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PESKETdK 4 w 6ra TURNERS FALLS HIGH SCHOOL 1984 ' ” 1 ' Together class as a Together go we We leave you with many thanks for making our future brighter LISA MARIE BOCON " Now there ' s some things you never can tell, but when the door lies open throw your coins in the well. " -Billy Squier Sacramen- to ' s goal is to go to California. Likes: Ala- bama; Rolling Stones; Pee Wee Herman; shopping cart rides; laughing; boating on the river; McKenzie Brothers. Dislikes: drive-ups; a certain window; spiders; a Rhode Island tree; critics; traveling rockers. Activities: TFAA 1-4; safety patrol; cookette 4. CHRISTOPHER ROY BUNCE " Work is the refuge of people who have nothing better to do. " Buntzy ' s goal is to gain more determination, and strive for what I want and have fun doing it. Likes: house parties; Halloween party ' 83; summer of ' 83; coloring Etna; Albert ' s tape; cards (winning). Dislikes: SANDPITS; being searched; running dry; beer hunter thumper; removing make-up; whales across my chest; cards (losing). Activities: Football 1-2; Baseball 1,2; ski club; Peer Education; Donkey Basketball; Graduation Party Com- mittee. CHRISTOPHER JOSEPH ABBOTT " Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today; that way if you like what you do today you can do it again tomorrow. " Chris ' goal is to get through college and to live life to its fullest, with a certain someone. Likes: T.D. always; summer of ' 83; good music; Saturday nights; Thanksgiving night- 11 24 83; Polar Bear Club; skiing; having a good time. Dislikes: breaking up; waiting; getting caught; motorcycle accidents; camp; stuck-ups; people who don ' t keep promises. Activities: Football 2-4, capt 4; T Club; Soc- cer 1; skiing 1-4. BRENDA FRANCES ATKINS " Happiness isn ' t something you remember, it ' s something you experience. " Bren ' s goal is to have MONEY, MONEY, MONEY!! Likes: painted pictures; Dan; Cindy ' s slee- povers; Tickle Pink; roses, being different; " The Cyclone " ; having the greatest friends in the world; being a bum. Dislikes: Chris ' s logic; being bored; no tunes; British Writers; forgetting; being short; getting beat in bumper pool; getting in trouble. Activities: Swim Team 1,2; Cheering 2; Volleyball 1; C Club 1-4; Donkey Basketball 4; Graduation Party Committee. SUSAN ELISABETH BORDEAUX " To waste time is to waste your very life away, for this unrecapturable quality has no resale use. " Sue-Bee ' s goal is to fly on the Space Shuttle and sing greetings to all the aliens. Likes: unicorns; my nieces; Chubster; Genesis; Vermont; skiing with Deb; Pepsi; times with Jill and Tina; Mrs. Humperdink; Sacramento, CA. Dislikes: 7 4 80; people chewing ices; bugs; egg nog; stuck up peo- ple; 11 20 83; S S; getting up at 6:00 AM. Activities: Chorus 1-4; Madrigals 1-4; Cho- rus Pres. 4; Jr. and Senior Honor Society; Class Historian 1; Class Treasurer 3; Student Council Rep. 2 4; Who ' s Who Among American High School Students. GARY RAYMOND BRULE " Only as far as we seek can we go; only as much as we dream can we be. " Gary ' s goal is to learn as much as he can and live in lux- ury. Likes: Judy; D D; JAZZ SOLOS!; all music; camping with my buddies; Goshen hiking and canoeing; freedom; The Selmer Sax; beanbag chairs. Dislikes: music that is noise; fund raisers; push-pins that fall out. Activities: Jazz, Concert, and Marching Band 1-4; Jr. and Senior Honor Society; Dra- ma 2-4; District Band 3. JASON ALAN BURNETT " Just a minute. " Jake ' s goal is to wait for Tammy, and live a happy life. Likes: Tammy; Celtics; ZZ Top; 10 9 81; cold Mic; AC DC; quiet nights with Tammy; " Hippie League " . Dislikes: Miller; running the course, slow people; Dallas Cowboys; L.A. Dodgers; certain people; Greenfiend teams; arguments with Ralph. Activities: Baseball 1-4; Soccer 4; Basketball 1; Intramural Bas- ketball 2-4. KIM M. COURNOYER " Listening is a more important virtue than talking. " -B. Jurek Kim ' s goal is to become a combination of Dad, Mom, Deb, Marc, and Robin; and in doing this, be " me " . Likes: Dearest; Henries; 12 25 81; Alan Alda; The Soloflex Man; good friends; memories; the class of ' 84. Dislikes: 8 7 82; a certain 5 letter word; deciding what to wear; being depressed or confused; DTD. Activities: Class President 2-4; Cheering 1-4; Student Council 1-4; Peer education 3,4; C Club 2-4; Donkey B-Ball 3,4. TINA M. CANON " Within me lies the power to seize the hour and live my dreams. " Tina ' s goal is to see her dreams come true. Likes: talks with Bun- ny; hugs; 1 31 78; unicorns; roses; good times with friends; MCC; exchange concert ' 83. Dislikes: cuddles; 1 31 78; saying good- bye; " Well, I ' ll let ya go " ; flat soda; May ' 82. Activities: Class Secretary 2-4; Student Council 2-4; Chorus and Madrigals 3,4; Prom Committee 3; Yearbook Staff 4; Peer Educators 3,4; Chorus V.P. 4. MARY-ELLEN CROUSE " There is a fine line between love and hate. " Mayre ' s goal is to someday to go the Greek Islands. Likes: Tom; 8 20 83; a certain road in Hadley; walking VA. Beach with Tom; smurfs; pink roses; vacations; goofing off with Julie and Baronas. Dislikes: being lonely; when certain people don ' t under- stand; 8 2 82; being left out; goodbyes; be- ing broke; fighting with Tom. Activities: Cheering 2,3; Tournament Cheering 2; T Club 2-4; C Club 2-4; Donkey Basketball 3,4. DONALD CARPENTER " He never listens to them, he knows that they ' re the fools. " Carp ' s goal is to get back to the land and set his soul free. Likes: hugs, dancing; Grateful Dead; bagels; H.B.; trees; jamming in the barn. Dislikes: people who don ' t mind their own business; being told what to do by people who should know bet- ter; smurfs; getting drunk; losing hackey sacks. THOMAS PATRICK CROUSE " Look ahead, instead of behind you, because your future is more important than your past! " Tom ' s goal is to go into the service and come out married. Likes: Julie; skiing; parties; 12 10 83; 1 25 81; Quiet Riot. Dis- likes: running out of gas; Miller; T.T. ' s. Ac- tivities: Swim Team; OPUS 1. 19 v CATHLEEN A. DEMARS " The trouble with fun is that is always ends up as trouble. " Cathy ' s goal is to find E.E. stranded up at the plains and come to his rescue. Likes: Albert; doing stupid things with Kelly; driving with Lisa in the back seat; 11 29 83; 3 types of driving tech- niques; making fries with Lisa. Dislikes: waiting in the car; wasting money on food; laughing at the Leyden Woods; Sports and Rec. with Coppinger; the shelf; school ERIN CONRAD EMOND " We ain ' t out of here yet!! " Eric ' s goal is to live life to its fullest. Likes: 4 4 ' s; fast cars; motorcycles; Abbott ' s parties; Heff ' s hotel; beating on the Torino; ZZ Top; Cold Moose- head. Dislikes: new cars; 4 cylinders; narcs; certain teachers; 60 under FK bridge; Sand- pits. TERESA MARIE DION " Yesterday is gone; tomorrow may never come; today is your ' s seize it. " Terri ' s goal is to become successful in whatever I do. Likes: a certain someone; 14; good times with Jo Tammy; long crazy talks with Murph; Beach ' 83; Kellogg Hill Road; riding to Hatfield 11 12 83. Dislikes: S.M.; 11 18 83; getting hurt; fake people; being lied to; Amherst boys; losing. Activities: Volleyball 1-4; Softball 2,3; Student Council 3,4; Senior Class Treasurer; Prom Commit- tee; T Club; Junior National Honor Society. MELISSA SUE FISHER " I must be traveling on now ' cause there ' s too many places I ' ve got to see. " - Lynrd Skynrd Missy ' s goal is to travel all over the country (Cal.) with Chuck. Likes: Chuck; 4 4 81; Boone ' s farm, being with friends; sunny days; walking on the beach; 8 14 82. Dislikes: Green Goose with no brakes; Chuch going to Connecticut; two faced peo- ple; stuck-ups; cold mornings; being alone; rainy days; motorcycles. Activities: Twirlers 1; Color Guard co capt 3, capt. 4 DANIEL DOLAN " Time is a wasting- and wasting is time. " Dirt ' s gial is to become rich well known. Likes: skiing, 5 16 83; CHEAT; Hillcrest cards; the 8th hole. Dislikes: 4 22 82; home- work; badges; losing. Activities: Basketball 1-4; Golf 2,3. f AMY-JO M. FULLER " Good humor is one of the best articles of dress. " Jo ' s goal is to work in the field of fashion merchandising. Likes: the guy down the road; secrets; long talks with Tam; mid- night moped rides with Jill; Terri ' s crazy personality; talks with Sue about certain guys; roses; ice cubes; lots lots of clothes; friends. Dislikes: the headaches of my car; watching the twinkie kid eat; misunder- standings; a certain white Camaro. Activi- ties: Field Hockey 1,2; Basketball 1-3; Soft- ball 1; T Club. CHRISTOPHER J. GHIZ " Somewhere out on that horizon, far away from the neon lights, I known there must be something better, and there ' s some place else in sight. " - Eagles Gramp ' s goal is to be happy, healthy, and wealthy. Likes: J.C.Z.; Steelers; sports; The Eagles; Molson; snow. Dislikes: Ford Mustangs; certain people; homework; being bored; having bad games. Activities: Football 1-4; Baseball 1-4; Basket- ball 1. ANTHONY G. GRADER III " Children of tomorrow live in the tears that fall today. " Tobe ' s goal is to be rich and go to Austria. Likes: snow; skiing; hiking trips; " The Island " ; hunting; camp-outs. Dislikes: Volvos; getting up in the morning; red necks; walking; cleaning Bunce ' s house. Ac- tivities: Basketball 1,2; Ski Club. KIMBERLY L. GRADER " Those crazy nights, I do remember in my youth; I do recall, those were the best times, most of all. " - Journey Kim ' s goal is to leave Mass, and live life to its fullest with some- one special. Likes: a special someone; 6 24 83; C ' s at R H; horseback riding; 4 (10-24) 82; lobster; Quiet Riot; 10 7 83 in a FS 8 legged car with D W; Def Leppard; being alone. Dislikes: being in Mass.; say- ing goodbye; 3,000 miles between; rainy football games; school; two faced people. Activities: Twirling 1,4 capt; Home Ec Club 1 . DAWN MARIE GUILBAULT " Fun is good, truth is better, and love is best of all. " Dawn ' s goal is to travel around the country and see a real Koala. Likes: Matt; 12 3 83; Koala bears; hockey games; roses, the future; Cape Cod ' 83. Dislikes: certain people; homework; getting locked out; get- ting sick; goodbyes to Matt; arguments. Ac- tivities: Cheering 1-4, co capt 3; Tournament Cheering 1,2,4; Student Government, Trea- surer 4; Jr. and Senior National Honor Soci- ety; TFAA; Phys. Ed Aide; Who ' s Who Among American High School Students; Chorus; Prom Committee; T Club; Booster Day Princess. EDWARD JOHN HALLETT " Talk is for losers and fools. " - Eagles Heff ' s goal is to become a playboy and live life to its fullest in Colorado. Likes: Mustangs; ZZ Top; ice cold Moosehead; 12 23 82; Ab- bott ' s parties; ice skating with the Torino; Porche for breakfast. Dislikes: King ' s De- partment Store; workin ' on the pig; six cyl- inders; 12 22 82; football camp; Huntley ' s study; Greenfield; and all new cars. Activi - ties: Football 1-4, capt 4; Track 1-4. LYNN MARIE HILLMAN " We met you as a stranger, we had you as a friend, we hope we meet in heaven where friendship never ends. " Bobo ' s goal is to live and be happy, and be the best I can in what- ever I do. Likes: Chet; Maine ' 83; the pot- holes; cruising with Candy; good times with friends; Def Leppard; walking on the beach; spending time with Chet. Dislikes: The green goose without brakes; red lights; goodbyes; Turkey Day ' 83; brown Pintos; cold mornings; getting up; warm beer. Ac- tivities: Colorguard 1,2,4; T Club. 21 CAROL ANN KOBERA " To me, clowns aren ' t funny. In fact, they ' re kind of scary. I ' ve wondered where this started and I think it goes back to the time I went to the circus and a clown killed my dad. " -OMNI Serious ' goal is to move into the White House and paint it yellow. Likes: The Lord; silly ' s w sac and nurse; SC rides; The Driving Range; Jap Laps. Dislikes: Drive-throughs; bugs; the blue bathrobe; doing Judy Garland imitations. Activities: T Club; TFAA; Peer Educator 3,4; safety pa- trol; cookette 4. KAREN MARIANNE LEH " Life is a gamble: Yes, but at least you get to play your own cards! " Karen ' s goal is to travel, become a sports broadcaster, and live a long and happy life. Likes: a certain some- one; Boston teams; 24; good times with friends; 7 10 83; pandas. Dislikes: being bored; 5 26 83; " What??? " ; Kelly ' s constant questions; stuck up people. Activities: Cho- rus 1,2; TFAA 4; Junior National Honor So- ciety; Statistician Varsity Football 4; T Club, Who ' s Who Among American High School Students. DEBORAH M. KOCS1S " To profit from good advice requires more wisdom than to give it. " Deb ' s goal is to become successful in as short a period of time as possible. Likes: M M ' s; long talks with Graceson; swimming; ice cream; 12 4 83; Brick-Out; sleeping late; long weekends. Dislikes: " Awesome " ; Carole ' s adding machine; being " dizzy " in account- ing; Ray ' s version of computing; Mondays. Activities: Swim Team 1-4, capt 4; Volley- ball 1,2; Softball 3; Jr. and Senior National Honor Society; Who ' s Who Among Ameri- can High School Students. LINDA MAE KOZMA " . . . for long you live and high you fly and smiles you ' ll give and tears you ' ll cry and all you touch and all you see is all your life ' ll ever be! " - Pink Floyd Opec ' s goal is to make it to college and get something out of life. Likes: summer of ' 82; 6 26 83; Cape Cod; 9 15 83; talking to friends; a certain party. Dislike s: Green Goose with no brakes; two- faced people; stuck-ups; wet seats; 11 15 83; Turkey Day ' 83; 4 25 82; cold mornings. Activities: Colorguard 2-4, co capt. 4. LESLIE JANE LEMON " All our knowledge begins with exper- ience. " Leslie ' s goal is to become an author and travel extensively. Likes: D D; sum- mer; tennis; M.C.; walks in the rain; M.A.S.P. ' ers. Dislikes: " wicked awesome! " ; swimming; R.G. ' s jokes; D.T.M. Activities: Tennis 1,3,4; Model Congress 3,4; T Club; National Honor Society; Netop 4. MICHELLE A. LETELLIER " Only the good die young- cause we that are bad find no reason to live if we have to be good. " Michelle ' s goal is to find her goal in life. Likes: Craig; 2 19 83; when pa teases ma; long, long talks with Deb; Rolling Stones; camping; Wilsons ladies room; Bugs Bunny. Dislikes: waiting; decisions; clean- ing the bird cages; pressure; cleaning up after Tom; getting into trouble; Ma s ham- burgers. Activities: Swim Team 1,2; Peer Education 3,4. 22 BRENDA LEE LINSCOTT " In my hands, I hold today; in my dreams, I hold tomorrow; in my faith, I hold forever. " Punky ' s goal is to work with children and live a happy life. Likes: being with friends; working with kids; x-country skiing; sum- mer vacation; the beach; secretarial work with Ethyl. Dislikes: two faced people; F.I.C.; A.I.C elevator; being bored; being em- barrassed; being confused. Activities: Model Congress 1-4; Volleyball MGR 1-4; T Club 1-4; Twirling 1-3; Spanish Club 2-4; Honor Society 3-4; Student Council 3,4; Yearbook I Staff 4; Junior National Honor Society 1. JOHN M. LUND " A comic strip is funny to the reader when his mood is brightened by it. " John ' s goal is to get the " Harry Lemoy " strip syndicated. Likes: drawing comic strips; Beetle Bailey; old theatrical cartoons; cats; Zero of " Beetle Bailey. " Dislikes: large crowds; immature beings; cold weather; being yelled at. Activi- ties: Computer Club 1. nior National Honor Society; Donkey Bas ketball and Diapering Champ 4. DEBORAH A. MAYHEW " 1 cannot say whether things will get better if they change; what I can say is they must change if they are to get better. Debbie ' s goal is to live a happy and successful life with someone special. Likes: Paul; 3 20 83; roses; weekends; summer of ' 83; long talks with Michelle; melted Frostys; Florida. Dis- likes: moody people; mashed potatoes; being broke; cars that don ' t start; rainy days; argu- ing. WILLIAM D. MCCORMICK " You can never win if you never try. " Wild ' s goal is to be filthy rich and live on an island. Likes: rowdy parties; clear music; Led Zep- pelin; being thrashed on " $ " . Dislikes: bor- ing Plains parties; red necks; working; " 83 " Septembers 2001 party. Activities: Basket- ball 1; Ski Club 2,4; Soccer 3. ROBERT EUGENE MARTIN " There are two kinds of parties: the ones you can ' t remember, and the ones you can ' t forget. " Edgar ' s goal is to go into the service and own his own business. Likes: 12 23 82; Abbott ' s parties; Stroh ' s with certain people; beating up the plains; Heff ' s hotel; cold Moosehead; ZZ Top. Dislikes: 12 22 82; Huntley ' s study; getting stuck; people who nag; 4 cylinders; getting lost; certain people. Activities: Football 1-3; Track 2,4; Prom Committee; T Club. CAROLE ANN MOMANEY " The dictionary is the only place you ' ll find wealth before you find work. " Carole ' s goal is to trade in the moped for a WHITE COR- VETTE. Likes: laughing with Jen; complain- ing with Paula; Kelly and Lisa ' s babysitting stories; balanced debits and credits; 90 m.p.g. Dislikes: Halloween egg fights; Ray ' s theories on life; pedaling the moped to Kel- ly ' s house; " Eek!!! " ; disgustingly smelly rooms; lab reports; Cindy ' s quotes; dead- lines; running out of film. Activities: Jr. and Senior National Honor Society; Basketball 1,2; TFAA; Photography Club; Who ' s Who Among American High School Students; Yearbook Staff 3, co editor 4. LISA A. MONGIELLO " The only way to amuse some people is to slip fall on an icy pavement. " -Ed Howe Lisa ' s goal is to not make the same mistakes in college as I did in high school, and still have as much fun. Likes: 2 26 82; Cindy ' s parties; N.Y.C.; F.M.F. ' s; halfdays w Cathy; Cri ' s concoctions; Obsession; G.T.W.D. Dislikes: The Pirate; curfews; F.W.J.; ru- mors; J.K. ' s party; Booster Day 80 ' ; waiting for Karen; saying goodbye; 9-6. Activities: Cheering 1-3, Tournament 3, Student Gov- ernment 1-4, (Secretary 4), T-Club, Prom Committee, C-Club Pres. 2-4. PAULA JEAN MORRISON " If your heart is full of love, you always have something to give. Pooh s goal is to work with children and to spread happiness throughout the world. Likes: Being with special people; Summer of 83; roses; Music. Dislikes: Rumors; vegetables; embarrass- ment; boredom. Activities: Chorus 1,3,4; Jazz Band 2-4; Model Congress 2-4; Student Government 1-4; Class Rep. 1 2; Class His- torian 3; Spanish Club 2-4 (Vice-Pres. 2,3) (Secretary 4); Yearbook Staff 2-4 (Co-editor 4); Netop 2-4; Cheering; Ring Committee; Prom Committee; Junior National Honor Society 1, (Vice-Pres.); National Honor Soci- ety 3,4 (Vice-Pres.). CYNTHIA M. MOSCA " This is my life and I ' ll do whatever I want; This is my mind and 1 11 think what I want. " Cindy ' s goal is to travel to all 50 states and hopefully find a job in one of them. Likes: Sports; laughing; vacationing; water fights; 7 15. Dislikes: Losing certain S-ball games; Sampson; The D.S.; getting up early; and sprints. Activities: Softball 1-4; Field Hock- ey 1-4; TFAA 2-4; T-Club. TIMOTHY M. NALEPINSKI " If you don ' t eat your meat, you can ' t have any pudding. " Tim ' s goal is to travel out of the U.S. Likes: Tunes; sliding; eating; Da,ji, Da,ji, D ' jarum ' s. Dislikes: School; put downs; rules that are stupid; Nukers. KATHRYN JEANNE O ' CONNER " The only rose without a thorn is friend- ship. ' Murph ' s goal is to make her life worth something and to have someone to share it with. Likes: special person; talking and laughing with Terri; the beach 83; Kel- logg Hill Road; good times in the Datsun; receiving flowers. Dislikes: flat tires; getting caught; being down; Huntley ' s study hall; 2 21 83. Activities: Cheering 1-4, co-capt 4; Track 1-4; Student Government 3,4; Ski Club; Prom Committee; T Club; C Club; Donkey Basketball 3,4. KAREN LYNN RIVET " The hours go by like minutes and we ' d dream about tomorrow what we should have done today. " - Eagles Kayre ' s goal is to enjoy a prosperous career in business; always be happy; and to someday win the megabucks. Likes: special times with Ev; 1 1 82; FMF ' s; summer nights; pirting w C,L,T C; danc- ing with P.K.; Loverboy ' 83. Dislikes: 5 21 82; R.B.; S-Na-Na; being hurried; working on weekends; fighting; saying goodbye; the morning after. Activities: Cheering 1-3; Tournament 2; OPUS l;Class Secretary 1; Student Council 1,4; C Club sec- retary 2-4; T Club. TIMOTHY ANDREW PEURA " Nothing is as easy as it seems; if there is a possibility of something going wrong, it will. " Tim ' s goal is to live comfortably do- ing what I like to do. Likes: the woods; hik- ing; dirt roads; steam locomotives; old farm implements; Montague Center; old houses; black powder guns. Dislikes: people who are insensitive. DAWN MARIE ROBINSON " Each face that flashes back to mind, seems to be untouched by time. " - B Manilow Daw- zin ' s goal is to join the Air Force. Likes: Monadnock Raceway; a certain Troy boy; summer nights of ' 83; cruising with K.B.; Laurel Lake; NH; talks with Meech; Keene Drive-in; Ford Rangers. Dislikes: Subarus; 7 4 83; rainy weekends; marching band re- hearsals; A.J. ' s jokes. Activities: Concert Band 1-4, vp 3; Marching Band 1-4; Drum Majorette 4; Jazz Band 4; Chorus 3,4; Madri- gals 4; Student Government 2,3; treasurer 3; Drama Club 4; Magazine Drive Chairman 3; RSAC 4. TINA MARIE PHILLIPS " If you love something set it free. If it comes back, its yours; if it doesn ' t, it never was. Tina ' s goal is to make her life the best it can be. Likes: Air Supply; lunch with Beth; Mike; Falcon Crest; " Fritz " ; Tuesday nights; 11 5 82. Dislikes: 5 28 80; diets; weird movies. Activities: Track Manager; Spanish Club 1; Home Ec Club. THOMAS A. ROUTH1ER " Learning without thought is labor lost; thought without learning is perilous. " - Con- fucius Tom ' s goals is to become an Officer in the United States Coast Guard, and live a happy life thereafter. Likes: camping at " Ugh " and " X " ; the Who; acrylic painting; D D; computing; subs in G ' s class; X-C skiing. Dislikes: dreary rainy days; confu- sion; soap operas; quick summers; nagging people. Activities: T ' ack 2,3; Jr. and Senior National Honor Society; Yearbook Staff; Who ' s Who Among American High School Students; Computer Club; High Ability- High Achiever Group. TRACY ANN SAHARCESKI " How high I aim, how much I see, how far I reach depends on me. " Trace ' s goal is to work with children. Likes: being with friends; the color purple; camping; roses; happy memories. Dislikes: seeing friends unhappy; being left out; AIC elevators. Ac- tivities: J.N.H.S. 1, pres; TFAA 1; JV Volley- ball 1; JV Basketball 1; Spanish Club 2,4; vp4; Prom Com., Volleyball Manager 3,4; Model Congress 1-4; T Club; Baseball Score- keeper 1-4; Natl. H. Society 3,4; pres 4; Yrk 4; Student Gvt. 4; Booster Day Parade Comm. Chairperson 4; Donkey Basketball and Diapering Champs-4; Who ' s Who Among American High School Students. ANTHONY PAUL SCOPA " The way we did it, it was sweet. But how we did it, it can ' t be beat. " Ony Opa ' s goal is to be able to fill my father ' s shoes and to be half the person he is; and to spend my life with a special someone, my dear Alecia. Likes: Alecia; 5 7 83; the " camper " ; the Plains with the gang; Camero Z 28 ' s; having my father around to help me out and for teaching me a valuable trade; waterfalls; snow. Dislikes: fight with Alecia; sneaking around; the Franklin County Fair of ' 83; flashing blues; getting busted; getting stuck on the plains; getting pushed into snow banks and breaking bones. Activities: Bas- ketball 1-4. KEVIN CHESTER SAK " People who want to live with ease, do what they ought, not what they please. " Chet ' s goal is to be successful in life. Likes: Quiet Riot; parties; VT; R H; 12 4 83; T.B. Dis- likes: stuck up people; braggarts; 12 21 83; 12 2 83; A.B. Activities: Baseball 1-4; Foot- ball 1-3; Intramural Basketball 1-4. CHRISTOPHER PAUL SHANAHAN " Nothing should be taken to seriously, es- pecially ourselves. " Topher ' s goal is to be- come a standup philosopher. Likes: 18; new Mustangs; Abbott ' s parties; summer ' 82; skiing; pole vaulting; Lake George gang; football. Dislikes: losing to Greenfield; not starting; liers; people without a sense of hu- mor; worrying. Activities: Football 2-4; Track 1-4, co capt 3,4; T Club; Basketball 1; Swim Team 2; Student Government 1-4. JULIE ANN SANDERS " Sooner or later you will find a way to feel like sunshine on a cloudy day. " - REO Jule ' s goal is to become a general manager of Papa Gino ' s. Likes: Tom; Loverboy concerts; 12; having good times with M.C. and Baronas; vacations at Hampton Beach; summer nights; partying with Cindy. Dislikes: han- govers; working on weekends; " What?! " ; the soda machine at work; getting caught; being broke; fighting with Tom; saying goodbye or sorry. Activities: JV Volleyball 1,2; JV Basketball 1; OPUS 1; C Club; Don- key Basketball 4. CANDACE M. SIN1 " One of these days. " Animal ' s goal is to be successful and live a fulfilled life. Likes: John K.; summer; parties; guys; good times; beaches; potholes; cruising. Dislikes: stuck up people; two faced people; getting stopped; goodbyes; winter; red lights; being alone; warm beer. Activities: Colorguard 2-4; Basketball 2,3. TINA MARIE SLAUENWHITE " Anything that can go wrong will, and at the most inoportune time. " Tina ' s goal is to prove Mr. Garbiel wrong. Likes: " C " Club activities; the 8th hole; trips with Cindy; laughing; tournament parties; making " S ' s " on " Ziy " ; being dizzy with Kim and Cri; doberman pinschers. Dislikes: slow people; being bored; homework; losing someone special; falling on the ice; getting caught; feeling stupid. Activities: Cheering: football 2-4, basketball 2-4, tournament 2-4, co cap- tain 4. TRACY J. THOMPSON " You can ' t change the past, so why let it haunt you. You can paint the future, but first you have to want to. " Spacey ' s goal is to pursue a successful career away from Turn- ers Falls. Likes: FMF ' s; Hojo ' s after 12:00; The Return of the Jedi clampets; 4 22 82; captain crunch; rowdie parties; Mich. Light; 2001-obsession; Chris ' made up songs. Dis- likes: 5 21 82; a certain New Year ' s morn- ing; curfews; having nothing to do; allergy attacks at Annie ' s; S-Na-Na; 4 D ' s saggy pants. Activities: Cheering 1-3; Tournament 2; C Club; T Club; National Honor Society; Student Council; Donkey Basketball 3,4. WAYNE ALLEN TENCATI " Have fun in school, because after school is when the work really begins. " Moby ' s goal is to be successful and live in Alaska with or without a wife. Likes: hunting; fishing 550 Honda ' s; Budwiser; being with friends; Lur- ie ' s little parties; fast cars. Dislikes: anti- hunters; broken guns; Miller; homework; pushy people; being broke. Activities: Intra- mural Basketball 3,4; Donkey Basketball 4, capt. KELLY LYNN TOMPKINS " We all have dreams; some come true while others become plays never to be performed. " Kel ' s goal is to make it through college, and play for the Rabestos Brakettes. Likes: win- ning; sports; Boston Bruins; 42; softball camp ' 83; talks with Lisa; cruising with the " awesome threesome " . Dislikes: losing; 6 8 83; Superstar; quiters; Karen ' s walk; Cindy ' s jokes; people who pout; sprints; one certain argument. Activities: Field Hockey 1-4, co capt 4; Basketball 1-4, co capt 4; Soft- ball 1-4; T Club; TFAA; Yearbook Staff; Ju- nior National Honor Society. TAMMY L. THAYER " Yesterday is already a dream, and tomor- row is only a vision, but today, well lived, makes every yesterday a dream of happiness and every tomorrow a vision of hope. " Tam ' s goal is to be successful and happy. Likes: Jimmy; white roses; long, long talks with Amy; my family; prom night; the camp; laughing with Terri; being blunt!!! Dislikes: death 9 27 79; Leslie Aronstam; Frontier High School; S. Deerfield; being de- pressed; a certain guy!; watching the twinkie kid eat! Activities: Track 1-4, co capt 3,4; Field Hockey 1-3; Peer Educator 3,4; T Club. DONNA MARIE VERRIER " I am not afraid to face tomorrow, for I have seen yesterday, and I love today. " Egoh ' s goal is to become a successful person in whatever I do, and to be able to travel. Likes: a certain guy (R.O.); British accents; being with friends; partying; cruising; the pot- holes; feeling good; summer nights. Dis- likes: stuck-ups, two faced people; blind dates that never work out; red lights; col- d rainy mornings; getting sick; waiting around. Activities: Colorguard 3,4; T Club 3,4. 27 JILL ANN WATROUS " The headlines read these are the best of times - I do believe it ' s true. ' - STYX Jill ' s goal is to live life to its fullest, and to be happy in whatever I do. Likes: 7 3 83; crui- sin ' with Amy; singing with Sue; Hawaii; crunching ice; being in the middle Dislikes: 12 22 82; always being behind!; driving with Murph when she ' s mad; " Getcha there! " Activities: Volleyball 1,2; Student Council 1-4; Chorus 1-4; Madrigals 2-4, pres 4; Class Historian 4; Drama Club 1-4; Stu- dent Advisory 2-4; Plays: Lil ' Abner, Ghosts Go West, Brigadoon, Fathers been to Mars, Harvey. DANIEL JOHN WHITTEN " Roses are red, violets are blue, Most poems rhyme, But this one doesn ' t. " - author un- known Dan ' s goal is to own and operate a major northeast ski resort. Likes: Fiat Spi- ders; skiing; The Eagles; driving the Spider; sailing; snow; Flat Street; sleeping late; BRUINS. Dislikes: pesimists; DTUMWTC; LFG at 11:00; incompetent drivers. Activi- ties: Ski Club 2-4; Class Vice President 3; Student Council President 4; Jaskin Connie Club V.P. 4; C Club. 28 LAWRENCE V. WHEELER " The disadvantage of being wise is that you realize how foolish you ' ve been. " Larry ' s goal is to own his own law firm. Likes: Bar- bara; soccer; summer nights; running at night. Dislikes: being lied to; rainy days; smokers. Activities: Soccer 3,4; Track 3,4; Peer Educator 3,4l DANIEL THOMAS WHITEMAN " There are a lot of ways to become a failure, but never taking a chance is the most suc- cessful. Digger ' s goal is to get a good job and settle down. Likes: Kathe; The Mer- chants; Celtics; riding in the back of a cer- tain truck; talking to Al; beating Greenfield; Abbott ' s house; 11 29 81; 25; 8 25 84; sleeping. Dislikes: Monday mornings; los- ing to Greenfield; waiting; tobacco; sprints; morning after Abbott ' s. Activities: Football 3,4; Basketball 2-4; Baseball 3. CHRISTA DAWN WILLIAMS " He who hoots with owls at night can not soar with eagles at dawn. " - TB-CW Cri ' s goal is to never become a secretary and to always lead an interesting, bountiful life. Likes: 40; The Stompers; spinach chasers; Nautilus; powy and ziyadah; Loverboy ' 83; munching out. Dislikes: " Let ' s talk about it. " ; smoking; Tina Tuna; those crooked yel- low lines in the road; waiting. Activities: Cheering 1-4; Tournament; Class Vice Presi- dent 4; Ski Club- Treasurer; Football Stats. 1; C Club President 2-4; Student Council; Sen- ior Assembly ' 82; T Club; Girls Track 1; Donkey Basketball 3,4; Gymnastics. ALAN MICHAEL WONDOLOSKI " It ' s time like these when you find out who your real friends are. " Wondo ' s goal is to become a race car driver, or work on WAAF 107. Likes: Hot Rods; music; sports; art; talking to Digger; food; Boston Bruins. Dis- likes: V4 engines; certain vegetables; school; people making fun of Polish people. Activi- ties: Golf, fishing; watching the Bruins; working on my car. EDWARD WONG Teddy ' s goal is- 5-8, 180 lbs., and solid. Likes: fast cars; fastback Mustangs; L.R. Dislikes: V.W. Buses; Fiats; Algebra with Wanczyk; low hurdles; gas milage. Activi- ties: Baseball 1-3; Football 2. THERESA JEAN ZAMOJSK1 " To T.F.H.S.- Goodbye, Farewell, and Amen.’ " - Alan Alda Terry ' s goal is to over- come all obstacles, meet new people, and always have a smile on her face. Likes: Rob- bie; 9 17 83; M A S H; Yaz; The Bruins; Cape Cod; laughing; being Polish!!! Dis- likes: green; being imitated; being ignored; cracking knuckles. Activities: Peer Educa- tors; Class Treasurer 3; TFAA; Yearbook Staff 4; Chorus 1-4; Student Council 1-4; vice pres 4; T Club; Phys Ed Aide 3,4; Varsi- ty Football Stats.; Booster Day Parade Com- mittee 3; Booster Day Queen; cookette 4. 29 CLASS Chris Abbott leaves Tawny with two more years at T.F.H.S., and all his friends with a piece of the rock. Brenda Atkins leaves Lisa to drag her heavy basket across the room; Kelly to be an unbalanced pair; Tracy a spare key and a tall glass of Quick; Jeff another year with the people in " 85 " ; and Cri to melt the rest of the ice cube. Lisa Bocon leaves Karen with 2 more years of fun; Carol in the Twilight Zone; Karen Cindy and their " Little White Men " ; Carole with no film; Kel with Mr. Right; and Jonsie at Detox. Sue Bordeaux leaves Ray to find someone else to talk into Advanced Math; and missing all the good friends made throughout high school. Cary Brule leaves Graceson a roll of toilet paper; Casual good jokes and hot food; Mr. Slattery an open bottle of ammonium sulfide; a tobacco lunch to Wondo; Estrada his carpet; Buffy the shower and Red not caring. Chris Bunce leaves Toby hassles with the Volvo; Miner any color besides blue; Fred with a signed blank dismissal; Dirt with Annette; Ed Wong with his own drug ring and Karen with memories and hope for a good future with Ev. Jason Burnett leaves Tammy a year to live without me; G.B. Two more; and Charest still learning how to play Basketball. Tina Canon leaves Tammy with who knows how many more years; Jill and Sue a GEE ZUM CROW; Hannah happiness; and Nancy a hug and Many Thanks. Carp leaves again - May he never return. Kim Cournoyer leaves with tears i n her eyes; " Cool Paul " to find another excuse for not chaperoning dances; and only one Cournoyer left at good old T.F.H.S. since 1975. Mary-Ellen Crouse leaves Julie and Kim to find somewhere else to watch GH on Thursdays; Lisa, Karen, Brenda, Cri,Tracy,Tina,andKimC. to have a very happy life- See you at the first class reunion! Tom Crouse leaves Tom ' s Taxi Service to someone else; Pee Wee at J.L. ' s babysitting; and Julie wondering if she ' s going to work at Papa Gino ' s for the rest of her life. Cathy Demars leaves Kelly with her tongue hanging out; Quag some money for her fingernails; Missey on Kel ' s porch; all the good times with Lisa after signing out; and because I ' ve seen enough. Terri Dion leaves being the last Dion to pass through T.F.H.S.; Murph a flash-light instead of matches; and Amy stuffing her dress in her pocketbook. Dirt Dolan leaves one Big joke to enter another. Eric Emond leaves Ed Wong a new set of tires; Heff wondering if his car will ever get fixed; and to Florida with the Crew for summer vacation. Missy Fisher leaves Tracy Barnes a bottle of Asti ' and one more year of broken guns ripped nylons; and Sam to put up with Tracy during football season. Amy-jo Fuller leaves wondering what we ll all be like when we meet again-(Class of 1984); and Chris enough candy to last him throughout his years at T.F.H.S. Chris Ghiz leaves 22 to another Superstar. Toby Grader leaves Fred one more year and an official smoking permit. Kim Grader leaves Wen s to go to RC alone and 1 more long Kick A — year; Tawny 2 and Mark 4 more long years at T.F.H.S.; my mother and Mr. D. wondering how I ever made it; Mr.H. to help someone else in woodshop. Dawn Guilbault leaves Terry at 7-eleven and forgetting P.N. at W.W.; Karen at the rink; and Kim making up her mind and still being CO - SIE. Heff Hallett leaves his set of horns and 56 for little " Heff " to carry on the family name. Lynn Hillman leaves Karen to have to walk to school on cold mornings and Dianna to have to do Mrs. Libby ' s homework by herself. Carol Kobera leaves Joansie at De-Tox; Terry Karen with a harum of MEN; CT with LJ; VD in RH playing Lisa rocking; Nurse Jane at home in bed. Deb Kocsis leaves Graceson hedge trimmers to keep his moustache in check and a big hug; Shell to figure out that % + l s is %; Tracy to have no one else to rescue in Accounting; Carole to enjoy reading her pens over and over. Lynda Kozma leaves Barb and " Auntie " Karen three more boring years; Mrs. Rob with a pile of broken guns, and Mr. D. a Big Mac. Karen Leh leaves Eric and Timmy at the fair P.U.G.; Terry Dancing in the street and at the fair; Dawn in G.H.S. parking lot with the cops; Lisa and Carol living at Friendly ' s and WHA1; Paula BOO-OOOK!!!; Kelly lying in the street; Cindy hanging on the railing; and Mary with all her G.G. Leslie Lemon leaves a Shrinking Machine to Brenda; a Stop N Shop laundry basket to Paula; the song of Miss X and best wishes to Tom; and a pizza in an elevator for Tracy to chase. Michelle Letellier leaves Mr. Doboz with his binoculars looking out in the field, and Tina S. with Tammy A. Brenda Linscott leaves Laurie a commuter mug and a package of balloons, Paula running from the DOGS!!!; Tracy being followed by a mustang at Hampton Beach, Leslie a shrinking machine and a babycone; Carole a musical card; Wayne with sewed up pockets and turtlenecks; hoping Tim will give up M M ' s, and leaves T.F.H.S. with many happy memories. John Lund leaves the Accounting, General Business, and Contemporary Media text books. Afterall, they ' re not his . Laurie Majewski leaves finding Tom who left; Tracy a manual on how to pump gas and chasing a skunk; Brenda balloons and a spare set of keys; Paula B.S. B.n while rockin ' John ' s Van; Wayne feeling guilty and a lifetime supply of Field and Stream; and Tim a peachy potato. Edgar Martin leaves Heff wondering if His car will ever get fixed; Topher wondering who stepped on His head; and Boguz another way to Me Donalds. Edgar also leaves with the Crew to Florida for summer vacation. Debbie Mayhew leaves Mr. Snapp with someone else to snore during class; Janice, Karen, and Kim figuring out their own guy problems; Tina behind the right rear tire; and wondering if her brothers will ever make it. Bill Me Cormick leaves Dave and Fred one more year, and Mr. Dobaz wondering what I ' m doing. Jeff Miner leaves Fred to put up with the Class of " 85 " . Carole Momaney leaves Cindy on Crocker Ave.; Kelly drooling over half of the Bruins; Lisa wondering if we ' ll ever come back; Carol and Lisa lost somewhere in the Twilight Zone; and to whoever is crazy enough to be an editor next year: A ton of ad contracts, a loaded camera, a large bottle of aspirin, and a lot of LUCK!!!!!!! 30 WILL Lisa Mongiello leaves Mr. D luck w Roxanne; Kelly a box of Kleenex; Karen in the middle of nowhere; Cathy alone in the front seat; Tracy Bren some more Punchies for this New Year ' s Eve, Matt thinking of some excuses. Paula Morrison leaves Brenda running from the Dogs! Laurie suffering on John ' s bed; Tracy yelling " The Cops, The Cops " !!! July 4th weekend; Leslie a box of frozen peas; Karen BOO-OOK!!!; Cindy a bottle of Pepto Bismol; Wayne to find the " Right Girl " ; Tim a big Hug and Kiss; Jenny happiness; and many nice memories and friends. Cindy Mosca leaves Carole at the yellow light; Lisa a pair of Ruby Dube shorts; Jen an alarm clock; Karen being attacked by " little white men; " Paula a roll of Charmin; Bob 2 down and 4 to go; Lisa drawing her veggie men " and Kelly trying to throw 50 strikes. Tim Nalepinski leaves Brenda M M ' s; and Wayne BRENDA ' S M M ' s. Murphy O ' Conner leaves Terri with a book of matches and enough guts to make her own phone calls; Sue, Paul, and Eric 2 more years at T.F.H.S.; and Chris and Heff at the camp with a can of oriental noodles and a bottle of Barbaque sauce. Tim Peura leaves Scott another 4 years of school; and my favorite table and chair in the library to someone else who wants it. Tina Phillips leaves Beth the best of luck for her Senior year; Mrs. Gewanter applications for a replacement " Errand Girl " ; and last but not least the Faculty of TTH-S. Peace Quiet- Finally!!!! Karen Rivet leaves Sue Sha to get on Mr. D ' s good side; Lisa always waiting for me; Tracy Joey fighting over a bowl; Momcat stuck in my downvest; Julie a Captain Crunch treasure map; and Fred 1 more year. Dawzin Robinson leaves K.N. a Djarum; G.C. to find the perfect trumpet; the Red Mafia my whistle, and Mrs. P. two more years of J.H., A.K., and G.C. Casual Routhier leaves an open bottle of Ammonium Sulfide to Mr. Slattery; tranquilizers for all of Mr. Garbiel ' s students; 7 50 dollars worth of spare parts to Gary ' s Nova; and 200 dollars worth of groceries to Les and Craig. Tracy Saharceski leaves Brenda a pet parrot and a Junior G-man badge; Laurie a Happy Meal and a certain mechanical horse; Paula getting soaked in the " Time Tunnel " ; Wayne trying to find out what " big bucks are all about " ; Tim in church wearing shiny white shoes; Amy 3 more years; Leslie a huge pizza; and with many fond remembrances of T.F.H.S. Chet Sak leaves D.C. a new taxi service. Julie Sanders leaves Susan Tabby P.O.T.P.P.; Karen riding in the cab alone; Shawn mixing choc, pudding; Tina with a can of beans; Kim under the boardwalk; Cri at the laundry mat with $2; Mary-Ellen a future with Tom; and Emery a year left of volleyball practice. Tony Scopa leaves waiting 2 more years for Alecia to graduate; wondering what to do after graduation; thanking my father for putting up with all my " B.S. " over the years; wondering if Freddy will ever make it; and finally leaves T.F.H.S. for good. Topher Shanahan leaves Casey Kilbosa 2 white Globeulars; and Jim a salty neck a pepperd !!! Candy Sini leaves Jeanie H. stilts so she can be as tall as Greenfield next year; Mrs. Robinson broken guns and ripped nylons; and everyone the best of luck in everything. Tina Slauenwhite leaves hoping that Kimmer doesn ' t get Mr. Garbiel; the next generation to match one of " The SLEEPOVERS " ; and Mr. Coburn to find a better bunch. Wayne Tencati leaves Laurie M. a Happy life with Tom N., Brenda L. With many happy and sad memories that he will always remember; Tracy S. and Paula M. Courage to keep going on in life; Tim N. some Led Zeppelin tapes and a V.W. bus to go across country with Carp; and Ed Wong with his own Auto Body shop. Tammy Thayer leaves Shelly with no one to tell her problems to; Shane 3 more years; and T.F. another Thayer on the way. Tracy Thompson leaves Brenda a box of chocolates and her mobile; Cri going to the game; Chris to her relatives; Lisa with one foot on the floor; and Karen I always checking headlights until wer ' e 20. Kelly Tompkins leaves Cindy in New York with a punk cut; Carole a camera without film; Lisa bugging Mr. Mullins by herself; Karen L. w Rick; Boc a bigger gumbie; Emery with a banana peel; Ky the last Tompkins to graduate from T.F.H.S., and many happy memories!!! Donna Verrier leaves Pam with a big smile when someone walks by; Joe-D to find his his own way to school; Mrs. Rob w some roses; Rose w someone else to fight with; and someone else to take my place at school. Jill Watrous leaves Stan 1 Extra LARGE diaper; Amy Reeses ' Pieces Sundaes; Tina 10 packs of Velamints; Sue still fixing her car; Kim 5 packs of gum; and Kerry and Wendy good times at T.F.H.S. Larry Wheeler leaves Eric 5 more years of soccer; David and Mr. Mullens still arguing; Tammy $ to find Jake; Mr. Mullens to run the course with a coke and an old Gold. Dan Whiteman leaves the Class of " 85 " to get revenge of Greenfield. Cri Williams leaves Karen, Lisa, Tracy, and I on a certain full moon, Friday; Kimmy only able to swallow Ice cream and milk; Tina w chicken fingers in one hand fluffer-nutter in the other; Kevy the " ice cube " in boiling water; The girls in gym deadlocked in a grueling competition for the undies championship; and Shawn to have the best year of her life in " 84 " . Alan Wondoloski leaves his car to the class and his KISS records to Digger. Dan Whitten leaves Tom Cotter 15 Charter members in the Jaskin Connie Club; and Mr. Slattery an open bottle of ammonium sulfide. Ed Wong leaves Heads to keep toking; Bunce high all the time; Emond one more passing gear; Ghiz stuck in a snowbank; Heffer a new car; Martin a can of paint; Wayne 12 point deer; and Topher a heater. Terry Zamojski leaves Dawn at Wild West on Prom Night; Karen the " Boogey Man " , and the night adventures; Carol being chased and laughing; Joan the last one to drive to school in the " TANK " - Also have FUN your last year!!! PERSONALITIES Friendliest Dawn Guilbault, Tim Nalepinski Best Sense of Humor Brenda Linscott, Eric Emond Did Most for Class Dan Whitten, Kim Courno yer A N- V Most Talkative Tracy Saharceski, Chris Shanahan Class Couple Tom Crouse, Julie Sanders 33 Changed the Most in 4 Years Cathy Demars, Jeff Miner Best Dressed Amy Fuller, Alan Wondoloski Most Likely to Succeed Carole Momaney, Tom Routhier Class Clowns Rob Martin, Carol Kobera Funniest Laugh Wayne Tencati, Jill Watrous Most Optimistic Dan Whitten, Tina Slauenwhite 34 Class Athletes Kelly Tompkins, Chris Ghiz • f Jr Class Flirts Kathy O ' Connor, Chris Abbott Class Brains Leslie LeMon, Gary Brule Most Gullible Jeff Miner, Lisa Mongiello Class Musicians Gary Brule, Dawn Robinson Class Artists John Lund, Michelle Letellier 35 1. J Burnett 2. S Bordeaux 11 T Routhier 12. L Majewski 3. C O ' Connor 13. T Zamojski 4. D Mayhew 14. J Watrous 5. D Guilbault 15. B Linscott -Wfc i W 6. A Wondoloski 16. P Morrison JK 7. L Hillman 17. T Saharceski Jf w- 1 8. C Momaney 18. K Tompkins m r ! 9. C Williams 19. J Sanders A 2R ‘ 10. T Thompson 20. W Tencati 21 . 22 . 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. T Dion K Rivet C Mosca T Canon T Grader K Sak C Bunce L Kozma K Grader The Class of 84 would like to dedicate our yearbook to Mr. Richard Coburn. We thank you for all that you Ve done for us. Without you , we never could have had as much fun or as many wonderful memories. We will miss you. 38 CLASS HISTORY FRESHMEN (1980-1981) This was our first year in " high school " and we started the year without any money in our treasury and without an advisor. We solved the advisor problem by recruiting Ms. Truslow, the art teacher. As for money, well, we had to work on that one! Cindy Mosca represented us as the Lady-In-Waiting. Our Booster Day float was " Little Miss Muffett " and we managed to win a trophy for third place. This was because we couldn ' t get the right paint and we ended up using house paint, which made the napkins stick together. By the end of the year we were one- fourth of the way up the ladder, and we were climbing fast!! SOPHOMORES (1981-1982) This year began a little more organized. We had Mr. Coburn as our Advisor. (Little did we know he would stay with us until graduation!!) We also had a little money in our treasury. This year ' s Booster Day float was " Rocky " , and we won second place. We had fun building this one because we used paper mache, which was fun to get into fights with!! Brenda Atkins was our Dut- chess and we had a lot of fun that weekend. We finally received our rings and celebrated with a Ring Dance. It was fun even though a third of us didn ' t get them because they came in late. We also went on Mrs. Neville ' s annual trip to Crane ' s Beach. It was a great day, even though we were late getting there because one of the buses broke down. Remember the showers and the Howard Johnsons we stopped at?? Well, now we ' re half way up the ladder!! .xr JUNIORS (1982-1983) This year proved to be a busy one for our class. To begin with, Dawn Guilbault was our Princess, and our float was " Pinochio " . Once again we placed second. It was so cold that year, we had to take turns working on the float while the other warmed themselves up with Mrs. Crouse ' s famous hot chocolate! This year ' s fun- draisers were a raffle and a donkey basketball game, which was a real success. We used the money we raised for our Prom. It was held at Lord Jeffrey ' s Alumni House in Amherst. The theme was " Love Lift Us Up Where We Belong " and we danced to the music of Sea Breeze. It was definitely one of the best ever! We ended the year with the Senior Assembly. Everyone had a lot of fun doing it, especially the guys who danced to " New York, New York " . We are now three-fourths of the way up the ladder. They say always look ahead and never behind, but I ' m sure all of us will. SENIORS (1983-1984) We ' re the finally at the top!!! We began the year with a combination car-wash-tag sale in the summer. It seems more people were washed than cars!!! Tery Za- mojski represented our class as Queen this year. Our float, " Raid " , only placed fourth, but at least we had fun making it! We put on another donkey basketball game in which the senior girls beat the senior guys. It was great!!! The whole class is preparing for gradu- ation; looking for a guest speaker, getting measured for caps and gowns, and making sure we have enough credits. Although everyone is anxious about gradu- ation, we all know it will be a sad day, for it is when the life we ' ve known as our " school days " has ended and a new one is beginning. Although we don ' t really know what lies ahead, we can always remember the years in which we made history at T.F.H.S. Respectively, Jill Watrous Class Historian, 1984 — FACULTY GILL-MONTAGUE REGIONAL SCHOOL ADMINISTRATION MR. ROBERT SULDA ADMIN. ASSISTANT HIGH SCHOOL ADMINISTRATORS 1 MR. DONALD LAPIERRE PRINCIPAL MR. STAN DOBOSZ ASSOCIATE PRINCIPAL 44 HIGH SCHOOL SECRETARIES I OU LL MRS. PATRICIA THOMPSON MRS. SANDY PATTERSON MRS. JANE SCHAB MR. ALBERT STONE MR. DAVID HUNTLEY DEPT. HEAD MR. WILLIAM HAZLETT INDUSTRIAL ARTS Seated: Patti Lanfair, Marjorie Miner, Bert Semaski, Ping Wong. Standing: Marguerite Willard, Loraine Mosca, Ann Tennyson, Anita Lambert. CAFETERIA STAFF MR. ANDREW REWA MR. STANLEY KOSCINSKI MR. RICHARD PATTERSON 1 N Ej N f « s - MR. BERNIE FOUNIER MR. CHARLES EMERY CUSTODIANS MR. JOHN NEE MR. EDWARD ZAMOJSKI I MR. PAUL PROKOPAS MR. ROLLAS BATTEN MR. KENNETH SLATTERY - DEPT. HEAD SCIENCE MRS. HANNAH NEVILLE MR. DAVID HOITT MR. JEFFREY KENNEY 48 MRS. BARBARA O ' CONNELL MRS. ROSEMARY MADDERN MRS. LINDA LEAVIS GUIDANCE MRS. NORMA GEWANTER MR. ROBERT AVERY NURSE OUTREACH COUNSELOR JUDITH KATZ 50 PHYSICAL EDUCATION MR. CHARLES G. MULLINS MRS. DEBORAH LOOMER HEALTH HOME ECONOMICS MRS. CHARLOTTE ROBINSON MR. PAUL COURNOYER DEPT. HEAD MRS. MARIE LOVEN, DEPT. HEAD BUSINESS MRS. SYLVIA TOBIN DEPARTMENT HEAD MR. ALBERT CONSOLETTI MRS. MARION SCOTT MR. ALBERT ROUTHIER DEPARTMENT HEAD FOREIGN LANGUAGE MISS DOROTHY TRIPP MRS. MARSHA SMITH MRS. MICHELE HOECKER MRS. DENISE LEMAY MRS. BETSY LACZYNSKI SPECIAL EDUCATION MRS. CAROL CROFTON MRS. MARGRET BRIDGES MRS. CHARLENE SULDA 53 MR. BARRY COPPINGER MR. DOMINIC CAVALLARO ENGLISH MRS. LINDA SLATTERY DEPT. HEAD MISS FRANCES CASSIDY MR. JOHN O ' RILEY MISS JUDITH KOMISHANE 54 MR. MICHAEL WANCZYK MRS. VELMA DEAN MR. DAVID KNOX MATH MR. EDWARD BOURDEAU MR. RAYMOND GARBRIEL DEPT. HEAD MR. WESLEY SNAPP CLASS OF 1985 Row 1; Ann Mleczko, Pres.; C. Pinardi, V. Pres.; Nancy Sokolosky, Secretary; Paul Sirum, Historian; Joan Zamojski, Treasurer 58 Row 1; D. Emery, S. Fitzpatrick, P. Verrier, J. Boguslawski, R. Slongwhite, R. McCaffrey, C. Pinardi, N. Peterson, Row 2; S. Mayrand, B. Peura, J. Zamojski, N. Sokolosky, K.. Burek, L. Quagaroli, A. Mleczko, P. Sirum, M. Casey Row 3; T. Osowski, C. Jarvis, F. Stebbins, J. Ghiz, K.. Emery, M. Godzinski, M. Salustri, T. Dicola, Row 4; T. Corliss, R. Demers, J. Rewa, T. Barnes, C. Secord, M. Legacy Row 1; M. Mahar, S. Cocking, D. Mahar, M. Reid, T. Scully, M. Saunders, K. Hartnett Row 2; M Lewis, G. Crommiler, D. Leh, A. Castine, S Mann, C. Tower, A. Bristol Row 3; J, Haselton, J. Gleba, L. Hurd, J. Magoon, K. Momaney, L. Folk, C. Choleva, L. Johnson, Row 4, R. Golash, B. Pease, R. Johnstone, N. Thompson, C. Mahar, T. Chrostowsky, H. Scott Row 1; T. Cotter, C, Williams, A. Lemere, E. Smith, M. Williard, B. Freeman, G. Dodge Row 2; K. Zvwna. M McCarthy N Fuller, G. Sak E Sulda, R. Czarnecki, R. Bak, D. Aitken Row 3; J. Burnett, M. Dobosz, R Lenois, M. Podlesny D Chaplin C. Coyle P Guennette Row 4 k Bourbeau, T. Savage, T. Avery, K. Brown, M. Sicard, M. Squires 59 CLASS OF 1986 Alan Savinski, Pres.; James Jurek, V. Pres.; Kathy Erland, Secretary; Tammy Downs, Historian; Millisa Reil, Treas. Row 1; D. Muniz, A. Sabine, L. Morin, A. Jenks, T. Duncan, D. Morin, P. Reipold, S. Edwards Row 2; C. Podlesny, J. Chase, K. Emond, C. Cutler, J. Courtemanche, L. Greenfield, T. Barnes, R. Schouler, C. Emond Row 3; F. Stebbins, C. Jarvis, J. Mosca, M. Reil, M. Scanlan, D. Johnstone, K. Mayhew Row 4; L. Grybko, T. Hackett, R. Williams, G. Burnett, R. Baker, R. Russell, D. McCassie 60 Row 1; A. Byrd, A. Holmes, T. McClellan, L. Rosewarne, S. Rivet, A. Giguere, D. LaPierre, T. Traceski, Row 2; L. Zewinski, T. Downes, C. Erland, L. Brennan, K. Nalepinski, S. Mayrand, E. Sonn, K. Cavanaugh Row 3; D. Arsenault, D. Whiteman, J. Humphrey, G. Currier, S. Hubert, A. Kostecki, J. Smiarowski, S. Bernstein Row 4; S. Lemere, K.. Bartos, R. Collette, B. Brule, T. Stone, A. Norwood, D. Walsh Row 1; E. Croteau, J. Jurek, R. Hyson, S. Jacquay, M. Kuzloski, J. Stevens, T. Scott Row 2; J. Letourneau, M. Griffin, P. Mayrand, A. Savinski, P. Burek, K. Richotte, J. George, T. Blanchard Row 3; B. Levine, T. Avery, T. Dubreuil, E. Leh, P. Socquet, E. Fiske, D. Brunelle, C. Hoynoski Row 4; W. Welcome, B. Savine, M. Wirth, M. Smith, C. LeMon, J. Ward CLASS OF 1987 Jamie Tibbetts, Pres., Amy Conger, V. Pres.; Heather Black, Secretary; JoLllen Miner, Treasurer; Melany Scott, Historian. 6? Kow 1, K Hillman, I I.apinski, I Karpinsky, K Zywna, K. C asey, A Viens, B I.eb, K I ' homas, J T ibbetts Row 2; II. Byrd, K. Castine, I Stetson, | Rail .uik, I B.ubei, C C aipentei, B Kosma, J Janikas, C Denials. Row 3, K. Deso, L. Banasbe, C. Cbolova, J. Dobosz, S. Denkiewuz, R Williams, J I’t.ik, S. Thayer, D Jaipie, M. Cove, M Heath, J. lowlei. Row 1; D. Charest, S. Mayhew, D. Holmes, B. Task, D. Lenois, J. Jasienowski, A. Jackman, P. Brenner Row 2; C. Schwartz, J. Stone, A. Conger, D. Foster, J. Jekanowski, P. York, M. Lessard, B. Meady, D. Talbot, J. Kuzmeskus Row 3; D. Fisher, E. Cromack, C. Stockwell, C. Kelly, M. Scott, C. Smith, K. Pierce, M. Bartlett, D. Robinson, T. Czernich. Row 1; J. Wright, M. Lambert, L. Macphil, D. Costa, K. Burnell, L. Dagilus, T. Perkins, K. Foley. Row 2; J. Miner, T. Avery, N. Emond, C. Filanowski, D. Sanders, C. Fortin, D. Demars, K. O ' Neill, F. Benzio Row 3; H. Black, L. Emery, L. Chagnon, S. Robertson, C. Markowski, J. Sicard, D. Bogusz, R. Couette Row 4; T. Moore, D. Targetta, D. Muniz, K. Graves, A. Stafford, M. Mankowski, D. Tencati 63 JUNIOR HIGH-CLASSES OF 1988 AND 1989 Row 1; J. Radzuik; S. Woodard; C. Cutler; S. Barnes; T. Golembeski; M. Mahar; G. Adie; R. Moo re; B. Johnson; T. Ward. Row 2; T. McCay; S. Gove; T. Boissonneault; P. Schwartz; T. Cominoli; A. Ozdarski; L. Manzer; S. Markol; S. Sirum; C. Edwards; T. Dugre. Row 3; S. Brusso; R. Crofton; T. Walsh; J. Putala; J. Eggleston; R. Prevere; T. Scott; R. Parmenter; S. View. Row 1; J. Squires; M. Demars; K. Tompkins; L. Phillips; J. Kovalsick; J. Marsh; D. Robinson; R. Mosca. Row 2; A. Parda; T. Savage; W. Limen; M. Warden; P. Tower; D. Godzinski; D. Tiland; B. Fisher; S. Sulda; C. Neil. Row 3; S. Fellows; P. Zewinski; A. Malloux; D. Grizby; D. LaFleur; E. Sauter; G. Gellows; B. Fellows; B. Markowski; J. Reipold; B. Richotte. 65 Row 1 I Yanvalhenburgh: B Bender S Bush: L Sabine: k Stetson: C. Hoslcy T Maddern D Porrier. Row 2 R Yonkries: A Predmore: ! ' Mavrand: VV. Conger: B Sli.rw, S Rivet: T Shearer: C. Bouthillier: T Cany M Griffin. Row 2. R Aldrich: B Burek: k Morin: .). Cod inski: k Slaeunwhite: I Thomas A Aitkens: S Darling J. Dobosz. Row 1 D Dobias: 1 Pvtionv P Meriott: D Andrea G. Greuling T Whiteman D Nalepinski: M. Duncan. Row 2 G kovalsick B Peat son A Thorton M White A Cole 1 Ambo: C Neill R Row. Row 2 k Dubriel A Slongwhite D. Booska T Richotte k ku ontkoski N Demo B Sanders T Scopa. I Brule Row 4: S. Fiskc B Madson: G. Beauchesne .1. Duda S Turner S Wood: G McCrorv I Houghton t 6 Row 1; M. Hubert; R. Williams; J. LeMoine, K. Brant; M. Peletier; K. Bernstein; S. Frey; S. Stachelek. Row 2; C. Lund; M. Collette; B. Smith; N Widener; N. Phillips; E. Casey; R. Gerish; B. Mitchowski. Row 3; S. Swindel, D. Earl; D. Smith; L. Doolittle; T. Brear; E. Senn; M McCagon. Row 1; M. Anear; J. Borris; J. Grisby; D. Marsh; R. Butler; B Allen; D. Roberge; A. Henderson; M. Chandler; A. Kopanou. Row 2; L. Adams; D. Chaplin; S. Sexton; L. Abbey; J. Hurd; S. Hubert; K. Williams; R. Swift; J. Wondoloski; J. Bender. Row 3; T. Bordeau; E. Baker; J. Williams; D Dicola; T. Sterling; K. Sak; B. Welcome; J. Grimard; D. Rogers; M. Courtemanche. 67 Row l; I. Howes; S McCabe, A Dobias; S. Beaubien; A. LeMon; R. East; T. Pallash; E. Sanders; S. Morin; N. Pelletier; J Basterache. Row 2. A Mullins; R. Dugre; R. Kuzmeskus; J. O ' Neal; A. Burek; H. Schab; J. Thayer; K. Pellitier; B. Hyson; M. Zayac; J. Rubin. Row 3; D. Earl; F. Chase; D. Brooks; R. Lapinsky; B. Doyle; W. Mahar; H Latka; T. Pleasant: L. Jablonski; T. Day, J. McDonough. Row 1; M Kosloski; E. Cutler; J. Scott. M. Letourneau. Row 2; K. Lynch; D. James; J. Rastallis; P. Loveland; K. Lambert; N. Leveille; T. Webber; S. Thompson: L. Moore. Row 3; T. Bannister; K. Rowsey; E. Jenks; K. Emond; C. Norwood; D. Clark; R. Avery; M. Brido; J. Kocsis. 68 Row 1; C. Haselton; E. Peterson; S. Stone; T. Sibley; T. Traceski; J. Thatcher. Row 2; K. Anderson; D. Fiske; J. Tibbetts; R. Morin; M. Reil; C Davis; B. Berthmue. Row 3; D. Casey; T. Renowiski; G. Smith; S. Sirum; E. Saczawa; G. Senn; R. Bradley. Row 1; M Dobis; A. Smith; C. Areglado; T. Reipold; D. Koshinsky; W. Richardson. Row 2; T. Pydych; M. Hubbard; J. Parent; G. Carner; W Cadie; J. Mathey; G. James; Row 3; N. Duda; T. Prentice; E. Brown; N. Carme; C. Dodge; J. Asselin; R. Rushford; A. Bristol. 69 ' 4 YEARBOOK STAFF Editors: Carole Momaney and Paula Morrison Kathy Coyle Tracy Saharceski Cheryl Tower Tina Canon Darlene Mahar Tommy Routhier Gary Brule Kelly Tompkins Jill Watrous Terry Zamojski Amy Conger Dawn Guilbault Laurie Majewski Lisa Folk Brenda Linscott Advisor: Mr. Barry Coppinger 72 HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT GOVERNMENT OFFICERS HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT GOVERNMENT JUNIOR HIGH STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS 74 JUNIOR HIGH STUDENT COUNCIL NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY OFFICERS NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY JUNIOR NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY SENIOR T CLUB UNDERCLASSMEN T CLUB 76 COMPUTER MONITORS 8 COMPUTER CLUB HIGH SCHOOL CHORUS HIGH SCHOOL CONCERT BAND 83 11)1 JUNIOR HIGH CONCERT BAND JUNIOR HIGH CHORUS 86 VARSITY FOOTBALL 88 JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL ism JUNIOR HIGH FOOTBALL FIELD HOCKEY VARSITY VOLLEYBALL JUNIOR VARSITY VOLLEYBALL TURNER! — - FA IIS TURNERS FALLS TURNERS falls urner FALL TURRC C-nfalU FRANKLIN COUNTY LEAGUE CO- CHAMPIONS GIRLS CROSS COUNTRY BOYS CROSS COUNTRY VARSITY SOCCER JUNIOR VARSITY SOCCER JUNIOR VARSITY BASEBALL JUNIOR HIGH BASEBALL 95 VARSITY BASEBALL VARSITY SOFTBALL 96 VARSITY CHEERLEADERS J.V. CHEERLEADERS 98 BOY’S SWIM TEAM GIRL’S SWIM TEAM 99 I ' W " " : i v BOYS VARSITY BASKETBALL 102 BOYS JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL 8 » N£ EJt s GIRLS VARSITY BASKETBALL GIRLS JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL 103 JUNIOR HIGH GIRLS BASKETBALL JUNIOR HIGH BOYS BASKETBALL 104 JUNIOR HIGH SOFTBALL GOLF TEAM 106 ACTIVITIES « Ioyouvy0 I loaoi FRIENDS OF THE YEARBOOK 1 +1 1 •If •If •Jf •If Sf •If •If •If •If •If •If •If •If •If •If •If •If •ff •ff •If •ff •ff •ff •tf •ff •ff •If •If •! fj fj% fj 0J% fj% fj fj fj p fj fj fj fj% fj% 0J9 fj% fj% •If •ff •tf •if •if •if •if •if •if •if •if •if •if •if •if •if •if •if •if •if •if •if •if •if •if •if •if •if fif •! 0j% 0j% fj 0J% fj% fj 0J ff ff ff ff ff ff ff fj fj fj fj fj fj fT fT fT fT •ff •ff •ff •If •If • I ' 0 •If If • I f •If If •If If +1 • I •U f I ' 0 • I i» •If If • I l 1 fT 7 Mr. Mrs. Ernest Momaney Mr. Mrs. Daniel R. Morrison Robert U. Charleen N. Sulda Mr. Mrs. Michael Saharceski Bob Sandy Guilbault Mr. Mrs. Benjamin Linscott Dwight Orilla Canon Marion Bob Scott Carol Thayer Mr. Mrs. Stephen Kozina Charlotte T. Robinson Robert L. Abbott Christina M. Abbott Mr. Mrs. Oxley Mr. Mrs. Kobera Sylvia A. Fisher Edward Virginia Letellier Robert H. Barnes, Jr. Mr. Edward Bourdeau A FRIEND •! • •! • I ' 0 •! 0 •! ! +1 1 1 • I ' • I » • I • I ' 0 • 1 0 • 1 0 •If • I • 1 0 •U +1 • 1 0 • 1 0 • 1 0 • 1 0 • I ' 0 • 1 0 • 1 0 • 1 1 0j fj ff fj fj ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff ff » f 1 •! m I M +1 • 1 0 •! 0 •! ' 0 •! 0 • I f • I • I ' 1 +1 +1 1 1 1 1 0 • I ' 0 •If +1 •If +1 • 1 0 • 1 0j j% 0j 0j% rj 0j 0j 0J+ 0J+ V V • If •!• •If •If •If •If mlf •If •If •If If •If •If •If •If • •If •If •If •If •If •If +jf •If •If •If •If •If •If fj% fj% fj fj fj fj 4 v PROFESSIONAL PATRONS Dr. John H. Caloon D.D.S. 4 Dell Street Turners Falls, MA 01376 Dr. Arthur E. Burke 73 Fourth Street Turners Falls, MA 01376 Equi ' s Spanish Gardens 35 Main Street Millers Falls, MA 01349 James A. Andreas D.M.D. 77 Fourth Street Turners Falls, MA 01376 Dwight K. Stowell, Jr. D.M.D. 62 Avenue A Turners Falls, MA 01376 114 FRANKLIN MEDICAL CENTER 164 HIGH ST GREENFIELD. MA Ol.iGI 141.1) 772 021 1 Dedicated To The Health Of Our Community Custom Poster And Sportswear Printing BETE FOG NOZZLE Inc. GREENFIELD. MASSACHUSETTS NOZZLES FOR INDUSTRY. FIRE PROTECTION A D AGRICULTURE Growing with Greenfield. CINDY’S HAIR FASHIONS 17 Dunton Street Turners Falls, MA 863-9798 Unisex Hair Styling Office and Studios at 486 Main Street P.O. Box 32 Greenfield, MA 01302 413-774-4301 Greenfield Dental Assoc. Elliott R Smolensky D.MD. Gene Goldstein 6 D S. 1 26 High Street Greenfield, MA 01301 774-2871 j - ilst in Cjhfl|,(?fin f ' ounhj am 1240 fm 98 3 Peter M. Bartini 413-774-4169 413-774-4630 MflIRLOFT 91 Main 6treet • Greenfield Mfl 01301 9 ? Burner Chef 78 Mohawk Trail Greenfield, MA 115 HALLMARK COLOR LABS Turners Falls, Massachusetts 0 Photography for college yearbooks Yearbook Associates Turners Falls, Massachusetts For a career in professional photography Hallmark Institute of Photography Turners Falls. Massachusetts WE RE A REAL FINE RESTAURANT • GREAT FOOD • GREAT SERVICE • GREAT VALUE riua Serendipity Great Entertainmen t HOWARD JOHNSON’S Rt 2. Mohawk Trail Greenfield. Massac hu%etu Always Open WILSON ' S FRANKLIN COUNTY’S LEADING DEPARTMENT STORE Since 1882 m A member of the Independent Grocer’s Alliance! TURNER FALLS IGA 200 Avenue A ACTION FOOTGEAR ACCESSORIES at HAMILTON’S SHOES 250 MAIN ST. GREENFIELD 1 Congratulations Class Of 1984 Bendi THE BENDIX CORPORATION Industrial Tools Division 180 Laurel Street Greenfield, MA 01301 Telephone (413) 774-4336 While you may not think of the town of Greenfield as being world renowned, it is because for over 108 years thread cutting tools and gages have been shipped around the world with the word “Greenfield” imprinted on them. We are very proud of this fact as it is the high quality of Greenfield tools that has enabled us to make the world GTD’s customers. But more importantly, we are proud of the people who make these tools. For over five generations people in this area have been demonstrating their skills by producing a line of thread cutting and gaging tools that are the finest in the world. f GREENFIELD TAP DIE DIVISION SANDERSON STREET, GREENFIELD, MASSACHUSETTS 01301 Industrial Tools Division 120 Maker of quality paper since 1900 LUNT SILVERSMITHS Greenfield, MA 01302 To Make Your Wedding A Memorable Day ... Leave All The Arrangements To “GOURMET” 6000 MEALS Tel. 774-2207 1148 Bernardston Rd. Greenfield, Mass. ESCOTT ' S SERVICE STATION Complete Automotive And Truck Radiator Service 4 Avenue A Turners Falls, MA 01376 Telephone 863-9315 A.H. RIST INSURANCE Chuck Donovan 56 Fourth Street Turners Falls, MA 863-4451 ‘‘We Insure Everything” (413) 774-2138 NAUTILUS SAUNA ROOMS WHIRLPOOL SPA AEROBIC EXERCISE The Body Shoppe v ? ) Health Fitness Centre MAD’S PC ACS 353 Main St. Greenfield ■• ' the most complete nautilus fitness CENTRE IN WESTERN NEW ENGLAND ' ' MIKE DUPREY ANDY DUPREY 306 HIGH STREET Owners GREENFIELD. MA 01 301 For Breakfast And Luncheon EASTERN TEXTILE COMPANY Textile - Domestic And Imported Cotton Silk - Woolens Power Square 0,0 ' ° PAUL R CACNE JR FOR ESTIN1ATE jSTfUPlACCD zAfoxt(iE.rn LpHat£. AUTO GLASS SUN ROOFS - PLATE GLASS WINDOW GLASS - CUSTOM MIRRORS - TABLE TOPS ALUMINUM STORE FRONT CONTRACTOR Greenfield, Mass 01301 368 High Street Telephone Greenfield. Mass. 01301 413-774-3737 Compliments Of GEORGE STARBUCK AND SONS, INC. Compliments Of ■ 115 Avenue A Turners Falls, MA (413) 863-4757 kayen ' 54ww Our Service Makes Friends 220 MAIN STREET ( GREENFIELD. MASS J 01X1 % THE WOK Chinese Restaurant JARVIS WELDING AND MANUFACTURING CO. State Street Rt. 5 10 Deerfield, MA 01342 Millers Falls Rd. : Turners Falls, MA 01376 Tel. 773-9057 Congratulations Class Of 1984! A 125 126 COnGRRTUlATIOnS and B€ST UJISH€S to the CLASS OF 1983 IJU ' Jlilfl CRvinG. mnssncHuseTTS 01344

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