Turners Falls High School - Peske Tuk Yearbook (Turners Falls, MA)

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Turners Falls High School - Peske Tuk Yearbook (Turners Falls, MA) online yearbook collection, 1980 Edition, Cover

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TUH2NIEICS If AUS IHI ' GH SCtiCCA PRESENTS PESTE-TUT ST ARCING THE Cl tSS ©If 198© Lights! Camera! mi |W 4» j «t • n LP ( , 9f rf« ■ • ' ’. - 2 «K V i % — »— _ j " 00 0 ’ Anxiety 1980 Class Officers Mike Zamojski, President Karen Letourneau, Secretary Katy Dunn, Historian Dorren Winslow, Treasurer Chris Norwood, Vice-President i PETER JAMES BILLIEL " Alway’s strive for those things that seem to be out of reach at the present time, for when you achieve them you shall be greater than you are now.” Red ' s goal is the U.S. Army. Likes: Football; hanging around with Lew and Dan; room 20; memories of football; Mich; winning; Amy’s T P. parties; dances; beating on Gil; Ed ' s jokes, Frank’s sleepovers. Dis- likes: Shoulder injuries; losing; stuck up peo- ple; getting up; rainy days; Sundays; waiting; D.H.; tobacco; crashing with Mike; skroats; getting caught; heads; Ware. Activities: Foot- ball 1,2, 3,4; T Club 3,4. MICHAEL W. BLANCHARD “I got a song and I carry it with me and I sing it loud. If it gets me no where, I go there proud.” Bubles’s goal is to go to California!!! Likes: Cold beer, parties, 6 18 77, Miami Dolphins, school dances, having a good time, being with friends, football, rock roll, Boston Red Sox, Houston Astro’s, associating with friends, Florida, O.M., package stores and friends. Dislikes: Stuck up people, losing. New England Patriots, Yankees, Carle, skroates, people who think they’re tough, warm beer, M.P.D., 6 19 77, being bored, Greenfield teams. Activities: Football 1,2, 3, 4; Basketball Manager 2,3; Baseball Manager 1,2, 3,4; T Club 3,4. WILLIAM BONNETTE JAMES M. BOGUSLAWSKI “Having money doesn’t mean anything; it means everything.” Likes: Mich 7’s, Quebec, Boogie Hill, Canter’s Place, UMass vs. B.C. games, fireplace, ranking on Tony, J. Giels, riding, cold Bud, rabbit hunting, Kawasaki. Dislikes: Rednecks, 9 8 79, 5 30 78, Hor- net, pushy girls, TFPD, Sugar Ray, getting busted, Ware game, baby-face, 2 16 79, Moon’s jokes, Disco, Halloween. Activities: Football 1,2, 3, 4; Student Government 4; Bas- ketball 1,2, 3, 4; Baseball 1; Track 2; T Club 2,3,4; DAWN ELLEN ARSENAULT ; Fawn’s goal is to succeed in what ever she does and to remain happy and healthy. Likes: ; The Cape “79”; being with special friends; working at Deerfield, the Blotto Bros.; Meg’s D A. closet; walking in the rain; food fights; I 1 football; lacrosse; soccer; talking with Marty and Tom. Dislikes: Holyoke; Meg’s ballet; getting caught; being left out. Activities: Field hockey 3; track 2,4; chorus 4; M.O. D I P. 3,4; ANGELA ELLEN BILLINGS “All men were created equal. All women were created superior.” Angela’s goal is to become a historian. Likes: Wine; forests; turkey day; half-times with G.B. and C.B.; wolves: Que- bec. Dislikes: Getting up early or at all before noon; plastic people; 9 9 79-9 10 79; 3 11 78; 10 3 79; C.7.; tornados. Activities: Twirling 2,3,4; chorus 2,3,4; G.A.A. 1; home ec. club 1,2. BONNIE JEAN BORDEAUX " Like the music in my dreams, I hope to make them all come true.” Bon ' s goal is to travel alot and someday live by the ocean. Likes: Wally 1, dancing, the beach, our cabin, true friends, autum views, sleeping, riding motor- cycles, holidays, laughing, nice eyes, Paul’s singing, driving. Dislikes: Squirting Borrow- ing money, graduating without Mare A., criti- cism, alarm clocks, unfulfilled promises, sog- gy sneakers, bumping cars with Doreen. Ac- tivities: Cat walking. Cheering 1-4 LILLIAN MARY CADRAN “God created us to LOVE people and use things; Our problem comes in LOVING THINGS and USING People!!” Lill ' s goal is to be happy and successful in everything. Likes: having my locker next to Jon’s; reminis- ing; roses; LRITOS; laughing with Jackie and Shelley; tennis with the PROS??!! Dislikes: telling the guys 1 have a Dog not a Cat; a certain bridge; GCC parking lot (8 25 79); soggy shakers Activities: Cheerleading 1-4 Co-Capt. 1,4; GAA Program Director 2-4 President 4; Prom Committee; Ring Commit- tee; T Club; Yearbook Staff; Jr. National Honor Society; Tournament cheering 2-4; Girls’ State Alternate; M O D I P. 20 ANGELA J. CARME “If you love something set it free; If it comes back to you its yours; If it doesn’t it never was. Angie’s goal is to live a happy life. Likes: Being with Bruce; 6 21 79; 6 17 79; the beach; dancing; Roses; partying my own way; eating; walking in the cool brisk air; and snowy days; 10 20 79. Dislikes: Fighting; 10 5 79; People thinking they’re better; being bored; 7 3 79 in Rhode Island; arguing with ignorant people; Tobacco and thunderstorms. Activities: Twirling 2,3,4 Co-Capt. 3; Guitar 3,4, Chorus 3,4. KEITH ALLAN CLARK “Winning isn’t everything, its how you play the game that really counts.” Keith’s goal is to succeed in whatever he does. Likes: partying in New Salem; “Freebird”; Lynard Skynard; J. Geils Band; Sports; talks with a certain someone; rollerskating; Saturday Night Live; The Millers. Dislikes: Tex; captain napkin; 11 3 78 Magoon Road; two faced people; Pittsburgh Steelers; New York Yankees; be- ing bored; stuck ups; accidents. Activities: Football Mgr. 3,4; Baseball 1,2,3, 4; T-Club; A.V. Club; W.B.S.; G.A.A.; Student Govern- ment; Yearbook Staff; M.O. D I P. JONATHAN ANDREW CADE “Nothing is as it was for you. Nothing can ever be the same.” Jon’s goal is to return to Australia. Likes: Hampton Beach ’79; Cheap Trick; Village Pizza; 6 12 79; rock concerts; Deerfield Drive In; Summer of ’79; the Pine Tree; the ocean; golf; music. Dislikes: Disco; tobacco; Hornet; winter; Yankees; Roller Derby with Lill; Amherst Country Club; de- merits. Activities: Band 1,2, 3,4; Jazz Rock 1,2, 3, 4; Brass Ensemble 1, 2, 3, 4; Chorus 3,4 President 4; Madrigals 4; Golf 1,2, 3, 4; Li’l Abner; M.O. D I P JOHN BURF.K J TAMMY J. COCKING “I love you not only for what you are But for what 1 am when I’m with you. I love you not only for what you have made of yourself But for what you are making of me. I Love You.” Tammy’s goal is to travel around the country with Charlie. Likes: Charlie; 12 3 77; 1 1 27 77; talking with Teresa; 7 6 80; work; having a good time with friends; clothing; Coping with Living. Dislikes: 7 27 79; 4 1 77; Snobs; a certain person; jocks; argu- ing; spiders. Acf v t es.Colorguard 2,3,4 Cap- tain 3 and 4. CATHLEEN MARIE COLLERAN “Hey St. Peter, before you ring your bell. Just been down to New York town, Done my time in Hell; Done my time in Hell!” Pit’s goal is to check out the fire station with Sam some crazy night. Likes: Kit Kats; Bermuda ’77’; Bob Seger; Cold Bud; Prince 31; skating with B; a special senior friend; pink; STARZ; Soc- quet’s Hill Aug. ’78; malisciously stabbing ba- nanas; J.W. and Blanche; football. Dislikes: working weekends; JAP’S 461; West Deer- field; punk rock; T-Day ’79; 7 16 78; causing traffic jams; good byes; broken promises; be- ing cold. Activities: Cheerleading 1,2, 3,4; Chorus 1,2, 3,4; Madrigals 1,2, 3, 4; T-Club; OPUS. JACQUELINE ANN CUMMINGS “The only way to have a friend is to be one.” Jackie’s goal is to go on to school for four more years. Likes: D.E. summer nights, Lil’s parties, HoJo’s, snowy nights, the “Gang”, Red Sox, the beach, tournament parties, long weekends. Dislikes: selfish people, being cold, GCC parking lot, 8 25 79, “The Bridge”, soggy shakers, moody people, 10 13 79. Ac- tivities: cheerleading (1, 2,3,4) Co-Captain (1,3,4), GAA, year Book Staff, T Club, Prom Committee Junior National Honor Society. Class DIANA MARIE CUSACK “And this is love-Two souls that freely meet and have no need of proving anything.” Goal: To go to college, then live happily ever after. Likes: David, 10 21 78, Burnt chips, Red roses, The beach parties, The Carz, Jackson Browne, Misters cute laugh, walks in the fall, puppies, being silly with Lil, Good times with meag and mec, surprises. Dislikes: Tobacco, being bored, being klutzy, giving directions, lint, “The morning after”, competition, being shy, being bossed around, being sick, rumors. Activities: Home ec. club 1,2; Volleyball, (manager 2), GAA 2, 1BTC, colorguard (3,4) Booster Day Dutchess. LEWIS BRIAN COLLINS " If you imagine it, you can achieve it; If you dream it, you can become it.” Lewie’s goal is to become the next Howard Cosell. Likes. Hula girls; 10 8 77; Hanging around with Red, Gil and Hay; Spelling our Seniors ; Turkey Day games; dances; picking on the Basketball team; memories from football; Having good friends. Dislikes: Having bad knees; being depressed; missing field goals; WARE ; water skiing in Hawaii; light out. backing up; being left out; being teased about Theresa. A ctivities: Football 1,2, 3,4; Baseball 3,4; Basketball Mgr. 1,2,3; Baseball Mgr. 1,2; T’ Club 3,4; Student Government I; Class President 1; MARY ELLEN COOKE “If I accept the sunshine and warmth, I must also accept the thunder and lightning.” Mary’s goal is to get a good education and job. Likes: mint chip ice cream; Hampton Beach ’79; hanging around with friends; foot- ball games; talking on the telephone. Dislikes: tobacco; selling things; leaving things to the last minute; rainy days at the Beach; people who complain a lot. Activities: Junior Prize Speaking, French Club, Jr. National Honor Society, Yearbook Staff. THERESA J. DEMARS “Though a moment may be temporary, a memory lasts forever.” Theresa’s goal is to live a happy and successful life. Likes: A cer- tain someone, drive-ins with Amy and Dan, memories of the villa, talking on the phone, Miss Piggy, 5 5 79, eating chips with Brenda, laughing, mallow cups, going Hawaiian with Amy, talking with Tony, 6 18 78, color red. Dislikes: Not having any money, tobacco, rainy days, Montague City, a certain some- one, drive-in speaker poles, washing cars at 1 1 p.m.. 6 19 78, F.S., gossipy mothers. Activi- ties: Basketball 1,3,4; Track 3,4; Softball 1; Cheering 2; G.A.A 1,2; T Club; Booster Day Princess. SHARRON DRESSER THOMAS E. DRUMGOOL Eggy likes: 5 23 79, 5 25 79, Kelly, Dawn, McDonalds, Yamahas, The pool, J.K. Dis- likes: P.S., Joyce, pushy people, people who think they know it all. Activities: cross-coun- try 2,3,4 track 1,3 marching band 1. TERESA L. DOBIAS " The greatest gift one can give to another is a deeper understanding of life and the ability to love and believe in self. " Theresa’s goal is to be happy and someday have my own daycare center. Likes: Kenny, talks with Tammy, chil- dren, 9 10 78, cooking and sewing, making new friends, working and friends at F.M.H. Dislikes: Fighting, stuck-up people, 8 18 71, certain nurses, bad memories, arguments, feeling alone. Activities: Concert Band 1-4; Marching Band 1-4; Uniform Manager 3,4; Recorder Ensemble 2,3; Jazz Band 3; Chorus 3; Softball 1; Track 2; French Club 1. FRANK JAMES DUDEK “Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has to overcome while try- ing to succeed. Jamie ' s goal is to achieve suc- cess in whatever he does. Likes: a certain someone, adventures with Ed, Bermuda “77”, sports, New England teams, true friends, beating GREENFIELD on Turkey Day, Que- bec. Dislikes: football camp, tobacco, two- faced people, Greenfield teams, getting caught. Activities: Football 1,2, 3, 4; Basket- ball 1,2, Madrigals 1,2, 3, 4, Chorus 1,2, 3, 4, Lil’ Abner, T club, M.O. D I P. DIANE MARIE DESKAVICH “If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it.” Diane’s goal is to walk through life with people who care. Likes: Autumn, dancing, skiing, friends, 9 2 79, music, roses, a special person, horses, swimming, reading, drawing, summer nights, and 6 19 79. Dislikes: waiting, tobacco, being lied to, boring weekends, 10 27 79, indeci- sion, being taken for granted, having nothing to do, being alone. Activities: Field Hockey; Spanish Club; T Club; National Honor Soci- ety; Junior National Honor Society; Class Ring Committee; Yearbook Staff. CURT ENGLEHARDT “Success is failure turned inside out.” Curt’s goal is to go into the field of Electronics. Likes: Being with friends, camping, McDon- alds, Pizza, working on engines, photography, Styx. Dislikes: stuck up people, rainy days, walking, getting up early, waiting. Activities: Concert Band 1-4; Marching Band; Pep Band 2 . MICHELE DEBRA FRARY “Friends: I will remember you, think of you, and pray for you, and when another day is through. I’ll still be friends with you.” Mit- chele’s goal is to graduate from college and be successful. Likes: horses. Horse racing. Af- firmed, drawing, the mountains, old barns, colonials, Norman Rockwell, Steve Cauthen, libraries, blustery days. Dislikes: onions, stuckups, gym, cold days, weekends with a lot of homework, people who use that certain word, shoe laces set on fire. SHERRY LEE GAY “To be what you are, and to become what you are capable of becoming is the only end- ing to life.” Sherry’s goal is to someday be- come a well-known artist. Likes: Summer painting, puddle fights with Dave, Life, and Jan. 2, 1979. Dislikes: Mondays, arguements. Geometry, and April 2, 1979. Activities: C ho- rus. KATHRYN JANE DUNN “If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it.” Katy’s goal is to fulfill her dreams and live near the ocean. Likes: Brian; laughing hysterically; , 5 20 79; Dusters; Ballet; music; chocolate; my Bzzzt; the ocean; autumn; Barb’s humor; M.N.R.’s; 24. Dislikes: almost accidents; i diving in shallow ends; Cap’t Napkin; 9 17 77; spiders; SHIN SPLINTS; being i called Appasionata; getting up; chemistry; What . . . Nothing! Activities: Twirling 1,2; Chorus 1-4; Madrigals 2-4, (Vice-president); • National Honor Society; French Club 1-3; i “Kiss Me Kate”; “Lil Abner”; Student Gov- ernment 104, (Treasurer 4); Class Historian. SHEILA JEANNE EMERY “The love that last longest is the love that’s never returned.” Sheila’s goal is to travel. Likes: J.C.; 9 7 79; Bzzt; BFSW; long talks with Nippy; Mopping; Tobacco with Nippy and Zang; Cruisin’; good times; Saturday Nights; scary movies; rollerskating; Mr. Bill; watching nutcracker fights; the pump Dis- likes: being used; GX.B.Y; getting nabbed; L.F.; Hickies; “Stop the car! " (8 12 78); be- ing left out; Winter. - x BARBARA LEE EMOND “I am not afraid of tomorrow for I have seen yesterday and I love today. " — W A. White Barb’s goal is to be happy, healthy, wealthy, and wise. Likes: Christmas, skiing, the piano, Cape Cod, M.N.R.’s, reminiscing with Katy. Dislikes: spiders, French, Mr Garbiel’s jokes. Activities: Junior National Honor Society 2; National Honor Society 3,4; Student Govern- ment 2,3,4; As Schools Match Wits 2,3,4; Chorus 1-4; Softball 1-4; Ski Club; French Club; GAA; T Club; Yearbook Staff LINDA GEORGE MARY ELIZABETH GIRARD “Dream what you dare to dream, Be where you want to go. Be what you want to be-live! Gerbil’s goal is to be happy. Likes: friends, making up excuses, X-C skiing, smiling, the ocean, Baboushka Bears, mopping in PA, fruit lips, the gang. Dislikes: lazy, dishonest people, tobacco, waiting, bananas, problems, foreign objects. Activities: Concert band (1,2, 3, 4) Pep Band. Recorder Ensemble (1,2, 3, 4) Field Hockey (1) Netop (3) Year- book Staff. DONALD C. GODZ1NSK1 II “I have clinched and closed with the naked North, I have learned to defy and defend; Shoulder to shoulder we have fought it out — yet the wild must win in the end. Musky’s goal is to make the Olympic team in “84”. Likes: Terry, the Doobies, 5 5 78, cowboys, party- ing, Miller, Socquet’s hill, Y.J., The Cars, 5 19 79 H.J., Misquamicut, R.I., A certain night with T.H., X-C sking, being polish, W. Mass. Diskikes: two-faced people, camping on Cape Cod, Brown nosers, Schultz’s camp, To- bacco, early practice, a nickname, Quizmo, scope-a-holics, arguments with T.H., GREENFIELD. Activities: Track (2,3,4) co- captain (3) Football 1,2, basketball (1,2, 3,4). JOHN M. HAIG IS Gus “Hungover. Red eyed, Dog tired, Satis- field-lt ' s a long road and a little wheel and it takes alot of turns to get there.” John’s goal is to make it down to Florida to visit Mike K. Likes: Kawasake, Miller, nice girls, playing the Blues Harp, Charlie Daniels Band, Plains Parties, Trials riding with Duke, 9 30 78; All the good times with Jackie and Laurie, getting pie-eyed with Jim, Drag racing. Dislikes: Breaking down, Harley Dogs, People that won’t listen, 28 second runs at lebonon ralley, looking at Jim when he gets up, DISCO, pushy girls. Activities: Girl Watching 1-4, Basketball 1,2,3; Baseball 1,2; Football 2; Smoking and Drinking Team 1-4. 24 KAREN A. HAIGIS “To thine ownself be true. " Likes: rainbows, sleeping late, a morning in D.A., Robert Red- ford, long warm sunny days, Washington “209”, chewing gum, our cabin, flying, laugh- ing with Bern, Bon and Trace, J.K.’s drinks. Dislikes: gossipers, smoke, being cold, winter, being late, sprints due to Mankowski, mop- ping. Activities: Basketball 1-4; (co-capt. 3,4), Softball 1,3 (Tri-capt. 3), Tennis 4; GAA; T Club; Senior National Honor Society; catwalking 4. TIMOTHY JAMES HARTNETT “Don’t hurry through your life, never stopping to see, how excellent life was really meant to be.” Jaz’s goal is to fulfill all his dreams and to live one hell of a happy life. Likes: Jane, snowy winter nights, Canada, cold beer, 2 6 78; Black Ford Bronco ' s, Soquet’s Hill, sleeping late, Shultz’s Camp, Good concerts, Munching out, Luna Mountain, snowmobil- ing, party ' s with friends. Dislikes: Rednecks, 5 30 78; getting caught, being late. Moon’s Jokes, boring weekends, rain, making deci- sions, being depressed, Randall Road, being broke, waiting for people, Pinsky’s Point. Ac- tivities: Student Government; Cross Country 2,3; Track 2; Baseball l;Opus 1; Booster Day Committee LYNN ALLISON HENRY “May we always view life, joy, and beauty through the eyes of the child within us.” Lui- sa’s goal is to go to Hawaii. Likes: Red Sox, Dr. Pepper, Washington State, good music, pizza, HoJo’s Fudganas, talking with friends. Dislikes: buffalos in Washington, being teased about a certain someone in P.A.; being late, mowing the lawn, marching band, being called “Lynnie”. Activities: Concert Band 1- 4, (Librarian), Marching Band 1-4, (Librar- ian); Chorus 1,3,4; Percussion Ensemble 1,2; Woodwind Ensemble 2; Recorder Ensemble 1-4; As schools Match Wits 2,3; GAA 4. WALLACE HILLIARD “We have met the enemy and he is us. — Walt Kelly.” Ace’s goal is to become incredibly wealthy doing relatively little. Likes: Saturday Night Live, John Belushi, to laugh and have fun, animals, drawing. Dislikes: People who brag, wet socks, and droping heavy objects on my foot. ROBERT R J ABLONSK I “Without humor life would be untolerable.” Jabber’s goal is to be successful in living for God. Likes: Linda, North Leverett Youth Group, the beach, four wheeling in Nantas- ket, riding with Barry, good movies, roller skating. Dislikes: stuck up people, funky Ray’s algebra class, being used, staying home, soap operas, being injured. Activities: Freshman Football, cross country 3, track 3, OPUS 2,3.4. JACQUELINE MARY HASTINGS “Love can’t be bought, it has to happen natu- ral.” Jake’s goal is to live in the mountains to escape civilization. Likes: Eric, laughing, beer fights A.T.P, being different, Aug. 27-31, 79, schemeing w Laurie and Sheri, 151, talks with John, Welcoming Mike home, Cheap Trick, good parties, surprises, Molson, Rosie’s humor. Dislikes: 9 10 76; groupies, being broke, hiccups, not remembering, munchies, users, two faced people, unmatching socks, Pete’s art work, bruises, certain phonecalls, What? . Nothing! Why? . . . Because! Ac- tivities: Cheerleading 1-3, GAA 1-4, T Club, Yearbook Staff, Float Committee 1-4. LAURIE LEE HASTINGS “Ain’t life a bitch!” Laurie’s goal is to enjoy life to its fullest while she can.” Likes: Mike, 9 30 78; laughing, scheming with Jackie, Cheap Trick, CDB, 10 31 77; good parties, meeting people, Christmas, Wayne ' s remarks, Welcoming Mike home, talking with friends. Dislikes: Poet’s Seat Tower, waiting, being depressed, users, being broke, signs, narcs, 1 1 29 78; being rushed. Activities: Basket- ball 1, Cheerleading 2, GAA 1-4. RICHARD HEBERT TIMOTHY JOHN JURKK “If at first you don ' t succeed, read the instruc- tions W.M " Maxxx’s goal is to see America. Likes: Cold Molson, rock roll, Soquet ' s Hill, B.B B , guitars. Tuff Darts, punk rock, Roscoe Dislikes: Sunday mornings, disco. Baby Face Ray, sitting home on Saturday nights. Tech school Activities: cross country 1-4, track 2-4, canadien club, T club, M.O- .D.IP TRACEY ANN KOSCINSK1 “All things are difficult before they are easy. " Trace ' s goal is to be in a Coke-a-Cola com- mercial Likes: roses, the log, laughing with Bonnie, rollerskating with the gang, Bzzzt, Boston Teams, the beach, cheering tourna- ments, football games, Wayne ' s jokes. Ameri- can Experience experiences with Bonnie, Florida, shaving cream, Kim ' s mannequin. Dislikes: vicious rumors, soggy shakers, 7 4 79, TEX, gossiping mothers. New York teams, track meets, the Fort, tobacco, users, GCC parking lot, 10 13 79, waking up after cheering parties, cat walking, Captain Nap- kin. Activities: Cheering 1-4; Track 1-4; Tour- nament Cheering 3.4; T club 1-4; GAA 1-4, Student Government 1-3; Chorus 4; M.O- .D.I.P JOHN KOVALSICK John ' s goal is to get a half way decent job that pays big bucks — get another Camero. Likes: Hiking, hunting, fishing, good parties, ' 69 Ca- meros, L.C. Dislikes: Rainy weather, break- downs, accidents, arguments. MARY MARGARET KELLY “Each happiness of tomorrow is a memory of yesterday " Meggie’s goal is to live a long hap- py life and fulfill all her dreams. Likes: A certain preppy, chocolate pudding, my other family, being with special friends, D I P., working at D.A., green, 6 30 79, Mr. Smith’s singing, acting silly with Lawna and Dawn, walking in the rain, Conway parties, mudpie fights with Zang, roses. Dislikes: Captain Napkin, the White Caper, 3 17 79, snobs, washing cars at 11:00 p.m., being hurt, Verma, getting caught, a certain supervisor, fruit flies, heights. Activities: Basketball 1,2; Chorus 3,4; l.B.T.C. 1-4; float making 1-4; M O D I P. 3,4. ROBERT A KOP1NSKY “Always strive for those long term goals that seem to be out of reach at the present time, for when you achieve them you’ll look back at yourself and begin to appreciate it. " Ivan’s goal is to reach the Olympia. Likes: Nautalis, blondes, having a fun time with friends, mus- tangs, vacations, beaches, pizza. D islikes: los- ing, 7th grade, Randall Road, being used, heights, Greenfield greasers, being sick. Ac- tivities: Cross country 1,2; Track 1,2; OPUS 3,4; T club. TRACEY JEAN KUKLEWICZ “Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow; don’t stop cause it ' ll soon be here. And it’ll be better than before — yesterday’s gone — yesterday ' s gone. Fleetwood Mac, Kuke’s goal is to be- come an executive secretary and find out what life’s all about. Likes: Vacations, sleeping, 10 28 78, most parties, staying out late, smil- ing, sunny days, meeting new people, concerts, birthdays, a certain someone. Dislikes: Cars that don ' t start, saying goodbye, being bored, 7 77, working on Saturday night, getting caught, rain, getting up early. F 1 MARK L. LAMORE “Life is for the taking; go for it!” Lambert’s goal is to meet a “10”. Likes: Saturday nights, Kegers, blondes, double figures with Bogo, nutrition, Joe’s poems, the crew, good friends. Dislikes: Sunday mornings, 9 8 79; 9 1 1 79; the narc, Hornet, 4 foot drops, being ranked on by Joe and Reb, T.F.P.D.; Class of “80 " morons. Activities: Basketball 1-4; Baseball 1, Football 1, T Club, Student Government 1 KAREN ANN LETOURNEAU “If you love something set it free. If it comes back to you it’s yours, if it doesn’t it never was.” Bunny’s goal is to be happy in every- thing she pursues. Likes Mike, 12 26 77; beaches, laughing, long walks, talking with the gang, water fights, playing in the snow, choco- late, roses. Dislikes: 1 1 10 77; Captain Nap- kin, getting up early, snobs, rainy weekends, fighting, spiders. Activities: Chorus 1,2,4; Student Government Secretary 3; French Club 1,2; Class Secretary 2,3,4; Booster Day Queen DAVID FRANK LAPIERRE “Whatever’s written in your heart that’s all that matters. You’ll find a way to say it all someday. " Pebbles goal is to go to college down south Likes: summer of 79, Quebec, vacations in Maine, hiking with friends, sleep- ing in, rock concerts, kansas. The Steve Miller Band, Pinball, golf, tennis, N ike’s. Dislikes: rainy days, mornings, tobacco, moving, win- ter, warped records, disco, being sick. Activi- ties: Golf 1-4; Cross Country 1-3; Basketball 1,2,4. JENNIFER MARIE LOVELAND “For yesterday is but a dream and tomorrow is only a vision but today well lived, makes yesterday a dream of happiness and every to- morrow a vision of hope.” Jen’s goal is to succeed and be happy. Likes: Long talks with close friends, the outdoors, shopping with “the gang”, and going to new places. Dislikes: Be- ing rushed, spending too much money, people who are unfriendly, and having to get up ear- ly. Activities: Concert Band 1-4 (Secretary 1- 3); Marching Band 1-4 (Secretary 1-4); Cho- rus 3,4; Recorder and Woodwind Ensembles, Pep Band, School Play (Page Turner); GAA, Yearbook Staff, and Jr. National Honor Soci- ety. ANN M MARGOLA “We may forget with whom we laughed, but we will never forget with whom we cried.” Ann’s goal is to get through college. Likes: sleeping late. Jay, Washington and 209, a cer- tain someone, R.C., Blarp’s concerts, being with friends. Dislikes: 10 29 77, S.G., Stret- chie white pants, rainy days, a certain expedi- tion with Pit. Activities: Softball 1,2; GAA; T Club; Basketball (Manager); Volleyball. %§: VERONICA JILL MARKOL “If you do not understand my silence, you will not understand my words.” Vicki’s goal is to be happy with who and what she is. Likes Thunder and Lightning, tobacco, being differ- ent, 12 31 77, 12 31 79; being alone, sports, O.S. in Room 313, all food but liver. Dislikes: 9 21 79; Band, hypocrites, being used, being sad and feeling lonely. Activities: Junior Prize Speaking, Modell Congress, 2,3,4; Student Advisory Council 3,4; Jazz Band 1-4; Brass Ensemble 2,3,4; Madrigals 2; Chorus 1,2; Marching Band 1,2; Field Hockey 1,3,4; Track 1,2; Tennis 4; Kiss Me Kate ; Ghost Wanted: Li ' l Abner ; Year Book Staff. ANTHONY E. MARTIN “If you don’t get what you want out of life, then your not trying hard enough. " Bambino ' s goal is to pick up Mike, go to Colorado, and become rangers. Likes: Hunting, good boo- gies, chevy 4x4 trucks. Lake Dunmore, rabbit hunts with Mark. 10 31 77; cold Bud, Jim Dandy, J. Geils, Charlie Daniels Band, cran- kin 360 in the V.W., picking on Joe Tear, Jethro Tull concert, Mitzi’s noises, Cranberry Pond Dislikes: The boogies hill experience, Fords, greasers, rednecks, people that are too big for their britches, getting caught, pushy girls. Baby Face, Football camp, narcs. Ac- tivities: Football 1-4; Track 2,3; Basketball 1; Baseball 1; Student Government 1; T Club 2,3,4; OPUS 1-4. EDWARD JAMES MARVELL “If you love something set it free. If it comes back to you, its yours, if it doesn ' t it was never meant to be. " Ed’s goal is to make his dream come true. Likes: Diane, adventures with Frank, 8 4 78-8 12 78; sports, the good times in football and baseball, making people laugh, holding for Lewie. Dislikes: being hurt during football season, people who think they know it all, having nothing to do, being sick. Activities: Football 1-4 (co-capt.); Baseball 1- 4; Basketball 1-3 (co-capt. 2); T Club 1-4; Jr. National Honor Society. BRENDA JANE MATUSZ " I am easy to please as long as I have things my way. " Nippy ' s goal is to live a long happy life. Likes: hats, talking with close friends, parties, acting silly, a certain cemetary, DIP., mopping, reminising, rollerskating, cruising to Pondecki’s, the pump, N.A.’s, Mr. Bill, Molson, Koala Bears, being sneaky (9 8 79), and BZZT!!! Dislikes: misunder- standings, Capt-Napkin, The White Caper, a certain narc, thunderstorms, 9 26 79; ru- mors, hangovers, waiting, bees, being de- pressed, a certain freshman, and HIM!! Ac- tivities: Chorus 1-4; Student Government 3,4; Class Vice-President 3; Basketball Manager 2,3; GAA 3,4; Floatmaking 1-4; Booster Day Committees 3,4; M.O.D.I.P. 3,4; I.B.T.C. SHELLEY MARIE MAY “Happiness isn’t something you experience, it ' s something you remember. " Shell Bell’s goal is to seek out that special purpose in life. Likes. Snow Days, Lil’s parties, The Red Sox, HoJo’s, Long Weekends, Having fun. Sum- mer Nights, Funny people, the beach, horses. Dislikes: Tobacco, selfish people, GCC park- ing lot 8 25 79; boring parties, sprints, sprained ankles, Mondays, homework, leading people on, lacking confidence. Activities: Bas- ketball 1-3; Softball 3; GAA 2-4 (Vice-Presi- dent 4); T Club, Yearbook Staff, National Honor Society. JAMES L. MAYRAND JR “Nothing great was ever achieved without en- thusiasm.” Jim’s goal is to make it through college successfully. Likes: Football, Dallas Cowboys, baseball. No. 15, Polaris, concerts, giving hammy twisters, ranking on Bubbles, seeing if Bonehead will make it, and bikes. Dislikes: Injuries, Hammy’s twisters, Howard Cosell, losing, narcs, showoffs, and the way Bubbles talks. Activities: Football Manager 2; Football 1,3,4; Baseball 1,2, 3, 4; Basketball 2; T Club, OPUS 2. peter McCaffrey “Winning isn’t everything, but it’s better than losing.” Metcalfs goal is to be the best trum- pet player he can be. Likes: Jazz Band, roller derby, soccer, football on weekends. District, playing cards, Penn. ’78, New York, Boston, Quebec, golf, exchange concerts, dances, Jazz, W.D., P.J., K.D., and D.K.. Dislikes: Algebra II, school lunch, Marching Band, bad jokes, English, M.F., shakes, classical music, selling fruit and calanders. Activities: Jazz Band 1-4; Marching Band 1-4; Brass Ensem- ble 1-4; Concert Band 1-4; Exchange Con- certs 76, 78, 80.; Golf 1-4; Basketball 2. MICHAEL KENNETH MINER “Go with it, go for it, go nuts, go completely wild!” Cheap Track Ray Junior Likes: Sleep, winning, beating Greenfield, slow dances, football games, parties, Kansas concert, week at Hampton Beach, parties at Lil ' s house, booster day rally. Dislikes: school, football camp, sitting on the bench, losing, pushy girls. Disco, being depressed, English, failing a test, stuck-up girls. Activities: Golf 1; Baseball 2, Marching band 1,2; Band 1-4; Brass Ensem- ble 1-4; Jazz Band 1-4; Chorus 4; Junior Na- tional Honor Society, National Honor Soci- ety 3,4; Li’l Abner 3; Vice-president of Band 4; Football 3,4. MARY ANN MIRECKI “Seasons pass and moments end, but true love lasts forever.” Mare’s goal is to love life and enjoy it as much as she can. Likes: My “other brother” Ray, the Beach Boys, my Deerfield buddies, 8 14 79, smiles, long talks with a certain someone. Bo Sox, Cape Cod, lobster, Sylvester Stallone, getting mail, attention, yellow roses. Dislikes: A certain pine tree on Country Club Road, tomato soup, P.P 6, white party sheets, Bob’s jokes, painful memo- ries, MARIGOLDS. Activities: Spanish Club 1-4; Drama Club 2-4; Field Hockey 2,3; Track 4; T club; GAA 2-4; Colorguard 3; Chorus 3,4; Madrigals 3,4; Junior Prize Speaking (2nd place); Yearbook Staff. ALAN RICHARD MINER “In the game of life it’s a good idea to have a few early losses, ’cause it relieves you of the pressure of trying to maintain undefeated.” Alfonse’s goal is to be rolling in bug bucks by the year 2001! Likes. T.M.T., X-C skiing, So- quet’s Hill, Saturday Night Live, .1. Geils, mud gupping, Steve Martin, 440 relay, green truck, good parties, 7 22 79, roller skating, Bermuda ’77. Dislikes: Swampy, Caveboy, disco. Moon’s jokes, Quizmo, Schultz’s camp, sprints, being 0-45, two-faced people, brown nosers. Activities: Track 1-4; Swim Team 2-4 (co-captain 4); football 1; T club; Ski club; Madrigals 1-4; Chorus 1-4; OPUS 3-4 (man- ager 4); OPUS newspaper; Bermuda ’77; Sun Tan Club 1-4; MODI P WAYNE ROBERT MULLEN “Time, like a snowflake, disappears while we’re trying to decide what to do with it, but friends are timeless.” Moon’s goal is to lead a happy and successful life (and be filthy rich on the side).” Likes: The Stones, Alaska, Wash- ington D.C., those long winter runs with Tim and Keith, all those grea t times with my fan- tastic friends, roller skating, Soquet’s Hill, be- ing healthy, being able to laugh at almost anything with friends, Doreen’s cheerfulness. Dislikes: 5 30 79, deaf girls, being sick, being depressed. Activities: Basketball 1; Cross Country 2-4; Track 2-4; T Club. CHRISTOPHER PHILIP NORWOOD “Make room for my 45’s; Along beside your 78’s nothing survives-but the way we live our lives.” — Jackson Browne Chris’ goal is to live life to it’s fullest and not be concerned with picky, minor details; Cops, laws etc Likes: Olivia Newton-John, Jackson Browne, The pump, winter, skiing x-c, Rally Sports, canoe- ing, rollerskating with the crew, hats, 12 1 8 79; and 1. Dislikes: 3 24 79; onions, owww!!!. Winters without snow, Nutcracker fights. Captain Napkin. Activities: Class President 3; Class Vice-President 2 4; Stu- dent Government 1-4; Spanish Club (Pres. 3); Swim Team (co-capt 3,4); Yearbook Staff; M.O. D I P.; T Club; Chorus; Madrigals; Jr. National Honor Society; “Who’s who among American High School Students”; “The Soci- ety of Distinguished American High School Students.” DENISE T. PAULIN “The only way to have a friend is to be one yourself.” Deni’s goal is to become a secre- tary, and to live a good, full life. Likes: Jon, skating, tennis, horseback riding, 8 18 78; lis- tening to the radio, double dating, the beach, getting rowdie, C.R., parties. Dislikes: two- faced people, 5 3 1 78; getting up early, wait- ing, being taken advantage of, days when nothing goes right, working weekend nights, arguments, saying goodbye, being called Diane, going to the dentist. Activities: French Club 1; Basketball Manager 1; Student Gov- ernment 4; Twirling 2-3; HoJo’s and Steve’s Pizza Team 1 . LAURIE JEAN PIETRASZEK “It Is a great thing to win the admiration of friends, but a greater thing to gain their love. " Blarp ' s goal is to live a life worth remember- ing. Likes: Dave, ketchup, concerts with Ann, fall, laughin, challenges, reminiscing with friends, munching out at Friendly’s with Ka- ren and Tracey. Dislikes: Pierce St., being embarrassed, spiders, stretchy white pants, frizzies, making decisions. Activities: Chorus 1,3; GAA 1-4 (Sec. 2,4); Class treasurer 3; Student Government 1-3; Volleyball 1-3; Ten- nis 2; Basketball Manager 2-4, T Club. WENDY JEAN POTYRALA “True friends walk in when the rest of the world walks out.” Wendy’s goal is to live a happy and successful life! Likes: Laughing with Jen, Zum and Mare; Cape Cod “79 " , close friends that 1 can talk to, fire places, shopping with the “gang " . Dislikes: being called " Windy”, goodbyes, 1 0 25 78- 10 29 78; being teased because she’s short, a certain car on Route 202 at midnight??? Ac- tivities: Concert Band 1-4 (Librarian 2-4, Pres. 4); Marching Band 1-4 (Librarian 1-4, Drum Majorette); Woodwind Ensemble 2; Recorder Ensemble; Percussion Ensemble; Jazz-Rock Ensemble 3,4; Chorus 3,4; Jr. Na- tional Honor Society 3,4. JENNIFER LYNNE PROVOST " Nothing can bring you peace but yourself.” Toots ' s goal is to live a happy and healthy life. Likes: Snow, the M.N.R.’s, playing the piano, teasing Mikhal, Labor Day. Dislikes: being lied to, onions, whipped cream fights with Barb, pessimism, diets. Activities: Madrigals 2-4; ( horus 1-4; Jazz Band 2-4; Jr. Nat. Hon- or Society 1; National Honor Society 3,4; Volleyball 1; Tennis 1; Twirling 2; Yearbook Co-editor 4; Junior Prize Speaking 3; Drama Club 3,4; “L’il Abner”; Student Government 3 LORI G. RUBIN “And may all your mooses be chocolate.” Lori’s goal is to get Mr. Wipple to let her squeeze his charmin. Likes. To laugh, a cer- tain preppie, ziggy, making someone smile, pranks, J.T., toga parties, Roses, soapies, laughing with Em and Zew, Foreigner, Mocha Chip i.c. Dislikes: Tobacco, 6 20 78, Friday the 13th, curfews, 7 14 79, saying goodbye, 3 24 79, a certain phone call, mixing, losing something, P.E., liver. Activities: Swim Team 1,2; GAA 1-3; Marching Band 1-3; Model Congress 3,4; Student Government; T Club; M.O. D I P.; Class of “81” JACQUELINE PROVOST “Love when you can, cry when you have to, be who you must it’s a part of a plan, await your arrival with simple survival and someday we’ll all understand.” Dan Fogelburg; Jackie’s goal is to lead a full and very happy life. Likes: Thunder and lightning, the M.N.R.’s, Powder fights with Quack, C. Birdseye, laughing with Barb, little kids, O.S. and room 313. Dislikes: The ant hill, Capt. Napkin, tobacco, Tex, Hogman, pushing Frank’s truck, wide mouth Frogs, waiting. A ctivities: Chorus 1-4; Madri- gals 3.4; Schools Match Wits 2-4; Yearbook Staff; National Honor Society, Model Con- gress 2-4. RONALD R. SARGENT “Life is too short to put things off. If you have a dream you can turn it into reality by work- ing hard toward it, but you must start now.” Reggie’s goal is to obtain what he strives for and be happy in life. Likes: Martial arts, Bruce Lee, sparring, having a good time with friends, laughing, animals, walking in the woods, Mustangs, family gatherings. Dislikes: Injuries, L.T., Stuck-ups, rainy days, loud mouths, being bored, tobacco, being embar- rased, pests, Greenfield, 4 79, 8 25 79, greasers, losing, seeing certain people sad, disco. Activities. -Cross country, 1,2; track 2; T club. if LYNETTE SAULNIER “Friendship is reaching for someones hand and touchi ng their heart. " Lynn’s goal is to find a good job. Likes: Long walks, long rides, a special friend, parties. Dislikes: July “79”, a certain someone, tobacco, snoby people, nosey people. CAROL MARIE SAZAMA “The supreme happiness of life is the convic- tion that we are loved.” Victor Hugo Carol’s goal is to hit Broadway. Likes: Greg, plays, anything to do with drama, fall, being in my family, day dreaming, gossiping with Laurie, Calvins with Kathy, vampire movies, the Kinks. Dislikes: Cliques, math, the S.P 77 experience, jocks, act 1 scene 2, curfews. Ac- tivities: Madrigals 1,2; Drama Club 1,2,3; Chorus; “Kiss Me Kate”; “Ghost Wanted " ; “The Mouse That Roared”; “Li’l Abner”; Tennis 1; T Club. DANIEL ERIC SCHAB “The beings of the world are swept by the strife that moves the stars.” Dan’s goal is to be successful in what ever he does. Likes Smooth riding cars, walking on rollerskates, running, originality, Florida, being organized, flying, making u-turns on the Mass Pike. Dis- likes: Waiting, long speeches. Hornet, captain napkin, greasers, listening to Baker yell, Bos- ton Red Sox, listening to Viens over the inter- com. Activities: Football 1,2; Track 1,2, 3, 4; Model Congress 2,3,4; Student Government; T Club; National Honor Society; Yearbook Staff. PETER SCH1BLY I “The best things in life are expensive” Pete’s goal is to be satisfied with his life. Likes: Snow, relaxation. Winter, Honesty. Dislikes: ( Rain, homework, drought (no snow). Activi- ties: Track, skiing, ski patrol, backpacking, J cross country. MARY V. SECORD “To achieve all that is possible, we must at- tempt the impossible, to be as much as we can be, we must dream of being more” Likes: Parties, nice people, talks with Linda, Boogie Hill, guys with money, little kids, good music, a car that runs, staying out of trouble. Dis- likes: Doing donuts and getting caught, Donna G’s driving, M.M., Chestnut Hill with Angie, My Mother complaining, parties at my house, Tobacco for four years. Activities: Softball 1, Volleyball 1,2. JOHN MICHAEL SHANAHAN “I don’t know who my grandfather was. I am much more concerned to know what his grandson will be.” Chan’s goal is to get through college. Likes: Doreen, Quebec, ski- ing, concerts, sleeping late, thunderstorms, fall, sports. Dislikes: Being bored, homework, shaving, the Ware game, Sundays, J. Giles, Being called a stupid lineman, 5 30 78. Ac- tivities: Student Government 3,4; Student Ad- visory Council 3,4; Football 1-4; Track mgr. 1 -4; Swim mgr. 1 -4; Ski Club; T Club; Chorus; Madrigals. ELIZABETH ANN SINGLEY " Happy are those who dream dreams and are ready to pay the price of making them come true. " Black Betty’s goal is to fulfill all of my dreams. Likes: X-Country skiing; crusing with Paula; canoeing; making friends; “Bermuda “77 " ; playing hockey; camping with the gang; talks with a certain person. Dislikes: being alone; thunderstorms; making difficult deci- sions; flunking Chemistry; “The Yankee ' s " . Activities: Student Advisory 1; Teen Scene Editor 4; Netop 3,4 Editor 4; GAA 3; T club 1-4; Frence Club 1; A.V. Club 2; Fr. National Honor Society; School Plays 2,4; Concert Band 1-4; Marching Band 1-4; Pep Band; Jazz Band 1-4; Chorus 1-4; Madrigals 1-3. GARY M. STRYSKO " When I do something right, Noone remem- bers; When I do something wrong. Noone for- gets! " Gary’s goal is to live a happy and suc- cessful life. Likes: A certain someone; camp- ing; waterbcds; driving; canoeing; crusing with Fudge and Dawn; warm sunny days. Dis- likes: being used; people who think they know it all; Vacuum lips 3 18 77; being accused; “79 " toyotas; accidents; walking in the rain; winter. Activities: Spanish Club 1,2; Work Study 3.4; M.O.D.I.P. ROBERT D. TALBOT “I wonder what tomorrow has in store for me, or am I even in its mind at all. Perhaps I’ll get a chance to look ahead and see, soon as I find myself a crystal ball. " Bob’s goal is to get through college and to live life to its fullest. Likes: Aerosmith, Misquamicut Beach, cold Miller, Styx, Minn. Vikings, Boston Bruins, Van Halen, 7 15 78, the ultimate, camping, L A. Dodgers. Dislikes: Disco, tobacco, alge- bra, the airport, Dallas Cowboys, stuck-ups, know it alls, a certain feeling, warm beer, liars, selfish people. Activities: Football 1. GARY ROBERT SINGLEY " Your conscience doesn ' t keep you from do- ing anything; it merely keeps you from enjoy- ing it.” Gary’s goal is to become an Electri- cian. Likes: running, camping, canoeing; snowy nights; Kathy; 6 19 78; summer league. Dislikes: waiting, snobs; crowded places; sprints; being flipped over; a certain spectator; Saturday practices; mowing lawns. Activities: Cross Country 1, 2,3,4; Track 1, 2,3,4; Basketball 1 ,2,3,4. EDWARD FRANCIS SULDA “Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today, that way if you like what you do today you can do it again tomorrow. " Schultz’s goal is to be successful in whatever he does. Likes. Camp Roscoe; hockey; fishing; Tuff Darts; good music; playing Bluegrass with Dennis, Chucker and Lenny; dances; Sat- urday nights; the Drive-In; Boston Bruins. Dislikes: Tech School; N Y. Yankees; a cer- tain night; early morning practice; disco. Ac- tivities: Golf 2,3,4; Baseball 1; Jr. National Honor Society. PENNY LYNNE STONE “Each Happiness of Today is a memory for tomorrow.” Pen’s goal is to have a happy and successful life. L kes; 5 7 76; M.S. good mu- sic; laughing with friends; reminiscing; the ocean; Autumn; camping. Dislikes: tests; rainy days; stuck up people; being bored; good-byes; worrying. Activities: Twirling 4; BRENDA THAYER “We smile in hell for thinking of the sin that was so sweet.” Bernie’s goal is to live a happy and successful life. Likes: Patrick; wild times with Karen; a certain family; being happy; 6 10 79; Bob Seager; warm nights; practical jokes; laughing with friends; our cabin; Yu- kon. Dislikes: Snakes; spiders; being bored; : worrying; getting caught; nosey people; family disagreements; death; 10 11 79; 9 27 79; and the Cannibals in Zemboni. Activities: G.A.A. 1 ,2,3,4; T Club 2,3,4; Varsity Softball I; Field Hockey 2,3,4 Tri-Capt. 4; Swim Team 3,4; Track 2; Catwalking 4. SCOTT D TOMPKINS “Always strive for those things that seem to be out of reach at the present time, for when you achieve them you shall be greater than you are now.” Scott’s goal is to be successful in every- thing he does. Likes: Boston teams; parties; rock ' n roll; Miller; Kawasaki; the blue boat; roscoe; the bass. Dislikes: Disco; rednecks; to- bacco; warm beer; being stopped; home work; Yankees. Activities: Football 1,2, 3,4. ANN MARIE THOMPSON “Be what you are not what people want you to be. You’ll be a lot better off.” Ann’s goal is to travel and help people. Likes: A certain per- son; drive ins; plaines parties; the cars; party- ing with Sandy and Brenda; talking things out with Sandy; flirting with Phil; Michelob; Bob Segar. Dislikes: Snotty people; warm beer; no where to go; 5 5 79; I.B.T.C.; CCD; being alone; earthquakes in Sandy’s house; volkswa- gons; having your head messed up; being used. Activities: Cheering 1,2; Softball 1,2; G. A. A.; T Club; Chorus 1; Booster Day Lady In Wait- ing. JACQUELINE URBAN j “Like the breath of a child i From the moment he’s born Till the very last day when the curtains are drawn We are all children. Jacqui’s goal is to be happy. Likes: Gil; New- port Beach; marqueritas. Dislikes: liver; menthol cigarettes; winter. ROBERT P. VIENS “Be free my friends. One for all and all for me for you and three for five and six for a quar- ter.” Zek’s goal is to be a parking attendant in San Francisco. Likes: Francese; Quebec; the big 502; Dr. Pepper; 5 5 78 the morning no- tices; OS at AIC; embarassing a certain homeroom. Dislikes: Rolling Toyotas; 200 dollar trash; going broke; st-st-studdering; double exposure; broken cameras; warrenties. Activities: Student Government President 3,4; Class Vice-President 1; Class President 2; Crosscountry 1,2,3; Track 1-4; Student Advi- sory Council 2,3; Student Advisory Commit- tee 3; Madrigals 3,4; Basketball 1; Chorus 3,4; Madrigals 3,4; Basketball 1; Chorus 3,4; “Lil Abner”; Vaudeville. PAUL WALDRON “8th till death.” Wally’s goal is to make a lot of money in his life, to invest it wisely, and to spend it fairly. Likes; Boardwalking with the V.W.; Bonnie; J. Giels; B.C. vs U.M. football games; cold Mic; the ride home from Lake Dunmore; B’s B.H.; Riverside; Cranberry Pond fishing trip. Dislikes: 3 8 79; 9 8 79; waiting and waiting; people that gab for a living; two faced people; a certain male teach- er; being told, “I can’t when I could have very easily. " Activities: Football 2,3,4; Basketball 1,2, 3, 4; Baseball I; Ski Club. PHILLIP L. WALDRON “For Sure.” Wally’s goal is to find the queen of all his dreams. Likes: Cold Bud; the crew; Vermont; Lake Dunmore; rabbit hunts; 360’s in VAV.; good boogies; J. Geils; rainbow; 5 24 79; sleeping late; concerts; nice girls. Dislikes: Greasers; rednecks; waiting; Ware game; 4 foot drop; 9 8 79; getting caught; narcs; babyface; football camp; catwalk under French King Bridge; pushy girls; backing up into things. Activities: Basketball 1,2, 3, 4; Ski Club 1,2.3; Football 1,4; T Club; Baseball 1,2. DOREEN MARIE WINSLOW “The only way to have a friend is to be one.” Reny ' s goal is to fulfill her dreams. Likes: John; laughing; talking to a certain someone; rollerskating; music; roses; camaros; the ocean; snowy nights; football games; Moon’s jokes; M.N.R ’S; sleeping late. Dislikes: Cap- tain Napkin; soggy shakers; playing bumper cars with Bonnie; 11 2 79; the anthill; Tex. Activities: Cheering 2,3,4 (co-capt. 2,3); tour- nament cheering 2,3,4; G.A.A; class rep. 2,3; class treasurer; student government 2,3,4; chorus; Madreigals; ring and prom commit- tee; T-club; French club; Junior National Honor Society 1; National Honor Society 3,4 (treasurer 4); yearbook staff; M.O.D.I.P. ELIZABETH ANN WASILESKI “Very little is needed to make a happy life. " Liz’s goal is to live a life full of happiness. Likes: Autumn; watching the sun rise; being Polish; boating; laughing with friends; the ocean; Hampton Beach ' 79; “jibbies.” Dis- likes: Being late; insects; arguments; being stranded in the middle of a large lake with a conked out motor and one broken oar; s.h. Activities: Jr. National Honor Society; Ring Committee; Field Hockey 1 (Manager). KAREN ANN ZAMOJSKI “Friendship is the only thing in the world con- cerning the usefulness of which all mankind are agreed. " Zum’s goal is to see and do as much as she can before her day. Likes: Being polish; fishing with Jason; Beatles; camping; Cape Cod; food, Steph’s cooking; sports; goof- ing off with Jen; making people laugh; Sun- days in Montague; Jo Jo; sleeping late. Dis- likes: a certain mail box; cold peas; braces; 12 25 78; snobs; a certainhaunted house; worrying; feeling alone; rainy days. Activities: Softball 1, 2, 3, 4; Marching band 4; concert band 4; G.A.A 2,3; chorus 1 ,2,4; class treasur- er 1,2,4; floatmaking 1,2, 3, 4; T-club 1,2, 3, 4; Home Ec. club I; yearbook staff LAWNA ANN WILLIAMS “The moment may be temporary, but the memory is forever. " Lawna’s goal is to live a happy, healthy, and successful life. Likes: Andy; 6 30 79; 7 28 79; Vermont; summer; the drive-in; talking with Doc; trips to the mall with Dawn and Meg; being with friends; laughing; a certain lawn chair; roses. Dislikes: T. S.; 10 6 79; Verma; being late; worrying; arguments; tobacco; poor excuses; being sick; being alone; getting up early; moody people; being shy. Activities: Twirling 2,3,4 Captain 3,4; National Honor Society; IBTC; MODIP; T Club. MICHAEL J. ZAMOJSKI " You never realize how important something is until it is gone away.” Mike’s goal is to live on Cape Cod and get that white cadilac. (ahead of Jackie Cummings.) Likes: This cer- tain person, C.C., driving, a nutty co-editor, R2RA, Main street living rooms, McDonald’s Hojos, SOSF 91, sking, new cars!. Dis- likes: Northfield drive-in, BV at BC, no gas, J.C. road, summer of ’78. Activities: Senior class President, Class treasurer 2, Student Government 1, 2, 3,4, Student Government treasurer 2, yearbook co-editor, Spanish club 2,3,4, Spanish club president 3, madrigals 2,3,4, chorus. Student Advisory Council, Mass. Youth Leadership Seminar Rep., Boos- terday parade committee 3,4, Prom commit- tee, D.A.R , “Kiss Me Kate”, “Ghost Want- ed”, “Mouse That Roared”., vaudville, M O- DI P LAURIE ZANGRI “I’m on my way, to find the road I must take. Nothing can hold me back, for what I’m looking for, nobody can help me find. I’m as free as a bird and this bird will never change.” Zang’s goal is to live a full and happy life. Likes: a special someone, talks with lil, Sheila and Theresa, going out, cruzing with Theresa, snow days, weekends, sunsets, room 207, pay days, Lil’s parties, 2 big brothers, T.P., I I 80, moose, no. 51, camping, Drive-ins, roller skating, summer vacation, Dallas’s stupid jokes, mud pie fights, fruit flies, making fun of Jenny’s smelly feet. Dislikes: follow- ing Jon C., gas fumes through speakers, Jenny ' s smelly feet, boring week-ends, get- ting caught, 5 30 78, waiting, 12 24 77, working week-ends, tobacco, peeling pota- toes, being used, stuck ups, being followed, being l ast in the class!. Acvitities: chorus 1,2, 3, 4, Color guard, co-captain 3,4, GAA 3, M O D I P 35 I FRESH MEN-( 1 976- 1 977) Here we were, finally in high school! We all started our first year with American Experience and began to wonder if we ' d make it through one year, never mind four. Booster Day, however, was a big success for us. The theme was Sesame Street and our float. Super Grover, took first place. The football team won the game, and Ann Thompson represented our class as Lady in Waiting. Another first place we captured this year was in the Turkey Day floor decorat- ing contest. Unfortunately we did have our disappointing moments. Does every- one remember ordering class T-shirts? After we washed them once, the insig- nias came off. At the end of our freshman year, we realized we were one . . . eager to start as sophomores. SOPHOMORES - (1977-1978) Our sophomore year started out great. It all began with Booster Day. The theme this year was the Looney Tune Gang. Our float was Pepe le Pew and again we captured first place. Winning two years in a row was unbelievable. Our slogan, “Pioneer isn ' t worth a scent,” was quite clever and, of course, true, for Turners won the football game 40-0. Diana Cusak represented our class as Duchess. Speaking of winning, we also won the floor decorating contest again. This year we ordered our class rings. Remember how late they were? two and one-half months to be exact! We also designed a different Indian for the side of our ring. “Different” is a word that definitely describes the class of 1980. Do four guys remember spending five days of their sophomore year at home for , in Canada? This was such a fun year for us. At rallies we were proud because we were a together class, we could even spell “sophomores” correctly. As our sophomore year ended, we didn’t even realize we were halfway through. JUNIORS - (1978-1979) Our junior year proved to be a busy one. We were almost at the top of the ladder. By now we realized we were a very ambitious class. Our statistics proved it. Booster Day seemed to come so fast this year. The theme was Disney World and our class picked Winnie the Pooh, which won second place. Theresa Demars represented our class as Princess in the Queen ' s court. The football team tied this year but we were still ecstatic because we were great underdogs. Saturday night we were psyched for the Booster Day dance and of course we had an excellent time. Turners Falls won the Turkey Day Game this year and our class once again, won the floor decorating contest. Our cheerleaders this year fared extremely well in tournament competition. Junior girls including, Lil Cadran, Jackie Cummings, Tracey Koscinski, and Doreen Winslow were part of the excellent Varsity Cheering Squad. As the year progressed we began to worry about our prom. The theme song, “Somewhere in the Night”, was finally picked after alot of controversy. The prom was held at the French King Restaurant, May 5, 1979. We thought it was a great success except for the dance floor, (Too small). Remember how fun it was getting dressed-up? Everyone looked so different. Remember the party afterwards? I don’t think anybody got home before ? At the end of our junior year we couldn’t believe we had come this far, however, we were ready, anxious, and eager to be NUMBER ONE. (SENIORS)!!!!! SENIORS-( 1979-1 980) Are we really seniors? At the beginning of the year everyone kept coming up to us and asking us how it felt to be seniors. Our answer was, “Well, it feels the same”, but finally after we got our senior privileges, had a few class meetings, decided on our yearbook theme, had senior pictures taken, terrorized junior high kids in our hallway, cut in front of the lunch line, and got ready for SAT’s, we had the incredible feeling of senior power. Our Booster Day went over great. The football team won 35-0, and the weather was good for once. The theme was The Muppets. Our float, Miss Piggy, only took second place. We were so disappointed for we knew it was the best float we had ever made, and Miss Piggy would always be 1 to u s. The 1979 Booster Day Queen representing the senior class was Karen Letourneau. Remeber Karen getting escorted out of the limousine during half-time at the football game, by Mike Zamojski? We were all very proud of her. We had so much fun this year and the time really flew. Seems like just yesterday we were all cheering along with Lewi Collins at the Booster Day Rally. Remember how rowdy we got when Lewi spelled out S-E-N-I-O-R-S with HIS BODY!!! It was one of the best rallies in a long time, especially with Bob Viens as master of ceremonies. As graduation grew closer, we realized we were the beginning of someth- ing(the 80’s) not the end, for the end meant nothing. Our class was definately something, something to be proud of that is! The class of 1980 would leave its mark on TFHS as being a class of togetherness, a class of change, a class of integrity, a class that will succeed. We will leave with many memories that will stay with us always. “y 1 . Scott Tompkins 2. Brenda Matusz 3. Jon Cade 4. Karen Letourneau 5. Tim Hartnett 6. Bonnie Bordeaux 7. Gary Strysko 8. Mary Kelly 9. David LaPierre 10. Lawna Williams I 1 . Alan Miner 12. Tony Martin 13. Jackie Provost 14. Dan Schab 15. Mike Karen Zamojski 16. Ann Thompson 17. John Shanahan 18. Doreen Winslow 19. Ed Sulda 20. Diane Deskavitch 21. Bob Viens 22. Michele Frary 23. Ed Marvell 24. Jennifer Loveland 25. Paul W ' aldron 26. Phil Waldron 27. Katy Dunn 28. Chris Norwood 29. Jacqui Cummings 30. Frank Dudek 31. Shelly May 32. Gary Singley 33. Jenny Provost 34. Barb Emond 35. Bob Jablonski 36. Liz Wasileski 37. Diana Cusack 38. Laurie Hastings 39. Lil Cadran 40. Brenda Thayer 41. Tracy Koscinski 42. Angie Carmie 43. Laurie Zangri 44. Karen Haigis 45. Wendy Potyrala 46. Denise Paulin 47. Teresa Dobias 48. Mary Girard 49. Mary Mirecki 50. Lynne Henry 51 . Betty Singley 52. Theresa Demars 53. Laurie Pietraszek 54. Angie Billings 55. Sheila Emery 56. Mary Cooke 57. Cathy Colleran 58. Linda George 59. Lori Rubin Fawn Arsenault leaves hoping to make the best out of life. Red Billiel leaves wondering if Amy will ever get through life with out p-p-p-peter and Dan 200 ft Angela Billings leaves 5 members of the class of ’85 looking for the elevator or trying to redeem their elevator passes. Bubbles Blanchard leaves Mr. O the whistle, Mr. Counoyer the football, Mr. Koldis the dummies the sled, Mr. Baker a roll of tape, and Mr. Bourdeau all his scoting reports for the year. Bogo Boguslawski leaves wondering if Spanky will ever go “Rabbit Hunting " again Bon leaves the secretaries with out anyone to write anymore tardy admit slips. Jon Cade leaves Lill Cadran to find another tennis partner as good as I am, and leaves Tim Jurek doing pushups on Millers Falls Rd Lill Cadran leaves being the last of a long line of Cadrans to graduate from TFHS for awhile. Angie Carme leaves Boomer with another 5 years to go! Keith Clark leaves Mr Cournoyer to do his own dirty work and the back of the bus to the girls. Tammy Cockings leaves her sister Shellie with six years to go Have Fun! Pit Colleran leaves Linda Sue with their el-blows and Ann Margola to beat the record of 20 seconds Lewie Collins leaves oh Hain a case of Pabst and Betty a couple of Nips. Mary Cooke leaves George her calculator to help him gel through math and physics. Quack Cummings leaves Cheryl with 2 more years to go Diana Cusack leaves wondering who will get her gun and hoping Alice will enjoy her next 3 years at TFHS. Theresa Demars leaves Amy 2 chocolate covered doughnuts, Ann trying to get rid of the flys, Tony doing his great nail job, Brenda a bag of potatoe chips, Danny singing and Larry looking for a creamie with jimmies. Diane Deskavich leaves Laurie Fugere one more year to stick it out with Mrs. Tobin Theresa Dobias leaves still hoping for a bright and happy future Sharron Dresser leaves Diane to wash out her car mat alone Jamie Dudek leaves hoping his brother John comes around to where it is at. Katy Dunn leaves with Reny laughing about B and S , Jackie making fun of Clarence, Barb still saying 4 certain names backwards, Jen 1000 jars of peanut butter, and wondering what the future holds for the 5 MNR’s. Shieia Emery leaves wondering if Nippy will get her liscence; if Zang will remain 6 feet under (in the SAAB); if Chris will find another car; if Gary will make it to California; if Meg will stay at D A . if Gerbs will ever play again; and if Karen can survive the next 5 years! Barb Emond leaves wondering what will become of the 5 MNR’s Curt Englehardt leaves all the other short kids to be picked on Michele Frary leaves Mrs. Bazar to perfect her southern Lousiana French accent Sherry bably Gay leaves this school, the teachers, and its contents to all the underclassmen. Gerbils Girard leaves two new car door handles to Jen, her Barbie Doll shoes to sheila, " Money " to Karen, and fruit lips to Wendy. Musky Godzinski leaves Mr. Baker with all the unfinished workouts, and remembering the day when he would rather talked to his girlfriend than practice for W Mass. Gus Haigis leaves the next dirt talk’n, beer drinking, women chaser’s minister’s son to take over. Karen Haigis leaves with Bernie, Jake, and Laurie to become professional manicans. Jaz Hartnett leaves to have a few brews with the Big Bad Canadien Crew, and also leaves the three blonde bombers behind to finish up school Luisa Henry leaves feeling sorry for shoever has to help Mrs. Phillips sort out marching band music! Ace Hilliard leaves Mr. Roberts the lyrics to the songs he constantly hums and whistles, and a bag of lint for his sweater. Jabber Jablonski leaves Mark Maynard to put up with someone else. Jake Hastings leaves Sheri in a wet real bathing suit wondering if anyone noticed, Harvey tring to figure me out, Karen being a manican, and Laurie trying to figure out why they all call her a flirt. Laurie Hastings leaves Stan to solve someone else’s problems, and Diane and Sue with no one to talk to Maxxx Jurek leaves Bob and Bill another year of joking on the run. Mcggie Kelly leaves wondering if Brenda will ever get her license, Lawna to watch the moon in Deerfield, Dawn still locked in the elevator with Brian, Theresa a roll of paper towels and a bottle of Windcx, still asking Sheila for the book she borrowed last year and wishing Carrie and Pat the best of luck in their remaining years of school. Ivan Kopinsky leaves TFHS with happy memories and many friends from the class of 1980. Trace Koscinski leaves Sue A man saying Hi to Hitler and wondering if she ever found the passage way. John Kovalsick leaves wondering if Bonnette will come back to finish school or not, or if he’ll end up like Denniss. Kuke Kuklewicz leaves Rose still looking for another F P and with lots of memories: some good, some bad. Lambert Lamorc leaves Murl to do it one more time, Stan with an ulser, and Mental Matt to tear it up. Pebbles LaPierre leaves all his friends a piece of the rock. Bunny Letourneau leaves Barb Emond a year’s supply of baby powder. Jen Loveland leaves Karen remembering a certain mailbox. Mary forever combing her hair. Wendy a dented drum majorette hat, and Lynn still in the Garden theater Ann Margola leaves Blarp on Pierce Si with little Susie; Theresa drowning in the bathroom; Pit 20 seconds on the wall; and Laurie still swinging on signs. Vicki Markol leaves Frick to get in trouble with someone else Bambino Martin leaves the second floor girls bathroom-Clean Ed Marvell leaves good times behind and more to come. Nippy Matusz leaves Theresa with a sled on her head, Sheila yelling “Stop The Car " ; Meg forgetting to use her windshield wipers; Frank putting a certain something in a teachers desk Father Gary hitting the duck; Amy to fight over the back seat; Sharon, who won’t stop apologizing; and last but not least, leaves Cukey a new nut cracker. Shell Bell May leaves Chucky to hang in there one more year Jim Mayrand leaves 6 years, 1080 days, 7020 hours and wondering if Bonehead and Polker will make it through school Metcalf McCaffrey gives Slattery back all 10,000 of his jokes Alfonse Miner leaves telling Jaz and Mooner that he really did see 151 deer, 75 wild turkeys, but not a U.F.O.!!! Ray Junior Miner leaves wondering if someone else will prove Mr Garbriel wrong Mare Mirecki leaves wondering if anyone will break her record (9 weeks) of bologna and cheese sandwhiches at tabacco; Karen, Jen, and Wendy singing off key; Gerbils a Mercedes, still waiting for " the " letter, and mommie Miner a new bucket of sponges Moon Mullen leaves Mr. Wanczyk alone after two years of torment; Mr Baker and Mr Dean with everything I taught them. Bill and Birdy to run and laugh by themselves; Patty to rip off someone elses clothes; and leaves the cafeteria on a stretcher Chris Norwood leaves Bill, Tim, and Moon in the back of the cruiser waiting to be hand-cuffed; leaves “toots " in search of a new nickname, and leaves wondering what the - a M N R is ' Deni Paulin leaves Rodney watching after himself from now on. Blarp Pietraszek leaves Ann in tiny pieces after a Crocker turn, and wondering if Little Suzie, Georgie, and Puffy are gonna make it Wendy Potyrala leaves wondering if Jen will ever know the difference between cinnamon and paprika; Zum never to let me yell out the window of her car while driving through UMASS. Mare wondering if Sunkist oranges have lives; and Mrs. Phillips never to have a Drum majorette quite as crazy as I was!! Jackie Provost leaves Gerbies a case of Luigi ' s best. Barb, Katy, and Jen still flapping their wings, and a bag of chocolate chips for their late-night cookie attacks. Toots Provost leaves Kate and Barb looking for chocolate chips at 1:00 AM, and Reverend Chump and the Parish with a new piano player Lori Rubin leaves wishing she was a F.D , Sandy wishing she were more like F.F., and Jackie looking where she always looks first. Reggie Sargent leaves with the memories of all the good times he’s had with the class of " 80” and hoping the class of “80 " keeps in touch always. Lynn Saulnier leaves everyone behind to get where she got Carol Sazama leaves knowing exactly who her “real " friends were and are. Dan Schab leaves Mr Baker the track work-outs I never did, and the hope that I will never see Viens in the Oval office Gracie Secord leaves with an extra something! Chan Shanahan leaves oweing Mr. Cook one guest lecture for his chemistry classes. Betty Singley leaves wondering if Chris will ever float upright in a canoe, and also leaves Karen and Corkie two unbreakable saxes. Gary Singley leaves Kathy one more year of school and nobody to open doors for her Pen Stone leaves Mr Consoletti to pick on omeone else. Gary Strysko leaves hoping his friends will be happy in what ever life’s road brings them Schultz Sulda leaves Lewie 2 sets of season tickets to the Bruins for 1985 Bob Talbot leaves Linda with one more year of hell to go through Brenda Thayer leaves a pillow to the back row of Mr. C’s sleepy class. Ann Thompson leaves my sister to keep partying up for me Scott Tompkins leaves wondering if Bubbles will graduate. Jackie Urban leaves Julie all the " wonderful” memories I had Bob Viens leaves Fran to open her own doors for the next two years. Wally II leaves the whole school to Tracy hoping she’ll have as much darn fun as he did, but she won ' t Wally Waldron leaves wondering if Murl could have gotten out of the brook by himself Liz Wasileski leaves Mr. Cook still asking for an apple Lawna Williams leaves Lynn blushing in the hall during lunch, Meggie at Deerfield, and Dawn bagging buns with Billy. Reny Winslow leaves with Tracey to try and be in a Coca-Cola commercial, Linda a can of shaving cream, and Lori all of the combinations Zum Zamojski leaves wondering if Jen will ever get out of debt; Wendy to finish her work on time; and Girard to be called Mary. Mikie Zamojski leaves Mrs. B to make up a period long test, someone else to do all the dirty work in this school, wondering what Fran gave up for Lent, " stomping " at the basket ball games, what MNR’s stands for, and hoping the rest of the clan makes it through TFFiS! Zang Zangri leaves Sheila wondering if she will ever make up her mind, Brenda walking to the dance in the rain, Dawn never to “bug " her again, Joany short-cake with the pots and pans, Jon and Lil up at Mammoth Mart, Theresa wondering if the phone will ever ring, Deni watching my " toot toot twain” go by, and Toots with a pair of odor eaters. The 1980 Academy Awards Celebrities arrived early from all corners of the school to take part in this annual presentation. Class Brains Mike Miner, Diane Deskavitch Did Most For Class Chris Norwood, Lil Cadran Friendliest Bob Jablonski, Doreen Winslow Class Couple Bonnie Bordeaux, Paul Waldron Nicest Smile Barb Emond, Scott Tompkins Class Actor and Actress Jon Cade, Jenny Provost Most Active Katy Dunn, Bob Viens Most Gullible Frank Dudek, Tracy Koscinski Class Clowns Cathy Colleran, Lew Collins Nicest Eyes Ann Thompson, John Haigis Changed Most In 4 Years Sheila Emery, Mark Lamore Most Optimistic Jackie Provost, David Lapierre Cutest Denise Paulin, Ronnie Sargent Best Sense of Humor Bonnie Bordeaux, Wayne Mullen Most Musical Betty Singley, Peter McCaffery Most Likely To Succeed Vicki Markol, Dan Schab Best Personality Bob Kopinsky, Shelley May Best Dressed Don Godzinski, Jackie Cummings Most Infectious Laugh Jackie Hastings, Jim Boguslawski 11: 1 jV c % 1 X • ' t 1 1 ,1 ;■ s s 1 i ' 1 I V fn -j ;,3 f i 1 s ' f 1 1 Er |||||| -il In Memory Of Mrs. Elizabeth Dorrance For Her 11 Years Of Dedication At T.F.H.S. d Office Staff Mrs B Rivet, Mrs. A. Dobosz School Committee Mr. Edmund Cadran, Mr. Harold McCormick. Mr. Ernest Yukl, Mrs. Joanne St Pierre, Mr. Francis, Mr. Daniel Morrison, Mr. John Zywna, Mr. Raymond Smith. Not pictured: Mrs. Susan Sibley, Mr. Robert Cade Cafeteria Front Row: Marjore Naida, Lorainne Mosca, Marie Beaubien, Marjorie Miner Carol Martin Buck Row Annmarie Tennyson, Lina Roberge, Wahneta Zangri Helen Makarewicz. Gill-Montague Regional School Administrators Mr. Daniel Morrison Superintendent Mr. James C. Humphrey Treasurer High School Administrators Mr. Donald LaPierre-Principal Mr. Stanley Dobosz Associate Principal High School Secretaries Mrs. Patricia Thompson Mrs. Sandra Patterson Library And Media Directors Mrs. Roberta Dorey Mrs. Joanna Saunders Mrs. Patricia Edwards 50 Guidance Mrs. Linda Leavis Mr. James Laverty Director of Pupil Personnel Services Mrs. Rosmary Maddern Mr. Robert Avery Mr. Lawrence Dean Miss Margaret Campbell Financial Aid Director-GCC Mrs. Betty Brown Language Arts ' Department Head Mrs. Charlotte Potter Mr. Barry Coppinger Miss Judy Komishane Mr. William Connelly Mr. Wesley Snapp 52 Mr. John O’Riley Foreign Languages Mrs. Marsha Smith Mrs. Sharia Dobson-Taggert Miss Frances Cassidy Mrs. Linda Slattery Department Head Mr. Albert Routhier Mathematics Department Head Mr. Raymond Garbiel Mrs. Phyllis Hardy Mrs. Gayle Richard Mrs. Velma Bazar Mr. Michael Wanczyk Mr. Edward Bourdeau 54 Science Mrs. Diane Flynn Mr. Jeff Kenney Mr. Carle Ellis Mr. Rollas Batten Mrs. Hannah Neville Mr. Craig Cook Social Studies Mr. Gerald Perkins Miss Nora Ryan Mr. Henry Casten Mr. James Koldis Mrs. Sophia Libby Dept. Head Mr. George Bush Mrs. Judith Brenner 56 Art Department Mr. William Roberts Miss Gill Truslow Industrial Arts Department Head Mr. Daniel Huntley Mr. Steven Macaulay Mr. Richard Kossakoski Mr. Albert Stone w Physical Education Mr. Wayne Baker Health Mrs. Deborah Loonier Mrs. Eleanor Taylor Nurse Mr. Gary Mullins Department Head Mr. Paul Cournoyer Mrs. Charlotte Robinson Mrs. Jeanne Phillips Department Head Mr. Robert Simonetti Music Business Mr. Steve Ciechomski Department Head Mrs. Sylvia Tobin Mr. Albert Consoletti Special Education Mrs. Helen Sokolosky Mrs. Emily Yazwinski Mrs. Margret Bridges Mrs. Denise Lemay Department Head Mrs. Pamela Simanski Mrs. Alice Byron Mrs. Elizabeth Laczynski 60 Home Economics Miss Maria Lesueur Department Head Mrs. Patricia Lilley Opus Director Mr. John LePore Mr. Kenneth Songer Mr. Mark Maynard Let go you bully! Ugh! Period G Hold still. I’ll find it! Chef of the day What did ya say? Row I : M. Wallitus, J. Mayrand, K James, L. Fugere, S. Sicard, A. Novak, D. Currier Row 2: L. Ferland, K. Flumphrey, L. Robinson, B. I ibbetts, T Pleasant. R Therien Row 3: M Taylor, P. O’Connor, E. Golcmbeski, B. Drumgool, R Morris, M. Ryan, C. Bidwell Row I. S. Churchill, K Rivet, P Bassett, W. Fritz, M. Letourneau, S. Brown, D. Choiniere Row 2: D. blastings, T. Demers, J. Partridge, J. Saunders, K. Little, J. Thayer Row 3: L. Zamojski, S. Zewinski, D. May, J. Zimmerman, J. McComb, C. Dunn, K. Croteau 68 Row I: N. Benjamin, M. Cichanowicz, E. Wirth, L. Talbot, Riley, F. Dolan, T. Benjamin Row 2: K. Rubin, D. Garvin, C. St. Germain, .1 Mankowsky, S. Kelley, J. Emery Row 3: J. Murley, D. Grybko, S. Jordan, T. Hebert, D. Podlenski, T Newton Row 4: J. Watrous, C. Fugere, B. Lamore Row I : T. Kozma, C. Lively, D. Cournoycr, D. Wong, C. Finck, S. Henry, B Welcome Row 2: C. Emery, E. Fowler, W Krol, K. Sirum, K. Ozdarski, K. Miller, D. Pittenger Row 3: P. Andrew, D. Pielock, P. Williams, C. Hendrick, S. Bradley, L. Kuzmeskus 69 Row I : R Simanski, S. Frilz, P. Sanders, R Lapinski, J, Booker, P Wickline, M. Eddy Row 2: J Mayrand, .1. Virgilio, E. Wickline, N. Rastallis, E. McCaffery, L. Little, K. Laramie Row J. G. Williams, J. Carroll, R. Choiniere, G. Cooke, C. Tidlund, J. Burek Row I N Dolton, S Kopinski, B Pelletier, C. Duda. D. Garvin, D. Emond, J. Carroll Row 2: J. Demko, P. Courtemanche, W. Norwood, L Starkey, M. Cournoyer, G. Letourneau Row 3: R. Girard, P. Penardy, W. Viens, Adam Sirum, T. Abbott 72 Row I : T. Aiken, E. Martin, F. Cotter, M. Fowler, T Thcrien, H. Krol, L. Williams Row 2: B Bailey, L, Collins, I Thomas, K Am bo, C. Cummings, P. Abbott, S Pelletier, M. Pydych Row 3:i. Marvel, R Targhetta, S. Corliss, B Bialccki. D. Bartlett, S. Riel, J Morrison Row 4; D. Bruno, S. Mosca Row I : B. McComb, S. Reipold, D. Kolosewicz, T. Wickline, D. Cyr, A. Maddern, T. Shanahan Row 2: J. Leh, G. Roberge, M. Pelis, R Watroba, S. Dargis, B. Miner Row 3: D. O’Driscoll. T. Jurck, .1 Gauthier, S. Letourneau, J. Peabody Row 4: J. Hillman, R Rau, D. Smiarowski 73 mmm m m ■ m Row I: R. Cournoyer, K. Heinmann, A. Cusack, L, Falcon, S. Lapinski, B. Tuttle, M. McCormick. Row 2: D. Crowningshield, M. Hyson, M. Senn, N. Steward, M. York. L. Sabato, B Hale. Row 3: E. Cromack, D. Dalton, L. Winslow, J. Sokolosky, K. Fuller, L. Berry Row IK. Klaiber, D. Baker, M. Willard, S. Wallitus, .1 Rewa, D. Partridge, S. Jordan. Row 2. C. Lucas, G. Vivier, K. Ryan, R. Leh, A. Hill, J. Manzer. Row 3: M Brown, S. Pielock, S. Watroba, B Bullman, T. O’Driscoll, M. Millet. Row 4. D. Holt, E. King, R. Mosca, M. Kuccnski, R. Legere, J. Crofton, E. Slate, L. Kniskern 76 Row I. C. Swindell, C. Lafleur, L. Whitney, K. Letcllier, T. Gaffey, M Billiel, J. Coyle, T. Stone Row 2: J. Dudeck, A. Smith, A. Godzinski, M. Dickerman, A. Emond, S. Scully, M. Moson Row 3: R Richotte, P. Kaltner, J Zewinski, J. Sojka, R Eacott, C. Lapan Row 4: M. Flavin, W. Bradley, T. Norwood Row I: W. Wong, D. Pinardi, D. Zimmerman, J. Pecor, J. Zellman, K. Hedrick, K. Roder Row 2: B Freeman, C. Tower, .!. Tompkins, S. Blood, T, Zewinski, K. Salustri Row 3: L. Harris, P. Prevett, H. Blanchard, L. Hebert, J. Roberge, T. Hartnett, M. Ozdarski Row 4: R Bedore, M. Foster, P. Morin, R. Voudren 77 Junior High Classes Of 1984 And 1985 President, Brian Jurek; Vice President, Edward Hamilton; Treasurer, Daniel Dolan; Secretary, Jennifer Bassett; Parliamentarian, Mike Pervere Ron I: J. Oakes, .1 Pilliod, E. Hamilton, T. Seymour. .1 Zellman. T Pcura, C. Lang. Row 2. A. Fuller, B. Jurek, A. Grader, E. Higgins, 1 Hillman, M Letellier. Row 3: B Brooks, C. Williams, D. Kocsis, D. Irwin, M. Byrd. Row 4: J. Stanley, D. Charest, T. Crouse, V. Baker. Row 5: W. Aubrey, R. Cyr, C. Abbott, M. Fisher, D. Ryan. Row I R Wallitus. J . Kosa, M. Dower, M. lames, C. Demurs, G. Brule, G . Klcianrock. Row 2: C. Ghiz, R. Morel, R. Miller, S. Gaffey, E. Brooks, D Carpenter, K. Sak. Row 3: T. Dion, M. Crouse, K. Grader, K. Courtemanche, W. McCormick, J. Demers. Row 4: T. Broga, T. Scopa, J Walsh, M. Thayer, E. Hallctt. 80 Row I: D. Dolan, J. Miner, E. Wong, C. Shanahan, T. Routhier, W. Tencati, M. St. Hilaire, Row 2: R. Martin, K. Krejmas, K. Cournoyer, K. Rivet, L. Krejmas, J. Lund, M. McMullin, Row 3:C. Momaney, E. Garbiel, C. Kobera, K. Tompkins, C. Mosca, R. Canon. Row 4: J. Pydych, S. Warsawski, B. Janik, D. Clarke, T. Davis, L. Bocon, E. Smith Row 1: L. Kozma, T. Phillips, K. Leh, A. Sullivan, P. Squires, B. Linscott, L. LeMon, S. Page, Row 2: K. O’Connor, P. Morrison, S. Bordeaux, T. Thompson, B. Atkins, L. Mongiello, D. Verrier, Row 3: D. Cloutier, K. Friedman, T. Schibly, J. Watrous, K. Senn, J. Fargo, Row 4: W. Bender, D. Guilbault, L. Thompson, L. Majewski, T. Sahareski, J. Sanders, B. Smith, A. Urgiel 81 Row 1 : M. Lemoine, J. Rewa, M. Godinski, M. Salustri, W. Fortin, L. Maddern, J. Boguslawski, K. Zywna Row 2: P. Guenette, J. Magoon, D. Cole, M. Sicard, M. McCarthy, M. Casey, T. Cotter, M. Saunders Row J: D. Rau, C. Williams, W. Thompson, J. Morel, M. Squires, N. Brown, E. Sulda Row 4: P. Emond, K. Momaney, K. Bourdeau, M. Rau, N. Fuller Row I: T. Turner, D. Aitken, S. Beck, D. Prest, M. Vieu, S. Coy, M. Maner Row 2: R. Castine, F. Stebbins, B. Stafford, N. Peterson, R. Adams, S. Crowningshield, K. Coyle Row 3: K. Brown, M. Mariani, A. Dicola, C. Jarvis, L. Underwook, J. Gleba, E. Smith Row 4: A. Sheats, G. Ennis, C. Pinardi, R. Czarnecki, R. Bak, A. Lemere 82 Row I: T. Barnes, J. Urban, C. Tower, R. Demers, L. Underwood, F. Carme, N Balanchard, M. Pervere, Row 2: A. Mieczko, P. Verrier, T. Chrostowsky, T Corliss, B. Peura, B. Choiniere Row J:C. Hartnett, C. Secord, K. Lopez, C. Choleva, D. Emery, D. Maher, P. Sullivan, T. Scully Row 4: K. Baker, R. Golage, J. Brooks Row 1:1. Lenois, D. Millett, G. Sak, R. Lenois, C. Lang, M. Lewis Row 2: K. Burek, C. Page, P. Ahearn, B. Eddy, E. Craig, A. Tolg Row 3: J. Ghiz, K. Emery, S. Harris, C. Maher, E. Freeman 83 Row I M Dobosz, P Sirum, S. Mayrand, L. Quagliaroli, R. Slongwhite, V. Deome, J. Sheperd Row 3: H. Scott, M. Polezni, M. Surprenant M Willard, J Bassett, M. Coffin, M Rau Row 4: S. Jamrog, M. Desautels, D. Leh, D. Parzych, S. Fitzpatrick, H. Kaiser High School Concert Band Junior High Concert Band 88 High School Chorus Junior High School Chorus 89 Student Government Junior High Student Government 93 Student Advisory Council Model Congress 94 Opus n PROJECT THAT BELONGS TO THE 1 STUDENTS OF TTH.S- SDMETHIMB TO BE - PRO UaO F Iff National Honor Society Jr. National Honor Society 97 Flag And Color Guard ' MM W h ' V:.,. m MM MM i mm mm ® ft MM Ml •- 1 MM MM f Mi Ml MIS MMI MU W|BB» T-Club Underclassmen 100 Varsity Football First Row: K Croteau, .1 Mayrand. P Waldron, S. Tompkins, J, Murley, P. Billel, P Waldron, J. Shanahan, T. Martin, T. Thorton, M Miner. Second Row : L. Collins, D blastings, D. May, Co-Captains: E. Marvell, J. Boguslawski, M. Blanchard, W. Bradley, J. Zewinski, F. Dudek, S. Brown, G. Williams. First Row: .1 Mayrand, T Jurek, J Partridge, L. Starkey, J. McComb, J. Dudek, P. Pinardi, J. Burek, M. Sirum, R. Semanski. Second Row : M. Pelis, R Legere, M Ryan, P. Kaltner, S Bradley, K. Little, T. Newton, P. Morin, R. Mosca, E. Slate, B. Miner Missing: M. Brown, M Ozdarski, F. Welcome Head Coach John O’Riley Assistant Coaches: Paul Cournoyer, James Koldis, Wayne Baker, Bob Cadran, Dan Gavin. Turners Turners Turners Turners Turners Turners Turners Turners Turners Turners Amherst 30 Frontier 0 Tantasqua 18 Ware 22 Mohawk 6 Palmer 6 Holyoke C. 0 Mahar 8 Athol 8 Greenfield 35 Season Record 6-4 107 110 Field Hockey Turners Turners Turners Turners Turners Turners Turners Turners Turners Turners Turners Turners Turners 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 Frontier Mohawk Athol Mahar Greenfield Pioneer Smith Frontier Mohawk Athol Greenfield Mahar Pioneer N) K) Ui Cross Country Turners 20 Athol 41 Turners 45 Mohawk 16 Turners 31 Hampshire 26 Turners 29 Gateway 27 Turners 15 Frontier 49 Turners 15 Easthampton 50 Turners 26 Drury 32 Turners 18 Tech. 44 Turners 24 Greenfield 37 Season Record 7-3 Varsity Freshmen Cheerleaders Junior Varsity Junior High 112 114 Volleyball Varsity T.F. 15-13,15-8 Mohawk T.F. 15-8,15-10 Greenfield T.F. 15-10,15-5 Frontier T.F. 15-4,15-1 1 Mahar 13-15 T.F. 15-12,15-12 Pioneer 13-15 T.F. 17-15,17-15 Amherst 10-15 T.F. 15-2,15-1 1 Athol T.F. 15-13,15-2 Mohawk T.F. 15-6,15-3 Greenfield T.F. 15-9,15-12 Frontier T.F. 15-9,15-8 Mahar T.F. 15-2,15-4 Pioneer T.F. 15-6 Amherst 12-15,16-18 T.F. 15-5,15-5 Athol T.F. 15-11,15-13 N.M.H. Season Record 13-1 Junior Varsity mi « i Franklin County League Champions Runner Up Western Mass, championships Varsity Baseball Varsity Softball 120 Junior Varsity Baseball Junior High Softball Junior High Football PROFESSIONAL PATRONS Dr. Jose Peczon Dr. Winchester Dr. Bousquet Med-Optic Center Montague Center Dr. Sabato 62 Avenue A Turners Falls Dr. Raymond Higgins 76 Avenue A Turners Falls Dr. Richard Perry 40 School St. Greenfield Special thanks to Mr. Barry Coppinger, our ad- visor, for all the help and guidance through the year. Special thanks also to Ms. Denise Lemay, our class advisor, for putting up with us for this past year. Thanks to the Garden Theater for the use of their marquee and Bob Laramie for his services. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1980 Best Wishes From I d:T ' Jlllr| n THE MEI ks M» WHO KNOW TIRES AND YOUR CAR BEST! tire Biartsi XERVICE | nc . w mr j 10 SILVER ST., GREENFIELD, MAS SACH USETTS 01301 Tel. 413-774-4349 (Canterbury u o k hardbacks paperbacks special orders 41 BANK ROW • GREENFIELD, MASS 01301 TEL. 772-0127 Congratulations Class Of 1980 From The “LITTLE SQUAWS” THE JUNIOR HIGH FOSTER’S OCEAN FRESH SEAFOOD CLAMS-LOBSTER-SH R1MP CORNER CONWAY ALLEN STS. GREENFIELD, MASS. Good Luck Class Of 1980 IkS Congratulations From the People Who Put the Smile Back Into Banking The Country Bank Member FDIC 58 Bridge Street Main Federal Sts Kings Plaza Main St Shelburne Falls Greenfield Greenfield Conway (413)625-2567 (413)774-4363 (413)774-3171 (413)369-4303 -OH STRFFT • PLASTICS, INC. SCHOOL STREET • BOX 328 • TURNERS FALLS, MASSACHUSETTS 01376 • (413) 773 9636 SUNOCO BEAUBIEN AND BONNETTE FUEL CO. INC. 66 L Street Turners Falls, Mass. 01376 BOURBEAU’S PACKAGE STORE, INC. One Of The Most Complete And Modern Liquor Stores In Franklin County The Best For The Future Years Ahead To The Class Of 80 69 Second St. Tel. 863-4768 Turners Falls, MA GO OUT AND MEET THE WORLD ON ITS OWN TERMS. 413-773-5455 MUSTANG SWEENEY 1 MAIN STREET GREENFIELD, MA. 130 In Greenfield it’s UJILSON ' S Franklin County’s Leading Department Store Serving You and Your Family Since 1882 Good Luck To The Class Of ' 80 May All Your Future Years Be Successful JARVIS WELDING AND MANUFACTURING, INC. Millers Falls Rd, Turners Falls ( 413 ) 863 4046 OfleC - c t Store ALUMINUM PRODUCTS RUDOLPH A SCHACHT HOME: 2 MARSHALL STREET (413) 863-8108 111 AVENUE A TURNERS FALLS. MA 01376 Compliments To The Class Of 1980 TOWN AND COUNTRY BEAUTY SALON 106 Avenue A un{ STERLING FLATWARE STERLING HOLLOWARE SILVERPLATED HOLLOWARE PEWTER LUNT SILVERSMITHS Greenfield, Massachusetts CAR franklin County 9 ytomobile G F tailers P.0 Box 587 Greenfield, Massachusetts 01301 Mohawk Bank Trust Co. Bostley Motor Co. Dana Chevrolet Dillon Chevrolet Hartwin Motors The County Bank Don Lorenz, Inc. Petrin Motor Sales Pioneer Valley Saab-Volvo Ruggeri Datsun Shelburne Falls Garage Spencer Bros. Ford Sweeney Ford The Franklin County Trust Co. The Pioneer National Bank Compliments Of POLISH CO OP 94 Fourth St. Turners Falls, MA Tel. 863-4683 Congratulations From HAWLEY PHARMACIES Turners Falls Millers Falls Mass. PARTRIDGE-ZSCHAU INSURANCE AGENCY INC. Millers Falls Rd Turners Falls, MA. all good things begin with Tmst V The FRANKLIN COUNTY Trust Company AFULL GREENFIELD .ORANGE (SERVICE i BANK MEMBER FDIC Congratulations And Farewell Class Of 1980 From THE CLASS OF 1981 Compliments Of THE RAZOR’S EDGE High Street Turner Falls, MA PIPIONE’S SPORT SHOP Everything For The Sportsman Footballs, Basketballs, Archery 104 Ave A. Turners Falls, MA A.H. RIST INSURANCE AGENCY INC 56 Fourth St Turners Falls, Mass 863-4451 “We Insure Everything” mm } tmm Processing for the professional photographer HALLMARK COLOR LABS Turners Falls, Massachusetts Photography for college yearbooks Yearbook " Associates Turners Falls, Massachusetts For a career in professional photography Hallmark Institute of Photography Turners Falls, Massachusetts STUDENT GOVERNMENT Good Luck To The Class Of 1980 From The Student Government While you may not think of the town of Greenfield as being world renowned, it is because for over 108 years thread cutting tools and gages have been shipped around the world with the word “Greenfield” imprinted on them. We are very proud of this fact as it is the high quality of Greenfield tools that has enabled us to make the world GTD’s customers. But more importantly, we are proud of the people who make these tools. For over five generations people in this area have been demonstrating their skills by producing a line of thread cutting and gaging tools that are the finest in the world. TRW, M W WW GREENFIELD TAP DIE DIVISION SANDERSON STREET, GREENFIELD, MASSACHUSETTS 01301 Congratulations To The Class Of 1980 From P.J.’S PACKY AND PETER DOWER’S USED UNITS Used And Electric Cars Main Rd. Gill, MA LIQUORS ICE COLD BEER • WINE • SODA SMOKES • SNACKS PLEASANT INSURANCE AGENCY 106 High Street Turners Falls, Mass. 863-4316 Congratulations Class Of ’80 COMET CLEANERS AND TUXEDO RENTALS Compliments of the 123 Avenue A Turners Falls, Mass. SHADY GLEN D FCT A I TT A MT KtS 1 AUKAN 1 Avenue A Turners Falls, Mass. ALIBER’SBRIDAL FASHION HEADQUARTERS 231 Main Street Greenfield, MA. 139 I SNOWS ICE CREAM — iW 80 School Street Greenfield, Mass. ■ ' ft Good Luck Class Of 1980 THE BEMENT SCHOOL Deerfield, Mass. Grades K-9 Boarding And Day StuWO tM SUPPLY CO. " YOUR KITCHEN REMODELING HEADQUARTERS ' DIVISION OF TURNERS FALLS COAL CO TELEPHONE 413 863-4321 298-300 AVENUE A TURNERS FALLS ' MASSACHUSETTS 01376 yJJl iaJoJxU -IF V jK? j fW K f JSSSSSk v V o - T V S J JAMROG Industrial Commercial Power Burners Air -Conditioning Turners Falls, Mass. Tel. 413-863-2542 144 FRANK’S SERVICE STATION, INC. Route 2 Millers Falls, Mass T ckevicl ' Canute PIZZAS AND GRINDERS MILLERS FALLS ROAD TEL - 863-2622 166 MILLERS FALLS RD. TURNERS FALLS, Mass. Good Luck Class Of 1980 Best Of Luck Class Of 1980 From greenfield - montague transportation area 382 deerfield street greenfield, mass. CROSBY OPTICIANS • BROKEN LENSES DUPLICATED • PRESCRIPTION WORK AUTHORIZED ZENITH HEARING AIDS WALK m SERVICE HENRY C. CROSBY Reg Optic ten Serving You Smew f934 HUE PARK MG Call 772-6337 SO CHAPMAN SI MEfJHLD Congratulations To The Class of 1980 GREENFIELD [g ] RECORDER 14 Hope St., Greenfield 772-0261 TURNERS FALLS I.G.A. 200 Avenue A Turners Falls, Mass. Travel Center 324 MAIN ST. POBOX 730, GREENFIELD. MASSACHUSETTS 01801 MIMBIt Tel. 774-2905 146 Best Wishes To The Class Of 1980 From WINSLOW RADIATOR Radiator Heater Repairs New Radiators Heaters Sold Years Of Experience - Thats What Counts a V v Compliments Of: OP OREENPIELO ONE BANK ROV GREENFIELD, MASS. 01301 (413) 773-3379 BARTLETT’S, INC A ItartlHlklnti t ip.H.-LYS shop 280 282 MAIN STREET. GREENFIELD. MASS 01301 ■ W AAA AWA m o-operative LBank 6J Federal Street Greenfield . Mass. Tel. 413-772-0293 OFFICES 85 East Main Street Orange, Mass. Tel. 617-544-2381 144 Main Street Northfield, Mass. Tel. 413-498-5301 Congratulations Class Of 1980 Greettfleld Sari ii4 s lfank GREENFIELD TURNERS FALLS SOUTH DEERFIELD 148 Congratulations From FARRELLS INSURANCE COMPANY 240 Federall St. Greenfield, MA EASTERN TEXTILE COMPANY Textile - Domestic And Imported Cotton Silk - Woolens Power Square Greenfield, Mass 01301 y ' H FRENCH KING BOWLING CENTER Bowl Candlepins And Join The High School Bowling League You ' ll Like It! Good Luck Class Of 980 CRESTVIEW LIQUORS Turners Falls, MA fiWfthiws SKI SHOP • SPORTSWEAR. 240 Mohawk Trail Greenfield HOWARD JOHNSON ' S RESTAURANT AND MOTOR LODGE Good Luck Class Of 1980 GREENFIELD SUPPLY CO. Distributors of Plumbing Heating Electrical Supplies 16 Deerfield Street Greenfield, Mass 01301 I.413.774.43O8 £dff Greenfield And Turners Falls Serving Franklin County Since 1927 Judd Wire Division Of Fligh Voltage Engineering Corporation Pioneer National Dank FRANKLIN COUNTY We know how to help. TNB Financial Group Good Luck Class Of 1980 Good Luck Class Of 1980 From MIKE JEN HARVEYS DRIVING SCHOOL COMPLETE DRIVER EDUCATION COURSES 278 Main Street (2nd Floor) Greenfield, Mass. fi £ ‘ T C F L u C K Jc THE jTmS ' S of I 7 pf.fi n S J FFM CARrV- r ,ir Sr., Tutt ' c ’ Congratulations Class Of 1980 From MONTAGUE MACHINE SHOP i c -T3 an _ jnv _ ESCOTT’S SERVICE STATION Turners Falls Complete Auto Body Service 4 Avenue A Turners Falls, Mass MILLERS FALLS PAPER COMPANY Manufacturers of fine business and technical papers MILLERS FALLS, MASSACHUSETTS 01349 Tel. 863-4028 als i l -iv ' .-’ ; r lip IMfllll iH n -. ■ P|S ifJI! Jaj jips eg . .«§$ " - ' i ' ' ' ' - sU : ' »fey ' u-£;;S - j

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