Turners Falls High School - Peske Tuk Yearbook (Turners Falls, MA)

 - Class of 1979

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Turners Falls High School - Peske Tuk Yearbook (Turners Falls, MA) online yearbook collection, 1979 Edition, Cover

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PE5KE-TJK Pcske-Tuk Long before any white man set foot on the soil of New England there was a divided river known in the Indian tongue as Peske-Tuk. Today this river is known as the Connecticut River. We have taken its ancient Indian name for our yearbook realizing that in future years this title, Peske-Tuk, will remind us of our heritage at Turners Falls High School and of the years spent with the class of Nineteen hundred and Seventy Nine. inn (milimliiiilniii iln iimuninm y ,1 -I- Try not to try too hard; It ' s just a lovely ride. 11 i Itt IM » How does it feel for you 14 The smile upon your face mmm 4 . mgf - V ' ' ff . ... ' 15 In Memory Of Robert Bobby” Beauregard We shall remember while the light lives yet And in the night time we shall not forget Swinburne MATTHEW JOSEPH ALEKSIEWICZ “A man must have a certain amount of intelli- gent ignorance to get anywhere.” Hank’s goal is to go to college and head West. Likes: Munster presentations; Busch; “The Turbo”; “The Club”; Boston teams; expedi- tions; making people laugh. Dislikes: “Being on the Bender”; C.T.S.’s; camping in Conway; being bored; greasers; getting caught; pulling 20 ft trailers with 8ft MG’s. Activities: Golf 1, 2, 3, 4; Basketball 1,2; T Club; Prom Com- mittee; Student Government. MARIANNE ELAINE AMBO “Life meant nothing ’til you!” Mur’s goal is to live her life to the fullest of happiness. L kes; Steve; laughing with friends; munching out; cruising; long talks; music (tunes); 4 29 77. Dislikes: fighting with Steve; spi- ders; cliques; skroats; being bored; Tobacco; having to be home at a certain time. JAMES RAYMOND ASTELL “Music is the universal language of man- kind.” Jay’s goal is to become an engineer. Likes: Music; Chicago; Skating; math; The band room; Bermuda; good jokes; 10 14 78. Dislikes: distractions; liars; snobs; 4 16 77. Activities: Band 1,2, 3, 4; Jazz-Rock Ensem- ble; Chorus 2,3; Madrigals 2,3; Brass Ensem- ble 1, 2,3,4; “Kiss Me Kate”; “The Mouse That Roared”. MARK T. BAILEY “Live your life like there’s no tomorrow.” Beatle’s goal is to go to Colorado and be rich. Likes: Pit; Austria; Nauset beach; cold Bud; Joe’s camp; Munster presentations; food; ski- ing; Ted Nugent. Dislikes: the Kiss concert; hitting stumps; Terry’s laugh; chumps; wait- ing for the CJ; 3 18 78. Activities: Go { 1,2; Ski Club 1. DAVID LEE BARNES “Let it ride.” Benny’s goal is to do better in life than he is doing now and to see as much of it as he can. Likes: being with friends; music; 9 23 78; westerns; partying; JD. Dislikes: jerks; BD. ELIZABETH ANN BARRY ”... While there remains one dark soul with- out the light of God, I’ll fight! I’ll fight to the very end!” Lizzie’s goal is to be the best Salvation Army officer she can be and, in doing this, serve both God and man. L ' kes.- playing the piano; singing; friendly peo- ple; the Salvation Army’s work; spaghetti; summer at Camp Wonderland (77 78); Shorthand. Dislikes: people who use other people; spinach; stuck-up people; rain; writ- ing. Activities: Home Economics Club. 19 DOUGLAS G. BEZIO “Ignorance is the logic of fools.” Doug’s goal is to achieve success in all major endeavors. Likes: art; movies; humorists; running. Dis- likes: blazing heat; work on rainy days; dis- tractions; disco music. Activities: Track 1,2, 3,4; Football 1; Cross Country 2,3,4. ,! • • A KAREN ANN CHIAPPUTI “The thing that goes the farthest, costs the least and does the most, is Just a pleasant smile.” Chip ' s goal is to see and do all that I can in one lifetime. Likes: a special four days; talks with Mr. Up- ton; laughing with friends; red roses; vaca- tions; and memories of Hampton Beach. Dis- likes: the C.L.; department stores; one-way streets; being late. Activities: GAA. CHARLENE MARIE BLANCHARD “I wish that we could finally learn to stop the pushing and the shoving, and start obeying the Golden Rule, for the art of living lies in lov- ing.” Chuck’s goal is to be rich, happy, and travel around the world. Likes: Beau, partying, music, soap operas, watching the sunset, cosmetology, karate. Dis- likes: Turners Falls, stuck up people, people who think they’re better than others, rain. JOHN MICHAEL CHOLEVA “You don’t have to know how to sing: it’s feeling as though you want to make that day successful.” Moose’s goal is to be successful in anything he does. Likes: all New England teams; Foreigner; Park-Villa; playing cards; having money; C.M.; the Blue Whale; the Green Machine; walking around with the crew. Dislikes: New York teams; 4 13 78; parking lots; unmarked cars; big mouths; P.C.; B.B.B; the cycle; camp. Activities: Football 1, 2,3,4; (I.C. champs 2); Baseball 1,2, 3,4; T Club 3,4. PAUL THOMAS BELLEMARE “If you listen very hard, the tune will come to you at last, when all are one and one is all. To be a rock and not to roll.” Bell’s goal is to go to Virginia Beach. Likes: skiing; Freebird; Stairway to Heaven; Tracey; Art; Wings; Doobies; payday; Levis; 2 14 78; Pink Floyd; C.G.; S.C.; fast cars. Dislikes: rainy days; Volkswagons; C.C.; working on Friday and Saturday nights; snobs. Activities: Freshman Baseball; Ski Club; MMP. EILEEN MARY BOUCHER “Talk with me and I’ll tell you my life story; Walk with me and I’ll tell you my dreams of glory”. Bouche’s goal is to live a life filled with new and exciting experiences and people. Likes: summer(esp. ’78); green; doing new things; sports; having fun with K.K.; dancing; canoeing; T-shirts. Dislikes: BLUSHING; sore Knees, ankles; muscles; being sick; sitting around; gossip; shopping; Math. Activities: Track 1; Field Hockey 1,3,4; Swim Team 1, 2,3,4; Band 1; GAA 1,2, 3,4; Student Advi- sory Council 1; Junior Prize Speaking; Class Representative 2; Prom Committee; Girls State. MICHAEL ROBERT BOCON “And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.” Boc’s goal is to be World Famous. Likes: BEATLES; Wings; N.Y. Giants; The Turbo Jet; cumulus cloud club; 9 17 78; S.P.L.H.C.B.; concerts; Monty Python; camping ’78; WCCC; Steve Martin. Dislikes: disco; Bee Gees; being stuck in the rain; hair- cuts; twigitis; S.P.L.H.C.B. imitation; team idols; C.H.; a certain wax museum; saving money; getting caught. Activities: Track 3; Cumulus Cloud Club 1,2, 3,4. MARK P BORDEAUX “I don’ know!” Beefs goal is to become a licensed insulator. Likes: J.M.; cruising; talks with Mur and Chick in the Media; working with John; Food Prep.; Miller; parties; 1 1 78; Indiana; Denny as a teacher. Dislikes: 5 12 78; mud on the truck; explaining the dents; being called Beef; the big D; saying good-byes; moochers. Ac- tivities: Band 1,2,3; Madrigals 4; Chorus 3,4. ROBERT J. BOSTLEY “People who want to live with ease, do what they ought not what they please.” Newhart’s goal is to get through school. Likes: Bud and RR; T.S.; good parties (12 31 77)-(l l 78); The Lantern; getting rowdy with the crew; Honda CR; Munster Presentations; graduating. Dislikes: BPD at Purple Meadows; boring parties; Rednecks; Yamaha; skateboards; rancid Bud; dropping drive shafts. Acf V t es.- Football 1,2, 3, 4; Base- ball 1; Track 2; Smoking Team 1,2, 3,4. HELEN MARIE CICHANOWICZ “The love that lasts the longest, is love that is never returned.” Chick’s goal is to be happy and successful in everything she attempts. Likes: a certain party at the Homestead; the summer of ’78; adventures with Patty; party- ing with Sandy; Washington D.C.; Liz’s ad- vice; laughing; Hampton Beach. Dislikes: the Cabin; “saving Patty”; being hurt; October; being clumsy; waiting; dentists; a certain clique. Activities: Spanish Club 1; GAA; Ring Committee; Prom Committee; Volleyball l,2(manager); Yearbook Staff; Class of ’80 Haters Club; M.M.P. MARY ALICE CLOUTIER “To love is consuming, to forgive is not. So forgive while you can and you’ll always be love.” Mary’s goal is to live out her life to the best of her ability. Likes: school; a certain someone; 9 15 76; being with people; parties; bowling; being alone; having a friend I can talk to (T.M.); writing poems; talking to people and letting them know I care. Dislikes: 9 17 78; pushy people; Tobacco; loudmouth friends; a certain someone; people who think they’re better than everyone else; Sexy legs. Activities: Chorus 1, 2,3,4. DANIEL PATRICK COLLERAN “Just remember, love is life, and hate is living death. Treat your life for what it’s worth, and live for every breath. Looking back. I’ve lived and learned, but now I’m wondering. Here 1 wait and only guess what this next life will bring.” Edgar’s goal is to take a rocket to Russia and meet a cretin. Likes: Fast Guitars; Vic; partying; good tunes; a special senior friend; cold beer; C.G.; C.F.; Nauset Beach; Joe’s Cabin; infinity; Munster Presentations; little kids. Dislikes: unfriendly people; 3 18 78; KISS; H.G.; waiting; misun- derstandings; time. Activities: Football 1, 2, 3,4; OPUS manager. 21 MICHAEL A. CROTEAU “Only the good die young” Mike’s goal is to go to Hawaii. Likes: Old pit; partying; getting rowdy with the crew; Bud; Munster’s presentations; get- ting lanternized; 12 31 77-1 1 78. Dislikes: Purple Meadow; B.P.D.; 10 15 78; accidents; C.T.S.’s; greasers; being told what to do; D- Duck. Act wt es; Football 1,3,4; Baseball 1-4. THERESA L. CROTEAU “If I want something I get it don’t matter what 1 have to do never underestimate me. I’m nobody’s fool.” Terry’s goal is to become a nun (or at least qualify). Likes: Pink; Noyaux; Erving Swings; 5 28 77; “Jam Sessions”; Tunafish; killing ants. Dislikes: Not getting my own way; un- controllable laughing; losing teeth at Pedro’s; Rhite Rine; dog breath in “The Glass Mena- gerie”; hiccups; giving directions. Activities: Field hockey 2; Track 2; Cross Country 1,2; Class committies; Spanish Club; Yearbook Staff; T Club; MMP. PATRICIA MARIE CRONEN “Be yourself, but be your best self. Dare to be different and to follow your own star.” Patty’s goal is to outlive the past. Likes: MJHB memories; talks with Anne, Chick, Deb, and Fins; adventures; Rocket “88”; partying; concerts; tobacco with Cup- cake; summer ’78. Dislikes: the cabin; certain sophomores; getting caught; being hurt; lies; mg; K.L. Act v t e ; Volleyball 1; Concert and Marching Bands 1,2 (Librarian 2); Woodwind Ensemble 2; GAA; Prom Committee; Ring Committee; Yearbook Staff; MMP. ANN MARIE DRUMGOOL “My struggle with today is worthwhile, but it is a struggle nonetheless and I will never fin- ish.” Ann’s goal is to have a long happy life. Likes: to talk; being with good friends; long walks alone; Pizza; 12 31 77; long talks with Tracy and John. Dislikes: conceited people; liver; Algebra 2; 6 5 11-, dancing; Morning- town. Activities: Band 1,2,3; Freshman Cheering; Marching Band 1,2; Woodwind En- semble 1; Recorder Ensemble 1; Home Ec Club 3; German Club 2. WILLIAM J. DUFFNEY “There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philos- ophy.” Bill’s goal is to enter N.A.S.A. Likes: Flying; 6 17 77; Chess; Oshkosh; Flor- ida. Dislikes: Grammer; book thieves; School lunches. Activities: Ghost Wanted; The Mouse That Roared; Schools Match Wits 2,3,4. MAURICE P. DUMAS “Keep your mirrors spinnin’ and the beavers grinnin’.” Zeke’s goal is to get the hell out of Turners Falls; and get rich. Likes: Lisa; making fun of people; food; “4x4”; sleep; Montreal; Munster productions; Budwieser. Dislikes: her; Reefs; hippies; small cars; Vultures; chumps; Amherst; foreigners. Activities: Basketball l,2,3,4(captain 4); T Club; Student Government Yearbook Staff; Y.M.D.C.; M.M.P. 22 LISA GAIL DEMARS “There are a great many things I know noth- ing about but concerning which I know very well what, I like.” Lisa’s goal is to live a happy life. Likes: Maurice; laughing; eating out with Cupcake and Darlene; roses; going to the movies. Dislikes: tobacco with H.M.; curfews; trouble with cars; a certain toboggan ride; rumors. Activities: GAA 1-4; Softball 1,2; T- Club 2-4; Prom Committee; Ring Committee; Cheering 1-4 (co-capt. 3); Yearbook Staff; Booster Day Queen. JAMES PHILLIP ELLIS “If at first you don’t succeed, the hell with it!” Jim’s goal is to get South of the Border. Likes: 0 d Chevys; Plains heatin’; Little Feat; Rick’s Boogie Hill Express; Good Gold; Rau’s Raiders. Dislikes: Mopar Automatics; CTS’s; police cars and blue uniforms; rednecks. Ac- tivities: OPUS 1-4; Girl watching 1-4. ELIZABETH ANN DEMEO “I can’t get any stronger, I can’t climb any higher. You’ll never know just how hard I’ve tried.” Liz’s goal is to travel, see, and experience what the world has to offer. Likes: Bird ' , Boston; talking with Mare; listen- ing to Helen’s “adventures”; music; mysteries; Koala bears; family gatherings; The “DDl”. Dislikes: being alone; unpleasant people; hav- ing nowhere to go; waiting; BEES. Activities: Freshman Cheering; Field Hockey 2 (man- ager); GAA; French Club 2,3; Class Treasur- er 2; Student Council 2,3; Prom Comm.; Cho- rus 1-4 (Lib. 1-4, Sec. 4); Madrigals 3,4 (Lib., Sec. 4); Yearbook Staff; Kiss Me Kate; Ring Comm. JOANNE M. EMERY “Remember the past; live for the present; make plans for the future; Life is to short to forget yesterday; be unsatisfied with today and not be prepared for tomorrow.” Sly’s goal is to make her first million before Mr. Upton hits 10 figures. Likes: Paulette’s bets; Judy’s jokes; Austria; Ipswich; Seabrook; D.A. T.P.; Wagon chases; 10-5-78; Steve Martin; turtling. Dislikes: 8-1- 77; trips to Concord with N.S., T.S., and T.C.; Vega cars; math classes taught in Greek; F.F.C. Act v t es; Tennis 2,3,4; Field Hockey 2,4; Basketball 1,2,4; Cross Country; Softball; Student Government 1-4; Class V.P. 2,3,; T Club; GAA; MMP; Class of ’80 haters club. PATRICIA JEAN EMOND “There are two things to aim at in life: first to get what you want; and, after that, to enjoy it. Only the wisest of mankind achieves the sec- ond.” Patti likes M.B.; the beach; skiing experiences with Diane; 11 11 77; chocolate cake; shop- ping; Robin’s party; having money. Dislikes: being cold; one night in March; twofaced peo- ple; the color purple; getting caught; being embarrassed; having nothing to do; gym class; busy phones. Acf;V f es; Cheering 1-4; Tennis 1-3; Bowling team 3; Swim team 1,2; Booster Day Duchess. RAYMOND PETER DENKEWICZ “A day without sunshine is like .... night!” Pete’s goal is to go to college and study engi- neering. Likes: the Turbo; Steve Martin; pizza; funny people. Dislikes: CCP; rainy days; Socquet’s hill; Garbiel’s jokes; being lonely; exams; ciga- rette smoke in confined areas. Activities: Cross Country 1,3,4; Track 1,4; Tennis 2,3; Basketball 1,2,3; T-Club 1, 2,3,4; Student Government; Class President 1; The Mouse That Roared; Student Advisory Committee; National Honor Society 3,4 President 4; YMDC; Ring Committee; As Schools Match Wits. 23 MARYANNE FARRICK “Time doesn’t enter my singular solitude; Mysteries of night thoughts come begging to me; Where lonely will-meaning is only allowa- ble, Thoughts of my past bring my present to me.” Mare’s goal is to live a Coke commercial life. Likes: J.C.; Teddy Hall; Oxford; Michael Murphey; Wendy’s; DDI; talking with Liz; Bueford. Dislikes: waiting; saying goodbye; Guilford; the Troll; Chuck; 1 1 22 77. Activi- t es. Track 3; Chorus 1-4; England Exchange- 76. JACQUES VINCENT FERLAND “The more you do, the more you are.” Jack’s goal is to live a full and meaningful life. And to get rich quick. L kes; Quebec; Fleetwood Mac; tennis; Monty Python; rainy nights; Dreams; running with Doug; laughing; Omputee the Oogoogleus. Dislikes: Hornet; wind; being musunderstood; glasses; lab reports; smoking; anything Boc likes; double standards; “I’d rather be flying”. Activities: Track 1,2, 3,4; Football 2; Cross Country 3,4; Junior Prize Speaking; Year- book Co-editor. WILLIAM D. FITZPATRICK “I never cared for the sound of being alone.” Qrilt’s goal is to go to college. Likes: playing golf; The “Beatles”; Boston Red Sox; 12 2 77. Dislikes: n certain person; 10 8 77; skateboards; New York Yankees. Acr v f es; Golf 1-4. ANDREA JEAN FRITZ “Never leave for tomorrow what you can do today” Andy’s goal is to become an accountant. Likes: Soccer; crocheting; rug making; read- ing; small collections. Dislikes: tobacco; stuck-up people; getting up early for school; loud people. Act V t ' es; Chorus 1; Volleyball 1; French Club 2. PAUL FUGERE “Catch ya later.” Skinner’s goal is to be picked up by a UFO, and to build a log cabin in Vermont. Likes: Miller; Lynyrd Skynyrd; Freebird; mo- torcycles; parties; 6 3 78; Doobies; talking about the past; Rocket “88”. Dislikes: rainy days; Meatloaf; people that are too good for you; bad Plains parties; 8 24 78. Activities: Football; Baseball; Class of ’80 Haters Club, Head 1,2, 3,4. TRACY LYNNE FULLER “I am not interested so much in what I do with my hands or words as what I do with my feelings. I want to live from the inside out, not from the outside in.” Tracy’s goal is to go to college and major in early childhood education. Likes: music; pizza; being with good friends; summer ’78; dancing; laughing with Ann. Dis- likes: conceited people; crowds; a certain trip; staying home; waiting; bad moods. Activities; Office worker; Home Ec. Club. 24 JOANNE ELAINE FLAGG “A stranger is a friend whom you haven’t yet met.” Jo’s goal is to be happy wherever she is or in whatever situation she might find herself. Likes: Mexican Memories; thunder storms; talking with friends; traveling; looking at na- ture; daydreaming; J.P.S.; weekends and va- cations. Dislikes: Ready . , . Go!!!; spiders; cheaters; being hollered at; conforming; fight- ing; saying goodbye. Activities: Volleyball 1- 4; Basketball 1-4; GAA 1-4; Spanish Club 1- 3; Prom Committee; The Mouse That Roared; T-Club; Yearbook Staff; Junior Prize Speak- ing. PAUL JON GILBERT “Hey.isti mundis fundiavundis, eh? . . . -oops, forgotlYou don’ speak Latin ” Paul’s goal is to sweep the Academy Awards with a comedy. Likes: movies; “Saturday Night Live”; mak- ing Jack laugh; Steve Martin; picking with Nick and Tony; the Funny Words (Grazbo Grabowski, ooglauditch, garbonzo bean); Her, Dislikes: most T.V.; rallys; “thorough- bred patricians”; driving. Act Wt es; Track 1; Spanish Club 1,2; Junior Prize Speaking; “1776-And All That”; “Kiss Me Kate”; “Ghost Wanted”; “The Mouse That Roared”; Yearbook Staff. JAMES PATRICK FLEURY “Candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker,” Slim’s goal is to be a Beach Bum. Likes: full moons; P.T.; J. Geils; B. Seiger; Jungle Juice; good friends; all night parties; brown eyes; the Gorge; hiking. Dislikes: liars; 10 6 78; gossip; women that hum; N.I.E.; show-offs. AcOV f es; Track. ROBIN E. GODZINSKI “When you look over your shoulder and you see the life that you’ve left behind. When you think it’s over, do you ever wonder what it is that holds your life so close to mine?” Robin’s goal is to be happy and successful in whatever she does. Likes: being Polish; Meatloaf; kittens; laugh- ing with Lisa; driving; winning VB games; going to the outdoor movies with friends. Dis- likes: snakes-, Tobacco; 12 26 77; not getting enough sleep; losing VB games; a certain Fri- day night. Activities: GAA 1-4 (vice-pres. 4); Colorguard 1,2 (co-capt. 2); Volleyball 1,3,4; Softball 1; Ring Committee; T-Club 3,4; Prom Committee; Class of “80” Haters. LINDA MARIE FOWLER “There is a past which is gone forever, but there is a future which is still our own.” Fins’ goal is to lead a happy, successful, and meaningful life. L Les.- Fall; talking with frie nds; “rolling” tun- afish; Patty’s adventures; sleeping late; clothe- spins; laughing; studies with Nancy. Dislikes: cleaning; being scared; two-faced people; Eu- nice; meowing cats; Bread concerts. Activi- ties: GAA 1-4; Volleyball 1; Volleyball Man- ager 2; Prom Committee; Ring Committee; Yearbook Staff; Pep Club. MARK E. GRYBKO “Who would be a poor man, a beggar, a thief, if he had a rich man in his hand?” Grip’s goal is to travel across the country. Likes. the Big C; Yamahas-(RD 250); camels; Led Zeppelin; Munster Presentations; cold beer; aspiring to new hights; Chargers; getting Lanternized. Dislikes: B.P.D.; parties at Pur- ple Meadow; 12 12 77; Rednecks; C.T.S.; conferences; The Morning After; D.D. Activi- ties: Ski Club; Baseball 1; Basketball 1. turners Falls High School Library Montague, MA 01357 2 PAULETTE GUENETTE “So many worlds, so much to do, so little done, such things to be.” Paulette’s goal is to someday fly on the sky’s highways. Likes: Florida; getting tan; being lazy; laugh- ing; lifeguards; certain bets; D.A.T.P.; mup- pets; turtling; Dislikes: V es, forgetting; spiders and snakes; terrible test grades; getting em- barrassed; stumps; F.F.C.; rhyming names. AcrtV r es; Volleyball 1; Basketball 1,2; Soft- ball 1,2; Field Hockey 2; Cheerleading 2,3,4 (Co-Captain 4); T Club; GAA 1,3,4; Student Advisory Council 3,4; Class Historian; Class Committees, Student Government; Yearbook Staff; M.M.P,: Class of ’80 haters KEVIN JANDER “Triumph is a little “tri” and a lot of “umph”. Kevo’s goal is to improve on his mistakes from the past two years and enjoy himself more. Likes: winter; being alone; long walks; snow- shoeing; “Green Death”; those who like M.G.A.; R.E.O.; Speed Wagon. Dislikes: dis- respectful people; being looked down upon; those who have it all. Activities: Cross-coun- try; Track JAMES A. GUY “Cause the Lord knows I’m to blame, but if 1 stayed here with you girl. Things just couldn’t be the same. I’m as free as a bird and this bird will never change.” Rudy’s goal is to be rich. Likes: Skiing; Munster Presentations; Olin; The Big C; Mr. K’s wood shop; A.C.; Parties; Dislikes: 10 15 78; Accidents; Conferences, Composition-G. Activities: Ski Club 1,2; Track I; Ring Committee; Prom Committee KATHERINE MARY KALTNER “When you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot and HANG ON!” Kathy’s goal is to be happy. Likes: dancing; talking; jeans; cereal; Wa- keda. Dislikes: rainy days; vegetables; being alone; tension; not knowing what to say. Ac- tivities; Flag Corps; Teen Scene; Yearbook Staff. STEPHEN R. HAIGIS “If you don’t like the way I’m livin’, just lea ve this long-haired country boy alone.” Steve’s goal isto be the best!! Likes: Bud on tap; winter nights; Bong-o-fury; Productos de Columbia. Dislikes: Barry Man- ilow; the Duck; gravity; T.F.P.D.; warm beer; Jose ' in the A.M.; lawn mowers. JOHN D. KELLEY “Rock ‘n’ Roll helped me through when 1 was stone blue.” Ogg’s goal is to own a Log Cabin in Canada. Likes: Santana; bikes; waterskiing; Munster productions; slow summer days; Molson’s Golden. Dislikes: B.P.D.; Purple Meadows; CTS’s; warm Miller. 26 RUSSELL A HOLT “If approval of everyone was required for love to occur, the world would be ruled by the beasts!” Russ’s goal is to be a California Highway Patrolman. L ites; Sue; 4 24 78; 5 12 78; cruisin’; flying a certain F4U; long talks with a certain per- son; sci-fi; the Tank; George Carli n. Dislikes: unfinished conversations; not knowing what someone is talking about (especially Sue); loosing a large sum of money (10 3 78); an- noying a friend; being annoyed; not being able to put a ring on the correct finger; double parking. Activities: Spanish Club 1,3; Star Trek Club 1-4; A.V. Club 3. DAVID PAUL KELLS “Greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the whole world.” David’s goal is to go to college. L kes.- making friends; good music; sports Dis- likes: Tobacco; tickets; stuck up people. Ac- tivities: BasebaW 1, 2,3,4; Ramp 1,2, 3,4. CHARLENE MAIRE JABLONSKI “Look at others the way you would want them to look at you. Never judge a book by it’s cover.” Charlene’s goal is for Deb, Leon, and herself to see the inside of P.9.N’s house. Likes: parties; Lake Winn; Friday night boo- gies with S and M; cruising with Leon and Deb; The B.l. and H .; concerts. Dislikes: tele- phone poles; stonewalls; drunken drivers; peo- ple who P.9.N.; stuck-up people; being bored. Activities: Freshman Cheering; Tennis 1,2,4; Flag Squad 4. DONALD PETER KELLS “Before you tell someone how good you are, you must tell him how bad you used to be.” Don’s goal is to make it through college. Likes: hockey; baseball; ramp; Fords; going out on weekends; Colrain Inn. Dislikes: Bazar; getting kicked off the Ramp; getting in trou- ble; people who think they’re too good for everybody. Act V tfes. ' Baseball 1, 2, 3,4; Ramp 1, 2,3,4. BARBIE JEAN JAGARESKI “Live and be happy.” Barbie’s goal is to graduate and become a professional dancer. Likes: most people; studies; weekends; horses; guys, namely Brian Steve; sunny days. Dis- likes: arguing with people; bees; two-faced people; movies that have to d o with devils; red beets. VINCENT PAUL KOBERA “I know that you’re asking yourself: ‘did he fire five or six shots; and if five whether 1 keep one under the hammer?’ Tell you the truth, I lost count myself. Now, what you’ve got to do, considering this is a forty-four Magnum, the most powerful handgun in the world, and will blow your head off it’s loaded . . . what you’ve got to do is ask yourself: ‘are you feeling lucky, punk?”’ Bufacow Likes: 0 0fn WSPD: Clint Eastwood; cumulus cloud club; Neil Dia- mond; waterfights with Boc; camping; “Rocky Racoon”; Mexico. Dislikes: twigitis; whimps; haircuts; shoveling. Activities: Track 1,2,3; Cumulus Cloud Club 1 ,2,3,4; Yearbook Staff. THERESA ANN KOBLINSKI “Feelings are not like faucets you can turn on and off. " Theresa’s goal is to work with preschool chil- dren. Likes: sewing; dancing; cooking; basketball; tennis. Dislikes: school; doing dishes; school work; hockey. Activities: Baby sitting after school. SUSAN MARIE LEHMAN “The first time 1 ever saw your face, I thought the sun rose in your eyes and the moon and the stars were gifts you gave to the dark and emp- ty skies.” Sue’s goal is to get her degree in Physical Therapy and to live a good and full life. Likes: Russ; weekends with good friends; 4 23 78; 5 12 78; skiing; 9 23 lS; Califor- nia; long talks with friends; camping. Dislikes: Tobacco; being alone; rainy days; stuck-up people; study halls; red lights; double parking; saying good-bye. Activities: Volleyball 1,2; Ring Committee. ZOANNE ROSE KOSAKOWSKI “Ido the very best I know how ... If the end brings me out all right, what is said against me won’t amount to anything; if the end brings me out wrong, ten angels swearing I was right would make no difference.” Zoanne’s goal is to make it through college. Likes: dancing; music; inventing things; my uncle’s stories; little kids; acting silly; RS-DP. Dislikes: conceited people; yearbook picture; being in the middle; not being able to express my feelings; hurting people; PST; 9 15 78. Activities: Concert Band; Marching Band; Pep Band; German Club; Home-ec Club; Track; Junior Prize Speaking. RICHARD JOHN LESENSKI “Skill is greater than strength.” Emo’s goal is to major in Electrical Engineer- ing. Likes: Austria ‘78’; skiing; golf; The Turbo; M.M.P.; Jeeps; Mount Snow; The Doobies; Amherst; 7 14 78; “Sure Things”. Dislikes: waiting; the Red Sox; Being late; “Ducks”. Activities: Go { 1,2, 3, 4; Ski Club 1,2,4; Radio Club 4; T-Club. BARBARA A. KOSCINSKI “Do not go where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” Barbi’s goal is to be happy. L kes; David; 2 5 78; roses; M M’s; Acapul- co; swimming; going to the beach. Dislikes: being scared; rainy days; falling off pyramids; shoe fights with Marcia. Activities: Swim Team 2,3,4; Cheering 1,2, 3, 4 co-captain 1,4; Softball 1, 2,3,4; Spanish Club 2,3 president 3; GAA 1, 2,3,4; Class Sec. 2; Class Treasurer 4; Student Govt. Treasurer 3; Yearbook Staff; Prom Committee; Ring Committee. NOEL VINCENT LEVEILLE “For there’s nothing that we can’t do my friend, ‘cause the spirit is with us all.” Bud’s goal is to get what he wants out of life, and a little more. Likes: Camaros; the Hollywood; trains; 38; music; Miller. Dislikes: Bazar; 9 27 78; greasers; Fords; C.D.; bad luck; Sundays. 28 JEFFREY JOHN KOSHINSKY “Accident statistics prove that the road to Heaven is paved.” Killer’s goal is to be more than successful at the game of life. Likes: Diane; 12 10 77; Lynrd Skynard; get- ting rowdy with the crew; Williamsburg; No- vas; TNT 440’s. Dislikes: B.P.D.; Purple Meadow; mud; arguments; getting stuck in the rain; greasers. Activities: l,2,3,4(tri- capt.); Basketball; T Club 1, 2,3,4; M.M.P. MICHAEL JEFFREY LITTLE “Thinking ’bout the times that’s past, in my life. Wondering where did they all go.” Mike’s goal is to be happy in whatever he does. Likes: Mary; football; Neil Young; leaving T.F.H.S.; Fall days; all sports; times at Joe’s Camp. Dislikes: getting up late; one certain time; being sick. Activities:T Club 3,4; Varsi- ty Football 1,2, 3,4 (Tri-Captain 4). PRISCILLA ANN LANFAIR “We’re getting older, the world’s getting cold- er; for the life of me, I don’t know the reason why. Maybe it’s living; making us give in. Like the ocean upon the tide.” Priscilla’s goal is to be happy. Likes: Brian; Heart; camping with B.B.; tur- quoise; Florida; the ocean; fireplaces. Dislikes: snakes; T.F.H.S.; rainy Sundays; two-faced people; cliques; Activities: Madrigals 1,2, 3, 4; Track 1,2, 3,4, 5. KEITH ROBERT LAPAN “In life, as in football, you won’t go far unless you know where the goalposts are.” Keith’s goal is to become a photographer. Likes: running in the rain; Boston teams; the Ghetto cruiser; photography; having fun; championship wrestling. Dislikes: NY teams; tobacco; getting busted; 4 13 78; parking lots; B.B.B.; P.C.; L.D. Activities: Cross-coun- try 1,2, 3,4; (champs 2,3); Track 1 ,2,3,4; Year- book Staff; T Club. MARTIN C LUIPPOLD III “Excuuuuuse Meeee!” Marty’s goal is to become rich. L kes; pizza; Steve Martin; parties; the Turbo; laughing. Dislikes: tickets; accidents; slow drivers. Activities: Football 1 . DAVID R LUND “Whenever there’s an excursion. I’m always broke.” Wac’s goal is to help others and establish a good life. Likes: B.J.; old B.S.A. motorcycles; cameras; the Service; to be active; old bottles and dig- ging them; not to hate anyone; people that are friendly and have a good smile. Dislikes: sleeping in class and getting hit by chalk; pic- tures that don’t come out; seeing people booze themselves to death; bad music; eggheads that tell me how to run my life; lazy hippies. Ac- tivities: Cross Country ’77. 29 JAMES R MANKOWSKY “Keep the tires spinning and the beavers grin- ning. " Munster’s goal is California. E Jres. gold; kegs; Plains beating; parties; Roll- ing Rock; getting Lanternized; getting rowdy with the crew; J. Giels. Dislikes: windshields; B.P.D.; purple meadow, C.T.S.; GREASERS; Duck. Activities: Baseball 2,3,4; Basketball 1,2; Football 3; Ski Club. TAMMY LYN MCGRATH “Love does not mean looking at each other, but looking together in the same direction.” Tammy’s goal is to travel to Florida and start a customizing business with Mike. Likes: Mike; Korie; 2 16 77; 3 25 78; swim- ming; horseback riding; writing poems; quiet walks in the rain; talking to a friend Pat F.; making a certain little boy feel better when his whole day fall apart on him; Dislikes: long writers; bad dreams; two-faced people; people who try to be high class and make fools out of themselves; those who never stop talking; days when everything goes wrong; hot dogs. Activities: Home Economics Club 3. 30 KAREN JEAN MARGOZZl “I ain’t askin’ nobody for nothin’ if I can’t get it on my own. If you don’t like the way I’m livin’, you can just leave this long-haire d coun- try boy alone.” Mona’s goal is to have the words and the music come through. Likes: Colorado; Eagles; Gib; The Tower; Guilford, Vt.; Denny and his Trans Am; Ar- nold’s in Maine; Carolina in the dorm; clover under moonlight; 7 30 75. Dislikes: School; people with no outlook on life; anything aver- age; Chevy’s (etc.). GARY R. MORGAN “Pass the word and pass the lady. Pass the plate to all who hunger. Pass the wit of An- cient Wisdom, pass the cup of Crimson Won- der ...” Gary’s goal is California. . kes; Jethro Tull; Maryland GFW-572; Mol- son Golden Ale; Rocket “88”; Bermuda “77”; “cukes”; concerts. Dislikes: rain; certain “steps”; Meatloaf; 2I23I16-, boring parties; cling-ons; Duck. Activities: Madrigals 2-4; Band 1,2; Class of “80” haters club; MMP. DARLENE ANN MATUSZ “If it takes all night, that’ll be all right, if I can get you to smile before 1 leave.” Dar’s goal is to live happily ever after. Likes: M.S.; laughing; 5 28 77; reminiscing; parties; Jackson Browne; Michelob. Dislikes: getting sick; S n; uninvolved complainers; ducks and pigs; beards; being hit with logs; waking up on corners. Activities: Field Hock- ey 1,2, 3, 4 (co-capt. 4); JV Cheering 2; Bowl- ing 3; GAA; T Club; Spanish Club; Class Treasurer 1; Class President 2,3; Student Government 1,2, 3, 4; Ring Committee; Prom Committee; MMP; Class of ’80 Haters Club. DEBRA KAREN NAIDA “The greatest essentials of happiness are something to do, something to love, and some- thing to hope for.” Debbie’s goal is to be happy. Likes: a certain special senior friend; laugh- ing; partying; talks with 4T’s; good times with the gang; winning in Field Hockey. Dislikes: crying; being messed up; stuckup people; spi- ders; getting sick; falling under picnic tables. Ac tV r es; Track 1-4; Field Hockey 1-4 (co- capt. 4); Basketball 1; GAA 1-4; T Club; JV Cheering 2; Tournament Cheering 3; Band 1; Prom Comm.; Ring Comm.; National Honor Society (treasurer); Girls’ State Delegate; Booster Day Lady-in-waiting; MMP. DIANE MARIE MCCARTHY “Worry is today’s mouse eating tomorrow’s cheese.’’ Mic’s goal is to pull the fire alarm at General Hospital. Likes: Jeffy, 12 10 77; camping; 5 28 77| Noyaux, Skippy; muff-muffs (pink). Dislikes: spiders; accidents; burpers; spilling when be- ing watched; flies; arguments; Maalox. Activi- t es. Track 1,2; Basketball 1,2,4; GAA 1,2; T Club 1,2,4; Prom Committee; Ring Commit- tee; Ski Club 1,2; M.M.P. BRUCE D MCCOMB Bruce’s goal is to make it through school. Likes: Aerosmith; 38; J.Geils; Camaros. Dis- likes: slow cars; Moochers; Fords. Activities: Football 1,3,4; Ramp 2,3,4. PAUL MCCOMB Paul likes: the ramp; fast cars; good music; championship wrestling; short school days; long vacations. Dislikes: teachers that kick you off the ramp; boring classes; New York teams. Activities: Ramp 1-4 TAMI J. NELSON “If I leave here tomorrow, would you still remember me? For I must be travelling on, now, ’Cause there’s too many places I’ve got to see.’’ Cupcake’s goal is to become a famous arche- ologist. L Les; Jerry; comedians; toboggans; spotlight- ing; haunted houses; puppies; the beach; eat- ing over Susie’s; tobacco only with Patty; Washington D.C. Dislikes: Vegas; being yelled at; pessimists. Acf;V;f; ' es. ' Cheering 1,2; Volleyball 2,3; Tennis 3,4; G. A. A. (pres.); German club; T club; ring comm.; prom comm.; Student Government; Senior vice- president; Yearbook staff; M.M.P.; Booster Day Princess. MARCIA E. NORWOOD “Love and memory last and shall endure till the game is called because of darkness.’’ Marcia’s goal is to fulfill her dreams and live a very happy life. Likes: Richard; snowy nights; Jackson Browne; rain; Mexico; sports; roses; the ocean; 10 10 78; being left-handed;friends. Dislikes: bugs; people who don’t try; gossip; shoe fights with Barb; having nothing to do; 8 28 77; being misunderstood; a certain bridge. Activi- ties: oWeyhaW 1-4 (tri-captain 4); Basketball 1; Softball 1-4; National Honor Society 3,4; Ring Comm.; Yearbook Staff; Class Repre- sentative 4. 31 KEITH R. NEWTON “The way we did it, it was sweet. But how we did it, it can’t be beat.” Loomis’s goal is to see the world. Likes: Bud bottles; four-wheeling with Chet; cross-ups; C.B.; football; getting greasy; hill- climbing. Dislikes: Flat lives; Rednecks; bor- ing people; her mother; liver; headaches. Ac- tivities: Football 1,2,4. ROBERT JOS EPH OUELLETTE “There are places I’ll remember all my life, though some have changed. Some forever, not for better, some have gone and some remain” Bob’s goal is to travel and to meet different people. L Les; sports; meeting people; Dan Fogelberg; The Beast; skiing; The Doobies; camping on Luna Mountain; beaches; making people laugh. Dislikes: New York teams; being an M.C.; 5 30 78; getting caught; people who put people down; dogs that bite; being de- pressed; plastic people. Activities: Baseball 1, 2,3,4; Basketball 1, 2,3,4. PAULA D. PARTRIDGE “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” Paula’s goal is to stay in one place for more than 3 consecutive years. Likes: Hopefully, finally staying in one place for awhile. Dislikes: Moving in the middle of a school year and losing friends. MATTHEW LEROY ROBINSON “Look to today, for yesterday is only a dream and tomorrow is only a vision.” Matt’s goal is to graduate from college. Likes: Boston; football; camping; laughing with Howie; Vikings; Red Sox; Queen. Dis- likes: Class of 80; Rams; football camp; tobac- co; Yankees. Act V t es.- Track 1-4; Football I- 4; Band 1-4 (pres. 4); Chorus (vice pres.); Madrigals; Marching Band; Enter Laughing; Kiss Me Kate; Ghost Wanted; The Mouse That Roared; Brass Ensemble 3,4; T-Club; GAA 3,4; Prom Comm.; Yearbook Staff; Stu- dent Govt.; OxFam-America. 32 JOSEPH FRANCIS ROSEWARNE “I must have got lost somewhere down the line.” Joe’s goal is to meet the people across the country and experience their lifestyles and cultures. Likes: Camels; Munster Presentations; 4- wheelers and 4 speeds; Led Zeppelin; The Camp; Gold; J. Tull; The U.S. II; getting Lanternized; BUD on tap; Keg Parties. Dis- likes: B.P.D.; Rednecks; Jose in the A.M.; Purple Meadow Keg Party; 12 12 77; Flash- ing Blues; hangovers; H.G.; school. Activities: OPUS 2,3. KRISTI MARIE PELIS “I am not afraid of tomorrow, for I have seen yesterday, and I love today!” Kris’s goal is to become a wife and mother, in that order. Likes: “65”; Hampton Beach; Wakeda camp- ground; stormy oceans; thunderstorms; Barry Manilow; L.A. Dodgers; daydreaming; J.P.S.. Dislikes: sugarless gum; NY Yankees; being alone . . . sometimes; snobby people; short- hand; Murphy’s green Datsun. A c ;V; ' t es. ' Ju- nior Prize Speaking (3rd place); Teen Scene Editor; NETOP Editor. DEBORAH ANN ST. GERMAIN “To be nobody but myself- in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else- means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight, and never stop fighting.” Deb’s goal is to live in a log cabin. Likes: Jeff, summer, beach, Styx, Boston, Moody Blues, Trans Ams, Challeng- ers. Dislikes: detentions, suspensions, hypo- condriacts, winter, narks. Ac V 7 es; Cheering 1, Volleyball, Tennis 2,3; T Club. TORI ELLEN RICHARDS “Forget the time that went so fast; forget the bad times in the past; forget you said “you’d never leave”; remember, you’re almost gone!” Tori’s goal is to reach the Unreachable, to touch the Untouchable, and most of all, to dance to be unbeatable. Likes: Disco; Dig’em; Mur’s hotrod; Chuck’s height; laughing; N.M.H.-U.B.; donuts and coffee; skiing; long walks with Dig’em. Dis- likes: waiting on people; being too young for . . . ; people that never forgive, but always ask to be forgiven; Toughskin’s Bliznak. CHERYL ANNA REUM “Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might.” Cheryl’s goal is to see the world and to do something worthwhile. Likes: being crazy with Lorie; Pink sand; my kitten; 4 25 77; going out with the girls; Pru- dence Island; clothes; Patty’s gossip; the Li- lacs; ice cream. Dislikes: lightning; Bees; be- ing late; being made fun of; mustaches. Ac- tivities: Madrigals 1,2, 3, 4 (pres. 4); Chorus I- 4; G A A 1 ,2,4 (treasurer 4); Ski Club; German Club; Student Advisory Council 3; Yearbook Co-editor. LARRY SICARD “Howdy” Larry’s goal is to go to California and be on a Pro Skateboard team. Likes: Tina-, 151; Lombo; Boston; skateboard- ing; empty cement pools; making money; leav- ing school. Dislikes: rain; warm beer; wipe- outs; Bogus people. Activities: Cross Country 1,3; OPUS Manager 2,3; Smoking Team. GENA LOUISE POGODA “You’ll never know what you can do until you try.” Gena’s goal is to become a ballet dancer or a brain surgeon. Likes: dancing; skating; the beach; my Bug; music; the fair; food. Dislikes: 10 1 78; work- ing on tobacco; boring weekends; decisions; gym; not knowing who it was; Gina Pagoda; food. Activities s Schools Match Wits 2,3,4; Kiss Me Kate; Prom Committee; Junior Prize Speaking; GAA 3; National Honor Society. RONALD C. SICARD JR. “The secret of happiness is not in doing what one likes, but in liking what one does.” Ron’s goal is to make a career in Photogra- phy. Likes: Boston; x-c skiing; photography; Red Sox; the ocean; summer of ’78; traveling; Keith’s rumors; Jekyll Island. D s kes.- people who walk slow; Yankees; big tests; oral re- ports; spinach; Tobacco; Vinnie’s tall tales. Act V t ' es.’ Track 1,2,4; Cross country 1; Bas- ketball 2; A.V. Club; Spanish Club; Yearbook Staff. NANCY M. SAZAMA “It is difficult to live in the present, ridiculous to live in the future, and impossible to live in the past. Nothing is as far away as one minute age.” Nancy’s goal is to always stay in contact with her friends as the years go by. Likes: the beach; listening to people; clothes; remembering the good times; sleeping late; studies with Linda; adventures with Tami; “Doe Eyes”. Dislikes: being kidnapped; work- ing on weekends; being woken up by an alarm clock; “you had to be there” jokes; TWH; pre- made decisions. Activities: GAA; Chorus; Madrigals; Class Ring Comm.; Yearbook Staff; Volleyball. LISA JEAN SKOLE Skoleski’s goal is to travel, then to go to G.C.C., then to go into the Army. Likes: music, parties; friends; sports; being alone; honesty; people with a good sense of humor; Cliff; 9 12 78; dancing. Dislikes: cer- tain noises; two-faced people; nosey people; getting up early in the morning. Activities: }t. High Volleyball; Home Ec. Club (president); Swim Team; Ski Club; Chorus. CHARLES R. SMITH “I sold my soul; you bought it back for me.” Charles’ goal is to go to college and study Media Technology. Likes: Tammy; Led Zeppelin; 12 3 77; 1 1 27 77; the Media Center; Lynard Skynrd; 6 18 78-6 21 78; Band. Dislikes: ]ocks peo- ple who think they’re better than other people; KISS: Punk Rock; snobs; church. Activities: Basketball 1; Band 1,2,4. TAMI JEAN SOCQUET “He who is carried on anothers back does not appreciate how far off the town is.” Tami’s goal is to be successful and indepen- dent. Likes: talking and laughing with friends; cer- tain mushrooms; sleeping late; Ipswich; wagon chases; spending money; STEVE MARTIN. Dislikes: snakes-, being sick; J.M.; waiting; get- ting caught while pigging out; saying goodbye. Ac ;V)7)es; Class secretary 1,4; Class treasurer 3; G.A.A. 1-4; Volleyball; Spanish club; Prom comm.; Ring comm.; Bowling team; Year- book staff; MMP. PATRICIA J. SWEENEY “Buenas noches o senores, senoritas, see ya later. Buenas noches bye bye!!” Trisha’s goal is to someday return to T.F. in a Mercedes with real diamond studs in her ears. Likes: M M’s; being terrified; 5 28 77; Dark Special; CCP Cookie Assassination; B.B.; Historical notes. D s Les.- selling things; parking lots; worst weekends of my life; sur- prises; panic-stricken people; things that fly (birds, bats, etc.); apples. Activities: Field Hockey 2,3,4; Swimming 2,3,4 co-capt. 4; Tennis 1,2, 3,4, 5; Student Government; Year- book Staff; T-Club; Spanish Club; MMP. THERESA ANN TERAULT “Cuz; you want a taco.” Tee’s goal is to go to Arizona. Likes: windy nights; Sunday afternoons in Gill; The Weasles; Cape Cod; Ocean; 0 5 lS. Dislikes: people who talk behind your back; Ready . . . Go!!; Mrs. Loomer’s Sprints; 10 18 78; mice; Tobacco. Activities: Basketball 1,2,3, 4; Field Hockey 4; GAA 4; T-Club. PATRICIA ANN THAYER “Smile! It makes people wonder what you’ve been up to!” Pat’s goal is to find happiness in all her en- deavors. Likes: Autumn days; hiking with J.F.; B.T.; J.K.; T.N.: 10 5 78; Rocket “88”; “Indian”; red roses; fried clams. Dislikes: Rainy days; Liars; snakes; thunder and lightning; 10 6 78; sprints; waiting; playing Taps. Activities: Bas- ketball 1,4; Softball 1,4; Field Hockey 4; Track 3; Varsity Cheering 2; GAA 4; T-Club; Pep Club. 34 MARILYN JEAN SULLIVAN “I always wanted to be somebody. If I made it, it’s half because I was game enough to take a lot of punishment along the way and half because there were a lot of people who cared enough to help me.” Marilyn’s goal is to be a .social worker. L ke.s; spring, summer, OPUS, Renny, music. D s kes; detentions, suspension, being tardy, a certain hypercondriact. Activities: OPUS manager, volleyball. MARY JANE SULLIVAN “A child who lives with praise and under- standing learns to find love in the world.” Mayre’s goal is to live the best life possible. Likes: people; San Francisco; cruising in the Caddy; Gena’s Russian accent; cats; J.P.; long talks with Fins. Dislikes: 6 4 1H-, spiders; Marcia’s stubbornness; getting up early; Mona’s driving; Chevvys; The Duke and his court!!!. Activities: GAA 3,4; Prom Commit- tee. TIMOTHY E. THOMPSON “Please don’t Judas me, treat me as you like to be treated. Please don’t blacklist me, leave me as you wish to find me, don’t analyze me, sacrifice me. Please don’t Judas me.” Topper’s goal is to make it cross-country any way possible. Likes: Bud on tap; Munster presentations; good tunes; Rainbow; boros; Saturday nights; infinity; Joe’s cabin; G.L.; Golden Ale. Dis- likes: warm beer; time; C.T.S.’s; fatheaded rednecks; H.G.; getting busted; Cornp. Activi- ties: Football 3,4; M.M.P. ANNE ELIZABETH TOGNERI “All men must go their separat ways, no mat- ter what anyone thinks, the way I choose for myself will be the best,” Enna’s goal is to become a secretary! L kes; talks with Patty; parties; concerts; Doo- bie Brothers; H.B. “78”; Washington “78”; munching out at Snow’s. Dislikes: arguing; waiting; getting up early; getting caught; backseat drivers; snobs; mushrooms. Activi- ties: J.V. Cheering 2; Softball 1,2; Office worker 1-4; Prom comm.; floatmaking 1-4; G.A.A. 1-4; Bowling team; T club 2; Class of ’80 haters; M.M.P. JONATHAN JAY STAFFORD “It’s futile to talk too much about the past- something like trying to make birth control retroactive.” Jon’s goal is to find something great and con- quet it. Likes: good parties; warm days; cold Miller; true friends; Rainbow; the ramp gang; Monta- gue activities; 16 cases; D.P.; hunting in Ver- mont; out of town hockey tournaments; Col- rain Inn; The Ole Pine Grove. Dislikes: being kicked in the shins; teachers who enforce rules; two-faced people; Tobacco; getting up early; rainy days; making mistakes; people who spread rumors; Bazar; getting caught. Activities: Ramp 1,2, 3,4. RICK D. TUTTLE “When you do something right, no one re- members; when you do something wrong, no one forgets.” Tut’s goal is to live in a log cabin in the mountains. L kes. Suzuki RM’s; Bud R R.; 4 wheeling with Chet; The Charlie Daniels Band; good parties; Munster presentations; class of ’79. D s ' kc.v; B.P.D. at purple meadow; 12 19 77; rancid Budweiser; Yamaha’s; school; D-Duck, Activities: Baseball 1; Ski club 1,2; MMP. 35 CHESTER E WARYASZ “And now it’s time to turn the page, I believe that you and I have come of age,” Chug’s goal is to someday visit Australia. Likes: Nauset Beach; the cabin; winter sports; Bud bottles; Bob Seger; Datsuns; 4 wheeling with Loomis. Dislikes: 3-18-78; Bernardston P.D.; working; flat tires; waiting for the CJ. Activities: Basketball KURT J. WELCOME “Don’t quit when you are a-head.” Kurt’s goal is to become a professional pho- tographer. Likes: hunting; good parties; Bermuda ’77; Chevy’s; Jethro Tull; and Molsen. Dislikes: Fords; getting caught; rain; carrying some- thing up Sandy MT. Activities: Marching band 1-4; Stage band 1-4; Chorus 2-4; Madri- gals 2-4; OPUS photographer; Yearbook pho- tographer; M.M.P. LAURA M WASIELEWSKI “Make your own kind of music; sing your own special song, even if noone else sings along.” Lorie’s goal is to see Spain outside of the history books. Likes: being Polish; memories of Mexico; Neil Diamond; reminiscing with Cheryl; circus clowns; stormy nights; everything yellow; Pru- dence Island. Dislikes: spiders; thoughtless people; Park Villa fires; the Haunted House; cockroach attacks; vicious rumors. Activities: Chorus 1,2; Cheering 2; Track 1,2; Spanish Club 1,2,4; GAA 1,2,3, 4; Yearbook Staff; Volleyball 3,4; Prom Committee; junior Prize Speaking. CHERYL ANN WILLIAMS “There is no life too small, no dream too tall.’’ Shortie’s goal is to go to California and live it up, then be a beautician. Likes: 9 13 78; horse gymkanas; guitar and music; living it up; being rowdie; Gill; con- certs. Dislikes: quiet nights; 5 12 78; high- class snobs; building a barn; being only 5’l 2’’; rednecks. Activities: G. A. A. 2; Color- guard 4. BRIAN ROBERT WATROUS “If you imagine it, you can achieve it; If you dream it, you can become it.’’ Howie’s goal is to be happy, famous, and the best at something. Likes: J.A.R.; hanging around with Matt; weight lifting; Boston; Washington D.C.; the outdoors; storms; polevaulting; the tuba. Dis- likes: being bored; squats; greasers; 330 low hurdles. Activities: Basketball 1; Football 2; Track 1-4; Madrigals (vice-pres.); Chorus (pres.); Marching Band; Student Government 1-4; Senior class president; Brass ensemble 4; Kiss Me Kate; The Mouse That Roared; T club; G.A.A.; Oxfam-America. SANDRA WONG “Time, like a snowflake, disappears while we’re trying to decide what to do with it.’’ Sandy’s goal is to go where life leads her. Likes: being with friends, ice cream. Red Sox; music; cross country skiing; cute jokes. Dis- likes: being rushed; having a lot of homework; making decisions; being confused; rainy days. Activities: Volleyball 1-4; Prom comm.; As School Match Wits; Yearbook staff; T club; National Honor Society. 36 SUSAN MARIE ZEWINSKI “If you love something, set it free. If it comes back, it is yours. If it doesn’t, it never was.” Susie y res.- Mark; 3 5 76; ’’pigging out” with Cupcake; Bermuda; riding in the “stang”; drive-ins with Robin and Debbie. Dislikes: 5 30 78; fund raisers; getting yelled at; cold sores; timings; being compared; Activities: Madrigals 1-4; Chorus 1-4; Basketball 1-3; School play; G.A.A.; T club, ring comm. REGINA ANNE SCHACHT “Your life is your own, let just you run it!” Regina’s goal is to be a commercial pilot and an employed housewife. Likes: flying; sewing; dancing; formal even- ings; weddings; day dreaming; receiving mail. Dislikes: T.F.H.S.-, pushy people; sad movies; boring jobs. Camera Shy DONNA M. BASSETT “I’ve come to find a gathering of eagles. Not for the sake of mingling with the great birds, but only to justify a thousand streets walked end to end.” Donna’s goal is to survive in any way possible. Likes: Face; thunder lightning; storms; good smoke; The Pine Grove-4 16 78; Rod Stewart; long walks on foggy mornings; Lin- da. Dislikes: getting busted; 9 7 78; boredom; assinine people; two specific Narcs; liars; pressure; the feeling of ‘nowhere to hide’ CAROLE KEMNER CLINTON SMITH JOHN SMITH MICHAEL STENNES 37 Class Officers Barbara Koscinski, Treasurer Paulette Guenette, Historian Tami Nelson, Vice-President Tami Socquet, Secretary Brian Watrous, President 38 Class Personalities Marcia Norwood, Kevin Jander Most Likely to Succeed Barbi Koscinski, Bob Ouellette Most Gullible Cheryl Reum, Jay Astell Class Musicians Terry Croteau, Jim Guy Class Flirts Susie Zewinski, Jack f ' criand Best Dressed 39 Joanne Flagg, Peter Denkewicz Class Brains Darlene Matusz, Howard Watrous Did Most for Class Gena Pogoda, Paul Gilbert Class Actress Actor Sly Emery, Dan Colleran Best Sense of Humor Tami Socquet, Keith Newton Class Clowns Charlene Jablonski, Mike Bocon Class Artists Anne Togneri, Matt Aleksiewicz Class Mouths Theresa Terault, Mike Croteau Most Athletic Lisa Demars, Maurice Dumas Class Couple Maryjane Sullivan, Doug Bezio Shyest Tami Nelson, Gary Morgan Friendliest 41 Class Hank AIcksiewicz leaves Marty wondering if he ' ll get his “1 urbo Jet” license revoked and if Pete will ever get his tenure in egg throwing. Sly Emery leaves Cupcake’s Vega in the A W parking lot for any D A. guys who want to push it. Mur Ambo leaves wondering why she ever came in the first place. Patti Emond leaves Diane to hate things by herself. Jay Astell leaves his hair to those less fortunate than his bush. Mary Earrick leaves to have a Pepsi day and leaves the incredible hunk behind. Beatle Bailey leaves Gus knowing that he’s somebody’s uncle. Benny Barnes leaves to head to the mountains Busch! Jack Eerland leaves Doug firefighting; Jo lifting bails; Paul at 98%; Howard wondering when I’ll ask her; asking Jay, sophomores eh?; Boc at the rear entrance; and Matt with his “can you imagine if Lizzie Barry leaves wilhmixed feelings and best wishes to l.inda. Donna Basset leaves something wild growing in the darkest part of the woods. Bill Eitzpatrick leaves one more year for Mrs. Bazar to bribe the judges on Booster Day. Bell Bellemare leaves Mr. Ellis a new set of keys to clean his ears Joanne Elagg leaves hoping for the best in life for a special person. with. Doug Bezio leaves Jay with a spot on his shirt. Slim E ' leury leaves Crazy Erank at the Northampton 1 air wonder- ing why 7 I came in dead last and ain’t that a coincidence! Chuck Blanchard leaves for good! l.inda Eowler leaves Eileen all the “wild and crazy clones” of the world. Boc Bocon leaves Mr. E llis doing the P.l ,.E. Andy Eritz leaves Wendy and Scott to finish high school. Beef Bordeaux leaves all the moochers to buy their own cigarettes. Skinner Eugere leaves wondering if the “79” heads will find a job. Newhart Bostley leaves wondering what the future holds. Tracy Euller leaves very happy to get out of high school. l-aleen Boucher leaves John Choleva a “How to Start a Car " manuel for the next time he gets stuck on Prom night; and a book, for anyone who blushes as much as me, to hide behind. Paul Gilbert leaves Jack trying to get sneakers past Mr. Dean, Nick and Tony singing in the rows, and Robin’s friends leaning against his locker. Chip Chiapputi leaves wondering if Mrs. Brenner ever got her bottle of wine. Moose Choleva leaves Mr. Baker his book on how to bowl. Robin Godzinski leaves the rest of the (iodzinski’s to go to Turners; Debbie C. to go to the outdoor movies alone; and Tami and Lisa still waiting for me to save them. Chick Cichanowicz leaves wondering how she made it through four years of this school, and hoping Mary can last all four years! Grip Grybko leaves for the biggest keg party that Munster has ever put on. Mary Cloutier leaves knowing there’s a far and better future out there for her. Paulette Guenette leaves with one final quack: It’s the principal of the thing, that’s the trouble. Edgar Colleran leaves Mark still trying to figure out “Who are Rudy Guy leaves Mr. K. with everything 1 taught him. you?” and “What is funk?” Steve Haigis leaves his brother and sister if anyone wants them. Patty Cronen leaves wondering if Chick will ever “save” her again. Deb to keep finding “big” things, A..I. to total a car, and Eins to remain 100%. Ru,ss Holt leaves a certain paragraph of Catch-22 to anyone who can read and understand if without laughing. Mike Croteau leaves a certain person waiting for Joe to finish school. Charlene Jablonski leaves wondering if someone will ever break my record of being tardy. Terry Croteau leaves Joe Thayer wondering what the date would Barb Jagareski leaves knowing that she’ll never have to come back! have been like and leaves Cius four jelly, four honey dipped, and four Boston cream doughnuts for his 18th birthday. Kevo Jander leaves his mistakes to whoever wants them and I..D. can have his favorite beverage. l.isa Demars leaves Cupcake running with the football in her under- wear, Robin coming to the rescue, Linda pretending she’s me, and two boys holding hands in study. Kathy Kaltner leaves remembering everyone who helped pull her through-Thanks, Liz, DeMeo leaves with good memories, also the library work in the Ogg Kelley leaves Kunta squealing. music dept, to anyone who can figure it out! Dave Kells leaves the back seat of the bus to the next oldest person. Peter Denkewicz leaves Matt with 2 V 2 dozen eggs, Marty with the Turbo Jet, and Karen to track down Nancy by herself. Don Kells leaves the ramp for Jeff. Ann Drungool leaves wondering what the future will bring. Vince Kobera leaves Mr. Slattery wondering how he gets all the questions in the class wrong, but passes the tests! Bill Duffney leaves hoping not to return. Terry Koblinski leaves her school work to her cousin Jane Waltis. Zeke Dumas leaves Bob for 1 more year. Zoanne Kosakowski leaves wishing she was somebody. 42 Jim Ellis leaves deep space to future T.E.H.,S. heads: good luck! Barbi Koscinski leaves Darlene and Lisa with a map in Boston Will trying to find their way home from Hampton Beach. Jeff Koshinsky leaves still wondering if he could have made it without the O’s. Priscilla Lanfair leaves wondering who the fool was who said " High school is the best days of your life.” Keith LaPan leaves wondering if P.C. will ever stop bugging Kathy and Gary. Sue Lehman leaves looking forward to whatever the world brings forth. Emo Lesenski leaves Mr. Huntley “Room 107.” Bud Leveille leaves Mac a canoeing partner who does everything right. Mike Little leaves good ole’ Turners Falls High. Marty Luippold leaves Captain Carl with having to put up with all the Mickey mousers. Wac Lund leaves with a smile and good luck to everyone for the future. Munster Mankowsky leaves Kunta in peace for the next two years. Mona Margozzi leaves with nothing accomplished and nothing gained, but knowing the meaning of the word exile. Dar Matusz leaves the civilized art room gang (Lambert, Eddie, Jazz, and Ernie) to put up with the class of ' 80 morons for one more year; and leaves the “wet dog” wondering who was really crying at the picnic table. Mic McCarthy leaves the Glass Menagerie with a “no trespassing” sign on the right side of it for anyone daring to enter but us. Bruce McComb leaves Bazar to throw other people off the ramp. Tammy McGrath leaves her brother Everett Wickline another 3 years to suffer. Gary Morgan leaves knowing no one can march our senior year!?! Debbie Naida leaves A.J. Togneri with one eye on the road , one eye in the ditch, one hand out the window and four wheels in the ditch and Deb Cournoyer 2 quarts of peach kool-aid. Cupcake Nelson leaves hanging out the window, and leaves waiting for Robin to save us. Loomis Newton leaves wondering if he will get married when he is twenty. Marcia Norwood leaves Lorie, Lisa, and Barb a can of Raid in case of another cockroach attack; and a smile to katwoman-she needs it!! Bob Ouellette leaves his transmission of the Rambler in the middle of the parking lot. Paula Partridge leaves knowing more people than when she came. Kris Pelis leaves all the sympathy in the world to the class of 1992. Gena Pogoda leaves saying thanx to all her classmates for twelve years’ worth of interesting memories. Cheryl Reum leaves Megan to wear the Kelly nose with pride. Tori Richards leaves hoping to never forget what means the most in life, living happy. Joe Rosewarne leaves staggered and wasted after four years of class and field maneuvers. Nancy Sazama leaves Diane P. laughing about “clothes pin” jokes and wondering if she is going to get tapped on the shoulder. Regina Schacht leaves Mrs. Tobin someone else to do her work, and Mrs. Lilly another pest. Larry Sicard leaves the field to any that wants to use it. Ron Sicard leaves wondering if Mark will ever get his shoes on in time for school and waiting for Sharon to get off the phone. Lisa Skole finally leaves high school behind and goes on to better things in life. Charlie Smith leaves wondering why his brother even comes to school. Tami Soequet leaves Sly in Ipswich throwing bottles and meeting sailors. Jon Stafford leaves Mr. Martin waiting for someone else to bug him. Marilyn Sullivan leaves the fishing mulch in OPUS to anyone who likes the smell. Mary Jane Sullivan leaves to work at Weatherheads until she decides on something better. Trisha Sweeney leaves Jackie laughing gently down the stream. Tee Terault leaves “little Patty” to flirt the way her sister did in her 6 years. Pat Thayer leaves Mrs. Lilley another pair of ? for her secret compartment in her pocketbook! Topper Thompson leaves still not knowing why he came here in the first place. Enna Togneri leaves Debbie beeping the horn and yelling for help at Marty’s; leaves remembering all the good times with Patty. Tut Tuttle leaves Jim Ellis wondering how he lived through the Boogie Hill Express. Chug Waryasz leaves wondering if he will join the service. Lorie Wasielewski leaves Lisa with a bent spare key; and Mrs. Loomer the correct pronunciation of her last name. Howie Watrous lea ves wondering if Mr. Baker will ever be able to teach anyone to polevault. Kurt Welcome leaves telling Mrs. Phillips what to do with march- ing band practice. Shortie Williams leaves wondering if Diana W. will make as much trouble. Sandy Wong leaves always being before Susie. Susie Zewinski leaves always being after Sandy. Matt Robinson leaves the band room a little quieter. 43 Class FRESHMEN - 1975-1976 - Starting our Freshmen year was fun. We were so excited to have our very own section in the gymnasium for the rallies after having to share a section for two years while in junior high. We even knew to yell when the cheerleaders said “Let’s hear it from the Fresh- men”! But organizing for Booster Day was a different story. Remember our great Bicentennial Flag that lost and Deb- bie Naida winning Lady in Waiting in her field hockey uniform? Then coming back to win the decorating of the second floor for Turkey Day along with the Sophomores. No one will ever forget having to say good-bye to Mr. Bassett and what a great person he was to have around our school. The highlights of our Freshmen year were just the beginning and forming of one wild and crazy class. One year down — three more to do! SOPHOMORES - 1976-1977 - Everyone was anxious to order our class rings, but no one could decide on exactly what they wanted. Speaking of rings, remember our great success as jewelry salesmen? We raised barely enough mon- ey to buy the needed supplies for our car wash. We turned out to be better car washers than salesmen. That year’s float theme was Sesame Street and Booster Day held a big sur- prise for us when we won honorable mention with Big Bird - our one and only float success. Patti Emond represented our class as Dutchess We won the Turkey Day floor decorat- ing contest again. Although we missed Mr. Bassett, Mr. Dobosz was warmly accepted by all as the new assistant principal. Two years down — two more to go! JUNIORS - 1977-1978 - Our junior year started off by selling Turners Falls Indians gym shorts and T-shirts to 44 History raise money for the Prom. We were guided by our new advisor Miss Aubrey who replaced Mr. Upton. Booster Day soon came around with the Looney Tune Characters theme. Remember attempting to make Speedy Gonzales, his hat turned out to be three times as big as he was. Our princess for Booster Day was our one and only Tami “Cupcake” Nelson. We spent a lot of time and energy preparing for our Prom which was held at Wiggins Tavern in Northampton. This was one of our few successful class projects. Three years down - only one more to go! SENIORS - 1978-1979 All right -We’re here- We’re THE SENIORS!! Our class of ’79 is the first class to live through all six grades at the new T.F.H.S. 1979- We’re 1!! We’ll never forget our Senior year. Remember: fighting for our privileges, graduation pictures, electing class personal- ities, deciding on a yearbook quote, the June 8th announce- ment, getting measured for caps gowns, formation of MMP, Cupcake trying to announce our float at the class meeting, the Seniors conducting their own parade in the Booster Day rain, never getting used to calling Miss Aubrey Mrs. Megliola, Mr. Upton leaving, girls volleyball Western Mass. Champs , heaven on the day the P.A. broke down, striking against school on snowy days, bloodmobile fear, winning the floor decorating contest for the third year, and our crazy class at the Turkey Day rally. The class voted for Lisa Demars as the 1978 Booster Day Queen. The float theme was Disney World and we unanimously chose Don- ald Duck for our float which lost. The class of 1979 will be the last graduating class of the seventies. There will never be another wild and crazy class like ours! Four years down - — - GOOD BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 45 Gill-Montague School Committee 1 to r: Edmund Cadran, John Zywna, Don Brown, Francis Sabato, Constance Couture, Susan Sibley, not pictured: Tom Murley, Harold McCormick, Robert Cade. Office Staff I to r: Clara Lawrence, Agnes Dobosz, Helen Tessier, Barbara Rivet, not pictured: Theresa Sazama 48 Gill-Montague Regional School Administration Mr. Donald LaPierre, Principal I Mr. Stanley Dobosz, Jr., Associate Principal Mr. Robert Avery, Assistant Principal Mr. Paul C. Bassett, Assistant Superintendent High School Administration Mr. Donald LaPierre 49 Mrs. Sandra Patterson High School Secretaries Mrs. Patricia hdwards Library Media Mr. Robert Deluca Mrs. Joanna Saunders Mrs. Robin Dorey Mrs. Patricia Thompson 50 Mrs. Eleanor Taylor Mr. Lawrence Dean Mrs. Rosemary Maddern School Nurse Mrs. Linda Leavis Guidance 51 Miss Maria Lcsiicur Home Economics Foreign Languages ,-i Mr. Albert Routhier-Dcpt. Head 52 Mrs. Marsha Smith Mrs. Sharia Dobson-Friedman Health Mr. Wayne Baker Industrial Arts Mr. Steven Macaulay Mr. Albert Stone Mr. Richard Kossakoski Mrs. Sylvia Tobin-Dept. Head Miss Barbara Lynch Business Mrs. Elizabeth Dorrance Mr. Albert Consoletti Math Mr. Robert Cadran Mrs. Phyllis Hardy 54 Physical Education Mr. Joseph Martin Mrs. Charlotte Robinson Mr. Paul Cournoyer-Dept Head Mrs. Deborah Loonier English Mrs. Christine Megliola Mr. Wesley Snapp Miss Linda Johnson 5b Mr. John O’Riley Mr. Barry Coppinger English Mr. William Connelly im Miss Frances Cassidy 57 Mrs. Denise Lemay Special Education Mrs. Debra Conway Mrs. Helen Sokolosky Mrs. Pamela Simanski-Dept. Head Ms. Cathleen Carter Ms. Emily Groves 58 Mr. George Bush Social Studies Mrs. Sophia Libby-Depl. Mead Miss Nora Ryan Mr. Gerald Perkins Mr. Henry Casten Mrs. Judith Brenner 59 Music Mrs. Jeanne Phillips Mr. Robert Simonelti-Dept. Head Mr. Paul Ciechomski Miss Jane Kosakowski Mr. William Roberls-Dept. Head Science lames Koldis Mr Mrs. Hannah Neville Mr. Rollas Batten Mrs. Marie Bushey Mr. Craig Cook y Mr. Carle Ellis 61 Mr. John LePore Opus Mr. Mark Maynard Cafeteria front row: R. Crowley, J. Peterson, B. Martin, T. Gregory, C. Martin, back row: M. Miner, A. Aitken, M. Naida, B. Campbell, J. Gray. 62 Mr. Stanley Koscinski Mr. Robert Bocon Mr. Richard Patterson, Mr Edward Zamojski f ' Mr. Andrew Rewa Custodians Mr. Donald Shebell Mr. Alex Litskoski Mr. Wilfred Morin 63 Arena time, already ' ? Caught in the act The Total Woman Like this, girls ' ? That car! 64 CLASS OF 1980 President, Chris Norwood; Vice-President, Brenda Matusz; Secretary, Karen Letourneau; Treasurer, Laurie Pietraszek; Historian, Shiela Emery. Tell me all your symptoms Doctor, 1 seem to get these headaches. and I’m hyperactive Well, I’m losing my appetite I’m pregnant?!? Well, doctor; what is it? JUNIORS Row I: A. Billings, K. Letourneau, M. Frary, J. Cummings, S. May, E. Singley, P. Miller, K. Haigis, W. Mullen. Row 2: K. Dunn, L. Pietraszek, D. Deskavich, M. Cook, M. Mirecki, L. Cadran, G. Strysko, P. Waldron, B. Bourdeaux, Row 3: A. Margola, J. Provost, T. Dobias, L, Henry, V. Markol, C. Norwood, M. Zamojski, S. Tompkins JUNIORS Row l:R. Viens, J. Shanahan, J. Burek, J. Boguslawski, L. Collins, Row2:D. Schab, D. Godzinski, A. Miner, T. Jurek, J. Mayrand Row3:T. Hartnett, M. Kruziic, J. Hastings, T. Martin, L. Hastings 68 JUNIORS Row I: L. Zangri, T. Cocking, A. Tompson, P. Colleran, S. Serrel, D. Arsenault. Row 2: P. Waldron, R. Talbot, M. Kelly, S. Emery, B. Matusz, T. Demars. Row 3: R. Kopinski, K. Richardson, B. Bonnete, M. Lamor, E. Sulda JUNIORS Row l:C. Harvey, L. Saulnier, D. Paulin, M. Miner, G. Singley, D. Lapierre, K. Englehardt, J. Provost, P. Mccaffrey. Row 2: E. Wasileski, D. Cusaek, A. Carme, L. Williams, F. Dudek, E. Marvell, R. Hebert, T. Drumgool, D. Winslow. Row 3: W. Hillard, L. George, T. Kuklewiez, M. Girard, K. Zamojski, J. Loveland, W. Potyrala, P. Stone, K. Clark, B. Emond 69 CLASS OF 1981 President, Eileen Fowler; Vice-President, Debby Cournoyer; Secretary, Coreen Lively; Treasurer, Bonnie Thompson; Historian, Karen Sokolosky 7 I ii.jLx.n f r r % SOPHOMORES Row I: D. Garvin, J. Watrous, B. Drumgool, W. Fritz, T. Farrick, K. Humphrey, D. Pielock, M. Wallitis. Row 2:C. Bidwell, T. Delaney, L. Ferland, J. Wallitis, T. Kozma, D. Choiniere, M. Bocon, T. Sanders. Row 3:S. Bradley, B. Thompson, K. Norwood, E. Fowler, B. Lamore, T. Benjamin. K. Rubin, N. Benjamin, K. Little SOPHOMORES Row I: K. Miller, B. Kaltner, C. Finck, W. Crowl, K. Ozdarski, K. Sirum, C. Lively, K. Sokolosky, C. Sazama. Row 2: D. Partridge, L. Kuzmeskus, T. Hartnett, L. Foley, D. Cournoyer, C. Ambo, S. Churchill, L. Guette. Row 3: J . Emery, L. Rubin, S. Zewinski, D. Wong, J. Mayrand, J. Mankowski, L. Zamojski, J. Astell, P. Bassett 72 SOPHOMORES Row 1:T. Newton, F. Welcome, K. Croteau, J. Newton, J. Kosewicz, B. Tibbetts, T. Pleasant. Row 2: K. James, L. Talbot, P. O’connor, A, Novak, J. Thayer, S. Jordan, D. May. Row 3: E. Wirth, P. Williams, K. Stetson, M. Mullen, C. Emery, T. Sargeant, L. Andrews SOPHOMORES Row I:C. Fugere, C. Dunn, J. Zimmerman, K. Rivet, S. Sicard, S. Kelly, D. Podlenski, F. Dolan. Row 2:C. St. Germain, S. Henry, B. Welcome, L. Robinson, N. Seymour, D. Grypko, J. Saunders, D. Whitney. Row 3: L. Canedy, R. Cehlar, J. Mccomb, D. Hastings, H. Atkins, D. Pittenger, L. Fugere 73 FRESHMEN Above Left, Row I:S. Bostley, T. Waldron, M. Wait, T. Shanahan, T. Pleasant, B. Viens, L. Starkey, J. Leh. Row 2: E. Mccaffrey, J. Newton, S. Corliss, L. Richards, H. Krol, J. Peabody, G. Cook, P. Sanders. Row 3: R. Antineralla, K. Laramie, L. Little, R. Targhetta, C. Mullen, M, Eddy, D. Bartlett, E. Mccomb, E. Martin. Below Left, Row ; W. Norwood, S. Kopinski, B. Mecomb, S. Reipold, L. Williams, B. Pelletier, C. Duda, M. Fowler. Row2. N. Dolton, P. Coutemache, T. Abbott, J. Carrol, J. Carrol, T. Wickline, D. Williams, S. Pelletier. Row 3: M. Pelis, J. Lesenski, J. Demko, J. Hillman, B. Kruzlic, H. Santos, D. Jarvis Above, Row I: M. Cournoyer, L. Thomas, J. Virgilio, D. Bruno, D. Brennan, M. Stennes, S. Letourneau, R. Simanski, B. Miner, C. Tilden. Row 2: L. Collins, T. Atkins, S. Riel, P. Abbott, S. Skrypeck, D. Smiarowski, E. Wickline, M. Sirum, P. Penardy. Row 3: B. Loveland, D. Garden, F. Cotter, B. Baily, S. Mosca, N. Rastallis, J. Mayrand, T. Thornton, R. Watroda, J. Burek JUNIOR HIGH President, Mike Billiel; Vice-President, Betsy Hale; Secretary, Karen Heinimen; Treasurer, Lori Winslow; Parlimentarian, Karl Lapan EIGHTH GRADERS Row 1: L. Niskern, D. Holt, L. Harris. M. Flavin, L. Whitney, J. Anders, A. Hale, J. Rewa, J. Secord. Row 2: L. Barry, D. Grouningshield, S. Lapinski, S. Watroba, M. Senn, M. Willard, D. Serrantes, D. Winslow, K. Lafleur, C. Marshall, M. Foster. Row 3: T. Hartnett, A. Godzinski, J. Tompkins, K. Salustri, T. Zewinski, S. Blood, J. Sokoloski, A. Cusack, K. Heiniman, M. Hyson, S. Waznyack. Row 4: E. King, M. Mccormick, D. Mullen, E. Cronack, R. Cournoyer, M. Billial, W. Bradley, A. Blanchard. Row 5: K. Borbeau, D. Baker, R. Leh, G. Vivier, S. Wallitis, J. Roberge, C. Tower, K. Lettier, N. Stewart 1 i L- ■ 1 EIGHTH GRADERS Row 1: D. Bourdeaux, L. Falcon, J. Coyle, P. Mariani, C. Elliot, S. Pielock, B Hale, B. Tuttle, J. Clough, D. Dalton. Row2: S. Kurtyka, J. Gauthier, K. Fuller, M. Fuller, R. Emond, D. Quaghardi, D. Pinardi, E. Slate, J. Dudek. Row 3: R. Mullen, K. Rowell, M. York, C, Tower, B. Freeman, D. Nadeau, T. Norwood, M. Mosen, W. Wong. Row 4: A. Emond, M. Brown, M. Ozdarski, J. Crolton, R. Legere, T. Stone, C. Rastallis, S. Scully, M. Kucenski. Row 5: J. Potyrala, J. Zellman, T. Gaffey, C. Lucas, D. Flagg, K. Underwood, M. Dickerman, F. Zera 81 2: K. Thompkins. T. Phillips. R. Cannon, J. Fa o L KozL f kL B Sm E W S. Warsawski. Row G. Brule. Row 3: B. Linscott, S. Borde;ux. A Suliivl WiLm: J Mine’r T n " ®’ . " " 8. E. Muroe, J. Gregory, Bender. J. Pydych. Row 4: P. Morrison, B Atkins T Zamoiski L Hoev n H Majewski, C. Riel, C. Mosca, W. Slauenwhite, Row 5: K. Leh. L. Bocon. R. Man. D FuS S Wa h P SouirTr p T " ’ ' P ' Scopa, E. Hamilton, C. Kobera, A. Delaney 8 - • h, P. Squires, K. Friedman, J. Molongoski, D. Dolan, T. Broga, T. SEVENTH GRADERS Row 1 : M. St. Hilaire, L. Hillman, M. Telliar, D. Vernier, R. Miller, J. Demers, B. Aubrey, D. Eurrvin, T. White, B. Brooks, E. Brooks. Row 2: J. Lund, K. Senn, V. Baker, D. Clark, M. Fisher, W. Tencati, T. Grader, G. Shanahan, L. Garbriel, K. O’connor, C. Momaney, L. Lemon. Row 3: J. Scott, T. Peura, G. Avery, M. James, S. Gaffey, K. Courtemanche, S. Page, E. Fanning, T. Saharceski, J. Sanders, J. Watrous. Row 4; K. Demars, T. Thayer, M. Crouse, K. Cowan, T. Thompson, L. Mongiello, T. Cournoyer, K. Rivet, K. Krejmas, M. Richotte. Row 5: A. Urgiel, L. Krejmas, T. Crouse, D. Carpenter, K. Sak, J. Zelman, J. Oakes, J. Dilliod, G. King ACTIVITIES 1 1 r ir ■ it i m:- ' High School Marching Band Twirlers 87 Office Workers NETOP Home Ec Club 88 Junior Prom WE’RE ALL ALONE Once the story’s told It can’t help but grow old Roses do, lovers do, so cast Your seasons to the wind Student Government 0mtS Model Congress ■ ' ' ' »» Jr. High Student Government Student Advisory Committee Audio Visual Radio Club 95 Gene Pogoda . Eileen Boucher Earle Birney INTERMISSION “Mrs. Ainsworth’s Christmas Cat” James Herriot .... “Letter from the Birmingham Jail” Martin Luther King, Jr. Selection from “Hard Times” Charles Dickens . . . “Some Heady Phrases on Wine” and “Other Voices, Other Wines” Art Buchwald Paul Gilbert Laura Wasielewski Zoanne Kosakowski Jacques Ferland Kristi Pelis Joanne Flagg . . . . Dorothy Parker “David” “The Hypnotist” Ambrose Bierce Dream Variation-Let America be America Again-Dream Deferred Langston Hughes “The Waltz” Junior High School Band High School Band 98 High School Chorus Junior High School Chorus 99 YEARBOOK STAFF Editors: Cheryl Reum Jack Ferland Business: Kathy Kaltner, Sandy Wong Barb Koscinski Senior Section: Cupcake Nelson, Paul Gilbert, Liz Demeo, Paulette Guenette, Matt Robinson Photo Essay: Paul Gilbert, Lorie Wasielewski, Lisa Demars, Marcia Norwood Faculty: Joanne Flagg, Helen Cichanowicz, Tami Socquet Underclassmen: Cupcake Nelson, Paul Gilbert, Linda Fowler, Patty Cronen Activities: Lorie Wasielewski Debbie Naida Sports: Joanne Flagg Sly Emery Photographers: Maurice Dumas, Cupcake Nelson, Kevin Jander, Keith Lapan, Vince Kobera, Kurt Welcome, Ron Sicard Turners 7 Amherst Turners 0 Frontier Turners 3 Tantasqua Turners 0 Ware Turners 14 Mohawk Turners 20 Palmer Turners 10 Drury Turners 21 Mahar Turners 6 Athol Turners 19 Greenfield Season Record 6-3-1 Turkey Day Turners 19 - Greenfield 9 rTTfriHim 1 ?? missing: Doug Bezio, Keith Lapan, Peter Denkewicz, Robert Viens. Cross Country Turners 19 Greenfield 45 Turners 15 Drury 50 Turners 16 Athol 47 Turners 34 Mohawk 24 Turners 38 Holyoke 23 Turners 28 Hampshire 31 Turners 15 Gateway 48 Turners 15 Frontier 50 Turners 16 Easthampton 47 Turners 15 Franklin Tech 50 Turners 15 Pioneer 50 Girls Varsity Basketball m Junior Varsity Basketball Freshmen On behalf of the class of 1979, we would like to thank the following for their hard work and support throughout our high school years: Mr. Steve Upton, Class Advisor during 1976-1977. Mrs. Christine Megliola, Class Advisor during 1977-1979. Mr. Barry Coppinger, Yearbook Advisor. And the countless number of faculty and student body who have helped make these four years unforgettable. Professional Patrons Dr. James H. Bolton 78 Federal Street Greenfield Dr. John H. Caloon 4 Dell Street Turners Falls Dr. Francis A. Sabato, Jr. 62 Avenue A Turners Falls Dr. Richard Perry, Jr. 40 School Street Greenfield Dr. Raymond F. Higgins 76 Avenue A Turners Falls Dr. Arthur W. Charron 58 Fourth Street Turners Falls Dr. Warren D. Thomas 77 Fourth Street Turners Falls 123 o ' id While you may not think of the town of Greenfield as being world renowned, it is be- cause for over 105 years thread cutting tools and gages have been shipped around the world with the word ' ' Greenfield " Imprinted on them. We are very proud of this fact as it is the high quality of Greenfield tools that has enabled us to make the world GJD ' s custom- ers. But more importantly, we are proud of the people who make these tools. For over five generations people in this area have been demonstrating their skills by producing a line of thread cutting and gaging tools that are the finest in the world. t r€ww GREENFIELD TAP DIE DIVISION SANDERSON STREET, GREENFIELD, MASSACHUSETTS 01301 Best Wishes To The Class Of 1979 324 MAIN ST . P.O.BOX 730. GREENFIELD. MASSACHUSETTS 01301 Good luck to the Class of ’78 from the TURNERS FALLS I.G.A. 200 Avenue A Turners Falls, Mass. Tel. 774-2905 Congratulations Class Of ’79 From Good Luck To The Class Of 1979 THE CLASS OF ’81 1 » ALIBER’S Great Fashions for Juniors and Brides-to-be PARTRIDGE-ZSCHAU INSURANCE AGENCY INC. Millers Falls Road Turners Falls, Mass. 231 Main Street Greenfield, Mass. Compliments of HARVEY’S DRIVING BENEFICIAL FINANCE COMPANY SCHOOL 269 MAIN STREET GREENFIELD, MA. Tel: 773-5472 COMPLETE DRIVER EDUCATION COURSES 278 Main Street (2nd Floor) Greenfield, Mass. 126 GEO. STARBUCK SONS INC. Est. 1872 Quiet May Oil Burners Steam and Water Plumbing Contractors Turners Falls, Mass. CASflNES HAIR CREATIONf if II II » Jl V I Prospect Streeg | s, Mass . Hair by Studio I COMPLIMENTS! GREENFIELD BOWL-O-MAT 89 French King Highway Greenfield, Mass 01301 5 Bank Row 774-3061 Greenfield Good Luck To The Class Of ’79 RITA’S LUNCHEONETTE AND BAKERY Homemade baked goods and Daily luncheon specials MONTAGUE MACHINE CO. Paper Mill Machinery Maintenance Work for Neighboring Mills. Turners Falls, Mass. Congratulations To The Class Of 1979 From BARRETT BAKER 127 Congratulations Class Of ' 79 From The Montague Teacher’s Association IN LUXURY APARTMENTS HOME BUILDING Yqurs For Better Living With NU=HOMES, S63-27BD P. □. BOX 294 B63-456B TURNERS FALLS, MASS. Q1376 CLEARYS Greenfied ' s Oldest Jewelers 248 Main Street Greenfield, MA n ' Quality- Integrity-Service COUTURE’S DECORATING CENTER WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE 187 Avenue A Turners Falls, MA 01376 Tel: 863-8101 ilJ ' ' d 3 II. £ 19 ' 1 Compliments of MCCARTHY FUNERAL HOME Turners Falls, Mass. 128 CROSBY OPTICIANS • BROKEN LENSES DUPLICATED • PRESCRIPTION WORK AUTHORIZED ZENITH HEARING AIDS WALK- IN SERVICE HENRY C. CROSBY Keg Optician Sarvmg You Smca t 934 FREE PARKING SO CHAPMAN $1 6RE£NnilO Cal 772-6337 Compliments Of The SHADY GLEN RESTAURANT Congratulations From HAWLEY PHARMACIES Avenue A Turners Falls, Mass Turners Falls Millers Falls Mass. VALLEY CAMERA SUPPLY ESCOTT’S SERVICE STATION 54 Avenue A Turners Falls Mass. Complete Auto Body Service 4 Avenue A Turners Falls, Mass Tel. 863-4028 NORTON • BSA • RICKMAN A-J CYCLE SHOP Sales - Service Tel (413)863-9543 215 Millers Falls Rd. Turners Falls, MA Tel. 863-2833 FRENCH KING BOWLING CENTER Bowl Candlepins And Join The High School Bowling League You’ll Like It! Carol Thomas 1 George Avenue Patricia Letourneau Turners Falls, Mass. Congratulations From PEGGY PARKER 134 Main St. Greenfield, MA 399 Federal Street Greenfield, Mass. SCOTTY’S Tel. 773-3277 Fine Foods Open 7 And Meats Days 8 a.m. 9 p.m. Linda Phil Franklin, Prop. FRANK’S 1 SERVICE In Greenfield it’s CHARRON’S PHARMACY, INC AND GIFT SHOP STATION, INC, Route 2 Millers Falls, Mass UJILSON ' S Franklin County’s Leading Department Store Serving You and Your Family Since 1882 131 BOURBEAU’S PACKAGE STORE, INC. One Of The Most Complete And Modern Liquor Stores In Franklin County The Best For The Future Years Ahead To The Class Of 79 69 Second St. Tel. 863-4768 Turners Fall, MA MILLERS FALLS PAPER COMPANY Manufacturers of fine business and technical papers MILLERS FALLS, MASSACHUSETTS 01349 Processing for the professional photographer HALLMARK COLOR LABS Turners Falls, Massachusetts Photography for college yearbooks Yearbook Associates Turners Falls, Massachusetts For a career in professional photography Hallmark Institute of Photography Turners Falls, Massachusetts 135 Compliments Of THE RAZOR’S EDGE High Street Turners Falls, Mass. ED’S BARBER SHOP 78 Avenue A Turners Falls, Mass. 01376 WILLIAMS’ GARAGE I Motor Tune-Ups Tires-Tubes-Batteries i Generators-Starters- Alternators Distributors-Autolite-Delco ! j 147 Second St. Turners Falls i Tel. 863-9733 Nights Tel. 863-9833 BEAUBIEN AND BONNETTE FUEL CO. INC. 66 L Street Turners Falls, Mass. 01376 i i .jSW ' J RAILROAD SALVAGE STORES Canal St. - Turners Falls, Mass. 01376 RAILROAD SALVAGE BUYS - CLOSE-OUTS - MFGRS OVERSTOCKS - INSURANCE CO. LOSSES WATER FIRE DAMAGED GOODS - FREIGHT CLAIMS - BANKRUPT STORES CURRENT MARKET MDSE CARPETING - FURNITURE - CB RADIOS ACCESSORIES - STEREOS - HARDWARE PET SUPPLIES - TOYS - LADIES MENS CLOTHING - SHOES - DOMESTICS - - PAINTS HOUSEWARES Sfmlngs Your Family Financial Service Center GREENFIELD • TURNERS FALLS SOUTH DEERFIELD Compliments Of POLISH CO-OP 94 Fourth Street Turners Falls, MA Tel. 863-4683 Over 1 07 Years of Banking Experience 137 OX.D FASHIONED BUDDBGEBS 1 Copyiighl © 1977 by Wvralv $ Intemalional Inc AJI nghis reserved Visit Us at: 138 Federal Street, Greenfield, MA Also at: 1420 Allen Street, Springfield, fVIA 727 Boston Road, Springfield, MA 288 Park Street, West Springfield, MA 786 Memorial Drive, Chicopee, MA 203 King Street, Northampton, MA 124 Turnpike Road, Westboro, MA SNOWS NICE CREAM CO. INC. BICYCLE WORLD Congratulations From Bicycle World JUDD WIRE ICE CREAM Flome Of Quality Ice Cream 80 School St. Greenfield, MA Best Wishes To The Class Of ’79 From Division Of Electronized Chemical Corporation CAROL’S BEAUTY NOOK Turners Falls, Massachusetts Escondida, California 29 G Street Turners Falls I 140 STERLING FLATWARE STERLING HOLLOWARE SILVERPLATED HOLLOWARE PEWTER LUNT SILVERSMITHS Greenfield, Massachusetts “Best Wishes Class Of ’79” il Best Wishes From SCISSOR S CUT PIPIONES SPORT SHOP Everything For The Sportsman Footballs, Basketballs, Archery 104 Avenue A Turners Falls, MA THE MEINLsi i WHO KNOW TIRES AND YOUR CAR BEST! The FRANKLIN COUNTY Trust Company Greenfield Orange RRTlsi tire aoi XERVICE Inc. 10 SILVER ST., GREENFIELD, MAS SACH USETTS 0I3OI Tel. ‘1I3-774-4349 FULL SERVICE L BANK®i EASTERN TEXTILE COMPANY With Best Wishes For The Future To The Class Of ’79” GREENFIELD SUPPLY CO. Textile - Domestic And Imported Cotton Silk - Woolens Power Square Greenfield, Mass 01301 Distributors of Plumbing Heating Electrical Supplies 16 Deerfield Street Greenfield, Mass 01301 1-413-774-4308 143 HALLMARK STUDIO 267 Main Street Greenfield, Mass. 01301 Congratulations To The Class Of 1979 From Hallmark Studio Official Class Photographer Tel. 773-5765 TEL. 774-5353 34 CHAPMAN ST. GREENFIELD, MASS. 01301 Hair rmicls UNI-SEX HAIR STYLING KIDDIE RARE NURSERY 107 Montague Road Turners Falls, Mass. Beth Kaltner, Directress Discount All Services, Tues Wed. Walk in Service-Open Fri. Evening THE OUTLET STORE Congratulations To The Class Of 1979 “The Store Of Values” 10-12 Chapman St. STEVE’S PIZZA Greenfield, MA Best Wishes To The Class Of ’79 Jerry Gail Richard RAYMOND P. DENKEWICZ LOCKSMITH Master Keying Specialist for Hospitals-Schools-Institutions Safe and Lockwork 76 3rd Street Turners Falls, Ma. Kitchen Cabinet Remodeling Center ; SUPPLY CO. " YOUR KITCHEN REMODELING HEADQUARTERS " DIVISION OF TURNERS FALLS COAL CO. ele 863-8173 659-3067 GMTA GREENFIELD and MONTAGUE ' S Municipal Transit Service 382 Deerfield Street Greenfield, Mass. — Air Conditioned Coaches ANGELINA’S SUB SHOP Featuring Subs And Hot Grinders 74 Federal St. 774-3944 Open Daily 10-12 - Friday Til 1 for Special Charter — HOME FURNISHING CO 122 Main Street Greenfield, MA “Over 60 Years Of Dependability” Edward M. Evans Compliments Of: Engaged in the Maki ng and Selling of FINE LEATHER GOODS at BELTS BAGS A 108 Federal Street in the totun of Greenfield Maffachufetts oisoi 1-413-773-3191 ONE BANK ROW ALAN AUGUST GREENFIELD, MASS. 01301 President (413) 773-3379 WOMAN ' S WORLD Health Spa Figure Salons, Inc. RUGGERI’S SHOPPING CENTER Evelyn Bostley Manager 402 Federal Street Greenfield Cherry Rum Plaza Bernardston Rd. Greenfield, Mass. 01301 (413) 774-2275 146 SPORT SHOP 289 AAAIN STREET GREENFIELD, AAASSACHUSEHS 01301 WE DELIVER Congratulations to The Class of 1979 GREENFIELD (If RECORDER 14 Hope St., Greenfield 4 1 3-772-0261 ¥ Tel. 413-863 538 BASSETT REAL ESTATE CO. OF MONTAGUE 74 Avenue A JOHN F. BASSETT Turners Falls. Mass. 01376 147 1 MAIN STREET GO OUT AND MEET THE WORLD ON ITS OWN TERMS. MUSmNG SWEENEY 413-773-5455 GREENEIELD, MA. Congratulations To The Class Of 1979 INC. FALLS, MASSACHUSETTS 01376 • (413)773 9636 COMPLIMENTS TO THE CLASS OF 1979 OIR TrankHn County tomobile tailers P.O. Box 587 Greenfield. Massachusetts 01301 Mohawk Bank Trust Co. Bostley Motor Co. Dana Chevrolet Dillon Chevrolet Hartwin Motors The County Bank Don Lorenz, Inc. Petrin Motor Sales Pioneer Valley Saab-Volvo Ruggeri Datsun Shelburne Falls Garage Spencer Bros. Ford Sweeney Ford The Franklin County Trust Co. The Pioneer National Bank 149 ■ .,V " - s, r. ' ■ - T ' To Make Your Wedding A Memorable Day . . . Leave all the Arrangements to “Gourmet •CALL GOURMET FIRST Access to Most Function Facilities in the Tri-County Area plus Southern Vermont and New Hampshire • Twelve Dinner Selections or Five Buffet-Menus • Recommendations on Floral Arrangements • Recommendations on Cake Decorating • Complete Line of Invitations • Access to Twelve Orchestras • Personalized Service • Photography . 1 ? ourmet Catering for all occasions i ' ' ' ■ ■ ’‘■ SUE GENE Wm. JOE Gene and Sue Borkowski 774-2207 1148 Bernardston Road Greenfield Catering for all occasions including summer outings L Best Wishes To The Class Of 1979 From MONTAGUE MINI - MART THE DANCERS ' SHOP 19 CHAPMAN ST GREENFIELD. MASS Congratulates The Class Of 1979 21 Main Street, Montague Center I I Pcske-Tuk Turners Falls Higfi School Library Montague MA 01351 Long before any white man set foot on the soil of New England there was a divided river known in the Indian tongue as Peske-Tuk. Today this river is known as the Connecticut River. We have taken its ancient Indian name for our yearbook realizing that in future years this title, Peske-Tuk, will remind us of our heritage at Turners Falls High School and of the years spent with the class of Nineteen hundred and Seventy Nine. X . t s

Suggestions in the Turners Falls High School - Peske Tuk Yearbook (Turners Falls, MA) collection:

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