hurt, not talking to Denise, a certain person, babysitting, losing touch. " The gl ory of friendship is the spiritual inspiration that comes when one discov- ers that someone else believes in him and is willing to trust him. " RWE KIMBERLEE SUSAN PIERCE Turners Falls October 18, 1969 " wicked " Peo ' s goal is to live a long, happy, successful life. Likes: Led Zep- plin, Etna, 3 24 86, concerts, snow storms, summer of 84, loud music, party- ing, 8 3 85, roses, leather. Dislikes: the morning after, fighting w Billy, being dazed and confused, having no $. " A new day will dawn for those who stand long, and the forests will echo with laughter. " - Led Zepplin. KATHLEEN MARY O ' NEILL Turners Falls October 27, 1969 " wow! " KO ' s goal is to live a happy life with someone very special. Likes: Alan, 3 15 86, red roses, gossip sessions in DT, summer of 86, fun times with friends, the future. Dislikes: 5 10 86, 9 25 86, fake people, waiting, not having enough time, saying goodbye. " Ain ' t it funny how time flies- when the best was yet to come. JAMES F. PTAK Turners Falls August 3, 1969 " how ya doin? " Jim ' s goal is to be rich and famous or wealthy and unknown. Likes: playing sports, beating Gfld,, picking on certain people, 44, Post 81, vacations w Les, specific phone conver- sations, laughing at Uno. Dislikes: los- ing to Gfld., 10 1 86, being caught in the middle, making errors, Joe ' s quad, " If winning isn ' t everything then why do we keep score? " TINA PERKINS Montague April 24, 1969 " you ' ll get over it " T ' s goal is to become very ricn. Likes; summer, sleeping late, walks w Linda, 10 6 84, being tan, 6 26 86, Huke Lau, clothes, black rasberry ice-cream, goin to the beach. Dislikes: getting caught. Highland Ave. rainy days, waiting, fighting, dirty snow, re- grets. " Some people say let it out, 1 say let it in if you want to return it " K. Morin JILL SUZANNE RADZUIK Gill September 2, 1969 " hite! " Jill ' s goal is to go to college and be successful. Likes: Steve, pizza, 12 27 85, 2 14 86, roses, ZZ Top, Jr. Sr. Prom, summer, when parents go on vacation. Dislikes: talks w mom, unexpected guests. Temple and Lisa ' s driving, Steve ' s singing, rainy days. " Friendship often ends in love; but love in friendship never. " 27 DAWN MARIE SANDERS Montague City January 21, 1969 Likes: Someone special, JSPII, teddy bears, 6 9 84, 12 31 84, gossiping in DT w KO,RS JW. Dislikes: certain peo- ple, being sick, being poor, Jan ' 86 2 22 86, and filling out college applications. " Tune into what this place has got to offer because we may never be here again. " Van Halen. COURTNEY DIANNE SMITH Turne rs Falls March 26, 1969 " let ' s scope it out! " Court ' s goal is to be successful and stay single until at least 25. Likes: 7 12 86 1953 Jagaurs, the Doctor!, nice cars and motorcycles, cruis- ing the strip. Dislikes: Rubie doo ' s, be- ing caught in a hymlic, being bored, Constance on a toot!, being broke. " Just when you think you find the man of your dreams, you wake up! " FRANCIS ROBIDEAU KRISTIN STAR SCHWARZ Turners Falls July 10, 1969 " sweetie " Kristy ' s goal is to live a happy life w her sweetie. Likes: Jim 1 10 86, 8 27 86, music classes, Jim ' s GTO, a winning band, 9 4 86, GHS basketball, long talks. Dislikes: when she can ' t see Jim, motorcycles, GHS band, saying goodbye. " True love ' s the gift which God has given to man al one beneath the heaven. " -Scott ANDREA LEIGH STAFFORD Millers Falls December 21, 1969 " -kay?! " Andrea ' s goal is to marry a cer- tain doctor and be rich and happy. Likes: Jeffery, 3 14 86, clowns, v-ball, b-ball, mini golfing w D,K,M, thunderstorms, flickering lights, long talks with friends. Dislikes: pickles, drifting from people who are close, waiting, working, not get- ting the ball. " We all need the clowns to make us smile. " -Journey JAMIE MICHAEL SICARD Gill July 21, 1969 " zoosh, boom, cookoo " Sicard ' s goal is to help ziggy stardust and the spiders from Mars retake Earth. Likes: the 3 stooges, the Celts, the Who, live Kinks -I- Doors, The Breakfast Club, hunting. Dislikes: Loverboy, Green field, totalling 65 Ma- libu SS. " The simple man baby pays the bills for thrills and pills that kill, ain ' t that America. " J.C. Mellencamp 28 KERRY LYNN STOCKWELL Turners Falls March 27, 1969 " don ' t worry about it! " Kerry ' s goal is to live a long life filled w happiness and money. Likes: Trav, 8 20 86, 4 1 86, va- cationing at H. beach alone, roses, tickle pink, talks w R.E.A., weekends in Er- ving w pep. Dislikes: Leyden woods, rainy days, cornfields, busy signals, FC fair 86. " Children of tomorrow five in the tears that fall today. " DOREEN ANN TARGHETTA Turners Falls January 24, 1969 " oh crumb! " Lefty ' s goal is to become a physical therapist and marry her " dream guy " . Like: Marty Kendrick, being w friends, volleyball, Bruce Willis, Faith- fully . Mimes, sleeping late, fall + spring, rainbows. Dislikes: liars, narks, argu- ments, people who nag, winters " I love you not only for what you are, but for what 1 am when 1 am with you. -Roy Coft JILL ANN STONE Montague City October 22, 1969 " does my hair look o.k.? " Jillian ' s goal is to go to college and be successful. Likes: Bill, music, pizza, mopeding w Jenn, weird clothes, Kitty Kabobs. Dislikes: stuck up people, fire extinguishers, shopping w Jenn. " not today " BRYON S. TASK Millers Falls June 19, 1970 " yeeha! " Lipsey ' s goal is to be serious. Likes: Dori, AC DC, Nugent in concert, 6 7 86, being a wise apple. Dislikes: ro- sies, loudness, Mahar, guard rails, people who don ' t buy their own cigarettes. " The reason a dog has so many friends is be- cause he wags his tail instead of his tongue. -Aerosmith DAVID K. TALBOT Turners Falls August 23. 1969 " those are the breaks of the game " Talbys goal is success. Likes: soccer, baseball, picking on Joe, 4, winning, the Bruins, San Diego Chargers, mara- dona. Dislikes: losing Gfld teams, get- ting up early, rolling mopeds, Joe ' s quad, two faced people, worms, quiters, ciggar- ette smoke " The secret to happiness is not doing what one likes but liking what one does. " DENNIS J. TENCATI Lake Pleasant May 3, 1968 shucksareno " Dennis ' goal is to be well off and the best parent he can. Likes: booster day 84, GMF, Datsuns, the Plains, Joe ' s Buick, 4x4n w Tim, Eddy, 130 on Rte 2,4 17 84, pumping station bridge. Dislikes: Daves laziness, ST ' s Nova, being told what to do. stupid rules, missing his exit, speeding tickets, " Live life day to day seems so far set every thing you hear and say just a for- eign cliches. " 29 SHANE E. THAYER Millers Falls February 25, 1969 " how it go? " Likes: chutes, hunting. Porches, blondes, DJ ' s party, playing hockey, Bruins 7, 10 3 86, fall, waters- kiing, Chinese food and Art 1. Dislikes: Fords, Dennis ' Dotson, Ron ' s Plymouth, cops, getting picture taken, speed bumps, dark rainy days, getting up early, Canadiens, Moose ' s party, his car break- ing down. KEARSTIN FRANCES THOMAS Turners Falls January 23, 1969 " what a fruit cake! " Rears ' goal is to be healthy and happy. Likes: white, roses, the ocean, rainbows, Tuffy, the summer of 84, running, long talks w mom and dad, the " H " family. Dislikes: Sundays, " AN " , arguing. The Green Machine, gossip, hospitals, dishonesty. " You can ' t change the past so why let it haunt you. You can paint the future, but you have to want to. " DEIDRE LYNN TIBBETS Erving July 6, 1969 " don ' t know do ya? " Deedee ' s goal is to meet the right guy and have a happy and successful life. Likes: parties at Pinnacle, Jim Beam, Alice Cooper, Ozzy, 9 17 86, 5 2 86, 8 10 86 the lake, Hampton 86, C.Site 31, hojas, Judas Priest. Dislikes: tuna, beer, liars, users, head games. " We go dancing up in the attic while the moon is rising in the sky " -Alice Cooper JAMES EDWARD TIBBETTS Turners Falls January 15, 1969 " that ' s nasty! " James ' goal is to get out of Turners become a Dr. and meet Madon- na. Likes: adventures w MR, listening to JW ' s soap opera, the soap aisle, when DC visits at RR, popscicles, slamming AV ' s locker. Dislikes: a certain picture JW has, " whatever " , hotdogs, " shrimp " , problems 85-86. " If you don ' t have en- emies, you don ' t have character. " AMELIE RUTH VIENS Turners Falls October 17, 1969 " man! 1 hate that. " Amy ' s goal is to someday be on Life styles of the Rich Famous. Likes: The Maverick, cruisin w Tracy Rimmer, 5 3 86, camping at Bar- tons Cove, BK, Spfld VT., " The Sun " , WXRS, 12, 26. Dislikes: " psych " , " bye-bye " , dieting, 8 9 86, the TP, los- ing to Gfld, 5 23 86 GFMS, granola foot- wear. " This is the time to remember be- cause it will not last forever. BARRY WEBBER Turners Falls September 29, 1969 Barry ' s goal is to rock till death. Likes: Harley ' s, heavy metal, good times, his guitar. Dislikes: being broke, authority, nuclear war and Japanese motorcycles. " That is not dead which eternally lies, but with stranger aeions death may die. " - H. P. Lovecraft 30 RONALD LARRY WILLIAMS Montague Center August 24, 1969 " how ' s it goin? " Ron ' s goal is to be suc- cessful. Likes: his car, summertime, iokes, and honey dipped donuts. Dis- likes: Shane ' s Nova, some of his classes, rainy days, speed bumps and falling off of Charlie ' s car. JAIMYE MARIE WRIGHT Montague City September 15, 1969 " oh nice! " Jaimye ' s goal is to find Mr. Right and have a happy life. Likes: Jour- ney, 5 26 83, special talks at McD ' s, spe- cial times w GDH, 9 2 85 7 2 86, Mus- tangs -I- Camaros, skiing, Jr. Prom. Dis- likes: breaking up, rotten days at work, 5 24 86, never having enough time. " Who knows what tomorrow may bring so live today to the fullest and the fun- nest. " KIMBERLY ANN ZYWNA Turners Falls March 27, 1969 " yeah well " Ziv ' s goal is to raise Arab ' s on a ranch in Colorado. Likes Christopher, " SDD " , 8-24-85, snow- plowing, funnels, 38 Special, " AB " Sly, The Frog Pond, " The Sun " , muscles, BA + LP, Labor Day 86. Dislikes: wait- ing, the pineapple motel, goodbyes, the morning after. Cases -F Z ' s lynching, " fine! " , " When its time to die, let us not discover that we never lived. -Thoreau Seniors 31 Class History Freshman Year 1983-1984 Mrs. Brenner took the challenge of becoming our class advisor. Her enthusiasm encouraged us to complete our first Booster Day Float of M M ' s with the slogan " Mohawk will Melt on our Field " . Our float placed third which wasn ' t too bad. Amy Viens represented our class as Lady-In-Waiting escorted by class president James Tibbetts. Some of us purchased class T-shirts to show our spirit. We sold chocolate Santa ' s and sponsored a car wash. We finished our first year in high school with a class trip to Riverside Park. Remember how hot it was? Sophomore Year 1984-1985 Our Booster Day Float placed second this year. Snoopy and his slogan " The Blue Baron will put Mahar in the dog house " fit right in with the cartoon theme. Maureen Mankowsky represented us as Dutchess and was escorted by James Tibbetts, class president. We debated heavily over which company we were going to purchase our class rings from. Josten ' s was the lucky company. We sold Gummy Bears, flowers for Valentines, and put on a Gong Show to start raising money for the prom. Jaimye W right represented our school at the Hugh O ' Brien leadership seminars in Boston. Our class trip this year was a day trip to Hampton Beach. For a hazy day we got pretty burned. j Junior Year 1985-1986 I We attempted to sell spirit items at football games to raise some more money for the prom but didn ' t quite succeed. The theme for Booster Day this year was Sesame Street. Our float The Count placed first with the " 1 want to count the Touchdowns " . Michelle Lambert represented our class as Princess and was escorted by Jerry Dobosz. [The prom was held at Wiggin ' s Tavern in the Coachlight Room with Trace providing the entertainment. The Loft Studio took our pictures. Our theme was " This Could be the Night " by Loverboy. We started making plans for our class trip for our senior year. We hope to go on a cruise. Senior Year 1986-1987 We finally made it! The student council decided to change the way the school choses its escorts for Booster Day. Now there ' s a queen and her court and a king and his court. King and Queen were Charlie Choleva and Linda Dagilus. The Booster Day theme was Nursey Rhymes. Our Float of Little Miss Muffet placed second. The National Honor Society also changed the school a little by getting special privileges for its senior members. To get the school into the Christmas spirit Mrs. Loomer worked with the student council and the classes adopted a family and provided a Christmas dinner and presents for the family. The cruise plans sank but we made plans to go to the Bahamas and spend a few days on Nassau. This was definitely a year of changes. I hope the faculty will survive. Yours truly Dawn Sanders Historian Senior Officers President Jam es Tibbetts, Vice-President Amy Viens, Historian Dawn Sanders, Secretary Michelle Lambert, Treasurer Chris Mar- kowski. Class Musicians Kristy Schwartz, Andy Jackman Class Couple Steve Carey, Jill Radzuik Best Dressed Amy Viens, Jim Ptak Most Likely to Succeed James Tibbetts, Jaimye Wright Best Sense of Humor Bill Leh, Kim Zywna 34 Superlatives Funniest Laugh Candy Carpenter, Chris Markowski Friendliest Michelle Lambert, Charlie Choleva Most Gullible Doreen Targhetta, Dave Talbot Best Wheels Nicole Emond, Dave Bogusz 35 Class Flirts Chris Filanowski, Linda Dagilus Class Athletes Bill Leh, Doreen Targhetta Class Brains James Tibbetts, Andrea Stafford Best Smile Tim Moore, Kim Pierce Most Attractive Dave Bogusz, Amy Viens 37 Here I am World! Charlie, camera shy? 1 wouldn t have believed it if 1 hadn t seen it with my own eyes! We might look like What are you smirking at Jim? Don ' t even think about it Dog is mans best friend Drop Dead! Such a cute face! 1 won t hurt him too much! I ' m clueless! Best friends forever! We re enjoying this, but Class Will Tina Avery Leaves John and Bob " Plan A " , Michelle in Florida with all my clothes. Chip with Marci and a hammer, Steve C. with some cake, Nicky confused with John, Dina in an inflatable raft on the otherside of the river, and Carrie a stolen hairbrush Squeege leaves Linda in the party shower in pinstripes, Bruso the swimteam basketball. Sue a " How to do Trig Ray ' s Way " book, Kelly all the McDonald ' s ketchup she wants and Ed my driving record. Tracy Barber leaves Fred some batteries for his Walkman, Mr. Consoletti searching for new sweathogs, a new car for skunk, Jeremy to grow taller, Diana to make the best out of her last year at TFHS, and Ziv to torque it. Mike Bartlett leaves Di love and laughs, Freddie batteries for his Walkman, Todd a radar detector, skunker her laugh, Erin a McD ' s Fastmac, Phil a Burger King crown on the band bus Fred Bezio leaves Todd a bos to put his speeding tickets in. Bill the legacy of Luigi, Mary a special dictionary, Marcy and Di to two great guys, Beth some great and special memories and Candy the whole back of the Camero. Phil Brenner leaves Ken trying to steal a McDonald ' s tray after SAT ' s, David a day late and a dollar short, Gerry wondering if all the notes in Algebra were true, Mike my collection of Burger King Ashtrays, and no one left from the original table. Kimmie Brunelle leaves Kelly with Mall Security, Kerry and Tina a shot in the dark, Dori and Kim to do some heavy partying in the future apartment and Joe Cady a hug. Heather Byrd leaves Terri still chasing Dave-id, Jen a Klondike bar, Mel 4 more years. Rich an office and Temple a year ' s subscription to Weight Watchers. Bob Caouette leaves Amy crashing his car, Brez a cracked head, Dave some money to get his own food, Tina, Julie, Linda and Kimmer a punching bag. Curt and Scott the only Barn members left, an unsuspecting person to get my football locker next year, and Porp a new pair of pants. Breznev leaves Lips with the Kiss of Death, Mrs. Loven a kiss and a backrub and Temple to Weight Watchers. Skunk Carpenter leaves Sunni the keys to the brown Rabbit, Tracy a dish of whipped cream and M M ' s, Kris at Krickets, Jenine T-shirt for gym, Fred a Happy Meal, and Todd a bag of balloons. Kel Casey leaves still wanting Kerry ' s " rum balls " recipe, Kimmie with Mall Security, Spanky down feathers, and Mr. Slattery lots of laughs 9 23 86, period 6. Dana Charest leaves his car to Bill Burie, his weights to his brother David and his Walkman to Dave McCassie. Chewy Choleva leaves Shawn a radio for the Chevette, Shane and Ron $50 for their own tickets. Crow a dime slot machine, Darren sleeping in period 7 directed reading. Moose headed to Vermont, Doreen climbing over the carriages at Stop Shop, E.J. a telephone pole, Karen to find a ride to school for the next 2 years and Mrs. Brenner the plug ocean .... the only thing i learned in 7th grade. Dina Costa leaves Corey distancing. Crow Cromack leaves Skunk with her laugh and all the good times, Scott the last Cromack at TFHS, Mrs. Laczynski to find a new gopher, Mike in New York getting hit by Taxi ' s, Lin Dagilus leaves Kimmer a peacock, Jenn AND Bim the party shower, Amy mooshy-mooshy, Squeege to embarass someone else, and Jules to have another " small party " . Crow Demars leaves Charlie at the Mall, Joe some friends after we leave, Ron a ticket. Dawn and Jaimye whining, Jason a Camaro, Darren at the car wash, and A1 and Mr. Mullens two exchange students. Dori Demars leaves Tim in Drive, Zywna a future safari on half a dollar, Tina and Lynne a great friendship. Bob no words at 2:30, Caouette next time, Dave with no regrets, Rick taunting the influence, Kerry a lump on a log, Scott and Curt new moped partners, Hermie a squeeze and awesome times in VD ' s class, Kim a radio in 210 now " 205 " and great times together. Shawn Denkiewicz leaves Moose with a spare tire and a razor, Tina, Flip, Joe and Rick with one more year of hacking, Ron with a 4-cylinder Escort so he won ' t speed, Shane one more ticket, Charlie with bucket seats, Darren with a real truck, and Crow with a shorter haircut. Ken Deso leaves Kearstin a diet coke and a stick of gum. Sue wondering if I ' ll finish signing her yearbook, Phil with a stolen McD ' s tray, EJ with s.s, l.f., j.g, etc., and Lisa with a dozen. Germo Dobosz leaves Ninja a 10-foot wide road to pass on, Shabulie aerosol cans and a fire, Bruso anything with a motor in it, Flutna another 400lb bench pressing victim, Hackman with Mr. Squirrel, Vinnie with the bird and four more years, J.T. bike riding lessons, skis, a field hockey stick and a smile, Bim a pillow to sleep on, and Kimmer lots of food. Lisa Emery leaves TFHS to 3 more Emerys, Leanne many more moons at UZOO, Jill to become Mrs. Breznev, Steve a pair of tweezers, Jeff waiting and a dish of rag. Temple stuck on Bank Row, and Tim a kiss. Chris Filanowski leaves Joe homeless after graduation, Herman running for explosives, Talby rolling the moped, Caouette smelling up the halls, Slattery no one to hammer on, Ptak all the combs and brushes in Edith ' s Salon, Billy some decency to flush, Porp ' s smoking without a card, Kim and Dori first to bail our of Physics and Sauter unleashing the Stallion. Nicole Emond leaves Linda one more year to go and find a certain someone, Tina getting up at 5 a.m. to curl her hair. Temple cruisin ' in the Raitrbow, Carrie a blowdryer and leaving her L.C. ' s on her straw and Jill to lead a normal life. Kim Foley leaves Bob " nothing " , Allison a snickers at Ames, wondering if B.C. will ever smile with his eyes open, Uno the last one to stay in Physics, Kerry a Lite in the wood stove, Ker, Dor, and Z a possible break-in, Z a map of NH, 11 sodas and a cup of coffee, Dori a pack of gum, a toothbrush and many memories I ' ll never forget. Kerry Fortin leaves Kel the recipe for " rum balls " , Tim in drive while beating on the starter, Dori with the window up eating fresh pickeled blueberries, Kimmie and Tina a shot in the dark, Dennis with many thanks and a big hug, G.B, K.F, D.D, and K.B. INTERRUPTING! and hoping that Kelly doesn ' t follow in her brothers ' footsteps. Doreen Foster leaves Heather working at OPC, Marf at the plains during Track practice, Kerry being my exchange student, Chris playing poker in ISS and my smoking permit and Matt all those years to go .... GOOD LUCK! Jason Fowler leaves a 1987 Volvo to John Duda, and a comb for Joe to comb his Fred. Jeff Goerge leaves. Michael Gove leaves Darren with a pack of cig. and Michelle and Scott with 3-5 years. Kelly Graves leaves Jen her half, 2 more years and best of luck, Jim a couple more notes for his collection, Chris a big hut, Doreen still chasing Marty, Dee some great memories of E.E.S., Michelle a multi-colored set of goggles and Andrea all the happiness in the world and a life-long friendship. Karen Hillman leaves Candy a bottle of NyQuil, Dianna one more year and a tiger-stripped balloon, Linda L. a quiet moment in the Bahams with Pete, Beth a supply of Bandanas, and Barb in the library. Fraz Hoff leaves Diane S. a dent in her spirit, Johnstone the hope of getting taller, McCassie another haircut at the mall, and Tracy my best pair of holy jeans. Dennis Holmes leaves TFHS 2 more brothers to take my place. Andy Jackman leaves Tim a new girlfriend and some rope, Shabulie to do a little bit of senioring, Mr. C. one more good year of golf, Flutna with his Live Aid tapes, Bruso with a 40-foot woofer, and a thank you for all my friends who put up with me for 6 years. Joe Janikas leaves Filanowski a box of Lucky Charmes, Ptak some new springs, Mr. Garbriel some real jokes, Talbot wiping out on his moped, 40 and Markowski a new set. Beth Kaczenski leaves Mary a Prince Charming (if I can find one), Alan B. something good and rightious, Barb the library, Colleen the giggles, Chris a Gumby, L.L. a quiet tropical island and Karen a certain someone, Carrie Kelly leaves Niki never knowing what to do, Dina yard work and an apple pie and Tina wondering if she ' ll ever get her money back. Barb Kozma leaves Colleen Mr. Perkins ' US USSR systems class, Allen a new head filled with better ideas, Beth a new ankle, Karen a new car, Linda a supply of hairspray and Fred a wallet with a chain. Michelle Lambert leaves Kellyk Andrea, and Doreen at the top of the stairs, Kathleen a big hug while waiting for Alan to get back, Darrin lost in Chemistry, Maureen wondering about everythin ' else, James to find someone else who understands Spanish, jaimye at the Spa, Mark to find our what high school ' s really about and Kristin 2 more years and the best of luck. Linda Lapinski leaves Beth never knowing what she ' s going to do next, Karen the green bomber, Diana and Mary another year and everyone else many happy memories. Bill Leh leaves Dobosz a bag of grass seed. Period 5 a fan, Mr. O 19 for a new WILD PERSON, Tone Shawn 3-5, Shane a CR, Bubba a picture in cafe for Dave Bob. Temple Leighton leaves hoping for Gretchen to turn out just like Pee Wee Herman, double Jills to live happily ever after, Courtney to find a " real man " , wondering if Niki and Carrie will ever get bored of cruisin ' , and Heather a lifetime supply of blowpops. Porp Lenois leaves Big Bob and Brez fixing the Toyota, Dori a bag of Chinese food, Dave cleaning Jepedo ' s fathers ' truck, ChrisM. with a cherry chilly willy on his nose, Linda in a snow storm at my house, Uno to start his own pizza place and TFHS for good. Moose Lessard leaves Charlie at the Mall Shawn my car, Shane on the plains, Ron a set of shackles, Chris in the Navy. Maureen Mankowsky leaves Kel her feet on the field, Michelle a great appreciation, KZ hoping she ' ll " hurry Up! " , E.J. as my " big brother " . Torrey someone else to bug in study hall, Kerry a sore foot in Virginia, Sue Sandy choking on their shakes while learning the definition of hydroplaning, the field hockey team lots of luck for next year and formy locker mates one last " I HATE SCHOOL " . Chris Markowski leaves Porps in study hall with no goal, Ptak a hairbrush with no bristles, Joe on his quad trying to find a home, Uno that one piece of anatomy that would make his life complete and the only one in physics and Bogusz with 2 Tylenol. Steve Mayhew leaves Dennis with the Heavy Duty Datsun, and Tim hope to be a world class carpenter. Tim Moore leaves Kerry to her instincts, Bryon a bottle opener, Dennis a pair of shorts, Kelli answering her own telephone calls, Dori not caring how shy Gus is and Joey trying to chop down the cherry tree. Dee Dee Muniz leaves Kelly a bottle of Primo, Andrea a stick of gum, Doreen a picture of Bruce Willis, Michelle a smile, Mrs. Smith to find another pet and my mom a lot of love. Kathleen O ' Neill leaves Dawn learning how to drive her car, Michelle a ride to school, Maureen in the snowbank. Sue dealing with Torrey for another year, and Jaimye memories of a lot of " interesting " times with the McD gang. Tina Perkins leaves Linda no more interuptions for either of us, Julie some Nivea, Dori a lot of memories, Z a secret pack, Kerry and Kim a shot in the dark, Scott and Curt new moped partners. Bob no more bruises, Jen to remember a tournament party and Tara 3 more years. Kim Pierce leaves Dina fresh air, an eternal rock at the pump, and her and bob a flat bed and a bottle of Gatorade. Jim Ptak leaves Uno fishing in his underwear down in the Conn, river, Dave a worm that is impossible to burn, Jow a flat tire and no clue to life, Markowski a bowl for his next haircut, Andy a pet turkey and a note to the girls that want one. Jill Radzuik leaves Janice acertain night, Lisa to live a happy life with Tommy, Tammy with Koz, and Jill with " Thanks for the slap in the face. " Dawn Sanders leaves Crow and Dingleberry someone else to rank on, Gerry his own mittens, Jaimye 30 seconds to herself and a hug, Kathy a sax lesson, Michelle someone else to Peer Ed. and Bill one more year. Kristy Schwarz leaves Piper wishing Tommy was home and in the middle of the intersection in her underwear, Terri a bill for my bed. The band to take good care of our trophy, Leanne a wild B-Day party, Courtney the same, Lisa mooning a car coming straight at her and loving Jim forever. Jamie Sicard leaves Shane my Old Milwaukee clock and a Porsche Turbo, Ron a ' 65 GTO, Moose a ZZ Top beard. Bill and Bogusz the talking wallet. Bob dazed and confused, Uno an even number and Webber a Harley. Courtney Smith leaves Piper waiting for Tommy to return from Washington, Leanne being herself, John a new interceptor, Gavin hopefully only 4 more years, Lindsay 7 long years and Leanne and I apartment hunting. Andrea Stafford leaves Sarah, Jason, and Jen happy future memories, Jen G. someone else to rank on her. Dee Dee a great future in P.R., Michelle a smile for the future, Doreen meditating about volleyball, Kel $20 for Jeff and a shoulder, K,D,M,J,M D much graditude and love. Kerry Stockwell leaves Cheryl a bottle of No Doz, an envelope and pepper. Piper $4, Jenna 1 more year and many memories, Jill V4 day minute rice. Bob a sunset full of dreams, Doro on the white fence keeping guard, D.T, at the insurance company, and wondering if Trav will really keep his promise forever. Jill Stone leaves Jenn entertaining the bus, Coutney putting on fake nails in Greenfield, Jill with a smack and Bill dumping it on the way to my house. Dave Talbot leaves Joe riding off into the sunset on his quad with his diploma in one hand and his suitcase in another, Uno looking for the one that he lost, Jim near death in the rotary after the movies, A1 all the soccer and baseball he can handle and Markowski someone to shampoo his hair. Doreen Targhetta leaves Kelly, Andrea and Michelle with a lot of great memories and many more to come, Tara one more year at TFHS- make the best of it, Kelly hoping she win the $20 from Jeff and Mr. D. to rank on other leftys. Bryon Task leaves Steve " all night long " Dennis an apple, Dori a description, Hairbear a double-bladed razor and Kerry a moth. Dennis Tencati leaves Steve " all night long " , M.D. 50 , N.D. with Jimmy, B.B. a diploma, T.M. with the good old days, B.T. with a new pair of boots and Gail all my love. Shane Thayer leaves M a bigger pillow for her car seat. Moose a new car, Ron a new set of rims and another speeding ticket. Kearstin Thomas leaves her sister an exciting and successful last year with the best of luck in winning a field hockey game. Dee Dee Tibbetts leaves Cheryl forward-fasting and a case of D.C., T.S. getting caught, W.L. some tea bags, Brenna 2 more years, K.W. more fingers, Tina with my clothes and Tina and Sonja with a pack of cigarettes. James Tibbetts leaves Mrs. Brenner to find someone new to have nightmares about, Mrs. Neville a one-of-a-kind black Turners sweatshirt, Jaimye to find a new listener, and Jon 2 more years with everyone wondering if we ' re really brothers. Amy Viens leaves Skim lost in the woods with Chris, Kimmer to collide with someone else, Linda squish, squish, squish. Props an inflatable palm tree, Kerry and Dori a knock down tent in the rain, Kelly still unable to do a real cartwheel, and wondering if cool Paul will ever do anything uncool. Ron Williams leaves Shane my car, Darrin a 454 engine, Shawn and Charlie at Dream Machine, Sicard a ' 63 Vette, Moose a can of shaving cream, and Chris a shorter haircut. Jaimye Wright leaves Dawn her train of thought and someone else to do her accounting, Michelle catching some rays, James a new soap opera, the juniors an awesome last year of field hockey, Mrs. Brenner some new nightmares, and Kathleen some awesome times and memories of the McD ' s gang and times spent together. Kim Zywna leaves Tim 3 more years to spell out his last name for the teachers, Kevy someone else to tickle and a long-awaited senior year, Darrin a full igloo in the back of his GMC Chevy, Dori a future safari on a V 2 dollar. Bob Playing apple juice in food prep, Scaim a picture of bees and a 2 liter, Kelli still unable to make J ' s, Kim a full tank of gas for N.H. and Pat and Jon with many memories and an empty room. 41 Senior Directory Tina Avery — Cheering 1 Russ Baker — Football 2,3: Soccer 1 Edwin Banash — X-Country 1-2, Football 3-4; Swimteam 2-4; Golf 1; Tennis 2-4 Tracy Barber — Sci-Fi Club 1 Mike Bartlett — Jazz Band 1-4; Marching Band 1-4; Concert Band Fred Bezio — Computer Club 1-4; Computer Club Organizer 4 Dave Bogusz — Football 1-4, Co-Capt. 4; T-Club Phil Brenner — X-Country 1-3; Swimteam 1-4; Track 1-4; Student Advisory 2-4; Student Council 1,4; Yearbook Staff 4. Kim Brunelle — Football Cheering 1,2; Tournament 1-4; Student Council 1-3; TFAA 1-3 Heather Byrd — Cheering 4 Bob Caouette — Football 1-4, Co-Capt. 4, Baseball 1; Basketball Breznev Carey — Football 3,4; Soccer 2 Candy Carpenter — Band; Yearbook Staff Kelly Casey — Basketball 1, X-Country 1-3; Field Hockey 3-4; Track 1-4; Nat l Honor Society 1-4, Sec. 4; T-Club 1-4 Leanne Chagnon — Field Hockey; Softball Charles Choleva — Football 1-3; Booster Day King Erin Cromack — Marching Band 1-3; Concert Band 1-3; Yearbook Staff 3,4 Linda Dagilus — Swimteam 1-4, Capt. 4; All West. Mass. Swim, Nat l Honor Society Vice-Pres. 4; Who ' s Who Among American High School Students, T-Club 1-4; Booster Day Queen. Dori Demars — Varsity Basketball 1-4 Chris Demars — Soccer 1-4 Shawn Denkiewicz — Soccer 3-4 Ken Deso — X-Country 1-3; Swim Team 3-4; Track 1-4, Nat l Honor Society 2-4; Jr. Nat l Honor Society 1 Gerry Dobosz — X-Country 1-3; Track 1-4, Basketball 1-2,4 Lisa Emery — Chorus 1-2; Madrigals 1-2; Drama Club Treasurer 2 Chris Filanowski — Football 1-4, Co-Capt. 4; Basketball 1-2,4; Baseball 1-4; Float Committee 1-4; Prom Committee; Student Gov ' t 4 Kim Foley — Track 1 Kerry Fortin — TFAA 1-4; Field Hockey 2-3; JV Cheering 2, Prom Committee, Floatmaking 1-4, Peer Ed. 3-4 Doreen Foster — Varsity Cheerleading 1-2; Tournament Cheering 2; Track 2 Jason Fowler — Soccer 1-2 Jeffery George — Football Mike Gove — Soccer 1-2; Track 1; Floatmaking 1-4 Kelly Graves — Volleyball Mgr. 1-2; Volleyball 3-4; Basketball 1-4; Track 1; Tennis 2-4; Student Gov ' t 2-3; Spanish Club 3-4; Madrigals 4; Phys. Ed. Aid 3; Who ' s Who Among American High School Students Karen Hillman — Band 1-4; Jazz Band 3-4, Chorus 2,4 Dennis Holmes — Basketball 3-4 Andrew Jackman — Golf 1-4; Football 3-4, Basketball 2-4; Band 1-4; Jazz Band 2-4 Darrin Jacque — Football, Basketball 42 Joe Janikas — Baseball 1-4, Wiffleball 2 Beth Kaczenski — Home Ec. Club 1-2 Carrie Kelly — Cheering 1-3; Tournament 1-2 Barbara Kozma — Rally Decoration 1 Michelle Lambert — J V Basketball 1; Track 1-2; Student Council 1-4, Homeroom Rep. 1-2, Class Secretary 3-4; Peer Ed. 3-4, Nat ' l Honor Soci ety; Prom Committee 3; JV Cheering 2; Yearbook Staff 4; Booster Day Princess 3 Linda Lapinski — Home Ec. Club 2; Ring Committee 2 Bill Leh — Football 1,3,4; Basketball 1-4; Baseball 1,3-4; Peer Ed. 3-4; TFAA 1-2; Floatmaking 1-4; Junior High King Temple Leighton — Track 1-4; Field Hockey 1-3; Ski Team 2 Darren Lenois — Football Maurice Lessard — Soccer 2-3 Maureen Mankowsky — Field Hockey 1-4; Swim Team 3-4; Tennis 1-4; Chorus 3-4; Madrigals 3-4, TFAA 1-3; Nat ' l Honor Society 2-4; Student council 1; Cheering 2; Booster Day Dutchess 2 Chris Markowski — Football 1-4, Co-capt 4; Baseball 1-4, Basketball 1-2, Class Treasurer 1,3-4; Student Council 1,3-4 Steve Mayhew — Soccer Tim Moore — Track 1; X-Country 1; Hippy League 2-4 Diana Muniz — Volley Ball Mgr. 2; Spanish Club Pres. 3-4 Kathy O ' Neill — Band 1-2,4; jazz Band 4; Field Hockey 2; Basketball Mgr. 1-2; Student Council 2-3 Tina Perkins — Varsity Cheering 1-2; TFAA, T-Club; Tournament Cheering 2,4 Jim Ptak — Football 1-4; Baseball 1-4 Jill Radzuik — Cheerleading 4 Dawn Sanders — Golf 1, Basketball 1; Field Hockey 2-4; Track 1; Cheering 2; Nat ' l Honor Society 2-4, Class Historian 2-4; Student Council 2-4; Ring Committee; Prom Committee; Yearbook Staff 4; Who ' s Who Among American High School Students; Football Stats. 2,4 Kristy Schwartz — Concert Band 1-4; Jazz Band 1-4; Marching Band 1-4; Drum Majorette 3-4; Chorus 2-4; Madrigal 3-4 James Scott — Student Council Jamie Sicard — Football 1,3; Nat ' l Honor Society 2-4; Parlimentarian 4. Courtney Smith — JV Cheering 3; Varsity Cheering 4, Co-Capt. 4; Softball 1,4; Flag Squad 1; Chorus 1,4 Andrea Stafford — Volleyball 1-4, Capt. 4; Basketball 1-4; Track 1-4; Nat ' l Honor Society 2-4, Treasurer 4; Who ' s Who Among American High School Students, Yearbook Staff 3-4; Spanish Club 3-4; Peer Ed. 4; Chorus 3-4; Madrigals 4 Kerry Stockwell — Cheering 1-3, Tournament 1-2; Student Council 1-2; Track 1-2,4; Field Hockey 3 Jill Stone — Twirler 1-2; Field Hockey 3 Dave Talbot — Baseball 1-4; Soccer 1-4; Peer Ed. 3-4; Nat ' l Honor Society 2-4, Prom Committee 3 Doreen Targhetta — Volleyball 1-4, Capt. 4; Basketball 1-4; Softball 1-4; Spanish Club 3-4; Prom Committee 3, Peer Ed. 2; Yearbook Staff 4 Bryon Task — Soccer 2-4; Baseball 1-4 Kearstin Thomas — X-Country 1,3; Swimteam 1-2, 4; Track 1-4; Class Treasurer 1; Class president 3; Marching band 1-2; Ski Club 2-4, Spanish Club 3; Student Gov ' t 1-4; TFAA 2-4; Peer Ed 3-4; Nat ' l Honor Society 1-4; Yearbook Staff 4, Prom Committee James Tibbetts — Class President 1,2,4; Student Gov ' t 2-4, Vice-Pres. 3; Drama Club 1-3, Vice-Pres. 1,2, Pres. 3; Nat ' l Honor Society Pres. 4; Yearbook Staff 3-4, Editor 4; Spanish Club 3-4; Chorus 3; Ring Committee; Prom Committee; Booster Day Parade Committee Chairman 4; Regional State S.A.C. 4 Amy Viens — TFAA 2-4; T-Club 1-4; Peer Ed. 2-4; Student Gov ' t 2-4; Treasurer 4; Class Vice-Pres. 3-4; Prom Committee, Floatmaking 1-4; Booster Day Lady-in-Waiting; X-Country 1-2, Basketball 2-4; Varsity Softball 1-4 Ron Williams — Basketball 1-2 Jaimye Wright — Band 1; Student Gov ' t 2-4, Pres. 4; Class Vice-Pres. 2; Field Hockey 1-4, Capt 3-4; Golf 1-2; Basketbll mgr. 1-4, Football Stats. 2,4; Nat ' l Honor Society 2-4; Prom Committee; Yearbook Staff 3-4; Business mgr. 4; TFAA 2-3; Ski Club 2-3; Student Advisory Committee; Who ' s Who Among American High School Students, Ring Committee Kim Zywna — Softball 1-4; Floatmaking 1-4; Basketball 1,3-4; Peer Ed. 3,4. 43 Teacher ' s Pets Diana Muniz, James Tibbets Shyest Guy Ron Williams Did the Most for the Class James Tibbetts, Jaimye Wright Shyest Girl Linda Lapinski 44 Juniors Who Let you out of your cages? Play it again Tonia! Are we having fun yet? Hi there! 46 Juniors Arthur Ackerman Gail Adie Allen Atkins Samantha Barnes Tara Boissonneault Carrie Bouthillier Scott Bruso Joseph Bucci Jenine Cafarella Tonia Carey Evelyn Casey Mary Collette Christina Cominoli Wesly Conger Thomas Costigan Erik Crofton Scott Darling Channing Davis Melissa Demers Nicholas Demo David Dobias Jonathan Dobosz Kevin Dubreuil John Duda Tricia Dugre Mark Duncan Jonathan Eggleson Scott Ewell Garrick Fulton Robyn Gerrish 48 Juniors Julie Godzinski Michelle Gove Gregory Grueling Mariah Hubert Gretchen Kovalsick Jesse Kovalsick Kevin Laclaire Julie Rose Lemoine Coleen Lund Wendy Lyman Maureen Mahar Lisa Manzer Jennifer Marini Sandy Markol James Marsh Scott Martineau Paul Mayrand Tracy McCay Elizabeth Mieczkowski Kimberly Morin Robert Mosca Rebecca Moore Curtis Neill Amy Ozdarski Angela Parda Barbara Pearson Richard Pervere John Putala Janice Radzuik John Reipold Juniors 49 Brad Richotte Sharon Rivet Ronald Rowe Lisa Sabine William Sanders Nicole Sawkiw Erik Sauter Tammy Savage Piper Schwarz Thomas Scopa Torrey Scott Beth Shaw Tammy Shearer Susan Sirum Andrew Slongwhite Bonnie Smith Dyan Smith Jennifer Squires Sharon Stachelek Jennifer Thomas Dianna Tidlund Pamela Tower Timmothy Walsh Tammy Ward Heidi White Nicole Widener Bonnie Williams Shelly Woodard Paul Zilinski € 50 Juniors class Officers It ' s Rick! Good tune? Juniors 51 President Kim Morin Vice-President Jen Thomas Treasurer John Putala Secretary Kim Slauenwhite Historian Sue Sirum class Of ' 89 53 Lisa Abbey Lori Adams Robert Aldrich William Allen Marcy Annear John Asselin Jody Bastarache Robert Bogusz Dennis Booska Alan Bristol Edward Brown Amy Burek Roxanne Butler Wesley Cady Betsy Carlson George Carner David Casey Nathan Chase Dean Clark Patricia Clark Michelle Castigan Edward Cutler Andrea Dobias Marcia Dobias Charles Dodge William Doyle Andrew Easton Kelly Emond Sean Fiske 54 Sophomores Randall Gagne Amy Gardner Jen Graves Kim Guerin Jeffrey Hoyonoski Sarah Hubert Rebecca Hyson Dawn James Emily Jenks Jeffrey Kocsis Kristin Lambert Kimberly Langlais Robert Lapinski Charlotte Lefebvre Jackie Lemon Marie Letourneau Nicole Leveille Kristin Lynch Shawn McCabe Jennifer McDonough Lisa Moore Richard Morin Shawn Morin Kenneth Murray Cory Norwood James Parent Karla Peletier Neysa Pelletier Eric Peterson Tricia Pleasant Sophomores 55 David Poirier Pamela Pollard Terry Prentice Jennifer Rastallis Michael Reil Terri Reipold Daniel R oberge Randy Rushford Eric Saczawa K.aren Sak Yvonne Senn Sunni Sexton Eric Shaw Stephen Sirum Tavi Sterling Richard Stevens Jill Thayer Sally Thompson Brenna Tibbetts Jonathan Tibbetts Jean Traceski Thomas Urban Jody Williams Karen Williams Jason Wondoloski Diane Wonsey Mary Jo Zayac 56 Sophomores class Officers President Amy Gardener Vice-President Amy Burek Treasurer Andrea Dobias Secretary Jen Graves Historian Jodi Bastrache 57 class Of ' 90 59 Michelle Adams Melissa Albright Susan Avery Tracy Barnes Billie Beaubien Bobbie Beaubien Megan Billiel Marc Blanchard Jarod Boissoneault Tina Booska Kristopher Bourbeau Lori Bouthillier Craig Brown Todd Brunelle Kenneth Burke Mark Burnett Richard Callahan Tracy Campbell Jakob Casino Robert Chandler Susanne Chase Christopher Clarke Micheal Courtemanche Scott Cromack George Croteau Aaron Crowell Joseph Dagilus Cindy Deome Shelly Deso B.l. Dillensneider Todd Dodge Richard Dugre Charlotte Edwards Gail Falcon Wayne Farnum Richard Fisher Holley Fiske Richard Galbraith David Gerrish Scott Gove Jalina Hack James Hackett Michelle Hammock Nicole Hawkins Philip Holmes Kristi Isles Erica Jacques Sokratis Kopanou Delaine Koshinsky Tracy Lapointe Timothy Lashway Nicole Lefleur Anthony Leh Franchot Lessard Nicole Letourneau Heather Wood Debbie Marsh Patrick Martineau Staci McConley Michelle McCord Freshmen 61 Mauria McDonough Kelli Moore Vernon Morris Brian Mumblo Jennifer Nietsche Leigh Parda Malinda Parent Jason Parker Gene Parks Debra Partridge Amy Paulin Tara Perkins Jeffrey Prest Corey Richotte Lisa Roberge Dawn Robertson Krista Rushford June Sauter Julie Scopa Tom Scott Angela Smith Becky Smith Cathleen Smith Gavin Smith Jared Sorensen Neil Stebbins Nicole Stebbins Jeremy Stone Sherri Straughter Rebecca Strciwilk 62 Freshmen Jennifer Strysko Bree Tanyuk Carrie Task Kim Thurber Julie Tomasi Shane Voudren Barry Walker Jennifer Waryas Diane Webb Bruce Young Class Officers Jennifer Nietsche, Treasurer; Timothy Zywna, Vice-President; Jarod Boissonneault, President; Amy Paulin, Secretary; Cathy Smith, Historian Freshman 63 Together At Last 64 SS76 Dear Faculty, V e may not miss you j telling us to write term ; papers or giving final i exams, but we will miss your help and concern. Thanks for everything. 1 Love } The llass ' Of 8? 1 ?8066 0 Trivia Quiz This section has some questions about the teachers who have tested us about trivial matters in science, English, history, and the newest kind of annoying test, the gym test. We decided to ask some trivial questions of our own! The test won ' t be all that hard so give it a try. There will be some multiple choice, matching, and true false. We hope that you will enjoy it!! 1. Do you know how many teachers male and female have had children in thepast four years? 2. True or False. Mrs. Neville Will never grow old? 3. In the past three years, has Mr. Perkins ever lost his car? 4. What secretary left to earn more money baking cakes? 5. Which male teacher wears clogs? 6. What year did Mr. Avery not have a mustache? 7. What social studies teacher raised our consciousness on Indian affairs? 8. How many teachers are TFHS graduates? 1. six, 2. false, 3. yes, 4. Mrs. Tozloski, 5. Mr. Kelly, 6. 1986-1987, 7. Mr. Rollefson, 8. nine. 66 what home-ec. teacher has the best laugh? 2. Which teacher ends up at the most student wed- dings? 3. Which teacher desires a slate quarry in his back- yard? 4. What teacher is most likely to quit teaching and join a rock group? 5. What teacher can get you a great deal on landscaping your yard? 6. What teacher will become famous for " painting” Turners Falls? 7. Which teacher has the " WORST " handwriting? 8. What teacher got hung up on the letter T when naming her kids? 9. Which teacher took over for Mr. Boudreau as guard- ian of the second floor boys room and adjoining hall? 1. Mrs. Lilley, 2. Mr. Ciechomski, 3. Mr. Garbiel, 4. Mr. Dowgiert, 5. Mr. Wanczyk, 6. Mr. Roberts, 7. Mr. Snapp, 8. Mrs. Scott 9. Mr. White. 10. Which shop teacher is the quietest and which talks the most? 11. What teacher is an authority on Chicklets gum? 12. Which male teacher has the best legs? 13. What librarian can make a mean hot fudge sundae? 14. Which administrator has the sportiest car? 15. Which teacher has trouble counting to ten on his fingers? 16. Who hands out lollipops for sore throats? 17. Which teacher adds a country to the United Na- tions each year? 18. Which teacher will never again volunteer to be an advisor again? 19. Which faculty member attends the most sporting events? 20. Which secretary was hired as number 3 and count- ing? 21. Which faculty member knows that Dewey is not one of Donald ' s nephews? 10. Mr. Stone Mr. Hazlett, 11. Mr. Dubovik, 12. Mr. Mullins, 13. Mrs. Valley, 14. Mr. Sulda, 15. Mr. Jobst, 16. Mr. Gewanter, 17. Mr. Koldis, 18. Mrs. Laczynski, 19. Mrs. Crofton, 20. Mrs. Haselton, 21. Mrs. Bergeron. 67 See if you can match the newer pictures on top with their older counterparts on the bottom Matching 4. Mr. Paul Cournoyer 1. Mrs. Sylvia Tobin 2. Mrs. Charlotte Robinson 3. Mr. Donald Lapierre 5. Mr. Albert Consoletti 6. Mrs. Marie Loven 68 3, Mrs. Velma Dean 6. Mrs. Judy Brenner answers: 1. K 4. J 1. 1 4. K 2. 1 5. H 2. L 5. H 3. M 6. L 3. G 6. J 1. Mrs. Marsha Smith 4. Mrs. Frances Cassidy 2. Mr. John O ' Riley 5. Mr. Kenneth Slattery 1. Which member of the guidance department spent the most time in senior hall? 2. Which teacher left for greener pastures (more money)? 3. Of all the teachers who have bad backs, who has the worst? 4. Which member of the guidance department spent his lunch time with kings and rooks? 5. Which administrator is the new spokesman for the Fire Prevention Unit? 6. Which person in the office knows more about what ' s really going on? 7. Which teacher lives closest to the school? 8. Which faculty member gets to supervise the stu- dents waiting for the Montague Center bus in the morning? 9. Which teacher gave up marching for singing last year 10. Which teacher uses the most white-lined paper? 11. Who is the person who points Mr. Avery in the right direction? 12. Which teacher makes better popcorn than Mrs. Neville? 13. Which administrator thinks he has the best filing system but can never find anything? 1. Ms. Logan, 2. Mr. St.John, 3. Mrs. Loomer, 4. Mr. Bodhi, 5. Mr. Morrison, 6. Mrs. Patterson, 7. Mr. Prokopas, 8. Mrs. Bridges, 9. Mrs. Phillips, 10. Mr. Knox, 11. Mrs. Leavis, 12. Mrs. Lemay, 13. Mr. Dobosz. 70 A 6 t Dear Advisers, We miss your help and support. We will take what you ' ve given us to use in our new endeavours. Thank you for everything. Love The Class Of 8? 0 R 28066 D Rp ntfi m Ca’jOj Yearbook Staff It ' s been a rough year. Our staff started very new, without much experience. We did, however, have very big ideas, maybe too big for our first year. We tried our hardest but in the end ran out of time. We did produce what we think is a very good book and we hope you will enjoy it. Sincerely, ' 87 Yearbook Staff Advisor-Betsy Laczynksi, Editor-James Tibbetts, Business Manager- Jaimye Wright, Seniors-Dawn Sanders and Jaimye Wright, Underclass- | men-Staff, Academics-Staff, Activities-Kelly Graves, Sports-Andrea j Stafford, Photography-Phil Brenner, Typists-Kerry Fortin and Dori I Demars, Staff-Kearston Thomas, Doreen Targhetta, and Erin Cromack. ■ We would like to give special thanks to Mrs. Scott and the model office. 3 Row 1-Bob Aldrich, Andrea Stafford, Tricia Pleasant, Kristin Lambert, Rich Stevens, Row 2-Amy Viens, Kim Zywna, Jalina Hack Tim Zywna, Megan Billiel, Sue Sirum, Jen McDonough, Kelly Graves, Angela Parda, Row 3-Sean Fiske, Dave Talbot, Allen Atkins, Scott Bruso, Kim Slauenwhite, Kim Morin, Amy Ozdarski, Sandy Markol, Lisa Sabine, Tonia Carey. Peer Educators are students devoted to helping their peers with the issues of drug and alcohol use and abuse, sexuality, suicide, and any other issues pertinent to the early and late adolescent age group. They are located in a newly remodeled office on the second floor of Turners Falls High School. Stu- dents who might not wish to seek adult supports are encour- aged to seek peer support and all contacts are confidential. There is a network of community agencies who are available to provide assistance and referrals are made to the appropriate agencies. Robert Avery, Advisor National Honor Society Linda Dagilus (vice-pres.), Jamie Sicard (parliamentarion), James Tibbetts (pres.), Kelly Casey (secretary), Andrea Stafford (treasurer). ROW 1 - Allen Atkins, Tammy Shearer, Jen Thomas, James Tibbetts, Andrea Stafford, Linda Dagilus, Kearstin Thomas, Phil Brenner. ROW 2 - Tim Walsh, Dave Talbot, Jamie Sicard, Ken Deso, Jaimye Wright, Dawn Sanders, Wes Conger, Maureen Mankowsky, Kelly Casey, Sharon Stachelek. ROW 3 - Pam Tower, Ron Rowe, Tonia Carey, Evie Casey, Scott Darling, Robin Gerrish, Jen Marini, Tammy Ward. 74 student Council ROW 1- Amy Viens, Kimmer Slauenwhite, Sue Sirum, Chris Markowski, Eric Sauter, Chris Filanowski, Kim Morin, Barb Pearson, Jen Graves, Billie Beaubien, Charlotte Edwards, ROW 2- Tammy Ward, Jen Thomas, James Tibbetts, Jaimye Wright, Dawn Sanders, Amy Gardner, Kearstin Thomas, Amy Burek, Andrea Dobias, Nicole Leveille, Jody Bastarache, Tom Scott. ROW 3- Nick Carme, John Putala, Bill Leh, John Dobosz, Phil Brenner, Amy Paulin, Jen Strysko, Jen Nietsche, Cindy Deome, Mr. Avery- Advisor. Amy Viens-Treasurer, Jaimye Wright- Pres., Kimmer Slauenwhite- Secre- tary, Kearstin Thomas-Vice-Pres. 75 Chorus Row 1-Jackie L emmon, Janice Radzuik, Piper Schwartz, Courtney Smith, Maureen Mankowsky, Kelly Graves, Katie Langlais, Jalina Hack, Andrea Stafford, Row 2-Sabrina McConley, Kim Thurber, Nicole Stebbins, Julie Tomasi, ?, Row 3-Bree Tanyic, Brenda Phelps, Megan Billiel, Karen Hillman, Jenine Caferella, Alan Bristol, ?, Lisa Sabine. Madrigals Row l-Janice Radzuik, Piper Schwartz, Maureen Mankowsky, Andrea Stafford, Kelly Graves, Katie Langlais, Row 2- Lisa Sabine, Jackie Lemmon, Jenine Cafearella, Alan Bristol, ? 76 Marching Band ROW 1- Bill Allen, Jon Allen, Rick Galbraith, jean Traceski, Tonia Carey, Evie Casey, Erica Smith, Heather Sonn, Karen Hildreth, Shawn McCabe, ROW 2 Rina Grybko, Carrie Bouthillier, Jenine Cafarella, Jen O ' Neill, ?, Jenny Messer, Laurie Boulden, Lisa Laczynski, Colleen Cahill, ?, Ebony Stewart, ?, ROW 3 Michelle McCord, Piper Schwartz, Alan Bristol, Jeff Kocsis, Karen Hillman, Mike Bartlett, Colleen Bannister, Mr. Ciechomski- Director, Becky Hyson, Missy Albright, Nicole Hawkins, Dawn Sanders, Sue Avery. Kristy Majorette 77 Row 1-Jenine Caffarella, Megan Billiel, Karen Hillman, Jean Traceski, Michelle McCord, Rick Gailbraith, Row 2-Evie Casey, Andy Jackman, Sue Avery, Missy Albright, Nicole Hawkins, Amy Paulin, Becky Hyson, Row 3-Chris Clark, Tonia Carey, Saco Kopanou, Billy Allen, Alan Bristol, Shawn McCabe, Carrie Bouthillier, Mike Bartlett. Jazz Band Row 1-Evie Casey, Andy Jackman, Missy Albright, Nicole Hawkins, Row 2-Rick Galbraith, Karen Hillman, Shawn McCabe, Carrie Bouthillier, Mike Bartlett, Becky Hyson, Michelle McCord. Concert Band i I I 78 Phys, Ed Aids Row 1-Jon Dobosz, Row 2-Rick Crofton, Eric Sauter, John Putala, Andy Jackman, Chris Markowski, Row 3-Scott Sulda, Kim Slauen- white, Linda Dagilus, Tim Walsh, Kim Morin, Jen Marini. Spanish Club Bottom Row- Jody Williams, Kelly Graves, Diana Muniz, An- drea Stafford, Middle Row- Doreen Targhetta, Karla Peketier, Mary-Jo Zayac, Kearston Thomas, Maria Hubert, Top Row-Mrs. Smith-advisor, Jalina Hack, Sara Hubert, Jackie Lemmon, Mary Collette. Computer Club Bottom Row- Jarod Sorenson, Fred Bezio, Barb Kozma, Col- leen Lund, Top Row- Ed Cutler, Robert Lapinski, Chris Pole, Bill Allen. 79 Senior T-Club Row 1 Chris Markowski, Andrea Stafford, Maureen Mankowksy, Linda Dagilus, Amy Viens, Andy Jackman, Row 2 Chris Filanowski, Kelly Graves, Doreen Targhetta, Phil Brenner, Dave Talbot. Underclassman T-Club Row 1 Kelli Moore, Tracy LaPointe, June Sauter, Wes Conger, Rick Crofton, Scott Bruso, Barb Pearson, Shelley Gove, Sharon Rivet, Tammy Shearer, Bob Mosca, Row 2 Missy Albright, Sue Av ery, Shelly Woodard, Sue Sirum, Robin Gerrish, Kim Morin, Jen Thomas, Tricia Dugre, Tim Walsh, Eric Sauter, Art Ackerman, John Reipold, Scott Sulda, Dennis Booska, Row 3 Deb Partridge, Heidi White, Nicole Widener, Terry Reipold, Diane Smith, Jarod Boissoneault, Gail Falcon, Debbie Bogue, Jen Nietsche, Allen Atkins, Jon Dobosz. 80 S576 Jear Coaches, We don ' t miss the yelling and the hard ] work, hut we do miss the i support. We will let you know how we do in our i new adventure . ] POSUCARD J.iiilrfiS Love The Class Of 8? OR 2B066 D 81 Football Bill and Mr. " O " -serious for a moment. Coach Kelley and Filanowski decide that he WILL start in tomorrows game. EJ takes a breather. The Varsity Football team had a 6-3-1 record this season, which was their first winning season in the last 5 years. This uplift in skills and strength was due to summer preparations on the teams part which included hard running and weightlifting. The Most Improved Players were Bill Leh and EJ Banash. Coach O ' Riley said that Bill ' s attendance at summer camp helped his skills and he ran the offense well as the starting quarterback. Ej was an excellent defensive halfback and had 5 tremendous interceptions. The captains and Most Valuable Players were Chris Filanowski, Chris Markowski, Bob Caouette, and Dave Bogusz. Mr. " O " commented on each player: " Chris F. was the pass receiving leader with 22 catches. " " Chris Markowski was the offensive lineman and center. " " Bob Caouette overcame a knee injury, was a hard runner, and a great running back. " " Dave Bogusz was the defensive leader and the leading tackier. " Coach O ' Riley said " The senior leadership made for spirited practices and an excellent attitude toward working! " But of course Coach O ' Riley can ' t take all of the credit, he had alot of help. This includes Coach Koldis (11 yrs.). Coach Kelley (1 yr.), Coach White (2 yrs.), Amy Viens (trainer), and Jaimye Wright and Dawn Sanders who have been the statisticians for 2 years. 1st row-Coach Kelly, Jim Dion, Todd Brunelle, George Croteau, Jamie Hackett, Aaron Krol, Craig Brown. 2nd row-Nathan Chase, Coach White, Scott Gove, Tom Scott, Jason Parker, David Gerrish, Shane Voudren, Kenny Burke, Kevin Borbeau. 3rd row-Coach O ' Riley, Coach Koldis, Jeremy Stone, Tim Lashaway, Ed Fisher, Nick " The Shoe " Carme, Wes Cady, Bob Bogusz, Tom Urban. 4th row-Steve Sirum, George Carner, Shawn Morin, Ken Murray, Eric Shaw, Art Ackerman, Jamie Parent, Terry Prentice, Eric Peterson. 5th row-John Reipold, Erik Sauter, Bob Mosca, Gerrick Fulton, Rick Crofton, Jon Dobosz, John Putala, Tim Walsh, Joe Bucci. Bottom row-Jim Ptak, Bill Leh, Bob Caouette, Dave Bogusz, Chris Markowski, Chris Filanowski, EJ Banash, Andy Jackman, Steve Carey. 82 Huddle UP! Enthusiastic bunch, huh? " Rough game huh Uno? Bogey with the tackle Coaches White, O ' Riley, Koldis, and Kelley. Watch out Bill! Look out through. cornin ' La dee dah-La dee dah. Float Making Floats theme-nursery rhyme I have absolutely no due. The hard work and effort put out by all four classes was well paid off by the outcome being four spectacular floats. Although, as in any competition, there was only one winner and the other competitors were disappointed. Tied for third place were the Freshmen and the Juniors. The Freshmen were working with the nursery rhyme Three Blind Mice. Their saying was “Three blind Senators, See how they flee. As Turners goes for their Victory. " The junior used The Little Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe. They came up with the saying “Coach O ' Riley lived in a shoe. He had so many players. He knew just what to do. Out on the field. The Indians ran. Not a Senator was left to stand! " Second place went to the Senior class who used Little Miss Muffet as a theme. Creatively the rearranged the nursery rhyme to read “Mahar ' s Miss Muffet just couldn ' t tuff it. Running her plans and plays. When along came the Turners spider. Sat down beside her. And showed her his winning ways. " The first prize trophy went to the Sophomores who used Humptv Dumpty. Their winning saying was “The Mahar Senators are in for a fall. When Turners Indians get up on the wall. Sh-!! Th is is better than homework. Who says this is a man ' s job? Get me out of here!! All the king ' s horses and all the king ' s men Humpty Dumpty is bummin ' !! Second place? Or first?!? 5 4 3 21 BLASTOFF! I Well Mr. O, how do you The agony of d ' feet. h Three blind Senators. Booster Day It was our 20th anniver- sary for Booster day and we did it up in grand style. We made our nrst change by adding a King and his court to the festivities. The Class of 1987 elected Char- lie Choleva as the first Booster Day King with Linda Dagilus his Queen. The Kings Court was Scott Bruso as the Prince, Chip Dodge as the Duke and Todd Dodge as the Knight. The Queens Court was Gretchen Kovolsik as the Princess, Neyssa Pellitier as the Dutchess and Billie Beaubien as the Lady in Waiting. The rally went well with Leanne Chagnon as the M.C. The Sophomores just beat the Juniors for the spirit award. The Seniors dozen or so people couldn ' t quite keep up with the oth- er spirited classes because all their volume was sitting with the football team. The football team fin- ished off the weekend by winning their game. They outscored Mahar 20 to 13. All in all finishing off a wonderful weekend. The Class of 1 5P0 shows their spirit. The Junior class ' Prince and Princess, Scott Bruso and Gretchen Kovalsick. Student Council President Jaimye Wright only thinks of it being all over. The cheerleaders show off their best 86 Booster Day ir-1 .. The Senior ' s royalty. King Charlie Choleva and Queen Linda Dagilus Give us a -U-N-l-O-R-s! Sophomores Chip Dodge and Neyssa Pellitier are Duke and Dutchess Leanne Chagnon kept everyone going as the M.C. The football team gives the Queen a standing Q. Todd Dodge and Billie Beaubien represent the Freshmen as Knight and Lady in Waiting IWAT) , Booster Day 87 ?4 » « I Some of the guys show the che leaders some new moves. CHRIS!! Getting dizzy yet? Enjoying the games girls?! Chris, Uno, Bill, and Brez all Jim McMa- hon ' s. Does anyone know if Lisa got it in?? READY? SIT!!! Not funny guys!!! Amy and Jaimye emceeing the rally. 89 Volleyball Top row- Coach Rachel Blain, Tammy Shearer, Cathy Smith, Debbie Partridge, Tara Boisonault. Bottom row- Amy Ozdarski, Robyn Gerrish, Co-capt. Doreen Targhetta, Co-capt. Andrea Stafford, Kelly Graves, Sharon Rivet. The 1986 Varsity volleyball enjoyed an extremely success- ful season, defeating Mahar to become Western Mass. Champs and advancing to the state semi-finals, where they were defeated by an imposing Westwood team. Although getting off to a slow start and losing some early games through careless play, the team soon gained confidence in their skills and began their winning ways. Coach Rachel Blain named Andrea Stafford, Doreen Targhetta, and Kelly Graves as her most valuable players. She felt that they were excellent leaders with a great deal of cohesiveness and uni- ty, attributable to their off- the-court friendship. Coach Blain selected Kelly Graves and Tammy Shearer as the most improved players and commented on how tremen- dously hardworking they were in creating their own goals and then working hard to achieve them. Deb Partridge was named Rookie-of-the- Year, as Coach Blain pointed out her bright future, love of the game and athletic talent. The 1986 Varsity Volleyball Team was a shining example of the proud volleyball tradi- tion at TFHS. " Dont you take that picture!” ' Ooooh ' I got it-no problem. " Jump . . .? Who needs to jump? Junior Varsity Top row- Kris Lynch Shelly Deso Cathy Smith Jen Marini Carrie Bouthilier Robyn Gerrish Coach Blain Bottom row- Heidi White Lisa Moore Jen Graves Andrea Dobias Carrie Task Jackie Lemon Field Hockey 7-0 7 - 0 11-0 9-0 6-0 4 - 2 3-0 3-0 5 - 0 8 - 0 12-1 7-0 3-1 3-0 Halftime ALREADY?! Mahar Greenfield Frontier Athol Mohawk Pioneer Northampton Mahar Greenfield Frontier Athol Mohawk Pioneer Agawam Top row-Coach Nancy Elmer, June Sauter, Tracy Lapointe, Kelli Moore, Sandy Markol, Kim Slauenwhite, Barb Pearson, Sue Sirum, Beth Shaw, Gretchen Kavolsick, Shelly Gove, Sue Avery, Bottom row-Missy Albright, Kelly Casey, Maureen Mankowsky, Jaimye Wright, Dawn Sanders, Jen Thomas. Co. capt. Maureen Mankowsky, Coach Nancy Elmer, and co. capt. Jaimye Wright. How did get the ball? Paul gets that ball the heck out of there!! Soccer Chris Demars and Allen Atkins lead their team into a 2-12-2 season. This is the best record in the four year history of the sport at Turners. The following awards have been selected by the team: Jarod Bois- soneault-Rookie of the Year. John Asselin-Most Improved Player. Shawn Denkiewicz-Top Defen- sive Player. Bryon Task-Top Offensive Player. Chris Demars-Most Valuable Player. Well, gimme the ball. Top row-Coach Gary Mullins, Shawn Denkiewicz, John Duda, Bryon Task, Middle row-Jim Brule, Gene Park, Sokratis Kopaneau, David Talbot, Tina Cominoli, Dave Casey, John Asselin, Diane Smith, Front row-Patrick Martineau, Allen Atkins, Paul Zilinski, Chris Demars, Tom Costigan, David Dobias, Jarod Boissenault, Paul Mayrand. Pioneer Reg. L 3-0 L 4-0 Mahar Reg. L 4-1 L 6-0 Smith Yoke. L 5-0 L 3-0 Mohawk Reg. L 5-0 W 3-1 Franklin Tech. W 4-1 T 1-1 Hampshire Reg. L 6-0 Hopkins Acad. L 2-0 Smith Acad. L 1-0 Greenfield L 2-0 Easthampton L 6-1 South Hadley T 1-1 The Boys ' Swimteam has done it!!!! It ' s the first swimteam in TFHS history to have gone undefeated. With a record of 13-0 they took first place in Division C. With captains Phil Brenner and EJ Banash, how can you miss? Right? When asked how they went from second place last year to first place this year, Coach Snapp replied, " It was due to the increase in effort of team members involved. " The most valuable members of the team were Scott Bruso, Wes Conger, and Phil Brenner. Scott was a Western Mass, qualifier in two events and he was the team ' s second highest scorer. Phil was also a Western Mass. Boys Swim Team Division C Champs Top row-Eric Shaw, Scott Duncan, Jeff Kocsis, Chris Clark, Middle row-Coach Snapp, Ed Brown, Shane Bush, Rick Pervere, EJ Banash, Scott Bruso, Torrey Scott. Bottom row-Ken Deso, Phil Brenner, Jim Brule, Wes Conger. qualifier, was undefeated this year in dual meets in the breast stroke and holds the school record in the breast stroke. The most improved swimmer was Ed Brown for his dives. He placed fourth in Western Mass, and held the school record before EJ Banash reset it. The rookie of the year was Scott Duncan who was a freestyler and anchored the first line Medley Relay and the 4x100 free-relay. " The biggest change over the season, " said Coach Snapp, " was the great depth that was added by Shane Bush, Jeff Kocsis, Torrey Scott, Eric Shaw, and Ken Deso. " Holyoke HS Opp 35 TF 47 Holyoke HS 67 95 Chicopee HS 6 61 Chicopee HS 7 62 Holyoke Cath. 58 100 Holyoke Cath. 23 61 Chicopee Comp. 32 51 Chicopee Comp. 78 89 W. Springfield 33 48 W. Springfield 68 88 South Hadley 28 52 South Hadley 28 48 94 Girls Swimteam T- ' T r IV n A Opp TF Holyoke HS 26 57 Chicopee HS 37 39 Holyoke Cath. 93 76 Chicopee Comp 26 57 W. Springfield 28 55 South Hadley 44 39 Holyoke HS 61 102 Chicopee HS 32 50 Holyoke Cath 43 40 Chicopee Comp 61 106 W. Springfield 53 109 South Hadley 38 45 Back row-Lori Adams, Kris Lynch, Debbie Bogue, Neysa Pelletier, Tina Cominoli. Front row- Kathy Jo Langlais, Sandy Markol, Evie Casey, Gail Falcon, Lisa Richotte, Barb Pearson, Kim Slauenwhite. Back Corner-Linda Dagilus, Maureen Mankowsky, Coach Snapp. Front corner- Kim Morin, Jen Thomas. The Girls ' Swimteam was lead into an extraordinary season this year by Linda Dagilus. They had a 10-3 record and ended as third place in Division C and eighth place in the Western Mass. District. Linda shared her leadership with Kim Morin, Tina Cominoli, and Maureen Mankowsky, as they are all considered to be " Most Valuable Members " . Kim Morin has been the West. Mass. Champion for two years in the 50 yard freestyle and presently holds school records in eight events. She has also been on the West. Mass. All-Star team for two years. Tina Cominoli, an extraordinary diver, placed seventh in West. Mass. Maureen Mankowsky, was a time time qualifier for West. Mass., as was Linda Dagilus who also made the All- Star team one year and Honorable Mention one year. Other significan contributors were Neysa Pelletier, Jen Thomas, Lisa Richotte, Sandy Markol, Debby Bogue, Gail Falcon, and Evelyn Casey. The Rookie of the Year was Barb Pearson who dropped 15 seconds from her 100 freestyle time from the beginning of the season to the last meet. As the season progressed, strengths in the front line swimmers showed through, the team could depend on 6 to 8 first places every meet. The rapid development of the second and third line swimmers resulted in several meets including South Hadley, being won. Much assistance was given to Coach Snapp to produce such a great team. This includes Barb Kascinski (Asst. Coach) who expertized in stroke analysis and improvement of swimmers, Mike Cowles who voluntarily helped with the divers, and Barb Pearson, Kim Slauenwhite, and Kim Morin who ran the scorers ' table, helped organize and run the diving events. The most significant event of the Girls ' Swimteam this year was overcoming the previously undefeated South Hadley team in the last dual meet of the season. 95 cheerleaders Courtney Smith, Piper Schwartz, Debbie Bogue, Jen McDonough, Lori Bouthillier, Jennifer VVaryas, Holly Fiske, Kerri Brown, Tara Perkins, Tracy Carner. Tournament Cheerleaders Top Row-Kimmer Slauenwhite, Julie Godzinski, Amy Ozdarski, Piper Schwartz, Bottom Row-Erica Hyson, Tara Perkins, Jen Strysko, Jo Ann Trangese. Girls Basketball Dori Demars Kelly Graves Andrea Stafford ’ Kim Zywna Tara Boissoneault Deb Partridge Sue Sirum Amy Viens This year the Varsity Girls Basketball team, led by Coach O ' Rielly, finished their season with a record of (7-11). Despite their many hours of hard work and pouring sweat, this fine group of athletes did not enjoy the sweet taste of success they very much deserved. According to Coach O ' Rielly these girls worked re- lentlessly on their defense and their high-spirited practices produced a much better team at the end of the season. Filling the leadership rolls within the team were the four senior captains, Dori Demars, Andrea Stafford, Doreen Targhetta, and Kim Zywna. Leading the way for the rest of the team were the two most valuable players. Sue Sirum and Andrea Stafford. Sue, the teams leading scorer was an agressive coast to coast player with excellent quickness. Andrea, the leading re- bounder and second highest scorer, was a strong team leader and was the most consistant player on the court. The most improved players were Dori Demars, Amy Viens, and Kim Zywna. Dori, one of the teams most versitile players, ran the offense from the point. Amy, was an extremely hard worker showing the most im- provement in skills. Kim was an agressive rebounder proving her skills as an excellent defensive player. An outstanding freshman. Deb Partridge, was the rookie of the year. With her good quickness and quick learn- ing, she developed w l and eventually became one of the starters. The most exciting part of the year for these girls was probably their one point (36-35) win over Smith Acad- emy. Coach O Rielly had special thanks for assistant coach Steve Kelly and his J.V. girls ' with their record of (11-5) and additional thanks for those ever needed managers Tricia Pleasant, Robyn Gerrish, and Pam Loveland. As put by Mr. O ' Rielly referring to the whole team " These hard-working girls never gave up. " Jill Thayer Amy Burek Amy Gardner Marie Letourneau Coach Kelly Missy Albright Kelly Moore Tracy Lapoint Sue Avery jMajju The speed of this incredible athlete is yet to be captured by the camera. !► “Coach, did you say something? ' TFHS versus Varsity lY OPP. T.F. 5f OPP. T.F. Hinsdale 38 33 JF 12 46 Hinsdale 44 55 14 48 Mahar 53 38 29 26 Greenfield 45 53 3F 27 44 Mohawk 25 47 21 37 Athol 64 38 38 31 Smith Academy 35 36 33 60 Hopkins Academy 48 27 SF Pioneer 9 33 26 34 Frontier 52 28 F 41 48 Mahar 45 38 )F 37 42 Greenfield 36 20 56 32 Mohawk 37 44 :F 40 45 Athol 57 27 F 48 34 Smith Academy 35 31 34 55 Hopkins Academy 45 28 Pioneer 20 41 JF 23 42 Frontier 46 34 5F 42 24 io Here Dori — Catch. Next time . . . She won ' t be there! Shoot it Amy, Shoot it! Notice the Enthusiam on the bench. V A K Varsity Boys Basketball Looking on to the future seems to be in the thoughts of the 0-16 boys basketball team this year. Despite their losing Bryon Task, Gerry Dobosz, Andy Jackman, and Bill Leh the team will return with four starters next year; Co-captain Bob Mosca, Co-captain Rick Crofton, Art Ackerman, and Scott Martineau. Along with the whole team. Coaches Mullins and Lambert are looking forward to a brighter season next year. All of the awards given were team selected. The Most Valuable Player and Top Offensive Player was Bob Mosca. He was the leading scorer, and the third highest rebounder. " He always put out 100% effort and had great leadership qualities " said Coach Mullins. Top Defensive Player was Rick Crofton. " He was given all of the tough assign- ments " said Coach Mullins " and he always did a commendable job on them. " Bill Leh worked hard all year to become the Most Improved Player. The Rookie of the Year was Scott Martineau. Being 6T " he was often the center and did an excellent job on the boards . . " The Most Significant Game of the season " commented Coach Mullins " was the game against Frontier. They ' re a tough team and we really made them work hard for their win. " ' What do you think Coach? I don ' t know, what do you think Coach? " Intramurals And the ball goes to . Probably an air ball!! You do not Scare me Mr. O. Uh . Ame . Watch out for the Back- board " JV Boys ' Basketball Top Row Coach Lambert, George Carrier, Corey Richotte, Tony Leh, Mark Burnett, Aaron Crowell, Tom Scott, Bottom Row Rick Gailbraith, Jarod Boissoneault, Pat Martineau, Jakob Casino. TFHS versus Varsity O.P.P. T.F. IV OPP T.F. Mahar 75 35 61 39 Ludlow 60 39 Sf 55 33 Mohawk 82 45 58 41 Athol 77 44 71 51 Smith Academy Hopkins 64 37 SF 52 44 Academy 77 48 3F 44 32 Easthampton 76 53 56 36 Frontier 88 55 66 37 Mahar 66 32 53 45 Ludlow 63 34 55 35 Mohawk 65 45 26 24 Athol 71 35 64 23 Smith Academy Hopkins Acade- 68 43 66 56 my 69 40 46 27 Easthampton 58 48 Sfr 68 44 Frontier 66 45 JF 69 37 Girls ' Track Boys ' Track Top row- Tammy Ward, Lisa Moore, Marie Letourneau, Tina Cominoli, Shelly Woodard, Temple Leighton. Middle row-Stacey Giguere, Tina Booska, Becky Streciwilk, Shelly Deso, ?, Missy Albright, Sue Avery, Kelli Moore, Chris Lynch, Bottom row-Nicole Stebbins, Stacey McConley, Nicole Letourneau, Jen Strysko, Debbie Bogue, Michelle Hammock, Kearston Thomas, Andrea Stafford, Julie Godzinski, Barb Pearson. Top row-Phil Brenner, Jim Ptak, Chris Markoski, Curt Neil, Dave Bogusz, Eric Shaw, Middle row-?, Scot Duncan, Jeremie Stone, Eric Sauter, Ed Cutler, Sean Fiske, Joe Bucci, Dave Dobias, Bottom row-Shawn Morin, Tom Costigan, George Croteau, Jakob Casino, Tom Urban. 102 Ex-Cross Country Last year the Turners X-Country team was in a three way tie for first place in the Northern Division Western Massaschusetts X-Country league, with Mohawk Regional and Gateway Regional High School, Gate- way, a rival of Turners Falls, didn ' t get a chance to run against Turners this year, because Turners Falls didn ' t have a X-Country team. At the beginning of the fall season, the volleyball, football, and the X- Country teams started practicing as usual. The only difference was that the X-Country team didn ' t have a coach, because of this, the team did not have a very large turnout. Mr. Dobozs, the father of one of the X-Country atheletes, thought that the students should be able to run and he took the job as coach. There were only seven runners on the team, two of whom were freshman who had no running experience. During practice one of the experienced. Senior runners sufterecf an injury causing him to be out for two weeks. The situation was getting worse. The runners finally realized that they were fighting a loosing battle and decided that they couldn ' t have a competitive team. This came as a big disappointment to everyone who had trained all summer long. As Heather Schab stated, " I was really crushed to find out we weren ' t going to have a team because I really wanted to be involved in X-Country. It ' s one of my sports, some- thing that I am good in. I trained everyday all summer long and ran 50 to 60 miles a week. It ' s just not fair. " As for the Seniors it was an even bigger upset. " It ' s my last year and I wanted it to be my best year. Now I don ' t get that chance. " , said Phil Brenner. Hopefully, the X-Country team will be able to reorganize next year and continue it ' s past winning traditions at Turners Falls High School. Kelly Casey, a past cross-country star in ac- tion. Tim, Bryon, Ken and Phil lie around before a meet. The past boys and girls cross-country teams. ]V Baseball Top-Rick Crofton, Dave Bo- gusz, Bill Leh, Jason Loveland, Andy Slongwhite, Kevin La- Claire, Brian Task, Barry Webber, Bottom-Bob Mosca, Scott Martineau, Jim Ptak, Chris Markowski, Dave Tal- bot, Allen Atkins, Joe Janikas. Varsity Baseball Row 1-Buddy Meattey, Mark Burnett, Jamie Parent, George Carner, Jon Tibbetts, Steve Sirum, Wes Cady, Eric Peter- son, Row 2-Cory Richotte, Jason Parker, Bruce Young, Craig Brown, Kris Bourbeau, Eric Saczawa, John Asselin. Softball Top-Carrie Task, Tracy La- pointe, June Sauter, Cathy . Smith, Deb Partridge, Amy ' Viens, Kim Slauenwhite, Shar- on Rivet, Tammy Shearer, | Bottom-Kim Guerin, Roxanne Butler, Jen McDonough, Jill Thayer, Kim Zywna, Doreen Targhetta, Amy Ozdarski, Amy Burek, Lisa Abbey. Golf Top-Steve Jones, Scott Sulda, Andy Jackman, Bottom-Alan Bristol, Dennis Busca. Girls Tennis Top-Rebecca Moore, Kelly Graves, Jen Graves, Tracey Campbell, Bottom- Maureen Mankowsky, Jen Nietsche, Jalina Hack. Boys ' Tennis Top-Channing Davis, David Marsh, Shane Bush, Middle-Kyle Tompkins, John Dobusz, Jim Brule, Bottom-Jarod Boissonneault, E.J. Banash. K Senior class as they wait for their diplomas. Who ' s Chris eyeing now? The incredible hulk of Turners Falls 1 High. J What did you want, Doreen? The four singing seniors! Ken and Phil hoping for the boat ride to end!! Dawn and James overcome by flamingos? Two shots of our hotel Some last minute sunbathing! Tibbetts, Andrea, Dee-Dee, Dawn, Kelly, and Ken on their last day in the Bahamas. Andrea and Dawn come on down! 0 Alone And Busy James at work. Amy working at floatmaking. Kelly reading in senior hall. Tracy studying in the cafe. 108 The real James?! Was that 4 or 14 yards? Seniors Booster Day or Burger King royalty? Don ' t play with your food Michelle!! Of course the seniors were the last to fall. 109 What ' s this? Eating in the lecture hall? MORNINGS!!! Watch out Globetrotters. Here I come! The newest swimsuit fashions. mtsio. no Students??? Morning Andrea. JCST Smile Jaimye!! It can ' t be that BAD!!! Did you get hurt Art? Ill Let Us Remember With Pride And Lov€ I In the early morning hours of Friday, January 23rd, 1987, in the midst of a raging blizzard, the administrative offices of the Gill-Montague Regional School District were gutted by a tragic fire. Also housed in the building were the Head- start Program and four classrooms belonging to the Shef- field School. Those familiar with the past will remember the building as the former Turners Falls High School. In addi- tion to the loss of the building, many momentos of Turner ' s scholastic and sports history were destroyed. In a tremendous show of strength, the administrators, teachers, and community responded to meet needs of the students. What could not be destroyed are the proud memories belonging to those who taught or learned, worked or played, in this great school. 112 4 A ■ r " I- ' - ■ V Dear Advertisers, 1 Thanks for all yourj help. We could never . have made it through to a new adventure without you. We miss you all. 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PENNEY DEPARTMENT STORE 144 Main St. Greenfield, Ma 01301 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1987 WORXJD EYE BOOKSHOP 60 Federal Sireei, Greenfield BOOKS - nOTECARDS ' NAQAZinES Congratulations Class of 1987 ED S BARBER SHOP Look Better-Feel Better 78 Avenue A Turners Falls, Mass Tel. 863-2085 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 1987 FRENCH KING BOWLING CENTER Kt Millers Falls, M. f)l.i49 Open Daily 9-6 Friday ' til 9 SIRUM BROS. INC. Towing and wrecking services Repairs Air conditioning a specialty 44 Main St. Greenfield, Ma 01301 (413)-773-9043 118 Ads 0 HALLMARK COLOR LABS TURNERS FALLS MASSACHUSETTS Processing for the professional photographer Yearbook Associates TURNERS FALLS MASSACHUSETTS Photography for high school and college yearbooks Fact%y GREENFIELD • AMHERST • NORTHAMPTON MASSACHUSETTS Same day service for color photo processing Ads 119 HAWLEY PHARMACIES Turners Falls, MA Millers Falls, MA Congratulations To The Class Of 1987 Tke Basic Beauty SKop Suian (2ul-ax£.L[a, O xOji. 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