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 - Class of 1982

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Turners Falls High School - Peske Tuk Yearbook (Turners Falls, MA) online yearbook collection, 1982 Edition, Cover

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VO Turner’s Falls High School Presents The Greatest Show On Earth PESKE - TUK 1982 It And Isn t Strange ■■ That Princes And Kings | ■ : Sf 1 i r-| ! «g - WMMBj Common Folks MMg! it -V A " ' P Like You And Me 8 ■ft Of Eternity? . . A Bag Of Tools w ' MJVr Dr JY Wtintiiiffr, 3 Ithu r -vl ' , ' ' i i HI- 1 m Bff H [: gj W 1 1 ■L And Each Must Make K v % Em 1 T BT - i - | ' 3 Pj lar dL % £ . — — A Stumbling Block Stepping Stone ' 4 “INTRODUCING THE CLASS OF 1982!” PENNY LYNN ABBOTT “Now if a man tried to take his time on earth and prove before he died what one man’s life could be worth, well, I wonder what would happen to this world.” Penny’s goal is to live life to the fullest. Likes: 6 16 79; “21”; being mellow; Phil Collins; good music; rainbows; guys; 5 7 81; warmth; parties; blackberry brandy; camp- ing; doing kinky things; Dislikes: the cold; being confused; the morning after; being pressured; loneliness; telling a certain per- son “I’m Sorry”; boredom; doctors; being called Peggy. Activities: Junior National Honor Society; Student Gov’t 1-3, (Sec. 4); Drama Club 3,4; Oxfam-America. TODD ROBERT ABBOTT “The secret of happiness is not, in doing what one likes, but liking what one does.” Todd’s goal is to become a success. Likes: Daytona Beach; traveling; cities; Mercedes Benz; friendly people; the ocean; lobster; coke; vacation; being organized; music; go- ing out; banana splits; skiing; movies; and being with friends. Dislikes: tobacco; camping; liver; being bored; waiting; know- it-all people; homework; being late; and bad habits. Activities: Jr. National Honor Society; Marching Band 1-4; Concert Band 1-4. TONYA LEE AITKEN “To know is nothing at all; to imagine is everything.” Toni Likes: music; t-shirts; running; moonlight; roses; bright colors; starry skies; snow; rollercasters; cats; thun- derstorms; autumn; tacos; MV; silver; mist; unicorns; Dislikes: oboe reeds; the SC; lab reports; elevators; Activities: Band 1-4 (pres.4); Chorus 2-4; Madrigals 3; Student Gov’t 2-4 (pres.4); Prize Speaking; Track 1- 4; Swim Team 3,4; X-Country 4; Spanish Club 2; Jazz Band 4; Cheering 2; Oxfam 2,3; Drama 1-4; Junior National Honor Society; Yearbook; T-Club. KIMBERLY MARIE AMBO “Nothing is really free in life, and even death is not free-it costs our own life.” Kim’s goal is to live a happy, healthy, and successful life. Likes: Having a good time; walking in the rain; rollerskating; Ac Dc; talking to Bob C. and Dianne H.; meeting people; the beach; honest people; week- ends; Dislikes: Stuck-up people; 6 21 81; being picked on; getting yelled at; tobacco; lazy people; 4 16 80; getting up early; say- ing good-bye; gym; Activities: GAA 1-3; Student Government 1-4. PEGGY LEE ANDRE “If you’re really in love, age makes no dif- ference.” Peggy’s goal is to live a happy and enjoyable life, with her special some- one. Likes: 7 14 81; green m + m’s; tennis; good music; weekends; being with the one she loves; making out in Florida; 7 82; breakfast in bed; camping; Dislikes: imma- ture people; winter; secrets; Darren; Gar- biel; being called Penny; being alone; Ac- tivities: Oxfam-America; Drama Club; Stu- dent Government. ROSEMARY ANTINARELLA “There is a meaning to life and a reason for living, and to find these reasons you must live, so LIVE IT UP NOW, it’s the only chance you’ll get, for there may not always be a tomorrow.” Rose’s goal is to live a happy and successful life. Likes: Neil Young; crusin’ with Mike and Laurie; the F.P.; the sun; road trips; sleeping; Oct.; Mott the Hoople; mick lite; stars; Dislikes: waiting; getting up before 12:00; 4 16 81; rainy days; J.M. Activities: O.P.U.S. 1-4. JOHN WILLIAM AUBRY “I will keep trying; I’m the HOMBRE!” John’s goal is to go into the service. Likes: girls; the Rolling Stones; the Doors; and the B52’s. Dislikes: school; homework; hockey; teachers; and arguing mothers. JEAN M. BASTARACHE “I hope I make it with David. ’’Jean’s goal is to get into a modeling school and to get married. Likes: David; cruising; dancing; children. Dislikes: people who criticize oth- ers; school. Activities: babysitting; reading; crochet. BETH ANNE BAILEY “When you’re down and out, something always turns up, and it’s usually the noses of your friends. Betty’s goal is to be rich and to live in California. Likes: Chris; 11 28 81; big brown eyes; koala bears; “Wendy’s Chicken”; long talks with Lori; a certain Friday night with Bets; “Jor- dache”; The Riverside House; Madam Sheri’s; cold Michelob; winter and Christ- mas time; partying with Chris, Lori, and Curtis; Billy Squires. Dislikes: two faced people; getting hurt; being used; the Farren Hospital; “The Crew”; falling down Jo’s cellar stairs; waiting; K.W.; hangovers. Ac- tivities: T.F.A.A. 1-3; Student Govern- ment; 1-4; Prom Committee. DEBRA ANNE BARTLETT “And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you made. ’’-John Lennon. Bert’s goal is to be an executive in a public accounting firm. Likes: Van Halen; good times; the Beatles; red roses; 5 21 81; coco- nut; WAAF; shopping sprees; Broadway; football. Dislikes: 12 8 80; being used; on- ions; voids. Activities: Colorguard 3-4 (Capt. 4); Student Government 3-4 (Trea- surer 4); Chorus 3-4; Who’s Who Among American High School Students. BRENDA JANE BIALECKI “Thus let me hold thee to my heart, and every care resign, and we shall never never part: My love my all that’s mine.” Gold- smith: The Hermit. Brenda’s goal is to be- come a real estate broker. Likes: R.K.; par- tying with Eileen and the QB; Christmas time; snow; 9 26 80; 1 31 79 with Terry; Bob Seager; Journey; weekends. Dislikes: two faced people; arguing with Terry; trip- ping over snowmobiles; rain; losing to Rick. Activities: Student Government 1,2,4; Color Guard 1; OPUS; Float making; Pep Club. ANGELA ANN BORGES “Do unto others as you would have them to do unto you.” Angie’s goal is to live life as she prefers to. Likes: talks with Tom; plains; lunch with everyone; Jimmy’s wierdness; dentyne; p.s.; 12 11 81; 12 18 81. Dislikes: cliques; fake people; put-downs; conceited people; U.S. History. JOHN PATRICK CARROLL III “Every man has three characters: the one he shows, the one he has, and the one he thinks he has.” John’s goal is to devote his life to helping animals. Likes: movies, ani- mals; lobster; fantasy; the Ocean; walking in the woods; swimming; collecting things; King Arthur; a starry sky; history; running; science; reading good books. Dislikes: clams; math; Hard Rock; being late for ap- pointments; people who think they know everything; cheaters; people with no re- spect for others or nature; being cold; smoking; people who make quick judge- ments; seeing doctors. Activities: French Club 1-3; Cross Country 4. ROBERT MICHAEL CHOINIERE “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.” Bo- gus’ goal is to live in a log cabin in Canada. Likes: Claire; Blue eyes; the mountain; the Beatles; Romanian Parties; 10 10 81 and Cool Whip; Baron; 6 5 81; drinking under the trussle w M.B.T.S.R.D.L.L.; trapping with Rick; camping with T.S. R.D. D.W.; talking to U.A. and L.L.; Bikin’ in the rain; laughing. Dislikes: Running out of gas; dead batteries; snobs; L 7’s; having to wait; Jocks; being used; losing; being un- prepared; L.S.; gaining weight; owing mon- ey; being compared to others; hairy wom- en; being pressured. Activities: Baseball 2,3. LORI JEAN COLLINS “Our memories of yesterday will last a life- time. We’ll take the best, forget the rest, and someday we’ll find-these are the best of times!” Lori’s goal is to live on a beach in California. Likes: Hojo’s; Guilford Pond; the Riverside House 11 28 81; V.t. Bowl and Madam Sheri’; talking with Betty; Mic Light; the maze and Lou’s Pool; “Jor- dache”; the Rams; McDonald’s; summer; partying with Curtis, Chris, and Betty; Someone Dislikes: a certain telephone pole; “the Crew”; Halloween ’81. Activities: Track 1-3; TFAA 1,2,4; T-Club 1-4; Prom Committee; Student Government 1-4; Spanish Club 1; Newspaper Staff 4. DENISE MARIE BRENNAN “Life has its ups and downs” Denise’s goal is to live a happy and exciting life with Don. Likes: Donnie; Rainbows; the Ocean; the other two in the gang; Journey; Missing G.H. with Ci; a certain Booster Day week- end; Crecen Horns; Kalua and milk; night- life at Hampton Beach; skiing; taking showers; thunderstorms; 10 24-26 81. Dis- likes: 10 4 80; one walk over Millers Falls trussel; junior year at TFHS; only one per- son in the world; walking in the rain; breaking nails; fleas; Activities: class Vice- President 1,2; Volleyball 1,2; Junior Na- tional Honor Society 1; Ski Club 2-4; Stu- dent Government 1-4; Float Making 1-4. JOSEPH BUREK “An intelligent man believes only half of what he hears, a wise man knows which half.” Joe’s goal is to go to Canada. Likes: Jeeps; fishing; hunting; motorcycles; and Dee. Dislikes: being bored; Activities: Foot- ball 1-4; Basketball 1-4. JEFFREY MICHAEL CARROLL “We do not inherit the future, we create it. " Jeff’s goal is to succeed at whatever he does. Likes: unicorns; vacations; the Maine coast; sleeping late; a good book; movies; walking on the beach. Dislikes: waiting; boring study halls; people who are always late; getting up early; Ray’s mandatory ex- tra credit; stuck-up people; writing french themes. Activities: French Club 1-3. GEORGE HERBERT COOKE “Always strive for those things that seem to be out of reach at the present time, for when you achieve them you shall be great- er than you are now.” George’s goal is to live a happy life and achieve whatever he strives for. Likes: Dallas Cowboys; winter; skiing; Sports; Hunting; Sporty Cars; Sleeping late. Dislikes: Listening to Mr. Huntley tell his life story; Pittsburgh Steelers; tobacco; Winters without snow; brownosers. Activities: Basketball 1; Ten- nis 1-4; Junior National Honor Society; National Honor Society 3,4 (Treasurer 4); T Club. MARC PAUL COURNOYER " Always strive for those things that seem to be out of reach at the present time, for when you achieve them you shall be great- er than you are now.” Slick’s goal is to become a rich computer engineer in Flor- ida. Likes: Fran; hot summers; One H’s with Ace and Face; The Raiders; 7 4 81- 7 5 81; B-Ball with Danno and Dave; cruis- ing with Funn. Dislikes: People with no sense of humor; cold weather; Labs; 1 1 81; living with three sisters; Mr. Koldis’s pre- dictions; Boogie Hill 6 20 81; tobacco; peo- ple that worry too much; secret dates. Ac- tivities: Basketball 1-4 (Captain 4); Tennis 1-4; T-Club 1-4; National Honor Society 3,4 (vice president 4); Yearbook Commit- tee. SUSAN ELIZABETH CORLISS “Take your time; think a lot. Think of everything you’ve got, for you will still be here tommorrow, but your dreams may not.” Sue’s goal is to enjoy life and be hap- py with whatever she does. Likes: Dave; 6 21 80; Concerts and Limo’s; weekends; parties; long talks with Mary Lou; I.S.S. with Mary; c.m.; rainy days; drivin’s D.W.’s tub; Dislikes: gym, trying to come in with Mary; c.m.; rainy days; drivin’s; nor when you are; dinkies and their dog; getting stuck in the pits with the tub. Ac- tivities: Student Goverment 1-4, Prom Committee; T.F.A.A.3,4; Vaudville 2; Booster Day Supper Committee (Chairper- son 4). PHILIP PAUL COURTEMANCHE JR. “Life consists not in holding good cards, but in playing well those you do have.” Phil’s goal is to live a successful life. Likes: golf; summer; New England teams; 8 9 81- 8 16 81; Hampton Beach; cold Bud; long weekends; vacations; Rolling Stones. Dis- likes: F.S.; New York Yankees; cold rainy days; getting up early; stuck up people; re- ports. Activities: Golf 3,4; T-Club 3,4. FRANCESE ANGELA COTTER “I believe in the sun, even when it’s not shining-I believe in love, even when I don’t feel it-I believe in God, even when He’s silent.” Fran’s goal is to keep smiling. Likes: Marc; 7 11 81; thunderstorms; Liz’s laugh; lobster; roses; Kermit; smiles; dice; laughing with Cheryl and Liz; Mr. Slat- tery’s jokes; “mom’s” Lemonade! Dislikes: the Crysler; lobster; being misunderstood; summer of ’80; mono; not knowing. Activi- ties: Student Government 1-3; Class Rep. 1,2; GAA 1-3; Yearbook Staff; “Li’l Abner”; Brigadoon; Madrigals 1-3 (vice pres. 3); Chorus 1-3; Concert Band 1-4; Marching Band 1-4, Drum Majorette 4; Booster Day Lady in Waiting. SUSAN N. CROTEAU Sue’s goal is to do the best she can in any field she chooses. Likes: Truthful people; Mountains; snow; literature; animals. Dis- likes: people who take out their problems on others; math; onions. Activities: Stu- dent Advisory Committee; Student Gov- ernment. Turners Falls High School Library Montague, MA 01351 21 EDMUND JOSEPH DEMERS JR. “Happy are those who dream dreams and are ready to pay the price of making them come true. “Ed’s goal is to become a pro bowler. Likes: 6 24 81; Billy Joel; REO Speedwagon; food; 8 22 81; bowling; hunt- ing; motorcycles. Dislikes: Maple Valley; Unity Park (8 12 81); Monday mornings; 8 21 81; hospitals. Activities: JV Basket- ball. JOHN MICHAEL DEMKO “In life, if you fail it’s because you took a chance; if you succeed, it’s because you grasped an opportunity.” John’s goal is to do his best and be successfull at whatever it is that he does in life. Likes: the summer of ’80; REO Speedwagon; L.A. Rams; Fri- days; cold Heineken; snowstorms; Rhode Island; golf; C’s classes; having fun; vaca- tions. Dislikes: rainy days; stuck-up people; being turned down; being sick; Mike’s homework; warm beer; New York Yankees; having nothing to do. Activities: Basket- ball 1; Golf 1-4. NEAL EDWARD DOLTON “When a man succeeds he does it in spite of everybody and not with the assistance of everybody. “Neal’s goal is to travel and to be successful. Likes: summer days; making new friends; Boston Red Sox; TV. Dislikes: cold weather; rain; New York Yankees; stuck-up people; homework; school lunches. DEBORAH S. CYR “Happiness is the first song you hear when you wake and the last song you hear before you go to sleep. " -D.S.C. Brat’s goal is to go everywhere, do everything, and meet ev- eryone. Likes: Bob; Pops; being with Debba; smiles; our cabin; roses; snow; 22; music; money; Field Hockey; sleeping; Smokey; Nikes; 12 18 81; J.E.; old friends; fireplaces and sunsets at Hampton Harbor; D.S., fishing, and ice cream; Dislikes: to- bacco; hubcaps wheels; disagreements; old granddad; being cold; time; pictures; selfish people. Activities: Field Hockey; BasketbaU; Softball; GAA; T-Club; TFAA; Student Government; Booster Day Com- mittee; Prom Committee. SCOT TIMOTHY DARGIS Scot’s goal is to join the Air Force and pursue a career in the field of aviation. Likes: exotic sports cars; drawing; X-Coun- try skiing; Karate; “91”; cross bows; girls that are clear headed, smart, and attrac- tive. Dislikes: arrognat females; slow cars; The Plains; a dizzy person in O D, people with big mouths; receiving mail from the Armed Forces. Activities: Cross Country. 3 CHERYL SUSAN CUMMINGS “do a deed of simple kindness though its end you may not see, it may reach like winding wripples down a long eternity.” Cheryl’s goal is to travel and spread a little bit of happiness in those travels. Likes: walks in the woods; smiling faces; singing with Corki; talks w Mrs.D; sunny summer days; 5 16 81; late night talks with Fran. Dislikes: fighting w Mork; Mr. Slattery’s tests and jokes; being late; unkind people; walking to school; Fran’s haircut. Activi- ties: Cheerleading 1-3, tournament 3,4; Madrigals 1-3; Chorus 1-3; Student Gov- ernment 1,2,4; Jr. National Honor Society 1; National Honor Society 3,4; Class Presi- dent 1; " Brigadoon; Yearbook Staff; Boost- er Dav Princess. MICHELLE CHRISTINE EDDY “Those crazy nights I do remember in my youth, I do recall those were the best times most of all. ’’-Journey. Michelle’s goal is to get a lot out of life and to go to Florida. Likes: getting rowdy; “the crew”; Bob Seger; when Celina comes home; summer; beach; the Vineyard; long talks with friends; Buffy. Dislikes: Tobacco; 9 19 81; winter; Johna; waiting; stuck-up’s; forget- ting to put the gas cap back on; L7’s; get- ting caught in the rain; Pea’s. Activities: OPUS; Student Government 1,2. DIANNE EMOND “The danger is not what nature will do with man but what man will do with na- ture.” Dee’s goal is to decide what she wants to do with her life. Likes: animals; fishing; school; outdoors; Joe. Dislikes: cities; being undecided. Activities: Softball 1,2; Cheering 1-3; Honor Society 3,4; Jr. National Honor Society 1,2. CYNTHIA ROSE DUDA “Always be yourself for when you’re alone that is who you are.” Cindy’s goal is to become a veterinarian. Likes: Bo; Harry Chapin; the Rain Chant; roses; working at Ed’s; photography; animals; skiing; au- tumn; 2 13 81; Paul McCartney; snow; Garfield; mountains; sunsets; reading a good book; laughing with Bonnie. Dislikes: a certain VW; a physics lab w Fran, Marc Cheryl; the SC; the MILE RELAY!; mondays; broken arms; sprints; waiting. Activities: Track 2-4; Softball 1; Concert Band 1-3; Marching Band 1-4; Jazz Band 4; National Honor Society 3,4; Yearbook Co- Editor; Ski Club; T-Club. JUDY A. FERLAND “This is not the end, this is not even the beginning, not is it the end of the begin- ning, but the beginning of the end.” Judy’s goal is to use the right bridge. Likes: loud concerts; full coolers, and long limos; 3 5 79; Rooms 201, 202, 204; funny peo- ple; good friends; weekends; Boston; C.M.; 7 24 80. Dislikes: cameras; lies; tobacco; 7 24 80; the morning after. Activities: Track 1-4; Prom Committe; Float Making. MARY ELLEN FOWLER “Where do you go when you come to the end of your dreams?”-Dan Fogelberg. Mal- lets’ goal is to make a certain somebody happy. Likes: Sprite; drums; Triumph Tr- 6’s; tennis; baby harp seals; 1 7 80; eating out; spending money; rainbows; pinball; a certain tree; Go Rams! Dislikes: two-faced people; What? - never mind.; Nukes; long- cold winters; being alone; breaking drum sticks; 7 9 81. Activities: Concert Band 1-4; Jazz Band 1-4; Marching Band 1-4; Chorus 2-4; Madrigals 2,3; Softball 2-4; OPUS 3; TFAA 3; Student Government 4. SCOTT ALAN FRITZ “I’d rather have a bottle in front of me, than a frontal labotomy.” Scott’s goal is a blue Lambourghini V-12. Likes: rollerskat- ing; Mustangs; Gibson guitars; Blue Oyster Cult; Mr C’s jokes; “Vectors”; Carvin elec- trics; The Romanians Martial Arts. Dis- likes: DISCO!!; broken bones; Punkers; Devo!; breaking guitar strings; knocking over amps; “Turn it down”; Mr. Roberts’ jokes. Activities: Swim Team; Marching Band; Concert Band. DEIRDRE ANN GARVIN “If you love something set it free; if it comes back to you it’s yours; if it doesn’t it never was.” Ci’s goal is to leave Turners Falls and live a happy life. Likes: Cape Cod; 11 14 80; getting rowdy with Cougar; Angel City; sunrises; the kids; Maine; 2 21 78; Mic Lt.; Magic Mountain; riding with Becco; quarters with Sue; Pearls; cruising with Joe; Dean; Jon; waterskiing. Dislikes: Cougar’s logic; bumage days; mis- understandings; goodbyes; nothing to do; 12 13 75; 8 29 81; Linda’s cat; close calls in JT’s car; L 7’s; Restrictions. Activities: OPUS. DANIEL P. JARVIS “When the time does come to forget the past, achieve what you’re doing and make it last!” Dan’s goal is to make bucks and live ’till he dies. Likes: good tunes; old Chevys; Montague football; playing Quar- ters; Hotel Kaltner; terrin’ it up. Dislikes: problems; arguments; 10 11 81; bad times; injuries; cafe study; nothing to do. Activi- ties: Basketball 1-4; Tennis 3,4. THOMAS MICHAEL JUREK “When I die I’ll go to heaven, because I’ve spent my time in HELL!”-Rolling Stones. Tom’s goal is to be rich and live an easy life. Likes: Betsy; cold Moosehead; the Rolling Stones; football; going certain places with Dan J.; seeing Star Wars with Mark and Turbo; Hotel Kaltner. Dislikes: 4 18 80; squares; losing to WARE; a certain someone; 10 11 81; warm beer; class of ’85; camp. Activities: Football 1-4; Track 1-4. PATRICK M. KELLY “What I want I stash; what I don’t, I smash. ”-AC DC-Pat’s goal is to become rich. Likes: Freak; Nazareth; Ted Nugent; getting blitzed; the city; 151; Pintos; round ball and pigskin; Michigan; Michelob Light; keg parties; varment pung tang; run- ning; Margo and Little Margo; Dr. J.; 76rs. Dislikes: tech school; being bored; school; tobacco; 11 22 80; little sisters; stuck-up people; getting caught; Greenfield. Activi- ties: X-Country, 4. JAMES R. HILLMAN “Touche”. Jim’s goal is to become a race car driver. Likes: blue Javlins; wide tires; partying at Hotel Kaltner’s; playing Quar- ters; snowdays; Cold Molson. Dislikes: telephone poles; 7 4 81; warm beers; squares; the hoods; cold mornings. ROBERT JOSEPH GIRARD JR. “The road to success is always under con- struction.” Bob’s goal is to do well in col- lege. Likes: music; exchange concerts; Que- bec; mysteries; playing the Organ and Pi- ano; eats Dislikes: squash; watermelon; working on tobacco; piles of homework; oral reports. Activities: Band; National Honor Society. ROBERT JOHN LAPINSKI “Pop Nut.” Bob’s goal is to join the Coast Guard. Likes; T.A.; C.S.; boating; hunting. Dislikes: Joe; OPUS; sprints. Activities: Track, Cross Country. PETER JAMES LEH “Hey man, who cuts your hair?” Jim’s goal is to become a successful doctor and great guitarist. Likes: heavy metal rock; funky blonde chicks; rollerskating; beating the crap out of the car; wild parties; Northfield dances; Old Orchard; Van Halen; strato casters. Dislikes: Ray’s B.S.; F.S.; disco; stuck-up girls; L-7’s; porch monkeys; para- noia; Pd.D. Activities: Jr. National Honor Society. GLENN ROBERT LETOURNEAU “To all you muthas, who I call friends, I’m glad to have you with me, ’cuz here we go again.” Bird’s goal is to make it out to Cali- fornia and become a gourmet chef. Likes: Patty; ice-cold Michelob; village pizza ex- periences with Murl; doin’ “90”; talking to a certain someone; getting rowdy at lunch 6-3-81; frisbee 165’s; making people laugh; good M M prod.; watching the sunrise llth-14th with Patty. Dislikes: being sideways in the boat; getting in arguments; rednecks; stuck-up people; tobacco; foot- ball camp; getting up early; yellow 4x4’s; 6- 17-81; T.F.P.D. Activities: Baseball 2-4; Football 3,4; Yearbook Commitee; Gradu- ation Committee. SCOTT BRIAN LETOURNEAU “The trouble with fun is that it often ends up as trouble.” Scott’s goal is to be success- ful at whatever he does. Likes: skiing; Day- tona Beach; snow; Dallas Cowboys; con- certs; pumping iron; Tuckerman Ravine; winter. Dislikes: work, getting up early; rainy winters; crowded weight rooms; get- ting caught; 9 5 81. Activities: Ski Club; Golf 1-4. STEPHEN MICHAEL KOPINSKY “Things turn out best for the people who make the best of the way things turn out.” Steve’s goal is to finish college and get a well paying job. Likes: Mustangs; fishing; living in the country; laughing with Bubba; New York Giants; AC-DC; Van Halen; having a good time with friends. Dislikes: F.S.; K.A.T.F. rainy days; snow; smoking; drugs; being sick; sleeping late; greasers; receiving mail from the Army. Activities: Track 3-4; T-Club. HEIDI A. KROL “Good!” Heidi’s goal is to get a good job and live a happy and exciting life. Likes: a certain someone; 5-9-81; drive-ins; the beach; sleeping late; staying out late; rol- lerskating; being with good friends. Dis- likes: tobacco; getting caught; getting em- narrassed; stuck-up people; rumors; liars; being late; arguments; waiting. Activities: G.A.A.; Floatmaking; Jr. Prom Committee; Colorguard. JOEL STEPHEN LEVINE “I believe it is time for me to fly.”-REO Speedwagon-Joel’s goal is to write for a major magazine. Likes: watching and play- ing sports; target shooting; good food; driv- ing and traveling. Dislikes: hot weather; boring TV shows. Activities: Track 1-4; Football 3,4; Yearbook 2,3. LAURIE MAY LITTLE “Now you say you’re leaving home ’cause you want to be alone. Ain’t it funny how you feel when you’re findin’ out it’s real?”- Neil Young-Laurie’s goal is to make it to Colorado. Likes: Neil Young; road trips with Rose and Mike; 2xTC; the ocean; warm windy fall days; Steelers; Maine; all nighters; Mic Light; 6-22-79. Dislikes: 4-16- 81; staying home; stuck-up people; forget- ting. Activities: OPUS 2-4; Volleyball 1,3; Student Government 2,4. REBECCA SUE LOVELAND “Life is a song; love is the music-What’s a mother to do?!” Becko’s goal is to go to college, then move on to Montana and make a good living with Jimmy. Likes: Jimmy; s leeping late; snowstorms; 2 10 81; Christmas; diamonds; summer; vacations; Jimmy’s mom; freedom; laughing with Brillo; good friends; koalas; having money. Dislikes: working all weekend; homework; 10 4 80; getting caught; stuck-up people; worrying about things; people who don’t listen to you; being sick; getting up early; accidents. Activities: Concert Band 1,2; Marching Band 1,2; Cheering 3; French Club; Track 2; Spanish Club; Student Gov- ernment 1-4; Class Representative 1,3; Jr. National Honor Society. ELISA ANN MARTIN “All the world’s indeed a stage, and we are merely players, performers, and portray- ers; each another’s audience outside the gilded cage. ’’-Rush-Lisa’s goal is to start her own theater company. Likes: 6 24 81; Billy Joel; A.C.T.; cast parties; musicals; roses; Stephen King; Rush; “big brother”; 2 6 81; Garfield! Dislikes: 6 a.m.; spiders; needles; loneliness; broken promises; good- byes. Activities: Jr. National Honor Soci- ety; Chorus 1-4; Madrigals 4; Student Gov- ernment 3,4 (V. Pres. 4); Prize Speaking; Oxfam America 1-3 (Pres. 3); Drama Club (Pres. 3,4); “Li’l Abner”; “Ghosts Go West”; “Brigadoon”. ANDREA MADDERN “The people you remember the most in life aren’t the ones you laughed with but those you cried with.” Andrea’s goal is to join Bill and Dan in Montana. Likes: Chanter- wood nights; the beach; “21”; 9-5-81; roses; flowers; JT; music; skiing; talks with Sue; phone calls with Tod; unicorns and gnomes; sleeping late. Dislikes: Chanter- wood days; waiting; wearing shoes; good- byes; being sick; 4-17-81; last minute de- tails. Activities: Madrigals 1-4 (Pres. 4); Chorus 1-4 (Lib. 4); Student Government 2-4; Class Representative; Parade, Ring, and Prom Committees. JOANN MARVELL “If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it.” Jo’s goal is to become a professional dancer. Likes: John; dancing; cruising with Mary and Sue; “The Gang”; having friends; blue eyes; Aug. ’83; green Novas; Hampton Beach; partying; cold beer. Dislikes: two certain people; Jordache jeans; misunder- standings; waiting; pain; warm beer; fight- ing; running out of gas; people who don’t accept her as she is; people who use you for your car. Activities: Cheering 1,2; G.A.A. 1; Track 1; Student Government 2-4; Float- making 2-4; T-Club. JOESEPH MAYRAND “What I want I take, what I don’t I break!”-AC-DC. Joe’s goal is to be rich, wild, and free. Likes: bearded clam; Mickey Lights; being with friends; playing cards; the beach; pulling fast ones on Pat; 1 31 81; ZZ Top; parties. Dislikes: getting caught; stuck-up people; Rednecks; any- body who dislikes him; getting up early in the morning. Activities: Football 1-3; Base- ball 2. DONALD JAMES MOMANEY “The world is full of kings and queens who blind your eyes and steal your drams; it’s Heaven and HelP’-Black Sabbath-Donuts’ goal is to go to California and become rich. Likes: J. Geils; good parties; concerts; Celt- ics; arguing with Joe; 8 8 80; sleeping late; Patriots; partying with Ev. Dislikes: people who owe money; 4x4’s; waiting; Yankees; stuck-up people; rainy weekends; 1 31 81; 10 23 81; getting up early; tobacco. EILEEN SYNETTE McCAFFREY “I love it.” Love comes once, and when it comes you better grab it fast, ’cause the love you have may not last.-J. Geils-Skye’s goal is to someday achieve the all-time im- possible. Likes: 9 1 80; Brenda and the Q- B; being wild; frisbee softball; getting row- dy; laughing; Fipple Grove; MY FRIEND; a certain canoe trip; the fireplace; synthetic Sundays; Newfane; J.D. on ice; fun trou- ble; the piano. Dislikes: waiting; getting caught; 10 5 79; arguments; a certain un- solvable situation; M-6; going under; ciga- rettes; accidents; people who interfere. Ac- tivities: Band 2; Softball 3,4; OPUS 3. JENNIFER LYNN MORRISON “What you are is God’s gift to you; what you make of yourself is your gift to God.” Jennifer’s goal is to obtain a college educa- tion and major in foreign languages. Likes: Richard; 10 5 80; 54; the beauty of the world; travel; prayer meetings; roses; hot fudge sundaes with Rich; working with children; Florida; music; playing the piano; good grades; being with special people. Dis- likes: blemishes; braces; embarrassment; spiders; late study hours; feeling fatigued; dark circles. Activities: Madrigals 1-3 (ac- companist 3); Chorus 1-3; Jazz Band 2-4; Model Congress 1-4; Student Government 1-4; Class Secretary 1,2; Class Historian 4; Spanish Club 3,4 (Secretary 3,4); Yearbook Co-editor 4; Netop 4; Jr. Prom Committee; Jr. National Honor Society; National Hon- or Society 3,4. BRIAN J. MINER ‘Don’t say “I should have” when you could have, because when you could have, you should have.” Brian’s goal is to get a C.P.A. degree, become his own boss, and be inde- pendent. Likes: music; singing; “Tunnel- ing ’; “The Maze”; 11 25 80; sports; watch- ing “Mork” and “Tim” yell at each other constantly; skiing; skating; coin collecting; money; graduations; 88; Blitzkrieg. Dis- likes: Ware (27-0); Dizzy Broads; scrotes; making commitments; class of 1985; Ware and Greenfield teams; being the last one to find out; rainy days; people with no re- spect. Activities: Football 1-4; Baseball 1-4; Basketball 2-4 (intramural); Marching Band; Jazz Band; Chorus; Madrigals; “Bri- gadoon ; Junior National Honor Society. SHARI ANN MOSCA “The thing that goes the farthest towards making life worthwhile, that costs the least, and does the most is just as pleasant smile.” Shari’s goal is to live a successful and rewarding life. Likes: laughing with friends; partying with her “compadre”; sports; 2 28 81; F-ball and B-ball games; tea parties in the whirlpool; playing at the Civic Center. Dislikes: 6 13 81; losing; sprained ankles; being “bugged” by the Cat and Bubba; not having a can opener and having to use a pen and key. Activities: Varsity Volleyball 1-4 (Co-capt. 2, Capt. 4); Basketball 1-4 (Co-capt. 3,4); Softball 1-4; T.F.A.A. (Secretary 3); National Honor So- ciety 3,4 (Secretary 4); Student Govern- ment; T-Club; 1979 Booster Day Dutchess. 27 TODD N. MULLANE “If everybody hates the school lunch so much, why do they all run to be first in line?” Todd’s goal is to join the U.S. Coast Guard and become a state trooper. Likes: Judy M.; parties, money; girls; oceanogra- phy; boats; cars; electronics; cartooning. Dislikes: druggies, machoism; disco danc- ing; homework; school lunches; sloppiness; substitute teacher. Activities: fire fighter. WILLIAM TIMOTHY NORWOOD “Let us run with patience the race that is set before us.” Bill’s goal is to live happily in Montana. Likes: running; the Rolling Stones; T. Petty; the Boss; camping at the Cove; X-Country skiing; snowstorms; 4; hiking in the woods; running in the rain; the Washington Redskins. Dislikes: 10 31 80; MOHAWK; canoeing; heights; late people; answering the phone; New Wave Music (punk); the NY Yankees. Ac- tivities: Cross Country 1-4; Track 1-4; Freshman Basketball; T-Club; Ski Club. JOHN JOESEPH PEABODY “There is an old motto that runs: “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.” This is bull. It ought to read-“If at first you don’t succeed, QUIT, so you won’t make a fool of yourself!” John’s goal is to live a happy and successful life. Likes: skiing; Cherie; camping with the gang; tunneling; The Maze; rollerskating; teen weekends; Journey; guitars; Blitzkrieg. Dislikes: Gar- biel; Quizmo, tobacco, working on Satur- days; Shanahan’s Steelers, Patriots, and any other team that he likes; Greenfield teams; waiting for Mork. Activities: Base- ball 3,4; Track 1,2; Basketball 1; Jazz Band; Madrigals; Chorus; “Brigadoon”; Student Government; Class Treasurer 3,4; T-Club; Ski Club. BONNIE JEAN PELETIER “Society everywhere is in a conspiracy against the womanhood of every one of its members, the virtue the most requested is conformity, and self-reliance is its aver- sion; it loves not realities and creators, but names and customs.” Bonnie’s goal is to be a lawyer and own a ski area. Likes: JLS; skiing; 7 12 81; tennis; snow; autumn; laughing; being herself; the ocean; baby Evan. Dislikes: T-bars; a certain Hornet; subs for 1st aid; the SC’s 6 20 81; conformi- ty; Activities: Tennis 2,3; National Honor Society 3,4 (Pres. 4); Yearbook Staff; Con- cert Band 1-4; Marching Band 1-4; Ski Club 3,4; T-Club. MARK W. PELIS “Cows may come and cows may go, but the BULL in this place goes on forever!” Mark’s goal is to travel to Alaska and then live in Colorado. Likes: sports; working in N.H.; the beach; Chevy trucks; Houston Oilers; ZZ Top. Dislikes: Fords; 4 16 81; Dallas Cowboys; people who are stuck-up; KATF; Activities: Football 1-4; Basketball 1-4; T-Club; Phys. Ed. Aide. PETER D. PINARDI “Fame is the food that dead men eat-I have no stomach for such meat.” Pete’s goal is to become rich and famous. Likes: ZZ Top; partying with the Montague gang; nice cars; the beach; weekends; warm after- noons; 6 17 81. Dislikes: Class of ’85; Ray’s logic; D.B. and her friendly Dykes; Dodge Challengers; winter; Wild Bill’s slide shows; stuck-up people; Dan’s driving; spring 1980. Activities: 1-4. MARY LOUISE PYDYCH “From this rocky perch I’ll continue to search for the wind and the snow and the sky.”-Dan Fogelberg-Mary’s goal is to be forever happy and smiling. Likes: Dave; 11 7 81; weekends; cruisin’ with Jo; long talks with Suzy; humorous people; Wendy’s with Suzanne; fireplaces and can- dles; the “gang”; summer nights; jeans; her space. Dislikes: being unhappy; long walks and short weekends; Dinkies and their dog. Activities: Student Government 2-4; Stu- dent Advisory Council 4 (chairperson); Booster Day Supper chairperson 4; Span- ish Club 3,4; Yearbook Staff 4; Netop 4; Class Secretary 3; Junior Prom Committee; T.F.A.A. 3; Vaudville 2. NATHANIEL JOSEPH RASTALLIS “The difference of the impossible and the possible is the measure of a person’s will.” Nat’s goal is to successfully swim the Eng- lish Channel. Likes: swimming; his c at; sunrise; being in shape; long runs; rock; burning spiders with matches; sleeping late; TP HB’s; first win; chocolate; the Stones; Monadnock. Dislikes: listening to people eat; insects; fat; big dogs; disco; be- ing poked; smoke; paper sounds; tobacco; earaches; Mohawk; burn-outs; “Nate”; Greenfield; “turn it down!”. Activities: Class Representative 2-4; Class Vice Presi- dent 3; Swim Team 1-4 (Co-capt. 3-4); Cross Country 3,4; Track 1-4; Yearbook Staff 4; T-Club. TEDD FRANCIS PLEASANT “Enjoy it while you have it. But don’t over- protect it because you’ll lose it.” Tedd’s goal is to make millions and millions of “buckage” and be happy. Likes: Opels; mud gupping; 4x4’s; good times with R.C.; the allagash; playing hookey; big sisters; K.R.; Jeeps; Jaws; Mustangs; new tires; Ramblin’ Rootbeer. Dislikes: his Opel; parked cars; breaking up 6 24 80; fights; Pizza Hut; seventh graders; stop light vio- lation; car salesmen; used cars; big glass doors that look open; state police 4 14 81; speed limits. Activities: Class President 2,3; Student Government 1-4; Student Ad- visory Council 1-4; Ring Committee; Mad- rigals 3,4. SUZANNE MARIE REIL “Life is a chair full of bowlies.” Sue’s goal is to eventually own Sack’s 5th Avenue or all of 5th Avenue. Likes: Chanterwood nights; being with friends; meeting new people; M.C.; C.M.; sweaters; Jaws; long talks with Diana; morning talks with An- drea; staff lounge; green purple; Snickers; 7 2 81; New York; weird clothes; traveling; Chanterwood crew. Dislikes: Chanterwood days; 9 7 81; saying goodbye; 3 13 81; splitting commissions with Diana; Booster Day preparation; being broke; jealousy; sprained ankles; sauce pans double boilers. Activities: Spanish Club 1,2, Junior Prom Committee; Parade Committee; Student Government 1-4; Model Congress 3,4; Ne- top 2,4; Chorus 1-3; Yearbook Staff. SHERRI LYNN REIPOLD “Laugh, live, love and be happy!” Sherri’s goal is to go into the airlines and tour Eur- ope. Likes: Steve; Maine ’79 and ’81; camp- ing; fishing; traveling; music; the color green; Pina Coladas; meeting people; pri- vacy; sleeping late; the sunshine; General Hospital. Dislikes: being alone; cold weath- er; crowds; being broke; tobacco; saying good-bye; bossy people; being depressed. Activities: Chorus; Track; Junior National Honor Society; Floatmaking; Junior Prom Committee. GEORGE C. ROBERGE, JR. “Nothing is really work unless you would rather be doing something else.” George’s goal is to live in Vermont and not to con- tinue his education. Likes: Vermont; farm- ing; motorcycles; photography; cars; REO Speedwagon; cruising with John; hockey; snow; 11 25 80. Dislikes: rainy days; marching band; tobacco; cats; sleeping late. Activities; Band 1-4; Marching Band 1,2,4; Netop 2; Yearbook Staff 4. PETER P. SANDERS “The time I spend in sorrow is the life I live; and that ' s all I have to give. ’’-Dan Fogelberg-Pete’s goal is to live in the mountains in Vermont. Likes: Liz; 10 27 80; 7 11 81; Vermont; backpacking; Dan Fogelberg; bluegrass; cold Miller; camping with the M’s; the stairs; hunting; the cabin; “S”. Dislikes: snowmobiling with Liz; Greenfield; a certain busy phone; L“7’”s; getting caught; any type of work. Activities: Swim Team 2-4. RICHARD PAUL SEMASKI “To live your life in your own way, to reach for the goal that you set for yourself, to be the one that you want to be; that is suc- cess.” Richie’s goal is to become rich and famous. Likes: Jennifer; 10 5 80; summer stogies; vacation; photography; Hampton Beach; beating Greenfield on Turkey Day. Dislikes: Ray’s logic; waking up; people who cry; ski lift at Bershire East; picking cukes on hot days; Jen’s “good” friends. Activities: Football 1-4 (Co-capt. 4); Base- ball 1-4; Basketball Manager 1-3; Class Secretary 4; Student Government 4; OPUS; intramural basketball; Phys. Ed. Aide. ADAM ANTHONY SIRUM “The difference between men and boys is the price of their toys.” Adam’s goal is to achieve everything that he strives for. Likes: the senior year; winter; good jokes; studies; ’Vettes; working; 4 speeds; cruising through U-Mass; Period C; testing cars; wet roads; passing busses. Dislikes: bowl- ing; English; the Ancient One; stuck-ups; little kids; writing compositions; teachers who think they are funny; serious, serious trouble. MARK ADAM SIRUM “There will come a time when you think everything is finished. That will be the be- ginning. ’’-Louis L’Amour-Mark’s goal is to become rich and famous. Likes: tunneling; 6 19 81; raiding Tim’s frig; the Maze; sleeping late; camping with the crew. Dis- likes: Ray; hitting cars with motorcycles; hoint; 10 8 81; getting up early; going over curbs with Scott; Tim’s Steelers; John’s Cowboys. Activities: Football 1-4; Baseball 1; Track 2-4; Class Historian 2,3; Class Vice President 4; Student Government 1-4; T- Club. DANIEL ANTHONY SMIAROWSKI “Work is the greatest thing in the world, so we should always save some for tomor- row.” Dan’s goal is to graduate from college and get a good office job. Likes: skiing; crusing through U-Mass; camping out; summer stogies; WTFAW; snowstorms; snowdays; Saturday Night Live; 5 9 81. Dislikes: stuck-up people; Ray’s logic; FS; getting up early; Pd. D; a certain kid from Greenfield; people who lie. Activities: Ski Club 3,4; Student Government 1; OPUS 3; Floatmaking. TIMOTHY B. SHANAHAN " Don’t worry over what other people are thinking about you. They’re too busy wor- rying about what you are thinking about them.” Tim’s goal is to become rich and famous. Likes: camping with the guys; tun- neling; Scott’s dumb sayings; sleeping; not remembering 6 17 81; skiing; watching Rich hang. Dislikes: being pressured; Ray; waiting for Mork; Dallas. Activities: Track 1,2; Golf 3,4; Basketball 1; Student Govern- ment; Class Treasurer 1,2. THOMAS ST. AMAND “There is no saint without a past, and there is no sinner without a future.” Tom’s goal is to really “live” until he feels that he has lived. Likes: Black Sabbath; B.O.C.; 8 27 81; factory; little green bottles; VT; good friends; good fun; Z28; CIO; the beach; “Atmosphere”; trolls. Dislikes: “Turn it down " ; “No”; crank; running; vitamin “A”; H.W. Activities: intramural soccer 3; art 1- 4. LEWIS H. STARKEY III “I’m just moving clouds today; tomorrow I’ll try mountains. ’’-Ashleigh Brilliant- Lew’s goal is to enjoy his destiny. Likes: a lot of things. Dislikes: Class of ’85; people who talk too much; confusion; 10 10 81; little kids; destiny; his cat. Activities: Foot- ball 2-4; Track 2-4. REGINA MARIE TARGHETTA “A bell is no bell till you ring it; a song is no song till you sing it; and love in your heart wasn’t put there to stay-’cause love isn’t love till you give it away.” Gina’s goal is to be healthy, wealthy, and wise. Likes: mon- ey; staying out late; parties; having the greatest friends in the world; A’s party; racing with D.C.; tea parties in the whirl- pool; having good times; sports; getting rowdy; Dislikes: liars; being bored; lots of homework; getting up early; getting in trouble; high tensions; staying home; moody people; sprained ankles; Karen’s car door; onions; Activities; Basketball 1-4 (Co-Capt. 4); Softball Manager 3,4; Chorus 1; Floatmaking 1-4; Student Government; TFAA; OPUS 3; T-Club 1-4. THERESA MARIE THERIEN “Life is like an onion. You peel it off layer by layer, and sometimes you weep.” Terry’s goal is to get everything that she wants in life. Likes: a certain person; good times with Butch; getting rowdie with Ei- leen; partying with the Harvestland crew; the field; Boogie Hill; 4 wheeling; Doon Buggin’; ice cold beer; tunes; 12 31 79; 12 31 80. Dislikes: two faced people; hav- ing arguments with Brenda; curfews; peo- ple who aren’t on time; fighting with Tom. THOMAS C. THORNTON, JR. “The good times are the best times; the bad times fade away; the good times are for- ever, so baby, just one last kiss.”-J. Geils- Tom’s goal is to live a happy life in the country. Likes: the J. Geils Band; hunting; fishing; getting Uncle Buck (10 points, 205 pounds, 1979); ice cold beer; real Gold; fire place memories; blue dolphin; big boogies; upland; Booster Day Jaws. Dislikes: punk rock; Ware 79-81; big mouths; L“7’”s; dirt pot; missing Chuck’s laugh; belts. Activi- ties: Football 1-4; Baseball 1-4; Cross Country; Class President 4; Floatmaking. ANTHONY VIRGILIO “Speak your truth quietly and clearly, and listen to others; even the dull and the igno- rant; they, too, have their story.” Jay’s goal is to become rich. Likes: challengers; Cali- fornia; gossiping with Tina W. Dislikes: Class of ’85; being broke; stuck-up people; school; Fords; Huntley’s class. ROBERT SCOTT WATROBA “Many a romance begins when you find the girl of your dreams and ends when you wake up. " Hoss’s goal is to become very wealthy. Likes: Labatt’s Ale; the beach; German wine; summer; partying with the Montague gang; 10 10 81; 1 23 81. Dis- likes: being bored; rainy days; study halls; Booster Day “80”; 7 4 81; Dodge Challeng- ers; certain freshmen. Activities: Football 1,4; Basketball 1,2,4; Track 4. EVERETT WICKLINE “A man achieves according to what he be- lieves.” Everett’s goal is to become some- thing worth talking about. Likes: Ev; hotel Kaltner’s parties; partying at Tim’s; the field crew; Nazarath; 151; the Celtics; get- ting buzzed with B L; Mustangs; the good old days; going on trips. Dislikes: people who owe money; 1 31 81; accidents; the morning after; getting caught; squares; constant noise at home; speeches. Activi- ties: Football 1; Basketball 3; Baseball 2,3; OPUS 2,3. TINA MARIE WICKLINE “Don’t walk in front of me; I may not fol- low. Don’t walk behind me; I may not lead. Walk behind me and just be my friend!” Twinkie’s goal is to become a foreign lan- guage specialist and work with computers in the Army. Likes: a certain someone; family and friends; traveling; the ocean; sunsets on the beach; snowy nights; money; guys; Pd. B in the senior hall ; driver’s-ed with Deb C.; black cats. Dislikes: having car trouble; “Stop” signs; Mr. Garbiel’s word problems; being “so” short; being de- pressed, hurt, and all alone; arguments with friends. Activities: Junior National Honor Society (Pres.); Jr. Prom Commit- tee; Chorus; Spanish Club (Pres.); Year- book Staff; Netop. Camera Shy DONNA GALBRAITH DIANA MARIE WILLIAMS “Hot child don’t You know you’re young- you got your whole life ahead of you!”- Queen-Diana’s goal is to get what she wants and where she wants it. Likes: 7 24 80; full Coke bottles; U-Mass; M.L.; 3 5 79; parties; concerts; limo’s; horses; weekends; long nights; full moons; New Year’s Eve; graduation; spicey F.; good times; sunset rock; painting; drawing. Dis- likes; preachers; homework; worrying; cur- fews; stuck-ups; being bored; getting up; tests; W.V.; work cameras. Activities: Co- lorguard 1-4; Junior Prom Committee 3. GAYLE PAUL WILLIAMS “Save a girl for a rainy day and another in case it doesn’t rain. “Gayle’s goal is to be- come rich and live in a penthouse apart- ment in California. Likes: Canadian im- ports; quiet Montague; Mustangs; the Roll- ing Stones; Lynard Skynard; weekends. Dislikes: Class of ’85; Ware; Greenfield; Mohawk; wet grass; windy days; Camaro’s; no windows; no money; two faced girls; and the whole Junior High. Activities: Football 1-4. The circus has its Big Top Made of canvas, taut with ropes, And underneath it shelters A brood of childish hopes. Cotton candied hands applaud As onward moves the show: Each entertainment in its turn Makes our faces glow. Soon each of us will leave For home and our waiting beds To live again the happy dreams That romp in our touseled heads. Life, too, has its Big Top With its canopy of stars And you and I as well as the rest Are the acrobats on bars, The bareback riders, the laughing clowns: Each one must play his part As Time, the Master of the Ring, Snaps the whip for the show to start. So, give it the best that’s in you For it’s only a one night stand: And there be no repeat performances — By reason of popular demand. J t . - Sfclv iii Class Penny Abbott leaves standing with Lisa at the game and not knowing why; Peggy following a yellow truck; Ed wondering if he will ever pass in a lab on time; Tonya and Debbie on the prowl; Mallets trying to stop caling her a certain nickname; Todd wondering what M M really stands for; and everybody but Joel. Todd Abbott leaves Jen walking around trying to find a place to sit; Bob in the middle of a freeway in Boston, and John and Jeff waiting to be picked up for CCD. Toni Aitken leaves Bert to find another twin; Carp a seat on the bus and a hug; Mallets Cornelia; Jen saying “Mega Scumbucket; and Nat a map of Springfield and a dime. Peggy Andre leaves Eddie wondering if he ' ll win the bet with Joel; Penny hoping Eddie will win; Tonya still running after someone in math; Bert a long career at CVS; Mallets hoping to get her own band; Todd A. wondering if Penny is his sister; Todd M. directing traffic, and Lisa directing the show. Rose Antinarella leaves Cri trying to sleep during catapillar season, and enough chocolate chip cookies to get her through her next two years. John Aubry leaves saying, " Pm sorry to the senior class for not always being very nice; I only wanted to make friends and have a good time, and maybe if I had listened a long time ago I would have, but I never did.” Beth Bailey leaves wondering if Lori she will ever make it to Madam Sherri’s in the spring; if Bet’s will ever ask her to cut her hair again and if she’ll ever come back from Hartford in the same car she went down in. Bert Bartlett leaves with a definite change of " heart " ; Deb and Dawn a carton of green M M’s; Peggy a list of instructions on how to drive a teacher crazy; Toni gasping for air during lunch; Penny and Joel to take up where they left off; Ed a sense of hope for understanding advanced math; Mallets to type her own letters and Marsha to contend with broken guns, and torn nylons, and to have an excellent senior year. Brenda Bialecki leaves Mrs. Loomer three boxes of saltines. Jeff Carroll leaves Mr. Snapp his complete collection of James Michner books; Mr. Routhier to decipher his writing and Mrs. Edwards to try and get along without him. John Carroll leaves wondering when Todd will get his new Mercedes; when Robert will get his braces off and Mr. Routhier a collection of his french themes. Bogus Bob leaves Marc Cournoyer to try to break the nose of a rabid dog with one blow and wondering where his car will break down today. Lori Collins leaves Betty the candy machine at R-R’s and finally out of super markets; Lorie F. at Guilford Pond with little green men in her head; the bus stop to JOJO and Bean and Mike Ryan laughing in directed sleep. George Cooke leaves wondering where he will be five years from now. Phil “Bubba " Courtemanche leaves Paul to put up with 1 more year of the " Rat”; wondering if Ed will win in Ping Pong and wondering what Chet’s real name is. Debby-Molly leaves Debba listening to Mr. G. say, “Now class this is not a clambake!’’; Nat saying, “What’s you favorite rolls Deb?;” Darlene in a basket; Patty ail her Tab; Johnna D. a pile of ;Beeno looking for P.S.T. and leaves a grammer Usage book to all the little morons who write on the bathroom walls. Scot Dargis leaves this school to whomever feels that it’s worth it. John Demko leaves Consoletti a bottle of sedatives and Mr. Dobosz a thank you. Cindy Duda leaves Mr. Slattery still waiting for her and Bonnie to show up for his special fish dinner, and looking for more cats, and leaves never again having to worry about what she wears when she eats lunch with Bill, Dan, Nat and Bill. Michelle Eddy leaves Dar to carry on alone and Stan wondering who gave him the flowers. Judy Ferland leaves knowing just as much as if she hadn ' t come at all!! Mallets leaves Bert to type someone else’s letters; wondering if Toni will get who she wants; Penny listening to someone else’s problems; Peggy to live happily ever after; Lisa all the acting parts she wants; Graceson to grow; Gary to suffer through Jazz band; Carpy one big hug; somebody knowing that she’s waiting and Shell behind. Bob Girard leaves Joanne and Carol trying to patch up their fight, and John and Jeff struggling to get enough credits. Jim Hillman Leaves Thank God! Dan Jarvis leaves to make use of the next 12 years. Mello leaves Mark P. with a razor and shaving cream; Turbo with some carts; Crash with 6 dollars rent and Mary-Ellen to wait. Pat Kelly leaves Mr. Avery wondering if he will ever get another transfer X-Country star. Steve Kopinsky leaves Moby and Tim to laugh at Squeek for 2 more years; F.S. a can of deodorant and Beth to sit alone in the hall. Heidi Krol leaves Cory with 8 more years to go; and Mr. Dobosz with the stupid pills. Bob Lapinski leaves the class of 82 my presence of being; O’Brian his graphs; and Russ a diet pill. Chet Leh leaves Tom Bill another year trying to find an elevator. Bird Letourneau leaves Robin 12 Bran muffins and a bottle of Alfalfa pills; Patty 1 more year without the DB’s and to make it a fast year; and Worm a bushel of apples so he can make it to lunch. 36 Will Scott Letourneau leaves Jim stranded in the middle of the road in front of Donna’s house. Joel Levine leaves guaranting Penny that it will be so good! And Brian all his Algebra knowledge. Laurie Little leaves Cri tangoing up the circle with her chocolate chip cookies; wondering what the future has in store for her and Rose walking in the nature trail with bushes in her head. Becco Loveland leaves Jason 6 more years at TFHS! Laurie 1 more year to give Mr. Dobosz a heart attack, and Denise good luck with her future with Donnie. Andrea Maddern leaves wondering if Suzanne will ever see Carmicino on a pair of jeans; Diane on her head saying “it’s not small”; Suzi, Fina, and Jill to survive; Mr. Coppinger to find someone else to take attendance and Bill wondering if she really has 2 beds. Stevei Martin leaves CF to find a new gopher; Meech her directors chair; Todd a copy of the Carmina Burana; Mallets wondering what’s really in Perkins’ coffee cup; Peggy Penny wondering if people will ever get them straight; Tonya doing 3 pt. turns on Rte. 47; Bert always on the go; Joel a hearing aid; Eddie a big hug; Amie to have a great senior year. JoAnn Marvell leaves wondering if she’ll ever see her friends again, and if two certain people will stop putting people down. Skylene McCaffrey leaves Darvon to put up with Matt-Chu, and Johnny to fat. Brain Miner leaves letting Mr. Gabriel call someone else irresponsible; Johnna a pack of life savers for chorus; Bourbeau picking on kids smaller than he; his speech impediment; Jeff with nothing. Don Momaney leaves with Ted to go to McDonald’s. Jennifer Morrison leaves Amie and Natalie one more year; Paula and Brenda snorting in the tobacco barns; the memories of Simo yelling, “The cops; The cops!!!” at 1:13 A.M. after the Jr. Prom; Todd with the luxuries of travel, money, and clothing; Richie saying “No guys!”; and many nice memories, friends, and teachers. Shari Mosca leaves Jen her old V-B and B-B sneakers; Cindy a book on bunt coverage; Ron a corner shot; Bob to be the last Mosca to enter TF; Gina four years of college alone; Bones to find a lunch companion. John Peabody leaves headed for Easthampton hoping for a better life and, Mr. Garbiel a brand new BASKET. Bonnie Peletier leaves one semester early; planning never to go to that fish dinner at Mr. Slattery’s with Cindy; Joanne walking to and from school; and Nat, Dan, and Bill to call someone else Lucious. Mark Pelis leaves Mello only one remainder when he’s in the Navy, Never bend over to pick up the soap and Mr. C. to teach some other moron. Ted Pleasant leaves to go to Mickey Dee’s with Dar Donuts; someone else to tell Deb and Mariah dirty jokes, and wishing things could be the way they used to be in 78-79. Mary Pydych leaves Suzy, Jo, Susan, and Suzanne always to remember the good times they’ve had together, and Tom to take her place at TFHS. Suzanne Reil leaves Sue her Dressy Bessy, Mary stealing a salad at Wendy’s; Andrea collecting tennis balls under the bed! Diana knowing it’s not small; Melissa four more years at TFHS; “The Second Floor Lounge” to Mr. Dobosz, and wondering if 2 certain people will ever find more out of life than parties. George Roberge leaves Sirum in the dust again, Russell playing Buck-Buck, Consoletti with his sense of humor and short temper, and still remembering the good times in G.B. Peter Sanders leaves, but only to return once more to meet Liz. C. Richie Semaski leaves all his senior buddies the second semester, Mr. Perkins all the Jr. High homeroom that he can handle, Jennifer by herself with “no guys,” and TFHS with good intentions and high hopes. Tim Shanahan leaves Mork to put up with Brian by himself. Adam Sirum leaves Roberge remembering Routes 5 10, Paul fighting his way through English, Dwayne wondering how he is going to get to school, and leaves Demko a comb. Simo Smiarowski leaves TFHS to get a good paying office job, and leaves Ray 2 tickets; one for a trip to Tibet to watch the Monarch’s freeze butterflies, and the other for a clambake. Tom St. Amond leaves Pat P. with four wheels on the ground? and “Wild Bill” to look at dull slides of the Roman stance. Lew Starkey leaves not caring about a whole lot. Gina Targhetta leaves Shari with four years at college (alone), Karen with no more problems with her car, Amy to find the right guy, her sister to complete the rest of her years at TFHS along with the rest of her friends, and Bones to find a guy she likes taller than her. Tom Thornton leaves wondering if the cabin will get built, and Sue with 2 more years. Jay Virgillio leaves with bad memories and great regrets. Twinky Wickline leaves Mr. Garbiel to agrevate someone else, Julie to suffer alone, Paul and Booker one more chance, Jay without a gossip partner, time wasting away, with great memories, and all of us in red sneakers. Diana Williams leaves Bonnie to make the honor roll, and leaves for Mark, and the graduation party! Gayle Williams leaves. Class Personalities Friendliest Cheryl Cummings, John Peabody ‘ I Class Musicians Fran Cotter, Todd Abbott Class Performers Brian Miner, Lisa Martin Did The Most For The Class Mark Sirum, Andrea Maddern 1 T 4 Most Likely to Succeed Marc Courneyer, Bonnie Peletier Class Clowns Bob Choiniere, Becky Loveland Class Athletes Bob Watroba, Shari Mosca Class Couple Dianne Edmond, Joe Burek Class Artists Scot Dargis, Diana Williams Class FRESHMEN (1978-1979) Beginning our freshman year was so exciting and a lot of fun, as we were finally in high school! The big take-off was Booster Day with Walt Disney as the theme. We were so rowdy at our first rally, and it seemed so wonderful to be able to sit in our own section of the gym. But our float was a total flop; that is, “Mickey Mouse’s” ears drooped so, that everyone thought he looked mor e like “Underdog”!!! Not only had we gotten off to a bad start in this way, but we lost our advisor, Mr. Tibbets, shortly after Booster Day. Luckily, Mrs. Dobson-Taggart became our new advisor to help us out the rest of the way. Wanting to build our treasury, we decided to raise money by putting on a spaghetti supper. We made quite a mess, but will never forget all of the fun we bad! However, this fundraiser did not prove to be a successful one, and we learned a few lessons along the way. As our freshman year drew to a close, we looked forward to our sophomore year with much more enthusiasm. Looking back, we realized that the year had been full of trials, and we soon learned that cooperation was the key to future success for our class as a whole. SOPHOMORES (1979-1980) Our sophomore year was finally here! We started it off by selling 1980 calendars and Christmas candles. However, we did not prove to be very great salespeople, and we became rather disappointed when our promising fundraiser failed. Booster Day’s theme was the Muppets for that year. At this particular rally, everyone was so ecstatic and full of enthusiasm that we even forgot how to spell s-o-p- h-o-m-o-r-e-s!!! How embarassing! Nevertheless, we were very determined to win the floatmaking contest. “Dr. Teeth” was an exceptional float, and we were so pleased when we learned that HE had taken third place. This was the first time throughout our history at Turners Falls High School that any of our so-called masterpieces had ever been a success! As the year progressed, we ordered our class rings; something we all had eagerly awaited. Despite their cost, due to the rising price of gold, they were very nice, and we were quite pleased with them. Looking ahead to our junior year, we attempted to raise more money and began making plans for our Junior Prom. Our spring car wash was a great success and a real blast! Finally, our sophomore year ended with mixed feelings. It was so hard to believe that we were already half way through our high school days and that we only had two years remaining at Turners Falls High School!!! History As juniors, our year proved to be a very busy one, and it was full of excitement and memories. We were eager to welcome Mrs. Flynn who became our new class advisor. Booster Day came around with Nursery Rhymes as the theme. Our float, “The Little Old Lady Who Lived In A Shoe”, did not live up to our expectations, though. We will never forget the Booster Day Parade when the downpour hit Avenue A. What a catastrophe! Our poor shoe turned into a big, brown, soggy blob!!! Nevertheless, we will never forget all of the fun we had in constructing our float; no matter how it came out! After Booster Day, all of our energies were put into preparations for our Junior Prom. The prom committee busily raised money by having several fundraisers, including a raffle, a car wash, and two carnation sales for Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day. The prom theme “The Long and Winding Road” was chosen, and before we knew it, May 9 was upon us! The beautiful evening at the Sweetheart Teahouse Restaurant on the Mohawk Trail in Shelburne Falls will long be remembered. Before we knew it, another year at Turners High was over. It was too hard to believe that we all would be SENIORS!!! SENIORS (1981-1982) After all of the anticipation, our senior year had finally ar rived! We finally realized what being a senior was all about when we were given our senior privileges, gathered in our " hall” at lunch, took our SAT’s and college board achievement tests, made plans for attending college, ordered our caps and gowns, paid our class dues, and made plans for graduation. We had a feeling that this particular year was going to be something very special. We started it off by selling Class of ’82 t-shirts. They were really nice and gave our class an even greater sense of unity. Finally, our last Booster Day arrived. The theme was movies, and we constructed a perfect replica of “Jaws”. How proud our class was when our excellent float won first place! Our slogan was a real clincher: “Just when you thought it was safe to go back out on the field”; and we proved to be correct, as our excellent football team slaughtered Frontier 35-12. It was a real great day for our class, and we had finally gotten it “all together”. As we prepare for June 11, our day of graduation, we realize that this is not the end, but only the beginning. It will be a very exciting time, but also a very difficult one, as we will be saying goodbye to a very special part of our lives. We leave with many mixed feekings, but will take with us many warm and happy memories of Turners Falls High School. JUNIORS (1980-1981) Yearbook Staff Tim Shanahan; Cindy Duda, co-editor; Amie Hyson; Bonnie Pele- tier. Not Pictured-George Roberge. Jennifer Morrison, co-editor; Cheryl Cummings; Sue Reil; Mary Pydych; Tina Wickline; Paula Morrison; Lisa Martin. 42 Gill-Montague Regional School Administration Mr. James C. Humphrey, Admin. Asst. Supt. Mr. Daniel R. Morrison, Superintendent High School Administration Mr. Donald J. LaPierre, Principal Mr. Stanley Dobosz, Assistant Principal 44 mJth Mrs. Rosemary Maddern Mr. Robert Avery Mrs. Barbara O’Connell Guidance Mrs. Linda Leavis - Secretary Miss Margaret Campbell High School Office Staff Mrs. Patricia Thompson Mrs. Jane Schab Mrs. Sandy Patterson 45 Mrs. Velma Dean Mr. Richard Coburn Mr. James O Conneis Mr. Edward Bourdeau Mr. Michael Wanczyk Mr. Raymond Garbiel Department Head Mathematics Mrs. Sheila Dunican 1 u Mr. John 0 Riley Miss Judith Komishane Mr. William Connelly Mr. Barry Coppinger 47 Mrs. Linda Slattery Mr. Wesley Snapp English Miss Frances Cassidy Mrs. Charlotte Potter Department Head Mr. Kenneth Slattery Department Head Mrs. Hannah Neville Mr. Hollis Batten Science Mr. Jeffrey Kenney Mrs. Dianne r lynn Mr. Christopher O’Brien Music Mr. Steve Ciechomski Mrs. Jean Phillips Mrs. Patricia Edwards Mrs. Sophia Libby Department Head Mrs. Judith Brenner Social Studies Mr. George Bush 4 . v Mr. Gerald Perkins Mr. James Koldis Miss Nora Ryan Library Mrs. Nancy Dobasz Industrial Arts Mr. Albert Stone Mr. Daniel Huntley Mr. Richard Kossakoski Deparment Head Mr. Charles G. Mullins Health Nurse Mrs. Norma Gewanter Physical Education 50 Mrs. Charlotte Robinson Mr. Paul Cournoyer Department Head Mrs. Deborah Loomer Mrs. Pamela Simanski Department Head Mrs. Margret Bridges Mrs . Denise Lemay Special Education Mrs. Susan Seymour Mrs. Betsy Laczynski Mrs. Carol Crofton 52 Mr. William Roberts Dept. Head Mrs. Gill Truslow-W arner Cafeteria Staff Mr. Bernard Fournier Custodians Seated: Bertha Semaski; Ann Tennyson; Loraine Mosca. Standing: Anita Lambert; Marjorie Miner; Marguerite Willard. (Manager); Jeanette Gray. Mr. Richard Patterson Mr. Stanley Koscinski Mr. Andrew Rewa Mr. hdward Zamojski Mr. John Nee Mr. Russ Bancroft Art Class Of 1983 President, Jeff Pecore; Vice President , Mariah Hyson; Secretary, Alice Cusack; Treasurer, Debbie Dalton; Historian, Jennifer Sokolosky Row 1: J. Tompkins; T. Zewinski; M. Flavin; W. Wong; B. Richotte; Row 2: R. Eacott; S. Scully; T. Miner; E. Slate; 56 Row 1: A. Godzinski; C. Fisk; S. Curtiss; D. Baker; A. Hyson; N. Nalepinski; Row 2: J. Crofton; W. Viens; D. Zimmerman; P. Morin; M. Ozdarski; M.Dickerman; C. Tower; L. Barry; Row 3: T. Norwood; B. Freeman; D. Partridge; C. Rastallis; M. Billiel; D. Crowningshield; C. Borges; E. Cromack; Row 4: L. Hebert; J. Manzer; J. Coyle; R. Voudran; J. Roberge; J. Dudek; R. Mosca; Row 1: N. Stewart; L. Whitney; D. Murdock; L. Falcon; D. Hey;R. Leh; K. Fuller; Row 2: M. Moson; G. Vivier; A. Hill; S. Pielock; S. Lapinski; L. Winslow; A. Cusack; J. Rewa; K. Salustri; Row 3: K. Letellier; M. York; C. Lafleur; M. Foster; K. Ryan; D. Dalton; M. Willard; Row 4: D. Holt; K. Klaiber; M. McCormick; J. Sokolosky; E. Carroll; E. Sabato; »«? $¥ I Hi i |j l Class Of 1984 President, Kim Cournoyer; Vice President, Chris Shanahan; Secretary, Tina Canon; Treasurer, Terry Zamojski; Historian, Tracy Thompson; 1 r i mm ■rA i ' LL j L • mL.ls Row 1: C. Momaney; M. Crouse; J. Sanders; B. Atkins; C. Williams; R. Cournoyer; S. Page; Row 2: L. Bocon; K. Rivet; T. Slauenwhite; T. Thompson; C.O’Conner; A. Ferrick; D.Verrier; Row 3: S. Row; E. Savoie; C. Shanahan; G. Brule; D. Carpenter; C. Sini; Row 4: L. Hillman; D. Charest; J. Burnett; R. Johnstone; J. Gregory; L. Wheeler; 59 Row 1: T. Phillips; E.Wong; A. Wondoloski; K. Senn; D. Mayhew; K. Thompkins; C. Mosca; Row 2: J. Watrous; S. Bordeaux; T. Dion; A. Fuller; T. Thayer; C. Demars; M. Letellier; C. Kobera; Row 3: T. Canon; T. Slauenwhite; C. Ghiz; W. Tencati; T. Peura; L. Kosma; M. Fisher; Row 4: R. Martin; E. Hallett; C. Abbott; T. Routhier; E. Emond; D. Irwin; 60 Row 1: T. Saharceski; T. Zamojski; P. Morrison; B. Linscott; D. Robinson; T. Crouse; M. Thayer; Row 2: D. Kocsis; D. Guilbault; K. Leh; T. Broga; A. Scopa; J. Oakes; C. Buntz; Row 3: T. Nalepinski; S. Warsawski; K. Courtemanche; M. James; K. Rivet; D. Dolan; T. Grader; J. Miner; Row 4: J. Lund; C. Williams; B. McCormick; Row 1: T. Barnes; J. Rewa; G. Crommiller; M. Lewis; R. Lenoise; A. Lemere; M. Caughlin; M. Suprenant; Row 2: P. Guenette; R. Castine; I Gleba; K. Barnes; K. Baker; E. Freeman; C. Tower; M. Podlesny; Row 3: M. McCarthy; R. Aams; E. Craig; M. Rowell; P. Sirum; G. Sak; .1. Zamojski; B. Peura; Row 4: T. Avery; C. Maher; T. Chrostowsky; S. Mann; T. Savage; C. Sicard; 62 Row 1: N. Fuller; H. Scott; R. Clark; N. Peterson; S. Hubert; K. Beliveau; Row 2: R. Demers; S. Mayrand; D. Emery; K.Momaney; M. Sicard; K. Bourbeau; Row 3: K. Brown; R. Williams; M. Salustri; M. Casey; Row 1: T. Osowski; J. Haselton; C. Leh; R. Golosh; K. Hartnett; M. Mieczk o; N. Sokolosky; Row 2: T. Corliss; K. Emery; R. McCaffery; M. Saunders; J. Ghiz; W. Fortin; R. Slongwhite; L. Quagliaroli; Row 3: S. Choleva; T. Cotter; T. Bicola; S. Fitzpatrick; T. Scully; L. Folk; Row 4: J. Magoon; P. Emond; S.Crowningshield; J. Sheperd; V.Deome; J. Barnes; Row 1: D. Whiteman; I). Aitken; J. Burnett; M. Pervere; E. Sulda; K. Zywna; D. Labelle; Row 2: C. Williams; G. Dodge; J. Miner; J. Kennedy; ft. Bak; M. Dobosz; Row 3: C. Coyle; C. Towne; M. Rau; M.Desautels; C. Cocco; P. Verrier; J. Boguslawski; Row 4: S. Cocking; F. Stebbins; L. Johnson; D. Maher; M. Willard; M. Mariani; R. Czarnecki; 63 Junior High-Classes Of 1986 And 1987 64 Row 1: T. Avery; R. Malley; C. Batrano; T. Scott; G. Currier; J.Jurek; D. Roberts; Row 2: D. Kuzmeskus; K. Smith; A. Aubrey; D. Vieu; C. Lemon; J. Ward; C. Abel; Row 3: S. Bush; R. Hale; R. Baker; E. Baker; E. Leh; P. Mayrand; Row 4: R. Russell; M. Kozloski; J. Kosa; P. Zera; C. Malloy; Row 1: G. Asselin; P. Socquet; J. Letourneau; D. Johnstone; J. Sulda; J. Yuki; S. Forest; Row 2: M. Savoie; L. Brooks; S. Leere; E. Sonn; P. Reipold; K. Nalepinski; A. Byrd; Row 3 M. Wirth; R. Schouler; T. Stone; R. Senn; K. Mayhew; R. Dingier; E. Fiske; Row 4: D. Macassie ; G. Burnett; D. Ladue; Row 1: R. Hyson; T. Richotte; K. Richotte; J. McCroy; E. Hoff; T. Dubreui; C. Heynoski; Row 2: E. Croteau; S. Jaquay; S. Edwards; B. Brule; L. Greenfield; A. Savinski; J. Simanski; T. Hackett; Row 3: C. Deome; M. Mayrand; L. Morin; D. Morin; A. Norwood; T. Stone; J. Rewa; E. Holmes; S. Irwin; Row 4: D. Brunelle; C. Cutler; K. Emond; J. Emond; M. Gerrish; D. LaPierre; R. Collette; 65 Row 1: A. Jenks; P. Mcgraph; D. Arsenault; S. Page; T. Canon; T. McLellan; M. Golembeski; Row 2: J. Grady; T. Miller; T. Blanchard; K. Bocon; J. Mosca; C. Emond; T. Duncan; D. Muniz; Row 3: T. Byrnes; T. Downes; T. Charest; L. Zewinski; J. Smiarowski; A. Sabine; J. Garbiel; Row 4: J. Stanley; S. Canon; L. Rosewarne; A. Giguere; M. Burek; J. George; P. Burek; 66 Row 1: D. Fisk; M. Reil; C. Podlesny; J. Humphrey; T. Lafleur; A. Urgiel; M. Hebert; Row 2: J. Malloy; J. Chase; S. White; K. Kavanaugh; D. Turgeon; J. Courtemanche; K. Bartos; Row 3 L. Swindell; M. Wood; C.Wozniak; W. Welcome; D. Walsh; Row 4: J. Stevens; B. Levine; A. Kostecki; N. Petterson; J. Mariani; L. Carignan; G. Deuso; Row 1: L. Stetson; J. Stone; K. Pierce; C. LeDoux; L. Brooks; J. Miner; L. Costello; S. Young; M. Lambert; Row 2: B. Kozma; C. Carpenter; D. Foster; A. Luippold; J. Fowler; D. Targhetta; M. Mankowsky; K. Graves; S. Robertson; Row 3: M. Batrano; D. Jacque; R. Williams; T. Moore; J. Jasienowski; K. Lehman; L. Emery; M. Clark; Row 4: K. O’Neill; D. Sirum; K. Schouler; S. Mayhew; A. Meattey; Row 1: B. Leh; J. Kuzmeskus; J. Sicard; A. Jackman; P. Brenner; M. Bartlett; T. Barber; J. Radquik; D. Fisher; Row 2: G. Cousineau; M. Ussard; A. Craig; K. Deso; E. Banash; J. Janikas; R. Caouette; D. Bogusz; M. Bassett; Row 3: C. Kelly; K. Brunelle; L. Dagilus; J. Cohen; D. Costa; T. Avery; J. Jekanowski; C. DuBois; R. Sargent; Row 4: M. Heath; M. Guilbault; C. Markowski; T. Coppinger; B. Adams; K. Bassett; J. Bourbeau; 67 Row 1: S. Savinski; D. Chaplin; D. Talbot; J. Tibbett; J. Gonyer; D. Sanders; K. Zywna: Row 2: J. Ptak; C. Scully; B. Webber; C. Filanowski; J. Dobosz; K. Thomas; K. Fortin; Row 3: S. Denkiewicz; R. Sullivan; A. Conger; T. Perkins; J. Wilcox; D. Tencati; B. Task; Row 4: C. Choleva; H. Black; H. Byrd; A. Viens; K. Casey; T. Czernich; D. Robertson; 68 Row 1: K. Hillman; L. Lapinski; M. Demers; C. Demars; D. Charest; C. Mailloux; C. Stookwell; N. Emond; A. Stafford; Row 2: B. Kaczenski; E. Underwood; D. Demars; W. Higgins; K. Foley; S. Thayer; D. Pilliod; R. Weis; F. Bezio; Row 3: D. Muniz; R. Castine; E. Cromack; M. Scott; G. Williams; D. Holmes; T. Waryas; W. Sheats; Row 4: K. Wood; K. Schwarz; M. Gove; D. Lenois; Senior T-Club Underclassmen T-Club 70 Student Government Officers President, Tonya Aitken; Vice President, Elisa Martin; Treasurer, Debra Bartlett; Secretary, Penny Abbott; Student Government 74 Junior High Student Government Officers Andy Jackman, Treasurer; Jay LeTourneau, Vice President; Paul Socquet, President; Tracy Stone, Secretary Junior High Student Government 75 ’ : t? ; ' v .• % High School Chorus Junior High School Chorus 78 High School Concert Band Junior High School Concert Band 79 National Honor Society Junior National Honor Society 80 — Varsity Cheerleaders Junior Varsity Cheerleaders ■ s Varsity Football Turners 22 Amherst 15 Turners 26 Mahar 20 Turners 18 Mohawk 13 Turners 0 Ware 27 Turners 33 Frontier 22 Turners 18 Ludlow 13 Turners 24 Palmer 0 Turners 19 Athol 6 Turners 21 Greenfield 14 SEASON RECORD 8-1 Junior Varsity Football Junior High Football Turkey Day 1981 Turners 21 Greenfield 14 Varsity Volleyball Junior Varsity Volleyball 92 Turners vs Tech W Turners vs GFLD W Turners vs Pioneer W Turners vs Mahar W Turners vs Frontier W Turners vs Amherst W Turners vs Holyoke W Turners vs Mohawk w Turners vs Athol w Turners vs Tech w Turners vs GFLD w Turners vs Pioneer L Turners vs Mahar W Turners vs Frontier W Turners vs Amherst L Turners vs Mohawk W Turners vs Holyoke W Turners vs Athol W Season Record-14-2 Franklin County League Champions Varsity Baseball Varsity Softball Junior Varsity Baseball Junior High Softball Junior High Baseball Cross Country — Division Co Champs BOYS VARSITY Turners 30 Mohawk 25 Turners 24 Athol 31 Turners 21 Hampshire 38 Turners 22 Easthampton 39 Turners 28 Gateway 30 Turners 24 Franklin Tech 35 Turners 21 Frontier 40 Turners 24 Pioneer 32 Turners 26 Greenfield 29 SEASON RECORD 8-1 JF 99 Swim Team TF 48 Chicopee H.S. 34 TF 56 Holyoke 24 TF 35 Classical 45 TF 82 Chicopee Comp. 74 TF 37 South Hadley 45 TF 97 Agawam 74 TF 52 Ludlow 28 TF 46 Amherst 36 TF 41 Springfield Tech. 42 TF 72 W. Springfield 97 TF 102 Holyoke 67 TF 43 Chicopee Comp. 40 TF 50 Agawam 33 TF 50 Ludlow 32 TF 86 Springfield Tech. 82 Season Record: 12-3 Varsity Basketball J.V. Basketball 102 Boys Varsity Basketball 85 Tech. 84 Pioneer 62 Hopkins 38 Easthampton 65 Frontier 64 Smith 63 Athol 66 Mahar 78 Mohawk 83 Tech. 74 Pioneer 58 Hopkins 55 Easthampton 60 Frontier 64 Smith 55 Athol 66 Mahar 99 Mohawk 58 Easthampton Season Record: 12-7 ■V Girls Varsity Basketball 40 Pioneer 23 45 Hopkins 20 49 Greenfield 38 31 Frontier 33 51 Smith 39 52 Athol 33 52 Mahar 38 42 Mohawk 24 47 Pioneer 26 44 Hopkins 23 36 Greenfield 31 36 Frontier 38 58 Smith 43 53 Athol 31 53 Mahar 28 63 Mohawk 31 Season Record: 14-2 Boys Tennis Girls Tennis 107 Professional Patrons John H. Caloon, D.D.S. 4 Dell Street Turners Falls, MA 01376 Greenfield Area Ophthalmologists, Inc. Med-Optic Center Main Street Montague City, MA 01376 Dolan and Dolan Attorneys 26 Fourth Street Turners Falls, MA 01376 Bagley and Goodwin, D.M.D. Silver Street Greenfield, MA 01301 Pioneer Family Physicians 289 High Street Greenfield, MA 01301 Francis Sabato, Jr., D.M.D. 62 Avenue A Turners Falls, MA 01376 Dr. Richard Perry, Jr. 40 School Street Greenfield, MA 01301 Dr. Robert N. Speth Med-Optic Center P.O. Box 272 Turners Falls, MA 01376 Alan’s of Greenfield 1 Bank Rowe Greenfield, MA 01301 Scissors Cut Turnpike Road Montague, MA 01351 Congratulations, Class Of 1982 THE BENDIX CORPORATION INDUSTRIAL TOOLS DIVISION 180 Laurel Street Greenfield, MA 01301 Tel (413) 774-4336 Bendi: . JOHN DEERE SIRUM EQUIPMENT CO.. INC. JOHN DEERE SALES SERVICE STIHL. HOMELITE MCCULLOCH CHAIN SAWS KUBOTA - LINCOLN WELDERS - HESSTON RT. 63 - MONTAGUE. MASS. 01351 TEL. 4-1 3 - 367-2481 The Gill-Montague Teachers’ Association Has Determined That Graduation May Be Harmful To Your Fantasies. Good Luck To The Class Of 1982 Industrial Tools Division Congratulations To The Class Of 1982. CINDY JEN 111 112 - " " « . ■•-• » - -• ’Z+ V ‘ aitkA , . iii:. photo studio Good Luck Class Of ’82! THE RAZOR’S EDGE 28 High Street Turners Falls, MA 01376 863-8007 FARREN MEMORIAL HOSPITAL 56 Main Street Turner Falls, MA 01376 744-3111 FARREN FAMILY HEALTH CENTER PEDIATRIC ASSOCIATES 773- 5454 INTERNAL MEDICINE ASSOCIATES 774- 3708 A.H. RIST INSURANCE AGENCY INC 56 Fourth St Turners Falls, Mass 863-4451 “We Insure Everything” ST. KAZMIER’S 197 Avenue A Turners Falls, MA Congratulations To The Class Of ’82! Available For Weddings, Anniversaries And Private Parties. Processing for the professional photographer HALLMARK COLOR LABS Turners Falls, Massachusetts Photography for college yearbooks Yearbook " Associates Turners Falls, Massachusetts ariiw For a career in professional photography Hallmark Institute of Photography Turners Falls, Massachusetts 114 g£«« | f ' r " f ik It : Phone 772-0251 Packard Sawyer Watters C7 if RISHI’S FASHIONS Imported And Domestic 186 Main Street Greenfield, MA 01301 395 MAIN STREET GREENFIELD, MASS. 01301 77 Avenue A Turners Falls, Mass 863-4318 Packard, Sawyer, Watters Bell Insurance Agency, Inc. AGENTS CONSULTANTS BROKERS k3 BARTLETT’S INC. Clothes For Men And Women Downtown Greenfield CARROLL TRAVEL BUREAU 393 Main Street Greenfield, MA Tel. 772-0861 “Your Vacation Specialist For All Your Hotel Needs: Amtrak, Cruises, Plane, Hotels, And Never A Charge For Our Expert Service!” Fine Traditional and Colonial Furniture VILLAGE FURNITURE Manufacturing Inc. Corner 11th St. Ave. A Turners Falls, Ma. Tel. 863-4348 y S4 Open Mon. thru Sat. 9-5:30 ■■)■ Thurs. Fri. ' til 9 Office and Studios at 486 Main Street P.O. Box 32 Greenfield, MA 01302 413-774-4301 in J toufcPiu Counhj am 1240 fm 980 Compliments Of BENEFICIAL FINANCE COMPANY 269 Main Street Greenfield, MA 01301 Tel. 773-5472 :♦ ; 115 ' i i ' i $ V V V V V FRANK’S SERVICE STATION Route 2 Millers Falls, MA 01349 SfuuutAan SUPPLY CO. " YOUR KITCHEN REMODELING HEADQUARTERS’ ' DIVISION OF TURNERS FALLS COAL CO TELEPHONE 413 863-4321 298-300 AVENUE A TURNERS FALLS ' MASSACHUSETTS 01376 RAILROAD SALVAGE STORES Canal St. - Turners Falls, Mass. 01376 RAILROAD SALVAGE BUYS - CLOSE-OUTS - MFGRS OVERSTOCKS - INSURANCE CO. LOSSES WATER FIRE DAMAGED GOODS - FREIGHT CLAIMS - BANKRUPT STORES CURRENT MARKET MDSE CARPETING - FURNITURE - CB RADIOS ACCESSORIES - STEREOS - HARDWARE - PAINTS PET SUPPLIES - TOYS - LADIES MENS CLOTHING - SHOES - DOMESTICS - HOUSEWARES £ $ $ I SUNOCO BEAUBIEN AND BONNETTE FUEL CO., INC. 66 L Street Turners Falls, MA 01376 BOURBEAU’S PACKAGE STORE, INC. “The Best For The Future Years Ahead To The Class Of 1982.’ “One Of The Most Complete And Modern Liquor Stores In Franklin County Turners Falls, MA 69 Second Street Telephone - 863-4768 A. A A A A A A A A. A A A A i A A A A A A A A AtAt A A A A A. A. A. A A A. ► : : ► : ► : ► : ► : ► : K? c " " ,— ” ••“•-• " ”™ ' L— c r s i.fiByj A am falr ' fSPMW »•■«— » ,» r ' vflfSfci 5? g»£» -«5»S « :y u j|| ffepPr 1 - i ;;|j FRENCH KING BOWLING CENTER Rt 2 Millers Falls, MA 01349 Compliments Of POLISH CO OP ■■ © 94 Fourth St. Turners Falls, MA Tel. 863-4683 Congratulations Class Of 1982 LUNT SILVERSMITHS JUDD WIRE Greenfield, MA 01302 Division Of High Voltage Engineering Corporation I V t ' ♦A XVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVAVA Ji i Tfe m kI ? ' n fi w sa Uv ►?4 ,v ,v sa ,y tff ,y 4 ►,y sa l ,y ,y 4 y 4 »y :?4 4 y sa ' »y sa Vy W| Vy : 4 : 4 ► 4 y sa ►aV ►?4 ►aV ►74 ►aV ►74 ►74 ►S Congratulations Class Of 1982! GREENFIELD SAVINGS BANK PARTRIDGE ZSCHAU INSURANCE AGENCY INC. Greenfield Turners Falls South Deerfield Millers Falls Road Turners Falls, MA 01376 773-5673 or 863-4331 Compliments Of The Congratulations From SHADY GLEN RESTAURANT HAWLEY PHARMACIES Avenue A Turners Falls, MA Turners Falls, MA Millers Falls, MA 119 [ : ; r U COMPLETE OPTICAL SERVICE CONTACT LENSES P 0 BOX 868 5 STANLEY STREET GREENFIELD, MASS. 01302 PHONE 773-8946 " WHERE YOU AND QUALITY EYEWEAR MEET ' GREENFIELD OPTICAL SHOPPE INC. Our Own ICE CREAM MADE HERE AT % NIC ( CIMM CO , IN C 80 SCHOOL STREET (413)773-3680 :♦ Congratulations To The ‘Class Of 82’ From BURGER KING Bernardston Road Greenfield, MASS PEGGY PARKER 138 Main Street Greenfield, MASS 01301 » SKI SHOP • SPORTSWEAR Exit 26 just off 1-91 on Rte. 2 West Greenfield, Mass. 773-3876 Ten Pins — Candle Pins — Billiards Nursery — Snack Bar GREENFIELD BOWL 89 French King Highway Greenfield, Massachusetts Phone 774-4341 PHIL DONNA SIMONE Proprietors ♦ ft Compliments Of FAMOUS BILL’S RESTAURANT 30 Federal Street Greenfield, MA COUTURES DECORATING CENTER WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE Avenue A Turners Falls, MA 01376 Tel: 863-8101 0 Good Luck To The Class Of 82 May All Your Future Years Be Successful m s m nj% gsA ” O iw is sfce Saw ► : h ► : ► : H h ► : k ► : “Congratulations To The Class Of 1982!” GREENFIELD (ft RECORDER 14 Hope St., Greenfield irwii -v-t-- vS nii rues 1 41 ® ii JARVIS WELDING AND MANUFACTURING CO. Millers Falls Road Turners Falls, Mass. n fi :♦ ; CROSBY OPTICIANS Restaurant JXi ' ef Flavor of cA merle a motor lodge • BROKEN LENSES DUPUCATIO |Jy | • PRESCRIPTION WORK WALK HI SERVICE CITO, AUTHORIZED ZENITH HEARING AIDS CROSBY OPTICIANS INC. Reg Opticion Sprvuig You Smc ffJ4 FREE PARKMG SO CHAPMAN si WEfWflD MOWHAWK TRAIL Greenfield, MA 01301 Best Of Luck ‘Class Of 1982’ Call 772-6337 121 While you may not think of the town of Greenfield as being world renowned, it is because for over 108 years thread cutting tools and gages have been shipped around the world with the word “Greenfield” imprinted on them. We are very proud of this fact as it is the high quality of Greenfield tools that has enabled us to make the world GTD’s customers. But more importantly, we are proud of the people who make these tools. For over five generations people in this area have been demonstrating their skills by producing a line of thread cutting and gaging tools that are the finest in the world. TRUN GREENFIELD TAP DIE DIVISION SANDERSON STREET, GREENFIELD, MASSACHUSETTS 01301 I A BERNARDSTON EQUIPMENT SALES, INC. 627 BARTON ROAD P. O. Box 869 Greenfield, Massachusetts 01302 Logging Equipment — Skidders, Loaders, Supplies Sales and Service 413-774-3773 r A BICYCLE WORLD, INC. 104 FEDERAL ST. Rjf GREENFIELD, MASS. 01301 John Deere LOADERS SCRAPERS BULLDOZERS EARTHMOVERS BACKHOES EQUIPMENT Christopher Ethier 774-3701 Compliments Of GEORGE STARBUCK SONS, INC. 115 Avenue A Turners Falls, MA. 01376 413-863-4757 Our Service Makes Friends Good Luck Class Of ‘82’ :♦ ; GREENFIELD COOPERATIVE 269 HIGH STREET M S S D.G. PEDAL POWER 88 Third Street Turners Falls, MA 01376 863-2535 New And Used Bikes And Repairs Of Most Models CHICKS AUTOMOTIVE CENTER 151 Third Street Turners Falls, MA 01376 Complete Auto Body And Mechanical Repairs Front End Aligned And Balanced LAPIERRE’S INC. Appliance - TV Sales And Service 117 Main Street Greenfield Good Luck Class Of 82 V4%%V4V4V4%%V4%V4V4%V4%%%%%V4V4V4%V4%%% T 4|i ' 123 the ! ACTION FOOTGEAR a ACCESSORIES at HAMILTON’S SHOES 250 MAIN ST, GREENFIELD WILSON ' S FRANKLIN COUNTY’S LEADING DEPARTMENT STORE Since 1882 } BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1982 FRANKLIN COUNTY. PUBLIC HOSPITAL 164 High Street Greenfeld, Massachusetts 01301 A member of the Independent Grocer s Alliance! TURNERS FALLS IGA 200 Avenue A Turners Falls, MA 124 1 Maker of quality paper since 1900 i F§ kvlv vl.vlvlvlvlvlvlvlvlvlvlvlvlvlwvjlvlv % 33 : ♦: : ♦: : ♦: (413) 863-4048 - c in Store ALUMINUM PRODUCTS SPORT SHOP 289 MAIN STREET GREENFIELD, MASSACHUSETTS 01301 RUDOLPH A. SCHACHT HOME 2 MARSHALL STREET (413) 863-8108 111 AVENUE A TURNERS FALLS MA 01376 ( 413 ) 774-2298 WORLD EYE 60 Federal Street, Greenfield BOOKS - NOTECARDS • MAGAZINES WM ►a m Open Daily 9:30-ft, F ridav ' til 9 Posters - Gifts Steivaxt i tdVuXitxy and (j axdtn dtntix cMlfftu Ga Ti tzffoad Z7urn £tl Ga 7i, cTf 0 ' 37t I 413 I £ 63-2310 Congratulation Class Of 1982 GBimarketing ! 0 (lotoi. (jlj jStakz NEWS FREE LANCE WEDDING CANDIDS P.O. BOX 820 • GREENFIELD, MA 01302 . 413-772-0889 FUNDRAISING • IMPRINTED SPORTSWEAR ADVERTISING SPECIALTIES CHARLES S. BLAKE, JR 224 TURNERS FALLS ROAD BERNARDSTON. MASS, 01337 TEL. 648-9542 I ►a Congratulations Class Of ’82 Jorbei Sh op Century Travel Consultants, Inc. 275 MAIN STREET GREENFIELD, MASSACHUSETTS 01301 EVERYTHING PHOTOGRAPHIC 286 Mein Street — Greenfield Ma» . 1301 Telephone (4W) 413-7 74-37 16 HAMILTON INTERIORS 377 Main Street, Greenfield, Massachusetts 01301 4 1 3-773-3015 PIPIONES SPORT SHOP Everything For The Sportsman Footballs, Basketballs, Archery 104 Avenue A Turners Falls, MA " RicAa ul ' C uteA, PIZZAS AND GRINDERS BARRETT BAKER 310 Main Street Greenfield, MA 01301 Good Luck To The Class Of 1982 Tel. 863-2622 Best Wishes Class Of 1982 Compliments Of SINGLEY FURNITURE 169 Avenue A Turners Falls, MA Congratulations To The Class Of 1982 From MONTAGUE MACHINE CO. Turners Falls, MA ANGELINAS SUB SHOP Featuring Subs And Hot Grinders 74 Federal Street Tel. 774-3944 Open Daily 10-12 Friday til 1 CRESTVIEW LIQUORS Turners Falls, MA Good Luck Class Of 1982 vIvIvmvIvIvIvmvIvIvIvIvmvIvIvIvIvIvw v 127 VALLEY CAMERA SUPPLY 54 Avenue A Turners Falls, MA ESCOTT’S SERVICE STATION Complete Automotive And Truck Radiator Service ED’S BARBER SHOP 4 Avenue A Turners Falls, MA Tel. 863-9315 78 Avenue A Turners Falls, MA 01376 HALLMARK STUDIO 267 Main Street Tel 773-5765 Greenfield, MA. 01301 Congratulations To The Class Of 1982 From Hallmark Studio Official Class Photographer .. ..

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