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Turners Falls High School - Peske Tuk Yearbook (Turners Falls, MA) online yearbook collection, 1983 Edition, Cover

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I I i TEE LIST BODED - DP nSEE-TDI 83 OUH HOME OH THE HAHGE FILLED WITH DEHOXC C0W80VS STEAD FAST COWGIDLS SLT AND I I AND WILD INDIANS WHO ROAMED THE “PLAINS” TKOSE ENDLESS TRAILS W£HS I FILLfiS WITH . PIONEERS AND SUCCESS LOCKING FOKOrPOK - TUNITIES A Vif« Wfi ’ VE MET OUR CRALLENGES 1 i I FXNAI. HOUND UP WE’VE COME TO OUH 13 OFF INTO THB SUNSET WE ' EL SOON8B RIDING TO COI QUEH NSW frontx hs 15 WANTED DEAD 0 ALIVE REWARD For The Capture Of The CLASS OF 1983 DEAN ROBERT BAKER MICHAEL ANTHONY BILLIEL CINDY LOUISE BORGES " Winning isn’t everything, IT’S CELEBRATING AFTER- WARDS.” Dibs’ goal is to own a brand new jeep and live in California. Likes: Mudgupping; XC Skiing; marathons; root- beer and chicken McNuggets; Mt. Monadnock. ACTIVITIES; Track 2-4; Cross Country 3-4; Swim team 4. “If man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a differ- ent drummer. Let him step to the music he hears, however measured or far away.’’-Tho- reau. Linda’s goal is to make it through till December to be happy and smile at least once a day. LIKES; 1 26 27 82; 12 3 83; Ed; making plans; laughing with friends; volley- ball; music; Air Supply; Sum- mer of ’81; Barry Manillow; 10 31 82, poetry, Boston; special rings; and Philippians 4:13. ACTIVITIES: Concert Band 2-4. “There is a past which is gone forever, but there is a future which is still our own.” Mike’s goal is To be somebody . . . LIKES: Laughing at P.S. and D.B.; Tango; Bill’s House; X-C Skiing; Tainted Love Parties. (E.T.); Michelob Light; Period C study; Crabtree Dormitory; Florida; 12 26 82. ACTIVI- TIES: Basketbal 1; Student Government 1-4; Ring Commit- tee; Jr. National Honor Society 1; Class President 4; An- nouncements 3 4. “He who looks for a brighter tomorrow and finds no beauty today, has somehow missed the joy of living somewhere along the way.” Sue’s Goal is to live life to its fullest. LIKES: J.P.; weekends; talking with friends; Florida; Hand’s parties; RWB: sleeping late; spending money; cruisin’. ACTIVITIES: Spanish Club 1-4; TFAA 2-4. “You can lead a horse to wa- ter, but a pencil must be lead. ’’-Ray Garbiel Cindy’s goal is to figure out what she’s going to do for the rest of her life. LIKES: 8 6 82; F.C.’s; camping in backyards; snoopy; candy apples; singing into seat belts; M.B.’s impressions of R.G.; “What time is it” ACTIVI- TIES; Track 1; Cross Country 2 “The waiting is done, the battle is won, count the cards before you run.’’-Def Leppard. Mat- chu’s goal is to leave Mass, for Cal. and live it up. LIKES; Blackfoot; Def Leppard; 7 21 81; G.T.S.S. with T. L. K.; 1 1 82; The Brook with G, M, R; 6 1 82; 10 10 80 with the bandit; Huntington Beach; snow trips. ACTIVI- TIES: Football 1-4; Basketball 1; Ski Club 1-4; T-Club; CPUS; Hack League 3,4. SUSAN ANN BLCCD LINDA JEAN BARRY MATTHEW C. BRCWN " I think of my life as I look out my window, of the people I love and places I’ve been. Some- times I feel I could go on for- ever . . . with nothin’ to lose and nothin’ to win. " Liz’s goal is to live a happy and success- ful life. LIKES: Pete; 10 27 80; HJ’s 107; B period study; crusades with Donna; S.B.’s with Robin; The beach; crusin; Summer of 82; The Heights; ice cream. ACTIVITIES: Band 2-3; Student Government. “Choose not a path that is set with snares, and do not let the same snare trip you twice.” God-Jim’s goal is to live a hap- py life in the country, and to have his own band. LIKES: Lynda; J-Geils Band in con- cert; X-C Skiing; ZZ Top; camping at the pond; 11 3 82; Whalers game; The three stooges; John Belushi; Celtics. ACTIVITIES: Cross Country 1-4; Swim Team 1-4; Track 1-4; GHS Cheerleader 4. ELIZABETH L. CARROLL JAMES LAWRENCE COYLE “If it isn’t fun, it ain’t worth do- ing.’’-G. Thorogood-Jay’s goal is to make it to and through college. LIKES: Turkey day ’81; The Merchants; George Thorogood and the Destroyers; big parties; boxers; Whalers game 82; Football; acg; and the past 6 years at TFHS. AC- TIVITIES; X-Country 1; Football 2-4; Capt 4; Basketball 1-4; Capt 4; Baseball 1-4; T Club; B.W. “83 ’Committee JONATHAN JAY CROFTON " Love when you can, cry when you have to, be who you must it’s part of a plan, await your arrival with simple survial and someday we’ll all under- stand. ’’-Dan Fogelberg-Cou- gar’s goal is to move away from Turners and get a job working with children. LIKES: Murl; 10 6 81; good times with Ci; singulars; studies with “Jackson”; his family; Cruisin in the “Boogie Bunny’; summer 81; Magic Mountain; 3 27 82; ACTIVITIES: Vice-president 1+4; Student Government 1- 4; TFAA 1-2; Phys. Ed Aide 3. ROBIN M. COURNOYER ELISE CROMACK “Give your best to the world and the best will come back to you.” Bones’ goal is to shoot 90% from the foul line. LIKES: Being tall; massive card games: Dr. J and the Sixers; The Merchants; Sandy’s lef- tovers (K-12); 12 31 82; Sat- urday morning pratices; Ron- nie’s baby Tijuanas. ACTIVI- TIES: Basketball 1-4 (Co-Capt 4); Volleyball 3, 4; Softball 2-4; Track 1; Band 1-3; Jazz Band 1-3; National Honor Society; Student Government; Who’s Who Among High School Stu- dents; Class Rep.; Yearbook Staff; T-Club; TFAA. DIANNE MARIE CROWNINGSHIELD “Dreams are not found in the journey, but in the destina- tion.” Di’s goal is to make it to California and live happily ever after.” LIKES: Rainbows; nice guys; summer; 5 8 82; sum- mer of 80’; Florida; dreamin; music; Greenfield fair; dry leaves (a certain kind) 19 ALICE LISA CUSACK MICHAEL JOHN DICKERMAN LORE ANN FALCON “The power to find happiness and beauty in simple things, is the greatest gift. " Ayl’s goal is to have the words and the mu- sic come through. LIKES: B.J.M.; music; special friends; THE CLASH; 4 25 80; smiling faces; teddy bears; E.T.; foot- ball games; band w G.C. AC- TIVITIES: Concert Band (1-4) (pres. 4); chorus (1-4); madri- gals (1-4); jazz band (3,4); marching band (1-4); (drum major 3,4); Western District Chorus; Student Government (1-4) (v.p.4); JNHS (sec.); class secretary 3; cheering 1,2; GAA 1,2; tennis 1; “The smoker you drink, the player you get " — Joe Walsh. Mike’s goal is to blow up a 1983 TURBO while Jim watch- es. LIKES: When car is running properly; Tango; 12 26 82; Guitars; mellow drives; produc- tive weekends; Amherst; A good sound system; hard driv- ing rock; and the Basin. AC- TIVITIES: Track 4. “It only happens once not twice the moments vanishing like mice, and when the mo- ment comes for you, dont let it pass you by, for in the end it’s worth the price, when true loves comes, there is but one. " Lone’s goal is to make if to Oklahoma, and come back with a handsome, rich, hus- band. LIKES: Dennis; purple; mic light; coke; summer of 81, 82 at Guilford pond; summer nights in Hampton Beach; rainy 3 day weekend at the po- conos; skiing at Berkshire east with D.M. drinking strawberry daquiris, and ET. ACTIVITIES: Basketball 1,2; chorus 1,2; yearbook 4; student govern- ment 4; prom committee 3; ski club 2,3. “Knowledge is proud that he has learned so much; Wisdom is humble that he knows no more.” COWPER — Debbie’s goal is to make each and every one of her dreams come true. LIKES: Donny; mint-chocolate chip ice cream; diamonds; sleeping late; rainbows; hones- ty; the color blue; having fun with J,M, D; roses; and memories. ACTIVITIES: Jr Na- tional Honor Society (pres.); National Honor Society (pres.); Freshmen cheering; Varsity cheering (2-4) co-capt.; Stu- dent Gov’t (1-4); Class Trea- surer (2-4); Track (1); Madri- gals (1-3); Phys. Ed. Aide; T- Club; “Who’s among American High School Students. " “I don’t care where I’ve been, and I’m not sure where I’m go- ing, but at least I know where I am.” Johnna’s goal is to have Success and Happiness on whatever path life takes him. — LIKES: The fireplace; good B.S. sessions; sitting around the shanty; long talks with Kathy; the “girls” of 84; Flat Street with frank and Fudge: The Kinks in concert; snow- flakes; L.D.H. and a N.A., Snowy winter nights. ACTIVI- TIES: Football 1-4; Madrigals 1,2; chorus 1-3; Hack league; T-Club. “Yet with great toil all that I can attain by long experience, and in learned schools, is for to know my knowledge is but vain, and those that think them wise, are greatest fools.” — Alexander 1567-1640. Spar- key’s goal is to go to college and get her doctorate, and travel ALL around the world, (not necessarily in that order)! LIKES: “Kenney " ; dorms; “fluffy stuff”; “noodle-roni”; LAKE WYOLA - 82; cheese popcorn; 11-21-82; 5-8-82; “purple dreams”; dry leaves- acertain kind. ACTIVITIES: Prom Committee; Fudraising Committee; campaign Com- mittee. DEBBIE JEAN DALTON JOHN ANDREW DUDEK MELISA ANN FOSTER LEE F. HEBERT TAMMY ANNE HARTNETT “Happiness is not having what you want, but wanting what you have.” Andy’s goal is to finish college, marry a woman who has a high paying job, and move far away from Gill. LIKES: Being obnoxious; V.T.; Florida 81; A and C period study; Michelob; fighting with K.B.; skiing; working late; jam- miing with BIG E and J. G.; Se- villes. ACTIVITIES: Spanish Club 1-2 (Treas. 1, Vice Pres. 2); T-Club 1-4; Tennis 1-4; Prom Committee; Ring Com- mittee; Student Government 2; Class Treasurer 2. “We love because it’s our only true adventure. " Bets’ goal is to get a decent job and move far away from Turners and Greenfield, earn lotsa mula, and someday make it to the Bahamas. LIKES; Dana; 12 4 81 w Dunna, Angie and Gail; Frogs; a certain weekend in Bratt; Jefferson Starship; A Hase of Keinehen; laughing; Apricot Sours; meeting people; Billy Squier concert in Provi- dence. ACTIVITIES: Yearbook Staff 4; Softball 1; TFAA 1,2; Marching Band 1; Concert Band 1; Freshman Class Rep.; Sophomore Class Pres.; Stu- dent Government 1,2; Chorus 3; Physical Ed Aide 4. “Though a moment may be temporary, a memory lasts for- ever.” Hands’ goal is to some- day go to Nevada, marry a rich man and live happily ever after. LIKES: Red, White and Blue; being with friends; Vermont; spending money; sports; win- ning Beer; a certain shy per- son; the color black; playing ali-oop with Emery and Kelly. ACTIVITIES: Basketball 1-4 (co-capt. 4); Softball 1-4; Field Hockey 2-4 (co-capt. 4); TFAA; Junior National Honor Society; Prom Committee; T- Club; Floatmaking; Phys. Ed. Aid. “A smile is something nice to see, it doesn’t cost a cent, A smile is something all your own. It can never can be spent.” Fuller’s goal is to live, love, and laugh. LIKES: Laughing, talk- ing on the phone, sleeping real, real late, watching soaps, O.J., Writing ietters. Parties, aring. Hand’s parties, and most of all having the greatest friends in the world. ACTIVITIES: Chorus 1-2, Student Advisory Comit- tee. Prom Committee, Softball Manager 2-3, student Govern- ment, Yearbook staff ANDREW ALLEN GODZINSKI ELIZABETH C. HALE “I was here, but now I’m gone, and you’ll be there, but my memories will carry on.” Fabe’s goal is to travel around the world and become rich in LAS VEGAS. LIKES: J.P. Bull S.; Bob Seger; Boy passing out; cold Michelobe; certain crew; Pettsburg Steelers; ex- periences at the mall with M.M. and L.S. ACTIVITIES: Baseball 1-4; Football 3; Basketball 1,3. WILLIAM P. FREEMAN “Honest Mr. Dobosz, It wasn’t my fault; Molson did it; really, he did; really, he did! I ' M INNO- CENT ” Bill’s goal is to become rich, successful, fam- ous, healthy, and happy; ... or at least own a car that has heat. LIKES: The one and only awesome Firebird, cruising, Umass parties. The J. Geils Band, waterskiing, Hammering on the V.W., summer ’82, the beach, juggling, concerts. High revs loud exhaust, high speeds, S.R’s ACTiVITIES: Swimming 1-4 (co-Capt. 4), Track 2-4, Student government 2,4; Yearbook staff, G.H.S. Cheerleaders 4 KAREN LEE FULLER “Most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.” Donna’s goal is to keep smiling and live a full and happy life. LIKES: THE WOODS!; a certain someone: 8 27 82; Lake Wyola; summer of ' 82; talks with Val; late nights; and the ocean. ACTIVI- TIES; field hockey 4; class sec- retary 4, band 2,3; T Club; T.F.A.A.; prom committee; Student Government 4. DONNA MARIE HEY “To achieve all that is possible, we must attempt the impossi- ble — To be as much as we can be, we must dream of be- ing more,” KR Angie ' s goal is to someday be as far away from Turners and Greenfield as possible and really make something out of life. LIKES; Jeff; 12 4 81; Billy Squire concert in Providence; long talks with Bets; 11 25 82; house of Keinehen; a certain weekend in Bratt.; camping during the summer of ' 82; rain- bows; weekends. ACTIVITIES: Yearbook Staff 4; physical Ed. Aid 4. ANGELA S. HILL DAVID HOLT AMIE MARIE HYSON MARIAH BABSON HYSON PATRICK A. KALTNER “It is better to understand a lit- tle than to misunderstand a lot.” “My’s” goal is to teach children with special needs and to bring happiness to everyone I meet on the road of life. LIKES: 5 14-16 82; smiling; Roses and Pearls; 6 10 82 T.Y.F.B.A.F.II; 11 11 82 with J.L.; making people happy; kids; 10 13 82; long talks with Andy; balloons, and Mickey Mouse. ACTIVITIES; Jazz Band 2-4; Concert Band 1-4 (v.p. 1, pres. 2); Marching Band 1-4; Chorus 3,4; Madri- gals 3,4; class rep. 2; class vice president 3; Student Council 2- 4; Girl’s basketball manager 1; Prom Committee; ring commit- tee; Booster Day Lady in Wait- ing. “Don’t go looking for trouble, because it’s very capable of finding you on its own.” Crash’s goal is to enjoy and be successful at whatever he does. LIKES: Ping-Pong with Ace Buck; weekends; Period F gym; singulars with Mr. B.; having money; and the Mer- chants. ACTIVITIES: N.H.A. 1- 4; football 1,4; basketball 1-4; track 1-4; graduation party committee. “Cn everybody’s life, a little rain must fall” . . Robert Plant. Dave LIKES: Harley-David- sons; cold Molsen, cameros, thunderstorms; spring; vaca- tions; and Led Zeppelin. AC- TIVITIES; Track 3,4. “I feel that honesty is essential, and a relationship built on lies, like a house built of cards, is always in danger of collaps- ing.” Amie’s goal is to live a happy and fulfilling life i n what- ever career she chooses. LIKES: 10 23 - 10 25 81; Lugs; kitty-cats (Garfield!); be- ing with Rick; talks with mom; unicorns rainbows; Sylvester Stallone; 9 2 81; 2 20 82; 4 14 82. ACTIVITIES: Chorus 1-4; Madrigals 3,4; Band 3; Drama Club 1-3; Prom Com- mittee; Ring Committee Chair- person; Netop 3; Yearbook Staff 3 4. Chuckle’s goal Is to do the best he can In life. LIKES: L.C.; be- ing with good friends. “Live your life to the fullest and don’t get tied down before your time. Don’t do anything now that you will be sorry for later. " Lar-Bear’s goal is to go into the service and get married to Pen- ny in October. LIKES: Penny; Mr. Huntley’s jokes; Suzuki; Ford; weekends with Pen-Pen; 12 6 82; Mr. C’s humor; Room 107; motor-cross; pea- nut-butter. ACTIVITIES: O.P.U.S. KEVIN KLAIBER LAWRENCE KNISKERN “Someday we’ll find it “THE RAINBOW CONNECTION, the lovers, the dreamers, and me.’’-Kermit the Frog. BJ’s goal is to complete college and make it to Oregon. LIKES: Mountains; laughing with Ziggy; STEVE; skiing; camping; hinking in the rain; being with Kermit and Laurie; and people who REALLY CARE. ACTIVI- TIES: Field Hockey 2-4; T Club 2-4; Ski Club 2, Craft Club 1-3; Home Ec. Club 2; Graphics Club 1; Yearbook Staff 4. “The love in your heart wasn’t put there to stay, ’cause love isn’t love ’til you give it away.” Sandy’s goal is to live life to the fullest and be happy in everyth- ing she does. LIKES: Brock; laughing with Deb and the gang; concerts; roses; the beach; Florida; animals; skiing; Kahlua; and horseback riding, spiders, a muddy horse; warm beer; “151”; June of ’82; deer ACTIVITIES: Cheering 1-3; Jr. National Honor Society; Flag Squad; O.P.U.S. CATHERINE LAFLEUR SANDRA LEE LAPINSKI RICHARD J. LEGERE REGINA ANN LEH “First comes fear, then comes anger, then comes accep- tance.” Turbo’s goal is to be successful. LIKES: Square Wars; Live Kinks; strike of ’80; Turkey Day ’81; The Hotel; The Fireplaces; etc.; Dallas Cow- boys; Cool Paul’s athletic wardrobe; Earth Science; and T.F. football. ACTIVITIES: Baseball 1-4; Swim Team 1,2; Intramural Basketball 3,4; Football 1-4; T Club; Gradu- ation Party Committee. “Life-Life to me, is not mea- sured in years; it’s measured, instead in smiles, laughter, and tears. " Gina’s goal is to be happy and successful in what- ever she does. LIKES: Todd; driveins; 4 28 81; gum; vaca- tion; summer; Boston teams; roses; silver; and being myself. CHRISTOPHER JAMES LUCAS MARY E. MCCORMICK “Smile-it makes people won- der what you’re up to.” Chris ' goal is to become an officer in the UNITED STATES NAVY. LIKES; Hunting; snowmobiling on the plains; wasting money; having money; hot foods; ice fishing. ACTIVITIES: Cross Country 2,3; Track 2-4; Span- ish Club 1,2 (Treasurer) “It’s better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.” Mary’s goal is to go west. LIKES: Long talks with Michelle Katie; Bad Company; the beach; toasted almonds; ani- mals; Journey; 12 27 82; 6 18, 19 82; 4-wheeling, “There can be no freedom to care without the freedom not to care.” Big Guy’s goal is to live a life of luxury. LIKES: New York Giants; the American Flag; Bunco Science; Imports; 1 20 80; Elke Sommers; The G.O.P. ACTIVITIES: Football 1; Golf 4; Stool twirling 3. “The more you sweat in peace, the less you cry in war.” Sle- ever’s goal is to live a long healthy adventurous life. LIKES: The fireplace; cold Bud on tap; pumping Iron; 4 wheel drives; Brunettes; the out- doors; having money; Led Zep- plin. ACTIVITIES; Tennis 1-2 “To each his own ...” Tim’s goal is to be successful at whatever he does in life. LIKES: Julie; X-C skiing; snowstorms; horseback riding; Hampton Beach; being outdoors; cold weather logging with Dougie; working at the photo studio. ACTIVITIES: French Club 1, 2; Track 2 “Like a river that doesn’t know where it’s flowing, I took a wrong turn and I just kept go- ing. “-Bruce Springsteen. Ron’s goal is to live a long, happy, and productive life. LIKES; Fireplace; WAAF; Cold Bud on tap; Bruce Springsteen; Live Kinks; Cowboys; strike of ’80. ACTIVITIES: Football 1-4; Baseball 1-4; Basketball 1-3 PAUL J. MORIN JOE MANZER TIMOTHY R. MINER RONALD J. MOSCA “No dream can come true until you wake up!” Dizzy’s goal is to be successfui and happy in everything she does. LIKES: Lot 33; a very special family in Gill; laughing with the gang; C.A.M.; R.R.M.; Kahlua; party- ing; V.T. The Doors; Jim. AC- TIVITIES: Flag Squad “Live and let live, unless your going steady.” Combat Tom’s goal is to build his own house in the sticks and live with Laurie. LIKES: Laurie; cruising; Drive- Ins; concerts; 4 24 82; pick- ing on Quiz-mo; making fun of Ray; going to the beach; vege- tating; sleeping over a certain person’s house. ACTIVITIES: Football 2-4; Track 3,4 “If a person has money to burn, he’ll easily find someone to tend the fire.” Dave’s goal is to NOT join the military. LIKES: X-C Skiing; J Geils Band; A W Root Bear; Supertramp; be- ing difficult; Doritos; procastin- ation; doodling. ACTIVITIES: Cross Country 2-4; Swim Team 2-4; GHS Cheering 4 “The nicest thing about my life, now, is that I am here with me most of the time” Nat’s goal is to find a home within her heart, and to let those outside in. LIKES: Spending time with Jimmy; 1158z-FIT; ice cubes; Jim’s Jav; swings; mountains; cards at Kitty’s; hugs; blue lint; vanilla shakes. ACTIVITIES; Spanish Club 3,4 (President 4); National Honor Society 3,4 “But Mr. Dobosz, it was Bills idea. I didn’t do it, I’m inno- cent.” Molson’s goal is to ei- ther be rich and famous or poor and unknown. LIKES: Cruising; U-Mass; Brew; surfing at the camp; the potatoe; filet- o-fish; big gulps; parties; safar- ies; concerts. ACTIVITIES: GHS Cheerleader 4 “To those who do not under- stand, no explanation is suffi- cient, to those who do under- stand, no explanation is neces- sary. ’’-Author unknown. Mark’s goal is to travel and to live a long successful life. LIKES: Van Halen; Vermont; Quabbin; cliff climbing; sailing cold beer; J. Giels; Salem Lake; camping haying for Mitch. ACTIVITIES: Football 1,3; Basketball 1-4; Intramural Soccer 2,4; T-Club NATALIE ANNE NALEPINSKI DEBRA LYNN MURDOCK MATTHEW PETER MOSON MARK B. OZDARSKI THOMAS S. NORWOOD DAVID JAMES PARTRIDGE “One who laughs at himself, will never cease to be amused. ”-Joe Zewinski-Jeff’s goal is to be rich successful. LIKES: money; cold Michelob; playing pong with Buck and Hero; “The Who”; 10 19 81. ACTIVITIES: Football 1-4; Ten- nis 1-4; Hippie League 2-4; Student Government 3; BW Committee 4. “We all have our own kind of life to pursue, our own kind of dreams to be weaving, and we all have the power to make wishes come true, as long as we keep believing.” Sandy ' s goal is to live life one day a time and take all that it has to offer. LIKES: John; massive card games; the Celtics; walks in fall; Wednesday night volley- ball; snowdays; laughing; spending money; long talks with Sharon; Garfield. ACTIVI- TIES: Yearbook Co-Editor 4; Cheering 1-2; Tournament Cheering 2; Student Govern- ment 1,2,4; Junior National Honor Society 1; Class Presi- dent 1; Class Secretary 2; Prom Committee; Ring Com- mittee. JEFFREY WAYNE PECCR SANDRA JCAN PIELCCK Poncho’s goal is to be with M.L. forever, and make a lot of money in a job I enjoy. LIKES: M.L. a lot, Z-38, 240-Z, Scuba Diving, parking. Snow diving, late night swims, 125 on 91, Factory Hollow, cornfields. “If you love something set it free, if it doesn’t come back to you, hunt it down and kill it!” Chris’s goal is to win. LIKES: Making fun of P.S. and D.B., Tom Petty in concert, when E.T. went home, John Belushi, Thunderbird, watching Apoco- lypse Now, Summer of “82”, Marilyn Monroe. ACTIVITIES: Football 4, Tennis 3-4. PATRICK M. PREVETT CHRISTCPHER JAMES RASTALLIS JULIA ANNA REWA BRIAN CURTIS RICHCTTE “What mark will I leave be- hind? I belive the deepest im- pression is made in those mo- ments when I can say: I care. I love.” Jewels’ goal is to be- come a professional cake decorator and open her own bakery. LIKES:’ Barry; Bucko; Butterflies; clothes; all music; weekends; Italian food; walking in the rain; Grandpa; a full bot- tle of Canadian LTD. ACTIVI- TIES: Cheering 1-2, (co-cap- tain 2); Chorus 1-4; Madrigals 1-4; District Chorus 4; Ring Committee 2; Prom Committee 3; Fundraising Co-Chairman 3; Junior National Honor Society. “Take two for they are small.” Joe’s goal is to go around the country and meet new people. LIKES: J. Cells; Stones; Who; Led Zepplin; cruisin’; having fun. ACTIVITIES Swim Team 1- 4 (Co-captain 4); Track 3. PATRICIA ANN RILEY KATHLEEN ANNE RYAN KAREN MARIE SALUSTRI " The beauty of a single mo- ment can last an eternity.” Trish ' s goal is to become a successful secretary and pur- sue her career in modeling. LIKES: Glenn; walking on the beach; Tom Petty; romantic nights with Glenn; roses; sun- sets; mom; cold Mic; sailing with Pat and friends; talks with Kim. ACTIVITIES: Yearbook Staff (Business Manager). " Along the lane of memory the blossoms never fade, for far and near still cherished, are the friendships we have made.” Joanne’s goal is to lead a fun and fulfilling life. LIKES: Sum- mer ' 82; Vermont; meeting new people; a certain someone; 1 1 83; big blue eyes; black and white; Hampton Beach; 6 26 82; sleeping late. AC- TIVITIES: Band 1-3; Tennis 1- 4; T-Club 2-4; Yearbook Staff 4; Football Statistician 4. " Love is measured, not in mo- ments of time, but in timeless moments.” Kathy’s goal is to go to college and to live a hap- py and healthy life out west. LIKES: Tony; horseback riding; 5 8 82; Colorado; Traveling; Nov. 19-21, 1982; the ocean; unicorns; B.L.; Tuesday nights. ACTIVITIES: Jr. Prom Commit- tee; Fund raising committee; floatmaking. " Friends: I will remember you, think of you, and pray for you, and when another day is through, I’ll still be friends with you.” Liz’s goal is to live a full life and to fulfill a special dream. LIKES: Paul; 6 29 82; The Toy; being a hag; good times in the Green Machine; sleeping late; being tan; Cape Cod; McDonalds; special memories of a very special per- son. ACTIVITIES: Sophomore and Senior class Historian; Stu- dent Government; Cheerlead- ing 2-4; Tournament cheering 3; Swim Team 1,2; Track 1; Tennis 2,3; Ski Club 1-4; G.A.A.; Marching Band 1-3; Concert Band 1-3; T.F.A.A.; T Club 1-4; Spanish Club, Year- book Staff. “You only live once, but if you live it right once is enough!!’’ Karen’s goal is to be happy!! LIKES: Going out with the gang; talks with Fuller; the beach; sleeping late; summer of 82; Green Machine; RWB; Hand’s parties; orange juice; a day at Robin’s house. ACTI ' VI- TIES: Volleyball 1; Basketball 1-3; Softball 1-3; Student Council 4; TFAA 1-4; T-Club 1- 4; Yearbook Staff; Prom Com- mittee. “But my dreams they aren ' t as empty as my conscience seems to be. I have hours only lonely my love is vengeance that’s never free. ’’-The Who Vin’s goal is to survive. LIKES: Saturday Night Live; working at F.C.P. with Dan; hockey; Miller; sleeping late; Garland flicks; pizza walking in the rain; spending money; being with friends. “I told you so! " John’s goal Is to own his own business some day. LIKES: motorcycles; snowmobiles; girls; Abbott’s party; hunting; fishing; snow; Dallas Cowboys; Dallas Cow- girls. ACTIVITIES: Hippy Bas- ketball; P.E. Aide " There is no substitute for vic- tory.” Ed’s goal is to do some traveling and live a successful life. LIKES: Quabbin; fishing; hunting; merchant ball; money; The Outdoors; Boston teams. ACTIVITIES: Baseball 1-4; Football 1,3,4; Basketball 1-4. JOHN F. SINI EDWARD R. SLATE " You only live once so live everyday like it’s your last. " Jon’s goal is to get the hell out of Massachusetts and live a happy and successful life. LIKES: B.O.C. and B.S. 8 8 80; 125-91 with Pat; hunt- ing and fishing; VT. trips; SNOW: cold beer; rowdie par- ties; Frank Zappa; Alice Coo- per; O.P.U.S. ACTIVITIES; OPUS; Basketball 1; hack league; Golf 2-4; T Club; Smoking 1-4. “Yesterday is already a dream, and tomorrow is only a vision, but today, well lived, makes ev- ery yesterday a dream of hap- piness and every tomorrow a vision of hope!” Jen’s goal is to make people smile, laugh, and feel happy! And to keep believ- ing!! LIKES: Smiling faces; physics???; 3 26 82- 2 20 83; penguins; rainbows; sunsets; humming. ACTIVI- TIES: Student Government 3-4 (Secretary 4); Jr. National Hon- or Society 1; Marching Band 1- 3; Concert band 1-4; Jr. Prom Committee; Ring Committee; Swim Team 1-2; Track 2-4; Class Historian 3; TFAA 1-4. JON M. SOJKA JENNIFER ANN SOKOLOSKY NANCY MARIE STEWART JODI GAYLE TOMPKINS " Remember yesterday, dream of tomorrow, but live for to- day.” Bum’s goal is to go places that she has never been. LIKES: David; weekends; sleeping late; cruising with Deb; horseback riding; party- ing; animals; The country side. “Could we see when and where we are to meet again, we could be more tender when we bid our friends goodbye. ’’- Ouida Jo’s goal is to have a happy and successful life. LIKES: Hampton Beach; being with friends; happy people; sports; winning; laughing; Hand’s parties; cruisin’ with the crew; R, W, B’s. ACTIVITIES: Field Hockey 1-4 (Co-captain 4); Basketball 1-3; Softball 1-4; T Club; TFAA; Prom Commit- tee; Junior National Honor So- ciety. “We never really grow up it seems, we keep in our hearts our fantasies and dreams, and in a corner tucked away is the child we all were YESTER- DAY.” Carol’s goal is to help the disabled (kids) overcome their problems through music. LIKES: Playing the sax; 6 11 82; music; tennis; foot- ball games; Journey; Air Sup- ply; 6 10 83; Star Island ' 82. ACTIVITIES: Jr. National Hon- or Society 1; Concert Band 1-4; Marching Band 1-4; Jazz Band 2-4; Tennis 2,4; Spanish Club 2-4; National Honor Society 3,4; Who’s Who Among High School Students; Co-editor of the 1983 yearbook. “He that stays in the valley shall never get over the hill.” Bill’s goal is to get out of the valley, and live a happy and successful life. LIKES: S.J.C.; Drivin’ the Baby Blue; camping with the guys; spending mon- ey; wasting gas; good music; 104-WBCN; running with the guys; Fred’s Quotes; 12 15 79. ACTIVITIES: X- Country 1-4; Track 1-4; Hack league 4 4 CAROL LYNN TOWER WILLIAM M. VIENS “The time is gone the song is over, thought I’d something more to say.” Gail’s goal is to iive a happy life. LIKES; 12 4 81 with Bets, Dunna, and Angie; 5 21 82 trip with Steph; E.T. Parties at Chris and Nat’s; french fries; laughing; friends; talks with Bets; talks with Steph; diamsonds; roses. ACTIVITIES: Yearbook Staff 4 Voudo’s goal is to be manager of the Boston Red Sox LIKES: New England teams; math; money bowling; snow; ford trucks; Johny Most; Golf T.M.C.C.; Gold Mic. ACTIVI- TIES: Baseball 1-4 GAIL L. VIVIER ROBERT VOUDREN STEPHANIE L. WALLITIS STEPHANIE ANN WATROBA “There is so much good in the worst of us and so much bad in the best of us, it’s rather hard to tell who should reform the rest of us. " Steph’s goal is to live happily in Colorado. LIKES: Tom Petty; 48; E.T. parties at Nat and Chris’; roses; snow- storms; trips with Gail; Bears Den 5 21 82; U-Mass parties; jeeps; diamonds. ACTIViTIES: Cheering 1-4 (co-captain 1,3); Tournament Cheering 2,3; Ju- nior National Honor Society; Booster Day Princess; Year- book Staff. Steph’s goal is to live a happy and fulfulling life. LIKES: Horses; football games; bas- ketball games; bb; Period A study; WS; people with a sense of humor; Molson Golden; Last week of July (82). ACTIVITIES: Booster Day Queen “Heaven in this world is being alone when you want to. Hell is being alone when you don’t.” Lisa’s goal is to live happy and healthy with Walter. LIKES: Walter: going out; Bob Seger; good friends; Saturday nights; Lynyrd Skynyrd; coffee brandy and milk; 10 31 81. ACTIVI- TIES: Flag Squad 1-3 (Captain 2,3) “Make your own kind of music, sing your own special song, even if no one else sings along.” Meech’s goal is to find a good job and go to Hawaii. LIKES: A certain someone; ice skating; olives; singing; paint- ings; 5 8 82; talking to Lynie; 21; B study with Bill; McDee’s french fries; music. ACTIVI- TIES: Concert Band 1-4; Marching Band 1-4 (uniform manager 1-4); Who’s Who among American High School Students; Drama Club 2-4 (Treas. 3, Pres. 4); Jazz Band 4; Drum Majorettex 4. LISA ANN WHITNEY MICHELE ANN WILLARD “You only live once, but if you work it right, once is enough.” Bill’s goal is to be happy in whatever he chooses to pursue in life. LIKES: Hanging around with the crew; motorcycles; fast cars; pumping iron; win- ning; cross country skiing; good music; listening to J.P., B.S.; Willy’s Jeeps ACTIVI- TIES: Baseball 1-2 “Take your time think a lot, well think of everything you’ve got, for you will still be here tomorrow, but your dreams may not.’’-Cat Stevens Mar- sha’s goal is to be happy and do as much traveling as possi- ble. LIKES: Summers; horse back riding; beaches; long talks with Melisa; partying with friends; warm rainy days; sun- sets; dancing; Lynard Skynyrd; 5-8-82 ACTIVITIES: Color Guard 1-4; Captain 4; Student Government 1 WILLIAM C. WONG JR. MARSHA YORK JOSEPH PATRICK ZEWINSKI TAMRA LEE ZEWINSKI “I am a bear with very little brain, and big words bother me’’-Winnie-the-Pooh Zoo’s goal is to never have to live in Greenfield. LIKES: Tobacco; (Strike of ’80); T-Day ’81; (T.F. 21, GFLD 14); “The Mer- chants”; C.B.’s; Mohawk Par- ty; A.C.S.; 34 at McDoogals; 4 1 82 ACTIVITIES: Football 1-4 (Captain 4); Basketball 1-4 (Captain 4); Baseball 1-4; T- Club; B.W. ’82 Committee; F- Period Gym Class “Let me be free-to think my own thoughts, to choose my own way, and to be my own person.” Tami’s goal is to live a healthy happy, successful life. LIKES: Ken; to laugh; a certain Romanian fieldtrip; taking walks; to be myself; Diet Coke and Granola Bars; The Roma- nians; Roses; acting crazy; m m’s. ACTIVITIES: TFAA 1-4; Student Government 1,2; Soft- ball 1-3; Fieldhockey 1-4 (Co- Captain 4); T-Club 1-4; Class Historian 1; Class Vice Presi- dent 2. Daniel J. Zimmerman “Good manners and bad breath will get you nowhere. ’’-Declan McManus Zim’s goal is to climb the Himalayas and live a quiet life with the Sasquatch. LIKES: Run- ning; The Kinks; Camping at the Cove; Riceater; Speineken; Ant people; X-C memories; The Island; Period F gym class; Canoeing with Watusi Joe. ACTIVI- TIES: Cross Country 1-3; Track 1-4 31 Mr. William J. Connelly To those of us who knew him, we knew him as a friend, a teacher, and a lover of sports. To those who didn t know him, you missed out on knowing a great man. — You meant a lot to us, Mr. Connelly, and for this reason, we, " the class of ' 83 " dedicate this, our year book, to you. 32 Class Personalities Most Infectious Laugh: Bob Voudren, Betsy Hale Class Clowns: Pat Kaltner, Karen Fuller Best Personality: Mark Ozdarski, Sandy Pielock Friendliest: Chris Rastallis, Patty Riley Most Likely to Succeed: Dave Partridge, Elise Cramack V ' ' . class Dean Baker leaves Dave an Abba tape; a can of cream corn and one brown paper bag; Col, Dar, and Shell two more years without me; and Jim sitting at the table recruiting new Romanians. Linda Barry leaves Joanne with a pair of unbreakable suspenders; Mr. Roberts an extra tug on his tie; all my teachers to find someone else to call Liz; and hoping that dreams really do come true. Mike Billiel leaves Mr. Dobosz a toupe; Mr. LaPierre his notices; and Mr. Garbiel with no one to call belligerent. Sue Blood leaves Donna and Tami Z. never to forget a certain Tuesday; Steph Watroba and the biggest bottle of champagne ever made; Fuller and Sal to be friends forever; Jodi in McDonalds parking lot; and Hands with many good memories. Cindy Borges leaves Mary-Ellen waiting on the second floor and someone else to flunk Mr. Garbiels tests. Steve Brochu leaves still wondering where the worms are and getting HIGH on life to the underclassmen. Matt Brown leaves Fred wondering what day it is; Crash and Zoo a tall glass of orange juice for the morning after; Turbo an ADS and if Tobes and Fred make the trip home from the Mall; Worm out on Zeek ' s front lawn; Dirt with Buntz; and Miner sleeping. Liz Carroll leaves Robin Deb laughing in IGA parking lot; Donna a bottle of Bianco and a good lawyer; a heater for a 4 X 2; and Liz rapidly looking for a towel. Robin Cournoyer leaves Crash Zoo wondering if its before or after and Liz C. a mailman with Nike sneakers. Jim Coyle leaves Paul with a subscription to Combat Weekly; Avery a toupe; Johnna a spelin buk; and Ray with radioactive waste. Jay Crofton leaves Sulda the Q.B. reigns; Barry Ball for good; and the other half of the Luo to keep up the tradition. Elise Cromack leaves wondering why Sandy wanted John to hit her with a volleyball; C.P. to find someone else to call a seven foot giant; Erin four more years at TF; and her Merchant uniform to the next girl to play on the team. Dianne Crowingshield leaves Linda little Ed; Joanne, Marsha, Michele, and Kathy an invitation to the party I never had, but will!!! Al C. leaves Amie a BIG bowl of potato puffs; Liz my salt and pepper shakers; Deb and Dianne someone to stand next to for the next 6 years; Jen and Karen to S-S-Stutter in BW; Bets my whole wardrobe, and Greg to be the BEST trumpet player TFHS ever had! Deb Dalton leaves Liz C. how-to instructions for Bill’s car; Jen a jar of peanut butter; Alice and Mike someone else to stand next to for the next 6 years; and someone else to memorize Johnna’s combination for him. Mike Dickerman leaves Bill F. a bath tub of the red stuff; Matt M. a “Big Gulp " , Jim C. a cure for quilepsy; John D. a pack of cigarettes; 6 years of school schedules; and a comb for Fido. Johnna Dudek leaves the plains for those who can make it, homework for those who can fake it, and school for those who can take it; Ron at Walnut St.; Cri the back seat; Russ the other half gallon; and thanks to Mike and Deb for tolerance. Russell Eacott leaves wondering if Bob will ever get his drivers license. Lorie Falcon leaves Karen Fuller with a fast get away from Highland Pond, wondering if I’m going to follow: Mike B. still asking whether me and Dennis are still together. Hank Fisk leaves Sean with Tabby with a book without pictures, and Dobosz with a smile. Sparkey Foster leaves KR,MW,MY, DC a quarter; DC looking for the dancing owls; MW climbing black poles; MY a glass of OJ: Quizmo saying many many times, CF with someone else to bug, TS saying “Ummm,’’; and BJ some stairs. Bill Freeman leaves “COMBAT” Tom a ton of WWI surplus uniforms; Moson VIens Ford repair manuals; and Liz and Robin permanent sunburns. Karen Fuller leaves Normie hoping he gets to 7 foot; Amy a shovel; and Mrs. Loomer with no one to laugh at. Andy Godzinski leaves wondering about a certain $50 surcharge; Jennifer a hum-a-long book; and someone else to bother Mrs. Dean during A perod study hall. Blitz Hale leaves Gail wondering if my fish will live forever; Trish gagging in the back seat at Burger King and a monkey face; Dunna K.F. Chicken in the dark; and partying with Angie and the Billy Squire managers in Providence. Hands Hartnett leaves Donna S.C.; Kathy on the court confused; Sue wondering where I went; Jodi in McDonalds parking lot; Tami on the couch; and teachers and friends wondering what the name “Hands " means. Lee Hebert leaves wondering if Barry will ever quit; all leftovers from lunch “Free Food " to Voudo; and wondering if Voudo ever passes health. Donna Hey leaves Tami at the Plains trying to get the car door open; Sue on a certain Tuesday; Hartnett a bottleopener for cold duck; Bill driving lessons; Liz GAS, 100 books of stamps and a bigger bathtub. David Holt leaves to go in to the Navy for 4 years. Angie Hill leaves Bets, Dunna, and Gail still waiting for a 12 4 81 reunion; Trish gagging in my back seat at Burger King; and partying with Bets and the Billy Squire managers in Providence. Amie Hyson leaves hoping that Becky and Ericka don’t make the same mistake, but still have as much fun; Tina S. to have one HELL of a senior year; still not knowing the real definition of a square: and wondering what ever happened to the Class of “83”. My Hyson leaves TFHS wondering what will ever happen to her class; Tammy remembering red, white, and blue; RJ, Kevin and Eddie 3 more years at TFHS; and saying thanks to a very special friend for all her help and understanding — Thanks. Sean Jordan leaves wishing he never came and glad to be gone, and Hank wondering. Crash Kaltner leaves Ace Buck at the Michelob Open; Rob one more before lunch; and all those people I never really liked. Kevin Klaiber leaves Mr. Hoitt in the cafeteria with Peter Pan; and Lurch and Chipper to find eachother. Cathy Lafleur leaves the art room to anyone who wants it; Mrs. D. a box of G.S. cookies; M.F. a flight of stairs; S.B. to remember the night with the worms; and M.Y., M.H., and Ziggy a BIG HUG. Sandy Lapinski leaves Lisa her nickname Droopy; Nancy at the game wondering what’s going on; Mary a bottle of “151” with no coke; Mike with no one to talk to on the bus; Debbie a light in the night, a beer and a straw; and partying in room “11”. Rick Legere leaves worm a new frame; Matt some casetts from the Mall; Ron a poke and a long walk home; Crash a new hotel to party at; M.E. 2 drags; Zoo some Notre Dame paraphernalia; and a certain group of people one last “ere”. Gina Leh leaves T.Z. and K.L. another year with “her”; M.S. and K.L. at GHSPL with “the green car”; Eric and Tim at SBA; Mary 25d:; and wondering if . . . Jodi finds Mr. Right; Tammy will ever have 36 Will motivation; Tami will become an R.N. Chris Lucas leaves Lorene her own calculator; Russ a food warehouse; Coyle a can of spray paint and an axe; and Mr. Slattery to call someone else Joe. Joe Manzer leaves Bob leftovers from lunch. Mary McCormick leaves an empty bottle of “151” for Sandy; Debbie in So. Deerfield; Lisa a dime for the dryer; Patty a bottle of Blackberry brandy; all the teachers wondering how I graduated; and the juniors a long, boring senior year. Tim Miner leaves Russ a chain of supermarkets and Mr. Slattery some one else to confuse with physics. Paul Morin leaves saying, “Don’t worry Bob, I’ll come back next year to see you graduate”, and Jim with a M16 and a subscription to “Soviet Life”. Ron Mosca leaves speechless. Matt Moson leaves Mike Dickerman a Maxie; Joe Mechanic an estimate; Ray a M.B.; Dave Leh a Garci vega; and wondering if “the potato” ever made it to California. Debbie Murdock leaves Matt Jeff at Bartons; Sandy in Room “1 1”; Nancy a cup of coffee before each game; Marsha a new pair of pants; wondering what kind of relationship Lisa and I really have; and Patti all those very special times we had. Natalie Nalepinski leaves Kathy R. with no more eggs for breakfast; Marsha Y. to all those men; Steve W. to pester some other poor person; Carpy with a hug; Slats to those poor victims of physics; Thimoty, Kat, and Duke to continue struggling. Tom Norwood leaves waiting for Laurie to leave; Bill another month before he rolls his car; Matt a manual on how to cross-country ski; and wondering what became of Pinardi. Mark Ozdarski leaves his sister Amy with five more years of hard labor; and Quizmo wondering if he will have to put up with another year of Johnna D. Dave Partridge leaves Smith the Ashes of two Spanish dictionaries. Jeff Pecor leaves saying It was a dirty job but someone had to do it. Spanky Pielock leaves Ellse chasing Allen to the store and one “MASSIVE” card game; Mark with “the cat” from her locker; Sharon with “The Snowman” from ' 82; and Gall a memory typewriter that really works. Pat Prevett leaves waiting for M.L. to graduate; Worm with a very wide road; Mr. Huntley Woffles, Bones, and Grog; and P.R. with memories of Z-28. Chris Rastallis leaves wondering what happened to those four years at T.F.; and another year for Ed Wong to give somebody a cheapshop; to Jim Coyle he leaves a life subscription of “Soviet Life”. Jewels Rewa leaves Keith (Borbs) Bourbeau with a dozen eggs; a scrub brush, and a pail full of pinesol. Brian Richotte leaves Todd with 5 lonely years. Patty Riley leaves Dina and her famous saying “Rooch” 4 more long years to go and hopefully she enjoys them all; Deb and I in the elevator with two old ladies; Blitz and I down cellar staring at the monkey face. Joanne Roberge leaves Dianne M.D. or E.S., which ever comes first; Michelle the LAST french fry; Marsha “THE NOISE”; Julie a bottle of “White-out”; and Kathy in the mud. Kathy Ryan leaves Meech a black pole; Dianne C. some dancing owls; and Marsha Y. and Melisa F. a quarter each. Liz Sabato leaves Bill to run the 50 yard line at the U Mass stadium, Karen, Karen, and Andy a certain night to remember, a song (Freeze Frame) and Avenue; Liz C. a towel; and I leave hiding under the dash board for the last time. Karen Salustri leaves all the great memories of the green machine adventures with the gang; Quizmo without K.F., K.S., L.F., K.R., to yell at every day for talking too much; and Michael to finish his last two years. Shawn Scully leaves being the last Scully to wreck havoc on TFHS. John Sini leaves Wayne Tencoti all my Field and Stream magazines so he can make up more hunting stories. Ed Slate leaves Fabe a marked deck; Mr. Stone to fix his own engines. Jon Sojka leaves to go to VT on Fridays at 2;30 in a “Low Ryder”; Matt a leak proof tent; somebody a crow bar; and Quizmo the rest of his right sideburn. Jennifer Sokolosky leaves thanking God for a wonderful friend like Mariah; Nancy the chef at Jojo’s; Debbie a box of saltines; 2 blank applications for Bill and Dan; Mike C. a ride to the mall; and one step behind Jon AGAIN. Nancy Stewart leaves Marsha a cop in Montague; Debbie her blue pants; Lisa a ride to Greenfield; Sandy a cola for the morning after; and many a night at the pizza house playing asteroids. Jo Tompkins leaves Hands to have a Big Mac Attack with Drew; Tami a six-pack of Diet Coke and granola bars; Sue a pair of roller skates; Gina in Greenfield - — ; Kelly, Cindy, and Lisa with no place to go; Kyle more time in the bathroom. Carol Tower leaves hoping to continue her education in Australia; Fuller a Christman ball saying “sorry!”; Mrs. Phillips to find another uniform manager; and others totally bewildered by Garb. Bill Viens leaves wondering why he stayed around for 5 years; also wondering if Avery can ever train another group for quality mud gupping; and wondering when Freeman will roll the V.W. Gail Vivier leaves Steph on Bear’s den to get down herself and another shopping “trip”; Spanky at the male follies; Elise waiting for me to finish lunch; Betsy her own language — Boge Mel”; Angie waiting for me in the morning; and Robbie a foot under the table. Bob Voudren leaves wondering if Ron, Mark and Joe go to Canada. Lisa Whitney leaves Marsha a pork shop; Nancy a patch for her burnt flag; Debbie wondering what kind of relationship we have; and hoping Mary has a dime. Meech Willard leaves K.R, M.Y, D.C. and M.F each a quarter; Mrs. Phillips wondering who she ' s going to get to do her programs next year; and Mom and Mary at Turners. Bill Wong leaves after six years of TFHS and one year for Ed. Marsha York leaves Lisa one handkercheif for her hair; Nancy a new moped; Deb an alcohol bottle; Natalie lick with Mr. Wave; and Melisa a new garage. Zoo leaves Turbo Cool Paul’s Athletic wardrobe; Ron pounding on the wall; Worm at Dave Petrin’s camp; Johnna in the middle of the intersection; and Crash a steady girlfriend to give his chain to. Tami Zewinski leaves Sue on a certain Tuesday; Donna to go to the B.R. by herself in the woods; Jodi a six pack of Dt. Coke and a box of granola bars; and I leave with a ring on one hand and a diploma in the other. Dan Zimmerman leaves wild Bill a riceater; Ray a paradox; Coach with your Jerrie’s and your Eric’s and Jim with all my match knowledge. 37 Class FRESHMEN - 1979-1980 Our Freshmen year was so exciting. We were finally on our own. Completing our float was another story. We barely finished on time. We thought it would be so easy to complete, we had a lot to learn. Mariah Hyson represented our class as Lady-In-Waiting. Remember how great it felt to finally have our own section in the gymnasium. Our class had great spirit and we were all becoming fast friends. We had three more years at Turners Falls High School to look forward to. The activities of our Freshmen year are just the beginning of the rest of our years at Turners Falls High. One down - Three to go! SOPHOMORES - 1980-1981 This year brought the excitement of getting our class rings. Remember the hassle we got from the ring man. We had a terrible time finding an advisor, but we always came through in the end. Our float, Rub-A-Dub-Dub. placed second, that made our Booster Day. Tami Zewinski represented our class as Dutchess. This year was a good money making year for us. We had a spaghetti supper that turned out great and a car wash that was really fun, and who could forget the trip to Ipswich with Mrs. Neville. We’re half way there Two down - Two to go!! History JUNIORS - 1981-1982 This year began raising money for the Prom. We sold candy bars, jewelry, and we had a raffle. The prom was not quite what we expected and we had money left over, so we planned a class trip. Hampton Beach was rainy that day but we had fun anyway. Stephanie Wallitis represented our class as Princess. Our float. Super Indian, was not the best but there was always next year. During our Junior year our class seemed to grow apart. The ‘‘Square Wars” had begun, but a cease fire was soon to be declared. Three down - One to go!!! SENIORS - 1982-1983 We finally made it although we had our problems. Our lockers were pushed way down to the end of the Senior Hall and our privileges couldn’t come too quickly. No one was really satisfied with their senior picture. Stephanie Watroba represented our class as Booster Day Oueen and our terrific float, Donald Duck, won first place! We finally got together and made a great float. The square wars have ended and our class has started to become just that, a class. We have started to realize each other as people and not as what we appear to be on the outside. We have had our problems through the years but as a class we have learned to resolve them. None of us will ever forget our High School years at Turners Falls High. We have had our share of good times and bad times. Here’s to you CLASS OF ‘83’. Four down - Best of Luck!!!! Liz Sabato Historian ' Think I’ll make it on the cover of Cosmo? You want it when? I ( Thank God it’s Friday! Where’s my coffee? Now, let’s put all the seventh graders in here! Me and my shadow Happy Birthday to me! Finger lickin’ good! FACULTY Administration Mr. Daniel R. Morrison, Supt. of Schools Mrs. Jane Schab Mr. Donald J. LaPierre, Principal High School Secretaries Mrs. Sandy Patterson, Mrs. Patricia Thompson Mr. Stanley Dobosz, Asst. Principal 42 Judith Katz Library Outreach Counselor Mrs. Nancy Dobosz Guidance Mrs. Barbara O ' Connell Mrs. Linda Leavis- Secretary Mr. Eric McClellan Mrs. Rosemary Maddern Mr. Rober Avery rrc 43 Special Education Mrs. Denise Lemay Mrs. Betsy Laczynski Mrs. Margaret Bridges Aide Mrs. Carol Crofton Aide Mrs. Charlene Sulda Aide Mrs. Michele Hoecker 44 Mrs. Hannah Neville Mr. Hollas Batten Mr. John Sabin Mr. Jeffrey Kenney Mr. David Hoitt Science 45 Mr. James O’Conners Mrs. Sheila Zabko Math Mr. Raymond Garbiel- Dept. Head Mr. Richard Coburn Mr. Michael Wanczyk Mr. Edward Bourdeau Mrs. Velma Dean 46 Mr. William Connelly English Mr. John O’Riley Mr. Wesley Snapp Mr. David Knox Miss Frances Cassidy Miss Judith Komishane Mr. Barry Coppinger 47 Social Studies Mr. Manuel Leitao Mrs. Sophia Libby-Dept. Head Mr. Gerald Perkins Mr. James Koldis Miss Nora Ryan Mrs. Judith Brenner 48 Mrs. Jean Phillips- Department Head Mr. Steve Ciechomski Art Mr. William Roberts- Department Head Miss Anne Parish Music Industrial Arts Mr. David Huntley- Department Head Mr. Richard Kossakoski Mr. Albert Stone 49 Mrs. Charlotte Robinson Mrs. Norma Gewanter Mr. Charles G. Mullins Physical Education Health Nurse Mrs. Deborah Loomer Mr. Paul Cournoyer Cafeteria Staff Seated: Patti Lanfair, Marjorie Miner, Bertha Semaski, Ping Wong. Standing: Mar- guerite Willard (MANAGER), Loraine Mosca, Ann Tennyson, Anita Lambert, Lina Roberge 51 AVAILABLE IN ALL CLASSES UNDERCLASSMEN Class Of 1984 President, Kim Cournoyer; Vice-president, Dan Whitten; Treasurer, Sue Bourdeaux; Secretary, Terry Zamojski; Historian, Tina Cannon Row 1: T. Phillips; L. LeMon; D. Koscis; D. Robinson; C. Williams; L. Mongiello; K. Grader; J. Watrous; K. Sak. Row 2: M. Crouse; T. Slaunwhite; T. Thompson; K. Rivet; C. Buntz; B. Atkins; J. Miner; T. Cannon; G. Brule; J. Gregory; Row 3: J. Sanders; T. Crouse; C. O’Connor; R. Martin; C. Abbott; E. Hallet; S. Bordeaux; E. Emond; D. Cloutier Row 1: J. Burnett; C. Lang; D. Whitman; E. Wong; C. Ghiz; A. Wondoloski; B. Peaz. Row 2: R. Johnstone; S. Warsawski; T. Peura; W. Tencati; D. Mayhew; M, Letellier; D. Verrier. Row 3: L. Wheeler; T. Routhier; D. Whitten; C. Shanahan; K. Cournoyer; C. Sini; M. Fisher; L. Kosma. Row 1; L. Majeski; T. Saharceski; C. Mosca; L. Bocon; K. Kobera; D. Carpenter; A. Scopa; J. Oakes. Row 2: B. Linscott; P. Morrison; T. Dion; D. Dolan; T. Nalepinski; W. Bender; J. Lund; T. Grader. Row 3: C. Demars; A. Fuller; D. Guilbeault; K. Leh; T . Zamojski; K. Tompkins; C. Momaney; B. McCormick. 55 Class Of 1985 President, Chris Pinardi; Vice-president, Robin Slongwhite; Secretary, Kelly Burek; Treasurer, Ann Molecko; Historian Paul Sirum Row 1: K. Hartnett; A. Molecko; K. Emery; M. Saunders; M. Godzinski; K. Burek; K. Coyle; T. Avery; C. Mahar; M. Reid. Row 2: C. Williams; J. Gleba; K. Baker; T. Barnes; C. Lang; M. Podlesny; L. Smith; E. Freeman; A. Lemere; D. Mahar; S. Cocking. Row 3: S. Hubert; J, Haselton; T. Osowski; J. Miner; T. Foster; M. Willard; G. Dodge; C. Towne; D. Chaplin; M. Pervere. 56 Row 1: R. McCaffrey; S. Mayrand; J, Zamojski; L. Quagaroli; B. Peura; C. Tower; J. Boguslawski; P. Verrier; M. Lewis; R. Lenois. Row 2: R. Slongwhite; N. Sokolosky; K. Emery; W. Forton; N. Peterson; T. Cotter; S. Fitzpatrick; R. Czarnecki; L, Folk; Row 3: F. Stebbins; C. Jarvis; K. Momaney; D. Whitman; R. Adams; M. Mahar; G. Cromiller; M. Desautels; Row 4: J. Magoon; C. Cholova; L. Johnson; M. Legacy; D. Aitken; M. McCarthy; C. Coco; Row 1: J. Kennedy; P. Guenette; R. Demers; R. Golash; J. Ghiz; T, Corliss; N. Fuller; D. Emery; D. LaBelle; T. Chrostowsky; Row 2: K. Brown; M. SIcard; M. Smith; M. Salustri; K. Zywna; E. Sulda; M. Dobosz; H. Scott; T. Savage; C. Sicord; Row 3: R. Bak; J. Bunett; C. Pinardi; R. Castine; M. Casey; K. Bourbeau; P. Sirum; M. Rau; D. Leh; T. Dicola; S. Mann; 57 Class Of 1986 President, Alan Savinski; Vice President, Jim Jurek; Secretary, Denise Muniz; Treasurer, Jay Letourneau; Historian, Julie Simarowski; Row 1: A. Sabine; J. Simarowski; A. Savinski; J. Letourneau; S. Edwards; J. Courtemanche; K. Emond; C. Cutler; D. Muniz; K. Nalepinski. Row 2; E. Homes; A. Byrd; T. Downs; A. Jenks; C. Erland; M. Burek; R. Russel; P. Mayrand. Row 3: T. Duncan; T. Canon; M. Wirth; Williams; R. Schouler; J. LeDuc; D. Macassie; D. Hohnsone; L. Carrigan. Row 4: T. Hacked; P. McGrath; W. Welcome; P. Foster; S. Lenois; K. Mayhew 58 Row 1: R.J. Hyson; E. Croteau; P. Burek; K. Richotte; T. George; D, Brunelle; C. Emond; T. LaFleur; J. Rewa; J. Chase; T. Traceski. Row 2: D. Walsh; J. Jurek; C. Barton; D. Arseneault; L. Swindell; E. Sonn; C. Hoynowski; E. Leh; B. Levine; T. Scott; M. Kozloski. Row 3: S. Lemere; K. Kuvanaugh; K. Bartos; M. Wood; S. White; L. Zewinski; A, Urgiel; M. Mayrand; L. Brennen; B. Brule; E. Fiske MB a _ i J Row 1 T. Miller; P. Reipold; T. McClellan; S. Rivet; M. Callahan; L. Rosewarne; A. Giguere; T. Burnes; J. Mosca; T. Blanchard. Row 2: L. Miskinis; M. Gerrish; D. Morin; C. Podlensky; L. Greenfield; R. Collette; D. Lapierre; J. Stevens; R. Senn; T. Dubreuil; K. Bocon. Row 3: F. Hoff; J. Ward; C. LeMon; M. Reil; L, Morin; T, Stone; A. Norwood; J. Humphrey; A. Kostecki; G. Currier; T, Avery 59 Junior High - Classes Of 1987 And 1988 Row 1; W. Sheats; K. Lehmen; T. Coppinger; J. Miner; A. Stafford; C. Filmanowski; J. Jasienowski; J. Wilcox; D. Lenois; Row 2: R. Brenner; L. Chagnon; S. Robinson; J. Holiway; R. Castine; J. Janikas; M. Gove; P. Dinglen; S. Young; Row 3: B. Leh; S. Savinski; R. Cauette; B. Adams; D. Charest; D. Holmes; F. Bezio; J. Ptek; Row 1: C. Mailloux; K. O’Neill; D. Sanders; Y. Cervantes; L. Emery; K. Foley; J. Stone; Kopinsky; L. Lapinski; Row 2: E. Cromack; M. Scott; M. Demers; D. Foster; J. JekanowskI; D. Demars; M. Lambert; N. Emond; K. Pierce; C. Smith; Row 3: B. Talbot; M. Bartlett; S. Thayer; J. Fowler; C. Demars; D. Pilllod; M. Heath; K. DIsso; R. Weis; K. Hillman; 60 Row 1: J. Kepadio; D. Robinson; T. Czernich; J. Sicard; P. Brenner; C. Markowski; A. Jackman; K. Schoulder; Row 2: B. Kozma, A. Viens; K. Fortin; M. Mankowski; D. Targhetta; B. Meatty; K. Casey, K. Zywna; Row 3; J. Chapin; J. Perkins; K. Thomas; K. Brunnelle; L. Dagilus; D. Costa; C Kelly; A. Conger; D. Fisher; Row 1: J. Kuzmeskus; D. Jaque; R. Williams; B. Task; D. Tencati; T. Moore; J. Dobosz; J. Tibbets; E. Banash; C. Choleva; Row 2: B. Reipold; S. Denkiewicz; D. Muniz; K. Schwartz; T. Barber; C. Carpenter; H. Byrd; J. Radzuik; L. Stetson; T. Bordeaux; Row 3: M. Clark; G. Williams; B, Webber; R. Sparks; C. Dubois; H. Black; T. Avery; S. Mayhew; D. Chaplin; 61 Row 1: K. Livingwater; J. Brule; A. Johnson; K. Dubriel; D. Dobias; J. Kavalsick; R. Parmenter; S. Bush; A. Malloux; Row 2: A. Cole; D. Robinson; J. Cafarella; P. Clarke; R. Williams; M. Worden; L. Phelps; B. Fisher; J. Ambo; D. Earle Row 3: S. Fisk; G. Fellows; L. LeClair; R. Moore; L. Savine; T. Savage; C. Bouthillier; M. Peleteir; N. Sonn; J. Squires; M. Hubert 62 Row 1: R. Garish; J. Godzinski; A. Ozdarski; T. Cominoli; S. Markol; P. Holden; W. Lyman; K. Stetson; C. Hosley; T. Maddern; D. Higgins. Row 2: W. Conger; R. Vonkries; J. Vanvalkenburgh; T. Carry; S. Woodard; T. McCay; T. Radzuk; C. Weaver; C. Edwards; C. Cutler; S. Burns; Row 3: M. Pyfrom; D. Poirer; R. Stevens; D. Lefleur; A. Slongwhite; S. Bruso; P. Mariott; S. Sirum; B. Johnson; T. Ward; B. Smith Row 1: T. Golembeski; R. Aldrich; K. Morin; J. Thomas; T. Shearer; K. Slaunwhite; J, LaMoine; N. Phillips; C. Lund. Row 2: S. Stochelek; B. Shawn; E. Casey; T. Dubree; P. Tower; D. Titiund; D. Godzinski; M. Woodard. Row 3: M. Duncan; D. Grigsby; R. Crofton; T. Walsh; N. Demo; E. Sauder; E. Senn; A. Thortan; L. Doolittle Row 1; J. Putala; B. Burek; M. Collette; L. Manzer; T. Boissanneault; S. Frey; H. White; R. Row; C. Neill. Row 2: A. Atkins; J. Eggleston; T. Richotte; J. Reipold; D. Bdoska; J. Loveland; S. Darling; M. Pervere; B. Richotte. Row 3: P. Zewinski; S. Sulda; R. Mosca; S. Rivet; A. Parda; S. Fellows; C. Floren 63 Row 1: K. Barrett; B. Bender; P. Mayrand; P. Mullen; B. Mason; W. Palmer; D. Smith; T. Breon; S. Swindel; Row 2: G. Gruling; B. Tennydon; R. Pervere; S. Wood; T. Scott; K. Kuzontkoski; J. Jasienowsli; G. Kovalsick; P. Schwartz; S. Gove; Row 3: J. Marsh; S. Turner; G. McCrory; T. Scopa; K. Tompkins; D, Nalepinski; P. Whiteman; B. Pearson; M. Demers. 64 ACTIVITIES 67 Yearbook Staff Advisor-Mr. Barry Coppinger Coeditors-Sandy Pielock, Carol Tower 68 High School Student Government Officers High School Student Government Junior High Student Council Officers Junior High Student Council 70 Junior National Honor Society 71 National Honor Society Science Fiction Club Drama Club Model Congress High School Chorus Junior High Chorus 77 Marching Band High School Concert Band 78 Varsity Cheerleaders Junior Varsity Cheerleaders ' ( Varsity Football Turners 14 Amherst 8 Turners 20 Palmer 0 Turners 3 Frontier 8 Turners 21 Mohawk 7 Turners 7 Ware 14 Turners 0 Mahar 20 Turners 19 Ludlow 20 Turners 0 Athol 7 Turners 14 Greenfield 47 Season Record 3-6 Junior Varsity Football Junior High Football Turkey Day 1982 Turners Falls Vs. Greenfield TF 14 Greenfield 47 86 r Booster Day 1982 Turners Falls vs. Mahar TF 0 Mahar 20 The Queen and Her Court: Queen: Stephanie Watroba Princess: Dawn Guilbeault Dutchess: Jennifer Ghiz Lady In Waiting: Jennifer Mosca Float Winners: 1st place: Seniors and Junior High 2nd place: Juniors 3rd place: Freshmen 88 X Boys Cross Country BOYS VARSITY TF 22 Deerfield JV 33 TF 32 Mohawk 25 TF 23 Athol 33 TF 20 Flampshire 41 TF 35 Gateway 23 TF 18 FCTS 45 TF 26 Frontier 29 TF 32 Pioneer 25 Season Record 8-8 Girls Cross Country TF 45 GIRLS VARSITY Mohawk 18 TF 10 Athol 30 TF 37 Cathedral 22 TF 35 Frontier 22 90 Field Hockey Soccer 91 Varsity Volleyball Western Mass. Champions TF vs Athol 15-5, 15-2 TF vs Frontier 15-11, 15-3 TF vs Tech 15-4, 15-11 TF vs Pioneer 15-3, 15-1 TF vs Amherst 15-13, 15-10 TF vs Holyoke 15-1, 15-3 TF vs Mahar 15-3, 15-11 TF vs Mohawk 15-2, 15-6 TF vs Tech 15-2, 15-2 TF vs Mahar 15-2, 15-8 TF vs Greenfield 16-14, 15-10 TF vs Amherst 8-15, 15-11, 15-4 TF vs Athol 15-6, 15-4 TF vs Holyoke 15-3, 15-2 TF vs Frontier 15-6, 15-0 TF vs Pioneer 15-8, 17-15 TF vs Amherst 7-15, 15-11, 16-14, 92 Junior Varsity Girls Basketball Junior High Girls Basketball Girls Varsity Basketball Franklin County League Co-Champions Mh£.ri ? Pioneer Hopkins Greenfield Frontier Smith Athol Mahar Mohawk Pioneer Hopkins Greenfield Frontier Smith Athol Mahar Mohawk Girls Varsity Basketball Season Record 14-2 Boys Junior Varsity Basketball Boys Junior High Basketball 99 Cf Boys Track Girls Track 101 102 Baby Picture Key 1. Dave Partridge 2. Karen Salustri 3. Jeff Pecor 4. Elise Cromack 5. Julia Rewa 6. Gail Vivier 7. Debbie Dalton 8. Pat Kaltner 9. Sue Blood 10. Tom Norwood 1 1. Lorie Falcon 12. Stephanie Wallitis 13. Dean Baker 14. Stephanie Watroba 15. Mariah Hyson 16. Debbie Murdock 17. Jodi Tompkins 18. Michele Willard 19. Sandy Pielock 20. Amie Hyson 21. Linda Barry 22. Carol Tower 23. Jennifer Sokolosky 24. Chris Lucas 25. Karen Fuller 26. Andy Godzinski 27. Angie Hill 28. Sandy Lapinski 29. Bill Freeman 30. Joanne Roberge 31. Betsy Hale finally getting our own section in the gym for rallies red, white and blues when one bus got a flat tire on the way to Ipswich with Mrs. Neville getting drenched in Booster Day ’80 having to wait to get our class rings dressing up tor Hannah on Halloween the feeling when Turners beat Greenfield in Turkey Day ’81 our Junior Prom??? the Spring Fling??? the Square Wars all of the broken test tubes in Chemistry taking the SAT’s downhill skiing with Mrs. Loomer the continuing success of our field hockey team??????? finally getting our SENIOR Privileges all of our “great” fundraising ideas that flopped when, for the first time, we built a first place float our one great success — Senior Slave Day REMEMBER . . . ALL THE MEMORIES OF OUR HIGH SCHOOL YEARS AT GOOD OLE’ T.F.H.S. — WE WILL ALWAYS TREASURE THEM! ADVERTISEMENTS RICHARD’S CORNER 166 Millers Falls Rd. Turners Falls, MA. 01376 (413)863-2622 PROFESSIONAL PATRONS Alan s of Greenfield Main Street Greenfield, MA 01301 K.P. Jewelers Chapman Street Greenfield, MA 01301 Dr. Richard Perry, Jr. 40 School Street Greenfield, MA 01301 Francis Sabato, Jr., D.M.D 62 Avenue A Turners Falls, MA 01376 Dr. Samuel A. Calagione 285 High Street Greenfield, MA 01301 Dr. Arthur E. Burke 73 Fourth Street Turners Falls, MA 01376 FLEA MARKET -J r‘ Crafts — Antiques consignmtnt items) MILLERS FALLS CENTER Thurs. — Sun 8-5 669 3731 Compliments Of: SCHAFF OPTICIANS 277 Main Street Suite 203 Greenfield, MA. 01301 112 illliiiffil Your Teachers, As Ever, Wish Each Of You The Very Best Life Has To Offer THE GILL-MONTACUE TEACHERS ASSOCIATION Congratulations Seniors MONTAGUE FOOD CO-OP Avenue A, Turners Falls, MA Open 6 Days A Week Open To The Public. CHICK ' S AUTOMOTIVE CENTER Compliments Of 151 Third Street SINGLEY FURNITURE Turners Falls, MA 01376 Complete Autobody 169 Avenue A And Mechanical Work Turners Falls, MA Front End Aligned And Balanced Towing Services Available BARRETT AND BAKER General Home Repair ■ 310 Main Street And Remodeling ■ Greenfield, MA 01301 Jeff Supernaw 774-4793 l| Good Luck To The || Class Of 1983! PEGGY PARKER 138 Main Street Greenfield, MA 01301 Congratulations To The Class Of 1983! SEARS 102 Main Street Greenfield, MA 01301 Tel. 774-2231 PIONEER FAMILY PHYSICIANS Mark H. Allen M.D. Everett W. Haggett, M.D. F. Russell Thomas, M.D. Office Hours By Appointment 289 High Street Greenfield, MA 01301 Camera Shop EVERYTHING PHOTOGRAPHIC 286 Main Street — Greenfield, Mass. 01301 Telephone (413) 773-9898 iU the I ACTION FOOTGEAR 8 ACCESSORIES at HAMILTON’S SHOES 250 MAIN ST. GREENFIELD Di SUPPLY CO. " YOUR KITCHEN REMODELING HEADQUARTERS " DIVISION OF TURNERS FALLS COAL CO D TELEPHONE 413 863-4321 298-300 AVENUE A TURNERS FALLS ' MASSACHUSETTS 01376 WEATHERHEAD ' S RESTAURANT Route 2 Millers Falls, MA “Where Every Meal Has Taste Appeal.” Congratulations Class Cf 1983 SKI SHOP • SPORTSWEAR. Exit 26 just off 1-91 on Rte. 2 West Greenfield, Mass. 773-3876 114 While you may not think of the town of Greenfield as being world renowned, it is because for over 108 years thread cutting tools and gages have been shipped around the world with the word “Greenfield” imprinted on them. We are very proud of this fact as it is the high quality of Greenfield tools that has enabled us to make the world GTD’s customers. But more importantly, we are proud of the people who make these tools. For over five generations people in this area have been demonstrating their skills by producing a line of thread cutting and gaging tools that are the finest in the world. GREENFIELD TAP DIE DNISION SANDERSON STREET, GREENFIELD, MASSACHUSETTS 01301 JUDD WIRE Division Of High Voltage Engineering Corp. A.H. RIST INSURANCE Chuck Donovan 56 Fourth Street Turners Falls, MA 863-4451 “We Insure Everything” 115 ( I (iA uXicx and axdtn dtnttx cMiIT xa o Ta c oad ED ' S BARBER SHOP 78 Avenue A Turners Falls, MA 01376 u nt ± Oaflii, eMc t 01376 (413) 663-2310 I I I Congratulations Class Of 1983. HAMILTON H Compliments Of FAMOUS BILL ' RESTAURANT S INTERIORS 30 Federal Street Greenfield, MA 01301 I i I 377 Mam Street. Greenfield. Massachusetts 01301 413 773 3013 BEAUBIEN AND BONNETTE FUEL CO, INC. 66 L Street Turners Falls, MA 01376 117 M y f D.G. PEDAL POWER WOSU D EYE BOOKSHOP 1 60 Federal Street, Greenfield 88 Third Street Turners Falls, MA 01376 863-2535 BOOKS - nOTECARDS - NAQAZineS New And Used Bikes And Repairs Of Most Models Opfn Daily 9:30-6. Friday ' ill 9 Office and Studios at 486 Main Street P.O. Box 32 Greenfield, MA 01302 413-774-4301 Good Luck To The Class Of ' 83 Compliments Of THE BODY SHOPPE-HEALTH AND FITNESS CENTRE Featuring Nautilus • Olympic Weights • Sauna • Whirlpools • Aerobics • Exercise • |liist 1(1 tnnljfiii Cnunhj am 1240 fm 98 3 Programs. 306 High Street Greenfield, MA RISHI ' S FASHIONS PIPIONE ' S SPORT SHOP Imported And Domestic Everything You Need- Sports Equipment, lot) M3in olftJOl Greenfield, MA 01301 Gym Shorts, And Gym Bags Congratulations Class Of 1983! 104 Avenue A Turners Falls, MA A ' (413) 863-4048 JC FOSTER ' S - c ht Store ALUMINUM PRODUCTS Ccean Fresh Seafood Clams-Lobster-Shrimp RUDOLPH A. SCHACHT HOME: 2 MARSHALL STREET 111 AVENUE A k (413) 863-8108 TURNERS FALLS, MA 01376 N I Corner Conway And Allen Streets Greenfield, MA 01301 119 120 121 122 ESCOTT ' S SERVICE STATION Complete Automotive And Truck Radiator Service 4 Avenue A Turners Falls, MA 01376 Telephone 863-9315 BENEFICIAL FINANCE COMPANY Our Own . ICECREAM made here at 269 Main Street Greenfield, MA 01301 Telephone: 773-5472 80 SCHOOL STREET (413) 773-3680 H.S. RUDDOCK, INC. Walk-In Service Jeweler Member American Gem Society P.j. ' S HAIR CARE 42 Chapman Street Greenfield MA 01301 Tel. 774-5886 300 Main St. 413-772-6380 Greenfield, MA Congratulations And Best Of Luck! 123 RAILROAD SALVAGE STORES Canal St. - Turners Falls, Mass. 01376 RAILROAD SALVAGE BUYS - CLOSE-OUTS - MFGRS OVERSTOCKS - INSURANCE CO. LOSSES WATER FIRE DAMAGED GOODS - FREIGHT CLAIMS - BANKRUPT STORES CURRENT MARKET MDSE CARPETING - FURNITURE - CB RADIOS ACCESSORIES - STEREOS - HARDWARE - PAINTS PET SUPPLIES - TOYS - LADIES MENS CLOTHING - SHOES - DOMESTICS - HOUSEWARES tire niaisi JERVICE Inc. 10 SILVER ST., GREENFIELD, MAS SACH USETTS 01301 Tel. 413-774-4349 " The Men Who Know Tires Best " 774-3944 ANGELINA ' S SUB SHOP Featuring Subs And Hot Grinders 74 Federal Street Greenfield, MA Open Daily 10-12 Friday Til 1 m A member of the Independent Groc er’s Alliance! TURNER FALLS IGA 200 Avenue A 124 125 Best Of Luck In The Years Ahead! HALLMARK STUDI 267 Main St. Greenfield, MA 01301 The Official School Photographer Century Trav’el Consultants, Inc. Best Wishes 275 .MAIN .STREET OKEENKIEU). .M ASSAC H I SETTS 0 1 .JO 1 U:i-7 7T-. ' I7 l« MISKINIS TELEVISION Sales-Service Antenna Installation Congratulations Class Of ’83 Kip Miskinis Owner 294 Avenue A Turners Fal;s, MA Congratulations! NORMAN G. FULLER PAINTING, ROOFING, CARPENTRY 3 O. Street Turners Falls, MA 01376 Telephone: 863-2627 HOG HOLLOW All Types Of Jewelry Including Class Rings Main St. Greenfield, MA 01301 126 HALLMARK COLOR LABS Turners Falls. Massachusetts Photography for college yearbooks Yearbook Associates Turners Falls, Massachusetts For a career in professional photography Hallmark Institute of Photography Turners Falls, Massachusetts

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