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Turners Falls High School - Peske Tuk Yearbook (Turners Falls, MA) online yearbook collection, 1985 Edition, Cover

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t PESKE- TUK 1985TH YEAR - NO. 1 FRIDAY JUNE 7 , 1985 TURNER FALLS, MA THESE ARE THE BEST of TIMES IF THE WORLD TURNED UPSIDE DOWN ft. OUR MEMORIES OF YESTERDAY 12 WE LL TAKE THE BEST FORGET THE REST THESE ARE THE BEST OF TIMES 16 SENIORS TAMI LYNN AVERY Love when you can, cry when you have to, be who you must, it ' s part of a plan: Await your arrival with sim- ple survival and someday we ll all un- derstand ' Tami ' s goal is to become a successful Fashion Retailer and to live a long and happy life with Joe. Likes: Joe, 6-26-82, 8-29-84, Y T, concerts, Parties, DIO, strawberry schnapps. Dislikes: A certain some- one, rainy days, waiting, being bored, staying home, arguments, quick deci- sions, liars. Activities: Student Coun- cil 2,3,. RICHARD S. BAR " Life consists not in holding good cards but in playing well those you hold. Rich ' s goal is to live a happy and successful life. Lilces: vacations. Bruins, The Who, the ocean, soc- cer, pizza. Dislikes: typing, Mondays, wait- ing, running the course, meatloaf, braces. Activities; Soccer 2-4, Track 1-4, TFAA 4, National Honor Society 3-4. TRACY L. BARNES If I leave here tomorrow, would you still remember me. Lynrd Skynrd Tracy ' s goal is to make the best out of everything. Likes: Buzzy, Free Bird, 9 1 84, cold Michelob, cuddling by a warm fire, a certain group of very good friends. Dislikes: Leverett high tensions, 8 18 84, a certain school dance, going home. Monday mornings, Bud- weiser!, being lied to. Activities: Color Guard 2,3. KAREN M. BAKER " The most wasted day of all is that on which we have not laughed. Karen ' s goal is to live a happy nfe with some- one special " Billy " and hopes to suc- ceed. Likes: Billy, April 84, funny talks with Alison, partying with the Gill Billies, " Bud " , watching An- drea ' s buzz checks, Christmas, spending money, and the surprise of 85! Dislikes: snotty people, arguing, dishonesty, 10282 with A.U., being alone, needing money, getting caught. KIMBERLY S. BARNES We may forget with whom we laughed, but we will never forget with whom we cried. " Kim ' s goal is to get all that ' s possible out of life and keep smiling the whole time. Likes: Being warm and happy, smiles, friends, (DG) eyes, hugo, being with people who care. Dislikes: being cold ancl alone, car troubles, fighting, lying, getting the things I love taken away, crying. No Photo Available JUDITH A. BOGUSLAWSKI " There is no limit to desire but desire ' s needs. " (Grendel ' s Law) Jude ' s goal is to be- come a successful business woman and live a life of luxury. Likes: Gary-the buddy, 64, Garfield, 422, " Ladies ' Nights " , the farmer, pina coladas, Paul McCartney, Cinnamon Velamints, photography. Dislikes: spiders, the unit circle, toothpick days, procrastina- tion, curfews. Activities; Cross Country 1, Track 1,2, Jr. National Honor Society, Na- tional Honor Society (vice-president) 4, Ring Committee, Prom Committee (chairman) Yearbook Staff 4, Spanish Club 2, Student Government 1. ANGELA BRISTOL People living in competition, all I want is to have piece of mind " Boston. Angie ' s goal is to go to col- lege for more French, then begin studies to become an aerobic nauti- laus instructor and photographer. Likes: Non Conformity, Convos with G C. and M L., weekends and Dark Mesophyl, Llamlet, Brit, writers with Mr. Knox. Dislikes: cars that ride on a 45 degree angle, fovies that are out of mocus. Dishwashing, salty coffee. What do you wanna do? " , I don ' t know, what do you wanna do? " , Egg yolk sliming in the window. Activi- ties: Prom Committee 3, Student Council 4, Guidance Aide. KELLY ANN BUREK " We are all just bubbles in the Soda of life. Kevin Zywna Kel s goal is to Co-Host " That ' s Incredible " with Ra- chel and Nate. Likes: The Cape w Cri, Stompers, 83 ' Palmer Game, Laurel Lake, NY Jets, " THE Mon- day, Nightime Jogs, 11 29 83, Rad- ishes and Intensity, Spectacular Sat- urday. Dislikes. Bats, Fancy Drinks, Dirt ' s Dog, laughing at the Leyden Woods, cat on the fan, Sandy MT., 6 staties. Activities: Jr. National Honor Society, National Honor Society, Sec- retary 1,2, Historian 4, Student Gov- ernment 1-4, C Club. JOHN WILLIAM BURNETT " The world is before you, and you need not take it or leave it as it was when you came in. Bernie ' s goal is to be successful at what- ever I put my mind to. Likes; Skiing, the Stones, Florida, Room b04, N.C., beautiful women, my truck, the class of 85 " , long walks, swimming, Vt. Dislikes: confusion, underclassmen, Mondays, waiting, getting up early, being rushed, curfews. Activities: Swim Team 1-4 (Captain 4), Tennis 3,4, Jr. and National Honor Society, TFAA 4, Year- book Staff 4. KEITH LAWRENCE BOURBEAU In life it ' s not how good you are, but who you are. " Keith ' s goal is to fulfill my person- al lifelong dream. Likes: baseball. Post 81, the river, the baby, CT, the crew, " Death and Destruction. " Dislikes: snobs, arguments, annoying people, losing, Saturday morn- ings. Activities: Football 1-4, Baseball 1-4, Swim Team 2, Basketball 4. KEVIN JAMES BROWN " Money can ' t buy happiness but it will buy a boat big enough to sail right up next to it " David Lee Roth. Kev ' s goal is to sell used cars in Wyoming; if not to become a game show host and change his name to " Wink. " Likes: tennis, cold brew. Cotter ' s trailer in Barton, flour fights in Food Prep., W.W.l , Quebec trip 84 " , the Celtics, snow bunnies. Dislikes; Sirum in his Food Prep, group, warm beer, boring weekends, being broke, squares. Activities: Tennis 2-4, Swim Team 3, Yearbook Staff 4, 1984 Fall Tennis Tour- nament Awards Committee Chairman. MICHAEL S. CASEY " Dreams are for people who sleep. ' Mike ' s goal is to be filthy rich. Likes: Melissa, ZZ Top, the Vulnerable Bede, Copenhagen, 69, the rule of thumb, 5 5 84, Mrs. G ' s fried rice, biking to the Cape, WHCN, Cotter ' s barn, Turkey Day 84 ' , Dislikes: cheating, lying, smoking, the Rock, waiting, the wind, the Pretenders, flat tires, people who com- plain, Greenfield. Activities; Cross Country 1, Football 2-4, Basketball 1-4, Baseball 1-4, Nantucket Scandal 3, Chew Crew 4. DONNA LYNN CHAPLIN ' The courage of working for something you believe in, day in and day out, year after year, can be difficult but holds the greatest rewards,’ Donna ' s goal is to go into Fashion Merchandising and travel extensively. Likes: The Lord, being with friends, a cer- tain week in Maine, loving parents, just be- ing herself. Dislikes: People being picky about her driving, stuck up intellectuals! People that take things too seriously, obnox- ious individuals. Activities: National Honor Society 3,4, Madrigals 1,2,4, Chorus 1-4, Peer Educators 3,4, Prize Speaking 2, Drama Club 1,2, Yearbook Staff 1, floatmaking 3,4, Western District Choir 2,3. SHELLIE A. COCKING So you think you can tell. Heaven From Hell. Blue skies from pain. So you think you can tell. Shellie s goal is to find her place in the world and make it home. Likes: Chris, 4 12 83, Leyden Glen, 12 12 83, Friday the 13, ' 82 ' , fun times at Rick ' s Room, parties with the old gang. Dislikes: Making candy with Shari, 7 15 80, overly loud music, hairy dogs with long wet tongues, plastic people. Activities: Model Congress 3, Year- nook Staff 4. RYAN CHASE CASTINE I would rather sit on a pumpkin and have it all to myself than be crowded on a velvet pillow. Thoreau Ryan s goal is to lead a happy and productive life. Likes: hunting, beech-nut, a spe- c a someone, Chevy ' s, walking in the woods, thunderstorms, winter. Vine- yard, New York, 0-11-83 Dislikes: Snobs, flat coke, plans being changed at last minute, being tired, undue irri- tations, the sled Activities: Class Vice President 3-4, Student Government 3-4, Football 2-4, Swim Team 2, Peer Educators 3-4 CHARLENE ANN CHOLEVA True Friendship glistens like a dia- mond. Chuck ' s goal is to hang glide across country. Likes: a special some- one, teddybears, roses, long walks on the beach, Colorado, a certain pick up at Mickey D ' s, talking over Resees pieces sundaes, B-B-Q and Nuggets, 19. Dislikes: Stuck up people, peo- ple who try to run other peoples lives, a certain misunderstanding on 0 28 84, setting up other people, run- ning on empty, saying good-bye, people who lie. Activities: Volleyball 1-4, T Club TAMMY JEAN CHROSTOWSKY " The thing that goes the farthest towards making life worthwhile, that costs the least and does the most, is just a pleasant smile. " Tammys goal is to become a successful legal secretary and to see a real live Panda Bear. Likes: a special someone, Hampton Beach, Panda ' s, long talks w Sandi, good memo- ries, roses, Bruce Springsteen, laughing, 9 21 84. Dislikes: good-byes, " LEGS " , be- ing rushed, certain people, fighting, cur- fews, Leominister, smoke. Activities: Soccer Manager 3-4, Yearbook Staff 4, Booster Day Princess. TINA MARIE CORLISS " Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall, all you have to do is call, and I ' ll be there cause you got a friend. " T ' s goal is to move away from Turners Falls, settle down and be happy. Likes: A certain someone, roses, teddybears, long walks on the beach, walking in the rain, cruis ' n with Chuck Donna, Maine. Dislikes: stuck up people, people who lie, being rushed, being told what to do and when to do it, getting up early, Monday mornings, playing Chip Putt with Donna and Charlene. 20 ROBYN LYNN DEMERS ' Whdt you are is God ' s gift to you; what you make of yourself is your gift to God. " Ro- byn ' s goal is to be successful in fashion retailing and to live a long and happy life with Ed. Likes: Ed, 7 10 84, Rainbows, Mustangs, 7 27 84, roses, the beach, long talks with Ann, 5t . Summer of " 84 " . Dis- likes: D.F., being bored, stuck up people, goodbye ' s, rainy days, staying home. MARK FRANCIS DESAUTELS " I think I exist, therefore I exist, I think. " Mark ' s goal is to become an architect while flying a helicopter, and to learn to spell. Likes: Liz, Angie, 4 13 84, Monty Pythons Flying Circus, D D, hacky sack, having a good time. Dislikes: homework, the day after, being apart, long fingernails, and par- ty lines. Activities: Football 4, X-country 1- 3, Swim Team 1-4, Track 1-4, Band 3,4, Sci-fi Club 3,4, Drama Club 4, THOMAS FRANCIS COTTER " That which does not kill us makes us stronger. " Tom ' s goal is to move to Colora- do where he will establish his own gym. Eikes: Lisa, 11 10 84, the trailer, Hum- phrey ' s plain ' s driving, Genesee, Bad Com- pany, summer mornings, mandatory 5 day vacations. Dislikes: Brown ' s calves, Sirum in our food prep group, fake people, private jokes, Leverett cops, the speed limit, chew, old drivers. Activities: " Nantucket Bust, " Ski Club, Baseball 1-3. GRACESON CARTER CROMMILEER II " If your mind can believe it; your body can achieve it. " Graceson ' s goal is to move to the north end in Boston and be Godfather of the Cosa Nostra of the East Coast. Likes: The Beach, Hack, Dj, Dj, Djarums, camping. Black L.C. town cars, revenge. Ho Jo ' s P. L. in M. Dislikes: Budweiser, Salisbury Police, knowing what the problem is — but not the solution, girls with their noses in the clouds, shot shocks, people trying to be what they aren ' s, lies, a certain confused beach girl from M. Activities: Band 1-4, Peer Ed 3,4, Chorus 1-4, Madrigals 1-4, Drama Club 1,2,4, Computer Club 1. KATHLEEN ANNE COYLE " Education means developing the mind not stuffing the memrory ' Kathy ' s goal is to reach 5 ' tall. Likes: Mike Oldfield, Sheepskin, 4 lfc 83, Bob ' s roses, Carbur ' s, The Rock, Ca- verna Magica, b 29 84, Mike Old- field Dislikes: Hellicopters, Ann ' s B- day Party, Twitcher, the waterfall, sil- ly arguments. Rich ' s timing. Activi- ties: Chorus 1,3,4 Madrigals 3,4 Mo- del Congress 2-4, Spanish Club 2,3, Sr. Honor Society 3,4, Prom Commit- tee, Yearbook Staff 2-4, Swim Team 2, Student Government 1,2, Who ' s Who in American High School Stu- dents 4. ROBERT ANTHONY CZARNECKI Instead of feeling that in life ' s chain you are just another link -realize your future is unbounded for you have the ability to think. " Bob ' s goal is to go to college, find a well-paying job, and enjoy life. Likes: snowdays, soccer, the Spfld. Indians, Quebec 82 " , the Bruins, 38 Special, beating Tech. Dis- likes: getting up early, circle drills, " on the white line, " the injuries, country music. Officer G. Activities: Soccer 2-4, Track 1-4, Jr. National Honor Society 1, National Honor So- ciety 2-4(president 4), Who ' s Who Among American High School Stu- dents, TFAA 4. GLENN E. DODGE " Illigitimi Non Corborundum, don ' t let the b s grind you down. " Glenn ' s goal is to find a better way than working to make a living. Likes: 8 11 84, 4 17 84, dancin, Tophers Parties, " A l " , JD COKE, T.B., surfing on the plains. Dislikes: DONNA THE HUTT, waiting, trunks. Burgundy BVD ' s, The Clan, the mture, cold mornings, deadlines. Activities: Drama Club, HAHA, Sci-fi Club, Junior Beta 79-80, Newspaper Staff, Senior Burnout Society, Jr-Sr. Swamp League. KAREN ANN EMERY Though a moment may be temporary, a memory lasts forever. ' Karen ' s goal is to be happy and successful at whatever I choose to do. Eikes: Weekends with the Ames crew, memories, cruising with the Awesome Threesome, 9 19 84, roses, long talks with Sheila, Trigger, and Fondu, A very special someone, jJll d ' A. Dislikes: being misun- derstood, 11 20 81, curfews, two faced peo- ple, D.L, saying good-bye, hangovers, 7 30 84. Activities: Varsity Basketball 1-4 (Co-Capt. 3,4), Varsity Volleyball 1-3 (Co- Capt. 2,3), Track 1, jr. National Honor Soci- ety 2 TFAA, T-Club 1-4. MICHAEL ANTHONY DOBOSZ " Tomorrow is the most important thing in life. It comes to us at mid- night very clean. It is perfect when it arrives, and it puts itself into our hands. ..it hopes we ve learned some- thing from yesterday. ' Dobe ' s goal in life is to have his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Likes: Photography, tunes, R B. Slim, mas- sive " card games. Purple Rain, B.S. ' n with Kev and Burnie, drawing, 10 28 t 7. Dislikes: Several teachers, indecision, math, country music, conceited people, flow charts, no cash, my laziness. Activities: Track 1- 4, Soccer 2-4, Jr. Nat 1 and Natbl Hon- or Society, Computer Club, TFAA, Yearbook Staff DONNA ELAINE EMER A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step. Dee ' s goal is to be happy and successful in whatever life has to offer. Eikes: John, 10 2 84, roses, talks with J B , cruising with C,C. and T.C., the beach. Summer of " 84 " , a certain pickup at Mickey D ' s. Dislikes: peo- ple who think they know it all, a cer- tain misunderstanding, rainy days, Monday mornings, a certain some- one, people that tell you what to do, saying good-bye. WENDY M FORTIN " What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies with- in us. " Wendy ' s goal is to find success and happiness with a certain someone and to lead a much different life than any other average person. Likes: Tommy, b-sing with Folk, nahy white roses, talking with Mr. C, Lisa ' s bad moods, skipping out with B B , .38 Special, 5 26 84. Dislikes: Windy days, two-faced people, the fast Bird, getting caught. Led Zepelin, a certain someone, peo- ple who b.s. constan constantly. Activities: Softball 1, Freshman vice-president, TFAA. LISA-KAY FOLK I look inside and find that life has been good to me giving me the ability to see where I have neen and where I am going. " Lisa s goal is to float down the Colorado River on a tire tube. Likes: 31, cruising w the Awesome Threesome, talks w Kelly, sports. My Mom, Hands ' Parties, B. Sing w Wendy, K-L Parties. Dislikes: losing. Frontier, codes. Grad Party " 83 " , Good-byes (10 28 84), lectures, 14, Frank ' s humor. Activities: Field Hockey 2-4 (Co-Captain 4), Basketball 1-4, Softball 1-4, T-Club 1-4, TFAA 2-4 (pres. 4), Yearbook Staff 3-4. 22 ELIZABETH L FREEMAN There is only one success, to be able to spend your life in your own way. " Beth ' s goal is to do as good as I can and to enjoy my life as much as I can. Likes: Bears, Summer of " 84 " , rainy days, music. Dislikes: 7 5 84, good-byes, lettuce. Activities: Chorus 1-4, Art Club 1-2, Sci-fi Club 1-4. NORMAN G. FULLER " Ambition and determination mold one ' s life. " Norm ' s goal is to live a happy and successful life. Likes: beating Greenfield, parties at frog, the Celtics, hockey games at frog, 8 27 83, snugs, hoop, fishing, parties with Smitty, Nate, Kev, and Fitz, Tur- key Day 84 " . Dislikes: Saying good- bye, two-faced people, liars, being bored, warm beer. Activities: Football 1-4 (Co-Capt.4) Basketball 1-4 (Co- Captain 3,4), Baseball 1,2. JENNIFER M. GHIZ " Love: When its Good Its Good, when its Bad its Hell " Jennifer ' s goal is to gain suc- cess and wealth in whatever I do. Likes: Booster Day 84, snugs, snow, volleyball, the beach, winning, 1, 8 27 83, Monkeys, Celtics. Dislikes: fighting, working week- ends, losing to Amherst, bugs, being bored, misunderstandings, worrying. Activities: Volleyball 1-4 (Co-Capt. 3,4), Basketball 1-4 (Co-Capt. 3,4), Softball 1,2, TFAA, T Club, Jr. National Honor Society, Booster Day Duchess, National Honor Society. MINONA M. GILCREAST " The easiest way to fail is to never try. " Minona ' s goal is to work in a T.V. Studio and to visit Ireland. Likes: Camp Howe, good friends, music. New York City, staying up late. Dislikes: Mondays, snotty peo- ple, rain, boring classes. Activities: Track 3, Track Manager 2, Student Council 4, Drama Club 1, Mahar School Newspaper 1-4. JANICE M. GLEBA I see my future at a rainbow ' s end happy hours timeless friends and if I ever chance to find my way, rest assured I will stay. " Billy Squier. Likes: John, the beach, koala bears, french fries, 3 31 83, cruisin with friends, partying, music. Dis- likes: work, math, rainy days, dirt banks, gym. MELISSA JANE GODZINSKI " Our memories of yesterday will last a life time, we ll take the best, forget the rest and someday well find these are the best of times. " Melissa ' s goal is to someday make it to Paris and study fashion. Likes: Mike, 4 a m. talks. Hotel K, partying with the Ames crew, Michelob Light, memories in the " Doge " , " special dreams. " Dislikes: 1 20 82, waiting, Grimma, fighting, being broke, the field, K.B., winter. Activities: TFAA 1,2, Peer Ed. 3, Track 1,2. RHONDA GOLOSH ' If you love something set it free, if it comes back it is yours, if not, it was never was. ' Rhonda ' s goal is to have a happy life with Billy. Likes: Billy, talking with friends, cruisin with Corey being with friends, 12 14 84, horseback riding. Van Halen, Quiet Riot. Dislikes: stuck-up people, a cer- tain someo ne, nosey people, people who think they ' re great, fighting with friends, getting caught, punch buggy, mellow music. Activities: Col- or Guard 2, Basketball 1, volunteer at Franklin Medical Center 3-4. PAUL ROBERT GUENETTE " Consistency is the key to success " Dave Knox Paul ' s goal is to strive for consisten- cy!!! Likes: Dina, The Top, Cotter ' s barn. Rhino machine, the burn, the Irish, 8 1 84. Dislikes: the course, wondering what to do, snow, pretenders, cheeseburgers, failure, pessimism. Activities: Soccer 2-4, Basketball 1-4, Tennis 2-4. CORINNA JARVIS Look around and choose your own ground for long you ' ll live and high you ' ll fly and smiles you ' ll give and tears you ' ll cry and all you touch and all you see is all your life will ever be. Pink Floyd. Corey ' s goal is to live a life full of good times. Likes: cats, the beach, concerts, true friends, summertime, night swimming, Pink Floyd. Dislikes: rain, T.V. being bored, two-faced people, breaking up. Activities: Basketball. JULIE ANN HASELTON " All the wonders you seek are within yourself. " Julie ' s goal is to become successful in whatever she chooses to do. Likes: Buddy, Resees ' Peanut But- ter Cup Sundaes, roses, talks with C.T. and M R., Michael Jackson, 9 25 84. Dislikes: " The Big Chill " , spiders, getting up early, " So-called " friends, slow people, good-byes. Ac- tivities: Basketball 1, Manager 3-4, Yearbook Staff 4. hr KATHLEEN M. HARTNETT You can ' t always get what you want, but if you try some time, you will find you get what you need. " The Stones. Frank ' s goalis to successfully complete the Boston Mara- thon. Likes: A special someone, running, mud gupping, the beach, talking with friends, Boston Bruins, rainbows, and the " T " Family. Dislikes: Narks, sprints, Bob ' s jokes, being depressed wanting something you can ' t have, good-byes. Activities: Cross country 1-4, Basketball 2-4, Track 1-4, Stu- dent Council 1-3, Ring Committee, Prom Committee, Peer Ed 3,4. T Club 1-4, TFAA 1-4. LARAE MICHELLE JOHNSON " Be glad of life because it gives you the chance to love and to work and to play and to look at the stars. " Van Dyke. LaRae ' s goal is to attend college next fall and have a suc- cessful career in business. Likes: good mu- sic, vacations, good friends, long summers, 10 22 66, autumn, Rhode Island " 84 " , Prince and the Revolution. Dislikes: Early mornings, Mondays, a certain study half, rain. Activities: Basketball 1-3, Yearbook Staff 4. 24 CHRISTINE LANG " Go as far as you can see, when you get there you will be able to see far- ther. Carlyle. Christine ' s goal is to lead a happy and successful life with a special someone, knowing we ll al- ways be there for each other. Likes: TD5, b 30 84, " orange " , roses, those special times, the pier, 2001 parties, wild times with Coleen and Tracy. Dislikes: Good-byes, fights with Travis, a certain dance, flat tires, snobs, Monday mornings, being broke, whiners. Activities: Peer Ed 3,4, Colorguard 3. ANN R. LEMERE " Although a happening may last for just a moment, a memory lasts for- ever. " Ann ' s goal is to enjoy life to the fullest. Likes: Glenn, 5 27 83, 8 11 84, dancin. Five College Club, music, children, proms. Dislikes: he- licopters, the clan, boyfriend stealers. Activities: Band 1-4, Jazz 1-4, Madri- gals 2-4, Chorus 2-4, Drum Major 3,4, Honor Society, Sci-fi Club 1-3, Dra- ma 1,2, Western District. RONALD RALPH LENOIS, JR. " One has never experienced life to the ful- lest, until one has " Ron ' s goal is to broaden his horizon to bigger and better things like MONEY! Likes: Summer va- cations, Griffin ' s parties, Quebec trips, the pit, Montague Plains riding, Rockfords, pool hopping with Porp ' s ana Jim, bumper riding. DisliTes: Jurek ' s ' z party. 5 11 82 also, stacking four cords of wood for it, get- ting a flat in front of my boss ' s house, riding witn Jim Humphrey. Activities: Cross coun- try 1, Soccer 2,3, Baseball 1-3, Student Coun- cil 4. MICHELLE M. LEWIS " Success is to measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which she may overcome while trying to succeed. " Michelle ' s goal is to live a life worth remembering. Likes: being with special friends, " The Kid " , P-Town, remi- niscing, listening to women ' s music, riding in the woods. Dislikes: Mutants, " Awe- some! " , commercials, " what? — never mind " , no-necks, cliques. Activities: Softball 1-4, Field Hockey 3,4, Concert Band 1-4, March- ing Band 1-4, Jazz Band 1-4, National Honor Society 4, DAVID ALLEN LABELLE, JR. Morality is its own advocate; it is never necessary to apologize for it. Edith L Harell. Dave ' s goal is to be with Beth and achieve maturity, education, and success. Likes: Beth, 1 27 84, being with Beth, soccer, hik- ing, dancing with Beth. Dislikes: Not being with Beth, two-faced people, jealousy. Ac- tivities: Soccer 2-4, Baseball 2-4, Golf 1, Bas- ketball 2,3, National Honor Soceity 3,4. DAVID JASON LEH " Success is a ladder that cannot be climbed with your hands in your pockets. American proverb. " Dave ' s goal is to become indepen- dently wealthy. Likes: BMW ' S, old chevy ' s, sports, concerts, hanging around Mitch ' s, nights in Turners, someone special, cruisin, motorcycles. Dislikes: Rollie ' s Radar, a cer- tain someone, having a full car, boring nights, too much homework, filling the tank. Activities: Football 1,2,4, Basketball 3,4, Track 3,4, National Honor Society 3. SANDI CHRISTINE MANN " Love me for what I am and not for the circumstances I am in ' Sandi ' s goal is to go to college and become a teacher, then get married to the one I love. Likes: R.C. roses, times w Tammy, rolos, Hampton Beach, honesty, o il 83, vacations, talks in S.H. with M C , working together, winning. Dis- likes: arguing, " hurry-up " , tobacco, tests, cramming, .ABC ' s, homework, choosing. Activities: Ring Committee, Prom Commit- tee, Yearbook Staff 4, Soccer Manager 3, Booster Day Queen .•■V .. V n JOHN M.AGOON Enjoy life while you still have it to enjoy, don t waste it. ' John t goal is to raise a family and get a good edu- cation Likes: flowers, a summer breeze, driving with a warm breeze blowing around him, playing a gui- tar. going to movies, vacations, play- ing pool, swimming. Dislikes: shov- eling snow, taking tests, losing job after job, having my picture taken, being apart from my girlfriend, hav- ing car trouble, going to work. Ac- tivities: Soccer, Track, Football with mv friends. COLLEEN M MAHER To love is to be forgiven, to forgive is the exception Col ' s goal is to travel one she loves, to wnerever it may take them. Likes: new Year ' s 84 . Black Kawasaki 400, MO, Highledges, 38 Special concert. The Head, tigers, all her friends. Dislikes: break- ing up, V.S V.O., people who lie, losing things, being alone, crying, getting up on Monday mornings, being a twin Activities: Model Congress 3. DARLENE G. MAHER The years go by unbroken, mea- sured in experience and tears, Dar. Dar s goal is to travel out of Mass anyway I can, to find where 1 belong. Likes o5 Oldsmobile, Lydcn Glen with Steve, sunsets at Highledges, in by a decent hour, o lo-17 84, d 21- 23 84. 4 21 84, 7 20 84. Dislikes: 10 O 82 , o l 84, being alone, feel- ing the blame for others mistakes, underclassmen, being ignored. Ac- tivities: Model Congress 3, Yearbook Staff 3-4. MICAHEL PATRICK MAHER Love is essential, but does not last forever as one would like. " Mike ' s goal is to go to New York, have a decent job, get a car, and to travel places. Likes: going to the movies, 10 9 84, hanging out with friends, 65 Olds- mobile, 11-10-84 People who lie a lot show-offs. reading, A W. Dislikes: breaking up, cheaters. V- ' y SHAWN-MARIE MAYRAND Sometimes it is hard to remember that it takes both rain and sunshine to make a rain- bow. " Shawn ' s goals is to live a successful life — full of happiness, laughter, and love. Likes: Chris, roses, the beach, ocean city, sunsets, laughing with Puff-Puff and Ricer, C Bear, fall, a Fiero, B J. and Joff, W.W.P., a certain spot on the big chief, motion potion. Dislikes: fakes, waiting, saying good-bye, getting car stereo ' s installed, l.S.S.dow-beef, lost keys and dead batteries, being along, B.P.O.J.O., " Louise? " , P.L.K.E. Activities: Cheering 1-3, Tournament Cheering 1-4, Track 1,2, Ski Club 1-4, T-Club 1-4. 26 KEVIN MOMANEY Eet ' s dll join forces, rule with an iron hand and prove to all the world metal rules the land. Kev ' s goal is to make it out of Turn- ers Falls and become successful. Likes: hav- ing a good time. Pink Floyd, Rock n ' Roll, being with friends, weekends, sleeping late. Dislikes: people who think they know ever- ything, rainy days, red necks, punk rockers, stuck-up people. MICHAEL MCCARTflY " The harder you work to get some- thing, the more you appreciate it. " MikeY goal is to have loads of money and loads of gills to spend that mon- ey on Likes Kim Z., Corvettes, the Stones, Van Halen, Cold Miller, Rum and Coke, winning in general Dis- likes: losing to Greenfield on Turkey Day, a certain someone — MEM., Ware Activities: Football 1-4, Track 1, Golf 2-4 ANN MARIE MLECZKO " You can ' t change the past, so why let it haunt you. You can paint the future, but first you have to want it " Ann ' s goal is to live a long happy and successful life with Rob and someday win the megabucks. Likes: 6 7 82, 5 2 84, Rob, Riunite on ice, roses, Hampton Beach, long talks with Ro- byn, wild summer nights. Red Trans Ams. Dislikes: 5 30 84, D.F., saying good-bye, fake people, fighting with R.M., certain people. Activities: Class Treasurer 1,2, Student Government 1-3, Yearbook Staff 4, Ring Commit- tee, TFAA. TAMMY JEAN OSOWSKl " Sometimes in life you just have to take the good with the bad. " Tammy ' s goal is to trav- el and to have a happy and successful life. Likes: meeting people, a certain someone, summer. Van Halen, parting with friends, dancing, the beach, Burger King, Dislikes: insurance bills, Vegas, losing someone you love, waking up early, fighting, 7 1 84, guys that are stuck on themselves, arguing with Tammy, RACHEL ANNE MCCAFFREY He who looks for a brighter tomorrow and finds no beauty today, has somehow missed the joy of living somewhere along the way. " Rachel’s goal is to enjoy a life of nappiness, luxury, and travel. Likes: good times with good friends, snow storms, making people laugh, being different. Led Zeppelin, the beach, solitude, prom party. Magical Mon- day, S.H. Dislikes: rumors, plastic people, having a bad temper, not remembering, peo- ple who can ' s keep secrets, cliques, cleaning the morning after 10 23 84. Activities: Soft- ball 1-4, Jr. and Sr Honor Society, National Honor Society, Peer Ed 3,4, Who ' s Who Among American High School Students. JOHN PAUL MINER " 1 am what 1 am and if you don ' t like it, TOUGH! J M John ' s goal is to do what he wants to do in life. Likes: payday, spending payday ' s money, hanging around in the hall FB, bugging Mrs. Brenner. Dislikes: having no money, not having a job, not being able to go anywhere, English classes, spilling strawberry shakes. MICHAEL TODD RAU " I ..can ' t drive. .55 " Ralph ' s goal is to win megabucks. Likes: ZZ Top, Racing with the Montague Gang, a certain person, Mopars, helping Dave, John Valby, parties with the Montague gang. Dislikes: being stopped, blown trannys, rainy days, fires in the back of a truck, a certain someone, leaky sun- roofs. Activities: floatmaking, 4. BETH ANN PEURA Be glad of life because it gives you the chance to love and to work and to play and to look up at the star s. " Henry Van Dyke. Beth ' s goal is to be with Dave and find out if the Air Force really is a great way of life! Likes: Dave, 1 27 83, Journey, hiking, sleeping late, Christmas, Colorado, sunsets, mountains, snow, ouiet times. Dislikes: loud people, being sick, rainy days, jealousy, liars, waiting, two-faced people, people who talk too mucn Activities: Track 2-4, Nation- al Honor Society, Who ' s Who Among American High School Students. MICHELE DENISE PODLESNY People are lonely because they build walls instead of bridges ' Joseph Newton. Mi- chele ' s goal is to be successful at whatever she chooses to do. Likes: candy apple Cor- vettes, hot showers, long nights, Brian Scott, Maine 84 ' , Saturday ' s at the Teen Cen- ter, long talks with good friends. Dislikes: people who think they know it all, Monday mornings, chauvinistic men, working for a living Activities: Sci-fi Club, National Jr. National Honor Society. NATHAN G. PETERSON It s the song you sing and the smiles you wear that makes the sunshine everywhere. Nate s goal is to live a fulfilled and happy lire in California. Likes: summer mornings at 9:00, Pink Floyd, guitar solos, being with friends, confusing people, being my- self, happiness over wealth. Cold Mi- chelob. Administration s five day va- cations. Dislikes: the Plain ' s roads, stuck-ups, hard liquor, people who make judgments on other people and don t know what they re talking about, chewing tobacco. Activities: Football 1, Baseball 1, Basketball 1-4, Nantucket Raid 3 CHRISTOPHER CANOE PlNARDl A day will come when the earth will scratch herself and smile and rub off humanity. R. Jeffers. Chris ' goal is to become a world champion horse trainer and live somewhere down south. Likes: Raw Salmon, chew, the Montague gang, the " BEACH " , N. M.V. Trips, the Rocky Mountains, woods, 8 15 82, traveling. Dislikes: fake people, cold showers, Fred Flint- stone, FAT, snowbanks, finding out I m WRONG! Activities: Class Presi- dent 2-4, Student Government 1-4, Swimming 1-4, Track 3,4, Student Advisory Committee, Peer Education 3,4. LISA MARIE QUAGLIAROLI The thing that goes the farthest towards making life worthwhile, that costs the least and does the most is just a pleasant smile. " Lisa ' s goal is to live a happy and fulfilled life. Likes: Tommy, 11 10- 84, having the greatest friends in the world, memories at T F.H.S., Florida, being tan, roses, honesty, lots-n-lots of clothes, sleeping late. Dislikes: being alone, arguing with special people, saying good-bye, being told what to do, the Blue Beast, Tuna T. having no money, being afraid. Activities: Historian 1, Softball 1, N earbook Staff, ski club. HEATHER CHRISTINE SCOTT " Man shall never reach his full capacity while chained to the earth. We must take wing and conquer the heavens " ICARUS Heather ' s goal is to be happy and successful in life. Likes: Sunny days, nice people, read- ing, quietness, cats. Dislikes: Stuck-ups, cold days, Greenfield, General Business, and a certain teacher. GARY MICHAEL SAK " T. F. SPORTS " It ' s not how you play, it ' s who you are. Gary ' s goal is to go to Colorado or someplace but Turners Falls. Likes: A certain somebody, partying, Michelob, Kel ' s party, 10-27-84, cruising up the plains, a cer- tain time at Laurel Lake, partying with Jake and Gizzard, Turkey Day 84 ' . Dislikes: Tur- key day 83, party following Turkey Day game, narcs, warm beer at 84 ' grad party. Dirt " , stuck up people. Activities: Football 1-4, Baseball 1-4, Hippy League 3-4, Blood brothers 4. MICHAEL J. SALUSTRI " Time is a waste of life, life is a waste of time, so get wasted and have the time of your life " Mike ' s goal is to become successful and have fun on the way. Likes: 10-21-84, (Maroon) having money, listening to Trish ' s stories, concerts. Dislikes: The way this year started, 360 ' s at 40 with an old friend, stupid punishments, cer- tain people, 10-28-84, school, listen- ing to R ' s stories. MARY ELIZABETH SAUNDERS Everyone needs someone, that ' s what we all must believe, for love ' s the greatest pow- er that a caring heart receives " T.H.B Mary ' s goal is to be a NFL football head coach and to hang glide over Swaziland with Joan successfully. Likes: Golden Retrievers, having lots of money, " Going Scoopin " , muscles, swimming, sleeping late, gossiping with Nancy, white fluffy snow. Dislikes: 6- 7-84, Monday ' s, being bored, rain, working weekends, waiting, whiners, people who whistle, scary movies Activities: Student Government 1-4, Swim Team 1-4 (Capt. 4), Field Hockey 2-3, TFAA 1-4, Softball 2, Who ' s Who Among American High School Students. MARY JO REID " A moment may be temporary, but a mem- ory lasts forever. " Mary Jo ' s goal is to take all life has to offer and make the best of it. Likes: 10-19-84 2 17 84, talks with AJ, Friendly ' s, special friends, my little man, roses, trips to the mall, LA, Dislikes: saying good-bye, phone bills, being jealous, 1977, arguing, early Saturday mornings. Activi- ties: Basketball manager 2-4, Wno ' s Who Among American Hign School Students. JEAN M REWA Life is not all fun games, you have to take it one day at a time, " Jean ' s goal is to go into catering and be suc- cessful in whatever 1 do. Likes. Roses, rainbows, peanut butter, talking with Kim, good times with friends, a spe- cial family, K B. ' s surprise! Dislikes: car payments, being hurt, dishonest people, arguments, neing broke, los- ing a loved one. TRACV ANN SCULLY Take all the time you spend wish- ing for tomorrow, and spend it mak- ing today come true. ' S.J.P. Tracy ' s goal is to lead a successful life and to work with animals. Likes: Good times with friends, certain green Chevy, roses, Pooper, Coors, 0-12-82, unicorns, 0-11-82, Dislikes: 5-15-80, " So-called friends, Budweiser, being picked-on, waiting, saying good-bye, eating, K P. Activities: Basketball Manager 1, track 1,3-4. CARMEN LINA SECORD Yesterday is a memory, tomorrow is a dream, and today is a b ! ' Carmen ' s goal is to become rich and successful. Likes: a certaiii someone, 10-13-84, Camping with BB, skiing with the ski club, going out with friends, and ML Dislikes: Rainy days, Mondays, being late, people who are stuck- up, onions. Activities: Volleyball 1-3, ski club 3-4. PAUL FRANK 51RUM It ' s hard to be humble when you ' re per- fect Paul ' s goal is to go cross country in a truck with a certain person. Likes: Road calls with Joan, talks with Joan, Nantucket, McDonadls trip with Dave, Sub-Way shop in Amherst, Joan ' s parties, Hampton Beach. Dislikes: Fires in Mike ' s pickup, the pizza man, Mike ' s head through my back win- dow, Chris ' horse friends, Joan ' s stop sign, stop signs on County Road Activities: Class historian 2-3, Student council 2-3, track 2, soccer 3, Student council president 4. MARK E. SICARD Live for today, for tomorrow never comes. B S. Mark s goal is to have more money than he can spend. Likes: C.S., beaches, being lost, 5-day vacations, Pico. Dislikes: Bats, get- ting caught, sweeping. Activities: Golf 2-3, ski club 3-4, basketball 1-3, Nantucket raid. ROBYN LYNN SLONGWHITE ffow far I aim, how much 1 see, how high 1 reach, depends on ME anonymous. Ro- byn ' s goal is to head her life in the direction she wants it to be. Likes: R.S.W., a cert,3in " Catatonic State " cupid. Highland Ave, hav- ing a special friend-K.C., My UTOPIA, the Royal Manaco house parties, Rob ' s mus- cles, and memorable times with L.Q., R.M., M.G., and K B Dislikes: 12-17-83, when it all started, having a certdin hang-up, being IRRITATED, mom s logic, all the unneces- sary fights with the GANG, and Tuna T. Activities: Student Government 1-3, Class Vice-President 2, Peer Education 3-4. ELIZABETH MELINDA SMITH " I ' m no angel, but I ' ve spread my wings a bit. " Mae West. Liz ' s goal is to sing the lead in a Gilbert and Sullivan. Likes: Red hair, Gilbert Sullivan, pottery, Andreas Vollen- wider Mike Oldfield, the arts, hiking, hot tubs. Dislikes: Frustration, physics, writing letters, pain, fund raisers, chem finals. Ac- tivities: Drama Club 1-4, Band 1-4, Madri- gals 2-4, National Honor Society 3-4, Who ' s Who, Jazz Band 3-4, District Chorus. MARY LOUISE WILLARD The highest reward for man ' s toil is not what he gets but what he becomes by it. J. Ruskin. Mary ' s goal is to be successful and spend my life with someone special. Likes: being with friends, roses, happy memories, a certain persons smile, laughing. Dislikes: 5 ‘? 84, saying good-byes, being alone, marching bancT Activities: Chorus 1-4, Con- cert Band 1-4, Marching Band 1-4, Drama 1- 3, Sci-fi Club 1-3, Track 1-4, floatmaking 3,4. NANCY A SOKOLOSY The world is round and the place which may seem like the end may also be only the beginning 1 B P Nancy ' s goal is to rescue Joan and Mary from Swaziland and to live a happy and successful life thereafter. Likes: " Ballet " with Joan, ladies ' nights, ' 18th " , life in Marshfield, summer of 84, fire mis- sions, long walks. Dislikes: 0-7-84 F A B W j " , 0-29-83, barking beagles!, get- ting up Bill ' s " YoO! " Activities: Student Government 1-4 (Secretary 4), Class Presi- dent 1, Class secretary 3-4, Soccer manager 2-4, Jr, and Senior National Honor Society, Student Government Secretary 4, TFAA 4, Honor Society (Secretary 4). ERIK MATTHEW SULDA ' T F H.S, SPORTS, it ' s not how you play, it ' s who you are " Erik ' s goal is to attend Boston College, become a successful veterinarian on Cape Cod, and T S M L W.S.V.S Likes: someone very special- -J.C,Z., tennis, golf, 11, " The Maro " , 8 17 84, a cold pil- low, skiing, Turkey Day 84 " . Dis- likes: having to say good-bye, getting up early, the Rolling Stones, N B A.T.S.A.W J J., " The Beater " , Monday ' s, Ozzy Osborne Activities: Football 2-4, Baseball 2-4, Golf 1, Na- tional Honor Society 2-4, Junior Na- tional Honor Soceity 1, TFAA 4 CHRIS P. WILLIAMS " Practice, practice, practice; when you fall down get back up and practice some more, " Chris ' goal is to become an expert motor cross racer and a successful Marine. Likes: girls, motor cross, riding with Todd, table tops, parking at the plains, mint chocolate chip ice cream, movies, hiking, Suzki ' s, eat- ing, racing with the gang. Dislikes: M S., wiping out, breaking and dislocating bones, blood stitches, Yamaha ' s, stuck-up peo- ple, getting fat. Activities: Motor Cross. CHERYL LYNN TOWER " We have the power to shape the world, let ' s go out and make molds of ourselves. " Cher- yl ' s goal is to spread a little sunshine wher- ever she goes. Likes: Larry, 3 28 84, 4 2ti 84, half dead bridge, cruisin with friends, hugs, ice cream, " vacations ' . Dis- likes: mall bathrooms, 10 13 84, curfews, work, scales, time, waiting. Activities: Na- tional Honor Society, Spanish Club, Model Congress, Drama Club, Madrigals, Peer Ed., Track Team, Co-Chairman for Jr. Prom, Guidance Department Aide. PAMELA J. VERRIER " Happiness often sneaks in through a door you didn ' t know you left open. " J. Barrymore. Pam ' s goal is to live a fun-filled adventure-seeking successfully animated life. Likes: 10 14 83, 27, tobacco w Jen Lau- ra, fall, Joan ' s schemes. Ladies ' Night ' s, talks with Julie. Dislikes: 7 9 84, The Unit Circle, word prob- lems, toothpick days, study guides, pessimists. Activities: Chorus 1, Stu- dent Government 1, Ring Committee, Field Hockey 2-4, Basketball 2-4, Softball 2-4, Jr. National Honor Soci- ety, National Honor Soceity (treasur- er), TFAA 4, T-Club. JOAN CAROL ZAMOJSKI Someday love will find you, break those chains that hind you How we touched and went our separate ways. " Journey. Joan ' s goal is to move to Cape Cod, manage the Chippendales and hang glide over Swazi- land with Mary. Likes: 27, Cape Cod, win- ter, 8 17, going scoopin ' , ladies night out, 5 18, those long, long walks. Dislikes: Green, polish jokes. Summer of ' 84 " , crack- ing knuckles, " Wicked " , F.A.B.W.N, Miller, spiders. Activities: Chorus 1, Soccer time- keeper 2, Class Treasurer 3,4, Student Gov- ernment 2-4 (vice-president 4), Booster Day Supper Co-Chairman 3,4. Booster Day Pa- rade Chairman 4 STEPHEN WARSAWSKI When something finds you or find some- thing and vever separate, it is what is meant B.J S.W. Stephen ' s goal is to live and do what ever he wants. Likes 10 17 83, B.J., good friends, having fun, going places, B E D., the crowd outside. Dislikes: people that say NO!, problems, vomiting, bright lights, not having money, gas. KEVIN JOHN ZYWNA " The joke ' s on those who believe the sys- tem ' s fair. " .38 Special. Kev ' s goal is to rid the world of communicable diseases. Likes: Lefty, The Top, cinnamon lifesavers, coffee shakes from I riendlies, snowy nights, bik- ing to the Cape, The Vulnerable Bede, ski- ing, Cope, cards at Casey ' s 7-8-83. Dislikes: The Rock, The Pretenders, The 60 ' s, flats, authority, eating and drinking noises, the wind. Activities: Baseball 1-4, Football 2-4, Cross Country 1, Nantucket Scandal 3. ANDREW D. TOLG " The meaning of life, Monty Python. " Andy ' s goal is to live life to it ' s fullest. Likes: ZZ Top, parties, opening beer bottles with teeth, football, baseball, K.S., summers, Michelobe, to win. Dislikes: V.W. ' s, chipped teeth, broken shoe laces, stuck-up people, S.P., saurkarut, Greenfield football, S.W., homework, Athol. Activities: Baseball 3-4, Football 4, Hippie League. 32 CLASS WILL Tami Avery leaves Colleen a happy future with Mike, Robyn to cope with a certain someone from the class of ' 87, Carmen with an unforgettable night with " you know who " , Tammy with anyone she wants except " J, " and Rhonda with four more boring years to go! Rich Bak leaves Rob at his locker making sure it ' s really locked. Dudes three more years of being a soccer superstar. Karen Baker leaves Alison nobody to skip with and hoping never to return. Kim Barnes leaves Alison one more year without us, Mr. Dobosz no one to pick on, and with a big smile. Tracy Barnes leaves " Sammy " three more years. Rich five more years, Chris and Coleen on the third floor, and remembering all the good times I had with those special people. Bye, Mr. Dobosz. Judy Boguslawski leaves Nancy looking for the sign, Pam almost walking home from Greenfield, Dobe 38 miles of gas, Paul S. a wad of gum that really was stale. Bourb ' s Bourbeau leaves Jepedo a year ' s subscription to Popular Mechanics. Angie Bristol leaves Graceson a dirty letter, Glenn Ann bobsleding, S.L. screaming " If I had wanted 2 napkins Beth F. explaining about killer bathing suits, Senora O ' Neil buenas suerte, Michael D, my silver lightning earrings. Kevin Brown leaves his comb collection to all the little perfectionists out there, Floutna Al to recruit some new Romanians, Mr. Knox to find a new doubles pair, and the last Brown to leave T.F.H.S. in over 20 years. T.F.H.S. you may now rest in peace. Kelly Burek leaves Tabby driving Vinnie ' s car, Susan and Lisa a Julia Child Cookbook, Lisa under the bed, Robyn Pun-punishment, Rachel a Monday, Jen 16 straws, Lester no more incest, and Roner at Caouette ' s. John Burnett leaves Joan under Nan ' s T.V. set. Missy flirting in the halls, Kevin at a clambake with Ray, Al and Floutna to continue the Romanian tradition. Mike Casey leaves a " Dip " to the Chew Crew, Sandi a new calculator, Kelly a struggle through two more years, Jepedo a socket set, hoping Croteau will someday straighten out, and the Administration to " pinch " someone else. Ryan Castine leaves Kelly with a pack of gym, Croteau with no one to pick up after and Pinardi sleeping in a fallen down tent. Donna Chaplin leaves Michele a lifetime full of success and a certain speaken, Mary a real dog, Mr D.K. " Thanks for everything, especially your friendship!, " Nancy and Joan each a Smurf, and Diane, Debbie, and David to fight over my room. Charlene Choleva leaves Donna wondering if she ' ll ever find the cornfield, Tina a handbook guide to " How to Play Chip n ' Putt " , Lisa-Kay a new four year love, Tammy in another locker section, and Charlie two more years left. Make them the best! r Tammy Chrostowsky leaves Charlene plenty of space, E.F. in Leominister freezing, Tammy with the high beams on her down the Mall, Big Guy with a white button- down shirt, Colleen a big juicy book, Sandi a big hug and many thanks, and Jodi one more year. Shellie Cocking leaves LaRae all flustered, Colleen still trying to convince her mother that she really was home all night, Darlene still getting away with murder. Tina Corliss leaves Donna to be happy with John, Chuck to find Mr. Right, Mr. Snapp a year of peace and quiet, and Donna and Charlene helping me find a golf ball in the brook. Tom Cotter leaves Robyn leaving with a big whimp, and wondering if Humphrey will ever live past 18 in that Pinto of his. Kathy Coyle leaves Graceson a big hug and kiss, Ray a How-to-Teach book, Glenn a truck opener for the Volvo, Mark and Liz on the dome without me, Laurie constantly, happy. 1 Graceson Crommiller leaves Dez a roll of toilet paper, Mr. Knox a long and winding road and a warm tent full of friends, Judy a hug and a long talk of the three, Liz not knowing the answer, a big hug and a very long kiss to Kathy. Bob Czarnecki leaves Dez a new wardrobe. Rich his colds, Erik his playoff ticket, the dudes to run the " D, " Dobe fading on " the course, " and Coach Mulllins a winningseason. Robyn Demers leaves Jokey Bumpy in the tobacco fields, Carrie a brush, Tami a six pack of Tab, Ann to make all her dreams come true with Rob. Mark Desautels leaves Elizabeth a kiss at the waterfall, Graceson an offer he can ' t refuse, Kathy a bouquet of flowers. Shell a punch in the arm and a hug, and Marsha trying to find time to use her computer. i Mike Dobosz leaves, Kev all my Rootbeer Slim paraphenalia, Bernie a pocket full of horses, Earl the unsolved 1 mysteries of Route 91, Coach Mullins the square drills , disco, and distance running, and Floutna all the girls he can handle. ! Glenn Dodge leaves Ray a book on how to tuck your shirt in, Kathy a pair of dry panties for Potter ' s Shack, Topher an A 1 bottle of J.D., Mr. Slattery a piece of chickery, Ann still dancin, and T.F.H.S. 12 more years before another Dodge invades its halls. Dee Emery leaves with many happy memories, Char at friendly ' s with an R.P. Sundae, Tina a book on " How to Play Chip n ' Putt, Char and Tina at Ho Jo ' s Mini Golf, and Chris F. and Dave L. to pick on someone else in wood working. Karen Emery leaves hoping that Lisa will remember her party, Kelly B. my " kermit face " from the closet, Mary to remember " Let ' s Eat!, " and six very long years at T.F.H.S. to become just a memory of the past. Lisa Folk leaves John a hold button, Emery smelling like toast, Wendy w Tommy, Frank lying on the curb, Ann successful art work. Chuck paint thinner, Ky to be the best Tennis player at T.F.H.5., Mr. Snapp to find a new peppermint patty. Wendy Fortin leaves Laura to continue our trend her senior year. Quag passed out upstairs while Robyn I do HER work, remembering and appreciating all those talks with Mr. C., Kerry two more short years, and Folk to find a new shadow. Beth Freeman leaves Karen H. chasing after G.C., Diana wondering if she ' ll ever get Trevor, Lori my plaid pants, someone else sneezing in the bathroom. Norm Fuller leaves Griff the reverse dunk, Jennifer Mr. Monby, and anyone who flunked one more year, (ha, ha) Jennifer Ghiz leaves Kelly at McDonald ' s with a Quarter Pounder w Cheese, Norman with some good memories, and to find out what lies beyond. Janice Gleba leaves all my math teachers trying to regain mental health, and Corey in her baby blue Pinto, and Candy one more year. Melissa Godzinski leaves Julie as the last Godzinski at T.F.H.S., Robyn doing the doggie, my " friend " Karen with a $50 stealing charge. Paul Guenette leaves Chris A1 to carry on the soccer tradition. Julie Haselton leaves Carol four more years at T.F.H.S., and Lore yet to get here, Cheryl and Larry to each other, Mary Jo . . ., Joan her funny laugh, Frank his perfect women, and all my friends a good life. Kathy Hartnett leaves Kearstyn in the tipped over tent wondering if she will ever get out, Ann running down the road screaming, Folker dancing with D.J., Kelly with Stigs and Amy N. in the trunk. Corey Jarvis leaves Janice with memories, Corinna to her last year of school, Michelle knocking ducks out with rocks, still wondering where her cheeseburger went, and Stephen to take care in California. LaRae leaves all my friends all the happiness in the world. Dave LaBelle leaves knowing my little brother will be the best thing to hit T.F.H.S. in 85, and my little sister growing up with pleasant memories of Misquamicut. Christine Lang leaves everyone stunned that I made it this far, and a bunch of memories with special people. Dave Leh leaves Edju a six pack, the crew without a taxi. Bill Tone 5-10 years at T.F.H.S. Ann Lemere leaves Liz with her aspedastras, Kathy a pair of red pumps, Ronny a full-length mirror, Donna with " about 3, " my friends with best wishes for the future, Greg another mace to break, and Glenn with all my love. Ronnie Lenois leaves the crew with one more year at T.F.H.S., Fred F. the " 101 New Jokes Book, " Ann a trumpet, and Brian a Jewish farewell. Michelle Lewis leaves Graceson an R.C., Dez a ride, Liz trying to find a tenor sax that works, Angie an egg a paper towel, and Cathy wondering how she ' ll get to Boston. John Magoon leaves to the school sorrow and bad times, to my teachers, my books, and Mario hope and love. Col Maher leaves wondering if 1 ever accomplished anything, Maureen with three years left to go, with T.F. with yet another Maher on the way, I hope that all my friends will find happiness in all that they do, Mr Pucko wondering when FIG class will start. Dar Maher leaves Steve years with me, Shellie a new way of life, LaRae something tangible to hold on to, Colleen still trying to get to Cal, Colin wondering when he ' s going to cook, Mr. Pucko a detention for not attending FIG class, Joanne all the clothes I borrowed. Mike Maher leaves Angela with another five glorious years of school, Tammy another three years trying to get Joe, Glenn a diploma. Sandi Mann leaves Eric Brian in the dust down the Hall, Chrow getting in " trouble, " Tracy falling off the freezer, MJ driving a standard in front of Hojo ' s, Ryan my love. Col talking, and Mrs. Dean a soda in the computer room spilled over next to a computer. Shawn-Marie Mayrand leaves Chris " Hasta que Manana " , Puff-Puff a pack of butts, Ricer a party to find, Missey to get the car stereo installed, the tournament squad to find a new Jackson, and a whole lot of memories — good and bad. Rach McCaffrey leaves Robyn in the mall parking lot, Lisa another life preserver, Kelly a RBI Session, and Nate a B.D. mitten. Mike McCarthy leaves Goat one more year to smoke out in the smokin ' area without a card — good luck. John Miner leaves Jason the Library, Mr. Fish with my chair, and T.F.H.S. still another Miner to come. Ann Mleczko leaves Kathy wondering where I went at the beach, Carrie a brush, Lisa all the good times in art, Robyn to make all her dreams come true with Ed, Mary saying " where ' s the beer, " and leaving with many memories of the Class of “85.” Kevin Momaney leaves for good, and Smitty one more year with happiness at T.F.H.S. Tammy Osowski leaves Tammy to go driving around with someone else during school, Tina with Keven remembering you owe me one, Jean wondering how we ever made it through this year! Nate Peterson leaves the field an untold story, Smitty for at least a year, and actually leaves Mass, for good. Beth Peura leaves wishing the entire class of 1985 GOOD LUCK!!! and hoping all their dreams come true. Christopher Pinardi leaves Mike a Munciu that doesn ' t " stick like a witches T.l.T " . Dave looking down at the speedometer!, Paul a snowshovel for doing battle with giant snowbanks, Ryan freezing to death and Chris erasing disgusting things on his cast. Michele Podlesny leaves the crew breaking bones and hearts at the Teen Center, Phil and Scott a bear and a roach. Dunkin ' Donuts quiet for a change, and a very special man with a lifetime promise and a new beginning. Lisa Quagliaroli leaves with Tommy, Rachel in the Millers Falls park still laughing, Kelly endless memories of the past, and last but not least wondering if my best buddy Robyn will ever find out what it ' s really like to be flat! Mike Rau leaves Ken one more year of wondering what ' s going on between “the guys, " Paul a back window, Dave, Chris, and Chris a court summons for driving to endanger, and Ron two good women. Mary Jo Reid leaves with many memories, Gary looking for gum, AJ on a “Scottie hunt, " S.M. in the woods, hoping things workout for Traci, a Reeses Peanut Buttercup Sundae to J.H., and wishing the best for Larry — now and always. Jean Rewa leaves Alana at the fair with Spanky, Alan Svinski to Shadubee through one more year, and Tammy wondering how we made it out of here. Gary Sak leaves Joan seeing ice on the water, Croteau wondering if something will ever be straight again, and Erik wondering if Jake will ever punch him. Mike Salustri leaves Corey still looking for her hub-caps, and Michelle knocking out ducks with rocks. Mary Saunders leaves Nancy five days leisure time by the pool with the goalie and his brother, Kathy saying “Jump up it feels really neat!, " Ann in the van, Joan stripping to L.G.C. Heather Scott leaves hoping never to return. Traci Scully leaves Sandi sitting on the ground in a certain driveway, Mary Jo to finally get who she wants. Carmen Secord leaves Tina, Donna, and Charlene one wasted unit, Joan and Mary with a sore head, Laura and Tami A. wondering what I ' m going to do next. Mark Sicard leaves T.F.H.S. to find something better. Paul Sirum leaves Joan a new pair of sneakers, Mike a fire extinguisher, and my best friend a front seat, a radio, and good company. Robyn Slongwhite leaves Rachel Missey squatting at U-Mass with all those untold secrets, Lisa a pogostick, Shawn a pair of suction cups and paper towels, and hopes for a “SUPER " future for the Class of ' 85. Liz Smith leaves Diane with no one left to say “Mewlips " to, Ann and Glenn squeeking, Kathy somewhere on the Dome trail with Bob and an apple crunch, Graceson some blue, and Mark knowing what he ' s doing in physics. Nancy Sokolosky leaves Joan airing out in the Riviera, taking turns, and four great years of memories, Mary five days in the sun, Pam swearing at the island, Judy blowing out the light, and Kelly a night on the farm. Erik Sulda leaves Adam to Joan, Mike with bedroom tennis racket concerts. Rich fighting with Mike in the library, Dave some good knock-knock jokes, Gary the patience to try to teach me to drive a standard. Cheryl Tower leaves wishing all the people left here the best of luck (P.T.,L.G.,S.L.), smiles and tears for all the great times that she has had (B.M., Hampshire Mall, Hampton Beach), hope for the future for all, and great thanks to my Dad Mom for giving me so much patience. Pam Verrier leaves Joan seven years of unforgettable adventures, Judy a flowchart to follow her problems by, Nancy a whistling tape and a book on Chinese Literacy, Johnto graduate in 1994, and Joe all of Mr. Garbiel ' s “Basic Fundamentals " . Mary Willard leaves Mom no one to bring things to school when she forgets, Don a headache 9 28 (ha, Ha), Michele P. choosing between Brian and Scott, Erin best of luck with Erik, Pam V. SPACE from one 1st six years of lockers next to each other. Chris Williams leaves Joan my body and a bikini, Mike, Dave, and Chris a speeding ticket, Ann a Saturday night, Kevin Z. a pack of cinnamon certs, Franz H. a black eye, Paul S. a muzzle, Andy hungover. Steve Warsawski leave with a diploma and the school still standing where it orginally was, and friends to part and stay. Joan Zamojski leaves Nancy taking turns, still waiting two years and Bl, Pam being embarrassed at Sweeney ' s, Mary deciding whether to sp or sw, Gary sleeping in the back seat, Chris W. a bfk, and Erik a very large phone bill and HNTHTSG, Paul an ear and a shoulder. Kevin Zywna leaves a tin of their choice to the chew crew, Breshneu some money to play with. Bob a unique hand. Case to hoof it 30 miles to Upton, and Kim and Tim last place on the roster. CLASS ARTIST Michael Dobosz, Liz Smith SHYEST Rich Bak, Heather Scott FRIENDLIEST Sandi Mann, Dave Leh CLASS CLOWN Lisa-Kay Folk, Steve Fitzpatrick FUNNIEST LAUGH Erik Sulda, Beth Freeman CLASS ATHELETE Jennifer Ghiz, Paul Guenette CLASS MUSICIAN Graceson Crommiler, Ann Lemere CLASS COUPLE Ryan Castine, Sandi Mann BEST SENSE OF HUMOR Kevin Zywna, Kathy Hartnett DID MOST FOR THE CLASS Chris Pinardi, Nancy Sokolosky CLASS BRAIN Bob Czarnecki, Judy Boguslawski CHANGED THE MOST IN 4 YEARS Kelly Burek, Mark Sicard MOST GULLIABLE Tammy Chrostowsky, Erik Sulda MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Rachel McCaffrey, Kevin Zywna CLASS ACTOR ACTRESS Glenn Dodge, Elizabeth Smith BEST DRESSED Kevin Brown, Missy Godzinski CLASS FLIRTS Robin Slongwhite, John Burnett MOST TALKATIVE Shawn Mayrand, Paul Sirum 38 Pres. Christopher Pinardi; Vice Pres. Ryan Castine; Sec Nancy Sokolosky; Tres Joan Zamojski; Hist Kelly Borek SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS SENIOR CLASS ADVISORS f Mrs. Sulda Mrs. LaBelle CLASS HISTORY Freshmen: 1981-1982 Well, here we were, out on our own as an individual class for the first time. Mrs. Robinson was our advisor and she succeeded in getting us on our feet. Booster Day floatmaking took place at Bourbeau ' s where we constructed “Herby the Lovebug. " It was a sorry sight but our spirit remained in tact. Kathy Hartnett represented us as Lady in Waiting. When spring came, Mrs. Neville ' s biology classes and many of the rest of us went on the Cranes Beach trip. Then we ap- prehensively looked forward to our remaining years at T.F.H.S. Sophomores: 1982-1983 We attempted our first money maker M M ' s — and ended up with most of the sales coming from within our class. We purchased our class rings and somehow financed the traditional ring dance, which proved humorous when the DJ ' s were found to be intoxicated. Our advisor this year was Mr. Sabin and Booster Day float- making was at Keith ' s once again, until his house was tragically struck by fire. Our float, the Rab- bit, lost its head and we also conveniently ac- quired a flat tire along the parade route. We held up remarkably well and went on to win the Spirit Award. Jennifer Ghiz represented our class as the Duchess. Once again, many of us went on Mrs. Neville ' s biology field trip, this time to Martha ' s Vineyard. We certainly proved our strength this year! juniors: 1983-1984 Mmmmm, the sweet smell of coconuts filled our hall. Our trend of brilliant decorations began this year too. We acquired Mrs. (Char-Char) Sulda and Miss (Tripper) Tripp as our advisors. We created a “Tide " box to take a first place on Booster Day and the moments of creation were captured for us by Mr. O ' Connors on video tape. Tammy Chrostowsky became our choice for Princess. Our Prom was held at Brickers on May 5th and the theme was " Just You and 1. " We were lucky to have Mr. Kenney ' s " Sea Breeze " provid- ing our music. We all had our pick of prom parties to attend and I ' m sure it will be a night we will all remember. Mrs. Neville stuck with our class once again for a trip to Nantucket. A bus broke down and everyone had to wait for their clothes which arrived a day late. We wrapped up the year with an outing at Puffers Pond. We had slowly turned to each other and finally realized how close we all had become. Seniors: 1984-1985 We finally reached our year. Together we strongly supported each other and with the greatest result. Booster Day got us another first place with our " Smurf " and Sandi Mann was our choice for Queen. When Thanksgiving came, our football team gave us a 26-8 victory over Green- field, and we were all very proud. We were proud to be Seniors and we will always hold the pride of having had four years to remember at T.F.H.S.!!! I % 1. Shawn-Marie Mayrand 2. Donna Lynn Chaplin 3. Nancy Sokolosky 4. Minona Gilcreast 5. Mary Saunders b, Norman Fuller 7. Charlene Choleva 8. Tammy Chrostowsky 9. Tammy Avery 10. Angela Jean Bristol 11. Karen Baker 12. Judy Boguslawski 13. Shellie Cocking 14. Darlene Maher 15. Kathy Hartnet 16. Colleen Maher 17. Wendy Fortin Robyn Slongwhite 18. Ann Mleczko 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 Lisa Quagliaroli Mike McCarthy Mike Maher Lisa Folk Kathy Coyle Mary Willard Chris Williams Mary Jo Reid Paul Sirum Jennifer Ghiz Robyn Demers Mike Dobosz Beth Freeman Donna Emery Mark Desautels Chris Pinardi Karen Emery John Magoon FACULTY The class of 1P85 gratefully dedicates this yearbook to Stanley F. Dobosz, Asst. Principal Thanks for all the memories In which you ' ve played a part For they always are nearest And dearest to our hearts. Thanks for all the memories That are yours and ours alone For they recall so many Special moments we have known Thanks for all the memories That time can never dim We never could repay you For the joy we ' ve found in them GILL-MONTAGUE ADMINISTRATION Donald Lapierre Principal Paula Wilder Middle School Principal Stan Dobosz Associate Principal Robert Sulda Admin. Assistant Daniel Morrison Superintendent TFHS ADMINISTRATION Sandy Patterson Patricia Thompson Jane Schab TFHS SECRETARIES GUIDANCE Rosemary Maddern Robert Avery Sharon Boron 48 Linda Leavis MATH Mr. James O ' Conners Mrs. Shelia Zabko Mr. Raymond Garbriel Dept. Head Mr. Richard Coburn Mr. Edward Bourdeau . .Jht Mrs. Judith Tozloski Mr. Michael Wanczyk 49 Mrs. Betsy Laczynski Mrs. Denise Lemay SPECIAL EDUCATION Mrs. Carol Crofton Cheryl Momaney PACE Elizabeth Gray Mrs. Margret Bridges Mrs. Charlene Sulda Frances Cassidy Barry Coppinger Linda Slattery Wesley Snapp David Knox John O ' Riley Dominic Cavallaro Judith Komishane Et! cfc h tq Ctnf¥ii ' cn. h Tia Tit Fm»Hi,hoin: fuj »f ' SOCIAL STUDIES Nora Ryan Judith Brenner Richard Pucko Gerald Perkins James Koldis Sophia Libby, Dept. Head HOME ECONOMICS INDUSTRIAL ARTS Patricia Lilley Daniel Huntley Dept. Head Marie Loven Dept. Head Albert Stone Richard Kossakoski 53 ART William Roberts Dept. Head Steve Ciechomski Lawrence Biron MUSIC Jean Phillips Dept. Head Susan Cervassi Nancy J. Dobosz Kenneth Slattery Dept. Head Paul Prokopas Hannah Neville SCIENCE David Hoitt Jeffrey Kenney Rollas Batten Robert Findlay Marion Scott FOREIGN LANGUAGE Albert Routhier Dept. Head Marsha Smith Albert Consoletti BUSINESS PHYSICAL EDUCATION Charlotte Robinson Deborah Loomer Gary Mullins SCHOOL NURSE Paul Cournoyer Dept. Head HEALTH Norma Gewanter 57 Charles Emery CUSTODIANS CAFETERIA STAFF Kevin Sak Bob Fritz Stanley Koscinski Andrew Rewa Edward Zamojski Richard Patterson 58 Patti Lanfair, Marjorie Miner, Bert Semaski, Ping Wong, Marguerite Willard, Lorraine Mosca, Anita Lambert, Joanne Urbanek, Jeanne O ' Connor Say Please! The only one that ' s not busted " Superwoman Get this kid off of me! Ain ' t he a cutie! Do you like my wig? Calgon take me away! Those @ $%@ kids!! NDERCLASSMEN CLASS OF 86 ROW 1 - Cathi Erland, President; Tammy Downes, Vice-President: Susan Edwards, Historian; Diane Lapierre, Treasurer; Amy Jenks, Secretary. ROW 1 M. Burek, E. Croteau, P. Mayrand, ROW 2 M. Koz- loski, R. Hyson, L. Morin, P. Reipold, ROW 3 S. Hubert, P. Burek, A. Savinski, J. Jurek, B. Choiniere, K. Richotte. ROW 1 K. Mayhew, T. Dun- can, D. Morin, A. Norwood, T. Hackeft, ROW 2 A. Jenks, L. Greenfield, T. Blanchard, S. Rivet, L. Zewinski, T. Stone, ROW 3 C. Bartos, D. Lapierre, R. Collette, C. Emond, T. Burns, ROW 4 A. Kostecki, G. Currie. ROW 1 M. Gerrish, J, Ward, T. Scott, C. Lemon, C. Hoynoski, ROW 2 J. Stevens, P. Suoquet, B. Levine, T. Avery, T. Dubreuil, ROW 3 E. Leh, J. Letourneau, E. Fiske, D. Brunelle, J. Yukle. ROW 1 D. Johnstone, M. Narini, R. Russell, ROW 2 A. Holmes, S. Edwards, A. Urgiel, A. Giguere, ROW 3 K. Emond, j. Courte- manche, C. Cutler, C. Podlesny, K. Kauan- augh. ROW 1 S. Lemere, D. Arseneault, B. Brule, M. Reil, j. Chase, ROW 2 M. Mayrand, C. Erland, L. Brennan, T. Downes, T. Ttaceski ROW 3 J. Mosca, J. Smiarowski, L. Grybko. CLASS OF 1987 ROW 1 K. Brunnelle, C. Kelly, L. Chagnon. ROW 2 K. Diso, M. Heath, S. Mayhew, B. Task. ROW 3 M. Clark, K. Pierce, M. Scott, D. Demars, T. Perkins. ROW 4 S. Smith, K. Schwarz, K. Stockwell, D. Costa. ROW 1 J. Tibbets. ROW 2 J. Wright, K. Stockwell. ROW 3 D. Sanders, K. Thomas. ROW 1 C. Carpenter, J. Stone, L. Stetson. ROW 2 J. Radzuik, J. Tibbets, B. Talbot, J. Sicard, C. Demars, J. Fowler. ROW 3 J. Kuz- meskus, E. Banash, S. Denkewicz, C. Choleva, R. Williams, S. Thayer. ROW 1 A. Viens, D. Robison, M. Makowski, D. Roberts, F. H off. ROW 2 L. Dagilus, K. Zywna, K. Thomas, K. Fortin, M. Bartlett. OF 87 ROW 1- L. Lapinski, B. Kaczenski, B. Kozma. ROW 2- C. Mailloux, N. Emond, L. Emery, K. Hillman. ROW 3- H, Byrd, T. Barber, E. Cromack, S. Robertson. CLASS ROW 1- J. Dobosz, D. Bogus, C. Filanowski, A. Jackman, J. Janikas, M. Gove. ROW 2- J. Ptak, D. Jacque. ROW 3- D. Lenois, B. Leh, S. Carey, R. Caouette, C. Markowski, j. ja- sienowski. ROW 1- P. Brenner, D. Targhetta, j. jekan- owski. ROW 2-M. Lessard, D. Muniz, K. Graves, A. Stafford, M. Lambert. ROW 3- F. Bezio, D. Sanders, J. Wright, K. O ' Neill, K. Foley. President: K. Morin, Vice-President: J. Thomas, Secretary: K. Slaeunwhite, Tresurer: J. Putala, His- torian: S. Sirum 1st row. E. Casey, T. Carey, R. Moore, J, Vanvulkenburgh 2nd row. L. Sabine, J. Radzuik, C. Bouthillier, P. Tower, K. LaClaire 3rd row. M. Dulan, G. Scanlan, B. Burek, N. Demo, R. Aldrich 1st row. A. Gilcreast, S. Fiske, J. Duda, S. SMith 2nd row. B. Smith, M. Demers, N. Sonn, G. Adie, N. Win- dener 3rd row. H. Smith, T. Brear, J. Jazz, M. Maher ROW 1 D. Dobias, J, Dobosz, K. Du- breiul, A. Slongwhite, T. Scott, ROW 2 J. Cafevella, D. Robertson, M. Griffen, T. Ward, C. Guttler, ROW 3 M. Collette, J. Lamoine, M. Hubert, B. Williams, S, Wardered. ROW ' 1 P. Shwarz, S. Rivet, T. Shearer, T. Bois- soneult, J. Marini, ROW 2 J. Spuires, W. Ly- man, T. Savage, L. Manzer, S. Markol, ROW 3 S. Bush, J. Brule, D. Lafleur, J. Ambo, T. Co- monoli. ROW 1 J. Marsh, S. Barnes, W, Conger, P. Meriott, G. Greuling, ROW 2 K. Tompkins, J. Riepold, A. Atkins, T. Golembeski, S. Darling, ROW 3 J. Kovalsick, C. Neil, B. Richotte, P. Zevinski, G. Fellows. ROW 1 D. Booskou, B. Pearson, R. Mosca, S. Sulda, B. Markowski, ROW 2 E. Crofton, S. Ewell, B. Kavolsick, M. Warden, L. Phelps, ROW 3 S. Bruso, T. Walsh, R. Pervere, J. Putala, E. Sauter. ROW 1 G. McCrory, P. Mayrand, B. Sanders, T. Dugre, S. Stachelek, ROW 2 J. Godzinski, K. Slongwhite, J. Thomas, B. Mieczkowski, S. Gove, ROW 3 T. Scoppa, A. Parta, S. Sirum, B. Shaw, R. Gerrish. T CLASS OF 89 CLASS OFFICERS-President, S. Morin, Vice President, S. Morin, Secretary, T. Pleasant, Treasurer, N. Pelletier ROW 1- D. Chaplin, D. Clark, G. Carner, N. Pelletier, T. Webber, N. Leveille, N. Carme, E. Saczawa. ROW 2- K. Anderson, S. Morin, T. Day, E. Brown, A. Henderson, A. Bristol, J. Wood ROW 3- M. Annear, A. Clark, L. Adams, J. Wondoloski, T. Urban, J. Scott, D, Roberge 68 ROW 1 B. Bogusz, S. McCabe, J. Tibbetts, T. Prentice, J. Mathey, T. Sibley, D. Casey. ROW 2 J. Hoynoski, J. Asselin, M. Letourneau, E. Peterson, D. Earle, S. Sirum, W. Cady. ROW 3 R. Rushford, K. Anderson, C. Norwood, N. Duda, S. Fortin, E. Shawn. ROW 1 M. Chandler, A. Gardner, T. Bannister, L. McDonough, S. Beaubien, J. Graves, E. Morris. ROW 2 M. Dobias, J. Thayer, L. Abbey, R. Kuzmeskus, K. Lynch, D. Wonsey, H. Schab. ROW 3 S. Sexton, J. Traceski, A. Burek, L. Moore, P. Rowell. ROW 1 R. Morin, D. Fiske, J. Grimard, C. Dodge, S. Morin. ROW 2 T. Pleasant, R. Wright, T. Sterling, B. Doyle. ROW 3 K. Lam- bert, L. Jablonski, K. Lenois, B. Welcome, K. Williams. ROW 1-T. Reipold, R. Avery, P. Pollard, D. James, D. Marsh, R. Butler, S. Thompson. ROW 2- A. Lemon, T. Pallasch, I. Howes, E. Saunders, C. Dale, B. Walker. ROW 3- F. Chase, M. Reil, S. Jackson, S. Stone, T. Pydych, M. Hubbard. ROW 1- M. Koloski, J. Kocsis, E. Cutler, A. Easton, R. Easton, C. Davis, J. Hurd. ROW 2- P. Loveland, J. Rastallis, K. Emond, E. Jenks, A. Broga, J. Thatcher. ROW 3- W. Allen, R. Lapinski, S. Hubert, J. Williams, B. Hyson, M. Zayac, J. O ' Neill. CLASS OF ’90 ROW 1 R. Bezio, D. Dean, B. Dillensneider, R. Dugre, K. Smith, J. Scopa, J. Belanger. ROW 2 P. Paulin, J. Hackett, F. Lessard, S. Zilinski, S. Lehman, P. Holmes, S. Duncan. ROW 3 T. Marlowe, N. Lilinski, J. Parker, C. Brown, S. Cromack, T. Cominoli, J. Boissonneault. ROW 1 J. Sorensen, R. Callahan, J. Casino, M. Lapan, M. Tidlund, D. Robertson, D. Prentice. ROW 2 B. Hall, C. Radzuik, H. Fiske, D. Deveer, M. Rutz, S, McConley, M. McCord, A. Crowell. ROW 3 N. Stebbins, T. Bordeaux, B. Kuzmeskus, R. Fisher, R. Breor, J. Prest, G. Smith. ROW 1-H. Swindell, J. Murphy, M. Adie, M. Gilson, R. Warchol, B. Remil- lard, M. Billiel, G. Falcon. ROW 2- D. Rowler, J. Stone, C. Doolittle, K. Zi- linski, H. Lubold, B. Tanyuk, C, Rush- ford. ROW 3-E. Smith, A. Ahearn, Z. Vaughan, M. McDonough, K. Lenois, T. Scott, L. Richotte. ROW 1- S. Avery, L. Parda, C. Krol, L. Bouthiller, S. Deso, E. Scanlan. ROW 2- C. Steele, T. Leh, J. Dion, M. Courte- manche, E. Poirier, B. Eddy, C. Dawson. ROW 3- G. Crouteau, S. Chase, E. Hy- son, B. Beaubien, J. Tomasi, B. Smith, C. Eilses. ROW 1- M. Kendrick, A. Smith, D. Bogue, S. Gove, S. Voudren, D. Gerrish, M. Albright. ROW 2- J. Waryas, S. Pecore, T. Tenney, A. Wood, C. Gonyer, E. Kuzmeskus, N. Chase. ROW 3- D. Webb, L. Turner, M. Wirth, T. Wauznikk, V. Moris, R. Chanler. tii B 72 ROW 1 M. Blanchard, G. Smith, S. Streciwilk, N. Lafleur, M. Hammock, M. Adams, E. Jacques. ROW 2 D. Koshinsky, K. Houle, D. Chaplin, S. Berry, C. Deome, B. Phelps. ROW 3 C. Task, K. Moore, A. Paulin, J. Strysko, T. Perkins, N. Hawkins, B. Beaubien. ROW 1 N. Stebbins, C. Dulgame, M. Coughlin, T. Cambell, N. Letourneau, D. Partridge, T. Lapointe. ROW 2 T. Barnes, P. Coy, S. Kapano, T. Brunnelle, T. Zywna, K. Burke, W. Farnum. ROW 3 C. Bourbeau, R. Dodge, J. Dagilus, C. Richotte, B. Young, J. Sauter. 73 ACTIVITIES STUDENT GOVERNMENT OFFICERS STUDENT GOVERNMENT 76 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY OFFICERS JUNIOR NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY VARSITY CHEERLEADERS JR. VARSITY i JR. HIGH PHYS. ED AIDES 85 COMPUTER CLUB UNDERCLASSMEN T-CLUB SENIOR T-CLUB 86 TFAA SKI-CLUB HOME-EC CLUB PEER EDUCATORS Robyn Slongwhite Christine Podlesney Christopher Pinardi Susan Lemere Brian Levine Amy Viens Ryan Castine Rachel McCaffrey Kathy Hartnett FOOTBALL VARSITY JUNIOR VARSITY 91 JUNIOR HIGH FOOTBALL GIRLS BOYS CROSS COUNTRY f ' ff, VOLLEYBALL VARSITY JUNIOR VARSITY 97 BOYS VARSITY BASKETBALL GIRLS VARSITY BOYS JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL GIRLS 103 JV BASEBALL FIELD HOCKEY GOLF JUNIOR HIGH SOFTBALL 104 BASEBALL VARSITY JUNIOR HIGH SOCCER JUNIOR VARSITY 105 The class of 85 ' Is on the slide. We ' re all at the top waiting for the ride. We ' re not kids anymore We don ' t run and hide. The ocean is not far away Waiting to carry us on a tide The class of 85 ' Is ready to fight. We ' re not going to sit down We know we ' re right. We ' re not afraid of things (that go bump) in the night We know the switch That turns on the light. The class of ' 85 is here to say Good-bye! Darlene Maher 109 J 1,0 v ' c KowfKy P ’fTXCvc , r w. . I Y V vt ■ JSq. » si. c oclV ' 2 J I p KvC ' J W UJiv-Vli.. v o- vO c . I . 0 , J I 0 y ' 3 2 " +■ 3s,da 0 Cr. d VsC cji oV ASC 7T ■;v: -,--d •7 ' - o v " ;, ' O. j C.0- v ' ' V O Cj«icc VvxCJL CvV -• fv-w uni Hi £.qj J?’5 +■■ (sv VJ V 0- 7 e.-: ' ' Jj c 7 cc t ,rK W- ' A i. , .V- " ' 5 .C ■k y •- ‘ “ ' ' - -,. y fyjA ‘ A‘ •jrf% d ‘ + ti.(r. J uUi V uA ■ y.cic e-n AA ' P t ' ' ZT 1 t x; uou u. ' tll . -fsr Dr. John D. Boyden, Chiropractor 59 Riddell Street Greenfield, MA 01301 Dolan Dolan 74 Avenue A Turners Falls MA 01376 Richard H. Perry, Jr., DDS 40 School Street Greenfield, MA 01301 Theodore B. Puschak, MD 51 Sanderson Street Greenfield, MA 01301 Greenfield Dental Assoc. 126 High Street Greenfield MA 01301 Dr. Karl E. Nicolai, M.D. 51 Sanderson Street Greenfield, MA 01301 Russell C. Bontempi, DDS Greenfield MA 01301 R.G. Gilman, Jr., D.D.S. Greenfield, MA 01301 Marguerite M. Dolan 52 Avenue A Turners Falls MA 01376 James B. Reid D.D.S. Gregg K. Mullens D.D.S. 33 Riddell Street Greenfield, MA 01301 Congratulations To The Class Of 1985 From 4 PAUL R. GAGNE. JR. FOR ESTIMATE J IUKACCD AUTO GLASS - SUN ROOFS - PLATE GLASS WINDOW GLASS - CUSTOM MIRRORS - TABLE TOPS SANDI AND TAMMY ALUMINUM STORE FRONT CONTRACTOR 368 HIGH Street telephone Greenfield. Mass. 01 301 4 1 3-774-3737 We have everything you really do and DON ' T NEED for your car.... Always A Discount At SCANLAN ' S Speed City 773-3404 TOYS FOR YOUR CAR 6 French King Highway Greenfield, MA 773-3404 Buraer Chef 78 Mohawk Trail Greenfield, MA supply CO. YOUR KITCHEN REMODELING HEADQUARTERS ’ DIVISION OF TURNERS FALLS COAL CO VJ4 BTrTn ' M-yjr - TELEPHONE 41 3 863 4321 298 300 AVENUE A TURNERS FALLS ' MASSACHUSETTS 01 376 Office and Studios at 486 Main Street P.O. Box 32 Greenfield, MA 01302 413-774-4301 j-ivd in ifinkfin T’oimfij am 1240 fm 98’3 Fine Traditional and Colonial Furniture VILLAEE FURNITURE Manuiacturing Inc. Corner 11th St. Ave. A Turners Falls, Ma. Tel. 863-4348 V Vt Open Mon thru Sat 9-5 30 k 53B ■■■i Thurs Fri til 9 dc Your Friendly Florist Unusual Floral Creations For Every Occasion greenfield COO PERATIVE EXC , 269 High St Greenfield, MA 284 HIGH STREET GREENFIELD MASS TEL 773-5469 117 Compliments Of Tuesday thru Friday 9:00 A M. - 5.00 P.M. Saturday 8:00 A M. ■ Noon Pam Vigneault ■ Proprietor 42 Chapman Street Greenfield, MA Marilyn Cogswell Phone 774-5880 01301 !Jorbe a am era Sk op EVERYTHING PHOTOGRAPHIC 286 Main Street — Greenfield, Mass. 01301 Telephone (413) 773-9898 Congratulations To The Class Of 1985 Congratulations Class Of ' 85 CALLAHAN, CURTIS, THE BAB B-Q CAREY GATES Box 361 Turners Falls, MA. 173 Main St. Greenfield, MA. 01302 01376 ■J ' ' UJILSON ' S Mobil LEON L. SIRUM CO. 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AKEY INC. INSURANCE CURTAINS ik DOMESTICS 20 CHAPMAN STREET J GREENFIELD, MA 01301 ' 774-4864 8 Federal Street Post Office Box 668 Greenfield, Mass. 01302 pnPER miLLS Erving, Massachusetts RAILROAD SALVAGE STORES Canal St. — Turners Falls, MA. 01376 Railroad Salvage Buys - Close-Outs - Mfgrs Overstocks - Insurance Co. Losses Water And Fire Damaged Goods - Freight Claims - Bankrupt Stores And Current Market Mdse. Carpeting - Furniture - CB Radios And Accessories - Stereos - Hardware - Paints - Housewares Pet Supplies - Toys - Ladies And Mens Clothing - Shoes - Domestics ;v ..r j T?fe V, mm ' ' Wk r,. ' - r K- 49if y y.

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