Turners Falls High School - Peske Tuk Yearbook (Turners Falls, MA)

 - Class of 1975

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Turners Falls High School - Peske Tuk Yearbook (Turners Falls, MA) online yearbook collection, 1975 Edition, Cover

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-• 8 1 R L aJl«T£MIW c FRB 0£ " .fe ' Lnw D 10 6 DflWCHVIfti SENIORS Michael O ' Connor, President Jo-Ann Zayac, Vice-President Linda Naida, Secretary Tom Viens, Treasurer Lori Dresser, Historian CLASS OFFICERS JAMES P. ANDREW " Good Luck class of ' 75 in the future.” " Turk” likes the color blue one girl from the class of ' 74 the parties our gang used to have . most of the class of ' 75 . . . and dislikes people who think that they ' re so big . . fighting unless I have to. CARYL ANN ARIAL " Today well lived makes every yesterday a dream of happiness and every tomorrow a vision of hope. " Caryl likes Larry . the ocean . sunny days . . riding motorcycles with Larry . . rainbows and dislikes conceited people rainy days loneliness or being alone. ROBERT BAIRD " But . you should be diggin ' it while it ' s happening — cause it just might be a one shot deal!” — Frank Zappa. " Bairdy " likes Zappa Dead clean sheets . . . Light . and dislikes work the cabin . police . . N.Y. teams. Basketball 2,3,4. JANE ANN BAK " When we smile the world seems brighter; when we smile our cares grow lighter.” Janie likes Walter . the color orange . . motorcycle riding thunderstorms . . . and dislikes getting up in the morning . staying home waiting . . . homework. Band colorguard 2,3,4 office girl 3,4 . . t-club. DOUGLAS ARSENAULT Doug likes music . . . sports . hunting and dislikes working . . cheap things . dressing up. Crosscountry track. RICHARD E. BASTARACHE " What can I say!” " Bass " likes Lori . F.F. May 25, 1973 Wednesday nights . . and dislikes dou- ble sessions my parrot . shaving. Football 1,2, 3, 4 baseball 1 . t-club. 19 MELISSA JEAN BILLINGS " Oh, Boogies! " " Lissa " likes the North Leverett gang . red roses . . . July 4, 1972 . . . 858 East Pleasant St. . . . and dislikes Hal ' s " Yeah " . . . crappy movies . . . steno. Colorguard 3,4 . office girl 3,4 . . . t-club. ELIZABETH HELEN BOCON " Let ' s get HIGH! " " Liz " likes whiskey . . knives . . . smoking . . . song " Stairway to Heaven " . . . and dis- likes beer . . small camp fires . . unsoci- able people . having nothing to eat. Pep Club G.A.A. office girl. JOHN J. BOGUSLAWSKI " Plan ahead — it wasn ' t raining when Noah built the ark! " " Bogo " likes Friday and Saturday nights money . . sports a good laugh and dislikes any New York team . jocks being searched before school . . . sprints. Basketball 1,2, 3, 4 baseball 1 . tennis 2 float committee. ALAN M. BONNETTE " Beagles ' word! " " Nate " likes Black Sabbath . Patti . . Mineral Road . . . Saturday nights . and dislikes being ordered around . . arguing . Red Sox . losing a real close friend. Baseball 1,2, 3, 4 Basketball 2,3,4 . . Football 1,3,4. DIANE BONNETTE " Variety is the spice of life. " " Dee Dee " likes plants . camping with the girls . long drives in the country the Bridge winning at shuffleboard and dislikes loud mouth people coming home early when she isn ' t ready to being asked questions that she doesn ' t want to answer. Student Council 1,2. ANDRE R. BORDEAUX " The world is composed of takers and giv- ers. The takers may eat better, but the givers sleep better. " " Andy " likes Lori . . . table 2 . . . cruisin ' with the gang and dislikes ' 64 Thunder- birds . . jocks. Band 1,2, 3, 4 German Club 3,4 Pep Band . Committees. 20 PAUL GEOFFORY BOURBEAU " It ' s the man who waits for his ship to come in, who ' s always missing the boat. " " Bourski " likes Mary . simplicity . . the peacefulness with her . . and dislikes cuts that leave scars in the mind. Football . float making As Schools Match Wits. ROBERT A. BOURBEAU " I ' d rather be sorry for things I ' ve done, than things I never did. " " Bob " likes long weekends . B-ball . . . Led Zeppelin . . parties a certain girl The place (SPS) . . . summer nights . . . and dislikes Foxboro . . . sprints. Basketball 1,2, 3, 4 (co-capt. 4) . . Baseball 1, 2,3,4 . . . Intramural Activities (capt) . Float Committee T-Club. DARLENE MARIE BRUNELLE " Really, ya " " Dari " likes talks with Mare . . getting out of classes . . music . . . and dislikes thoughtless people . . . spiders . . . thunderstorms. Chorus 1,2, 3, 4. BERNARD MARK CADRAN " Gim-me a couple hauls " " Rocky " likes Karen . . Apt. 1 . . . N.Y. Yankees . . Bridge Cafe . . and dislikes staying home Red Sox . . . school being bored. Baseball 1,2 . Football manager 3. LORI ANNE BORDEAUX " I don ' t care. " " Lor " likes Rick . . autumn . . F.F. . . long walks . . . and dislikes users . . Buffy having someone wake me up . people who say they will but don ' t. Cheering 1,2, 3, 4 . . . Chorus . G.A.A. 3,4 T Club Office Girl. LAURIE GAIL BROWN " We have the power to make this the best generation in the history of mankind, or to make it the last. " J.F. Kennedy . " Molly " likes the ocean . . football weather . . . Christmas . . integrity . . Marx Bros, movies . . . Fryeburg Academy . . . the for- ties . and dislikes pretenses. Junior Prize Speaking . . . " Bye, Bye, Birdie " . . Student Government (pres.) . . . Teen Scene Editor . . . Yearbook staff . . . G.A.A. . Model Congress . . Chorus . Drama Club . . . Pep Club . . . class committees. FRANK JOSEPH CADRAN " Hoy Skipper! " " Frankie " likes L.C. summer of ' 74 apple pie Polish foods Sunderland and dislikes people who try to impress others (jocks) . people who are not on time moose. Football 1,3,4 Basketball 1,2, 3, 4 Baseball 1,2,3 . . Track 4. MARY JOSEPHA CADRAN " Wait a minute. " " Mare " likes Gary . talks with Dari thunderstorms . Apt. 1 remembering the old times with Debi and Karen " the Body " . . and dislikes 11 10 73. MATTHEW C. CADRAN " Mahat " likes Apartment 1 . Rich ' s house B.S. with Zino and Shebell Good Saturday nights and dislikes 11 10 73 waiting boring parties boring Friday nights. KAREN ANN CAMPBELL " Really. " " Soup " likes Rocky Apt. 1 . laughing with Debi upstairs . and dislikes rainy days loud people accidents . insults. G.A.A. 2,3 Chorus 1,2 Office Girl Freshman Float Committee. ROBERT LIONEL CHAGNON " I don ' t know! " " Chage " likes golf tennis . football food . and dislikes jocks . greasers bad jokes flat tires. LINDA ANN CHRISTIAN " Tell me about it! " " Lin " likes the Oxbow Restaurant . . foot- ball . " The Way We Were " . . . " Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Old Oak Tree " . dancing and dislikes spiders . . . two faced people. Chorus . . G.A.A. . Pep Club Teach- ers Aid . Office Girl Yearbook Staff. 22 JOHN W. CICHANOWICZ " I ain ' t gonna tell you ! " “Chick " likes nice cars good parties having fun and dislikes stuck-up people greasers . . G.S. 400 ' s . . having to work on Saturdays. Chorus 1,2,3, 4. WILLIAM A. CONNOR Billy was a mountain, Ethel was a tree growing off of his shoulder. " Frank Zappa " Bill " likes Landis . . Aerosmith par- ties . . meeting people and dislikes loud-mouths . . wacky drivers. JEANNE MARIE CLOUTIER “Really! " " Jeanne " likes Ron November 27, 1972 sealed with a kiss . . highballs and dislikes being alone . . . stuck up people Hannah . Mondays. SUZANNE COIVlSTOCK EILEEN M. CROSBY " Our language has wisely sensed the two sides of man ' s being alone. It has created the word " lonliness " to express the pain of being alone and it has created the word " sol- itude " to express the glory of being alone. " Paul Tillich " Leeny " likes ballet . . . spacious libraries listening to the Andrew Sisters with Robbie and Sally . talking long-distance and dislikes new toeshoes . tests . being tired fluorescent light. MICHAEL JOSEPH CROWELL " Love is an act of faith, and whoever is of little faith is also of little love. " Erich Fromm. " Beef " likes close friends L.J. and the bandroom football antics . senior par- ties . . . trips in Lady ' s car and dislikes bossy people . green Mercury Comets . people with freaky kicks. Football 1,2, 3, 4 Baseball 3,4 Madri- gals 1,2, 3, 4 . Chorus 1,2, 3, 4 (pres.) . . . Band 1,2,3, 4 . Brass Ensemble 3,4 Pep Band 1,2, 3, 4 . T Club Stage Band 4. KATHLEEN MARY CURRIE " The deepest feeling always shows itself in silence. " " Kathy " likes Neil Young rainy nights strawberries . appreciative people and dislikes confusion . waiting frizz the blotchies . Cheering (Co-capt. 2) . Student Council Medical Careers Club (treas.) . Home Ec. Club Pep Club G.A.A. Booster Day Lady In Waiting. JOHN CYCHOWSKI MICHAEL WILLIAM DALTON " Love is an act of faith, and whoever is of little faith is also of little love. " " Jones " likes ' 54 Chevys . shotguns old friends and dislikes jocks greas- ers . boring classes. LORI ANNE DARGIS " I ' m not sure what waits beyond the block, but I ' ll travel down the street to have a look. " " Lor " likes Tuesdays . BoBo sunny days Rod McKuen . bright green eyes and dislikes homework . Sundays . being mistaken for someone else. G.A.A. Pep Club . Volleyball. BELINDA DAVIS NICHOLETTE DEMO " I can ' t wait till " Nickie " likes Brian . . Autumn days . . pumpkins . . Niel Young and dislikes balloons . . . school . and snakes . 24 DEBORAH JEAN DOBOSZ " Set free the one you love most, if he re- turns — he is yours; if he does not, he never was. " " Dab " likes little kids . animals . going to Dunkin ' Donuts with Sue playing tennis with B.K. . poetry . and dislikes good-byes . . smoking . waiting. G.A.A. 3,4 Tennis 2,3,4 Pep Club . German Club 3 . . . Football Ticket Seller. DIANE JANE DOBOSZ " You see things as they are and you ask ' Why? ' ; but I dream things that never were and ask ' Why not? ' . " " DeeDee " likes riding the same route with Lance . . . walking in the snow Elton John . . parties . . and dislikes yellow string beans . . . stuck-up people . . tobac- co boring nights with nothing to do. Cheering 1,3 (Co-capt.) Pep Club. DEBORAH ANN EACOTT " Smart " " Deb " likes foreign foods . music . . . summer . . reading and dislikes Mon- day mornings . war . homework. KERRY EMOND LORI JEAN DRESSER " Don ' t walk in front of me; I may not fol- low. Don ' t walk behind me; I may not lead. Just walk beside me and be my friend! " Lori likes snow storms . . walking with someone special Whately . . . football games . . camping and dislikes rainy winters good-byes working on Sat- urdays during the football games. G.A.A. 3,4 . . German Club 3 . Student Council 4 . Class Historian 4 Prom Committee 3 Float Committee 1,2, 3, 4 Football Ticket Seller . Home Ec. Club. MARK EDWARD FAIRBROTHER " Well that ' s true too. " " Whitey " likes the Philadelphia Eagles J.R.R. Tolkien and dislikes the Dolphins . tobacco . . . oral reports . 25 RANDY FISK JOHN PAULGAMELIN " What a turkey! " John likes spaghetti football Karen pierogies and kielbasa and dislikes breakfast at the Phases hills in Hinsdale scrounges . " the druggies " . Band . . Pep Band . Baseball 1,2,4 Football 1,2, (tri-capt. 3), (co-capt. 4) Student Council Class Treasurer 3 Student Advisory Council Pep Club T Club Brass Ensemble. CAROL ANNE THERESA GALLISON " I didn ' t do it! " " Blondy " likes a certain guy working at the Pizza House and dislikes gym school lunches standing in front of a class stuck-up people high class people people who cut in the lunch line. STEVEN A. GAMELIN " I make movies for your ears. " Frank Zappa. " Wonder " likes Landis study halls The Mothers of Invention orange amps and dislikes Top 40 Macs double periods greasers. Chorus 1,2,3. MARYANN JEAN GALVIN Maryann likes weekends . . little kids snowstorms . puppies and dislikes thunderstorms being yelled at colds . hay fever. DENISE ANN GARDNER " . . . I only know how true it is; that love is a chain of love, as nature is a chain of life. " " Deniee " likes 11-23-73 Rod McKuen . . roses . brisk autumn nights . . thun- der storms and dislikes bananas spiders. Tennis . G.A.A. 26 GARY STEVEN GEORGE " There he is! " " Zino " likes Mary . Apt. 1 Packers Eric Clapton Hampton Beach and dislikes 11 10 73 . . . Baseball ' 74 waiting. Baseball 1,2, 3,4 . . Football 1,3,4 . . . T Club Dance Committee. RICHARD BARRON GOLEMBESKI " I ' d rather be sorry for something I ' ve done, then something I never did. " " Richard " likes water . . sleep . soul school lunches . and dislikes organization New Hampshire cops car trouble. Freshman Football . float committees German Club dance committee Ju- nior Prom Committee winter Pep Club. ALBERT GEORGE GHIZ, Jr. " Oh it ' s hut. " " Bert " likes Corvette sting rays Grand Funk Railroad Lee Trevino . . . sleeping late . and dislikes Deerfield Inn . . Field Farm 69 . cars that need repairs long movies. Golf 1,3,4. ANNETTE MARIE GIRARD " The secret of happiness is not in doing what one likes, but in liking what one has to do. " " Net " likes roses long walks laugh- ing with friends . sports autumn days and dislikes saying good bye hockey dentists. Cheering Basketball Chorus G.A.A. (Pres, and program director) Year- book staff Jr. Prom Committee Girls State Representative. PETER GOLONKA " The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. " " Pete " likes Can-Am motorcycles . riding on weekends . . Washington Redskins . . . Colorado . and dislikes the Midwest. Football 1 Basketball 1,2 . . Golf 1,2,3, 4 . T Club. DEBORAH ANN GRYBKO " There ' s so many dreams I ' ve yet to find. " " Debbie " likes sports No. 27 winter hot fudge sundaes and dislikes spi- ders rainy days . waiting . tobacco. Twirling 3,4 (co-capt.) . GAA T Club. 27 RICHARD OSBORNE GUY, JR. " Never be satisfied; better your best. " " Dickie " likes Kentucky fried pigeon . ' 71 Plymouths . Ohio State Buckeyes . " Greasy Spoon " a blonde waitress and dislikes breakfast at " The Phases " rainy mornings boring weekends . . crowd pleasers. Class Pres. 1 Basketball 1 Football 1, 2,3,4 (Co-capt.) . Baseball 1,2,4 Track 3 . Student Council T Club. DENNIS E. HERZIG " There ya go! " " Chip " likes hockey . football Schlitz L.A. Rams Detroit Lions . . and dislikes jocks school Buns. Freshman Baseball J.V. Baseball. FRANCIS P. HANLEY " What ' s the story? " " Fran " likes parties . . . concerts . . . vaca- tion Jethro Tull and dislikes boring weekends the cabin . . . conceited people phonies. SUSAN MARIE HMIELESKI " Life ' s battles don ' t always go to the strong- er or faster man. But sooner or later the man who wins — is the man who thinks he can. " " Sue " likes the ocean . little kids sports fall winter . and dislikes get- ting up early . . being embarrassed get- ting angry MICHAEL J. IEZZONI " Tiz " likes football . . hockey . . baseball bicycle riding . . . New York Jets . . . and dislikes the Deerfield Inn. Baseball 1,2,4. JO ANN HAWKINS " Smiles are the flowers of the heart. " " Jo " likes a certain someone laughing with Debb . being happy walking through puddles and dislikes bugs . . slippery roads . being sick . . thunder and lightning storms. ColorGuard 1,2, 3, 4 (capt.) . Basketball 1, 2 . . . Softball 1,2,3, 4 G.A.A. 1,2, (trea- surer) 3,4 . Class Historian 3 . . Student Council 3,4 (sec.) . . . yearbook staff . T Club . Booster Day Duchess. 28 BARBARA LEE JACQUE “Nothing should be taken too seriously, especially ourselves. " " Barb " likes Bert . laughing . plants . . . acting crazy with Blonski . . . music . . . Dunkin Donuts . . and dislikes two faced people . . hitting trees. Band . . Chorus (pres. 3) . Madrigals . . . i Cheering 1,2, 3, 4 (co-capt.) . . . G.A.A. . . . track . . Yearbook staff . . Women ' s Study Group . Booster Day Queen. RICHARD F. JABLONSKI " It ' s only obvious. " " Rick " likes the Boardwalk (N.J.) . snow- mobiles . . . motorcycles parties . . . a lot of snow . . . sports . . womanfolk . . and dislikes being bored. Football . float committee. DIANE MARIE KACPURA " Music cleanses the soul of the everyday dust of life. " " D.S. " likes music . . chocolate . laugh- ing . . snow . . roses . and dislikes or- ganization worrying. Band (vice-pres.) . . . chorus (acc.) . . mad- rigals (pres.) . . drum majorette Netop (co-ed.) . . . Yearbook staff . . . National Honor Society As Schools Match Wits . . . G.A.A. Home Ec. (sec. 3) . . . " Marne " . . . " Bye, Bye Birdie " . DIANNE KATHRYN INGLIS " To go wrong in one ' s own way is better than to go right in someone elses. " Diane likes music . . . skiing . . . laughing going to the beach . . and dislikes all kinds of bugs . . . tobacco . . . cymbals . . lab reports . Band . . . Chorus . Madrigals . Nation- al Honor Society Medical Careers Club (pres. 4) . Home Ec Club (vice-pres. 3) . . . " Bye Bye Birdie " . . . Yearbook staff . . . class committees . G.A.A. SHERYL ANN JABLONSKI " There ' s so much left to know and I ' m on the road to find out. " Cat Stevens " Blonski " likes bracelets . . Elton John and Carol King . having tea with Blanche acting crazy with Barb . and dislikes hav- ing little eyes . . . broken nails . waiting. Twirling (Co. Capt. 4) . . . Class treasurer . . Student Council (treas. 4) . . . Basketball manager . . . Junior Prize Speaking Yearbook staff . GAA T club FAYE ANN KALTNER " I don ' t believe you! " Faye likes people discussions . laugh- ing . chocolate . . and dislikes French . . . turnips. Volleyball 2,3,4 . Track 2,4 . . Basketball 3,4 . R.A.C. . . Pep Club . . German club . G.A.A. Drama club . Medi- cal Careers . . . yearbook staff. Teen Scene (asst, editor) . . . Pep club. U ex ? PENNY SUE KELLER " Stop it! ' ' " Lurch " likes a special someone the col- or blue being with that someone exchange concerts fun teachers . and dislikes stuck-up people rainy days . a lot of homework boring books stuffy teachers . MICHAEL P. KENDRICK " Hey Harry! " " Harry " likes girls . Diane baseball food and dislikes snotty people grouchy people Stanley Urman. GERALD R. KELLEY " Well " " Kelley " likes Panama Red Bartwell ' s Ferry Bridge and dislikes groups group parties . little kids. TIMOTHY KENDRICK " Keep it up " " Tim " likes Sunderland chemistry U Mass eating at Mr. Upton ' s house beating on Pyfrom pumpkins basketball . Basketball 1,2,3, 4. RONALD KELLEY JANET MARIE KONVELSKI " You can never see a rainbow until you have the rain. " " Jan " likes 7 3 72 . Elton John hap- piness 6 21 75 and dislikes waiting fighting pickles. 30 SUZANNE KOZLOSKI If you do not understand my silence, you will not understand my words. " ' Sue " likes autumn days . . . being with I friends . . . happy memories . . and dislikes working weekends being bored. (Drama Club G.A.A. . . Cheering 2,3 . . . Spanish Club. MATTHEW KUJALA " Kug " likes bowling and dislikes greas- ers . tobacco . Monday mornings . Freshman baseball. ALICE MARJORIE KUKLEWICZ " Yea, as I walk through the Valley of the shadow of Death, I shall fear no evil, for I am the meanest Son of a " Checha " in the Valley. But what difference does it make? " " Kuke " likes Elton John tobacco Alabama telling stories " vets " . Angel and Louie a certain special person . and dislikes constant scrounges. Volleyball 3,4 (captain) . . Softball 3,4 G.A.A. . Ski Club 4 Pep Club 3 (vice president) . T-Club Office Girl. 31 THOMAS FRANK KOSAKOWSKI " If it ' s worth doing, do it. " " Tom " likes reading Friday nights and Saturday ' s Tarzan . snow and dislikes fakes plastic people . preju- dice . . the new high school. GenhanClub Karate Club. j j THEODORE KOSTECKY " Don ' t ask me. " " Tad " likes golfing cruising hunting swimming eating and dislikes homework being bored people who ask stupid questions. Golf 3,4 Yearbook staff. DEBORAH LOU KOPINSKY " There is nothing better than that a man should rejoice in his own works, for that is his portion: for who shall bring him to see what shall be after him? " " Debbie " likes the ocean . getting mail . . sad movies . . John Denver . . . cater- pillers . . and dislikes waking up late ants. Junior Prize Speaking Netop Editor Yearbook Staff National Honor Society Home Ec. Club. DAVID JAMES LANKOWSKI " Don ' t worry about it! " " Scooter " likes someone special an au- tumn Sunday long country rides good parties monkeys and dislikes having to leave early dirty cars peo- ple who never know. EILEEN JEAN LAPOINTE " When you have love, you have everything. " " Leen " likes Alan horses sincere smiles laughing with friends . and dislikes good-byes hurting peoples ' feel- ings rainy days . being cold. Cheering G.A.A. Chorus Pep Club. LORRAINE SUZANN LANTHIER " Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone. " " Lance " likes riding the same route with DeeDee October 27, 1972 . . snow New Riders . and dislikes lia s . dark places arguments seeing people cry. Colorguard 3,4 Senior Play T Club. DAVID MICHAEL LA VALLEY " We still got a long way to go. " A. Cooper. " Lil " likes outdoor sports . Dolphin ' s Bruin ' s . Shinin ' On . and dislikes being bored not having any money Green Hornet. t KEVIN WILLIAM LAPEAN " When you leave your mark on the world watch out for guys with erasers. " " Pean " likes lunch table 2 . . . hunting . hockey . . and dislikes Deerfield Inn tobacco . Hornet Mondays. Football 1 baseball 1,2 . track 3. TODD LEGERE " Don ' t compromise yourself — it ' s all you got. " J. Joplin " Rabbit " likes a warm fire on a rainy Satur- day night . music . Landis . long blonde hair Bindy and dislikes colds rednecks . . getting busted. 32 MICHAEL WILLIAM LEHMAN " No man is born to suffer, we are here to create, enjoy, and share our happiness with all those around us. " " Tex " likes roses . . . bugging teachers . . . tranquility . . . and dislikes chicken ... a certain dream . . . systems P.M.C.G.. Football 1,3,4 Band 1,2, 3, 4 . . . Chorus Madrigals . . . " Marne " . . . " Bye Bye Birdie " (pit band). PAUL MADDERN " Oh wow man! " " Auger " likes Emerson, Lake, and Palmer Boston Bruins . . Poco . . Black Sab- bath and dislikes dead heads . . . jocks New York fans . . . big mouths. JOSEPH LEVASSEUR " Did you know that? You do now! " " Joe Texas " likes motorcycles . . . hockey all other outdoor sports . . Boardwalk (N.J.) . . and dislikes jocks . . working at the Deerfield Inn. DEBORA JEAN MAJEWSKI " Take your time, think a lot, think of every- thing you ' ve got, for you will still be here tomorrow, but your dreams may not. " Cat Stevens " Debb " likes Ken laughing with Jo, Abby, and Kuke . the ocean . . . memories . . . life . . and dislikes spiders and snakes . thunderstorms . . being called Cynthia, having Debora misspelled, and having Ma- jewski mispronounced good-byes. Colorguard 2,3,4 (Co-capt.) . Tennis 2,3,4 . . . Yearbook Editor . . . G.A.A. . Office Girl . . . T Club . Class Committees. THERESA MARY LIVELY " God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference. " " Terri " likes people . . animals . . music ... a certain subject . . . and dislikes study- ing . . . conceited people ... 5 minute timings. Marching Band . Pep Band . . . Concert Band . . National Honor Society . . . " Bye Bye Birdie " . . . G.A.A. MARILYN JOYCE MANKOWSKI " The secret of a happy and successful life is to be content with abilities God gave and discontented with the use you make of them. " Burton Hills Marilyn likes being an individual . travel- ing and meeting people . reading thick books in a comfortable chair . . laughing with friends . . . sports . . music . . chal- lenges . . . being alone sometimes . Cheering . . Student Council . . . Ski Club . . . Madrigals . . . Yearbook Staff . . Dra- ma Club G.A.A. Field Hockey . Track . . . Chorus . . . " Marne " . . . Wom- en ' s Study Group . . T Club. LESLIE ANNE MARTIN " Now, we have the freedom to be, you and me.” Jonathon Livingston Seagull. " Les” likes windy autumn days . animals . . crackling fires on cold snowy nights . listening to music and dislikes insinceri- ty . feeling lonely . noisy places a certain dream. Softball Band Madrigals (librarian) Chorus (librarian) G.A.A. Pep Band. uuiiu TCIoudjuiXj BRIAN MATHEY " Good-bye Momma and Pappa, good-bye Jack and Jill; the grass ain ' t greener, the wine ain ' t sweeter either side of the hill. " Brian likes the Dead Miller beer . for- eign cars and dislikes being wasted not being understood he dislikes senior write-ups. Baseball 1,2,4. JAMES M. MCCORMICK " What did you say? " " Jim " likes ice hockey football Bos- ton Bruins . good music . and dislikes jocks greasers. KATHLEEN M. MCCARTHY " I feel a part of everything I see. And, oh, I love the life around me, a part of everything is here around me. " J. Denver. " Katy " Colorguard Tennis . Chorus G.A.A. . . Senior Play . Yearbook Staff Pep Club Women ' s Study Group . . Student Council Representative 1,2. BARBARA MCCOMB DAVID J. MCGRATH " Hey man, you was put on this earth to live your life and no one else ' s, so live it the way you want it lived, heed all warnings but do not falter, for once you lose your grip you cannot hang again! " " Dave " likes freedom poetry to help out everybody and dislikes conceited people . . study halls ridicule. 34 EARL FRANCIS MILLETT " To grunt and sweat under a weary life, but that the dread of something after death, the undiscovered country from whose bourn, no traveller returns. " " Merl " likes people . . VW . yellow . . . L and L . Miller . . and dislikes study halls . futball . . . short girls. Football 1,2 . . Hockey 1,2, 3, 4 . Golf 1,2, 4 . . Deerfield Trap and Skeet Club. EDWARD T. NOVAK " You know what I mean? " " Knovak " likes hunting . hockey . . . motorcycles ... and dislikes jocks ...Ju- nior High radar traps . railroad ties. MICHAEL EDWARD MORIN " What keeps us apart is selfishness, what ' s holding us together is love. " A. Cooper. " Mike " likes cold Schlitz . . Alouettes . . parties . . Alice Cooper . . . Aerosmith and dislikes Jr. High . . . things that smell likeK.S. being bored. " Marne " . . Freshman Football . Basket- ball Manager. MICHAEL JOHN O ' CONNOR " Take it easy. But take it any way you can get it. " " Coon " likes Miami Dolphins (L.C.) The 64 Bubble walking at night . being able to turn Mrs. Tobin ' s hair gray and dislikes Caravel candy bars . . Monday afternoons Frontier Hills in Hinsdale. Student Council . . . Class Vice Pres. 1 . . . Class Pres. 3,4 Football 1,2,3, 4 Base- ball 1,2 . . . Track co-capt 4. LINDA KATHRYN NAIDA " Your time has come to shine, all your dreams are on their way. " " Lin " likes puppies . . . strawberry ice cream . . fall days . . football games little kids . and dislikes peanuts . . . snakes . . . thunderstorms. Track . G.A.A. sec. 4 . . . Class Sec. 3,4 Twirling . . Yearbook Staff . . Pep Club Baseball Statistician 3,4 Prom Committee . Student Council . Co-Ed- itor Alter Ego . T Club . . Office Girl Teen Scene. DAWN ROSE OHLSON " Tell me about it! " Dawn likes a certain guy Tango motorcycles . . varieties of food . friend- ly people horses, dogs, and cats . and dislikes having people say " it just dawned on me! " . . . people who say one thing and mean another. 35 DEBRA MARY OUELLETTE " It ' s nice to be important, but it ' s more important to be nice. " " Shmo " likes the beach big laughs with Soup, Coonar, and Mare . 8 16 74 thunderstorms J. Giles and dislikes waiting . . 11 10 73. Freshman Cheerleader Office girl . . . Chorus 1,2, 3, 4 Basketball 2,3,4 Freshman Float Committee. CYNTHIA LEE PARENTEAU " Well, I ' ll tell ya . . . " " Toes " likes swimming . . exchange con- certs . . . summer days . . music . . sports and dislikes the color yellow . . . getting up early people who think they ' re better than everyone else. Chorus 2,3,4. REGINA ANN PARENTEAU " Accept me as I am, only then will we dis- cover each other. " " Gina " likes car ' 37 ' . . . summer . sports . . being with friendly people . and dis- likes homerooms . . thunde r and lightning . . . conceited people. G.A.A. . . Health Careers Club. PETER MICHAEL PERRY " To live for today and love for tomorrow, is the wisdom of a fool, for tomorrow is prom- ised to no one. " " Pete " likes The Dead . . The New Riders . . parties at the field . . the Celtics . . . and dislikes the first floor basement winter . . going to school. WILLIAM RYAN PERRY " When I do something right, no one remem- bers; when I do something wrong, no one forgets. " " Wid " likes Star Trek Howard Cosell reading . Toyota . and dislikes jocks . . Boston Red Sox . . Hornet bent wires. Yearbook Staff. MARC KEVIN PEARSON " — or something like that — " " Parse " likes Gail working at M.M.I. music . . good food and dislikes jocks . . stuck-ups . . junior high studies. Golf Team 1 Basketball Manager 1,2,3. A 36 RICHARD P. PIECUCH “You say you want to be somebody; why don ' t you start by being yourself. " " Richard " likes The New England Patriots Boston Red Sox . . parties . . week- ends . . . and dislikes New York Yankees math class . . . Richard M. Nixon . . " humble " Howard Cosell. Basketball 1,2,3 . . . Golf 1,2,4 . Float making. DANIEL JOSEPH PLUTA " What can I say? " " D.J. " likes Donna . Miller . Doobie Brothers . . . hunting . . Lake Winnipesau- kee . . . and dislikes math getting up early . . R.R.S. Football . . . Baseball . . . Float Committee. CHERYL ANNE POWERS " I are so embarrassed! " " Cheri " likes cards ... Tab McDonalds . . . Pizza and dislikes diets . . conceit- ed people . Mondays . . studying. TIM PYFROM " Fear not that your life shall come to an end, but rather fear that it shall never have a beginning. " Tim likes beautiful girls with long hair . . . beer . . . rowdy parties . . . The outdoors . . . good friends and dislikes staying in one place too long . . . two faced people crowds. Football 2 . . . Track 2,3,4. LA BARRY E. PORLIER " I don ' t know what ' s going on? " " Ernie " likes outdoor sports . . . The Pack- ers . playing hockey with Mad Dog The Bruins . and dislikes Jocks . . . work- ing at the Deerfield Inn . . . stuck up people . . . Junior High greasers. ABIGAIL J. M. RAST ALLIS " To be someone, you have to be yourself. " " Abby " likes Peaks Is . Teri . . Summer of " 74 " . . . rowdiness . . . the ocean . . C.H. . . and dislikes ticks . . . sweet ferns. Volleyball 2 . . . Tennis 2,3,4 . . G.A.A. 1, 2,3,4. 37 CARLA M. RAU " I ' m so embarrassed. " Carla likes North Leverett Youth Group driving bowling music . and dis- likes " yeah " . school getting up in the morning. WILLIAM ROBINSON " Some people look into the past and ask ' Why? ' ; I look into the future and ask ' Why not? ' " " Hugo F. Peabody " likes the talks in the band room Diane ' s advice . winter nights when the moon is shining and dislikes unhappy memories getting booted out of the band room losing fan- tastic friendships . jocks. Band (pres. 4) Chorus 2,3 (vice-pres. 4) Madrigals 2,3,4 . Model Congress . . Basketball (mgr.) Track . Brass En- semble . " Bye Bye Birdie " . T Club. JANET SUE REIPOLD " Today is the first day of the rest of your life. " " Chauchie " likes Ron ' s Sociology class truck drivers . The Bridge . . Monte Carlo ' s Florida black and dis- likes secretaries alcholics. MARCIA JO RODOVICH " Maybe everything will all turn out right in the end??!! " " Rodo " likes a certain slow moving guy - " 67 " of ' 73 memories of a big white house . 1 6 72 — etc. . . happiness . . . parties and dislikes saying good-bye to someone . . loneliness . worrying cliques . . plastic people . peas. Twirling 2,3 G.A.A. Pep Club. SHERELYN RUBIN " Life is like a patchwork quilt; even if it doesn ' t have a pattern to it and you don ' t „ like every square, all together it ' s a work of art. " I ( " Sherry " likes nice people nice places nice clothes . and dislikes cracking gum. Band 2,3,4 National Honor Society 3,4 Yearbook Staff . Netop Editor Junior Prize Speaking Home-Ec. Club . . . " Bye, Bye, Birdie " . . Brain Team Yearbook cover design. SUZANNE RIEL " Love is the emblem of eternity: it con- founds all notion of time, effaces all memory ) of a beginning . . all fear of an end. " " Rosie " likes long, cool, summer evenings s . . . kiwi fruit . basking in the sun ! BLT ' s and tea . . . playing guitar in the dark and dislikes dark, dreary, days liver people who never learned to care. Volleyball . G.A.A. Chorus Mad- I rigals . Medical Careers Club (V.P.) " Bye, Bye, Birdie " (Rosie). SUSAN JEAN RYAN " Memory is the vapor trail left by rocketing years; an inscription written on the waters of time to perish as a wave breaking on the shore. " Douglas Meador. Student Council 1 . . . Class Historian 2 Twirling 1,2 (captain) . . G.A.A. . . . Cho- rus German Club . Women ' s Study Group . . Girl ' s State Alternate . . " Bye, Bye, Birdie " . . . Yearbook Staff . . Nation- al Honor Society . . . Junior Prize Speaking Brain Team. DEBORAH L. SEARS " Let your light shine so bright that they may see Him through us. " " Debbie " G.A.A. . . Track . . . Chorus . Pep Club. JOHN SEARS " It is better to be right in your own eyes and wrong in someone elses, than to be wrong in your own and right in someone elses. " CHRISTOPHER T. SCULLY " Chris " likes Deb Webb 1 1 73 hunting hockey . . Southern Comfort camping with someone special and dislikes Carroll ' s " greasers. " . Freshman Football. KENNETH PAUL SEARS " It ' s official " " Pinoch " likes Debb .69 Nova ' s . . wa- ter skiing weekends and dislikes people who smell like M.M. D.A. Dudes . being bored . . South Deerfield. Football 1 . Float Committee. ANDREA SANDMAN " Oh, I don ' t know! " " Gigi " likes snow skiing Bridge Cafe weekends Mr. Bassett, the good guy and dislikes 66 Comets . . being bored . . spiders . homework. 39 MELODY R. SENECAL " Today is the first day of the rest of your life. " " Mel " likes horses people who come to the point dogs and dislikes fast driv- ers . show offs. DONALD A. SHEBELL " Yuh. " " Shebelli " likes Apt. 1 playing hoop with David sports Eric Clapton and dislikes Fridays with Mahat 11 10 73 meeting people haircuts. Football 1,2,3. CHARLENE CLAIRE SENN " I ' m only foolin ' , that ' s all. " " Char " likes Friday nights . . . dances . . having fun . . . Alouette . and dislikes crowded lunch lines . cold damp mornings. Chorus 1,2, 3, 4 Madrigals 2,3,4 Twirling 1,2 co-capt. 3,4 capt. DAVID SHAUN SHEA " All men must go their separate ways. No matter what anyone thinks, the way I choose for myself will be the best. " " Digger " likes the open road . sharing starry dreams with a certain person McCabe-Philosophy-000 writing and dislikes crutches to escape reality one on one with the ultimate operator — (Dr. K.). Football 1 Basketball 1,2, 3, 4 . Student Council 3,4 Regional Advisory Council 3,4 . . State Advisory Council 4 . . . Stu- dent Government Day Rep T Club. SHERYL ANN SIMKUS " Let ' s go! " Sheryl likes Jeeps . . Janis Joplin . stay- ing out all night . . . cabins and dislikes work . . . careless drivers . boring parties . having no ride. G.A.A. 4. WILLIAM J.SICARD " When I was young, they packed me off to school and taught me how not to play the game. " " Bill " likes sports . weekends Pana- ma Red nature trail . Schlitz and dislikes boring weekends bomb scares . warm beer. Baseball 1,2, 3, 4 Basketball 1 Cross Country 2. 40 DALESLAUENWHITE " Is that right? " " Space Man " likes parties . . . cars . . . Schlitz . . . and dislikes school. TINA MARIE SMITH " Don ' t worry about it! " Tina likes skiing . . thinking . . New Ri- ders . . The Dead plants . . . concerts camping and dislikes bugs that bite getting sick. Cheering 1,2,3 . . Field Hockey . . . Gym- nastics . . . Student Council . . Ski Club Drama Club. BRIAN ROBERT SMITH " An Atheist cannot find God for the same reason a thief cannot find a policeman. " " Smitty " likes hiking . wildlife hunt- ing . . sports . and dislikes greasers . . Tad . . crabs . throwing-up. Tennis 2,3 . . . T Club. SHARON MARIE SMITH " What can I say, right? " " Smith " likes Jess . motorcycles . good music and parties . . camping close friends and dislikes having no butts . running into cars getting busted. Office Girl Pep Club. VALEDA ROSE SMITH " Howya gonna act? " Valeda likes a certain guy . little kids cooking laughing with certain people everyone . and dislikes snobby people accidents people who don ' t mind their own business . . . saying good-bye. Medical Careers. GEORGE STAFFORD 41 REGINALD HENRY STEVENS " It ' s OK! " " Reggie " likes Debbie . car racing horse back riding and dislikes health classes. GARY MICHAEL STRATTON " The best part about having a good time is when you don ' t get caught. " " Molly " likes Remingtons beavers Miller Oak Ridge cruising with the gang and dislikes missing wasteful situations blue lights. Football Baseball Trap and Skeet Team. PAMELA ST. GERMAIN LOUIS JEFFREY TERLIKOSKI " I guarantee it. " " Louie " likes hunting photography . . . Remington ' s cruising with the gang vegin ' out beavers the brew and dislikes jocks. Tennis2 Trap and Skeet Team. GAIL M. STONE " Stony " Volleyball Tennis. CHERYL ANN THOMAS " The future always arrives a little before you ' re ready to give up the present. " " Shea " likes laughing Elton John Cat Stevens . . the song " Yesterday " . . . puppies . and dislikes having natural curly hair working on tobacco . spi- ders people who mumble. Student Council . Class Committees . . Basketball G.A.A. 42 DONNA MARIE TIBBETTS " Love is the reward of love. " " Tidbits " likes autumn long walks bike riding memories Neil Diamond the colors blue and brown . and dis- likes feeling lonely conceited people. YVONNE M. VENSKOWSKI " You only live once (for all practical purpos- es)! ' ' " Von " likes sports . . . parties at the camp . . . joking with Cephas . . people winddrift . . the essence of life . . . and dis- likes vanilla ice cream the morning after. Track . Weight Lifting. CHERYL MAY TUTTLE " What can be said in too many words; can be said in a soft glance or gesture! " " Tybut " likes " The Pantry " " The Tom Vien ' s Story " the falls 1974 Junior Prom Harold and Felicia and dislikes feet separations Friday nights at Karens. Tennis 3,4 Field Hockey 4 Pep Club G.A.A. Class Committees. THOMAS JAMES VIENS " If at first you don ' t succeed, try, try again. Then quit. No use being a damn fool about it! " W.C. Fields. " Brush " likes old movies track practice? . Fred Astaire fireplaces nym- phomaniacs . and dislikes perverts smashing up the car . . work. Football 1,2,3 . Cross Country 4 (capt.) Freshmen Baseball Track 2,3,4 (co- capt. 4) . Class Treasurer 4 . " Bye Bye Birdie " . . . T Club Pep Club Cho- rus. 43 MICHAEL R. THOMPSON " What are we going to do tonight? " " Head " likes Miller . the Field sum- mer and dislikes winter . . tobacco . . . school . . . warm beer. M PAUL VASSAR " See! " " Vassar " likes summer water skiing motorcycles . and dislikes waking up spring rednecks. DAVID A. VIRGILIO " So what else is new? " " Whop " likes skiing . . motorcycles . snowmobiles . . the Boardwalk in N.J. Friday nights and dislikes being bored stuck-up people. Band 1 Ski Club 1,2, 3, 4. JOHN C. WARY AS " The way a person really feels about some- thing or someone cannot be changed by someone elses opinion — it ' s his own feelings. " " Black " likes Apt. 1 Saturday nights having bull sessions with Zino and Mahat and the gang . . thunderstorms . . . and dislikes 11 10 73 . . beer . . conceited people . . cold weather. Baseball (mgr.) 1,2 Football (mgr.) 3 . . . Tennis Pep Club Class Committees. EDWARD J. VOUDREN " That which we call sin in others is experi- ment for us. " " Ed " likes 66 Impalas . listening to Bill Whiteman ' s apple stories track . big parties . and dislikes bomb scares . . . stuck-up people cold swimming pools . . . lazy people. Football 1,2 Football Manager 3 Basketball Manager 3 Track 1,2,3, 4 . . Student Council 3,4 Senior Play 2 . Yearbook Staff. TIMOTHY N. WASIELEWSKI " Think so? " " Muzz " likes Ithacas . . hunting . . fish- ing . the Toyota television . . . cruis- ing with the gang and dislikes reruns being broke. Freshman Football Baseball 1,2, 3, 4 . Chess Club . T rap and Skeet Club. TERRY WALDRON " Ha Furt! " " Toke " likes 65 Mustangs . . prumella . drive-ins . Bud . and dislikes school lunches . . detentions . . . car trouble . D.K. DAVID WESCOTT 44 COLLEEN WISSMAN " No, I ain ' t! " " Coll " likes football . butterscotch sun- daes . . shot putting parties at the camp and dislikes fish the color green . stuck up people. Football intramurals track weightlifting. JO-ANN JESSICA ZAYAC " Someday everything is going to shine like a rhapsody, when I paint my masterpiece. " " Hey-Ho " likes green eyes . . poetry football . and dislikes confinement. Cheering 1,2 . . . Softball 1,2 . . . Vice Presi- dent of Class 2,3,4 . . G.A.A. 2,3 . . . Of- fice Girl . Football and Baseball Statisti- cian 3,4 . Pep Club Pres. . . . Class Com- mittees . Alter Ego co-ed. . . Yearbook Staff. KATHLEEN ZIMMERMAN DEBORAH JEAN WILLIAMS " Get the heck out of here! " " Debbie " likes horses . . boating . . choc- olate ice cream . . . camping and dislikes lightning colds . . . school lunches rainy days. Health Careers Club . Office Girl . . Yearbook Staff. WILLIAM CLAYTON WHITEMAN " What do you wanna do? " " Whiteshoes " likes good times . . Schlitz (cold) ... a 64 Corvair . . wasting gas . and dislikes Jr. High . . boring nights . . . morning up-hill jogs (PMCG) ... a hill in Hinsdale. Student Council . T Club . Band 1 . Chorus 2 . . Football 1,2, 3, 4 . . . Track 1,2, captain 3. MARJORIE RUTH WONSEY " One of the very pleasant things about friendship . . the ' do-you-remember ' moments. " " Marge " likes music . . most sports . . . talking about a certain subject . guys with deep voices . . . and dislikes birds . saying good-bye roller derby . . . being called " Margie " . Band 1,2 (librarian 3,4) . . . Health Career Club 3 (sec. 4) . . . G.A.A. . . . Chorus . . . Softball 2,3,4 . Pep Band 2,3,4 Pit Band for " Bye Bye Birdie " . Class Will James Andrew leaves his thanks to all that have helped him through his four years of high school. Caryl Arial leaves Mr. Roberts trying to teach someone perspective. Doug Arsenault leaves a towel in his gym locker for any Junior that forgot one and won ' t have to pay a dime. Bob Baird leaves wondering . Jane Bak leaves hoping her sister Diane enjoys T.F.H.S. as much as she has. Rick Bastarache leaves the machine shop to anybody who can stand it. Lissa Billings leaves Mr. Bordeau a great big kiss from all the office girls. Liz Bocon leaves the gang in basement 2 for another year. John Boguslawski leaves the Country Club and table 2 unsuitable for further use. Alan Bonnettte leaves Alexander and Jamie to Pattie Fugere. Dee Dee Bonnette leaves an oil painting to someone who knows how to lay the paint on the canvas instead of the teacher. Andre Bordeaux leaves Mrs. Brown in the fog with any student that dares go further than German II. Lori Bordeaux leaves looking up to everyone except Lori Dargis and Annette Girard. Bob Bourbeau leaves Terry and Mic to finish ripping apart the school, where he left off. Laurie Brown wills her brain to be shared by Weasel and Bugs. Darlene Brunelle leaves wishing it was from the old high school. Rocky Cadran leaves school forever! Frank Cadran leaves Shaby and Cooch a ride to Domingo de pais wondering if Mike will find out their true identity. Mare Cadran leaves a lot of close friends behind. Mahat Cadran leaves Jane still wondering is she really does look like Fanny Flag! Karen Campbell leaves with Rocky! Bob Chagnon leaves a pair of ear plugs to anybody that doesn ' t want to listen to the Junior High. Linda Christrian leaves Mrs. Dorrance a package of fake fingernails. John Cichanowicz leaves the cafe to any one who can stand the lines and lunches. Jeanne Cloutier leaves to wait for Ronnie, who is in the Army. Bill Connor leaves with Mr. Holman still on fire from the last time he came to class late. E. Crosby left early. Mike Crowell leaves hoping Mr. Simonetti finds another tenor to yell about tone quality to. Kathy Currie leaves still winking at David Shab. Mike Dalton leave wondering what the future holds. Lori Dargis leaves all the patience in the world to Bass . . . for he will need it! Nickie Demo leaves wishing Brian was leaving too. Debbie Dobosz leaves still arguing with Sue over the difference between brought ' and ' brang ' ! Dee Dee Dobosz leaves wondering if she ' ll ever find a job. Lori Dresser leaves Miss Banford without anymore arguments, just her tobacco sneakers. Debbie Eacott leaves all her homework to the underclassmen. Mark Fairbrother leaves a life-preserve by the pool. Carol Gallison leaves her sister, Joanne, her name so she can be called Carol once in a while. Maryann Galvin leaves forever. John Gamelin leaves Mary Jo a hug and a kiss and Rookie ' on lonely nights. Steve Gamelin leaves a pair of binoculars for Macaulay so he can take 7th and 8th grade attendance. Denise Gardner leaves Fritz to anyone who can stand his driving. Zino George leaves the woods in Bernardston to Running Bud Kidder. Bert Ghiz leaves the oil spots from his car in the parking lot. Net Girard leaves her little yellow book to P.C. Richard Golembeski leaves in hope to further his surfing career, which hasn ' t started yet. Class Will Peter Golonka leaves still trying to figure out his class will. Debbie Grybko leaves not having to take the bus. Dickie Guy leaves Purple Meadow wondering if it was a dream or was it a reality? Jo Ann Hawkins leaves wishing a certain someone wouldn ' t go in the service. Chip Herzig leaves his cardboard hockey skater to Mad Dog Macauley the Butterworth Bomber ' . Sue Hmielski leaves ! Dianne Inglis leaves the cymbals to anyone crazy enough to play them. Sheryl Jablonski leaves at 2:30 to have tea at Shea ' s house. Barb Jacque leaves some good advice on how to cheer to Sharon Brown and Mr. Baker. Diane Kacpura leaves a year ' s supply of Excedrin to next year ' s piano player with sympathy. Faye Kaltner leaves still hoping someone will laugh at her jokes. Penny Keller leaves Mr. Consoletti still wondering where she is. Gerry Kelley leaves Mrs. Brown wondering where the apples really came from. Mick Kendrick leaves slowly. Tim Kendrick leaves wondering if he ' ll ever beat Mr. Upton in onve on one and leaves Mr. Cook the problem of watching Jane and Cheri. Janet Konvelski leaves to marry Jeff. Debbie Kipinski leaves her gym suit to be blown up by the next bomb. Tom Kosakowski leaves hoping one day a bomb scare will come true. Matt Kujala leaves! Kuke leaves " Uppy " still wondering what she was doing on the corner of Montague and Turnpike Roads. Dave Lankowski leaves Father Cook with a bunnie under his seat. Lance leaves wondering if life will be the same or different. Eileen LaPointe leaves Lori to fight it out with Mr. Bake for two more years. David LaValley leaves Mrs. Brenner trying to figure out where they went. Keven Lapean leaves his lunch on the floor. Todd Legere leaves hoping he doesn ' t have to return at the end of the summer. Tex leaves Purple Meadow trying to figure out ' the Riel thing. ' Joe Levasseur leaves a tricycle for the Junior High so they can play with the buttons. Terri Lively leaves the intercom to future steno students trying to take dictation. Paul Maddern leaves his sneakers to anyone who wants them. Debbie Majewski leaves Patti Bourbeau and Shelley McComb to have good times with Mr. Upton and good arguments with Mr. Bush, to take over where she left off. Marilyn Mankowsky leaves Turners Falls High School still wondering whether to cut her hair or not. Leslie Martin leaves still searching for the significance of 1 demerit! Brian Mathey leaves people still wondering about. . . Kathy McCarthy leaves not a moment too soon. Jim McCormick leaves his gym socks to the underclassmen. Dave McGrath leaves a ll ridicule to his brothers and sisters. Earl Millett leaves wondering why he ever came. Mike Morin leaves wondering why Eileen still doesn ' t like Mr. Haley. Linda Naida leaves gladly but sadly. Ed Novak leaves Mac to teach the underclassmen the fundamentals of hammer. Mike O ' Connor leaves a candy bar in the third floor teachers room. Dawn Ohlson leaves all her detentions to Pam McGrath. Debi Ouellette leaves remembering all the good times with Zino and the gang. Gina Parenteau leaves Putchy and Sara to suffer one more year. Class Will Cindy Parenteau leaves with Mr. Consoletti still asking " Where is it? " jjj Marc Pearson leaves an empty spot in the serving line for Mrs. Cadran. Wid Perry leaves his star trek books to future TFHS trekkers. Richard Piecuch leaves his trig book and slide rule to anyone who wants it. Dan Pluta leaves the chemistry book he ripped off last year. Barry Porlier leaves hoping never to open a book again. Cheryl Powers leaves knowing that she will never have to come back. Tim Pyfrom leaves wondering who the heck these kids are. Abby Rastallis leaves Mr. Upton another ' cure ' for a long days work. Carla Rau leaves Mr. Consoletti with his telephone poles. Sue Riel leaves with Tex still trying to figure out 23 of the Riel sisters. Bill Robinson leaves bringing L.J. with Beef, Diane, and himself, leaving only happy memories. Marcia Rodovich leaves with so many ideas for the class will, but could not decide which one to write. Sherry Rubin leaves a copy of " The Compleat Angler " to Mrs. Edwards. Suzy Ryan leaves a book on the new feminism to Mr. Bush. Gigi Sandman leaves with so many things for her will she can ' t decide which one is appropriate. Chris Scully leaves a bunch of bananas with green ends to Mrs. Bazar. Kenney Sears leaves his job at Deerfield Academy Store to anyone who can put up with the dudes. Charlene Senn leaves the crowded lunch lines to all the rest of the Senns. David Shea leaves a grinder and brownies to Doug Couture in a Frontier locker for future bench parties. Don Shebell leaves still imitating Fonzie. Bill Sicard leaves the nature trail to the up-coming classmen. Sheryl Simkus leaves Nora and Cindy to suffer for another year (or more). Dale Slauenwhite leaves the school for the underclassmen to destroy. Brian Smith leaves a life of leisure, doing nothing, to one hard-to-do-nothing. Tina Smith leaves Mr. Baker with all the girls who go out for cheering. Valeda Smith leaves Mr. McCabe the name Mickey Mouse. Reggie Stevens gives his best to the classes of ' 76 and ' 78. Gary Stratton leaves his locker to anyone that will clean it. Louie Terlikoski leaves Mrs. Naida the endless job of cleaning table 2. Shea Thomas leaves wearing a dress. Mike Thompson leaves wondering why he came. Donna Tibbetts leaves Mrs. Tobin Wondering what the next pair of knee socks will look like. Cheryl T uttle leaves Richie and Bogo two asprins and a cold rag for all their Saturday night drunks ! Paul Vassar leaves with no regrets. Yvonne Venskowski leaves Cephas the man in her locker. Ton Viens leaves Mike O ' Connor ' s and his own showering record to anyone who dares to break it. Dave Virgilio leaves a butt for Buda in the third floor basement. Ed Voudren leaves his schedule for next years ' seniors to figure out. Terry Waldron leaves Emonkey and Hippy to get in trouble. Black Waryas leaves Mr. Wanczyk to the freshmen. Tim Wasielewski leaves the tank to the Polish Army. Bill Whiteman leaves wondering what Steve Upton will wear next. Debbie Williams leaves the last dance to Mr. Galas. Marge Wonsey leaves still wondering about demerits and a certain person. Jo-Ann Zayac leaves Mr. Baker a tape recording of her voice shouting out 1 original Pep Club cheer, the other 99 yelling at him for all the times he nearly made her tear her hair out. 1972 1975 1974 1973 Float History Class 1 Freshmen 1971-1972 As we gained our courage and walked up those slanted stairways to the third floor, we knew it was just the beginning. The first rally sure was a surprise, when the cheerleaders yelled, " Let ' s hear it from the freshmen! " and suddenly the whole balcony became quiet!! Then when we realized our stupidity, we inter- rupted Mr. LaPierre ' s speech by starting our cheer. Remember the first Booster Day we participated in? Our float of the Judge didn ' t win! We had worked so hard, and what a great disappointment! It was one of the best years we had ever seen; the football team and all its supporters were able to yell, " Ho, Ho, 9 and 0! " That same year the basketball team made it to the state semi-finals and the baseball team went into the Western Mass, championship. How could any of us forget the " Freshmen Wel- come " when the six foot seniors were dancing with us short freshmen? Also what about Slave Day when we as freshmen bought the seniors as slaved for a day. It took our whole year ' s allow ance, but it was worth all of the excitement. All of this brought us closer togeth- er, and when June rolled around we were ready for another great year. Sophomores 1972-1973 As sophomores we had already established our- selves in the good old Turners High. Knowing it was our last year in that school we had to make the best of it. When Booster Day rolled around we decided to make our float of a chicken in an egg. The chicken was much better than our freshmen float only when we mounted it on the trailer, we put it on backwards. Again our float lost. Remember when we chose the ring committee? How many times did we call Stanley ' s jewelry store? And when our rings finally came in how we hated them and the graduating class liked them! When June came we were all looking forward to entering the new school. 50 History Juniors 1973-1974 Starting off our junior year was like beginning all over again. As we entered those doors to the new school, everything was new and very strange to all of us. We were like lost sheep those first few days, as everyone else. The theme for Booster Day was Walt Disney, so we showed our talent by making Goofy as our float. The new auditorium was silent, and the lights were dimmed as the spotlight was on the people participat- ing in Junior Prize Speaking. All the emphasis and work put into the speeches, made Junior Prize Speak- ing a great success . Our Junior Prom in the Carriage House at the Northfield Inn was an enjoyable evening for everyone. Everyone looked so nice in long gowns, suit coats, and tuxedos. The theme of the prom was " This Magic Moment " . This was the last big event and when June came we were all ready for our senior year. Seniors 1974-1975 Our senior year finally came. It was something we had all worked and waited for. Throughout our four years of high school this was our first year to have a Schools Match Wits team. Also it was our first year to have a girls ' field hockey team. Remember getting back our proofs and not being able to decide which one to get? Booster Day was a great success. There was enough food at the supper, the parade started on time, and the football team won the game. The theme for Booster Day was ecology and we made an owl. How could any- one forget that as we were bringing our float to the parade, the owl fell right off? The football team was again tied for the championship. Slave Day was a success when it came to money, but it was also a lot of laughs, headaches, and pains. As June comes around we ' ll be leaving with tears in our eyes, but a lot of happy memories. These few years have been " Precious and Few " !!! Class Historian Lori Dresser Class Personalities Lorraine Lanthier, John Sears Most Talkative Marge Wonsey, Mike Morin Most Fun Jo Ann Hawkins, Ed Voudren Friendliest Debbie Majewski, Ken Sears Class Couple 52 Sherry Rubin, Paul Bourbeau Most Likely to Succeed Debi Ouellette, Gary George Class Clowns V Laurie Brown, Bill Whiteman Best Personality Cheryl Tuttle, Tim Kendrick Most Gullible Mary Cadran, Dave Lankowski Class Flirts Diane Kacpura, Bill Robinson Most Musical Jo-Ann Zayac, Mike O ' Connor Did Most for Class Lori Bourdeaux, Rich Golembeski Best Artists 53 a »n-. Marcia Rodovich, Dave Shea Best Dressed Kathy Currie, Rich Bastarache Most Optimistic Linda Christian, Jim Andrew Quietest Barb Jacque, Tim Pyfrom Best Looking 54 Faye Kaltner, Frank Cadran Most Athletic Sue Riel, Tom Viens Best Actress and Actor 1 J 111 V i »• j Ill,ll " i l lliiij UNDERCLASS MEN Make Em Stagger Sari 9 9 9 9 III l l ! ! It MP ¥ • • Mi 1 M ■■ wm t m A :i ROW 1: J. Lesenski, R. Ellis, G. Holmes, R. Laramie, A. Morin, D. Dion, M. Tatro, L. Kendrick, M. Tatro, J. Desmarais. ROW 1:T. O ' Connor, S. Stebbins, K. Finck, L. Makarewicz, L. Kopinsky, A. Fritz, K. Drumgool, D. Fritz, O P. Gates. ROW 3: L. Cenzano, N. Morawski, D. Fugere, D. Kosakowski, S. Powling, P. Deskavich, M. Lamoureaux, F. Wasileski, D. Beauregard, S. Brown, G. Socquet, A. Harrington, K. Rickard, R. Russell, Y. Gruszkowski. ROW 4: A. Napikoski, D. Robinson, M. Guilbault, N. Vitalis, J. Riel, C. Murley, M. Banash, S. Campbell, D. Stone, S. Scully, B. Niemiec, C. Tibeauit, P. McGrath, D. STewart. ROW5: R. Urban, S. Wheeler, D. Schab, D. Couture, D. Inglis, V. Little, ]. Croteau, S. Escott, K. Waryasz, S. Keech, S. Bezop, P. Bourbeau, K. Murley. ROW 6: R. Ducharme, M. Kendrick, M. Kelley, P. Parenteau, G. Bourbeau, C. Sabato, D. Emond, D. Scarborough, J. Sojka. ROW 7: R. Emond, D. Kennedy, S. Sadler, P. Cloutier, M. Gulo, C. STewart, J. Emery, S. Miner, D. Delaney, M. Matusz, K. Lacan, K. Grimard, R. Gardner, S. Dickerman. ROW 8: P. Demers, J. Duda, R. Cooper, C. Kelleyhouse, M. Watroba, ]. Miller, L. Sabato, K. LaRoche, C. Emond, R. Miner, J. Klepad- il, lo, P. Miner, F. Kopec. ROW 9: N. Krol, S. Waryasz, R. Boulanger, B. McComb, B. McCarthy, M. Connor, K. Hurd, L. Cro- teau, C. Couture, D. Stone, M. Aleksiewicz, S. Brzozowy . ii jTonr un ihftT owm 1977 CLASS OFFICERS Kevin Bonnette— President Donna Shiley — Vice-President Jane Stebbins — Treasurer Denise Jacque — Secretary Jo-Anne Hale — Historian 11 Hf- 1 rm vWfff 1 JH JL, mm p : H jBlif ip • ' tv - f’W ' • ! - y TOii I . JL fm y iW L I F«» V Put Mohawk In Their Place =6l ROW 1: C. Downs, M. Giffard, N. Pearson, J. Thompson, K. Bonnette, D. Duda, S. Ambo, W. Colleran, M. Fronck- us, S. Thompson, J. Viens, S. Connelly. ROW 2: F. Olson, J. Leveille, D. Deskavich, T. Carlisle, R. Kostanski, C. Strysko, S. Singley, C. Fiske, C. Dobosz, J. Hale, J. Thompson, K. Wieprecht. ROW 3: G. Gaines, D. Hawkins, D. Kozma, R. Gusan, L. Dolan, G. Sargent, S. Grimard, C. Cummings, P. Stewart, D. Welcome, J. Coyne, T. Pleasant, C. Adams. ROW 4: L. Powers, T. Wasielewski, K. LaPierre, L. Kobera, J. Delaney, K. Kuzdizal, D. Fritz, C. Kulch, B. Bergeron, F. Blood, D. Bourbeau, R. Dion, T. Vitalis, D. St. Germain. ROW 5: D. Bordeaux, C. Kennedy, D. Burns, mm C. Fugere, G. Broderick, N. Wong, D. Schacht, S. Jarvis, S. Cronen, B. Allen, J. Kopinsky, L. Terault. ROW 6: L. Si- card, K. Momaney, E. Milewski, G. Williams, D. Nadeau, B. Pierce, P. Cloutier, W. Roberts, D. Fuller, M. Koscinski. ROW 7: S. Maddern, J. Corbier, M. Waryas, L. Savinski, N. Stone, M. Cote, M. Giffard, J. Waynelovich, M, John- son, E. Cadran, C. Osowski, D, Andrew, M. Morse, R. Hanrahan. ROW 8: K. Connor, J. Stebbins, K. Varilly, J. Pu- tala, P. Kelleyhouse, D. Jacque, D. Duda, T. Rau, R. Sawin, R. Cannon, A. Cadron, T. Campbell, D. Denofrio, K. May, L. Richotte, D, Dresser, E. Boguslawski. ROW 1: B. Milewski, C. Silvieski, M. Fronckus, B. Carroll, P. Ambo, M. Parenteau, A. Stevens, B. Pyfrom, D. Der- ry, S. DuBois. ROW 2: W. Kovalsick, R. Herchenreder, M. Pervere, R. Wasielewski, H. Smith, T. Foley, D. Choleva, S. Kelley, D. Welcome, P. Fugere, D. Denofrio, S. Cadran, A. Hollingsworth, F. Felix, B. Kretzenger, T. Fisk. ROW 3: J. Sears, J. Gaffey, L. Fritz, R. Wickline, W. Aldrich, J. Lund, E. Martin, L. Morin, M. Guy, C. Naida, T. Pleasant, S. Trewhella, D. Arseneault, M. Scott, C. Douglas. ROW 4: J. Coyne, L. Gaines, S. Kuklewicz, D. Bruno, L. Dale, T. Schacht, A. Williams, A. Perry, K. Routhier, L. Linscott, V. Shea.K. Clark, R. Whiteman, D. Wasileski, S. Sullivan. ROW 5: B. Taylor, R. Currier, W. Smith, B. Delaney, K. Cole, D. Smith, M. Zimmerman, P. Markol, S. Felton, J. Ryan, P. Zewinski, A. Riel, N. Tessier, ]. Sojka, K, Smith, S. Broderick. ROW 6: K. Lonergan, R. Porier, R. Hosmer, I E. Pelis, D. Jarvis, L. Fritz, M. Desautels, A. Dolan, K. Sabato, P. Bourbeau, B. Cominoli, L. Stewart, M. Waryas, L. i Annear, T. Peterson. ROW 7: P. Kusac, S. Prest, L. Denofrio, T. Murley, M. Prevere, S. Cadran, J. Richotte, M. Fi- tzpatrick, R. Denkewicz, M. Kostanski, L. Jacque, P. Field, J. Kosa, D. Holmes, K. Flood, K. Gibson. ROW 8: D. Urban, K. Kruzlic, K. Miner, R. Kidder, M. Brown, B. Wasileski, R. Herzig, B. Stafford, R. Newton, B. Escott, B. Col- lin, J. Jablonski, M. Nelson, D. Kozma, D. Spredejko, K. Lively. ROW 9: J. Wissman, D. Skrypek, M. Brown, M. I Kidder, C. Dodge, M. Smith, D. Fredericks, B. Bourbeau, D. Newton, M. Cenzano, C. Watroba, F. Whiting, C. Min- I er, H. Dawlett, M. Allen, J. Martin, J. Girard, D. Ryan. 1979 1980 CLASS OFFICERS OF 1979 Debi Sazama — President Suzie Zewinski — Vice-president Patrice Boulanger -Treasurer Tami Socquet — Secretary Kurt Welcome — Historian CLASS OFFICERS OF 1980 Jackie Hastings — President Peter Billiel -Vice-president Lori LaChance — Treasurer Allen Miner — Secretary Mike Zamojski — Historian i || ; ■ i V y I 5«;.V 1 L ■jp f ] ROW 1: M. Stennes, D. Patnode, D. Lund, R. Whitny, T. Cummings, K. Morris, V. Kobera, P. Gilbert, B. Duffney, B. Collins, T. Hardy, B. LaMountain, L. Smith, T. Wickline, M. Cloutier, C. Blanchard, M. Ambo, P. Thayer. ROW 2: G. Pecor, T. Wonsey, R. Rau, D. Chartier, R. Sicard, P. Gamache, T. Linscott, C. Jacque, D. Carroll, N. Mc- Cormick, L. Yukl, j. Flagg, J. Kenney. ROW 3: J. Stafford, J. Kendrick, M. Dumas, R. Lesenski, S. Haigis, D. Moore, D. Lanphear, E. Oakes, P. Boulanger, L. Miner, D. Sazama, M. Norwood, K. Piscuskas, E. Boucher, E. Demeo, M. Farrick, L. Demers. ROW 4: A. Fritz, T. Koblinski, K. Williams, Z. Kosakowski, T. Richards, L. Demars, R. Godzin- ski, D. Barnes, J. Smith, C. Smith, C. Jablonski, D. St. Germain, P. Emond, T. Nelson, T. Terault, A. Drumgool, D. Stafford, E. Clough. ROW 5: R. Schacht, S. Lehman, K. Pelis, P. Lanfair, L. Smith, P. Koscinski, D. Bassett, M. Sulli- van, G. Pogoda, L. Skole, K. Kaltner, K. Margozzi, S. Wong, T. Dumas, L. Wasielewski, C. Reum, G. Morgan, J. Scarborough, K. Welcome, D. Seager. ROW 6: M. Robinson, J. Astell, R. Holt, K. Lapan, G. Hollingsworth, M. Bo- con, J. Hale, K. Chiapputi, T. Socquet, S. Z ewinski, J. Emery, M. Little, T. Thompson, P. McComb. ROW 7: E. Phil- lips, K. Wheeler, H. Phillips, A. Togneri, J. Kelley, J. Koshinsky, B. Bostley, T. Greene, D. Naida, P. Cronen, J. Guy, S. LaChance, B. Koscinski, H. Cichanowicz, T. Blair, N. Sazama, P. Guenette, G. Stevens. ROW 8: B. McComb, J. Ellis, E. Galipault, M. Luippold, B. Ouellette, J. Mankowsky, M. Croteau, D. Bezio, M. Aleksiewicz, E. Tuttle, P. Denkewicz, B. Fitzpatrick, D. Matusz, J. Rosewarne, M. Grybko, C. Waryasz. ROW 9: B. Taylor, R. Rau, A. Millett, D. Savinski, S. Delaney, J. Walker, L. Sicard, J. Kurtyka, G. Inglis, M. Bailey, B. Beauregard, L. Smith, C. Colleran, D. Kells. ROW 10: D. Faulkner, J. Ferland, S. Marvell, S. Murray, P. Bellemare, M. Bordeaux, K. Newton, J. Chole- va, M. Aubrey, D. Robert, P. Fugere, B. Cadran, D. Guilbault, B. Ahearn, T. Ducharme, L. Bristol, T. Foley, B. Wa- trous, B. Garbriel, J. Haskell, J. Whitney, G. Rickard. ■ m m 91 ROW 1: G. Smith, R. Talbot, W. Hilliard, R. Hebert, T. Damon, M. Stevens, C. Fisher, P. Flavin, P. Cannon, J. Smith, J. Emond, T. Watroba, R. Cloutier, P. Waldron, J. Mayrand, P. Waldron. ROW 2: G. Singley, D. Pittenger, M. Miner, K. Clark, J. Parzych, E. Waldron, R. Beck, V. LaMountain, T. Cummings, J. Demers, D. Spaulding, E. Shulda, P. Grimard, J. Kovalsick, T. Harris, T. Aubrey, J. Comstock, J. Reipold, W. Williams. ROW 3: M. Strysko, K. Scott, J. Tuminski, D. Lew- is, M. Kujala, E. Maruel, F. Dudek, B. Canedy, M. Kelley, D. Winslow, T. Demers, L. Hastings, K. Keller, S. Kaltner, A. Prest. ROW 4: T. Martin, J. Murley, M. Brennan, R. Viens, W. Mullen, C. Norwood, R. Jablonski, L. Peter, D. Schab, M. Lamore, Y. Gary, J. Whitney, D. Spaulding, M. Boulanger, C. Foster, R. Crouteau. ROW 5: T. Kuklewicz, C. Colleran, L. Cadran, A. Thompson, L. Smith, D. Cusack, M. Mirecki, J. Murray, K. Keller, A. Carme, D. Thompson, S. Williams, J. DuBois, C. Millett, D. Barry, M. Hurd, J. Lapinski. ROW 6: K. Balboni, L. Zangri, D. Greene, D. Knox, L. LaChance, B. Singley, T. Dobias, J. Provost, C. Grader, J. Provost, K. Dunn, B. Emond, D. Deskavich, L. Wasileski, B. Matusz, L. Henry ]. Dalton, D. Brown. ROW 7 : J. Cade, W. Bonnette, J. Shanahan, T. Jurek, D. LaPierre, M. Zamojski, R. Gifford, L. Senn, T. Boyden, J. Smith, T. Wary as, T. Rickard, K. Haigis, J. Hastings, B. Thayer, S. Russell, S. Russell. ROW 8: L. George, R Dods, L. Pietraszek, K. Zamojski, A. Margola, K. Letourneau, S. May, T. Koscinski, J. Cummings, B. Bourdeaux, M. Alek- siewicz, D. Powling, V. Markol, A. Burnham, A. Billings, N. Krug, J. Loveland, W. Potyrala, L. Williams. ROW 9: M. Se- cord, M. Cooke, P. Miller, D. Arsenault, R. Mankowski, K. Clark, S. Emery, M. Girard, T. Demers, R. Kopinsky, N. Cong- don, R. Rousey. ROW 10: J. Curtica, W. Laramie, J. Boguslawski, B. Collins, S. Simkus, R. Schachts, D. Spaulding, G. Cowan, T. Hartnett, J. Burek, T. Drumgool, S. Thompkins, A. Miner, G. Stewart, R. Sargent, P. Billiel, D. Herzig, J. Haigis, D. Bristol, D. Downing. ourc xrr FACULTY Mr. Paul Bassett, Assistant Superintendent Mr. Donald ]. LaPierre Principal Mr. James C. Humphrey, Administrative Assistant Mr. John F. Bassett Assistant Principal Administration Mr. Daniel Morrison, Superintendent Office Staff Miss Marie Wickey Miss Jeanne Courtemanche Guidance Mrs. Linda Rushford Mrs. Rosemary Maddern Mr. Lawrence Dean Mr. Robert Avery Mrs. Rita Kersavage English Mrs. Linda Johnson Mr. Frederick Oakes Mr. John Zy wna Mr. John O ' Riley Miss Frances Cassidy Mr. Richard Winnick Mrs. Charlotte Potter Mr. Barry Coppinger Mr. William Connelly Mrs. Betty Brown Mr. Wesley Snapp Mr. Michael Wanczyk Mrs. Susan Keegan Mrs. Phyllis Hardy Art Mr. William Roberts Miss Jane Kossakowski 81 Social Studies Miss Nora Ryan Mr. George Bush Mr. Robert Plaisted Mr. Gerald Perkins Mr. Stephen McCabe Mr. Steven Upton Mrs. Judith Brenner Science Mr. Kenneth Slattery Mr. Charles Galvin Jr. Mr. Craig Cook Mr. Carle Ellis Mrs. Hannah Neville Mr. James Koldis Mr. Rollas Batten Mrs. Pamela Waldo 83 Mrs. Diana Simpson F 0 r e • 1 g n Mrs. Irene Phelps Miss Marie Lesueur Mrs. Marcia Smith Mrs. Patricia Lilley Home Economics Mr. Albert Routhier d Services - Mrs. Jeanne,,, Grey. Mender, Mrs. Antoinette Aitkin. Mrs. Blanche Martin, Mrs. Lorraine C.dran, Mrs. Rita Giltnore, Mrs. Mar- e Naida, Mrs. Patricia Lanfair, Mrs. Carol Martin. Mrs. Pamela Simanski Special Education 86 Mrs. Sally Doyen Library Mrs. Patricia Edwards Library Mrs. Judy Cummings Special Education Mrs. Helen Norwood Nurse Mrs. Patricia Thompson Library Mrs. Roberta Dorey Library Business Mrs. Sylvia Tobin 88 Mr. Paul Lawrence Mrs. Elizabeth Dorrance Industrial Arts i Mr. Richard Kossakoski Mr. Steven Macaulay Mr. Daniel Huntley Mr. Orrin Holman 89 a 5 ACTIVITIES High School Concert Band Junior High Concert Band Booster Day ' 74 ,|F nam JL WH T , V , 4|| - fi JjflMfta •« . " w " ” .w» ”IKr j[BP| yf MKjB ■ m €AM Z r High School Student Government Junior High Student Council Model Congress • Publications YEARBOOK STAFF 1974-1975 Editor — Debbie Majewski Assistant Editor — Joann Hawkins Senior section — Lori Dresser, Ted Kostecky Underclass section — Ken Sears, Deb Dobosz, Dave Lankowsky, Lorraine Lanthier Photo essay — Marilyn Mankowski, Sue Ryan Faculty section — Sheryl Jablonski, Mike O ' Connor Activities — Laurie Brown, Annette Girard Girls ' Sports —Faye Kaltner Boys ' Sports — William Perry, Ted Kostecky Advertising — Linda Naida, JoAnn Zayac Section Dividers —Ed Voudren Cover — Sherelyn Rubin TEEN SCENE Editor —Laurie Brown ALTER EGO Editors — JoAnn Zayac, Linda Naida ADVISOR Frederick Oakes 22nrtJ iiiV • -rrr i u - Zlf I -JrtHHH+i r4444i . r f • 3Ttj UU ii’tr i ft SPORTS Girls Softball Boys Baseball 112 Freshman Football MM Hi WMBtmt mmmm n Junior High Football 119 120 ROW 1 — M. Crowell, F. Cadran, R. Bastarache, A. Bonnette, R. Guy, J. Gamelin, B. Whiteman, M. Lehman, M. O ' Connor, G. George. ROW 2 — D. Welcome, S. Ambo, D. Schab, K. Bonnette, B. Allen, T. Bergeron, J. Blood, J. Parenteau, P. Cloutier. ROW 3 — T. Bassett, M. Kelley, D. Guy, R. Kidder, D. Gavin, R, Miner, F. Boucher, S. Wheeler, T. Carlisle, K. May. ROW 4 — J Desmerias, B. Andrews, M. Stafford, F. Rau, D. Deskavitch, R. Urban, D. Fritz, D. Nadeau. TOP ROW — Managers G. LaPanta, T. Campbell. Coaches Cournoyer, Zywna, Galvin. : « caijp. Turkey Day HRNG ITUPOMENrU There ' s a hole in my glove! I thought you were going to get it! The Lighter Side Of Sports It was a strike! Heading for a touchdown ... The other way, the other way! 124 What goes up, doesn ' t always come down! M JUI ADS Best Wishes to the class of ' 75 from the 8th grade student council Congratulations to the class of ' 75 from the Class of ' 78 Compliments of Bassett Real Estate V 1! UE Local 274 — Millers Falls Company Division A rank and file union formed to better the working and living conditions for all workers in our industry on an industrial basis regardless of craft, age, sex, nationality, marital status, creed, religion or political beliefs. UE 274 1 Osgood St. Greenfield, Mass. 127 60 Third Street Turners Falls, Mass. Monday -Saturday, 10 A.M.-10P.M. Discount Records, Tapes, Books Boutique Tel. 863-4385 55 Third Street Turners Falls, Mass. Open Every Day 11 A.M.-l A.M. Live Entertainment Friday Saturday Nights Take-out Service 863-4362 Congratulations to the Class of 1975 AMIDON SONS SALES, INC. Gill Road Bernardston, Mass. " JOHN DEERE” Snowmobiles Garden Tractors Lawnmowers SnowBlowers Chain Saws Bicycles Rotary Tillers Winthrop L. Amidon Tel. 413-848-9404 " 75 Years Growing and Still Caring " FARREN MEMORIAL HOSPITAL 128 Professional Patrons Dr. Albert E. Giknis, M.D. 75 Fourth Street Turners Falls, Mass. Dr. F. A. Milkey, O.D. 72 Fourth Street Turners Falls, Mass. Dr. Warren D. Thomas 77 Fourth Street Turners Falls, Mass. Dr. John H. Caloon, D.D.S. 108 Avenue A Turners Falls, Mass. Dr. Arthur W. Charron, D.M.D. 58 Fourth Street Turners Falls, Mass. Dr. Bernard Poller, D.D.S. Greenfield, Mass. Dr. Raymond F. Higgins, M.D. 76 Avenue A Turners Falls, Mass. Dr. James H. Bolton, D.D.S. 78 Federal Street Greenfield, Mass. Dr. Francis Sabato, D.M.D. 62 Avenue A Turners Falls, Mass. Dr. Arthur E. Burke Jr., D.D.S. 73 Fourth Street Turners Falls, Mass. Dr. John R. Bykoski, O.D. 54 Avenue A Turners Falls, Mass. Schaff Opticians, Inc. Med-Optic Center Montague City, Mass. Dolan Dolan Attorneys At Law 54 Avenue A Turners Falls, Mass. Dolan Simons Attorneys At Law 122 Avenue A Turners Falls, Mass. Arnold Rubin Millers Falls Road Turners Falls, Mass. RAILROAD SALVAGE STORES m ” Canal St. - Turners Falls, Mass. 01376 Mi RAILROAD SALVAGE BUYS - CLOSE-OUTS - MFGRS OVERSTOCKS - INSURANCE CO. LOSSES PfL WATER FIRE DAMAGED GOODS - FREIGHT CLAIMS - BANKRUPT STORES CARPETING - FURNITURE CURRENT market mdse STEREOS - HARDWARE - PAINTS PET SUPPLIES - TOYS - LADIES MENS SHOES - DOMESTICS - HOUSEWARES ROONEY ' S SHOES AND ROONEY ' S CLOTHING JEANNIE ' S BEAUTY SALON Complete Line of Shoes and Clothing for the Family 201 Main St. Greenfield, Mass, phone — 774-2264 proprietor — Jeanne Johnson 151-159 Avenue A Turners Falls, Mass. W BEST WISHES FROM Area Dealer For Alouette Snowmobiles, Rockford Motorcycles, and Roper Lawn Garden Tractors 130 The B.J. sales race team of Big John, LiT John, Rick, Bob, Bill, Mike, and Doug MILLERS FALLS PAPER COMPANY Manufacturers of fine business and technical papers MILLERS FALLS, MASSACHUSETTS 01349 OPTICIANS, INC. COMPLETE OPTICAL AND NS AUNG AID SPECIALISTS WE WISH YOU THE BEST FOR YOUR FUTURE FROM TOTH6 ®F OAS8CM973 THE GILL-MONTAGUE TEACHERS ASSN. 131 St. Kazimier ' s Society President: Steve Savinski Vice-President: Walter Bialecki Secretary: Donald Parda Treasurer: Frank Traceski Manager: Paul Deskavich Compliments of McCarthy ' s Funeral Home Prospect Street Turners Falls, Mass. Best Wishes to the Class of ' 75 Edward L. Kelley, Inc. River Rd. Gill, Mass. J re 3 t 133 v ZMESK Us %; Good Luck Class of " 75 " In anything you strive, hold your head up high FRANKLIN AUTO SUPPLY 12 Kenwood St. Greenfield 29 Avenue A Turners Falls 1 State St. Shelburne Falls Best Wishes Class of 75 CRESTVIEW LIQUORS 4th 9 L Street Turners Falls, Mass. Compliments of JUDD WIRE DIVISION ELECTRONIZED CHEMICALS CORP. Turners Falls, Mass. 135 Compliments of Braff and Rich, Inc 134 Main St. Greenfield, Mass. 01301 Compliments of Winslow Radiator Route 2 Gill, Mass. 136 GMTA Greenfield and Montague ' s Municipal Transit Service — Air conditioned coaches for special charter — 382 Deerfield Street Greenfield, Mass. 01301 Tel. 773-9478 L. A. Kohler Company, Inc. “After the sale. It ' s the service that counts " 51 River Street Greenfield, Mass. Tel. 772-0113 Howard Johnson ' s Restaurant and Motor Lodge Greenfield, Mass. Greenfield Bowl-O-Mat Ten Pin Bowl 89 French King Hwy. Greenfield, Mass. Ten Pin — Candle Pin — Billiards SUHOCI FRENCH KING BOWLING CENTER Great afternoon fun for school children of all ages Route 2, Millers Falls, Mass. 01349 COUTURE ' S DECORATING CENTER 187 Ave. A Turners Falls, Mass. 863-8101 PIPIONE ' S SPORTS SHOP " The Sportsman ' s Paradise ' Avenue A Turners Falls, Mass BEAUBIEN BONNETTE FUEL CO, INC. Heating Oils 66 ' L ' St. Turners Falls, Mass. At the Airport in Turners Falls, Massachusetts 01376 Hallmark Color Labs Congratulations from ED ' S BARBER SHOP 78 Avenue A Turners Falls, Mass. 01376 Congratulations from JARVIS WELDIN G MANUFACTURING CO. Millers Falls Rd. Turners Falls, Mass. 01376 TURNERS FALLS COAL CO. MOTOR TUNE-UPS TIRES - TUBES - BATTERIES GENERATORS - STARTERS - ALTERNATORS DISTRIBUTORS - AUTO-LITE - DELCO 147 Second Street Turners Falls, Massachusetts Tel 863-9733 Nights Tel 863-9833 COMPLIMENTS OF BOB ' S AUTO BODY 24 HOUR WRECKING SERVICE TEL. 303 Ave. A 863-2112 TURNERS FALLS, MASS. PHONE 863-4321 AVE. A. TURNERS FALLS, MASS. WILLIAMS GARAGE MAY YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE GOOD LUCK AND BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF ' 75 T.F.H.S. STUDENT GOVERNMENT. 143 Compliments of BENEFICIAL FINANCE COMPANY 275 Main Street Greenfield, Mass. Tel. 773-5472 Best of Luck to the Class of 1975 Bridge Cafe Turners Falls, Mass. - CLEARYS Greenfield ' s Oldest Jewelers 248 Main St. Greenfield, Mass. Quality - Integrity — Service Compliments to the Class of ' 75 from SHELDON LODGE OIL (— CO. 334 Chapman St. Greenfield Mass. MEL-AN STORE " For all your sewing needs” 206 Avenue A Turners Falls, Mass. Compliments of POLISH CO-OP 94 Fourth Street Turner Falls, Mass. 863-4683 Compliments of BARBARA S BEAUTY BAR 102 Avenue A Turners Falls, Mass. Tel. 863-4000 GEO. STARBUCK SONS, INC. Est. 1872 QUIET MAY OIL BURNER STEAM, WATER PLUMBING CONTRACTORS TURNERS FALLS, MASS. BE PREPARED for the UNEXPECTED! TURNERS FALLS GREENFIELD BERARDSTON SOUTH DEERFIELD MEMBER FDIC CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATES CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATES COMPLIMENTS OF GOODNOW ' S CLARK ' S HARDWARE DEPARTMENT STORE CO., INC. MAIN STREET GREENFIELD, MASS. 289 MAIN ST. GREENFIELD, MASS. BEST WISHES FROM CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1975 FROM THE HOME OF COMET ONE HOUR " TEEN SCENE " CLEANERS 123 AVENUE A TURNERS FALLS, MASS. TELEPHONE 863-2043 GREENFIELD JC RECORDER l; J l ! 2 1 a 1 ■■■ ; Franklin County ' s Only Daily Newspaper 146 Hallmark Studio 267 Main Street Greenfield, Mass. 01301 Tel. 773-5765 Congratulations to the Class of 1975 from Hallmark Studio Official Class Photographer SPORTHAUS ALIBER ' S SKI SHOP Great Fashions for Ladies Sports Wear Juniors and |i Brides to be — Mohawk Trail Rt. 2 Greenfield, Mass. 231 Main Street Greenfield, Mass. AU V . , fcp K f r « |:(,ro6»ccos ‘U fWM ' S! jE vi Vf zr Mv ' HistfJA Corner TfiHE.fi ThIKP 5T, TURNERS FALLS ESCOTT ' S SERVICE STATION Complete Auto Body Service 4 Avenue A Turners Falls, Mass. 01376 Tel. 863-4028 nH III CONTAINER, SCHOOL STREET • BC Inc. BOX 328 • TURNERS FALLS, MASSACHUSETTS 01376 • (413)773-9636 COMPLIMENTS TO CLASS OF 1975 COMPLIMENTS OF SINGLEY FURNITURE 169 AVENUE A TURNERS FALLS, MASS. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1975 Everything for the serious not-so-serious Cyclist! CONGRATULATIONS FROM BICYCLE WORLD FEDERAL ST. GREENFIELD, MASS. GAMELIN STUDIO 268 MAIN STREET MONTAGUE CITY, MASS. n I BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF ' 75 CARROLL ' S SUPERMARKETS MILLERS FALLS ORANGE GILL MILLERS FALLS ROAD TURNERS FALLS, MASS. CONGRATULATIONS ATHENS RESTAURANT GREENFIELD, MASS. 01301 PARTRIDGE-ZSCHAU INSURANCE AGENCY, INC. 196 MONTAGUE ROAD MONTAGUE, MASS. 863-4307 EASTERN TEXTILE COMPANY TEXTILES - DOMESTIC AND IMPORTED COTTONS - SILKS - WOOLENS POWER SQUARE RAU ' S SUNOCO SERVICE ALA Depot Street Montague, Mass. Minor Repairs — Tires — Batteries Phone 367-2475 Days 367-9905 Nights 24 Hour Towing 152 i ■ Compliments of the SHADY GLEN RESTAURANT Avenue A Turners Falls, Mass. CARROLL - THE NAME SYNONYMOUS WITH TRAVEL Extends Their Best Wishes to the Class of 1975 153 MONTAGUE MACHINE CO. Paper Mill Machinery Maintenance Work for Neighboring Mills Turners Falls, Mass. WILSON ' S Main Street Greenfield, Mass. CBS RADIO NETWORK Greenfield, Mass. WHAI, AM WHAI, FM Carroll Travel Bureau 393 Main Street Greenfield, Mass. 01301 3 iTTiPJtiTu m mm mJ i ' . ncSwttSHH One of the Most Complete and Modern Liquor Stores in Franklin County The Best for the future years ahead to the Class of " 75 " BOURBEAU ' S PACKAGE STORE, INC. 69 Second Street Turners Falls, Mass. Tel. 863-4768 ST. STANISLAUS SOCIETY 6 K St. Turners Falls, Mass. A. H. RIST INSURANCE AGENCY Real Estate And Insurance 56 Fourth Street Turners Falls Alyce A. Sokolosky — Agent 155 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 75 GREENFIELD SAVINGS BANK YOUR FAMILY FINANCIAL SERVICE CENTER GREENFIELD TURNERS FALLS SOUTH DEERFIELD I , Hearing Aids Prescription Eye Wear CROSBY OPTICIAN HENRY CROSBY, Registered Optician 772-6337 44 Chapman St. GREENFIELD, MA. 01301 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 1975 FROM DAN PRITCHETT AUDIO ENTERPRISES 156 THE BIG TIME STORE TURNERS FALLS, MASS. Compliments of GREEN FI ELD. MASS Compliments of Compliments of STRATHMORE PAPER CO EQUI S SPANISH GARDENS Main Street Millers Falls, Mass. 01349 Turners Falls, Mass. 01376 VALLEY CAMERA SUPPLY 54 AVENUE A TURNERS FALLS, MASS. NADEAU ' S INC Grocery Products Beer and Wine Open Daily 9 A.M.-8 P.M. High Street Turners Falls, Mass. Congratulations from SWIINEY Obviously the value of investing your time and ef- fort in a good education hasn ' t escaped you. Be just as wise when vou invest vour hard earned money in a new or used car. At Sweeney Ford we strongly recommend the fine Ford family because we believe it offers you value, style and reliability. Whether you choose a new Mustang H or an A-l used car, we ' ll back it with our sincere service. Good luck in your future, and remember The Happyface Place NO. 1 MAIN STREET GREENFIELD STEVE S PIZZA Congratulation Class of ' 75 Compliments of C ASTINE ' S HAIR CREATIONS Prospect St. Turners Falls, Mass. Tel. 863-2022 BEST WISHES FROM THE COMMUNITY GENERAL STORE Central Street Montague Center, Mass. PLEASANT S INSURANCE AGENCY, INC. General Insurance Real Estate 166 Avenue A Turners Falls, Mass. 158 —

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