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Turners Falls High School - Peske Tuk Yearbook (Turners Falls, MA) online yearbook collection, 1977 Edition, Cover

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Air L " t .. % ' ■ i »-?V k ' -..rsk _ So excuse me for forgetting these things that I do But yours are the sweetest eyes I’ve ever seen. Ifs for people like you that keep it turned on Denise Bordeaux, Vice President Janine Viens, Secretary 18 STANLEY J. AMBO " It is easy enough to be pleasant when life flows by like a song, but the man worth- while is one who will smile when every- thing goes dead wrong " Stan ' s goal is to work and make money. Likes: the band room; Beach Boys; cruising; Barnie ' s chal- lenges; sports; Track Suntan, Inc. Dislikes: boring classes; operations; tobacco; stuck- up people. Activities: Football 1,2; Manager 3,4; Track 1-4; Madrigals 4; T-Club; Chorus 4. PATTI ANNEAR “A friend of the devil is a friend of mine. " " Lunar. " Likes: concerts; the Dead; laughing ’ with Kat. Dislikes: Hojo ' s; being bored; stuck-up people. DIANE MARIE BAR " Each moment of the year has its own beau- ty ... a picture which was never seen before and which shall never be seen again. " Diane ' s goal is to go to college. Likes: snow- storms; the color blue; laughing; friends; happy memories. Dislikes: making deci- sions; getting up early; waiting. Activities: Marching Band 1,2,3,4; Concert Band 1,2,3,4; GAA 1,2,4; Yearbook Staff. ROBERT G. ALLEN JR. " Yes, there are two paths you can go by, but in the long run there ' s still time to change the one you ' re on. " Bob ' s goal is to walk into the valley of darkness and see the light. Likes: snow; cruisin ' ; lonely nights at camp; long haired blonds; Baltimore; Beach Boys. Dislikes: 14.54; Mr. Slattery ' s questions; fill- ing the gas tank; S.B.W.; two faced people; bigmouths. Activities: Football 1-4; Baseball 1; Track 2-4; Basketball 1; Swim Club; 2,3; Swim Team 4; Chorus 4; " 1776 and All That " ; Junior Prom Committee; Yearbook Staff; T-Club. DAWN MARIE ANDREW Donald ' s goal is to travel around the world. Likes; Joey; 9 11 76; traveling; Bernardston Inn; Amherst; F.M.; talks witn Cheri; a cer- tain song; camaros; J.B.; Eagles; 4 23 74; Bungalow Avenue. Dislikes: " Wick " ; dead end streets; being depressed; " The Swamp " . Activities: GAA 1-4; Colorguard 4; Pep Club 1,2; Spanish Club 2,3. LEONARD BEDAW " If God wanted Man to stay on the ground. He would have given us roots. " SKYN- YRD ' s goal is to graduate from high school. Likes; hang gliding; parachuting; and the Sky. Dislikes; team sports; jocks; and grav- ity. 19 THOMAS M. BERGERON ' To seek, to find, to share. " Berg ' s goal is to be successful in life as an accountant. Likes: Carole K.; Canada; GMC 4-wheei drives; July 4 and 5 at camp. Dislikes: working at R.R.S.; root canals; waking up cold; days that never seem to end. Activities: Football 1,2,4; Baseball 1-3; T-Club. ERANCIS J. BLOOD " The secret of happiness is not in doing what one likes, but in liking what one does. " Joe ' s goal is to have enough money. Likes: sports; Dolphins; crusin " ; tobacco; 50 ' s and bO ' s; Adidas. Dislikes: May 31, 1975; know- it-alls; C owboys. Activities: Football 1-4; Track 1-4; T Club 2-4. KEVIN MICHAEL BONNETTE " Well, what are we going to do tonight boys? " Dilton ' s goal is to get to the top. Likes: The Grateful Dead; Commander Cody; J.J.Z. Co.; Arrow C.B.; being with people; summer of ' 76. Dislikes: Feb. 11, 1975; S.H.P.D.; being alone; getting sick; be- ing chumped out. Activities: Football 1-4; Basketball 1-4; Track 1-4; Student Govern- ment 1-4; Class Vice President 1; Class President 2; Student Government President 3,4; Student Advisory Council 3; Student Government Day Representative 3; Junior Prom Committee; " Enter Laughing " ; " 1776 and All That " ; T. Club. DENISE BEATRICE BORDEAUX Bord ' s goal is to go to college. Likes: Ouzo; Green River; pictures with Sue and Lor. Dis- likes: buying shoes; shutting doors; Elmer Fudd. Activities: Vollyball 3; GAA 3; Ski Club 2,3; German Club 2,3; Chorus 4; Wood- wind Ensemble 3; Concert Band 1-3; March- ing Band 1-3; Girl ' s All-State Alternate 3; Class Historian 3; Student Advisory Council Delegate 4; Class Vice-President 4; National Honor Society President 4; Yearbook Staff 4; Student Council 3,4; Prom Committee. EDWARD BOGUSLAWSKI " Keep smilin ' - it makes people wonder what you ' ve been up to. " Likes: weekends; vaca- tions; money; The Eagles; Moe ' s; Smitty ' s fire walks, sleeping late; motorcycles (Kawa- sakis). Dislikes: working; tobacco; N.Y. teams; getting caught; Papa Gino ' s; Football Camp. Activities: Football 1,3,4; Basketball 1-4; " Tennis 1-3; Track 4; T Club. DAVID B. BOURBEAU " I got a song, and I carry it with me and I sing it loud. If it gets me no where, I go there proud. " Bibbo ' s goal is just to be happy. Likes: parties; Cat Stevens; cruising; Mel Brooks; boink wars with Bob; we ends; float building. Dislikes: wearing glasses; loneliness; permant colds; heights; making tough decisions. Activities: Tennis 3,4; Prom Committee; Yearbook Staff. ALAN CADRAN " How ' do ' ! " Mouth ' s goal is to make people understand the funny side of living. Likes: green; good boogies; going to Springfield; food; good looking women. Dislikes: the sand pits; teeny hoppers; red; white; blue; Schlitz. Activities: Track 1-4; Football 1; Cross Country 1; Swimming 1. TIMOTHY JOHN CARLISLE " Oh, I ' m on my way, I know I am, some- where not so far from here. " Herb ' s goal is to be an engineer. Likes: Deb; cold Miller; The Grateful Dead; C.G.; skiing; S.T.O.P. Dislikes: Hillcrest; corner of High St. and Crocker Ave.; Hornet; getting caught 11 19 74. Activities: Football 1-4; Football Captain 1,4; Baseball 1-4; T-Club; Ski Club 1-4. EDWARD HAROLD CADRAN JR. " T.V. dinners by the pool. I ' m so glad I finished school. " Canter ' s goal is to reach Hollywood, California. Likes: cold beer; N.Y. Yankees; gold; Yes, in concert; Aeros- mith; keg parties; pin ball. Dislikes: Grateful Dead; rednecks (D.D.); boring parties; stuck up people; shaving; Boston Red Sox. Activi- ties: Basketball 1-4; Football 1. KATHLEEN BURNS " Guess what? " Space ' s goal is to laugh at things no matter now bad. Likes: The Dead; laughing with Pat; Friend of the Devil; dreaming; concerts; J.D. Dislikes: Hojo ' s; stuck up people; truckin ' from Hartford; gym. Activities: Twirling 1,2,3. THOMAS F. CAMPBELL " Knowing is not enough, we must do; will- ing is not enough, we must apply. " Campy ' s goal is to be a olack belt. Likes: Bruce Lee; karate; a certain girl; Mr. Upton; Oakland A ' s; Pittsburg Steelers; sexy blonds (F.F.). Dislikes: D.L.; the system; snoddy girls; Sat- urday nights with nothing to do; Monday mornings; baseball practice; D.C. Activities: Student Council 1-3; Baseball 1,3,4. GAIL BRODERICK ' " The world is round, and the place which may seem like the end may also be only the beginning. " Gail ' s goal is to be happy and successful in future endeavors. Likes: ice cream; music; talking and laughing with friends; badminton; reading; The Beach Boys; the color pink; bike rides on sunny days. Dislikes: bugs; making decisions; be- ing bored; time passing too quickly. Activi- ties: Cheerleading 3; GAA 1; Drama Club 4; As Schools Match Wits 4; Yearbook Com- 1 mittee; Teen Scene. 21 PHILIP N. CLOUTIER " There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle, or the mirror that reflects it.” Phil ' s goal is to live a life worth remember- ing. Likes: Redsox; long weedends; playing cards; saying " ABE " . Dislikes; Yankees; classes with Bill; waking up; sprints. Activi- ties: Football 1-4; Baseball 1; T-Club. MIKE CONNOR WILLIAM DONALD COLLERAN JR. " Always be yourself for when you ' re alone that ' s who you are. ' Peach ' s goal is GCC- Registered Nurse-E.M.T. Likes: walking in snow filled woods; moonlit fields; 911 turbo charged Porsches; rain; Mt. Washington; one certain person. Dislikes: American made cars; double periods of physics; people who judge other people on the words or others. Activities: Basketball 1; Track 1-4; Yearbook Staff; Jazz-Rock Ensemble 3,4; Chorus 1-4; Madrigals 1-4 (Pres. 4) Western Mass. Dis- trict Cnorus 2-4; " Bye Bye Birdie”; " Enter Laughing”; ”1776 and All That " . MICHAEL COTE " What is a man but about 150 pounds of flesh, a lot of confused thoughts and all this world has to keep it together.” " Evil.” Likes: the quiet peaceful things in life; money; Jai Alai; four wheelin ' ; pinball; senior privi- leges; Batten ' s Crew; year book photograph- ing; most everyone. Dislikes: pain; being tired; conforming; conformists; the ordinary and chumps. Activities: Yearbook Photogra- pher. SEAN BRENDON CONNELLY " Frustration is commonly the difference be- tween what you would like to be and what you are willing to sacrifice to become what you would like to be. " Hi Hi ' s goal is the White House. Likes: laughing; pizza; in au- tumn; Jim Croce; being able to talk about anything with someone special; being with good friends. Dislikes: cruising Greenfield; breaking up; insecurity; working on tobac- co. Activities: School plays 1-4; Track 1-4; Cross Country 1-4; Cnorus 1-4; Madrigals 3,4; Student Government 1-4; Treasurer 3,4; S.S.A. 4; R.S.A. 4; Principal ' s Assoc. Student Rep. 4. JAMES ERANCIS COYNE III " Emotion is the greatest illness; time is the greatest healer. " Rayne ' s goal is to become a computer programmer. Likes: Toyotas; Led Zepplin; ice cold Miller; weekends with good friends; " getting greasy " ; Bob ' s party with the canoe; at times, thinking. Dislikes: accidents; falling out of canoes; warm beer; tobacco; a certain field boss. Activities: Bas- ketball 1-4; Baseball 1-4; Football 1,4; Stu- dent Council 3; Chorus 4; Float Committee 1,2; Dance Committee 3; Prom Committee 3; T-Club. 22 SHELLY JEAN CRONEN “The greatest essentials of happiness are something to do, something to love, and something to hope for. " Shelly ' s goal is to travel cross country. Likes: horses; Tull; good times; concerts; snowmobiling; par- ties. Dislikes: snakes; being along; good- byes; Sunday mornings. Activities: Chorus 3,4; Yearbook Staff; Floatmaking 2-4. CYNTHIA JEAN CUMMINGS " Though a moment may be temporary, a memory lasts forever. " Cindy ' s goal is to go on to school for at least four more years. Likes: Summer of ' 76; weekends in Amherst; a certain person; parties at Shirley ' s camp; Autumn days; sleeping in New Hampshire; partying with the guys; laughing; having fun. Dislikes: Moody people; boring week- ends; trouble; sitting next to Janine; Gradu- ation ' 76; Unity Park interrogations. Activi- ties: Chorus 1; Twirling 2,3,4; T-club. NANCY GAIL CURRIER " Don ' t give up till you ' ve tried everything! " Nanc ' s goal is to find the true meaning of life. Likes: someone special; Elton John; summer; New Hampshire; Corvettes. Dis- likes: F.B.; school lunches; stuck up people; studies; John Denver; noisy places; winter. Activities: Float making 1,2,4. DONNA JEAN DESO " Don ' t do to others what you don ' t want done to you. " Chop Chop ' s goal is to be- come a wildlife Law Enforcement Officer. Likes: hunting and fishing; the outdoors; a certain someone; talking with Marie; being outside on a fall day; rain. Dislikes: drink- ing; being depressed and hurt; conceited people: rain during deer hunting. Activities: Medical Careers Club 3. J JOHN PETER CURRIE " They said I ' d shine like the light on the city; I hoped it ' d be like the moon on the sea. " Humpy ' s goal is to hike the Appala- chian Trail from Georgia to Maine. Likes; X- country, skiing; music; sports; changing seasons; sunsets. Dislikes: waiting; snakes; monotony. Activities: Basketball 1-3; Cross Country 3,4; Tennis 2-4; Float Committee; T-Club; " Naturals " 1-4. RICHARD P. DION " Common sense isn ' t so common. " Dino ' s goal is to further his education and succeed in an occupation. Likes: sports; vacations; Trail Sights; The Cowboys; Elton John; Sat- urday nights. Dislikes: early morning; bor- ing nights; short weekends. Activities: Ten- nis 2-4; T Club. 23 CHARLENE M. DOBOSZ ' In friendship we can discover the happi- ness of sharing, the magic world of dream- ing, the specif joys of caring. " Likes: the first snow; lasting friendships; memories of good times; people that make me laugh; par- ties at Shirley ' s camp. Dislikes: getting caught 11, 19 74; 5, 10 75; conceit; boredom; loniiness; a certain trip up Socquet ' s Hill ' 74; spiders; Unity Park interrogations. Activi- ties: Cheering 1-4, co-captain 3; Track 1-4; Yearbook Staff; Prom Committee; Pep Club 1,2; T-Club; Chorus 3; Tournament Cheer- ing 3,4; Student Advisory Council 4. t. MICHAEL JOHN DUDA " Don ' t you think I know what I ' m doing? " Monty ' s goal is California. Likes: Yes; 6 18 76; 6 19 76; cold Miller; parties; Black Sabbath; boogie hill; doogers. Dislikes: stuck ups; rednecks; getting busted; Sick City; feeling wasted. Activities: Baseball 1,4. 24 DAVID DRESSER " I ' ll Jam you. " Hessler ' s goal is to be a me- chanic. Likes: Marilyn; hot cars; heavy Chevy trucks. Dislikes: warm beer; slow cars; waiting. Activities: Football 1,3,4; Bas- ketball 1. AUDREY pAN ENGLEHARDT " For yesterday is but a dream, and tomor- row is only a vision, but today, well lived, makes every yesterday a dream of happiness and every tomorrow a vision of hope. " Au- drey ' s goal is to teach the deaf. Likes: the ocean; friends; pizza; autumn; traveling. Dislikes: spiders; rain; getting up late; Ac- tivities: Marching Band 1-4; Concert Band 1- 4; G.A.A. 1,2,4; Yearbook staff. DOUGLAS PAUL DUDA " What da heck. " Doug ' s goal is to do best at whatever he does. Likes: crusing with The Duke; 4 wheel drives; Garcia; fisning; back- packing; Lake Wyola. Dislikes: Yellow Im- pala; 14.5 cent bents; Vans with a lot of brake; Zebco. Activities: Naturals 1-4. CINDY SUE EISKE Pudge ' s goal is to be a Physical Therapist in the United State Air Force, and to travel through Spanish cultures. Likes: The Buena Vista; horsebacking; talks with Steve; pud- ding throwing contest with Boo Boo; Linus; New Year ' s Eve 1 31 75; Spanish; walks in the wooks on brisk fall days; individuality. Dislikes: pushy people; the hassles of prov- ing you can be right; moles; fighting. Activi- ties: Cheerleading 1; Track 1-4; Marching Band 1; Pep Club 1,2; Band 1; T-Club; Stu- dent Advisory Council 2; Basketball 2; Vol- ley Ball 2,3; Chorus 2,3; Prom Comm. 3; Float Comm. 3; G.A.A. 4; Yearbook Staff. t DOROTHY ANN FRITZ " Live each day to its fullest. " Fritz ' s goal is to go to college and to be happy. Likes: Rick; 2 14 76; The Eagles; winter; puppies. Dis- likes: rainy days; oeing bored; stucl up peo- ple; getting up early. Activities: G.A.A. 1-4; Chorus 1. ’ DEBRA MARILYN FULLER " There ' s only one thing greater than life and that ' s love. " Deb ' s go is to go to Nevada. Likes: good parties and concerts; driving fast; working with horses; Tull; Dead; New Riders; talking about old memories; Red; Gold; cold beer and pizza. Dislikes: gym; I being pushed into awkward situations; nav- ing to say good-bye; 8 25 76; boring week- ends; not being understood; broken friend- ships; getting busted. Activities: G.A.A. 3,4; I Basketball 1,2,4; Volleyball 3; Chorus 3; ' Jazzband 3,4; Marching Band 1-4; Brass En- I semble 3; Float making 2-4. MARILYN H. FRONCKUS " Do not follow where the path leads, rather, go where there is no path and leave a trail. " Fish ' s goal is to be a cosmetologist. Likes: Richie; Winthrop; Shirley ' s camp; summer ' 76; friends; laugning; " shopping " with Lau- rie; meeting people. Dislikes: worrying; say- ing goodbye; waiting for people; getting caught 11 19 74; bugs; liars; big decisions; a certain trip up Socquet ' s hill; Unity Park Interrogations. Activities: Pep club 1,2; T- club 2; Twirling 2; Chorus 3; " rrack Manager 2; Float Committee 2,3; Year Book Staff. RUTH GARDNER Heart-a-Tack ' s goal is to do the things in life that please her but won ' t hurt others. Likes: swimming; sailing; flying; snowmobiling; skating; singing; horse-back riding. Dis- likes: August 24, 1975; R.C.M. R.H.S. Activi- ties: G.A.A. 3,4; National Honor Society 3,4; Student Government 4. I K v CORINNE ANNE FUGERE " Don ' t walk in front of me, 1 may not fol- low. Don ' t walk behind me, I may not lead. Walk beside me and just be my friend. " Cori ' s goal is to live a long, happy life in a f eaceful world. Likes: icecream; talking; aughing; onions; traveling; Barbra Strei- sand. Dislikes: hate; cynics; worrying; whis- tling. Activities: National Honor Society 3, Vice President 4; Girls State Auditor 3; " As Schools Match Wits " team 4; Junior Prize Speaking (3rd); Teen Scene Editor 3,4; Year- book Staff; Netop 3,4; G.A.A. 1-4, Track 1-3; T-Club; Student Advisory Council 2; Span- ish Club 3,4. MICHAEL J. GILBERT " Get away from me. " Michael ' s goal is to succeed in whatever he does. Likes: N.Y. Gi- ants; fall graduation; jeeps. Dislikes: pain; tobacco; Washington Reaskins; rumors. 25 SHIRLEY IRENE GRIMARD Everyone ' s smile of understanding is all I need to lighten my heart and brighten my day. " Shirley ' s goal is to become a Dental Hygenist. Likes: happiness; snowy nights; summer of ' 76; talks with Kim; camp; swim- ming; friends; fields of Dandelions; going out; meeting people; running in the rain. Dislikes: unfriendly people; getting up ear- ly; leaving when you ' re having a good time; Unity Pane interrogations. Activities: Twirl- ing 1-3; Yearbook Staff; T Club. ROBIN ANN HARRINGTON " Life is a mirror and will reflect back to the thinker what one thinks into it. " Robin ' s goal is to travel to different parts of the world. Likes: the ocean; traveling; animals; new places; bicycling; the mountains. Dis- likes: homework; school lunches; being late; tests; being called Audrey; babysitting; smelly school buses; junk food. JOANNE SUSAN HALE " The more a man loves, the more he suf- fers. The sum of possible grief for each soul is in proportion to its degree of perfection. " Jo ' s goal is to become a nurse. Likes: Danny; 5 15 76; talks with Terry; The Checquers. Dislikes: 5 10 75; waiting for a certain someone; being lied to. Activities: Volleyball 1; Cross Country 2; Basketball 1,2; Track 1- 4; Cheering 3,4 co-captain 4; G.A.A.; Cho- rus; Senior Class President; Student Coun- cial 2,3,4. ROBIN A. HANRAHAN " 1 would walk all the way from Boulder to Birmingham if 1 thought I could see your face. " Robin ' s goal is to see as much of this world as possible. Likes: sleeping late; Doug Kershaw; SEATRAIN; Starland Vocal Band; " Cajun Joe " ; privacy; Emmylow Harris; Bob Dylan. Dislikes: F.B.; John Denver; gym; studies; snakes; spiders; 9 6 75; crowds. DAVID HAWKINS " Hey Babe. " Hawk-eye ' s goal is to work outdoors. Likes: Mary; hot cars; parties in Gill; hunting; riding around; lightin ' em up. Dislikes: Fords; waiting; homework; being yelled at; 7 28 75. SANDRA ANN JARVIS " Just remember love is life and hate is living death. Treat your life for what it ' s worth and live for every breath. " Sandy ' s goal is to find out what the story is. Likes: 2 21 76; meet- ing people; concerts; huskies; red and gold. Dislikes: working; misunderstanding; ar- guements; being Tost; last times. Activities: Chorus 3,4; Yearbook Staff; Float Making 2,3,4. 26 MARK JOHNSON Howe ' s goal is to prosper through ingenu ity. Likes: Leta; V.W.s; Vamahas; shop; 2:3C Dislikes: study hall teachers; grouchy peo- ple; snowmobiles that won ' t run; cold morn- ings. JOHN KALTNER " Opportunity often comes disguised as hard work. " Goose ' s goal is California. Likes: cold Schlitz; parties; getting away with something; getting out of school. Dislikes: hippies, teases; trees that don ' t watch where they are going; the IGA 1974. Activities: Football 1-3; Baseball 1,2; Basketball 1-4. PAULA J. KELLYHOUSE " Two roads diverged in a wood, and I-I took the one less traveled by, and that had made all the difference. " Fee ' s goal is to travel. Likes: privacy; Neil Young; Jackson Browne; fall; talking with friends; staying out late. Dislikes: getting up in the morning; rainy weekends; people who don ' t try to un- derstand. Activities: Cheering 1. LYNN ELLEN KOBERA " 1 live in a very small house but my win- dows look out on a very large world. " Lynn ' s goal is to live life to the fullest. Likes: MFD-FB Corps; rain; cross country skiing; Neil Diamond. Dislikes: the dentist; Mon- kies; boredom; being rushed; time. Activi- ties: Chorus 3,4; Drama Club 3,4; Spanish Club 3,4; Volleyball 2,4; Yearbook Staff; GAA. 1; Floatmaking 2,3; Teen Scene 4; " Bye, Bye Birdie " ; " 1776 and All That " ; Ju- nior Prize Speaking. DEBORAH ANN KOPINTO " Don ' t walk in front of me- 1 may not fol- low, Don ' t walk behind me- I may not lead, walk beside me and be my friend. " Deb Likes: Tim; long weekends; sewing with Janine; Roast Beef grinders. Dislikes: Crowds; wind; getting caught 11 19 74 see- ing people cry; being lied to; waiting. Activi- ties: Cheering 1-4; Pep club 1,2; T Club; Winter Carnival Queen. JOHN A. KOPINSKY " If there was time to do it over, there was time to do it right. " Pinsky ' s goal is to suc- ceed in his own way. Likes: vacations; pho- tography; imitating certain people; Mon- treal. Dislikes: history; 13-mile loop. Activi- ties: Cross Country 2-4; Track 3,4; T-Club. 27 RICHARD PATRICK KOSTANSKl ' The sun will shine in mv backdoor some- day. " J. Garcia. Rick ' s goal is to be a Respi- ratory Therapist. Likes: M.L.G.; The Grate- ful Dead; Miller; surprises; sports; poker. Dislikes: Two-faced people; arguments; get- ting caught 11, 19 74; waiting. Room 303 witn 112. Activities: Football 1,3,4; Basket- ball 1-4; Baseball 1-4; T-Club. STEPHEN R. KOZMA " Is that so? " Kos ' s goal is to get a job work- ing in the outdoors. Likes: hot cars; good parties; bikes; guns; sports. Dislikes: dress- ing up; working; people who think they ' re big. Activities: Baseball 1-4. CAROLE DIANE KULCH " The brighter your smiles, the lighter your cares. " Carole ' s goal is to go to college and be a secretary. Likes: Tom B.; Tom ' s camp; jazz dancing; Canada; children. Dislikes: stomach x-rays; working at R.R.S.; people who don ' t care; getting up early. Activities: J.V. Cheerleader 3. KATHERINE KUZDIZAL " Take me to tomorrow; that ' s where I ' d like to be. The day before tomorrow is waiting for me. " Kathy ' s goal is to travel. Likes: sit- ting by a fire; walks in the country; John Denver; long weekends; music; autumn; horses. Dislikes: getting up early; conceited people; crowds; rainy cold weather; long hair; tobacco; noise. KAREN LOUISE LAPIERRE " A friend is a person who listens. " Karen ' s goal is to go to college. Likes: long talks with special friends; w ks on the beach; the ocean; people; music; laughing. Dislikes: conformity; groups; Mondays; being upset. Activities: Volleyball 2,3; Track 3; GAA 1; School Store Manager 3; Drama Club 4; Yearbook Staff; Chorus 1-4; District 3; " Bye Bye Birdie " ; " 1776 and All That " ; Beauty Shop Quartet; Madrigals 1-4; Teen Scene. JAMES MICHAEL LEVEILLE " You ' ve got so much to say, say what you mean, mean what you ' re thinking, and think anything. " Shultz ' s goal is to become a forest ranger. Likes: Cat Stevens; 63 No- va ' s; big parties at the plains; 6 18 76; good stereo systems. Dislikes: Grateful Dead; D. Duck; boring plains parties; sitting up Hill- crest; suckers; N.Y. teams. Activities: Base- ball 1,2. 28 SUSAN MADDERN " I am not afraid of tomorrow, for have seen yesterday, and love today. " Sue ' s goal is to rind Utopia. Likes: thunderstorms; beam breaking with Bob; James Taylor; good times; L ' ughing with " the girls " ; solitude. Dislikes- waiting; snakes; being called Suzie. Activities: Madrigals 1-4; Chorus 1-4; Band 1-4; Model Congress 2-4; District Chorus 2,3; Yearbook Staff; Brass Ensemble 1-4; Jazz Ensemble 2-4; Woodwind Ensemble 3,4. EUGENE MILEWSKI " Imagine that. " Huge ' s goal is to get his own garage. Likes: Led Zeppelin; snow storms; good looking cars; sneakers. Dis- likes: getting up early; bossy people. KEVIN DOUGLAS MAY " Democracy means not I am as good as you are, but you are as good as I am. " Lloyd ' s goal is to go out and enjoy life as much as possible. Likes: Schlitz; Farrah Fawcett; 2 9 75; Duster ' s; picking on Mr. Norr or John Kactmorrr. Dislikes: suckers; Grateful Dead; people who lie; a telephone pole on a certain road; Foxboro. Activities: Football 1- 4; Baseball 1-4; Basketball 1-4. RICHARD ALAN MOLONGOSKI " Won ' t hold myself down anymore; it ' s time to see what this life can bring. " Mole ' s goal is to live a successful life. Likes: Am- herst; Tanglewood; quality stereos; Monad- nock; Taylor. Dislikes: boring weekends; 14.54; losing. Activities: BasKetball 1-4; Cross Country 3,4; Track 3,4. BRIAN MCCOMB KAREN MARIE MOMANEY " We are living in a time that is ours to share. So don ' t you stray too far behind. " Karen ' s goal is to go to Kentucky. Likes: Rich; 4-23- 74; Poco; naving a friend and being one; smiles; Jerry ' s curls; talking with Marie. Dislikes: boring weekends; people who complain; feeling depressed; saying good- bye; feeling alone; Colt Park. 29 KARIN MOSON " I wondered why somebody didn ' t do some- thing, then I realized that I was somebody. " Space ' s goal is to survive. Likes: parties; con- certs; head talks. Dislikes: gym; homework; term papers; oral reports. DALE PAUL NADEAU " It ' s better to make the world smile at what you say than laugh at what you do. " Nag- ger ' s goal is to be an electrical engineer. Likes: Football; skiing; winning; cruising with Wayno; having a lot of money to spend. Dislikes: stuck up people; broken bones; sprints; 9 18 76; unhappy faces. Ac- tivities: Football 1-4; Baseball 2-4; T-Club; Basketball Manager 1; Ski Club 2-4, MICHELLE ANN MORRIS " Smile it will make you feel better. " Chelle ' s goal is to find happiness and peace. Likes: little kids; happy smiles; talking on the phone. Dislikes: people who hurt otners; spi- ders; rainy days. Activities: Office girl. Twirling 2,4. CAROL ANN OSOWSKI " Hey, don ' t get too rowdie about it! " Corky ' s goal is to become a registered nurse. Likes: Gary; 9 11 76; traveling; Amherst; a certain song; F.M.; Camaros; Eagles; talks with Cheri; 4 23 74. Dislikes: conceited peo- ple; being bored; driving in cities; " The Swamp. " Activities: G.A.A. 2-4; Colorguard 4; Pep Club 1,2; Spanish Club 2,3. ROGER PARENTEAU JR. " Kindness is a language which the deaf can hear the the blind can read. " Joe ' s goal is to travel. Likes: S.T.; camping; Jethro Tull. Dis- likes: 11 19 74; Greenfield dances; waking up. Activities: Football 1-4; Baseball 1-4; T- Club; Basketball 1, NANCY ANN PEARSON " I ' m only kidding! " Nanc ' s goal is to find happiness. Likes: a special guy; Elton John; Sam; remembering the past with Curts. Dis- likes: spiders; people who think they ' re real- ly something special; 6 4 76; K.B. Activities: Floatmaking 1,2,4, Medical Careers 3; Junior Prom Committee 3; Yearbook Staff; Teen Scene. 30 BRIAN PIERCE Likes: Yamahas; cold Miller, gold; good par- ties. Dislikes: Sprite at Alberties; 5 Z 7b. JUDITH PUTALA " Sometimes I ' ve lied, sometimes I ' ve lis- tened, sometimes I ' ve wondered how much there is to know. " Judy. Likes: Marshall Tucker Band; the Cape; the A-frame; the ocean; and storms; 7; Harvest. Dislikes: boring weekends; tobacco; pool halls; S.C.; tic tac toe. THOMAS DENNIS PLEASANT " To live your life in your own way, to reach for the goals you have set for yourself, to be the you that you want to be — that is suc- cess, " Tom ' s goal is to make carpentry a living and to build himself and a certain someone a house in the woods. Likes: SHAM; cruising with Wayno; cupcakes; pic- nics with S.B.; Lake Wyola 6 17 76; winter backpacking; fall. Dislikes: tomatoes; alarm clocks; losing wheels; having nothing to do. Activities: Pep Club 1,2; T-Club 1-3; Year- book Staff; Naturals 1-4; Baseball Man. 1. TIMOTHY P. RAU Likes: Fords; girls; the Ramp; Yamaha. Dis- likes: greasers from Lake Pleasant; getting up; people who drive slow. LYNNE MARIE POWERS " It is far better to light a candle than to curse the darkness. " Teddy ' s goal is to maintain good health and a good attitude. Likes: sum- mer; being with friends; C.B.; scuba diving; flying. Dislikes: crutches; apathetic people; routine; good-byes; being late. Activities: Medical C areers Club; School Play 3; Drama Club 4; Junior Prize Speaking; Gymnastics 1; Yearbook Staff. JEAN MARY REIPOLD " Shoeshine, shoeshine, " Cha-Chee ' s goal is to fullfill her dreams. Likes: Canada; plants; music; wine; Taxi rides with Lisa; reminisc- ing; having Jane lend an ear. Dislikes: say- ing good-bye; worms; cold days; snakes. Ac- tivities: Chorus 3,4. 31 LARRY RICHOTTE Loco ' s goal is to get out of school once and for all. Likes: fast motorcycles; fast cars; do- ing wheelies; Gill gold; Aerosmith; CCC; I ' m Guilty. Dislikes: school; breakdowns; ac- cidents; 7 28 75; D.L. RICHARD SAWIN Rick ' s goal is to get married to Sal and find a good job. Likes: Sal; North Leverett Youth Group; hockey; hunting. Dislikes: being sick; Doring things; getting up for tobacco; school. Activities: Football manager 2,3. WAYNE E. ROBERT " To do what others cannot do is talent. To do what talent cannot do is genius. " Duke ' s goal is to be able to retire at age 21. Likes: windy fall days; the Red Sox; Hampton Beach; sleeping late. Dislikes: Tobacco; rainy days; getting up before noon. LAURIE ANNE SAZAMA " Accept me as I am so I may learn what I can become. " La ' s goal is to be a surgical nurse. Likes: someone special; being alone; Spring; " shopping with Marilyn " ; remembering the good times; 6 4 76; taking long walks. Dis- likes: getting caught 11 19 74; meeting peo- ple for the first time; waiting to tell a certain person off; falling out of canoes; arguments; Unity Park interrogations. Activities: Pep Club 1,2; G.A.A.; Yearbook Staff; Float Committee. GARY R. SARGENT " Anyone can dream-but to succeed you must follow your dreams and reach for your star. " Harpo ' s goal is to be an actor. Likes: N.M.H.; Rock concerts; making friends; rowdy parties. Dislikes: 5 1 75; saying goodbye; sleeping on park benches; losing; two faced people. Activities: Cross Country 1-4; Track 1-4; Basketball 3,4. SARAH ELIZABETH BROWN " I hear you ' re candid. Take off your plastic clothes and pull of your marshmallow hair. Strut around nude if you ' re in the mood. Pry off your evening claws and strip down your painted face. I can ' t see you under all that candidness. " Sarah ' s goal is to speak French like a native. Likes: All things that make me shudder with awe; Dominic ' s smile; the Si- erra Nevadas; Chestnut Hill; Rainbow Trout. Dislikes: Commuting on the bus. Ac- tivities: Cheering 1,4; Student Council 1,3; Tennis 3,4; Field Hockey 3; Junior Prize Speaking. 32 THOMAS SENN Tom ' s goal is to have fun. Likes: cars. Dis- likes: accidents. , JOEL SMITH Joe. Likes: fall; camping in Gill; riding; Gill gold; Aerosmith. Dislikes: Rays; school flats; rednecks; 7 26 75. SUSAN LOUISE SINGLEY " If a man does not keep pace with his com- panions perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the mu- sic which he hears, however measured or far away. " Likes: " Pooh " ; playing drums; Barry Manilow; Hampton Beach; driving with Deb; Janine, and Walter?; playing Ice Hock- ey. Dislikes: breaking drumsticks; wedgies. Activities: Yearbook Editor; Band; Chorus; Madrigals; Drum Majorette; Jazz-Band; Brass Ensemble; Model Congress; Field Hockey; Basketball; Track; National Honor Society; School Plays; junior Prize Speaking; Student Advisory Council; Drama Club; G.A.A. DAVID MICHAEL ST. GERMAIN " It ' s a shame that a race so broadly con- ceived should end with most lives so nar- rowly confined. " Blinky ' s goal is to succeed. Likes: wilderness camping; cruising; cars; Bob Dylan; sunsets; fall. Dislikes: naving nothing to do; being broke. Activities: Year- book Staff; Float Committee 1-4; Naturals. LORI JEAN SICARD " My mind must be free to learn all 1 can about me. " Lor ' s goal is to be a clerical typ- ist. Likes: Ronnie; going to Hampton with Eileen; B.B.; fries; playing tennis; walking in the fail; good times witn Sue and Denise; talking with Eileen; White GTOs. Dislikes: spiders; June bugs; arguing on cheering; gaining weight; lack of school spirit; tobac- co; going to Laurel Lake with Denise and Sue. Activities: Cheering 1-4, Madrigals 1,2; Chorus 1-4; Tennis 2-4; Yearbook Staff. EAY JEAN SNAY " That ' s cool. " Snaggle ' s goal is to travel around the world. Likes: Jim; 9 11 76; Ber- nardston Inn; Maine; F.M.; talks with Cheri; having fun with friends; Eagles; Amherst. Dislikes: being alone; people telling me what to do; " The Swamp. " Activities: G.A.A. 4; Pep Club 1,2; Colorguard 4. t 33 JANE ELIZABETH STEBBINS " Love is a rose but you ' d better not pick it; it only grows when its on the vine. " Jane ' s goal is to be satisfied with life. Likes: Lewie; 6 27 75; Newfane Fiddlers Concert; cross- ing roads with Cathy; camping: Sunday rides to N.H.; , P.O.W. Beach. Dislikes: wet sleeping bags; waiting; evil eyes; being told what to do; B.B. and bath room intruders. Activities: Student Government 1-3. f MICHAEL JON STAEEORD There is no saint without a past and no sinner without a future. " Staffs goal is to live long and prosper. Likes: Penny; Fridays; North Leverett Youth Group; football; hock- ey; hunting; pizza; going to movies; The Ramp: 5 7 76. Dislikes: small people with big mouths: getting up early; Mondays; sprints: school; being late; having nothing to do; 14.5 cents. Activities: Football 1-4. DARYL STONE NORMA J. STONE " Set me adrift in a sea of hope-I ' ll set my sail to a new horizen. " " Norm. " Likes: Tim; 9 24 72; summer; A-Frame; reminiscing with friends: music; laughing; the color blue. Dislikes: not knowing what I ' m doing; waiting; conceited people; homework; spa- ghetti. PENNY J. STEWART " The only way to have a friend is to be one. " Penny ' s goal is to be a fashion buyer. Likes: Dale; skiing: the beach; Moe ' s; going out to eat; buying and making clothes; concerts; Saturday nights; footb l games. Dislikes: being alone; wasting time; when people get mad at other people; waiting for late people; when people judge others without even knowing tnem. Activities: Cheering 1-3; Ski Club; Booster Day Princess. CHARLENE ANN STRYSKO Set me adrift in a sea of hope-I ' ll set my sail to a new horizon. " " Spiff " Likes: sports; a special family; " The Eagles " talking with Sally and Basket; O.J. Simpson; singing at Judy ' s birthday party; being Judy ' s shadow; motorcycles. Dislikes: ' Vinyl Rats; Yaz; L.T.D.s; boring weekends; study halls; feel- ing depressed; hospitals; Joe Namath. Ac- tivities: Girls Basketball 1, Manager 2-4; Girls Softball 1-4; G.A.A. Representative 1,2, Program Director 3,4; A.V. Club 2,3; Football Statistician 4. 34 LOUIS TERAULT " I ' m leaving with many roads ahead of me; 1 hope I take the right one. " Louie ' s goal is to take the right road. Likes: Fritz; 2 14 76; rid- ing on the bus with Jo-Ann. Dislikes: a cer- tain teacher; Perch Bugs; F.B.; M.M. Activi- ties: Ski Club 3; Chorus 3; Swim Club 3. JOSEPH PAUL THOMPSON " Always be yourself, because when you are alone, that is who you really are. " Weebles ' s goal is to eventually get settled, get married, and start a family. Likes: winter and cold weather; the Pee Lady; Cool Whip; model A Fords; all sports. IDisIikes: bees; crowds; crutches; competition; having to have my shoes tied. Activities: Football 1; Ski Club 1- 4; T-CIub; Cross Country 2-4, Captain 4; Track 1-4. DENISE ANN THOMPSON " The gift of Love can brighten up even the cloudiest of days. " Denise ' s goal is to be a B.S. Registered Nurse. Likes: laughing; working with Shirley; D.A. memories; cheering; storms; parties with friends; school. Dislikes: people thinking you ' re stuck up because you ' re shy; having to come home early; competition; Unity Park inter- rogations. Activities: Cheering 1-4; Co-cap- tain 3,4; Tournament Cheering 3,4; Track 1- 4; GAA 1,2; Yearbook Staff; Student Repre- sentative 4; T-Club 2-4; Pep Club 1,2; Boost- er Day Queen. JOANN THOMPSON " I saw a star, reached for it and missed, so I accepted the sky. " Jo ' s goal is to be a Social Worlcer or a Journalist. Likes: a very special guy; hippopotamuses; Gill; kids; her broth- er. Dislikes: F.B.; Perch Bug; snakes; snobs. Activities: Ski Club 2-4; Prom Committee 3; Float Making Committee 1,2. SUSAN MARIE THOMPSON " God gave us memories so that we might have roses in December. " Sue ' s goal is to travel. Likes: Joey; sunshine; M.T.; tequilla sunrises; talking it out with La. Dislikes: Getting busted 11 19 74; falling out of ca- noes; locking the keys in the car. Activities: Band 1; Chorus 2-4; Yearbook Staff; Pep Club 1,2; Spanish Club 4; Slave Day Com- mittee 4; Student Advisory Council 4. CATHERINE M. VARILLY " Sometimes the lights are shining on me, other times I can barely see, lately it occurs to me what a long, strange trip it ' s been. " Cathy ' s goal is to live life to its fullest ex- tent. Likes: the ocean; sunshine; The Grate- ful Dead; plants; big parties; crossing roads with Jane; Neil Young. Dislikes: ducks; waiting; mayonnaise; the Paris original. Ac- tivities: Student Government 4; G.A.A. 3,4; Pep Club 1,2; Chorus 3; Dance Committee 4. 35 JANINE R. VIENS Happiness is like a butterfly. The more you chase it, the more it will elude you. But if you turn your attention to other things it comes and softly sits on your shoulder. " Jun ' s goal is to work with children. Likes: having a special guy around; sewing with Deb; Peter Frampton; driving with Sue, Deb and Walter!: long talks with Cindy. Dislikes: having boyfriend problems; getting caught on 9 15 74 and 1 1 76; not having Nancy and Crutz to run with; squeaking. Activities: Track l,3,4(tri-capt.)2; Cross Country 2,3; Senior Class Secretary 4; Chorus 3,4; G.A.A. l-3(vice pres.) 4 TIMOTHY N. VITALIS " Simplicity is a luxury that few can afford. " Tim ' s goal is to make it back to Colorado. Likes: backpacking; climbing; Cross-Coun- try Skiing; shooting stars; ice cream. Dis- likes: 14.5 cents; h ls full of 7th graders. Activities: Yearbook Staff; Naturals 1-4; Float Committees. MARIE T. WARYAS " To sing the blues, you got to live the dues and carry on. " Marie ' s goal is to be happy. Likes: summer; the Cape; Crosby Stills Nash and Young; concerts; going barefoot, big parties; animals; good memories; Polish weddings. Dislikes: winter; boring week- ends; being cold; 8 13 75; spiders; feeling uncomfortable; worrying. Activities: Cheer- ing 1; Pep Club 2; Bowling Club 4. TAMMY WASIELEWSKI " Don ' t touch me. " Tammy ' s goal is getting through college. Likes: Autumn; long bike rides; volleyball; the outdoors; things orga- nized and talking with friends. Dislikes: two-faced people; term-papers; tobacco; be- ing closed in; and people who give up. Ac- tivities: Spanish Club (president); Volleyball 2-4; Yearbook staff 4. CHARLOTTE MARIE VOUDREN " Love endures only when the lovers love many things together and not merely each other. " Char. Likes: a certain person; Maine; vacations with Sue; camping; being with old friends; visiting Bugsie; John Denver. Dis- likes: stuck up people; locking my keys in the car; gas pumps; " having to wait " ; saying goodbye to friends. Activities: Student Gov- ernment 4; Softball 2-4; G.A.A.; Parade Committee; Pep Club 2; Slave Day Commit- tee. JOHN L. WAYNELOVICH " But gee officer, I didn ' t do it. " Wayno ' s goal is to be a lawyer. Likes: cruising with the gang; McDonalds after 10 and fast Buicks. Dislikes: wheels that fall off; nurds; and cops without a sense of humor. 36 DALE WELCOME " You must water the roots to enjoy the fruits. " Henic ' s goal is to become a photog- rapher. Likes: P.S.; walking with Pooh Bear; being weird with Jim; James Taylor; hiking; skiing molguls; jeeps and Moe ' s. Dislikes: crowds, cooking at the Spoon; S.H.P.D.; someone cleaning my room; rainy winter days; boring sunsets. Activities: Footballjtri- captain); Baseball 1 - 4 ; Ski Club; Prom Com- mittee; Yearbook Staff 4 ; Naturals 1 - 4 . NANCY WONG " Each dawn is a new beginning. " Nanc ' s goal is to live a fulfilled life. Likes: bright, vivid colors; " CHICAGO " ; music; Barry Manilow; long talks with close friends; sun- ny days; creativity; libraries; pecans; spring- time; ice skating. Dislikes: making difficult decisions; misplacing things; being rushed and clumsiness. Activities: G.A.A. 1; Cross Country 3 ; Track 3 , 4 ; T Club; Student Gov- ernment 4 ; Teen Scene 3 , 4 ; Class Historian 4 ; Chorus 3 , 4 ; Drama Club 4 ; Yearbook Staff; As Schools Match Wits Team; Booster Day Parade Committee 4 ; Class Committees. MARIE WOZNIAK " Today ' s the day 1 was looking for yester- day. " Rie ' s goal is to be a Hair Dresser. Likes: Don; 7 3 76; 9 1 76; having talks with Donna; having classes with Ricky. Dis- likes: good-byes; comming in early; 7 30 76; convinced people. 37 ' ' I Class Will Bob Allen leaves his disease of flirtatiousness to Cousin, who thinks he can handle it. Stan Ambo leaves some friends behind. Dawn Andrew leaves wondering why Carol has such an obses- sion with rainy days and puddles and wonders if Fay will ever bring the sun instead of the rain. Patti Annear leaves hoping better things are ahead. Diane Bak leaves Darlene to ride the bus alone. Leonard Bedaw leaves T.F.H.S. as soon as possible! Tom Bergeron leaves Lauri K. loneliness without her aunt. Joe Blood leaves Nagger trying to make enough money. Ed Boguslawski leaves wondering if the tennis team will ever win another match. Dilton Bonnette leaves seeking happier times and more friends. Denise Bordeaux leaves looking forward to who ' ll show up (and with what) at our class reunion. Bibbo Bourbeau leaves still wondering where to go from here. Gail Broderick leaves hoping Mousey and her sister will have as good a senior year as she did. Kathy Burns leaves to find a friend of the Devil! Allan Cadran leaves without a dismissal slip. Canter Cadran leaves Chuck and Fish to fight the everlasting battle, school. Tom Campbell leaves with the memories of all the Saturday nights at Bonnettes ' and his Chuck Berry albums to Ann, Lori, Karen and Marcie. Tim Carlisle leaves Ray ' s way of teaching to anyone who can stand it. Phil Cloutier leaves getting tipped over in the canoe at the beach to whomever has parties there. Bill Colleran leaves Pit 3 more years of Simonetti and the 440 to anyone who wants it. Sean Connelly leaves wishing the good times hadn ' t gone by so fast, and that the bad times had gone by faster. Evil Cote leaves Dave and Ken to stick it out one more year. Jim Coyne leaves " Hi Hi " wondering what to do with " Bye Bye " now that he is out of school. Shelly Cronen leaves Patty and Karen two crash helmets. Cindy Cummings leaves Cheryl to just begin at T.F. John Currie leaves advice to future Seniors: don ' t get your hair cut the day before pictures. Nancy Currier leaves wondering where the better life is. Donna Deso leaves a sex education class for Mr. Upton to teach. Rick Dion leaves pamphlets on where, when, and how to cruise. Charlene Dobosz leaves Dolan and Sabato in the lockerroom to fight it out for another year about who ' s messing up the locker. David Dresser leaves never to return. Doug Duda leaves the school relaxed after twelve years of tight spasticness. Mike Duda leaves to go one step higher. Audrey Englehardt leaves finally talking to Mr. Cournoyer. Cindy Fiske leaves " Hotsy and Stella " still wondering what they missed at the Buena Vista! Dorothy Fritz leaves to go on to better things. Marily Fronckus leaves her last " honorable grasshopper " to Mr. Cournoyer. Cori Fugere leaves Goiter and Elfie to be called by their real names. Deb Fuller leaves wondering if the office will still call her down to tell her that her horses are out. Ruth Gardner leaves thanking the new friends she made for all the help they gave her. Mike Gilbert leaves the open area to those teachers who must live with it. Shirley Grimard leaves her brother Paul all alone at T.F.H.S. Joanne Hale leaves Mr. Cook a dozen orange roses. Robin Hanrahan leaves as confused as ever. Robin Harrington leaves her locker to anybody who can open it. David Hawkins leaves to go deer hunting. Sandy Jarvis leaves w ondering if Danny can take five more years with B.W. John Kaltner leaves with many happy memories to live with the rest of his life. Paula Kellyhouse leaves still wondering what she ' s going to do. Lynn Kobera leaves Vince her brain for whenever he needs it, John Kopinsky leaves Dan telling his stories to the next me- chanical drawing class. 38 Deb Kopinto leaves Mr. Koldis still wondering if she ' s still got her finger. Rick Kostanski leaves all his carmels to Mr. Bush. Steven Kozma leaves gladly. Carole Kulch leaves Mr. Bordeau to flirt with someone else. Kathy Kuzdizal leaves the swimming pool to anybody that can drown just as well as she can. Karen LaPierre leaves hoping Mr. Oakes will not call her brother Jeanne. Shultz Leveille leaves " Minstrel in the Gallery. " Sue Maddern leaves Tina searching for 3 more angelic voices, Bob 1 roll of aluminum foil, and Mrs. Klock ' s number to the next horn player. Kevin May leaves wondering if Budda will ever make it. Eugene Milewski leaves always having needed a vacation. Mole Molongoski leaves Ray telling his sick jokes to advanced math classes. Karen Momaney leaves still waiting for Cathy, Mary, Julie, and Donuts to take their private helicopter to the Alaskan Pipeline. Michelle Morris leaves hoping to see all her friends in the future. Karin Moson leaves as fast as her two legs can take her. Dale Nadeau leaves Joe Blood wondering if he has more money than he has in the bank. Carol Osowski leaves wondering if Dawn will ever remember what really happened at a certain basketball game. Joe Parenteau leaves all his little friends to say " hi " to someone else. Nancy Pearson leaves growing finger nails to Mrs. Tobin. Brian Pierce leaves for the summer. Tom Pleasant leaves behind the challenge to anyone who thinks they can match the fantastic dancing of Ernie Boucher and him- self at the Junior Prom. Lynne Powers leaves to follow the long and winding road. Judy Putala leaves wondering where everybody went. Tim Rau leaves a few extra marks in the parking lot. Jean Reipold leaves with a diploma, unlike the rest. Loco Richotte leaves marks in front of the main office. Wayne Robert leaves still regretting that he took chemistry. Harpo Sargent leaves " The Germ " to Coach Dean and all future cross-country teams. Rick Sawin leaves for good. Laurie Sazama leaves Janine still looking for someone to help her out with her chemistry. Tom Senn leaves 1 pair of gym short for someone who doesn ' t have one in gym. Lori Sicard leaves with mixed emotions. Boo Boo Singley leaves her Mickey Mouse sunglasses to Mr. " Chump " , and all the good times that go with them. (Poland or bust!) Joel Smith leaves on his Yamaha with no regret. Fay Snay leaves with Dawn and Carol. Mike Stafford leaves wondering what ' s next. Jane Stebbins leaves to be with Lewis. Penny Stewart leaves hoping to pursue an exciting future. Norma Stone leaves Penny with three more years of high school. Spiff Strysko leaves Hulie, Toad, and Mary K. sitting on the fence at Scotty ' s waiting for a ride to the party. Louie Terault leaves his little brother John good luck with six years to go in this school. Denise Thompson leaves hoping her fellow class mates have the same enthusiam as she does about the future. Joann Thompson leaves Mrs. Brown to kick out the girls in the bathroom between periods. Joe Thompson leaves Mr. Dean and Mr. O ' Riley his crutches to give anyone who is stupid enough to pull as many muscles as he did. Sue Thompson leaves Jacqui to put up with a certain person in chorus all by herself. Cathy Varilly leaves Hulie singing to an ocean and laughing in the rain. Janine Viens leaves her new nickname to Mr. Upton hoping he ' ll find someone else in his archaeology classes to give it to! Tim Vitalis leaves wondering why after 12 years he is still lost! Charlotte Voudren leaves wondering if Cindy will ever remem- ber John ' s last name. Marie Waryas leaves to find happiness. Tammy Wasielewski leaves wondering if Lorie will ever make it. John Waynelovich leaves the black top blacker than when he came. Dale Welcome leaves Rollie all the food his sister sent to camp that was for him: cookies, muffins, popcorn, etc. . . . Nancy Wong leaves hoping Sandra, Diane, Billy, and Edward enjoy high school as much as she has. Marie Wozniak leaves to see what the difference really is. 39 Class Personalities - 1977 - Marilyn Fronkus, Timmy Vitalis Class Artists Sean Connelly, Janine Viens Most Gullible Bill Colleran, Sue Singley Class Musicians Gary Sargeant, Karen LaPierre, Lynne Powers Class Actor Actresses Kevin May, Cindy Fiske Class Athletes John Kopinsky, Cori Fugere Most Likely To Succeed John Kaltner Class Clown Dale Welcome, Penny Stewart Best Dressed Kevin Bonnette, Joanne Hale Did Most For Class Deb Kopinto, Tim Carlisle Class Couple Bob Allen, Charlene Dobosz Class Flirts Class FRESHMEN 1973-1974 Each one of our high school years was special in our lives, but our freshmen year was exceptional. Coming out of junior high and starting high school was a brand new experience!?! It was only the “be- ginning " of our four memorable years to come. Entering the recently built Turners Falls High School was so exciting!!! What a privilege we had, starting our high school years in a new school! It was nice to know, that we would not be the only ones getting lost in the building. Our first Booster Day Rally was thrilling. The theme was Walt Disney for which we created Dumbo. Marianne Virgilio represented the fresh- men class as the Lady in Waiting. Do you remember Culture Day in American Ex- perience? There were many varieties of food from different countries. Some of us, even dressed up in costumes. It was sure an interesting activity. Slave Day was a fun event. Everyone was yelling and shouting bids and trying to scrounge up change. Joe Blood had the largest harem. It had been a carefree year in which we had seen and met many new faces. June came along, the summer passed and our second year of high school would kickoff!! SOPHOMORES 1974-1975 The fresh start of our second year had a good take-off. We were quite familiar with the building and were no longer lost. As Booster Day rolled around in October, we were prepared. This year ' s theme was ecology. We constructed an Indian, which we weren ' t sure would stand up during the whole parade because of its height, but it certainly did!!!! We were overwhelmed with joy, when we had heard we had won first place. There was a proud feeli ng in each and every one of us, as we paraded around the field behind our float. What a victory!! Paula Kellyhouse was elected the Duchess. Our sophomore year included receiving our class rings. Most of us ordered them a bit too big and as a result had to buy ring guards . We not only got our rings, but we also got T shirts. They read “Class of 1977“ and had a logo of an Indian on them. That united us, even more, as a class. Do you remember when a certain group of nine kids happen to decide to take a day off from school?!? When they returned, they were given sev- en detentions each. Later in the year, we had an immense feast in biology. Remember all the delicious food we had? It was not only good to eat, but an experience to make!! It had been a wonderful year. JUNIORS 1975-1976 Time seemed to be picking up its pace. Our third year arrived quickly. We had reached the half way mark of our high school years. The highlights of our junior year began with the second consecutive win of the float making compe- tition. This year ' s theme for Booster Day was The Bicentennial. Penny Stewart was chosen for Prin- cess. All the participants of Junior Prize Speaking worked hard to produce good speeches. It was a very close competition. The Junior Prom was held at Hotel Northamp- ton. " Your Song " by Elton John was the theme song. Dale Welcome, Kevin May and Tim Carlisle were chosen as the tri-captains for football. Several juniors were given awards at the end of the year. Cori Fugere received The Greenfield Recorder Teen Scene Award, Sue Singley received The Harvard Book Award, John Kopinsky received The Rensse- laer Medal of Excellence in Science and Mathemat- ics and Joanne Hale received The Bronze Decathlon Medal. At the end of our third year of high school, it was really hard to believe only one year remained!! SENIORS 1976-1977 We had come a long way and had finally made it to the top as seniors. This would be our final year attending Turners Falls High School. A lot of hard work was put into Booster Day to make it a great success. Sesame Street was the theme. Hunched over the top of a large, gray trash can was Oscar. We were very disappointed when we did not get a place. Oh well, that was the way the ball bounced. Denise Thompson was crowned the Queen. Both football and cross country teams had unde- feated seasons, which won them the champion- ships. It had been an outstanding year for them. Remember getting our graduation pictures tak- en? We had such a hard time trying to decide on which proof we wanted!!! The yearbook staff worked diligently to produce the yearbook. We wanted it to be a really special book and one that would be remembered. In 1973, we were buying slaves on Slave Day, but in 1976, We, were the slaves being bought. Over the years, we have all grown close, as a class. When we entered Turners Falls High School, some of us were complete strangers to each other and now have become very good friends. The time will come, when we all go our separate ways, but we will al- ways treasure our high school years. These years have been priceless and could never be erased. Nancy Wong, Class Historian I FACULTY Mr. Paul C. Bassett Mr. James C. Humphrey Gill — Montague Regional School Administration Mr. Daniel R. Morrison Administration Office Staff High School Cafeteria Staff 46 Mr. Donald LaPierre Mr. Stanley Dobosz, Jr. High School Administration Mrs. Donna Bronwell Mrs. Mary Hildreth Mrs. Linda Rushford 47 Miss Jane Kosakowski Art Industrial Arts Mr. Richard Kossakoski Mr. Orrin Holman Mr. Daniel Huntley Mr. Steven Macaulay 48 Mrs. Gayle Richard Mr. Raymond Garbiel Math Mr, Robert Cadran Mr. Michael Wanczyk Mrs. Velma Bazar r Mrs. Jean Martin Mr. Edward Bourdeau Mrs. Phyllis Hardy 49 50 Mr. William Connelly Mrs. Charlotte Potter Mrs. Linda Johnson Mr. Richard Winnick Mrs. Maxine Orton Miss Frances Cassidy Mrs. Betty Brown Opus Mr. Richard Byam 51 Miss Nora Ryan Mrs. Judith Brenner Social Studies Mr. Robert Plaisted Mr. Gerald Perkins Mr. George Bush Mr. Steven Upton Mr. Sophia Libby Mr. Rollas Batten Mrs. Pamela Waldo Science Mr. Kenneth Slattery Mr. Carle Ellis Mrs. Hannah Neville Mr. Craig Cook 54 M rs. Helen Norwood Nurses Physical Education Mr. Paul Cournoyer M rs. Charlotte Robinson Music Mrs. Jeanne Phillips Guidance Mr. Robert Simonetti Mr. Lawrence Dean Mrs Linda Leavis Mrs. Rosemary Maddern Mr. Paul Ciechomski Mrs. Diana Simpson Mr. Steven Prouty Foreign Language Mr. Albert Routhier Business Mrs. Marsha Smith Mr. Albert Consoletti Mrs. Sylvia Tobin Mrs. Elizabeth Dorrance Miss Barbara Lynch Media Library Mrs. Patricia Thompson Mrs. Roberta Dorey Home Economics Miss Maria Lesueur Mrs. Patricia Lilley 58 Beauty and ‘l?n ■ t " ■•I If my wife could see me now the beast The swinging bachelor 59 UNDERCLASSMEN ROW 1 M. Zimmerman, S. Broderick, A. Perry, J. Bassett, R. Denkewicz, M. Kostanski, L. Jacque, K. Shanahan, K. Sabato, A. Dolan, L. LaMountain. ROW 2 T. Schacht, A. Riel, P. Zewinski, C. Clark, L. Gaines, J. Sojka, R. Herchenreder, C. Routhier, M. Desautels, L. Bonnette, N. Tessier, M. Waryasz. ROW 3 C. Douglas, C. Baker, J. Coyne, L. Denofrio, S. Kelly, M. Parenteau, J. Kosa, D. Derry, J. Martin, D. Urban, L. Annear. ROW 4 W. Aldrich, L. Linscott, M. Pervere, D. Denofrio, D. Welcome, K. Gibson, D. Homes, R. Wickline, M. Smith. ROW 5 C. Spaulding, S. McComb, V. Dobias, P. Patnode, D. Williams, T. Rudinski, K. Sheridan, G. Girard, M. Allen, D. Smith. ROW 6 D. Kozma, B. Milewski, D. Jarvis, L. Fritz, J. Sears, F. Whiting, P. Cusack. ROW 1 D. Choleva, S. Felton, ]. Ryan, P. Markol, T. Foley, P. Fugere, C. Flood, B. Carroll. ROW 2 D. Bruno, L. Dale, S. Kuklewicz, J. Trask, W. Cowan, B. Cominoli, E. Martin, M. Kidder. ROW 3 L. Stewart, S. Sullivan, T. Pleasant, A. Williams, M. Scott, D. Arsenault, J. Drumgool, D. Skrypek, M. Nelson, ROW 4 K. Smith, D. Wasileski, M. Guy, C. Naida, P. Ambo, T. Fisk, J. Buckmaster, P. Field, B. Kretzenger, K. Lively. ROW 5 J. Croteau, D. Newton, J. Peterson, M. Pervere, V. Shea, T. Murley, R. Wasielewski, R. Saunders, E. Pelis, D. Seredejko. ROW 6 M. Brown, R. Kidder, J. Wissmann, K. Cole, B. Delaney, K. Kruzlic, D. Frederick, M. Brown, R. Newton, L. Ambo. Class of 1979 CLASS OFFICERS OF 1979 President D. Matusz Vice-president J. Emery Secretary B. Koscinski Treasurer L. Demeo Historian P. Guenette = Jy SOPHOMORES ROW 1 L. DeMeo, T. Dumas, K. Welcome, M. Bocon, C. Williams, T. Richards, L. Skole, ROW 2 S. Zewinski, D. Naida, T. Terault, G. Morgan, D. Bezio, W. Duffney, R. Sicard, V. Kobera, ROW 3 D. Bassett, L. Wasielewski, C. Reum, J. Flagg, J. Ferland, J. Stafford, J. Astell ROW 4 M. Gripco, T. Thompson, J. Choleva, M. Robinson, D. Kells, J. Rosewarne, B. McComb ROW 5 D. Colleran, M. Dumas, L. Miner, L. Barry, A. Fritz, R. Schact, S. Lehman, ROW 6 E. Tuttle, M. Aubrey, M. Croteau, K. Lapan, C. Waryasz, D. Kells, D. Graves ROW 7 B. Fitzpatrick, J. Koshinsky, B. Bostley, G. Billiel, J. Mankow ki, B. Watrous, M. Little, K. Newton SOPHOMORES ROW 1 T. Sweeny, M. Cloutier, B, Sevene, T. Wickline, D. Barnes, S. Holt, S. Jablonski, P. Lanfair. ROW 2 J. Emery, M. Norwood, B. Koscinski, T. Blanchard, Z. Kosakowski, S. Wong, P. Cronen, A. Togneri, ROW 3 D. Matusz, T. Croteau, G. Pogoda, T. Nelson, H. Cichanowicz, L. Demers, P. Emond, D. St. Germaine, L. Smith. ROW 4 K. Pelis, K. Margozzi, M. Sullivan, A. Drumgool, C. Jablonski, K. Chiputti, T. Blair, E. Boucher, L. Fowler. ROW 5 M. Aleksiewicz, R. Ouellette, P. Guenette, D. McCarthy, M. Ambo, C. Blanchard, P. Thayer, R. Godzinski. ROW 6 M. Bailey, R. Lesenski, A. Millett, P. McComb, M. Luippold, P. Denkiewicz, P. Fugere, M. Bordeaux. ROW 7 M. Stennes, J. Guy, L. Sicard, J. Ellis, P. Sheridan, J. Smith, B. Cadran. FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS President Louis Colli Vice-President Robert Vie Secretary Rita Giffo Treasurer Lori Zanj Historian Tony Marl Class Representative . . Katie Dui 1 4 1 A ' J i ' 1 ' ' vfid -Ci f 1 V K A t-u ' 6 t FRESHMAN ROW 1 D Greene L Pietraszek, A. Margola, W. Potyrala, J. Loveland, K. Dunn, B. Emond, J. Provost, J. Provost. ROW 2 D. Arsenault, M. Secord, L Henry T Dobias T. Koscinski, E. Wasilewski, M. Cooke, T. Luippold, D. Herzig ROW 3 T. Kuklewicz, V. Markol, K. Zamojski, K. Letourneau, C. Englehardt, M. Aleksiewicz, L. Hastings, T. Demars, M. Blanchard, S. Tonrpkins ROW 4 C. Millett, R. Dods, M. Strysko, J. Cade, P. McCaffrey, S. Delaney, M. Miner, D. Cusack ROW 5 B. Barton, D. Thompson, M. Frary, R, Venskowski, L. Williams, P. Stone, M. Mirecki, S. Prevost, L. Smith, D. Paulin 5 . 7 FRESHMAN ROW 1 T. Harris, R. Chandler, S. Russell, C. McGovern, K. Keller, A. Carme, D. Deskavich, E. Houle, M. Lamore ROW 2 E. Marvell, F. Dudek, M. Foster, W. Hilliard, R. Hebert, R, Sargent R. Kopinsky, T. Cummings ' , B. Beck ROW 3 C. Norwood, D. Schab, B. Viens, J. Shanahan, J. Burek, T. Martin, J. Boguslawski, W. Mullen, W. Williams ROW 4 S. Emery, M. Girard, L. Collins, E. Sulda, K. Clark, B. Bordeaux, P. Waldron, J. Murley, J. Haigis ROW 5 D. Bristol, A. Miner, B. Singley, L. Cadran, A. Thompson, J. Cummings, T. Jurek, B. Bonnette, P. Waldron, K. Haigis, J. Hastings i M - J. j Kr M ' L« flmSio W ' 3 1 P ' f 0|V EIGHTH GRADERS , d u t u- M o c u r P R isset S Henrv L Talbot, J. Mayrand, B. Welcome, D. Pittenger, L. Robinson, 1. ROW 1 R. Miller.S. Crowningshield, R.Schacta P wroty, I Ba , . Faulkner M Stevens, C. St.German, E. Wirth, W. Fritz, P. D. ,p, L, Fugere, S. ClouPer. 5. P..vos.. ), Ko.a ROW Lanta.r M Jo,dan,_ p Secord,Y. Gimache, C. Gagne, V. Dumas, C_Sazama, . ® „ , r W 4 T Ferland L LeMay L Foley F. Welcome, J. Thayer, P. Wills, Cholava, P Wllk, T Koama, J. Condon, D. I - ROW 5 J KotSwicI ' D Grypko, S, Williama, P, William., R R Therion, T, 5a, gent, F, Welcome, D, Hasting., R- A pJS M C chano„ocz, E Fuller ROW6C, Fuge.e, D, May, M ' re,n“ c“: ' ma:, ' M E‘n " ::?4 " :,‘:ui,c " " s:L ' ,M E. Golembeski 8TH GRADERS ROW 1 C. Bidwell, T. Demers, A. Farrick, M. Williams, R. Coy, J. Garbiel, C. Downes, M. Dale, M. Lafleur, T. Sanders, S. Kuzontkoski. ROW 2 T. Shepard, B. Tibbetts, T. Hebert, L. Guetti, B. Kaltner, C. Finck, L. Parenteau, K. Sokolosky, C. Lively, D. Cournoyer, D. Wong, K. Ozdarski ROW 3 S. Churchill, K. Norwood, T, Delaney, M. Letorneau, D. Currier, M. Miller, L. Zamojski, B. Thompson, G. Fondry, G. Richardson, D. Whitney, W. Krol, L. Kuzmeskus, K. Herchenreder, M. Beck ROW 4 K. Rivet, S. Sicard, M. Wallitus, D. Tuttle, J. Waldron, K. Cummings, J. Newton, T. Newton, R. Piscuskus, H. Aitkens, W. Hale, J. McComb ROW 5 L. Krejmas, J. Sanders, J. Sojka, J. Zimmerman, S. Brown, S. Eliot, C. Emery, M. Bocan, B. Lamore, D. Arsenault ROW 6 D. Swanler, K. Humphrey, C. Fisher, L. Kennedy, R. Therein, K. Rubin, R, Cehlar, M. Taylor, P. Andrews J. Williams, S. Phillips 7TH GRADERS ROW 1 D. Crouse, ]. Kellom, R. Lapinski, D. Holt, J. Aubry, S. Peletier, T. Aitken, J. Hillman, S. Riepold, C. Cummings, D. Large, N. Rastallis, M. Stennes, P. Sanders. ROW 2 L. Oberacker, A. Maddern, J. Marvell, B. Baley, L. Thomas, D. Garvin, F. Cotter, D. Cyr, E. McCaffrey, M. Eddy, J. Newton, E. Mullen, R. Targhetta. ROW 3 P. Abbott, L. Crosier, B. Loveland, D. Almeida, L. Collins, M. Bassett, L. Beck, K. Laramie, B. Peletier, L. Beauschene, S. Reil, S. Corliss, M. Pydych. ROW 4 J. Lesenski, T. Abbott, S. Cyr, J. Bastarache, K. Downs, D. Aerial, S. Cocking, J. Carroll, R. Girard, D. Bartlet, C. Duda. ROW 5 L. Martin, S. Liuppold, J. Ferland, D. Baker, S. Kopinski, B. Norwood, C. Changon, D. Simarowski, S. Skrypek, H. Marsh, R. Rau ROW 6 B. Kruzlic, J. Burek, R. Watroba, A. Virgilio, M. Cournoyer, G. Cooke, S. Dargis, D. Jarvis, D. Momaney, P. Willard, G. Roberge, P. Pinardi, B. Miner 7TH GRADERS ROW 1 R. Antinarella, C. Dubois, T. Jurek, R. Miller, D. Emond, D. Bonnette, S. Bostley, S. Mosca, N. Doton, G. Savinski, L. Kisloski. ROW 2 T. Rau, L. Richards, T. Shanahan, R. Delaney, J. Demko, S. Letourneau, S. Williams, W. Viens, R. Semanski, T. Thornton, G. Letourneau, J. Zellman ROW 3 D. Brennan, J. Morrisson, K. Lanphear, K. Krejmas, M. Rowsey, J. Dale, A. Sirum, B. Stafford, J. Leh, P. Wickline. ROW 4 L. Maddern, D, Williams, M. Bassett, L. Little, D. Simkus, T. Waldron, L. Williams, G. Williams, K. Pearson, L. Serrell, L. Starkey, E. Wickline ROW 5 D. Bruno, L. Carme, L. Jacque, L. Gaffey, M. Fowler, M. Rainville, M. Lee, E. McComb, D. Williams. T. Coy, D. Downing, T. Wickline. ROW 6 P. Kelly, J. Mayrand, T. Pleasant, P. Fisher, M. Johnson, R. Choiniere, P. Courtemanche, L. Shaida, S. Willard, S. Therien, S. Fritz, C. Tidlund, T. Avery i Varsity Cheerleaders Junior High Freshmen Junior Varsity 83 Madrigal - Rock Chorale " Bermuda Or Bust " Beauty Shop Quartet High School Chorus Junior High Chorus 86 Junior High Band High School Band 87 Jazz Band Woodwind Ensemble Brass Ensemble Percussion Ensemble German Club French Club As Schools Match Wits " Team National Honor Society Model Congress Home Ec. Club Head Start Program Student Government Student Advisory Council Junior High Student Council YEARBOOK STAFF Editor- Sue Singley Assistant Editors- Denise Thompson, Karen LaPierre Gail Broderick Laurie Sazama Cindy Fiske Marilyn Fronkus David Bourbeau Doug Duda Denise Bordeaux Janine Viens David St.Germain Tammy Wasilewski Sue Maddern Sean Connelly Rick Molongoski Mike Cote Sarah Brown Fred Oakes, Advisor Bob Allen Tim Vitalis Tom Pleasant Bill Colleran Cori Fugere Lynn Kobera Nancy Pearson Dale Welcome Sue Thompson Sandy Jarvis Shelly Cronen Audrey Englehardt Diane Bak Nancy Wong Charlene Dobosz SPORTS T Club G.A.A. Girls ' Track Girls ' Tennis rw Freshmen Junior High 104 13 0 8 0 0 8 8 0 6 6 35 Amherst 48 Frontier 27 Shepherd Hill 20 Ware 35 Mohawk 37 Palmer 39 Pioneer 17 Mahar 40 Athol 36 Greenfield Turners Turners Turners Turners Turners Turners Turners Turners Turners Turners I CQ c c o o a; jS £ !5 U 600 - • l 2 o - • 8 CD 5 2 O • 2 i- l-piu •r oj u H -n o a .i: V fT3 f Soi 2 I - 3 : • U- W3 a 2-..S S;? -;o 2 2 f- S = - - O QJ oJ U S .0 V-T .1 t- O ' 3 O j= c o gu -DJd- S a- 2 i: o C u C ? ' • 2 c o S O o U U ® c 2 -J S CD 6 OJ • - oc 5 u, X ' . u O -•—!(« .2 c 2 u £ S 0 - Q u 1- H (S » ooog 06 06 oiO 1976 Inter County Champs. T urkey Day Girls ' Softball Varsity Volleyball Varsity Junior High Best Wishes To The Class Of ' 77 from The 7th and 8th Grade Student Council Bowling Team Three Generations Of Family Bus Drivers To Serve You. F. M. KUZMESKUS INC. . KUZMESKUS. INC. TURNERS FAILS MASS 5 Alice St. Turners Falls, Ma. 413-863-2703 ADS Compliments of MCCARTHY FUNERAL HOME Turners Falls, Mass. Kitchen Cabinet Remodeling Center SUPPLY CO. " YOUR KITCHEN REMODELING HEADQUARTERS " DIVISION OF TURNERS FALLS COAL CO. TELEPHONE 413 863-4321 298-300 AVENUE A TURNERS FALLS ' MASSACHUSETTS 01376 122 You get more to like at Burger Chei I BURGER CHEF 78 Mohawk Trail Greenfield, Mass. Compliments of KOSTANSKI FUNERAL HOME Turners Falls, Mass. Best Wishes to the class of 1977 From THE LADIES AUXILIARY Montague Elks B.P.O.E. 2521 COMET CLEANERS AND TUXEDO RENTALS 123 Avenue A Turners Falls, Mass. “77 Years Growing and Still Caring " FARREN MEMORIAL HOSPITAL Turners Falls, Mass. We Wish You the Best for Your Future THE GILL-MONTAGUE TEACHERS ' ASSOCIATION ESCOTT ' S SERVICE STATION Complete Auto Body Service 4 Avenue A Turners Falls, Mass. Tel 863-4028 •7 % tscoir •‘lUNOCO m. 173 Congratulations to the Class of 1977 from THE CLASS OF ' 79 MBERTOWN — SO. DEERFIELD. INC. LUMBER. BUILDING MATERIALS 100 ELM ST., SO. DEERFIELD, MASS. 01373 Best Wishes to the Class of ' 77 FROM THE CLASS OF ' 80 124 Ai ' . STERLING FLATWARE STERLING HOLLOWARE SILVERPLATED HOLLOWARE PEWTER LUNT SILVERSMITHS Greenfield, Massachusetts " The best of everything for less.” UPTOWN PIZZA 291 Federal St. Greenfield, Mass. 125 PROFESSIONAL PATRONS Dr. Robert F. Norwood 474 Main Street Greenfield Dr. Arthur W. Charron 58 Fourth Street Turners Falls Dr. John H. Caloon 4 Dell Street Turners Falls Winthrop E. Spencer, Jr. C.P.A. 4 Dell Street Turners Falls Dr. Francis A. Sabato, Jr. 62 Avenue A Turners Falls Dr. Albert E. Giknis Fourth Street Turners Falls Dr. Arthur E. Burke, Jr. 73 Fourth Street Turners Falls Dr. Warren D. Thomas 77 Fourth Street Turners Falls Dr. F. A. Milkey 72 Fourth Street Turners Falls Philip P. Courtemanche, C.P.A. Ill Avenue A Turners Falls Dolan and Dolan Attorneys at Law Avenue A Turners Falls Dr. Robert Speth Med-Optic Center Montague City Dr. Raymond F. Higgins 76 Avenue A Turners Falls Dr. John R. Bykoski 278 Main Street Greenfield Dr. James H. Bolton 78 Federal Street Greenfield Dr. Samuel A. Calagione, Jr. 285 High Street Greenfield Officers: Charlotte Voudren, Treasurer; Jim Coyne, Vice-president; Lori Bonnette, Secretary; Kevin Bonnette, President; Pam Zewinski, Parliamentarian; Mr. Wesley Snapp, Advisor. Student Government Sponsors of: Booster Day Movies Winter Carnival Dances Student Store Magazine Drive Now you don ' t have to choose between getting a good job and continuing your education. Over 1000 colleges and the Army have an educational plan called Project Ahead. It’s a way to enlist in the Army and start your college education at the same time. If you qualify under Project Ahead, you choose the participating school you’d like to graduate from before you enlist. Then no matter where you study while in the Army, you’ll take courses taught by accred- ited colleges right on post, with the Army paying up to 75% of the tuition. After your enlistment’s over, you’ll be eligible for further financial assistance under the G.l. Bill. If you’re interested in starting on your college degree while you’re working at a good job, call me. Call Army Sgt. Quintois about Project Ahead. 773-7664 Join the people who’ve joined the Army. Congratulations to the Class of 1977 From The Home of “Teen Scene " GREENFIELD RECORDER WHAI-AM AND FM Franklin County ' s Only Daily Newspaper ‘ ' 128 CBS Radio Network Greenfield, Mass. 1 M. HOWARD JOHNSON ' S RESTAURANT AND MOTOR LODGE Greenfield, Mass. 1 1 I ■ COMET CLEANERS -CSiir ' . ] AND TUXEDO RENTALS % 123 Avenue A Turners Falls, Mass. i- Compliments of RENDEZVOUS 78 3rd. Street Turners Falls Mass. W I L L I A M S’ C A R A C E E)$(pN ' f-i ' ■ MOTOR TUII( UP WILLIAM ' S GARAGE Motor tune-ups Tires - Tubes - Batteries Generators - Starters - Alterators Distributors - Auto-Lite - Delco 147 Second St. Tel. 863-9733 Turners Falls, Ma. Nights Tel. 863-9833 jT L shoes 250 Main St. Greenfield, Ma. Congratulations to The Class of " 77 " From PEGGY PARKER, INC. 134 Main St. Greenfield, MA. T29 r Lcin ANT INSURANCE AGENCY AUTO • FIRE • HOMEOWNERS REALESTATE PLEASANT INSURANCE AGENCY, INC. Your Service Our Duty 166 Ave. A Turners Falls, MA. IJO 60 Ave. A, Turners Falls Mass. Offset And Letterpress Printing Tel.; 413-863-4625 3 Shattuck St. Greenfield, Mass. MERCY AMBULANCE SERVICE Carol Thomas Patricia Letourneau 1 George Avenue Turners Falls, Mass. Main Street Old Deerfield, Mass. FRANKLIN COUNTY PRESS, INC. Congratulations to The Class of 1977 ST. KAZIMIER ' S 197 Avenue A Turners Falls, Mass. Available For Weddings, Anniversarys And Private Parties Complinvents to the Class of 1977 From tewartk NURSERY AND GARDEN CENTER 7H£ PiAMT peopir Millers Falls Rd. Turners Falls, Mass. Tel. 863 2510 Hours: Mon. Frt. 9:00 to 9:00, Sat. and Sun. 9:00 to 5:30 196 Montague Rd. Montague, Mass, 01351 Tel. 863-4307 Congratulations to The Class of 1977 From THE ATHENS RESTAURANT CLEARYS JuddWire ' Greenfield ' s Oldest Jewelers 248 Main Street Greenfield, Mass. DIVISION OF ELECTRONIZED CHEMICALS CORPORATION TURNERS FALLS, MASSACHUSETTS 01376 Congratulations From VAN MAGIC Quality — Integrity — Service 250 Avenue A Turners Falls, Mass. RAILROAD SALVAGE STORES Canal St. - Turners Falls, Mass. 01376 RAILROAD SALVAGE BUYS - CLOSE-OUTS - MFGRS OVERSTOCKS - INSURANCE CO. LOSSES WATER FIRE DAMAGED GOODS - FREIGHT CLAIMS - BANKRUPT STORES CURRENT MARKET MDSE CARPETING - FURNITURE STEREOS - HARDWARE - PAINTS PET SUPPLIES - TOYS - LADIES MENS CLOTHING - SHOES - DOMESTICS - HOUSEWARES 132 Eiei ' , " ot-so 3 Qreenfu lil © “ Sarittiis Sank J76 Vour Family Financial Service Center GREENFIELD • TURNERS FALLS SOUTH DEERFIELD Over 1 07 Years of Banking Experience 1 MASS REG 1 TEL (413) 863 2169 VT REG 62 NWWA CERT 169 E. H. HARTLEY WELLS PUMPS EST 1938 98 MONTAGUE ROAD E H HARTLEY 1 TURNERS EALLS. MASS anessa. I carried Vbiessa from Boston to LA V anessa is Viking’s new ightweiglit sew ing machine. It’s the first lightweight that doesn ' t take your sew ing lightly. See this outfit? Vfinessa will sew it perleetly, from the slee es to the blind hems to the buttons and buttonholes. The silk ' blouse too. Come see For yourself. W ' e’ll give you this Kwik-Sew jacket pattern free just for trv ' ing the Vanessa in our store. Compliments of Everything for the serious not so serious Cyclist ' CONGRATULATIONS FROM BICYCLE WORLD FEDERALST. GREENFIELD, MASS. MEL-AN STORE " For All Your Sewing Needs” 206 Avenue A Turners Falls, Mass. EASTERN TEXTILE COMPANY Textiles - Domestic and Imported Cottons - Silks - Woolens Power Square Greenfield, Mass. 01301 Compliments of POLISH CO-OP 94 Fourth Street Turners Falls, Mass. Tel. 863-4683 VALLEY CAMERA SUPPLY 54 Avenue A Turners Falls Mass. Congratulations to the Class of 1977 SCHAFF OPTICIANS, INC. OPTICAL AND HEARING AID SPECIALISTS 134 JARVIS WELDING AND MANUFACTURING CO. May all your future years be successful Good luck to the 1 i Class of ' 77 Millers Falls Road Turners Falls, Mass. Compliments of BEAUBIEN AND BONNETTE FUEL CO. INC. 66 L Street Turners Falls, Mass. 01376 Hair by Studio I 5 Bank Row 774-3061 Greenfield Best Wishes to The Class of 1977 DEMERS LANDSCAPING Landscaping Specialists Turners Falls, Mass. Tel: 863-2218 Congratulations to the Class of 1977 STEVE ' S PIZZA fill f » llli Sllll till SttiSI Mi » I Y NO. 1 MAIN ST. 136 (413)773-5455 GREENFIELD, MASS. Compliments of BRAFF AND RICH, INC. 134 Main Street Greenfield, Mass. PIPIONE ' S SPORTS SHOP MONTAGUE MACHINE CO. " The Sportsman Paradise " Avenue A Turners Falls, Mass. Paper Mill Machinery Maintenance Work for Neighboring Mills Turners Falls, Mass. Congratulations from CHARRON ' S PHARMACY, INC. AND GIFT SHOP 339 Federal Street ED ' S BARBER SHOP 78 Avenue A Turners Falls, Mass. 01376 Greenfield, Mass. Tel: 773-3277 THE FLORIST. IHC. d m itiiiuosioi loti (luviai. KAUUiium fi«i i.r I ' Congra+ula+ions, Neighbors! " Dff; CORP TR GREENFIELD tap DIE DIVISION TRW INC . SANDERSON STREET. GREENFIELD. MASSACHUSETTS 01301 TAPS • DIES • GAGES • DRILLS • REAMERS • END MILLS • TAP 4 DIE SETS •CARBIDE TOOLS 140 PARTRIDGE-ZSCHAU INSURANCE AGENCY, INC. MILLERS FALLS ROAD TURNERS FALLS, MASS. COMPLIMENTS OF HARTWIN MOTOR SALES CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH - DODGE CARS TRUCKS 258 MAIN STREET GREENFIELD, MASS V . If CARROL BROS. EXPRESS INC. FEDERAL ST. MILLERS FALLS, MASS. GOOD LUCK CLASS OF ' 77 397 FEDERAL STREET GREENFIELD MASS. WILSON ' S BE FIRST CLASS- GO FIRST CLASS GO Compliments of WINSLOW ' S RADIATOR Route 2 Gill, Mass. Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of ' 77 ERVING PAPER MILLS Erving, Mass. 01344 FRANKLIN AUTO SUPPLY 12 Kenwood St., Greenfield 29 Avenue A, Turners Falls 1 State Street, Shelburne Falls Best Wishes From FARRELL ' S AUTO SCHOOL THE COMMUNITY GENERAL STORE Central Street Montague Center, Mass. 773-3573 For the Very Best in Driver Education Only Exclusive Degree Teacher Taught D.E. Private School in Area SATISFIED SERVICE 30 YEARS 142 I Compliments of The FRANKLIN COUNTY Trust Company Greenfield, Mass. Compliments of the SHADY GLEN RESTAURANT Avenue A Turners Falls, Mass. GEO. STARBUCK SONS INC. Est. 1872 Quiet May Oil Burners Steam and Water Plumbing Contractors Turners Falls, Mass. Compliments of STRATHMORE PAPER CO. Turners Falls, Mass. - U JV At the Airport in Turners Falls, Massachusetts 0137 HALLMARK COLOR LABS HALLMARK STUDIO 267 Main Street Tel. 773-5765 Greenfield, Mass. 01301 Congratulations to the Class of 1977 From Hallmark Studio Official Class Photographer 145 MONTAGUE MINI-MART I Congratulations to the Class of 77 from I ■ Wines and Beers Meats and Groceries Montague Center, Mass. Industrial Tools Division 180 Laurel Street Greenfield, Mass 01301 Tel (413) 774-4336 The Bendix Corporation BOURBEAU ' S PACKAGE STORE, INC. One of The Most Complete And Modern Liquor Stores in Frankl in County 1 jylS 1 IlSiu ' iImII I jHh [WTliffi - 1 1 ffiRm i - 4 13 1 iy 1 The Best For The Future Years Ahead to The Class of 77 69 Second St. 146 Tel. 863-4768 Turners Falls, Mass. Itarll(;ir$.iii(. tho. A.WS ' shop ' 280-282 MAIN STREET. GREENFIELD. MASS 01301 Congratulations to the Class of ' 77 from BARTLETT ' S, INC. " Now more than ever . . . the area ' s most complete men ' s store. " FUTURE SUCCESS TO THE CLASS OF " 77 " THE SCISSORS CUT 31 TURNPIKE ROAD, MONTAGUE MILLERS FALLS PAPER COMPANY Manufacturers of fine business and technical papers MILLERS FALLS, MASSACHUSETTS 01349 PIONEER National Greenfield Norfhampton Turners Falls Florence South Deerfield Amherst Easthampton Bernardston Ilf CONTAINER, Inc. SCHOOL STREET • BOX 328 • SCHOOL STREET • BOX 328 • TURNERS FALLS, MASSACHUSETTS 01376 • (413)773 9636 COMPLIMENTS TO THE CLASS OF 1977 KELLY SPIHNCFtCLa TIRE SERVICE INC. TIRES " THE MEN WHO KNOW TIRES BEST " • WHEEL ALIGNMENT BALANCING • FRONT END WORK • SHOCK ABSORBERS - MUFFLERS, ETC. 10 SILVER ST. GREENFIELD 774-4349 best wishes to the class of 1977 CARROLL ' S SUPERMARKETS gill - millers falls orange ■ !g LIQUORS ■ft ? HB H - ' S IHb f nS A A T « • « •. Hj 4 T V V dt:: k.i

Suggestions in the Turners Falls High School - Peske Tuk Yearbook (Turners Falls, MA) collection:

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